Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 26, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 26, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. V111.?Me. KtM ? Whole Mo. 31*7. r OR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS. F^^^c^^ter accommot^w^^is iutetided to despatch a ship from this i?ort on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th. 20th, and 25th ul each month, comirn ucing the locis October and contiuuin* i?ut i May, wheu regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will b? prevented during the ^uminer mou'hs. i he following ship* will commence this arrange in eut : Snip YAZOO, Caiitam Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captuu Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captaiu Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE,Captain Hunt. Shin SliAKSPKAKE, Captain Miner. Slop GASTON. CauUin LaUiam. Sluii HL'NTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE. Captain Dickiuaan. Ship MEMPHIS. Cupuiu Kuighu Ship LOUISA, Captaiu Mulford. These shi|? were all built in the city of New York, expressfor i*ckcta. arc of light draft of water, have recently been . wly entered ,nd put in splendid orderAt ith accommodations lor passenger* unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded by experienced masteu, who will make every exertien to give 3eneral aaMifaclion. They will at all liinea be towed up and owu the Miaaiaaippi by ateamboats. Neither the owner* or captain* of theae ship* will be rrsponsible for jewelry, bulliou. precious atones, silver or plated ware, or fo'r any leltrra, parcel or lackage, se nt by or put on board of them, unlets regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value thareon expressed, for freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South at., or HULL1N Ik WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who wilj promptly forward all goods to tKeir address. The snip* of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods oorrectlyineasured. m4 M m> m ^ rAS?AOK*VRO MA??!? REMR?^!NCE 1T>OKBAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. tyHE subscribers continue to make arrangement to bring out 1 liassengers fiom the old country, by shi|>* of tl'e fint class, all American, built,and commanded by men long and favorably known in the trade. The veaaela composing ihiallne sail weeklr from Liverpool, consequently all unnecessary delay to passevgeri is avoided. Persons ab< ut to make engagements for friends to emigrate the ensuing season, will study their own interest, and the interest and comfort of their friends,by making such engagements with thi subscribers, as no expense or pains are spared to earn that preference which has for many years been extended to thein. As has al a ? been customary with this line, when the parties settle f >r decline coming out, the passage money is promptly re unded to those from whom it wis received, with out deduction. A free passage per steamboat from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can likewise be secured. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office. 27S Pearl St., Orto C. ORfMSHAW Ik CO. 10 Ooiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts and Exchange at sight, and for any amount, are alao furnished on R. C. Glyn Ik Co., Bankers, London, C Crrimahaw it Co., mterpno'; the Northern Banking Co. nd National Bank of Ireland. National Ban* ol bcotiaud, payable at their respective branches: as follows NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Alhlone, Duugarveu, New Kots, Btllina, Earns, Roscommon Ballinasloe Euniscorlhy Ros rea Belfast Kt-rmoy bligo Boyle Gslaway Tallow Carrick on-Suir Kilkenny Thuries Cashel Kilrush Tipperary Castle.>ar Limerick T.alee Castleieagh Loug."ord Tnain Charleville, Loughrea Waterforil < oumal Mitchellstown Wesport Cork Moute Wexford Dublin Nruaire NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY. Belfast Lurgen N T Limerary l>erry Armagh Balleineua Dewnpa trick Magherafelt Clones Lisburn Coleraine NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwall Anstrutlier GalaKlieds Langholm Audrie Glasgow Leith Banff Grentowa Lewick Bathgate Harwich Montrose Burntisland Inverness Nairn Castle Douglas Inverary Oban Dalkeith Inveakeithing Portree Dingwell Jebugh Perth Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee K-dsoa Stouaway Falkirk Kirkaldy Stormness Foirest ' Apply as above. s9 lm*r ; OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. k?f?L nSffc. 3E&L msZ ryHE OLJ^lISjE of PacketHoTLiverpool will Hereafter be f despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day ol's.aliug falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 616 tons, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. <J. Bailey, r Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND. I June It Aug 7 740 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B.L. Waite. ( Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 900 tons, <Nov 1 Dec 19 J.Hathbone, (March 1 April 19 The EUROPE. ( July 19 Sept 7 6J0 tons, \ Nov 19 Jan 7 tLG. Marshall f Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 619 tons. J Dec 1 Jan 19 A. D. liOWDtr.f April i i'My u The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, '.Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. I April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, Sept 1 Oct 17 SM tons, \Jau 1 Feb 17 W. C Baretow. May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, .Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, ' Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hnndrrd Dollars, for which ample stores of everv description will l>e provided, v.ith the esception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE It CO., 61 Sonth st., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burliug-slip, N. Y. je24 lyh BARING BROTHERS It CO^_LspoolNEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. M. flL" EsJTABLISHUI} PASSAGE OFFICE, 61 SOUTH STREET. r" The subscriber in announcing his arrangements for the year 1842, ap|>ears befope his friends with sentiments of sincere resKct for the able support lie has received for many years past.? e likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to send for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times lie accommodated by this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and lrom Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 26th of each month throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subscricer to have the emigrants shown civility, and despatched without drlay, and shose who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due anddiligentattention will he given by the Liverpool agents to those sent for,as well as all who may embark with them, and shourd any of those whose passage has been paid not einjark, tile mouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscriber feels a pleasure ill making known the differ ent shins by which his passengers came out during the last year, which has given general satisfaction, and that he has cousiueranly extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1842 The following is a list ol ships Whips Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. ' IT.:. .1,1,1 irr: i p Frankfort, Rusaelt. Tyrone, Hpeare. Russell Glover, Howes. Wales, Watts. Hibernia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Al/red, Cheever. O scroll, Chi Ids. Clifton, lngersoll. Ht. Cloud, Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. Sobieskir, Emerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Faathea, Gooumausou. Robert Isaacs. Trueman. Vinfinia, Katon. Europe, Balcheldor. 8. Jenkins. Seymonr. A free passage from the different ports of Ireland and Scot land, can also be secured, and dralta furnished for any amount, payable at ike National and Provincial Bri ks of Ireland and their respectire branches, and also on M-ssrs. J. V W. Robinson, Liverpool, which are paid free o^ any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars vpply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 SouJh street or J. It W. ROBINSON, 16 Goree Piastas.and aulG No. 1 Neptune at., Waterloo Dack. Liverpool. m m. M. "l^OOiTS k f^^^MArtSEILl!^^?^ne undernn iitioie d ships ?ill be regularly dispatched I rum hence and Irom Marseilles ou the 1st of each month during the tear, thus? .... . _ From New Yoik. Mvsrilles. MINEBV A.Capt Brown, Nov I. Jan I H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 0oyaIH.R, Dugan, Jan 1. Mar 1 TRk.SCOTT, Capt Lvwrence, Frb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Cat* -Mams, Marl. May 1 CURIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl I. Jun I They are ail c >pi?-rea and coprcr fastened,and have excellent The price of cabin'paaaag* will be $100, eicluaire of w.nea and liquor*. Good* *ddre??ed to BOYD ft HINCKEN, the a genu, will be forwarded free of other chtigea than tluaae actually paid. For freight or ptaaage apply 10 O. BROOM It CO., or to oMr BOYD It HINOKEH. Ageou NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS! ~ T? ailfr im Nrw York on the 2ith and Liverpool on the 13th "/ tach men/A. ft rife ^TaS! NewT?rr Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Sktddy, ikh October. Ship ROSCIUS, Captabi John Colliiu, I5th Norrmb> r. Ship SIRDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, JAth December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyeter, SMii January. From Liverpool. Ship 9IDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb. 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captiin F. A. Depeyeter, nth Novem'r. Ship OARRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, nth December. Ship ROSCIUB, Captain John Collina, 13th January. Theae ihijia are ail ol the tint claaa, upward* ol Hum tone, huilt in the city of New York, with aacli improvementa a* combine great a|ieed with uuuanal eonrrt'ott for jwsaenger*. Every care tea been taken in fnc arrancemrnt ol their accommodations. The price of pattagr hence ii $100, for which ample ilorei will be provided. Theae ehipe are commanded by eioerienced matte ra, who will make erery eiertion to give general aatiafaclion Neither the captain* or owner* of the ihipe will be reaponaible for any lettert, pareela or package* aent by them, niileaa regular b lit of lading are signed therefor. For freight ot pa?*agr, apply ki E. K. COLLINS It CO., M Sooth it., New York.orto WM. It JAS. BROWN It CO., Liren-ool. Lctten by the packet* will be cl arged t'ibi cenfa per tingle aheet; ',0 cent* I>er onnce, and newt|?iper? I cent each ol AJRr MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS-To *ail mMHFWoii the lat November? The packet ahip MINERVA, jilMtBrown, matter, will tail aa above her regular day.? t or Ir. ;gnt or pai*age, having gO'd accnminodatioti*, apply to BOYD It HINCKEN, Agent*, No. 9 Tontine Building*, or to nl3r 8. BROOM k CO., Ill Front at. E NE NEW CK O TONW A T ER~ * ? DERSON'S who litre nut had pipes introduced into their i ,'T?' lu?e m> fine in harm* it dour bel'oie the cold and frosty weather. The subscribers hare now on hand a stock or pare lead, composition and tin'd the lead pipe, which they are prepared to Inruiahand put up iu the mutt expeditious and w< rkmaulikt niauuer, ano ou the moat reaaouahle terms. Belli* practical plumuiers, thav will warrant wo.It done by them to be interior to none intbe city. All kinds of lead work and Hydraulics furnished and hied on the moat approved principle. LlUtrr M. lVttRS, No. 2M Water st, s28 lm* r Neat 10 the corner of Brekinan *t. flXkb TtrlfcS. ?Tu? ouly re*?ou lh?t A. 8c ? O. c-ill asutfa lor selling: to mtuy boots aud ?h'?e? aI lh? Clinton Boot iiiii Shoe Market, 204 Caual street, uurthr-st coruer of Hadaoa street?when almost every body complain* of Itard times, it, thai they keep goods of the beat quality, and aell them at pricea to auit the timea, audit aeerna aa if almoat every body had found tliia out. If auy who read tilia ahould not vet have found out the atorv, the sooner they come and try the soouc they will reap the advau age. Almost anythlux that is wanted iu the boot and ahoe iiue, ol any size, color or gualtty, can be fouud here cheap. o4 lin*m A- KNOX R CO. 204 Caual street. DRK88 l)Ol 1'8?Latest Pteuch Style.?The subscriber retyiectlully invites ttie citizens of New Voik, and strangers vuitiug the city,to call at 114 Fultuu street and examine a large assortment of Dteaa Boots, made in the latest fashion, and of the lineal Kreuch c ill-akin, (Gentlemen can have boots made to order in the best manner at $6,00 per pair, warranted eoual to any made at $7,10, and as the undersigned takes drawing of fie feet and keeps lasts for each customer he can ensure an easy yet handsome nt. Cousuutiy ounauu, p asniouanie Boots, He. at the following uuteu prices ? loom note Boots, I om $7,00 to 8,00 Doable Sole " water-proof to 7,10 Call, dress " 2^0 to 6,00 Seal " " 3,If- to 2,71 Half Boots, 3,00 to 3,10 Shoes, 1,10 to 210 Dancing Pumps and Slippers, lie., proporttouably low. Terms,cash on delivery. JOHN L. WATKINS, s?7 l.n'in 114 Fulton st, between Nassau aud Patch. PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE To ORDER, By E. SUSER, 146 Broadway, Near Liberty Street. E. SUSEK. Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an ^i0^^9"Elve" ol Coerce of Pans, begs leave to iufurin his frti iids ..ud all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "chaussure," that he can now make, in New York, with Hie best Kreuch materials, all that is so perfectly made, in Paru, by his master the celebrated bootmaker Clerce , whos? numerous custoaiers on this side of the Atlantic, are respectlully invited to in SUSER'S boots and truts before they desiuir of i eiug "chaus ses" in New York, after the nices , latest Parish fashion. Also, the-engine Paris Jet Blacji Varnisn sold, stllm*m SELLING OFK AT WALKER'S.?ito pr ladies French gaiteis, French and saiiu slippers and buskin*, ion , r line c ill' stitched t outs, $3 to $3 It) per |<atr, 300 pr call aud flue pegged boots, from $2 to 2 21 aad $2 K) tar |>air, 200 pr ol boy 'a coarse aud tine boots, irout $1 to $2 and $2 10 p r pair, 130 pair children's do from 3a to Is per pair, 100 pr ladies auu misses boots, shoes and buskins, from 4s to 6> and $ i per pr, 600 pr of gents water proof Ipiots, moccasins, Iutlia rubbers in abundance, men's coarse and line boots < f all sorts aud sizes, Itout $1 71 to $2, all warranted. All the above goodie 10 per ct. the cnrapest tu toe city. Call and see for yourselves, Caual st, coruer of Broadway, at o$4 lm?ec J. 8, WALKERS. CLINTON CHEAP Bool aud 8hoc Market. 109 Greenwich, coruer Spring st, is the only place wneic can be fouud boots aud shoes to suit the limes. All those who wear boots andshoes will do well to give a call. Ladles' aud su sses buskius Iroin 3. 1. 1.6.7 aud 8 stilllings ner pair; geiitlemeu*'bo is Itom 12 shilling* lo fl per pair; boys' boots IroinH shillings to $2? pet pan. All who kiiii to >?Tr 2u pei out will give a call at toe Clintou Cheap Boot ami rshoe Maiket, J09 O.rcnwich cornet Spiiug street o'l> tin'r ,-fc-V LADIES' BOOTS AND SHOES? Lockwlmd. J'il Bio ldway , U< <_ i. .1 line assoitineiil ol la.nt ?' ami cumiicui boot* auii shoes, of the hlttl American and European laaluoui. Order* received by the dozen trout place* of fashionable resort. o!6eod*r A CARD. VTOTICE TO THE LADIES-The subscriber, so well W known to the ladm ol New Voik for the superior so le of Ladle* Shoe* aud Outer BooU, beg* lo state for the lulormatiou of Ladle* vtsi'.tug the city, a* well a* tnrrchiuts aud oilier traders, lhai Ills store is No. 70 Lispenard street, one street below Cauulstreet, anil near Broadway, where ail cau be supplied at the shortest notice, aud on, the most liberal term*. Wholesale and ralail. SAMUEL ALLEN. For gettiug up the article of Ladies Shoes aud Goiter Boots we always considered, dr. Allen tar super.or to any man We aver had in our employment. THOS. LANE It SON, si5 Im'r No. 7l)Lis(ieiiard ?t. uear Broadway. NOTICE TO FI&EMEN. AND all others desirous of keepiug tiieu Feet Dry aud Warm the coining season. By calling at the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STOKE, No. 144 Chatham street, they can be accom modaled, as the proprietor ha* on hand a full assortment ol his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on hand a lull supply of all other kinds af Boots at prices to suit the times. Also??hat invaluable article Rogers' Metal ic Elastic Heel Boot can be obtained at the Old Eiclutive Boot Store, No. 144 Chatham*;. _ *211 Im'r THE EUREKA BLACKING. 'PHIS is a new article ol Blackiug, possessing qualitie -L greatly superior lo all other kinds now in use. It softens aud preserves the leather, imparting a brilliant polish with hall the usual labor required in the use of the common Blacking. It further ta ssessei that requisite so long sought for in the peculiarity ol the composiuou never becoming hard dry, or mouldy by age. Dealer* in Blacking are requested to call and receive a sample oi uie article gratis. rerlecl salislacliou warranted in every case. Manufactured and for tale by J. M. JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce street, Bear Nassau, New York. N. B.?A superior article of Writing luk is manufactured by J. M. J. and auld wholesale and retail. s24 lni'r HIGH POLISH. T EE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is uow uuiO versally admiued to be lar superior to any yet iuvented for its peculiar preservative solteniug qualities to Wie leather, and lor its exquisite brilliant jet black lustre, properties entirely unrivalled. N. B.?Forthe genuine article apply to the only Warehouse, No. 1 John tt, cornet of Broadway. CRAM. LEE, slO lrn'r Formerly Lee It Thomson. TO PERSON rIAVING LAND IN Ts*E~FAR WEST, - and others.?The undersigned intends going to Illinois about the 1st of November, for the |air|>ose ol paling tales upou lands, making sales, examining titles,recording deeds, and surveying land, and will be glad to attend to such business lor any person ueediug such service. Will also attend to collectiug.or any other kiud of business, in sucn towns, Ike., as he may- visit on his road to, aud iu tlieba, West H is had general experience in business, mercantile and professional, for niauv years. nth in the United Slates aud Europe. Lai, also furnish at the present tune copies of field notes from actual surveys, us ulered in the United States General Laud Otfice, of all lauds aponthe Military Bounty Tract bf Illinois lor liny cents tier uarler section. References unexceptionable to gentlemen of the first scspectabtlity in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia FREDERICK TAYLOR, LaladSecreiary of the Illinois Laud Company, 20 Wall strest, Nw York oOliil'ec GTTN S AND PISTOLS. {(t> EXCLUSIVELY.-CO a JOSEPH, 14 Maiden lane, up stairs, importing agen ifor the sale of English. Oermsn and French double and single tarrel Fowling and Ducking Gnus, from the lowest to the nusst Qualities ; I istols of every description, lor this and oilier markets, embracing one hundred differeul kinds, all ol which he is now prepareu to offer si the manufacturer's pricea, being appointed agent for the largest houses iu that line in Europe , which enables him to sell st extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases. jy27 3rn*r SELF-COCKING PISTOLS. BLUNT & SYM8, Im|K>rters and Manufacturers, No. 45 Chatham street, have ou hand a large aaaortmrnt of the Mix Barrel M< If Revolving Bell Cocking Pocket Pistols. These pistols have the advantage over all others of the kind by tin- imi>n*sibility of losing the caps, the nipples being placed iu a horizontal direction,and there being no cock in the way to prevent taking as correct sight as with the ordinary pistol or gun. The above pistols can be furnished lower than any others in the market, st wholesale or retail. We have as great a variety of other kiuds of Pistols as can be found, with Rilles, U. S. Muskets, for shipping aud military; Prize Muskets, do: Fowling Pieces, single anddoublu; extra large size double and single Guns for (lucking, together with Powder, shot. Flasks, Bags, Caps, Locks, Barrels, fcc., fcc., in large or small quantities. N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call aud esamine our assortment before purchasing elsewhere. s$2m*r r.*K.9?L>LiS X AliATK, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, Acc. T'HE SUBSCRIBERS, in addition to iheir former stock ol A fashionable goods, are constantly receiving by every new arrival from Puns and London, a snpidyof the most rich and fashionable Scarfs and Cravats. Their assortment ol fashions bie Stocks, Scarfs, Cravats, ready made Liuen, Uloves, Suspenders, Hosier), and all articles appertaining loa gentleman's I wardrobe, are rich and varied. They respectfully invite their J old patrous and straugers visiting this city, ta call at the old long and favorably known and make their se lections. PAKSELLS It AliATK, 141 Broadway, between Park place and Murray st. Tliev would particularly recommend an Elastic Suspender, with the , patent buckle, of their own manufacture, which for durability and cuinrort. cannot be surpassed. The impro ved Minerva Brace, intended to brace the shoulders and espand the chest, are highly recommended hy the medical faculty, aud will be fouud indis|ieiisible to persons who are inclined to |<eud forward; and in lact to all individuals of sedentary habits. Patents and Guardi nu are iMrticularly requested to namme this article, as it will be found of immense advantage to children of eithersav who have acquired the habit of stooping. PAKSELLS k AGATE continue tne manufacture ol ihelr eelebralrd Russia Hiding Belt. s2l Im'is DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS. FA. AHTAULT kt CO.. 16?X Fulton atreet, opposite St. raul'a Church, respectfully inform their friends and the public, thai they have just received by packet ship Argo, an invoice of ? , _, 1000 Daguerreotype French Plates A new suppiv of the best and newest patterns apparatus 100 ounces bromiue JO onnces bromine of iodine JO pounds hvpro>nlphate of soda JO grammes ol chloride of gold 100 pounds of tripoli of veinse JO ounces chloilde of iodine And the new book containing the lateat improvements intl e Dsguejvwotype. ik, l.i?r MARTELLEAs HOLDERMANN WILL OPEN, on Monday. October 21th, 1SI2. at their es" tshlishment, )7 Maiden line, their new style of Headdresses, just received per ship Burgundy, consisting of Ba'va's , nrbans and Bonnet Polonais, besides a variety of olhei Head presses and Ornaments, such as Tearls, Flower, Feathers, Lama Scarfs. Oold end Silver Fringes, fcc. solj Iw*ec '1'? ',iU,UNTKY MERCHANTS?The suhs.nbar would j > . "!lt*n"on of all who are t.i want of Looking Glass and I icture Frames, to his extensive stock, which lor quality and workm inamp he natters himself cannot be excelled by any nunujaetnrer m ihis city. The trade in central would do well to call Iiefore purchasing elsewhere. s- j' ?Constantly on. hand, a good assortment of Faney Woods of every description. ? ? . . . ? HORACE V. 8IGLER. No. 31 Ann street and 44 Hammersley st, New Yoik o1lm*r _ CARR'9 SUPERIOR NEW CAMPHINK LAMPS? LAMPS FOR BURNING LARD. ALSO, A large assortment of plain ami Japiatned Tin Ware Chandalnrs, Aatral and oilier Lamps, altered to burii campume and chemical oil, on an itnptoted plan. Alio? Snot rior Camphiue and Chemical Oil, at wholsale and retail hi BACKUS fc BROTHER. IM Fulton st, N. Y. N. B.?Persons can be served wiih Camphin* and Chemical Oil at their residences by leaving their addres as above. 29 lm* W YO r YORK. WEDNESDAY A ('tNKKAL BfcN IT S MORMON DIM LOSl'KKS ** ?The subscribers will publish iu he course of the ensuing week,4* Moimouum Egpoaed; or, a History of Joe Smith ami the Latter Day Saints, by Q.n. J. C. Bennett." These highly interesting aud astounding disclosures exhibit in their true colors the profligacy aud wickedness of the Mormou leaders, it will be issued iu good style, lu a 12ino. volume of upw rda of . J20 pages. Orders espec'fully solicited. LKLA.NU at WMl 1 ING. 0I6 liw*r BKAUBllKV, SODK.N 3t Co. 127 Nassiu st. BAKKRY, 40 Lisprmrd street.?The subscriber respectfully inlorms his old friends and rusioin'r.* hit he li u returned his old business of bakiu*. and will be thankful for (heir favors. Hiving itkeu the stand iormerly occupied by G. W. M1LLh K, Hi Lispeuard street, so celebrated tor good cake, and the subscriber hiving carried ou the business a number ol years at the well kuownKuickt rbocker Bakery, No. 19 William st.,a favorite resort for good crackers and biscuits?he Uiiuks he has uotfoigoltiu how to please the taste of the public. JAMfcia TOMPSON. N.B.?Always on hand, fruit c tke of all kinds aud prices? wedJiug c*ke of all sixes?pound case and sponge c?ke of all sixes?rusk, lea biscuit aud bread every afternoon?biscuit and crackers fresh every morning. oxO lin*r WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, wtiichwill O change grev' hair to its original color iu a lew iniuutea. This sclutlon IS dlifersiiL frnin ji.o v I ... I ? ? r.? pcreediug .ill ulheri. It i? liijcfily cfflc*cu?uj, tail the greet ddvinuge of beauiilyiug the bur, without mjunug its growth. Thuie who donbt iu rirtuo* ere reijue.ted te here their heir churned beiore puyiug their laoaey. If humbuga would telle Una method there would be uo reeaou to couiplam. Due will prove the fact. Sold who et.tie and retail, eud applied, It No. 5 Chatham etreet, oppoaite the Hall of Kecorila, New York, up ataira. o? lin*r (JARPtl'lNOsJ. /^iAHPK I INUS, CAKPETIN OS?Cheaper thin trer?All those who are in waul of carp tings, uoticc die following: All wool lugraiu Carpeting, ouly 3s |*?r yard. M extra " 4s M suiwr 4s6d44 * extra sup 41 'j% m M double 44 6s6d44 Three ply, superior patterns and colors, Us do do do extra quslby, lUs English Brussels, extra, Ills Kay ki Wilton and Velvet Car}>etiug, equally low. Together with a large assortment ol druggets, oilcloths, rugs, door ui?ts, table and piano covers, uidia lusiliug* stair r ?ds,*t,c., tiie largest slock ol goods in the city. Purcntseis would hud it to then decided interest to cad ani ex ainiue this slock before looking elsewhere. R. SMITH, JR., 448 Pearl st, Opposite William street. N. B ? Heavy Jute Carpeting at the low price of Is fd per yard. Remember, liie number is 448 Pearl street. o2l lm*r COUGHS AND CULUS" I |} hMKMBKli, No i4 North Sixth atreet. one door below AV Arcli tired, Philadelphi 1, the most certain and best Family Medic.ue, lor Cougiis, Colds, Spil.iug iilood, Thioat and Lung Disease, a rising seusatiou like chokiug, tickling, or unpleasant obst.ucliou-.. For the above, Dr. SVVAVNL'S Com nouuu Syrup of Wild Cherry will be l'ouud the great remedy. Prisons who have aou?ed themselves <>y the u?eoi ardent spirits will hud both their streugih and resolution mu'*h improved by leaving oil' the spirits, and taking a draught of Hie above restorative. All preparations from this valuable tree, except the above,may he considered spurious or couulerfeil The real article mav be had ot the following Agiiits, or at No. 6t North Sixth street, Pmldelphia?AU?NTS Dr. W. H. MILNOH, L>iug*i*t, No. 192 Broadway. MHS. M. HAtfKS, No. 139 Full on st, ttrook.yn. B?NJ. OLDS, Newark, N. J. JOHN MASON, Paltenou, N.J. _ o2l lin*r WA1 CH?S LOWKH THAN ?V?H.?lu couseqoeui e ol the leductiou ol duties oy the late tariff, the subscriber is selliu* his stuck of Oord silver Levers, Au hor fe.*Cdpemeui Lepiue, and other Watches, ol new and splendid palter us, anU Jewelry, at retail, at a considerable reduction I rout former prices, being uiucn lower than tliey can be nought for at any other place in the city. Gold W itches as low ru 25u to 26 dollars each. Watches and Jewell y exchanged or bought. All Watciu s wamatrd t ? kisp mod ti .? 01 im moo* , n* turned. Watches aud Clocks repaired iu the best mauuT and warranted, at much less thau the uju il in ices. U. C. ALLr.N, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, ol2 lnfm Wh .lt sale and Retail, 30 W ill *1., up stairs. THE HEW ToHK xylojradhu; PreSSu 4a \f a i n v !m i a vi l' i i u cesiuu IN Tlit lilTiM rufuit vane tics iu thu department the proprietor uuy safely challenge competition w1111 duy oilier eslablisnuieul iu the World, anil udt uuuti In* own immediate sujierinUudeuCe Ule most akillul Workmen, duildll llie mjuisl.e material* lor executing every description ul X> log rapine Lugiaviug and Priming. Origiual Designs auil Plates of every description eiecuied iu the hrsl sty e ol the art, aud beautifully primed iu Brume ur Kaucy Colors. Druggists, Perfumers, Mauuiaclurers, Uroceia and other Labels, constantly uu liaud, wholesale or retail, aud all article! couurcled with the trailc. Job 1'riutiUK in every variety of style eiecutedi u the heat niauuvr lu order, and uu the uiutt reasonable terms. S'l'te-L I'LA i'L AND COPPfcKPLAit KNIJRAVINU AND PRINTING Notes, Checks, Draiu, Bills ul? Lichauge, Certificates of Stock, do Depositr, Blanks or professional, weddsug aud rui tin* Cards, ueatly engraved ud puuted, at si oil uutice, and uu the most reasonable terms. The lowest possible price is cliar ICed lurall work duue at this establialmicut. All orders Iruin the cuuniry puuctually attended to, and articles ordered, lurwarded tu auy |>art ul trie Lulled Stales, or trie Cauadas. sl6 iui*r CHAS. SHIELDS, Prot rietor A K T 1 3 1 1 N IT A 1 R MAMi-rscTURitD rauM LA DIRS' AND CilbN 1'c.E.vitN'S HAIR. IN five hundred ditfereul designs, necklaces, bracelets, watch guards, ear-rings, tlowers, rings, wigs, scalps, ate. ttc. Ladle ur geutlemeu liavtug tiarr ul a living ur deceased friend, call ge, it tunnel by him lulo any design the nund cau conceive?iu such a form it will ue a kerpaakc invaluable. A. C. BARRY, . ItC Broadway, cor of Liberty street, up stairs. N. B.?Individuals resident iu the Country ur living at au inconvenient distance troin the city, cau have all such urders promptly csreuted, by lorwardiug through the medium ul the post utlice the liair to be fashioned, with a drawn aud specified design ul the workmanship, aud enclosing Iroua live to twenty do lari, according to which sum the superiority oi manufacture aud style ul mounting iu gold will depend. All such corninu locations lo be post paid. A C. B. ol lm*r VJELLINU Okr? nICHAKL KKESE, lata of the nrin o Reese It Hills, offers for sale at cost a large assortment of pen, pocket, aud tiirk knives, scissors aud raswrs, together with table cutlery ol every descriptiuu. Also, Britannia ware, tea "" v.'- OU- wuit avcUIUIAUl, KUIU riUK?< plus, chains, >1 ver and gold levers, fcc., fcc. This stock must positively be ac.d on 01 before the 1st of Novtinber next MICHAEL KEE9E, 27 !m*rc 70 Maideu Line, op stairs. STATE OK NEW YOKK-SECHETAKY'S OFFICE,) A in nt, Aug. 31,1842. { TO THE SHERIFF of the City mil County of New York ?Sir? Notice is hereby given, that at the next Oenenl Election, to be bsld ou the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November next, the following otherrs are to be elected, to wit: A Governor and Lieutenant Governor of this State. A Senator for the first Senatorial District, to supply the vacancy which will accrue by the expiration of the term of service of Gabriel Furmsn, on the 1st day of December next. Also, the following City aud County Officers, to wit Thirteen Members at Assembly, aud a Register in the place of J. Sherman Brownell, whose term of service will expire ou the last day of December next. Yours rei|>ecifnl)y, S YOUNG, Secretary af State. The above is a true copy of a notification received from the Secretary of State. MONMOUTH B. HART. Sheriff of the City aud County of New York. Sheriff's Office, New York,, 10, 1842. All the publie newspapers in ihe county will publish the above once in i aeli week until the election. See Revised Statutes, vol. 1st, chap. 6th, title 3d, article 3d, jwrtlst, page 110. oiniNfr n F.FORM YOUR STOVE BILLS.-Economy and utility TV being Ike order of tne day, ihc subscriber has determined to sell Stoves at the lowest iiossible remunerating prices; his Column Parlor Stove, answering all the pur|>osei of the grate, with half the trouble and expense, suitable for sitting rooms, offices, stores, or halls, is worthy ihe attention of persons wishing to purchase. His assortment of cooking Stoves are lint surpassed in llie city, for cheapness <u<l superior style of coasrructiau, combining all the requisites for kitchen use, ami a great saving of fuel, which if an item many persons overlook iu selecting stoves. He solicits honsekeepe s and others to give him a call at the office of the Warren Furnace Company, No. 22 Fulton street, N. Y., before purchasing elsewhere. As his company manufacture their stoves, purchasers will I not be subjected to a tax by buying from second hands. Their assortment consists of air-tight, cooking and itarlor Stoves, Pumps, Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, fcc., wholesale and retail Orders for castings solicited. J. V. TIBBE1TS. olS Im'ec 22 Fulton street, N. Y. FISK'3 PATENT NOVELTY COOK STOVE. qmis Stove was pronounced last year, and is this, by all I- who have it, to he not only the best ever niventid, hut the only Stove they ever had by which baking, boiling, and roast- | ine. could be doue perfectly, and at the same time. This year the impraveinrut has b-en such, that doukl. the I amount of cooking can be done, (and that too to perfection) thin upon any other Stove of the same size ; for pqyof of which, you have ntilv to call at Fish's Stove Establishment, 209 Water street, where any quantity "f references will be aiveu?and further, e very Stove warranted, or the money refunded. Fish's R- giilatiiic Premium Drum for parlors, Hall Drums,and hill, ptrior, and office stoves, and all the ordinary cooking stoves, f t sale cheap FISK'S Stove Estab'ishment, 209 Water strr?t. The above stove, and also the regulating drum, can now be seen St the Fair \ but those d, siring stoves, are requested t> call st th- establishment, wh* re they can elamiue them to better advantage, 209 Water street. old lm*ec L.WOOD'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HALL STOVES. THIS is one of the most valuable inveations ever offered to the publ c in the stove linr. an t ii the m >si ptrfect article evtani, for the nse of all kinds of coa or wood, iu healing apartments. It has do Isbs thru four radiafrirs and iwn descend ing flues, so arranged that the radiators are placed hi ween two fires, ami cause all the heat generated le be distributed into the apartment : while in otne stoves a large portion..I the hesl is rarrif??l nff in il><> iiiim* (Inn n#rk ( rn?l in tl.ll iltifn will yield more heal than buahal in the Ileal store now before the liublic ; while yon hare the advantage of an open fire ar splrndid grate at pleasure It 1a allowed by all i-H? hare eiamined it to be the moat perfect combination of ttttiitt sad ..mamml ever brought forward, but to he fully appreciated, it needa ouly to be ? en and examined. and all in want of a superior article for heating par lora.halla officii, nurseries, he. are intited to call. Pricea are suited to the timea. Alio on hand a rariety of other Stotki, anitable for all [iarlioaea, which will be aonl eery low. L. WOOD, 2J7 Water street, between oil lm*r futli alip and Beehman atreat. STOVES?OVENS. largest assortment of Stoves of any houae in New A York.?Their newly invented Parlor Stove needa hut to lie aeen to be universally adopted. Its immense radiating anrfa e eiceeda that of anv other eto' e now i i me?exhibits inure fire, with the eonaninption of Iran fuel, man anv former invention. It also discharge* its own aihes by a simple process, without soiling or lodging its dual on the furniture of the room in which it is used. It will be founo the cheapest and moat economical Stove ever brought before the public. All , Cook St res, new, air tight, fcc. in all varieties, from three dollars upwards Erin article w?rranted. RILEY'S PATENT BOILER AND IRON HEARTH it an admirable article?they can be fitted t? any stove now in uae, and of unequalled value in broiling steaks, toasting bread, an ' also in heating iron' fcr ironing clothes, Riley is the inventor and aole patentee. 08I lm*r _ RiLEY k MYERS, 2i Bowery. N O T T ' S ri T 0 V E S DEPAlHk D > RICHARD AYLIFFE, eatabliahad nine fh years at nr. .1 it ham street, New York. R A. ha* Nott'a and other Store i, which he can aell at a very reduced price Stoves and pipe put up at the shortest notice. N. B.?Pipe constantly on hand. a*7 lm*r |RK I 10RNING, OCTOBER 26 TO THE AMATEURS OF THE I ACCORDION ! SIONOR L. MARTINI beg* to iufom the public tbal he has just published Ins AmohImm i??immm. which riilcd iu two parts?the lint lor tlie Accordioua without semitones?the second for those with seini-loues, both of which srs amply furnished with telrrted inssic, sml em roses pro gressively wrillon, inordvrthal the smoteur can r-jlly lisre entire roininanil over tlie instrument. SIliNOIl M ARTINI bsgsalaoto state thai he hss a large collection of M8S. music lor the Accerdmu, which he intends to publish shortly, unl he arrange* for that instrument any sort ol music he should be leijuireu. The Siguor wilt be lhaulrful to all those who will favor him at his residence,'JO Canal street, wiieie tie continues to give Ins lessous. aulb Jin*r RE MOVA L. PHILLIPS* CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, is rumored from 141 Broadway to No. 7 Attor House ECONOMY IS GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. (Jarineuii of a most .legsul and b ashionable kind rt a siring of 60 per cent for cash. 'PHE advertiser di tns it unnecessary to result to the hackA ueyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presuming thai the length of time he has beeu established. together Willi the extensive patronage bestowed oil mm, wilt prove a sum cieut voucher for hit ca|iabililics. I'osscs-iug the advantage ol being connected witli an extensive cloth establishment ill Euri)* he confidently assets that he can hirwish clothes which, ou comparison, will be fouud kiwtr than any other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's rlreas. slO 3ui S. PHILLIPS, 7 Aalor House, Braadwar A R f I d T I N II A I K , MANUFACTURED FROM LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S HAIR. NOT !?? thsu two invhes long, m one hundred different designs?Necklaces, Bracelets, Watch guards, Kar-rings, flowciii Rion, Win tad Boa in. a c barry's wigs and scalps. Still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their Peculiar light, gossamer,a id teuuUliug character, their being shaped exactly as the natural hair grows; their elasticity and their suiH-nor ma teriai aim worxmaii.hip, iu wi ll us their style 01 finish .mil urairangeinrut, all coniDiue to form such perlecl heads of liair, that the j inmt be seen to be fully appreciated. Parties hai ing a piece of hair ul a living or drceaaed Irieud, cau get h foiuird by him into any deaign the miudcau conceive. In such a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. Gratuitous advice giveuou all diseases connected with the hair,at the Hair Cutting Knoms, H6 BROADWAY, cor of Liberty street, jylJ6m* Up Stairs. Id HO!!! KING'S VERBENA CREAM. 'PHIS Celebrated Shaving Compound is uow all the rage, as A well ainuus coiisorian professors, as among those who prefer ta gatnerm tunr own diurn-1 crops The improvement recently midr in its manufacture places the Verbena Cream above coinpetitiou. '1 he subscriber having purchased the cony right, presents it to the public Willi an elegant new laU I, and cuarauleea thai lor ease in having it can he e<|uall< donl) by a Wall street broker, the ('ream possessing the advantage nl (iviug batter satisfaction to the party by the operation, and tlui speaking fruui experience. To prevent imposition by the spurious articles now in tlie market, lue directions lor use will have the written siguatuie of the pioprietor, none oilier being geiiuiue. For sale wholesale and retail at 10U Nassau st, K. SlNi LAlll, Pronneter. N. B.?Also lor sale, Riux's Iblilir of Life, Nelson's Ex tract ol' Sarsaparilla, Ur. Browder's Comimund Syrup of ludian Turuip, ?lc. _ ol lin*in O'l'EAM ENGINE.?Kor .ale cheap, a lorty liorsr i-ower hJ strain eugius. Tlte cylinder is one foot diainster and sis feel stroke, with governor, flu. - pump, and tixiuies complete; lly wheel fourteen feel diameter anp weighs four and a hall tons, with sliall leu leet long, oue pinion. Also one spur wheel, three feet diameter. The work is got up in a ural, substantial and workmanlike maimer,and idtptcd to tile use of suain ex pensively Fo.-fnrtaei particulars inquire of O. C. IHSCOX, No. IdAiinsliret, N V , ollice ul story, ?P lin*r ~305 HliOAL)WA Y. pAHIS FANCY GOODS off very cheap.. The subA sCi I be r u islim* t<? In .? , offers the remaining stock of Faucy Good#, wint li he will dispose of ul much reduced prices. L ulies will do well to call. o24 lw*m POK 1'AitLh BLAOlvsl.vU PR'S FORGES.- the suosr.ribers, being the sole Ago.its lor (lie Manufacturers of Court I iii's Patent Portable Forge anil Bellows, beg leave to call the attention of the nutilic to the above article. That they have been called lor and unreduced iu nearly all |>arti of the United States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of their utility and convenience; be oik portable and compact, gives tliem far the preference over the coinmoa Kurge lor Shipping of every description, Ksil Roads, Canals, 1'lintations, Manu factories and all par|iotes for which the ordinary Forge is used. Those manufactured fur the U. S. Navy are Wrought Iron. We would refer those wishing to purchase to sotne few who can recommend them Irom personal as well ns general knowledge, via:? Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Messrs. Carr, Kenn St Haines, Philadelphia. Hon. (Jovermer Keinhie, West Point Fouudry, <'old Spring, N. Y. Messrs. S B. Allhause St Co. 143 Broadway, N. Y., and our city blacksmiths generally. GAY * TEBAULT, sil 3in*rc corner ol Old slip and Water M. M ONI) M K N TS, AC. IJOBRRT E. LAUNITZ, (late Fraiee k Launitzj Sculptor -1* and Artificer in Marble, No. 591 B toad way, Npw York. Statues, Monuments, Butts, KoiutdiiLs, Tombs, Head Stones, Vi&pi kc. ol itip 1111vnt A inprirdn mid IiaIiati Mnrhl. a in a chaste and classic style. N. B. Cron-n water hiring heen introduced into the city, Mr. L. will h? pleased to eiecute all orders for erecting fountains Cor gentlemen in their gardens, as he has had many years expeneuca iu Italy and this country. The best ot city reference given. All orders by letters, giving New York city references, attended towith puoet uilicy and despn'rh. sf7 lm*m lli io <4v shtcm or the Mariise Loses, Wa.hiuKton, lih October, 1812. SEPARATE PROPOSALS will be receded at the oft ce of the Quartermaster of the Marine Cor|?, in this city, until 10 o'clock, A. M., on Tuesday, ihe 8th day of November nest, for furnishing rations to the United States Marines at the following Stations lor the year 1813 :? Poitamouth, New Hampshire ; Charlestowu, Massachusetts ; Brooklyn, Long Island, New York ; (Josport, uear Norfolk, Virginia ; Peusacola, Florida, and Washington, Distric t of Columbia. The rations to consist of one pound and a onarter of fresh beef, or three quaiters of a ikju tid of mru pork; eighteen ounces of bread or flour, at the option of the Government, .nil at the rate of ill pounds of good clean coffee, twelve pounds of good New Orleans super, eight quarts of beans, four quarts of vinegir, two quarts of salt, four pounds of saap, and one and a half pounds of good dipped candles to each hundred rations. It is understood that the full side ot heel (neck and shins excluded) be .I, livered if required ; if such quantity be not required, that tha fore and bind quarters be delivered alternati Iv ; and the bread or flour shall be of superfine quality. All tne articles to be unexceptionable,and to be issued to the troops win. hi: expense to the United States. No offer will be entertained at this office unless accompanied by the names of the sureties of the proposals to be ?ndorscd "Proposals for rations for 1843." AUG. A NICHOLSON, Quartermaster Marine Corps. The American Sentinel and Ptunsylvanian, Philadelphia; the Portsmouth Gazette, New Hampshire; ihe New York Evening Post, tha New York Herald, tlie New York Enquirer, and the Naw York Union; the Baltimore Republican; the Norfolk Beacon; the Norfolk Herald; the Richmond Kii juirer and Richmond Wing; ihe Alexandria Gazette. Alexandria, D C.; and the Peiuacoia Gazette, wilt giro ihe above three Insertions each per week, and Send one copy ol the advertisement to accom|iany the account when forwardod to this office for payment- o8e<>dto8N PIAS'O FORTES TO HIRE.?G. OODONK 40iX Broadway, between Walker and Lisiienard streets, keeps a large assortment of Tiano Fortes to hire, from three to eight dollars |M-r month. Also, Foreign Music of the latest Operas of Italy. Sig. A. Baginli's method of singing. Solfeggi's lor one an two voices. Roman Striugi lor Harps, Violins, Onifarx, Sic. All kinds <>l Musical Instruments repaired. sMeodlm*r GUITARS. AA'ARTIN ACOUPA, Guitar M tuufacturers, J8j Broadway, I'-l up stairs, have constantly on hand a large assortment of Guitars, of French, Oeinian, and Spanish model. M. A C. would call the attention of Solo players to their Terz Guitars, made after the model of Giuliani, which in brilliancy and ounty o( tone are superior, ami very eaey to the execution. The itutrumenta arc warranted perfect, and to ataud any change ol climate, and will h? exchanged at any time ahould they not prove satisfactory Stramcen are muted to call and examine them. Pricea from $15 to (100. Sold, wholeaale and retail. S. B. Coups continues to give Lesxoas ou the Guitar. II 2m cod * THE TKKTH. THIC TEETH?A reduction of 21 t>er cent?Upper and A lower sets of teeth inserted on suction or atmospheric pressure, so as to he worn with ease and firmness, from a tingle tooth to au entire set; all can Ire supplied with the best mineral teeth; toothache cured. For ritracting tooth, JQ cents. Children's, naif price. J. Buskey, Surgeon Dentist, 71 Mur ray street, nest door to the church, west of Broadway, jy23 eod 3rn** ]\/f AGAZC^ES AND PERIODICALS FOR OCTOBER. ivA Artist, Godry's Ladir.B elk, O anam'i Magazine, Ladies World ef Fashion Young Peoples' Book . Boston and Bentley's MiscelUuy, Ac ; Finn House of the XIX Century, wilh more than 200(1 *nvratiugs ; Bnlical Joorual and Christian Family Magazine, edited by he Rev. H. R od and D. Newell ; Temiieiaucr and o;her Almanac. : the R inbow, anew humorous and witty journal, well calculated to please the and gay. All ol which will be sold at wholesale and retail, and those who hny to sell again at a lower rate than can be obt line I elsewhere. N. B?Fifty agents wanted t.i rircnla'e magazines, periodi csls. Ac. A. J. SEXTON, No. 11 Beekman, W>?U lA*t Corner Nassau. take notice New and great invention.?Francis's HIGHLV IMPROVED MANIFOLD WRITERS.? By this wonderful invention, a letter and duplicate can he written in one operation, with more ease oud greater facility than a ingle letter with an nrdina.y penand ink. To the mercantile, professional, and travelling part of the community, ihis truly great invention is of infinite value, as it is a girat saving of time, trouble and eipense. The principal advantage to be derived from the manifold writer is, thai a cony of any document may be kept without any additional trouble to the writer, and withont any ueoessity of using cither au inkstand or a pen. The instrument used for writing la an agate point, consequently it never wears by use. For banks, insurance offices, merchants, men of business generally, lawyers, postma.iers, editora, rcpoiterx, public officers, and all who may hie. with am imm me saving ol time, ami the aatia/actian of h > vin* an eiict copy ol what they have written, this will be found invaluable. Franc 11 *? Manifold Writer haa now heen in anrceaaful oPention two yeara, dunng which time the proprietor h'a hail thplraaur* of receiving the uiife gneil approbation of all whole approbation it haa cgmr under. At the lal? Fair of Ihe American In-unite the merit* of the ari.ele Mere namincd into by three of the moat able chemiatt in the rottntry, who nrononnced it to it- a very ingenona ane meful contrivance, and not lialile to change color hy egiiotorr ro air. moiature, or ehemical agenta. Conart|genllv a medal waa awarded by the Inatitutr. The proprietor haa lately made great unprovementa in thia article. I he paper ot the beat quality manufactured in the United Stalea, Wing made for the ni oaifold writer eipreaaly to hit order. Thi*ruling of them, whieh haa for aome time hern thought impoaaihlr. haa at length been brought to perfection for which a copvright haa be?n aeenred. The copying boulta are hound in a variety of forma and anea, vaiyuig in price from M centa and upwarda. Sta'ioneit and Country merchanta in general will And it to their advantage to procure the article, aa thay meet with a teadr aalr. A liberal deduction made to thoae who bay by whofcaale. New?|uiper) or magazine! throughout the couutrv copying the aboveenrire without alteration or abridgement (including thia notice) and giving it twalve inaide uiaeitiona, ahall receive a corn auhjtctto their order by tending a iwper containing the adeertiaement to the office of the anhachber. LRW.g FRANCIS,gj William rtreet, oil la*r corner Maidaa Lane, New York. IERA . 1842. II A T S FALL FASHION?1842. WM. BANT A would respectfully cull the attention of J^^his friends,customer* and the public in general, to hi* assortment of lists of the Kail Pattern,got up with t particular re* gard to neatiieaa, style, and durability. Persona about ?uppl> iug themselves with that iudi?p? u*jhle article of dress, and who study taste and economy hi its *t lection, would do well to give hlin a call,a believing that the within tamed low prices would fully satisfy thein of the siibscriln is pretentions to ?.ell cheap, vrs:?Short napped silk hats at $2.M; moleskin do $1; bl i? k ? assiuirre do $ J, .*>41; ueutria do $3,Ml; beaver do $4,A). Also ou hand gentlemen s traveling and drejs ca|?.children's velvet,cloth, and laucy caps, youths and boys hats and caps. s8 Im eou*r WM. BANTA, No. 130 Chath n Ck At 'KKKS.?Parr's cheap < rackrr Baker VI near Walker street.?Constantly on hand, Soda, Milk and Wiin Biscuit; machine and hard made Butter, Sugar and Boston Crackers, Ac.; Pilot and Navy Bread, all at low prices. Slop,ung ,ui<i country onkupatipin barroU, kegs and boxes. A liberal discouut allowed, and delivered callage tree. N. B.?Passengers to tarojie or New Orleans supplied cheap. * 8 I in * ' A ltlCH TONKO KKiHT SII.VKU K , r .. FLU T E . CECOND HAND?a rare and splendid instrument, will be ? sold cheap. Apply to T MON/ANI, o7 lm+m X. i linmpsoii street. U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. I't "ST OFFICK, New York, 25DiJuly, 1812. HOUKS of Delivery each <lay, (Sundays eiceptrd) ai Die Upp4r and Lower Post Offices:? Letters deposited before Hall-|>aal 8 o'clock, A Ml 12 J " I' M Will be aent out for deAt all ike Stations before livery at 9 A M, sail I 7 o'clock, A M aud 4 o'clock, I' M. II I " P M Letters to be sent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affiled to them, otherwise three cents will becol.ected ol the oarty to w hom th? letter is addiessed. No inoury must be enclosed iu lei lets unless re, istered at t ,e |>rinci|ial offices. Lists ol the stations (at all of which "free stamps" may be purchas. d at ,MJ |?t*r 100, and every information may be obtained on dpplica'ioii ?*t the upper or lower post office*. Stamps issued by the late CityDespatch Tost will be received. It is indispensable that the number of the rt aideuce ahould be stated iu ail letts ra sent thrnuuh-tbis Post. The Post Master solicit* the earliest iuiormation should any occur. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM au38 I y ec Post Master. CORPORATION NOTICE.?Public notice is hereby given that a Sab- of Property for unpaid Taxes will take place, at public au -Hon, tt the City Hail of the City of New York, on Monday, the Mb dav of December, 1812, at 12 o'clock, noon,and bt continued from day to day until the whole of said property shall be sold; and lint the retailed statement of the taxes, and Iiroperty to be sold, is published in the New Era, a newspaper puttied and published iu thecity of New Yoik. D. D. WILLIAMSON. Comptroller. CompirolUr'a Oflce, Aug. 31, IHI, si lt?W Mw < < HR NSl t < >K EJsT Ci ? N& 6 MURRAY STREET. MONiJ. AND MAUAMt BtRHARD, Corn Doctori, from Pari*, BKO LKAVK to inform the inhabitant, of New York, that tin*y will be hipnv to wait upon all who inayadesirf their services. Mom. and Mini. Berhard have been practicing iu Die United Stales but a few munDis, and iu that short time have re tnd others, as to the benefit and comfort which they have received since they have hem attended by them. They have the honor to inform the public that by a new and peculiar method tney extricate Hard and Soft Corns, Bunions, Callosities, lie. without cutting. Mom toil M ide. B, do nor tttempt to off* i t nostrum requiring secresv or lailh to eiisure its efficacy; but couhdeutly assure those who may suffer from troublesome and paiufuI Corns, that they*<Hay have the satisfaction of carryiug away their Lormeutor, the* Corn. in their hands .Moas. ami Made. B. hare in their possession upwards of two 1 thousand certificates from those who have experience^, relief at , their hauds. Mons. ami Made. B. have practiced their profession for several years in German*, France and fclugland, and | tiave tojuired great skill aud much practical experience?a fact I attested by numerous certificates from the inost celebrated KuUllhi If reach end (itnuo nhvsieian*. as well as from MVfTll <>f m nobility and gentry ??i thoee cooDtrist. delivered to then after lour years cure. T&M operation will not OOCVM more than ten minutes, and the relief is so iiistautaueous that the persons thus treated can immediately put on their shoes and walk without the least iuconvenieuce. Ladies and gentlemen will be waited on at their own residence, if they desire it. At home in the moruiug I till 11, and in the afternoon from 9 till A -.'/ l.wl/ OflctU Boston, 161 Court at- jy8 3m*r J. SHANKS, M. b. OCULIST, AND Professor of Ophthalmic Anatomy and Surgery, DIse4i?i of the Eye aud Ear, and Imperfections of Vision. Office 192 Bioad way, corner John street, ?p stairs. N.B.?Doctor Shank* oeg* to iuforin those affected with Diseases ?>f the Eye or Ear, or Irnperfectious of Vision, that, ou application at Ins office, their cases will meet with ih it skill and treatment winch mn?t necessarily follow a inasl extensive practice, basetl on an accurate auat unic&l, physiologic il, and PitholoRical knowledge of the the human Eye aud Ear, and I that part of Optics ircruinig to Vision. Office hours, from 10, A. M. to 3, P. M. daily, Sundays excepted. H? ferences?The Medical Dtpartmeut.of the Univ* rsitv of | the City of New York. a2~eodlin*r I THE OPENINli Oh ! C L I R h HUGH'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT FOR HAIR CUT TING AN1) CURLING, WIGS, SCALPS, Ate. No. Mi BROADWAY, phlHKHUUH has. in connection with his present premises, opened a suit of Rooms consisting of a grand gallery of fashion, Appropriated entire y lor Gentlemen', hair cutting. Thia aplen did room ? lilted ap i the.lyleof Loui.XlV. ul France. The wall.are in panuel. p n Hen after the manlier of Waiieau, Bouchetl, 6te., and in 1.11:1 i i. of the<ibeiiu'i tape.try. The .how-caaea, mirror., .ilea, ottuman., ate., are in the rune Jtyle ol ornament*^ alto i vO, lim.hed in while and gold, loeminii a tout never .eu in Una country, and not aur poikd ih Kurt pe. THE LADIES' ROOM ia private, and devoted entirely , lnemaelvea,for hair-drea.inf, lilting on wwa, curl., fcc., aud , n .ouaultaliun on the growth and health ofihe hair, and ia fittej i with every regard to ac commodation and comfort. THE GEN I'LEMEiVS WIG ROOM it for those who with to be private wh - fitting on wigs and scalp*. C. may here remark, that as 11 very department of hi*profession, the cfiaracter of his workn established for its sui?friority, so does he intend to make only t very best wigs and scalps, and ask according to the times, to j *ery lowest remunerating profit. Mr. C. will be found always ' at home." an^. will give his sole and undivided atteution to all who wish toe -ue countenance n nder the magic of his tonch. >*22 r b LOCUTION. Pronvnciatio est vocis, et vultus, et gestus, moderatio cam ve? kssutc.-Cictso. MH. HARVEY, from Edinburgh, Professor of Elocutiou, 1 ^ respectful Iy announces that he will oi?eu private classes in Elocution, English Oramtnu. and Coin|?osition. Individuals, Families, Academies and Colleges, will be attended at their respective places N. B. Those who have a prospect of apiwaring ?ither at the Bar, in the Pulpit, or on the stage, will derive considerable advantage in being under his tuition. Fees paid in advance. Communications and addresses will he received at the following bookstores : Mr. RofTs, ifc Division street; Mr. Elton's, 98 Nassau street ; Messrs. Turner 9i Fishei's, lf?9 Broadway ; ! Messrs. H. It 8. Radnor's, 76 Bowery ; Mr. Neclv's, 2il BUecfcar ?u o7 lw*r "* l'<) ECONOMISTS AND THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. A SPLENDID and well selected assortment of rich new Fall Goods, just leceived i>er latest importations, at the Broidwav Cash Tailoring Establishment, is now offered to the ?tis|?-rh-ri of in ' rs, cin/.fiis and "trtug* COttlprUlllf every variety of the finest and most desirable Goods, adapted to the fall fashions, viz English and French Cloths, of every shade ; heat t i, usplMlluin, iri'?hair and camels' hair Cloth for over coats, peltos, au . ; English and Fiench elastic Cassimeres, ann an endless assortment of rich silk, silk vt I vet, merino, cashmere and other splendid Vesting*?the whole of which are of recent purchases for cash;at the present low prices, and will be made toorder in the be<t manner and most fashionable j style, and every garment warranted, at the srriillest advance possible, by which means consumers will be supplied with a splendid article at prices which defy competition, and injuring * saving of at Inast 31% per cent. Of this the mm' sceptical may be convinced by eiiminlug the material!, workmanship, an<i prices, and comparing the <ame with other fashionable establishments. N. B. A full snit furuished in loss than twenty-four hours.? Terms tssh on delivery. ARTHUR 9. LEVY, 169 Broadway, be;w en Courtland! and Liberty sts. o 7 Iw*m LIBRARY OF 9ELEI T NOVLLS. PRICE TWEN l Y-KIFE CENTS EACH. TYARPEK 4t BROTHERS will publish on Tuesday mornn ius, the 26'li instant. No. VIII of tlie Library of Select Novels, comprising? RIENZI, the Lasi of the Tribunes. By Sir E. L. Bulwer. Witn a Plate. Price Twenty-five Cents. Alio, lately published, New> Editions of N 1.1 ?I'ELHAM; or, tne Adventures of a Gentleman. By Bulwer. With a Portrait of the Author. Price Tweut>-live Cents. No. II.?THE DISOWNED. By Bulwer. With a Plate. Price Twenty-live Cent". No. Ill-DKVr.REl'X. By Bulwer. With a Data. Price Twrtin -five Cents. No. IV.-?'AUL CLIFFORD. Bv Bnlwer. Wi'h a Plate. Pric- I'wentv five Cents No. V.?EUGENE ARAM. By Bulwer. With a Plate. Price Twenty-five t cuts. No VI.?THe LAST DAYS OK POMPEII. By Bui Wer. With S Plate. Price Twenty-five CetUa. No. Vll?THE CZARINA, an H stonral Romance olthe Court of KusS'a. An entirely new wor.. By Mrs. Iloffl and. Price Twent)-five Centa. ot6 It*re li y m N a s i u m , 8pahring nchool <fc pistol gallery. MEH8R9. HUDSON u OTTIGNON re (wctfally inform the gentlemen ol New York, that their eitensiva rooms at he corner of Umsdway and Cnambera street, lor 9|>arring, Gymnastics and Tistol practice, are now open fiir the season. Numerous improvemcnta and additions have been lately made w the Ovmnasiiim. which will now be fonnd in every respect enrnnlcie ami-.piil to anyotner in the country for athletic et esset. Unerring taught on the moat approved principles. Gentlemen visiting the Pistol Gallery will be supplied with Pistol of a superior quality. Terms moderate. Gentlemen are invited tot ill at any time diring the day ult lm*r raffle, raffle, raffle. gentlemen's cloaks GH) BE RAFFLED for positively on the first of NovemI her neat, two sidenpid hlue cloth gentlemen's Spanish Circular Cloaks, with capes, handsomely mule up with a velvet collar and facings, rapes, lined with silka. and complete in every other ret|ieet. Tickete %- W each. At the raffle will otilivelv take place on ill- *h >?r mm' I eve. Tickela mgil rw 1*4i*l for, whehemne or more, when (he number* are taken. At a number of Ticket# are air'lily told, gentlemen without t chance would *ln w* ll to apply early ? at tueh a chance teldom offer*?the higheit tnd low- tl number* are to hat* a cloak each. For further particular!, apply at No. 1 Murray ttreet, corner Broadway, where the cloak* are to be tean. Jt tNovl'r T I V (> L | S A I, <) n X . THK I.AKOEST and motl tplendid Halnon in the city for i ' Muncal Hoiiaet, Concert*, Attemhliei, Military Ball*, Private and Public Dtnn r Ptrtiet, Political Mertinga ?wi: hout distinction of tiarty. The Praprtetor, e?er antiont to gain to hunaelf and thit ettahlithment a reputation ( mde|>eiideiit of ([reat profit) hat leaaed from the owner on anch term* a? wil enable him to compete with any other ettabhehm ent, aiel thall oe mntt happy to maka artancm' tita (in accordtace with the timet) witn all who may favor hnn with a call ; and atturet them that no paint or etpente Will be aptrrd t<> (if entire tatitfaclion. ? . . WM. P. DEN MAN, Proprietor. T. 8. Tuesday evening* of each week it tet apart f or hfltt I - ? LD. Prtc? Two Coots County Court. Judge Ulshoetfer, lir*t Judge, m the ( hair. OcT.'Jd The Court met, Jiursuiiut to adjournment, to try the vharden preferred against Menri. Mattel!, Stevens and Parker, Poliae justices, lor discharging prisoners irom Black w ell's I aland, and causing them tone brought into the city to vole. I'reaent, the Mayor, the Kecorder, JuJgcs lugli* and liigraham, and the varioua m. rubers ol the Boaid of Aldermen. Messrs. Patterson a..d O'Couner appeared lor the prosecution, and Meaara. Lord, Pnca and Brady for the delence. Mr Pat tcRao.N roae, and raad alhdavita of servics of charge*. tic. Mr Bhiix followed, and in a long speech contended that the charges ought not to be received by the Court? some ol it* own members are accused?had the allegations been correct, it would have been the date of the Or and Jury to indict the parties sought to be implicated. It was not authcieut to enable this Court to piocued in the matter that Lloyd smith, oau ol the members ot the Grand Jury, came iu and aid that the body to which he belonged had the sabject before it He hoped the attempt to involve the iwo AMermru would not have the eltect ol driving them Iroin their seat*. llu insisted that the proceedings should be quashed. He wen replied to by Mauri. Lobd and 0"Coi?i?o*, who contended mat the proceeding* were legal. Mr. (J'C'onner deuieil any intuution of attempting to drive off eitner ol the member*, and declared that .they would ai noon try the cane before any three member* ol the Court, us before the whole. He read from the preaeutmeut, which state*, m unbalance, that the I'olice justices, lour Aldermen, Deputy Keeper, united, at one and the same time, iliegully to discharge seventy-one vagrants from the Penitentiary, and bring tliem to the polls to influents the result of the election. The Grand Jury, he said, stated in their piosentmeiit that they were " aware" the act was not indictable, the parties being judicial otticers 'i hi* idea (Mr. O'C. said) was erroneous, butit explains why an indictment had not been made in that body To show there was a conspiracy, he w ould addace the fact that the 7(1 convicts, discharged by the magistrate*, had been kept on the island till the night previous to the election, brought over in live tioat loads to the city, and planted in tnree of the disputed wards, a part ol them in the eth, in which oue ol the democratic memheis of the Common Council was elected but by a majority of nine, and with these very illegal votea. Mr. O'Connor spoke lor some time, strongly urging his point. .Mr. Patishsok than rose. He said the sub-stratum of the charges are the same as those tirst presented. They aieswornto by .Mr. Lloyd Smith, as respectable a man as there is in the city. Mr. P. also made extended remarks in support 01 the charge*. Mr. Loan then addiessed the Court for sometime in which he contended that the charges ought to bo receiv ed. Judge UisiiotrKLH then asked it the Board would past upon the motion to quash. Judge Isiilis, supported by the Mayor, moved that the Court at^iouru to 1 uursday at 11 o'clock, which was oar ried. Vice Chancellor's Cosrt, Before Vice Chancellor .YlcCoun. Oct. J6?DtciHOM.?Josephs Shotwell el. Joseph P. Smith and wife-? 1 In* complainant holds mortgage lor <il J,(Kinon prop. rty belonging to deleudant, on winch an arrcar ol luleresl has acciued since March last. Motion is iiimle lot the appointment ot a receivt r, w ith the sieve of ecunng the rents io complainant, it being conteuiled that the property is w orth but Uooo or ^, and that the deIcinlaul has a > other (Property whereby the complainant could be secured The value oi the property is hers placed accenting to the assessors' hooka. Oil the other hand the dclendiinl pi educes affidavits Irum Mr.'1 hempiioii, Mr. I'oslley, Mr. O.h. Brown, Mr. Muluns,aud otheri, showing that the property in worth $I4,UUU, and that it ruuti lor (l 11Hi per annum, which u 7 per cent, or rising }lb,UOU, and that it colt him $1?,U00. I he Vloe Chancellor remarked that the policy ut the law it agauut allowing the mortgagee toniterieie with the mortgagor, unless specially provideit lor in the contract. Also, that tho Chancellor has decided that property must not be valued by what it would bring at a loiced sale, hut by its real WMtt as relates fel Inoom* MotionteMt costs to abide tku event. Julia Crick (by Edward .Archer, her next friend) vs. TVilham Payne Click Ibis was m petition tu compel tun complainant tu comply w lib the term* ot an agreement growing out ot a bill tiled by her for divorce, or that the decree be vacated. Alter Mm. Click had tiled her bill, the huaband put in an answer, and the kubje.l was ordered before aju y. He subsequently withdrew his plea, how ever, on a written agreement between him and his wife that she wiu to pay him JwOO out ot her private property, pay $ !<><> to his solicitor, and settle the coats whieu had ucciued. The decree ot divorce (from tied and board) was consequent!) granted in Nov. 1HI1, and he now comes in complaining that the t^rins oi 'lie agreement had not been complied with, that his wi'e sliii owes him Ji 160 on the agreement, and that the uecree should be rescinded.? The wile, on the. other hand (supported by alhdavil?ef lier toolbar and friend) contends that his conduct, since the decree, has been such aa to lorleit the agieement. In consideration ot the sum paid he waatoluave the country and reside iu the West Indies, lie gut part of the money in advance for the purpose of enabling him to goout, but instead of doing so he went to l'hiladelphia and remained sometime, Finally he went to the West Indies,hut returned, uud now brings this complaint. The Vice Chancellor staled that there was it great deal to show that the defendant had forfeited all claim to tho lavorahle considei atiou of the Court since the making ot the agreement.? His Solicitor wrote to the complainant in March last, stating that every thing between her and her husband had been arranged to his (the solicitor's) satislaction, and that he would not aid him in any further proceedings he might attempt against her?the wife and mother, moreover, have had to mortgage property to pay his debts. If the mother, as a party to the agreement, owes him, he has his remedy at law. Motion to vacate decree, denied. Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley. Oct. 2.1-?William H. hand v*. The Georgia Pirt Inturanee and Trutl Company.?Thi? caae i* important, aa showing the neceaaity of care in strictly observing the condition! of a |*>licy 01 insurance. It was brought to recover $20,000, the amount insured on merchandize contained in the store No. 4fi Cedar street, which was burnt on the night of the 14th December, 1S39. The case w as brought some time ago before Judge Tallmadge, who granted a nonsuit on the ground that the policy contained a clause that nothing " extra hazardous'' should be contained in the store, and also a list of articles deemed to be such, in which "glassware" was mentioned It was proved, on that trial, that eight casks of glass ware had been stored in the cock loft, beinr 1 saleable, and placed there out ot the way. Application was subsequently made to liava the cause restored to the calendar?it being contended that the glass ware (champagne glasses) was contained in tight casks, by which no straw used in the packing, could protrude, and, therefore, the casks in question did not come under the denomination of " eatra hazardous." The Court eventually decided that the case should be restored with a view to permitting the plaintiff to show the usages of trade on the subject, and now the issue. It appeared that there were goods in the store to amount of $200,000, the policies of w hich are jeopardized by these eight casks (worth about $150) belug in the store. The case was still on when the Court adiouiued. 11f t u11 V/?HI I, Before Judge Kent. Ocv. 16.? Wm. J. Humll v?. Lucius S. Comitock This is en ac'ion for libel, contained in an advertisement relating to Taylor's B?l-?m of Liverwort, published by ilelendant on the I tit h Febreary last. The advertisement states that documents relating to ownership of the prescription were forged, kc. It appears to be simply a " patent medicine" vender's quarrel, containing no |>oints of moment. A criminal action relating to the same case, waa brought a short time ago at the Sessions, the particulars of whien were published at the time. Mr. Thayer, the original proprietor ol Taylor's Balsam, kept in the Bowery, and died a few months ago, leaving to his young and interesting widow and her two inlant children, the prescription. by which to support tbem Since then a hundred ' original" owners, uppai rntly, have sprung up. Wheth[ er they each have as good " article as that which became so fairous, we cannot pretend to say. The present action, as already stated, is connected with an advertisement laying claim to it, ami is stoutly contested by the respective counsels. Ills still en. For plaintiff . Mr. W.Mulock. For defendant, Mr.Jordan and Mr. E. W. Chester. Court t similar?'This Day. Cosmo* Pitas.?Past I.?Nos 6, 43,1111,71, 1M, 14S, 99. Past J, st II o'clock.?Nos 90, HO,70, 79, 79. 99, 9, 49,149. hi rssios Coust?Nos. 34 , 39, 04, 43, 14. 174. 91, 191, 167, 190, 171, 54, 103. 137, 197 , 97, 19,49, 119, 117,43. There will be s second court undar Chief Justice Jonas at 13 o'clock. ( lacotT Coo IT,?Nos. 110, 9, 39, 99, 109, 40, 119, 149, 1494, 199, 1.7,9, 19. 103, 130, 99, 199, 49, 100, 06, 107,77, 139,10,84,79, 190, 117, 73, 79, 116, 106, 39, 33, 14 A Parracipk.?The Jackson (Mo.) Advocate ot last Saturday, contains an account of the horrid murder of Mr. John Boyd of that vicinity by his own son. The reason assigned by the boy, a lad ol ldycars of age, was *' alleged til treatment, and the refusal of his father to permit him to have the use of a gun, for which it seemed he had always enter miuru tt pninuuinr ucrirc. That Carpkt Bao?The Providence Journal says that letters of no little public interest, relating to the affairs of Rhode Island, were found in the carpet bag of Dorr, left behind him in his lusty flight alter the battle of Chepachet They are from U 3 Senators and others, and develope schemes of deliberate knHverv which were plotted for the express Curpose of involving the State in the troubles wnich ave overtaken her. The Journal says i? But Ihe?e letters, we are told, are of little importance compared with one from Dutee J. Pearce to E W Dot, detailing, in some degree, the designs o! the leaders ill the adoption of the "People's Constitution," and which show* that tliey relied upon fraud for its adoption This letter contains a prn(?osition to get four hundred ill-gal votes in the town of Newport alone ; voles illegal, even according to their own mode of xoting, which, one would suppose, ol itself opened the door wide enough for fraud. The same Iptter farther recommends that the votes of unnaturalized foreigners be received, and that the ballots be printed in sucha|war m to dodge the question of naturalization i

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