Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 12, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 12, 1842 Page 1
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' tTT Vol. VIU.?IO.SM ? Whole Mo. 3133. medical! URISTOL'S SARSAPAR1LLA. Vf ANUFACTURKD and M>ld by the proprietor, C. { BRISTOL. Bufl.lo. and fur uU by hi. Agent. Wll LI AM bUKUiX Wholesale Diuggi.t, No.. Ml an; 41 Cor Undt it. and 188 Greenwich it, and by the |>rinci|>al Diuggi. throughout the Union. . Thu pre paraliou hu now been belore the public about. Tell t ear., during which lime iu reputation ha. been.teauil and rapully advancing, until it. prevent anil de?eryed celenni hu been stlHiueil?nor i. it .talionary at even this altitude i estimation, aa the evidence of each .ucceeding day rle,rl evince.. Many of the fir?t Physician. in the country liave vt luut uily borne witneu to it. .u|ierior efficacy ol value,. their vrritten certificate., now in the pouenion of the pro|?P tor, will .how. Te.umnuiaU alnioat innumerable, ft"1" Pf .ou. who have been benefitted by ita u*e, or nave.een It. na diciual virtue. le*led bf their friend., are al.o in ixwaeMiou < Mr. Bristol, which prove how many,, how vanou., and ho^ t'ktreine havebeeu the iusuucea in wtiicti, oy iui operation ui ick .*nd the alinott deipairinf have beeu reetored to health ii hanpiuri*. BIUSTOL'8 SAKSAPARILLA is rare and iuvaluabl combination el vegetable remedies of established medics value, and from its peculiar properties is almost infallible ii all complaints that arise from impurities of the blood, froi the morbid action r.l the absorbent and glandular system Irom cousin i tonal idioayncracies, hereditary predisposition ani II geueral all chronic and long standing infirmities an irregularities of the human frame. To enumerate all the du rases in which it has been found to be a sovereign reined) would be to make this notice much to* lengthy, and we ca only here suggest 10 the reader the value and importance c this preparation, and refer him to advertisements in the publi |Mi|iers lor more detailed intelligence respecting its eAcnry. i W nearly all cases of complaint eicept those of the most ordinar or endemic and epidemic character. The proprietor deairr only to have attention generally directed to this article, coul dent that iu rare virtues only need be known to be appre ciated; that it will stand the teat of any trial, and that increase usefulness, and added popularity, moat be the direct result c its more estended acquaintance. Among the numerous letters daily received by the proprietc of Brist 'iSarsaparlla, the following is selected, merely t show ho hisar* le is regarded: and the increasing deman for this iui aluable ediciue by the dealers in this city, as th application comet ram the well known house of A. B. k E Bauds, Druggists, of thu city, who hare since advertised thei own article to the whole krorld, shews conclusively that th article is all it parporti to be. (COPY.) New Yoag, April 30, IMS. Ma. C. C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. Dram Bit? We have been telling daring the year paat considerable quai li.ies <ff your Uitract of Sarsaptrflla, and think from the at count we hear of iti virtue* from those who have used it, Uu the tale in thi* city may be much increased bv paying it mor attention in advertising. Our arrangements are such with th different pai>erm that we can have advertisements inserted o much better terms than inost others pay and more couspicuouah If you would like to make an arrangement with us for scion it more extensively, we think it could be made of much advan ace to us both. We have now four different stores, three c them in the best location in the city for retailing, and one fc wholesaleiug, aud our facilities are such as will enable us to dii pose of more of it, perhaps, than any other house. We shall b much pleased to hesr from you on thi* subject, or if you visi New York in the course of a month or so, to see yon at our slot 78 Fulton street. Yours, very respectfully, A. B. It 5. SANDS. OPINION8 FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. BurFALO. Aug. 12, 1837. We are acquainted with the preparation of Sarsanarllla, mi nufactured by C. C. Bristol, and having made use of it more c less in our practice, believe it to contain the ac iv? principle i Sarsaparilla, in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparalio we esteem it as one of the best we have ever met with. J TKOWBKIDOE. MD CYRENIUS CHAP1N.MD ClfAS WINNE, M D MOSES BRISTOL. M D JOHl AH BARNES, MD J E MARSHALL. M D J E HAWLEY, M D AS SfK AGUE, M D A MILLER, M D F L HARRIS, M D H R 8TAGG. From Doctors Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at Cat andaigua:? Canandaiciua, Dec. 87, 1838. We have frequently prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's preparatio of Marsaparilla. in our praetice, and have always found it to at swer an excellent purpose in cases where Sarsaparilla wss a] plicable. Our knowledge of the article has not been limitec and we can freely say that is the best preparation of Sarsaparill we haveevernsed. RICHARD WELLS. M D, E W CHEENY, M 6. The following extract of a letter from Dr. J. A. Hyde, one c the oldest and mostrespectable practitioners in the western set lion, is given : Youwost "wit, June 11, 1838. Mr. 0. C. Bristol?Dear Sir: I am nearly out of Sariapaull again, and, if yon please, you may send me two doceu bottles by stage or cars, directed to me at this place. 1 have frequently prescribed your Comiiound Fluid Extrac of Sarsaparilla for a few years put, with much advantage, i chronic diseases. es|iecially in Scrofula and obstinate cutaneou affections, attended with scrofulous habit. Also, in secondar syphilis; and mchronic general dehility,Irom ajmoatany cause It generally prove* useful. I think your Fluid Extract the bei preparation of Sarsauarilla I ever used. With much respect, yours, truly, J. A. HYDE. From Docls. Hoyt k May Palmyra, July 2, 1841. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir : We have used your Extract of Sai sa|?ri lla iu our practice, and for diseases arising from an im pure state of the blood, and as a general renovator of the syster we esteem it as the best orticleVrw in use. D. D. HOYT. M. D. WM. MAY, M. D. From Dr. A. Miller t Rome, July 34,1841. I arn acquainted with the preparation of Sarsaparilla inanu factored by C. C. Bristol, ofBuffalo, and having made use of in my practice, believe it to contain the active principle of Sat sapariflai a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, esteem it the best 1 have ever met with. A. MIDLER, M. D. From Dr. S. C. Noyes : Collitvs, Erie Co., July S, 1841. I have been acquainted With Bristol's Sarsaparilla for a nun bcr of years, and have very frequently prescribed it in my pra< tice, and have luvariably found it to answer the desired erfec 1 consider the reputation of the article established, and wher the genuine can be obtained, I have no hesitation in saying th. a trial < t iu virtues will sustain my opinion. 8. C. NOYES. M, D. From Dr. A. P. Curtis: Attica, Genesee Co., July 3,1841. I have frequently prescribed Bristol's Sanaparillaiu myprac tice, and have no hesitation in recommending it as an articl )>osaessiiig all of the active principle of Sarsaparilla, and as preparation, I think it the best one 1 have evei met with. A. P. CURTIS, M. D. Oewsoo, May 8, 1841. We certify that we attended Julia Ann Van Dooxer durini bar sickness, and wc have no heiitation in saying that her reco very may be attributed to the use of Bristol's Sarsaparilla. P. H. HARD. M. D. H. K. THURfcER, M. D. (Astatemert of the above ease may be seen by catling oi Mr. WM. BURGER, JO Courtlandtit.) Daair.rv, July 2, 1841. We, the undersigned, physicians, residing in Darien and Sen nington, having treated Mir. E. Cross during his illness, knov the above statement of bu case to be true in all particulars, am wc have not the least hesitation in ascribing his care to the use of Bristol's Sarsaparilla. Indeed, we are assured that this me dieiiie was the meant of euurel^^re^ritur^and ^eradicating thi ERAHTUS dROSS, M. D. Dauie.v, July 2, 1811. Wt, the undersigned, are particularly acquainted with Mi E. Croea, and are fully acquainted with the facta aa drawn u| in the anova statemcu', which we nelieve to be correct in ai reapetu. and wu are assured that it was was through the ageuc; ol Biiitol's Sarsaparilla that his cure waa effected. STEPHEN KINO, P. M. Darien Jentre. JONATHAN DURKEE, Justice of the Peace. H1KAM H.CHAPIN. ALANSON FISHER. Justice of the Peace. n. r. nu ivmniijun, J. H. FLAGLER. Altoiv, January 17,1842. I have been lately the phyiiraan to Mr. Maynard, and wi called to see him during hra illoeit, Mm time in the moath o August or September last, and 1 mud say I waamach ear prised and aatoniahed to aee Mra. Mayaard officiating aa auric ami attending to bis wants wlula he was sick. Her case was one Mat 1 was conrersant with bnt never pre scribed for ; it was Procidentia, and for the moat part of serei or eight years she had beaa obliged to be conveyed about th< louse and nursed in a cradle constructed tor the purpose. Un til she commenced the use of Bristol's Sarsaparilla her diseasi resisted the best medical treatment. I was f requently called t< consult with Dr. Oage hi her case, but the disease had aaaumei such a form the I my opinion was, that medicine would have u< ?fleet in producing scire. I am perfectly convinced that her recovery ia entirely at tribnttble to the nseol Bristol's Sarsanarilla. JOHN M. HARRINGTON, M. D. Aldus, January 17. 1848. I hare been one of the attending physreiaus ol Mrs. Maynart for eight years past. Her disease was Prolapsut Uttri of ai aggravated character, ani resisted all the agents laid down ii our most eminent suthoii. In addition to remedial agrnu re commended, I prescribe! various instruments to no effect, tm clearly ef the opinio-i that her cure may be attributed to thi use of Bristol's Sarsaparilla. GROVE C. GAGE, M. D. AtliLDcrf. January 17,1842 We have been acquai ited with the circumetaueea of Mri Msyuard's aickneiafor cignt years past, have always undei stood iwr case as bei?( I cyond the reach of medicine, am have beea surprised withil. the past year to see her about, am we are assured that her ret ovenr is attributable entirely to lh< use of Bristol's Birsaperill a We are further acquainted witl the fact, that for five yerrsofthe time of her sickness, ih< was obliged to be convsye c from one place to another in thi armsof her husband, andit fact, wheashe was moved at all. JOSEPA KRaEMAN. Judge Erie Co.C.Pleas, .'.u- HORACE 31 ANLEY, Justice of the Peace. H. LITCHFU.LD, Postmaster. DEXTER K/& ELL. Supervisor. B II. BUTLER. L. P. JACOBS. JOHN ESTABROOK8. A history of Use above cases may be seen by calling as above [From the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, Nov. 6, 1841.) An EsTUaoUDiivaav Case.?The article below is from th< pen of one of our moat intelligent medical men, whose state menu are entitled to the fullest confidence. The case he tie tails is really a remarkable one. and might well hare been sup nosed beyond the power of medicine. Satrment of the Hiysirian who ^visited^ihe Patient in person, nttl\ 4uut ? uw FiHIWri OI UIO 1/WmiDC] Ctnl Adrertw?i. frit ran indeed that j fallen humanity i. made to etperirnc from the hand of Providence so much ?rrr. and protracted ml lenng, and ?uch calami tout and hockin* mutilation u h? fallen to ibe lot of Jamra Wycsnff, a lad 14 year* of are nor Wring in the town of Clarence in thucouaty. ** .??' James n the .on of a farmer, the offaynaa of healthy and r? potable parents, who hare a aamerou. family of rohott child ren. Without any aaaignable cause, he waa an<hlenly deprive* of the aenae of hearing aome ten year* ainee, which waa aoni foHowed by what waa probably an attack of the drw gangrmi Thia rapidly destroyed first the palate, the bones of the roof o the month, and then a considerable portion of the opperjaw upper lip, and the whol^of the note, both bonra and eartilrgc aa well aa intefitmenta,. It would be difficult to imagine n what way a more unaighUyileformity could be impreaeed npo the 'haman face dirine.' Thia frtghtlul dieeaae ceaaed ita rara get on the [ace after aereral month a, to renew them again ii other parta ol the ayatem with greater and more dealrnctiy aerarity. Home two year, ua, a " black spot,"?aa the intelligent m. ther of ihia moat unfortunate child told the writer of lliia?wa ohaeirol under the nail of each big toe. Thia ominoua mi- i ancc waa the precuraor of a arcoml attack of gangrrne, wine gradually attended oyer each foot and leg to within fnur inchc of the keen. A ae|?entioo then took place, and in dec conra 01 time both limha dropped off. The linger, of the right han were then attacked by thia conauming malady, which rxtende to ?it'nii a few iuehea of the ahoulder, and at length the rig! arm i :l to the ground like the dead branch of a living Uee. Tn disease ih'n showed itself at the elbow of the left arin, and o the leP ihouldcr, producing riteneive ncloliation of the bonei kc The integumenu of the light aide, near the centre of th rib*, an' of the right eye, wire alao affected with the ram destroy ing romplaint in it* ineipieat atagea. On rmminiug the boy, who, not withatanding he i* deaf an mute, ia really intelligent end apnghtly, the greateat marvel t na waa, how It waa poaaihle for a constitution so very feebl and life Ices, that th* ayatem waa rapidly falling to pirces froi the death of iuparu, could, when reduced to a mtrefragmn of humanity, bold out,aad prolong for you* a miserable ? E NE NEW tstenec. Stra??e u it may seem, we found this piece of* child sitting ( the dinner tabic with the reet of the lamHy, ami feed nut himself with meat, potatoes, hrrad, and the like, with an undent reluh of the hearty uieal. Hi* itum|? of lunba, which 1 ; lately presented a hideous mass ofrating ulceis, are now heal- I ^ id* over kindly, and nothing but the scare are left o tell the t. injury dour to the left ?houlder, and the parts that surround the u tight eye, the lower jaw, sod the fragments of ears still now- 1 I nil on the head, the api>earauce of which we shall not allemiil e. to desert! e. * y The certain check given to this terrible spreading and hoj?e- L y less malady?the removal ol the intense protracted iw*iustver 4 >f ecciled by irritable fungeous tlrih connected with dead animal iy matter?the qniet sleep, increased strength, and stable couvae leseuce so mlutfest in the persou of James?were all, and a is doubtles justly, attributed by his mother to the occlusive eso, c > .r portions of Mr. C. 0. BRI9- J j. D^inDArAiiJLLA. Those who have wituassed tile * p. truly auspicious, .ml mist unexpected etfecu of this medicine )f in this very eitraordinary case, are unanimous in (lie opiuiou w thst had it been early sduiinistereU when Ute disease vaaacoui- ' it |?ratively small ami feeble, ami die couetituliou sound and 1 ,j vigorous, it could not have failed to prevent one of (he greatest 1 calamities that cau beful a human bonne. t e CaKTirtcaTE op (Kit. Maitss-iELD. L1 MR. C. 0. BRISTOL?I have been acquainted with Peter B Wycketf for more than twenty years, and have known hit son n James from his infancy to this day, and I do hereby certify than \ ,, the facts set forth in the above, from the Commercial Auverti ter, are correct. 1 ORANGE MANSFIELD, P. M., Nov. Mtli, ISO. North Clarence, Erie Co. n Bloomfield, Oaklapd Co., Mu., July S3, ISO if Messrs. John Owen St Co.. Detroit! Gent.?Some time in the < e yeVr 1833, 1 was attacked with what was called by some of my ' u attrndmEphysiciaus, the Kind's Evil. I immediately applied to a Dr. Thomiwon, who said it must be cut out; I then applied , to another physician who ordered blistering. During my sick- c ness 1 employed eight different physicians, and bv oue I was 1 advised to have my arm amputated, which I declined, lu the ' j year *37, mortification set in, when I applied to a root doctor, if who appeared to help it some. In that year I sold a span of horses andtwo cows, snd spent the whole of it, say $130, which ir only served to keep II back. 1 hare used almost every thing I ? could hear of, without auy great benefit. 4 lu July last, a cure was alleintitud by a person who, like all m others, failed. The eapenae of all thia has been at least $300. I From about four inches below the shoulder, to about the middle ij of Use forearm there have bt en at least twen y holes, many ? of them as large aa a silver dollar, and half an inch deep. In t February, 1842, (accidentally came across a wrapper from a bottle of Bristol'* Harsaparilla, and made up my miud to try ' the medicine. On the 13th day of that month, I commrnced using it, snd used a bottle a week for two or three months,when 1 I found myself to all appearance completely cured. At any raie, " since that time I have not felt any pain from it. No sores have I- appeared, and it teems perfectly sound, and 1 can labor with it > a* well atwilh the other arm. I am to well satisfied of its suit periority ever every thing else that I have tried, that I most earnestly recommend lny person to begin using it immediately e who may be similarly afflicted. Yours, truly, n WILLIAM PkARSALL. k Persons who hare any doubts of the efficacy of this medicine, i t- are invited to call on any of the following City References heif fore purchasing the article ir John (Jilee, 3U1 IVarl street. I i- Thomas Hogan, 208 Stanton street < e William W. Randolph, 373 Fourth street I it Lloyd Bryant, No. 1 Arenac C. f e Wm H. Stinemets, 99 Cedar street I Mr. Johnson. 20 James street William Stebbins, comer of Riviuglon and Ridge sts. s Ricr.ard Smith. 82 Clinton street I Robert H. Gordon, 13 Orange street Mm. A. Hodge, 39 Ridge stieet 1 William Wilson, 66 Lewis street 'J. M. Vancle water, 3U Madisou street 1 Lemuel Lelaud. 86 Hudson street n I. O. Heed, 143 Fulton street, Brooklyn Mrs. Ward, 68 Bayard street J J. W. Henderson, 27g Grand street. ( J unes McUill, 336 Grand street H. B. Ku.tpp, 21 Arenne B?house 304 Fourth street 1 ^_John Culver, 101 Stanton street. c , (T7~ I ?o not man any one to purchase this medicine until a they fully satisfy themselves that all that is said of it is true ; r r if. therefore, they will take the trouble to call on Mr. Burger, I 30 Courtlandt street, or at Milhau's 183 Broadway, they can ea- I amine substantiated testimony in addition to the above, which n will prove conclusively that the article is what it purports to < " be. C.C.BRISTOL. >- Caution.?As the fame of this wonderful medicine extends, t I. numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part of its ren puution. The afflicted therefore should be careful, ii tliey wish the true article, to ask for Bristol's, and see that the , written signature of c. c Bristol is across the cork of the bottle. ' For sale by reputable Druggists and AgenU throughout the f I- county. 1 William Burger, Wholesale Agent, 30 Courtlandt street, and ! * 188 Greenwich street, and at retail at the following places: Milhau's Pharmacy, 183 Broadway ; Rushton and Aspinwall, 110 Broadway, 86 Wiillim struct, and 10 Astor Honse : James 1 Syme, M. D.,63 Bowery, ; Robert Leggett, M. D., 17 Avenue | D D. ; B. Quackeubush,709 Gieenwich street, and A. Hill, 208 : ' Greenwichst. all lmr* 1 T. PRAND LODGE OF THE ANCI/NT AND HONOR- I it UT ABLE FRATCRNITY of Free and accepted Masons ol t the State of New York.?The Lodges of the cities of New , York and Brooklyn, will assemble at their respective Lodge Rooms on Friday the 14th instant, at 8 o'clock A. M. and ot- ( ? suite, and form line on the south side of Howard street, the a eft on Broadway, u! 9 o'clock. j i Toe Lodges from the country will organize at Warren Hall, t n at the comer of Henry and Oliver streets. Officers in their re- t galia. The fraternity to appear in dark clothing and white ( gloves and aprons. t The line will be formed by the Grand Marshal and hia aids. a ISAAC M. PHYFE, Chairman , oil 3t*r of Committee of Arrangements. r : pRand croton water celebration at k 1 Vf TAMMANY HALL.?Mr. J. PARKKR has ihe nlea. * Mire to announce to hia Irirnds and the pfibiic, that he intenda a ' curing a (Jrsnd Bill in honor ef the Croton Celebration, on c Friday ireniw, Oct. I Hit?when the room will be handsomely n decorated with Flags and Binnera. Tickets for admission $1, a to admit a gentlemen and hia ladies, can be obtained at the t Hall. Dancing to commence at eight o'clock, and continue a ' until a late hoar. c :* For the accommodation of the families residing in the vi' cinity of the Bowery, Mr. P. has opened a private school at his < e residence, 207 Bowery. Daya of tuition? Tuesdays and Fii" days. i Mr. P.'s school down town, will open in llie course of this i month. ol0 3tr THE FAIR AT NIBLO'S. e THE subscribers would call the attention of strangers and i . A others visaing the Fair, to their new and beantifularticle, the improved Minerva Shoulder Brace, now exhibiting at theJ Fair. This article will be found of immense benefit to chil- : dren of either sex, who have acquired the habit of stooping, and indnpensible to persons of sedentary habits. They can be I worn with perfect ease, and will he found of no impediment to 1 * the free use of the arms. acting so as to support and brace the J back and shoulders, ami expand the cheat. Parena and guardi- tl ans will find this article well worthy of their attention, as it 1 not only beautifies the form, bat adds to the health of the weai- tl a er. They would likew ise call attention to their superior article a of Gentlemen's Russia or Riding Belts. The above articles are p manufactured under the immediate inspection of Mr. Parsells, f r who has beeu foi the last sixteen years engaged in the business. ii r They are warrinted of superior form and workmanship, and f J can be obtained wholesale or retail at the old establishment of !i i PARSELLS & AO ATE, 211 Broadway ii oil r between Murray it. and Psrk Place. C 9 SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. c "CMFTV-SEVEN TONS sold last year, doing incalculable ' " good, curing coughs, colds, worms, headache, palpitation, ' sea sickness, lowness of spirits, and mos' of our ills. A? the P Poor Man's Plaster for 12)4 cents cures rheumatism, lumbago, h 1 pain or weakness in ihe breast, side, back, or any part of the y b dyj also piles and corns, and the Papillary Oil is the only j ceitain cure for sore nipples ever known. Whvn such physicians as Hnnter, Rogers, Vanderpool, and more than 400 others of the highest standing, recommend Sheim n't articles in their praciicc, none need hetllaln to try lliem. Bherman's Lozenges ? are .'.lone known, and four years'extensive use has established their worth lieyond all doubts. The Rev. Mr. Dunhur of th McDougal s.. Church, was cured of a very bad cough in a few hours by four or five of the Cough Loxengti. Mr. W. E. s Evans, No. 8 Walker St. cured his child of worms, after suff fering for several weeks, and no one suspected the cause. The i, * Hon. Aaron Clark, Rev. Dr. Eaatmona, Rev. Mr. Hindcnck, , and a multitude of others, know the value of Sherman's Loxrnges. His warehouse is at 106 Nasstu st. one dour above Ann r street. Agents?Cod lington, 227 Hudsou; Church's. US Bow) ery: Bands. 77 East Broadwev and 273 Broadway; Rnshlon It s Aspiuwall's three stores, and Mrs. Hsya, 139 Fulto" st. Brook lyn. nl lr * TJAVDEN'S STEEL QUILLS.?The subscribers nsvetor 5 IT salt, rome rrcrmly impioved modifications of these excel- J I lent and i opular Pens. . ' The " Reaoy Writer" is unanimously voted the King of rena i' ?combining eminently flexibility and permanence. * The " Dickens" is considered the best pen for the price in the " market. The " Union" cannot fail to suit every body, affording at 1236 cents a card (at wholesale) six different varieties of Pens. I The " New York" every merchant will have in hia counting > room who has tried them. i Together with the famous Doable Patent and Combination Barrel Pens, with many others. for sale by 'he agents. , I oil lm*rc Jl. h P. HAVOEN. 3 Piatt st. b HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERBONB. PERSONS afflicted with ruptures may rely u|ion the best t i I aid the world affords, on application at the tl ' office, No. 4 Vesey street, or to either of the agents in the 1 principal towns in the Uniteu States. Be careful to examine the c 1 back ;>ad of Hull's trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr _ : Hall, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied upon aa |, i good, without his signature. I Many |?-r*ons have nndertakeu to vend Imitations of Hull's ? i celebrated trusses, and ti.ous.unls are imposed u;ion inconsequence. These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they are c made hv unskilful mechanics ami si* nai kattar than the nary trasses. Koonu have been fitted np at No. 4 Vesey (treat, exclusively for ladies, having a sr|*rete entrance from the business depart raent. where a female is in constant attendance to wait opon ,| female patients. oil Imr , J. SORIA, ' FRENCH DYER J 1 100 PEAHL ST.. Principal Office, rPHANKFUL for the pationage heretofore bestow.d, res- J J. pectfully informs the public Mist he has, for the accommr ? " ditionofhis customets in the npiwr part of the city, opened Two Offices, one situated IJT Hi en ure St., the other U3 r Bowrer. for the reception and delivery of Goods. ' All kinds of Silk, Button ?nd Woollen Goods o f Merino and (Camel's Hair Shawls cleaned in the French si . style, with neatness and despatch. tl !\'7- hinds of Wearing Apparel and Carpets scoured. I* ' Merchants can hare all kinds of goods dyed and put up in el their original form. _ ... , i' ? Brooklyn Office^ l> niton st. Broohlye. oil Im'r n ! ~ HOLT'S CANDY, S '( QURPASSINO ANY THING OF THE KIND.-L?t it 0 stand tiiM>n it* own merits?Cong h* and Colds. HOLT'S CANDY ha* guned for itselfa reputation, (sole1 ly by its own merits) far shore the ordinary class of remedies lor the complaint* for which it is used. , . J li is recommended by thonsmnds who hare eipenenctd its excellent effects as a sovereign remedy for Coughi, Colds, and u a long*. ? *L1 This is to certify that I hire, in my practice, prescribed Mr. r. v. Holt Compound Cough Cnndy in many case* of coughs. L j colds, and all affection* of the lungs, with the most beneftr.isl ^ efleets?It nowing the compont-m ps ru of this Candy, and bar ^ log n?edIthrm for many years in my own private practice, 1 * can wuh safety recommend the aiticla to all iroubled with any 01 the complaint! shore mentioned. In my estimation this , Candy has the precedence of any now in use. d r ? DAVID CRANY. M. D. " Hartford, Conn. Sept. 20 1 842. '? ?|,'0,",le?by M' P "OLT, 2j7 Main strset; also, by the ? Pnncirwl P'ajgiau in Hartford. ' i i At Dr. SymeH Pharmacy, e 63 ?.7 corn*r ?* Walker St., are Ageats in Nhw York. c *23 2m*r ' [AH. I-ARpT^RR'*-Did Established IVck fll.p d ry. No. 4 Peek 8ln> (near P.arl at.)?Private and coeliden- I o tial?sep.rate othcee and cntiances?patients are never e,i>oseil J e to eech (ithcrs observation. Dr. C. it a Licentiate ?> the New p n York Hiate Medical Society and lias had nearly Tears tspwri- V it ence. Perfect cures in all cases guaranteed Charge* reason*- n i. Me. sit lm*r ????MP?? W YC YORK, WEDNESDAY ? OCULISTS. DOCTOR J FRANCIS' CELEBRATED EYE WATER. ^O. It BARC*. Y STREET, within two doors of the As lor Hri.'t Hi, preparations are * perfect cure for all nrlainmatoryC Me of the rye, weakiieM of d^iil, lie., a ~ ,ever fail m rvs ring nebulas of the longest standing, without ny surgical operation. CKRT1KICATK8. 1 certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen year, if age, wu brought to my house hist tall, apparently blind. He :altrd on me to-day, and slates that he lias been the patient ol )r. J. Francis, whose treatment has been the means, under Jod, ofiesluriug his sight. JAMES MILNOR, Rector of 8t. Orortr's Church, Brekinanst. This is to certify that two of my children were afflicted with liaeased eyes for a length of time, one ol them was almost blind vitli nehalas, coveting the sight. Every remedy wm resorted o without any good affect, and despaired of them ever being ecoveted. They are now iwrfectly icstoied to sight by Dr. J. 'rancu' celebrated preparation. DANIEL 8. JONES, Pearl street. 1 was almost blind for twelve years, and m fit i weeks, undet JtejkilfulUeajnieut 0f Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now per ecuy goon ana strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Pony* street. I certify to the above being true statement. GEORGE BENEDICT, Puto of the Stanton street Chiairih I was nearly blind for twe Uy yean with acatw/rt iu each lye.and froin the u?e of Or. Francis' woudeig'u' trejuiIUtioti for hat diaeaae, iny eyea are now perfectly rrcoee.-ed. HESTER JOHNSTON. <! Kldndge street. We, the undynigned, having witnessed. no astonishing effiacy ol Dr. Fra-icia' preparations lor diaeaara of the eye, iiihesituiugly reoinmend them to the notice of the public, aa nluabl remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Paitor of McDougal at. Church. S H. Cone, Paator of the Kiial Baotitt Church. John Trek, Agent of the Home Miaaion Society. Jacob Brouner, Paator of the North Baptiat Church. Joseph Andreade, Roman Catholic Prieat of St. Peter'a Church. Numeroua certiAcates can be aeen at the office. Prepared and old ouly by Dr. J. Francis, 10 Barclay atreet. New York. Artificial Evra inverted, which canuot be distinguished from he natural, without giving the alighteat pain. Dr. J. Francis reapectfully iiiforuia his friends and tke public, hat in consequence of the increase ofhis buaineaa, Dr. Ulenny, ilemher of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and of the Mew York Medical Society, has joined liiin, and every conAleoce can be placed iu his nrofuaaional skill aa an Oculist. Office hourafrom 9 A. M.. nntil 6 P. M. jyH 3m*e DISEASES OF THE EYE. n ?r ninHHV OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. 307 BROADWAY. Entrance in Fulton Street, opposite St. Paul's Chureh. ATTENDS TO DISEASES OF THE EYE. AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICE HOURS FROM 9 TO 6 o'ci,OCK. laving comtdeteu his studies of J years with LIII. ELLIOT4!', Jculiat, and been subsequently engaged aa Ilia assistant, R. K. )io?iy is enabled to undertake ihe treatment of all diseases afectiug the organs of vision. Terms moderate and graduated to iir uaiurr .uiu extern 01 me (license. Permission is given Io refer to Wis lute instructor. and also to onus of the most eminent Professors of the Medical Faculty in New York. N.B, The oor treated grafiittomly ant J SHANKS, M. I)., OCULJST, A ND Professor of Ophthalmic Anatomy and Surgery, Dlseases of the Eye and Ear, and Imperfections of Vision. 192 Bioadwav, corner John street, up stairs. N.B.?Doctor Shanks hegs to inform those affected with Jiseases uf the Eye or Ear, or Imperfections of Vision, that, m application at his office, their cases will meet with lint skill ind treatment wnich mu>t necessarily follow a mast extensive iractice, based on an accurate anatomical, physiological, and uthological knowledge of tli* the human Eye auu Ear, and hat part of Optics perlaini* to Vision. Office hours, from 10, A. M. to 3, P. M. daily, Sundays ex:ented. . Medical Department'of the University of he City of New York. s T cod lm?r THE TEETE; THE TKKTH?A redaction of 20 per cent?Upper and lower let* of teeth inserted on .action or almo.phenc presare, ?o u to be worn with cue and firmness, from a single ooth to au entire act; all can be .upplied with the beat mineal teeth; toothache cared. For extracting tooth, 60 ceuu. children'., half price. J. Buskey, Surgeon Dentist, 27 Mur ay street. next door to the church, wcat of Broadway. jy23 cod 3m*' fSRHiS TOOTH WASH?I'reiiared from tiie original reeipe at No.8 \lold street, New Yrok?The Orria Tooth wash i? purely a vegeuble preparation, possessing the properlearf> (cleaning the teeth ana gioath renormg tiie gams to a leaflhy stile, and preventing any nnplcaaant taste or odonr in he mouth, whether arising from decayed teeth or from a de anged state of the stomach. It is detignrd to be used with a tooth brash, and will be found o supersede the necessity ? la ;tw far .k??| ii'g the teeth clean ind preventing the wearing away of U.e gaos Tr in the teeth, t is particularly nsefnl in cases of spungy gums, testoring them o a healthy .state, and causing them to contract around the eeth. In painful affections of the teeth and gnras, arising from ixpoanre to cold, it will be found highly bemeficial. It is paricularly serviceable to nse the Orris Tooth Wash at dirht Jtut lefore retiring to rest. This method it recommended by emiirnt dentists, ss by so doiug all particles of food which sccnnulate daring the day are entirely removed, and the month ;ept through the night in a clean, sweet, and healthy state. Sound teeth and white teeth are the most valuable portions if poor humanity; but how many neglect the attention neessary for their preservation, even when surrounded by all the neaus needed. Among these we know of no or more pleasant nd effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and widens the teeth, strengthens tht gums, purifies the mouth, and weetana the breath. We recommend its nse to all, yonng and dd.?{Boston Morning Post. The Orris Tooth Wash is the best detergent ws ever ased on inrenamel.?{Boston Transc ipt. _ "tic by the principal druggiits in the city uit r QULPHATE OF i|UININE?2600 ounces for sale at in&uu ^ facCures price, by RU8HTON It ASP1NWALL, 06 William street. Also?Juinb. Paste in 26 and 50 Ih. boxes. s30 2w*r ~~~ MISCELLANEOUS. SELF COCKING PISTOLS. DLUNT 1l 8YM8, Importers and Manufacturers, No. 45 Chatham street, have ou hand a large assortment of fie Six Barrel 8- If Revolving Self Cocking Pocket Pistols, riiese pistols have ths advantage over all others of the kind by fie impossibility of losiua the caps, the nipples being placed in horizontal direction.and there biinv no rnzif in ih# w>v m revent taking as correct fight u with the ordinary j istol or un. The above putols can be furnished lower tli-.n any others n the market, at wholesale or retail. We have as great a vanef of other kinds of Pistols as can be found, with Rilles, U. 8. duskets, for shipping and military; Prise Mutkr ts, do; Fowlng Pieces, single and doable; estra large sixe douldr and single June for docking, together with Powder, Shot, Flanks, Bags, Japs, Locks, Barrels, lie., fee., in large or small quantities. N. 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V, Head ((tiisrisi orrnt Maanva Cones, Wathingtou, 4th October, IN42. SEPARATE PROPOSALS will be received at the office of ^ the Quartermaster of the Msriii" Corps, in this city, uolil 0 o'clock, A. M., on Tuesday, the 8th day of November nest, >r fumivhiug rations to the United States Marines at the fol>wing stations, lor the year 1843 :? P.litsmoiith. New Hampshire ; Charlestown, Massachusetts ; Brooklyn, Long Island, New York ; Gosport. near Norfolk. Virginia ; Pcusarola, Florida, and Washington, Distri'tof Columbia. The rauoni to consist of one pound and a quarter of freah eef, orlhree qutrters of a pound of mesa pork; eighteen unces of bread or Hour, at the option of ihe Government, and t the rate of six pounds of good clean coffee, twelve pounds f good New Orleans sugar, eight quarts of brans, four quarts f vinegar, two quarts of salt, four pounds of seap, and one ml a half pounds of good dipped candles to each hundred ra10ns. It is understood that the full side of href (neck and Ishini exInderal) be delivered if required ; if such quantity Be not re tired, that the fore and hind quarters he delivered alternate r ; a?d the bread or Hour shall lie of superfine quality. All ae articles to be une icentinnible.and to be issued to the troops lithout expeiur to the United States. No offer will be entertained at this office unless acompanicd hy the names of the sureties of ihe prcosals to be endorsed "Proposals for rations for 1813." AUG. A NICHOLSON, Quartermaster Marine CoriM. The American Senrmel and Pennsylvania!!, Philadelphia; le Portsmouth Gazette, New Hampshire; the New York Evening Post,the New York Herald, the New York Enquirer, ml the Naw York Union; the Baltimore Republican; the forfolk Beacon; the Norfolk Herald; the Richmond Enquirer ml Richmond Whig: ihe Alesandria Oaxette. Alexandria, 1 C.; and the Pensacola Oarette, will give the above three iurrtiona each per week, and send one copy ol the advertiselent to accompany the account when forwardodato this office ir payment. 08 cod to 8N pRANSPARENT AND WASHABLE WINDOW I SHADES.?The subscriber* have on hand tha largest snd lost varied assortment of Freuch and Italian painted Window Inn rii<? nf mnm 11 (Inlltip I a mitrai* anil iilain riMilrpi. nn?l (nr tie lower than eau Lie purchased at anjr other establishment in te city. They vaiyr in price and quality from the moat magmcent French painting erer imported in (he country, to the heap Italian atyle, aa low as fc. each. Alio on hand, a large sick of Chintzes and Linens for win lows, of various patterns, stores, kc. Together with a general assortment of all derriptious of Upholstery Goods, Beila, Mattresses, Curtains, nrtain Materials, Gilt ornaments, lie. For sale at remarklie low prices. 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Received by late arrivals, and constantly on hinrl, hy EDWARD LIPP6LD, ?fiend lm*re No. 101 William st, near John, up stairs. 7NORAVINO AT T>HE OMNIGRAFH OFFICE, IM -4 Broadway, executed with neatness, cheapness, and desatch, in all its various branches. From the recent inflng of rnrk, nna ertwo expert journeymen engravers are winted|imlediately. Good references reauired. Apply as above. 02 31eod IRK F dORNING, OCTOBER 12. General .Sessions. ] Before Recorder Tallmadge, Judge Lynch, and Alderman Leonard. James R. Whitino, Esqr., District Attorney. Oct. 11?Pitch Fight between s Carman and a Caiman. ?Solomon F Bogert, a carman, was tried for bealiug c George Baker, a cabmam, with a cart " rung," and break ing his arm. Baker said that he was endeavoring to I make a bargain with four ladies to take them up In his |_ cab, when Bogert interfered with him to git their *> ?- , gage on his cart, and a quarrel ensued, during which Bo- 1 gert broke his arm with his cart " rung." lie said he J agreed to take them up lor a shilling a piece, and did not ask *3, nor lower his price to three cents. 1 The defence, conducted by J M. Smith, Esq., called ? Mrs. Ann Mabia Boyd, a very pretty woman, with a mouth of the beauty of Cupid's arcny bow, who testified a that Baker, the cabman, profsrred his services to take herself and three other ladies from the steamboat to their places of residence for $3, and on refusing to go with him, Ll In ftfifrv ths?m ii?r Ihrno akilllnsM ami Amolltf ** three cent*. They itiil refused to go, stating that Ihey intended to riJeup iu an omnihui, when Baker aeized hold of her shawl, and attempted to pull her into the cab. tl Mrs. Cathebixe Baowx, another very pretty dark-eyed v woman, concurred in the statement of Mrs. Boyd. Assistant Alderman Sr hmklzel itatod that Paker was V the assailant of Bogert, and knocked a segar out of hia a motith when Bogert struck him The Court atatcd that the defendant had appeared to act in self defence a!one, and the jury returned a verdict f of not guilty without leaving their aeata. Mr. Cakman walked out of Court aa though he waa aorry he had walk- " ed in?and Mr. Carman left aa though he had got out of a c scrape in a lucky manner. Tiik Last Libel?At the conclusion of this trial, Michael Walsii rose and addressed the Court as follows :? " 1 understand that two obscure individuals, whose names q 1 Jo not now remember, have succeeded in getting two in- J dictments against me, and I am now ready to go to trial." i. The RrcoBnea.?The matter is with the District Attorney who will attend to it. Dmtbirt Aitobxey?The business at present is with a the Clerk who will inform you of its position. 0 The Recobdeb?'The C>erk will receive bail in the A case a Mr. Walsh then held some conversation with the c Clerk, and entered security in a short time afterwards. r We understand that he will ask for a separate trial, and j defend his own cause, which he is every way calculated . for. It will be a rich and racy entertainment, and in the J cross-examination of the complainsmts we anticipate a most amusing, interesting and unique performance in the 0 Court of Sessions. Mike's plea and summing up of the 1 evidence for defence, will throw the Sessions lawyers so i far in the prospective that it will take several moons for some of them to lind themselves. We anticipate a more o crowded Court en this trial than was ever seen in the [ Court of Sessions since the Tombs sprang from the Col- : lect. Trio/ of Patrick Ktlly Continued.?The trial of this man, who stands charged on two indictments for passing c counterfeit three dollar notes of thu Ureenwich Bank, of 8 this city, was continued this morning 'from yesterday 8 afternoon. The present indictment was tor passing one of ( these notes upon Alexander H. White, of Bloomingdale < road, on the 14th of July last. It was also proved y ester- [ day, that he had passed similar notes upon Edward j Hague, Lewis Schwartz and Joseph Cusack, and that at . the time he had passed several of them he waa in company with one of the notorious MerritU, also charged with pas- 1 an,i ?.u? l a. imam - 1 iug uuuuivucn uivuo^, wiu w uu mm uwbjmai iivui juitice. t The defence brought forward a number of witneaaea to ( prove previous good character, among whom were Edward Pollock of the ninth ward and others. f The Jury want out at about one o'clock and returned c in court at fix in the evening with a verdict of not i guilty. Faltt Prtltncti?Edwin Skinner, of Oawego, in thia State, waa placed upou hia trial on an indictment for ob- ' taining a hill ot boots and ahoea from Lewia 8. Bouton, of cj 281 Pearl atreet, on the 9th of May laat, amounting to $760 t 91, under falae pretence*. o NinfifUL Kmir.R, called and sworn? I am a clerk of Mr. Bouton ; his place of business in at -281 Pearl street; Mr. Skinner called on ua in the early part ol May last and had a conversation with Mr. Bouton relative to the . purchase of several hundred dollar* worth of boots and * shoes ; ho went ae ay and called the next morning when he said he wished to conclude the purchase, and would t pay $'200 cash and desired credit on nis own paper for the J balance; I told him that would not answer and he then tj said that ho would give acceptance* on 8. Allen, of Os- a wego, of the firm ot Allen & Marvin ; I told him that acceptances on that firm would be received if he could as- g certain whether any Arm in the city would take such acceptances. The nuxt day ho proposed to give us the ac- .. ceptances of Marvin ft Allen, and I inquired whether he " had a letter of credit from the firm. He then showed me a letter from Allen addressed to Mr. Howe 1 believe, and l< said that Mr. Allen had told him that if he could not ob- o tain the goods on the use of his name that he might then y use that ef the firm. He was to send their acceptances to us la three drafts or one, just as it was convenient (or them. On this representation a bill of goods worth $760.91 were delivered to him, on which ha paid $190 in cash. We refused to sell him on the representation of the letter, but concluded to do so on his statements relative to his authority to use the name of Allan Is Marvin. t Crou-eiamintd by Dirisct?Skinner had bought goods from us on our acceptance ef drafts on 8. Allen ; he also told us that he had made arrangements with Mr. Allen, who was the business man of the firm, to accept hia drafts as before. The goods sold were part of them in oar hands for sale on commission. Two letters sent by Skinner to Mr. Bouton, acknowledging the reception of the boots and shoe*, and stating that the drafts accepted by Mr. Alien wauld be forwarded in a few days, were hare shown witness, and aworn to as the handwriting of Skinner. Lewis S. Bocton, was called and aworn.?Mr. Skinner proposed to buy the foods on his own credit, which we . refused : he then told us that he would five the acceptance of 8. Allen, of Oswego, which was also refused, r and ha then said that he was authorized to use the name ' of Alien k Marvin, which we accepted, and sold him the 1 goous i I afterwards ascertained that he had not the authority to use the name of the Arm, and he denied on the 1 steps of the City Hall in this citv, that he ever said he had w the power to use the name of tnat firm. At the time of p, the delivery of these goods, the paper of 8. Allen, and also ,, that of Skinner, was not good in the market, and I sold . him the goods solely on his representation, that he had the authority to use the name of Marvin It Allen. Gilbert F. EvrasoR, stoted that Skinnsr told him on # the 0th of May, that he had authority to draw on Sardis t< Allen, but not on the firm of Allen k Marvin. zi Croirtxamintd.?\ refused to sell him goods on his own H credit at this time, as we then held his notes that had been t| protested ; I also showed him my bill book, where one of a his notes was entered as due in two days afterwards ; he R) told me that money was in the hande of Sardis Allen to meet that note, when it was due, and I then sold him a ? small bill of goods on a draft on Sardis Allen ; this draft " was not paid, and never will be, as I can understand. hi The prosecution here rested, and the defence conducted p by Mr. Bennett, contended that there was not evidence n sufficient before the Jury to sustain the charge that he had e not the authority to give Bardie Allen as security, and g asked the Court to charge the jury to that effect, and thns discharge his client. The Court stated that the case must be decided by the F jury, and therefore they must show their defence. 11 Sardis Aller was then called and sworn?I was one of w the firm of Marvin k Allen in May last?Previous to Mr. U Skinner's coming to New York at that time, I told him il that If he could not purchase goods in his own name he a might then draw on me, and I gave him a letter of credit. 8 I also told him that if he could not obtain the goods by this _ means he might draw on the firm of Marvin k Allen for (i from MO to >800. * Croii-txamitud by PaosaeoTion?When Mr. Fisher " came to Oswego 1 told him that Mr. Skinner had no right Y to tell Mr. Bouton that he was authorised to draw upon 1 the firm of Marvin k Allen?My reaaons for thia were el that aince I had told Skinner what I before (aid, I had ascertained that he waa not able to pay what be already 0 owed me on my endorsement. 0, An argument here arose as to the admissibility of evi. Jence when the District Attorney said that he should urge to this jury, that the witness, Allen, was one of the * parties to thia fraud. * The court stated that the admissions of Mr. Allen a Iready made, was such as to make him responaible for the debt ft due Mr. Bouton, and therefore, further evidence relative B to the firm ot Marvin fc Allen waa inadmiasable. Witress concluded by saying that he was the brother- ni in-law of Skinner. rf Mr. Fishes, clerk of Mr. Bouton, was again called, and stated that Sardis Allen bad told him when he went to . Oswego, that ho had never told Skinner that he might Cl draw upon Marvin k Allen. fr The counsel for defence here introduced a letter from th one ofthe clerks of Mr. Bouton, 'in which a conversation between Mr. Bouton and Mr. Allen was alluded to. ti The District Aitorrev then called Mr. Bon ton upon a) the stand, to give this con variation, when defence object- . ed, but the court deemed it admissible. -? Mr. Bouto* then atated that . Mr. Allen,told him that he did not doubt hi* word, bnt '' that he knew Skinner well, and he had no power to u*e <>' the name of the firm of Marvin It AUen. From thia con w venation with Mr. Allen he lent Mr. Skinner to Oswego, a< when he found the goods he had aold Skinner about to lie j|) traifurred to the hand* of Allen. _ Mr. Allcis waa again called by defence, and atated that be called upon Mr. Bouton after Skinner had purchaaed the goods, and aaked him if hia individual acceptance " would not answer,'when Beuton told him that that waa la not according tc the agreement between him and Skin- ft ner. ir The caae waa aubmitted to tbe jury under the charge of 01 the Recorder, who slated that the teatimony of Allen waa (C auch aa to relieve Skinner from any miarepreaentation in r, the premises?that he had aworn poaltively that he au- u thonzedSkinnar to draw on the Arm of Marvin It Allen . for from five to eight hundred dolla-a, and that Skinner lI> was therefore not to anffer from any miarepreaentation n< thua made by Allen. That thia court waa not to be the te judge of the reapooaibility of the Arm of Marvin It Allen for the payment of the debt due Bouton by auch admia- m sion, but that the jury were alone to judge whether M Skinner had made auch lalae representation to Bouton aa w would justify them in convicting klm of the offtmce \f charged. The Jury, after a short absence returned a verdict of not guilty, for which be la indebted solely to the evidence P? of hia brother-in-law, Mr. Sardia Allen, and which evi- ft' dence will no doubt make the Arm of Marvin It Allen re- w sponsible in a civil court for the debt dne Mr. Beuton, m which has formed the baaia of thfa complaint. |n ?? n Indiatsa.?Two members of the Indiana Legislature ^ have died. One was a democrat, and the other a whig. ?< The report of the deeth of A. L. Wheeler, democrat, from I Marshall and Fulton counties, it not tiue. MMHMHBBBBBHBIHI [EllA 1842. fifteenth Animal Pair or the American Institute At Rlblu's Gardes?INtli, Tuesday, Oct. 11th. Yesterday was a great day at Niblo'a. Nothing :ould excel the splendor of the day?the sun shone orth in unwonted brilliancy?the air was mild and lalmy as a morning in June?not a breath of wind o move a particle of dust. In addition to the loveiness of the weather, the ladies came forth in all heir witching charms, rivaling in their attractions ven the beauties and fascinations of both nature .nd art, as exhibited at the Fair. The number of visiters during the day was very irge, and the presence ol the ladies greatly enlivend the other attractions of the place. On entering the garden, the general eflect upon he mind is rather bewildering; the eye is dazzled rith the brilliancy of the panorama, and knows not Kama Ia -on* >m tl>a ml* I* af llsj A nf olnimuntU rtf I tu vucic iu irm, in mr uiuiuiuuc ui v-ikiuiumu ui no ttention. la our notice of articles to-day, we shall not Conine ourselves to a tingle room, but take a ramble iverthe whole ground, and notice such articles, and >nly such, as particularly deserve it on account of heir intrinsic merit. There will therefore be no objection from anv uarter that we call attention tint to Prof. Morses Electro Magnetic Telegraph, of which so much has een said. The public nave now an opportunity of eeing and testing, in actual operation, what we re inclined to think will prove the great invention t the age. It is now for ten yean that Professor dorse has been freely expending his time, talents, nd money to bring this telegraph to its present state if perfection; and we are glad to hear that there is iow a reasonable prospect ot its being shortly reluced to practical experiment. Mr. Morse has aleady laid the subject before Congress, and the Hon. Jhas. G. Ferris, representative from this city, and me of the committee on commerce, is charged with he examination of the subject; he will report on t at the opening of Congress The apparatus, we cannot minutely describe. !a eneral, it is composed of two registers, one at each ocal extremity, and the connecting wite The regsters in appearance, are like clock work, about the ize of a mantle clock. When intelligence is to be :ommunicated or received, a little bell gives notice, ind the machinery is seen in motion?effects which ire produced by a simultaneous manual operation, >r rather the simple touch of the magic pen, at the ither local extremity, a distance Bay of forty or even our hundred miles, wherever it may be?one at Mew York for example, and the other at Washingon. At the same time, a strip of paper two inches vide, begins to revolve along, and a pen to mark iharacters on it, whieh represent the letters of the ilphabet and the numerical digitB. This writing tontains the intelligence communicated. It is altogether, a very curious and wonderful afuir, and the public should not lose thiB opportunity if seeing it. It is in operation from 10 A. M. to 2 M. The Main Saloon is a wilderness of charms and ascinations. Seven long tables run the whole length f the Saloon, covered with every thing to allure he eye, pleas* the fancy, or supply the necessities f man. Par fxretUnee, we notice the following articles:? No. 519 is a case containing some of the most rlendid silk hats we ever saw. They are by W. . BebeeNo. 034, as you ascend the platform, is a Florence Mosaic Table, made by John Parvus, 262 dott street. This composition, which has a solu ion of India rubber on it, is impervious to water, nd is well calculated, we should think for sideoards, pier tables, tops of cabinets, pedestals for tatuary. Sec. No 921, a superb article of silk hats, exquisitely nished by Francis Degan, 9 Gold street. As you ascend the platform you will notice on the 'ft a round table, beautifully painted, in imitation f inlaid work, by George Clark, 6 and 8 Broadway. No. 339 is an Urn, with cameo embellishments? most ingeniously finished article?containing the kenessesof the Presidents of the United States? sveral prominent naval and land engagements. A ery beautiful and tasty article. In tne centre of lie saloon. Near the centre of the room yon may notice a suerb specimen of blank book ruling in different corns, with the folios printed?by Root Ac Wheeler, Stationers 261 iB a case of embroidered slippers, walking ihoes, See.: most splendid articles, by P. Laboy. eaux, Ladies' French Shoemaker, 71 Chambers itreet. No. 536 is a case of brushes, among them we noiced some very fine hair brushes, with tortoise shell >ack and handles, by James H. Noe, 187 Greenwich itreet. Case 824 contains a most magnificent specimen of loskbinding, by Taylor Ac Young, 128 Fulton st. t is exceedingly rich. Seeing the ladies and gentlemen thronging to the lorticultnral Room, we a^ain took a stroll thither aril, when we amvec mere we iouna a crowa oi eople around what ia called a Rock Harmonicon, nd we know not how to describe its enchanting >nea. It is said that Orpheus made the trees dance rith his music, and we actually looked around abont mongst the agricultural productions of the room ) see if the beets and parsnips had not gone to waiting it with the cabbages and pumpkins. The Rock larmomcan, we believe, will be entirely new to le public as an exhibition, and it is now exhibited t the Fair only by the solicitation of several profes:>r8 of music. It is the invention ef Joseph Richrdson, a plain, unassuming man, a native of Cumerland, England, who, after thirteen years incesint application, has succeeded in bringing it to its resent perfection- The stone composing the instrulent, is Mica Schist, or, as it is more genorally calld, Whinstone, and is taken from the Mountains of kiddaw. In the immediate vicinity ef the Rock Harmonion, at the entrance el the horticultural rrom, may e seen the American Improved Cambrian Harp, nth three rows of strings, intended to dispense with le use of the pedals. Our attention was called to by Counsellor W?n, who is both an amateur and connoisseur, and who pronounced it as altogether uperior. Its tones ara as mellow as a piano, and ojar. If the beets and carrots would not dance to ie Rock Harmonicon, it is by no means certain dat the ladies and gentlemen who hear this harp nil be influenced by a like sense off propriety, 'his harp is manufactured by D. L. Jones, 499 Pearl treet, at one third the usual price. In the galleries of the saloon are a few specimens f the fine arts well worthy of attention,while many then seem to be the productions of young artists, nd by no means matured. No 816 are two pieces of beautiful fancy inlaid orkby Matt. Jos. Coels. There are also several beautiful painted and colori lithogaanhs, of birds and flowen, by John P. oven, Philadelphia No. 75?Very handsome hangings?plain, neat, Dt gaudy?by Charles McAuley & Co., upholsteirs, 96 1 fudson street. Nos. 58 and 589, are magnificent specimens of lirography, by Hiram Dixon The two large ames contain the Declaration of Independence; ie two smaller ones the Lord's Prayer. On the platform at the end of the gallery is an ar cle of cabinet furniture, which constitute* a great traction to all visitors. It is a very curious affair; < use a big word, unite an omniformity. For now is an ottoman 28 inches square by 17 nigh?presto, is a large and comfortable easy chair?anon it is a rdstead 6 feet 2 inches long- now again it is a riling desk?indeed, we hardly know what it is at?probably you had better go and see it. It is ivented antf patented by Henry Parsons, 508 Broaday. In the cloth room we noticed an entirely new sysm of cutting garments, invented by H. Seger. It No. 10747being a book of diagrams, and an inrument with which the measure is taken. We are formed that it has been pronounced by a large ad respectable number of the tailors of this city, > be the best system of cutting garments they have vet seen, and superior to any other now in use. fe hope the trade will give it a careful examinaon. Mr. Heger is from Macon, Georgia, and is jw in this city for the purpose of teaching his syem. The Brittania metal ware in show case 248, is anufacturad by Messrs. Reed Ac Barton, Taunton, :ass., from their refined rolled metal. Most of the are in the case has been exposed to the air since ovember, 18il, and much handled : having been ed as samples at their store. Their works are caible of employing 150 men, and they have facilirs for manufacturing about #100,000 worth of are per annum. They are indebted to English anufactories for no portion of tha process in makg the goods, having learned the business by expeence. They are worthy of public patronage, and I _e notice them particularly at the request of several the officers of the American Institute. By re- I test of the same, we also call attention to I Ths Dynamoiuew.?This invaluable instrument j LD. PrlM Two c?u originally constructed for measuring the relative strength of men and animala. is now brought to ouch perfection that it can be applied with equal facility to machines of whatever description. The American Institute, is now in possession of a large and effective Dynamometer, the invention of Mr. James, of Newburyport. This instrument will be applied to all the machinery put in requisition at the great Fair of the American Institute, at the request of any gentleman wishing its powers tested. We are requested also to say that it will be used to-day at the ploughing match?see advertisement. Superior Coart. Before Judge Talimadgs. Oct II ? Elmtndor/ vi John /.Ven?This case was al luded to yesterday?Several witnesses were examined in relation to the widening of Chapel street, and documents exhibited?finally a motion for nonsuit was asked for, and after a short argument, granted David A. Starkweather and Dwigkt Jamaa VS. Rtto C//once.?The deleiidant had received a aum of money from Ohio to be handed to various persons designated.? One of them wee indebted to him, and he retained tha amount. Action ia brought lor its recovery. Verdict for plaintiff, $314. Mr. Woodruff'for plaintiff Mr. Ellingwood for defendant. Petti A Hargoua at- si. VS. Ms Sun Mutual insurance Ca ?Action to recover the amount of lots on a Marine po. licy. No defence waa offered. Verdict for plaintiff, $6,1711. Willet and Greigfor plaintiff. }Pm- A. Coil ve. James H. /Vinci.?This was an action on a note (or $600, the defence to which waa the fashionable plea of usury. Something more than legal interaat had been charged. Verdict this torenoon. Cleaveland and Titus lor plaintiff. For defendant, H. Dresser. Common Plena. Before Judge Ulshoeffer. Oct. 11.?Isaac Mbol vs. Monmouth B. Hart, Sheriff? An execution against Richard Van Dyck, Jr., for %laOO, had been placed in the Sheriff's hands. The deputy repaired to tne house of Mr. Van Dyck, No. 61 Thompson street, and also to his store, No. 3 Broad street, but failed in obtaining any property, and Mr. V. has since become a petitioner in bankruptcy, showing few or no assets. The present action is to recover from the Sheriff the amount of the execution, it being averred that he had not exercised sufficient diliigence in efforts to collect. The Jury, however, thought otherwise, Anding a verdict for defendant. For plaintiff, Mr. Holmes and Mr. White. For defendant, Mr. J. C. Hart and Mr. Blunt. County Court. Alderman Balis in the Chair. Oct. 11?Considerable discussion took place as tothe right of the clerk of the Common Council to act as clerk ol this board. The Mayor offered a resolution declaring that the county clerk is properly clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and inviting him to officiate as such?Lost. Alderman Purdy then offered a resolution appointing Mr. Taylor (clerk at the Common Council) clerk or this Board, and that he be allowed an appropriate salary. Carriod. The Comptroller offered various reports as to taxes, unpaid bills, he., which were referred. A report was received from the School Committee, and referred. A report was also presented in relation to collections of taxes in 6th ward, and stating that Mr. Layden had made some collections without authority, he not having the books. Referred. Some bills were ordered to be paid, and the Board adjourned. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Oct. 11.?Jotsph Polack vs. Joiaph Hopkins, et al.? The defendants had got the " pewter" on a note, but set up a plea of usury to get rid of repaying the amount borrowed. The note was for about $'J60. Verdict for da fen<lant. Mr. Belcher fer plaintiff. For defendant, Mr. Proudflt. John Sinclair vs. John F. Vstaplaina ?The defendant had employed plaintiff to place a new slated roof on the sugar house, (owned by him) comer Pike slip and Cherry street, but refused to par t le bill afterward* on the ground that the plaintiff had made a miatake, and put new roof* on two (tores (forming the block) instead of one. Action is brought for the amount. Verdict for plaintiff $134 13c. Cleaveland and Titu* for plaintiff. For defendant, J. C Delaplaine. John Wood vs. Julia Tttoktr.?The defendant kept a boarding house, and the plaintiff for several years boarded with her He had in possession $4000 in city bonds, which defendant m ade too free with and sold. She was tried for the felony, and sent to the State Prison. The present action is brought to recover judgment for tha amount, so that should any thing belonging to her be found, it may go towards paying the amount taken. No defence was offered. Judgment for plaintiff) $4640. Messrs. O'Connor and Derry for plaintiff. In Bankruptcy, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. John H. Waterhouse, merchant, N. Y. (compulsory, on complaint of Bulkley, Merritt and Ely, and others,) Injunction granted?Nov. 17. Ebenezer Hanford, junr., house carpenter, Williams burgh?Nov. 17. John Joseph and A. Gumming*, (firm Joseph and Cummings, lumber merchants,) N. Y.?Nov. 17. James E. Millar, merchant, N. Y., (compulsory, ou complaint of O. D. Hasbrouck,)?Nov. 10. William Scott, cabinet maker, N. Y?Nov. 10. Samusl A. House, merchant, 316 Water street, (compulsory, on complaint of John C. Cass,) Injunction not granted?Nov. 10. George Graham, builder, N. Y.?Nov. 17. John Tyson, victualler, N. Y.?Nov. 10. William Adams, (of late firms Adams k Crawford and Adams k Lasher, Baugertiee,) Nov. 17. Ira D- Bugbee, (of late firm Bugbee k Kneeland,) merchant, N. Y. Court Calendar?This Day. CiscuitCottar.?No*. Ill, 103, 137, 300, 110, 07, 63, 44, 68, 93, 100, 100, 113, 130, 40, 337, 63, 87, 143, 144, 137, 309, 93. Common Plus.?Part I?Nos 37, 37,67, 181,138,10, 160, 117, 131, 166 , 67, 106, 33, 36, 41, 131, 197, 16, 31, 43, 60, 73, 77, 106, 160.?Part 3.?Nos. 183 , 44, 36, 176, 86, 76, 174. Scraaioa Covbt?Nos. 136, 133, 138, 139, 43, 33, 140, 143, 183, 143, 146 to 169 inclusive, 160, 161, 103. MUSIC. 1 CHEAP MU8IC. NEW AND POPULAR MUSIC, Piano rorte., Quitsrs. Flutes, Violins, Strings, and Musical Merchandise. ATWILL.20I Broadway, ngn of the Golden Lyre, invitss the attention of purchaaert to hia Saloon, hia lane and valuable assortment or lichly finished and ?ope nor toned Piano Fortes, Ouiiars of every pattern and finish, Flutes, Clarioneta, Violina, Trumpets, Ite. tut.?Strings Tor Harp, Ac, of ftrat qual jty. Maaica) Merchandiae of every deacription, all of which will be aoid very low; whnleaale or retail. Also? New and Popular Muaic.?The publisher would ea necially call the attention of thoee in want of any aaaoilaaent of New or Popular and Standard Muaic publiahed throughout the country, aa he haa the publicationi of every atore in the United States, all of which, together with hia own locreaainf catalogue of Music, embraces one of the largest aaaortmenta in the city, and is eold at reduced rates: this same aa at the amallahops about town. !C7"ATWILL'8 own publications are printed on beautiful fancy colored paper and many of the pieces embellished with anperb lithographic vignette title pages. The followiog list roinprisea some of the moat popular and admired Music?now very fashionable .? A life in the wood's away Ah dont forget love Moon o'er the mountain She's on my heart And wilt tbon weep Mervilly o'er the wave I go American lily for me Broadway sighu Tang voun timc Miaa Lucv The lady's man Will nobody matry me Not married yet Carrier dove, Ulh edition Come wander with me (iimbler1* wife Day ia now dawning Ha was such a nice young man Hrr last meeting Infanta slumber Light cigar Knight's songs Lover's songs Russell's songs Dempster's songs Moore's songs FH Brown's songslaftdfl Napoleon's midnight rcriew Marches Oh this love I oil this love! Old king time Oh who baa not seen the sweet Oh sadly throha mv h-art oae New York City Guards quick Oh when will he return to me step Coquette Review quick step Women, sung by B rah am ; Albany State rtrest quick step Twenty yesra ago The dream ia put My beautifhl Rhine The spoil is broken 'Neath the willow Wreath qnadrili* I know a bird Who'd thought of seeing you Cracovian maid Kllaler's dances I Oracioto wahr and gallop Celesta's dances Teetotal society Friendship waltz and anllop New York quadrilles Manahatta waltzes Sight of Breed way Boquet waltzes My woodland briue To thee love, to thee y pretty Azile Oh promise ma to siagl Oh sail with me Oh youth ia the time Uolkov flam uitnv hnv' The nlrlo n lima Way of the world Lniollir American quardnlla Accept this (iTI I My Normandy maid flwisacirl's dream Come line me that limple air Thou art falie bat I cannot lor afain et Lore'* memories, a rerr beau. Rose of the desert Ural i?ni by s. C. Massett, Oo where the water glideth Esq. cane awa with me Merry old Christmas The dreams oi the past fade Come o'er the blue waters away O'er the tranquil deep "I've come," with a portrait of My love is a soldier the Qaeen When the mooabesnd We can love no more Queen's tone Many new waltxes. marches, A large collection of New quadrille, pieces, lie Mnsic for the Flete. Oqitar, Every description of camata Violin, he. f let* Music on and instruction books. cards, Stc, Ac, ?c. mcEvery day adds new and popular music to Ujeanovs. All instruments warranted. XT" A liberal deduction to those who purchase any n?bmofl*ec?%U8IC SALOON, A1 Sicn of the (ioldenXyre, StlttsatAwr Ml Broadway, balow ?' ".? Church.. C, (Tn'AKS. up Stain., have Hpuish MUh'c? would call the attention of Solo players to thair T*L (liitars amde ^ mod,i] of which in ^ w.nrv Mid parity of ,OB* B*rfov. very easy to the The inatrumenta are warranted perfect, and to tend nay change of climate, ami ? hu esetsanged at any "me should the y not prove aatiafactory trsiwers are invited to call and taamfne them. Prices from ?I5 to?lM. go|d, wholesale sad retail. 8. B. Conpa continues to five Leeeoae on the inn tar. II In rod*

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