Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1842 Page 1
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ggg-1 mL.Jggsgg&.ii TH Vol. VIII. Mo. *SO - -VVliolc Mo. 3137. RAIL ROADS & STEAMBOATS. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK^ Ktom % loot ol CourtUudt ?tr?el, New York. (Y,*erv day?ttuinUy ?*?. Lovri \t? i in* k*VeL e7. ,i/ p xi A l 9 A.M. At; r. M. At Jl4 AM. At IK EM US k ? <L. ? 4?- *? i\ do. ? <k>- $ "jo. * do. II JX JoI do 18 do. ON SUNPAYS. torn lh* foot of Liberty ?tr*eL I ..v. York. Le??? Newmrk. At * A M ?nd IK M. At 11 Noou?ud 10 P. M. NKWYOW. ELIZABETH TOWN. Lrtrt N?w York. Lta?e Elisabeth Town. A. ML 1 A. M. I* P. Nl. WA.W. ? " nXA.M. tR r. M. II M. C " 6 P. M. 7 " 9R " The trains for Weatfield, Plainfi.ld, B.'.uitdbronlc, Somerrille, ke., connect with the 9 A il, '? .ml tR P M trims Irom New Voik, lUily, Sunday* escapted Fare be'ween New Yurk <nd F.litabeth Town 75 cents. Fare Mtwrru do ?nd Somerville. 75 cents. NEkY YORK. RAHWAY AM) NEW BRUNSWICK. Fst* reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Lest. Nm Yi ik. Li <?. N> w Brunswick.: ,? At 9 A M. At IK A. M. 2K P M. 7>J " 4<J " IIK " 9 r. M. On Sno.lays the JR and A.M. trip* from New Brunswick (ltd IR P. M. train trcin Nt? York,err .mined. K*iv twt?Mg Ntw I i:k tail .Nt? ttiuuswrck, *S rents. Rah way, Ml cents The fair in the JR and 7R A M. train from New Brum, s ick, and 2R and IV r. M. train from New York, luu bacu re duced. New York and Nrw Bniuawick, to Ml cents. " and Haliway to J7R " Passengers who procure rtwir rickets at the ticket office, re eeite a ferry ticket (rant. Tickru are received by the eon doctor only on the day when purchased. (nil In-* RAILROAD NOTICE: MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK aaa csaenSte N E~#iHt I *s norevrffn k. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Trantieirtaiion Company haee esublitlird a Krrt(lit Line between N< w Brunswick tnd New York, winch they nuend to run permanently.. Leaving New Brunswick at 5R A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) aud the foot ol Liber ty treet. New York, at tR P. M. To country dealers snd c.u.ants the above line is very dosirable for the speedy aim entrap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, ami more p-vitn ulatlx to Drovers and Dealer* in Livr Stork, who can haie IMl h- if of cattle convey, ed between New B<unswick and New York, tiie same day whenever required. The rate* for the transportation of csttle, horses, mnlet, sheep, ho(s, kc. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this litis is not subject to any extra Charge in crossing -he North River. The Corajve.iiv ktre titled up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, .uiiolung tire Railroad Depot, which will always . open for tlu< reception of meteliandise. Pnjstxijccrs purchasing their rickets at tha ticket offices, will tecciv* feny tickets gratis. !!/* Krettbt far Newark, Khtabcthtown, llahway, Weatfield, PlaiuncId, Scotch Plaint, Bouudbrook and Somervillr, u uif 1UU?C iill'i| ?"?rnu I lie xurr un, st,,c, received. ault 9m* FARE AND FREIGHT- REULKJEU sat,,... BOSTON, via STO.M.stiTON AND NEWPORT, com posed of the following stipend steamers, luniong mi conncc turn withthe Slouinirtnn and I 1' Vidrnci, aud Boston aud Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstoak. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. E9RB NARRAOANSEfT, Capia.u Woolsay. HofKiMOHtUAN. Capuiu Vanderoilt. One of which will leave New kork daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, North Rivar, Battery Place, at five o'clock, P. M. Aiuitoimnii. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday and Friday, for Stoning on. and I' for Stoiungtou, Newport aud Providence. The MASSACHUSETTS, <>u Tueadav and Sciurday. loi Htouinglou, Newport and Providence, aud Thursday lor Stoniugton. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Htonnwton, may take the Railroad Cars aud proceed immediately to l'rovr dence and Boston. Freight lakeu at the following much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards tr he cubic loot, at So 50 par ton, and on measurement goods 1 reuts per foot. To Providence, on meaauremeut goods 5 c< nu per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to he ?huuu>d at ofte* ? wm1whv. * " ' " BUMMER ARK/ NUEMENT. NEwYOBKAND PHTI.AU ( .L.' iii A HAILHUAIJ i.INk DIRECT. VixNewerk, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOUR9. Leave New York, liom the foot of Libeitjr street, daily, at { A M aud 4\ r M. The morning Line proceeds to Borilrntown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceedi direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without chance nfcars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Liberty street, where a commodious steambott will be tu readt eats, with nag/age crates ou board, Philadeli hi* baggage crates are conveyed from city to eit?, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms espremly for the Ladies use. Reluming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foet ol Chestnut street by tailrosd from Camden, at 7 o'clock A M .and 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 6 A M, and 4 T M, being a continuation of the line from New York. >28 3m*r " LOO^^^THIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. 'DASSENGKiJ Forwarded, v. ithout delay, to X Utica, $1,50 Cleavelan-I, Ohio, $5.25 Rochester, $3,00 Detroit, Mich., $\75 Lockuort, $3.21 Portsmouth. Ohio, $8,75 Buffalo, $3,50 Toronto and .RingsWhits hall, $i,75| ten, U. C. $5.00 Oswego, $2,50 Alan, Est ton, rennaylv mia, by Railroad k Stage $2.50 Pittsburgh $9,501 B -s on, Mass, $2,50 And all partaoj tne Western Country. M. L. RAY, k CO.. 141 Liberty street, nearthe Albany boats. New York. ?I0 lm?m STEAM NAVIGt^^^^^^^EEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, via?s o vthahp roy. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. F. Etoiholt, CoMMatsnca. The dart of departure at tins well-known Staamahip, have been fixed as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, tin ?rh Mav. IDU, On 7lh May, 1842, On 7th June, 1842 Ote. 10'h July, " 7tb Aug., " Tih Srjit. " ItWh Sept. " 7ti- Oct., " Pries ol passage, meals not included, lu Souft emptnn or Antwerp, $70? Steward's fees, $2 02t?. Tl* meals will be sorred on board, en the plan <>t a continental hotel, tu the best manner, and at nxed ni l moderate prices, |?jsengcrs being only "barged when iiartaking o< the same. Tne pr'Ce of passage to either ol the above ports can also be rngareil if preferred, with m-als and steward's lees included for $*17 62-.S cents, exclusive of wines. Au experienced Surgron accompanies the ship. For freight or passage, or .ny further information, apply to H. W. T. U if MALI, Agents, lIHm'i si Reiver street. ? Kt'<l LAK KTGAV1 I'A' KKT BETWEEN l HARLK8TON. (9. C.) A Ml a 1 VA s.NAII,(lveo )?The .upennr tram fC^lkAW p ce.tOENEKAL Cf i%C '.J P. Brook. <oill ion rtauUily a? ebnve 'he whole winter and ?rriu.\ b, leaving OtM?r|ealon in y Wed> lit d?y, ind t.vstinah every Friday, lading the ouuide pa. a(r in Abe we <th*r, and ihe inland paxitfe in bad weather. Foi freight or p uqa apt ly on h ar .or to JOHN to. LAFITTE, Aatnt. , Fits* uimoiu' What'. C'harl -1011,9 C.L0et_H, H4i. oMUn'r fanpe-'BTTT^ INDETEV"Da.NT LI >E FOR BOSTON, Via NoawicH aBD Woicum Mail* ?m. The new and splendid a'teiieh'i t C.LkOPATR V, C?piain J. K Du?tan. will 1 ave every Tuesday, Thursday and S.tnr. day afternoon, at 4 o'clock. _ The new end si Icndid steamboat WORCESTER, Captain J. H. Vand.rbi t, will leave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon,al 4 o'clock. Paairaarn Tar Boston will be forwarded Immediately on the arrival or the ibov? boaU at Norwich, and will proceed without change of care or btggace. For further information, enquire at the office on the wharf, on boi id the boat., or to o , ,, D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck ?Hp, npafire. All per.on. are forbid trusting any one oe account of the above boats crewnere. ' * lm" a?L NEWARK ANf) NlEW \OR.l.-|..,.. fl^^5?*r^^e Only I2H ceuU -Til- aplendld and com modi ?J^^3BEwi2*ou< .learner TAH9A1C, Cept- John Oaffy, heme completely .ud elegantly refilled, commenced her regu r iri(? loetlie .e.aon on Thursday, rlarab 10?leaving u for '"fo.T. I Barclay at. New York, at I0V4 o'clock, A. M? and 4 " Cenwe wheif, Newark, at I o'rloek, A. M. and half past I ? Oi Rirdtn- the I'auaic will leave New York at 1*M A. M. .idt P M Lea?e Newark et t A. M. end at Jo'clock, P. M r; f Freight ofeeery description carried at reduced prices 'LJ OPPOBITIONL1NE FOR ALBA NJA^^AjSJaaThe new and .plindid steamboat WAV",, ifr"" trf < ?..i.,n Vaodrrhilt, will lent# the .teembont ,n .,| 1 otoi Koh>nwin street. on TkUdty, 13th insl. et live oVIoe- T M. lor Albany direct. I'eeeatft M cents and berlh. }0 cents. _ , . WITT?Light freight taken at redncsd prices. For farther Itrmelere ? unite on b-Mlrt. . Oil Ik 1 BLACrOXlUt^ M^OANfcMo,o,,.ro?,|.f?, ,ig 41 Liberty atreet. E NE NE MEDICAL _tfRI8TOL>8 SARSAPAR II.T.A M'V^AJ/rAi' P ,nd. ,olJ by the |ro|>rieU>r, C. C. I. IA M H H HV^ V? bL W^ laudt si. and 111 QreniiwicJl it, and %y the principal Diuggisu throughout the L111011. Thii preiutniion ha* now been be/ore the public about seveu years, during which tune it* reputation ha* been steadily aud rapidly adv uku|, until in prescul and deserved celebrity has beeu attained?nor is it sUuuuary at even this altitude oT emulation, aa /he evidence of each succeeduiic day clearly evinces. M uiy of llie fint Physicians in the ccuutrv nave voluntarily borne wituess to iu superior efficacy of value, a* their writteu certificates, now in I hi possession of the prop) lator, will i ho iv. Tern mom ill almost luuuiuerdbie, from persona who have bceu bam fitted by its use, or haveseca Its medinnal virtues tested by their frieuda, are also in |<osseaaiou of Mr. Bristol, which move how many, how various, .md how extreme have beeu the instances in which, by iu oiwration the sick and the almost despairing have huen restored to health md hap pines'. BRISTOL'S 8AR9APAH1LLA is a rare and invaluable combination ul vegetable remedies of establiahed medieal value, and from iu iwruliar pro|ieitia* is almost infallible in all couipl.tinu that arise :rom impurities of the blood, from the inoruul acli ml the absoibeut and glandular systems, Irom couslit t lonal idiosyncrasies, hereditary predisposition, and ii general all chrome and lung standing infirmities and irrrgnlaritiei of the human Iramc. '1 o enumerate all the diseases in which it has been found to be a sovereign remedy, would be to make this notice much too lengthy, and we can only here suggest to the reader the value and importance of tins prt iiaralion, aud refer him to advertise menu iu the public l>apera for more detailed intelligence respecting iu efficacy, iu nearly ull casta oi complaint except lhaM ol' I he most ordinary or endemic and epidemic character. The proprietor desires only to have atlculioii generally directed to this article, confident that iu rare virtues only need be kuown to be appreciated; lliat it will stand the teat of any trial, audthat increased usefuluraa, aud added popularity, must be ine direct result of iu moreexteuded acquaintance. Among lite numerous letters daily received hy the proprietor of Bnst -Sarsaparila, the following is selected, merely to show ho - hiaar* le is rcgaided: and the increasing deiii'iid for this mi aluable tdicine by the dealers in this city, a* the application comes roin the well kuown house of A. B. te D. bauds, Urugguu, of this city, who have since adveriiscJ their own article to the whole world, shews conclusively that ihe article is all it purports to be. (COPY.) Nkw York, April 20, 1842. Mn. C.C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. :? pr.ait bin? We have been selling during the year past considerable quanti.ies art" your Extract of Banaparilla, ami think from the account we hear ot its virtues from those who have used it, that the sale in this city may be much increased bv paying it morn iiii<>u 111 auverusiiig. uui arrangements arc ?ucn wun me liHereut papers thai we can have advertisements inserted ou much heller terms than moat others pa anil more conspicuously. If you would like lo make an arrangement wilh us lor st Hint i more extensively, we think il could lie inadi of mucn advantage to us hoth. We have now four dilfereut stores, three of (hem in tne best location m the city for retailing, and one for wholeaaleiug, and out facilities are such as will enable us to dispose ol more of it, pcrha|is, than any other house. We shall be much pleased to hear from you on thi* subject, or if you visit N- w York in the course of a mouth or so, to see yon at our slo>e 78 Fulton street. Yours, very respectfully, A. 11. !k t). ?ANDS. OriNIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Buffalo, Aug. 12, 1837. We are <ci|uatnted with the preparation of Sarsijiarllla, ma ufactured by C. C. Bristol, aud liav my made use ol it more or lets >u our practice, believe it to contain the ac iv? punciple of Saraaiwrilla, in a highly couceutraled loitn.audasa preparation we esteem II ,u oue of (be best we have ever uie> with. 1 TROWBaIDGE, M 13 CYRRMUS CHAT1N.MD CUAS WINNE. M 13 MOSEo BRISTOL. M 13 JOM all BARNES M D J E MARSHALL. M D J c. H vWLtY, M D AS Si HAGUE, MD A MILLER, M D K L HARRIS, M U H R STAuG. From Doctors Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at Canandaigua:? CarsavDAiava, Dec. >7, 1838. We have frequently prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's preparation >1 Sarsaiwrilla, in out practice, and have always found it to anI?8I an iieellrut punnrse in coses where Sarsapanlla was ap plic ible. Our knowledge of the article has HOI been limited, iud we cau freely sa> that is the best preparation of Sarsapanlla we have ever used. RICHARD WELLS. M D, E W CHEENY, M D. The following extract of a letter from Dr. J. A. Hydr, one of the uluvsi and inostrcspectable practitioners in the western secion, is given : Vocisiisl-WH, June 11, 1838. Mr. I. C. Biisml?Dear Sir: 1 ain Ui arlv out of Sarsaparills igaiu. auu, ii yoa pit-as,-, you may seutl uie two doxeii bottles, by stage or cars, directed to me at this (have- frequently' presetibed yout Coiniiound Fluid Extract >1 6 ns-mamls lor a f< w years past, with much advantage, iu chronic uucaaea, evje-tiall, in Scroiura and obstinate cutaneous illectioaa, Ueu.ied with >crolui"ii. limit. Alao, iu secondary yphilia; ami in chronic gem-rat detiilny.lioui almost any came. Ii generally piuves useful. I lliink you, Fluid Extract tile beat i reparation ol Sartauarilla I evei used. VViLi' much respect, youra, truly, J. A. HYDE. Kioui Docu. Hnyt St May Palmyra, July 2, 1841. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir : We hsve u?ed your Extract of Sartaparilla in our practice, and lor diseases ausing from au iui pure atale of the . lood, and aa a general renovator of the tyatein wc o'ctm it aa the beat article now in uae. D. D. HOYT. M. D. WM. MAY, to. D. , From Dr. A. Miller * Rome, July 21, 1811. I am acquainted with the preparation of Sar?a|>arilla nianu: fac ur d b> C. C Biislot, of Bulfalo, aud having u.e ol I I iu my praclic, , believe u to contain the active principle of H.tsaparili..i a highly concentrated form, and as a pr> p.iratioo. I teem it the b. ?t 1 liave ever met with. A. MILLER, M. D. From Dr. 8. C. Noy ta: Collias, Erie Co., July 5, 1841. 1 h it, bceu acquainted with Bristol'* Sarsaparilla for a uumberof yeara, and have very frequently presenbed it in my pruc' tier, and have luv.inahly found It to ouawer the deaned effect. I counder 111,- rayulaliotl ol the article ?atabliahed, aud where tin (flpu'ntcan be obtained, I nave no heaiiation iu saying that a trial of lla vi. tues will auatain my opinion. ? , S. C. NOYES, M. D. 1 From Dr. A. P. Curtis : Attica. Orneaea Co., July 3, 1841. I hare frrqueutly prescribed Brutol't Sarsaparilla in my practice, aud have no heaiiation in recommending 11 aa an article poaeaaviug all of the active principle ol Saraaiairilia, and aa a Picieualion, 1 think il ilia beat one 1 have evei met with. A. P. CURTIS, M. D, Oivrcno, May J, 1841. We crrtily that wt attended Jalia Ann Van Dooxrr during her sickness, and we have no herniation iu saying that her recovery may be attributed to lha uat ol Biutol'a Servant-ilia. T. II. HARD. M. D. r H. K. THUKbER, M. D. i (Aatatemrut of the above cue inay be aeeu by ca.ling on 1 Mr. WM. BUKUEIl, 30 C??rtla?dt at.) ' DaRika, July 2, 1841. We, the undrnigned, physicians, residing in Darieu and Benningtou, having treated Mr. E. Crosa during bis illness, know the above ttalemrni M hiv case to be true in all particulars, and u r have not the least heaiiation m ascribing his cure to the use of Bristol', Saraaparilla. Indeed, we are assured that this me dreuie was the mctus of eutirely arresting and eradicating the disease. IRA CROSS, M. D. ERASTUS CROSS, M. D. Dariea, July 2, 1841. We, tlie undersigned, are particularly acquainted with Mr. E. Cross, aud are III ly ac.juaiute-l with the facta as drawu up io lha I'Off lUtrinrn', wiwth we wlifve to be correct in all respects and we tic assured that it wa* was through the atfeiiey ol Biutol'a Sarsiparilla th-t hi? cait was If-.ctia RTEPIIEN KINO, P. M. Dsnen >ntre. JONATHAN DI IlKEE, Juauce of ilia Paace. hTkam h. chapin. ALANRON FISHER. Justice ol the Peace. H. P. HUTCHINSON. J. H. FL.AGL.EB. Alton, January 17, 1142. I bare beeu lately the physiosau to Mr. Maynard, and was called to arc loin during hit illness, aam? time lu the moalli ol' August 01 September laat, and I must aay I wan much surprised and astonished to aee .Vlre. Mayiia.d officiating as uurse, and atleudiug to Ilia wants while he was aien. Her -see was one List I was conversant with hut never prescribed tor; it waaPr > ideutia. aud for the most part of seven or eight years she had beau obliged to be conveyed about the house and nursed in a craule constructed-or thepurpoa -. Until alia commenced the use of Bristol's Saraapaiilla her disease resisted the best medical treatment.. I was frequently called to consult with Dr Our lu It*r case, hut tin disease had assumed such a form llial my opintou waa, that medicine would hare no eltect in producing ac ire. I am perfectly convinced that her recovery is entirely attributable to the tueoi Bristol's Rarsapariha. JOHN M. HAKKINOTON, M. D. Aldcn, January 17. 1(41 i I hate been one of the spending ph> srrians ol Mrs. Maynard for eight years past. Her disease was frolap risi Ultrt of an sggravated character, an restated all the agents laid down in our most eminent sutliois. In addition to remedial agents recommended, 1 prescribe* various iusirumruts to noedect. I am clearly uf the opium 'hat lis, cure may be attributed to the use of Bristol's Bar si^ari I la. GROVE C. OAOE. M. D. _ , , AtliLDiN January 17, 1141. We have beau actual ttad with the ctr- um.uaees or Mrs Msvnard's lirltstiafar eignt years past, have slwvvs wnd* r stood isr case as being t eyund the reach el medteiue, and hats bceu surprised witbii the pssi year to see hat ai-out, and vte arc assuicd thai tier reroteri tift .rlbuiable entire ly to ihe Usui Bristol's R rssparill t We are further acquainted with the tact, that lur tier ye' is of tbr time of her an .nest, she was i bligrd to be cvuveye i from one place to ,nuili-r in lbs irm* of her husband, audit fact, when she was mueed at all. JUREPH h'A' tMA VJudg. Ene Co.C. PWaa. MORA* C 41 A.NLKY. Juslirt of the Prsra. H- CTf rHFt UD, Postmsatar. litXTSH t. A El.I., Supervisor. R II. BUTLER. L P. JACOB*. JOHN ER1ABROOK8. Ahlstery of ih' sbote esses may be seen by eaJliag as ibota [From the Biflfalo Cram merei-sl Advertiser Nov.*. 1M< ] an EsTltaOROINaav Cast .?The article below is irum the pen of on- of our mo.t .ntelllgrnt ra-diral men. whoa' statement* art- entitled in fli* lullesi r .nlidt-nce. The ease be details is r-ally a r m-irksblr one, and migiit well have been supnosed berondthe rower of in dicine. Satemen'tof the Phy.iciau whn visited die Petteat iarr. m and who w.u t the lime oue of the ICditore of the Counter rial Advertitei. _ Ml II rare indeed ih?t Mien humanity It made 10 ni? ???< ; from the hand of Providence 10 much icvere aud proiiacted .ofi. ...,K ..ol ?ucl> calamitous n4jkMHN mutilation, m haa fallen to ihe lot of dame. Wyeaol^a lot 1J yeue of ??, now litripg in the town of Clarence in thiicouety. James It tire ?ou of a firmer, the offspring of healthy aod reputable parent!. who hate a numeroiu f.mily Of robust r1,;tare a. Without any aaiifnablt; cause, he wai luddenly dt priced Sif tha tense of hearing tome ten yeait imce, which wn ?oon oHowed hy what waa probably an attack of the dry (nog rene. Thii npidly dea royed Aral tae palate, the honea of the roof of the mouth, end the* e reoaiderahle portloo of the upper jaw, upper hp, and he wh -le of the note, both honea and carlile?e, is well aa interim,enta,. It would be difficult to imamiie in what way a mora pnsightly deformity could be impreaaed upon ihe bureau face divine.' This frightful dieea.e ceased its ra<a(C t on the lace aftar seerral monti i, to renew them again in ttfiei parts of the lyatem with greater and moie deatmctiee ev, niv. Some two yean age, " black spot."?at the intelligent mo ther of this inoat unfoitunale ch<ld told the writer of this?was observed und< r the nail of each big roe. This ominous appearincewo the precursor of a lecood attack ol gangnnr, wIikIi gradually ttunaed over each foot and leg to within four inche. of Ihe Itaee. A l?|>aration then look place, and in dae rouiar 01 tim.- both limb* dropped off The Ancen of the right hand were then alUcked by this eonauming malady, which eiunded I to w ithin a few inches of the shoulder, and at length tlw right arm reli to the ground like the dead branch of a living The disease ihi n ihowed itself at the elbow of the left arm, and on the left shoulder, producing extensive ewloliarion of the bones, Ac. The integuments of the right aide, near the centre of the ribs, and of the right eye, aleo affected with the tame destroying complaint in its incipient altges. On examining the boy, whn, notwithstanding he is deaf and uiute, it really intelligent end sprightly, the greatest mar alio u waa, how it waa imeaible for a constitution to vary fi shle and lilelew, that the ayatem was rapidly falling to pieces from thadesth of its pert*, could, when reduced to a nort/rmMwunt 1 ef hum sin tv, hold oat, and prolong for yeira a miserable en mmm?m^? ???? w ro w YORK, SUNDAY MOI Ktrucc. Strange u It nay serin. we found tint piece of a child tilting u the ioniser table witli tlie rest ol' llie family, and feeding himself with meat, potatoes, bread,and tlie like, with an evident rrluh of the hearty uieal. Ill, stomps of litnba, which lately presented a hideous mass of t iting utcria, are uow healing over kindly, and nothing but the tears air Iclt o tell the injury' dour in Uie left shoulder, and ciir parts that surround the tiglit ej e, the lower jaw, and the fragments of ears still growing on the head, the appcarancs of which we shall not attempt to desert: e. The certain check given to this terrible spreading and ho|>elets malady?the removal of the intense protracted pains ever excited by irritable fungeous ftesb connected with dead animal natter?the ifUirt sleep, incrrised strength, and stable couvalesence to ni lUllest in the person of James?were all, and duubtles (Uatly, attributed by his mother to the exclusive use, for the last sis weeks of regultr portious of Mr. C. C. BRISTOL'S SA IIS ATARI LLA. Tliose who have wituessed the truly auspicious, alul inoal uueg|>cCted effects of tins medicine iu this rcry rstraordiusry case, are u.auimous in the opiuiou that had it been early administered when tne disease was comparatively small ami feeble, and the constitution tonnd and vigorous, it could not have failed to present one of the greatest calamities that can bef*l a human beiug. Certificate of Or*. Ma*tfir.t.r>. MR, C. C. BRISTOL?I have been acquainted with Peter | WyckutT for more than twenty years, and have knowu his sou James from hit infaucy to this day, tod I do heieby certify tlnu the facts set forth in the above, from the Commercial Auverli- I aer, are correct. ORANflk*. Mivurivi n p m Not. 26th, 1811. North Clarence, trie Co. Bloomf-ield, Oakland Co., Mn., July 23, 18> 1 Mnwi. John Owen St Co., Detroit: Geut.?Soinc lime io the yet r 1812, I ?u attacked with what was called by tome of m\ attemliugphysicians, tlie King's luvil. I iininedialely applied to a Dr. Thompson, who aaid It must be cut out; I then applied to another physician who ordered blistering. During my sickness I employed eight different phyiiciaui, and by one I was ulrised to h ave my arm air, putaicd. w Inch I declined, lathe year *37, mortification aet in, when I applied to a root doctor, who appeared to help it some. In that year 1 sold a apati of horaea aud two cow-., and spent the whole of it. aay $130, w Inch only aened to keep it back. 1 have used almost iveiy thing I could hear of, without any great benefit. In July last, a cure was attempted by a person who, like all others, failed. The i xpetiae of all tliis has been at lesat Sluil. Knur, abi.ul font inches b, uiw Llic shoulder, to about the middle of the. fore arm there hare b> en at least tiven y holes, many of them as large as a silver dollar, and half au inch deep. In Kebiuary, 1 Et11, (accidentally came across a wrapper from a hot,lc of Bristol's Sara.tparilla, aud made up my mind to try the medicine. Ou the lJUi day of that uioutn, 1 commenced using it, and used a bottle a week for two or three mouths,wheu I found myself to a.l appearance completely curtd. At any ra.e, since that lime 1 have not fell any pain from it. No sores have appi irtd, aud it seems perfectly snnnd, and 1 can labor with it a* well tswith the other a.m. 1 am so well satisfied of its superiority oVer every thing else that 1 have tned. that I moat earnestly recommend my person to begin using it immediate.y who may be . imilarly amieted. Yours, truly, WsLLiAm rk ARS ALL. Persons who have any doubts of the < tTicacy of this medicine, are invited to call on any ol the following City Rel'ereuccs Irefore purchasing the article :? John Giles, 301 I'tarl street. Thomas li.,gan, 208 Stanton street William tV. Randolph, 173 Fourth street Lloyd Uryaut, No. I Aieuue C. Wm H. Siiuem.-ts,90 Cedar street Mr. Jolin.ou, Ju James street William Btelibius, corner of Uivington and Ridge sts. Robert H. Gordon, 13 Grange street Mrs. A. Hodge, j9 lud.e sheet William Wil on, 06 Lewis street M. Vaudewaler, 311 Madison street Lemuel Lc laud 86 Hudson street I. G. Reed, U3 Fulton street, Brooklyn Mrs. Ward,68 Bayard street J. W. Hcuderson, 2?8 Grand street James McGill, 336 Grand street H. B. Knapp, 21 Avenue 13?house 101 Fourth street John Culver, 181 Stanton street I to uot wish any oue to purchase this medicine until they fully satisfy th- nisvlies that all tliat u nid of it is true ; if, therefore, ihey w ill take ihe trouble to call on Mr. Burger, 10 Couillandt street, or at Milhau's lki Broadway, they can ei amine substantiated testimony in addition to the aliove, which will prove conclusively that (he article is wlist it purports to be._ C. C. BRISTOL. Caution.?As the fame of this wotrderful medicine extends, numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part ol its reputation. The atflicted tlwrelore should be cartful, il they wish die true article, to ask for Rristol's, and see that the written signature of C. C Bristol is across the cork of Hie bottle. P Or tale by reputable Druggists ami Agents tliroughout the couu ty. William Burger, Wholesale Agent, 50 Courtlandt street, and 1118 Green villi street, ,in4 at retail at the IdlluwinK places: Milhau's Pliarmtcy, 183 Broadway , Uushtou and Aspmwili, HO Broadway. 86 street, ind lu House; limn Syme, M. D.,61 Bowery, ; Robert Leggvll M. D., 11 Aveuu. 0. ; B. Quackeubnsh, 709 Gieeuwicn street, and A. Hill, 108 Greenwich si. sll inir* EAU DE BEAUTE, GOUKAL'D'S KAU UK BfckUTE. or True Water of Beauty, for exterminating Tau, Redness, Sail own ss. Pimples, Freckles, Mophew, Burut, Biotches, and oil cu taue iu? eruptions?for realising delicate while necks, haiius, andarins, ud eliciting a healthy juvenile blooi,:, sttnds unrivalled. Its soothing and healing pro|?rlies in all toughness and Iraiahucts of the akin?especially in allaying the irritability after shaving, is bevo d compare. Am. lu the swarms of trashy preparations and vile compounds foiced into notice by parasitical imp gun puifs, Gouraud's Sam Lotion his unobtrusively crept its w iy slowly but surely and steadily into public favor throughout the Uuited Slates. This article is not recommended for its " che ipuesa" (its price being SI per bottle, though at iliiscoslit is infinitely cheaper than the vi'a stuff spread duly before the i uh'ic, evuu ii the cost sot one shilling or one cent.) Such cheap remedies or Mineral Astringents being not ouly iiiadr.ju.ite to the oljeiu cou.empl-ttrit, b"l by th-irrrpellaut ao ton. pom' in;uriou? to health GOUllAUD'S W tl'KH OK UKAUTY recommends naell by its combined efficacy, n -r ulessnvss ul action, and lefreshu.g fragrance A F.eucli lady writing to the proprietor, says? " .Mods. GuU.aud?'Tia but an act of that 1 should spontaneously give you my unqualified testimonial of ihe uuited efficacy, inuoceuce, and Iragisnce of your preparation for purifying md the skin. By its use every pi mole and freckle have vanished liom my face You should Mou A mi, as it is so sovereigu and charming a r< medy for scattering all blemishes from our faces, call it lea driicet dea domes. En un mot, je sui. enchante de le cosmetiquc et je en vons reinercte de tool mon conn. EMILIE DE8MOULINS, Pension Frantais, Oret nwich street." " I have your Eati de Beautn in use?it is an admirasle article, and 1 aiiall recommeud it." 8. F. PHILLIPS. Philadelphia. " I have had several rails for your wash, for freckles. Sic. A lady living here bought a bottle of you, and said it had the desired effect." ALEX. OUTHRlE, No. 4 Suuwii Hail, Albany. " I cheerfully bear testimony to the efficacy and perfect innocence of your Ean de Beanie; is is decidedly a valuable cosmetic. I cannot consent that you publish my n me." Tne above is from a lady in Le Roy Place. " Dear Sir?Having had a very favorable opportunity yesterday evening for expatiating oil Ihe merits of your Eau de Beanie, and showing the effects it produced on my hands, a young lady requested that I would procure her a bottle of it. Please send one per bearer." JOSEPH M , Broadway. Bo strong is the proprietor's conviction of th? entire efficacy of the above invaluable prepaiaiion in realising all that it professes to accomplish, that any ditatisfied purchaser can receive his or her money back, if requested. To ha had only at Di. O.'s Exclusive Office, 87 Walker St., one door from Broadway, at $1 pet bottle, and of the following Agents :? Albany, Guthrie, 4 Maiden Lane; Goshen, Elliott; Ph ladelphia, Mrs Brown,76 Chrsnul street; B dtimore, Beth Haut e, Pr?tt ?t; Washington, Sclby Ka.ker; Alexmdrii, C C Berry; H.rtford, Wells it Humphrey; Bo.rou, Jordan, 2 Milk street; Norwich W hairlkner'> II I'.arlMon- le..- N.? Hsvrn E Myers; Providence, Dyer. jr.. C incinustti, Thomu. Main street, anil others throughout the U. States. Ouuraud's Poudce Subtile, for completely and permanently eradicating superfluous hair, SI per bottle. Gouraud'a Liquid Vegetable Rougr, 50 cents tier bottle, t/uraud s Blanc D'EUpagne, imparts t pure lite sshtteuess to sktu, free ft >m the deleterious principles generally entering into combination for this purpose, 15 ccuts per bos. s!7 Im r HOLT'S CANDY, OURPAS9INO ANY THING Oh' THE KIND.?Let it h? stand upon its own merits?Coughs and Colds. HOLT'S CANDY nss g uned for itselfa reputstion, (solely by its own merits) far above the ordinary class of remedies for the complaints tor which it is used. K is recommended by thousands who have espenenc. d iu eicellent effects as a sovereign remedy for Cough I, Colds, aud all affections of the lung*. This ia to certify that I hare.'iu my practice, prescribed Mr. P. Holt's Compound CniHh Candy in many cases af coughs, colds, and all affections of thu Iniuta, wi.h the most buurB ial effrcts?knowing the componrnt pa<ta of this Candy, and f av log u rdlhim formsny yes-sin my own private practice, I can with safety recommend th? a tide to all .roublrd with toy ol thr complaints ahove mentioned. In my estimation tins Caudy has the precedence ot auy no in use. DAVID CRANY, M. D. Hartford, Conn. 9ept. 20, I Ml For sale by M. P. HOLT, 257 Main street; also, by the Principal Druggists in Hartford. A BAD. Hands, 79 Fultou street; at Dr. 8yme'a Pharmacy, I Bowery, corner ot Walker St., are A grata in New York. sSUm'r PURE GROUND COFFE AND SPICES. PPH08L wishing toruiehate p re Roasted and tjreund CorI I. e. w. u'd liuJ it to thi ir adrantige in rail at 114 E Iton street, w here sr kept the ab lye sr c es of the very best quali ty in t he city, at nrirea to auit ihe limes. Coif.r Ho sated every day Ireali, and tent to anv part of this ciry aid Brooklyn, fr? t u| rsprnte. Coff. e R lasted aud tliound MM Groceries, iu a su ?tior manor r. y.BH. WF.LCH. late firtn of oil In'm W. leh St Shearer. J SuKlA, FRE.N'cH DYER 49# PKAML ST.. Piincinil Office, ""PHANKFVL forth* psi ouage heretofore bestow u, resI iwetfelly Iiifums the paitlic that he naa, for the accnm n.. dation ot his customers lu th? anyier part of iha city, opened I'wo O-ffrei. Mis si uated 1.57 Busmen St., the other JJ2 ownsy for the recep ion sod del very of O > ids. All kinds of Bilk, 80000 *nd 5V volleu Goods D YF.D.

Merino and f tmrl'i H or Bnswls cleaned intheFrunch ie 'nrss and draiwwh. . 7" AM kusdaof W.armg Apparel and Csrp*ta scoured. . In - ?'I "?'* mi una VI I wu? w jwtm >U(l pi'. !> in their origin il (mm. Braoalyn Offke. it Fallon it. Broobly. oil Im'r Th? Aiill-Anaalar IjrMcm of Wrltlai. GREAT REDUCTION. fnoM TWIITI TO III DOLL.All MR. BRIffTOW of Loudon, respectfully informs the Ledier end Gentlemen of New York and Bro .tlyn, that his claases Day and Kreuing, ha?? commented /or Me union, and that he haa iidvi'IH hn Terras <>ne nalr,?10 Bia Dorian ! AcaDBMI No ttt Haonaway, isaaa I'aan Puci. Gentlemen of all M" are positively uoght in twelve leasona, a bold, JVee, rx'tditfui and finished business-like ilyle ol Writing, no matter now had, illegible stiff, or cramped the writing may he. Bee aiiecimrns at Ue door. Mi Broadway. Alio THT L.ADICI \ i.r ,t and handsome, delicate and fulmmaMa Running Hand In Tatut Easr Lessons ! O- VIBITOKB in New York can inks a eenrse in Three Days !-tMi B. is to be teen from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to I P.M. Evening Classes from T to 9. Booa-Ktcrnro Taugh on a superior method, by donblc and singla entry, eientiucilly and practically. 1 | <N X | ^ 1 C 1 f 1 STENOGRAPHY. A new system of the Art of Writing Short-hand, for taking down Lecrnrea, Sermons, Trials at Law, he. he., laiuht perfectly by Mr. Bristow in one comae of lessons ! at aw Broodwar. See a apeeiawn. N. B.?A work of tba author is presented to e?erv pnpil fhr their permanent guide olllns'r iRK i USING, OCTOBER 16. 184 MISCELLANEOUS I THE NEW YORK XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS, 45 MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS. fN THE EXTENT of t u vdiiciiet in iliU uei mi mem the i proprietor uuy Ml fly challenge <-uini?-tif ion with any other es'ablishiiient in the world, and h ? un.,er hi* owu immediate superintendence the most skilful workmen, and all the t-rjuisi e materials for eiecuuu,; every description of X> lographic tingiaviuf aud PiSitiug Original Dtsipus rod rial, s of (fry description eirctiied in the tir?l sty o oflhe art, and be > u I fu 11 y punted in Bronte or Fancy Colore. Druggist.-, Perfumers, Muulicturers, Orocoit slid other Labels, constantly ou hind, wholesale or ratail, and all art rcles connected with the trade. Job Printing in crrrv variety of style et'culedi n the beat manner to order, and ou the innst reasonable tenna. STEEL PLATE AND COPPERPLATE KNGRAVINO AND PRINTING Notes, Checks, Oralis, Bills of Kgcliange, < ertificatea of Stock, do Deposit**, blanks or professional, wedding aud visiting CarJs, neatly engraved anJ ptiuted, at si oil notice, ami on the moat reasonable lerm i. The lowest possible price is char ged torall work done at this establishment. All nid* re from the country punctually attended to, and articles ordered, forwarded M any part of the bulled Stales, or the Canada*. <18 lro#r CM AS. SHI ELDS. Prot rietor ARTIST IN HAIR, MAJcuracTt'iiED ritoM IsADIKS* AND G hi Y THOU K.Y'S IIA IK. IN five hundred different designs, necklaces, biacelets, watch liuirib, esi-ringa, flowers, rings, wig*, scalps, fctc. Stc. Ladle or geutl* men having hau ,.f a living or deceased friend, can ge. it formed by h:m into any design the mind cau conceive?is such a form it will be a kei psakc invaluable. A. C. BARRY. I tC Broadway, cor of Librrtv street, up stairs. N. B ?Individuals rend- 111 ill the country or living at an inconvenient distance from the city, cau have all such orders promptly -uculed, bv forwarding through the medium of the , osl ..lit.-- the hair to be faaluoued, with * ilrawn an I s|>ecificd di sign o'the workman-hip, and e< closing from fire totweuiy do I >rs, according to which sum [t-c superiority ol manufacture *ud style ol mount m: in gold will depend. All Men commit niraiisMst to I e post pa<d A C. B. ol lm#r MK IrV CkiNTi~FER BOTTLE. BY LETTERS PATENT O"" THE UNITED STATES. THE TRICOPHEROUS, OR MEDICA TED COMPOUND, FOR THE HUMAN HAIR. IS with confidence recommended to all whose hair is becoming thm Irom disease, scurf, and oaudruff. The surest icmcdv to prevent BALDNESS AND GREY HAIR. The most healthy dressing that cau ;>o*>ibly be applied 'o the head; rendering the hair soft ami glo ay, and lieeiug the scalp from alt humors *ud irriutious, removing every psrticle of scurf and dnidruff. s tail dis using the hair to run. I a frequent n i* wi I preserve the h.tir in health and beauty to the latest period of lite. For infant heads it it invaluable. To he h.d only at the Hair Cu'liug Rooms, If, Broadway, cornei of Liberty at, up stairs, or ol the appointed agents. 30 lrn-ic LONDON & "MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS. WHOLK9ALEAND RK PAIL, No.I Will street. The subscriber has eccived aud otfera for sale a large assortment ot iniiorud India Rubber Water Proof Goods, vii: Co.tiaid Capet, of superior Lima, Cashir ere Lawn, Persian, Menu uid Cotton, of alt colon and sues. , Cloth?ludia Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lama Persian and Cotton, prepared lor t llors. India Kunbrr Webbings for suspenders, corsets, lie. .28Cm*_r CHA9. ABRAHAMSON. A NEW & IMPORTANT INVENTION FOR THE LADIES. MRS. LOVK, Corset Maker, Wo. 68 Lispcnard str rt, respectfully informs th. ladies of New York aud its vicinities, that l ie has nivriurd a new article for the preserv ition of the health and alrengrh during pregnaucv. Tins Abdominal Supporter it pertect lu its application, acti-g as a support, aud preventing all strain upon the muscles, and the consequent ta tigu* ami eihaustiouoljthe whole system. It will preserve the form iu all its youthful .ymmetry Nothing that lias ever been i 'vei t*il olleri ?> many advantages as does this Ab loo in a I Suppoitci for iuvignratiug the system against every accident attending gestation. .Mrs. L. ha. secured a intent. She begs^to refer to the follow tng einiuaui genu* mm of the Medical Faculty:?Dr. Francis, lit. Pond, Dr. MeDoua'd, Protestor Glllinan M D, Protestor Parker, M D, A. C. Castle, M D, Dr. Nelson. Dr. Moure, J. W. Fraud*, Si D, J, O iWl, M D, J. W. Moore, M. D, J. Nciliou, M D Country m-rchsntt and dealera supplied wholesale with Corse;!, Bells, aud br-Cet, on sdvantageous terms. s6 iinjr I STOVES! STOVES!! BAVKVS' PATENT RAREFIER, fill FRUGAL HOtfSEWARMER. rl'IiK Proprietor, in oll'rring this valuable stove to the public, 1 would briefly ?t .te i imr of the advantages of heir improve menl. which consist chiefly iu llie follow ing particulars, vis:? h?To obviate the evil of ia- i?To be capable of aflordpure aid uoiious gas in the ing a mild or an intense hest. bnrnine ofanthracite coal. 6?To*foid all lucotenieuce i?To generate and diffuse from dust, a warm aud wholesome ai- 7?l'oprnme the air of the inoaplmre iu place* e*,ioted lo apartir.'ur pure aud wholedamp and cold. aoinr. J?To icssou ihe risk of aeci- 8?And lo uuile with all 1 ut by hre. tkose esccllent qualities. an ?To be quickly kindled elegant anil durable article ol an easily managed. lumiiure. . hi* ^to?e ?. constructed of the beti quality of Russia sheet no upon the cylindrical plan?tl.e furnace or fire-? hamber >ce pyiag a pert of the centre cylinder, to which i* attaclied an atm phene Rarcficr u|Miti e tch aide, of a tubular furin, and lined tnroiighoai. The heat that is created iu the chamber passe. between the lining! of the two rareliera (or radiators aa they <e called] into the base at the bottom, amis current of air continually rushing through the tubes, which are left opeu at each end for that purpose, carries a great amount of rarefied or warm air into the apartment. The purity and softness of the air in a room heated by this store are peculiar and remarkable, the heat beiiw diffused from a great eiteni of surface moderately heated. The heated air, on entering the wings or aides of the stove.desceeds and spreads orer the entire sarface of the nasr at the bottom, keeping the colder portion of the air nett the floor in constant circulation? in the meantime preserving it rniirely from contamination, rendering this Stove perfectly safe and agreeable for apartments of inralids, sleeping rooms, he. Mauufac ured by J.St t. BACKUS. S4 Bowery, NT. Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with raritiera ; also die new kitchen companion cook store, warranted equal to any Injise tn this city. ?27 Im'm " NOTT'S STOVES DEPAlHr J y KICHAHD AYLIFFE, established nine lv years a' 46 I uham street, New York. K A. has Noil's, and other Store .which he ran icll a's very reduced price. Slows and pipe put up at the ahoriest notice. N. B.?Pii e constantly on hand. ?J7 lm"r NEW STOVE. SHEPARD'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. 'I'HE subscribers offer this day t.? the public, the office and f parlorsixr of ihrintw md splendid patent stove We ask <11 iu w -ut of stoves to call aud etamine it. It is by far, the most efficn at and sco. oiHieal stove offered for a number of p ars, and baa the approval of all who have seen It, and bida readiness in the course if a few days. In the mean time, the primciple of the stove, can be seen fully developed in the size txhihited. SHEPARD <k CO. Nott's Stove Warehouse, No 212 Water street. N. B.?A splendid assortment of Nott's Radiator Stove, the only stove in the market suitable for wrming dwellings, churches, hotels, public buildings, lie. A two story house can i'e warmed with three tons of coal, less thau one grate will consume Drums lor parlors and halls, in style and vaiiety unequalled in the ciry. Also the best wood cook store ever offered. 2b 1m "ec PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS, \1TARRANTKD to keepany length of time in any climate, ' viz'lobsters, halibut, shad, salmon, oy-ters, and cl imi, beef, mutton, veal, duck, chicken, turkey, be*f soup, mutton hrr.ih, chicken soup, ?z tail soup, mock and green turtle soup, vegetable soup, green peas, mushrooms, carrafs, turnips, pirsuiiis, tomatoes, milk, kc. kc., manufactured and sold wholesale by WILLIAM MULLANE, 07 lm*m 82S' Nassau st deafness. INVISIBLE VOICE CONDUCTOR. THESE instruments are to lie obtained at K 81 vlPSON'8, H, Aator House. Of a peculiarly simple constrnction, ihey merely require to be placed in the cavity of the ear to give iminedi la relief lo this disagreeable jnalady. I'ersons, nou-residrnis ol New York city, on the remittance of J dollars, can have a pair forwarded ny post, or if desired a single one for f2 38. NIL-Agcnt for the sale of SIMPSON'S EAR CORNETS. it lm*rc DXfeuchtvv ANG e R'S OFFICE, No. I Wall street corner Broadway.?Manufacturer of Oerman Silver la sheet,and faultless r a'ings of Aque fortis. Muriatic, Nitric and ryrol igneous Acids ; of Tin Solutions, extract Logwood, Labarraguir Chloride of Hode, of Lunat Caustic, 1'iussic A,.d; Liver of Sulpher, Iodides of Iron, Lend and Mercury. D.veuerrotyiie.Cheiiiicals,Ether, Ammonia, Urantill.y Lotion, Chloride of (told, Pliospli'te ol Soda,Ike. Infallible Poisons for Bedbugs, Fleas, Fly l'a|>er,Cockroaches Rats. Moths, Caterpillars, moschelnes; the compound chemical While Oil, Soap aud Seed Protector; Platira, Palladrine, O.I. fo I and Broose, genuine Harlem Oil, imported. ~ medical notice" JL'ST published, price 30 cents, by Dr. FAWCETT, of 198 Fu ton street, New York, The Oreat Consoler lot the Mind in Distress?a popu'ar inquiry into the conreaieu causes that destroy the physical energy and toe abil ty of manhood, with nheer alionson the baneful etlecte of solitary tiiuu grace, local or i onstituiio al weakness, nervous irritation, un-anmp tiou, and on the i>artial or total eilinction of the reproductive p we is. The Doctor is also author of anew treatise which is eic'ttsively written for the sensitive 'emelc, who, while she brink* abaahd at the idea of revealing her aufTefinua. nay nd in I'm page a a confidential and capable adviaer Dr. F. continue > to direct hii attention to trie entire eradication of ^onorrhtst, gVeta, strictures, nocturnal emissions, syphilis in it? worit forma, MtNM irritation, eotisii'ii.ional debility, and all iliaaaaea hrongnt on by solitary haoita. Female diaeaaea treated scientifically. Office IM Fulton atreet. -??PHYSIOLOGICAL. VfYSTRRIES AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, +~- Courtship and Marriage?an infallible Guide-Book for Married anil Single mattera of the utmost importance to the Ha man Race By Eugine Brcklard, ,V1. D. Among the ihings duty conaidered in tliia work are mattera of serious impoitaiicv to single and young married persona? The causes of, and cure for Sterility?The art of Beauty anil Courtship?The danger of anlitaiy piWUMg .and how tlirhr.hit may he removed?The cauara of Lore and Jealouay, with a remedy for radicating from the ayatem the ? ed? of a opeleaa or an uuhappi passion?Offspring, including inoilra for the propitiation or prevention I hereof?Testa for knowing the aelea of unborn children?Intermarriage? Peraona who ought and ought not to marry ?The moat aaaiarioua aeaaon for wedlock, kc. Price 71 cram For aale at 131 Fill ton atreet. and ?.V) BroadCORSETS?CORSETST" TUST RECEIVED at the New York CORSET WARE " HOUnE No. UJX Pesrl street, a large assortment of FRENCH AND ENGLISH CORSETS, which will be aold at greatly reduced prices, fVholetai* and Retail N B.?Dealer* in Coraata are invited to call, aa the whole lochia newly imported. MIX Pearl atreet, New York, oio im*m IEIt A 12. OCULISTS. GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. LADIES NEED NOT DESPAIR. A C. CASTLE. Dentist. 297 Bondway, N. Y., has a 1 aste (ur filling decayed hollow teeth, the efficacy of which h is satisfactorily ktood lite test ol public op niou for several j ears, it is put in ilie tooth while in a soft state, and becomes embodied with the tooth u? a compact solid tooth, thus preventing, IN ALL CASKS, the necessity of eauracikMi?the moat painful tooth c tu thereby be preserved. L idles of the first s'aml us in society give their testimonials in the most glowing terms. The editor of the Evening Post, 22d ult. says?'" It is admirably ad*|*ed lor tender teeth, arid uervous peraous, and Dr. Castle operates w11h great care and ability." Toothache Pills, one of whicli pot in the pain fa I tooth will effect aperinaneut cure. [From the Journal of Commerce.] DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL UPEKATION.-Dr. A. C. Castle has replaced, by a inost ingeuious piece of Dental Mechanism, the lost poitions of the upper and lower jaw Inure* and their teeth, shot away, in the case of Lieut. S. of tne U. S. N., who met with this seven casualty while pursuing the 1ldi.ius in Florida. We have seen letters from tne Lieut. confirm atory of this extraordinary cure and its entire success, which must he very ^ratifying to the Doctor. Di. C. also luscru artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressure. Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French and English AuiDassadois; Mr. Stoughtnn, the Simmsti Consul; Mrs. Genera! Gaines; General McCai'". B. A.; Lord Mor{>eth; Dr. F. U. Johnson, President of the Me Ileal Society; Dr. J. Torrey, Dr. J. B. Beck, Dr. J. A. Smit. , Dr. E. Delalield, Dr. Berger, Dr. Kissain, Dr. A. 11. Sttveiu, l>i. J. C. Cheen man, Ac. Ac. DEA fr NESS.?Drs. Castle and Edwarus{ Auruu, mi Br ad way, aueiiu to me cure 01 uetuuesi, anu an uuvuw (>?r.>-111111* to (.he ears. Aco'UUc Drop*. iurc cur# for lucipieul <L*alues*, noises, or collections of haru WSi in the ears oO hn*c i Diseases of the eye. H. K. IJIOSSI. OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. 2o7 broad way, Eutrauce in Kullon Street, opposite St. Paul', Church. ATTENDS TO DISEASES OK THE EYE, AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICE HOURS FROM 'J TO ti O'CLOCK. Having com ,l?iru in, studies of 5 year, with uR. ELLIOTT, Oculisi, and been sunset|ueiilty i ug.ig-d as hi, assistant, R. K Dio.,> i, enabled to undertake the treatment ot" all diseases affectum the organ* of vision. Term, moderate and graduated to tile ualure and extent of ihe disease. Permission i, given to refer to hi, late instructo., and also to some ol the most einiueut Preleasors ol the Medical Faculty m New York. N B. The cor trvated gratuitously >u4 j shanks, m: OCULIST, AND Profetvor ol Oph liilinic dinatoiny and Surger;, DIs* ?euc? of tin* Lyc Kud kltr, and linpcrfeclious ol V uion. Orticr 19' B OAtlw#y, corur Johu Hlreel, u,> sunrs. N. B?Doctor Shauht oeg* to inform fuse affected with Di*e-t?c? of the Eye or tar, or Imperfection* ol Vision, that, ou application at his otfi their catcs will meet with ih U sk li and treatmeut w.iich mual necessarily lullovs a inisl csteusive practice, ba?ed on au accurate anal -mical, ph>siological, and pathological knowledge of the the human Lye ami Kar, and ihat i.urt ol Optic* periaiuig to Vuiou. Office hours, from 10, A. M. to 3, P. M. daily,.Sundays excepted. tie Terences?The Medical Department of the University of the Cityof New York. sg" cod lm#r miscellaneous. milzlnery~g00ds. /"NARL KING?The well Itoown ai.d celebrsud Millinery , G sod Ladies' Straw Hat Mauufac urer to her MijeaU the Queeu of Euglaud, lesiuctlully b<ga leave to auimunce A the I Isdiea, that he has ou hand a uiost splendid variety ot rioti, plain and Tarktuu auibre Satins and VELVET HATS, I of various colore, and the latest and most admired Parisian fashions, such a, have never heretofore been exhibited at any 1 similar rtubli.liineul in the city. i THE STRAW DEPARTMENT is conducted, a, usuil, by himself, with great attention, and the | MILLINERY DEPARTMENT is under the supervision of the most ingenious American and Paiisian young ladies. Mr. KING is determined to keep np his reputation for taste Slid f.4M,iinii in Ins densrtrrienl. and will sell me hesl slid inOMt lasliiouable work lower than .uiy house in (li? city. 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Roman Strings lor Harps, Violins, Onitars, kc. All kinda of Musical Instiumenrs repaired- alt eod Insar TAKE NOTICE: i NFW AND GREAT INVENTION?FRANCIS'S HIGHLY IMPROVED MANIFOLD WRITF.RS.By this wonderful invrnrinn, a letter aud duplicate can be wiitten in one nperation, with more ease "nd greater facility than a ingle letter wuli an ordina y pen and ink To the mercantile, professional, a> d travelling rart of the community, <his truly great invention is of infinite value, as it isa meat saving ef umr, trouble and ipensr. The principal advantage to be derived from the manifold writer it, that s cony of any document may he kept without any additional trouble to rile writer, and w.llmm any neorssity of using either an inkstand or a pen. The instrument used fur writing it an agate lioini. consequently it never wear, by use. Fur nanks, insurance nffi :ea, merchants, men of business generally, lawyers, postma oeri, editors, ret>orteis, public officers, and all w ho may .)e desirous ol preserving copies of the r letters, d<> umen'e, Ac. with an imm use swing o< time, aud the satisfaction of h vmg sn exact copy ol what th< y nivc written, this will be found invaluible Francis's Manifold Writ-r hat now been in soccaaafnl operation two y-ars, during which tune the pro'uietor hu had thideasure of receiving the unfe gn d approbation of all who# -pprobnim it has cotne under. At the lat> Fair of the American lu litute the merits <d llie article Mere IMdwi itito by three of the most able chemtsts in the conutry, who pronounced it to 'v a very ingenous ane n.eful contrivance, and not liable ro ch urge co'ur by exposurr to air, moisture, or chemical agents. Conaeqgentlv a medal wav awarded by the Institute. The proprietor has lately made great improvements in this article. Tne paper is o' the best quality manufactured in the United States, be ng made for the manifold writer eipreaaly to hia order. The ruling of thi m, w Ipch has for s >me lime been thought impn.aihle. h i it length been brought to peritenon for which a cop.ngnt has bei n secu ed. The copying books M centa and qpw ard?. 8l? lonere and Country merchant* in general will find it to their .uW tntage to procure the article,?a they not with a leady tale. A liberal deduction made to thoae who buy by whofcaalr. Nrwapapera or mtga/inea throughout the cnuntr- copying the abo?e enrim will nut alteration or abndgemect (including thia notice) and giving it twelre inaide in.erinma, ahall re criee a cony aulj otto thci' order by aetiding a paper contaiuin* the *d??rtiaement to the office of the snhecriber. LKVV.s FRANCIS. 81 W.ll.em aTctt, oil Im^r comer Maiden Lane, New York. TERRAPIN* LUNCH. UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM GOURMONDK' QUI VIVE! THOUSANDS | of our good cit?. lovera of good fare, have been lor i aome weeka paat euflfenng aeeere diaapitomtrnen- from the , doting of the far-fimed "Terrapin l.uneh." The "fitful fev.r." ia now. howeeer, near, and agaiu may they "fend Well," for be it kntwn th it the John Adanta, of Kuicherbock- . er memory, "hanga liia hat" uo at the Terrapin ; alao the proprintor. one of the lineal little fellowa in Chriatandom, y'elept W J Carr. Now, tlten, atnack your li|ta ve cormoranu in the Turtle Soup and aleak line , the mantle of 'Sandy' hat fallen ' upon John, to perfection, in good eating and ilrinkuig may be wain guaranteed at the Terrapin. A aingle look into the old ' ,7lre Sot," will appeaae the hnnger of him with the ahort t puree, and a taale of the gennina at half the old pricea will tickla the palate of the eeriest anchorite. i Pine Green Tnrtle eerved np thia day, apd every day during the eeaaou. oil lm*m , GENTLEMGNS LE'PTOTF WAkDROBE. , GENTLEMEN or Familiealaying aaida article! of wearing ^ apparel, and wiahing to diapoae of the aame for caah, can I obtain from the anbtcriber 30 par cent more than from any other ] pereon. Ta ladiee and gentlemen ahont leaving the city being encum- I bered with a anperflnona wardroh-, will find It much to their adrantageto aenil for the aubacriber, who will attend them at (heir reaidence by appointment. A line addreaard to H. LEVETT. nor tm I rtury u nnu r rtL'L'i/'ie will bepunctually atten-'ed to. ol21ri*r WATCHES, CLOCKS. JEWELLERY AND R1LVER VV W AIIK -1 hi nndrraigi.ed have * large aaeortmenl of fin* Watcher, nf every deaciiption, from Horn* of the beat | mannfacturera 10 Km op*, all warranted firat rate time a'Ip'endid aMortment of fine French Mantel Cloeka; alao | warranted fir*t tale lor time. A large an 1 valuable aaaortment of rich Diamond and other Jewelry. I ' And hileer Waie, a large aaaortment, all warranted of the I fineit ?il?er and heat of wo kmanthip. . All of which they ar? determined to aril at pricea very much I reduced Irom lorin. r ratea .... M E. A S. 8 ROCKWELL. 9 Aator Howe- n Watch?t of rf d#scnption carefully repaired F^r ruND" h ? ji V LD. Prion Two Coots Foorlcrlsm. To the Eiiitoi or the HsaaLD :? I vtai extremely pained to *e? in your paper of Monday the folio s ing statement with ragard to the Doctrine of Association. Vou ?ay: " They are to hsva no church! uo clergyman! no church service ! no appointed time tor diviue worship of any kind ! So form of religion at all !" See. Your paper has, as I am well aware, an immeiue circulation j the atiove statement w ill ho read by thousand* of persons, and a* a consequence thousand* ol persons (with the exception of those who are acquainted with our doctrine) w ill at once be deeply prejudiced against it. Permit me to state explicitly : 1st. That Association will maintain all individual rights ?tho tirstof which is Individual Property. Todoinis, the personal and real estate ol au Association?that is, it* lands ed I lice Hsl-lx Of mill I... r.,,........ ,1.-1 ho iln/li At. vtdud into shan't, a? are oauks, railroads, kc. at present, and each individual will own stock proportioned to the amount of capital which he invests. Jd. That Association will respect and maintain sacredly all true and legitimate sentiments or moral principle* in man?the most noble and elevated ot which is the Reli?;iou?.Sentiment. Divine Warship is the external minirstation ot the Religious Sentiment, and Association will give to both the greatest purity and the highest dignity possible. The religious sentiment glows with deep intensity In the hunun soul, but it is sadly smothered in our present societies by poverty, ignorance, harassing cares, excessive development o the sensua' tendencies, and hy vice and crime. Ill association?where a superior education will be given to every being, where the hearts ol nil will be elevated hy art and their minds enlightenud hy science, and where misery, vice and crime w ill be extirpated?will the religious sei.timent be less strong, less general, loss pure than at present. Will it, above all, be destroyed! 1 leave you to judge. The practical part of the doctrine ol Association is very easily understood. To n hundred or more families, who are living sep.irntely in a hundred houses?pay ing enormous rents, and going through a us> less repetition of domestic labor?we say unite and associate; obtain a tract of land on which to lor ate yourselves,and o? n the soil w Inch you cultivate. Erect a large edifice with suits #f apartments at various prici s, and separated by division walls, w hich you will rent instead ol isolated houses. Own the machinerj , so that it will woik for you and not sgslnst you. Couuocl agricultural and manufacturing pursuits? apply your labors and skill well?buy your goods at wholesale?establish ft multiplicity of occupation* s it*l to the tastes and capacities of both sexes and all ages? guarantee constant employment and the choice, of work to all -avoid all waste?economise in every w ay that dees uot interlere with comfort?and divide cquitblay the profile of your united labor, each receiving a share proportionate to the part which he has I ak- ri in creating them. We wish to give the people abundance and knowledge, and raise them out of the ale ol moral and spiritual destitution into which they are comparatively sunk. This can only be done by changing the present ) stemof industry or labor and the present mode of living, ami this cha n ge we advocate. It would be perfectly lulse, best ing silly and impolitic, to wish to do aw ay w nbrtligion we should as soon think of doing away wiih irirud bip or the patrrnal leeling. A. BRISBANE. Remarks ?This ie the reply of the new philosopher. We give it for what it is worth. It does not materially alter the general view we gave of Fourierism, or its connection with political movements For the first time made in this country. Probably the famous prediction of " #2 per day with roast !>eef," cannot be realized till society be reorganized on the Fourier principle. Be it so. Go ahead, Horace Greeley?go ahead, Albert Brisbane. You are perhaps beginning as great a social revolution here as Rousseau and Voltaire did in France. Revlsw of Books, Ac. Cathouc Expositor. ? 168 Fuhon-ttrtet.?The eminent talents of the editors must secure this a large circulation. Nassau Monthly.?Princeton, N. J.?We are pleased to see that this excellent periodical has reached the 2nd volume. Harry Laden.?Boyle, 122| Fulton tirttt. ? A most strange, but excellent tale. New York Legal Observer.?Owen, 42 Ann itrert.?A good work, and much wanted. Life or Washiroton.?Curry, 166 Broadway.? ?Let every one buy this invaluable workYoung People's Book?Pott, .88 Bowery.? A most excellent periodical. Hunt's Merchants' Magazine.?This periodical improves in useful and instruct.-, e matter as it advances in popularity. The present number contains many choice and well written articles, to which are added the latest law decisions in important mercantile cases, in connection with valuable statistical and other information bearing upon commercial matter*. Many articles are exceedingly useful, from the quantity and aariety of matter of reference, applicable to the every day transactions of life. Lady's World or Fashion?Pott, 88 Bowtr ? A cheap and beautiful work. The frontispiece is most admirable. Six Niohts with the Washinqtonians? Godty ff M'Michael.?Tales that should be read bv all that have ever been intoxicated. They are thrilling. Handy Andy and Hector O'Halloran?Applefon, 200 Broadway.?No. 9 of the former and No. 6 of the latter are out. They increase in interest. Our Mess?Carey tf Hart.?Harry Lorrequer has excelled himself in this work. Urk's Dictionary of Arts, &c.?Appleton has published the 17th No. of this capital work. Ormuso's Triumph?Blakt, 54 Oold tlrttt.?A strung and curious poem, that will repay perusal. Blackwood ? Maton.?Ihe richest number of the year. Benti.ey?Maton.?There - two or three papers in this September No. that are worth the year s subscription. Democratic Review?Langltyt.?A food number. The paper on "Author Booksellers," shows talent, learning and research ; we know not the author, b it whoever he is, he ought not to let his pen lie idle. Bronson and Whitlier have good articles here. Thames' Companion.?Snowden, 109 Fulton t/reef. ? A very good number?'he plates are very excellent. E-ther Wilson Riid the Lines io a Wild Ross are beautifully written Knickerbocker por October.?A glorious old number, find th?* Editor's Table has as much talent as the "Nodes" ot Blackwood. The Czarina.?Harptrt ?This is a very neat ami cheap edition ot Mrs. Hofiind's delightful historical romance. Sold for 25 cents. Episcopai. Family Monitor ?Ijockwood, 6 John ttreet?A very excellent periodical of its class The Expectant.? Wilty Putnam.?This is s most charming novel, by Ellen Pickering. Young People's Book.?Pott, 38 Bowery ? Every parent should buy this. American Journal of the Medical fcrrncxs.? Iau tf Rlanrhard ?The Octobsr number of this valuable work is out. VTV1 ,.?.o Atn^ll lias nuhliahiftH 44 HP.air uahv tim?* Mi** Lucy " a very humorous bnliad as sung by I Miss Taylor The City Guards Quick Step, and I Review Quick Sirp, with beautiful muaic by r. H. I Brown L)uboi? hi- published a charming ballad I by Sinclair, called " Come sit thee down." I Ubb*S Dictionary of Arts?Atfjdrtim Co.? i The l?'h number of this valuable work is out. I Knink on Imprisonment por Debt?Gouid and i Bankt?This is a very valuable and well written I pamphlet, by Asa Kmne, one of the moat ttaeful men I of the day, and the author of several popular law I works. I D'Arblay's Dia*y.? Carty and Hart?Ho. 4 of i :hia most charming work is out. I Sotthern Literary Messenger, por October I -As usual, the best Magazine of the month. The I ' Liberties of the People, flee.," " Love Sketches," I ' Way of the World," " Scenes in the Army," and I " Knights of Malta," are all most capital articles. It I m equal to moat of the Kuropean magazines. I American Almanac, for 1843 ? CnUnu ir Co? i This useful work cannot be spoken too highly of. It is the best Almanac in the world; ita statistic ?nd tables are invaluable, and no library, no count ing-house merchant, mechanic, manufacturer, or private individual ought to be without it. Ricord on Vrnerkal.?P Gordon^?A very good i translation of this able work by Dr Donne. Collins' Miscellanies -Carry * Hart -Full of well written essays on celebrated characters. The Rose.? Apfdctm.?'This is amort beautiful I little annual. Ft contains 10 plates, and 41 admira- I I,I,. pieces in poetry and prose ; and is got up in a I most elegant manner It forms a beautiful fall present. B Sazton's Stenography?We shall look this I >ver. B Indication?Published by Lockwood, in John I (reet Its principal contributor is John Neal. The I rork is issued monthly, and is invaluable to young I pen. It iaa aell-inatructor I Tyroi.irnne and Morien Oaiop, by d I Veisi.? Juat publishsd and adapted for the piano. I 'he Tyrolienne Waltz has a beautiful andante