Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1842 Page 3
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I QQ- CHATHAM THEATRE ?Mr. Sinclair appears , to-night in a new drama, entitled the Eacape, in which he sings aeveral popular ballada. The drama of Rural Felicity ia repeated, in which he also appeari. Madame Le> compte executes aome celebrated dancea, and the performance terminatea with the pantomime of Don Juan. 0(7-WE UNDERSTAND THAT GOVERNOR 8EWard will attend at the Franklin Temperance Society thia evening at the Waahington Hotel, Broadway. I CUT" GRAND SACRED CONCERT?The Stabat Mater of Koaaini, that aublimeat piece of all modern compositions, will, we are happy to underatand, he aoon performed with lull and effective orcheatra, choruses, Ac., in St. Peter's Church, Barclay-atreet. Thia ia judicious, and cannot but bring to the sublime attraction the ** hole mu sical taste, talent, and ability, as well as the fashion and Imauty of our city. Preparations, on a scale corresponding with the great merit of the piece, arc now in progress, and when we add that the very first artists in the country, including Signor Antoguini and Mr. Seguin areeugaged, an eutertaininent of the molt exalted character may be anticipated. {K7- WE LEARN THAT THE PROPRIETORS OK the New Jersey cattle, which have been exhibited to the wouder and astonishment of all who have seen them have made arrangements with Mr. McRoberts, for his extensive premises m Broadway between Broome and Grand sts ?known as the Half-Way ilause, a few doors above the New York Tattersall They weie raised and fed by Mr. Edward Tompkins, Gloucester county, N. J., and are crosses of the Durham and Devonshire?they are said to lie the largest and finest cattle ever exhibited in the United States. The Exhibition will commence on Tuesday next, 4th of October, lS4i, and continue two weeks only. They consist of one splendid heifer and lour (tears. 0(7- FRESH NOVELTIES !?By the arrival of the last steamer we have anew supply of choice and entertaining literature, with which to enrich the pages of the New World, as the present week's edition amply shows. Chanter on Wiucs. a most niouant and entertaining arti cle, which will be read by every body, including the terniterance societies. A Rustic Walk and Dinner, a fine poem ny Leigh Hunt The Man who never Ate Meat, an amusing tale. Handy Andy, the entire September part of this laughter-moving Irish romance, by Lover. Mount Ilhigi, by Dumas?from Travelling Sketches, translated for the New World. A Queer Case for the Law. The Choice, bv the author of " A New Home." Milor Trotter Chigswell, a laughable story. Pedro the Singer and Mendoza the Musician. Scrap Book articles. Editorials?Liebig's Animal Chemistry?Art Union and the Apollo Association.? Letter from Constantinople. Letter from a Pedestrian, No. 3 Medieal Reform. Literary Notices. News, Ac. Ac. Price 61 cents single numbers ; $3 per annum in advance. Office No. 30 Ann street, N. Y. (H?- THE SUNDAY MERCURY OF TO-MORROW will be rich in story, news, humor, fun, satire (without personality) sentiment and poetry. It will contain, among a host of other good things?the Battery and its Visitors?Autumn and Winter?The Pledge of Love?To Mary?Chit-Chat?College Learning?One day and a half in the Life of a Tobacco Chewer, a most amusing and instructive article?The Slaughter of McCoy, further particulars?Death of the Hon. R. Ricker?Queen Victoria and the Penny-a-liners?More Indignation, Rags, Loafers, and the Tariff?The Night Mate?Captain Marryatt's Last Novel, Ac., Ac., by Ladle?Sentence of Colt, his cond'tet?The Theatres, all the theatrical intelligence of the week?Native Talent Neglected?Machine Poetry, Autumnal Musings?Dow Jr. will discourse on the following suhjoct : To love is painful, that is true, Not to love is painful too ; But oh ! it gives the greatest pain To love and not be loved again. The Office of the Mercury has been moved from 13 Bcekman to the new building 109 Nassau stre?t, between Beek man and Ann st, eets (As this ii a first rate location we shall he pleased to act as agents for any respectable house.) The Mercury will be sent to any part of the world lor eight months on our receiving $1Adrertiscments must be sent in (to 109 Nassau street) before ten o'clock this evening. PAIGE, NICHOLS & KRAUTH. N.B.?To Let?the hu.lding heretofore occupied as the olfice of the Sunday Mercury, LLBeekmaa street. Also? a splendid basement in the building, 109 Nassau street? suitable for almost any respectable business. Apply at ion Nassau street, near Ann. 0(7- ALBANY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1845?Gents, I address you upon a subject near to my heart, because I feel that under the blessings of God, I am indebted to yon for i uising me from a bod of death. Mine was no ordinary case. Diseases had fastened itself upon me in its worst forms, and 1 seemed a doomed victim. My complaint was pulmonary consumption. The relations and triends that u ato ned over me had no hopes for me, and finally I began to despair myself; it seemed impossible that I could live. Whilst in this statu of mind, the advertisement of your Clarified Essence of Hoarhound Candy together with the certificates, struck my attention, and I thought it might be ef service. Having procured a package, I used it freely, and the effect was wonderful. At once I felt relief, and knew that I should recover. I continued its use until 1 no longer had any fear of the complaint, which had made such headway. The disease was eradicated. If this letter will be the cause ot saving a single individual from death, and I am confidant thousands can be saved who now are as far gone as I was, I shall be satisfied. Let anybody in declining health from consumptive causes make free use of your valuable remedy, and they can be saved. "Truly your obedient servant, J. H. BENTON, 120 State street. To Messrs. J.PnAir 8c Son, 15 Division street, New York. Mr. J. H. Beoton, the writerof the above letter, was to all appearreces far gone in consumption?snch was my opinion, and the opinion of his friends. His rapid recovery alter making use of good candy, was astonishing lie now looks as hearty as any one. Rer. R. A. ROBINSON, D. D. MONEY MARKET. Friday, Sept. 30?G P. M. I The stock market offers no new features. Sales are very small, and prices generally worse. Moliawk fell 1 per cent., Stonington }, Harlem J ; Kentucky State 6's rose ). There has been a good business doing for the packet in sterling bills, and rates are fair at 8 a SJ per cent. The general features of the Money Market remain nearly the same. Inland exchanges, with the exception of Alabama, are lower and more regular than for many years. At New Orleans there is a more active enquriy springing up. The rates, however, have again given way, and the present quotations show a material decline upon the prices of the previous week. Sterling has been sold at live per cent premium for the best signatures, the drawers being scarce and for small sums only. Francs range from ftf-ISto bt bt, without much demand. Bills on New Y ork at 60 days are from 3 to 3J per cent discount; short sight par to 1 per cent discount; the demand for 60 days is sufficient to meet the supply. Very little inquiry for short sight. The quantity of produce is so great to come forwar 1, that could any outlet be found to a sufficient extent, the proceeds would undoubtedly throw a balance against the Atlantic cities. But with flour at f i,7o per bbl., at Cincinnati, there is no activity of demand, and small sales at such low prices throughout the West, leaves but little margin to buy goods or pay debts. The rates of F.xchange at present are as follows :? Cuaas.rtr Raws or Batvx Notfs aivd Domestic Bills Hank Koltt. Kxchanfe. Safety Fund-* Xa I Security Banks- X* 1 New Knxlsnd- Boston i? U. S. Bank iO ?60 fVnsylvania .'aalS Philadelphia - -paraX NewJcrsey J,a IJJ Maryland ? Na 2 Baltimore par a Virjtinia lil'i Richmond lWa X North Carolina.- ? a 3 North Carolina-- lKa IS* Georgia 2 a 2>? Savannah Ilka IN Augusta lHa IN South Carolina.- 2X* Charleston I Ha IX Florida ? a70 Apalaehicola- .? a? Alabama 30 a3l Mobile 28 a30 Louisiana 6 a7i New Orlt ana par a S Kentucky 2X* 3 Louisville. 2 a 2X Tennessee-....- R all) Nashvilh VHs 6 Mississippi---,--60 aOll Natcher. ? a? Missouri ft a 8 St. Louis 2Xa 3 Ohio 6 a 8 Cincinnati. 3 as Indiana 4 a 6 3>?a 4 1IIinom a? 6*1 afii Michigan-It all Detroit !)?( 1 The hanks of Virginia having rcttiracd to apccic pay Tnunta now some two weeka since, the rate* rule as low as i healthy. On the sea lioant and gulf, Alabama is now the only point of suspension, ami there it is a matter much more difficult to deal with than at any other point. There the hanks are political institution*?they are organized on the faith of the State and arc taxed not only to pay the interest oil the State bonds, but the expense* of the government. Thus situated they are without active mean* Dad legislation and abominable mismanagement have locked up their assets in suspended debt*, and the cash paid out for interest and expenses deprive* them of active means for any other pur|>ose. That cash is raised only by the'use of their depreciated credit. Hence a resumption of cash payments becomes a question of State politics, involving the question of taxation to a great extent. This, sail experience has shown in all sections of tho Union, is a dangerous one to deal with. The party in power must be very strong to venture upon such a course. Even in the great State of New York the odium of a mill tax is the instrument by which one party seeks to overthrow the other, which laid it. In Alabama, then, where resumption must be attended not only by a tax of near $1,000,000, but by a species of repudiation in refusing to take the bills of the Bank in the payment of those taxes, is a very difficult matter and one which requires great moral courage to grapple with. The remedy is only in the hands of the community, by refusing to take anything but specie in payment for goods. In the Courier and Enquirer of yesterday, more than two solumns were devoted to a pretended enumeration of /.irf*. in relation to the case of repudiation on the part of Boorman, Johnston ?t Co. What object the w ritcr had in view it is difficult to determine, nor i* it of much consequence, since the community at large seem to be much better acquainted with allthe circumstances of the case than he, and are infinitely more capable of judging of their merita. The public have given a verdict against Root man V Johnston, and the writer of the Con ier pays us the very high compliment of ascribing to the induenco of this paper the Just decision to which the public have arrived, in th*1 following word* i? "Wo would not hold thorn or ujr other reopoctable tot 0 men, in any war reaponaible for the language and statemenU of the Ntw York Herold ; but aa that paper hai day after day harped upon thia subject, and made what little public opinion there ii againat the fair and Juat course of Doorman, Johnston h Co-, we would refer the public to its consistency in relation to this and ail other matters which it touches upon. This is certainly very gratifying, if true, but the writer makes an error of fact. The good sense of an intelligent and clear-headed community, readily distinguished thp m-irits of the aftair amidst the mystery that was thrown around it. This mystery, the writer in question, seeks to increase. In undertaking to instruct the public on the subject, it is fair^to assume, that he has at least read the documents published by the parties. If so, on page 19 of Mr. Boor-man's book, ha must have seen the following im. 1 tort ant paragraph under the signature of Doorman, Johnsston It Co. :? 1st. That on, or about the 15th January, 1340, our Mr. Sampson called an Messrs. Little St Co., (in compliance with the direction of our principal in the matter who lesidos in Kentucky,) and inlormed them that we should be ready to receive stock according to contract ; but that as spurious stock of that institution was in the market, we should receive noue hut such as could be established to be genuine. This was/it-e days before the contract matured, which was on the JOth. No objection was made to receive by power, but only to thegenuiaess of the stock. Theheusc of Little Si Co. were sufficient to guarraatee forty times that stock, consequently a new plea was necessary ; according!) on page 15 of the same hook, we find the following, in a letter to Mr. Smith from Mr. Sumpson, under date of Jannary -?7:? " Your tail 100 shares of stock were purchased ol Jacob Little Ik Co , and though past due have not been delivered, the transfer books being closed. The writer, in accordance with your suggestion, called to-day upon the parties, stating that our principal dircoted us to call for the stock; they asked if we were ready to receive it?to this the writer responded in the affirmative, when they said they would delicti- to-day, but remarked, that they could only deliver power of attorney and certificate ; this we refused as not a legal transfer, and there the matter stands." These statements of Doorman Johnston & Co. show that a negotiation about the delivery hail been going on between the parties twelve days, viz : five days before maturity and seven days afterwards. Mr. Little always tinder ing delivery inthe manner pretcribed on the fact of the stock, then the books are closed, viz: by power; after reading over the sefacts and pondering upon them the writer of fho <'nuri??r fls?lihs?rnts?l vr siatos na frtl " The fact* in regard to the oiiginal question in dispute are briefly as follows:?Messrs. Boorman, Johnston k Co. purchased from Messrs. Jacob Little & Co. four hundred shares of the Bank of Kentucky, deliverable and payable ninety days from the 33d of October, 1839. At the expiration of the contract, Messrs. Little & Co. neglected to make any delivery or any lender of a delivery of any kind or description whatever ; and there can be no question but their loilure to make such delivery or a tender thereof, wauafull cancelment of the contract both in law and equity." Here is a palpable misstatement, aad if made by any other party we should pronounce it to be an unequivocal falsehood, uttered with intent to deceive and for base purposes ; but, bring, in common with the community, aware of the frothy, superficial and blustering charactei ol that concern, we are disposed rather to ascribe it to utter want of capacity to comprehend the points of tho matter at issue. The balance of the article based upon such a foundation is not worth reading, and may be regarded as the mere chattering of a magpie. We would call attention, however, to the fact that before the ma' turity of the stock Messrs. Boorman, Johnston Si Co. were " reoeiving suggestions" irom the principal as to the manner in which the contract might be evaded ; first on the ground of spurious stock, second on the ground of delivery. It will be observed by the tenor ot Mr. Sampson's letter of the 37th of January that \lr. Smith had already anticipated a non-delivery. Every business man knows that a letter cannot go to Louisville and back in seven days. We doubt not but that all the letters which passed between Smith and Boorman at that time would be very instructive. We may notice one other misstatement, which is as follows " The books of the Bank being closed in consequence of the recent disclosures of the fraud practiced by Levis." In the report af the ITesident and Directors of the Bank of Kentucky is the following letter: ? " Schuylkill Bank, December 4, 1839 Dkar Sik:?By request of the Bank of the United States, the transfer books of your institution will be retained with us until the period for closing them preparatory to the January dividend, when a list of the siocKnoiiiers win nc lorwurueu 10 you, ana imewise nnnued to them. Will your Bank make iti Usual dividend in January / Your obedient servant, H. J. LEVIS, Cashier. Of.o. C. Gwathmet, Esq., Cashier." It was not until on or about Jan. 1st, near one week after the closing of the books, that the Bank of Kentucky were fully aware of the frauds. The books were closed for the dividend on the '10th December, and would have been closed at the maturity of Boorman's contract had no frauds been discovered. Would they then havo refused the delivery by power 7 Sale* at the Stock Exchange, $6000 N Y Sta'e 6's, 1860, 26sh.v* Mohi wk, bnw 32 btO 91 25 do b3 32 1000 do 1862, 89'? 25 do cash 32 1000 do do. 89 M do Long Island, 19% 1000 Kentucky 6's, 187 1 77 250 do t9>4 1000 do do 77Xa 100 do sl5 19 V, 26 alias N Am&BkgCo, 2\ 26 do Sloninaton, if,', 128 do Anbum li Koch, 89 18 do Ol io 1, k T, 63 26 do Mohawk. 32 Second Board. $1800 Illinois, 17>? 76 alias Mohawk, 32'? 26 alias Mohawk, 32la 100 da Lone Island, i9\ 60 do 33 State of Trade. We notice no material change in the several markets to Ja;. Coffee?Price" have been more lirm, and in some instances advanced. The sales of the week have been larger than usual, viz 5000 bags Brazil 7 a 9J; 400 do Cuba, 7J aSj; ">00 do Laguira 9J a 9|; 100 Java 9; 3100 St. Domingo 0] a 6J; 260 Sumatra 9|?8300 bags. Cotton?The last advices had an unfavorable influence. The decline this week may be set down at full a quarter of a cent. The sales have l>een 2200 Upland and Florida 6a 9; 600 Mobiles 6] a 9; 600 Orleani 61 a 101. Jlshei?The market has been brisk : sales have been at 6,60 for pots, and 6,76 for pearls. The stock on hand is about 1700 bbls. pots, and 800 do pearls. Provision*?There is a fair demand for both beaf and )>ork; no change in price Sales of mess pork at $8 12J, and prime at $6 31 a $5 371. Mess beef is selling at $7 75 a $8, and prime at >2,60 a $3. Lard is in good demand at 7J a 7| cents for prime western, and 8 cents for northern. Corn Trsule. This market is very quiet?nevermore so. Flour falls a little every week, and grain follows suit, although not quite so rapidly. The very best brands of Canal can now be purchased at $4,50 a barrel, and other kinds in proportion. It is now ascertained that the average price throughout the Union is a little below $4,00 a barrel. In Cleveland, on the 26th inst. the best samples of north ern wheat commanded but 65 cents. Flour sold principal ly al $3^ to $3,561; corn 32J cents. Operations in Buffalo have been but few, and prices obtained were uniformly the same. Flour in that market commands $3 62.J cents ; wheat 70 cents, and corn 35J cents bushel. Oats bring only 15 cents. We hear of heavy invoices of grain having been shipped from Chicago and other points for Buffalo. At the aboN e port wheat has fallen to 32 cents. Large stocks have been secured and shipped by the dealers at that price. The St. Johns (N. B.) Courier of the 34th inst. says the weather for the last two or three days has been chilly and blustering, and such as to remind us of the approach of winter. The crops, however, with the exception of potatoes and turnips, are now out of the way of the frost. The return, generally, hay excepted, has been abundant throughout the province. Provision Market. We have nothing of interest to write aliout this week. Trices are without material alteration, and the supply of every thing is abundant. Butter it is expected will ge a little higher, but not above sixteen cents by the flrkin or tub. There is now a large quantity of line quality in market. Thiers or Trovisioks. Apples, bid- $2(10 a? Lima Beans, qt---IO a 12 Beef. IT lb Mutton 5 1 I Bert, per ewt- $4.50 s $6 Onions, per liusli 6 a ? III... L rwl, " R S Pi-liit*. n nrr IIMI ... 01 .1 _ Bine Ow*, lif pk a 37P.-achea, per Iwkl- -Citl Brett, bunch ? ? 3 l'rachea, (N.K.) t2 30 a ? (<11 I2H*? Prom, wr baakrt,- -62,t<* ? C*i>e Cod L.ob*tera-- J a 6 Pears, baahel,- *$l 00 al$l*{ Oellery, bunch 8 a I2K Parsnip*, perd?r., J7)g* ? ,, ('rain, dor !2>4? ? Porter House Stakes 12 a 13 Chickens ? a 7J Pork.perlb.. 4 a ? Ciirnmlrri, do*-**.? a 6 Plums, hf peck 2J a 7J Cabbages - 2 a 4 Pork, [?-r cwt $4X* $6 Clama, 2J a J7)4 Pijja. roasters ? a $1 Diirka per pair 62J4* 73 Pickle*, 100 . JO a 62X Dried Apple*, bbl* *$l}* Pigeon*, do*. . * ? a $1 Dried Prachra, lb* ? a 18 Potatoea, buah 2J a ? Kelt 8 a 10 Potatoea, Swt.bakt*? a 73 K?g Plant* ? a 6 Radiahe*. bunch *? a 2 Kick*, 10 for ? a 12)i Sirloin,III 12 a 13 Prrah Batter, lb 18 a 20 Salmon, lb ? a I8X f.irkln " " .*10 a 12 Striped Basr, lb 12l*a ? Prrah Cod ? a 6* Sea Baaa 8 a 12 flounders" ? * J Snipe, per do* ? a 7J ?a 1 ; ? * J7 Sausages - a 8 (Jreen O.K-a.hf pk ? a 37tf Salad, *|t ? a 3 i!!"lry' 'I,' * 18 Turnip*, per bunch*? a 6 Hickory Nutta ? a 5 Tomato*, boabct* *30 a ? Hn'thut, ? a 6 Tripe, lb - a 8 /nwl? ; ? ? 3 Turk if* $1 a$l 12 Lamb, per lb*** ... 6 a 10 Veal -1*6 Woodcock, pair-. - iM Mfmrrlcd, On Thursday, 29th inat. by the Rev. Mr. Haisht Mr Ltwia C Aiati.t to Mia* Cha?u>tt* Hunt*a, daughter of Jacob Hunter, G?q. all of this city. On Thursday,-Jfth inat. by tVe Rev. J. M. Forbes, Jon,, L. Nobton CarnLr. to Ki-iraatTM Loeawoou. Imtli <>i Rockaway, L. I. . On Thursday, 30th inat. by the Rev. Thomni K. Vermilyea, Mr. llrtany Har.Bt.ToN, of tliia city, to Mi*s Maar A,, Baananaw, of Albany. ? On Thursday evening, September -29th, by the Rev. Benjamin J. Haight, Mr. Lewi* C. Ap*tin, to* Huntbs, daughter of Jacob Hunter, Esq, all of thii city. 1 Oled. On Thursday morning,'.Wth inst. Mini Fowt-ga, r?lict of thu late Major Theodosiua Fowler, aged eighty-two yeari. The relations and friends of the family are invited to attrnd her funeral at 10 o'clock to-morrow"morning, from the residence of liar son-in-law, James A. Stevens, 90 Franklin at. Her remains w ill be taken to Kastchestrr for interment. Fasacngers Arrived. Lirtapom.?Shi|. Claiborne?W Howlaml, K N< lion, 231 in the steerage. I'oar ac I'sincr ?Brig William Nelson? (J Hogarth auil E Bumm?Bill Ma 11 8te|?hen??C Convert, J D Cowley ana j in...i. foreign Importations. VLn earooi.?Sliii. ( I ai bo me?I eask wloskry S Kricl, of Brcnklwi?S6S bars iron S Crooks?jU rks Williams V lUrriin iu?7 cs Richardsou k Wauon?1 rk It N Foster?t bis fainrraud It BrandI bit J St <-o? ISO tons coal 11*10 tks sail 9 doa mau f. Ko liardsoii St co?2j water ekt 2 iron cambooaea 2 bales lloack. Brothers St CO. no cs sleel 20 long |>ig iron IS rrts S hlnlt 8 cs to order. MARIT1ME IIERALDT To Ship JHaaaler a. We shall calt-rm it a favor, it caoiaint of iresat It arriving nerc, will yivo to Commodore W. A. Basvctl, of our news fleet, .1 re|Kirt of thy thl|.|,iug left at the |Mrt whence they tailed, the vessels S|Hikeu on their iiassage, a list of their raigo, and any foieign ue ws}.a|iers they may have. Couimodore Baaartt M ill board them immediately on tncir arrival. We will reciprocate the favot iuauv way. To Correspondents, Our corres|M>ndetns in foreign imrls are res|>ecjfully ruineated to tend by every vessel all the marine intelhgrnce they can obtain. Nautical inforirintion of any kind, from any sue re siding at home or abroad, will be thankfully rereired. POUT Of NKW YORK, OCT. I, s US S1SKS 6111 MOON 2 38 inn SITS S 49 I man witta 6 24 rl..i?.1 Ships South America, Btiley, Liveri>ool, G H Marshall; Rochester, Woodhouse. Liverpool, Woouhull Ai Minium; Mediator, Chad*irk, Lonuou, Jim (Jruwold; St Nicholas. Pell. Hivie, John I Boyd; brigs Margaret Ann, Dudley, Be rbicf, W W l)e Forrest Hi Co; Pal?ey B Blount, Howe, Havana, B Blanca; Michigan, Coleman, Curacoa, Boone n Graves vV Co; sclirs Grrcfan, Chase, Boston; Globe, Gaskill, Washington, N C. Arrived. Ship Powlialan, Marshall, 48 Jays from Newcastle, England, with 30.1 tons coal to Taylor & Merrill. SIJ in co with ship Cosmo, dis and Cahawba.tdg for NYork. No date, lat 10 30 long 70, a)>oke bark Win Schroerder, 12 days fm Porto llico lor Boston. Ship Anson. Baskmati, ids fin Charleston, with cotton and rice to G Buckley. Ship Claiborne, Buriresa, of Warren, fm Liverpool, 17th Aug with mdr.e to Beach. Brothers Ik Co. Brig Honduras, Hopkins, of Blue Hill, from Antwerp, 9lh August, in ballast, to Nesmith St Leeds?47 s eerage passengers. brig William Nelson, Smith, 12 ds fm Port an Prince, with 480 bags cotfee to Skrldiug (k Ferris. Spoke no American vessel. Brig Fugeiie, Drinkwater, of Portland, 2i ds fin Bonair, with 7000 bushels salt, to the master. Left uo Am vessels. Biig John H Stephens, Hall, 10 days from Bermuda, in ballast to It S Ik J Tucker Left B. bug Princess Royal, for N York same day; brig Relief, Stout, of Chtrrylivld, unc; iclir Pocket, of Manue, uuc. Brig llatiDvli Ik Abigail, Lelaud, 10 da I in Eastt apt t, l'Jt) tons plaster to master. British brig Exile, Card, from Windsor, N S, with plaster to m.ister. Br brig Lady of the Lake, Yonug, 21 days from Demarnra, in ballast, to Middlrtou Ik Co. Left brig , of and from Boston, bound to Havana?the only Ain vessel iu port. 2Slh instant, Ut 33, Ion 71 30, spoke Br brig Orion, fm Trinidad for St Andrews. Br brig Princess Royal, Cooper, 10 ds from Bermuda, in ballast to W K D Weill o't. Left schr Hope, hence 8 days, just arr. The brig John Stevens sailed in Co but grounded in the harbor. 21th inst lat 31, long 63}*, spoke bark Triuedad, 4 ilaya fm New Haven. Br brig Dew Drop, Kurlen, 23 daya from St Johns, N F, in ballast to Jit O Lowrie. Sclte Exchange, Blakeley, 13 di fin Turks Island, 4800 bushel* aalt to M Piatt. Left brig Dirigo, for Richmond, next day. Sept 18, lat 28 30, Ion 72 43. spoke schr Druailla, IB ds from Boston for Nassau. 20tli inst lat 29 30, Ion 73 13, s(?ikt brig Partridge, II daps from Bath for Havana. 28th instant, off the Capes of the Delaware, saw a ship under jurymasls, standing NNK. Schr Union, Balance, Plymouth, N C, naval stnrea, to Cook & A.I nns. Schr Constitution, Lawaon, from Nauaemotid, with potatoes tomaster. Schr Mary Caroline, Lawson, from Nansemond, with potatoes. Schr Renown, Lovell, from Boston, with tndae to K J iicrHrrtirk. Schr Cohbrt, Stewart, from Hartford, with mil/.-. Sclir Ballauce, Kiuiwllou, itn Gloucester, lisli. Schr Iudiutry, Ryan, fm NBedford, oil. Steamboat Ltuniriis, Schultz, 01 hours fm orNfolk. Below, . Oce Brig. General llecord. Letter Bam for El Rorg.?The L< udou, Liver|g>ol and Havre Packets sail to-day. Their Letter Bags are at Gilpin's, in the Exchange. Dis*(astf.d?A full rigged brig with tainted porta, w'th losa of both topmasts anil jib boom, was tiassed 20th inst off Georges Bank, steering E; probably the Riial, of Halifax, before reported. Ship St. Lquii, of Bosto*.?On the 3fllli of August the Immslse on Per Y.IV.ire from Hall im,.re to Kimrcn... fell in esirh the St Louis, of and from Boston for New Orleans, on tire and took from tier the captain, crew and |>assrngcrs, twenty-four in number. So rapid was the progress of the tUmcs, that before those ou hoard the I. had lost sight of the St Louis, she had burned tolhe water's edge. The fire was first discovered in the lady's cabin, about seven o'clrck in the evening of the 29tn.? The vessel had therefore keen on fire all night, and part of the neat day, before sli' was fallen in wiih by the Impnlse. I'art of the cargo of the St. Louis was insured iu Wall street The vessel, we presume, is underwritten in Boston. Sailed from Boston on the 12th of August. Loss or Brio iMruLfl?:.?On the 3d September the Impulse, spoken of above, w is cist away on the tayugns reef, and the Vessel and cargo were a total loss. The paassdite.s and crews of the two vessels were saved, sun arrived at Turks Island. Bark Talf.jst.?This vessel is a total loss?both veaiel and cargo. Shif Rapid, (before reported) Ward, from New York, ex. perienced a gale off Ca|>e Hatteras ou the 21th August, hove overboaid her deck load. On the 4th inst. off Double Headed Shot Keys, was in a hurricane, cut away maata, sails, bulwarks, tic., and was towed into Havana ou the 7th mat. by a steamboat. She is now discharging and will have to undergo considerable repairs before leaving port. Brio Uiscas. Uouling, from Key Wear, loss sails, bulwarks on the 4>h threw overboard deck load of flour, and is now at Havana. Behr Emporium. Rogers, suffered severely in the gale of the 4th, when ill lat 21, Ion Hi's, carried away topmasts, sails, boats?sprung lower masts and shifted her cargo of corn?will repair immediately and proceed to the port of Boston, original d-tlinalion. Brio Horace?Captain Andrew Scou, of Horace, of Boaton. from New Orleans, bound to Marseilles, arrived at Havana 13th inat. in search of a steamer to tow hia vessel from a port on the coast about 70 miles to the West, called La Mulatt^, hia cargo consists ol tobocco, cotton, staves, lie. represents his vessel in a da mrerous state, making mnch water. Brio K*tf., Thompson, before reported at Nassau, N P, fin Havli, bound to Boston, lost; cargo saved in a dry state; sold, as well as materials. Tiif. Medium, bound from Hxyti to Boston, at Nassau, N P 13th inst in distress, leaky only; repairing, requiring sheathing and caulkinc oily, Bmn Ass Leaii, Silliinan, before reported from Philadelphia, bound to Jamaica at Nassau, N P 13th, in distress, having esparienced a heavy gal- to the Eastward of Walling 'a Island. Cargo landing in good order-^-requires new sails, new rigging aad foremast, the head of which is gone. A farther survey to be had when discharged. Her expenses are likely to be heavy. SctiR Traveller, of Nassau, totally lost at St Salvador in the harbor. Three men and one pass nger drowned?Mr Sankey, of New Yoik, who had several hundred dollars of property on board. St.hh Farmer, of New York, H H Tittle, master, which railed from Wilmington ou the 25lh ult, Willi cargo of white piiie|lumber, bouud to Aux Cayes, struck on a reef abouitive miles to the Northwest of Haxlor Liana on the morning of the 10th inst and was totally lost. The captain, mate and two seamen, (one of them, Nathaniel French, ofNew York, being sick ol fever, and one, Benjamin Dver, of Boston, having died on board of fever on the Si It inst) arrived at Nassau, N P on the 16th. Part of cargo saved?will amount to about total loss of vessel and cargo. Whalemen, Heard from, oflf Wcstrrn Islands, Aug 15, Samuel St Thomas, Proviacetown, 100 bbls sp; Franklin, do, 90 bblsand two large sperm whales alongside. Korel^n Ports. Going in at St J ago, Sent Oth, Lochiel, for Boston. At Havana Sept 9th, Emporium, from New Orleans, with loss of spars. Ait at Halifax 2d inst. Otter, Dill, and Fidelia, Small, New York. 23d, Leone, Liswell, NYork Arrat St John N B 23d inst Ionia, Wheeler, NYork. United States Ports. Portland, Sept 27.?Old Alert, Richmond; Little Mary, N Y?rk. 2Gtli, D>ai|?, NYork. BaISOor, Sept 26?Arr Euarkee, NYork. x: ... u Ah U .... u .i,. Qlouckitkr. sir pi 27?Slil Balance. Knowlton, NYork. In |>ort, ready, Huiiaon, and Banner, fordo. Salem, Sept 2JI?Arr Bnitiu, I)oane. NYork. Boa-row. H?pi 20?At Win Penn, Philadelphia; Helen Erazor, Frederickaburg; II id isaah, and Liberty, Philakrlphia; Ki lend, New V rk; Purveyor, Rondout. Cld I lustavn, (8w) llimhtirg, via N Bedford; V arikliu, Trinidad; Commaquid, (tenoa; Alpine, (Surinam; Milton, (new ), of Beaton. Mt Mm) Mobile; t'feoealra'a Barge, Norfolk; Norlolk, Viaacher, Albany. 2H h, arr Onivie, Albany; Trio. NYork. I'RovtriKWCE, Sept 211?Arr W P Walker, Bvtli; J va Barbnur, Pliiladelphii. Hid L'-o, ClierryaUmr, V*; Mary, Balriinore; Champion, NYork. New BEnrouD, 8ept M?Arr Helen Maria, Ht Marv'a, Oa. via NYork, where ahe put in 2!>ih 'lit in dia:rraa; Wm Brown, Philadelohia. Ai.nawr, Sent 2S?Arr Powhattan, and Amy W Leeda, from Philadelphia; William, Sippican. Clevelawii, Sept 20?Arr Luciiida, Oiuauanne; Winehago, (lumber; Cleopatra. F.rie, Albany, Oawejao; Michigan, NCarolina, K Jenny, ll Rooji, Adelaide, Detroit, Chailotle, F. Ward, Atalaiita, lloriu t, Vl Krente am Buffalo, all fin Buffa1 >. CM Ocrola, Oawi iro; M It Klias, Milan ; Cleopatra, Oa, weito; Col Benton. Caledonia. Handnaky, J (Irani, Keiudeer ( onalitution, Vietcry, Free Trader, Huron, C J Maralrall, Warn 11, A mar on, Cleveland, Penneylvaoia, Adelaide, Jllbp on, all lor Buffalo. pHlLADKi.rHta, Sept 30?Cltl Union, (Hpaniah) Went Inrliei; Peru Boaton; Sparta. Boaron; F.uiiire, Ilartforil, Lexington, NYork: 8urvejror. Weatport; Magnolia. Beaton; Allaa, NYork; Cady Clinton, and Joy, Beaton; American Banner, New Haven. Arr in the Schuylkill?Tecnmath, Portland; Red Aah, New York. 0?o?(ii;iowa, 8 C 8ept 23?Arr Moruiint Star, NYork. 21, eld Maiy, Haydrii, do. Savawwvh, Sept 28?Arr Saratoga, JNew York; Madiion, N York. CiianLEaTOW, Sept 28?Arr Salraa, (ialloway, NYork. 2ith arr Meguntreork, Camden, Me; Etna Knight, do. 27ih arr Plutna, Boaton. New Orleawi, Sept 19?Cleared Uaaton, Eldridge, lor New York. Annual commencement ok Columbia COLLEOE ?The annual commencement will be celebrated on TneiJay, Oct. tlh, in the Middle Dutch Church, at 10 A.M. Th? nroctaaion in which the invited gueata will Join ? ill leave tile College Oreenathalf paat 9 o'clock prcciaely.? The uanal cxerciaea of lire day will he preceded by the inauguration n( the President elect, N. F. Moure, L. L. D. Ticketa ofadmiaaion may b obtained on application to the committee in the Proaideiit'i room, at 1ft A. M. daily. AbRA.M. S. HEWITT, Chairman Claaa Committee. WM. 8. KKRNOCHAN, Sec. ol eojt'in ARKOATTA EXTRA will ronie off to-day at lour o'clock, P M , l? twr en the North Carolina line of oattle ahip and I vile (Jir.l v. The contending paitica are the rrewa of the Captain'' gig of the 71 North Carolina, and the atearn frigate Fulton, and long before the affair had biconie poBlir, hen ran lor li. It u e?|iected thgt iliia race will draw out a greater number of rprmiora than any other that haaheengot up tliia aeaaon iiiaainm'h a? the partioa immediately concerned ire I 'ncle Sain'-s own lioya, who, ol > our e, will do their prett lett on both i idea. Wi will walk down and aee it, if French old Hi ll, r ?ill give in a good teat (m the \vy|| o|" the (arden, ore|??where, wktch we know they will. ol Ur DOY WANTED?Togo ul rrrsuds, about U yean "fa**.? D Apply ? :><? liit >t?rr V. i n l).,.,,jw??. ol >* IlUKWHKAT CAKES, at I'ATTINSOVS. ....... . "i15 llu and Ann streets. ol It* m JOURNEYMEN BOOTMAKERS WANTED ?Want .' rd iinmedigtelv, three or four rim rale hsnds. to whom the highest *??n will be given, by spplyiug at No. 11 Broad at., CnarlcaloD, 8. C. oi ui p. Loorn a. A RARE CHAM E?For Wig Makers and Hittr l)res?ert. ? For sale km old established stand, handsomely filled u|> for the above business,* wills a g.iod run of Ionic ealahliahed custom, and uuvr doiug a profitable business?a fir. I tale stand for hair culling in conneaion with the alniye l.uaineaa, as there ia none in the nrnthhorhoosl. The shore atand will be sold at a baniain lor rash, as the present proprietor is wishing to retire froin the business. This la an excellent chance for any our to step right into a sale aud profitable business, Rent of the building very moderate. For further particulars apply on the premises 181 Hudson st. ol lw#r COUNTRY MERCHANTS ?The subscriber iw.iuld 1 call the attention of all who are in want of Looking Glass and 1'icture Frames, to Ins riteusire stock, which for ..uahl) and vsoikuiansuip he llalters hiuisell cannot be rirelled by any manufacturer iu this city. The trade in general would do well to call before pari hating elsewhere. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a good assortment of Fancy Woods of every dcacrtpliou. HORACE V. 8IGLER, No. 31 Auuetrret aud 41 Hainmersley at. New Yoik. o 1 lm't ? ITALIAN MUSIC?MIL MANNING, (twenty yean re1 si.tent in Naples?Pupil of Paciui and Creeceutiui.) gives inslructioa. pu terms to suit Uie times, in Ilalisn, French ami English Singing, aud ill lite most favhiouable style of Piano forte playing. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the following gentlemen :? J. M. Wai.iw right, D. D. , Messrs. Howland A Aspinwsll ; J. F Schroder, D. D. ; Mr. J. T. Brigham ; F. L. Hswkes, I). D; Mr. 8. Ward. Mr. M. resides lit 230,lg Hudson street, near Spring st. o1lm*r 'fffE BANNER IS UNFl'HLEb-Union for the sake of the Union.,?The member* of the Unionist* Association, and all persons friendly to the noble advocate ol oar Democratic Republican principles, (Henry 1'l.iv,) are requested to attend the regular Monthly meeting of the Association, at Monroe Hall, on Monday evening, October 3d. By order, oj 21 cod * r SILAS CHICKKHING, President. DANCING SCHOOL?TivoTi Saloon, corner of Charlton .and Vanck sts.?fcl.tll. CONWAY, respectfully informs the public tlrat his School will commence atTivoli Saloon on Wednesday, the 5th of October. Days of Tuition?Wednesdays and Stturdays from three to five for Ladies and Misses?'Wednesdays and Fridays at eight in the evening for gen'lemeti. Mr. Conway will attend at Tivoli Saloon on Monday the 3d. from three until niue in the evening to receive subscribers and til form fhiiss. .v -%!!# TNSTRU MEN T A L M U SIC ASSOC! AI TO N?Gentle* men disposed to unite iu the formation of a society for in miction and improve me tit in instiuvncntal music, under tlie directiou of ail eminent professor, are requested to leave tin i names at the music store of Mr. Ed. Back, 55 Gold st. The style of music will be selections from operas, waltzes, national airs, &c. The society will organise as aoou asja >u flic lent num her uf subsetibers are obtained. ol lw*m pUBLIC NOTICE?Public notice is hereby given that ill A Towers of Attorney, which James W. Sainburn, m?y hold of mine, are hereby revoked and are revoked accordingly. B. BKANDRKTH. 241 Broadway. ol 2l*r^ 27th September, 1812. CONSUMPTIONS. /"ROUGHS, COLDS, Asthmas, pani in the elicit or side, spiles tnig of blood, Cltarrhs, Pleurisy, Hectic Fever, night Sweats. Difficulty of Breathing. Palpitation of the Heart, loss of Strength, Kinatialion aiul all atfeetiou* of tlie cheat and limits, together with those diseases which predispose to consumption. The Iceland Balm prepared from the Iceland Mm. is a medicine |a>ssessmg must extraordinary properties, and lias been esteemed in Kuroi* and this country not only as a mrr hut as a Iirevcptl ve for that cruel diaease the imlinonsry Consumption, t is perfectly innocent, very palatable, exceedingly noniish ing, and onglil in all cases to be tried wlicre there there is any cli nice of a rscovcry. Kor sale by PATRICK DICKIK, ol lm*r 413 Broadway, corner of Lispena-d st. piA MOFORTF8 TO HIRU.-4). OODONK. 403* 1 Broadway, between Walkerand Lispcu.ird streets, keeps a large assortment of Piano Fortes to hire, from three to eigli dollars i?-r month. Also, Foreign Music of the latest 0|*ras of Italy. Big. A. Bagioli's method of singiug. Solfeggi'. for oue an two voices. Komsn Strings for Harps, Violins, Guitars, be. All kinds of Musical lus'niinents repaired. ill eod Im'r ASK1UK.S of 34 Balls and Concerts, Lessons and Lectures, on 52 Arts, Sciences and Languages, will he given, by sub scription, every evening, by Mr. Mrs. and the Misses Gaward, at their Ball anu Concert Saloon, 120 Broadway, commencing Monday evening. Oct. 3d. Tickets for a whole family only $1, single ticket $3?hours, 7 to 10. Ball next Monday evening, Oct. 3d. N. B. Tickets limited. Please apply early at 520 Broadway. _ s3tl 3t*r ~\\TANTEI).?To mould sinkers, in tellers and composition v v ornament workers A eninpetent person in the shove line, an Englishman, conversant with the latest modes of work in London, will meet Willi encouragement and steady employment at William Uibsou's Decorative establishment 548 IVarl street near Broadway. Also a Frenchman or Oerinan accustomed to work in the Mastic and Carton Pierre Com|K>sition, will apply as above. >30 Sl*r tjookstorTand circulating library rOR A) SALE ?The stork ol toe Bookstore 4!5>? BrOMWiV,wuh Library, Fixtures, Ike. are offered for sale on very reasonable terms. Any one contempletiiig entering tin- business in this rity, or opening a store in the country, i? im ited to make further enquiries of the assignees, on the premises. ?30 2ti?*r OIL PAINTINGS at Auction.?-A. LEVY will aril, on Saturday Evening, at 7 o'clock, at lit Broadway, a large aurl valuable collection of Oil Paintings, both modem and ancient, juit received from En rope. The sale of Greenhouse Plant* wi'l be continued thii moruiiiK at 10>i o'clock, witli a ijuantity of Hanging Paper, to auit bnyera. >30 tt'rc COAL?20(1 t-Mi* snperior English Coal, will be ?old low. If taken from the veasel?for aale by s2<( 3t*rc STOKES V ANTHONY, C3 Broad at. nirsHTII \ iTASPINWALL, w; William .treet. ill! BioadAA way, and 10 Aitor House, offer for sale, a full ais.rtinmt of Dru^saml Miaicinei, of superiorgtu lity, ud put up la the beat manner. Also Medicine Chests (or ships, families , and plantations Jeffrey's Respirators?A new and valuable instrument for equalizing the temperature of the air, when inhaled into the limits, and entbling invalids, and persons wjth weak lungs, by Wearing thein, to go abroad in all weathers. Price $5, and uje U u ls. Ha?r Glove and Strap Renovators, a substitute for, and much suj?eriorto, the common fletli brush, with ample directions for IN. Compound Fluid Fitract of Sarsai?ariUa, prepared by R. Si A. in the best manner, and highly approved in the United States service, and t?v the public generally. s30 2w*r PI('KKL) un at the Narrows, a water boat with tails and leader. Enquire of 293t#rc W. F BENNET. Narrows. r?_C> TO BPOKT8MEN.?A Pointer and Setter Dor for ??lc, both thoroughly broke, and the verv best l\ J\ in the country. They can be seen at Oorc'a Livery Stable, No. 37 Henry atrcet. near the Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn. i? 3t*r The Belmont Honsc at New Brighton, Stalen liland, ^bLULwrll calcalated (or a Seminary, having been occupied aa tich >or young ladies the last five vnars, together with the garden, ice house and other outbuildings, and land adioining?a most desirable location foi that purpose, as the healthiness and convenience of the place render it the moat eligible of any in the State. Steamboats ply constantly to and ftom the city ol nr? s ore During mr un) . r or pm u< ,, lara, u rianover street, New York, or at New Brighton, to ?28 2w HKNBY LYNCH. VELVETS?Super jet Mack ami blue black Lyons Silk Velvets for mere bant tailors, just received, arid Tor sale by O. VAHET, 40 Cedar sr. up stairs. >22 lin#rc CHEAt> MUSIC. NEW AND POPULAR MUSIC,. Piano Fortes, Guitars. Flutes, Violins, String, and Musical Merchandise. ATWILL.20I Broailway, sign of uie Golden Lyre, invites the attention of purchasers to his Saloon, his larite and valuable assortment of lichly finished and superior toned Piano Fortes, Guitars of every pattern ami finish. Flutes, Clarionets, Violins, Trumpets, fcc. Sic.?Strings for .Harp, fko, of first iiualiiv, Musical M, rchandise of every description, all of which will be sold very low; wholesale or retail. Also?New and Po;ular Music.?The publisher would ?spe,bally call the attentiouof those in want of any assoitment of New or Popular ami Standard .Music published throughout the country, >s he has the publications of every store in the United Slates, all of wnich, together with his own increasing catalogue of Music, embraces one of the largest assortments in rhe city, ami is sold at [educed rates: the same as at the small shops about town ,'i'yr"ATWILL"S own publications are printed on beautiful fanr y colored p iner and many of the pieces emb-llished with su|ierh lithographic vignette title pages. The following list comprises some of the most popular and admired Music;?now very fashionable :? A life in the wood's away Ah dout forget love Moon o'er the mountain She's on my heart Am wilt thou weep Merrilly o'er the wave I go American lily for me Broadway sights Task tot n timv. Miss Lttcy Thelady'sman Will nobody mairy me Not matried yet Carrier dove, 12th edition Come wander will, me Gambler's wife Day is now dawning KV,lumb: ",ce ) "U"K ?? "? w meeting hni|flit'? song* Light cigar fV'ns'll'i onifi Lorer** tonga Moore'a luriK, ?ong? - Sfix-as. y"m,n. ?nng by Braham ?r,v"'wJ""'k den I >vrnty year? ago Ti 5y ^u"' "reet ipiick ten My be.ntifni Rhine TJiedre.rn n put 1 I 'Vesth the willow B*" ?*" '? broken Ik now a bird Wrcyh imdrilU <>racovian m?lr) Wh? <1 thopttht "faeeing yon jteJ32rl-*? iSigtei Ssstefc^ Ssasasa?? My woodland hri.fe toln.rt ?*IUc My pretty Afiilc To thee Inrr, to ibre 111 M'l with ntr ;!!' I'mnilae me to Mother of the ?jlor toy T he' Tl"' " th' 7*f Of the world "* "[' ii lime Acre,* ,h? K,rt mU v American nnardrille i*"" k'fl'e dream N?"nandy maid * Thou art false but I ra,,??t f?r C^nwn? m? that .imple ?? Ho.e of ihr iWaert ">emorie., a Terr h,,n. "* *? .if- -"? 'o'.'-,i''te'mfr JJC cm lore no more rY n , e moonbeam nv, new waltzea, marchea J"**" ?one 'inadrille, |.ieee?, Jt, ' A large collection of New E.terrc?."~? ^sx,"iGsvafa ho pnrcha?e any number ofnte/e.d deduction to thoae AtWILL'8 MUSIC SALOON 11 ARTIST IN HAIR ?eADlKg? A \ ll VjVr airiLV' r"OM ' i"""'""'"' a^fSsassyi^^j ? guards, ear-rings, flowers, rings, wigs, scalpa, fcc. Ike. Ladies or gentlemen having hair of a living or deceased friend, csn get it formed by him into ?ny design the mind can conceive?in ?nch a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. A. C. BAKHY, }tf> Broadway, cor of Liberty street, up stairs. N. B ?In.In idu.ils resident in the country or living at an inconvenient distance from the city, ran have all sncli orders promptly rieriiled, by forwarding through the medium o( the post office the hair to be fashioned, wiih a drawn an I specified design of the workman-hip, and enclosing from five to twenty do'lars, according to which sum P-e superiority of manufacture and style of mounting in gold will driwnd. All inch commalocations to be post paid. A f .lt. "I lm*r NEW U KKKI.V LAW rim,It ATmN-Jo?Pub.ished No. 1 of a new weekly Journal, (in large octavo form with a cover for advertisements) called the New Vork Legal Observer, edits <1 by SAMUEL OWEN, containing important Decisions in Bangui ucy in the Court of the Assisianl Vice t liaurr llnr of the first eirc.nit of New York,and in the Superior Conrt of the City or New York; List of Applicants in B oikrnj icy, wilh the names and addresses of the Petitioners, Soliei tors, fcc.; Anecdotes of the Ben h and the Bsr. Orders theref're will lie received at llie office, 4? Ann st, or by John S. Vocrhiea, late Halstead k Voorhies. Law Bookseller, nrincipal agent for lh? ssle thereof, the comer of Nassau and Ledar. I ?n*f Al'O'TlON MALES BY THOMAS BKLL. ( Stnret Nut ti ?Inn and Hi f\Utvn thriH.) 8ATIMDAY At lOKo'clock iu th? aale room*. Elegant Furniture?The rntirr superior furniture of a famil leaving thr city; alao the aplrudid stock of a cabinet inaki r. Books, I'nIIta, Paintings, A<?Alao.iu tlir Fulton street room the private library <>l really choice booka, a collection of reall line paintings, pinna, engravings, Ac. the property of the gel tlrnnn whose furniture, booka caara, Ac. will be sold on th above occasiou. MONDAY, At 11)4 o'clock, b.l< cant k uinitnre?Will be aold the entire handsome fnrtn tare eonlaiued in the Imuar known aa No. a Abiegdon Place,o IU Troy aurel, lucludiug a macnilict ul piano forte. Particular ill time. TUESDAY. Al IDbi o'clock ai tbe auction room, l.ariie aale ol valuable and aeaaouablr dry goods, 5 tiuiika o clothing part of the atock of a merchant tailor,a tine lot of rein nanta Loudon clotha, caaaiinrrra, veatinya, lioairry, gloves hdkla, shirts, collara, Ac. Alao; a lirat rate turning lathe, worth $160; various lia.dw ware, jewelry. groceries; 200 botes table aa|l, pledged artlclea atuda. splendid watt Ilea, Ac, BY KIK l.L A Alb I LAItlUs, At 10 1-2 o'clock, At tli** Auction room. Liouort. Segirs. Ike?Conslting of Duff 4forgou's twlc tlicrr] and .Muiiciia, St Julirli cUrrt, baraac, sauleruee anil hoe wine coidiils, slurry, Mailrtia and port wlue* in 2 gallon dcmijo)?s I'riuciixr anil II nana segars. Also?about 2110 baskets of the celebrated bullingee am anchor champaigne. Also?A few boies of Candles. Also, 10 ijr. casks .Mulinsey, Port Wine, trom mice, a vcr fine wine, will be sold in i|uantities to suit purchasers. Wednesday. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Oct. 12, 12, 1 and IJlli, at lOtj o'clock A. M. at their sales room?Very ri tensive and valuable private Library of a distinguished citizen deceased, embracing about sit thousand volumes of most ran and valuable works, compiising American History and Toon gtaphy, British History, itetirral History, general biography and literature, easy printed hooks, moral and political Pnilosu nliy, Lezicography and Btblngrapliy, Poetry and the Drama Novels, Tales, Periodicals, Voyages, Travels and genera Geography, Miscellaneous, illustrated Works, Agriculture Medicine, American Pamphlets, Sic The whole comprisiui one of the most valuable private linrariea ever offered at auc lion. M . WAIt 1), Anctloneer. Auction notice-a. c. humbut ? co. win sell this day, st H'S o'clock in the aiictiou room, fashionahle Furniture, Pianos, China, Cutlery, Sic.?I eluding mahogany French and Windsor chairs, tnifthli toprentt. tables, dressing hmeaiis, spring seat and tufted sofas, French |>atterii and .- luare; mahogany French bedsteads, rockers, diuing anil tea Utiles, ladies' work do, hat racks, Sic. Furnishing Articles, China, See.?Also, elegant bronze and ormolu girandoles. Sheffield plated candlesticks, cake baskets, ivory balance handle table cutlery, Kieucli clocks, warranted ; vases and tluwets, ricli china dtutier tea and toilet seta, china colfee urns, latest styles; glassware. Sic. Piano Forte?Also, I first rate grand action piano forte, with all the modern improvements, made by the New York manufacturing co. ai Also, a variety of recoud b ind lurniture, removed from lllth avenue for convenience of sale, and with which the sale will commence. (trials and Oil Cloths?Also, a large variety of desirable pattern ingrain carpcli; tnarlil*- and fancy pattern llooroil cloth, l'he whole worthy the attention of house keepers. Also, 2 parrots and cages, 42 French cop|>er and tinned stew pans, a desirable article tor family use. Also, om second hand piano forte, by Wm Gerb. Also, several excellent store ami hall stoves. Alto, 1 Gold's cooking I oven. ol lt*m T B BI.NSSE Si Co. have just received and offer for sale ' Daguerreotype Plates,Hyposuffilc of Soda, Broiniue Iodine, I'hloi.X. ,,r I |,I,M?I.. ?r 11..1.1 T 1: .? s . in itir Lenses, Miniature Frames?.ill of which' ihey warrant to he ol excellent quality. L. B. B1NSSE It CO. ? 30 it i?*r 31 Maiden Lane, up stairs. MKTY I'KNTS PER BOTTLE. BY LETTERS PATENT OK THE UNITED STATES. THE TRICOPHEROUS, OH MEDICATED COMPOUND, FOR THE HUMAN HAIR. IS w ith confidence recommended to all whose hair in becoming thin Irom disease, scurf, and dandruff. The surest retnedy lo prevent BALDNESS AND GREY HAIU. The most healthy dressinir that can lauisibly be applied to the head; rendering the hair soft and glossy, and freeinir the scalp froin all humors and irritations, reinnviiiir every |Mirticle of scurf and dandruff, and disposing the hair to curi. lis frequent u?e wi.l preserve the hair in health and beauty to the latest perioil of lire. For infant heads it is invaluable. To he hid only at the Hair Cutting Rooms, 146 Broadway, cornei of Liberty st, up stairs, or of the appointed agents. s30 1 in * re UARNKSS FOR SALE, a bargain if applied lor iminediA A alely?A set of first rate London made Harness. Apply at Frank's Hoot Store, I Nassau st. siiO 2teod*r Letter bag of ships south America, iorL7veniool?Mediator, for London ; St. Nicholas, for Havre t Saiah Sheafe. for Antwerp ; barque Heela, for Barhodoes ; barque Star Republic, for Ualvestnn, Tela* ; barque Edward Thorn, for Glasgow ; steamer Neptune, for Havana ; brig Motto, for Kingston, Jain; shi|> Wales, for Valparaiso ; anil barque Anahuac, for Vera Cruz, are each and all at Gilpin's? w ill close on Saturday, October is . s29 3tr nlllES AND FAT.?Five rents per pound cisli, ciirienl money, will be given for all hides weighing 00 lbs. and under, and four end a half cents for all over 00 lbs.; and the highest maibet price for sheep, calf skins, and fat, delivered at theHiJe House, 228 Elizabeth street, between Piiuc- and Hou>ton streets, by JOII\ 111 NN. o| 2w'i 3TATKN ISLAND FERRY". Foot of Wliitehall street. The steam boats STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Staten Island as follows:? NEW YORK. STATEN ISLAND. 9 8 II 10 I? I2>,' 2>k w>. s All good* shipped arc required lo be particularly marked, and are at the riak of the owners thereof. ol r NKWARK AND NEW YORK.?Fare <|V mm J*Only I2S cents.?The spleudid and commodi jEa^J^_Z_uiu steamer I'ASSAIC, Uapt. John Uaffy, bring completely and elegantly retitud, eonnnanced her reguar trips for the seaaou 011 Thursday, tlarch 10?leasing as follows ? Koot of Barclay at. New York, at 10>* o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. te'sntre wharf, Newark,at half-past 8 o'clock, A. M. and hall past I o'clock P. M. On Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at lO1, A. M and 4 P. M Leave Newark at hs^paat 8' A. M. and at lo* clock, P. M. U_/~ Weight of every description carried at reduced prices. ol 2in*r SHIP ST. NICOLA8-?Should the weather he h WRjWPv vor.hle, will sail tc-day at 12 o'clock, from Rectoi jyyUL street wharf. The Letter Bags will lie taken from the Readiug Rooms, and the Mail from the Post office at II o'clock, If the weal her should be unfavorable, she will sail with the dtst fair wind. ol r Jt*g- PACKET FOR H A VKK-Scr..udTine?The ship MHIfV ONEIDA, Jauies Kunck, Master, will sad on the 1st ?Slmmm of Noveuibt r. BOYD It HINt'KKN, ol i No. 9 Toicine Buildings, idg- il.NLY KEtiULAK LINK NEW ORLEANS IB^-Poiinrely Firai racket?The splendid fast sailing j|pi?ipacket ship VICKSBURG, ('apt. C. C. Berry, will tail parictually on Monday, Oct 3d, weather permitting, or |ms, 9AJ.' fr??*. This ship lias superior and micquilled accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken at v?ry low rates. Those wishing to t-inh irk tor the above nort should not fail to select this supeiior packet, by which they will not be subjected to that delay which must n* cessarily occur in transient ships, i For passage apply on hoard foot of Wall st. or to W.fcJ.T. TAI SCOTT, 43 Pec k Blip or 62 South st. The Louisa fallows the V icksburg, mil nil on the lO'.li Oct, jfier which the ships of this line sail evrrv tire days. oM FOR NEW OULEANM,?Louisiana anil New Kfysfy. York Line? Packet of loth of Octobc?The fastsailJMaKaa ins, coppered mid cornier futenrd packet ship LOU ISA, Capl Leavitt, will sail as above. Kor freight or passage, having handsome ftimiahrd accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall st. or to E. K. COLLINS St CO. 36 South at. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Oreat care will be takeu to have the goods by this line corrcclly measured. s3fl r ins FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st OctokerWHHfvOI.I Line.?The Splendid well known pai k< I ship JCM&SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. Bailey, will poailively sail as above, her regular day. The shi|>< of this line ate all of the first and larg jal cfas-, and warranted to sail on the day advertised. For passage, in cabin, Jdcabin and [steerage, having uusiirpaastd accommodations, apply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street. N. B.?Passage from Oreat Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, can aa nsual be secured by any of the regular packet ihips, and also by first class transcfent shi(>s, leaving Liver|>ool every few Hays; and drafts famished for any amount, payable in all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above. sJOrn RLANDO FISH, Fashionable Hatter, 137, Broadway, would inform the gentlemen of New York, iliat bis ball and Winter styh ol Hat- is now ready foi their inspection and critical judgment. Claiuuiigthe distinction of having been the first to project and abide by a strictly American style ol Hats, instead ol servilely copy ing the fashions ?f Europe, which are often unsuilt'd to our donate aud maimers, he is pleased to perceive that others have seen fit to follow his lead, ar.d that now the f( llowing of European fashions in I lata is almost entirely abandoned by the leading manufacturers In connection Willi bis standard oualuy of Hats at (1,30, wlurh have been acknowledged to he the most elegant Hat, aud beautiful stale of the season, he affers also a qns-lty at the economical price of (3,60, which is warranted to be equal ID finish and durability to any sold at (t.Oll, and challenges for them a comparison with any other, fienilemen visiting oilcity are invited to call and diamine h s stock an judge of the quality. II< i? confident that whether the chea|? st or the best is desired, llie inquirer will here I" sail.lied. -II 11 r JV/TK JOHN H. l.OTT?What sort of Democrats of the nrsi ifuainnm aisirici win c*.u ineir roir^ ior um kciiiicmnn who, with hit friends, r? ?# 'i down and defeated tha rctni Ur Democratic candidate for Stij>ems<>r of hit town last spring, electing in hit place a Whig. There brine at the flee ion an month* previoai a majority of sivty for the Democratic Ticket. WN(ailed alao to ovbia the delegates (after a great strife) at Ma ractnl town maetirtf. m irlj all tka rou n btinf brought uji. Thia gantlamtn could not possibly liaea r-1 < ived tk>? nomination ofl King's ( ovitj foe Senator, had not Mr. Mnrpl jr. .?> Mayor ??f* 111* city of Bn oklyts, made bm -i tha inflaanc* >>i the stm t contractors ami otlwrs tadar him. with alao thf At laittic Hank, whan ha < 4 Diredtor, ind om oi dm largest Stockholders, to obuin the dr legates, which was used also to sec* re his (Mnrphfs) nomination o congrt s. These are the honorable Democrats who left Mr. Van Bur-n in his daikcel hoar, ltd tdeieed Mr V indarrtar to tott igainst tha ilndarendent Tn saury law, may m pn tad by a ? ul npon tha Hon Ely Moore who wia than in congress Snrh are your King's cjocty Democrats, who advised all openly at the ward meeting* last fall, not to cm t tha if * Baa for i j?iy and Varied. A portion, h waear, did ?pU far Variai The doom of this half neophyte is now hied. His voir on rhe School law will not save hun, as it is well known he fhrn vot k\ igainst what I, , pin st# ipinmn. Already n the h uid; wrictnca,., .h. w.M, by ^ ^ N.w York, Sept. 30. IMt. ol li?r CARIt'S SUPERIOR n-w C.mpfiin. Lamp., Lunp* fin burimiK l.rd. AUo?A l.irrfr uiortfflrnt of .nil .l.pi*nnl Tin W.r., r?, .nil oth'r Lamp. .Ilrrtil tn burn rampaine ?ifd ciwmir.l oil, on .11 impiotnl plna. AUn?Siiiwrio/ <'.mplniir .in] Chrmic.l Oil, .t wliolt>nnd reUil, by BACKUS It BROTHER, IWI Kulton ?t, N. Y. N. B ? Perton. can br urvrd wiih U.mphim- .nd Chrmirnl Oil .t tl.'ir rmdvnerj by leaving ilwir .ildir. .* above. ??9 Ini* I I 'HT received .ml fur ?.U ?t I'tt BroaTw.y, IMM fret I'eTfn ' rated Zinc, Rwortrd figure.. A new .ml IkoiMuI article for window blind., door and fire icrren., ?.fr?, ir.ineni, v.r on. olher Mticln. ,2' end 1 r NEW FRENCH GOODS. TO MILLINERS ANI> DEALERS. V P" 113 Walker street, has received by the l**t Havre nackets, new goods adapted for the city trade? PLUMES. FLOWERS, PATTERN HATS. VAV* SrRJOS, kr. carefully selected, snd of the best quality, wbici. he oners for sale on favorable term?. Also, a fall wpply of new materials for Flower makers. i ?19 Jt#r I a AMUSEMENTS. >AMt TMKATKfc. THIS EVENING. 0??b?r f.ipSal be performed ih. Trailed? of . HICHAKD 111 V Ricliard. VaoJenhoft | Kin* Henry Barrv To conclude with FAMILY JA1IB. T' "*rry ? First Tier 7J cents; 2<1 Tier JO cenls; Pit 37K cents: Gallery T 12>^ceuU. ? (?/* Doors open at 7 o'clock and the performance will com? metier at hall-past 7. CHATHAM THKATHK. Pit IlKcenis. Upper Tirr 25 cents. First Tirr SO ccuta. ^ THIS EVENING, Oct 1st. will be performed tl,e Opera of THE ESCAPE. " Enrico Altieri, Sinclair I Liselte, Mrs BUkr Oix-reUa of RUHAL KELICITY. Layron, Sinclair | Jemima, Mrs Thome , Tocopcluc * th DON JUAN. Don Juan, Wood I Oioiirila, Mad Lrcompte |T7- Doors will open at 7?Curtain will rise at <iuartci belo e t rcclock precisely. , . Ben office o|*n daily from 9 to i, where Tickets may b pan-haa'd and places secured. MHCHELfroETMKC fHfiATKi. It I Broadway. New York. THIS EVENING, Oct. 1st, the entertainments will coinmeiM'r with ir LOVES OF THE ANOELS. ... i Jan, Mitchell I Henoch, Nickioaou A Tier which PETTY' SINH AND PRETTY SINNERS Altci which 1044. i ConcHflr with NEHVO VITALIC8. [Tj The Doors will be o|*ued at 7, and the pcrlurinulicea commence at hall-past 7, evety eveuiuic[ AMKKICAN MIS KIM. UAKUKN AND 4 (iAI.I.KllY OK KINK A HTM. COKN F.K OK BHOADWAY AND ANN 8TKEK opposite St. Paul's Church. ; H. T. BAUNL'M. MANAOF.R. Hi at AUrurtitnm in Nnr York!!?Change of N er... -- v is?i 1 uit* ADMITTED same evening fr j The U?( week of Sij(i?< r Vivaldi's maxiiif'tceul MECHANICAL THEATRE. ! th* woudrrlul iK-ifortridnces of which astonish *very behold* Last week of Mr. WinchelPs in hm ?* piece entitled JOB BEARCH-EM-Oirr, \*lucli litltr moat laughable in.*<l?-rn production nt the *taue Mm Hood, the accomplished vocalist?La l'e.tile i.ciri | will introduce various dances, inrludiuit I a Tyiolcniv " , danced bv Fanny Elaaler? Model ol' 8w itierland?NalUra I Bridge 111 Virginia? Albino Lady?Fancy Gla*. Blowing?ane Myatrriuus <>i|?v Girl? Balloon Ascension.?a Urn ol !. | ?inK Snake.?jOO.i.HI Curl. .inc., i a Perfounancea every evening at 7X o'clock, and Wudnci day'and Saturday afternoon. at 3 o'clock. | The Admittance to the whole, Mu.eum, Gardeuand ruler lainmenta, twenty-five centa?Children ball price. GRAND VOCAL AND IN8TRUMENTAL~ CONCERT. SIG. RAPETTI has the honor of announcing to hii frit lots and the ouBlic that hi. (Concert will take place on TUESDAY EVENIG, OCT. 4TH, At the Tabernacle, as.iated by the following talent? SIG. ANTOONiNI. SIG. MARTINI, MR. L. RAKEMAN, MR. TIMM, ami MR. U. C. HILL. Leader of the (Juurtelto. PROGRAMME. PaaT I. I?Quintello? For piano and i|uartert, Mr. Timm, Be ethofe u 3?He mania?From the celebrated Ftrlich o|iera, Guidoe Uinenaa Pendant lalete, Sin Antotp nini , Halevy 3? Grand C neerto?For the violin, Slit Rupetu, De Briiot I?Cavatina? From the grand 0|irra, Gemma di Veryy, Mi loglieate a un .ole anletite, Sin Amogiiiiii DoniietU 1? Moreeau de Coucert, for the piano, Mr. L. K.kemann, Kalkbrenvr ti?The Echo of Scotland?Romantic Melody for voice and tenor oblii^ato, composed by Sin Tadolibi, director ol the Italian opera in I'aria, for Sin Uubini, Siguori Auli mum e Kapelti. PART II. 1?Introduction and Variation.?On the theme " Oh ciua memoria," lor the Accordion, Si* Martini Vaccay 2?Duetto dei Marinari. (by deaire,) Signori Antoirnini e Martini, Roa.iui 3? Duo Brillanl?For violin and pi inn. from tlic Somnambula, Sin Rapetii and Mr. Kake Benedict and De ileriot 4?Grand Scena ad Aria?Filiate froin the o|iera Lucia di Lammermoor, Big Aulogmui - Donuclti J?The mo.t difficult and brilliant Variation, for the Violin, (hut time In New York,) Six Buret i . May?edar TICKETS One Dollar each, to be had at the principal Muair Stores and Hntrla. Door* o|ien at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence at R o'clock, precisely. ol llt.*r PARK THEATRE". MR GEO. VANDENHOFF'S BENEFIT and Laat Night.?MONDAY, Oct. 3d, ISI2, will I* acted Sir E. L. Bulwer'a favorite play of THE LADY OF LVONS: . Or, Lore and Pride. a ^ Melnottc. Mr O V?n<J? nhoff After which, will re revived. KhakMicnr's Comedy of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! Benedict, Mr O Vsndeiiliofl 1 icket* and places to be had "t the Box Office. ol Itr 'THEATRE?A CARD?Mr. George Vaiidcnhoff'* Benefit. A Mr. GEORGE VANDENHOFr most res| ecifully announces that his first benefit and last apj?earni.ce w ill lake place uu Monday evening next. Oct. 3d, on which occasion he wil 1 have the honor of spearing in two pieces. ! Th-box book is now o|?cn. *29 Mr MR. DEMPSTER'S BALLAD SOIREES.?Mr. Deiriw. ter respectfully announces that his Balled Soirees will lie given at the N. Y. society Libiary on Wednesday and Friday evenings next, 28th and 30th Sept., and Monday e%eninx, October, when he will introduce his latest composition* including a new National Sng, "The iseath of Warren," written by ?|*s Sargent^ Eiq., " 1 he Lonely Auld Wife, "The Blind with you once ngaiu, by George P. Morns Esq., "J can it* Morrison," by Motherwell,' Lament of the lri? h Emigrant." fcc., with choice selections of his most popnlit songs and ballads: particulars of which will beauuounced in small bills. Tickets 50 cents, to be had at Messrs. Stodart, Worcester,and Dunham's Piano Forte ware rooms, Broadway, and at the door D >ors open at 7, to commence at B o'clock. s27if re KIRST GKANI) VOCAL iCOJJUEKTT" 'THE KAINKKS or Tyrolean Minstrel* having returned Iron, A their western lour reaepectfully announce that thev will have ihe honor to give a Concert at the Society Library Room on Saturday Evening. October 1st, 1842. Tickets Ml cents, to be obtained at the Music Stores and At the door. Concert commence to at 8 o'clock. For particulars see t?m ?1 ' bills, s? 3i?r Q1GNOU RAPETTI'S CONCERT.?hignor Rjipetti pro poses to give a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Muhic on Tuesday evening. October Itli, assisted by Signor Antoniui. Particnlars in futme advertisements _ ?2'J Jt r Billiards.?Otis Field resi>ect7i7iTy invite. the lover? n lliis amusement, In rail at Daasford'* Rooms, over the Cli in it Eating Home, 119 Fulton, and Ann trret, where a m choice may be had of eight table.?either Hlale, Marble, Iron, or Mahogany, with India Rubber, Cloth or Composition Cua h ion., in combination with all the late Euro|w>an improvement < Viaitors will find the bar, either Wasliingtoniaii, or other, iae, aa may auit their fancy. ?29 Imis-vc THE Public is r.spictfully iuformtd Ilart thia wonderful and rare cur ioaity it now exhibited at the Seventh Ward Hall. 160 Cherry at. It la acknowledged to bit one of the greatcat curioailies exhibited inthia city. It has the power of comrnanie?ting at will and in any direction, violent electric alloc Ha mlli cieiilly powerful to kntick down men and horae, when irritated, a mean, retorted to in defendinit Itaelf agaiuat ill tn> miei. Admitaion I2H cents. aJMI Iw ia*r UAKIS 11 LL1 N AR\ ARTIt LES.~ri,e suh.ciibr,* I, , * jusl ccived a splendid sssoitment of m-w srylr Fall i uprising, rich striped and client* Poult d?; Son*, Gios dc Naj?l i. Satin, Lcvautiiu* and Velvet Ribbons. Also, | lain and colored blatk arid Mue bltck taffeta and satins, I r iC ; new style bonnet sitks, Bic., fkc. Country and cityde It rs are particularly requested to call and examine the stock < fore purchasing elsewhere. WM. II, HAMPTON, 1^7 Hudson street *2T 10: four doors above Canal street. ^ EW GOODS?The ur dersignrd soli? l?attention to a larv assorino ur of Goo Js for fall and winter wear, incjudi. g b* aver clotris for surtouts, castimeres in a great variety of st} les for nautal ions. Rich silk, satin, and merino vesting!, which will be made up to order at usual moderate charges, for ready moaev. Ready made ?urtout?,cloaks, fkc., constantly on hand. WM. T. JENNINGS, Draper and Tailor, *25 lmis*m 229 Broadway, American Hotel. ^ UN it HI) ST ATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, late 129 Chatham ftrret. New York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. cpHE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for I axle new and fragrant of every variety anil ?tyle.? Tluir auortmetg aneciaily include, the moat deliciou. .ud powerful grades of Orecn and Black, Every iwekage hearx the tamp of neatneaa and elegance, and the Teas therein are an thoroughly aecured from light and air that their iptality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their iy>trm of prosecuting business la perha|w ,carcely to he excelled. It i, founded n|ioii the ntmnat regard to the rtglila of the custcmer, especially with reaped to weight and quality, and unrivalled cheuyrsf. All purchaaerx are called U|mn to return any artidi .^Tliich fail to give them the fulled aatialaclion, when the IIIVM will be cheerfully and promptly lefundi d. Country me?d ants, imbliceatahlishmema, head! of tamiliea, and thi|e inascew will foul it a decided advantage to supply theinaelvex Iroin tlfla eatabli?hm"nt. I iilfer roasted every day\ . _ ... Uruvrs from nil i?art? o! the UDiteu nuict rtccmeu witn promi?titw?to and despatch. \Cf-The only warehonse in America for the sale if *lour|PV? celebrated Black Tea. *10 I m1 r TOHO!!! RING'S VERBENA OREAM. 'T'Htfl Crlthnlril filming Compound is now .11 the rage, *a ' well among fonaorian profe?.ori, as among those wlio prefer ta gatn?r in their own diurnal eropa. The improvement recently injdf in its manufacture |>lm r? the Verbena Cream ' above competition. 1 he subscriber having purchased the cony right, present! it to tlir public with an elegant new lahi I, and guarantees thai tor rase in (having it ran he e'joalh d only ny a Wall itrerl broker, the ( trim possessing (he advantage of giving batter la'iafaction lo the party by (he operation, and lliia >|>eaking from ri* perience. To prevent impoiition by the spurious article* now in tlie market, the direction, for use will have the written signature of the proprietor, none other being genuine. For sale wholesale ami retail at KM Nassau at. It. SINCLAIR, Protirielnr. N. II ? Also for aale, King'a Elmr of Life, Nelson's K* trae.t ol' Sarsapaiilla, Dr. Browder'. f lomponad Sytupof Indian Turnip, Ike. ot lm*tn NEW CASH TAILORING ~ ESTABLISHMENT, NO 93 CHURCH SI" (BETWEEN RBAOE AND CHAMBERS STREETS. CJ.ENTLRMEN fnrnnhng their own goods can have ihem AT made up ill the mo.t laahioiiable French .tyle, cheaper 'ban ever offered before in tlii. city. Overman made ami trimmed * VI Krocltroal? " " " 7 VI n?... ' a VI Vcd uid Panta $1 30 to I 73 N. H.?tlrpaiiing done in tl>r nratnt manner, ol Im'in HAMIfKL WVANT. ARTIST IN HAIR, I,ADIK8<% ASD OKWTli'KMK VA HAIR. NOT low thin two inche. Ion*, i? hwndrwd different do aign,?Nrrklicc*. Bracelet". Witch |Mt|)i, Lar-nnff", /"a BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS fttill ?tind pri"< miiK-nl "hot r "II other". Their peculiar light, Mwmrr ? I " ntil'liwf character, their being "htped etirtly J n.t'uril h*n (><>* ; their r a<tn-ity and tin ir mi|? iior material ml wi>rkman?hi:?. ? well u their "tyle of flniah ?nd ?f i-Mi.", 'II combine to form ?ach perfect hc\d? of hair, [j?i |hi in i?- 'c (.! ( nto be fully appreciated. Moth !i in h a piece of hair of a lining or deceaaed friend, mnirr1 i fo mcil byliim into any deaign the mind can coneeirr. In inch a form it will he a kce|w*ke iiivaluable l? nt.ii'ou, advice giren on all di?raae? councctej wi'li the hair, at the Hair Cutting Hnom*. 1(6 bAoADWAV, C0? oftib rtir *u?M. jylJBm* Up Bum

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