Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1842 Page 3
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of debasing their own currency, it a trick of blacker dye, .n the view of a foreigner, than any 011c hitherto adopted, much worae even than repudiation. How then can we expect any improvement ia Aniencan securities in foreign market*, whilat these luiernal trickeries are pennite<t to pi*..! i 1 a-J unr?". nt<i| liv a single individual ul 'he '"uncy aii.l ? ican'ih' coimrnnitv of the "F.mpirc citv." I'le.,?c to let^>-U" fceietu crc-p ou*. and b.ihg out a full e*j>c< A ri zi ai.t act or Cne-.ri-n* -g Voura, 1'LAIN DKAI.Kll. Tuesday urn-ning, O-t H-h. If out coriea'tonden' will reler ag in to our article, v.'h ct he q*jt a, he will perceive tba' tho erennd paragr?ph, to which he refeu, \>ai descriptive pill) of a foeiing floating in Wall strict, and not our own view. Wodo not ' hop,' i aeo fbe time, when loan* will he renewed 011 A neticau securi'ie* ; and 1! we did, weahonld no* 110U I ir b, until some rneusuie* ha 1 actually bten taken in pa) de'nU parsed Jue. The time ha* gone by foi tail', or hope*,or fear*, to influence t!i market; actual and h "a puj ntc t must he made before it will have any > IF ct. In relf?ivn to the bunk* of Alabama, their disgraceful conduct, and that of the managers, ia no secret hero I.r 1 . ivjropo ; nor can their mountebank trick* ad 1 anything *o the lea! of dishonor, which the paper ayateni in general i.a* heaped upon thi* country. The director* of thuM tianks, are now notoriously peculating in it* piper, for theirown emolument, with the specie of the bank. The following anec lute will illustrate the manner o! doing business at the hank :? A gentleman called at the bank, understanding it was disposing ol Its .New cfrieans aim outer inns, 10 carrj on the system which it had adopted ior reducing its cir. cuiation, and while cenveising with the proper officer of the bank, as to what the hank would givt for hit Jilahama mnnty, one of the directors, made his appearance behind the counter, and enquired what the gentlemen would zivt for specie, he (the director) having some which he would dis|>ose of for Alabama bank notes, and spent some time in driving a bargain with the gentleman, endeavoring to get the highest premium possible for his specie. The cir- J cuiation of the Decatur Bank alone, has been reduced 9000,000 by these means. Can anything be more gratifying to the friends of honest deuling, than such an operation I The Alabama money here yesterday was 14 a 15, and the probability is, , that the discount will increase, because the gentlemen connected with the hank cannot alford to buy it at so low a rate. Whan it was 36 a 37, there was " some fun" in the operation. You cannot expect them to give away their specie for hills at par, as long as the people are willing to give twenty per cent for it. in the Legislature of Tennessee, a bill is under discussion to raise the legal rate of interest to ten per cent, in order to " relieve the people." If the people are relieved by raising the rate three per cent, how much more would they be relieved by aliolishing the usury law altogether ? The following is a statement of the lending features of the Bank of Tennessee and branches, ou the 1st instant, as compared with 1st of July, 1842 :? Bank oi Tennessee ano Branches, October, 1842, and july, 1812. July I. Oct. I. Decrease. Loans, 3,55?,'153 3,437,117 117,836 Specie, 52n,:|7J 170.767 41,612 CirrnUlii.ic 1.1117 ill ni im mi t7K,' 283,'271 228,'368 GO,916 The commercial affairs ol' the United States, taken an a great whole, are now rapidly getting into a right train. The precious metals, which have for so long a time been concentrating at the points of indebtedness, are now becoming active in answer to the calls of busiuess. The activity of the precious metals, which must now form the currency of the country, will inevitably be followed by increased animation in all the channels of business. It was in this view, that in July last, we hailed the first shipment of specie to New Orleans, as a favorable omen. In our article of July 28th, we remarked as follows :? The packet for Liverpool via Boston, leaves to-morrow, She will be the first for six years that can carry the un. doubted indication that the commercial affairs of these United States, alter a continued downward tendency in everything, have not only reached bottom, but have already taken an important stride towards improvement. New Orleans is the next point of importance, and there a specie basis has been at last reached. All the vast products of the West are now valued there in a specie currency. The prices of all commodities are valued in hard dollars; necessarily a demand for specie there has sprung up, .mil the exports from this city to that |>oint are now large and regular, with every prospect ot reaching !fi2,00t?,lM)i) or more ticlore it is checked. This is drawn from the banks for a real equivalent, and is exchanged lor produce there at such low price as will command the markets 01 the world, thus increasing the supply of foreign bills, and ot course the infills of specie lrom abroad to supply in this city tlio drafts ol stiecie made for tin-purchase of produce iii the interior. This is the opei a i n u> a b en the couuti v ir becoming supplied w ith a speei- basis. i iiis ii f\v in ajruin iru n .-vis- itsrs 10 ,M".v urieans lue | a. at movemeul ni n Inch itcMrM .1 months since. has I been consta'.'ly augmented, until, as we stataJ on Friday, | llie; amount on In-way is At liege that the lusurunce C .mpmy il-cli'io lu-tlicr risk* tor the present. Over $1 0(10 of the $2,ntKMHK) estimated by us at that time, li.i. gntje forward, and yet the rata of bills continues to fall; (food b:*l? on New Orleans were sold on Saturday ut 2 pel c ut p:eiiiium, and at New Oilcans on the 13;li, the stale of the exchanges weie us follows, at compared with thore of July 23 Kxciijl'SUC AT NFW OnuKARs. Ju'ytJ. Orf. 13. On L- mica, 3.1'f I iiU,.i.a t dis. a I ?>. ct. prem. On h .? , if iOajf. 55e. pr d'I. II. biail. 7<c. |ir. dot. On.*. I ra, at 6" its, Gil y. ci. dis. 7?8 |ier ct. dii. l>u -i.ll, J b ' ' ?Ss7 " i>n Jiolllu.?..ii , id " " i>?i?X" " LI -l i.a t, "Mt " " i 0 " " On D ?a>ii,a. IS! iUy Gi7 " " 7il 11 " ijuil.i ? i.i ,il, ? ? ? ? Ac o-ding to this table exchange on ull points has fallen in ihe 9ii days, embraced by the dates, a per cent, notwithstanding that over $3,000,000 has been shipped to that ( obit during that period. The quantity ot produce from all quarters going f?rw ard is constantly increasing, and the priigressol the specie up the river overrunning the west, will send l'ur ward stifl larger quantities, reacting upon itself, and promoting the; influx of specie until the channels of trade becoming full, it will flow back across the country to the seaboard, in the purchase of goods. The whole commerce of the U. States will then rise upon its broad and immutable basis, bidding defiance to the juggling of financiers, or the mountebank tricks of Legislatures. Two elements at this juncture assist the import of specie from abroad to leed in this market the flow to the interior. These are, in themselves, two jiositive evils, viz: repin. iatior., and a prohibitive tariff. The first operates by redu cing tin* amount to be paul abroad on debti, and the latter by decreasing the sum to be disbursed in the payment of goods. Both these ar e tern jiorary; the debts will ultimately be paid, and the tariff will be modified, or very heavy im ports will be smuggled. At this moment, however, they check the demand for bills, when the supply is large, and therefore, promote the importation ot specie. At New Orleans, according to the above i|UOtation bills are actually 9 per cent under par. In this city the choicest bills, say Virginia hills,".endorsed by the Farmers' Bank, and guaranteed in this city, were in vain offered at ti per cent, nominal premium, or.'1J percent under par, with every prospect of a further fall. In such a statu of affairs, with so largeauu amount of money lying idle, the best bills will be taken on speculation for the import of specie. The tollowing table will show the rate ot exchange resulting from the ini|>ort of gold in bars, the quotation being A'3,17 9$ per us. of sovereigns, and also of dollars, at the latest quotations of .'>7 J per oz:? Import op tiii: Pnniott MkTRLI prom Lnxoov. Hutlion Sovereigtu. Silver. At 2ttid. ? ? 033H<1 I ox. sluiditd, ? ? 12ot. st'd. II oz. line, ? 1 2IOd. lot. 18 uraius, I sot'n. ? 11:1,0016 . | r?. 17??d 1 OZ 2?q?s. *l?m _ 233 i|M._ 1(1 2A 10 .u?, n.D. ?I*. V ? ^?,87?07 4,79 5 2-UK) |.r A. This giws,a result of 1,68 pMfsent^in.favor^oi gold import, being the object desired by the goi.l lull of 1*14. The present profit ot im|x>rtiug sovereigna here may be .ap. proximatcd us follows :? IflOQ severe Iffus will d. |?>iite for a. Deduct frelK'.t, " insurance and policy, 24,7a " Commissioss, 21,20 " interest 4 mos. 74,16 119,71 K inal to IH4?? |?er cent. #1.691,73 The rates have,therefore, now reached a point at which bills may 1m; taken lor the im|M>rt of specie. To im|>ort specie direct from London would be e<|ual to lulls at 9 per cent. The pros|H-ct is,therefore, that as the volume of cotton and other produce rolls forward, the demand for specie in Kngland and on the continent, for this country, will increase. At New Orleans, where hills fall very low, as is now the Case, the stream of specie setting to Kngland from Mexico is usually diverted to that city. In J531, during the panic, sterling fell to its present rate, 2 per cent discount; and during that year f9,000,0u0 are received in specie. A combination of circumstances is, therefore, likely to cause ademnnd for coin that will greatly influence tho movements ol the Bank of England. The demand for this county, caused by a combination of circumstances subse .neut lo l-t.14. the goul Lii. icuuoing tliw standard f.uni.l. ^r > to .22 oi line g?ld in the utgie, the i.npon | of the Trench indemnity in gold, the loan oi AT ,200,000 to j the L. o. ilaiis, he negot. turn ul a is. gt. aiuouoto. s uuh? | in Loudou, by a hich the Bank ofK.ngu.i l lost Xi.dOtgOtO f ol Inii.iun, a at lu, poind to be a cause o. Ucr difll. j.ties at that time./ This ii.flfx of the picciuus me'sis at that tnno was very fortunate for thicountry, as o h.-rwise p ices must have fallen very low. Vh-y are now very low, and that fact combined w nit the pleuteoumess of money in Kng | land, the late tarilfand other causes, will produce a current of specie to this country that will put the whole machinery of ita commerce in full operation. Butthia danger will not result, viz: whether the Bank of Englaud likes it or not; whether she 'makes or breaks" under the ojieraiion cannot now alfcct this country. The banking l id credit s\ stem which were the instruments by w hich .'.it held this country and its trade in bondages are broken ani a.inot lie eg uu riveted upon u?. Hereafter England hasonl) to -ell cheap, and get the cash, or an cquivulrnt on do Li v "ry. The moro intercourses w# have of that nature the better. Corn Trade. Hour and grain are down still lower in this market? T here is no demand of consequence. We hear that supplies are comparatively large. We quote Michigan flour ittlM, 18a (4,35. Canal $4,-.'6. Ohio ft,lSa$ 1,31 a barrel. Wheat sells at t>7J cents a bushel. Southern Corn 49a50, Rye tiOatil, and Oats at 34a'37. We continue to give the amount of flour and wheat arriving at tide water : ? Two tvtrkt in Oct. Total to 14/A Oct, /four tth. If heat bu. Flour bblt. IVhtal bu. 1841 118,180 Id 1,033 1,143,000 477,978 1843 184,009 53,009 1,088,871 730,983 56,839 73,034 54,039 343,004 Taking flour and wheat together, the excess for the first two weeks in Oct.* 1843, is cuual to 13,434 bbls. of flour, white the total decrease to the 14th of (Jet. 1841, is equal to 4,438 bbls of flour. With the above weeive a comnurative table of the in. spoclion of wheat Hour at five market*, for the quarter ending the 30th of Sept Market t. 134a. 1341. Philadelphia, bhli. 109,883 109,040 Baltimore, 155,543 138,610 Richmond, ''>3,131 37,116 Petersburg, 8,483 6,337 Alexandria, 7,416 6,060 Total, 334,463 347,970 In connection we add the quantity of breadstuff* landed at Buffalo during the tint two week* in (October lor lour years: ? Yenrt. Wheat. flour. Corn 1841 147,893 74,438 11.666 1811 135,173 ,'>6,444 17,188 1840 148,431 58,910 10,661 1839 118,737 19,776 4,064 There was transported during the mouth of Sept. from Adrian over the 9. K. lload, of Flour, 4,681 hbl*. ami of Wheat, 13,091 bushel*. During the *ame period there were shipped from Monroe La Plaisance Bay? 15,661 bushels wheat, $3,70 17,8U 40 6,911 bbls, Hour, 9,.60 11,las 60 These iliow the movemeats of breadstuff*. They exhibit no increase, however, over those of last year, hut aa the shipment* abroa I have been very *mall, ami aa the supplies in the interior are known to be large, prices continue to be effected throughout the length and breadth of the land. In Cleveland Hour iadown to $3,60?in Butlalo to $3,fid?in Rochester to nearly the same jvoiiit?in Cincinnati to g'J,7A, and in Louisville to $3,63. On the seaboard it, of course, ranges higher. Vet the average price in the whole Union is but a trifle over four dollars a barrel. E^oreijjii Market*. La Gi'atra, Sept. 30.?Coffee?In Caracas $7Jto$8j per ql., new crap. Hides?Scarce, $9a9f P?r ql nere.? Money?very scarce Some failures expected to tuke place before long. Flour? $IS$al4a bbl. Died. On Suunay morning, after a short and severe illness, Kmily Loi:i-a, only daughter of David T. and Susan V. Williams, i ged 1 year, 8 months and 11 lays. The relatives and friends al the lami' respectfully invited to attend the funerai this after it half past 3 o'clock, irom the residence of her 1 ,?r No. 66 Oliver street, without further invitation. On Sunday morning, Oct, 33d. o onsumption, Miss Bi.tset Smith, formerly of Pougliki psii , aged "0 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend her funeral,this day, at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 100 Me Idagh street, Brooklyn. Ob the x3d inst. Anna S., wife of Mark Cornell, and daughter of John Sinclair, Esqr., in the 33d year of hei age. At Jersey city, on Saturday, John Frasf.r. Funeral this (Monday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, Railroad Avenue, Jersey city. LivKRrooi.?Packet ship Virginian?Rev Bishop J Sonle. of Ohio; Rev T Sergeant, Baltimore; Miss C Bayard, Philadetphia; O Woodhouse, England?'7n in the steerage. Livkrpool?Ship Chester?Miss Fitzpatrick, Miss Kelly, Miss Leonard, Rev I' Maher, T Taylor, James Byrne?185 in the steerage. Rottkrdam?Ship FUvius?H Sheer, E K Kituer, and 21 in steerage. Bkkmi.n?Banjue Heinncli?Mr Anhauser, and 101 in the steerage. Mii.aoi?Brig Oriole?William A Downing, and I iu the steerigt . Savajikah?Brig Homer?John Melder, Tlios Burgess, Miss M Warren. Foreign Importations. ^ Livkrpool?Ship Virg.nian?too tous coal 21.50 sacks salt R K< rmit? lies Sands, Fox St Co?2 pkgs R Clark?1 do lbbolsou, I* c St t'v? III Richardson St Watson?I I1 A J it?1 Jas Brown ?2 Alim Van Nest?1 L J Wyeth?12 Kennedy St Way?41 elts 1 ca?e I , aiito.6 l?JI? Hyslo|i, Son It eo?I rase 3 casks Noma St 3 t> is f , Baltimore? I case Chas C Watson, l'hilA<lel|ihia? 1 , ig Yonutf, So,itii It co? 3 Urirtin St Pullman?9 J OihonStco ? I Wight, Stiirgrs St Shaw?2 logins St Scott?I 8 Crooks?2 cks I hag L Wayne, Cincinnati?1 pkg D S Kennedy?21 Resale-St co? lj Ijxs tin Stokes, Gilbert St co?1 pkg C Ahreiileldt ?2 ?J W Coit?I Piatt St Brothers?t chsin cables J Henry St co ?J R II Haight St eo?2 W W Chrster?1 H T Coo|>er? I It I Irowthei?I 8 T Jones St co?1 C Merrilt?3 Corlie , Haydork St co?9 Bird, Gillilsn St co?2 bzs t|>ecie ?20,000 K Withers? III biles II cs 37 bills to order. RotTi:an tat?Ship Flavius?2,5 pipes gin J Wolfe?15 do 300 hags cuff' e Merisn St Benard?ID cks msdder J R Evans?6 cks cloves Masters, Markoe It ci??17 cases cologne C H Soul.?15 kegs herrings U D Baldwiu?37 bozes (lower roots O Davis?7 ck I brandy W Speyer?5 do wine A Bellinger St CO?I case do W Kohbe?I do mdse C H Leverich?I do instruments J B Lasala?5 cks iniuersl water E Codnian St co?85 bags coffee Victor St Duckwilz?4 cs wine Swords, Halstead St Loomis?I cask do 100 bags coffee 1 box clocks 1 chest mdse to order. Brkmkm?Banine Heinrich?I box T (Jrunenthal St co?I pkg Wui Kadile?61 bxs J St H Kohnstamm?1 J Napier?I Oroshriin St Schribei?15 do 3 casks (J K Meyer?8 cs C iluller?2 Brnstleili, Koon St CO?15 cs 8 casks T Vietoi?233 chests 69 has Hensclieu St Uukart?1 box C H Sands?6 C Ahreiileldt?I J C Mullei?ll A Kolker St co?1 F Lubbei?2 C O (iunlhei?2 J D Weudell?2C D W Lilliendahl?I Noltcnius St Pavenstedt?2 J t : Kaysrr?2 Nunns St Clark?2E Olotz?1 F J Pfeiffer?I R O Saul?II bxs 50 tons iron 300 crown rolls to order. Mai-ai;a?Brig Oriole?600 kegs raisins 10,197 bxs do 1339 lif do 79?nr <1,1 ISO k..^. >m.i AAll (Vol- I",? '< -I??-I it Bouluguet?150 bis raisins 5 pkgs VV^A Darling. Laouva?Barque Claremont?280 ton* logwood Howland k Aspmwall. La Uuatra?Sclir Venus?280 bags coffee Dawson Brother! ?1343 do I bx plant! Ay mar kco?1 boa Mason Ot Thompson? ?2 bag! I box J B Purroy?SI bag! coffee J Descries?91 do to order. Domestic Importations. Savavxah?Brig Homer?2 pkgs Williams It Matthews?8 bales W II Baiuom It ion?6 A S Hill?IS D Lester?12 J Wood ?35 clu rice U Collins?*5 hale! Wood a Merritt?15 Pillot St Le Barbier?101 Parmelee, Kilburii a Rogers?65 cLi rice Bolton, Kox & Livingston?32 balei H Coit a co. Chaii.iiios?Brig E.'wsrd?150 casks rice 300 halri cotton Ouuliain a bxs to order. MARITIME HERALD. To Ship Blasters. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore W. A. Bassett, of onr news riiftt, a rr|iori of the shipping left at the |?>rt whence they sailed, ihe vessels s|iokeii on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign iii'WS|iaperm they may nave. Commodore Baa*rit wili board them immediately on their arrival. We will reeiproe te the favor in anv way. To Correspondents, Our corresi>oDdeBts in foreign ports are respectfully requested to send by every vessel all tbe marine nilelhgeuce they cau obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any sue re iiihng at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. v'OKT UK NR.W YORK, OCT. '44, IM?4. SltlV HISS! 6*41 I Moon RISKS 8 50 ins sen 5 19 I HIUH, WAi kh >1127 Arrived. Packet ship Virginian, Allen, 21 days from Liverpool, with unite, to H. Kermi'. I8iii in?t. lal 12 18, Ion 59 30, passed a ship sit enug east, haying letters U. 8. in her fore topmast. Hriti h ship Chester, Doyle, from Liverpool, Sept. 21, with boil ?ael.? salt 3*0 ions coal Hoche Brothers It Co. Ship Klavtus, Jones, 35 days from Hotteidain. with indse, to J. Wolfe. Bremen barque He nrich, Klencke, 16 days from Bremeu, with indse. to order. Barque Clareinont, Kobrisoii, 36 days from Lagans, with logwood, to Nesmith, Leeds Ik Co. Lelt no Amer.c.n vessels.? 24til ult. 1st 23. Ion 87, spoke brig Ivanbue, from NOrleau* for Sisal; loth out. lat 25 41, Ion 79 30, s|*>ke British brig Chieftain, from Kingston for Loudon. Brig Oriole, North tm, from Malaga, and 35 days from (libraltav, with Irutt, ktc. to L ijus k Bouluguet. Sailed in co. ship Emily Wilder, and barque Ni;c, for Boston. 22d intt. off tieorges Bauks, spoke ship riatina, of and for Bath, 45 days fm Cadix. Brig Edward, Bulkley, 7 days from Charleston, with cotton mil tier, tn Dunham 4t l):mo??1 iwsaeiigers. Brig Homer. Watts, 6 days from Savanuah, with cotton ami nee, to J. t Igden. Venemlian ichr VeotM.Todd, from Porto Cabello and l.a Uuayra, 211 days, with coffee, to B K. Dawson. 8chr October, for N York, was to tail in nlmut 10 days. Nodate, Ut 21 J|, Ion 61 20, poke British brig sterling, 35 days Irom St. John, NB. fur Jamaica. 17th inst. 1st 32 28. Ton 71 16, boarded the wreck of brig Forest, of Portland, loaded with lumber, her masts none close by the deck?completely stripped, excepting larboard bower anchor and chain*. Below, One >hi|>, two brigt. Herald Marine Corrcaftoadcncc. La Ouaraa, 8?pt 30, 1842. Veaaela in port?Pons, oi Philadelphia, Idit for NOrleam, lo ail in a few day*; October, ol NYork, from 9t Msrtins?was put in quarantine tor want of a bill of health?three day* alter, went to Cnraeoa for ou?, and reiunird thia day?doubt* if ahe will h? admitted. Passenger from Car c >?, Mr llall. I 9 t barge d Alfairea at C. Anita. Baker, from Boaton, hourly e*|iected Orrica or the Khod*. lamnn, j n a . Newport. Oct. 22, 1842. ( brig Aluiawaii ha? not yet sailed for Wilmington, aa inroireei y reported in our last slip?d,e haa h en purchased it tins poitM- 4 apt Hwaaey. late oi bri* Caspian; atie la now loading lor W ilminglnu. Cld 21 at, Warsaw, Burdick, Hat ana. Uencral Hocord. i\c?r.t iHie Iowa. Pell, for Havre, will .ail thia morning.? Her 1-tfei ha?a are at Gilpin's, in the Exchange. Barnaul: auorajA and 9chr Maaia.?Cain. Biaco*. of the Lug,in i, r?e?nll I'oWl Vera Crux, wishes to correct a reimrt !.il baa Da en going ilia rounda of the New York |?pars. it lb, 'iefi| ,e lo.fci ma, Bi-c e, maaler. which s|Hikr the ichr Mi ia, C p.. Wilnnr. in Monday, 10<h October, in 1st 32 48, Ion 77 If Capl. Wilbur allied that lie reoueated ine to take on board part if I a cr< v? of the \ irgima. He requested me lo lake on I, a II III" eretr of lh" Virginia; but he doea not atale in In, re ji'ii.thu I lolormod him of my being in diaireaa at ti e turie, ii ii ii g - iM oi.nlrred a ? ery severe hnrricane on the night of the h Sept., during which I lost my boats, part of my watei and provisions,and suffered much other damage, and had on board lorn-three person* Had 1 spared |Mit of tny small sti ck. I i should hare been compelled to pnt into Charleston. Had 1 v* i si it- I to take on board the erew, I could not hare done so for flu- Wiiil <?f Mill, M there was a f FOef bfl / oi l liigh sea on it iin tine* I idfited the schooner lo g?> into Georgetown, which wu not more titan halt ? day's sail dis' tnt, and th*rty .. ill iti>o| v% iter sufficient to hav? lasted thein; did not understauk them to lay thai they were short of any thin* else. The gale that ("apt. Wilbur ' oeountered on the 6fh, although we iiiiut have heen near each other, I did not find very severe, a* we caritod clo* :?im tnpaaila km pnM ooiinc tkmnh tin [ w hole gale. We knew tliat Captain Bucoe, of the Kugenia, could cot be guilty of such unsailorlike conduct. Brig Pkarl, Harding, at Philadelphia from Boston, put into rhaihain 16th mat. for repairs, having l>een run into same morn I iug by a schr. sup|?osed an eastern Vtaacl, atd had jibboom, headstays ami cutwater carried away. Damage to sclir not asj certaiued. Barhuk Plat#.?At the latest accounts front this vessel, I about kiHi bbls oil had beeu saved. She lays in the same pesition as last reported, and hspc* are entertained of saving the rtnatadti of th >. fi Launch.?A fine, copper fastened brig of 16(1 tons, called the Bi t. waa IinaeiH d it Toi hin Mi n | h inst. she iiowiiih ! ( Bailey, of Beth, and it intended foi a West India under, ooaMMMecTby I ipe Banuel T* Dotnall* Forel|cn Porte. St John. NB. Oct 17?Arr Napoleon, CalefT, from Windsor i .i Phi]idelghi i. %< kbki'i v/ci ih?? ia i ountess 01 Uurhaiv, Hogg, Londou; Acadia, Thompson, Sheeruess; Creole, CUrk, Londonderry; industry. Trig&rthen, Penzance; Kilty,Webster, LiTcvpool; Ko. \\ Willi un. Francis, do ; Emmanuel, IVason, Bristol; Swift, Hall, Sunderland. Uahia, Sept 1?Sid Alfred Tyler, Knox, Loudon. Home Ports, East-poet, Oct 13?Arr Susan, IVites, NVork; 17th, Edw P-eble, Pettrngill, Alriamlria; I8th, Texan, L?ightou, New York. LcBKr, Oct 13?Sid Baltimore, Bickinore,Georgetown; 16th, Globe, Irons, Philadelphia; 17th, Mary Augusta, Faruham, Georgetown; Two Brothers, Bennett, Havre de (trace; Mendiau. Race, and Lodi, Spronl. NYork. Wise asset, Oct IV?Shi Alliance, Tucker, Charleston. Bakook, Oct 19?Cld Ocelia, Pierce. West Indies. Bath, Oct 16? Arr La Franc aise, (! i > Dargaymanly, Martinique; 19th, Clinton, Manson, nt IJbes. Cld 13th, Abby Amelia, (new) ( olbtirn, Atukapas. Sid 19th, Caspiau; Kenuehec, Smith, Mobile; Na|M>|eon; Ceylon, Galveston. PoRTt.4*n, Oct 20?Cld Oxford, Cutter, Savanuah. Arr Rowlaud, Blanchard, Freeport. Gloi c lstkh, Oct 17?Sid Casilda, Baltimore: 19th, Retrieve. Philadelphia. In port 19th, among others, a full rigged brig belonging to Portland, deeply laden, and loo sail of fishing m bit., Oct 21?Cld Mariou, Costa, Maranharn. Sid 20th, Hah " Fi utt, 8t THoma Bobtoiv, Oct 22?A?r Condor, Mayo, Newcastle, E; Emily Wildar? Brown, Malaga Ban Dtgalow .Baiter, NVork* Tn It-graphed, Sultan, from ( roiutadt. Signal for 2 brigs. ( Id Ri , Prtx ; < ilcutta; Mohawk, i baas. Para; Naw World, Foua. 8l lag <i( Cuba; New England, (" o..kei. Btrhadnes, OIjtajThntrr. Mobik bmniI Sarah, Blwnll, Wilmington. N( ; Pearl, (of this portK late of Barnstable) Homme r, Mobile; Cohasset, Sears; Caroline, Studley, aud Mail, Loring, New York. New Bedford, Oct 21?Arr Nirnrod, (new) Dartmouth; Outvie, Nickersou, NYork; Sachem. Kirby. do. Eimiartown. Oct 19?Arr Ilenrv. NYork for Falmouth, and I reinaiiii 20th, withJschrs hound E. l,KovtDK^nlOetSI?Arr John. Burroughs. Albany. Bid Brown, Rred, Mohilr; Elba, Purkis, Havana; George Wheaton, Adams, Philadelphia. Ai iasTi Oct IM Id Amy vv Laadi. end Arab?lla, Philadelphia; Emily, Providfticfj Mary Elizabeth, Hirtfoid. Btekalo, Oct 20?Arr Missouri, Wilkius, Chicago; Illinois, A.IIr*it, do; Constellation, Hazard, Detroit; Sanduskv, Floyd, d". Pern. Wilkeeon, Ptrryetrargh: FiUm. Hart, Toledo; BOr perinr, Monsoo, Chicago; Milwavkiv. Whittemorc, St Joseph; A Winslow, Nirkerson, Cleveland: rtockv Mountains, Hlillinan, do; Sandusky, Curtis, do; Baldwin, Sweet, do; Consli utioii, Waite, do; Benton, Perkins, do; J A Barker. Shelhy, Chicago: Oh o, Robertson. Chicago and Milwaukie; Pearson, I Cavely, Detroit; Whittlesev, Hancock, Ashtabula; Hudson, Seymour, Chicago. Cld Waterloo, Chippewa; Bunker Hill, Clue go; Constellation, Detroit; Rosa, St Joseph; E Ward, Cleveland; Michigvn, do; W Trader, Sandusky; Wabash, uo; Express, Dunkirk. Cleveland, Oct 19? Arr Watson, Jones, Oswego; Crook, Welch, do; Na|ioleon, McCulleu, do; Minerva, Spencer, do; Navigator, Snow, Buffalo; Huron, Davis, do; Tippecanoe, Fellows do; Alp*. Owen, do; Atlas, Tlmyer, do; Citizen, Davis, do; Amtzon. Klasgye. d<? Effort, Pope, Barcelona; Vermont, Ru3t, Deiroit; Corv S ok, Pt Stanley. Cld Webster, Turner, Buffalo; Hi' ' Thayer do; ( Leopelvi? Cornwall l< Robinson Eadic, flumber. Norkoi.k ()? i ?Arr Apphia, Bucktnan. Boston; Adna, Bhei A in meroi do; Eliubsth k Rebecon, < 1 imi la, I Ni Elope A BqmBi wine* ! " Vrn . i , , Stevens, I'letou. m n 20?Arr New Voik, (*) Wright, New I?UK DR. FEU( HTWAItGKK'S Price Current of Copa1 l u*ules, Acids, Dye woods, Lunar Caustic.D aguerreotype Chemicals, Germau Silver, Ac. Ac. Ac. See fourth pege. ol7 ec A REWARD*?Lost on Saturday Morning, Oct. p ' 23d, on Warren street, between 9 or haW oast 9 A. M. a sin ill gold lepine watch with gold dial, chased wreath around the dial, with gold fob hed with >eal and olue stone. The finder will red, ami the thinks of the owner by leav st. o2l ^ 11 r? I ANCE CONCERT?HAND ANDU RANGE SOCIETY?Wednesday Kreni ng ., at half past 7 o'cl ck, comer of Dey and Wsslun, ^retls. iaiai j.?uveriure, nano, Jin. .vicunnal uue, L.auie? H. & H. , Soim. Mr. Brouwer ; Song, Mr. Missing ; Son*, Mr. Murray ; Glee, Jersey City Glee Club; Song, Labari ; Song. Collins ; Song, May and 33 How Co ; Song, Jones. PART II ?Overture, Piano, Mrs. McDoual : Song, EI dridge ; Ode, Ladies Hiiid-and-Hand ; Song, Mr. Murphy ; Song, Covert ; Song, Mr. Scott ; Song, Missing ; Song, Collins ; Glee. Jersey City Glee Club ; Song, Harrison. o2l lt*rc GREAT FAIR AT NIBLO'S?POSITIVELY TO RE CLOSED ON WEDNE?DAY THIS WEEK rT,HE inability to complete the reports of the Judges, etpeciI ally ia the Agricultural Department, and other causes, induced lit* Managers to extend ine Kair three days. Monday: Mr. Jones will entertain the lovers of music with his Cambrian II irps at 12 and 4 o'clock, and in the evening at 8)4 o'clock. A number of popular airs will be played, intended tu be with vocal accompaniments. Arraugeineuts are also made for a short address of about l.'i -.ninulcs. ti-esdav: The proceeds of this day wil be devoted to the Library of the American Institute. It is lull of practical hook', and open to our citizens everyday, free of expense. Mr. Niblo has generously olfered his garJen for this day, gratuitously. The public are invited to visit the Fair and patronize this Library. The Press are particularly desired to notice the benefit. In tbe evening Mr. Edge, the great Pyrotechnist, and Member of the Institute, will fcaoe a sublime display ol Fireworks. WEDNESDAY, THE LAST DAY OF THE FAIR ! All who have not been to the Fair should go tins day. At 7 o'clock there will be an address, and premiums awarded, in Niblo's great Saloon. The Naval Band of Music, from ilie North Carolina, will attend. Exhibition are earnestly requested to be present early on Thursday morning, and see that their articles are not injured o24 It GRAND SERENADE.?The two " sober genrlemen," who favored the vicinity of Sullivan and Broome streets with a serenade* yesterdav (Sunday) morning, before daylight, as well as the " respectable gentleman" who played echo in the window, are requested to repeat their perlorinauce, when suitable preparations will 1m- made to receive them Bring known by name, they will at least lie gazetted, as a tribute due to scoundrels, so lost to the decencies of life. The watchman who |iermitted the desecration of a Sabbath morning, deserved something more than gazetting. o24 Iff MUSIC. WELLINGTON A. CARTER, Wine and Commission Merchant, No. 5 New street, one door from Wall street, has on hand, and is daily receiving, choice articles, and offers tliein at moderate prices, for catn or city acceptances. He offers for sale KM hhds and smaller |<ackages of Lomeline Madeira Wine 111 casks Malmsey Vintage, of 1812, 2.'< casks Port, pure juice, the best in the market, 47 casks Brown, Gold and other sujierior Sherries, 21 casks Heunsey, Seiguelte and Otard Brandy from London D icks, in pipes Holland Gin, part Swan brand. r K.fined Loaf, Lump, and ('rushed Sugars, from the best Refineries, for which W. A. Carter is agent. 110 baskets Champagne, Anchor, and other choice brands. W. A. Carter is also general agent for the ancient house of Lomeline. of Madeira, aud takes orders for their celebrated Wines, of everv sge or quality required. MARBLE TILES, STEEL, PEPPER, CLOVES, Ac. 3000 Italian Marble Tiles, win e aud blue. 20 bag* Uuinatri P?pi?er. 15 bags real Bourbon Cloves. 50 kegs imported White Lesd iu Oil. 2.1 botes Milau Steel in small barn. Also an assortment of Topas, Aqua Marine, and other precious Slimes for jewellers. o2l Itnr oEOAR DIVAN?305!^ Broadwsy ? JamesHTDel Vecchio Ik. Co., respectfully inform their numerous friends and the public, lhat they have just opened the Segar Divan, 303)4 Broadway, adjoining Piiileaus's Saloon, where will be found a large assortment of the best segvrs in the city. All segars sold at this establishment are warranted im|g)rted JAMES R. DEL VECCIO. o24 OmJtawr ROBERT A. JOHNSON. O ALT.?2500 sacks Ashton's Silt now landing from ship TU7. O veins, for sale by *21 r E. K. COLLINS, 56 South St. LEECHES, LEECHES.?Constantly on hand Urge quantity of healthy Sweeilish Leeches, of the best descrijition, for sale at very rr ode rate terms, either wholesale or retail, to those Iiersons who may favor him with their patronage. o24 3t*r J. ALLAYOLA, 100 Bowery and 478 Broadway. rpU PRIVATE UENTLK.VIKN, SI'URIHJltn, 8tc.? A Wanted. by a Heady active young man, 2fl years of age, light weight, civil ami obliging habits, who haa lately arrived from England, a situation as groom?ran rule or drive well, ind be well recommended by a Philadelphia gentleman, who employed him in England. A note, |?>ai paid, addressed "John," Philadelphia Post Office, to be called for. will meet with immediate attention. No objection to travel to any part of the United States, and if iu a private family to make himself generally useful. o2:t 3t*J! EMRST WARD. ATTENTION'-The North River Check " "hirf Party will meet at the Viraodah, No. 18 Weat street, on Monday Evening nest, at 7 o'clock, on business of importance to the Working Class. Punctual attendance of every Slave it ri|iectrd. By order of the "22 2t s&un*h NORTH RIVER RABBLE. dTATE 8< 'RlP wanted at a Urge advance on Tonner rates, h-r Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan,. and Illinois. N. 81STARK. 13 Wallstrevt. Alabama and Florida fuuda bought at the best rates. o2< 3t*ec INFORMATION WANTUD.?Any pt-mou who ir Aconim* tfd witli th?* residence of .Mr Thomai Vance or Mri.Rlii* Vance, *?ill oblige th? rnhscribcr bv forwarding a few liu**a to liim at the Merchant1! Hotel, Charleston, 8. C. ol9 1 w#r Hfi.NKY CANNING. WINTER BOARD.?The proprirlnra of tt.e Waverley House are now prepared to take hoarders for the winter, at very reduced price from their lorinereha gel. The houss is well adaptedfor the accomm .nation of fam dies, being verj .pile! ami situated in i pleasant part01 Broidway. Their table will al was * be supplied with the Ileal pr >v islons the markets afford; and their wines are of the moat choice detrriptien. To families or single gentlemen, ilia' wish to obtain genteel board, an opportunity is now offered where they can I cate themselves at very moderate prices, where all the convenience! and lusuries that ar? afforded in a nrat rate hotel maybe found. ott 3tis*r ORM8BEE It CARTER. 'po THE PUBLIC,?The Subscriber t-kas this meihod of ^ infoiming llie public that lie give tlie plate engraved with one pack of cards p'inled for onlytl 'at. and no humbug? keeping the plate ami charging SI per pack for printing Irnm plate, hut for every snb?e:|uent pack M cents. Cauls warranted the beat. Eaainine for yourselves at J A RV18' Cheap Engraving ami Printing Establishment, 1)13St'f No. 2?t Broadway. rpW(> NIOHTS MORE?In cuuseip-nce of the satisfaction 1 i (pressed hy iiuineroiit ami faalnon able audiences, the MESSRS. RAINER k MR. DEMPSTER have the honor to announce that they will gtva two Concerts more, vif? On MONDAY EVENING, 21th. and WEDNESDAY EVKNINO, ?th. prior to their departure furtlie south. The Messrs. Raiut-ra will ap|urar in llie costume of their native land. Tickets 30 cents, to bv had at the Music Stores and at the Concert to commence at quarter before 8 o'clock. Particulars in small hills. o23 4tr A CARD.?lliav often been informed by friends that some iwranns, is well in my line of business as out of it, jealous if the .arena I meet witn, have directly ami indirectly asserted hat I w is manufacturing my well known La Norma brand, as well as oth> r Havana and Principe Segara in this countiy, and making other similar hints, I herewith declare such assertion! nean falsehoods, and such individuals worse than highway rohbera. M. RADER, 46 Chatham street. New York, Sept. 26. 1842. aM lm*r QIX PER CENT TREASURY NOTES wanted itnmedi3 ale 17 by WM k JNO. O'BHIEN, 13 Wall street back office. Southern Life and Trust wanted. o23 3tec ?????????????? r r m heoclah steam packet beCHARLESTON, (S C.) AND kJ* savannah, (tJeo. >?The supe nor steam OENERAL CLIM H.J P Brook, ^^^^^^^^^"inaaler, will run reaularly as above the whole winter and (prill*, by leaving riunriuinrn ry WrJinxiUy, aud Savannah rrrry Kriday, taking the outside paasaae in Hue weather, and the inland |kui**o in bad weather. b or freight or p aasaxe a|<| ly on board, or to JOHN B. LAb'ITTE, Agent, KitMiinmulia' Wharf. Charleston, S. I l I t Itl, 1KI?. oH 6w?r b'OH ALII AS V , TROY, aud Inlrrinedifl-?^ r-or?l* Places?Thr snh nihil low pressure itraniSLm& SWALLOW, Capuiu A. McLean, will leave tlie tool of Cortlauill at, on Monday Aflenioou, Oct 21th, at S o'clock. The Swallow will leave as above on Thursday, at i u'cloca. [C^ The above is a substantial Boat, fitted tip with elrxaut State Komiis, and for accoininoilaiioB is unrivalled 011 the Hudson. o'lr _Wll "I NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Kare ^L?-^**u-.? JuOiily I2N eriita.?Thr splendid and coniinndl Steamer PASSAIC, Capt. John Oaffy, beinx completely ami rh itantly refitted, commenced her rrxuar Wipe lor the seaaou on Thursday, March 111?leaving aa follows -? L'm?rn..l...> V? V...L ' ?-i--O a as ?Is o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at 8 o'clock, A.M. aud half put 1 o'clock P. M. On Humlaya, the Passaic will leave New York at 10)* A. M. and 1 P. M. Leave Newark at 8 A. M. aud at 2o'clock, P. M, BT/" Kreight ofevery description carried at reduced price*, o! 2m* r OA KALL~AND WINTERTARRANCJK ei* MENT.?The steamboat Kocklaud, will. ijC5E?.on and after M uday, the 3<ft of October, run u follow*: leafing Middletowu Point (tide and weather iter mitring) 'J o'clock, aud Key|,ort at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wednesday aud Kriday. Ketuiuiiig. leave the foot of Hobin ton atreet, New York, every Tuesday. Thuriday and Saturday at 12 o'clock, noon, touching at Seguin't Dock each way. Stagei will be in rradiueu to cnuvey passengers to any part of the country. All baggage at the risk of the ownen. _ o23 2in*ec XgvJC- |FOH I.ON DON ? Regular packet o( the lit of amvy Novemh. r-The splendid |?cket ship PHILADKLjpkgMHPIHA. Captain Hovey, master, will positively tail a* above, her regular day. Having tu|>erb accommodati on for cabin, teconil cabin and steerage passenger!, those wishing to secure berths should make eiriy application to JOSEPH McML'RKAY, HKI Piue street, coruer of South. P. 8 ? Persons wishing to teud for their friends residiug ill the old country, can hattlhcm brought out by the abovesu|Mrior slop, or any of the regular |<arkeit by applying at above (if post pud.) o2t r KOH LONDON.?Packet of the*lat ol November ?The splendid, well known packet ship I'll IL AJjMMbsilJELI'HI A,t apt. Hovey, will |>ositively tail as above, her regnlaJ day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin aud steerage pattrugers, are unsurpassed by any ship alloat ; therefore, early nppnrauou i ret|uircu 10 DC liiaue Oil Doaru tlie slllp, loot PI rine street, or of OH H JOHN HKRD.MAN.6I Seulhtt. Agg- M AllSElLLKS LINK OK PACKKTS?To tail *#f3Pyni' tilt l.t November?Th? packet ihit> M1NKKVA, in.ulrr, ? ill sail an above her regular ilay.? For freight or passage, ha*uiir go*d accommodations, apply to BOYD & HINCKEN, Agents, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, or to o22r 8. BROOM fr CO., 103 Front it. 44^ BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL wFywV. Packet*.?Regular packet 1st Nov.?The favorite well M&*K.kiiown locket thin OXFORD, Hurt lie u 1CHMI tons, Captain John Rathbone. w ill iiositively tail Tuesday, the 1st of November, her regular day. The accommodations ol the Old or Black Ball line of peckets for cabiu, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, are well known to N tMMHSTP??<1 Cv ?BJ Othll 11nt m slop loulmg iKt UOTI l*>rt. Those wishing passage in this favorite packet should make early application ou board, foolol Bn km .ii st, or to ROCHE BROTHERS & CO., 35 Fulton st. uexl door to the Fulton Bauk. P S ?The Osfafd will s til from LiVSINOl Ifth 1>* C. ThOM sending for their friends, ran have them brought out ill her, or in any ot the lockets of this liue, sailing on the 7th and 19th of . mouth. Foi terms ?ppl\ ?l?n\r. o22r i^hk New link ok livukpool packets? fci T3fV The splendid, fast sailing, and favorite pack<B ship ?fii?flj|?OARKf<'K, Capt. Skuldy, will sail punctually on Tuesday, the 25th October, her regular day. Tht ships of this line US * 11 Mum tOM butkn and Upwards, add their accommodations for cahiu, second cabiu and steerage l?asseiigefff, it is welj known are superior to auy oilier line of packets. Fusom wishing lo Mcurs bsitla should sot wl to make early application on board, foot of Wa'l st., or to W. U J. T. TAP8COTT, ? Peck .lip, or 52 South st. cor. Jones lane. Persons wishing to tend for their friends to come out by this su|>erior packet, or any of the regular line, can do so ou favorable terms. Those desirous of remitting money can be siipidied wivl. .Irn<r* .I.m.n.l w r1111111 t.f in mII the principal towns of KugUud, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, by aprl\ing a* above. oil OLD^BLACiT BALL LINK OFPACKKT8 LIVKKlOOL-Packetof the Ut Nov. inberjfihfeMsMTlie well knowu favorite packet ship OXFORD, Captain John Kirhboiic, will In* despatched as above, her regular day. This splendid ship has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, scond cabin aud steerage passengers. Those wishing to secure berth# will icouire ?o make early application on board the ship, at the foot of Bee ? man at. or to JOHN HKKUMAN, 61 South at. Alao, the packet of the 25th October can yet tahe a few more cabin, 2d cabin and steerage |fct*sengers N. n.?Person# sendiiiK for their frieuds residing iu Great Britain or Ireland, cau have thein brought out as usual, b/.any of the ?hi|Mi composing this hue, aud drafts for any amount can be fur nit bed, payable ih all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom, <*n application as above. o23r KOIt LI V K.KI'OOL?NKW LINE?.Regular WRjM^riirkrt of 251 li October. Tlir Splendid Packrt OA KHIGK. Capt. W. B. Skiddy. of 1000 ion., will positively sail a. above, her regular dav. For freight or fHWr, having accommodations for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS Ik GO. 56 South street. Price of passage, JI00. The Packet Ship Roseius, Captain Jno Collins ol" 1100 tons, will succeed the Uarrick, aud sail the 25th Novemlwr, her regular day. Passengers may rely on the shi|>s ol litis line sailing punctually ss advertised. oM r FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?Regular fcfjMrW packet of the 25tli October?The splendid packet JjMBftjL ship "OAKR1CK," Captain William Skiddy. of IIHIO tons, will positively sail asalaise, her regular day. For passage ill, 2d cabin anil steerage, having superb accommodations, apply to JOSEPH McMURRAV, 100 Pine stieet 1)18 r coiner of South. PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Line?The "ship wflMFV ONEIOA, James Kuuck, Master, will sail on the 1st i2flaEs of November. BOVD & HINCKEN, o!2r No. 9 Tomiiie Buildings. AA-Jt- FOR ^fEW~ORLEAN8 Louisiana and .view 5 I.I k Lin. Regular Packrt of 10th October?The gUpftafasi sailing cnp|>errii and copper fastened |>acket ship KA/.UU, S.apMlIl D J tl 1 run, Will |K>sl[ITrty Mil u above, her regular ilay. For freight or passage, having suj>erinr furnished accommodations, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to E. K COLLINS St CO. 56 Sooth it. Shippers may rely u|mn having their goods correctly measured, aud that the ships of this line will sail punctually as advertised. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be required. Agents in N. Orleans, Hulliu A Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packetship MISSISSIPPI, Capt Chester Hillard, will succeed the Shakspeare, aud sail the lOlli Nov, her regular day. 032 r NEW GOODS. THE undersigned solicts attentiou to a large assortment of Goods for Tall and winter wear, including beaver clotns for surkiuts, cassimeres in a great variety of styles for|>an tal ions. Rich silk, satin, and merino vestiiuts, which will be made up to order at usual moderate charges, for ready money. Heady made siAmuts,cloaks, Ac., constantly on hand. WM T. JENNINGS, Draper and Tailor, s36 lmis'm 329 Broadway, American Hotel. DOCTOR ELLIOTT. OCULIST, AND 0PTHALM1C SURGEON, Confines his Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Office 261 Broadway, corner of Warren street. ?23 Imis* r I70K SALE at the City Hotel, the chandiliers and balance f of furniture .belonging to the City Assembly Room, consisting in part of I chandiliers for 35 lights each, and one for 30 lights, 2 window cornices each about I) feet long, and one about 16 fret long, sis long aud 8 ahort sofas with new worsted damask covers. A large stage and a number of music stands for concerts, Ike. Ike, Also, horses and tables suitable to dine three hundred prisons. o333t* r T BROWN, Stone Seal Eugraver, has removed to 233 Broadway, OnpQgfca the I'ark, Coats of Anns, Crests, Cyphers, Ac. engraved on stone. Ladies seals, pencil cases.signet rings, Ac eugrayed with coats ol arms, names, or any device. Coats ol'arms found and painted Books of Heraldry kept with upwards of 100,000 names. ?23 3t*r PACKET Ship GARHlCK for Liverpool?Passengers by this ship will please he on board the steamboatlHercules at Whitehall, (Tuesday) morning, at 12 o'clock, at which time the ship will sail. Letter bags will close at the usual places St IIX A M. o23 2ttc MUFFS! MUFFS'. MUF KS ' I?The sudden changes in the weather render it iudispeiisibly ni^grssarv that the beauty and fashion of our city should avail themselves of the great inducement offered to guard against the tpproaching inclement season. They are now enabled to enjoy a oromenade dining the coldest weather Mr providing themselves with a fine Muff at the store of BARNETT A SIMMOND8, 443 Broadway. All descriptions of Furs cleaned and repaired at reduced rates. o22 lm*m 'PIIK NATIONAL .MUSEUM,comer Bowery and Divi-L alon street, is offered for sale by the present proprietor, as he wishes to go to the south. Any |>eisou wishing to purchase will find this a safe and profitable investment; aud if not dis|?.?id of before Friday, the 28th day of October, it will then be sold at publi auction at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, on the said premises. u2l 6t*ec T H K O N L Y PL A G E T N New York where thr celebrated Shaker Knit Shirt can be I obtained is at JOHN M. DA VIEH A JONES. 106 William at, corner of Jonu *t. Agents for the Shaker's Merrimae Co, N. H. Also?Close ana o;?n knit Drawers, flannel wrappers and drawers, and thr unrivalled Shaker llannel by the yard or piece ?it is preferable to any style now in use. u22 lm*m Til THE LOVERS OF SUPERIOR BLACK I K.A 1 HowqUa's Mixture?This estrrmely delicious and unimr.alleled Tts, sokigklv celebrated in China and Europe, ust imno-led, is now for sale at the Canton Tea Comiiany't General Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham it. New York?in^Chinese packages. Pnr.s 50 rents and tl ol2Clm*m I ADIES' Silk and Merino Under Vrats for sale hv I ' JOHN M. DAVIK.S k JON'ES, ?12 im*m 106 WillUm corof John ata. private medicine chests THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE ANI> PHARMACY UF THE CITY OE NEW YOKK. HAVK prepared a number of " Private Medicine Cheata," each containing an appropriate quantity of the new French Yiedirinea (or the cure of a peculiar claaa nfdtaeaaea. which ha?e unfortunately in too many itiatancea fallen under the treatment Of ioorut I|iiai lia. Ml to MqllMe 0( the catremedelieacy which |wtiriiU thus afflicted eanibit in applying fur medical advice from leapectable phyatciaua. In trie mode now el plaiued, however,aafc and effectual treatment will be gained by auch patieuta without the iirccaaityol making any diacloaure of tlietr caae. The11 Ml do no ( heat" rontaiua auch a ijuaaiitily of a|ipropriate mediriue aa ia guaranteed to effect t perfect cnre, and ample directiona ill a plain and familiar alyle aecaimpany each cheat. The remedieaare applicable to all forma of the diaeaae. The Cheata, containing reinediea for ayphilitie diaeaeea | are aohl for &i each?the cheata with remediea for gOWDIrhoea and gleet $] each, may now be hail of the Principal Agent ol the College. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. PriuciiMil Office of the College t7 Naaaaa atreet. N. B.?Caaca forwarded to all parta of the Uuion, the Canadaa and W* at Indiea. Peraona nun hating the Cheata can,by addretaing the College, gratuitoiialy obtain whatever additional advice they mav tleaire during the progreaa of their caae. tlfiieo" N 0 T T * 8 8 T <1 V E 8 RKPAIHI" 1) y RICHARD AYLIKKE, earabliahed nine yean at S6 I itham atreet, New York. R A. Iiaa Nott'a and other Stove . which he can aell at a very reduced price. Stovea and pipe put up at the ahorleat notice. N. B.?1'n i conatantly on hand. ajf 1m*r kVU RIBBONS AND SILKS-J T. RKV NOI.H > . wO" Dmiion at. haa juat received the moat elegaiu naaatt mentof faahinnable Bonnet Ribbona, Silka, Sattna.Velvet, he Ac. to be found in the city. Dealera, city and country unfit nera, will do wellt* call before putohaiitig eltewherr 06 lmia*c AICTIOX SATES Bt IHOMASBELL (Motet Sot 22 .inn ami IIA Pulton tlrttH MONDAY. At lojk o'clock, at tin- auction a, Kitra Hale of Drv (foods, clothiua. London cloths, ctinmeres, vrstings, hosiery, gloves, faucy and pledged .adiclrs. hooks, ttutu, cutlery anil various other goods Thecloth, caiaimerea, Stc, w hi be sold 111 Iota i" suit pneiiiMti. AI?o, a variriy of furniture, clue*, glus and fluted ware and lamps. Also, 8 raluable second hand itold and filler walchea, by order of an assignee of a bankrupt. Alao, guus, caaea of duelling pistols. table cutllery, a splendid dresaiiiK case made iu Loudon, and v-rious other goods, u detnljohua Madeira nine, 6 baskets auo. chmipagne, btc. TUESDAY, At 10W o'clock in the sales room. Watchmaker and Jeweler's Stock?Will be ?old without reader, by order of an assignee, an extrusive slock of the above description, together Willi a flue variety of valuable laney goods Particulars in tune. WEDNESDAY, At 10S o'clock, in the salt s room. Eltrusive Hale ol elegant Kuiuiture of all descriptions. THURSDAY. At 10hi o'clock, in the sales room. Sale of splendid 1'iatio Fortes, choice I'aiuiiugs, Curtains, Upholstery Stock, 8tc. FRIDAY. At 10ht o'clock, in the sales room. I,aiii|is, Uirondoles, Chandeliers, Astral*, bronzed and plated articles, Clocks, An?will bs sold by catalogue, and without reserve, a large aud valuable assortment of the above description of articles, which have Ix-eu sometime here, subject to instructions. Orders have been received from England to close sales pnai livnv oil I lie ilay now uamcil. o^l r BY RIELL k ARCULARlUtt, TUESDAY^ At 10o'clock, in the sale room. Liquors, Scgars, kc?Consisting of St Jullirn ami meiloc clarel, sauternr, barsac, hock wine, Dull' Gordon, pale sherry, aouth aide, Madeira, Harris k Sona' Madeira and port wine, brandy, gin, sherry, Madeira, inirt wine in J gallon demijohns, team caninatera,'Havana. and Principle aeitara. Alao, llolliuitei and alienor champaigue. WEDNESDAY, At 10)^ o'clock, at ihe auction room. Elegant Furniture, Piauoa. kc. FRIDAY, October 2H. I0H o'clock, in 12th atreet (north aide) between bth and 7l!i Avenues, Hoiiaehold Furniture, consisting of Carolina, Ma hoe any and Black Walnut Chairs, Sofa, Twenty-one day ( lock, Beds. Be,I.I,,ie. K reuch Bedsteads, one su|*-rior Piano Forte, inade by Stoddard, Worcester and Diinhnin. neaily new: also an sortnient of Kitchen Furniture, with wlueh the sale will commence. SATURDAY. At IdJi o'clock, iu the sales room. Elegant Furniture, Piauoa. kc. MONDAY, At '? before 7 o'clock, iu the cveniuic. A valuable collection of |uaiiitiiiica with a |iorffi>lio of engravings, belonging to the estate of the late Win Duulai,. Philadelphia A action. AUCTION SALE. BY LYONS k HART, Norlh east corner Chestnut and Fourth streets, up stairs. E L lUIBLE IN VE ST ME N T For Managers of Theatres, Fancy Ball Cnstutnrrs, Amateur Theatrical Clubs, and the Profession generally. On TUESDAY MORNING, Oct. 2-i. at 10 o'clock, By catalogue, without reserve, the whole of the splendid and well selected stage wardrobe, late the property of Mr Wemysa forinauy years manager of the Walnut street theatie IIWIS city, consisting of upwards of 600 lots. These dresses luve been made up and inveuted bv the best wardrobe keeiwis in the United States, (and of the most durable materials) viz. A. J. Allen, so long and favorably known as the rmtumrr of .Mr. E. Forrest, Mr Taylor, Mrs Vache, Mrs Lewis, Mr Keyser, Mr Warren, Mrs Harvey and others; the limits of an advertise incut will not admit of full description, it therefore can only be slatvd that in this choice collection will lie found full setts oljlrcsscs for Richelieu, Rumniir.o.Zanlhe, Tlielha, the Vision oi the nuii, ttie Jewess, &e. Alto a few old relics, such as the complete dress with the sword worn by the late Mr Warren as Sir John Falstaff, an arin hole cloak of silk velvet plush, worn by George Frederick Cooke, lie. Catalogues will be ready* for delivery one week prior to sale. Any (ttTson wishing to purchase any of the dresses at private sale, can do so any time previous to the 17th iust. nl8 6t*r AUCTION NOTICE.?This diy] u3 to be continued iff* ry day this week, at I OX o'clock, Carpeting, Cabinet Furuitare, Earthen Ware,#Wines, Ice. Catter & Co. will this day commence the sale of 1500 yds ingrain and three-idy ami Venetian Carpeting, tufted Hug.*, lloor Oil Cloths of all widths, new and nmm bind Solas, mahosanvtchairs,Bureaus, mil hie top Ceutre Tables and Office Desks, bine Tea and Euuier Sets, Ewers ami Basins, elegant China Tea and Coflfet Sets, 8egars, and Wines and Liquor* of all kinds ; and continue it throughout the week daily, until the whots M told Off, The sale w ill be posit i ve and with mi reserve. to comineuce at 10X o'clock. o2l 2t J|%S| DAHLIAS, Hoses, Azaiias.t'ycleineti, and other greeuhouse and garden Plains, will lie sold at Auction, i'uesi 4i day. Oct. 25th, 3 o'clock P. M., by J. liegeman. at W. Ilussell's ( arden, in Hchc inerhorn, near Smith street, Brook1 v it, thrss-foarth?iof a nils iron tho Femes. The Hoses are the finest plants ever offered for sale, and all the Dahlias, including Grace Darling, Maid of fiatn, Scarlet La Grand, Striata, Charles XII., &e., are all now in tdoom, the roots of which can be taken up the day after the sile, or left until the 7th of Nov. N. B.-? If the weather should not be fine, the sale will take place the next fair day. o24 lt*r ~~ "BEACON COUHCE. T"HOTTING?GREAT SPORT.-Tuesday, October 25th, 1 At 2 o'clock, Purse (100, mile brats, best 3 in 5, under die saddle. II Jour s, enters cli. e. Soldier's Bob. W. Reed eulers gr. g. Snaffle. Wi- Wlieelan enters ch. m. Brooklyn Maid, H. Woodruff enters br. g Hector. Wednesday, Oclolier 26th, al Vi |>ast 2 o'clock, the great match for (2 000, bei ween the celebrated Horses AMK.RICU8 and KIPTON ! three mile heats t" Sulkrys. o2< 2t*r ?EL LIN f JO kV at"W ALKE K'S.-MO i>r ladies French gaiters, French and satin slippers and buskins, 100 |ir fine calf stitched loots, (3 to (3 VI |>er |?ir, 300 pr calf and fine pegged boots, from (2 to 2 2:> and (2 50 per pair, 200 pr of boy's coarse and fine boots, front (I to (2 and (2 50 p?r pair, 530 pair children's do from 3s lo 5s |ier pair, 500 pr ladies and misses boots, shoes and buskins, from 4s to lis sod (I per pr, BflO pr of gents water proof boots, moccasins, India rubbers in abundance, men's coarse and tine boots of all torts and, from $1 75 to (2, all warranted. All the above gooda 50 per ct. the cheapest in the city. Call auil see for yourselves, Canal at, corner nl Broadway, at _o2l Im'ec J. 8. WALKERS. AUCTION PiSTICK.?New and fine ( Amelia* at \uctimi. A. Levy will sell on Tuesday morning, 25th inst., at 10H o'clock, at 151 Broadway, a fine collection of Cornelias, tome of the newest and beat varieties, among which are a few Queen Victoria, the drawing of which is now exhibited at the fair at Mr. Niblo'a; aome arc in bloom, and all are in bud, and will be warranted as described ; also, other plants of choice sorts. o20 iff BILLIARDS.?Otis Kield res|?ctlully invites the loveis Ibis amusement, to call al Bassford's Rooms, over the.Cli max Kating House, 149 Fulton, and 1^ Ann street, where a choice may be had of right lablea?either Slate, Marble, Iron, or Mahogany, with India Rubber, Cloth or Com|>oiition Cutli ions, in combination with all the late Kuropeau improvement! Visitors will find the bar, either Washingtoiiian, or otherwise aa mav suit their fancy. s29 linia*ec PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS IUAKRANTKD to keep any length of time in any climate, viz- lobsters, halibut, shad, aalmoii, oystrra, and clams, beef, mutton, veal, duck, chicken, turkey, besf soup, tnuttou broth, chicken soup, ex tail soup, mock and green turtle soup, vegetable soup, green peas, mushrooms, cartels, turuips, parsnips, tomatoes, milk, Sic. Sic., manufactured and sold wholesale by WILLIAM MULLANK, o7 Im'm 82s Nassau st RESTORE THE HUMAN HAIR. T?ALD HEADS AND ORKY HKAD8 READ T. .8D The human hair can be restored if pr?|ierand scientib y medses are applied. The proprietor of this assures yon o his word, that great uumberacome to his store whose hair this has entirely restored. He requests von to give Jonea' Oil of Coral Circaasia one trial, then judge for yourself. He pledges you his word it is all it it represented. These are iu qualities, it will nuke the hair grow, (on the hrad, face, booy, or any part where nature intended hair to grow,) atay its falling out, care scurf or daudriff, and make gray hair grow dark from the roots in time. Among the numbers who have used it and certify this, is W Hopkins, 92 King street, N. Y., J. (filbert, jr w eller, Houston street, N. Y., and T. Power, grocer, Brooklyn. L. I. We could offer hundreds of otheri if we chose. It is sold very reasonable, and it g ires the hail the most delicious dark silky appearance. Price only J, 5 or I shillings a bottle, thres tea : aold by T. Jones,aign of the American Eagle, 82 Chatham atreot, N. Y.: agents, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn, I State street. Boston 87 IJorU street. Philadelphia s28 Irn*' TO Tift PUBLIC.?In presenting onrself (like all editors 1 we ars too modest to use a ueraoiial pronoun) for |Uiblic fa vor, we do not intend to set forth in a schedulr a long list of Prices to catch the rye of the unwary ; neither shall we tiump onrself up (or rather down) aa the " cheapest tailor in New Yo k for cheap tailors liar cheap priced goods, ate aot the bc-t in the market; liesnlri, we think too highly of our c<pacp ty to attempt to hring it into notice by chrapemng it; but we will say that We are pre|iared to do work aa w ell as at am other establishment, graduating our prices according to qn slitv, from tke highest to the lowest point, in order to arrominodstr the tastes, snrl condition of all classes. In our professional capacity we elaim something of that true discernment which determines the form and style ol garment peculiarly adapt* d rn the agr and character of the individual ; anil in this regard let It he es|iecially understood that we meanro embrace that distinguished race, the dandles. These persons (for we recognise thein as such) in the absence of other qualities to divide oar attention, exhibit the extreme [a-rfection of the tailor's art. 'l'l ere are some tailors who sdveitise *' they dou't keep clothing." Presuming the public would feci very little interest insucha matter, we dou't intend to advertise what we don't krep? we therefore lulorm the jaiblic that we hgve constantly oil hand an assortment of ehoicr and I tshiouable clothing, suitable for the season. And lastly, though not least, we will say that we have effected an engagement Willi Mr.D. D. Denniogs, a Uutler of unequalled capacity, whose attention is exclusively devoted to the order dueihc**. .. (,2i Iw'm ' " HIKES, ft Maiden Unr. OR WHEELER, OCULIST TNKLAMKD, DISEASED AND WEAK EYES ?DR I VVHEELEK, Oruli.t, 33 (Jrernwich atrrel, N. Y. reapedfully informa tin- public, tint in consequence ol ho practice hiving become enlarged toao great ?'i etttrnt, he n compelled of e.tufmo hia office attendance atrictlv between the hours to 8 A. M, ?it<> i r. M., alter wnicn ke ?la its m? mil door t>a tienu. Notwithstanding tnat among tne menv hnadrvrta of caav? which Dr VV. una aileiidrd. ?iiivn?if neon operated on hv other professors wunout ?oci ess, 111(1 nrononiiren nv them in curable, yet i<r. w . lias never laileil to eradicate the iliaeaae ami effect a perfect cure, ileatnte every disadvantage which may hove pieaenled lUelf, and in many instances almost against hope It . triia unprecedented ancceav in his treatment of the Wrioiia (h therto conanlered incnrahle) diaeaar a of the eye that enahlea ...m with confideiiee ro refer the afflicted who may be nnacqii .anted with him, and hia mild mode of treating the disorders of this organ?to uumeroaa rea/ored patients in the firat rlaaa of .ociety, respecting hia |irnfeaaional abilities and akill aa a acientific oculial. Chronic inflammation of ihe eyelid, or aore evea, howevei standing, can be effectually and permanently cured, and filma, ^aicka, removed without surgical operationa. Temta Ui auit the eircuinataucea of the patient ol lmis*r TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS ROBT. L. SMITH Ac HENDERSON, wholruar,K UKAI.KKS IN FANCY SILKS AS1) STAPLE I)KY GOODS, SHAWLS AND LACES OK AM. DESCRIPTIONS, Strmr, foghorn ami PiUm IsaJ Hiitt, NO 17? PEARL STREET 3d door above Pine, New York. ( SSorf.rt L. Smith, I i John C. m.NDKRaoiv, J , i No deviation Iroin the firat price namerh ( Cl OAR HOI SE MOLASSES and Amber Syrup " ^ perinr quality for family use. for aale ', . , barrils, at the Amenean Sugar kefinery. No. 21 Leonard at. bro23tWr TYLEE k MAPES. |i [j* AMUSEMENTS. . llBLU'N t-AUiJlClt7 LAST WEEK Of THkTkasoN IMMENSE A TTR A V TIO N Thr Wiinilrrful Havel Kaually In A NKW PANTOMI ME. received nightly with great a iiliravr, and the gorgeous *|iectacle comic Pantomime ? THE NIliHT OVVL, MONDA V E V'NO. Oct 24,'he performance will commence at half past > o'clock, with A.N OVERTURE After which ELLEN; or, Trial, of True Love. Admiral, Mow Dnuveritnr I Ma.ter of Aaylum, J llarel OAcrii, Q Winter It A Ravel I Keener, Mow Fe nil Ocuuini Gabiiel Karri I Madame, M'mc Jerome CuiUiii, Well. I Ell. n, Mile Dmtreeille Mate, Lrou Jarrlli J Julia, Mia* Well* luilin 11 llhief, Mr Price I To be followed by PER ET POISON. Character, by the Lapland Dwarf*. Succeeded hv AN OVERTURE. To counlndr woh(4lit lime)the magnificent Comic Pantomime MAUZULME OH. THE NIGHT OWL. Mautulm, the Night Owl, Mr Welle l he? titer Hariauo, Jerome Harel Emile; Oehnel Hafel Mnclon, Animae llarel Bahamain, Mm* L>aareran Mariana, a iwor 1'ua.ant, M'rae Jerome Hafel Julie, hkr daughter, Mile Montretrill* Zuliina, a Cireaaeian Slave, Mia* Well* The Garden o|.rw at half paat ?n?Performance* commence lirlf pail *eren. Ticket*? M cent* CHAtUaM tutfadiik I1'1'*H yi'lf Tier 25 crnu. First Tier M ceuta. MONDAY EVENING. OdnUr J<th. will m performed EUGENE AHAM To couclude with tli* drama of ^ ? DAKNLEY 117" Doors will open a!6>??Curtain will ru? at quarter pest 7 o clock precisely. Bo? Office o|*u daily from 9 to 5, whera Ticket* may purchased and idacei secured. PAKK THIS EVENING. October 2illi. will be performed LOVE'S SACRIFICE. Alter winch, HIS LAST LEGS. _ Fmt Tier 75 ceDta; 2d Tim 50 cent*. Pit J7>* cents; Oalleiy MMa Door* open at 6% o'clock and the performance will cum rcminence at 7 precisely JUTCIlKLL'd ol YMPIC THSATHK". 411 Broadway, New York. MONDAZ EVENING, Oct. 2tlh, will be presented the MEET ME BY MOdNLIUHT, After winch AMILIE ! General Count Der Tenner, Mr Kavmood Jose Speckbacher, Mia* Taylor Conclude with, ll6U8E OF LADIES. The Doors will be opened at 7, and the perloimaae commence at half-past 7, every evening. A ill B HI CAN JnFsKUM AND UAKUKH. BROADWAY, oiUHisile St. Paul's Church, under the am nairement of P. 1 . Bnruuin, IMMENSE NOVELTIES-THUNDERS of APPLAUSE Day visitors admitted same evening free. DR. VALENTINE, tkc comic delra ator of Americau |>eculiaritles, whims and oddities, will uive his short lecturer on the Benefit of Lauch iiiu?Miss Tabitta TiptouKue. an inquisitive old meid of 4 b? Billy Jones, the man ruined by the March of Improvement? The Steamboat, with a description of the paiseugrrs?The Napoleon Debaters?The llyiiochoiidriac?Joab Squash, witli the comic song of Snky Ciuder?Burlesque Lecture on PhreneloRY,?The Country School, tkc. CHINESE FIREWORKS. These works of art were etliibited by the late Mr Maelzel. Their ilaz/.liug beauty and brilliancy are unapproachable. SIONOR VIVALI I'S GRAND MECHANICAL FIGURES, every movement of which represents life with a fidelity per feetly lucredihle. To' Mysterious Gipsy Girl?Miss Hood, tliepounlar vocalist ?La Petite Celeste, the admired danseusr?Albino LadyGrand Cosmorama, the views change every Monrlsy? Fancy Gl? Blowine? and 500,000 Cnriositic* Afternoon performances Wednesday and Saturday at three o'clock. Erveiling perform,luces commence at 7J?. The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Garden and enter lainmeuts. tweiitv-hie cents?Children ball price. o24ec ATTRACMomk I uTttrtMnlt aisit.i. r i rn NICW YOHK MU8KU? A?i? PICTU rB" GALLERY, Broiu/u<ay, inijiositt the Park. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager, T) KSrECTKllLLY announces that he has rimtd the celeJ* brand Mr. Nelles, the wonder of the world, boru without anna, nature, in our of lor wayward fieais having deprived hiin of those uaelul ap|>eiid?Kes. Hr can, howevrr, accomplish many Irata that thoar |?>asesaed ol hauda a..d unable to execute , he will write: play upon a variety of inuaical instruments; cut out profiles; fire off a pistol; wind up a watch; hit a ii'iarter of a dollar with an arrow, and perform many oilier wondrrful en pli its. Mr. Delarue will givr imitations ol Heipy Clay, and lutroduce the |>ecujiarities of New York auctioneers?Mr. Co llins, the comic singer?Vlra. Phillips, the uiiicldadmired sougsticas?tlr. Wrigh., the lalaetto vocshat?and Master Young, the extraordinary wire volante daucer?glass blowing by Mr. Owen. Admission to tlie whole, including Museum, CuiioMtirs. Picture Gallery, and Performance, dDNE SHILLING. There will be a day |<erfurmancr on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. The enlertsiumeuU in the earning will begin at half-pail 7. a2? 1m AMERICAN THKATRK?WAX.NCT-BT, , PHIL.AUKL.PM1A. UNDER THE DIRECTION OP MISS C CUSHMAN. 41 h Niglu of E. Forrest. I.MONDAY EVENING, Oct. 24th. will be rnac.ed. MET AM OR A. Metainora, Forrest I Horatio, Whestlev Nairn-like, Miss Cnshman After which. PRETTY rtlRLS OK STILLBURG. Margoh, Mm f Cnahmsii | Christina, Miss S Cushmaii Bobby, Hadawav I Poppinjay, Raddiffe Tuesday?Uichilieu?ithNight of Mr Forrest. E. A. MARSHALL. Leasee. PRESENTS. (TIFFANY, YOUNG, fc ELLIS, IMPORTERS ANl) DEALERS In the various Fancy Manufactures of England, France, Germany, China, he. LJ AVE received by late arrivals, a great vanity ol beautilnl O novelties, which renders their stock more elegant and extensive than ever before. In it will be found a superior assort meut of? Rosewood and Ebony Goods I Chinese Fancy Articles Plate and fancy Stationery | Fancy Porcelain aud Glass I I Mjrmu null niiu urouH UCKKM nrfunurr | Fans of all hinda Brushes aud Camba I I'lplar Mache k Vdral Goods Indian Curiosities | Umbrellas, Parasols It Nhades Walking ('anas, Suspenders, Games, (>|>cia Glasses, fnndi Jewrlry. Ruling Whips, Accoidious, Music Boars, Mantel Onunruu, Oil Paintings, " Bomn's" Gloves, and an innumerable variety of Eugant Art ubt of Tritte and Utility suitable for presents, all of which thev take |ileaaare ill siiow inc. and will aril at auch moderate pricss aa must be satiafsclo rr to all |>aicliasers. No. 459 lirostdwaty, otl Imis'ec Directly opi<iaitc the City Hall. GYMNASIUM, SPARRING SCHOOL te lMSTOL GALLERY. MEHSKH. HUDSON kt OTTIONON respectfully inform thr gentlemen ol New York, that their extrnaire rooms at the corner of Broadway and Chambers alrrrt, lor Hparring, Gymnastics and Pistol practice, are now open for the season. Numerous improvements aud additions have been lately made ha the Gymnasium, which will now be found in every respect naanlelr and equal to any otner in the country for athletic ex awes. Rnarring tauitht on the moat approvrd principles. Gentlemen visiting the Pistol Gallery will be supplied with Pistol s of a sujierior quality. Terms moderate. Grutlemrn are invited tocallat auy time diriug the day. oB ! *! RAFFLE, RAFFLE, RAFFLE. GENTLEMEN'S CLOAKS rPO BE RAFFLED for iMmtivrly on the first of NovrmI her next, two splcnpid blue cloth gentlemeu's Spanish Circular Cloaks, with caiws, handsomely inaile up with a velvet collar aud facings, caiirs, lined with sillu, and complete in every other respect. Tic kets ti VI each. As the raffle will iwsilively take place on the above named eve. Tickets most r>e paid for, whether one or inure, when liie numbers are taken. As a number of Tickela are already sold, gentlemen wishing a chance would do well to apply early?as such a chance selduin offers?the highest and lowest numbers are to have a cloak each. For further particulars, apply at No. I Murray street, corner Broedwey, where the cloaks are to be seen, oft tNovl*r TI VOlTl S A LO OTT THE LARGEST and most splendid Saloon in the city for 1 Musical Honees, Concerts, Assemblies, Military Balk, Private and Pnhlic Diun. r Parties, Political Meetings?without distinction of |?arty. The Proprietor, ever anxioas to gain to himself aud this establishment t reputation ( independent of great profit) has leased from the owner on such terms as will enable him to compete with any otht r establishment, and shall be most lianpy to make arrangements (in accordance with the times) with all who miy favor him with a call ; and assures them that no pains or expense will be spared to give enure satisfaction. WM. P. DEN MAN, Proprietor. P. 8. Tuesday evenings of each week is set apart I or Invitation alia. o$ lm*r SELF PROTECTORS. TO TRAVELLERS AND HOUSEKEEPERS.?Patent Self-Corking Repealing Pistols, which can be discharged six times ill a lew seconds. The pistol cocks, the barrel re volvrs. and discharges merely by pulliue the trigger: the cham her and parrel is ill oue piece, end therefore cannot Mow apart like some n pealing pistols. The eonatrnction is very simple? they can be drawn from the pocket and need wiuioa* hand without thr loss of a moment, six sImiu can be fired as fast as a man ran crook his finger. Thev arc no larger Uian an utdiaa ry pocket pietr L For travellers, housekeepers, esptaina, planters, pnMir oil ears, and others, they are an indispensable article, as pel sows both mile and female, can with this pistol, protect their lives and property, if atlarkrd by many persons, as one of ttiem ? equal to near a doxen of the common kind The public are invited to call and examine the same, aa Met. simplicity, bring warranted not to get oat of order, sua lust.. i>rMeet salety, will certainly recommend them over ail euse.s Wholesale and retail J. G. ROLEN. IM Broawsvse. sift lmia*r between Wall and his suasus A RICH TONED EIGHT SILVER lain. FLUTE. SECOND HAND?* rare and .plendid inatrwment. will Iw ^.old cheap Apply to T MONZANI, o7 Im m ^ >1 i hompaon .tree! LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA KUI3BKR GOODS UTHOLKHALK AND RETAIL, No. I Wall .treat. Tha ** .ubacriher baa received and offer, for .ale a larye aaaortmrnt of implied India Rubber Water Proof Good., ?i?: CoaU and Cape., of .alienor Lama, Caahnrere Lama, Per.ian, Merino and Cotton, of all color, and ?i*e?. Cloth? India Robber, Water Proof, >uper Lama. Lama Per.ian and Cotton, prepared for t ilora. India Hnbber Webbing. for .uapender., rorjeta, Ac^'r /HAS abhaimmhon DAOnCAWEt. RaU CAftffiT^ANT5~tl8T.-Th. ^ chcAprtt in (Wr city? l.v? finli for ?4le, wl icrljr mu?<J and atriprd, Willi faat color.. An)' perwin in " "t of thi. arneli will do well to call and ei.mme before they purchase. aa it wilt be wild Cheap for cn?h. Call at ?! ?pr.u? .treat, corner ofUrecnwich. . ?. . , . ... Also. tub. and pails. broom., and all kinds of forniahin* ware, eery low; sent to all perta of th. city free of chaiwa ol3 lm*ec - , J' JOWKg. HAfAN A 8EGAR8. r( \BIA * MANZANKDO, No. 49 Liberty atreet, near NoMm'tHr for vie the following ; ion.##" La Norm, .-air., very old and aaperiar IHi'nnn Diana do do do |7y,0W rants do do do ine.KNi Keyaliaa ol Norma, Diana, and Kamero brand. yo.OAA Caiionaa, Trabncoa, and Bayonetaa, various do The whole entitled to debenture, and in lota to .nit imrcha .era. o? Inb't 11 >11N \1 I>A\I)S St JONKS mlorm 'loir triend. and I cn.tomera that they nave received their winter fashions for L:*|*?a variety of new atvle. for youth and children. The I'rac iviennu Turban now ?o much worn, i. manufactured by licrn. Al.o, a be w ?t> le of travelling cap, very convenient for tenth men travellintt. <i>' iin*r.i III? WILLIAM 8T. fukTloUESE FEMALE PTLL6. I'Hl-fK far-fame I and celebrated Pilla, from Portugal, ue we parcoive, to be obt^jneo in tlua country fee advert... nam ou ina lam cola ma * ma w

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