Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1842 Page 1
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TH ol. VlU.-lo.iiU9 Whul* Ho. 3146. MARTIN'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 154 William Street, Corner oj Ann Street, T8 decidedly the cheiictt in the city. There i? !???> ? on 1 hand a select stock ol seasonable goods, purthliw for caan, which will be made up to order in the style ol make. nt, trimmiug, kr., that has given auch geueial satisfaction during me laai tour years, and at a positive saving of M gwr ceuL Gentle "ien are requested to call and eaaimne. 1 hose wno furnish lh\u own goods, can have them MADK AMD HUMMED. Dreu Cmu, iu*dr awl triioineu, ?< W? w ** m Kroc* Co*U. do do ? 00 to 9 jO 1'dou uid " J? f " OverCoats. "^MICHAEL K. MARTIN NEW CASH T A I h U lU N G p o t i n i. i s h m F. N I . NO .. caoV^i-^?N^N. ?iu^>i: AND GENTLEMEN lurnisnug their own goods can hare them made up IU the uiosi lashiouable Flench style, cheaper than ever orfered before iu this city. Overcoats made auu trimmed >8 50 Frock coats " ' 7 50 Dress coals " ' 6 JO Vest anil I'ants $1 50 to 1 7J N B.?Repairing done in the neatest manner, o 1 lm*m SAMUEL WYANT. ONE PRICE STOltL. 'PHERE IS NO IMPOSITION iiracueea at this store By 1 taking double tile price au ar due is wortn, neither anv iu terruiaiDUon the side walk. Mo insult onered u you dou I purchase. Any pers >n wishing to make a purchase can rely on being furnished with clothing at the following prices : Coats $9 a 12 Cloth Jackets 3 a 5 Cloth I'ants 3 a 4 50 Baitinett I'ants 1 50 a 2 JO JACOB COGSWELL. o4 lm*r 1333^ Chatham street, ueat Koscvell St., N Y. SHIRTS. 0 HIRT9 made after the latest and moat approved French 1 ' p.itttuis. Coats, | autaloous, vests, and all under garments, made to order at snort notice and in the most fashionable style. Gentlemen's Famishing Store, 67 and M Maiden Lane, New York. s3 im*r WM. COLLIN a. J. SORIA, FRENCH UVER, '. 490 1'EAKL ST., Principal Office, rPHANKFUL for the patronage heretofore bestow.d, resJ. pecll'ully informs the |>uhlic Uiat he has, lor the aceommodatiouol his customers in the upiier part of the city, o|ieued Two Offices, one situated 257 Bi cat aca St., tlie other 352 owner, lor tne reception and delivery of Goods. Ah kinds of Silk, Cotton slid Woolleu Goods DYED. Merino and Camel's Hut Sua wis cleaned in the French style, with ueatuessanddesiwlch. d.y^* All kinds of Wearing Ap)>arel and Carjirts scoured. Aicrchauls can have all kinds of goods dyed andputupiu their original lorm. Brooklyn Office, 49 Fultonst. Brooklyn. oil lm?r ~ THE ANT1 ANGULAR SYSTEM~OF WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. \/| 11. BRISTOW ul Loudon, respecilully inlorms the Lather .iva dim Ueullemeuol Mew *ork ami Brooklyn, llial ma classes Day and Evening, nave commenced Jor the season, aud Uial he lias kkuuebu lus Teiuis out nail,?lo hu iluilarm ! Academy .No. 2JJ BkobAWAV, nkak Fake Place. Ueulleuieu of all ages are positively cauglu in twelve lessons, a hold, Jree, expeditious and Inuahed business-like style ol Wriling, no matter now bad, illegible suit', or cramped the writing may be. Dee specimeus at u,e door, 223 Broadway. And the Ladies A neat aud handsome, delicate and taaluonabie Kuuuing Hand In Twelve East Lessons ! HIT' VISITORS m New York can take a ceurse in Tluee Days !?Mr. B. is lo be seen from ? to 1 A. M., or from 4 to g P. M. Evening Classes from 7 to ). Book-KEEriNO Tangh on a snperior method, by double and tingle entry, cieuuiicil|y and practically. i i <n \ i <N ? i c i r?i STENOGRAPHY. A new system of the Art ol Wnuug Shnrt-haud, for taking down Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Law, lie. kc., taught perfectly by Mr. Bntlow in one course ol lessons ! at 223 Broadway . Bee a siwcunen. N.B.?A work of the author is presented to every pupil for their permanent guide. oil lm*r ITALIAN MUSIC?MR. MANNING, (twenty years re -a sideul in Naples?l'upil ol Pacui and Cresceutini,^ gives instruction, on terms to suit the times, in Italian, krench and Lugluh Stuging, aud in the most fashionable style of T forte playing. Mr. .vl. tiai permission to refer to the following gentlemen':? J. M. Waiawright, If. 1). ; Messrs. Rowland It Aspinwall Schroder, 1). II.; Mr. J. T. Brigham ; K. L. Hawkes, D.l| Mr. S. Ward. Mr.M. resides nt 230>? Hudson street, near Spring st. o I lu'r ESPY'S rATENT CONICAL VENTILATOR. rpHl? cheap, simple and efficient apparatus is adapte i, to all purpose* Ol ventilation. snips, ntcduiDoaia, > niurnri, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vault., He. he. may b* its applies tiou be kept tree lrom all loisl air and unwholes. me ctlluna; it u also su effectual cure for Smoky Cliunuiei. The subscriber having jiurclideed the ri ght far the City and County ol New fork, Is prepared to sjpply the public with Cubes on deuiaud. Metal Knotting of all descriptions I urnished iu any part of the couulrv. Crolon Water Pipes and Plumoeis* Work in general. Also, (ialvauitcd Iron and Tin Ware at wholesale. Store pipes, bain tubs, coal hods, lie at prices greatly reduced. All work warranted, an i orders by letter attended to. P. lUMNtIR, ski 3m*a 120 Wam street. the shielded victoria shawl and diaper pin. ANEW and important article for use in the nursery, and aaaUsleniug to ladles shawls, cloaks, he. Patented in the United Slates and in Europe, t is rapidly gaining favor wherever introduced, aud lias become an article which it will be to the advantage of dealers in laucy hardware, he. in the country, to supply tliemsi Ives with, tor sale to the trade, by moat ol the wholesale dealers iu such articles in the city of New Vurk. Tnread and needle stores and dealer* in fancy articles, snp5lied on liberal tarms, at the manulactoiy ol the patentee, 146 av street. Brooklyn. ska Im'rc eau de beaute. ~ a i.rt.a L'Alt n r wralTTF. nr Trne Water nf I ' UU IVA L 1/ O ba V */u av, -- ? - ?- - u Beauty, for eslermiiiatiuR Tan, Redness, Sallown u, Pimples, Freckles, Mophew, Burns, Blotches, and all cu taneous eruptions?for realizing delicate while neclu, hands, and arms, and eliciting a healthy javenile bloom, ataods unrivalled. Iu soothing and healing propertiea in all rouRhnrae and harsh neaa of the akin?especially in allay inx the irritabilityafter ahavioR, is bevoud compare. Amen* the swarms of trashy preparationaand vile com|H>unds forced into notice by parasitical i>op (un puffs, Gouraud's Bain Lotion has unobtrusively crept Us way slowly bat surely and steadily into public favor throughout the United States. This article is not recommended for its " cheapness" (its price being SI per bottle, though at this cost it is infinitely cheaper than the vile stuff spread daily before the public, even it the cost were one shilling or one cent.) Such cheap remedies or Mineral Astringents being not only inadequate to the objects contemplated, but by their repel Ian t scion, positively imunons to health. GOURAUD'S WATER OF BEAUTY recommends itsell by iu combined efficacy, harmless nets of action, and refreshing fragrance. A French lady writing to the proprietor, says? " Mona. Gouraud?'Tie but an act of justice that I should spontaaeonaly give you my unqualified testimonial of the united efficacy, innocence, and fragrance of your preparation for purifying and cleansing the skin, iky iu use every pimple and freckle have vanished from my (kce. You should Mon A mi, as it is so sovereign and chanii|og a remedy for scattering all blemishes from our faces, call it les dclices des dames. En Uu mot, je suis enchante de le cosmetique et je en vous remercie detoul mon coeur. EMILIE DE8MOULINS, Pension Franfaia, Greenwich surest." " I have roar Can de Beante in use?it is an admirable article, and I shall recommend iu" S. F. PHILLIPS, Philadelphia. " I have had several calls for your wash, for freckles, lie. A lady living here bought a bottle of you, and said it had the desired effect." ALEX. GUTHRIE, No. 4 Stanwia Hall, Albany. " I cheerfully bear testimony to the efficacy and perfect innocence of your Eau de Beaute;is is decidedly a valuable coametic. I cannot conaeul llut yon pnrmin my uime." The above ia from a lady in Le Roy Place. " Dear Sir?Having had a very favorable opportunity y eaterday evening for expatiating on the merita of yonr de Beanie, and aborting the elfecla it produced on my handa, a young lady requested that I would procure her a bottle of it. Please tend one per bearer." JOSEPH M , Broadway. So atrong ia the proprietor'! conviction of the entire efficacy of the above invaluable prepaiation in realiaing all that it profeaiei to accouipliah, that any diaatiatied purchaaer can receive liia or her money back, if requested. To be had only at Di. O'a kicluaive Office, <7 Walker at., one door from Broadway, at $1 per bottle, and of the following Agrnla Albany, Outline, i Maiden Lane; Uoahen, Elliott; Philadelphia, Mra Brown,76 Chranut atreet; Biltimore, Seth Hance, Pratt at ^Washington, Selby Pa,ker; Aleiandrii, C C Berry; Hirtforil, Welle it Humphrey; Boaton, Jordan, 2 Milk atreet; Norwich, W fcaulkner; Lowell, Carlelon; Sal tin, Ivea; New Haven, E Myera; Providence, Dyer, Jr., Cincinnatti, Thomae, Main atreet, and othvra throughout the U. Stales. (Jouraud'a Puudra Subtile, for completely and permanently eradicating au|>ertluoua hair, SI per bottle. tionraud a Liquid Vegetable Rouge, M centa per bottle. | Oonraud a Blane D'fc'.apagne, unparta a |mre life whiteneta I to akin, free from the deleterioua principles generally entering ' into combination for thia purpose, Si re tin per bog, a 17 1m r I HA\DEN'S S I fc.EL (QUILLS?Tin* siibicritvni t:a\c tor I aalr. rome recently impioved inodiflcaliona of theae excel lent and ' oputar Pena. The " Resoy W rtler" is unanimously voted the Kin* of Pen* ?combining eminently flexibility and perssauenee. The " Dickens" is considered the beat pen for the price in the ma krt. The " Union" cannot fail to anit every body, affording at I2hi cents a card (at wholesale) an different vaneiiea of Pena The " New York" every merchant will have in hie counting loom who has tried them. Together with the lamooe Double Patent and Combination Barrel I'ena, with many others, for sale hy 'he agrnts. oil lm*rr J. It P HAYDKN, J Piatt at HROAUWAY. 1JAH18 FANCY OOOD8 selling off very cheap. The anhi aenber w lahintf tocloar, offera for tale the remaining stock of Fancy Uooda, which he will dispose of at mnch reduced prices. bailies will do well to call. o?4 lw*m - A~RlCH tONKD EloHT 811,V KM Mttau FLUTE. ViECOND HAND?a rare and apiendid instrument, will be a sold cheap. Apply to T MONZANI, o7 lin#m U ihompaon street. rpoTAMILIES OOINO SOUTH, to the West Inoiee or 1 K.urope ?A reapeclahlc female, 31 years of age, wishes to obtain a permanent situation aa aeamalreaa, in aitenteel family. She wonlii prefer lining to Europe, yet would accept of a good offer to go HonIh or to the Weal Indies. The beat ol refer encea given. Address A. A. A. boa Hi, upper Post office, N. York. ?iOr A CARD .?I have often been infnrme^ by frienda that tome persona, as well ill my line of businesa aa out of it, jealous of ihe , MM I meet witn.havedirectly and indirectly asserted tint I was manufacturing my well known La .Noima brand, aa well U other Havana and Principe Segara in thia < OUBtry, and nuking other similar inula, I herewith declare such assertions mean u.actio .da, and such individnala worse than highway robbers. M. RADEK, 4# Clialkam street. ? York, Sept. 3k. mil. _ aM lm*r f'UNS, KIfLRS, PISTOLS, and a general assortment of ' t ardware, entlcry, aud fancy goods; aurila, Vices. hoes, trice and log chaini, shovels. s,wdrs. aiea, locks, bolts, mill saws files,tabic cutlery, p icltet knirea, with a large assortment ol guns, rifles, muskets and ristols, fir sale at low prices by A. W. SPIES It CO., iM In'nc 211 Pearl street. ' E NE NI CROTON WATER~ ~ DKBSONS who have not had pipes introduced into their u should '" ? no Uuie m having it (lone beioie the cold and frosty weather. The subscribers oar* now ou hand a I lock of pure lead, conposition and tin d the lead pipe, which they are pre|>ared to tarnish and |nit up in the moat eipedilious and w> rkinaulikc manner, ana on the tnoat reasonable terms. Being practical pluininera, they will warrant wo.h dune by them to be interior to uone IU the city. All kinds of lead work and Hydraulics funuihed and hied on the most approved principle. bL> K It IVKHS. No. 2M Water st, **? 'm*r Nelt u> the cornel of Bcekmau ?t. RAKfi Ti.rttl8.-f ue ouly rc4?ou U)>i A. fe ? O. CdUi &ssi*u for selliu^ to inauy boots II IK I > hi _ at ika. t'lmir... R ,o. ...I 111 V1._a.-a ?/?i i> 1 street, uurtlie si corner of Hudson atreet?when aitnoal every body complain* of hard (intra, ia, thai thry keep goods of the brat quality, and aril them at prices to auic thr tiinra, audit arrina u if almoat every body had found thia out. If auy who read Una aliould Dot vet have found out the ature, the sooner thay come and try lite aoooe they will reap (he advan age. Almost anything that ia wanted lu the bout and ahoe uue, ol any aizr, color or quality, can be fouud here cheap. Q4 1 in * in A. KNOX It C-O 201? nnal atreet. UHES3 BOl I'd?Latcat Pirnch btyle.? The PBBBhBMMII reapectfully iutileatl>e citizeus of New Voia, ana strangers waiting the city,to cull at 114 Kulton atreet and examine a large assortment of Dreaa tioota, tnade in the latrat faahioD, aud of the finest Krrnch c ill-akin, Geutleuieu can have boots made to order lu the beat maimer at (6,00 per pair, warranted equal to auy made at (7,50, aud as the undersigned takes draw in* ef the leet aud keeps lasts for each customer ha can ensure an easy vet handsome lit. constantly ou nana, r asmnnaoie Boots, etc. at (he following duceumuM ? Cork auis ooota, I om (7.M to 1,00 Doable ?oie " water-proof 5.uo to 7,50 Coll, dreaa " r,oo to 6,00 beal " " 2,)T to 4,75 Half Boots, 4,00 to 3,50 Shoes, 1,JO to 250 Dancing Pumps and Slippers, lie., proportionably low. Terms,cash on delivery. JOHN L. W ATKINS, s27 l,n*m 114 Kulton at, between Nassau and Dutch. PAH13 BOOTS AND LASTS MAUL TO OHDKK, By E. SUSER, 146 Broadway, Near Liberty Street. E. SUSkGL Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an (Aerce of Paris, begs leave to iuforui his fricuda aud all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "chausaure," that he can now make, in New York, with the beat Kreuch materials, all that la so perfectly made, iu Paris, by hia master the celebrated bootmaker Clcrce, whose numerous customers on this aide or" the Atlantic, are reapectlully invited to trv SUSEK'd boots and lasts before they despair of teing "chaua sea" iu New York, after the uices., latest Parish fashion. Also, the.enuiiie Paris Jet Black Varnish aold: ?251in"in_ SELLING OKP AT WALKEK'S.-5l0prladies Kreuch gaiters, French aud aaliu slippers and buskins, luo ,.r liut cslf stitched loots, (J to (3 50|iei pair, 300 pr call and line pegged boots, frum (2 to 2 45 and (2 JO per pair, 200 pr ol boy's coarse and fiae boots, irom (I pi (2 and (4 50 p- r pair, 530 |wir children's do Irom 3s lo 5s per pair, 500 pr ladies anu misses boots, shoes aud buskius, from 4s to 6?aud (i per pr, 600 pr of gents water proof boots, inoccasius, India rubbers iu abundance, men's coarse and line boota of all aorta aud sizes, Irom (I 75 to (2, all warranted. All the above goods 50 per ct. the CiiPAiM-ir in trie riff.' ('.*11 and ?#-# fnr vnn r?*?? I v*m 4 la na I it corner of Broadway, al _o24 lm*cc J. 8. WALKERS. LADIES' BUO'fS AND SHOES-Lockwood. 391 Broadway, Ml|i a line assortment of la,ilea'and ciniuieuj boels and ahoes, of the latest American and Euro|>ean faahioua. Order* received by the dozen trom places of faahiouable retort. o!6eod*r A CARD. M"OTICE TO THE LADIES-The anbacriber, to well La known to the ladies ol New York for the anperior aiyle of Ladies Shoei and Gaiter Boots, oegs to atale for the information of Ladles visiting the city, at well aa merchants and other traders, that his store is No. 70 Lispeuard street, oue street below Canal street, and near Broadway, where all can be supplied at the shortest notice, and on, the moat liberal terma. Wholesale and retail. SAMUEL ALLEN. For Retting up the article of Ladies Shoes and Gaiter Boots we always considered sir. Allen lar superior to any man we ever had in our employment. THOS. LANE It SON, *1} lin*r No. 70 Lispeuard at. uear Broadway. NOTICE TO FIREMEN, AND all others desirous of keeping their Feet Dry and Warm the coming season. By calling at the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STOKE, N J. 144 ChaUiain street, they can be accom, modated, as llie proprietor has on hand a full assortment ol his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on hand a lull supply of all other kinds ef Boots at prices to suit the times. Also?that invaluable article Rogers' Metalic Elastic Heel Boot can be obtained at the Old Eiclusive Boot Store, No. 144 Chatham at. s28 lm*r THE EUREKA BLACKING. '"PHIS is a new article ol Blacking, possessing qualitie A greatly superior to all other kinds now in use. It softens and preserves the leather, imparting a brilliant polish with half the usual labor required in the use of the common Blacking. It further p< asesaes that requisite so long aought for in the peculiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, or mouldy by age. Dealers in Blacking are requested to call and receive a sample of the article gratis. Perltcl satisfaction warranted m every case. Manufactured and for sale by J.M.JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce street, near Nassau, New York. N B.?A superior article of Writing Ink is manufactured by J. M. J. aud sold wholesale and retail. s28 lm*r HIGH POLISH. LEE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is now universally admitted to be lar superior to any yet iuveuted for its peculiar preservative softening qualities to Hie leather, and for its exquisite brilliant jet black lustre, properties entirely unrivalled. N. B.?For the genuine article apply to the only Warehouse, No. 1 John st, corner of Broadway. CflAB. LEE, *10 lm*r Formerly Lee It Thomson. U U ? O A fN G riSIULSi lIQ- EXCLUSIVELY.- 0 J JOSEPH, 14 Maiden lane, upstairs, importing area Ifor O the tale ol English. German and Freuch double and single sane I Fowling and Ducking Guru, from the lowest to the tin4*1 Qualities ; r istols of every description, for this and other markets, embracing one hundred different kinds, all ol which he is now prepared to offer at the manufacturer's prices, being apiminted agent for the largest houses in that line m Europe , which enables him to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to eall, previous to making their purchases. jy27 3m*r PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE?Medical Deparmentf Filbert street above Eleventh, Philadelphia?Session of 1812 -'43.?The Lectures in this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday of November, and oe coutinued until the first of March. FACULTY. Anatomy and Physiology?Samuel George Morton, M. D. Surgery?Oeonre M'Cleilan, M. D. Principles and Practice of Medicine?William Rush, M. D. Institutes of Medicine and Materia Medicia?Robert Montgomery Bird, M. D. Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children?Samuel M'Cleilan, M. D. Chemistry and Natural Philosophy?Walter R. Johnson, A. M. Fees?Matriculation, S5. Each Course, $15. Graduation, $30. Three years' study in the office of a respectable physician.and an attendance on two full couraes of Lectures, one of which must be in this Institution, are the requisites which entitle the pupil to become a candidate for graduation. The examination for Degrees takes (dace early in March,and the Commencement is held with u little subsequent delay aa possible. The Faculty have provided ample Dissecting Rooms,furnished with eveiy requisite for Practical Anatomy. within (lie College Buildings. Demonstrator, T. ROBS COLHOUX, M. D. Disserting Ticket, $10. The Dispensary of the College will be opened daily (Sundays excepted) during the months of September and rye to bar, on which occasions the Professors will give Practical Instruction in Hureerv and Medicine, while the Pupils will be also admit ted to the Peimsylraniaand Philadelphia Hospitals, on the unit lermt with the Studeuls of other Medical inatitutiana of this city. SAMUEL QtOROK MORTON, Dean ui gie .'4 edical Faculty, au23TkS tnnnvl?r N? 431 Arch street. SELF-COCKING PISTOLS" DLUMT fc SYMS, Importer! and Manufacturer!, No. 45 D Chatham street, hare on hand a large aaanrtment of the Sii Barrel 8< If Revolving Self Cocking Pocket Putole. Three pistols have the advautage over all otheraofthe kind by the impoaaibility of Ml (he cape, the nipple? being placed in a horizontal direction, and there being no cock in the way to prevent taking aa correct light ai with the ordinary pistol or gun. The aMve piatola can be furniahed lower Una any otheri in the market, at wholesale or retail. We have aa great a variety of other kiuda of Pistols aa can be found. with Rifles, U.S. Masketa, for shipping and military; rrize Maskrta, do; Fowling Pieces, single and double; eitra large size double and single ] Guns for ducking, together with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bags, | Caps.Lorks, Barrels, Ac., etc., in large or small Quantities. i N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call and etamine our I assortment before purchasing elsewhere. s!2m*r PA RSELL8 Ac AGATE, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCK8 AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS,See. rl,HK. SUBSCRIBERS, in addition to their former slock of X fashionable goods, are constantly receiving by every new arrival from Pans and London, a supply of the most rieh and fashionable Scarfs and Cravats. Their aaaortment of fashions bie Slocks, Scarfs, Cravtts, ready made Liuen, Gloves, Suspenders, Hot lery . and all articles appertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe, are ricn and varied. They respectfully invite their old patrons and straugers visiting this city, ta call ai the old long and favorably known and nuke their selections. I'AKSELLS It AGATE, 211 Broadway, betweeu Park place and Murray at. They would purtieularly recommend an Elaatie Suspender, witli the patent buckle, ?( their own manufacture, which for durability and comiort, cannot he surpasaed. The impro vrd Mineira Brace, intended hi brace the shonlders and eapand ilie chest, are highly recommended by the medical faculty, and will be found incfupenaible to persona who are inclined to hend forward; and in I act to all individuals of sedentary habits. I'aients and Guardians are particularly requested to esamme this article, aa it will be found oj on incuse advantage to childrt ii of either ssi who have acquired the habit of stooping. PARSELLS k AGATE continue the manufacture of ilieir kjeubfugd Hitu Hiding Belt. Irn'm I)A<?I' 1-1< REOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS. FA. ARTAULT fc CO., IMH Fulton street, opposite St. Paul's Church, respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they have just received by parget slop Argo, au invoice of 1000 Daguerreotype French Plates A new suppsv of the beat and newest patterns apparatus 100 ounces bromine 50 ounces bromine of iodine 50 pounds hypro-ulphate of soda .'ill grammes ol cblondeofgold I on pounds of tripoli of veins# 50 ounres ehloiide of iooiue And the new book containing the latest improvement! intl e D'guerreotype. ' o5l,.i,r MARTELLE & HOLMRMANN WILL OPEN, on Monday. October 2lth, 1812. at their establishment, 57 Maiden lane, their new style of Head dresses, just received per ship Burgundy, consisting of Bursa's Tnrbana and Bonnet Polonais. besides a variety of oihei Head Dreaaea and Ornaments, such as I'rarls, Flower, Feathers Lama Scurfs, Gold and Hilrer Fringes, fcc. soli 2w*ee ' 'I'G COUNTHY "MERCHANTS -The auheenber would 1 rail the attention of all who are in want of Looking Glass snd Picture Frames, to his eztrnsive stock, which lor quality and wnrknunenip hr natter* himaeil cannot be etre llrd by any manufacturer in ihia city. The trade in generaJ would do wall to fall before purchaaing alaawhrre. It ? Conatantly on hand, a good aaaortmrnt af Fancy Woodaof a?f ry deacription. HORACE V BIOLER, No. 31 Ann atrcat and 41 Hammeraley at. New Yoik. ol lm*r W 10 !W YORK, TUESDAY MC f' ENERAL BENNETT'S MORMON DISCLOSURES ' * ?The subscribers will iwblish iu < >i? course of the ensuing week," H. unionism Exposed; or, a Hittory of Joe Smith ana the Litter Day Saints, by O.-n. J. C. Bennett." These hoc lily luterestiug audasloiuidiug disclosures eshibit in their true colors the profligacy auil wickedness of the Mormou leaders. It will be issued iu good style, lu a Uino. volume of upw rds of XiO pages. Orders espectfully solicited. ?LELXND k WHII I SO 0I6 Im'r B11A t) B URY, SODK.N fc Co. ir Nassau it. OAKERY, 40 Lispen trd street.?i'he suoscriber respectfully D lutoruis his old friends ani customers .hit he li u resumed his old business ol bakius. aud will be thankful for their favors. Haling taken the slauJ lurmerly occupied by O. W MILLf.K. lb Luspeuaid street, so celebrated lor ip'od cake, and the subscriber having eanitj on she business a nsnh? ei the well kuowu Ku-caerb^cker Bakery, No. I # vVtluam ?l , a Uvorue retort f ?r good crackers a ad bucuiu?he think* lie h*? uol to.gottiu how to pledge the taale oi the public. JAUfclo T0MP9QN. N.B.?Always ou baud, fruit cake of ail kuidt aud price*? wedding c.?ke of all ?i?e??pouud caae aiiUip iuge Ctke of all ne??iutk, tea biscuit aud bread every afternoou?biicuit aud crackers fresh every morning. o*0 lin*r WONDKRFtJL d)is ;oVt:RV. STRIKER'S SULITION KOrt THE HAIR, which will O change grey iiair lo iu original color lu a lew minutes. This solution m ill Itrrtul from any yet olfered, and cannot loll of superceding all others. 1( it highly efficacious, ami iwuciki the ureal advautige of beauuiyiug tile bair, without lujuriiig 1U grow til. Those who doubt its virtuea are requested ta hare their hair changed brlore paying their money. 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We have received the following letter, written by the lion John 0. Spencer, in relation to President Tyler's couise, and addressed to a committee in Western New York. His position is now detiued?a Tyler man out-and-oat:? Niw You*, October, 19, l&U. Ocktlemk*?I havo received your communication ol the M b instant, inviting me to extend my journey into Vesl.rn New York?a region hallowed in my adecuonl? to give au expluiianon ol ibc course ol tne udministra tiou, aud uu exposition o its policy ; and to remove init. apprebension or misrepresentation in retereuce lu my own position. VV'iio.i 1 cousider tbe state ol the public press, cue portion of it employee in continual assaults upon the the t'rcssideut 014! many 01 tne measures ol Uis a im.lustration, and tbe otner portion leudeiing equivocal deleuce ol aoineol those measures only, and condemning others, 1 cannot be autprisej that you anl your Intelligent fallow mucus snoutu desire other sources un I means ot intorina. Uon to enable thorn to lorui an impartial judgment. 1 am not aware ot auy rule ol official auiy that loi Oi ls a compliance with your request, hut on the contrary it soeius to me congenial to the spirit ol our institutions that those to whom tue powers ol government are eulruste 1 should, on all proper occasions, aud wncu it can be (lone without interference with official obligations, be willing to give ail account ol'the execution ol their trust to those w ho ask it hi the spirit of fair inquiry. Although it would give mo the greatest pleasure to gratify you and mysell by a personal visit, lor the purpose indicated by you, yet my duties at the seat of government lorotd an absence so protracted as would be required to perform a journey of sucn extent. I shall eudeavor therefore to comply w th the substance of your wishes, by a written instead ol a pcisoual coin, muuication ; which, 1 trust, will be nearly, it not quits as acceptable. Tue jtolicy of the administration is indicated by the measures which the President has adopted when the power rested with bun, or has recommended to Con ; ress when legislation was necessary. Its general scope and attn have been equal and exact justice to every poruon and interest oltne wnole country. He takes the?e inteia-ts at he linds them, secured un 1 protected by the Constitution and iaa s, aud Ins greatust pleasure consists in his greatest duty, to uphold and maintain thai constitution, as it w as delivered to us by our lathers, and to execute those laws in their lair and full lorce and spirit. The course ol the Administration ol President Tyler cannot be understood without a tverting to the history ot its commencement By a dispensation ot Providence which plunged the whole nation in grief, the individual who iiad been chosen lor the Vice Presidency, succeeded to the Presidency. The ilisappouiiuien. which such an event would naturally produce in the minds ol the party wno had lixed their hopes and expectations on another, the derangement of the schemes and combinations, which had been tortned tor a didt-rent contingency; and it may be, the waut ol that confidential intercourse and unreserved consultation with tho leaders of tlio party w uioh would necessarily exist Willi the an.icipated Cniaf .vlagi.irate, placed the Vice President in a peculiar and most trying situation. Not having b .en tbe leader during the contest, he could not be said to be the acknowledged head ot the party that had attained power. That post was vacaut. As 1 mean to abstain from any more partisan reflections, 1 forbear to enumerate the actual political consequences of such a statu of things. They are doubtless tamiliar to you. But the fact, that tho actual I'residnut was without an organized patty in Congress, was as extraordinary as it was new. It was the ttrst time in our history that au opportunity had lieeu presented to test the strength of our institutious, aud ascertain whether the country could be governed simply by means of tbe powers conferred by thu Constitution and the laws, or whether the adventitious aid of a Presidential party in Congress was necessary to carry o<i the government successfully. President 'Tyler has oeen compelled to try that experiment. The most iMirtentniiB p.ftiiKwin?iir.?'i .i*-i.*-iid ii.mih iI,m result It' it tails, then will il be deemed settled tor ail luiure lime, tuat who -ver succeeds lo the i'lutidency in auy jI tuo model prescribed by the Constitution, other than a direct electicii by the People, mu?t make termi with one or other of the parties in C iigress, and probably with that which at the lime has the m*jority. Thu? Congress will intact govern the country, by an union ol the Legislative ami Executive powers. The system which waa tried under the Confederation, and was universally Condemned, will be revived: and like powers will be exercised by Congress in a form the more dangerous, because it will be inuirect and irresponsible. 1 am sure 1 need not pursue the considerations which this topic suggests. Disorder and anarchy must follow the distructiou ot any one of the important balances and checks of the Constitution ; and as we would avoid the horrors which have elsewhere attended the abolition of the Executive power, we must endeavor to preserve it here, in the last citadel of ireeJom. Such were the ditlicultiesof his |x>sition, wheu the Pre ideut assumed the administration of the government. Reared at the feet of Jelierson and of Madison in the strictest principles of the republican laith, those principles had become a portion of himsell, and he could uo moie depart from them, than he could sever himsell irom his moral na turn When selected as a candidate by the party that elected him, noother pledge was expected or asked, than sueh ai his whole public iile adorned. Tin party was composed oi men of various creed* on many jmiuls, but those professing the republicanism ol Jefferson are believed to havt constituted a very cousiderable portion, if not a mgjority When therefore ne met the representatives of the people in Congress, be had a right to suppose that an adminisira. tion conducted upon hit well known prinsiples, would at least receive lair and just, if not ardent support. He was soon called to bring those principles into action. Among thrm, and one of the most cherished, was a den al ot the rnnst itlUinnftl nnunr of f!oncrrr?a? to inrninnrofn a nolinnal bank. Ho admitted iti authority as a local legislature to establish a hank in the District of Columbia, and ho conceded that such oank mould possess the same authority to send agencies and branches into the several States, which the Supreme Court had ilscided appertained to a State institution; that is, with the assent, express or implied, of those States. This view ssas distinctly presented in the bill submitted by the then Secretary ot the Treasury, Mr. E wing, at the request of the Senate, was maintained by tho President in all his communications, and particularly and specially noted by him on an amendment to a bill submitted to his consideration by a member of Congress during the discussion of the matter. I do not deem the occasion a bt one to enter into an examination of the various statements and controversies that have arisen on this subject. The fsregaing explanation of the immediate occasion of the open outbreak wliich ensued between tho President and the greater portion of the Representatives in Congress ofthe party that elected him, is deemed sufficient. But I should do injustice ta my own leeliags if I did not express the deep conviction produced in my mind from a thorough investigation ol the subject, tnd from having become familiar with the statements o! all parties, that there was much of mistake and misapprehension between those who weie honestly willing to understand each other, some of accidental, and morn of intentional misrepresentation of the language of the President in the various conversations held with him; and that thioughout he manifested a sincere, honest, and steadfast adherence to the great constitutional objection which he had for years, repeatedly, in public and in private, announced as a fundamental article of his political creed. Nor can I permit myselfto doubt, that if aimilar frankness had been exhibited by others, if I spirit of peace and harmony had prevailed, and if a smell portion of the liberality and lorbearance for dissenting views and opinions, which the whigs claimed astheatittrihute of the party, had been exerciaed towards the President, the violent scenes we have witnessed, arid which bare scandalized free government, would not have yccurred; and the relations between the President and the Repn sentatives who had been elected on the samo ticket with him, would have been such as to produce a peaceful, vigorous, and successful administration of the government, and accomplish ail that the intereits of the country required. In proof of the absence of all selfish, interested or ambitious motives on the part of the President, in the course which his convictions of duty prompted, I may now advert to a fact long known to me, which has been promulgated in the newspapers >.t the day, vouched for by at least one whig editor, stated by a Representative in Congress from Massachusetts in a speech lately delivered at sew bury port, upon authority, and hitherto not denied.? That fact is, that previous to returning the second Bank lill to Congress with his objections, in lull view of the aslaulta to tie madu U|mn him, and with the purpose of renoving all cause ol agitntion, as well as to secure himself igainst unjust imputations, the President submitted to his hen Cabinet, whether he suould, in the message then iboutto be transmitted to Congress,announce a resolution o retiro from public life at the expiration of the existing erm ; and that against hit doing an, all the member* of ho (,'ahinet then preaent, protested, on the ground that inch an annunciation would not have the effect to produce jeaco or quiet, but would only change the direction of action : that no one hail a right to expect auch a atepfrom lim, a? he had not been elected Preaident, and no obligaion exiated that should interpose any barrier between lim and a direct vote of the People. In connection, and yet in contraat with the preceding, a anothar fact of an extraonlinaiy character which, hough known by many, haa lately been diatinctly pronulgated. It ia shadowed in a letter of Mr. F.wiog'a in he statement by him of a propoaition having been made o the Pr.-*ii!ent, that tho majority who had passed the ftiat tank hill, would content to |>oitpene the tecond to the text hum toil of Congrnaa, if they conld receive aaaurancea hat in the mean time no hoatile movement would be nadeon the part of the Preaident. The lull meaning ol his atateinent haa now been developed by the declaration if a member ol Congreaa, that a message waa carried Vom the Whig leader* in Congreaa to the Preaident, to he effect that if he would engage not todialurb any mem era of hia then Cabinet in the enjoyment of their office*, heaecond Bank bill ahould he pen^oned. The anawer to irn-h a propoaition may be canity conceived. The effect of hat propoaition waa to prove the. identity of the member* >f the Cabinet whoae place* were deemed in jeopardy ivith the hoatile member* of Congrea*, and if the d eaign ivaato precipitate mitten, it waa molt effectual. Vou will require no aid to determine w hich af the ac:ora intheae acene* exhibited a lofty diaintereatod patrioiam, and which evinced any tenacity for place or desire for power. Theae fact* are full of inatructioni, and furUtah a key to many mysterioua transaction*. Alter thcoutbreak referred to, the Preaident remodelled Hi* Cabinet, and irom that time hi* adminiatralion may he aid to have commenced. I began and haa been continu>d thus far, without thoaupport of any party ackoowledgng him a* ita political chief, or bound to him by tho?e political associations, which und- r every preceding admmisration had enabled the Executive to look at leaet (or favorable prediapoaltion* in a large portion of the member* >f Congreaa to sustain hi* meaaure*. The aame courae of >venta which deprived him of thia usual and accuatemed tid of an administration, aiao liberated hiaa from those IERA 1842. mere party ,urine .ret and party obligation! which become reciprocal from party aervict. He wan at lull liberty to conault the tnteiuaU of the whole people, of tho great maaaen, without relerence to the extreme viewi of the bigou of any party And lie .letermiue 1 to do to? An examination of the meanurea adopted by him and of tboae recommended to Conxrets, will iliow how far he has succeeded. H? pursued the even tenor of his way amid the conflict* of contending parties, adheuug scrupulously to the principle* that tin had always avow el, so ur a* they were applicable to the questions that presented themselves. You have had the kindnee*, gentlemen, to allude to my owu position, and to say that it ha* been thesuojrct of miaapprenension and et unsrepresautaiiuu. Heluclaui as I am to prolong a communication already too extended, I have no rigut to disregard that reputation which is the property ol my children, and to soine extent ol uiy country ; and I am therefore c mpelled to speak ol my sell. Wan respect to my acceptance ol a seat in the Cabinet, a is proper to state that it was made alter consultation with the prominent meu 01 the State of New Yoik, then uiy political associates, comprising the State olticers, with one exception, alt the members ol the Senate to whom access could be had, many members of the Assembly, and a large number of our must esteemed citizens, and upon their advice, without a single ditseiuiug opinion. The press throughout the country, particularly the Whig press, spoke lavorably of the appointmeut, and furnished evidence of the general sentiment of that party. Nothing has occurred to change my owu cuuvictioiu of the propriety of accepting an office which was tendered without solicitation, nor 10 render the reason* and motives which induced that course, less obligatory in requiring a continuance in the same station. Facts which came to my knowledge, betore 1 concluded to accept the olt'er of the "resident, and some of which huve neen stated in this communication, satisfied me that the impressions produced by the mani estoof certain whig members ol Congress which did uot receive the sanction, and w as unknown to very many ol those whose views it appeared to express, were erroneous and unjust to wards the ('resident, and that motives and objects had been ascribed to him, with the swmblance, but without the reality oi truth. And between his principles, as explained to roe, and my own, 1 lound no incongruity that could prevent a hearty co-operatiou. We had co-operated in congress, on all important occasions, and on the same committee that conducted thu memorable investigation, in lblS, inio the altairs of the Bulk of the Unitod Slates, where we had stood shoulder to shoulder, battling against the frauds, the corruption and the power of that institution, on common grounds and congenial principles. We had together been llepublicansol the old school, maintaining the same doctrines, and combating the same political euemy, long previous to, during, and after the war of Ibid. In Ibid ami lBi9, we had made common cauie ugaiusi the administration ol John sjiiuicy Adam*, and had muted our etiorls to bring General Jackson into power. When the meaiuru* of hi* administration, in our judgment, evinced a departure Irom what we conceived the principles upon which he nail been elected, however pure anil upright may have been bis intentions, we together avowed our opposition to those measures, aud went into a minority against the strongest party, and the most popular leader oi it, that has esisted in this country siuce the days of Washington. During these scenes there had been a general similarity al sentiment* and congeniality of views. With him I denied that in the contest of 1840, a National Bank had been the test of political orthodoxy; and although the occasions for presenting my views had not been so Irequent or so public as those w hich the President had possessed, yet were they well known to political friends and opponents. There were, therefore, between the President and mysell, political aihnitius as strong aud as numerous as could well exist between persons living so remote from each other. In the conduct of his administration, he has not departed from the principles which we held in common. He has carried out, ur has attempted to carry out, all the views and objects which were avowed as the designs of the reformation of the government, in IH40. He has refused to assist ill measures which are claimed by some to have been among those object*, but which he and I, and thousands mnlh.r, it ? ,it- ... Km/., hus? tiit-lt In all this Ihuvulnilnd no cause lor refusing to continue such a 1 vice and assis. tance in the administration ol the government as the President may require, and as a sincere desire to promote the hest interests ol a beloved country, may enable me to render. These views and sentiments agB presented to you, gentlemen, in explanation 01 my position, and in delence against the reproaches which have been cast upon me, lor nut resiguiugthe ottlce 1 hold. 1 cannot lend myself to the vindictive leelings which they and their associates entertain towards the President. I cannot be a party to the torrent of vituperation which has been ]>oured out upon him. 1 cannot consent to aid, in any manner, the success of a party which goes beiore the people, demanding that it may be intrusted with power, for the pur|<o<-e of incorporating a National Bank. I am not in l'avor of an alteration of the Constitution, to abolish the Executive power of returning to Congress, for their more mature consideration, bills which may have passed in haste, or inadvertently, or upon mistaken principles. 1 deny that lew and unimportant abuses of a conservative and suspensive power like this, even if they existed, which in their I nature must tie tem|iorary, furnish any good reason lor abolishing the power itself, and leaving all legislation . without check, and without an opportunity for revisal, to a multitu liuous Congress. I am no' lor a distribution > f the proceeds of the sales, when that distribution will cause the imposition of taxes b- yond the wants of the go' vernineot, merely to supply the very deficiency it causes. Finally, I will not content to have any man forced upon me, as my candidate for the Piesidency, by associated clubs, to forestall the action of a Convention, or by the denunciations ol personal parti-ans. I doubt not that this exposition of opinions will be deemed, by those partisans, but a continuation of thesin committed in 11139, in having used my best exertions to prevent the nomination of Mr. Clay, at the Harrishurg Convention. That sin has already been deemed sufficient cause, by those assuming to speak for the party in our State ler pro nouncing a sentence of excommunication against those who committed it. With regard to some, that sentence has been promulgated, while it is suspended over the heads of others. Freedom of thought and independence of opin ion, in the choice o( a candidate, even befoie nomination, have become deadly Crimea in the estimation ot those whose severest reproach against their opponents, within a low years, was their slavish adherence to party, and their blind devotion to one man. So ba it. A party which commences with the proscription of all who will not worship the same idol, at the very time when it is seeking to gain strength and numbers to its ranks, gives us a foretaste of the sacrifices to be offered on the same altar,when power shall serve inclination. The occasion seemed to demand this exposition of my views, as 1 desire to deceive no one, by wearing or appearing to wear colors that do not belong to me. Regretting that I have not been able to command more time in the preparation of this letter, and trusting that the fact will be received as an ajtology for whatever imperfections of language may api>ear, I subscribe myself, With great respect. Your friend and fellow citizen, JOHN C. SPENCER. Messrs. Lewis K. Faulkner, Wm. C. Storrs, A. H. Jones, Enos Stone, Lewis Bixby, Monroe County Oeneral Committee. Messrs. Joseph Strong, Jared Newell, and E. B Wheeler, Presiding Officers of the late Public Meeting in the city of Rochester. Common Council. Boasd of At piastre Monday, October 34th.? Present, Alderman Woodhull in the chair, and all the members. The presentment of the Grand Jury made at the last term of the General Sessions was presented and referred to the committee raised for the pui pose of enquiring into the necessity ol the construction of a workhouse upon Blaakwell's Island. A report from the Finance Committee was read, and ordered to be printed, relative to the dispute between the mayor and the whlgs, as to the expenditure of ).MX>, during last summer, to cleanse the streets, when the " hold overs" were in power. From present appearances, the expense of printing reports snd other papers 011 this subject, will exceed the amount in question, before it is settled A debate followed, occupy ing an hour's time, { during which Alderman Leonard piesented a minority ! report. ' The Board hern took a recess, and descended to the supper room, where Mr Ryan,the keeper of the Hall presented a lot of stale bread, salt tongue, and sponge cake, that water woulil'nt wet; with tea that looked as though the crop was short, which being disposed of with many a wry fac?i, (hey proceeded to business. A resolution to amend the ordinance dividing the city into three Fire Districts, so as to allow engines and hose whose districts border on Fourteenth street to attend Area north of that street, was adopted and seat to the Board of Assistants for concurrence. The srdlnance goes intoelfect from this day, and the alarm hells will he struck accordingly. The Committee on Laws, to whom was referred the compiling and printing of a new cony of the ordinances ol the city, reported In faror of selecting some suitable person to compile thciit at an opens* of aot mors than 300 dollars. Alderman ruaor moved that David Oraham, Counsel ol the Board, he selected aa the person to perform that duty, but dually withdrew it, and it was passed,giv ing tho power of selection to the committee on laws. A resolution and ordinance refusing to allow the Prcaident of the Board of Water Commissioners a salary of fit000 from the Board of Assistants was non-concurred in and aent hack to that Board for their action. An ordinance to make the eatahliahment of Messrs. Collon and t.'autell an 41 at street, the depository of all dead animals in the city, was adopted. The proprietors are to establish four offices for the receptlou of notices from the public to carry away auch dead animals?one at the City Inspector's office in the City Hall, one in the Bowery near Tompkins market; one in Hudson near Canal, and one in Division near Orand street. The ordi nance also makes it the duty of the citizen* to give notice atone of tbeee office* ef all animals dying on their premises, and for the proprietadb to cause each office to be visited twice a day, to collect the animate of which notice lias been given, under a penalty oi $6. It also make* It a penal offence in the sum of >4, to throw overboard,or onrv any dead animal within the limit! of the city. The Committee on Arts and Sciences, reported in fsvor of printing the report of Drs. Post, H iaack, and Chilton, I relative to poisoned smoked beef?which w as adopted. I ( An rdinancefrom the other Boa-d for flagging a spsce, four feet wide, in IJth atreet, between flth and ?ih eve. nuea, was concurred in. Alao, to flag a space, four feet ( wide, on the northerly aide of 1Mb street, between M eve- / nue and Union riaoe ; and alao to flag a epaoe, four Mat r wide,on the westerly aide of Irving Place, between 'ftth and Ifllh atreeu. Alio, to flag a space, four feet wide, in I Mlh street, between lit and 3d avenues AJeo, in 1'tn i i ii ' ' *1-13 LD. Prl(? Two Ooatt atreet, between Union Place and 3.1 arenua Aleo, to pav? 18th atreet, between Union Place anil 3th avenue. The report of the Board of Assistants against re-pa vtng Bleeckar atreet, between Broadway and Meroer street*, waa nonconrurred in. An ordinance, authoriting the eonatructian of a aawer in ISth atreet, from Irving Place to 3d avenue, and allowing D. 8. Jouea for the part already constructed by him, was adopted. The committee to whom waa referred the regulation of Wth atreet, between 0th and 11th avenues, -eported ad verarlv to the objest, and asked to be discharged, which IV a<i Uil()(\f rtil - Alderman Ditie* introduced an amendment to the Croton water ordinance, placing (he fire hydrants under the juris liction of the Crutou Aqueduct Bon d, and not allowing them to be opened by any persons except the Itremra and engineer* ot tho tire department, iuoaaea ot fire, unlets with content ot the committee. After considerable debate, in which it was shown that the Street Inspectors under the direC'ion of the Aldermen were authorized by the Aqueduct Board to open the hydrants in each ward twice a week to supply the public, the amendment and ordinance were laid upon the table. A resolution making an additional appropriation of $58,000 for the year 19V1, was adopted. A resolution compelling the reference of all bills of the keeper and deputy of the ( ity Hall to Finance Committee, as also the bids for carriage hire tor use of member* of Common Council. The Boaru then adjourned. Boahu or Assistant Azdssuis, Oct. 44. ?The President ^Assistant Alderman Adams) in the chair. Among the petitions was one from Child k Carman, of National Hall, for compensation for injuries dona to their p emiseghy a mob.?Referred. Reports o/ Committsss.?To work 43d street, from 10th avenue to the timber basin, on the North River?Concurred. Infuvorof making sundry improvements and alterations in the Female Hospital and other buildings at Biackwell's Island.- Adopted. In favor of concurring with other board in working a road through 49th street, between the Bloomingdale road and 6th avenue.?Adopted. In favor ot concurring with other board in appropriating $3600 for repairs ol roads ?Laid on the table. In favor of regulating the 6th avenue, between 29th and 4'M streets.?A<lopted. Concurring with the other Board in paying Mr. B. 7. Butler $600, for counsel fees in the cause involving the right of Aldermen to sit as Judges of the Court ot Sessions?Adopted. A communication was received from the. Comptieller, stating that the defalcations ol Thomas Lloyd are now known to be $63,708 66. and It Is expected a much larger amount of dedication will bo discovered.?Referred to a elect committee, consisting of Assistant Aldermen Stoles, Watermau und Brady. Oh leave, Assistant Aldermen PaTTinaxw and Allsstus presented petitions from Pell and Edwards, and L. Hazeltine, and others?the latter lor an appropriation of $600 for ditching the large swamp at Vorkville. Referred. Unfinishtd Butiness.?The resolution recommending a concurrence with other Board in designating 9th street, from Broadway to 6th avenue, as Clinton Place, was taken up end adopted. Resolutions?By Assistant Alderman Pcolks, requiring the Committee on Laws to report upon the expediency of amending thoKrvised Statutes in relation to the payment of line* into the City Treasury. Adopted. Mr. Scolks caller) un the resolution Instructing the Counsellor of the Board to institute legal proceedings against receivers 01 ine puimr money wno nave not nieu their accouati, which resolution had been returned by the Mayor with his objections thereto. He moved its adoption, notwithstanding the objections of the Mayor. The resolution was lost, w to 7, not being a majority of ail the members From Assistant Alderman Atwill, with an ordinance abolishing the clause in the Croton Water act, which permits the Committee or Board to introduce the water into houses on a payment of 1') per cent interest. After remarks from Messrs. W. Dodge, Brown, and others, the ordinance was adopted. By Assistant Alderman Nash.?That the Superintendent of Repairs submit his books and papers to the Committee on public offices and repairs, wh>a required. Aid. N. complained that prices paid by the Superintendent were extremely high?s me of them 50 a 100 per cent more than they should have been. He (Mr. N.) hail been refused access to the liooks. Assistant Alderman Wrstervelt remarked that the gentleman ef the 7th had greatly annoyed the Superintendent. For himself, as a member of the commitee, he had confidence in thut officer. Adopted. By Assistant Alderman Scoi-r.s?That the propriety of proceeding against Mr. Ward, late Mayor's marshal!, to recover $5000, illegally transferred by him, be considered. Mr. S. said the money could only be recovered,if at all, by an action against Mr. Ward. He made strong remarks in relation to defalcations. Assistant Alderman C. W. Donor, said he would be willing to vote lor the resolution, but the subject is before the other Board, and will probably be brought here at the next moeting. Assistant Alderman Baowx said it had been necessary to expend the $00011 in cleaning street*, with a view to prevent pestilence. Assistant Alderman Ward said that Mr. Oage, Superintendent of'tracts, was willing to settle his account, including this $5000. The resolution was not required and only originated in party trick and bumbuggery. Mr. Sciles replied. R- marks were also made by Messrs. W. Dodge, Pettigrew, Wsicrman and others. Resolution adopted?Concurring with other board in striking out the clause "below 14th street," in the law dividing the city into three tire districts, and relating to engine* not leaving their districti?Adopted. Hatch fhum the Buard or Aloebmciv.?Making additional appropriations for IB42. Concurred in. In favor of prying the first Water Commissioner $1000 per annum, and the other necessary expenses iecurrad bythim. Adopted Requiring tha Keeper af the City Hall to auhmit bill* for expenditure on oath to the finance committee*, to be audited?also bill* incurred lor carriage hire to ba presented in the same way. The resolution was divided? the first part adopted, and that relating to carriage hire lost Report of the Street Commissioner to continue a sewer in 16th street from Irving place to 3d Avenue ?Adopted. Resolution, by Assistant Alderman Adams, that Mr. John Satterlee be appointed Assistant Cleric to this Board?Adopted. Adjourned ta the first Wednesday in Navcscber. The French Atlantic St ..hers.?The Pans correspond' nt of the Nationnl intelligencer eayar? " The fourteen French transatlantic steamers of 45'J horse power, are in forwardness; three have been launched, the rest, it is believedj will be ready lor aeain the course ol next year. Four besides, of 220, are on the stocks. Twelve years ago, the French steam navigation was scarcely worth mention. At present there are thirty-five vessels irom 400 to 230 horse power, rwenty-tws ?f 160 or thereabouts, and nine of lower number. The Mini try, or Department of Finance, employs, or rather pays, ten steam packets; the Ministry of War is constructing steamboats as transports, in which the soldiers will en|oy special accommodation. The whole number of boats of different dimensions, employed by privnte or company enterprise, is given at three hundred. Court Calendar?This Day. Buvrrior Court?Nor 8. 34,36,04, 43,14,174, 61, 1SI, 167, 160, 171, 64, 103, 137, 137 , 87. Commov Pi,sas?Part 1.?Nos 7,37, 43, 46,107, 116, 137, 141, 130, 131. Part 3.?Nos. 80, 84, 80,70, 73, 78, 68,6, 64,83. Circuit Court.?Nos. 140, 6, 38, 66, 106, 116, 146, 1464, 166, 1, 7,8, 19,103,116.83,188.46,100,06. 107 77,116, 90, 34 , 79, 130, 137,73, 76. 136, 20,30, 106,40,38, 18, 14. HAVANA-MKH. *K8T'S Boardins Moot-hm* been entirely refitted end prepared for the reeep'ion of travellers. Th- location of this House, " I Call* San Pedro *n frtnde rfe la Machiiui," it decidedly su|>erior to uf other previously established in ihis city. It is directly upon the Bay at 'he termination of the Comtn-rcial whArl, and adjoini'.* the Steamboat landing. commanding an etlenst.* and beautiful view of the entire harbor, with the adjacent country, town* aud Tillages, and po*srMiii|t the advantage of a much fresher and purer air than the inleiior si rec's of the city, allh 'agli it ia within the usual business limits. The mxjoritv of the apartniriits are uniisnally loftv, spacious and airy, and it may be ......O.I il. tli.l .... in ,Kt. i.rl nf ik. ,.(T greati r adr.tntage* to the trnreller or invalid for a winter re?iilrme, The proprietor* again rattlmn rOtnnn destined to Haeana , to brine with thorn a iwsapnrt, signed or verified by a 9|*tniah Cnnaul, which upon arriMl I. ukan by the Boarding Officer, and in conformity with which a permit to di*?i*bark with lugg**\ hr liaa to be procured hv some resident of the place. The Clerk of the Honae will attend to thta formality, which ia nyitlly enfor-ed hv the U rrrnment, and passenger* a?*irou? of going to Mia. West's, by sending their name* up to the H iiitf will be rrlieied immediately. If they can advise by a preyjoua veatel of their intention to embark, narmiu can be Eroenred in anticipation, wnirh in the event of their arriving ite in the day, will obviate a detention of from 2 loJlh.iut onboard Travellert may leave direction* at home to hare their Inter* adtlreaaed to the rare of Mr. C. H W**l (taking rarr to b??# hta name disttnc'ly written, aa very frerjuent miatakea are mad* with foreigu name* at the Havana Poet Office) which will id aure their carl teat delivery through hia hoi, and their aafa keeping in caae of absence. A u- riran and English coinreeeieed inpayment. and lettera of credit for moderate amonnta negotiated or receired. *29 lawlm*r ___ ?NKWLY l?TV^Mthn TRAN5TVi3[NG PUNO FORTES. NO. 343 BROADVVAV, NEW TOR* T?HF. an hac libera re.pecif.illy inform their friend, i^l .1 public ... general, they hare met dni.hed.a newly^invented inatrumei.t called th- Tran.po.ioe Piano Forte, which they now introduce to the mu.icalcommeniir- . Thia lnalrument fo-me ZL f.l h,7n.!! .^( l,,,i , ln -Hwraoa an/1 iirHtflfM- ^ * lOHC lull. DrilllAQt, ind m*lod"ou7 The great derived from tiii. new mven Hon la^hat mo.ic may he transposed into My key desired ?o aim the rocallata, or for an accompaniment of any other inatrn ment, .nd ?he"" re worthy the attention of the a* "a'llrge'aaaririinent of Tablet Piano Porte*, rosewood and mahoganv, * and octaves, with French grand action, are al.? coiiataully kept on hand, all of which we respectfully sab mit to pi "feasor*, amateur*, anil Ihe trade in general, at onr warrieoma anil manuiactorv, a* abore, > n?Piano porretiaued and repaired on the ahnrteatao. I.lNUi.l.L, WENNEK9TROM * CO 29 lm*e. No. MJ Broadway. 1Q RIBBON8 AND 9ILK9-J T REYNOI.Us. wO"" Oiviaion at. ha* Jn*t reeeieed the jnwt ! ??? ?*t" uentof faataonahln Bonnet Ribbona, Silk*, Banna,valval, ic. to be found in the city Dealers, qty apo rminwy mil , ier*, will do well te call befofr tmrchaaing elsewhere od Imu'c

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