Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 22, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 22, 1842 Page 2
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NEW YORK HEKAUD." w l urk, Saturday, iK-tuber Mi, 1844. The Ci.inton Revolutionary Papers ?We have ^ another batch of these venerable letters in type, and i sitatl be able to pubkak tliem to-morrow or Monday. ] We have also re ceived from Col. Beekman a large j package of papers ami documents, as far back as ! 1752?or nearly a century ago. They are curious. ( A Splcmllil Weekly 11 ciuUl?Uox's first I ill. j preaalon* of .Vineilea?Tlie American \rw?- ? l?ii|Mr Prtia ihetvn up In lavngr style? | Ureal 1'un In proapect. i The Weekly Herald, to be pubhsfied this mor- 1 mug, will contain on# of the ru >st extraordinary < articles tliat ever was written by an hmglish litem- ' ry traveller on American newspaper literature. It I is a " Review <>t (he American Newsoaoer Press." ' first a|>i>earuig in|JnfJJietober number of the "Forctgu liuarterJy Keview," and written, us we are informed, by Charles Dickens himself?and certainly expressing such epinions and in that particular language which might be expected from such a talented penny-a-liner. This review is, without exception, one ol the in< st savage articles on a literary subject that ever appeared ia a British journal?and tnay be considered the manifesto or declaration of war of the L mdon literati, against that portion of the American newspaper press that oppose the copyright law, and refuse to acknowledge the supremacy, of English authorship and English genius. This remarkable review contains twenty-six octavo pages, or seven columns of nnnioii matter, written with tiie force, originality, and genuine blackguardism oi a penny-a-liner of the London pres-i, who happens to have been suddenly elevated to a great height in literature, by some singular accident in the progress of society. Il is a perfect specimen oi the Pickwick style and Pickwick temper. The principil newspapers cut up, or mentioned iu this savage article, are the New York Herald, and \\*w York Courier Sc Enquirer, and th: style in which they are treated is a caution to the Mo- , hawks. The Weekly Herald, of this day, price only a sixpenee, will contain this wonderful article at length?and next week we shall enter upon an ana lysis of its views, facts, falsehoods, assertions, j tnd puri?oses. The power and intluence of the I American newspaper press is producing a revolution in Kuroi*?, and the aristocrats and monopolists in government and literature of that continent, find that they must do something to stay the progress of light. The war is now begun, And damned be ho who first cries " hold?enough !'" > Daniel Wkbstkr and John C. Scenckr in the Field.?Mr. Webster has been invited to a public dinner, to he given in this city next week? and it is highly probable that he will accept the offer, and hi' present on the occasion on his way to Washing" 1 ton to |oin the cabinet. We also bear that John C. { - neer, the Secretary of War, will be present at 1 the same dinner?and probably, Caleb Gushing may I #> ton hut thia ia nnl an /'crtnin This occasion, therefore, should Mr. Webster ac- \ cept the invitation, will be a very important one.? I The recent melancholy defeat of the whigs in Ohio, 11 ems to have given the coup ilr grace to Henry Clay and the present whig organization. A re-organiza- 1 Hon of the party at this crisis, under the inlluence of a Webster, Spencer, Cushing and others, embracing ^ also General Scott, might have a very remarkable t effect on the cotirse of public affairs, and the fu- ? ture measures ot the administration. Mr. Webster lias not yet left the cabinet?Mr. Spencer is still , then?General Scott is in his new position at the head of the war office, and the opinion is entertained by many in this quarter that a large portion of the whig members of Congress, under their present defeats, will be disposed to separate ftotn Mr. Clay and to re-unite their destinies with the President and his present cabinet. In such a view of the state of things,the tendency , ot the administration towards the locofocos and the , influence of the "corporal's guard" would he check- ( ed, and turned in a new direction. The positions j ol Mr Webs'.eror John C. Spencer, are certainly not ^ sufficiently clear, and a public dinner in this city would allord them an opportanity to put themselves | right, and throw their thoughts as high up to heaven > as the waters of the Fark fountain. te a r.i.e Brewing?The Congressional Nominations for the Wall struet District.?These no- c minationsarenow complete. TheyareK.H Nichols t hv the locofocos?J. P. Pheuix by the Wall street t whig financiers and bankers?and John B. Holly by 6 the independent wings. A meeting ot the latter is , (-died hi tiie Verandah, 18 West street, on Monday t evening next. This set ot boys are denounced by the Wall street diqwt, as the "North River rubble" i -the " checked shirt i>arty," who have no bank ] -lock, nor any standing in Wall street or the State Prison. All the defaulters, financiers, large capitalists, and bankers of Wall street, are very much otlended with the North River rabble, and threaten to swallow them up on Monday nig next. There will be fun among both whigs and locofocos at the next election. Prepare to laugh and grow fat. How arc stocks in Wall street 1 What was the price of champagne and oysters last evening in Stale street 1 Lai* from Nacvoo?We have accounts from Nauvoo down to the 1st inst. Joe Smith is still at head quarters?hiding somewhere?but is not taken. He is issuing his pro|?hecie-as rapidly as ever. Ilis last revelation is one pre-?i ribing the ceremonies and order of the baptism for the dead. In worldly affairs, the Mormons are going ahead rapidly. Two steam mills, and two priming presses are hi oi<erution in Nauvoo. The population is nearly 15,000, and gradually increasing. The country around is blooming like the rose. \ v , , a.. T\. ? 17...? a. . i - i urn. .-MlKM < i /iaas rr-u?r IBIS A I I.nson, o( the Hero, arrived fit New Orleans on the 11tli instant, from Havana, reports that on the 5th, passed the hull of a ship burnt to the water's edge? sup|K>sed to be the British mail steam ship Solwav Discovered nobody on board, nor any boats about her. A barque was lying to, close by, in which it was supposed were the crew and passengers, it it be true that the Solway is burnt, we must say that the West India Mail Steam Ship Company has been the most unfortunate ot any we ever heard of. BoAROt.NO cowino down.?The proprietors of the Waverly House have announced their in'entions of taking boarders for the winter at 'mt-third less than the usual rates. They have been induced to adopt this policy from the reduced prices of marketing?the fall in Hour and other productions?and tn great reform that is faking placs in economy. | temperance, and the habits of society. The Waverly House bus always been kept in very elegant style?and notwithstanding the reduction of rates to correspond with the age, the same neatness, elegance, comfort, and cleanliness will prevail under the new taritl riua is a happy movement, and we hope it will succeed. Tli'' Ai.iury Aroi lis-not yet contradicted the falsehood that the Herald was prosecuted by Doctor Mott for ."$23,000 damage? Not a word of truth in it. I'hk Ooni. Coov ?Shannon's majority in Ohio, the locofoco governor, will be nearly 350(1. " I'll e" e down?I'm a gone.coon " fifteenth Annul Kalrofthv Amriican Institute, nt NI bio's Uanlm, lHA'A. Friuay, 21st October. Jw'| The Naval Roys a.nd hie Aitles.?At ten li< j'clock, A; M , the Fair whs visiteil by the Naval ' School of the North Carolina, under the orders ol J(J Lieut. Hunt. They were seventy-five in number, j lw ind wre addressed in the side saloon by Col. Cr" no, and also by the Rev. Mr. Clioules. But the ; th jest of it was, the promiscuous scramble for a bar- j '* el of apples, which were set down in the centre lor 1 hem to "catch who can, and the best have 'em " I ,], riie little iellows first fell in a solid heap upon the j jh tarrel; but as the apple-seizers could not get away j with the spoils, the barrel not upset upon the tloor is he row, and the way these seventy-live boys' jounced upon the apples on the tloor, was a caution j o corns and sore shins. You can tell how it all i J1,1 looked, if you run imagine how a cart load ol cats 1 |, would look, if they were all dumped upon two I u liosliels-of rats and mica The hovs were tie kled to death The celebrated band of the North Carolina, performed several pieces in the course of their visit. The Stji'Asii, Cadi-.ahes, atd J'cmi'cin Snow.? A This redoubtable affair came off at two o'clock, 81 P. M An o.\-cart was bedeck'd, bctfilttned, and * beloaded, with corn, cheese, onions, beets, carrots, ^ splashes, cabbages, pumpkins, and various other l)( members of the horticultural, and agricultural de artiiients, to wit, namely, as follows:?Gov. Ells pi worth, of Connecticut, commanded the exiiedition ; ci ' Wakeman, next in authority, carried a oi arrot as his badge of honor; Mr. Bridgeman wore 11 i garland of flowers; Dr. Leeds presided over a w icck of turnips; Mr. Dunn carried a galvanized sjuash, representing a Roman. Tribune; Judge Thompson sat on a big cheese, alternately gouging ), into it with his jut-knife, and eating crackers; Mr. ti Hubbard was shelling corn; Captain Brink leaned fc vciw affectionately over a whopping big pumpkin; h Col Clark from Kinderhook, cultivated a cabnage; nl and Isaac Demons was weeping over u bushel of r onions. e' Thus laden and loaded, under the broad pennant of the American Institute?drawn by four magiiifi- a] cent yoke of oxen?and to the soul stirriiigsound of ?( Yankee Doodle played upon fife and drum, (Antony ti VanCorlear. where art thou!) thus, then, did this v. peaceful and emblematical pageant marshal forth 11 and parade itself down the Bowery, Chatham street, JjJ Park Row, Broadway, Wall, Pearl, Maiden lane 1 and Nassau streets, to the j miction of Fulton, ^ where three cheers would have been given, had not c, Mr Dunn, who carried the galvanized squash, been jt afraid one of the iwnersmpposite the Purk might have ol felt its If neglected. The show then returned hack n to the g.irden, having confuted, reluted, and forever tc put to flight all the enemies of garden sass. They ol were gone just two hours thrirty-three minutes and c,' fi.... i . i: ,i.?. .... a:-i ...u:?u .i tl 11 V <civt.axuiuiiK I*' uic cuii uim wiuuii nicy carried with them on the cart. w made ka>y.?The American Institute, r, among other inventions and improvements in j( the arts and sciences, is now engaged at N'iblo's F Garden, every evening, in giving practical illustra- B lions in tlie newly discovered science of squeezing made easy. The saloons are nightlv crowded with handsome belles and beaus, 1(5 to 25, and they j are so pressing to catch a sight of all the beauties displayed there, that a young lady no sooner enters the g garden than she is engaged. In undertaking to press t< rom one part ol the premises to the other, you get e -ntangled in a perfect labyrinth of flowing curls, v right eyes, and smiling faces: and if you cannot B vrite poetry you are sure to feel it from head to P oot. Oh, it is such a place! Twenty-three gentlenen paused the Rubicon and declared themselves, ast evening j fifteen old bachelors came to a fixed w solution ; eighty-three young ladies felt the tender ai motion for the first time, anil thirteen couples fix- h ?d the day. si The Fire Works.?These were by Mr. Edge, in ei lis best style; and it isverv rare lliat we have ever Cl ieen any equal to them. No description can possibly ?j do them justice. J New System ok Telegraphs.?Invented by Sa- j,; muel Frew,of Alleghenycoiinty,Pennsylvania.? The a model now exhibiting at the Fair of the American q Institute, is intended to illustrate the use of thisim- e roveinent in hotels. It apjiears to be a useful in- h rention, and should be examined by large hotel f? leeja-rs _ Model of the Maria.?This is a very beautiful ind splendidly perfected piece of workmanship by " ohn L. Wyatt, 364 Broadway; and exhibited on a Ri urge window frame case in the horticultural room. (( t is a ship completely rigged from stem to stern. It H ittracts a great deal of attention and admiration, and n; oust have cost an immense deal of labor to inakc. A Siiki'iiard's Patent Stoves, No. 212 Water st. a[ riiose about purchasing should by all means look . it this article. {*] Salamander Safe, No. 95-1. bv S. E. Herring, 139 A'ater street, agent tor Knos Wilder, Mamaroneck, x iVestchester county, New York. Please examine tii t. Hi Three Oh. Paintinos, No. 842, by W. C. Han- th aington, Broadway. Very beautiful, and well exe- al cuted. e' Two Enoravinos in Frames, No. 854, by Jos. F. Atwell, 201 Broadway. Seldom surpassed. n Furs for Winter.?Barnett and Simmonds have o opened a splendid fur store at 449 Broadway, for ' the sale of fashionable furs, muffs, and articles of A the like description From the accounts we have heard of the goods, coming from competent judges, we are persuaded that this house will equal any and surpass many in the city. They import dressed furs ^ >f all kinds?manufacture caps of cloth, sealette, bi lair, seal and oil skin?and also give the highest P' ,'alue for shipping furs. t,, As preparations to the approaching cold weather, 01 adies would do well to call and see for themselves. |j rhey might waste half an hour in a worse way. fr .1. Review. te The Western Captive, or the Times of Te- u . C' .T'mseth?A Tale by Mrt Seba Smith. This is an u inginal novel published by Winchester <Sc Co., at c' he Sew World office, in a cheap quarto form, w luitable for transmission by the mail. We have not tl ead this brochure, but we hear that it is a capital hing. c Thk Nkw York Leuai. Observer?by Samuel t>ier?. This is a new law periodical which has u reached as far as the third number. It is rather a ? meagre affair. e Naval.?The U. S. schooner Phenix, Acting Lt. ? Com C. R. E3. Kodgers, from Indian Key, arrived tl at Norfolk on the 18th inst. She left Indian Key on J the 10th. The following is a list of her officers:? ii C. R. P. Rogers, Acting Lieut. Commandant ; James N. J Barney, Acting Lieutenant ; B. K. B. Hunter, do; Charles ' Deas, do; A. A. Henderson, C. H. Broughton, Assistant r Surgeons ; C. D Nlillett, Captain's Clerk; Mr. Petty, Mas- * tor* x! ate. The U. S. schooner Wave, Acting Lieutenant g Commd'g J. C..ll?nrv, has arrived at Norfolk. Eler v officers are:? J John C. Henry, Acting Lieut. Oomd g ; Mayo C. Wat o kin?, Lieutenant, Kdward Doml.Lon, do; Marin* Uurall, g Ai*"t Surgeon ; Joshua M. Hall, Captain's Clerk. The steam frigate Missouri has arrived at Savannah. She is to leave there shortly and virit the 8 West India Islands and the Gulf Mexico. Commodore Kenshaw had also arrived at Savannah. __ c fs'j- The Rattle of White Plains is to be celebra- c ted on Friday the 28th. [' False Mkam'rks.?The citizens ai? warned to * look onf lor the cheats who use false measures, in I vending any of the following articles,which are all to > be sold hynea|>e<l measure, ami the measure ac- c cording to the statute, must be heaped upas higli as ' the articles will stay on, viz:?Coal, ashes, marl, manure, Indian corn in the ear, fruit and roots of ' every kind, and all other commodities commonly J sold by tien|)ed measure. Tha bushel measure for ' these articles, must contain eighty pounds of distilled water at its greatest density, or 2310 cubic inches struck, and must have the cone or heap on besides. This bushel measure must be nineteen and a half inches across the top, front outside to outside, and the half bushel 15fc, and the peck 12J inches. These widths are lor the purjaise ol giving the propter quantify in the heap formed on the too of the measure, and no less will comply with the law. The bushel or half bushel for struck measure, may be of any width at the top, if it contains the right quantity, which is not so much as the bushel for struck measure. Sealers are in the habit of sealing measures lor heaped measure, which are not as wide at the lop as the law directs, and they are, therefore, liable for damages. Kvery person who may lie defrauded in quantity, by any vender using one of theve false measures, may Irecover three times the amount of dumaf** Irorn such vender, and f can't see hut what the venderjias his action ag.un-l the sealer, all other things being right. There is a SNute standard half bushel for struck measure, which at pr> -ent governs the sealer ; hut there is no state standard for heaped measure, the ealer is, therefore, hound to obey the law ana be directed by it, or abide the consequences. The citizens in buying coal, ami the farmers in haying manure, must look sharp In a lot of four chaldrons o| Liverpool coal, recently measured by one of these false bushels, there I was a deficiency of twenty bushels' more than I iiall a chaldron. [ Every paper in the city and state, .i-hoidd take notice of tlua important matter. Lax Scjujta. City Intelligence. Dock Loarra.?A fellow, named John William*, wai ggod yesterday for stealing a piece of worsted stuff jrth >43, from G. k \V Hastings of 1 Hanover square.? t was arrested by Peter Coles, a city watchman, who uinl the goods in his poSMSsiou. Mobr Funsixa.?A sharp, keen looking Trojan, named i?eph P. Chamberlain, was shaved by a sharper, keener oking genius, wliu keeps the tiox lot auction stoic near e < hatnnm Theatre 5 esterday, to the tune of f8, which lUAiug to return. Use Police Justice la id him to bail m e sum off 160 to answer the charge ot a miidtmninor. rry, you must not shave so close. Ciiabob ok Aasox.?A servant girl, named Sarah (jot1, who has recently resided in the lamily of Dr. E. Vanrpool, of HU Fourth street, w as arrested yesterday, on e charge of arson. It is allege! that she attempted to set e to the house on the lSth ol Hepsember, by putting a indie unJer a bed in the attic, and since in another part the building. She w as commute!. A Sue Gail rix Olticer John Low nrrested a notorious Id hag, named Mary !' Smith, alias Davies, who occuies a house ol proatltuliou at the corner of Molt and Cross reets, on u charge of keening in her den of iulamy two ttlc girls, named Mary i.. and Emma Pratt, for her vile ses. She was committed. Court of Common Pica*. Ucfurw Judge L'lshoeffer. Samuel Shaddock vi llubtrt Shuin, and Jtttph Hill$ ? injult and Batery , damages laid at ,000.? Tina wua 11 action fur damages sustained by plaintiff in an aggra ated uaaault and battel y, committed liy the defendant on oard the brig Tarmoli SO, of which vessel 8hlnn was tatter, and the other defendant, Btlia, mate. In Novem or laat the Plaintiff shipped on board the brig ua a inian, and wliile the vessel was lying in tha stream, prearatory to nailing, one ol the crew represented to tho aptain that be wua unwilling to proceed in the veaael. it whicu the captain knocked htm down. The plaintiff ten remarked that it wat not right to proceed to sea itliout being well manned. The cap'ain thereupon died a bsruUpikc, struck the plaintitl with it on the lie of the head, ami lelled him to the deck, causing lo im very severe injury. The plaintiff proceeded in the rig, perfot mtng his duty as well as his debilitated aitua on wo thl permit, though very roughly treatad by >le'ndanta, who compelled him to toil when he ahuuld ave been under medical treatment He had not been r>U to ent anything but biscuit soaked in water. The > asai'l procet (led to 81. Marks and K'*y West, and return- ' I to New York alter an lapse of lour months. The lamtill 'Inn applied to a physician, who, upon exami ation, discovurcd that the jaw lione had boen broken, nd that he was much hurt. The present action was on afterwards brought. On the trial the physician Rifled to having extracted several pieces from the 'ound. and pioduced them in court. He also stated that ic mouth had become much mortified by the jaw re lainingsucfi a length oitimo witnout being attended to. 'he Court charged the Jury that,from tha evidence, the laintitf appears to have received serious injury, and it as douhtlul, as testified by tha physician, if he ever rrovers the use of hisjaw. Although the law would itliiy the captain in observing strict discipline on board I his vessel, in chastising seamen in a reasonable manor for disobedience of ordera, yet they were not to be derated in using an instrument like a handspike, or any iher dangerous weapon, except under very peculiar irciimstances, such as mutiny or revolt In this case ie delendants had offered no justification, and.the jury light to give the plaintiff such amount of damages as ill compensate in a manner for the injury- The Jury itired, and uttei consultation returned with a verdict i favour ol plaintiff for $7o0 damages and 6 cents coats, or plaintiff, Mr. \V H Horned. Kor defendants, Mr. H. utler. Bvfore Judge Ingrabam. Ilektcra Jlndtrion, vs. Jama Ittrtram and othtri ? 'liis case shows the immense importance ol young laies from abroad, who calculate to set their caps succesitllv for Yankee husbands, and to be the mistress ol a oo'lly estate in the bargain, declaring their intention i become American citizens The action is one of juctment. Mrs A. is widow- of the late John Anderson, iho kept a grocery store nt the corner of Henry and irmingham streets, and died in the early part of the resent year. He w-rs possessed of a handsome estate which the plaint iff also toiled hard in efforts to acc >.lUlatr) and bequeathed the whole of it to plaintiff?the ill stating that "I devise and bequeath to my beloved ife Rebecca all ray real and personal property," ipc. ad making her ana Mr. W. Bailey executors. The ouse No. 13 Broome street formed part of the estate,aud fort w as made by those consideting themselves near nough to share the loaves and fishes should the will be onsiderrd invalid, to exhibit their title. The possession f this house was refused tc be given up to plaintiff, and ae now brings action against those holding it. For the tfence it was contendid that the plaintiff i* a native ol .ngland, never become a citizen of the Unitod States nd cannot hold the property under the will ; Comeiiently, has no right to bring uctioD. And secondly, ven if she had not been disqualified by alienship, shu ad not bein lundlord of the premises, in her own light, ir six months, as required by law, before an action of aimot be sustained. Several witnesses were placed on it- stand to show the birth place of Mrs. A One of irm decl red that he had known her from early life? in tvus a native of Birmingham, England, and they vitai ss and plaintiff) were burn in the neighborhood of ortc Fair, in that city. Shu has been heru a great may years. She was ,1 widow previous to marrying Ml. ndeison?her first hu band was Mr. Thilip Kelluud, id they resided in New York. Mr. Anders in, when i ve, fr> quently introduced her to persons us being a nave of England, and she has acknowledged herself to iso. Mrs. A. was in Court, as were tome ladies and ntlemeu who will probably now inherit the property here was quite a contrast in their countenances as tesmony was presented, showing that through carelessm in not qualifying herself to hold property, even in le prospect of pois>t<iug it, she is now likely to lose d, not to the disadvantage of the ethers. Mrs. A. hawser, exhibited much firmnect, and bar late husband's elationi did as well as possibly could be expected. Seve?1 witnesses testifiedto her being a native ofjKngland, Ithough no at empt wa smade in denial. A verdict was akrn in favor of one of the defendants, subject to the pinion ol the Court as to the points of law, with libery, Ac. For plaintiff, Mr. Leveridge?For defendants, Mr. R. fanning. V. S. District Court. Before Judge Betta. Oct. 21?I* BsvaaurTCv? Decision?Leonard (rotting >n thu 8th of September, when this ens, was on hearing, i to the objections it was admitted by the counsel of ankrupt that the schedule was iriegular. The Court armitted proceedings to be suspended with a view to certaining whether the impediments could be removed y amendment. The petitioner asked tha privilcdge of fering a petition, with proofs, to convince the court ist the bankrupt was in equity and good conscience entled to the favor of the court, and to nave error* arising om mistake rectified, and be allowed to proceed to final reree Ad affidavit was presented after the unwarranible delay of a month by the Attorney's clerk, taking pon bimselfthe defects and errors in the papers.and ex nlpatingthe bankrupt from all participation or know;4ge in the errors complained of. The testimony of the Icrk is placed in doubt by thu evidence of Mr. Barrett, ad the court is by no means satisfied that the papers ere originally prepared and verified in good faith, and le lochi a in hriuging the matter to the judgment of the ourt is calculated te detract from the claim to iudul?nceas to msttersolform usually extended. As, howver, the bankrupt is a foreigner, and said to speak and ndersiand our language imperfectly, he may, in this ay. have been misled innocently in his apprehension f what was said or communicated to him in writing ? 'he attorney originally employed by him was about this me charged with malpractice!, and may have neglect d bis business,or misled him in hi* conduct. Ou these onsiderations, ordered, that the amendments prayed for o made , provided they are not framed so as to obviate lie objection* touching the motive* and icienter of the etitioner?that the defendant pay coatsofoppoiition.and l*o that the creditors be allowed to give lurther proof*, rthey elect 10 to do, showing that the bankrupt knew vhcu his original petition was prepared,that the partic 11 uts now sought to be amended wero untruly or inaccuately stated ? If such proof 1* produced, the petition rill stiil be dismissed on the Anal hearing. I'avnum P. Skaltuck ?In this case the petitioner had lot delivered to the ganeral assignee, us set forth in his chedule, " certain notes of hand, dot dt and receipts, rhich are more particularly ret firth in on abstract ront said inventory hereunto annexed," and motion is tadethat tl.c caurt compel their delivery ?and also any ther paper or papers pertaining to the estate. Motion ranted. Court of Oyer mid Terminer. Irfore Judge Kent and Aldermen Underwood and Martin. Oct 01.?trial or Motsaor (Cowards ?This trial was raught to a cloae last evening The testimony had lored on Thursday, and the whole of yesterday was ocupied in the summing up by counsel ami the charge of In Court. Mr K ItnonHs. on belnillof M'ilanaf,addraSiad it* jury for al>out two hours and a half?he was followd by Mr. Whiting for the prosecntian, in a speech ihich occupied between four and Ave hours. Judge tent then charged in a most able and lucid manner, renewing the evidence, and presentina the various points if the case. The jury retired, but returned after an still nee of about ten minutes, with a verdict of Ouitty. The Colonel appeared to receive the verdict with the (natest composure, looking like a man w ho had been >lac.< d in possession of intclligenr.o which he fully eg peeled The (43 000 found 111 hi* trunk are retained by [he Recorder of Philadelphia, subject to civil actions, which have been entered for its recovery. Uencrnl Seaalona. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Judge Lynch. M J Bsros, Acting as District Attorney. Oct Jl.? Stnltnrft?John Haley, convicted of an assault and battery on John Coleman, since deceased was fined (16. Benjamin I'almer and John Thompson, alias Dutenbuberry, blacks,oonvicted of burglary, were sentenced to the State prison for Ave years esch Isaac waiter convicted of perjury. in entering straw bail for Oti? Allen, wn? < nt to the State prison for Ave years. Robert Mitchell, a young man who pleaded guilty to an indictment for grand larcvny, was sentenced to the State prison for th'ee years. Canricftd and Stnltnred ?Two negroes, named David Miller and Francis Carroll, were convicted of robbing the re-si lence of Robert Kenton, in IPth street, nrar the 8>h avenue, on the Iftth of Septe mber, and sent to the State prison for three years Vsiissre Mattd ? Charles S Holt was tried for creating a nuisance in boiling offensive matter for the manufacture of lard, sosp, fce at M Downing street.and the jo?y found a verdict of guilty. The Court suspended sentence until neat term, but stated that they prcsnm c.l that he would aba'e the nuisance. The Coat t then adjourned for the term Co.vvic tki>.?M'Kwrn an J Shec, at Philadelphia, of a conspiracy to commit aritjie on Mrs. M'Kwen. ry Henry Clay has returned front Ashland. .^ix Kivjs left here m the Kmily lor St. Croix. Outli.ta BKriKR ? Mr. Wise. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL." The Secietary of the Navy, Mr. Upshur, at the request of" the National Institute, has issued a Circular to the officers of the Navy, requesting their aid and co-operation in carrying out the objects of that Institution. The cominajiders of all ships of war, about to proceed to foreign stations, are requested to establish cabinets on board their vessels, for the purpose of receiving contributions for the Institution. A similar Circular has been issued by Mr. Spencer, Secretary of the War Department, to officers

of the Army, and recommending the establishment of cahineis at the various Military posts and stations. lt.vltimoitk Pkoouck Mahkkt.?Flour was quoted yesterday at Baltimore?Howard Street $4 1^ ; /v. **'11- 01' i \1/L?# ?~ J C Off UUy a?i ills, -71 item langcu iiuiii to io cv crni^ for good, and 50 to 75 cents for ordinary. Whiskey 22 cenla in hogsheads and 23 cents in barrels. BaltimoreCounty ageicnltiral Association. ?A large and respectable concourse attended the concluding ceremonies of the Firet Annual Agricultural Kxlubition at Uovanstown yesterday. It was gratifying to witness the strong interest which ia spreading among the farmers of the neighborhood on the subject of improvements in stock, fine products of the field and garden, and implements of husbandry. The annua? returns of these exhibitions doinuch towards increasing this interest; and the display of choice specimens yesterday, showing what has been done, will no doubt excite a renewed emulation to show if something still better canto be done next year.?Bal. Am. Oct. 21. ( The ship Mary Francis, at New Orleans, re(>orted having, on the 2d instant, fallen in with the wreck of the French brig Jena, trom New Orleans for Havre, and took oil the Captain, one passenger, and the crew, eleven in number?also some specie and valuable merchandise. The Jena was originally from Tampico for Havre, and had put into New Orleans in distress. She was dismasted in the gale of the 4th inst. Health op Mobile.?At Mobile, on the 11th, 12th, and 13th instant, eleven new cases of yellow fever were reported by the Board of Heath. No deaths reported. Stock Bales at Philadelphia Yesterday. $1000 Readmit R R Bonds fiOO City Loan Vs. 18f,l 02 h'<, l&Vl, 48 20 shu Mt-rV k Maiif's' ir.(n) Chesapeake k Del. Bk, Pittsburg, :it Canal G'f, I?V.. 18 20 do U 1000 do 6's,I856, 18 >4 SHIPPING INTEIXIGEKCK. Baltimore, Oct fl? Arr Martha, Boston. CM Clementine, Bn men SM roultuev, P?rn?mJ>uco eml a iiikt;HaniMh, Richmond; Ann, (Brern) Bremen; Klizibrlh Mali, Rio de Janeiro; 1,1?, Biialnii; riorleuse, Jamaica. Alexandria, Oct 19? Sid Viminia, Barbadoei; Coral, Tlionu.tun. Richmond, Oct 19?Sid Wave, Boalon; Catharine, New Vorlt. Charleston, Oct 18?Arr Francia, Newiioit, HI, CM H Allen, NYork; Virtinp, Liverpool; J C Calnonu, Havana. British Regiments in Canada.?1st Dragoon Guards ; 7th Hussars ; 2nd Bait. Gren. Guards; 2nd Batt Coldstream Guards; 2nd Batt. 1st Foot; 14th; 23d; 43d; 56lh;67th; 68th; 70th; 71st; 71th ; 83d ; 85th ; 63d ; and the Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment. The Amphitheatre.?Among the most important movements making for the winter campaign for the amusement of the public, is the refitting, extending and improving of the Bcntxry Jtmphitheatre. The Manager, Mr. N. Howes, has been assiduously engaged (or a length of time in decorating and remodelling the interior in a style of elegance and convenience that must secure to this interesting entertainment patronage of the highest order, and will render it the only place of amusement in the Bowry that a decentman may safely attend with his family. Mr. Lewis, the artist engaged in ornamenting the interior, has nearly completed his labors. A new and beautiful drop cupfain has been painted? the proceneum and arena newly ornamented, tcc.? The audience will be so arranged as to completely cttrentin/l (Kn arsn i BAritattiinir oftor (Kn mnnnor nt the ancient coliseum. The most important feature of the alteration is the introduction ofparaquet boxes for the accommodation of families. These boxes are placed immediately in front of the dress circle, and ure calculated to hold six persons only, so that a person wishing to indulge nis wile ana children with an evening'sentertainment at the Amphitheatre may, if he pleases, by making timely a;iplication, place them during the evening beyond the reach of intrusion or annoyance of any description. We are informed that the company is composed of equestrian talent of the highest order, and there is every probability that this elegant and inoffensive amusement will take the lead throughout the season. The troupe will give their first performance about the beginning of November. Niblo's ? Jerome had a full Saloon last night.? His new pantomime of " Ellen" is one of pleasing interest, relieved by sundry comicalities of a servant done by Gabriel in his own unequalled way. M'lle. Doutrevi'lle has an admirable part in the piece,which she acted superbly?her sailor was rollicking and joyous in the extreme?and her insanity after the loss of her lover was a touching picture, beautifully expressed, full of pathos, and true to nature. We regret the pantomimic powers of this lady have not been more brought out duriug the season. She is a very superior artiste. The Indian dance was unique. We iierceive Miss Wells takes a benefit on Tuesday next?the lady is deservedly popular and is sure of a full Saloon. Chatham Theatre.?The excellent variety of pieces that are produced at this establishment, with a talented company to enact them, attract highly numerous audiences. The Chatham is now, judg ing from the brilliant array of beauty that adorns the boxes each evening, the moat fashionable place of amusement in the city. To-night the drama of the Gambler's Fate, with the extravaganza of Tom I and Jerry, 'fhe Great Western has arrived, and will appear also this evening in company with the original Master Diamond. (&- A few yearn since a Museum alone was considered sufficient attraction. After atime one perfermcr was engaged to amuse an audience in the Lecture Room, at it is styled. Before long two performers were introduced? then three, four and five. The Manager of the New York Museum has surpassed all competitors?He has not only put on more performers than ever appeared befcre, hut ho reduced the price. For one shilling you see performances, cuiiosities, picture gallery, Itc. There will he an entertainment this afternoon at three o'clock. Ladies may attend this establishment unaccompanied by gentlemen, every thing being conducted with so much decorum. (tij- Thoeccentric Dr. Valentine is delighting the public with his comic imitations at the American Museum. His delineations of American peculiarities are true to the life, auil atford great amusement to an intellectual audience, such as is found there nighly. Mr. Baruum is cei tainly entitled to much credit lor the high tone which has been given to his establishment by engaging none but performers of the very first talent. The amusements are brilliant aad diversified, the performances of the very first order, and the whole Mu?< uni characterised with uoatneai and decorum. Signor Vivaldi's mochanical figures, Mia* Hood, La Petite Celeate and othera give a rare rariety of performances thta afternoon at three a'clock Court Calendar?Thla Day. Srriiuoa CotiaT.?Noa. SO, 37, 120, 113, 111 lit. omcuit Coobt.? Monday?Noa. SO, 87, 237, 7ft, 140, 0, 28, 66, S3, Aft. 106, 116, lift 146}, 161, 166, I, 7, S, 12, 91, 103, 136 , 82, 168, 46, 100, 18ft, 197, 199, 96, 107 , 7?, 229, 13ft, 20, 94 79, 120, 127, 160 , 73, 76, 126, 112, 194, 29, 30, 106, 196. Arrival# nt the Principal Hotel#, As-roa Housa.?Dr. Jamea F. May, Waahington; Mr. S'rut, Pu'keepsie ; F. Falconer, F.agland ; W. Tallmadge, Troy ; J. Dinnie, Boston :R H. Palmer, Now York ; J. B. Thayer, Boaton; J. W. Edwards, do: John Gill, Philslelphia; C. Campbell, do; J. Cadwalsder, do; C. Carter, Providence; J. B Sawyor, Rocheater J. H Rathbone, Albany; W. Jonea, Boston; ft. A. Appleton, do; H B. Chaplin, Worcester; F. D. Snimmin, Boston; D. Chaplin, do; O. S lligginson, do; J. O. Merritt, Ttoy: B. O. Daveniwrt, do; L. Rogers, Boston; TV H. Kellogg, Bkaneatelaa; II. M. A Isms, Worcester; Rev. F. W. Boyd, Vickaburgi Miss Sahonstall, Salem; Miss Henderson, Louisiana; C. F. Dennet, Boaton, George Winalow, do; J. B. Glover, do; o. A. Washington, Tcanesare; G. Jameson, Ireland; t). V. M'l.sne, New Jersey; Mr. Pomeroy, do; W. Speight, Irelanl; Captain Bigg, do; Mrs. Kelly, Providence; Mrs Parsons, Auburn: J.t'.llison, do; George May, New Orleans; Mr. Munson, Providence; P. Allen, do. (?QP- THE Nk'W~WORLDOK TO-DAY 18 ONE OF .ha most interesting and valuable ever published. It contains a continuation of the admirable Jsumal of Frances Kraslnski, a noble Polish lady, eommeneed in 1769, when he ?a< (teen years of age. Also, the entire October part of Our Mess, and an Immense number of other capital articles. Office 30 Ann street. Terms, a year-6}cents single IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! TIm Collec* of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ettabliahed far the Sufij>rtut<m of Quarktry. Ofp BEO TO INFORM ALL PERSONS DESIROUS or obtaiuiug medical advice, thai OB remitting the ?uin of one dollar, with a statement ol their cim, they will be applied with one dollar*! worth of appropriate medicine, and a letter of udvice containing lull directioni at to diet, regimen, Itc. All letters mint be post paid. AJdiess W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal othce of the College of Medicine aud Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street, N. V. N B. The Coast LTijn; Physician is daily in attendance at the private consulting rooms of the college. Hours from 10 till a o'clock (&- DR. RUSH'S INFALLIBLE HEALTH PILLS? For sale at the Agency Office, 30 Ann street, and by all the respectable Book and Medicine Stores in the city, are attaining rd immense |>opularity, for the surprising cures they have eiiected during the past month. These Pills are a sovereign remedy for dyspepsia, hdltous complaints, nausea, general debility, liver complaints, piles, and every disease not requiring a surgical operation. In all female complaints they are invaluable, operating without pam of any kind, and never once failing to give relief. Price 23 cents per liox. Be sare to inquire for the Infallible Health Pills of Dr. Rush. Full directions accompany each box, which is an closed in a splendidly engraved wrapper, with a fuc simile of Doctor Rush's signature on theaover. (Of- THE NAPOLEON OF PRINTERS, AT LEAST in this hemisphere, is Charles Shields, of 40 Maiden Lane. He doos get up the most beautiful cards, labels, kc.. that we ever laid eyes on ; but his colored show bills?his magnificent, unrivalled?unrivable manv colored Xylographic sho w bills, are enough to make the angels meek, tor we don't think they could turn out any thing more beautiful, though they tried their prettiest. Let every man w ho don't w ant show kills, avoid Shields, for to see them, is to order them, w ere it only to hang them up for pictures. Jokn Bull will have to try again before he can come a touch to Mr. Shields in the Xy lographic. Extract from a letter, dated Havana, Sept. 6, '49. " A Moismua : The Segars yon order are not to lie obtained for cash. You New Yorkers suppose that money will buy avery thing, from n coach to a castle ; and many think, I ?uppose, they will bay their way into Heaven witu bank notes t But rtvtnons a maulon?you are not probably aware that dealers frequently send out orders six months in advance, accompanied with the hard cash. Take my advice and buy what sugar you want for retail or private use ol Mr. (I lorge't his name) who keeps tne Spanish House, near Peale's Museum, opposite the Park. I know you can get the best there, at least, as good as can be procured here. Adieu. A DON JOSE DE LA COVA, Calla de la Muralla, No. 14, Havana. To Mons. L Jones, New York." {&> THE GENUINE S4RSAPAR.ILLA, PREPARED by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, is guaranteed to cure scrofula, impurities of the blood, salt-rheum, ringworm, tetter, pimples on the lace, dyspepsia, derangements ot the liver, giddiness in the head, head-ache pro ceoding from di ordered stomach, debility from whatever causes, syphilitic diseases and taints, ulcers, pains in the bones, and all disorders resulting from a vitiated state of the blood or secretions. Sold in large bottles at 75 els. each. In cases of half a dozen bottles, $3,50.* Do. of a dozen bottles, $6 00. A liberal discount to venders of medicine. VY. 9. RICIIARD90N, Agent, Principal Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy ,|97 Nassau st. ?H7- THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE, is warranted to cure all purulent discharges from the urethra of however long standing. This is an invaluable preparation now used in the Parisian Hospitals with un. failing sucoess. Price only 50 cents per bottle. Try one. Sold at the Principal Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, ?7 Nassau street, N. Y IJ0- MEDICINE CHESTS, CONTAINING AN ADE quate supply 01 me new r rencn Medicines lor ine cure 01 delicate diseases, can be had by application to the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. Keep It before the People, 0&- BRISTOL'S 8AR9APARILLA IS A RARE AND invaluable combination of vegetable remedies of established medical virtue, and from it* peculiar properties is almost infallible in all complaints that arise from impurities of the blood, from the morbid action of the absorbent and glandular systems, from constitutional idioayncracies, hereditary predisposition, and in general all chronic and long standing infirmities and irregularities of the human frame William Burger, Wholesale Agent, 60 Courtlandt street and 198 Greenwich street, and at retail at the following placesMilliau's Pharmany, 183 Broadway; Rushton IcAspinwall, 110 Broadway, 88 William street, and 10 Astor House; James Syme, M. D., 03 Bowery; Robert Leggett, M. X) , 17 Avenue D; B. Quackenbush, 709 Greenwich street, and A Hill, 907 Greenwich street; J. G. Reed 143 Fulton street, Brooklyn; J !c J Coddington, corner of Spring and Hudson streets; D. H. Burnett, Third Avenue, comer of Eighth street; Phillip Merkle, 383 Grand street; Daniel B- Tucker, 300 Grand street; Dickinson and Goodwin, Hartlord, Conn. 0(7- FELLOW - CITIZENS AND FRIENDS?1 have have demonstrated to you that certain chemicals combined, will, if properly and scientifically prepared, force the human hair to grow on the face, the body, the head or any part where nature intended hair to grow, (and such a preparation is Jones'Coral Hair Restorative,) that by strengthening the roots, stay it falling off, restore the scalp to a healthy condition, thereby destroying all scurf or dandruff, and that this restorative will cause light rvd or girj i1uii iu iibluicui; umir uuiu vuc iww , llicvi: are ita positive qualities, as hundred can testify. It is aoid at the reasonable price of 8, & or 8 shillings a bottle, in order that poor and rich may use it?by Jones' sign of the American eagle, 89 Chathcm St., N. Y. Agents, 87 Dock st, Philadelphia; 8 State st, Boston; Zoiber, Washington, D. C, Marvin, Sing Sing, or 139 Fulton st, Brooklyn, give it one trial only. JK7- A WORD TO RHEUMATIC PERSON'S ?Dear Sir?I feel it to be my duty to express to you my grateful thanks for the virtues of your inestimable Rhumatic Syrup, as under the blessings of Providence, in my case, it has done wonders. I have lor the lust nine y ears bean afflicted with the Chronic Rheumatism, principally in my hips and ankle 1 first felt it after a severe inflammation of the lungs in the year 1833. 1 have spent a great deal of money and lost a great deal of time, and have tried every thing which afforded the least prospect of relief, but all in vain. 1 had given up all hopes of ever getting better, when seeing an advertisement of Dr. Henry's Rheumatic Syrnp, I procured a 1 Kittle, which relieved me in a considerable degree, and another bottle has perfectly cured me. 1 can therefore recommend it to all who arp troubled with (bis distressing disease. BALFOUR CREIGIE, 18 Ridge street, near Grand street. New York, Oct. 18,1849. If any person will call at the office we will show them dozens and dozens of certificates even more surprising than the above Principal office No. 986 Bowery, corner ol Houston, and in Newark, at Trippc's, No. 9i8 Broad street. ftT- LIKE CAN BE PRESERVED?Vew York, Oct. 1st, 1949.?Dear Sirs?I had been for a long time gradually declining, and had reached that stage of disease which denotes consumption, in fact 1 was given up as incu>-able. I was so reduced i could not sit up for any great length of time?my body was wasted to u skeleton, and death seemed near at hand, when a friend who witnessed my prostration, recommended to me the use of your celebrated comjiound Extract of Horehound Candy, as on article that would certainly soothe my distressing cough. Lhtle'did I think, that I was, by the use of it to recover my health, and be restored anew, as it were, to society. Yet such was the ease, the fust package that I used ho relieved me, that for the first time for months, 1 felt hopes of being cured, when I had consumed two packages, so much better did I appear and feel, that I was enabled to walk about and gradually, I became well. I now enjoy my original health, and am perfectly restored after using but four large packages of Candy. I consider your compound Extract of Horehound Candy, a most extraordinary remedy, for consumptive, individuals, I know that in my case it restored me to health and exittenoe. Hoping that you will he the meaus of saving many to the grave, I am, truly, yourob't serv't, J. C. OORAM, 77 East Broadway. To Messrs. J. Pkasf. St Sox, 48 Division st. " I hold that man a foe to all hi? race Who weais eruptions or a yellow face? Blacker liis crime il with a deeper (in He loves one with discelor'd yellow skin. ? Zkjt. 0(7- THIS IS THE RESPECT IN WHICH ALL ARE held who will disgust those about them by appearing with any eruption or disfigurement on their face or skin, when all know the great Italian Chemical Soap will remedy pimple*, frecklei, blotches, salt rheum, acnrvy, tan, sunliurn, chapped or tender Hesh, fcc. It will change dark sunburnt or yellow skin to youthfal healthy clearne**. It has received the recommendation of tke medical council at Paris, who term it a " miracle." You oan buy it for AO cents a cake, of Jones, at the sign of the American eagle, 83 Chatham atreet, N Y. Agents,87 Dock street, Philadelphia ; Zeiber, Washington, D. C.j 8 State street, Boston j A. Marvin, Sing Sing, and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Rcailer give this one trial. ft/- GOVERNMENT HAS ORDERED A SUPPLY of Slierman's Worm Lozenges lor every ship in the navy, to destroy the worms that so olten injure them. Captain DeWitt was the first to sugge t this new mods of protection. We should like to see all the worms Sherman's Lozenges have destroyed nut into one heap. Little 100 Nassau street, would'nt hold them No medecine equal to Sherman's Lozenges, so you that are sick should buy them at once. ft/- GREAT FAIR OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE AT NIBLO'S ?The delay of exhibitors in bringing iu their articles prevented their complete arrangement for two or three daya, and many of the reports of the Judges, and especially those of the agricultural department, have not, therefore, been as seasonably made as desired These considerations, together with urgent solicitations by many of our fellow-citizens, have induced the Managers to extend the Fifteenth Annual Fair until Wednesday next, the dflth, when the closinr address will he pronounced and the premiums awardol, and the exhibition positively siuwa All, therefore, who wish to hi hold lhi< magnificent and coitl) display, confining of full 16,000 article*, should vail themselves of the oppottunjty before Wednesday evening next. cKt~ A MAGNIFICENT NUMBER OF PACKag?* of Ring's Cough Candy were brought from the manniactory yesterday to the do|<ot, 100 Nassau St.?Bold whoiciale and retail 100 Nassau M. {&/ HALLOO, WHAT IS BROKE-A large pi?M ol Ring's Cough Candy?Don*t you want lome?Yei.go to 100 Naetau st. and get It then ft/- WHAT, YOU HERE TOO-AINT YOU GLAD you come?Don't yon wiih you could stay?No, I have got all I w ant?two shilling! worth of Ring Cough Can dy100 Nassau ?t. ft/- THERE YOU GO AGAIN?Yea, another piece of lUng'a Candy?Most well?100 Nasaau. Q&- TO ALL PERSONS AFFLICTED WITH Diseases of the Eye it must tie apparent that a skilful professional man, wka devotes his exclusive attention to Optbalmte practice, it better fitted than any other perron to cure each disorder*. Dr. Wheeler, ot No. 33 Greenwich street, who new stands higher in public eeiiinatiuu then any other occulist in the United States, has acquired all his eminence from making this branch of medical science his Sule study for many yearr, and he has, in consequence, patients liom almost every section of the United States and the Canada*. New Yowa, Aug. 1, 1941. Ma. V. Ci.isehi oh Dsar Ria :? 1 hare used in my family two bottles of your " Tricopherous " 1 know of nothing in my experience so beneficial to the hair or so well calculated to effect the immediate removal ot scurf and dandruff, also for strengthening the hair. A memoer of my family possessing a good head cf hair, which, from a slight fever, became decayed and was easily removed by the comb ; your Tricopherous, with two or three applications, entirely recovered it to its wonted strength and its natural gloss and beauty. Yours respectfully, A. C. CASTLE, M.D., Dentist. 297 Broadway. The original and genuine to be had of Clirehugh, inventor and proprietor, 206 Broadway, up stairs. Price $1 Beware of a vile mixture under the same name sold at 60 cents. MOM ICY 1HAKKKT. Friday, Oct. 21-0 P. H. The stock market was as usual, heavy, this morning. Sales were limited, and prices generally gave way. Bank ofCommerce fell J; Mohawk J; Harlem J; Utica IcSyra..... i 4 * The Tennessee coupons becoming due on the first Monday in November, and made payable at the North American Trust Company, will be paid at the Mechanics' Bank in this city, on and alter the day they become due. We hare nothing as yet from the promised pamphlet of Messrs. Boorman, Johnston h Co. It was reported that its contents are so rich, its argument so conclusive, and its style so seductive, that no person can arise from its perusal without being firmly convinced of the expediency and profit ol that national blessing, the repudiation of unfortu nate speculations. By all means let's have it, (bras a nation we are heinously in want of good reasons for that which have been so largely practised publicly and privately. The shipments of specie to New Orleans have been so large oi late, that the insurance offices decline further risk at present. The hhakspeare yesterday carried $300,000. Specie is afloat in Alabama. The steamboat New Albany brought down the Alabama last week $43,000. It was forwarded by soma of the land officers in the interior 4 for government purposes. The mail steamer Medway, from Vera Cruz, arrived at Havana on the 33th, with $300,000 in specie. At Mobile, on the 13th, the Bank of Mobile was ottering to check on New York at 18 per cent, premium, and sales made ol sight checks on Yew York at 17 per cent.; 00 day bills on New York 16 per cent., and it is said that lower figures have been submitted to. There has been an active demand for specie, which commands 33 to 36 per cent., and the supply is not equal to the demand. The resumption of the Southern Banks, and the curtailment oftheir depreciated credits,reduciug the currency in all .sections to the constitutional level, has equalizedit in all sections, and caused the rates of lulls, instead of ruling nominally higher against a section where irredeemable bills were largelydepreciated,tollactuate for or against any given point, governed entirely by the actual balance duo to or from it. This is particularly the case at New Orleans, whrre exchange is heavily against the whole world and in favor of New Orleans, with every prospect, under the impulse given by low prices to exports, of a still further fall in bills. Within the last fourteen days bills in New York on New Orleans have risen from J to 3 per cent premium, a rate almost unprecedented at this season of the year, when so small a portion of the crops have come lorwnru. ice reiee OI uiuc lu-uey wrau as 101low :? Cuaai.ri Rates or Bark Notes ard Domestic Billi Bank Notes. Exchange. Safety Kand bit 1 Security Banlu- j/a 1 New Emclsnd- JJsX Boaton par < >? U. S. Bank 50 a60 Penaylvania .**al6 Philadelphia- ?a X New Jersey . Maryland- )?a 2 Baltimore per a Virginia ! ? !') Iticlimond- -. l^a North Carolina.- ? a 3 North Carolina- IX* 1J^ Georgia 2 a IX Savannah l\* IS Augusta 1?.* IS South Carolina.- IX* Charleston I>?a IX Florida ? a70 Ajwiachicola .? a? Alabama 30 all Mobile 15 al# Louisiana 6 a75 New Orleans- I>?s2 pm Kentucky 2X? 3 Looisville. 1X?2 die IVunessee- A alO Nashville 5 I Mississippi -60 a30 Natchez a? , Missoan 6 a 8 St. Louis 2X? 3 Oliio 6 a 8 Cincinnati! 3 at Indiana i ad \- 3 a 3X Illinois a? 60 a65 Michigan-- .- 13 al5 Detroit lli? i In this state of affairs the shipment of specie has become active from this port Every packet for New Orleans carries out large sums. The tine ship Shakspeare carried out a heavy amount. These shipments are partly for the purchase of cotton, but mostly to draw against, under the supposition that bills will be yet higher. A large amount will undoubtedly find its way up the river in payment of produceaold at New Orleans, the growth of the Western States. The tiadu of those States has hitherto been circuitous, or what is superficially called favorable, between them and New Orleans, and unfavorable between them and the Eastern States. This has resulted from tho fact that they ?cll their produce in New Orleana and buy their supplies at the eaat. Thia produce, to the extent of $30,000,000 per annum, goae to NewOrleena independently oi cotton, of which about 033.000,000 worth ii received annually at that port. During the paat year the purchaaea of imported and manufactured goods from the Eaat have been amall; hence, inatead of there being a demand for eaatern funda at New Orleana in payment of produce, they become unavailable, and apecie ia taken in payment, more especially aa the irredeemable billa of New Orleana no longer paaa current. The buaineaa thia fall, with the Wett, on the part of New York has been exceedingly small, while the quantity of produce to oome to market is large, and its low prices warrant the belief that the exports will be great. The probability ia, therefore, that the demand for apecie at New Orleana may be large?that ia to say, that the premium on bills may continue ao high aa to afford a profitable employment to capital, in shipping it and drawing against it. In thia state ol attain the absurdity of the New Orleana banks in so long deferring their return to specie payments becomes very conspicuous. Had they resumed seasonably, and preserved public con. fidence in their solidity, they would have commanded an immense circulation through the valley of the Mississippi, in place of that specie which is now about " to flow up" that mighty river. The banks have been so miserably mismanaged, however, that the conviction becomes inevitable that they are entirely insolvent, and should they resume now they cannot regain public confidence. Their pica for not resuming before was the farcical one that "exchange was against them," meaning the depreciation of their own paper, caused by their own folly. That paper has now ceased to be currency, and exchange ia 'J to 3 per cent in their favor. What plea have thay now t None but the truth ; the mask ia torn from them, and utter insolvency is the only reason for not paying. The process now going on of distributing specie through, out the country, and filling the channels of elreclatiou with the constitutional currency, will soon have effected its object, and business will move on its broad and solid foundation. The vast volumes of exchangeable values will resume their movements. Tha agricul - .V ??> ?ill liA D-lltnlu ..irr'tl Mixrivt tureoitnc ooum *n? ^.?_R? for ihe manufactures and import* of the North and East, to ud nmount of 99,000,000,000 per annum. Thia almoat incredible amount will be done aa it always haa been, through the medium 01 private billi of exchange, made payable in gold and ailver, the currency regulated by CongroM according to the constitution, and not payable in the nncertain and fluctuating promise* of bank* of any description. We do not wish to be undcr*to*>d, however, that all private dealei* arc immaculate, nor that ail private billa necessarily represent actual wealth. Ear from it. Private bankers may kite on their own credit, and derange and dostroy the businuaaof the country,and involve its citizens in bankruptcy and ruin quite as ertvctiiall) ss did the late national hank. Home known and govern, iligmodeof transferring balances safely and surely, by which the necessary result of depleting the currency at the point indebted, and producing a corresponding repte lion at the jioint of indebtedness, by which theeqnilibiium is always preserved is requisite. This is now going on between hernand New Orleans, h) the practictl operation of taking dollars out of the market here,pnttingthom on board a ship, carrying them to New Orleans, and turning them Into the market there. The Shakspeare, for instance, takes $900,000 out of the New York market, and in 30 day* they will lie in the New Orleans market. Hence thecnrrency here is depleted (900,000, and that of New Orleans is repleted (100,000. This is the desired object; but the money remains on board the ship 30 dtyt, that is the New York currency it reduced 30 dsys before that of Now Orleans it increased. In the mean time letters and billa go in seven days. Here It s discrepancy which H is desirous to remedy A proposition to ettect this was started last winter, but the majority in Congress were so bent upon not hearkening to any plan which did uat open the door to inflation, etpansion, speculation, and robbery, that t was not discussed It was simply to engraltupon thejtdb-trea?nry|tcheme, s machinery, by which a person in New York having to remit , ?n amount of specie, ssy (100,000, to New Orleans, he shall goto the treasurer here with his hard dollars, depo