Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 18, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 18, 1842 Page 1
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ITH Vol. VIII.?Ho.!tS8 Wnole ?o. 3IOW REGULAR PACKETS. _ NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. "r'> a.'lfroio New Vork on the 24di and Liverpool ou the I3lh af each M?nlh. m. m M if uS NcwYoiTr Ship SHERIDAN, C*puiu V. A. Deoey.ier , I4ih Septem r Ship UAItRICK, Captain Win. SkdJy. ISlh October. Shu. KOSCI US, Captaiu Juhn Colliiu, 24th Novemb. r. Hhu> SIDDONS. Cantai K. B. Colib, 24lh December. Krom Livkbpool. Ship ROSCIUS. explain John Colliiu, I3ih September. Mup sliinuNS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. L>; ih yuer, 13th Novem r. Ship OAKRICK, Captain Win. Sknluy, 13th December. These ..hip* tn <11 ill the lir*t cla>s, upwariU ol IMXI mux, huilt in the city ot New York, with ??rh improvements iu combine zreal <|>eeil with'inusual comfoil for passeugerj. Every care hu iiet'ii (iikru mi tlie arrangement ol their accommodations. The price of pauage heme ii $100, tor which ample stores will be provided. These eliips are commanded by experienced uiaiieis, * ho will make every e*ertii u to give g< ueial saustac(ion Neither tlie captains orowuers of the shi|? w 11 be reap nsiWe for any letteri, p.trceln . r package* sent by litem, ouluas regular K'ls of lading are sinned therefor. For freight im p u. -i i'!> u< K. K. COLLINS .S. CO., 46 South ?t., New York, or to W.M. ik JAS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the parketi will he cl ?rged I2>4 cents |x.rsingh sheet; Ml cento per ounce, and newspapers I eelit each, si t NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) K^ffv Tne5o^^T>lthisMne^HTherea^^^ff^Te Ni'VV^Ynr^un Lhr Ut ami Havre on tlie 16th of each mouth, .is follow* : From Wrw York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, I 1st Murch t 16th April Captain < 1st July < Itith August Jame, Fuu-k, f 1st November? 16th D?"ember Ship BALTIMORE, I Ut April i Itilh .\Uy Captain < Ut August ( Willi September Edw VT'I i'uuck, f 1st Deccem'rf ftith January Shi i I'TICA, I 1st May i I6lh June Ctpiain { 1st Septemb'r< 16th October Krederi, li Hewitt, ( Ut January f 16th February New shipST.NICOLAS, t lit June I 16th July Cnptaiu < Ut October \ 16kh November. J. B. Pell, i lit February? '6tn March The arcoiumoiiuious of these ships are not sur|<used, combinnu all th iT may be required for comfort. The nrice of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied witn every requisite. with the exception of wines and liipiors. (_#?'.ills intended I ?r these vessels will be forwarded bv the subscribers, fret from any other than the expeuaes actually incurred on'hon. For freiiiht or passage, apply tu ab nnvn & HINCKKN, A^em* j Toutine Build'iurs rOH NEW UKLBANh. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS .4% m. dm *m For the belter accommodation of shippers, it is intended to desoaTch a ship from litis port on the 1st, jth, l?lth, 16th. UOlli, and tftli ol each iiuuilh, commencing the 10th October and continuing ni'iil M ty, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will In prevented during the summer inou'hs. The following ihip. wi ! commence this ariaugt uient : Snip \ AZOO. 1Captain Cornell. Slop OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard Siiip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSI'EAltE, Ciyuain Miner. Slop (JASTON. Captain Latlnm. Slii). ill.'NTSVILLE, Captain Mumfoid. Slop OCML'LOEK. Captain l.eavitt. Snip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinsun. Ship MEMiHIS, Captain Knight. S, ip LOUISA, Captain Mnlford. These sluts were all built in the city of New York, express for packeU, are of light draft of water, have recently been a wly coppered and put in splendid order.with accommodations lor pftssenters unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded bj ex, < rienced masteis, who will make every exertion to givt geueral saufiactiou. Iney will at all times be towed up and sown the Mississippi by steamboats. \eitiier the owuen or captains of these shi|i* will be responsilie (or j< wcliy, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, oi lor any litters, parcel or |?ckage, sent by or put on board ol tun, unit ss regulai lulls of lading are taken for the same, and tlie taltie thereon expressed. F?r freight oi jiassa^e, apply E. K. COLLINS Si CO., 56 Smith ?t.. or HL'LLlN fc WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans. who will.promptly forward all goods to tlieir uldiess. The sni|* ol bus Km ara warranted to sail euneiuaiiy a* adveriist d, and great cart will be taken to have the goods correct ly nieaauied. m4 OLU L1NE LlVfcH POOL PACKETS. ffetv rPHE OLML^'E of Packet. ior Liverpou^^^^cafter be 1 det, atchc,i in the fo'lowiug order, excepting 'hat w uen the dnyoi'staling |al!? on Sunday, the ships will tail on the succeedIts da;.. For New Yoik. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, t lune 1 July 19 616 Nuis, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. u. Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 TLe ENOI.AN D, (June 19 Aug 1 B. L. Waite. ( Keb 19 A|>nl 7 The OXFORD, I July l AuK 19 UOO lout. < Nov 1 Dec IS J.Rathbune, (March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 cin Ion*. < Nov 19 J*'i 7 K.O.Minhill Mu 19 Aliy 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (AuB 1 Sept 19 CIS ton*. < Deo 1 Jan 19 A . B. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (An* 19 Oct 7 900 ton-, Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.i April 19 June 7 The CAMBR1DOE, S?pi 1 Oct 17 HJO ',Jan I Feb 17 W. C Bawtow.r .Vlay 1 June 19 Tin-COLUMBLS, Sept 19 Nov 9 TOO lon?, Jill 19 Mar 9 O. A Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality. aa tetania the day oftailins, will beobfrven m here olore. The price of liasjaKe ou* ward i? now filed at One lluu ired Doll \ra. for whicn ample alores of even' desi rtption w <l e i r.*video, with the exception of wiucs and liquor*, Wi.'cli Will be iumi?lie'l bv the stewards. OOODHUE It CO .61 South ?t., C. II. MAKMIAI.L.M riuilinn-ilip, N. Y. jell lyh _ BAR1NO BROTHER* it CO.. L'jool. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REOULAR COA1 WERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to anil from Liverpool, Weekly. ^^^^TABL^jP^'ASSA^^^^'ICE, STREET. The subscriber in announcing hi* arrangements for the year 1812, appears hetb|?e his friends with sentiments of sincere resiH ? t foi the able support he has received for many years past.? He likewise wishe* to call the attention of thoie intending to semi for their friends residing in Euuland, Ireland, Scotland sn?l Wales; that they can at ill time? be accommodated by this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, a* well as ny all the well known diuert nt lines of packet slum, sailing to ami from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th of each month throughout the year. It has always been the study of the snbscricer to have the emigrants shown civility, and despatched without delay, and shoje who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every dsa in ? i.11_- in uu Mi-ii \> ill bt livn by the Lirerpoi I i t nts to those sent for,as well as ill who may tinbark with thetn, and slumd any of those whose passage h is been paid not embark. th< i . wul be nnoded without ibj charge* The sub* ibei feels a pleasure in makins ltnowa thi differ enf shii * by which hi* passengers e a me out during the last year, w hicli has v.?n general satisfaction, and that he has considerably extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1812.The following it a list ol ships ? Ships Scotland, Robinson. Slops Alahamian, L ine. Ftiirujd. Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, Si>eire. Ilusell Ulovfr, Howes. Wales, Watts. Htbtruia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Cliet ver. * Osceola, Child*. Ciitlon, ItuTsoll. St. Cloud. Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Nlven. Sobieskie, Kiuerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Panthea, G o.lmauson. Robert Isaacs. Truemsn. Virainia, E'tou. Europe, Batcheldor. S. Jt-iikius, Seymour. A free paa?age from the different porta of Ireland and Scot land, enn also he secured, and tiratts furnished for any amount, payable at tke National and Provincial B i ks of In land and their ies|iective branches, and also on Messrs. J. to. W. Robinson, Liverpool, which are paid Iree ol any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For further ixiiLiculars *pply to JOIIN HERDMAN, 61 Souih street. or J. fc W. ROBINSON, 16 Goree Piaziat.and ?n!6 No. 1 Neptune st., W-iterloo Dock. Livcr|H)ol. STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW VORK, FM?S 0 CTIM M P TOX. BELGIAN STEAM EH BRITISH QUEEN, K. KvckIIOI.T, CoMMATVDF.a. 1 he d ?jrs of departure ol this well-known Steamship, have been Used .is fo'luw* ; Fr? n? Antwerp, From Southampton. From New York, On 4ih M*v. 1812. On 7th May, 18U, On 7th June, 1842 yw- 10th July, " 7f|; A*>g., " 7ih Stpt. " imh H? 11. 7t?. Oct., M Price of uaass*e, me \is not included, to Southampton or Aurwerp, $70?StewanPs lees, $2 C2H. The meals will be sen ed on board, on the | Uii ol a cuitinrntal hotel, in t}*e best taatiuer. and ai Hied . nd moderate juices, i^aseri* n being onlv hi?rged when partaking oi th* samr. The in ce ol pas*.Age to either ol the above norta ran ?!?n h*. rni:. eit .1 j r? Ivrred, with ni- ali find iteward'a Ice* included for V<* MH cfl>n,ncliinf( of wines. An I ?|*n< ncfi) hurKwui i.ccoini>*uies the ihip. JTor frfifht or pMnm, of ui further uilci Mixtion. airclv to H. W, T, Jit II, MALI, Agenti, (23 im'r II Ur v-niirn. FARE AND FKLK'HT KELHJCKU. ~ hi i.ui.aii mail, BOSTON, STOMaOTON AM) pourd of i!.e following inperl r atcamci*, runeiug in collection with the Stoninffton and I'l# vidtncr, and B?*on and Pro* ridence Uailroad*? , . MASSACHUSETTS, Ciptaiu Conutock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Tliayer. NARIIAOANSKTT, Captain Woolaey. MOHEGAN, CapUin Vanderoilt. One ol which will lean New lork daily, (Sunday* e*ceirtd) from Her No. 1, North Rirer, Battery Place, at fire o'clock, P. M, AiiHairiir.Mr^ta. The RHODE ISLAN D, on Monday and Friday, for Stoning on am! I ii^ day,!' r Stoiitngton, Newport and Providence. i!he I\1 \8SACHUBET I N, iiu Tiie?day_Mid Saturday, lor Ston.iikIoii, Newport and Providence, and Thiimlay lor Stonlu^ton. , , , ... Pk??Ki>iirn on the arrival of tUe ?tcamer? at Stonington, may take the Railroad ' 'art and proceed immediately to Provi dcnce ^nd Bolton. ... . , Krciulu taken at (lio foliovitiiik innch reduced rat?? To Hc?tou, on K'">da weighing forty pouuda or tipwarda to he eiillic I'ooi, at Si M i?r lou, and on meauiremeM good* 7 cant* i?r foot. , i'l. Prudence, ou ineasnremrnt K00d*5cent? per cnbic foot, an'! ?|ec1ui arii'lea aa per tanf to be obtained at office 28 ro<ilw<i>. mil ?m* BII.Lol Kjchauge <ni all pun ol Liudtii'', Ireland Mil S ulau'l, tu aunii of ?i to JU5 ami to any amount, foi ile at ?. J. HV LVKVTF.H'd, ii Wall meet, *u !t7 r and I JO Broadway. E NE NEW KlillNTfURK. GliOKliK W. DAWSON, Wholesale and lletatl furniture and General Fui nix/iing Warehouse, .Vo h7 Chatham ?treet, corner of Duane street. New York. t^THKRK he keeps for sale a large ?*sorim*nt of the follow '? uif MticlMj, vis.: Sidelo rds. Bureaus, Bedsteads, Cota, r iblet. Chain, Office iiul Portable Desks Ului Cases, Book 0 jes, Looking Glasses, Diniug, Centre, '1 ea and I'ier 1 ables, 1 linos, Sofas, 8ofi Bedsteads, Beds, Bedding, raiea?ter?, Mattresses, Garrets, Oil Cloth, Muting and r ire Irons, W all Stiuds, 1'oilel Tabies, Can?!l* Stands, Bureau Bedstead* Dressing B'irraos, Sales, die. Alio, a Urge assortment of men md women'* Wcuing Apparel, Dew arid second handed All the (hove article# are offered to the fwtblir at very low ptice*. I'ersoos iu want of said article* would tin J it to heir advantage to make an early call at the above estiolishBeDt* Stiippint order* punctually attended to aud ^ekeit c.d the horteat notice, and ou reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding. x- tcr liti niii out vessels, constantly ou hand. All orders to the above establishment w ill 6e p&uctually atenu -d to ind thankfully received. ,S. ''.?Tin highest prices will be Kiven lot JWouti Hand 'nrnitu.T, ami tteiitlemwn's anil Ladies'cast off ('loth int. ^ 6m'i CHKAP FUirSrITUHK.?Consisting of intkwutanv, rose wood, Sic., f.r family use of the city and its vicinity ; also orilers executed foi the Sourlu-rii market. A large as-ortment constantly on hand. All I'uru ture manufactured is warranted of the be?t quality, the in"?t e legant a d newest American and KaiO|ieau Iieltf rns, and at less (Inn one hell'the usual in ices, in .iccouut of hat ing small ex, euses, and su|>eriiiL- titled In the proprietor himself, and some of the Hrst mechanics; tht refore he is en bled to execute eill orders with des|Mtch and Warranted workmanship. Kurniture of every descrii tion reiiairetl aud reuovati-d tolooke.|uJ to new? clitrge extremely moderate. The jiiibite will oblige J. DESSOIll, with a call in their Alley, between Frauklm and White street*. Tne above Alley lay., between Broadway and Klin street. N. B ?All appointments by letter punctually attended too. it III lin*r uTfnvrTSxt u. 4 \Tnruuii t ouiiWi'N oc v uiit aui ij i ARK Constantly receiving laiee supplies of Cloths, Cassimeres and \\ oolli u? ol ereiy description,suitable lor the comiiu va*on, which they offer al extremely reduced piicea for cuh, at their well known Tailoring Establishment, 420 Broadway, second door above Can il at. Gentlemen are regiicsird to call and cximine llieir stock before I'Urclia.nn, elsewhere. N. B.?Particular attention |>aid to boys c'othes. sin lm*r HIGH PO.-ISH. LEE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is now umver?alljr wliuittrd to be lar suiierior to any vet invented for iU peefilitr pre?*rvativesofteliinif quail iea to the leather, and for its eiquisite brill it ut jet black lustre, properties entirely unrivalled. N B.-F or the genuine article apply to the only Warehouse, No. 1 John st, coruei of Broadway. CHAS. LEE, alO l??*r F'>rmerly Lee & Thomson. LOaJ^AI^TfllS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. ? BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. pA88ENOlt8 Korwari ed, v ithout delay, to A Utica, Si,XI Clravelun I, Ohio, Rocliestcr, Detroit, Mich., $\7S Lockiiort, S3,2 > Chicago, III., $9,60 Buffalo, $ (,50 Toronto, U. C. $i,00 Oswpbo, $2,Ml, and 1'itIshuru II. And all parts ol the Western Country. M. L. KAY, k CO., alO lin*m 141 Liberty street, New York. 11 E NlTQ U E S* WHOLESALE AMJ RETAIL HAVANA AND PhlNCIPiS 8 GAR STORE, BiiEUEliT il William Stklkt, Belwetn Wall and Pine Streets, si I lm"r fsfcW Ir'ORK. DOCTOR BELL Continue* to be consulted dailv, until 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY Oil Vlicnte dMrnsn, at hit |>iiv*te offici i, 4 COKTLANDT STREET. OUCOND Door from Bioadway, with the utmost confidence ^ in all c**.-s of a delicate nature, re^uirm/ prompt and safe treatment. Being a Kegulur Practitioner, patients may rely uptiu receiving all the atteuliou their cases may demand, Willi an assurance of a successful issue, h.tsed upon tlie ex|?erieuce of muiy years piofessional duties. Dr Brll does not advertise a Specific Urap or Pili tor tlie cure of cerlaiu dise ases?but guarauteea all tiiat Anatomical, Medical, and Chemical knowledge i can suggest >n each case. Separate offices. Attendance till 10 P XI. daily. hH Imjr FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. Bit UN LA ROSifclllfci St COUJIT, I IS William tlrtel? The only successor ol Bruu L . Itosiere itCo. a: Paiis, have just received, by t'?t Havre Ptck t Slop* Stlvie de Urasse and the Sully, a lance assortment of Superior and Fashionable Flowers, of the latest Parisian styles. No. 116. William street is tr.e true and only depot of those superior articles from^ieir mauu factory in Paiis, Kuc de Tracy No. 6. TtM abort jKrn ku been lately <1 ?-Up <1 by feqreai of the Tribunal <te Commerce and the Cour K ?yal, at Paris, to be tlie oulv legitimate successor of th?? fi-rn of Hrun la Roninr#' & (*o.. of nuil. i21m*r to the ladies. [FASHIONABLE MILLINERY UOODS.-The Koprie" treiyi, Nlisa S KINCi, daughter of the celebrated Carl Kiim, jfft ri for sale a mm! select .uiJ choice assortment of Mil linen Goods, for the spring trade, never u yet presented to the rublie, both as reitards the quality and chea|iueu of the articles The assortment consist* of the following :? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS, a? woni by L:i Duchesse D'Orleans, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL 6TVLE?Aud Lawa HiU do do?An entire new j le o HaU called . " MOl)IiNE CAFOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'1 rai*ian-itid English FANCY STRAWS, 01"the fi estte* (tire, in peat variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the Indies to favor !>et with a call, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Millinery lor themselves, before they ptirchase elsewhere, aj n will be a Rreat savin* to litem in |>nce and a ?ieat advantage i> regards the variety and quality of the goods. MISS 8. KINO, Magazine de Modes, au23 lmr 293>4 Broadway. * guitars. "V/f ARTIN kCOUPA, Uiutar M mufactnrrrs, 385 Broadway^ ** 1 up sUim, have constantly on hind a lar^e assortment u! On i tars, of French, (jeiman, and Spinish model. M. & O. would rail the attention of Solo players to their Terz (iuitais, made after tlie model of Oiulani, which in bri 111 ncy and punt > ol t??i?* .-n sm cii<>r, and very ea<y to the execution. The instruments are war-an*ed perfect, and Co stand any change ol elim te, and ?ril he ? x<:tiaiiged at any tune should rhr y uot prove * itistactoi / Stran^eri ar?- invited to call and e&anun? cntm. Pri e? lro??- $i5 to $100. Hold, wholesale and teiail. S. ii Couim continue* to give Lesions on the Guitar. si I 2m ?oi?r "hats fall fashion?ijm2. f^| WM. DANTA would respectfully c?ll the attention of jpfc^his friends, customers and the public in general, to his as* sortment of Hats ol the Fall Pattern ^ot un with a particular re* tfard toutatn-ss, style, aud duranility. Personsabout supply ing themselves With that indlsp i.ssble aiticle ol dress, and who study tiiste and economy in it-* selection, would do well to give hirn a call, believing that the within Lamed low prices would fill . > ihMo the BUbscntie?s pretentions to sell cheap, viz:?Short n tpped ?ilk hats at $2,50; moleskin do $3; black cas* si mere do $J,50; neutria do $3,50; b, aver do $4,50. Also on baud gentlemtu's traveling and dre. s caps,children's velvet,cloth, and laucy caps, youths and boys hats and caps. stt I m e nl?r W M. BANTA> No. 130 Chatham st. ZKPHVR K\1 BROIDERY WOOL, best Berlin he case or to suit purchasers. German Worsted, asiorted colors. (J hi lie Worst* d, do Berlin Krn^mid ry patterns, new designs and all makes. ?:!!:, Cwiiou, Wousted and Linen Canvass, all widths. Floss Silk. complete assortment of colors. < 'In nille Cord and working chenille. Purse twiat, gold and silvei thread and braids. Gaze (tlsce, lor covering embroideiie*. Faii.y embroider*.darticles. Cords, i ts*- Is, fringes, file. Sic. OhJIo us, binding*, boot cord*, fcc Sic. Received by late arrivals, and constantly on htnd. by ?DWARD LIPPOLD, s6*od lm*rc No lOt Willi .in st., near Jonn, up stairs. I THANSPATFEW AND WASHABLE V\ IN[)oT I 8MAU(.8.-Th? inb-rribera hive on >i <ixl ihr largi^t anil most varieu aaaor'im nt of Frruch anil piunlrd Window 8hiilri, f ?cioll, Gotliic, I in<lac?|H and pi mi centres, ana lor sali- lower tnuican be purchased it any oiherestabii hnu nt in ihe city. Th?> vary in pre- and quality from the most magnificent Freii> h painting rw r imixirled in the country. to the rhi <|. lull in atyle, at low at 8a. each. Alio on hand, i lame to.k ofChintwa and L'nena lor win low., of vari.itu pattern*, Allures, kc. Tour hr- with a general assortment ol all de Ti|itioiii of llphol (eiy O'-odi, BeiU, Mallresset, Curtain*, Curtain Mutual., (Jilt on amenta,, kr. For sale at l.markable low |,l,ce* goL0M0N k 1|A ;{Ti Upholsterers, fcc. KtNdim*r? IW Broadway, oppo-lte John ?trerl. I^AILY EXPKKSH LINKS >OH ALBANY, l)lli,A, D BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.?Hi* inh cribert having been .n-pged for the la>t twelve months rnnllill( the Albany ami B itf.ilo Kl|>r >1, in innnection wit.. I'.ir den it Co.'? New Vork and Albany Line, have recently titi nd? il ilieir Kli'res. Line Irt in Buffalo to Albany, tbr-'ii.h tolliitri'yon their own account, will receive tvii 1 forward dah.t, (Mnniltvi eicepted.l Sjiecie, Bank No'ea, rare l<, I'acka.-es, Bundles, aud Cases of GjuJi, to and floin the follow inil placet, vit.. Aloatiy, Troy, Utica, Syracnse, Auburn, It'itci. Gen?*v?, Canandugua, RiicIh' .?er, Batavn, L< ckport, Buir.ilo, CleieUnu, Letroil, Cliicato, and the intermediate places. AI?o, Ihwrn'i, Nuk'tts liirbor, Kingston and Tcronto, Canada. Will promptly attend to the collection and payments ofbilli, notea, draftt and accounts, imrchaae and ?ale of good* and produce by sarnie, and wuch other Irinscieiit bnsincss as may be enlrmtrd to their care. Each hiprcaa will be accompanied by * competent meMenget, fthrr with reaimniible njfr-nrs in the principal towns upon the route. Merchants and utheva may he *s^nit'd return* will ne in thia manner recclfed moie apevdilv than in any Otn r nofcftible way. J?*""8pecial hiprcau< run to any part of the connfry at short notice, and u,nm. reasonable reims. !*_! POMKKOY It CO. No. 2 Wall <tr*et DIC FEUCHTW ANGER'S ()HrJof O rman Silver ,i" h;et?w!3rr?'|"UsTVa?iiwH?V" e lortis, Muriatic, Nunc and Pyroligneons Aci.l. : of 'I'm Solutions, eitract Logwood, Laliarragais < liloride of Soda of I ulilt C tuatic. Prussic Acid; Liver of Snlpher. Iodide. of Iron I,, ml ind Mercnry, Dasnerr Hype.Cheinicals.fcther, Ammonia' Orainilliy Lotion, Chlonde ofliold, Phoapheia ol Moda Ike ' Infallible I'oiaoua for Bedhuga, Kleaa, Fly Papat.Coekrn'chea Ran, Moths, Caterpillar*, inoarhitoea; the cnmjMiuml rhemical Wlmle Oil, ioap and Seed Protector: Platina. Palladrine. | Ooldloil anJ Bronte,genuine Hailem Oil, imported. ?# lm'ec SAI/f - 2?i,I)..ich? A.IiIiiii'i, taitory fil id, lauding n Lhip Oarric k, and for ??le by I, sl6r K. K. COLLINS & CO. M 8011th at. W YC / YORK, SUNDAY MORI M EDICIN ES. THIS NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND P H \ RMACY. KSTABLIrtHKD FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, HAH inn Willi llir moat uupretedeuted aucceaa iincr i(s com in net mi ui, imtirilulf from the unfortunate victims ol unprincipled pretender*, who are now daily t <iumu atreuKth <11 I viiroi uuiler the judlrioin treatment of the College. The foll.-w init (.M'ikUitioin hav. already obtained a teleuriiy noiMralellid in tlie anna!* ol medicim . THK U>HIVALLTKI) TONIC MIXTURE. A ceitMU cure lor all I'orma of dy?)wptia, low ipiri'.i, loaa ol lpi'ctite, l-uiitudn, calaiMoua eruptiona, gen-ral drbiluy, premfodtmi l* coypdon, um *11 eoapU<nH iritiat now i din?i raincement of the ueivioua ayat>-m. It in ly be al?o u?ed with Kreat tucceaa in caaea of fever ami atfue and .is a preventative ta yellow tevei. Sold in bottles it Si aud S2 each. THK ANODYNE LIMMKNT. For the cure ol iheumatic pa ua, co'ic,, sprains, sj-inil diaeaae, nervous headache, pains in the joints, and immediate and permanent relief KUartnteed. Hold in hollies, 7i eti each. THE PARISIAN ALTKRATIVK MIXTURE. For the enre of all cases ol a delio-te discasa, or for tutus in the bono, eruption*, tore throat, ,or auy other distressing symptom*. produced bv an injudicious uie of mercuiy, ?r b> ciuackerv ""old iu bottles it SI and Si each. THE AMERICAN ANTlBILOUS CATHARTIC PILL [ or the cuie nl *11 ileraiijjemeul* of the liver, |iurifyiiiit ihi lood, eiciiiiuc (lie whole alimentary canal to * iltlty tcriou, ud Kl'ltu new vigor to the vital imwi'ri. Tint medicine 11 utirfly sujtercedinx the drutic purgatives of the u?struro ender*. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. Kor the cure of those cnmplaiot* peculiar to the female in, and to restore aud |>rcserve the regular action of the female arcana, with lull directions and cautions as toiue, aud aold in boies at $1, iO cent*. Mid 25 cents each. SIR A8TLEY COOPER'S TILL. Kor 'he cuie of cutaueous eruptions, cout, chronic rheuma ti?in, nnd to improve the lone of the digestive oiyans. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ure goiiorrhcB-i, tried. aud ill mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Sold in bottle* at Ml cent* and I each. THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER. For the cure of sore nipple*, and au(>erlicial-xcoriation* of the *kiu. Sold in closely stoi'i phi lis at M cent" n.ich. The above |>n patulous inay al*o be had of the following sub-Ayr [its in this city:? J. W. Ba*?et, 614 Jrosdway. Dr. E. M. Gui?u, IV Bowery. Dr. King. 28? Hudson street. Elias L. 1'heall, MB Grand street. Win. \rinstronR, 184 Fuliou street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, au2S3mr W. S.RICHARDSON. Aj?nt PAIR'S LIFE PILLS Fis impossible to calculate the man} benefits to thr human race which must result from the discovery of Old P.trr's recijK*. The hut: herb tl medicine which is Compounded fiom it* dnection has, in thousands of? asrs, bem tried aud proved to be the most efficient remedy of the day. Nor in it connned in it? usefulness to the diseases of the poor, for it is sought by, and lound in the medicine dusts ol the more w? althy classes ol Great Britain and various parts of the continent of hurope. Ai a family medic ne it is uueou tiled, aud is all n werful in removing bilious and other comnf hits rinsing irom the d?*raiiire meut of the ailimenttrv du< r>, and in purit'yiiwthe blood. Ir i? certaiu in the cure of tnc more delicate Complaints incideut in females, gtateful to the taste, aromatic to the sow II, auu at the same time s 'gentle in its operation, yet so effecacioa*, that no female ought to be without so *reat a boon, left them by its venerable discoverer, Old Parr. It has been but a sh irt time before the public, vet the proprietors have received numerous applications for he Pills from various ; jr'.H o. 111e l'nii? (l Si ?tea; and ha\ e had ratify in:; t? >ti monials of their good effects m removing diseases prevalent at this season o! the year. To all th re .'ore who are afflicted and in had health, we W 'llKl say go l? an'. of tltr Willi, where lti?Genuine I'arr's Life Pills mav be hid, viz:? Hu>hton it Aspinw til, .Iru.gist* ami chemists, 8fi Williim St.. Ill) Bro dwar and HI A-lor House. Abr*h m Sand* k Co diiu^i is ml chemists,granite building*, 274 Uioadvv i\ , corner >t < i. i in In r m. T Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner of LUpenard?t. John B Dod J, druggist, Bro i way, coru.-r of Bh-ecker ?t. A W ', Boweiy Medicine Store, 2S0 Bowery. Syme.' M (licitie Stole, ti3 Bowery, Cdruerof Walker it. A B Trijiler, cor KiiImii and Water <ts. Horace fcverett, druggist, 307 Greenwich ?t, uext the corner or F aiiklm it. J Ik. J CodJinzton, aiKithecaric*, 227 HuiLon itreet, corner of Sprint: street. K L Co. ton, chemist and apothecary 263 Bleeckcr it, comer of Jones st. .1 Wtvudover. druggist and apothecary, 141 Eighth aveijue. Brooklyn?W m Aimstio-g, seed, drug, ami patent medicine warehouse 1BI;? Kultonst. And wholesale, at the proprietor,s office, J. ROBKRT8 It CO.. Clarendon Home, comer of Duane stand Broadway. an31 lm*r OIL! Oil J OliTfOlL!! HfcFiNtD LAMP OIL.?A uew and ?pl?-ndi?l article is ' just received by ihe subscriber*, aud is uow offered to the pmwic at i mkcfd price Itburus with i irillitncy mrpuied by uo other kind, and beiiiu free from odor and neither emit* lius smoke nor forming a crust on the wick?it v. ill be found uot only a pleasant bnt an economical oil for all purposes. Giocers and Hotel proprirlnni ?r? psrlicnlail} i \:"vl 10 try it. The only dej>nt in the city, an ! where it is sol J in <\nv <iu%nt?ty to vui.purchastrs, is 'it SAMANOS k BROTHER, No. 4 Wall st. '.10. the article Fancy Soap. aul32m*r MEDICAL OFFICE: NO. 1 BEEKMAN ftTKKET, (under Lovejoy*. Hotel, corner Park How.) Established ! ?r the cure of ca.icers w ithout curtiuj, malignant utc? r?, Ulcerated Sore 1'hroits, Scrofulous, Scorbutic au J Cut lupous Eruptions and Dueases of a pri* a?e i. turc inridi 1.1 i<> I" f !i s> *i s, in 111? ir v.iriout stages, a radic d cure warranted?ihe charges in every case modeialt;, sta ed whenth" |>ationt applies, i.o charge being required until the enre is inrrfected^ or "?ediciue put up for the treatment and cure with copious piiiitrd direction* for Hse. All persons suffering uud r diseases 01 an aiocravat*-d niture, arc requested to call aud they will be treated by a regular practitioner ol''JO years experience, whose medical aud ?u gical diplomas are eihi bited to View At his office. No. 1 Beekrnan street. New York. s8 lm'r CHINESE LEMONIA. AN iSNTIRELY new and splendid article for the Toilki. surpassing in fragraucy any article of the Kind that hit IWHM illltenj IJto ikb country. Every housekeeper will highly appreciate it as an indispensable family invi^ora tor. Also, Lsvcndcr, Pine Apple, Vanilla_ and Cologne, h'ghly fragrant?together with every variety of flagrant odors in liquid form. K >r sale wholesal tnd retail at the l)e|>ot of Health and Strength, JO Canal street, one door east of Broadway. au<02w?r A V. H. WKUB. Agent. a. pastor's haik oil. rjn. compouvd essential oil ok " ? Kordslr yins daiidiilf anil pr venting the hair fromcomta| eat or taming, i n 4M by Antonio i'n.>r,H lit Catctr, I6< Greenwich street, New lor*. Tins iniiaif.Dle oil, has been the product ol tvi-u'y-tour \ ear? nl CtptnTtK*. and for the last sixteen years in New Yor .wlieie I have been practicing iti the llair Curling busioes-, and the public msy rely on it, thai A Pastor's Com|H>nnd Oil is the * holesomest and best Oil for tht Han?makes it it row tliicn and long, prevents its falling off 01 lurniug grey, and ven if hair has b 4111s to turn ^rey, is such a noumnrr ti? the hair, that by nte it will restore II to its n*turl color Also prevents hair from becoming shaded, and il hnii li is air. ady sh tiled, which is a me ' disligurenien' to young ladies. and if used for a short 'ime, it will restore it to its naluia color, clear ihr; scurf, and keep the hi ail and liar cleau, roinote eyebrows and whiskered. A liberal discount made to wholesale purchasers. Price JO cents per bottle, highlv perfumed. A. pastoh. *9 3?r*r 165 Greenwich st. N. It EPICC RES! EPICURES! EPICURES ! rPIIE Subscriber, formerly known as one of the ririn of Blew

-s- and Ten EycU, ol' No. R Broad street, having opened a house No. J64 broadway a few doors below Niblo's Garden, where he s.ill cont lines to serve up all the Delicacies of the Season, vi/?Gini-. Poultry, Kish, kc lie., together with his celebrated Mill t'oud. Shrewsbury and all choice Oysters fresh or nickleil, w liich obtaiuid tlie premium at the last Annual Fair at Niblo's. Hating fitted m> a saloon unequalled in the city, where gentlemen and their tairilies visiting Niblo's, can, with the greatest propriety, have served up to their comfort and satisfaction,such refreshments as they may call for on reasonable terms. N. B.?Clubs and Private Parties wishing rooms, can oe accommodated as above,by s7 Ini'r JOSEPH TKN EYCK, 'I'ERRAI'IN LUNCH.?Uourmoadi.' l^ui Vne! IlwuJ sand, of our good cits, lovers of ^ood hire, have been loi som" weeks past suffering severe dissppointmen from the closing of the far-lamed " Terrapin Lunch." The " li.fui fev r," is now, however, over, a?d again inay iliey "fee?' Well," (or be't kno w" tli it th? John Adaoia, of Knickribocker memory, "hangs his hat" uat the Terrapin ; also the pn> triof <ir nno rtflKi- litfl** f - 11 >v*H 11 f JhrMtt-ixlom. v Vlriii \vj Lair. Now, then, ?rnacK your lip* v- cormorants in th? T irtle Soap and ^te.ik line, the mantle or ' Han haa fallen upon John, ta perfect: on .in good eatuu *nd ?lrink njf ina In *iraiu cnannterd at ihe Terrapin. A tingle look into the* olfl "Ire Boi," will appease th- hiii?K*r of him with the short pur?e, .ind a taaie of the genuine at li 'If the o?d pricea wil? tickle t*?e of th- rcritat anchorite. b iw* Ore* u Turtle served up this day, and every day duriuv the a^aaon. __ _ **? 1 t > Achallknuetto Tllti VVOHLIJ.-UH. J- linAl OCULIaT, No. 221 Diviaion street, N? w V??rk, Ironi Hie city of London?*the only maker of the Art i ? ' ial limn in Eye in the United States, respectfully inform* t'?os; person# that ha. had the misfortune to have lo?t one of tK^ir ejrea, tnat he can place n artificial eye in, an as to opvn, ahfiTt aiid more in the head, withont |?a?v? eiiher in tiling or wearing,at * mo<lent? price. Dr. J Oray chalkn*es the world to produce mod* I* equal t.s hit of differ* til Ji?i aa<*? of the Human Lye, made by ftumtelf, which ci" 1 e s? en at hit residence. Dr. J. (}rtv gives tdvice, *rati?, on all complainta of the eye, fr??m9 o'clock nutil 10 * r > moruiio,', SunJi>s excepted. N. B.? Artificial Teeth, set in lirtt tat* rtyle, from one to a who|?- aet, *t a reduced price. A single Tooth, * ith Silver plate, $1 50? Dj wi'h 0*>ld, $3. s 11 I w r H( >SK~KOR THE C HOT ON WATKR KOK * i L AM Doits, Water Poult, Kin* Kn^iiici. Ike.?JOHN H. B?iWIfcl. 21 J cob street, hit n w ou hand eiery desciip*i<#ti oi Lea h??r Hinf of the bet* quality, a. lowett price*. # J 11. B. rn uinf'acf nr?s the l<s>h*-rfo hi< Ho e, he it, fh re fore, enabled lo tell the same a< low at ?nv one tit lw*r SELF COCKING PISTOLS. BLUNT SYV1H, Importers end Manufacturer., No. I ,hat ham ?treet, have oil hand i I ir?e isaoitinrnt of (lie Si? Bairel S II Revolving Self Cocking Pocket PiatoU. Tbrw piatoU have the advantage orer a'l othernofthe kind by tlir im|x)?ihility ofloiingihe caps, tb? nipples being placed in * h irirontil ili" i'linn, anil I>*'j? being no c<>ck in the wa\ to |tc v<nt taking aicoirrct aight at witn the ordinary pistol or giin. The above pi*to!a can be furni.h d ! wrt thin any oiheri in the maiki t, at wliolewle >>t retail. We havi ai great a vaneiv of other kind* ul l'i?tol? a* ran be foui.d. with 111 lien, U. 8. tluakeu, for (hipping uid military; True Minki t?, do: KowliiiK Tieten. ?i>ij;lr and double; rtui lirgt ?ize d> ulde nud lioicle oiiiii for uuRkitiK, together with Powder, Shot, Kliuka, bik?, i C'a| ?, Lockt, Bai reU, Sic., Scr., in large or anull ouantiiln. N. B-?Country dealcri air reiue?ted to call mu l imine our aanortment In-fore | urch.nir.g el?r where. ?B 2m*r V1CTORINE k < O^?Will commence bu?ine?? at their e?? Ul. i .... ... V.. I' . r.U1v .. . ...... ? M ..I'll.. vii TOHlNfei, wlose mmr has become so popular from it* frequent mention in the PamUll JotirmU of Fashion, and whose house it Paris was th?f r? ndetvoat of the factorable wmld, has the Uonor to iriiiotMCtf to the Indies of New York, that sh?- will on Taesdty licit, tlie 20th of SSepKuiber, op?n her estib'ishmeut f* r ?hf Kile of French Fashion*. consisting of Cloaks, Shawls, Msntrlettes. Aprons, Hat*, Caps, Head Dresses, and Fancy Parisian Artielea. '1'ne L-orirsi> ndentaof MidlU Victoiine will k*ep hrr con? jtantlv supplied v* ith the T^ry latest Fashions. Two skilful French wo. k women are al* ays in attendance. ?17 lm#r IRK I VING. SEPTEMBER 18, 1 Washington Correa|>oii<lence. Washington Crrv, Sept. 14, 1H42. Old Point?The Devil unchained?A tyueer Character fromNatchu?Temperance and the Cholic?Brother t Twicer, Pur cell, ami Scrivener?Slander? Hotel Cliijues?S/>eech of a Southern Gentleman? IVebb, of the Regular Army?JVadiinqton Volunteers? Disappointment?Proposed Dinner to Gen. Bennett?Frank Key's F.xdogy on the Heral/l? Blair, Penrose, otul Pleasonton?Parke C'ustii, and Mike ]Valth. 1>KAR Gknkkal:? Look out tor a breeze somewhere. Old Poins called lor his bill ut Galubum'a on Tuesday last, settled it by note, and set out, with his better half, in the cars for New York. Hastening to be at the depot, I saw a thundering sight uf baggage, trunks, bandboxes, lap dogs, >!cc , brought in. " Whose is this 1" said 1. " The Governor's," said the boy. Presently a square-built, 1'at, huffy, red l'aced man, dressed very handsomely in a suit of black, came bustling in, poked his head int* the car, and said, " Ladies, will you make room for the Governor and the Governor's lady. Governor Poindexter, late Senator from Mississippi, and his lady, will be here in a moment. Koom lor the Governor, if you please." There w/sre but five ladies in the car, and of course plenty of room ; but this personage seemed determined it should be known that he heralded a Governor. By and by the Governor hobbled in, as fast as rheumatism, lumbago, gour, and other trifles would allow?and a more ghastly, horrid, unearthiy-looking physiognomy I never put my eyes on. I have heard much of this man for thirty years past; in common charity I had supposed tn-tny of the stories afloat about him were exaggerated, but I must say his countenance does not give the lie to them. The fat man kept close to him, and talked incessantly to the Governor, until the cars started, and laughing at the end of every observation, winking his eyes, pricking uphis earn, and looking around to see if every one enjoyed his wit. At length when the train was oft", our fat man sauntered up to me, and said, "that gentleman, sir, that you saw me engag'd with is Governor Poindexter._ We are extremely intimate." "You are hi* relation, perhaiw," said I. " No, sir, friends?o friends?my name is McFadden. I am receivero meys at Natchez, Mississippi, and am intimate ith all her distinguished men." In this strain ol hero ran o?, until we reached mv lodgings, during hich time he had t?'ld rne sundry anecdotes, repea "?d his own biogr tphy, half u dozen electioneering adventures, and given me at least fifty digs, punches, and shoves, with his elbow. I have never met witn such an original, and as he is n sensible and clever fellow, and seems to knoweverv body, and everything. I here and elsewhere, mid to he willing to tell all he knows, and more besides, I advise yon to engage him as your Mississippi correspondent, especially us he tells me he has long been connected with the press, and started every leading paj>er in that State, and helped to make every conspicuous man out there. Our city is remarkably healthy, except that the cholic is quite epidemicjbiit the gin practice isfound to answer admirably Every thing is dull here, but the tooth of slander. That is sharper than evr, and there is a reputation butchered every twenty-four hours. We have here an organised set?t sort of fraternity?half loafer, half gentlemen?men that swear by whiskers, gold chains, and huge rattans?some dressed very fineothers on the shabby genteel?who do nothing but hunt up victims from day to day. They infest our hotels, and at all hours of th-* day may be seen on the porches of GadsbyV and Brown's. Scarce alemale, particularly if she be pretty, is permitted to pass without an ill-natured r-mark; and if she is gallanted by a strangeror memberofCongre s, these gentlemen immediately make war on her character. It passes from one to the other?from hotel to boarding house?exaggerated as it circulates, until, per haps, a woman as innocent :\s an ungel, is utterly mine J in public estimation. In this waylyou may account for one half the calumnies alloat in thiscity. These men are confirmed rouit themselves ; worn out debauchees, subsistingon stimulants; discharged officeholders, bitter against all the world, or greedy olfice seekers chagrined by delay, and they avenge themselves by murdering the reputations of defenceless women.? -in... c i j.'.... n i u I lie fAlsiciiuc 01 ?u?:ii a trr'/wc in nrii miuwii ucrjc: it in an intolerable nuisance, and should be abaled. 1'he young men ot our city should have an eye to those gentry. 1 admire the spirit of a gentleman who represented a Southern State in Congress a few years since, and was notorious for his gallantries. At a wine parly a gentleman alluded to the subject, and spoke lightly of the virtue of the sex. "Sirs," said he, "no gentleman ever boasts of his gallantries. He who does violate confidence cannot claim, therefore, to be believed. There are no women equal to the women of Washington, and norie so shamefully traduced. A young girl may be led off from the paths of innocence by |<assion?a woman may sell herself for bread?but in either ca*e she is to be pitied, not connemned?cherished, not derided. He who exposes her is doubly guilty, and should be damned, Passion, love, beauty?un hundred nameless influences?may palliate seduction, but nothing can excuse the traitor who boasis of Ins success and point-" out his victim." Col. Webb, of the regular artnv, has written on here to know who is the author of the letters from Washington, and talks fiercely of responsibility. ] am very certain that I shall never shrink from responsibility, but 1 shall never notice a man who pockets the indignities that Mr. Bennett the younger has heaped upon hiin. What! a man who euners himself to be kicked up and down Broadway, and his nose tweaked in the bargain, to talk about re- i>onsibility. Such a humbug is too broad lor these Hard money times. We had a grand display of military the other day, and I must say the boys did the thing handsomely They are well equipped, well drilled, full of esprit <ir airpK, a fine soldierly looking set of fellows, whole -ouled and generous, and ready at any time to go in for beauty before booty. It was a subject of deep regret that you did not favor them with your presence as a military guest. In your epauletts, you would have been received with enthusiasm: each volunteer would have considered it an epoch in the history of his corps to have had it said that Oeneral Hennett had reviewed the military 01 the Capitol.? I heard your health, and success to your maidensword drank in flowing bumpers, and with loud hurrahs, an hundred times during th?-day, and il I be not mistaken, it was cheered and encored emphaticillv by our worthy Major, who seemed to be in excellent spirits. <>enerils Van Ness, Mason and Hunter were loud in the applause. The fact is they ?re your greatest admirers and will fenst you i o fleath if you come here. Old I'arke ( anus?ihe standing dinner orator of liese p?rt.?has become exceedingly jealous of Mike Valsh. He feir* that Mike will surpersede him.? What is that you say !" said he to Frank Key, F P. Bl ur, Oi l I'lean&nlon, Penrose and others yesvrday. "Why, we are." said Key, "proposing to ;ive Bennett a dinner. His inimitable paper should be sustained. His steady opposition to fanaticism, md uniform support of tnebenevolent movements of the day, the pure stream of molality flowing through Ins columns, deserve a public tribute." "Yes," taid Blair, "and then his ouiosiiion to the rag md promise to pay system has done more to restore the credit of New York, and force the resumption of specie payments, than all other causes combined." " He is a light-house map, too," said f'leasonton?" I manage the whole concern under his directions," "and to be candid Willi you,gentlemen," said Penrose, "and in strict confidence, I should have been gone lo ig since, if he had seen fit to blab Mm tic i? a hiirh minded, liberal fellow, so nut m down an \ for the dinner." "Igoitj" said Custis, "I will lend Washington's lent lor the occasion ; hut Mike Wali-li must come. Il is my privilege to do the dinner talking tor ten years to come." So yon may look out, < Icneral, and preimre you'self for the invitation. I expect to be on the committee of fifty sent to wait on you, and until ttien adieu. (*. (t G. ndiliigt . [Coir*?potiilmce of lh? Herald.] Washington, Sept. 15, 1&I2. The New ?Yfjry Bureau?Our jVary?iXuvy Com. miwionert. My Dkar Hknnktt:? Absence from this city since the date of my last must be niy apology for not discoursing you before in continuation, as I promised. I have had n refreshing trip to the country, have forts ted and faltered on unmedicated nutic cheer, i. o chslklcss milk and lard less but trr, to say nothing of the loti of other good creature-comforti that flourish and abound in and about a thrifty substantial farmhouse. I ha\e 1F, l{ A 842. seen,too, coveys of sweet pretty quaker country girls in neat and simple pnutl' colored rigging, who were, natheless, not to be sneezed at In short,I have been decidedly in clover, und have laid in a stock of it for future rumination. On iny return I was shock ed to learn (what alas, now almost all know and lament) the death of Mrs. Tyler. 'Twas a sad and heart-rending bereavement, not only to her noble, persecuted husband, to her family, her friend?, and associates, but peculiarly so to the host of indigent, humble and brokrn spirited sufferers to whom the loss of her sympathy and assistance is indeed irreparable To guilt and crime death is truly "th'- (ell destroyer?the King of Terrors"?and there are but few of us who can contemplate individually the occurrence of his advent without a shudder Hut to Mrs Tyler he came as a kind and welcome friend ; the messenger ofglnd tidings and endless happiness, to call her pure and gentle spirit to its a^iropriate home. Amid the deep sorrow of their affliction, it still must b>- a consolation to her stricken fanulv to feel assured that she is n?w and forever relieved from the severe physical sufferings with which she has been so long ufflicted, and that her pure soul and devoted feelings can no more be distressed by the bitter, reckless and malignant abuse wbu h din <t|>|>oinied swindlers and mercenary presses lavish on her husband. The re-organization of th" Navy Department, an 1 stated in my last, has gone into r(ieration. The bill which authorised it passed on the last day of the session; in the hot haste of thegreedy expectants of the offices therein provided for, several gross errors were committed iu its engrossment. These were not discovered till after the presiding officers of the two Houses and the President had signed the bill, and Congress had adjourned. In other words, the re-organization bill passed by Congress is a very different afliiir from that under which the several Bu| reaux of the Department are now in operation ? This creates a necessity of having the whole subject reconsidered nt the next session, when I trust, indeed know, that anoiher sort of arrangement will be provided for As it is, the Department, to be sure, is re organised, but not improved. The same old men of the sea, as tenacious and pondrous as Sin bad's famous accompaniment, still cling to its shoulders and paralise its energies. The same stupidity, the same ignorance, the same obstinate adherence to antiquated prejudices, long since discarded by all other nations that pretend toihe possession of a Navy, and obsolescent even in our own commercial marine, have been merely transferred from the late office of Navy Commissioners to the supervision and direction of four of the new Bureau. The mam argument which induced Congress to adopt the measure, was the thorough riddance of the Navy Commissioners, in ever> shape, which it was believed the bill would effect. Their extravagance. inconi|>elence anr commensurate self conceit, had justly rendered ihem odious 10 Congress and to the country. Anj evil, any plan of administration was preferable to the waste and derangemenr caused by their presence and control in the Detriment. With very lew exceptions, they have always been old, uneducated, worn-out Captains?brave, I admit, as bull-does, but guiltless of improvement and innocent of brains Any suggested deviation from the beaten track, wat sure to be received by them as rank heresy and im pertinent interference. The modern discoveries o! science or developments of ingenuity, applicable t< various interests of the Navy, were to them settled mysteries. They did not listen to nor believe in an) such nonsense. When the plan of re-organization was first agitated during last session, every Iriend ol the Navy advocated it, under the confident impression that all tne different members of the Board ol Navy Commissioners, past and present, who had s< lor-g personated tin kettles tied to the tail of the Nsvy, would be cut adrift from their connection with the Department. The bill has passed, but the kettles are still here, spliced to the Department, separately and more injuriously than ever?Meseieurs Tonsons come again!! One of them has in tow navy-yards and docks Conservatism is preeminently his forte Like his colleagues, he has oscillated to and fro from the command ?f navy yards to a seat in the Board of Commissioners, and is consequent) fully aware what the utility, arrangement and polict of navy yards should be, viz: what they were in Kngland and France a quarter of u century since But as to the construction of docks, and the scientific information which a superintendence of them implies?e g.: hydraulics, hydrostatics, architecture, i\cc. &c.?verily, Webb has just as distinct and correct an idea of honesty. There is, it will be said, a skilful engineer attached to the bureau, by >k. kill i u ~r ! - J?:? *?? ??iv< ism, i" niivuu iu una I'iniu u ui U9UUIIC9. IJUl of what avail are 1iih labors and plane, while they ;ire controlled and thwarted by such a superior.? There was an eminent naval architect nttached to the late Board of Commissioners. Ask him whv three-fourths of our national vessels, forfaiting qualities, are little better than floating vats, to the disgrace of the nation and deep mortification of out officers and seamen 1 Ask him, whose blundering, dogmatic interference ruined his draughts and models, and made our men of war what they are, shamefully surpassed in sailing by almost every packet ship out of New York 1 I have a great deal more to sav on this subject, which I will defer to my next. The defects of thi.bureau of yards and (Jocks are perfection in comparison to those of the others. Very truly, &c., J. V. Wellington. [Corr#-?pond?Mice of ihe Herald.] Washington Citv, Sept. 10, 1&12. United States Chief Engineer?the AjtpoirUment? Major-General MeNitU. Mr. Editor ^..?i F7 Sir :? I learn from the act, entitled an act to re-organise the navy department, that the Secretary of the Na vy is authorised to appoint a chief engineer, an officer imperatively demanded by the interest of the government; particularly since, ns such, we begin to feel the importance of cherishing and fostering mechanical science. And feeling as deep an interest, perhaps, as any olher ordinary citizen, thai such an officer should be appointed, purely on the grounds of ability to render the service predicated of such office, I take the liberty to suggest, through ihe medium of your valuable paper, the name ot Major-General Wm. Gibbs McNeill, as the most appropriate man for that office. His known and acknowledged services, while an officer in the ar my?on nearly all of our valuable railroads, while a member of the corps of Topographical Engineer*?and his efficiency in his last, though not least, public services, in rjuelling the Rhode Inland disturbances. are a sufficient guarantee for his abiliiy :md usefulness in the capacity of chief engineer of the navy. Buffalo. (Correipomlenceof th? Herald.) BitfpaI-o, September 14, 1H42 Wedding*?MillardFiUimore,? Sptrrh?A Failure? Dear Bennett I with pleasure take my |*n again, to write you a few lines. I will commence, as usual, with the weddings, inasmuch as the most of your readers style themselves distinguished admirers of the fair sex, and who, in fact, are the only persons of taste and refine me nt. There was a wcddinar at I/ewi ton, between Mr. K e of this place, and MissC n of Lrwis'on The bride is one of the most accomplished youni ladies of the day, anil as beautiful a- is powiMe lot the humm mind to conceive Oh! that I mi^ht iiop with my description, without giving a ?<hori account of the groom, fie is a man ol fifty, i |. looking; and, in fine,a splewny old bachelor. Also Mr. G -g and the wealthy Miss II ?, of thic place, on the evening of the 5th instant. Also be tween E. G. H g, a widower of hardly a yearV intiding, to the angelir and graceful Miss S g. Millard Fillimore, Esq., rettirnedl'iere a few days since, from the capital ot the United States, the city of rogues, r.iM-als, and fawning sysophants, and yesterday he held lorth, witli all the power of logic and captivating arts of rhetoric, in the opinion of the I J I lyites. The most of his speech, tho igh, corniced in the abuse which h" helped upon the head of Captain Tyler. Hut take all and all, it was a com plete failure. At the conclusion of the long and | elaborate speech one of the loafers present sung out "Give him tlire* cheers," upon which a few took off their hats, but their lungs being eonr-whin effected, were unable to make much nwi-c and Mr. f" , quite cresi-f,illen, fell back in the ciStwn I suspect he will yet be compelled to come to the cowlusion tkat there can be nothing m.ide in lu mping abuse upon the head of the firm and staunch patriot of Republicanism, who has always been fnm in doing hit duty since he first cams upon the stage of action L I>. Hili.c Tmo On a Trade is more lively than ii him been. Those here who have availed themeeJves of the insolvent act have been down to your city and returned with a line btore ofgoods The theatre is doing a fair businew. There are large quantities of western produce coming in now No great alteration in price*. Yours' truly, Erik. City Intelligence. Delivered Himski.f i p.?Jobeph Murphy, who stands implicated by the Coroner's Jury as a principal in the death ol McCoy at the prize fight, voluntarily dclivt red himself up to Deputy Coroner Milliktn, under the advice ot his count-el, William M. Price, >ei>terday morning. The Coroner it-lured to take bail, as ihe otlence had been committed in another county, and application waa then made tt* Recorder Tallmadge, who, by and with the advice and consent of Judge Kent and Mayor Morris, hdmitted him to bail in ihe sum ol #10 000, w hich was entered by undoubted security. \a ?pi??l- : mi i?xu\^iccei\y is bun confined in the Tombs, but application will be made for bail on Monday next. Fountains ? l'he Corporation ate constructing a fountain at the lower end of the Park, in the most inappropriate spot that could be selected. Why not put it in front of the City Hall ? One is also to be o*n*tructed in the rear of the Hall and one in Union Square is also under way. Jacob Let the Girls Alone ?One Jacob Hall, of shining pkin, met Isabella Smith, a lady of color, on Friday night, and while in r los?i communion at a house in Anthony Mreet, t-he stripped him of hia watch and wallet. The latter of which contained some money. She was locked up. Thk Coining Cask?The counterfeiters, Edward Kelly and Owen Mclntee, who were detected in the act of the coin of the United States, will be tried in the Court of Sessions instead of the United StattH Court, an the State Law more rk-.r'v covers the P|*cial offence they have committed. Stolkn Cikcia Drkmm.?During the past several months Mr. Alvah Mann, one of the gentlemen connected with one cf our travelling circuses, has lost nearly a thoupand dollars worth of dresbes and other paraphernalia which were stored in a building in Elizabeth street,near Bayard. Yesterday officer John Davis arrested a man named Herman Seaman, who resides at No 8 Elizabeth street, and in whose poa-ession a number of the dresses were found. He was committed. Horse Thief Taken Off ?Edgar M. Briggs, arrested in this city on a charge of horse stealing from Stamford, Ct., was pent back yesterday, under a requisition from the Governor of that State. The people ol Connecticut are not very friendly to horse 'hieves, and he will therefore meet with more justice than if tried at oar Sessions. Gottiif. Money and Kkpt It ?A few davs since, a charge was made by Mean*. Morris <fe Mark "Mrouse, of Columbus, and laid before the Grand lury, charging J Behraud of this city, with obtaining 912ft, in March last from their firm, under the ollowing circumstances, viz. Behraud being in that city, sold Messrs. St rouse a bill of dry goods, stating it the time of making the Bale, that he was doing a urge amount of b.ipinets at No. 130 Pearl street, as in importer of French goods. From the representations made bv Behraud. and winhinff in m*U? mittance to ?aibeck of the amount for their father, these gentlemen entrusted the funds to Berhaud ts purchase a bill of exchange and remit it to Germany. From a letter subsequently received from lie cider Strouse, it ap)>eared that no money had been received by him. The sons, therefore, cams on to New York and sought Behraud, but could find no mch person doing business at 130 Pearl street. They subsequently traced him to No. 108 Canal -ireel, but could get no satisfaction. The Grand Jury having entertained the complaint, arid found a bill of indic'ment, B? brand wm? on Friday night arrestedon a bench warrant and committed t<i prison. Br kn t. a it 1 f.s continue to increase i:. h'iio.m ? very ,virt of our city, and were we to give a daily account of their number the g^mmuuiiy would be as-t< uudt-d. An office at the corrtfrot Centre ami Walker streets occupied by Messrs Graham <t Willoughby, was broken open on Thursday nixht, and pro|>erty to the imount ot 6'1 lfi and upwards stolen. Among the articles were a lady's shell work box, a rosewood do, two notes of hand lor #49 70, &c. The thieves ',oo stole the key of the iron safe, and the door ksy. CorTricRFEiTKKs?Two of the gang of counterfeiters that have recently infested our city, named Smith Hyatt, alias Hyatt Smith, and Andrew Bsker alias Long, were arrested by officer Tompkins, Bird and Hoskin, of the upper police, charged with passing #2 counterfeit notes of the National Bank of PrnviH*n/*#? R I rnn^.r.l.l. .-I.I - t- - * ?I .? - wv(.e*u%imi/iv nuivuiliui llir pauio bills were found in their possossion, nnd they were fully committed on three scperate charges. Raker is the w?me rogue that robbed the house of B. M. Brown, of Marmaroneck, as well as others in Westchester county. He has been out of State prison but two months, where he had jut-t finished a five years apprenticeship A number of boats, oars, 6cc. that have been stolen by thete men can be found in possession of the ubove named officers. Great Match Rack.?A great racing match comes off on Monday next, at Lexington, Ky., between the celebrated mare Miss Foote and the Kentucky crack. Zenith, for ?5,(WO a side, half forfeit, four mile heats. Health at the South.?The health of Natchez was never better than on the 6th inst. There was no sickness of any kind. Physicians were starving for want of employment. No new cases of yellow fi ver had been reported at Mobile on the 10ti. inst. There had been nineteen deaths in New Orleans of the fever up to the 8th inst. The epidemic had siightly increased. Bankrupts IX>w.n East ?2,600 persons hare applied for the benefit of the Bankrupt Act in Maine, and but 200 in New Ham|w?hire. Naval.?United States sloop of war John Adamt, I'apt. Conover, was at Buenos Ayres July 19, just arrived from Rio Janeiro, via Montevideo. Rhodk Island Convention ?On Wednesday af ternoon, after h long debate, the resolution offered by Mr. Simmons, waM adopted. It is in theae words :? " Resolved. That the Legislative power under this constitution shall be vested in two distinct branches ; each of which shall have a negative vote on the other. The on* o be kt.v le I the Senate and the other the House of Representative*. Rt*?ol\ ed. That one branch shall be so constituted aa In <aprr??nt population, is mar at can be, according to an quel ratio oi nambera, giving to each town, at lr**t on* member in the popular branch, and the other branch to represent the corporations." The resolution offered by Mr. Ennis, to insert a section declaring theripht of the people to revolutionize at will, and in whatever manner they think proper, was referred to n committee. < >n Tuesday the committee to which were referred the articles on representation, reported a bill, which w.ih ordered to he printed. Borne further progress was made, and then the Convention adjourned until the afternoon. Discovery or Important Historicai. RrcoRns ? I the third report of the deputy keeper of the public !{ec< rd-ol fire tBritun, Sir H Pnlgrave nivea intimation of the discovery of the leg-il records of 'li" tri J ?>f Queen Anne Bullen, document which were supi?os? (l to h ive hern destroyed, but which nve recently been di-covered among the record* of the Court of Queen's Bench, and whose absence materially impeded the narrative of the historian cf rhe eventful reign of Henry VIII The list of rh?* records is highly interesting to the literary world. Storms ox Lamj and Lark.?The oldest navigators scarctlv remember more severe Ptorms at this reason than have swept nlong Lake ntario for "?Thed qnVnt?y of rain which fell in the Genesee Vnllev niav be' eur/vrd fr<>m tlv units'Mlly great 5ood th" eyaso?y '-m' ' ? "'8- ?>.V which was .a . ...,rr HV> Po.-t. W> ?! ? informedih*t ?nnri?ihm? lik- * wliii'wind JWn,t ?. ro!?? thr Itnrt niilc m>tth of {ochenirr, prostrating mwi n| th?- timber if thirty ,crei on orio (arm?Ui r??o'ing ptrt ?>f ? l*,?r orchard nmi ih<* in \ ?n another ftrrr?and plavin* nrher nni?ri7 thr farmer*, brides vrioiiit'y injuring oiuc !>"i'ling.a nrar Pitt>f<?rd. This w?? in the torm fit Friday night And Saturday morning, the J h and 10 h of September. All the damage that *-e have yet h?ard of was on the east aid* of ths iem aea, not far from the river ?Roehntrr Pott, Sept.