Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1842 Page 1
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jeoiEananann^RSSS th: Vol. VUJ.?Bo. 463 --witolo Ho. 31H MEDICINES. ! THE NF.W YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE ; PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, "LIAS met with the moil unprecedented luecrea ?mc? IU com II mrneement, particularly from the unfortunate yictima ot principled nrelendere, who o. now daily ?a??n* "reueUi &na vigor antler the judicious treatment of tn? College, ih? followlug preparation* hav- already obtaiued * felebncy anTH k'USHJVALITEO TONIC MIXTURE, J A certain core for all forma of dyipepaia, low amrita, lots oi t appetite, laaaitnde, cnlaneona ernptuma, general debility, pre- r di?i ma to on to eonaom|>tion, and all complainu ariaiua Irom a f duammtrment of the nervioue ayatrm. It majr be also naed with ureal anccea# in ciaea of lever and acne, and aa a proTentative la vellow fevn. Sold la bottlca at (I and$3 each. f THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. f For the core of rheumatic paina, colic, braiaea, apraina, api- f nal dieeaae, nervona headache, paina in the joiata, and imiae- f diate and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold m botllea, 74 eta I '*ChTHE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. t For the care of all caaea of a delicate diacaae, or for paina in r the bouea, eraptiona, aore throat, or any other dntreaaina aymp- ? tomi, produced bv an lujudlcioua uae of aaerenry, ?r by f ouai-llery. Sold in oottlea at >1 and 12 each. 1 + HK AMERICAN ANTIBILUU8 CATHARTIC PILL, t Forthqjureofall derniigemeuts or the liver, purifying the u lnod, exeffffcg the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, nil giving new vigor to the vital powert. Thie medic iuc 11 uiirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the uoatrum coders. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to the temale tea, and to restore and presence the regular action of the female organs, with lull direction* and cautions aa to use, and sold in boles at $1, 50 cents, and tMo'ent* each. SIR ASHLEY COOPER'S PILL. . For 'he cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chtonic iheuma tisin, and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. fHE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Ouarauterd to r ore gouorrlim.1, gleet, aud all mucopuwlent discharges from the urethra. Solu in bottle* at 50 cent* and" 1 each. _ THE PAriLLARY HEALING POWDER.. For the cure of aore nipples, aud superficial excoriations of the sltiu. Sold in clotely sloih phials at 50 cent* each. The above preparations may also be had of the following uh-agents in this city:? J. W. Basset, 644 Jroadway. Dr. E. M. Onion, 1*7 Bowery. Dr. King. 287 Hudson street. Klias L. Thrall, 54g Grand street. Win. Armstrong, 161 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal offke of the College for New York, at 97 Naasan street. By order, aaStlmr W. S.RICHARDSON. Agent BRISTOL'S 8ARSAPAR1LLA. TVyf ANUFACTURKD and sold by the proprietor, C. C. BRISTOL, Buffalo, and for sale by nil Agent, WILLIAM BURGEN, Wholesale Druggist, Nos. 50 aud 52 Curtlauilt st. aud 188 Greenwich st, aud by the principal Diuggists throughout the Union. This |>reparation has now been before the public about seven years, during which time its reputation has been steadily and rapidly advancing, until its present and deserved celebrity lias been attained?nor is it atationary at even this altitude of estimation, as the evidence of each succeeding day clearly vinces. Many of the first Physicians in the country nave voluntarily borue witness to its superior efficacy of value, as their written certificates, now in the possession or the proprietor, will show. Testimonials almost innumerable, from person* who have been benefitted by its use, or have seen its medicinal virtues tested bytaeir friends, are also iu possession of Mr. Bristol, which prove how many, how varioifc, and how eitreme have been the instances in which, by iu operation the sick aud the almost despairing have been restored to health and happiuet1. BRISTOL'S SARSAPAKILLA is a rare and invaluable combination ef vegetable remedies of established medical value, and from its peculiar properties is almost infallible in all complaints that arise from impurities of the blood, from the morbid actiu-i rt the absorbent and glandular syitema, from consul i tonal idiosyucracies, hereditary predisposition, an I ii general all chronic and long standing infirmities and irregularities of ihe human frame. To enumerate all the disease* in which it has been found to be a sovereign remedy, would be to make this notice much to* lengthy, and we can only here suggest to the reader the value and importance of this preparation, and refer him to advertisements iu the public papers for more detailed intelligence respecting its efficacy, iu nearly all case* of complaint eicept those of the most ordinary or endemic ana epidemic character. The proprietni desirra only t# have attention generally directed to this article, confident that its rare virtues only need be known to be appreciated; that it will stand the test of auy trial, and that increased usefulness, and added popularity, must be the direct result of it* more extended acquaintance. Among the numerous letters daily received by the proprietor of Brist *?8arsaparlla, the following is selected, merely to show ho hisar* le is regarded: and the increasing demand for this ins aluable edicine by the dealer* in this city, as the application comet rom the well known house of A. B. It D. Bands, Druggists, of this city, who have since advertised their own article to the who)* world, shows conclusively that the article is all it purports to be. (COPY.) New Yoke, April 20, 1642. Ma. C.C. Bbistol, Buffalo, N. Y. Dcaa Sir? We have been selling during the year past considerable quantises of your Extract ef s*rs*|wril[a, and think from thesecouut we hear of its virtues from those who have used it, that the tale in this city may be much increased bv paying it more attention in advertising. Our arrangement* are such with the different papers that we can have advertisements inserted on mnch better terms than most others pa. and more conspicuously. If you would like to make an arrangement with us lor selling it more extensive )y, we think it could lie made of much advantage to us both. We have now four different stores, three of tnemiu the belt location in the cit) for retailing, undone for wholesaleing, and onr facilities are saeh as will enable us to dia pose of more ol it, perhaps, man any ouier uuuk. nt much pleased to hear from you on thu aubject, or if you run New York in the course of a month or ao, to se e you at our atom T8 Fulton atreal. Youra, rery re^ctfuHy^ gANDg OMNION8 FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Buffalo, Aut. 18, 18T7. We are acquainted with the preparation of BarsanarllU, ma nufactured by C. C. Briatel. and baring made uae of it more or leaa in our pmctice, beliere it to contain the ac ire principle of Sarmaparilla, in a highly concentrated form, and aa a preparation we esteem it a* one of the best we hare erer me' with. J TROWBnIDOE, M D CYRENIUS CHAP1N.MD CHAS WINNE, !ClD MOSES BRISTOL. M D irdmv^DM D i\mamAD A M1LLEH, M D H R STAtioV From Doctors Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at CanCanandaigva, Dec. 37, 1138. We hare frequently prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's preparation of Sarsaparilla, in our practice, and hare always found it to answer an tsrellent purpose in cases where Sarsaparilla was applicable. Our knowledge of the article has not been limited, and we can freely say that is the best preparation of Sarsaparilla we hare erer used. ? RICHARD WELLS, M D, E W CHEENY, M D. The following extractor a letter from Dr. J. A. Hyde, one of the oldest and moetreapectable practitioners in the western seclion, isgireu : Yoi'irosTown, June II, 1138. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Dear Sir : I am nearly out of Sarsaparilla again, and, if yon pleaae, you may send me two dozen bottles, by stage or cars, directed to me at this place. I bare frequently prescribed your Compound Fluid Extract ot Sarsaparilla for a few years past, with much ad rentage, in clirouic diseases, especially in Scrofula and obstinate cutaneous affections, attended with scrofulous habit. Also, in secondary syphilis; and in chronic general debility, from almost any cause. It generally proses useful. I lluuk your Fluid Extract the best preparation of Saranuarilla I ever used. With mncb respect, yours, truly, J. A. HYDE. From Docts. Hoyt It May * Fai.mvra, July 3. 1841. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir : We hare used your Extract of Barssparilla in our practice, and for diseases arising from an im I aire state of the blood, and as a general renoratorof the system we esteem it as the best article now m use. D D. HOYT. M. D. WM. MAY, to. D. From Dr. A. Miller * Rowc, July 34, 1841. I am acquamtrd with the preparation of Sarsaparilla manufactured by C. C. Bristol, of Buffalo, and liarmg made use of 1 in my practice, beliere it to contain the active principle of Barsapartlla in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, I esteem It as the best 1 hare erer met with. A. MILLER, M. D. r rotn ur. o. ly. . Cwm, Erie Co., July 5, 1841. i have been acquainted with Bri.tor. Manaimrilla for mimberof yrare, end have very Irrqeenlly prracntN-d n la my Preriice, end have invariably f.uua It Ui aiuwer tin- denied effect, cnneider the reputation of the article rat.vblialuJ, and wnerr the genuine can be obtained, I have no heiitatinn inaeyinf that a trial of iu a irtnea will anatain my opitiion. IS. C. NOYE8, M. D. From Dr. A. P. Cnrtia t Attica, Gcnetce Co., July 3, 1(41. I have frequently preaeribed Briatid'a Sartaparillaiu my practice, and have no heaiUUou iii rerommnidiof 11 aa an article poeeeaaine all of the active priuciple ,,| ttariapanlla, tud aa a preparation, I think it the beet one I heve evei met with. A. P. CURTIS, M. D. __ Oewcoo, May 8, 1841. We certity thet we attended Julia Aun Van D<?>aer durum tier iickneaa, and we have no heaitalioa iu aeyinf that her recovery may be attributed to the una o( BtuloTa 8mapanlla. P. H. HARD, M. D. H. K. TllLHBKK. M. D. .JA etatement of the eboee caea may be accn by ca line on Mr. WM. BUROER, M t Portlandt et.) , , .... Daniare. Jaly I, M4I. We, the underaigned, phveieiaaw, rreidinit in Darieaand Benmafton. havinir treated Mr. K Cmee dunnc- hie illne... In. ? the abore aUtcment of hi. eaae to be lm. ia all partacalare, and we have not the leaat haeilaMon in aacribinc hU cere to the nee ol BriatoPe Samaparilla. Indeed, we are amared that thi. me diritip waa the mevru of rutin Ir airrtneu aiul A diiain. M<A ( Rrtss M y, KfiAHTUB I Homh, M. D. I)ll!|R aJt/LV I [If I Wf.UrtMdfnwJ. an- particular^ Wllh \lf h. Crow, awl ara 'ully aco.ia.otad with the fart, aa draw. ,,, in the a?o?r alatemcut, which w? eel lay a ink* correct aa ail iraiHTU, and Wa arr ...ur-d that it w aa au thr.iuyh ih- aernrv ot Bnatol'a ih.t bia ran ... air.rt.J M "*> J. H. FLAOLER. At Tna, January IT, 1(11 I have been lately the phyeirian to Mr. MayMrd, ml?. railed to arr him dnrinc hia illuraa, enana timr in tha m?ath of Ana ml or September laat, and I moat a.y I ? u .url-riacii and aetnniahed lo ara Mra. May nerd oft. .alana aa naraa, and attending to In. wnni. .hilr h- .a. .ira Har ~aJT waa one tnat I .a. ronrrraant with hut narar preacrihrd for ; it waa Pr I 111. nil?, ?||J l,? the moat i.rt of anra or ef(ht yrara aha had barn obli(rdtt) be eoneeyed ab??t tba honsr aaid nuraail in a cndla eonatmtad <or the mranc. I'ntil .lir rommenerd tbr uae of Briatol'a Saraa|>aiili? her d'??r rraiatrd tbr br.t mrdiral treatment f waa frequently railed to miiMilt witl l?r (?a?i- ill hrr can. hut tin- .'la- aa. had umnr.i mrh a form that my opinion .as, that madjcinr woald ha.a on rlt< . t in proniiriiiK a r irr. I am perfectly rnnririred that har raro.ary an rnuraly attiibuUblf to the narol Bri.i<-r. Maic.i-.rill.. JOHN M. HARR1NOTON. M D. A Loan, Jaonary 17. IMI I havr brrn one of the attrndinc plit.rruu. of Mra. Maynard for right year. (Mat. Her diaraar waa Pralaym Wrnnf ?n aggravated cliaracter, an raaiaud all tha aar.u laid down in our moat rniinrnt authoia. In i^.liiiou to rrm-dial ayrnu r?ronimrndril. I inv.erib.-. vinmil itatrntm-n'. i . no .fleet 1 am . learl v ul thu opinio i tliat hat cure mat be aat abated to tha tiar of Bri.tol'a Snr.vpaplla. (WOVE C. OAOK. M. D. Amir Janaary IT, I Ml ' Wrhova b?an aeqnai ittd with the rircumatan. aa Mra Mtynard'a airknaaa Xrr rijnt yaar* paat. have alwaya under | E NE NE tood lirr u h?in* I cyond the reach of medicine, amJ i4*e been surnnsrd witbll the pa*t year to trr her ah<MBt, am] ?e are aaanrvd that her ret overv u ttribuubie entirely tu the laeot Briatol a b raaimrill a. We are I'm liter acijuaiuied with he fact, thai for fire yer ra of the lime of her airtuie??, ?h? ems obliged to be ciuveve < from one place to another in the irmaot her hmthand, audir fart, when the waa moved at ail. JOSEPH M i K.MAN Judge Erie Co.C. Pleaa. HORACE SI ANLE V. Justice of the Peace. H. LIT* HR i.D, Postmaster. DEXTER E^ ELL, Supemsaar. 8. II. Bl'TLKH. L. P. JACOBS. JOHN K8TABROOKS. A history uf >he above ruri may be seen by calling H shore (From the Buffalo C xn nen ial Advertiser, Nor. 6, 184' ] An EiTRAORDiniRr Cass..?The article be'uw is from th? ien.of one of oar most iulelll(eot medical men. whose state nrnts are entitled to the fullest confidence. The esse he dc ils is reslly a r-inarkable one and might well have been aup osed beyond the power of medicine. ialement of the Physician who eislted the Patient in person, and who was at the ume otic of the Editors of the Commrr eial Advertiser, fit is rare inderd that fallen humanity is made to experieuci rom the hand of Providence so much sever* IM protracted suf rring, and such ralanutona and shocking mutilation, as he alien to the lot of Jama s Wyeanff. a lad ti years of age, mm iviwg in the town of Clareoce in this county. James is the son of a larmrr, Ui? onsprtutf ol tiealtliy ana re sitable parents, who have a numerous I'ernily of robust child en. Without any assignable caase, he was suihleiily deprive! if the sense of hearing tome ten years since, which was sous ollowrd by what was probably an attack or the dry gangrene 1'bis rapidly dcs'royea first tlte palate, the bonea or the roof o he mouth, and thru a considerable portiou of the upper jaw ipper lip, and the whole.of the nose, both lames and cartilsge it well as integuments,. It would be difficult to imasiue u vhat way a more unsightly deformity could be impressed ui>oi he 'human face divine.' This frightlul disease ceased its ma ;es on the :ace alter several montl s. to renew them again ii ither parts of the system wtth greater and mom destruens1 everity. Some two years ago, a " black spot,"?as the intelligent rno her of this most unfortunate child tola the yrriter of this?ws ibservrd under the ustl of each big toe. This ominous appear nice was the precursor of a secood attack of cangrena, whicl fradiially exltuded over raah fool aud leg to Ulllon (MM nil ht >f the kite*. A separation then look place, awl in due roars )l time both limbs dropietd off The fi lters of tlic ru.1,1 haw were then attacked by this consuming malady, which rXlrmb' to within a few inches of the shoulder, and at length tlte ngh urn lell to the ground like the dead branch of a liviu* 1 Ii liaaaae then showed itself at the elbow of the IrtX ann, and 0 the left shoulder, producing extensive cwfoliation ol' the tnarri lie. The integuments of the right side, near tlte centre of ih ribs, and of the right eye, wr re also affected with the urn destroying complaint in its incipient stages. On examining the boy, who, notwithstanding he ia deaf an mute, is really intelligent mid sprightly, the greatest marvel t as was, how it was |<ossible for a constitution so very I'crhl aud lifeless, that the system was rapidly falliug to pieces fmr ffiedeath.of its parts, could, when reduced to a mei r/ragts<n of humanity, hold out, and prolong for year* a miserable ei tatcnce. Strange as it may seem, we found this piece of a chil lilting at the uinnrr Uble with the rest of the family, anil fen ing himself with mest, |*>tatoes, bread, aud the like, with a evident relish of lire hearty meal. His stumps of limbs, whic lately presented a hideons mass of eating ulceri, are now hc.i ing over kindly, and nothing but the acars are left o tell tli injury done to the left shoulder, and flu- |>artstliat Mlfuuad tk right eye, the lower jaw, and the fragments of ears still grog ing on the head, the gppcaraucv of which we shall nut atleUi| to deacril e. The certain check given to this terrible spreading and hoi* less malady?the removal of the intense protraetrd pom in excited by irritable fungeons flesh connertrd with dead aninu matter?fhe quiet sleep, increased strenxtli, and SllMc MH lesence so manifest iu the person of Jaines?were all, an doubtlea justly, attributed by his mother to the eirlusivr si for the last six weeks of regular portions of Mr. C. C. BRU TOL'S 8ARSAPARILL A. Those who have witnessed th truly auspicious, and most nnexpected effects of tins mediciu in this very extraordinary case, are unanimous in the opinio that had it been early administer- ,I win n Use disease was con louatirely small anil feeble, and the constitution sound an vigorous, it could not have failed to prr veut one ol the graate calamities that can befal a human being. Certificate of Oris. Msiisfifi.d. MR. C. C. BRISTOL?I have been acquainted with Peti Wyckeff for more than tweuty years, and hare known Ids sr James from his infancy to this day, and I do hereby certify tin the facta set forth in the abore, from the Commercial Advert ser, are correct. ORANGE MANSFIELD. P. M.. Nov. 2Gtli, 1141. North Clarence, Erie Co. Bloomfield, Oakland Co., Mn., July 23, 1411 Messrs. John Owen 4t Co., Detroit: Ornt.?Some time in t! ye>r 1832, I waa attacked with what waa called by tome ol'm attendiugiihysicians, the King'a Evil. I immediately applir to a Dr. Thotn|isnn, who said it must be rut out; I thru applu to another nhysician who ordered blistering. During my sic: ness 1 employed eight different physicians, and by one I w. advised to hare my arm amputated, which 1 declined. Iv tli year*!?, mortification aet in, when I applied to a root docto who appeared to help it some. In that year 1 sold a ?iwn horses and two cows, and apenl the whole of it, say $IM, whic only served to keep it back. I hare used almost every thing could hear of, without any great benefit. In July last, a cure was attempted by a person who, like a others, failed. The expense of all this has been at least From about four inches he low the shoulder, to about the middi of tlie fore arm, there have hi en nl least twen y holes, mar of them as large as a silver dollar, and half an inch deep. ] February, 1842, I accidentally came across a wrapirer from bottle of Bristol's Sarsaparula, and made nn my miud to u the medicine. On the 13th day of that month, I commence nsing it, andnseda bottle a week for two or three months,wire I found myself to all appearance completely cured. At any rai since that time I have uol felt any pain from it. No sores bar appeared, and it seems perfectly sound, and I can labor with as well aswilh the other arm. I am ao well satisfied of its si periority over every thing else that I have tried, that I inn earnestly recomineuu inj person to heftin nsintj it immediate! who may be similarly afflicted. Yours, truly. WiLLlJkM PEAR8ALL. Person* who have any doubt* ofthe efficacy of tin* medicin arc incited to call en any or the following City Reference* I fore pnrcha*iug the article John Qilea, 301 Ptarl street. Thoma* Hogan, IBS Stanton street William W. Randolph, 473 Fourth atreet Lloyd Bryant, No. I Arenac C. Wm H. Siinemets, 99 Cedar atreet Mr. Johnson. 29 Jamea atreet William Stebbina, comer of Rirington and Ridga ata. Richard Smith. 22 Clinton atreat Robert H. Gordon, 13 Orange atreet Mrs. A. Hodge, 32 Ridge an eet William Wilson, 66 Lewis atreet M. Vandewater, 3M Madiaonatreet Lemuel Le laud ,86 Hadaon atreet I. G. Reed, 143 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn Mra. Ward, 62 Bayard meet J. W. Henderson, Vt Grand atreet Jame* McGill, 336 Grand atreet H. B. Knapp, 21 Avenue B?houae 304 Fourth atreet Johu Culver. 191 Suuton street. IlT" I do not man any one to purchaae this medicine uni they fully satisfy themselves that all that it said of it is tru< if. therefore, ihey will take the trouble to call on Mr. Burgs 40 Conrllandt street, or at Milhau's 113 Broadway, they can e amine substantiated testimony in additiou to the above, whis will prove conclusively that the article is what it purports be. C. C. BRISTOL. CacTioi*.?A* the fame of thia wonderful medicine est.? numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part of its r putaiion. The afflicted therefore should be thi wish the true article, to ask for Bristol's, and see that ti writtkn signature of C. C Baisxoi. is across the cork of tl bottle. Forsaleby reputable Druggist* and Agents throughout tl eoon.ry. William Burger, Wholesale Agent, 40Conrtlandt street, a 128 Greenwich street, and at retail at the followiog place Milhau's Pharmacy, 113 Broadway ; Rushton and Aspinw. 110 Broadway, 86 Wiillsm street, and 10 As lor Hons* .Jam 8yme, M. D.,63 Bowery, ; Robert Lcggett, M. D., 17 Aven D. ; B. Quicken bush, 709 Gicenwich street, and A. Hill, 1 Greenwich at. *11 lmr* EAU DE BEAUTE, r<OURAUD'S EAU DE.BEAUTE, or Trne Wbter vT Beauty, for exterminating Tan, Redness, Sallowu Pimples, Freckles, Mophew, Burns, Blotches, aud all < taneons erupt ions?for realizing delicate white necks, ham aud arms, aud eliciting a healthy juvenile Moot , stands i rivalled. Its soothing and healing props, lies in all roughm aud liaithuess of the skiu?especially in allaying the irritabili after shaving, is beyond compare. Among the swarms oftras pretention* and vile compounds forced into notice by parasi cal pop-gun puffs, Gouraud't Sain Lotion liu unohtrusive crept its wav slowly but surely and steadily into public fa* throughout the United States. This article u not rrcommei ed for its " cheapness"(its price being $1 per bottle, tliough this cost it is infinitely cheaper than the vile stufT spread dai before the public, even it the cos( were one shilling or o cent) Such cheap remedies or Mineral Astringents being n only inadequate to the objects contemplated, but by their i pellant ac.'tou, positively injurious to health. GOURAUD WATER OF BEAUTY recommends itself by its combin efficacy, harmlessness of action, and refreshing fragrance. A French lady writing to the proprietor, says? " Mont. Gourand?'Tis but an act of justice that I slioti spontaneously give yon my unqualified testimonial of the un ed rffiracy, innocence, ami fragrance 01 your preparation I Brifving and clesusrng the skin. By its use every pimple a ckle have vanished from my face You should Mnn Ami, it is so sovereign and charming a remedy for scattering blemishes from our faces, call ilTes delices des dames. En mot, je suis enchante de le costneCique at je en vous remert de tout mon coenr. EMILIK DES.MOULIN8, Pension Franfais, " I have yonr Esn ile Brinte in tue?it is an admiral at licit, and i shall recommend it." 3. F. PHILLIPS. Philadelphia. " I hare had several calls fnr yonr wash. Tor freckles, he. lady living liere bought a bottle of yon, and said it had l desired effect." ALEX. GUTHRIE, No. 1 Htanwii Hall, Albiny " I cheerfully hear testimooy U) tha efficacy and pern innocence of yonr Kande Beaute;ia is decidedly a valnat cosmetic. I cannot consent that yon publish my auar." The above is from a lady in Le Roy Place. " Dear Sir?Having had a very favorable opportunity vest day evening for etpatiatinc on the merits of yonr Ean Beante. and showing the effects it produced on my hands, young lady requested that I would procure her a bottle of Please aend one rer bearer." _ JOSEPH M?, Broadway So strong is the proprietor's conviction of the entire ertica of the above invaluable prepa ation in realiiing all that it pi firi-T to accomplish, ihat any diaatislied purchaser can recti his or her money back, if requested. To be had only at D<. U's Picluaive Office, ?7 Walkers one door from Broadway. at $1 per bottle, and of the follown Vlbmy, Guthrie, I Maiden Lane; Goshen, Elliott; Philadi phsa. Mrs Brown, 7# Uhesnut street; Baltimore, Seth Hanc Prsit at; Washington, Be|by pa.krr; Alriandriv, C C Brrr Htrtfnrd, Wells It Humphrey; Boston, Jordan, J Milk .tree Norwich, W Kaulknei; Low-ll, Carleioni Salem, hfi; Ne ^avea, E Myers; I'rovidcnee, Dyer, Jr., Clucinuatli, Thomi am street, and others throiighont the U. States. Go* rand's Padre Subfile, for completely and permanent sradUatiag superfluous hair. $1 per bottle. Oauewad** Liquid Veaetable Rouge, M cents per bottle, teuuraud's Blanc "" pn im|?rU a pare life whitenc to able, free from the delerurious principles generally eoleri into computation for this partus*, u cents per boa. a 17 Im _ ~FRfiscirAirfii?i(jiAie fLoWhKrtTVI ^ A JACHUKMOD, inaunfacUuvr aad importer 11 ? '? *>? Artilmim riowesn. U Lispeuard street near Boo 1 na? tveetved by flair* packet Sully, Duchi it Orleans and Iowa, a large assortment of su;>erior and fai "s? lis* feathers, of the latest Parisian stylea L?y\ ' o'rKT'm)P ANlT^rAHkiAtty .-Jn.! ,n,bt. Ad rd, Beck lards Ills, salogoteal Mysiertesand Revelation, lu.e < .mrtship sad Marriage. aa infallible guide book I mmi ted sad single persons, in matters of the utmost importer to tue luimtn rice. Among.I the things duly corrside red In this work are?Can> of a* I cures lor barrenness I, with modes for prer. tsnsi Slid incrswee . T'e arts of hrtnty and Conrtshls : T danger of military practices, and how the habit may bu rnsnov aad its effects cared ; The causes of Love of Jsalmmy. will remedy fur eradiCaliug from the mind the seeds of a hopel. or an unhappy passion, he he. Translated from the (hi Pvrtsedihnn, ay Philip M Howard. For sale at lb| Nsss street, pew- T> cents Orders from the country, enclosing dollar, directed to HOLLAND h III OVER. New York cm will seenre the work being seat to any taut of the United fast, sl4-lm*i W TO W YORK, FRIDAY MORNJ ^miscellaneous. j house of refreshment. N?..ll ANN STUKKT.. 'T'HE Proprietor of this establishment continue,, u heretoA lor*, to supply liia customer* with the delicacies of the sea- , sou, served up iu the brst manner. The quality of the viands, ? and hi* rery moderate clurgei, arc evideut from the flattering r niTonage which the public arc pleased daily to award him. i Hi* rffo.t*-hall be, as they Imieheretofore been, to mrrit it* continuance, and to secure to hi, houar ttiat leputation for ax ccllencc and ac oiiunodaiiou which ii Ion lor so long a time maintained. A* the proprietor i* no longer connected with any ? other establishment, nr will pay hi* *ole and undivided alien- T > turn to the beat interests of thi i house, and I;are no pain* for lh? maintenance of iu well-earned rei.utatiuii, *11 lm* r j "shakspeare, 11 Park Row, and 3 Ann atreet. [ THE heirs to return hi* best thank, to t In* numerous Iriends. for the kind and liberal encourage , men! lliey hare given him since he re-ope lied the above ' rstahlishmrnt ; lie assure, tliem and the public iu general, , that lie w ill continue to use every exertion to inetit their pa s f tronage. The Larder will be always supplied with the choicest delieacici of the imdu, which will he served up iu a vnperior niaur ucr. at price* in accordance with the times. j The Bar will be etorked with winea, Honors, draught and d ? Scotch ales, Loudon porter, and segara ; all of the very best p quality v i brert*i.ui?, uiuucii, irw, biiu ?u|?|>rr?, ni an itmuubui*! hmt. t] Hot dishes, soups, kc., on hand every dsy, between the houri of I and 3 P. VI. OYSTERS?The very best that can be procared, iu every stylr. ] Suitable notice being uivni. ANY DISH whatever can be I pfoiarrd. I Private rooms, for the accommodation of dinner ind snpner parties. EDWARD WINDUBT. ?I3 Haw ia 4w*r T'EKRAPIN LUNCH.?Gourinonde' Urn Vive! Thou- ^ atndt of our good cite, lovera of pood fire, have beeu lor tome week* paat *uiTcring severe disappointment from the closing of the far-fained " Terrapin Lunch." The " fitful fr vir/ i* now, however, over, and attain may they "feed Hi II, for be it known th it the John Ad.iuta, of Kuiclterbock- 1 er mrmntr, "hatnta his h it" un at the Terrapin ; alto the pro- J pnetor, one of the Tinett little fellows in Christendom, y'clept 1 VV J < Now, then, sintoli >our lips V? cormorantsin the J T irtle Suup and >lrsk line , the mantle of 'Sauily,' lias fallen * npon John, to perfection, in aood eating and drinking may be J aasm guarantied at the Terrapin. A single look into the old J "Ire Boa," will appeue Uie huajcer of him with the short ' d purse, in J a taste of the genuine at half the old prices will 1 ? tickle the palate of the veriest anchorite. e h me Cireeu Turtle served up tliis day, and every day during 1 n the ssason. a6 Itnf r j! EPICURES! EPICURES! EPICURES! ,1 THIE Subscriber, formerly known as one of the firm of Blew j. A aud Ten Kyck, of No. II Broad street, having opened a I, house No. i64 Broadway a few doors below Niblo's Garden, I, where lie aull continues to serve up all the Delicacies of the j. Season, via?Game. Poultry, Fish, Sic Sic., together with Ilia . ? rclrbealrd Mill Poud. Shrewsbury and all choice Oysters.fresh ' or pickli d, w hich obtained the premium at the last Annual Fair ,. at Niblo's. ,t Haling littsJ uii a saloon unequalled ill the city, where gen- I tierten ml tlieit families > isiting Niblo's, can, w ith the greatest < .. propriety, have served up to their comfort ami satisfaction,such I refreshments as they m ty call for on reasonable* terms. i ,| N. B.?(.Tibs and Private Parties wishing rooms, can oe ac- I .. coininodated as above, by i ,1 s7 lm*r JOSK.rH TEN EYCK. t ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. ! " 'T'HK undersigned has, at a great expense, fitted up one of the , " A largest and most splendid Coffee and Eating Honscs in , "J New Ywrk, iu winch one hundred persons at least can sit down ] to au eicellmt and substantial breakfast, dinner,and lea, [froan | " the ehoirett suiqilies of the markets, witli a bill of fare notes celled either as irgards quality or nuraberof dishes] by any ho- , t*l iu the U mud Sutra, and varying in prices from six cents to j >r one slullinx and eighteen peucc per dish. The purest Java and m Mocks coffee and tht very best teas, and served at only three in aeuts per cup. And all othei refreshments in proportion. The I- waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may be assured of feeling iu tins establishment quite at home." Iu fact, every department of tbe business is under the supeviutendence of coiaiwteut overseen, whose sole care and attention are directed u> tho comfort and conveniences of customers and guests. , HENRY GOSLING, ie Proprietor of the French aud American Eating Honse, iv Nos 64 and lit Nass.n st, between Jehn st and Maiden Lane. .,| r. S ? U|? U s 11 lot n ? I, I I.r,- a ' 1st, ,11IIII,-r ami lea ii*HI tnir FRENCH " ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND MATERIALS c. FOR FLORISTS. r DRUN LA ROSIKRE * COURT, 116 William struct? :h lJ l'hr only successor of Bruu Lu Rosiere kCo. at Paris, have I just recrived, by the Havre Packet Ships Silvie de Grasse and the Sully, a large assortment of Superior and Fashionable II Klowen, of the latest Parisian styles. 0* No. 116 William street is the true aud only depot of thoae au' perior articles from their manufactory in Paris, Rue de Tracy |f No. t. In The abovr firm has been lately declared by decreet of the Tribunal de Commerce and the Cour Royal, at Paria, to be the 7 only legitimate successor of the firm of Bruu la Rosiere It Co., ;d of Parts. silm'r VT It .'TO MINE k CO.?Will commence business at their esr)| v ubliahmriit. No. OTi Broadway, up stairs.?Mad'lle VIC,, TOKI.NE, whose iisinr bis become so |H>pitlar from its frequent mention in the Parisian Journals of Fashion, and whose bouse at st Pans was the r, ndevvous of the fashionable woild, has the ly {iMiior in aiiiiiuiiu e t.i ill. I i.lies til New York.lbat she will on Tuesday nest, ihe 2Pth of September, i pen her establishment lor I lie sale ol V r. in I, h i >11 mi. .. 1..1 l :i:' .. I ( I oaks, Straw la. Maul; It lies, Aprons, Hats, Caps, Hrsu Dresses, and Fancy _ iSriftlmii A Itirlf n The correspondents of Mad'tle Victorme will keep her constantlv supplied Willi (lie Tery litist K ishious. Two skilful French workwomen are always in attendance. ?I7 lm*r T(Tf HELADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.-The proprieP rrev, Mia* 8 KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl King, offers lor sale a most select and choice aauortineut of Millinery Goods, lor the spring trade, never aa yet presented to the public, both aa regards uie quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consists of the following }? The celebrated SILK HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEAN8. as warn by La Duchesse D*Orleans, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?-And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new a.ylo o H4UC*'*MODiNE CAPOTTE8, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'1 Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest teitore, in great variaty. ul The Proprietress respectfully solicits the l&ilies to favor her ' < with acall, and eiamiue her elegant and varied stock of Milr litiery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it '?* will he a great saving to thern in price and a great advantage as -h regards the variety and quality of the goods, to MISS S. KING, Magazine de Modea, ^ an?3 ImT _ W3X Broadway. % COX'S be FURNISHING STORES, ,e U MAIDEN LANE AND BROADWAY. , T It I. COX beg respectfully to inform their friends, and " ? hoiuekeepera generally, that they are now owning a very . ritcnsive assortment oi cnnio ?w kihku, fiiniimmi ni uirsn'. dole* for candles; Lamps of every description, rick manic I i.' Clocks and Clocks for kitchen use, table and line Cutlery, Jain Tannery, Plated Wares, Oiion it Sun's Britannia Ware, steel y* Fire Irons, block tin Ulna, Dish Covers, he. kc. together ?ith a general assortment ol articles 10 their liae, which they are i induced to offer at yen' low prices for atsh. Tenons about to purchase should not ouut to call and eiamine for themselves. A Urge assortment of the uewly invented "Patent Solar Lamps," tutl ret. o . ,1 0r They coutiuue to manufacture Silver Ware in all its variety. ? N. B. They also beg to inform their furuds and the public generally that th y Mrs msmsd U 111 Br id? n , COCMI ! j, Leouard street, a branch of their estalilishmeut, wliere any of ln: the above articlaa can be had at the same prices as at D Maiden l|( lane, 't? They have for sale, a new article of Polishing Powder.suhy perior to any thing hitherto discovered for cleamug silver aud I,, plated ware, plate glass, he. slUwr v DR. FEUCHTWANGER'S t OFFICE, So. I Wall street corner Bioadway.?Manufaetarat V./ er of German Silver in ahret,and faultleaa eaatiiijivof A<i>ie fortis. Muriatic, Nitric and Pyroligneous Acids ; of Tin S<dutious, ealracl Logwood, Laharraguia Chloride <>l Mods, of Lulut nat CaUsUc. Prussic Acid; Liver of Sulpher.lodidea of Iron, Lead and Mercury, Daauerrotype.Chrinirals.Kther Ammonia, 5 Granvilley Lotion, Chloride of Gold, Phosphate of Soda, he. e" Iufallible Poisons for Bedbuits, Fleas, Kly Paper .Cockroaches Rats,Moths, Caterpillars, most lirtoes; the compound chemical .. Whale Oil, Soap an<l ?eed rrotectot; riatuia, niuunnr, !.1'1 (Joldfoil and Bronxe, genuine Harlem Oil, imported. to lm*ec or ' 3 PAKR'S LIFE PILLS ' ' TT it impossible to calculate the man) benefits to tin- human " 1 race which mud reault from the diacoxery of Old i'arr'a recipe. The fine herbal medicine which ia com|>ouiided from lla direction has, in thousands ofcaaea, been tried aud proved to be i the m at efficient remedy of the da>'. Nor 11 it cnmiurd 10 it * . naefulueu to the iliseaaea of the poor, for it ia sought by, ind found in the medicine chests ot the more wealthy claaaea of Great Britain and varioua parti of the continent of Kami*. ', Aa a family medicine it la uneiiualled, aud ia all powerful in rrmorinK bilious and other compLinta arising from the derange ment of the ailimenlary durta, and in purifyina the blood. It ia certain in the cure of the more delicate complaints incident to ' , femalea, gialefhl to (he mate, aromatic to the amrll, auu at the V aame time a gentle in iu operation, yet ao effeeacioua, that no female ought to be withont ao great a boon, left them by ita vanerable disciverer, Old.Parr. It hat been bat a abort time before the public, yet the propriety torn have received numeroua applicatioua for'lie Pilla from call rioua parts o'. the United States; and haee had gratifying teeth i. inoniala of their good effecta in remoeinr diaeaaea pre talent at thia araaon of the year. To all th< refore who are afflicted and in bad health, we ' would axy go to any of llie undermentioned ageuta, where the _J. Genuine Parr's Life Pilla may be had, vix:? . Kuahton It Aapinwall, druggiata and chemiata, K William at, 110 Bruidway and 10 Aator House. . Abraham Sanaa k Co druggi'U aud chemiata .granite baildiuga, ' 371 Broadway, comer ofOhamber at. ^ P Dickie 411 Broadway, comer of Liaiienard at. John B Dodo, druggiat, Broaoway, corner of Blei-ckcr at. A W Radeau, Bowery Medicine altore, 300 Bowery. *; SymeJ' Mtdieine Store, 01 Bowery, earner of Walker it. ?; A B Tripler, cor Kulton and Water ata. '' Horace Everett, drnggiat, JOT Greenwich tt, next the comer of * Franklin at. 1 J k J Ooddisjton, apothecariea, 337 Hudaon atrcet, corner ef Spring street. ' EL Cotton, chemist and apothecary,*! Bleecker at, corner of Jooea at. J Wendover, drnggiat and apothecary, 141 Eighth avenue, ' Brooklyn?win Armatroig, teed, drag, and patennaedicine * warehouse. IMJ4 Kulton at. And wholeaale, at the fc CO., nf Clarendon Hoaae, comer of Duana at and Broadway. ul , anil lm*r *f* TO D fSPKPTICS?Among the number of diallnguiahed 1 gentlemen who hare, Irom personal experience expressed themselves interims of commendation of the effects of Beck with'a Anii-Dyapeptic Pilla, Mr. Van Bun-it. late President of ih- the United Sutra,lias,upon reqneat,permitted fhr Proprietor to in say, that hating been presetted by him aome years sine* with a for boa of hi* Pilla, waa induced to take tliern aa a remedy for a disiCe ordered stomach?that he has given them a fair trial, and ia well satisfied that they have contributed greatly to the perfect retea establishment of Ilia health. .... n- The Anti-Dyspeptic Pilla are put In a superior style, in tin he boiei, containing forty, with full directions. Price fifty cents d per box. , . , , _ . ? ? Those who require a more aetixe article, are referred to Beek ?. with'a Anii-Bilmua Pilla. Piice U centi per box. "< A liberal diaconnt maile agents, and thoaa who buy t* sell *" tgidn. To be had of ,, _ : a H. D. TURNER, 'T. General Agent. No. 10 John at, naar Broadway, to whom all " orders must bo addressed. ' fat sale also by J. K. Trippe, Nowark. N.J. at 3tw(ec RK I [NG. SEPTEMBER 23, 1 MISCKLL A X ROUS The Aiitl-Aitguiar Mynteiai of Writing. GREAT REDUCTION. lp0'! twelve to six dollars | L4R. BUISTOW of London, respectfully iufurms the JLadiev and Ocntlemeuof New York and Bro Alyn, that bis rluio (ay and Km-mint, havr cnmmenccrf for the season, and Ural e baa riduccd hia Tetms one hair,?to Sit Dollar*! Acadimi No. hi Buodawav, riai Park Place. GcuUemeu of all age* are positively taught in twelve leaaoua, bold, free, tzpeditions and finished l>uvinci?-like' atyle ol Veiling, no matter bow bad. illegible tlilf, or cramped Use rnting in ay be. See specimens at tl.e door, 211 Broadway. And the Ladier L neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Hand In Twelve Kasv Lessons ! ILI" VISITORS in New York can take a coarse in Three >a^s !?Nlr B. it to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to 8 C<?CUIU| \y|iuir? iiuin I to BoOK-KKCPIffO TaiwIu j?n a superior method, by double and single entry, Cieutiucdl|y and pru'tically. 1 | <N N. I ?N ^ 1 CI C ^ STENOGRAPHY. A now system of the Art of Writing Short-baud, for Inking own Lectures, Sermons, Trial* at Law, tie &c., taught |>erectly by Mr. Bristow in our course of lessons ! at 233 Broailray. See a specimen. N. B.?A work of itie author is presented to every pupil for heir permanent guide. s4 lm*re U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pt 'ST OFFICE, .New York, 21th July, 1842. LJ OURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the 11 Upper and Lower Tost Offices:? -filers deposited before Half-past 8 o'clock, A Ml 12 " " I _ 3 " P M I Will be sent out for deIt all the Stations before > livery at 9 A M, and 1 7 o'clock, A M 1 aud 4 o'clock, I' M. II " " 2 " F M) Letters to be sent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affixed to hem, otlicrwise three cents will be collected of the party to vhum th? letter |s addressed. No money must be euciosed in elters unless rcr islered at t ie principal officos. Lists ol the tntious (at all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at 12,30 per 100, and every information may be obtained on ap licalion at the upi>er or lower post offices. Stamps issued by lie late City Despatch Post will b? received. It is indispensable hat the number of the residence should be staled in ail lctb rs elil through this Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest iuionnation should any rreirnlaritiei occur. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM au28 ly ec Post Master. fHir TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS OF THE AGE. KENNEDY'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION. F'OIl The treatment aud preservation ol the Hair; the onl> infallible preservative against baldness, and a certain cure [or all diseases of the scalp, such as dandruff, plica potuica, kc. kc. tic., including all cutaueous affections. This article is prepared with great cart by I he inventor and proprietor himself, sfter a study of ten years, during w hich his time has been almost delusively devoird to ihe |>erfectioii of (hia incomparable article for the benefit of the growth and beauty of the Hair. In the mean time, many nostrums intended for the same purpose, liave arisen and died, while this rejoices in the full vigor ol manhood?and is destined to live as long as a fine head of hair is July prized or its cleanliness and beauty admired. Let those who nave these desires but give it a single tiial and lie has no fears for the result. It atily requires to be known to be anpreriated, and wheu so appreciated the propriet or esiiecisto obtain his reward from a discerning public, and ask* it not before?he is not afraid of getting out of iwtience. Nearly five handled certificates, testifying to its virtues, in ill eases fnr w icli ir is intended tn he used, from the inost Illicitly respectable individuals in- various parts iu the United States, the Canada*, lie.,; can be seen at the office of the inventor ana manufacturer, No. 1 Pine street. New York. INVENTION NO. 2. * The second invention of modern times, to which we would reaiteclfullv call attention, is KENNEDY'S CELEBRATED PREMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR DYE, the fint ever invented in this country. This article, as can be testified to by a large number of oral and verbal recommendations, is superior to any thine of the kind im|>orted from any |iart of the world, and is rapidly sn|>ercedinK all otner nostrums foi changing the color of the hair and whiseers to a beautiful dark brown, or let black, from listen, led, grey, or oilier objectionable color, iu a simile application, without affecting Ihe skin. The above Hair Dye was exhibited at the Fair of the American Institute, held at Niblo's Garden, and receiied the first premium, as being su|>erior to any other exhibited. It imy be obtained at the following places Bailey, Ward fc Co. Maiden Lane; Leary ? Co, Astor House; 63 Bowerv, corner Walker; 339 Bowery corner Bond street; Tiffany, Gourd 8t Ellis, '339 Broadway, and at the manufactory. No. 1 Pine street, New Yau? lm*r GEORGE KENNEDY THE CRYSTAL, CORNER OF WALL & BROAD STREET Ye Conoiseurs and Epicures who throng the "Money" street, When you are dry, stop in and try, the stock" that there you'll meet; We'll do our best, to stsnd the test, with any house in town. And while we do, we look to you, lor some share of rrnowu. It HE Proprietors of the aboTe establishment will take a pride in redeeming the above pledge, and they will pennit no article but the very best to appear on the bar. A choice Lunch can also b? found daily. au24 Im'i CHINA. CLASS, AND EARTHENWARE. 8 ASTOR HOUSE. T7BENCH Porcelain Dinner Services, 115 pieces, $25 01 " White Granite, do do 112 do 13 04 French or English Porcelain Tea Bets. 32 do 4 (it Dinner Plate). French Porcelain, |>er dozen, 1 9; Do do Orauite, blue or white, do I 04 Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 (hi Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 DO Tea Caps and Saucera, (21 nieces) French Porcelain, 1 ill Egg Cup), do do 37 Quu. Cat W ines. per dozen, fiom 1 50 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 Table Cutlery. Of the fineat descriptions, in sets or dozens, at the lowprice of$l2theset. Jnst opened , a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. , R. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for the sale of Simpson's Eat Cornets, for the relief of deaftiess._ si lm? re A NEW & IMPORTANT INVENTION FOR THE LADIES. V4R8. LOVE, Corset Maker, No. 62 Lispenard street, rei'l s|>eclfuily informs the ladies of New York and its vicinities,that she has invented a new article for the preservation of (he health and strength daring pregnancy. This Abdominal Supporter is perfect in its application, acting as aaupport, and preventing all strain upon the muscles, Sad the CpnaCQBent ft tigneand eihaustion of the whole svslein. It will preserve the form in all its youthful symmetry Nothing that has over been invented offers so many advantages as does this Abdominal Supporter for inrigoratiug the system against every accident attending gestation. Mrs. L.has secured a patent. She begs to refer to the follow ing eminent gentlemeu of the Medical Faeolty:?Dr. Francis Dr. Pond, Dr. McDonald, Professor Uillmau M I), Professor Parker, M D, A. C. Castle, M D, Dr. Nelson. Dr. Moore, J W. Francis, Si D, J. O. Pond, M D. J. |W. Moore, M. D. J. Neilson, M D. Country merchants and dealers supplied wholesale with Cor seta. Hell), and brarri, on advatuagaons terms. sf. imfr PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS'. II/ARRANTED to kgepsuy length of time in any climatr ?* vik" lobsters, halibut, ahid, salmon, oy-teri, and r.lams beef, tnuttou, ?e*r, dm k, chicken, 'inkey, beef ?ouii, miittoi bfi'tli, rlnckeu soup, 01 uil soup, mock and green turtle ?oui> at petable soup, green peat, mushrooms. carrati, turnip*, par ani|>*. tomatoes, inilk, xc. lie., manufactured and told whole sale by WILLIAM MULLANE. at lm* rc K.Si Nassau ?t a~(HAl.LESTGR Yo THE \0OllLD.-bn. J. okay aV OCULIST, No. 223 Division street, New York, from the city of Loudon?the only maker of the Artificial Human Eye hi the United Sutra, respectfully informs tlioae pvrsotu that hai had the misfortune to have loat one of their eyea, that (10 can Caee an artificial eye in, an as to open, abut, atul more in the ad, without iwin either in filing or wearing, at a moderate price. Dr. J Orair eliallnutra tlie world to produce models equal to hia of dilfereiit diaeasea of the Human Eye, made by hnnaeif, which can be aeeu alhia reaidence. Dr. J. fftir gives advice, gratia, on afl complaints oftlie eye, from'J o'clock uutil It every morning, Hnndaya etcepted. N. B.?Artificial Teeth aet in firat rate atyle, from one to a whole aet, at a reduced price. _ A single Tooth, with Silver plate, $1 50?Do with Odd, S3, alt lw*r H E N R I Q UES' WHOLESALE ANITRKTAIL HAVANA AND PRINCIPE ri GAR STORE, BaauMBiaT SI William draiir, Bet warn Wall aud lino Streets, II lm* r NEW YORK. DET ELLIOTT, OCULIST AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, t (inbiiea his Pracliee to diseases of the eye. Office HI Broadway, corner of Warren atreet. iM Imil'r Doctor bell Conlip-irs to be ronealted daily, uatil 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY On aH Wheat# diaraaaa, at hia privafe offirea, 4 CORTLANbT STREET. OEUUND Door from Bcadway, with the (Itm.wt conlidener 1 ' in all caace of a delicate nature, retjuiriuy prompt and safe treatment. Reins a Kegolnr Practitioner patient a inn rely upnu receiving *11 the attention their eases may demand. Willi an aaanram e "f a aucrraaful issue, baaed n, ..n il? . spern m i "I many yrara piofraaional duties. Dr. Bell dnea not advertise a Sptcibc Drop o' Pill for the cure of certain diaeaaes?bat guar anteea all tint Anatomical. Medical, and I i.ciniral knowledge can anirtreat in each caae. Separate offirea. Attendance till Id SUTTON & VAN DERBILT ARE ConsUntly receiving I arse anppliea of Clotha, C'aasimerea and Woollen# ol every description,asitable for the comiug aeaaou, which Uiey olfar at atlremel) reduced pneea for nun, at their well known Tailoring Estshliahment, 410 Broadway, aeeond door abort Canal at. Gentlemen are requested to call and ciaminc thair slack before purchasing elsewhere. N. B.?Particular attention paid to boys clothes. aid lm*r "HIGH POOSHT LEB'H 8TP.AM IMPROVED BLACKING i? uow naive really admitted to be far superior to any yet invented Ibr its peculiar ineaervative softening qtisli' tea to the leather, and for iu eniuislte brilliant Jet black lustre, properties entirely noN. B ? For the grnnine article apply to the only Warehouse, No. I John at, comer of Broadway. C1I AH. LEE, slO lm*r Formerly Ime It rhmnson. N~0'FlCE.?HhuT HUWHEEL ULOVICR, horn Liverpool. Consignee' Of merchandise by this vessel will nleasr send their permiti on board at Pine street wharf, or to the office of ihe subscriber, as all gooda not permitted in five days must urnvoidally bs aant to public "ore. ? K. GLOVER, 1M Pina street, a 19 t corner of Booth at. I IS it A 842. Wulitiigton C'orrespoiidciire. n Wasiiinutum, Sept. 21,18(2. e III/ins of tlu If, iter?Anil-rim si nodictr?Cough Si/- J] ru]> anil Itiligious Lectures?Things at Washing- u ton?Old Pnindextrr?His Book, Contents of Chup- V tcr X.?The Uevd to pug?Mrs. Mayor Seat on? ( Great Meeting in Baltimore?Popularity of the t Herald?Brother Maffitt and the I Aid us. t DEAR General? * dince my lust I have had a severe attack of the ( prevailing epidemic, and been humbugged besides, i My good landlady, as soon as I refused to drink my 1 fifth cup of coffee, pronounced toe ill of the cholic, , and bustled off for a bottle of dewell's medicated | anti-spasmodic, which the worthy doctor sells tor 1 only #2 50. 1 found it to be pure gin, tinctured with j cinainon, and three wine glasses of it fuddled me | completely, and soon put me in a coiufortuhle i snooze. This accounts for the wonderful populuri- ' ty of the nostrum, and perhups for the rapid spread j _r .U.. ???ll? Cunanl .nuof unit nn . another delegation of Washingtoniuus, and recal Torn Marshall to his post, or much that has been won will be lost. The Devil has long had his favorite stamping grounds in this city, and it' the friends of intemperance be again let loose, we shah prove 110 match for him, even though aided by the influence of the Herald. Brother Thompson, who sells cough syrup at fifty cents the ounce, aud throws in a lecture on religion to each customer gratis, told me yesterday that he was awfully ulanned, and would have to quit his shop, and rake up the murket houses and taverns for sinners. For my part I cannot divine the cause of this "commotion, otion," for 1 see no change, except for the belter, since Congress cleared out. Caniblers and loafers are not so plenty, though otlice seekers have wonderfully multiplied, since the report got about that the Captain was about to make a general sweep. 1 care nothing about these fellows, but 1 hope they will behave better than many who came here on similar errands after Harrison's inauguration, most of whom put up at boarding bouses kept by widows, und then sloped without j?aying their bills. We have one advantage here when Congress is gone?our young men may then get a chance at the girls. Many of our belles?I speak it with regret?will slight the attentions of a handsome young citizen, because he is untitled and poor, to hang on the urm of a member of Congress. 1 have.often witnessed glaring examples of tliis. How great a mistake. The former breathes for her nothing but love?he looks upon her as something to be shrined and worehip|>ed, and ' would gladly lay at her feet the homage of a lifetime of atleclion. The latter too often gazes with the eye of unlawful passion, and weaves his de- ' eeitful web around her, until all is lost. And yet? fatal delusion?to gratify an idle vanity, the young i and innocent are too often thrown into the path of , the spoiler from abroad, who brings here rank, or wealth, or inlluence, while the humbler eitizen of 1 our metropolis, however iMire his passion, is scorn- > ed. But uow they are allowed to hover, like sum- f iner butterflies, in the train of beauty, and will he encouraged and caressed until Congress meets again, and then they, the honest, the generous, the 1 i ...i ........ ....... ii,? . ItUC IICUIICU, HIU?lgiTV W UJ ?.v IHV 8oj UVtLllVI , I the practiced libertine, the gouty-toed, enervated, , feeble, stimulated, superannuated gallants that make up the majority of that honorable body. Oh, what ' an error this is. That bright eyed woman, formed 1 for love, whose very touch can Kindle rapture in the < soul, should forfeit the bliss which is next to heaven, ( for the cold embrace of some enfeebled octagenurian?should barter joy for station, hope and luvejor | wealth. It is ascertained that Old Poins has gone on to New York to publish a book, to b* styled " Twenty Years Observations, or Men and Things at Washington." This announcement has produced a tremendous fluttering here, as the old fellow is known to be a close observer, has been connected with pubI lie aliairs longer than any other man now on the stage except Mr. Clay ; is gifted with great talents and extraordinary powers of Harcasm ; and as he stands, since his Custom House exjiose and tariff report, a sort of cast-off from all parties, detested by the loco's and abhorred by the whig manufacturing interest, you may be sure he will spare neither.? Look out for extraordinary developments, for long buried secrets, for the disinterment of ten thousand political intrigues^ for the crucifixion of men who now rnncy IIlFHlSfivt" wtuic?IU uur, iiic must remarkable book tliat haa ever a|i|ieared in this country, and such an one as only the "Devils' Darning Needle." as you once dubbed Old Doing, could produce. Portions of it are particularly yuyiMfit, us you will perceive from the following synopsis of chapter x., vol. n. ' Explosion of the Cabinet?secret conference with President Tyler?Private note from Webster ?overtures rejected?intrigues of Abbott Lawrence ?tampering?corruption of the manufacturers? their connexion with the New York Custom House ?Swartwout, lloyt, and Curtis?how appointed? how retained?!^z0,000 fee?mysterious presentsanonymous remittances?the pipe of madeira?chateau Margaux, fruit and broadcloth?treasury department?rats?suppression and mutilation of documents?the book with the twenty-one missing leaves ?fraudulent practices in the bureaux?agency of women under the three last administrations?spies in petticoats?the corporals guard, its weakness, vanity^ and ambition?rascality in high places? sweeping frauds?intrigues, amours, peculations and public robberies?parallel between Washington and the lost city of Sotlom John Tyler and Jack Cade ?repudiation in the United States?demoralization of tfie Press?the leaders of all parties, und the meri cenaries in their pay, proved to be a set of unprincipled scoundrels?warning to the people." You will see from the foregoing we shall I have u prodigious blow-Up by-and-bye. The au, thor is very severe on the New York Press, especially on Webb. He explains the whole history of the #52,000 bribe, and censures Tom Marshall for stooping to notice so contemptible a creature, i You made some awful errors in printing my last letter, having omitted all n.y compliments to three | shining lights of the church, and substituted Major i for Mayor, where I spoke of your being toasted and 1 encored at the military encampment. Mayor Seaton is mortified at this, for he is anxious the whole world should know how highly he admiresthe calm, moral, philosophical,jtnd conservative course of the New York Herald. The Tact is, we all looW to it as our main stay anil bulwark against the waves of faction, corruption, and disorganization, that run nigher every year, and threaten to engulpli the free<'st and happiest country under the sun. Your course in relation to the Ashburtnn dinner is exceedingly (topular. Under your influence, the whole country is rising up to resent the insult offered to its honor by a band of financial tories. New York has t*>oken, Philadelphia has spoken, und last night 10 (100 freemen gathered around the monument in Bal timore, and denounced the white-livered and chick n-hearted traitors, and when their united voices went up to heaven in favor of the resolutions, and then rose again in three cheers for the bold ana patriotic course of Gen. Bennett, I felt that there was still a ho|?e for the redemption of my country, and that its hour of destruction had not yet come. After being thus exhiierated and consoled by this sponta- i neons exhibition of patriotism, I went with the crowd to hear brother Maftitt preach. This wonderful loan has been expounding and lecturing here evtr since the ndjourrunent of Congress. Multitudes wait upon his ministrations, and thousands gather i around*!In-allar, drawn from their hell-bound course, 1 by his powerf ul appeals. John is not only the greatest |trencher of his times, but he is a patriot, every r inch of hun. He speaks warmly of the Herald, ana has been heard to praise it even m the pulpit. I like John for another reason?he loves the girls, i and the girls love hun- (rod bless them all. Yours truly, H H. H. Ifsw Orleans. (Comepoodence of the Herald. 1 Nxw Oki.bans, Sept. 14, 1842. The Cotton Market?Sugar Advanced?The fjite Dwl? Wharfage. Tax?Ijifay tilt. SIB :? Since my last we have had another dull week in business Within a day or two past, however, there has been some little stir in the cotton market, and some sales have been made, though not to any great extent, at an advance of 4c. Since the passage of the tariff bill sngar has advanced $c, and is held firmly. Flour dull at $1. The arrivals of , specie amount to very near #260,000, three-fifths of which cams from Msxicn, and ths rest from New York. Church matters remain m sutmjuo. Ths duel I LD. Pr??-? Two Cents lentioncd in my last as having grown out of the xciieiueat attending the election oi wardens, grew ut of an old uuarreT. 1 was misinformed just at tie moment of closing my letter, und am now happy a making die correction. The duel between ihe arties who crossed the hike, came oil at I'ass christian. Hide shots were exchanged without tfect, when the affair was adjusted, and all hands oncerned alierw ards partook of an oyster supper at he hotel, wliicli 1 dare aay set much Detter-on their iloinnclis than bullets would have done. Another ight took place yesterday between two young ere)ies with small swords, und at the first lunge both acre seriously wounded, when the affair terminaed. There is a great and growing opposition to the a hart age tax, recently imposed by the councils of lie different municipalities on "all merchandise ?"?>" ?? finfl" " IIWI1I uir jKiri OI WeW i ?reans." The law authorising it hat* been |>rotounced unconstitutional by several judges of lie city courts, be!ore whom suits were brought sy the municipalities against persona who had refused to pay it. The grounds of the decilions are that the municipalities have no right p lay a tax on exports, and as this tax im required from merchandize trunslerred Iroin steamboats to "hips without ever touching the wharf, it amounts :o u tax on exports. The municipality haa appealed o the Pariah Court, and in all probability the case will go to the .Supreme Court before it has its final ieeision. Whatever may be said of its coiistituiftnality, there is little doubt of the law being very mpolitic, and highly inturious to the interest ot the :ity. The planters of Mississippi are much opposed o it, and many of them have determined to land heir cotton at Lafayette, one mils from our custom louse, above and adjoiniug this city, where no wharfage tax is exacted, and in the immediate leighborhood of most ot our cotton presses. Laayette offers equal facilities for landing, pressing, ind shipping cotton ; and if our wharfage tux is not e|>eaied, this city will lose most of its cotton buaiirss, as no reason exists why a single bale of colon should ever come to it. 1 am atraid our municipal councils will see, when too late, they have >een |*>nny wise and pound foolish in this matter, t would have been better lor them to take the hull y the horns at once, and lay the tax where it beongs? on real estate ; and tins they will have to do /ri, as people will not submit to this tax if it is prolouncea constitutional. A steamer arrived ye.-ieriay with 11(N) bales of cotton, near It Ml of which were landed at Lafayette, winch is destined to be it place very soon, if this tax is not repealed. The yellow lever steadily increases, though it is generally very mild. By the report of the Board nf Health, published this morning, there were !W Jeaths last week, .of which 18 were children, ot the athers adults, 75 in number, 44 were of the yellow fever ; and yet some of our stupid presses say there s uo epidemic here. Yours, Louisiana. Hanover, N. Y. [Corre*|>oudenc< of tin- Hrrnld. 1 Hanover, (N. Y.) Sept. 7, 1842. The ill-futtd Et it ditcovertd by Animal Mtgntlxtm I rmprrnnrc?rnrmoiogy, q-c. F. O. BENNETT :? In these days of reform and progress, it is the dntjr :>f every philanthropist to record, in some manner, the discoveries and ini| rovements of the age?and is in your invaluable "Herald" are chronicled the <ayingsand doings of the wise and foolish criticsand satirists, preachers und hearers, saints and devils, rogues and honest men,likewise, the rise and fall of -eligion,politics, banks, stocks,&c. I send a few lines Tom a country town, whose inhabitants claim a ?ood share of piety, sobriety, wit and common sense. As in all other comtmnities, politicians of sach party look forward with anxiety to the time when their favorite measures will be adopted and carried out. Preachers labor with all zeal to convert the ungodly, and each proves (to his own satisfaction) that the doctrines and tenets of his church are the only true guide for the Christian through life, that he may at death enter the narrow gate to Heaven by the narrow and crooked path. We are doing but little in the way of business, being confined to pressing daily wants, but much ia Temperance, Phrenology, and Animal Magnetism. We have troin one to three temperance lectures a week, many of them from reputed orators. Every Schooi district has its Temperance Society and from one to halt a dozen amateur lecturers. Drunkards are scarce and becoming scarcer. The tears of many a mother are dried up, and half starved, half naked children are leaping joyfully, with full stomachs and clothed limbs. Geo speed the reformation, till alcohol cannot "give down" for the want of a single sucker. The citizens of ForestvilJe have been highly entertained for three evenings past in listening to lectures on Phrenology from Mr. Ainsworth. He taught dancing for a number of years, and says ha became tired of "workuig with his feet and went to work with his head." I think him an adept with either. He steps very light and lectures well. He has succeeded in obtaining a class, notwithstanding " The Forestville Lyceum" a few months since decided Phrenology not a science. Magnetism to-day is the all absorbing topic. Hy magnetism the wreck of the ill-fated Erie has been discovered. A gentleman at Silver Creek magnetised his wife one day last week, and among other iiuestious put during the magnetic sleep was " In what direction is the steamboat Erie that was burnt1?" She pointed in the direction where it was supposed to be. This led to further experiments.? During the next two or three days she was taken successively to the wharl at Silv r Creek and to the mouth of the Cattaraugus Creek, where a surveyer's compass and other necessary apparatus had been provided, and then magnetised. Beiny questioned and directed to tell the direction in which the boat lay, as before, minutes were taken and the Barns day or the day afier, boats were started simultaneously from Silver Creek and Cattaraugus in the direction i>oinled out, and at the meeting of the boats soundings were made and the wreck discovered. It lies four miles below silver Creek mid three miles out, not so far out as it has been supposed to be. Ilia said the gentleman (I have forgotten his name) has gone up the Lake for the rewurd of $20110 offered ny the owners of the boat for the discovery of its whereabouts. Truly we ntay say, " what will be done next I" Look out rogues, your deeds must come to light ! Honesty must now be your policy or we will soon lie tintler the disagreeable necessity of building new prisons or enlarging those we already have. Yours, D Arrkstkh.?The Rochester Democrat says two persons were arrested on Saturday on suspicion of being concerned in the murderous attack on the tainily of H. E. Rochester, Esq. PARSELLS & AGATE, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS, AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, See. 'pHK SUBSCRIBERS, in addition to their farmer dock ol i faaliiunablr goode, ?? constantly receiving by every ww arrival fftrn ran* awl London, a ?U|ii.|y of the moat rich and fuhinnablv Scarf* aad Cravat*. Their aaaortment of fashiona bin Stock*, Scarfs, Cravats, rt aily nadr Linen, Olovrt, Saapvndera, Hoe ivr?. and all article** pprrtaioing to a gentleman'* wardrobe, are rich and varied. They reepectfally invite their alii patron* end itreuyer* visiting this rity, to call at the old Establishment, so Ions and favorably known and make their aeIrctione. PARBF.LLS It AyATC, Ml Broadway, They would particularly re uommrnd on Elaatic Huinndf> with the C?i?nt buckle, of their own manufacture, which for dnrabtlityaad ooatMrt. cannot bo surpassed. The imoro Vu V"^'v* Br^e, intended to brace the ahonldera and einnii.1 ??U ?TV' rrC<,'n *nded by the medical faculty,^Ind J* . 'JT '""""I niajifpeiiiibla to persons who are inclined to bed Jorw.rd; and fn f.c to alt injhriduals of sedentary h.b"""i""1 Guardians are particularly requested to cismr'|lMMrl,| "I'" iV " 1 ? 1 <o?od of imaniu advantage lo PAILBkGI ?TVa,TaTy" habit of ,i??. *.&&&&& ^tfcirrtwww u< PORTABLE BLACKSMITH'S EOROF.S.-Thc sab"li. ."v n|f tk" aolf A?.'..te for the Manufacturers of fft "'J Patent Portable Korte and Bcllnwi, beg lea?e to can the attention of the nuidir to the a bore articl-. Tnei they ff" wtn called for ana introduced in nearly all parte of the United States, la, we believe a sufficient cridence of their utility and conermonee; being portable and compact, gives them far the preference orcr the connoa f?r|i for Shipping of erery deaeription, Rail Roads, Canals. Plantations, Mann factoriea and all pwrimsea for which the ordinary forge la naad. Thoae manufat tare J for the U.S. Mary are Wrought Iron. Wo Won hi refer thoae wishing to pnrchoao to iumr few who can recommend them from |>er?oiial ai well a* general knowt oinmodore Crana. Nary Vard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Meaara. Carr, Keim k Hainra, Philadelphia. Hob. OoTemier Kcmh>, Weil Point Foundry, Uld flanou, N. Y. Meaara. S B Ali???? *B",4,,w"y' ^QAU^avltT' ?213m*rc comer of Old alip and Water rt. POCKET KNIVES AT lit Broadway, between John street anal Howards' Hotel, ISO del pen, dirk and pocket knires, retailing at prices to tail the times. Also, a large aaaortment of Scissors. Ratora: Champaigns Cutters, Dental and Snrgmel Instruments, and erety otherarticle nsnally kept by entfers. All k'nds of cutlery made to order and ropaira d. Steel artitles poliahed in the higheat perfection of lha an. ? , s?lm?c J. D. CHEVALIER, "? Broadway. DILLS ortisliuiii on ill parts of tslland, Ireland anal Lr Scotland, in <une in a.Li aud i-io. tp any amount, for sale at ?. J. ?fLVl?fER'?. ? Wall street, an rr r and IM Broadway.

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