Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1842 Page 1
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T II Tol. VU1,~!V*.?77 WiioJ* Ho. 3i??. MEDICAL. BRISTOL'S SAKSAPARILLA. Manufactured and ?om by the rropnetor, c. c. BRISTOL. Buffalo, and for ule by Ilia Agent. Wll.LLAM tfUROJE", Wholesale Druggist, No.. M and 57 Cortlaiitlt >t. and iod (jreeuwiih ?t, and by the principal Diugsuts throughout the Union. . , , This preparation has now been belorr the public abontseveu years, daring whirh time us reputation has DM* MeMMy and rapidly advancing, until it. present and deserved celebrity ha* been attained?nor it it stationary at even thu altitude of e.timallou, a. the evidence ol each succeeding day clearly evinces. Many of the Ural Physicians in the ccuiitry have voluntarily borne witness to its superior efficacy or value, as their written cirttlicates, now in the possession or the proprietor, will show. Testimonials almost innumerable, hum persona who have been bciitlilled by ita use, or havcseeu lis medicinal virtues tested by their friends, are also iu possession of Mr. Bristol, which niove how many,, how various, and how eatreme have been the instances in which, by its operation the licit and the almost despairing have been restored to health md '"^S'lSTOI/B 3AR8APARILLA is a rare and invaluable CiTtnbination h< vegetable remedies of established medical value, and from its peculiar properties is almost infallible in all complaints that arise Irom impurities of the blood, from the morbid action f t the absorbent and glandular .5 stems, from cousin 1 loual idiosyncraciei, hereditary predisposition, and 11 general all chronic and long standing infirmities and irregularities of the human frame. To enumerate all the dit eases in which it has been louiul to Iro a sovereign remedy, would be to make this notice mucli too lengthy, and we can only here suxgest to the resiler the vajue and importance of lliia preparation, and refer him to ajverliscmenta ill the public pn|>rrs lor inure detailed intelligence respecting its efficacy, in nearly all casta of complaint escejit those of the most ordinary or endemic and epidemic character. The proprietor desires only to have atteutiou generally directed to this article, confident tliat its rare virtues only need be kuown to be appreciated; dial it will stand die test of any trill. and that iucreased usefulness, aud added populiritj, must be the direct result of its more extended acquaintance. Among die nume rous letters daily received by the proprietor of Brist 'tRarsapirila, the following is selected, merely to show ho . his ar' le is regarded: and the increasing demand for this lut aluablc tdiciue by the dealers iu this city, as the application comes rem the well known house of A. B. k D. Sands, Druggists, of this city, who have since advertised their own article to the whole world, shows conclusively that die article is ull it puriwrts to be. (COPY.) New Yore, April 20,1842. Mr. C. C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. Dear Sir? ' We have beeu selling during the year past considerab'e quanti.ies of i*ur Extract of Sarsaparilla, and think from the account we hear of its virtues from those who hare used it, that the sale in this city may be much increased bv paying it more attention in advertising. Our arrangements are such with the different papers that we can have advertisements inserted ou much belter terms lhau most others p.v. and more conspicuously. If you would like to make an arrangement widi us lor selling it more extensively, we thiuk il could lie made of much advantage to us both. We have uow four different stores, three of them iu the best locatiou in the city for retailing, aud one for wholesaleiug, and our facilities are sach as will enable us to dispose of more of it, perhaps, lhau any other house. We shall be much pleased to hear froin you ou this subject, or if yon visit New York in the course of a month or so, to see you at our stoic 78 Fulton street. Yours, very respectfully. A. B. 8t 6. SANDS. OPINIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Buffalo, Aug. 12, 1837. We are acquainted with, the preparation of Sarsa]>arllla, ma nufactured by C. C. Bristol, ami having made use ol it mure or less in our pmctice, believe it to contain the ac ive principle of Hariaparilla, in a highly concentrated form, and aid preparation we eateem it as one of the beat we have ever met with. J TROWBltlDGE, Ml) CYRENIUS CHAP1N.MD CHAS WTNNE, M D MOSES BRISTOL. M D JOSIAI1 BARNES, MD J E MARSHALL. MD J E HAWLEY, M D AS 8BRAGUE, M D A MILLER, Ml) F L HARRIS, M D H R STAGG. From Doctors Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at Canaudaigua:? Canandaioua, Dec. 87,1838. We have frequently prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's prejiaration of Sarsaparilla, in our |>racti.:e, and have always found it to answer an excellent purpose in cases where Sarsaparilla was applicable. Our knowledge of the article has not been limited, and we can freely say that is the best pre|>aration of Sarsaparilla we hare ever used. RICHARD WELLS. M D, E W CHEENY, M D. The following extract of a letter from Dr. J. A. Hyde, one of the oldest and ruoslrespectable practitioners in the western section, is given : Younosi-wtv, June 11, 1838. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Dear Sir: I am nearly nut of Sareaparilli again, and, if you please, yon may send me two dozen Dottles, by stage or cars, directed to ine at this place. I have frequently prescribed your Compound Fluid Extract ol Sarsaparilla for a few years past, with much advantage, in chrouic diseases, especially in Scrofula and obstinate cutaneous affections, attended with scrofulous habit. Also, in secondary syphilis; and in chronic general debility, from almost any cause. It generally proves useful. I think your Fluid Extract the best preparation of Sarsauarilla 1 ever ust d. With much resjiect, yours, truly, J. A. HYDE. From Docu. Hoyt & May ' Palmyra, July 2, 1841. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir ; We have used your Extract of Sarsaparilla iu our practice, and for diseases arising from an im pure state of the blood, and as a general renovator of the system we esteem it as the best article uow in use. D. D. HOYT. M. D. WM. MAY, ill. D. From Dr.A. Miller* Rome, July 24,1811. 1 am acquainted with the preparation of Sarsaparilla manufactured by C. C. Bristol, of Buffalo, and having made use ol 1 in my practice, believe it to coutain the active principle of Sarsaparillai a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, I esteem it the best 1 have ever met with. A. MILLER, M. D. From Dr. 8. C. Noyes: . Coi.Litvs, Ene Co., July 5,1841. 1 have been acquainted with Bristol's Sarsaparilla for a number iff years, and nave very frequently prescribed it iu my practice, and have invariably found it to answer the desired effect. 1 consider the reputation of the article established, and where me genuine can ue omaiucu, i nave nu imu?iuu iumx1u* uim a trial of iti virtues will sustain my opinion. 8. C. NOYES, M. D. From Dr. A. I*. Curtia : Attica. Genesee Co., July 3,1141. I have frequently prescribed Bristol's Sarsaparilla in my practice, and have no hesitation in recommending i t as an article IKwaessiiiK all of the active principle of Sarsaparilla, and as a preparation, I think it the best one 1 have evei met with. A. P. CU11TI8, M. D. Oiweuo, May 6, 1841. We certify that we attended Jnlia Ann Van Doozer daring tier sickness, and wc have no hesitation in saying that her recovery raav Ire attributed to the use of Bristol's Saraaii&rilla. P. H. HARD, M. D. H. K. THURbER, M. D. (A statement of the above ease may be seen by calling on Mr. WM. BURGER, 30 CourtlandtstJ Darier. July 2,1841. We, the undersigned, physicians, residing in Darienand Bennington, having treated Mir. E. Cross daring his illness, know the above statement of his cue to be true in all particulars, and we haveuot the least hesitation in ascribing his cure to the use of Bristol's Sarsaparilla. Indeed, we are assured that this me diciuc was the meuis of entirely arresting aud eiailicating the disease. IRA CROSS, M. D. ERA8TU8 CROSS, M. D. Diiit.v, July 2,1841. We, the undersigned, are particularly acquainted with Mr. E. Cross, and are fully acquainted with the facts as drawn up in the aeove statement, which we oelieve lobe correct in all respects, and we an- assured that it was was through the agency ol Bristol's Sarsaparilla that his cure was effected. STEPHEN KINO. P. M. Darien Jentre. JONATHAN DURKEE, Justice of the Peace. HIRAM H.CHAPIN. ALANSON FISHER. Justice of the Peace. H. P. HUTCHINSON. J. H. FLAGLER. Altois, January 17, 1842. I have been lately the physician to Mr. Maynard, and was railed to see him during his illness, some time in the mouth of August oi September last, and I must say I was much surprised and astonished to see Mrs. Maynard officiating as nurse, and attending to Iris wants while he was tick. Her case was one tiiat I was conversant with but never prescribed for; it was Procidentia, and for the most part of seven or eight years shr hail been obliged to be conveyed about the honse and nursed in a cradle constructed lor the purpose. Until she commenced (lie nte of Bristol's Sarsapatilla her disease resisted the best medical treatment. I was frequently called to consult with Dr Gage iulier < ue, but the disease had assumed such a form that my opiniou was, that medicine would have uo effect in producing ac ire. I am perfectly convinced that her recovery ia entirely attributable to the useol Bristol's Sarsaparilla. JOHN M. HARRINGTON, M. D. Alder, January 17. 1842. I have been one of the attending phyircian* of Mrs. Maynard for eight years past. Her disease was Prolactin Utiri of an aggravated cliaracter, an. resisted all the agents laid down in our most eminent atithots. In addition to remedial agents re am clearly of the opinio i that her cure may be attributed to the uie of Bristol'* Sarsaparilia. GROVE C. OAOE. M. D. January 17, 1811. We have been aconai.ited with the circumstance* ol Mr* Maynard'* sicknessfor enrnt year* |>a*r. have alwav* under stood Iter caae a* being I eyond the reach uf medicine, and have been surprised wilhii the past year to see her about tad we are assured thst her recovery is attributable entirely to the use of Bristol's Srraaparill a We art further acipiainted -with the fact, that lor five yer r* of the time of her sickness, she was obliged to be conveye ? from one place to another in the arms of her husband, andii fart, when she was moved at all. JOBErH KlUKMAN.Judge Erie Co.C. Pleas. HORACE 31 ANLEY, Justice of the Peace. H. LITUHKl ' i?D, Postmaster. DEXTER E& ELL, Supervisor. S H. BUTLER. L. P. JACOBS. JOHN EBTABROOKS. A history of die above eases may be seen hy calling .is above [From the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, Nov. 6, 1811 ] An E st n *0 a i? its art Cask.?The article below is from the pen of one of our moat intelligent medical men, whose statements are entitled to the fullest confidence. The case lie details is really a remarkable one. and might well hare been supposed beyond the power of medicine. Sateinentof tile Physician who suited the Tatirbt injx-rson and who was *t the time one of the Editors of the Commit cial Advertiser. frit is rare indeed that fallen humanity is msde to experience from the hand of Providence so much severe and protmcted suffering, and such calamitous and shocking mutilation, as has fallen to the lot of James Wycnoff, a lad 14 years of age, now living in the town of Clarence in thiaconaty. James is the son of a farmer, the offspring of healthy and repulablejwrentA, who hare a numerous faintly of mbust children. Without any assignable cause, he was stiddeuiy deprived of the sense of hearing some ten years since, which was soon followed hy what was probably an attack of the dry gangrene. This rapidly drairoycu firsi tne palate, the bones of the roof of the mouth, and then a cuniideiable portion of the upper jaw, upper lip, and the whole.of the note, both bones and cirtilrge, ns well aa integument*,. It would be difficult to imagine in what way a more unsightly deformity could be impressed upon the 'human face divine.' Tins frightful disease censed it- migei on tin- lace after several inontl a, to renew them again iu other part* of the system with greater and mote destructive severity. ..... ? . ,, *?3oinr two years ago, a black spot, ?as the intelligent mo titer ofthis most unfortunate child told the writer of this?was observed under the nail of each big toe. Thu ominous appearance was the precursor of a second attack of gangrene, which gradually extruded over each foot and leg to within feur inches of the knee. A se|Miation tlicii look place, ami in due course ol lime both limbs dromied off. The fingers of the right hand were then attacked by tins consuming malady, which extended to within a few inches of the shoulder, and at hny(ih the right artn tell to the ground like the dead branch of a living The disease then showed itself at the elbow of the left arm, and oa the left shoulder, producing extensive exfoliation of the bones, io. The integuments of the light side, near the centre of the ribs, and of the right eye, were also affected with the tame detiro) ing complaint in its incipient stages. On examining the boy, who, notwithstanding he is d .if arid mute, is really intelligent and sprightly, the greatest marvel to us wis, how it was possible for a constitution so very feeble and lifeless, that the system was rapidly falling to pieces from thedeaihof it*paru, could, when reduced to a merr/rarmtnt of humanity, hold out, and prolong for years a miserable ex E NE Nj istcuce. 8 trainee u it way ?#*em, we found thu piece of a child silting at the dintarr table with tiic rest of the family, and feeding himself with meat, potatoes, bread, and the like, with an evident relish of the hearty meal. His slum|? of iiu<ha, which lately presented a hideous mass of c iting ulcers, are now healin# over kindly, and nothing but the scars are left o tell the injury done to the left shoulder, and die parts that surround the right eye, the lower jaw, and the fragintnt* of can still growing on the head the uppearauct of which we shall not attempt to descnte.# The certain check giveu to this U ruble spreading and hope* lets malady?the removal of the intense protracted pains ever excited by irriUtblahingeous llesh conflicted with dead animal matter?the o^iet sleep, increased strength, and stable coiivalcsence so manifest in the person of James?were all, and doubt Irs justly, attribut* d by his mother to the exclusive rse, for the last six weeks of regular tortious of Mr. C. C. BRISTOL'S SAKSAI'AJtlLLA. Tbow who have witnessed the truly auspicious, and most uuexpvcicd effects of this medicine in this very extraordinary case, arc unanimous in the opinion that had it bcfu early administered when trie disease was com paranveiysmall alii lerbie, and the cousUPitioii luuuit and rigorous, it coisld not have Tailed to prevent one of the greatest calamities that can befal a human being. CcRTiric atk or Gen. Mansfield. MR. C. C. BRISTOL?I have been acquainted with Peter Wyckaff for inure than twenty yean, anil i?tve knowu Ilia son James from his infancy to this day, ami I do hereby certify than the facts set forth in the above, from the Commercial Advertiser, are correct. ORANGE MANSFIELD, P. M., Not. 26th, 1811. North Clarence, Erie Co. Bloomfield, Oakland Co., Mn., July 23, 1811 Messrs. John Owen it Co., Detroit: Gcut.?Some time in the ye*r 1832, I was attacked with what was called by some of my attending physicians, the Kind's Evil. I immediately applicJ to a Dr. '1 hompsou, who said it must he cut out; 1 then applied to another physician who ordered blistering. Durum my ticsness I employed eight different physicians, and by one I was advised to have my arm amputated. which I declined. I. the year 17, mortification set in, when I applied to a root ilocioi, who appeared to help it aomc. lu that year I sold a span of hones and two cows, and spent the whole of it, say SIM), which only served to keep it back. 1 Ii.tve used almost every thinit 1 could hear of, without any great benefit. lu July last, a cure was attempted by a persou who, like all others, failed. The < rue use ofall this has been at least SiPd. From about four inches below the shoulder, to abuut the middle of the fore arm there base been at least twen y holes, many of them as large as a silver dollar, ami half au inch deep, lu February, 1842, (accidentally came across a wrapper from a bottle of Bristol's Sars'iiiartlla, aud made up my inind to try the medicine. Ou the 15th day of that month, I commenced using it, and used a bottle a week for two or three mouths,when 1 found myselfto&ll appearance completely cured. At any rate, since that time I have uol felt any pain from it. No sores have appeared, and it seems |>erfvctly sound, aud 1 can labor with it as Well aawilh lite other arm. 1 aui so well satisfied of its superiority oVer every thing else that I have tried, that 1 most earnrstly recommend my person to begin using it immediately who may be similarly afflicted. Yours, truly, WiLLlAM I'KAUSALL. Persons who have any doubts of the efficacy of this medicine, are invited to call on any of the following City References before purchasing the article John Giles, 301 Pearl street. Thomas Hugan, 208 Stanton street William W. Randolph, 473 Fourth street Lloyd Brvaiit, No. I Avenue C. Win H. Stinemets, 92 Cedar street Mr. Johnson, 20 Jatnes street William Stebhins, corner of Kiviugton and Ridge its. Ricr.ard Smith, 82 Clintou street Robert H. Gordon, 13 Orange street Mra. A. Hodge, 39 Ridge sticet William Wilson, 66 Lewis street M. Vamlewater, 314 Madisou street Lemuel Leland, 86 Hudson street I. O. Reed, 143 Fulton street, Brooklyn Mrs. Ward, 68 Bayard street J. W. Henderson, 27g Grand street James McGill, 330 Oraud street H. B. Knapp, 21 Avenue B?house 501 Fourth street John Culver. 191 Slautou street. tO* I <lo not wish any one to purchase this medicine until they fully satisfy themselves that all that is said of it is true ; if, therefore, ihey will take the trouble to call on Mr. Burger, 50 Courtlandt street, or at Milliau's 1 US Broadway, they can examine substantiated teatiinony in addition to the above, which will prove conclusirely that the article it what it purports to be., C.C.BRISTOL. Caution.?As the fame of this wonderful medicine extendi, numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part of its reputation. The afflicted therefore should be careful, il they wish the true article, to ask for Bristol's, and see that the written signature of C. C Bristol is across the cork of the bottle. Forsale by reputable Druggists and Agents throughout the coun ry. William Burger, Wholesale Agent, 50 Courtlandt street, apd 188 Greenwich street, aud at retail at the following places: Milliau's Pharmacy, ,183 Broadway ; Rushton and Aspinwall, 110 Broadway, 86 Wiillam street, and 10 Astor House; James Syrne, M. D., 63 Bowery, ; Robert Leggetl, M. D., 17 Avenue D. ; B. Quackeubush, 709 Greenwich street, and A. Hill, 208 Greenwichst. sll Imr* COUGH LOZENGES~ DETERS'COUGH LOZENGES are now rapidly super-t seding all oilier preparations for tiie relief of cousin.colds. asthma, whooping co?gli, tightness of the chest, bronchitis,an J similar pulmonary affections. CONSUMPTION CANNOT BE CURED ! Those wbo say it can are im)K)stors atnl quacks. Still it may be prevented ot its progress stayed, by usiug Dr. Peters' Cough Lozenges. Begin in season. Do not neglect a slight cough until consumption lias commenced its ravages. A delay ol a lew days often proves fatal. Price 2b cent* iter box. Peters' Cough Lozenges nave iierformed some of the most remaikable cures on record. One trial of them is more satisfactory than a column of eertific tes. THE GREAT OBJECT GAINED! PETERS' MEDICATED LOZENGES are the most valuable discovery of the 19'h century. Tl?> are entirely pleasant to the taste, and more efficient than any other medicine. These Lozenges are the result of long continued and patient investigation and experiment, conducted in concert by some of the most distinguished physicians in the Union, who, believing that some of tile best known remedies might be prepare J in a palatable form, have directed their labors to that end, till they have produced preparations in the popular form of Lozenges for nearly every disease incident to the human system. TO PARENTS we say, to not lie without these Lozenges at any time?attend to these suggestions as you value the lives of your clrildren. PETERS' PILLS. TO THE WHOLE WORLD! It is admitted by all who have used them, (ami who has not) that Dr. Peters' Vegetable Pills are the most unrivalled medicine ever discovered by the ingenuity of man. They are a sovereign cure for the following complaints?-Yellow and billions fevers, fever and ague, dytpei>sia, croup, liver complaint, sick headache, jaundice, asthma, dropsy, rheumatism, enlargement of the spleen, piles, colic, female 'obstructions, heartburn, furred tongue, nausea, distension of tlij stomach and bowels, incipient diarrhtr.i, flatulency, habitual cosiivcness, loss of appetite, blotched or aallow complexion, and all cases of torpor of the bowels, where a cathartic or an aperient is ureded. The* are exceedingly mi'd in their operation, producing neither nausea, griping nor debility. Dr. J. O. smith, of Woodstock, Va. says?" They arc a better Pill than I can make." He recommends their use. The ageDt at Stiasbuigh, Va. says he supplies funilies for 30 miles around wilh Peters' Piils, and tney perform such remarkable cures that they are preferred to every other medicine. e Mrs. E. Ward, of New York, was troubled with dyspepsia and liver complaint for 13 years. By using these Pills a short time she was completely cured. Ml., r-l.-k .mi/-tU.l ?lrh I........ ..It.lni.tmi. attended with moat distressing symptoms. She wis cured by using Dr. Peters' Pills. Hon. E.D. Divis was afflicted with rheumatism, so as to be unable to dress himself. Tliree boxes of Peters' Pills .entirely Cured him. But why multiply testimonials 7 We say to all, try Dr. Pe trrs'Vegetable Pill, and we will guarantee that afterwards you will use tnem in preference to all others. WORM LOZENGES. Dr. Peters' Worm Lozenges are toe surest aud safest Worm destroyer crer discovered. It it estimated that in the United States, 100,000 CHILDREN' DIE YEARLY from the effect of Worms alone. This v ast mortality can be almost entirely prevented by the use of Peters' celebrated Lozenges. Thousands and tens of thousand* pine away and die without suspecting the real disease. The foliowing are a few of the symptoms; Headache, pale lijw, tlusheil cheeks, disturbed dteams, fevenshness, thurst, bad taste in the month, offensive breath, itching of the nostrils, t?in in the stomach, nausea, unnatural appetite, swelled stomach or limbs, sense of something rising in the cheat, lie. O" Mrs. Catharine Ann Briggs, Cherry st. Philadalphia has a little daughter who had been in a decline for several years.? At times she would eat voraciously and sometimes eat nothing at all; and she was last wasting away; her symptoms were so unusual and contradictory that the doctors knew not what to do, but do what thev would, she constantly grew worie, and reluctantly they declared she must die. At the reijueat of a friend, the mother at this stage procured a box of Peters' Worm LoZenges. The first dose satisfied all that worms were the cause of all the child's sufferings, aud two boxes effected a perfect cuie. Mr. J. W. Carpenter, merchant, Rooievrlt it. N. Y., says Dr. Peters' Worm Lozenges possesses more merit than the doctor claims foi them. He has used them in his family with success when every other medicine failed. Wherever they h*?e been used they are preferred to all other remedies. In fact Dr. Peters and his di.tinguished sHo-lates, possessing many receipts of great value, selected from each the most valuable parts, and they conlidenlly say those lozenges cannot be improved. CORDIAL LOZENGES. Peters' Cordial Lozenges are a specific for the relief of II. r\ i hi i or Hick hf<jieh?, In wne*s of fpihtl <-r Mlinkol) , l?B yucr and debility, either from previous disease or loo free Itv ing, tremors, spasm of the stomach, irritability of the nerves, h>stencil affection, drowsiuess, cholera moibus, sense of fatigue. aud palpitation of the heart. From their efficacy in the relietof headache, they are called by many the Headache Lo PETERS' VEGETABLE SHILLING STRENGTHENING PLASTER. This is not only the cheapest, hut the beat, neatest, anil moat comfortable plaster in existence. Peters' Shilling Plaster ia an easy and moat affective remedy for paiu in the bre.aat, side, or aloinarh?weakness or |>ain in the cheat, Toina, or bark?atiffneaa of the neck?affections of the limbs or joints, whether produced by rl einatiam or other causes?habitual pain of the head or atoinach?pile colda, cmiglts, livercoiiiplainu, weakness of the apine?prediapoaition to break oat in bilea and pimplea, liatleaaneaa of the frune, and for nene ral debilitation. , Let any )>eraon afflicted aa above try one of Peters' Shilling Plastera, and we will venture to aay that he could not be prevailed on to diaeard it attain, for ten, 01 inoat probably for a hundred dollara. Price 12 1-2 centa. Pnncipal Ofllcea. 126 Fulton street,cornar of Naaaau and 169 Broadway and 9U Noith Sixth atreet, Philadelphia, att I in* r HOLT'S CAN UY, QURPA88ING ANY THING OF THE KIND.?Let it ~ stand upon its own merits?Conzhs and Colds. HOLT 8 CANDY tins z lined for itaelfa reputation, (solely by ita own menta) far aDove the ordinary claaa of remediea for the complainla for which it ia used. Ii ia recommended by thonaanda who have e\|ieriencid ita e ""? f* sovereign remedy for Coughs, Colda, arid all affections of the Inugt. ? T!1'? Jy certify that I have, in my prartice, prescribed Mr. P. Holt a Compennd f/otigh Cuidy in many cases of coughs, colds, and all affections of the liuigs, with the moat beneficial elfrete?knowing the compositor parts of this Candy, and bav lug used them formally years in my own private practice, I canwith safety recommend the aiiiae to alt iroublbd with iuy ttKfec^^rw i,i? Hartford, Conn. 8ept. 20. ,812. ?AV,D CKANV' M'D" h or sale by M. P. HOLT, 267 Main atreet; also, by the Principal Druggists in Hartford. A H be D. Sands. 79 Fulton atreet; at Dr. SymA Pharmacy, UJ Bowery, corner o< Walker at., arc Areata in Nfew York s212m* r [ all. CARPENTER'S Old Established Peck Slip Dispense Le ry, No. t Peck Slin, (near Pvarl at.)?Private and enuAdential?separate offices and entrances?patienta are never exposed to each others ohaerration. Dr. C. is a Licentiate of the New York Slate Medical Society and has had nearly :i0 years expggience. Perfect core* in all caaes guaranteed. Charges reasonable. alt tm*r W Yfl EW YORK, FRIDAY MO: MUSIC. FLUTE & GUITAR. MK PHIL1PE ERNST, Profetaor of the Flute, Otiitar, an patent Concertina In-xt to announce to hit friends and public that lie hi* iutt published hit nt-qyjAondo Miliiaire" for the KUitar, which will be found well wWtlit the attention of the learner 01 uu.a. ur, fram its kx no; *.11 d'oaplrd to that iiisinim^nt ?uJ calculate J uot oiif y lopictuv bui Lo afford msuuclioo. 'fhi* Hon lo, with mini othr; pletsuijr jdvces of Ins rcin|?osition "for the guiur are to be lound at Mr. Ernst'* rcaiiruce 08 Cm&l aireet, where he coutisues to give lessons ou t:.e above mat rum* nu. s 1 3m * r "TEACHER OK THE FLUTE. TMUNZANI. S3 Thompson street, gives lustrartioas on ? lit Flute. f?rm $15 [ir r i|u?it>r. sB la'r GUITA RS. Vf AUT1N k COL' PA, Ouiur M tuufactuiers, J#j Broadway, i"L up stairs, have constantly on lund a lanje assortment of Guitars, ofFrench, Oeiinau, and Spanish mouel. M. k C. would rail the attention or Solo players to their Terr. Guitara, made after the model of Giuliani, which in brilliancy and purity of [one are anperior, and very eaay to the execution. The instrument* are wamuited perfect, and to stand any change ol climate, and will be exchanged at any time should they not prove satisfactory Strangers are invited to call and examine them. Prices from $15 to $100. Sold, wholesale and retail. S. B. Coupa continues to give Leisons ou the Guitar, sll 2m eou*r rj&tgl DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NASSAU STREET. 'HO ARRANGE a Peil'eci Camera Obscura.require* some L knowledge of Opticts. Persons wishing to procure au instrument will therefore find it to their interest to purchase of an optician. a.iTO lm*r " DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS. FA. AljE'AULT St CO , 168>< Fulton street, op|<osite St. PaiuVchurch, respectfully inform iheir friciida and the I ulilic, !nai tliey lutv a just received by packet ship Argo, an invoice of 1IMKJ BtnurrMIJpt French Plates .-x ucw >?,'! v 01 me i>e*i ana newest pauerus apparatus 100 ounces cromtMt* .V) ounces crouiutt of iotiitie 60 pounds hydro-oilphate of soda 60 grammes of cnloride of gold J00 pounds of Iripnli of *eius<* 60 ounces chloiide of iodine Ami the new book contiiniu1; the Ut? tt improvement! in the Patter re otype. o5 1m?r SHAKSPEARE, 11 Park How, ami 3 Ann atreet. THK SUBSCRIBER begs to return Ins belt thinks to 1 his numerous friends, fur the kind anil liberal encourage mumihey hive (iltn tiim since he ra-opelied the above establishment; lie assures them anil the public in general, that he w ill continue to use every exertion to ineiit their pa trunage. The Larder will be always supplied with the choicest delicacies of the scat on, which will lie served up in a superior manner, at prices in accordance with the limes. 1 he B ir will be stocked with wines, lienors, draught and Scotch ales, Loudon porter, and segara ; all of the very brst quality" Breakfasts, dinners, teas, and suppers, at all rrasdnable hou's. llol dishes, tott|is, Ike., on hand evety day, between the hours of I and i P. VI. OYSTERS?The very best that can be procured, in every style. Suitable notice beiug given, ANY DISH whatever can be procured. 1'iivate rooms, for the accommodation of dinner ttid supper parties. EDWARD WINDU8T. >13 2taw is 4w*r " ON THE CANAL STREET PLAN." THE Public are by this time satisfied that the cheap, clean A and neat Oyster Shops are the beat, and that they are as e 1 lserved as elsewhere. The Subscriber has o|a ned a new establishment at No. 1U9 Nassau strcvt, a few doors above Ann, where he ho|ics, by atrict attention to business, he will merit a share of custom. Bring a new beginner, on his own account, but an old band at the business. Oysters stewed, fried, roasted or raw, served up on the shortest notice, and the best that can be found iu the city. Supper parlies will find this a pleasant resort for an evening >19 lm*r " LIVE AND LET LIVE." '"PHIS has hren the inotto under which the celebrated Rests J- rat, Nn. Ill Broadway, set sail under, aud thusfirit weathered the storm of hard limes with our bannerstilltl i itiu. to the tide of public favor and approbation. The proprit torn pf_ the opinion that a neat clean establishment, attentive help,[he finest oysters the market attords.with a desire to please, will ensure to him a liberal patronage. Nothing shall be wanting to keep up the reputation ef the establishment?"Never say die." B. HutSBMAN, ?ltlpi*r 2H Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. ONE PRICE CASHTSTORE, AT 81 Chatham street, where will be (band clothing at the following low prices;?Bt aver and pilot cloth costs, from $5 to $15; satiiiett pants from $1 50 to $'t; double and single I bieasted rest, from $1 50 to S2 5?. The west side ol Chatham it?No 81. s28 lm*r HENRY COGSWELL. THIS AMERICAN MACINTOSH. PREJUDICE, or habit, make some to prefer every thing foreign. We aaksuch to tnake trial of our water-proof coals and ca|>es, and learn for once (so far at least as our Macintoshes are concerned) that the only merit peculiar to the imported ever the American, is that they may have hung on a$>ex in Cheaptide until they became rusty and out ol lashiou, ti.en hipiied to America to be sold as "good enough for the mtrket." Trice of the American Macintosh from ten dollars upward*. HORACE H. DAY, 15 Maiden Lane, *29 lm*r Successor to Hoabury ludia Rubber Co. ZEPHYR EMBROIDERY WOOL, best Berlin manufactures,by the case or to suit purchasers. German Worsted, assorted colors. Chine Worsted, do Berlin Embroidery patients, new designs and all makes. Hill:, Cotton, Worsted and Liueu Canvass, all widths. Floss .Silk, complete assortment of colors. Chenille Cord and working chenille. Purse twist, gold and silver thread aud braids. Oast Olace, lor covering embroideries. Fancy embroidered articles. Cords, tassels fringes, See. he. Uallo .as, bindings, boot cords, lie. lie. Received by late arrivals, and constantly on hind, by EDWARD L1PPOLD, s6eod Im*rc No. 101 William st, near John, up stairs. "diseases of the eye. K. K. DIOSSY, OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. 207 BROADWAY, Entrance in Fulton Street, opposite St. Paul's Church. ATTENDS TO DISEASES OF_f HE EYE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFP1CK HOURS FROM 9 TO (> O'CLOCK. Having complete', his studies of 5 years with UR. ELLIOTT, Oculist, and been subsequently engaged as his assistant, H. K. Diossy is enabled to undertake the treatment of all diseases affecting the organs of vision. Terms moderate and graduated to the nature and extent of the disease. Psmmission is given to refer to his late untrue to.. and also to some of the most eminent Professors of the Medical Faculty in New York. >.B. 1 he oor treated gram itomly io4 J- SHANKS, M. D., OCULIST, AND Professor of Ophthalmic Anatomy amiI Surgery, Diseases of the Eye end Ear, and Imperfection* of Vuion. Office 19? Broadway, eom?r John street, up itairs. N. B.?Doctor Shank* beg* to inform t'io*e affected with HMH* of the Eye or Ear, or Imperfection* ol Vision, that, on application at hi* office, their cur* will meet with that skill and treatment wnich must MCHwitf follow a majl extensive practice, bated on an accurate anatomical, physiological, and pathological knowledge of the the human Eye and Ear, and that part of Optic* pertainig to Vision. Office hours, from 10, A. M. to J, P. M. daily, Sundays excepted. Reference*?The Medical Department of the University of theCityofNew York. ______ >2* rod lm*r THE TEETH. 'T'HE TEETH?A reduction of 20 per cent?Upper and lower seta ofteetli inaertcd on suction or atmospheric jirrv snre, so as to be worn with ease and firmness, from a single tooth to an entire aet; all can be supplied with the best mineral teeth; toothache cured. For estreeting tooth, JO ceuts. Children a, naif price. J. Btukey, Surgeon Dentist, 27 Mnr ray street, nest door to the church, west of Broadway. jy23 cod 3ni* fififls TOOTH WASH?Prepared from the original re" ci|?atNo.3 Gold street. New Irok?The Orris Tooth Wash Is purely a vegetable preparation, possessing the properties o tsleacxug the teeth tad rnoath restoring the gsms to a healthy stSte, and preventing any nnpleasact tute or odonr in the mouth, whether arising from decayed teeth or from a Je ranged state of the stomach. It is designed to be used with a tooth brush, and will be fonnd to sutiersrde the neeeturitv ' ft i*wfsr .kseptrg tb? teeth clean and preventing the naaii&gaway Of tk? gams it .ri the teeth. It is particular y nsefnl in cases of spungy gums, lestoringthern to a healthy state, and causing them to contract around the teeth. In painful affection* of the teeth and gums, arising from rxiiosure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It Is imp ticttliuly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wash at night jnit before retiring to rest. Thi? method is rerosnmeDiled by eminriit dentists, u hy so doing ell particles of food which seenmolatr during the day arc entirely removed. ami the month kept through the night in a clean, swrel, and healthy (late. Sonud teeth and while teeth are the most valuable |>ortintu of poor humanity; but how many neglect the attention neecssar" for their preservation, eyi-n when surrounded hy nil the mean* needed. Among Litem we know of none more pleasant and effectual than the Orru Tootli Wash?it cleanses and whiten* the teeth, ?trengthen? the itnrrn, purifies the month, and eweeteiu the breath. We recommend ite uac to all, young and old.?[Boston Morning Post. The Orris Tooth Wash ia the beat detergent we eret aaed on onrenamel.?[Boiton Tranaoript. For aale by the principal drnggiau in the city m4 r News -"news i-enolish newspapers? " Bell'a Life in London." " Illustrated New*." " Punch,"?" Si|uib"?" Satirist,"Ac. Full filet are received t>y every Steamer, and for aale at the New? Office, No. 4 Aim street. New York. Persona residiug in Canada, will find this a desirable place to send their orders for any lepers i uhlishrd on tha Continent. A Letter Bag is kept here for the Liverpool Steamers, and a special messenger despatched to Boston. The " Ailist,"a monthly Ladies' Book, $3 per year?3 shillings single cooy, is for sale here. The Whig Monthly lleview, (now in press,) ft 00 per year ; tingle numbers iO cents. Agents supplied at reason! tile rates for all of the foregoing works. E. B. TUTTLE, Agent. *11 lm eod#t No. 4 Ann street, N. Y, TRANSPARENT AND WASHABLE WINDOW I SHADES.?The subscribers hare on hind the largest slid most varied assortment of French and Italian painted Window Shades, of scroll, Got hie, Igadwapt and plain centres, and for sale lower than can he purchased at any other establishment in the city. They vary in price and <jualitv from the most magnificent French painting erer imimrted in the country, to the cheap Italian style, as low a* 8s. each. Also on hand, a large stock and Linens for win lows, of various patterns, futures, tec. Together with a general assortment ol all desertions of Upholstery Goods, Beds, Mattresses, Curtains, Curtain Materials, Gilt ornaments, Ac. For sale at remarkable low prices. .. _ , . SOLOMON A HART, Upholsterers, Ac. s8 er.dlm'rc 187 Broad wn loim street VELVETS?Nnpvr i-t Mack and bins Mack Lyons Bilk v Velvets for merchant tailors, just received, and for sale by O. V ABET, 40 Cedar at. np suits. *88 lm*re - IRK I ? RNING. OCTOBER 7. MEDICINES. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARM ACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OK yUACKERY, HAS met with tin- most uiiprrcrdi'titrd success since lit com mrucement, particularly from lite unfortunate victims ol unprincipledpretenders, who aie uow daily jtaiiiini; strength end riipu under the judicious treatment of tnv College. 'I he following prtparatlou* hav already obtained a cdetiriiy uuparalelled in 'die allied* of medicine. EXTRACT OK 8AR8APAHILLA. ThU article has been prepared at groat expense, according to the new process ol the Parisian pharmaceutists, and is confidently denominated the only really valuable prsparation of Sarsaparillanow ollered lor sale in this country. Together with the active principle of the Smilax officira/is?the best species ol the root?the College have incorporated that peculiar modification of sugar, which has been termed glycurrhixin. In the "Extructs" of the net trum-venders and certain druggists, the common extiuct ot liquoricei* the chief ingredieut, ana can readily bode tected. But it ii proper to state that in most cases this extract of liquorice is adulterated, and contains copper de rived from thu pans in u hich the decoction of the root is evaporated. The College wish thus particularly to guard the public against the pernicious tendency of mixtures, containing large quantities of this |>oisoncd liquorice. The " Extract/' prepered by the College, contains also an appropriate quantity of the peculiar crvstallnable principle, obtained from that valuable vegetable bitter, Gentian, po culled lrom Gentius, King of Illy na, who lirst discovered its great virtues.) A small portion of the active constituents ol the Laurus Sassafras, another vegetable, whose etHcacy as an alterative and purifier of the blood is well known, has likewise been added. These several articles have been incorporated, and their peculiar principles compounded in a highly concentrated form, and the resuit has been the production of a vegetable alterative and tonic, unequalled for power and eikcacy. ThoCollege merelv add the following extract from the edition just published ol Brande's "Practical Dictionary of the Materia Mcdica ? " This article has been prescribed in chronic rheumatism?in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent ulcers?in glandular affections?in diseases of the bones, attended by dull aching pains, tumors and nodes?wasting Of the Acsh?and H has proved a valuable remedy, and A as sometimes effected a cure where other alteratives have been long administered in vain, and to hen the diseased stale of the system has been of many years duration. In the qfitr treatment ot syphilis, and in cases tchere mercury has injuriously ofscted the system, it possesses powers not hitherto observed in any other article of the Materia Medica." Sold in iinolr Botti.s.s, at 75cents each. " In Casks or mnr-A-DOscn Bottles, $3 50. ' " " onu sotcN " 6 00. Cases forwarded to ail parts of the Union. THE UNR1VALLTKD TONIC MIXTURE. A Certain cure lor all forms of dyspepsia, low spirits, loss ol appetite, lassitude, cutaneous iTU|>tion>, general debility, preKiapoiition (o con?uinptionr and all cornpl lints arising Iroin a disarrangement of the ucrvious system. It may be uIsq used with great lacoru in cues of fever anil ague, and as a preventative ta yellow (ever. Sold in bottles at $1 aud Si! each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheum uic panis, colic, bruises, sprains, spinal disease, nervous headache, pains in the joints, and immediate aud permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 75 cts C*C THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the cure of all cases ol a delicate disease, or for pains in the bones, eruptions, sine throat, or any other distressing symptoms, produced bv an injudicious use of mercury, or by quackery. Sold in bottles nt SI and $2 each. THE AMERICAN ANT1BILOUS CATHARTIC PILL. For the cure ofall derangements of the liver, purifying the blood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to Wealthy action, and giving new vigor to the viial powers. This medicine is eutirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum venders. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to tliu female set, and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female organs, with lull directions and cautions as to use, and sold in botes at SI, 30 cents, aud 23 cents each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic ihcuina lisin, ami to improve the toue ol the digestive organs. f he french antiphlogistic mixture. Guaranteed to ure gonorrhoea, gleet, aud all mucopurulent discharges fiom the urethra. Sold in bottles at 30 cents and ?l each. The almve preparations may also lie had of the following sub-agents in this city:? J. W. II asset, 6U Jrudway. I)r. E. M. Guion, 127 Bowery. l)r. Hudson street. Elias L.Tlieall, 313 Grand street. Wm. Armstrong. 181 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, oj W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent PARR'S LIRE PILLSThe immense increase of the sale of these Pills for the short timo they have been introduced into this country, is truly astonishing, and a convincing proof of the conquering jwiwer of this hue herbal medicine in remedying disease. At this season ofthe year, when the system is relaxed by the heat of summer, a course of this invaluable rardicine will clear off ttte sour anil bad humors which heat invariably generates. The liver, which geneially gets sluggish, will be put into healthy action, anil thus be able to perform the functions allotted to it, the body altogether will be reiuvigorjtei, and prepared to undergo whitever change the winter may bring on. Ill bilious complaints, heavy colas and inflammations, they afford a speedy relief, aiiu to the fema'e constitutions they are particularly applicable, as many who have triad tlieoi can certify. In fact, every one who hat used Parr's Life Pills seem to be instilled with new life, for their MC,tODIO properties invari ibly restore the stomach to a healthy longing for food, sound sleep, and all the concomitants attendant on good health. The extent to which they aro used in Europe, among "11 classes of society, is beyond conception, fur more than 30 000 boxes are there sold weekly, showing that all who use them appreciate their worth. They are sold exclusively by the following agents, viz : ? Rushton & Aspiuwall, druggists and chemists, 86 William st. 110 Broadway aud 10 Astur House. Abraham Sands k Co.draggists and chemists.gramte buildings, 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber st. P. Dickie, 411 Broadway, corner of Lispenard at. John B. Dodd. druggist, Broadway,corner Bleeckerat. A. W. Bailers, Bowery Medicine Store, 260 Bowery. John C. Hut, druggist, 318Grand corner Norfolk st, Symes' Medicine store, GJ Bowery, comer of Walker st. A. B. Tripler, corner Fultou and Water it. Horace Everett, druggist, 367 Oreenwichsf., next the corner of r raiiKiin ii. J. h J. Coddington, apothecaries, 227 Hadti n steevt, corner of Spring (t. E. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, 261 Blaeckcc St., corner ol Jon-s it. J. Wendover, druggist snd apotheary, 141 Eighth avenue. , Brooklyn?Win. Armstrong, seed, drug and patent medicine warehouse, 18IW Fulton ?t. And wholesale, at proprietors' office, T. ROBERTS fc CO., . Clarendon IIousc, corner of Dunne street and Broadway, ol lm*r "SEBRING'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL. VTO. 476 Broad way, N.Y.?This Cordial having obtained a just d-v celebrity on acconnt of the many caret it has performed, in cases to which it is adapted, the public is respectfully informed that itrelievesDyspepsiaaud other disorders of the stomach. It is peculiarly adapted to remove those complaints, not bv constantly physicing, t ut by strengthen)Of the system. No g.eatn mistake can be made than in suppose that Dytpe|>*ia, or anyother disease arising from debility, cau be cured by a frequent forced action on the bowels, by purgative medicines, when this complaint esists, the system is already too weak, and every additional dose lends to make it more so. The Cordial, on the coutrary, acting as a tonic, strengthens the digestive organs, and assists them to perform their lUHCtious as nature designed.? Hence it is fonud to be efficacious also in those diseases peculiar to females, whirh arise inure frequently from weakness than from any other cause. The Cordial likewise is a certain cure for the Nervous Headache, and affords relief in almost all if fections of the nervous system. It is an excellent preventive of costivenets and low spirits. The sged and inlirm of both sexes, and persons of sedentary habits, prone to costireness, have experienced great benefit from it. It t|wedily promotes strength in all eases of general debility, restores a good and healthy apiietite, gives tone and vigor to the whole system, and is hlghfv beneficial as a tonic in convalescnce from fevers arid other saute disorders. In proof of its virtues in the above complaints, the public it referred to the recommendations of eminent physicians, as well as those of respectable gentlemen who have derived benefit from the uxe of it, some of which arc published in the circular accompanying each bottle. The Restorative Cordial is prepared and sold by the proprietor at 476 Broadway, N. Y., and by resectable druggists throughout the country. Price $1 per bottle,and $5 per dozen. Orders accompanied by the cash punctually executed, and forwarded ?c co ril lug to directions olim'ni OCULISTS. EToCTOil J. FRANCIS' CELEBRATED KYE WATER. VTO. Id BARC, Y STREET, within twr doors of the Aslor Hr? ? Hit preparations are a perfect cure for all iutiauima<oryu sac of the eye, wcaUnrts of sight, he., * ?> never fail in res ring nebnlss of the longest standing, without any surgical operation. CERTIFICATES. I certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of abont fifteen years ol see. was hroneht to mv house last lall. ammrentlv blind. He called on me to-day, and states that he ha* been the patient oi L)r. J. Francis, whose treatment has been the reeani, unilei Ood, ofiestoring hi* liicht. JAMES MIL.NOK, Rector of 9t. George's Church, it. Thin is to certify that two of my children were afflicted with diseased eve* for* lentrth of time, one oi them was almost blind with nebulas, coreiinir the siicht. Kvety remedy was rssorted to without any good effect, and despaired of them erer being recoveied. 'iiiey are now iwrfec'ly lestored to sight by Dr. J. Francis' eelsbrated preparation. DANIKC 8. JONES, 49* Pearl street. I was almost blind for twelre years, and in five wetka, uudet the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Brunei*, my sight is now per recti y good and strong. MARTHA BROWN, IT7 Forsyth street. I certify to the above being a true statement. tJEOHOE BENEDICT, Pasto ol the Stautou street Chwoh. I was nearly blind for twe ity years with acaiar ct in each eye and from the use oPDr. Francis' wonderfn' preparation for that disease, my eyes are now perfectly Trcoviweai. HESTER JOHNSTON, 41 Kldndge street. We, the undersigned, having witnessed: ne astonishing efficacy ol Dr. Francis' preparations lot diseases of the eye, unhesitatingly recsmmend them to the notice of the r?blic, ss raluabl i remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of McDongal st. Church. S H. Cone, Pastor of the First Baptist Church. John Peck, Agent of the Home Mission Society. Jacob Broomr, Pastor of the North Baptist Church. Jos"ih Audreadc, Itoman Cstholic Priest of St. Peter's Church. Numerous certificates can he seen at the omca. I rrpared and sold only by Dr. J. Francis, 10 Baiclay street. New York. Artificial Eves inserted, which cannot h? distinguished from the usfunl, without giving the slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs hit friends and the pelvic, that in conse^nencc of the increase of his business, Dt. Oletiny, Member of tlie Royal College of Surgeons, Condon, and of the New York Medical Society, lias joined him, and every confidence can he placed in his professional skill as an Oculist. Olflce hours from > A. M.. nntil 0 P. M. ivlfl 1m?e HIDES AND FAT.?Fire cents |*r pound c?sh, current money, will be given for all hides weighing 60 lbs. ami under, and four and a half cents for all over <W Ibs.i and the highest maikei price for sheep, calf skins, and fsl, delivered at the Hi ie House, 228 Elisabeth street, between Princ? and Haastou streets, by JOHN HUNN. ol 2w*r IERA 12. I.olll* vlllr, K} . [Cormiioudence of the Herald.] Louisville, dept. 29, 1M2. , Tht latt affair of thooling Mr. Bliu?Tfie'Contsyont/ence?Air. BUm' Wound. Jam. Gokdox Bennett, Esq.? Further developments have taken place which throw more light unon the late bloody affair enacted in this city on Monday night, the 26th inst. It aj>pears that a kind of an apology was given for the publication, so far as Mr. IMiss was concerned, who had requested the editor of the Journal to strike out whatever he thought would cause the slightest possible offence to Mr. H. C. Pope, and from all reports, Mr. II. C. P. did not take exception to the article, but when talking about it to some friends and acquaintances, said that the reported speech was not half so bad as the actual one, and laughed at it as a fine joke. A great many looked upon it as burlesqueing the locotoco party, and not as a per sonal affair, till Pilcher, whose name was mentioned in the urticle, jocosely styled Col. McPilcher. took no notice of it whatever, and he was assailed far more than the other person, whose name was not mentioned, but alluded to in such a way as those only acquainted with the circumstance could understand the allusion. Why is it that u fortyeleventh cousin of Mr. H- C. Pope should get in high dudgion about an article, and creute u rumpus about an affair that concerned him but little, to say the most, while those more intimately concerned remained silent, and took no participation in it whatever! Here is an anomaly. When Mr. Bliss gave the article published in the "Journal of the 20th inst., he inauired of Mr. Prentice, whether he thought it would, if published, give any offence to H. C P. jHcnry and myself," he added, "have always been on very friendly terms, and 1 have a high regard for him : and if there is any thing in this that would be likely to offend him, 1 wish it stricken out." Prentice saw nothing that could cause offence, and all who have read the article are of the same opinion. Yet notwithstanding this, the following note was handed to Mr. Prentice on the evening of the day the article was published in the Journal: ? Mr. Gkorue D. Prentice? Sir : As the next friend of Mr. H. C. Pope, and, whilst ho is confined to his bed of sickness, I claim the privilege of demanding the name of the author of the communication which appeared in your paper of to-day. Respectfully, GODFREY POPE. This will be brought you by my friend Mr.O'Hara. Sept. :20th, 1342." Mr. Bliss was shown the above? Mr. P. telling him that he did not conceive that Godfrey Pope had any right to interfere, and, if he,|(Mr.B.) said so, he would peremptorily refuse to give up his name : Mr. B. replied, "no, don't do that, 1 do not wish to he de >1... It I,. ..... as librarian ; (he is in the Mercantile Library ;) but you may write back to him, and tell him, he is perfectly welcome to my name, it he will not use it in his paper." The following reply was accordingly sent to Mr Pope:? " Louisville, Sept. 30. SIR? 1 do not know that you have a right to demand of me the name of the aathoi of the communication in my paper relative to Mr. H. C. Pope. The author, however, ia perfectly willing that you should have his name, provided you will not use it in your paper. On that condition 1 will give it to you. Respectfully yours, GEORGE D. PRENTICE. GonrRr.r Porn, Esq." On Sunday night the 25th, the following was received by Mr. Prentice:? Sir :? I have delayed replying to your note thus long to hear something definite as to II. C. Pope's situation. Finding he has not returned to town, I accept of the condition expressed in it, and pledge myself not to use the name of the author in my paper. An immediate acknowledgment will oblige. Respectfully vours, dec. GODFREY POPE. The following was the immediate response:? "Louisville, Sept. 36. Sir :? 1 have reason to know, that the author of the communication in my pnper relative to Mr. II. C. Pope had no intention of giving offence to that gentleman. When he left the communication at my office, he expressly said,that ifit contained any thing calculated to give offence to Mr P., for whom he had a high regard, he wished K stricken out. With this explanation, which of course I maki without my correspondent's knowlodg-, I give you hii name. It is L. Bliss, Jun. Respectfully yours, GEORGE D. PRENTICE. Godprdt Pope, Esq.'' xms last note is surncieni to satisfy uie mosi unctillious. Mr. Bliss was informed that his name had been given up, and was warned to be upon his guard. Mr. Poj>e the next evening hunted him through the streets,finally meeting him at the Washington Hall, where the catastrophe already published in your paper, transpired. Mr. Pope's hearing is put off until Saturday, for the purpose of obtaining evidence, and also to hear something definite in relation to Mr. B's situation. The fatal tendency of the wound can be gathered from the following :? "In the muscular part of the upper part of the right arm there is a bullet wound, entering above, and traversing the under part of the arm, in the. flesh and skin of which there is a longitudinal slit, and then penetrating the body through the right arm pit, by the shoulder blade to the spine, in which it is decided by the medical attendants the ball is lodged.? An instantaneous paralysis of the whole frame, from the region of the wound downwards, took place, und still continues under the most alarming indications." Arumor is afloat that $1000 wus offered to Mr. Holt to defend Mr. Page, and that he declined to exert his legal abilities in defence of so aggravating a case. This must not seem astonishing to your readers, for a similar case is told of the same able lawyer when he was in very pinching circumstances, which was declined by him. He is now rich and can exercise his independence with impu nity. A great deal of excitement still prevails against Mr. P. The question "how is Mr. Bliss today 1" is uttered by everybody to the friends or acquaintances of Mr. Bliss. A great anxiety is expressed and felt by the people. He was universally liked and respected by all who knew him ; and one of theinost innocent and unoffending men in the community. You may expect further details in a few days. Business remains about the same?the river is slightly falling?it is in good navigable condition. Youro, Advena. The Fashion in Paris.?Almost all the women o fashion who now remain in Paris are to be seen daily in the Bois de Boulogne, on horseback ; there can, of course, he little variety in the riding habit, he favorite color for which is black, with tight ulnnitnu ti nil nn s?nllur ovopnf nnp muHp nf d/mliln cambric, in which is stitched a pretty running pattern, withcuHs of the same. The gloves are made of rein-deer leather, turned up with velvet, and buttoned with three small gold buttons. A new style riding hat has appeared, which is strikingly becoming ; it is made of black or violet colored velvet, the crown exactly like a man's hat, the brim very large, and turned up a little on one side by a cord, to which is fastened a leather, which droops over the other aide ; round the edge of the brim is sometimes sewn a broad black lace, which forms a veil ; it is worn a little on one side, and not only serves to protect the face from the sun, hut is a most elegant looking head-dress. General Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Judge Lynch. Wm. Stbaxo, Acting District Attorney. Oct. 0.?Annul! on an Offictrof folic*?William Ryer was tried for assaulting and lieutiLg Teunes Kokkcs, a city marshal, and Patrick Burns, while they were attempting to arrest him for aniaggravatcd assault and battery previously committed on his wife. Ryer pleaded his own cause, and attempted to defend himself on the ground that his wife was in a public porter house, and that he was endeavoring to get her home. The Jury returned a verdict of guilty, and the Court sentenced him to th? Penitentiary tor four months. lie then entered a plea of guilty to an indictment for an assault and battery on Isaac Cockefair, actty marshal, who was beaten by him while endeavoring to arrest him for the assault on Fokkes and Bums. Ryer snatched the warrant for his arrest|from Cockcfair's hand, and torn It to pieces. The Court sentenced him on this ihdictment to the Penitentiary for two months, making six months in all. If the Judges of the Court of Hussions expect that such punishment is equivalent lor such an outrageous offence, the time will soon arrive when nane but bullies and ruffians will consent to serve in the capacity of officers o( police. This man should have been sentenced for six months on each offence. An Old " Konryackrr" Trird.?Kliia Beverance, one of the cutest of the tiand ot dealers in counterfeit money that infest ourcit^ was placed upon trial impleaded with Bridget Farley, for attempting to pass a JlS counterfeit note ot the Suffolk County Bank of Boston, on Patrick Commisky, on the evening of the 16th of June. It was proven thst she came to the store of Commisky on the above named evening, in company with Bridget Farley, anothernotorious dealer in spurious money, and alter purchasing some few articles of little value, offered the nil! for payment. She was told that the bill was counterfeit, end It was also proved that she afterwards attempted to pass the same noteonDennis Dempay,of JOT Maaison street, whereshe Li D. Prtei Two C?aU wan also told it was a bad note, and left the store, say lag she would return aAar getting it changed. The note was proved to he a counterfeit by Marsh, the broker, who sa.d he thought that good judge* would be deceived bjr it. The prisoner vu ably defended by Wm. M. Price, Esq., and Mr. Strang summed up the evidence lor prosecution in a very clear and lucid muuner. The Court chaiged that it was not only necessary for the jury to be tatisflrd that prisoner had passed the note, but that she knew it ? us counterfeit. The original name of this woman was O'Brian, and she has been known lor years as oil'- of a gang in company with Kate Moore, Betty Wurden, and others. Mary Stone, wifeot James Stone, the calcinated counterfeiter; Honora Shepherd, wile of William Shepherd, now in Trenton State prison lor counterfeiting, and Michael O'Bnau and Peter O'Briaa, of the same character, are children of this notorious woman. Notwithstanding thia lart, which is w ell known to the police and the court, and also that she has been tried several limes for passing counterfeit money, yet it could not be offered in evidence, and the result was that the jury, after an absence of several hours, returned into court, stating they could not agree, and were discharged. Wholttal' Store Tkitvti?Araham Ounst, a Herman Jew, was placed upon his trial, impleaded with Jacob Guilgt. and Morit? Silver, on a charm* of irrand larr.env in stealing two pieces of thread lace Irom the (tore of Bowen & .McNamoe, 16 William afreet, on the 33d of Aug. last. The tint witness called, was Theodore McNaMke, oneofthe firm,of 16 William it , who stated that on the 23.1 of August these men came into the store, and intimated that they wished to purchase goods. While in the act one of the clerks discovered that Jacob was stealing goods, and on h>s hat being taken off, two pieces of thread lace valued at $30, were found In it. At this time Abraham was pricing goods near by, and on the discovery of the theft, he censured witness lor charging his brother with such a crime. He suspected the mea when they came in. from the fact that he supposed they were German Jew pedlars. Asnirw D. L?.t?0!s, ane of the clerks, saw Moritz Silver take a piece of thread lace and put it under his coat, but returned it to the counter. He also saw either Jacob or Abraham put the two pieces of laees in his hat; but being excited at the time, he could not exactly swear which one of the two it was, hut thinks it was Jacob. The defence called a number of German Jews, who testified that prisoner always paid for what he bought. There being no evidence that prisoner had committed larceny, although he was in the company of two others who stand charged with the crime, th 'jury w ere unable to agree, and alter deliberating for several hours were discharged. The Grand Jury came into court and stated that they could not proceed to business for the want of a quorum, there being but thirteen members in attendance. Thomas Murphy who w s present in the court room, was called and sworn as u Grand Juror, and they then proceeded to business. Court Callendar?Thls Day. Circuit Court?Nos. '393, 73, 130, 131,153, 167, 138, 161, 171, 17'3, 173, 19,77, 84, 174, 173,60, 73,73, 101,10*3. Sitlkiok Court.?Nos. 36, 70,71, 73, 73, 177, 74, 75, 78, 79, 81, 93, 83, 84, 96, 99, 90, 91, 93. Commox Pleas?Part 1.?Nos. 33, S3, 65, 91, 139, 151, 6 , 37, 37,67, 191, 133.139, 67, 117, 131, 193, 103, 33.?Part 3.? Nos. 44, 96, 104, 109. Bankrupt Islet. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Joel B. I'ost (late firm Post, Gibson, Sc Post), N. York Nov. i. Samuel Coleman, publisher, Nov. 6. ^ Jordan Molt (late nm J. H. Oc J. Mott,jeweller*) Nov. 5. George Starr, N. Y., merchant (late of Mobile) Nov. 12 Nathan Stephen*, merchant (late firm G. Steven* fc Son*) Nov. 6. Samuel B. Wales, shoemaker, N.Y. (late of Abington, Man.) Nov. 6. Henry E. Morgan, merchant, N Y., Dec. 16. E. M. Townsend, N.Y. (late firm Townsend k Paor, Carbondale). H. W." Dickinson, N. Y. James Mahoney, late merchant, N. Y. Evander Berry (late firm Cole* k Berry), N.Y. Isaac W. Winn, N.Y. (late firm Eaulkner k Winn, Baltimore). John "M. Griffith, forwarding merchant, N. Y. John H. Richards (late firm Richard* k Cromwell) PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF TIIE CITY OF NEW YORK"LIAVE prepared a Dumber of 41 Private Medicine fvhests," O. each containing an appropriate quantity of the new French Medicine* tor tin-cure of a |>eculiar class of diseases, whicn have unfortunately in too many instances fallen under the treatment of ignorant quacks, in consequence of the extreme delicacy which patients thus afflicted exhibit in applying for medical tdvire trorn lOTpactable physicians. In the mode n<?w e* plained, however,safe and effectual treatment will be gained by such patients without the necessity of making any disclosure of i their case. The "Medicine Chest" contains such a ciuanltity of appropriate medicine as is guaranteed to effect a |*eilret core, and ample directions in a plain and familiar style accompany each chest. The remedies are applicable to all forms of the disease. The Chests, containing remedies for syphilitic diseases are sold for $6 each?the chests with remedies for *oiOirboj? and gleet $3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent of the College. W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. Principal Office of the College 97 Natsa? street. N. B.?Cases forwarded to lII parts of the Union, the C anada* and West Indies. Persons purchasing the Chests can,by addressing the College, gratuitously obtain whatever additional advice they mav desire during the progress of their case. sftg IP 1 " DK~3OE0MON HEINE TITOULD inform hi* patient* and the public, the he still ad?* here* to hi* origiual proposition, to recei?e no money either for medicine or attendance until the patient ia satisfied with hi* improvement, and would inform them that he has remoied from tit Broadway to No. 17 Reade airert, opposite the Marahall House, where he aolicita the attendance cn the aoove mentioned condition*, of all who have suffered for a long time under disease* considered by them incurable. SOLOMON HEINE, M. D. For the advantage of all who wish to attend the treatment of Dr. Solomon Heiue, 1 would state that the dnly Doctor Heine who ha* ever lived in, or had hi* office in Broadway, ia the one now residing at ST Reade street, oppoaite the Marahall House. Thia Physician came to this country about eight year* since. 1 have had the pleasure of knowing him since that time, and of witnessing many surprising cures performed by him?ha is above the age of 5S years, anil is the only one of the name who is a member of the medical institutions of lha City end Stale of New York. E. W. WETMOKE, M. D. Sworn before me, this 27U> day of of April, A. D. IW. Richaup Rrtii Com. r. ,?ds. ?IS Im'r CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHENWARE 8 ASTOR HOUSE. "DRENCH Porcelain Dinuer Services, IIS pieces, |2S 00 P White Granite, do do 112 do 13 00 French or English Porcelain Tea Sets. 32 do 4 (10 . Dinner Plates. French Porcelain, per doieu, 194 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 10(1 Sonp, do French Porcelain, do 2 00 Do do Granite, blue or white, do I 00 Tea Caps and Saucers, (24 nieces) French Porcelain, ISO Egg Cops, do do 37 Glass. Cut Wines, per dnteti, from I SO Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 Table Cm.ear Of the linest descriptions, in sets or dor.ens, at the lowpnee of $12 the set. Just opeued , a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent forthe sale of Sim|>sou'* Ear Cornets, for the relief of deafness. *4 1m* rc CARR'S SUPERIOR NEW CAMPHINETAMPS: LAMPS FOR BURNING LARD. ALSO, a Urge assortment of | Uin and Jsppaned Tin Ware, Chaudaliers, Aural and other Lumps, altered to burn campiime anil chemical oil, on an improved plan. Alan? Hulwrior Campbine and Chemical Oil, at wholsale and retail, by BACKUS k BROTHER, 150 Fulton at. N. Y. N. B.?Persons can be served wiili Camphine and Chemical Oil at their reaidencea by leaving their add tea aa above. a? lm? TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS -The aubacnber would rail the attention of all who are in want of Looking Qlaaa and Ticture Frames, to his extensive stock, which for quality and workmansnip he tlatrrre himself cannot be ncelled by any manufacturer in ihia city. The trade in general would do well to call before purchasing ?l?ewhete. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a good assortment af Fancy Woods of every description. horace v. sioler, No. 31 Ann street and 44 llamrnrrsley at, New York. 0 1 lm*r ______ _______ /"CORPORATION NOTICE.?Public notice is hereby given v that a Sale of Property for unpaid Taxes will take place, at public auction, at the City Hall of the City of New York, on Monday, the 5th day of December, 1841, at 13 o'clock, noon,and b) continued from day to day until the whole of said property shall he sold; and that the detailed statement of the taxes, and property to be sold, ia published in the New Era, a newspaper printed and published in the city of New York. D. D. WILLIAMSON, Comptroller. Comptroller's Office, Aug. 20, 1843. si Itaw I4w TKNKH / OROWER? Information is wanted of tin pn " sent, or last plate of residence of Jenks Z. urowrr, who was in New York six or seven years ago. and removed, it ia believed, to the State of Michigan, Mr. Grower, or any person furnishing information, will mu h oblige by sending the subscriber this information, or wher his residence can be as certained. Information ia wanted ol Mr. Grower re?|?c(ing a transaction which took plice aome years slncr. New York, September 17, 1843. JOHN W. LUDLOW. 01 lwltawM*r 78 Cortland street. New York. E SPY'S PATENT CONT7 A TV EWTE A TOK~ T^HIScheap, simple and efficii nt appar.itsu is tdaptei to all J purposes of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, ' nnrcnea, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vaults, he. he. may b' tiun be kept free from ell (oul air and unwholesi me effluvia, it is also anwfTectual cure for Smoky Chimnies. The subscriber having purchased the riiht fenUwCgTMg County of New York, is prepared to sippH the public with C M e u7 rJu! m r!g of a U descriptions furnished in any part of the Stfvrm? 5H5i "all"'"if?? I,n.r t?k s25 3ui#m AOFN't'B THHOIRIHOUT''fHtt T^UNITFp's'taTES?On the 1st of January, lift, a n.w monthly inagaauie of literature, fashion, and the fine arts will be issued under the editorial charge of Epei Sargent, Est-, and published for the proprietors by the subscriber. Every numuor will contain two snperb iner.r.ot into or steel '"ft * vings, s plate of the fashions, anil a piece of music the latter dei>artment being supplied by W. R. Dempster E?|. ? be tint male and female writers in the country have b*'n engaged aa contributors. The typographical execution will be or the most superb chancier. ... Terma of the work to single subscribers W ? v?ar, (wyable ,1. advance. Order, and Somm..u ol 3teod*ee '? "P ???"

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