Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1842 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Baltlmon, [CorraapoixUucc of Che Herald.] Baltimore, Sept. 29, 1H42. Me. Editor? 1 ain told that a very miraculous cure has recently been performed on a young, interesting and beautitul lady, of this city, which, if true, is more wonderous even than are the mysteries of animal or phreno-magnetism. It appears that she had. been laboring under the effects of consumption, and for several months past was confined to her chamber, and during the more recent weeks, to her couch. All hopes of her recovery were abandoned. Friends and relatives were in tears, expecting to be called in each hour almost to see her eyes close in death. She was a Catholic in faith. The holy men of God were sent for to minister unto her sinking spirit ? For nine successive days almost, did they petition in her behalf. The last sacrement, or holy unction was about being performed.. The apparent dying luaiden was pale and emaciate?like a tender lily just droopiug at the touch of anautemnal blast. As the last words of the last prayer were about being pronounced, she gently raised her hand as if motioning to cease then turned her head,and in a soft angelic-like whisper,said she felt that she was recovering and thought she would soon be well. A portion of the company were requested to retire from the room and in a few moments after, by her own efforts, she arose from the couch, where it was supposed the an gel of death was executing his summons, attired herself in a neat costume, sought the piano and touched its keys, calling forth the melody ot a beautiful anthemjaedicated to one of the Saints. Never were Hweeter sounds listened to. All were struck with astonished and enraptured amasement. The young lady now enjoys perfect health. I could give her name but fear she might not wish it. There were large political meetings again last night of both parties. You can have no idea of the excitement. Both parties are sanguine of success. The general opinion is that Tracy will be made Sheriff Howard street flour is now firm at $4 374; sales of City Mills were effected yesterday at #125 cash There is no Susquehanna in market. Maryland wheat commands from 50 to 86 cents per bushel; corn is worth 55, and rye 46 cents ; oats 22 cents ; whiskey 22 in hhds , in bids 23 cis. The weather has become quite warm, sufficiently so for'summer^costume. Yours, Roderick. 0&~ CHEMICAL DISCOVERY?IMPORTANT TO ALL ?The frllowing facts are positively warranted and no charge made for the article unless found true to the letter ?Oil of Bark, for Blacking and Preserving New, and Renovating Old Leather.?This oil, or composition, is now ottered to the public as an article which stands unrivalled as a Leather Preservative and as a Water Proof Com|?sition. Having received the premiums from the Mechanics' Kair, in Boston, and from the American Institute, in New York, and testimonials from a large number of the best stable keepers, carriage, harness, boots and shoes manufacturers ; olso from tanners, curriers, and a i....... .......k.... ... ,,?,i_ - ?* mgv UUUIIKI VI ICU1ICIUU1 WOU llttVO U?t"U 11 j "< I'dllH the cleanest, anil entirely superior, and at least fifty per cent cheaper, than any article now in use, for softening, blacking, polishing, strengthening and preserving chaise u? I carriage tops, harnesses, engine hose, fire buckets, wheel belts, boots, shoes, trunks ; also, for renewing the polish ou old patent leather, and preventing it from crank tug removing all the gummy substance, fry, blisters, Sic. This oil leaves the leather in such a smooth state that the dust does not stick to it, nor does the water or weather have any effect upon it ; preventing boots, shoes, lie., from shrinking when wet. This oil is extensively used for blanking and crimping boots, without the aid of water to the leather, blackening and softening in a delightful manner. Good blacking will bring a muca higher polish uftur this oil has been applied than before ; and for new boats and ladies' kid shoes, it will be found the best article ever used, as it softens the leather, and makes it fit to the foot like a cloth shoe. This has keen proved by many gentlemen, that before using it, could not wear leather nao'.s or shoes. When properly used, nothing can be rubbed off, and will prevent the leather, in all situations, from cracking or blistering, and from moulding. Sold wholesale and retail by Comstock St Co. 71 Maiden lane. About thirty of the most respectable names in tho city shall be given for these facts. OfT* J. C. COLT.?When the public first heard of the sentence of Colt, their sympathies were aroused in his favor, but when he replied to the sentence pionounced by Judge Kent, saying, "under the same circumstances I would do the like again," the tide of sympathy turned against him. Mstny persons have not seen him He is good looking?even handsome?having a fine eurly head ot hair. If any of our readers desire a decided improve ment in their appeerance, let them buy a neat little jar of " I'halon's Dahlia Cream," which will eradicate all such stuff" as dandruff, scurf, and opens tho secretions or pores ol the skin, ou which depends the health and growth of hair, givos it a rich dark color, and in a short time will change coarse stiff hair to a soft, silk-like appearance, causing it to grow luxuriantly, and arresting its falliug out in its incipiency. It is equally well adapted lor the ladies toilet, and none should omit trving its virtues, which are all we recommend it. hold wholesale and retail by Phalon, Hair Cutter and Premium Wig Maker, 214 Broadway, opposite 8t. Paul's. TRUTH 18 POWER. New York, August 23, 1812.?Gents -...Last fall and the eariy part of this spring, 1 was very low with a severe cold, wnich had settled on my lungs, which 1 was fearful wonld terminate in consumption ; but after using three large packages of your Compound Horehound Candy, 1 was rustored to perfect health. I would mention that I was so hoarse I could not articulate above a whisper, but in about three nours after using the Candy, I felt great relief, and was enabled in that short time to speak sufficiently clear to be understoodYours truly, W. 8. CLARK, Pilot Commissioner. To Messri. J. Pease St Son, 4& Division it. Country merchants wishing J. Pease St Son's Horehound Candy, can obtain it at the manufacturers' lowest pricss, by suudiug an order to any merchant in the city with whom they have dealings. Agents?Redding, 8 State it. Bostoni Eieber, 87 Dock street. Philadelphia, Pa.; Weeds, Hi Waters, Troy ; Haldeman, Louisville, Ky; Robinson, 11U Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md; Raw Is Si Go; 67 State street, Albany, N. Y. JHONEY JUAKKJKT\ Thursday, Sept. ???6 P. M. There was a fair amount of State securities sold at the Board, but prices were heavy, showing a downward tendency. Long Island fell } ; Harlem J ; Stonington J. The Long Island Railroad closed at 49|, which is (3,60 per share. This company is struggling for want of funds, and whenever there is a suspicion that an instalment will be oalled in on the stock, the price shrinks as if touched with the frost. A new free bank, called the Farmers' Bank, at Malonc, Franklin Co., has been put in operation?an individual concern. These things will shortly be a nuisance. There is a fair demand for foreign bills, but their being two packets this week, it is more divided?the rates are very Arm, and do not vary materially from our quotations of yesterday. Money is exceedingly plenty for all legimate purposes, and as the season advances for the movement ot the great crops, it will undoubtedly spread itself over the face of the country, producing a healthy action. Specie, from all quarters, is now finding its way to New Orleans, where the first great movement commences. Large sums, amounting to near (1,000,000 in specie have arrived there from every point, north, south anu east, since thediscredit of the suspended banks. From New Orleans it will travel up the river in payment of produce. The planters of those countries have got their eyes open to the importance of retaining the proceeds of tkeir labor under their own control. A large convention of planters and others, was held at Vicksburg on the 6th and 6th instant, to take measures for the establishment of a home market for cotton, and other product! ol the State of MiaaUsippi, and to avoid a payment of the oneroua bank tax paid to New Orleana. Sundry apirited resolutions were paaacd, and plantera pledged themselves to keep at .Vickaburg, for aalc in December next, a large part of their crop*, say 10,000 balei. The Bank paper facilities at New Oriean*. have heretofore been presented at a strong argument in favor of shipping produce to that point Tlanter now begin to perceive that it is their interest to sell at a nominally lower price for specie, and that they can as well do that at home, as to send to New Orleans. Ths N. Orleana Banks do not redeem the circulation in specie, and there are but two existing Banks in Mississippi, one at Manchester and the other the Commercial Bank at Natchez. The notes of this latter institution are known as the " blue backs," and are at a discount of 30 per cent. They will fall still lower when the holders of her bonds, of which $1,000,000 are held abroad, shall be thrown into the market. The interest on these bonds was payable in Amsterdam on the 1st of August last. The Bank at Manchester has no circulation. This is the state of affairs now in Mississippi, a point where a lew years ago banking was driven to an extent beyond that of any other State of the Union, and produced its inevitable results,viz: debt, dishonor, ruin and repudiation. The revolution it now complete. The planters have aroused themselves, and shaken off the whole paper system with its attendant train of taxation, oppression, and ruin. They have redoubled their industry, and have resolved not to part with its proceeds but fort n equivalent. They hold in their hands the raw ma'erial, on which is founded the welfare, and almost the political exis ttneo of the B it'oh empire, and they are determined to pait with it only for an equivalent. Being thus relieved from the onerous oppression ol the banks they will grow rich, and becoming wealthy, they will, with the higli-souled independence natural to them, pay the debts into which they were cajoled by tho fundmongors, laugh at thetrirk and consider it a useful lesson cheaply purchased. This state of affairs in Mississippi in a degree describes (he state of affair* in all thoie lections over whose fair :aroe a temporary cloud Is passing. The determination to take specie only, i* drawing it lrom all directions from the ea-board, and immense masaes of produce are coming to the Atlantic cities at prices which will in some measure cause a draft of the precious metals from Europe, largely increasing the supply in this country. This flow of specie may not, howerer, be looked upon as beneficial. We apprehend that the supply already here is sufficient for the wants of the community if brought into a state of pro|>er activity. The Tarifl', by preventing tho import of goods, willencourage the import of useless masses ofthe precious metals. There is very little doing in stocks generall /, and the tendency is downwards. The lean of the Federal goveminent hanging over the market, and the disastrous state ofthe Treasury in perspective, has done awsy with the little buoyancy created by the tariff on its first passage, before reflection had discovered the great evils it is destined to produce. The following is a comparative list of the prices of the leading stocks f'aicci or Lbadi.kj Stocks in the New Yoaa Maaaci Rtdtrm|T?;, IB, . J*?ffc?Mf..A*.30.18U .dug.15. Stpt. K. United Sutes, 3)41811 100 al00)4 37 ? 98 97 a 99 6 '811 ? ? 99 alOO w v . 6 1862 ? 98 alOO ? alOO NewYo'k 7 I3IH ? 100*100)4 100 alOl New York Slate, 6 I3U) 100 a 100^ 89)4a 91 91 a 98 5)4 ? 9ri4a 38 SI a 83 83* 83\ 3 1813 93 a 93 89 a 91 91)4a 93 3 1846 93 a 93 87 * 90 90 a 91 5 1817 93 a 95 87 a 90 90 a 91 3 1850 91 a 93 87 a 90 83 a 85 5 1833 86 a 87 80 a 83 8 ) a 83 5 1838 86 a 85>4 80V 81 ID a St ? 1)4 1819 73 a 77 75 a 80 77 a 80 V.HJ j lirr 01 '44 ftj70 sua u /'J l"J " " 3 water ?4K? 85X 82 a 83 79 a 81 7 1857 ? a ? 101 al06 lOIXalOi " " " b'daS I year ? alOO ? a ? ? a ? Brooklyn City, 6 20 yra 100 allU 86 a 92 85 a 93 Pcuiuylvduia, 3 ? 79a80 36 a 40 ? a 46 Ohio, 6 1850 94 a 93 70 a 72 72 a 75 C 1834 94 a 93 70 a 71 ? a 72K ? 1838 94 a 93 70 a 71 72 a 72V 6 I 860 94 a 95 70 a 71 72 a 72.K " 5 1830 84Ka 83 60 a 65 60 a 70 Kentucky, 6 ? 84 a 83 75 a 76 77a ? 6 b'di l'? ? a? ? a- ? a ? Alabama, dollar, 5 1803 ? a ? 30 a 60 30 a 00 Arkansas, 6 23 yra 39 a 62 30 a 40 20 a 30 Indiana Merlins, ? 36 a 37 20 a 21 203<a 21 dollar, 5 ? 33 a 35K 20Ka 22 20K?2lj? llliuois. Merlins, 8 I860 ? a? ? a ? ? a ? " doll, b'k loan, 6 1860 30 a 36K ? a ? ? a ? " sterling 6 1870 ? a? ? a ? ? a ? " dollar, 6 1870 35 a 55V 17 a 17 ? a!73a Del h Hud. bondi 6 4 yra, 108 al08'a ? a ? ? a ? B'k ofCoin^ N.Y. ? a 98 77K* 78 81 a ? N.Y.L. Ik Trust Co. 150 al60 125 al40 123 aNO The itook of the Federal government has been in negotiation abroad, and great efforts have been made hereto raise the value of the stock temporarily. The future presents, however, the alternative of direct taxation or an accumulation of debt. In all probability, unless taxation is resorted to, the debt on the 1st January, 1846, will reach $60,000,000, or half the war debt. The expenditure of the present year exceeds the receipts by $20,000,000, and the existing debt already exceeds $30,000,000, an increase of $26,000,000 in 18 months. In the face of this "consumption of the purse," which "borrowing lingers out," the only source of revenue, the customs, has been cut olf by a protective tariff. This state of the Federal Treasury weighs heavily on the credit of the several States, each of which, with the exception of Maine and Massachusetts, have suffered from local causes. New York which stands foremost is critically situated in relation to the large public works -that have been promised by politicians, who if they succeed in the elections will not scruple to ruin the State, for the gratification ui smiuu views. 11 ? usuen 10 itua OI me lOUDMnCC 01 money, the restoration of confidence, or the revival of public credit, as long as that among eight or ten large, populou* and wealthy, but dishonored States, no movements are actually made towards discharging the claims upon them. Sales at the Stock Exchange. $6000 NY State 7't, 1812, 100 20 shas Canton, 18 2000 do 6'?, 1862, 09 25 do Moh> ?k, S3 3000 do i%\ <800 , 02*4 50 do Harlem, suw 16>? 2000 do do 82 25 do Stoomgion. 16>* 2000 do 5's, 1855, 78 50 do Long Island, 50 1000 do " 1859, 7?>i 250 do 19% 2000 do " 1810, 78 J00 do 49X 6C00 Kentucky 6'?, 1871, 77 160 do 49j? 1 aliar Bk of N York, 105 200 do >30 49S 17 do Bk of Com, 82X 50 do b3 49>, 35 do farmers'Loan, 17 Second Board 150 shas Long Island, 49>< 25 shas Harlem, 1'iW 200 ao 49?? 100 do Mohawk, 32.\J State of Trade. There is generally no movement of importance in the markets. A saleoi wine was made to-day, under custom house lock, to close a concern. The attendance was small and the sale went otf heavy. The first lot was '236 quarter casks gold sherry, the private sale prices of which have been 1,40 cents per gallon. This was sold in parcels from 44 to 02^ cents per gallon. The new dutyisOOcu. The next lot, 10 qr. casks brown sherry, was taken by Hays It M'Neil, at 60 cents per gallon; 61 quarter casks pale, bought by A. H. Ogdeu at 60 cents; 6 hhds. do at 66 cents; 3$ casks do by Moses Taylor, at 76 cents; 84 quarter casks at 106 a 110. Many of the lots were passed. These prices were fair, considering the enormous duty which hangs over them. Spiriti? Remain inactive. A. Seignette brandy at $1,65 a $1.60; Otard. Dupuy 8c Co. $1,811: old chamnairne $3; J. J. Dupuy It Co. $1,80; St.Croix rum, 65 a 76 cents; Scotch whiskey, $3; domestic whiskey, western, 30 a 31} cents. Sugars?The market is without change. Sales Porto Rico at 5$ a 7$ cts; Cuba 6} a 6J; St. Croix 7} a 8; brown Havana 6 a 8 J. Tobacco?By auction 30 hhds. merchantable and unmerchantable Kentucky sold at 3 a 6}, average 4 cents, 4 months; and A cases Florida segarleaf 4} a6* Whalebone?13,000 lbs. in first hands, is held at 34 cents ?the last export sale was at 34}, cash; about 3000lbs.havo been taken lor homa use at 35 cents. Naval Store$?There have been sales of a few hundred barrels good quality North County turpentine for distilling, at $363}, which is an advance on this description oi 13} cents iter bbl. Spirits turpentine continues scarce and in demand; sales are made in lots as wanted at 36 a36 cts. 4 months, though some considerable parcels are at present entirely withheld from the market, in the view of higher prices. Tar is dull at $1 50 for North County. 3 a 400 bbla. North County sold for export at $1, cash. Cottosi Trade. The Southern Markets are beginning to assume a little activity. The new crop comes treely lorward and commands'fair prices under the circumstances. It is pretty generally admitted that the crop will be larger perhaps than ever before. There Is a greater physical force at the command of the planters this year than ever before?the crop is uncommonly early and the weather very favorable to picking out, a combination ofcircumatances calculated to raise the quantity and quality of the crop higher than before, and against which the rumor ol rust, lie. militate but very little. The great crop af 1839 ?40 was 3,170,000 bales, and was then sup]>oscd to be equal to the whole physical force of the cotton states. According to the population tables the slave force has increased in fifty years at the rate of 1} per cent per annum. Xhis would give an increase for the present y ear of 7} per ct, equivalent to 163,000 bales, and would bring the crop up to 3,333,750 bales, but the eatlyness of the crop and the favorableness of the season is equivalent to 100,000 bales more. This would make a prodigious crop and very near the estimate of 3,500,000 bales. It will however fall much short of that,probably. At Charleston, on the 36th, new crop brought} a } advance. Particular! of the week*! ?alei, asfollow!?69 at 8}: 390, 91; 343,8}; 80, ?J; 43,8}; 31, 81; 04, 8; 14,?]; 13, 7}; 33, 7J; 6.7]; 19,7; tO, 0]; 39, 0};48, 6. At Augusta, there vraa uo falling olf in ratei, and all received sold at price! ranging from 7 to 7] cent!?principally at7}. The sales from warehouse! reach 700 bales of the new crop and 113 of the old. Of the new 133 balea sold at 7}, 79 at 7j, 309 at 7}, 103 at 7j, 178 at 7] and 9 at 8 cti:?of the old, 3 brought 41,13 at 4j, 4 at 6, 11 at ft}, 7 at ft], 10 at 6}, and 34 at 7c. The quality of the new crop continue! to improve, and we were shown a sample of 8 bales, which we think the best cottan brought to this market for the past two years. Very little of the cotton bro't to market is going into store. We quote new cotton 7 a 7}?strictly prime 8?old 4 a 7}. At New Orleans on the 17th, the increased supplies pro: dnced a fall of } per cmt per lb. Sales as follows, vix of new crop, 40 bales Louisiana at 7}, 48 at 7}, 438 at 7}, 300 at 7} a 9}, 23 at 7}, 30 at 7], 311 at ?, 160 at 7} a 9, 00 at 7 a 71, 60 at 9}, 18 at 7} 138 at 8}, 38 at 71; 111 at 9, 60 at 8, ftS Mobile at 7}?of old crop, 13*2 at 5 a 6], 30 Texas at cent*. iui ncin imuHiiuji IK pretty general throughout the outh to accept nothing hut ipecie for cotton during the coming season. Corn Trade. We are told that the flour market in thii city continue* very inactive. Small sales only are made, at the following rates:?Ohio, $4,4?, Troy $4,06: Oenneaee $4,09: Michigan $4,b6 a 4,61 a barrel. Northern rye sella at 66 a 60 cents; southern corn at 64 cents; canal oats at 96 a 30 cents; and Ohio wheat at 04 cents a bushel. It Is not expected that these rates will decline much till after navigation opens next spring. In other markets flour sells at the following prices; Cleveland, Sept. 34, >3.80 Philadelphia, Sept. 33, >4,66 Baltimore, Sept. 33, 4,31 Alexandria, Sept. 33, 4,00 Fredericksburg,Sep. 33 4,60 Richmond, Sept. 33, 4,13 Boston, Sept. 34, 6,00 Buffalo, Sejit 33, 3,70 Subjoined is an account of the wheat and flour arrived at tide water Third irrrk in firpl- Tola! lo 33d S*rt, Fir, bhl,. IVht, huth. Fir, bhh. IVht, ftusl. 1941, 76,774 41,031 038,377 380,639 1943, 74,807 66,366 831,634 403,143 877 23,43ft 116,743 312,334 Taking flour aiv? wheat together the excel* in the third week in Wept. 1943, i* equal to 3,808 barrel* of flour, while the total decreafe to the 33d of Sept. 1843, il equal to 74,378 barrel* of flour. The growing corn crop in Maryland since the fodder ha* been taken off, *how* what the fanner may expect at gathering time. The crop i* a very poor one indeed.? Kven on good land*, the failure i* a* aenaible a* on thinner land*. The truth la, the Dimmer ha* been too cold for com- The failure ha* not been from cultivation, or drought, or cxceaaive wet, but in the prevalence of cool weather, and the failure la general. Thi*, however, ia but a tingle instance. Brighton Cattle Market. Mohoat, Sept. 2?.?At market 7ft0 beef cattle, 960 store* 38(0 sheep, and 1300 swine. raicES?Beef Cattle?We quote to correspond with 1a?t week, via : a lew extra at $6. Kirat quality $4,SO a $4 7ft: second quality $376 a $4 26; third quality $3 a $S ?0. Storee?Two year old at $7 to $13; three year old at $14 to $20 Sheep-Sale* quick, without much advance. Lot* were old at$l,$l 13, $126, $1 13 and $103. Wether* $1 fto, $1 76 and $3. Swin??Lots to peddle at 3| a 2?c for lows, and 3$ a 81 I for banrowi. At retail from 8 to 4$c Married. Od Thursday morning, 2?th instaut, in St. Thomas's Church, by the Right Rev. Bishop Onderdonk, John Obanoar, M. to Jans, daughter of the late Major Win. Shute, all of this city. * At New Brunswick (N. J.) on Monday evening, l#th inst. by the Rev. Dr. Howe, Mr. John Clabs, Jr. to Miss Mabv, youngest daughter of Nicholas Booraem, Esq. all of New Brunswick. * On Thursday morning, -JOth inst. by the Rev. Mason Noble, Rev. W. M. Hovt, of Ninevah, Broome county, to Maboabet A., daughter of the late Johannes Bennet, of this city. On Thursday, J9th inst, at Howard's Hotel, by the Res. Antoine Verren, Mr. Revben Micas, to Miss Ann Kiaav.of West port, Mass. Died. On Wednesday afternoon, JHth inst. after a lingering illness, Wis. Tavlob, in the 66th year of his age. Funeral this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, j Ridge at. corner Division. Fassengers Arrived. Js' Mr.L?Schr Sarah Wallace?Messrs J Miller and G B Orrill. Passengers Balled. Bristol. Ewo.? Sieam ship G real Western?Rt Hon Lord Morpelli, England; G M Lewis, Msdrirs; Miss Feigusou, N York. T W Edw Fer*,..m> An- A.l.i... do; T H Barber, do; Thomas Jrttitt, Boston; W Brooks King, lady and scream, Deronshire, K.tig; John Munroc, Boston; J Curel, Irrland; Charles Cimsou; James O Oirner, N York? Mr Telersll, do: Charles Bowman, Montreal; Joseph M osier, NYo'k; W C Grant, Dragoon Guards, B. A.; Benj G Wainwright, Paria; J B Hyde, lady and child, NYork; Wm Lsttimer, da; Daniel Mailland, do; F A Whitwrll. Boaton; J 8 Allen, NYork; Mr Bhsiunt, Trinidad; Mr Soghinr, do; Chas Nicka, S'ew Orleans; Wm Frith, New York; Frederick Oriswold, France; Wm Orley and lady, Liverjiool. Domestic Importation*. Nbw Orleans?Shin Oconee?1215 pig* lead Slate, Gardinrr It Howell?375 do O H Rot en It co?392 aacka corn Robert Bach?90 bbls wheat Goodhue St co?30 bbl< caator oil BH Field?35 hhda tobacco Taber k Bierwith?19 do R L Mailland It to?25 baa oil atone E Huul?2 aaeks feathers E Cutler?I ct W lit J M Buskirk?I ek ? ine G W Hoisom?23 bbla 4 bis B H Field?I bi music E H Wells?I chest clothing E K Co.lina k co?I hi clothing I portrait Rout Ik co?3 ceaea BnnkerholT, Koxe k I'ollicmirs?t bia I bale 1 ni|ie J L Scheffelin?105 bales cotton Meyer Ik Strieker?400 bbla wheat E K Collins & to? 1 IS sacks feather J H Mafiher?< bis I trunk E K Collins It co ?I b?i E O Hyde?3811 bbla llour Marsh, Comntou It co? 1101 pigs lead C H Rogers Ik co?1066 do A Ave'ill St co?47 bales cotton R L Maitland k co?20 do Brown, Brother! k to?I bis John Napier?2 do L Heu?104 bales cotton Brown, Brothers k co?33 do Newbold Ik Croft?30 do Wood k Vial I?227 do Drlauney It c??5 hhda tobacco Stircra Sorts?6'J9 piSs lead to order. Georgetown?Brig Fanny Coit?31 hales cotton 22 corrls wood 10 csaka rice H Coit It co?53 do Areril It co?5000 bushels do E Ebbets. Korcttrn Importation*. Antwiri?Steamei British Queen?3 cases De la Forest?6 da T Valentine?3 Borrie d'lvemois?I C Corbet?3 Engler k Foley?I Valentine?I Legrand It Deltnottc?5 T R St H Male?2 casks Burlarhe k Hunter?33 cues HWTkH Mall ?1 Malezieui, Gourd & co?2 C Fay?1 biles T B Rhodes St rn?1 caie Belgian minister, Washington?I ARolkerltci?I F Karck?1 Moral! It l.lin?3 Schuchard, Farre It co?1 Pfeifer Ik Wismann?5 bales Wolf It Henrichs | 2 II light St co?36 Lorach ink k Wisendonk?2 G Von Bauer?I Spirs. Christ It co?2 v- ii^friiirriK ? cir-? viruiiriunai tx uo Lt oiruurr? I D A Taylor k co?4 A W Spies It co?2 balri F Steiuhell?2 do F Cotlenet?3 Bniceao It Husch?2 ThortispecEen It co?1 T C Ernenpneh?I C Veiiu of Philadelphia?16 ca L Uoldschmidt fc co?16 Ed Kau|H?t Leeschegk * Wisendodck?4 Xoltenius k Pavrnstriit?1 Goldsmith?10 Calfe k Melbep?5 Tliorbii'ii? III pkgs Bolles k Arundrr?0 cases Slrauge?1 Cotlenet?3 H K Thomas?I August k Branda?1 Booueu, Graves k co?24 Stone k co?I V Biahoji?HI cases order to order. Antwerp?Gilliot Mercator?210 tona coal 12 caaea H W T k H Malilr?1 caae tndze B d'lvenoira?I T Valentine?1 Loelalirgk k Weaendonen?I Victor k Duckwitz. Poht au Platt?Schr Dexter?22 legs mahogany 250 bake tobacco Win Agnew k Son?50 J H Lamott. 8t. Johns, N F?Brig Jane?60 casks salt 98 caska almonds Dunacomb k Bickwilh. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Dajri of the Steam Bhlpa. from england. from america. Acadia, R> rie Oct. I Br. Quern, Kyckliolt Oct. 7 Columbia, Judkina Sept. 20 Oct. 16 O. Western, Hoskru Oct. 22 Nor. 17 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. Sheffield. Allen, Sept. 3 S. America, Bailey, Oct. 1 N. America, Lowber, Sept. 8 G.Washington,Burrows,Oct. 7 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Switzerland. Cadwick, Sept. 3 Mediator, Champliu, Oct. 1 Ontario, Bradish, Sept. 10 Wellington, Chad wrick,Oct. 10 from havre. for havre. Burgundy, Wotten, Sept. 3 St. Nicolas, Pell. Oct. 1 Khone, Johnston, 8e|>t. 8 ] D. d'Orleans.Ricnd'son, Oct. I Latest Advices RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Africa July 18 Macao May 27 AuxCayes Aug. 21 Madras April 3 Antigua July 1 Manilla May 5 Bombay July 19 Montevideo July 5 Balavia May 31 Maratiham Sent. 1 Bermuda Auj^. 31 Matnn/.a* Sept. 19 Bonaire April 9 Mayaguez July 16 Buenoa Ayrea July 10 Maracaibo Aug. 16 Bahia July 8 Matainnras June 3 Belize, Hood. July 24 Neuvitaa July 30 Barbadoes Aug. 28 Nassau, N. P. Sept. 1 Bogota May 1 Oatiu, 8. I. June 1J Berbice Feb. 20 Paris 8ept. 8 Cape Haytien- July II PortauPrince Aug. 20 Curacoa Aug. 20 Ponce, P. R. Aug. 27 Cieufuegoa Sept. 4 Para June 4 Cartilage Septt 2 Pernambuco Aug. 10 Caraccas May 17 banama Feb 20 CliagTea July 1 Hi > ce Janeiro Aug. S Callao May 29 Singapore May 111 Calcutu July 8 Sydney, N. 8. W.- Aug. II Demarara June 2 St. Helena July 31 Fayal Aug. 18 St. Thomaa Sept. 3 Gibraltar April 19 St. Barn Jan. 3 Ooayaguil Feb. 13 St. Jago de Cuba- Aug. 2? (ruayama, P. R. July 13 8t. Johns, P. U. Aug. 3r Oonaivea Aug. 1 St. Croit July 3t Galveston Aug. 21 8t. Martha May 4 Htm Sept. 6 St. John, N. B. Sept. u Havana Sept. 13 Surinam June 2( Halitaz Sept. 19 Tampico June IS Jeremie May 19 Tobaseo June 27 J tcmel Aug. 11 Turks Island Aug. 13 Kingston, Ja. Ang. 31 Trinidad de Cnba- Aug. 10 London Sept. 10 Vera Cruz Aug. 13 Liverpool Sept. 9 Valparaiso Jane 27 LaGuavra Aug. 21 Yucatan Sept. 11 Lima March 20 Zanzibar J une 23 To SlUp Bloaters. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will rive to Commodore W. A. Bassett, of onr news fleet, a report ef the shipping left at the pert whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and an; foreign newspapers (hey may nave. Commodore Baasett wui board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciuroraie Che fat or in anv war. To Correspondents. Oar correspondents in foreign port* are rcspecffally requeued to lend by etery teasel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. NanticaJ information of anv kind, from any ?ne re aiding at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. PORT OP RKW , YORK, gUPT. cO, IMS. iu.r 10 | woon If! suit 5 50 I high waits J 00 Cleared. Schrt Eagle, Moore, Jacksonville and Pilalka, Kimball & Redfteld; Oscar, Baker, Boston; Urn Scott, Tree, Philadel phia, A 15 boo ley k Co. Arrived. Ship Oconee, Jackson, 2.1 days from NOrleana, to Scott St M. rrell. Sept 21st, la: 32 N, Ion 7lW spoke bark Chase, West, ol New Bedford, whaler, with 500 brls s|>erm oil, It months out. 4th and Jlh, lat 27 N, Ion 87 W experienced a heavy gale from N E to K with a liemenilout heavy sea rnnnina from the S K, laved to under a close reefed maiiiloptaii for 21 Insurs. B'ig Fanny Coit, Bears, 16 ds from Georgetown, with cotton and tier to H Coit It Co. No date, Hattrrm* NN K 15 miles, saw the mast of a vessel supposed u> belong to a sunken brig. Brig Obeooa, Doane, (new) from Boston, I days, with mdie to Foster k Nickeraon. Brig Susan, Petel, from Calais, with lumber to Smith k Boy n ton. Schr Sarah, Wallace, of Baltimore, from Jacmel, 23 davf, with 708 bags coffee, 85700 lbs logwood 20 casks wine, to Drroysterk Whit marsh. Deft brigs Elise, Kugeuie, for Nantx, France. 25th, left, 1st 36 01, Ion 74, >|>okr Pantheon of Thomas - ton, Irom iooaaco, lor in *orn, out u aaya, under jury-mult and mizen matU. Tin- P. had been ditmaalrd on the 4th inat. on the North tide of Cuba, a terere gale. Same day tpoke brig Eugene of Portland for N York. Schr lJezter, Maton, from Port an Piatt, 22 dayt, with mahn gany to 8 W Leur. Left brig Glide, wtg cargo, tha only Ame n'ran in port. Schr Ann Hyman, Totten; from Newbern, N C, narnl atorea to De|>eytt?r k Wilmarth. Schr Compliance, Sparrow,ffrom Boston, with mdze to E Lewis. Schr Albert M Halel Chase, fromlBnaton, more to H H Herrick. Schr Abbott Lawrence, Baker, from Bottou, mdze to J Sterent. Schr Sleeper, Proal, from Boaton,, lith. Schr Abraham Brown, Richard, from Philadelphia, with coal, Schr Madiaon, Keller, from Lubec, platter Schr Kitlo, Ludlam. Irom Plnladelphta, coal. Schr Anna Belle, Taylor, from Philadelphia, coal. Schr Mancheater, Hardwick, J da from Newhern, N C, with naqal storei to Mitchell It Co. Marin* Correspondence. Ore tea or the Rhode Iilandeb,) Newnort, Sept. tt, 1342. ^ \ Arr Glide, from Bantttahle for Allrniy; Mtstatoil. Fall River fordo; Yatitic, do for NYork; tld Rttnzi, and Herald, N York; New Zealand, fm Lubec for NYork; Leo, Providence fordo. Hid Ocean, NTork; New Zealand, and Leo, NYoik; J B Woolford. Apalachicola; Maaaaaoit, and Glide, A'bany; Yantic, NYork. Old Ohio, South Seat; Sarah Ann, South See*. General Record. Pilotage.?The New JeiMV Pilota brought into the port ol New York 34 veaaelt daring the lait month, 32 haviug beer boarded out tide of land, and piloted out 3J. Babe Talent.?Captain Brevoor, of Stianger, armed in HampCoa Koadt, from Turkt Island, reports that tiny per cent ntiagr on the bark Talent, of Botron, and cargo, was decreed on the day he tailed from that port. pok*n. Wyoming Gloucester, fur NYork, 8ept 27, off Montreal, i?i ?rrsi mines, 16, on H ire Island Napoleon, St John, N B. for Philadtlpnia. Sept it, off Mon lank. Anrelina, Boston for Savannah, Kept 16, off Montauk. Magret, NOrleans for Newport, Sept 21, off Block Island. Ohio. James Hirer for Glasgow, Sept IK oil Eg* Harbor. Astiller, Hi hmond for New Bedford, Sept 21, off Kmc Har bor. Harhli Ann, Baltimore, for Newport, Sept 23, off Cape May (h ean, Halifax, for Bridgeport. Sept 27, off Slock Island. Ascturus, from Boston for Bnenos Ayres, Sept II, off Monlank. (Whalemen. Win Penn, of Falmouth, June 2d, at Lahaina with 100 his oil. to sail soon lor Coaaijapin. Letters from Columbia, Joy, ol Nant. report?Touched at Maui Apr Sth, Howard. Nanl. to ; lull. York, Edgartown, :i2t) ; 19th. Koater, Nant. 200t Benjp Tucker, NB. 1500 : 22d, Sarah, Nant. 2200 ; Mat' 18th, Massachusetts', Barnard, N B. 750 ; 2u'. Win Penn, Falmouth, SO; 2trh. Walter Scoti, Banker, NauL MO. Ships seen at tea, Mav Kith, lat I 8. Ion 130 26 W. Ontario, Nant. lull ; Herald, NB 1050. Heunl from, abont 15th ol May lat I S. Ion 125 W. L. C, Itichmond, Nb. 700 ; same time and place Jefferson, Nant. SIM. Foreign Ports. MoHTSrat., Sept 26?Arr Bowea, London. United Stnteio Ports. Pout lamp, Sept 25-Arr Margaret, Philadelphia. Cld 24th Washington, Cnbs. Hid 25th Lela, Sseo, to load lumber for N York. JBih, cld Napolron, Harana. Basoo*. Sept IJ-CId Brazilian. Mirtiniqne. Ltincc, ie|H22-Arr Wm Joy, (new) Trtntoo; Melrille, N York; CasiTda, Hmcock. Sid 20th. Envoy, Philad. Jlst, Dip hjo, do; Elixaheth, Bdluiss; NYork; New /t?Und, Philtwwl MlCHtll. Sfi?t.19?Arr Jiilm Hill. Ingalls, NYork. JIM Hy clay, FuM", FYork. 2td Cyrtiel, Kenuey, and Catharine, Randall, do. IM , E D Petera, Hoi nwt, il?. | NawnuavroBT, Sept 17? 8IJ I'anehria. Porto Ilico. NiiTi ceit, Sept ti? Arr Cicrry, Albany. 18, aid Imperial .NYork. Edoiitowii, Sept 23?Arr Ktuerjtrtzr Hpaiihhnit, fin Nf* York for Boatou. 2ith, St Lucaa, Liucclmillt, probably for Norwich. Taaraui-iti Cove, Sept 17?Arr Effort, tnsar, and Wm ft Henry, Tkorodike, fin Thuniaatop for New York. 11th, Cambridge, Hall, Boaton for NYork, lOtii, aid tin abort; arr Deiaware, f 111 Boston I,.. Phil,nl Gt-ouilceTKB. Sept 14?Arr Hudson, Salmi lor New York; Balance, Know icon, Salem, 10 load for NewYork; Geo Ik Heuryt, do. Sst.rM, Sept. K.?Arr, Autillca, Rirhinoud, 27tli, Boier, Para 30th nit, River lat uiat?left Marion for Salem ueit day, only Am vessel; i|iokp in the River, lid up, Roarer, fm New York, via Marmnharn. At Maranhatn 27th ult, Leader, for Para, line. Alio art, Magnet, Sydney CB 18th 1 nit?It ft no Am veaael. Borrow, Sept 26?Arr Commerce, Tniitllo, 30th all. Left no Am veiieli. Sprk, 4th inst lat 22, Ion to, Sophia, of N Yarmouth, from Jamaica for ToInuco. 12th, lit 20 Si, Ion 79 IS, picked up a feather pillow, tnarkrd Royal Mail Steam Packet; aarne time, maw large <|uantitiea of hard pine timber. 22d, Cai?e Cod N W SO mtli a, spoke brig Eichaaga, from Portland lor Havana; Osage, Savannah: ? ulnare, Georgetown, D C; Lake aiul Marcia, Washington, NC Cld Pandora, Gonaivei; Brazua, Tea la, via Key Weal. 27lh arr last evening, Apnhia, Norfolk; Canary, I'; Uuion, Richmond. Pasted Holtnea Hole, on Sunday evening, November, fm Kirhmond for Boatou Arr Mary Adntns, Rappahannock; Cnhuaet, Phtladel; Fort Hill, Wilmiuglnu, Del; Friend, NYork. PnovluEfscE, Sept If?Art Hanover, Cmiutadt. Ang It, lat SO 3S, Ion II OS, exchanged signals with a Bremen ship with put rimers, shewing [\o 1HI, standing W 20th iusi. off Georges Bank, passed a full rigged bug with painted porta, with loai of both liuuiiasta and jib boom, steering E. Arr Ellen, Baltimore; Mary Ann Ik Caroliue, Philadelphia; Champion, N York; Helen, do. Below, full rigged brig, supposed the Wildes P Walker, from Bath. Bid Volta, Philadelphia. N?w BcoroBD, Sept 26? Arr Uncle .Sam, Rappahannock. PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 28.?At r, I ha III plant. Liverpool, 8epi I, latit 20 N.Jon 20 W, eichangrd signals wt'.h Suffolk, steeling E. Arr, Edwa d, Hue not Awn. July 17. Montevideo, July 26th. Left at Bueuoi Ayrea, Metlin, fm Boston, ria Montevideo, just arr; Helen McLeod. fin i'hilad, ria Montevideo, do; Sarah, of Salem, fin Samoa, disc; U 8 acbr Enterprise. Lt Com Wilaon, fm Rio Janeiro, juat ?rr; (Com Morria a; B A in the Decatur;) Paragon, fm NYoik lor Balavia, in 6 da; Lydia, fm Beaton, line; Herald, fm Valintraiso, oondrinoed: Locli, fm NYork for Cadiz, Curtis, from do, disc; Samuel 8t John, from Boaton, de; America, fm Philad, do; Sardiua, I'm NYork, do. Sept 17, lat 32 N, Ion 69 W, spoke Androscoggin, fin Norfolk, bound to Jamaica, out 5 da. Sept 19, lat W 40, Ion 72 N, apoke Amelia, (probably new biig Amelia Mulliolladd,) fm Plitlada, bound to Jamaica, oui 2 da. Arr, Bourne, fm Hamburg. Sept 14, lat 42 30 N, Ion 37 12, apoke Sterling, fm Liverpool bound to Wiscaaset. Off Dover, exchanged aignala with Oeiineaee, of Bath, bound east; Off Beachv llead, spoke Clementine, of and fm Bremen for Baltimore. Aug 18, lat 48 39 N, Ion 12 3D W. exchanged signals w ith an Am ship showing a blue and red burgee, with the came Cypress or Cyclops, could not ascertain correctly. Aug 2(1, lat 47 12 Ion 16 30 W, s|ioke I'alos. of and for New bury |iort, 7 da out from Havre. Arr. Alpliouao, St Johns, I'K; Jabrr, Antigua; Infanta, Hi Johns, NB; Peruvian, Lube*: Elect'o, Bangor; J Cohen, Jr. Cape llaytieu, 9th inat. Left, Henry, fin Boston, disc; Lilly, for Liverpool, Idg; Erie, fm NYork, disc. Arr, Stavdird, Bermuda; OrOon, Boston; Ceres, Bangor. Cld, United Sta'ea, New Orleans; Washington, Providence; Intrepid, NYork; Marshall, Boatoa; Mexico, Albany; Plauet, NYork. NokyoLK, Sent 26?Arr Eagle, Portsmouth, N II; Wm H Tallman, NYork; Krankliu. Boston; Sesdrift, Boston, bound to Richmond. Sid Uniou, West Indies; J W Kimplou, New York. In Hampton Roads?Apollo, from Baltimore, for Rotterdam; Bievoor from St Tliamas, via Turks Island, bouud to Philadelphia. At Srawell's Point, Drescen. Bath; Eagle, Portsmouth, N H; Bawu, Jeremie 23 days, with coffer, bound to NYork; iml in on account of atlvrrae winds, and to procure supplies.? The bark which went up James River yesterday moruiug, was the John Ctskir, of New burvport. Ocoior.Towv, 1J C Sept 27?Arr Emerald, Kastport; Robert and Rowling, Easti>ort; Dodge, NYork. Fredekicxsih'rij, Sent 26?Air Ninclta, NYork. Cld OileMi-vHalifax; Gleaner, Boaton; Henry, do Richiiokd, Sept 26?Art Tuscarora, NYork. Savahrah, Sept 23?Cld Sterling, Rumlear, NYork. Arr L Baldwin, Baxter, do; Wanderer, Boa'nn. Pexsacola. Sept II*?Arr Cnwper, Boston. Fr. iv,\ a. > u\j nuyu-mis gentleman 11 renuriteu to attend all tlie Democratic Meetings iu the lltli Ward prerioua 10 the uext election, to read hit fainoui aperch against the Navy Appropriation Bill, delivered in the house of Rrpreseutatives. May the 20th, 1812. ?30 lt*r dhft REWARD?Lost, on Sunday morning, in going lo Saint aJP" Thomas's Church, from corner Mercer and Prince streets to Broadway, and up to the church, hair bracelet, with sold heart attached. The liudri will receive the above reward and the thanks of the owner, by addressing a note lo D. T. at this office, statins whre it may be found. s30 h*r OULPHATE OK QUININE?25C0 ounces for sale at manuka factures price, by KU9HTON A A8PINWALL, 8S William street. Also?Jujube Paste in 25 and 50 ecut boxes. *3(1 2w*r H. H. TIMPSON. Auctioneer. ENGLISH Brass Nails-JACOB S. PLATT has in his large sale of Hvdware, Cutlery, Ac., of this day at 10 o'clock, 20cases briss trunk and chair nails, lacuied, go|d color and white, a complete assortment from the celebrated mauufecton of Kolaud A Hughes. * _A!so?guns, ritles, belt and pocket pistols, Ac. Ac. sMIfr A SERIES of 21 Balls and Concerts, Lessons and Lectures, on 52 Arts, Sciences and Laiignaxes, will be given, by sab scription, every evening, by Mr. Mrs. and the Misses Goward, at their Ball and Concert Saloon, 520 Broadway, commencing Monday evening, Oct. 3d. Tickets for a whole family only $5, single ticket $3?hours, T ts lo. Ball next Monday evening, Oct. 3d. N. B. Tickets limited. Please apply early at 520 Broadway. s30 3lSr "IITANTED.?To mould sinkers, modellers and composition *? ornament workers A competent person in the shove line, an Engliahmau, conversant with the latest modes of work in Loudon, wilt meet with encouragement and steady employrnentat William Gibson's Decorative establishment 5(8 Pearl street near Broadway. Also a Frenchman or German accustomed to work in the Mastic and Cactoti Picine Composition, will apply as above. s30 3f r I* ed from Reade street to 213 Broadway, opposite the Park.? Gives notice to his scholars and to geutlerarn who desire to learn the Fiench language, that he will re-open on Monday. Fonr classes for gentlemen in the day, and two day classes in the evening. Classes for ladies from 4 to h'lf past 5 in the afternoon. a'in 1 mr BCHALI??'Tim t?ck of" Bookstore 4UH Broadway .Kith Library, Kiaturrs, fcc. ar^olTered for aale on very ruavmahle ' . iirmi. Anyone contemplating entering the bimnrsa in this city, or opening a ?tore in the country, i? iu\ ite<l to make ftutlier enquiries of the assignees, on the premises. ?3Q itn*r I nlL PAINTINGS at Auction. A. LEVY will >ell, on I " Saturday Evening, at 7 o'clock, at 151 Broadway, a large I and valuable collection of Oil Paintings, both modern and anI cirnt, just received from Enrol*. I The aale of Oreenhouae Planta will be continued thia morninic at 10X o'clock, with a quantity of Hauling Paper, to auit bay era. sJttfrc 1 fNOAL?200 torn tnperior English Coal, will be aold low. If 1 yJ taken from the veaael? for aale br ?20 3t*re STOKES k ANTHONY, 03 Broad at. rPWiNKSL-10t) baiea iU|ierior Bndport, aeine and aail Twine A consisting of the foil iwtng assortment, via: OK Iba. 6,7,1, 11, 14, IS, It, 21, 36 I be. and 9 Iba. aiil Twine, received per recent arrivala, and for aale by ?3fl r E K. COLLINS It CO. 50 South at. "FRENCH LANGUAGE-MANESC A'BOral and Practice cal System?The first Class for the season will commence Monday Evening, October 3d, at 7 o'clock. A few more Gen tlemrn mar be admitted, by making immediate application. A Ladiea' Morning Class is now forming. L. MANE8CA DURAND, 71 Franklin atreet, 30 (t c 3th Door ant of Broadway. UUBLIC NOTICE?The subscriber in returning tlianlu to C hia numerous customers. citizens and strangera, tor the unprecedented success which has crowned his efforts since the opening of the Broadway Cash Tailoring .Establishment, begs to inform them that in the conrse of a few days he trill be prepared to offer a new and splendid assortment of the beat and most fashionable materials for the fall trade ever imported into this countrr?consistmg cf the finest English, French and 'mrrirsn orstd Cloths, of esery style and color; Elastic French anl English Cassimeres and Doe Skins, of the rarioua descriptions adapted to the London and Paris costumes ; an entllesi variety of splendid Vesliiucs not to be equalled in the city, aid every article necessary for the completion of a gentleman's wardrobe. Hr would also call particular attention to the fact, that bis establishment was instituted solely with a new of securing those who do pay, Irotn piying for those wno do not piy. and that the only means by which so desirable an object can be obtained, and the public supplied with the beat garments that can be manuf clnred, at prices which defy competition, is by adhering strietlr to the tetms cf the establishm? nt, Tii. that goods will not dc deli vered until paid for, without respect to iters ns. He therefore trusts, that those who have and those who may patronize him, will see the necessity of adopting inch a course, and lint hy aiding him in the furtherance of hia object they secure themselves from becoming a prey to au unprincipled and designing class of men. ARTHUR L. LEVY, 30 It r 13!) Broadway, between Courtland and Liberty sts. ftUSHTO S fcASI'lNWALL. 86 William street, lit Broad A way, and in Aitor House, offer for sale, a full assortment of Dugs and Medicines, of superior out lity, and put ap in the best mauner. Also Medicine Chests for ships, families, and plantations Jeffrey's Respirators?A new and valuable instrument for MUlizing the tem|>erature of the air, wh-n inhaled into the lunga, ana enabling invalids, and persona with weak lungs, by wearing them, to go abroad in all weathers. Price tt, and upwards. Hair Glove and Strap Renovators, a substitute for, and much superior to, the common llesli brush, with ample directions for use. Compound Fluid Eitract of Sarsaparilla, prepared by R. It A. in the best manner, and highly approved in 'he United States service, and by the r nblic geuerally. i30 iw'r PICKED nn at the Narrows, a water boat with sails aud leader. Enquire of *9?*rc W. F BEN NET, Nanows._ FANO FORTES?For sale, S~H and 6 octaves, of supesior tone ami touch, roahwood and mahogany, of the very beat <iuality; can recommend and warrant their instruments inferior to none. Second hand Pianos will lie taken in ezchange for new ones; old Pianos repaired ami tHned on reasonable terms. We are constantly manufacturing Pianos of different style. OKELI, It KING, Wan-room, ?M3t*m 332 Bioadway. FftOUlSH BASKET SALT?70 bis., containing r,"dozen -Ea each-for sale by TERSSE fc BROOKS, s2Dec I Liberty street, TOSPOKTSMEN?A Pointer "aid Seller Dog I or Mie, i>"tn morousniy immc, rimi un ?*?? J I T\ hlo.,.1 in the country. They can be aean at Oore'e Lirery Stable, No. J? Haory itrctt, near the Fallon Ferry, , Brooklyn. _ >? M'r tin RFfVVARD.?Stolen or atrayed on the niaht of Sttii Sept. from the alabla in the rear of No. tf Henry ntreet, a dapple aray none with a Ions tail, mane *ml tail white, nearly 16 handi high, T year# old, henry r hnilt. He had on henry eart ahoea. The aborr .eward will i be paid to any peraen who will return aaid horte, or any iiaformntion aoaa he may he found, to the owner, i PATRICK CHRISTIE, e?f)2t*r No. 68 Raat Broadway. 1 -an "NOTICE TO WAGON BUILDKHa?The aubf (-a 1? I'roinirtor ol New York Tatteraalla, will ?^.T Si _ make liberal advanera iii f.aah, on all New l.itht Wayona . ? nt to hia eatabliahmrnt for anle. Boildera in the eonntry can rely upon having erery attention paid to their ortlera. For further particulate, an lo terma, ltc. a.Uf'XJ?. . (fEO. W. MILLP.M, r Prorvrietor of N. ?? TaitcralU, 446 Broadway^ _ If OR SALE?A Fur of Blood Bay Carriage Xarf^well matched, aiiteen hind. high, an yean old. the j32j_ownfr baring rone to Enrope. May he aeeu at the .table. No.Reed at. For price and other pairienlara, apply at IM Water afreet, np.taira. .. I ?rwr~. HftRSEfe WANTED?Teato HfiSTDBE^e J^Olovog horaea, well broke to .addle and draft. '"""We j02X,fo, .hipping- Apply at ti fV^ww^'nu ur?r71 ? jmt To rent for a school or hotel f^M The Belmont Howe at New Brighton, "taten lrian^ XiLwell calculated lor a Seminary, ban N{We?OCCWde d^ac WfMor young lailiea the laal fire yeara, tOfrlher wnh : f* den, ice hou.e awl other oulbnil.linga, and *'?, ?J moat de.irahle location foi that purpoae, aa ^ hwlthmcsesnd conrenience of the place render It the eljrrtllc or any u. the State. Steamboat. ply Jo?W|l J'I" fro the my d . New Yore during.the day. ToFS-tlcnlara, ap,d, at H Heno"m""' N"W HfcNWY LYNCH. T~ORT~on the Kreni rw of the nh iaatant, in W.ll ateeel, L brown and whrie SlnWr ri^-Aja--e jo tRw name o Rolla, and belong, to Dr. Birthwhiatle, Royal !Vary. Whoever will bring the .ame to the St. Oeorge Hotel, fil Broad ! way will be amiably rewarded^ u L I *?in \?EEVETf-?np.r jet black and bine Mack Lyow Sift v : be | .j^ee ?l Liberty itreet. AUCTION SALES BY THOMA8 BILL. " (Ibrtl Ha*. Z1 Ann and 11} fWlMllrMtl r?ip\T. At ISH o'clock, in tlx sales rooms, * To Piano Forte Milun, uid odtcra?A small but scry choice election of a piano forte makers' stock.cotistiug of a fiov mahogany ioa, cat into 10 boards lor solid tops; 100 lone and 30 short maple blocks; t thick bottoms, all well seasoned for special use. Also?lib scorer, mtnogauy Iroards, lie. he. SATURDAY At lOXo'elock id (lie sale rooms. Elegant Furniture?The entire tu|irrior furniture of a family le-ii tug (In- < it> . also the splendid stock of a cabinet tnaki r. Hooks, fruits, faiulings, Itc?Also,iu (be Fulton street rooms the private library ol really choice books, a collection of really fiue paintings, prints, engravings, lie. the property of the gentleman whose furniture, books cases, Itc. will be sold on the above occasion. MONDAY, At IIX o'clock. Elegant Furniture?Will be sold the entire handsome furniture contained in 'he house known as No. 3 Abiegdon Place,or Hi Troy street, including a magniucenl piano forte. Particulars in time. TUESDAY, At I0X o'clock at the auction room, Laige sale of valuable and seasonable dry goods, J trunks of clothing,part of the slock of a merchant tailor,a fine lot of remnants Loudou cloths, cassimeres, veatings, hosiery, gloves, hdkfs, shirts, collars, 4c. Also; a lirst rate turniug lathe, worth (130; various haidwware, jewelry.groceries; 200 boxes table sa|t, pledged articlta, studs, splendid watches, Itc. BY RIELL it ARCULARlUMs SATURDAY, At 10X o'clock, a he suction rooms. Elegant Fumiture, Pianos, Ac. TUESDAY. At 10 1-1 o'clock, at the auction room, Liquors Segars, fce?Conslling of Duff Oorgon's pale sherry and Madeita, St Julien claret, baraac, sauternee and hoc, wines cordials, sherry, Madeira and port wines in 5 gallon demijohji, Plincipe and Havana segars. Also?about 200 baskets of the celebrated bollingce and anchor champaigne. Also?A few boxes of Candlra. JOS. W. HAVEN. Auctioneer. CARFF.T SALE CONTINUED.?Thomas Elder A Co. will continue their sale ol Carpets, Floor Cloth and Rugs this morning, at their sale room, 107 Fulton street, consisting of Ingram Caro-ts of various patterns and colors, likewise a large niiantily of Wilton and lulled Hugs?Oil Cloth, and coveriug for Carpets, all of the most fashionable styles. Also, two large size live geese father Beds. Mattresses, Ac. Dry (ioods?A small invoice of tut calicos, handkerchiefs, iwnry, outruns; pins, me remainder ol stock or a thread and needle store. Likewue, a Urge invoice of Wiues, Sherry, Port, Madeira in ir caaka, demijohns and bottler; brandy, gin , and argan, Ice. s30 lt*r W. WARD, Ancnooeer. DURE WINES. LIQUORS. 8EOARS, Ac. A. C. ' HUMBERT It CO. will sell, this morning at 10X o'clock, in their aalearoom, 143 Broadway, corner of Liberty atreet, a superior assortment of Liquors, just from bond, including 2) demijohns J. J. Dupuy Brandy; 23 do Otard do; 2.1 do Swan (Jin; 21 do Pine Apple Jamaica Rum?all of the first quality, and worthy the |utrticu1ar alteutioti of counoiseura and dealers desiring a good article. Also, 20 cases Harris and Son's Madeira; 10 do Oldham Gold Sherry; Hariis It Son's Port, and Duff Gordon's Pale Sherry, in bottles, Also, Claret, Madeira, Sherry, and Port, various qualities, in bottles and demiiohns. CHAMPAGNE?Also, JO baskets superior Chamiwgne, favorite brands, none better in market; Sparkling Hock, Bordeaux Salad Oil, Sardines, lie' SEOARS?Alro, Havana and Principe Segara,various brands ?Sale positive. s29 ll*ec R. II. T1MPSON, Auctioneer. JACOB S. PLATT will sell Friday, at 10 o'clock, at No. 21 ' Piatt street?400 casks, cases and lots assorted Hardware and Cutlery, consisting of scarce and desirable maple heavy and shelf goods, of almost every description, Birmingham, Sheffield, German and American. Also, 1000 cards of cutlery, viz.: knives, razors, sheais, lie. 8tc., being the patteru cards of several Eng lull agencies. Also, bowie, dirk and hunting knives, the whole of which is worth the attention of the country as well as city dealers. s29 2t?r NEW YORK SPORTING "WHIP," ESTABLISHED 1841. fPHIS Pa|ier is furnished to city and country subscribers at t the low price of One Dollar for the term of four months, lis coufnts are of the most varjed nature; Fun, Frolic, and r union wing it* monitor, while it embraces, weekly,the mint oflhe following sport* and psstimes:?The Turf and English Ring, Auquatic and Pedestrian Feats, Doing* of the Firemen and soldier*, Canine and Field Snorts, and at the lame time nuinerou* corrr*|>ondeiice and " Wants to Know J' from every city in ihe Union, and the real Tom and Jerry affair* that hap pell in this great city. Its content* for Saturday, Oct. I, 1842,are-? A Splendid Engraving, 'rprcseiitiug the Great Trot between Rupion and Amnicns, the two tautest hones in the world. Arrival of a Great London Champion. "Holes and Its eolations of the uew Jockey Club." Our Trial?Sentence?and fuiurc intentions. A Night at Paloio's. Hambliu, Simpson, and Celeste Mitchell Humbugged. Hipton ft Americus in sulkeys. Brooklyn Gabriel. Hsckensack Fishiug Party. Easion Busy Body. Dover Pride and Arrogance. Norwich Blood*. Boston Rowdies. Hudson Fools. Nantucket Heviewed. A morning1* Chat in the Tombs. Our First day in Quod. Willi Iota of Wants to Know, Itc. ike. he. he. *30 If r Office 31 Ann *t, upstairs. T B B1N8SE h Co. have just received and offer for sale " Daguerreotype Plates,Hyposuffile of Soda, Bromine Iodine, Chloiide of Iodine, Chlonde of Gold, Triiroli, Rouge, Achromatic Lenses, Miniature Frames?all of which they warrant to be of excellent quality. L. B. BINSSE h CO. s 30 it is*r 31 Maiden Lane, up stairs. NEW YURK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHAMBERS ST. rPHIS institu-ion is established for llie purpose of tending to A those whoso means art limited the benefit of sound and scientific medical aid, at a tate of compensation in accordance with their circumstances. Patients who come to the institution snd are prescribed lor, will'receive their medicine immediately uudet the eye of llie attending physician. In caaea where the patients are anable to attend at the institute,they will be viaited at theii own houacs tor fifty cents a visit. Surgical operations of every description will be performed. The operation for strabismus orsquiuting. and for stammering, has been, in almost every esse, successful at this institute. All nitrations on the eye, and all diseases of the eye are treated Were. ( Llorstt for surgical operations urrti to exceed $13, and inordinary casea from s-3 to $'0. Charges for all orJinaiy medical cases will vary from $1 te $3. Diseases of Women aud Children particularly treated. The Diug Department is attended by an apothecary of 18 years esperience, and all medicines administered from this place maybe relied upon as genuine. Families who wish medicines only will be furnished at prices much lower than is ordinarily dedemanded at the drug store*. Cupping, leeching, and vaccination attended to. Open day and nigbL DR. HOMER BOBTW1CK,. Attending Surgeon and Physician. In cases requiring additions) advice the following gentl enen will ha consulted r?. Dr. DAVID L. ROGERS, I>(. EDWARD SPRING. This institution is under the patronage of the folio wing gentlemen-? DEV. DR. ED. Y. HIGHBEE, REV. DR. W. C. BROWNLEE, REV. DR. GEORGE POTTS. REV. DR. O. SPRING, .M If r REV. Dtc BCHROEPfcR. CrOE THREAD? 12 biles patent green and white Thread O m I and 2 on. belts, of superior quality, for sale by 30 r E. K.COLLINS fc CO. M South st. FIF+Y CENTBPERr BOTTLE. BY LETTERS PATENT OE THE UNITED STATES. THE TRICOPHEROUS, OR MEDICATED COMPOUND, FOR THE HUMAN HAIR. IS with confidence recommended to all whose hair is becoming thin Irom disease, scurf, sndaisndruff. The surest remedy to prevent BALDNESS AND OREY HAIR. The most healthy dressing that fan |*>ssibly be applied to the head; rendering the hair soft and glossy, and freeing the scalp from all humors and irritations, removing every particle of scurf and dandruff, and disposing the hair to euri. lis frequent use wi.l preserve the hair in health and beauty to the latest period of lite. For infant heads it is invaluable. To be hid only at the Hair Cutting Rooms, 146 Broadway, cornet of Liberty st, up stairs, or of the appointed agents. 30 Im*ic RUTTER, CHEEBE, HAMS KJRK, LARD.FIdH Ac. D Butter 200 firkins and tubs. Orange County. Western and Jersey, in assorted packages, cheese in casks and boxes of superior quality: hams, 1,0*0 extra quality city hams, the best in market, will keen in any climate; 2,000 state and Western hams, bagged and not bagged, suitable for shipping; 2* 0001 bs shoulders, various qualities; smoked beef, city and county cured; too bbla r>ork, city and county ?.ess; s'so thin mess, ?I 1 .Umilit.. rL l,..?,l?a,i,l .hnnldera fowls. Otf. ItC.: meaaand prime beef, 3CK) keg-. aunerior .juslity;; leaf lard. mackerel, ahad, aalmon, baaa, codfiah, heriitiga, in aaaorted package!, and warranted auia-nor .juility, which are offe-ed to deal<riaud ronaiimera in Iota to accommodate, at the lowest ciah pricea, by 8. 8. k B. K. CLARK, . No. 228 h niton itreet, near Oreanwtch. N.B. Country Mcrchanli will find it to their intereata to aall before they purchaae. aJO lt*r WET"400 bb,,:prime "w tofcsSiNiiY co. % ,30 r S6 Sonth ?treat * TJ ARNE88 "FOR SALE, a bargain if applied lor immedin ately? A aetof firit rate London made tlarneaa. Apply at Frank'a Boot Store. I Naaaan at. a? 2teod?r LF.TTER BAGS for Royal Mail Steamer ACADIA from Boaton, will eloae at thia Office on Friday September JO, at ? to > o'clock, P. M. HARNDENk CO. ?29 2t r 3 Wall atreet. SUOAR?100 iihda prime New Orleana Sugari, in atore, and foraala in lota to auit pnrchaaera. by ,30 K K. COLLINS t COi. W Unalh n. T F.TTKR BAO OF SHIPS SOUTH AMERICA, for Lii j veri?ool?Mediator, for London ; St. Nicnoly, for Havre Sirali Sheaf*. for Antwerp ; barque Vlecla, for Bar bodies : barque Star Republic, for (Hlveaton, Tela* ; bamue Edward Thorn, for Olnagow ; ateamer Neptune, for Havana ; bnc Motto, for Kintraton, Jam; ahip Walea, for Valparajao ; and baroue Anahnac, for Vera Cm, are each and all at (Jilnin a will cloae on Saturday, October la . "w "r __ MCBlL*!? Packet of 8th Oct.?The aplendid jMVWpncket ahip ELIZABETH DKNI ON.Capt. R. H JliJLroal. will aail aa above, her regular day. JrmTmaaace in cabin, aecond rabtn and ateerage, having anperb accommodation, apply onward at^oot^rf Bmbnr 8 'P. tJOr 100 Pine at, comer of South, rfg- KOK LIVJtRTOUU-iK*" " MfliOI'l Line.?The arlendid well known.packet ahin JjtfllfcHOUTH AMERICA, Cap?. Bailey, will potili'ely IaI^^bo??, her regular day. ? , , The ahipenfthia line are all of the firat auJ lar* at clae-. and warranted to aail on the day advrrtieed. kor paaaace, in e dun, ',?"w' h'Tin' n7ohTi\^CTXN",,,,r'' |T,V 1 #1 Booth elreet. N B -Puaair from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool", can aa o.nal be scored by any of the regular packet thipe and alaa by firat elaaa tranaclent ahipa, bar in* Lirerpool erery few daya; and dmfta formatted for any areonnt, payable in all the principal towna throughout the United Kingdom, on application aa above. a30m fSAHK'd SUPERIOR new Camphine Lam pa, Lampa for U kurniny lard. Alao?A large aaaortment of plain and Jappaned Tin Ware, Chandaliera, Antral and other Lampa. altered to barn campnine and chemical oil, on an improved plan. Alio? Superior CaaapMue and Chemical Oil, at wholetale and retail, by BACKU* fc BROTHER, ISO Fulton at, N. Y. N. B.?Peraona can be aerred wiih Camphine and Chemical Oil at tl^-ir rcaidcncea by leaving their addret aa above. a'fl Im* TUBT received and for aal. at 111 Broadway, 1300 feet Peifo ' rated Zinc, aaaorted fignrea. A new and beautiful article for window blinda, door and lire acrcena, aafea, atrainera, aad venom other article.. ag'eod l i DR. ELLIOTT, OCULIST AND OPTHAT.MIO SURGEON. C.oufinea bit Practice to DISEAvSEvS OF THE EYE., OflWe Ml Broadway, corner of Wamnatreat. efl Imia ' PATENT SHEATHING PAPEH-20 bal.a very A aheatbing Paper, an eteelleui article for thipa hotto-u ami roof, of tale by % CQLUflBk c0 * Mil. tt. amusements"."* PARK THTEATRK. THIS EVENING, Sfpumbrr JOth, will b? ptrfoinc^ th? M? Tragedy of yj 4 P Br T I { Macbeth, G. Vandrnhoff | Macduff, Abbott Conclude Willi POOR COLD1KH First Ti?i71 etuis; iilTuiMctau; Pit J7J-B ?uu. Udlnr libcrau. (p^Ooon 0|>cu at 7 o'clock and tin performance will com, me nee at beli-peal 7. BIBLO S UAUUCII. THIS EVENING, Sept. j?. ANOTHER STRONG ATTRACTION. FIFTH NIGHT Of the Revival, with entirely new scenery, machinery, dreaaa and decorations. of the popolar and maguiAcaat Comic Pantomime. cal led I tie OKEEN MONSTER! In which will apoear GABRIEL RAVEL. Aud the wliola ol the talented RAVEL FAMILY, ami Company now to in number. THIS EVEN I NO, Se|it 30th, the EaCnrtainmenU will romraeuce with AN OVERTUREAft'i which THE REVOLVING STATUES, By the Karel Family. After which eleitaiil and dan UK FEATS ON THE TIGHT ROPE. By the Havel Family aud Charlea Winiher. To be followed by the moat gorgeous Pantomime efee petailored in America, called THE GREEN MofcsTER: OK-THE DREAM ACCOMPLISHED ' Twelve New Sernea. Sceuery by Mr Lelir?Machinery, by Mr Hilchnmi. Diatiibuliou of the Pantomime The Greeu Monster, Mona Carlo Chief of the Sorcereri, Dauvrrsne The White Genii, Mr Wells Grand Print, Moot Eeeqne Chitalirr Miroque, Jerome Raeel The White Knight, Antoina Raeel Chevalier Maroc, Francoia Ravel Chevalier Le Grand, Leon Javelli Harlequin, Grbricl Ravel itoealie, Mile Doutrevilla Gertiude, M'nie Antoine The Garden open* at half-paat aia?Performance* eommence half-paat seven. Tickets?40 cents CHATHAM T1UCATR1L. Pit llKeenis. Ujiper Tier ? cents. Finl Tier M cents. THIS EVENING. Sept. 30th, will be performed the Opera of JOHN OF PARIS. John of Paris, Sinclair | Vincent. Mr* Thora After which GUY MANNERlfcO. _ Henry Bertram. Sinclair | Lucy Bertram, Mia 1 horoa To concise w th ANTOINE THE MOUNTAIN KINO. [?7~ Doora will open at7?Curtain will rue at quarter befo e Box Olbce Open daily from 9 to 3, where Tickets may b purchased and placnaecurcd^^^j j 444 Broailwav New VnrW ' THIS EVENING, Sept. JOtli, the entertainments will commence with 194 a. After which OLYMPIC REVELS. After which TWELVEMONTHS. Conclude with NERVO VITALICS. | CT7" The Door* will be opened at 7, end lite perlormaaraa | commence at half-peil 7, every evening. AMERICAN MCHKUM, UARUKN AHI> UALLKRY OF FINE ARTS. pOKNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN BTRF.K c oppoaite St. real's Church. P. T. BARNUM. MANAGER. Best jlttrartions in New York!!?Change ot N vtitiei. DAY VISITORS ADMITTED SAME EVENING Fll The lest week ot SiKifr Vivaldi's maKiiiticent MECHANICAL THEATRE. the wonderful performance! of which astonish everv befciilde Lest week of Mr. Winchell's in his new piece entitled JOB SEARCH-EM-OLri', which is the most laughable modern production ot the fieao Miss Hood, the accompliahed vocalist?La Petite t.eiei will introduce various dances, including A a 'Tyrolean a danced bv Fanny Elasler? Model of Switzeiland?Natural Bridge in Virginia? Albino Lady?Fancy Glass Blowmr?*l?e Mysterious Gipsy Girl?Balloon Ascensions?a Den ot l,i sing Snakes?300,000 Curiesities. k.Performances every evening at 1% o'clock, and Wednea days and Saturday afternoons at S o'clock. The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Garden and enter lainmenls, twenty-fite cents?Children liall price. sjl NEW YORK HVBBVH AND PICTURE" GAUERY, Broadway, oppotitt the Park. POWERFUL?UNPRECEDENTED AND EXTRAO DINARY ATTRACTIONS, REDUCED PRICE?Admission our shilling. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager, ANNOUNCES with much?atiifact,on the complete aucce of hia new ayalem of reducing the price and increasing th attractions. He begs to observe thsi he entertains too big an opinion ol the juatice and erne rosily of .he public to e a perience the slightest spprrhensioDss to the result; buthe mus confess that the very liberal eneou ragement he has received fs exceeded his most sanguine expectati ens. The Manager with pleasure announces the cngsgement of MR. DELARUE, whose imitations of Keen, Kemblr. Forrest, Booth, Hamblin, and other eminent tragrdiana, are allowed to be unequalled. He baa secured the services of Master Young, the celebrate Wire Volatile Dsncer, In addition to which the following t'Jentrd performers will appear?Mi Harrington, the far fame magician and vrntiiloquiat; Miaa Rosalie, the charming vocalist; Mr Kneas, the popular singer; Mr Bennic, the celebrated dancer; and Mrs. Bennie, the accomplished danseuse. Performances to commence in the fectnre room at half past 7. On Wednesday and Saturday there will be en afternoon entertainment a^^ojcloclr a25 J w* m rPHEATRJ??A CARD?Mr. George Vandenholf 'aBenefit. A Mr. GEORGE VANDENHOFF moat respectfully an nounre. lliat hi. IW k.n.f., ...J I.., hi -I? an Monday evening next, Oct. 3d, on which occaaion lie wit I hive the honor of appearing in two pie cel. The box book ii now open. Mr ]\|JK. DEMPSTER'S BALLADSOIKEEB.?Mr. Demn. *-'* lei respectfully announces that hit Billid Boirees will be given it the N. Y. Society Library on Wednesday and Friday evenings next, and 30th Sept., and Monday evening, 3u October, when he will introduce hu latent compositionsincluding a new National Soi.g, "The ueath of Warren," written bvb|iei Sargent, Esq., " I'he Lonely AoldWife," "The Blind B vy," "I'm with you opce again," by George P. Morria Esq., "Jeanie Morriaou," by Motherwell, " LameM ol lh? liuk Emigrant." lie , witli choice lelrctiotu of hii moat popula songs and balladi: particular! of which will be announced in mall hilli. Ticketi SO ccnti, to be had at Messrs. Stodart, Worceiter.and guuham'i Piano Forte ware roomi, Broadway, and at the door oori o|>en at 7, to commence at 1 o'clock. al7tf re ~~ riRsr ORANITTOCAL cbNCERT. tyHE RAJNER8 or Tyrolean Minstrels having returned from A their weitem tour raaepectfally announce that tker will hare the honor to give a Concert at the Society Library Room on Saturday Evening. October lat, IMA Ticketa JO cento, to be obtained at the Mnaic Stores and at the door. Concert commence to at 1 o'clock. For particulars see imt I bill*. s? It* r S pose to give a Concert of Vocal and Instrummild Music on Tuesday evening. October 4th, assisted by Signor Antonini. Particulars in future advertisements stt 3t*r Gr MILLE COLONNES, 307 Broadway, grand extraordinary Concert, engagement <>t the two Tirollian Miners, for four nights before their departure for Europe. Mist Mina and Mis* Allen will sing iheir national sotigin their Tirollian roelumv, and in their native Uingue. Mr. Messemer will play ?* reral new pieces on the welre trombone, and Mr. Morria wi I sing several comic tonga. Mr. L. Krugell will preside at the pianoforte. First day of the .performance, Tuesday, (7lh of September, until Friday, 3#th mat. Concert to commcnca at half past aevrn o'clock. al7 4tm T) ILL IARDS?Otis Field respectfully invitaa the loverso Ir lhis amusement, to call at Bassford's Rooms, o??r the Cli m ix Eatiiut House, 149 Fulton, and IX Ann street, where a choice may be had of eight tablea?either Slate, Marble, Iron, vi ..I _: .v l?1:_ U..I.W-- ou.l - -e :.: _. ' ?' inns, in combination with all the late European improvements Visitor* wi'l find the bar, either Washingtonian, or other* iae, H? in ly sun li.eir fancy. >29 lmit*e* ELECTRIC EEL. 'T'HE Public is rrt|>tclfully informed thr I this wonderful and a rare cur iosity is now eihibited at the Seventh Ward Hall. 160 Chenry at. It t* acknowledged to ba one of the greatest curiosities exhibited in thia city. It has the power of commnnicsting at will and in any direction, violent electric shocks taffi cient'y powerful to knack down men and horses when irritated, a means resorted to in defending itself against its enemies. Admission IIH cents. aX Iw is*r PO?f~OFFICE, ^~T~ New York, Sept. TTth, lilt. ? PNGLISH MAIL?Letter hags for Liverpool per steamer L ACADIA, from boston on the 1st October, win close at the Upper and lower Post Offices on Friday the 30th instant, at PM The overland |>o?t*gr of 18V cents on each tingle letter most be paid. JOHN LOfllMER GHAHAM. s2tl 3t r Post Master. THE CASPIAN OYSTER SALOON, lit Fulton, 91 Nan1 sau street, under the Sun office. The proprietors have engaged the celebrated Musicians Sig. Ron* and Lady Catharine Oimhrot, toamu-e their customers while taking their oysters, with music, on the Guitar^ Harp and tongs. They will not be disappointed either in music or other cheer they give them if tfticy call i28 Ji?# TPFLE9 ANb ClDtR l-'OR SALE.?A large quanitf ** of Newtown pippins, lady apples, sad a variety offset applet by the tree, barrel or bu-hef. Also several hand red barrels of pi: nin cider, at the press. Apply to Maurice Conninglism, jisrdener, Prlhsm. Ulster county. The Emerald and Norwteh leave the foot of Moray H, New Yo(k, on Mondiy, Thursday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, and wilt land applicants at Pell's Doek. ttt Jt*r PARTS ..IILLINARY ARTICLEIL?The subseribsr* has I just: crivrd s splendid assoitment of new style Fall Ribbons?c > uprising, rich striped and chene Poult de Soie, Oroe de Napl r. Hstin. Levantine and Velvet Ribbons. Alan, I Imn anil colored Mack anil bin* bljrk taffeta and aatiiu, I* 18; new atyle bonnet ailka, kc., he. C ountry and city <li- Imare iwrtiritlarly relocated to call and examine the jtock ' i lore tinrcliaain* elaewhere. WM. H, HAMPTON, W Hadann at re el s2' lot ?m lout doora above Canal atreet. NEW OOOCs-Tlw nederaiyned aolicti attention to a lane aaaortmenr of (tooja for fall and winter wear, incladir.f bearer clotna for aartouta, eaaaimerea in a (treat variety of :trlea fir nantal Kina. Rich -ilk, tatin, and merino veatinpa, which will ba made ap to order at oaual moderate eharfea, tor ready money. Ready made aurtonta, cloak*. Be., conatamly on hand. WM. T. JENNINGS, Draper and Tailor, , 33 lmia*m 229 Broadway, American Hotel DANK OF LYONS and all other Safety Fond B-nk?, taken " at oar, for* few day* only, at 4(1 Greenwich atreet near Canal, for i lotlia, caaaimerea, rratituta, Be., at the loweat cash price. af2 1tia#r DOVA r.M AI CrTrF.AM KHIP ACAtlTA-Leite r Bit of AV the ateamer Acadia, fot Liverpool, via Halifai, are alao at Gilpin'*?will cloaa to-motrow (Friday) at half paal * " clock. a 29 2tr | 'ptrPAVilLTltS GOING SOUTH, to tlw Weal Indwa in A Europe ?A reapictahle female, M yeaia of a?e. wianef to obtain a permanent aitaation aa aeamaireaa, in anenteet mmiiy. Hhe wrmld prefer aoint to Enrepe, yet would accept of offer to Bo Booth 01 tothe WeaV Indlea. The beat o? efereneea fiven. Addrcaa A. A. A. bo* Ht, apper Poat oMee.^PI. York. i. UNITED STATE* TEA EMPORIUM, U1- SijBaSft:. nviil- C1VTIIN TEA COMPANY continue to offer for " .IS. ....I fraer- Iit Teaa ot every variety and atyle.? _ .... Iv include* the moil deliejow and Ilamp of * ***?-. e? (Uht and alt that thetl qaahty a? SS^S?E^^^>vrS3 I rem thia eatabliahnaeBt. . . . C?tee roeated ?*"T ?Ti ijaltr. State! etetnted with Ordera from a!t parta of the u?i i

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