Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1842 Page 3
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The paper money to be of two kinds, certificate# of deposUi au t Treasury not... The erst to be tasusd .teller 1 lor a dollar,depoait?d at a charge ol]) |>ercent. 1'he second | to be issue! to government creditors, and tUa amount to be limited to throe times the amount of specie on hand. These provisions would enabled the government to mac lroia $7j,0UI),0:i0 to $100,000,000 of paper mo my. There 1 never yet was government paper money issued, but thai it resulted in utter ruin, lu relation to the depositee, who will pay a premium for a certificate when the note# may Ik had at par 1 The next feature of the bill ia that in which, according to Mr. Webster, its whole goodness consists, vit. exchanges. The board were to draw, ae cept, and purchase to an unlimited extent, at a I of two per cent; specie government paper, and the bills ( of the specie pay ing banks, to Ik taken for all govoro- ^ mentducs. This lathe plan, which is to be pushed a* the coming session. The only part ol it, which is at all < praciicuDie, is 10 iisue paper muury m p-; ? , ment creditors ; all those provisions which relate to vo luntary transactions with individuals, are impracticable, because they are aguiust the interests of individuals. 1 We will, at leisure, discuss the several points of the bill. It seems to be a fatality attending all great men, that 1 they should over take more pride to themselves forthoer I .-natters in which they are utterly deficient, than lor J hose brilliant qualities which astonish the world, and fix the admiration of mankind. I The following from Mr. Webster, will illustrate what ' we mean. In alluding to this Treasury scheme, he k states It met my hearty, sincere, and entire approbation. 1 Gentlemen 1 hope that I have throughovr my publie lite 1 man: tested ii not very overweening confidence in my ow n opinions, but there are seme subjects in which 1 have con- ! fidence in my own judgment, and this is one. All great men have i-liown similar instances oiweaknesa. Cardinal Richelieu, it is well known, was more proud ol ,| the miserable trash which lie wrote and called poetry, j than of those vast abilities which consolidated and eminently advanced the power of Franco So Mr. Webater, turn* j] ing from th ise talents for which he is truly great, is Ii prand of his skill in finance, the existence of which, no [ one ever suspected. In fact, a lamentable discrepancy ulways presents itself, whenever he oomes down to prac- i ticaldetails, ns follows, alluding to the commercial policy of the United States :? Do j on know?(tuni ng round to Capta'n Rich, a rich J merchant) her''are genticini-n who do know -that more ' than one half of the carrying trade,?the transportation ' of cammolitl s between the empire of Brazil and the United States, is carried on by tonnage fromthe north ol hiur.ipe ; in consequence of the inconsiderate principles J' on which wc have entered into these reciprocity treaties. J If we now turn to the returns of the Treasury depart- * ment, we nave the following figures in relation to the t Brazil trale:? f Tta.DE fllTWKtlS the U. STATES AMI! the BltAZlLA run V a Hehik* or Years. f imports from 1 Brazils. t 1831, 18%. 1818. 1838. 1840. a Am. vcsv Is, 1.117,119 6,551.186 3,116.841 6,894 947 4,052.890 u Foreign do lltill.O 657 004 74,395 398,008 874,106 ? A'ii. tonu'ee. 31.901 39,259 23,037 31,457 32.581 Foreign do, 3,1189 4 311 276 2,367 5,578 8 Rep's foreign ' goods. 1 A p. vessels, 463,730 1,272.059 561,867 481,699 300,711 ti Fu'n vessels, 9,(61 90,130 370 18,783 ? il Vom's goods, t Am. Vessel*, 1,525,961 1,656,509 2,077,248 2,050,880 2,111,520 Fo'n. Vc .jel , 10,131 74,232 17,709 83,117 34,343 q Totil eiports, 2,053,351 3,094,937 2,657,191 2,637,485 2,506,574 L Atn. tjniia-;e, 37,092 43,553 30,63.3 39,131 34,189 c Fo'li. dci 1,977 3 062 276 3,183 1,764 t Natioation Kmploti.d in the Trade between the U. I NTATF.S and THE BraZILS i Entered Vaitti States. Vessels cVdfm If. States. ( tilli. marts. Foreign. Jhuerican. Foreign. , No. Tons. No. Tons. No. Tons. No. Tons. 1831, 110 34.900 12 3,089 194 37,092 10 1,977 \ 1815, 11.7 31,720 3 75J 190 39.269 12 2,554 ?' 1836, 106 39,-59 18 4,34 1 205 4 3 553 12 3,062 i 1837, 1*0 25,122 21 5,766 103 19,576 16 4,107 H 1838, 10 i 23,037 1 276 142 30,623 6 1.601 i 1839, 15.3 31.457 12 2,367 179 39,431 13 3,183 , 1810, 153 32.588 22 5,578 170 34,109 9 1,764 ' In the imports lrom Brazil', American vessel* bring , four-filths. In the exports of foreign goods to Brazils, f which is the " carrying trade," the United States vessels } do the whale. Of domestic exports,American vessels carry j n.arlyall. The foreign tonnage employed, bears scarce- t h any proportion to the American employed in the trade, ? 11 any body has cause to complain of the reciprocity ( trade, it must be foreign nations. For it appears, that in i our intercourse with them, our shipping enjoys a monopo- 1 ly. What kind of reciprocity is that, which gives us the f v, hole business ? It is plainer then, that if Mr. Webster t wishes to alter the system by which this result is pro- 1 duced, it is to give loreigu nation', a larger share in our I The whole character ol' Mr Webster's speech, as far as 1 I it bears uj>on commercial matters, is entirely sectional , I and peculiarly New England. The principle of protcc- t I tion is for New England?a nat ional paper currency is for ' I New England. It is the instrument by which she tells ' her protected manufacturws to the other sections, keeping , I thorn always in debt to her. With her western railroad > I und protective tariff, she is at this moment eating out the I vitals of New Vork. All sections of the Union arc tribuI tnry to her. She is becoming aggrandized at their ex. < I pcuse, and rapid strides are making towards the establisbI mcnt of a manufacturing aristocracy, the only one i which, in this country, we have to fear. I Died, I At Hackensack, N. I., on the 39th September, after a I lingering i'lness, Mrs. Msar E., in the 4'2nd year | ofid At Hai lem, on yesterday morning. October 3nd, in the < lkh yearofhsri|s, Bum, wife of Mr. Jsas Mairar. , His friends and HCipiointance ure respectfully invited to \ her funeral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from his resi- , dence at Harlem. I N.11.?The Harlem line of stages stop running this day, t in consequence ol the death of Mrs. Murphy. \ On Monday, 2nd inst., in the4tith year of his age, Joins | Mi-rkav, after a lingering illness. , H Hi* iriends and acquaintances, and those of his brothers ] Edward and Patrick, and of his father-in-law James Hart, < H nre respectlully invited to attend his funeral, on Monday | H afternoon, at 406, from his late residence in Centre street. , I Paisriigvi) Arrived. St Michaels?Bark Mazeppa?Mr Jones, lady and family. I Passengers Sailed. Halifax aid Liverpool?Steam ship Acadia, from Boston t ^B -Wot I. verpool' Mrs MnlhoUtad, Mrs Bird, Mus Lewis, ; Isau Lombard. J Mulholiaiid, H A Ammelung. Wm Kilham, 1) lb-1 It. >use, Win B'-iitan, Mr Bird, Mr Chadwick, Mr Mclu- , H tosh. For II lifix: Mrs bryor, Mm Black, Miaa Eliza Cooke, ' ^B Lieut Sibbsld, John Tobiu, James D U Eraser, Henry Raynor, ' ^B Johu Fa, . J imri Cochran, A B Black. 1 I foreign Importations. Mr rseillfs?Brig Albert?66.1 bkta oil Mason fc Thompson , ^B ?7Ibale? mdse V Cli tleiinel?30 bbls wiue P A Brirtliau|it?118 ^B bkts oil K Cirousset?1 case books Boonen Oraies A co?3 do 1 ^B cologne waler J B Willard?tttl bxa lemons Haml Br om? I pel t ^B asphalte 20 bbl. tar 13 baskets oil 18 casks wine 4 bales mdsc to ^B order. ^B St Michaels?Bark Mazeppa?IScaaka sperm o.l A H Nye ?21 do Rogers X Bsrstow?1316 bxs oranges 30 do lemons U L . ^B Ma si h m?B do 137m OTUfH to order. i mahiti me herald: H To khlp blasters. H We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of reseels arrive g Siere, will give lo Commodore W. A. Basaetl, of our news Meet, ^B a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, eh. vessels spoken on ilieir passage, a list of their cargo, ana any foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Baiaett writ board them immrdiately on their arrival. We will reciprocate 1 thn fat or iuanv war. ^B , To Correspondents. Our correspondent* in foreign i?rU are retpeejfslly requested * to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can I obtain. Nantiral rn'ormarion of anv kind, Irom any sue re J suliuii ?i home or abroad, will be thankfully receired. ; H bit l' Of raW VOllK, OCT. 3, IM'i. j 1. IS risks C It I MOOT! RISES 5 11 I IgUtS SgTi 5 4'| I llinH ?>11H 8 " Arrived. Ba-k Magepra, Smith, 34 days from St. Michaels, with fruit, | kc. to t>. L. Milthun, Li It no American vessels. N? dale, Ut 31, Ion 6). spoke hark Carib, 4 tlx ? from Boston. Brnc Albert, Sea s, is ilu? Irorn Marseilles, with wine, kc. to S. Broom. lilt. 1st 40 40, Ion 09, spoke ship Ferns, from Pictou lot Chart-sinn. I Bn, Ki'i'i, W'llkrrson, i days from Fredericksburg, with , grain. to muter. Bnli-h schr Martha Grace, Dickson, 13 days from CumberIan I, Willi XI iinlsioiies. to Smith k Boyntoo. Schr Fawn. Beaton, from Jereinie. via Norfolk, 3 days, wilh 1476 beys coffee to A. C. Koasiere k Co. Left no American i essels nt J. SchrKdw. A Sf vcns, B-ixxs, J days from Biltimore, with mtls?,toJ.kN.Bn.u'? _ . Schr Koe, Smttn, A .lays from Georxetown, DC. with flour, kc. io Hitchcock k (-o. Schr llaoniiial, Decntur, 2 days from Suowhill, with com to H. P> H .vans Si hrW .lt r Bird, Means, 2 davi from Folly Landing, with | corn, to II. P. Havens. 8. hr Mary. WreliiiK, 2 days from Suffolk, with shingles, to | '"Schr Ann, Cropper, 2 days fiom Suowhill, with corn, to H. P. J "bc'hr Henry Clay, Scott, 2 days from Folly Landing, with j coin, io master. . ? ....... Schr Wave, Williams, 2 days from Berlin, Md with corn, to | Schr J. H. Dutton, F.vans, 2 dtys from Deep Creek, with , shingles. i Below. I One brig. Wind WW. (.cncral Ileeortl. 1 SHirrttt at Bostoh.?Arrivals dnntig the month of i Vpt. I,.i- Ships. Barks. Brigs. S.'hrs. Sloops. Total. . Coa t wise. 3 ? " 314 18 418 Foreign 21 20 33 84 161 Of ill. foreign arrivals, 12 brigs and 72 schrs were British; 1 ^1?*rincrsV Shi|ia. Barks. Brigs. Sehrs. Sloops, Total. Coastwise, 21 13 37 113 13 277 Foreign 2 0 43 90 116 Of the foreign clearances, II brigs and 74 schrs were British; ' hark, I brig Swedish; I bri; Sicilian. The Royal Mail steamer Drltanma cleared and sailed on the 1st. The Columbia arrivrd on the 2d. and cleared and sailed on the 17th. The Acadia arrived on the 18th. Whalemen. A whale brig went into Westport 18th nit. A w'ari If-m lm>w>. at * hm'* Aat ? Faral Aai M | j4l. all n?U KaM frata PWt A AmM l. O C ftarwani af ?H | tn LaaaknrA. __ . i Af2taT Jair tV U< U * laa to. Maar.Ti, at ml M 1 anafianaA. ___ _ yakaa, *( L It ? r . . "liana In V. ? Oii???. aM ?. u ??,? 1 H. MM 9. U?r? > a??Ha ran*. . ?'?*;?*; fr'VT^rr- y??- ? > ??.??..? : kV;.. w v-??- | t'*??a*4 Mala* On. LiM^trpin-luWaiM, faau >v-? NM* * +*- a 'I ?*rr Hrr 'ailata _i II. ** - - * a ? J ..a, ?u>. ttTBLT^a Ju"?u.*iv * r-M.A> t? } terr/ftter-*-??? . fcS^SESSllB^; r - rfs:, :..VL.T^--{ * v, - -J.- ' ml/ .in , I l, (,,, H K>- .??*-' > . Alio < M a ... Nl? B> i.i ai. A,,,' *_A . ( n~?t. \4...fc l?u*a?,,?, *. 1^ Ah ? it ? LW r tw Unlaw,,... p, im \ 1 h faonnaa. ?.*.? Na?. h?M>Mai. TV*. ' (mm. of Jan i?<illa 1 al ata J 9 m n. na aa ita U>l?.nlU r ?t Mat rWa*. l?4M. Tim ?n4 'ijileura. Mfanfc.>iLr?i?. CV1 J- A., VntA A>aA. to.?a. . tana?.. *' Tn'1,11 111..ii. H.i .... Li. . Pi. >. M. . 'An ' ' P.'Hmat , Ml I l,a|.. 511 ott town In .in. U>iiaiai. ..A .In HaMwA ata 11.Iail artn an .a..?n.. * I) W fatal Haitian..# tan jn-An Taiaaa La "nr. ?. Dm , M 1 Li?r. 114 J .a. 1 w?at lalni Ann <aaa I*aaA?Kai ? mm >larlli.i , . 'In W laim l> - ? t ? V.. I Bfc Mi llliia JfciI. illn) Taww ifalAi lab (Cat > ialilta. tuaann r, A ?n.n. Hn NNnii. M*|4 ta?A < IVa?.A?nan, MTata, Aaalian I, , J . |). A * n. i- a I ? 1 * I .. , l'.i? 11 . mi 4. U 1..1.1 1 1. It.-. . N la. !d I(iiIN>!III RM iih ,1 Nmr.n Hi 11 to? Ar< A i L4 a i- B*mym< I A > irunt. Hill In in. Hi. Im..a4 l? II it I LanAa. I ? > .m. lujm. An Mill Jin.! llwaan* I nana \. I n A .a ), Batl.ll, All, Laatar, < iniaata. A> BU In * I . in. * ? ' uilifi Wn.Mint.Taa, N? liiit-ln lua Wtaa4- \ iof4;A I Tin m. Baifti A A , f? .. Ii 4 Lnl A a. .In, ( ina K TUrn, ? haaitt. U.a 4. V ,lt t , .. ft.. aAal|4iia. I'MULHIM, tapt m?4 U I .lhaati. All N? % taA >imiin. Knainaoa. Au. SlUIHH, Haj.f n?( 14 H. It 1, Ij..,.! Moan t, I*,,.! f??< 14 1 n,^i. M '1.1.41 a. N.*\ t An >n a, Tltnina*. Nl? OtUtw, *>o ; Lm^ini | krrlUt, Moiuhn?u I* lt?. <1 \ Hgtitii 7 *#*. ?icli)'i tld, l ?i ?i, Havaim \f I 1/ril'I.U A I ION i)Y I llr i 1 1 fc I; ' *, t H LY1 GAT1VES, US < OMIINATluV Umm .(i j ct winch cannot t>< learnt mm books tor MM*f I II the wuiAs yet put>li?l?-d. no author kas ma ku>i J at it. The vegetable world must tw t aretuilv ?ta lied, and then it will take a !>( ' tiani to arrive at ' he threshold of the science. I * as placed ujwii tin ' hreshold at a very early ptuod ol my rxutm.e hy Itow ? i ho had spent a 1 nig life in the study ol the muiUplvuig mwer which vegetable put gallvr? have litem each o her have for nearly twenty years studied, and practised, this henry, almost to the i*it'liI?ioii ol Iteiy otlni science, nd have discovered a purgative principle in several lants which have uot heretofore keen supposed to |assess this quality. It is my intention at some future day to ay more upon this subject, for I think besides the purgaive properties alluded to, that there are other projiertn-s i it these new purgatives which have a strong similitude I i healthy human bile ; the investigation is replete with I nterest, and when 1 have finished it, the public shall have * he result. GREAT EXPERIENCE AND JUDGEMENT ar. r? uiredto make a valuable and at the same time art ent purgative. Thia is posse-sod only by few. The great majority of the remedies advertisclass are raanutacture I by per ns who have 11 he relative or individual )>' of the drugs tti t is this cause, more that' ier, which occasions the nertni ss and often inju ellects produced by ad\ or- '' ised remedies. And ft' the genetal prejudice which | irevaiIs aga. list them. iw there is n great differe ce , 11 this respect with regai o the pills made by Dr. B. t n- t Ireth.and consequently their superior claims upon tin ic. Each of the articles composing the iii\, '' ire prepared in that way which will secure icial ellects to the system iu the safest and .( er. For instance, some ingredient! have to n vacuo ; that is, the air is exhausted in the u -emains so until a combination ia eilected with ot fredients which afterwards prevents the air acting iouslr upon the medicine. Again the proportion ol ear. ngredientdepends upon itsmuTtiplying power upon other | ngredients. "For the power of dilterem vegetable purga- ? ives upon each other ia governed by similar laws that 1 govern the power of figures by multiplication. Nine aided to nine, makes eighteen : but nine times nine are ignty-oie. So it is with some vegetable purgatives. By | lading nine parti of one ingredient and nine parts of ano- j her ingredient together, the power is increased, not to ighteen, but to eighty-cne. For example, either of the J irticles to produce any purgative etlact, would have to be ' ised to the extent of eighty-one grains, by combining j hem only eighteen grains have to be used. Again, ano* her ingredient is found to multiply th s power again, J vhich in a proportion of two grains would have no elfect lpon the animal economy, but which added to eighteen ' train* oi a compound of tw o parts of nine grains each of j wo ingredients, will again multiply toe power which j hey hai e gained ol eignty-one to one hundred and sixty,wo. So again this mixture oftwenty grains can be again :nultiplied by another addition of two grains to the power if three hundred and twenty-four grains of the original power of the two first ingredients. Here we have twenty-two gra ns which as a purgative contain thep.wer i;quai to mree nunureu anuiwtniy-mu'graiusoi enncrot the articles alone ; nevertheless, although so powerful, after being thas combined, ore safe in any quantity ; al. ways having a beneficial ettect, and in no case capable ot Joing injury, tof which thousands bear ample witness. Tho time will crme when this medicine, THE BRANDRETH PILLS, will be appreciated as they ought and as they deserve. It will be well understood then that Dr. B. Brandreth has the strongest claims upon the public confidence. It is true that jvery individual who makes a trial of the Brandreth Is Pills concede them to be the best medicine they ever used.? 1'hey are indeed a medicine about which there is no mis. uke. Their value in a climate so changeable as ours can- ' sot be sufficiently apprerlated. A few perspiration is g| 1 >nce restored; thus they cure colds, and consumption is ^ prevented. Those who have a ledundancy of bile find hem of the most essential service; and should there be [ leficiency of that important fl id, the Brandreth Pills t lave an equally beneficial ettect. Olttn has this impot- > ;ant medicine saved valuable lives in those regions where r ha DREADED VELLOW FEVER was prevailing. A 1 >w doses taken immediately upon infection beir.g receiv- J h! into the system, will be almost certain to prevent any , naterial inconvenience. And at no stage of this dreadful pidemic is there so pro]>er a medicine as the Brandreth J [*1111. Lat this medicine be universally used in this dis. l ase, AND NO LOSS OF BLOOD ALLOWED, and t :ew, very few, would be its victims. So it is wi.h other ' li leases. ASSIST NATURE with this all-importaot nedicine, to remove morbid humors from the blood, an 1 lo not resort to bleeding or mercury, and we shall have a terv GREAT SCARCITY ol persons afflicted with 1 JHRONIC MALADIES. The feathered tribe?the ani- 1 nal kingdom?over which we arc the lords, they are not ifflicted with Chronic Maladies, neither should we be if it t were not our pride which occasions them. FOLLOW MATURE. Use that medicine which harmonizes with her which mildly but surely removes all impurities from the tl.wt.l \i hipli ilrt>tt(rllipnithp nri/1 vpt r<?HiiPPt thnc<> >i too full a habit to a healthy standard. Let mc again lay that every department ot the manufacture of the ' Srandreth Pills ia perionally superintended by me, and ^ hat every box with my three labels upon them may be died upon to have the beneficial effect described, if used 1 iccording to the directions accompanying each l>ox. , The public's servant, ; B. BRANDRETH. THE BRANDRETH PILLS arc sold at 35 cents p r >ox, at 341 Broadway, between Park place and Murry itreets and at 374 Bowery, 189 Hudson street, and 175 Second street, also at the following offices, belonging to B. 3 rand ret h: 'hiladelphia. 8 N. 8th st Richmond, Va., Main St. ialtimore, cor. of Light and St. Louis, Mo., 49 S. Third Mercer sts. street, lostnu, 19 Hanover st Pittsburgh, PA., Wood st. ,'incinnati, Third st. Louisville, 99 Fourth st. ( Charleston, 8. C., 95 East Albany, 44 South Market Bay, street. icw Orleans, 3 Old Levee, Couixtrt Agv.xti. 1 Urtfonl, Conn..Henry Ben- Troy, 8. Bos worth, . ton, Troy, C. B. Howlett, 4ew Haven, C. W. Crosby, Buffalo, A. W. Wilgus, i 'rovidence, John Shaw, Syracuse, O. 8. Fitch, J *(ew|iort, W. S. Vose, Utica, Geo. Dutton, s dobile, Ala., Doubleday St Rochester, Hy. Scrantom, ' Sears, Mrs. Booth, Brooklyn,Mar- . Augusts, Ga., 8. M. Thomp- ket st. [ son, Newburgh, John Caughey, A Vtnghkcepaie, A. Van Auburn, G. M. Milligan. 1 Kleeck, r Hudson, A. H. Bpaulding, ? To be the genuine Brandrcth's Pills the l?x must have j hrec labels,and each label two signatures of Dr. B. Brsn- i lreth. Get the genuine and satisioction is insured. 1 03 lit cod*r O H BR IN (?' tTlt KS T ORA TIV E (CORDIAL, No. <76 KroeS I way, N. Y.?This Cordial hiving obtained a just celebrity t in account of the many euro it has performed, in rases to d which it is ;uhpieil, tli public is respectfully informed that it relieves Dyspepsia and other disorders of the stomach. It is s peculiarly adapted to remove those complaints, not by constant- j ly physicing, nut hy strengthening the system. No g.eater , mistake can he made than to suppose that Dyspepsia, or any 4 other disease arising from debility, cau be cured hy a frequent ? forced aclioo on the bowels, by purgative medicines. When , this complaint eiisls, the system is already too weak, and every , additional dose tends to make il mote ao. The Cordial, on the ), contrary, acting as a tonic, strengthens the digestive organs, and assists them to iierform their Inactions as nvlure designed.? 1 Hence it is found to be efficacious also in litoae diseases peculiar ' 10 females, which arise more frequently from weakness than "j Irom any other cause. The Cordial likewise is a certain core d for the Nervous Headache, and affords relief in almost all af recttons of the nervous system. It is an ticel'.ent preventive of ' costiveneas and law spirits. The aged and infirm of bo h sexes, <" and |? rsons of sedentary habits, prone to costiveness, have ex- ? pcrteucrd great benefit from it. It speedily promotes strength in all cases of geueral debility restores a good and healthy ai["'tite, gives tone and rigor to the whole sy.tein, ami is highly | lienenc al as a fomc in convalesenre from f. vcrs and other acute 1 ii':.:"' r I'voof of its virtues in the above complaints, the I public is referred to the recommendations of eminent physicians, a ! , A!,!!",'!' 0 tesiiecuble gentlemen wno have derived fee .tie .eT?? S" Wh'?h Plllll.lied in the f Circular accompanying each bottle. prepared and sold hy the nronrietor i, " or wU1 ?V**P*??We, tfirouahowt the coniitry. 'rice ! " bottle, and $'| prr doxen. Order, ai i o.nnanied by the cub imnctntlly eiecuied, and forwarded ar- i ^ortlmg to direction* J j S'ELLIFTO OVt'-JJICHAEL kEKSEl.te of the firm o( o Re ear k HilIt, offeri for aale at ro.t r large a.aortrn. nt of !>en, porket, and dirk kmrea, aciaaora and raxora, together with table cillery ol i-nry deierintmn. Alao, Brliannia ware tea mdcoffre .eft i, tea and table apoorn, aecordiana, gold rinaa. pitta, chain., ai ver and gold leeert, fcc., Itr. Thia.tock mn?i poaitirely be a. d on 01 before the lat of Nnretnber neat MICHAEL, REESE, tTI Itn'tc 70 Maiden Lane, np etaim f SA BIXLA ORAI'ES.?<r KT BA'TTe80?^~NorT!Wi ' Row, and 34 Bowery, receireafreah Iaahella Orapej eteiy day from the Croton Vineyard, for sale to tmt pnrrhaaere. N lw' . "* '?? ??J in l urwy iwretula will bp iref.ircd. T? ' * onnlinrd for lit* burn* m and gitr undoubted ' m. . ,(. librral ronimiulofl will bo |Wid. v . ^ i .rrd- BRADBl'KY. SODE.N' kCO-, ** itt nmimi >* \ \ 1 > \ t |, m :,,_X pt ifraaor a'*mi \ wbpra* arc frw or no ko trdc ia, ? ku . u trirWr of Pianoforte and Bikipilf, *!? Tw brat rrfarcocr given 1 ' *M Broadway oj Kit*PC v 1 ' I Pi HMHHluD APART* WF CP*"4* faanili. wfwr* no olhrr ' ' ( III. mm. ..r r ladl r winter. The aitnr, * ' '?> ! u?p Park Pom N B. ' ifr^L 11 ixpfrrwd. Term* will * I B H?>?U ulfer. oJ3il?*r JC BWAM N li OT MAKKK?TTAVTEn_Wa?t. . ""*"**i ? ?' M i?l?hapda,to wkamflM TiT'l\iT P fc? ? -N? il Broad at., 1 P. LOOI^TUf. ?? 1 II loihr W r i Tuoita-<?i ?*? fcwaU . M Ml >'l v*r. wiabra lo i? ' ' 'Mi te aptwtrraa, in agnurcel family. * ? " ?! ?' CI |.l of 1 good fck|.?Wt(?l.l?rw, l-i... tK. k*.t oi S 1*3*^ Awdr-aaA A. A t?|l|>,ny>i Poat office, N. a I Or a , .1 I rin , rc ' ? . . ,k. / orowvr, who ? ?A<1 riaoird. It If U owrr. or any |*p | 11 i??i ? i|r ) trniimi inr 1 m-i .{ (ti'ir !,|| r'-idinir run tf u' mm J of kit Idr iat r rt apictinE I I IMM r. <awh look ,<4 >? Mstn > rare alarr. V \ k. ?., ?.> I' MM. JOHN W LI "LOW. ? >?V *?< !- d atrrrt, NrW York. II > I ^ ifitO.UtlMi MMI IMKibu kre '* ?h<) ?<fr? v NitrtR OrdM utd Ludlow. " "* *1 " "r t* in< r?>r. ami ">'? ? UMBSPW cuwv *% ?> ? mi w kiek mil I*I ? i * t k IMMMW WHU II r?iH|? roatvMiifttt. "it H i ^ t B ? kt ' t Kf ? ilru ?l liar Railroad Dri Ira . Maya ITi'i, poekrt book.roB I .?* .?. I , ' , i> r a 1 W f |l Waddrll, at? [Mian, in ?? ? at Jntlai Bill I. -m liland Bank, actrral t '?! |a It.. t b> . V If) HtUk. I|l?r MM < ? area iAi w mi -a altariaa I i? li.>. ? rarV ta.mlv on lit* Bank ?l I'lla |in>< pare at ikr a n im (Haryaa-kaar MM Mtara Villa am aarauaa bank a (br |aar*ee? am JJIan taatla .*a ran a? !> ?[? I %kt a> ha |M *..ti?i hilta .<a> 'tar Irak -.4 ilira, Ou> ." ? tana iJ* iallii [airia kal i. tm 10 ATUt b*Ha > thr fkaal.' I mull Bank. W*K taalta am th* (kr ila Barak H ' .. miM drirrt t C' I.f and rrtMrn Ska or I r ill Wiain (tar tar a I Mil) til tk. anbarfijri or Mai*' A1'-- H II at arena, ('lira, or Lev, I, h Willr \ta [ k ataall i. rrilr it.r at> >ar rrward. I II kHI ?.* W kl.XKH. Barlftaa' Bflcia ant) , N.Y. .kikMt, B*im ft Wat N II W -a i laaar tafcr an'ita I ol * ? I 6 >l4t.*/lM ktOMM INK' .UOHoi'f tHK I VITH' *TATk?-Oa thr III I J.. ?i-y. Ill], a a> ia. .li'Ml. maaai a> all. < reiaia, kaktaa, and I tar fma arta >il|Mr aadrf liar edit rial (Mrc .>1 t (? a kaiamt Kay., ad NMm? far ma yiaywwtun h> ><Mr aa.h?cnbei harry aa. n a.M ' aa au;-rt- akll tlMla all atrrl itlraan.a, a I la Hi 'a.l,. ..a and a carer 04 M.aalr Itw* I I rt I laMM Br .? aa retard by W II |>? Ma|>*tri ta| Thr Aral n Ir *1 iraaal aaru. a ia'hr e Karr b.Briafatidaa ,?'iii?..ara i laa tapa?raj tawal rarra' u aa all br of thr nuwt uurib rka< rlti Tt 'Mia id th< aiift to tanafflr aabarraWra It a jrar, payablr a adaaacr. Oidtn and coatainitairaiamia i-oai-paid, axv br ab inaard JAMICfc BTKlSiUr.R, <i| broil *rr ___ Ht Pre ad way, mp alatt. NKW FRENCH GOODS. To MILLINERS ANIi DEALERS. B. BTR4NOK. IU Walkrr atnrt. haa r-rriard by tka c?a Uat llaa a.. . 1-t.rfa, mrm (.aula a adc ? Ll'V'B M OWK1U, PkTTt UN IIATh t kP", I Pit' I a,, I I a'l'.) iihicb ntt fan aalr rati tar or abb trrma. kl mil aaifd) ad MrW aaatrr. u for flown tnakna i. : IKF PILLS 1 in . iiii i. ii ' .l'll aalr nf thrar Pllla for thr aliort !i >? b- . . I iititiljccd into thta c mu'ry, ia truly ku i iiiaa aatrtr m in rrmrda luc dtaaaar. At tnia araanu if lilt- t rar, m (i n thr a> atrtB la irlai 'd by thr hr at uf lumoirr. i citurar ol thu inyaluaalt Iii'dit iar arill < Uat n|| trac aour aita ltd Inimort win, h hrat inv*riahly ki n rit?a. Thr litrr, which irticiall'' trrta altt^xiah. will br cat isto hralthy artiub. and nua br able to nrrform ttlc function" Allotted to it. thr body ItoKcthrr will Ik' rriuri*or rfr I, and prrnarrd t > audrryo whatrrr cliaiiyr tbi winlrr may brms on. In bilintaa romi laii.ta, 'PAW C'lda Atl.l iuflaiiinialiMlii, iIk-\ aff -rd a anrrdy rrfirl, nd otic- frma'c <oi atilutiona Ihry arr tartirttUrly I'P'irablr, aa ho Invr Irird thrm can crrlify. In fact, rfry nor aa ho d I'irr'i Lifr Pilla airin to hr inattllrd with nrw lifr, nt'.binic ptoprrtira iuratiAhly rr-torr the atotaarh to lonEinx for food, totind alt rp. and all thr rianronttndaut on yood hraltli. Thr ritrnt to whit h thry ana ill r.urope, among > 11 ciaairi in aociciy. it neyona 'trillion, for more than 30 AW boaea arc there aoid weakly, thowUK that all wlin tne th> m *| I'leeiale llteir worth They are old exclusively by the following ifrua, via: ? Hiiihlou & Aaptuwali, Orukgiata ami ,chi mi'ti, H William at. 110 Broadway and 10 Allot llouar Yliralitm Saudi It Cn.dniggit ? and rln misU,granite buildrturi, 270 Broadway, corner of Chamber at. \ D chic, 413 Broadway, corni r of Liiieae-d at. loliu B. Dodd. druggist. Broadway, comrr Bl echer at. V. W B ideal, Bowery M-du me Store, Kt B'Wt ry. Uihu C. Hirt, druggist, 3l?Oraml comer Norfolk at, tymea' M-diciue Store, ?1 B'aro, roinerot Walker at. V. B. Triplet, turner Fulton ami Water at. dorace Everett,, 307 Grtcun kh at., neat the corner of Franklin it. I. At J. Coddincti n. apollrtcailt a, B7 II ada n ateeet, anrnei of Sininx at. v L. Col Ion, (.hernial and apothecary, Ml Bl.-ei hee at., corner ol Jonea at. I. Wendovrr, diutrciat and apotheary, 141 Eighth avru'u Irooklyn?Wm. a not rung, aeed, druc uid paieni medicine waiefionae. ISIS Fulton at. And wholesale, at prourtetom' r.rti, ? , T HUBERT* hit). Clarendon Howe* . corner at Unanr itrrei aa4 Bmadeav. ol ln*r I Vf. KELLY, M7 Broadway, will ojrea (>a T??ad?i mat. d ? October 4 h, a Hridi't K om a ennneetinn nun hw Vewtpaner and Fenedacal Eatabl broeu ? . he wil h- ey ill the n lily Newtpaieia of the c.ti . and a la-gr ens.>Wiai iiaorrtnent of newaprwra from the (Btfereai Sta'ea in the I lie ?ilao, tnc ptinrtpil Magaaii e? of the day in -l i lrra U ciary Mnirurn, Drmnr ratie Review Graham aaii.e. I Br ton Miscellany, and the Knickerho. her, together mtk the r-oriuta of the F.nglisli F"eilodtcals, era Laac a tdaartrrly, hdinlunh. Foreign, aud Went Ml niter Ranees. I la Mi* I'm 'eraity. Blacknood a and the Metropolitan Maaaamna. and Irntley'a Mlacellany. Yearly aabsenbera $i, monthly en been hem M reati ainarle ullnieuue tVa ceuU. payable in ad ranee The room will be open frem M A. M? till M P. M. . r~ For sale at the above . itablithmetw |>r Reek'a lafa'li de Health 111 la; aleo. W melon'a laaigoratiag Vegetable Bo pre. ^ E*e[17 IBM FH"TO III KNOWN BY MIS WuRK NOT W WORDS-A. WALKER. Dramt. No. m . nember. trfft, Kt! imiUlion iaeorr?|?iUe itriK tm rwm, ?l?irh t ?? ( k- i|Kliiik'?i?lM <i fr?-m tk# Mitral. Innprta the imi ftfllly m f' 11 l 'ht || |e 'if Aim * ri I a s v. f, ,!ff Itik *! Irr I oil. i?i |M? . <uf t , ? e-. li i.iliir?il Kitlim nf Hugging ?ler??rj t#*iH ih# ier?f *, - -I in ML Tk* IfxiMMirkr rti^i Cirrn lithont di?trarfi"K tltt inilirni TWtr ?<m all n pritc-M r? tnititf to ?b* Dmul ?n. |*? rf ?tmr<! at per rem I m ban ihr tmi*l chargei gj [TNCUAVIM. AT T.IIE <?M NI?. H A PI I nEttfE; t? N Hmaduay, tneitcd with UNtkH. ? t?4(*ru ud d*? mtrli, in all its tarliMM branches. From iW wwsi isisa af vork, ana uriao < inert y.mrney n>n rafiairn an a> .Med i? nrdiately. Good references repaired. Apply aa above "2 :ii t od IJIAMI FORTES ro HIKE -< r GODONS. MlH ' Broadway, het ween Wilkti sod Li>|*nrd itrttu, be. y* a arte assortment of Piano Fortes to hire, fiom three to tick luflari p-r mouth. Alau, Foreign Maair nfikt latest ()|*rt< of Italy. 8ig. A. Baxioii't method of Solfeggi". far one aa wo I lilt r?. Roman Strings for Hart's. Violins, Guitars, kr A [Honda of Music il Inaiiiirii<-sta npure.1 It rod Irs*r PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YoKK IJAVE preimrrd a number of " Private Medicine ? heaia,'" I A aacl, containing an aivmprtste planter of the new French Medicines lor the car* of a pecufiar class of diseases skirt tare unfortunately in too many instances fallea ander l*? trwi neut of igunnint '(Hacks, in roaaequenr- of the ettremertelir* :y which patients thua afflicted etlubit in applying for medical idyice from icspectable irtiyairiane. In ihr m-rrte ie.w n rlained, howrTcr.taf* and effectual Irra'meni will be earned by >uch iralienta without thenecc-siiy ofmaking aar atariosur* ..I lieircaae. The " Medicine I I,en" .munis and. a inawr I ippropriate medicine aa is ruarantr ed to elf. el a |?il. e? r r?, ind ample directions ill * plain and familiar style atrew.aar ach cheat. The remedies are ap| to all forwia or lh? dtalate. '1 he Cheats, containing remedies for a>|rinlN? diaeaaea ire told for ti each?the chc-ta with remedies lor aowndr.?i ind gleet S3 each, may now be had of the Fnuctpal Ageat id the College. W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent Principal Office of the College ft Saaaaa street. N. B.?Cases forwarded U> Jl parte of the Untun, tne Canadaa ind West Indies. Persons purchasing addressing the Col lege, rratuitously obtain whatever additional advice they no desire luring the prog re as of their case. am i* a. rMPROVfcMENY_T^"~DENTTilTllT^>Or"Mw rrdrm ' have to undergo the ordeal of lasbltc aciuuny and haifi hould we be if iher came oar. in the of oatvisaMh t." he whrrle, stamped with the seal of urprobatiim. The new feature in the science of Dentistry was discovered ry I)i J. F. Canl.lwell, of Virginia, ar d is rsrrsaafully pear iaed by Geo. N. Hum- hreyi, hit pupal, who has lafcrn re.nt 211 Broadwav, netldoor the American Hotel when he will i* happy to give practical d<monstratioi.a .1 hia akiil la this lovel and tain-saitur process ol titrsctiug I.eih, who h l?aa aused persons ol nervous temperament to hear the tarraaents or ooihachc dreading the i iw-W'iki g system, an ltmg mvoa'ae kll dental op ra'iona perfn med by him are warranted Teeth naerted will, such nerfecincs*. aa lo deceive the m at a- into . tine, of their falsity. Teeth plugged, cleaned, ane filled, mi the miW sag" ' ?d .Ian, baring spent many y? art in semiring a thorough an ? edge of the art, togethr r with an erleuaire |>rnri,re la the i> hem States, he often hit ssiuces to the imblir with e> af to nee. May be c"naiilt?d at all honri of the dir. <4 Im NSTROSlKNTAL~WO?RrASH(jCnTToN-fi ?'>. - men disposed to unite iu the formation of a sacirtt tut >a traction and improvement in instiumenul music. aud-i the irrctlon of an eminent professor, are irqueated to leas* Ibei ami t at the music store of Mr. Kl. tM.l.i l ie lyle of music st ill be selections from o|wraa. wal'r irs, kc. The society will organise as soon aa a saA> i. at nam c r of anhsciibers are obtained. nl lw*m jJAHIH III.I,I hAKV AH I'll I.KH - I h. .Urn ih. , ' justr ceirrd a splendid assortment of new style Kail Rib on*?c i uprising, rich striped and chane Pmilt ds Rose, (hos ,c Napl i t. Satin. Levantine and Velret Ribbon*. Also, | lain and colbred black and tilu* black isffsta sad atoms, II is ; new style bonnet silks, kr., ke. ( ossntry and ityde lers are particularly reqnestad to call and tiawnne ih* tock'. i fore iiurchssmg elsewhere. IS/yi II ill UPTOM a U-j *JTIO"?m fonf doort tborr (.'mil NEW O OOD A?Tlie undct tiit rtrd ti >1 ult at i r nti < >n to a i??kr utorin i n' of UnoJi for i*ll and winter wear, mrludi ( Later clotnt for anrtouti, M?imerei in a irrrat vamiyof rylet for tone. Rich silk,?<1 in, anil inrrinoi. ?linif?, win n will he rn - de up O order ?t moderate rhirirm, for read) money. Hi ady made laitonte.cloaki, fcr., contlanlly on hand. WM. T. JENNl NO*. Draper audTailm. 2.yiinii*m ' Broadway, American H<>i?l. DUL.PHATE OK QUININE?2M0 Mincn fur ulr ai maun 5 lacturea price, by RUgHTON fc ARP,NWALL. M William tlraet. Alto?Jnjuh-j Pa>te i? li and 30 lb. boiea. !?? > DR. ELLIOTT, OCULIST AND OPTHAliMIC SURCJEON, ('online* hit Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. OAc? HI Broadway, comer of Warren itreat. ?M lma**r ___ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. root of Whitehall street. The (tram boau STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New J ork aiwl Slateu Island *a follows!? NKW YORK. STATEN ISLAND, n I II 10 IK 12* a ;* All goods shimied are required to be particularly marked, aad are at the nak of the ownera thereof. ol r _NEWARK~AN~p NEW YORK.?Tare ^ ^*Oulv 123a cents ? Tlir spleudid and ruinmodi ? *- ** steamer PASSAIC, Uapt. John (jarfy, being oiiii|i|(kly and elegantly relitlvd, cnmmvucrd Iter icgiiit trips lor the aeaaon ou Thursday, t larch 10?leaving as Jullowa *? Foot of Barclay at. New York, at 14'a o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at half-peat I o'clock, A. M.aud half paat I o'clock P. M. Ou Sundaya, the Paaaaic will leave New York at 14>t A. M. and 4 P. M. Lea>* Newark at half-past 2 A. M. and at 2o*cloek, P. M. d/"" Freight of every deacriplion carried at reduced pncea. 01 2m*r

^MQ MA FOR ALBANY, TROY and Intenrei iWo-Jed.ale places.?The splendid low nrrastiru SCL^XQLstrainboat SWALLOW, Captain A. M'Lean, will lease the foot of Conrtlaudt-a>, Monday Afternoon, Or' Jd, at J o'clock. The Swallow will leave aa above, Tl nriday, 6th. (t y The above IS a substantial boat, fitted up with elegant State Koomt, and for accominodalioti ia unrivalled on the Hudson. o2r_ UNITED Liue of Liver|x>ol Tackels?Packet of nfxh3d October.?The superb fast sailing well known jKMBfewl' lekel ship ROCHESTER, CapuPlulip Woodhouae, Will aail punctually as above, her regular day. This favorite vliipis too well known to require comment; b"t thoae who know her well have never aeen her in such fine order aa at prtaint; her between iltrks are fitted up with every conveiiir nee for second cabin and steerage passengers, and iu the most romfortable maimer. Those about to embark for the above port, should not fail to rxuuine her accommodations before engaging elsewhere. For passage in cabin, second cabin aud steerage, early ai<plira'lou should be made ou board, foot of Bulling Klip, west side, or in *V. A J. T. TAPSCOTT, 02 r 43 Peck Klip or 32 South *t, cor Ji net' Lane. JO'lN IIERDMAN'S REOUI.AI4 COMMKRWSK CIAL LINE of New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, JBHflKai and Savaunah Pickets will be despatched aa uuder? The splendid netrly new fast sailing ship SHARON, Captain Peniiigton, will sail for New Orleans on the Jtli inat.; the first clssa elrgaut packet ship KALAMAZOO, Capt.McLerran, will Mil for Mobile on the Jib inst ; the well known fast sailing shir BROOKLYN, Capt. Richardron, will aail for Charleston on (he Jib inst. ; the sups rior new ship VERMONT, will aail ninth ou the 6th inat. _ I lit- amive are all of Hi* lira! and larveal claar, commandril hy men of tereriiDce, and all hare unitirpa.scil aceomiiK'dationi. For cabin, aecond cabin, ami ateeraRe pasaenK*ra, who will he liken at the lowe.t r.tea. For farther uarti ulara, apply <?> JOHM HKRDMANT 61 South atreet. N. B. The auharriber haa a regular aucceaaion ol first claaa alupa aailmt for earh of the above |ioiJi every few Hays. oSr Sfcg- TAS.iAfifc PoR NEW on iflVy Monday, the 10th of October,?The fine, first-class, EfJUtSm fcataaiilag ship SKA, burtheu 1000 loin, Captrin J. C Ih Uiin, will ?.\il at above. Tlii&i wit* ihip haa accommodations for cabin, aecond tibia, and steerage passengers, unsurpassed by any other vessel now Ioa<ling for the above port. Those going South, will find it to tht ir c ??ufoTi aii'l advantage to select this conveyance. For pa** which will he moderate, apply on board, and l??rr No. 13 F. H , or t?? the subscribers, ROCHE, BHOTHKHS Ik CO.. 35 Fulton-street. ft Neat door to the Fulton Bank. KAI I'VII)()^lL I?Will commence Tuesday .the 4 h inst., and cmiiiiuc three d*ya. First Day, Tuesday?J nkey Club Fursc, $300?$50 to RO to th?- aecond best horse. T tto mile beats. day? >wrcp?t .kea lor three year olds, tub. $200 tach? for 1? if Mile heats. Wednesday? Jockey Club Purse, $500?$100 to go to tee second Hsatboiw. Three mile beats. Aim* day?Purse $50?$10 entrance, which it added. Mile k* ? *. Thursday ?J ?ckev Club Purse, $1,000? $200 to go the aecond best hotst V ut mil* h?la. Harm day ?Pu sc $50? $10 entrance,"! he added. ? 2 u r 11 k. POLER, Secretary. FOUTY DOLLARS REWARD.?Stolen ??r I juf^ Stray* ?i Iro n the puture of the aubscriher, ou the JmSjkmAm n,? 1 of the 1 t i'istaor. i bay horac about 15 bauds bitn. 1 >e*rs old long tail one hind fo i while, 2 or 3 white ?t>ofson his ha?k.or ?s?tdle marks TVenty dollars will be IMS id for the return >( thr home, and twenty dollar* for the detection of the thief PETER FERRIS. __Orr?nwu t u t . Orf 2*1. 181'/. o3 I*rrc Wl L HOUSE* WANTED.?10 to 1% young, active li rsrs. wrtl b ok- a*dul?* and hirneaa, red suitable Q2jl f,,f -Hipi tag. ly at 83 South atreet- of 31*60 Tl'l"- I* ifSFt'ntKD?Union for I be aahe rf * lb I in.>u ? I rn-.nb r-"flhe I 'iiloniala Aaaoeiation, and .11 pe-. iri. frit u?ll> lu ike noble advocate ol oar Democratic H-itikkr a |..?n- 'ple?. (Hrnn Flay.) are reouealrd to attend tin main Mm.ilili tweeting of'he Association, at Monroe Hall, <>a Monday irfanf, October M. By order. olteod'r BII.Af* CHI< k K.HI NO. Prudent. MK JOHN II I (>T'I -W' >rt ,.f 0,>!>. nU ol 'he h i( senatorial dittrac; will r??l their rotes for thia gentlrm wh ?, with lit* ft'ruda, ruled down ami defeated the regitI' " , loi Huprrsiso. "f Ins town laat spring, il? tlint m hi* oil e i Whig. Th? ie beina at the elec Ion ail goHatha prrrtoras a majority of >111)' for the Democratic Ticket. Wl> j failed alao to nbtaiu the delegates < sltct a great atiife) at baa recent town mediae. nearly all the toi, ra being brought 'ill. |11.|. 1m . rr, 1 ite.I t ho nominate n oi a t ounty toi Senator, had urn Mr. Murphy, . 1 B h 1 msde u?e of (he iiitlueuce of iW iiivi reaira Ion and mhera niader him. with al-o the At Isntn Hoik, where he a Dirertot, and one of the largest m ah I tr ii 10 ohtain the dr legatee, which waa uaed alao to MM We | Muri-h ,'? ) nominal > I'loee 0. the able l>. m ? rata who left Mr. Van Buren IB hi, dnkeet h<>?r ? d adi net Ml. Vandertrter to Tote agariisl ha I i- 1 end*nt Tieaamy law. aa may be prosed By a call I- Bihe flow. FJ| Miairv, who waa thew in congress. ?wh ere yo?r Kina'a c mety Demx-iala, who advised all o|nalr at be wari meeting! Im tall, not 10 east llieirvotra foi I d) and Vaitau A pnitmn. hiWet.i.d.d rote for Varian The doom of 'hie half neophyte is now Aged. His rote on Hie He hi ml law will M tare him. M it la well known he then rot ed ifUMi what waa hie piirate opinion. AI read r la the hand wiling area a pun the waif, by ONE WHO KNOWS. Now Tad Hept. M IMt. ol >*1 PITT MoNKV IN THV PUKSE. HOW ? Pair niee the ( ity Caah Tailoring Establishment, M B'-mdway The mover ralea which hare been charged for faahionable . im> led lue aahar-iber to adopt itie 1 h, ay 1 rah avaiem, and be now often 10 it awt gewlieinea with the Sweat Cloths, made ,> with arataeea, isMr. and drapaleh, ai I lie veil lowest ,. I' . I"? le I rngi mr ntr I' .1 the lineal i I Vvriinas Ii"in Ion htndr. tin n aftard i < m I- e The moat ?i|iriienceil ruiirra are en , . . Miliar II I- fl i lilirr satislri Iron. ? ,"k. ir inno. tire city ran have a fall suit made ap at bran in-line. 1 all and Wiutet < I ehiiw mod) made of rrm rariely, qaalm and til le, of the I an ri laalo mi and warranted tn St.?Hiram gerr wid do Well la call be lore porrliaaiag elaewhere. a if Imi.* I- HW Mtl> H>\. paki? ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS BHI V k ( O il) WrlHato ilwil. h?If lnt, Lvman II ml . . a I. ? .I.,., run I'llla Ami ,.l I wera I. .then, tu , u * luilix Imm .? .'.Iiet..m t. . . . . mi* I ".in ix-ir hour* in I'arti by l?MT Hat t* I?rl>i,tw H?MI el > lea <i# Aowcii and fa-ilhars, aa tlx i aj-ixai in thai min uf fashion. Tim airai?nwal ruMfi thea to hat* mnataatlr a* hand a in -< i u u?t .. i > ?' ? Ira Dealing by e n. thta litre than in> othr r establishment M tha m?. IMt can aff ad to aril al tha (cry lowest rataa and oa die tooe- reasonable .. rata. W ho.eerie a are mat* my Hair*. A law. e.iaarantl aa laM, rlrrf kind lit Mala n a la tor flower aMuadnelnrer* a) lai*r ia DR. SOLOMON HEINE WHOt'tO todunn ha |?ueat? aad tha pabtre. tht ha atill *4 lam la haa anfHai mmbb, to raaara* aa mm aathar (bb pBMW aa aNaaaamae until tlx patient la satisfied with ha iai|?-'*eme? and wnald tafiaa them thai ha has rraaaaed train III Broadway to Na V Heed* aurat, appiaitr (he ktanhalt Haaai. whaaa ha i jnlB 4a allr?ahw n tha i- " rartani d tandmmaa. st all aim hare ratter-fur a iaac Unas aadar da*aass rnwetdered by thaw larinUr. AOl.oMbN HKI.MK, M D. Car toe ndeaaaam* ad *M wha wah la totoad da* traalaaraC rill Man i Heine , I aaaM Mala thai Ih* <*nly Darts* lie taw wha has ***t In rd in or had his aire ia Inadaar, a the aw* saw nahty at >7 iaads atraal, annate Ih* Marshall Thar Phrareraa eaar* to ihaa eaaatry ahaat riaht fears araaa Ihaa* had tha pfeasnra a# a wen ins him amaa thai uar*, aad id sun (Bt aaanr aari toil anas performed *r ham ha a ah**- Are toe af U rears, aad is the naif aw* at dw aaaae who ma member ad (ha toe toe al laawwlraaa ad tha StoaJttoadUnS ^ ^ VtTMOU.M D. )(i< wear He r < i.m n' Deads rl?lm"r Rl hMTO i h AhPl.NWAM to Wdltotoatee. H , we*, aad IS hilar II to *! tnr rale, a nrl< aa* rttor m uf Dto aad Vtadmne*. nd sajmt tor aa lit I awd |ml Bp ta the hast assart Ala? Medw ine I heal a to* ?h|*n. fetor Mas and plants TftrrS Reaprrnt" ??A aaw aad ?alas hi* itmtna nreni tar e.iuelr na the 'amperalare nt Ih* aar ah n inhaled tain (he tuna, i i'd ea ihtiae da tad ie n?j si'ii latat, bi V* M??t m*m, u? 0? mUtmd *? all tm* ft. tad ?#r !l<?i ()' ??< knr R. n .?dmi Mhutw h. m l amok aparvn la. IW ?"MK Irak hraak. WHti a*|4r 4i?''kwi for < ian|."an4 FlaaR Katrarl af Arraafautlla. (r?|w?4 taR I A M ikr k?ai aaaann aait k?jklr .?<l >a Ik* ta?r4 indk) I'ruUir ? ? I A RAMI. < HA \? t?> > W? Ma m au4 >< !>>?. ?? ?Fat?*r >a"M<u? ibtak.baiaaA baaArnanU Mi *4 bp (or Am- rknr taaara, at?k a aaad rat. af l?aa aaiubtiakrA ratio*, ta4 boa 4 nab jmakianta laaiaraa a kr t .air aia .4 for kaar. ana* >a ? an I at. P. ark tl* ttofr kat.brat aa tkrra H boar ta Da br*fclkob?o4 Tkt akt.t. aaa4 ai(l ba m>M ar a ha*pra f?r caak, an ika |uaarai prurrkraar ta ankiaa la rrlib fro* Ika kaaibtaa Titan M arttrllra rkaarr lot rat .iaa In lap r*ki ia4? a aafr Ib4 inRnMt ba. inaaa K'M 4 tkr ba. 4iaa irif n4rrii Fur farlkat prttwrlwi ap|4i "" 'ka m awr It' Ha4ana M. al la*r |IILI.IAHI?* ?Olra Fit-M raaiardull, rnrilar tkr Wtart a If .kit aaiaat HI, In c M al Baaul -nTt R.--UK. at at ikt f li an Rainw Hnaar lab I ?lt?a aa4 IS Ana kiwi, ahrrr a t...irr mo br krH iriaMttllii 11Anr Wyr. Marfclr lr?a, ar Maktaraai. auk Iu4u RaMai. ( I trfc or f . a?| iBilioa < aal. oar, ia cnaaaiaatain auk all At lut f.rrnftraa Abnoramu Viau.ra a.ll *a4 tkr bar, rrlkat waalnnylnaiaa * itr.t?. aa a?r? am' " 'a,. ' a...*. PA HR* RUFF f? I (VI urn T am, -.tar Loatja Laaai' 7?r v / Sni* lap, jfa 1 Uaga araarUMMM at (aya and iSIrXtt Uni (UtpiM W4 '-fc. maraSTtl. mm mm )li> AU..--*?|?n w ( in*l?t MJ ( UBIMI OH, M iM> itlf rfiui b) w _ "SACKl'lk BROTHERJt*raiMi*vM T. N B rmm k? r?*4 ). f arrplwmr ?M I hamxal i )il .1 it mi tr?,*,* aa ki laatiag liar.. aiiiii m atari r' > nrtrsrsr^nirH[iTiTi^T=r^i-"T7ia. rati iKr artr?ii.-? << all kM an la aaal >' L' km liikn and htlaf Kramer, )< hta ai"<am<a kart. aakx-fc 'ai aialili ami ?.ifta?aiwiit|> ha Italian l.,m.rW rkkuoa W a?< -II. J W> HI makvfarikrer Ik T>f teak ll'ial ?"aw Ja kil to rait Safnaa |rai< Hamng . Iraki >r? N. 8.?<'maiami) <?k ' akd. a g - 4 am-NtmeM ml faref W.xida of kaarj' drarni-afok. HORA< E V. Hil.ER, No II Ami ami mm* 41 rai. j m. N.? T ?'k o 1 Ik'i ( 'OA I ?is lata aataaiar KagRaA Cad, ?M baaaMhrar. 4 V-' ukaafrom llkf laaaal?for aaia k( >M }t*rr HIOR*.? k ^ I HoNV a I II".. i a. pOKTOJufcsfc K KAiAl.fc PllJx> THlCl fa/ fkma I aad cal.featad fiiU. ftmm t -rrmmml. an 1 ?k Inrekiag, u> ta IMM IB M4lkT 111 lfllg|li mm flu 13* laM rolanu ml ? AIVTION SAI.ES H i I HiiMA- III L (mwiiwh nym mad ii) radio* otrmad-t ^ MONDAY Elegant Km > altar*?'Wdl *dd'tL'entire hnaAMn* fnrnrturr conUnied in 'he huuae known aa No. I AHf *4o? Fit* * m I) Troy nrn!, inclading a HU(II|... rul puan Iwir. ParUrntan Q time. TVEHDAY. At I0H o'clock ai the -arnca am, Lir; c aale ol aaluatd* >imI ? ainaatdr dry gooda. J limka at clothi.w .tart of the (lock of a mrichaut :ailm,a Am U< of r??uaota Li uJou cluiha, caaeimrrca, trettngi. aiary . gloi.a hdkfa.ahi.'a, colUra, hi. Alan; a t rate turuinc lathe, ? rth tUk. an.oaa kanta ware.jewelrgroceiiea; WU boaea labia a*{t, |<ledg<d am< Ira. atuda, a|>l<udi I wait lira. fcr. WEDNESDAY At I K o'clock. in the aalra rooaai. Siilrndid and rite ai*a anlr of choice and elegant Kantian of all deacri(itiona. Alio, 8 rianolorea, also the mmkiiiif furniture i f a f utlelii in giving uphouarkn I Mf THURSDAY, At It) o'clock, as the auction room. Iu continuation* the sj.leu.iiJ walrhra , jewelry, diamonds. Cold and silver plate, clocks, nruaiiieuta, ehaius, keys, nugs pint, lie-, by order of a receiver assignee, aud the ilmk re matnitiK of I watchmaker will be coulnined ami closed as above. BY R1EULk AR< ULAHlU?. TUESDAY. At 10 1-1 o'clock, at the auction room. Liquors Segari, Ac?Coiiilliug of I) jlf Gorgon's Pair ahi rry and Madriia, St Julirn claret, barsac, sauteruer and hoc w inrs cordials, sherry, Madeira and port wines iu 3 gallon demijohns. Piinci|>e and Havana segari. Alio?about 200 baskets of the celebrated bollingre and anchor champaigue Also?A few boxes of Candles. Also, 10<fr. casks Mulmsey, Port Wine, trout juice, a very fine wine, will lie told in i|uantities to tun purchasers. Also, II demijohns, i gallons each, of very aupenor eld Chainpaigne Brandy, imported iu 1831, to which the attention of hotel keeprri iv luvited. Weduesda,. Thursday, kriday, nod Saturday, Oct. It, 13, It and 15th, at I0>? o'clock A. M. at their aalea room?Very extensive ?nd valuable private Library of a distinguished eititen, deeeased, rmbraciug about aiv thousand volumes of most rare and valuable works, comprising American History' and Topic giaphy, Biilish History, general History, general biography andliterature, early printed books, moral sua political Philosophy, Lexicography and Biblography, Poetry and the Drama, Novels, Tales,. Periodicals, Voyages. Travels and general Geography, Miscellaneous, illustrated Works, Agriculture, .Medicine, American Pamphlets, lie. The whole comprising one of the most valuable private liorarrea ever offered at auction. A T AUCTION ?A. LEVY7 141 Broadway, will sell on A Tucsfay morning at 10>? o'clock, October 4, a collection of the best varieties of Greeuhouse aud hardy ornamental garden plants and roots, viz : magnolias, roses, azalias, camellias, rhododendrons, cycfemeits, honeysuckles, lie. A to hue dahlia plauta in pott, and in bloom. Also?1000 Hautboy Straw berry plants. o3 2tis*rc AUCTION NOTICE.-By. CARTER It Co., store No* 102 Broadway, between Pine and Wall streets, canceling, china girts ware, grocerirs, Ac. On Tuesday, 4th Oct., will be sold, at 10>? o'clock, at their atore, a large aud elegant assortment of English ingrain cupeling, of the most desirable pattenia, tufted tu *?. hemp and worsted stair carpets, aud a rarirty of choice oil cloths. Also, an invoice of china and glass ware, consisting of lamp shades of every description; wine, liqueurs, and hock glasses, splendid china vases, mantel ornaments, and toilet and (ra sets, Ac. Also, 10,000 rrinciiie a gars, 50 baskets "anchor" Champagne, black and greell teas iu small canisters; loaf, powdeted, rrosneif and brown tugais; Madeira, sherry, port aud Muscat wines, in bottles and demijohns, of all brands and vinlagea; all worthy the attention of dealeis aud private families. ?3 21* r 81GNOR DEBEGNTS' a a and VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. SIGNOR DE BEGNIS, Begs respectfully to sunouDct to his friends and the public, that he will give a Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert, ON THURSDAY EVENING, OCT 6th, AT THE APOLLO CONCERT ROOM, Newly painted and decorated, For which occasion he has encaged a numerous and wrli elected ORCHESTRA, And a variety of Vocal and Instrumental Pieces will Leperformed by the following Eminent Artists : vocar.. MADAME SEQUIN, MRS. BAILEY, aitn MADAME MECOVINO MAI ONE. Who will make her tirsl appearance in New V.ok ; MR. E. SEQUIN, MR. U IMI'K, And SIGNOR DE BEONI*. SOLO rCRPOUMKas. MR. TIMM, HERUAPPELLEB I'iau iforte Solo Ciarionetto Solo. SIGNOR RIBAS, Oboe holo. W. PENSON, ? MR. TIMM, Leader ol'the Band, Conductor at the Piano. First Part. Grand Overture?From the celebrated Opera of Oberon, performed by a numerous Orchestra, Weber Recitative snd Air?Mr. K. Seguin. Friend of the Brave?First time ill New York Calcott Aria?Madame Seguin.?I Braccio mio conqoise Nicolini Grand Solo P. Forte?Rondo Brillanle. Timm. with accomiianimenr of full orchestra Hummel Soag?Mrs. Bailey?Kock'd in the cradle of the deep Knight Grand Duet.o?Madame Mecovino Maloue aud Mr. Seguin?Bella jmmago degli Dei?From the grand opera Rossini French Rondo? I'aide i'argent?Signor De Begins?by desire DeBegnis Grand rot Pourri?For Clanonetle?by HerrApellts. with full band accompaniment, first time !? .-.Kile Anell.,. Duetto Buffo? Madame Seguin arid Signor De Begnis?lo di tutlo mi content*?from the celebrated Opera Buffa Li' Prete.nPunti Delusi- Moeca Gteud Sestetlo?Sol* *ol* in Bujo loco?from the trend opera of Dun Giovanni Moiart Madame Seguin, Mrs. Ba.ley, Mdme Mecovino, Mr. Seguiu, and Mr PI timer, Signor De Begnis with accompaniment of a grand orchestra Second Part. Grand Overture to Zampa?Grand Orcheitra- Rerold The celebrated Terzetto of the Three Ladie*? I Le faccio un inchiuo?from II Matrimonio Becreto of Cimarosa I M'me Seguin, Mrs. B*iley, and M'me Meeovir no Maloue, first time in this country Grand Duetto?from I Puritani?II rival salvar to dei?Signer De Begnisand Mr. Seruin iBellini The Celebrated Quartetto, from the rrand Onto- , . rio Mose in Egilto? Mimanca la voce Rosaini Madame Segnin, Mr*. Bailey, Mr. Plumer and Mr. Seguiu. Grand Fantasia, for the Hautbois?Signor Ribas, with full baud Ribo* Grand Duetto, from Norma?Take them I im- _ , nlore thee Bellini M'me Srguin and Mr*. Bailey, with accompaniment of lull orchestra. The Favorite Terezetto Buffo, Pappaitaei ! Che irai sento ! from the celebrated opera L' itali- , ant in Algiert - - Koasifei Signori D e Begnia, Seguiu, and Plumet. Iruh Song, Kathleen Mavonrneen?M'me Mecoviuo?first time in this country ; Crouch Recitative,Grand Sctnaand Finale?Signori perdonatemi, kc.?La tua torcia accendt Imene, kr.?Il fauatico;per la Mnsica Weigl Hignor De Begnis, in this *cena, will represent the Fanatico rehearsing a Concertsnte vocal pit cr with all his family, with accompaniment of fall* orchestra. Madame Srguin. Mr*. Bailey, M'me Mecoviuo Malone, Mr. Srguin, Mr. Plumer, and Bignor De Begnis. Ticket to admit one person $1 no Family ticket to admit four prisons 3 00 Familr ticket to admit ail persons 4 00 Children*' lieket ..30 To be had at Signor De Begnis' residence, 113 Hudson street, and at the principal Music Stores. N. B. No family tickets to be sold at the door of the concert room. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Conceit to commence at 8 precisely. P S. The gentlemen who are to play at the Concert of Signor De Begins on Thursday. 5th Oct. are requested to meet for rehearsal on Wednesday, 6th, at the Apollo Rooms, at 10 o' clock precisely. oS 4t re CINOINOFORTH& MILLION.-MADAME MECOVI17 NO MALONK b-g. to inform the public of New York, Brooklyn and their vicinities, that the has arrived in this city, being specially appointed by Mr. Mainzer to teach, in the thai hating obtaineS the consent of Aqftior De Begins to teach in c? tic* rt with Mr. they | nrposc ill the middle of the ^rear nt month of October, to open public clasaea, in 'New York and Brooklyn, for the imitrnclion of both sexes in inning, according to the above system TM< mode of tuition, being the rrMiltof many yesrs' a dnooa application and labor on the part of in gifted author, and h n g conatrncted in aceordance with the physiologic*! principles ol tue human toire, auita ilaelf to rrery age and capacity, with a facility hitherto unknown? whereby anr peraon, who previaiisly in ty even be totally ignorant of mmic, can, in acourse ol sixteen leaaona, aim; chcniaaea at aight; and to thoae who are desirous of conquering the difficulties in the more elevated stages of the art of singing, sue h as in pieces of the moat elaborate construction, as fugues, canons, he., Madame M. M. and Sig. Pe Rrgnia pledge ihemseUrs lhal in an additional course of sixtrrn lessons, the pupils shall acquire tin proficiency by which thoae obiects can be obtained. * Fu>m the universal success which has crowned this system' both in K ranee and Kngland, as the journals of those countries daily and continually testify, Madame M. M. and Sig De Begun cnhdenily lo.-k forward lo a siinilar diffusion here. The charge, as in Cngland is brought to the Inwe-t scale, iu oider to make the system what it waa intended to be, and what it mtsat soon become?"Singing for the Million." 1 he trims are two dollara for the course of sitteen lessons. Dn? Itottre will be giren, by advertisement, of the day of comtame, m-rit, and apidtcalioua for tick'ts for the coarse may be IM ,1- the Store ol Messrs. Hlodart. Worcester, and Dunham, HI Broadway, or a: any of the priucipal music stores. New Yofh. Oct. 1, III?, toes or Mn. Matistga's CgnTtrtuaTC atin ArronsTMs.nT to Manama M. M. Madame Merovino Malont.lafe Misa Mecovino, after l\?ina taught my system siiceess'ully in Kngland, end slowing he >*e|f the nsoal eapvhlr of assisting me in the diffu inn .1" hr art of singing smongsl all classes, has Seen eho*e<i hy inr lo UMch at meihod in the United Hrates, whee I h->pe she wt'l peo?e hs raelf, as I know her, one of tha clenr-s' st?-l moat distmguolsed professors I met with. (BignedI JOSKPII M ti.VZKR. June ITT*! * T'MtA I K?.?A < d Ktf-Mr (Jrorgr V i , ? - m- . , 1 M> Or.OHOK V'ANUENHRm tno i ice* ertinlly a esarrs Usat hw ftrst benrtu and la*' api" > ? will I ika pi ice Moisds) evening nest Oct. )d, on which occasion he wil I Wale the hoaof of aigu-sritag in two |*ecea. The h--s boob is now apes. itt 5tr IT All A N Ml h|t ?.Mil MANNING, (twenty year* re 1 ei.t is Naples?Pupil ol Pacini snd hreseentinM gives in true <mn,'? terms to sail Ihe times, in Italian, French and r.nglith Ringing sud in the moat fashionable style of Piano Ml 1 M Z permission lo refer lo the following gentlemen J M Wsuwnght, D. D. . Mesata. Ilowland k Aspinwsll ; J. b " **'' ?"gh"?n FT!.. Hawkes, D. D; Mr M ruidai at IRh Hudson street, near Spring at. I Ist't Mm K DF.kTNTKR' li IXtlsAir^AlREK^.-Mr. Drmni t#r r?H*fifcllT ?"WW that hit Ballad Boireet will b* gn#o*t tb# S V. Boorty Library on Wpdnftday and Kndov l? iwri tod BMh H#pt., and Mondtv oniny, 3u - ? i in' 5.. . I,IB lM#At rrimpotiiinnvmeUdtooaoow National Boif, "The ueath of WaiTen" writ'rw **l ^ Lowoljr Atl<l Wife.** "Tho Blind B , [> with >ow op? ?a?." b> George P. Momi I s , }' Aral. M riiRa.H "hf Mnih+rw#IJ, *'Lamewt of the Iriah I ir i?r*nl. with rboioo B#ltriif>i?a of Hit moat pOfmlt ?.(?? B.ii MiUd. ,4iu( ii I Aft of whuh will Unannounced in tlBjM Mlt T < I'U i# rrwtt, tit H# bid *: M?B?n. Btodart, WoTce?t#r,tnd \>mt MM PiMKi Fort# w?r# rooWBt Broadway, And tt tb# donr !> *> ? |wn tt Vto r ?mm*iir? tt o'rlork tf7i f re mm:* and rAf-r??r r#nU |kiuwT nilij current ' 1 ? ' #?, will H# give* for til hidtt Wfiba^nu I ha 4* r, td ?l four ?wl t HtJf rrnti for til oyer AO lb? } aii'l 1 mh*-ti wnlft iwfcf# for ihrpp, e^lf tkint. atnd ftl, delivered ?c ?b# HiW VI w*#. m Ctt??b*fh Btreet, W?we#n P?ii> * -fJHf jn?|N. Ill N \ I V B BINlllt I (To. btr# )OBt wrtit#?Ttn?r oWer " |? . |. miffhu sf Kodt, Bromi??r I'Ki.tlf <'Mtrii tU Mtw.CkUiip of ilS.THiott, Bong*, Mtt?# \|iiaittor# Pnwf "II rifwhicb ih?T wtirtnt tf kesi^elUm^htv L. B. BiNRtbi k CO, iRD?a, M Maiden Lane, up stairs. A Mr SR ME NTS. PARK THKATKK. THIB B?1 THK LA^VY'OK I VON* Or. Lot. ?udf:.d. ( Itad. M.I f ft. Mr U VuKtrohoff Ml? H A LKV^BOlV NO Till NO. Br wed.. I Mr ^ Vudailiof Fnot Tm!?) ooa't; M Tier M c-urt, fit T?H ?uu, Uallary T?. ..? nf?a t '? I ' u'rl<-k end tier |<rrfuriuiic? will ' 'iw?rwcr mi m kiwi T. r Tu? Bowrie ' ! [?itd?.h.-.| III (it Ileitis, oa MCowot of .1 I'liriMI l.?r t?lwa h?r runrttr iBCBt cJoaat, it Will CUB h? ? < laird fn wi oar r.ilBM-o J MWUV THF.ATKK. BCNKf'iT or M l.Li. CELEBTE. And her PlraC Afpranntr In A marten In rmity. T M1U I M r*TK W|I to lafiirra her fr erode aad th VS.. v..ik I|.?I rr rirrl Bane/if. toil Kl'W Ajipat? in". ia< . en?J> ia Aarrm Bill l4f placa oa MONDAY EVIlMNO (ki.iWr M. IMI. oa Which oec moo will bt jhothierdthr arw . irarl) wrriira Vi B Wtkarr, In.. rawlM I1 A(l? . i on ii of ijn.ra Aaar To bo followad bt il?r li? a Am lean <4 ihr th? ( - hacka. Tho porfcrnaaeo ( rUdiac with the inai of Thr Wrpt of With tea Wloh. Boi Wad ana o|wa Oa MONDAY EYE NINO OcC Id. IMS. iha poifntafiM cuemr. , with III. orw ( omrdy of forrljB Aflfelra j _ . Or. th? I on of Marva Aaao. . TraatU'rd frm thr i r.e.. h u| Lr. waWM armri do Rroholira, by B Wrb.tce, ? . It-rr. of iSa Thaatro Koytl, liel tnarart. T LOl>IB, MT.LK CELESTE. Kitn'i-at, Mr Oato* Whrrlrr, Mil Baby ( ,-u'Ull Hi...a Ltd) Orect Mr*. KroaU I ilwr Li wit M DambaiUrn Btickaoy I'irrrt Mitaor L'dy Brll Hrraort Kritt fiior Bar<>i?m Fituioat Honing V tlrtwr Mtudford. Prmgrmmmt / lanftnlr, +cM T Ut.?+rr*t \ tylrud-d uluwn hi Ht J rnrt't I'titer. I law man " >gu,. Ani? ? ..I 1 ??j ir a u,d gentleman? Tki mtt-Ttn m*iil of honor a bti.l. ? I 'm f.-and ont " liter UV"? Decornm Iinuiiiir?Oietn, Il-trii and loetnmouy?Ignorance aod III-a ombined?the Talloi w ill out?The canaft? A ilreit among it-e *irU?St Louis at an mmaur?1Tha filth condition. Immediately ailai marriage the Count aliall be ae|>arated from the Cuuiilesa when he ahall only tea hat in tha (ireaerce of her mother, until ahe attaiua ihc age of twaaly-owa yean"?A hnaband without a wife?Tha eloquence ol loee nrrda no Into: ? " My heart for a look?my life lor a word? My blood for a montiae"? Igaoranre at conn?The reception deaenhed?Myalerioua Solar Plumb?The wife a coquette aod the hnaband a Don J a an. ACT I.?Scene?Boudoir of Conm St. Louia? A tbouaand liouuda for the wtuner? The mora tin- town talk, the better for the count? Fools hale full (uckata?The two letteia?lutngna rtouri.hca?Heernir it awaet. "A wife ia a very uaefal thing"?To Scot laud or the liret?The two cloaeU contain aacieta?The Boy ia intrigue rm?gli for two wond-The triple duel?Tha Boi in bat fe enough for two men?The aeerets of the cloart diacloaeil?The Queen greater than her minister? " Love, combined wiili addirsa will always inamph." Haconciliation? Graud Kinah After the Coined"/, M'lle Celeate will appear in the celebrated Dance of LACACHUCHA! The evening'a performance to conclude with the celebrated Indian Drains, entitled the WEPT OK WISH-TON-WISH. Oongh M i Scot! | Skunk Galea Hcatlicotc, Krmblr I Coaanchet Watlack Content Prior | Vncaa Lewie NARRAMATTAH. M'LLE CELESTE Laughtou Miller I Kaith Mra. Herring Darts Mandtord | Abundance Stick nay Poors open at past 6 , the curuiu will rue at T o'clock. Boats IS cents?1 it I7H?Oa.leiy ti ofi fit NIBLO'K UAHOEH. THIS EVENING, Oct. I. ANOTHER STRONG ATTRACTION. SIXTH NIGHT Of tha Rerival, with entirely new eceneiv, m.-cbinery, drresa and deceratioaa. of the popnla. and rr.a?inli .ant Comic Pantomime. < J1 J ,l.o OHEEN MONSTER! In wlmh ? i! ..p c i GABRIEL R. ? /./A..J the whole ol the taletj cd It a V KL KA.MILY, and Corn, v y mi* tt> in number. ' THIS EVENING, Oct. Jd, the Entertainments wCl co-em- r.ce with AN OVERTURE Aft'r which THE THREE FACED EHENCHMAN. < >r Vraugem better than Force. Itapiiael Bejtyr.ur, a Glazier, O. Haret Mu,v.ud< . i Magician G. Ravel I'lvitti aa!-<iiift, an Engliah Dancer O. Ratal Chinoia-Koluof O. Rare I To be followed by the moat gorgeona Pantomime ayer produced in America, called THE OHEEN MOBSTER: OK?THE DREAM ACCOMPLISHED I \ Twelre Naw Scanca. Scenery By Mr Lrhr-Michinrry, by Mr Hitching*. Dinributioo of the Pantomime The Or ecu Monater, Mon* Carlo Chief of the Sorcerer*, Dutmim The White Genii, Mr Well* Grand Pricat, Moo* En^at Chevalier Mircqne, |J<roroe Ravel The White .'{night, Antoin* Ravel Chevalier Maroc, Francois Ravel Chevalier Le Grand, Leon Javeln Harlequin, G . brie I Ravel Rosalie, Mile Doutreville Gertrude, M'me Antoine The whole to rouclud* with a GRAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. The Garden open*.at half-peat an?Performance* commence half-paat aeven. Ticket*?30 cent* CIIATHAM IHEAIKA'. Pit 12}* cema. Upper Tier ceut*. First Tier M cents. BENEFIT OF M'ME LECOMPTE. THI9 EVENING. Oct. 3d, will < periormed the SPIRIT OF THE CLYDE. Kenneth M'Kmiie Mr. Sinclair To be succeeded by LA SYLPHlDE < La Sylphide M'me Lecomptc. After which ALADDIN. Aladdin, Mr*. Thome. Toconcine w th DON JUAN. Don Juan, Wood | OGnetta, Mad Lecempte \1~7~ Door* will open at 7?Cuiu u will nae at qnartsi belo * o'clock precisely. Box Office open daily from 9 to J, where Ticket* may b purcha*ed and place* aecttred. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. Mi Broadway, New York. THI8 EVENING, Oct. Jd. th* cntertainmenta will commence with Commence with NERVO VITALICS. To be followed by a new Burlett* celled JUPITER JEALOUS. Iiion Mre Timm. After which THE HUMPBACKED LOVER Oeo. Rattleton. J. M. Field. To conclude with BUT HOWEVER. \T7~ The Door* will be opened at 7, and th* perform? -** commence at hal'-paat 7, every evening. AMERICAN THEATRE?VPALNCTHS*. PHIL A OK LP tl I A. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C CU9HMAN. Of MONDAY EVENING, Oct. 3d, the performance* will coininenr* wiih the AGREEABLE SURPRISE. Lingo Mr H.daway | Cowslip Mrs Maeder After which, fi-at time, SIXTEEN STRING JACK, Or " Rann the Reaver." John Rann JVIr Wheatley I Mary Ferris. Miaa Ceahman ol Itr E. A. MARSHALL, Uw?. 4MKK1CA1I IIVltlClM. UARUMiN A.Hit ' OALLEHY OF FINK ARTS. CORNKH OF BROADWAY AND ANN BTREE opposite Bt. rul'i Church. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. Bent Attraction* in Ntw York!!?Chang* a/ Novtkiet. DAY VISITORS ADMITTED SAME EVENING FREE The Manager has, at enormous expense engaged the celcbra ted ami wonderful Mr. NELL,IS. BORN WITHOUT ARMB. Who by his untiring perseverance has acquired the power of using his feet and toes, with as much facility aa other people can use their fingers and hands. For detail or all his woaderfal, extraordinary and r leasing performances, see bills of (he day.? The manager has also in accordance with universal desire, yerngaged Signor Vivaldi's GRAND MECHANICAL FIGURES, consisting of Eleven Automaton Performers, which represent all the actions and movements of human life with a fidelity perfectly incredible. They hare lately arrived from Europe, and are the admiration of all beholders. Fur the accommodation of ladies and children, these figures will commence the I >? rib nuances. La Petite Celeste, the admired danseuse; Mies Hood, the popular vocalist, and Mr. Collins, the celebra ed comic singer are engaged?Model of Switzerland?Nature' Bridge in Virginia?Albino Lady?Fancy Glass Blowing?we, Mysterious Gipsy Girl?Balloon . Ascensions?a Jlen of i iving Snaltea?400,000 Curitsities. Two performances every day and evening this week, com meucii.g at 4 and 7)4 o'clock, P. M. The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Garden and enter tainmenta, tweni v-fit e cents?Children lialfprice. ol NEW YORK MUSEUM AND PICTURES GALLERY, Broadioay, omiosite the Park. POWERFUL UNPRECEDENTED EXTRAORDI NARY AND A8TONI*HINO 81 CCESH OF THE NEW YORK MUSEUM AND PICTURE OALLF.RV. Seven Performer* to be seen for one ehtlltM. Mr H. BENNETT Mtnage-, GRATEFUL for the tin|paralleled_ [ it o??- | as evperianred, will evince bis sense i" r i y j .e- tirg the public wi'h the moat powerful srrty of t-' rr 'hat can So ruocurnd, rag idle?v r.f ripense. lie conMe'.tl, r< 1 es c.u receiving that ird IV' m mi . a, i f 'h'rnril CiVl imn*"l V. hirlt hit lirfn .bam t Inline ih-m -n h'e him to. *"r Hninfun, the ma/iciaa, Mix Doolie the localut, *'i 'Je'au.-lh* mimic. Mr. Kaeap, lit* ainit Vi B.nuij u.t- d uc i, Mia. Bennie tna daaaeaar, *u ' M"'-r ) . Mil/ 'I wire hilarcer.wi I appear. | A ,? if.. muiv *?.?' tremi'.' at 7>k o'clock, and oa? Wadn< ?iv and Attn ayar 1T.M. Admittance to the whole Maa. rim Pi 'u.c (S.i' -'V, and eiitertainmenta, one atiillinc F i.i y O! _jJ' > i;. a24 laa* itKAN'D VOCAL^AND_ HldTRUMENTAL CIO H A PETTI hat the honor of annoancinf to hia frienda O and the public that hia Concert a III take place on TIT KM) AY EVRNIO. OCT. tTH, At the Tabernecle, aaaiatrd by the following talent? ?IO. ANTOONiNI. SIO. MARTINI, MK. L. RAKKMAN. MK. TIMM. and MR. U. C. HILL. Leader of the Uuar'elto. PROGRAMME. Paar I. 1-Ouinletto?For piano and quartet!, Mr. Timm. Beethoeaa 2?Hi manzt?From the celebrated Fiebch opera, Ouido e Oinerm Pendant la lete. Big Antognini nJifilH 1?Oram! C ncerto?For the riolin, 8i? Rapetn, Bn t 4?Cavatina? From the grand opera, (Jrmma di Venty, Mi toflieate a un aole ardeate. Bit |>nnl??ta. Amocnini " V* ' aroniaatn J?Morcean de Concert, for the piano, Mr. b. (l_T^hTonfVc?,..nd-Bom.?.ic Melody ? TOtbl1 dlmimofX' K'tVi" Ki.! for' b'" Rabin.. ?i*?o.l Aatognin. e Kapriti- PART II. I-Iutrodue ion and Variat.on.-On the theme "Oh eara memorta," lor the Accordion, Bin Martini ? a*' Vaoear ?_nurl"o d.1 Maruiaii, (by deaire,) Signori An'.mini ? Martint, Roaainl a? Dim Biillant?For rioliu ant) piano, fmm the omnambnla, Hi* Rapettl and Mr. Rakem,? Benedict and De Bariot l_Or<nd Scene rd Aria? Finale from ihe opera Lucia di Ltmmennoor, Hi* Awogtiiot Dontiattl j?The i,mat uifncntt and brilliant Variation# for ill- Violin, (ti at time in New York,) Big K- . | i .. . Mayaeder TJ KETS One Dollar each, In be had at the principal Ma tic Atom nnd N _ .., . . , D?>oif open at ' o'clock. Concert fo commence ? 1 o dock, prcciaely. __ . " a