Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1842 Page 4
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MEDICINES. PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE ANI) PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK TJAVE prewired a number of 44 Priratu Medicine Wheals.' euch containing >ui aju ropriate quantity of the new preuiL Medicine* for the cure of a t**culiar claaa of di?raaca w h in have unfortuuitely in too many instances fallen under the tiro meut of ignorant quack*, iu Co.iarquencr of the < itrr mudHic cy which paticuu thu> ? flict?*d euiibit iu apph >ug for m^dica advice from icajM'ctihle physician*. Iu the mode now ? ? plained, however,#!!- and *-tfectual lfafin?'iit will he gaiurd b\ such patiiuta without the uecesaity of iri.iUtug aisv disclosure o' their ca-?r. The " Medicine Chdit couuiu* auch aquacitity o appropriate medicine is is fcrna ran teed to fit ct a purled c"re. and amide direct! ma in a plain and familiar sly?e accompany aach chest. The remedies are applicable to all h.nns of the diastase. The Chests, containing renieJie* lor syphilitic disc tats are sold for $6 eucn?the cheats with remedies for *oaorrhous> and gleet *3 each, may oow be had of the Principal Agent ol die c jlle*e" \V 9. RICHARDSON, A*ent. Princi|>.?l Office ofllie Colleur?7 Nui? street. N. B.-Cwi lurwauli J to Ul |>&ru of tl.e Union, the CauaUai ami Weil luJies. , , .. . _ Persons , i .fusing ihel hest? ran,by adilressiriK the Collate, 5tMuii.ii.Ij oeuiu whatarer additional advice lh?y may desire urine i he progress of their esse. in us* DR. VVHKELEK, UUULIST. INfLAVKD. DISEASED A.VD WEAK EYES?DR. I YVlieltiLfelil. Oculist, ii Green wieh street, N. Y. retiwciAiil^ informs the public, that iu coutt |ueuce ol hit practice having become enlarged to to great a * evt?-nt, he it eotnpelleu "* ajmfipp iiu office attendance ttrictlv btiween tin* hours . . ^ .?,?ua i r. M., Alter wticu a* visits qj out door pa . ug tnai imom tnr manv hundreds of ciim >rr . n?i* atfeudeu, viauv nave oeeu operated du bjr . j ?..<.wiuiuui mccru, aim pronouuccti toy them in % *. ?*i or. w. hi* utvt*r taueU to eradicate the disease ?*n>J?Ci a perlect curt, Uraptt* every disadvantage winch ? M?c prcseuted itatll, nud in uiany instances almost against * ^ . ->.? i?ti? unprecedented success iu hit treatment of the . -.iherto considered incurable) diseases of Uie eye that with confidence ro refer the afflicted who in ay be . ..w*mted with him, aud hit mild mode of treating the dis. . ihit organ?to numerous restored lutienU iu the first ?ociuty, respecting his professional abilities aud skill at _ c.euti tie oculist. '"hronic iulUmmatiou of the eyelid, or tore eyes, howevei !.mg standing, can be effectually and permanently cured, and tilmi, specks, removed without surgical operations. Terms to tuit the circumstance* ol the oatieuf oS tini?*r IMPROVEMENT IN DENTlSTRA\ ~ A LL uew systems have to undergo the ordeal of public tciutiny, and happy should we be if they c one out, in the proportion of oua-leulfi to the whole, stamina with the teal of approbation. The new feature in the science of Dentistry was discovered bv Di J. K. Cauidwell, of Virginia, and is successfully practiced bv Geo. W. Huniidirevt, his pupil, who hat taken rooms at 231 Broadway, nertdoor the Ameiican Hotel, where lie will be happy to give practical demonstrations of his skill in this novel and rain-sat ing process of extracting teeth, which has caused persons of nervous temperament to bear the torments of toothache, dreading the j.iw-brenki'-K system, so long in vogue. All dental opra'ions perfo nied by liirn ire warranted. Teeth interred with such ptrftcinese, as to deceive the most scrutinizing, of their falsity. i -r-in piu^^ra, cifltnea, xnc niiea, on me most *pproveu f>fan, having spent mmy yrara in acquning ?i thorough knowrdr of the ;irt, togelht r with aneilensive prart.ce in the Southern States, ke offers his services to the public with coulidenes. May be consulted at all hours of the day. ^ o2 Im in*?i PUT MONEY IN THYPURSE. HOW i Patronise the City Cash Tailoring felsUbliahmeut, H). ii .-adw iv. The ruiuous ntes which have been charged for fashionable Clothing, ha* led the subscriber to adopt the cheap c*sn system, and he now njf?r* to fit out gentlemen with the tinest Cloths, tnade up with neatness, taste, and despatch, at the very lowest remunerating prices. Having made arrangements for tne finest kLugit?H Cloths, Cashmeres and Vesting* from first hands, he 11 i(ford t^iem low. The most experienced cutters are en a red and he pledges himself to give entire satisfaction. stringers visiting the city can have a full suit made up at short notice. Kail and Winter Clothing ready made of every variety, quality and style, of the litest fasluoru and warranted to fit.?Strangers wiil do well to call before purchasing elsewhere. 128 lrnis*r KPWAKD FOX NEW STORE. COl THOU V Si N'EVI4 IIS respectfully invite their friends ami thr public generally, to c II at Li 11 tiroadway, and examini' their auorknent of LAMPS, CANDELABRA, GIRANDOLES, *tr. Silver, Plated atul Britannia I Pure, Table Cutlery, tnul House-Furnishing Gooelg, of eeerv descri"tion. which ihev have lust <y>ened, aud now ofler on snip at pri e? that cannot fail to aatisfy purchasers. Enjoying superior advantages in th?- selection a> d manuficr?r ol their Lrmiis, Girandoles, Candelabra, Sic., C. St N. are enabled to offer tin in in great variety of tat ern and finish suitable fur churches, hotels, stores, dwellings and steam or sailing packets. These last are a new and most desirable article, w ell wor hy the attention of owners and shipmasters. Attention i. particularly invited to the Solar Lamp,so ju?tly celebrated lor its superior brilliiiicy and economy. This Lamp, as tested^ by accurate experiments, affords twice the light of au Astra', while it burns lor au equal number of hoars at half the expense. COUTHOUY A NKVER8 will keep constantly on hand a complete assortment of the articles above enumerated, and hope by their endeavors to meet the tastes and wishes of the punlic, to merit a favorable shire of the patronage which is now i licited for their I'itsbluhini-nt. ol 1 1 wisfc3wos*rc TERRAPIN LUNCH. UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM f'OUHMONDE' Ql'l VIVE I THOUSANDS vJ of our good cits, lovers of good fare, have been lor ?omc weeks i><ul suffering severe disspi>oiiitraeiir from the closing of the far-limed "Terrapin Lunch." The "fitful fev?r. is now, however, over, and again may they "feed well," (or be it kiitwu that the John Adams, of Knickerbocker memory, "hangs his hat" un at the Terrapin ; also the oronrietor. one ofthe fiiie?t little fellows in Christendom, y'clept W J Carr. Now, then, smack your lips cormorants iu the T.irtle Soup aud steak line , the mantle of 'Sandy,' has fallen U|s>n Joiiu, to perfection, in go??il eatin/ and drink.jig may he a^ain rnar\nt?? d at tlie Terrapin. A fin;!? look info the old "Ice Box," will apjv *** the hunger of him with the short imrse, and a lisle of the genuine at half the old prices w ill tickle the palate ofthe veriest anchorite. fine (Jtctu Turtle served up this day, and even* day during theseaaon. oP. !m*in DR. MORRISON. NORTH river DISI'KNSAUY 200* t-utron ?<?? . u.u Greenwich.?Dr. Morrison, Member <?t the Royal College t>f Surgeons, L- ij^od, and formerly Sur_. on in the British Na vy, continues to he consulted dally on ell il.sriuii < 1a delicate nature, and ill those distressing symptoms consequent on injudicious treatment, and the imprudent use c Iqnaci medicines. Or. .M. h.u had mi eiperieare of twenty two yean i> treating delicate dueaar* in all their various sou' implicated turn., aiin nses . mild, sale anil infallible substitute I. rinercury, nadir itun. the tenereal \ irus with certainty, without subjecting the patient to my risk or resti icriug bun iu! isusimI diets or pursuits wuile bis medicines are agreeable intasteaiid smell, reriii ue nt 'bitruclion. in the urethra, such as strictures and enI wgnneiitof the prostrate gland, acC< inpanted with much irritation *ud dull par ts, are some of the consequence, of uial-treatment. Dr. A,. tieitsstric'nrcs in a scientific manner, promoting abscif no of tlie thickeutd etrcnlar membrane without any pain. CONSTITUTIONAL, UEBILITV.-Thouaandsof yianuf mm arr suffering from to conscqueiues of iuduliteuce in * secret destructive Habit, nil whose neives are farther injured from the use of u jstrains.rvt d preteaded specifics, which stimulate only to induce greater depression. Dr. M. treats such case* on purely pathological pnuciplrt, and neiei^dils in establishing cure?the strictest houor and cgnfideiice is olwervcd. Letters |K>st paid. And coutaiuiuga suitable fee, will ensnre the correspondent full advice, and midiciiir to any part of the Unsou, by his giriux a lostory of his case iu detail. 20IX Fulon street near Greenwich. olj lm*r "GKNTLEMENS LEFT OFF WAKDKOBE. GENTLEMEN or Families laying aside articles ol wearing apparel, and wishing to dispose of the same for cash, can obtain from the subscriber 20 per cent more than from any other person T? ladie, and gentlemen about leaving the city being encumb d h th a superfluous wardrob., will find it inucn to their advantage to send for the stibscrilier, who will attend them at their resiJencc by apiKiintment. A line addressed to H. LEVETT, IBOX 107 LOWER POHT OFFICE, will b. lainetaallv attended to. ?I2 lei'r NEW G00DS7 THE tu-dersigned solids attention to a large assortment of Goods for i*l I and winter, including braver clotna for sorlouta, eaastmeres in a great variety of styles forpan tal ><>ns. Rich silk, satin, and merino vesting!, which will be made up to ord.i at usual mnd.rat. charges, for ready money. Ready made surlouta,cloaks, Ac., constantly on hand. WM. T. JENNINGS, Draper and Tailor, sU lmu"m 220 Broadway, Ameriean Hotel. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, lot* 129 Chatham lUreetL New York. WHOLESALE and retail. 'T'HE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for L talc iirw iml Ingram Tsas of every variety anil style.? Their astorlmvig specially includus the most delicious and powerful grades of Oreeu and Black, Every |>ackage bears the atainft of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are so IhoM^tiily secured from light and air that their <jn.?l11y- and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system of prosecuting business is perhaps scarcely to be excellrd. It is founded upon the utmost regard to the rignta of the custcmar. cspsicially with respect to weight and .iiiality, and unrivalled c''eai??rai. All purchasers sre called U|x>n to return any articles which fail to give them the fullest sstislaction. when tie in asi will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country meacl'ancs, public establishments, head i of lamilies, and shipwaste is will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from Has estshlishm-nt. I otter roasted every day. Outers from all parts of the Uniteu flutes executed with promptitude and despatch. (C7" The only warehouse in America for the sale sf Monona's celebrated Black Tea. sjn Im* r FA NO FORTES TO HIKE.?O. OODONE. 40JH Broadway, between Walkarand Lispenanl streeu, keeps a lame assortment of Piano Forte* to hire, f rom three to eight dollars per mouth. Aim, Foreign Viatic of the latest Operas of Italy. Big. A. Bagioli's method of tinging. Solfeggi's for oae an two voices. Roman Strings lor Harps, Violins, OuiLan, fcc. All kinds of Musical Instruments repaired. tl4eodlm*r MILLINERY GOODS?" OARL The well known and relebrnt- d .Millinery X Rtrmw Hat MuuiCtc nr* r to her Majesty the i"j*tn ?' MUland, reiiwcttull} t>? leave to Anuouuce to tlie ladie*. that be haa on naud a most stdandid variety ot rich, plain and 1 arletou ambre Safin* and VELVET HATSf of various colors, and the latest aud most admired Parisian fashious, such as ha?e never heretofore beet* exhibited at any similar establishment in the city. THE STRAW DEPARTMENT " t<m49cu4' mllliwhertutpar^:v"en'rt,0b,"dlh* is under the aupervition of the most ingenious American and Paiiaian young Indies. Mr. KING if determined to keep up hi. reputation for Uste and fashion in hit department, aud wilt sell the best and most fashisoable work lower than iny hause in the citv. A call from hit friends will convince them of this tact. Y 1 m N. B ? Hia Paris Ribbons. Taft or Velvet and Flowers, are of the latest French style, and can be purchased at either of his establishments, at wholesale or retail. M Canal street, near Broadway, ol# lmr and 17 Division street. 6TJkoic?l and dental Instruments. noT5 C fiold St.?Druggists and country me chants will Hud it to their luverest to call at the above number before purchasirg alsewhei., where they Will Aud a complete aasoitmentof all articles in lb* bovt line. N. B.? A libeial disc uut made for cash o?lm?ec tvm r. GOT LDINO. j-fAYDEN'B STEEL <dUILLS?The subscribers navefor . * J ' r',,n " tccen'ly imtnoved modifies! ions of these excellent and i opuiar reus. I he Re oy Writer" is unan monsly rufed the Ring of Pens ?combining eminently fleub'lity ami per a euce. 1 he Dickens" is considered the oest pen fcr the price in the mvket. The " Union" cannot fail to suit every body, affording at 1,1 ff?- rent vane net of Pens. Die New York" every merchant will have in his counting room who has tried them. Together with the famous Double Patent and Combination Barrel Pans, with many others, for sale by the agents "II Jm're J. k P. HAYdES. J Putt tt. FURNITURE^ GEORGE W. DAWSON* I f 'hoittcdi and Retail Furniture and General Farnuhing IVarthoaee, No. 67 Chatham itreet, corner of Ihtmne etreet, Ntu> York. I y HKKK he ki-riw for sale a large assortment of tbo follow?' nig articles, vis.: Siduboards. Bureaus, Bedsteads, ( ots, f iblcs, I liairs, Office and Portable Di-itu, Glean Casts, Book .art, Looking Glasses, Diiiiug, Centre. Tea and Pier Table*, nuoa, S tvs, Sou Bedsteads .Beds, B, ddina, Paleastcrs.Mat rets**, (;?i(. u. Hit Cloth, Malting and kite Iran*. Wash 'lauds, Toilet Table*, Camlie Bursitis, Bureau Bedsteads revving Bureaus, hale*. Sic. Also, a Urge assortment of mm and women's Wearing Al> Miel, Dew and itcoud h-uiiird All the above article* are offered to the public at very ' iw price*. Persons in want of said articles would lino it to i mr adv ,uuage u> make au early call at the above establishment. Silii IHUg orders punctually attended to and packed co the I airiest notice, aud on reasouable terms. Mattresses, Bedding. I ir>r limn* out vessels, constantly on baud. '..I orders to the above establishment will be penctually ati jed to and thankfully received. V. rC?The highest prices will be given for Second Hand urnilure, and Gentlemen's and Ladies'cast off Clothing, itt *in* v jqUSE KUKN18H1NG WARKHOllSt.?WOHAMHi J " HAlHiHWOUT, Vil Broadway, Manufaciurtni, Agent* mil CotniniMiuu Merchauta, ha^e juat received and are bow | m>?* 111 iitc a uew anu splendid assortment ol Me lolloping articles, viz SiHercd, Gilt auU Bronze Gat Chaudaliers, 6 to 20 lights. Do Candle do 4 to 24 M Do Candle Brackets, 1 to 5 44 Do Gas Brackets, t ?5 ? M Do Oa* iviautci Lights, I to I Do oirta?i?M, ; t4 ^ M tUJ?Ulrh!M. *OI I' 11 iYsu&i Lamps, Hall i amps and Lint*ins, Reading Limps, !ar. new article of Solar Lamp, a Tcry superior article. Also, a new article ol' Dc fleeter lor improving the light of th* old pattern of Astral Lamp. Auo, a new style of Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Togethci with every variety of Lamps aud Chandeliers, for aud public buildings* 1'lat vi? Wabk. Baskets, Castors, Trays, Toast Racks, Candlesticks, Napkin Kings, flutter Tubs. butter and Fruit Knives, Buuffeis aud Triys, Coffee and Tea Urns, &c. Fine Table Cutlery, in setts aud dozens; Japanned Tea Trays, m great ranty of patu-ru* aud forms; line cut glass Bowls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Dishes, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, fiti-. fee. W. & 1}. beg respectfully to inform their frieuds, customers, and the public generally, that their arrangements with the inatin factor raare such that they can sell all articles in their line atremaiKably low prices; and respectfully invite them to call and see their show rooms, which alone is sufficient to compensate for the trouble. s223ni*r CROCKERY CHEAP FOR CASH.?F. C. TANNER wonid respectfully inform his old customers aud the trade generally thift he has commenced the above mentioned business i !-.? . is?t principle, and has now on hand, at his store, 197 Water st, opposite the United States (formerly- Holt's) Hotel, a complete aud extensive assortment of Crockery , Stoneware. ( locks, Cvt uhi Plain Glass, Looking Glsssss, Girandoles, hSll and Astral Lmn^s, German fancy goods, lie* te?? most of which were purchased before tue rise occasioned by the late tariff, very cheap lor cash. All country merchants and buyers are requested to cnll and purchase at from 10 to 15 per cent less than the prices they have usually paid, or can buy at the present lime in the city. ?17 lin*r F. C. TANNER. MISCELLANEOUS. HOUSE OF REFRESHMENT. No. u ANN BTSZET. mHE Proprietor of this establishment continues, as hereto' tor* , to supply hi. customers w ith the delicacies of the season, served up lu the best inanuer. The quality of the tllMi, and ids very moderate charges, are evident from tiie flattering patronage which the public are pleased daily to award him. 111. cffoilt .hall be, as lliey have Heretofore been, to merit its continuance, and to secure to his house that reputation for ex celleuce and accommodation which it has lor so long a time iniiiiuuieu. A> me proprietor is 110 lunger connerieu wim any other establishment, he will pay his sole uutl uudivinetl attention to the best interests of thu house, and spare no pains for the maintenance ol'its well-earned reputation. sit lm*r MA( i N OL1 A~LUNCH. CORNER BROADWAY fk CHAMBERS STREET? The Proprietors of this well kuowurestaurat desire to inform their friends aud the public generally, that the season lor shell lish having commenced, they have made arrangements Torn constant supply of the finest the market affords?Mill Pond, Shrewsbury and all kinds, which they will serve up in every style, and at a moment's notice. Steaks and every delicacy ol the season may always be found here in every style desired by the lovers of good things. Supper parties euterUiued, and Meals served up at all hours. Gentlemen dining down town will find this a desirable resort being n illnii two minutes wall, of the City Hill. The proprietors return their llianki for the liberal patronage bestowed, and hope by attention to business they will merit a share of custom. C1I1CKEK1NG be CARLISLE. s 23 liu*f FENCING SALOON AND SHOOTING GALLERY. KMEES, 413 Broadway, entrance in Lispcnard street. second door, lately froui Europe, Professor of the art of Fencing, gives instructions iu Fencing ; also in the nse of the straight, crooked, and Turkish sword, hunting knife, musket and bayonet, stall, and every species of weapons. Gentlemen, lovers of this art, military officers of the army, navy, See. are respectfully invited to call and witness an exhibition of his skill in this useful and important art. A spacious douMe Shooting Gallery, illuminated in the evtning, will also be found with superior Swiss pistols?shoot nig at a distance of 210 yards. stfl 3m*r URENOH LAiNOl/AOE.?The veiy flattering encouragea m int thns far bestowed upon Professor Monls in the increase of his pupil ;, consequent upon the proficiency they have attained in a short lime under his tuition, has induced him to lovrsr his terms from $12 to $10 per quarter ; thus placing the opportunity of obtaining a thorough knowledge wf the French Language within the means ef any lady or gentleman wishing to acquire a lauguage iudi?]>ensable to a good education. Hi* system is generally approved by the many ladies and gentlemen of rraia-cnihility, to whom lie has bad the honor of instructing ? Three Classes arc already formed, and those persons who may desire to unite Willi them, should do so at this favorable moment. 1'iofessor Mools' rooms aie at No. 373 Broadway. 18 lin*rc MA.NuL.KS'. MANULK9 '.'.?Prices reduced?Important toHotel and Boardiu| house Keejiers ami Kan ilirs.?DUNCAN 6i WEST respectfully inform the public, ihat they have on hand and are manufacturing their patent mangles, which, for utility aud durability are not to be surpassed. It is a tanorsaviug machine, as it entirely supercedes the use of ironing, and rapidly put* a |lost on sheets, table cloths, kc. Stc., w ithout I the aid ot fuel. They may be seen in operation at the United States ilotel and at Banker's Mansion House aud nearly all the hotels in the city. They are sold at No. 4 Little Green street, near Liberty street, N. V , where Messrs. D. & W. do bellhanging, lock sniKliiug audull kind of irou work, che.a|ier than can lit done elsewhere. N. IS.?Kitchen Urates made front 10 cent* to 1*. per lb. il>-lm *re (TEAD~T HFTADV'KHTISEMK \ TS.-C<>nntrv merchants and all other commencing business, and who wish to ob'ain a handsome an" durable sign, made of the best material, will please call on UKO. W. FOHDHAM, 61 Wall street, comer of Pearl. House Fainting, draining, Sic. well executed. N. B.?Price low. *72 lm*r VICTORINE he CO.?Will commence business at their establishment, No. j<)6 Broadway, upstairs.?Mad'lle VICTOH1NE, Whose name has become so popular from it* frequent mentiou in the Parisian Journals of Fashion, and whose house at Paris was the rendezvous of the fashionable woild, has the honor to announce to the ladies of New York, that she will on Tuesday next, the 20th of September, open her establishment for the sale of French Fashions, consisting of Cloaks, Shawls, Mautclettes, Aprons, Had, Caps, Head Dresses, and Fancy Parisian Articles. The correspondents of Mad'lle Victorine will keep her constantly supplied with the very latest Fashions. Two skilful French workwomen are always iu attendance. ?17 lm*r rp<J PHYSICIANS, OH MEDICAL STUDENTS.? J. Wanted either a Physician or Student who may- have nearly completed his studies, and contemplates graduating at the approaching term of medical lectures in this city?to take an interest in an old and weU established medical office, the business and income (being a easli business) of which is second to no other iu the city, or perhaps in the United Stales. Any gentleman whs may desire to treat with the advertiser on the sub ject of this notice, will please apply at 12 Peck Slip sl6 r POCKET KNIVES A TIM Broadway, between John street and Howards' Hotel, -fa- 130 diizpon, dirk and pocket knives, retailing at prices to nit Uie times. Also, a large assortment of Scitsort, Razors: Champaigue Cutters, Dental and Surgical Instruments, and every otbararticle usually kept by cutlers. All kinds of cut lery made to order and repaired. Steel articles polished in the highest perfection of the art. *20 m'c J. D. CHEVALIER, 182 Broadway. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS, T'SPEflALLY' those now in the city, are respect/Lilly rsJ-* minded that they can procure new, powerful and highly flavored Teas of every description, on very advantageous terms, in packages suitable for private use, or for their regular customers, at the Ganton Tea Com) any'* Depot, *2 lin'r ^ No. 12l Chatham st. New York. GLASS CUTTING ESTABLISHMENT.?J. Stoutene!*. glass cutter, No. 29 Gold street, constantly on hand and of fer to supply all dealers and others, at the lowest prices in this city, and warranted the best of any other manufactory?such a* canters, lam biers,ehainp?ign, is ine glases,dishes, goblets, bowls, celeries, glass,far. Sic. Uonus sent to any part of the country by any qmtriy free of iwckages and cartage, all articles match to |?ttern. Retail store No. 15 John street, near Nassau at, slO lni'r 1 "\AILY EXPRESS LINKS KOR ALBANY, UTICA, l' BUKHALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The subscribers having been engaged for llir last twelve months running the Albany ami Buffalo Express, in connection witn llari,den k Co.'a New York and Albany Line, hare recently eitended their Kiprras Line from Buffalo to Albany, through to this city on their own account, will receive and forward DaiLT, (Sundays excepted,) Specie, Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bundles, anil Cases af Goods, to and from the following places, vtx. :? Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracuse, Anbnrn, Ithica. Geneva, Canaudaigna, Rochester, Bstavia, Lockpnrt, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate places. Alto, Oswego, Sscketts Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Cauada. Will promptly attend to the collection and paymenti of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, purchase and sale of goods and produce by sample, and such other transcient business as may be entrusted to their care. Such Kxpress will be accompanied by a competent messenger, together with responsible agents in the pnuciiml towns u|iou the route. Merchants and others maybe assured that returns will he in this inauurr received more speedily than in any other possible way. N. B ? Special Kxpresses run to any part of the country at short notice, and upon reasonable terms. sli r POMKKOY Is CO. No. ? Wall street Vf IBCAKRIED?a letter put into the Poitoflice in this city I'l on the 19lh day of Maach last, addressed to Utica. contuning a promisiory note past due. for $10,000, of uovalue'o any person but the owner. A suitable reward far any information will be given on application to JOHN W. LUDLOW. ,0 itaw 4w wed*r 71 Courtlandtst, N. Y. A CARD TO THE LADIES. UARIS DKES8-MAKINQ ESTABLISHMENT?No. T7K East Braadway, one door from Market street.?MRS. W. H. JKKKEKS, late Miss 8. Toner of ?3 Broadway, respectfully tuforras her former enstomen and the Ladies generally, that she has re-ceinmenced the Dress-making lasssness at the above-named establishment, where she will devote ne" attention to their vervice, and confidently assures those i*i l favor her with their palruuage, that Dresses, Uoshs,h\Mtolkc.l entrnsted to her skill, shall be deliver dsn perfect in style, fit, and finish of workmanship, as not to be excelled a, sny of the most apptoved establishments in Broad way, and for much more moderate prices _ , MRS-W. H. JKKKKRis.TTH East Broadway. .i' 15-^"tcrs, ,, and Children.'dresses made to order at the shortest notice. ,|| im*r ma-xs I AL FLOWERS. ~ iVi i.; ' l intnnUcturrr and importer of Fi inch Artificial h lowers 03 Lupfiuuti street near Mro<iil 3>?i\ '** JJTlr"e"Vi y iwcket Sally, Unrheu d Orleans, and Iowa, a Urge assortment of superior aiul lash lonable flowers and feathers, of the latest Parisian stvlea a<? lm"ee ETW7HAND, exchange broker. all lm*l No. I CAMP STREET, NEW ORLEANS. __t MISCELLANEOUS. DERS ),V8 who hnre not had pipes introduced into their ' huuaea, should loan do Usna in having it done befors the cold suit tan weather. The subscribers have now on hand a stock of pore lead, composition and tm'd the lead pipe, which they are pre|>artd to tarnish and put up in the inoat ezpaduious awl workmanlike manner, ami on the most reasonable terms. Being practical plummera, they will warrant wo k done by ibrin to be Ulterior to uone in the city. All kinds of lead work and Hydraulics furnished and tiled on the luual approved principle. DL'FF (k IVEnS. No. 130 Water st, s2g lm*r Neat in the corner of B.ekman at. ~FfARD TI vTE8.?The only reason thit A. p^yKNtlX A < O. ran assign for telling so many hoots lliiTshoes at the Clinton Boot and 9hoc Market, 204 Canal street, uorihe-at Corner of Hudson street?when almost i vr ry body complains of hard tunes, is, that they keep poods of the beat quality,and sell thcin at prices to suit the times, and it see inn as if aim oat every body had found this out. If any who read this should not yet have found out the store, the sooner they come and try the aoone ihey will reap the advau age. Almost anything that is wanted in the boot and >hoe line, of any size, color or quality, can he found here cheap, of 1m*m A KNOX A CO 204' anal atrest. DKK8S BOC T8?Latest Fiench 9iyle,-The subscriber respectfully invitea the ciliseussM New Vork, aiid strangers visiting the city^to call at 114 Fulton street md raainiiie a large assortment ol Dress Boots, made lu the latest fashion, and of the liuest French calf-skin, Oeiitleuieu can have boots made to order in the liest mauuel ai to.lkl per (k?ir, warranted equal to any inude al $7,id, and as the undersigned takes drawing of tne fret auJ keeps lasts for each customer ha can ensure ?* swv yet handsome lit. Cunsuuiiy on nanu, pasnionaMe noon, we. at the following (iKceannesa ? vc* not* flnnu. Mom $7 M to t.00 Double ?ole " waler-uroot '> ok to 7,i0 Call, cress " S.Jk to 6,0fl SU..I s rS re 2.75 ' HalfBooti, 3,00 to 3,50 Shoes, 1,50 to 250 Diuciujf I'umps and Slippera, Ut.% propomoimbly low. Terms,ca?h oo delivery. JOHN L. WATKlS'S, t27 l?n*>n 111 Fulton at, lwtwceoNassau ami Dutch. I'AHIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER. By E. SUSER, 140 Broadway, Near Liberty Strrer. E. SU8KK. Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an ?40Mq"KIvi'"oI (Acrce of Pari., begs leave to inform nil friends ?ml all tlie amateur* of a gentlemanly "chaussure, that he can now make, in New York, with Ihe best I" rench materials, all that is so perfectly madr, in Paris, by his master the celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, are respectfully invited to trv SUSER'S boots and lasts before they despair of i enig "chaus ses" in New York, after tlie nices , latest Parish fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish aold. s231in*tn A CARD. NOTICE TO THE LADIES -The subscriber, so well kuowu to the ladies ol New Yotk for the sui>erior s j le of Ladies Shoes and Gaiter Boots, beg* to state for the information of Ladies risiting the city, as well as merchants and othrr traders, that his store is No. 70 Lispenard street, one street below Canal street, and near Broadway, where all call be supplied at the shortest notice, and onRthr Jtnost liberal terma. Wholesale and retail. SAMUEL ALLEN. For getting op the article of Ladies Shoes and (fatter Boots we always considered sir. Allen lar superior to any man we erer had in our employment. THOS. LANE St SON, s15 lm*t No. 70Lispenard st. near Broadway. NOTICE TO FIREM EN, AND all others desirous of keeping their Feet Dry and Warm the coming season. By calling at the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STORE, No. 144 Chatham street, they can be accomj modated, as the proprietor has on hand a full assortment of his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on Itaiid a full supply of all other kinds ?f Boots at pnevs to suit tlie times. Also?that invaluable article Rogers' Metalic Elastic Heel Boot can be obiaiued at the Old Escluiire Boot Store, No. 114 Chatham st, s28 lm*r " THE EUREKA BLACKING.. THIS is a new article of Blacking, possessing .jualitie greatly superior to all other kinds now in use. If softens and preservesthe leather, imparting a brilliant polish with half tlie usual labor required in the use of tlie common Blacking. It further P< ssessrs that requisite so long sought for in the peculiarity of the coinpnaiuon never becoming bard dry, or mouldy by age. Dealers in Blacking are requested to call and rcceire a sample of the article gratis. Perfect satisfaction warranted la every case. Manufactured and for sale by J. M. JOHNSON. No. 4 Snruee street, near Nass.iu. New York. N B.?A superior article of Writing Ink 11 manufacture!) by J. M, J. and sold wholesale and retail. slm*r HIGH POLISH. LEE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is now universally admitted to be Tar superior to any yet invented for its pcculiarpreservalivesoftciiing qualities to the leather, and for its exquisite brilliant jet black lustre, projierties entirely unrivalled. N. B.?Forthe genuine article apply to the only Warehouse, No. 1 John st, cornet of Broadway. CHAS. LEE, sill lm*r Formerly St Thomson. GUNS AND PISTOLS. 03- EXCLUSIVELY.-CO 1 JOSEPH. H Maiden lane, up stairs, importing agent for Q the sale of English. German and French double and single sarrel Fowling and Ducking Guns, from the lowest to the finest qualities ; Tistols of every description, for this and other markets, embracing one hundred different kinds, all of which he is uow prepared to offer at the manufacturer's prices, being apiiointed agent for the largest houses in that 1 ine in Europe, which enables him to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country inerchauts are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases. jy27 3m*r DOCTOR GLOVER TJEGS to iuform those who have recently enquired if he has a? left the practice of his profession, that he continues to prescribe for such as require his aid as usual. Those difficult and protracted cases which require practical exp.-rieuer to ensure success, have been the particular utuecis of his study. The recent improvements in chemistry hare put into his hands several new and important remedies which have escaped the obser sationof the less scrutinising physician Dr. Glover's primary education enables him to kjrp pace with the improvements of the day. being a graduate in the me dical profession. The unsuspecting str-amcer should be ware of the host of self turned Doctors aim pretenders, some of whom aspire to be author* of little boons upon *itu<acu of which thay arc totally ignorant. , , Office, No. 2 Ann at?pnratt entrance, 4th door from the Museum?office hour* until 9c ilock P.M. of) lm*r HIGHLY IMPORTANT. tpO MERCHANTS AND BANKERS?It ehould be im1 present Oil the minds of every merchant and banker, that liis wnole fortune may depend on hi* preserving hi* book, and |>*|>eri in case of fire. This general de.truc iou of bonk sales in the great fire iu 1833, led to the invention of the celebrated Salamander Safe which haa repeatedly been proved lo be fire proof. The treat objection to Salamander Safe* hitherto haa been, that they are d imp and will mould the books amlpapera kept in them: thia ia now obviated iu the Safe known as Robertaim It Rich's Improved Salamauder?which ia warranted to he dry at well aa fire nwxjf. Annexed is the certificate of the committee on the trial of this safe:? New York, Aug. 30th, 1842. We, the undersigned, attended by request a trial by fire of Ruber!win St Rich's Salamander Safe and Scott's Patent Aabi? tos Safe. The trial was made in a furnace of great power built for the purpose. at the fool of Wall atreet, on the 26th inat. The principil object wo? to teat the fire proof qualities of Robertson St Hi'Va Safe. The safes were placed iu a furnace, and the fire lighted at a quarter to 11 A.M., and continued till 4 P.M. In Opening the furnaces! that time, Scott's Safe, with in contents, was fonnd to be completely destroyed, but Robertson A Rich's Safe to lie ill perfect order; 4X the iron at the lower |wrt of Robertson and Rich's sale was discovered to have melted <i|T, leaving the Salamaiide a Preparation firm and entire; in removing the safe,before the file was entirely extinguished,the bottoinwaa accidently forced off by its adhering lo the bars of the furnace, thereby exposing the inner case to the fire, part of the paperi were consequently burned,and the remainder slightly scorched. The heat was so intense mat the wrought iron frame, the cast iron wheels of the sife, sod even the bricks of the furnace melted, yet the greater part of the mahogany case remains sound and uninjured. During the five hours the fire was burning, four and a naif loads of pine wood and ninety-six bushels of charcoal were consumed. The preservation of any of the papers inanch an intense heat for five i ours is conclusive evidence that this safe would be proof against fire in the burning of .any store or warehouse.? Judging from the res alt of this experitneut.we think Robertson and Rich's Safe equal to any yet invented lor the preservation of books and papers from fin, and entitled to the confidence of the community. JOHN W. LEAVITT. E.D. HURLBUT, J. B. VARNUM.. Having witnessed the trial alluded to in the foregoing statement, I am v iy certain that Robertson A Rich's Chest would have escaped lues rmed from any house burning I ever personally witnessed, even in the moat sipoted situation. JOHN O. WINTER. A. S. MARVIN'Sole Agent. 13 lm*r No. I38H Vaster St., N. Y. WORTHY ATTENTION. LIGHT ! LIGHT !?Horn's natent solid bottom Glass Fountain Lamps for Chemical Oil?From tne peculiar beauty and elegance of these Lamps, their construction and superior qn ility, they are destined to supersede all others now in use. The total nbseace of smoke and smell, the unparalleled brilliancy of (lie flame, is Admitted to be uuvqualled. N. B ? At less cost than half a ceut j>er hour. The proprietors assure the public that no lamps cau be trimmed ami kent in order with so little 1 rouble, and with so much wasc and facility, as those from thair manufactory. J. O. Fay, sol*- agent for the proprietors, at 126 Fulton street, 2d door from the New York Sun office. Also, Chemical Oil, Camphine, Globes, Wicks, fltc. Ac. of sui erior quality, at the lowest market prices, wholesale and retail. *2t im*ec PARSELLS & AGATE. MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS, AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, fee. THE SUBSCRIBERS, in addition to their former stock of -8 faahionabla goods, are constantly receiving by evary new arrival from Pans and London, a supply of the most rich .md fashionable Scarf* aud Cravats. Tbeir assortment of faahiona blr Stocks, Scarfs, Cravats, ready made Linen, Olovea, Hue(tenders, Hos ier>. and all articles appertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe, are rich and varied. They respectfully invite their old patrons end stringers visiting this eily, to call at the old K.tvblishini long and favorably known and make their .e. lections. PAK9ELLH k AGATE, 241 flrnirtway, between Park place and Murray it. They would particularly recommend an Elaitic Suspender, with the patent buckle, of their own maimlacture, which for durability anil comlort. cannot be surpassed. The impro eed Mineiva Brace, intended to brace the shoulders and eipuid the cheat, are highly recommended by the mrdieal faculty, and will be found imfii|>enaiblc to peranni who are inclined to he mi forward; and in fact to all individuals of sedentary habita. Parenta and Ouardi'iia are particularly requeued to viamlue thia article, aa it will be found of immense advantage to children of eitherse* who have acquired the habit of stooping. PAHSELL8 It AGATE continue the manufacture of their Celebrated Kuaaia Riding Belt. all Im*in DR. SOLOMON HEINE TI70ULD inform hia iwtienta and the public, tha he still advT heiea to hta original proposition, to receive no money either for medicine or attendance onnl the patient ia satisfied with hia improvement, and would inform them that he haa removed from 411 Bioadway to No. 57 Reade atreet, opposite the Marshall House, where he aoliciu the attendance ru the aoove mentioned conditions, of all who have suffered for a long time under diseases considered by them incurable. solomon heine, m. d. For the advantage of all who with to attend the treatment of Or. Solomon Heine, I would state that the only Doctor Heine who haa ever lived in. or had his oilier in Broadway, u t^r one now residing at 17 Reade street, opposite the Marshall This Physician came to this country about sight yean since. I bare had the pleasure of knowing him suioe that time, and of witnessing uiauy surprising cures performed by him?he is above the age of .11 years, and ia the only one ol the uame who ia a member of the medical laatatntions of the City sad Smte of New York. ? E. W. WET MORE, M. D. worn before me, this 27. u day of of April. A. U. 1842 , Bu Haiti Kkkd bam. of Deeds i!8 lis*r gruttni)^pice8 and coffee At the hope mills, l< Marketfield street^ between Broad and Whitehall, late 287 Elisabeth street. New York. Office IM Front at. Constantly en hand, at the lowest market prices, and in the nsual varivry of packages _ a!7 2m*m TVftWflMrre&'i lET'iiV" MISCELLANEOUS TO THE AMATEURS OF THE ACCORDION! Ql(iNOR L. MARTINI begs to inform the public chat ha ^5 has just published his Accordion instruction, which is divUnii impih nflraf (mpwAccordion wifWu Mr tunrs?the second for those with *< in i-toiics, bolh of which .,? uj i? furnished with selected manic, and exercises pro grcactvcly written, lAONirml the ciitlif MB IMUy have a lit ir* roiomaad ever the luatru incut. ... , SION'OK MARTINI begs also u> state thai he lias a Ia/*e collection if MBS. noii( lorthc Accerdion, which he intaMi to publish shortly, and he arranges for that instrument any aort or music he should be required. The Signer will be thankful to ail those who will favor him at his residence,90 C inal street, where he continues to give his lessons. au!9 3m?r NEWLY INVENTED TRANSPOSING PIANO FORTES, NO. 343 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. HHHE subscribers respectfully inform their Inends and the T public in central, they have just finished a newly iuvented instruvner.t called the Transposing Piano Forta, which they now introduce to the mimical community. This Instrument lo-mi a beautiful, rich and new eiterior. both in shape and ncatuess, bea'dea a lone full, brilliant, and melodious. The great advantage derived from this uew inven tioQ, is that music may be transposed into any key desired to suit the vocalists, or for an accompaniment of any other inslru uirut, ami therefore worthy the attention 01 me auiauur ?. mil aa the ariiit. A large assortment of Tablet Piano Forte>, rosewaod and mahogany, 6 anil octaves, with French grand action, are alto constantly kepton H nd, all of which we respectfully anh out to professors, amateurs. and the trade in general, at our warerpums and uisniilactorr, aa aboee. N. ii ? iiauo a ones taued and repaired on the shortest notice. LINDF.LL, WENNER9TROM It CO. s 2> Im'r No. 343 Broadway. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MfiNT, la removed from 143 Broadway to No. 7 Aator House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most Elegant and Fashionable kind ft a saving of 60 per cent for cash. fPHE advertiser di ms it unnecessary to resort ti the hackA ueyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presaming 'hat the length of time lie nas .been established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, will prove a sum eient voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage ?f being connected with an esteusive cloth establishment in Europe he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, ou comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions ofgentlemen's dress. s!03m 8. PHILLIPS, T Aator House, Broadway ARTIST IN HAIR, MANUFACTURED FROM LADIES' AND UENTLEMEN'S HAIR. VTO.T less than two inches long, in one hundred different drA v signs?Necklaces, Bracelets, Watch guards, Ear-rings, Flowers, Kings, Wigs aud Scalps. A. C. BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS ??-|? ?? ? ?-?? -w -ii ~?i Th... .,i;a? l.vkf gossamer, an J ventilating character, thesr being shaped eiacliy as the natural hair grow*; their elasticity and their sujierior material and work maushin, as well as their style ol finish and arairangemeiit, alt combine to form such perfect heads of hair, that they must be seen to be fully appreciated. Parties having a niece of hair ol a living or deceased Iriend, can gel it formed by him into any design the mind caucnnceive. In such a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. Gratuitous advice given on all diseases connected with the hair, at the Hair Cutting Knums. 115 BROADWAY, cor of Liberty street, jyl2 6m* Up 8uirs. TOHOH! RING'S VERBENA CREAM. rPHI8 Celebrated Shaving Compound is now all the rage.aa J- well among tonaorian professors, as among those who prefer te gatnvrin their own dium'1 crops. The improvement recently made in ita manufacture placet the Verbena Cream above competition. The subscriber having purchased the copy right, presents it to the public with au elegant new label, and guarantees that (or ease in shaving it can be equallt d only by a Wall strcat broker, the Cream possessing the advantage of giving batter satisfaction to the party by the operation, and this speaking from experience. To prevent imposition by the spnrions articles now in the market, the directions for use will have the written signature of the proprietor, none other being genuine. For sale wholesale and retail at 100 Nassan at. R. SINCLAIR, Prqnrieter. N. B.?Also for sale, Ring's Elixir of Life, Nelson's Ex tract of Sarsap&tilla, Dr. Browder's Compound Syrup of Indian Tnrnip, Ike. ol lm*m OTEAM ENGINE.?For sale cheap, a lorty horse power C steam eugins. The cylinder is one foot diameter and six feet atroke, with governor, force pump, and fixtures complete; By wheel fourteen feet diameter and weighs four and a halt tons, with ilmft t?n fe??t lonir. on# tiinion. Also on# smir wheel. three feet diameter. The work if got up iu a neat, substantial and workmanlike maimer, and adapted to the use of steam ex pansively. For further particulars inquire of O. C. HISCOX, No. 38 Ann street. N. Y., office 2d story, sl7 lm*r CRACKERS.?Parrb cheap Cracker Bakery, 73 Mott street, near Walker street.?Constantly on hand, Soda, Milk and Wiue Biscuit; machine and hand made Butter, Sugar and Boston Crackers, he.; Pilot and Navy Bread, all at low prices. Shipping and country orders put up in barrels, kegs and boxes. A liberal discount allowed, and delivered callage free. N. B.?Passengers to Earope or NewOrleans supplied cheap. s2S lm? PORTABLE BLACKSMITH'S FORGES.?The subt scjibers, being the sole Agcots for the Manufacturers of Conr.klih's Patent Portable Forge and Bellows, beg leave to call the attention of the public to the above article. That they have been called for and introduced in nearly all parts of the United States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of their utility aud convenience; being portable and compact, gives them far the jrrefereuce oyer tile common Forge for Shipping of every description, Rail Roads, Canals, Plantations. Maun factories aud all purposes for which the ordinary Forgo is used. Those manufactured for the U. S. Navy are Wrought Iron. We wonld refer those wishing to purchase to some few who can recommend them from persoual as well as general knowledge, vix Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Messrs. Cerv, Kenn fe Haines, Philadelphia. Hon. Oovemier Kembte, West Point Foundry, Celd Spring, N. Y. Messrs. S. B. Althanse It Co. <43 Broadway, N. Y., and our city blacksmiths generally. GAY St TEBAULT, s21 3m*rc comer of Did slip and Water st. MONUMENTS, kC. D OBERT E. LAUNITZ, (late It Lannitz) Sculptor Tv and Artificer in Marble, No. Ml Broadway, New York. Sjitues, Monuments, Bints, Fountains, Tombs, Head Stones, Vases, kc., executed ol the finest American and Italian Marblts, in a eh <s'e and classic style. N. B. Croten water having heen introduced into the city, Mr. L. will he pleased to execute all orders for erecting fountains for geullrmeu iu their gardens, as he has had many years experience in Italy and this country. Tha beat of city reference given. All orders by letters, giving New York city references, attended to with punctuality and despatch. s27 lm*m READ THE FOLLOWING CERTIFICATE FROM THE REV. MR. HAWLEY. New York, Sept. 5, 1843. Or.tsTLv.Mr.ts t? About two years ago, I famished you with a certificate respecting the virtues of your Hoarhound Candy, and the benehta I had experienced 'rom it while performing the duties of my calling. I deem it right and proper that at this time I shonld renew uty opinions in iu favor, because recent use has increased my knowledge ol its value. At the camp meeting held at Sing Sing, commencing on the 3<lh of Angnat last, and ending on the 2d September, 1 exerted myself much iu the cause of my Master, and consequently my voice became hoarse and incapable of its usual force. 1 had two engagemenU the ensuinf Sabbath to preach, and fonnd it i ecessary if I expected to fiitii li them,to take sotnr remedy to renovate my voice aud soothe my Inngs. On Saturday, being supplied with a package of yonr candy, iu use enabled me to preach as I engaged without the least hoarseness or pain. I consider jrour candy a necessary article for every clergyman to keep in his possession, as the nse of it keens the voice clear ia iu tones, and free from that htukinesa and tickling of the throat, which so often mars the delivery of the preacher. For all complainu of the Innga it is invaluable, aa my previous certificate mentioned ; and I feel confident that iu early nse wonld save many from the rrave who finally fall victims to consumption. Y ours truly _ W.C.HAWLEY, 70 Croeby street, Chaplain at the City Hospital. Messrs. J. Pease k Sow, 43 Division street. AtenU?110 Broadway and OS William street. THE UNDER8IONED have used J. Pease k Son's Compound Extract of Hoarhound Candy, and freely recommend it to those afflicted with Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, and Consumptive complaiuu, as ail excellent remedy in these cases, snd for the use of the voice professionally, nothing car equal it We recommend it to oar breth Reverend J. Lindaey, rectnt pastor of M. E. Church, Second street. Reverend J. Cramford, pastor of the second M. E. Church, Hudtoo. Reverend Mr. Lncky, presiding elder, New York Conference. Reverend Mr. Whitaker, pastor of Presbyterian Church, corner Madison and Catherine. Reverend Mr. Uiffen, pastor of M. E. Chnrch, Bedford st. Reverend Mr. Hart, rtcent pastor of Baptist Church, Gold street. Reverend Mr. Oibbs, 111 Third Avenue. Tevcrend Mr. Berry, pastor ofWesleyan Methodist Church, corner Urand and Clinton sts. Reverend Mr. Lyons, pistor of the Cerman Mission Church. Elder Knapp, and Uev. Mr. Maffitt. One would think the above recommendations were sufficient to sell a ton of Pease's Hoarhound Candy a day, in this city alone, when the proprietors can obtaiu certificates Irom ministers of the Gospel '. men ol such unblemished reputation, that whoso would not believe them neither would he believe though one should rise from the dead. The virtues of Pease's Hoarhound Candy, then, may he roasidured proved, as far as anything can be proved, by human testimony. F. B. All lettars post paid, directed to J. CEASE It BON, 45 Division street, will be punctually attended to, *e* Country merohanls^an obtain Pease's Hoarhound Candy, at the manufacturers' lowest prices, by aendina an order to any merchant in the city with whom they nvve dealings. J. PEASE A SON, 45 Division st. Agentai n the City? Ruihtou A Aapinwall, III Astor House, 110 Broadway, and 06 William street ; Elton, 90 Nassau st ; Kiealed, 539 Broadway ; Brigham, cor. Houston and Avenue D : Hart, cor. Norfolk and Otand at ; Bateson, cor. Park Row and Ann at ; Cotton, 361 Bleecker at ; Martine.cor. 31st street and Ninth Avenue; Pastor. 165 Greenwich at ; D legs, 001 Broadway ; Kerr,701 Broadway; Moss. 506 and 500 Grand St. Agents in the Country ?Zieber, 07 Dock street. co,. Third, Philadelphia ; Redding, 8 State at, Boston ; Weed A Waters, Troy ; Baxter,57 State at, Albany ; Mobinaon. Ill Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md; Haldeman, Louisville. Ky ; Wataoa, Memphis, Tenn ; and Hays, 139 Fulton st, Brooklyn. o5 lmr II USliTON & A SPIN WALL, 06 William st'reeLII'l fir..ail xv way, and 10 Astor House, offei for sale, a full assortment of Drugs and Medicines, of superior quality, and put up in the best manner. Also Medicine Chests tor ships, familits ,aud plantstiotu Jeffrey's Respirators?A new and valuable instrument for equalizing the lemimratare of the air, when inhaled into the tangs, and enabling invalids, and persons with weak lungs, by wearing them, to go abroad in all waathers. Price $0, and upHair Glove and Strap Renovators, s substitute for, and much superior to, the common flesh brush, with ample directions for Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, prepared by R. A A. in the best manner, and highly approved in the United States service, and by thesnhlic generally. s30 3w*r MUFFS A/TUFFS A FUR TRIMMINGS.?The undersigned would ivl call the at'ention of the ladies of Ni-w York and the nnblic generally, to his large assortment of Mnffs, consisting stone, martin, Siberian squirrel. Fitch. Geneiand C?ney Muff,, Am, a large assortment ol Furs and Swaandown Trimmmsi, Ac. Ac. Ac., which is offered for "ale at the lowest rash prices, by ISAAC H. ARCHER, Nos. 304 and 360 Greenwich street. Repairing of all kinds done on reasonable terms. t39 lm*r WRENCH LANGUAGE -M. DELAVALLE ha. removT ed from Reads street to 343 Broadway, opposite the Park.? Gives notice to bis scholars and to gentlemen who desire to leara the French language, that he will re-open on Monday. Four elasses for gentlemen in the day, sad two dar classes in the evening. CUsees tor ladies from 4 to half past 5 in ths afternoon. sJO lmr MEDICINES. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND . PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE ? SUPPRESSION OF -QUACKERY, " LTA8 met with llie moat unprecedented wMcn since lU com II menee ascot, particularly from the unfortunate victim* crt f unprincipled pretenders, who *re now daily gamin* strength ton rigor under the judicious treatment of the College. The followin* preparations hare already obtained a celebrity unparalelled in the annal* ol' medicine. EXTRACT OK 8AK8APAR1LLA. Thi* article hit* been prepared at great expense, according to the new process of the Parisian pharmaceutists, and is confidently denominated the only realty valuable preparation of Sarsapanlla now ottered tor aale in thi* country. Together with the active principle of the Smilax officitalis?the be*t (pecie* of the root?the College have incorporated that peculiar modification of lurar, which ha* been termed glycyrrhixin. In the "Extract*" of the nes ( trum-venderf and certain drutjau, the common extract ol liquorice is the chief ingredient, and can readily kudu ' tected. But it is proper to state that in most cases this extract of liquorice is adulterated, and contains roypsr da rived from the pans in which the decoction of the root is evaporated. The College wish thus particularly to guard the public against the pernicious tendency of mixtures, . containing large quantities of this poisoned liquorice. The " Extract," prepared hv the College, contains also an ap- ' preprint ju-uititv ot the peculiar crystallixable principle, ODianied irura tutu valuable vegetable bitter, Otntian, po 1 oaiieoirom Oentiua. King of Ulyria, who first discovered 1 its great virtues.) A small portion of the active constitu- f ents ot the /mirut Sassafras, another vegetable, whoae efficacy as a? alterative and purifier of the blood is well known, has likewise been added. These seven] article# have been incorporated, and their peculiar principles compounded in a highly concentrated form, and the result has been the production of a vegetable alterative and tonic, unequalled for power and efficacy. The College merely add the following extract from the < edition just published of Brande'i "Practical Dictionary 1 of the Materia Medica? " This article has been prescribed in chronic rheuma , tism-in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent ulcers?in glandular affections?in diseases of the bones, attended by dull aching pains, tumors and nodes?wasting j of the flesh?and U has proved a valuable remedy, and hms , sometimes effected a cure where other alteratives have bent long administered in vain, and when the diseased state / i the system has been of many years duration. In the after ? treatment ot syphilis, and in cases where mercury hoe tn/'u- J riously affected the system, it possesses powers not hitherto observed in any other article of the Materia Medics." | Sold in unai.i Bottles, at 76 ennts each. 1 " In Cases or HALr-a-DOsxn Bottles, $3 AO. " " " one cozen " 0 00. ' Cases forwarded to all parts ef the Union. N. B Jl very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers : THE U.N ft 1 VAULTED TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure for all forms of dyspepsia, low sinrits, loss of J appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, pre- j disposition to consumption, and all complaints arising from a 1 disarrangement of the oervious system. It may be also used , with (treat success in eases of fever and acne, and as a pre- ' veulative ta yellow fever. Sold in bottles at $1 and $2 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. ! For the cnre of rheumatic pa-ns, colic, bruises, i prams, spi- ; Q.'tl duear.e, nervous headache, |vuns in the joinu, and immediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 75 cts "Ch'THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the cure of all cases of a delicate disease, or /or i>ains in the bones, eruptions, sore throat, or auy oilier distressing symptoms, produced by an injudicious use of mercury'i by quackery. Sold in bottle* at ?1 and $2 each. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOUS CATHARTIC PILL, For tut curr of all derangements of the liver, purifying the blood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to Wealthy aetiuo, and giving new vigor to the vital powers. This medicine is entirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum venders. THE FEMALE RE9TORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to the female sex, and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female organs, with lull directions and cautions as to nse, and sold in boxes at $1, 50 cents, sud 25 rents each. SIR A9TLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic iheuma j liiui, and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. tfHE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. J Guaranteed to > are gonorrhoea, gleet, and all mucopurulent , discharge* from the urethra. Sola ill bottles at 60 cents and j #1 each. The above preparations may also be had of the following ( sub-agents in this city:? J. W. Basset, 644 Jroadway. Dr. E. M. Onion, 117 Bowery. Dr.,2S7 Hudson street. Elias L.Theall, itB Grand street. Win. Armstrong, 1IM Fulton street, Brooklyn. i Principal office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau i street. i By order, i i ot W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent SEBRING'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL. RTO. 47G Broadway.N.Y.?This Cordial having obtained a just Li celebrity on account of the many curei it has performed, in ' esses to which it is adapted, the public is respectfully informed that it relievesDyspcpsia and other disorders of the stomach. It is peculiarly adapted to remove those complaints, not by constantly physicing, bnt by strengthening the system. No g.eater mistake can be made than to. suppose that Dyspepsia, or any other disease arising from debility, can be cured by a frequent forced action on the bowels, by purgative medicines. When this complaint exists, the system is already too weak, and every additional dose lends to make it more so. The Cordial, on the contrary, acting as a tonic, strengthens the digrslive organs, and assist* them to |ierform rheir functions as natnre designed.? Hence it is found to he efficacious also in those diseases peculiar to females, which arise more frequently from weakness than from any othor cause. The Cordial likewise is a certain cnre for the Nervous Headache, and affords relief in almost all af fectioni of the nervous system. It i? an excellent preventive of costiveness and low ipirita. The aged and infirm of bo h aexea, and persona of aedenlary habits, prone to costiveness, have experienced great benefit from it. It speedily promotes strength < in all eases of general debility, restores a good and healthy ap petite, gives tone and rigor to the whole system, and is highly beneficial as a tonic in convalesence from fevers and other aaute disorders. In proof of its virtues in the above complaints, the public is referred to the recommendations of eminent physicians, as well as those of respectable gentlemen wno have derived benefit from the nse of it, some of which are published in the circnlar accompanying each bottle. The Restorative Cordial it prepared and sold by the proprietor at 476 Broadway, N. Y., and by respectable druggists throughout the coantry. Price SI per bottle, aud $9 per doten. Oiders accompanied by the cash punctually executed, aud forwarded ac cordmt to directions. Sold also by the Messrs Rush ton & Aspinwall, 68 William at, III) Broadway, and 10 Astnr II,use. o4 lm?ni THE GENUINE FRENCH MEDICINES, A RE componndedat the College of ftiannaey and Mediciae, as. No. 1 Beekmau at. established for the suppressionol Quack, sry and Nostrum mongers, where professional advice in all cases is given the purchaser gratis by the attending physician, by and under whose direction all medicines are compounded and dispensed. These medicines have stood tha lest of thirty years in eradicating diseases of the most mahgaaal and private nature, and are a standard remedy in the prinatpal Parisian and and London hosnitalsof the present day. Cancers cured without cutting; malignant ulcers, scrofulous, scorbutic, cutaneous diseases, and rheumatic pains in the limbs and joints; nodes on the shin bones, etc. Remedies put up to suit ail clttsei, at mo derate charges, for the cure of syphilitic and gonorrheal! discharges from the urethra and parts of generation in both sexes, requiring ne restiictmeul in any particular. Patieuta are treatad by a regular physician of thirty yeats experience, whose diplomas ne exhibited to view at his office, ho. 1 Brekman at. corner of Park Row, (under Lovejoy'a Hotel) New York. qc lm*c EXPERIENCE 'COR FOUR YEARS has fully tested the extraordinary virT tuts of DR. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZENGES. Several million boxes have been sold.and given perfect satisfaction to all who have nsed them. PHYSICIANS AND CLERGYMEN, Lawyers, Professors, rich and poor, high and low?in Iket, nearly the whole Ametican people, have given them their sanction, and they are now rkat spreading uieir influences to every part of the known world. Drs. Hunter, Smith. Raxtn, Vanderpool, Scott, and four hundred other physicians in New York city alone, recommend Sherman's Loxenges, daily, in their practice. Sherman's Medicated Lounges are never sold by the ounce, but always in boxes, with his name attached. The Doctor being an educated and experienced physician, and a member of the Medical Society of the city of New York, gives a character to his prtparatior that no others enioy. COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, Asthma, Tightness o( the Cheat, Whooping Cough, Cough attunrlinr Msatlsg in?l all >ff?ptinBg .if fk? l.nnn >m ately relieved by Sherman's Co ugh Lozenges- They entirely core all recent cases in a few hoars, aad often the most alarming cases of Consumption yield, as if by magic, te their happy influence, as in the cues of the Res. Mr. Anthony, the Rev. Mr. Streeter, and hundreds of others, even where they had been given np u incurable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH To thousands, without their ever being saspeeted. Children and adolts often suffer much from them, when a box of Sherman's Worm Lozenges would give them immediate relief.? Handreds of iustanoes hare come to our knowledge, where persons on the brink of the gmve. fut wasting away, and the Physicians trying their skill in rain, and resorting, at last, u the only hope, to Sheiman's Worm Lozenges, which have restored them to health and happiueu. How often have mothers celled at the Warehouse ahd poured lotlh their thauks and blessings for t!\e restoration of their dear beloved offspring, Never before Ims a perfect remedy been discovered for the entire eradication of all kinds of worms HE AD AC HH, PALPITATION, Lowness of Spirits, Fatigue, Fainting, Destoudency, Nervous Diseases generally, and Sea Sickness, are ill jnbject to the curative properties of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. They cure severe headaches, he. in ten minutes. In fact, they operate like a charm, and no person should go to sea without tthm, as they are infallible in sea sickneu. Persons subject to fatigue, or attending crowded parties, will find them to relieve them o( ell lassitude and oppreuion. Warehouse 1M Nassau street. Agen's?Church's, 1M Bowery; Sand's, 77 Eut Eroedway, and corner Cnambers and Broadway; Codington, 07 Hudson; Rushton and Aepinwall's three stores, and 139 Fnlton street, Brooklyn, State street, Boston, end 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. aulftr AC ARD.?1 have often been informed by friends that some persons, u well in my line of business u out of it, jealous of the, access I meet with,hare directly and indirectly assarted thst I was mannfaetnring my well known La Norma brand, as well as other Havana and Principe Segare in this conntiy, and making other similar hinra, I herewith declare such assertions mean Ta sehoods, and such individuals worse then highway robbers. M. RADEH, M Chatham street. New York, Bept. 3?. 1M3. M PRIVATE CURE. TtOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC PACKAOES-No 1, for the cure of (Jisnorrhces, uleeu, fce.j end No. I, lor the cur* of Venereal Disease in ail its stages, have been nwd upwards ef seven years,end in no instance failed to effect a prompt cure. These packages compiise every medicine, wash, Stc. required, adapted to all the varied symptoms, so 'arranged thai the patieut has no difllcnlty I . se.lf-trestment^hereby avoiding esoosure or suspicion. Each pkge. contains Doctor Jordan's pri sale treetise, " The Monitor,'' wherein is full directions, with a description of the nstnre, symptoms, consequences and treatment of seeret maladies, with valnsble information. Being complete, compact, and guaranteed in all cuei, they are wcFl adapted for strange re, traeelleia, fcc.; and to place them within the reach of all, the proprietor has reduced the price to Three Dollars each package, which will be forwaided (to post paid orders only) racked in tin cases, and free from ohserration. N. B.?The Monitor (alone) is 60 cents; for one dollar free, it will be sent also free. Sold for the proprietor, only at Drue Store M Prince street, corner of Msrion. a few doors past Ni? lo's Garden. Private entrances and offices for consultation, 89H Marion, one d or below drug store. Marion street it a direct continuation ol Centre. oil lin'r TO THE LADIES. MADAME COSTKLLO, Female Physician, still continues to trust, with astonishing aucceti, all diseases peculiar to females. Suppression, irregularity. obstruction, Ac, by whatever eanae can be lemoved by Madame C. in a very tort time. Madame <medical establishment having oiid'-icone thorough repaint and alterations for the better accommodation of her on in, i our patients, she la now prepared to receive ladira on tinl*>int of confinement, or thoae who wish to be treated lor obstruction of their monthly period. Madame C. can he consulted at her residence No. !< Litpen ird st, at all times, aud w ith the strictest regard to tecresy. All communications and letters mast be post-paid/ all Insure v ELVET8?Bapev iet black and bins black Lyous Silk v Velvets fov merctuuo tailors, jast received, and for tale by O TAUT, W Cedar St. npatsdra. ifl lm*re TAILORING. MARTIN'S , ?fta w *? i cjwBeei ii the eity. There u alviTi Oi ' 1 If If?* w iMioinbU inodi, [lurciiurd for caah, iuS iS? "P10 9t*Cf m nfw of make, fit, tnu?asiasK Jttnu*ih< Tho"*ho ? ,, , MAD* AND TRIMMED. Drete Coats, math* and tit mined, - t? 04 t? tl 51 Frock Coau, do do .... !*? .3 PuUmJ Vcti, j 00 07- Terme?Ca?h 'mi delivery! ? 00 10 11 CO J>1? ln?* o MICHAEL E. MABTIN NEW CASH TAILORINGESTABLISHMENT, NO ? CHUJC. ?0 ^ENTLEMEN furnishns their own uoodi can have them ' made up in the most laehiuuable French style, cheaper lull ever offered before 111 till) city. Overcoats made and trimmed $A JO Kiock cutis " " ' 7 JO Dress coata " " " 6 JO Veil and Pauls SI JO to 1 7J N. B.?Repairing done i n the neat rat manner, ol lm*m SAMUEL WYANT. ONE PRICE STOHl. TWERE IS NO IMPOSITION practiced al una itora ky A askiug dm bit (lie price an ai jcje la wirtn. neither anr in erramiou on the aide walk. No laault oBered il yen don t ai'cnaae. Any person wishing to make a purchase can rely on being krniahed with clothing at the following prices : I'oats $9 a IS Cloth Jackets 3 a J Cloth Pants 3 a 4 JO Battinett Pants 1 JO a 3 JO JACOB COGSWELI , o4 lm*r I33)j Chatham street, nesr Roaerelt at, N Y. ^SHIRTS. SHIRTS made alter the laleal and isoat approved French J jwttetna. Coats, i antaloona, reala, and all uuder garments, nade to order at short notice and 111 the moat fashionable style. Gentlemen a Fornithine Store, *7 and 69 Maiden Lane, New fork. ?33m?r WM. COLLINS. 2 HIRTS.?United States Shirt Manufactory. 77 William at, J corner of Liberty, New York. Notice is hereby given to nerchanta and traders in general, that the proprietor of the ibove establishment has adopted a new method of a.anafartarng, which enables him la sell hu shirts st a cheaiwr rate than iny other house in the city. This statement will be affirmed ?y the hat of mices, as follows > ine Muslin Shirta, with Linen Boaoma and Collars, per (TOT, $7 jo Do, stitched in the Bosom and Collars, per dos, M Do, colored, new patterns, large sixes, per doz, 7 00 Also, a large quantity oT Bosoms and Collars constantly on und, which will be offered cheap for cash. ai lm*r r~ATL3T FASHIONS PARISIAN BEfOT^MRs. L4 V ANDF.Rl'OKL, No. JJ7H Broadway, having completed er arrangeroeuu for receiving the earliest fashions, offers bar ervices to ladies of taste, who are deiiroua of economising in irticles of dress. BMuslin Dresses made in genteel style, S3 00 Silk " " 11 " 3 00 f Every article of dress now in vogue, may be had at the low lit remunerating prices, and she natters herself that she can ;uit tie tastes oi the most fastidious, satisfied that tnose who nay favor her with a call, will come again. alO !m*r MEDICINES. " CERTAIN CURE""' FOR 1 lEAFMF.SS. \AON8. MALI AN?Sound Magnifiers?Invisible Voice -* * Conductors.?To enable persons instantly, at .n'adrai'.ced i?e, and of forty and fifty years standing, of run-inn deafness, ind ol' those who are only slightly dull oflM-*riiig, to join in general conversation, and to calcii Ihe sound of a distant low ipeaker at a public assembly They are the site of a very imall ao!d sevea shilling piece: and when in the cavity of the :ars, they are not ia the least perceptible, nor more nucomfor able than having a small piece of fine wool in its place. And illhough they are so extremely small, yet they enable those af dieted with extreme deafness to hear, in every respect, equal o those of most acute hearing. To be had of Mons MALLAN It SON, Surgeon Dentists, Sole Agents for the patentee, No. 3 Park Place, one door from Broadway. The above invention has been in use in Europe for some rears and is strongly recommended, being one of the greatest ! discoveries ot the age. Perseus, non-residents of New York city, on the remittance J af $10, can have a pair forwasdedby post. s!8 lm*r LUCINA CORDIAL. AjTAONIN'S LUCINA CORDIAL, for the sure and speedy IvX cure of incipient consumption, barrenness, ioiuotency, lucorhae or whites, gleet, obstructed, difficult or painful raeustiuation, incontinence of urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and for the general prostrition of the sysli m, do matter whether then-suit of inherent causes,orof causes produced bv irregularity, illness, or accident. Tne wide-spread celelrity of this wonderful and inestimable cordial in both hemisi teres is a sufficient guarantee lor its quick and positive success in curing all the above affections aud complaints. Nothing can be more surprising than its iuvi goratiug effects on the human frame. Persons all weakness and lassitude belore taking it, at once become robust and full of euery under its iniluece. It immediately counteracts the nervelessness or looseness of the female frame, which is ihe only cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. Magnin's discovery was considered to be incurable. And it speedily removes tne impediments produced by physical prostration, which fre queutly deter men from getting married. Language, indeed, , anuot do justice to the merits of the. Lucius Cordial, which is regarded by the heads of the faculty in all parts of the world ss oue of the most important medical discoveries of any age. Price Si per bottle. Sold at 92 Nassau street, and No. 90 North Sixth treet, Philadelphia. s28 tui'r VALIER'S . FRENCH PILLS. '/ANE box of these inestimable Pills are worth all the Quack v- Medicines iu the world, for the cuje of a certain disease. Ciimmi.v r ? If we examine the naluie of the above disease and the situation of the aorta affected, we must consider It a very important object to be able to obtain a remedy at once cer- . tain in its action, and at the same time composed of such ingre it. It i> a fact writ known lu m.jiy, slut most of the remedes offered for Uietc diseases are ro;ni">?ed of audi nauseous hugs, | as to render it almost impossible to continue their use witnout | creating a sickness at tiie stomach or other unp.easant eou??oueucrs. Such beinx the cos-, there oau be no doubt but such a remedy as VALIER'3 FRENCH FILLH will meet the. universal approbation, beitif entirely free from tliosu objections, pleasant in the,r operniuu and prompt in removing tbediaease. | The proprietor would here remark, that the efficacy of these Pilli hi tne disorder* alluded to, me no ibssrd upon suj>positmu; on tlie contrary, it is founded upon rational experience, bavin* used thein in a successful practice for upwards often yesrs he feels confident of their superiority over the remedies hitherto employed. . . Sold si No. 9S Nasssn street, 458 Brovdwmjr, and 90 Ncrth 811th street, Philadelphia. Price SI |*r box. *34 lm*r MADAME RESTELli, UEMALE PHYSICIAN. Office end reaidence, 141 (Preen A wich street, between Conrtlandt. nd Liberty streets, where she can be consulted with the strictest confidence on eoaj plaint* incident to the female fiame. Maclnic Restell'sexperiencaaud knowledge in the treatment of obetiuate Csaeaof female irrc^ultrity. atoppag*. luppreeaion, tc., u inch as to require but a few clayi to eliect a perfect cure. Ladies detinue proper medical attendance during connueinent or other .tadiipositioa, will be aceommoduted during such time, with private and respectable board. Preventive Powders/' for married Ladiea, whoae de heaie or precarious health forbids a too rapid increase of faintly* will be sent by mail to any part of the uuited States. Price f? * Letters (post paid) addressed to 4 bo* Ml* New York. Boston Office, No.7 fcssei street." N. B.?Madame RE8TELL would inform ladiea residing out of the city, whose health wtmld not admit of travelling,that she would devote her personal aUend&nce upon them in any part of the United States within reasonable distance, si lm?r FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. fYWING to the celebrity, efficacy, snii iuvarisbba success of C Muilume Restell's Female Monthly Tills in all cases of irregularity, suppression, or steppage of those functions of uature upon which the health of every female depends, sine* t eir .mroductiou into th? United Hutu, now about four years, counterfeits and imitations are constantly attempted to b? palmed off for the genuine. Che- p common pills a e purchased at twelve cents a box. put up in different boxes, and called? "Female Monthly I iUatn with tlie object of selling them, if poesible, at one or two dollars a box. Females ace there for. cannoned a-rainsl these attempts to impose ui on them. It is sufficient here to sure '.hat all Female Monthly Pills are counterfeits, except those sold at Madame Result's Principal Office, 141 (irrenwich street, New York mid 7 Essex street, hoeton. Pace SI. Madame Result's six nature is writtsn en the caver of each box. N. B.?They can be used by married or single, by following I the direction! enclosed inside of each box. Sold also by ap pointment at 2S4 Grand street, comer or Allen, New York. tl lm?r ' TO MARRIED LADIES. ~ ]\A ADAME RESTELL'8 PREVENTIVE POWDERS. d-'A?These invaluable Powders have been universally adopted in Europe, but K ranee in particular, forupwards of thirty years, as well as by thousands in (his country, as being the only mild, safe, and efficacious remedy for married ladies whose health forbids a too rapid increase of family Madame Reatell, as is well know is, wis for thirty years Ke male Physical! in (lie two princii>al Female Hospitals in Europe?those of Vienna and Paris?where tlUSS h-, her great ex|>crience aud opportunities, site attained dial celebrity in those great diacoviries in medical science so specialty adapted to the female frame, fot which her medicincj sow stand nnn railed, as well in this country as in Earope Har acqaaiuUnes with tlie physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled her?by fro-inr the decline and ill health of married lemelsa. scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and often apparently inexplicable tanses which consign many a fond mother to a premature grmre? to their true source to arnre at a knowledge of the primary causes ol female indisiueitione?especially of married females?which, in IMS, led to the discovery c her celebrated " Preventive Powders." Their adoption nas been the means of preserving not only the health, tmt even the life of many an affectionate wife and fond mother. The advertiser feeling the importance )f this subject, and ee timating the vast benefits resulting to thousands by their adoption, would moat respectfully arouse ,.ie attention of the mar ried, by all tbat they hold near and dear, to their consideration. Is it not wis* ami virtuous to prevent evils to which ws are subject, by simple and healthy means within our control. Erery dispassionate, virtuous, and enlightened mind will unhesitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a package, accompanied with full and particular diiections. Tuey can be forwanted by mail te any part of the United States. All letters mast be post paid, and addressed to MADAME WESTELL,Female Physician. Principal offict, Ml Greenwich street, New York. Office honrs from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.M. Boston office No. 7 Esses st. si im*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE P i r. r. a VVXXTrD AND FRtrilcll IV M. DE BOUDKLOQUK, M. D., LISBON, FOHTUOAL 'THE Scientific combination of ingredient! of which the* A mil are composed, have made them the wouder aad admi ration of the world. They are known all over Europe to he the only preparation ever discovered that has proved oiranahly certain in producing the monthly torn*. Their certainty, in all nana, be in* inch that thee moat not be need da no* pregnancy (br though always mild, safe, aad healthy, they are certain to produce miscarriage if aaed daring that period. The direetioaa are tranalated into English .and are enveloped ronnd with the aeai of the importer, stamped. Each box com tame the signature of M. de Boudelonne, and the Eatduh di> ructions have the signature nf Dr. F. MELVEAU. anthorieed agent for the continent of Amnica. They ean be transmitted by mail to any part of the United States. Letters directed to Dr. F. Melvean, box 14, New Fork, will meet with immediate attention. All letter*, mast he poet paid. Sold l?y aunmmtnent at 110 (.'herrv, near I a:hsnne xtreet. P?ie.e U Half borea It No bal" voxel eent by ma I __ ? kit1?.! PUBLISH! D DAILY BY JAIIIIOM HO HOOK N. W. CORNER, FULTON ANI> NASSAU STREET?, Trnt Nkw Yoan Hxmsi.d?A daily paper, issued every morning of the week?pnee 'fit ccn/r r*r espy. </Ognuy me* Kribets formatted at the aine rate, for any specific period, on a remittance in advance. No paper acnt, a-. Ins mid in advance. Thb Wv.xai.v Hxaald? leaned every Hauiday morning at nine o'clock?pnoe rut and a ouerter cent* pet copy?liirraaned to eonntry subscribers at *J,2J pet annum, in advance, or at the same rata for any specified period. CennasromiBirva me reoneeted to address their letters tg Jambs Uenoen Bgrrarnry. Pr?poster and Edttonn end all *e dgmeabamamaameae benemneWi

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