Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1842 Page 1
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ly TH Vol. VIU.-~Ro.S04 ? Whole Ho. 3113 ~ MEDICI N EST~~ THK NKW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PH A R M AC Y . SUPP?S*ONHOF,ai'ACKERY, XJ AS met with the moat unprecedented success since its com 11 mrnccmrnl. particularly from the unfortunate victims ol unprincipled pretender*, who are now daily gaming strength and vigor under the judiciona treatment of the College. The following preparations hare already obtained a celebrity unnaralelleu in the anuala of medicine. THE UNRIVALLTEI) TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure for all forma of dyapepaia, low spirits, low of appetite, laaaitude, cutaneoua eraptioua, general debility, predi>|K>tirion to consumption, and all complaints arising from a disarrangement of the uervious ayatem. It may be also naed with great suecesa in eaaea of fever and ague, and as a preventative ta yellow fever. Sold in bottles at $1 and $! each. >uv iNiiinvvii' I IVIVllrVT For the crre or rheumatic pains, colic, bruises, sprains, spi- ' nal disease, uervous headache, pains in the joints, and immediate and permanent iclief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 7i cu C11''THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the care ol all cases of a delicate disease, or for pains in the boues, eruptions, sore throat, or auy other distressing symptoms, produced by an injudicious use of mrrcmy, *r by quackery. Hold in hottlea at $1 and $2 each. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOUS CATHARTIC PILL, For the cure of all derangrmeuts of the liyer, purifying the lood, exciting the whole alimentary caual to Wealthy action, ndgiviug new vigor to the vital powers. This raeuiciue is utirely supcrcediug the drastia purgatives of the nostrum euders. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to tha female set, and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female organs, with lull directions and cautions as to use, and sold in boles at $1, 60 centa, and 26 cents each. SIR A8TLEY COOPER'S PILL. For 'he cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic rhemna tisin, and to improve the tone or the digestive organs. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to . ure gonorrhoea, gleet, aud all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Sold in bottle* at 60 cents and #I"C,'THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER,. Forthecureof sore nipples, and superficial excoriations of the skin. Sold in closely slotU phials at 60 centa each. The above preparations may also be had of the fallowing sub-agents in this city:? J. W. Basset, 644 Jrosdway. Dr. E. M. Union. 127 Bowery. Dr. King.287 Hudson street. Eiiaa L.Tbesll, 648 Grand street. Wm. Armstrong, 184 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal oAce of tha College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, au28 3mr W. 9.RICHARDSON. Agent BRISTOL'S SAR3APAR1LLA. TVA ANUFACTURED and sold by the proprietor, C. C. BRISTOL. Buffalo, and for sale by his Agent, WILLIAM ttUKUE'4, Wholesale Druggist, Not. 60 an 62 Corllamlt at. aud 188 Greenwich at, and by the principal Dmggist* throughout the Union. This preparation has now been before the public about Sevan years, during which time its reputation has been steadily and rapidly advancing, until ita present and deserved celebrity has been attained?nor is it stationary at even .this altitude of estimation, aa the evidence of each succeeding day clearly eviuces. M toy of the first Physicians in the country have voluntarily borne witness to its superior efficacy of valne, as their written certificates, now in the possession of the proprietor, will show. Testimoniils almost innumerable, from persons who have been benefitted by its use, or have seen its medicinal virtues tested by their friends, arc alto in possession of Mr. Bristol, which prove how mauy,. how vtrious, and how extreme hare been the instances in which, by IU operation the aick anil the almoat despairing have been restored to health md happities . BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA is a rare and inraluable combination ( vegetable remedies of. established medical value, and from its peculiar properties is almost infallible in all complaints that arise irom impurities of the blood, from the morbid action r l the absorbent and glandular systems, from cousiit i toual idioiyncracies, hereditary predisposition, and ii general all chronic and lone standing infirmities and irregularities of the human frame. To enumerate, all the diseases in which it has been foand to be a sovereign remedy, would be to make this uotice much toa lengthy, and we can only hrre suggest to the reader the value and importance of this preparation, aud refer him to advertisements in the public papers for more detailed intelligence respecting its efficacy, in nearly all easel of complaint except those of the most ordinary or endemic aud epidemic aharacter. The proprietoi desires only to have attention generally directed to this article, confident that its rare virtues only need be known to be appreciated ; that it will stand the teat of anv trial, and that increased usefulness, and added popularity, must be the direct result of its more extended acquaintance. Among the numerous letters daily received by the proprietor of Brist '-Sarsaparlla, the following is selected, merely to show.ho . hisar" le is regarded: aud the increasing demand for this iui aluable edicine by the dealers in this city, as the application comes rom the well known house of A. B. It D. Bands, Druggists, of tins city, who have since advertised their own article to the whole world, shows conclusively that the article is all it pnriorts to be. (COrY.) Naw Yoai, April 10,1142. Mi.C.C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. Dcia Hie? We have been selling during the year past considerable quantises of yonr Extract #f Sarsaparilla, and tlunk from the account we hear of its virtues from those who have used it, that the sale in thia city may be much increased bv paying it mors attention in advertising. Our arrangements are such with the different papers that we can have advertiaemeuts inserted on much better terms than most others pa. and more conspicnonaly. If you would like to make an arrangement with us lor tilling it more extensively, we think it could be made of much advantage to us both. We have now four different stores, three of tnrm in the best location in the city for retailing, and one for wholesaling, aud our facilities are each as will enable as to dispose of more of it, perhaps, then any other house. We shall be much pleased to hear from you on this subject, or if yon visit Nr w York in the coarse of a month or so, to see you at our stoic 71 Fulton street. Yours, very respectfully, AB.I16. SANDS. OPINIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Bi'rrtLo, Aug. 12, 1137. We are acquainted with the preparation of aarmaiwrllla, ma nufsctured by C. C. Bristol, and having made use of it more or lass iu onr practice, believe it to contain the ac ive principle of Sarsaparilla, in a highly concentrated form, and as a prr|*ralion wr estc rm it as one or the Deal we nave ever m~' wiui. J TROW Bill DOE, M D CYRRN1UH CHAP1N.MD CHAS WINNE, j!l D MOSES BRISTOL. M D JOSUH BARNES MD J E MARSHALL. M D J E HAWLEY, M 1) AS SPRAOOE, M D A MILLER, M D F L HARRIS, M D H R 8TAOO. From Doctors Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at Canandaigna:? Cana.*daiooa, Dec. 27, 1878. We have freqnently prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's preparation of Sarsaparilla, in our practice, and hare always found it to answer an tirelleut purpose in cases where Sarsaparilla was applicable. Our knowledge of the article has not been limited, and we can freely say that is.tfce best preparation of Sarsaparilla we hare ever used. RICHARD WELLS, M D, E W CHEENY, M D. The following extractor a letter from Dr. J. A. Hyde, one of the oldest and moslrespectable practitioners in the western section, is given : Youwostow*, June II, 1838. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Dear Sir: I am nearly out of Sarsaparillt again, and, if you please, you may send me two dozen bottles, by stage or cars, directed to me at this place. I hare frequently prescribed your Comimund Fluid Extract of Saisanarilla for a few years past, witn much advantage, in chronic diseases, especially in Scrofuia and obstinate cutaneous alfections, tttended with scrofulous habit. Also, in secondary syphilis; and in chronic general debility, from almost any cause. It genertlly proves useful. I think your Fluid Extract the beat preparation of Sarsauarills I ever used. Willi much respect, yours, truly, J. A. HYDE. From Docts. Hoyt 8t May PalKtsa, July 2, 1841. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir : We have uaed your Extract of Sarsaptrilla in our practice, and for diseases arising from an im pure state of the blood, and as ageneral renovator of the system we esteem it as the best article now in use. D D. HOYT. M. D. WM. MAY, M. D. From Dr. A. Miller * Rome, July 14, 1141. I am acquainted with the preiteration of Sarsaparilla manufactured b> C. C. Bristol, of Buffalo, and having made use ol I tit my practice, believe it to contain the active principle of Sarsaparilla in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, 1 esteem it as the best 1 have ever met with. A. MILLER, M. D. From Dr. 8. C. Noyea: Colli*!, Erie Co., July 5,1841. I have been acquainted with Bristol a Sarsaparilla for a number of years, and nave very frequently prescribed it in my prmctice, and have invariably fonna it to answer the desired effect. I consider the reuulatiou of the article established, and where thr genuine can be obtained, I have no hesitation in saying that a trial of ita virtues will sustain my opiuion. 8. C. NOYE8, M. D. From Dr. A. P. Curtis 1 Attica, Genesee Co., July 3, 1841. I hsve freqnently prescribed Bristol's Sarsapsrillsin my practice, and have no hesitation in recommending i t as sti article possessing all of the active principle of Sarsaparilla, and at a preparation, I think it the best one I have evei met with. A. P. CURTIS, M. D, Oswgno, May 8, 1841. We certify that we atteuded Julia Ann Van Dooaer during her sicknrts, and we hare no hesitation in saying that her reco eery may be attribnted to the use of Biistol's SirsujianlU. P. H. HARD. M. D. . . H. K. THUKbKR. M. D. above ease may be seen by ca liny on Mr. WM. BUROEH, so Courtlandt at.) . .... Darnel*. July 1, 1841. We, the undersigned, physicians, residing in Darirnand Bennington, having treated Mr. E. Cross during his illness, know the above statement of his c > * to be tru- in all particular*, and we ha?e not the leaat hesitation in ascribing hu core to the use of Bristol'* Sirsapanlla. Indeed, we are assured that this me dicine was the means of entirely airrsting and eiadicatiag the disease. iRA CROSS. M D. erastus Cross, m. d. .... . . . . .Dsnian, Julv *, mil. We, the undersigned, are particularly acquainted with Mr. E. Cross, and are In ly acquainted with the fact* as drawu op in ihe * ore statement, which we oelieve to be correct in all respects, and we air assured that it was was through the agency ol Bristol's Sirsapanlla tint his cure was effected STEPHEN KINO, P. M. Danen Jentre. JONATHAN DC A KEF,, Justice of the Peace. HIRAM H. CHAPIN. ALANSON FISHER. Justice of the Peace. H. P. HUTCHINSON. J. H. FLAGLER. Ai.toi*, Jannary 17, 1841. I hare been lately the physician to Mr. Maynard, and was called to see him during his illness, some lime in the month of August or September last, and I must say I was much surprised and astonished to see Mrs. MaynanJ officiating as nurse, and attending to Iris wants while he was sieb. Her -ase was one tnat I was conversant with hut never prescribed for; it was Procidentia, and for the moat part of seven or i fttht year* she had been obliged to he conveyed about the house and nursed in a craule constructed or the pnrpos-. Until she uomnn nerd the nse of Bristol's Sartapaiill* tier disease resisted the best medical treatment. I was frequently called to consult with Dr Gage in her case, but the disease had asaumeo such a form lliel my opinion was, that medicine would have no effect iu producing ac ire. I am iwrlectly convinced that her recovery is entirely attributable to the nseot Bristol's Sarsanarilla. JOHN M. HARRINGTON, M. D. Aldv.iv, Jannary 17.1841. I have been one of the attending physrciatif of Mrs. Maynard for eight years past. H r disease was Frolaptm Ultri of an aggravated character, an resisted all the agents laid down in our most eminent ..uthois. In addition to remedial agents recommended, I prescribe, varionl instrument* to no effect. I am rlearly of the opinio i that her cure may be altribntedto the '* use of Bristol's Sariiparilla. _ .. _ CsROVE C. OAOE, M. D. Al.nrn. January 17, 1842. We lnv? h?an acqnai itad with the circumstance# of Mra. Mil liard's sickness for rignt years past, have always under | E NE NEW atood lier ease as being t eyond the reach of medicine, and have been surprised ll i till i the |uut year to kc her aLrnt, and we are assured that her rer orrn i> ttrihuuble entirely to the use of Bristol s Sixapanl I r. We are further acquainted with the fact, that for lire y?r ra of the titne of her aicauetm, ?lie wai obliged to be ouveye ( from one place to another in the armsof her husband, andit fact, wheaahe waa moved at all. JOSEPH FRiEMAN.Judge Erie Co.C. Pleas. HOR.V ESI ANLF.V, Justiee of the Peace. 11. LITCHFl* LD, Poatmaater. DEXTER E^\ ELL, Supervisor. 8. II. BUTLER. L P. JACOBS. . JOHN E8TABROOKS. A history of "he above cases insy be aecn by callinx aa above. [From the Buffalo Com nercial Advertiser, Nov. 6, If* ] An EiTttAORDinaav Casi.?The article below it from the pen of one of our moat intelligent medical men, whoee atatementa are entitled to the fullest confidence. The case he details ia really a r-markable one, and might well have been suppoaed beyond the power of medicine. Satemrntof the Physician who visited the Patient inpetsoo,and who waa at the time one of the Editors of the Cummer cial Advertiser. frit ia rare indeed that fallen humanity ia made to experience from the hand of Providence ao much severe and protracted suffering, and such calamitous and shocking mutilation, aa haa fallen to the lot of Jamea Wycaoff, a l?d 11 yeirs of age, now living in the town of Clarence in this county. Jamea ia the ion of a farmer, the offspring of healthy and re pnaoir imrrnia, wno nitre a uumrraui uinny ??i ronwn ennurni. Without any assignable came, he waa suddenly deprived of the sense of hearing acme ten yeara aince, which wa? aoon followed by what waa probably an attack of the rfru gangrene. Tina rapidly des'royed Aral trie palate, the hones of the roof of the month, and then a couaidetable portion of the upper jaw, upper lip, and the whole.of the noae, both bouea and cartilage, aa well aa integuments,. It would be difficult to iauirinr in what way a more unaighllydeformity could be impressed upon the 'human face divine.' This frightful dtaeaae ceased its rai agea ou the lace after arvrral inonlti, to renew thein again in other parts of the system with greater and moie destructive severity. Some two years ago, a " black spot."??s the intelligent mother of thia moat unfortunate child told the writer ef this?waa observed under the sail of each big toe, This ominous appearaucewaa the precursor of a second attack of gangrene, which gradually extended overeach foot and leg to within feur inches of the knev. A separation tlieu took pi ice, and in due course ol time both limbs dropped off The fingers of the right hand were then attacked by this consuming malady, which extended to within a few inches of the shoulder, and at length the right arm tell to the ground like the dead branch of a liviug The disease then showed itself at the elbow of the left arm, and on the left shoulder, producing extensive Defoliation of the bones, lie. The integumenta of the light side, near the centre of the ribs, and of the right eye, wt re also affected with the tame destroying complaint in its incipient stages. On examining the boy, who, notwithstanding he ix diafand mate, ii really intelligent and sprightly, the greatest marvel to ua waa, how it waa possible for a constitution so very feeble aud lifeless, that the system was rapidly falling to pieces fuim the death of its parts, conld. when reduced to a merr/rarmtnt ofhumatiity, hold out, and prolong for years a miserable existence. Strange as it rany se?ni, we tound this piece of a child sitting at the dinner table with the rest of the family, and feeding himself with meat, potatoes, bread, aud tne like, witn all evident relish of the liesity meal. His stumia of liuibs, which lately presented a hideous mass of eating ulcers, are now healing over kiudly. and nothing but the scars are left o tell the ittjnry dour to the left shoulder, and rite parts that turr>ui d the right eye, the lower jaw, and the fragments of ears still growing on the head, the api>earaues of which we shall not attempt to descri' e. The certain check given to this terrible spreading and hopeless malsdy?the removal of the intense protracted, p-ins i ver excited bv irritable fungenns flesh connected with dead animal matter?the quiet sleep, increased strength, and stable cunvalesence so minifest in the perion of James?were all, and doubtles justly, attributed by his mother to the exclusive "se, for the last six weeks of regular portions of Mr. C. C. BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLa. Those who have witueased the truly auspicious, and m ist unexpected effects of this medicine in this very extraordinary case, are unanimous in the opiuiou that had it been early administered when the disease was comparatively small and feeble, and the constitution sound and rigorous, it could not have failed to (invent one of the greatest calamities that can bef.d a human being. Certificate of Ots. Maissfif.i.d. MR. C. C. BRISTOL?I have been acquainted with Peter Wyckeff for more than twenty yean, and have known his son James from his infancy to this day, aud I do hereby certify than the facts set forth iu the above, from the Commercial Advertiser, are correct. ORANGE MANSFIELD, P. M? Not. 26th, 1141, North Clarence, Erie Co. Bloomvield, Oakland Co., Mn? July 23, till Messrs. John Owen ft Co.. Detroit: Gent.?Some time in the ye?r 1832, 1 was attacked with what was called by some of my attendingnhvticiant, the King's Evil. I immediately applied to a Dr. Thompson, who said it mast be cut out; I then applied to another physician who ordered blistering. Duriug my sickness 1 employed eight different physicians, and by one I was advised to hare my arm amputated, which 1 declined. Iv the year *37, mortification set in, when I applied to a root doctor, who appeared to help it some. In that year 1 sold a span of horses and two cows, and spent the whole of it, say $130, which only served to keep it back. 1 have used almost cvety thing I could hear of, without any great benefit. In July last, a core was attempted by a person who, like all others, failed. The expense of all this has been at least $300. From abont four inches below the shoulder, to aboot the middle of the fore arm, there have bi en at least twen'y holes, many of them as large as a silver dollar, and half an inch deep. In February, 1042, I accidentally came across a wrapper from a bottle of Bristol's Sirmaparilla, and made ui> my mind to try the medicine. On the 13th day of that month, 1 commenced using it, and used a bottle a week for two or three months,when 1 found myself to all appearance completely cared. At any raie, since that time I have not felt any pain from it. No tores have apiieared, and it seems perfectly sound, aimI 1 can labor with it as well aswith the other arm. I am so well satisfied of iu superiority over every thing else that I have tried, that 1 most earnestly recommend inv person to begin using it immediately who may be similarly afflicted. Yours, truly, WiLLlAM 1'fcARSALL. Persons who have any doubts of the efficacy of this medicine, are invited to call en any of the following City References before purchasing the article John Giles, 301 Pearl street. Thomas Hog an, 208 Stanton atreet William W. Randolph, 373 Fourth street Lloyd Bryant, No. 1 Avenue C. Wm H. Stinemi'ts, 99 Cedar street Mr. Johnson. 20 Jsmes street William Stehbius, corner of Rirington and Ridge sts. Ricrard Smith. 82 Clinton street Rnhffrt W f Jnrrlftn 11 Oramre. atrMf Mrs. A. Hodjir.nHiilii-itierl William Wil.on, 68 Lewi* street M. Vande water, 314 Madison street Lemuel Leland, St Hudson street I. Q. Reed, 143 Fulton street, Brooklyn Mrs. Ward, (S Bayard street J. W. Henderson, n Grand street James MeOill, 336 Grand street H. B. Kuapp, 31 Avenue B?house S01 Fourth street John Culver, 191 Stanton street. IlTT ,J a? not wisn any one to purchase this medicine until they fully satisfy themselves that all that is said of it is true ; if, therefore, they will take the trouble to call on Mr. Burger, M Courtlandt street, or at Milhau's 183 Broadway, they can examine substantiated testimony in addition to the above, which will prove conclusively that the article is what it purport* to be. C.C.BRISTOL. Caution.?At the fame of this wonderful medicine extends, numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part of its reputation. Ths afflicted therefore should be careful, if they with the true article, to ask for Bristol's, and tee that the written signature of C. C Bristol is scroti the cork of the bottle. Fortale by reputable Druggists and Agent* throughout the c<>un ry. William Burger, Wholesale Agent, M Courtlandt street, and IIS Greenwich street, and at retail at the following places: Milhau's Pharmacy, 113 Broadway ; Rtishion and Asptnwill, IIS Broadway, 86 Wiillsm street, and 10 Attflr Hons*: fames Syme, M. D., 63 Bowery, ; Robert Legrett, M. D., IT Avenue D. ; B. Quackenbush, 709 Gieenwich street, snd A. Hill, 308 Greenwich st. *11 Imr* EAU DE BEAUTE, pOURAUD'S EAU DE BEAUTE, or True W?ter of G Beauty, for exterminating Tan, Redness, Sallown as, Pimples, Freckles, Moplirw, Burns, Biotches, and all cutaneous eruptions?for realieiug delicate while necks, hanus, andaims, and eliciting a healthy juvenile bloor,:, stands unrivalled. Its toothing and healing properties in all roughness Slid harshness of the skin?especially ill alia} ing the irritability after shaving, is bevo>'d compare. Among the swarms of trashy preparationsand vile com|M>unds foiced into notice by parasitical pop-gun puffs, Gouiaud's Sam Lotion his unobtrusively crept its way slowly but surely and steadily into public favor throughout the United States. This article u not recommended for its " cheapness'Mits price being $1 per botlle, though at this cost it is infinitely cheaper than the vile stuff spread tlaily before the public, even i' the cost were one shilling or oue cent.) Such cheap remedies or Mineral Astringents being not only inadequate to the objects contemplated, but by their rep-llant ac ion. positively iniunons to health. QOURAUD'S WaTER OF BEAUTY recommenda itself by its combined efficacy, hannlessneas of action, and refreshing fragrance. A French ledy writing to (he proprietor, says? " Mons. Guuraud?'Tis but an act of just ce that I ahould spontaneously give you my unqualified testimonial of ihe united efficacy, innocence, and fragrance of your preparation for purifying and clrausing the skin. By its use every pimple and it i* ?o sovereign and charming a remedy for scattering all blemishes from our faces, call it Tea drlices des dames. Kn tin m it, je tni enchant' de Ic rnimetique et je en vous reinercie de tout mon coeur. EMILIE DESMOULINS. Petition Frandii, <Jre? nwich street." " I hare vonr Ean de Deante in use?it it au adiniratle article, and I thai! recommend it " 8. F. PHILLIPS. Philadelphia. " I have had terrral callt for your trath, for freckles, tic. A lady living here bought a bottle of voti, and tai l it had the desired effect." ALEX. OUTHRIE, No. 4 Stanwia Hall, Albany. " I cheerfully hear tettimony to the efficacy and (wrfect innocence ofvour Kan de Beante;ia it decidedly a valuable cotmeiic. 1 cannot content that you publith my n .me." T>>e above ia from a lady in Le Hoy Place. " Deir Sir?Having had a very favorable opportunity yeiterday evening for eapatiating on the men.a of your Ean de Beautr, and showing tht effects it prodoced on my handa, a young lady requested that I would procure her a boitle of it. Please tend one per bearer." JOSEPH M , Broadway. So atrong it the proprietor's conviction of the entire efficacy of the above invaluable prepa ttion in realising all that it |.rofettea to acco.i.plith, that any ditatiafied pnrrh uer can receive hi* or her money back, if requeued. To be had only at Di. (J 'a f.iclmive Office, g7 Walker ?t., one door from Broadway, at $1 per bottle, and ol the following Agenn Albany, Oathrie, 4 Maiden Lane; Goahen, Elliott; I'hdadelPhia, Mrs Brown, 7G Chesnut street; Bdtimore, Seth Hance, Pratt at; Washington, Srlby Pa.ker; Alegandri-i, C C Bcny; H.rtford, Wells It Humphrey; Button, Jordan, 2 Milk afreet; Norwich, W Faulkner; Lowell, Carlelon: Sdern, jvet; New Haven, E Myert; Providence, Dyer, Jr.. Cincinnatti, Tliomaa, Main street, and othvra throughout the U. Slatea. Uourand a Pondre Snbtile, for completely and permanently eradicrMM superfluous hair, tl per Imttle. iron rand s Liquid Vegetable Rouge, JO cents per bottle. Ivouraiid a Blanc D'Krpngne, iimairts a pure life whiteneaa to tkm, free from the deletariout principlet generally entering intocombination for this purpose. fa renta per bo?. t!7 Im r hop PLOWKKS. jyt R. J. B. JAC<|Ut MOD, manufacturer and importer of Freneh Artificial Firmer., M LUpenard street near Broad way. hat mat received by Havre pacSrt Sully, Ducheta d Orleana. and Iowa, a large assortment of nperinr and faah fc?th?r?. 'be latest Panaian style. L?PrfAND ivlAHKUtrt.-jntt p?ui,.hy ed, Becatarda Phraialogoical My.terie.and Revelation, in Love, Coartahip and Marriage, an infallible guide-book for marned and single persons, in matters of the utmost importance to the human race. 1 Am ingtt the things dnly considered in this work are?Causes of an I cures lor barrenness ; Offspring, with modes for prevention and increase ; T' e arts ol beauty and couttahip ; The danger of solitary practices, and how the habit may be removed ami its effects cured ; The causes of Love of Jealousy, with a remedy for eradicating from the mind iha seeds ol a hopeless or an unhappy passion, kc Ike. Translated from the tlsira Pa lis edition, ny Philip M. Howard. For sale at 102 Nassau Street, price 71 cents Orders from the couutry, inclosing s dollar, directed to HOLLAND k (JLOVKR, New Yotk city, will secure tha work being aent to any part of the United Stales. ?H-lm#i ???ia??p???Igggg W YO YORK, THURSDAY MORf ~MI8CKI.I. A X ECU'S. HOUSE OF REFRESHMENT. No. 11 ANN STREET. rT',HE Proprietor of thia establishment continues, as heretoA fors, to supply his customers with tin- delicacies of the set- ?< soli, served up in the b< at inanuet. The quality of the viands, jf/j and his very moderate chargts, ere evident from the tlattrriint jja ps'rooage which the public are pleased daily to award him. . llis effo. is ?hall be, as they have heretofore been, to merit its coulinuance, and to secure to his house that reputation for sa ^ cellence and accommodation which it has tor so long a time ( maiutsineo. As the proprietor is no longer coun. cteil with any iy oilier establishment,h" will pay his sole ami uudtviecil alteupon to the best interests of tin i house, and spare uo p.nus for the maintenance o i 11 sw e 11 -c a rued reputation. sit Itn't ^ | SHAKSPEARE, , 11 Park Ruw, and 3 Ann street. Da rPllR SUBSCRIBER begs to return his best thanks to P. A his numerous friends, fur the kind an I liberal encourage ] menl they hare giTeu him since he re-op* lied the shorn establishment ; lie Assures them and the public in general, ihat he w ill continue to use every excrtiou in metit their pa aci tronrge. The Lardt-r will be always supplied with the choicest delicacies of the season, which will be served up in a superior manuer, at prices in accordance with the times. j The Bar will be stocked with wiues, liquors, draught and Scot, h ales, London porter, and srgars ; all of llie rery heat f,.( quality' Breakfasts, dinners, leas, and sunnrra. at all reasonable hours. t)u Hot dishes, soups, Ste., ou hsuil every day, between the liours ? of I ? nd i P. <vl. OYSTERS?The very best that can be procured, in every Suitable notice being given, ANY DISH whatever can be H procured. Le Private rooms, for the accommodation of dinner itid supper panic. EDWARD WINDUStT _il3 2taw is tw*r '"PERRAPIN LUNCH.?Gourmondc' Qui Vive J Thou- At a sands of our good cit*. lovers of good tare, have been for some weeks past suffering severe dissppoiiitmen' from the closing of the far-fained " Ternpiu Lunch." The " fitful , fev.r^ is now. however, over, and again inay they "feed wi ll," for be it known tint the John Adama, of Kuickeibocker memory, "hangs his hat" uo at the T< rripiu ; also tl,e pronrietor, one of the hneit little fellows in Christendom, y'clept *' W J Carr. Now, then, smack your lips ye cormorants in the '* Taide Soup and steak liue , the mantle of 'Sandy,' has fallen u|k)u J ihu, to perfection, iu good eating and drinking may be I'11 again uuarauteid at ihe Terrapin. A single look into the old J!" "lee Bos," will appease the hunger of liiin with the short purse, and a taste of die genuine at half the old prices will >e! Uckle the palate of the vrriest auehorite. bine Grcru Turtle served up this day, aud every day during ,rr the aaasoii. ?6 lmfr _) EPICURES'. EPICURES! EPICURES! T. THE Subscriber, formerly known as one of the nrra of Blew and Ten Eyck, of No. S Broad street, having opened a house No. Ml Broadway a few doors !? low Nibio's Garden, where he svill continues to serve up all tne Delicacies of the Season, viz?(isine. Poultry, Knh, Sao fcc., together with his ? celebrated Mill Pond. Shrewsbury and all choice Oysters.fresh '' or pickled, which obtained the premium at the last Animal Fair Is at Niblo's. " Having fitted up a saloon unequalled iu the city, where gen- foi tlemen and their lainilies visiting Niblo's, can, with the greatest fct< propriety, have served up to their comfort and satisfactiou.such pa refreshments as they may call lor on reasonable terms. afl N. B.?Clubs and Private Parties wishing rooms, can on ac- ni< commooated as above, by an ?7 "n*r JOSEPH TEN EYCK. _ th ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD m' LIVING, *1 ^HE undersigned hu, at agreat expense, fitted up one of the r A largest and most splendid Coffee and Eating Houses in rj{ New York, in which our hundred iiereous at least can sit down j-j to an excellent and substantial breakfast, dinner, and tea, [from : the choicest supplies of itie markets, with a bill of fare not ex celled either as regards quality or number of dishes] by any ho- a| tel iu the United Stales, mid varying in prices from ail cents to ej one shilling aud eighleeu peuce |er dish. The purest Java and u. Mocka coffee and the very best teas, and served at only three to 3euu |iercup. Aud all othei refreshments in prO|>ortion. The waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may be .. rest ,,f i? ,1,1. ..,.l,l!.km.?, o,.t L ? fact, every d#|mumeiit of the business it under the superintendrnce of competent overseers, whute tole care auil attention are n, directed to the comfort aud conveniences of cuitomrra and pi guests. HKNKY GOSLING, Proprietor of the French and American Kitiux House, a Not 64 and 66 Nassau at, between Jehu at and Maiden Lnne. t(] P. 8.?()|ien 8iiudavs lor breakfast, dinner ami tea ie Ml linr FRENCH S ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND MATERIALS " FOR FLORISTS. ? pRUN LA ROSIERKJx. COURT, 116_ William street? m i ne oniy successor 01 oriiii l. . nmirrr uto. at ram, nave ta just received, by tbe Havre Pick. t Shies Silvie tie Grasse anil L, U.e Sully, a Urge assortment or Superior anil Fashionable 33 Flowers, of the latest Parisian styles, B No. 116 William street it tne true anil only depot of those to- V ^M-rior articles from their mauufactory in Paris, line tie Tracy The above firm has been lately declared by decreet of the Tribunal ile Commerce and the Cour Royal, at Paris, to be the only legitimate successor of the firm of Bran la Rosiere It Co., of Paris. si lni'r . TTTCTORINE k CO.?Will commence business at their et- a! ? lablishmeiit, No. 395 Broadway, up stain.?Madllr VIC- w< TOR1NE, whose name has become so popular from its frequent m mention 111 the Parisian Journals of Fashion, and whose house al at Paris was the rt ndezvous of the fashionable woild, has the pr honor to announce to the ladies of New York, that the will on ~ Tuesday nest, the 20th of September, open her establishment for the sale of Freuch Fashions, consisting of Cloaks, Shawls, ( Mantelettes, Aprons, Hats, Ca|w, Read Dresses, and Fancy Parisian Ai tides. Y The corresjiondeuts of Mad'lle Victorine will keep her con- V stantlvsupplied with the rery lattst Fashions. Two skilful French workwomen are always in attendance. s!7 lin*r V ~TO THE LADIES. \ FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?The pronrie- ,, r treas, Miss 8 KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl Kins, ''' offers lor sale a most select and choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the pub- ( lie, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles vThe assortment consists of the following :? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS. as worn by La Duchesse D*Orleans, of France , SHED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL t; STYLE?And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new s yle o P Hats called Pi ' MODLNE CAPOTTES, ELSSLEJR D COTTAGE.' Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest textore, in great variety. T The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor het ? with a call, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Mil- 1 linery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will be a great saving to them in price and a great advantage as , regards the variety and quality of the goods. , MISS 8. KING. Magazine de Modes, Ll au23 lmr 293X Broadway. COX'S ?v( FURNISHING STORES, , 15 MAIDEN LANE AND.349 BROADWAY. rel J It I. COX beg respectfully to iufoim their friends, snd A housekee|>ers generally, that they are iiow opening a very eitensive assortment of choice new goods, consisting of Giran- V ilolei for candles; Lamps of every description, rich mantel V Clocks and Clocks for kitchen use, table and fine Cutlery, Ja- V iwnneiy, Plated Wares, Dison fc Son's Britannia Ware, steel lv Fire Irons, block tin Urns, Dish Covers, fcc. fcc. together with tie a general assortment 01 articles in their line, which they are thi induced to offer at very low prices for gssh. 81 Persons about to purchase should not omit to call and exam- pr ine for themselves. A large assortment of the newly invented tin "Patent Solar Lampe," just received. ... foi They continue to manufacture Silver Ware in all ila variety. i" N. B. They also beg to inform their friends aud the public 81 Cr ne rally that lh'y have opened at 3i9 Broadway, corner of tei eomrd street, a Draurh of their establishment, where any ol the above article* can be had at the same prices as at 15 Maiden jni lane, Di They have for sale, a new article of Polishing Poxvder, su- P? perior to any thing hitlirrto discovered for cleaning silver and W plated ware, plate glass, kc. stO Jwr Ni DR. FEUCHTWANGER'S 4 GFFICE, No. I Wall street corner Broadway.?Manufactur- p Vr er of German Silver in sheet,and faultless castings,of Aq lie fortis, Muriatic, Nitric and Pyroligueotis Acids ; of Tin Solalions, extract Logwood, Laharraguis Chloride of Soda, of Lu- V list Caustic. Prussic Acid; Liver of Sulpher, Iodides of Iron, * l.eail anil Nirrrurv Dairue rrntvne.Chem I i lls. Ether. Ammollla. be Oraneilley Lotion, Chloride of Hold, Phnaph?te ot Soda, lie, bri Infallible Poiaona for Bedbugi, Flea*, Fly Paper,Cockro<iche? ve Rata, Motha, Caterpillar*. inoaclietoea; the compound chemical in Whale Oil, Soap and Seed Protector; Platina, Palladrme, aal Ooldloil ana Bronze, rename Harlem Oil, imported. _i PAKtt'S LIFE PILLS it IT is impossible to calculate the man} benefits to the human ha race which mint retail from the discovery of Old Parr's re- i>l.cipe. The line herbal medicine which is compounded from its he. direction has, in thousands of esses, been tried and proved to be pn the m.i?l efficient remedy of the dsy. Norn it connned in its ei| usefulness to the diseases of the poor, for it is sought by, and hn found 10 the medicine curst* ot the more wealthy cla.scs of I Ureat Britain and various |<aru of ihe continent of Europe. fro A* a family medicine it i* uneoualled, and i* all powerful in i removing bilious and other complaints arising from the derange wl ment of the ailimrnUry darts, and iu purifyinc the blood. It is i certain in the cure of the more delicate complaints incident to i females, gialefnl la the taste, aromatic to the smell, ana at the ? same time a gentle in its operation, yat so effecacioas, that uo female ought to be without so *real a boon, left them by its venerable discoverer, Old I'arr. It has been but a short time before the public, yet the nroprietors hate received numerous applications for he Tills from various parts ot the United States; and have had gratifying testimonials of their good effects in removing diseases prevalent ai this season of the year. ... ? To all th. refore who are afflicted and in bad health, we would say go to any of the undermentioned agents, where the Genuine Parr's Life Pills may be had, viz:? Rmhton St Aspinwall, druggists and chemists, 16 William it., 110 Bro-dwav and 10 Aslor II oam. Abrah -m Sands It Co drtmi tsand chemists.gramte buildings, 173 Broadway, corner of Chamber st. P Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner of Lispeturd st. John B Dodd, druggist, Bros-1 way, corner of Bteecker St. Sa A W Sadeau, Bowery Medicine Btore, 260 Bowery. Byme*' M-dicine Store, S3 Bowery, earner of Walker it. lre A B Triider.cor Fnlionand Water sts. "1" Horace Everett, druggist, 367 Greenwich st, ne*t the corner of a" K.anklin st. 1 J It J Cnddington, apothecaries, 227 Hudson street, eorner of sl* Spring street. E L Cotton, chemist and apothecary. *3 Bleeeker st, comer of Jones st. ? J Wrodover, druggist and apothecary, Ml Eighth aveque. Brooklyn?Wm Armstroig, seed, drug, and patent medicine warehouse. I84H Fulton St. . And wholesale, at the proprietor a office J. ROBERTS k CO., col Clarendon House, corner of Duane at anil Broadway. ,;l>( ami I lm*r g, rpo DVSPFPTiCS?Among the number of distinguished < A gentlemen who have, Irom iiersonal eansrience cipresscd for themsrlres iu terms ol commendation of the effects of Beck- _J with's Anti-Dysiwplic Pills, Mr. Van Bureu. late President of the United Sta'es, has,upon request,permitted the Proprietor to say, that having hern presented hv him some years since with s T bo* of his Pills, was induced to lake them as a remedy for a dis- L ordered stomach? that he has given them a fair trial, and is well . satisfied that they have contributed greatly to the perfect re- f" establishment of his health. The Auti-Dysprntic Pills are pat in a superior style, in tin * bo*rs, containing forty, with full directions. Price fifty cents per bo*. Those who require a more active article, are referred to Beck- -Willi's Anti-Bilious Pills. Price 25 rents per bo*. ]W A liberal discount mail* agents, and those who buy t? sell 1" again. To be had of ths H. D. TURNER, ihe (feneral Agent. No. 10 John st, iwar Broadway, to whom all voi orders mnst be addressed. For sale alao by J. E. Trippa, Newark. N. J. st Itwjsc ' s RK H JING, SEPTEMBER 22, 1 mjscelXaneou's , I'll* Anti-Angular Mystcm of Writing. ^ GREAT REDUCTION. ? lot r>OM TWKLTE TO (IX DOLLAR!! *, [U. BRISTOW of London, re?perlfull> inlorms the Ladief ~ I end Oeiitl, men 01 New York end Bro.klyn,that his claslet *" y and Kerning, luve .omwirnird for the season, and that f lias RKIH'Cr.l) hu Trims one Half?to Six Dollars ! VV Ataoi.M* No. 2Jo Bhooawit, scih Parr Place. gii Jt'Otleineii of all ast? are posilivtly taught in twelfe Irsaont, rc( koId, Jrtf, exi ttliliuut and tinulit-d husuieu-like alyle ol nun*, no matter now had, illegible atilt. 01 cratnixdlhe lfltt* III A V hp. App liMspimim. at lla ih.itr } at.' i|>' A.1U THk LtllUI lt!ll neat ami handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Hand da' _ W TwtLtt Essr Lkssons ! G?" VISITORS in New Yoik can take a cenrse in Three jft !?Mr. B. ia to be seen from 9 to i A. M., or from 4 to I ^ Cvcning Classes from 7 to 9. uu BoouKrcrivo wt ranghton a au|>erior method, by double and tingle entry, ha entiucal(y and practically. on 1 I X | <N 7 1 c 1 r?1 STENOGRAPHY. k Dew system of the Art of YVritinx Short-hand, for taking f.. wu Lecluret, Sermona, i'rial> at Law, Ike 8tc., taught per- * tly by Mr. Briatow in one course ol lessons at *35 Broad- U'C iy. Bee a specimen. a|>| a. B.?Awjrk of the author it prevented to every pupil for rir permanent guide. a4 lm*rc ax U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. ha Tt 1ST OFFICE, New York, 25th July, 1812. Coi [OL'RSof Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the I 1 Upper and Lower Post Offices:? oll tiers ueiioaiied before Hall-past I o'clock, A M\ 12 J " P M Will be sent out for deall the Stations before > livery <t 9 A M, ami I 7 o'clock, A M aud 4 o'clock, P M. ! 'J " P M. {?' Letters to be sent Kree, must have "Free Stamp" affixed to -m, otherwise three ceuls will be col.ected of the party to I'" lorn lll? letter is addressed. No money inu>t be enclosed in *"1 ters unless re islered at t re principal offices. Lists ol the de lions (at all of which "free stamps" miy be purchased at wt ,50 per 100, and every information inay be obtained on ap- <j, cation at the upper or lower post offices. Stamps issued by r late CityDespatch Tost will be received. It is indis|ieiiaablr St the number of the rtsideuce should be stated in ail ItlP rs mt ul tltrough this Post. thi The Post Master solicits the earliest iniorraation should any Ilk egularities occur. JOHN LOKI.V1ER GRAHAM ju| su28 ly ec Post Master. HE TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS OF wt THE AGE. KENNEDY'S Z OMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION, re 'OR The treatment and preservation ol the Hair; the only at infallible preservative agaiutt baldness, and a certain cure tit rail diseases of the se.alp, such as dvndrutt, plica potnica, Ike. ih lie., including all cutaneous allectious. This article is pre- UI red with great car, by the inventor and proprietor himself, ter a study of ten years, during which hit time has been al- 11 ost exclusively devoted to llie iierfeciiou of this incomparable " < licle forthe benetit of the growth anil beauty or the lUir. In an e mean time, many nostrum* luteiulrd Tor the itme purpose, p| ,rr arisen aud died, while this rejoices in the full rigor ol y anhood?and it destined to live a* lung at a line head ol li <ir it . ? ily prized or its cleaiilinett and beauty admirnl. Let thoti ' ho have these desires but give it a single trial aud he has no IUl art for the result. It snlv requires to be known to be amrre- eo sted, and wrheu to ap reciated the propriet ir r ipecia to obtain oil t reward Irom a discerning public, aud asks it not before?he te not afraid of retting out or iwtience. Nearly lire bundled certificates, testifying to its virtues, in " ' I cases for w ich it is intended to be used, from the most [a ghly respectable uidividuslt ill various |snts in the United hi IUl. til* Cauadas, he., can be seea at the office of the luven- lit rand manufacturer,No. 1 Pmeairret, New York. di INVENTION NO. 2. a The aecond invention of modern times, to which we w.mld " spt ctfullv call attention, it KENNEDY'S CELEBRATED oa KKMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR DYE. the first ever m- stinted in this country. I hit article, as cau be testified to by * large number of oral and verbal recommendations, is auperioi ... any thing of the kind imported from any part of tin-world, id it rapidly superceding all other nostrums fot changing the d dor of the hair and whisscrs to a beautiful dark brown, or let M ack, from tl .xen, led. grey, or other objectionable color, in a w I'gle application, without affecting the strin. ap The above Hair Dye was exhibited at the Fair of the Ameri- |ll n Institute, held at Niblo's Garden, and recti led the first pre- , iuin, at being sui>erior to xny oilier exhibited. Itmiybeobinea at the following places Bailey, Ward It Co. Maiden me; Loary & Co, Aslor House; 03 Bowers', corner Walker; Ei 8 Bowery corner Bond street; Tnr.inv, Gourd k Ellis, II. readway, and at tne manufactory, No. 1 Pine street, New urk. au30 lm*r GEORGE KENNEDY. "IMPORTANT TO THE ?r PUBLIC. ? i LL who wish to economize can obtain Clothing of the bea> to b quality remarkably cheap, at 20} Canal street, one dooi ta est of Hudson. Also, a larga assortment of Cloths, Caaai errs, Veatingt, and Summer Goods, from which Clothing ol I si,ids are made to order in the beat manner at very reduced ices. 201 Canal street. jelb3in*r [j THE CRYSTAL, ORNER OF WALL BROAI) STREET r Conoiseur* and F.picures who throng [he "Money" street, " /heu you are dry, itop in and try, the "stock" that there youll . meet; Tell do our best,to stand the test, with any house in town, I* nd wh.le we do, we look to you, lor some share of renowu. U PHE Proprietors of the above establishment will tike a pride 1- in redeeming the tbore pledge, and they will permit no at- it cle but the very best to apixar ou the bar. A choice Lunch i|; u also he found duly. ttu'H lm*r / h tn a , glass, and ?' earthenware. a 8 ASTOR HOUSE. 'BENCH Porcelain Dinner Sarrices, 115 pieces, $& 00 10 While Granite, do do 112 do 13 Of) n*i rtndior Eiivluh Porcelaio Tei 8?tt. 32 do 1 (X? inner Plates. French Porcelain, |>er dozen, 1 91 Cti Do do Graoite, blue or white, do ' su jap, do French Porcelain, do 2 Oo Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 ()< eaCapa and Saucers, (21 nieces) French Porcelain, 1 M? UK Cups, uo do n I jui Olass. ioi at Wines, jier dozen, from 1 M >o Tumblers, do du i Of smooades, handled, do 111 Table Cutliat. po Of the fln-st descriptions, in seta or dozens, at the lownrict $12 the set. Just oiiened . a handsome assortment of Toilet are. R. SIMPSON. c' N. B ?Agent for the aale of Simpsou's Ear Cornels, for the lief of deafness. ?< I n* re (j, l new & Important in- 3 rention for the ladies. ju PS. LOVE, Corset Maker, No. 62 Lispenard str< et, respectfully informs the ladies of New Vork and ita vieini- . is. that ahe has inveuted a new article for the preaerr iliou of s health and itrength during pregntticr. This Abdominal ' > ipportyr is i.erfrct in its applicatiou, acting ss a snpport, and O eventing all strain M|K)n the muscles, and the consequent la of ;ue and eshaustion of the whole system. It will preserve the r0 im id all its youthful symmetry Nothing that has ever bern , ret ted offers so many advantagei aa does this Abdominal " ipporter fur invigorating the system against every accident atiding gestation. ed Mrs. L. lias secured a patent. She begs to refer to the follow I eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty:?Or. Francis Cc . n .~ i r?. u.n...u n?i n:n u n n?e. rkcr, M D, A. C. Castle, M D, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Moore, J. . Francis, M D, J. O. Pond, M D. J. ,W. Moore, M. D. J. 81 rlUnn, M D. 171 Country merchants and dealer* supplied wholesale with Cor- m Is, Bells, and briers, on advantageous terms. s6 imtr th ATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS ?rj AND SOUPS. ,h ITARRANTED to keepany lenstth of time in any climate, h< * viz- lobsters, halibut, shad, salinun, oy ters, and clams, ef, mutton, seal, duck, chicken,'urkey, beef soup, mutton ( th, chicken sonp, os tail soap, mock and itrecn turtle soup, Itetable soap, Krt en peas, mushrooms, carrets, turnips, pu- "I ins, tomatoes, milk, kc. kc., manufactured and sold whole- in leby WILLIAM MULLANE, th: id lm? rc 8?W Nassau st . tHALLE.3UL ru inc. wunLU-uiv j. unai. ? i- OCULIaT, No. 224 Division street. New York, from toe (fe :y of London?the only maker of the Artificial tinman Eye in * e United States, respectfully i?form? thoae persons that ha. J ' d the misforlnne to nave Inst one of t'seir ryes, that he cao ire n artiiicial rye in, so as to open, shut, and move in the pis id, without nain cither in tiling or a moderate tin cc. Dr. J Gray challenges the world to produce models w( ii si to his of different diseases ol the Human Eye, made by , onself, which can be seeu at his residence. [)r. J. Orav gives advice, gr itis, oil all complaints of the eye, l,a ml o'clock until 10 every morning, Sundays eace|ited. th V. Artificial Teeth set in first rate style, from one to a otl lole set, at a reduced price. i K single Tooth, with Silver plate, $1 50? Do with Ovid, $1. ,j. HE NttlQUES' S WHOLESALE ANITRETAIL AVANA AND PKINCIPE 3 GAR STORE, ^ Basement 51 William STatr.T, Between Wall and Tine Streets, 11 lm? r NEW YORK. ^ DOCTOR BELL tir Continues to bt> consulted ?Uilv, until 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY J? On all 'elicale diseases, at his private offices, 4 CORTLANbT STREET. S ECOND Door from Bioadway, with the utmost confidence th in all casm of a delicate nature, requiring prompt and safe or atmeut. Being a Regular I'ractitioner, patients may rely sit an receiving all the attention their caaes may demand, with aainrance of a successful issue, based upon trie experience of iiiy years piofessional duties. Dr. Bell does not advertise s ccilic Drop or l'i|l for the cure of certain diseases?but guar :ees all that Anatomical, Medical, and Chemical knowledge or i suggest in each caae. Separate offices. Attendance till 10 be M. daily. sS Imp (q, SUTTON & VANDERB1LT wi RE Constantly receiving large supidies of Cloths, Casti- ve i meres and Woollens of every description,suitable for rlie i mini season, which they offer st extremely reduced prices ' cash, at their well known Tailoring Establishment, 420 .. oadway, second door above Canal st. 3entlrmen are reqnested to call and examine their stock be- oltl e purchasing elsewhere. loc V. B.?Particular attention paid to boys clothee. slfllm'r sui "HIGH polish: J EE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is now uni- tosl ' venally admitted to be far snperior to any yet invented for w e peculiar preservative softening qualifies to the leather, ami . its exquisite brilliant jet black lustre, properties entirely tinailed. ... V. B.?For the genuine article apply to the only Warehouse, ho >. I John st, cornel of Broadway. ("HAS. LEE, fro 10 lm*r Formerly fc Thomson. tiv rOTlCE?Ship RUSSELL OLOVEM, fiom L.Vcrpool. I ' Coniifnee ol merchandise by this vessel will please send thi tir permits on bosrd at Tine street wharf, or to the office of te, tnWriher, as all goods not permitted in five days must unaidably b? sent to twiblic stove. , S. E. GLOVER, 100 Tine street, I# i cornet of South at, > [ERA 1842. Mupremr Court. ,Kfr. 41.?The case ol ih?; Mechanics' Bunking Audition vs. Samuel A. Willoughbv wu ar|fu<xl to-day bee a lull bench, consisting of Judge* Talniadge and ikley, and Chiel Justice Junes. Judgment was taken a v weeks .Igo, 011 inquest, against Mr. Willougbby for 0,001/ on a bond, liable to double penally?the mortgage companying which lias been deposited with the Compdler, in part security for the is?u< a ol" the I auk- Mr. contests the claim on the ground of usury, he bating ren mortgage lor 100 per cent, and but 00 paid to bun in urn, and that in stocks ol the bank. 1'be judgment tt as idered subject to the opinion olAbe court. Mr. Lord peuredou behalf of the bank, and Mr. Anthou lor dcidant. A decision will probablv be rendered in a few > MotionsJur t i tst.?Ail application was made in chamrs, under the Sulwell act, for the imprisonment of a each merchant named Kmerick, lor obtaining money der false pretences. When Mr. Anlbouy L Kro ch is arrested in the U. 8. court on a charge of perjury, he nJcd Kmerick >0100 as security, and the latter became e of his bail lie subsequently prevailed upon Kiosch, n promise to continue surety,) to give u me i.orunduni Milting the >3100 to the house ol Htnard Ik Co., Amiens, aucu, ol which Kmerick is a partner, and with whom osch had dealings. Immediately on receiving the meirandiim, Kmerick surrendered Kro sell, and the present plication in consequence is made. The Chief Justice rued the motion on ihc ground that fraud had not been crcised in obtaining the money, although such might ve been as related to the memorandum. Further pro dings will probably be entered. Mr. 8. J. Kn*Id appeared for the plaintiff,and Mr. Tilyou behalf ol' Kmeuck. Court of Common Plena. Before Judge Ingraham. E- Oakley vs. Monmouth B-Hart, \riff.?In I836 diaries Oakley wai worth a pluuip hall lliun? he hud lieeu au extenaive tobacconitt, also a shipig merchunl, uud iiossessed a large landed estate?he reed in a splendid mansion in B.eecker street, was I'reliutol the Greenwich Bank, subsequently of the Greench lusnianre Company, and ia yet Vice President ot the eeuwich Bank lor savings, and also one ol the most ace and useful members of the Public School Committee? ireover he was euuueutly conspicuous in politics, and i- great gun, ou the whig side, in the Ninth ward. Vet, le many others, he became entrapped in bubbles, (hav; lost, it is said $180,0U0 lu the North American Trust d Banking Company alone ;) his household furniture is sold under execution in ls40, and he is at the present Jineul a petitioner in Bankruptcy, having, it is leared idging lrum the evidence) made many otner hearts beles hisow n to ache in ertorts to save Inmsell. The pre ntis au action ol tepleviii, brought by his daughter tu cover a piano forte and a quantity of silver ware, taken the residence of her lather in March last, ou an execu>n against John K. Oakley, (her brother) who bought e furniture when it was sold 111 1840, but the piano iortr id silver had not been included. Mr. Charles Oaaley stilled to having bought the piano for the plaintiff, uboul jr 10 y ears . go, when she commenced learning to play, id made her a present of it?the plate w as given to the uinull 's mother at the time of her marriage to witness, he mother is dead, uud when the witness inoriied uguin 1836? (having at that time become united to u widow dy named Cook)?he gave the plate to his daughter, settling to custom in such cases. He was then in alllueut rcumstances. Strong ellbrt was made to impeach the timony ol Mr. Oakley, as the result of thu trial must drnd upon tue credence given to it by the jury , uud seve1 witnesses were produced to that effect. Mr. VunVoores, stable keeper, Grove street, said, he would not beive him under oath, as did also Mr. V-'s sou. Mr. Garner, Hudson street, and several other persons also mud*, durations to the same effect. To rebut this, Messrs. gden, Hoxie, P. W. tugs, J. W. Gerard, J. W. Suydam, r. Sitterlee, and others, declared their opinion that his till w us entitled to belief. Mr. Williams, lately his coun1, begged to be excused from answering the question, hethcr bethought him worthy ot beliel nuderouthor it. Mr. Oakley, on being placed upon the stand again, id he had had disputes or litigation with all the witnesses ho had sfioken against him. [From the erideuce it nnI.! seem ths? Mr. Ilnkli'v liail been a sevt re landlord. ia unfortunately is made to feel the effects ot it in his )ur of reverse.] The case will be summed up and given the jury this lorenoon. For plaintiff, Mr. i'eter Wilson and Mr. J.R Flanagan. >r delcndant, Messrs. Shuleldl and Still, J. Halt and J. Dimes. County Court. The following order was yesterday made by the Court Common Pleas Resolved, that the Clerk convene the >unty Court to meet in the chamber of the Board of Airmen, on Friday, the 33d inst., at twelveo'olock, (noon) act upon the charges of the tirand Jury, respecting cerin Ju tices of the Peace. General Sessions. efore Recorder Tallmadgc, Judge Lynch and Alderman Carman. Tiiv Grand Jitry came into court and asked the Court 1 the absence of the District Attorney, to instruct then ?to their jurisdiction over the lute True Fight, at Hart'i iland, and the liabilities of owners anil captains ol steam oats engaged on that occasion, as those who char red them. Rkcomdkr.?If the captains of steamboats engaged or tut occasion hail a knowledge of the purpose lor which icy were conveying the passengers, they were response e for a misdemeanor. The Gruiul Jmy had cognizance any act that was injurious to the public morals. Ji'hoks.?If the act was committed out of the county, is within our jurisdiction 7 Recorder. ? Yes, if the persona assempled in thi? city go out of the couuty lor the purpoee of committing the [ demeanor. Ji'kom. ?If the knowledge of the miidemeanor to be mmitted was will km wn by general report, would it be fhoicnt to authorize us to indict the parties 7 Recorder.?No?it mu?t be brought home directly to e actual knowledge of the parties you indict, and the Igment of that knowledge must be decided by the opinn ofthe Grand Jurors. They then retired to their room. Case or Ret Arthokt Vkurer?Thisrase was postined tilt Thursday morning, on account of the indispoion of Attorney General Barker who is to conouct the xe on the part of the people. Assault ojs ait Alderma*?Valentine Mager and forge C. Sherdian, were tried for an assault and battery i John Steward, Alderman of the 14th ward, on the26th June last. Alderman Stewart deposed that on Sunday the 26th of ine last, he went to the house of Mager, at 101 Elizabeth reet, and there found a band of music playing, and peoe drinking on the premises. He informed the assemblage at he was an Alderman, and ordered them to disperse n getting upon the table to give his orders with his stall onice in hand, the defendanu pulled him down by hil iat tail, and he was otherwise assaulted by the com. iny. Jon* Ooltitt, street inspector ofthe 14th ward, confirm. I his statement. Wm. Shales, Esq. opened the case for the defence and immented in strong terms on the brutal outrage commitd on the feelings ol those innocent citizens by Alderman ewart, who, inebriated by power had resorted to this ighty mode of doing business instead of resorting to the mal mode of entering complaint at the Police Office, if e house was actually one of a disorderly character, hat the night in question was dark and rainy, and on the sembiage of gentlemen and ladies being ordered out in is peremptory manner, they went without hesitation, pi then called Gross* Hsaais for defence?1 was authorized by the icriff to act as an officer at this house. Alderman ewart came in on the night, Sunday .previous to the one question, with a body of watchmen, and ordered e company out. They went out. On the next inday night he came again and ordered them out ain. He jumped upon the table, when some one of the ntlemen present, said that suc.h conduct was ungentleinly?1 told the Alderman that the company was quiet fore he came in, and if he would allow me to ask the ople to go out, they would go without noise. He told r watchman to "take that rascal," (meaning me) to the itchhouae. He also struck Mager over the head with i staff of office. I have been a watchman and in that rt for ten yaars. There was no disturbance in the house at evening. I never allowed any clapping of hands or aer demonstrations of annlause imons the audience. Cross-examined? There was no playing of mutic at the ne the Alderman came in. Jo.xarh*!? Axnatws and D. L Dcar, watchmen at that ne, both testified that the house wai not of a disorderly aracter, such aa to annoy the neighborhood. Deandeacd that he lived next door. Corrad H*r'ra, the leaderofthe hand, engaged to play the house. testified that they always played sacred mil; on Sunday evenings?compositions from Beethoven, ozart, kc. John Liar.varnoca, one of the city watchmen at that ne, sworn?I was onlere t to go to the house on the send Sunday in question; I saw no disorder on the premi ; heard Alderman Stewart tell watchman to take Mat away ; two watchmen took him, and while in their large confined, I saw Alderman Stewart strike him on e back with his mace ; at the time Alderman Stewart dered the watchman to taka Magcr in custody, he waa ting on a bench or table near by. Cross-examined by prosecution.? I did not see Alderin Stewart struck by any body. Abraham Ai arnwax, formerly a city watchman, was ilered out?I ?aw M?g< r when Stewart ordered him to arrested, and saw him strike him after he waa in cusly of the watchmen?Mager made no resistance, but nt peaceably. ^ross-examined by prosecution The Alderman was ry much excited?I saw find heard the blow struck. IVm. Tavlor, formerly captain of the Third District itch, stated that in reply to a question put by him to Ivln, the oiticer of the Fourteenth Ward, at the police ice, Aklsrman Stewart replied that " the house was a :ofsco house, and that the locofocos were determined to itain it. Iacor Edsall, one of the watchmen who went to the use, also saw Stewart strike him (Mager) while in ensly o( the watchman?there were from twenty to forty itchmen selected to go to the house. Che defence rested, and the prosecution called. S'athaxivi. O. Tsrt.oa, who stated that hepassed the use of Moger on the night In question, on returning im church, and gave information to the Alderman rcise to the noise ?l the music. Hrxar W. Hs.xrt and Thomas BicxtaTois slaved that s house was noi?y and ths music disagreeable. The 1st' witness told several sterias, but not being able to give y date within several weeks of the transection, his evince was of no account. , ? , Ioh.x Cotvm, street inspector ot the 14th ward, recalled LD. | Prln Tw? C?nt? ?I struck Mageriutlie buck when hu buck ?u toward* mi. Alderman Stewart truck hiin previous in the lace or bead. I struck him with a hard mace or club. .Vlsger ret lined to go out willingly. It waa myself that made use of the expression relative to the house being a loco loco house, that Captain Taylor thought came Irom Alderman Stewart. Cross-examined by defence?As street inspector of the ward, I frequently go witi Alderman Stewart round Muintiir tl... I>..>..!< U...I l,........ ..I fhi. u/ur.l on Hon. Jay evening, and day tuuv, many of which we order to beahut uo. Alderman Stewar haa told the proprietor of the Bros I way House to close the doors ol his premises on Sunday, but we never took any Imi ly away from the premiaea. 1 keep h public houie myaelf. The door* and windows are cloaeu, however, 011 Sunday. I go in and out the back way. 1 allow driuking there sometimes on Sunday. Wm. 8>:ymoi;r called?I was requested by Alderman Stewart to go to Mager's house on the night he b'oke it up, as a witness,merely to look on and see what I could see. He told the same story that t)ie Alderman did. Rum s 1 lli.w son called? 1 met Colviu on the evening in question. He said to me, " Boh, (as he familiarly calls me) 1 want you to go with me to help break up the Dutch bouse, us u witness." 1 went, and saw the people and the hand. There was quite a " mealey " in the house, and the audience appeared to liecongratu uting the players in this way?[Here witness clapped his hands and stamped hii feet with as much energy as a Bowery Theatre critic.] Alderman Stewast w us again called.?I did not say as Mr. Taylor said, that "the house was a locoloro house, and that the locos w ere hound to sustain it." 1 am one of the Police Con mittee that have the power to discharge and appoint watchmen. Cross-examined?I direct the Sunday officers of the Fourteenth Ward to order all the doors and windows of the hotels and porter houses of the ward to be closed on Sunday. The prosecution rested and the defence called Chas. Mack?It was the mate of a Hamburgh vessel who was there with some ladies from the ship who laid hold of the Alderman when he told (hem to go out. Mager asked the Alderman to allow him to try to get the people out easy .which li reiused,and said "turn them out,turn them out." Mager was bleeding from his head from the blow struck by Alderman Stewart. Joseph Teal uud Km arc is Uraterkr were called to show that Alderman Stewart knocked down Oeoiga C. 9heudlan, one of the defendants. The evidence here closed, and Johr McKkor, Esq. addressed the jury for the defence. He contended that the Alderman ot the Ward had no power to euterthis house under the circumstances of the case. He then rea the clause of the statute that appeared to cover the conduct ol the Alderman, w Inch is as follows :? " To prohibit shootiug, hunting, low ling, sporting.plav i ing, horse racing, gunning, frequenting tippling houses, or travelling, unless is cases of charily or neceaaity, or in going or returuiug from some place ol worship, or lor medical aid, or in visiting the sick, or in servile labor, or working, except in cases of necessity and cuarity, or by the Seventh day Worshippers,,' Sic. Mr. McKkon contended that if the Alderman had power under this clause, he w ould have power to stop every man that travelled tl.e street, unless he w as on one of the errands there stated, 'i hat if the Alderman took the responsiliily to enter the house as he did, be would also have nower to brrak up the assemblage of every public place, Churches and all. He said that a " tippling house" in the eye of the law, was intended to apply to places w hare liquor was sold without license. J. W., Esq., managed the prosecution in the absence of the District Attorney, and offered a very sound nrgument to sustain the Alderman in the course pursued. Wm. Shalks, Esq., (hen rose to state that, in his opinion ofthe law, the Alderman had no right to enter the promises of Mr. Maagr w ith a procession of 40 watchmen, and i dieted by Alderman Stewart were contrary to any power possessed by him. The Recorder charged that the offence complained of, and for which Alderman Stewart entered the bouse, waa one under the broad haaia ol the common law, and if committed he waa ao amenable, that many acta apparently innocent in themselves, weto nunences in theeyeol the law. The nightly playing of a drum and life under the window of a dwelling, although the muaic might be agreeable to aome, yet if continued would be couaidired a nuisance a? well aa the nsaemhlage of persona at public worship who occupied rery late hours and disturbed the neighborhood. That the evidence relative to the assault and battery waa very contradictory, and that although the Alderman had a right to exercise the power ol preventing a nuisance, yet such power should be moat carefully ana wisely exercised. The Jury retired about 6 o'clock, and the Court took a recess until 7, when, on coming into Court, they stated that they could not agree and tnat they were eoually divided. They were then discharged, and it is to tie hoped that this ends the ridiculous suit. Canei. received for tolls on all the canals ot this slate during the second week in September, 1 anil the total to 14th September, in each of the years following, viz :? , 'Jd week in Sept. Total to l fth Sept. 1 183'. $62,646 61 *964,71)3 37 < 1836 54,191 46 1,032 165 65 1837 40,733 2-2 72-2,269 30 183 8 49,162 38 951,473 78 183 9 49,580 23 1,005 946 43 I 1840 59,671 36 1,081 063 90 1 18 1 66.048 86 1,263.610 02 1842 52,104 99 1,019,687 49 1 Excess of 1841 over 1842, lor 2d week in September, $13,943 97. Excess of '41 over '42, to 14th September, $243,82. 53. Bankrupt List. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. Barnabas Bates, formerly Assistant Postmaster, Oct. 91. Lewis B. Kcjua and William Dolton (Reijua fc Dolton, dry goods merchants, 476 Orand street 1 compulsory, on complaint of James Strutkers and Geo. Scofield ? Injunction ordered, Oct. 21. Francis Baldwin and Daniel B. Merritt (Baldwin k Merritt, merchants, N.Y.) compulsory, on complaint of Thoa Hunt k Co., and Cromwell, Haight k Co.?Injunction ordered, Oct. 31, Charles L. Carpenter, butcher, N.Y., Oct. 21. Thomas Fitch,clerk, N.Y., Oct 31. John F.. Marshall, shoemaker, N. Y., Oct. 31. Jotin L. Rogers (late Arm Downer tk Rogers), N. Y-, Dec. 8. Thomni Mullen, late grocer, N.Y., Oct. 31. John F.. Gillespie, shipmaster, Castleton, Staten Island, Oct. 31. Kufui Kno. Pine Plains, Dutchess Co., Oct. 31. Nathaniel Harris, Bedford, W> ' iestcr Co., Oct 31. Court Calendar?1Thin Day, Commo* Picas.?Pa?T I.?No*. 06,95,81, 81, 11, 33, 181, . 09, 10J, 107, 109, 111, 113, 117, 119, 113 Part 3?Nos. 90. r 94, 94, 99, 100, 104, 104, 109, 113, 114, 114, 119, 134, 134. 138. . DR. "HORNE. /"NONTINUK9 in la- consulted confidentially at his office No. VJ 78 Murray street. Strangers are respectfully apprized that Dr Home, being laRally bred to the profession, in the city of London, has een s practical member of th?*s*id faculty of physic for S< years, for the last 3* in the rity of New York. His practice from tiring general, he confines to a iwrtirular branch of mrdicine, which engages his profound attention. His eipcuence is very greaP?his success astonishing. Ha cautions the unfortunate against the use of mercury; thousands are annually merrurialiird out of life?recent affections are, without mercury, ettinguislieo in a few days Bee your cases eradicated, not twtrhed up. The learned Dr. Buchan emphatically observes?"Married persons, and , ersons about to be married, should be particularly cat?ious of those affections; what a dreadful inheritance to transmit 10 posterity.*1 Persons afflicted with protracted and deplorable rases, need not despair of a complete recovery bv applying to Dr. Horne. A residence of 36 years in New York city has established Doctor Home's character as a man of sterling honor, and based on real respectability and skill. Dr. H. offers to his patrons a sura guarantee. Br. Home's offices are numerous, snd patients never come in contact. Attendance until nine o'clock in thn aye rung. NOTICE. 1T7- THOMAS O. HOKNE, mo of the late Dr. (Jeorg* T. Home, reapectfully apprize. the public thut h* continue. bis lather', moat .ucreaaful practice at bit establiahment, No. 71 Mil my atreet, and may be con.nltcd daily until 9 o'clock, P. \1? Sunday? ciccptrda _ ??fllin?r parsklls & agate: MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS, AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS,<Sco. THE SUBSCRIBERS, in addition to their former I rock o( faaliinnable goods, are conatantly receiving by every new arrival from Piri. and London, a ?np..|y of the moat rich and fashionable Scarfa ?nd Cravata. Their aaaorrment of fashiona bie Storks, 8carft, Crarau, r- adv made Linen, Glove*, Suspendera. Mot irr>. and all arliclaa appertaining to a gen'leman'a wardrobe, are rich and varied. They rcapecrfnlly ineite their old patrona and strangers nailing thia city, tn call at the old long and favorably known and make their aw lectiona. PAR8ELLS It AGATE, HI Broadway, between Park place and Murray at. They wou'd particularly rernmmend an Rlaali- Su<p*ii<b-r, with the, patent bnckl", ol their own mauufacfure, which for durability and coiniort, cannot he aurpaaar I. Tl?e ilupro?ed Mineita Brace, intended to brace the shoulder. ?n I eiptud ihe cheat, are highly rrcoinmendrd by ih" medical faculty, and will be found indi.penaibh to (e ra na who are inclim d to bend forw?rd; and in fact to alt individualaof acifrntarv hibita Patents and On irdi-nt are narticu'arly rei|U-a'ed to namine thia article, aa it w'll be found of iinmeii.e advautagr to children of either an who have acquired the habit of a looping. PAR8ELL9 It AQATK continue tae mai ufactnrr ol hnr celebrated Ru?aia Killing Bell. Im*m PORTABLE BLACKSMITH'S EOROEfl.?The auV A acrihera, being the aide Age..(a for toe Manufacinrera ol Conrkliii'a Patent Portable Forge aad Bellow, beg leave to call ihe attention of ihe i n olle to th? above article. I na' tip y have been called for and introduced in nearly all parts of the Molted Statea, ia, we believe a sufficient evidence of llieir utility and convenience; be ng portable and compact, .'JT'* them for the preference over the common F?rg*' . IVJVJ* of every .let notion, R??l PfonHtinn. Menu factories and all wpt^. fo' wh-ch the ord.niry used. Tho?r manufactured for the U.S. Navy are Wrought 'rWe would refer th?.r w .long to purchase to aomr few who can recommend ttu-rn Irom personals. well a. general know ''^inm'deie Crin*. Bfavy Yard, Port<mnith, N. H ; Meaara. f'?rr Keim A Maine*. Voiladelpliiu. H >n. Gnvemtei Ken* *, West Point Foundry, Mold Spring, N Y. Meaara. S B Altl.II4# K'o til Broadway, N. Y., and iMir c?t\ h'?rli?mHhi eene'aliv GAY k 1 EBALXT, *21 3m#rc _ ro?!,fJL0* "'T and Water >t. POCKET KNIVES AT 18? Broadway.between John street and Howards Hotel, i60 d * pen, dirt an * pocket kuirrs, re* ail in* at pj?c-? to nit toe time*. Alao, a Urge affortment of Hei?ao?t, Haxora: < :h impaiane Cuttera, D ?nttl and Hur*io*l J *' every otherarticle tismlly kept bv cutler*- All k'nna f cntIcy made tn order a??d repnntd. Steel article* t?oli*he<! ^i he highevt perfection of the art. VP P \ OILLS of on iiTperU ol Jt-Bflaod, Ireiaud and jm Yj j and 13d Dived way.

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