Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.-?If . ?U3 --WI10U Bo. 3144. M: M. M. passaoItVromjCnd remittance to great britain and ireland weekly. fPHE subscribers continue to make arrangi-mcnl to brai out 1 puimirn float the old country, by shins ol the first class, all Amrricau, built,and commanded by men long and favorably known in the trsde. The Yeieeli composing 'his line nil weakly from Liverpool, consequently all nnnecranry delay to passengers is avuidrd. .... Persona six at to make engagements for friends to emigrate the ensuing season, will study their own interval, and the interest aud comfort of their making such engagem- nU with the subscribers, as no einense or pains are spared to earn thai preference which lias for many years been eitendcd to them. An has alwsvs ,M*rn cuatomnry with this line, when the (Artiessettled for decline coming out, the )?m|e money is promptly refunded to those from whom it wss received, with out deduction. A free passage per steamboat from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liveri*ool, can likewise be secured. P - r?Li.. issriioulkruAiuilV til * SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Panne Office. V) Pearl it, Orto C. ORIMSHAW k CO. 10 Ooiee Piaxxaa, Liverpool. Dralta and Exchange at sight, and for any amount, are also furnished ou R. C. Olyn k Co., Bankers, London, C < Jrim hsw fc Co., Liierpoo'; the Northern Banking Co. nd National Bank of Ireland. National naus ot be or lane, payable at their respective branches: as follows NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Athlone, Dungarvcn, New Ross, Btllina, Ennis, Roscommon Baliiuasloa Enniscorthy Kos rea Belfast Fermoy blieo Boyle Gilawsy Tallow Carrick on-Suir Kilkenny Thuries Cashrl Kilrnsh Tiptwrary Castle >ar Limerick T alee Ca?tl?r?-jh Loug'ord Tuam Chart* villir, Loughrea Waterford Conk d Mitchellstown Wesiwrt Cork Moi.te Wexford UUbNORTHERNNBANKINO COMPANY.. Belfast Largen N T Limcrary Derry Armagh Ballemena Dawnpatrick Magherafelt Clonea Liibum Colrnine NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND. EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwall Analruther Galagheda Langholm Andrie Glasgow Leilh Bsoff Orentowa Lewiek Bathgate Harwtck Montrose Burntisland Inverness Nstrn Castle Douglas luverary Oban Dalkeith Inveakeithing Portree Dingwell Jebugh LrrV? Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee K-Ison Sionaway Falkirk Kirk&Idy Stormness Foirest Apply aaabore. ?i> Irn'r NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND UNE.) m m, M. thia^^yW hereanerleave Nei^^rpMl the lit and Havre on the 16th of each month, aa follows : From New York. From Harm. The new ship ONEIDA, ( lit March ( 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Funck, ( 1st November! 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, 11st April t 16th May Captain < 1st August < 16th September Edward Funck, f 1st Deccem'rr 16th January Shin UTICA, ( 1st May . C 16th June Captain < 1st Septemb'rt 16th October . Frederick Hewitt, (1st January f 16th February New shipST.NICOLAB, i 1st June 116th July Captain t 1st October < 16lh November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February! 16tn March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The. price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the eiception of wiues and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For freight or passage, apply ta at BOYD A HINCKEN, Agents. 9 Tontine Buildings. \JLtU Lilian. iijvi,ivrwii rAV/ivcxo. rpHE E ,MLiverpo^^^^^^eafter be A despatched in the following order, excepting that when the dnyof waling falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeedthe day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, Jane 1 July 19 616 tons. 'Oct 1 Nov 19 D. Q. Bailey, I Feh 1 Mar 19 TheENOLAND, i Jane 19 Aug 7 Ti? tons, ' Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L.Waite. I1 Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, July 1 Aug 19 MO tons, ' Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Rath bone, | March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, 'July 19 Sept 7 616 tons, ' Nov 19 Jan 7 E. O. Marshall Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, Aug 1 Sept 19 61Stons. 'Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, fAiig 19 Oct 7 900 ton*. Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. I April 19 Jane 7 The CAMBRIDGE, [Sept 1 Oct 17 MO tens, ' Jan 1 Feb 17 W. CBaistow.l May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, Jail 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, wilt be observed as heretofore. The price of passage oat warn is now fired at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores ofever* description will be provided, v. ith the exception of winea and liquors, which wil! be famished bv the stewards. GOODHUE k CO , 61 South st, C. H. MARSHALL. M Burling-slin, N. Y. jc? lyh BARING BROTHERS t CO.^L'pool, fOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. QCOU? JBfifittL F^^^ortfcr iccomDoa^Rfmppa^Ht i^nltSCd to despatch > ship from this port on the let, 5th, (Oth, 15th. SOth, and 25th ?l each month, commencing the 10th October end continuing until M?y, when regular days will lie appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delayi and disappointment! will b< prevented during the plainer months. The following ships will commence this arrangement t Ship VAZOQ, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, C*pt*m Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. Ship LQUlSVILLfe. Captain Hunt. Ship 8HAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OC.VIULGEE Captain Leas'itt. Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEM PHI8, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Caidairi Mulfonl. These ships were all bailt in the city of New York, expreasfor pockets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been i' wly etgipered and put in splendid order-vvith accommodations tor paaaeiigera unequalled for comfort. They are commandrd by experienced masters. who will make crcry eaertien to give Soneral laliafaction. They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills or lading are taken for the same, and the ralue thereon expressed. Ker freight or passage, srply E. K. COLLINS k CO.. 54 8oothst.,o? HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their addiess. The ahips of this line are warranted to sail ponctaally as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. < NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. MM. Ml M, Onn^TABLISHETrPASSAaE OFFICE, ?1 BoTTTTl STREET. The snbacriber in announcing his arrangements for the year , lgtt, appears befope his frirnds with sentiments of sincere resSet for the able support he has received for many years past.? e likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to sand for their friends residing ill England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times be accommodated by this line, by weekly optairtunities from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of packet sluns, tailing to and (mm Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19tb and 25lh of each month throughout the year. It haa always been the study of the subscricer to have the emigrants shown civility. Mid despatched without d? l*y, and those who send for their friends may rest satisfied that erery due and diligentattention will be given by the Liverpool ageuls to those sent lor,aa well aa all who may t mbark with them, and should any of thuae whose passage haa been paid not emberk, the money will be reftimled without any cliarge. The subscriber feels a pleasure in making known the different shins by,which hia pnaaeneeracame out darimt the last year, which naa tirn general satisfaction, and that he haa conaiderably extended and concluded hie arrangements for the year lMt? The following it a list o( ahips Ships Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. FaiiAeld, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Rnasell. Tyrone, Speare. Russell (slover, Howes. Wales. Watt*. Hibeniia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferrii. Alfred, Sheerer. Osceola, Chllda. Cliflon, Ingeraoll. St. Cloud, Emerson. Louianlle, Allen. New York, Niven. Sobieakie Emerson. Warsaw. (Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Suirey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Pauthea, Oooilmauaon. Robert lasers. Trneman. Virginia, Eaton. Europe, Batcneldor. 8. Jenkins, Seymonr. A free passage from the different porta of Ireland and Scot land, can also be secured, and drafts furnished for any amount parable at tke National and Prorineial Brnka of Ireland ant] their respective branches, and also on Messrs. J. It W. Robinson, LireriKHil, which are paid free o* any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For farther particulars unrdy If ? JOHN HERDMAN, 81 South street. or J. k W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Piaxxas.and an 16 No. I Neptune it, Waterloo Puck. Liserpool. rn rffc M. paTkIcTS FOT^MARSElLl!l!^^ie undeTnl,.iti,.u. u ihipx will be legularly dispatrhed Irom hence and from Mat eilles on the lit of each month dnring the year. thus? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA,Capt Brown. Noel. Jan 1 H*RYTHOMPSON, Cap Syirester, Dec I. hub I COURIER, Cai>t Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRESCOtT, Capt Lawrence, Feb i. Apl I HELLESPONT, Cart Adams, Marl. Mayl Ci?KIOLANU?, Cap Hailc, Apl I. Jun l Thry are all rnpperea and copper fasteued.and have eicellrut accommodations Tor passengersThe price of cabin pMsags will be SI06, exclusive of wmea "o^oTIIddreaued to BOYD k HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded Oer of other chttges than these sctutlly paid. For freight or app.y u. # CQ ^ ^ olir Bit YD A HINCKEN, Agents " igy FOR MOBILE?Packet of the 2.Vh Octolier?1The |MVWsplendid I'.st sailing packet ship NORTH AMERIm?AEu<A, CapU'u O. AtMl, will sail punctudly at abote ..Mae d.iy The accommodations f ti ls shin for cabin, second rsbin, snd steerage tmasengi rs, ire urn quailed bv any ship now lo di*g lor the abort po t. Her between decks are spacious, end fitted . p expressly for passengers, who will he taken at very I,iw mtes, if early applieiiion lie made onboard, foelof Reukmsn street, or to w It J. T. TAP8C0TT, (J Puck slip, or " br ^ u South at. corner Jones' ! ?, E NE Ni Ntake notice. yf AND OREAT INVENTION?FRANCIS'S HI(.HI,\ IMPROVED MANIFOLD WRITERS.? y this wonderful invention, a letter and duplicate cau he Writtan m one operation, with more ease ond greater facility than a IS*'? letter ordinal y pen and lah. To the mercantile, iirofvssional, and travelling tart of the commuuity, ihis tmly great invention is of infinite value, as It isagieal saviugoftime, trosblr and rgpense. The principal advantage to be derived from the ma infold writer is, that a copy of any document may be kept without any additional trouble to the writer, and without any nroesaity of using either au inkstand or a |ien. The I tut runt rot used for wiitinx is ea agate point, consequently it never wear* by use. For beulu. insurance offices, merchants, men of bootless generally, lawyers, postma irrs, editors, re|>orters, public officers, aud all who in ly ue desirous ol preserving copies of the r letters, do uments, kc. with an imm use saving o> nine, aud Cite aatiafeclion of h vingan rxact copy oi what they hare written, this wilt be fouud invaluable. Fraucia'a Manifold Writer has now been in tncceeeful n or ration two yari, liunug wlucli tune the proprietor Ins had ths pleasure of receiving the uufr gned approbation of all who* '( probation it has com* under. At the lal? Fair of the Amencau lu,titule the mertta of the article aacre examined into by three of the most able chemists in the conutry, who pronounced ii w "r ? urj tugruous auc umiiu cuuuiTaacc, inn uui uauio lo change color by ezno-ure to air, moisture, or chemical agcuis. Ciiuse<|geullv amrilal wm awarded by the Iuatiluia. The proprietor liaa lately made great improvements in thia article. The naper ta ot the beat quality manufactured iu llie United States, heing made for dm mam fold writer eiprraeiy lo hia order. Th. Vuling of ahem, which haa for some lime beea thought imi>o.iibte. h?a at length beea broaght to perlectiou for which a copyright haa been sacured. The copying hooka are bound in a variety of forma and aires, vat j iog in price from M cents and epwards. Staiioneis sad Country merchanta in general will find it to their advantage to procure the article, as they meet with a ready tale. A liberal deduction made to those who buy by wholesale. Mewspapere or magasines throughout the eountrv copying the above entire without alteration or abridgement (including this notice) end giving it twelve inside insertions, shall receive e copy sub) ret to their order by sending a paper contaiumg the advertisement to the office of the subscriber. LEW.8 FRANCIS, S3 William street, _ oil lm*r corner Maiden Lane. Naw York. NEWLY INVENTED TRANSPOSING PIANO FORTES, NO, MS BROADWAY, NEW YORK. rPHE subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the T public in general, they have jest Aaished a newly invented instrument called the Trana|>oaing Piano Forte, which they now introduce to the musical community. This Instrument fo-ma a beautiful, rich and new eilerior. both in shape and neatness, bes'des a tone full, brilliant, aud melodious. The great advautage derived from this new inven tiou, is that music may be transposed into any key desired to suit the vocalists, or lor an accompaniment of auy other instrument, and therefore worthy the attention of the amateur as well as the A large assortment of Tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood and mahogany, Hand 6)4 octaves, with French grand action, are also constantly kept on hand, all of which we respectfully submit to professors, amateurs, and th* trade in general, at our wart-rooms and manolacuirv, as above. N.t??t'tauo fortes tuned and repaired on the shortest notice. L1NDELL, WENNER8TROM It CO. t> lm*r. No. M3 Broadway. COUGH LOZENGES. PETERS' COUGH LOZKNOE8 are now rapidly surer a sellout all Other preparations for the relief of coughs,colds, asthma, whooping congh, tightness of the chest, brnuchitis.and similar pulmonary affections. CONSUMPTION CANNOT BE CURED ! Those who say it can are impostors and quacks. Htill it may be prevented or its progress stayed, by uaiug Dr. Peters' Cough Leaenges. Begin in season. Do not neglnct a slight congh until consumption has commenced its rav^es. A delay of a few days often proves fatal. Piiee Vt cents net bog. Peters' Congh Lozenges have performed some of the moat remarkable cares on record. One trial of them is more saris factory than a column of certilic tea. THE GREAT OBJECT GAINED! PETERS' MEDICATED LOZENGES are (he most vaIliable discovery of the 19*n century. They are entirely plcaraut to the taste, and more efficient than any other medicine. These Lounges are the result of lone continued and patient investigation and experiment, conducted in concert lay aonie of the most distinguished physicians in the Union, who, believing that some of the best known remedies might be prepared in a palatable form, hare directed their labors to that endT, till they have produced preparations in the popular form of Lozenges for nearly every disease incident to the human system. TO PARENTS we say, 10 not be without these Lozenges at any time?attend to these suggestions as you value the lives of your children. PETERS' PILLS. TO THE WHOLE WORLD! It is admitted bv all wbo have used them, (ami who has not) that Dr. Peters' Vegetable Pills are the most unrivalled medicine ever discovered by the ingenuity of man. They are a sovereign cure for the following co "plaints?Yellow and billious fevers, fever and ague, dyspepsia, croiin, liver complaint, sick headache, jaundice, asthma, dropsy, rheumatism, enlargement of the rpleen, piles, colic, female cbstructions. heart burn, furred tongue, nausea, distension of thr stomach and bowels, incipient diarrheas, flatulency, habitual coaiiveness, loss of appetite, blotched or sallow complexion, and all cases of torpor of the bowels, where a cathartic or an aperient is needed. The* are exceedingly mi'd in their operation, producing neither uanaea, griping uor debility. Dr. J. G. smith, of Woodstock, Va. says?" They arc a better Pill than 1 can make." He recommends their use. The ageut at Straaburgh, Va. says he supplies fimilies for 39 miles around with Peters' Pills, and thsy perform anch remarkable cures that they are preferred to every other medicine. Mrs. E. Ward, of New York, was troubled with dyspepsia and liver complaint for 15 years. By using these Pills a short time she was completely cured. u:.. pi i- , at:..'j :.w : i i _w_. uiih viofK was wuibicu wiui uirnuiKiiuoa uiu uuaiiuciiuu, attended with moat distressing symptoms. She wai cured by using Dr. Peters' Pills. Hon. E. D. Dai is was afflicted with rheumatism, so as to be unable to dress himself. Three boxes of Peters' Pills.entirely Cured him. But why multiply testimonials 7 We say to all, try Dr. Pe ten'Vegetable Pill, and we will guarantee that afterwards you will use tnemin preference te all others. WORM LOZENGES. Dr. Peters' Worm Loxeoges are tne surest and safest Worm destroyer ever discovered. It is estimated that in the United Mutes. 100,006 CHILDREN DIE YEARLY from the effect of Worms alone. This east mortality can be almost entirely presented by the use of Peters' celebnted Lozenges. Thousands and tens of thousands pine away and die without suspecting the real disease. The following sr* a few of the symptoms; Headache, pair lips, flushed cheeks. disturbed diearns, fererishness, tbursl, bad taste in the mouth, offensive breath, itching of the nostrils, pain in the stomach, nausea, unnatural appetite, swelled stomach or limbs, sense of something rising in the chest, he. y~ Mrs. Call wine Ann Briggs, Cherry st. Philadelphia has a little daughter who had been in a decline for several years.? At times she would sat voraciously and sometimes eat nothing at all; and she was ast wasting away; her symptoms were so anusual and contradictory that the doctors knew not what to do, but do whatthev would, the cousUutly grew worse, and rvluruntly they declared she must die. At the request of a fiiaud, the mother at thiaatage procured a box of Peters' Worm Lofenges. The first d?se satisfied all that worms warn the cause of all the child's sufferings, and two boxes effected a perfect cure. Mr. J. W. Carpenter, merchant, Roosevelt st. N. Y., says Dr. Peters' Worm Lotengea possesses more merit than the doctor claims foi them He has used them in his family with aureeaa when eveiy other medicine failed. Wherever they nave been used they are preferred to all other remedies. In fact Dr. Peters and hia distinguished associates, possessing many receipts of great value, selected from each the most valuable parts, and they confidently say those lotenges cannot be impmred. CORDIAL LOZENGES Peters' Cordial Lozenges are a specific for the relief of nervous or sick headache, lowness of spiriu or melancholy, Ian guor and debility, either from previous disease or loo free liv lug, tremors, spasm of the stomach, irritability of the nerves, hysterical affection, drowsiness, cholera morbus, sense of latigue, and pulpiUlion of the heart. From their efficacy in the relief of headachegthey are called by many the Headache LoPE?ER8' VEGETABLE SHILLING STRENGTHENING PLASTER. This is not only the cheapest, but the beat, neatest, and most comfortable plaster in existence. retrra' Shilling Plaster is an easy and most effective remedy for jmin in Ihe breast, side, or stomach?weakuess or pain in the chest, loins, or back?stiffness of the neck?affections of the limbs or joints, whether produced by rl ematism or other causes?habitual pain of the head or stomach?pi lei. colds, coughs, liver complaints, weakness of the spine?predisposiiiou to break out in biles and pimplet, listleasueas of the frame, and for gene ral debilitation. Let any person afflicted as above try one of Peters' Mhilling Plasters, and we will venture to say that he cuuld not be prevailed on to discard it again, for ten, or moat probably for a hun area uonara. rnce u i-< crnu. Principal Offices. 126 Kulton street-corner of Nmud and 16# Broadway and 90 North Siith street, Philadelphia. aM lm*r EXTRACTING TEETH The Greatest Improvement yet made in thai important branch Of Dentistry. THE Subscriber proposes to the ciiixens of New Yoratoex f tract Teeth oil n entirely new, aiinple, aud safe mode, with much leaa paia to the imUeut, th n the method in common oae. He intends devoting hit attention delusively to thupartol hia inofeaaion. He will lie inwmpl to attend at all houra of tha dav, at i>ia rooma, No. Ul Broadway, lacai door to the American Motel, to any who may need hia services. ; Phyaiciana, citiaena and visitors ol New York, are invited to call and examiue lor themselves, *a he will faliy riplain his mode of operating,and foruiae tratimomaia uo hfrom phyairiana and citiaena of the firat reepnctibilky in America. The aick will be visited in all prrta of the city. Tha aabacri ber has I tad the greatest possible aacceaa, both with adnlu and children, in a very extensive prrctice in some of the principal northern and a out Hern cities.and he offers hia aeivices with eon fideucc to this community. UEO. W. HUMPHREY, Dentist. No. 211 Broadway, next door to the American Hotel, ol lm ia*m THE~SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL AND DiAPER PIN ANEW and important article for nae in the nursery, and aa a fastening to I idles shawls, cloaks, he. Patented in the United Stales and in Europe. I la rapidly gaining favor wher?:Yer introduced, aud ha* an article which it will be to th? advantage of dialer. id tancy hardware. he. id the country, to .upply tii* m?< Ire. with. For tale to the trade, by oto.1 ol the wholesale dealer* .in aoek artieUa ia the city of Sre York. Thread and needle atorea and dealer* in fancy article*, (applied on liberal frm*. *t the manulacloty oi the patentee. Iff Jav itreet. Brooklyn. ? Im re ONE PRICE OaSH STORE. A T M Chatham street, where will be . mod clothing at the following low price*:?Bearer aud pilot cloth coata, from O to $IS; *atiuett panu trom $1 JO to Jj; u-nble and tingle breaated reat, from $1 M to $3 3D. The Welt n e ol Cnatliam at?Mo (4. *M lm*f HF.NHV CPUSWKLL, ,.MTERRApiN LUNCH. a it n AMERICAN MUSEUM G UI VIVE! THOUSANDS !2ST. <ri2?..^.T,r* di(appointmeni from the f-TT* ^ TermpinCuneh." The " fitfnl,1' tor iTu lUJwj sa ^xL'&k! cr memory, ''hanmi hi. hat- up at dw Terrlu ; ?'.*?1 nnetor, one ofthefln*.t little fellow. In ChHeUndom, yVlrpt w J Cerr. Now, then, .mack your lipa ye cormorant, in the Turtle Soup mil ?trak line, the mantle of'Snnity' haa fallen upon John, t? perfection, in good eating and drinking may be 'gain guaranteed et the Terrapin. A (Male look into the old 'Tee Boi," will api>eaae the hunger of him with the .hort pnrae, and e uete ?f the genuine at half the eld pricea will tickle the palate of the eeriest anchorite. F tne (frees Turtle .erred np this day, and erery day dnriim the.aaaon. ol) lm*m 'PO KAMILHlS (JOINU SOUTH, to the Wnt Imb^-^ 1 Europe ?A respectable female, 2* yean of age, wishes bo obtain a permanent .itnatiea a. leam.trru, in agente.l family. She wouldtirelergoing to Europe, yet would accept of a good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The beet of reference. gives. Addrc*. A. A- A. bo. TO, upper Poet office. N. Fork. .Mr W YO SW YORK. SUNDAY MOB MARTIN'8 CASH TAILOR I N G ESTABLISHMENT. M4 tVilltam Street, Center aj .1nn Street, T? decidedly the cheapest in the city. Then it ? * hud a select stock of sraaoaahte tfnooa, purchased for cash, which will be utile up to ordei u the atyir of make. At, trimming, he., that hat <i?ea such geucial aataafacuoa dunnf the latt roar yesis, and at a positive taring of M pet cent. Death tnen an reqaested to call and eiamiue. Thoae who (hraaAch^iir own goods, can hare ihem MAD hi AND TKIMMKD. Dreit Coala, made and mat led,""ITHKlIM frock Coau, do do IN to >M - ?? ? - ? I fit IU i w UvrrCoato.' DO lu 11 C# CT* T?rm??CmH ob delivery. I* !? c MICHAEL K MAWT1V n e wc a s FT Tailoring t. NO *3 church st. (between RKADK and ? chambers streets. CjENTLIMEN lumianuf their own good*canhare them " MUM ui> iii the mint laahiouable French ?tyle, cheaper (has ever offered before in this ciiy. Overcoats raiiie and trnnmr i ft 50 Frock coats 7 50 Dress coaU " " " I N Vest and Pan'i $1 50 to 1 75 N. R.?Repairing done iu the neatest manner, ol In'n SAMUEL WYANT. ONE PRICE STOilu. 'TWERE IS NO IMPOSITION iiracsieea at uus itoro be 7 asking d ruble the price au ar .icie ls wortn. neliner anv tn tamsptiou ou the side walk." Mo insnlt onered U you non't Any person wishing to make a purchase can rely on being furnished with clothing at the following prices : Coats S3 a II Cloth Jackeb 1 a 5 Cloth Pants 3 a <60 Saiuneit Pasta I 50 a 2 50 JACOB COGSWELL. 04 lm*T MX Chatham etreel, neat Roaeeelt at , N Y. 8 H I R" T 8 . CHIRTS made after the Lteet end most apurored French k' patterns. Coats, i antaiooua, rests, and all under garments made to order at short notice and in the most fashionable stria. Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, 57 end H Maiden Lane, Ne* Yoik. sJ Jm*r WM. COLLINS. ~~~~~ r aunt. j. ovnm. FRENCH DYER, 4M PEARL ST.. Principal Office, n^HANKFUL for the pUiOMr* heretofore bestow d, (? A pectfully luforms the public that he hu, for the accommi ditionol hu customers iu the upper part of the city, opened Two Offers, one situated >57 Bieackeb St., the other 353 oweuv. for toe recrpioo and delivery of G<>od>. All kinds of Silk, Cotton and VV 'tolleo Uo. ds DYED. Merino aud Camel's Hor Sliawls cleaned in the French style, with neatness aud destiatch. All kiudsof Wearing Apparel and Carpets seonitxl. Merchants ran hare all kind* of goods dyed aud put np in their original lorm. Brooklyn Office, 43 Fnlton st. Brookly oil lm*r THfcf ANTI ANGULAK. SYSTEM OF ~ WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. rnoM rwtkrt To sia dollaes ! VfK. BRI8TOW of London, respectfully informs the Ladiet a*A and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that his classes Day and Evening, hare commenced J or Ike season, and that ho has laoucaii turn Terms oue naif,?to Bra Dollars! Academy No. >35 BaooawaT, neau Pans Place. Oentleuien of all ages are positively taught in twelve lessons, a bold, Jrtt, exitdiltoiu aud linished business-like style 01 Writing, no matter now bad, illegible stiff, or cramped the writing may be. Bee siwcimens at ti,e door, 335 Broadway. And the Ladies A neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Hand In Twelve East Lessons 1 VISITORS in New York can take a course in Three D?Ji!?Mr. B. is to be seeu from I to 1 A. M., or from 4 to Evening Classes from 7 to t. uooe-keEI>INO Tangh on a superior method, by double and single entry, cientilicil|y and practically. 1 i STENOGRAPHY. A new /stem of thai Ari of Writing Short-hand, for taking down Lecturer, Sermons, Trials at Law, lie. lie , iroght perfectly by Mr. Hriatow iuonc cenrse of lessons I at 231 Broodway. Bee a specimen. N.B.?A work of the aalhor is presented to every pupil tor their permanent guide. slllia'r L. WOOD'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HAI.L STOVES. rPHI8 is one of the most raluibis inventions ever offered tc I the publ c in the store nue. ami is the most perfect article extant, fur the use of all kinds of coa. or wood, in heating apartments. It has no less IHj u four radiators and two descend inf flues, to.imaged that the rsdi.,tors are placed between two fires, and cause all the heat generated te be d.stributed into the apartment; while tu elue. stores a large portion ?f the heat is carried off luthe pipe. Due peck f coal in store will yield more heat thau bushel in the best slo-e now belore the public ; while you hare the advantage of an open Are at splendid grate at pleasure It is allo wed by all who hare examined it to be the moat perfect combination of utility and utuamrat erer brought lorward; bat to be tally appreciated, itneeda ouly to be si en aud examined, and all in want of a superior article fornealing par tors,halls officii, nurseries, fee. are hit.ted to call. Prices are suited to the limes. Also on hand a variety of other Btotks, suitab'a for all perposes, which will ba so.d eery low. L. WOOD, 137 Water street,between oil lm*r Pick slip and Beehman street. STOVES?0VEN3. rPHE largest assortmsni of Stores of any house tu New * York.?Their newly inremed Parlor Btora needs bat to be seen to be umrersally adopted. Its immense radiating snrfa e I exceeds that of snv other store now in use?exhibits mure Are, I with the conanmntion of less fuel, thin uv larnav isvinlinn I It also discharges in own ashes by a simple process, without telling or loosing ill dual ou the furniture of the room in which it u used. It will be Ion no the ebeipest end most economics! Stove ever brought befuee die puolic. Ais , Cook Stives, new, air right, he. in all varieties, from three dollars onwards Every article warranted. . RILEY'S PATENT BOILER AND 1KUN HEARTH is au admirable article?they can be lilted te any stove now in use, and of unequalled value iu broiling steaks, toasting bread, an i also inhrating ironi f.r ironing clothes. Riley is the inventor and sole patentee. oil lm*r RiLEY It MYERS, 23 Bowery. 'I'O COUNTRY MERCHANTSi?Thesabeenber would * call the attention of all wlto are in want of Looking Glass and Picture Frames, to his extensive stock, which for quality and workmananip he dalters himself cannot be excelled by any manufacturer iu ihia City. The trade iu general would do well to call before purchasing elsewhere. N. B.?Constantly 011 hand, a good assortment of Fancy Woods of every description. HORACE V. SIOLER, No. 31 Ann street and 44 liammersley st. New Yoik. o I lm"r '"PHIS cheap, simple ami efficient apparauus is adapte all purposes of Veulilation. Ships, Steamboats, enarches, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vaults, he. he. may b' its applies lion tie kept free from all fowl air and enwholes) me eflavia; it is also an effectual cure for Smoky Chimmiee. The subscriber having purchased the ri ght for the City and Couuty oi New York, is prepared to sipply the public with Cones on demand. Metal Knotting of all descriptions tarnished in any part of the country. Crolon Water Pipes and Plumpers' Work in general. Alio, Galvanised Iron and Tin Ware at wholesale. Stovepipes, beth tabs, coal hods, he at rrices greatly rednced. All work warranted, an 1 orders by letter attended to. P. SUMNER, iS3 3m*m 120 Water street. REMITTANCES TOIEELAND, he. itc.-TU sub * scriber continues to transmit money in sums large or small, to persons residiug in any pan of Ireland, iu the same manner as he, and his predecessoi in business have done lor the last thirty yeats, and more : also, to any part of England, or Scotland. Money iemitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person or liersons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to be seat, and nearest post town, will bs immediately transmit ted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, er forwarded to the sender. ^sa ifi'r GKOROE McBRIDE, Jr.. WCeda -street E AU DE BE AUTE . fJOURAUD'S EAU DE BEAUTE, or True Water of V Beauty, for exterminating Tan, Kednesv,, Pimples, Freckles, Mophew, Burns, Biotchcs, and all cu taneous eruptions?for rvaliziug delicate white necks, liauua, andaims, and eliciting a healthy juvenile bloom, stands unrivalled. Iu southing and healing properties iu all roughness and hatshnrss of the ?kiu?especially in allaying the irritability after shaving, is beyond compare. Among the swarms of tiasny preparations and vile compounde foiced into notice by ptrasilicslpopgun puffs, Uunrand's Skin Lotion hu unobtrusively JT. ... _i.i?. j 1.1.. : li.. r ? throughout the United States. Thu article is not recoinmaodI ed for its " el >e spue is" (its pr<re being $1 per bottle, though at this cost it ia infinitely cheaper than the vile stud' sjiread daily before the i.obtic, earn ii Uie coat were one shilling or one cent.) Much cheap remedies or Mineral Astringents being not only inadequate to the objects contemplated, but by their repellent scion, positively injurious to health. OOUKAUD'S WATER Of BEAUTY recommends ttsell by its combined eAcacy, harmleasnesa of actioe, and refreshing fragraace. A Ktench lady writing to the preprietoi, says? " Mods. Oooisnd?'l'is but an act of justice that I should , spontaneously give you my unqualilied testimonial ol ihe unit ed rlftcacy, tunocrnee, and fragrance of your preparation for purifying and cleansing the akiu. By its me every pimple and freckle have vanished Irom my face You should Mou A mi, as it is ao sovereign and charming a remedy for scattering all blemishes from our faces, call it lea delices das dames. En uu mot, is suit euehaatc de Is cosmetique el je en vous remercie de tout mos coeur. _ i F.M1LIK DE8MOULIN8. Tension Franfaia, Greenwich street." " I have rout Ban da Beanie in use?it ia an adntiragle article, and I ahull recommend it." I 8. K. PHILLIPS. Philadelphia. ' " I have hudueveral calls far your wash, for freckles, Ac. A i lady living hem bought n bottle ol you, and said it had the desired sleet," ALEX. GUTHRIE, I No. s Stanwii Hall, Albany. j " I cheerfqlly hear testimony to the eflrcacy and perfect , lanoccaca of your Baud* Be??te, is is decioedly a valuable cosmetic. I cannot consent that you publish my n inw." The above is from a lady in Le Roy Place. ( " Dear Sir? Having had a very favorable oppertunity yesterday evening for espatiaung on Ihe merits of yoar Eau da Beanie, and showing thr enects it jiroducad on my I lauds, a , Fouiig lady requested that I would procure Iter a botlla of it.

lease send one per bearer." JOSEPH M .Broadway. 1 So strong is the proprietor's conviction of the entire eAcacy of the above invaluable pcepsation in realiung all that it professes to accomplish, that any dtsatistied purchaser can receive his or tier money back, if requested. J To be had only at Di. G 's k-ieluaiva OAce, C7 Walker St., one door from Broadway, at 81 per bottle, aod of the following Agents Albany, Guthrie, 4 Maiden Lane; Goshen, Elliott; Philadelphia, Mrs Brown,7* Chesuut street; B dtimore, Beth Hance, Pratt st; Washington, Selby I'a.ker; Aleiaudria, C C Berry; I Hirtford, Wslls ? Humphrey; Boston, Jordan, t Milk street; Sorwich, W haulkner;Lowell, Carleionj Salem, |vee; New sren, E Myers; Providence, Dyer, Jr., Cincmnatti, Thosnas, ainstreet, and others throughout the U. States. Goo rami's P..odre Subtile, for completely and permanently eradicating superfluous hair. $1 per iKittle. Gourauu's Liquid Ve.etable Rouge, id cents per bottle. Gourauds Blanc D'Eapagne, nni-ari* a pure life whilentsa to akin, free from the deleterious principles one rally entering into continuation for this pujqioee, di cents jwr bog. alT lm v . TEACHliH OF THE FLU I E. T MONZAM.H J'homiwou street, gieee lnstrwenoas on . -* dye Flute. forme 81J P?r quarter. rt km*r DXILaCHINO POWDER?W casks' "Boyd's" racvirrd per , l,t>rnr ^ BROOKS, No. II Liberty street. ] RK I 1NLNG. OCTOBER 23. 18 CROTON WATER- I pEltS JNS who ha?" not had pit*" introduced tnUi thru * houses, iliould lose do line id havmg ll doue be fore lh? cold and frosty weather. The subscribers nave now ou hand a stark of pure Wad, compoaiunn and tin'd th? lead pipe, which they are pie pared to terui.hand t ut up iu the moat ipednioiu and wi rkmauliki manner, am on the most reasonable terms. Being t racticai plumoirrs, tliev will warrant wo.k doue by them to be interior lo Bone lu the city. All kinds cflr.d work and Hydraulics furnished and tiled on the most approved pi lutipie. DUFK A IVKHS, No. 2N Water at, a* lm*r Neat i? the corner of Bcchnsau at. HAltD Tl tlES.?Tne only nuun th.t A. ^g^V^gKNt'X k ' O. cm uinjii lor selling so III* .y boot* 4nd ?li?c? at ihe Cliutou Boot iuJ Sii >? Marset, 204 Ciual tract, north* at corner of Hudtoa street?when almost eeery body complain* of hud uxri, i?, tlul lin y keep (nodi ol lira bed quality, aud ?!1 tlirtn d price* to *ult Hie umc*, *ud it set uis u if almost ceer> body bwl found thu out. If auy who read thia should oot yet bare found out the alore, the aoourr they come and try the tuoue ihey will reap the adeau age. Aluiod auyuuug that it w.mled iu the boot au I ihoe line, ut any aiie, color or quality, cau he found heraclie.ip. o4 lui-m A. KNOX k CO 204 ? anal atreet. UKKHD BOCi'S?Latest rieucli Style.?1 lit <uh*criher re*|iectfully invite* me citixeuaof New Yore, auo *trau*er* visiting the city,to call at 114 Kaitnu street and ei.oiuiic a Urge aaauilineut of Ureas Boo la, made iu the latest faaluon, and of the lim it French call-akiu, U< ulin.ien cau luve boot* made to order iu the bad manuer at BO,00 per iwtr, warranted equal to auy tnade at $7,30, and at the nudcrautued tahta drawing af lit feel aud keep* laala lor each cuilomer lie can MMM an eaiv vet liaudaonin lit. ouanouitiy on nanu, raaiuanaute nuota, tic. at the following unooueiieaa ? nun note noota, pom I'.OO to 1,10 iruabie ?oie " waler-prool 0.00 to 7,70 Call, ureat " _\yo to 6,ti0 beat - " S,J? to 2,73 Hall Boot*, 3,M to 3,70 SlK>*., 1,70 to 270 Dancing fumia and Slippers, kc., piopuniouahly low. Tenna,i**h ou delivery. JOHN L. W ATKINS, *27 l,n*tn 114 p'ultoti at, between Naaaau aud Dutch BAH IS BOOT* AND LASTS MADK To OKDKk, By E. SUB EH, 146 Broadway, Near Liberty Stieet. K- SUShK. Bootmakei, and maker of Laata, an ^l'r" 01 e'erce of Paria, beg* leaee to iuform hi* frieutla uud all the ainatenra of a gentlemanly "chauaaure," that Ira can now wake, in New York, with the beat If reach materials, all that i* *o perfectly made, iu Pails, by hit tnaater the celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whoat numerous cuato.uer* on thu aid* of tlie Atlantic, are respectfully invited to lit SUSKll'S boot* and lasts before they despair of t ring "cliaus tea'' IU New York.after the utcea .latest ratish fashion. Also, Uic,euuiue I'aria Jet Black Jr'aruiaii,_aold. i27lin'm LADILS' BOOTS AND SHOKS-Loehwood" 391 Bioadwav, keep* a hue attoi imrlit ol laiiiet'aud cimoieus' bDots aud shoe*, ol' the I*U?t American and Euroinaii f&*hiou?. Order* received bv the dozen lioin i>lace? ol fashionable resort. olbeod'r AHA RlT VTOTICE TO THE LADIES?The subscriber, so nell k ~ known to the ladies ol New Voik lor the snimrior s.yle of La'lie* Shoes and (Jailer boon, beg , to state lor the tutormaliou of Ladies visiting the city, as well as merchants and other traders, that Ins store is No. 70 Liapenard street, oue street below Canal street, and uaar Broadway, where all can be supplied at the shortest notice, and on. the most liberal terms. Wholesale and rstaU. SAMUEL ALLEN. For getting up the article of Ladies Shoes and Uaiter Boots wo always considered vlr. Allen tar superior to any man we erer had in oar employment. THOS. LANE It SON, el) lm*r No. 70Lispenard tu near Broadway. NO nut; TO fire vTkn, AND all others desirous of keeping their FeelDry and Warm the comma season. By calling at the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STOKE, N J. 144 Chatham street, they can be aceom, modated, as the proprietor has on hand a full assortment oi his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on haud a full supply of all other kinds ef Boot* at prices to suit the times. Also?<hat invaluable article Rogers' Metalic Elastic Heel Boolean be obtained at the Old Eiclusire Boot Store, No. Itt Chalhamst. sltlm*r THE EUREKA BLACKING. 'PHIS is a new article ol Blacking, poaseasiug qunlitie X greatly su|*erior to all other kinds now iu nae. 1( softeru and preserves me leather, impartiug a brilliant poliah with nail the naual labor required iu the use of the common Blacking. It further in ascites that requisite so long sought for in the peculiarity of the coinpoaiuou never becoming bard dry, or mouldy by age. Dealers 111 Blacking are requeued to call and receive a sample of the article gratia, l'erlect satisfaction warranted ui every ease. Manufactured and for sale by J. M. JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce atrest,near Naaaau, New York. N B.?A suiwrior article of Writing Ink is manufactured by j. m. j. anu ?oia wnoirme aaq retail. im*r HIGH POLISH, r EE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACK I NO is now am Li Tonally a'imilted to be lar superior to any yet iuveuted for its peculiar preservative softening qualities to the leather, and for its exquisite brilliant jet bUca lustre, properties eutirely unrivalled. ,N. B.- For the genuine article apply to the only Warehouse, No. I John st, cornel of Broadway. CHAS. LEE, sID |m?r Formerly Lee It Thomson. liUNs AxND PltifOLS. jtj- EXCLUSIVELY.-fiO J JOSEPH, It Maiden lane, up stain, importing agen lfor (* the sale ol Euglish. German and French double aud single esrrel Fowling and Ducking Guns, from the lowest to the unset qualities ;1 istols of every description, lor this aud other markets, embracing one hundred different kinds, all ol which he is uow prepared to offer si the manufacture;1* prices, being appointed agent for die largest houses in that I ine in Europe , which enables him to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to malting their pnrchaims. jyZl lm*r HIGHLY IMPORTANT. TO MERCHANTS AND BANKERS?It should be imL pressed on the minds of every merchant aud banker, that his whole fortune may de|<end cn his preserving his books aud papers in case of lire. This general destruc ion of book safes in the gresl lire in lttt, led to the invention of the celebrated Salamander Safe which lias repeatedly been proved lo be lire proof. The great objection to Salamander Sales hitherto has been, that they are damp and will mould the books and papers kept in them: this is now obviated iu the Safe known as Robertsun * Rich s Improved Salamander?which is warranted to be dry as well as fire proof. Annexed is the certificate of the committee on the trial of this sale:? .New York, Aug. 30th, 1342. Wr, the undersigned, attended by request a trial by fire of Robertson A Rich's Halsmandrr Safe and Scott's Patent Asbestos Safe. The trial was made in a furnace of great power built for the purpose, at the foot of Wall street, on the 26th mat. The principal object was to test the fire proof qualities of Robertson k Rich's Saf.\ The safes were placed in a furnace, and the lira lighted .it a quarter to 11 A.M., and continued till 4 P.M. In opening the furnace at that time, ecolt's Safe, with it' contents, was found to be completely destroyed, but Robertson k Rich's Safe to be in perfecto er; 4K (he iron at the lower part of Robertson and Rich's sale was discovered lo have melted nil, leaving ihe Salamander Prenaratiuu firm and entire; in removing the safe,be fore the fire was entirely extinguished,the boitomwa* sccidently forced off by its adhering to the bars of the lusnace, thereby exposing the inner ease to the fire, part of the pa lere were consequently burned,aud the remainder slightly scorched. The heat was so intense tnat the wrought iron frame, the cast ironwheelsof the atfe, and even the bricks of the furnace melied, yet the greater part of the mahogany case remains sound and uninjured. During the five hours the fire was burning, four and a half loads of piae wood and ninety-six bushels of charcoal were consume''. The preservation of any of the papers in inch an intense heat for five purs is conclusive evidence that tins safe would be proof against fire in the bnrniug of any store or warehouse.? Judging from the res jit of this cxperiment.we think Robertson and Hick's Sale equal to any yet invented tot the preservation of books aud papers from firs, and entitled to the confidence of the community. JOHN W. LEAVITT, E. D. HURLBUT, J. B. VARNUM. Hav.i.: witnessed the trial alluded to ID the foregoing iutfmeut, 1 am > ry certain that Robertson it Rich1* Chest would have escaped a*? imed from aoy house burning I ever personally witnessed, even in the moeteiposcd dtuatioii. JOHN O. WINTER. A. H. MARVIN. Bole Agent, ?1J lm*r No. l?X Vaster ?t.. N. V. " SELF-COCKING PISTOLS DLUNT It 8YMH, Importer* and Manufacturer*, No. M D Chatham street, hare on hand a largo iss.'rvment of tha Ait BarrelA If Revolving Self Cocking Pocket Pistol*. These pistol* have th* advantage over all others of the kind by the impossibility of losing ihe caps, the nipples being placed in a horiioulai direction,and there being no coek in the wav to prevent taking as correct sight as with the ordinary pistol or gun. The above inatols ran be furnished lower than any others in the market, at wholesale or retail. We hare as great a variety of other kuida ot Pistols as cau Ire found, with Tillies, U. H. Muskets, for shipping tud military; Prize Musks ts, do: Fowling Pieces, single and double; cstra large size dt.uhle and single Uuna for ducking, together with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bags, Caps, Locks, Barrels, Ike., lie., in large or email quantities. N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call aud esamine oar assortment before purchasing elsewhere. * 2m*r PARSELLS & AGATE, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, &c. H'HE SL'BSCHIBERA, in additiou to their former stock ol J fashionable goods, are constantly receiving by every new arrival from Puris and UikIod, a supply of the most rich and fashionable Scarf* and Cravat*. Their assortment of faahiona wr ohicii, OTirn, ^raT?u, r may m?or uincn, vnoTti, ovapanders, HmihF). dm all articles appertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe, are rich and railed. They respectfolly meite (heir >1.1 I*tr?na and strangers suiting this city, to rail at the old Establishment, so long and favorably known and make their aalectioue. PA R BEL 1.8 It AOATE, 241 Broadway, between Park place and Murray at. They woa'd particularly recommend an Elastic Snapendcr, with the patent buckle, al their own manufacture, which for durability and comiort, cannot be <ur|uua?d. The ianpro red Minerra Brace, intended to brace the shoulders and eipeud ilie cheat, are highly recommended by the medical faculty, and mil be foand innia|ienaiblc to persona who ara nicliur-d to K-nd forward; and in lact 10 all indtridnale of aedentary habita. Paimta and Uuardttna are particularly requrrted to examiua thia article, aa it will be loaad of immense adv.iutwca to children of nthc act who hare acquired the habit of Hooping. PAHHELLD ft AOATE continue Uie manufacture of their eelehrsted Kama Killing Belt. si I Im'ir TO I'HYSluiANg, OR MEDICAL. BTUDENtft? A Wanted either a Physician or fttndanl who may have nearly completed hw studies, and contemplates graduating at the approaching'erm of medical Ircturea in thia city?to take an intnreat in an old and we'l established medical otftce, the buaiaeaa and income (being a cash business.) al which u second to o other in the city, or perhaps in the United States. Any gentleman who may desire to treat with the advertiser on tha aub irct of this notice, will please a|>ply at 12 Peck Slip si# r daoueSkeo type. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS FA. ARTAULT ft CO., IMH Fulion street, opposite St Paul's Church. respectfaltv inform their friends and the imblic, thai they haee jast received by packetship Argo, an inroiee of _ , _ 1000 Oagn'rreotype French Plates A new supplr of the best and newest patterns apparatus 100 nances bromine SO ounces bromine of iodine 60 poondt hypro-nlphate of ends SO grammes ol e, loride of gold )0e imnndi of tripoli of reins# SO ounces chloiide of iodine And the new book containing tha latest improvements iafl ? Dcgaerreotvpe. uC l .iar ?4ARTELLG te HOLDERMA:<IN TXT'LL OPEN. on Mooday. October 21th, 1012 at theu save tabliahmeni, 27 Maiden Isne, their new etyle of Heed Ires res, josi received per ship Burgundy, consisting of Barea'a Turbans and Bonnet Pnlonau. besides s variety of other Head Pnmsa aad Qinamenta, suck aa Pearls, Flower, Feathers, Lama Scarfs, Oold sad Silver Fringes, ftc. sol] 2w*se IE It A 42. (SEVERAL BENNETT'S MOKMON DISCLOSURES u ?The subscribers will |*tbliah iu .he course of the tusuiug *WI, " Mmmuaiin E rinsed, or, ? History of Smith sud the Lslter Die Hsiuti by O n J. C. Briiuetr." These highly interesting auo astounding diarlosnres rihibi in their true cu* 1?*''the profligacy and wickedness of ihr Moimon leaders. It will be I.surd iu good atyli', Iu a tlmo. vo'u'tte of npw rda of UUpagts. Onieit esoec fully solicited. LELAND It Will I I SO. oil lm?; _ BRADBURY. SODEN Ik Co. H7 Na.aan ?t. AKEKY, 40 Lisprutrd street.? l'ha lubacriber rrt|iectfully D lulorma his old In. ndt and custom. !* li it lie h ia resumed hit old busiurss ol baking, and will be thankful for their favor*. Having taken the stand lormtrly occupi.d by O. W. MIL* L r H, ID Llspeuard alreel, ao celebrated lor go .d cake, awl the subscriber hiving carried on the buainna a number id \ears at the weil kunwii Ku i a. rb ickcr bak.n, No. Ill Wn nam at , a faTorne resort for good crack, ra a..d biacuiu?lie lliiuka he has i.ol to gotti u how to the laate ui the luaiilic. JAMES TOMPSQN. N.B.?Always on band, fruit coke of all kiuda and prices? Weddiug cake of >11 size*?pound cue .til l >|i >u(e C >ke ol ill sixes?lurk, lea biscuit ?ud bread every afternoon?biwuil mil crscxers Iresh every morui 114. o.O Iiu*r_ WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. STRIKER'S SOLUTION KOll THE HA1H, which, will O cluuie Krey Mil Coil* originalcolor iu * lew minute*. Tin* solution u ill tfervul Iroin ill) yet offered, *11 if c*uuol fail ol ?u* l?rcrdiug all others. It 1* highly edlcac.ous, and possesses the (real advauuge of beautifying the hair, without injuuug ll* ariwih. Tlioae whu doubt iu virtual are requested l? have their hair oh.iuaed be lore paying Itivir OMBey. If humbug* would laae thu method there would be uo rea*ou lo coinidaiu. One trial will wove the fact. Sold who esalc and retail, aud applied, at No. 5 Chatham tlrect,opposite the Hall ol Recoidi, New York, up atam. u*? tin*r OARHEiINGS. CARPE IINOS, CAKPE TIN OS?Cheaper than ever?All tlioae Who are iu want of carp inigj, uoticc the lollowlngl All wool lugran, Carpeting. ouiy 3. i?r yard. " eura " V* " suycr " 1* 6d" " extra ?up " it " " douule " 1* Gd" Three ply, superior patteru* ind ce'orr, 8* do do do cilraqualty. 111* Eugtisn Brussels, extra, 111* lteyal Wilton aud Velvet Carpetiuv, equally low. Togel icr with a asaoitineni ol drargeU, oilclotha. ru(t, door in U, table aiul piano eovera ludia mailing. itair rods, ate., the largest sloek 01 uood, iu the city. Puro.iseis would hud it lo tbeii decided interest lo cail aud examine tills stock before lookiug else win*re. R. SMITH. JR., US Pearl st, Opposite Willis n street. N. B?Heavy Jute Car|?tiu( at the low piice ol 1. td pet yard. Kmit mlier, toe uuiubvr is 448 Peail street, oil lm*t COUGHS AND COLDS. I) EME ?l UhH, >o it Noil i Sixth street, on<* dour below ? Aich sluel, t'luladelphillie ipiulcertain and best Kauiily Medic tin, lor Coughs, l-olils,*' M>- >><1, Tluoat auu Lung D-seaae, arising se.aatiuu 'Ike clinking, tickling, or unpleasant ohsi.uclion . Kor the 4liu*r, U,. SW A \ Nt-'d Cum ,ouuu O) iup 01 vv ud Cherry will bo louuil ihe great icnuil,. reiaous wuu Ii.ive auusud themselves ?y Uic Useoi aidcut spinis will imd both their slieuelh aud resolution much .inpiovcd li, leaving oil ilic i>111 lo, auii taking a draught occaaiouaily ol luo above restorative. All preparations Irom till"valuable iiee, except Ihe above,may be cousideied spurious or couulerlell The real aructe may be had o: llie following Agents, oi at No. Ot North aixth itieel, fuildelplua? AUENT8 Dr. W. H. MIL NOR. LTrugaisl, No. 192 Broadway. .villa. M. HA 2 No. 129 Fallon ?t. Brooklyn. BKNj. OLDa, Newark, N. J. JOHN MaBcsN. Patleriou, N. J. o2l liu'r NOTICE?Slop NICHOLAS BiDDCE, from Liveipool.? Cuusiguces ol uitrciauniee by llie above Teasel wnl phase a. ud their pcruills ou boaid loot ot Dover street, or to t e otticc ol the suuscriber?as ail goods not permuted in live days must unavoidably be aeul to punlic stora 8. E. ULOVER, o2lr 100 I'ae it, coruir ol South, up stairs. WATCHES LOWER THAN EVER.?lu cousaqueuce ol the lednctiou ol duties by the late tariff, the subscriber is selling Ins slock ol' tioid and silvei Levers, An hor (.? ca]ieuieutLepiue, and other Watches, ol new aud splendid patuius, and Jewelry, at itlail, at a considerable reduction Irom lormer prices, bring much lower than they can be nougm fur at auy otner place in the city. Ootd Watches as low as go lodi dollars each. Watches and Jcweh y exchanged or bought. All Wa.clies HdiraiiUtl to keep good lime or uie money ieturned Watcher aud Clocks repaired m lire Oval maimer and warranted, at much leu than iha uruil in ices. (i.e. ALLt.V, importer of Watches and Jewelry, o!2 lm'in aale dud Kelail, Jl) Wall at., up stairs. THE NEW YORK XYLOGRAPHIG FKE66 40 MAIDEN LANE, Ul' STAIRS. XN THE LATENT of the vaiielles lu this department the proprietor may salely challenge competition Willi any oiher establishment iss the world, and lias uimer his uwu immediate superintendence the most sitillui workmen, and ail tlie l.-qum.c materials lor executing every duscnpliou ot Aylographic Engiaving aud T noting Urikiual Designs .uid Tlatra of every description executed in the lust sty e ol the art, and beautifully printed in Brouae or fancy Colors. Druggists, feriumcrs, Alanulacturers, (iroceia aud other Labels, constantly on hand, wholesale or retail, and all articles euuuected with the trade. Job Trinliug in every variety of style executed! u the best maimer to order, and on the uiost reasuiiaole teims. STEEL TEA IE AND COITEKTEATE ENGRAVING AND PRINTING Notes, Checks, Droits, Dills of Exchange, < rnineties ol Stock, do Depoalte, Ulauks or professional, wrddvng and viai ling Cards, neatly engraved and pi luted, at si oil notice, and on the most reasonable terms. The loweal possible price is char ged loi all work doue at ihia establishment. All mdera irom ills country punctually attended to. aud artides ordered, lot warded to any part of the Culled Stales, or I lie Cauadas. a 16 lis'' CHAB. SHIELDS, Proi rietor a It T 1 d TIN H A i It . manuvacturkd prom LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S IIAIR. FN lire liuudred dili'ereut designs, necklaces, bracelets, watcb s. guards, ear-rings, tlowers, rings, wigs, scalps, Ac. Ike. Ladle or geullemeu having hair of aliviug or deceased friend, eau ge, it lorined by him into any design the mind can conceive?is snch s form it will be a keepsake invaluable. A. C. BARKY, 116 Broadway, cor of Liberty street, upstairs. N. B.?Individuals resident in the country or living at an incoureuienl distance from the city, cau hare all such orders promptly executed, by forwarding through the medium ul the post office the lisir to be faahiooed, with a drawn au i specified design ol (he workmanship, and enclosing from five to twenty do lux, according to whicn sum the superiority 01 manufacture andslyle of mounting in gold will depend. All suchcuinmulocations to he post paid. A C. B. ol lm*r SELLING OKp? -ilCHAEE KEE8E, Itla. of the nrm ol Heese Ik Hills, offers for sale at coat a large assert m-nt of pen, pocket, and oirk knives, scissors and raxors, together with table culny ol every description. Also, Britannia ware, tea andcoffte sen i, tea ami table spoout, accordisus, gold rings, pins, chains, si ver and gold levers, Stc., kc. Thisitock must positively be st d on 01 Defoie the 1st of Nor* inlier next. MICHAEL REESE, sZ71m*re 70 Maiden Lane, up stain. STATE Of NEW YORK?SECRETARY'S OFFICE.} Albany, Aug. II. IMil. > ""PO THE SHERIFF of the City and County of New York ? ?Sir?Notice is hereby given, that si the uext General Election, ui be t eld ou the Tuesday succeeding the 6r>t Monday of November next, the following other rs are to be elected, to wit: A Governor aud Lieutenant Governor of this State. A Senator for the Ant Senatorial District, to supply the vacancy which will accrue by the expiration of tne term of service of Gabriel Kurman, on the 1st dav of December next. Also, the following City and County Officers, to wit Thirteen Members of Assembly, and a Register in the place of J. ui w.?_....II ,?i ,? . ?r ....I-. _,n p.. Uit day of December Dfil. Your? reapectfully, 8. YOUNO, Secretary of Slate. The above i? a 'rue coi>y of a notification received from the (Secretary of State. _ MONMOUTH B. HART. Sheriff of the City and County of New York. Sheriff'* Office, New York. Sept. 10. 1842. ... . . All the public newapapera if ihe county will publlah the above ouce in ach week until the election. See Reviled Statute*, vol. (at, chap. 6th, title M, article 3d, part let, pace 140. _ _ QlO?N?r DEFORM YOUR STOVE BILLS ?Economy and utility El briny the order of the day, ihc aubrenber hat determined to aell St vea at the loweil poueibie remunerating price*; hia Column Parlor Stove, anaweniut all the nurnoeea of the crate, with half the trouble and ezpenae, auilab'e tor aittinc rooma, office*, atorea, or hall*, ia worthy the attention of penona wiahinc to purchaae. Hia aaaortment of cooking Stove* are not anrpaaaed in the city, for chcapnraa nd auperior atyle ot co.mructiuu, combining all the requisite* for kitchen uae, and a great aaving of fuel, which ia an item many peraon* overlook in aelecttnc atovea. He aolicit* houaekeepe i ?nd other* to give him a call at the office of the Warmi Furnace Company, No. 22 Fulton atreet, i N. Y., before purchasing elaewliere. j A* thiacompany manufacture their atovea, pnrrhaaer* will nol he auujectrd to a tai by buying Irom arcond hand*. Their [ aaiortmriit* of air-tight, cooltitu; and parlor Stove*, Pump*. Iron Fnrnacea, Coffer Mills, Kettlea, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, Ac., wholeaale and retail. Order* lor c t-unjr* solicited. J. V. TIBBE1TS. olB Im*ec 28 Fulton atreet, N. Y. FISK'S PATENT NOVELTY COOK STOVE". 'PHIS Stove waa nionounced last year, and ia thia, by all I who have it, to be not only the beat ever invented, bat the nelv ainvo thev ever hut he which Irakine. boilinu. and roaat- * inc. coulil be done perfectly, and it the same lime. This year (he improvement Ims been such, that doubl. the amount of cooking can be done, (and that too to perfection) than upon any other Store of the >am? siae : for proof of , which, you hare only to call at Fish's S'ore Establishment, J MS Water street, where any quantity < f references will be firen?and farther, erery Store warranted, or the money refunded. Fish's Herniating Premium Drum for parlors Hall Drums, sod hall, pvnor, and office stores, and all the ordinary cooking stove*, f r sale cheap FISK'S Store Estah ithmenl, MS Water alrtet. The abore store, and also the regulating dram, van now be sm at the Fair i but thuee d.siring storee, are requested t i raiex th establishment, whirr thry can aiainine them to better advantage, MS Water street. 0I6 ltn'ec LIAY~OKN*8~HTKKL QLIILLS ?The subscribers urt tor n sale, rome recently impiored modifications of these excellent and opular Pens. The " Resoy Writer" is nnsnimnusly roted the Kin* of Pent ?combining eminently Dexibdity and permauence. I The " Dickena" iaconaldered the best pen for the price in the ' ma ket. The " Union" cannot fail to suit erary body, alforilin* at 12V! cents s card (ai wholesale) sn different rarienrs of Pens. The " New Fork" erery merchant will hare in hiscountin* room who has ined them. Together with the famous Double Patent and Combination Barrel Teas, with many others, for sale by 'lie a*cnu. oil im're J. fc P HAYDEN, 4 Piatt sr. CERTAIN CURE FOR DEAFNESS. I MONS. MALL AN?Sound Magnifiers?lonstble Yoscc Conductors ?To enable |iersnns lustantly, at. s advanced a, and of forty and fifty years standing. of exlrcaae drafneaa, of those who are only slightly dull nflo-sring, to johi in general conrersation, and ta catch the sound of a distant low spvakar at a public assembly They are the site of a rary small sold serrn shillui* piece: and when in thecaritynf the ears, they are not in the least perceptible, nor more unenmfor ( lahl- than baring a small piece of alio wool in its place And i although they are eo extremely small, yet they enable those af Dieted with extreme deafness > hear, in erery reapect, equal c to those of most acute liea. irf.. I ( Tn be had of Moos MALLAN k BON. Surgeon Dentists Sole Agents for the peMbtea, No. 2 Park Place, one door from Ifiii ?lway. I Thr abore in?rut>ou has keen in naa in F.?/on-'*' , I years and is strongly recommeuiled, being one o( "* ? it diacoreriua ot the age. ?? j,, ?ml,taoc, * Perteua, noo-residrnta of New '"J*. tig lm*r '? of $10, can hare a pair fnrwssdad br pnm. FlhU.h.r w"l I WA?lfooSt h? wot to thojpblie ? . k ' ^ LD PrtW Two Cmu KoekuUr. (Corrwpoadcacc of lit* Humid. J Kochkstkr, Oct. 10th, 1842. Poiitical Movement* IH Monro* County?Candidalu for Congrtn, Atmmbly, CoUeitor$hiji, j-f To (iK.iitKAL Jamks Gordon Bshmmtt DEAR SI*,? 1 have teen nothing in your valuable Herald lrom ibiaaty, iu a long time. WV have many iruiilui subjects here, that would intercut the ten* of thousand ol the readers ot the Herald, if properly laid before them. Your puj>er iu sought lor with more avidity, than any other after the arrival of the eastern mail; auch isthe eagerness to read the Herald, uuiong the people here, that 1 am very olten disappointed in procuring a copy of Mr. Moore, your agent in thia city, if 1 am unavoidably detained lroin calling for a ahorl time alter he receives them. All the political parties except Captain Tyler's, in thia county, have made their nominations. The wings have nominated Thomas J. I'atteraou, a brekeu-dowu merchant of this city, for Congressman. Doct. JMallby biroug, ot lielcnertowu memory, a turious Clay whig, and an old New England 1. deralist, was the principul opp sing candidate in the convention, tor the nomination. Very great duaiistaction prevails in the county among the old federalists, in consequence ol his deleat; 1 have understood, that Mr. .Patterson, has a.ready commenced writing out lit- speeches. It elected, he will be a powertul advocate in Congress tor a United males dank?Hie assumption ol tne State debts by the general governnteni?the distribution ot the proceeds ot the public lands among the stales?a high lariti to deiray the expenses of government, and produce a revenue to be distributed?and last, though not least, he will be in lavor of the passsge ol a general law by Congress to tan the old maids lor the support ol the old bachelois. Pur the assembly, from the centre, ihe wings have uomiuuied Hubert iiuight, Esq , a lawyer. He is a young Ulan, although 1 believe he calls .tinsel! an old bacuelor. In |H>hlice, he is one ot N. P. Tallinadge's conservative if lends, an unchanged democrat, uud it elected, he will uot make a very great etlorl to add many nice to the thousand and one useless laws in this Stale The locoiocos have nominated the Huu. Ashley 6umpson, first Judje ol the Court ot Common Pteusof this county, lor Congressman, and Wilhain Buell lor the Assembly, front the centre. As the locotocos gnd aholilionisis, will not probably succeed in electing any ot their candidates in this county, 1 think it unnecessary to say any thing about them. The Tyler men have had two meetings recently in this city. The hrst was called to sustain the President in administering the general government in his own way, honestly, laithlully, and judiciously. The secoud was called as an indignation mectlug, iu consequence ot the insult to the President and Nation, at the Ashburton dinner in your city. Doth meetings were well attended, and good resolutions adopted. Considerable ol an efibrt is about being made here by several individuals, tor the office of Collector of the Port of Genesee. Mr. William A. Wtiles, a man notorious for his abuse ol President Tyler and hts administration, until quite ecently, is making a great uoise about hia claims to the oliice. He has once betore made application tor the Collsctorsiup, since the election ol Gen. Harrison and John Tyler, and beeu defeated. He was so indignant at his deteat, that he abused President Tyler by calling him all soris ol hard names, was anxious to have a pet. lion iorwarded to the Preaidettl requesting htm to resign his office, and finally turned abolitionist. L> ct. Paulkner is making application to tlit- President lor the office. The Doctor, 1 should think, would be about the right kind ot a man for the President to sppoint. '1 he Doctor is an old republican, supported the President at the election in 1840, and haa been his true and active friend ever since. If the present Collector, who is a Clay whig, is removed, aud the Doctor is not cheated by those whom he considers his trienut, lis will get the appointment. 1 would, however, caution the Doctor, not to rely too much upon the professed friendship of the Posi master of tuts city, who is, 1 fear,playing a double game with the Prest ucui, auu inriiii mm, iui mc fui^uoc ui rcvanillic IU? own office. N. B. Kingston. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Kingston, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1842. The Herald in Kingston?Kingston ladies tn general? Beauties in particular?Banks and Currency? Little Biddlt? Trade of Ulster?A Night in the Highlands, <J-f. Dear Sib? To gire you any idea of the popularity of your daily epitome of the times in this old Dutch town, I shall not attempt, as you are daily in receipt of the best evidence ol its popularity in the increase of your subscription list, which is, after all, the best evidence ot your merit; for, although your enemies may cry down the circulation of your paper, you have the witness of its success in the shape of promises to pay in the currency of the land. Kingston is a large town, including the village of Rondout, and is settled, or was originally, by the descendants of Diedrich Hudson ; and the traveller needs no other demonstration of its Dutt^h character thin is afown in the construction of its low stone dwellings, out of which are seen to issue some of the loveliest daughters of the land?a few of whom I have seen to admire The c^ .tom of mentioning at least the initials of the names of those who are most conspicuous, I take the liberty of doing. Six of them were on board the " Emerald," wending their way to Gotham on Sunday night, accompanied with their lovers. Julia and Sarah are daughters of two of our most wealthy citizens, ths latter being the belle of Kingston, whose portrait should, by the way, adorn the first number of your new Ladies " Belle Assembles." How my heart throbs at the thought of her?so sweet and heavenly is her smile! And should this meet her eye, 1 trust she will forgive the liberty I have taken in saying she is to me an " angel ol light," which sometimes flit across our vision, and then are gone ! She is not one of your city belles, raised in the hot-bed of fashionable society, but a beautiful plant, raised and nurtured in the iinsonhist icated manners of rnuatrv life. We hate two banks located here, besides the shaving shoi? of Beach at Saugerties, and a sort of branch of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co. to give us a currency ; how they >11 manage to do buHin?sH enough to pay thair officers, is a mystery to all, except themselves. The fact is, little Bidale's Ulster money was got up to do you Goihamites? scarcely a dollar of it being now in circulation here It was looked upon from the start with suspicion,and consequently was handled with caution. There are a great many Irish in uoa .out, this being the terminus of the canal where hundreds of boats are continually arriving with the Lackawana coal from Pennsylvania ; from here it goes to your city, Albany, Boston, and several eastern ports. Were you ever a night in the Highlands! There ceuuot be a iiiuir iwfcij mi iuiiiaimt. ovtuv \ju uiv late mi u?iuir than the entrance to where "Th? moon look* down on old crow-neat." lust above West Point. Morria haa attempted a description in poetry, of this singular freak of nature, in walling up the Hudson towards the high heaven; but it lias not had tustice done it by the wtaatera of the day. Drake's "Culprit ray," comes the nearest to my notions of it* belutie* in description, but it remains for some modern Byron to spring up, long after Nat. Willis ft id omnu* genu* have passed nway like a summer's cloud, to ,iaint the scenes which impress one so powerfull't>f Cod's divinity. It is perhaps the most dan^r* iiis passage to make by sea or storm, provided^ Too ttsve s lovely lemale on your arm to whoj^ ^ untarily you begin to describe their ber'M my iescant on their romance, and which r"7' case, turn to love and a declaration^, r mBU. But 1 merely intended to let yo^ auch a p|ace merable readers know that thet- nd j havr in_ as Kingston, and a lovely pjf once pf.r?onait an(j ^t. voluntarily run into tna'tfj e u go, , accounts haps uninteresting. ^lona^c young menl Adieu, of the doings of our Yours, T. B E. COFl EE AND aPlCES^ wishing f?> purchase pure Roaated mid Ground CofT*?0#Vr.?.IH lin4 U lo thi ir "drsntMie ^-tlrm i where *r- kept the shore urecler >'f the very he?t qa*li '' f'ueity.?? price" lo ?nit the tun**; , ... 'toffee Howled every d?V lre"h sad Ijat ? SSJ[ ?f'*"? l,r *?H Brooklyn, free of ey/rense. Coffre MM" ,r??n<l .or Orootnaa, in . ft flrm nit lm*m tfrrlO. * Bheerer. TALI AN MUBIP-M Hi MAMNINU. (iwenrv vs-irm re idem in N*p!t?-Pupil ?r P?C III sod CrrreeoOniJ' Si**" mruction.on t*rnrt t?> timri, in *'*{'**? French MM iictiah Sing in*, and in the moat fashionable styla of Piano ffi-TSnSS permiwinn to ttftt to the followint MOtleman I'ftr. M. reside" nt ttaX Hadtnn "treat, near Bpnas ' e 1 l?*i

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