Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1842 Page 3
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and srrvant; Mima Helen Wright, J Crosby, A Pen* Dies, O B Ha/onal?7 in the steerage, PMMRKen Vailed. M^yt Wts-Shin Corrals ns. Mrs Todd. Miss Todd. Ben Todd, Saoil Todd, three Master* Todd and servant, Mr* Porter, child aud servant, Rer Mr McOuire. R Coleman, of New \ ork. Port Lr.o* can Kcv Wot?Brie Billow?Wm H Jjr* "1 ^ Baker. M C Ro.eii.on John Stone, G O Y * ?a, J B K-en, Capl K W Cousins. lady and I children, K L Hicks, A McNiel, Port Leon, Fa; Jolm Angelo, Havana. Foreign Inijiortntluiin. Brkmer?B irk Ernst Gtiitaf? i hoses T Grnnenthal?3 pkgs Hen,enen k Cnksrt?1 case 3 bales G F Mevei?3 bssC Ahrvnf'ldt?2 J D Wewdell?] H Streybin*?I A Rolker ken? I J F Kevser? I Kk T Poppc?3 Levy, Hook k ro?i C D W Liilieudahl?7 J W Holberton?1297 clay |ii;es Grsbe k Victor?3d bs* T Gruneuthal?13 iki* to order. SliaL?Brig Forest?1 trunk specie W McKinley?20 bales hemp Howhind k Aspinwall?209 do 7 hfdo 2 pkgs specie 4i liu logwood L'lnlrrhill k McKinley?28,000 segars 1 bale hair 6 do deer skins A Pa-rullo?lit baits hemp I do coffee 1 pkf specie Uanchaud k Tlo-haud. N'KUviTas?Brig Henrietta?110 hhds molasses 32 tous copper ore Biett k Vo.e?CO bbls sugar Holt k Owen?12 cs segars to orurr. Nki-vitss?Brig Mogy? 213 hhds iilcs 120 bbls molasses 6 tcs 17 bbls honey 1.0 bis sug.r 61 bbls do 2 bis mdse '5 esses a* gars Chaslt 1 on k Pouvert?56 I B Lasala?6 tc* molasses b L Bush* nell?10green turtles to master. MARITIME HERALD. To Ship masters. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore W. A. Lissett, of our news fleet, n rejHjrt ef the shipping Islt ^t the part whence they sailed, the ecisels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Bassett wni t-oard them immediately on tneir arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. To I'orreapondenta. Our rorreapondenls in foreign porta are rea;>ec;fully ret|iieetea to send by every vessel alt the marine intelligence they cau obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any rue re sidiug at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. POUT ur NKW YORK, OCT. I>, IH4I4. sue risks 16 I Moon sits 6 4 ?ui* 5141 I hk;h warm 9 32 Cleiared. Slop H Allen. Wilson, Charleaton, Geo Sutton ? Barki Cameo,Jarvia, Gibraltar, Howland It Aspinwall; Apthorp, Blake, Mobile, Dunham Ik Drmon.?Brigs Carib, Porterfield, St Tho naa, W W Pratt: Statira, Babbidge, Key Weit, Center It Co. ?Schra Planet, Terry, Petersburg; k, Prteraon. Hoffman, Richmond, A B Cooley It Co; Leontine, Knanp, do, Allen It Patron; A Cadmus, Curlia, Plymouth, Peck k Say re. Arrived. Bremen bark Krneat Uuicaf. Beaurmann, 56 daya from Bremen, with noise, to O-lricha It Kroger or Meyer k Stucken.? 29th ult. lat 41II. Ion 61 30, aaw packet alitp Sheridan, D: Prysir r, hen*.- for Liverpool. Bark Tenuessee. Sawyer, 43 daya (rom Newport, Walea, with RR. irou to order. On lat iuat. loat overboard Thomaa Murnhy. British bark Sarah Maika, Lennox, 47 daya from Glasgow, with coal, to onlar?100 passenger*. 3d ult. lat 40 39, Ion 60. aaw a bark rf about 006 tona, painted porta, with jury main and inizen ina?ts, fore topmast and llvin? jibboom carried away? steering NE. took her to be Britiah; blowing fresh and being very foray, soon lost sight of her. Briar Forest, Olmated, from Sisal, Sept 9, wirh mdae, to Underbill & McKinlcy. Left no American vesaela. Brig Henrietta, Wilson, 18 daya from Neuvitaa, with sugar, to Brett It Voae. iiiU Moxy, Spt ar, 19 daya from Neuvitaa, with molaaaea, to order. 20th 31 16, Ion 79 50, passed brig America, standing 9E. Biig Fidelia, Small, 8 daya from Halifax, with plaater, to P. I. N'.viualc Son cwm .'in f, n iiiikiih, t uays inmi iiewucni, nu. vun naval j stores, to Mitchell It Co. Schr A. Slover, E.ln, fiom Newbern. NC. with naval atom, | to order. Schi Victorioe, So|>er, from Swansboro, NC. with naval store*. Schr A. C. Totten, Bprague, from Virvin.a, with potatoei, to master. Schr Pennsylvania, Crowell, from Boston, with fish, lie. to master. Schr Heeside, Langley, S days from Boston, with mdsc, to master. Below. One shin, one brig. Sailed. Shin Rochester, Woodhouse, Liverpool, ami others. Wind NW. Marine Correspondence. Office or thi Rhode Islandeb,) Newport. Oct. J, 1842. J Arr Sent 30, Globe, Lubec for NYork; Holv Bush, Thomaston for Noitolk; Coral, do for Alexandria, DC. Sid Hero Albany. Slit Oct I, Thorn, St John, NB; Chas Richmond, Charleston and returned. Arr 2d. New York, NYork for Providence; Southport, dodo; F.ioily, Albany fordo; Guilford. Nansemoud for Nantucket; J L.inplii't-r,Providence for NYork. Sid Oraad Turk. Piotpecl; II >ly Bush, Coiat, Globe, Helen, J as Laupheer; Belle, Pcnsacola \ ia Stoningion. Arr 3d, Mail, NYork for Fall River; Wandopasio. Fall River for Charleston and Georgetown; Herald, New York for Providence. Cld 1st, Virginian, Havana; Time, West Indies. HeneraJ Record. shtr Virginia, Huuy, from Liverpool, which arrived at Alexandria Wlh tilt- on the 22d, fell in with schr Susan, Drinkwater, from Philadelphia for Boston, with coal, in a sinking condition?took the crew off and carried them into Alexandria. Shif St. Louis.?The St. Louis was a fine ship of 125 tons, built at Medford in 1838. One fourth part of her was insured at New Fork for $8 n; 0, and there was insurance at different ofh i s in this city of (25.000 uimn ihr remainder of the vessel slid the freight, and upward of (10.000 in this city on the carxn. A po tion o| the Utter is said to be insured in New York.?[Boston Courier. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford lit inat. Cambria, Pacific Ocean, 1000 hills sp oil. Returns at Tahiti April 12, Java, N8. 10 mos out, 1000 wh;D*nl Wehsteo 8H. BK inos out, 1300 wh: Thames, do. ? a mos out, 1300 wh. The D W reported speaking March 8, Washi nston, SH. 1200 wh; Neptune, do, 1400. Arr ?t W*?t|?ori 30th ult. Thot Winalow, Atlantic Ocean, with 1341 bhls an oil. Spoke Aug 1, Vest *, Edgarlown, 200 fp, Athalia. do. 400: Atlsr 2*>. BbicIav. Weatnort. 1501 vUnt 1- Cham. iikD, do, 230; PmiifrDt, do, 180, bound toWisteru I, lands lo land Captain Tripp, late of the Sea Bi'd, of Newport. The Champion reported, previous to Aug 30, Theo Cbate, Wealport iOO. I'or home >oon. _ _ ... Sailed Irotn S?;.-h irbor !7th ult. Timor, Crozette Islands. A whale brltr'passei! up tlie Bay on Saturday?probably the Ami-ii .i, of War- h im. _ Spoken. Sei 121, lut i2. lou 78, Chase, of NB. li moa out, 500 bbis sp oil. Spoken. Sua, from Portland for St Jago, Sept 30, off Fire Island. 'I uscarnrm. Hdifax for Havana, ?>ct I, off Montauk. Sid. ndid, Lubec for Sarannah, Oct 2, o.f Block bland. Andiew Jackson, from Saco, Me for New Orleans, Oct 3, off Montauk , Ems VVa-Trick. of Boston, from Liverpool for Charleston. Sei t 22, lat 33 53, ton 69 20. Experiment, 1 days fiom St Andrews for Trinidad, Sept 15, lat 27 50, lou 60 30. Mineira, of and for NYork, from Marseilles, Sept 1, lat 37 30, Ion 31. Olympia, of New Orleans, from Hsvre for Charleston, Sept 1, lat 37 30. Ion 31. Wallace, from Boston for Rotterdam, Sept 28, lat 42 30 N, Ion 63 30. Louisa, ol Portland, bound up the Mediterranean, Auk 25, off Car* Spartel. Napier, 13 days frem Amsterdam foi Baltimore, Aug 27, lat 38 30. Ion 27 10. A steamer uadrr British colors, steering NNW, lat 32 56 N, lou 65 W. Saxony, fmm Cadiz for Boston, Sejg 1, lat 37 29 N, Ion 35. Foreign Porta. Mavaopkz, PR. Sept 17?In port. Spy, of Brookhaven, for Chagrrs, neat day; Frances Lonl, Thompson, of Bangor, for NYork, 20fi. Cadiz. Aug 25?la port, Emblem, disg; Kentucky, for Boston 5 or 6 d.; Osrdiuer, do do; Geo Schelheld, Bin., ready: York, Matanzas, do; Platiua. just out of quar; Tiger, Baker, lor New York, 7^ Globe, io sail in 2 or 3; Abagun, Charleston, 7; Nabob, Montevideo, repaired, and ready to Mniah Idg; Trenton, Boston, 2 or 3. United States Porta. Lunrc, Sepc 28?Sid Caailda, Baltimore; Charles, Philadel phia; Siam, Grant, and Helen Gray, Wasa, NYork; 23th, Melville, Kent, do. BucaaroaT, Sept 23?Cld Ransom, St Thomas. Sid Newcastle, Martinique. Frankfort, Sept 29?Sid Robt Treat, Martinique; Hope, Baltimore. Portland, Sept 29?Cld Cybele, Cuba; 30th, F-liza, Mobile. Art Oct I. Gov Robbina, Kaatport for Philadelphia; Charles, Lubec fordo; Increase, NYork. Portsmouth, Sept 2u?Arr Aluomak, Hall, NYork; 27th, Watchman, Jameson, and Wave, Hoi brook, do. Cld 3(lth. Clara, NOileans. Sid 26th, Gen Warren, Philadelphia. Nkwbi'Rtfort, Oct I?Arr Wm Schroder, Mavaguex. Sid Avhburton, Charleston; Ark, Richmond, Arr 2<1, Columbia, Philadelphia. Salfm, Oct 1?Cld beamier, Africa. Boston, Oct 3?Arr Huntress, Cadiz; Natchez, St Ubes; Boston, Homer, Oscar, and Effort, NYork; C.ituit, Albany via Portland. Signals fur 2 brigs and I brig. Cld Belvidera, (of Ibis port, late of Baltimore) Balavia; Owen Evans, (Br) Loudon; Aimma, Baltimore. Arr 2d, Cherokee, Cronstadl; Romulus, Savannah; Boston, and Either, Baltimore; Baltimore, W Pitt, Pearl, Chainplain, Ella, Baltimore, and St Helena, Philad-lphia; Arrnztineudi, Nansemoud; Mary Ann, Kredericksbu'g; November, Richmond; Oseola, Rondout; Victor, Wm Henry, Cambridge, and China, NYork. Arr 1st, Argo, Calcut la; Hatony, Cadis; Sultan, Washington, NC; Montano, Alba ny. Cid Oneco, NOrleans; Hone, Philadelphia; Mail, aud B Bie-low, N Yorli; Notui, Ware ham. Niedl>nri,.n CV., . ?. n. /n._? ? .-I ?a - . - ww* ?mi uutiiTA, \ ov* / DiJsron, iu i'"?u oil for H imburg; Erin, Nantemotid; J* nr. PlnUd?l|ihrt; Mary Caroline, El en Rodman, arid Sacheut, NYork. Nartucret, Sept 30?Sid Philadelphia. Philadelphia. i rovidlnce, Ort 1?Art Smith jk Darling, Philadelphia; Galaxy, Kondont; Armn, NewYork; Translation, do. Cld Rnode Island. Savannah, with part of her Liverpool canto: f'orea. Kail luuer, with part of her rinton cargo. 8ld Mary AnnkCaroltM, I'hiladelnhia: Ja< Lanpheer, NYork. Arr 2J, Olympus, Lihcrato,, and Juliet, Rondont: J L Lorn;, New York; Rhode t?taad,do. Bid Corea; W P Walker. Bath; Leroy, Wilmington, oCjPresident, Norfolk;Tecumseh, and Times. NYork.? ( rota below, Win It James. 29th, Thom, Philadelphia for St John; ChaHea Raymond, Taunton lor Charleston: Hero, Providence for Albany: Helen, Wickford f.r NYork. Sid Saran Aon. and Ohio,-tooth Seat; Vigilant, NYork. Sid loth, Hero, Albany; 1st, 1 hom, and ( has Rirhmond. New Haver, Sept 29? Sid Antartie, Weat Indies. AlbaRT, Oct 1?Arr Eliza Matihla, Niagara. Harriet Vermont, and Avon, Boston; David Smith, and Oilens Philadelphia; Try all, 0'in, John, Albany, and Hardee rabble. Provjilrnce; Caroline, F ill Hirer; Essex, do; Miracle. HartfordB' Cld William, do; l lica, Boston; John Randolph Philadelphia; A Jackson, Norwich. I'hii.m>*i run, Octt?Air Eclipse. Salem; Eliza Nicholl Ness ll-otord; Cornel, New York. Cld Jabez, Halifax; Wave' Boston; Phebe Baxter, diK Columbia, Albany, Oeu Lafayette! Norwalk; Wot Young. Providence: Orb, NYork. Arr in the Schna Ikill, New Zealand, Lubee; Eicon, Boston; Birai Stephens, NYork. Baltimore, Oct 2?Arr Kepler, HavanA; Clementine, Bremen; Adrian. Demarara; Talleyrand, rortainouth, Nil; Baltimore. Boston; Red Rover,do; J Hanker, Tannton, Mama; Emma, NYork: Hudson, do. Sid Scotia, Rotterdam; Janet, West Indies; Architect, do. Ueoroetowis, DC. Oct J?Arr Commerce, New York. SIil Alexandria, do; Mozart, Boston. Alexaivdris, Sept 30?Arr Gen Grant, Bermuda. Sid Ellen Maria Newbnn |>ott. Kichmokd, Sept 29?Arr Thom, Bennett, NYork; Ereline, Chase, do: Deborah Ann Somen, Powell, do. Sid Ann Eliza, Tovsnsenii, do: Greensbnry Holt, do; Roacoe, New Bedford.? Cld Isabella, Bremen. Arr 30th, Martha Ann, Nanaemnnd; Cndin., Button; Eagle, Portsmouth. Cld George Stevens, London. Sept 29?Arr A B Edwards. Bowyer, New York; Victory, Hncheiis, Richmond for NYork; Clotilda, VsnName, dodo. Arr 30th, James Drummond, Young, NewYork; Ann D, Bedell, do; Ezeter, Coornhi. do. Sid Snow, West Indies; Champion, do: Cora, Bristol, HI. 2ilh?The Constitution, for Bremen, and Junius and Alice, are on their way down James lliv? r. 30th?A lull iig<e<l brig, loaded, waa at anchor in the Roads this moruimr. The Geo Stevens, for London, is on hrr av ay down James River. . Newman, NC. Sept 14?Arr MarietU Rysn, Alabama, C Slover, and Kio, NY <rk Cld Arab, Boston. Chsrlkstoiv, Oct I?Arr Warrior, Hivaua; Marengo, and Olviriina, Havre; Sullivan. Brown, NYork. Cld Lucaa.Bo-,iijn; Merchnit,CuIm. SIil Cathanne, Berry, NYork; Orray Tail, I'rovidenca. Savarraii, Sept 30? Arr Ha dee, Klitner, NYork. ArauacHicoLA, Sept 23?Arr Halcyon, Potter, NYork. read the following certificate FROM THE REV.lMR.H AW LEY. New You, Sept. 5, 1112. UcHTLKStKlS . . About two vru> MO. I furnished you with a certificate reel ertiug the virtues of your Hoarhound Candy, and the benefits I had experienced 'i? It while purf ruling the duties of hit calling. 1 deem it right an I proper that at Ihis time I should renew my opinions in its favor, because recent use has increased my know:e<lge of its ealue. At the camp meeting held at Sing Sing, commcnciut on the t-th of August last, and ending on the 111 September,! exerted myself much in the cause of my Master, and consequently my voice became hoarse and iocsliable ofits usual force. I had two engagements the rnsuinr Sabbath to preach, and found it eeee.sary if I exjwcled to fulfill take some remedy to reuovate my voice aud soothe my lungs. On Stturday, being supplied with a package of your candy, its use euabled tne to preach at 1 engaged without the least hoar-tn est or pain. I consider your candy a necessary article for every clergyman to keep iu hit p ssetsinn, as the use of it keeps 'he voice clear in its tones, and free from that huskineta and tickling of the throat, which so of eu msrs the delivery ol the preacher. For all complaints of the longs it is invaluable, as my previous certificate mentioned ; and I feel confident that its early use would save many from the grave who finally fall victims to consumption. Yours truly W. C. HAWLEY, 7t Crosby street, Chaplain at the City Hjspital. Metiri. J. Pratt fit Sox, ti Division street. Agents?110 Broadway ami M William street. THE UNDERSIGNED have used J. Pease it Son's Compound Extinct of Hoarhound Candy, and freely recommend it to thoae afflicted with Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, anil Consumptive complaints, as an excellent remedy in these cases, aud for the use of the voice professionally, nothing ca* equal it. We recomtnend it to our brethren throughout the Unitru. ... lievertiia J. Lsinusey, reci ni pastor 01 ra. t,. ^nurcn, or cond itreet. , k ^ _ . Revert ud J. Cramford, |?ilor of the second M. t. Church, Hudson. .. ., __ Reverend Mr. Lucky, presiding elder, New York Conference. Reverend Mr. Whitsber, pastor of Presbyterian Church, corner Madison surf Catherine. , _ ,, , Hcvereud Mr. Ciiffen, pastor of M. E. Church, Bedford st. Reverend Mr. Hart, recent pastor of Baptist Church, Gold treat. _ Reverend Mr. Oibbs, 111 Third Avenue. Teverend Mr.Berry,paator ofWesleyau Methodist Church, corner Grand and Clinton >ti. . Reverend Mr. Lyons, putor of the Cermau Miuioa Church. Elder Kuapp, and llev. Mr. Maffilt. Ore would ihiuk th? above recommendations were sufficient to ,ell a ton of Pease's Hoarhound Candy a day, in thia city aloLe, when the proprietor, can obtain certificates from minister, of the Goapcl ! men ofsuchnublvmi.hed reputation, that whoso would not believe them neith r would he believe though one should rite from the dead. The virtuea of Pease'. Hoarhound Candy, then, may be conaidured proved, as far a. anything can be pioved, by hnman testimony. K. B. All letters iniat paid, directed to J. PEASE & SON, 45 Divition street, will be punctually attended to. *? Country raershuita can obtain Peaae'a Hoarhound Candy, at the manufacturers' lowest pricia, by sending an order to any merchant in the city with whim they have dealings. J. PEASE It SON, 45 Divition st. Acents in the City?Rmhtou A Aspinwall, 10 Attor House, 110 Broadway, aud 86 William street ; Elton, ?8 Nassau at ; Kie.ted, 629 Broadway ; Brigham, cor. Houston and Avenue D : Hart, cor. Norfolk aud (Land tl ; Batesou, cor. Park Row and Ann st ; Cotton, 261 Bleecker st ; Mirtine.cor. 21at street and Ninth Avenue; Pastor. 165 Greenwich it ; Diggs, 681 Broadway ; Kerr, 17 i Broadway; Mom., 508 and 508 Grand at. Ageuu in the Country?Zieber, 8' Dock street. Co.. Third, Philadelphia ; Redding. 8 S ate at, Boston ; Weed fc Water., Troy ; Baiter,57 Siate Albany ; Robinson. Ill Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md; Haldeman, Louisville, Ky ; Watsou, Memphis, Tenn ; and Hays, 139 Fulton st, Brooklyn. o5 Imr a DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS FA. ARTAULT k CO.. 168# Fulton street, opposite St. Paul's Church, res|iectfullv inform their friends and the public, that they hava just received by |>acketship Argo, an invoice of 1000 Daguerreotype French Platea A new aupplv of the best aud newest patterns apparatus 100 ounces cromiue 50 ounces cromiue of iodine 50 pounds hydrosulphate of sods 50 grammes of chloride of gold 100 pounds of tripoli of reinse 50 ounres chlonde of iodine And the new book containing the latest improvements in the Daguerreotype. o5 lm.r ONE PRICE STORE. rpHERE IS NO IMPOSITION practiced at this store by -I- asking double the price an article is worth, neither any interruption on the side walk. No insult offered if yon don't purchase. Any person wishing to make a purchase can rely on being furnished with clothing at the following prices : Coats $9 a 12 Cloth Jackets 3 a 5 Cloth Pants 3 a 4 50 W.I Pant. I IS 9 SO JACOB COGSWELL, ot lm*r 133Ji Chatham street, nr?i Rosevtdt ?t-, N Y. T\A ISCARRIEL)?a letter put iuto the Poatotflce id lhi? city 1VX on the OTth day of Maach laat, addressed to Ulica. coutaiuing a promissory note past due. for $20,000, of no value *o any person but the owner. Asuiiable reward lor any information will be given on application to JOHN W. LUDLOW. o5 ltaw 4w wed'r 78Courilandtsl. N. V. Multiplication of the power of purgatives, by combination?Thia is a subject which cannot be learnt from books, for among all the works yet published, no author has even hinted at it. The vegetable world must be carefully studied, and then it will take a life's time to arrive at the threshold of the science. I was placed upon the threshold at a very early period of my existence by those who had spent a tang life in the study ot the multiplying power which vegetable purgatives have upon each other. 1 have for nearly twanty years studied, and practised, this theory, almost to the exclusion of every other science : and have discovered a purgative principle in several plants which have not heretofore beau supposed to possess this quality. It is my intention at some future day to say more upon this subject, for I think besides the purgative properties alluded to, that there are other properties in theme new purgatlvea which have a strong similitude to healthy human bile ; the investigation is replete with interest, and when 1 have finished it, the public shall have the result. ORF.AT EXPERIENCE AND JUDGEMENT are required to maka a valuable and at the same time an innocent purgative. Thia is possossed only by few. The great majority of the remedies advertised of this data are manufacture 1 by persons who have no idea oi the relativeor individual powers of the drugs they use.? It is this cause, more than any other, which occasions the inertness and often injurious effects produced by advertised remedies. And hence the general prejudice which prevails aga nst them. Now there is a great difference in this respect with regard to the pills made by Dr. B. Brandreth.and consequently their superior claims upon the public. Each ol the articles IHWIWtlM Ihe lit and eth I .lis are prepared in that way which wilt secure their beneficial effects to the system in the safest and .easiest manner. For instance, some ingredients have to be prepared in vacuo ; that is, the air is exhausted in the utensil, and remains so until a combination is efiected with other ingredients which afterwards prevents the air acting injuriously upon the medicine. Again the proportion of each ingredient depends ujion its multiplying power upon other ingredients. For the power of different vegetable purgatives upon each other is governed by similar laws that govern the power of figures by multiplication. Nine udded to nine, makes eighteen : but nine times nine are cignty-o IC. So it is with some vegetable purgatives. By adding nine parts of one ingredient aad nine parts of another ingredient together, the power is increased, not to eighteen, but to eighty- ne. For example, cither of the articles to produce any purgative ellect, would have to be used to the extent of eighty-one grains, by combining them only eighteen grains have to be used. Again, another ingredient H found to multiply th s power again, which in a proportion of two grains would have no effect upon the animal economy, but which added to eighteen grains ot a compound of two parts of nine grains each of two ingredients, will again multiply toe power which they have gained oieiguty-one to one hundred and sixtytwo. So again thia mixture oftweuty grains can be again multiplied by smother addition of two grains to the power of three hundred and twentv-four grains of the original power of the two first ingredients. Here we have twenty-two grams which as a purgative contain the piwer equal to three hundred and twenty-four grains ot cither of the articles alone ; nevertheless, although so poweiful, after being thas combined, are safe in any quantity ; al. ways having a beneficial effect, and in no case capable ot doing iftjury, tof which thousands bear ample witness. The time will come when this medicine, THE BRANDRETH PILLS, will be appreciated as they ought and as they deserve. It will be well understood then that Dr. B. Brandreth has the strongest claims upon the public confidence. It ia true that every (individual who makes a trial of the Biandreth's Pills concede them to be the beat medicine they ever used.? They are indeed a medicine about which there ia no raiatake. Their value in a climate so changeable as ouri cannot be sufficiently appreciated. A free perspiration is at once restored: thus they cure colds, and consumption ia prevented. Those who have a redundancy of bile find them of the most essential service; and should there be deficiency of that important fl -id, the Brandreth Pills have an equally beneficial effect. Oftm has thia important medicine saved valuable lives in those regiona where the DREADED YELLOW FEVER was prevailing. A few doses taken immediately upon infection being received into the iy?t?n, will be almost certain to prevent any material inconvenience. And at no stage of this dreadful epidemic is there so proper a medicine aa the Brandreth rills. Let thia medicina be universally used in this disease, AND NO LOSS OF BLOOD ALLOWED, and lew, very few, would be it* victim*. So it is wi.h other diseases. ASSIST NATURE with this all-important medicine, to remove morbid humors from the blood, an 1 do not resort to bleeding or mercury, and we shall have a very GREAT SCARCITY ol persons afflicted with CHROMIC MALADIES. The feathered tribe-th* animal kingdom?over which we are the lords, they are not afflicted with Chronic Maladiea, neither ihould we be if it were not our pride which occasions them. FOLLOW NATt'RE. Uie that medicine which harmonize! with her which mildly butaurcljr remove* all impuritic* from the blood, which strepglhensthe feeble and yet reduce* thoie of too full a habit to a healthy utandard. Let me again ay that avery department of the manufacture of the Brandreth Pill* i? personally superintended by me, and that every bo* with my three label* upon them may be relied upon to have the beneficial eflect de*crit>?d, if u*cd according to the direction* accompanying each box. The public's servant, B. BRANDRETH. THE BRANDRETH PILLS are *old at 35 cent* p r box, at 341 Broadway, between Park place and Murry streets and at 374 Bowery, 199 Hudson street, and 178 Second itreet, alao at the following office*, belonging to D. Brandreth: Philadelphia. 8 N. 8th ?t Richmond, Va., Main ?t. Baltimore, cor. ofLlght and 8t. Loui*, Mo., 49 S. Third Mercer >t*. street, Boston, 19 Hanover ?t. Pittsburgh,Pa., Wood ?t. Cincinnati, Third at. Louisville, 99 Fourth ?t ( harleston, 8. C., 96 East Albany, 44 South Market Bay, street Now Orleans, 3 Old Lovee, . CoUISTBV AukIST*. Hartford, Conn.,Henry Ben- Troy, g. Boaworth, ,on' Troy, C. B. Howlrtt New Haven, C W Crosby, Bnrfiio, A. W. wilgus. Providence, John 8haw, Syracuse, O. 8. Filch Newport, W. 9. Vose, liticw. Ge^. Dutton Mobile, Ala-, Douhleday It Rochester, Hy. Bcr'antom Sears, Mrs. Booth, Brooklyn Mar. Augusta,Oa., 8. M. Thomp- ket *1. on, Newburgh, John Caughev Pouphkeepaie, A. Van Auburn, O. M. Milligan. Hudson, A. H. Bpaulding, To be the genuine Brandreth'* Pills the box must have three labels,mid each label two signature* of Dr. B. Brandreth. Oct the genuine and satislaction is insured, ol 1 tteod'r TXT ANTED?A situation by a young inao, who has had a 1 " considerable experience in tendiui; bai or an rating house, and give the beat of city r?f?rtacn. Address v. A. at this office. ol _ XITASTEU?By a respectable young man, a fi ualioo as in* "" side servant in a private family, or as waiter in a hotel Has lived in genteel families efaht years. W< uhl have nj objection to town or <^untry. A liue addressed to E. W Z , 48 Ch' rry street, will be attended to. Good city references. 06 lt*rc Tlf ANTfcD^li or I'd active, luteiligfot men, to procure subW scribcrt for th? impulse Periodicals of the day. Men who hare been euaaged in liiegery pursuits will be preferred. To those who are qualified for (lie business, and fire undoubted testimonial* of character, a liberal commission will be paid. No foicikuets em;. lo/rd. BRADBURY, SODEN VCO , ol I w *ec 127 Nassau >t. ( QOU'I HERN FUNDS WAITED?Mobile. Montgornn13 r?, Tutcal *o*?, Dec tur, Union Bank mil Southern Tru.l, i Florid.. AUo, Biuk of the Unitrd St.'t . Notes, ,t o4 3t?r _ N. SIBTARE'S. 13 Wall street. j BOARD WANTED?By a single gentleman?A professor of*, iu a f.mily when there are few or do boarders, and where hi. ?ereiee> as teacher of Pianoforte and Singing, I will be in remuneration lor board. The beat reference gieeu and required. Address (J. C. 201 B mad way. 03 3tis*rc Board and handsomely furnished apartments, in a small private family, when: no other boaider. will be receieed. Two tinvlo gentlemen. or a lady aud gentleman, can t?e accommodated for the winter. The sitnaqca is in the immediate vir-iuitv of the Park rMMHI. n. B. The rooau may be had without board il preferred. Term, will be moderate. Address s. u. B. Hetalrl office. o3 3ti?*r TO FAMILIES OOr-TOTlOirtH. to the Writ Indies or I Europe ?A respectable female, li years of aire, wiabes to ' obtain a jiermauetit situation as sear *'resa, in a genteel family. She would prrUrgoiug to Eurotx*, vet would accept of a good oner to no tsoum or to me mines. lite Den or reier i encrt given. Address A. A. A. box 761, upper Port office, n. i York. sior < WATERMAN SWEET, netunl bare arUtr,h<iinitid in (hi < r ty , and will leinain ben i I'rw diyi. Any one ( desirous of his aid may obtain it by Ifelioatioa >i Iluw?nl?' Hotel. J. Minoi'a, tl4 Fult >u street and comer of Greenwich : and Chambers streets. Thoj. Whitfield u going from here to Philadelphia. oi lt*c rP BROWN, Stone Seal Engraver, haa removed to 233 I A Broadway, opposite the Patk. Coats of Anna, Crests, Cyphers, Sic. eugaved on atone. Ladies' seals, jiencil caara, signet rinna, kc. engraved with coata of arma, namra. or any device _ Coata of arma found and paiatcd. Booka of Heraldry kept with upwaida of 100,000 names. oi 3t*r WARNING?A TWO LEGGED MAD DOG haa heen * * met with in Grand street, between Orchard and Ludli^w He is particularly rabid against good men, ur any thing fair, and contents himself only with diabolical matters, which agree perfectly with his nature. What a strange CONTENTMENT. o3 lw*t . NEW YORK LEGAL OBSERVER.-On the lit Octo ber was published the first number of this new weekly journal. It contains most important decisions in Bankruptcy in the Assistant Vice Chancellor's Court, and in the Superior Conrt?List of Bankrupts, wi'h the names ol the Pctitionera' Counsel Anecdotes, Dir. QT7"The whole ofthe cases are published uuder the sanction and with the approbation of the Judgas, so as to be used as the standard reports. Orders received at the office, 41 Anu street, or by JOHN 9. VOORHIE8, oi U*r comer Narsvu and Cedar. RAFFLE, RAFFLE, RAFFLE. 1,0 BE RAFFLED for positively on tlia first of November next, two splenpid blue cloth gentlemen's Spanish Circular Cloaks, with capes, handsomely made up with a velvet collar and facings, capes, lined with silks, and complete in every other: icspect. Tickets $3 each. As the raffle will positively lake place on the above named eve. Tickets must be paid for, wheihrrone or more, when the numbers are taken. As a number of Tickets are already sold, gentlemen wishing a chance would do well to apply early?as such a chance seldom offers?the highest and lowest numbers are to have arloak each. For further particulars, apply at No. 1 Murray street, corner Broaiflvay, where the cloaks are to be seeu. oi tNovl*r Alumni association"of Columbia coll.kge. New York, October 3, 1843. The Annutl meeting of this Association will be held in the College Chapel on Wednesday, the ith instant, at )ialf-|wst 7 P. M. Tha Address will be delivered by the Rev. Hugh Smith ? The frie' ds of the College, and citizens generally, are iuvited to a'tend. Immediately after the address, the association will proceed to the elretiou or officers for the ensuing year, and to the transaction of such other business a- mav be laid before them. ' EDWARD W LA1GHT, President. GEO. W. WATERS, Sect'y pro tem. o4 2tr TOBK PUfiLlsHED~ON WEDNESDAY, CZARINA : Alt HISTORICAL ROMANCE OK THE COURT OK RUSSIA. PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. RECENTLY PUBLISHED ? PEL HAM ; or the Adventures of a Gentleman. With an En era ring. Price 21 cent'. The Disowutd. By the sain. author. With a Plate. Price 21 cents. Devereux. By the same author. With a Plate. Price 21 cents. Paul ClilToid. By tlie same author. With a Plate. Price 21 Cents Eugene Atam. By the same author. With a Plate. Price 21 cents. HARPER fc BROTHERS, of 2t*r __ 82 Cliff street. Fal"\rt DOLLARS REWARD.?Stolen at the Railroad Del/CVJ not. Albany, Sept. 27th, a calfskin pocket book, containing 2.206 dollars, namely ' One package marked W. C. H. Waddell, 666 Dollars, in which there was one 14 dollar bill Long Island Bank, several 10 dollar bills on the Cherry Valley Bink, some on Cooperstown, and others not recollected. Three packages, 210 dollars each, mostly on the Bank o! Utica?greater part or the amount. One package 166 dollars, bills on various banks One package, <<9 dollar*, bills on van out bmks. Eight or ten 20 dollar bills on the Bank of Utica. One package, 170 dollars, Eastern bills. Two 10 doHar bills en the Otsego Comity Bank. Two 100 dollar bills onthe Oneida Bmk. Whoever will detect the Thief and return the money, or whoeier will return the money only, to the sub crioer or Kriend Humphrey, Albany, Hubuell & Curran, Utica, or Lee, Dater & Miller, New York, shall receive the above reward. CHARLES WALKER, Burlington plaits, Otsego County, N. Y. Albany. Sept. 27,1013 N. B. Will lha brokers please take notice 7 o3 3t*rc PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK ITAVE preoared a number of " Private Medicine Chest*," 11 each containing an appropriate quantity of the new French Medicines for the cure of a peculiar elasa of diteaaes.which have unfortunately in too many instances fallen under the treatment of ignorant quacks, in consequence of the extrrmedelicacy which patients thus afflicted exsiibit in applying lor medical advice from lespectable physicians. Ia the mod* now ex plaiued, and effectual treatment will be gained by such patients without the necessity ot lug any discloanre of their case. The "Medicine Chest" contains such aqnanuily of appropriate medicine at is guaranteed to effect a peitect cure, and ample directions in a plain and familiar style accompany each chest. The remedies are apidicablc to all forms of the disease. The Chests, containing remedies for syphilitic diseases are told for $1 each?the chests with remedies for *oauirhoea and gleet $3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent ol the College. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College 97 Nassau street. N. B ?Cases forwarded to sjl parts of the Union, the Cauadas and Wi st Indies. Persons purchasing theChestt can,by addressing the College, Sratuiiously obtain whatever additional advice thvy may desire UriMUbU progress of their case. am im > ? IMPROVEMENT IN DESTTSTKY-AII new systems 1 have to uudetgo the ordeal of public sciiitiny, and happy should we be if they csme out, in the proportion of one-tenth to the whole, stamped with the seal of approbation. The new feature in the science of Dentistry was discovered by Di J. F. Cauldwell, of Virginia, and is successfully practised by Oeo. N. Humphreys, his pupil, who has takni rooms at 231 Broadway, neat door the American Hotel, where he will be happy to give practical demonstrations of his skill in this novel and lain-sa'ing process of extracting trcth, which haa caused persons <>t nervous lemprramrnt to bear the torments of toothache. dreading the jaw-breaki .g ayatem, ao long in vogue. All dental op- rations perfo mrd by him are warranted. Teeth inserted with such perfeciness, as to deceive the moat scrutinizing, of their falsity. Teeth plugged, cleaned, ane filled, on the most approved plan, having spent many years in acquiring a thorough Snowledge of the art, togethtr with an extensive practice in the Southern States, he offers his services to the public with confidence. May be consulted at all houri of the day. o2 lm is*c I) A K18 ..IILLISARY ARTICLES.?The subscribers hat A justr ceived a splendid assortment of new style Kail Ribbons?co uprising, rich striped and chene Poult de Soie, Oros de Napi: r. Satin. Levantine and Velvet Ribbons. Also, | lain anil colbred black and blue black taffeta and satins. It iC; new style bonnet silks, lie., lie. Country and cityde lersarc particularly requested to call and examine the stock ' < fore purchasing elsew here. WiVTH, HAMPTON, W Hudson street *2' lOt*in four doors above Canal street. ^ EW GOODS?The undersigned solicivatieution u> a large av assortment of OooJsforiall and winter wear, including beaver clotns for surtouts, eassimeres in a great variety of styles forpantal kids. Rich silk, satin, and merino Testings, which will be made up to order a t usual moderate charges, for ready money. Ready made surtouts,cloaks, lie., constantly on hand. WM. T. JENNINGS, Draper and Tailor, t25 Imit'm 229 Broadway, Ameticsn Hotel. "drTelliott, oculist AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, Confutes his Prsctice to diseases of the eye. Office Ml Broadway, comer of Warren street. ?22 imis'r VELVETS?Supsr iet black and blue black Lyons Bilk Velvets for merihant tailors, just received, and for sale by (). V A RET, ff Cedar sr. up stairs. ?22 lm*rc CVARR'H SUPERIOR ii"w Cninphine Lami*, I,imps for burning lard. Also?A Urge assortment of plain and Jappnned Tin Ware, Chnndaliers, Astral and other Lamp*, altered to burn campninc and chemical oil, on an improved plan. Also?Superior Camphiue and Chemical Oil, at wholetale and retail, by BACKUS It BROTHER. IM Fulton st, N. Y. N. B.?Persons can be served wiih Camphinr and Chemical i Oil at their residences by leaving their addrev as above. *29 lm* OYSTERS. /CITIZENS of the 7th and 10th Wards, are yon lovers of fine C Oysters 1 If you are, we wonld trke great pleasure in recommending von to call npon onr Iriend Mr. Tniimu W. Watsou, st No. 90 Division street, (known as the Washinrtcn Oyster House), where yott will always find the finest Shrewsbury Oysters thst the market affords, as well as e*e-y other species 01 Oyster of most deli, ions flavor, together with erery delicacy of the season, His B ?r also is furnished with Lienors of the finest quality, to noue sold in any other public place ot entertainment. Mr. Watson, moreover, hu fur many yean been favorably know n down town aa a f rat rate caterer iu hie line of bnatneae, and haa alwaye been most assiduous In hia endeavors to ideaae hii frienda and the public en all occaaiona, whenever they have honored him with their patronage, This we ere certain will be sufficient to recommend the wot thy proprietor of the Washington Oystei H mse to the atten- ' tion of hia up-lown frienda, who will atill find him aa harpy * ev< r to aerre them with refreshments at all houra, aa cheap and ! good aa can be obtained at any other establishment in the city. 1 ot 3t* r _ "self protectors. i rpo TKAVKI.LF.R8 AND HOU8KKKKPK.K8.?Patent , A Sell-Cocking Repealing I'i tola, which can be discharged an limea in a few seconds. The pistol cocha. the barrel re volvea, and discharges merely by pulling the trigger; the chamber and oarrel ia in one piece, and therefore cannot mow apart like aome repeating piatola. The construction is very simple? they can be drawn from the pocket and need wiuione hand without the Iota of a moment: si* shots can be fired aa fkst aa a man can crook hia finger. Thev are no larger man an oidina ry pocket piste I. For travclleri, housekeepers, captains, planters, public officers, and others, they are an indispensable a-ticlr, aa peiaoua both male and female, can with this pistol, protect their lives and inopeity, if attacked by many |ieraona, aa one of tnem ia C(|*a| to near a do ten of the common kinrl. The public are invited to call and examine Ike same, as their simplicity, being warranted not to get out of order, ant their aatety, will certainly recommend them orer all others Wholesale and retail. J, O. BOLfcN. 101 fcroatiwav. all lmaa*r between Wail sad Pine streets 1RIT1SH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1100 iuds 111(1 440 11 jim power fwh. LI Oder contract with the Lord* of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E.O. Lott, do ,?i ACADIA, A. Kyme do COLUMB'A, E. C, Miller, II N do Will sail from Boiton, via Halifax. ruoxi Livr.RrooL. mow sotTON. on Columbia, ? October 16. |>il Passage Money?From Bottoa to Lireriiool, $135?Boitou nu o Halifax $? *b These ships carry ci|>erieuced surgeons. No Berth* reared until paid frr. Notic.?Merchandiie and S|ieeie (eice|>t for |>er ruses) shitmed under the name of luggage will be charged *' lit rei.'nt, asd liable loCustnin House Regulations. A|,i>lv to oiy r D. BKIOHAM. JR, No<3 Wall-.t. <>' FOR CHARLESTON, KEY WEFT, HAVANA. NEW [)', ORLEANS, ANb UALVEST6n. TEXAS. THE SPLENDID STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE-CAPT. k WM. ROLUNS. Positively to tail O. tober 5th, at 4 o'clock P. M. w To-meel the wuliti of passenger* for Havana and New Or* #I eaus, Capt Rollins has concluded to delay his departure nntil Wednesday' neat, 3th Oct at 4 o'clock. P M, at which time the NEPTUNE will ixrsilively depart for the above |K>rt?. Shr can yet superbly accommodate a number ot families tod single p .ssengers, ou early application being made, and her rates will be made in conformity with the times. Steerage and leek passengers can also be arcommodaterl. And small ? luantiti oflighl freight can be takt n, except for Havana. Ia The Neptuue is in the most perfect order, and her accommolaiiom uniuriait, ,1 SI.. I...... ,1... T.I., I. e??. if Clinton street, E. R., where passengers are invited to examna the ship and sccomroods lions. For freight or t>assage apply id board or to . J. H. BROWEH, 74 Wall st. = P. 8.?All persons having claims tutainst the Neptune, will please present them on or li.-f ire 4th just. sM to <)4*ec T VANDEKBILT'S K. INDEPENDENT LINE FOR BOSTON, Via Nodwich and Worcester Railroads. 1 From Pier N,,""h UivJf C.eryTnlE* f The new and splendid steamboat CLEOPATRA, Captain to /. K. Dustau, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Salur- L lav afternoon, at J o'clock. an The new and s| lendid steamboat WORCESTER, Captain I* I. H. Vanderbi t, will have eveiy Monday, Wednesday and m Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. ni Passengers for Boston will be forwarded immediately on the se arrival of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed with- of nut change of cart or baggage. In For further information, enquire at the office on the wharf, or in hot rd the boats, or to le D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, upstairs. 'i< All persons are forhid trusting any one on account of the ? above boats or owners. T For SAO HARBOR-The steamboat THORN, will leave j New London on the arrival of the Worcester. ot 1m* _ STATEH island~FERK.Y ar Foot of Whitehall street. Hj The steam boats STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Staten Island as follows'.? ? NEW YORK. STATEN ISLAND. d' II 10 " J l4 "s* 4)2. 4 " All good* .flipped are required to be particularly marked, tnd are al the risk of the owner* thereof. ol r ? _|n I "j NEWARK AND NEW "YORK.?Fare I ll i. Only 12)4 cents ?The splendid and commodi 3t^?jEC3C-ou? steamer PASSAIC, Uapt. John (jaffy, j, being completely and elegantly refuted, commenced her regu- ; at trips lor the season ou Thursday, klarch 10?leaving AS fol- j. Foot of Barclay st. New York, aL lObi o'clock, A. M? and 4 o'clock, P. M. I Centre wharf, Newark, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and half past 1 -* o'clock P. M. " On Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at 10A? A. M. J' and 4 P.M. Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and at {o'clock, P. M? ? (?7"" Freight of every description carried at reduced prices. ?' ol lm?r 5 FOR ALBANY, TROY and Interire- J, CLm i HfcR-S^J?diate places.?The splendid low pressure j SC^JKJKLstr unboai SWALLOW, Captain A. M'Lean, ? will leave the foot of Courtlandl-st, Monday Afternoon, ? Oct. 3d, at 4 o'clock. c The Swallow will leave as above, Thursday. 6lh. c O" The above ia a substantial boat, fitted up with elegant y State Rooms, and fur accommodation is unrivalled on the JjSj?-KOH NKW ORLEANS,?Louisiana and New n WrVvy York Line?Positivelyfirst R-gulsr Packet?To sa>l SmmSm the lOtli of Octobei?The last sailing, coppered and n copjwr tautened packet ihtp LOUISA, Capt Leavitt, will fi positively sail as above, her regular day. 7 For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom- * modatious, apply on board at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall at. ?rt? E. K. COLLINS k CO. 56 South it. ? Positively no goods received after Saturday evening, the 8th inst. J, Agents in New Orleans, Hullin 8i Woodruff, who will 1 promptly forward all goods to their address. Ship|iers may rely upon having their goods correctly mea- sured, and that the ships of this line will sail punctually as ad. / e.tised ! any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfill- V ed, that may be required. i, The packet ship Slukspearc, Cant. Allen Warner, will sue |, ceed the Louisa, and sail the 20th Octobei, her regular day. j o5 r s JOHN HK.RDMAN'S REGULAR COMMER- ? mHy CIAL LINE of New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, 8 HkHK and Savannah Packets will be despatched as under? li 'X lie splendid nearly new fast sailing ship SHARON, Cap'ain Periington, will sail for New Orleaus on the 5th inst.; the first ( clus elegant packet ship KAL AMAZOO,Capt.AlcLcrran,will V sail for Mobile on the 6th mat ; the well known fast sailing o ship BROOKLYN, Capt. Richardron, will sail for Charleston on the 5th inst. ; the superior new ship YEKMON 1', will sail v lor Savannah on the ?.th mat. r The ahove ships are all of the firat and largest clasr, commanded by men of experience, and all have unsurintied accommodations. Kir cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, who will be taken at the lowest rates. For further particulars, apply to JOHM HERDMAN, Ct South street. N. B. The subscriber has s regular succession ol first class shi|w sailing for each of the above poils every few days. ojr X? FIRST S A V A N N A H, MOBILE ANT> WpUVCHARLEBTON PACKET-FOR SAVANNAH. The regular packet ihio NEWARK, Captain Merwui, willsail ni siive'y on the 6tli, her regular day, and be succeeded by the EXCEL on the loth Octobet. FOR MOBILE?The ELIZABETH DENISON, on the 10th October^ FOR CHARLESTON-The packet slop ST. LAWRENt.E on the6th, to be succeeded by the BROOKLYN on th? loth October The abnte a ipr arc all well known in their respective line*, and are comfortably fitted up for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, which they will take at the lowest rates, if early application he made to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck alip, or 52 South, corner Jones !ane. N. B.?Regular packets for New Orleans every five days, end for Savannah every Monday and Thursday, throughout the seven. o5 r Igjjj- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of the 7lli J Octolier?The splendid, fast sailing regular packet ? JHpfilfa ship(JEORGE WAHHINOTON,Capt.A.Burrows, J will sail ?s above, her regular da). i nil ill I p'a accommodations, second mom sou hw age passengers are very superior, and berths en be aecured on moderate terms, by applying on Ixiaol loot of Maiden Lane, or T to JOSEPH McMUKRAV, ] 2f0 Pine street, comer of South slrett. 5 P. S.?Persons wishiug' to s-nd for their friends residing in r the oldcountrv, can have them brought out in the above ship, r or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, (if by letter u post p id. oi r I 1*^ FOR AVAN.NAH.?To sail on the tth of OciptfjrW her, (this day)?The new and splendid coppered ship jufiib VERMONT, Nathaniel Meyhew, Cap,am, will j sail as above, her regular day. Thii ship has uhsuipassed ac- f commodaliona lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken at the lowest piices. Those de.irtus ol seeming berths, should make early application on board,at pier 13 E. R., or to JOHN HEKDMAN, ? oj 61 South street. PUT MONEY IN THY PURSE~ J HOW "I Pstronise the City Cash Tailoring Establishment, 202 Broadway. <1 The ruinous rates which have been charged for fashionable Clothing, has led the subscriber to adopt the cheap cash system, 1 and he now offers to lit ont gentlemen with the finest Cloths, J made up with neatness, tasie, and despatch, at the very lowest , remunerating prices. Having made arrangements for the finest , English Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings from first hands, he p n"afford tnem low. The most experienced ctitten are en a ;cd and he pledget himself to give entire aatiafactrotl. j grangers visiting the city can have a full suit made up at y short notice. s Kali aad Winter Clothing ready made of every variety, qnality and style, of the latest fashions and warranted to lit.?Stranger* will do well to call before purchasing elsewhere. a tt Imis'r EDWARD FOX j PARIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS BRUN li CO., 115 William ftrvet, formerly Bran, Laro?nr? if & Co.?will 01*11 in a few day?, twenty ca*e? Piru Artin \ cial Flowera, Feather*, lie., now landing from lait arrival*.? ai Thi? establishment it recieving from iheir home in Pan? by every Havre tlie newest styles of flowers and fe-ithera, as they ap|?ear in that centre of fashion. This arraugemrtit enables them to have constantly on hand a most fashionable assortment ol the ab#ve articles. Dealing by tar more largely in this line than any other establishment in the city, they can afford to sell at the very lowest rates and on the most reasonable terms. Wholesale ware.ooms np stairs. Also, constantl on hand, every kiud of materials for flower manufacturers. ?1 lm*c ia DR. SOLOMON HEINE \tTOULD inform his patients and the public, tha he still adv v heies to hit original proposition, to receive no money T either for medicine or atteudancc until the patient is satisfied I with hia improvement, and would inform them that'he has $ removed from 411 Broadway to No. 57 Reade airent, opposite the Marshal! House, where he solicits the attendance ca the oove mentioned conditions, of ail who have suffered for a (] long time under diseases considered by them incurable. SOLOMON HEINE. M. D. fl For the advantiure of all who wish to attend the trevtuieot 01 ur. OOIOIDUO Kiriuc, I wtmau iwi? uwi inc uiny isuciui (| Heine who has ever lived in, or had hi> office io Broadway, ii the one now rending at 57 Reads atreet, opposite the Mutual! a Hnnae. Thi? Physician came to thia country abont eight yean j incc. I have hW the pleasure of knowing him aince that lime, and of witnessing many snrpruing curra iwrforined ,| by him?he ia above the age of 55 years, and ia the only one at the name who ia a member of the medical institutions of the City and State of New York. E. W. WKTMORK, M. D. Bwom before me, thia 27 Ji day of f April, A. D. 1M1 RiCHaan Rxgn. l orn, of Deeds lit tm*r ipUSHTON fc A8PINWALL. SS William atreet, 110 Broad- | ** Way, and 10 Asior House, offer lor aale, a fall assortment of j Diugaand Medicines, of superior rjm lity, and put up in the beat manner. Also Medicine Cheats lor ahi|>a, families. and plants- , tiona Jeffrey's Respirators? A new and valnahle instrument for ?< the temperature of the air, when inhaled into the Innga, and enabling invalids, and persona with weak lunga, by r wearing them, to go abroad in all weathers. Price fd, and u|r V. wardt. rj Hair Glove and Strap Renovators, a substitute for, and much ** lupcriorto, the common fleah brush, with ample directions for J, use. ? Componnd Fluid Extract of flaiaap.irilla, piet-ared hy H. 4 bi A. in the best manner, and highly approved in the United of States service, and by theMiblie generally. ?30 8w"r RARfc CHANCE?For Wig Makers and Hair Dres'era t ?For aale an old established stand, handsomely lilted up n for the above business, with a good run of long establiahrd lr rnstom, and now doing a proltiable business?a fir?l late stand as for hair rotting in connexion with the aboyr hnsincsa, as their ia none in the neighborhood. The above stand will lie sold at a n bargain for cash, as the present proprietor is wishing to retire ] from the business This is an excellent chance tor any one pi step right into a safe and profitable busmeaa. Rent of the bnilding very moderate. For further partirnlars apply oa the m premises III Hudson at. ol lw?r ? SULPHATE OF QUININE?2500 ounces for sale atmann factures price,by _ M RUSHTON It ASriNWALL. M William street. Also?Jnjabe f?t* 11 *?d M lb. boiss.j sM tw*i J AUCTION SALES BY THOMAS BKLL. IBtoret Noi.1t Ann and IIS Fulton rtritt-l WEDNESDAY Al I H o'clock, id ihr ul>i Bidrudid aud ril? ...ive wit of choicr .ltd tlrgutl Furniture all de?cnptiou?. Al?i\ I rianofurtra, also iht handaom* furniture of a gentlean giving up housekeeping THURSDAY, At Id o'cluek, auhe auction room. In continuation, the splendid watches .jewelry, diamonds, >ld and silver J'lsle. clocks, ornaments, rhaius. keys, rings, us, kc -, by order ol a receiver dMiKDfft tud the block re- I siuiug or ? watchmaker will be continued and closed as ove. FRIDAY. At I0H o'clock iu (lie sales rooms. Kitensive am) valuable sale of French bedstead fas, 'gauy parlor aud rocking ( hairs, ottomans, divai Also, without reserve, 7 superb and really ?\ pimo rtes, together with the balance atock of an upholsterer, beds, attrasaes, tjuilts, comforters, and uunterous supper articles in e line by catalogue Also, abjut 60 very choice old paintings, the property of an dcure Also?>2 large and valuable rollers, 12 inch diameter, for rolli* metals, Ike. ; also, a copperplate priuting press, an invoice 'bronae lamps, lustres, and girandoles, French taucy goods, SATURDAY. fc'i.r.t.f..,.. ft.I. A f Hit- -'.-PL itl ting- .?. rnnm. ill be disposed of without reserve to the highest bidder, lli? itire household furniture of a family removing. Also?(he entire splendid stock of Cabinet maker. BY ill ELL Si ARCULARiUH, WEDNESDAY, 10*o'clocIt. Elegant Furniture, Piano, Stc., consisting of foil, three quarr, and half Kieuch chain, rocaera, ottomans, bedsteads, sos, Sic. SATURDAY, Oct 8,10* o'clock Elegant Kurmlu'e, rianos, Stc., iO*o'clock Wines, Liquors, Segars, kc. PAUL B. LLOYD, Auctioneer IJ McOOHMICK will sell this day, at 10 o'clock, at No. ? 16s Greenwich street, the stock of a person declining istness. corsi sling of looking glasses, jars, marble top Conors. soda water tnni|a complete, confectionary, glas jan, inblers, wint a, Havana sonars, signs, Sic. kc., w ith a variety ' other articles, oi lt*r M. WAR1), Auctioneer. L UCTION NOTICE?Carpeting, Household Furniture, M'hiita, kc.-A. C. HUMBERT k Co. will sell this morrig at Iff* o'clock, in the sales room 149 Broadway, corner ol iherty street, ingrain and other canreting, drugget, hti/.es, id oil cloths, dt sirable ptttenia and colors, in lots to suit in Inters. Also, hearth rugs. Alto, an assortment of well ade cabinet furniture, including full and half french mahoga chairs, marble top cucloaed wash stands, rockers, spring at and tufted sofas, french beds-rails, several low aud high | bee desks, and also several rich French china tea sets, ShefId table cutlery and plated ware, mantel clocks, brouze and mtilu girandoles* kc. Also, a small invoice of excellent toit perfumes. The sale will be found well worthy the atleu)ii ol houtrkerpen and others. oi lt*r R. H. TrMPSON, Auctioneer. ACOB 9. PLATT will sell, Thursday, at 10 o'clock, at No. 21 Pla't street?100 casks, cases and lots assorte d Hardware id Cuttlerv, consisting of scarce and desirable staple heavy [d shelf goods, of almost every description, Birmingham, nemnld, German and American. Also, 1,000 cirds of Cuttleb viz: knives, razors, shears, kc. kc., being the pattern cards several English ageuciet. Also, bowie knives, dirk and liui ting knivta, the whole of Inch is worth the attention of the country as well as city ( "lers. oi 2tr j<LKOANT CABINET FURNITUKE.?This day at teu ' a o'clock, will Ire sold the entire stock of the " Cabii et Micrs Association," No. 148 Fulton street, n-ar Bro/dway, cousting of every variety of Cabin-1 ware, well worthy the atoition of buyers, as every article is of the b:st disrupt ion. oi It*r E H. LUDLOW. Auct'r. }Y R1ELL k ARCULARIU8?At Private Bale?The J Stock, Fixtures an I good will of an elegant Ladies' Saloon nd Confectionary, in one of the most eligible situations in the lower y. With a small capital and industry, this place has leared $1000 |ier auuuin. For terms, which are favorable and >w, apply at the auction room. o 4r " B 1TJ. GERARD and JNO. E. VAN ANTWARP. EXTENSIVE sale of English Lampa, Jat-pauery, Plated -a Ware, Ivory Table Cutlery, kc., kc.?Tuesday, llth Oclo er, at 9 o'clock, at No. 3ti Broadway, a very extensive and aleable ass'cm'nt ofEnglish lamps,tea trays.plated ware,cutlery lc., among which are lacquera and bronzed astral lamps, with liadesand chimneys; lacquera and bronzed one, two, time ltd four light mantle lamia, plain, and with splendid lustres; o three and four light hanging boat lamia, with various ornalents and lustres; bracket and pedestal candelabiasvof splenid patterns; bronze and lacquered canuleslicks: chimney orameiils. vases, kc. kc.; tea trars, single and in c? nplete (tti, of new and ric'li patterns; pla'ed cutlery, of all sizes; she baskets, candlesticks, tea itUi, Sic. Sir.: fine ivory table ullery, in aett* of 50 pieces, and in dozof knives only, and nives ami forks, he., he. N. B. Tlie above are a11 consignment*, lately received direct nm Birmingham and Hheltield ininalac'nreis, and will be lid pcrempiorily to the highest bidder, fir ca<h. Also, an viteustve invoice of superb English china, di init, desert and tea service, with a general assoitinent of rich incy articles. ol 8t*m CELLING OK* ?.vtlCHAEL REESE, late of the nnn of J lleese h ilills, ofTers lor sale at cost a large assortment of en, pocket, and dirk knives, seissors and razors, together with ible cutlery ol eviry dercriiition. Also, Britannia warr, tea nd coffee selti, tea and tablespoons, accordians, gold rings, ins, chains, si tor and gold levers, he., he. This stock must ositively be st d on 01 before the 1st of November next. MICHAEL KKESK, st^lin'rc 70 M nden Lane, tip stairs^ MUNI) VOCAL AM) INSTRUMENTAL <ON X CERT.?MRS. SUTTON, prima dontia liom (he princiil cities olTcaly, the Italiau company at Havana aud New Oiana, begs to anuounre a concert on Thursday next, the 13th list., a' the Apollo Concert Room, Driaowa>, on whtcn occatou she wi'l be axaisltd by the most eminent talent ill the city, udher little daughter, not yet seven years old. will ap|*ar ud sing several favorite English and Sco'ch ballads, in caeume. Further pirticulars in fntuie advrrtisi menu. c5 c > RAND SACRED CONCERT at St. Peter's Chnrch, Bar" 7 clay street, on Sunday Evening. Octobers, ICG, on which cession Rossini's Grand Coni|iosition. thu STAHAT MATEtt, rill te given, with a full and imwetful Orchestra, in which the ollosving celtbrated Artists will assi?t: VOCAL PERFORMERS. Mrs. Seguin Mrs Morley M'me Sp.ohr Zahn Hig. Antognini Mr. Seguin TMISLIS. Mrs Seguili Mrs Morley Mrs Phillips Miss Adair Miss McGloiu Miss Dobson Miss Lailor Miss Btuce ALTOS. Mad Soohr Zalin Mrs Thomas Mrs McDongal Mrs Sharpe Mhs S. Adair. TKHORI. Big Antognini MrCrowley MrH olmau Mr watson Mr Ensign Mr Sherman Mr Williams assos. Mr Seguin Mr Boalard MrH Masse tt MrMmynard Mr Rosenthal Mr Bee Mr Ksvauagh Leader Mr Pe < rson PfiiOrganist Mr Beamcs PROGRAMME. l'LRT I. 1. Concerto?Organ Mr Beimer Rink 2. Stahat Mater (?7" Tickets 50 cents each?to be had at the residence of the .'ery Rev. Br. Power, No. 15 Barclay street : at Mr. Pardow's, 4o. ft) Ma'den Lane . at Mr. Frndi's, No. I Hanover street ; at_ nr. Milhan'f, 181 Broadway, and at the doors on rue evening 01 he Conn rt. Doors open at 7 o'clock. The Concert will commence preiaely at 8 o'clock. _ o3lQ9 r VyfK DEMPSTER'S < OM KllT AT lUTtiEK'S INVigTITUTE.-MR. DEMPSTER has the honor to anlounee that he will give a Concert at Rutger's Institute on ""ricay evening next, 7th October, when he will unit hi. mo?t opul*r piecn. including?"Lament of the Iriah Emigrint" icw .onit?'"The De.ith ot Warren," "Lonely Atilil Wife," 'ra with you once anain : John A iderson my Jo ; My Nanlie, O, It . Itc. I'articulati of which wi 1 be announced in mall mils. Ticket. 50 cents, to be had at the Stores, Measn. Bto lart, Worceacer St Dunham'a Piano forte ware rooma, Broadaav.andatthe door in the *Teniuit, Dnora open at aereu, to commence at half-| aat .even o'clock. oj Jtr ^fcCOND QRAND VOCAL CONCFRT.?The Rainera ' have the honor to announce to ihrir frienda and the public n general, that their aecond Orand Vocal Concert will take lace at the New York Society Library on Wedneaday Evelint, Oct. 5. 1812, at 8 o'clock. Ticket! 50 centa, to be had at the niual placea, and at the loot. Kor particulars aee amall bi la. ot 2t* [TALIAN MUBIC-MltrMANNING, (twenlv yeara re L .identin Naples?Pupil of Pacini and Cre.centiuiJ gives intruction. on terms to suit the times, in Italian, French and ''nglish Singing, and in the inn.t fashionable style of Piano one playing. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the following gentlemen I. M. Wai.iwright, D. D. ; Mcs.ra. Howland k. Aapinwall ; J. i". Schroder, D. D. ; Mr. J. T. Biigham ; F. L. Hawkea, D. D; At 9 Ward Mr. M. resides nt 230X Hudson street, near Spring at. o I lm*r MILLIARDS ?Otis Field rea|iectfully invites the lovers o ) this amusement, to c.ll at Basafnrd's Rooms, nr?-r the Cli l.n Eating Home, 119 Fulton, and I % Ann street, where a hoice may be had of eight tables?either Slate, Marble, Iron, r Mahogany, with India Rubber, Cloth or Com|ioaitinn Cash ins, in combination with all the late European improvements ri.itors will find the bar, either Washiiigtoniaii. or otherwise, . may suit their fane .29 Imis+ec 3ACES?UNION COURSE, L. I-JOCKEY CLUB.v The following ar? the entries for this dnv, Oct. 5? t'ursc 300?$100 to second btst horse. Three mile lieatf. Kirst mu at 1 o'clock precisely Mai Wm. Junes en ere h h Treaanrer, bv imp. Roman, dam lore, 6 yean old. Samuel Laird enteri br h Mariner, by Bh.rk, dam Bonne ta oI line, by yean old. Second RaceMile Heau?Parte SVl?Sin entrance,which i to be added, _ _ Charlca 8. Llovd enten cli b Redgauntlet, by imp. Trnatee, am imp. Vaga, 4 ye tra old. ... ... 11. A. Colorer entera a h Miracle, by Henry, dam Lady T. Porter enlen br in. Prima Donna, by imp. Triam, dam Lv y Rowland, 4 ye art old. "i c "xENTRF.VILLE TROTTING COURSE, L. I.- 'A J Sweepstakes will come off orer the above Conrae To moriw, Oct Jth. at 3 o'clock, mile hiala, heat 3 in 5, under the ddle. Entnea?C. Carll b m Betsy Baker. H. Woodruff g g >hn Anderson. O. Spierr's g g Abelard. Alao a aUke on the h of October, at the tame hour. Two Mile Heata, in harneaa. twren Cayujra I liief and Dutehaaa. Admiaaiou to any part the Couiae for to-m"rrow, fifty c> nta. r\ 2t*r ? At EH?i N (IN COl'RHE.-The cars of the Long k Railroad Cnmiany, will rnn te the Conrae on Tn-aday. fejueaflav, and Tha'adav neat, th? 4ih, Sth, and kth October, aringihe routh Kerry, Brooklyn, at ?H, II, and It A. M . id return in Brooklyn, when the racea a-e orer?fare S.I cent'. New York. Oct. 3d. lilt. o*3t*r r?0 Country MKRcHaNTs-The autMeriOer W' Mld I call the attention of all who are in want of Looking Ql:si id Picture Frames, to his extenaive stock, which forrinalit) id workmananip he flatten himaelf cannot be excelled by any i inufaclnrer in ihixeitg. The trade in general would do well call before purchasing rlaewhere. _ N. B.?Conalantly on hand, a good aaaortment ef Nancy rood* of every deaenption. _ ? I , HORACE V. j No. 31 Ann street and 44 Hammarelav at. New Yoik. | ol 8 II AMUSKMEN TS. HBUI I UAHOEN. THIS KVEN1NO On. j. ANOTHER STKONO ATTRACTION, EIGHTH MIGHT Of the Krtivil, with rullrrly tlrw art-firry . inachtatry, drnw and decerat font. of the |x>|>?lar awl awittm Comic fan to mi rin . called tha OMEN MONSTER' In which will ani ear OA URIEL RAVEL. Aud (lit whole Al thr lalmird R AVEL FAMILY, and Company now W in number. THIS EVENINU, Oct. J, tin- Euterteiamenta will commt ucr with AS OVERTURE After winch rlrranl and darinc FEATS ON THE TIGHT By tile Ravel Family and Chailra Windier. After which Cacliucha Miaa VTella La Savoyard, by M. Fcrlnand Mile Oetroavillr ro be followetl by the moat jrorgeowi Pantomime aver pw ducrd in Ameiica, celled THE OKEEN MONSTER: OR-THE DREAM ACCOMPLISHED I Twelve New See net. Scenery by Mr L?-hr?Machinery, by Mr Hilclnnea. [Retribution of the Pantomime Tlie Orern Monatrr, Mona Carlo Chief of the Sorcerera, Danverene The White Oculi, Mr W?n lirand Prirat, Mono Etreqne Chevalier Mimiur, Jerorne Ravel The White Kuiitlit, Antoine Havtl Chevalier Maroc, Krancoia R^vcl Chevalier Le Orand, Leon Javeffi Harlrouin, Or bevel Revel Koealie, Mile Doutrevilla Ocrtrude, M'mc Antoine To be followed by A MUSICAL RECREATION After wliioh. THE BEDOUIN ARABS. The whole to conclude with a ORAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. The Oarden npetu at half-pait ait?Prrfotmiucaa commence hatf-paat act en. I'lcketa?M renta CHATHAM THKATHK. Pit cen.a. Upper Tier 25 rents. First Tier 59 cents. THIS EVENING, Oct. 5th, will if pertormad KKEDOLFO, or the Wmrd of the Mnunt&m. Madame Lecuinplr ill a Orainl I'aa Sml, El Jalco de Xrrtl, ami La Cracovienne. To be succeeded by the farce of HIS LAST LEGS. To routine w th After which ALADDIN. AI'ddiu. Mn.-Thorne. [T7~ Doors will open at 7?Cnriain will riae al'jnarttt bnfoc I o'clock precisely. Boa Office open daily from 9 to 5, where Tickets may b purchased and idacea secured. E PAKK TrtKA'fltK. MR. AND MRS. BKOUOHAM. THIS EVENING. October 5th. will be performed THE RIVALS. Sir Luciua Mr Broafbam To conelndc with TEDDY THE TILER Teddy Mr B rone ham Firat Tier 75 centa; 2d Tier 50 crnla; Pit 37>f cent*; Oallery IK centa. Doora open at > to 7 o'clock and the performance will tommence at a ><i paat 7. [The Bowery Bill ia poldi>hed in the Herald, on account of >ur rosard lor Celralc. When her engagement cloaea, It will iKiin be deluded from our coluinua.] BOWERY THEATRE. No Bill receded. JIITf HELb'8 OLYMPIC THEATRIC. 4H Broadway. New York. THIS EVENING, Oct. 5th, the entertainments will cnminencr with THE HUMPBACKED LOVER. Geo. Rattletoo, J. M. Field. To be followed by a new Burletta called JUPITER JEALOUS. I lion Mra. Timm. After which, PARSON'S NOSE. Conclude with BUT HOWEVER. C17" The Doora will be npeued at 7, and .the perlormaacM commence at "half-past 7, every eveuiug. aMKKICAIY flllHEl'll, UARUBN AID OALLERY OP FINK ARTS. pORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN STKEK c opposite St. Paul's Church. P. T. BARNUM. MANAGER. Best Attraction* in New York !!?Change of Noveltiet. DAY VISITORS ADMITTED SAME EVENING FREE The Manager liu, at enormous expense cntcaittd the celrbim teil anil wonderful Sir. NKLLIS, BORN WITHOUT ARMS. Who by his untiring peneveraiice has acquired the power of using hie feet end toe?, with as much facility as other people can use their lingers anil hands. For detail of all his wonderful, extraordinary and i leasing performances, ace bills of I lie day.? The manager has also ill accordance wrilli universal desire, reengaged Signer Vivaldi's GRAND MECHANICAL FIGURES. consisting of Eleven Automaton Performers, whicn represent all Ihe actions aud movements of human life with a fidelity jieifectly incredible. They have lately arrived from Europe, and are the admiratiou of all beholders. For the accommodation of ladies anil children, these figures will commence the perfirrmances. La Petite Celeste, the admired dansruae; Miae Hood, the ixipular vocalist, and Mr. Collins, the celebra ed comic singer are engaged?Model of Swilr-erlaud?NatecaiBridge in Virginia?Albino Lady?Kancv Glass Blowine?tiw, Myattrious Gipav Girl?Balloon Ascensions?a Uen ol I iving Snakes?500.00(1 Curiosities. Two performances every day and evening this week, com ini licit g ct 4 and 1% o'clock, P. M. The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Garden and enter tainmenls. twenty-fit e cents?( hildreu half piice. id NEW YORK MIISEUM AND PlCniRlT OALLERY, Broadway, opposite the Park. POWERFUL UNPRECEDENTED EXTRAORDI NARY AND ASTONISHING SUCCESS OF THE NEW YORK MUSEUM AND PICTURE GALLERY. Seven Performers to be seen for on* ahlillnsr. Mr. H.BENNETT Manager, p RATKFUL R>r the uniwralleliyl jmuomcc he hea eiptvT rienccd, will evince lua sense ot it by i resenting the public with the most power ul array of talent that can be procured, regtrdleaa of expense. He confidently relies on receiving that reward from an enlightened community whieh his endeavors m please them entitle liitn to. Mr. Harrington, the magician, Mtaa Rosalie the vnealist. Mr. Delame the mimic. Mr. Kneap, the singer, Mr. Beiinie the dancer, Mra. Bennie the ilanartuc, and Master Young,the wire balancer, wi I anpear. A peifo.manie every >veiiiug at 7M "'clock, and on Wed ursday and Satu day at 3 P M. Admittance to the whole Museum, Picture Gallery, and entertainment*, one ahillinf. Fiucy Glaas Blowing. aS4 !? sIGNOH DftBj?6WI?* a baud VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. SIGNOR DE" BEGNIS, Bed ;eipe:tfully to aanotinct to hit friends and the public, that he will gift a Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert, ON THURSDAY EVENING. OCT. Uh, AT THE APOLLO CONCERT ROOM, Newly paiu'ed and decorated. For which occasion ne has enraged a numerous and wall selected ORCHESTRA And a vaiiety of Vocal and Instrumental Pieces will t>? performed by the foil twins Eminent Atlists : vocal.. MADAME 8EGUIN, MRS. BAILEY, tlSD MADAME MECOVINO MALONE. Who will make herhrat appearance in New York ; MR. E. SEGUIN, MR. PLUME1I, And blUNOR DE BEGNIS. ot.o raaroHMaaa. MR. TIMM. HEHR APPELLEB Piantforte Solo Clariouatio Solo. SIGNOR RIBAS, Oboe Solo. W. PENSON, MR. TIMM, Leader ol the Band, who will ixaaida at the Piano. 4 First Part. Grand Oeerture?From the celebrated Opera of Oberon, |>erforrmd by a numerous Orchestra, Weber Recitative and Air?Mr. E. Seguin. Friend of the Brace?First time in New York Caleolt Aria?Madame Seguin.?D Braccio mio eonqaiae Nicolrai Grand Solo P Forte?Rondo Brillante. Pimm. with accompaniment of full orchestra Hnremrl Song?Mrs. Bailey?Rnek'd in the cradle of the deer Knight Grand Duet:o?Madame Mecovino Malone and Mr. Seguin?Bella Imnisgn degli Dei?Fntm ths grand o|?era Roraini French Rondo?I'aide 1'argent?Signor De Begnis?by desire DtBegnis Grand I'ot Ponrri?For Clarronetie?by HerrApellta. with full band accompaniment, first time in public ; Apclles Duetto Bsffc?Madame Seguin and Sigrnor De Begnit?lo di tutlo mi comeuta?from the celebrated Opera Buffa Li' Pretenpenli Pelnai-.. Moeca Giand Seatetto?Sola aola it. Bujo loco?Irom the grand npeia of I) >n Giovanni Mogart Madame Seguin, Mra. Haley, Mdme Meenvino, Mr. Seguin, and Mr Pi timer. Signor De Beguis with accompaniment of a grand orchestra Seconrl Part. Grand Otenure to /.am|a?Grand Orclieatra- Harold The relebraird Teitelto ol the Three Ladies? La faccio un imhinc?from II Slatrimonio 8acrvtoof ; / Ciianrosk M'me Seguin, Mrs. B?iley, and M'ma Meeotino Malone, first time in this country Grand Duetto?Irom I Puntani?II rival sal tar tn ilri?Signur De B> gnis ami Mr Seguin Bellini The I eleoratril Uuaitelto, Irom the grand Orato rio Mose iu E^mo? Miraaiica la voce RoMiai Madame Seituiri, Mrs. Bailey, Mr. Dinner and Mr. Setuin. Or,mil Fantasia, for the llautboie?Signer Kibaa, witli full band Rlbaa Orand Duello, fiom Norma?Take ihem I implore thee Bellini M'ine Segiini and Mra. Bailey, withaccompenimeul of lull orrheatra. The Favorite Tare retro Buffo, Pappaitaci '. Che II ai aento ! from ibe celebrated opera L' italiain in Algieii Hoteim Signori D e Beunia. Seguin, and Plnmer. Iriah Bona, Kathleen Maeonnieen?Mhne Meeoimo?lirat time in iliia country Crouch Recitative,Orand Hceiiftand Finale?Signori perdonalemi, k<\? La tua torcia acceudi Imene, &e,?|i fanalieo|? r la Muaica Weigl S'Knor De B 'tenia, in thia arena, will repreaent the Fanatico rehtarting ? Concertanle vocal piece with all hia family, with accomitaniment of full'orcheatra. Madame Hegnm. Mra. Bailey, M'me Mecovino Malone, Mr. Seguin, Mr. F'lumer, and Stgpor De Brgnia. Ticket to admit one peraon $1 no Family ticket to admit four peraona 3 #0 Family ticket to admit ait peraona I* Childrena' lieket . * To be had at Signor De Begnia' rcaideuce, 113 Hudaoo atreet, and at i he principal Muaic Storej. ,. N. B. No family ticketa to he >old at the door of the room. Door a open at 7 o'clock. Conceit to commence at t P S. $Tie gentlemen who are to play al the nor De Begmn on Thnrnlay. ?Uf Oct. *]u***' rehearsal on Wednesday, Jlfi, at the Apollo Rooms.i^Mf^o INST RU M ENTaL MTSTr A3 SOGIAI TON?Oa alle 1 men disposed to unite iii the formation of a aeciety for in.miction erd improvement m mat,omental mnaic, und-r the style of anuftie will he < lections from operav. wall*, a, national ira kc Th' eocieiy will organiae a? toon aa a mfncient num.' he r of aebftC kere >rr ohtiitwd. ^ ol |W*WI I ill Ml F"KTES TO HIKE?O. OOSONK. MN I 3ro,<:? i i ,' >M Walker and Ltapenard atreaU, keejw a I,,,., ? .r-inent Piano Fortea to hire, from three to elgh ,i, * n ? |, i til. t'..., F(.e< 11- ii kliiaic of the latest Opera* of I fair. Su. A. Bugiolt1) method of aing>ng. Solfeggi's for owe an wo votcea. H'imiD Stringi torllarpa, Violiua, Onitan, SC. All kinds of Musical Inatrunieiit* repaired. ?M eod lm*r " pDTCTOITSlf kemalE FUXbT IIfl*.. *?. far-fame I end celebrated Pills, from fonayai.aau r^X'-tlr'^-'- w'

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