Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1842 Page 3
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ml thia morning, (Thunday,) at 11 o'clock, without fur ther invitation. The Jamaica car* leava the South Feiry at 91 o'clock. On the 13th imtant. after a ihort and painful illm ? J*** L., wile of John i Willi*, and daughter of CoL J. O. i Borart. H -rfri nds and acquaintance* aro respectfully Invited to attend the fu era! from No. 8 Pell ?troot, thi* afternoon at 4 o'clock. On We'n>-?d?v 1 Jth innant Jobs McCarraar, aon ol Bernard McCatfrry, of *evere illuet*. Hi* Iriendt and tho?e of hi* brother* ara retjuea'ed to attetil hi? burial thia afternoon, from 918 Vlott rtreet. MaapaniaMawwMaawaai Pa**enger* Arrived. Loaoow?Packet ahip SwilterUnd?M' Pi*, of London; G T >?u*eu'l, F Towuaetid, N> w York', Wm Smith. ledvanl 2 chil lr ii, J la Smith, Ireland; Madame Antoaia, Italy?75 in the Itf r?ge. I.ivfcarooL? Packet ahip Sheffield?Marv Kennedy flay, child rind aMvatif, Mary Sanii'lir. New York; Jane Hutt'jn, Birmingham, Eve; Pitrick M't:hew>, Biltimore; Alexao>.er L<*.-at. L) nchhurir, Va; John Hay, Btll'ul; Louh PnedLin, Bor.|ran??IT} in ih> atei r-ge. P'ibt au Platt?Brig Glide?T C?ru*ni and Dr P Berr''*, of Frin-r. , . ? Naw Out ian??Sclir Choc'aw?Mr Newcomb *nd Mr fhephetd. Purvlicn Importations. Loxoais?SI,;,, Switrerluid?33easka 19 bottles 2 htl-s O B Mnrewn '<1 k 200 IhIIi steel H IbbotiOn?3 pkfs DH uhlan k co?6 J M opp uh i ii?31 J Nice?3 Wm \ rae?10 H W fc S Btr.tuw ? i:i B triiu Brothers fc C(>?2 C Ahrrufrldt?2 fc Oa Mnf!?7 Doiljfi', Co& c ?1 8 Roffri?36J NoMe?16 CU U &. McC.?'mJcli? % N Leuitinc fc co?3 J Oibtou k Co?I M L Li-k?I F fc W Lssak?I Leery keo?I W ilev k Putusui ? I.I I) Wric'lir?I P A Metier?1 Fitchfcco?1 R L Me tlmd k .-0?20 Ci Frith?3 A A Low?1013 pea cams 4 bis 30 pkgs 11 hhds JA kr tie. I cs to oider. Liverpool?Bliip Shrffieltl?30 tons coal 1004) sks salt R Krrmil?ii pkR, Saudi Fox k co?6 J Mortimer?I Norris Brotlirs ?I O Stacy?I W H ormvux?3 H-iiry Andrew?3 Hi'bpt. McOowan k H,j??I R It H H ,i<ltt?2 8 T Jones tt co?3 R Vosltnd?t John Robiusoi.?13 John Gihou?1 W 8 Miller?7 J KdeLtnn?I Godfrey, Pat'ison k co?20 J L Phiupskco?i (J Hon, H"dxrs Si co?230 bdls sheet ir-tn Cooley k Smith?1 oka W O Hunt keo?' R Bds-<tt?I T Hunt?7 Smith, Thurxar X ?o?3 A 8ut-r?I S Snow?I O McBride?1 Henry Jetso,i? 4 hnell'Oi, Brothers k cs?II Wm Diwi i,?I Million Dry k co?I Orimn k Pullm in?3 Fould?, .Mobo k co?14 A MrFarlin ?f, Win Hiitchineiiu?3 A Mitchell k co?130 bit tin J M Biuce k son?I box A Bell?6 c ults 13 biles mise 9 chains t bis mdie to o der. Lisirpool?Ship Robert Parker?30 tons 7009 bar* iron O B Morew odkco?I plut W N Seymour?47 Win Ch>aucey k co?17 Wood. Johnston k Burnt!?10,000 fire bricks 373 bearers Hendricks k B others?7 pkirs Oodlro Pattison k co?13 Caiaeron k R.'ond?I D Hsddenfc son?I J Watson?30 hampers C A n (J F Keerson?47 pkica Gregory k c??7 C Haydock k co? 11 J R ?"iii.oti? 8 T. oker, Mend k co?3H Morna k co?310 ton, c > ! Newbold k Craft?930 bates salt M Brown?1000 lire b-icki 431 bdls iron I hile to order. LteaapooL?Ship Edmund Perkins?67 citi 1 Mid W A Mumfort? :t nkgs Richardson k Watson? I cask 40 bdls 1320 bis tin Pheljw, Uod^e k co?3 pkgs N Ripley?4 C H Jacot? oTookcr, Mead k co?2 J Rnbinioa?I puns whiskey D R Brown?7 bills D ksou?300 tons coal J Hetdman?10 cs L U Wntbur;? I J Watson?1> crts J W Htrria?4 cks 9 biles I cue Wetmote k co?8 bales 3314 bars .n u 13 cases 20 boxei mdse 14 casks to ordi r LrnH iiti-Ship Alabamiw?36 blks marble 41 ci mtrblc tiles 7 do chiui iey pieces A Good We 1?3373 bis 338 hi" do 390 qr do raisitu 33 jus praties 336 kess do 100 boxes lemons Fitch k co?o pes ui.trl.le t i unit r .MaLsiis?Bru Wtkullt?3000 bis raisins 300 do almonds 300 d.mas tij;* 3UJ keijs grapes 36 bales corlu 300 qr casks wine to P Aaatte. Bristol?B irk O 'tndo?(Reported yeaterda^?10,230 bars 200 do 11 cks 8 Waite? 00 boaea |>ipe? W F Jaques?8 W W Cheater?12.000'hrc brick* 81 bales carpet 7 do ruts 30 do mats 28 Cita t>0 ton, roil to order. Pobt av Boa Olide?338 bags coffee 1008 cerrons to baceo A C Rns-irre It co?100 Agnew (k sou?78 Orosheim A Sciiibcr?33 J H Laureit?29 Meyer It Stucken. Domestic Importations. New Oat-vans?Sclw Choctaw?37 cks M P Reed It Brothers ?903. uki com K B.che?90 bbls llour J B >yij it co?1J7 sacks corn Allen St C"lulelse>?6H pi;. U ad A Avrrill Stco. MARITIME HERALD. To Klilp lUaalert. We snail esteem it e favor, if captains of vessels arrivtnif liore. will cive to Commodore W. A. Basse*!, of onr news fleet, a rriort or the shipping left at the port wltriice they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any loiei.u liew?|apers they may have. Commodore flassett win board them immediately ou their arrival. We will reciprocate tbe t'ator inauv wry. To Correaporidentn, Our corrcs; ordents in foreign ports are respectfully requostco to seud by every easel all the marine intelligence they cau obtain. .Nautical t iforniarmu of any kind, from any toe rc siding at lioine or abroad, will be tli. nkfullv reccired. t our or muw vohk, oct. 13. utn. sun tiisai 8271 Moon 12 29 irs IV It J 33 mow mill 3 20 ( Irarei. S.i|?* United States, Bri'ton, Liverpool, R. Kermit; Sea. D la .1, N w O I ma, M. 4, W Murrav.?Se hi Llo'iinla, ParIt r K > Weil, W. W. I'ratt: Biltim re, W igUm. Petersburg, J mes Hunter; Jos. LybrtriO, Nicholson, Pdladeliihia, A. B. C' oley JkCo: Kep-at.r, K anc?s, Wilmington, NC; 8, ar an, Arey, Fiankfort, .Me. Ufelt Ik Vose. Arrived. Picket ship Switzerland, Chadwick, from London and Portsmouth, 8e t. 3, witli mdae, to Uiinnrll, Miuiuru k Co. TscHet ship Sheffield, Allen, from Liverpool, Sept. 3, with m tie, f H. Remit. Snip 11->Im rt P-rker, Dwight. from Liverpool, Aug. 26, with mdse, 11 Mirt n Browu?170 passengers, hhip Kdtuuud Parkins, Imersoll, from L'Verpool, Aug. 2J, ? n nii:5i ,ii) junn llenunvu?a 10 steerage iiueucrti. tdlrat. laM6 30, lou 81, aiiuLe bark Rochelle, cl Portland. Amsiridiui t t tl.i- Chesapeake. Wi.ilinore, Robinson, 41 days from Rio de J .neiro, w tit coffee, m A. C. Hosaier* a Co. Ves-eli lift before re{.' .trili On Tuesday uigiii, 14 miles 9BK. of the Highland-, eau t in conlncl with brig Manhattan, Doanv, ence lot Au uchic 'la?caoted away bowsprit, lore yaid. Mill, r.gging, ac.? 'J h \V anchored otiuiiiir the Hunk laat evening. Ship Alihaint n, Lane. from L-ghorii, and Malaga Sept. 7, with fruit, to E. D Hurlb"t 4i Co llth nit. lat 31 30, Ion 23. spoke brig Franklin, of and from Portland for Mtdeira, 19 divs out; JPlili, lat 11 30, Ion 23 40, spoke British schr Apprentice, fm l-lr i.f Franc- for I.ondon?supplied her with provisions. Dutch Park Jr in KrIf- Pauii, 10 days from Antwerp, with milif, to (iro. K. G-idiug?21 passengers. Br K Vandals.. Wall. Irom Tobaaco, Aog. 1, with 230 ton* logwood to How land Ik Aapin wall. Vinrli left before ieported. B.ig Wakulla, Rattoone, from Malaga, Srpt. t. and Gibraltar lltli, wnh wine, to Johntou & Lowdrn. i.rli bark Kmily Willi r, foi Boston; biig Globe. Beeeher, lor NOrlrana. 16'h ult. lat i4, lou 26, spoke ship Saluda, Towntcnd. Irom Malaga for NYurk. No dale, exchanged siguala with a large ahip atandiruc to the ??s ward, with Utter P. lu her signal. Cat 41 30 Ion 10, carried a way the mam yard. Biiti-h brig Sophia. Hart, 30 days from Demerara, in balla.t, to if. kJ.Ltupe. 9li ioat. Cap- Heiilupen BSC. 70 miles, s|i -ke si*lir Driver,of and from Ph.lade |.hia for Texas. Bru Uiid , Mr, >4 days from Port au Piatt, with totfa-, It . to A. C. Rosneir It Co. Celt no American vessela. Brag i'orto R'co, Cottrrll, 8 diva from WilL-iuglon, NC.with ship tinker, to Nestnith, Ceeds St Co. schr Cnocuw, Norton, 27 tUys from New Orleans,with lead, ke. to masiei. Schr Alaric, Pennell, Hdayafrom Wilmington, NC. wich nasi stoies, to A B. Cooley. n Schr Alfred A. Thome, Burt, from Wilmington, NC. with seal stoies. Bchr Dauiel Webster, Lawrence, orn Rappenannock, with torn, to master. Bchr Victory, Brush, 3 days from Philadelphia. With coal, to master. Bchr Commerce. D.iy, 4 days from Oeorgetown, DC. with flour 9 oop Swan, from Philadelphia, with coal. Hucatirn? Brig M.uihalt-n. Doane, sailed for ApaUchieola. On I ne-d iy nigh . 12 null * Ss E. of the Woodlands, came in couta-t with ship Whiimore, Irom Rio? itoee larboard side, and ww otherwise damag-d; put beck to repair. Below, One sl.ip, one twig. Wind N W. Marino Correapondeiaeo. Omci or the Khodc Iilawdkb,) Newport,Oct. II, L841. ) Arr9th, Vigilant, N York for Provideoce: Yankee, Fall River for ,\ York; Moses E dy, sod Rhode Isl md. Pro*l4esti for do. bid Miry Ann, Poet Boy, and Excel, Nkork. Arr 10th, Tims Feiinit, Providence for Pi,iladelphia; Reaper, do for H.lti iion ; Lucy a Afigail, do for Albany; Joe brown. Fall River for Savannah; Cherokee, B lor Mobile. Sid W ave. Helru Gray, Venus, and, .N York; Lore, Frcdd* lickshurg; May, aid Francis, Charles'on; Elvina, Georatttown; Coluiobii, Pniiadelphia; David C oekrtt. Key West; Thiee Brothers. Rhode anil Moses k'.ddr Pmttil.iir. for NYork. - - - -- - Arr lull, John Coggeahall, from Pacific Ocean, Otaheile 23d Jane, Willi 21(41 tibia,mill .p,otl?absent 3d months. Spoke 2d Mirth. lat 14 8, Ion 121 20 W, Foaler, Nam. 8 moa out, 130 bbla; lath, la< ?, Ion 122 20 W. Sarah, do, 2300 ; 23d. lat 47 8, Ion 123 30 W, Sarah Fiaucrv, KM. 22 moa, 1300; April 3, lat 39 8, Ion 124 15. Wm Lee, 20 met, 500; lllh, lat 11, Ion 12547, Colambna NB. 21 Inoa, Mtl; JellVrvon, Nvut. 1900, includina 200 aanthome; ICih, lat 2 8, Ion 121 m, Cnlnmb a, Na> t. 7 moa. 70 At UUheite 16th June, J ,v?, li 110; llo.coe, NB. tlOO; hejuator, do. 1000; O C Ktiinond, 311. lor Maml.a, aoou. Kqualor leU 20th; Java, and Hoaroa to leave Aug 23. b|K>k* Aug 2, lat 16 16 8, L>?66 41 W, Miria. Nam 02 daye out. Oeneral Record. Snrv St. Lnpia.?Cap! Kldr.due, laie of the St. Louis, wiilra m,in (I rnlurgus uudi r date of Sept. 20, to a mercantile h uir iii New Orli an*, mvniat au accouut of the Iota of hia v eaa I. an ac*nni of which hat alrevdv been |.ub!ia ed. He aaya he waa ii t abA |i aive the .hip's p*|?rrv. ui>r ttie letter hay.? Xh- e waa alvo $10 000 ,b Void on botrd lor a ineicautilc Imuae in New Orlran . 8i>uie 11 live pivteig ra have arrived at NaW Ull alia. Via II Valla, barn Malt Miami-Capt. Soul'ard, later fihe Mary Silvbee, ol ,N i vv York, win hi eaael waa loat oil the 3*1 re, 1.1*.at, on the Cairn. I.I mil, ou her passage from Norfolk to Jamaica, e,lived ai .Viriolk oallie ?th iuet. He atetee lhat 60 per cent aalvtire wu awarilr d on ve.vtl and cargo, and 65 percent on the linniilie, of U Itirnore, and raigo. Bang Thr Belle, at New Orleanv from Havana, rv|*oit? hat ii*< spoken 25th ult lat 25 13, leu 16 27, ihr Shannon, fiom Nr w Orie ,na lor Liverpool; the bad vvperienced aevere weaih r, wnale. krhg and would endeavor to pu. into NYork lo repair. hMiV l'ararov, Maneon, from New Orleans for Liverpool, cue *unl r.d the g \le in he Outr, re urnvd in dietr* ee, enu waa lowed OVI r the bar to am borage, with lues of lopmub and otherwiv d.una^ed. Her hull la tigh'. Pu,lble Loaaor Baio Cuai.-HTr learn through Captain Wu.f, Who arriVi-il waterdiy in ihe Eases, from Florida, that it w la aappuepo the Cab*, Ciptain L ithaa, from Cuba luund to New a o*e, had lie, a wrecked oa Florida reef duiing ihe late (tale Xh- K-> Weet wreckera rjimrt having v. en na t of the Hern, ft f If V !? lifted, of (hat ffiifl. and it *? - fl.- J - ? hoaiJ "I fwiia-ed. C ti.ra n Wade waa am.,ni< ihe Munun. of llia> Cub>.?[ N. O B ill.tin, Oct. I. ne peaeeagera e Mir Havovan, Dm onion I. arrived at New Orleana, in 33 da< a li"l>l tU*r. ?caught the Kale no I he ?th UIT.; lint her OiaiU an 1 in 17. n inula md ,u iaiu-d con-idnabledami*e. Smir Mi:tklM| from U.ialnu May 19, lor Mam! a, before repom il l bible iu diat eaa, had proceeded aa lar aa lat 12 a, |*n i W. when aim liroke her rioider head, July 14, and the ahip living aimoat unmanageable, (-ape. Hymmra put bark for Klo de Janeiro aa the nearrat eligible place to repair, but mcrliug with no trade winda, lie made lor Bihia, aathe neatest port, and arr'J there Ann- ?would aail ajralo about ISth. Hcni C uaai.a a, Godfrey, from Hichmoud for Waahinglnn, NC. with a e irK<> ol coal a ud tobacco, waa I eat ub Or r acock Ba. on lite I7ih ult. Crew eared. Veaael and cargo fully iu* ur d. Commfrcb or ChaBlbituiv.?Harbor Maater'a Report for t?< pt. Arrival*? It ahtpe, 1 hark, 19 briga, 14 aclira, I tloop, 4) ateato* Clearancra?II ahipa, bark, II briga, >1 achra, 9 aloopr, 41 tramboaia. In port loth ult.?13 ahipa, I bark, 12 briga, 7 achra, I iloop, 4 at auihuata. Kotlre to NBiintri. A double headed rock of grey color, with a few dark patches, about three qua'tera of a mile off, which uncovered 6 or 7 leet with the fall of tltrtet, waa aeenin lat43 46 S, Ion 19 17 W. Whalemen, bailed from New Bedford 10th ioat. Mary Aun. for tho Pac.ftn Ocr*a, Chi at Pri.viti elown 4th ioat. Bell- iala, Atlantic Ocean. A letter fiom tk : WlHia, o' Matiapoiactt, rep rta her, ro date, with 760 bult ap and III b'.tftah oil. Heporta Aug 28, t v tnerwood, VVc tiiOrt, 736 ap. Spoken?13th nit. I?t 36 30, Ion 23, Montgomery, of Warren, JObMs. Upokeiia ChaUiam, Boatoa for Belli mora, Oct 16, off BaniogBt Was*. Bo*too for Richmond, Oct I*, off Barneot. Franklin, Bath for Ou?d?loupr, Oct 10. off Fit* Island. Saui, Bo.inu for Mnransas. Oct I, off Montane. N'polrnj, Portland for Harut. Oct 7, off Nanlnrket. W.odsidr. Bo*ton for Naw Orlrans, Oct (, off MonUnk Point. ? , _ _ M I ode prudence, from Lubec lor Baltimore, Oct 6, off Nan* ttarket. Boston, from Bristol. RI. for Kay W?*t, Oct 7, off Block . ' Bs'tie, from Bath, Me. for Wilmington, NC. Oct I. off Block lalawl. Alert, from Port'and for Richmond, Oct 9, off Hampton. Uipat-v. of Proaidrnca,for Suit* Crux, II d.ys out. Srpt 19 lat t! 7, Inn 61. . Crlia, Tlntclirr. from Work far Satannah. Oct I, off C.|* Hrnry?*u in sight till 3th, off Ca|* Komain. foreign Porta. Sisx's Nttaol, Labrador, Sept 17?In port, Cymet, for Madit.-rr.nean, sh"iit iJth. HiLirsx. Oct 3?Arr Acarlia, ( ) Boston, 36 hours, in] aid 4 p m lor Liverpool; tih, Vsn Bnra-u, N York. Wurrford; 6th, Tlaaiaacs. Ncsrensile; Wolfe a Core, Loudon; Uutiaunred, L* ith; Citaraqui, Liver|?or?l: 7fh. China. Limeiick; Marquis of Qur? nthnry Havana. Cld 6ch'Tom Moor#, Sligo; C ms, Ann, iimI 11?*v*i?1?, Lob* ??d; 7th, Roll*, d>; Frederick, do; Alrhymi?t, Falmouth; Sarah Kichardaoo, Brockton; Congress, Chester; Ball. Pad?to>%; John, Li%criKX>l; Nero, Limerick; 8th, LI xa, Loudou; Thutle. Wateiford. Burmi oa, Sept 14?Arr Belief, New York; 19th, hoi*, do; iWan. Bangor. t Havawa. Sept *4?Arr Savannah, Cabsnaa; Catharine, Port unj'i uim. IS' > - loll. I III John Hale. do. Cadix. AugII?In port, Emblem. Talbo', for Now York, iu I (lays. Home Ports. Portland, Oct 10? No arrival or clearance. Arr 9th. Old Colony. Philadelphia. CM t'li, Hualoo, Kio ilc Janeiro; Albert. Wilmington, NC; Rienxi, Bsltiinnrr. \lun i nrio, Oct 7?Sid Mary Kimball, Savannah. Nawburvport, Oct ?? Arr Aurora, Pti<ladel|>hi.i; 9lb, Elixa Ik Kllrn. NVi.rk; 10th, Scioto, Philadelphia. Oct 7?Arr Forrester, Cadia; glh, S|ssrta, Phil*deltdtia; K H Herrick. New Yn k; 9th, Spring Bird, do. bid 7th, B aer. Maranham; Luhec, Wr-t Indira. Boston, Oct II?Arr Plslo, Torreviega, Spain; Rio Grande, NOrleana; Chitf, I'liiladelphia; Dolphin, Na1 aetnond; tVqunt, Lovell, NYork; Reeside, Lawtley. do; J Cooley fc Co. fcldridce, do; Condor, Albany. Cld 8 Idsn, New Orleans; Jacob Story, Jeremie; Souther, St Marks; _ Apnhia, Norfolk: Baltimore, rinl delphia; Dover, Frt-derickabuig. Atr 10th, Kentucky, Cadia; Richmond, NYork. Ntv Btnroao, Oct 10? Arr Col Simmons, Alhansr; Corinthian, NYoik. Sid Jane, Industry, and Win Brown, Philadelphia; Kllrn Rodm-n, NYork. Providence, Oct 10?Arr J L Long, NYork; Jaa Lanplieer, do. Sid Reaper, Bdlimure; Tlios Feuner, Philadelphia; Rienai .NYork. Philadelphia, Oct It?Arr Vulran, Albany; Schuylkill, do. Cld Walter^ NOrleana; North Stai, Charleston; Infanta, St John, NB; Elisabeth, Havana; Victoria. Halilaa; Pilot, Providence. Baltimore, Oct 10?Arr Casper, Bremen; Somerset. Dements; Tanjuiu. Boston; Oregon, Hartford, Sid America, Bremen; Neator. NOrleana) Eleanor, Charleston; PI Neriiia, St John, NB; Queen, Providence, Richmond, Oct 10?Arr Emrline Peterson, NYork; Linatk Snow, Thoinaaton. Sid Anbarhnla, Boston. NonroLg, Oett?Arr Senau r, Hartshorn, Aleaanilria for N York; Be,le, Johnson, New York, is hours, bound to St Augnstiue; pilot boat Relief, from a cruise?re|<orta, two foreign ships 5one up the b<y, and one American, light. A Swrdi.h ship fm amei Hive, has gone to tea. There are a number of vessels under Seawell'a Point, wind hound. In Hainprou Roads, Lueinda Snow, Thoinaaton far Petersburg, Cld Jaa Druininoud, W Indies; Georgians, do. Wilmington, NC. Oct J?Arr Baltic, Bath; United. Matan?as; Hoiar, Bermuda;Galea. Uoaion; AUhca Cornelius, NYoik; Tioga, Ward, do. Cld Leonora, Jamaica; Larch, Allen, New York Charleston, Oct 8?Arr Neptune, <a) NYork; Eveline, do. In ,lic offline. Moselle, from Boston: G--orge, Hull. New York. Below, Marathou, from Boston. Sid Sutton. Gallowav. New York: tUmitv. Shprwnnil (in A rr fiih r.Kina Karl* 1 swlia NYork; 5th, Caroline, do. Savaxxah, Oct 7?Arr Susannah Cumminp, Srlter, NYork; John Cumining. Liverpool. Cld Saratoga, Crawford, NYork; L B ddwin, B <xt> r . do. Air 6lh, Tantuin, Boston. Cld Win Lidd.'n, NYork. 8t Ai'oustpvk, Sep' V?Art George, Kloti, NYork. Mobh.ii, Oct 3?Art Kraucei,, NYork. Ntw Orlkaxs, Oct i?Cld Apilacliicota. C-mpcarhy ; Anna Maria, do; Henry, do; Margarer, Ntsxxu, N P. San.a Anna, Gilv-ston. Arr Norman, Havre; Hauover, do; llialto, Mine.Ilea; Empresstrin. Havana; Bille, do. Arr lat, Bowdilcli, Cmwell, NYork. Co Helen vlar. B >stnn; Barrington, Barton, NYork. Air Sept 29, Louiavilte, Hunt, NYork; Am rrlitz, Harre; Di ana, Boaton for N .tcliex; Claiissa Perkins, Celte: Don Juan, Beaton. Cld Sweden. Liverpool Cld 77ih. Si Mary, Foster, NYork; Finland, B'alou; Elix i Thornton, Havre; Jrua, do; T S re. I, Kingston, Ja; U. C-a, Havana bythe president of "the united states. TN pursuance of law, I, JOHN TYLER, Prvatdent of the J United States of America, do hereby declare and make known, that public aalea will be held at the undermentioned LanJ Offic-a in the Stat* of Missouri, at the |>eriods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the Lann Office at FAYETTE, commencing on Monday, it ninth day aj January next, far the disposal of the public lauds within the unHermentionrd townships, to wit: North of the bate line, and Wett of the fifth principal meridian Townahipa sixty-one, sixty-two, and sixty-three, of range twenty. And ihe East half of section nin-, in township forty-fire, of range thirteen. At the Land Office ar LEXINGTON, commencing on Monday, the twenty-third day of January next, tor the ui*|hjsa! oi ttie i ub ic lau within t-e uu In mentioned townships, io y? it North if the bate line, and fVeit of the fifth principal meridian. Township* forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, and forty foer, of rente tkutv-ona. Townahipa orty-one, forty-two, and forty-four, of range thirty-two. Towuihips forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, and forty-four, of range ihnty-ttiree. A. the Land Office at SP"INGKIELD, commencing on Monday, the sixth day of February next, lor the disposal ot the pubi c lao.ii witmn the underineutp ued (ownshiiw, io wit: North of the bate line, and Iviit of the fifth principal mrri ~ ?M? H, Towiuh;p< twenty-five to thirty-four, incluatve, < xcept the North half of arclinu one in the latter, of range twenty-eight, Townaliipa tw-nry-ari, twentr ight, twetityuine, thr-tyone, thi ly-.wo, thirty-three, and tlrir-y-four, of range twentyuioe, Townaliipa tweuty five, twenty-ail, thirty-one, thirty-three, am) -hirty-tour, of ranee thirty-one. Townahipa let nt ,-live and tw--nty-aix, of range thirty-two. Linda appropriated hy law, for the uar o' achoola, military or other lrurpoaes, will be en luded from aale. Thi a -let will he kept open for two w> eka (u l-ra the land* are aooner diapoaed of,)aud no lor ger; and no private eutriea of land in the town-hipa so offered will be admired until after rhe cipiration of the two week*. Uiveu und r mv hand, at the city of Waahington, thiatwentT-aeveutli day of September, Anno Domini, 1813 , ? , JOH.V TYLER. By the Prceident: THO H. BLAKE, Commierionrr of the General Land Office NOTICE TO TRE-EMFTION CLAIMANTS. Erery peraon claiming the of |>rt -emption to land io any of the towaahlpa deaigua ed in thia proclamation, in virtn- of theproviaiona of the art of 22J June, 1(38, aa extended and modified by the act of latJnue, 1810, or of the prov iaiona of the latter act [where thoae Una atiit a ply t > auch claim* hv reaaon of the abaeace of the plata at the Rrgiatef'a o<t ce on 83 1 June. 184',1 or by virtue of the act of the 4th September, 1841, each Sranting certain privilege* to anothrr and different cla *a of aetera i*reqae*trd to trove the aame to the aatiaiactioa of the Regiater and Recrivrt of the proper Laud Office, a?d make paymeut therefor ae toon ae practicable after teeing this notice, and before the dry appointed for ttre eumiiirncement of tie public tie of the laud aa above deaignaled, utl.etwiae ?nch clarma will be forfeited Whe.e the year auhaeiprent to the filing of the plata ahall egpire preriouv to the day fixed for the comm-ncemerit of the axle above mentioned, cl ima under the acta of 1838 and 1810, above referred to, will be forfeited if not proven up and paid for prior to the rxpiration of auch year. THO H. BLAKE. Comm-'ttiotier of the General Ijind Office. o13 2tawljvlr 71) BY THE PKESIJDKN 1 OF TtlK UNITED STATES. IN pnranance of law, I, JOHN TYLER. Preaideot of the United Statea of America, do hereby declare and make known, tnat i nblic aalea will be held -l the undermentioned Laud U flier a in the Stale of Illinoia, at the perioda hereinafter dea gnated, to wit: At the Land Office at DIX' N, commencing on Moaday.the eixteenth day of January next, lor the diapoaal of Ilia labile laud* wi'hiu the Uudi r er ti- nrd town.hipn, to wit: jKinn uj inr iinr unr, una r.iiMi dj ine jnurin principal mr~ vidian Townitiipe twenty ant twenty- <ne, of rtn^e four. Townahip* twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, and twentyth ee, of Huge fire. Township tweo-y-aeren, iwt nty-eight, and twenty-nine, of ra'.te an. Townanipatwenty-aeren, twenty eight, and twenty-nine, of rani(e aeeeu. Townahipe twenty-aeeen and twenty-nine, of range teo. Towneh-ye twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty -four, and twenty-nine, of range eleeen. At the Land Offl-r at CHICAGO, eommeneing on Monday. the Ihirlit h day nj January next, tor the di poaal o| the puDI'C I 'tide Wirt.Ill ihe iindertn. n,lorieit Mwn?hina, to wit : Xorth of thi free* Una, and Kant of tht third principal meridian. Townahipe thirty-ieeen. thnty-eifht, thirty-nine, forty, and forty one. o( range* four and Ave. Town-nip* thnty-aeren, thirty-nine, forty, and forty-one, of ranee ate. Townahipe thtrty-eeeen, thirty-nine, forty, and forty-one, of ra re ?eeen. Towuahtp thirty aeten and forty -one, of range eight. Towtiahi|ie tht.ty-eirht,, forty, and for'y-one, of MW nine hracliinal townahip thirtv-eight, north of the old Indian honmiary tin-, ai.d townahi|ie .liirty-uiur, t?rty, and loily-oue, f ra>-f ten. Kraetionat townahip* thirtv-eight and thirty-nine,north of the o'ri Indian boundary Itue, and towuahipa forty and forty-oua, of rang* eleven. Land* apiirnpiiated by law for the no* of aehoola, military, or other pnrp tee , will he rtelnde . front the a ile. The a?tea will each be kept open for two week*, (nnleat the land* are aooner dtapoeed of,I and no longer, and no pnaate rntrli-a of land in the townahina o offend, will be admttteJ nutil a:rer the expiration of the two week*. rt j i i . -i ... ~r air?v: ?.? .t-i ty-jt?iuih day of Sectembar, Anno Doniui, 'l*4t JOIl.h TYLER. By the Pr*?id?-nt: 1 HO H. BLAKE, Cammxmontr of thi General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every |*rton chiming the riiiht of pn ? rptiuu to l.-pd in any o thy to?mhin dtetgn tad in thta proelam lion, in virla>of lh? proriainoa of the act nf 2kl Jon--, UK, aa cil'nciej an I modified by the act af 1,1 Jan*, 1*40. or 01 the proriaiooa of the 1 ittrr act, [aah*rr tho?* law# atill apply to euch claim, bv reiron i.f the abaence of ih? plate at the R rla office 011 ltd June, 1M ,] or by virtu* of in# ,ct of tha 4tli ?*pl?m >er, III I, ? *? h ar nun,g crr'ain i.riail*a*a to another and dilf* *nt cta?a o< a*pj? ra, la raoneatrd'o pr vr the earn* m the **;'if?eiinn u' in* Hegiiter and Receiver of the piop- r L?nd Office and make l>a n, m iherelor a* anon a? praci icab e after at, lug'hi, notice, and before the day ai|>oiutrd fo. the comm ucrmrntor the public ,ale of the laud aa abora doignatad, otherwise each Claim. Will be forfeited .Where the year anb-tqaeDt to the filing of the plate ahall expire pferioua to the day fired for the commencement of the ale ahoy, mention,d, claima uuder the acta ol' 1131 and IBiO. above raferrid to, will be forfeited if not proven np and paid for prior to the eiphation of aucli year. THO. H. BLAKE, ,. _ Comminianar if thr Gentral Land OJht. u) T EECHEh? 4,?oo It,liaa Leech**, juat received and lot a*lc ,5*. BADGER k I'Et.K, ."{J comer Wall end eoedi ctreete. 0?ttW,ND MX'^ P0* I^li-TDtMNIKirfc CO. V 3 Walj a I met, w,U make np a I ar by the Royal M* I ateamer Columbia, from Uoa'.on, and by each aucrreding t uramer, for the Oveiland Mail from England to India by the Kn?cli?h or p ri??icli route. Letter Bar. far th. above Steamer will cloee, a* nanal, at a quarter to} P. M., Saturday, IVth. "'3 3UC it AHNDKN k CO. J Wall at DAO CAHPET, RAO CARPEt AND LtsJT - I clirajtrat in the city-?l}00 yard* for aale, all nicely mived and atriped, will; faat colore. Any peraon in want of the# ar tele will do WrM to call and ex<mii.e be Aire they perch**,-, aa it will b* ioldt heap for caah. CallatlM Spring atreet, corner ofOracnwtch. Alao, tuha and paila, hrooma, and all kind* of fnntiahing war*, very low; tent to all parta ol the ciaf free of charge. ol} lm'ec _ J. JONES. TEACHER OF THE FLUTE ' TMONZANI. y Thorn peon atreet, giye* mitrucaola on * the Elate I ertna ?l}per quarter. at)m?r CLERKS WANTEDWEVEHAL amut, acme, t?mi-er.e Clrrki wauled la C wholesale and retail atoree, in line cite, in en loua bn?lneaeea to whom a.lariea from MOO 10 $1000 will bo itisu^rd, oa h inc thoroughly flt'td at tho Now kork Commercial College, in t to 4 nerka, on rnod.ra'e lerma. No charge for aituitiooa toclerha, or far el-ik< ro mricliaata will not tome of I he thousand young, old and eaiienetic, d clerka now out of employ juat tome and til, au wo can euppl y oar now eery aum rone ordors N. B. Situationa ji?en to no rummeri. Apply to lha Preatdrut oi the N. T. College, L. R. COWARD, A M. of oil yto Amh-rat College, MO Broadway. WANTED-A ailuatl it aa nurae or chambermaid in a small l-inilv Ai-plyal 49j Broad way. The boat o city rel?rcnerajran lie gie?n. 0I3 It1 rc lyA^TKD TO HIRIC?A Room and Bedroom. A~lrne '* adduased t j Hi use, at this ufllcr, will no attended to ePm TO KAMILlCStiOl.NO SOUTH, 10 the West laUrna or Kua>|>? ?A resectable female, 24 years of a?e, whites to obtain a i Truant nt tiruatiou&s seamstress, in a genteel family She would prefe r going to Kurope, vet would accept of a good offer to go South or to the West Indies. Tlu; brst of refer etices KIVCB. Addict* A. A. A. boi 765, upper Post office, N. York. *i Or T(? NKWHBOYS-lTWll.i. I B ys to sell l'rtuta ou Frtda.. Apply unmn'iately. < KOI Broadway. cu3 lt*ec 'T'O LET?A Brolin'i Office ! > Wall it. with a firat rat* run * of custom, and fixtures complete P atetirn gieen immw dia'ely, in cons-queuce of the oc?U|unt'i wishing to go south. Enquire a> Jn Will it., basemeut. Alabama Fundi Wsuteo. at low rat*a, at thr above office, oil 3i?r "RK WaT^D TLoat 011 8 tluiday afternoon, a liver color I S{??' ell while Pointer DUO, nam d, and answering to ihf name of ' llur." Any prr-nu bay lug f >ond him. will coDf?r a fa*t.r on the ownrr bp leaving him at 213 Thomp.011 at. "ltd receiee ihe bote rewa J. oil 3t rc T BROWN, htone Sea- Eugraetr, haa removed u> 23i L Broadway, Opposite the Park Coats of Arms, Crests, Cyphers, Ac engraved on aiooe. Ladire tealt, pencil caavs.siguil rings, Ac. engraved with co la of arnia, uatnea, or any device. Coats found and piiuted. Books of Heraldry kept with upwaida of IPO.WWnames. oil at*r LO'T?A Bank Book. No. 73,<Ht>, on the Havings' Bank, Chambers su*vt The finder will coufer a favor Dy 'ear in* it al III Anthony it nil 3'*r ^ENTlaEMEN'8 SCAKKS. THE tnoat aplendid and eatenaive aaaortment of Scarfa and A Cravats evei offered in this cite miv he found al o'3 Ui?*ec I'. B. HATCH ?, 97 William a'. MARTELL & HOL DERMA N~N WILL OPEN, on Moudav. October 2ith. IS>2 al their establishment, S7 Maiden lane, their new style of H>>d dresses, just received per ship Burgundy, consisting of Bvea's Turbans and Bonnet I'olonais. b-sides a ea-teti of oth- Head Dresses and Ornaments, such u PearN. Flower, Featli- rs. Lama Scarfs. Gold and Silver Fringes, Ac. so 13 le'e: TVff A VOR'S OFFICE, Oct. II, 181!.?Notice to ..wtie.s and L'L drivers of Hacks, Cabs, Carta, Stages, .and all vehicles licensed by the Mayor. Yon are h-reby reouired torefrain between the hours of 8 A. M.audiP. M. on<v next, llth instant, from nasaing through the streets embraced in the following Line of March of the Procession, vix: From Batterv Phce up Binadwsy to . Un on P ace, down the Bowery to G-mJ street, u<i Grand st. to E ist Br.iadway, down Last Broadway to Chatham street, i down Chatham sireet to the Paik. . The ow ners of private vehicles are also requested not to pass through said stteets between maid hours. oil HOBT. H MORRIS, Mayor- , VJoTICC TO BUTCHERS?The Bu c? rr? of N. w \ ork La oid Bro k'yn are requested to meet on Friday, Oct. llth, I at 7 oVInck A. M. on Second avenue, the right testing in 3th street, for tiie purpose of joining the procession on the celebration of the Croton Water. 013 lt*r ORVILLE J. NASH Grand Marshall. ^OTICETO CITY MARSHALS.?1 ho Major directs 1 La th- Marshals out on .peiial dutv or that dav, to r?|>ort themselves at the Lower Po'ic Office, ta Justice Matacll, at I ( o'clock on Frid <y next, Mtro-'s Office, Oct. llth, 1M2. ol3 3tr rp MR M*\l h s li Sine- a-uv lriin? "soon s.n I I " BE N It VOUTnt'80Cl"ET Y."iWir'Vn'ns" ird'all ?hoo Pali taa who wish to join them in the procession of At Coton Celt brslinn, are invited to meet at Mr. Monteveide's, 5 B ,r- < cUy street, on Friday morning at o'clock. By order of i ol3gt*o Q. ALBIXOLA, Sec'y of the 1. U B. W. IN rou?' of the Crot m Celebration. ihe STABAT ) ' MATER, advertised for thi> evening, it indi finitely |a>stI toned ol3 Itr dost OFFICE, New York. Oct. I2th. t?U. english A MAlL l etter Buc? for Liveri oo', | er the Royal Mail j 8le<mei Co mnhia, from Bo.r.n, on lite ISlh in*', will cIomi at the I!inter and Lower I'oat Offices, on Saturday, the lith in.u ! nt Of o'clock P. M. oi3 3*r JOHN LOUIMKR GRAHAM, P. M. ' Anchor brand champaone-im bukeu oi thit favoiite Wine, in pin * and <|iiarta, of fine nualitv and iu < the beet I rder. Alio, I50.000 impor ed Segars. of vaiious <ju t- t liliet, suitable fo hotel keepers?for aale low for c*?h only, in < lota to mit iturchaaera, bv ol3 3t-ec A. ATKINS, 7i Wall it. biarment. I Parent Washington temperance socieTY ?The meinben of thit Society are notified to met t at Wellington II til corner of White ana Center fleet*, on Fri- I day morni E, at Hi o'clock, for the |tar|tote of joining in the Cro'on Celehrmiion It it lio|.ed <hat every member w ill be nut on thi* occatton. , ou 3:.a " r ALEXANDER WEL^H Marshal i 'T'o LAWYERv?A young a ntleman, who h?? hid altout [ I four year* eip ri-nee in the office of an alt"in-y, ia den ' roui of blaming a situation with some inem'terof the Bir in thit city. The advertiser ii competent to lake charge of the pr.ciiee of an office, and can give the hr?t of refereinv a a* to capability, Ac. A note addessed to Young, left at the offica of i he Herald, stating whin and where aniuteiview can he had, will meet with pnimiit attention. oUSteo'r . French la guaoe?mXNesca's~?>ral~ system.?^The second re. niug clan will continence iu I > ? da: *. Gentlemen wishing to join aru leijuisted to call and ' leave ill-ir names. N b.?Persons deairons of witnessing the *uperority of this ' system, ni?yd)io, by clling on Tursdey, Thursd.y or Satnr- f day eT? niegs, lit B o'clock ? A Ladies' Morning Cla-s will commence on Monday, tlic ' 17th in.t, Immediate appli. atiou it ?quested c o'3 ?ti??r L. MANE8CA DUUAND. 7B F anktin st. GRAND INVITATION i-KOTOS CELEBRATION* , BALL, in honor ol tint great Crolou Celebration.?A C-iv', M luary ?mI Naval lriT.ution Ball will by given .0 tin- ' l'ivoli 8 .loon, on thtt evening. Dodworlh'e celrbnted Hand ' i< engaged, aud the floor Will be under the management of Mr. E. H Conway. Tickets admitting a gentleman and ladies, to he had at the Saloon, oral Mr. Win. Pine's, comer ol' Nauau aud Pine " street.. No gen'leman admitted without ladies, except military ami naval offic- rs. Foreinvu and Assi ttntsof the Fire Department are reqnested to call a: the Saloon aud procure their tickets. o!2 3 i??r CROTON CELEBRATIOM AT TAMMANY HALL. 1 ?mj. j, fakkek wishes to give notice to his Irienda I 1 and 1 he public that tie iulem's giving a grand Military and Civic Ball on Friday evening, Oct. Mth, when the ro?u> will be liandiomely decorated with fliri and haoneis. Daucing I t commence tt eight o'clock. Tickets for admission $1 to admit a gentleman and hi-ladies. Leader of the band, Mr. Brown. Mr. P., wiihrs te notice that hit school lot the winter aras?n ' will open at Tammany Hall on Wednesday the I9:u. Dais of 111 lion, Wednesday sod Bsiurdays from 3 to 3 o'clock?for \ oo..g ladies ?nd Miirfi -'rem i to 7 o'clock for yonug .Masters ? 'iirffromBto 0 'or gentlemen. olSftr Grand celebration uf the choi-on wa- ! TER.?O 1 ihe I4i.ii inst. the cars of the New Yo*k tnj . Harlem K -dro'd Conn any will make tntii regular trips as ad- ' verti-ed iu tip ir bills of Oct I h. In addition to thrae Hie ComP>ny will inn so < ttra Tiam between City Hall and Ha lem. stopping st (he intermediate places, every ha'f hour, from 7 to 11 o'clock A M , sud from 3 to 7 o'cloca P M. Thii arrangemeut will affoid evsry one that wishes an oppoi lenity to wi i item the celejj atiou; ind also to see the fountains in the Pa k ' and IJuion Place, the reservoir at 42d street, and thit at V< rk- ' ville, about X of a mile Iroin the Railroad, and the jet at the ? H'*h Biidge (now iu progress of buildiog across the Harlem ' near ) This jet is the finest in the world, it throws a solid rolnmn of water I inches in diameter orer 100 feet high, and falliug 10 the river, it covert an area of CO feet in diameter. 8'ages aie always in readiness at Harlem to convey pas sen- ' era to and from the High Bridge. ol3 2n??t f /"NROTON CELEBRATION.?The Inritrd Guests 01 trie L* Common Council will meet at ihe City Hall on the lt?h : inst. at t A.M. pronely. The Committee will be in attendance to receive them. , CLARK'ON CROLIU8, Jr. ] EDWARD D WE-tT, f u ILLIAM DODGE. ! Cooimittee on Reception. [f'r*' Evening rvpers please copy. o? Itr / ELEBRATION NOTICE ?The e?ni'itutional and pled- i * ted members of the Marshall T. A. Society, an I member) of other societies who do not turn ont in a body are re-pectfo'ly invited to meet od Friday morning at 3 o'clock, at Con ert : H ill, ICC B aadway. 10 joiu in the pmcejsion of the in'roduc- [ lion of ihe Crotou water intoonr city. There will be car- ' riaees provided for ihe Lvdv Marshal Society to join in the proces.ion JOHN C, COACHMON Marsh.l. oil Xt*r Badoks-croton celebration badge??tin differrnt 1 lates engraved on steel, representing the Croton s Aqueduct R.-setvoir, with the fountain in the Park, and con- ti Mining 4000 I) iters, the whole history of the water works, with v likenr s es of Washington, Lafay- tte, Jefferson, A lams, and y Dewitt Clinton, with oiher appropri.) e designs. F. r sale at a WHAITE'M, No. I Conrtland street?$3 per 100, or six cents each. o!3 lt*c ( RADGES, ROCETTE 7 AN I MEDAL8 -Th'Fire De- J D parrment iheir bulges at Valentine's Eu.'rsvnr t and P.ialinx E tablishmr m No. 2C John street Each com- I pany can Imvr ih<ir own badge, with the name and unmber 01 heir engine, h se a.Is. It With cuts 10 correspond. The t snlrndia badge g-t np expressly for the mililaiy com'anies? 1 Ttmpetance societies audi nil'ns b'dxea, a Beautiful arlicl *, r elegantly p>in ed fmrn a st- el pi te ?u h'ue cr white satin r b- q bnn, awl at our hail the usual pr cr. B er?t Kosets, and th- i rrirbr (rd Croioi Medal, with * view af the City of New I Yoik, thr Crolon Arqn due, fce. olj li*r FHIV.ND -> OKT'KMPKKAVcli.-The Franklin Tempeiance Society will meet for the |.uri>oe- or joiaiog in ihr Ol-h ation, totakr place on Friday -he 14th iDtlaui, at the eo.nrr of Chembe and Centre streets, opposite lb* Poet offl.-e r al (o'clock, A M. The Society ie lo be piecedrd on ih it day by ihe D uid of ihe New Fork Institute far the Blind, whicn hare been kindly volunleend for the occaeien. They are . under the charge of Mr. A Reiff of the Park Theatre. Thia 1 Band will furntah one of the moat interesting featorea of the procession. It conaiata of llftem memhrre, all blind ; and yet | [through the iicellent institution to whie . they ere attached] ' they are ante to iwrform many eery difficult composition! with t facility and eorreetnaaa. They play entirely by rote, and with > a spirit and accuracy that woa'd d.i credit to tnne who hare I atnditd mnaie with th.,ee ad ram acre of aicht of which the) I unhappily are deprired. It ia hoped and espei ted that all the ( Trade, aa well aa the Caneti'wiooal members of thr Society, I will be prreenl. Kiiende of Temperance, not tielongiug to I other bodiee. are rnspectfally requested tn join wit ua on that I occasion. Ilia hoped that I'rinlera and Bookbinders, end all in any way engaged in tha Book busiuaaa, will nnite wilii na J onlha'day. ( Corner of Chamber end Centre etreete, at I o'clock, r JAMES HAKiEK, President. Aaa L. whirnaa, Seet. oil U"ec , 9O.~ RIBBONS ANO SILKS.-J. T. REYNOLDS, 2? J fcO" Division iu hea ju.t teceieed tie moat elegant aarotl- ' met,tot" fashionible B unet Ribboua, Silks, Satins, Velv> t,kc. fce. to he funtid in the city. Pealera, city and country milliners, will do well te cell before puichaaiug elaewherr. i <* Imie'c The Anti-Angmlar System of Wrltlisfc. ' GREAT REDUCTION. \ IV/fR. BRISTfjW^TLondon^re'pectlhnt^n/orme the Ladier ' i*A and (Jenllemeuof New York and Brooklyn, that hit classes j Day and Keening, haee comaaeiaced Jot lAe eccetm, and that he has ar.Ditcrti hit Tunis one naif,?to Sis Dollars! ( Acadi.m? No lib BnonawAT, kka* Pana Click. Uentleinen of all ages are positively taught in twelve lessons, , a he hi, frtr, rxnlihnut and finished business-like style ol Writing, no matter now had, illegible stiff, or cramped the writing may be. See specimens at the door, J3J Broadway. , Ann th* Lapiks ; A neit and handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Hand Its Twt.Lv* Eaev Lessons ! TV" VISITORS in New York can take a enurae in Three Days Mr. B is to ba seen from to 1 A. M., or from 4 B> I P. M. Evening Classes from T to . Boos Kvcrino Ttugh on e superior method, by doable and single entry,

cientiltc<l|y and practically. 1 I V | ?N ? T C 1 c 1 STENOGRAPHY. . , , A new system pi the Art of Writing Hhort-hand, for taking down Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Law, fce kc., tang hf per- . fectly by Mr. Hristnw in one conise o( lessona ! at 111 Broadit 1} . flee a Ipe timed. . N. B.?A work of tha author is presented to every pupil (or their |>erman?Dt guide oil lm"r BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 11M tana *n<l ?o horse pow?r each. Uodtt contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. ?HITANNlA, J Hewitt, Commander. Al.EOO.NiA, E. O LoU, do ACADIA, A. Hyme do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Boston, ?la Halifax. raoM kivcarooL. raou eosro.e. Colombia. ? October It. P*?s?ee Money?From Boston to Lirerpool, $144?Boston to Halifax SM. These sh'ps carry experienced snrgsous. No Berths secorad until |>*ul f'r. Noxr?Merrhandite and Specie (except for persontl expense-) shipied under the mmr of ln(sa?re will be charged ai frriiit, a?d liabls loCust un House Hecn'st'ons. Am Iv to ?4y r D. BUlOHAM. JR.. N?. 3 W-lUst^ " - ? - KUtt 1 HAKLEST'O*. HAVANA. xfc^JWiKEY WEST. NEW ORLEANS, AND /^J1VirTlJ^(JALVEST0Vi. (Tens) to sail rU the 14th October, at 4 P M.?The well Known and urorilt stroll, ship NEW YORK, J. T. Wrixht,' onfiaiidsr, ha? ill? been put in complete order, with new wp'Uaht mill shaft', fcc.. will posttirelv lease for the abore IMirls on the day specified. Captain Wright, by the request of many of hia pn>t|mui d the da> ntsai'iiig irom the 10th to the 14th of Octolno. hat ihey n,ay h ee an opportunity of eujoy in( the anticipated celebration. T"hr New York, havinx heeu superbly lilted unv with saloon st te no s iii addition to her csblus. offers superior accommodations for the n uvenie Ce of puseoirers Psssenaers going iu this boat tnav sa'ely rely- u|mu the well known skill \nd atteu tum? n: nrf u?i Kin I-or Inthl freight or puaiir, apply OD bo?r<l, foot ol Morris street, North River. pirr No .4 or to C. MORGAN. or H. HUBBARt), fc CO. 17 Peek Slip. N B.?The Nm York carrier sufficient turl for the voyage Passriigrrs for Key Writ, Nrw Orleeus, and Oalveaton. will have so opptptuuity ni visum* Havana, aa the ship will lay there tw-day^. _ o(toli*r ^ a? FOR HALIKAXAND CTVEHPOOLThr Royal M il Steamship COLUMBIA, Her. "n. H N Cotnmttider, wil| (V'' P'>tjD f?r 'he a hove |iort on Sunday, Passage to Liverpooj $113, do do Kalilai tXO Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr. oUOtr No. 1 Wall at.eet. STATEN ISLAND FERRY Foot of Whitehall street, Tin steam boau STATKN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York aud Staten Island -% follows'? NEW YORK. STATEN ISLAND. 9 I II 10 l4 "8 is i All (oods shipped are required to lie particularly marked, ?nd are at the risk of the owners thereof. ol r mpi ,jas NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Ka^ a. ? ? JeQnlv I2S cents ?The splendid and commodi JK?ml W iius steamer PASSAIC, Capt. John Uaffy, ieiug completely and elegantly related, commenced her regu<r tri|W lor the season ou Thursday, i larch 10? leaving aa folows '? Foot of Barclay si. New York, at 10)g o'clock, A. M., and 4 j'eloek. P Si. Centre w iarf, Newark, at I o'clock, A. M. and half past 1 j'clock P. >1. On Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at IAS A. M. tnd 4 P. M. Leaie Newark at I A. M. and at X o'clock, P. M (C7" Freight of every descriptiou carried at reduced prices oi lm*r .MM OPPOSITION LIN? FOR ALBANYfl.~ '"I'fTlir Dew and splendid stesmhoat WAVr , SE^jBtJE-Csi-rain Vsnderbilt, will leave the steamboat all of h ot Ol Rohinwn stre-f, on Thursday, 13th inat. at fire *cloe P VI. 'or Albany direct. Paraage yn ceuta and brplii 70 cents. N. B ? Light freight takeu at teduced prices. For further am ulars e mine o b,.sld. olivine. JUKE- . I'OII 8AVANNAH-to sail oa fhurtday, ml. fcfMV ? ' roi'PT f-st?ncd *i.d coppered fcfJWA? hip 8YLVANUS JENKINS, Collin 8*v?om, nl iHKitivrlv siil a ab.iif and Can handsomely ?ccomm<> i *te c ibio, 2 I cb it and s'eer ige pn.r tiger. a, moderate nm, f early applica. ion i* made on b ?ril the a' iii. ml pie' '3, E.R. >no JOHN HKKDMAV. oil' _ <1 South street. AdhJf- FOR VEW ORLEANS L?ui<i?uiaiiil New eflfyyWYoik Line?Regular Picket of 20tli O t ?The fast BMoKw ailini; c n-pered and cooper fastrm d picket ship SHAK-vl'E m RE, Captain A'b n Miner, will positively sail mm iboee. her r* *uUr i av. For freight or p.ssaae, hating?u erior "nniiahed tCi ommodaliotu, api ly o board, at Oilcans whaif, root of Wall at. or to E. K COLLINS St CO 36 Sooth at. Shippers may rely upon h ving th-ir tie ds correctly tnessnr d. and that the ships of this line will sail pun-laally mm id'erased. A-y guarantee to that effect will be given aud fulfilled :liat may be required. Agents in N. Orleans. Hullin St WoodiufT, who will prompty forward all goods to iheir abbess. The packt t ship YAZOO, Cantain B J H Trusk, will ruereed the Hhaksps-are, and sail the 30th October, her resular lav. __ ollr Jjg- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular vKpfVPacket of 2,'ith October. Th' Splendid Packet fiMUl5s?hipOARKICK. Capl.W. B. Skidiiy, of 10(H) tons, a ill positively -ail as ab ve, her regular da". For freight or "usage, hiving aeciininodstions unequalled for splendor or loinfort, apply on board, at Orle mis wn'rf, loot of Wall street, irto E.k. COLLINS St CO. 16 South street. Price of passage, $100. The Packet Ship Roscius, Captain Jno Collins of 1100 on*, will succeed the Uarrick, and sail the 21th November, her eguiar day. Pass ngers may relv on the ships of this line sailing punetu.ilV as advertised. o!3r OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS ASfPVFOR LIVER OOL-Packetof the 19ih Oc obe? KkHb ' he we'l kn?wn (avorite packet ahip ENGLAND, K| lam ben amill L. Waite, will be derpatrlied a-above, her eguiar day. This splrndid ship has uniurpassi d -ccommodsions for cabin, se onil cabin and steerage pasaenveit. Those vi*hine to secure benhs will require o make early application in board the ahip, at the fo^t of Beekman ?t. or to JOHN HERuMAN, 61 Sonthat. N. B.?Persons sending for their friends training in Gieit S {tain or Ireland, cau have them brought out as tuual, b any I the ships c imposing this hue, a id drafts for any amount can .* Awnie^id, '?ya?le ih all tt<? pri.i ipa aowua thiouglmut lbs L'niti d Kiugiloin, on application aa above. ollr &AS- FOR SAVANNAH AND' CHARLESTON ? M3r?VFirst Pack-1?FOR SvVANNAH?The packet AfeMHaiairi? U B LA^Ali, SAiinrrma i, wi'l tail ou u?? I tiii i *Nfw t Tr im ih?* toot of .M*idtn lan?*. FOR CHARLES TON?Th? i*c*?t .hip ST. LAWPENCE, Cji'tain Cha*e, will aail thia d*y, from Pier No. 9, E R. The above ahipa arc fitted up with evtry comfort and copreiiiruce 'or 2 0 cabin arid aterrtffe pa*?engrr?, and the price ia fer> low, for which, apply on hoard, o' to W. ft J. T. TAPudoT, ii Peck .lip, or oil r 12 South itrcrt. corner Join lane. PACKF.T FOR HAVKE^Seeond L-ur-The ship lfl9W O \tlDA J unci Fuuck. Matter, will tail on the Ut Ettlb of Norembe r. BOYD It HINCKEN, oil i No. > Tontine Buildinw. IBS?- FOR MOSlLE-H^aUr Piclict of J?h October MMfk--Th, apli ndid last sailing ship hEC OR, Captain jaUWI?*t.G Speu'a , will mi, as above. Fot puu|? in the tea a*e, having eh gam accom,iiod,ito?M, ap.,ly ou board, at >i, r w*?t tiup "f R ili?? ?lip, or to JOSEPH Mc VIURKAY, It# Pine atrePt, o'3r enter ol South. JCA3?- FOR NEW ORi.LA.X?9<ar Linp.? lat Regnla* kf#3^ Pack-r.or 'rrieli- r -? h- w> II knowu, faat inline BfibftS^iiip RV4SELL GLOVER J,h ? Homa, ma.ier, ailinc ire wha'prpr frpi.hi m i> offe'at the lowcat ratea, un il Thuraday evrniita uevi, ahra a*l baggage andsteerage |ias iigrra must be on boaid, aithe ship will (lipu haul into U,a N. [liver. For freight or paaaa.'r on the lown^ "j,mQ 100 Pinp atreer, corner ol S?eili, up ataira. By nerticnlar req 'pal ol the paasemrera, ihe ah'p will be drained un'I Stturd.iy uioruiiia, Ihe lxh inn. on account of Ihe jrotou celt brati in. Paaarnr-r, per he KumpII Glnrpr will please bp on board the reamer H rcu ea, at Whitehall, rn Satuiday ihe 16th ,| lehek, at whic i tin-e lli? ahip will pta, e<d to tea. All go a s consigned to my care will be forwarded free of :nmmi ?ion, and all gooda couugn-d to my agents Meaara. 8. Ik F P Whi'ury, N w O lone, and detuned for the interior,will i forwa-deo by 'he first convex ance. oil r atete- NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS-^ Nf9^V The apUn i'l, f at Mi in*, and favorite packet ahip BNElbOARRIl K. C'pt. Skiddy, wi l ant punctually on ['ueaday, ih = 2J h O tober, her 'egular day. The ehipa thia line are all 1000 tone hmthen and npwarda, dd thei aeronmodationa lor cabin, recond cabin aud alcpr >ge ivaaengcia. it it well known are anp nor to any o he lin-of >ack-ts. Persons wi hi g to aecu<e betthi should n d fail to nake early applicaiinu "n ho?rJ. f<>o? f Wa'lat., orto W. A J T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck elip. or ii Sonth at. cor. Jonra lane. Persons wiah'ng fo end for'heir fivnda to come ul hv thia vp< rior pa. ket, or any of tin rvyuiarline, can do so on favorait' terma. Thoae neair ma"' rem tling rboncy can be -applied ith drafts. payable on d. mand without diacount, in all ihe .riuci at i owna of Eng,and, Ireland, Scotland and Walaa, by iprlviug aaab ve. ol] adJ- FOR NEW ORLEANS? Kirat Tacker Ship, to I ?3|[^V aa I on the 17th O.U'ber?Tie ard, ndni *'sr rl.aa BMlfa coppered a d cop * r faatrnrd ahip METOKA. Cap in VleLurtO, will poaiuvely aail for the above port on tha 7ih inn. Thia eleeanf ahip offers a moat deairable mnveyarea for c?tin \econd cabin, and-teerage naaiengera. II r tn-iweeu di cka a lo'lv, and her bertna will b- fit'- d a,i in tin- moat comfortible ntnn-r. Thot at*,at toembaik lor the *b ive |?rt are re|U Man t" eiamina ih a ahip previoua ro their en-gaging e'seinr . Pa ??ge vri'l he at th. loweat mtea. Apply on board he -hip at pier 14, E K, or to JOHN HE' DMAN, ollec 61 Sou h street. P ESENTS. TIFFANY, YOUNG & ELLIS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS n the various Fancy Manufacture* of England, France, Germany, China, kc. LJAVE caeieed by lete arrie la, ? great variety of beautiful [1 n?v I in, which 'endr re ihrir atoak more elegint and nenaive han eerr uefore. Id it wil be found a anperior aaaort?eot of? ioe wood and Eboay Good* Cbineee Fancy Artielei ' ail an i fancy Stationery Fancy Porcelain and O'aaa yuilery Berlin Iron and Bronze O >oda Vrfumery F?neof all kinda Irnsheaand Comhi P-pier Mache k Velvet Oroda ndiau Corioaitiea 'Jiabrtlba, Pa<eeole k fhadea Wa'kia* Canea, Snapenderi, Gamer, Opei* Glaaaea, French Icwelry, Riding Whipa, Aceoidion-. Mneic Boira, Mantel Jruamenta, OilTafmitaga, " Bom,.'a" Uloeea, aud an iaunineable rarie'v of Ekgant ArtirUt nf Tait? and Utility, ' it'ble for nreaenta, all of which thev take plenue in ahow?*, and will aell at each moderate pricea aa maat be aatiafattoy to all pn.chaaera. ixo. U59 Broadway, nit 'mia*ee U redly ?ppnaife the City Hall. IITAtCMti, CLdCKSTTttWELlERV AND SILVER ?V VVaHE?The uuderaigned have a large aaaortment of Ine Watehee, of eeery dcacrii>tiou, from aome of the beat nannlactnreri in En ope, all warranted ft rat rate time teepera. _ A ap'eudid aaaortment of ftoe French Mantel Clocka; alao arranted fir*t tait lor time. . A lerite an l ralmble aaaortment of rich Diamond and other lewelry. .. . , i A'd Silver Wpe, a large aaaortment, all warranted of the Ineit ail?rr and heat of wo kmanrhin. i All of ? hich they ar- determined to ae II at pncea eery mnrh ednced from torm. r ratea . . .. i E, k 8. 8. ROCKWELL. * Aatcr Hnqae. , Watchea of every deacription carefully repaired and warcenl d. oHftt*ec Tl.E LONDON QUAKTF.KLY REVIEW, American i I edition, No. Ut. will Im pihliahed on Satin day, 15th I I COHTKRTi. ? . ,_ . I. Mr, Piirt Corretpond. nee with Charlea. Dnke of Rutland, ' Lord Lirnt, o< Ireland *. The Oreateaof AC d.y ln* j. Thf C"!tnr?i Collfc'ion#?Mn. Cilderwocd t Journey to London, in IT5C. fce. I. TennvaonV Po. ma 5. *t*.kl?"d on Hepnlchral Monumenfa ?. Life of Bluch.-r?Aliiaon on the Campaign of Waterloo 7. Policy of Sir Robert Kr. I. Price S3 i year. y JOSEPH MASON. P?b iaher, o'JII'ec Ml Broadway, up ataira. T?0 GROCERS? Engliah Table Salt in c*#a? of ait dmen 1 w. ? -it r-"-PVli..a a brooki oil t No. II Liberty atraet ???? ?? AUCTION SALKS tf7 I tlUMAn Ut.LL lltorri Af?.n/?>i enW lit fW(nilrr<tl _ , THCK-DAV. Fumttnr*? At 10*< o'clock. will be ioM theen'ir* fumimr* Contained in home No. M Oold itreet. gn? oc-npied u a ??ireel Botrriinc hone*. < oiuiin.tng uuntrou tiliciea ol *11 Ji* tcnplioni in the hoatekrping I in*. SATURDAY, LareeiaUof elegant Farmier*. ol *11 deecrtptione, ' I0X o'clock, in the wis wmi. ItnoirJi ttely after th- tale in ih* taction roomt, uy It clock, will he *olil ?l Nn 91 Fu'lon ?trr*t, th- fnrni'tirc S P?rlort, 3 btdn.'i- a, tnd kitchen u'rutiU, lnnl.oiur tnd in gondorder. The property of * family firing up hnuiekiep r?t MONDAY At 10X o'clock it ?0I Centre rtreet. Anignert Hale?By orJer of the wnymo. the toolttnd t ck contained in chop, ?t tboee, coaaiiting of I ohee, thran, ll'et, fixturei. Ac appertaining to the bj?rkemthiug hn iu? ??; alto the pitt* tin tor c t it mm and mortice lock*; ali i''Mtiug, titifitii.litrd; alto the locka, comprising rim, mortice aud front door iu complete order. ~~ BV~RIKLL fc A.RCUtAhWf WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, Oit. I13, It mil li. At lti)t o'clock, at the auction room. V -loahle L'biar- ? An eg cihirn prirat* lihmy of a dtattu* guithed d'Cra*-d ciltaen, embrinug alHml #000 ro'umea ol r*r* and erluihl* worki. comprtaiug Am net" Hiatory an I r<i|?<Erai |iy, Bii'i?h Hiito-y, gen-raT hirtory, rmrrV biography and litenture, early printed book", mortland political phi* lo.ophv, lexicographi and bih'ography, poelrv and th- drain i. ini, mr?, wnuui hm, rujn^ea, irnrci?, "ii'i Krnrrai rpo* K.apliy, miscellaneous il ml'?leu works, agricuTio e, mediciriH. Atnrtican psinph'ets, Ac?Comprising oue of the mo?t valuable libraries evei offer d at auction. ol r R. H. TIMP80^rAaciion??r. BY JACOB S. PLATT, Slort 31 Flatt, corner Qold etrtet. Hardware, Auction, General Agency and Commission business. N. B?R.H. Timp.on will aive h a particular attrntien to outdoor sales of Household Ku uitura, Groceries, Ac THUR9DAY7bc?. IJ. A' 10 of loch, it tin- a'orc 21 P'att at. Larva Sal. ol? Euglih Bri aunia Ware, Germsn hilvrr and Fira Ft udrri Ac, in casks " Joseph Wostcnholm'a*' b at Sheffield Britannia war-, iii nua'itx a d patterns escelled by none that hae ever coma to thfa countrv. The above waa -hipps d awl rona;fn d bv tho macu'scturc, and a sale ar auction ia ordrr-d per-mpt wily -nd without re aerra,'o clo?a tha aim-. The invoice consists 'I t? a and cotI a pota -nd urns, coffee aitaof ihr ue?< at fashion. Alao, 4 casta G-rman silver and B itith plate caudl aticfca, wi'ieu, toast racks, snuffer' and tray., Ac. Alao, UK) ii'.ta hnsa -nd wire fcidrra, wi hand without fa?t. Alao, at 12 o'clock, WO cases and low of guns, title., piatola. Ac. consisting ol single avd double bairi I inina. brown and mottled ham Is, re?l Londcn wiic twi.t and Damascus do, patent b each, tic.; do .porting h \ in fin- caaea. Alan. English belt and duelling pistol., smooth aud rifle bore; do in mahogany caaea, with apiiaralus cotmde r. Also, German and Fiench pocket |>ittole, Bowia knives, diik.,-words, rifles, Ac. N. B. In the abore invoice of Uuoa are many of celebrated makers, and of very fine qualities and worthy the particular attru'ion of country aa well as city dealers Catalogue. Hill be teady, and the goods cm be ca.miued early n the morning of sale, oJ2 2t* v. WAIID, Auctioneer. WINES. LIQl'OKS, PRESERVES, 9EOARS, fcc.?A. C. HU ..BERT A CO wid >ell this inorning at I0>J o'- I rl ck, in the sales rieim 119 Broadway, corner Liberty meet, Ot >td, Dupuv, and Champaign brandv, swan gin, pine apple Jamaica rum. imrt, cherry, madeira and clarei wines, in b ttlra and demijohns. Al.o, 30 ba.kris anisette cordial, 12 cases assorted fruit in syrup, 12 do in brandy, 1 cases mu. at wine, 6 do pint., 13 baskets clum|iaicn, imported without label, do do Fog and other favorite brands. Al.o, I bag Java coffee, 8- gara?Alao, La Norma, Principe, end Hivana irgars. oil ll*c L. F. HOUGH, Auctioneer. GENTF.F.L FURNITUME.-On Thi.rad.y, Oct. 13th, at II o'clock, at 37 Cimbv meet, all 'he Furniture contained in ih- ?oove hoaae, couaiati gof Carpets, Bureau., Solas aud Sofa Bedsteads, Frrnch m-lioganv and curled maple Ch.i'S, mar' le inp aud mahog-nv center, pier aud dining Tables, Cocks, Pictures. China. Earthen and Gla.e Ware. Cooking and Parlor Steves, Bed., Bedd nir and Bed?t-?d?, Ac. Also, a large as.oilmcnt ol* Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commeucr. bale |K>aitive, rain or shine. r.19 >. OIL I'AINTIMJS AT AUCTfON-A. LEVY wll .HI on 8 'turday evening, a' 7 o'rloct, at 151 Broadway,a vrrv chaic-, and irnnr huh'y valuable oil painli"gs. Ataongat them ar. many undoubted originate, and arc worthy the attention of all the loVrra of the fun* arta. Now ready for xtmination by catalogue. Tltia collection haijn t been received from Furope. olJ lt*c AUCTION NOTICE.?Monday, at I0X o'clock, at No. 2?l Centra afreet, will >? aoid by order of aasijtneea, the toola and atock contained in the ahopaa abore, ronsiatiug of lathra, heart. filer, futurea lie. appertaining to the lockamithing bitaineaa; alao the patterns foreaat rim and mortice locka, eaatinga itufiniahed, alao the loeka. contpriaing rim, mortice and front door, in complete order. o!2 3i*m THOMAS BELL. Anct. ^HOKJE dutch bulbous flower ROOTS.-A. LEVY wil aell on Thursday morning, IJlh instant, at half East 10 o'clm k, 131 Broadway., a lew ea-ea Du'ch eulbona loot .of fineat kin'a, now la-din' from tie barque Francia. roo. the be" Flo lata in Htrlem (Holland)?condition of doub'* aed sin<l- Hvacinttia, early and late Tulipa, doubt and ait g'e Jonquils, Narei s*a, Crocu , Crown I n(>eri i'?, Anemoni i, K niinciilu ,1 is, Kritularia Peouiaa, Ac. A'l.nfiue order. C itato, uea now -early m!2 t*m OELLINIt OK'- - ICIiAEL HtKSK. late ol trie nrm ol kJ lleeae A Hil'a.otfer* for aale at coat a large assortment of pen, pockri, and ntrk kuivea, sensors and re/.?ra, together with table cillery ol yrt ry deicnntion. Alao, Britannia ware, tea and cofft e aetli, tea and table apooni, accordiana, gold ringt. piua, chaina, ai rer aud gold levers, Ac., Ac. Thiaitock mual poaitirely be ac d on oi before the lai of November next. MICHAEL REESE.. ?77 lm rc 70 M-t'den Lane, U|i ataira. CARD?NIBLO'S OARDENS-Benefit of the French Be. nrvoleut Society.?Mr. MttLO having generously eiven the free nae of hia aaloon, the Committee of the French Benevt lent Society have the honor to announce to their countrymen and to the public generally, that on Saturday evening the lilh October, there w ill be a |g>rfo<mancr for ttie hen fitol the ?h ve ihtritable inatilu ion, on which ccaaion the lar-fami-il Rtvil Family will apneai in a Krencli vaudeville, Rope Dancing, and a favorite Paiitninine, having tendered their aervicea in the ami liberal in inner The Committee hive alao the pleaanre to announce th-l Messrs. Feuelon and Miaaemrr have offered lo perforin aoloa on the violin and cornet a piatou, and that their at rvicea hare been acc pied with gratitude. T eke la 30 cents taeh may br hid from any of the members of the committee, anil at the doora on Satuid >y evening. ol'J Jt?r 'TMGER BOWLIt.Q SALOON?SCO BROADWAY?The -I pronri.tors ol'lhe above aim-oince to ihe public t at iheir f.taolunment ia now cotrpleied, and will be opened thia evening tor the iece|rtioii of their frieiidt. At no iiiina nor rxpriiae haa been ?pa red in lie. fecting th ir alleys, their Btrlu no wiaa haa nern negiecteif ^ the bevt of choice ii juon have been aelected by a connoiaaieur, and coulideii -e ia leIt that no one will oe uisapi-ouireu in the article- ol relresnment. I lie experience and general character of ihe undersigned, whom th proprietors have selected to luniiuliiul chi ir saloon, it a sufficient guarantee that no aimilar establishment in thii or any o her city (Ma be a more desirable place Tor recreation than the Tiger 8.loon. o!3 I Wee C. O. CORLI8, Ma- ager. REWARD willb- paid for the teinru to No. IK Staye-sent place, d avenue, o<'a emxll br>wu blut, which at ayed on the ith nut, She iaonlv atx a' I iti-lien h ah hvs very delicate limtM, lone n-ils, ?nd crop .ed ears, y hairs about the noeeand lace The above reward will be p id for the Do*, or for such informatiou as may lead to h-r recuse ry f uetained or secreted. _ ol3J?ic_ T|R BRADSHAw hu removed to N >.16 Warren street. ^ cl3 lw^ r ail WA.NTEd TO PURCHASE?A country rrsidence within 25 miles ot .New York, one with from J to 20 Uwnla acres of land, near Long I-land Sound, prcf- rred. Address with lull paiticuUrs, bo* 7, Poet Office, Poughkeeiwie, N. V. 013 lei- r MA GENTEE Furnished H u?e wen'ed immedivtely to hire lor six mnn'ns Le'tert to be dirrcieil, no-1 |> id. to T T L>, Urpa r Post Office. olsJt'in BibAUOsN COURoE?TRUTT1NG. lVAOVDAY, October 17th?Purse $106?Two m le heals, for iv-a all trotting hor?es that oever won a purse over $100?to go as they please, in hcrnrss or saddle. TUESDAY. Oct. Iftli? ' urse $!C0?Mile heats, bcsl3ln3, harness?f ae (or all (rotting horsi a. Stake No. I?Mile bests, best 3 in S, under the eeddle?free for all trot line horses thst never won a purse orer $30. Subseripiion $Io, half forfei'. Stake No, 2?Same -a No. 1, in harneaa. Entries for the above stakea and purses to be made at RANDALL SMITH'H, 31 Park row. on Thursday evening by nine o'clock. Th-i a or more to mak> a race. ol04t*m rfK_C> tWKNTY DOLLARS kEWAHt)?LostTon YSD the Slh iuitant a white iioiun r dog wnh lire, colored It " P ta, hiaaa ar on hi back from Ravin* been scalded, lid au-wers to the name rf Rue. Any person having Icnmi him will -venire the above re ward, by leiurning him to N". 320 Thump*'-n at. n!3 ti* c "D1LIOU8 FEVER CUhED. wiih Miiteen of Beiuamm -D H su- reth's Pill. A medical gentleman waa railed in consulted >u in a case of Bi ions F< ver tlie pari- ut had been in a dnngenms condition lor several days, and although 'the most poweifnl kin la of medir ine had been adminn tared, no change ih the aeeretloiia was effected or any copiout r vscuatioti taken place. Hope had fled both with the patient and tne family phyairlm ; the father of h path nt was writteu 11 slsting the case of his son, and requesting him to t asteu his journey, if he wi.hed to see him on >nis side eternity. At the same rime the Diietor first alluded to was sent for in eonsul ati in. he informed the fsmilv physician that no hopea eonld b? entertaia'd unleaa nme derided aetiou waaeffrctr d ni*>n the bowels. To thia the fan.i'y doctor ohjectsd. fir thy raaaon lhat the patient w?a too Wrak then to ei du e the aetion of any medicine. But at he din not believe the p-tient could survive forty -night home, he wnold. if the family w re willing, leave the cs e in th? n mi. 01 inr connrra lityiicuo. lo ini-trie itniiiy -grern. Thia gentleman no aooner bad-he caae i?-hi? own l??n?N, ihau I h- went home and noon leal eiate n of B m unin Brindivth'i Pilla In a mortar, and divided them i-to f ur|anwde'a, which he look to the patient and ordered htm lo ?%!? one errrv four t nun. During the n>ght the pfcyaletaa wee wm for, Ike patient, after hiring taken two powdera and when marly lime to i t-ke ihe JJ, had aerrral eopioua er r? 'tio.a of h?rd fecal black hiliona ii,alter ; he w* i I'migT ?nd felt better after thia elfr cf, , yet hi? fri n,d? uere fearful of giring him -ny m re powden The | hyaieian however, told Up m there waa no danger, and ] that the powdere muat be adtniniafered Th- rnna-qurtica | aaa?, ti.ataftei the fn irlh powder, he waa ?> mn h be't. r lint , auotner lett> r waa written to the father of th-* young man telling him the dinger waa orar, and that there waa now ma ui r,?a- , aity lor hrnto trarrl one hundred and fifty milea. )u two day a from the lima-the firat four Bnudreth Pilla In powder were giran the na ient, he waa about, attending to hia ordinary bitaineaa. The phyaici -n aaaitied me thia day, that ha coohl icll me more au'piiaitig iaataaeeg of beneft' from my Pi"? than eren in thia caae. I aaked why he edminutered th? Pilla in powdera 7 Hia anawet waa that the family would not hare con entedtn hare had them adminielered ; that they were atrto glv prejudiced againtt them, hecaure they were an adrertiard media ine. I do not pub'iah thia caae hecauae it ia ntraordinary, for i II not. I can ref.rto at Itiat fire hundred in thia ritv of a tile rharicter. It li wa. however, the imnortanar of hiring ao truly valuable medicine by yon, that on the firat appt ann.ce of ickn-aa the Plila m r be uaed. Mn h trouble anxrty and IX en?e ia aared h thia nr-ctee RK.MKMBKK, BEMJAMIN BHANDRETIP* PILLS are what mu.t be enquired I fo , *1 there are t.o la aa than THREE Heijamina before tr.e public. A aonofDr. Baniamin Ruah once called upon me when I waa in Philadelphia, and told me he uaed my Pilla, and that hid hia father known of them, he WI uld haee pnbl clyreroinmended them; that he, himaeif, heliered them t be a pnM : benefit, aa hundreda of our moat enlightened CI plena K.NCMV THEM lobe. Ilia, tbeyelnie, mccaaary that all who ? n' < , menifin* which will Ho good, iqi( no inj?i?T, mn<( b* mn' ! ? obraiu Dr. B'm?min Brtrxlr* ih't Pi'la. w hifh are, not 1*1 nr?'f??' up<>o and n^cuUnon, bnt wtiot? aurhor it th* r?w"',c illllijg The P?^ -.?n..BflANDRKT? THE BRANDHKTH PILLS are .old at ;5 cenfa per Ip;r. at 741 Broadway, 274 Bowery, It7 Hndaali atr*?t. 1" r , iC'ribKc will do well to ba careful where . ia tha Bowery. Ram ember IT4 Bow enr 11" AMUSEMENTS. NIBLO'H UAHUKN. The Magni/icmt Panlomtmt >nll~j Iks THE NIOHT OWL, The WowUrful Ktvrl Family. THIS EVENING, the performance will commooce et etaht o'clock. with AN OVERTURE Af>?r which KERKKT POISON, to which the celr hratrd Let-lead Dwerfe will arpear. To be followed hy THE ITALIAN BRIGANDS. The character! h> the K.rel Family. AN OVERTURE. To ennclnde wiih(JVh rim. (the ....uro.rir. otO>.m-r Pantnwiaaa MAZULME, OR THE NIOHT OWL' Mosul me, the Nijht Owl, Mr Welk Cheralier Beneoo, K.imle. Oebrtel Ravel M.\clon, Anionic Raeel B.iUa-Hvm, Mone lltatem Mariana, ? poor Preeaot, M'mc Jerome ltarcl Julie, her daughter, Mile Doutreville Zult ma, a Slave, Miee Wella TVe Garl* u u|-cue el halt-past 1.1?Prrfo.e.Dc? eommaac hall-pasi irreu, i lCfcrT??fW rrnh ciiAl'HAjh IllB.A.1 KaJ P" UK ceu,?. Upper Tier li cento. Firel Tier JO tea. THIS EVENING f>n0her uth will te partaemei . l Bl , JACK SHEPPARD. Jack Shepjaid, Mn Thee? To be followed or THE l)AKKe.Y IN LIVERY. Oarrirk K-mi F.-irt ?l I'mnort, John Bam T? con lude wi'h THE COUhIEK OF 1ME OCEAN. m . Harrv Seaworthy, Mr Wood It 7" 0<Mir* win opeu at 7?Cnrtaiu willriee at qaarte! Oeiw O cicinc? precisely. Bm Oilier o.wn daily from * to J, where Tickets may b purchased and (ilacra arruird. P* ft l< TIUCATftS^ " MR. AND MKh UhOL'UHAM. THIS KVfc\|.\|t Ortnhrr I'uli will br performed u . . THE RIVALS. sij Lunui O Tn?fer, Mi b'ouiktia Lldu L uguuh, Mri ? Qua ban Afte' wh-eh, poppin'O THE QU ?TlON. Mr Primrose, Mr Plan I M ,B ffrn, Mr* W beetle y T-c euiie'nilr mill the OM 11bus. Pit R~>o"*y, Mr Br< I Mr* Onbha, Mia Barry Mauri D ebb*. | Julia Ledger, Ptiuhaiai First Tier 73 cents; 3d Tiar JO ceula; Pit I7H ecnu; Uallary l)i emu. Door* open at o'clock and the performance will con commence at 7 prrciaely. ~ AIITCI1KL*L.'S OXEMPlcTH*ATIl*. 444 Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING, Oct. U h. will be presented the AMILlEl Gene?*l Count Der Teimtr, Mr Raymond Joar Sneckhachrr. Mia* Taylor Otrraise Oieuadot, Mr Giaham | Amilie, Mra Tinea T11 ciircliiOr w th A lOVkR BV PROXY. Hsrrv L'wlraa. J M Field | Katr Bioudry, Mr* Moaaep CT7* Tin- Door* will b? opened at 7. soil the tierturioaixi commence at hal'-pa?t7, every evening. aMKKICAN mUbECm Mill* uardcij. BKOAHWAY, opim'it- St. Paul'* Church, uadei the na u*.count of P. T. Barnutn, INCREASED NOVELTIES. Two per orinanc a ?? ry .lav and eveuii e ihia week, comm ncing at 4 and 1% o'e'ock r. M. DR. VALENTINE, the delin ator "f American tn-cuiiarilkea, whima and od liriea, an j comic lecturer on men and uianatia, will ouen the coot* ale of hia wallet eou i-l ne ?.f ina y rar- doiug*, bits *crare, ahr-da, |.u. lie*, and ilircialon*, never before prcaeu'ea by him in New York. Dr. Valen.ine will introduce ia peru'iar comic and **17 lauehable Diaae't'tien 011 Stage Coach Trare'e?Mr*. Oabblttoncue?'Th* Napoleoo Debater*?Tne S-eamboat?A Foarth of July Oration Mr. NELL19, BORN WITHOUT ARMS, Who by hia untiring peraererance haa acquired the power of using hi* feet and toea, withaamncli facility aa other P*<T'# can uae their lituteri and hand*. For detail or all hia woaoenal, rriraordina'y and 1 leasing performance*. ?ee bill* of the day.? Th. tnaoagrr ha* also in accordance witli uuirersal deaire, 1* engaged Sorlinr Vivaldi'* GRAND MECHANICAL FIGURES. consisting of Eleven Automaton I*, rformera, which represent all the actions and movemrnta of human life with a fidelity per feclly incredible. Tliey have lately arrived from Europe, aad ar*- the admiration of all beholders. La Petite Celestr, the graceful and admired dans ruse; Mia Hood, the popular >ocsli t, and Mr. Collins, the celebrated ee mic singer are engavrd? Model of Switzeilaud?Prater*! Bridge ru Virginia?Albino L'dr?Fancy Glaaa Blowing? in- My*terieu* Gitwv Girl?Balloon Aacenaiona?a l>em o4 1, ?ina Snake*?jOO.OOO Cnri aities. The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Garden and unlet tainmeuls. twrntvdiie cents?Children half price. 09 powerful Attractions; ext haGK^INAMY NOVELTIES!! UNPRECEDENTED AMUSEMENTS!!! AND ASTONIpHINOEN a r.m 19:;;: BKW YORK nVREVIII AND PICTUKH GALLERY, Broadway, oppotite the Park. Chtngt of Performance. Mr H. BENNETT Manager, ANNOUNCES wirh much p]e*iure. tha' he haa effected an engagement with Sianor Blitz, the wotiueiful magician end ren.ritoo'iitt, wl?> it allowed to be withool a rival ip both hemitpfirua. Hn feat of dancing ail dinner plate., ta inilv mi acnl lit. The manager hat alto aeeurrd the aettieaa of Mr Jenkins, the inimitable deliuiator of comic end eccentric characters, and higlilv popular tinker. Mr. Delarna wiH ni>e hit imitations of Booth, Forest, Hamhlin, Itc. Mi.t Ho talie. the < banning eocalial, will apirear. F itrcv (lama blowing. Performance commences erery etenina in the lecture room at iiast 7. A day |>erformance ou Wednesday and tta'arday at 3 Esrensite prepiratioiu a r being m tde on the occasion of the Crotoi, C;lebrttion. Repealed performaucea in the lecture room duringihe day. ?Nr AMERICAN THKATR.K?WAla*UT-iT; PHIIa.VDKL.PsIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C CUSHMAW. MRS. MAEDER'S BENEFIT. On which or cat in ii Mr. Vaudcuhnff nut] Mr. Meium will tpptif THURSDAY R VV.< 1 >~u77lr?. iTh, will be tue e4, ulCHABD HI. _ . Richard, Mr V?ii?lt-ith<?ff | Qurm, MittC Coshtnao Afitr w %' h. SIXTEtaN STHI^OJACK. ICid Chttrtn, Mr ? ton | AdrUith*, Mn Made* FRIDAY?Fifth Piichi of Mi VfHlonhnff. Mi. FORAUST will appear on Mn*d*v. R. A. MARSHALL. Lewt. POSTPONED. MRS. SUTTON'S CONCERT, Till Tuesday, the 18th Instant. Olt 2tr TIVOLI SALOON. 'T'HE LARGEST and moataplen II' Saloon in the citv for . Muaical Aihsri, Concerta Aaae nbliaa, Miliu-y Balls, Private nd Public Duin r Pirt.ea, otitic it M-.t.ngi?wi hout .liirtnction of |wrty. T Pr >,.iv lor, ever ansiout to gain to bltnaelf at|.f hi. eatakli.lirafeeiif > I .1. > ?/ grra profit) hu lea.'d from the owner on ?uch itrnu aa wili enable him to compete wi'h any oihai e?Ub iehmen', and hall be m-at hiopi to make ar-an-iemene (in accordance wiih tha timea) with all whomiy fetor him with a call ; and aaeurwe them thit no I*11111 or eipenie Will be epved to gite entire aatu'actiun. _ _ . WM P. DENM AN, Proprietor. P. 8. Tueaday ereningt ol each week i. act ajiarc to li.rile. "?n a 111. ng |ni*r QHAND VOCAL CONrfc.nT._The RAINERS I ate th honor ro announce to th- ir friende and the j nhlic, that 'hry will viye thrir fifth Uraiid V? al Concert on Wrdiiraday evening, Oct IS'h. at t r 8. cieiy Lib erv at lock, and alaoih. ir aitili Conceit on Friday evening, Oct. 14, at the aanae place and hoar Tiekeia JO l eu'a, to he h-d at iha nanal plaeca and at the door. Fo rartii nl?r? aee ?mall b.lla. olMt'rc A RICH i'ONLD KluHT SILVER KEYED FLUTE. CECOXD HASD?a nr# aud ap.tudid inatniment, will b* ? a.,ld Cheap Apply to T. MONZANI. o7 I m' m M Thompaon atraet. FIFTEENTH ANNUA I FAIR OK THK AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF THE CITY OF nEW YOhK, ip w n?en it Nihlo'a O>rden THIS DAY, Oct. 12, a PLOUGHING MAH H is to take place, inclndi g th- feting of I'l ughi, a Kant New Yolk, tier note* from Sou h Brooklyn Ferry Plongl-a. plenahmen a 'I officrra of the InalilU'e will he transported free of expellee. A tram of can for the accomiaodat on of the public will leaen the Ferrv ai IX o'c'ock P M. A diaplay of Fire Worka from Ntbl"'. Oirdeo n the arming. THURSDAY, Oct It?4 oneenrjon of the friaada of home induairy at the New York Lyceum of Natural History, oppo* aite Niblo'a, at II o'clock A. M. On or brfore v; ON DAY, 17th mat., all antricaof CATTLE mint be made, with pediyreea. foil deecriptiona, fee. at the He roa tory in the Park, or at Niblo'a, in order to complete the ca "tCnEXT DAY, Oct. It?Nautical Eihibirinn at C?a?le Orrden. Pe-eone wiahing to (mer boata will addrem the Nantic. ' C-mmit'ee. WEDNESDAY. Oct. I?-The CATTLE muat be on Die ground, hrtwerii 13th -ml Nth atreeia, on thia day attr. M ? TWev will a'an he eaimiaed h> the Judgea thia day THURSDAY. Oct 2 ?On the laat day of Cattle eslumANVIVERSARY ADDRESS ?t the Tabernacle, at X o'clock P. hi by the Hon H. O. O. Colby.of Mew Bedford. M??. kmiday, Oct. 21-SALE OF cattle, at It o'clock A. M oltttr PRTn-'FToUITAK and SiNOINO, Tank* on term* " to aiiit the timea.??Mnna. and M idama OURAUD, from Paria. harms had ten yaara -uccoaliil eiperience in Loudon, in lamiltei ol the firat reape lability, frel pleaaure inoffe tog the.r atrnreaaa Pn?a?e 1'nfora, or id leaaona in French, On i tar an I Singing, and fael eonliilent ih t they cannot lail to glen iitiafaction to any who may faror ihem with their petionage. B ?t ol reference giv. n. 72, comer of Henry and Pineapple itrrete, Brooklyn. ol2 Jt?r . . ,?L-un-.x??- .,.,-^vai?_ r?t ii-'7 MTMiruuii ?/UiL xrwrn,?isiacnarfeo iiob V ' ship Nmtli America, foot ol Brrhnwi, carta of LivarIiool foal for family w. all lowered into the hold, for aua la lota to suit pnichaser* at the shore low price Cartas# sitf*. Apply to WILLIAMS h FKROUloN, ull 3 u* ? Oak and lei Aulhony street SEOHP ROTECTOKS. THAVELLERB AND HOUBEKF.KFICKS.?Fatrat A Belf-Cockinu HepeMinc ristnls, which can ba mscha'jed in time* in a f.w rrcondr. The pistol rocks, the barrel re lotrra, and dueharyee merely by pialliiia the tr.ner; the ehaaa bn and narrei it la one piece, and Iherefoie cannot mow <nrt like aoma repeating ptatola. The construction is rery inn Pie? liiey ran be drawn from the poefcet and need wiuiou- n?nd without the lose of a moment: an ihnta ran be fired a* fast a a a man can crook his Annat. Ihey are no larger u>aa air iodine ryi.ockat piati. i. _ ror Iratcllers, housekeeper*, captains, plan'rrs, r"*"* Cars, end others, they are an indispensable a-ticl?, ja both male aod female, can with this pmol, protect tneir lires ami uropetly, if attacked by many persons, as ooe ot '"* " equal to near a do am of the cooi.ioj nod. . . 1'he public are invited 10 call and eaamme the anma, na tn ir simnlirity, beii<( warranted not to get oy Of '.ff m{f^T perfect aaisty, will certainly recommend them over all oanere Wholesale and retail. fJ fOLES lt4 Bromrwae ali Imte'r ' he'^wcew w^ll and Pinssirwata Ihlsamu.i pulton. and It* Ann street, whsr* a max Earnix I' JU'i t.iblrw?eilher Blair, Marble, Iron. uuh!!r?nv with In li i Hubher, Cloth or Composition Cosh pr M^?mL2tion w "* sll the Jats European improvement. VUimm*' Wa.hiiuttl.nian, m other w~ as mav 'ml their 'snrv a* Imis'ec S T R A B I S M U S . COMMONLY CALLED SQINTING. CI.'HKII in few s-condahy Ournn's celebrated pian, whith ii i ; . from pun or daugi-r. r ir 1, ' i- iied bi any of the op-rations p-aetlsed here or n Euro, r. DR. WHEELER. Oeuist, 33 Orren ? rh BCr*?rt, NtW jorm. B. H?irri U0?? ctn b? glVcO Id 361 p.U?0U. Office troqi t A M to i P. M. ?i< lm?> r 7'utt iTUITEyE'TE.MALK PILUe. rHEClr far-lame I and eel. bretedPiil., from fortn?*i, am I