Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1842 Page 3
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acuity crop this fall; It wh dull at 40 oenta. Oata la sell. tag at 14 cents. Wh give the following in relation to the foreign harvuata for the benefit of the corn factor*. The harveat wa* ulmoat entirely gathered in throughout the eaat of Europe unJ we are enatded to furnish the following comparative eatimatea, collected from the moat accurate accounts : ?In Silesia there has teen a good average harvest. In Poland in Oalltcia, and in tha Duchy of Posen, there has tieen a <lecid?dly good harvest, and the same may be said with respect to Ruasia. In Hungary the crops .have been most satisfactory , and in the Bauat, which is regarded as the granary ol the country, they have been doubly as produstive as those of last > ear* In Transylvania and the Turkish provinces the harvest has also been mod plentiful. Similar abundance has also been experienced in Monrovia. Everywhere the grain is of good quality, and yields from 15 to JO iter cent, more ilour than in humid years. It may therefore lie fairly predicted that in the cast of Europe the price of wheat will fall instead ol rising ; even though foreign demand should bo very great. Cattle .tlarkct. The markets were dull this morning. There appears a declining tendency In all kinds of Cattle, although there was only an actual fall in beeves. Of those in market the beeves brought from $4 to $6 SO a hundred w eight, the sheep from $1 40 to *4 each?lambs from <d to f i 7ft, und cows and calves from tf-fO to $3H. About one thousand beef cattle, two thousand sheep and limbs and fifty cows and calves were offered. Foreign Alarkcts. Pus.sto Caskllo, (Venezuela,) Sept. 5.?I have not time to write a lengthy letter by the vessel sailing this afternoon, and will advise you only of the dull state of the market at present, including all kinds ol' business and undoubtedly will remain so for four months at least, when the crops commence coming in. Produce of this country is very low. Coffee of superior quality has been sold at 7}c per lb, this week. sales, but offered at 3c per lb. Hides at 8c, and quick. sales lately. Indigo, superior F 8 rs per lb , and extremely dull. No. American vessels in port. Married. On Tuesday Morning September -,27th, in Portland, 9ami-el It. Biuoki, R?q., oi New York, to Mr*. Fatness, only daughter of the Hon. Asa Clupp, of Portland, Maine. Died, On Sunday night the 2nd imtant, Mri. Aft** Middle to*, aged 7*2 years, the wife of Mr. Samuel Middle ton. His relatives and friends and those of his son-in-laws Mr. H. J. Rogers,the U. W. Grand Lodge of the I. O. of G. K.and the Order in General are invited to attend her Inneral on Tuesday afternoon the 4th instant, at 4 o'clock, at the residence of her son-in-law Mr. H . J. Rogers, No. 147 Prospect street, Brooklyn. On Sunday evening, after a severe nud lingering illness Mr. Lpke Dawks, aged 55 years. His friends with the iriends of his son John M Davics, nre respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his late residence, Front street, Newark, N. J., at three o'clock, this (Tuesday) afternoon, without ftlrther invitation. The 2 o'clock car for Newark will be in time. At Huntington, 9tate Indiana, the 3rd September, Mrs. Frasces Horc, wife ofT. D. Lewis, Esq., and only daughter of Mt\jor R. O. Allen, of New York city. Weekly Ifcport of Interments In the City and County of Nt w York, from the 21th d.-.y cf Sept. to the !*t (lay ol Oct.. 1812. 3'? Men ; 33 vVsmt-n ; 38 Boys ; 111 Girls. Total, lt>j. diseases. Abscess 2 ; Apo-lexy, 2; Asthma, 0; Asphyiia, 0, Burned *1; Bleeding from lungs, u; Cachexia,3; Cholera Infantum 19; Cancer, I; Concussion of the Brain II; Consumption. 31; Constipation,!; Cholera MotbtisO; Convulsions, 8; Croup or Hives,2; Congestion of liver, I; Congestion of Brain, 1; Delirium Tremens, 0; Diarrhoea, 2; Dro|?y, t; do in the head, K;doin rhe chest, 1; Drowned,0; Dysentery, 6; Debility,2; Diabetes, tl; Eruption, 1: fcxecul-dft; Enlargement of the heart, II; Exhaustion, 0; Fever, 2 ; do Pueriwral. 0; do Bilious, 4 ; do intermittent, 2; do Scarlet, 6; do Typhoid,I; do remittent,0; do Nervous,4; Hip Disease, 0; Hooping Cough, 5; Inflammation, I; of Brain. 3: do of Bowels, 6. do of Chest, 0; do of Lungs, 4; do of Stomach,0 ; do of Throat, I ; of Womb, Opto of Liver, 3; da of Heait, 1; do do of Bladder, I; Insanity, I; inleinpelanee, 1; Jaundice, 0; Lues Venerea, 2: Lockjaw, 0; Marasmus. 8 ; Malformation of Heart, t; Measles, 1; Old Age, ft; Organic disease of lite heart 0; Palsy, I: Prrmatuie Birth, 0: Rupture, 0 ; sietetuion of urine, 0; Stnall Pox, I; Spinal Disease, 0; Sprue 0; ScroffiiU, 4 ; Suicide, 1: Tumor, I; Teething 2; Ulceration of Intestines. 0; Ulceration of the Throat, 0; Ulceration of Brain, 0; Unknown, U; Worms, f>i Use of laBdannm, 0; Varioloid, 0?Total, 166. aos. Under 1 year, 26; 1 to 2 years, 30; 2 to 5, 20; 5 to 10, 7; 10 to 24, 8; 20 to 30, 20 ; 30 to 40, U; 40 to 40,17; 40 to 60, 7; 60 to 70, 8, 70 to 80, 4; 80 to 90 1, 90 and 100 0 ; unknown, 1. flacks or mawitv United States, 108; Ireland, 23; England.! ; Scotland,0 ; tiermany, 8; France, 1; Switzerland, 0; Spain, 0; Poland, 1; British Possessions iu North America, ; West Indies, 0; Wales 0; Russia 0; Norway 0; at sea, 0; Unknown, 7. Of the above, there were from the Almshouse, Bellevue. 10; Hospital, Bellerne, 0; Penitentiary Hospital, Blackwt It's Island,*. I, Small Poz, do.O; City Prison. 0 ; City Hospital, 0; New Jersey, 0; Lone Island, 1; Westcncaler 0; Lunatic Asylum I; Governor's Island, 0; Rockland county, 0; Stolen Island, 0; 'Lontt Island Hospital, 3; Magdalen Hospital, 0; BedlowS Island, 0 Colored Persons 4 JNO. H GRISCOM, City Inspector. Oitv Inspector's Office. Oct. 3. 1842. The mortality of the month of September, 1837 was 774 ; 1838,800; 1830,740; 1840, 712; 1811,797; 1842 , 774. Passenger* Sailed. Mobile?Packt t ship Atalanta?Mrs Hart, Mr and Mrs Ale xAuld, Miss Margaret Anld, Miss Catharine Auld, Mn Speats and two children, Mrs Allison, Mrs Br\drn, T J de Tamper!, lady and two children, J Bilsbre and lady, N W Perry, Geo M Franklin, Thus Whiting, Mrs Malrin and three children. Domestic Importations. Charleston?Brig Lawrence?30 casks rice Victor St Dock witz?31 O Bulkier?14 8 M Barrett?42 bales cotton Robert St Williams?34 do E Pedrirk?60 Spies, Christ St co?36 Boyd St co?20 coiis rope Wood, Johnson St Bunitt?66 kales cotton 2 ca to order. ^MARITIME HERA LD. To Ship Masters. Wc shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will ui?e to Commodore W. A. Bassetl, of onr news llett, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign new strata-r? they may have. I^ominodore Baxsett wili board Uwui immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate Im'"i in any WH. To Coxxeapoiideuts. Our correspondents in foreign |*>rts are respectfully rr |0* strd to lend by every Tinsel all the marine iiitelhgsnce they can -obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any sue re inline at homo or abroad, will be thankfully recti*ed. POUT OK NKW VOKIi, OCT. 4, ???. strtv Risr.s 6 151 ntn Moon 1 28 tin 5.451 hioh watch 8 53 Cleared. Ships Coriolanus, (packet) Haile, Marseilles, Bovd It Hinckrn; Sarah Shvafc, Gray, Antwerp, G FOerdmg; Rockingham, IVnhallow, Mobile; Viekaburi, Berry". New Orleaus, Win Nelson ? Barks K.mili-, (Norwegian) Ancheraon, Rotterdam, Schmidt k Balclieu; Hecla, Williams, Trinidad and a market, A HuhtvudkCo.?Brigs Billow, Berry, Key West and Cedai Key, Fla. Nrsmtth, Leeds It Co; Alabama, Willi mis. Apalachicola, Sturgesk Clearman.-S-'hrs Virgin Lass,(Br) Doyle, Harbor Grace, NF. Dunscomb k Beckwith; Victory, 1'enfield, Alriand ria. Arrived. Ship Superior, Lennox, from Havre, Aug. 21, in hallast, to A. Knox, Jr. 16th ult. lat 43 26, ton 47 30, exchanged signals with a bark aup|>osed the Hvury Shellon, of aud for Boston, from Havre. Brig Sarah Dtering, Fentley, 17 days from St. Thomas, in hallast, to order. 23d ult. spoke bsrk Wm. Schroder, of anil for Boston, from Mavaguez; 28th. lat 30, Ion 73 45, siioke brig liveline. from Turka Island for Halifax. Left birks Lady Falkland, of Yarmouth, Nf>. to sail next day; Caroline, ol do, to tail in xl day; Einnreis, of do, disg. Biig Dirigo, McNear, 16 daya from Tnrka Island, with 7000 busheli salt to order. Sailed inco. with achr Lawrence, for NYnrfc. Vessela Irfl before reported. British brig Catharine Ftazier, Fish, 16 days from Windsor, JVS. with plaster, to master. Brig Lawrence, Ladieu, 6 days from Charlsaton, with cotton, to O. Bulklcv. Brig K.nvoy, Thomas, from Lubec, with 250 tons plaster, to master. Schi Flash, Leight, 2 days from Philadelphia, with coalbound to West Point. Schr Jonas Smith, Wheeler, from Wilmington, NC with naval stores, to John Ofden. Sailed in cc. with brig David Duft'el, Brown, and aenn Sclmylkill, and Venns, Rice, for Philadelphia. Schr Mirror, Chapman, from Washington, NC. with naval storea. Schr Lovey Harrison, Stark, froin Folly Landing, wi:h potatoes, to master. Schr Heroine, Coals, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Sterling, Taylor, from Wilmiuglon, NC. with naval stores, to master. 8lo#|> Joel Smith, Wood, from Virginia, with potatoes, to master. Sloop Isasc H. Boirien. BfOWn, 48 hours from Fall River, with naili, iron, lie. to Tistlalt- It Borden. Below, Brig Hi in irtu, 18 days fr?.m Nouvi'aa. One bark, one brig, unknown. Sailed* Ships Charles Carroll, Lre. Rio de Janeiro; Brains, Adams, Montevideo; Atalanta, Hart, Mobile; Air*x tinier, Andrews, do; Vicksbnrg, Berry, NOrfeana; brigs Michigan, Coleman, Coracon; Mtrgao t Ann, Dudley, Beihice; Woodstock. Baker, Sajaitnaij; Exact, Johns<in, do: George, Hull, Charleston; Sarah Brown, Norton, Mobile, and others. Wincf W. Marine Correepondence. xi i - 0 . M ? St. Thomas. Sent. 15. Vf.Ml. in nort?Brig. N F Frothing.., Adami, (r..m Wilmington, Nt.. une. 'Wand repairing damage.; gaily Ami, Pa.terjon, from and for BaTumore dim; Calai., Deming! from NYork, nnc. riiag; achra Mage, Kirbv, from Pon Spain, Tri* juat an; Chace Potter from NYork, nns.diw; 8yl* eater, Irom Bah, Me. dodo; Wacramaw, Vincent, Chart reton, do do, anu repairing damagra; Abigail. Lvwaon. from Norfolk ria Antigua, iliag. Recent departure*?Briga Allen, Manaon, from Boalon for Curacoa, allied aimr day; Amanda, Amu. from Marhiaa for Ire ward, do do; Houlum, Godfiey. from bangorfor MayagneT tailed Uth to load tor Baltimore; I)elia, I'.rk r, (torn Martinique for Turka I .land, Dili, to loau lor New Orleana; Abigail Richmond, do for do, I2tli, to load lor Bangor; Drlot, F.ckle It .and Diapatch, Tilden, Philadelphia tar Baroadoea, 12th, both for a maikit; Denmark, Marion, Bath for St Domingo, 13th, for a market. General Record. tackct mir Rocheitrr will tail for Liverpool to-day.? Her letter baga arc at Gilpiu'a, in the Exchange. Brio M.nv Kii.iar.r. Soullard, of New York, from Nutfnlk for Jamaica, before reported loat at the Caicoa, wa. laden with ataves and com. She aprnng a leak on the Sci of Sept. which ini'tcaacd so rapidly that the matter waa forced to m M r aahore at the Caicoa for the preaervation of thine on board.? She had nine feet of water in her hold when run aahore, and the crew ware all exhauatrd from working at the pnmpt, in endeavoring to keep her arloat. The Gale *t Havana -mThe late atorm ha. done considerable dunite in the vicinity or Cuba; 2D droughtera were anuR in llic harbor of iiaraua, and a large number of veaael. badly inBum HoRaCE, from New Orleana for Maraeillea, put into Havana liih ult. with loat of apart, taila. kc. Bahr KlTHRaTEt.?'Tli* Lucaa, at New Orleana, apoke the Rio Grand., 11 da; a thence, and took from her the captain, hi. wife and aiatir. and the crew of the Lnphmlea. from New Oilean. for MaraeilUs. The E. had encountered the hurricane on the Jth, waa ilUmaatcd, and when the crew left her the had 7 feet water in her hold. Natchv.7. ha* arrived at Havana, f-om Key Wcat. where the waa obliged to put III in diatreaa, with lh? loa. of rudder, fc?. after being live daya out?n. we have already rt ported. Knrelgii I'orti. Qi ebec, Sept 27?Arr Baron, Hartlepool; 28th, Souttr Johnny, Liverpool; Recovery, ??. Cld 2Hth, Mountaineer, ; Roll*, Hull: OoLockwnodt. Porta..: Mimmi<-hi. Lon- \1 .looi Mlk Ann Hall, Livenwol: Dvaiwtch. Watrrfonl; Am*- ?'; United fin*-lorn, London. un Momuii., 8r|ii *>? Arr Lady S*aioti, London; Brlloua, pli Ol??ow. CI J Brilliant, Livrriool. mi N? ill, Srpt 10?1? poit. Brilliant, lor Winnuwlou, Drl. in J . j Cnltvd States Ports. Blvvalo. S/pl *H-Arr Comtrllaiion, ( ) Detroit; KukkIh. Warren, Helm. Reindeer. Chi nane tke, Michigan, and Joy, ... Cleveland; Richmond, Chicago; Willi*. A.htanulv; Figure, \n Venice; Swallow, S*ndaiky;Lodi,Connean'. Skinner, Milan; * 0 Hamilton, Detroit; Masrics, Toledo. Cld Waterloo, < hi|.|w wa; Scott, Detroit- New England, do; Maranall, Caledoun, Hatnliiakv, and HnMiard. Cleveland; Wliittleiey, Aalitabnla; Effort. Bare lona; Brandvwinr, Sanduvky. 'I* Ct-KTSLaWD. 8eptt9?Arr M Hi Ira, Buffalo; Eagle. Port ? Hsron. Cld M Helm, Milan; Mink, Port Huron; Charlotte, n do; Honda, Atalauu, *n<l Detroit Buffalo. Air 28th, Miner- 13 ??. do; Chjrloftf, Poit HuroiL Cld Lucioda, lit Cath iriuts; an, Scioto, MFreme. PUtiun, M NVy, Michigan. W Joy, Hortici, wi ( hrsaifake. and H Ainswnrth, Buffalo. )MM i J~"Arr St Mary. Nevis; Dirigo, Lubec; rr L?di, Elliot, Ofrro, L?hii, ?nJ J 6c W Krrirksoti, B^stou: Na- R poleon, Eastport; Adam*, Pjovfideuce; Gent* al Warren, Portsmouth; I van hoc, Newhurynort; Iionsidii. Hartford Cld Phi- bu ladeluhia, Bremen; John W Cater, West Iudies: Chief, Turk, iUt Sylph, and Mount Mnriah, Bostou; Randolph, B*rba<ioes: 1111- 1L1*! TOM, New Bedford; Scioto, Nf wburviMjrt; Indiana, New York; ,*' Dolphin, do; Joj Kuslnig, Newark. Arr in the Schuylkill, bt* Mi Minora, Boston; Alv&no, Delaware side: G*;u Ulayctti, r|" Norwalk; Win Rowleu, Bridge port, Ct: Louisa, Ciaininer, Newport; Louisa, Leeds, Albany; Lyilia Adeline, Providence; obi Antrim*, do; Penobscot, N York. 8h Am * ANURIA, Sept JO? Arr Gen Grant, Bcrmud i. S!d Ell^i "tf Maria Newhnrvport. em Richmond, Sept 29?Arr Thorn, Bennett, NYork; Eveline, Yi Chase, do: Deborah Ann Somers, Powell, do. Sid Ann Eliza, j" Townsend, do; Greeusbury Holt, do: Roscoe, New Bedford.? J Cld Isabella, Bremen. Arr 30ih, Martin Ann, Natisemond; Undinv, Boston; Eagle, Portsmouth. (/Id George Stevens, ?. London. ' Kbf.derk kshcro, Sept 29?Arr Messenger, Providence.? Cld Cygtiet, Boston; Tionet, do. Norfolk, Sept 29?Arr A B Edwards. Bowyer, New York; _ . Victory, Hi tokens, Ri< hnond foi NYork; ( lodMi, Van Nran, dodo. Arr 30th. Jainrs Dniminond, Youuk, New York; Aun D, Bedell, do; Exeter, Coombs, do. Sld^ Snow, West ludies; < -iiampiou, do: Cora, Bristol, BI. 28th?The Consritutioti, for ~ Breineu, siiJ Junius and Alice, are oil their way down James P River. ^ WAfiiiNOToy, NC. Sept 27?Arr Galena, and Tamplico, N *lr York. Cld Mirror, Cleopatra, M Caroline, Myers, M Si *rt' Fowle, au* Washington, all from New York; Col Tayloe, or B . m Wilmington, NC. Sept 26? Arr Jonas Smith, Wlneler, N _J York; A K Thorn. Murch, do; Alaric^ Puriiell, do; Larch Al- a I'-n, uo; i.iiriiics t l iiorn, Uhanibrrlaiu, do. Old K'orto Kico, ij Boston. Charlfsto*, Sept 30?Arr NorthumbeiUid. Boston; Kink', Dri-w, N York. In the nffintc, ttullivan, from N York. r, Savannah, Sepi ?h-Arr Iris, Boston. 1*Id Weskeag.Wood- i? side, NYork. '? Mohilk, 2ti-('ld Kttiirvr, Havana. fj f355HS3l53S35555H558HS5S3355SH8335SHB8l Tiif ApNEVEN MONl WENT?A m tting f< the erec- t ' tioii of a monument to the memory f the late William , JiUtU* Macnevrn, will lie held at Washington Hall, corner of ai Broadway ami Keade street, oil Tuesday evoking, thu 4th d ly , < I" October next, at half past 7 o'clock. !! The frituds of Irelahd and all those desirous of commemorating the inestimable services of this illustrious patriot and ei- <41 il?-. ars respectfully requested to attend. <?4 It ?u< TO BE PIMILISHKI) ON WEDNESDAY? ~ V" CZARINA: K! AN act HISTORICAL ROMANCE OF THE COURT OF rr1 RUSSIA. ilx PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. AI rkcktftly PUBLISHED? all pELHAM ; or the Ailvenmres of a Uent'emtn. With an _i T En^rariiiK. Price 25 ccnti. {Si The Disowucd. By the sam - author. Willi a Plate. Price U' >5 ceuU. . ui Devereux. By the same author. Willi a Plat". Price 25 ( cenia. _ tv I Paul ClitToid. By the ?ame author. With a Plate. Price 25 10 ceuls to: Eugene Aram. By the same au'hor. With a Plate. Price 25 Cents. . _ caHAIlPEll k bROTHEUS. ( oi-.'i-r W Cliff street. ( oECOND GRAND VOCAL^CONtTh r!\?The IUiners O h ivc the honor to announce to tin ir fiends au<l the |>uli'ic , ill Keliersl, that their second tiranil Vocal Concert will take , place at tin-New York Society Library on Wednesday Eve- , nine, Oct. 5, 1811, at 8 o'clock. . Tickets 50 ceiri, to he hid at the usual places, and at the .V door. , lj For particulars sec small hi .Is. 04 2l* OYSTERS. CITIZENS ol the 7th and loth Wards, are you lovers of fine 1 Oysters I If you are, we would tike ^great^lrasun^ in^re- f| son, at No. 9)1 Division street, (known as the Washington Ovs- ? tor House), where you will always find the RneSI Shrewsbury w. Oysters that the market affords, as Well as eveiy other species ot Oyster of most dclii iotts flavor, together with every delicacy .,? of the season, His B ir also is furnished with Liquors of the finest quality, jp hiving them direct from the importer, and his segars are inferior to none sold in any other public place 01 entertainment. Mr. Watson, moreover, has for miny years been favorably >u known down town as a first rate caterer iu his line of business, J aud has always been mostassi luous in his endeavors to please his frieuils and the public en all occasions, whenever they have j li mored him with their pitronage, " This we are certain \% ill be sufficient to lecommetd the wor ? thy proprietor of the Washington Oystti H use to the at ten* lion of his up-towu friends, who wi I still find hitn as hsppy as V ever to serve iham with refreshments at all hours, *j cheap and L' good as can be obtained at any other establishment in the ciiy. cai o) 3t* r thi l hh iNEW yoKN !*' COLLEGE OF MEDICINE ? AND f( PHARMACY. ihdi ESTABLISHED FOR THE cot fcUPPKESSlON OF QUACKERY, ? L J AS met with the most unprecedented success since its com , 11 meiiceiuent, particularly from the unfortiinatr victims ol j." unprincipled pretenders, who are now daily gaining strength and vigor under the judicious treatment of the College. The following preparations hav- already obtained a telebruy uupiralellrd in the annala of medicine. EXTRACT OF BAR8APAR1LLA. a"' This article has been prepared at great expensc, accord- j,', ing to the new process of the Parisian pharmaceutists, and m. is confidently denominate 1 the only realty valuable prepa- be ration of Sarsapariilanow oflorerl lor sale in this country, din Together with the active principle of the Smilax offici- l'u ruin?the best species of the root?the College have incor- P porated that peculiar modification of sugar, which hat cj, been termed elycip-rhixin. In the "Extracts" of the not trum-vender* anu certain druggists, the common extract si of liquorice is the chief ingredient, an j can readily be de thi tecteu. But it is proper to state that in most cases this extract of liquorice is adulterated, and contains copper de rived from the pans in which the decoction of tho root is \] evaporated. The College wish thus particularly to guard m i the public against the pernicious tendency of mixtures. ?i? containing large quantities of this poisoned liquorice. The or. " Extract"" prepared by the College, contains also an ap- iqii propriate quantity of thepeculiar crystallizable principle, Vi obtained from that valuable vegetable bitter, Gentian, 0K> " nailed Irom (jentius, King of Illy ria, who lirst discovered S its great virtues.) A small portion of the active constituents ot the Laurus Sassafras, another vegetable, whose tllieacy as an alterative and purifier of the blood is well an< known, has likewise been added. These several articles pm have been incorporated, and their peculiar principle* P<* compounded in a highly concentrated form, and the result has been the production of a vegetable alterative ? and tonic, unequalled for power and ethcacy. 1 The College merely add the following extract from the r, edition just published of Branile's "Practical Dictionary of the Materia Medica ? \\ " This article ha* been prescribed in chronic rheuma- ltr, tism?in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent he ulcers?in glandular attections?in diseases of the bones, tee attended by dull aching pains, tumors nnd nodes?wasting wl' of the flesh?and H hat proved a valuable remedy, and hat sometimes effected a cure where other alteratives have been wj long administered in vain, and when the diseased state of |3I the system has hern of many years duration. In the after tin treatment ot syphilis, and in rases where mercury has t'n/u- p riousty affected the ssjstem, it possesses powers not hitherto f observed in any other article of the Materia Medira. '' Sold in siisole Bottles, at 7ft cent* each. V " Im Cases of half-a-doif.m Botti.f.s, $3 SO. " " " oisf dozen " fl 00. Cases forwarded to all parts sf the Union. [ j N. B.?Ji very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. y THE UNKIVALLTEI) TOM? MIXTURE. ha' A certain cure for all forms of dyspepsia, low spirits, loss ol n.e ip|>?tite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, pre- cy disposition to consumption, and al! rnmpl ltnu aiiaing Irum s ad' disarrange meat of the nerviotis system. It may be also used pl.t with great success in cases of fever and ague, and as a pre- sui vcntatire t? yellow fever. Sold in bottles at SI and$3 each. tin THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. a,,, Kor the cure of rheumatic pains, culic, bruises, sprains, spi- am nal disease, uervous headache, pains in the joints, end imme- ear uiiur anu jirrmaui'ni rrnei guaiiiueru. ouiu iu uouirs, ' > CO rai each. ore THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. an. For the cnre of all caari of a delicate disease, or for paint in Co the bones, eruptions, sore throat, or auy other distressing symptoms, produced by ail injudlciona uie of mercury, or by quackery. Sold in Dottles at $1 and $1 each. ' THE AMERICAN ANT1BILOU8 CATHARTIC TILL, am For the cure nfall deimgrmrma of the liver, purifying the I b'ood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to Iscaltliv action, gn a id giving new viitortothe vital power*. This medicine is du entirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum ,, v orders. I , THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to the female sex, .( and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female .1 organs, with lull directions and cautions as tome, and sold in c,. boxes at $1, .VI cents, and 25 cents each. SIR A8TLBY COOPER'S PILL. For 'he cnre of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic theuina j"' tisin, end to improve the lone of the digrstire organs. . , '/'HE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ure gonorrhoea, gleet, and all mucopurulent , , discharges from the urethra. Sold in Unities at 50 cents ?i #1 **ch. The above preparations may also be hud of the following suh-agenisSn this city:? ' n J. VV. Basset, CO Jrosdway. . Dr. E. M. Ouion, IT7 Bowery. j ' ] Dr. King, 287 Hudson street. J. " Elias L.Thrall, 548 Orand street. 7'* Win. Armstrong, 181 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 1 Principal office*of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. U By order, . ol W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent boi TO THE LADIES. ~ J DK. HULL'S UTF.IIO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. Cit THIS new Instrument lor the radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri sto or Falling of the W. mh, hy external application, ?npemedio* the us* of the ohjectional Tetsary, is confidently reonm- ?: m?nded to the tfliered as th? means of perfeet re iteration to health, it never having failed of performing a cute, even under tire most .tickrav*ted cfrcnmttJincea. fa* Tn? Supporter hat Attained \ ?rry hizh character in hump# #l ? ?*;ll at in this country. It it Adopted to the ei?*ire disuse of ^ |?efctarica,and all other painful Itrjtiedexpedients, in tlte Lying- fo t id*Hott?italt of London and Paris, and i* universally rrcoin- j mended in Kurope by medical in<n of the highest rank In thia country it it tuttained by the leading mr.mbert of the faculties % of Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent private prac- ? d^mtra. o i lioomt hate been fnrnithed exclusively for ladies, at No. 4 ^ # p.i.?'in? K|?rnie emnincr imm mr oi?iii?"" i.artment, where a lady it in conftant attendance, to apply rruitrt and Supporter* to female patienU. I 1* . J COUNTERFEIT OF CJLIREHUOHV THICOPHE KOUSA N IMITATION of _ ldirrluigli,i Tneorhernui,'' for (lis O- linmau h?ir, ol the tiled Mid most deleleiioi.s character, it ?t present attempt! d to be palmed off on (lis public, under thr a-nne name. The. impostor who makes it preleuda I hot it it the ??me a? (lie origin*!, end that he has uken nut a pa'f til . far it. All rhii is d me the belter to decrire tne itiblic. In ' let . r receimu Iroin Washington, it states " tint Cli Iiui;Ii'j ij Tricnpher.iiu is the only aiticle of .ilia name fo whili*i>- II i r lit hat hern granted, and no one dare uae a compound of the ilei ? on.- materials without .tlbjeeting theme. Itra to punithnient." Inn The original and iteinniie ia to ? had at ilie pnncipil office, the SOJ and Ujl Ilioadway, corner ol Full >u etreet, up ataira, and II.. Ilie numerous aventa. ol Ie3t*r I \y tliMMi K TWO LMJUED MAD DOO lias hen ' ?* m? t with in Grand alreet, between Orchard nml Ludlow <'h He ia particularly tabid against good men, or anything fair, and m? rontenta himielfonly with diabolical matlera.wrhich afrefj"- be fectly with hia nature. What a arrange CON Tfc.^ I MENT. oSlw'r J ANTS A SITUATION, either ?? Sram<Tr rss, Nurtr. r or < hamberinatd, a young woman, who can give the moat exceptionable reference as to character and capabiltty. Aj>eationat5S Oliver street. NooUiertiou to travel with a la4 ly. o3 It * in J' ANTkD-IP or 12 acute, intelligent men, to prtkitf atib1 Kribtn for the |?opular Periodicals of the ilay. Men who re been t-uaageJ in hterary pursuits will be preferred. I*1 e who are qualified for the business, anil gite undoubted ttmonUls of character, a liberal commission will be l?aid; >foreigners employed. BRADBURY, BODEN kTO., 2 lw*rc 127 Nassau > t. JUTIlKRN { "U.NPS WAMTtO?MoUile. r , Tusfsl oss, Dee-fur, Unlou Bank an I floatben Trust, irio.t. Also, <3 tuk of the United States. Notes, at I if r N. 81STARK'S, 13 Wall street. OAlM) Wa'NTKO?By a single gentleman?A urofessor of i unc, mi i 1 tiiiily where there are few or no boarders, if win ! v liisstmcit as ttachcr of Piauoforte and Siugiug, II he in rrtfiu tie rati v>n for board. The best reference given I retimed. Addrcsi Q. C. 201 Broadway. o3 Ri?*fc OARD AND HANDSOMELY H I RNlSHblD APARTMENT8, iu a small private family, where no other srders will be received. Two single gentlemen, or a lady I in b< ina dab 1 foi lbs Inter. Tba .uui>n is iu the immediate vicinity of the Park Postolfice. N B If lllilHU IMIV l.f l.-.l ?V if v,.,lit h..:.r.l if ..r.Lrr.^ Mill moderate. Address 8 I'. 13. Herald oilire. i :l llis'r 'i'KAMILIKm.him. soi TH, to the Wast Indies or Kuro|>? ?A resp ctable female, 34 years of age, wishes to lain s pennantntsilustion hs seamstress, in a genteel family, e would prefergoiug to Kuroi e, yet Would accept of s good er to go South or to the Wrtl Indies. The best ol refer cos given. Addu s? A. A. A. b n 765, upper Toil office, N. irk. *i?!_ KNK8 GKOWKll?Informal ioo is wanted of the pre* sent, or last plate of residence of Jenlu to rower, who is iii New York six or seveu years ago. and remoxed, it it liered, to the State of Miclugau, Mr. Grower, or any per a furiiiiiuu(t information, will much oblige by sending the Imribei this information, or where his residence can be asrtaiued. Information is wanted of Mr. Grower reaiuctirig iraniai'tion which took pi ice some years since. New York, September 17, 1312. JOHN W. LUDLOW, 3 IwltawM'r 78 Cortland street, New York. _ KM II MOUNTAIN STOVE'"(VAL.-The Coal Bane George Washington will he discharged at the foot of Kingett, this day. A superior cargo of Stove Cosl at $J |?rt?,r, r of Cartage. Orders left wiih S. O-troin, 11* King-street, K. W. Kimball,7 Wall-street, 2nd story back office, will be >mpt!y attended to. Uctoher 1th. ol lt*r LUMNl" ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA fcOLi LkG?. , New York, October 3, 1012. Die Annu .1 meeting of this Association will be held in the dlcge Chapel on Wednesday, the Sth iastiut, at half-past 7 Die Ad Ireas will be deliverrd by the Rev. Hugh Smith ? le friends of the College, and citizens generally, a<t invited a tend. Immediately after the ad'revs, the aasociatinn will proceed the electiou o1 officers for tile ensuing year, and to the translion of such other busin- aa a< iu.iv he laid before them. KDWARD W. LAIOHT, Pre.ident. JKO. W. WATKltS, Seei'v pro ii in. ol 2tr HARD TI vlKS.?The oul y reaiou A. KNO.V It < O. can assign for selling so man boots I slp'es at the Clinton Boot and Shoe Market, 2U1 Canal eei, norine-st conier of Hudtou street?when almost every ily complains of hard times, is, that they ke-p goods of the it quality,and sell tliein at prices to suit the times, and it ins as if almost rvrry body had found this ont. If any who id this should not yet have found out the store, the soouer 'V rnmt* Anil trv tlk?* train*** tli**v will r**att rh*> nlvtn ni.?# . most any thiug Aiat ii wanted in the boot ami .shoe line, cf y aire, color or <|uality, ran br found here cheat). >4 lm* in A. KNOX is CO. 204 ( sutl street. PwVDbLLARS KKWARD.-Stolenal the Ha.lroad DeyC pot. Albany, Sept. 27llt, a call,km ixrcLet book, conning 2.2iiij dollars, namely ' Jin- paekigt- marked W. C. H. Wadilell, 666 Dollara, in licit there was our Ml dollar bill Limit lalaud Bank. aeveral dollar billa on the Cherry Valley Bank, aome on Cooperxa othera not recollected. 1'liree (tankages, ?MJ each, moaily on the Bank ol Uti?greater part of ihe ainounl. Due package 166 dollars, billa on various banks Jne package, VI dollars, bills on various Ini'kc Kixlit or ten 2U dollar bills on the Bank of Ulica. Due pickaxe, ito dollara, Eastern bills. Two Ml dollar bills on the Otis go Couuiy B uik. Two 100 dollar bills uu Ihr Oneida Bulk. Whoever will detect the Thief and return the money, or joeier will rrturn the money only, lo the sub.crioer or ieud Humphrey, Albany, Hiihbcll Ik Curran, Utica, or Lee, ter 6c Miller, New York, shall receive the above reward. CHARLES WALKER. Burlington Klaus, Ouriro County, N. Y. Albany, Sept. 27, IHIi V. B. Will the brokers please take notice ! oj 3t#rc >0 MAGAZINE AOENT8 THROUOHOUf" THE UNITED STATES?On the lit of Jauuary, 1843, a w monthly magazine ef literature, fashion, aud the fine arta II br issued under die editorial charge ofEpea Sargent, Ear)., d published for the proprietors by the subscriber. Every inber will contain two superb mezzotinto or steel eugraiga, a plate of the fashions, and a piece of music the latter partineut being supplied by W. R. Dempster Es<|. The first lie and female wrilrrs iu the country have been engaged aa ntributors. The tyi>ogra| local execution will be of the most [>erb character. Trims of the work to single subscribers 13 a year, payable advance. Orders aud cominuuications post-paid, may be adrased JAMES STRINGER, .3 Staod*ee l.U Broadway, upstair.. sebi; ing's kest? >kative <3<>k diae [0.476 Broadway,N.Y.?This Cordial having obtained a just I celebrity on account of the many cures it has performed, in irs to which it is adapted, the public is respectfully informed it it relieves Dyspepsia and other disorders of the stomach. It is -ulurly adapted to remove those complaints, not bv cnnsiautpliysicing, but by strengthening the system. No g.eater stake can be made than to suppose that Dyspepsia, or any irr disease arising from debility, can be cured by a frequent ced actum on the bowels, by purgative medicines. When i complaint exists, the system is already too weak, and every nuuiiai uosr irons in maae i( more so. mr vurruiai, uu ine itrary, acting a* a tunic, strengthens (lie digestive organs, and lata them to perform their fuHCtioua aa nature designed.? nee it ia found to lie efTicacioua also hi thoae diaeaaea peculiar femalea, which arise more frequently from weakueaa than m any other cause. The Cordial likewise is a certain cure the Nervous Headache, and affords relief in almost all af lions of the nervous system. It is an excellent preventive of itis eness and low spirits. The sued and infirm of bo lisrxrt, I persons of sedentary habits, prone to coslivencss, have exrieneed ureal benefit from it. U s|ieedily promotes strength all cases of general debility, restores a good and heallhy aptite, gives tone and vigor to the whole system, and it highly ncficial as a tonic in convaietence from fevers and other acute orders. In proof of its virtres in the above complaints, the blic is referred to the recommendations of eminent physicians well as those of respectable gentlemen who have derived befit from the use of it, some of which are published in the cular accompanying each bottle. l'be Restorative Cordial it prepared and told by the nroprietoi 176 Broadway, N. Y? and by respectable druggists tfiroughoal 'country, price (I per bottle, and $9 per dozen. Oidersacinnanird by the rash punctually executed, and forwarded ac riling to directions od im'in ILL1AHD8.?Otis Field respectfully invites the lovers o Ibis amusement, to call at Bassford's Rooms, over the Cli x Ealing House, 149 Fulton, and Ihi Auu street, svhere a ice may be had of eight tables?either Slate, Marble, Irou, Mahogany, with India Rubber, Cloth or Composition Cusli is, in combination with all the late Euro|>e*ii improvements sitors will find the bar, either Waslnngtonian, or otherwise, may suit their fancy. s29 lmis*ec ELLLNO OFF?MICHAEL REESE. late of the nimol Reese It Hills, offers for sale at cost a large assortment of 1, poi'kef, and ilirkknivci, scissors aud raturv, together with le cillery of every description. Also, Britannia ware, tea I coffee setts, tea and table spoons, accordians, gold rings, is, chains, si.rer and gold levers, kc., he. This stock must litivcly be st d on oi before the 1st of November next. MICHAEL REESE, 27 1m"re 70 Maiden Lane, np stairs. II HORSES WANTED.?in lo IS young, active HnrIjafa aes, well broke sudnlr and harness, end suitable i el for shipping. ly at 82 South street. o13t*ec /18HK8 TO" BE KNOWN 6Y"Tii3-WORK, NOT ' WORDS.?A. WALKER, Dentist, No. <10 Chambers ret, sets imitation incorruptible teeth on roots, which caanot distinguished Iroin the natural, Ins-rU the same quality of th on the principle of atmospheric pressure, from one to a uile ser, defying detection, andauswering the pur]>otrs ol the nrnl orggtis. Filling or Hugging decayed teeth whether the rve be exposed or uot. The toothache cured. Extracting thout distracting the patient. These ami all operations periling to the Dental Surgeon, performed at 23 per cent leas in the usual cliaigea- o3 lm+r RIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS THE COLLEGE OF rKDTfJTNR AND PH'ARMAfJY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK [AVK preratred a number of " Private Medicine Chests," - each containing an appropriate quantity of the new French sdicinea lor the cure of a peculiar cla?? ofdisraaes.which re unfortunately in too many instances fallen under the treatnt of ignorant quarks, in co.iseqncnc of the extremedelicawhich patients thus afflicted eihibit in applying lor medical rice ftom lespectable physicians. In the mode now ex lined, however,safe and effectual treatment will be gamed by :h |?tienta without the necessity of making any disclosure of 'ircasc. The "Medicine Chest" contains such aqnanltity of iropriate medicine as is guaranteed to effect a perfect enre, 1 ample directions in a plain and familiar style accompany :h chest. The remedies are applicable to all forms of the disle. The Chests, containing remedies for syphilitic diseases sold for ti each?the chests with remedies for goaorrhoea I gleet $3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent ol the liege. W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College *7 Nassau street. *f. B.?Cases forwarded to Jl parts of the Union, the Canadas I West Indies. _ 'rrsons purchasing the Chests can,by addressing the College, iliiitously obtain whatever additional advice they may desire ring thr pugrtss of their cue. si* im 1PKOVKMENT~TN~DENTI9TRY?All new systems have to uiideigo the ordeal of public sciutiny, and happy >uld we be if they came out, in the proportion of one-tenth to ' whole, stamped Willi the seal of approbation. rh< Dew fi iture in the science of Dentistry was discovered Di. J. F. Csulnwell, of Vliwinia, and is successfully pracd hv Oeo. N. Humphreys, his pupil, who has taken rooms 'II It -nail w av, nevt door the American I Intel, w here lie will happy to give practical demonstrations of his skill in this ret and rain-in' nig process of extracting teeth, which has ised persons of nervous temperament to bear the torments ol ithaene, dreading the jaw-hreaki ig system, so long in vome. I dental op'raiiona perfo mrd by him are warranted. Teeth erted with such |ierfrctness, as to deceive the most scrutitiit, of their falsity. teeth plugged, cleaned, ane filled, on the most approved II, having spent many years in acquiiing a thorough knowge of the art, together with an extensive practice in the Bourn Stairs, he offers his axivicrs to the public with conftice. dav be consulted at all hours of the day. nt Im ii*c XWHTTlCUfNXNy A ftf tc he subscribers has jaslr i ceived a splendid assortment of new style Fall Ribis?ci uprising, rich stri|*d snd cliene Poult de 8oie, Oros Napl r. Satin. Levantine and Velvet Ribbons. Uso. i lain and coltlred black and blue blick taffeta anil sai, I? i6 ; new style bonnet silks, lie., lie. Country and yd- lira are twnicularly requejteJ to call and examine the ck i fore purchasing elsewhere. WM. H, HAMPTON, W Hudson street 2'l(i:*m four doors above Canal street. fcW OOobll?Tlw urjdcisig ued sollctsatlentinii to a large assortment of Oools fonalf and winter wear, ineludii.g iver clotns for surlouta, cassimerrs in a great variety of lis forosntal ions. tic.h silk, satin, and merino vesting*, wbiciiwill be made up irder at usual moderate charges, lor ready money, leady made suiUnit*,cloaks, kc., constantly on hand. WM. T. JKNNInOS, Draper and Tailor, ti lmii*m 219 Broadway, Hotel. ULPHATE Or qUININK?JJttn nuocra Cor tale at maun; fncturca price, by RUBHTON It A8PINWALL, M William atrcet, Mao?Jnptbe Paate jn^j and JO Jb. hoaca. _ *M 'Jw* r DR. ELLIOTT, OCULIST and opthalmic surgeon, Confine* hit Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. )(Bce 261 Broadw ly. cornet ol Warren alreet. til Imia't [IDES AND KAT.?Five cent* iwr pound crab, current L monev, will be niven for *11 hide* weitrhin? 60 lb*. *n<l un\ and four ?lid ? h*lf cent* for all oeer 60 lb* ; and the lieat mnket price for aberp, calf akina, and fnt, delivered at Hi le Home, '228 Elir-ib.-th alreet, between Prince and u> ton at reel , by JOHN HI Nft. "I 2w*r II B1.N8SE .V < ... bar. ... I received anal offer lor aab Da*nerrer.iype Plue?,Hypoanffi|eof8od*, Bromine Iodine, lon.le of Iodine, Chloiide of (Jold, Ttlppll, Rouje, Acr.rolie Lenaea, Miniature Frames?ill of which they warrant to of eicellent quality. L. B BIN8SE h CO. 30 Jt ia*r 3t Maiden Lane, up nam. MAIL I.INK. In ronnertinn with the Hait/ord and Hew Haven Railroad FOR NEW HAVKN AND HAKTKORD. Fnin Prrk Slip. The NEW CHAMPION, Cart. J. Stone,leavca rtrry Ihnruina, (Sundays rscepted) at 6 o'clock. Passengers for Hartford will fx- fbrwnfdrd or the railroad ou thearmalofthc Ch'mpion at New ILveu The ?train brat KOsCIUlIKO, liajt. Leferrt, leaves every Monday, Wednesday and Friday aftrruoon. at 4 o'clock. The slr.imlui.t < il.OBk, <'u| t An .:h I >.,.r.n Tut ?dr> and Thursday aA?moon, at 4 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. I'a?*? IIKC'I for Haitford by the Kosciusko and Globe will lie forwarded by railroad oil the arrival at New Haven, or may remain on board and proceed by the bolts. Kreiy-ht taken For further information, iuouire of K. A. Ik O. w. <*ORLIES, 283 re.?il at. or 0. B. ALLEN, 39 Prcaalip, (up ataira ) N. II. All prnooi ate forbid trusting any one on account of the above hoati or owners. ol 3in*in ~~7 S'lATKN INLAND Fb-RRV ~ Foot of Whitehall street, The aieain boau STAT KN ISLANDER and BAM SON will leave New York ami Stolen bland ?s follows:? NEW YORK. STATEN ISLAND. 9 8 II 10 13b & F All goods ship|ird are required to be |>articularly marked, and are at the risk of the owners thereof. ol r ** "NEWARK AND NEW. YORlf.?Fare Om?-JH. i J*Oulv 12b cents ?The splcudid and couimodi 9CwsJKZ.uut steamer PASSAIC, UapL John Ualfy, beiug completely and elegantly relittml. commanced her reguar trips for the season ou Thursday, llarcli 10?leaving as follows ? Foot of Barclay st. New York, at I0>? o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at half-i>ast 8 o'clock, A. M. and half past 1 o'clock P. M. On Sundayi, the Psvsmc will leave New York at 10l? A. M. and t P. M. Leave Newark at li.lf-past 8 A. M. and at Jo1clock, P.M. 5T7" Freight ofevery descri|.tion carried at reduced pneea. ol 2in* r IFOR ALBANY, TROY and Inle raters 'T'Awo-J* ilpitc |tlace?.?The splendid low pressure 3L_wadCjC.<teamb?at SWALLOW < 'aptain A. M'Lean, will leave the fool of ('nurtlainil-it, Motnlvy Altercoon, Oi". 3d, at 3 o'clock. The Sw.illow will leave as above, Tl ursdsy, fith. T f The above i< aiuh?tantial hoat, fitted up with elrgint State Rooms, and for accomniod itiott ii unrivalled on the 11 inls. i ii. Bit OitN UKROMAN'S RKGULAK Ci>MMBRI I II. LIN K of Ntw Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, JVAtalg, and Savannah Packets will be cesiwtcrhed as miller? The splendid nearly new fast sailing ship SiIAKON, Captain I'eniligton, will sail for New Orleans on the 3th lust.; the first clvss cTeifant packet ship K AL AM AZOO.Capt.McLeriaii,w ill sail for Mobile on the 5th inst ; the wrll known fast sailing ship BROOKLYN, Capt. Kicharilrou, will sail for Charleston on the Jtb inst. ; the su|ir rior uew ship VERMONT, will sail tor Sav annah on the 6th inst. The above ships are all of the first and largeal rlaa?, commanded by men of experience, and all have unsurpassed accommodations. For cabin, second cabin, auil sierrsge passenKen, who w ill be taken at the lowest rates. For further particulars, apply to JOHM I IF. RDM AN, 61 Southstreet. N. B. The subscriber has a regular succession ol first class ships sailing lor each of the above |kh Is every few days. o3r PASSAGE FOR NF.W O It LEAN 8.-a-Sails on mJRJVV Monday, the 10th of October,?The fine, first cUsn, Jfkmlkm fast sailing ship SKA, burthen 1000 ton., Capl till J. C. Dt Uiio, will sail as above. This favorite ship has accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, unsurpassed by any other vessel now loading for the above|*>rt. Those going South, will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this conveyticr. For passage, which will be moderate, apply on board, and pier No. 13 E. 11., or to the subscribers, HOC UK, BROTHERS fc CO., 35 Kultqn-street. o3r Nest door to the Fulton Bank. UNITED LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. WMCTW? Packet of the 6rh October.? be superb well JBSaBAimknown favorite packet ship SCOTLAND, Captain Willi on Robinson, being nearly loaded, will follow the 1 Rochester,n and sail positively as above. This ship has very superior accommodations for second cabin atld steerage passengers. Her between docks are fitted up with every convenience that can add U? the effort of pas sengera, anci in a style lineiiu.iiieu oy any oilier |?cget. persons wishing 10 aiuily tcnuomy can be accommodated with a furnished second NM at very reasonable rates. For passage, wliicli is very low, immediate application should be mailc on board, foot of Dover street or to W.& J T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck Slip, or 32 Southst. cor. Joots' Lane. Drafts for any amount, pay able on demand, without discount, in aM parts of Great Britain and Ireland, can always be oltamed on application as above. o2 ???- FOK NEW ORLEANS ?Star Line?First PackMcjWy. et?t he very fast sailing snip RUSSELL OLOjSmmrn VER, Jabi z Howes, master, is now loading for the above |Kirt, and w ill receive whatever freight may offer at the lowest rates, and sail with immediate dispa'ch For freight or passage iu the cabin, second cabin, or steerage, on the lowest terms, having superior accommodations to any packet in the trade, apply on board, at Pine street wharf, or to 8. E. OLOVER, 100 Pine street, corner of South, up stairs. All ^onds consigned to my care will be forwarded tree of commi sum, and all goods consigned to my sgeuts Messrs. S. J. P Whitney, N< w Orleans, and destined for the interior.will lie forwarded by the first convey ance. o2 r JjAf- FOH NEW ORLEANS,?Louisiana and New York Line?Positively firat Regular Packet?To sa>l ^^^Rutened packet ahip LOUISA, Ca|>t Leavitt, will positively; aail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or |uasage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply 011 board at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall at. E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 South at. Positively no goods received after Saturday evening, the Btli inst. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Shiptwra may rely upon having their goods correctly measured, and that the ships of this line will sail punctually as ad. vcitised '. any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled, that may lie reouired. The packet ship Bhsktpeare, Cant. Allen Warner, will succeed the Louisa, and sail the 20th Octobrt, her regular day. | o* r Mg- UNITED LINE OF NEW ORLEANS PACKETS ?The only regular packets for the r JSfffmtm above port ? Tlie splendid, float sailing packet ship t LOUISA, Capl. Leavitt, .'will sail on Monday, the loth October. positively, or passage free. The LOUISIANA and HOLMES lines having united for the purpose of forming a line to sail every five daya, and having commenced their regular tripi under such arrangements, persons about to visit the above port, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from taking passage in this line, as they will thereby | remit that delay which is always the case with transient ships. For passage in cabin, second cabin, or steerage, which is ve ry low, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall-street, W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck Slip, or to o4 r 52 South-street, corner Jones'-lsne. DACES?UNiON COURSE.?The cars of the Long Island fl Railroad Company, will run to the Course on Tuesday, Wedueadav, and Thursday nest, tha 4th, 5th, and eth October, leaving the Mouth Ferry, Brooklyn, at 9>?, II, and 12 A. M., and return to Brooklyn, when the races are over?fare 25 cents. New York, Oct. 3d, l?42. o4 3f r PUT MONEY IN THY PURSE. HOW 7 Patronise the City Cash Tailoring Establishment, 202 Broadway. The ruinous rates which hare been charged for faahionahle Clothing, has led the subscriber to adopt the cheap cull system, and he now offers to fit out gentlemen with the finest Cloths, made up with neatness, taste, and des|uitch, at the vrrv lownst re inn uerat tugprices. Having made arrangements for the finest English Cloths, Cusimrres and Vestiugs from first hands, he n afford them low. The most esperlenced cutters are en a led and he pledges himself to give entire satisfaction. Strangers visiting the city can have a full suit made np at short tiHtirr. Fall and Winter Clothing ready made of every variety, quality and sty le, of the latest fashions and warranted to fit.?Strangers wiil tlo well to call before purchasing elsewhere. s 21 lmis?T EDWARD FOX. PARIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. BRU N fc CO., 115 William street, formerly Brnn, Larosure k Co.?will open in a few days, twenty cases Paris Arlifi cial Flowers. Feathers, kc., now landing from last arrivals.? This establishment is recievtug from their house in Paris by II .1? ....I < . 1 as they appearinthat centre of fashion. Tbii arrangement enables tliem to h*T( constantly on hand a most Fashionable assortment ot the above articles. Dealing by Far more largely in this line than any other establishment to the city, they can afford to sell at the very lowest rates and on the most reasonable terms. Wholesale ware.ooms up stair*. Also, constanll-, on hand, erery kind ol materials (or flower manufacturers. il Itn'c is DR. SOLOMON HEINE fflTOULD inform his patients and the public, tha he still ad' * herea to hit original proposition, to receive uo money either For medicine or attendance until the putient is satisfied with his improrement, and wonld inform them that he haa remoted from <11 Broadway to No. 67 Rvade street, opiwsite the Marshall Honse, where he solicits the attendance c n the soove mentioned conditions, of all who hive sufferer For a long time under disease* considered by them incurable. SOLOMON HKINE, M. D. Kor the advantage of all who wish to attend the treatment of Or. Solomon Heine, I would state that the only Doctor Heine who ha* ever lived in, or had his office in Broadway, is the one now residing at 37 Reade street, opposite the Marshall House. This Physician came to tin* country about eight years since. I have had the pleasure of knowing him since that time, and of witnessing many surprising cures Iwrfonned bv him?h* is above the age of years, and is the only one of the name who is a member of the medical institutions of the City and State of New York. K. W. WKTMOKK, M. D. Sworn belore me, this J7.i. day of of April, A. D. 1MJ. KicHano Rkid. Com. of Deeds. sl6 Ira'r pUSHTON kASPIN WALL,? William street, 110 Broad" way, and 10 Aslor House, offer for sale, a full assortment of Drugs and Medicines, of annerior qer lily, and pat up in the best manner. Also Medicine Chests lor ships, families , end plantations Jeffrey's Respirators?A new and valnaMe instrument for equalizing the temperature of the sir, when inhaled into the lungs, and enabling invalids, and persons with weak lungs, by wearing them, to go abroad in all weathers. Price $0, and upwards. Hair Olove and Strap Renovators, s substitute for, and much superior to, the common flesh brush, with ample directions for use. l Vl??l S' of I I.,- II S, A. in jhr b^at manner, anil highly approved in the (United Atatea aervice, ami by the ittblic generally. ?30 2w*r A RARE CHANCE? For Wi( Mak. ra and Hair Di?a?eni. ?For aale an old ralahliahed stand, handaomelv Itlril up lor the above business, with a good run of Ion* established custom, and now d"iug > profitable business?a fir.t iste stand for hair calling in connexion with the aboye hnaincaa, aa there ia none in the neighborhood. The abore aland will lie aold at a bargain for cash, aa the present proprietor ia wiahing to retire from the bnaineaa. Tina ia an excellent chance for any one to step right into a tale and profitable bnaineaa. R*nt of the building eery moderate. For further particulars apply on the pramiaea 1(1 Hudaon at. fll lw*r C ARK'S SUPERIOR new Camphine Camp*, Camps for burning lard. Alao? A large aaaortment of plain and Jnp|ianed Tin Ware, Chandsliers, Aural and other Camps, altered to burn cainpnine and chemical oil, on an implored |dan. Alao?Superior Camphine and Chemical Oil, at wholeaale and retail, by ? ? BACKUS It BROTHER. IM Fulton at, N. Y. N. B.?Peraona can he aeived wiih Camphine anil Chemical Oil at their realdeucea by leaving their addiea aa above. a!3 tin* qao COUNTRY MERf HAN'fs ?1'ihe tneriber would 1 rail the attention of all who are in want of Cooking (Rata and Picture Frames, to hia extensive atock, which for nnality and Workmananip he flatten himaelf rannot lie eirelled by any manufacturer inihiacity. The trade in general would do well to call before purchaeing alaewhere. _N. B.?Constantly on hand, a goorl aaaortment of Fancy Wood, of every deaenption. HORACE V. SlfiLER, No. 31 Ann atrcet and 41 Hammeraley vt, New York, o 1 lm"r jpOU'l 1 i - ti KEMaEE IMLLfe. '"PHttSE fv-fame I and celrbrrted Pilla, from Portugal, are I we petceive, to beobtaiucd in Una country. See advertise niantou t?a laal oolomn - ^ itlg AfCTION SALES Ut l'MUMA> BELL. (Stores Not. 22 ^nn and II) Fulttn ttrtit.) "TUESDAY, At 101% o'clock at the .motion room, L ir; e sale ol valuable and ?, aaonablr dry goods, S trunka of clothi ig ,|>art of the at< ck of a merchant tailor,a line lot of remnanta Lt ndnn clotha, raaaimrrra, vesting*, hoaicry, glovea, hdkls,she's. collar*, (kc. Also) a t rate turning lathe, worth flM; aarioua ha.dwware, jeWehr. groceries: 200 boxes table aa|l, |i|ed|(ed article*, atuda, splsndi I watt bra, Su\ Alao, a gentleman a piiiate library and book caac; blank hooka, atatiouery. Stc. WEDNESDAY At I X o'clock, in the sales room, Splendid and eale .*tv? sale of choice and eleiranl furniture of all descriptions. Alao. M I'lauofortea, alao the liauilaome furiiiltitc of a gentlrmau giviug up housekeeping. THURSDAY, At 10 o'clock, at the aucliou room. In continuation, the aplendid watrhea .jewelry, diamond*, gold and sliver plate, clock*, oruauieula, chain*, keya, ring*, pint. On--, by order of a receiver aaaiguee, and tin atock rein.lining ol a watchmaker will bu continued ami closed as above. FRIDAY. At lot* o'clock iu the sale* tooim. * Extensive and valuable sale of French bedsteads, aofaa, inaItogauy parlor and rocking chairs, ottomans. divan*, St. . Also, without re?erve, 7 superb and really excellent piauo Ibrtes, together Willi tin- balance stork ol an upholsterer, lied*, mattresses, quills, comforters, ami uiincrout sttppei articles in the line by catalogue. Also, an nit W1 very choice old paintings, the property of an JSCIN BY R1ELL k ARCULAR1US. TUESDAY. At 10 I t o'clock, at the auction room, Liuuor* Seg irv, tec?('ousllihg of Duff Gorgon's iwle sherry and Madeira, St Jul ken claret, liarsac, satlteruee ami hoc wines cordials, sherry, Madeira and |mrt wines in 5 gallon deimjoh~?, Piinci|ie and liataua segars. Also?about S00 baskets of the celebrated bollitigee and anchor champaigue Also?A few boxes of L'andlrs. Also, 10 i|r. casks Mtilmsey, Port Wine, trom jntce, a very fine wine. will be sold ill i|uantities to suit purchasers. Also, II demijohns, J gallons each, of very superior old Cliainjaugiie Untidy, imported in 1832, to which the attention of hotel keepers is luviteu. Wednesday. Thursday, hriday, and Saturday, Oct. 12, 13, If and 13th, at 10,*% o'clock A. M. at ibeir sales room?Very extensive and valuable private Library of a distinguished citixen, deerased, embracing about six tbousaud volumes of most rare and valuable works, comprising American History' and Tontv gianhy, Uiitish History, general History, general biography and literature, early printed books, moral and political Pluloso nny, t^exicograpny auu DiDiograpny, roe try ana me ui niu, Novels, Talei, Periodical*, Voyages. Travel# anil general Geography, Miscellaneous, illustrated Work*, Agriculture, Medicine, American Pamphlet#, *kc Tl?e whole comprising cue of the moit valuable private libraries ever offered at auction. M. WARD, Auctioneer. PLEGANT FURNITURE. Punoi, 8l?t ffii Id Plate. Clitic lery, China, 6lc -A. C. HUMBERT * CO. will sell this morning, at 10H o'clock, in their tales room, 119 Broadway, comer Liberty *t. a spleudid assortment, including J* and full French chairs, marble top centra tables, marble top pier do, card do, dining and breakfast dw, ottomans, tufted and spring seat French pattern and square sofas, hat racks, marble top enclosed waslutands, French bedsteads, book cases, wardrobes, Ike., Ike. Piano Fortes?I brilliant toied piano forte, by the New York Manufacturing Co. with all the modern improvements; also, 1 by W. Geib. Furnishing Articles, China, Cutlery, lie.?A large and elegant assortment, embracing rich ormolu and broute girandoles, mantel lamps, she trie Id puled candlesticks, cake b .diets, Mason Ik Wilson's best Sheffield balance handle table cullt ry, rich painted and white and gold Fieucli china dinner, tea and toilet sets, cut glass, elegant gilt, ebony and alabaster clocks, vases and flowers, odor bottles, b he Hit hi castors with cut glass and silver mounted, fko. Also, 1 globe stove and 'pi|?e, 2 office desks, 1 parrot and cage, and a variety of second hand furniture, including the balance fiorn I0th avenue ana a quantity very good from Lour Llnud. Willi whieb the sale will commence. This sale will tie found well worthy the attention of housekeepers and others. Carpels and Oil Cloths?Also, an invoice of ingrain carpets, floor cloth oil cloths, lugs, &c. Jk<\ Hale positive. Also, several very elegant zephyr worsted lamp mats, just reeeivt li fro in the West fin p.'I* <?' the State. of lt#r JOS. IIAVEN, Aucti me* r. BY THOMAS ELDER Ik CO., 107 Fulton street, this morning at 10 o'clock, Assignee's 8?le. A very large and desirable assortment ol Venetian( Brussels, and ingrain stair and other carets, drugget!. cheinle, wiltoo, and tufted rugs, of various pitterna ! also 20 pieces floor cloths, by order of the assignees. After which, a large assortment of dry goods, comprising linen*, ducks, paddings for tailors' us- ; also broad and narrow cloth , cassimeres, pilot t lotbs, vesting*, Ike. 04 lt#ITC BV RlELL fc AUl ULARtUS?At Fri.ite Bd*?-The Stock, Fixture s an 1 good will of an elegant Ladies' Saloon and Confectioiury, in one of the most eligible situations in the Bowei y. Willi a small capital and industry, this place has cleared $2000 per annum. For terms, which are favorable and low, apply at the auction room.* o 4r AT AUCTION.?A. LEVY, 151 Broadway, will sell on Tuesiay in uning at I0>? o'clock, October 4, a collection 01 *nr ue?i rarieiit'i 01 ure?nnou*e ana naruy oriiiiineiiiai ijardeil plains and root*, vil 1 matfiiolias, rose*, azalm, nmellias, rlioundtiidrotM. cyclfifit*ns( lioneyitacklec, sc. a so fine dahlia plants in |x>ts, and in bloom. Also?1000 Hautboy Strawberry plants o3 2:i^ * ro A~~U< TION NOTICK.-Bv CARTER K Co., ilore No. I 102 Broadway, between Pine and Wall streets, rar|ieling, ehjna glass Ware, groceries, Uc. On Tuesday, lib Oct., will lie old, at 10'a o'clock, ai their store, a large anil elegant assortment of English ingrain carpeting, of the most desirable patterns, tufted lug*. Iirni|iaiid worsted stair car|ie(s, and a variely of choice oil cloths. Also, an invoice of china and itlsss ware, consisting of lamp shades of every description: wine, liqueurs, and hock glasses, splendid china vases, mantel oruamtuts, and toilet and tea sets, &c. Also, 10,000 Princiiie si gars, JO baskets "anchor"Champagne, blaek and green teas in small canisters; loaf, powdered, crushed and brown sugars; Madeira, sherry, |*>rr and Muscat wiues, in bottles and demijohns, of all brands and milages; all worthy the attention of dealers and private families. o3 21* r B- U. J. t.KHAKD ami JNO K. VAN AMBfillUH L"XTeN8IVE sate of Kuglish Lamps. Japoanery, Plated L Ware, Ivory Table Cutlery, lie., lie.? Tuesday, 11th Octo bar, at 1) o'clock, at No. 34.1 Broadway, a very eiteiisive and valuable ass'tm'ntnf English lamps,tea trays plated ware, cutlery lie., among which are lacquera and bronzed astral lain|is, with shades and chirnueys; lacquera and bronzed one, two, three and four light mantle lamps, plain, and with splendid lustres; do three and "bur liglith inging boat lamps, with various ornaments and lustres; bracket and pedestal caudelabias, of splendid patterns; brtnze anil lacquered cauuleslicks: chimney ornaments, vases, Itr. lie.; tea (rays, single and in complete setts, ol new and rich pa'terns; pla'ed cutlery, of all sizes; cake baskets, candlesticks, tea setts, lie. lie.: fine ivory table cutlery, ill setts of JO nieces, and in tlozof knives only, and knives snd forks, Itc., sc. N. B. '1 he above are ill consignment!, lately received direct fiom Birmingham and hhediclu manu'ac'ureis, and will be sold peremp orily to the highest bidder, for rath. Also, an uteiuive invoice of superb English china, Mining, deseitand tea sen ice, With a genrral assoitinent o|' rich fancy articles. ol lt*m UC TION NOTIcfe EXTRA.-TIbi Uay. atToK o'clock in the sale rooms, large sale ol valuable Seasonable Dry Goods?J trunks clothing, |iart of the stork of a merchant tailor ; a fins lot of reinnanti, L indon cl .lbs, cassimrres, testings, gloves, hosiery, hdkfs, shuts, collars, ate. Also, a rirat rale -nrning lathe, worth $IJ0 ; various hardware, jewelry, groceries, 200 boxes table salt, pledged articles, guns, splendid watches, 8tc. Also 10 watches, together with soma jewelry, trinkets, lie , by orderof the directors of the Maiine Hospital. Also, with which the sale will commence, the private library and elegant book case of a gentleman. The book case was* bought ou Saturday, by Mr. Ralph, and not called for according to the trims of sale. Also, blank hooks, piper, stationery, playing cards, and va ricut articles in the fancy line. ot lt*m THOMAS BELL, Auet'nr ITALIAN Ml'SIC?MR. MANNING, (twenty years re a sidentiu Naples?Pupil of Pacini and Creseentinij gives instruction, on terms to suit the times, in Italian, French anil V.i.i-li.h S.i..rn?. -ii.l In 11... n.n.l fsild.,,n 1.1.. .1, I. ..I' Pi...,. forte play I tot. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the following gtntlemen J. M. Wai.iwright, D. D. ; Me??r?. Howland St Aspinwall ; J. K Schroder, D. D. ; Mr. J. T. Briirhain ; E. L. Hawkes, D. D; Mr. 8. War! Mr. M. resides nt 230% Hudson street, near Spring st. o I lm'r \|R. DEMPSTER'S BALLAD 801REE8.-Mr. Demns i'l ter respectfully announces that his Ballad Soirees will lie given at the N. Y. society Library on Wedpesday and F'riday t venings nest, 28th and 30th Sept., and Monday e?ening, 3a October, wheu he will introduce his latest cnm|>osilionvinclndinga uew National Song, "The ueath of Warren," written by Kpea Sargent, Esq., The Lonely Auld Wife," "The Blind Boy," "I'm with you once again," by George P. Morris Es<|., " Jeanie Morrison," by Motherwell, "Lament o( the Irish Emigrant." lie., with choice selections of his mostpoptila songs and ballads: particulars of which will be announced in small hills. Tickrts SO cents, to lie had at Messrs. Stodart, Worcester,and Dunham's Piano Forte ware rooms, Broadway, and at the door Doors open at 7, to commence at 8 o'clock. s27tf re hacks i vi' v < <'i'Ksi-;, i, i TUESDAY Oct. g, I'uise $3110, >.'>0 to go to the second best Horse. 1 wo mile heats. H A. Connver titers (W Livingston's) a m Columbia, by imiairted Trustee, dam Jemima ; t years old. Cnailes 8. Lloyd enters b m Mary Stewart, by imp Valentine, dam by Henry ; 1 years old. Sam'l Laird enters ell h Claiion, by Monmouth Eclipse, dam by 0?car ; aged ? Immediately after, Swi-rpstakcs for 3 year olds, subscription $200, fi forfeit?Mile Heats. Sam'l Lainl voters clrc Csrsar, by Mingo, ilain Jane Maiia. H A. Conorer enters ch f F'anny Dawson, by Veto, dam by Sir Cbarles. T. Porter enters s f Princess, by imp. Prism, dam Sally Hope Tbe first race comes olfar I o'clock. otr riENTREVILLE TROTTING COURSE, L. I. ?A Sweepstakes ivill come off over the above Ccnrse To morrow, Oct ith, at 3 o'clock, mile hsats. best 3 in i, under tliv saddle. Entries?C. Carll b m Betay Baker. H. Woodruff gg John Anderson. O. Spicrt's gg Abeiard. Also a stake on the Oih of October, at the same hour. Two Mile lleats, in harness, between Oaynga t hief and Dutchess. Admission to sny part of the Coins, for to-morrow, fifty cents. r l 2t?r D ACKS?UNION COUMK, I, i Will Tne? V d?y. the th in?i., him roaiiiiiic three dayt. fir?t dey, tueeday?jockey ijlnb puree, $300?$50 to if ? iht eocond be?t horie. two mile herns. day?hwrrimtftki * lot three year oldi, ?ub- I*0" 1 " $75 forfeit. mile heart. wedneiidiy?jockey club punie, $500-$l0? to *o (o tee ??eoml beat hor?e. three mile hent?. ,, , maine day?puree $50?$10 entrance, which it added. wile "thuniiuy?jockey cliih pnrae, $$200 to ?o the eecond he?t horte. four mile he?i?, ... olTr ~P" Secretary. amusements. NIHUt'H UiRDII, ?==? THIS r.Vf.MNO. On r ANOTHER STRONG ATTRACTION XEVKNTH NIGHT Of ill* Revival, With entirely or* rrnerv,machinery. dreue and dccuratioue. of i l.r popular ami ma^mtMent Comic Pantomime. called llic tiRKEN MONSTER! In which will aim ear QJIBR1KL RJiVEL, Aid the whole 1>I tlir ulenlril RAVEL FAMILY, and Company now 30 in number. THIS EVENI.NO, Oct. <, ti.r Enuruvumai.'* will* commence with AN OVERTURE After wliuh THE MILLINERS. Simon Ovlr Ravel Jerques A j^Vf Ilmri * Kaerl Mm. Varniah M'lle E DetrowvOU Clara M me A KaTel Mr rie M'me Frrin To be followed b> the moat >OIMOM Pantomime ever produced in Amenta, called THE OREEN MONSTER: OH -THE 1UIE.IM ACCOMPLISHED ' Twelve New Sccnr*. Scenery by Mr L?hr?Machinery, by Mr Hitchiusa. Ill'tribuiinn of the Pautouiime The Green Monster* Mom Carlo Chief of the Sorcerers, Dauver*i*J The White Genii, Mr Wells Grand Priest, Mom Kvequ# Chevnlo r Mircqut , . < Jerome Rater The White Knight, Antoine HaveJ Chevalier .M/iror, Francois Chevalier Le Grand, Leon Javelll liarh<jiain, Grbriel Havel Kovalir, M'lle Doutreville umruuf, ivi'me Anfoinc The whole to conclude with a GRAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. The Garden ope us at half-past ill?I'erfoiniiDsst commence half-past term. Tickets?10 rruti ~ I'AHK TRKATrk. t,MH. A.ND MHH. BKOUUHAM. 1 HIS KVtNINO, Ortobir r 4lh. will he performed THE SCHOOL rOK SCANDAL. Sir Peter Mr I'licule | Lmly Trail* Mr? BrouKhun To conclude with HIS LAST LEGS. O'Callaghau Mr Brougham First 'I rcr 75 Pints; 2d Tisr M cents; l'it 27)k cents; Gallery 25s cents. UiKirt open a' a .'a to 7 o'clock and llie performance will i olinnr ore .1 a l4 past 7. [ The Boweri fill I is |?i hFT.hed in the Herald, on serosal of our reitard lor Celeste. When her engagciucut closes, it will again be excluded from our columns, j BOWKRY THEATRE. THIS EVENING, Oct. 4th, ISI2, the iierlormanees commence with the new Comedy of Foreign AAlrs; Or, the Court of Queen Ann*. Transla'eil from the Kreurh ol Lrs premieres aimes de Richelieu, by B. Wcbiter, Ks<| , leasee of the Theatre Royal, Hayinarart. ST. LOUIS. M'LLE CELESTE. Kitzstout, Mr. Galea | Wheeler, M"Cluskv Couitall Show Cadv Orace Mrs. Kcmble Usher Lewis M. Dumbarton Stiekney I'lerre Milner Lidy Bell Hernert Krilz 1'iior Baroness Fitzslout Heriing Valence Hsudford. Programme of Incidtnti, Jrc. ACT 1st.?tecne?A splendid saloon In St J-mes's I'alaee, io the reign of Queen Anui?Group of Isdirs and gentlemen? The note-*Tln inaid of honor a liride?I'm found out " literally"?Deooiiiin requisite?Grelns O-ern and t.istnmony?Ignorance and Hits combined?the Tailor will out?The eouit? A devil among the girls?St. Louis at, an luiraue?The fifth condition. " Immediately slier msriiage the Count shall Inst-pa rated from the Countess when hs shall only see her in the presence of her mother, nntif she attains the age of twsut) -one years"?A husband without a wife?The rloijaenee ol low needs uo MM* " My heart for a look?my life for a word? My blood for a promise"? Ignorance at conn?The reception described?Mysterious Sugar I'luinb?The wife a coquette and the husband a Don Juan. ACT 2.?Scene?Boudoir of Count St. Louis?A ihonsaud pouuds for the winner?The more the lawn talk, the belter for the count?Ftiols ns?e full pockets?The tw# letters?Intrigue llouri.hes?Revenge is sweet. '"A wife is a very useful 11,,,..O?To Mi'orlan.l or ill,- ll. .1 ? TI.e two closets contain ss> Crete?The Boy ii inlngur euo"gl> for two women?The triple duel?Tli? B<n ill bat'le enough for two men?The secrete of the closet disclosed?The Queen greater than her minister? " Love, combined with address will always triampb." Heconciliation?Grand Kinale. After the Corned/, M'lle Celeste will appear in the celebrated Dance of LA CACHUCHA! The evening's performance to conclude with the celebrated Indian Drama, entitled the WEPT OK WISH-TON-WISH. Cough >1 r. Scott I Skunk Gates Ileathcote, Kemble I Coiiauchet Wallark Content Prior 1 Uncas Lewie NARHAMAT'i AH. M'LLE CELESTE Laughtun Miller I Faith Mrs. Herring Davis Ssndtord I Abundance Slickoey Doors oiien at X P**t t> ; the rurtaiu will rise at 7 o'clock. Boasa 74 cents?Pit'37X?Qa.lery 74. <>2 It CHAT HAH THEATRIC. Pit 12X cems. Upper Tier 74 cenia. Firit Tier 40 cents. BENEFIT OF MR. SINCLAIR. THIS EVENING, Oct. Sih. will be performed RURAL FELICITY. Laytcn Mr Sinclair To be succeeded by the SPIRIT OF THE CLYDE. Kenneth M'Kruzie Mr. Sinclair CACHUCHA. by Mad Lecompte To rone lor w ih MASANIBLLO ! Maaaniello Mr Sinclair | Feuella M'me Lecompte [I y Door* will open at 7?Curtain will rise at 'inaraei brio v ( o'clock precisely. Boi Office open daily from I to 4, where Tickets may h purchased and places secured. IIITCHELL'H OLYMPIC THEATRE. 444 Broadway,JS'ew York. THIS EVENING, Oct. tilt, the entertainments will commence with THE HUMPBACKED LOVER. Geo. Kattleton, 3. M. Field. To be followed bv a new Burletta called JUPITER JEALOUS. Ision Mrs. Timm. , After which, BUT HOWEVER. Conclude with BATHING. fCT"" The Doors will be o|>eiied at 7, and tthe pcrlortoan. as commence at half-past 7, every evening. _AMEKICAN THK ATRKwWALN CT-ST. PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CUBHMAN. TUESDAY EVENING, Oet. 4ih, 2d night of SIXTEEN STRING JACK. Or " Rami the Heaver." Having be, n received with rliouu of applause. John Rann Mr Wheatley | Mary Ferris, Miss Cushmon Kit Clayton J Seflon. Previous to which, the Drama of ? i nr. uuLULn Jemmy Twitcher Mr Seftoo. ___ E. A. MARSHALL, Leasee. amkrh AN itiuitKiiAi, UARUKN AMI* UALLURY OF FINK AKTH. pORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN STRFE ^ opposite St. Paul's Church. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. Be?t Attractions in Ann York!!?Change of Aoveltiei. DAY VISITORS ADMITTED SAME EVENING FREE The Manager has, at enormous eipeuse engaged the Celebris ted and wonderful Mr. NKLlIH, BORN WITHOUT ARMS, Who by his untiring perserrrance has acquired the power of uving Ins feet and toes, with as much facility as other people can use their liugeri and hands. For di tail of all his wonderful, extraordinary and ileasing performances, see bills of the day.-j The inaiiaitcr has also in accoidance with universal desire, re entaged Mignnr Vivaldi's GRAND MECHANICAL FIGURES, consisting of Eleven Automaton Performers, which represent all il<e actions and movements of human life with a fidelity |ieife-tly incredible. They have lately arrived from Europe, and arc tlie admiration of all beholders. For the accommodation of Wiins and children, these firuiri will commence the performance*. La Petite Celeste, the admired danseiiae; Miaa Hood, the poiailar vocalist, and Mr. Collins, the celebra ed comic singer arc engaged?Model of Switzerland?Nature, Bridge in Virginia?Albino Lady?Fancy Glass Blowing?sac Mysterious Gipsy Girl?Balloon Ascensions?a Den ol i l?ing Snakes?M(l,AO* Curiosities. Two performances every day and evening this week, com mcncii.g 4 and o'clock, P. M. The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Garden and enter Uinmruls, twenty-five ceijt*?Children liall price. ol NEW YORK MUSEUM ASD PIC TURK UALLERY, Broatiway, opposite the Park. run t,nru l?u la i ur.t rutiiilu la i iuuhu i NARY AND ASTONISHING SUCCESS OF THE NEW YORK MUSEUM AND PICTURE GALLERY. Seven Performers to be seen for one sltllllnr. Mr H. BENNETT Managtr, GRATEFUL IW the unparalleled patronage he hu eiperienccd, will evince hit sense of it by i resenting the public with the moil powerful rrray of talent that can be procured, regardless of eipciise. He confidently relies on receiving that reward from an enlightened community which hiaendearora 10 please ihem entitle him to. Mr. Harrington, the magician. Miss Rosalie the vocalist. Mr. Delaine the mimic. Mr. Kneap, the singer, Mr. Benuie the dancer, Mrs. Bennie the danaeuae, and Master Young, the wire balancer, wi I appear. A perfo,manes erery evening at TX o'clock, and on Wr im-sday and Salu day at 3 I' M. Admittance to the whole Mu* urn, I'ieture Oallery, and entertainment*, one ahilling. I ancy Qlaee Blowing. s2< lin" GRAND VOt AL^ANI) TWstHl'MENTAL SIG. RAPETTI baa the honor of announcing to hia friends and the public that hia Concert will take place on TUESDAY EVENIO. OCT. tTH, At the Tabernacle, assisted by the following talent? SIG. ANTOONiNI, 8IO. MARTINI, MR. L. RAKKMAN, MR. TIMM, and MR. 1>. C. HILL. ? L'-ader of the Uuartetto. PROGRAMME. Part i. I?(fnintetto? For piano and ituartett, Mr. Timm, Beethoven ! -Ki mania?From the celebrated Fieuch opera, OuidoeUinet ra Pendant la (ete, Big Antognini Halevy 3? Grand C neerto--For the violin, Sig Rapetti, Dr Beriot 4?t'avatma?From the grand 0|iera, Gemma ill Vsrgy, Mi loglirste a un sole ardenle, Sig Aiuogiiitii Donitetti 5?Mnrcean de Concert, for the piano, Mr. L. Rihematiii, Kalkbrrner 6?The Echo of Scotland? Romantic Melody for Voice and tenor obl'gs'o, composed by Big Tadolihi. director of the Italian Opera in Paris, for S'g Rubini, Signori Antognim e Raiietti. PART II. I?Inlrodnc'ion and Variations?On llie theme " Oh cara memoria," for the Accordion, Sig Martini Vsceay f It,.. ,,,, .I... \t........ /I,.. ,lui,p I Signori An- _ lodiini e Martini. ' Jtoaami 3?I)no Brillttit?Kor rioliu and piano, ""in tne Homn.inihula, Si* Ilapetn and Mr. Kakeman . Benediet and De Bariot 4?Grand Reeua . d Ana-F.i-U Iron. the opera Lucia di Lammrrmoor, Hit Antognioi . Donurlfi 4-The moat diflkaJt and brilliant Vanattona for I bp Violin, (Aral tint* In New York.) Ri? i . Mayaedar TICKETS Our Dollar ?ach, to be had at the principal Mn air Stnrea aiid Hotels. Dnora oiwn at 7 o'clock. Concert ?o commence at II o'clock, arrciaelr. *1 llk't IN8THI MKNTAL MUSIC AHSOCIAITG^-OPU.IP 1 men disponed to nnite in the formation of a aecicty for inairurtinn and improvement iu inMiumcntal mnaic. under the direction ol'an eminent professor, are rp<iuratpd to leare thai rum, a at thr muaic a tore of Mr. Ed. Bv k, V5 Gold at. The ,tyle of mnric m ill be aelettiona from operaa. wallara, national airs, kr. The aoeictv will organise aa aoon aa a ,urtici# nt nnm; I,, r of vnb r iheri are obtained. Ol 1)1 A^O KOM'IKH TO HIHE-OT GODONK. ttlJH ? Bmadwi. . b, i ve, n Walkrrand l,ia|irnard atreeta, kerpa a large eaeiiiineol of 1'iano Eortee to hire, from three to rt|h dollar; |e r month. ... _ ... Alan. k',ir*ign Muaic of thr- latest Operas of Italy. Hik. A. B.ifioli'a method of Solfeggi'. for one an too a meet. Roman Stunga for liarpa, Violina, Clnitara, me. AM kinda of Muaical Inatramenta repaired. aid tod laar

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