Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 21, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 21, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. Vlll.?Mo. XVI ? Wbolo No. UM, RAIL ROADS & STEAMBOATS. NEW-JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK Kwin tr-e foet of Counlandt itreel, New York. (fc? err <Uy?i*u?Ut m?i optoi) Leave,Nrw York . p ? At 9 A. M. At l P. M. At T>? A- M. At 1R T. M. 1)X Jo. 4 do. ? *> }X IK do. 9 do. SK do. ? do. II 7>J do I do M do. ON SUNDAYS. R om the foot of Liberty itrert. I? York. Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. uod tR ^ M. At 13 Noon and 10 P. M. NKvV YOkI, KLI/vABLTil TOWNLe.rr New York. Leave Khiaiwth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 3V P. M. ?H A.M. 4" " It* A. M. ;*P"M J* A. 7 " H The train* Tor Weatield, PlainlMd, Bonudbrook, Somervillr, fcc., connect with the 9 A M.IX and 4X P M train* I rota Naw Yoik, daily, Sunday* ete?|>c*d. Fare between New York and Eliiabeth TowuiS cent*. Fare be'wren do and Somerville. 7J cent*. NEW YOKK. RAHWAY AND NEtf BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty afreet, daily. Lea?e New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 4K A. M. 2* P. M. 1% " * K 12* " 9 P. M. On Bandar* the 5* and 7* A.M. rrifw from New Brunswick and 2* P. M. train ircm New York, are mined. f?,e between Now York and New Brunswick, tj cents. Kahway, M cents The fare in the 5* and 7* A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 2\ and <3* r. M. train from New York, haa been re duced. New York and New Brunawidk, to 58 cent*. " and Rahway to S7K " raisen*rrs who procure Uieit ticket* at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratia. Tickeu are received by the con doctor only on tlie day when purchased. aull3n>* "NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL"ROAD LINE:Vim Norwich *hd WokCksTCk Ksii.a, sos. Ths new anil splendid steamboc t NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dutim. will I aye every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdsv afternoon. at 4 o'clock. _ The new and si lendid steamboat WORCESTER, Captain J. H. Van<erbilt, will leave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Passengers Tar Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the tbote boats at Norwich, and will proceed witlv oni change of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office on the wharf, on borrd the boats, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, np st?ir?. All persons are forbid trusting any oue oa account of the above boats or owners. r>4 lm? W1NTKR ARR/ NUEMENT. NEW YORK AND IWLADEy^lA UAlLKUAii t,INE Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Bnrlinrton THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, Irotn the foot of Liberty street, daily, at A M and 4\ P M. The moruing Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without chance of cars. Passengers will procure tneir tickets at the office foot ol Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in leadinraaa. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia front the foet of Coestuui street by railroad from Camden, at o'clock A M.and J o'clock, r M. The Lutes for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, heiiu a oon.inuaUou of the lines from New York. alt 3m*r KAJLtROAU NOTICE. " MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. rPHK. NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Compnny hare established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to ran permabently. Leaving New Brunswick at &K A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot o( Liber fyxtreet. New York, at IX P. M. To country dealers and meichanta the above line is very desirable for the sp. edy and cnrap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stork, who can have 130 head of cattle conveyed between New Eranswkk and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates for Die transportation of cattle, horses, ramies, sheep, hogs, tic. and all other kipds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent bjr this line is not sablect to any extra charge in crossing rhe North River. The Company have fitted up a large store Wo use at New Bmiuwick. ;id;om?DC the Bail road Ilepot, which will always topeii for the reception of mcichandiae. raaiMi)i>n ;>urcha*uig their tickets at tha ticket offices, will receive leiry ticket* irratis. ^ 0* Ptetfhc for Vcwark, Elnabethrown, fUhway, Westfield, PUinlield, Hootch Plains, Bonndhrook and Somen ille, u couveyed by the above line*, and delivered the asme day wnen received. mM Sm* FARE A-ND FREIGHT REDUCED. BOSTON, via STONiNGTON AND NEWPORT, composed ul the follow ins snperur itrtmrn, running in comeclipn with the Stnnington and Pr videuce, and BoMon and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Cotnstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARKAGAN9ETT, Captain Woolaey. MOHESXn. Captain Vanderoib. One ul' eUa win leave New York daily, (Sondayi excepted) froinner No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at Ave 'clock, P. M. AnnAivaitMKirTi. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday and Friday, for Stoning on, and Tuevday, for Stonington, Newport and Providence. Ttw MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday and Saturday, for Siomngton, Newport and Providence, and Thnreday for Stonington. Piweengen on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, may take the Railroad Can and proceed immediately to rrovi dence and Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates J? To Bomtou, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to he cubic foot, at Sd M per too, and on measurement goods 7 rents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 3 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 tnM*?v, mil Sear FARE REDUCED. " PERSONS GOING SOUTH. frrw rtT" FAUE REDUCED on both the rontee from Baltimore to Charleston, by the Chesapeake Ray. Portsmouth, Wtldop, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to t naileiton, to f?J, mesli od the Bay boat, included ; or via Washington city, Richmond, Petevreurg, Weloon, Wilmington, N. f.., and thence to Chnileatou, to $22, meals evtrr?making the fbre on both routes the same. Every eiertion is made to keep the Railroads and Mesmhoats connecting these lines in good o.tler, and expedite travel, and make paatangen as comfortable at pos sihle. By this ronte you may be rare of reaching Ntw Orleans from New York seven or e?*ht d iys sooner than any other line, at an <spewse not exceeding f71. C. B DUDLEY, ol?lW? President W. k R. H. R. Co. aVo^i:. io-Jl LOOI^TTHIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. ...BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. DAfRENOttii Forwarded, vithoot delay,to A Utiea, $1,10 Ciearrlan'I.Ohio, ti,J5 Rochester, t:t,00 D< troit, Mich.. f\TJ Lochport, Ij,*> poiumoath. Ohio, $?,7S 2?^* ?' .. ?7,4* Toronto anil KingtWhitehall, ^,75 Itn. U. C. $?. # Aleo, Easion, r?nn?Tl??r^b'y^l^ilm*a A Stage 1AM tftUbouh. to.W | Be oo, Mui, ftji And all parts ol toe Western Country. .... . m7L rat, ano.. HI Liberty alrwet, near the Albany boats. New York. ti?B,r DMIl inii AND NDK.I II A>ILhH AN HOIAL MAIL nTKAM nfilro, Of IMAtene end 110 home newer each. L'nder contract with tire Lorde of the Admiralty. JSBBt BRITANNIA, J Hewitt. Commander. CALEDONIA, E. a Lou, de CO^UMjfclA, K. C.^Mrller, R N do Will tail from Boaton, rla Hatifu. mow tivtirooL mow noiTOlt. B'itanaia, Hewitt, Oct I Nor I ( vlnlonia, L"tt. Oct B Nor M O Western, Hoeken, Oct *1 Nor i7 AcaHia, Ryrte, Nor 4 One I ? olembia, Mitler, Not 19 Dec 17 Britannia, Hewiti, D?r. 4 Jan I Passage Money? From Boaton to Lirerpool, $1U?Bosrtow tit HdilAi $20. Iheeeahiia cany eaperienced aergeotw. No Bertha secured until paid ! r. _ Notg ?Merchandi*. and Specie (ereept for pereonal egpenaes) shipped tinder the name of luggage will be charged at Ireignt, lad liable to Custom House Regulations. Apr I v to Oiy r D. BRMJHAM, JR. No. * WalUt._ STATEJI 13LAN1) Kl^iUlY. root of Whitehall .treat. The siZnToat. BTATKN ISLANDER.^wl HAMFON will leer. New Yolk and Buten Island as follows-? pJ4w YORK. tJTATEN^ISLAND. 11 I# g ' 8 * AH goods shipped are required to be perticalerly marked, and are at the nek of the owner, thereof. ol t Brjtf?T8roT^|^|WoWrolfr 41 Liberty itreet E NE NE _ MISCELLANEOUS. CROTON WATER. DKH8 )NS who have not had pipes introduced into their * homes, shuM lose no Dm* ia haviug it done bcfoie ths cold aud liosiy weather. The aiibscrrrers luvu now nuhiuid a slack of pate lead, composition ami liu'd the lead pipe, which they are pre par ail to tarnish and i?it op in the most expeditious and workmanlike manner, ana on ih- most reasonable terms. Bcins practical pluminers, thav will a arrant work done by them to be inferior to Boue in the city. All kinds of lead work and Hydraulics furnished and Used oa the must approved principle. burr h IVKRS. No. nt Water sc. att lm*r Next to the comer of Berk man W. ~ HARD TTrtEs.-The only reason that A. 1 KNOX k. < O. can ass tail for selling so many boot* and shoes at the Clinton B >ot ana Shoe Market, m Canal street, aortlut-al comer vf Hadanu street?when almost avery body complains of hard times, it, that they keep goods of the best quality, and sell (hem at prices to suit the times, sad it .. ,r 'k...i., k.,i r.,..e.i iki. ir .... _l.? rcsd this should doc yet have found out the store, the sooner they come anil try the snone ihey will rnp the age. Almost anything that is w.mted in the boot and shoe liae, of say sue, color or quality, can be f.mud here cheap. ot la* as A. KNOX ItlO. ttltJanal street. JC| URKSS BOATS?Latest fieueh Btyla.?The mgflBV subscriber respectfully invites the cltKens of New York, aud strangers visiting the city .to call at lit Fulton street and examine a large assortment of Dress Boots, made in the latest fnshiou, and of the finest French ctlf-skin, Gentlemen can hare boots made to order in the beat manner at SC.OO per gnu, warranted equal to auy made at 97,30, and as the uudetsigued takes drawing of tne feet and keeps lasts for each customer ha can ensure an rate vel handsome in. Constantly on nana, r asninnauie lioou, He.. at the following Uttceu wees ? x^ura no IS noots, t>om 97.M to 1,00 lloable note " Water-proof b ee to 7,00 Call, areas " r.oa to 0,00 beal ~ 3,? to 1,70 Half Boots, 3,00 10 J^0 Shoes, |,J0 ui 030 Dancing Pumps and Slippen, fcc., proportionably low. Terms,cash on delivery. JOHN L. WATKINS, s27 l.n'm 111 Falton st, between Nassau and Dutch PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MAPS TO ORDER, By E. SUSER, 146 Broadway, Neat Liberty Street. E. OUOUL Sootmakei, and maker of Lasts, an Five" of Cferca of Paris, ben leave to iuform his friends and all the amateurs of a gtuuemanly "chaussuie," that he can now make, in New York, with the beat French material*, ail that is so perfectly made, in Paris, by his master the celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, are respectfully invited to trv SUSER'S boots and lasts before they despair of t eiug *'chaus ses" in New York, after the nice* .latest Parish fashion. Also, the?cnuine Peru Jel Black Varnish sold. i331m*m A C ARD. VTOTICE TO THE LADIES-The subscriber, to well L 7 knuwn f*? f Km Uiluig nl NpUT Vault lV?r ilia* anntirinr a. A la* of La Jim Shoes and (Jailer Boots, begs to state for the inlorination of Ladies viai iu?t the city, u well as merchmta and i other trailers, thai hi* a tore u No. 70 Llspenard atreet, oue j atrert below Canal street, and near Broadway, where all can Im supplied at the shortest notice, and on the moat liberal term*. Wholesale and ratari. SAMUEL ALLEN. For getting up the article of Ladies Shoes and Oailer Boots we always considered dr. Allen lar superior to any man we ever had inonr employment. THOS. LANE k SON, ill l?*r No. 71) Lisi-enatd st. near Broadway. NOTICE TO FIREMlvN, A NO all othe rs desirous of keeping then Fret Dry and Warm fa. the coming season. By railing at the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STORE, No. 141 Chatham street, they can be accom, modeled, as the proprietor has on hand a full assortment of his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on hand a full snpply all other kinds ef Boots at prices to suit the timet. Also?'hat invaluable article Rogers' Mstatic Elastic Heel Boot can be obtained at the Old Exclusive Boot Store, No. U4 Chatham at. >28 lm*r THE EUREKA BUCKING. 'PHIS is a new article of Blacking, possessing qualitie 1 greatly superior to all other kinds now in use. It softens aud preserves the leather, imparting n brilliant polish with half the usual labor required in the use of the common Blacking. It further pt ssesaes that requisite so long sought for in the peculiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, or mouldy by age. Dealers in Blacking are requested to call end receive a sample of the article gratia. Perfect satisfaction warranted in every esse. Manufactured and for sale by J. M. JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce street, near Nassau, New York. N B.?A superior article of Writing Ink is manufactured by J. M, J. and sold wholesale end retail. s2l lm*r HIGH POLISH: T EE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is now antL vetsally admitted to be far superior to any vat iuvtnted for its peculiarpmervariveaoftening qualities to the leather, and fonts exquisite brilliant jet black lustre, properties entirely unrivalled. _ N. B.?For the genuine article apply to the only Warehouse, No. 1 John tt, corner of Broadway. CHAb. LK.K, alO lm*r Formerly Lee h Thomson. GUNS AND PISTOLS. EXCLUSIVELY.-CO 1 JOSEPH, II Maiden lane, np stairs, importing age* 'for 0. the sale ol English. German aud French doable aud single tarrel Fowling and Ducking Gnns, from the lowest to the Da rsi qualities; pistols of every description, fortius and other Markets, embracing one hand red different kinds, all of which he is now prepares to offer at the manafiwtarer's prices, being appointed agent for the largest houses in that line in En rope, which enables him to sell at eitremely low paces. A large assorted stock of tha above always ou hand. City and country merchants ase particularly requested to call, previous to makiug their imrchases. jyZ7 tm*r HIGHLY IMPORTANT. nPO MERCHANTS AND BANKERS?It shoald be impressed on the minds of every aserchant and banker, that his wnole fortune may depend on his preserving his books and papers in case of fire. This general destrnejou of book sales in the great fire in 1133, led to the invention of the celebrated Salamander Safe which has repeatedly been proved to be fire proof. The great ohjection to Saiamander Bales hitherto has been, that they are damp and will mould the hooka endpapers kspt in them; this is now obviated in the Bale known as Robertsou It Rich s Improved Salamander?which is warranted to be dry aa well es Are proof. Annesed it the certificate of the committee on the trial of tliis safes? New York, Ang. 30th, 1(43. We, the undersigned, attended by request a trial hy fire of Robertson It Rich's Salamander Safe and Scott's Pstsnt Asbestos Safe. The trial w u mads in a furnace of great power built for the purpose, at the foot of Wall street, on the 36th inst. The principal object was to teat the fire proof qualities of Robertson k Rich's Safe. The safes were placed in a fnrnace^and iik ant lignum si a quarter u> HA.?i.,ana continued (ill 4 r.M. la opening the furnace at that time, bcott's Safe, with it* content*. was found to be completely destroyed, bat Robertson It Rich's Safe to bn in perfect - nrttlfi the iron at th# lower perl of Robertson and Rich's safe was discovered to have melted nil, leafing ihe Salamander Preparation firm and entire; in removing the fore the Are wee entirely eitinguished, the bottom was accidcntly forced off by its adhering to the bare of the la mace, thereby exposiug the inner case to the fire, port of th* pacers were consequently burned,and the remainder slightly searched. The heat was so intense that the wrought iron frame, the cast iron whselsof the safe, and eren the bricks of the furnace melted, yet the greater pert of the mahogany case remains sound and unsnjursA Daring the fire house the fire was burning, four and a half loada of pre* wood and ainety-SLS bushels of charcoal were consume*. The praaerration of any of the papers in sach an intense heat for tire ours is concluaire eridence that this safe would be proof against fire in the burning of any store or warehouse.? Judging from the res jit of this s* peri roe think Robertson and Rich's hafe equal to any yat iarauted for the peaserration of books and papers from fire, aid entidad to the confidence of the community. mMW ' j. B. VARNUM. Harm? witnessed the trial alluded to in the foregoing statement, 1 am v - ry certain that Robertson It Rich's Chest would hurt escaped ami .rased from any bouse burning I erer personally witnessed, eren in the most exposed muattou. A. 8. v/aRVIN: Sole Agent. *15 lm*r No. IMli Water at., N. Y. SELF COCKING PISTOLS. BLUNT fit ATMS, Importers and Manefhctarrre, No. 43 Chatham street, hare on hand a large asa. itment of the 9ia Barrel 8 If Resolving Self Cocking Pocket Pistols. These pistols have the adrantage or or all other* of the kind by th* ims<o??ibility of losing the caps, th* uipplrs being placed in a horisonlal direction, and there being uo cock in tne way to prevent taking as correct sight as with the ordinary pistol or gun. The above pistols can be furnislo-d lower th tn soy others in the market, at wholesale <>i retail. We hare as great a variety of other kinds of Pistols as can be fannd, with Rifles, U. 8 Masketa, for shipping and military; Prize Markets, do: Fowliug Pieces, singl* and double; extra larva sire double sad single Clans for ducking, together with Powder. Shot, Flasks, Bags, Cam. Locks, Barrels, Ac., Ac., in large or smsli quantities. N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call and examine our assortment before purchasing elsewhere. iftin'i i FAMly^JL AGATE, MAiNur AV/i LitvL,ita ur siuutva AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, tec. n'HK SUBSCRIBERS. In addition to thair former stock of J fashionable goods, are constantly receiving by every new arrival from Pjni end London, i supply of the most rich and fashionable Scurf* and Cravats. Their uaortmcnt of fsshlona b.e Stock*, Scarfs, Cravats, r? ady made Linen, Olorea, Suspenders, Hoi i?r>. and all articles appertaining to a gcnrlemaiA wardrobe, are rich and raried. They respertflslly invite theti old patrons and strangers visiting this eily, tn call U the oM Eat <bliihmcnt,so lone and farnrably known and mahe their selections. PARSELL8 k AUATE, Ml Broadway. between Park place and Marmy ft. They woe Id particularly recommend aa Elastic Saipender, with the patent boekla, el their own masnrfaetsrte, which for dnrability and comlort. cannot he surpassed. The impro red Mineiva Brace, intended to brace the ahooldcra and rii>aiid the cheat, are highly recommended by the medical focalty, and * 1 be foend inifispensible to neraojM who are inclined JO tend forward; and in lact to alt Individuals of sedentary Hab r"u.*"d Oaardiana are particularly rerjwesred to ftam"PiT* klitfe. aa it will he found of ifnmenae advantage to who have acquired the habit of Hooping. T^ISX^Vil^Sl VK dltUICAL STOUfcNTs.i. .iVHT or Student who may hara aeuly cofnrleted hb undies.said contemplates graduatinit at the BESff^TS ? (hit city?to take an intercut in an old and weM amablMhed medical office, the busi near and lecome (being a each baaiane) of which is second to no other in the city, or |?ifca|? m the United States. Any gentleman who may deaira to treat wuh the advertiser on the tab jact Of thisuottee.wffl please apply at U Peck Slip !? r DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC FA. ARTAULT fc CO IM^i Knl ion streat, opposite St . Panl'f Church. reipectfallv inform their friendaand the pnblic. thai the > bare juat received by packet ship Arye, aa invoice of _ . _ 1000 D*ga*rreorepa French Platee A new >uppiv or the beet and newest patterns appnntns 100 ounces bromine M ounces hromine of iodine M inlands hypto.nlphata of soda M grammes oie.lorida of gold lit pounds of tripoli of vamaa JO nances chliM Ida of iodine And the new book cootamingthe latest improvement! in'l , Dsgserrrotyps. "C I t ar f\R, BllADiHAW hat removed to N>. *t Warren iweel A-' oljiw': W YO ;w YORK. FRIDAY MOR MISCELLANEOUS. THE NEWT YORK XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS, 46 MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS. IN THE EXTENT oftha Tuielin inline department the proprietor may aafrly challenge cotnnetiuon with any other ea'abUelimeut in the world, and haa uu.,rr liia own immediate aperiuteudnuoe the mwt akilful workmen, and ail the mi maieriala lor eiecuting erery description til X> lographre Eugiaviug and Prfltlug. Original Design* and Plate* of erery deacripuo* encuted in the firat *tr e ofthe art, and beiati fully jirinted hi Bronte or Fancy Colon. Druggist*. PerfVimera, Manufacturer*. Utocei* and other Label*, constantly on hand, wholesale or ratail, and all arlida* connected witii the trade. Job Printing in ererv ear let) of rtyl* eaeculedi the heat manner to order, and on the moet reasonable terms. STEEL PLATE AND COPPERPLATE ENGRAVING AND PRINTING Notra, Chvcki, Drstu. Bill* of Kithutf*, < ertificau* of Stock, do Deposits, Blanks or professional, wrddtug end vieiting Cards, neatly engraved ana piloted, at *1 oil iiulic*v and on the moat reasonable term*. The lowest possible price ts char ged lot ell work dona at this establishment. All order* flam the country punctually attended W, and article* ordered, nine aided to auy i*xt of the United States, or the Canada*. ?l< lm?r CHA8. BrilKLDS. Prorrietor LLHIOH COAL delivered ou board of ves?els at Brutol, P. nmylrauut? No. I llakrd Lehigh Coal, $3 til nf No. 1 Uuraked do 3 Wig' No.JUaked do JW(ri,H No. 2 Uuraked do jtjJ*'"-3*1* Tlie abore mentioned Coal will be shipped by the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Companr . . ALSO, | No. 1 Lehigh Coal delivered on board of canal boat* at Mannch Chunk, and toll free ou the Lehigh canal, IS per ion. by K. M. PAT riRMdN, old lt*r No 134 Washington st, New York. ARTIST IN HAIK; noa I LADIEI' AKU OBNTLEMICH'B HAIR. rM fire huadred different daaignr, necklacee, braeelsrs, walcb guard*, ear-riug*, flowers, ring*, wig*. ?caiju, he. Ac. Ladre or gentlemen having hair of a liriug or deceased friend, can ge, it loruied by biu into any dsaign the mind can coueeire?ie aucha form it will be a keepsake mraluable. A. C. BARRY,, IK Broadway, cor of Liberty strret, up >uira. N. B.?Individuals resident ia the country or living at an inconvenient distance from the city, can have all such orders promptly executed, bv forwarding through the medium of the post office the hair to be fasluoued, with a drawn an t specified dcsigu ol the workmanship, and ccloaiug from Ave to tweuty (lo l.tra. RCCOldlli^ to whiuil turn the* nimn.mtt <-? maim far*In r?* nail st>If of inhuming iu solil will deprb'h AUiuchcummuutcatious to he i>ost paid A i;. B. ol lm?r M A KTELLE&HOLDKKiViA (N N IITILL OPE.N, on Moiulav. October 24th, 1812 nt their ease ubliahmenr, V7 Maiden line, their new s.yle of H??d, ju.i rec-ived tier ship Butgnndy. comutiug of Ba'ea*s ;'urnana ?nd Bonnet besides a variety ol othe Head Dresses anil tiiuioienti, such ** Pearl., Flower, Feathers, Laiua Scarfs. Gold and Silver Fringes, lie. anil 2w*eu teacher of the elutk TMoNZAM 55 Thomson street, gives instnictioas on die Flute. Terms $15 p?.r quarter. ?9 3m*r 'T'O FAMILIES UOINU SOUTH. u> the West Indies or A Europ. ?A respectable female, 21 yean of age, wiahea to obtain a permanent situation as seamstreaa, in ageuteel family. She would jurter going to Europe, yet would accept of a good offer to go South or to tbe West Indiea. The heat of references given. Address A. A. A. box TBI, upiwr Poet office, N. York. siOr STATE OP NEWToftR-sfcCRt I ARV?S OWICt. i Aliaity, Aug. 31. UU. J TO THE SHERIFF of the City aud County of New York ?Sir?Notice ia hereby given, that at the uest Ueueral Eledion, to be > eld on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monuay of November next, the following uihc. rs are to be elected, to wi' ; A Governor and Lieutenant Governor of this State. A Senator for the first Senatotial District, to supply the vacancy which will accvue by the eiiaration of the term of service of Gabriel Furman, on the 1st day of December next. Also, lite following City nod County Officers, to wit Thirteen Members el Asstmbly, and a Rcgiatrr in the place of J. Sherman B,owned, whose term of scriice will expire on the Hut day of December next. Youis respect fully, S. YOUNG, Secretary ef Slate. The above ia a true copy of a notification received from the Secretary of State. MONMOUTH B. HART, Sheriff of the City and County of New York. Sheriff's Office, New York, 8. pi. 10, 1842. Ail the public newspapers in ihe county will publish the akorc once in each week ami) the elecliou. See Revised Statutes, vol. 1st, chap. Glh, title 3d, articie 3d, part 1st, page 140. _ olO tNtr D EFORM YOUR STOVE BILLS.?Economy ami utility TV being the order of the day, the subscriber has determined to tell St v?i at the lowest possible remunerating prios; hia Column Parlor Stove, answering all the purposes of tne grate, oowuto uiu <-i|irunf, kuiuu'v mr iiiuop rooms, offices, stores, or balls, is worthy the nitration ol |*rsons wishing to purchase. His assortment of cooking Stores are not surpassed in the city, for cheapness end superior style ol eoairructiun, combining all the requisites for kitchen use, and a great aaring of fuel, which is au item many persons overlook in selecting stoves. He solicits housekeeper snd others to give him a call at the office of the. Warrrn Furnace Company, No. 12 Fallon aireet, N. Y? before purchasing elsewhere. As this company manufacture their atorea, purchasers wi'l not be stiejscud to a tsx by Inlying from second hands. Their assortment consists of air-tight, cooking am! parlor Stoves, Pa raps, Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet Irou Ware, ?c., wholesale and retail. Orders for castings solicited. J. V. UilBETTS. oM lm*ec 22 Fulton street. N. Y. fort's paTE^T novELTY cooK dTuVt. r|'HI9 Stove was nroDouuced last year, and ia this, by all a who have it, lobe not only the beet ever inv-atcd, but the oaly move they ever had by which baking, boiling, and roasting, could he done perfectly, and -l the same lime. This year the improvement has been auch, that double the amount of cooking cau be done, (and that too to perfection) than upon any other Stove of the same aise ; for proof of which, you have ouly to call at Fiat's Stove Establishment, 208 Water street, where any quantity <f references will be given?and farther, every Stove warranted, or the mor errefunded. Fisk'a Regulating Premium Drum for parlors, Hall Drums,and ball, ptrior, and office stoves, and all the ordinary cooking stoves, f r sale cheap FISK'8 Slote Estab'ishment, 209 Water atrest. The abore^stove, snd also the regulating drum, can now be seen at the Fair \ but those d< siring stoves, are requested 1i call at th establishment, wh're they cau examiue them to better advantage, 2C9 Water street. oK lm*ec DEAFNESS. invisible voice conductor. rTHE8E instruments are to be obtained at R. IlltftOIPl, A g, As tor House. Of a peculiarly simple construction, they merely require to be placed in the eavity of the ear to give lusmedi-.te relief to this disagreeable malady. Persons, uon-reiidenta or New York city, on the remittance of 6 dollars, ean hare a pair lorwarded by post, or if desired single one for $2 M. NJB.-Agsat for the sale af SIMPSON'S EAR CORNETS. s4 lm*rc MEDICAL NOTICE. TCJST published, price JO cents, by Dr. FAWOETT, of J IW Fulton street, New York, The Great Coosuier lor the Mind in Distress?a popular inquiry into the conceasea nni that deetroy the phyiicai energy ana the *bil ty of manhood, wkh observations on the baneful efleets of solitary iuuuurence, local or eonstitntionai weakness, nervous irritation, lousnmp tion, and on the partial or total extinction of the repeoductive powers. The Doctor is also aalhor of a new treatise which is emc'tttively written for the sensitive female, who, while aba hrinkr abashed at the idea of revealing her sobeiinsa. may nd in its pages a confidential and capable adviser Dr. F. continue< to direct hit attention to the entire eradication of go nor rh ma, gleets, strictures, nocturnal emissions, syphilis in its worst forms, aervoas irritation, consti'uiional debility, and all diseases brongnt on far solitary haeita. Female diseases treated scientifically. Office IM Faiton street. eM Im'i PHYSIOLOGICAL. l\jfY8TERIE8 AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, lvjl Courtship and Marmpe?an infallible Onidr-Book for Married and Single Persons, in matters of the utmost importance to the Ha man Race. By Eurinr Becklard, M. D. Among the things duty considered in this work are matters of serious impoitauce to single and young married persona? The causes sf, and cure for Sferility?The art of Beauty and Courtship?The danger of solitary practices and how the hakit may be removed?trie causes of Lore end Jealousy, with a remedy for eradicating from the system the s-ed. of a opelesa or an unhappy paseiou?Offspring, iucludiac modes for the propitiation or prevention thereof?Tests foe knowing tho sexes of unborn children?Intermarriage?Peeaoiat who ougni end ought not to curry?The most suspicious season lor wedlock, Ac. Price 7} cenu. For sale at 121 Fulton street, and IH Brandi" CORSETS?CORSETS." TUBT RECEIVED, at the New York CORSET WARE s? HOUSE No. 4?x Pearl street, a large sssofttnen' of FRENCH AND ENGLISH CORSETS, whick will be sold ?t greatly reduced prices, fVfmttale and Retail N B.?Dealers in Ueneu are iuviied to call, as the whole stock ia newly imported. 44?X Pearl street, New York. o > lm*m FTAYDEN'8 STEEL QUILL8?The subscribers nave lor U sate, route recently iapioved modifications of these enelIcat and "opular Pens. _ The " Re say Writer' it envnimonsly voted the King of Pens ?combining eminently flexibfity and per urn enee. The " Dickens" is considered the best pen fur the price in the nit k?L The " Union" cur not fail to unit every body, affording at Ujf cents a card (at wholtMlt) all different varte iraef Peae. The " New York" every merchant will hare in hu conntiug room who haa tried them. Together with the lamnM Doable Patent and Combination Barrel Pane, with many nthe-ri felt aale by 'he agent*, oil lm*rc J. <1 P HAYOEN. 5 Phtl at NEW STORE. pOUTHOUY At NMVKRS respercftllv intrke thair friend. V / and the public generally, to cell at Ml Brnadway, and eramine their assortment of lamps, Candelabra, girandoles. ke Silver, Pinter I and Britannia If^r*. Table Cutlery, and lloux-Fwmuhing Ooode, of erery description, which (hey hare jnat opraed, and now oflet on eale atpri ee that cannot fail toaatiafy |nuchaeara. Enjoying enperior advittage. in the aelaction a- d manufictnre of their Lampe, Girandoles, Candelabra, ke., C. k N. are enabled to offer them in (Teat variety of i at'ero and ftn4*h tellable for churches, bote la, ttorea, dwallimta and ?team or aniline packets. Theae (aat are a new and twal desirable article, well war hy the atteniion of ownera and ehipmaatera. CAttention ia particularly invited to the Solar Lamp,ao jnatly I Mieh.ated lor ita anperior btilliancy md ee oomy. Thia imp, aa t-?ted by acrnrate etperi ,.en?a, afford* twlee the light of an Astra', while it bnrna tor an equal number of boor* at half the expenie. couthouy It never9 will knap constantly on hand a complete aaaortmant of the articlea abore enumerated, and hope by their endeavors to meet the taatca and wiibea of the i uhlic, to merit a favorable ?h re of the patronage which ia new a licked for their eetahliahaaent. oil lwi-wtwneOfy Dao CARPET, RaC) CA RPET AN K> LInT.?The EV choapeal in live city?DM yard* lor aila, all nicetv mined anil atrirad, wiih fast eoiors. Any praon in want of Ma ** me will do wall to call and aiamiet before they pare hear, a* t will ha sold < haap lor caah. t all at <* ureal, cornel ofUrecnwieh. Alao, tab* and pall*, broom*, and all kind* of furnishing *mra, ?ary low; amat M all parW nf the city fra# of eharjrv. 11 lm*ec J. JONES. olilh % Sooth ilrett. 1 IRK 1 NING, OCTOBER 91. 18 MISCELLANEOUS. cpO COUNTRY MERCHANTS-The aaftacriber would A cull the aticuuuu of ail who are in want of Looking Ulaa* and Picture Fratuji, to liu titeuaire stock, which lor uuaoty and workmauanip He flatters hitnaelf he ctcelled ny any manufacturer m ihia city. Tlw trade in general would do well local! Iielure purchasing elaewhare. v. B.?CuualaiiUy on l.aud, a good assortment uf Fancy Wood* of every description. HORACE V. 8IULER, No. II A jo itroet and <1 iiarninuraiey al. New Fork. i. E9PF'rPATETnr7TOSrfCAL VESTTILATOK. rpHlS cheap, auiude au I elflin ut aciwraJUa u adapte i to all ? purpura r euuiauou. rniip*. sttamiiutu, cnurcltes, H-wpilals, . ruoua, Mutes, Vult , lu. fco. may b IU a,-pile* Don be kepttree from II lout mi and luiwholrs, ma ?l(1u>la, it H also an effectual car* for Smoky Chimuiet The aabacriber having parcuasej the ri gbt far the City and Comity ol New fork, is pi.pared to apply the public with Cone* on demand. Metal Rootling of all description* 1 urciaheJ in any put of the country. Cruton Water Pipes aud Pluuioeis' Work in geueral. Alio, Ourinilea Iron aud Tin Ware at wholesale. Store pipca, bath tuba. Coal bode, lie a i rice* greatly reduced. All work warranted, an 1 order* by leltrr attended to. P. SUMNER, s25 3m*m 1M Water atmat. D E MITTANCES TOlRELAST), fce. fce .-The aabI* acriber continues to tranamit money in an in.* large or amall, to persons residing in any part of Ireland, in the ame manner as ne, and hit predt-ceaao, in bunue* , hare done lor the laat thirty yeata, aud more : alio, to any put ol England, or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (poet paid) to the anbaeriber, or iwraoually deposited with him, with the name of the person or peraona in Ireland, Euglaud, or Scotland, to whom u u 10 Intent, aud nearest post town, will be immediately transmit ted and paid accordingly, aud a receipt to that ulfect giren, or forwarded to the sender. sM lm#r GEORGE McBRIDE, Jr., 13Cede -street GUITARS. jVAARTTN kCOUPA, Guitar M inufacturera, 345 Broadway, 1*1 up stairs, hare cou?tautly ou hand a large assortment of Guitars, ol French, Ueimau, and S|>anuh model. M. fc C. would call the atteutiou of Solo players to their Ten Guitars, made after the model of Giouam, which in briUimcy aud punty nt tone are superior, and very easy to the elocution. The instremeuta are warranted perfect, and to soma any change ol climate, and will bo eschanged at any time should the y not prose satisfactory Strangers am inriied to call and emaowne them. Prices from $U lotion. Sold, wholesale and lelail. S. B. Coujm coutiuar i to give Lessons ou the Guitar, all 2m eoo* NO QUAOKKRY ! rvR browdkiPs compound syrup or Indian H TURN U'. lor the cure of Consumptions, Coughs, Colda, Spittiug of Mood, and alt other Breast Complaints. On account of tlie many nostrums claiming nuiveraal medical qualities, the subscriber liaa I'elt some hesitation iu bringing the claims ol hit mt-dlciue before the public. He is aware thai, in Ills present undertaking, he will be styled by tlie ungi ue.ous a quack, and his medicine (be its qualities even o good,) quackery i yet this will no Iqnger restrain him from s Hording to the Ullictcd the means ot sure relief if they resort to his remedy Tha Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip ia in itsadf a certain remedy lor inflammation of the pectoral organs, which, though alight at first, (aa iu common cold*,) often rraufu iu conaurupnou. Ilia eaperieucc authorises him in putting hia discovery in competition with any and all tha multitudinous array of punaceaa that meet the public eye, ciaifidenl that a fair trial will reaalt, in all caaea, iu the nme alteatationa of ita ao re reign medical qualitica that hare been gircn to him by those who hare attested ha worth by use. The moat delicate lady, in all and every condition of life, n|ay uae this compound without the slightest risk or inconvenience. And in alf cases of di\rrh?.?. summer complaints, of ordinary character, seldom if ever fails to produce the desireu beueticial object. Duly appreciating the merits of other medicines, and without detracting in tne least from tha medical practitioner, this remedy is offered to the world as the best, safest and surest remedy for all affections of the lungs and breast, that has ever made its appearance. He has in hia possession the certificates of hundreds who, after spe tiding money, and almost bereft of hope, liavo resorted to him for relief and found it. Physicians are invited to uae it in pulmonary affections, and in allcasea where cough is left after measles. The proprietor usa Agents in the principal cities in the United States. For sale wholesale and retail by HOST. SINCLAIR, 100 Nassau street, betwren Fulton and Anu. au7 cod 3mr ileal) ((Dsiiuior the Maaiisc Conrs, Wa.hiugiou, 41 h October, 1842. OKPARATE PROPOSALS will be received at the oft ce of O the Quartermaster of the Mariue Corps, in this city, nnlil 10 o'clock, A. M., on Tuesday, the 8th day of November ueat, for furnishing rations to the United Stales Maiiura at tha following stations, to the year 1843 Po tsmouth, New Hamiwhira ; Uharlastowii, Maasachuaeit* ; | Brooklyn, Long Island, New York ; Oosport, near Norfolk, V irginia ; retisacoia, r loriua, uo Washington, Distri- i of Columbia. The ranoat to consul of nae pound anil a quarter of fresh beef, or three uuuteri of a nouud of mess pork; eighteen osncei of bread or H .ur, at the option of the Government, *nd at (lie rate of ?il pound* of (nod clean cotfre, twelve poanda of good New Orleans sugar, eight quarts of hrana, four quarta of vinegir, two quarts of aait, four pouuda of aoap, and one aid a half [>oundi of good uipped candlea to each hundred rait la und> ratnud that the full aide of beel (neck and shin l ex rhtikd) be delivered if required ; if auch quaiuily be not re qtirrd, that the fore and I.iud quartera be deliv. red alternate ly ; aud the bread or dour shall bu of auperfine quality. At lip' articles to Ire uuex eotmuable.aud to be issued to the troop WUbuut expense to the United Stolen. No Oder will be euteruined at thia office unleaa ac companied by the names of the auretiea of the pre posals to be endorsed "Proposals for rations for IM3." AUG. A NICHOLSON, Quartermaster Marine Corps. The American Sentinel and Pennaylvaniaa, Philadelphia the Portsmouth Oaaattn, New H .mirshirr; tne Nrw Vorl Evening Post, the New V oik Herald, tne New York Euqui'rr and the New York Union: the Baltimore Republican; th< Norfolk Beacon; the Norfolk Herald; the Richmond Enquire! and Raehinoud Whig: (he Alexandria Gazette. Alexandria D C.; and the Peiisacols Gazelle, will give the above tlirei- inanitions each pei week, and 'end one copy ol the advertiwmerit to accompany the account wlien forwardod to thia office for pay m< nt. _ Ok eod to >N TRANSPARENT AND WASHABLE WINDOW A SHADES.?The subscribers have on hand the largest and moat varied asaori nj'iit of French and IlaJiau painted Window Shades, of scroll, Gothic, landscape and plain centres, sou foi sale lower tnancau be purchased at any other astabii- hment in a city. They vary in price and quality from the moat magnint French painting ever imported in the country, to the cheap Italian style, aa low as Is. each. Also on haml, a large stock of Chintzes and Looms for win lows, of various patterns, fixturos, Ike. Together with a geusrai assortment ol nil descriptions of Upholstery Goods, Beds, Mattresses, Cortains, Curtain Materials, Gilt ornaments, Ac. For sale at remarkable low prices. SOLOMON A HART, Upholsterers. Ac. S8 ecdlm'rc 187 Broadway, opposite John street. THE TEETH. THE TEETH?A reduction of ? per cent?Upper and 1 lower seu of teeth inserted on (action or atmospheric jvee sure, so as to be worn with oase and flrtnneaa, from a siqgls tooth to au entire set; all can be supplied with the best mineral teeth; toothache cured. For extracting tooth, M cents Children's, naif price. J. Baakay, Surgeon Dautist, 71 Mar ray street, next door to the church, west of Broadway. Jyt3 eod Jrr,_ VTEWS! NEWS'-ENGLISH NEWSPArtKS-1v " Bell's Life in London." " Illustrated News." " Punch,"?" Squib"?" Satirist,"Ac, Full files are receivedbv every Steamer, and for sals at tht NeWa Office, No. 4 Ann street. New Y -rfc. Persons residing in Canada, will And this a desirable place M semi their orders lor any papers published on the Continent. A Letter Bag is kept here for the Liverpool SttauMra, and t | special messenger despatched to Bos too. Tne " Artist,"a monthly Ladies' Book, $1 per yean?I shil ! lings single copy, is for sale hem. The Whig Monthly Review, (wit in press.) $5 (HI per ye*r single numbers Meenu. Agents (applied ?t itManible rstei for ell of the foregoing workv. E. B. TUTTLE. Agent. ? ?14 lm eoJ*t Mo. 4 Ami sir. el. N. V. MAGAZINE! AND PERIODICALS FOR OCTOBER Aitiit, Oodcy's LadiesBrok, Oimni'i Magazine, Lediei World of Fsihion.Younir Peoples' Book. Bovton end Bentley'i Mivcel'miy. Ac : Firm Home of Hie XIX cenwry, with mno then 2000 siiursviugs ; Bn lical Journal end Chiiatiau Family Magazine, edited by he Rev. H. R'Od and D. Newell ; Temperance end other Almanac. : the R.inhow end Redi. nt, e new nam iron* end witty journal, well calculated to pleaae the li*r|j aadgay. Allot which will he sold at wholesale and retail, end thore who bny to veil again at a lower rate thaa can b? obtliner elacwherr. N. B-?Fifty agents wanted to cireala's msgaziscs, periodi cats. he. A. J. SEXTON, No. Jt Beekmaa, I >29 rod Irn'r corne^NaamB^ Love, cou'rt?HiP and marriauk:-jmi published, Beeslarils Physiol' goicsl Mysteries aud Revelation* in LOve, Courtship ami Marriage, an infallible guide-hook foi aaariied and single persons, in matters ot the ntmoat iinportanca to |tie he man race. Amongst the things daly considered in this work .re?Cantee of ao I curea lor barrenness t Oflfsjiriuf, with modes for prevention ind increase ; T"t arts of beauty and coartship ; The danger of solitary praciicea, and how the habit may bo removed and its effects cured ; The causes of Love of Jeiloosy. with a remedy for eradicating from the mind ihe seeds ol a hopeless, or aa unhappy peasion, Ao. At. Translated from the third Pans edition, hy ITnlip M.Howard. For ads at 192 Nassaa street, price TJ cents Orders Bom the country, enclosing a dollar; directed to HOLLAND k GLOVER. New York ctry, wll aecars the work being eeiM to any part Of the United Ssatis ?is-lm?r THE"STTIELDE U VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW sad important article for use in the nursery, and as r fastening to I "ties shawls, cloaks, Ac. Patented in the United States and in Europe. t is rapidly gaining favoi wbertver introduced, aud has become an article winch it will be to the advantage of dealers id fancy hardware. Ac. in the cot aery, to svpgdy flirma- Ives with. For sale to the trade, by meat of the wholeaele dealers tin anch articlsi in tha city ol M*?v York. Thread and needle storei and dealers in fancy articles, sup. nlM nn lilwinl (fmbb 1Kb nAuuUrfnivnt that naientea til at reel. STrooldyn.' ^ ',ja |m?'re" one PkicE cash stokeT Jl T44 Chatham street, where will b? rood clotniug ai i lie f? following low priew^-Bfivrr end pilot cloih enats, Imrr 93llo tli; MtioaK IUM from SI JO u> Sat a ,uWf "udainglr Masted Ifit, from s( 30 to St 5?. The writ Hie ol Chatham OffNoM. p ini't HKNH? COGSWELL. terrapin lunch. UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM GO UK MONDE' QUI VIVE! THOUSANDS of our good rite, losers of good fur, hire been lor ?<>tne weeks pant fferiuK saeetn dl??P!?nntmpn' (km rhe cldamg of the far-famed " Terrapin Lunch." The " Alfnl fakir," is now. howeser, orer, end again may 'hey feed well," (or he it known th it the John Adams, of Knickribock?r memory, "hangs hia hat* an at the Terrapin ; alto the proprtetOf. one of the lineal little fellowe in Christendom, y/dept W J Carr. Now, then, smack yoar lips ye cormorants in the Tfcrtln Soup and eteak line, the mantle of 'SawtyP has fallen upon John, to perfect ionin good eating and drinking may he aanin guaranteed at the Tettafdn. A 'ingle look into the old "Tee Boa," will appeaae the hanger of him with the ehort pitfast, and a una "f the genuine at half (he old peieee will ugklr the pal at' of the eariaat auehorilu. kin# Wreaa Tirtle aarred Up thia day, and erery day dunna thltaaen. ?Uln>*tu ?pfKm~vowrm. A FEW splendid rota wood and mahogany Piano Fortee, ot the moat beantiful workmanahip, tone, and Amah,with hari pedals, metal.c platea, and all the modern impress msnts, for sale low to rloaa a tiuat, at II Na?aau atreet ol* tt*r HERA 42. OajrtM, Ohl*. I I C^urropuntlcDcc of Out HeiaM] t *+* i Dayton, Ohio, Oct. 4, 1842. j Animated and Spira-ttirrimg, Dtecrtytion of the ' Gratui tlarbtcm given to Umry Clay, in Dayton, , Ohio. I Dkak Bknnstt 1 Knowing that you cluedy rely upon your own , correnjioudenu for information coucermng anpor- i taut occurrences, thai take place throughout the ' various parts of our country, I therefore take the ( __ .k. .?ku?i ..r i-.. iau v t1j ui auuivouug | uu vu iu? vi uiu innconvention, than which a greater was never held in the western country. 1 address you somewhat hesitatingly, tor it you are as good a Tyler man as some of your triends here would have it, it is very possible that my labor may be lost, 111 writing to you upon the subject of a Clay convention. Bull will trust it to your independence, and if you are afraid to publish the communication, you are at perfect liberty to suppress it. The Daytonians well and justly established their reputation for " doing up" conventions iu a Utile better style than usual, trom the manner in which the great convention held here in 1840 was conducted. All who were here upon that occasion, "looked upon," (as they then said,] "the largest collection of people tUey ever saw, or ever exi>ecled tc see together, until the final judging of all the earth," until? " That great day, in which the world* around, Emptied, tend lorlh their whole inhabitant*." And they were not mistaken; those of them at least, who have since died, or those who were prevented from being here on the 29th alt.; but all who had the happiness of being here upon holh occasions, will forget the numbers thd he saw in '40, and lose them in the crowd of '42, and we believe that no other town in the west could have doue so well, or in the language of Ex-wovernor Meicalte, ol Kentucky, " none but Dayton could beat Davton." 'The remark was undoubtedly true, fur where will you hud a town upon the whole earth so well adapted to such a purpose, situated, as it is, in one of the must fertile valleys ol this western World, lying upon an exten- sive plain, wilh streets from tidy to eighty teetwide, and approachable trom all sides by lue most beautiful roads?how can it he possibly unproved! Our expectations weie great, and we have not been disappointed. For weeks previous our city Was iu aperiect state of excitement, which waxed stronger and stronger, as each successive day brought the 29th the nearer. We held meetings, we passed resolutions, we appointed committees, and all the " et cetera" that was necessary antecedent to such a time.. So early as on the 26lh, flags oi various descriptions and devices were seen wuving ia gentle folds over many o! our house-tops, which thickened and thickened each successive day, until from the surrounding hills overlooking the city, it appeared as one vast lleet, with a |>eunaiit fluttering troui every mast. These llage, streamers, ensigns, or whatever you may call mem, were the indications that the " latch string" ot the houae over which they waved, wui not pulled in, hut that there our guests might tind free ingress and egress, a bountiful table, and a bed of atraw. That there, indeed, lor the tune betug, they might tind a home. "Oh ! woat a jolly town for 1 hard-working men,' Rich (teaming poU, and smell ot dainty tars." By Tuesday evening our hotels were filled to overflowing, and on Wednesday people flocked in by thouaauds, somewhat in the manner in which Audubon describes wild pigeons going to their roosts," in such quantities that you could not see the eud ot them." Now, had our " committee ot arrangements" their hands lull, in assigning places to persons where they could stay. By a very judicious movement some days belore, they appointed twenty or more young men, most ot whom were under twenty-one, but all good whigs, " dyed in the wool," aa distributing marshals. When places were assigned to pereous arriving, by the committee, they were delivered over to the charge of these young marshals, who conducted them to the places appointed. They were well mounted, sported a green sash, and flourished a large slick. Mut h credit did iheygaiu, ami much deceive, Iroin the mauner in which iliey performed their duty. Lach vied - wiui inc timers ui penorming ins pun me iuum i 1 promptly, buch incited was their eageriitee, thai I * itiey did not always consult the convenience 01 their I charge. " Look al that youngster, mounted on I e that hne bay mare; see him dashing through the crowd, and that squad oi eighlor ten men foliowiug him upon a halt run." But did you hear what that big ; tellow oi the party said to bis comrades 1" Paining k for breath, he sung out " whew! whew! this is d?n tall walking, but keep your eye on our fugleman, ' and push ahead." Thus they came during almost ; the whole of Wednesday night, and the morning dawned on Thursday upon thousands who were still on their way to the great convention. , The lion that was to be exhibited had not yet ar; rived, Mr. Clay had not come. A delegation had i gone out some miles to meet him, and he was ex pected about 9 o'clock, but at 8 o'clock news came ! that he was entering town, and the loud huzzas | with which the welkin rang proclaimed the truth of , the report. He rode at the head of the procession, | in an open carriage, wiih Governor Corwm at his | his side. On snch side of the carriage, with , "firm pace, and slow," marched a military compa- , ny. Upon his arrival in town he was met, and j greeted by a hundred little girls dressed in white, wtth a song, composed tor the occasion. As he entered the crowded streets he bared his head and j 1 bowed and smiled on every side, while one contin, ued peal of loud huzzas marked his progress. The - smiles of beauty, beamed from every window, and many a cambric handkerchief had holes in it that were not there the day before, and the house tope along the streets through which he passed vomited forth their hundreds. In his train?but how shall 1 describe it"? What was therel What was not therel Was it a train i of sulendid carriages, adorned with all the orna( inents of a rich luxurious, and aristocratic people welcoming with a triumph some mighty oonqueren > Did none bat the "silkstocking gentry" move in those rank?~wss the mechanic, the farmer, or the laboring man, excluded as being too poor, too humble, too low i. to follow after such on aristocrat as Henry Clavl? ' We think not, but let us see, what comes nere ? It is no gilded carriage bearing its coat of arms, and drawn by prancing steeds. Those men upon it 1 seem at work, the crowd around has no charm for them. Ah! now I see, they are shoemakers, with their lanstone their hammers and their awls busily at work, see how They crimp, and cut, and last, and ititeh, And ball and ball away." f^et them paaa on, they are worthy fellows. What heantiful little hnilrlinw in that commit alone von der, drawn by six horses 1 It is built after the model of one of the Grecian temples,?here it is, let us read its inscription: " A Temple built in honor of Henry Clay by the joiners of Dayton." There too comes a spinning machine, hard at work, winding and reeling. There too vou may see a beautiful girl with her distaff in her band, merrily singing while her foot is well plied to keep her wheel in motion? (this by the way, -was an article that has become almost obsolete, and but few of our ladies know ita name). Here cornea a smith shop; bear i how their sledge hammers ring upon the anvil: in addition to these, were the tailors, the potters, the curriers, the saddlers, the weavers, together with a number of other kinds of mechunics, all husi|y at work at their varionstrades. But amidst all this industry is the farmer, the countryman, a mere idle spectator 1 No, look at yonder establishment, { drawn by a stout Connestoga team ; see those men , 1 upon it, how busily they are engaged in dressing flax i | in all its branches, and there too, comes a regular i threshing floor; look at those men on top throwing ? down sheaves of grain, while those two below are * \ making merry musis with their flails as the procea- { sion moves on?well, , ; " Let no ambition, mock thy useful toil, I Thy homely Joys, snd dest ny obscure." ! I need not go father into detail of such sights that ' were here seen. This is sufficient to show what 1 classes of people are awake to the condition of our ' country, and are not such men invincible both in , the battle field and ballot box! The history of our j revolution provea the first, and did not ihe elections of Generals Jackson and Harrison prove the latterl And will not the election of Henry Clay in '44 confirm it 1 " The man devoted to tha publia, stands, Stands in the bright record of superior worth A (ten below the skies ; if he succeeds The 4r? Mr let that earth aflbrda, is his j If be falls, ha falla above a throne? When such their leader, can the whiga despair!" With all this, there were many bands of music and wagons, bearing various banners, and devices upon them, but the most ludicrous of this class was an outlandish looking vehicle, the like of which was never seen, and the description of which is impossible ; it ran upon two wheels about 8 by 10 fear In diameter; beneath the axle waa suspended a keg with both heads knocked out; over it wss turned search, inscribed Sub-Treasury. This establishment was drawn by a single ox, equipped in a full set of harness, headstall, rains, collar, breeching and all, V" * IL .1 LD. PrtM Two Outi ind well did he perform lit* part, moving a part of he time at a rate that pot many a more gallant look ng steed to the blush Let the train paaa on, which i did through a number of our principal atresia, and hen lauded Mr. C. upon a staging upon one ol aur itreet corners where the procession passed by him, hut all in it might see him. This occupied until ibout halt-past 10o'clock, when the thouaanda upjo thousands that were here lelt to get their dinners, rither at private houses or at ihs public tables, two til which HO feet long were prepared with all that a hungry stomach could crave. It was at nounced that at one o'clock the firing [>t a cannon would be the signal by which tba Ileaking would coiiuueuce. The place hatd upon ass in it grove, upou a hill overlooking the town tnd about hull a mile from it; it had a beautiful and (laduul slope toward the speaker*' aland, and waa a lace well chosen. Although one o'uiock waa the time appointed to be upon the ground, yet by eleven tiundreds were seen wending then way in that direction. I arrived there about twelve o'clock and waa surprised to tiud that around the aland the crowd waa already so duck us to be scarce able to let within hearing distance, with all the edging and rushing ol which 1 was master?such ciowdmg, tuch jamming 1 never saw belore, and in the Tiidst oi it Isawa number of ladies, who have had me Kjueeie in their; llie ll they never get another. The impatient multitude could not await the arrival >f Mr. Clay, bat called loud und repeatedly upon lonie one or other of (be distinguished men presrut w address the in; a number ol whom made a lew emarks, but no set speech. At one o'clock the report of a cannon cam? looming over the hills, announcing (bat Air. (Jay, vas on ins way, and waa to be momentarily ex lected. Then was the voice of htm that was speskng lost in the tumult, as each endeavored to get tearer to the smnd to hear the great man, and such i waving, and rolling, and steuming, and sweating 'no mortal ever saw belore." The meeting waa railed to order mion the arrivul of Mr. Clay, by Mr. ilwing. lix-Governor Morrow, of Ohio, was electid President, together with a number ol Vice-Preidents and Secretaries to the Convention. Alter vhich a preamble and a number of resolutions were ead by Mr- Schenck, the purport ot which was to tominate. Henry Clay for the next Presidency, and lohu Davis, lor Vice President. Great aud enthuHastic was the cry, as the question was put. Mr. Clay now arose and addressed a tmall portion of those around him, lor but a small poriiou of that vast crowd could have heard any man Ol his address 1 shall make no comments, save (hat as usual, it whs a happy rtiorl. Alter speaking an lour and a hall, he was loliowed by Mr. Crittenden, it Kentucky, who made some remarks very pertirent to the occasion, and the cause ot thia great gahering. He said, "that in 1840 Ohio promised a larbecue to the whig* of Kentucky, unless the fave Harrison the greatest number ol voles lor preudeut, in proportion to her population. Ohio lost, ind she was now paying and nobly paying her lues." He closed by saying, "That as they had leaten Ohio with her candidate, they had now a jandnlaie chosen from among them, and in the tame ol the wings ot Kentucky, he was authorised o challenge Ohio again to the contest, and upon the tame terms .hst hey had beaten us in the election at General Huri'ton, and they could beat Ohio in ihe election tor Clay." Instantly the grove reverberuted with the cry of "lake a up, take it up," and echo on echo replied, "take it up, take it up."? Mr. Crittenden was loliowed by Mr. Corwin, who accepted the challenge on the part ot Ohio. At iha -lose of this speech the crowd left lor town. Beades the speeches alluded to, we bad many others, C>n Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, and Friday morning, we had ull varieties ol manner trid talent displayed, but there were uone here who .-xcelled our wagon boy. All who heard his speech un the street corner last Friday morning, will in afler hie rster to it as one ot the most splendid addresses to which lliey ever listened, and at the name id Corwin they will involuntarily exclaim, "1 heard Ins ppeech at Dayton." Old Gov. Metcalfe was not unheard, and unnoticed, but ihe strong voice ot [he old veteran win? beard above the multitude, and lua impassioned eloquence needs no comment. between ihe hours of 10 and 12 A. M. Mr. Clay hhw the ladies at ihe bouse ot J. D. Phillips, h.eq. About 1ft o'clock he icit for the Went, umid the cheers ol thousands, though his depattute had not been announced. Thus passed over our Convention, with the utmost peace and tranquility, with no accidents, no broils, or diaiutbance ot any kind. Universal aaUhiactrou wan given to theenteitainera and the entertained Strangers were never mate welcome in a place than they were here, and being welcomed on their arrival they were gratrlul at their departure. Great numbers of people left town on Thursday afternoon, and their leaving waa kept up until Saturday, but the town has at last again relapsed into its usual quiet, which it is probable wdl remain a long time undistured by another such event. What does such occurrences tell ust Do they rot say in a language that cannot be mistaken, that [here is something " rotten in Denmark," some evil that must be corrected, something to which ail are willing to apply iheir shoulders to remove 1 To aee an hundred thousand, or two hundred thousand people of all classes, and all grades, assemble together to meet one man, to whom they look as the beacon light which is to guide them salely through the breakers and the bars by which they are surrounded, is an idea vest in itselft and one that tells with an unerring tongue, who, if his life ia spared, wil 1 be our next President. Yes, the whigs of the west are up and doing, and they will be up and doing in *44. They have the power, and they will exercise it? " Go teach 'ha sagla. whan ia szura heaven He upward darts to seize bi? madden'd prey, Shivering through the deatii circle of ite (ear, To pause, snd let it 'scape, and thou mtyet win Whigs to forego their sparkbng round of pow*r That floats airily within their grasp." Much credit is due our chief magistrate, Mr. Anderson, and his assistants, and also to our committee of arrangements, for the manner in which ihey rtrformcd their duties. And our ladies, how thai speak ol them 1 No language can do them justice. Their f florin were unceaKina to render their aueata comfortable and satiated, giving up even their own bede, and panning sleepless nighta alter toilsome day a, to accommodate per ha pa a perfect stranger, and that stranger possibly a common laborer; Dot he wai not the less welcome. Such are a few items of our Barbecue, but no description, with which I have already been too prolix. But 1 must tell you of the moat ludicroua event of the week, which was the fact of one of the leaders ot the locofoco party holding an indignation meeting on his " own hook," on Friday night.? There were about fifty prevent, more than half of whom were whiga, led there by curiosity. Thisia the gentleman of 4th of July memory, that ia, about here. He it ia who some years ago, upon ihat memorable day, " invoked bin Areouski, nifltd his halumet of peace, and aang his dithyrambic requirm to the rush, and euple Jack of the wooda." It is not worih while to re|>eat the invectives and approbriouaepithets that he (art uuon Mr Clay, or detail the scurrilous language and lh? vituperation that he vented upon the whig party "en masse." For the want of argument, abuse ia the weapon with which he fights, yet " This creature, with all his reptile cunning, Writhing and fuming through a new af wiles, Believes tils genius formed te rale mankind." Bat I have done. I remain youra, aincerely, Vim. Attiwi to Commit a Rami.?The Providence Journal >f the IVih in?t. any*, Horace fearer, of Woonaocket, waa refterday brought before Henry L. Bowen. E?q., on a warrant loaned upon complaint of Edward H. Sprogue, -barging him with an aaaault and battery npon J ne IVch tor, with intent to commit a rape. MUa Webeter it i firl of irreproachable character, and haa been in the >mplormcnt of Mr. Spragu* for over Ave yeara. She tea tAed that on the 3*1 of September, ohe waa at Pa wtticket, lltd being left by the atnge, accepted the offer of Mr. Peerce o carry her to Woonaoeket inhia choice. She had never foen acquainted with him, but knew him by light, and titew that he hed e family at Woonaocket. Abe knew nohlng ogainM him. When they were within a mi.e and a Self of Woonaocket, at about eight o'clock in the evening, Peerce turned Into t barrow road leading frem the nn i road into thowooda. She obaerved that that wai not tho right rood ; he said you do not know where we are, wa ire not within ten milei of Woonoockat After driving Into the wooda he attempted to accomnliah hla purpoae, and threatened her life If ?he gave an alarm Ska rotated hitn for twenty minutaa, or half an hour, anil acraamad aa lotid aa ahe conld. finding ao much ro-Mtanoo ha waa compelled to deaiat, and made her pramiaa net to k' ** ** ?!* < and threatened to kill ber if ahe did. Ha cwrfod her homo and left her and tha next morning ahe told of what he had dime. Mr. AMrich teatlAed that he wan paaaing bv the main rood with hi? wife, at tha time, and heard the creaming- ft ?'** *? violent that hia wife wmfrightened tnd he turned back and went another road Pearoe wa# ixnind over in the aum of $M00 to appear at the March ?rraef the supreme Couit, and take hia trial: and for antof bail waa committed. I I I III III ??P JELLINO OKI-"?VK'HAE1. REfSK. of the llrm o| * Rrete k Hill*, offeiv for ?al* at coot ? laifcO Maeiunent of iporhil, ?nd dirk kaive*. acheota and meeee. towaihev with tcuticiyoi ?v?rv de-crfyooo. Alio, Dnieunu wai?|Mn cnff.e i?tt i, tea mMe.poem, accordniiiv ?old rflur?. , chain*, ?i rer ?n.I gold Uvtv. kc-j. Tnwitock mnet oaitively be ?r d on 01 liefow the totHytE iT^lVK sV 17 Im* re Ul Maiden Lane, up amiia,

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