Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. Vllle? o.atO ?Wholi Ho. 3131. MEDICAL. BRISTOL'S yARSAPARILLA. ? ? MANUFACTURED and .old by the proprietor, C. C. i'l BRISTOL. Buffalo. and for uk by lu? Agent,.WILLIAM BUROEH, Who)rule Dnufut. No.. * *?*'? ? Lort; laudt at. a ml lu Greenwich it. andby the principal Diu?gi?u throughout the Union. . .., , . ___ Tin. preparation ha* now been brlore the public Ten year., during which lime it. reputation ha? been .leadtly and rapidly advancing, until it. preaeut aud deleted eelebnty ha. beru attained?nor i* it .tationary at even thi. altitude ol eatimalion, a> the evidence of each .ucceeding day clearly evince*. Many of the firat Phyaiciana in the country have volunf.irilv home witurji to it. .utierior emcacy of value,_aa their written ct rdficMei, now in the possession Ul the proprietor, will show. Testimonials almost innumerable, Irom per ous who have been benefitted by its nse, or have seen its medicinal virtues tested by their IViends, are also in possession of Mr. Bristol, which piove how many, how various, jnd how eitreme hare been the iuatanca in which, by lie operation the rich And the almoat despairing hare been restored to health and feiitlSTOL'S SAK9APAKILL.A it a rare and inraluable combination si vefeuble remedies of established medical ralne, and from its peculiar properties it almost infallible in all complaiuta that arise Irom impurities of the blood, from the morbid action ol the absorbent and (landalar ayalenu, from consul j.tonal idiosyncrasies, hereditary predisposition, an J ir ftneral all chronic sad Ion* standing infirmities and irrecnlarilieaof the human frame. Tn enumerate all the diteaae* in which it hsa been found M be a sovereign remedy, would be to make this notice much toe leufthy, and we can only lie re suggest lo the reader the ralne and importance of thia preparation, and refer him to adrertiaementa in the public papers for more detailed intelligence respecting ita eftriry, in nearly all case* of complaint except those of the moat ordiuary or endemic and epidemic character. The proprietor desires ouly to hare attention generally directed to this article, conAdeut that its rare virtues only need be known to be appreciated; that it will stand the teat of any trial, and that increased usefulness, and added popularity, must be the direct result of its inore extcuded acquaintance. Among the numerous letters daily received by the proprietor of Briet. .*>8arsaparlla, the following is selected, merely to show ho hissr* le is regarded: and the increasing demand for thia iu? aluable edicine by the dealers in this city, as the application comes mm the well known house of A. B. It O. Bauds, Druggists, of this city, who hare since advertised their own article to the whole world, shows conclusively that the article is all it purports to be. (COPY.) New Yosk, April SO, lttl. Ma. C. C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. Dear Sir? We have been selling during the year past considerable quanti'-ies iff your Extract of Sarxapanlla, and think from the account we bear of its virtues from those who have used it, that the sale in thia city may be much increased bv paying it moro attention in advertising. Our arrangement* are such with the different po|iers that we can have advertisements inserted on much better terms than most others pa> and more conspicuously. If you would like to make an arrangement with us lor selling it more extensively, we think it could be made of much advantage to us both. We have now four different stores, three of tnem in the best location in the city for retailing, and one for wliolesaleing, and ouUacilities are such as will enable ns to dispose of more of it, perhaps, than any other house. We shall be much jdeased to hear from you on thia subject, or if you visit New York m the course 01 month or ?o, toiee you at our itoie 78 Fulton > tree I. Youn, very respectfully, A.I. k U. BANDS. OPINIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. BurrALo, Aug. 13, 1837. We are acquainted with the preparation of Sarsaparllls, ma nufactured by C. C. Bristol, ana having made uae of it more or lees in oar pmctioe, believe it to contain the ac ire principle of Sarsaparilla, in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation we esteem it as one of the beet we hare ever met with. J TROWBRIDGE, MD CYRENIUS CHAP1N.MD CHAD WINNE. M D MOSES BRISTOL. M D JOSIAH BAKNfcS.MD J E MARSHALL. MD J fc HAWLEY, Mb AS SPRAOUE, M D A MILLER, M D F L HARRIS. M D H R 8TAUG. From Doctors Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at CanBiuUigua:? * Canandaioua, Dec. >7, 1838. We have frequently prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's preparation of Sarsaperilla. in onr practice, and have always found it to answer an eicelfent purpose in cases where Sarsapanlla was applicable. Oar knowledge of the article has not been limited, and we can freely say that is the best preparation of Sarsaparilln we have ever used. RICHARD WELLS. M D, E W CHEENY, M f). The following extract of a letter from Dr. J. A. Hyde, one of the oldest and mostrespectable practitioners in the western section, is given : Younost^wn, June 11, 1838. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Dear Sir: I am nearly out of Sarsaparillt again, and, if yos please, you may send me two dosen bottles, by stage or cars, directed to me at this place. 1 have frequently prescribed your Compound Fluid Extract o< SarsamanllA for a few years past, with much advantage, in chrouic diseases, especially in Scrofula and obstinate cutaneous affections, attended with scrofulous habit. Also, in secondary syphilis; and in chronic general debility, from almost any cause. It gvnertdiy proves usetul. I think your Fluid Extract tho best preparation of Saisauanlla I ever used. With much respect, yours, truly, J. A. HYDE. From Docts. Hoyt k May Palmyra, July j, 1841. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir : We have used your Extract of Sarsapanlla in our practice, and for diseases arising from an im pure stale of the blood, and as a general renovator of the system we esteem it as the best article now in use. D. D. HOYT. M. D. WM. MAY, il. D. From Dr.A. Miller: Romi:, July 24, 1841. I am acquainted with the preparation of Sarsaparilla manufactured by C. C. Bristol, ofBuffalo, and tiaviug made use oi 1 in my practice, believe it to contain the active principle of BarsapanAai a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, I esteem it the best 1 have ever met with. A. MILLER, M. D. From Dr. S. C. Noyes : Collins. Ene Co., July 3,1841. I have been acquainted with Bristol's Sarsaparilla for a number of years, and have very frequently prescribed it iu my practice, and have iuvaiiably found it to answer the desired effect. I consider the reputation of the article established, and where the genuine cxn be obtained, I have no hesitation in saying that a trial of iu virtues will sustain my opinion. ?. u. nuiu, M. u. From Dr. A. P. Curtis s Attica. Of mm* Co., July 2, 1M1. I have frequently prescribed Bruiol'i Saraaparilla iu my practice, and have no hesitation in recommending it u an article possessing all of the active principle of Saraaparilla, and as a preparation, I think it the beat one I have evei met with. A. P. CURTIS, M. D, Oswego, May 2, 1M1. We certify that we attended Jnlia Ann Van Dooaer during her sickness, and we have no hesitation in saying that her recovery may be attributed to the use of Bristol's Saraaiwrilla. P. H. HARD. M. D. H. K. THUR&ER, M. D. (A statement of the above ease may be seen by calling on Mr. WM. BUROER, SO Conrtlaadt St.) Daeieiv. July 2,124I. We, the nndenigned, physicians, residing in Daricn and Bennington, having treated Mr. E. Cross during his illness, know the above statement of his case to be true in all particulars, and we have not the least hesitation in ascribing his cure to the use of Bristol's Saraaparilla. Indeed, we are asaured that this me dteine was the means of entirely arresting and eiadicating the disease. IRA CROSS, M. D. ERASTUS CROSS, M. D. Daunts, Jult 2, 1241. We, the undersigned, are particularly acquainted with Mr. E. Cross, and are lully acquainted with the facts as drawn up in the above statement, which we oelieve to be correct in all respects, and we are assured that it was was through the agency ol Bi mot's Saraaparilla thai hit cure was effected. STEPHEN KINO, P">1. Darien Jentre. JONATHAN DURKEE. Justice of the Peace. HIRAM H.CHAPIN. A LANSON FISH KR. Justice of the Peace. H. P. HUTCHINSON. J. H. FLAGLER. Alton, January IT, 1242. SI have been lately the pbyaiciaa to Mr. Maynard, and was called to see him during his illness, some time in the mouth of August or September last, and I must say I was much surprised and astonished to see Mrs. Maynard officiating aa nurse, and attending to Ins wants while he was sick. Her case was one that I was conversant with but naver prescribed for ; it was Procidentia, and for the most part of eeven or e *ht years she had bean obliged to be conveyed about the house and nursed in a cradle constructed lor the purpose. Until she commenced the use of Bristol's Saraaparilla her disease resisted the best medical treatment. I was frequently called to consult with Dr. Oage fb her case, but the diaease had assumed snrh s form the I my opinion was, that medicine would have no ettect in producing a c ue. I am perfectly convinced that her recovery is entirely attributable to the uscoI Bristol's Saraaparilla. JOHN M. HARRINOTON. M. D. Alden, January IT. 1242. I have been one of the attending physreiaus of Mrs. Maynard for eight year* past. Her disease was Prolaprut Uliri of an aggravated character, an ^resisted all the agents laid down in our most eminent aulhois. In addition to remedial agents recommended, I nrescribei various instruments to no effect. I am clearly of the opinio i that her cure may be attributed to the use of Bristol's Sarsiparilla. _ OROVE C. OAOE, M. D. AthLDEit. January IT, 1242. i We hare been acquainted with the circumstances of Mrs Maynard's sicknessfor eignl years past, have always under i stood Iter case aa being t ryond the reach of medicine, and | have been surprised wlthii the |>ast year to see her about, sad I we are assured that her rstoveiy is attributable entirely to the | use of Bristol's Bsraapanll s We are further acquainted with w? ior eve yer r? oi uie time 01 nrr iichiicm, ?nr was obliged to be couvere ?. from one place to another in tha arms of her husband, andir fact, when she was moved at all. Joseph fhj.?man, judge Ene Co.c.Piea?. , L ffiR-l- P. JACOBS, john eb-tABROOICS. A history of the above eases may be seen by calling as above f From the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, Nov. ?, IIHI 1 As r.trsiOHHSASv Case.?The article below is from the pen of one of ctir moat intelligent medical men, whose statements are entitled MtlwfuUeal eoaUkieDce. The ewe h? details IS reall) a remarkable one, and might well have been supposed beyond the power of medicine. Ssieinentof the Physician who visited the Patient in person and who was at the time one of the Editors of the Cornmer cisl Advertiser. w frit is rare indeed that fallen hnmanity is made to experience from the hand of Providence to much severe and protracted suffering, and such calamitous and shocking mutilation, w has (alien to the lot of James Wyeaoff, a lad IS Terra of age, now living in the town of Claranee in this county. James is the son of a fanner, the offspring of healthy and reputable parents, who havs a numerous family of robust children. Without sny assignable raose, he was snddenly deprived of the sense of hearing some ten years since, which was soon followed by what was nrobebly an attach of the rfru gangrene. This rapidly destroyed Hrst the palate, the bones of the roof of the month, and then a considerable portion of the upper jaw, upper lip, and the whole.of the nose, both bonea and cartilage, | a* well ae integuments,. It would be difficult to imatine in what way a more unsightly deformity could be impressed upon the 'human fare divine.' This frightful disease ceased its ravages ou the lace after several monlis, to renew them again in , other parts ol the ayatem with greater and more destructive seventy. Some two years ago, a " black spot."?as the intelligent mo ther of Una most unfortunate child told the writer of tine?was observed under the nail of each big toe. This ominous upper rance was the precursor of a second stuck of gangrene, which gradually extended overeach foot and leg to within feur inches of the knee. A separstion theu look place, and in due course ol time both limbs dropped off. The fingers of the right hand ware then attar krd by this consuming malady, which extended towithinafew inches of the shoulder, and at h i^th the right arm leli to the ground like the dead branch of a living t:ec. The disease then showed itself at the elbow of the left arm, and on the left shoulder, producing extensive rwlolistiou of the bones, ( Ac. The integuments of the right side, nesr the eeutre of the ribs, end of the right rye, were also affected with the same de? roping complaint in its ineipieit stages. on ex milling the hoy, who, notwithstanding he is deaf and mute, ia really intelligent end sprightly, the greatest marvel to ns was, how ft was possible for a conalituuon to Very feeble I and lifeless, that the ayatem was rapidly falling to (deem from the death of iu parts, could, when reduced to a mrrAll?if o("humanity, bold out, and prolong for yogi* a naiserahla en- I E NE NI utence. Strange asit may teem, we found thin piece of % child tilling at the dinner table with the rett of the family, and feeding himaelf with meat, poutoet, bread, and the like, with an evident relith of the hearty meal. Hit stumps of limbs, which lately presented a hideout matt of eating ulcers, are now heuling over kindly, and nothing but the tears are left 'o tell the injury done to the left shoulder, and the partt that surround the right eye, the lower jsw, and the fragments of ears still rrowid, on the hsad, the appearance of which we ahall not attempt to deacrit e. The certain check siren to this terrible spreading and hopeless malady?the removal of the interne protracted print erer excited by irritable lungenus llesli counected with dead animal matter?the quiet sleep, increaaed strength, and stable couvaleaence ao minifest in the iwraon of Jsmes?were all, and aoubtles justly, attributed by his mother to the exclusive rse, for the laat six weeks of regular portions of Mr. C. C. BRISTOL'S 8AR8APARILLA. Those who have wi luessed the Only auspicious, end most unexpected effects of this medicine luthia very estnionlinary case, are unanimous in the opinion that had it beeu early administered when the disease was comparatively small and feeble, and the constitution sound and vigorous, it could not have failed to present oue of the greatest calamities that can befal a human being. CMTiricaTK or Gc*. Mahsfixld. MR. C. C. BRISTOL?I have been acquainted with Peter Wyckeff for more than twenty years, and have known his son James from his infancy to this day, and I do hereby certify than the facta ant forth in the above, from the Commercial Advertiser, are correct. uiutiiuci nAiiortbbi/, r. m., Not. 36th, IMI. North Clarence, Eric Co. BLooMrtZLD, Oakland Co., Mn., July 33, IMI Messrs. John Owen It Co.. Ocrroil: Oent.?Some time in the ye?r 1(33, I was attacked with what waa called by some ol' my attend! ugfphvaiciaua, the King's Evil. I immediately applied to a Dr. Thompsou, who eaid it moat be cut out; 1 then applied to another physician who ordered bliaterin(. During my atckneaa 1 employed eight different phyaiclana, and by one I waa adviaed to hare my arm amputated, which 1 declined. la the year *37, mortification act in, when I applied to a root doctor, who api>eared to help it acme. In that year 1 sold a apan of horaea and two cows, and apcnlthe whole of it, aay 9130, which only aerved to keep it back. I lure naed almost every thing 1 could hear of, without any great benefit. In July last, acme waa attempted by a person who, like all others, failed. Tlw expense of all thia has been at least (600. From about four inchea below the shoulder, to about the middle of the fore arm there have been at leaat twen y holes, many of them aa large at a silver dollar, and half an inch deep. In February, 1843, Iaccidentally came across a wrapper from a bottle of Bristol's Sarsapnnlla, and made up my miud to try the medicine. On the 16th day of that nionui, 1 commenced using it, aud used a bottle a week for two or three mouths,whan I found myself to all appearauce completely cured. At any rate, since that time I have not felt any imin from it. No sores have appeared, and it aeemi perfectly sound, and 1 can labor with it aa well as with the other arm. I sin so well satisfied of its superiority uVer every thing else that I hare tried, that I most earnestly recommend lay person to begin using it immediately who may be similarly afflicted. Yours, truly. WiLLlA.Vl PEARSALL. Persons who have any doubts of the efficacy of tins medicint, are invited to call on any of the following City Kcfereaces before pnrchasimj the article John Giles, 301 Pearl street. Thuinss Hogan, 308 Stanton street William W. Randolph, 673 Fourth street Lloyd Bryant, No. 1 Avanue C. Wm U. Stiuemeu, 99 Cedar strcst Mr. Johnson. 20 James street Willuun Stebbins, comer of Rivington and Ridga its. Hie Bard Smith, (3 Clinton street Robert H. Gordon, 13 Orange street a. nouge, is iuikc sneer Willum Wilson, 66 Lewis street M. Vande water, J14 Madison street Lemuel Leland, 86 Hudson street I. O. llced, 1(3 Pultun street, Brooklyn Mrs. Ward, W Bayard street J. W. Henderson. VI Uraudstreet James McUill, 336 Grand street II. B. Knapp, 21 Avenue B?house 301 Fourth street ^John Culver, 191 Stanton street. ItST 1 do not wisn any one to purchase this medicine until they fully satisfy themselres that all that is said of it is true ; if, therefore, Ihey will take the trouble to call on Mr. Bursar, 30 Courtlandt street, or at Milhau's IIS Broadway, thay can examine substantiated testimony in additiou to the above, which will prove conclusively that the article is what it parports to be. C.C.BRISTOL. Cautiojv.?As the fame of this womlerfu! medicine extends, numerous preparations are springins up to reap a part ol its reputation. The afflicted therefore should be careful, if they wish the true article, to ask fur Bristol's, and see that the waiTTsrr signature of C. C Bristol is across the cork of the bottle. For sale by reputable Druggists and Agents throughout the country. William Burger, Wholesale Agent, 50 Courtlandt street, and US Greenwich street, and at retail at the following places: Milhau's Pharmacy, 123 Broadway ; Kusbton and Aspinwall, 110 Broadway, 06 Wiillam street, and 10 Astor House: James Byrne, M. D., 63 Bowery, ; Robert Leggelt, M. D., 17 Avenue D.; B. Quackenbtuh, 709 Gieenwieh street, end A. Hill, 202 Greenwich st. sll Imr* COUGH LOZENGES. DGT^IRS' COUGH LOZtNOES are now rapidly superf sediug all other preparations for the relief of coughs,colds, asthma, whooping congh, tightness of the chest, bronchitis,and similar pulmonary atfectioiu. CONSUMPTION CANNOT BE CURED ! Those who say it can are impostor* and quacks. Still it inay be prevented o: its progress stayed, by using Dr. Peters' Cough Lozenges. Begin in season. Do not neglect a slight Cornell until million has commenced its ravages. A delay of a few days often proves fatal. Price 25 cents per box. Peters' Cough Loxenges have performed some of the most remarkable cures ou record. One trial of them is more satisfactory than a column of eertitic des. THE GREAT OBJECT GAINED! PETF.R8' MEDICATED LOZENGES are the most valuable discovery of the 19:h century. Thev are entirely pleasant to ihe taste, and mure efficient than any other medicine. These Loxenges are the result of long continued and patient investigation and ex|>eriment, conducted in concert by some of the most distinguished physicians in the Union, who, believing that some of the best known remedies might be prepared in a palatable form, hare directed their labors to that enu, till they nave produced pre|>arations in the popular form of Lozeuges for nearlv every disease incident to the nuinan aystem. TO PARENTS we aay, co not be without theae Lozenrei at any time?attend to these suffjcestioai as you value the lives of your children. PETERS' PILLS. TO THE WHOLE WORLD! It is admitted bv ill who hare uteri them, (and who hat not) that Dr. Peters' Vegetable Pill*are the moat unrivalled medicine aver discovered by the ingenuity of man. They are a sovereign cure for the following complaints?Yellow and billions fevers, fever and ague, dyspepsia, croup, liver complaint, tick headache, jaundice, asthma, dropsy, rheumatism, enlargement of the spleen, piles, colic, female obstructions, heartburn, furred tongue, nausea, distension of the stomach and bowels, incipient diarrhoea, flatulency, habitual costivenesi, loss of appetite, blotched or tallow complexion, and all cases of torpor of the bowels, where a cathartic or an aperient is needed. Thev are exceedingly mi'd in their operation, producing neither uansea, grilling i.or debility. Dr. J. O. Smith, of Woodstock, Va. says?" Tliey are a better Pill than I can make." He recoinmeuds their uss. The agent at Strasburgh, Va. says he (applies f unities for 30 miles around with Peters' Pills, and tliey perform such remarkable caret that they are preferred to ersry other medicine. w Mrs. E. Ward, of New York, was tronbled with dyspepsia and liver complaint for li years. By using these Pills a snort time she was completely cured. Miss Clark was afflicted with irregularities and obstruction, attended with most distressing symptoms. She wis cared by using Dr. Peters' Pills. Hon. E. D. Davis was afflicted with rheumatism, so as to be unable to dress himself. Three boxes of Peters' rills .entirely Cured him. Bat why multiply testimonials 7 We say to all, try Dr. Pa ters' Vegetable Pill, and we will guarantee that afterwards yon will use tnsui in preference to all others. WORM LOZENGES. Dr. Paters' Worm Lozenges are toe surest and safest Worm destroyer ever discovered. It is estimated that in the United States, 100,000 CHILDREN DIE YEARLY from the effect of Worms aloos. This vast mortality can ba almost entirely prevented by the use of Peters' celebrated Lozenges. Thousands and tens of thousands pine away and die without suspecting the real disease. The following are s few of the symptoms; Headache, pale lips, flushed cheeks, disturbed dreams, feverishnets, thurst, bad taste in the month, offensive breath, itching of the nostrils, pain in the stomach, nausea, unnatural appetite, swelled stomach or limbs, sense of semrthing rising In the chest, he. fT Mrs. Can trine Ann Brigga, Cherry tt. Philadelphia has s little daughter who had been in a decline lor several years.? At times the would eat voraciously and sometimes eat nothing at all; and she was *ast wasting away; her symptoms were so unusual and contradictory that the doctors knew not what to do, but do what thev woald, she constantly grew worse, sod reluctantly they declared she must die. At the request of a friend, the mother at this stage procured a box of Peters' Worm Lofeuget. The first dose satisfied all that Worms were the cause of all the child's sufferings, and two boxes effected a perfect cars. Mr. J. W. Carpenter, merchant, Roosevelt st. N. Y., says Dr. Peters' Worm Loaetwes possesses more merit than ihe doctor claims foi them. lie has used them in his family with access when eveiy other medicine failed. Wherever they ha*e been used they are preferred to all other remedies. In fact Dr. Peters and his distinguished associates, possessing many receipts of great value, selected from each the most valuable parts, and they confidently say those loxenget cannot b> improved. CORDIAL LOZENGES. raters' Cordial Loaewtes arc a specific for the relief of nervous or sick headache, lownets of spirits or melaueholy, Ian gnor and debility, either from previous disease or toe free liv' hysterical affection, drowsiness, cholera morbas, of fatigue, and i>alt'iuti<>n of the heart. From their rlllcary in the relief of ho?Hache, (hey are called by many (he Headache LoI'F/f ER8' VEGETABLE SHILLING STRENGTHENI NO PLASTER. Thi. i? not only the cheap*.!, bat the beet, ne.te.t, and mail comfortable idastrr in exiatence. I'etera' Shilling I'laater i? an ea.y and mo.t effective remedy for pain in the breaat, aide, or stomach?weakness or |>?ia in the cheat, loina, or back?itiffueaa of the neck?affection* of the limbs or joints, whether produced by rt ematum or other cauaca?habitual pain of the head or arntnach?pile t, colda, cnufha, livercoinplaiuU, weakness ol the spine?predis|<oaition to break ont in bilea and pimplta. li.tleaaneia of the frame, and for gene ral debilitation. , Let any penon afflicted aa above try one of Petera' Shilling Daatera, and we Will venture to tay that he conld not be prevailed on to diicard it again, for ten, 01 moat probably for a hundred dolfura. Price 12 1-3 crnta. Principal Offices, 1JJ Fulton afreet, cornar of Naaaan and 4S9 Broadway anJ to North Bixth .treat, Philadelphia. aM lm'r HOLT'S CANDY, QURPABSINO ANY THING OF THE KIND.?Let it ?"*nd ppoa iu own merita?Coogha end Colda. i V?kT * CANDY haa gained for iteelf a reputation, (aoleiy ny ita own menu) fur ubova lh? ordinary claaa of remediea for the complaiaia for which it ia used. K is recommended by thousands who have eipcriencid ita n,~dy for cough'' p ' !???> my peactice, preacribed Mr. r\n*.CoUS* .Candy m many caaea of cough*, cojda.and all afftjUoaa of the lunga, with the moat benefit nl elfecta-knowtag the component parte of this Candy, and kav i.ig u-cdlhnn tor many years in my own private aractire I ? with d,. ?u,l, In dlTm?hljytid,?n> Hartford. Conn. Bent ?. . 043. DAV,? * **?* M- ? For sale by M. P. HOLT, 1ST Main strati; aiao, by the Princin-il Drnggiata in Hartford. ~ ' A B. It D. Sands, 7t Fulton atreet; at Dr. BymeS Pharmacy S3 Bowenr, comer ol VValker at., are Ageau in Nbw York sat 3m? r nB7c4RPENTEK'H Old Eatabluhed Peck WHp ha-p,,,, L-c ry, No. 4 Peck Sltn. (near Pearl at.)?Private and confidential?separate offlcea and entrance*?patienu are never eipoeed to each others observation. Dr. C. ia a Licentiate of the New York State Medical Society and haa had nearly 30 yean expviajjee. Perfect curas in ail caaea guaranteed. Charges reason* 10f I jB>V?u i W Yfl SW YORK, MONDAY MO music" FLUTE & GUITAR. Vj H PH1L1PE ERNST, Fiulcnoi of the Elate, Guitar, an " 1 patent Coucertina begs to announce to In* friends and public thill he has ju?t published hit new " Rondo Miliuire" for the CUT, which will br lound well worthy the attention of the ruer or emalear, Irom itt being well aospted to that instruoieat and calculated not only to pleat* but to afford luatruction. '('hit Rondo, wilhteveral tithe; pleasiug pieces of hit composition "for the guitar" are to be lound at Mr. Eratt'i residence 58 Canal street, where he continues to give lessons on t.,e above instruments. ?I 3ra r teacher of the flute. TMONZA.Nl, ? Thompson street, gives instructions on the Flute. Terms $15 prr quarter. s9 3m*r "guitars. Y/fARTIN St COUPA, Guitar Manufacturers, J85 Broadway, AvX up stairs, have coiutaully on hand a large assortment of Guitars, ol Freuch. Geiman. and Moaiiish mod.-1 M. Ik C. would call the ireutn>n of Solo gUnnlt theii Terx Guitars, made after the model of Giuliani, which in brilliancy and purity of tone are auperior, and very easy to the execution. The instrument* are warranted perfect, and to stand any change of climate, and will Im exchanged at any time should they not prove satisfactory Strangers are iurited to call and examine them. Prices from $11 to $100. Hold, wholesale aud retail. 8. B. Coups continues to (ire Lessons ou the Uuitar. all Im eod*r DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NASSAU STREET. 'T'O ARRANGE a Perfect Camera Obscura.requires some A knowledge of Optlcta. Persons wishing to procure an instrument will therefore tiud it to their interest to purchase of an optician. *nM lm?r DAGUERREO'lTPE. TO THE 1'HOTOGRAPUW ARTISTS. FA. A1ITAULT Ik CO.. 163,lx Fulton NMLONtdH St Paul's Church, respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they liar* just received by packet ship Argo, an invoice of IOOO Dagu-rreotype French Plates A new supply of the best and uewast patterns apparatus 10(1 ounces cromiae Ml ounces cromine of iodine Ml pounds hydro-nlphate of soda 30 grammes of chloride of gold Kill pounds of tripoli of venue 30 ounces chloude of iociue And the new book containing the latest improvements in the D 'guerreotype. o3 linar SHAKSPEARE, 11 Park How, and 3 Ann streets r|1HE SUBSCRIBER begs to return his best thanks to A his numerous friends, for the kind and librral encourage inent they hive given him since he re-oprned the above establishment ; he assures them aud the public iu general, that he will continue to use every cxertiou to ineiit their pa nonage. The Larder will be always supplied with the choicest delicacies of the season, which will be served up ina sut>erior manner, at prices iu accordance with the times. The Bar will be slocked with wines, liouort, draught and Scotch ales, London porter, aud segars ; all of ihe very best quality* Breakfasts, dinners, teat, aud suppers, at all reasonable honm. Hoi dishes, soups. Sic., ou hand every day, between the hours of 1 aud 5 P. M. OYSTERS?The very best that can be procured, in every style. suitable notice being given, ANY DISH whatever can be procured. Private rooms, for the accommodation of dinner ind supper parties. EDWARD WINDUST. sl3 2taw is 4w*r " ON THE CANAL STREET PLAN." rpHE Public are by this time satisfied that the cheap, clean -L and neat Oyster Shops are the best, and that they are as ellservedas elsewhere. The Subscriber has opened a new establishment at No. 109 Nassau street, a few doors above Ann, where he hopes, by strict atleulion to business, he will merit a share of custom. Being a new beginner, on his own account, but an old liand at the business Oysters stewed, fried, roasted or raw, served up on the shortest notice, and the best that can be found in the citySupper parties will find this a pleasant resort for an evening. a 19 lm?r "LIVE AND LET LIVE." '"PHIS has been the motto under which the celebrated Rests 1 rat. No. 2U Broadway, set sail under, and thusfirn weathered the storm of hard times with ourbannerstilldottij , to the tide of public favor and approbation. The proprieiom of the opinion that a neat clean eitaldishmeut, attentive help.lhe finest oysters the market affords, with a desire to please, will ensure to him a liberal patronage. Nothing shall be wanting to keep up the reputation af the establishment?" Never say die." B. HOUSEMAN, s8 lm*r 211 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. UNE PRICE CASH STOKE, AT 81 Chatham street, where will be found clothing at the following low prices:?Besver and pilot cloth costs, from $5 o $19; satinett tiants from $190 to $s; double aud single I breasted vest, from $1 50 to $2 90. The west siUe ol Chatham jl? No 81 >28 Im't HENRY COOSWELL, THE AMERICAN MACINTOSH. PREJUDICE, or habit, make some to prefer every thing I -s foreign. We ask suah to make trial of our water-nroof costs I and ca|iea, and learn for ouce (so far at least as our Macintoshes I are concerned j mat me only merit peculiar to ine imported ever the American, is that they may have hung on a peg in Cheniuide until they became nitty and out ot tashiou, then shipped to America to be told as "good enough for the market." Price of the American Macintosh from ten dollars upwards. HORACE H. DAY, ii Maiden Lane, a>9 lm*r Successor to Ruibnry India Hubber Co. VEPHYR EMBROIDERY WOOL, best Berlin manufac" tures, by the ease or to suit purchasers. German Worsted, assorted colors. Chine Worsted. do Berlin Embroidery patterns, new designs and all makes. Cotton, Worsted and Linen Canrass, all widths. Floss Silk, complete assortment of colors. Chenille Cord and working chenille. Purse twist, gold and silver thread and braids. Gaze Glace,Tor covering embroideries. Fancy embroidered articles. Cords, tassels, fringes, Ac. Ac. Gallo ins. bindings, boot cards, Ac. Ac. Received by late arrivals, and constantly on hind, by EDWARD LIPPOLD, steod lm'rc No. IX William at, near John, up atairs. DISEASES OF THE EYE. R. K. DIOSSY, OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. W7 BROADWAY, Entrance in Falton Street, opposite St. Paul's Church. ATTENDS TO DISEASE^ OF THE EYE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICE HOURS FROM 9 TO 0 O'CLOCK. Having completes his stadies af i years with UR. ELLIOTT, Oculist, and been subsequently engaged as hit assistant, R. K. Diosay is enabled to undertake the treatment of all diseases affecting the organs of vision. Terms moderate and graduated to the nature and extent of the disease. Permission is given to refer to his late instructor, and also to some of the most eminent Profeason of the Medical Faculty in New York. N.B. The oor treated gratuitously tad J. SHANKS, M. D., OCULIST, AND Professor of Ophihalmic Anatomy and Snrgerv. Diseases of the Eye and Ear, and Imperfections of Vision. Office 192 Broadway, corner John street, up stairs. N. B.?Doctor Hhanks begs to inform those affected with Diseases of the Eye or Ear, or Imperfections of Vision, that, on application at nis office, their cases will meet with thst skill and treatment wnich must necessarily follow a mist extensive practice, based on an accurate anatomical, physiological, and pathological knowledge of the the human Eye and Ear, and that part of Optics pertainig to Vision. Office hours, from 10, A. M. to 3, P. M. daily, Sundays excepted. References?The Medical Dcpartment'of the University of the City of New York. sg* eod lm?r THE TEETH. THI TEETH?A redaction of 20 per cent?Upper and A lower sets oflceth inserted on suction or atmospheric pressure, so as to be worn with ease and firmneaa, from a single (oath to an entire set; all can be supplied with the best mineral teeth; toothache cared. For extracting tooth, JO cents. Children's, naif price. J. Btukey, Surgeon Dentist, 27 Mar ray atreal, next door to the church, west of Broadway. jy2J fiw Irr * ' rtrtMlH TOOTH WASH?Prepared from the original re J eipeatNo.t > told street. New Yrok?The Orris Tooth Wash is purely a vegetable preparation, pueaeasirm the properties o Meaning the teeth end moeth lettering the gains tot healthy elite, and preventing any nnpleaeant taste or odonr in the mouth, whether arising from decayed teeth ot from a do rtM(t d .tale of the stomach. It is designed to be need with a tooth brash, and will be found to supersede the aeressity ? fi (-cw fer .hearing lbs teeth clean and preventing tha wasting away of the guess If m the teeth, ft is particularly esefnlin ease* of spungy gums, sectoring (hem to a healthy state, and canting there to contract around the teeth, lu painfulaffcrtionaof the teeth and guma, arising from exposure to cold, it will he found highly beneficial. It is particularly .erViceable to use tha Orris Tooth Wash at night just before retiring to rest, litis m.thod is recommended by eminent dentists, as by so doing all particles of food which aceatnalatr daring the day are entirely removed, and the month bfiit I Kroner h flit* nnrht in A rl?*AH. iWPfit. mid he ilthv iLALr. Sonud loth ami white teeth are thf mott valuable portions VpON hnntsmn; Ml bow many neglect the attention neceavv for their preservation, ercn when surrounded by all the means needed. Among these we know of nuor more |>lessanl and effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and whitens the teeth, strei^thens the gums, purifies the month, and sweetens the breath. We reeonunend its Bsc to all, yooag and old ?( Bn?i,in Morning Tost. The Orris Tooth Wash is the best detergent we erer nsedl en our nameI.?(Boston Transceipt. For sale by the priueipal druggists in the city ml r KjEWS! NKWII?ENGLISH NEWaPAPEHS" Bell's Life in London." " Illustrated News." " Punch,"?" Squib"?" Satirist," he. Fnll files are received by erery Steamer, and for sale at the News Offlee, No. I Ann street, New York. Persons residing in Canada, will find this a desirable place to send their orders for any papers published on the Continent. A Letter Bag is kept here for the Lirerpool Steamers, and a special messenger despatched to Boston. The " Artist,"a monthly Ladies' Book, $3 per year?1 shilling* single cony, is for sslc here. The Whig Monthly Rcriew, (now in press,) ti M per year ; single numbers 30 cents. Agents supplied at reasonable rates for all of the foregoing works. . E. B. TUTTLE, Agent. sll lm eod*i No. I Ann street, N. Y, r-pRANSPARENT AND WASHABLE WINDOW 1 SHADES.?The subscribers have on hand the largest and moat varied assortment of French and Italian painted Window Sli vies, of scroll, Oothic, landscape and plain centres, and for tale lower than can be purchased at any other establishment in the citv. They rary in rrtce and quality from the moat magnificent French painting erer imported in (he country, to the cheap Italian style, as low as Re. each. Alto on hand, a large stock of Chintzes and Linens for win lows, of carious patterns, ditures, lie. Together with a general assortment of all descriptions of Upholstery Goods, Beds, Mattresses, Curtains, Cnrtain Materials, Gilt ornaments, kc. For sale at remark?W SOLOMON k HART, Upholstercra, kr. s| e*dlm*rc 117 Broadway. np|io?ite John street. <rtiVETS-?npfr jet black and blue bl&k Lyon* Silk * Velvets for merchant tailors. just receired, and for sale O. V AHET, 40 Cedar it. up stairs, stl lee*re IRK I RNING, OCTOBER 10. IS Mllwaukle. [Correapoudence of the Herald.] Milwaukik, Ouisconsin Territory, ) September, 22d, 1842. > N. Y. Herald?Gen'l. Dodge?Gov. Doty?Tyler Punch?The Harbor? tVunt of a Breakwater? Steamers Milwaukie and Dewitt Clinton?Caytain Squires?Emigration?Buildings, <J-r. Dear General? I do not remember to have seen a letter in your invaluable journal from this place, and think it high time some one took the matter in hand. Your paper has a circulation here, but the postage system deters many from subscribing, as it amounts to more than the price of the paper in a year: not that it is not worth it, but the tax senna too great, and having three weekly ones, who once in a while steal a paragraph, we are contented. General and Ex-Governar Dodge, delegate to Congress front the Territory, arrived home last week, and gave an account of his stewardwship.? Every one expressed great regret and disappointment in not having the appropriation bill pass the Senate. The House gave us sotne #15,000 for our harbor, but owing to the neglect of Senator Woodbridge, of Michigan, it was allowed to slumber through the session. General D. is a gentleman of the old school?highly polished manners, polite to every one, dignitied and upright in his carriage, See. Every one has heard and read of his services during the last war?Ins expedition to the Rocky Mountains as Colonel of a regiment of mounted dragoons, and success in meeting and overcoming Indians, which Generul Atkinson could not find. He is a democrat ol the Jeflersonian school, and carries out the true principles ol legislation, as ha understands it. Would that we had many more sach men. Gov. Doty is non est inventus?he is like a flea, never on the spot where you think him to be; and he is said to be like a kiud of punch made down in Boston, the ingredients of which are not known, so they term it ''Tyler puch." He is a nice man? has one of the finest tarms in the country?yet, for all that, the papers call him hard names, and speak bitter things against his character?of repudiation, Acc. Our harbor needs aadlv the necessary funds to improve it?being a very benevolent community, we do not ever mean any harm to others, but many have expressed a wish to get the united houses of Congress on board the " (J. C. Trowbridge," and compel them to remain during a stormy night at anchor otf the blutf, with a heavy sea. By so doing we may be able to squeeze out the funds to complete the improvements. The water in the river is at least fifteen feet, but at the mouth there is not more than lour, and it is only about fifty feet wide, with a very crooked channel, compelling thein to ase poles, &c. <Xce., to gel over it It is proposed to build a pier and breakwater, with lighthouse, Sec., as at Buffalo, though on a reduced scale ; deepen the channel, dec.; which will require nearly $40,000. Do touch the lion, members this w jiter, for we consider the Herald as No. 1 in influence among them?the leading organ. We have a splendid steamer, the " Milwaukie," laying at our wharves, but has been bought oil' by the Combination, receiving $10,000, as is said, for keeping out of the market; thus keeping up the price of passage and transportation beyond the means of many. It costs $18 cabin passage to Buffalo, $12 50 Irom Buffalo to Albany, and $2 from Albany to New York?including some $8 or $4 for extras?being about $35 or $36, through tor the best accommodations. By taking tow-boats, Erie Canal and a steerage passage across the lake, people can be taken for $13, eating themselves. Mr. B., if you ever come this way, take the DeWitt Clinton, Capt. Squires, who is a gentleman and officer, every inch. She is not what is called the crack boat, but is a safe and fast one?what is lost in speed is made up in accommodations, good attendance, excellent table, &c. He will bring you in fkt> days from Bulfalo easily ; and alter placing you, your trunk, bandbox, bundle and babies on the lighter, wdl raise his hat in the most dignified and happy manner, as a parting salute. Try him and see, for it is worth the while to remain a week in Butlalo to get a chance. A constant stream ot emigration is pouring into our place, Racine, Southport, and Chicago?but two-thirds stop here. Most every boat leaves from 75 to 150, who go at once into the country. Houses are very scarce?building hardly fast euough tor the demand. The population is over 3,000. If a house is wanted, all you have to do is to ask tor one?it will be built over night, and like Aladdin's palace, will be ready in the morning. With respect, Wizkonzkn. Brig. Gen. James Gordo* Bennett, Editor Morning Herald, New York. i Baltimore. [ComipoudeDCe of the lietald.] Baltimore, Oct. 8,1842. Mr. Editor The great contention in the late election was to secure a majority on joint ballot in both houses of the State Legislature, in erder that the victorious party might elect a United States Senator in the place of S. L. Kerr, whose time expires, for six years to come. It is now reduced almost to a certainty, though the election has been extremely close, that the whigs have a mejority oi three, aside from independent candidates, on joint ballot in both houses, which will give them the United States Senator. All the counties but three have been positively heard from, and on these depends the result. Tney have always been whig by a large majority, so much so that in some of them it was deemed unnecessary to have an opposition. The Rev. Mr. Maffitt has finished his course of lectures, and on Tuesday evening next is to pronounce an oration before the Maryland Cadets. Yours, Roderick. Philadelphia, [Correspondence of th* Herald.] Philadelphia, Oct. 8,1842. Friend Bennett:? I salute you as friend?and why not. Surely the toubriqiut becomes one hailing from the Quaker city. What shall I say of the metropolis 1 Why, really, if friend "William" should drop amongst us, at the present time, I think he would disown us for his progeny, for he would find but little of the drabcolored spirit amongst us, truly ! But baring sentiments, let's to facts. If politics were taken neck and heels and tossed out of the city, there would be little of interest left behind; this, like Aaron's rod, swallows up all the p?at Wp ars> bpIiibIIv h*?ai??0#?rl urith fhs? K?lliirpr?nf troops of either party?and if Satan was to be asked his opinion, it would puzzle him to say which were the most insane set of lunatics, democrats or whiffs. Both arc- straining themselves out of their breeches in preparing for the great contest of Tuesday next ; both are calling the kettle of the other, black face, and crying out "Colonization ! Colonization!"? both are equally sanguine of success, and consequently one or the other will look daggers and ratsbane on next Wednesday morning. In the city the whiffs have to fear (ana they do fear) the Tyler faction! In the county the democrats have to battle against a party of their own number, termed "Incorruptibles," who, taking offence at the "Regular Nominations,'' join the whigs in support of their ticket. The city may be put down as doubtful, though there is considerable appearance at present that the Clay faction will be routed. Indeed many cool members of that party have expressed a belief in that opinion ! The old fellow will take care of the hindmost. The McEwkn Cask.?This has become a papular theme for town gossip, and increases in intensity of interest as it proceeds. Popular opinion is decidedly in favor of the lady. My opinion is that although a weak minded, she is a much injured woman, and the prisoners a couple of scamps. McEwen still whines about his piety,while the devil laughs at his elbow, and as for Shee,he is an impudent coxcomb, who thinksevery woman charmed ?f him, and every female as thin-skinned for virtue as himself I cannot, neither would I anticipate the jury's verdict, but if public opinion was permitted to settle the matter, Messrs. McEwen and Shee would serve as pendants to a lamp-post before sunset! No one speaks harshly of the lady, save a few of her own hcx, who call her a "naughty little woman." Mrs. McEwen is pretty, and this may serve as a key to their censure. Chambermaids and kitchen Venuses rise an hour earlier than usual to steal a glimpse of the trial as detailed in the public prints, while their mistresses ring the chamber-bell and digest the matter before they rise. Cot,. Johvros ?" Old Thames" arrives in this eity on Monday, from Reading, where he has been on a visit to Gen Keine, of the latter place ? Scandal says the Ex-Vice President, is feeling for the Presidency. We shall see what we shall see! IERA 142. Riot ?For the last two or three weeks the upper part of the county has been Uie theatre of riot, discord, incendiarism and bloodshed. The cause, a ( difficulty between the Northern Liberties and In- t dependence Hose ComiMinies, the members of which ? should have long ere this found rest and stielter in < the Lantern Penitentiary. Clubs, hatchets, and axes 1 have been liberally resorted to?blood been shed < profusely in our streets, and the property of our citi- J zens set lire to by these rutfiuns themselves, in order that they might meet in disgusting combat.? No sane man doubts, for a moment, that the manifold conflagrations which have occurred within a | few squares of each other, was the work ol these i lawless and outlawed banditti. # Would that their villainous profiles were hung up in frames. < The Ci-oth Casks.?Uncle bam has been doing a ' flaming business in the cloth trade. Within a month or two past, he has had judgments rendered ( in his favor to tfie amount of several hundred thousand dollars worth of this article, of a contraband | character. The United States District Court is now engaged in another auit of this nature, which it ia i said will be decided in the old gentleman's behalf. ] God knows it will be acceptable, for his breeches j pockets are scarce of loose change. Oor Tiibathks.?These establishments are lull of J enterprise, but generally shaking, not full of cus- , tomers. At present, I believe, the elections effect i them materially; every man seems to be a politician I at this exciting period, and as meetings are held I every night in every part of the city, they feel it < their duty to sacrifice amusements to what they J consider oublic good! At the Chesnut street, Dr. J Lardner has been lecturing to respectable and in- , telligent audiences, and his dissertations on the . French revolution, albeit a threadbare subject, are ( highly novel and interesting, and meet with a well earned applause. The Doctor has the material in ' him for a lively und lucid lecturer, though there are < times when he falls into a sort of dozy dullness, dis- 1 reputable to his long established fame. He can, j and should correct tnis. It is whispered that Mr. J E. Forrest rejected an engagement with Mr. Porter, j of the Arch, solely on that account: if he did, I think he acted ungratefully, as it will be remembered by everybody else, if not by Mr. F., that Mr. Porter was an excellent friend of Forrest's in the dark days that prefaced Mr. 'Forrest's fame. The c Areh street is doing a pretty lively business. Bur- ' ton huHjurit closed an engagement, and J. R. Scott, j with Tom Flynn, and his cjaxing rib, are starring , it with somewhat of effect. The managers pocket ( the change, and giggle at the Walnut. CiaciTS.?Bath establishments, Welch's and Walnut street, are gingling the pewter. Education.?Under this head, I would inform vou that a new and elegant school house in West Philadelphia, will be dedicated to universal education on Thursday week, with interesting exercises. The I j system is prospering in these diggins. God speed it; I ' ana ne win, lor u is nis cause. t The weather is cheering?charming?godlikesmiling and as tranquil as the slumber of an angel! No more at present. Yours, dec. Flip. ' 1 Gas Lights and the Pnhlle. Mk. Editor? ! I have been somewhat surprised that in this ex- , tensive city so little gas should be used by shops and private houses, and that many individuals prefer camphine, which is one of the most treacherous and dangerous inmates that can be admitted into a dwelling. Noplace is safe that contains it. Within a very short period I have witnessed one or two accidents from its use that might have been attended with the most fatal consequences. Fortunately, the parties escaped. I have made some enquiries into the cause of this j preference, and find there are several serious objec- i tions made to gas, by the present consumers them- i selves. It is excessively expensive, and many imagine (of course, erroneously) that they are charged . lor more than they burn. , 1 This country possesses all the requisite and the , best material for making good and cheap gas, whe ther it be produced from coal or from rosin. II t these articles be pro|*?rly chosen, scientifically de- 1 composed and made the most of, more than fifteen ' shillings per thousand feet ought not in conscience ' to be charged. At this rate the companies, if their J arrangements are economically conducted, may re- ( due handsome dividends. Having been a good , deal engaged in these matters lor lh? last five and thirty years, I may be supposed to know something about them. Doubt about an overcharge could be easily obviated. The companies should not make their own meters. Individuals should never manufacture their own machines intended to measure out the article they make land deal in exclusively. If any other description of article be purchased, either by weight or by measure, there is always a check upon die vender. In this case, however, no such check exists in this city; which is wrong. I Id Europe, no individual would take the g as of a company, that made and supplied its awn meters, because he would be aware that he was entirely at their mercy. From the very nature of a machine of this sort, the consumer may be plundered immensely without his knowing it, and without a remedy. I have seen many such instances, some by design, during my long experience. The two Gas Companies in this city, are. no doubt, conducted on principles of the strictest honor and integrity ; but parties burning their gas, would naturally feel more confidence, if they could procure their own meters; ahd had the manufacturer engaged in no other pursuit, responsible for their accuracy, because a little accidental deviation ia the water mark, which the consumer has no means of detecting, may make a difference of five and twenty per cent against him. Companies always take care, as a matter of course, that this mistake never occurs to their disadvantage, and they should place themselves in a condition, that no consumer should 1 have the power to suspect their fidelity towards him. \ Some few years ago, the large town of Birming ham was divided between two Gas Companies. 1 Each had its separate portion, as here, and they both acted in concert as to prices. The gas was dear, the lights were bad, ana constant complaints 1 were made in vain. 1 became in consequence actively instrumental in raising a competitor, called the Gas Consumer's Company. The effect was 1 magical. The town was soon brilliantly illuminated ' at twenty-five per cent leas cost, and the shareholders got larger dividends from increased economy, activity and vigilance. ... t A similar competition in this city would produce , the same result, and give rise to three times the pre- ? sent consumption. The Gas burnt here is dear.? What you breathe from the atmosphere and drink from the pumns you pay nothing for except to the ? Doctor. Walk within a quarter of a mile of Centre street, and you may as well walk into one of the gasometers. The inhabitants throughout the circle t of that vicinity are situated similarly to the fish in the river and in the tanks from the Manhattan Com- 4 pany. * To prove that Gas might be supplied as cheap as I ( have stated,let us look at only one other futile source of loss Take the Old Gas Company as an example. Rosin is composed of forty parts carbon, thirty-two hydrogen, and five oxygen, but the retorts absorb the latter in the process. Carburetted hydrogen or Gas is composed of one atom hydrogen ( and one atom carbon. Here then it is evident that eight atoms of carbon, or 25 per cent, are abso- < lutely lost, besides the carbon produced by the de- i composition of the anthracite cosl which the re- 11 torts are charged with to assist combustion in the * decomposition of the rosin, and which contains at least 80 per cent more carbon ! Now if hydrogen were added to all this enormous J waste of carbon, which, as I have alreedy commu- ? nicated to the company, could be accomplished at h. almost no expense, it is clear that nearly double the * present quantity of Gas would be produced, so that it might be afforded at nearly half its present cost, * and independently of the large amount that is forever escaping by day and by night, to the detriment of every one within its precincts; and this rule is equally applicable to the Manhattan Company, who ? could use as much more prodnctive process if they I chose. ci Your's respectfully, W. A. Kkjittsh. i, New York, Oct. 6,1W2. m . 01 fc S.Ls or Eitatki is Besaaurrcv.?The reeidnary In- ^ tereat in aaeignmenta and effacta, of 041 eatatea in Bank- J" ruptcy, were aolil at Public Auction, (by order of Mr. w Waddell, general aaaignee.) on Thuraday and Friday.? H Among them were the a'aignmanta of Silaa M. Btillwell, t< the intereet of eome of the paiinera in th > aaeignments of f" Keeler M. Neil fc Co, Van Pelt fc Fowler, Butler fc Aid- J.' rich. Geo. Dearborn fc Co, (Park Benjamin); Granger, Birch fc Co; Snow, Ruadlet fc Snow; Reilly fc Taggart; ? Holme* fcV.yeri; Mraara Beadel; Comitock fc Andrew*; >, Daniel W. Gaunt lev; Bailey, Keeler fc Remaen; Bigelow fc Clough; S. H-fc A. Brook*; Alleoud fc Vicat; Hunting- [ ion fc Campbell; Snow, Fairchild fc Co: Origga, Day fc Quackenboaa, Cowlee, Brother* fc Co; Toole fc Lent; M. ? Judion fc Co; Dodge, Smith fc Co: Plant, Doraett fc Co; ? Kellogg fc Meriam; Duffleid, Swiltfc Raymond; Doyle fc b Patteraon; J. fc L. Brewater; Piatt fc Ridgaon; Kaaaon fc c Hoyt; Graham, Maybe* fc Co; F,. Morgan fc Co: F-. M. Morgan fcCo; Meech, Jsckaon fc Co; Jeaup, Swift fc Co; [, Morcein fc Everett: and many othera. Some of th* reaiduary interaaU aold for 01 cenU, othera aa high a* $00 ? c I hay were moatly bought in by tha parti** themaelraa. The Ml eaUtea aold for about $),aoo ' L D. Prlca Two Cants V. S. District Court. Before J udge Bett*. Oct. D.-Dichioii?Eitatt of John H Cottar.?Mr. hotter has received certificate of discharge under the ankrupt act Between the time of Mr. C.'t filing hi* pe.ition and obtaining the tiret decree, or decree of bankruptcy, Mr. Charles Heckiher, a Judgment creditor,obtained 'rom the Court of Chancery an ordor for the appointment if a receiver on his estate, which i? very large,embracing mi interest in Mrs. C.'s real eatnte, under the will of her Father, Mr. Daniel Boardman?his interest a* a partner in the assets ol Berry man Ik Kbbets, besides his individual property, amounting in all to something like f3M,000. Mr. Wa ldell, the general assignee, claims to be put in possession ol this property for the benefit of all the creditors of Mr. Coster, under the provisions of the bankrupt act, thereby denying the right of the receiver in chancery to such, and made a motion to this court for an order to that eifect. Judge Betts gave an opinion at much length. He Jecided in favor ol the property being surrendered to the general assignee, and th t a mdgment crelitor has no higher or stronger claim than any other. fVilliam Honell vs. thip Htnru Clay ?Bonell, it will be recollected, obtained heavy damage* against the matter and mate of the Henry Clay Tor cruel and unusual treat meut, and, in addition, proaecuted them on a criminal complaint, on which they were convicted. He alao libelled the veaael for about $400 for wages asserted to be due him, his expenses in getting from Cronatadt to New York, via F.ngland, physician's bill, counsel lees, fcc. The Court decided that he hail good reasons for uuitting the vessel at Cronatadt, but he should have applied to the consul to be lent home, who could have sent him for the $10 provided by law?his sickness did not arise in s performance of duty lor the v?ssel, and she, therefore, is not liable on that charge. If a captain or mate of a vessel unjustly or cruelly ireats any of the crew, the latter has his remedy against him individually. The Court decided that the libellant be allowed $170, the amount of wages for the voyage, and |50 additional for counsel fees aDd expenses incurred in prosecuting his claim?any monies already paid him to deducted. United Slat** vs. Rankin, Smith, J Co., claimant*.? rhis was an action to test the legality of a seizure of nine :ases of thread, imported from Scotland in 1841. The leisure was made on the ground ol false invoice, it being isserted that the charge was 40 per cent too low. The ury found for claimunts. For the United States, Messrs. Hoffman and Watson, "or claimants, Mr. V B. Cutting. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Oct. 8.? Thoma* ltlanchard vs. Jam** Rumpel! y.?This ase was alluded to on Saturday. It related to a balance lue on building a steamboat at Owego in 1834, tho plain id'contending that a balance sought to be retained by tc'endant had boon already settled in an action against the iteamboat company. Verdict for plaintiff, with interest, $604. Court of Common P1?m. Before Judges Ulshoetfer, Inglis, and IngTaham. Oct. 8.?Decisions.?Daniel Haeeltor? vs. Albert 1). Bishop.?Appealsustuined, on payment of costs. Wif/iam Dormedy vs. C. Hanous* and John S. Whi/an. ?Judgment for defendant, on demurrer, with liberty to plaintiff to amend, on payment of coata. Fleming Duncan vs. Pulaski Jacks and Otcar J. H. Dibile?Judgment tor plaintiff, on demurrer. i iiun i>B?nair?inii umy. Surcaioa Court?Not. 72, 74, 92 to 97, 99, 109, 101, 102, 05. Circuit Court Nob. 72, 139,144, 161, 163, 167, 168. 101, 71, 172,173, 18, 77, 84, 174, 176, 66, 101, 102, 86, 99, 127. Common Pleas?Part 1 Nor. 26, 81, 29, 161,6,27,37, >7,181, 123, 19, 160, 117, 121, 166,67,116,23,36,41, 131, ,87?Part 2.?No?. 60,140, 48, 60, 72, 90, 110,122, 182. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, LTA8 met with the inoat unprecedented succeai siucr itR com' 12 mcuceraeot, particularly from the unfortunate victim* of mprincipled pre tend era, who are now daily gamine alreujrth ind vigor under the judicioua treatment of the College. The ollowliig prepnrationa have already obtained a celebrity onlaralelled in me annala of medicine. EXTRACT OF 8AR8APAR1LLA. Thil article has been prepared at great expense, accordng to the new procoss of the Parisian pharmaceutists, and Confidently denominated the only really valuable pronation of Sarsaparillanow ottered lor sale in this country, rogether with the active principle of the Smilax ojflei>alie? the (rest species ol the root?the College have incorxrrated that peculiar modification of sugar, which has >een termed glycyrrhisin. In the "Extracts" of the nes rum-venders and certain druggists, the common extract >i liquorice is the chief ingredient, and can readily bede ;ected. But it is pro|>er to state that in most cases this extract of liquorice is adulterated, and contains copper de rived from th* pans in which the decoction of the root is evaporated. The College wish thus particularly to guard the public against the pernicious tendency of mixtures, containing large quantities oithis poisoned liquorice. The " Extract," prepered by the College, contains also an appropriate quantity of the peculiar crvstallizable principle, obtained from that valuable vegetable bitter, Gentian, (so oalledfrom Oentius, King of Illy ris, who first disfavored its great virtues.) A small portion of the active constituents ol the /-aurus Sateafrae, another vegetable, whose efficacy as aa alterative and purifier of the blood is well known, has likewise been added. These several articles have been incorporated, and their peculiar principles compounded in a highly concentrated form, and the remit has been the production of a vegetable alterative and tonic, unequalled for power and efficacy. The College merely add the following extract from the Million just published of Brando's " Practical Dictionary ifthe Materia Medics? " This article has been prescribed in chronic rheumsism?in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent ilcere?in glandular aitections?in diseases of the bones, ittended by dull aching pains, tumors and nodes?wasting if the flesh?and ft Ass proved a valuable remedy, end Asa onetimes effected a cure where other alterative' have hern ong admini'tered in rain, and to hen the diteaeed etate of he system hoe been of many years duration. In the after reatment of eyyhilie, and in caeee where mercury hoe iiyu iouely afected the system, it possesses powers not hitherto thtervrdin any other article of the Materia MedicaSold in ihsole Bottles, at 78 ?nta each. " la Case* or MiLM-Doitn Bottle*, $3 80. " " " owe dozen " 8 00. Oases forwarded to ail part* af the Union. N. B?Jl very liberal ditrount to T!.oletale purchaseri. THE UNRIVALLTED TO..iC MIXTURE. A certain core for all form* of dyspepsia, low vparits, loaa of ippetite, lassitude, cutaneou* ern|>lioa*, general debility, prelisposition to consumption, and all complaint* amine from a liaarrangrment of the nerviou* system. It may be also naad with great aneceaa in caaea of ferer and agne, and aa a prarentatire to yellow feeer. Bold in bottle* at $1 and $* each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the care of rheumatic pama, colic, bmiaea, apraina, ?pinal diaeaae, nervoa* headache, pain* in the joint*, and immediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold m bottle*, 7} eta each. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the core of all caae* of a delicate diaeaae, or Jor pain* m the bouea, eruption*, tore throat, or any other distressing aymp* torn*, produced by an injudicious u?e of mercury, *r by iuacaery. Bold in bottle* at SI and $t each. HE AMERICAN ANTIBILOUB CATHARTIC PILL. For trie cure of all derangement* of the lirer, purifying the >lood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, >ud giving new rigor to the vital power*. Thia medicine ia ntirely *npereeding the draatic purgative* of the nostrum coder*. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaint* peculiar to the female sag, nd to restore and preserve the regular action of (he female rgans, with lull directions and caution* a* to use, and sold in mi** at $1, 50 cenu, and *5 cents each. SIR ABTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneons eruption*, gout, chronic rhenma ism, and to improve the tone ol the digestive organs. tfHE FRENCH ANTIPHLOOIBT1C MIXTURE. Guaranteed to mrr gonorrhoea, gleet, and all mucopurulent lischarge* from the urethra. Sold in bottles at 50 cents and , I each. The above preparations may also b* had of tha following ub-agenta in this city:? J. W. Basset, 844 Jrotdwiy. Dr. E. M. Onion. 1*7 Bowery. ?r. King,1*7 Hudson str**L liaa L.Theall, 548 (Jrand struct. Wm. Armstrong, 184 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal ofllce of the Colloga for New York, at 17 Naasau treet. By order, _ 04 W. B. RICHARDSON. Agent 3OWiICaL AND t)ENTXL INSTRUMENTS. No. M 3 Uold St.?Druggists and country me'ehtnts will And it to heir interest to call at the above number before purchaaiig !?? ?here, where they will find a complete assortment ?f all rticlea in the above line. N. B.?A liberal diac nnt made for caah. c? Im ec WM. R. OOULD1NO. f ENKB Z. GROWER?laformalion ia wantad of tha pre 1 sent, or last plate of residence of Jenka Z. orowtr, who >as in New York si* or seven years ago. and removed, it is .iuh! .a- a,... ?i Mipiiir... \l7 I a,.,?.. ?. >0 furnishing informstion, wifl mn h oblige by Kidloi the hscribfi this information, or where hi* residence can be asretained. Information u wsDted ol Mr. Orower reapcotiag transaction which took plice some years since. New York, September IT, ISO. JOHN W. LUDLOW, IwlttwM*! ^ ^ 71 Cortisnd street. New Tar JO. 47t Broadway,NY.?This Cordial having obtained a inst * celebrity on account of the many cures it has performed, in ises to which it is adapted, the public it respectfully informed lat itrelieresDyspepeiaand other disorders of the stomach. It is rruliarly adapted to remove those complaints, not by consunt' phyticing, but by strengthening the system. No g.eater istake can be made than to suppose that Dyspepsia, or any :hcr disease arising from debility, can bo cured by a frequent ireed action on the bowels, by purgative medicine*. When lis complaint exists, the system is already too weak, and every Iditional dose lends to make H more so. The Cordial, on the rntrary, acting aa a tonic, strengthens the digeetire organs, and laista them 10 |ierfnrm their functions as nature designed.? lence it is found te ha efficacious also in those diaeaaea peculiar > females, which arise more frequently from weakness than otn any other cause. The Cordial I .rise is a certain cure >rthe Nervous Headache, and affords -lief in almost all af tenons of the nervous system. It is an sx <. I'ent preventive of oativeness and low spirits. The aged and inhrm of bo h as res, nd persons of sedentary habits, prone to cosliveneas, here egerienced great benefit from it. It speedily promotes strength all esses of general debility .restores a good and healthy spent*, gives tone and rigor to the whole system, and is highly eneftcial as a tonic in convaletence from levers and other ass Is isorders. In proof of its vi$ucs in the above complaints, the uhlie is referred to the rsrgMmpendations of eminent physicians, s well as thorn of resnecUole gentlemen wlio have derived en*(It from the nse of it, some of which are published in the ircola* aceempanying each bottle. The Rrsuirative Cordial it prepared and told by the propriarer I 47S Broadway, N. Y., and by respectable druggist* throngholt le countnr. Pnce $1 per bottle, and 99 per down. Orders acumpanied by the caah punctually pgecnted, and Ibrwnrded ar Holdfaiso by theXlestrs Rushloo It Aopinwall, M WiUism 1,11# Broadway, and it Actor House <* '? "?

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