Newspaper of The New York Herald, 6 Ekim 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 6 Ekim 1842 Page 1
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Ttt xx. Vol. VIII.?>0.976 ? Whole Ho. 3147. PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS" THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORKIT AVE prepared a Dumber of " Pliritt Mtlifliw 1 each containing ?n appropriate quantity of.the new prencn Medicine. tor the cure of a jwcufiar claaa of diajaaw.whieli hare unfortunately in loo many inaUnCea fallen under the treatmeutof ignorant nuaclu, in co ?ac<iueiice ol the citremeatlicacy which iratienu thu. atttieud exuibit in applying lor medical advice froin respectable physicians. lu the mode now Mt plained, however.?afe and effectual treafraeiil will he gained by such patient* without the neceaeity of making any disclosure or their ca.e. The "Medicine Cheat* contains such a qnaeiuty of appropriate medicioe aa i* guaranteed to effect a peileet cure, and ample direction, in a plain aud familiar style accompany each cheat. The remeSea are applicable to all form, ol the diseaae. The Cheats, coutainiiuc remedies for syphilitic diseases are .old for $i each?the che.U with remediea for .onuirlioea aud gleet $3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent ol the Collage. w 9 RICHARD80N Aj.?f Principal Office of the College V7 Nassau afreet. N. B.?Caaea forwarded to nil parts of the Uuioo, tne Canada! and Weal Indie*. , . Peraona iiurcliaatng the Cheats can,by addressing tne College, gratuitously obtaiu whatever additional advice they may de..rr during the progress ol tneir case. ?i? im ? READ THE FOLLOWING CERTIFICATE FROM THE REV. ;M R . HAWLEY. New Yoke, Sept. 5, 1BI2. glntleme* About two years ago, I furnished you wirti a certificate reape. nrig trie virtues of yonr Iloirhound Candy, and the benefits I had experienced lour it while performing the duties of my calling. I deem it right an t proper that at this time I should renew my opinions in its favor, because recent use has increasi il my knowledge of its ralne. At the ramp meeting held at Sing Sing, commencing on the 2-ih of Angust last, and endiiut on the 2d September, 1 emrrted myself much in the cause of my Master, and conseoneully my voice became hoarse and incapable of its usual force. I had two rngagrmruit the eusuinr Sabbath to preach, and fonud it necessary if I expected to fulfill them,to take some remedy to reuovate my voice and soothe my lungs- On Saturday, bring supplied with a package of your candy, ila use enabled me to preach at I engaged without the least hoarse nsasorpain. , I consider your candy a necasaary article for every clergyman to keep in hia po ssession, at the nse of it keeps the voice clear in its tones, aud free from that huakinesa and tickling of the throat, which so often mars the delivery of the preacher. For all complaints of the lungs it is invaluable, its my previous certilica'.e mentioned ; aud . I feel confident that its early use would save many from the grave who finally fall victims to consumption. Yours truly. W. C. HAWLEY, 70 Crosby stieet. Chaplain at the City Hospital. Messrs. J. Tease & Sou, 45 Division street. Agents?110 Broadway and 06 William street. THE UNDERSIGNED have used J. Pease & Sou's Compound Estract of Hoarhound Candy, and freely recommend it to thnae afflicted with Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, and Consumptive complaints, as an excellent remedy in these cases, and fir the uie of the voics professionally, nothing ca- eiiual it. We recommend it to our brethrin throughout the Union. Reverend J. Ltudscy, rcc< ut pastor of M. E. Church, Second street. Reverend J. Cramford, pastor of the second M. E. Church, Hudson. Reverend Mr. Lucky, presiding elder, New York Conference. Reverend Mr. Whitiker, pastor of Presbyterian Church, corner Madison and Cathenne. Reverend .Mr. Giffen, pastor of M. E. Church, Bedford St. Reverend Mr. Hirt, recent pastor of Baptist Church, Gold street. Reverend Mr. Gibbs, 111 Third Avenue. Trverend Mr. Berry, pastor of Wesleyan Methodist Chu rch, coruer Grand and Clinton sts. Reverend Mr. Lyons, pis tor of the Cerman Mission Church. Elder Knaup, and llrv. Mr. Maffitt. One would think lh> above recommendations were sufficient to sell a ton of Pease's Hoarhouud Candy a day, in this city alone, when the proprietors can obtain certificates from ministersofthe Uoipel men of such unblemished reputation, that whoso would not believe them ueith r would he believe though one should rise from the dead. The virtues of Pease's Hoirnound Candy, then, rasy be considered proved, as far as anything can be proved, bv human testimony. P. B All letters twit paid, directed to J. ['EASE St SON, IS Division street, will he punctually attended to. *e* Country merchantman obtain Pease's Hoarhonnd Candy, at the manufacturers' lowest prices, by sending an order to any merchant in the city with wham they hive dealings. J. PEASE h SON, 45 Division st. Agents' n the City?Ruihtou A Aspinwall, 10 Avtor House, 110 Broadway, and 0G William street ; Elton, 08 Nassau at ; Kieated, 529 Broadway ; Brig ham, cor. Houston and Avenue D \ Hart, cor. Norfolk and Uiand at ; Bateson, cor. Park Row and Ann at ; Cotton, 269 Bleecker at ; Mirtine.cor. Slat street and Ninth Avenue; Paitor. 165 Greenwich st ; D iggs, 681 Broadway ; Kerr, 748 Broidway; Moss, 506 and 508 Grand at. Agents in the Country ? Zieber, 87 Dock street. co.. Third, Philadelphia ; Redding, 8 State at. Button ; Weed It Waters, Troy ; Batter,57 State ?\ Albany ; Hobiusou. Ill Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md; Hil-'eman, Louisville. Ky ; Watson, Memphis, Tenn ; and Ha>s, 139 Pulton st, Brooklyn. o5tmr DR. SOLOMON HEINE TXTOULD inform his patients and the public, the he still adV* heres to his original proposition, to receive no money either for medicine or attendance until lha patient is satiafled with his improvement, and would inform them that he has remoted from 411 Broadway to No. 57 Reade street, opposite the Marshall Hoaae, where he solicits the attendance cn the snore mentioned renditions, of all who hare suffered fur a long time under diseases considered by them iiuurnlrle. SOLOMON HEINE, M. D. For the advantage of all who wish to attend the treatment of Dr. Solomon Hejpe, I would ( state that the dnlyj Doctor neiue wno nu ever uvea in, or uau tus uuilc iu uiununay, the one now residing at 57 Keade street, opposite the Marshall House. , . . This Physician came to this country about eight yean since. 1 have had the pleasure of knowing him ainoe that time, and of witnessing many surprising cares performed bv him?he is above the age of 55 yean, and is the only one of the name who is a member of the medical institutions of the City and State of New York. 7 E. W. WKTMORK, M. D. Sworn before me, this 27.n day of of April, A. D. ltU. Hichssd Riid. Com. ol Deeds. s!6 lm?r RAFFLE, RAFFLE, RAFFLE. rpO BE RAFFLED for positively on the first of NovcmJ tier uext, two splenpid bloc cloth gentlemen's Spanish Circular Cloaks, with capes, handsomely made up with a velvet collar and facing!, capes, lined with silks, and complete in every other respect. Tickets $3 each. As tho raffle will tiosilivelv take place on the above named eve. Tickets must lepsid for, whe.herone or more, when the numbers are taken. As a number of Tickets aie already sold, gentlemen wishing a chance would do well to apply early?as such a chance setdam offers?lh- highest and lowtst numbers are to have a cloak each. For ftirther particulars, apply at No. 1 Murray street, corner Broadway, where the cloaks are to be seen. o5 tNovl*r IMPROVEMENT IN DENTISTRY. A LL new aystems have to undergo the ordeal of public A aciutiuy, and happy should we be if they came out,iu the proportion of one-tenth to the whole, stamped with the seal of approbation. The new feature in iht science of Dentistry was discovered bv Dt J. F. C auldwell, of Virmuia, and is successfully practised bv Ueo. W. Humphreys, his pupil, who has lakrn rooms at 231 Broadwav, uextdoor the American Hotel, where lie will be happy to give practical demonstrations of his skill in this novel and iain-?a?iug process of citracting teeth, which has csused persons ot nervous temperament to bear the torments of toothache, dreading the jaw-bre iking system, so long in Totuo. All dental op-rations perfo rued by liiin ire warranted. Teeth inserted with inch perfrctness, as to deceive the most scrutinising, o! their falsity. Teeth plugged, cleaned, ane filled, on the most approved plan, having S|ieut many years in acquiring a thorough knowledge of the art, together with an extensive practice in the Southern tttatea, he otters his services to the public with confidence. May be consulted at all hours of the day. ot Im is*c SELF PROTECTORS. tT?0 TRAVELLERS AND HOUSEKEEPERS.?Patent A Sell-Cocking Repeating Fistula, which can ba discharged ix times in a f? w seconds. Tha pistol cocka, the barrel re volvea, and discharges merely by pulling the tugger: the chamber ana parrel is in oue piece, and therefore cannot mow apart like some repeating pistols. The construction is very simple? they can be drawn from the pocket and used wicn om hand without the lots of a moment; six shots can be fired as fast as a man can crook his finger. They are no larger man an oidina ly pocket piau.i. For travellers, house keepers, captains, planters, 1 malic officers, Slid oriiers, they are an indispensable article, ? peiaous both male ami female, can with this piatol, protect their lives and property, if attacked by many persons, aa one oi inrm is equal lo near a doxen of the common kind. The public are invited lo call and examine l*e same, as their simplicity, being warranted not to get out of order, and iheir perfect aalely, will certainly recommend them over ali others Wholesale sua retail. J. O. BOLEN, lot firoaawav. ali lmis*r between w .11 and Piue streets PARTSS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. T1HIIN k en ll?k Willi.rn atrerl r.irm.rlv limit I gim.lire D J* Co.?will open in * lew days, twenty twi Pirii Artifi cial Flowers, Faathers, lie., now landing from last arrivals.? This establishment is recieving from their house in Pahs by trrry Havre packet, the newest styles of flowers and feithen, aa they appear in that centre of fashion. This arrangement enables them to have constantly on hand a moat fashionable assortment ot the abere articles Dealing by far more largely in this line thau any other establishment in the city, they can afford to sell at the very lowest rates and on the moat reasonable terms. Wholesale ware.ooms ep stain. Also, constant! , on hand, every kind of materials for flower manufacturers. ,3 im*c is daguerreotype: TO THE PHOTOURAPHW ARTISTS P A. ARNAULT k CO.. IMK Fulton street, opposite Rt. T . 1'aal ft.hurch, retiiectfnllr inform their friends and the public, that they have just received by packet ship Atgo, an invoice of 1000 Daguerreotype French Plates A new supply of the best and newest patterns apparatus 100 oances rromine 50 ounces cromtnr of iodine 50 pounds hvdro-nlphste of sods 50 grammes of chloride of gold 100 pounds of tripnli of veinse 50 ounrrs chloride of iouiue And the new book eontajnmg the latest improvements in the Deguerreotype. nfi lrn?r ? OYSTERS. /CITIZENS of the 7th and 10th Wauls, are you lovers of fine Oysters I If you are, we would tike areat nleisure in recommending TOO to ea|) upon our Iriend Sir. Thomas W. Watson, at No. 98 Division slrret, (known as the Washington Oyster House), where you will .Iways find the finest Shrewsbury Oysters that the msiket affords, as Well ss every Other species ot'Oyster of most deliuioui flavor, together with every delicacy of the season, His B r a'so is 'nrnished with Liquor* of the finest quality, hiring the a direct from the importer, end his severs are inferior to none sold in .my other pnbhc place of entertainment. Mr Watson, moreover, bia for many years been favorably knowu down town aa a first rate caterer in his line of business, and lias alwaya been most assiduous iu his endeavors to please his fro mis and tin- puhl c ?n all occasions, whenever they have honored him with ihvir pifonage, Thta we sre rs rain will be sumricnt to iecommet.d the wor thy proprietor of the Washington OyaUi H use to the attention of Iris np-town friends, who rvi I still fin i him as hrypy as evrr to serve them with refreshments at all hours, at cheap and goosl SS can be obtained at any other establishment in the city. ot 3t? r VELVETS?Super jet black and blufc black Lyon* Silk Vtlveti for merchant tailor*, just received, sod for sale by O. VAULT, 48 Cedar st. up stain. %'H lm*rc E NE NE' MEDICINES. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. established for the SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, LJ A8 met with the most unprecedented success since its com 11 uiciicemrut, particularly I rum the tmfurtimaU- victims ol unprincipled nieteuJers, who are uow daily gaining strength and vigor under the judicious treatment of the College. The following pre|>aruiious have already obtained a cetebricy uuparaletled in the annals of medicine. EXTRACT OF BARSAPARILLA. This article has been prepared at great expense, according to the new process of the Parisian pharmaceutists, and is confidently denominated the only really valuable preparation of Sarsaparilla now oltared lur sale in this country. Together with the active principle of the Smtlax ojficivalie?the best species ot the root?the College have incorporated that peculiar modification of sugar, which has been termed glycunhizin. In tho "Extracts" of the nas tnim-venders and Certaiu druggists, the common extract ol liquorice is the chief ingredient, ana can readily be da tected. But it is proper to state that in most cases this extract ol liquorice is adulterated, and contains copper de rived from tha nans in w hich the decoction of the ruot is evaporated. Tne College wish thus particularly to guard the public ngahist the pernicious tendency of mixtures, containing large quantities ol this poisoned liquorice. The " instruct?' prejiered by the College, contains also an appropriate quantity of the peculiar cry stallizable principle, obtained from that valuable vegetable bitter, Gentian, |>o called from (icutiui, King of Illy ria, who lirst dir.ravered ita great virtues.) A small portion of the active constituents ol the Laurue Sassafras, another vegetable, whose efficacy as an alterative and purifier of the blood is well known, has likewise been atfdod. These several articles have been incorporated, aind their peculiar principles compounded in a highly concentrated form, and the result has been the production of a vegetable alterative and tonic, unequalled for power and etficacy. The College merely add the following extract from the edition just published of Brande's "Practical Dictionary of the Materia Medica " This article has been prescribed in chronic rheumatism?in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent ulcers?in glandular afiections?in diseases of the bones, attended by dull aching pains, tumors and nodes?wasting of the flesh?and rf has proved a valuable remedy, and has sometimes effected a cure where other alteratives have been long administered in vain, and when the diseased state of the system has 'teen of many years duration. In the after treatment ot syphilis, and in caves where mercury has injuriously affected the system, it possesses powers not hitherto observed in any other article of the Materia Medica." Sold in sixole Bottles, at 7S cents each. " Ik Cases ok halk-a*dozkn Bottles, $3 fto. " " " osi: nozEK " 6 00. Cases forwarded to all parts ?f the Union. N. B?Ji very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. THE UNRIVALLTED TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure for all forms of dyspepsia, low spirits, loss o( appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptious, general debility, pre lis|Misition to consumption, and all comidaiuU arising from a disarrangement of the ncrvious system. It nsav ho also used with great success in cases of fever and aitue, and as a preventative Is yellow -fever. Mold in bottles at $1 and ti each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure ol rheumatic pains, colic, bruises, sprains, spinal disease, nervous headache, pains in the joints, and immediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 75 oil each. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the cure of all cases of a delicate disease, or for pains in the bones, eruptions, sore throat, or auy other distressing symptoms, produced by an iujudicious use of mercury, ?r by quackery. Sold in bottles at SI and $2 each. THE AMERICAN ANT1BILOUS CATHARTIC PILL, Forthe cure of all derangements of the liver, purifying thi blood, esciting the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, and giving new vigor to the vital powers. This medicine is entirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum venders. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to the female ses, and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female organs, with lull directions and cautions as louse, and sold in botes at $1, 50 cents, and 25 cents each. SIR A8TLEY COOPER'S PILL. For'he cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic rheuma tism, and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ure gonorrhoea, gleet, and all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Sold in bottles at 50 cents aud #1 each. The above preparations may also be had of the followiug sub-agents in this city:? J. W. Basset, 644 Jroadway. Or. E. M. OuJon. 1*7 Bowery. Dr. Hingis? Hudson street. Elias L.Thrall, 548 Orand street. VYm. Armstropg, 184 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, _ot W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent PARR'STdFE PILLSTHE immense increase of the sale of these Pills for ihe short ? umc mey tine uecu inirouucce iuui uin couiury, ii truly astonishing. anil a convincing proof of the conquering power of this fine herbal medicine in remedying disease. At this season of the year, when the system is relaxed by the heat of summer, a coarse of this invaluable medicine will clear off the sour and bad humors which heat invariably gen-ratra. The liver, which generally gets sluggish, will be put into healthy action, and thus be able to perform the liiiictious all itted to it, the body altogether will be reiuvigor Jte i, and prepared to undergo whatever change the winter may bring on. In bilious cornplaiuts. heavy colds and inflammations, they afford a speedy relief, and to the fema'e constitutions they are particularly applicable, as many who have tried tl-.ein can certify. In fact, every one who has used Parr's Life Pills seem to be instilled with new life, for their fine, tonic properties invariably restore the stomach to a healthy longing for food, sound sleep, and all the concomitant! attendant on good health. The extent to which they sro used in Europe, among ell classes of society, is beyond conception, for more than 30 000 boxes are there sold weekly, showing thst all who use litem appreciate tin ir worth. They are sold exclusively by the following agents, viz:? Rushtou Ik Aspiuwall, druggists and chemists, 86 William at. 110 Broadway and 10 Astor House. Abrahtm Bauds Ik Co.dnixgis's and chemists,granite buildings, 271 Broadway, corner of Chamber at. P. D'ckir. 413 Broadway, corner of Lispenard at. John B Dodd. druggist, Broadway,corner Bl eckerst. A. W. Bideas, Bowery M-'dicine Store, 260 Bowery. John C. Hirt, druggist, 348 Grand corner Norfolk st, Byrnes' Medicine Store, 63 Bowery, eornerof Walker at. A. B. Triplet, corner Fulton and Water st. Horace Everett,, 367 Greenwich st., next the corner of Franklin st. J. It J. Coddington, apothecaries, 227 Hadu n stecet, eornerof Spring st. E. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, 243 Blceckec St., corner ot Junes ?t. J. Wrndover, druggist and apolheary, 141 Eighth avenue. Brooklyn?Win. Aoiislroug, seed, drug and patent medicine warehouse. 11M>|J Fulton st. And wholesale, at proprietors' office, T. ROBERTS It CO.. Clarendon House, corner of Duane street and Broadway. 03 lro*r SEBRTNG'S restorative cordial. KTO. 476 Broadway,N.Y.?This Cordial having obtained a just Cv celebri ty on account of the many cures it has performed, in esses to which it is adaMed, the public is respectfully informed that it relieves Dyspepsia and other disorders of the stomach. It is peculiarly adapted to remove those complaints, not by constantly physicing, but by strengthening the system. No g.eater mistake can be made than to suppose that Dyspepsia, Or any other disease arising from debility, can be ciiied by a frvouent forced action on the bowels, by purgative medicines. When this complaint exists, ;he system is already lop weak, and every additional dose lends to make it more so. The Cordial, on the contrary, acting as a tonic, strengthens the digestive nrgsns, and assists them to perform their functions as nature designed.? Hence it is found te be efficacious also in those diseases peculiar to females, which arise more frequently from weakness than from any other cause. The Cordial likewise is a certain cure for the Nervous Headache, and affords relief in almost all af fectious of the nervous system. It is an excellent preventive of costiveness and low spirits. The aged and infirm of bo h sexes, and personsof sedentary habits, prone to coaliveness. have ei perieuced great benefit from il. It speedily promotes strength in all eases of general debility, ret torn a good and he al i hy appetite, gives lone aud vigor to the whole system, and it highly beneficial at a tonic in convalesence from levers and other aente ditordert. In proof of ila rirtnea in the above complain'!, the public ia referred to the recommendttiont of emineut physicians, at well at those of respectable gentlemen woo hare derived benefit from the ute of it, tome of which are published in the circuit' accompanying each bottle. The Rratoratire Cordial it prepared and told by the proprietor at 476 Broadway, N. Y., and by respectable drugguti throughout the country. Price $1 \*r bottle, and t9 per dozen. Order* accompanied by the caah punctually executed, and forwarded according to direction! olim'ni "oculistsT DOCTOR J. FRANCIS' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. NO. in BAHCA Y STREET, within two doora of the Ailor Hrvr? flit preparation! are a perfect cuit for all inflammatory^ aac of the eye, weakness nf tight, he.. ? ~ never fail in ret ring nebulae of the lougaat standing, without anyturgical operation. CERTIFICATES. 1 certify that Jacob Valentine, a yonth of aboat fifteen years of age, waa bronchi to my home latt tall, apparently blind. Ha called on me to-day, and itatet that he haa been the patient ol Dr. J. Francis, wboae treatment hat been the meant, under Uod, ofieitoring hit tight. JAMES MIL.NOK, Rector of St. George*t Church, Beekm in it. Thit it to certify that two of my children were afflicted with diseased eyes for a length of time, one of them waa almost blind with nebulas, covering the tight. Every remedy wtt resorted to without any good effect, snil despaired of them ever being reentered. They are now perfectly icstored to tight by Dr. J. Krancia'celebratedpreparation. DANIEL 8. JONES, 466 Pearl street. I was almost blip I for twelve rears, and in five weeks, under the skilful trestme,.! of Dr. J. > rancts, my tight it now per fectTy good and strong. _ MARTHA BROWN, 177 Foriyth street. 1 certify to the above being t true statement. iKuRUE BENEDICT, Tatto of the Stanton street Cfwwnh. "**,"early blind for twe ?ty yean with a cataract in each Ye, and from the use of Dr. Francis' wonderful ri eviration foi that disease, mv eyes are now perfectly recoa t|*?i. HESTER JOHNSTON, ! Eldndpr street, era, tlie undersigned, having witnessed: he astonishing efficacy ol Dr. Francis' preparatiom lor diseases of the eye, niibeiitatuigly recommend them to the notice of the public, at valuabl remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Paator of McDougal at. Church. J?gi: "/iKF"'"1 Baptist Church. John Peck, Agent of tha Home Mission Society. I a-jn*r,j M,5r of N?nh Baptist Church. Chared ' Catholic Priest of St. Teter't ean be men at the office. Prepared and a ?a/ i * . J- IT' ' B?cl?y street. New York. . rtincial E>e< inserted, which cannot be liittiuguiahed fron. the natnral, without giving the slightest pain Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his friends and the pob'ic. that in consruuence of the increase of hit bonnets, Dr. Olrniiy, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and of the New York Medical Society, haa Joined him, and every confi denCo can be placed in hit professional skill an au Oculist. Office hoars from 9 A. til., nntil 6 P. M. iyltl lm?e HIDES AND FAT.?Five eenli per pound cash, curient money, will be given for all hides weighing 66 lbs. and under, aud four and a half cents for all over 60 lbs.: and the highest m-uketprice for sheep, calf skint, and fat, delivered at the Hide House, 228 Elizabeth street, between Prince and Houston streets, by JOHN HUNN. ol tw*r W YO W YORK. THURSDAY M( TEN DATS LATER FROM ENGLAND. ( ARRIVAL OF THE { STEAMER COLUMBIA. Depressed State of Trade,?Large Failure* t ?Heturn of the Queen from Scotland.? j The Treaty. Markets, dtc. t The Columbia steam packet reached lloston about four o'clock Tuesday morning, bringing dates to ] the 20th of September, inclusive. Among the patten- j gers is Col. Hamilton. < The Queen left Scotlund on her return on ThuraI! day, September 15th, and reached London next day. she was not Hea sink, wore a tArtan silk ilr.-w? hlua * cloak and plain white satin bonnet. 1 There is no alteration in the position of the money a market. A good deal ol caution is still used in the J discount market as to the character of the paper presented for negociation, arising Irom the failures ' amongst the corn speculators, which have apparently not yet run the whole course. There is no great demand in the cotton markets, but prices are wiihout change. A rise has taken place in the corn market. 0 The King of Hanover is getting better in health? 8 v not in behavior. p The Spanish Ministers propose a reform in the Tariff. t Portugal is to raise a large sum of money on Iter 1 revenues. S Business in India is in an awful state, and the | British Government will soon be surrounded with financial difficulties. [ The Syrian question is settled. The Porte has re- v commended that Lebanon shall be divided into two districts, and that the Maronites shall be governed v by a Christian Prince of the Sheab family, and the i Druses, by one of their own Sheikhs, to be elected f by themselves. Both these governors to be placed ^ under the control of the Turkish Pasha of Acre or y Damascus. J The news from America ol the ratification of the f treaty between that governmeut and Lord Ashbur- a ton. on the purt of England, has given considerable r impetus to speculation in the pubiic securities, and f they advanced nearly one quarter per cent on the \ general currency of Wednesday. Great satisfaction I is expressed among the mercantile interest at the f satisfactory conclusion of all pending differences.? Shipping Gazette. Treaty.?The news from America, relative to the ratification of Lord Ashburton's treaty with the United States, by the Senate, and the settlement of the American tariff, has been much commented upon in mercantile circles and by the press. By some, important and immediate benefits to trade in England are predicted from the operation of the latter measure;whdst by others the conclusion come to respecting its practical workings is not at all favorable, and it is confidently asserted that it will neither answer as a question of revenue nor as a protection to American manufactures. The adjustmentof the points ofdiffcrence upon which Lord Ashburton was empowered to negociate has been viewed with satisfaction. The effect which will be produced in France by the conclusion of the treaty with America has been a point of interest and curiosity, in discussing the merits of the question; and more especially as it relates to the article in the treaty providing for the reciprocal right of search for the suppression of the slave trade on the coast of Africa. Export of Manufactured Goods to the United States.?The whole quantity of manufactured i goods sent from this port to the United States, by all the shipping houses together, in a given period this year, does not equal the quantity sent by a single first-rate shipping-house in a similar period, but one of prosperity In this state of things, what are called transient ships get no freight, while even the , packet ships get little or none The large and splen- | did packet ship Roscius. which sailed on Thursday for New York, had considerably under JEIOO of freight; the smallest sum, indeed, with one exception, since the liners were established in 1818. Up ! to this time, the passage money received from emi. : grants enabled the ships to pay the expenses of their 1 voyages, but, the season for emigrating being nearly over, even that source of revenue is fast failing. The uncertainty which has so long prevailed on the subject of the tariff may have had the effect of diminishing shipments to the United States; but the removal of that uncertainty, by the actual passing f a tariff unfavorable to English manufactures as compared with the last, will not, it is feared, increase shipments thither. _ On the contrary, while the increase of the duties on English goods must discourage their export, the necessity of paying the duties incash on import will, it is believed by the best informed merchants, deter parties from consigning goods to the American market. Goods will, however, if they are wunted, find their wuy, directly or indirectly, into the United States. The failures during the last fortnight, at home and abroad, have been not a lew, chiefly urising from the non-success of the late extensive speculation in grain The following are the principal firms who ave found themselves unable to maintain their position, via:?T. W. Smith & Co.. E. H. Labatt, Beerbohm, Slaughter Ac Co., John Uichmond, J. V. and E. Rosselli, Henry Bakvr, Iselin & Co., Lon dan; Gustavus Heyn, Belfast; Luhienski Ac Co , Dantzic; Graham Ac Co., Hamburg; and a few of minor importance in Hull and other outports. More Riots in Manchester?One of the RroTkrs Killed.?It would appear from what is now go- I ing on in the town of Manchester, and the sur- 1 rounding districts, that the disturbances are not yet t finally settled down, tor, on Thursday morning, an i attack was made on several mills in Salford ; and in one instance, the hands were turned out by the riot- t era. The mob first collected at the works of Messrs. s Garanstang, and succeeded in stopping the hands. ' From thence they proceeded to the mill of Messrs. 1 Morris, where they found a warm reception, the ' owners having armed their workmen with picking- i sticks. The hands proved too strong for the mob, < and succeeded 111 defeating them. In the nfiray, t one ol the mob was so severely beaten that he had to t be removed t<> the Manchester Infirmary, where, in i the course of yesterday, he expired. Large mobs I assembled in the neighborhood ol Oxford road, and f attacked several factories, but after breaking the 1 windows,immediately ran off. However, informs- t tion was given at the Town-hall, and in consequence Mr. Beswick, chief superinten- t dent of police, left that place with a body of r special constables and police, and followed the v mob to Gaythorne, where he met them when about n leaving Mr. Fearnley's mill. On seeing him, a I] man, who appeared to be the leader, immediately c rallied the mob, but Beswick galloped back to '1 bring up the police force. On seeing that body, the h mob ran off in all directions. Mr. Beswick endea- f; vored to apprehend the leader, a man named Mc- I Kenna, and after a gallant chase of about twenty l< minutes, through several courts and narrow streets o he succeeded in capturing him, and he was lodged S in the New Bailey. In the course of the evening s; several other parties were taken into custody un- ^ der warrants, and were yesterday brought up be- h

fore Mr. Maude, at the Borough Court, and re- ti manded until Monday. si Fridav Nioht.?The town has been tolerably quiet to-day, but detachments of jxilice and sja-cials si have been constantly grading different districts.? ti A few more hands have gone to work, but it is sup- o pored at least 5000 weavers are still out. At Stockport, however, twenty-five mills out of thirty-two have resumed work. p Bank op Enw-and.?The Court of Directors of the Bank of England have declared a dividend of h ?3 IDs per cent on the interest and profit (or the e half year ending the 10th October next, deducting f' therefrom the 7d in the pound income tax, which F will leave the amount receivable by the proprietary at about the ?3 8s on every ?100 bank stock. The n bank appears to have suffered in the general depres- o sion of trade, the directors, to make up this rate, tl having to reduce the " r?st" ?5000, which now stands at ?2,8fi3,287. I Bank op Engund.-Quarterly average of the " weekly liabililivs and asiets of the Bank of England, from the 18th of June to the 10th day of September, 1812, both inclusive, published pursuant to ? the act 8and 4 W. IV., cap. 21. Liabilities?circulation, ?19,714,000; deposits, ?9,833,000; total,|? RK I )RNING, OCTOBER 6. 1 ?2H,5-17,0tK). Asset-?securities, ?23,159,000 ; bulion, ?9,177,0t)0; total, ?32,330,000. A failure is announced in llumhurgh, owing to . ?rn speculations, the house ol Graham Je Co. in hat city having suspended payments' There have >een bankruptcies in all the foreign cities known as jxport depots of corn. Richard Roberts, the celebratrd speculator in coton, bank, and railway shares at Manchester, has ilso failed His liabilities to the Bank of Mancheser are some ?bb,000, against which there are cerain securities, which should be worth something. The great Doncaster St. Leger, has this year been von by Lord Eglinton's b. f. Blue-bonnet. Colonel peel's Sea horse, second. Attila, the favorite, was >ut of condition, and " no where" in the race, that a_ nparlv lo**t_ Thp vuln?. tl?o o?r?b >{??,<no'"" ~~~ ' The Staffordshire iron masters had agreed to an idvance of one pound per ton on bar iron. Larok Rkwaku.?Tlie executors of the late Marlins ot Hertford otler a reward of ten thousand louuds?say forty eight thousand dollars?lor the ecovery of eighty certificates of French stock, [mounting to 82,900 I runes per annum, which are mown to have been in Ins possession, but since liu leath cannot be found. Mr. Gladstone, Vice-president ol the board of rade, shot one ot his fingers oft' while killing hares, urtridges, pheasants, Arc. The extensive cotton mills ol Lockwood and rhorntoa, at Sallord, near Manchester, were totaly destroyed by fire on the 17th ult. Theatrical. Miss Adelaide Kemble has repeated Amina in the ' Sonnamhula," anil Susannah, in the " Marriage tf Figaro." Her |>owers, though not |*?rfectly retored, are still equal to the labors of these charming vorks, in which she continues to hold her high suretnacv among our native vocalists The Haymurket has announced its oft iiostponed lew comedy for Mondaj (yesterday), under the tile ol "Alma Mater; or a Cure for Coquettes." It i in three acts, and Mr. Bourcicault is the author. The uuthor ol the successful new play of " Love's sacrifice," at Covent Gurden Theatre, is Mr. Loell, who married Miss Lacy, formerly an actress on he Loudon boards. Mr. Bohrer, the celebrated violincellist, arrived in ^ondon on Sunday, from Hamburg. Ilia stay in ..ondon will only be for a few days, as he is on his vay to visit the United States,Havuni, and Mexico m a professional tour. Covent Garden ojiened on the 10th September, vith the everlasting " Nornu," Adelaide Keinble lerforming the singing priestess. Of course, "Casta )iva" was encored. The opera was followed by a tew piece from the pen of Douglas Jerroltl, entited Gertrude's Cherries." It is founded on a .Vaterloo subiect, is half comic and half sentimenal, and was altogether successful. On the Monday, i piece of higher pretensions was brought forward, lamelv, a five act play of Mr. Lovell, author of ' the Provost of Bruges," entitled " Love's Sacriice. or the Rival Merchants." It was most favor ibly received. Vandenhoff and Miss Vandenhoff layed the two principal parts, and gave much satisaciion. Drury Lane opens on the 1st of October, vith "As You Like It. Mrs. Nasbitt has to be the tosaiind. Madame Vestris has enlisted under Hacready's banners. The old opera of King Arthur, vith Pureed'# fine music, is amoug the forthcoming lovelties. Mrs. Kean (late Ellen Tree) wns unexpectedly irevented apj>earing at the Brighton Theatre. She vas taken suddenly ill, and confined of a still-born thild The on dits respecting Adelaide Kemble are, that ihe positively retires from die stage before Christnas?that her husband Sartorius, is an English ' Mr." and not a Spanish Count?and, that she imokes cigars. Spohn'sgrand new Oratorio of" The Fall of Bajylon," was to be produced for the first time, at the Norwich Festival. Spolin was to have been present, tnd to have presided, but was refused permission by i petty German j?rince (the Elector of Ilesse Caslel) to whom he is chapel master. The performance of the Italian version of Norma, it the Dublin Theatre Royal, was suspended on Wednesday, by the sudden illness of Grist. A con;erl was substituted. The new play, to be called " Love's Sacrifice, or :he Hival Merchants," is in daily rehenrsal at Covent Garden, and will be brought out on Monday next. "1 he principal characters by Messrs. Cooper, Vandenhoir, Meadows, Diddear, Chnrles Pitt, [from the Edinburgh Theatre 1, and Walter Lacy : Mrs. Lacy, Miss Vandenholl, Mrs. Humby, ana Mrs. Orger. Many engagements have already been given by ihe lesree of Her Majesty's Theatre to some of the first artists for the next operatic season. ExTllAOttntNARY ScK.VK AT THK HaVRE THEATRE. ?On Sunday evening there was a crowded house to witness the p>rlormance o! an opera calico " la Uaine Blanche." In one of the scenes, the stage had to be left vacant for a moment or two. On >ereeiving this, anIrubfHtlMMWlu) wan behind the scenes in a state of intoxication, cooly walked an to the stage. He was attired in a gtudy plaid 'hooting jacket, with huee leather gaiters, ?5rc., and carried a great thick stick. The audience was for ? moment literally astounded at the intrusion; but ?non rose ajierfect storm of yells and hisses. The Irish gentleman therefore stood still, looked fiercely it the audience and flourished his stick. Some of the audience thinking fun might be got out of him, ?ave him around of applause, whilst others etormed nore than before. At length there was a pause, tnd?will you believe it 1 the gentleman began ainging one of his national melodies, something ibout? "Oh! Te?l<Iy'?the t>oy for bewitching'em.. Whoop ! Hullabaloo ! Hullabaloo !" And as he sung he whooped, and yelled, and danced, ?nd llourishod his thick stick right gloriously. Was here ever such an exhibition! The people roared igain with laughter, and our friend the Irishman teemed perfectly hapny. Hut, alas! for Paddy, the itnge manager called for the assistance of the genJ'armes, a party of whom rushed on ihe stage to ap>rehend the Irishman; but he resisted, und many if the audience took his part Some English sailors who were present called "Go it Pat?go it Paddy!" ind Paddy did go it, for he did considerable damage o the heads ot his opponents by his terrible shillaah At length, however, he was overpowered and odged in the station house. And so ended one of he most extraordinary scenes ever witnessed in a heatre. The statue of Mozart was inaugurated with great icremony at Salburgh, on the 4th inst., in the pretence of the Empress mother, the King and Queen if Bavaria, and three of their children; Prince LuitHild and the Princesses Hildegardc and Alexandra, ind other illustrious and distinguished personages K hymn, written for the occasion by Count Ladisias le Pirker, urchbishop of Erlan. in Hungary, and set o music by the Chevalier Xeukomni, was |>erform d by an orchestra of 2000 iirofesaional and am ateur nueicians. who, as the archbishop was confined to lis house by indisposition, went and repeated the erformance under his windows Mozart's own IlelUiem was executed on the 5th in the cathedral by he same performers. Norwich Musical Festival.?This triennial fesival commenced on It.omlay last, by the perfornance of the customary rehearsal. The orchestra vas formed of the leading instrumentalists Irom the netropolis, whilst the chorul band, numbering nearer three hundred persons, were from the different horal associations in the tawn and neighborhood. tie principal vocalists were .viauame uarauori ai?n, S*ignori Pacini, Mis* Hiwea, and Miss flami>rtli; Mr. Hobbs, Mr. Phillip. BaJfe, and ^ijpnor lubini; Mr. F. Cramer led, ami Mr. Edward Tay>r conducted. The selections lor the evening conerts included the favorite overtures of Mozart, pohr, Weber, and Cherubini, and the best known vmplionies of Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn, lendelsaohn was altogether overlooked, which, as e is new admitted to De the greatest oratorio, overure, concerto, and symphony composer ol living muieian?, is a matter of'some astonishment. As " King John" cannot be ready in time, in contquence of the nature and extent of the preparaons, Macready lias determined to begin his season n the 1st of October, with " As You Like It." France. The Paris papers of Friday and Saturday have cached us. On the 14th the Prince de Joinville left Neuilly or the Palace of the Tuileries, and set out in the vening for the Chateau d'Eu, to fake leave of his imily, previous to his embarkation in the Belle 'onle irigatc. The "Commerce" states that the French governlent had at last resolved on graniing, at the request f M. Piscatory, the million of francs demanded by lie Greek cabinet. The Courrirr PranQau announces that Lord ,owther had visited Paris for the purpose of making ew arrangementa for the conveyance of the Indian nail, which waa no longer to proceed through 'ranee alier the expiration of the convention signd by the I'ost office of the two countries. " The lail*," it says, " will hereafter be landed at Venice r Trieste." I ERA 842. Perlia|ie the most important item of news from this kingdom, if true, is the following intimation of what Monsieur Thiers intends to do. It appears in one ot the Brussels papers, as part of a letter troin Paris: ? "It is generally believed that M. Thiers will proceed to the end with his new plans. He saw that the death of the Duke ol Orleans nut an end to the course ol |>olicvot which he hoped to be the representative, and he suddenly returned to his ideas ot 1834. 'A war policy is at present impossible,' says M. Thiers to his friends. 'I shall enter into a policy of canals and railroads, and material interests, such as the commercial and manufacturing government of the United States are busy with.' In addition, he will not imv lonirer listen to electoral reform, nor a revision of the laws of September, nor anything which is connected, even distantly, with the politics of the left. So you see with what profound disdain the poor left is treated by all the nten who revolve Hrouud M Thiers, and who regulute their conduct by the words of their master." Spain. Our accounts front Madrid are of the 10th mat. It was still re|>orted that a modification would shortly take place in the cabinet. Nothing positive, however, was known on the subject. M. Calatrava, the Minister of Finance, was actively prosecuting the ralorm of his department. It was rumoreu that General KuiJil was on the point of exchanging the Ministry of War for the Captaincy-General of the Island of Cuba, which General valdes is obliged to resign. The Uut. The " Moniteur Parisian" of Friday evening announces that a revolution took place in Servia on jhe 31st ult., and that Prince Michael had escaped into Austria. The insurgents, under the command of Voutchilch, soon became masters of the arsenal, and Prince Michael, after defending himself during two days, had been ut last abandoned by the greatest part of his troops, and compelled to seek his safety in flight. Accounts from the Turkish frontier of the 31st ult. state that Chekib Etlendi, the Ottoman commissioner, had arrived at Belgrade, and been received there with great honors. Chekib formally insisted on therecal of the exiled state councillor Petrowiiz and others, and it was deemed highly probable that the present ministry in Servia wo du be compelled to retire. The intelligence from Bulgaria was salisfacloiy. The Augsburg Gazette of the 14th instant, quotes a letter from the lrontiers of Turkey of the 4th, announcing that the tribunals of Wallachia had sentenced to death Vogorides, the chief of the conspiracy which broke out last winter at Braila, together with eleven of his accomplices. The condemned individuals not being rayahs, they were given up to the consuls, under whose protection they were placed. Vogorides was delivered up to the Greek consul on rhe&lth ultimo, and immediately sent oH to Greece, where the penalty was to he carried into execution. According to the Gfaftle du Midi of the 13th instant, the Russians had experienced another check in Circassia. The insurgents surprized at night and cut to pieces a body ot about 10,00(1 men, encam,ied under the walls of Mitrga, and made themselves masters of that fortress, which they entered together with the fugitives. Nearly the whole of the troops in the camp were put to the sword, and a number of officers were made prisoners. Markets. London Monkt Mabket, Sept. 19.? A very moderate amount of business hai been tranfacted in the public securitiei during the current we'll, scarcely a bargain having been effected either for money or time exceeding in amount ?-14,000 A more tranquil aspect was given to the mark- t by the receipt of the important news that the President of the United States had signet the treaty en tered into on benalf of this country, through the successful exertio- s of Lord Ashburton, for the adjustment of the "Boundary," and ether disputes that have too long existed, and which have proved serious bars to the full developemcnt of commercial intercourse and enterprise between both countries. Still, -.owever, the rise in the prices of Consols cannot fairly be given at more than f per cent?a small fraction it must be admitted, when we call to mind the depression that took place when rumors of war were so rife between the Republic and Oreat Britain. The fact is, as we mentioned last week, capital has become much more in demand, and will so continue, in aii probability , until the payment of the next half yearly dividends, which will fall due on the d9th instant, and be in course of pay ment a week later, Bank Stock has scarcely varied this week, although the unpalatabfc announcement wns made to the proprietors, in half yearly court onsembled, on Thursday, that the Inrorae Tax II to be deducted from the interest upon Hank Stock now nearly due, and that so unprofitable had been the busiueaa of the corporation on the whole, as to require an encroachment upon the rest, or surplus l>a lanee, to meet contingencies, to the amount or nearly ?6,000. The range taken by the price* of Stock from Mondaytip to yesterday afternoon is this Consuls for m'-ney have^flactuated from 04f to 94|. and the New Three and a Half per cents from 100/j to 101}. The other Stocks are closed. The premium on Exchequer Bills has been at 40s to 61s., an . that upon India Bonds at 35s to SXc. India Stock has varied from 449} to 460}, and Bank Slock forthe spring between 167} and 168. Consuls for the Account liuvc been Ml sad 93}. The Stock Market assumed a firmer tone to-day, although we have still to notice but a very limited business. Consols for the first translerday next week realised 94J to 93, and for the account 93 "to 93}. Exchequer Bills have been marked 49s prem., and East India Bonds 36s to 38s prem. being rather Hat, as money is less abundant in the General Discount Market Naw Three and a-tlnlf per Cents were 101 to 101}. The next, settlement in the English Blocks ia fixed for October 13. There w as a little speculation in Mexican Bonds to-day, and although the dividend announcement will he made on Monday, the tenor of the accounts from Texas respecting war movements hail an unfavorable effect upon prices,the Actfve Bonds being quoted at 34} to 35. Spanish Five per Cents were 161, and the Three per cents touched 41}; Portuguese New Five per rents brought 35}, and Brazilian 67}, being dull, Danish Bonds were firm at 83}, Russian at 114}, French five per cents, ex-divi<le.,d, were at 118,60 and Dutch Two and a half percent! at 54} to 64}. The settlement of the present Foreign Account is fixed for September 80. Livcsfool Cottox Msskkt, Sept. 0.?There has this week been an exceedingly limited demand for cotton, and the sules, which are even smaller than those of last, do not exceed 14,070 bags. Speculators have be n very moderate in their operations, they not having taken more than 1400 American, whilst to exporters there have bee.i disposed 140U American, 700 H. mamhuco, and 440 Hnrat.? The purchases of the trade are materially less than the present weekly consumption, which may be partly owing to the market for yarn and goods last Tursday at Manches ter having been rather more difficult of sale. The market has been pretty well supplied with cotton, and in nome instance* a decline of Jd. per lb ha* taken place for the common and middling qualities of American sinse Friday last. Brazil, Egyptian, East India, fcc. remain a* before. The import* of tha week amount to 8860 hag*. Sept. 16.?The cotton market haa thia week again been very dull an 1 uninteresting, and a very imall amount of business ha* been done, the sale* not exceeding 19,410 bag*. Speculator* have been very lukewarm, their purchase* only amounting to 300 American ; and exporter* have not taken more than SCO American and 900 Sural? The oontinued dispute* between the manufacturers and operative* is the cause of the trade having purchased so very sparingly. The cotton market ha* been very abundantly supplied, but prices of all description* are pretty much the same as last Friday. The import of the week amounts to 99,196 bags. To-day's demand foe cottsn has lieen very moderate, not more than 9000 bag* have ber.n sold. Trices ars without alteration. Sept. 17.?To-day's demand for cotton has been limited, ami the sale* amount to only 9300 bag*, but price* are without change. The trade have been the dole buyers, with thooxcoption of 900 American lor export. Sept. 19.?To-day' demand for cotton has been mode rate, and the Rales amount to only .1000 bags, all of which have been taken by tho trade, with the exception of 130 American taken for export. LivxarooL Coax M tsxar, 8xrr. 17.?The duty has again advanced on foreign Wheat to 16*. on Rye to 10*. 6d. per quarter, on flour to 9*. 7Jd per barrel ; upon colo- : nial wheat to 3s. on rve to 1? 61 i?*r quarter, and on flour to l?f>}d per barrel, "with.the proepect of these articles hortly attaining the highest ratea payable from Britiah Possessions. OfF-ngliih, Iriali and foreign Grain, the arrivala into thia part within the la?t three ilaya have been nntiaually small, and of flour, aearccly more than about 4000 barrel* from Canada and the United State*. The anticipation* indulged in a month ago,that,with fine weather for a few woeka, nearly the whole of the Corn crop* of the Uaited Kingdom would be pieced in a atate of perfect aafety, have been closely realised;*inee, although interruption* have from time to time taken place by mean* of oceaaional raina, the delays to harvesting have been only temporary; and, except in extremely late, and in cold, mountainoua aituationa, we believe we may report the bulk of the Grain, throughout the country to be effectually aecured, and, with acarcely an exception, in the beat rondition.of the ftneat quality,and of a greater weight thad has been known for a number of year* peat. It is, however, still difficult to judge of the general yield to the acre. Of the principal article. Wheat, we believe from the report* we have received there will he a alight deficiency from a full average, and of all other article*, except Beans, that there will be a good, If not abundant, ac reahle produce. The Corn trade has of lata experienced littla chnnge, but, ii|>on th? whole, more firmness has been manifested by the holders of granatied stocks,which have now got into hand* lea* necessitated to aellthan the original im|)ortera; the quantity tipon the market having also diminished, and the expected rapid rise of duty to a point considered prohibitory to importation, were calculated upon, not only aa sufficient to protect prices from further depression, but to cause a moderate advance. This has to some extent taken place; hut improvement of any moment in prices ia very tardy, and, aa far as can be fore| seen,we have no anticipation of otherwise than moderate r LB. Prlc* Two OwU rates fur aome time lorward. The beat brand* of United State* Klour bare roaliied '79* to 30*; Canadian, fine, 77* dd to 7S* (upcrAne, 79* per barrel, duty paid j Canadian ; Uatuieul i* again rather cheper, ?uy 77* to 77* 6d per 740 lbs; I'm, to* to 30* per quarter. LireKfooi., Sept. 70.?American Proriaion*?The im port* are again very light, and conaiatof only 109 barrel*, I 10 keg* Lard : SO bone* Clieeae ; 179 bairel* Beef, and ! 101 barrel* lurk. Lard.?There ha* been a very good demand, and a further advance hat hreu obtained, very little now remaining iu lirat hand*, higher price* are now ailting.the tale* have I .?*.*.** .>.00 ai .?*-* iv uuiy pu<l. Cheese.?A few ewt new , of goed quality, were ibid at &4s; inferior not at present mquired for, prices 30s to M*. a* to quality. llaiui.?There are inquiries for dry Hams, but none at market, a lot of pickle t uttered by auction, a Tory tow , told at 33* to 3fta, duty paid. Beef mid I'ork.?There has been a very coiaiiderabledomaud for Canadian, and an advance on Imth obtained, any u* high as 37s tad per barrel, whilst fur the 17 States hs* also partaken of a rise in value, and lioth kiuda wall now b? more in requeat.a* tliey are getting more known in the interior of the country. United State* 25s to 30*, in bond. Canadian Sis to 37?. Bacon?Not much inquired for, ?ell* slowly at 36* to 39* per cwt., duty i aid. Antwerp, Sept. IS.?Cotfeo had undergone no alteration. Sale* 1730 bales ord. Uatuvia at 37c to 37(c; ord Domingo at 33c, and ord Brazil at JOjc to Hie. Cotton remained in a favorable poiition. Sile* 700 bale* Georgia, Mobile and !0ew Urleani, at Arm price*. Hide* continued calm at previous quotation*. Sales, luOUdiy Bueno* Ayres and 1000 suited do. ludigo wu* dull; ul*3 Pepper, Potashe*. Tallow and Tea. In Rice the transaction* were 140 trc*. Carolina at 1'Jl to i34A; 4000 bale* Bengal at sj to 9(11; and son of ord Batavia at 8] to 8|A. In raw Sugar the sale* were only 900 boxes grey Havana, at 13 to >?* Aoriu*. Au?TKitn*M, Sept. 19.?Cotfac w*? Arm. Ordinary and common Clieribon, at 33 to 33|c; and brown 46c; Sumatra wus at lHc. Brazil and other sort* were quiet. Tobacco was neglected. Haw Sugar was in a favorable poaition, prices having a tendency to advance. Surinam was 10 to 33f; and grey Havana, 33 to Yftf. Rice was still in demand. Split new Carolina at I3f. Hide* were brisker, but Cotton was llut. Paris. ICorrcsiiondence of the Herald.] Paris, 17th Sept., ltH2. i 7bc British l\eaty?7br King ami Court?Theatricals. My Dear Bennett? Paris is in a state of " suspended animation."? The Court is out ol town?the Chamber of Deputies dis|>ersed, and the newei>apers are languishing for want of some stimulating event to record?the weather is delightful, but still so warm as to make even pleasure in-doors wearisome The news this morning of a ratification of the treaty between England and the United States, has given general joy. It is justly regarded as an event of major ini|M>rtance? great and increasing interest continues to be displayed in every thing that concerns our political or Aociul interest l&everal of the leading journals lately have noticed the embarrassed state ot our finances, and the pitiable debasement of our credit. The "Journal des Debate" makes the sensible suggestion that the bold, wise man who regards his country's good beyond his own temporary popularity, should propose the taxation of such articles of food us may be considered luxuries?tea, sugar, collee &c. This is just the measure the First Consul adopted to replenish the exhausted coffers of revolutionary France, aud his wisdom was applauded and the tax cheerfully paid. The king continues in ?ood health, and bears manfully up against the terrible shock of his lamented son's death. In all calamities, there is some good that follows, however dearly purchased. It is strikingly so in this case?Louis Philippe, fo* twelve years |>ast has given all the eneigies of hisgreat mind, all the devotion of a good heart directed by a vast experience, to the sole use and benefit of las country. As a matter of course, ingenious and wicked men have vilified his motives, opposed his enlightened acts, and sought to render him in the people's eyes, an object ot suspicion, dislike, and hate. How well they succeed, let the unsparing abase, and the repeated assaults U|?on his valuable life attest. At last, Providence, that hitherto sustained him, smote him too ; a terrible blow ; but the universal sympa(hu fnv Wici irrioOiou M<>ftono<l flio itviKlm liourt unH cleared their vision. Thev regard him more justly. No longer blinded by the deceptive mints arising from the heated soil ot faction, the public begin to believe and comprehend the iuvaluable services the King has rendered them, and Louis Philippe will live to be pardoned for the good he has done them? which isrnrely the happy fute of great martyrs. In the theatrical way there is nothing to record. Notes of harmonious preparation are sounding from the grand opera?announcements are made of a newofiera rehearsing. This of course is a musical event that excites curiosity. The bullet department of the grand opera is sadly deficient. Since the departure of Funny Llssler, no one lias at all succeeded in supplying the hiatus she left. Several new bullets have been given, but their success has been very limited. McT Elssler has not settled her negotiation with the present director, who will soon give place to another, when a better result may be ?zuected. This fair wanderer lias been most cordially welcomed back to her native Germany?and at Berlin received marked kindnesses from the royal family, who talked with her a great deal about America, evincing much curiosity at her relations.? Americans were never more scarce at Paris, for which plentiful reasons doubtless could be given.? When the season grows brighter I will write you again. There are many things yet unsaid of Paris, that I should like to coalmen' it|>on?and I will be hciter disused that way wi.?,t this bright sun of France shines less gloriously. I am ofl' to the Boia de Boulogne. Au rtvotr. Common Council. Board or Ai.ur.BMKs, Wednesday, Oct. 5.?Present, all the member* except Alderman Davie*. Petilion$ prnenltd and re/erred ?Of David Van Horn, for leave to removu the remain* of hi* daughter trom Rutg<-r* *treet cemetery. Of Peter Coyle, lor rrleaac from imprisonment for violation of corporation ordinance*. A communication wa* received from the Commi*?ioners m of the Aim* Houie, requiring addition* to the builnings on Blackwell Inland, and asking appropriation* theretor. was referred to Committee on Charity and Alma Home, and ordered to be printed. Remluiiane ?That no charge for carriage hire ahall tie allowed the member* of the Common Council, unless incurred by a committee, or while the member ia in thu performance of official duty. The dam* Lawi.?An ordinance pasisd the Board, making it a penalty of $10 to bring into any market, or sell or offer, or cxpoae for sale, any partridge, or quail, in any market or other place in thecitv of New York, between the 6th day of January and the'26th day of October in any year. Ttie time wa* formerly to the 26th of September. Joist Bai.i.ot?Alderman Bali* acted aa "headsman," and nominated J me* Jarvia aa collector of asaessments in place of Jacob Van Voorhie*, deceased. Aid. Puaor nominated John Kmmoni. The result wa*, for Jarvi* 17?Emmon* 10?blank *2. Thoma* C. Smart and Oeorge Kobiaon were appointed weigher* of anthracite coal. Warner Anderson wa* nominated for inspector of lumber by the Alderman of the first. A*?t. Aid. Nakii nominated Ptirdy Hoyt, who, he Mid, wa* a w ig. The re*nlt waa, for Anderaon 17?Hoyt 8?blank 4. John T. Blauvelt, inspector of firewood in the 14th district uni itiitintieil at the tiier foot of Dtiane street. The Board then adjourned to meat ou Monday next to appoint inspectors ol election*. Previous to ndjo .nunent, Alderman Punov inquired whether the majority intended to give the minority any chance in the detection of these inapectora. Aid. Balk aaid it waa their intention to give the minor* ity one inspector in each diatrict. II) * a n or Assistant, Oct. A, ItkU.?The President (Aakiatant Alderman Adaana) in the chair. Some petitiona were preaented and referred. Hejiorti of Com mitten-?Concurring with the other Board in granting to W. W De Foreat, a deed in common of tiie bulk-head and piera between Pike and Rutgera atreitf, he paying expence of deed and mana. in lavor of raising the nay of the City Watchmen lo $1 JA, the price from which it waa reduced, and to pay them 2A centa each per night from the l ath September, the time when the reduction took piece. Adopted. I'a/tirt from the other Hoard?Concurring In allowing David Van Horn to remove the remain* of hi* daughter from the Ratger street burial ground? releasing Patrick Coyle from prison, he being confined for violation ol ordinance. To amend the resolution for day officer of the lath ward by inserting $l,AO |>er day inatead of $l,ad. This board adhered 10 it* resolution. ? , In favor of paying f.m to James V-Coffix, O. Butler ; and to pay Bernard M Sorlev ?10 for rant; alto, to pay lormnn of Engine Co. J* ?is6 lor room hire ; to pay day p liceefficer lat .ward $78,60. Other papers were referred. A communication waa received from the Commissioners of the Alma llo.ise, and referred. A recea* wm taken to meet the other boerd in ioint ballot?after its return, the Board adjourned to Monday even, ing next. ACA RD ? I have often been informed by fn?nd* thai some persons, *s well in my line of hnaineat as owl of it.jealoaa of the .uccraa I mart with,have directly and indirectly eeeerted thai I was mamtfsctiiting mv well known La .yovma brand, an well as other Havana and Principe Began in this cranny, and making other aimilar hinu, I herewith declnrr anen assertions mean falsehoods, and anch individuals worts than tughway robbern. M. RADER. SA Chatham street. New York. Sept.*. I Hi lm*r