Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1842 Page 3
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State of Trade. The train doing it by no meant lrrge. The Pearl itreet houses are doing very little, and that little it to tell the cheapest kind ol good* for cash. The importer! tredoing till lent. In produce there it very little demand, with accumulating stocks, and no foreign vent. There it no encouragement for any one to buy hut for immediate uae. flour it still at ?-4 tfclj. It hat been sustained by an artificial operation of tome ol the wettern millers, who hop< by keeping the market firm here at head quarters, to alfect pricet through the interior. froriiiom?The demand tor beef ia small, without change. PUtltr Paris?Sales at $1,98 a $'Jton. Rict?Sales at >3,87 a $3 per 100 lbs. Salt?Liverpool tacks sold at 146 a l&rt cents each far line and lor ground 1.17J centa. Spicet? Cassia sella at 2icents; pimento at 9 cents; pepper at 8j rents; cloves at id a 30 cents. Sugari?Sales Cuba Muscovado** at & a centa; Porto Rico at 6j a7i?7j Cents, St. Croix at 6j a 7J; Manilla at 6 cents; wrhite Brazil at7J a7|, brown Cuba at 6| a 7 eta. Tobacco Crop. The Richmond Compiler saya the reports Irom the country, generally, represent the tobacco crop as inferior. The season has not been propitious, aud the lateaevere storm whipped and broke it to pieces very much, besides, about the middle of Auguit the w eather was ve ry cool, and the sections near the mountains were visited by fiost, that did no little damage. The Lynchburg Virsriuiau of Mon lay says " There is a great deal of com plaint of the damage done to the growing crop of tobacco in this region, some of which, we learn, which had been much injured by firing, has been cut green, in order to save it Irom total destruction * A letter from Buckingham to the editor of the Whig says that the early tobacco in that county has been greatly injured by firing; and it is stated that the crop mutt be a short and inferior one. We anticipate for Virginia an inferior crop in quality. The amount of the crop is not so easily ascertained The St. Louis Reporter says that the receipts of tobacco at that port amount to 9,518 hhds. this season. Of this amount 6,87t hhds. came down the Missouri, and 1,644 down the Mississippi. In addition to this, it ii estimated that hhds have heen shipped in large boats that asceuded the rivers, when comparatively high, to receive their cargoes, of which no account has been taken here, as the shipments were made directly to New Orleans, making un aggregate of 11,018 hhds, brought down the Mississippi ami Missouri this season ; and at least 0,000 hhds. remain to be brought down. Of the quantity grown south and southwest of St. Louis, we have no satistactory accounts, but it cannot fall short of 0,000 hhds.; and,if that estimate is not too high, the toba co crop of Missouri, in 1841, amounted to 1-1,000 hhds. averagitig 1,300 lbs.,and at $40 per hhd. constituted an aggregate value of $600,000. The cron |for the present yenr will probably amount to 46,000 hhds. and will be worth about $1,000,000. In two or throe vears.from this date, Missouri must be the largest tobacco growing State in the Union. The increase of the production in the west has been astonishing The receipts at New Orleans this year have been 66,69.1 hhds. against .63,170 last year; exhibiting the remarkable augmentation of 33} per cent in the short period of 14 months. The high prices of the two preceding seasons had given a great impetus to cultivation, which caused the tobacco cultivating region of the west to be much extended, as well as increased production in the old districts. The prospectof the coming crop in the west is represented to lie equal, if not superior, to that of last year?a still further extension of the tobacco region having taken place while the weather has heen favorable. Speculating upon the future value of the article, it is assumed that as the season will be one ol great plenty,the profits svill be small and prices low. The augmentation of production has been much beyond thatol consumption. Married. On Sunday, 18th inst. by the Kev. Mr. Lyon, M. Solo moms, Esq. ot Cheraw.S. C., to Miss Ahry, daughter of N.Emanuel, Esq. of Voughkeepsie, N. Y. In this city, on Wednesday, Aug. 31, by the Rev. Mr. Backus, Joxatmai* Uodiikrs, Esq. of New Haimony, rose) county, Indiana, to Mist JiscBissts, formerly of Branford, Conn. The Judge arrived from the west in the morningIt happened at a moment's warning? The ceremony was very short Kor the old man to gam a consort. The time appointed was half past four. But it was over two minutes before G. H. entered the .l/u,. cty- n orwich papers will please copy. Died, On Monday, 19thiiwt. Mary Bradford, aged HW years, relict ot' the' late Capt. Samuel Bradford, of Acworth, New Hampshire. Funeral this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her son-in-law, Capt. Samuel Jones, Murray Hill. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. On Monday, 19th inst. Mrs. Elizabeth Levie, in the 69th year of her age, mother of Alexander Levie, altera long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, in hope of a blessed immortality. Her friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence at her son's, corner Fifth street and avanne B, this (Wednesday) morning, at 10 o'clock. At Bush wick, L. I., on Sunday, iOth inst. Peter Wtckorr, in the TAth year ol his age. The relatives and friends of the deceased are invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 'J o'clock, without fuither notice. Passengers Arrived. LivERrooL a!tn Halifai?Steam.-r Acadia, at Boston? For Boston: Mr Giidrn, lady, daughter, infant mid servant; Mr Claiip, ladv, two daughters and son; Mrs Wisliart, Mr Lawlon and lady, Judge Holland, Charles Holland, Matter Holland and govarut-ss, G Dunn, Joseph B Dunn, J H Hicks, Mr Uoubland, Stanley Bagg, S G Bagg, Cant 11 II Barlow, Win Filder, John Marlaud. Jas Cnihbersun, E Billings, Mr Wilson and friend, Mr Benjamin, Mr Patiaraon, Mr liiggius, Mr Steel, Lord William Paiifei, lion Mr Wynne, Sir Smith. J G Greaves. Mr Menlove. Hon .Mr Noel, Hou.ton Stewart, Edwin Shaw, H Mounlford. From Halifax to Boston: James Cochran, Mia* Jane King, Mr H-.ll ami ladv. John Albm, Mia* Canninitham, John Kay, John Tobud, Jaa Fullerton, J Bravo, J Tucker, H Smith. Paatcniieri Sailed. Halifax aid LivmrooL?Steamer Caledonia, from Boston ?Kor Liverpool: VV Slunroe Jr. Geo O Hovey, Jaa L Little, of Boaioh: Wm M Rirbarda, I C Allispack anil friend, Hemv Siber, New York: S M'Clarly, DmJ R Buibank, Kentucky; C>eo Alexander, Mr Maxwell. W H Wardwell, Canada; Jacob Pitii, Mexico; Col T Btinbury and servant, Wm Blanev, Chaa Thompson. Hugh Miller, Franeia Dawson. Jehu Wright, Jaa Ford, England; Charles Mclver, Liverpool; Miaa M Duncan, Scotland; Chaa Kocht. Oermanv; Thoa Fowler, Ireland; I S Lioermg, Paria. For Halifax: John Batchelder, Boston; kidinuml A Soudrr, Philadelphia; Chaa Harker, J Oatram, lady and child, England; Mr Hall and lady, J Bennet, Mrs Hautaon, Canada; Wm Kales.Caha; James D Fraaer, Benj D Fraser, Windsor, N9; E A Crawley, Mrs Clark, Nova Scotia; Reuben Smalley, Falmouth; Capt Owen, Halifax; H C de Crespigny, Krantie. foreign Importation*. Aistwirp?Bark Maria?10 ca F B Rhodes It co?2 Young, Smith k c.?9 cka maduer 1 box Boonen Graves k co? 1* hales Sines, Chi iat It co?3 do H Boker?300 tons coal H W k H Mali. MARITIME HERALD. To Ship Uaftera. We snail esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore W. A. Baaactt, of onr news fleet, a reiort ol the shipping left at the part whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Bassett will hoard thorn immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any war. To Correspondents. Onr correspondent! in foreign porta are respectfully requested to send by every vessel ell the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of anv kind, from any sue re aiding at home or abroad, will be thankfully receired. POUT Of NKW YOU It, NLPT. ill, lirttT sun rises SMI moon units 6 30 tun sets- ft {2 I hioh 9 43 Cleared. Bark Mallory, Brown, La Ouayra, Neamith, Leeds k Co.? Brigs San Giorgio,(Sicilian) Kemano, Genoa, E D Hurlbut k Co; Florida, Crocker, Aoalachicola, Post k Phillips; Ann Elixa, Williams, do. E D Hurlbut k Co; Linden, Griffith, .Mobile, Sturgca k Charm.n; Hsidee. Flit'ier, Savannah, J Elwill k Co.?Srhrs Princess, Sherman, Canton, John H.tlop; Cod Hook, Clay, Baracoa, Nesinith, Leeds fc Co; Vesper, (Br) Crosby, BaHMdoes via Yarmouth, NS. J II Braine; Atlantic, nomnsun, Baltimore, A H tlooley & Co: Joseph B, Drayton, lodn; Alaric, Purtiell, Wilmington, Nt.; Tuscarora, Smack. Richmond; Bcnj Bigelov, Baxter, Boston. Arrived. Dutch bark Maria, Brabander, 78 days from Antwerp, with mdse, to order. 15th inat. lat 38 26, Ion 70 10, spoke hark Panthea, from New Haven for Antigua, who kindly ?up|died us with provision*. 7t passenger*. a Si 'ir Select,, I days from Newbero, NC. with naval stores. Schr Trio, Nickerson, 2 days from Boston, with mdse, to K It J. II rrick. Scrn Cambridge, Hall, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, to the master. Schr Wolcott, Ryder, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, to the master. Sciir Laura, Dunning, 2 days from Haitford, with produce, to master. Schr B inner, 2 days from Norwieh, Conn, with produce, to master. Below. One brig, Unknown. Mailed. Ship Sutton, Oalloway, Charleston; bng Susquehanna, Port Leon, and others. Marine Correspondence. Office or the Rhode Isi.aivder,) Newnort, Kept. 19, 1842. I Atr Uth.lMaffMt, fin lUrwich, to loud produce for ? southern Rirt; 16th. ?anil Crocker, Tauut^n for NVork; 17th Louisa liladciphn. Sid Saml Crocker. Arr 18lh, Frauklin Oreene, Charleston; Pioneer, Taunton for Philadelphia via New York; Massasoit, Albany for Fall River; Herald, N York for Providence. Sid Alexander, Mobile. Arr 13th, Sarah Ann, of this jiort, (late of Baltimore, *1 tons hur then (from Bsltimor purcliaacd lor a sealer; Pioneer, Philadelphia. Ornrral Heeord. Ban; Stah. Karnham, of and from NYork, while laying at St Kitts.cii* ritneed a heavy blow from SW. which aa.nle considerable s- a, ami the brig not being able to ride it out. parted her i hams and went aaliore. Kroin tin- accounts we have rrreived, she has been condemued and sold on account of whom it may concern. A French brig laying at Martinique, aim went on shore, and became a total loss. DctcH #< tin Aivtje, from Harliinren for Havana, pnt into Chailesiou 16th inst. in distress, having esperieneed a violeut gale of wind from S to E, on the 30th lilt, in lat 2554, Ion 63? lining which, carried away the cha<n plates, fme and aft, whieh i auscd both inasts to he carried away, carrying with them all the sails and rigging attached. Notice to Mariner*. New an, Aienona.?The following has been received at Lloyd's;?Admiralty, Aug. 31, 1842.?Sir- I am coinma ruled by my Lords Cmnmissionern of the Admiralty to transmit to you herewith an eitract ol a dispatch from her Majesty's consul at Ancona, for the information of the commiilee lor miiiwiiiz the nffaira at Lloyd's, respecting the erection of a beacon near that port. (Signed) Jourr Barkow. " Eitract of a letter dated Aucoiia, Aug. 19, 1812:? " I heg leave to s ate that a beacon has been erected on a rock near the entrance of this harhor, called the Volne, anil generally known to seamen sa the Wolf Hock. The beacon consist* of 8 cnnuoii let into the rork, with if* month npwirai, in which ar iron staff is inserted, and anrmunnled by a liar square piece of iron, altogether 20 feet high. As F.nglish vessels have fre** qnently mn against this rock, I beg to add the following narliclilars:?The Vnlpe is aitualid within fhe vicinity of the Si Clemente rock, which lies between the northern |*rt of Point Anrntiaaud the Lighthouse. Within leu than a cshlt's length of the above rock (Volpe) there are nine fathom water, but a rapid mid strong curreut is 'continually running on this coast, from N. to 8. (Signed) .Conanl." Official notice la given, that from the lit Julr, 1842, the two mall filed Lights which were to be icen lit inilei off. eitab'ii'<ed on the K?rt Rojal of Prlee Island, (by 49 40 16 lat, 3 55 15 Inn W of P..rts) are suprnrded and replaced by a n.iglr tiied Light to be seeu9 inilei off. This new Light being only 2,tiOO yares dia'aut from the light with ihort ecll|>ae of the Central Fort of the Dike, litiuteil | uorth 02 deg. w-n of the Fort Roial. must not be coufouudrd I w ll)i the filed Fire of the Fort Uueri|ueville, situated 14,750 yards south (7 deg. west of the said Central Fort. i A ship arri??d at Liverpool from Valparaiso, reports that ou the 241th Augus', in lat 46 29, Ion II 29, saw a shoal which is not < marked in the chart. The w reck of a vessel of about 300 tons burthen, waterlogged, ' was passed in the 19th August, in lat 49 29 N, Ion II W in a ! very dangerous position, and iii the num. diate track of vessels bound for the British ( iisiouel. A hfify* in lunuiug at the . lime, her uatnr could not be ascertained.?{Dublin Register. 1 Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 17th nisi. Aim tics. Pacific Ocean, with 1 47011 bbls oil, 490 sp, and 45.000 lbs bone. The A lias been absent 26 mos. Spoke March 13. lat 45 40 8, Ion 16 07 E. Plough- 1 boy. Naui. 700 so 500 wh; Panama. SH. 1500 wh 80 sp; Noble, ' do, 1000 wh. Left at New Zealand April 27, B.stoll, N'L. 1500, fid "I';. .J1 *. Warren, 3000, 5410 sp. S|Kikr May 6, lat 14 40. Inn DOW, Rowctia, Fall River, 1400 . 70 sp; Rebecca Sims, NB. 16(10 sp 300 wh. Heard from March 28. Mount Vernon, do. 2200, 1 100 sp. hound to 4 hatham Islands. Died on board America, ol ' lever, Henry Colfiu, of Edgartown, and Joseph M Noitou, of Norridgewock. Me. seamen. Falcon, of NB. was al Hobart Town Feb 22, with 1900 hbls 1 oil, 500 sp. Heroine, of F'airhavcu, reported 10V^ mos out, with 1*74 bbls wh aud 250 sp. Spoken. Wm Allen, 3 days from NVork for St John, NB. Sept 15, lat 42 59, Ion 62 10. Foreign Porta. Kliinork, Aug 24?Air Ceylon, Rand, fm St Petersburg lor NVorlc. i Cl'iHavgis, Aug 27?Sid Howard, Paulsen, NYork. i Brims.*. Aug 29?Arr Johannes. Baltimore. Westphalia. Weasels, NYork". Mahh ili ta, Aug 28?Sid Itaac Allerton, Torry, for New ( York. , I Calcutta, July 8?In port, Senator, ami Patomac, condemn- i ed Slid up for sale: Far* ell, arr June 12, to load for Boston; I New Jersey, do do, or Salem. The Farwell and New Jersey Would take liie cargo of the Seuator. Arr July lllh, Arealua, Boatou. Pictou, NS. 8eni 8? Hid Bangor, (a) (from Boatou, having i repaired her boiler) for Constantinople. i Halifax. Sent Id?Arr Harvest, Fredericksburg; Hth, Oj>eusngo, Alnanaria; Hadiua, Philadelphia. Cld IStli. Vandalier, Piciou. i Cienfurgos, Aug 34?iii port, Eliza Burgess, to sail nex day; Chailea Thomas, for Charleaton, do; Rival, for Halifax, 3 , days. ... a Kingston, Ja. Aug 31?In |H>rt, Violet, from Philadelphia for ( St Jago, ii it day; k ancy, lor Peiisacola, do. St Johns, PR. Aug 31?In port, Alphonao, for Philadelphia, ( 2 da; Herald, of Newburyport, unc. United States Ports. Thomaiton, Sept 13?Arr Susan Ludwig, Curlew, New , York; 12th, Loretto, Henderson, do. Sid lOtn, Mary Cole, Norfolk. | Portland, Sept 16?Arr Sidendid, NYork for Cherry field; : Levant, S?co forNYork. Chi Chevalier, NOrleaua. Arr 13th, 1 John Hill, lugalla, from New York for Machia*. Cld Hebron, , Matanz&a. Portsmouth, Sept 15?Arr Arabella, St Ubes. 1 Gloucester, Sept It?Sid Mexican, Surinam and a mkt.? Below 16th, I full rigged and therm brigs unknown. Ia port, I *.he fleet of coasters, Jtc. before re|iorted. Salem, Sept 17?Arr U 8 brig Apprentice, Beverly. Sid " Ceres, Bangor for Philadelphia. ' Boston. Sept 19?Arr Rouble, Cronatadt, Hull. Hamburg; Aconi, Philadelphia. Sitpial for 2 brigs. Cld t'arib, Truzill" ' and Omoa, Honduras; Oriole, Ocracock, NC. Arr 18th, Acadia, (s) I.iterpiHil 4th inst. 1 p m, Halifax )7thvlain; Sural, ' Manilla; A|n>IIo, Calcutta; Sophronia, F.astport for Alexandria, ' Cld Lawrence, (pew pkt of this port, I'lH tons) Baltimore; Peru. Philadelphia; Sulla, do; Frances Haltel, Norfolk; Wolcutt, NYork. New Bedford, Sept 17?Arr Eliza Nicholl, Philadelphia.? Sid 18th, Jane, do. Nantucket, Sept 16?Sid Factor, NYork. i Edoartoivn, Sept 17?Sclir Wm Henry, Thorndike, from | Thomastou for NYork, cargo lime, went ashore on Cape Poge night ol 14th?was got off next morning without inaterisl iiijury . i rnnviDKNrr, Sept 17?Arr Ex|<editious. Fredericksburg; ] Perfection. Norfolk; Catharine Amanda, Philadelphia; Tryafl, Albanv; Albany, do; Equator. NYoik. Sid Columbia, Notfolk; Amos Birdsall, Augustiia 8, and Fla.h, Philadelphia; Star, Baltimore. Arr I8lh, Corta, Hivre; E Joanna, Cherrystone, , Va; Chesapeake, Baltimore; Eliza Hand, do; Lady Clinton, l'lolad- Iphia; Caroline. Tccumsch. Competent. and Translation, NYork, Oem, Albvuy. Shi Messenger. Fredericksburg; Queen, Baltimore; Holder Borden, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Sept 21?Arr Chief. St JagodeCuba; Old Colony, Cienl'uegos?6th inst. during the gale, came to anclini inside of Florida reef for safety?saw achr Axis, ashore, with both mast, gone by the board, in charge ol" wreckers, was hound to Key West. Arr Olive, Eutport; Thorn. Boston; Wyoming, Cape Ann; Richard Rush, Providence; Columbia, NewbtiryjHirt; Eineline, Luber. Cld Pocahontas. Provideuce; Liberty, Boston; Ann Elizabeth, NYork; Rose in Bloom,do; Patmos, New London. Arr in the Schuylkill, Marv Ann fk Caroline, Warreu; Nicholas Biihlle, Bridgeport; Win Hart, I P.n. a I ?_.l e L. ,?7_ n ? el . ? I , / ..r^nn, ngl I <1111, nam) , J 1 liotnp?on, Fortitude, Vnlla, and Abm Brown, NYoik. Baltimore, Sept 18?Arr Orb, Kmzston, JatniSsgani'irr, N York; Coquetie, Demarara; Trio, 8t Johns, PR; Dover, Boston; H Westcotl. Heroine, and E A Stevens, New York. Old Lady Chairman, (Bri We?t Indiea; V xilant, Kingston, Ja:(Jell Call,do. Bid Mary, Kiugstou, Ja: Edinburg, St Johns, PR; F A Tapper, Trinidad; Milliceut, and Direct, NYork. Alexandria, 8ej>t 16?Sid A'nity, New York; Jno W Taylor. do, Richmond, Sept 16?Arr Berry-, Boston. Sid 17th, Union, L>-nl Frances, and November, Boston; Solomon Rosevelt, N York. ( Norfolk, Sept 16?Arr Union, New York; Adrian, Boston. In Hampton Roads, Orleans, from New York. At Seawell's Point, Lafayette, fin Thomaston. The Alabama, for London, went to sea fn>m Hamilton Roads this morning. A large shtn was at anchor below Old Point this m iming. Cld t iardner H Wright, West Ind es. Cld IJlh, Victoria, Cette. Charleston, Sent 16?Cld Yolnnteer, NBedford. In the offing, Lucas, from Boston. Mobilc, Sept 12?Arr Cowper, Pensacola. YXTAVERLY HOUSE.?The undersigned re-pectlully an?* nounc--that they are prepared to make liberal arrangements with those wno may wish to obtain peimaneut and geu- 1 teel Board for the wiuter. The situstion of tne WaTerly House itpcculiarl) adapted for families and single gent'emen who wish quietness auil comfort,hgethrr with all thr conveniences of a fust rate Hotel. Their charges will be moderate to auit the times. The Waverly House is at all times supplied with the best the market affords, and visitors are assured that nothing shall b' wanting on the part of the Proprietor* to furnish every- comfort and luxary that may be deaired in a Hotel. s2i3t*r ORgBBt It CARTER. VTEW AMERICAN NOVEL.?Just published 6y tha subAN scriber, *' Harrt Uatden," a Tale. Single copies 25 Cents. The usual dednction* made to all per?ona in the trade. JOHN A. BOVLE, s2l It*r_ IPX Fulton street, New York. u-OXA REWARD t !?A young mm named 8. 8.Minium, dark complexion, and hair curling behind on hit i shoulders, no whiskers, wkh a scowling biow. formerly keep- i ing an office at 3 Hanovtr street, fraudulently obtained Twenty- j three Hundred Dollais, all iu Bills of this Stae, among which were two $100 Bills of the Jefferson Co. Batik, and $200 in Chautnuque Co Bank Notes, the balauce small, in nntea ol dif- i ferent Banks in the Slate. A liberal reward will be paid ou the recorary of the money, on application to *21 It n 8. J. SYLVESTER, M Wall street. PARSELLS & AGATE WOULD particularly recommend an Elastic Suspeuder, wiih the patent buckle,ol their own manufacture, which for durability and comfort, cannot be surpassed. The improved Minerva Brace, intended to brace the shoulders and expand ihe chest, are highly recommended by the medical faculty, and will be found itidiapeiitible to permna who are inclined to bend forward; and in fact to alt individuals of sedentary habits. ' ,iii iiis and Guardi-ns are particularly requested to examine this article, as it will be found of immense advantage to children of eilbersex who have acquired the habit of stooping. PARSELLS A AOATE continue the manufacture of ihttr celrbntrd Russia Riding Belt. >21 lm*m j NEW FRENCH GOODS. TO MILLINERS AND DEALERS. EB. STRANGE, 113 Walker atreet, has received by the last Havre |>ackets, new goods adapted for the city tradePlumes, Flowers, Pattern Hals, Can Sprigs, fcc. carefully te- j lected, and of the beat quality, which be offers for sale ou favorable terms. Also, a full supply of new materials for Flower maker*. *21 It* m DARI8 MILLINERY, lie.?Madame B-aubard, Agent,211 T Broadwiy, next door to the American Hotel, respectfully infoims the Ladies of New York and iti vicinity, thatshewill open her fall fashions on Thursday the 22d inst. which will, to- ' itcther with all the fancy articles she .has, be disposed of at rates to suit the times. stt 3t*m PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS THE COLLEGE OF MTmTrTMff A Mn DU A DAJ A ftv i-iux/iuiiWJ iliil/ X HfllVlUAV X OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, T_TAVE prepared a number of " Private Medicine Chests," XI each containing an appropriate quantity of the new French Medicines for the rare of a peculiar class ofdisrssrs, which hare unfortunately in loo many instances fallen nudcr the treatment of ignorant qnarka, in coaieqnencr of the eitrrmc delicacy which patirnti thn- afflicted etnibit in applying for medical advice from iripectable physicians. In the modi- now explained, and effectual treatment will be gained bv such |>atienta without the necessity of making any disclosure of their case. The "Medicine Chest" contains inch a quantity of appropriate medicine as is guaranteed to effrct a perfect cure, and ample directions in a plain and familiar style accompany esch chest. The remedies are applicable to all forms of the disease. The Ch-sts, containing remedies for syplulitic diseases arc sold for H each?the cherts with remedies for *nnorihora and gleet $3 each, may now be hail of the Principal Agent of tiie College. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College 97 Nassau street. N. B.?Cases forwarded to ell parts of the Union, tire Canadas and West Indies. Tenons purchasing theCliesti can,by addressing the College, -: Uaitowaly obtain whatever additroual advice thsy may desire . In i ing the progress of their cose. sl6 Iro i rc tIKNTLKMBNS LEFT OFF WARDROBE. ("vENTLEMEN or Families laying aside articles of wearing H? apparel, and wishing to dispose of the same for cash, can obtain from the subscriber 20 |>er cent more thau from any Other l>erson. To ladies and geullemrn about leaving the eity being encumbered si i'S a superfluous wardrobe, will find It mucn to their advantage to send lor the subscriber, who will at lend Tern at i their residence by appointmrnt. A line addressed to H. LE- ' V K 1 1' BOX 107 LOWER POST OFFICE, ! will be punctually attended to. stl lt*ee_ nil.1.1 \KI1H AND lUltVI.INIi -liriPWTi'r Milliard ai.l ' D U iwliiiK Silo .n, N ; fit Kn-t Broadway, near Market at., j ? standing through *nd fronting nn 71 Division street, having . undergone thorough reiwirs, alteration*, and imjiroveinent*, will be rt-opened on Wrdnesday evening the 21st inst. It ia the m Mt extensive place of the kind in the city, being ?H)Ut lifl feet in length, and containiny three new and srlendid Howling Alleys and four Billiard Tables on the same floor, which will i accommodate all wo hunt much detention, whi?*h is usual ir. many places. Gent lemen cannot find a more healthful ?iercise, , lor which this establishment is intended, as no gamMing of any \ kind will h?s pennitted, and all vulvar society deluded The , proprietor solicits hia former patrons with the request that they j will invite their friends *21 lt?r ( DORTABLt BI.ACKSMITH'S FOHOEH.?The sub* acribere, being the sole Age ts for the Manufacturer! of Coucklin's Patent Portable Forge aail Bellow., bra leave to call the attention of the i u'dic to the above article. That they have been called lor anil introduced in nearly all part, of the 1'nited state., ia, we believe a sufficient evidence of their utility and convenience; being portable and compact, gives 'hein fir the preference over the common Forge for Shipping of every description, Hoi Road., Canal., Plantations, Manufactories and all purposes for which the ordinary Forgr ia nacd. Thoae inanufartiired for the U. 8. Navy are Wmughl Iron. We would refer those wishing to purchase to some few who ran recommend them I rom personal as well a* general knowledge, vit:? Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.t Meaara. Cart, Krim k Haines, Philadelphia. Hon. Uovernier Kemh'e, Weal Point Foundry, Oohl Minnie, N. Y. Messrs. 8. B. Allium, k Co. <43 Broadway, N. Y? and our citv blacksmith, gent rally. OA Y k TRBAULT, >21 Jm'rc corner of Old slip and Water at. rpQ PHYHICfANB. OH HERCX! BTubF-Nts.1 Wanted either a Physician or Student who may have nearly completed hit studies, and contemplates gmdnating at the approaching tvrm of medic < I lectures in this ruy?to take an interest in an old and well established medical office, the bualnea, and inrome (being a rash hnsineaa) of which ia second to no other in the city, or perhaps in the United States. Any genlleman whs may rlraite to treat with the adveitiaer on the snh ject of thianotice, will pleaaa apply at 12 Peck Blip sis r WANTED-Carda and Circular*, faithfully distributed by '' * competent person. A|ijily at thia aflc*. *21 Urn U7 ANT ED?T?o respectable jouuc Women waul ?itua" tloas, one a* seamstress and nurse?ie a Prot atant, and i*er fu lly uttdeim and. dressmaking and cull,us:. 1 lie othrr as cook in * reaja-ctsble |>nrale family. The beat ol' city refer* noes given. f'lease call in the rear of 12 Spnng ureal. Any not* w be punctually atlruded te. s2*> 2t*r It'AN 1 KU-A >1. u.tiou U, Diemn.tkrr or S> .unstress, n* * I her iu a public rstablisl meni or piitate re?|iectable family. Tesfiinonials ofan unquestionable character cvu be given by iff It ilia at 47 Oliver street, 2d story, front rooui. a'9 8t#ni T'O FAMILIES UOINO SOUTH, to the West Indu s o. f Europe ? A reaped idle female, 'if years of age , w ishes to ih'aiu a |iermaur ur situ tlion as sratnsireis, in a genteel family She would prefer going to EutO|?-, yet would accept of a good tfer to go South or to the West Indies. The treat oi refer -tiro* given. Address A. A. A bos "67, Upper Post office, N. York. slOr rfHUHl H'S FAMILV MEDICLNE8. Ur. Church's vd Cough Drops?1'erhap* Uo remedy eier acquired greater re lehrity than this valuable medicine for the cure of cougha. colds, asthmas, and affection* of the hieast and luiirs. Rheumatism. Ac ? Dr. Church1* Chemical E>aeuceof Murlard. This embrocation is highly valuable for the speedy cure it rheumatism, gouf, stiff joints, aud swolleu lunbs. Sold m bottles at 10 cents each. Pimples, Ringworm, Ac.?Church's Vegetable Lotion, an effectual cure for erupitouaon ihi lace, such aa pimples, blotches lau, .unburn, ringworm, freckle.; also, cutaneous aud scorbutic affections Sold in bodies at 7b cents each Itch, Itch?This loathsome disease cuied Willi a singt# application of Church's Scot li Ointment, a remedy universally known to be a specific in the cure of the itch. The above valuable me hcno-s to be obtained at CHURCH'S DISPENSARY, IBS Bowery. '21 lt*m vomer of Spring st. MUSIC AND DANCING.?P. JONES, Principal Dancer, "A the major Thealies in England and France, teacher md manufacturer of mu.ical instrunieiils, invite* the ladies vnd gentlemen to his select Dancing Assemblies, 22fi>4 Hudson itrret, corner of Spring street, on Wedn tday and Satur- ay Evenings, at 7 o'clock, or to take private or c ??* lessons to inline an easy and gracrt'lill d*-poitmriit and to the acquirement of the guitar?the violin taujht, Ac. Term* to suit the time*. P. JONhS' Guitar, Violiu, Violoncello, Bow, Case, Ma:hi..e, musical Siring, and .<11 small musical aiticlea, inanufacurrr, old I' strumenis bought, fldUPged, rc|>air?d, with first -ate experience. Will be manufactured shortly pure Roain, he grating propeitie* extracted?wholesale and retail. s21 3t*r LIAVVNA SEGAR8 ?7in,0O0 choice Hwtna Segsr*, of CI differ* nt Oraiols; 7j.000 Regvlia of all sizes; 21,000 Bayoirtos^ Trabuctis, Ac., will be laud* d in a few dat s Iroin the lii|> Chrrstoval Colon, Ca| lain Smith, from Havana. CHS a bork, iM 3t#r Gothic Hill, 111 Broadwsv. prameB"and plain^nTjraviTTgITat ai'ction " ?A- LEVY will sell on Wednesday evening at 151 Broadway at 7 o'clock, a beautiful collection of engravings, framed md unfrauied.wiili some painting*, amongst which is a fine porrdl of the Mvi Mr. Bomtr* ill**. with other fofji jolomllij lubjects. Plants on Thursday morning. Oil painting* on 9aurday evening. s'il) 2t*rc ILLINOIS BANK NOTES, Michigan and Indiana State * Scrip ; Arkansas. Illinois and Ind'ana State Stock*?coniianily purchased at N. SISTARE'S, 13 Will st Union Bauk and Southern Trust, Florida, bought at the ngheat market price. i> 3i*r KEVEH AND AGUE, or Intermittent Fevei, most effectually and speedily cured by the original present n?me? * Rowand's Improved Tonic Mixture," or Vegetable Febriupc. No viedicine, in any age or country, has ever m*t with inch signal and universal success. In order to guard against imposition in pur hasing ihe Tonic Mixturr, please find the writ* en signature of the proprietor, thus? John K. Rowan/' icross the mouih of each bottle, which must he destro) cd in lrawing the coik. J. O. FAY. General Agent, at Milnor's Drug Store, No. 192 Broadway, NuW York. Also, Row and' Alterative, or 4'nmpouml Spirituous Exract of S trx&|>arilla, to purify the blood ai d for the < ore ot diabases of the skill. s20 3t' r HUTCHINGSP STOMACH BlTTEKS. H'OU Dyspepsia, Palpitation of tin- Heart, Loss of A ppe'ite, Night Sweats, Assisting Digestion, aud all Nervous Dhrues. Ilia only bout one year siucr ihii medicine has W> en liefore the public, ami ihe number of rure, made i. incrrdihle. The articles comiosiug 'he same are piircl> vegetable, and ran betaken with safety. Tlie full >wiugare i> few of the names who hare requested to b referr-d to James OrM ta, 2d Ward Hotel; Aid. Matthews, 31 Stanton itreet; J. B. Moore, 18,. Bowery; Henry Glamler, corner Allen and Stanton streets; John Wanmakrr, Phueui* Exchange, Pine and N(usmi street,; David Kail, Proprietor Bank Coffee House. 39 Pine street; W A. I.' BliUC, 177 Broadway; Je?se Potter, 342 Broome st. Charles Matthews, Proprietor West cheater (louse. The followitiK is from Dr. I.udlovv, 631 Broadway 1 hare used your bitters, in c see of impaired digestion, where te it-table tonics wire indis|M tuahle. w itl, a beneficial lesnlt. 'I he aitirle* of which it btMNM are vrrv judiciously combined, and 1 have no doubt will prove serviceable in the case* of which you have recommended it. Yours, kc. EDWARD G. LUDLOW. Sir?I have in the course of my practice p.esr ribed your Sion sell Bitters, and found them a inost elfici-nt remedy in case* of indigeitiou, acidity and dehilil> of the digestive organs. 1 by no means class it among the quack med cines of the day, hut one which will confer a meat Messing on mauy of onr suff*e riliK It llow beings. P. J. BRADY, V. D. 330 Broome sr. iNaw York, Sept. 9,1812. Dear Si'?I have used v our Stomach Bitters sun ttreat success, ko'h in my own case and those to whom I have recommended it. I do not Ik sitate to aay, from the knowledge I have iu cases requiring tonics that your pre|<aralion is sii|ierior to any other in use. Yours, respectfully, CI1AKLKS SUMNER, 120 Pulton st. Sold only in this ciiy. lit) Bow ry, corner of Biooine stree; and obierve that earn bottle it labelled ind siiio'd, H. L. HUTVHING8. Agents? Mn Hayet, 139 Fulton ttreet, Brooklyn; Dr Low errs, 177 Broad street, Newark. Price?Lane bottles SI; small .ire 50 cent". a20 3ti?*r OAR1S FANCY GOODS, 305Bioadway?A Stock oflresh -C imported Fancy Good* Is "tiered for sale very low. The iiaortmeiit consists Of Vaiioitt styles ?l Fancy Dress a?d Morning Caps Embroidered Mut'in and Lace Collars F*eiich made Silk Aprous Rich silk a?d steel embroidered Baas Laige Cardind Silk Pelerines Figured Gauge, Silk and Velvet Cravats A large assortment of fresh tud and fashionable gilt jewelry, viol unity OtkatrtlH article ., verydesi able for the season. Also, to Milliners. Some fresh Flowers and Feathers, which will be sold cheap for cash. Ladies will find it to their advantage by calling and esamining for themselves, situ l?'r IRON SAFES AND MONEY CHESTS.?The aubscri1 her kee|ts co"St/ntly on h-u 1 an nssortmv lit ol second hand S ifes, of Liindrv makers, for sale at less than one half nl first cost. Such as have been taken in |art payment 'or Wilder's Patent Sa'amvndrr Safes. These safes (Wdder's) have never failed to preserve the contents in case of fire, and can oi-ly he had of the subscriber and his authorized agent. SILAS C HERRING, *20 dlw w4te. 139 Wateratrret, New York Apples and cider for sale.-a Urge quantity of Newtown pippina, lady apples, and a variety of s-eett apples by the tree, barrel or bushel. Also several hundred barrels of pi tiin cider, at the press. Apply to JBmHm Cunningham. gardener, Pelham. Ulster county. The Emerald and Norwich leave the loot of Murray st, INew York, on Mondry, Thursday, Wedn- sday aud Saturday afternoona, and will lanu snplieants at Pell's Dock. _ ?2n 3t*c BEACON COURSE-TROTTINO.-Wednesdsy, September 31st, st 3 o'clock, P .VI.?St-he, mile hesis?besi 3 in 5, under the siddle?$50 sub.?half forfeit, $15 added, to go to the 2nd best horse. Albeit C nkliu names ch.h. Hiram. H. Woodrufl names b. g. Tormentor. Geo. Spicer gr. if. Abelard Immediate y after?St ike tw > mile heats undei the saddle? $100 sub.?half forfsit, $50 added, to go to the second beat korse. H. Woodruff names br g. Hector. Willitt 8 Reed names gr. g. Snaffle. Henry Jones name? g. ir. Pleasure Boy. ?2n 2t*r aKOR SALE AT A BARGAIN?A two story brick House and Lot in the city of Hudson, in Warren street, three doors shove the Hud,on River Bank, now occupied as a Porter and Oyster House by the owner?it is fitted up in the best af style with bar hi'ures and furniture complete. Price $26(10, $800 rashtand the balance ran|remain on the property. For paiticiilars, inquire of 2IJt*r WILLIAM EATON, 222 Front H. N. Y JMA TO LET?The upper part of the House 510 Broome Ht street, near Thompson street. Rent low Apply at 116 ^JMLiN? it. szi u r t DESIRABLE STORE ON BROADWAY TO LET?No. 40t>i, between Walker and Lispenard, from now till the first May. Apply on the premises. t*r ___________ TO LET?The fir?t ihree stnry House, 111 Grand rtreet, writ of Broadway, with the Furniture, all new. The home is in perfect order, and can be ?een between jiri of U ami 3, P. M. all lm r HATS, HATS, HATS r% FALL FASHION.?The aubaciiber intitea the attent inn of the Beau Monde to hit beautiful, grscelnl, and taateful l.ow hell-crowned Hat, Sei.-.g the only really lashinnible article of the kind extant, though ne cannot e .peet but that imitatora will spring up, and claim the benefit of hi* own original conceptions. To say these Hats lurnaas any thing of the kind in point of ilyle, finish, and graceful appearance, it to claim no more thau is warranted nyan ciperience of tweuty years in the business, and ha invites gentlemen who study grace and fashion, to call and examine for themaelrea. A large assortment of Travelling Trunk*. Carpet Bags, Hat Ctt*ea. and, in fart, every thing nereasary for aientlemau'a travelling outfit, may also he found at E. BLOOMER'S, I7<) Broadway, _auTO lm i**r Opposin Howard's Hot' l. PARIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS BRI.'N It < O, IIJ William street, formerly Bran. Lanslrt A Co.?will open in a few days, twenty ca?cs T ris Ariifi rial Flowers. Feathers, Ar , now lauding from last arrival!.? This etublishment is reeieving from ihrir louse in Paris by terry Havre packet, the newest styles ul flowers and fe-thers, as they ap|>rarinthat centre of fashion. This arrangeinenl enable ? tliern to hava eons|.anilv on band a moat faahioiuble asaortment 01 the above articles Dealing by bar more largely in this line than any ollwr tntaMMiment In the city, ibey can afford to sell at the very lowest r ates and on the moat reasonable term*. Wholesale warrrooms up stairs. Alio, constantly on hand, every kind of materials lor flower manufacturers. *3 lm*c is 'pn SOUTHERN PLANTERS!?The Bontheru Hire A Company, under a Charter from the State of South Carolina, have now ihrir Rice Pounding Mill in full operation at the rorner of Jefferson and South s'reet. New York city, in lending to employ their mill in a greet degree u a Toll Mill.? Southern Planters are invited to call ami see the advantages offered by thu establishtnrnr. About 9 to 10 A. M. or 1 to fi P. VI. islne beat time. The East Broadway omn bin runa to Jr fI'erron atrrrt, near ill- mill >19 2l> Q3*r DISSOLUTION?The Copartnership heretofore eiistmg under the. firm of GLOVER A McMIIRRAV. ha. tlua day been diaaolied. The ahii'i'ina and Cnmmiaaion business heretofore condncted by the finn, will in future be earned on by the anhirriber on his nun account. 8. E. GLOVfcll, 100 Pine alreet, corner of South street, up Hairs. New York, 8ei't. IB. HH2. >19 3tr FLORENCE BRAID IIATS-TO "OUTH^RN AND f WESTERN MERCAANTH BUYING FOR CASH A eery advantageous opportunity now offers lor purchasing at ixlremelvlow prices a limited i|Uantiiy of ladies' beautiful Florence Braid Haw, ma'ufacturrd in the he.t style. They will no' be kept m this city longer ilian ilie ueit three or four days, during which time they may be seen at the office of Tlios. Reynolds, corner of Nassau and Maiden lane, np stairs?entrance M Nassau st. sU it*rc M-EWBURYPOfiT BANK NO^KS, lumt^rmen's Bank Warren, Pa , Farmers and Mechanics, New Brunswick . New Jersey, Certificates and Brok n Red Bach, hough! at s!7 H. J. STLVF.STF.K'S, 22 Wall at, It l? Broadway. T ODGINOS UPON THE EUROPEAN Pt.ANe-To * * Single Gentlemen.?Two suites of aparimenta are now vaeant at At Broadway. Gentlemen desirous of making arrangements for the winter, would do well to make an early aiiplica??? a*2wcodia|rc ?- JPjy CHARLESTON. HAVANA, /?apPKEY WEST. NKW ORLEANS. AND e^3ffiTl|^LJy^MUALY ESTON, (Tessa) to tail m the lllth ~<4BU?flyyI October, at I1A M.?The well known ami ?? -f?OM.e ship NEW VOHK, J. T. Wright, Commander, h?? lug been |iut incomplete order, with new wrought lion shift. fcc , will positively leav e for the *bo?i I'orti ou the u ?y specified. The New York, Inn i ne hern superbly titled un, with saloon ,t.te 'ooo a in additiuu toher csbius. olteia tuiierior sccommolalioris for the cnuveute- ce of passengers Passengers going in this boat tway safely relv upou the well known skill \i.d stleutions o! her Captain, For light freight or passage, apply on board, loot ol 9th street, East River, or to C. MORGAN, or H. HUBBARD, ?t CO. N. B.?The New York carries sufficient luel for the voyage Passengers for Key West, New Oileaus, and Gvlvestnu. will have an opportunity of visiting Havaud, as the ship will lay there twodays^ ^ sliootntrc -eg At sis o'clock, P. XL, leaves the steamboat Acr-^V*a!Aj*fier between Coortlaudt and Liberty streets. , m mL The Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. L. W. Braiuard. leaves every Monday,Wednesday and Friday, at sis o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER,Capt. A. P. St. John, leaves the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at si] o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial are famished with elegant state rooms, and iu every icspect are uusur|iassed among the Hudson River steamers. Eor passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHUl.TZ, .... At the office on the wharf, Passengers takiug this line of boats, will at all times arrive at Albany in tune for the first morning traiu of Cars for the east and west. >20 r RFaGULAH OPPOSITION FOB & all ' j*ALBANY?Landing at fool of Hitnmoud r ?tte t, Newlmrgli, Poughkee|isie, Kingston Poiut. Catskill and Hudson. Cabin Pa-mage $1, Berths 50 cents. Leave New York Mondavs. Wednesdays and Fr'dsvs?Al banv Tucd.ys, Ttiiirvil.yv, and Sa'urdvyv. Tn. >t<-ambo?l WAVE, Capr. V underbill. will l.ave the tramboat pier fiwt of Ribimon alreet, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For paaaagc or Ireiglit, apply on board?light freight taken low. ?2i) lm'r .MQ 0M FOR ALBANY. TKOY aod IniermelL?place.?The apleudid low prraaura SMiMdL)t?ainbtMt SWALLOW, Captain A. M'Lean will leave the foot of Couitlandt-at, Thta (Wednesday) Afternoon. Sept. 21st. at i o'clock. The Swallow will leare as above, Siturday. 24th, [L7" The above is aaubslautie] boat, fitted up with elegant State Rooms, aud for accommodation is unrivalled on the Hudson. s2( LOOKAT?rblS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. PA98ENORS Forwarded, v. ithout delay, to Ulica, tl.M I Cleavelsn I, Ohio, 16,26 Rochester, 13,00 Detroit, Mich., 1\76 Locknort, (3,26 | Chicago, III., 19,60 Buffalo, 13,60 | Toronto, U. C. 16,00 Oswego, 12,60, aud Pittsburgh. And all parts of the Western Country. M. L. RAY, it CO., sip lin-m 141 Liberty street. New York. LINE-K^Tkw ORlS^Sll to tail day next, the instant?Fir*t Regular Packet. The well known very fast sailing ship ECHO is now loading for the above port?will take what freight may offer at the lowest rates, ami sail positively on the 2 tin Sent. The Echo will he succeeded by the packet ship Riusell Glover. These ships ae decidedly the finest pickets in the trade, and will be succeeded weekly by other ships of the same class.? Goods forwarded t# my care will he shipped free of commission ?sud all goods destined for the interior, ami consigned to my agent at New Orleans, will be forwarded by the first conveyance. Ships of this hue will not load deeper than thirteen feet water, j consequently will not be detained on the bar, and they will all take a stonier up tht nvar. For freight or |*as>age,oii the lowest terms,either in the cabin, second cabin or steerage, has nig superior accommodations, apply on board, at Piue street wharf; or to 8. E. GLOVER. *>2lr 100 Pine st. cor. of South, up stairs. "S3? FOH LONDON?Packet oftha 1st Oetobarc-Tha k&MfV regul ?r tucket ship MEDIATOR. Captr t 'liadwick, ^MbmbIh^ sll sail as above. For passage, having splendid ac JOHN HERDMAN. rtl r _ 81 South it. AAJg- FOR LI VF RPOOL?Regular packet of the 2ith fcWMfV September?The lirsi clas* last sailing packet ship MMfa SHERIDAN, Captain Depejster, will mil an above, her regular day. 11 a Vint; very ?U|>erior sccominodationa for cabin, second Cabin, and steerage passeiigri*. Persons intending to embark should make immediate a. i lication on board, fool of Wall it, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, UK) I'ine street, comer of South. Persons wishing to send for thair fiends can ha e them brought out by this very splendid ship, or auy other packet of the line, by applying as above. *20 r FOB LIVhlBPOOL?Packet of the 2itW Beptem kfWrWH*r.?The .lendid i>ackH ?hi?? 8HKRIDAV, Cat*. JVwJIfaDei'eystrr, will sail is above, her res ul it day. hot yessage, having excellent accommodations lor c 'bilC 2d cab n andslecrage puseugerj, apply on board <ne ship,at foot of Wall strest, or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liver pool, can as usual be engaged by any of tbe park-is, and drafts can be fi nished for any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Apply as above s2l r FOK NEW ORLEANS ?Louisiana and New WMMfy York Line?To succeed th? Vicksbttrg?The I'aslsai!JPmUvEb iug, coppered and rum* r fastened packet ship LOUISA, Capt Leavitt, will saif as sbove. For freight or paasege, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st. or ta E. K. COLLINS & CO. S6 South st. Agents in New Orleans, Ilullna tk Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Great care will be taken to have the goods by this (me ror rectlv measured. >21 r xAjg- NEW ORLEANS PACKETS?For New OrVfySPVleans?Star Line?First Packet?The well known jwHMfasvery IVst tailing ship ECHO, is now loading for the above port?will take wbsi freight may offer at lue lowest rates and sill wi h immediate despatch. The Echo will be succeeded by tbe packet ship Russell Glover. These ships are decidedly the firuet packets in the trade, and will b? succeeded weekly by other thins of (he same elasa. Goods forwarded to our care will be shipped free of commission, and all goods destined for the interior and consigned to our ag. ut at New Orleans, will be forwarded per first conveyance. Ships of this line will not load deeper than 13 feet water.coLseijuently will not be detained on the Bar, and they will all take a rteamer up the River. For freight or |>auagr, on tin lowcat terms, either iu the cabin, second cabiu or steerage, having superior accosnmoda. lions, apply ou board, at Tine st. wharf or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, s20r 106 Piue st. comer of South. Xffg- FOR SAVANNAH?Packet ol the 27th Sept ? The superior, well known |iacket ship 8. CUMjjUUttfa MINOS, Capt. , will positively be dei|uitched lor Savannah as sbove. This ship has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage ptsseugers, who will be taken at reduced rates, if early application is made on board the ihip at Pier 13 E. R. or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street. N. B.?The subscriber has a regular succession of first class vessels sailing weekly, during the season, for the above port. s2l r _____________________ FOR NEW ORLEANS -Regular Packet of 36th MvjKtyW September. The splendid fsst sailing packet ship jMilHfa.ECHO, Captain Sill, will sail as -hove her regular <la>. . For passage in cabin, second cabin, and steerage, having accommodations une<iuslled by auy in port, and nirths, can Insecured on modrrate terms by arriving on board.foot af Pin.street, orto JOSEPH M'MURKAY, *21)ec 100 Pine street, corner of South, FOR GALVESTO >1, TEXAS?To sail noiTlively 1st October.?Tne new and splendid Bark jltiEftfa STAR REPUBLIC, Captain J. J. Hendley. lies at Pier 13 E. R., is now ready to take freight, at low ratea, and will sail positively as above. She has superb Cabin accommodations for 40 passengers, and can take a number in the steerage. For freight or passage apply ou hoard, or to all? olain J. H. BkOWER, 71 Wall at. fUKJIKW tJKL.f.A INS? l> lilt l ack. I Ship?The ?**fW..nle,,d.d first class fast tailing ship RAJAH, Captain .rHMmftfiait lite hiving two-thirds of her cargo on board, will positively tail on Friday, the 23d insl. This superior ship is upwards ttf g feel high between decks, and offers a more desirable conveyance for 2d cabin and steerage passengers than can be found in any other ship loading for the above nort. Those studying their own interest and wishing to select berths, should make eaily application on board the ship, at pier 12 E. R. or to s20 r JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. FOR MOBILE-FIRST PACKET- The superior Cc'JrV fast sailing, packet brig OROWLEK, Capt. B. Ul*Tii'<riftrs ' hr ' 1 unavoidihly detained by the wea iTier, will sail on Wednesday, the 21st instant. A few more passengers csn yet be taken in the house on deck at the reduced steerage iwssage rates, if immediate application is made on board the brig at pier 13 E. H or to JOHN HERDMAN 61 South st N. B.?The shove vesst I gm s to the city without lighterage. s2(i r FOR MOBILE.?First regular Packet, with disldEjtVV pstch.?'The first class fast sailing Packet Ship LO MUKb KKNA, Capt. John Unjuhart, will sail on the 26th Inrt. Her accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers are too well known to require Comment. Persona intending to embaik should make immediate application on board, weatside ofBurlit.g Slip or to JOSEPH VlcMl'RRAY. s2ur inn Pine at., tor. South. DOMEROY k CO '? NEW YORK, ALBANY. TROY i BUFFALO, CHICA(K) AND CANADA PA< KAOF. EXPRESS, leaves aver) Evening, Sundays nsceptoe, lor the nboae named and st I intermediate plnren. (>'ii< r No. 2 Wall street. New York. an 17 r dl rQa SALE?A ttair of Brown lionet?one beau.Lwl a itnI oright Biy florae, good in the saddle or in sin O J ? elf or .l iiilih- h iniess?a Ptieaion and hraas mounted Hirnr.s, to match a Saddle and Bridle, and all other furniture belonging lo a Stable Inquire in Meicer street, the thir alible above (irsnd s reel. all lw*t l 1 II IP M Will a IHIIM IIAV'tiV. ?rnhiisn,,, will ^ >rt.d their permita on hoard * No. ? Nonh River. AH Komia no'p. rmitti-J by the 2T>th inat. will be a-nttothe |iublic atore. ill Itr PACKET SHIP CJARRICK, from Liverpool?Criuiiiurri by thia.hip v II pliaar aetid their petmiu ou board, at OrIrana whar , loot o Wall atreet. Allgooda not i ermitted in fit* daya will be tent to public atore. a20 r_ ANY PERSON aeouairilei'. with the addieta or re?i?<etice o? LAWRKNCki FINN, fancv frlat* blower. w?ll oblige by ending it to J.NO N. TAYLOR, KSQ . ?17 lw*r 30 W-ill ?tr?et. New York. SELF PROTECTORS. 'PO TI.A VBLLERH AND HOUSEKEEPERS.-Patrnt A Keif-Cocking Repeating Piat'da, which ca- be diachanted tit timet in n few tecotida. Theoiatol cocka, the btrrel re rolret. and diachargra merely b) milling the tiigge-t the chamliei and narret it in one piece, and therrfnie cann >t blow aiwrt like tome repeating piatola. The ronitrnetion ta very imnle? they can lie drawn from the noeket and need with one hand without the loai of a moment; lit .liota can be fired aa l-?c aa a man can crook hit finger. They are no larger than an ordinaryjpocket piatol. For traaollera, Itoilaekeepera, raptaina, nlan'era, |?blic ofnCvra, and uthera, they arc an indiapenaable a-ticle, aa peraoiu both male and P male, ran with tbia piaiol, protrrl 'b?tr livra and property, ifatweked by many peraona, aa one of them u ripial to near a do ten of the common uml. I'he [IIIbite are invited to rail and etamine tke tame, aa their aimplirity, her g warranted not to get onl of order, and their perfect aalety, will certainly recommend them over all other*. whoieaale and retail. . .. _ J. U. BOLEN, 104 Broadway, all lmia*r between A* all and Pine alreeta. PAR. JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON baa remove. L' hia CortfL'LTrrrti <" ? ? *>? * Hraaun Buii.Dttaa rnroe- r.l V.aeeo "J* 'ft to* ">t ' BILLS OF EXCHANGE, on all peruof England, Ireland ami Scotland, in anma nl 4V CIO, ?IJ, ?20. to any amonnt, for aale gl |8. J. SYLVESTER'S, 22 Wall afreet, aid and lM Broadway, AUCTION SALES bY IhU.vlAa B&LL. ( Storrg Not. 22+4vn 1!5 fSdlon ttrect ) ~ WEDNESDAY, Al hilf-past 10 o'clock iu Use sale iudiim. hurtmuir Hair? A ch"icr. valuable and niriuive variety ol rlevaut lumnure of all drsciipt'ons AUo, the balance of the ? coud haud furniture Irom Brooklyn, receivhd 'oo late f..r Mmi-las ? aa r Alto, bv order of the Sheriff. at 11 1-2 o'clock, I piano forte, aud 2 do 'O |i?y ailunrn and oilier e?|ieii ra. AUo, the -nitre stock of a cabinet maker, atid the fiiniitureo. a family t(ivihk up housekeeping. THURSDAY, At IMf o'cjork iu the sale rooms. Large Halt of SpltLdnl Sofas, R cktrg Chain, Ottomans, Divan-, touches, Ac?An eilire stock of the eery lie si nt> made ws ranted solas anil rourliet, vaiious styles, sofa beds, sit|ierior French, hi French and inanogauy chairs. n'tomans, divans,hair cloth and eslvet covered lockers, II best donble hair mattrasses, leather beds, pillows, he. and a sariety of negantcabinet furniture, laima, curtains, Ac. Also. 6 si lend id Fiano Fortes. FRIDAY. At 10^ o'clock iu the sale rooms. Paintings, Books. Piauo Fortes, Fuimiurr, lie. Ac.?A ?rry choice collection of valuable original paintings, both ancient and moderu, most of them in rich frames, and beautiful sub jects ; a variety of choice klusic and books, I splendid ntauo lories, sumi furniture, tnustc stools, Ac. To Dyers, Bconreis and Finishers?AM the machinery, apparatus, presses. Ac for cleaning ou an unproved plan, silks, uierinor, cloths, Ac. SATURDAY. At I0H o'clock in the sale rooms. Elegant Furniture?A su|ier:or assortment of new and second haud lurnitere of all descriptions. Also by Catalogue and without reserve, the entire splendid stock of one t f ottr first eabiurt makers, who is decliuiug business, comprising almost every article in the line, of the choiI cest materials, polished and Mushed in the newest style, wairauted >ofas, all kinds of parlou- and rocking chairs, 6ttctnau?, divans, couchrs, Fr> nch and other brd-teads, wardrobes, huteaus, secretaires, large looking glasaess, marble top tables, side boards, toilets, Ac. Also a bsrau ilttl assortment of elegant second hand fuiritore the property of a genile man going to Europe, including 2 fintoned modern piano fottra. Every thine will be arranged for examination ou Friday afternoon; also Brussels and otnrr ear pets, Ac. BY RIELL A ARf'.ULABIUM, WEDNESDAY. Al lllH o'clock. At tha beautiful Cottage, IS Cornelia atreat, near Blaacker street? Elegant Household Furniture, made to order by Net! of Baltimore, consisting of an elegant piano, mahogany chain, sofas, ottomans, ceutre tables and sidaboarda, marble topa, dining lablea, Turkey, Bruasela and inrrain carpels, pier glasses, oilpaiutiiiss, catidlvbras, mantel lampe, Venetian and iwint-d blinds, China Piuuer setts ; oae elegant china tea let of 91 I'mra, nuuiuur, ni4|iie uirimiK ruuiea ami waan-atauu!; marble top*; mahogany anil curled maple bedaleada; feather beds, bolatera and pillow*, curled matlraaara, kitchen tunnlure, lie. Itc The Knickerhiieker Liue of atagea pat* near the door. Catalogue* at the anction room an Monday. THURSDAY. At 10)^ o'clock, at the auction room. Clolha, Cassimrrr*, Haninet*, Ike. FRIDAY, Hepf 23. At 10H o clock. At the Marahall Honae, corner of Broadway aud Keadr at.? A large aaaortinent of houaehold furniture, heda, bedding, kc. emulating of elegant Bruatelt parlor carpeta, ingrain and Venetian carpeta, a large quantity of oil cloth, mahogany aofaa, parlor and bedroom chaira, centre dining and tea table*, mantel and toilet glaaari, mantel ornament*, chandelier*, window curtaina anil th idea astral ami hall lami<*. china and glass ware.a large quantity of ki'clien furniture, bar-rrom lurniture, bar natures, kc. Alao, a aplendid aaaortment of bed* bedding, kc. the entire content! of forty room*. The above i* in good order, hariug been but a ahort time in u <e. Catalogue* mi the morning of sale, when the good* tan be elaniiued. SATURDAY, . At 10H o'clock, at the auction room*. Elegant Furniture, Piano*, kc. MONDAY. At 10 1-2 o'clock, at the auction room, Hardwire, Guns, Chtlery, and Hooaa Fut-uiahing Article*, in great variety?bv catalogue. DRAPER, Junr. Store U William street, corner of Pine. FRIDAY. Sept.SJ. Poalpoiied from Monday, iu consequence of the auival ol the remainder of die cargo from the wieck, when the Bale will poaitivelv take place. Damaged Cargo ut the Birque Louiaa.?At 10 o'clock. In th* tore 271 Front street, for Caah, under in*|iection of thr ward en* of toe |Mirt, for the benefit of whom it may concern, lh? entire cargo ofthe barque Lwuia,, from M.iraeillea, conaiat ing of? 323 case* olive oil, 3do almond oil, 163do brandy, 333 do Mu* cat wine, 10 hall pipei red wilie, 81 libla vinegar, 23 asea vine gar, 138 do liquors, l6fl do annisette, 27 do colognv, 10 do |ier futneiy, 13i do preserved fruit*, 3d do champagne, 32 do vctmi r -Ili, 6fl do white beer, 23 do Dutch chrrae, 13 do looking glasses, 6 do musical boxes, 13 do glass and earthenware. 3 do I chilis wa.e is.b....... i .1.. .1.. .?I?"? ' do hats, 55 do empty bottles, 27 jars almonds, 18 do foorals, 2 do essence of hergamnt and roies, 2 do toys. 2 do capsules, 1 do qiuulue, 2 do absyiilhe, 28do salt meat, 1 uo sabres, 30 do steel. 2 do satranu>n, 1 do anchovies, 280 do pick'es, 6 ba-kvts cloves 80 kegs paint, 12 hales pepp- r. 10 do cork, 5 do aumar, 7 do uiecliandise. 70 do hlankt t? and coverlids, 1 do mu>lirs, 1 bale corail, 1 box cryaocal, 1 do images, 3 do alab atcr ornament", 15 Cases table marble. 2 do marble statues, 6'00 square marble, I iwrkage hooka. 4 raara silk stuffs, 4 trunlu ahoea, 1 bbls llour of madder. 165 boxes lemons, he. fcc. 8tc. alt 5t#r ~ f =*- ? BY F. J. BKARN9. Auctioneer. THI9 DAY. At I0)x o'clock, ?t 139 Fulton at. Stock of Groceries?The stork of a grocery store, removed for conreuie' ce ol sale, consist rut of hrandv, aiii, wiuea, otdials, tc is, sugar, coffee, rice, pork, fiah, aoap.ataich, a"d othei arti lea in thr line Also 20,000 choice segara, 20 large and small stand casks, fix lures, he. Sale iKisitivr, rain or shine. lt#r AUCTION NO Pit K?Splendid Wines and Groceries.? C ARTER k CO 102 Broadway, will sell Thia Day, at 10S o'clock, at th?ir store, a choice assortment of wines in hott ea and demijohns, comprising ' Blackburn," N. G M. South aide and R??ervr Madei-a, of good vintage . " Yriarte" Gold Sherry^ Dunbar and London Tort, Muscat and Claret Wines; Loaf Crushed, Po"dered and Brown H'Vsna Sugars, Wourhotu and Young Hyson Teas ill 3 pound canisters. All of which will be sold in lota to suit the convenience ot private families. ail lt*r XTRA AUCTION NOTICE.-On Thursday, Sept. 29th, in the auction rooms, will take place without reserve, by catalogue, the sale of a most extensive, rich and truly valuable varisty of jewelry, watches, gold and silver plate, diamonds anil other precious stones, clocks, curiosities, odd articles, watch makers' tools and materials of all kinds, and other articles in the line. Part of the above is the property of Mr. Le Court, formerly of Loudon, but for many years oue of our well known and esteemed watch makers; another portion, amounting to considerable, has been deposited as security over two years, and sold under a decree: the remainder, the balance stock of an insolvent,bv order of assirnee. This sale will be found deserving unusual attention. THOS. BELL. Anct'r, s21 Iwr No. 32 Am> anil 115 Fulton street. MWAIID, Auctioneer? Household Furniture. IK White street?A. C Humbert It Co., will se I on W-dnesday morning at half past ten o'clock, all the furniture contained in of Brussels and Ingrain carpets, and druggets oil cloths, mahogany French snd maple c me seat chairs.sofas, ottoman*, rockera, elegant pier glas*. window curtmns and ornament*, ma-b e top ce tre tahlea, card do, qu irlette do, diuing and tea do, 21 day mantle clock , mantle and hall l-mps,rich girantiolea, sidehoarda, wardrobea, book caaea, Sheffitd pi te and balance ban die tahle cutler , china and glaa*, including an elegant white and gold dinner aeta,mahogany French and pat- nt windlass bedsteads, feather bed*, mattraaaea. dreaiiug and plain bureau*, lookitig glaaae*, atid other chamber fum'ture. Alao?a good assortment of kitchen futniture and ntenaila with which the sale will commence. Alto?i large cooking tuve. Valuable Paintings?Alao, several raluable cabinet pictures, worthy the attention of connoiaeenra, including a beau iful effeet of candle light, liv Oalken, Hal? ?f Troopa, by Petet de Lscy, Mythological Piece, by rolemburg, kc. Fian ifortes?Alao.t splendid rosewood and mahogany Piano fortes of the most requisite tone end touch, selected hy the Misses Cowen with es|?cial regard 'or thoae qualitira for the purpose of inatruction?their only inducement for parting with which ia an early departure for Eur p* ?makers, Stoddard of O.ilden Square, L <ndou? Dubois and Stoddard and Nunns of New York. Also?Music atools aud Can'aburyaAlan?A superior made Ladies' side saddle, used but a few timsa. a20 2t?r "D Y RlbLL fk ARCULAHIUS? Friday, September 23d, at 10>f o'clock, ?t the Marshall House, corner of Broadway and Ileade sirerf, a large assortment of household furniture, lx di, bedding, lie.?Consisting of el.gant brussels parlor carpets. ingraio and Venetian carpets, large quantity of oil cloth, mahogany sofas, parlor and bedroom chairs, centre, dining aud tea tables, mantel and toilet glasses, mantel ornaments, chandeliers, window curtains and shades, astral and hall lamp*, cl.ina and glass ware, a large quantity of kitcnen furniture, bar room fu-niture, kc lie. . Also, a splendid assortment of beds, bedding, kc., the entire contents of 40 rooms. ... The above is in geod order, having been but a short time in use. Catalogues on the morning of sale, when the goods can be eiamined. ill *c pOTTON AND ORI9T MILLS?For sale, situate at Kingston, Ulster county, New York, on the waters of the Rondout Creek, two miles from the North or Hudson River? Steamboats and sloops kc. ply constantly to within 300 feet of the .villi, to thence csnal boats?Tne waters of the Delaware, Neversink and Rondout pour over the dam of this mill?Have been in operation until very recently. Possession immernktrly. Title indisputable?Will be sold very low and on very advantage jus terms, to close a tiust. Apply to sIDec HSHE k BROOKS, til Liberty at. OTEAM ENGINE? For .ale cheap, a lo ty horae tower O slrai i engin . 'I he cylinder is one foot dieinvter and sis feet stroke, with governor, force pump, and Unu'es conqilete; fly wheel fourteen feet diametei atio weighs four and a hall tons, with shaft ten feet long, one pinion. Also one spur wheel, three feet diatne-er. The work is got uo in a neat, ub-tantial and workmanlike manner, and adspted to the nae of at> am -s pausii'rly Ft i furthet pariirnlara inquire of O. C. HISCOX, fN??. 3B Ann ?i'ceiLiN. ionic?* 2*1 wory, ?I7 iin^r 11VKRPOOL COAL?F?r aale a amall quantity, about -a UNi chaldrons, |>art of the careo saved from flu- e'randed ship W. at cheater, now lying on tne wharf, Tier No. I E. H., for irlr by alBr JOHN HEnPMAN.M LEA RY & CO. Now. 4 AR ASTOR IIOIHK, New York, HATTERS, WILL INTRODUCE on H# Hnr?*Uy, fhrttst inti a rrrw awd r.lfcoawt awticlk of (JenfJ* mpn't Black FurlUlw, I varh, in *ipl?i?Rtioti ?f which ^reMbmittrJ the folREMARK*: Siuce the origin ol our Eiubliihural, w?* hire h*<l 'n rim. and hwreitric ly iidhrrrd to rhree ditiinc pur^ea in ?>ur mwtiufaciures. hi : E omuuy in 'r'JauVrr vt a in] the iM'tfeciiri/ " STANDARD OF FASHIONS FOli THE t'NITED STATES, ndeiiemferit of the Eur win, all ol ?hnh have 'een aurceaefuify rfTrcied. r-au una in a moat important aarrirut to ill- commuupy at la we. ami an tuually aati.factoiy .emnneiation to ouiselvea, eonsiqu,ut upon the wten.iv, nalrr-naw ?hich we hive rereiv<-d. Our improved FIVE DOLLAR ATS an anprrior in ma t rial,,iewanrenfat* le and riniah, that immediately n < n their introduction, ihev b-came not only pre-emm ut at, hut celebrated in London and Tana, and elicited^ e highest encomiuma of the Preea there, aoon anitrraeded ihe $10 Hate pre vinuily worn here by the firat class ol our citilena. Thia artirjt, n- w fully eatahliahed aa the highest standard, ia an eitenairely kiwwn and universally approved by the f-ehionable ami reenter! weaiers aud true economiata, that we will not not now allnde imther to ita merita, except to annonnce that we have improved iti beauty and value the prevent aeaaon beyond any that we have heretofore produced. At thr argent solicitation of many of our mummers, who Were aniiona toeconomiae in the fleet coat, and yet de'imuv to avail th manlvra of th. neenliar atyle and finish characteristic of our tabrica, we have for some lime past made diliwent ffforta to accomplish their wiahra, and consequently have mat peifected the new article af Hats ae announced above Tney w'H be c? motived of ruperior materials, the workmanship will b< of the firit order, and although fully equal to hats formerly retailed at $6 and $7 I hey will he aald at $3.6 iX each, a price nor only commensurate to the present pecuniary depression, and far lew than their intrinsic worth, but infinitely cheaper, whenihe reijvect'Ve qualities are compared, than any which ham ever before been offered to the public. Purchasers are assured, in advance, that these Hata will nil incur the objection, vix- " dear at the price," rurrentlv argueil awa'nai moat low priced woods. LEARV a I O Aatot House, Sept. 17th. U4J. a!9 lm ?r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLe. '"PHKAE far-fame I and ealebeated Pills, from J'"r,nf ' *'* A wa pereetve, to be obtained in this country. Beeadvemad, meat on th? lam column *** " * u,f " AMI -KMKNTS."_ CAHK THKATHK. KEDI'l EL> FUIUEB UF ADMISSION. First Circle of Dnita, - cents Second aud Third Cuclea cent* Pit erula tisllcry lift cents MK. GEORGE VANDENHOFK'S Fust A|<i?*i*uc* in Am nc* THIS EVENING, *-1 fist, will b* yeilo.mid ih. Trag. \ i.i HAMLET! Himl't, Mr O. Vand. nhoff I (ih ai, Ahh"u Ho.Sri.-, Barry | Pulnniaa, Macule Gertrude, JJrs Orhelis. M.aa HilJrrth To coDcluilr with I lie farci' of POPPING THE QUESTION. Mr Primrote, Placid* | Henry, Clark Miss Blffen, , Ju MrsWhratley ny Uoors 0|?n at 7 o'clock aud the iwrformanee will comiroucr at lislf-tmst 7. ? ? HIHLO'W OARU?cw. GRAND GALA NIGHT BENEFIT OF THE PBOPKIETOR : THIRTY-SECOND HEPRE>ENTA 1 ION ! T" o COMIC pantomimes. , SUPERB FIREWORKS- _ ILT-tA I MAOHDINItV A 1 I KACTION.^J TRIUMPHANT XVCCbS??!! In rmiit junior "f repeated requeau f omnumrnu* families, Jfw tiorqroui Vomit Huntumimt qf THE MOHT OWL, will be repeated a few night. h iigrr, wiicu il mud positirely be wit drawn. In which the whole torcr of ih* KAVF'.I. FAMILY end COMPANY n bruuiiht lino action, is nightly received by crowded Saloour.with ENTHUSIASTIC AITIiOBATION. THI9 EVENING, Kept Hat, the Eutenaiumeiiu will com* ire nr, with M. DECHALUMEAU. M. Laronce, Leo J ivelli I Rojuiiifi, J Pteel Julea, Anh me Ravel | Finot, Francoit Ravel Jaqeea, Clark I .Vl'in Olivier, M'meA. Havel M. Uechalumran,.Mima. F'eJiti | Mile Olivier, M'me J.Havel During the Pantomime, a Gallop VilUgoia by the Corps-de* Ba.Irt, Comic Pat Styrieu, by O briel Ravel and Mademot-Clle Duoir.vide. To be auccceded hy a Grand Dueti for Fln'e and Hautboia, by Siguor Hami'tti and Siguor Ribaa. Quarter of an hnur'a luteruiiaaion will oe allowed lor Kefrwah menu in the Grand Saloon. Altar which, ltd time, will be produced a magnificent Comic Pantomime called MAZULME, OR THE NIOHT OWL < Mainline, the Night Owl, Mr Wella Chevalier Bariano, Jerome Ravel Erode, Gabriel Ravel Marlon, Anionic Ravel Bahamam, Mona Oaurergn Mariana, a tmor Peaaant, M'me Jerome Ravol Julie, her daughter, M'llv Doulrevillt Zulima. a Cireiuaiau Slave, Miaa Wella Tocouclnae with a view of the Magnificent Palace of MAZULME ! After which a Grand Eihibition of FIRE WORKS The whole to com lude with a GRAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. In the He'rrahtnent Saloon. The magnificent Comic Pantomime, called the OREEN MONSTER! With entirely new acenery, machinery,drraaea anddeceratioua, he. will he immediately produced. Doors open at hall past in o'clock, F'.ufcrtainmetiu to eon. m-nr. at half |iasl aevm. Tickets?VI renta Ct4 A'l'H A IM fHR al hK. THE OLD PRICES REM JiTD AND NO COMPUL rvlON ! Ill 12H cenu. Upiie* Tier to retita. Kirat Tier 50 ctnta. MR. BOOTH'S SECOND NIGHT. THlS EVENING, Sept. kUl. 1142, will La pcrfornir thv play of IRON CHEST '. Sir Edward Mortimer, Booth | Will'orJ, Johnatou Blanche. Mrs Blake A F'avorite Dance by M later Wood. I O CtMlCltl't** With SIXTEEN 8TH1NG JACK. J. hn Ranu, Wwxl | Mr Col'ifle, W. Jon?, (Jhriitonlie, Clayton, Btevens | Frederic i/anr. ra, Hall Marv Ferraa*. ,\lr? Blake (. instance Manby, Mrs iijmouvillo Op- Doors Will oi*u at7?Cnttain will use ai ijurhi Ulure I o'clock precisely. Boa Omrt open daily from 9 to J, where Tickets may he purchased and place* secured. JIllTCllELL'ti OLYMPIC TliKATKE. 444 Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING, Sept. 21st. the eiitertainmenU will com nielire v? til the LOVES OF THE ANGELS. Jap, Milchrll | Hatioch, Nickluaon. Zeraph, Mr? Tittm Ktibi, Binglrlou To hr followed by the farce calh d PETTY SINS AND PRETTY SINNERS. Reuben SnutBer, Mr Nickeraou I Harry Wilder, Walcot Ruth, Mrs Motion | Hi . Iiel, Mrs limn After which ? new ami laugh ble farce, called . . ... NERVO VITALICS. P< rigrine Milky, (his hast appear*nee) J. M. Field Jane, Mia S ngltion. To conclude with the new farce called BATHING. Mr Penperpod, Nickiaaon | Charley Finch, Gralicm Jane, Mi t Ta' Im .'uha, Mi?s Singleton rC7* Til Doors will be opened at 7. ?nil tlir |iencrn.slices commence at hal-p*vt7, every evru'iig. AMKKICAN .ni hKI 77, OA H 'Vv N ANU GALLERY Oh' FINK ARTS. pORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET, v-r op|ioaite St. Paul's I liurch. P. T. BARNUM. MANAUKH. Best Attractions in Ntu> York!!?Change of JSoVfltltS. PERFORMANCfcn TWICE EVERYDAY First time in this city oi Sign r Viv ilili's munificent MECHANICAL THEATRE. In which the science of mrciauism i> compleiely p-ifecled as is shown by th- wonderful |ieiforniau< es of many fikun-ere acmbliiig human beings <nal tneir actions and laughable cou to.tious. Mr. Wi. rlielPs new com c sketch entitled JOB SEARCH-EM-'OUT, In which He W. sustains ?e?i" chaiactei*. Mist Hood, the accomplished vocah-t?La Petite Celeste will introduce various dances, including I a TyioPan, as danced hi Fanny F.'ssler?Model of Sniizeiland?Natural Bridge in Virginia? Albino Lidy?Fancy Olaa. Blowing?the Myateneut Gipsy Girl?Balloon Aacenaions?a Den of Living Snakes?MO.on Curi aities. The celebrated Matter Diamond al o appears. PERFORMANCES TWICE EVERY DAT. commencing at four o'clock and liall-;wat seven, P. M The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Gardinand enter lainmenta, twenty-file cents?Childrru halt price. al(^ THE NEW YORK MUNKITM /"kPENS Thia D iy under thr management of Mr BEN NETT " who announces that he intends to adopt tn entirely new plan in the man gement?chat is, to reduce tha price and ne crease the attractions. He feels confident that his si stem must succeed,and cheerfully , uhmits it In the decision of a discern ii gpubli . To remove anv impression that may be entertain d it is not genteel to attend a smiling eihibuiou, the manages begs to observe that the price of adrrissinu is no criterion o4 it. respectibility. The way in which it u couducted, and the performances piesenied, is tha proper standard ! judse by. In the princitwl cities on tin continent ol Eurn|ie, the ra'aa of admissinu to theatnts and other places of amuscmr nt art fifty pm crur cheatwr than in England. All clas-es of aociety assemble ?the highest and the lowest?the moderate charge placing It in the |iower ol the latter : yet no one attempts to dispute Use respectability of the performance. In the public gardens oi Parts there is no price of admission. They are Irsquented by every body : vet ordrr and dec-aoim prevail, and ins manages maim.ina thai if a place o< pnblie amusement ia conducted with propriety, and disreputable characters i iclud.d, that fnnilies of in* first irsprctabtiity may attend wiui at great a degree ol safety as if the amount ol admission were ta n timet the amount. The Manager tros't dial the folio slug names will be a sufficient guaramee of his intei tiou? :?. MR HARRINGTON. 'he wi ndrrful Magician mid V-ntnhxiui.t. MI88 RO-ALIK, the charming and beautiful Vocali?t irotn the American Mo cam. Mr Kneaas.lhe much admired singer Mr Benuie, the celebrated Dancer Mm Emalie. the accomplished Danaeuse Mr Jeronelli's Fantiatic r igurea. Admiaaion one ahiltipa. al7 I w*c T(T tTfET ^MAffclt Kft OF THL ACCORDION! OIGNOR L. MARTINI bega to inform tne |?uhlic that ha ar baa just pnbliahed hn Accordion inatiuctioo, which ia divided ii two paita?the first for the Accordiona withaut semitonas?the accond for tt.oae with arm -tnnea, both of which are ami ly furnished with aelectrd muai., and eaerciaea pro greasuely written, in order that ihe amateur can? have entire command over the inatrument. SIGNOR .MARTINI bega also to atatr that he haa a large collection of M88. music for the Acordinn, which he intends to publish shortly, and he arrangea for that inatrument any sort of music he should be required. The ftignor will be thankful to all those who will faenr him at his residence,SO Canal street, wlieie he eontinura togive hit lessons. aulS Jm*r A MATCH come off on Wednesday the Ilstinst, as between the Crolius of Feekikill and the Josephine of Ne? burgh, fi>r $100 a-ide, to be rowed from the Thatched Cottage Otrdeii, Jertey Cilv, 3 inilea and repeat. A puree will ha git en by the proprietor to the winning bo.t. The boate will tart at 4 o'clock. P. M. N. B?The ( raliua will be rowed by the well known Tenycka. >20 *t*r FLUTE & GUITAR. \d R PHILIPS RRNBT, Profe*?or ol thr Flutr, U-itar, an 'i piitciit toucertiiw br<? i'f *unounc? I i hi* frieinii ami |*ib Nc thai he ha* ,u*r i-uhlnlin! hi* uea 'Howli M.liuirr'' forth* guitar, which will hr found well w o?fhv the attention ot U # learner 01 *m'teur, trom it* br i.u well anapied 10 that instito* m?-iif umlcilcnlMcl uoton y foplea**- bur <o afford iiutmction, I hi* Rondo, with ?ev.: if oti r pie ml "a ! # <* if liia c<JWl|>oai lion "for the k:uif$r'* ire to b* loouJ at Mr. Erie'*- r?ai .encc Canal ttrret, where he rnofi?uea logi** I t on* on f r abort initrlimeDtB. -lim* Teacher of the flute MONZ4NI. M I'hon i*cn ?treet, *?rta ineimctl ou the Flute Terui* $li |k r ijna-ter. 3in* / daguerreotype apparatus, NEW MATTERN| F. A. ARTAULT k CO., I6?* FULTON STREET. 'I'HIS heantiful art hu arrived at anch peifetrion, that lao J houra inatrnction ia anfficent to obtain a periect knowledge of it?whl< h will be given g'iltts to thoae who purchaae the ap Rratu. at the atore of F. A. Artanlt k Co. IMt% Fnlton atr?< t ice of the amwr-rua complete variea from tVi to $100 Al?" ?Acromitic Leiiaea French idatrs, hrpuanlphatr of Horh.tri poll, biomine,chloride of iodine, chlort *e of g<dd,kc Alau morrocco eaaea. and a good npplv of De w frame., allied and Piat- board. K. A. Artauli fc Co. are cniutaiiily recemna from an. all kind, of fancy articlea ot the lateal invention M* In* r "DAGUKRK KOTYI'K APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH,OPTICIAN, 72 Nassau street. TO ARRANGE a Petfecr Camera tjb.cnra.r.d1"'" ?"m? knowledge of Optict* Trraona wi-bin, to procure *n Ainimeut will therefore find it to their ir.rere*c to |>?r?J*** * 1 *D optician. ",y ' ' GYMNASTIC EXERCISES. WFULLF.R reaiH-ctfullyinforma hi.i pupil. and th# |mblie . generally, that Ilia (Jymna.iom. 20.7 Green and 29 Ann &n? mow oprn for thr tfMon. A Junior Claaa is about being formed at both (lie r.tabliahmenta, at houra to anit the convenience of .cholera, kor term., which have bean conalda rahlv r. (lin ed aradv at Cither o the Uymnaainma. 'I'L heiicing I'rpartment will lie under the auperintendenre of Mr. Cha.le. Drfaney. Profeaaor, and Teacher by appointment in the U. S. Navy. Spaniiut taught aa u.ual. M ??tr A FAYETTE BANK OF THE CITY OF NEW IJ YORK ?Notice i* her- by *iven. that ill* Hec*irer ol ih? inoiwiry and fTeuta of the La Fayette Bank, will, o? and alter f I9'h il .> o.' S< i?tt inbrr instant. p*y in fall, with'Jt interrat, 4I1 tl*e ?)rh(* and Ji maud* ol ana *(ain*t the haid L%r ?yette Baok now ouiitaifdiiiff aud remaioina unpaid, on preeentmetit of the .am. to him at Ci, office, ft^^C goRNELL 17 lw*r Receiver of the La Fayette Btnk. sM M ?

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