Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1842 Page 1
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% r n'T" ? TH Vol. VIII. No. 274 ---Wilde No. 3143 MEDICAL." ' BRISTOL'S SAKSAI'ARILLA. MANURCTIIKKU and *nld by the proprietor, C. C. JL*I B1U8TOL. and lor .ah- by hi. Agent, WILLIAM BUROKM.Wlu l. Mle Druggist, No.. M an' i2 Cortl at. and IUB Greenwich ?t, au.l by the principal Diugglfts throughout the Ulllou. , .... Tin. preparation has now been before the public about seven years, during which lime its repuuiion has been steadily and rapidly advancing. uulil its |ir?K-nt mid i!e.erred celebrity has been attained?nor is it stationary at even this altitude of estimation, a.-, the evidenee of each succeeding day clearly evinces. Many of the first Physicians 111 tile ccuu try have voluntarily borne w itness 10 it* iii[ierior efficacy of value, aa their written certificates, now in the possession ol the proprietor, will show. Testimonials almost imiulhcrable, from prions wlio have been benefitted by its use, or have seen its medicinal virtues .esled by their friends, are also in po.sessioti of Sir. Bristol, which prove how ui-iuy, how various, and how eatreine have been the instances in which, by its operation the sick and the almost despairing have been restored to health and happiues*. BRISTOL'S SAKSATAltlLLA is a rare and invaluable combination ol vegetable remedies of aslablished medical value, and from its peculiar properties is almost infallible in all eomplaiiiU that arise from impurities of the blood, from the morbid action (il_ the absorbent and glandular systems, from consul I loual idiosyncracies, hereditary predisposition, and li general all chronic and long standing infirmities and ' irregularities of the human frame. To euumrrate all the diseases in which it has been found to be a sovereign remi dy, would be to in ike this notice much too lengthy, and we can only here suggest to the reader the value ami iin|K>itance of fhi* rtrv miration. ami rcfi*r lorn In :plvprii(,.iii,.nfJ in t ... nuKlia |Ntl?r? lor more detailed intelligence respecting lis elfic uu'. hi nearly all cases o( complaint except those of lire most ordinary or endemic and epidemic character. The proprietor desires only to have attention geuerally directed to this article, confident that its rare virtue* only need he known to be appreciated; that it will stand the test of any trial, and that increased usefulness, and added popularity, must be the direct result of its more extended aci|uainuince. Among the numerous letters daily received by the proprietor of Brisl 'tSarsaparlla, the following is selected, merely to show ho . los ar le is regarded: and the increasing demand for this tut aluable edicttie by the dealers in this city, as the application comes roir\lhe well known house of A. B. It D. Sands, Druggists, of this city, who have since advertised their own article to the whole world, shows conclusively that the article is all it puriorts to be. (COPY.) New York, April 20,1812. Mr. C.V. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. :? Dear Sir? We have been selling during the year past considerable qtianti.ies iff your Extract of Sarsaparilla, anil think from the account we hear of its virtues from those who have used it, that the sale in this city may be much increased bv paying it mora attention in advertising. Our arraugeineiiU are such with the different papers that wc can have advertisements inserted on much belter terms than most others pa. and more conspicuously. If you would like to makr an arrangement with us lor s< lling it more extensively. We think it could he made of much advantage to us both. We have now four different stores, three of them in the best location in the- city fur retailing, and one for wholesaling, aud our facilities arc sacli as will enable us to dispose of more of it, peril tps, than any oilier house. We shall be muchnleased to hear from you 011 this subject, or if you visit New York in the course of a month or so, to see you at our stoie 78 Fulton street. Yours, Very resiiectfully, A. B. & D. SANDS. OPINIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Buffalo. Aug. 12, 1837. We are acquainted with the preparation of Sarsaparilla, ma nufactured by C. C. Bristol, aud having made use ol it moro or less in our inwctice. believe it to contain the ac ive principle of Sarsapariilu, in a highly concentrated form, and ax a preparation we esteem it as one of the best wc have ever mat with. J TROWBRIDGE, M D CYRRNIUS CHAP1N.M D CliAS WINNE, M D MOSES BRISTOL, M D JOSIaH BARNES, M D J E MARSHALL, M D J E HAWLEY, M D AS Sl'RAGUE.M D A MILLER, M D F L HARRIS, M D H II 8TAGO. From Doctors Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at Canaudaigua:? CxNANDAIGVA, Dec. 27, 1838. Wx have frequently prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's preparation of 8RMa|>ari!l:i, in our practice, and have always fottntl it to answer aa eaexllent purpose in cases where Sarsapartlia was applicable. Our knowledge of the article has not bceu limited, aid we can freely say that is the best preparation of Sarsaparilht we have ever used. RICHARD WF.LLS, M D, E W CHEENY, M D. The following extract of a letter from Dr. J. A. Hyde, one of the oldest aud uiuslrespeoiable practitioners ill the western section, is given : Youngitown, June ii, 1838. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Dear Sir: 1 am uearly out of Sarsaparilli again, and, if you please, you may send me two doxeu bottles, by stage or cars, directed to me at this place. I have frequently prescribed your Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla for a few yean past, with much advantage, in chronic diseases, especially in Scrofula and obstinate cutaneous affections, Attended with scrofulous habit. Also, in secondary syphilis; and in chronic general debility, from almost any cause. It generally proves uselul. I think your Fluid Extract the belt prepiaratiou of Sanauarilla 1 ever used. With much respect, yours, truly, J. A. HYDE. From Docts. Hoyt & May Ialmvra, July 2, 1811. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir: We have used your Extract of Sarsaparilla iu our practice, and for diseases arising from an tin pure stale of the blood, and as a general renovator of the system we esteem it as tire best article now in use. D. D. HOYT, M. D. WM. MAY, to. D. From Dr. A. Miller * Rome, July 81, 18-11. 1 am acquainted with the preistration of 8arsa|>arilla manufactured by C. C. Bristol, of Buffalo, and having made use of 1 ill my practice, believe it to contain the active principle of Sarsaparillai a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, 1 esteem it the best 1 have ever met with. A. MILLER, M. D. From Dr. S. C. Noyts: Collins, Erie Co., July 5, 1811. I have been acquainted with Bristol's Sarsaparilla for a number of years, and have very frequently prescribed it iu my practice, aud have invariably found it to answer the desired effecL J consider the reiiutation of the article established, anil where the genuine can be obtained, I have no hesitation in saying that a trial of its virtues will sustain my opinion. 8. C. NOYE8, M. D. From Dr. A. P. Curtis *. Attica, Genesee Co., July J, 1811. I have frequently prescribed Bristol's Sarsaparilla iu my practice, and have no hesitation in recommending it as an article possessing all of l.he active principle of Sarsaparilla, and as a preparation, 1 think it the best one 1 have evei met with. A. P. CURTIS, M. D, Oiwrno, May 6, 1841. We certify that we attended Julia Ann Vau Doozex daring her sickness, and we have no hesitation in saying that her recovery may be attributed to the nse of Biistol's Sarsaparilla. P. H. HARD, M. D. H. K. THUIlbER, M. D. (A statement of the above ease may be seen by calling on Mr. WM. BURGER, 50 Conrtlandl it.) Darien. July 2, 1841. We, the undersigned, physicians, residing in Darien and Bennington, having treated Mir. E. Cross daring his illness, know the above statement of his case to be true in all particulars, aud we have not the lean hesitation in ascribing his cure to the use of Bristol's Sarsapaiilla. Indeed, we are assured lliat this me dicine was the mean* of entirely arresting *ud eradicating the disease. fKA CROSS, M D. EHA8TUS OKOSS, M. D. D iiuki. July 2, 1811. We, the undersigned. are particularly acquainted with Mr. E. Cross, aud are fully acquainted with the facts as drawn up in iheabove stateineti', which we Deliere to be correct in all respects, and we are assured that it was was through the agency ot Bristol's Sarsaparilla that his cure was effected. STEPHEN KINO, P. M. Darien ;entre. JONATHAN DURKKE, Justice of the Peace. HIRAM H. CHAP1N. ALANSON FISHER. Justice of the Peace. H. P. HUTCHINSON. J. H. FLAOLEH. Altoh, January 17. 1842. I have been lately the physician to Mr. Mayuard, and was called to see him during his illness, some time in the month of August or September last, and I must say I was much surprised and astonished to see Mrs. Mayuartl officiating aa nurse, aud attending to his wants while he was sick. Her esse was one tnat I was conversant with but never prescribed for; it was Procidentia, and for the most part of seven or eight years she had been obliged to be conveyed about the house and nursed in a rradls constructed lor the purpose. Until she c.rmmeiiced the use of Uristol's Sarsapaiilla tier disease resisted the heat medicfl treatment. 1 was frequently called to consult with Dr Gage rn her case, hut the disease had assumed such a form fh.-t my opiniou was, that medicine would have no effect in producing ac ire. I am perfectly convinced that her recovery is entirely attrikptahle to the nscol Bristol's Sarsapvilla. ^ JOHN M. HARRINGTON, M. D. A LDr.u, January 17. 1842. I have been one of the attending physrciatis o( Mrs. Maynard for right years past. Her disrate was Prolaptut UUri of an aggravated character, ani resisted all the ageut* laid down in our most eminent snthoi s. In addition to remedial agents re- ( eoMiiendrd. I prescribe! various instruments to no effect. I am clearly of the opinio i that her cure may be attributed to the use of Bristol's Sarsaparilla. . GROVE C. GAGE, M. D. J AthLUKiv. January 17, 1812. i We hare been acooai ited with the circumstances ol Mrs Msvnsnl's sirknrsslor cunt years past, have always under i stood tier case as being I eyoud the reach of medicine, and ] have been surprised withn. the past year to.sce her about, and I we are assured tint her rei overy is ..ttrihulable entirely to the | nsr of Bristol's Sarsaparill a We are further acquainted with the fart, that for five yerianflhe time of her sickness, she was obliged to be CJiiveve c from one place to another in the arms of her husband, and 11 fart, when she was moved at all. i JOSEPH Fit.*. EM AN, Judge Erie Co. U. Pleas. i HORAUEtil ANLEY, Justice of the Peace. i -*? Poslmaster. DEXTER E^ ELL, Supervisor, ft H. BUTLER. L I'. JACOBS. JOHN E9TADROOKS. A history ol the abore cases may be seen by calling aa above [From the Buffalo Advertiser, Nov.?, Hill 1 Aw EiTRaoaopssRV Can.?The article below is fromffhe pin of one of our most intelligent medical men, whose statements are entitled to the fullest confidence. The case he de- 1 tail is really a remarkable one. and might well have been tup- ' posed be)ond the power of medicine. I Saiemeut of thr Physician who visited ihe Patient inierson - 1 and who was at the time one of the Editors of the Ummrt ' cial Advertiser. i frit is rare indeed that fallen humanity ia made to eiperieuce ' from the hand of Providence so much severe and protracted suffering, and ?UI li calamttons anil slim king mutilniI<.11. as has fallen to the lot of J?mr? Wycanff, a lad IJ yeua of age, now ' living iu the town of Clarence in this county. < Jtmri is the ion of a farmer, the offspring of healthy arid re- , putable parents, who hare a numerous family of robuat child- ' ren. Without any assignable cauie, he wai suddenly deprived of the aenae of hearinit aome ten yean ainre, which waa aoon foMowed by what waa probably an attack of the rf/Tt gangrene. , Thia rapidly destroyed firal the palate, the bohei or the roof of i the mouth, and then a eouaide table portion of the tapper jaw, upper lip, and the whole.of the noae, both honea and cartilege, | aa well aa integument*,. It would he difficult to imagine in j what way a niort muiahlly deformity could ho impressed upon the 'human Ihre divine.' Thia friitlillul disease erased its rava- , yes on the lac- after several montl a, to renew them again in a other |>nrti of the ayatem with greater and more destructive severity. m I leSotnc It years ajfO, a " blsck s|a>t,"?as the intelligent rno , thei of Ulia most unlortBUate child told the writer of this?waa , obatrved uudrr the wail of sacli hiir toe, Thia ominoiu appear- t ?nre waa thepreenraor of a croud attack of gangrene, which < gradually catctiileil over each foot and Icy to within faur inches r of the knee. A aejiaiAtioii then took place, end in due course ( ot time both limba dropped off. The finger* of the right hand were then attacked by tfni consuiniint inel.uly, which ratetided to within a few inchea of the ihjnlder, nml at length the right arm tell to the ground like the dead branch of a living tiee. The | iliaeue thru showed itself at the elbow of the left arm, and on the left shoulder, producing eitenalve exfoliation of the honea, I, Str. The integnmenti of the right side, near the venire of the ribs, and of the right eye, were alio affected with llie same destroying enm|daint in its incipient stages. I On eiainiiiiug the boy, who, notwithstanding he ia deaf and mute, ia really intelligent and sprightly, the greatest maivel lo 1 ua was, how it waa possible foi a constitution an very feeble <' and lifeles*, that the ayatem waa rapidly falling to pis ces fmni tbedeatlujif its pnrta, could, when reduced to a mtrtfragmtnt J" ol hnrnarfity, hold out, and prolong for yaarv a miserable ci- b ENE NE i| tenor. Strange as it racy serin, we found this piece of a child tilling at the uimg r table witli the rest of the faiurly, and ffeih log himself with meat, potato* s, bread, and the like, with an evident relish of the hearty meal. His stumps of limbs, winch lately presented a hideous mass of eating ulcers, are now lira!jiijf ofer kindly, and nothing but the scars are left 'o tell the injury done to the left *houlder, aud the parts that surround the right eye, the lower jaw, and the fragrif nls of ears still glowing on the head, the appearand of which we shall not attempt to describe. The certain check given to this tenrible spreading and hopeless 1 n1 ulv ? (iu 1 \ .11 .11' fhe i:.t? , ' ' ted p II excited by irritable lunge00s llesh coniircted with dead animal matter?the quiet sleep, increased strength, and stable conv ?leseiice so nitUlfest in the person of James?were ill, and doubtles ju .tly, attributed by his mother to tin* exclu*ive__use, or in** i<ui fix w< t Ks n|'refill tr portions of Mr. C. C. ORIS- , TOL'S SAKSAI'AIMLLA. Tiutw who htve witneued the truly auspicious, tii'l most unexpected effects of this medicine mtiiis very extraordinary case, an- unanimous in the opinion lliat had ic been early administered wheu the disease was corn* i?ratively small and feeble, and the constitution sound ami vigorous, it cont'd not hare failed to present one of the greatest , calamities that can bef.d a human bcin.r. Ckrtificatk ok Qk5. Majmkield. MIL C. C. BRISTOL?1 have been acquainted w ith Peter Wyckwtr for more than tweuty years, and have knowu his son , James from his infancy to tins day, and I do hereby certify than the facts set forth in the above, from ttie Commercial Auteru- | ser. arc correct. OUANOK MANSFIKLD, P. M., 1 Not. 26th, 11(1. North Clarence, Lric Co. , Bloomfitlu, Oakland Co., Mn., July 23, 1811 ] M'tirr. Joliu Owcu Ik Co., Detroit: Gent.?Some tune ill the ye*r 1832, I w.w attacked with what w.i? c illed by some nl' iny , . itte lull UK l >11V sic lain, the King*. Kvil. I immediately applied J to Dr. 1 MMMIi who MM It must he nit mil: I tkn to in t' > ' ' jciiu Who ordered blistering. During my sic,,- , oral 1 empfoytd eight different physici ins, and by one I was . advised to have my ami amputated. which I declined. Iu the , year *J7, mortification sot lu, when 1 spoiled to a root doctor, who ai>|>earrd to help it some. lu that y ear I sold a sp tu of horses an Itwo cows, ami spent the whole ol it, si) $110, which i only served to keep it back. I have used almost every thing 1 could hear of, without any benefit. 1 Iii July last, a cine was attempted by a person who, lite all t others, failed. The expense of all this has been at least $!.ilMl. ( From about four inches below the shoulder, loubout tin middle | of the forearm there havu bi en si least tweuy holes, many of them as large as a silver dollar, and half an inch deop. In February, 1812, 1 accidentally caine across a wrapper nom a ] bottle of Bristol's Sarsapartlla, and made up mymindlolty . the medicine. On the dav of that mouth, 1 commenced using it, and used a bottle a week for twoor three mouths,wheu , 1 found myself to all appenrauce coinplrlelv curt d. At any rate, , since that time I have not felt any ptun from it. No sores have appeared, and it seems |>erfect!y sound, and I ran labor wilk it as well aswith the other arm. 1 am so well satisfied of its superiority over every tiling else that I have tried, that I most earnestly recommend xny person to begin using it unmcdiulcly who may he similarly afflicted. Yours, truly, WILLIAM f'EAUSALL. j Persons who have any donbta of the efficacy of this medicine, j are iuviled to call on any of the follow iug City R, fere rices he- | fore purchasing the article John Giles, 301 P,arl street. Thomas Hog tn, 208 Stauton street J William W. llnidolnh. i73 Fourth street Lloyil Bryant, No. i Avenue C. Wm. H. Sliui-inru,9"J Cedar street , Mr. Johnson, 20 James street William Stehbins, corner of Kiviiiglou ami Ridge sts. Richard Smith. 82 Clinton street Robert H. Gordon, U Orange street Mn. A. Hodge, 29 Ridge slit el William Wilton, g6 Lewis street \ M. Vandewater, 314 Madison street ( Lemuel Lelaud. 86 Hudson street 1. U. Reed, 143 Fulton street, Brooklyu M rs. Ward, 68 Bayard street J. W. Henderson, 218 Grand street. James McGill. 336 Grand street H. B. Kunpp, 21 Avenue B?house 501 Fourth street John Culver, 191 Slauton street I K7- I uo not wisn any our to purchase this medicine uniil < they fully satisfy themselves that all that is said of it is true ; if, therefore, they will take the trouble to call on Mr. Burger, . 50 Courtluult street, or at Milhau's 183 Broadway, they can examine substantiated testimony in addition to the above, which will prove conclusively that the article is what it purports to be., C.C.BRISTOL. ' Caution.?As the fame of this wonderful medicine extends, numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part of its re- ' putation. I'lrc afflicted therefore should be careful, if they ' wish the true article, to ask for Bristol's, and see that the written signature of C. C Bristol is across the cork of the ' bottle. Forsaleby reputable Druggists and Agents throughout the ! gouiiify. j William Burget, Wholesale Ageui, 50 Courtlaudt street, and 188 Greenwich street, and at retail at the following places: Milhau's Pharmacy, 183 Broadway ; Rushion and Aspmwall, 110 Broadway, 86 Wiillam strest, and It) Astor House; James ' Syme, M. D., 63 Bowery, ; Robert Lagyctt, M. D., 17 Avenue D. ; B. fduackeubush, 709 Greenwich street, and A. Hill, 208 1 Greenwich st. ill linr* j cough lozenges" : PETERS' COUGH LOZENGES are now rapidly super- ? sedingall other preparations for the relief of ^coughs,colds, ? nam ma, ttiiuu|iiuk tu'iKiij uKKuicsi ui uir cntrsi, (>reucniustiuiu ? similar pulmonary affections. t CONSUMPTION CANNOT BF. CURED ! Those who say it can are impostors and quacks. Still it may be prevented I or its progress stayed, by using Dr. Peters' Cough Lozenges. I Begin in season. Do not neglect a slight cough until couiuinp- c tion has commenced its ravages. A delay oT a few days often e proves fatal. Price 20 cents tier bo*. r Peters' Cough Lozenges liave performed some of the most a remarkable cures ou record. One trial of them is more satis- t factory than a column of eertilic tes. t THE (HiEAT OBJECT GAINED! PETEH8' MEDICATED LOZENGES are the most va- ? luable discovery of the 19th century. They are entirely plea- ' aant to the taste, and more efficient than any other mcuicjue. j Than* Lozenges are the result of long continued aud patient 1 investigation and experiment, conducted in concert by some of tile most distinguished physicians in the Union, who, Delieving that some of the best known remedies might be preterm! in a i palatable form, have directed their labors to that end, till they nave produced preparatii ns in the popular form of Lozenges for ,, nearlv every disease incident to the human system. t TO PARENTS we say, Co not be without these Lozenges c at any time?attend to these suggestions as you value the lives ? of your children. PETERS' PILLS. TO THE WHOLE WORLD! It is admitted by all who a have used them, (ami who has not) that Dr. Peters' Vegetable e Pills are the most unrivalled medicine ever discovered by die ingenuity of man. Tliev are a sovereign cure for the following t complaints?Yellow audbiliious fevers, fever and ague, dyspep- ? sia, croup, liver complaint, sick headache, jaundice, asthma, (, dropsy, rheum itism, enlargement of the spleen, piles, colic, fe- f( male Destructions, heartburn, furred tongue, nausea, distension ? of ths stomach and bowels, incipient diarrlimi, flatulency, ha- t; bitual eoitiveneas, loas of appetite, blotched or sallow complex- ? ion, and all cases of torpor of the bowels, where a cathartic or c an aperient is needed. ... . ii Tliev are exceedingly mi'd in their operation, producing nci- , ther nausea, griping i.or debility. | Dr. J. G. Smith. of Woodstock, Va. says?" They are. a better Pill than I can make." He recommends their use. i The audit at Slrasbmgli, Va. says lie supplies families for 30 miles around with Prters' Pills, ami they perform such [ remarkable cures that they are preferred to every other meili- j cine. f Mrs. E. Ward, of New York, was troubled wilh dyspepsia j ami liver complaint for 13 years. By using these Pills a short w time she was completely cured. 'j, Miss Clark was afflicted with irregularities and obstruction, j attended with most distressing symptoms. She was cured biasing Dr. Peters' Pills. j Hon. E. D. Davis was afflicted with rheumatism, so as to be unable to dress himself. Three boxes of Peters'Pills .entirely f Cured him. _ But why multiply testimonials ? We say to all, try Dr. Pe j lets' Vegetable Pill, aud we will guarantee that afterwards you [ will use them in preference to all others. WORM LOZENGES. Dr. Peters' Worm Loienges arc lue surest aud safest Worm destroyer ever discovered. It is estimated that in the United States. 100,000 CHILDREN DIE YEARLY from the effect of Worms .alone. This vast mortality can be almost entirely prevented by the use of Peters'celebrated Lozenges. Thousands and tens of thousands pine sway and die ~ without suspecting the real disease. The following ar? a few ) of the symptoms; Headache, pale lips, llruhrd cheeks, disturb- * ed (beams, feverishness, thurst, bid tailc in die mouth, offensive breath, itching of the nostrils, pain in the stomach, nausea, a unnatural appetite, swelled stomach or limbs, sense of seinething rising in the chest, kc. I?/"" Mrs. Catharine Ann Brings, Cherry st. Philadelphia has Ul a little daughter who had been lu a decline lor several years.? ?. At limes she would eat voraciously ami wftnctunei eat nothing at all; and sha was fast wasting awav; her symptoms were so unusual and contradictory that the doctors knew not what to iio, bnt do what thev wonld, she constantly grew worse, and ,, reluctantly they declared she must die. At the request of a n friend, the mother at this stage procured a box of IVters'Worm rj Losenges. The first d<>se satisfied all that worms were the cause of all the child's sufferings, and two boxes effected a perfect cuie. a: Mr. J. W. Carpenter, merchant, Roosevelt at. N. Y.,sayi _ Dr. Prters' Worm Loxenges possesses more merit than the o. doctor claims for them He has used them lu his family with re inccesa when rveiy other medicine failed. Wherever they have been used they are preferred to all other remedies. In fact Dr. Peters arid his distinguished associates, ;iosse?sing many receipts of great value, selected from each the moat valuable parts, and they confidently say those linen?es cannot he improved. CORDIAL LOZENGES. Peters' Cordial Lot. agra are a specific fur the relief of nervous or sirk ht.idaehc, lowness of spirits or melancholy, Ian . nor and debility, either from previous disease or too free liv e. ing, tremors, spasm of the stoma, b. irrii rbiht) of the rones, hysterical affection, drowsiness, cholera morbus, sense of fatigue, and palpitatiou of the heart. Krom their rfflcscy in ilie relief of headache, tliey are called by many the Headache Lo- e? PETERS' VEGETABLE SHILLING STRENGTHENING PLASTER. Tl> This is not only the cheapest, bnt the best, neatest, and most Comfortable plaster ill existence. Piters' Shilling Plaster it an easy and most effective remedy for pain ill the brr.i.t, side, or stomach?weakness or pain ill the rliest, loins, or back?stiffness of the neck?affections of the limbs or joints, whether produced by rl cm ilism or Other CMPics?habitual pain of the head or stomach?pile i, colds, coughs, liver complaints, weakness of the spine?predisposifioii to break ant in biles and pimples, lisllessness of the frtine, and for gene- th. ral debilitation. ] Let any person sfflieted as above try one of Peter.' Shilling tfc, Plasters, and we wdl velimre to say that he could not be pre- \] railed on to discard t again, for ten, oi most probably for a hun- N< I red dollars. Prffce 12 1-2 cents. de I rmcipal OfBi -ei, M Kulton street, corner of Nassau and 139 I Broadway and 'hi North Sutli street, Fhiladr i phis. .28 lm*r_ uini T>a fAXTrtv C n\/U 1 u 1 i Vf I'RPASSINO ANY THINO OK THE KIND.?Lei it tie >5 Kind anon ita own mrrita?Concha and Lolda. he HOLT'S CANDY haa mured for itaelfa reputation, (aide- th< y by n* own mehta) f?r above the ordinary claw of rrmediea ml or (lie complaints for which it i> used. li is rreotnim nded by thousands who have eapetietiCcd it* to icellenl effect! aa a sovereittu remedy for CoukIii, Culda, and m JI affections of the lung*. It Thia ia lo certify that I hare, in my practice, prescribed Mr. to '. Holt'a Compound Cough Camly in many eaeeiof coiijiIm. tei olda, and all alTactioiu of the lungs, with the moat beneficial ta ffecta?knowing the eomiioneni parts of this Cattily, and bar tjr nit ttaed tin in for may iiarsin mv own nhrata practice, I v all with safety reconnneml ihr aiticle lo alt troubled with any ne || ihe complamta a bore mention d. In my ealimation tint lni ainlv hia the precedence of any now in ore. DAVID CRANY, M.D. | Hartford, Conjt. Sept. 20, I MA Koranic by M. P.HOlT, 937 Main atreet; alao, by the >? 'rineijaai Drnggiata in Hartford. dtl A B tt D. Sands, 79 b nllon atreet; at Dr. SymeN Pharmacy, lo 3 Bowery, cornrr of Walker at., are Agents in Nbw York. lr, i212m?r ivr f yH CAKPENTEK'S Old Established I'cck Slip Dupenaa- )l(, 1 ' ry No. 4 Peck Slio, (near Prarl at.)?Pnrate and confidenml?aeparate offices and enlraneea?patienU are ncrer ei|?aed >". o each otliera ubaerration. Dr. C. t? a Licenti tte of the New fork State Medical Society and hna had neariv lO yeata erimn- XI nee. Pe.rl'ect curea in all c.uea guaranteed. Thames reasons- T le, aid lm*r |yl W YO W YORK, TUESDAY M< M K1)1G1NK8~ J. PEASE & SON'S CELEBllATtD Krnmdy f r Consumption, ColiU, fkc., kuowu a* Clarified Essence of Ho rebound Candy. This pleasant medicine is formed by a combination of twi nty-live differeut ingredients, all celebrated for the cure of colds,cougb. and Pulinonai y Comnlaiut-s: and by its combination, it one of these articles should be lined it t arately and afford no relief, in the Extract of lloarliouml t!?ey are so amalgamated, that the benefit of the whole is experienced ,n one compound. About three year* and a half ago,'hi* article wa* first brought before the public. It was heralded with no previous announcement of its mentor value, hut it w.ts introduced by the proprietors to the community, to stand by their decision as regarded its beneficial inlluence. That decision has beeu attained 111 a m?inrier almost unexpected. The unsought acknowledgment of its worth lias proceeded bPONTANKOUSLV FROM THOUSANDS who have practically experienced iu b? netit* througnont the country. And why is if so? Because the trial of it$ qualities in Coughs| Colds, Iloai-,. iicss, Irritation of die Tnroat, Croup, Whooping Cough. Asthma, Catarrhs, Palpitation of the Heart, Liver CompJauit, Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Expectoration. and all DISEASES LEADING TO CONSUMPTION, baa given it a value that no other similar medicine lias ever re leai L Complaints of tl*- Lungs are the most daiutcrou*, and at the lame lime most prevalent of all diseases. Our climate is most [icculiar?it changes suddenly from extreme warmth to extreme BoUbms. FROM WET TO DRY, ind it is from this change in the climate that dise ues are apt to arise. When the blood is in an unhealthy state, and the constitution naturally delicate, if a cold sets in. anu no immediate relief takes place, tne chances are altogether against the pali?-ut attacked; it is when remedies are t.ikei? iu time, THAT DISEASE IS CHECKED AND LIKE SAVED. There is no disease but may not he sufi'eied to go such a ength, that iio medicine or physician in the world cm save the tenon attacked. This should ha remembered by all? THAT SAFETY^FOR LIKE _ ,,, ww. , ... UM.r. x*.. IIIC Uin *>III|HUII1IU| H OWIU. Cough, Oi I inline*#, the Clan lieu I&um-uco of Houhouiitl Candy SHOULD l\V. FREELY USED iccording to the directions,and in every case where it if so taken n iironer time, the c >Iil or cough will he brokeu up or eradica 'i. \v\ feel it <.in'. toimpn i thiiupon if rj om* Pedleri and Gonteetioners are not appointed Agent*. * ml uonc s Keuumt uulefj each lockage is invariably signed J. Pease U 3on, 15 Divisioa street, ot whoxn it cm be obtained, wholesale unl retail. The following are our Slate Agents G "IV Redildin, 8 Si.ite street, Boston; (i 15 Zieber, 87 Dock i it., Phil nlelphi i *, J H. hertson, 11(1 Baltimore st. Baltimore, Vli.; J Jobson, 36 tit. Charles sL New Orleans; Dnb<-!s 6t Co. , Mobile; Ala ; C Tobey. Ciuciumti, Ohio; llwiland, Harrow k Allen. Cbarlefttou, S (C: \V J Duv.tIL 232 Broad st, INcwark N. J..VV N XMd-man L u..v>U. , Ky; Pi. iev Telle., Deruit, Michigan; Peek'fc Spear, Burhnjton, Vt; J. Anthony. N. 1 Haven, Conn.; J Gavnor, Richmond, Va; F. Taylor and VV. Fisher, Washington City, D C: J. A. Wad?w?nh, Providence, III.; J B Cosier, Montgomery, Ala; J Marline, Faycttevihe, N D; 1* W Sothorrn, Georgetown, DC: It. Hunt, Frede- , ricksburg, Va.; J H Thompson & Co., Wheeling, Va. All letters post paid, directed to J. PEASE St SON, 45 Divi- 1 lion street, will be punctual! attended to. slOr < "EXPERIENCE ! C"OR FOUR YEARS has lully tested the extraordinary virf taes of DK. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZFN- i UES. Several in 111 ioi. h*\e been .old,aud given perfect i laiisfaciioii In til who have use I tin'in. 1 PHYSICIANS AN1) CLERGYIvlKN, , Lawyers, ''rol'e.iors, rich and poor, high "Mid low?in fact, . nearly the whole Araetican people, lnye liven them their ' miction, anil they are now fait spreading their influence* to every part of the known world. Dr.. Hunter, Smith. Roger., Vanderpool, Scott, and fonr luindred other physician, in New York city alone, recommend 3hcrnv.ui'. Lozenges, daily, in their practice. Sherinau'. Meheated Lozenge. are never sold by the ounce, hut always ill, with lii. name attached. The Doctor helug an educated ind riiierienced physician, ami a member of the Medical Society of the city ol New York, give, a character to his preparation that no others enjoy, COUGHS, (H)LDS, CONSUMPTION, Asthma. Tightness ol the Chest, Whooping Cough, Cough attending Measles, and Ml affectum, of tin Lungs, are iinrnedi- < itely relieved by Sherman's Cough Loxi-ngts. They entirely i cure all receut cases ilia few hours, and often tlra most alarm- | ug cases of Consumption v i'eld, is tl by magic, to their h.pi y . nnueiice, as in thecases ol the Re v. Mr. Anthony, the Rev. , Mr. Streetar, and Imridrrds of others, ev -n where tlrcy had Neeu given up as k-icurable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH < l'o thousands, without their vei being suspected. Children ind adults often suffer imiclv from tlu-m, w hen a bo. ol Shcr- , nan's Worm Loxenges would give litem immediate reliefHundreds of instances iiavo come to our know ledg?, where icrsons ou the brink of the grave, fast wasting away, and the PKviirians frvinu flwir stl/ill in vain ami ypunrfintr at l_.s>* oo 1 hr only hope, to Sherman's Worm Lorrugei, winch have re- I tored them to health aud happiw ?s. How often have moth- ' rrs called at the Warehouse atld poured loith the it thanks and ilessiugs for the restoration of th-ir d>ar beloved offspring, . S't ver before has a perfect remedy been discovered for the tu- . ire eradication of all kinds of worms. ' HEAJJACHB, PALPITATION, 1 ..owness of Spirits, Faligui , Fainting, Desrondency, Nervous ' diseases item-rally, and Sea Sickness, are all subject to the t :urethra |>roi>erties of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. They t :ure severe htadkehes, tic. in ten minutes. In fact, they o|>e- t ate like a charm, and no person should go to sea without them, . is they are infallible in sea sickness. Persons subject to faigue, or attending crowded |writes, will liud them to relieve 1 hem of all lassitude ami oppression. Warehouse 196 Nassau slicct. Agcms?(.'hutch's, 118 Bow- | try; Hand's, 77 Bast Broadway, and corner Cnambrrs and Broadway; Codington. 227 Hudson; Kushtnu anil Aspinwall's liree stores, and 139 Fullou street. Brooklyn, 8 State street, Boston,and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. au!6r PARR'S LIFE PILLSrtlE immense increase of the sale of these Pills for the short time they have been introduced into this country, is truly istonisliing. and a convincing proof of the conquering jower of hit fine herbal mediciue in remedying disease. At this season ifthe year, svjieu the system is related by the heat of summer, t i coarse of this invaluable mrdicinr will clear off fse sour and | >ad humors which heat invariably geii-rati s. The liver, which , renerally gets sluggish, will be put into healthy action, and qua be able to irerform the fuuetious allotted to it. the body (together will be reinvigor ite i, and pi .pared to undergo whitver change the winter may bring on. In bilious complaints, leavy colds slid iutlainmalioua, they afford a speedy relief, ami o the fema'e constitutions they are particularly applicable, as aany who have tried them can certify. _ In fact, every one who as used Parr's Life I'tlls seem to be instilled with new life, or their foe, tonic pro|>ertiea invariably restore the stomach to healthy longing for food, sound sleep, and all the concomitant! attendant on good health. The extent to which they aro sed in Eur?|>e, among all classes of society, i^beyond coneptioii, for more than 3ft (WrO boxes are there sola weekly-, showng that all who use them appreciate their worth. They are old exclusively by the following agents, vi*:? {ushton it 'Aspiuwnll, druggists and [chemists, 8G William st. Ill) Broadway and 10 Astor House. 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber ?l. '. Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner of Lispenard at. olio B. Dodd. druggist, Broadway, corner Blrrckerst. L. W. Bnlon, Bowery M 'dicine Store, 2(.fl Bowery, olm C. Iiirt, druggist, 348 Grand corner Norfolk at, lymea' Medicine Store, 6J Bowery', comer ol Walker at. L. B. Tripler, corner Kullon and Water at. lorace Everett, druggist, 367 Greeuwichat., next the corner of Franklin at. . Sc J. Coddington, apolbecariea, 2/7 Hadat n ateeet, comer of Spring at. 1. L. Cotton, dicmiatand apothecary, 263 Bl.'eckec at., corner of Jones at. . Wriidover, druggist and apntlietirv, 141 Eighth avenoe. Irooklyu?Win. Armstrong, seed, drug and patent medicine warrhouae, IRIk Kulton at. Anil wholesale, at proprietora' office, T. ROBERTS fk CO., Clarendon House, comer of Duanc atreet and Broadway. o3 lm*r OCULISTS. )OCTOH 7 FRANCIS9 CELEBRATED EYE WATER. ^O. 10 BAKC, Y STRKKT, within two doors of th* ^ A?t or Hr? a fl is pretentions are a perfect cafe for all 0 itiarnmatory t ate of the eye, weakueaa of tight, Ite., n iu ever fail iii re* ring nt bnlaa of the longest standing, without lyanrgical operation. CERTIFICATES. 1 certify that Jacob Valentine, a yonth of ahont fifteen yean F age, wej brought to my liouae laat fall, apparently blind. li? tiled on ine to-day, and at at ei that he haa been the patient o( r. J. Francis, whose treatment haa been the means, under lod, ofraatoring hit sight. JAMES MILNOR, 1 Hector of St. George 'a Church, Beekman at. d Thia is to certify tliat two of my children were afflicted with ft jessed eves fur a lengjh of time, one ol them was almost liliud 0 itli liebulas, coarring the sight. Every remedy was resorted ' without any good effect, and despaired of them ever being covered. Triry are uow |>erfectly restored to tight by Dr. J. u rands' eelebrated preparation. lUMKI. 9 lONVS iMP.nrl .lr,.,.| tr I was almost Mind for twelve years, and in live weeks, under | h e skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my light i> now per a cllv good and strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Forsyth street. I certify to the shore being a true statement. w' "iKOROE BENEDICT, f Paato of the Stanton afreet Unarh. N 1 was nearly blind for iwr ityyeara with seafarer! m each tli e,and from the use of Dr. Francis* woudrrfu1 orepuration for at diaeaae, mv eyes are now perfectly rreovi'-el. HESTER JOHNSTON. <' tfldridgestreet. " We. the nnderaigiied, having wituessed. ne aatoniahing rffi- w cy ot Dr. Fra-ieis' preparationa lor diaeaaea of the eye, fo ihesiunngly recjmtrtend them to the notice of the public, aa m luabl t remedies. ar Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of McDongal at. Clmrch. . S H. Cone, Pastor of the First Baptist Church. John Peck, Agent of the Home Mission Soriety. Jacob Biounor, Pastor of the North Bai list Church. in Joseph Andrea-la, Roman Catholic Priest of St. Teter's an Church. c( Vnmernus certificates can be seen at the office. Prepared and Id only by Dr. J. Franeia, 10 Barclay street, New York. Artificial Eyes inserted, which cannot be distinguished from r natnral, without giving the slightest pain. w Dr. J. Francis reapertfally informs his friends and the public, pi it in Cflnscijarncc of the lucres*' of his Imsincss, Di. Ulenny, tb ember of the Royal Crdlege of Surgeons, London, and of the ? York Medical Society, has joined him, and every coufi nee can be placed in hiiprofessional -lull as an Oculist. * 9Ace hour* from 7 A. M., until 6 P. M. jy In tin * c Ol iKKIS TOOTH WASH?Preiwrrd from the original recii>eatNo.l (fold street. New Yrok?The Orris Tooth aih .a purely a vegetable preparation, poasesaing tlie proper-' so Uleaning the teeth ana nce.tli restoring the gums tog w allhy stkte, and preventing any unpleasant Laate or odour in e month, whether arising from decayed teeth or from a Je tr lged state of the stomach. r0 It is den, oed lo be used with a tooth b.nsh, and will he found supersede the necessity ? ft [a ws'er .kcvpiig the teeth clean d preventing the wearing away nl the gjr*a Ti .n (he teeth. m a healthy late, and eiusinir tin-in ?.o contract around the I ht eth. In p&innil affection* of thr tri-lh and guins, arising from f | posure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It is par u nlarly serviceable to tjse the Orris Tooth Wash at night Just fore retiring to rest. This method is rrroiium-iided nyemint dentists, as by 10 doing alj particles of food which aeonslate daring ihe day are entirely removed, and the month ni nt thromrh the night in a eleaii, sweet, and healthy state. Sound leelli aud white teeth are the most valnable portions |K>or humanity; bnl how many neglect the attention nessary for their preservation, even when surrounded by all tibialis needed. Among these we know cf none more pleasant " d rffertnal than the Orris Tooth Wssh?it clsansrs and whi is the teeth, strengthens rh* gnms, pnriftss the month, and tit eateiis tlie breath We recommend its use to all, yonug and \j h?{Boston Morning I'osl ?.< rhe Orria Tooth Wash ia the best detergent ire ever used on ~ rrnamel ?{Boston Transcript or sale by tlie principal .Innrcist' - i 'he city Bid r mi KI.VRTH? Huprr jet Mack and blue black Lyoita $ilk I r0 Velvet* for merchant tailors, just received, And for sal* c0 O. V VKtT, 40 Cellar at. up stairs. %tZ lm*rc CO iRK I JRNING, OCTOBER 4. 1 Superior Court. Before Judge Tallmadgc. "" Oct. 3.?The October term commenced to-day. Judge T. annouueed that the rule* of the tetm would las strict attendance ut ten o'clock, when tho day calendar would he called. Cases not rea ty would not be put down, but put otT for the term, and will not he re. to rod unless good cause is shown by allidavit, why they should be to. Gentlemen can set dow n causes on the calendar lor the third and fourth weeks of tin term, but the lirst and second will bo appropriated to the r gular order ol business. Crook 4" Foxokt vi Johnson et alt.?Argument in this case was heard by a lull bench; it was on u motion made by Mr. field, to sot aside an execution on which a levy on AS,000 worth of property has been made, and the goodi sold for about $l,iu>0. The ground assigned i that the execution was issued sooner than allowed by law. Mr. Jordan appeared on llicpait of plaiutiils. Ho urged that consent had been given. Its decisiou on this case, and on the judgments now remaining over, w ill probably be given next week. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Oct-3.? Oliier ltttley vs. Huwjoid Smith, etal.?This was an action on an asserted breach ol' good faith. Mr. B- is a merchant m Pearl street, and the dotendunts keep at Newark, N. J. They had separate claims against an establishment in Florida, but ugreed to unite them, jointly pursue a recovery, and divide whatever amount might be collected. It is averred that Messrs. Smith Ik Co. coliectej over $1 ,'JOO, but refused to share, as had been provided for. Action is thereiore brought to recover the $600 asserted to be due to plaiutitl'. A verdict will be rendered this forenoon. For plaintiff, Mr. Bog worth. For defendant, Mr. Bonnuy. Court of Commons I'lens, Before Judge I UhoefTer. Oct. 3?C-dr U-Maxwetl vs.Rujih l M.Gomtz ?The nature of a "Custom Houso oath" was fully exemplified on this trinl. The defendant hail sworn at the Custom House to be owner ol the hari|ue Cutter,and that no alien had any interest in her whatev er. Supplies had been furnished by plaintiff to the vessel, at the instance of a mnn named Sanderman, who was connected with another named Fit/, william, both of whom have gone away, the one to ICngland and the other to New South Wales." The bill (which was far liipchandlery) amounted to $J37, at a credit of 6 mouths, and was charged to "barque Cutter, or ow nurs." At the and of the ( months the bill was unpaid,and the individual note of Sanderman taken. This also remained unpaid.? Thu vessel was lost at sea, when it was ascertained that the defendant hail made solemn oath of ownership, and held her registry? he had also insured her, and recovered $6,300 from the. company. The present action, to recover the amount, is brought against him osowner, it being contended that Sanderman and Fit/williams wore aliens, and Could not hob) au Anieiictm vessel at any rate. For the defence it was urged that the defendant, although swearing to be owner, w as not so, but held the vessel an security for a claim lis had against her, and that lie paid Sanderinan $3,900of the money he had obtained froin the Insurance office?that he never had possession of the vessel, and was not liable for the debt. The Court charged that the decisions of our Courts have been that notwithstanding the oath of lionafiilc ownership, if a person makes advances on a vessel, takes her as security, and brings oral evidence to that etl'ect, he is not hold by his oath.? Thejury found for defendant rut 1'iuiuuii, nr. un ttiu iui?? Dili i iau?rui ueicuuaiii, Mr. Tucker and Mr. Crupo. General Reunions. Before his Honor the Recorder, Judge Lynch, and Aldermen Crohn* and Stewart. Jamls 11. Wiiitiso, Esq., District Attorney. Oct. 3.?Calendar for the term.- The following is the calondar of coses set down for trial at the present term :? issaalt and battery, with intent to kill, J ; forgery, 4; burglary, IB; grand larceny, -13; petit larceny, I ; obtaining goods by false pretences, 1 -} Insuring lottery uumbers, 1 ; total new cases 42 ; previously indicted, 43. Jra The lollowing gentlemen were sworn as Grand Jurors?Silas Brown, loreman, Alonzo Alvord, Willis black stone, W. E. Dean, John Drummond, Orlanlo llarriman, William K. Havemeyer, Elias 11. lleirick, Thomas Jeremiah, Walter Jagger, William K. I.eggett, lames Miller, George C. Morgan, Josiah Macy, Oustanis A. Newman, Charles Oakley, Lemuel 1'ultman, David Sutton, James Scott, Albert C. Zabriskie.? Total -JO. The Recorder then proceeded to charge the Grand Jury, ind in alluding to the list of cases on the calendar, stated that he regretted to say that crimes of the higher order were on the increase, while there appeared to be a dimilution of those for smaller offences. His honor overlooked he fact, that qt each session of the Special Sessions, some en or fifteen petty thieves are disused of by sentence to he City P:ison or Bluckwell's Island, lie also alluded to he great increase of assault and battery suits, usd intimated that many of them were not worthy of the gravu onsideration of the grand jury or the court. After alluding to the statutes made incumbent upon the court to call the attention of the grand inquest to, they proceeded to business. Upon calling the names of the Grand and I'etit Jurors, two ot the former were fined $26 for their non-appearance, and six of the latter in the same amount. Cate of jllexanier DanfortK?This boy in age, but man in crime, w us called lor trial on a charge ol grand larceny, in stealing $86 in bank notes from Caleb C. Baldwin, of the Commercial Hotel, 73 Courtlandt street, in the 11th of September, but through the interposition of bis counsel, Theoron Rudd, Esq., .it was postponed till Friday of this week. Long, ShoreThieret?Two rough looking long shorn men, named William Brown and Jolni Looker, were tried for dealing clothing from several different persons, valued ogether at $36. John (iullagbaii, of the tow boat Columlui, testified to the loss of a coat, pantaloons and hoots, rnlued at $-16, and that the pants were found on Brown when he was arrested, and the hoot* on Looker. It wa* tlso proved, that they attempted to break into the cahin of lie tow boat Ware, when they were, arrested. The jury were somewhat at a doubt, whether to bring in a verdict >1 guilty of grand larceny or petit, but after an Hbsenco >f a few minutes, returned; a verdict of guilty of grand arceny, and the Court sentenced them for three years to he state prison. Thay were then placed on trial on an indictment for >etit larceny, in stealing c otliing from the steamboat >Vare ; but on the rendering ef the previous verdict, hey entered a plea of guilty, and the court, in order that heientence should not conflict with the previous one, irdered them to he fined 6J cents each. Ojficert of the Saurt? At this point, the roll of theoffi. :ers attending this court, was called, anil it was ascerained that some dozen of them were absent. The Court tated that they should not imjiose a fine at this time, on hose who were absent ; but in future, unless the olticers otild give some good reason for their absence, a line houid be imposed upon each, whenever the roll was ailed and they did not answer. Trial of *1lrxander Doris.?Thiscolred rogue raised at Inow Hill, Md., wa* tried for an assault and battery vith intent to kill Michael Crown on the J6th of August ast. It appeared that Crown was a clerk in the grocery toreof Anthonv Crown, corner of Anthony and Little Vater street, an<) on the night aliove mentioned Davis n.l another map, w hose name is unknown, came to the or about i o'clock and desired admittance. The door vat opened,and alter purchasing some cheese and smoked eef they asked to look at soma flour. Upon showing it to hem, and while Crown was in the act of taking some om the barrel the man who was with Davis struck him n the head with a " sling shot" twicefin succession, and avis prevented Crown from escaping lrom the door.? 'he rnd piece of the " sling ^shot" was found in he store in the morning after the attack took place. Dais was arrested but his companion escaped. Davis told quite a yarn in his defence, anj said he'd eon to " Cow Bay, with a sailor man, aim tnat tie went lto the store with a man he met near the door?that they rank together, and while Crown was taking the flour om the barrel the man who was with .him struck him ver the head. That instead of running away as the ther man did, he got a lamp and remained in the store ntil the watchman came in. He was also delendod by J. M. Bates, Ksq. who conmded that there was not evidence sufficient to convict is clients The court so churged, an>l the jnry returned verdict of not guilty. Taking Tsa.?David Loflin, a huge, stripping negro, as tried for stealing three hall chests of tea, valued at 100 01, from the canal l>oal Great Western, lying at pier o. 4, Kast Hi ver, on the Oth of August last. It was proved tat the tea was the property of Messrs. Merry Si Van Ivck, of Mohawk, Herkimer county, in this State; that had been shipped on board the above named boat, aud as stolen on the night fa-fore mentioned. The tea was und at the house of Peter Grace, 391 Orange street: and a an named Isaac. Herbert testified that he saw prisoner, ida white man named "Scotchy," bring the tea to the juseof Graca in a hand-cart. The prisoner cross-examined the witness Herbert, and addressing the jury endeavored to convey the impresan that Herbert knew all about the tea; and when ofti r Stephens was called upon the stand as a witness, he lestioned him very close as to the person from whom 5 obtained the information at to where the tea at deposited. Stephens modestly refused to comy with his request,- and the Court charged that e only levidence against the prisoner was that ven by Herbert, nn t that it must rest with them to the belief in his credibility. After an absence five minutes they returned a verdict of not guilty. The District ArToaisicr then requested that hu should i taken into the police office, and give hi" testimony ;ainst Peter Grace es a receiver of stolen goods, which as ordered bv the Court. 7/orss Thirf.?A young man named Abraham Coles was led for stealing a bay mare from Wm. J. Lawson, 9 Bedrd street, on the 3d of September last It was proved at he hired the horse to go to sec his uncle, about two lie* irom iioHoKon. ,not returning, m arch wm m?<ie r him, Mini it wan ascertained, by branny evidence, thnt ! sold the home to Wm. Stoothoof, of Kiatbush, for >tf. he horse wu found in the possession of fltoothoof, but as iwu not railed an a witness, the jury discharged the isoner, under the charge of the Couit. The Court then adjourned to II o'clock Tuesday mor- i n?- _ Common Council. Board or ALnanMrn, October 3.? Present, Alderman oodhull, President, in the chair, and all the memhen. A communication was received from the Mayor, relate to the defalcation of John Ahem, late Clerk ol the I ayor, in which he points out the careless manner in hich the pablic moneys are received by the Clerk of the >mmon Council and other receiving officers, and rcrompnds a plan whereby the future defalcations may he medied. There is reason to believe from the Mayor'* , mmiinication, that other moneys besides the receipts for | mmuiation, have been used for other purpoaca saw that i I ERA 842. of being paid into the city treasury. We shall we through it liv and by. Alderman IImd hduiiu iui<l he?m not prepari <1 to hear any thing quite so egotistical from the Mayor, a* he, as chairman of the Finance Committee, hail proposed and originated all the niea.urea that the Mayor here claims a* his own. lie wuhed honor to be giien where it wa? due, aa.l ho would have been more pleased, if the Mayor had opened lus eyas some time since to these defalcations, and thus saved some g 100,000 to the city. Aldermen Davir.t said that if the Mayor hudapprond of the ordinance passed at the last meeting, which cone pels the Mayor's C lerk aud Clerk of the C ommon Council, and other recoil ing otlicers, to give securities lor the faithful performance of their duties, he would have done much more to accomplish the measure desired, than in the communication prevented. Aldennan I'liaov said that the gentleman from thatliird deserved much credit lor his energy in this matter, and he ho|>ed he would receive itAlderman UsuKHwoon said that the Mayor had stated in this communication that which was not correct, as it was he himself that had engaged Mr. Taylor and Mr. Willis to sift this matter to the bottom, so that the public should know the whole of it. Alderman Joisks said that he claimed the credit, as he had introduced theordiuunce himself. Alderman IYiidt said that as there were two Richmond* in the field he hoped the gentlemen would either divide the honors, or decide to which it belonged. The message was finallv referred to the special committee raised at the last meeting of the Board, to enquire into the defalcation of Ahem, and a motion to print was lust. A petition from Jacob Somerdykc, for a stund in Fulton maiket. was referred. The Committee on Finance reported adversely to paying Thomas Downing any additional sum lor refreshments given to the military at the lire in 1M36, he having i been paid for 409, and claiming pay lor about 500. 1 The Committee ol Finance rejiorted in t'avor of selling a | gore of land in Middle Hoad, between 40th and 41st street, to James McBiiar, lor $800, which was adopted. : A report from the same Committee in favor of selling the lot of ground 180 feet on Battery place, and Iti feet 8 inches j on Washington street, with the rear on West street ol TJ 1 feet to Chauncey St. John, for $16,000, was presented. 1 Alderman Leonard moved that it tie laid u|>on the table, rs he was not prepared to vole upon it at present. His 1 views were concurred iu by Altierman West, Purdy and t Ueduey, and opposed by Alderman Underwood, Lee, and | Carman. I The motion to lay on tho table was adopted. The Committee to whom was referred the application ' of the Irish Emigrant Society lor assistance, reported in fuvorof granting the sum ot $600, to he used to further 1 the objects of the society- 1 Alderman tfEDNrv wished to know whether, in giving away $.i00, the city was going to save anything by it; if so, he was willing to vote lor it. Alderman Carman said thut the city would save double the sum, ox the Imposition practised upon omigranU was such that they were soon deprived of their funds,and then they had to resort to the Alms House. Alderman Jones said he should vote against it, as he 1 thought it would ouly tend to relieve those who were re- ' sponsible as their bondsmen, or who had commuted for < them. i Aldermen Pi'rhy and Davies sustained the resolution, j and the latter contended there wus no |>oint in the re- | marks of Alderman Jones of the Filth. He said that a long winter was on the approach, and if this sum was Intended to send emigrants into the country during the J opening of the navigation, much distress might bo alle 1 viated. N Alderman Leonard also sustained the measure, and f said he was reioicod to think that it was opposed by only t one member ol the Board. ( Alderman Stewart said the object of the Rociety was t not to liestow alms, but to provide situations elsewhere t lor emigrants who arrive here. He said that the society had 351 members, who each contribuute $1 annually, and that within the space of less than one year they had sup- * plied bOU persons with places for lubor out of the city-. | lie therefore hoped that the appropriation would be made. I Alderman Jones still opposed the measure, as he said he v had heard of hundreds w ho had returned from the coun- v try without being able to obtain any emp oy ment, and, s therefore, what was the use of sjiending $600 when it i, would amount to nothingl Alderman Smith said he was not fully prepared to vote ^ for this measure, as he thought the money should be ex- l) pended under the direction of the Commissioners of the p Alms House, and he made an amendment to that effect. He said that if money was given to this society others n would also apply for funds, and, therefore, as a matter of a principle he was opposed to it ,, Alderman Crolius said lie should vote for it, and would r prefer the sum of $1000. He said he was acquainted with the officers and nearly all the members, and he lelt satisfied that they would devote the money to a good pur]iosc. v Alderman Lee sustained the resolution. 1 Alderman Oeoney said that he could'nt understand the I matter, and therefore he hoped it would be laid on the ta- i ble. He thought that charity begun at home and that the ( Common Council would find that they had enough to do winter was over. Alderman Uxdkrwoou laid that thorn was no money in the hands of the Committee on Charity to pay this umbunt. The resolution was then s* amended as to call lor an appropriation of the amount. , Alderman Oediskv moved to lay it on the table and print, which was lost. The resolution was then adopted by ayes 14, and 3 in J tho negative?Aldermen Jones, Smith and Geduey voting in opposition. The Committee of Assessments, to whom was referred tl the application of the Merchants"UCkU|> Company for (| exemption trom taxes, reported adversely and the committee was discharged. 11 The same disposition was made relative to the Farmers' js Loan and Trust Company. A communication was received fromta Committee of the I' Hudson Itiver Railroad with a map and survey of a con- ^ tensplatcd road along tho Hudson River. On motion of Alderman Leonard it wus referred to a select committee, i}l consisting of Alderman Leonard, Underwood, Smith, a W. -t and Stewart. Shoji }lal<:hert.?A petition was received from a shop butcher, asking for a repeal of the market law s. li Aid. Crolics presented a petition from Hose Company J No 8, for a return of money, and also to repair hose house. ,t Refused. ? The Committee on wharves, piers and slips, to whom was referred the proposals of building a pier 30 feet wide and 430 feet long, at the toot of Fifth street, Fust River, at a cost of not more than $6000, reported favorably, and the c report and resolution was adopted. The same committee reported in favor of allowing J. it 8| J. B. Brush to build a bridge over the head of the slip in o front of their premises, corner of West and Clarkion sts., e the bridge to be 30 feet in width. Adopted. Also in favor of deepening the slip at the foot of Delan- ^ cy street, at an expense of not more than $1000. Aid. Bams introduced a resolution to ascertain into the propriety of increasing the pay of the watchmen to $1 J5 ' per night, instead of $1, to which it has been recently re- ' duccd; also to increase the number of posts and watch- e men. n Aid. Usdehwood said he had a plan whereby the police a and watchmen were to be united together in ?uch a way (f as to prevent the necessity of appointing additional watch- (j( men? ni AM. Joxks said be ikouM prefer to lee the resolution referred to the select committee on the reform of the |>olice system. He said he thought that it was a mere electioneering trick, and waa got up for that purpose?that we had ui candidates here for members of Congress, Register, Icc., gi and it was a business that he would not stoop to. tc Aid Pcrdt said he was bapnv to hear that the t han- te cellor of the Exchequer?Alderman Underwood?had H] concocted such a plan as to combine the jiolicc and watch together, and he desired to have a look at it. ,' AM. Balis said tfiat he had been prompted to olfer this resolution, from the fact that a large petition, signed by |r many of his constituents, had been presented to him for ll the accomplishment of the object. ei The resolution was finally referred to the committee on police, watch and prison. ft Aid. Bslis introduced a resolution to authorise an ex- j nminatinn into the accounts of James H. Ward, late first marshall, which was adopted. The Board then adjourned to Wednesday evening at 6 Cl o'clock, when both Boards meet in joint ballot. "J ar Court Callesidar?Thla Day, ri Circuit Court?Nos. 196, 3, 4, *4,194, 131, 137, 138, W 130,89, 79, 83,130, 134,144 to 147, 161, 169. W KurraiOR Coi-BT.?Nos. 13, 1,17, 18, JO,- 99, 96, 3.1,34, cc 36,36. Commov Plcas. ? Part 1?Nos. 39, 139,79, 103, 96, 61,63, )n 63,81,199, 161,4, 16, 37,99, 31,37, 67,69, 131,181. ,i Part 9?Nos. 8, 10, 16, 18,69, 60, 99, 88, 99, 106, 110, 198. j 0 Hank nipt Wat. J, BUUTHEHn UI^IHIOI ?>F isE.v* sunn. t|, James Barclay, (lata firm Uodct k Barclay.) mcrchunt, N. Y., December 14. '. Robert J. Wood. ttoshen, merchant, compulsory, on 1,1 complaint of Woodward, Otia Si Tirbell, New York, November 3. (iconic A. Mayhcw, (late firm C. S.Baldwin k Co, 1*-' Troy,) now of New York, Nov. 3. in (Jeorge palmer, (late of Clevelanil, Ohio,) now of N. Y., M Nov. 3. bo Fia* aria Bi'rraLO?On Thursday laat ft fire broke tu out at Black Kock. Ari extensive oil mill and oakum pick- ... ing machine, t>oth occupied by Mr. I. S. Smith were totally dentroyed, alio an unoccupied raw mill hi longing to Ocn. i'orter, of Niagara Falls, and n tr p lorge aad dwell- ar ing owned and occupied by Mr. 11. Justin. An adjoining pu building used aaan iron turning shop bv Mr. I. Thomas, gn wii alao coo timed. Two large distilleries, one un- bs occupied bv Meaara. Bloaaom k shumway, and the other owned bv Stessrs. Sherwood k McPherson and occupied (i. by W. F.I wards, were with their contenta totally destroyed. A salirratus manufactory occupied by Mr. 1. N. Fish- ? er, tvai alio burned. The fire ia aaid to have commenced in] Mr. Edwards' establishment, and ia look ad upon an a *' great calamity, being a loaa ol aome $10,000 in property, " and throwing out of employ more than fifty persons. We tin regret to add, not orio cent of inaurance waa aecured upan the property destroyed. ant ? go< Mraltii or Moan.r..?There were reportial to the Board ot Health, on the '10th iuat., four caaea of yellow f fi ver ; two were fatal, the others are under treatment, mlji The cases are. principally those who have neglected to t?g apply lor medical aid until the laat stage of the disease. Mr 1 irk isii l.oss or Lira.--Si* two story houses, situate w ai in Barthelemy street, New Orleans, were destroyed by but Ire on the list ult. A fireman, named James Miller, was ren -truck dead by the fall of a chimnoy- Los L. D. Prte? Two Cm(I New Orleans. f C'orrts|H>i.(Jeuce of (he Hrrilil.j NEW OKLKANS, 26, 1842. 7 \nd e? Mather? Cotton? Fight?Aivi . Sim? After two weeks of almost continual rain, wr attain have line clear weather, and we may now expect more activity in our market, though receipts of cotton will he somewhat retarded by the rain*, which have prevented the planters from picking. 1 he transactions of the week ate near 3,600 bales, which is small tor us, though larger than lor uny week in the Inst two months. Prices are barely sustained. Ordinary 6 cents, middling 7 cents, fair 8 to 8i cents. No tine cotton in market. Two weeks of tine weather will ri(>en the sugar cane tast, and the grinding probably will commence about the 15th Oct. llut little dotug now in sugar. Produce troni the upper country arrives freely, with the exception of beef and pork, which they cannot pack before the last of October, and it will not appear in market here m an> quantity hetore November. Flour is dull at $3 20, and the supply greater than the demand- Northern goods have been very dull since this month came in, but demand will soon spring up tor them. Ships are wanted, and rny opinion is, they may expect a lair busmesH the coining season, astne quantity of produce to be shipped is larger than usual, for we shall receive more from the upper country than we ever did in one season before. Kxchunge dull. London 4 percent, prem. j France >1 ."sic. ; .New York, 60 days, S to3J per cent discount ; sight, i to 1 per cent, discount Bank notes lave generally unproved, as have, also, tnuniciiality. Some operations took place yesterday among the irokers. Four of them, in Common street, .having i dispute about some money o|>eration, rushed i.nto the street in front of their oiiices, opposite the Cii'V Hotel, and entered into the brokerage business on i new plan. As there is now not much to break in the way of hanks and merchants, they undertook to break each other's heads, and for tliut purpose formed u partnership in a general milling business, The men were all fiesh, and in fact appeared rathar green at the business, though they came up to the "scratch" with u good deal of spirit. 1 don't know how many rounds they lought, us they had a round-a bout way of doing the business und though they have been dealing in exchanges for several years, tliey did not appear o have been in the habit of settling their dif rences in such hard currency. They all sliow d a great desire to possess themselves of their >artner's hiUs, which in all probability would have >een dishonored. One drew at sight on another, ind the drali was iiromutlv naid in claret, which am icared to be even in more demand than specie.? )pe rations continued pretty brisk lor some time, vith a decidedly marked improvement in the busiiess as the face ot affairs plainly showed. They Irew on each other freely, and for some time acceptances were not refused, and though they are all considered honest men, they showed a great di.sposition to thrust their hands into each other's chests, md were found not so upright as they had been considered before. One of them,who hud been a heavy alter, lost a balance and.fell into the gutter,! where ic lay and showed no dis|>osition to ojierate liirther. hisiness continued very active with the other firm vho were strong holders, and who drew and paid vith great promptness, till on one'a|sliowing a dispoition to gouge, one of the by-standers cried out? 'part them,"?"no," said another, "gouging is their lusiness?they are licensed to do it, haven't they ieen gouging us nil summer in bank and municiality notes I" "They are all brokers," said another -"1 don't care which beats." So they were |>ernitted to mill each other aud engage in any fancy iperations they chose?such as polishing ivory, lulling wool, &c., and making some little business or the tailors, when after a time, there being less ictivity in the market, bills being offered and taken vith much less readiness, the dealers withdrew, heir stocks being much reduced. I did not note lie time,but it was short; there being but little credit low, operators arc inclined to pay down on the spot n hard currency. Ho increase in the fever. Louisiana. LonlivlUe, Ky, [Correspondence of the Herald.] Louisville, Sept. 25), 1842. Shocking Murder in Louisville?'lite Morals of Pontics. r. G. Bknnett? 1 hasten to eive vou an account of an occurrence ^lat transpired in the vicinity of a whig meeting, in lis city, held at the usual place, the Washington [all. The cause that led to the almost fatal result i as follows:?Some time since, the democrats eld a meeting at the Washington Hall, and the leech that was delivered by one ol the locofoco arty was reported, and published in the Journal as communication. The editor ol the Sun, being a dative ol the person alluded to in this cotnmunicaon, whose speech was reported, demanded ol the ournal the author, lie was told, by note, that for ny other pur|>osothan a scurrillous newsnajier pararaph the name would be given up; and as lor the uttingolfof ears, which he had threatened in his aper,.that would be settled when the parties should onlront each other "ttit u vis." Nothing mors was said in the public prints rejecting the matter; but ui ig the "knowing ties" a duel was talked of and momentarily expectd. Last evening the whigs had a meeting at tieVashington llall, to take some steps preparatory to, nd to make arrangements for, a delegation Irotu his city to go and attend the barbecue at Dayton, )hio, to be given on the 29th proximo. Mr. Tope, ditorof the Sun, proceeded to the whig meeting, o doubt for the purpose of seeing Mr. Hlitw, the uthor of the communication, und |>erhaps put his treat in execution. Mr. It. was standing inside the oorof the Hall, arm in arm with Mr. Dinneford, nd many reports say that Mr. P. called to some ;ntie men acquaintances to hear bint call Mr. It. a liar, rascal, scoundrel, coward," Ate., and inlinelately firing his pistol at the victim of his veneance; the load, big buck shot and a slug, en:red his body and arm, the slug passing a short disince along the right arm and entering kis body, nd supposed to have lodged in the cavities of the >ine, causing immediate paralysis, a fleeting his exemities, he evincing no sensation whatever, on beig pinched or pierced by any sharp instrument. His fe is despaired of, there being no nope of his recovry?deatn must inevitably ensue. The perpetrator of this Horrid deed, and, as some live called it, cowardly and dastardly act, iniitieiately (fed, and took refuge in J. S. Morris Ac Co.'s rug store, on Main street, lie was pursued by the 'iiwif but tliev were mikble to take him. as he vere that the ftrst man that approached he would toot dead on the spot, holding two pistols, one in tch hand, and a bowie knife, he aaid that he ould deliver himself tip to the City Marshall or the atch 'I'hey soon arrived, and Capt. Turner esirted him to the jail, where he is now lodged to vatt his hearing before the police court this morng. Considerable excitement was manifested on e occasion, and had the mob caught him he might ive been killed The public condemnation never is keen so universal or unanimous as in the present se. No palliation whatever is made to excuse e perpetration of the deed?all are ol opinion that blic justice should be meted out ts him with its most rigor and seventy. Mora anon. Stkam Friqatcs.?A correspondent in your 1*1r of yesterday morning, signed "A Traveller," is correct in his statement that the " steam frigates ississippi and Missouri are lying idle in this harir." Had he made the necessary inquiry he would ive ascertained that the Mississippi having just rerned from a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, is now ideigoing various repairs and alterations receivg on hoard her coal and stores, preparatory to lot her cruise, anil that the Missouri having been it in complete order since her arrival in port, is eniged taking in coal, and will sail on a cruise proilily this week , If a " Traveller," or any other person, will pay ese shiiw a visit during the process of caulking id coaling, they win unci mm lying line in me irbor" if <>l nil things not a|>plicnhle to them; for is a well-known fact that the duty perforntoj by r officer!" nnd men attached to these shifw if far nre arduous than on board anv other vessel afloat. I make no cornmentn respecting the "Fulton"? mfied that when occasion requires she will give a od account of herself. JrsTic*. 'isr is TsrsTOs.?A frame stable in Trenton, N. J., lining the lumber yard of Mr. John Crook, which, ether with several ihe<l?, ami I large nnantity of vaIdc books, were destroyed. The dwelling house of .Clark, one of the most beautiful mansions in Trenton, I Considered, for some lime, to tie in imminent danger ; through the active exertions of the firemen and citis the dwelling was ssved from the devouring element. estimated at about 91,900. It occurred on Friday.

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