Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1842 Page 3
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Tsere iMowtwo THI Drrr rsra Cm rros Ciinw LxsnIISO Altt LU each Trairr. .. , ? V'rmri of Rrdurtion. i.oodt. tort. IKS 1834. 1837. ||?. 1811. 1612 ttWUf. Vt, Prti. BlseUags, 6 111 IDS 87 7S 1 26 100 '? 17 64 49 SI 36 20 ?? Shirting,. 10 13 31 32 3n 24 20 30 .... 14 24 21 23 23 'I 20 JO Ctoclu. 0 109 92 03 71 17 20 112 ( dlcoe., || 72 61 46 41 34 20 74 t'hmuw, 2D 13 it 36 31 27 20 44 Prmu 14 23 21 23 23 II 20 M rlSMels, 14 140 19 16 72 <6 20 92 Batus, u 90 46 42 11 31 20 46 y , 13 30 3-1 32 2") 21 20 10 Kerseymeres, 1,24 90 11 II 31 27 20 10 2.24 40 II II 3* 27 20 10 3,00 131 11 II 38 27 2U 10 " 1,00 14 II II 31 27 20 10 This is an im|iortaiit table, luiil ohowl an immense difference between those rate* which the compromise tariff promised, ami those which are now enforced. These represent a direct tax, which the agriculturalists arc called upon to pay at the same moment that the market for the labor is ruined. This fact canuct be too much considered, viz., that in hlngland the agricultural strength is insufficient to feed its population, while in this country it is, and must con- j linue to bo sufficient to M ton times the strength of the other classes. Nothing so strongly vindicates a reciprocal policy between the two nations. galea at Use Stock Kxchangt. SI0IMI Ohio 6's, 1260. 73 24sluu Mohawk Kit, bl4 31 2600 do 72fc 25 do jjJg JIKIO Kentucky 6's, 1871, 771* 25 do b30 33 II siias Mccli's Bkg Co, 60 25 do 32U .VI do Pel it Hud. b60 R21J 40 do iuw 32W 24 do s30 82 1300 do Ilarlrm, ItC 23 no p;irinfr ? unnu,su in ih> ?iu 10,1 )i do OhioL kTCo, 63V it do <10 16 Id do Auburn Si Boch, M>| loo do ?uw 16 Second Board. 10 ?ho? Mohawk, 33V 25 shas Mohawk. 1>30 32V 15 rto 33\ 25 do blO 3?\ 30 do 31% 2i do Harlem, I6'V 21 do *10 33)4 State of Trade. We cannot notice any material change ill the state of the market*. Molasses? Sale* New Orleans at 33 cents; sweet Mat an/as 17; I'orto Rico 18 a 33; Now Iberia 30$ a 31. \aral Stores ? In tur|>eutine holders require on advance. Sales of North County rosin at 87} cents, cash. Oils?Sale of whale 33} cents, cash?scarce and wanted. Of linseed, English sold at 93} cents, cash; American at (10 a 93, cash; crude sperm at ItH cents. Provisions?Pork, mess, at $8 a $9,13}; prime at $5,31] a $5,37}, which is a slight advance; lower country sells at $8,35 a $0,50 for prime, and $9 for mens. Rise? An active demand has been ielt, and sales are made at $3,75 a $3,97}, cash, Com Trade. There has been a little better demand to-day than usual. Sales of flour have! been made for the eastern market at $4,M a'4,d3 for Michigan, the same for Ohio, and $4,63 for Canal.' Southern and western wheat ranges from 70 to|90 cents ajbushel. Account or Flocs and Wheat Arrived at Tide Wall TER EROSI Tlir-l OrKNINU or Navioation to thk 14th Sett. flour. If heat. 1811 862,503 bhls. 338,898 bushels. 843 746,637 " 437,787 " Decrease,. . . 116,866 Inc., 168,889 Excess in favor of 1941, taking flour and wheat togethei, is 78,099 bbls. flour. The purchasers of wheat in Cleveland, on the 17th instant, were very few in number, but all the best samples of northern were taken at 66 cents. The sales of flour were largo at $3 60 for best canal brands, with other qualities below that, and one lot of fancy at a small advance. Annexed is a statement showing the exports of flour and wheat from Cleveland, during the weak ending September 10,1943:iibls flour Bushels Whiat. United States ports,. . . 18,361 40,666 Canada ports 4,134 31,093 33.385 71.647 In Rochester, on tlie 16th inRt. wheat wni quoted at six shillings, although there had heen some sold at less than that At the prasent price of flour, wheat must be still lower, for the manufacturers cannot pay even the present low rates. Klour was down to $3 75. The quotations from the New York markets will have a tendency to depress the market still more. We learn from Buffalo that there was a heavy arrival at that place on the 16th inst. namely, 13,000 bids, flour, 15,000 bushels wheat, and a,500 bushels corn. $3 60 was the highest offer made for the former, but holders asked $3 62*. Sales of wheat were making at 08 j cents for good samples, with rather more disposition to operate. Corn was Arm at 371 cents. Subjoined is the quantity ol flour and wheat cleared at the Canal Collector s office during the first two weeks of September, for feur years : ? ffrtscis*. 1839. 1840. 1841. 1843Flour, bbls., 8,061 38,666 37,613 45,631 Wheat, bushels, 63,608 113,915 103,036 01,791 It is a gratifying fact, in these times of profound horrors, to know that the labon of the Iowa farmers have been rewarded with most abundant harvests. The crops of buckwheat throughout the country are said to be of the most promising character. Brighton Cattle Market. Momdat, Sept. 19,1843.?At market 700 beef cattle, 875 stores, 3300 sheep, and 1135 swine. Tricks Bttf Caii/s?We quote to correspond with last week, viz : a few extra at 86. First quality 84 AO a 4 76; second quality 83 75 a 4 35; third quality 3 a 3 60. StortM?Two year old 87 to 13; three year old at 814 to on Shtep?A little quicker, without much advance. We noticed loU said at 76c, $1,08, 1,26, 1,33, and 1,60. Wethera 1,60, 1,62 and 1,76. .Swine?LoU to peddle at 2^c for aowa, and 3Jc for barrow* Old hogs at 3c. At retail from 3$ to 6c. Married. On Monday afternoon, the 19th in?t., by the Rev. Mr. John M. Forbes, PniLLir Auorrri's Hatward, of Tallahassee, Fa., to Mart Herriktta, third daughter of Francis L.D'Anterroches, of this city. * Latest Advices RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Africa July 18 Macao May 27 AusOayes Aug. 21 Madras April 3 Antigua July 1 Manilla May 5 Bombay July 19 Montevideo July 5 Batavin May 31 Marauliam June 25 Bermuda Aug. 8 Matanzas Sent. 4 Bonaire April 9 Mayaguer July 16 Buenos Ayres July 1(1 Maracaibo Aug. 16 Baliia July 8 Matatnoras June 3 Belize. Hond. July 34 Neuvitas July 30 Barbadoes Aug. 24 Nassau, N. P. Sept. 1 Bogota May 1 Oahu.S. I. May 1 Berbicr Feb. 20 Paris Sept. 1 Cat* Haytien July 11 Portau Prince Aug. 30 1'unicoa Aug. 2(1 Ponce, P. R. Aug. 27 Oienfuegoa Sept. 4 Tara June 4 Carthagena May 1 Pernambuco Aug. 10 Caraccaa May 17 Innaina - Feb. 20 Chagrcs July I lti tie Janeiro Aug. I Callao May 39 Singapore May 3 Calcutta July 8 Sydney, N. 8. W.- Aug. II Oemarara June 2 St. Helena luly 31 Fayal Aug. 18 St. Thomas Sept. 3 Gibraltar April 19 St. Barts Jan. 3 Muavanuil - Feb. 13 St. Jagu dr Cuba- Aug. 28 Gnayama, P. R. July 15 St. Johns, P. it. Aug. 3d Oonaives Aug. I 8l Crois July 30 Galveston Aug. 21 Ht. Martlia May 4 Havre Sept. I St. John, N. B. Hept. It Havana Sept. G Surinam June Halifas Sept. 17 Tampico June 10 Jeremie May 10 Tobasco June 27 Jacmel Aug. 13 Turks Island Aug. 15 Kingston, Ja. Aug. 31 Trinidad tie Cuba Aug. 19 London Sept. 4 Vera Cruz Aug. 13 Liverpool Sept. 4 Valparaiso June 27 .bl*m Nautical information of any kiwi, from an, )aen odiat at hwnc Of abroad, will be thanhfalll recalled. "rUKT OK NKW VOIIK, SKIT. 43. 1S?4. I0HK1IB* 0 | MOOS 7 JO .I'M ??T?- OlMIOM Willi 10 IS Cleared. Ship Agim. Cameron, Ametrrdam, Ffeiltrr k Wiaainami.? B.ik LrwivjBarker, Hi* dr Janeiro. S W l.ewii.?Brnri Tam O'Sbanler. ThoinaaCuracoa, J L Foulk k Son; Triumph. Prwrott, Boaloa, K Kirhardaon k I o.?Hchri Chiu K Thome, ('linaMiit, Wilmington, NC; Si Pi. rn , Oegnod, Nrolxin. NC; F fie lid, Lor r II, Button; Samuel Crocker, Phlllipe, Taunton, Meet. Arrived. Packet thin Oifoid, Rathbom-. from Liverpool, Aug. II, with inilee, to C. 11. Marehall, anil (ioodhur k Co. Ship Moilrm. French, II da ft from Hav re, with tmUr,to I * o ? UK)btti wioi t3 etses u> oner. 13th nit. np Start Point, ?i k? bent Richmond 1 Mn Boston foi RiuU; IRlii IMMI km 33 poke bark Churh , from West Indies foi London; JOtli, hi 15 10, Inn u , ?i?okc *hi|> Adirondack, Hack* sun, htm tor Liverpool. Dsrk Zaitlre-. While. 38 ?l*ys from LoMoPj W I'I. Plk, ! ? J. Ki iriicy. 21st nit. Ut 18, Ion 17, sroke ship Slerii&ff, Senders, of Wfeecusset, IVon Liverpool for Boston, ifth insUoff South Ihsftlal Muhuikai -i-iii" i... . u i.. .1.. .i .. zas for Halifax?had encountered a fair- in the Onlf Stream, Itii nut. in which carried away to|>iuaa(, and apruna lower mul? war uudcr jury mart, had a fair wind and war malting hue head nay. 77 |<*.s?rtig> rr. line Belle, Myen, 0 days from Wilmington, NC. w ith naval stores, to Mitchell St < 'o. Schr Button, Bradlrv, i days fiom Georgetown, DC with end re, to W. H. Si C. Hitchcock. Sclir I'li.-be hli/.a, Orhoni, from Alnatuliia, with tlour, to Stiirera It Clearman. fcclir laaac Townsend, Oram, from Wilmington, NC. with naval ttorer. Schr A. C. Cornelia, Walkinbridge, from Wiliniu*t.>u, NC. with naval st?re?. Schr Planet, Tony, 3 tlaya ftora n>iladel|>liia, with coal, to matter. Schr Lydia Ann, S?|>er, 4 day* from Virginia, with wood, to matter. Schr H. P. Havent, Turner, from Snowbill, with com, to muter. Schr Kdin burgh, Decker, 3 daya from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr John Higher, lligbee, 3day* fiom Virgiuia. with wood, to muter. Schr Swan, Cropper, 3 days from Berlin, Md. with corn, to inaarer. ... Schr Herald, Kdw irds, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Mary Aau, Berry. Irom Folly Lauding, with com, to I master. Schr Solomon Roacvelt, Benjamin, Irom Virgiuia. with j wood, to master. Srhr Mary Klleii, Travis, from Cherrystone, with, 1 to master. Below. One brig. Wiud NNW. blowing very fresh. SAllaxl. Ships Treinout, (>i|lrt|iir, Hnll, ICng; Kl ird, (Urein) Wr?aels, Biruien; Krjah, Bants, New Orleans: brigs Washington's i Barge, Applelou, Marauhain; Fame, (Br) Webb, Barbauoes ( and Halifax; Win HTalman, Norfolk, and others Ueneral Hecord. Steam ship Westebiv, for Bristol, leaves this port on Thursday next, 29th itut. Brio Charles Thomas, Doughty, at Charleston from Cienfitegos, experienced a tremendous yale of wind from N. to 8. on the 5th insf. when about 40 miles W. of Havana, during which split the mainsail, fureaail, topsail and staysail; carried awry main hooin and fore top, and sustained other damage to hull and rigging. 8th, saw a brig with loss of main topmast and fore topgallant mastv ?chr r.liza Mxsr.noLt:.?A letter from Cold Springs, dated 15th inst. a tat is that the schr will probably be got off, at a heavy i xpeiise. A variety of goods Lave Itecn got out, which be immediately sent to Baltimore to the owner*. Some of the cargo, es|>ecially the sugars, was in so had a condition as not to warrant the e*|ie use of shipment. A surrey wa* tube held on the 15th, after which the damaged part of tlie cargo would be sold at auction for the benefit of those concerned. The K. M. was from New York, hound to Baltimore, a'id had a valuable cargo on board. Bark Baptist Mkxicx.?We lu??e already mentioned the recovery of the cargo of this vessel by Mr. Frater's sub-marine apiwntus. Among the cargo was a iiuantitv of machinery, which has been got tin in as perfect a stale as if it had just left the manufactory. The bark lay sunk in a very exposed situation, embedded in the sand, and open to the North Sea. The Baptist Mexick was from Philadelphia bound to Hamburg. Bam Tom Fains:.?It is staled that the Tom Paine, Leeds, which sailed from Thomastoii fur Charleston, about six weeks since, has not been heard of. Bang Talent.?There is $5,000 insured ou this vessel, and $5,700 on her enrgo, at two offices ill Boston. Ashore.?Schr H. Norton, ol' BufTalo, with a cargo of merchandise, went asliorv at Michigan City a few nights since.? She has sugar and other perishable articles on board, a part of which were set nred in lighters and taken on shore. There is nil insurance of $0,000 on the cargo ill Buffalo. Launches.?At Uardiuer, Me. rrceutly, a superior bark of 3M) tuna, called the Rainbow, was launched: her frame is principally of Jersey, oak and hackmetack. The beauty of her madel and style of finish, are said to reflect much credit ou her skilful huilder. Bark Win. Joy was launched at Trenton, Me. on the Clh inst. Notice to Mariner*. The Light Boat was towed tojter station Tuckerauck Shoals last Sunday. The Iron Lhiht-house.?At theeutrauce of the harbor of St. JagO de Cults ia a cast iron tower of foe oct.coM IV I feet iu height, and inay be seen ill a clear night at tlie distance of 21 milra, |ierrorminB its revolutions in two minutes, and will be one minute visible, the other invisible. The light la 244 fret above the level of the ara, and atandinit nearly 600 Spauisli yarda to the eastward of the ceutre of the channel which forma the entrauae of the harbor. Whalemen. Heard from in May laat. Omega, Kairhaven, 28 moa out, 1900 hbla sp oil. Hpokcn. United, 4 daya from Matanxaa for Boatou, 8c|< 18, Roinain Liitht bearing NNK. Col Taylor, of Boatou, for Porto Rico, Sept 26, 9 miles N ol Hatteraa. Florence, from Loudon for Boston, Sept 18, lal 43, Ion 66. Foreign Porto. Sviikkt, CB. 8e|it 13? In port, au American achr, jnat arr, only one. Cif.nfuf.oos, Sept 1?No American vessel in port. Sisal., Aug 28? In port, Forest, for N York, soon. St Jano, Aug 28?In |>ort, Tarquina, diag?only AmrrlCin vessel. Cayenne, Aug 2b?No American reaaela in port. United States Porta. Bangor, Sept 17?Cld Syrene, Monticello and a mkt. Arr Moro, NYork. Portland, Sept 19?Arr Extra, St Thomas via Salem.? 20th, signal for a shin. Nkwri; arroRT. Sept 20?Arr Ivauhoe, Philadi Iphia. Salem, Sept 20?Arr Romp, Cayenne tilth ult: Mary Helen, St J ago tilth ult; E H Htrrick. NYork; Fairfield, do. Boston. Septtl?Arr Oangea, Cronatadt; Alpine, Cienfuekos. Cld Coromando. Manilla and Canton: Mary Ann, St John NF; Perdonnet, NOrleaua; Turk, Philadelphia; Urauite Caatine; Nimrod, NYork and Albany. Arr 20th, Love, and Philanthropist .Fredericksburg. New Bedford, Sept 20?Arr Triton, (Sw) Boston, to load oil for Amsterdam. Nantuceet, Sept 19?Arr Emulous, NYork. Eoc.artown, Sept 19?Arr Nidus, Philadelphia for Boston. Sid Delaware, and Energy. Protidence, Sept 2n?Arr Midas, NYork. Habtfoed. Sept 20?Arr Teitor, NYork; Outvir, Albany. PlllLADELrHla, Sept 22?Arr Octorara, Liverpool; Holder Borden, Provideuce; Woodlands, St John, NB; Mexico, Albany ; S Tanpan, Middle town, Ct; Ironsides, Hartford. Below, Proctor, rirtou, NS; Jane, New Bedford. Cld Cumberland, Gibraltar; Padang, Montevideo: Coltansey, Mobile; Siroc, Eastport; Emelir, Pemanibuco; D M Messerole, New York; J Thompson, do; James ti Samuel, do; Judge Hitchcock, do.? Arr in the Schuylkill, Win Pitt, Delaware side; Erie, Aurora, Fair Laity, Mary Auu, Jsmes Keeler, America, Lady Helen, Vesta, Amanda, Equity. Belle, Niagara, and Copy, New York; Ezra Wheeler. Greenwich; Elizabeth, Barnegat; P T Cansy, New Haven; Swan, Slau-ii Island. _Baltimore, Sept 20?Cld Sophia, West Indies; Codorus, St Thomas; Kochambeau, HI Kttts. Alexandria, Sept 19?Arr Roe, New York. Sid Eliza Ellen, do. Richmond, Sept 19? Arr Richmond, NYork; Echo, Tliomastou; Mutual Richl, East River. Slil Zotoff, Rio; Orleans, Hartford; R Tomliu, NYork; Weymouth. do. Norfole, Sept 18?Arr Louisa, Nantucket; Exact, do. In Hampton Roads, Shylock, of Boston, fiom Sisal?e>|ierieiicrd a veiy heavy Rale on the ilh iuat. off Colorado*. duruiR which sustained considerable damage in sails, rigging, kc. Arr 20th, Know, Champion, Lawrence Copelanil, Virxiiuan, and Ore- lisbury Holt, NYork. Cld Constitution, Wesi Indies. Sid Empire, NYork; 19th, Apphia, do; Cora, Bristol. Epenton, NC. Sept It;?Sid Vintima Hnditrs, NYork. Charleston, Sent 19?Arr Edward, Bulklev, NYork; CalLo, Jeffrey, do; IStri, Dimon, Kobinsou, do: Orray Taft, Pnv dencc, RI; Charles Thomu, CienfiieRos, Cuba; 17th, Lucas, Boston. New Orleans, Sept 13?Cld Ivanlmc, Sisal. pELKBRATION OK THE INTRODUCTION OF Ve? THE CROTON WATER-At a merlin* of the Joint Committee of the Common Council, appoint!d to make atranxernents for Celebrating with all tuiUlile magnificence the introduction of the Croton Water in the ciiv of New York, held September list, 1812, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted;? Ileaolvrd, That our fellow-citizens b? and are hereby respectfully invited to unite with the Corporation in celebraliiiR with all propsr demoiistrations of toy the acroinplishment of this important w ork, on Kriday, the Mils day of October nest. i Resolved. That the Military, the Eire Department, the Temperance Societies, Odd Fellows, Free Masons, and all other Societies in the city of New York and ill vicinity, thrM<chanics, Artiau, Manufacturers. Tradesmen, Mrreliant , and citizens ol all other professions, he and are hereby respectfnlls requested to Convene nice.ings of their respective bodies, and ai>|N)iiit lu their behalf twt repiesentatives from eaeh to meet tie- Committee ?>f the Comoration in the Miyoik Office on the . 3?th idsi. at i o'clock, P. M. Resolved, That it be rerommeutled to our citizens Renerally to suspend business on the Hth day of October, and tliat they be invited toyoin in the celebration. HENRY E. DA VIES, Aid. 19th Want, O K. NEtBITT, Asa't Aid. 2d Ward, C. J. DODGE, Asa't Aid. Ilth Ward, K. H. ATWELL. Asa't Aid. 6th Ward, WM. DODOE, Ass't Aid. Jd Ward, K. R. LEE, Aid. 17th Ward, E. D. WEST. Aid. ISth Ward, C. CROLIUS. Jr. Ald.Cth Ward. C. W. SMITH, Aid. vth Ward, DANIEL WARD. Asa't Aid. 10th Ward. Joint Committer. New Ynnn. Sept. 21, 1812. s23 O 2ktl r / RANK VO< A L -v INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT.? ' VT SIONOR DE BEONlS brRt resjuctfully to annonnce o his friends and rlie public, that he inirnda to Rive a Orand Vocal and lustruiucutal CONCERT on a Grand Scale, on THURSDAY EVENING, October the ' Rlh, at the Apollo Concert Rivom, Broadway, on which occa- , siou he will have the assistance of the Principal Talent in New , York, both Vocal and Instrumental. Particulars will shortly he annonncrd. , Ticket to t.dmit one person SI. I Family Ticket to admit four, $3. Family Ticket to admit six, $1. children under twelve, id cents. s23 eoiMlrc | r?HEAr Ml'MC.?There is not a store in this city where a ] kcvnt' i verierv "t n, w Mime i in m; had limn iu that of Mr*. MARY KINO, III r*llonilis?l. between I Broadway and Nunu atrcets. The cheapness of the selection is alto another imimrtant consideration in these tryin* tune*. ' Only think of the moil popnlar pieces h. ink offered at > c5.* i*r pa*c?one half the price demanded by other dealers. Mrs" Kin* invariably keeps die .noil approved instruction hooka Tor the piann, Ante, (attar, accordion, fcr. at verv reduced wirn. Music is also bonnd full Ji per cent cheaiier at her establish* ment than at any other a tore in New York. Call and be con- ' vinced. s2i 3t* r VV EKTItRN HOTEL, PHIL A DELPHI A.?The snbscri- l *V ber havin* taken ihy above well-known Hotel, (lately in the oc. n,wirey of Mr. Jesie Tomlin on,) reapeetfnlly soliciU a y<J"unnance tkeintmnMS so liberally heretofore bestowed. The large and wen-famished Parlors, with the airy Chambers, to which everr rare ia given, offers to Travellers ureal inducements. His Larder will be constantly supplied with all llie varieties of oar Philadelphia Market, acd the Table furnished to please the taste of the most tastidionr. The location No. 2M Market >treet, in the immediate vtelnity of the Pit'sbn'irh Depots, offers to Travellers to or from the West, superior conveniences. WILLIAM AHBUCKLE iBIi't TO HATTKHH?Hilk PTushea?a lewinecea ids ported, and i for sals cheap,by ECKIIAHDT It MERK, s23 3t#m 2* Pearl alreet, sp stairs. POMBO SOUP AND TURTLE, This"Day, at thi"77?!^ I* rence" Dtnins Rooms, 2J? and 24B Broadway. stl lt*r ffFXWfiTNO AND litONING EHTABLIHIIV1K.NT.ikth 1 VV street K. It at lowest prices.?Orders led attZtRrosdwiy, or at C8 Wed street, pnnctnally attenrled to. >13 3t*r ' 'pWlSE? 1WI hales Sritlporl msnnfactory, assorted sives, I insf received per ren ni arrivals, for sale by ,2, E K. COLLINS A CP. M Bowtlisl. j OtSnTB T\VI N V'.?A fi w halesjnst ren ivi rTTTiiol for sale hy >0 s?3r E. K. COLLINS It CO. M South st. I an \ iw>) la;. c 1 I A?k'- Zl Lima March 20 Zuniliw June 2'J PMHngen Arrived. Li?K?rof)L?racket ship Oxford?('apt John Wataon, Britiah Arrnv, lady, child and sets <nt; Cant Ralph Budd, Britiah Array; l)r Win Durie, of Toronto; Nic Krishtnann, Hungary; I3r Joa Hobbiaa and lady, England; Geo 8 Waters, Baltimore; John IIvma Miss Elisabeth By ma. Mica Mary Byrna, Miaa Cathaline Wokiii, Ireland; Alcxr Wood, Pittsburgh, Pa; John I" Larkin, Canada; Mra Rathbone, family and servant; Judah Hart and lady, Cincinnati; W 9 Cooke, Wilmington; John Cockcroft, Miaa Coekcroft, Mra Chippendale, Miaa Ann Haywood, Kngtaud; Master Jamea Leigh, London; Miaa Margaret Smilton, Robert Winter, Scotland; Robert Knhn, Richmond; John Pullman, New York?210 in the steerage. foreign importation*. Livr.aeooi.?Ship Oxford?2 pkga Watt It Roaeiicrauti?2 do Boanlman It Hart?12 E Collerman?2 W W Cheater a co?I Ansell fc eo?20 pipes linseed oil SifTkin, Itonsidea fc co?3 pks D k 8 W I'anl k co?7 Bntterfteld It Fisher?( John Robinson fc co?1 Corlies, llaydock k co?S F Tomes fc sons?6 Smith, TIiijiiim k co?( I h Plait k co?24(3 bars iron Cooley k Smith ?6 11 Ihbotson?3 Walsh k Mallory? 31 Gorton. Hodges fc co? iPeabody, Biggs kco-I Abm Van Nest?3 L JWyetli? 1 fellows, Ruddle Beuddei?3 R N Tinson fc co-2 A k K 8 Lor.'i Taylor?J W T Millei-tii bis tin nlate Oi81Mmwwd k co-l J Rhodea-2 Codies,Hay<'"r ktfceo-I9J McCall k co-l ft Ballard-3 Godfrey. Pattiaon fcco?13 A Mitchell k eo?2 Jolm A Newbold??M Wis iron J " ?u",' Xc^-,I??y rt?w J, wiimfrdiii, k co-4 do IuKli> k Scot t?I Sharp, LuNary ft llano-.. Phi ?d?I J Wood ?rur?0 I) Torry-J Watt k Ho.encranlx-1 O R Kirby-?J QM|W Path* "ft Ban'U' N Ludliim k CO? Griffin Si rolltnao?1 bo* specie C P Lrvrricb?UA4 bar* 332 Ml. iron UM k Mfe-ll P^?l>oEr?u!l k?n CO?I Hamluck ?oo?75 ton. coal 13 do pig iron 2110 ?rhT .alt C II Marahall?IB pkgs lo order. I I.onDon?Bark /aidec??J balta Ma.trra fc Markoo?31 E K Collin, k co?M c. mdw ! Firth?1310 bar. iron IW ton. chalk to order. MARITIME HERALD. Iklllng Okjrt of tlk? Hteun Nhlpa. raeM KifOLann. prom i.rmri. O. Weatern, lloaken Sept. W Acadm. Ryrie Oct. I Br. Queen. Eyckholt Sept. 10 Oct. 7 Columbia, Jodkine Hept. 30 Oct. 15 O. Wcalern. Hoakrn Oct. H Not. 17 Pnrkrta to Arrive. I'ackrt. to Mall. from LiTKnrooi.. ron i.ivrnrnm.. P, Henry, Delaoo, Aug.27 Sheridan, De Peyater, Sept. 23 Sheffield, Allen, Hept. I S. America, Bailey, Oct. 1 raon rnkT.Mot'TH. ran ronT.inoirTH. Philadelphia Hovey, Aug. 2D Mediator, Chainplin, Oct. I raon navnit. roa invar. Arno, Anthony. Aug. 2? Loan l"hitipp?,Cutoff, Sept.14 Burgundy, Wotun. Sept. 1 St. Ntcolaa, Pell, Oct. 1 To Blklp Maatera. We .hall eateem it a favor. If captain* of reaacla uritinc here, will rive to Commodore W. A. Baa.ett, of oar new. fleet, a r< |?>rt of the ahipping left at the port whence thry tailed, the rcvaels ipokcn on their paa.agr, a lilt of their cajwn, and any foreign new.|ra|>ert they may have. Commodore Baaaett wui l>onrd them immediately on their antral. We will reciprocate the favor in any war. a. ' To Carreqiondentl, Onr camapondenta in foreign port* ?r? re^wcffnlly reqnette.l to Mnd by every vowel all tho marine intelligence thoy can FACTORY IIA*l)? WANTED.-The mWnbfr u abaal 1 RUrlKlf llU ftClOlH-R ?4? C'oiUHlblRYlllr, lludftOB. AttU W4tiu about JO good Power Loom Weavers. Families with two or three wt avers and some cah! and si'iiming room hsi d?, wouhl be piefeired. Good 3 loom weavers c*u earn flia l*r week on an average. JAS. WILD. aJ33t*rc fyf X<rHINES?KOR SAWlNo" STAVES ?Wanted. Marhiue of the mi.t .|>ii roved kind for inwiiig atavea lor ra?ka of forty iuchra in leintth ?ud twruty-fonr iu diameter ?l the head. Apply *1 the New York Rice Mill.OlBcr, J31 W.ler treer, between 9 aud It A. M. . .a ??rt THOMAS BIEL1Y. \\J ANTED?Cinkud Circal.r., faithfully dumbnled by . competent ptnou. Apply at tliii office. _?tl Itin UfA(fif.D-A ailuatioiiaa Dreaamaker or Srimirru, ei'' I her iu a public cvtabiishmeut or private reaprcttblr t.unily. Tettiiniiina'.a nf .m uin|Ur?tintiable character ran lie glvru, lay a|"| lung ai 47 Oliver aired, 2d atory, front rooui. 10 ii'in INFORMATION WANTED-Of UOSANNA REY I NOLDS. wIn ramr lo thia cliy about I months nun fnun the rouoty of Lalram, Ireland. Any lufomi.tiou reflecting her lull be lliaiikfully received by her uncle. George Reynold. ? Kluiuire a( 79 Wavliiugloii atiret, al i). Kell)' , where .lie will Itrar of something lu lie: advantage. The I a. I lime heard of lie livedju Richmond. Slalen Island. a2Jll*r_ LOST, on the ttd nut, about It o'clock, in coming from the North River Bank, corner cf Greenwich and Dey atreeti to 161 I'earl alrert, aam.ll Pocket Wallet, containing a fifty dollar bill on the N'ortO Kiver Bank, a live dollar cold piece, and 1 lie I iev r, a five, a three, a two and a one dollar bill ofi ity money, in all$66. Thr fmdir will be liberally rewarded by lew lit* llie ....... *r N. l?jP 1 m? --3 do quvationa asked. iBl*r MAGNOLIA LlTNCIl. CORNEIl BROADWAY k CHAMBERS 8TREKTTh? Proprietors of (Iim well known restaurat dcoire b> iuly.rm their friends and the public generally, that the aeiuou for shell lish having cc tnnienred, they have mailt' arrangements fora constant supply of the finest the market affords? Mill road, Shrewsbury and all kinds, which they will srrye up in every style, and at a moment's notire. Steaks and every delicacy of the season may always be lound here iu every style d. sired by the lovers of Kood things. Supper parties enter!allied, and Meals servrd up at all hours. Gentlemen dining down town will find this a desirable resort being within two minutes wall, of the City Hall. The proprietors returu their thanks for the liberal patronage lieatowed, and hoiie by attention to business they will merits share of custom. CHICKERINO ?t CARLISLE. ^Itm*r __ HOLT'S CANDY, OCRPA8SINO ANY THING OK THE KIND.-Let it 0 stand upon its own ini rits?Coughs and Colds. HOLT'S CANDY has named for itselfn reputation, (solely by its own merits) far above the ordinary class of remedies lor the ?otnplaiuU for which it is used. It ia recommended by thouseuds who have eaperienct il iu 1 icrllrut affects as a sovereign remedy for Coughs. Colds, aud II affections of the luugr. This is to certify that I have, in my practice, prescribed Mr. P. Holt's Compouud Cough Candy in many eases of coughs colds, wid ..II affections of the lungs, wiili the moat beneficial I'ffects?knowing the cnmixiuem pa I is of this Candy, and liar nig mi'd lh? in for many years iu my own private practice, I can with safely recommend the aitirl* to ail troubled with any it ike cumidam's above tuealioned. Iu iny estimation tins Candy lias the precedence of any now in use. DAVID CHANY, M. D. Hartford, Conn. Sept. 20, 1842. For tale by M. P. HOLT, 217 Main street; also, by 'Jin Principal Druggists in Hartford. A B. It D. Sands, 79 Fulton street, are AgeaU in New York. ?23 lm*r E. W. HAND, EXCHANGE KROKEP, ?2J lin*r No. 2 CAMP STREET, NEW ORLEANS. NEW FRENCH GOODS. TO MILLINERS AND DEALERS. L1 B. STRANGE, 183 Walker street, has received by the "a. last Havre inckets, new goodsadapted for the city trade? Plumes, Flowers, Pattern Hals, Can Sprigs, kc. carefully selected, and of the beat quality, wlucn he offers for sale on favorable terms. Also, a full snpply of new materials for Flower makers. s23 It*in NEW STOVES.?Motl'a Combination is the only alova thai lias the boilers su enclosed that all the amdl and steam is conducted to tin- chimney. His Patent Tubular Oven Stoves, from new patterns, are the best bakers to lie lound?only equalled by a brick oven. His Pals nt Fuel Savers and Self Feeder Premium*, are the lowest priced stovea iu market. All warranted to work well, and to he made of the first quality of iron. One of the Tubular in operation daily at 13 Bowery, and 161 ?? aier s tree l, mi iiimr rail ol frctl slip. Sold ali > al 125 Bowery?III Grand street?and ?4 Siitli avtiui. s23 2t ii* J. L. MOTT._ rroTHTSlClANH, OK MEDICAL STUDF.NTS.-I Wauled either a Physician or Studeut who may hare nearly completed liia studies, and contemplates graduating al the approaehing term of ineilie.iI lectures m this city?to lake an intereat in an old and well eatikliahed medical office, the buaiuesa and income (being a cash business) of which is aecond to no other iu the city, or |>erhaps in the Uuited States. Any gentleman win may desire to treat with the advertiaer on the rub ject of this notice, will please apply at 12 Peck Slip al( r TO FAMILIES GOING SOI Til, to the West Indies oi J- Kurojie.?A reapectable female, 24 years of age, wiahea to obtain a |?ermaiieiit situation aa seamatrru, iu a genteel family. She wonld prefer going to Eurepe, yet would* accept of a good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The beat of references given. Address A. A. A. bos 765, upper Post office, N. York. alOr READ THE ADVERTISEMENTS.?Conntry merchants I*- and all other commencing business, and who wish to ob*aiu a handsome an<t durable sign, made of the beat material, will please call on GEO. W. FORDHAM, 61 Wall street, corner of Pearl. House Painting, Graining, Ac. well esecntcd. N. B.?Price low. a22 lm*r established^ Bid YON J) ALL CONTRADICTION. That F. W. A W. F. GILLK.Y aell DRV GOODS at lower prices 'Hon any other m'ichants in tins city. the reasons why. Int. We buy all our Goods for cash. 2?l)y. Wr buy largely al auction. 3<lly. Wr buy desirable goods from the linpoiteri. 4thlv. We are particular in choice of slylrs. Slhly. We receive our Domesrica directly from the East, ?nii wll by the bale, eaar or yard, at manufacturer's prices. ttthly. Our Satinets, flannels, Bed Tirki, and many other Goods, we have irons the factonea. Tthlf. We sell alt< gether for cash 8thly. We sell at the very smallest imssihle profit. DURING THE LAST WEEK We have received a beautiful Stock of Goods, which, in addition to onr former large Slock, makes the beat assortment of Dry Goods that cau be ins|iected in auy one store in the city. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE-DOME9TIC8 at wholesale Prieaa. F. W. k W. K. G1LLE V, ?2t It ls*r 430 Grand street,,j vrEWin NEWS I-ENGLI^TTNEWSPAFEIIS^ 4-v " Bell's LifeJn London." " Illustrated News." " Punch,"?" Squib"?" Satirist,"Itc. Full files are receivedliy every Steamer, and for sale at lite News Office, No. 4 Ann street. New York. Persons irsiding in Canada, will find this a desirable place to send their orders lor any patters published on the Continent. A Letter Bag is kept here for the Liverpool Steamers, and a S|tecial messenger des|iatched to Boston. The " Artist,"a monthly Ladies' Book, $3 per year?3 shillings single copy, is for sale here. The Whig Monthly Reriew, (now in press,) %!> 00 per year ; single numbers Mcenu. Agents supplied at reasonable rates for all of the foregoing works. E. B. TUTTLE, Agent. sll 1m cod*t No. 4 Ann strtet. N. T. '"P REN TON RACES.?'The*Kill Meeting will commence over the Eagle Course, Trenton, New Jersey, on Tugs nsT, Sept. 37ih, and continue four days. First Day?A Match for (100. between Mr. Barber's c. by Buairis anil Dtvis's f. by Butiris. Same Day?A match for $200, between Mr. Lowe's gr. h. by ( bihlers,6 years, and Mr. Drak' '?ih. Ii. by Monmouth Kclipaa, o ... c -V name uaj?awcr[iwnci lur a year unu, anir, riui. ? Ion, 3 subscribers. Second Day?Pane $160, mile lit a's beat llirse in five. Maine Day ?Pane S'flO, mile beats. Third Day?Pane J?.*), lam mile heals. Same Day?Piine $100,'mile heata. Fourth Day?Purae ttuo, tlirie mile beau. Same Day?Pn ae $100, mile heaU. Alao, a I'nrite of $1500, four mile heata. in case either Boston or Blue Dick become mini* titer* with Fashion. For farther iHU.irulars, see New Vork Spirit n( the Times. O- An Extra Line of Railroad Can will mo from Pbila ilelpliia to the Coarse each day. Fare for the F.xruntori 75 cents. JAMES BROWN, Proprietor. Trenton. Sept. 21. >72 lw*rr THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article for use iu tiie nursery', mid as a fastening to I'dies shawls, cloaks, tic. Patented in lire United States and in Europe, it is rapidly gaining favor wherever introduced, and has become an article which it will lie to the advantage of d* alen in fancy hard ware, tic iu the country, to supply the ma, Ivea with. I or sale to the trade, by moat of the wholesale dealers iu such articles in the city of N?w York. Thread and needle stores and dealers in fancy articles, su|e plird on liberal terms, at the matiufarloi y ol the patentee, 116 Jav street, Brooklyn. >22 lm*rc THE NEW YORK" XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS, *6 MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS. IN THE EXTENT of the vaiieties in this department the I proprietor inay safely challenge roinpetilion Willi any oilier I'stablishmeui in the world, and has tin?ef his own immediate luperintmidence the most skilful workmen, and all the requisite materials for executing every description of Xylograidnc Knowing and Printing. Original Designs and Dates of every description executed in lire first sty r ofthe art, and beautifully printed in Bronxe or Fancy Colors. Druggists. Petfann, Manufacturers, Oroceis indother Labels, constantly on hand, wholesale or retail, sad *11 articles connected with the trade. Job Printing In erery ririety of style executed in the beat mannerto order, and ou the moat reasonable terms. STEEL PLA+E AND COPPERPLATE ENGRAVING AND PRINTING. Notes, C hecks. Oralis, Bill* of Exchange. Certificates of Stock, do Drpositr, Blanks or professional, wedding and viaiing Cards, neatly engraved and printed, at si oil notice, and on he most reasonable terms. The lowest possible price is char ceo lor a 11 worn aone at mil ceuonanmcnr. All ordcra from the country punctually attended to, and ariclet ordered, forwarded In any part of the Uuited State*, or ihc Canada*. *1# lm*r _ ___ CHAR. SHIELDS, Prof rietor DR. HORNET plONTlNUKR to be ronaulted coulidrutiallv at hia office No. 7* Murray alreet. Stranger* are reapeetfhlly apprized that l>r. Home, being loyally bred to the medical prolcaaion, in the city of Condon, haa been a practical mrinber of the aaid (acuity of nhyaic fort# year*. (or the I eat II in the city of New York. Hia practice from being general, he confine* to a inrticnlar branch of medicine, whicn engage* hia profound attention. His experience ia rerv greae?hi* aucccaa aatoniahing. He cantiona tne unlortunate againat the n*e of mercury ; thouaand* are annually mercurialized out of lift?recent affretiona are, without merenry, ritinguiaheil IU a few day* Sre J our caae* eiadirated, wit patched up. The learned Dr. Buehnn emphatically obaereea? Married penona, and penona ahont to he married, ahoulil be particaiarly raigtona ofthoae affeetiona; what a dreadful inheritance totranamit to poaterity." Prraona afflicted with protracted and deplorable eaaea. need not ileapnir of a complete recorery bv applying to Dr. Home. A reaidence of 3# yeara in New York city haa eatahliahed Doctor Hnme'a ehtracter aa a of atrrling honor, awl baaed on real reapcctabilily and skill. Dr. H. offer* to hia |?lrona a aure guarantee. Dr. Home'* office* are nnmerooa, and patients never come in contact. Attendance until nine o'clock in the evening. NOTICEHfP* THOMAS O. HORNE, ton of the late Dr. George THome, reapecrfbilv aprrirca the public that he eontinuea hia mher'a moat tneceaafnl practice at hit eatahliahment. No. 71 Murray afreet, and may he conaulted daily until S o'clock, P. M-, Sunday* eieepted. *Jfl lm*r - ? KOK ( HAKI.KSTON, HAVANA. P?KKV WKST NKW ORLEANS. AND y^JKflHEZ^UALVKSToS, (Tmu) Ui aail <n the KKh October, 11 la A M.?The well known sud ?ir*iu ship NKW YORK, J. TV Wright. Coniiiuiikt, hi<ini been put in complete ordc i, with ne w wrought iron shafts Ac . w ill poaiurcly leave for the shore porta on the day specified. The New York. hating beeu superblv fitted uu, with saloon stale tuoni in additionto her cabins. i<trn >U|ieiior iccontsudatum* for tile cuureuiei.ce of iwaaeuger* Passenger* going iu tliia boat may safely rely upou the well known skill and stlrutioua of her Captain. For light freight or passage, apply on board, fool ol 9th atrert, East Hirst, or to C, MORGAN, or H. HITBBARlVh CO.

37 reck Slip. N. B.?The New Yoikrarriea sufficient luel for the voyage. Passenger* for Key Writ, New Orleaua, and Oalycalon. will hare an opportunity of nailing Havana, aa the ship will lay there twe day*. 8TEAM SHIP NKPTUNK?<APT. WM. ROLUNS. To leave tliia nor' October lat, at 4 o'clock P. M. FOR CHARLESTON, KFY WEST, HAVANA. NKW . OKI.KAN8, ANb OALVE8T6n. TEXAS. Thia ship will positively leave aa above. She can superbly accommodate i'M passengers in the cabiua and atale rooma. and w ll take a few III the atrerage. Also, a small i|uanliiv of light freight, for which or paaaage, apply on board, at the Tobacco |ua|ieclion jner, K R, or at No. 7S Wall atreel, where a plan of tlie state rooms may lie seen. The Nt|4une has been pa i feel I y ovethauled, and is in fi st rate order. The delays at intermediate |>orts will he but momentary, to laud and to receive |>asaengrrs. and it is ei|irci?i passengers by her will be landed at New Orleans by 17th October. J. H. BKOWKK. st>tool*ic TS Wall si. iJV/V/JV XIX X XXAO. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. T)AH8ENORS forwarded, vi ithout delay, (o X Utica, SI,VI Claaveland, Ohio, Sj,2'i Rochester, t:!,0<l Detroit, Mich., 11,75 Lock port, $3,25 Chicago, III., $'i.50 Buffalo, $3,50 Toronto, U. C. $5,00 Oswego, $2,50, and PilUburith. And all 1*111a ul lilt Western Country. M. L. HAY, it CO.. ?I0 lin*m 141 Liberty street, New York. EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY-*!)!K.ECT, yflSI At sit o'clock, P. M., leaves tlie ateainboat Am our between Court I .nidi ami Liberty streets, o, mm. The Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Cai>t. L. W Braiuard, leaves every Monday,Wednesday and f riday, at sis o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER,Cant A. P. St. John, leaves the above |iier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, i.t six o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial are flirniahcj with elcganl slate menu, and in every ies|>ect are uusur|>aased amonc the_ Hudson River sreamera. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to V. C. SCHULTZ, ... At the office us the wharf. Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all tunes arrive at Albany in time for the first morning train of cars for the east and west. sto r .RffW jgM ONLY REGULAR OPPOSITION FOR Cv ALBANY?Landing at foot of Hammond V pPLltim, Newburgh, r<>iighkrc|ieie, Kiiigslon Poiut, CaUkill and Hudson. Cabin Pauage $1, Berths 50 cents. Leave New York Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?Albany Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The steamboat WAVE, Capt. V underbill. wilf leave the steamboat pier foot of Robiusou street, at 5 o'clock, P. M. for passage or freight, apply on board?light freight taken low. a 2(1 lin*r FOR ALBANY, TROY and intern-e|SL I diate places.?The splendid low pressure ^Bw^uBkdSLstcainbnat SWALLOW, Captain A. M'Lean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt-it. This (Wednesday) Afternoon. Sent. 21st, at 5 o'clock. The Swallow will leave as above, Siturday, 24tli, [177" The above is asuhstaiilial boat, fitted up with elegant Slate Rooms, and for accommodation is unrivalled on the Hudson. _ s2(. m> im M. M. f^OEW OK^^^NS?to sail uimj day next, the 26ili instant?First Regolap Packet. The well known very fast sailing ship ECHO is now loadiug for the above port?will take what freight may offer at the lowest rales, and sail positively on the 2tith Sept. The Echo will be succeeded by the packet ship Russell Glover. These ships a-e decidedly the finest packets in the tiade, and will lie succeeded weekly by other ships of the samu class.? Goods forwarded te iny care will be s!up|>ed free of commission ?and all goods destined for the interior, and consigned to my agent at New Orleans, will he forwarded by the first conveyance. Mltips of this line will not load deeper than thirteen feet water, consequently will not be detained on the bar, and they will all lake a steamer up tin river. For freight or paAsage.ontlie lowest terms,either in the cabin, second cabin or steerage, having su|>erior accommodations, apply on Iroard, at Pine street wharf; or to 8. E. OLOVER, o23r ino Pine at. cor. of Mouth, up stair*. djjaf NEW ORLEANS I\ACKET8-For New Ortniyleans?Star Line?First Packet?The well known JMBflMfiavrry Ait soiling ihip ECHO, it now loading for the bore port?will take what freight may offer at tue low est rates and aail wi h immediate despatch. The Echo will be aacceedcd by the packet ship Russell Olover. These >hi|>s are decidedly the finest packet* in the trade, aud will b? succeeded weekly by other shina of the same class. Goods forwarded to onreare will be ahip|>ed free of commission, and all goods destined for the interior and consigued to onr ate - tit at New Orleans, will be forwarded per first conveyance. Ships of this line will not load deeper titan 13 feet water.coLseiinently will not he detained on the Bar, and they will all take a steamer up the River. For freight or passage, on lliss lowest terms, either iu the cabin, second cabin or steerage, having superior aceomrnoda. lions, apply on board, at Pine st. wharf, or to JOSEhl McMURRAY, *20r 100 Piue st. comer of South. "FOR "LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE.?Regular KtsWrV Packet of 2ith September.?The Splendid Packet AMMHEgsSltip SHERIDAN Capt. A. Depeyster, of 1000 tons, will positively sail as above, her regular U*. For freight or passage, having oecommodstions unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS A CO. 36 South street. Price of passage, $100. The racket Shin Garriclt, Captain William Skiddy, r?f 1000 tons, will succeed the Sheridan, and sail the 23th Octobci, her rrgnlar day. Passengers may rrly ou the ships ol this line sailing punetually as advertised. t23r rjkg- nkw link of Liverpool packets kHvW-Packet of 33th September?The superb fast sailing, JMkMBLa well known picket ship SHERIDAN, Captain F A. Depaystar, will sail on Monday, September fotn. The si iiw of this line are ail 1000 lous burthen and upwards, and llieir accommodations for cabin, second cabin and star race passengers, it is well known, are superior to anyother line of packets. Persons drsiroos of selecting berths, should not fail to make arly application on board, foot of Wall street, or to W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck slip, or 33 South st. corner Jones's lane Persons wishing to send for their friends, rau haee them bronghr out in this faronte ship, or any of the regular line, on favorable terms, and those wishing drafts can be supplied with sums of any amount, payable on demand, without discount in alt the principal towns of England, Ireland, Scotland, anil Wales. Apply as abote. s"0 r 1AP- FOR SAVANNAH?Packet of the 37th Sept.? *3The superior, well known packet ship SU8ANjJWC&Z. NAH CUMMINOS, will positively be despatched for Savannah as above. This shi|> has unsiinaused accommodations for cabin, arcond cabin and steerage pissrtigers, who will be taken at reduced rates, if early application is inade on hoard ilia ship at rier 13 E. R. or to JOHN IIERDMAN. 61 Sonth street. N. B.?The snhacriber has a regular succession of first claae vessels sailing weekly, during the season, for the above port. s31 r FOR NEW ORLEANS?Regular Packet, with MKjre^dcsiiatrh?The splendid last sailing packet ship DlAJwwalaeDK VI, I ipl. Barstnw , will have immediate despatch lor the a bow port. Her accommodauous for cahiii,3d cabin and steerage passengers are very superior, and harlhs rav be secured on moderate lenni, by applying on hoard, at pier 13 E. R. or to JOSEPH McMUURAY. loo Tine. >33 r corner of South FOR OALVEHTON. TEXAS?to tail post Mrjr^V lively 1st October.?The new and splendid Bark M&mL STAR REPUBLIC, Captain J. J. Hendley, lies at Pier 13 E. U., is now ready to take freight, at low rates, and will tail positively as above. She hassuperh Cabin accommodations for 40 |>aateDgera, and can take a number in the steerage. For freight or liassage apply on hoard, or to slWooUm _ J. H. BROWEK, 73 Wall st. JlBg- FOM LONDON?Packet ol th? 1st October.?The hKjH^Ecegnlar racket ship MEDIATOR, Captr Chad wick, jHgb*"I sail as above. For passage, having splendid ac coimnodaiioiis, apply to JOHN HERDMAN. t?l r 61 South st. FOR NKW OKLKANS-First Packet Ship-The WKV^W splendid firstelasa fast sailing ship RAJAH, Captain JMifiBtaBonca, having two-thirds of ner cargo on board, will l?>sitivrly tail on Frillty, the 23d inat. This superior ahip is upwards of 3 fret high between decks, awl offer# a more desirable ronTt yauce for 2d rabin and steeraxe passengers than can he found in any otlicy ahip loadimc for the abore jrorl. Thoac studying their own interrat and wishing to select bertha, should inake early application on board the ship, at pier 12 E. R. or to a20r JOHN HKRDMAN, ?l Bomb st. AS&- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packetof the 25th nKK^ September?The tirat claa* fast sailiug packet ahip JSmmL SHERIDAN, Captain Depeyaler, will aaU aa above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers. Persona intending to embark should make immediate a, j lication on board, foot ef Wall at, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, 100 Pine street, comer of South. Persons wishing to send for their, fiends can have them brought out by this very splendid ship, or any other iwcket of the line, by applying aa above. #30 r A*3P- FOR LIVERPOOL?Pack, t of the 23th SeptrmkgHq^her.?The splendid packet shin SHERIDAN, Capi. jHlfaK' I'Oii" will sail aa above, ier regular day For passage, having eicrllent sccommoilations for cabin. 2d cabin andsteerage passengers, apply on board the ship, at foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South street. N. B?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, via LiverIHiol, can aa usual be engaged by any of the packets, and drafts can he Airniahed lor any amount, payable throughout, the United Kingdom. Apply as above. all > i/Bt FOKNEW ORLEANS,?Louisiana and~New EglWIV York Line?Tosncceedthe Virksburg?The faataailJMplfiu nig. coppered and copper fastened packet ahip I LOUISA. Capt Leavitt, will surf aa above. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished aeeommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st. E. K.COLLINS A CO. 56 Hoftthst. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin A Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods in their address. Great care will be taken to hare the goods by this line eor rectly measured. s2l r POMEROY ACO.'H NEW YORK. ALBANY, TROY * BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA PACKAGE EXPRESS, leaveaevrrv Evening. Snndayaeicepted, lor the above named and alj intermediate placet. < Iffirr No. 2 Wall Street. New York. Ill 17 r tifilP ONEiDA FROM IIAVRK -Coaaifneea will pleasi C send their |ieriniia on board a; pier No. t North River. All gooda not permitted by the 26th inst. will be sent to the pnhlic store. _ a2l Itr PACKET SHIP llAUrtlCK", from Liverpool?Coimgoeee * by this slut' will ('lease send their permit# on Oileans whan, foot ol Wall street. All goods not permitted in five days will be sent to public slogu. al? c T KF.t'HF.S ' LEKCHHS?Jusi received, a small lot of African Leeches, in very fine order, for sale at a very low Cke. A lot of Swediah Leeches are daily ripened, and will kept constantly for sale by J. ALLAYOLA, l*r, Bowery #23 3t*r and 4'a Broadway tTELVETS?Ebpsr jet black and blue black l.yons Silk * velvets, for men hsnt tailors, just received, and for sale by O. VARET, 40 Cedar st. up stairs, att lm*rc AUCTION SALES in 1 HOMAM BELL. <Slatt$ Not n Ann I1Md lli A'ullM (ItnU FRIDAY. At IIK o'clock hi ihr tale rnogu. P4111 inijfa. Booka. Piano Fur tea, Furniture, fee. he.?A very choice collection of valuable unciiul |>aiuliuga, both ancient anil modern, moatof them iu rich framra, and beautiful tab jrcls i a variety of choice Muale and booka, I aplcudid piano 1 iortes. aoon furniture, inuaic aloola. fee. ToDyert, Scourer* auil Fintahera?All tha machinery, appaiatui, preaaea, fee for cleaning 011 an improved |>lan, allka. mcriuoi, clolha, fee. SATURDAY. At lulu o'clock iu (In* aals looma. Kb-II nil Km 1111 urt? A auperor aaaortmcul of 111 s ami ace nil Iiaiitl I limit" re of all dea.rtptioua. Alao by t'alal igui ami without reserve, the entire a|Jeudid aloek of uw irour lirat cabinet maker*, ??lu> ia declining hum ueaa, comprising almoar every article in the line, of the choi- I c< at uialeiiala, wilialied and Bushed in the newrat atyle, warranted aofaa, all kinds of parlour and rocking ebaira. ottomans, divaua, couchee, Fri ucli and oilier bedsteads, wardrobes. bureaus, secretaires, I irge looking glasses*, inalble lop lantes, aide boards, tollela, fee. Alao a beaunlul aaaoidllrllt of elegant aecond baud fuiuitnre the property of a gentleman going to Europe, including 2 tine toned modern inano fortea. Every tiling will lie arranged lor elimination on Krtd.vy afternoon; alao Bruaaeli and other rariieta, fee. TUESDAY, At UK o'clock in the aale room*. Large Vale of valuable Heiaunable Dry Onoda?Five trmika clothing, pait of the atock of a merchant tailor; a fine lot of remnulla London clotha, cuaaimerea, vratinga, K lovra, lioaiery, lidkl'a, aliiit*. collar*, fee. Alao, a firct rota turning lathe, worth $IJ0; various hardware, jewelry, groceries, 2W> boiea table aall, pledged article, guna, vplt ridnl watcliea, fec.a BY WELL fe ARCULAlUUId, FRIDAY, Sept 23. At lOXo clock. At the Marshall House, corner of Broadway and Reade St.? A large assorttn-nt of household furniture, beds, bedding, Ac. consisting ?f elegant Bruisela parlor car(>eta, tugraiu and Venetian car|>rt?, a large i|iaaritlty of oil cloth, mahogany sofas, iMulor and bedroom chain, centre dining and lea tables, mantel and toilet glasses, mantel oruaineuta, chandeliera, window curtains and shades, astral and liall lamps, china and glass ware, a large quantity of kitchen ftirnitrre, Dar-reoin lurniture, hai futures, Ac. Alan, a splendid assortment of beda, bedding, Ac. the eutii? content, of forty roouia. The ahove ia in good order, hai iug beeu but aaiiornime in Ilia. Catalogue, on lite mortiiug of tale, when the goods can be ?iamiued. SATURDAY, At I0*? o'clock, at the auction rootna. Klegant Furniture, 1'iauoa. Ac. Consisting .1 full tlitee i|uarter and half French chain, mahogany softs rocketa and marble top centre table, I get of it ree l>ron/.c niautel limps. I tnuaical clock, act ill landscape |minling, 2 pictures, carfeil maple frame.,; I plattd rake di h, office drak and chaira, lot of hooka, carpet, and one feather bed, China tea aelt, Ac. TUESDAY. At inS, o'clock, at the auction room,) Wine, Seg ua, tic. MONDAY. At 10 1-2 o'clock, at the auetinu mom, Hardwire, (runs, Cutlery, and Hoiua Furuiahing Articlea, in great variety?by catalogue. BY 8. Li RAPE R. luur. Store 54 IVillinm ilrrtl, corner of Pint, FUIDAY, Bept-tT Poat|H>ned froin Monday, iu const quence of the arrtaal of Ui? remainder of the cargo from the wreck, when the anle will positively take pla?e. Damaged Cargo ot the Barque Louiaa.?-At III o'clock, ill the store 271 Front street, lor Cash, under inspection of the word ens of the port, for the hem-fit of whom it may concern, the entire cargo of the barque Louisa, from Marseilles, consist ing of? 325 cases idire oil, Jdo almond oil, 1(13do brandy, 535 do Mus cat wine. Ill hall pipes red wine, It hbls vinegar, 25 asea vine I gar, 1.18 do liquors, 150 do afuiiaette, 27 do cologne, III do per futneiy, 133do preserved fruits, SO do champagne, 52 do veimi e -lli, S4I do white beer, 25 do Dutch cheese, 15 do looking glasses. S do musical hoses, 13 do glass and earthenware. 3 do china ware, 15 do |M|>rr, 2 do painted paper, t do umbrellas, 4 do liats, 55 do empty bottles, 27 jars almonds, It do tgorala, 2 do essence of hergainot and rosea, 2 do toys. 2 do capsules, I do quinine, 2 do absyuthe, 28 Jo sail meat, 1 do sabres. 30 do steel, 3 do satranuin, 1 do anchovies, 280 do pick lea, 6 baskets cloves, SO kegs paint, 12 balea |tcpp-r. to do cork, 5 do sumac, 7 do mer chaudisp, 20 do blankets and coverlids, I do muslins, 1 bale cornil, I bos crysocal, I do images, 3 do alab>ster ornaments, 15 cases table marble, 2 do marble statues, 6000 square marble, I package books, 4 cases silk stuff', 4 trunks shoes, 4 bbls flour of madder. 165 bosea lemons, lie. Ac. Ac. sl95l*r M. WARD. Auctioneer. OPLENDll) ENGLISH LiNE ENGRAVINGS.- A. C. I* HUMBERT A CO. will coutiuue their sale uf Splendid English Line and Mezzotint Engiavings, This Evening, at 6S o'clock iu (heir salesroom, 149 Bi railway, corner Liberty street. _ Admirers of the fine arts are respectfully invited to call and ezainiue them on the wa'ls prcvioua to lkr hour ol tale, aa no adequate detail ofthem can oe given within the limits of an advertisement. This sale will include many of the more rare aud costly nrinta nf llirrnllixvhnn anal wniVh am a**1?lmri *<? Km im mltaanrl *( miction. Now ready for inspection. s2J li*r ? WM. W SHIRLEY. Auctioneer 'TO GROCERS.?This Day, Fridty, Sept. 23d, IP o'clock, - at the corner of Grand aud Mulberry street, a choice assortment of family Groceriea, all laid in sinee July, to be sold without reserve for cash, in Iota to suit purchasers. Also, one of Dale's patent balances, counter, scales, large awning, store fixtures, lie worthy the notice of family grocers and others. Hale rain or shine. *23 lt*tn It. H. TIMPSONj'Aactloneer. T AROE SALE OK GOLli AND AND SILVER Li WAT( HE8. GOLD JEWELRY, DIAMOND . PLA TED AND BRITANNIA WARE, FINE CUTLERY, Ite. hc.-J ACOB 8. PLATT will sell on Friday, the 23d, at the store No. 2i Piatt street, an extensive assortment of watches aud movements, nlain and jewelled, of Johnson, Robertson and other celebrated makers, of various kinds, diamond pins, broaches, rings, gold and silver [stent lever, lepine duplex, anchor, escapement, >ewelled verge, end other watches, gold vetch guard and neck chains, seals keys, pencil cases, gold jewelry, Itc. he. Also, elegant clocks, watch glswes, musical boxes, sets of sterling silver desert knives and forks, fruit and butter do, silver plated castors, cake baskets, tea and coffee sets, he. Also, inn cards W. Parker and other pat'em cards, of tine Sheffield cntlerv, viz. pocket, pen and airk,one,two three, four anil six blade, pearl, ivory, stag, and silver handle knives. Also, scissors, razors, shears, sets of ivjry knives and forks, he. Also, IIK) morocco and plated scabbard hoivie knives, h<-. he. For further particulars see catalogue no the morning of sain. ?22 21* AUCTION NOTICE ?Splendid Assortment of Winea and Groceries.?CARTER h CO. will tell on Friday, the 23d, at IPK o'clock, at their store, 102 Broadway, a choice assortment of wines in boft-rs and demijohns, comprising N. O. M. Sontbside Madeha, Blackburn Madeira. IR26, It'll: old Reserve Madeira; Duff, Gordon h Co. and "Yriarte" Gold Sherry, Old London Port, Dunbar Port, St. Estephe Medoc Claret, Muscat Wines; Bordeaux olive oil; fiae assorted liquors; powdered. crushed, and loaf, steam refined Sugar, brown Porto Rico Sugar, and Souchong and Yoong Hyson Teas in two pound canuiaters. These articles will be sold in lots suitable for private families to which they respectfully call their attention. ?22 2i?*r EXTRA AUCTION NOTICE.-On Thursday, Sept. 19th, ill the suction rooms, will take place without reserve, by catalogue, the sale of a most extensive, rich and truly valuable variety of jewelry, watches, gold and silver plate, diamonds and oili'r precious stones, clocks, furiosities, odd articles, watch makers' tools and materials of all kinds, and other articles in the line. Part of the above is the property of Mr. Le Court, formerly of Loudon, but for many yean one of our well known and esteemed watch makers; another portion, amounting to considerable, has been deposited aa security over two yean, and sold under a decree: the remainder, the balance stock of an Order ol aaaigner. This sale will be found deserving unusual attention. THUS. BELL. Aucl'r, s21 1 wr No. 32 Aim and 113 Fulton street. BY RIELL It ARCULARlUS?Kridav, September 23d, at I9K o'clock, at the Manhall House, corner of Broadway and Reade afreet, a large aasortment of household furniture, beds, bedding, fcc.?Consisting of elegant brussels parlor car pets, ingrain and Venetian carpets, large quantity ol oil cloth, mahogany sofas, ivarlor and bedroom chairs, centre, dining and tea tables, mantel and toilet glasses, mantel ornaments, chandeliers, window curtains and shades, astral and hall lamiia, china and glass ware, a large quantity of kitctien furniture, bar rjuin furniture, Ac lie. Also, a splendid assortment of beds, bedding, fce., thtf entiru contents of 40 rooms. The above Is in good order, having been lint X short lime iu use. Catalogues on the morning of sale, when the goods can be examined ilT ec OIL PAINTl FIGS AT .AUCTION .?A. LeV Y"will sell on Saturday Evening, at 7 o'clock, at 131 Broadway, a valuable collection of Oil Tainting!, just received from Europe? now rcadi for elimination by Catalogue. Halt-positive. Those gentlemen who purchased paintings 17th will please rail and take away their pictures. s23 2t*m /VOTTON and URItJT MILLS?For ?ie. ,.tu.te~t C Kingston, Ulster county, New York, oothe waters of the Roudoui Creek, twn miles from the North or Hudson River? Steamboats snd sloops |tc. ply constantly to within 3901eet of the Mill, to thence canal boat*?Tile waters of the Delaware, Neversink and Rondout pour over the dam of, this mill?Have been in operation until very recently. Possession immediately. Title indisputable?Will be sold very low and on very advanta Krone trrina, torloae a trnef. Apply to RltfC PERBSE It BROOKS, fit Liberty at. VJTEAM ENGINE.?For ?*le ch-ap, a lorty hone powrr & >ti am rnitin:. The cylinder ia one foot diameter anil ait feet etroke with Kojrmor, force pomp, and fitturea complete; By wheel fourteen feet diameter anil weitihe four ami a half lona, with ahaft ten feet long, one pinion. Alan one apur wheel, three feel diameter. The work ia (Ot np in a neat, aubetantiai and workmanlike manner, and adapted to the nae of ateani et pnnaively. For furlhi i paiiiculara impure of <>. C. HISCOX, No. W Ann atreet, N. Y., office Id atory, a|7 |in*r LlVfctffOttL fllAL-Kor ?.ile a amall <|uantity, about I2.S chaldrona, part of the carco aaved from the atmudeil ahip Weatchcater, now tying on the wharf. Pier No. 1 K R., for aalc by all r JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South at. any* rU.lNCE'8 CATALOGUE!) of the I.inniean Oarden dKjmunl Nnraeiiea, at Fliialunc, with reduced pricea, may be .wJkmobUined gratia, of T. N.Campbell, No. tl Pine atreet, ii-11 door to Cuitom tloiiae, and alao, at 70 Naaaan atreet; and all ordrra left at either place, or aent pel mail, will reeeire prompt attention, and be forwarded aa directed, a23 2td ltw*r amm KLoRlCULTURE.-W. RUSSkLl, FlorUt, fce? IHSScnertnerhnrmatiuei, near Sinith-atreet, Brooklyn, L I. wm^ihreewinartera of a mile Iroan the ferriea, baa now for aale at aery low pric a, a celleetion of tba ?eat rarieiiea of tbe fol lowing beantiful tribea of Oreenhouae and Oarden PUnta, and Roota. ais Monthly ami pei|ietual Bourbon and China Roaea, t.ameliaa, China Axaliaa, (Jeramaiiu, Magnotiaa, Cycletnena. Onrteriaa, Sabriaa, Ifiaj, Oladioluaea, Piimulaa, Verbenaa, Ireneiaa. Helitropea, Rhododendron.Arboreum, Raatel iinim, ?c., Lrannu. r wciiun?, ? a u*w* mmw ?? u?nHt> mi? *>? ki-Dt in Moom i? r?.? gr. 1-olmu.r ami r.?omt u.uil mh yun, with cvtAil MMftAtit riMlMil foi treatment ifiTen. Ordrit promptly attended to and laithliilly fiffnted. ? ^ . i . , N B -See W. R *f new Heedinc Dahlias, Lady Aatibnrlon and the I loll. Mrs.WrhsU-r. kc . *? tiinh-n. *2> U ins'r OORTICULTL'RAL IXHIIlflOH^-TIi* Ksfotii illu of I *1 the New York Horticultural and FIoticuIi nral Society ia now open.S'K) Broadway, will continue until Friday, the Md jut. in < '(institution Hall. Open from 9 A. M until 10 P. M. *22 2t*r JmA FOR SALK?The Lease and Pittures of one of the fRIheii Public Hoaaci in the ciiv, having a aplcndid Bar, Room,and Bowline Saloon, and litnated in one cTthe great thoroughfares?it haa recently undergone very eiIruira repaira aoil im|>rovrinenta, and haa a lint rate class of customers. The leaae haa ail yean to ran. An enterprising man can make a for: une in a short time?will be sold for rash only. A full ami satisfactory autement of the present tannest, which might be mach increued, will be given, and all cum Cassations will be atrictlv ronAdenlial. Addreaa Mantsots. own Pout Office. alt ttia* re MKIiR HALF. AT A BARUAIN?A two atury kneb House and Lot in the city of Ilndaon, in Warren atrret, three doora above the Hudson River Bsnk, now ocenpieil a* a Porter and Oyster Home by the owner?it ia fitted up tn the heat af atyle with bar (isinrrs and furniture complete. Price MM, MM caah, and the balance can jemain on the no peitv. Fot paitirulara. inouirr of ___ WILLIAM KATON. 228 Front at N- Y. M TO IF.T ?The Ii|,jier part of the House it# Bo L'lM ''"'I, near Tliompaon attest. Rent low Apply at If. <a..iu at. a2ltli ^1 FOts SALK?A pair of Brown llnries -one I /lagTv tiful uright B ly Home, good in the saildle or in *n> lift k'e or double harness?a Pheamn and brass mounted Harness, to match a Saddle and Bridle, and all other fhrnilere belonging to a Stable lounire in Mercer stlwef, the this ala< ind a rret. !* W*l PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILL6. THF.SK far-fame I ami celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are we perceive, to be obtained in this eonnlry, See artseitoe men! on the last column *" " "* ml ia AVrsKMK NTS. PARK THKATRK. ^ MR. QEOROE VANDEnHOKViJ Third Aypraranee >a Am. rica this EVENING, 8e|.tei,ibi r 1%\ will be |?rformed lh* hamlet: Himln, Mr 0. Vinfcnhulf I Olmf, Ahbott Hoiatio. Barry | Poloume, Placid* To conrmde with ihr farce of THE CRITIC ! Kirat Tier 71 ecnta; Id Tier 10 cenu. Pit I7>b cent*; Gallery open %t 7 o'clock and ihe i<rrform4iuce will commi ncc at half-put 7. ilium <.AHUna. .ju. uce of reiwatrd requeele loin uumeroua familiea. 7he Gori>tim* Comic Pantomime of "the NIGHT OWL. will be iviiealed 1 hi* err nil* for the laal oifbl. In wlnrli ili? whole force of llw H,AVJCL KAMILY and COMPANY ia brought into action, la nightly receired by crowded Saloone, with _ ENTHUSIASTIC APPROBATION. THIS EVENING, Sept lid. tlir Entrrtammeuu Will cominenc < with AN overture To lie followed by ihr Comic PanloBlinM of KOI R I.OVERS! Madame Grrgorle, M Jerome Rare! Mlai/r. Oabrirl Karel Mv Lord I 'Inin K, Autoinr Rarel Baai|, Leon Herri Li'itra, Krancoia Rani N. Lrgra, M Dauirnrne Bahrttr, Mile Douirrrille Quarter ol en hour'i iiitrrmieeion will be allowed lor Kefreah menu in thr Grand Saloon. Alter which, 31th time, will br produced .a magniftcaol Comic 1'anloinimr called MAZULMK. OH THE NIGHT OWL' Mainline, the Night Owl, Mr Welie Chrradler Barium, Jerome Rarel v..II. ....... rial,net (lavrl Mac Ion, Autoiue Ravel I!aIlvibmii, Mori* Dauvergn Mdtiuiw, A poor Peasant, M'me Jrrouir 11arut Julie, her daughter, M'llr Jpnul.rvilU /iiliim.. ? Oirr :a>u? Slave, Miss Wells To couclude with a view of tin- Magiiihcrut rslace of MA/l'LMK 1 The whole to conclude with * GRAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, lit the Refreshment Saloon. Door* open at ball'past *i* o'clock, Entertainments to com arm-' *( half put ifVfli. Tickets?10 centa lltAlHAMTllKAfRA. THE OLD PRICES RESUMED AND NO COMPUL SION ! Pit I2R ceuia. Upper Tier 21 cent*. Kirat Tier 10 oeuI* THlS EVENING, Sept 23d,'1042, wilt t? performed tltf Tiagccly of THE KNIGHTS OK THE CROSS, To be follow I'd by 1IIE DUMB SAVOYARD AND HIS MONKEY. To conclude with THE KOl/LAH SLAVE JCK Door* will opeu at 7?Cuiiaiu will rise aiqoartei b*for* I o'clock prrciarly. Boi Office oi>cti daily from 9 to 1, where Ticket* may It* purchased and place* secured. 444 Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING, Sept. I'M, the entertainments will con* nirticc with the K.itraraaaar.A. calltd 1949, Mr Ciuutri Irs, Mr Mitchell I Thomnsina Bela, 121 ah am illir which a new and laughable farce, called A LOVER BY PROXY. To be followed by rhe biirlrtta called LOVES OK THE ANGELS. Jap, Mitchell I Henoch. Nickinsou To conclude with the new farce called BATHING. C7* The Doors will h* opened at 7, and the performances commence at half-past 7, every erenins. amkricaV MU?KUJ?1' OAKOKM AMU UALLKKY OK KINK ARTS, /CORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN STREET, G opposite St. Paul's Church. P. T. BARNUM. MANAGER. Bctt Attraction? in New York ?Changt ot No veil ill. PEKKOKMANCES TWICE EVERY DAY Kirsl lime in this city ot Bignnr Vivaldi's magnificent MECHANICAL THEATRE. In which the science of mechanism is completely peifecled as is shown hy the wonderful peiformanres of many Agurrsi sem Willi; human beings in all their action*, and laughable con tuitions. Mr. WinchelPs new comic sketch entitled JOB SEARCH-EM-OUT. In which Mr. W. suataius seven charactei*. Miss Hood, the accomplished vocalUl?La Petite f.eleate will introduce various dances, includiug k a Tyrolean, as danced bv Kann) Elsslrr?Model of Switieiland?Natural Bridge in Virginia? Albiuo Lady?Fancy Ulaat Blow ma?-the Myrlerieut Gipev Girl?Balloon Ascensions?a Den Of Lising Snakes?100,09 C uric allies. The celebrated Maater Diamond also appears. PERFORMANCES TWICE EVERY DAY. commencing it four o'clock and hall-taut seven, P. M The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Oardrnand enter tainmrula, twenty-fite cents?Children hall price. all learyt co* Non, * A 9 A8TOR HOUSE, New York, hatters, LXTILL INTRODUCE on Wedncsd*), the list inst a new V V ,sn rt.miRT isriri r of fjenrl. men's Rlaeb Pur Mats *i S3.6IH each, iu explanation of ? hicti .re submitted the fbllowing REMARK": Since the origin of our Establishment, w hire had in view, and bare stric ly adhered to three distioc pursues in '>ur mannfsciures. riz : Ecouemy in price, |rup>ovein> to quality nd taste. and the peifecliiiK ? STANDARD OF FASHIONS FOli THE UNITED STATES, .ndciiendmt of the Euto|<eau, all of which hare t>een successfu'ly effected, resulting in a moat important taring to th- commnniiy at la ge, and an equally satisfactory ,-rmuneiation to outtelret, consequent upon the nten ire patronage which we hare receired. Our improved FIVE DOLLAR -' superior iumalerial, elegance of st\ le and perfect finish, that immediately upon their introduction, they became not only pre-eminent at horna, but celebrated in London and Paris, and rlicitrdhhe highest en roraiutns of the Press there, toon superseded the $! Hats pre viuutly worn here by the tint class o. our cttirena. This arti elr, new fully established as the highest standard, is so eaten aively known and univerarlly approrrd by the fohronable and genteel wearers andtrne economists, that we will not not now allude Initiier to its merits, except 10 announce taal we ham imprnred ita beauty and rain* the preaeut season beyond say that we hare heretofore produced. At the nrgeut solicitation of many of our customers, who were aoxious to economise in the first cost, ind yet deriroUi to arail th. mselrea of th. peculiar style and finish characteristic of our fabrics, we hare lor soms time rait m nle diligent etlorta to accomplish their wishes, and consequently hare just perfected the new article of Hats as atinounceiJ ahorc. Toey will be r.i moused of iu|ierior materials, the workmanship will be of the first order, and although fully equal to hats formerly retailrd at $6 and $7. they will be aeld at each, a price net only commensurate to the present pecomary depreaajon, and far less than their intrinair worth, but infinitely cheaper, when the reaiiectire qualities are compared, than any which ham arse before been offered to the public. Purchasers are assured, in advance, that these Hats will not incur the objection, eix- " dear at the pries," currently argued against moat low priced goods. LEAHY k CO. Astor House, Sept. 17th, l?t?. ill Imisr ~ HATS, HATS, HATS 1 FALL FASHION.?The anbae.iber inritea the attnu tion of tt.e Bi su Monde to his beautiful, gracelnl. ana ta<tcful Low bell-crowned Hal, 5?i2* the only really lashionable article of the kind eitant, though he cannot e jiect but tlial imitator* will apring up, and claim the benerii of hi* own orifv na* conception*. To *ay the*e Hal* lurpaasany thing of the kind In <* ' a* tyle, finish. mid graceful appearance, i* to claim no more torn* I* warranted oy an ei|>erienre of twenty year* in Ulr maaiaaaa. and he in*ite* gi ntlemen who atndy grace and fashion. to ?~Ji and eiamine for ihemarlvt A large aakortrieni of Travelling Trunk*, Carpet Big*. Hal Caara mid, in fact, every thing necessary lor a ?e(g|emaan travelling outfit, may also na foepd K. BLOOMER'S, IHBroaew.v auJO Im i?*r Opposite Howard"* Houi PRIVATE MEDICIWCHESTS THE COLLEGE OfMEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. UAVh prewired a number of " I'rivate Mrdieine f.ln ? * 11 rarli containing an appropriate quantity of the new Irww Medicines for (In- cure of a peculiar claaa ofdiaeaaea. wM?u have unfortoua'rly in too many instance* fallen under the two neiilof ignorant quacks, in Co weqnmee of the eitreme get? cy which palienla thu? afflicted eanibit in ajadying lor ># ?! advice from iripeclahle physicians. In the mode now ? plained, however,safe and effectual treatment will be garwMi ne *uc|i patient* without tlienereiaity of making any niacltwaw ?e their caae. The " .Medicine Cheat" rontaina torn aquaattev ?r appropriate medicine aa ta guaranteed to effect a peiteet ? ? and ample directions in a plain ainl familiar style accomeeeV each cheat. The remedie* arc applicable to all formi of ?? m* caae. 1 lie Cheats containing remedies for ayphilitic <*??? ? are ?olil for %i each?the cheat* with remedies for iCWaincand gleet $3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent #r aw Collage. W. S. RICHARDSON. Mi? Principal Office of the College *7 Naaaaai ? ?-* N. B.?Caae* forwarded to tjl part* of the Union, the at ana* and Writ Indiea. Persons puirhaaitig the Chrata can,by addi rating the CiMn 1 gratuitously obtain whatevrr additional advice thivy mar aeeviluring the progreaa ol their cue. aid ita ? MEDICAL NOflOF JUST published, price jo centt. by Dr. FAWCETT l? bVfon street, New Vork.Tne (heat Couaoiet lor Mind in Diatrca*?a popu'ar loquiiy iuto the concaaann cana?? Ihat deatroy the phyaical energy and the abil ty of am"' with observation* on the baneful effects of solitary imauw local or conatitotional weakneaa, nervous iiritation, aoaao?Q lion, and on the partial or total eittnctioo of the rtpni4atn<> powers. The Doctor italao author of a new trealiaa wnaoa ? eic'nairely written for the arnaitive 'emale, who, wnw ahrinkf abashed at the idea of reveal ins her lafiaiwma. ? -find in it* pages a confidential and capable ?!? Dr. K. continue* to direct hi* attention to trie tree arawa*lion of gonorrhna, gleets, atlictarea, nocturnal rmawev ayidnlia in ita worst forma, nervous irritation, IIIIWIHUII* ' debility, and all diseaaea brovgnt on by solitary balm male iliaeaae* treated scientifically. (Hfice IM Fuitoaw .9 Im*! __ ' ' *- JL l?\/ X 1JV X v/l^? T(LTr'}A\LL'i,ERH ,ANP HOUSI5KEE!TlM.-?n?? -1 ftelPCocklM Repeating Piatols, which can be <uacne'?*' in limta n i iiw seconds. The pistol toriu, uw mn? " solve* end discharges merely by pa (line the tiijyet; t?s ss*1* bet end barrel ts in one piece, snd Therefore mnieH mow "* ' tike some repeating pistols. The roMtraeiioa i? ttrr s??? tiiejr cen be drawn from the pocket sad used withonr without the loss of a moment; sta shots cen be fired m rse ' man can crooa his finger. Thev ue no larger thai ma ternary pocket pistol. For travel lets, housekeepers, captains, n'aa'ert, puMir Cera, and uthers, they are an indispensable article, mm pesasm both male and finale, can with this piaiol, protect inaif ? and uropeiiy, if attacked by maay persons, aa oae ? them erjaal to near a dor.* n of the comeioa ? "d. i'he public are invited lo cell sad egamine tae same, as me? simplicity, being warranted nol to C< t oal of order, can twm? Mifict aatety, will certainly recommend them over all mmasa Wholesale and retail ... _ J. O. BOLEN, l?M BrowwaT all Imis'r between Vt all rail Pins stream PAMI8 ARTIFICIAL FLOWERN BRl'.V ft CO . Ili William atreel. formerly Bmn, Lamsare k Co.?will open 'II lew days, twenty cases t* ria Artifi risl Flowers. Feathers, fcc., now ItneinK from lss?amvsls.? This establishment IS ec.ieviuK from then bowse in ''ana by every flssre jwrfcet, the newest styles of liowcis and farthers, is Ihey appeal inllest centre of fashion. This arr nigral' nt enables them to havs constantly ?c hand a most fishionahtc assortment 01 the a bore articles Dealing by tar more largely in this line than any other establishment in the city, they can afford to sell at the very lowest rates and on the inoa! fe laonaMe terras. * vsholeeilc wan-rooms upstairs. AUo, eoiiMoiiily on hand,every kind of materials for flower oianulaelnrrrs. sJ lm*c is Ti'lHK BBI0KF-7MW efTarwijor gi-liir, Tn store, assri for " sale by PKRS*fc A BKOOK8, 61 Liberty at. ?fn ir e __ I \li. JAMM ALKAANDKK HOUSTON lias re mo red I' I otssitLTitvo Orsiny. In N?. 1 Hnaai.ll Bl'it.t>irrsi corner of Nassau andf let tin ins s

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