Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Ekim 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Ekim 1842 Page 1
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TH Tol. VUl.-la.4U4) --Whole No. 3141. REGULTAR PACKETS. ilf& iflffc passaoeVromand REinTrTRrE to BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. 'T'HE tubaertbrra continue to make to bona out A i'vi?kfunrr? I'ioiu the Id country, by stiipi ' * rml c %*! all American. built,and comm*udea by men Ion* ana liror?Di> known in the trade. The vcm?-U coinj osing thla Hue tail weekly from Liverjool, coiueiiutoiily all unnecessary delay to pattender* is avoided. ,. . _ Tcrtont abrm to make engagements for friends to emigrate the ?neu.M will ?t?Av tlwir own interest. and the in lereat auil comfort of their making ?uch engagements with tlx subscribers, asno cmiw or puu art ipsird to eaiu that preference which has for tnuiy yearj been eitc-ndsd to them. As lias always breu customary with tins line, when the parties settled fur decline coining out, the [tasstge money is promptly refunded to those from whom it was receired, with out deiluetioo. A free passage per su ainhoat from the earious ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can likewise be setured. For farther particulars apply to 9AMUF.L THOMPSON, Old Established Passage Office. 273 Pearl St., Orto C. OR1MSHAW it CO. 10 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Dralt* and Eschange at sight, and for any amount, are also furnished on R. C. Glyn It Co., Bankers, London, C Grimahaw it Co., Luerpoo'; the Northern Ranking Co. nd National Bank of Ireland. National Banc of Scotiawi, payable at their respective branches: as follows NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Athloue, Dnngarven, New Unas, Bsllina, Kunis, Roscommon Ballinasloe Enmscorthy Rns rea Belfast Fermoy Sligo Boyle Gateway Tallow Carrrck on-Suir Kilkenny Thuhea Cashel Kilruah T ipperary Castle oar Limerick T alee Otstleieajfh Long'ord Tuam Charleville, Lougluea Waterford ' ounial .Mitchellslown Weapon Cork Moute Weafoid Dublin Neliaue NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY.. Belfast Lurgen N T Limerary Deny Armagh Ballemena ih Dewnpatrick Maghersfelt Clones . I iaburn Coleraine NJtTfONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Fortwillinm Kirkwall An^rruther OlIlgMl Langholm Amine Glasgow Letlh Baotf Grentiwn Lewick Buhgste Hsrwiek Montrose Bsrutislsnd luvemeas Nairn C?stle Douglas Lpverary Dalkeith fijveakeithing Purtres Dingwrll Jebugh Proh Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee K-lson Htouswsy Falkirk Kirkaldy StormDess Foireit Apply assboTe. lm*r NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. {SECOND LINE.) - m M. M. thiiTm^^TT liereanertrdTe Nev^YorTju the Island Havre on the 16th of each month, as follows : From Nrw York. From Havrt. I The new ship ONEIDA, t 1st Meach t 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Funck. f 1st November? 16th De'ember Ship BALTIMORE, I l?t ApnF I 16th May Captain { 1st August < 16th September Edward Funck. f Dt Deccem'rf 16th January ShinUTlCA, lit May ( 16th June Captain '' lit Septemb'r < 16th October Frederick Hewitt, I lit January ( 16th February New shipST.NICOLAS, ( 1st Juiie ( 16th July Captain '. lit October < 16lh November. J. B. Pell, f lit February' 16tn March The accommodation! of these ships are not surpassed, combining all tltat may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage ii (100. Passengers will be lupplied with every requisite, with the exception of wiuei md liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than (he expenses actually incurred en them. For frenrht or passage, apply ta a? BOYD A HINCKKN^ Agents. 9 Tontine Buildings. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ulfiL jSisSL wfgy rPHE OLinJTSlE of Ps^5S!?Liverpocff^^Kreafter be a- despatched in the following order, excepting that when the dny of sealing lulls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeednig day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, ( June 1 July 19 616 tons. < Oet 1 Nov 19 D. O. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug T 750 tons, _ < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Wait*, f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 MO tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 ? J. Rathbone, f March 1 April 19 The EUROPE. (July 19 Sept 7 <19 lone, < Nor 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall f Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 ill tons. / Dee 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, < Dee 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.I April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ; Sept 1 Oct 17 <50 lone, Jan I Feb 17 W.CBarstow.i May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, ISept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, c Jan 19 Mar 9 O.A.Cole. I [May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, aa regards the day of sailing, will be observed sa heretofore. The price of Milage nuiv ,1 is now ffted at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of event description wi^l be provided, with the exception of wines and liqaoss, which Will be i'urtiixhed bv the stewards. GOODHUE It CO., 64 South St., C. H. MARSHALL,, 31 Burling-slin, N. Y. JeH lyh BARING BROTHERS It CO.. Lspool. RAT I. NO A DS& ST FA M RO A TS. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. fjflKLzBEzEtsE. Fmr* reiiiMd to *43 ccnta. From loot of Ceurtlandt etreet, New York. (Every day?Sunday 11M-pted.) UivoNe* York Leavee Newark At ? A. M. At 1 F. M. At 7* A. M. At IK P. M UK do. 4 do. 8 do. 3* do. 4* do. do. 5K do. do. 11 1% do. ?. do M do. #N SUNDAYS. Krom the foot of Liberty- etreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At A. M. and i% P. M. At U Noon and 18 P. M. NEW YORK. KLIAABETII TOWN. Loave New York. Leave Elisabeth Town. I A. M. 7 A. M. ?P M. IK A.M. 4 " l*K A. M. 4* P. M lid M. ?" " s P.M. 7 " ?* " The trains for Weslfleld. Plainfltdd, Bouiulbrook, Hotnerville, |u:. connect with the 9 A M, 2\ and ?X P M trains Irom New Yoik, daily, Sundays accepted. Fan between New York and Elizabeth Town 75 renta. Fare boiween do and Somernlle, 75 ceuta. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced. From the foot of Liberty (treat, daily. Leare New York. Leare New Bmuawiek. At 9 A. M. At i% A. M. hi On Snndaya the 5K and 7>? A.M. tripe fro/n New Brnnawick and 2X P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Kaie between New York and New Brnnawick, 75 centa. Railway, 5# centa The fare in the 5X and 7>< A. M. train from New Brnnawick, and i\ and ?M r. M. train from New York, haa been re 4mc+a. New York and New Brunswick, to M centa. " and Railway to I7M. " Passengers who procure their tickata at the ticket office, y# ceire a ferry ticket gratis. Ticketa are received by the con doctor only on the day when purchaaed. _____ anil 3rr.? NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Nouwich awn Woncctrzn Kama am. From t'ler No. I North Mirer, Bailrry flaC". The new and splendid ateanibo, t NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dditan. will l-are every Tuead iy, Thnraday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. The new and >i lendid ateambont WORCESTER, Captain J. H. Vanderbi i, will lea?e eyery Monday, Wedneaday and Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Pasaeuf era for Boaton will be forwarded immediately on the amtal of the ahore boats at Norwich, and will proceed without change of car* or baggaare. For further information, enquire at the oAcc on the wharf, on bor rd the boats, or to ,,, , D. B. AIjLEN, 59 Pech allp, up atain. All persona are forbid trusting any one on account of the above boats or owners. o4 |me WINTER ARR/NUEMENT. NEW YORK AND PH11. AlJtL. eni A ? A l) ^INE DIK bCT * Via Newark, New Brunawiek, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Barlington ^THROUGH JN 8H HOURS. Wl" ;ir? imi, Hum inr 100101 siree I, (III Iy at 9 A M and P M. The morning Line nroeeeda to Bordentown, from thence by atramboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line ovoreeda direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without chance of ran. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Liberty atreet. where a commodious ate am bolt will be m readiness!. with hagvage cratet on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conreyed from city to cite, without being ope or J by the way. Each train la provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and diraainc moms etpreaaly for the Ladiea u>e. Hemming, the lines leare Philadelphia from the font of Chestnut alreet by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.aod 4 o'clock, T M. The Linei for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and I P M, h*ina a coniinoatiou of the linea from New York, ill 3m *r STATEN ISLAND FERRY 1,001 of Whiteh*" ,tr?et. ThH!t!!amboatf STATEN I8LANDK.K and SAMSON will leave New York aud Stateo Island ? follows-? NEW YORK. STATEN ISLAND. 9 9* II | ? All goods shipped are required to he particularly Marked, and ana at the risk of the owners thereof. o| r - E NE NEW "medicines. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE * PHARMACY. ? ESTABLISHED FOR THE I 3UPPKESSION OF QUACKERY, CJT AS inrt with the moat iiuprriadrnled <ucceu aiuer its com ** ncncement, particularly from the unfortunate yictiau o< utuiriuci|drd pretendere, who ere now daily gaium* al/eiutlh unl rnjoi uuurr the judicious treatment of ine Colleca- Th? follow lu*[preparations hare already obtuiucd a celebrity iutItanlelltd iti thr aunalA of inedicii**. EXTRACT OF SARSAPAR1LLA. Thia article has been prepared at great expense, accord i ng to me uew process of the Pariafau pharmaceutists, and it C onflden tly denominated th? seedy really valuable preparation of Sarsaparillanow o lie rod for sale in thia country Together w ith the active princ^le of the Smilas njfii ivain? the best species of the rooW-the College have incorporated that peculiar modification of sugar, which has been termed glycyrrhisin. In the "Kxtracu" of the nes trum.venders and certain dnirgwU, the common extiacf ol liquorice is the chief ingredient, ana can readily bede tected. Bu* it ia proper to state that in most casea thiextract of liquorice is adulterated, and contain* copper de rived from the pan* in which the decoction of the root is evaporated. The College with thus particularly to guard the public againat the pernicious tendency of mixtures, containing large quantities of thia poisoned liquorice. The " Extract, preiiereu bv the College, contains alto an i|>prupnatc junntuv ot the neculiar crvstallixable principle, ootaiueu iroin valuable vegetable bitter, Gentian, (so sailed irom Uentius. King of lllyrla, who first discovered its great virtues.) A small portion of the active constituents ot the Csuru* Sana fret, another vegetable, whose efficacy as aa alterative and purifier of the blood is well known, bas likewise been added. These several articles have been incorporated, and their peculiar principles compounded in a highly concentrated form, and the result has been the production of a vegetable alterative and tonic, unequalled for power and effic^ay. The College merely add the following extract from the editian just published of Brande's " Practical Dictionary of the Materia Medica? " Thia article has been prescribed in chronic rheuma tism? in obstinate cutaneous eruption*?in indolent ulcers?in glandular attections?in diseases of the hones, attended by dull aching pains, tumors and nodes?-vasting of the (lesh?and it has proved a valuable remedy, and lia? tornetimet effected a cure where other altera!ire* hove hern long administered in vain, and when the diseased state of the system has neen oj many years duration, inmea/.tr treatment of syphilis, and in casts where mercury has injuriously jj'ected the system, it possesses powers not hitherto observed in any other at tide of the Materia Medica" Sold in iikoli 75 touts each. " In Cask* or HaLr-a-DOzgn Botti.ii, $3 30. " " " ONE DOZtn " t) 00. Case* forwarded to all part* of the Union. N. B?-1 very liberal discount to wholesale purchasersTHE UNRIVALLTED TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure for all forma of dyspepsia, low spirits, lou o' appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, pre disposition to consumption, aud all complaints arising tram disarrangement of the uervious system. It may be also used with great success in cases of fever aud ague, ai d as a pre Tentative Is yellow ferer. Sold in bortles at SI aud (2 each. THE ANOPYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic pains, colic, bruises, sprains, spi oal disease, ucrvous headache, pains in the joints, slid imine diatr and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 73 cteach. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the core of all cases ol a delicate disease, or for pains it> the bones, eruptions, sore throat, or any other distressing symp turns, produced bv an injudicious use of inercuiy, or b auaekery. Sold in bottles at $l and $2 each. THE AMERICAN ANT1BILOUS CATHARTIC PILL For the cure of all derangements of the liver, purifying Un blood, ezeiting the whole alimentary canal to healthy acrion and giving new vigor to the vital powers. This meuiciue it eutirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum venders. tuv rruAi r avaTnRSTivr pit i For the care of those complaint* peculiar to the female sea ami to reatore ami preserve the regular actiou of the IVmal. oraaiu, with tall diiecrions ami cautions as to use, ami sold it boxesst $1, id cents, and 25 cents each. 8IK ASTLKY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, goat, chronic rheum* tisin. and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. +HE h KENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ?are got orrhoso, gleet, and all mucopuraleni discharges from the arc thru Sold in bottles at 50 cent* and 1 eac.V. The above prepiretions may also be had of the following sab-agents in this c i v:? J. W. Basset . 4 4 Jroadway. Dr. E. M.J j icn, 1T7 Bowery. Dr. King. 1< I Hudson street. Elias L X' r call, 548 Grand street. Wm. At matron*. 164 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, ol W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent _ PARR'S LIFE PILLS '"PHE immense increase of the sale of these Pills for the short X time they have been introduced into this country, is truly astonishiug. and a convincing proof of the conquering powrr of this fiue herbal medicine in remedying disease. At this season of the year, when the system is relaaed by the heal of summer, a coarse M this invaluable medicine will altar off toe sour sua bad bnmors which beat invariably gen-ratrs. The liver, which Sine rally get* sluggish, will be put into healthy action, and us be able to perform the functions allotted to it, the body altogether will be reinvigorttei, and pretiared to undergo whatever change the winter may bring on. In bilious coinjilaiuts. heavy colds and iuflammatious, they afford a speedy relief, nnd to the fema'e constitutions they axe particularly applicable, as many who have tried them can certify. In fact, every one who has used Pair's Life Tills seem to be instilled with new life, for their fine, tonic properties invariably restore the stomach to a healthy longing for food, sound sleep, and all the concomitants attendant ou good health. The eilent to which they aro used iu Europe, among >11 classes of society, is beyond conception, for more than 30 000 boxes are there sold weskly, showing that all who use them appreciate their worth. They are sold exclusively by the following agents, vix: ? Kushtnn & Asptnwall, druggists aud chemists, (6 William st. 110 Broadway and 10 Astor House. Abraham Saudis it Co.druggists and chemista.granile buildings, 273 Broadway, comer of Chamber at. P. Dickie, 413 Broadway .comer of Lispenard St. John B Dodd. druggist. Broad way, corner Bl eckerst. A. W. Badeax, Bowery Medicine Store, 260 Bowery. John C. Hirt, druggist, 341 Grand corner Norfolk st. Byrnes' Medicine Store, 63 Bowery, corner of Walker st. 1. B. Tripler, corner Fultou and Water st. Horace Everett, druggist, 367 Greenwich St., next the corner of r ratiKiin si. I k J. Coddingtoo, apothecaries, 227 Hudson steeet, comer of Spring ?l. E. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, 8S3 Bl-teckec it., comer ol Jone* st. J. Wrndovrr. druggist and apothearv, 141 Eighth avennr. Brooklyn?Win. Armstrong, seed, drug and pale at medicine warehouse. 184k Fulton at. And wholesale, at proprietors' office, T. rtOBERTS k CO.. Clarendon Hooae, corner of Duaue street and Broadway. o3 lm*r ABERNETHY'S BOTAMCAL. FILLS. /")NE BOX of these invaluable P.lls is worth ail the quack '' medicines adveitised for certain delirate diseases. Let the the unfortunate rest assured, that there is no eiagg, ration in asserting these Pills to be a speedy and radical cure for gnno rh<na,aleeu, irriration of kidneys, Itc. They were for several yeaia prescribed by the celebrated Aberuethy, in all stages of the abor I diseases. I j the first stages our box is usually sufficient to effect a euro in a few days. la long protracted chi mic stages, obstinate gleets, Ac. tlwy are rqutlly certain, having cured hundreds who had been taking other medicim s for months, which tended more t. destroy the constitution than to cure the disease. They never leave the parts subject to the troublesome weakness' which so frequently occur after using other medicines. They have no unpleasant taste or smell; and anyone taking tl em might frequent the most r? fined society without having their misfortunes suspected. They are camiioaed entirely of vegetable ingredients, which invigorate the system generally. For sale only in Mew York bv Wm. Watson, Apothecaries' Hall, 38 Catherine at., and in Brooklyn by Blagrove, druggist, Fulton at. oil lm*r " 1 pOO CASES IN A YEAH." USE the right medicine and be enred.?Ye who are weary of anffering from obstinate diaeaae or any kind ol weakness of the urinary organs, and who in disgust and disappointment have abandoned all hope* of a cure, are strongly invited as a last resort, to have recourse to the justly celebrated "Dr Cher j > Astringent Pills," whose failure in removing the disheartening complaint is unknown; more than 20.0M boxes have beun sold in N- w York alonu, and not one ease of failure has been related to any agent selling them. Has such a fact occurred froea n.. u? ol uiy other medicine I Answer, ye that suffer. Sickness, or genera) wasting of the body from any caaae, an speedily ameliorated, or in a snort time cured. For gravel, loai of control ot tl.c bladder, pain in the bach fmm diaeaae of thi kidney or proatait (landa, three pills are pre-eminently succcseJ. O. FAY, Whrlcsale Agent, New York?Retailed at T? and lOoFnltonat; dm; stores Broadway corner of Chamber at: Church cor of Chamber; I 'Si Bow-ry; <3 Bowery cor of Walkei at; 77 East Broadway: 18> Washington at, Boston; 776 Market a at Philadelphia; 4 Maiden Lane. Albany, 45 North Main-*t., Providonce ; and of (ieo Callow. Notches. I'rice fl per bos. Also, "Dr Poett's Kradicator, celebrated as the most certaia, safe and speedy core for gonorrhrwa. and certain complaints. a 16 lm? rc A CARD,?1 have often been informed by friruds that aom? persona, as wrll in my line of business as ont of it, jaaloaa of the , access I meet witn.bave directly anil ludirectly asserted that I was manufactarma mv wrll known l.t Norma brand, aa well aa other Havana and Principe Segars in this coantiy, and making other similar hints, 1 here with declare anch assertions mean fa srliooda, and auch individuals worse than highway robbers. M. RADEH, 44 Chatham street. New York. Sept. X. I Ml. a?t Hn*r TNOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC PACKAGES?No. 1, LJ for ,he cure of Oenorrhrci, uleeu, Sc.; and No. 2, lor the car-of Venereal Disease in a 1 its stages. have been nsed upwards of seven years,and in an instance failed to effects prompt enra. These packages comprise every medicine, wash, kc. required, adapted 10 alt the varied symptoms, so srrang <1 that the patient has bo difficulty i . aelf-trvatmmt.rhereby avoiding e*oosore or suspicion. Est h pk?e.contains Doctor Jordan a priiate treatise, " The Monitor,'' wherein is full directions, wuh a description of the nainrc, symptoms, consequences sod treatment of secret maladies, with valuable tnfor . ati n Being Complete, compact, and guaranteed in all cases, they are well dipttd for strangers, travellers, kc ; and to nlare them within the rca.h of all, the proprietor baa reduced the price to Three Dollars each package, which will be lorwaiiled (to pot! paid '"v" o' ly) i>ac?ed in tin casea, and free from observation 1 lie Mnuitor (alone) u .'<0 cents; for one dollar free it will h w nt also free. Sold for the proprietor, enly at I)rng Store I < Prince street,corner of Marion a few doora past Nibcao a J Private entrances and offices for consultation, 6?S ''Srion, one d< or below drag store Marion street it a direc.c ntinnationol Centre. oil lm*r TO THE LADIES. VjADAME COSTELLO. Female Physician, still continoet ,W1 fo Iran, with astonishing tueeesi. all diseases peculiar to females. Suppression irregularity .obstruction kc, by whatever cause uror.uced. can be removed ay Madame C. in a very sort time Madame C.'s establishment having undergone thorough repair* and altermticms for the better accommodation of hei nnmerour patients, she prepared to receive ladies on the point of confinement, or ihoee who wish to be treated lor oh atruclion of their monthly period. Madame C. can be conaalted at her residence No. 14 Liaren ard st, at all times, and with the strictest regard to sseresy All commnnicaunnaand letters mast be post-paid sit lm*rc __________ \fXLVK.Ts?Sepsr i?t black and blue blacli Lyons AHV v Velvets for merchant tailors juat received, aad for sale by O. V AHET, 44 Cellar a. up stairs. s22 !? " ' W YC r YORK. THURSDAY M MISCELLANEOUS. * CKOTON WATER. DEKS )NS who have not had pipes introduced into their * houses, should lose no lime in having it done before the cold and frotty weather. 'X"lie aubecribera have now onhaud a atock of pure lead, cumposition and tiu'd ill- lead pipe, which they are prepared to turnish and put up iu the inott ri|iediiioua ami workmanlike manner, auc on th- most leaaouable lerma. Brihg practical plumm-re, thev will warrant wo k done hy them to be interior to nolle in the city. All kinds of lead w.ok and Hydraulics furnished aud tiled on the uioal approved principle. DL'rr k. I VERS, No. 1? Water at, jdt Im'r Neat 10 the cninei of Reek man at. ^ni .HAKI) Tl VIES.?Tne oulv reason th.t A. ?> St O. run assign for selling so ma* y boots and sh"rs at lha Clinton Boot ana Shoe Market, 204 Canal atreet, northe at corner of Hu Jinn atreet?when rirouit every body compliin< of hard times, is. that they keep roods of the baat quality, and sell them at pricea to suit the limes, audit act uis as if almost every body had found tliia out. If any who read this should not vet hare found out the store, the sooner thay come and try the soonr ihey will reap the adtran agr Almost auythiay that is wonted iu the boot and shoe line, cf any size, color or quality, can be found here cheap. o4 ltn*m A KNOX It CO. 204 ' anal street. DRESS BOLTS?Latest p'tench Style.?Thu subscriber reaywctfully invites citizens of New Vorfi, and strangers visiting the call at 114 Fulton street and ezantiiie a large assortment of Dieaa Boots, made in the latest fashion, and of the finest French calf-skin, Gentlemen can have boon made to order in the beat manuer at M,00 i?r yatir, warranted equal to any made at $7 JO, and aa the undersigned takes drawing ef tne feet and keeyia lasts for each customer he can ensure an easy vet handsome lit. i/ousuiuuv on iiuuu, r,ic lioots. arc. at ins following UHeeii MICM ? outs noul nr.ota. Iroin $7,00 to (.00 Inutile tsolc *' water-proof 'j ,h| to 7,50 Call, oreas " to 6.U0 burl " : ,** to 2,75 Half Boots, 5,00 to (.50 Shoe., 1.50 to 250 Dancing Pumps and Slippers, lie., proporciouably low. Terms,cash on delivery. JOHN L. WATK1NS, s27 l.n'm 114 Fulton st. between Nassau and Dutch PARIS BOOTS ANDILA3TS MADE TO OHDEH, By E. SUSER, 146 Broadicay, Naar Liberty Street. E. 8USEli. Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an ^BPR^R"Klvr" ol Lderca of Paris, begs leave to inform his friends and all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "chauasure," that he can now make, in New York, with the beat French materials, all that is so perfectly made, in Paris, by his master the celebrated bootmaker f'lerce, whoss numerous customer* on this side of the Atlantic, are respectfully invited tout SUSEK'S hoots and lasts before they despair of i ring "chans see" in New York after the nices .latest Parish fashion. Also, thegeuuiue Paris Jet Black Vani'sli sold. s251tn#m A CARD. M-OTICE TO THE LADIES ?The subscriber, so well oN known to the ladies ol New York for the superior a ale of Ladies Shoes and Gtiter Boots, begs to slate for the infor muion ?l Unites vim mg tlir city, a* wi ll as mcrrh.nts and other trader*, that hi* store i* No. 70 Lispeuard street, one 'trert below Can ;istreet, and near Broadway, where all can be *0|>plied at the shorten notice, aud onflUie fmosl liberal term*. Wholesale :ind retail. SAMUEL ALLEN. Far getting up the article ol Lailics Shoe* and Gaiter Boots we alway* cousidered sir. Allen tar supertor to any man we erer liad in our employment. THOS. LANE ?t SON, si J lm*r No. 70 Lisienard si. nesr Br-adwav. NOTICE TO FIREMKN, AND all others desirous of keepiug their Feet Dry and Warm the comina season. By railing at the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STOKE, N i. 114 Chatham street, tliey can be accomj modated, as tlie prourietor has on hand a full assortment of his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on hand a loll supply if all other kinds of Boot* at prices to suit the times. Also?'hat invaluable article Roger*' MetaU Elastic Heel Boot can be obtained at the Old Escliuire Boot Store, No. 144 Chatham*;. '78 lm?r THE EUREKA BLACKING. TM1I8 is a new article ol Blacking, possessing qualitie 1 greatly superior to all other kinds now in use. I( softens and preserves the leather, imparting a brilliant polish with half the usual labor required in the use of the common Blacking. It farther p< ssesaes that requisite so long sought for ID the peculiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, or mouldy by are. Dealers in Blacking are reqnested to call aud receive a sample of the article gratia, rerltci satisfaction warranted in every case. Manufactured and for sale by J.M.JOHNSON. No. 4 Spruce street,near Nassau, New York. N B.?A auperior article of Writing Ink is manufactured by J. M. J. and sold wliulesale and retail. s28 lm*r HIGH POLISH: LEE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is now universally admitted to be far superior to any yet iuvented for its peculiar preservative softening qualities to lira leather, and for its exquisite brilliant jet black lustre, properties entirely unrivalled. N. B.?For the genuine article apply to the only Warehouse, No. I John st, cornet of Broadway. CHAS. LEE, slO lm?r Formerly Lee k Thomson. GUNS AND PISTOLS. {>> EXCLUSl V R LY. -CO a JOSEPH. 14 Maiden lane, np stairs, importiLK avert tfor the ?ale ol Enicltoh. German and French double and tingle tarre! Fowling aud Ducking OlM, from ihe lowest to the tin *1 Qualities ; r utoU of every dNcripUOlL lor thim and other aiarkeU, embracing one hundred different kinds, all of which iic u nun |iir|"iicu iw uum m me indnamciuren prices, Dcinjj Xiuted agent for the largest houses in that line in Enrobe h enables him to sell at eitremely low price*. A large assorted stock of th* above always on hand. City and eoautry merchants are particularly requested U call, previous to makina their purchases. jygT lm*r ~ HIGHLY IMPORTANT. rpO MERCHANTS AND BANKERS?It should be im l pressed on the minds of every merchant and banker, thai his wnqle fortune may depend on his preserving his books and papers in ease of fire. This general Oestruc .ion of book safei in the great fire in 1831, led to the invention of the celebrated Salamander Safe which has repeatedly been proved 10 be lire proof. The great objection to Salamander Safes hitherto has been, that they are damp and will mould the books andpapen kept in them: this is n<>w obviatediu the Safe known as Robert son A Rich s Improved Salamander?which is warranted tc be dry as well as lira piDof. Annexed is the certificate ol the committee on the trial of thia safes? New York, Aug. 10th, I 111. We, the undersigned, attended by request a trial by fire ol Robertson A Rich's Salamander Safe and Scott'a Patent Asbestos Safe. The trial was made in a furnace of great powtr built lor the pur|>ose. at the foot of Wall .treet, on the Xth inst The principal object was to test the fire proof qualities of Rv> bcrlson A Ri' h's Safe. The safes were placed in a furnace, and the lira lighted at a quarter to 11A.M., and continued till 4 P.M. In opening the I'nruare at that time, "eon's Safe, with it* contents. was found to be Completely destroyed, but Robertson ll Rich's Safe to be in jierfret o- er; t H the iron at the lower part of Robertson and Rich's sale was discovered to have melted "ll, leaving ihe Salamander Preparation lirm and entire; in removing thi sale,before the file was entirely eitinguished.the bottomww accidently forced off by its adhering to the bars of the furnace, thereby exposing the inner case t< the fire, part of the na sen wrre consequently burned.and the remainder slightly *corcfied The heat *u an intense tnat the wrought iron frame, t>>e cast iron wheels of the safe, and even the bricks of the furnace melted, yet the greater part of the mahogany case remains sound and uninjured. Liming the fire hours the fire was burn' ing, Tout and a half loads of ptne wood and niuety-ali bushels ol charcoal were consume". The preservation of any of the papers in snch an intense heal for tire >uurs is conclusive evidence that this safe wonld be proof against fire in the burning of any store or warehouse.? Judging from the res lit of this ezperimeut.we think Robertson and Rich's Sale equal to any yet invented rot the preservation of books and papers from fira, and entitled to the confidence of the community. JOHN W. LEAYITT, E. D. HURLBUT, j. B. VARNUM. Hav n* witnessed the trial sllnded to in the foregoing state ment, I am v ry certain that Kobcruon It Rich's Chest wonld have escaped mat armed from any house burning I ever personally wilneaaed, even in the moet eipoeeil situation. JOHN O. WINTER. A. 8. MARVIN. Bole Agent, _s!3 lm?r No. IhlS Water St., N. Y. SELF COCKING PISTOLS. D LUNT It 8YMS, Importers and Msnufscturers, No. 41 L> Chatham street, tuvr on hand a large asa.-rrmeut ol the 811 Barrels If Revolving Sell Cocking Pocket Pistols These pistols have the advantage overall other* of the kind bj tlie impoaatbility of losing ihe cape, the nipples being placed tr t horixoolal direction,anJ there being no cock in the wav t< prevent taking aa correct sight as with the ordinary pistol ol gun. The above pistols can be furnish* d lower than any otherl in the market, at wholesale -ir retail. We have aa great a varie ry of other kinds oI Pistols as can ba found, with Rules, U. S Vloskets, for shipping ana military; Prize Mutki ta, do: Fowl >tut Pieces, single and double; ritra large size duatde and singli (Juns for dnckmg, together with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bags Caps, Locks, Barrels, Ac., Ac., in large or small quantities. N. B.?Coontry di alers aie requested to call and eiainioe oui assort men I before iiurehasmg elsewhere. si Im'r PARS ELLS & AGATE. MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, Jcc. I'HE SUBSCRIBERS, in addition rn thrir format stock ol J fashionable goods, see constantly receiving by every new arrival from Parts and London, a supply of the most rich and fashionable Scarfs and Cravats. Their aaaortment ot faahiona t,c Stocks, Scarfs, Cravats, o ady made Liuen, Olovaa, Suspenders, Hot ier>, and all articles aimer Laming to a gentleman'i wardrobe, are rich and varied. They respectfully invite then old patrons and strangers fisitiaz this eity, to call at the old loss and favorably known and make their selections. PARSELL8 A AGATE, 111 Broadway, hetweeu Park place and Marray st. They wou'd purtirnlarly recommend an Elastic Suspender, wiih the patsnt buckle, of their own manufacture, which Ik durability and comiort. cannot be sar|>assed. The iinpro red Minerva Brace, intended to brace the shoulden and eipand IIM cneit, ar* ntgmr recommended by in* medical lacully, and mil be found indiapenaible to perwus who art inclined to l-vml forward; and in fact to all indiriduala of sedentary hnbna. Paicuu and (iuardi-ua aie i-ailicularly requested to aismiuc Uiia article, at it will be found or immense adratitagw to hildreu of either ??i who hare acquired III* habit of stooping. PAHSKLLH k AGATE continne tne manufacture of ihew Celebrated Russia Kidinc Belt. all lm*m -T?0 PHYSICIANS, Ok MEDICAL. STUUENTB.1 Wanted either a Physieiau or Student who may hare nearly complete ) hia studies, aad contemplates graduating at the approaching'arm of medical lectures in tin* city?to lake an nlerrat in an old and we*l aatabliahed medical office, the huaineaa and income (being a caah business) of which it second to no other iu the city, or parhapa in the United Statea. Any gentleman who may deatre to treat with the adrertiaer on the tub irct of thin notice, will pleat* apply at 12 Peck Slip a If t DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOORAPU1C ARTISTS FA. ABTAULT k CO-, IM)< Fulton atraet, oppoaite St, Paul'* Church, reapertfnllv inform their frienda and the public, that they havjuat reeeired by packet ahip Aran, an inroie* of _ , _ I riot) Daguerreotype F ronch Plates A new supply of the beat and neweat patterns apparatus 100 ouncea bromine SO oiinen bromine of iodine JO pound* hcpro?olphate of soda SO gramme* ol Chloride of gold 100 pounds of tripoli of Teniae SO ounce* chloi ide of iodine And the new bo"k containing the lateat improrrmrnta if 11 , Daguerreotype. o* C?iet P)R. BRAD9H A W has remored to N>. M Wareen < free I ^ tDlU/i IRK 1 ORNING, OCTOBER 20. MISCELLANEOUS. THE ~NE"W YORK XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS, 4? MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS. FN THE EXTENT of the vanelie* iu ihi* detriment the I proprietor u?ay safely challenge comnelition with *uy n'her es'abluhiiieiil iu the world, and I> <> un.rr hi* own immediate superintend mce the nio?l ikilful workmen, and all the irijuiai e man-rials for executing every descupliou ol Xylographic Engraving anil P raiting. Original Dr?igu* and Plate* of every description eucmed iu the lira! aty e of ihe art, and beautifully printed in oiouxe or Fancy Color*. Druggi.u, Perfumer*, Manufacturer*, Grocei* and oihei Label*, constantly on h..nd, wholesale or retail, and all art.cles couiiected with the trade. Job Print inf iu eeerv variety of style executed i u the beat mauuer to order, andou the most reasonable tannx STEEL PLATE AND COPPERPLATE ENGRAVING AND PRINTING Note*. Check*, Draita. B i It of fclxchtufe, < trlificatem of Stock, do DeP*?tite. Bluikt or nroftsaiuiuiL wt?il.l*i>7 aud vuii Ung Cards, bv&liv eugrarcd and primed, m it oil notice, and on the most reaaonable terms. The lowest i>ossi'oie price ia char ged lor a II work doue at this establishment. All orders Iroin the country puuctuallv attended to, and ar> tides ordered, forwarded to any jwirt of the United Btatas, or the Canadas. a It I in * r (HAS. BdlKLP S, ProTrietor LEHIGH COAL delivered on board of ve*?els at Biiatol, P? uusylvauia? No. I linked Lehigh CoaJ, $j 25"j . e No. I Uuraked do )MI 5*'H*" o{ No. 2 Raked do 5M ri u' No. I Uuraked do 2 73 J ^AoH. The above mentioned Coal will be .hipped by the Lehigh Coal end Novigatiou (.'ompauv ALSO. No. 1 Lehigh ( oil delivered on board of canal boat* at Manuel) Chuuk, and i?ll free on the Lettish canal, at $1 IS per ion. by E. M. PATT^RnON, old Jt*r No 134 \V uhuiRton at. New York. artis t in Hair, ManuracTuaLD raou ( L.ADIK8* AN1> UfiNTLBMEN'l HAIR. IN five hundred different designs, necklaces, brareleta, watcb an irds, ear-rings, flowers, rings, wigs, >cal|?, Ac. fee. Ladle or gentlemen having hair ol a living or deceased fnend, can ge. it formed by him tutu any design the mind can conceive?ia Mich a form it will be a keepaake invaluable. A. C. BARRY, 148 Broadway, cor of Liberty street, up stairs. N. B.?Individuals resident ia the Country or living at an inconvenieul distance from the city, can have all such orders promptly executed, by forwarding through the medium ol the l>oe( office the hair to be faihioueu, with a drawn an 1 specified design ol the workmanship, aud e?cli).iug from five to twenty do lus, accoidirigto which sum the ?uperiorit> ol manufacture and sty le of mouuting in gold will deiiend. All such communications lo > c io.' paid. A C. B. ol lm*r M A RTELLE&HOLUERMAIN N \\T IL I. OPEN, ou Moudav. October 2llh, 1812 at their ea" ublishment, :>7 Maiden I tue, their new style of Held, juit recused per ship Burgundy, consi.liiuc of Ba'ea's Turoans and Bonnet I olonais. betidea a variety ol othe Head Dresses and Ornvtnents, such ss Pearls. Flower, Feathers, Lama Scarfs, Hold and Silver Fringes, Ac. sol3 Iw*ec TEACHER OK THE FLUTE T MONZAM, SS 1'hoinpaon street, give* iiistructloss on M. the Mute Teruis $15 ik r quarter. TO, FAMILIES UOINO SOUTH. the VVi.t inuiea or Europe ?A respectable female, 21 years of age. wishes to obtain a permanent situation as seamstress, in a genteel I'maily. She would preler going to Europe, yet would accept of a good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The best ol references giren. Address A. A. A. box 763, upper Post office, N. York. "lOr STAWTOF N LW YORK?SECHt I AHk'B OFFICE ) ALastsT, Aug. 31. liU. I TO THE SHERIFF of the City and County of New York ?Sir?Notice is hereby giren, that at the ueit General Election, to be raid on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of Norsmber tint, the following olhctrs are to be elected, to w i : A Oorernor and Lieutenant Oorrrnor of this State. A Senator for the first Senatorial District, to supply the vacancy which will accrue by the exniration of the teun of service of Gabriel Furnisn, on the 1st Jav of December next. Also, the following Oily ami Connty Officers, to wit * Thirteen Members el Assembly. and a Register lu the place of J. Sherman Brownell, whose term of service will expire on the last day of Decrmber next. Yours respectfully, 8. YOUNG, Secretary ef Statu. The above is a true copy of a notification received from the Secretary of State. MONMOUTH B. HART. Sheriff of the City and County of New York. Sheriff's Offiee, New York, Stpt. 10, 1842. All the public newspapers in the county will publish the above once in each week until the election. See Revised Statutes, vol. 1st, chap. 6th, title Id, article 3d, part 1st, page 140. ol0lN8r_ DEFORM YOUR STOVE BILLS-Economy aud utility XV being tke order of ttie day, ilie subscriber has determined to sell St 'Vcs at the lowest possible remunerating prices; hit Column Parlor Stove, answering all the nurpoaes of the grate, with half the trouble and > X(ien?e, suitable lor sitting rooms, wishing to purchase. His assortment of cooking Stores are not surpassed in the city, for cheapness end superior style oi conarructieu, combining all the requisites fur kitchen use, and a great saving of fuel, which is au item many persons orerlook in selecting stores. He solicits honsekvepeis ?nd others to give him a call at the office of the Warren Furnace Company, No. 22 Fulton street, N. Y., before purchasing i Isewhere. As this company msimfeeSnre ihtjr store*, purahaaar* will not be sueject-d to a tax by buying Irom second hands. Their asiortment consists of air-ligh', cooking aud parlor Stores, Pumps, Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, lie., wholesale and retail. Orders for resting, solicited. J. V. TlHBE lTS, old lm*ec 22 Fulton street, N. Y. ' FISK'S PATENT NOVELTY COOK STOVE rPHIS Store was pronounced last year, and ii this, by all 1 X who hare it, to be not ouly the best ever innnted, but thi ealy more they erer had by which baking, boiling, and roast ing, eon Id be dope perfectly, and ?t the same time. 1 his year the improvement has been such, that donbl-thr amount of cooking can b.-done, (and that t>>o to perfection] I than upon any other Stove of ihe raine size i for proof ol I which, you have only to cal i at Fist's 8'ove Establishment, , 2119 Water street, where any quan'ily rf references will be I given?and f"rchv, every Stove warranto!, or the mo> ?r refunded. Flsk'i Regulating Premium Drum for parlors. Hall , Drums, and hall, p-nor, and office stoves, and all the ordinary l cooking stove*, f r *ale cheap FISK'S Stove Estab'ishment, 209 Water street. , The above store, sol also the regulating dium.can now be r seen *t the Fair p but those d. siring stores, are requested ti ceil at th-establishment, wh-re they eau txamiae them to betteradrsnuge, 2C0 Water street. oil Im'rc r DEAFNESS. 1 INVISIBLE VOICE CONDUCTOR. HPHK8E inatrumenti are to be obtained at K. SIMPSON'S, X I, Aator House. Of a peculiarly simple construction, they merely require to be placed in the canty of the car to gire I aimed i te relief to this disagreeable malady. Persons, uon-residenu of New York city, on the remittance of J dollars, can have a pair lorwarded by post, or if desired a tingle one for SI M. N.B.-Agcnt for the tale ef SIMPSON'S EAR COR. NETS. at lm*rc MEDICAL NOTICE. TUST published, price ? cents, by Dt. FAWCETT, of " IK Fu'ton street, New York, The. Greet Consoler lor the Mind in Oratress?e popu'ar inquiry into the concealed causes 1 [Mi ursiroy int itnyticai vocrvy mi me ami ij- m maunoon, with obeer'atiouaoo the baneful elleeta of aolitary iuumceace r local or constitutional weakneaa, nervous irriution, ?.oi<sump tion, and on the partial or total eitinctiou of the reproductive I powera. The Doctor ia alio author of anew treaiiae which ia eae'uaively writlau for the iriuitive 'emale, who, while ahe brink* abash, d at the idea of revealing her auueiiupa. may i ml in ila pi<et a confidential and capable adviaer > Dr. F. continue< to direct hia attention to tn? enure eradicar tion of gonorrhcta, g'eets, strictures, nocturnal emissions. syphilis in ita worat forma, nervosa irriution, cnneiuaiionaj debility, and all diaeaaea brongnl on hv solitary haoita. Female diaeaaea treated acientifically. Office IK Fulton street. >23 lm*r i PHYSIOLOGICAL. ~ AAYHTERIES AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, A'-* Conrtahip and Marriage?an infallible Guide-Book foi Married and Single Persona, in mattera of the utmoel importance to the Human Race. By Eugine Bt-cklard, M. D. Among the ihinga Mf conaldered in thia work are matter) of aeriona importance to single anil young married persons? The canaea -if, and cure for Sterility?The art of Beauty and > Couruhii?The danger of aoliury practices, and how the habit f may be removed?The cauaea ot" Lore and Jealouay, with a remedy for eradicating from the at atem the aeedi of a gpMM | or an unhappv passion? Offspring, incladinx modra for the pro. pitiation or prevention thereof?Teats for knowing the aexea of , unboru children?Intermarriage? Peraona who onght and ought . not to marry?The moat auapicioua aeaaou fer wedlock, kc. , Price 7J ceau. For aale at IK Fullou a treat, and lj? Broad: CORSETS?CORSETS. JUST RECEIVED, at the New York CORSET WARE HOUsE No. 143M Pearl atreet, a large aaiortinent of FRENCH AND ENGLISH CORSETS, ' which will be (old it greatly reduced orice*. IVholttnlt and Retau N B.?Dealera in Coraeta are inviied to call, a< the whole lock ia newly imparted. Tearl atrret, New York. o 0 Im'm LIATDEN'S STEEL QUILLS ?The auhecribrrt nave lor a a. aalr, rome recently impioved modifications of theae egce! and , o.mlar Pena. The " Reiay Writer" is unanimously voted the Kin* of Pent ?combining eminently flexibility and per na..f nee. The " Diektiu" ia considered the beat pen fur the price in the ma ket. The " Union" cannot fail to auif every body. affording at 12h? cent* a card (at wholesale) aia different varieties of Pena. The " New Turk" every merchant will have in his counting room who has tried them. Together with the lamona Doable Patent and Combination Barrel Pens, with many others, for aale hy 'he agents. oil lm*re J. k P HAYDEN, > Plait at. NEW STORE. I ftOUTHOUY k NttVK.RS respectfully invite their friends I Cy aad the public generally, to C..II at 341 Broadway, and f lamine their aaaorrment of LAMP*. CANDELABRA. GIRANDOLES. Ac Silver, Plated and Britannia tvare, Table Cutlery, and Home- Fumithingr (ioodi, of every description. which they have mat opened, and now offer on sale at pn ea tnat cannot fail to satisfy puichaaera. Enjoying superior advantages in the selection and manufacture of their Lamps, Girandoles, C indclabra, fcc., C. k N. are enabled to offer them in great variety of i at'ern and finish snit1 able for churches, hotels, stores, dwellings and steam or sailing packets These last are a new and unst desirable article, well wor hy the attention of owners and shipmasters. Aitention is particularly invited to the Solar Lamp, so lastly celebiBted for its superior brilliancy tnd ee >nomy. This Lsmp, as tested by accurate experi* ents, affords twice the light of an Astra', while it bums lor an equal number of hours at half the expen-e, . . COUTHOUY k NEVKRS will keep constantly on hand a complete assortment of the articles shove enumerated, and hope hy their endeavors to meet the tastes and wishes of the puhtie, to merit a favorable sh-re of the patronage which is now s liei'ed for their establishment. nil Iwivfclwoa re PLORIDA TUND8? Union"fc?nk and Auutherni Trust Alar hams do Tuscaloosa, Mobile, kc., Illinois fnnda, Bute Bank and Shawneetown. bnnght atveryimproved rates. old tt#r N. 8I9TARE. J3 Wall street. tiACKE f 8HIPROBCIU8 from Liveri>oot?Consignees by A this sh P will please send their permits on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. All goods not permitted in five days will be sent to the pub'le r ? ? |"'*T SUGAR?too hhd. TO * oil itr M Bouth struct. IERA 1842. FOREIGN :EXTRACTS," SELECTED KKOM PAPERS BEOL'UHT BY THE BRITANNIA. Wilmer's News Letter of Oct 5, says?" Alluding to the treaty signed between ihe Unit-d S ates unci England, ihe Constitunonnel, which of course s|>eaks, in this iustunce, tlie language of M. Thiers, and lepresenla his unmitigated hostility to England, declares that France is now in the proper position to divest herself of he treaties ot 1831 and 1833, inasmuch as the conditions ol nations being progressive, are liable to those changes which demand a regulation and settlement of their relations upon new ffrannHa TKia innrnn) uluo (thuprvPH that the tre?tV relative to the right of search i9 virtually renewed annually, because the number of cruize re is appointed by the two govermnents every year ; and therefore France may. on any one of" those occasions, divest itself ol the iie.ity. Hut this is not all. The organ of M. Thiers ojienly declares that France should, without delay, compel England to grant, in a new treaty, the same provisions and advantages which she herself has laid down us the basis of her treaty with the United Stales. The language of the Constitutionnel may be taken as a specimen of the spirit with which M. Thiers will act, should he again succeed to power, and assume the portfolio of the Foreign Office. The Electoral College of Nogent de Koirou has thrown out M. Sulvandy, who formerly represented that district M. de Salvandy, it will be remembered, was the French Ambassador at the Court of Madrid, to whore insolent pretensions the high-spirited Regent would uot give ' way. He is one ol the editors of the Journal des ' He bats, and belongs to the Doctrinaire or Conservative party?a party that is supported by the most influential newspapers, by a budget of nearly forty million pounds sterling, and by aDout four hundred thousand bayonets; and yet, in spite of the immense influence possessed by the Crown, through the medium ol so powerful a party, King Louis Philippe is compelled to make use of all nis cunning, duplicity, and intrigues?of all his means of corruption, bribery, and intimidation?to obtain a trifling msjority in the Chamber of Deputies in favor of his mysterious and tyrannical policy. ' The Vintakb ik Fram e.?The weather in the asaiirh nf Prunnn u c \*/?> 11 uu in Pjria Knu hpnn Lp this fortnight past, very bad. and ail hopes ot saving the grapes, which had not already been got in, has almost disappeared. They are rotting on the vines. Generally speaking, however, enough of the vintage has been got in under favorable circumstances to prevent a deficiency as to the wine harvest. It is only in Champaigne tiiat any great misfortune can arise to the growers; but be assured that there will be no deficiency of champagne wine (so called,) for millions of bottles are manufactured out of the common white wines, sweetened, and having the champagne bonquet imparted to them: and ourchasers for the foreign markets can supply themselves with any quantity at the wine stores at Bercy, near Paris, at a lranc and a half a bottle. Three-fourths of the wine sold in London us Shampagne wine comes from these stores; and it is a curious fact, that in most cases it is preperred to the real article, for it is made more efiervescnt than that which coines from Champagne, and with mast of the English the test of ex cellence is the superior degree of lorce with which the cork flies irom the bottle. Marshal Grouchy.?We learn from Aulnay that a few duvs ago Marshal Grouchy had a grand wolf hunt in the woods of Mount Pincon. AH the sportsmen of the surrounding country, amounting in number to more than 300, assembled on the exciting occasion. The chief spot was a thicket at the end ot a narrow valley, commanded by the healthy heights of Plensis nnd Koucamos, in which seven or eight wolves nua laaen snener. cne paca, consisting ?i 27 couple of hounds, were thrown in, and did their work gallantly, but were not able to drive more than three wolves out of the close covert, all ol which fell by the shots of as many diflV rent sportsmec. Unfortunately one of the Marshal's best hounds was also killed, being, front his color, mistaken for one of the game. The Marshal intends to renew this sport until the country shall be cleared entirely of wolves, which cause great injury by their depredations.?Galiignani't Messenger. Isabella II. Queen of Spain, will complete, on the 12th of October, the twelfth year of her age. This is the age at which, according to the text of the old Spanish law, the minority ceases. Now, the new constitution has not modified these laws; Queen Isabella will, therefore, be at the end of her minority next month, and on the day on which she attains that age, the functions of M. Arguelles will cease, as those of Queen Christina would do. > The letters from St. Petersburg mention that a * frightful conflagration had taken place at Casan, by which about 1,500 houses were destroyed, and proI perty to an immense amount. One insurance orrice r office at St. i'et-rsburg had lost two millions of rubles, which had reduced the value of its stock tp one half in a single day. Much of the property is supposed to be uninsured. The will of Mr. T. A. Longman, the eminent booksel er, has been proved, and the personal property sworn under ?200,000, which is principally left to his widow and lamily. Fashions for Octobor. Bonkkts.?Those of the newest kind for the present autumn are made in velors epingle, of a beautiful citron color, embroidered in mau ve.a single marabout, spotted with mauve being itssole ornament. Those in velveis of a clear red, trimmed with elegant fancy feathers, are also in preparation ; we can assure our elegantes they have a look absolutely regal. The form of the bonnets are also commencing to be worn rather shallower at the ears, and have a rounder appearance : a few are still being worn composed of rich gros ae Naples, covered entirely with alight kind of tulle. The newest feathers are the saules cloiens, composed of the ostrich feather, partly covered with the marabout feather, either white, pink, blue, black, or glacesde violet, and the lolleiu-s Italiennes il marabout, shaded with the color of a vulture, and mounted upon a tufted stem: these are considered by far the distinqvsi kind of plume. Flowers arc also much worn Caps?The present style of morning caps are those named les bonnets Antoinette; also those a la Charlotte Corday. Some are made of the tarlatane, trimmed with Mechlin lace posee, so as to fall on each side in the style of the Maiotenon caps, with rushes of green ribband in tufts. For an evening, the favorite material is decidedly crepe lisae, and tulle, embellished with flowers, in nil colors, with [ miniature vine leaves in velvet. For home cape, the clochettes de chine are more adopted, and gar' lands of roses mignonnes de chine, covertd urith Jew, i are intended lor decorating these dressy little caps, i which have no caul to them. 1 Walking Dresses?Poult de soie is the favorite material for walking dresses. The round skirts are still being made excessively full and very long, the plaits of the jupe being much broader; there is no doubt but that broad flounces, and tucks headed with gympe trimmings, will be worn throughout the winter season. The sleeves a la Richelieu and LouisXlV. being the only|style that will be adopted, it will become necessary during the approaching cold weather, to replace the under sleeves of India muslin nnd tarlatine for that of a warmer texture and darker kind. Evening Dum ?We caanot cile a prettier style of drese than those made in while barege a raica, the skirt trimmed with triple folds; the sleeves very short, and corsage a la Grecque ; also those made in the same material a double jupe, (he upper akirt being made very short, and rounded so as to open up the centre in the form of a tunic: a border in cashmere is placed upon the edge of the hem, and continued up the fronts as far as the point ol the waist. The corsage very low, tight round the top, but lulled into the waist en gerbe, n narrow lace en' circling the neck. Short plain sleeves, trimmed with two rows of cashmere bordering; the same kind of trimming forming a ceinture for the waist. Ci.oaiis.?'Cloaks will be very fashionable this i winter; the favorite material is satin, aa that can be worn consistently either in autumn or winter Those of a pearl grey will be preferred, encircled with a magnificent border of aortache ronde of the same shade as the satin, the lining of pink or deep rose color,quilted in a kind of embroidery. The cloak is plaited in large folds, and attached to a square piece, formed to the shoulders, and over which is worn a collar of a moderate size. The form of these cloaks is the same aa those that we have seen for the last five or six years, yet nothing can equal their dintinqut appearance. Pei.kkinrs.?Amongst a thousand other novelties which are just about to appear, we must not omit to mention the pelerine Montespan, made upon a tulle ground; this is partially covered with three rows of English lace, forming in front a demi-mantelet, and behind a perfect round a tuyaux, the two sniall ends in front being crossed and confined with the cou or rosette in the middle of the ceinture. L*s Pei.erixe Cab pi.vat*.?Some of these elegant capes are now slightly changed in their form, those called Sidonta being of the latest fashion ; they are anriched with splendid Argonaisea embroidery. Color*.?They are'all of a dark shade, such as chesnuts, violets, maroon, green, dark bines, una purple. 4 LI>. PtIm Two C?a to Superior Court. Before Chief Juetice Janet Oct. 11?.? Trurman Coak ? . R. M ft ham and Oao. W Mann.?Thia ia an action, abowing the ueceaaity of employing tome |MTM>n well acquainted with law mattera in draw nig up legal inatrumenti, an ommiaaion of a alight character, at here, oftentimta being fatal. The defendant*, who are auctioneer!, told to plaintiff", in March laat, the har-tuturet. ten-pin ulley, and other property contained in No. Hi Bi o?d atreet, up etaira, taking from him two note*, amounting to 11000, with a mortgage on the articlet told, aa aecurity. The hottaa had an indictment hanging over it whei told, at being noiay, fcc., which wat not know n to plaintilf at the time , and it ia declared I hilt )taa unnt In <lt>(itmlunla nnm t.lamin# thai ha kml nan# been informed of the circumstance. 'Hiry offered to toko the property auew, end give up the consideration. An order u at giveu them t>y plaintiff to sell, and a re-aoie took place at a couiiderable less turn. They, however, atill held the notes The piesent it an action ol trover to rocovertbe value ot a portion ol the properly sold. The mortgage was drawn up by Mr. Mann. It designated a portion of the property, and concluded thus :?" and other artic les contained in hit Broad street, up stairs, as per icktdult annexed. This schedule Mas not appended, although the value waa stated, and the defendant contended that M. and W. had no right to sell any thing but what was expressed in the mongage, and could not bring lor wa d 01 al testimony to show intention. The Couit bald this to be coriect. Verdict for plaintiff f 160. For plaintiff, Mr. O. M. ftpeir. Foi defendants, Mr. Btougliton. Ldward K- P?wer v?. Jo An Af'Kieai and slArrs.?Thra is one of thoaecases, sliaw mg the advantage ot " a friend In need,,' even if not coupled with that ol "a Iriend in deed." Mrs. Charlotte 1 heall, who kept a boarding house at 381 Broadway, mortgaged her lumitura (it is contended lor lull consideration,) to the plaintiff. Sirs. Green (mother ol Mia. T.) took house No. 413 Bioadway, and the lurniture in question w as removed to that building. Mrs. Theall accompany ing It. Mrs. T owed for five months rent at 381. and her landlord (the deiendant) followed and distrained upon the furniture. The plaintiff immediately replevined, and now brings action. Mra. Theall (who is a bright-looking lady, and looked, as ladies usually do,exceedingly interesting on the wit . esses' stand,) declared the mortgage to have been bona tide, and the Jury found for plaintiff, valuing the property at (376. For plaintiff, Mr. Harris Wilson- For defendants, Mr. S. C. Williams. Court of Common Picas. Belore Judge UlshoeflVr. Oct. 19.?Jamti McCormick vs. /tat, JHamt f Cl.? Mr. Charles P..alley, being on business at Harrisbuigh, drew upon the delendents with a view to deirey his personal expenses. The draft was lor (300, and Mr. Ives accepted it, doing so iu the name ol the firm, hut Mr. Adams objected, declaring that it was a transaction in which Mr. Ives was personally interested, and refused (as permitted by law) becoming a party to it. He now defends the suit as relates to himself. It was shown, however, that the tirm waa indebted to Mr. Postley, in alarger sum than bad heen drawn lor, and the Jury lound a verdict in lavor ol plaintiff und against the whole ol the memberaof the firm. For plaintiff Mr. Stett?For defendeut Mr.-Ray mond. |U. S. isiatrlct Court. Before Judge Betta. Oct. 10.? United Statti ve-faur balte clot Kb and cactimtrtt, ?. Rhuadtt claimant.- The Jury in thi* caae,which Hat alluded to a day or two aince, gave a verdict in favor ol the United Stater. United Slatee vi Wm Jacobt and Jacob Ellart.?The defendant* are landlord and barkeeper ol a a amende boarding home, and arc | roiecuted on a charge of harboring deserter* from a merchant vessel, the penalty for w hich i* $10 per day for each deserter harbored, said penalty attaching to each one cognizant of the proceeding ? half of the penalty, when collected, to accrue to the informer. In tliis case the defendant* had harbored two aeamen that had deserted Irom tho Swedish shin Fame, and action is brought against them for $40 each. >lr. Benedict, on behalf of delendauts, contended that tho law referred only to seamen deserting from American veaaelaTbe Court charged that such wusthe pioper construction of the law, and the Jury found tor delendauts. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent, and Aid. Underwood and Martin. H/>t 1Q TVs* / ,tf Hlonfiia * AanttrAm Thil CBCA WU continued yesterday, and the testimony of Recorder Vaux and other* given, but nothing new elicited. The trial will probably occupy the whole of the day. General Seealona. Beiore Recorder Tallmudge, and Judge Lynch. M. J Bacon, Esq., acting aa District Attorney. Oct. 19.? Trial oj Isaac Wallers, straw k ailmast er, fer perjury continued ?Tho prosecution called 8. T. Mason, Esq., who stated that he drew the affidavit aa council for Otis Allei., in accordance with the statement of Walter*. The defence called Samuel L. Walters, a brother ol prisoner, who came the insanity plea with all the knowledge of one acquainted with the art and mystery ef "straw bail," and who no doubt supposed, that as prisoner had committed the act of entering " straw bail" lor Otis Allen, he must certainly have been insane. Ho also stated that he had acted strange at several times beiore. A deed signed by John M. Smith, one of the Smith family, was here presented, purporting to be a conveyance of the lots in Mercer street and 163 Grand street, which were among those given in his schedule of property pre. sented in the affidavit that forms the perjury. Andrew L'Amoreux, formerly president of an exploded shinplastcr concern, testified that he was a commissioner of deeds, and then took the acknowledgment of one here presented, which was witnessed by the celebrated A. G. Cox. Habvev A. Hatch said that prisoner railed at 104 Bcekman street, snd wished him to negotiate the sale of the property in this deed lor dry goods, and he would give him 6 per cent. James A. Harbison, a man who appeared to be blind, testified that he knew prisoner in Philadelphia, where he kept an exchange office, and also in this city, and bolifved that prisoner was a weak man, and could be easily led away. He also stated that prisoner could not read, and could write only sufficient to make his name. Moses Clement said he sold prisoner 480 acres of land in Virginia, snd two lota in Paterson. The land in Virginia he got two dollars an acre for, but he did not think it was worth over SO cents. Caleb Godvret knew him, but did not know any thing unfavorable to bis character. The case was submitted, under the charge of the Re corder, and after a short absence, the jury returned a verdict of guilty. One nail mssterhas thus been dealt with as he should be. When shall the rest be used up 1 Officers Fined.?The roll being called, officers Davis, Brsuen, Bowyer, Hays, Tompkins,and Stanton, answered, and the remaining ten were fined a dollar and fifty cents each The " prince" is alwavs on the around. Pleaded QviUy?A youug min named Robert Mitchell, indicted fer stealing two gold lepine watches, valued et $35 each, from J. and A Imbery, of 331, Grand itreet, withdrew hie previous plea of Dot guilty, and entered a plea of guilty, asking the mercy of the court. He waa remanded for sentence. Grand Larceny?A black fellow, named Noah Game, inpleaded with Warren Steams, of 6 Vandewater itreet, wai tried for converting a gold watch to hii own uae, which he found in a privy in the rear of 334 Broadway, where It had been accidentally left by Daniel Marvin, of 80 Green atreet, on the 15th of September. Game pawned the wetch for $35, and Stearns acknowledged to the pawnbroker that he owned it, which waa the only point of evidence allowing guilt againat him. He alleged that hie object in thua aaaerting that he waa the owner waa to obtain the watch, ao aa to claim the reward offered for ita receverv. The itccoanaa charged, that to conatitute a grand larceny there muat be a felonioua intent ahown. He aaid that if a man had found a pocket book with the owner's name on it,he waa bound to return it, and if he converted it to hia own uae it waa a felony ; bet all that could have been r? quired in thin coae waa that the peraon should have advertised the watch. A< he did not know who waa the owner, it waa going tome way to convict him under the testimony. Tne jury, without leaving their seats, ao quitted him. Trial Jot Manel aug liter.?Francis Kelly, contractor, and Terrence Keon, were put upon their trial on an indictmen*, for manslaughter, for causing the death of George Beach, one of the drivers of the Knickerbocker line, on the 3d ol June last. It waa proved that while Beach waa silting upon the omnibus, in 33d at. near the Sth Avenue, in front of the dwi lling of Floyd Smith, he was killed by J a lallinr Mone, forced trom a wati nred By the prisoners, in th<- immediate vicinity. It waa alao proved that Kelly hail tK'rn pp'vioualy can ionad by the neighbors in the vicinity, and that the necessary means ef protection, by placing timber over the blaat, waa not retorted to by priaonera. Kelly waa the contractor lor the work. Tne witneaaea of the preeecution who aaw the atone fall upon defeated, not being praaent, the connael far defence atated that, aa there waa no evidenca to prove thia fact, they were not called upon to make any defence, and therefore submitted the caae to the Jury, under the charge of the Recorder, who concurred with the view of prieon er'a counael, and a verdict of not guilty waa rendered w ithout the jury "a leaving their aeata. Foi friltd Rtcegmxanctt ?John Uaher, for an aaaault and battery on I'eter Weatervelt, a conatable of the 4th Ward, while aerving a landlord'a warrant, not appearing, hia recognizance* were forfeited. The Court then adjourned to Thursday next, at II o'clook. Coaart Calendar?Thia Day. Si'rcaioa Count.?Nor 143, 144, 6ft, 91, 8,14. 96, 114, T, 10. 86, ??,80, 191, 199,179, IS3. Common Pl?as?Part 1?Noa. 9, 187, 78, 78, 77, 7?, 88, 86,87,80. Part 9?Noa. 9A, 38, 38, 40, 186, 40, 48, 60, 69, SO, 68. CiacuiT Cower.?Still occupied oa Ihe criminal calaader. Day calender eame aa Monday. A Fxluow with Fi?? Wiraa.-A fellow answering to thenamea of Win D. Carr and Alfred Colburn, waa tried at Ogdanaburg, New Vork. a few days ago. for having a plurality of wives. Twenty-three yenra ago, he wu mar riad in Vermont?eoon after ha came t* Naw Tork Stata, and waa married again at Maesene in that State. Four ears after, he ahi'tcd the icene to Utica, where he nnited himself to'.Miaa Rebecca Clark. He gave Rebecca the ,]ip about a year age, and one hright morning found himself in Oneida county with ? new commodity in the shape ?fa snug little wife, celled Matilda. Thia last expenment produced four or flv* young sinners, whom,with their mother, Mr. Carr abandoned, end skipped over the line into Cenada. Even in thia chilly region, hia amatory diapoaltion began to davelopo itaoif; ha waa waddec again and again, cams back to the State*, and Anally (to eloaethe eventful history), he is now in Auburn State prison for the term of Ave years, during which time, et 1 least, the ladies will he free from hie machinal ions

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