Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1842 Page 3
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Uerald Bulletin or N'e wV ' I "I The Herald Bulletin of N?wi it kent at th? ..Mk corner 01 Fulton and Naaaau (treeti. On the arriva1 trfthe morning mail*, at eight o'clock, A. M.-anJ^^the even nut mails, at four o'clock, P. M., the latest iteUtaLnr. ' fromjlpwta of the world, may be'ESndS* 'the Hul]< . i.i Boci tl, at tbis corutT I tit ?'v< r? * <Th , lU ra,Ul C4:n*r*? Ofllr.. 0.1": ;r?tok.mCH "P** of doing all tort* 'i-itndious, U now oih-ii r>*' i-"*"*?'. lull., c rdl of aP \hmau 4f., in -htnr Hertld Buibiinga, entrance ^Xl F-n'ott- Pr,nt>r M J*BV SI A KICK'I'. W. have' Sunday, Sept. tS-O P. SI. , .o-day advices from K.ngland to the S?1 ie.itaut, reat Wot torn. Th? ?tate ol commercial attain ^enerMly improved. The dirtuibanc?.? in the menu1 -cturing district*, which hail chocked the ilemnnd for Vnouey in loino degrea, had subsij'j, ami the appearand * wr re, that the difficulties teu*'tiorurily at least, ha J ceased Mauy oi thu hamia had returned to their work. Annexed i? the weekly average or the circulation of I the United Kingdom, according to the rcturni as made up ! loth?33Jof July, 184'J, in companion with the return* j I'lQViouil^ made to June 3d, I84J. 21id July. Jii'K- 20. Inc. Deer. F.nalend. Bsnkof jLI'j.'hih.iiiiu 2M,3ji.UOU 443.000 ? Private Bank* 1,160,181 4,1*1.628 ? 15.043 I J .iut Stock Biulu, 2,829,195 2,<33,690 ? 116,1(1 , ScalUml, Private and Joint Stock Bulks, 2,711,600 2,671,830 ? 10,8*1 Inland, id. 1,600,987 1,632,617 ? <8,370 Biukof 2,892,771 2,811,710 ? 61,021 Total circulation, X3i,?03,2i8 31,163,120 160,"02 ? Bullion in the Bask of Euglaud, X8.t83.UOO 9,170,000 637,000 ? 1 This shows the fact, that the bullion in the batik hui < enormously increased, and that that institution is extending itself, while the joint stock and country banks, doubt less intluenced by the riots, have curtailed. The removal of this latter cause, may induce a general inflation and activity ot business. The bank has issued the usual notice of discounts, fixing the rate oi interest at 3} percent, which is a reduction. Thu condition of the bank after the entry of so large a quantity of wheat for consumption, and the fail of wheat ts 60s. per quarter, which raises the duty to 13s per quarter, would appear sufficiently strong to warrant a degree of liberality. The foreign exchanges were, also, in good condition. The rates were as follows at the leading cities Rates ok Exchange at the Chick Cities. Hamhcso, Aug. 26, 1849.?Amsterdam, 2m, 38,08 sti marces anil shillings banco, for ?1 ktg.; Geneva, 3m, It)-.' vera for 2 p.; I'aris, 180 cent*, for I p.j London, 13,83 nub, for 1 p.; Leghorn, 222 lire, for 300 marcs banco. Paris, Aug. 31.?Amsterdam,3m, 208J cents, for 1 florin, Hamburg, isoj ce ts, lor 1 p.; London, 23,3d francs , and cents, for ?1 stg.; Geneve, 99} cents, for 1 lire nuovn; i Leghorn, 84} cents, for 1 lire. AasirnSAM, Aug. 30.?I'aris, 2m, 66J grotes, lor 3 francs; Hamburg, 35,11-10 grotes, for 1 p.; London, ' 12,3 florins and stivers, for ?1 stg ; Genoa, 47} cants of florins, lor 1 lire nuova; Leghorn, 40} cents of florins, for i 1 lire. Lonoon, Sept. 2.?Amsterdam, 3m, 12,63, Rotterdam, j 12,6, Antwerp, 12,4^ florins and stivers, lor 1? stg.; Hamburg, 13,113 marcs and shillings banco, tor ?1 stg; Paris, 29,76 Iraucs aud cents, for ?1 stg.; Lisbon, 60 days, 52} ]>encestg., for 1 milrea; Geneva, 3m, 25,90 lire ne. and cents, for 1 stg.; Leghorn, 30,20 lire, for ?1 stg. Bl'iiios per Oz.?Gold standard, 7 7-9, silver, do, 4,11 J, South American dollars, 4,9|, Spanish do, 4,113, Papatan 74s, 41,090 wcighingjiltout 866 oz. In the manufacturing districts, the immediate difficulty between the workmen and the employers, was the rate ol wages. The following is a list of the technical (prices demanded by the operatives of Manchester Male Spinnino.?Speed of the rim, 200 revolutions per minute ; length of druw ; 60 inches ; the speed of spindles never to exceed 4,800 revolutions per minute. Price pes 1,600 Hanks?35 Dozen. No. T,.,:., Reeled Shuttle Second Third Counte. D^'u, Twi" Kara. Cope. FKailr. JVaiti. 4'its 8's, 54* 3< lOd 3s 9d 3s lid '* Od 4s 2d ro's toll's, 51 3i 7d 3s bd Ms Bd 3. 9d 3s lid I2's to 15's, 5t 3i 5d 3s Id 3s 6d 3s 7d 3s Oil Hi's to H's, 5t 3s 3d 3s 2d 3s 4d 3s 5d 3s 7d 20's SU4 up, 51 3i Id 3s 01 3s 2d 3s 3d 3s 5d 5R 3s 3d 3. 2d 3s 4il 3s 5d 3s 7d <13 3s 5d 3s td 3s 6d 3s 7d 3s ?d 08 3s 7d 3s bd 3s 3(1 3? 9d 3s 11(1 71 3s 9d 3s Od 3s 10<l 3s lid 44 Id , 8(1 3i lid 3s 10(1 Is Od 4i Id 4s 3d 8b 4s Id 4s Od 4s 2d 4s 3d 4s 5d 92 4s 3d 4s 2d 4s 4(1 4s 5d 4s 7d 98 4s 5d 4s 4.1 4s 6d 4s 7d 4s 90 Selk Actors?Twist is. I0d., weft Is. 3d. Rover's List.?Spindles, 180; turns, 24; draws, 40O,; price 10 Id. All turns, spindles, and draws above and pc' low tli is list, to be paid in proportion. Gas ljd. per light weekly, during the year. Resolved, That we work no. more thau';ten Incurs per day for Ave days, and eight on Saturdays. N. vj, Wages to be paid weekly. These wages demanded are the ismo '^4 those of 1939, and are aliout euual to an average rate '.ifaos. or ?7 -20 rents per week for each pinner, and. %pe joo per cent higher than they have been lately gutt jng. So great an advance the spinners would not accede, to, although a moderate one would have been paid. Tb^o steppage of the mills produced a scarcity of yarns 4nd goods in Manchester, which ciused an advance of 0 to 10 per cent in price, and there were still large order 4 which could not be fulfilled until harmony should b', restored. It was thought the advance would not be maintained, when work should have again commenced. In American stocks, nothing whatever was done, nor had the brewing in any degree improved in regard to them. In relr.fjon to the treaty, the Bankers Circular has the folior>ing j? I*. appears to us that, as far as we are acquainted with t^e terms, the Government deserves much credit for so promptly settling our differences with the United States. \V'e should say so if wc had been convinced that they had conceded something more than ought to be conceded between two equally powerful independent States. The commercial and moral benefits of peace as well as general political considerations, are of such unspeakable importance, that we shall be glad to find the peace concluded is altogether satisfactory to the intelligent and respectable cla-set of the great Repablic. It mav be a prelude to more addantngeous arrangements relating to the commerce betwot n the two countries. We have never entertained much doubt of a favorable issue to this long suspended question, since we printed, in the Supplement of July 2Jd, the iollowing opinirp of Mr. Everett, which is worthy of repelitiou :?" I wish, from the bottom of my heart, for nothing else but the speedy and honorable adjustment of all the questions in discussion between us (cheers), and most happy am I to say, that from all the means ot information at my command, such an effect is likely to take place (loud and continued cheering)." From so cautious a diplomatist we thought this sentiment emphatic aud significant. The immense failure which; took place at Altona some time since, of the house of Santos, Monteno 81 Co. proved to bo very disastrous. The liabilities were -1,000,000 marks or ?100,000, which were offering at 6 per cent They were due as follows :? Mnrkt Banco. Marks Banco. In London, 826,033 Oporto, <7.too Lirtrpml, 213,til) Freights not paid, 44,423 Hamburg and AlUint, 1'.18,371 B.euien. Rigs, kc. 32,361 Not in Hamburg. 197,*72 Amsterdam, 14,(173 Lisbon, 178,.'Wl Assurance Premiums, 8,983 Belua, 91,911 Hi t Janeiro, 74,7 73 Paris, AS,393 Total, 2,(1113,981 In relation to thesnspension of the American Fur Company, we recently stated that it was largely connected in St. Louis. We believe, however, there is but one house there connected with th? company, and^that had but a small intcrcat^n it. On th?(l4th of March last, wejeautionod the public in relation to the bill* of the Chatauque Bank, the Bank of Lyons, and the City Bank of Rochester, at which time the bills of the two last were refused by the brokers. In allusion to our remarks, the Express and the New York American, published the following :? "There have been rumors afloat for the last two days unfavorable to two or three banks out of the city. We are assurud by one of the Bank Commissioners that such reports have no foundation whatever, and that the banks alluded to are prosecuting their ordinary business entirely free from embarrassment." A few days after Mr. Patcliem, cashier of one of the Albany bajsks, and agent for the redemption of the bills, published a letter, full of indignation, in which he stated |tha? As would guarantee the bills of the Bank of Lyons, And the Chatauque. Here was a clear combination be tween two Wall ?tr?-et papers, the Bank Commissioners. and an Albany cashier, to austain a baalt which waa then in bad credit, and ha* now u terly failed, under circumatanceaofa moat disgraceful character. These peraoni should all be hold reaponaible. At a meeting on Saturday, Mr. Law, who thai had the controversy with Mr. Watt, was^elected one of the director* of the Harlem Railroad Company. A* one of the diractora remarked "they wanted somebody to answer duns," which are rather thick of late. The first flush of the new tariff having passed away the publie is begining to exercise its legitimate influence in destroying commerce and trade. The first effect is felt by the mechanics. Heveral flue ships,that previous to the passage of the act, had been put upon the stocks, have since been Countermanded, and the activity that was springing up under the prospect of a low tarilf, has died away. There is also less demand for money for commercial purposes.? Capital engaged in those pursuits must seek another direction,^because the government and the| manufacturers having raised an artificial barrier between us and foreign nations. All whose living depended directly upon that intercourse, whether as lumbermen, shipbuilders, stevedores, ropemakera, ironfounders, carmen, merchants, imI porters, and the government itself; must[sufler the consequence. The neat sulferers will he the cotton growers, whose bills will sell very low,under the limited demand, to pay for imports. Next comes the farmers, the rent for wnnse overstock of pork, flour, kc., is cut ofT in the inability ol foreign consumers to pny for them. The surplus remaining on hand must sink the value of the whole to such a legreo as to disable the farmers from buying any goods importod or otherwise; the manufacturers will then aave lallen into their own trap?or on the other hand if :he weitern farmer* get a nitticient vent for their good* lown the St. Lawrence, by smuggling good* in return, Britsh capital and British shipping will monopoliie the tra :e from the province*, and American shippers and merchant*, in common with the manufacturer*, will meet the ni'U contrived by the latter. Let the farmers and produces* wh<> have lent an ear to the voice of the cdiarme ,' watch the still downward tendency of all produce consequent upon accumulating stock* without a loreign v?''nt;and on the other hand wutch the rising price* pc ci0tijS) cottons and rr. inuluctnie,] good*. These latter will go up until th^ rate brings the smuggler to the relief of the consumer. MnMi On Saturday, I7tli iii*t l?v the Rev. John L'oei.son, Mr. Cli*BLK* Anoes L ayawou 11 r, to Mis.. Kha.-sli ( >a h h i.t r, IkiiU of thi* city. Ul?-U. On Sunday, 18th inat. Mr. Thomss Smith, in the 77th year of hi* age. The friends of the family, and those of his son-in-law, Mr. S. Thresher, are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late resilience, 5 Batavia st. On Saturday. 17th inst. of inflammation of the lting*. Ma*y Ass Hart*,aged 4 years and 9 months, only daughter of Edward Harte.of this city. Passengers Arrived. ltio ft Janeiro? Brig Kentucky?Cipl Studs ami lady, of Baltimore; Mr Johnson, of Hi". H i* in*?Ship Cristoval Colon?E V La Roche. Antigua?Scnr Constant?C Sanderson, Mr Phillips?6 in (he steerage. N'r.w Orleans? Ship Orleans?Capt Bebcr, lady, two cliilIrro and servant; MrCooper?3 ill the steerage. Savannah?Brig Clinton?Mrs Anderson, child and nursr, Miss Uray?3 in the steerage. foreign 1 uii>orlatloiisRto dc Janeiro?Brig Kentnrkv? 129 bags coffee E Fiedler ?500do 120 logs rosewood C II F Moring?1000 hags coffee 1 Jrinnrll, Mintnrn k co?till do til lulls whale bone W Hat Hitchcock?22 hags coffee to order. Havana?Shin Criatotsl Colon, (retmrted yesterday)?140 bis sugar 80 hhils do Ml tea lionev JO nslcs was a lot ol oldc n. tas 7 logs Spanish cedar Spoffon), Tilrstou k Co?36 baa se^rs Fred Karck?22 do do It Hob t?6 cs do I Corrija?2 do ilo Hogau k co?2 halt a mill P Brouvilh?2 cs 26 bxs segars 8 Dairy?2 cs do L E Bromsen?I cs do Smith, Tbnrger k co?I b< x Jo J Dettrove?1 do do Paul Pos k co?I do do F B Rhodes k :o?37 hales arnx Moves Taylor?1 case nvd* Crippa k co?5 do Jo C Muller?t ra 327 hoses segars J L G.vrriouo?3 cases do 40 bales tobacco Aytnar k co?400 bis segars T A H Renould k :n?3 hales 5 bids mdz Snmanos k Brothers?1 bo? Ball.Tomt kins k Black?4 boxes segars Center k co?I package Picabia k Mouzonedo. Turks Island?Ship James Edward?(Re|H>rted yesterday) ?22,000 buOiela rait to J O Ward. Doraratlc Importntlorie. New Orleans?Ship Orleant?1135 nigs lead order?16 bxa mdr.e W Vaobuskirk?'344 pigs leal f H Rogers k co?14 iilnls ohacco S W II lOrley?17 do Olerieh k Krnger?MM) pigs lead to libit |a,rk BhiicliaiokKeolt-15 Idida tobaccoWmA .new kSim 10 bales cotton I'lifn k Waaserinan?7 hhds tobacco Robert L Maitl nd k Co?4 bales Co'ton Roberts k Williams?70 do Retard k co I 163 pacaag* buffalo robes R Crooks k ce?308 saeks wheat H God re y k Rohii son?030 hales cotton 251 do Dc Laaouskco?1754 pigs lead Brown, Brothers kco. New Orleans?Ship Hilah, (re|iorted yesterdty.)?1180 pigs lead B 11 Field?300 <'o order?300 Phelps, Dodge k Co? to hhds tub ceo Peter J Francis?79 Boorman k Johnson?il I)?borne k BiArg?50 II k J B Mu'ray?296 barrels corn meal J kA Lamar?4 ffour W II Hull?319 do 51 bales cotton Newt-old Krul'.?80 J A B >yd k Ci ?20 w heat Allen k Paxson?20 \V T Jame??6 Field, Thompson k Co?2 castor oil Coinst< rk St Co?65 Iilnls sugar J P Liinrirk ? 1 Sir-li Bennett?II CW Burman?1*J barrels Scheffelin k (to?13 bales ja.lap VV JF Retlernorth?2 boxes U O?6 pkg* J A Homager? I cisk bees wax Gideon How land?l box Araop k Cnmncey?I Simurl Rusk?I Goodhue k Cc?I W H Pollard?25 bales tobacco Misters Markoe k Co?27 cotton R L Midland k Co?31 Brown, Bro'hers k Co?17 boxes tobacco Tl amnion k Adams 2 Ilk J B Murray?13hales cotton Stri lien Appleby?17 levies Jacob B uili?17 puns rum and 3 boxes W Harrison?95 kegs shot?I hi bales cotton Evaus kCo?12 boxei 4 bundle* chains J C Duff k Co? 12empty barrels Billsboro k Bullock?1 b >x Ds L Ftutehw.inger?I hnd tobacco Masters, Markoe k Co?2 trunks Fr.nch Consul. Charleston?Ship II Allen (renorted yesterday)?I t>kg A Lynch 101 tierces rice Forrers Friers k co?19 bbls honey Benson k Fisher?77 bales cotton Pilolt k LeBuhiet?I pkg 1 O Gregory?191 casks rice Her Renrach k Vaudotne?1 bx C H Rusted?I do F Lawrence?12 bales cotton per order. Charleston?Brig Perry (reported yesterdav)?50 casks rice W U Warner?267 do Smith Mills k Co?122 do 26 hf do Tilott k Le Barhter? U Hhubal k Hulchings?31) biles cotton Wellsk Sp'ing?100 R L Midland?10 )>kgs mdze 300 boxes raisins ordct uunLMTon?srii i yuee?u uerces nee a w Di nmil?J rases E Day?33 tiereea rice W 8 Leverich?lib do Masters Mavkoe St co?17 boxes olive* J E Forbes?75 casks rice Victor St Duckwity?M bale* cotton 63 casks rice Smith, Mills St co? 100 do Vilott St Le Barbicr?'.I c<uks2 half do 5U bales cotton .0 botes ] Newfound doe to order. S1 avannah?Brig Wilson Fuller?53 bales cotton S Bronson "~i3 do T riieir*?71 H Colt?7 bbls slush J I' Do.too?130 bles .otton 1 bbl wax E Graves?S biles Wolfe St K 8 Williams?52 do 51 tea rice order. Savannah?Brix J Peteixon?31 bales cotton A G Muller? 50 tea rice Bolton, Fox St Livingston?123 bales cotton Brown, Brothels?3 bts in Hie W A Taylor?30 bales 2 lihds 1 cask 15 baas J H Tallman. Savannah?Banpie Laeranxr?203 bales cotton Pilot and Le. Basbici?30 do yarn Wood St Meritt?51 baits cot'ou J 11 Tailtnan?co tierces lice H Butler?10 bales Hotter*, Kiborn St co? 100 cams rice Bolton. Fox St Liviinfslon. Savannah?Brig Clinton?5(1 cks rice J Caldwell?300 bales cotton E Paddlefoid?103 H C Coleman?38 A O Miller?5 do to order. MARITIME HERA LI). To Ship Masters. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore W. A. Bassctt, of our news Meet, i rejwrt of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their canto, and any foreign newspapers they may hire. Commodore Bosactt win board them immediately on tneir arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. To Correspondents. Our correspondents in foreign ports are respee'fttlly reyncstcd to tend by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any jue re siding at botne or abroad, will he thankfully receised. I'ORT OF NKW VOKK, 8EP1\ 10, IM33. tin HIS AS 5 55 I MOOR SKIS 4 36 hin SATS 5 I HIOH Wlltf 8 52 Arrived. U. 8. steam frigate Mississippi. Capt. Salters, from a cruise i i tlsc Gulf of Mexico. The M. anchored at the 8W. last evening. Bliin Orleans. Sears, from New Orleans. Aug. 26. with cot Jon, Sic. to Win. Nelson. 5th init experienced * severe hurricane from NE. to SE. which continued for 36 hours?lost sails, bulwarks, stole stern boat. lie. and crippled three men. On the 7th, lat 25 20, Ion 83, fell in with bark Liutwig, of Thomaston, McLellan, with loss of fore and main masts and bowspritcanto of lime on board on fire; took from her the captain and crew. 8th, lat 23, Ion 83, hoarded hriit Boston Packet, tot lly dismasted and waterlogged?fonnd no person on board; nothing but a jury foremast standing. 9th, lat 21 15, Ion 81 20, saw a Urg< <|uantnv of stares and screral pieces deca plank. Ike. B irk La (Jrange, Porter, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton, to J. O.'den. Brig Kentucky, Willis, from Rio de Janeiro, July 28, with coffee, St . to E. Fiedler. Brig Clinton, Lyon, 5 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Sturees St Clea.mvn. Brig Wilson Fuller, Cobb, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Dunham St Dimon?3 passengers. Brig J. Peterson, Oreen, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton, to J. Oxden. Brig Tybee, Ogden, 5 davi from Charleston, with cotton au<l rice, to G. Bulkley?1 passengers. British scltr Constant, Hrmeon, 16 days from Antigua, in ballast, to A. Hubbard. Schr Star went ashore ia the harbor about the 1st inat. and will he a total loss. Schr W. R. Jones, with mdse, from the wreck of the ship Westchester. Schr Mary Tacon, from the Westchester. Below, A brig from Newbern, NC. Also, one ship, two brigs, unknown. Marine Correapontlence. Rio Dr. JapkiBO, July 28. Vessels in port?U 8 ship John Adams, Connover, for East Coast of Africa, as before re|K>rted; barks Moscow, Simiwon, from Boston, unc; Mary, Clark, from Montevideo, seized, under triaj; Navarre, Cole, from Pernambuco for Philadelphia, 3 days; Cadmus, (wh) Smith, from Indian Ocean, to sail soon on acrnise, whale oil sold; Chenango, Snow, from Buenos Ayres, unc. arrived 23d; brigs Duan, Foster, from Portland for Loando, soon; Poultney, Mouatt, from Pernambnco, for Baltimore, 31st. Also, ship Whitmore, Hobinron, from Afiira, nnc. St. Thomas, Sept. I, 1832. Vesiela in port?Brigs N F Fro'.hingham, Wilmington, in distress, lost dtrk load of lumber 8tc. in a hnrrican* 19th August, off Antigua, unc; HmiIioii, Oojfrcy, fm Bangor; Industry. While, Dominico; 8 Deering, Finsley, Newcastle; Dirigo, McNear, Martiui<|ue; D-ha. Poker, do; Mary Emily, Keniody, do?Schrs Exchange Blakeley, New York; Oslaiit Mary, Coffin, Baltimore; St Thomas, Hancock, Bueksport; Abigail, Lawson, Norfolk, Heneral Record. Hinr t.'aisTOVAL Color. Capt. Smith, from Havana, sailed Sept. 6, (rrported in yeslerdaj's Herald) let) slops Rigi.John Hale, anu bark Merchant, disg coal; baric Ontario, from Balh, arr 3d; brigs Delaware, etrgo rice unsold; Powhatlan, Athena, and .McLellan, disg; Margaret, lor Boston, on shore; srhrs Warrior, and Savannah, rice unsold; El Cahalfem, nnc; Cyrus, on shore. 6th inat. 20 miles NE. of the Moro Castle, spoke brig Florida Blanca, hence for Honduras; same date, 35 miles NE. of the Moro, saw a vessel dismasted, and a brig near her, appeared to be in the act of boarding her?being a long distance lolrrwarrt, did not go to her. 9th, lat 27 35, Ion 79 30, saw a vessel under jury topmasts, steering to the northward; 11th, lat 31 15, Ion 79 21, the dismasted vessel still in sight?proves to be a brig. [See news columns for further particulars of the late disastrous gale at Havana.! Ship HlLaH,Hammond, from New Orleans, Ang. 2.1, (reported yesferdsy.) on the 3th instant, when in sixht ol Havana, at II A Si, ex|n rienced a very severe hurricane from the N W: at 5PM the hnr irane sill increasing, and 'hick rainy weather, saw toe laud to the leeward of Cuba.ahont 300 yards distant,and in Tarrying salr In get the ship off the lee shore, the wiuu suddenly shitted to the 8 W.and b.ew still heavier, the sea breaking all over the ship, cut assay lira sails, rigging, Ike., to save the spars. Sept. 5lli, saw a bark wiihloas of the heads pi hei fore and mainmasts, steering lor Havana, showing a white signal ; saw a ship or bark to the leeward wiih loss rf Iter fore topmast. U,iS e. '? TV ...o.. II...I ui V .1.;.. or l,?l toll, ioftsof'aH her topmast i, steering lor Hi vans, August 29th, Mr. William H. W hillock, of New York. I?i mate of ihe ship, diH. August 3)tt, Ueonc* Williams. of New York, a srunau, died. Hept 3d, Midim I.rbcsnia, of Germany, died. Sept.l2th, John Van Drenton. of Midrib *? *, New Jersey, a wimal. died. Sept. If?rh, Thmnns < arr, ft VOMMS, dlfd* mpt, 16th, 10 lit. 3?!, .poke bark Piuneer, of Baltimore, frum Bremen for Ballimine. Shit Jaaii* Kdwakii Howard, from Turk, Mind 16 days, (reported in yeat.rday'a Herald) reports (hat the master rid rrrw of bark Talent, of Button, which vcael wa, loat on the NW. part ol theCaycot Itltndt ?omr dtyt prevlooa, trrived at Halt Key ou the 28th ult \ tailt, ringing, and part of the canto sated. A heavy *?le from 8. to 8W. wat riprmnced at TuiIn 111ond on the Mill ult. PokT or Qrrnm-.?< nmparaiite ilatemrnt of arrival., tonnage and imtrnirn, at the port of Quebec, in llie yearn 1041 and 1*42:? Vetaelt. Tonnage. Pattcnitrra. Sept. I?, 1*11 934 3(13,791 26.703 " 1*42 613 213,910 41,749 Difference 319 in tun 16,044 Hchonnera from the Lowi r Porta are not included in theahoee -tatament. and in the total of paa.cnitrra, the cabin and stealage are added together. Aaiinnr?The brig reported sahore at Heawrll'a Point Bar, hat cot off and proceeded to sea. Notice to Marlnera. LloilTHot'tc on Titr. f'oatT or Ccaa.?The followinit haa been feccieed at Lloyd's!?Admiralty, Atif- M, 1*42 ?Sir* I am commanded by my Lord, Commnaioni ra of the Admiralty to acquaint yon, (or'ne information of the committee lor imnaging the it Lloyd'.., lint my Lord, have received front ill" rom|,n Office a dc-patch I'roiti her Majesty', Cdthnl at Santiago .|e tub., repre.entiog that a lighthouse ha, bean erected ou the eaaletu aide of the Moro Caalle, at the enhance of thil harbor, with a revolving light, and that it was first light* ed on the night -f the 1st of June, 181?. I am, sir. Sir. JOHN Bvrrow. I Hi. Prtf*?Brfu., Aug. 17^?The Hydn graphic DrpaitMfK of the Marine Administration has notified for the information of manner* visiting the harbor ot Archangel, that, at the close of last v*ar's navigation, the Ru<*li?h merchant ship Johns was ivrecked on the Kami batik ol' Archange) bar near the island Mitdjud, 6KI fathoms fiotn the light-lnwer of island, 59 in the direction of SVV; ?t?d that for the safety of the nav igaliou, the said vessel has been maiki d with two brootns? one >n the salt 18road ckownw irda, and nv oo ikv wi stt rn sid . to i atl ni w vrda?which in the ?'*> time may he easily i!i?tiligiiisht d.--? (luring the nuhi, or in f"- : ve .1 Y. in-ii tho ? nants cannot he seen, vessels h ive onh le r.,t \,v m^ju^ the ulaild Mudiod, mi 25 feet dfp'h ( l water. The llwlrograohic Department have a!*..- Vcti notice th?t on the ? >>ast 'f fiie vVhitc S* a,three nv?? light uiv er? have hi <-n erected: I?On ?. rock oil the c ist side of Cape Oilow* 2?At the NW. eitremifv of the island Morslinaretz. and 3? At the entrance of the Onega B*}., On these light towers a *tntiounrv light of ihe usual color wi-l be kept up during the night'imo in the present autumn, from I3in September t-i I'l h Nov* mher; rid in It; 13, ?ndsticc? cding years, ( it the 13th Auguir to utb Nor? mle r. At th altitude of 16 Koglidi f'-e* frotn the li \ - ! of <h? a, the light* ! the Oi low lower wil! b. * Uddc 2t) lt.ili in ?nilr* in the liirectioii of S i hi ouch K ft) N vV.20 u?-g; the light* i>tth< Monmw .hi tower at 18 lUMei dptancr, in thr direction >f S\V IS deg. through W to MV 30 eg; sud the lielit* of t.he Shidixiii k lower 17 liiilca dist viire over the whole horizon. B sides the light tower on f h"' Oiloa', a steeidt ha* also Ik u erected, lr??m which, in foggy weather, a btll will be sounded to warn slops oft. Whalemen. Arr at Edgattown 13th inst. Napoleon, Indian O. ean for Nantucket, with 1700 vp and 600 wli oil. Report* heard from in Jan, 1813, lat 40 S, Ion 79 E, Octavia, Nil. 0 whale*: Keb 9,off New Holland, Arabian, I.otidmi, 530 sp; March 12. Hope, NB. 50 *p 150 wh: Oru k Martha, do, 100 sp ItOOwii; Plato, do, It ttOwh; Gold Hunter, Fall River, GO sp 800 wh; Mtb, Florida, NB. 100 spOUtl wh; 18th. May Flower, do, <00 wh; John Adams, do, 250 sp. Spoke April 9, off New Hull .nd, Heroine, FH. 175 sp 1275 . wh; Newton. NB. HO sp 1000 wh; 19th, Uticas, Falmouth, 1600 sp 300 wh. Heard from April 18. off New Holland, Edward l arej^, Nant. 110 Sp; Factor. Poughkeepate, 40 sp and 4 whales; j ini rmr, .^d. iwi i|>; r.sensrirre, warren, mo sp; nuturess, NB. liM *|> Rliil 3 whales; Two Brother#, do, 130 sp; 20th, Merratnr, NB.71HI sp Itfl wh; Mentor, N L. 1000 wh; 23th. Clifford Wayne, FH. 65A ap; Gov Troup, NB. 500 wh. S|mke Mav 2, Massachusetts, Nout. 230 ?i>; Hope. NB. 200 sp; 3d. Hec'a, Si|e pican, 230 <|>cnn; July 23d, off St Helena. Maicus, Saglrarbor, i 130 sperm. i The John ti Kdward, Hudson, of New Bedford. was off New Holland April 18. with ISnbhla aperrn. There ritual be aotne I mistake in the f|Uantit)' ol' oil atated. . I Spoken. Of ford, from Litei|*>ol for New York, Auit 2J, lat 51 N. Ion i 12 W. Tanruiu, from Livenrool f.,r Boston, Auk 21, lat 19 N, Ion I 15 W Oneida. Kunek, from Havre for New York, Aug 20, no lat, Ste. given. North America, from Liver|>ool for New York, Aiik 23, lat tt. Ion 27. I'acitua, from Liverirool for New York, Alii! 10, lat 17 N, Ion 21 W. Resolution, 28 rlaya from Homluraa, Aug 28, lat 32 20 N, Ion 62 W. Or utes from New York for Jamaica, Sept 10, lat 38 30 N, I Ion 73 30 W. ' Delia, from Boaton for Canton, Julv I, lat 36 21, Ion 22. Foreign Port*. Livr.nrnot., Aug'29? Arr Europe, Marshall, NYork. Cld Talbot, Story, do. Ldg Pioneer, Alexandria, Ironside, Galveston, Texaa. 28ih? Arr Columbia, (a) Boston; Emerald, NYork. Slrl Ml- j nerva, Charleston; Kilov, Boaton. 27th?Cld Win St Elizabeth, New Orleana. Ldg Sydney, do; Ohio, Lvon. NYork. 2rith?Arr Cheater, Doyle, NYork; Liverpool, Mobile; Hock- , all, NOrleana. Sid Patrick Henry. Delnio, New York: Portarnontli. Glover, do; It Parker, I) wight, do; Tainenrnd, New . Orleans; Windsor Caalle, Boaton. 25th?Arr Getrl Wiltshire, Virginia. 8ld Garonne, Charleaton, Kdimnid Perkina, Ingemoll, NYork. Ldg Mallakeeaett, New Orleans; North America, Lowber, NYork; Springfield, Savannah. 21ti ?Arr Clifton, Savamiili; Great Western, (a) New York Ltlg Nicholas Biildie, Triiinan, do. 23d?Arr Iron Queen, Slobile. Sid I H Sliertt: ana. Ldg Wellington, Charleston; Comma tee, In. 22d?Arr Henry, NOrlraiu; Stepnen Baldwin,do. Ldg Lotd Beaton, do; Adams, do; Sheffield, Allen, NYork; Alleghany, Philadelphia. 2lat?Arr Pioneer, NOrleana. Sid Oxford, Rarlrbone, New York; Chainplaiii, Philadelphia. 19th?Arr Eben Preble, New Orleana; Dumbarton, do. Ldg Liberty, Norton, NYork. 16th?Cld J Cuieiniiin, Savannah; Jeas- Miller, Charleston. Ht'LL, Aug2ft?Arr England's Queen, Tnllock, NYork. Off !a\ nr., Aug 27?Sir Isaac Newton, NYork. Niw Boss, Aug 21?Arr Victory, Baltiiiiure. CnotvaTAOT. Aug 17?Sid Eurotas, Boston; 18th, Galileo, Lombard, NYork; 11 ill. Ceylon, Rind do. Arr I8lb, Vernon, Havana; I9'h, Siberia, Matauzas; 23d, Sullin Boston. OoTTr.ttnuao. Aug 12?Arr H.innouy, America. Tfikl, Aug 23?Sid Frincia, Cualunin, NYork. Arr 20ili, Iledwiug, do; Cordova, Richmond; Merchuit. Baliimore. Brums.*.Aug 23?Sid Alwiua, Arenafeldt, NYork. Arr 22d, Republic, Tegeler, do; Favorite, NOrleana; 21st, Louis, New Bedford; llth, J H Adauii, NOrleana; 17th, Pauline, De Ilarde, NYork; 12tlr, Suviali, N()[leaus: Albert, Baltimore. In the loads, Columbus, from NYork. Shi Philip I. on. Hf.lvokt, Aug 20?Arr Condor, Cluster, NYork. Sid 21st, M Frances, NOrleans. llaaiBunri, Aug 2b?Sid Howard, Paulsen, NYork. Arr20l)i, Win Badgei, NOrlenns; Leo, Boston., Aug 27?Shi Brighton, Chnrliston; Essex, Neweaatie. A r 24th, Oriiiah Quern, (s) NYork; 23d, John Conrad, N York. Pillau, Aag 15?Arr Arab, Charleston. Havhk. Aug 25?Arr H, N Orleans- 2Kb, Abbotsford, do; 2J?I, ZampR, Mobilt; Nth, AbiaMre, N Vork; 19th. Rhone, do. 81(1 25th, Argo, Antuonv, NYork; Cli'.ion, New Orleans; 17th. Oueida, Fuuck, do: Paulhea, Goodinansmi, do; Southi>ort, Herbest, do. Cettk, Aug 20?Sid S*marai)g, Berne, NYork; S Sallus, N Orleans. Bordeaux, Aug 20?Sid Angola, New Orleans; 13th, Flor i, Mb Marseilles. Aug24?Sid Oroximbo, NOrleans; Amidiitiite, do. Arr 22dt H Thompson, Sylvester, NYork; 21*1, Valhalla, NOrle*nt. Oporto, Aug 11?Arr Return, Jones, NYork. Gibraltar, Aug 18?Arr Saluda, Towusehd. NYork. Genoa, Aug 10?Arr Kditario di Toscano, NYork. '1 riestr, Aug 17?Air Superb, NOrleans; 13th, Artclhttsa, Baiter, NYork. Palermo, July 21?Arr Diligenle, NOrleansPort Mahon, July 19? Arr Clio, NOrleans. St John, NB.Sept 12?Cld Woodlands, Pliilad*lpliia. Montreal, Sept 14?A-r Sedulous, North Sydney; Talientine, Liverpool. Par/ . Aug 19?In port, Boxer, for Salem, to sail in 1ft days. Maranham, Aug 10?In port. Leader, for Para, Sept I. Off the river, passed a brig supposed the Marion, from Maranliain. United States Ports. Eastport, Sept 9?Sid Edward Preble, Philadelphia; lole, NYoik; 10th, Olive, Philadelphia: Chief Sachem, Matthews, NYork. Tmomaston, 8e|?t 13?Arr Susan Ludwig, Curlew, New York; 12th, Loretto, Henderson, do. Shi 10th, Mary Cole, Norfolk. Portland, Sept 16?No arrival or clearance. Arr I5th,John Ilill. lugalls, from New York for Machias. Cld Hebron, Mar ui/ IS. Portsmouth, Sept 15?Arr Arabella, St Ubea. Gloucester, Sept II?Sid Mexican, Surinam and a mkt. SaLRM, Sept 15?Arr Extra, St Thomas for Portland, put in for a harbor. Boston, S< pt 17?Signal for a shin and 2 brigs. ('Id Caledonil, (h) Liverpool via Halifax; Wallace, Rotterdam; Hersilia, Rio ue Janeiro; Sea Kigle, Port au Prince; Ga/.elle, (new . 115 tons, of this |?ort) Csutmi; Norfolk, NOrleatu; Lucy, do; Virginia, Baltimore; Iris, Savannah; Sarah Wales, do; Magnolia, Philadelphia; Homer, NYoik; Arr loth, Chatham, Havre. Nantucket, Sent 16?Sid Factor, NYork. Edgartown, Sept 13?Arr Peru, Lnbec for NYork, a:id aid same day. I4lh?Wassno, from Philadelphia for Boston, was off Nantucket ShoaL 13th, and probably put into Holmes Hole. A srhr is ashore at Cape Poge, laden with lime have not heard particulars. In port 1Mb, hy Chase, Caspian, and a schr with cotl. Providence, Sept 16?Sid Washington, and J Waiuwright, Philadelphia. Stoninoton. Sept 16?Arr Larkin, Philadelphia for Boston; Harriet, Albany for do. Baliimore, Sept 1#?Sid Emily Elhcott, La Guayra and Porio Cubello. Norfolk, Sept 15? Arr Ninetta, Bay more, NYork; Guil ford. Sn\ 1'i-M.k. CM Virtoria, Cettc. Wii.miwotoji, NC. Sept II?Atr Susan & Benjamin, Turks I -timid; Ke|ieatrr, Francis, NY-irk; Regiilus, Porter, do. Cld Belle, Myers, do; Towns- nd. Oram, do. H??(ss*h, Sept 14?Arr Sterling, Knudaou, NYork. 8ld Poland, Newport, Rl; ()- jr. Boston. Tin* pilot Loat O B Cummiag spoke on ihr 12th mat. o!T Savauudi Bsr, ship ("litisli in, froin Jainain llh uli.hoiiud to GlNMCk) off Malauzas, in a gale of wind. Ihr C was dismasted. aod when s|ioki-n hy the O C Camming, tho captain had coucludril to put Into Chariest n? to repair damage*. TXTANTED?A situation a* Dressmaker or Seamstress, ei" thrr in a public establishment or private respectable family. Testimonials ofan unquestionable character c in be giren, by applv inn at 47 Oliver street, 2d story, front room. tl9 lt*m YI7ANTKI)?A situation, either ill a jobbing house or retail ' ' dry goods store, by a young man ol good business habits, who has hail several years e*i?rieuee hi 'lie dry good ' ine dutiiut the last tnrer years, in this < ity, and for himself. The best of refrrenees ran tie given. Address W. B. at this a 17 3tis*r XAT ANTKD?A Young Man to engage for a |ietiod of years VV and lestn a decorative broach Of business. Me musl have had some practice with the us* of tools, either as a carpenter, Cabinet linker, or carver, and be able to give seeir ity for his proper liehavor Apply at WILLIAM GIBSON'S Deconlive Eat MlMjMs 148 Pearl street, near Broadway. al7 Jl*r I OST? On Fridav or Saturday last one Onellutulr.d Dollar 'J Bill of the B-nkof Com v eree. The finder will be liberally rewarded, by leaving ihr same at the Vrrratidah, William Trrrt, near ihr Lower Po t Office. ill It*in LODGINGS I PON THE EUROPEAN PLAWe-To Single Gentlemen.?Two suites of a|iarimcnta are now rnI cant at 04 Broadway, Gentlemen desirous of making auangeinents for the winter, would do well to make an early appliration s8 2weoditJre HOARD IN BOND STREET.?Age n tie and hia wife and a few single gentlemen can he well accommodated wit^ board and pleasant rooms, si No 2 Bond strrct. Persons wishing board for the winter, iv ill fuel this a desirable plane. si 2sv Jec ANY PERSON aconamtad with the address or residence ot LAWRENCE MNN, lanrv glass blower, will oblige by sending it to tNO. N. TAYLOR, ESQ., s!7 lw*r 311 Wall street, New York. Ur r n r.n i u i.r. i 1\ nimiuiuiiir iuu u> ...ii, . without the store-room on thaemne floor, to let in (tore <11 South (t. Apply on the premises t? JOHN IIUDMArv. P. 8.?There ie Wan flrat mte mil loft to lit in nut More. to re XTOTI<;E~?Shin RUSP.ELLLiLOVER, fr om CTverpool. L Comigneea of merchandise by ttile vessel will nlrase riul their permits on board at Pine street wharf, or to the office of the aiinarriber. aa ell goods not permitted in livedeyi mutt uu,voidaMy be lent to pnlilic it ore 8. E. GLOVER, KM) Pine alrert, I# r corner of South at. TWi WASHINGTON l'ROSPK.( T TEMPERANCE 1 BENEFICIAL, SOCIETY, will hold e ineetiiur on Monday (this) Evening, et half-peat 7 o'clock, at their Hill, one door fr nn Walker, in Elizabeth stre-l. There will be ed drrasee by Dr. Cozen, President of the Parent Society! Mr Connery of the Proaoerfj Mr Riddle of the Aik, and Mr O'I miner of Jre'end. Singing by the Lady Proa pact Society, Mr Kimber, and Mr McDonald. The friendiof Temperance are lespecmilly invited to attend. A. C. FLANAGAN, President. Francis K Btiownr., Scc'ry. ^ al!) It_ tPO SOUTHERN PLANTERS.?The Southern Rice 1 Cora|iany, under a Charter from the State of South Carolina. hare now their Rice Pounding Mill in lull operation at the corner ol Jeff.rann and Sr.uih a'reet, New Yor(t city, intendii g to employ their mill in a great degree aa a Toll Mill ? Souihern Plantera are invited to call and aee the advantage! offered by thu eatabliahmmt. About 9 to It) A. M. or f to 6 P. M. iatne beat time. The Erat Broadway onniibua runa to Jefferronairesf, near ih* mill. a!9 W Q3*r rMSSOLUTION.?The t . ..rtnerahip oeretolbre rtisttng V under the firm of GLOVER & McMURRAY, ha? thia day been dissolved. The shippiiMt and Commiaaioti buaineaa heretofore conducted by the furn, will in fiilure be carried on by I he subscriber on lot o en nccoont. S. K. GLOVER, 100 Pine atrect, corner of South street, tt|> ateira. New York, Sept. IB, lSt}_ sl93<r nOArilAI E! t?I r , I Mr'.ir C, > ell two fourvJ Oared boats, lone railed ".I II Kttbj\"of Whitrball, and " Iiaehel Levgrt,' of I liulon Market. Tlita Milch h>a b en in progress for two yaws, to be ih njed as follows ; To ala.T from Caatle Garden, ami to around Ellis's lalain), and rrlntu ro the Garden?For ti e ?om of lOne Ilui dred Dollars a BideTo crrnie off, IIAIN OH SHINE, thia alnrnoon at 'I hrra oVIoek. sl9 3lt POMEKOY fcCO'S'NEvV YOILK A~t.BA.NV, fjUiT ^BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA PACKAGE e. tr RESS, leives every Evening. Snndaya avcepted, for the aboie n,luted and all intermediate plarea. 1 OlBce No. i Wall atreet, Ntw York. auJ7 r LE A R Y & CO . VO*. 4 4 S ASTOK IIOIHK, JIEW YORK, HATTERS, IXTILT* INTRODUCE on HrdimtLiv, flw tilt insC new W * ml elegant arti ! T Of lit U m rh Rljck Fur H t?*, el ,n of which are submitted lit* folloWnit remarks f?; J^lnt e the or?u "| our K?t?bli?hme&t, > kiv? hut! in view litd li.tVc itrtr I)- 'dher<d to three distinct purines iu ?u? mac* ifi ctUrcs, t it ! C in piice, Imf'DVuiurit olqtaltty tod isle, Slid the peffectim? A Staudtril of Kohioiu lor the Tutted St.ires, independent i f the Kufoiwan, all of which Intr lieru iiiccr?iAilly ^Ifi'Cled, molting in a mmt important ?avtug to he coRDtoilv At la ge, And an equal'v satisfactory /eiimnciaion ro ours'Trr*, coi?>< qtient upoa ,th* txteiuive jgUiouag'nhirh wi' have received. Our improved Five V ?I1 *r Hiu, so superior in material, rl? entice of ?t\ !? 'id perfect F?tii%l?, thot miaiduitflv ui?? ?then introduction, they became uot only at Koine, buI cleb'ah ?l mi bniidou Hud Pari*, and elicited the hight?i cuco* niuuis *X the Pres* th? re. * on Aupi-rseutd the $10 Hats pre* notisVy worn h* re by tin first class o. our citizen*. This arti? K . ir v\ I nS' j i i 'ii hed M thi I iyhi 1 HHMld. if M M IMj lively known and univt rsvlly approved by the f-aliintaahl** and ?-iif*el wearers and true * l onoiuists, that we will not not now tllude Imlher to its merits, except to an no unci that wc have improved its beauty and v hi* tl*? \ resent season bey ond an y hrtwclmi h- re.U>t'?r produced . At the u gent solicitation iS many of our cu.n inert, who Were a ni.iui loeconunia in the fi st cost, u?d >?t de ir< u . to iv.ul th low It* s of ill lie oil ir style and finish char-irleru tic four Ubrlca, we hive lor some time past made diligent A*flo r t? :o accomplish their wishes, and consequently have iu*t peifect d the new article o! Hats as announced above. Tney w II be tninoscd of superior materials the workmanship will be of [he first order, and altln ugh fully equal to hats formerly retailrd at $o and $7. lliey will U- ??ld at $3,thK| each, a price nor nily commensurate to the present pecuniary ur press ion, and far ess than their intrinsic worth, bu' infinitely cheaper, whenthe reajwet've qualities are couipareil, than any which have ever before been offered to the public. Purchasers arc assured, in advance, that these Hats will not incur the objection, viv M dear at the price," currentlv argued \ghin?t most low piiud goi ds. LEAHY fit CO. *10 im nr OtLLlARDB AND BOWLl!#&?BiowbV aa2 t> 1) twliug Hdom, So. bt Kast Broadway, near Market si., xtending through and fronting on 71 Division sheet, having uid? rgone thorough inwirs, alterations, and improvements, will he r^-open* d on Wednesday eyeniug. the 21st iust It is he m st extrusive place of the kind in the city, being vbout 160 feet in length, an I containing three new .uid splendid Bowling All. ys and four Billiard Tables on the name Boor, which will iccommodate *11 wi hotit much d*.t? ntion, which is usual in many pi tut *. wrui irmrnramuH mm .? more iie.tunmi rifrciir, for which tins establishment is intendeJ, a* 110 KamMiutf of my kind will be permitted. and all vulgar society eicluded The proprietor solicits his former iMtious with the rtqiiist ihitthey m til 111\ ittth< it friends alii lt*i NEW FRENCH GOODS. TO MILLINERS AND DEALERS. Lj1 B. STRANGE, lfc.1 Walkir street, ha* received by the last Havre |?ackets, new ?ood* adapted for the city trade? Plumes, Flower*, Patient Hats, Can Sprigs Ike. carefully selected and of the hftt rju *!iry, which lie offers for sale on farorable term*. Also.^a full supply of new materials for Flower make is. "dancing & waltzing: Mr. J. PARK EH ami his dsugliter have the pleasure loannouuee to ilieir friends and the diiblic, that, for the ac commoilation of those families residing up town, they intern! ripening a school on Tuead >y, the 20th of September, at theii residence, 207 Bowery. Day. of Tuiti m?Tuesdays nr.d Fridays; Young Ladies Class, 3 o'clock?Bovs 5 o'clock. Mr and Mi's P. will likewise give pri* 'te Itssons, either ai boarding s> liools, tin-residence of the pupils, or at their owl residence 207 Bowery. s!9 2t*m ""ON THE CANAL STREET PLAN." rrHE Public are by this time satisfied that the cheap, clear A ind mat Oyster Shops are the best, aid that they are a \t listrved as elsewhere. The Salitcnber has o|h lied a nev est ililishmriit at No. ? Nassau ?tp -t, a few doors above Ann where he ho|>es, by strict attention to business, he will merit share of custom. Being a new beginner, on his own accouui lull an old hand M the I nnncs?. Oysters stewed, fried, roasted or raw, served up on the shorl est notice, ami the best that can lie found in the city. Supper parties will lind this a pleasant resott for an .veil ing- sl9 lt*m FLORENCE BR AT f>~HA T S?TO "OUTHERN ANI " WESTERN MERCAANT8 BUYING FOR CASH A very advantageous opportunity now offers lor purchasing a extremely low prices a limited quantity of ladies' beautifu Florence Braid Ha s, ma nfactured in the be t style. The; will not be kept in this city longer than ilie next three or fou 'ays, during which time lliey may be seen at the offict of Thin Reynolds, corner of Nassau ana Maiden lane, up siairs?en trance Ml Nassau st. sin If re vfAN'.LK.s : mangles i i?I 'rice* reduced?ImiDriin to Homeland Bo.trduu house Keejiers ail't Fan ilie*?DUN CAN WEST resptctfully inform the public, that they lutri on baud and are matiufactuiitK thi ir patent mangle*, which, fo utility and durnbili v are not to be surpassed. It is a Uhoi ?h\iiiK machine, as it entirely supercedes the use of iroriii k and rar.idly puis a f lots oil sheet*, table cloths, &c withou the aid o( fuel. They may be seen in opera toil at the Unite States Hotel ami at B inker's Mansion House and nearly all th hotels in the city. They are sold at No. 4 Little Green street near Liberty street, N. Y., where Messrs. D. Ik, VV. do bell hanging, lock-smithing and a>l kind of iron work, cheaper tha can be noti" elsewhere. N B.?Kitchen Grates made from 10 cents to U. per lb. 18-1 in *rc 1?K?NCH LANGUAGE*?'The vity flittering eocoanii * merit thus far bestowed u|>oii Professor Mouls in the iucre&s of his pupils, consitpit nt upon the proficiency they have attaii rd in a short tIMt lixll r ins tuition, has induce! loin 10 loWl his terms from $12 to $10 per quarter ; thus placing the ojipoi tunity of obtaining a thorough knowledge wf the French Lan puig- w ithtn the meant of any ladv or gen?l man wishing I acquire a Uigonge indiq?etisahle to a good education. His s>i tein is gcneMlly approved by the many ladies and gentlemen u r* si>ec(ability, to whom he l?a-? hid the honor of instructing Three Classes are already formed, and those persons who mn desi'e to unite with the in, should do so at this favorable in< mcnt Piofessor Mouls* rooms arc at No. 373 Broadway. s 18 lm?rc _ THE WHIG ALMANAC AND U. 8. EEG1STEI For IN4.T. WILL BE PUBLISHED ON TUESDAY, Heptembi 2<?th, mid ready for delivery to order. It will contain. 1. AN ALMANAC FOB 1843, full and compU te, with a ?h?' usu 11 CalcuUtions, and adapted to every Stak: of tl Union, 8t<*. &r. 2. THK PRINCIPLES AND MEASURES OF TH WHIOS : A plain .ml condensed .latetnen' of the mints ^iffrreuee b'twern the eoiitcndinz parti, in tins Country, el bran at- an ex|>n<iitioii aud defence of the view, of the Wlius (original.) 3. \N EXPOSITION AND DEFENCE OF TH PROTECTION OF HOME INDUaTKV. showinitirs P licy, Necessiiy. and hriirfits to the Laln-ruut men of tli Coan'rv, and how it eontrihutes to th. Proi|ierity and Wclfa .1,^ L ?. A LIFE OF HENRY CLAY, clear aud glowmg wri leu expretaL for this work. V OFFICHL RETURNS OF ALL IMPORT AN ELECTION*. in the wrrral Srates aud Conntiex of ill Union, from 18:*> downward, including especially the vote i > \cry Stall' and County III llie Prciidt ulial conical of MO 6. ANECDOTES, MISCELLANIES, if ?? great ri rieiy. 7. TIMES OF HOLDING ELECTIONS in ail ill States ; ihe rnniber of Member* of Congress and Elector* t President to which rich i* entitled, Ike. Ike. THE WHIG ALMANAi- will lie printed on fine whit pa|ter, and s'itrl-cd in a printed cover. Ii will contain < closely printed largi octavo liages, and as much reading malt, as an oidinarv duodecimo volume. It will be afforded for cas inflexibly at 12,'i cents per sinttle copy, $1 |ier dozen, $7 50 |* h. ndred, or Mi.') per thousand. Orders enclosing cash are rt spectfully soliciird by ORRELEY it McELRATH, Publishers, No. 160 Nassau-strest, op|>otits the City Hall. Tribune Office, An*., ISO. sl6 2tinsdfc2tw*r SJTEAM ENGINE?For sale cheap, a lo-ty liorse |>ow? strain emtio ' The cylinder is one foot diameter and si feet stroke, with governor, force pumn, and fixtures completi fly wheel fonrteen feet diameter anil weighs four and a ha tons, with shaft ten let t long, one pinion. Also one spur whee three feet diameter. The work is got up in a neat, uhslantii and workmanlike manner, and adapted to the use of so am e: pensively Fi i lurthet |>?rticul?r* impure of O. C. HISCO? Nil, 38 Ann street, N. Y., office 2d story, ?I7 lm*r IIVERPOOL COAL?For aalr a small quantity, ahoi a IJi. chaldrons, |>nrt of the cargo saved from the strainlr ship Westchester, now lying nu the wharf, Pier No. 1 E. H lor sale by ,16 r JOHN HKRDM AN. fit Honth st. T>ACKET SHIP OAKKICK, from Lucrpool?Consign, i T hy this ship will olea.e seud llieir |ieriniu on board, at O leatia W hart, loot of Wail it. All goeds not permitted in five days, will b) sent to Fubli tore. sir, 1 A FAYETTE BANK OF THE CITY OF NE^ l-' YORK ?Notice is hereby litn, lliat the Receiver ol cl property and effrets of the La Fayette Bank, will, on and at:< the 19th day of Sr ntember instant, pay in full, w itli nit intern all the debts and demands of and 'gainst the said La Fayetl Bank now outstanding and remaining unpaid, on prrsentmei of the same to hiin at hit office, No. 31 Wall st. ROBT. C. CORNELL, sl7 lw'r Receiver of the La Fayette Bank. TO~PHYSTCTAN 17 OR " MEDICAL 8TUDENTH.A Wanted e ither a riiyiician or Student who may have nca ly completed his studies, and contemplate* graduating ?i rh approaching term of medici I lectures in this city-?to Jake a intereat in an old and well established medical ofljee, the bus ne*s and income (being a cash bminess) of which is second t ...V ,.tl.a.w ... ?l... rsit.- r,r ill ttl?- llnlffH St lies. A IIV Url tlem*n wh: m*v cle?ire to tr*at with fh?- iHtfitiief on ihr. ?nl ject of thia notice, will pleaaeapply at I? Peck Slip ?I6 r JuA TO LET?The firat ?lire.- story Home, 112 Oran ffl? street, went of Broadway, with the Furniture, ell new Call. The house is ill perfect or.ler, and can lie seen hetwev the hoars of 12 and 3, P. M. ?12 Im r Hats, hats, hats f? FALL FASHION.?The subset i be r msites (he attet Jpk lion of the Bt ii u Monde to his beautiful, gracclul, an tutcful low bell-crowned Hit, tei..g the only really laabioi able article of the kind eliant, though he cannot e jnct but thi imitators will spring up, aud claim the benefit of his own orig na' conceptions. To say ihese Hata surpass any thing of the kind in point c style, finish, and graccOil appearance, is to claim no more tha is warranted ny an rsiwrience of twenty years in the husinesi and lie insiles gentlemen who study grace and fashion, to eal and eiainiue for tiicmselses. A large assortment of Trarelling Trunks, Carpet Bags, Cases, and, in fact, every thing necessary for a gentleman travelling ontllt, may also be found at E. BLOOMER'S, 179Broadway, au30 1m is*r Opimaitr Howard's Hotel. ?n I" NEW YORK HORSE BAZAXR.-Jusl a rived from Philadelphia, 20 very fine Horses, youm ' d -sound and kind?the property of Messrs Welch i Man ii ol the New York Circus, comprising a number of singl and match pain, very suitable for heavy draught and famil use. The above Horses will he sold a' private sale until \Ve? nesdiy the 2 si. when thr balstice will be disposed of at pill lie auction to the highcat bidder without reserve. Th? abov atoek affords a fine opportunity for those that are in want c good family or drsnght horses. WILLIAM COWAN, Proprietor, sIR 3i*rc 31 Crosby street, eft KOtv SALE?A pair of Br own ttorsei?one bean ' isl tiful bright B ty Horse, good in the saddle or in sit \ 1 J* gle or double Inriiess? \ I'lieaion and brass monnte Harness, to match a SaddK and Bridle, and all othi r furiiitur belonging to a Stable Inquire ill Mcicer street, the thir sti ble above Otand street. sIH lw*i a mi M BACON COURSE?TROTTINO.?Monday, SfP'rra b?r l*h. at t o'clnek. P M.?Si \ke. milr he ???beat J in i wagnna?j.VI ?nb.?half forfeit, f2i added,Co go to the 2nd br? linear. _ _ H. Woodruff ium? b. g. TnrmenCor. Gen. Siiiccr naiwri gr. g. Abelard. lit Dry Jnnea Main k in. Arit I. Hainr day, nt .InVlnrk?Snke two mile henta in h?mr?Suti Vina?litlf forftII, $10 added, In goto the errand bit konr. II. Wootlruff mmri b g. Caynca Chief. Hen. Spier r name* br m. Dntrheaa. Ileury Jouea name* it. g. I'lenure Boy. ?I7 3i r H. JAMBS AI.BAANDBRIIOLSION Ii? Tm..7~ big Coiaevi.Tinp ?! .? an ? t|,aaL|, Bvildid* enmerraf Y'aaann anrlr ;"i tt.? r COAI.?Vinna brat Onel Coal. Undine t i ?Tpp Garnck, .an foisaUby K K. COLLINS Hi CO. SO Sowih at, >16 AUCTION SALES I HOM Aft BELL. (Blares Not, fg Ann and !1S FSiUmn ffresO MONDAY At 10^ ^liK'k in ilic ulc toon** I'ai tilings, BooL?, 11 no Koru*, Furpitttr*, ko. lie.?A very choice collection of vtiuable original paiuliugs, both ancient uixl modern, most ofthem in rich t, au-' beautiful sub jecte ; variety of choke AiUiic ami brok?, 6 spier 'id piano ?-?on furniture, music stools, k: ToDyrra, Scourers Wit! FiuUhtts?All the it icbinciy, rj? larndti, prtMi i. kc for cleaning <mi jui improved plan, silks, i m vino . * toil i, lie. additional |n| of goods, second hand fiirni'UTt, ?? moved from limoklyu lor convenience of >?lr, ccoiiiiint of almost even* atticl* iu tin* line cf home keeping. TUESDAY. At I0U o'clock ir? the sale rooms. l Extra ?dt* of Clothing, Dry Oo< di, fancy and 11 *<ip d article# j welrv* book**, hosiery, hardware, |iir^um, frames, gam, groceries, 2j deinijcnns witu, 2u.000 scgar?, 3 spit ndid watches and ui:tn run otUtr valuable ailicl?*i. Also, 3il p?c? ? s Knglhh Prims. ! Also, shirting uitl sheeting, muslin, remnants cloth, eassi meres, vesting, kc. by order ol the M.xrsl al. AUo. n cot bgoinent of hats; a ?plen?ii I lever watch, 2 trn.lrs of clothing, 2 d?m<joliu? of nine, and 2(1 splendid window shades. WEDNESDAY, At half-past in o'clock iu the sale rooms. Furniture Sale?A choice, valuable am! extensive variety ol ehir&ot furniture of all descnpt'oni. BY TlIKLL k AHUULARIUb. "MONDAY, 8c|4 19. At I0>? o'clock, at No. 14 City Hall Qace. A Urge ami elegant assortment of Household Furniture, con aUting ol iftkidia ^.it?n dnmeili eovvnd dii ui?, ottomans, < Ins aiid chairs, piano, pier and centre tables, pit r glasses,wardrobe, wilton, Bi tissels nud hi train car]>eU, elegant oil I***,,lJ" ings, mantel oruameuts, splendid St day clock, astral and hah lamps, china ilium r arid tea arts, glassware. silver and plated ware, French bedsteads, beds and beddiuir. kitchen furniture, a grrat variety ot'^reeu house plants, kc. Also, a fine assoi:meiil of wines. Catalogues on the morning ? f* ile. TUESDAY. At \0X o'clock, at the auction room. Liiiuots, Brgars, Ac.. WKDNE8DAY. A' iu>% o'clock^ At the beautiful Cottage, 13 Cornelia street, near Bleecker street? Elegant Household KuriiitUre, made to order by Neil of Diltiuiore, consist ug of a? elegant piano, mahiHany chairs, softs, ottomans, centre t;ihles ami sideboards, marble tops, dining tables, Turkey, Brussels and invrain carpels, |:ier glasses, oil paiiitinvs, caudltbra*, mantel lamps, Venetian and paint'd blinds, China 'inner setts ; one eltgant chin* tea set of W pieces; wardrobe; maple dressing tables and wash-stands; m trble tops; mahogany and curled maple bedsteads; feather beds, bolsters and pillows, curled matlrasses, kitchen liiruilure, Ike. Ac The Kuickeiboeker Line of stages pais near the door. Catalogues si the anrfjtm room on Monday. BY ti. DRAPER, Juur. Start 51 William street, corner of Pine, FRIDAY, Sert. 23. t t r Postponed from Monday, in const quence of the arrival of the remainder of the cargo from the wieck, when the sale will positively take place. Dainsg^d Cargo ot the Barque Louisa.?At 10 o'clock, In the store 274 Front street, lor Cash, under inspection of the ward j ens of tne p.-rt, for trie benefit of whom it may concern, the 1 entire cargo of the barque Lvuis., from Marseilles, coasist r ing of? % 3515 cases olive oil, 3 do almond oil, 163 do brandy, 535 do Mus rat wine, in hall pi|>et red wine, 81 bbls vinegir, 25 a es sriue gar, U8 do li |Uors, ,50 do anuisette, 27 do cologne, 10 do \u r l fumeiy, 133 do preserved fruits, 30 do champagne, 52 do veiini I c lli, GO do white beer, 25 do Dutch cheese, 15 do looking glasses, 6 do musical boxes. 13 do gla s and earthenware 3 do china ware, 15 do paper, 2 Jo painted paper, 4 do umbrellas, 4 do bats, 55 do empty bottles, 27 jars almonds, 18 do loorsls, 2 do II essence of berg ainot ami rn*es, 2 do toys. 2 do capsules, I do * quinine, 2 do absynthe, 28do salt meat, I do sabres. 30 do steel. * \ do suramin, l do anchovies, 280 do pick'es, 6 ba bels cloves, ' 80 kegs paint, 12 bales pepp* r. 10 do cork, 5 do sumac, 7 do mer a cliaodise, 70 do blankets and coverlids, 1 do muslins, I bale ' ' corail, 1 box crysocal, 1 do images, 3 do alab ster ornaments, 15 coses table uuible. 2 do inarble statues, 6i 00 square inaiblf, 1 l' package books, 4 roses silk stuffs, 4 trunks shoes, 4 bbls flour of nuddi r. 165 boxes lemons, kc. kc. Itc. ?I4 3t*r R. H. Tl vlPSON. Aurt. \ T ARGE SALe?. OF HARDWARE, Cutlery, Guns. Pirl-i tols, Bowie Knives. Ac.?JACOB 8. PL ATT will sell . on Tuesday, at 10 o'clock, at the store 21 Piatt street, 400 pack ages Biriniugl:am, Sheffield, German, French and American Hardware 4 D?l< ntlerr hrifj and shelf roods Germ an silver r war.*t japanry Ac. Consisting of the largest assortinriit offer* , ed this season, paiticalarly worthy the attention of the city as wel ae the country dealers. Also, 1C0 cases and lots of guns, pistols, rifles, Bowie and dirk knives, swords, powder flasks, p? reu s <>u caps, Ac. Ac. to * close salts for an English consignee. Bale peremptory and without reserve. R N. B.? sale will embrace many scarce sud desirable srr tides ami will not be |Hi!>t|H>nrd. '* Terms 6 mouths for approved endorsed notes for all sums ' nvrrfthlA. '! 4'ftialr>Kun will lir r.aily VonJiy, n? 12 o'clock K?r further ' paiticulari, ire unHcr an, lion Ii<a4 of Courier anil Erquirer, ' anil Journal of Cotnmrice. >19 Sim H" IK IK. LL St A KCOLaRIUH? Krid?<. 8?pleit.her?d, at 10K o'clock. Hi the Marshall Home, corner ol Broa<lwiv anil Htailc aircrl, a lamr assortment of household furniture, l? il?, bedding, lie.?Consisting of el> cant boisseU Mrlor carpets. ilgnlU anil vruetian Mrpttt, U'ftr ijmlitity o| oil cloili, mahogany aofai, tailor and bedroom chairs, centre, (lilting and lea tables, inniit<-[ end toilet glasses, mantel ornaments, chanile'' lirrt, winnow curtains and shades, astral and hall lainita, cl.ina and gbtss ware, a large ijii .ntity of kitchen fuiuiiurc, bar r join 1 fii-mture, kc Stc. Also, a splendid assortment of bi d?, bedding, Stc., the entire com enti ot 40 rooms. " The abive is in iteod order, having teen but a short tiinr in r UIMV " < "at al i lit hi- a on the morning of sale, when the goods can b? ca.iinineil. sl'ir I A t'( 1'ION NOTICE?Kl EM. k AKCULAKIUh w.ll m ii mi Monday,VfM? 19, o'clock, u No. 14Cit| Hall place, a Ian;** ;i?id splendid assortment of Houaehol'i Furniture, consisting of 1 ?'ari* made rosewood set. crimson snd L white figured satin damask covered, containing 8 chairs, tofa. t with pinowi and foot benches, pier and recess divans, 2 tabonti im f ottomatis; also l rosewood set, blue and cold figvrvd Pr satin diinask, containing R chairs, 2 couche , with nilSowt to match, I pier divan and 2 taborets; also splendid Brussels parII lor, and s'air carpeting, 10 ?leg ml oil pointings, with e*p? nu riyafimaoa, mtntol ocanarnts, mfutt Udij clock, om *hgant rose w. od piano wardrobe, centre, dining and tea tables, ? astral and hall Itmpc, china dinner and tea sets, gloss ware, 1 0f solid sterling silver tea set of 4 piece-, silver and pl.ced ware, n French bedsteads, beds and bedding, kitchen furniture, green _ home plan's. Htc. Also, a small assortment of very su|?erior wines, g (catalogues on the morning of sale, when the goods can be ** 0 amined. s 13r '* T)ISSOLUTION.?The iwxrt unship heretofore existing re J-/ under the firm of Glover at McMurray, lias tus day been dissolved. it* The business heretofore conducted by the firm, will in futuic be Cftfricd on at the .arm-i hcc. o\ ?li? su l?,iriber, on bis own T account. JOSKTIf M'MUIUIAV. 100 Fine street, ic New Voik, ItJfh Sept., I$4'i. sl7 3t r "SELF~P R( )TECTO RS. TRAVELLERS AND HOUSEKKErERH.-Pawnt |t. -i Belf-Cocking Repeating Pistols, which c.i*^ be discharged six times in a u w seconds. The pistol cocks, the btrrel re i dres. aad discharges to?rel? Itypslliiuf tin triiff luediib f. hei and narret is ill one piece, and therefore cann ?t blow r.insrt , lib tffmt tffttllllg glf Hflf i flu ( 4tiistru'-ii'>n is very uiinolt? r thev* can be drawn from the rocket, and used with one band H without the loM of a moment^ six snots can he fired as I ?si tl a man can crook his fiouer. '1 In t -re no larger than au ordina ' ry pocket pistol. For travellers, housekeepers. captains, panrra, public officers, and others, they are *11 indispensable article, aa person* Ml male and female, ran with this pistol, protect their livea and property, if attacked by many persons, as one of them ia ? e<|uai to near a ilor. il of the ramuma fcmd. ' rhe public are invited to call ?nd riamine the ium, aa their > simplicity, beii g warranted not to net out of ordri, and thr ir '1 perf. ct aalrty, will ce tainly recomrneiid them over all others. If Wholesale and retail. 1, J. G. BOLEN, 101 Broadway, 'I alj lini?*r between Wall and Pine street*. I qvt FAMILIES GOING SOUTH, to ll? Waal lidiNW J- Europe.?A rrspectahle female, 21 years of age, wishes to oh'ain a permant uisituationaa aeainatreaa, in a genteel family 't She would prelergoing to Europe, vet would accept of a good ' offer to go South or to the Weal Indira. The beat id refei i encet given. Addicsa A. A. A. boa 76), up|>vr Post office, N. York. alOr - \y K WOULD diieea the attention ol oar readers to the r* 'V Rheumatic Eradicating Liniment, an invaluable article. ee advertiit ment in another column of thia paper. an IS tin* re ~ FOR CHARLESTON, HAVANA, i, P?KEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS, AND V GALVESTON, (Tnai) toaail en the 10th October, at 12 A M.?'The well known and " " BBlHfcnfiTiirite strain ahip NEW YORK, J. T. t, Wright, Commander, having been imt in complete order, with new wrought iron shafts, Ac., will |x>sitively leave for the ahovu " porta on the day specified. The New York, having been tuperblv fitted no, with aalcon at <te rooma in addition to tier cabina, offers aupenor accommodationi for the ronvenieuce Of MMUHM Paaacngera going in ~ thia boat may wifely rely npon the well known akill and attrnr. tiona of her Captain. For light freight or |>auage, apply on ? board, foot of 2th alreet, Eaat River, or to * C. MORGAN, or H. HUBBARD, It CO. 0 37 l eek Slip. N. B.?The New York carriea atiffirient luel for the voyage. , Paiaeiigera for Key Weat, New Oileana, and Gilvraton. will have an o|ioortunity of nailing Havana, aa the ahip will lay , there tw? days. atiooWtrr **g-~F(5ir~<7AI,VKSTON. TEXAS?To sail MjFSfV lively l?i Orloher.?The new and iplrndid B.irk SiAmL STAR REPUBLIC, Captain J. J. Hendley. lira at I'lei 12 E. R., is now nady to take freight, at low rates, and will aail |>oaitivelv aa above. She liu tuiierb Cabin acrommodationa for 40 paaieogera, and '[ can take a number in the atrerage. For fteighl or inssage apply on hoard, or in |j alltojilain J. H. IHOWF.K, Ti Wall at, !- aa- FOR NEW OKLEANS-^-Vira Pack.t SI,,', ?The wHWy-l lrnilid first < las# fast aailiug ahip RAJA 11, Captain >f JhSmKbB iiga, hiving Iwo-thiida of her cargo on board, will n p jainvely tail on Frid ly, the 23<l inat. 1 Thia auperior ahi|> ia upwards of R fret high between decks, II and offer* a more desirable convtvanre for td eabin and steriaga passengers than call be found in any other ahip loading fir it toe above port. Those atodying their own interest and wish's ing to select bertha^ahnuld inake early ap|d cation 0.1 boa d tn- fthip, at pier 12 E. It. or to i!?r_ JOHN HKRDMAN. 61 South ?t. X?^~TOR MOBlLK? KIRH T VA* K KT- Thr wiprrinr i- fcTy^Vfaj*t Miline, racket Hnic OUOVVLKH, ( upt. B. 1>I**JM?Saoirr, hiving hem iinavnidtblv detained by (he *n !(i tnrr will aail on Wedna*dav, the f I?? e A few more paiarn.era coil v<! h- t .ken in the honor on deck V at the-educed steerage piaviigr rat--*, tf lii?' dlVf ipfltflllOD I- t? nude on board the brfcf at pier I* J. R ?r to JOHN HKRDMAV fil 8<>.?th at f V. B?Thrall-vr if?a? I k<h to the city lighterage. it "19 r 1*^. KOR NEW ORLEANft-firit regular Cachet JfTwV Sinn?To aail n? Ihr l!>th inmt ? Thr . I. g .m n w JVfwBbi'icK't *hi|i UNION, Cajitatn Rdaaell will |M*iatp - l7iHirT|?tchid ?? ahtivr. Thta ahipoffera a atl|ierior convey' mkc fur cabin, aecond cabin ainl atrerage |?aa?iw<-i*,aad t* pn.? o ilirely the firat regnlar packet atop on the berth for re above Ih>11 She haa alao comfortable ta'e ommt in the home on .. deck for *econd cabin |M*arngera. Paaaagr will he inatle al the low. ?t rate*. Apply ou board the ahij. al Mnrry'a wharf, foot of Wall itrect, of to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South atreet. The above ship will be succeeded by the aplrndid well known hi|> Rajah, Opt. B mi;*, at pt*r I], E. R., to be despatched on the 22.1 in?! *1" tMh UNIrED LINE oh l.lvKlti'iioi,' path {dfjWW BT?.?Bein* detained 011 account of the Heather JwmKbWiII lanit vely tail on Monday, Sept. I!).?The apleu'Ii?i, well known, faat *ailing packet ahtp TAROLINTA. t'ant. J. It. t?mtth. The accommodation* of thia aupetb packet for cabin, tecoml lalini or at*erage pai*en.-er*. are v.-ry ?ii[?erinr, her between deck* are fitted op with efery attention to the .omfort oT paavengera, and nnequalled hv any other ship now loading for the above imrt. IVrynni wnhina to unite economy with comfort. , c'n have n well furnishrd whir in ?h? teconri cabin nti rerv I reaionahle terma. Thnae wiah'nc to ?e|rct berth* ehonW make rirly application nti hoard. foot n( Dover ?trret. or 10 W (It J. T. TAPSCOTT t3 Peck *lip. ?17r or M Sonth^t. cor Jnn?' Lw FOR LIVtIfiW)E-ft??ct oTUTe IMh'oTHrptcmhJSjwV her.?Old ami Black Ball Line of Packila?Th' , jSmMv "i ll known faat tailing fuaa-kii aliinCOLt. >1BL 8, f'antain Cole, will be detpatched a* above, her regular day. Thia ahip ha* nnanrpaaaeil acr?m.n>>datinn* f?? cabin, **c"n ] cabin anil *teerage paavenger*. Tin- *hip* of thi* line are all ?l the fine?t and largcat rlaa , cominindi d ny men >1 l"n? e*|>eit encv, Kor ptaange, apply to JOH.V HERD MAPI, 1 f,| gouih *lreer. N. B-r?aac* from Great Britain and Ireland, via Literpool, ran a* a nil be engaccd by any of the packMt, ami urall* d can be Pimiahed for anv amnnni, payable ihrmighnM ihe United Kingdom, Apply a? abore. ? >171 # AMUSEMENTS. PARK Til K AT It K. HKDI'CKD Pull Es <>K AUMISBION. ( "tr t Circle t>l B"?is. 1-i crura aaciOlil alio Thud Lucira r.iua I'll ' ">? cri.u (ialleiV ' l*H eeiita Mi PLAL'ide and MrBltOiVNE in Khrridan'a Conn dv of tile " School for Scandal.*' THIS EVEN'INU, Si|IiuiIki i9'h, van! br inform.<1 the ramrib itl the SCHOOL kok s. andal. Sir Peter T? ar. 1 c, .Mr M?ciilr j Lliailca Surfacr, Boiwnr -it Oliver Snrfaor, B>'Uu.i I Moera, Will.ama l.ady TcmxIi . y.r* MrLmu I Mia < -udnui. Mi? Vernon Lady Bui-rrrrel', Wheat ry | Maii.i, Miaa Bulotd To cnncliu- Willi (I- at limr) HO0ERT MALA IKE. Robert Macairi, Browne I JaijUca Siroj., W II W illiama Mane. -M?ar Bululi! I Irimntill'-. , i?'rV. ot flu/iii Tin* in ill i- icapertfullf infomed tlial Mr tih-OKGr. V VM'KMIdKK, ot if..- i KoiaJ, Covaut O* d.u. has iii?ni an.', ?.ll in..k. fir.i juminiice iu America "u Wi.luiaUa) in it, in tin. o' .irictel "I Hamlet. 'oihu'i ->t *ii at 7 o'c!m i. .mil the (irrformiilice taill corn* in. iter at >i.iIi.l 7. VliTiO'li liAUIlhV. . ...Tum/i >n i A i i I\A? 1 TRIUMPHANT SUCChSS!! (extraordinary ltnvrl Knmlly, Hart vat Nightly irith Shout > uf Laughter awl Apj'luusr, in thrir variant , SPLENDID COMIC I'ANTO.MIMES, kc. MONDAY EVENING, Sept 191I1, the Emertarnuieuts w ill commence with A UKAND OVERTURE To be follow*d by JOCKO Or, The Brazilian A|ie. Jorko, the Dr.i/ liaii A|ic, Jerome Ravel Tin real of ilie Characters by llir Ran I Family. Ill (lie course of tl e p?? re, a Paa m- Tr ? b\ Miai Wells, M'lle Do-In villi- ami Mr H. wells. k(uarlei of an hour's inn rimss'ou will be allowed lor Refresh ineiil'- in lire Grand Saloon. Afler which the Comic t'aiitntiuuie ealltd (lie MILLINERS. Varnish. . Painter, Mom Daiivi mi* Simon, a footman, Gabriel Ravel Longitude, a youug Student, I'll rln Wi-Kliei A1 me Yaruiali, wife to vhe fainter, M'lle. E Uoutiaville. The whole ( em 1 (inle willi a GRAND INS 1'KU.MENTAL CONCERT, In (lie Re'reehmcul Saloon. ">~7 The magnificent Comie Pantomime, railed lha GREEN MONSTER! With entirely new scenery, machinery, dreaaaa and decuratious, kr. will l)tt iminerll-lely produced. Donra open <t half past an o'clock, Ko'.ertuamanu to con uieiw at hah'past aeven. I'irkefa?1SO cents t:ttA'<'HAa THEATriS. THE OLD PRICES RESUMED AND NO COMPUL SION ! Pit Itld cema. Upper Tier iti cents, k irat Tier SO rents. MR. E. FORREST ?t MISS CLIFTON FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. MONDAY EVENING, Sept 19ili, 1SI2, will U performed the pisy of JACK CADE. Jack Cade, Mr Forrest I Lord Bay, Mr Steyena Mariamne, Mas J. Clillnu Widow Cade, Judali To conclude with SIXTEEN H i RING JACK. .1 tin Rem), Wood l Mr C0I1 ilie, W.Jonea CivrHt' ldierClayton, H'evem I Frtdeiic oanv. t?, Hall Mart Forres, Mia Biake try- DiMira will open a1 T?Cuilain will rue ?i <|uarte> betoto 8 o'clock priciaely. Bus Otfurr open daily from 9 to 5, where Tickets may bo ntirf tinned and places aecured. mllCHKL.CS OLYMPIC THEATRE, 411 Broadway, New York. MONDAY EVENING, Sept. pith, the entertainments will commence with the OVERTURE TO CDOUARD ET CHRI8T1N. Alter which LOVES OF THE ANGELS. Jap, Mitchell | Hauorh, Nickinson Zempb, Mrs Tur in Hubi, Singleton Alter which a new and laughable farce, called NERVO VITALICS. Pi rigrine Milky, (hi. liar; appearance) J. M. Field Jane, , MraTnrm To conclude with BATHING. Mr Pepperpud, Nickinson | Charley Finch, Oraliam Jane, Mi,. Tav lot Julia, Miss Singleton ' T* The Doora will lis oiH-ued at 7. anil the nt-rlorinanrea commence at hah-pa*t 7, every evening. AMKHICAN MlNKl 1W ~ ii\H |Tk C aNu UALLERY OF F1IVR ARTH. pORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET ^ opposite 8t. Paul's Church. P. T. BARM'M. MANAliER. list Attractions in New York!I?Change of Novell iet. PERFORMANCES TWICE EVERY DAY F'irst unit- in 'lata city ol Sum r Vi? <ldi'? magnificent MECHANICAL THEATRF. In which the science nf mechanism i? completely perfected as is shown liy the womlerfiil |ieilt>rmsin es nf insny ftauresre seinblinx humsn beings >n all their sctiims and I mailable con toilioti). Mr. Wii rhell's new roin c sketch entitled JOB SEARCH-EM-OUT, In which Mr. W. sustains sen. ihaiacirif. Mits Hood, tl e accomplished rocali-t?La Petite ( ele?te will introduce various dancrs, including I a T> roh nu, ?? dtned h F'.iuny FVsslei?Model of SwitaeiUud?Nnturil B.idge in Viigiuia? Albino L'dy?Faucv Glas. Blowing?the My termuv Gipsy liiil?Balloon Ascensions?a Dell of Li'inc Su.vk's?iOO.Ofl Curi.sities. PERFORMANCES TWICE EVERY DAY. commencing at four o'clock and halt-past ?i ten, P. M. The Admittance to the whole. Museum, (i irilt u and enter ts iinients. tweniv-fise cents?Childu n halt ptiff . sIB 'JHK NRW YOilK~ Ml SBlIiW ( \PEN8 This D y ondcr the manage in-u* of Mr BEVNETT * ' who annr uuc? s thai he ititnid* to - ?I??|>t an entire!) new plan in the m%ii;geineot?that is, lo rr.ltice thf price nod increase the attractions. He fee's c infidmt that h?a svstem must succeed,and cheerfully submits ii to the decision of a discern i'gjmbli . To remove anv impression that may he entertain ed it is not genteel to attend a shilling exhibition, the manager he gs to obierve that the price of adini iii.ti it no eliteiion ol it respecttbillty. The way in whnh it is conducted, and the I erfoimances pe settled, is th* prr?|>er standard t ? judge by. In the principal cities on the continent of E?iro|?e# the rates of admission to theatres and other places of ainusetnr lit are tilty iter cent cheaper tlia ? ?n England. Ah rlase* of society assemble ?the highest and the lowest?the moderate charge pUeing If ni the |Hiwer ol the latter : yet no one attempts to dispute the respectability of the jierformaiicc. In th'- public gardens ol I Parts there is no price of admission. They are i reourntrd by everybody : vet order and decorum prevail, and ?ne msnag'i m ?inf ains that if a place o? public amusement is conducted ? mi propriety, ami iisrepuiaiin rnirnri'n t xciiim- a, in n i inilics oI (ht first iesp? ctubnil) may aU< mi witn as grast ,le,r?e o?sa'Vty an if tin- amount ol admission Were. ts n tim-a tha amount. The Manager trusts ilia! til- folio ?iu; names w jjl be a sufficient euaran'rr of In . rio.o :? MR HARRINGTON, the wmdrrful Magician and V < iitrilouuist. MISS KO">ALlE, ihe charming aud lieauliful Vocalm Irom the Amen. a' M ' i< um. Mr Kneass, the much admired singer Ml Beiinie, the Ct lebraled Dancer Mill Emalie. tlir accomplished Daiiscute Mr Jeronelli's Fanlitlic Figures. Admission one shillipr. >17 lw*e GYMNASTIC EXERCISES. W FULLER resnertfully informr Lis pupils ami tlir public generally, that Tits Oymnariumr, 307 lin en ami ?i Asn streets, air now o|*-n for the season. A Junior Claaa ia about being formed at both the ratabliahmrnta. at lioura to auil the convenience of scholars. For terms. which have been conaide rablv reductd, apply at either o' the Gymnasiums. The Fencing Ui'iartinrut w'll be miner the superintendence of Mr. Cha, leu DcLney, Professor, ami Teacher by api>ointtneiilin lhe U. S. Navy. Hpairim: taught as uanal. al iw(r TO YHE AMATEURS OF THE ACCORDION! OIONOR L. MAKT1N1 begs to inform tne public that h? k3 haa juat published his Accordion instruction, which ia divided ii two paits?the font lor the Accordions withsut semitonia?the second for mote with aem -tones, hoth of which art nun ly furnished with arlected music, and eiereiara pro rrriaiirly written, inordertlmt the amateur can t sSily have entlic command over ihe inatrmnr nr. 8IONOR MARTINI begs al?o 10 atate tliat he haa a large collection of M88. muaic lor the Aicrrdii-n, which he intenda to publiah ahnrtly, and he arranges for that inatrument any aort of muaic he ahould lie rr'iuireo. The Signor will be thankful 10 all those who will favor liim at his residence 90 final strei t, nlice he continues to give his lessons, even if (hey wish only to take notice ol his muaic, or of his style of playing. auHJm*r _ DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. NEW PATTERN! F. A. ARTAULT It CO., I6?i FULTON STREET. rPHIS lieauliful art has arrived at auch perfection, that two A hours instruction ia sufficent to obtain a perlecl knowledge of it?which will be given g'atii to those who purchase the ap miratus at the store of F. A. Arlault It Co. I6g\i Fulton alreet Price of ihe apiwritua complete varies from 10 $100 Also ?Arromatie Lenses, French plates, h| poaulphate of Hoda, tri poll, bromine,chloride ol iodine, chloride of gold, Ice. Alas morrocco caaes, and a good supply nf lo-w framea, gilted and peat' board. F. A. Artaull It Co. are constantly receiving from Paris all kinds of fancy articles of the latest invention. auA Im'r DAGUERR EOTYPE APPARATUS. T/MIV 13/ h A I MX f\nTIPl A XT jvnn in'nv/ii,vi i iviah, 72 NASHAIT 8THEET. 'pO ARRANGE * IVifeci Camera Obacura.rrqiiirpa soma A knowledge of Opticta tVraona wishing to procure an instrument will thcrtfnre find n to their irtereat to purchase of an Ofitlriiu. auW lm*r FLUTE & GUITAR. MR THILIPK KHNBT, Profaaaor of the Flute, Guitar, an latent Concertina bcfi to announce to hit fneuda an<l public thai lie hat uit published bis new 'Roudo Miltuirr" for the guitar, which will be found well worthy the attention of ti e learner 01 amiteur, 'rom iu being w?*ll aoapted to that instrument and calculated not on'y to pleaae hut to afford instruction. This Rnijiio, w ith s??er*l other pie a* in* pieces of hit Ccmpoai* tioH "for the uuitir" are to In found a' Mr. ICruat* r*ai*eiire M Canal street, wlirra i?e contiauea to give Ica.oiu on t r ?l?"e ii.atiuwents. allm-r teacher Oi" The" flute " '"P i'hoin|?on street, glees instiuefwaa ? * * ihr Flute. Tenim 8*7 p'r qnailer. s9 3ir. riOTTOV AND OHI8T MILLS?For sal.-, situate B VV Kingston, L'lstpr rimiit), New York, on the waters of the Rondont Click, two mil. a Iroin the North or MndaonlKifer? Swamboita and sloops fce. ply constantly to within WO leet or the Mill, to thence Ctnsl boats? Tiie waters of the NpT? raink ami Rondont pour nvpr the d im of ihii mill n?r? been in operation uut'l vi rj recently. Possession immedMtrly. Title indisputable?Will b. tol.l v. ry low and on eery adranta. geon, a nna, to close a (Ml.'. AljHv J." _K, , lOTC rr nj-r, ? - ? * ? PARIS artificial flowers unr X * ' O.. Ili William atrert. formerly Bmu, Lamaare D J do.~will open in a lew day., twenty caaea P.ria Artifi rial Kin w era, Traitor*, Ac., now hnitmu from laat arrirala.? Thia eatahliehment ia ' cM-rlng from their honao in Paria by . %-fv H i"'- park". the neweat ?t\ Ira of flower. and fr there, <a they appear lolhef centre of faahion. Thia arMiwrrnent enable. them Id hareconstantly on hand a moat fashionable aaaorlmrnt 01 thr almvr article.. Dealing by lar more largely in thia Imr than any olhrr eatahliehment in ihecity. they afford to ti ll at the very Inwrat ratea/nd on itir now! rmeonableli rma. Whola a de ? at>-to-nna hp ataira. Ateo, couatantl) on hand,?rery kind ol material* for flower eaanmaelnrrra. i) lm*c ia l^ltWBURVrORt BANK NOTES, Lumbermen*. Bank Warren, l*i, Farmer. and Mechanics, Nra* Braewick , Vow Jrrari, Oniflcafra and Brok n Red B irk, bnnthl at .17 S.J. SYLVESTER'S. W Wall at. A no B- w 'way. fUKTtUUKSb FhMALfc FlLLo. THI?K fiofame i and celebrated nila, from Portoral, are wr pa ,ccire, to be obtained in thia enmrtry. Bee aire Oaa*] incut ou the laat column '*v' * ml it

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