Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1842 Page 4
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f lp* - . ws . T" M1SCELLAKBOUS. ('? ? kkky hikaP ?iACi\*ii-r c7 TAVfrtM v ? ui i i. speciluily inform Ms old cu?lomrr> aud the iradc .en i ,II> 'lull he has comment- 1 the aho?e mentioned busiueas uikiii the cw principle, ind liu auw uji hand, at his stop-, 197 Wvi'M, pposlte the Culled Statee (f,trifleft ' Hilt's) Hotel . oiti;i|?ri> ind extensive nasomn'm of Crock* ry, Stoneware. Clocks, Cut ,uu i'laiu (ilsas, L->okiug tliaaacs, Girandoles, hat! uid V.tral Lam*, Oermnt fancy goods kc. dec., most ol w icu ware purchis.t h-forr tut rue occasioned by the tare tar ff, v, rr ehr?|,f)rcajh. .. , Ail .-..uutrj merchant* ami buyers are re^uaated to call an" u re h sat at no? III t '5 |*'r c*ut itaa than ihe i nc?-? that n??< oso It pod, III ImiV It the proas-ul lime ill tlie ' ity.lTlm-r F C U Ol SK kttiM-iHl.Vu TVATlEHtU'skT.-WOHAM k n K A 1' 1111 *V OV i . MI Broad way, Manul .cturera, Aa- tit. audi, lU-rchauta, ha?r just .i-.ii . n . ..I spkudid assortment.I the following aiu- Si' V :.rrGilt and Bronsa Go a Chandelier*, ?to 30 llghU. It t sadle ^ .. \ Un Candlsr Brsckets, i iU Ito On Uracil'la, ? .. Do Qas Mantel Lights* }! ? > Do, ??? ? I mdlrliit*. i i . A ! Aural L-nps, Hail I ami* and Lanterna. Heading Lamps, . new Sill. 1.- I "t .lsr Lamp, a very superior article. 1 Al?, ill ? ottcla of U llecter lor improving tho light of tlo" ,M, ,f, root Utial Lamp. Ah - . new style ol h loreiitiae Brouse, color immovable. _ tii, with every variety of Lain pa and Chandeliera, for churches, hills and public ouildings. I'latcd Wsic. II i>k. rs. C istnrs, Traya, Toast Racks, Candlealicks, NajJtin It, ..1, Butter i'ebt, Butter and Fruit Kutca, BuufTcts and Ti Coffee and Tea Urns, kc. Fh Table Cutlery, in setts and doxens; Ja|*uned Tea Traya, o s eat rarity of palivrni and forms; tine cut glass Bowls, Tit '-is. Tumbler*. Dishes, Oohlets, Decantara, Water Butth So.kc. kc. IV k II. peg reap ctfully to itifotm their friends, customers, to I the public generally, thai their arrauxemenU With the manoiacture,.-ire such that tney can sell all arltclea in their line ti icinaikahly low pricea; aud rs-spactfully lunta ihein to call toil see than .how looms, which alnue Is sufficient ta ate for th. trounle. ak2 3m*r KitUP'lTQiN S CUliED AND THE COMPLEXION CLEARED. A MIRACL* TO CURE ERUPTIONS OK THE Snl.N?Salt iheuiu, frecklei, scurvy, pimples, rimpelas, blotcnes, morptie wtnn, terer,spots, bites of insects, musnuetoes, 8te ?to change the color of dark, sunburnt, yellow, or discolored akin? be Italian C lie mica I Soap is really the wonder of the ?,e. Well might he-Medical Society of Paris call it a bleasiug ami ita Inventor, \1 P urine, a phflauthropiar. It is curing thou-mil i all over the Sutra md possessions. I' entirely ' laiicaua every eruption or duliguremeut of, t'ac akiu, importing to the face, body, neck or anna a beautiful healthful ch arirca-, No misrepresentation la offered Una trial will ?uftice in recommend ii to all. Am mg the uiauy wlto have beeu cundin tlua are ibe following highly rcsMCtablc persons:? Its i P S Lover,, N J, (you are notified that this i? no puff d nostrum, but a idn airiau'a invention,) VI Palmer, BrookI mi. Sold bv P. JONES, sign of the American Ergle,S2 Chatham at, New York, price iO ceuU, -Miaa E Baker, Brooklyn. Agmt ? 119 Kultoti at, Brooklyn, 8 Sute at, Boaton. 87 D.m U st, PhilsJclphia. _____ >38 m'r HE EUREKA BLACKING., 'PHIS ta a new nrlicle ol Blacking, poaaeaaing qualitie 1 yi. itly superior toall other kinds now in use. It aofteua and preservesthe leather, imparting a brilliant l-ilili with half the uaual labor required in the use ofthe common Bl rikuig. It fur her p< ssesses that requisite ao long sought for in the pi culiarity of the compoaittou never becoming hard dry, or mnuhly by age. Ueateri in Blacking are requested to call and receive a (ample of the aiticle gratia. Perfect satisfaction warrantod in every ciae. Mouiifactared and for sale by J. ? juniiau;i, No. I 9j?iqc? itn-ft^near Nauau, N?w York. N H ?A superior Article of Writing Ink is m-niufactureri by J. M J nn I ?ol I wholesale and retail. ?*29 lm#r M5 VICE TO FIKEMfcJV, \ MJ all oih. r. desirous ol keeping thetr Fret i)r> and Warm ill i unniu -season By Unix al tile OLD EXCLUSIVE BUI'I i'l'ORE, X >. HI Ghaiiiain street. thoy can be accoinj in i ited, it Hie inoprietor hai on hand a lull assortment of hi. Well kllOWD WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly ou hand a lull supply of all oilier kinds of Boot* at l' u ? to .nit the times. Also?'list iuv ilu.U. article Rogers^ Metali Elastic Heel Bout e iu he ohl lined it the Old Ksclu.iv* Boot Store, No. 141 Chatham at. ?2U lm?r CROTON WATER. LJE US >NS who nave not had pipes introduced into tlieir P houses, should lose no tune in having it done before the cold aud frosty weather. Tii luosr-iit'crs liave now on hand a slock ol' pure lrsd.comlxmli .11 uiid tiu'd ill lead pipe, which they are |>re|ured to lurin.haud i in up hi the most expeditious aud workiiiaulilu in uiiivf, aou ou tli- most icuouahle I mills. Bel Us' practical phnn.uers, they will warrant wo k done by them to be tweno to ii ue m the city All km Is of I ol w ork and Hydraulics furnished and filed on Ji,< III anion, ell minimi. . Duff * ivtn.s, n?. jw water ?(l ; I in r _ _ .Neil ,o lilt corner ol Beck nun n. \ i AKD ?I have often been informed by friends thai mine -i 'riiiiii, t Well in tn> line ol business as nut of it, lealous i In- iicc <i I mi cl with,have directly and ludirecily aliened Mi : 1 win manufacturing in writ known La Noiitn brand, ai i ir II a* other Havana and i'rineipe H< gars In this countiy, and making other similar hints, 1 herewith declare such issertious im an la selio ds, and such individuals worse than highway ro tirn. M. RADKK, 46 Chatham street. .New Vorh. Sepf. 26, 1812. s26 lm*r PAR Jib ' ; A RTIFICiAL FLOWERS ; >:!l s at 1 O., 114 William street, formerly Brun, Larosurc | l? V I' ?mil ,'neii III a --W days, twenty cases I ris Arllli , r. am. Feathers, heft., una Miming I'roni last arrivals.? .b isiiniciil i- eeieMug iruui then, house iu I'aris by . H i* e iiackei.thn uewest stylus of Lowers and feathers, nny 'i i'eirittliat ceuira ol'fashion. I'lu- ana in hi enables tlieiu to h ise constantly on haud a i.. wt , miii, imi.le .iimiitiueut 01 the above articles Dealing by , uori I,likely in this line than any other establishment in , t.< ci y, if > cm ittnrd to sell at the very lowest rates and on , Uu inns: leasonable ictnis. v..,dearie ware.O'ms up stain. Also, ,-onsuuui ou haisd,every kmd ol materials lor llower in iiuiacln rers. si Im'c ia i tOTTON AND DHUT MlLLS??er sale, situate at - n u.-ion, Ulster count), New York, ou the waters of the ivMinlout Cicek, two miles Iroin the Nortli or tiuilsou River? mi, nnboiu end sloops ike. pi > constantly to within 300 I eel of in oil!, to thence c nial boats?Tne waters ol the Delaware, v , iuk rati llondout pour over the dam this mill?Have I III o|ieration until very recently, Possession immediately. I'llle imlispulable?Will be sold very low and on very admitsk' . us terms, to close a trust. Apply to sltlee rcwaSK It BROOKS. 61 Liberty st. ,t- VTCHK.8 AND JfcVVKLRY VfcKY LOW- The sub' * scrtber u constantly roc- iving, direct Irom the manufacturers. all descriptions of bold s?d silver Levers, Anchor, Kacapenieut, Lcpiue, and Verge Watches, 91 new and splendid I uterus; gold aid silser pencils, gold chn s, keys, fce., which is selling at retail lower than at any other place in the city, i fold Watches aa low as 24 to 10 dollars each. Watches and miry cicliauged or bought. All witches warranted to keep . aid time or the moue3 ifturueil. Watches and clocks repaired 1 he isi'i tnsuuri anil warranted, at much leas than the nami ineea'by"ova of the beat workmen m America (J.C.ALLEN, Importer uf Watches and Jewelry, <n21 Im're Wholesale mil retail, 10 Wall at. or ataira. "selFcocking pistols. BLUNT A SY.MM, Importers and Manufacturers, No. 42 Chatham street, have on hand a lance assortment of Ui Six Barrel 8 ll Revolving Sell Cocking rocket Pistols. Tliear platola have the advantage over all olhera of the kind by the impossibility of losing .he caps, the nip|ilea being placed in i hnrixoniai direction,and theie bring no cock in the wav to prevent taking aa correct tight aa with the ordinary pistol or gun. The above putoU can be furnished lower than any othcra ui the m itkct, at wholeaale or retail. We have aa great a vanety of other kiuda ol Platola aa cau be found, with Hitlea, 17. 8. Muskets, for shipping *ud military; Prixe Muikeu, do: Fowling Piece*., single and double, extra large tvze double and aingla ttiiiia lot ducking, together with Powder, Shot, Flaaks, Bagt, Cnte, Locka. Barrela, Inc., Ac., in large or email quantitiaa. .V. B.?Country dcalera are requested to call and examine our assortment before purchasing elsewhere, ill ?m*r UOK 1 ABLE BLACKSMITH'S FOKOES.?the eubi a. ribvrt, being me aolr Age..Is for me .\lauufactureri of Concklin'a Palritl Fonable Forge and Bellows, beg leave to call the alt rut ion of the i uuiic to the above article. That they have been called for and introduced in nearly all parta ol tlia Lulled State*, it, we believe a sufficient evidence of their u iiity and convenience; bemg poruble and compact, gives lheui far tha preference over the common Forge for Shipping of every deecription, Kail Koada, Canals, Plantations, Matsu lacioriet and all pmpoara for which the ordinary Forge ia used. Those manufactured fer the U. 8. Navy are Wrought lion. We would refer thoee wishing to purchase to tome few who cau lecomineud them Irom pereoual aa well aa general knowledge, via ( *.,nm dor* Crane, Nary Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.-, Maeare. Cart, Keim k Hunts, Philadelphia. Hon. Uoveruier Kemh e, West Point Fnaiidry, Celd Spring, N.Y. Messrs. S. B. Allhaiisr It Co. 443 Broadway, N. Y., and our city blackamilha gene rally. (JAY A 1EBAULT, c 21 Jul * re comer of Old slip and Water at. E W. HAND. EXCHANGE, BROKER, >23 Iw'r No. ? CAMP S PKEET, NEW ORLEANS, BOc T8? Latent e leuch Style.?l"he gaPQ .iinaciiber respectfully mvites r>>e citixeus of New Y...-, assd ?tr tngrrs Halting the clty(U> CAil at 114 Fulton atreet and examine a large aaaortmeut of Dieaa Boots, made in the latest futhion, aud of tha Aural French ctlf-ekui, (J nileinen can have boots made to order in the beet manner at par parr, warranted equal to any made at $7,20, and aa tb- undersigned takes drawing of uie leet and keeps lasts for ta< b customer lie can ensure an easy yet handsome fit. C* usiauily ou hand, f ashionable Boots, Ac. at the following redact d prices :? Cork Mole Boots, fpiwi $7,00 to *,00 Double Sole " water-proof '>,00 to 7,20 Calf, dreae " 2.20 to 6,00 Me.I " " *,2J lo 2,72 II ilf Boots, 3.IW to 3,20 Mhoe., |,20 to 730 During Pumps and Mllppera, Ac., proportionable low. Terms,< .sn on delivary. JOHN L. W ATKINS, ?P7 lm#rn 114 Fulton at, between Nassau and Dutch. Magnolla lunch. faOKNER BROADWAY fc CHAMBERS 8TR1ET? w Th< Propr.etors of this w ell known restaurs! desire to inform Own friend* and th? public generally, thai the season lot shell lish luting cc mine nerd, iheyhave made arrangement* fora roiislanl supply of the finest the market affords?Mill Pood, Shrewsbury and all kind., which they will serve up iu every style, aud at a moment's notice. Ht? vfc? end every d? lie ,cy ot tlie season may always he (oiinu Mrv lis every sty I. desired by tha lovers ot dood things. Hipper iwrnes enievtained, aud Meals served op at ell hours. Isentleuitti dining down town will Aud this a de.iraWe resort beiim witnui two uiiiMitte wsIL of tiie City Hsil. The propm tors return their thanks for the liberal patronage ssrSC?"" KUKMITUKE. t.MfKcu w? daws()n7 . 'oimmir 'iml itUiU raraUmre and Geneirv Far .t-r' i\rrt'>houin, yo. 91 Chatham street, corner of Ituane street, Neto York. r Ik kuepa for tale a large uaortmeul of the followin* frtKlea, tia.: Hide bonds, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Coil, i able*,Chans, (Wire end Portable Desks, Ouae ( ear ?, Book Lvt ??. ihl Cloth. Matting sud Tire home, Wash Stan?i?. Toilet Tahtea, andle Htnsds, Bnrean le dibs* ds >re*?iitg li'ireAUR, Stirs, lu\ VLao, a large aswirtment of men and women'* Wearing Ap U* W 40d * COIWi hanrfrd VII tli* vbovu >rtides are offered to the public at very piicee. Persona in went of said articles would lino it I* ouu adi mage to make an early rail at the above establish n t i ripping orders pnnrtually attended to end narked?.a Un i i. west notice, and on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Budding > ii'tiim ur vessels, constantly on hand v id, ,?to th- above establishment will he panetiallr at 1 e i. d to Hid th mkfnlly received. ^ " "-?The highest prices will ho give* for Hoeond llam1 ' arnitnrr, and Qentiemen^ and Ladies'cast off Clnthtn* jgvr? bin*r I rtOTKli.?m*N<^~ XTATIONAI. HOTEI??Tehoapitoulaa Hint, New OrW Inn* ? Tin* establishment, situated in the m<it( era tral rartof the city ? bee* recently n,.?ned under the super aiirndew-e of the mbsenbera, with new and ample aecommo l,d, n- t >i hnudred boarded r J , |i?rl,i ?. d rimmbrrs art ft tauhed with uraturia if uo. lr?.u:i r, and with scrupulous rr^ tld to the comfort of the on njiH.jf. The ?enrtuU axe al 1 white, mid have Wen car**ful)r select d with refe.euce to tneir capacity, heneefy and cirfl deportOn wine cellar and lardrr will always be farr.isnc* will it beat that can be procured in one of the beat market! in the lorlT . t Th? charges for board, with or without chambers, will be jund of the moat reasonable eharacter. J. PHILLIPS k BK0-, Proprietors. New Orleans, July K, IM2. at gin r "tAKL'l'ON HULbfc.?The proprietors ol the barllou J House are uo'" prepared to make arrangements with faini iea orsiugle gentlemen for board for the winter, nu terms to orrvapood with tile times. BE.aSON k H0DQE8. ael I uu BOARDING rrniruv iai i? --i .#?w_._.? n?1.? tr Ll Pleas mt rooms with board?Gentlemen who prefer diuing it a late hour ca" have breaklast at ten o'clock. audi Im'r J/A TO LET?Tlia Tint ihree alory House, 112 Orarnl F^B street, writ of Broadway, with tin Furniture, all new JwiJL The house is in perfect order, and can be aeen between the hour* of 12 and 3. P.M. ?12 Im r "wonderful discovery. STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, whicl will change nry hair to its original color in a lew minutes. This solution is di fie rent from any Net offered, and cannot fail of suiwrceding all others. It is highly efficacious, and possesses the great advantage of beautifying the bair, without injuring its growth. ... Those who doubt its virtues are re<|uested ta have their hair eh iluted before paying their money. If huurbufs would take tln> method there would be no reason to complain. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied, at No. 5 Chatham street, opposite the Hall of Kecoids, New York, up stain. 22 lw*r no. 45 maiden lane. OLD ESTABLISHMENT.?Perfumery, Cosmetics and fancy Sot|is. The following comprise* a part of tlis variety' of the manufacture of Alexander Ramsay, successor Us N. South Prenuss, ?i? ;? Ths justly celebrated saponaceous, Naples and cliemjcal cosmetic compound for shaving, toilet soaps in great variety, cologne, lavender, and flonda waters, extracts of musk, rosea hergamot, orange, jessamine, Stc. Ike., milk of roses, vegetable pearl powder, lor cle.,,itig the complexion, toilet or nursery powder, the |>urrst article made, vegetable rouge, liouid do, cold cream, olio of rose lip salve, otto of roaes in gilt bottles, Culling lluid, bea.'soll, macassar oil, anil the celebrated kephli" for the growth of the hair, hair dves, rrestou salts, court plaster, indelible ink, blitKaud blue writing inks, calcined charcoal, powder puffs and boxes, erasure powder for extracting grease grease Imm siik, aromatic vinegar, &c. &c. For sale at the manufactory and w arehouse of ALEXANDER RAMSAY, Successor to N. Smith Trentiss, No. ij Maiden lane, 22 Im'i Sign of the Ooldeu Rose. doctor bell Continues to be consulted daily, until 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY On all Micate diseases, at his private offices, 4 cortlanDt street. OECOND Door frotn Bioadwav. with the utmost confidence O iu all cases of a ilelicalt' nature, _ requiring prompt &ud safe treatment. Being a Regular Practitioner, patients may rely upon receiving all the attention tlicir cases may demand, with an assurance of a successful issue, hated upon tire experience of many years professional duties. Dr Bell doet'ilot advertise a 8|*cit>c Drop Or Till for the cure of certain diseases?but guarautees all that Anatomical, Medical, and Chemical knowledge can suggest in each case. Separate offices. Attendance tall 10 P M. daily. s8 linjr ' 'lie Antl-Aiiuuliar System or Writing. GREAT REDUCTION. FROM TWELVE TO ill DOLLARS ! Vf II. BillSTOVV of London, respectful!* in/orms the Ladier ?'* and Qeutlrmenof New York and Brooklyn, that his classes Day and Evening, have commcnrrrt for t/ie.season, and that lie has reduced his Teuns one naif,?to Six Dollars! AcaDF.Mv No. 2:1.1 Brodawat, near Park Place. Oentleinen of ell ages are positively taught in twelve lessons, a kohl, fur, expeditions and fiuished business-like style oj Writing, no matter now had, illegible stiff, or cramps il the writing may be. See specimens at the door, 231 Broadway. And the Ladies A neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Hand la 1 welve K.asy Lessors ! tLT" VISITORS 111 New York call take a firnrse in Three Days '.?Mr. B. it to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 1 to 8 P. M. Evening Classes from 7 to 9. BoOR-KEErlRO Tauglt ou a superior method, by double and single entry, cieutirfual |y and practically. ?l I ^ N | ? 1 C 1 C 1 STENOGRAPHY. A new system of the Art o) Writing Short-hand, for taking down Lectures, Sermons, Trial* at Law, Jkc. 8tc., taught |ieifectly by Mr. flristow in one course of lessons ! at 231 Broadway. See a sjiecimen. N. B.?A work of the author is presented to every pupil for their permanent guide. si lu??rc POCKET KNIVES : AT 182 Broadway, between John street and Howards' Hotel, 1 iK) dux pen, dirk an! pocliyt knives, retailing at prices to 1 mil the ri- *. Also, a large assortment of Scissor*, Razors: I ibamt m Cutters, Dental and Surgical Instruments, and veil other ancle usually kept bv cullers. All kinds of cut ry main 1 order and repaired. Steel articles polished in llie ligru t. orfection of the art. ??0 .111 *c J. [) CHEVALIER, 182 Broadway. 1 HIGH POLISH; f EE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING 11 uow umt-s ier?ally admitted to be tar superior to any yet invented fur la peculiar pressrvative softening quail, ies to the leather, and for tt* exquisite brilliant jet black lustre, properties entirely unrivalled. N. B.?Eur the genuine article apply to the only Warehouae, No. I John at, cornel uf Broadway. CHA2. LF.E, 10 lm'r Foimetly Lee It Thomson. HENR I Q 0 E S' WHOLESALE ANlJ RETAIL HAVANA AND PRINCIPE rf GAR STORE, n. .t.u. a 1 XV o ? Between Wall and Pine Streets, all lm?r NEW YORK VORK BAY OYSTER SALOON, by B. Biittiu, 83 Mas ' aau street, between Fulton and Juliu streets. His (dace La plain auil clean, and I think will take the lead. Opatera served up in every style ; pickled by the hunded or tlimuaud, and families supplied with oysters, bv a 13 lnAr _ B. BR1TTIN. SUTTON & VANDERBILT ARE Conatanilv receiving large supplies of Cloths, Caasimares and Woollens ol every description,suitable for the coming seasou, which they offer at eitreinely reduced prices for cash, at their well known Tailoring Establishment, 430 Broadway, second door above Canal at. Gentlemen are requested to call and examine their stock before purchasing elsewhere. N. BParticular attention paid to boys clothes. slO lm*t Noricr to STRAtvocas. F. GIBBINS, HAIR CUTTER AND WIG MAKER, 37 MAIDEN LANE, Corner of Nassau Street, alllmr NEW TORE. PHALON, HAIR CUTTKR. NO,314 Broadway, opposite Hi. Paul's church, is the (Irst to introduce the fashion for the season, on Saturday, 10th insL 10 lm*i WIGS f MANIORT, WIO MAKER AND HAIR DRESSER, *? 90 Broadw ay, N. Y,?Desires to inform the public generally, that ha is still to be found at hie old stand, where he will be happy io give them a trhJ of his skill in the tentorial art. Ilia inimilabla atyle of Hair Catting ia generally acknowledged by the liean monde of the city. He would also rail the attention of strangers visiting the city, to his superior WIGS, which are not aurpaasrd for nratnesa and finish, deceiving the inoel senium ring, so nearly do they resemble the natural hair Fancy Articles, Perfumery, lie. of supenor nuslity. !l_/~ Terms iu accordance with the times. 90 Broadway, a few doora above Wall at. sI3 lm"r ~ ATPASf OR'8 HAIR OIL. r\R, COMPOUND ESSENTIAL Oil. nif Ai Mnxna V ?For datr ying dandriff and preventing the hair from coming nut or turning, preiwred by Antonio I'utor.Hair Cutter, 16} Greenwich street, New sora. Thru inimitable oil, ha? been the product of twrnty-lonr year* of experieuce, and for the laat sixteen yeara in New Von , where I hare been practicing mthe Hair Cutting business, and tlie public may rely on it, tnai A. Pastor'# Compound Oil ia the wholcsomest and beat Oil for thr Hait? makea it grow thick and long, prevents its falling off or turning grey, and even if hair haa t> gun to turn grey, ia such a nounanerte thr hair, that by me it will restore it to its natural colot Also prevents lunr from becoming shaded, and it hair haa already shaded, which ia a great disfigurement to young ladies, and it used for a short time, it will restore it to its nalura color, clear the scurf, and BMP th? head and hair clean,promote eyebrows and whiskered. A liberal discount made to wholesale purchasers. Pnce 56 cents per bottle, highly perfumed. A. PASTOR, a9Jw*r 165 Greenwich st. N. > DR. FEUCHTWANGER'S ( \FPICli pfo. 1 Wall atroel mm r Bmadway.? Manuf.icturv' er of German Silver ia sheet,and faultless caaliugs.of A-iue fortis, Muriatic, Nitric and Pyroligneous Acids ; or Tin Solutiont, est/act Logwood, Labnrraguis Chloride of Soda, of Lunat Caustle, Prussic And; Liter of Siilpher,!Iodides of Iron, Lead and Mrrcury, Dsgiirrrotype.Clieinicals.Elhrr, Ammonia, Oraurilley Lotion, Chlonde of (fold, Phosphate of Soda,lie. Infallible Poisons for Bedbugs, Fleas, Fly Paper.Coetroaches Hats. Mollis, Caterpillar*, moschetoes, the compound chemieal Whale Oil, Soap and Sired Protector; Platiut, Palladrinc, Ooldloil and Bronie. genuine Harlem Oil imonrt.,1 at lm'ac _ | TO THE LADIES. VfADAMK C08TELL0, Female (till continues " to treat, with astonishing auccaa", all diseases peculiar to females tttipprvaiou, irrrgnliuitv. abstraction Ac, by whatever cause produced. can be removed by Madame C. in a aery aoit tunc. Madame C.k medical establishment having undergone thoroaith repairs and alteration* for the I taller accommodation of hei nememur patients. aha isjiow prepared to receive ladiea on the point of confinement, or ihoaa who wiah to lie treated tor obstruction of their mootlily period. Madame C. can be conanlted at her reaidanca No. 34 Liapen ard at, at all times, and with the strictest retard toaaareay. All rommnnieationa and letter* man be poat-paid, i al? 'na?rc j Vf ONEY WANTED?Cn good eity property, that produce" 1*1 about 14 Iter Cent mi lite amom t IN iri d in sums ol 2,000 i.XN. 1.000, l.'iOO. 1,1100, VOW,6 000. 10,(100, 11 MI0, and U.000 dellari, or nearly the whole amount will be taken in one anin it r<i|Uired. Anyperaou having the whole o a part of the abort lumt to invetl will pleaae to address a sealed note to Mr. 8. W., with real name, and leave it at the office of thi* paper, and it will be aiteinled to immediately *AaA TO LET?And possession given iminrdialely, the plM atore No. 7f Jidmatreet; alau a large n-fertory with bat k JuHkroofn. hitehen and nuder rellar. Apply at the oilier 79 , John aliret. Wanted a lad tlui wnles a good h ind. ?2t it*m , If TO LET? rh* tipjier pari of lite f |, un 110 trooni I r* atreet, near THorapeo.. atreet. Rent low Apply at 106 t X4&N?*,au ?t. _ slltli I THE HOPE MILLS, ~ i UMAJIKfcTHELD St. between Broad and Whitehall , late ?' *, iioheih atrer t, New Vnrk Office 12 i r rout at. Constantly on hand gmnnil Spiers ami t' t he ioweat market ptieea. and in the utual variety of packages a 17 ha'm uf A RTELLK * HOLDKRMANN, 17 Maiden Lane?Hav, tijart receive I py the late Havre puckrta, a large assortment J I Weathers, lowers, gold and ailver Fnrwrs, and alao a I a nr. aaortmenr ol manufactured hair work. at"'o as Wigs, Toniwea, i lands, Curia, Claellldra, Braids, Puffs, f'litile, Rirtbou, Neft, i Eritwn Pieces, gaant, Ac. A* "* lw*m MUSIC. TO THE AMATEUR8 CTf THE~~ ACCORDION! 2ICNOR L. MARTINI begs to iuforia the public that he -* liujnl published hi* Acrnrdiou instruction, which is dc ided ill two |uit??tlic tint for the Accordion* wilheol ?c?nvotea?the aeeoud for those with stnu-tones, both of which us amply furnished with .elected music, and eaercisr* pro [iniitii; written, in order that the amateur cnue -sity bare nine rutnmtail orer the instrument. 81GNOR MARTINI beg* alio to state he has a l?rge ollr oon of MSB. music lor tl? Accsrdioti, which he intend, o publish shortly, and he arrange. for tint lustiumeul any soil >! music he stiould he required. The Siguur w ill be thankful o all those who will favor him at his residence,90 Canal .ireel, where he continues to give hi* lessons. aul93tn*r FLUTE & GUITAR. MR I'HILIPE ERNST, Professor of the Flute, Guitar, an pateut Concertina begs to announce to his fricuda and pub lie that he ha* just |iubli*hed his ucw "Rondo Miliuire" for th< guitar, which will be found well worthy the attention of tin learner 01 amateur, trom ill being well aoaptrd to that iustru uient and calculated not oii'j; to please but to afford instruction I hit Hondo, wiui several out*/ piuasiiut pieces 01 hi* ccinposi uon "for ih?? Kuitsr" aro to be found at Mr. Ernst's residence Gf Canal street, where he coniimue* to give lessons on t..c above i imminent*. sl3m*r teacher 0f~the flute? T1 MON'ZANI. 55 Thompson strew, gives mstructioas ot the Flute, Terms $15 per quarter. s9 3ra*r Daguerreotype apparatus, NEW PATTERN! F. A. ARTAULT k CO., I68K FULTON STREET. fpHlS beautiful art has arrived at such perfection, that twt 1 hours instruction is sufficent toobtaiu a perlect knowledgi of u? which as-111 be given gratis to tliosr who purclisse the ap paralus at tlir store of F. A. Artault k Co. IMH Fultoa strer I Price of I he amiaratus complete varies from $26 to $100 Als< ?Acroiii.itic Lenses, French plates, hyposulphite of Soda, tri |K>li, bromine, chloride of iodine, chloride of gold, kc. Also inorrocco cast s, and a good supply of new frames, giltcdani paste board. K. A. Artault k Co. are constantly receiving Iron Paris all kinds of fancy articles of the latest invention. au2fi lm*r DAGUERREOTYPE apparatus. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NASSAU STREET. TO ARRANGE a Perfect Camera Obscura.requires some knowledge of Optiets. Persona wishing to procure an ia stmmeut will therefore find it to their interest to purchase of at optician. au30 lin?r '* ON THE CANAL STREET PLAN." fPHE Public are by (bit time satisfied that the cheap, cleai A and neat Oyster Shops are the best, ai d that they are at Welisrrvedas elsewhere. The Subscriber has opened a new establishment at No. 109 Nassau street, a few doors above Ann where he ho|iea, by strict attention to holiness, he will merit i share of custom. Being a new beginner, on his own account but an old baud at the business. Oysters stewed, fried, roasted or raw, served op on the shortest notice, and the best thai can be found in the city. Supper parties will find this a pleasant resort for an even ing sl9 lm*r straw goods. T BENNETT, 39 John and 111^ William streets, ia palterMd manufacturer of Italian and English Straw goods, respectfully informs his customers from the Souir and elsewhere, that he has on hand a splendid assortment o ladies fashionable straw goods, suitable for the fall season viz. -?Italian. Rutland, French and English Duustables, black Florence Binid, Prince Albert, So he II, Schell and lmi?rial and fine Tuscan Bonnets. ill lm*rc ~ HIGHLY IMPORTANT. fpo MERCHANTS AND BANKERS?It should be im J nrmni nil inn minfii or ititt nunihaiit im banker, tlu his wiioit- fortune May depend ou his imiii ilm his hooks anc papers in case of fire. This general destruc ion of book safci in the great lire in 11)15, led to the invention of the celt bratrr Salamander Safe which has repeatedly been proved to be liri Croof. The great objection to Salamander Safes hitherto hai cen, that they are damp and will tnonld the books and paper! kt pt in them; this is now obviated in the Safe known as Robert sou It Rich's Improved Salamander?which is warranted tr be dry as well as fire proof. Annexed is the certificate ol the committee on the trial of this saferNew York, Aug. 30th, 1842. We, the undersigned, atteudeil by request a trial by lire ol Robertson St Rich's Salamander Safe and Scott's Patent Ash. stoa Safe. Tire trial was made in a furnace of great powt r hull for the purpose, at the foot of Wall street, on the 20th inst The principal object was to test the fire proof qualities of Robertson St Rii It's Safe. The safes were placed in a furnace, anc the fire lighted at a quarter to 11A.M., and continued till 4 P.M In opening the furnace at that time, Scott's Safe, with it' con tents, was found to be completely destroyed, but Robertson t. Mich's Safe to be in perfect order; 4X the iron at the lower part of Robertson and Rich's sale was discovered to have melted off, leaving the Salamander Preparation firm and entire; in removing the safe,before the tire was entirely extinguished,the bottom war accidenlly forced otf by its adhering to Ute bars of the I uniace thereby exposing the inner case to the fire, part of the pajien were consequently burned,and the remainder slightly scorched The heal was so intense that the wrought iron frame, the c.isi iron wheels of the safe, and even the hriclu of the furnace melted, yet the greater part of the mahogany case remaiiu sound and uninjured. During the five hours the fire was burning, four and a half loads of pine wood and ninety-six bushels ol charcoal w ere consume '. The preservation of any of the papers in such an intense heat for five.) ours is conclusive evidence that this safe would be proof agaiust tire in the burning of any store or warehouse.? Judging from the res alt of this experimeut.we think Robertson and Rich's Sale cqnal to any yet invented rot the preservation >1 oookh anu papers iroru me, auu cnuueu 10 trie commence Ol the commuuity. JOHN W. LKAVITT, E.D.HURLBUT. ... J.B. VARNUM. Harm; witnessed the trial alluded to in (he foregoing slatenent, I am \ -ry certain that Huberuon & Rich's Chest would mve escaped ui?i aimed from any hagir burning I ever personilly witnessed, even in the most exposed situation. john ?. winter. a. s. Marvin. Sole Agcut, s!5 1m?r No.lMX \Vatei si, n. Y. SOUTHERN AND-WESTERN MERCHANTS, PHrECIALLY those now m the city, are tespeclfally re -L< minded that they can procure new, powerful and highly tlavored Teas of every description, on very advantageous terms in packages suitable lor private use, or for their regular custom ers, at the Canton Tea Coini any'a Depot, *2 I in * r No. 121 Chatham si, New York. PHYSIOLOGICAL. Mysteries and revelations in love .Courtship and Marriage?an infallible Ooide-Book fin Married and Single Person., in matters of the utmost iinput lance to the Human Race. By Euginc Becklard, M. D. Among the things duly considered in this work ere matter! of serions importance to single and young married persons? The causes *f, and cure for Sterility?The art of Beauty am Courtship?The danger of solitary practices, and how the liabi may be removed?The causes of Lore and Jealousy, with t remedy for eradicating from the aystem the seeds of a ope Ita or an uuhappv |>aasioii?Offspring, including modes for the pro piriatiou or prevention thereof? 1 cats for knowing the sexes o unborn children?Intermarriage?Persons who ought and ongh not to merry?The moat auspicious season for wedlock, lie. Price 7J cents. For sale at 124 Fulton street, and 459 Bioad way .21 Im'r LONDON & MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No.S Wall street. Th. ' ' subscriber has -eenved and offers for sale a large assort ment of imported India Rubber Water Proof Goods, viz: Cnstiaiid Haiitf nlNiiiwrinr I r.thif .r. i.auM P.rn.ii Menuo and Cotton, of all color* aud sizes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Prool, super Lama, Lama Per sian aud Cotton, prepared for t ilort. India Rubber Webbings lor susiienders, corsets. Sic. ?2BCm*r CHA9. ABRAHAM SON. " self protectors. tpo TUAVELLER9 AND HOU8EKKEPEKS.-Pate?i 1 Self-Cocking Repeating I 'istols, winch can be discharged an times in a Uw seconds. The pistol cocks, the barrel re solves, and discharges merely by pulling the timer, the cham ber and oarret is in one piece, and theretoie cannot blow snarl like tome repealing piatols. The conslrnrtion is eery simple? they can be drawn from the pocket and used wunion- hind witnonl the lots of a moment; six shots can be tired as fast as a man can crook his finger. They are no larger man an online ry pocket piatol. For trarcllers, housekeepers, captains, planters, pnblic officers, and otliers, they are an indispensable article, ? peisnns both male and female, can with this pistol, protect their liTes and Property, if attacked bv many persons, as one of tnein is equal to near a dozrn of the common kind. The public rue united to call and examine the same, as thrii simplicity, being warranted not to get out of order, ami their perfect ealety, will certainly recommend them over all others Wholesale and retail. J. O. BOLEN, 104 Broaowa*. si) 1mis*r between Wall aud Pine streets " A HANDSOME PRESENT. AVISITINCi CARD PLATE, beautifully engraved, and 50 best ennamelleil Cards printed for only $1,50. Cards on the best eunamel, printed from plates at $1 per IU0. A Business Card Plate, engraved with the u.snsl amount of matter, and IliO best Cards, at $3. Door Plates, Seals of all kinds. Marking Platca, Labels, gold, atli er, brass, Sir. Sic. etiprsved proportionate with the above. Cupper-plate Printing of all kinds at the same low rale. Please call and examine for s ourselves, at JERVIS'8 Cheap Engraving and Pr tiling Establishment, No. 291 Broadway, and 8. E. corner of Ureenwich aud Counlandt its "'"dr. rush's legacy: 'PHAT celebrated Physician, Dx. BENJAMIN RUSH, k could not have.left a more ,ivluaMe legacy to mankind than hia INFALLIBLE HRAT.TH PTl T It it indeed a biennis to the afflicted gi- ing rtlief in nil the usual cuci of sudden illnriior lingering disease with which humanity i? distressed or the function* nt lite are destroyed. It i? now conceded by the mo?t eminent of the medical faculty, that the stomach is the teat or fouutaiu ol all disease; that it is, ?? tt wi re, the centre from which proceed all the ei ila ptoduc rd by foretgu or irritating causes, and which thence spread to errry part of the animal ay item. The mi.per method of cure, therefore, it to attack the citadel in which the disease inuencnea itaelf; and no combination of medicinal agents naa yet h?> n discovered ao > tfi acinus forthia purpose a* toe preparation of the laic Dr. Rush, and which, from the universal success attending their administration, during a practice of nearly half a ceutusry, were atylril Id* "INFALLIBLE HEALTH TILL." Their gteat virtue ia, that they arreat diaeaae in ita hnit approach. They are prceentires aa well aa reinrdiea; and ws will venture to aay that if taken by peranna wheu they are firat aliened with aymptoma of, illnraa many and many a caae. that ia either aeuoua or fatal, might he avoided. Let the afflicted without herniation avail themarlvea of III ia invaluable Legacy, and they will have reaaon to blraa the name of Dr. Koah?aa one of the greatest benefactors of man kind. I'7* Sold, wholesale tnd retail, by H G. DAGGERS, 30 Annatreet. Mew Yorkiand, retail, by Kelly. 267 Hrnadwav, N. v.; J. Avford, 1(0 Bowery, M. Y.; J. E. Scott, 161 Sixth Avenue, corner of Twelfth *1 , N. V.; H. Green, 60U Fulton ireel, Brooklyn; Redding it Co,, 8 State at., Boston; l>. Smith, 46 Market st.eet. Newark, N. J.; G. B. Zeiser, 87 Dock atreet, roiner of Third, Philadeiphi.; W. Taylor, 12 North atreet. Baltimore ; and agents in the piincipad citira in the United BUM*. %y- Trice TWENTY-FIVE CENT? a Box; caul, box en rioted in an elegantly engiarvil wrapper, with frill directions for lite. aWtw I 1 OVl^ COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE.?Jiwt pnblishG ed. Berk lards Thyiiologoicsl Mysteries and Revelations in Love, Conrtahip and Marriige, an infallible guide-book for married and single persons, in matters of the utmost importance tiie human race. Amongst the tilings duly considered in this work ?re?Cansc* if and cures lor barrenness'; Offspring, with modes for prevenion and increase. Tie arts of beauty and rourtaldp ; The Unger of solitary practices, and how the habit mav IK- removed ind its effects cured ; The causes of Love of Jeuloeev, with a emedy for eradicsting from the mind die seeds id a hopeless, ir an unhappy paasion, tke. (kc. Translated from the tlitr i 'anaedition, by Thilip M. Howard. For sale at 102 Naaaau treet, price TJ rents Orders from the couuUy, enclosing a lollar; directed to HOLLAND k GLOVER. New York city, will secure the Work being sent to any pnrt of tne United Siati a, FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWER*.m ' VfR. I B. JiCUl'KMOD, msnufactnrer and importer of F, net, Artificial Flower*. 61 Lispennrd street near Broad way. na juat neeirrd by Havre tmrbet Sully, DnMiesa vOiV ins, and Iowa, a Urge assortment of superior mil fsah unable flowers and fealhtra, of the latest Parisian styles s* Im'fc m isc el i a jveous. HOUSE of refreshment: No. .11 ANN 8TREET. T:1 F. Proprietor of this establishment continues, as heretofur# , to supply his customers with the deliracie# of the sea?od, terved up in the best maimer. The .piality of the viands, jiul lot very mode rate charges, are evideut from the liattenns pt'ronage which the public are pleased daily to award hlin. Hit *h*ll be, us they have heretofore been, to merit its continuance, and to sernre to his house that reputation foi ?i . '.ciiti- and ic uminodatlou which it lias lor so loug a lime maintained. Aithe niopnntO* is no louiter couuected with uty other, lie will pay his sole nnd undivUt J attcu. tiou to the best interests of thu house, and spare uo perns for the j maintenauce of its wcll-eamed reinitatiou. sit lin*f , ?pERRAPlN LUNCfh?Gourmoude' Qui Vive! Tt,..u l sands of our good cits, lovers Ol" good lure, have been lor some weeks past suffering seven dissppoiutmeu' from the closing of tlie far-ftmed " Terrapiu Lunch." The "fitful fev.r " it now. however, over, and again may they "feed well, lor be it knew" that the John Adams, of Knickeibooker memory, "haigga his hat"unat the Terrapiu ; alio the prot prie'or^ one of the finest little fellows in Christendom, y'clept W J f air. Now, then, smack your lips ye cormorants in the Turtle Soup ?nd steak line, the mantle or 'Sandy,' has fallen u.Kin John, to perfection, in good eating aud drinking may he again guaranteed at the Terrapin. A tingle look into the old 1 "lee Box," will appease the hunger of liiin with the short > purse, uid a taste of the genuine at half the old prices will tickle the paistn of tile veriest anchorite. p lue uroeu i uruc serveu up inu u-iy, ana every ua> during the season. ?6 ltn?r EPICURES^ EPICURES i EPICURES ! rPHE Subscriber, formerly known u one of the firm of Blew X uinl Ten Eycfc, of No. I Broad street, having opened a . home No. 364 Broadway a few doom below Niblo'a Garden, w here he mill continues to scree up all the Delicacies of the Season, eii?Game, Poultry, Kish, lie. kc., together with his celebrated Mill Pond. Shrewsbury and all choice Oysters.fresli or nickled, which obtained the premium at the last Annual Fair at Niblo'a. > Hai IU( lifted up a saloon unequalled in the city, where gen tlemeu and their familius visiting Niblo's, can, with the greater propriety, have served up to their comfort and satisfaction,such refreshments as they may call for on reasonable terms, i N. B.?Clubs and Private Parties wishing rooms, can oe accommodated as above, by m7 III?*r JOSEPH TEN KYCK, | ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. rpHE undersigned has, at ajproal expense. fitted np one of the X largest and moat splendid Coffee and Eating Houses in New York, in which oue hundred persons at Isaat can ait down to an escellent and substantial breakfast, dinner, aud lea, [from the choicest supplies of the markets, w ith a bill of fare not ex celled either as regards quality or number of dishes] by any hotel iu the United States, and varying in prices from six cents to one ahilliim and eighteen pence i?r dish. The purest Java and Mocka coffee and the very beet tcaa, and served at only three aenls I>er cup. And all other refreshments in proportion. The i waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may be aasured of feeling in this establishment quite at home." In fact, every department of the business is under the superintendence of competent overseers, whose sole care and attention are i directed to the comfort aud convenience* of customers and guests. HENRY GOSLING, ' Proprietor of the French and American Earing House, Nos 64 and 66 Nassau it, between Jehu at and Maiden Lane, i P. 8.?Open Sundays for breakfast, dinner and tea ieTO Imr FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. TJHUN LA ROS1EKK It COURT, US William atruetX) The only successor of Brun La Rostere It Co. at Paris, have j ust received, by the Havre Packet Blnps Stlvie de Grasse and tl.e Sully, a large assortment of Superior aud Fashionable Flowers, of the latest Parisian styles, nr., i ion.,... ... .... ..... ..s ?r.i >. in:iior articles from their manufactory in Paris, Hue de Tracy r No. 6. '1 he above firm has been lately declared by decreei of the t Tribunal de Commerce and the Cour Royal, at l'arit, lo<be the only legitimate successor of the firm of Bran la Hosiere St Co., of Paris. s2 1m*r FENCING SALOON AND ; SHOOTING GALLERY. I [/ MKKS, 413 Broadway, entrance in Lispenard street, , R secoud door, lately from Kurojie, Professor of the art of I Fencing, gives instructions in Fencing ; also in the use of the straight, crooked, and Turkish sword, hunting knife, musket i and bayonet, staff, and every species of weapons. , Gentlemen, lovers of this art, military officers of the army, navy, tec. are respectfully invited to call and witness an exhi, bitiou of his skill in this useful and important art. f A spacious double Shooting Gallery, illuminated in the evening, will also be found with superior Swiss pistols?shoot nig at a distance of 211) yards. slg 3m*r f UKENCH LANGUAGE.?The very flattering encourage" uivnt thus far bestowed upon Professor Mouls in the increase t of his pupils, constquent upon the proficiency they have attained in a short time under his tuition, has induced niin to iowar ; his terms from $12 to $10 per quarter ; tutu placing the oppori trinity of obtaining a thorough knowledge of the French Language within the means of any ladv or gentleman wishing to acquire a language indispensable to a good education. His sys tun is generally approved by the many ladies and gentlemen of ' respectability, to whom he has hid the honor of instructing.? , Three Classes are already formed, and those iiersous who may desire to unite with them, should do so at this favorable tno1 menu Picfessor Mouls' rooms are at No. 373 Broadway.' i s 18 1 in* re V/f ANuLES ! MANGLK8 1!?Prices reduced?Important 3.VA t0 Hotel and Boarding bouse Keepers and Families.?BUN| CAN St WEST respectfully inform the public, that they have on band and are manufacturing their patent mangles, which, for utility and durability arc not to be surpassed. It is a laborsaiing machine, as it entirely supercedes the use of irnuing, ami rapidly puts a gloss on sheets, table cloths, Stc.Stc., without the aid of fuel. They may bo seen in operation at the United States Hotel and at Banker's Mansion House and nearly all the , hotels in the city. They are sold at No. 4 Little Green street, , near Libertv street, N. Y., where Messrs. I). Sc W. do hellhanging, lock smithing and all kind of iron work, cheaper than can do done elsewhere. N. B.?Kitchen Grates made from 10 cents to Is. per lb. _ 818-im ?rc ]T?AD TBS AD VERTISE MENTS.?Country tnerchauts Av and all other commencing business, and who wish to ob"ain a handsome ana dnrablr sign, made of the best material, will )>lease call on GEO. W. FOHDHAM, 61 Wall street, corner of Pearl. House Paintiug, Graining, Sic. well executed. N. B.?Piice low. stt lin'r ATlCTOUlNkfta CO.?Will commence business at their es' tablishinent, No. 3hi Broadway, up stair*.?Mad'lle VICTOH1NE, whose name has become so popular from its frequent mention in the Parisian Journals of Fashion, and whose house at Paris was the rendezvous of the fasliiouable world, ham the honor to announce to the ladies of New York, that she will on >' Tuesday next, the 20th of September, open her establishmenl for the sale of French Fashions. consisMUR of Cloaks, Shawls, - Mann lettes, Aprons, Hats, Caps, Head Dresses, and Fancy Parisian Arliclrs. The corrcajHindeuts of Mad'lle Victorine will keep her conatautlv supidied with the very latest Fashions. Two skilful French workwomen are always in attendance. s!7 lm*r O PHYSICIANS. OR MEDICAL STUDENTS.? Wanted either a Physician 01 Student who may have nearly completed his studies, and contemplates graduating at the approaching term of medical lectures in this city?to lake an i interest in an old and we'l established medical olfice, the business and income (being a cash business) of which is second to I no other in the city, or perhaps in the United Stales. Any gent lleman who may desire to treat with the advertiser on the snb t J, rt of this notice, will please apply at 12 Peck Slip slfi r : The shielded victoria [ shawl & diaper pin. ANEW aud important article for use in the nursery, and as i fattening to l?dies shawls, cloaks, Sic. Patented in wherever introduced, aud has become an article which it will , be to the advantage of dialer* in fancy hardware, kc. in the country, to limply thrmir Ives with. For sale to the trade, by moit of the wholesale dealers iu such articles in the city ol , New York. Thread and needle stores and dealers in fancy articles, supplied on liberal terms, at the manufactoiy ol the patentee. 14G , Jay street. Brooklyn. sJ8 lm*rc TAAILY EXPRE8H LINKS FOR ALBANY, UTICA, U BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The snbscribers having been engaged for the last twelve months running the Albany and Buffalo Express, in connection witn Harndcn St Co.'s New York and Albany Line, have recently extended their Express Line Irom Buffalo to Albany, through to this ciry on their own aeconnt, will receive and forward daily, (Sundays excepted,) Siiecie, Bank Notes, Parcelr, i Packages, Bundles, and Cases or Goods, to and from die following placea, vis. :? Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracuse, Auburn, Ithica. Geneva, Car.andaigna, Rochester, Batavia, Lockport, Buffalo, Clevelan 1, Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate places. Also, Oswego, Backetta Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Canada. . Will nrompUy attend to the collection and payments of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, purchase and sale of goods and produce by sample, aud snehothar tranacient business aa may be entrusted to their care. Each Espreaa will be accompanied by a competent messenger, together with respanaible agents in the princi|ial towns upon the route. Merchants and others may be assured that returns will be in this manner received more speedily than in any otherpossible way. N. B.?Special Expresses ran to any part of the country al short notice, and upon reasonable terms. ilir POMEKOY It CO. No.2 Wall street A CARD TO THE LADIES. PARIS DRESS-MAKING ESTABLISHMENT?No. s 77 W E.nt Broadway, one door Iron Market street.?MRS. W. HT JEKFER8, late Mias 8. Purser of ?3 Broadway, respectfully informs her former customers and thy Ladies generally, that she Has re-cemmonced the Dress-making lustiness at the above-named establishment, where she will devote n?- attention to their service^ and confidently assure* those ladies who may favor lier with their patronage, that Dresses, Cloaks, Dibits, fcc., entrusted to her skill, shall be deliver ed so perfect lis style, fit, and finish of workmanship, as not to be excelled at any of the most approved establishments iu Broadway, and for mnch more moderate prices. MRS. W. H. JEFFERS. 77X East Broadway. N. B.?Masters, Misses and Childreos' dresses made to ordei at the ahortest notice. sl4 )m*r rrsrs gntTTus-nv pt.'Avrrlira ?Th* sL.ntbem Rice J Company, under a Charter from the Stste of South Carolina, hare now their Rice Pounding Mill in full operation at the corner of Jefferson and South a'reet, New York city, in tending to employ their mill in a great degree as a Toll Mill.? Southern Planter! areinrited to call and are the advantages offered by thia eitahliahment. About ? to 10 A. M. or 4 to 0 P. M. it the heat time. The East Broadway omnibua runa to Jefferaon atrert, near the mill alO J# OS'r HOLT'S CANDY, OURPASSINU ANY THING OK THE KIND.?Let it kJ stand upon iu own inrriu?Concha and CoLda. HOLT'S CANDY lias guned for itaelfa reputation, (aol? ly by itaown merita) far above the ordinary data of remedies lor the complaints for which it is oaed. It hi recommended by thovaanda who hare experienced its excellent efferta as a sovereign remedy for Coughf, Colds, and all affection* of the longs. This ia to certify thai I hare, in my practice, prcaeribed Mr. P. Holt's Compound Cough Candy in many cases of coughs, colds, and all affections of the lungs, with the moat beneficial effects?knowing the component parts of this Caadv, and bar iog n et) them for many years in my own prirele practice, 1 can with safety recommend the aitirie to all troubled with any of the complaints abore mentioned. In my estimation (In Candy has the precedence of any now in nse. DAVID CRANY, M. D. Hartford, Conn. Sent. 3D, I 041 Kor sale by M. P. HOLT, ti7 Main'afreet; alio, by the Principal Druggists in Hartford. A B.k D. Sands, 7fl Knlton street; at Dr. Byrne1* Phsrmaay, 63 Bowery, enrner ol Walker St., are Ageate la New York. _all2ra*r pHEAP FURNITURE.?Consisting. ot mahogany, rose G wood, fee., for family use of the city and iu rtctnity ; also orders executed for the Southern market A large assort ment constantly on hand. All (urn'turn mamilacturm ti warranted of the beat quality, the moat elegant and newest American and European patterns, and at lets than one half the asual prices, on account of having small exr>ei-*ee, and superintended by the proprietor himself, and some of the first mechanics; therefore he it ennbled to eteente oil orders with despatch aud warranted workmanship. Furniture of every description repaired and re no rated to look equal to new?charge eitremely moderate. Tift public win oMige J. DEMOIR, with a caH in their Alley, between Franklin and White streets. Tne above Alley lays between Broadway and Elm street. N. B ?All appointments by letter pnnctnallr attended to. tlO lm*r CJTEAM ENQINE?Tor sale cheap, a forty horse pewer steam engin*. The cylinder is one foot diameter and an feet stroke, with governor, force pump, and fixtures complete, fly wheel fourteen feet diameter am! weighs fonr and a hall tons, Willi ill if! ten lent long, one pinion. Also one spur wheel three fert diameter. The work is go? up In a neat, substantial sod worlhnsnlilte manner, and adapted lo the Use of srram pensively. For ftirther particulars inquire of O. C. Hlfif OX, No.^3g Ann^sniwl|^N. frpN *17 lm*I? Ids Constn.Tina (lvnns. i? Nil. t litsii n Pennine corner of Nassau audi - * - tf*lnr?i MEDICAL. EXPMTENCE POK KOUK YEARS baa filly bested the esusordiuary vir?tota ol DR. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZENGES. Several million bom h?ve been sold,and given perfect satisfaction to all who hit r used iht-m. PHYSICIANS AND CLERGYMEN, Lawyers, Professors, rich and poor, high and low?in fact. Dearly the whole American people, liate given ihein their auction, and they are uow fast spreading tneir influences to every part of the known world. u ?" f^et'Swilli. Rogers, Vanderpool, Scott, and fonr hundred other physicians in New York eity alone, rerainmcnil Sherman Lozenges, daily, in their practice. Sherman's Medicated Lotrngesare utter sold by the ounce, but always in botes, with Ins usme attached. The Doctor Wing an educated and t ipenenced physician, and a member of the Medical Society of the city ol .lew Yoik, gites a character to his preps rat lots that no others enioy. COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, Asthma. Tightness of the Chest, Whooping Cough, Cough attending Measles, and all affections of the Lings, are immediately relieved by Sherman's Cough Lounges. They entirely cure all recent esses in a few hours, and often tlie most alarming cases of Consumption yield, as if by magic, to their ha pry iutlneuce. as in thrcaaes of the Her. Mr. Anthony, the Rev. Mr. Street.r, and hundreds of others, even where they had been given up as incurable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH To thousands, without their ever being suspected. Children and adults often suffer much from them, when a boa ol Sherman's Worm Loaeuges would give them immediate relief.? Hundreds of instances have come to our knowledge, where persons on the brink of the grave, fast wasting sway, and the Physicians trying their skill in rain, and resorting, st last, as the only hope, to Sherman's Worm Lorrnjes, which hare restored them to health and happiness. Hpw often hare mothers called at the Warehouse and poured foith their thanks and blessings for the restoration of their dear beloved offspring, Never before has t perfect remedy been discovered for the entire eradication of all kinds of worms. HEADACHB, PALPITATION, Lowness of Spirits, Fatigue, Fainting, Deal oudency, Nervous Diseases generally, and Sea Sickness, are all subject to the curative properties of Sherman's Camphor Loaenges. They cure severe hi attaches, See. in leu miuules. lu fact, they operate like a charm, and no person should go to sea without them, as they are infallible in sea sickness. Persons subject to fatigue, or atteuding crowded parties, will find tbem to relieve them of all lassitude and oppression. Warehouse 1M Nassau street. Ageu's?Church's, 1M Bowery; Sand's, 77 East Eroadwsy, and corner Cnambeis and Broadway; Codington, 227 Hudson; Roshton and Aspinwall'a three stores, anJ 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn, I State street. Boston, and 3 Ledger Bnildingi, Philadelphia. aulcr ~ SUMMER COMPLAINT. r\IARRH(EA, DYSENTERY, orlooseness of the Bow-1*, C cured in a few iniuntes b7 Sheiman's Restorative LozenKg. They are remarkably pleasant, end effect immediate reif?uever has an instance been known of their failure. FEVER AND AGUE?Sherman's Lozenges for this tedious and distressing complaint, aie, without exception, the only article kuown entitled to the name of specific; for they always cure, and the chi'ls dt Areturn. WORMS?!a kotn children and adults, are infallibly de tiejed anl reniored by Sherman's Worm Lozenge*?a million oft oies sold yearly, and never kuown to fail. warehouse 106 Naissn street. Agents?111 Bowery; V East Broadway, 137 Hudson street, 110 and >73 Broadway, anil 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. JVl> r COUGH LOZENGES ~ PETERS' COUGH LOZENGES are now rapidly sunep A ceding all otber preparations for the relief of conths,colds, asthma, whooping cough, tightness of the chest, bronchi lis,and similar pulmonary affections. CONSUMPTION CANNOT BE CURED ! Those who say it can are impostors and quacks. Still it may be prevented o: its progress stayed, by using Dr. Peters' Cough Lozenges. Begin in season. Do not neglect a slight cough until consumption haa commenced its ravages. A delay of a low days often proves fatal. Price 33 cents per box. Peters' Congh Lozenges naTe performed some of the most remarkable cures ou record. One trial of them is more satisfactory than a column of certilic tcs. THE GHEAT OBJECT GAINED! PETF.RS' MEDICATED LOZENGES are the most valuable discovery of the I9'h cenpirv. They are entirely pleasaut to the taste, and more elhcient than any other medicine. These Lozenges are the result of long continued aud patient investigation and experiment, conducted in concert by some of the most distinguished physicians in the Union, who, believing that some of the best kuown remedies might be prepared in a ((.datable form, have directed their labors to that end, till they have produced preparations in th' popular form of Lozengea for nearly every disease incident to the human system. TO PARENTS we say, Co not he without these Lozenges at any time?attend to these suggestions as yon value the lives of your children. PETERS' PILLS. TO THE WHOLE WORLD ! It i? admitted by all who have used ihtm, (auuwho has not) that Dr. Peters' Vegetable Pills are the most unrivalled mediciuy ever discovered by the ingenuity of man. They are a sovereign cure for the following co mplaints?Yellow, and billions fevers, fever and ague, dyspepsia, croup, liver complaint, sick headache, jaundice, asihma, dronsy. rheumatism, enlargement of the spleen, piles, colic, fe male costructions. heartburn, Lured tongue, nauses, distension of the stomach ana bowels, incipient diarrhoea, llatulmcy, habitual coslivetiess, loss of appetite, blotched or sallow complexion, and all cases of torpor of the bowels, where a cathartic or an aiierienl is needed. Thev are exceedingly mi d in their operation, producing neither nausea, griping nor debility. Dr. J. G. Smith, of Woodstock, Va. says?" They are a better Pill than I can make." He recommends their use, The agent at Straabtugh, Vs. says he supplies families for 30 miles around with Peters' Pills, and they perform luch remarkable cures that they are preferred to every other medicine. Mr*. E. Ward, of New York, was troubled with dystarpsia and liver cotnplaiut for 15 years. By using these Pills a short time she was completely cured. Miss Clark wasafilictrd with irregularities aud obstruction, attended will' iiiotl distressing symptoms. She wis cured byusing Dr. Peters' rills. Hod. K. D. Davis was afflicted with rheumatism, so as to be unable to dress himself. Three boxes of Peters' Pills .entirely Cured him. But why multiply testimonials 7 We say to all, try Dr. Pe ters' Vegetable Pill, and we will guarantee that afterwards you will use tnem in preference to all others. WORM LOZENGES. Dr. Peters' Worm Lozenges are tne surest and safest Worm destroyer ever discovered. It is estimated thai in the United States, 100,000 CHILDREN DIE YEARLY from the effect of Worms aloue. This vast mortality can he almost entirely prevented by the use of Peters' celebrated Lozenges. Thousands and tens of thousands pine f way and die without suspecting the real disease. The following are a few of the svmptoms-, Headache, pale lipa, llushed cheeks, ilisturb> ed il'eama, fevtruhness, thtirst, bad taste in the mouth, offenI jive breath, itching of the nostrils, pain in the stomach, nausea, unnatural appetite, swelled stomach or limbs, seuse of something rising tn the chest. &c. lTy" Mrs. Catharine Ann Brijrgs, Cherry st. Philadelphia has a little daughter who had been in a decline for several years.? At times she would eat voraciously and sometimes eat nothing at all; and she was 'est wasting awav; Iter symptoms were so unusual and contradictory that the doctors knew not what to do, but do what they would, she constantly grew worse, and reluctantly they- declared she must die. At the request of a friend, the mother at this stage procured a box of Peten' Worm Lozenges. The first dose satisfied all that worms were the cause of all the child's sufferings, and two boxes effected a perfect cure. Mr. J. W. Carpenter, merchant, Roosevelt st. N. Y.t says Dr. Peter*' worm Lozenge* possesses more merit than the doctor claims for them. He ha* used them in hi* family with UTFu when eveiy other medicine failed. Wherever they have been used they ere preferred to all other remedies. In fact Dr. Peter* and hi* distinguished associates, possessing many receipts of great value, selected from each the most valuable parts, and they confidently say those lozenges cannot he improved. CORDIAL LOZENGES. Peters' Cordial Lozenges are a specific for the relief of nervous or sick headache, lowness of spirits or melineholy, lan, ftuor and debility, either from previous disease or too free liv ing, tremors, spasm of the stomach, irritability of the nerves, hysterical affection, drowsiness, cholera morbus, seme of fatigue, and palpitation of the heart. From their efficacy in the relief of headache, they are called by many the Headache LoPE?ER8' VEGETABLE SHILLING STRENGTHEN1 NO PLASTER. This is not only the cheapest, but the best, neatest, and most comfortable plaster in existence. Peters' Shilling Plaster is an easy and moit affective remedy for pain in the breast, tide, or stomach?weahness or pain in the chest, loius, or back?stiffness of the neck?affections of the limbs or joints, whether produced by rl ematism or other causes?habitual pain of the head or stomach?pile i, colds, coughs, liver complaints, weakness of the spine?predisposition to break ont in bilei and pimples, listlessness of the frame, and fur general debilitation. Let any person afflicted as above try one of Peters' Shilling Plasters, and we w?ll venture to say (hat he cnnld not be prevailed on to discaid it again, for ten, 01 most probably for a hundred dollars. Price U 1-8 cents. Principal Offices. 125 Fulton street.comcr of Nassau and 159 Broadway and 90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia. *21 la*r DEAFNESS. INVISIBLE VOICE CONDUCTOR. 'T'HEBE instrument* are to ba obtained at R- SIMPSON'S, J- I, Astor House. Of a peculiarly simple construction, they merely require to be placed in the canty of the ear to give tmmeditte relief to this disagree able malady. Persons, non-residents of New York city, on the remittance of 5 dollars, can have a pair forwarded by post, or if desired a tingle one for $3 58. NVB.-Agent for the sale of SIMPSON'S EAR CORNETS. .4 lm*rc MEDICAL NOTICE. TCST rnbliihed, price 50 cent*, by Dr. FAWOETT, of ? l%.Fulton street, New York, The Grrat Consoler lor the Mind tu Distress?a popnlsr inquiry into the conceaiee causes that destroy the physical energy and the nbil ty of manhood, with observations on the baneful effects of solitary inunigence, local or constitutional weakness, ucrvoat irritation, coLsamp tion, and on the partial or tofal extinction of the reproductive power*. The Doctor is also author of a new treatise which i* exclusively written for the sensitive 'emalr, who, while she shrink* abashed at the idea of revealing her sufferings, may nd in its pages a confidential snd capible adviier Dr. F. continues to direct his attention to tnc entire eradication of gonorrhoea, g'eets, strictures, nocturnal emission*, syphilis iu its worst forms, nervous irritation, consii'u.ioual debility, and all diseases brought on by solitary hauits. Female diseases treated scientifically. Office 196 Fulton street. .28 lm*r jfcvrvA uV SV . D f. ,'ji, ,?d/. insmrr - "Vni II r i*1' TT /x"w'?vnuou orW/inu miAll/Bft." P'J V/VJ f ei tSe Cere of Ootmorrhoea, Gleets, Strictures a?n analogous complaints f ih* otgaa mi tgenerauon. Of aM re medial yet discovered Tor lie* above complaints, this ii the moit certain. k makes a speedy and permanent cure, without! hq leant re atnrtion to diet, dnnk, exposure, or change in application la bi linen. We give no long anaekiih recommendations to "decease the (mhlic. If the medicine doea not. not speak for itself, no on* liall ipeak for it Our object ii to notify where it can he had, and the proprietor challenge* a single case of recent Goniurrrhcea to be brought, in whieh the nmtuie will not effect a rapid cure, under a forfeiture of (MO. Tim ii a diieaie that unfortunately pert adei all rank* of 10 eiety?high, low, rich and t*xrr. matrimonial and tingle. They are here presented with a remedy by which they can cure themselves without the least eipoaure in the short ?Ut time poivihle. Further, the diaeiee cannot be contracted if a iloee of the mixture it taken at night on going to bed when exposed. It ii put npin bottlci withTun direction! accompanying it, al SI a bottle- One bottle lasu a Week, which generally caret? many are cured in two days. For sale only at Wm. H. M Amor's, lit Broadway, corner ol Joliu street, opposite Franklin Home, New York; J Jouea, corner of Chestnut anil Seventh streets, Philadelphia; and at J M. Smithb in Washington itreet Boston. lit lm* llR. DAVID BRKNNA i ii the honor of informing his J friends and the public tha t Is has removed from the Granite omldinkto I7J Chambers srae- i where he will, without the uiol mercury, cure radically, < tdin a few days, the mostiurvteratecases of syphilicdiseas. ?. Dr. firman's reineyiy is en tirely free from any corrosive or ft nomas mineral, and when taken according to hia direction, will remove the pa in hi I symptoms which inrariably fellow tr.eabuse (or rather toe use) of mercury, and other noxious medu ints so universally administered in those cases. Dr. Brenna's i medy is so simple thai it can-be administered without their Manger of bid consequences, the patient being able duna. trie treatment to aWend to his business and live as usual. . Dr. Brenna's practice is not confined to the cure ef the above disease, but will continne to give his professional sdne# to pa tients, and to adsninister medicines on the homeopathic system, the only one thet feu or can evar cure chrotue diseases. Office hours, from Ittel o'clock, and from 5 to 7 F. Mhambers street ITr> |W tmr nR. cXhPE N T Rrt'B Old P< ck Hlio DisfwnsaIJ ry, No. 1 Peck Sim, (near Pearl st.)?Privale and confidential?separate offices and entrances?patients are never exposed to each otherx otnervaticm. Dr. C. is a I.ierntiafe of the New York Stale Medical Society and has had nearly Nl years evposi enoe. Perfect cures in all cases guaranteed. Charges rrsvltiable. . sfe'mV CO AT-In to... Liveirpoorcanuel Coal.loi sale in lou io nit perciuaers. now landing from ship Siddous Apply to fig KDWb.B. COLL IN S, h Co, M Booth street. OCULISTS. DOCTOR J. FRANCIS' ! CELEBRATED KYK WATER. M"0. I# BAW'1. V STREET, witkii two door* of tha A'1 Ador Hr\ '1 Hit preparations are a perfect cure for all inflammatory w uc of tlir eye. weakness of sight, lie., ? ** never ftil in ret riin uebulat of the lowest ?tarn ding. without snysurficsl oi*. ration certificates. I eertify that Jacob Valrntine, a youth of about fifteen year* of sge, wbrought to my house last fall, apparently blind. Ha called on mr to-day, and talc* that be haa beeu the patient of Or. J. Francis. whose treatment b*> been the mean*, under God, ofrestorin* hi* sitiht. JAMES MII.nor, Rector of St. George's Church, Brekman at. Thi* i? to certify that two of my children were afflicted with diseasud eyes for a Iruaih of time, one ol theu was almost blind with nebulas, covering the sight. Every remedy was resorted to without anv good effect, and despaiied of them aver bcinw recovered. They are now perfectly restored to sight by Dr. J. Francis' relsbrated preparation. DANIEL 8. JONES, 199 Pearlstreet I was almost blind for twelve vear*. and in five weeks, nndet the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Fianeis, my sight is now per feci y good *"d ,u5g[RTHA BROWN, 1T7 Forsyth atreet. I certify to the above be iugatro- statement DF.OROE BENEDICT, Pasto of the St-uilou street C twitch I was nearly blind for twe dy years with acatniser in each eye and from the uae of'Dr. rrincir* wouJerfu' preparation for We, the undersigned, having witnessed: he astonishing wheat y ot Dr. Francis' preparations for diseases of the eye, unhesitatingly recommend them to the notice of the public, aa valuabl: remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Paator of McDongal st. Church. 8 H. Cone, Pastor of the First Baptist Chnreh. John Peck, Agent of the Home Mission Society. Jacob Brouner, Paator of the North B*i tut Church. Joseph Audreade, Roman Catholic Pricat of St. Peters Church. _ , , Numerous certificates can be seen at the office. Prepared and aold only byDr. J. Francis, Id Barclay street. New York. Artifioial Eyes inserted, which cannot be distinguished from the natural, without giving the slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his frieuds and the public, dmt in conyummee qfoy.inete^st efhis Img^ New York Median Society, has joined him, and every confidence can t(e placed in his professional skill as an Ocoliat. Office honrs from > A. M.. until > P. M. jyH to>*s DISEASES OF THE EYE. R. K. 0IOS8Y, OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. 207 BROADWAY, Entrance in Fallon StiVet, opix>?ite St. rani's Church. ATTENDS TO DISEASES OF THE EYE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THfcREON. OFFICE HOT7R8 FROM 9 TO 6 O'CLOCK. Hiving comnleteu hit itudiei #f 5 yean with UR. ELLlO'lV, Oculist, aud beeu subsequently engaged as his assistant, R. K. Dio?ay is enabled to undertake the treatment of all diseases affecting the organs of vision. Terms moderate and graduated to the nature ana extent of the disease. Peumistion ie given to refer to ni* late iuitroct<*i. wid also to some of the most eminent Professors of Uie Medical Faculty in New York. N.B. The oot treated gratuitously au4 TAILORING. MARTIN'S Cash Tailoring Establishment, 1 #4 William Street, Center of Jinn Street, IS decidedly the cheaiH-st in the citv. There ia alwaya on hand a select stock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash, which will be made up to order in the style of make, lit, trimming, lie., that has given such general satisfaction during the last four years, and at a positive saving of 30 per cent. Gentlemen are requested to call and examine. Thoae who furnish their own goods, can have them MADE AND TRIMMED. Dress Coata, made and trimmed, -<7 00 te $8 30 Frock Coats, do do 8 00 to 9 30 I'ants and Vesta, 1 75 to 2 00 Over Coata,- 9 00 to 11 00 C7" Terms?Cash on delivery. su im? c aui mall k. mamtiw. AMERICAN MACINTOSHES. PBBSK Water Proof Garments, u now being furnished at A our establishment, are, in every |*>t?ible respect, fully equal to the imported, either French or English, anil much better made up. The atyle of cut and fit is such as will bear com|>arison with the moat esquisite of the imported coats, and are now generally preferred. Dealer* supplied on favorable terms. Gentlemen who prefer, may be measured and garments cut to their taste. Remember?Day, 45 Maiden Lane, is tha only manufacturer of the real American Macintosh HORACE H. DAY, Successor to Roxbnry India Rubber Company, it lm*r Warehouse removedirom 125 to 45 Maiden Lane. SHIRTS. SHIRTS made after the latest and most approved French patteios. Coifts, i autaloous, vesta, and all under garments, made to order at short notice and in the most fashionable style. Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, 67 and 69 Maiden Cane, New York. at 3m*r __ W.M. COLLINS. QHIRTS.?United States Shirt Manufactory, 77 William st, comer of Liberty, Nyw York. Notice i? hereby given to merchants and traders in general, that the proprietor of the above establishment has adopted a new method ol a-annlacturlug, which enables him to sell his shirts at a cheaper rate than any other house in the city. This statement will be affirmed by the list of piicea, as follows Fins Mualin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collar*, per (Bit, $7 SiDo, stitched in the Bosom and Collars, per dog, 9 00 Do, colored, new patterns, large sises, per dox, 7 00 Also, a large quantity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which will be offered cheap for cash. ?9 lm*r T~atEST-fashions !-I'AA1s1aN 1)EpOT.?NfRff. E V AND Euro EL, No. 537>4 Broadway, having completed her arrangements for receiving uie earliest fashions, offers her services to ladies of taste, who are desirous of economising in article* of dress. Muslin Dresses made in genteel style, $J 00 Bilk " 3 0# I Every article of dreas now in vogue, may be had at the low est remunerating prices, and ahe natter* herself that abe can auit the taatea of the moat fastidious, aatialied that thoae who may uvorher with a call, will come again. *10 lm*r FABI9 BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER, By E. SUSEH, 664 Fearl Street, One Door from Broadway. E. BUSKR, Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, in 'Ire" of Clerce of Paria, beg* leave to inform hi* friends and all the amateur* of a gentlemanly "chauaaure," that he can now make, in New York, with the beat French materials, all that ia to perfectly made, in Paria, by hit matter the celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whosa numeroua customers on thia aide of the Atlantic, are respectfully invited to in" SUSEK'S boot*and laiu before they deaiwir of i ting "chaoa sea" ill New York, after lite nicea , latest Pariah fashion. Also, ihe genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. *3Slm*m ~~ medicines? " madame resteljl, UEMALE rHYSICLAN, Office and residence, 14* Oreen " wicb street, between Courtlandt .nd Liberty street*, where the can be consulted with the strictest CO node nee on com plaints incident to the female fiame. Madame Reatell'aegperienca and knowledge in the treatment of obatioate caaea of female irregularity, stoppage, suppression, lie., is such as to require but a few days to effect a perfect cure. Ladies drilling proper medical attendance during confinement or other indiaiiosition, will be accommodated during such time, with private and respectable board. "Preventive Powders," for married ladiee, whose de licate or preearioni health forbid* a too rapid increase of family, will be aent by mail to any part of tha United States. Price fid a package. All Letters (post paid) addressedxo ' box Kt, New York. Boston Office, No. 7 Essex street." N. B.?Madame RESTELL would inform ladies residing out of the city, whose health would not admit of travelling,that ahe would devote her personal attendance upon them ia any part of the United States within reasonable distance, al Im'r female monthly pills. / \WINO to tli# celebrity, efficacy, and invariable success of Vy Madame Restell's Female Monthly Pills in all cases of irregularity, snpnaession, or stoppage of those function* of nature upon which the health of every female depends, since t> sir introduction into the United States, now about four years, counterfeit* and imitations are constantly attempted to be palmed off for the geuuine. Che- p common pills a e purchased at twelve Cents a box. put up in different boxes, and called-"Female Monthly Pills." with tlieobiectof selling them, if possible, at one or two dollars s box. Females are therefore cautioned against these attempts to impose upon them. H is sufficient here to state that all Female Monthly rill* are counterfeits, except those sold at Madame Restell's Principal Office, MS Greenwich street, New York and 7 Essex street, Loston. Price Si. Madame Restell's signature is written on the cover can hp nsed by married or single, by following ffl the directions enclosed inside of each box. Bold also by ap ^VIHUUCHV <U 401 UIOUU ?UCCl, CUIUOT OI AIICQ, ilTW X OTK. ?1 Im*r TO MARRIED LADIES. MADAME RKSTELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS. ?Their invaluable Powdershave beeuuniversally adopt*d * in Europe, hut France in particular, for up wink of Unity rein, u well ai thouiandiin thii country, is being the only mild, life, and efficacious remedy U>r married ladies, whoie health forbids a loo rapid increase of family Madame Rcslell, ai ii well know n, wti for thirty yean Ft male Phyiie:iu in the two principal Female Hospitals in Earope?lho*? of Vienna omd Paris?where favorrc p> hir great iperience and opportunities, the attained (tut celebrity in those great disco n.riei in medical icience io rpecialfy adapted to the female frame, for which h?r medicinci new iiaud unri railed, ai well in thii country m in Europe Her acquaintance with the phyirolory and anatomy of the rental* frame, enabled her?by tracing the. decline and ill health of mimed km*lei, tearci in the mendiau of life, and the consequent rapid and often apparently inexplicable aanaei which consign many a fond mother to a premature grave?to tlicir true source?to arrive at a knowledge of the primary cause* ol female indispositiooa especially of married females?which, in 190g, ted to the discovery c iher celebrated " Preventive Powuere." Their adoption nai been the me in* of preserving not only the health, out av?u the life of many an affectionate wife and fond mother. The advertiier feeling the importance if this subject, and *t limiting the vast benefits resulting tc thousands by their adoption, would most respectfully arouse _? attention of the mar ried, by all that they hold near and dear, to th, ir consideration, la it not wiaa and virtuous to prevent evils to which we are stsbjret, by simple and healthy means within our control. Every dispassionate, virtuous, and enlighltned mind will unhtsitatI tally answer IU the affirmative. Price five dollars a package, accompanied with fnll and particular directions, l'ney can be forwarded by mail te any part of tlis United States. All letters most be post patd, and addressed to MADAME 1(E3TELL, Female Physician. Principal office, IK Greenwich street, New York. Olfice hours from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.M. Bolton office No. 7 Eases at. si lm*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rnvamrD tao rnrrsaKo it M. DK BQUDELOfiUE, M. D., LISBON, PORTUGAL tpHE Scientific combination of ingredicu's or which the a a A Pills are composed, have made them the wonder and tdmi ration of the world. They are known all over Europe to be the only prcperxtion ever discovered that has proved uivanably certain In producing the monthly mens. Their certainty, in all case*, being auch that tiie v must not be used daring pregnanes ibr though always mild, safe, and healthy, they are certain to produce miscarriage if used during that period. The directions are translated into English .and are enveloped round with file seal of the importer, stamped. Each box eon tains the signature of Boudelouue, and the English d: rcctions have the signature of Dr. F. MELVEAU. authorised agent far the continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United States Letters directed to Dr. K. Mclscau, bos M, New York, will meet with immediate attention. All letters must be post paid. Sold ty anointment at 1M ChetrjL near I athe ... 11... wuiri (J. no Mil nun ?enl Dy mall. if lr*i*r dkw publi?hbitdaul,y bt JANKN OORDOII RRN IV KTT, N. W. CORNER. EUI.TON ANT) NASSAU STREETS. Thf. Naur Yoou IIkiui.d?a daily paper, mnrd every | morning of llir week?price two rrnlt per copy. Country robirriheri fnrnitlied it the Mm# r?t?, for any aperific period, on arerr.itMiire lu adrann N ri|*r m it, m I. - < |A|.| ? Ivance. Th? Wi mi.T Hrmi.n?! <hmI rvery hi ltntd ly momma at i nine o'clock?prieo na ond a yturrfir rew/? per copy?fhrinetirtf to country auhacriberi at JJ.3J |>cr auinm, in advance, or at tha I Mmr rate for any ape tilled period. | ConnnirouDuaTi aro mourned to addreaa their letter* to k!Tj q'tlYlVlll llffl*10' ,Q4 j

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