Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1842 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD New York, ThiniUy, October 14, 184'i. To Railroad Condurlort?Poitmuier- ? Steamboat Captains? Politicians, die. &r. We will thank all Rsilroad Conductors, Po?tma?tcis, j Steamboat Cap ains, Politician* of both tides?*nJ " I other such personage* to forward to the Hksalp Orrics, J Now York, the lull and accurate return* of their ?? ? oral J election*, In ?tate, citjr or town--particular!) in the<lection* now at hand In New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and other state*. Tlio?e who give u* valualile early information, will receive our thank*, and be placed on the frtt lift of the New York Herald. Extraordinary Pror.c:!liiife In the f onrt of Soaalono?Col. *V< l?b pleaded Guilt)-. In our report of the Sessions of this day, our readers will linJ thai James Watsoji Webb, editor of the Courier and Enquirer, hts pleaded guilty to the indictment found against hitn, and thai on Tuesday next he will be brought up to receive his sentence. What this sentence may be we know nol, but whatever it is, we understand that petitions wilt be presented^!) Governor Seward, and hopes ate enter turned of a pardon. We hope so?we sincerely hope so. There is no wish to push matters too far?and we also hope that the Governor will extend the same mercy to the pugillists?to the libellers?to the thieves?indeed, that there may he a general amnesty and jail delivery before his Excellency goes out of office. Wc have had a Bankrupt Law to cancel all debts?let us have a general pardon to cancel all crimen and offences above petty larceny. Let us all rub out and begin again. On these grounds we hope that mercy may be extended to Mr. Webb; and we will even go so far as to indor.>e, not his paper, but his behavior for two years to come. One remark more?all these editors and politician*, w ho were the most active and malicious in getting up indictments and prosecutions to put down the Herald and its editor, begin now* to find that they have been meddling with a two-edged sword?that the game has reacted on themselves. They sowed the whirlwind, and now reap the storm. Administration of Joshce?Indictments?C'ontkmpts.?For some months past there have been great eflorts made in certain quarters to annoy a particular portion of the press with indictments, citation^, and other processes ol law, for what they call libels, and contempt of Court. It is very remarkable, however, that all these valuable efforts of our judiciary have been confined to that portion of the press which, by doing business on cash prin cipies, and exhibiting su|>erior enterprise, has grown, and is growing into such power and strength, as to be on the |>oint ot taking away the sceptre troin Judah, which has hitherto reigned in Wall street. Now, if any person who is without bias or prejudice, will examine for the last two or three years the columns of the Wall street papers, they will find therein dav after day, and even up to this day, the highest officers in the land, judges, civil and military men, members ol Congress, merchants and all classes, libelled in the grossest manner imaginable ; past all belief for its enormity, except upon a demonstration. And yet we see no praise-worthy efforts made by our judiciary, no grand jury ready to act in this matter?no effort made in any quarter to arrest the shameless libellers in their infamous career, and bring them to punishment. Is this honest ? Is this justice! But not only is there this gross unfairness and inequality in the admiui-tration of the laws in this resect, but the same system prevails in other matters. A poor creature, sometimes in a moment of frenzy, steals few articles of food or clothing ; he or she is imnie diatelv hunted up?arrested, indicted, tried, sentenced, and sent to prison for the longest period, or nearly so, that the law allows. Then, again, look at another quarter of the city, and see the state of morals, the conduct of leading men in point of integrity, tind the measure of justice they have dealt out to them Why, within a space of not more than two years, we have had failures ot batilis, truit companies, defalcations of hank and insurance otheers, and bursting of other institutions, by which tne public have been plundered of nearly $15,<H)0,000. And this, be it remembered, was property belonging to widows, orphans, aud respectable but decayed members of society. The awful defalcations and other proceeding# of many of those persons called directors, managers, secretaries, dec. of several of these institutions, have caused more real distress in this community, and more demoralization than all other offences perpetrated in the same period, put toge'her. Vet, where is the grand jury who will indict these offenders T "Where is the court that will charge a grand jury to do so 1 Or where is the press that will call out for this to be done ! And, yet, unless it is done, our courts of justice will become a mockery, and a by-word, the scorn and reproach of the city. "Whio Nominations ? In the Third District, either King, Phenix or Clark will receive the nomination, and be elected. In the Fifth, composed of the 8th, 9th and 14th wards, W. W. Todd, salt merchant, is considered the strongest man. In the 4th, composed of the 6th, 7th, iOth and 13lh wards, the whigs do not intend to nominate, but will unite on M. M. Quackenboes. In the sixth district,composed of the upper wards, Robert Smith, stone cutter, late Alderman of the 5th ward, and Hamilton Fish, candidate for Mayor some years since, are the prominent candidates. For Senator?Daniel Lord is said to stand the best chance, and if nominated, he will run Mr. Lott a close heat. Should McKeon run a stump in the fifth and the whig# not nominate in the 4th and centre upon Quackenboas, the probability is that the democrats will not be able to elect more than one candidate from the city, and that will be for the lltli, 12th, 15th, 16<h and 17th wards. Should there be a division in that district among the democrats and the friends of Wood and Moore, they will be defeated in every district. The Wau- street District ?James Gore King, the great broker, it is said, will receive the whig nomination for Congress in tins district. He will be eu,ported by the Board of Brokers, Bank of Commerce, Manhattan Bank, and such assets as are lelt of the agency of the American Trust Companyopposed by Hoorraan tte Johnston, the assets of the North American Trust Company, and all the lame ducks and repudiators. We go for James?he is very much of a gentleman?lives in a chntuiu at Hoboken, sleeps just enough in town to qualify hi ? and will be the first broker that ever got to Congress, where he is muoh wanted to teach them to do a large business on a small capital. All other eandidates will please march. City Property?Population?Taxes?" Something ie rotton in the state of Denmark " Look at our money article, and you will learn the astounding fact that the value of property, real and persoual, has decreased, since 1SJ1, about 23 percent., while the taxes have increased, in the same period, 10 per cent., and population per cent. The decrease in the value of property may be accounted for in the curtailment of the paper circulation?the general reduction of prices?the revulsion of the banks?the rascality of hnanciers?and the ignorance of bankers?but why should the taxes increase t During this period the city government has been in the hands of the politicians of both parties alternately, and although they abuse each other just previous to an election, they pursue the same policy in regard to the public burdens. How can such financial phenomena be explained 1 From Cars Tow*.?We have received the South Americ <n Commercial Advertaer, published at Ga e Town, to the 231 of July. It contains no other news than what we have already seen in the English ; i. p?r#? nam !y that the Dutch Boers had been held i check by tbs British forces Prize Fjoht Indictmk.vts.?Among other inI dtcfments tminJ by the Grand Jury of Westchea'er I I County, we have already noticed that of Dr. He,-h ' S Caldwell, an eminent surgeon and phyaician of ' this city. A;; 1 the question hus since been frequent- 1 ly asked, "Who istfiia Dr. Caldwell, and where is i ne froml" ' Upon inquiry we find that Dr. Caldwell has not j , been many years a resident of New York He is u , very remarkable man in many respects, and a man , of great talents. He served as an officer in the Frit* | ish army for many years, was a long tune in that < service in India, and subsequently officiated in Ilia < medical capacity with Wellington's army throcgh 1 the Pen insular war, until the close of that long and 1 bloody war ut the seige ot Bayonne. He was ulso ' at the storming of St. Sebastian, one of the most He,rim-five irs nrnhjhlv of llie whole campaign. and in which there were more lives sacrificed, und j men wounded, in proportion to the numbers ein- t ployed, than m any other action during that war. , Aja necessary consequence, Dr. Caldwell had mo t ( excellent opportunities lor abundant practice and t experience in every department of his profession, 1 arid has undoubtedly seen more medical and surgical service than any other person in the city. ' Dr. Caldwell is also, we learn, a man of great ec- ' centricity and independence of character; likeAber- ' nethy, Astley Cooper, John Hunter, Lawrence, and ( the great lights ot the profession, he loves ;o see und ( study the physical powers of the human frame as ] they are developed under every variety of circum- i stances. This accounts for his being present at the i fight at Hastings; but it is ridiculous to say that he 1 was there as the physician of M'Coy. He was there merely as a spectator, und knew nothing about the parties. He was about t*> interfere to stop the fight, but was prevented by the cursing, swearing, and threats of the brutal wretches who acted as seconds on that shocking occasion, and the shouts of (lie mob around. That a man of hisstanding in society and ability should he indicted, under the circutns'aiices, is most preposterous, for all who know the humane and gentlemanly disposition of Dr. Caldwell, know well that he would be the last man on earth to encourage anything of the kind, and the first to endeavor to prevent it. This distinguished surgeon is just beginning to be appreciated in this city, and his services are consequently in continual requisition. Ilis surgical talents and scientific attainments are very similar to those of the late Dr. Bush. Some short time since he was called in to perform a difficult operation on a very lovely young married lady in this city. She had a tremendous tumor on her neck, which was very deep seated. The operation was so critical, that many surgeons refused to undertake it. At Inst Dr. Caldwell was sent for, and asked to cut out the tumor. "I will cut it out, if the lady will sit perfectly still," said he. " I will not stir," she replied " And save her life V' asked the husband. "She shall be able to walk Broadway in a week," was the answer. Without any more ceremony, the Doctor commenced. He dissected away the tumor, laid bare the carotid artery, and the internal and external jugular vein, and in a few minutes the tumor was removed, and the wound closed with straps ; and in six days the lady was walking Broadway in good health. When it was over, the grateful husband exclaimed "God bless you,Doctor, you have saved my wife." " Thank your wife, sir," said he, " for her own firmness saved her life ; had she moved, she might have died under my hands." We have heard of dozens of similar cases of his skill and science, which we would give if we had room ; for that diffidence and modesty, inseparable from genius, would prevent his ever making them known. However, we should not be surprised if this indictment were the means of bringing him before the world in his real character, as one of the first surgeons of the day; and as such will be a sort of gratuitous advertisement of his merits. Fat and Lean ?The grand jury have indicted the 44 AnrnM." for railing a Brand inrnr a 44 swah ,f ?tr "snob." The "Courier and Enquirer" calls the Chief Magistrate ot the republic, a "traitor," "a wretch," " a scoundrel," fitc., just as often as they please, with perfect impunity. What is a grand |u. ry ! What is a libel! What is an indictment! What isjustice! What is any thing! A Letke?Mrs. Parlin, the beautiful Queen of Rhode Island,'held a levee yesterday at Jones's Hotel, which far outshone any levee held at Holyrood, Dalkeith Palace, Scone, or even St. James's or Windsor Castle. She gave audience to a large number of the friends of free suffrage; none of them were lords or nobles, but all of them were sove- j reigns in their own right. Some of their robes were not of the first quality, but still all sovereigns. Atwit.l, the fashionable music publisher, has just got out Morris' famous Croton-water Ode, set to music, with a vignette exhibiting the Park Fountain, and the grand procession. We don't know which is best?the poetry, the music, the engraving, or the Croton water. Try all. Osck, Twice.?Governor Carlin of Illinois, has otlered a reward of $300 for Joe Smith. We hereby oiler a reward of $350 for the prophet. We'll see who will get him first. Twaddi-x.?The quarrel among the Mayor, Aid. Underwood, Tayler, Graham and others. Why don't you fight on something worth six shillings and eight pence at least ! MrstCAi,.?Antognini had a very good concert.? His singing was much applauded. Rapetti and his violin were brilliant. Apropot?there is a large stock of musical talent in town, but they are beginning to quarrel again. A Sign.?Within the last few weeks the locofocos have carried Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. They will probably carry New Jersey and Ohio. Gcj- The Phenix Bank financiers of Boston have been arrested, and will probably be indicted. When will New York play trumps ! V/Haritabi.k ? ine proceeas 01 oaiuraay evening at Niblo's Garden are to be appropriated to the French Benevolent Society. Good. fltj- J- Horslhy Palmer was rode down the Long Island Railroad the other day, half way to the Greeii|)ort?but neither drives, rides, nor politeness will pay up the balances due him by the Wall street gentlemen, of 9000,000. Be honeat as well as polite. Election in Pennsylvania.?The whigs have carried the city of Philadelphia by a 1000 majority. The county, however, has been carried by the democrat*. In Wilmington city, the whole demoeratio tisket is elected. Steamer Acadia, from Boston for Liverpool, arrived at Halifax on the 3d, and sailed the same afternoon, with 18 additional passengersNiblo's.?Antoine had a brilliant saloon last evening?every thing went ofl with great spirit?the laughter was incessant. Gabriel's personation of Polechinelle astonished the auditors?he was repeatedly cheered djring his ardous task?it is a wonderful muscular exertion. " The Nigh Owl," which, like old wine, seems to increase in value and attraction an it ages, is repeated to night, with the Italian Brigands, and Mons. Carlo md M'lle Carotin*, in a favorite vaudeville. Chatham Theatre.?The beautiful and interesting drama of Jack Sheppard, a piece which never fails to draw a foil house, is to be brought out again to-night, in which Mrs Theme enacts her favorite part of Jack Sheppard, and Mr. Lennox that of Jon a'han Wilde. A new melo drama, entitled th< Black Tower of El Haliff, will be added, together with the highly colored extravaganta of a Park' y ' in Livery, in which John Smith may be "seen to advantage." ? v* i I City Intelligent . |Tm ForNTsiN*?The lirge basin recently oonstructad is the Perk, although merely the foundation of msguiScent itructure to be completed at a future day, yet prelent* great attraction, not only from it* novelty to our ureter (paring citizen*, but from the beauty and magnificence o! the fountain itself, that cannot be *urpa**ed in ;hi( country. The basin is 100 feet in diameter, and the whole fountain 1* com point ef one main centre Jet, and wenty-four subordinate*, all of which can be charged, so u to present different view* and form*. The cast iron late* already prepared for the centra jet present three shangea?the first a close column fifty feet in height, tailed "The Maid of the Mist,*' The second, with a cenre and aides, called " The Croton Plume," and the third, n an eapanded shape, termed " Tha Fan." The outside, >r subordinate jets, can be made to throw a stream ftom ifteen to twenty feet, in any direction desired. They are ill regulated by the iron bar abova the wat< r in the baidn, 10 as to present a change of appearance, merely by enargitig or narrowing the apertures by salves placed be>eath The fountain ia Union Place, although of smaller ize, presents a most beautiful effect when in operation. )ur citizens, as well as the numerous strangers who visit he oity on Friday, will then have an opportunity to witless them both in lull display. T... T L, ?l.. ?-II ... iipton and Confidence, came ott over the Centreville course yesterday. The (take* were $1600 on Ripton, to MtOO on Confidence, and the former won the money in :wo straight well contested heats of two miles each, in Sm. 16, and 5m. 19. The wind blew a perfect gale, and ihe tim under the circumstances, was as good as 5m. 10. Kipton was driven by Woodruff, who weighed 169 pounds, su key 80; and Confidence by Wheeler, weighing 149, lulkey the same as Ripton's. In the last race, Betsey Baker won the purse in three straight heats of one mile, beating John Ander on. Time, 3 47?3 47?'J 49. Increase or CousTsaritiT Montr.?Within the past few months our city has been flooded with various " boodles" of counterfeit notes put in circulation by old and young Koneyackers, and Oeorge Somes, Otis Allen, and others are now serving their apprenticeship in State prison, for their participation in the^e deeds. The conviction of these men has awakened public attention to the fact that for years past many persons in this city w ho have been engaged in groceries and retail stores have been in the daily practice of passing off counterfeit money whenever an opportunity offered. Their standing and business would almost always form a shield against suspicion, and if a note was returned, the transaction was set down as a miitake, and good money given in its place. A number of cases have recently been tried in the General Sessions, where the offenders have escaped the meshes of the law through some technical quibble, or from their previous goed character. A day or two since, a man named Paul Drayton, who resides at Williamtbugh, L. I., and who has recently been engaged at 131 Hester street, entered the grocery store of James Phelan, 541 Grand street for the purpose of purchasing a small lot of groceries, which amountod to two shillings and sevenpencc, and for the payment of which he handed Phelan a $5 bill of the Utica Bank of this Statu.? Phelan gave him five shillings and fivepence change, and threw the note into the money drawer. He then left the store, went up stairs, and returned with another $5 note in his hand. He then asked Drayton il he had a dollar in change, when Drayton took fifty cents from his own pocket, and fifty of the change that Phelan had thrown upon the counter, and handed it to him. Phelan then gave him the $6 note that he had brought downstairs, which was of the Manufacturers Bank of Providence, and Drayton taking the one (hilling and five pence, which was his even change, left the store. In attempting to pass the note that Phelan had thus given him, he ascertained that it was a counterfeit, and utterly worthless. Upon examining the note it was found that the name of " Phelan" had been written upon the back, as though it had been previously passed upon some person and return ed. If any person has received such a note from him before, or any note of like description, they will aid the cause of honesty, by giving immediate notice at the Lower Police office to one of the magistrates. Phelan was arrested about dusk yesterday, by officer Joseph, and admitted to bail in the sum of $1000. An additional examination will be made of the case this afternoon at the Lower Police office; and those having any knowledge ol the transaction, are requested to be present. Phelan is a man of considerable property, and has been carrying on an extensive retail grocery business. Another Counterfeit Case?Two men named John Clark and Daniel L. Thorp, the latter of whom has taken the benefit of the bankrupt law, were arrested yesterday on a charge of passing a counterfeit $5 note of the Hartford Bank. They are both residents of East Broadway, and have hereto lore been considered respectable. The particulars, as we obtained them lrom tbe athilavits, are as follows Thorp received the note from Mrs. Lewis, of Church street, who gave it to him as counterfeit. Clark and himself then went to tbe house of Kate Johnson, in Read street, and there attempted to pass it for a bottle of champaign. She discovered that the note was bad, and refused to take it. They drank the wine without pa) ing for it, and then went to Eliza Davenport's, in Franklin street, and there called lor another bottle, which was furnished by Emma Shepherd, who gave them $3 in change or the Dote. The bill having been discovered to be a countei feit, and every etlort made to induce them to return good monev without edect, a p execution was enter, ed, and they were both held to bail in the sum of ? >00 each to answer the offence at the Sessions. Highway Robbery and Attempted Murder.?Yesterday afternoon as a colored man named Frank White, who has recently been in the employ of Colonel Jones of the Second Ward Hotel, was passing through Howard's Woods, near Brooklyn, he was stopped by a man who demanded his money or his lite. The colored man told him that he had no money, when the robber fired a pistol at him, the shot taking effect in his abdomen, and will probably cause his death. The robber appeared to be an Irishman, and was dressjd in a blue cloth coa\ light pants, cap without a rim, and had a belt around hit body. He immediately escaped and hat not been arrested. John Aiiebn Dclivcbbd Ur?Mr. Peter Smith, who entered security lor the appearance of John Ahem, the recent Mayor's Clerk, who stands charged with large defalcation or robbery of the City Treasury, surrendered him last evening, and at the closing of tne police he was sull in custody of tut otlicer, not having been able to obtain security. Stole a Watch?On the flth instant, Mr. George Sheriff, of 6th avenue, conn r ol 11th street, lost a silver watch from his premises, supposed to have been stolen, and notice being given to Mr. Joseph Simpson, of .15 Ch tham street, be stopped a man named Amaziah Blackburn. who had offered to nawn it. and Dlaced him in the Tomb i for trial. Who'? oot th> waovo Valisb.?The gentleman who took a valise trunk in mistake for his own, from the steambost Nimrod from Bridgeport, yesterday afternoon, is respectfully requested to return it .0 Howard's Hotel, where he will find his own. ATTsitrTKD Robbcst.?Jacob Shipman, bank and broker's express runner, who passes daily between this city and Philadelphia, was knocked down in his own house in Philadelphia on Tuesday night by robbers, who escaped, however without carrying otf any booty Ocj- Convention of the Friends of Home Industry to-day. See adyertisement. Q0- MR. BARNUM, OK THE AMERICAN MUseam, this week presents the most extensive array of attractions ever put forth there. Dr. Valentine, with his inimitable drolleries, is a host of himself; then comes Nellis, born without arras; Signor Vivaldi's mechanical figures, Miss Hood, Celeste, the Oipsey Girl, fcc. The most magnificent preparations are making at that museum for celebrating next Friday. The location is decidedly the best in the city for viewing the procession, and with about one hundred windows and the new iron balconies which the manager is erecting in front of the building, an army ol "visiters can he accommodated there. Barnum has prepared and will bring out a novelty on that occasion which will be worthy the grert celebration, and astonish the whole city. Se look out for it. 0(7-The Manager of the New York Museum is determined not to be surpassed by any one i his endeavors to afford the public amusement on the Croton Celebration day. The vigor and energy he has already displayed in catering for the community, augurs well for the future.? Thus far he has presented as good if not better entertainments for one shilling than was before obtained for two? The splendid Oas Star he has erected is pretty good proof of his ability to accomplish?is conclusive evidence of his desire to pleaee, and sufficient testimony of his indifference to expense, three qualifications requisite iu a mansgar. The Museum is admirably adsptel to view the pro cm*ion in (be rask. A mora engioia place couia not b< procured in the city. Thero will be repeated pe.rformaii caa in tba Lecture Room during the day. As for balloon aaccnaiona, display tot dagi, and bands of music, there will be no end to th m The admission will rrinain at on< shilling, as usual, Signor Bid* with a host of other at tractions, Ac. to be seen. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! The College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Kitabhuhtd for th* Suppression of (Iwitktry. 00- BEtl TO INFORM ALL PERSON# DESIROUt of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the sum o one dollar, with a statement of their case, they will In supplied w ith one dollar's worth ol appropriate medicine and a letter ol udvice containing lull diroclions as to diet regimen, Ac. All letters must be post paid. Addiess W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal office of the College of Medicine and rharmacy,9? Nassau street, N. Y. N B. The Cosicltivo Physicuw is daily in attendanci at the private consultiug rooms of tlie college. Hour irom 10 till} o'clock. 00- DR. SHERMAN, THE LOZENOE MAN oagbt to be made a saint?lor he has dour more to revolu lionise tho medical ai t than all the doctors put togetht i Instead ?>f living dosed against our w ill, we see ehildr ictuallv Tying for medicine, when offered in the eiitlcin; form of Sherman's Lorenges. They euro up a cold, cougl or headache, a little the quickest of any thing we eve heard of. Dr. S. is a* 100 Nassau St. Agents, 4 Sun wis Hall. Albany, and 0 Ledger Build ings. Philadelphia BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. ' ? ? - i 111 - ? Baltimore. [Corr*?iwn<lrae* of the Herald.] Baltimore, Oct. 12, 1842 A very solemn and imposing funeral followed yeaterday, to their last resting place, the remains of Mr. George Steers, one of the six original Washingtonians, who some years ago formed the celebrated Washington Temperance Society of Baltimore. from which the great cause o( temperance received such a powerful impetus. He will have upon his tomb a proud inscription. To say that he was one of the original six Washingtonlans, will be an honor through all time?immortality enough for ( any man?worth more than was that of an Alexin- t der ' The sixteenth annual report of the Baltimore end 1 Ohio Railroad has been published. It sets forth the prospects of the comnany in a most promising light. , The roaii is in a rapid state of completion to Cum t berland, and will be opened to that point probably in , the course of two months. j Two individuals named John Asquith and Tlio- i mas Hammerely, were arrested yesterday by Hays, < ZHl and Ridgley, on a charge of stealing from Ltr 1 Wyvil. Asjuith was also charged with forgery on 1 the Farmers Bank of Maryland, which it is said he 1 | tu'iicovu. The weather is very dry. The farmers are in great difficulty in reference to the getting in of their crops. It is very warm and pleasant. Rodkrick. Kleetlons. Pknnsyi.vnia Election.?We have held back the press until 4 o'clock, for the purpose of announcing the returns as far as received from the city and county. The city returns show that a heavy vote was polled. John M. Scott, the whig candidate for Mayor, has been re-elected by 1000 majority. The Council ticket has not yet been counted ; but it is believed thai the Common Council ticket is several hundred below this majority. In the county the returns do not show any material difference from former votes, and the probability is that the democratic ticket has succeeded by the usual majority.? Floyd has been elected Recorder of Deeds over Penrose Ash, by a small majority. But few returns from other parts of the State have been received. In Delaware county the average majority for the whig ticket is about 200?in Chester 300. Montgomery is reported to have given 1400 majority for the locofocoa. "In Bucks," says a letter, "tne emire democratic ticket is elected by an average majority of 300."? Philadelphia Ledger, Oct. 12. New Jersey.?We annex the number of votes polled in the several Wards in this city yesterday, compared with the first day last October : 184'} 1841 North Ward, 1S1 ISO Went Ward, 463 299 La?t Ward, 834 880 South Ward, 387 343 933 1088 1 Showing a falling off ot 147 from the first day's

vote at the last election, which was a small vote ? Ncirark Daily, Oct. 12. Georgia ?Further accounts from the interior of this State render it certain that the locofocos have carried their ticket by a decisive majority. Texas ?We learn front Mr. Lewis, who has just returned from a visit to Texas, that the government of that country is about effecting a treaty of peace with the whole number of Indian tribes who inhabit the frontiers, including the Cumanche tribe, which has always been so for nid ible and destructive to 1 the citizens of the outer settlements. He says that 1 a few days before he started in, Capt. Durst, Colonel Stroud, and Mr. Williams, Commissioners appointed , to treat with th? Indians, returned from their mis- \ sion, having seen nearly all the chiefs of the differ- i cm inuro, irum wiium nicy iccnycu piuuuocn iu meet them in council on the 24th October, at the fnjlsol the Brazos. The commissioner!! have great faith in their doing so. If a treaty of peace be consummated, the government will establish three trading houses for them to trade at, one on the Trinity Kiver, one on the Brasos, and other on the Colorado, below which points it will he stipulated thatthe Indian* are not to corn'-. He thinks that if the government establishes this treaty with the Indians, it will be of infinite advantage to it, next, in fact, to the recognition of its independence by Mexico, as it will keep the Indians from committing depredations, and elicit their friendly feelings, secure their neutrality, or lead them to lend their aid in case the Mexicans should try to invade Texas again in helping to repel them. ?Red River HThif, Sr/>( 24OtJ CROTON CELEBRATION.?Arcade BUh, 39 Chamber street.?The proprie'or deems it incumbent upon him to intimate (aa many from the adjoining cities and towua will attend on the 14tti) that the Croton water is aol tjr used in his establishment, so that all who feel desirous of availing themselves of a bath in the water of ( the Croton have the opportunity affordel to them. HAIR CUTTING.?Clirehugh's new system of cutting get.tlemens'hair, is a desideratum by which its luxunxnce and beauty is rendered truly ornamental. . The design and execution differ entirely from the usual { practice ol hair cutting adopted here, at al?o the expedi- . tion and gentleness wjtli which the operation iaperiormi d J The first artists in London and Paris have acknowledged . its utility and adopt it in their practice. By the beau uionde { it hau been denominated a scientific art, and whether lor , the Pulpit, the Bar, the Senate or the Stage, its elegant , and classic arrangements will add dignity and grace to , the whole contour of /? tele Humaine. j The patronage already extended to him since the intro- , duction of his system, and the flattering enconiums pronounced by all who nave changed countenance under the , magic of his touch, indu.-ea him to invite all gentlemen . who either study personal appearance or the allurements ] of fashion, to place their hair under hit charge, assured , that one trial will move his suoerioritv over all Other competitor!. " j Gallery of Fashion, 906 Broadway. OCT- CROTON AQUEDUCT?Published this morn- ' ing at the New World otiice, 30 Ann street, a discriptinn of this stupendous work, written by Mr. J arris, chief En. gineet. Price 19} cents?$8 per hundred. FLORIDA FUNDS WANTED IMMEDIATELY by vVm. and Jno. O'Brien, 13 Wall street, backoliice. OCT- HOLT'S CANDY HAS GAINED FOR ITSELF a reputation (solely by its own merits) tar above theoidinary class of remedies lor the Complaints for which it is used. It is recommended by thousands who have experienced its excellent effects as a sovereign remedy for coughs, colds, and all affections of the lungs. This is to certify that I have in my practice, prescribed Mr. P Holt's Compound Cough Candy in many cases of coughs, colds, and all affections of the lungs, with the moat bene&ciail effects?knowing the component parts of this candy, and having used them for many Years in my own private practice,lean safely recommend the article to all troubled with any of the complaints above mentioned. In my estimation this candy has the precedence of any now in use. DAVID CRANY, M D. Hartford, Conn., Sept. 90, 1843. For sale by M.P.Holt, 967 Main street; also by the principal druggists in Hartford. A. B. AD. Sands,79 Fulton street; at Dr. Syme's Phor. macy, S3 Bowery, comer of Walker street, are agents in New York (&- ANXIOUS TO DO JUSTICE TO ONE OF the most meritorious and skillful medical men ol the age, and unquestionably the bettocculist we have in the country. We have lately published, in reference to Dr. Wheeler, (of No. 33 Oreenwich street) several notices, complimentary to his superior science and extraordinary succeta. At the request ofsomeofhisfrienda, and in continuation ol the guod St rvices w .< re desirous ol rendering (through him) to the afflicted, we published the following affidavit, w hich is butone ol nundreds of similar testimonials which he lias received trom those who have been under his treatmeiit. Mr. Farrelfa statement will speak sufficient lor itself without lurther comment City and County of New York, to wit : lu the hope of being serviceable to some of my afflicted fellow creatures, I hereby voluntarily offer my giatelul testimonial* to Dr. Wheeler, the ocuuat, lor restoring me to perfect eight, (Irom total blindness) alter having betorc been unsuccessfully treated and operated npon by up warde oltwenty of the moat eminent and celebrated men ofthlicity and different part* of the United Stato*. In witneea whereof, I make depoaition, under oath, to 1 U truth, and hereunto aubacribe my name. JAMES a KARREL.78 3d Avantas. Sworn before ma, the 30th day of March, 1*42. OEOROE IRELAND, Commissioner 01 Deed*, 7 Naaeau at. Beauty waa ever worahipped from tha time ~ , Kabled Venua from the ocean aiimn Aroie ; then well may adoration move ManNh rt ant, for one ot beauty more aublima. I s QCf- BEAUTY HAS EVER BEEN I HE THEME ol |K>eta, Irom the lime ol Virgil and Euripidea to the pre sent day , and we And that Venua, a Inn ahe aroae from old ocean, thook Iter lovely tre>*ea, and doubtleaa felt a juat pride in tier lovely lock* of Auburn hair Our city belie* can oat vie all the god* and goddeaea, by using l'lialou'a Dahlia Cream, which la thene nlua ultra of alleom. poaitiona lor making the hair grow dark, aoft, and pliable. 1 It combines ail the qualities ot Rowland's Maccaaaat* Oil, 1 without any ingredient* that may be injuriou*. Thia nr? tide stays the hair from falling out, and improves it* growth rapidly. Sold by Phaion, *ole proprietor and in ventor, 314 Broadway, oppoiite St. Paul'*. QiJ" ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIVE8-Now exhibiting in Biuadway, a lew door* below Ntbio'i Garden.? Minn. Lewi* Kitzhugh A Co., by the rl*k of lila and forf tune arc enabled ta preaent to th'-public the greatest na' tural curiosity evtr brought to the city, viz: A hanl of 3* heal of An>- Buffaloes, and Buffalo Horse, captured on the rlain* at the loot ol the Rocky Mountain*. A*they took them in peraon, they will make known their nature, and the manner of capturing them, together with a aketch of the country they inhabit. 1 The manager* a**ure the public that no improper con< duct will bo allowed, and they have no delicacy in Invi a ting the moat reapoctable olaa* of the community ta w .tr new them. AI*o. two Ant Beara from Sonth America. The** i.r* the oulv Animal* of the kind in America. Admiaaian 3d cant*, children half price rr a veiling from How York to Raw Orleans. | Tke Kxpenec. Ofr- A CORRESPONDENT WRITES US A HEiUEST that as all the Routherneri read tha "HaraM.' | ve would give tha eaact pricea of travelling bUw?~n 'aw York city and New Orleans. Upon inquiry, we find be pricea to be nearly, or preciaely i> foliowa : at uny ate the w hole expenses range under $80, for the m rr aveliing on railroad, etage, or steamboat ?ew York to Baltimore IT 00 laltimore to Charleaton 14 00 Charleston to Anguata 8 00 lagusta to Madison 6 26 J >1ad icon to Franklin 6 00 ! franklin to Montgomery a 00 , dontgomery to Mobile (epecie funda) 10 00 I doblle to New Orleana 6 00 ! $47,26 j This is a most expeditioua route; being done In six or i e\ en days. At Montgomery we find there la no delay, aa ' louta are alwa> a in waiting to take passengers on to \1o- 1 >ile the instant the stages arrive. We learn, also, that it a likely the fare will be still lower. OQ- LIEBIG'S ANIMAL CHEMISTRY-SECOND ? cDI flON.?So great has been the demand for thisimporant and valuable work, that a second edition has been aiued, copies of which can "now be had at the office, 30 ' han street, and by ail the agents throughout the United ! States. Price 36 cents only, being but oue-tifth the cost of | iny other edition. It is contained in a double number of he New World, in a handsome octavo form, with a cover, I he., in which manner all future extras will be iseued from .bis great book publishing establishment. . Remember 30 Ann street, where all the valuable publitations, in extras, can be obtained at 13} to 35 cents. Bui- 1 wer's novels for sale at 36 cents each. Alio, the (Jzarina, i novel by Mr*. Holland. 00- WE HAVE NOTICED FOR SEVERAL DAYS j > fine fat 'urtle taking it easy on his back at the corner cf Ann street, under the Ameiican Museum, and on inquiry lound things were carried on at the Terrapin Lunch as in lays ol olden time, whilst under the ancient regime of ' Sandy Welsh. The fact is his mantle has fallen on John ' Adams, who is au fait in getting up good things in re. cherche style. Turtle soup and steaks served up every day this week. 3t 00- THE DIFFERENCE?The Extract of Sarsaparil is prepared by the College of .Medicine and Pharmacy Is totally distinct and different Irom the common preparation if that name. The extract of the College is prepared by means of a Chemfc >1 apparatus imported from Paris, and hitherto unknown to the American chemist and is composed of the active principles of the beat South Ante, rican Sarsaparilla, Gentian and Sasafras. The common Extract is made by throwing Alcohol on Saraaparilla and coloring it with liquorice to give it the appearanceof strength. The College otfer their Extract to the publi*, depriiding solely on its merits and the favorable opinion already expressed by the Medical faculty of New York, who invariably prescribe it, when necessary, as the purest anil strongest extract known to them. The venders of the common extract, fearing competition, depend on their being able to purchase the right of advertising their preparation in the public prints to the exclusion of all other similar preparations. The Genuine Extract of Sarsaparilla ia told twentyfive percent, under the common. Sold in tingle bottles at 75 cents? In coses containing halfadozeu $3 60?In do. containing one dozen. $6. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College 97 Nassan st. N. B A liberal discount allowed to wholesale purchasers for cash. Cases sent to any part of the Union. See advertisement in another column. 00- CHATHAM THEATRE.?A powerful bill U pre. tented to-night, and the result will lie another crowded bouse. The lull strength of the company appears in the IramaofJack Sheppard, which is revived with all its anginal eflects. A laughable extravaganza, entitled the Stage Struck Nigger, is performed, in which John Smith tppears, and the performances terminate with the drama of :he Courier of the Ocean, in which Woo J, thecelebra .ed r&ntomimist, appear*. Ia Ihla Puffing J?ay, Is Itt ay- WE COPY THE FOLLOWING FROM OUR FILES?None of our reader* can, with reason, doubt the article with such facts before them [From the New York Sun, Dec. 1941] A young gentleman, a friend of ours, living in Bleecker itreet, and well known in Wall street, was attacked with "ever?the hairon the top ef hi* head was dried off?the tides were covered with red rusty, dry hair, filled with landrufT?he ha* now a beautiful head of hair, from the ise of Jones' Oil ot Coral Circassia. I hereby certify that my hair was falling out in im. nensequantities daily, and was turning gray, and that lince I have used Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia, it has etiirely ceased tailing, is growing fast and has a fine dark oek. Befire I used Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia, 1 comb, id out handfulls of hair daily. W. TO dKINS, 81 King street, N.Y This is sold very reasonable, onlj 3,6 or 8 shillings a lottle, w e are told, by Jones, b-J Chatham St., sign ol the American Eagle. Agents? 87 Dock street, Philadelphia' 8 State street, loston; 67 .state street, Albany; 139 Fulton street, Brookyn Oty-TE MPERANCE PROCESSION?CROTON CELK1KATION.?The order of the procession is printed and eady lor delivery at Washington Hall, corner of White ind Centre streets. The Marshals of Societies are I e[uested to supply themselves. The line will be formed in West Broadway at half-past I A. M. precisely. The Aids and Marshals of the line are requested to meet it Washington Hall, corner of White and Centre stects, on Fiiday morning at ball-past 7 o'clock. The societies ere requested to he punctual, as the proMission will move at 9 o'clock precisely. WILLIAM F. LE1GETT, Grand Marshal. rw-m_ TA OA'PII TVI ?Tito PAadintf nilhlip. nr,? probably aware that the article of Sartaparilla wa? Drought to it* present state of perfection, and lU valuable properties extracted by C. C- Bristol of Buffalo, leng lieore the n strum vendersof the day conceived the thing Practicable. The testimony ol Messrs. Sands, druggists Mthis city, together with the most eminent physicians of he States, to the genuineness and superior virtues of his larsaparilla for purifying the blood, removing all impmiies, whether arising from accident or hereditary disease, i Jeing perfectly mila in its effects, it is the best alterative , nedic ne extant, and no family should be without it. William Burger, Wholesale Agent, SO Courtlandt street, ind 183 Greenwich street, and st retail at the following daces Milhau's Pharmacy, 133 Broadway; Rushton k Aspinwall, 110 Broadway; 83 William street, and 10 A?or House; James Syme, M. D., 03 Bowery ; Robert Lrgfett, M. D., 17 Aveuue D; B Quackenbuih, 700 Greenwich street, and A Hill, 306 Greenwich street ; J O Reed, 143 Kulton street, Brooklyn ; J k J Coddington, -orncr or Spring and Hudson streeta ; D H Burnett, Third Avenue, corner oi Eighth street: Philip Merkle, 183 Grand street ; Daniel B. Tucker, 300 Grand street ; Dickinson and Ooodwin, Hartford, Conn. Of?- WRIGHT'S INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS have stood the test oftrial, and have been triumphant, of which no bettor proot can be adduced than the faet of Lheirimmenae popularity, and the innumerable attemp's which hare been made to imitate them. The cause of their success is sufficiently obvious. While other medical preparations merely deaden the aense of suffering, Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills entirely remove thecaasc of disease. The organi of digestion are stimulated to activity, and the puritied blood flows in a natural and healthy current after use has bean made of these pills. Observe?Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of the medicine, wholesale and retail, No 383 Greenwich street, New Y?rk, 198 Tremontstreet, Boston, and Iff# Racs it., Philadelphia. Of?- THE BELLE.?Every eye was turned upon a lovely young lady, as she promenaded Broadway a few days since, hut scarcely any ane knew who the was, or where she belonged. " What a lovely, delicicate complexion," exclaimedone. " What a magnificent forehead, and such eyebrows," whispered another. " Did you ever behold such a lov?ly creature?" sighed a third. After much conjecture and supposition, a gentleman was seen to tip his beaver very giacefuily, which gentleman declared that the owed her beauty to Dr. Felix Oouraud?his Poudret Subtiles gave intellectual beauty to her forehead and eyebrows , his liquid Rouge, made her complexion rosy, and his Eaude Beauty imparted the transparent akin. Ladies, if you desire to look charming, call at 87 Walker street, one door from Broadway, tha Doctor's only olfire. For lint of country agents, see advertisement in another column MoSlfiV MARKET, Wednesday, Oct. Id?<3 P. M. The rales at the stock board have been far smaller than usual, and with very little change in rates. Canton rose Southern fundi are better-, Alabama rose to 17 discount in demand; at Alabama on the Ath instant snlea were as follows:?New York, 80 days, 30 a 91; Short sight and sight, 39 a 96; New Orleans checks, 39 a 98; Specie, 90 a 93. Florida funds sre also In demand as seen In an advertisement in another column. t New Orleans $88,136 in specie rrivsd from Vara Crux to cot too houses. The lorthcoming pamphlet of Boorman, Johnston It Co., will probably contain the correspondence between that honse and their "high minded" principal, Smith of Kentucky. Th? reason* thus far laid down for repudiation are first, that the parties are rich and are abore public opinion, at least in their own cenci it*. Second, that al though the constitution of the United States declares "that no State shall enact laws impairing the virtus of private contracts," yet the State of New York excepts contracts made with brokers,and therefore it is right to break ?uch contract. The State law also excepts contracts made for money at Its market value, when that happens to be above aD assumed legal value. Therefore it is right to defraud a man by the legel plea of usury. These are all the reasons yet given by the repudiators for refusing to pay losses where they hoped to win. The board of brokers will adjourn over Friday, the day of celebration. The Bank* of the city will only be open on that day from 9 to 11 A M. The President and Cashier of the Phoenix Bank of Charlestown, William Wyman and Thos. Brown, Jr., and William Skinner, of the firm of Stanley, Reed It Co , have been arreated on complaint of J. Ilunnewell, Ihe new President, and held to hail in the sum of $100,000 each. The complaint chargnathatWy man and Brown hava embetxlcd *300,000 from the Bank, and that Skinnar eonapirad with hem to perpetrate the fraud. The examination wee pe?ti>oned till Friday. The rvturn of the valuation of real and pereonal ?*tale in the city of New York for the year 1S15, has be in made, and ai compared with farmer years, is at follows e? " V/Ll'r 0? ?m> m rwa li6U ^*vmrr or Nl* Too*, u Aiiihid ir 1041 **? WmrA. n~}'<tV.'?"nL*f 9*1: Aut'ement a/ 1U? I CW L Z/J.*"- R"1 E? P,r,H *" 1 C W L tM.IM.TM SC.n4.lM $28,161,60(1 $24,983,100 JJfU'S! 13.741,*00 1,941.104 4 MH,,? ! 911.726 4.031,871 4 515-2 i-55 ?2 ****** * ??* ? ? ? !!? ????* 8,984.000 8.473 311 2 7 979,7 0 J.104,900 t aJJi 7V) ]_5t8 500 I J1.JJ9.686 4.760.790 10.752.4M J.8'0 404 11,304,100 2,093 Nf7 10,9.2 VIO 1 516 9 8891.950 1,194.100 f.lTjSf |'.00427 3 9KS MS t?Z K X Jg = L 'ss ??? 7 W 4.3S3 000 138,141 4,131.6* 297 8S4 4 S ,099,180 1,134,434 8.7*. IM l.s^'tll * , 14.361,400 8.669.521 14 736.464 8,140.101 # C W L 11,833,881 $13,730 10,750 #44 005J* 4 ? ^ L 1,381.6*3 4,000 1,184.747 37.000 5 C W 116 658 ? 61 360 6 ? ~ "7 3.570,813 44.000 1,781 677 80,000 17 C W L 8,708,700 1,420,624 8.528.060 1,562.414 TouU, $116,350,848 $64 143,873 $>76,489 043 $61, 84.530 The aggregate, as compared with lormer years, also he toxalion levied, it as follows Real Perianal Aggregate. Tax. Pajtulmeelate. Eitat e. tion. 1830 185.388,518 408.171 203,007 034 143.738.424 74,981,178 218,723 701 130,000 1016 233.743.30J 74,748,617 300.400,930 1,004,130 1839 196,910,131 69,9:2,236 260.802,430 1,342,038 318,710 1811 iro,340,948 64,043,871 281,<94.9(0 1 384 . 36 1842 176.488,011 61,794.449 837.7rj.60l 1,400,000 The taxation Tor 1943 i? an estimate. These flgnrao UI1I pmcul lUfl lUHOWing IT hi 11 IDII Ji Br, U SUBptTN with 18M, the year of the highest value :? Decreet*- nal nttu 34 per c-ut 57,853, 61 " personal " 15 * " 14,404,?51 Ajrifregate decrease 71 per cent $71,717 lit increase ol taies 40 " " 411.867 " " population, about JO " " 100,000 This presents a singular fluctuation in tho value of property, and marks the progress of the paper system like the progress of Are through a corn field. The following is a return of the banks of South Carolina, on the 31st Sept. and 1st of October, 194S Banks or South Cabolira. Sept. I and Oct I. . Sept. 1. Oct. 1. _ . Loans. Specie, /asm. Sped*. Bank of State 374,510 98.103 331,713 190,163 Branch at Columbia, 731,018 8,710 733,C3J 8.000 " Camden. 415,083 038 431,341 070 Southwestern Bailr'd 441,470 103,955 450,371 79,313 Planters' It Mech, 370,883 143,766 903.891 119,977 Union Bank, 740,005 65,704 777,791 63,845 Total, 4,077,738 419,047 4,161,371 433,839 Cire. Dept. Cire. Dept. Bank of State, 615,369 430.980 635,061 415,001 Brauch at Colombia, ? 79 648 ? 90 405 Camden. ? 14,936 ? 30,679 Southwestern RaiirM 254.003 336.101 314.933 183.648 Planters' It Mech's, 316,765 177,507 350,930 130.380 Union Bank, 5,956 111,009 7,101 139.551 Total, 1,091,993 1,060,354 1,100,065 965,566 By recapitulation, these aggregate! give the following result* i? Feb. .ls|, Sept. Oct. Loans, 4,339.846 4,109,895 4,077,786 4,161,771 Specie, 453,rt 461,135 419,047 433.N35 Circulation. 1,436,064 1,113,973 1,001,993 1,100,065 Deposits, 1,374.733 1,166,515 1,060,354 905,508 Their exchange movements is seen in tho following table :? Jan. Feb. Mar. Aug. Sept. Oct. Dom'c hills, 433,759 504,130 448,933 306,776 700,367 733,577 Foreign, 47,336 41,638 174,709 84,337 40,853 47,980 AA5.034 5A5.76R 671.642 150 603 941 *16 2s 1566 The following U a comparative statement of the alT ira ofthe Banks of New Orleans, on the 1st instant, and en the date of the previous return Banks or Naw Oblcans. Sept. I. Oct. 1. Cir. Dep. Cir. Dtp. Bank of Louisiana, 120,730 297,893 178,103 410,107 Canal and Binkiun Co., 1(7,000 14,071 103,431) 2,840 Carrolllnn RB It Bankimc Company, 21,960 32,409 II.0)0 34,443 Citix-n-'Bank. 293,903 330,100 294,323 474,027 Citv B >nk. 217,063 207,291 190,430 169.289 Commercial Bank, 110,903 72,036 93,163 14i,426 Consolidated Association, 261 290 230.931 230,933 244,212 Louisiana State Bank, 231,239 360,896 220,CK 221,411 Mechanics' and Traders Bank, 48,263 104.369 >4.390 102,069 Union Bank. 213,113 473,917 194,140 263.298 Total dollars, 1,733,114 1,363.318 1.679,038 2,171,839 Jlieeti. Specie .tllrli. Specie Bank of Louisiana, 3,334,736 3H.477 3,633.424 489,944 Canal It Broking Co., 3,326,829 68,012 3,313.771 63,371 C-rrolltnn RH 8t Bankine Company. 2,389,341 10.137 2,391.7*4 11,630 Ci'ixena'Bink, 9,i82,'43 31,376 9.383,871 42,3?0 Citv Buik, 3,126 371 103.308 3,?6i .36i P9.617 C.unm-'cial Bsnk, 3,962,418 76,6?7 3.931 016 33,419 Con'ilidaled Association, 3,070,388 89,787 3,036,972 101,340 L 'uLiana State Bank, 2,823,013 232,963 2,8.8,367 110,331 Mechanics' and Traders'Bmk, 2,613 337 121,946 1 392.220 129.'43 Union Bank, 10,067,168 129.234 9 98<,247 190.411 Total dollars, 48,228,173 1,208,420 48,101,248 1.314,461 Theae aggregates, by comparison, give the following result Sept 1. Oct Inc. Dee. Loans, 4S.228.I73 48.101,340 ? 1(6.9)2 Specie, 1.208,433 1 314,461 306,006 ? Circulation, 1,733,114 1,679,038 ? 34 07 Dspoeites, l 3,163,118 8,17.,839 ? 193,4)9 The follewiug table of the prices of the broken bnk not** on thu aoth of Jnlv. and let instant, will show that the credit of the broken concerns has Improved:? July 30. Sept. 2. Oct 1. C*7)ot*'"' Jnr. Cltr, 29.32 11*13 7*0 10,0*3 ? C*rrolltoa, 23i30 10*13 0*10 910 ? Cin.<l, 4?*1S 17*20 15.17 4.430 ? Store, 23.30 11.13 6.8 26.3M ? Commercial, 30*33 11*13 '.?7 17, UO ? Coti?olid?(ea, 46 30 26*29 17*19 10,103 ? Cit Zen*' 46*32 36?21 17*39 1,310 ? Mechanic*' It Trad'*, 7* 9 3a 5 1 xJ 13,073 ? Union Bank, 22.23 11*13 618 >1,373 Bk Louis'* *aeci* pay'g ? ? ? ? 57,413 Total decrease. 90,090 37,403 Thio ahewi an advanncing atate of affair*, and there are trong hope* that three or four of the beat baaka will return to their specie payments. The suspended banks hare largely reduced the discount on their bill* by withdrawing them from the market, while the Bank of Louisiana has been enabled to extend its circulation near 00 par cent. Bnlee at the Stock Etehaags, (1000 N Y S'ate 6'*, 1HI 89 30 D-1 It Hadsrn 00 2000 Ohi > '*, 1060 7 lit 18 Ohio Lif h Trait 63 100S K?utucky ?'a, 1871 77 23 Mo u *1 la* Co 91k 1 shar-Bk New York 103>* 10 Canton I7H 13 Am Ex Bank 60 Second Board $1000 Ohio6'*, I960 71 State or Trade. This morning the fallowing sales took plane at auction :? Fresh Malaga Fruit?Cargo of the barque Empress? Term* over $300, four months credit. Aetna*?100 boxes, bunch, $1 06 ; 160 do $3 ; SO half do *1Grape??60 kegs $4 , 60 do $3 70; 400 half do $9 12} cents. Underwriter's sale, for cash, per ship Win. Eoga403 boxes white Havana sugars, 6} a 8} ; 610 do brown do, 4 a 6) | 70 hds. Porto Rico 9o.t)a 6)c, 4 months : 200 bags of Rio coffee, 8] a 8], do : 70 do Maracaibo do, 4 a 7 a 7|, do. Jtikae?The market ha* become dull, and pricaa have a downward tendency. Coal?Sales of 60 tons Liverpool Orrel at 7,69 ; 64 do Hull, in lots,7 j 106 do in one lot, $6,36, all cash. Goffta?There is s fair demand, and prices are wall sup ported. Sales of Brazil at 7 a 91 cents ; Laguara 8) a 01, Maracaibo, 7} ; Cuba 7) a 8j ; Java 11) a 1$ ; Orean do 9 , Sumatra 7j. Copper?New Sheathing at 99 a u>)c ; Peruvian Pig at 18 cents, 6 months. Cotton?Tha market remains vtry dull, and the few salsa effected are still in favor ol tha bnyer. Tha transactions embrace 600 balee Upland at 6a 8] cents?new, 6) a 8] ; 300 Mobile 6) a 8) ; and 669 New Orleans 6) s altogether I960 bales. A sale of Teas took plaoees follow* :? Term*?Notes st tlx months, payable in tha city of New Vocno HTIOH. ct?. ctr 1 half chaata. 46 41 do M 24 do '8} 36 do 33} 25 do 87 { 30chMti, Hj 29 do 37 90S do Si 09 do 86 83 do and 60 hf do wlthl'n 391 do 34} Hra?*. 70 cboata, 40 144ohoata, withdrawn 160 ISlbboaaa, 60 rao* Bain. 44 o boat a, 48 61 do 39} SO do 161 164 do SI OB do 34 979 do SO} 76 do 84 Ocarowan. 00 half ehaata, 79 , S3 do 4S 18 do 71} 17 do 46} 16 do 67 360 ISlb boaaa 60 16 do 66 44 do 46 16 do 60 70 61b boaaa, 69} 00 do 46 190 do 63 IttraaiAi44 half ehaala, 74 19 do 69 10 do 79 83 do 464 40 do 71 30 do 49} 16 d,i 86 360 Ulh boaaa. 444 Piece. Mcheata, 6 f eoeewe. *7 half chaata, 38 ?1 do 61 34 1 Sib lioae*, 044 FMrcam. 33 islb bona. Mi Coaaw. ISO M anrM. qiOn tha llth Inatant, Mr. K. Wmei.ia, Pilot of the port of New fork, to Miaa Mabt Butllb, of Inverneea, Scotland. Toeeday evening. 11th inatant, by the Rev. J. Harknraa, Mr. THOMaa W. MoLiav, formerly of Kdiakaruk, Scotland, to F.mMa Jaaa, third daughter of tha late Mr. J. Briatonden of Roc heater, Eng. *r Died. On Wedneeday morning, at the raaldance of hia father, Aooiaoa THoana, aged 3? yea-a. Tha Iriendaand acauaintanceeof the family are reapectfally invited to attend hi* funeral on Thuraday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from 33 f. Id ridge atreet. On Tiieaday lllh Inatant, at Jamaica, L.I FativcKt, wile of Oeorge Adiard, of thia city. r' ' Tha frfettda of the fanily are invited to attend the fun*