Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?-No. S*V8 ?Wliolt No. 314U. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. -fiBfefr aLnni _33Ez_B^BlL!3nl5I-^^E12Kare reduced to '43 ctnU. Kium trie loet of Ceurtlandt rtreet, N'* York. O'.very Jay?Sunday ?iat rptrd.) Leaves New Voia bfatf.Newiirk At 9 A. M. At 1 P. M. At 7'4 A. M. At X P. M ?*Jo fc ft 2 ft |g ft : ft 11 i* ft O.N SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty afreet. I ..V. Sl-ie Vi.rk Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and t. ^ At rt Noon and IB P. M. NEW YORK. LL1/ABLTH lOWrj. Leave New York. Leave Elisabeth I own. 9 A. M. * A. M. 2V P. M. A. M. i " m* A. M. <**.? 9X " The trains lor Weslfield, Plainfield, Boundbrook, Somervitle, kc., connect with the 9 A M, and 4\ P M trains Irom New Yoili, daily, Sundays eicepted. Fare beiweeu New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cents. Kare between do and Soinerville,75 cents. NEW YORK. BAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 5H A. M. 2? P. M. 7)J " i)i ' 12* " 9 P. M. On Sundays the i\i and 7}i A.M. trips from New Brunswick aud 2% P. M. train Irem New York, are Knitted. baie between New York and New Brunswick, 75 cents. Uabway, 50 cents The fate in the 5% and 7H A. M. train from New Bruuawick. and iyi and i'. M. tram from New York, lias been re duced. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Railway to 37X Passetuters who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket ifratis. Tickets are received by the cou ductor only on the uay when purchased. lull 3n.? fitW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Norwich and Worccstkk Railroads. The new and splendid steambm t NEW H A. V E N, Captain J. K. Du->tau, will l-are every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. The new and S| leudid ateamboat WORCESTER, Captain Jj H. Vanderbi t, will h ave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. lor R .slon will he forwarded i rnmediatelV on the arrival o7 the above boat* at Norwich, and will proceed without clung!' of cart or baggage. Kor further iiiformatioa, enquire at the office ou the wharf, on bor id the boats, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, up stsira. All persona ore forbid trusting any one ou accouui of the shore boats or awners. fM lm* WINTER ARR/NOEMENT. NEW VORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD lINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Priuceton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, trom the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and P M. The morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Liue proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure tneir tickets at the office foot of Liberty street, where a commodious steamboit will lie in readinesss, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, without being oiieneu by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartinruu acd dressing rooms expresslv for thp Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foist of Chestnut street by railroad from Cainden, at 9 o'clock A M.and i o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, b-iiu a cou.iuualiou of the lines from New York. 3m ?r H-AII-K.HA II JNUTIUti. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. Mpa ftcaa AQ T?HE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation ComA pany lnve established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at 5X A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot ol Liber tyntreet. New York, at 2X ? M. To country dealers and merchants the above line is very desirable for Uie speedy and cneap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealets ill Live Stock, who can have 110 head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, the same day Wbeliever recpiired. The rates fbr the transportation of cattle, korses, entries, sheep, hoits. Sic. and all other kinds of merchandise arc very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. f Merchandise sei-t by this lino is not subject to any extra charge in crossing t-he North River. The Company have fitted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adioiutng the Railroad Depot, which will always eopen tor the rece|*ioii of meicluundise. Pa?cfi(tert purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive lenv tickets gratis. IT/" Freight for Newark, Elixabrthtown, Rahway, Westliela, Plvinlield, Scotch Plains, Boundbrook and Somen ille, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. anl4 3m* FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. -MMPJNA REtiULAR MAIL LINE FoR PlToVIDENI^'.^.N D BOSTON, via BTONlNGTON AND NEWPORT, comjiosed of the following superior steamers, miming in connection with the Stouiugtou and IV Vidence, and Boston and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAGANSETT, Captain Woolsey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vandrroilu One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at five o'clock, P. M. AaaairaRMgivTS. The RHODE ISLAND, on Mondsyand Friday, for Stoning r-vw ar*H 1'inxiiai'. for Htnmnrtnn. Nt-wimrf and I'mvulrmv The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tueadayand Saturday, lor I Stouinglon, Newport and Providence, and Thursday for Stunington. Passengers on tlie arrival of the steamers at Stoningtnn, may take the Railroad Can and proceed immediately to Provi MM and Boston. Freight taken at the following much rednced ratea To Boston, on goods weighing forty |K>unda or upwardi to he cubic loot, at $5 JO per ton, aud on meaauremenl goods 7 cent* i*r foot. To Providence, on meaaurcment goods 5 eenta per cubic foot, awl iiiecific articlea aa per tarif to be obtained at office 22 rnadwav. mil Kmr FARE REDUCED. " PERSONS GOING SOUTH. VP" FAllE REDUCED on bith the routes from Baltimore to Charleston, by the Cnesapeake Bay, Portsmouth, Weldon, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to ('hatlerton, to >33, meals on the Bay hosts included ; or via Washington city, Richmond, Petersburg, Weldon, Wilmington, N. f... and thence to Charleston, to $22, meals extra?making the fare ou both routes the same. Every exertion is made to keep the Railroads aud Steamboats connecting these lines in good oider, and expedite travel, and make passengers aa comfortable as pos sihle. By this route you may be sure of reaching New Orleans rom New York seven or eight tliys sooner than ?nv other lioe, at an txpeuse not exceeding $72. E. B DUDLEY, o)9 2wr _ President W. Is R. It. R. Co. LOOK AT THIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. PASSENGRi Forwarded, without delay, to Utica, SI,Ml Cleavelan 1, Ohio, $7.26 Rochester, $3,00 Detroit, Mich.. $">,76 Lockport, $3.2*1 Poitsmonth. Ohio, $?,75 Buffalo, $3,60 Toronto and KingsWhitehall, $1,75 | ten, U. C. $6,00 Oswego, $2,50 Also, Easton, Penuylvai is, by Railroad Si Stage $2,60 Pittsburgh. $9,60 | B'<s on, Muss, $3,50 an parisoi ui? nrtnni uoamry. . . ., M. L. RAY, h CO.. 141 Liberty street. near the Albany boats, New York. i*fl H r B HI J 1311 ANU ftUhFli A.MKHHAN ITuTaL .MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of I200.tnns and 440 horse |*>wer each. Coder contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. ^^?3Sii BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lolt, do ACADIA. A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Boston, via Halifax. mow Liven pool. run* boston. Iritannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Not 1 f Merlonis, Lott. Oct 19 Not 1? Xca 'ia, Rvrie, Nov 4 Dec 1 toloinbia, Miller, Not 19 Dec IT Iritannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jan I Passage Money?Erom Boston to iLirerpoot, $135? Boston U Halifax $20. . These shipe carry experienced surfteona. No Berths secured intil paid ft. Notn.?Merehandixe and Specie (except for perional exrenses) shipped nnder the name of luggage will be charged as peigot. a ad liable to Custom House HejcuUiions. Apply to o5y r D. BRIOHA.vf, JR.. No. 3 W?ll-st_ STATEM ISLAND EEKRV. Koot of Whitehall street. The steam boats 8TATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New k ork and Stateu Island as follows ? NEW YORK. 8TATEN ISLAND. 9 ? % II 10, IX ITH IX *X 5 2 s All goods shipped are te be particularly marked, atd are at the risk of the 'hereof. ol r .ttlA /2., DITOS1 I H3S I.IN.'. EOR AXBANYI The new ami splendid ste.imboit WAV-, Z^swJK>3E.I'aptain Vauilerbilt, will leave llie si earn bo?t ' winl loot ul Robinson street, on Thsodsy, 13th inst. at Ave o'-loca P. M. for Albany direct. Passage 50 cents and berths 50 cents. N. B.?Light freight taken at reduced prices, bor further particulars enquire on bvard. oil 201*r E NE NJE CROTON WATER. pERSONS who have not had pipes lulroduced into their A houses, should lose no time iu haviug it done be fort the cold and frosty weather. The subscribers nave now ou hand a stock of pare lead, cum* position and tiu d the lead pipe, which they are prepared to iarui?haml jait up iu the most expeditious and w> rkmaulikt inainier, axiu on the most reasonable terms. Beiu^ | radical ?n?> win warrant wu.KUOOe oy them lo be inlerior to none in tnc city. All kiuds of le?<t work and Hydraulics furnished and tiled on the most approved punt i:ur. DUFF At I VfclKS, No. 230 Water st, s28 lin*r Neit to the conic of Wr? kin tn st. rBARD riit?d.-Tae -..I) reteou ltt?i A. KNllAf At? O. can assign for selling so inauy boois and a at the Clinton Boot and Shoe Mar get, 201 Canal street, north* st corner of Hudson street?wheu utmost every body complain* of hard times, is, thai they keep goods of the best qu tilt>, and sell theiu at prices to suit the limes, aud it set ma as if almost every body had found this out. If any who read this should not yet have found out tile store, the soouer they come and try the soone tl**y will reap the auvau age. Almost anything that is wanted iii the boot and shoe Hue, ol any size, color or quality, can he found here cheap. oA lm*m A KNOX It CO- 20-1 Canal street. DKLSS BOC TS?Latest /irucb Style.? 1 lie ^^Willb?crih? r respectfully invites toe citizens of New \ ora, ana strangers visiting the cityvto call at 114 Kultou street and eiamiue a large assortment ot Dies* Boots, made in the latest lashion, and of the finest French c-tll-skiu, lie u tie me a can have boots made to order in the best manner at $6,00 per imir, warranted equal to any inade at $7,50, aud as the undersigned takes drawing ef the leet aud keeps lasts for each customer lie can ensure ail easy vet handsome tit. Constantly on nana, r asniounoie i>oou, etc. at the following Ouccuyittsa ? a^ora note noots, iiom $7,00 to 8,00 iiojDie bole " water-proof 5.00 lo 7,50 Call, dress " to 6,00 beal ** 2,2^ to 2,75 Half Boot!, 3,00 to 3,50 Shoes, 1,50 to 250 Dancing i'uinps and Slippers, Ate., proporliouahly low. Terms,cash on delivery. JOHN L. WATKINS, s27 l?n*in 114 Fulton st, belweeu Nassau and Dutch. BAB IS BOOTS AND LASTS MAD& TO OHDKH, By E. BUSEH, 146 Broadway, Near Liberty Sum. K. Sl'SKK. bootmaker, and maker of La?U, an ^^SW5j"Klre" ol Clare* of I'aria, be*, h art to iiitorin his Ineud* .uiil all the amateur* of a iteut'emauly "chausiure," that he cau now make, lo New York, with the be?t Kreach materials, all that i. *o perfectly made, tu l'aria, by hu iiiasier the celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whim numerous eu.toaiert on thi* tide of the Atlantic, are re.nectlully invited (o tri SU SLK'S boot* aud latla before they ueaiiair of l ciiik "chaua lei" in New York, after the nice* . lalrtl l'ansh faahlou. Also, the -timing Paris Jet black Vaiaun told. >231 ill* in iy SELLING Off At WALKER'S.?3t0 pr ladie. French taiu'ii, French and ?iiu >!i|>i? r? ami uuski,.., 100 , r hue Cilf .litched touts, ?.) In $J 30 I*'. pair, JOU pr call aud line pegged buo.s, fi. in ii to 2 <j a?J SI 30 per i>air, 200 pr hi l>o>'s coarse and llni boots, mw SI In S- auU S.' 30 p r pair, 130 IK.1I children'. do Iroui 3f to 3. i*r pair, 300 pr tallica ami misses boon, aiioea aud busWius, from 4? to 6. aud $ per pr, buu i r of geuu water proof b arts, mocc<uius, lodia rubbers iu abiindoici , meu's co.r.e and Hue boots of all sotu aud sizes, Iroiu SI 73 to $4, all warraulrd. All tin- above goods 30 pt r i t. the c.irapiit iu l ie cit>. Call aud see for yourselves, Canal at, corner 1.1 Broadway, al _u24 1 ui*cc J. 8. WALKERS. 1 LINTON ' HEAP Boot and Shoe Market, 300 Greenwich, corner Sprout at, la the only place wnciocaa be found ooola au I aiioea to suit Hie times. All those wno wear boots and,hoes will do well lo give a call. Ladles' and m sses buskiua Irom 3, 4, 3, 6, 7 and 8 shillings per pao; gcuilemeus' bo is liom 12 sliltiiusis to S4 per pair; boys' boou I'roiiiS shilliuas to $3od per pall. All who wisn to save 2it pet c>nt wilt give a call at tne (Jnnton Cheap Bool aud blioe Market, 300 Greenwich corner Spring street. u2i im*r A-a CADiES' BOUTS AND SriOtS-Lockwood, W Broadway, keeps a hue assortment of lames'and Ciiouieus bonis aud shoes, of tile latest American aud European lasluous. Orders received by the dozen troin places ol fashionable resort. olo eod#r A C ARD. lktfOTlCE TO THE LADIES-The subscriber, so well i-v kuowu to the ladies ol New York lor the superior s.yle of Ladles Shoes aud tiaiter boots, begs to state lor the uitormaliou of Ladles risi.iug the city, as well as merchants aud other traders, that his store is No. 70 Lispeuard stieet, one street below Caual street, aud uear Broadway, where all cau be supplied at the shortest uotlce. aud ou, the most liberal terms. Wholesale aud retail. SAMUEL ALLEN. For getting up the article of Ladies Shoes aud (Jailer Boot* we always considered tlr. Alleu lar super.or to auy man we ever had iu our employment. THUS. LANE Ik SON, s!3 lm*r No. 70Li*|ienard si. near Broadway. NO HUE uTFlitE viEN, AND all others desirous ol keeping their Feel Dry and Warm the comma season. By < ailing al the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STOKE, No. 144 Chaiuainstreet, they can be accoin muddled, as the proprietor has on hand a full assortment ol his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on haud a lull supply of all other kiuds af Boot* at prices to suit the limes. Also?'hat invaluable article Rogers' Mclalic Elastic Heel Bout can be obtained al the Old Eiclusive Boot Store, No. 144 Chatham si. s28 lm*r THE EUREKA BLACKING. 'PHIS it a new article u! blacking, i?o?ses?iug qualitie L greatly ?U}>erior to all other kinds uow iu use. it softens anil preservesthe leatlui, imparting a brilliant polish with hall the usual labor required iu the u?? of the commou Blacking. It further p< ssesses that requisite so long sought for iu the peculiarity ol the composition never becoming hard dry, 01 mouldy by age. Dealers in BUckiug are requested to call and receive a sample of the article gratis, i'erltct satisfaction warranted in every case. Manufactured and for sale bv J. M. JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce ilreel.near Nassau, New York. N B.?A ?u|>erior article of Writing luk is manufactured by J. M, J. and sold wholesale ami retail. s?8 llii*r TEKKEKnON INSURANCE CUMPANY-No. 47 Wall "? ureet, coaier of Hanover acreet. This Coo.p my coutinuea to itiaure akaiual loaa or damage by lire oil buildings, goods, ware i, or merchandiae generally 1 a4?o, ou veaaela and cargoes against loss or damage by inland navigation, ou aa favorable terms aa any o her office DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome hlislia Higga Thomas T Woodiuff Anson Baser Beujamui K Kobaon Martin Hoffman John K Davison Joseph Allen John H Lee Joseph Drake Kiancis 1' Sage Samuel Undeihill Thomson Price, James M W biting Moses Tucker John I* Moore John C Merritl Wm K Tlioin Caleb C Tunis James E Holmes THOMAS W. THORN E, President GEO. T. HOPE. Secietarv._ a28 U aw MfcK r rpn PERSON 'JAVINQ LAND IN TiiE EAR WEST, J and others.?The undersigued intends going to Illinois aboat the 1st of November, lor the purpose of paving taxes upon lands, making sales, eiamining lilies.recording deeds, and surve viug land. and will be glad to attend to such business lor any person needing such service. Will also a'.tend to collecting,or auy other kind of busiueas^ in such towns &.C., as he may visit on his road to, and in the ha. West Has had general ei|>erieuce in business, mercantile and professional, for many years. ith in the Culled States and Europe. Can also furnish it the present time copies of lield notes from actual surveys, as tnlered in the Cnited Slates (ten. Laud Office, of all lauds |.on the Military Bounty Tract t.f Illinois lor fifty cents per Kiarter section. References unexceptionable to gentlemen of e fust ies|>ectability in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia FREDERICK TAYLOR. LatadJecretary of the Illinois .Laud Company, 20 Wall street, N'gw York ogtnl'rc GUNS AND PISTOLS. EXCLUSIVELY.-CO > IflgyPH li \1 . I mm 11 - ? O. the sale Kuglish. (ferman and Krencli double aud tingle tarrel Fowling and Duckiug Ouns, from the lowest to thrfiujilqualities ; Tistols of every description, (or this and other markets, embracing one huudrrd different kinds, all ol which he it now prepared to offei at the manufacturer's prices, being appointed agent for the largest houses in that I me in fclurope , which enables bun to sell at i itremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases. jy 27 3in*r SELF-COCKING PISTOLS DLUNT it 8Y.V18, Importers and Manufacturers, No. 45 " Chatham street, have ou hand a large assortment of the Sis Barrel 8- If Revolving Bell Cocking Pocket Pistols. These pistols have the advantage over all others of the kind by the impossibility of losing she ca|>t, the nipples being placed in a horiroulal direction,and there being no cock in the way to prevent takiug as correct sight as with the ordinary pistol or gnu. The above pistols can be furnished lower than any oihers in the market, at wholesale or retail. We have as great a variety of other kinds ot Pistols as can be found, with Rifles, U. 8. Muskets, for shipping mil military; Prise Musk) ts, do; Yowling Pieces single and double ; eitra large sire double aud single Guns for ducking, together with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bags, Caps, Locks, Barrels, lie., Ac., in large or small quantities N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call ana riamine our assortment before purchasing ela. where. al'iin*r I PARsELLS AC AGATE, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, Arc. ri,HK Sl.'BSCKlBERS, in addition to their former tiock ol I fashionable floods, are constantly receiving by avery new arrival from Paris and Loudon, a supply of the most rich and fashionable Scarfs aud Cravats. Their aaaortment ?l fashions bie Stocks, Scarfs, Cravats, r> ady made Lineu, Uloves, Suspenders, Hot ier>, and all articles appertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe, are rich aud varied. They rra|iertfnlly invite their old natrons and strangers visiting this ritv. to eall ?r the nhl I R?t tbli?hment,?o ionir and favorably known and m?kc their ?c lection*. PAH9KLL8 It AOATE, 241 Broadway, between Park placr and Murray tt. They would particularly recommend an Elaatic Supender, with the |>ateni buckle, of their own maiinractnre, which for durability and commit. cannot be urixuvwl. The impio red Minerva Brace, intended to brace the ahouldera and expand the cheat, are hinhiv recommended by the medical faculty, and will be found iiuliipeiiaiblc to jieraoua who are inrliued to hem) forward; and in fact to all individual* of aedentary habit*. Parent* and On irdmu are (particularly requested to ??amme (hi* article, a* it will be found of iminrtue adrautaie to children of either *er who hare acquired the habit of iloopinf. PAR9ELL9 It AGATE continue the manufacture of iherr celebrated Ru??ta Kulinit Belt. *21 lm*m DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS p1 ARTAULT k. CO., 168S Fulion street, opposite St ki Uu'- Church, respectfully inform their friends anil the public, that they hav* just received by packet ship Aiko, an invoice ot 1000 Daguerreotype French Plate* A new *u,.,dv ol the beat and uewm pattern* apparatus 100 ounce* hromiue 40 ounce* hromine of iodine 40 pound* hypro.nlphate of?oda 40 xramme* ol chloride of sold Kill pntlllda or tripoli of yeinee 511 ounifi chloiide of iodiue Ami the new book containing the latett improvement! intl e Daguerreotype. of. l..i ?r MARTELLE fc HOLDERMANN WILL OPKN, on Monday. October Jlth, 1112 at their eaUbllehinrnt, :i7 Maiden lane, their new etyle of Head drea.ea, jUil rectifrd per atiip Burgundy, cnnaiating of Basra's Tarnana and Bonnet Polonaia, beaidea a variety or othei Head Dreeeea and Oinamenta. ?uch aa Pearla. Flower, Featn. ra, Lei ma Hcarfa. Quid mil Silver Frintea. Ac. aol3 2w ?ec 'I'D i OU NTMY MKRCHA.NTS ?The aabarriber w.mid 1 call the attention of all who are in warn of Looking (ilaaa and Picture Franica, to hie eitenaiee atock, which lorona.ity and w.irkmauanip lit Haltera Inma. If cannot he eicrlled by any inanulacturer in hi. city. The trade in ganeral would do well tocal! Iielorr pjfthaaiug elaewheie. \ jj _Couaiantiy on hand, a good aaaortment ef Fancy Wood* of ??err deeenption. HORAC1. y g R No. II Ann atreet and 44 Hammeraley at, New Voik. ol 1 in * r W YO iW YORK, FRIDAY MOI PEVCRAL BENNETTMORMON DIM LOIUA19 * ?The subscribers will publish in h* course of the usuuu week, " Vlormouism Exposed; or, i History of Joe Smith aud the Latter Day Saiut*. by G n. J. C. tie no etc." Their highly interesting and aslouodiug disclosures exhibit in tneir true c?e lors the profligacy dud wickedness of the Mormon leaders, it will be issued in good style, In a 12 no. volume of upw rds of 32li patfr*. Orders espec full v solicited. LKLANO Jk "WHI11 Nil. JL16 lm*r BKAuBUkV, SUDKN at Co. \y Nassvu ?t. BAK&ttl. iu Lisp ntrd iifMC*" The i im nkN i t lapeccfully informs lu* old frieud* aud customers h a lie h t* resu med hi* old business ol baking, and will be thankful lor their hvon. Having i<ikea the sUud lonnerly occupied by Ci. W. AliLLkK, 10 Lispeuard street, to celebrated torg?> >d cake, and the subscriber Having carried ou the business a number ol year* at the well known Knickerbocker Bakery, No. i? vViiuaui ?t , a favorite retort for good crack*. r? a .d biscuit*?he think* he ha* uol lOigotti u how to please the taste 01 th- public. j \ m* ro mpson. N.B?Always oil hiud, fruit cake ol all kiud* aud prices? wrddiug cake ol all sixes?pmud ca*e audsp >uge c ike of all size*?ru*k, lea biscuit and bread every afternoon?bi.cuit aud cracker* Ireshevery morning. o*0 hn*r <vonde*p[7l dlsuoveivt STRIKER'* SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, which will k3 change grey hair to iu original color m s lew minutes. This solution is di tie rent from any vet offered, and cauuot fail of ?u* l>ercediug all other*. It is highly efficacious, aud possesses the great advantage of beautifying the bair, without lujunug iu growth. Those who doubt its virtues are requested to have their hair dUUIged belure ptymc their money. If humbugs would take tins method there would be uo reason to complain. One trill will prove the fact. Sold wholesale aud retail, aud apulied, at No. 5 Chatham street,opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs. o20 lm*r 0ARP1-: 11 SOS. CARPE PING3, CAKPETINOS?Uhcaprr th?u erer-All those who are in waul of carp lings, nonce the lollowiug: All wool lngraiu Carpeting, only 3s |*r yard. 44 eitra 44 4* 4* 44 super 41 4s 6d 44 44 extra mp 44 is 44 44 double 44 5s bd" Thre* ply, superior patterns iud colors, Hs do do do extra qualty, 10* Knglisn Brussels, extra, lus Royal Willou and Velvet Carpetius, equally low. Together with a large assortment ol dru.gets, oilcloths, rugs, door ui its, table and piano covers, India muling, stair rods, Ike., the largest stock oi good* in the city. Purcnaseis would liud it lo their decided interest to call aud exxmiue this stock before loosing elsewhere. R. SMITH, JR., 448 Ptarl it, Opposite WiIlia ii street. N. B ?Heavy Jute Cari>etiuit at the low price of 1* td pei yard. Renumber, the numoar is 448 Pearl street, oil lm#r COUcida AND CULLte 1J KMK Vi BEli. No 54 North Sixth street, one door below JA Arch street, Philadelphi i, the most certain iud best Family Medic.ue, lor Coughs, Colds, Spit ing Blood, Throat aud Lung D.ncdsc, a rising se.satiou like chokiug, tickling, or uur plMUIOlobtl nciious. For tin- above, Lfi. BlrAt .Nr. S Com skhtxfta Byrnpoi ?vi.?i ( hern louud the great remedy* Persons wuo have aou?ed themselves !?y the Use oi aident spirits will liud both their strength aud resolution mu :h unpioved b> U riii|o itike .j>mt-?,and i iking idraugh occasionally "i Um above restorative. All prrpsiatiOwS iroui lhi1* Valuable tree, except the above,may be considered spurious or counterfeit ^ Th real article may be hao o. the following Agents, Oi at No. 54 .North dixth street, Plnldelphia? AUeNTS Dr. W. H M1LN0H, Diug-ist, No. 192 Broadway. MRS. M. HAKES, No. 139 Faliou st, brook.yu. nJ. ULDj), Ncw.trk, N. J. JOHN MASON, Patter ion, N. J. o21 hn*r TI7 A I'CHES LOWER THAN consequence ? ? ol ill,- .cddCUOU ol duties uy IM late llllf, the suo?cnber it telling his stock of lioid and silver Levers, An? liur Escapement Ltfplftv, ui OltMl Watches, (4 new Aud IfildlidM patterns, a.ui Jewelry, It taUil, at a comideiablr NUCttM from loriner privM, Mill much lOWfl thill tttev can De uougni loiMiny othtfoUM iu uu city, (laidwitduiiulow %?li to 26 dollar* each. Watches nnu JnWlL y !10hU|V(l <?r bought* All Watches wamnlwd CO imp go,>d ti lie or me money itturned. WBltihas BudClOCks Sepeifid KB the best Ulan her and warranted, at uiuch less ihlU lb# III i Ddfitt. U C. ALLb.X, Importer ol Vv itches aud Jewelry, oil lm*a Who] and Ivi tul, JO VV ill *(., Up stairs. thus tfew io.c,v xvia) ir.umh; 46 MAIDEN LANE, Uf STAIRS. IN THE EXTEN T of the vaiietics in this department the propria tor may safwy chAlleogi wiipftiWMi tiih any othsi establishment in the world, and UM his own itnmediale superintendence the flUMI sklllul Workmen, and ail the k .juisi .e HUftitrmU I??r executing every description ol Xylographic Euglftfllll and Puuhug. Original Design* and Plates of every description executed iu the nrat ?iy e ol the art, aud be tutiluliy pinned in BfOBM ?>r Fancy Colors. DuiKguu, I'eil timers, WSHItifftirm, UfOCMI nudoibef Litwil, eounuoui on hand, wholesale or retail, aud alt arl.cles connected with the trade. Job Printing in every variety of style executedi n the best in.tune i to order, ami on the BMC reasonable terms. ?TEEL PLATE AND IUI'1EKPLATE ENOHAVINU AND PRINTING Notes, Checks, Dra.ts, Bills of Exchange, Certificates of Stock, do Deposile, blanks or professional, wedding and vui ling Cards, neatly engraved and pinned, at si oil uouce, and on Die uiosl reasonable terms. Tile lowest possible price is ciiar ged lor all worn done at this iHlllllllllHiHI All orders Irom the country punctually attended to, and articles ordered, torwarded to any part of the United Stales, or the Canadas. sib im*r CHA8. SHIELDS, Prof rietor A K T 1 S 1' 1 N 11 A 1 It . MAr*i:r*cTi.'H?.u v hum LADIES' A.Nu otiiN inE.vibN'S HAlit. I I N live liuiulied ditteri ?.l designs, necklaces, lna< , I, is, watch I J- Itusrih. eai-riun?- liiiwer* ruu. ve iu- *-" *" 1 or genlltinuu iiavuig liau ol a living 01 ilvccucii Imud, ge. It loruietl by h?tu iuu> day dcsigu Ihe uuuu Cdu -oucuii'e?u> such a lortn It will ue a keepsake luvmuaole. A. C. BARKY, 146 Broadway, cor of Liberty street, up ?uirs. N. B.?Individuals reside una tne Cwuatry or liviug at aa iucouvcaieut disiauce Iroin the city, cau have all sucli orurra prouiplly rirculcd, by forwardlug thruuali tile medium ot tbe post other tile Hair to be I'asliioueU, with a drawn aui apecilied desigu ol the workmanship, and e?clusiug Iroin lire to twenty do lars, accoidma to wluca sum the su|ierioril> 01 manufacture aud style ol mounting in gold will depend. All such comma ulcatious to be post paid A L. 11. ol lui*r VJELLINO OKe?vilCHAEL REESE, lu?. ol uie lirra o k? Keese tl Hills, offers lor sale at cost a large assortment ol' peu, |>ocuet, aud turk knives, scissors aud reams, toaelher wuh table cutlery ol every description. Also, Uritauuia ware, lea aim coffee sells, tea aa>l table spoons, accorJnns, gold riuat. plus, cliaias, si ver aud gold levers, he., Ike. This stock usust positively be sc.d on 01 before the 1st of Mortmber uesl. Mil HAIM. REESE, ?27 lm*rc 7li Maiden Kane, up stairs. 81'ATE, OK NEW Y~OHK-?E< RE I All V'S OFFICE?)" ALIIST, Ana. 11, 1843. S TO THE SHERIFF of the City aud County of New York ?Sir?Notice is hereby itiren, that at the ueit General Election, to be r eld ou the Tuesday succeeding the first Mooday of November next, the following officers are to be elected, to wii : A Governor and Lirutcuaot Governor of this State. A Senator for the first Senatorial District, to supply the vacancy which will accrue by the expiration of the term of service of Gabriel Furman, on the 1st uav of December next. Also, the following City and County Officers, to wit Thirteen Members al Assembly, and a Register in the place of J, Sherman Browaell, whose term of service will expire on the last day of December next. Yours respectfully, S. YOUNG, Secretary af State. The above ia a true copy of a notification received from the ' Secretary of State. MONMOUTH B. HART. | Sheriff of the City and County of New York. Sheriff's Otfi-r, New York, Sipt. 10, 1847. All the public newspapers ill the county will publish the above ouce in each week until the election. See Revised Statutes, vol. 1st, chip. 6lh, title 3d, article 3d, part 1st, page 140. QlO tNOr DEFORM YOUR STOVE BILLS ?E.-on.imy and utility TV bring the order of the day, the subscriber has determined hj sen -T-* 11 nit- niwrsi possum rr-uiuueraiing prices; nit Column Parlor Stove, answering *11 tin- purposes of the grate, with half the trouble and ?i|>enie. auil.tb'e for sitting roomt, offirrt, stores, or halls, is worthy the attention of persons wishing to purchase. Hit assortment of cookiUK Stoves are not surpassed in the city, for cheapness md superior style o( construction, combining all the requisites for kilcheii ute, and a itreat saving of fuel, which is an item many persona overlook in selecting stoves. Hr solicits housekeepers and others to give him a call at the office of the Warrvn Kurnace Company, No. 22 If u I ion street, N. Y., before piirchasing elsewhere. As this company manufacture their stoves, purchasers will noi be subjected to a fax by buying from second hands. Their assortment consists of air-tight, cooking and parlor Stoves, Pumps Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, K-tfles, Tin and Sheet lion Ware, St ., wholesale and retail Orders for < s,tings solicited. J. V TlxBK i ts, Olti Im*ec 22 Kultou street. N. Y. FISK'S PATENT NOVELTY COOK STOVE. 'PHIS Stove was pronounced last year, and is this, by all A who have ii, to be not only the best ever invrnti d, but th ofcly stove they ever hoi by which baking, boiling, and roasting, could he done perfectly, and stthe tame time. This year the impiuvr ineut has been such, that doubl. the amount of cooking can Im-done, (and that too to perfection) lliin upon anv oiher Stove of ilie ume size -} for proof of which, you have only to call at Fish's S'ove kttablishmena, 209 Water street, where any quantity of references will he given?and fiirthe', every Stove warranted, or the money refunded. Flak's R--iilati(ii P-emium Drum for parlors. Mall Drums, and hall, ptrlor. ana office stoves, and all the ordinary cooking staves, f r sale cheap KISK'S Stove r'stab'ishment, 209 Wafer stm-t. The shore stove, and also the regulating drum, can now be i teen at the Fair t hut those desiring stoves, are requested ti I call at t)i establishment, where they can examine them to i better advantage, 2C0 Water street. olS lm*ec j !'_ WOOD'S I newly invented PARLOR AND HAI.L STOVES This la one of the most valuable inventions ever offered to the publ c io the stove line, an'" u tlir most perfect article eitant, for the uae of all kind* of coa or wood, in heating patlme-ita. It liaa no leu than font radiators aii i two deacend ing fines, 10 trr-inged that the radiators are placed l> tween 1*1 firei. and catiir all the heat ("iterated te be distributed into the innment ; while in otne itneei a large portion of the heat ia carried off in the pipe. One peck f coal in Il ia store n ill yield more heat than hiuhel in the beat atn e now before the public ; while ymi hare the advantage of an open fire #r iplendid grate at pleasure It ta allowed hy all who hate examined it to be the moat perfect combination of ntilitv and ornament e?er brought lorward; but to he fully appreciated, it needa mil y to be iren and examined, and all in want of a auperior article for healing par lora.halla offices, nuraeriea, Ike. are invited to call. Prices are suited to the times. Alio on hand a variety of other Stotks, amiable for all purpoaea, which will be toid very low. L. WOOD, 137 Water atreet, between oil lm*r Peek slip and Beuhman atreet. STOVES?OVENS. TIIV. largeit aaaortment of Stores of any hottae in New York.?Their newly invenlrd Parlor Stove nerds but to be seen to be universally adopted. Its immense radiating sorfa e rai reue uiai m <iu> uurei cth.-i- ?e?iniiuiia inurr nre, with thr contnmplion of lett fuel, than anv former invention. It alto duchargrt lit own athet by a I'tniile prorata, without tolling or lodging it* duat on thr t'urnituie of the loom in which it it uted. It wilt br Intino thr che tpett and mott economical Stove rvrr brought beforr thr public. Alt , Cook St vet, new, air righ'. he. in all varirtirt, from three dollars upwards Every article wrranted. RILEY'S PA IE NT BOILER AND IKON HEARTH it an admirable article?thry can be fitted ta any atove now in nte, and of uuri|iial d value in broiling tteakt, tos.tin.: bread, an ' alto in hi ating iron- f r ironing clothet. Kiley it the iuTrntorand tolr leoenlee. i it Im'r III LEV h V1VF.RS, 21 Bowery NOTT'S STOVES DEPAIIKl) y RICHARD AYLIEKE, etteblithad nine " yeart tt M I atham ttrert, New York. R. A. hat Nolt't and iKher Stovj, which hr can tell tt a very reduced price R'ovet and pipe pnt op at tha thorleit notice. H. B.?i if? eonttently on hand. t!7 ln*i IRE E liNING, OCTOBER 28. 184: MnviruvWTU m.t? nOBKRT K. LAUN1 i'Z, (l.u Kr*iee k Luuutti) Sculptor . rv iiiJ Artificer in Marble, So. 191 BioaJway, New Y"rk. ' Statue, AlouumeuU,, Kouuuiiu, Tomb., Head Slouet, Vaan, kc., ai.culrtl olibt lineal American and Italian Marble a, la a cbM'r and cla*>ic style. N. B. Crotru water Invmii lieen introduced into the city, Mr. L. will be plea led lo eiecute all orders tor e recti ua (ouu* taius lor geullcrneu III their sardi us, as lie baa bad many years riiwrieuce in Italy and urn country. Tiae beat ol city relereuce Ki?eu. All orders by letters, firing New York city references, attended jo witn puitctusluy and lespatch! ad7 lui? in RE .vl t ? V A la . ClilLLlTS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH Mb NT, > winnvfd from 145 bro.idw.iv to No. 7 Astor H^us^. EGONO vlY IN GEN TEE vlEN'S DRESS. Garments ol a moil Jegdut in a p a.:riwuaOlc kind e I a saving ol bU per cent lor cash. 1'HE advertiser di ins it unnecessary to resort td tlie hackueyed system ol gn tug a list ol iioininal prices, presuming what the length ol liuic tie has been established. together with (he extensive patrouagc bestowed on mm, will prove a sum cieui voucher lor tils capabilities. Possessing the advanlage ol being couuected witti an extensivecloth establishment in Eurspe tie coulideully assets iu.ii tie cau luiuish clothes which, uu corn- A parison, will be lound Lower ih.ui any other liousc making up the best descnptious ol geulleineu's dress. slO Jul 3. PHILLIPS, 7 ArtOf House, Bllldwiy A R T 1 3 T IN H A I R , MANUKA or U K K D KRUM LADIES' AND CRN l'LE.VlEN'd HAIR. NOT less than two inches Long, iu one hundred different desigus?Necklaces, Bracelets, WaIcLi guards, Ear-rings, Flowers, Kings, VVigsaud Scalps. A C. BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. Still stand pre-einiueiit above ail others. Their peculiar light, gossamer,a id ventilating character, their being sliap-1 exactly a* tne natural hair grows; their elasticity and their superior material and womuiAUship, as well as their style ol iiuisn and arairaugeuienl, all combine to lonn such perfect heads ol hair, that lucy must ue seen to be lady appreciated. Parlies having a piece of hair oi a lmug or deceased tritnd, can get i; lot used by linn into .my design tne iiuud cau conceive. In such a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. Gratuitous advice giveu ou all diseases couuected with the haiirf ai uie Hair Cutting Known. lib BROADWAY, cor of Liberty street, jy 12 6rn* Up auus. VIGTOR G1ROUD, UfATCH MAKER, No. O Ceuire stieet, iu the city of New vV York, who Obtained sever tl gold aud aiiver medals of the American and Mechauic lusiilut s of New York, in the years ItfJB, '39, '10 and '41; aud vlso Letieis-pateul lor the invention ol i Ciifouookiur Escapement uqd foi hit Migic ( bronoawtari lias tne houor t ?thank tne inhabit tuts of this metropolis lor Hie coiilideuce they have heretofore repose.i in In in, and assures tiieui that he will couliuue to meet their patronage, by applying al the excitions, punctuality aud abilities oi which he iniy be pos.ussed iu his art, lo the entire sltulactiou of his liieud* auu customers. J He will continue to manufacture Duplex, Lepiip* aud Patent L ver L.eaptmeuts,aud iu all kind* ol pieces belong UK to the art ol VVatch Making. lie also repair* Lhrouonulor* iiui every toil of tune-pieces. lie will il?orc|i.u, ,u> iu order and alter all kinds A me cluaical Lamps, aud will warrant hu work, whicu will be nuile at moderate puces, osuii the nuies. Mr. V ti having ju?t returned Pom 1 voyage to Emopt-, ha* brought wiin him a cuoice o articles suitable to tin* mn ket, wmen ne invites his irieuds and patrons to viuiiiue,aua which he olfcr* lor sa.e at moderate p<ices, They consist principal*}' v iu Clocks or feuUt-lunis, quite moderu patterns. Mechanical L imps fro** the btst patentee in ikers iu Pans. Lamp Gnus Giobes, both engrav. daud panned, a uew style. j ,4aucy articles, suitable tyr presents. Myuropuumatic Apparatus lor making coffee, now almost the oiilw 011* generally adopted. Mr. V. G. having established a corresjroudtuce iu Krauce %fwith tnepaUuteeol the best mechanical Lamp* manufactured in fails, will aiwa> s keep on iiaud 4 choice assortment 01 th.sar- ** tlele. OliB l M lui'i HEAD Ql AHItHS OF THE MAIUNK CORPS, t Washington, ich October, 1842 * OEPARATE PROPOSALS will Ik received at the oince of LJ the tiuarter master of the Marine Corps, iu this city, uulll *? 10 o'clock, A. M., ou Tuesday, the Utii d ty of November next for furuisiuug rations 10 the I'mud Slates Marines at the lol* lowing stations, lo the year 1843 Po tsuiouth, New Htuip?hire ; Cii&ilt stown, Massachusetts ; *fBrooklyn, Long lslau?i, ..Mew Vork ; Goapoitj OMM Norfolk, Virginia; J PeusACola, Kloiida, ami VVashiugiou, Oistri 1 of Columbia. The rauou* to consist ol our pound and a quarter of fresh beef, orinree qmrters of a pound ot uie?s porn ; eighteen ounces ol bieatl or ll #ur, at the optiou of the Goveiuintut, niU at the rate of *it pouuiis ol good Cieau coffee, twelve pounds J, of good New Orleans sugar, eight quarts of beaus, lom quarts Of ViMgtf| tWOQttftl Ul 1 1 . I"ur pounds ol *aap, ami out and a hail pouud* ol good nipped caudles to each hundred ratious. ll is understood that the full side of beef (nee t and shins excluded; be delivered ll required ; if such quantity be not re- J. quired, that Uie lore and ulud quarters be delivered aiteruali ly ; a d the bread or flour shall be of superline quality. All the aiticles to be uuex.eotiou tble.and to be issued to the troops Without expense to U?c L nihil .Sttiii. No oner will be euteriaiueil ?t this office unlets acCOinpauied by the Udim-s of the sureties of Lhe proposals to be tmiuiscil "Proposal* for ration* for 1813.' %,K AUG. A NICHOLSON, jj Qu irierma-ut-r Alarmc Corpt. j. The American Sentinel ind i'<.uii?>|vauiau, Philadelphia; the Portsmouth Gazette. New ti .iii,~hsnr; im? H*-w York tuning Post, the New kork Herald, Uie New York ?u?jUir?r, tin! the New Yoik Union; the Baltimore Hepublican, the Norfolk Heaeon; the Norlolk llerdhl; the Kicliuioud Lmjuuer | and HiChuioiiil VVuig; the Alcxaudr.a Gazelle, Alex tudria, DC.; anil the Puliaacola GtZelie, Will Khe the above three in* sertlout each per week, ami ?< ml one copy of llie advertise" ineut to accompany Lite aciouut when lor war dud to triu oilice * for pa> m- m. _ Qtcod to iM piA^O FOKT?S TO HlKh ? a. GOOUN1C, 49?H i T liroadway, between Walker and Li?t*-u.tfd streets, keeps a large dssortineiit ol Piano Fortes to lure, from three to eight J dollars |ier inouth. Also, Foreign Music of the latest 0|>eras of Italy. SiK- A. Bagtoll's method of *iug?ug. Solfeggi'* lot one an two voices. Korndii strings tor Harps, Violins, Guitars, fcc. Ail Minds ot AlusiCdl lusiruineuts re|*aired. ill rod lm*r 2 GUffARS: J^ARTIN kCOUPA, Guitar M aiiufacturers, 385 Broadway, up stairs, have coustauily ou haud a large assortment ol I Guitars, of Freuch, Gentian, ami Spanish model. J: M. k C. would call the attention of Solo players to their T<n Uiuan, atk dW the asdil ??i Oivlntt, which in ? brilliancy auu purity ol tone are superior, and very easy to the execution. The instruments are war-an Led perfect, and to scaud auy change 01 climate, and friix be exchanged at any t time should ih? y not prove satulactory Strangers are invited to call and examine cnem. Prices from Sid to $100. Sold, wholesale and retail. 8. B. Coupa couuuues to give Lessons ou the Guitar. sll 2m cod* F THE TEETH. rpHE TEETH?A reduction of 2<> per cent?Upper and jj I lower .eta of teeth nuertrd on aaclioii or atmoipherie pre.- c urc, io a. to be worn with caae anil lirmues!, from a .ingle Ions to an entire net; all can be tupplied with tllO best mine- Jj ral teeth; toothache cured. Kor extracting tooth, M cent*. Children'!, naif price. J. Butkey, Surgeon Deuli.t, 27 Max ray itreet, neit door to the church, writ of Broadway. F nrWooo io** j Tkif AOAZINES AND PERIODICALS KOR OCTOBER. Artitt, (Jodty'i Lailic -B >ok, O anani'i M igazinr, Lt lic. ? W'>rld ?f Paahion, Youuc Peopte!* Book. Boiton anil Bcntley'i ? Miicet'.ny, Itc ; Farm Hnuie of the XIX Century, with more than 2000 tnvraving* ; Bi' lical Journal and Chri.liili Family Magazine, edited by he Ke?. H. R ?od and D. Newell ; Tern- A iterance and other Almanac. : the R .inhow and Kadi, nt, a new niimornni and witty journal, well calculated to pit ?e the li.ejt and gay. All ol which will be .old at wholesale and ? retail, and thoae who boy to *cll again at a lower rate than can be oht tine I elae where. N. B.?Fifty agent, wanted ti circulate magazine.. pen.tdi call. lie. A. J. SEXTON, No. II Beekman, >20 cod lm*r corner Naatan. TAKE NOTICE NEW AND GREAT INVENTION.?FRANCIS'S HIGHLY IMPROVED MANIFOLD WRITERS.? Ji By this wonderful invention, a letter and duplicate can be written in oue operation, with more eaaeond greater facility than a tingle letter with an ordmaiy pen and ink. To the merca-itile, professional, and travelling part of the * community, this truly great invention ia of infinite valne, as it * 1a a great aaviug of tune, trouble and ? ipettse. The prinripa! advantage to be derived from the manifold writer ia, that a cony of any document may be kept without any additional trouble to the writer, and without any neoessity of using t ither an inkstand or a |?en. Tlie instrument used for wilting la an agate p poiiil> consequently it never wean by use. For hanks, mau- ^ ranee offices, mercnants, men of business generally, lawyers, poitma (era, editors, re | Kilters, public officers, and all who may u>c desirous of preserving copies of the r letters, do umenta, Ji &ic. with an imin rise saving or time, and the satisfaction of h* vine an eiact copy of what they have written, this will be p found invalu*b|e. Francis's Manifold Writer has now been in successful operation two y~ars, during which time the proprietor htshid ihph-asii r? f rcre iving tli?- uulV gn- d ipprobatkm of til whine approbation it has come under. At the lai* Fair of the American In.titute the merits of the article Mere examined into by t) ru if the m mi ibflu ? bemiica ia the eountry, mho woeoamd hto he tngvaouaiaeoeeful contxivaaee, and aoc liable p to change color by exnoture to air, moisture, or chemical agents. " Conseqgentlv a medal was awarded by the Institute. The proprietor has lately aadi great iwptanaiih in this article. 'I lie paper is ol the best quality manufactured in the Llnited States, Wmg made for the manifold writer expressly to his order. Th.4m!ii?g of them, which has for some time been thought impossible, h > at length been brought to perlertion for which a copyright has hern secured. The copying hooks are bound in a variety of forms and sizes, vary ing in price from 50 cents and upwards. jf Htailoneis and Country merchants in general will find it to their advantage to procure the article, as they inert with a rally ulr. A liberal deduction made to those who buy by wholesale. Newspapers or magazines throughout the eonntrr copying the a bore enrirr without alteration or abridgement (including tint notice) and going it twelee inaide iusertiona, ahall re ceiee a copy atihj ret to thei'order by sending a paper Contain- jf ing the adserfiaemeol to the office of the subscriber. LEW.8 KRANC 18,*3 Wilham .Jreet, <' oil lm*r Coroer Maiden Lane. New York. RK8TAUKANT PRaNCAH. No y Nassau it npp. lie the Cuaiom Hou.e. J. BONNraHD St P. D KLA MOTTK hare the honor to inform their acquaintance* and traiigeri generally, thtl they hare enlarsed their Breakfast and Dining Waloone and hare heridee arranged conrrnicut rooma for prira'e partira, a id will pay particular attention to orders for Dinners and Huppera in prirate houaea, which they will furmah at very moderate piicea. They constantly hare on hand? B'andy Preserve* of all kinds. Liquors in great rariety. Wines ?f 'II brands. Oil of Olires refiued. (Jruvere Cheese. New Ch'tel Cheese. Truffles and Mushrooms. - .. rn L>ifr i in, c*r., BAC. n*/ I in r T O H 0 ! !! M RING'S VERBENA CREAM k* H'HIM Celebrated Abasing Compound i? now *11 the ragr, * A well n* tnnsorian tnnMH, as among those who pre- jt, fer ta g?tn?r in their own diurn ! eroiai The improvement recently marie in It* manufacture places the Verbena Cream ahoee competition. 'Ihe iiharriher haeing purchased the copy right, pre rent* it to the publie with an elegant new lal? I. and guarantees thai lor F.I ease in .having it gnu be equall, donl) ny a Wall ?treel broker, k the Cream possessing the advanugeol (iviug better satisfaction to the party by the operation, and this speaking from riperience. '* To prevent im|ioaition by the tporiona artieles now in tha market, the directions lor use will h*?? the written signature of the proprietor, none otnar being geunine. Koranic wholesale and retail at 100 Nassan at. K. 8INi LAIK, Pronnetar ,N. B.?Also for sale, Hang's Miiir of Life, Nelson'* F.t trart of Sarsaparill*, Dr.Browder's Compound taynip of Indian *n Turnip, Ac. ol lm*m i la [era: 2. Tile Principal Passage* 6Yom the Sacred Musical Drama of the Israeliitt ta Egypt, niiuir by Rossini, to be performed at the Park Theatre, for the first time, on Monday, the ** 31s/ instant. SONG UK MOSES AND THE ISRAELITES. Chuul'i or Israklitki. God of Israel! on, iliigu to Luar TLy Children's iiiosn. iiieu auouliaiit irav'r 1 Grant, O Lonl ! that thy choscu baud May once more *> e their native laud ! In bondage vile wo toil and gioau, . '.Neath au impious tyrant's reign, Who how a to godsol a useless etuue, And treats our la# w ith luul aiaUwin Chorus or uwaalititm Woheb. A prey every day to new learn, ci Ho?v,alaa! can we ceaae our teara ! (j, Almighty God ! Will tuou ne'er more Our nuahaiida, our lather*, our children reatore 7 tu Knur .Vlosss/ivm lAc Itnt. 1(J fuses {.rebuking / Vour impious complainings end, Mens) \ God ami Moao* ami are nigh ! P* Midiamtea ! tbeae uiurmura Ui(fh ?ij You joaiou* God o'ruiucu utieud ! . Chorus or Israelites. Korgive to wretchel griel in Theae teara, our aote relief ; Think, what ill* our uearu have borne '. Mom*. m Killed with love toward* Gad, e'er juat, hull let your heart* hi* uiercy truat , ol He will uiakethu impious mourn ; til The Lord ol Grace, Iruin heaven'* high aphera, The coulrue heart will ever hear ; t|l Led by hit haud, hi* baud Will *ee, are long, their native land ! , c iiorui. . God of love ! shall we theu behold ." Our lather*, our huaband* I Our children again unfold I 'c .vi us el. lit The Lord of Giuce, from heaven'* high sphere, kl The contrite heart will ever hear ; ill Led by hi* hand, his chosen baud an WHI see, a. e long, their ualiv e land ! 8., Israeli ras. ,rt God of Israel, oh '. deigu to hear , Thy children * moan, their suppliant pray 'r '. Grain, O Lord '. that thy chosen baud May once mure see their native land ! ? SONG OK LOVE AND ADORATION. Al Duett. eh 1 tnenoph. (Detaining her.)? re Ah 1 it tuou whom 1 adore (j Must torever leave me, (j, 1'eaca, alas 1 will nevermore In Una UoSuui kuulu again '. . inai. Do not seek my heart to move , ' Duty's sacred voice cuminands me '. " 1 may ne'er accept thy love,? HI lleav 'n iisult doiu so ordain I In tmenvph. One klud smile to calm tins auguish, ol Anal, oh, why deny me 7 JJ Depuv'd ol thee, to joy farewell ! 0j inoi. Cease, oh, cease ! In vain's thy anguish ! V( Hapless y outh, oh, seea to lly me j ? 1 thy love must still lepel ! Imenuph. Those in hopeless love who languish, 4111 Can alone my torments tell! r" luai. We must pan \ thy passion vanquish j in Absence soon will b.eak Love's spell. br (Ji trumpet it heard without. m Inai. Hara*. yonder sound call* Israel's children, d[ auii i must ?iu) no longer near nice. Imtnoph. (seising Aer)? n W no aure 1'rom mu to tear thee t ^ By ihi* hand ne surely dies ! lei inoi. All yet tremble w Imtnoph. To lear a itranger gu iiiui. Oh! for mercy ! pr imtnoph. Ev'ry danger dr I'll coulront, ho we'er impending, 0| tv'iy terror brave, uubeudiug ! t|, Hat. Dread the Pow'rlhou'rt now udeudiog ! to imtnoph. Ev'ry lear my ?oul dche-i ! imtnoph. One etiid sinue to calm my anguish, c Anal, oh, a by deny me I Depnv'dol iiiee, to joy larewell! su Those ill hopeless lute wUu languish, L)l Can alone my loruienle tell ! Ce Inai. Cease, oil, cease ! in vein's thy anguish ! Hapless youlU,ati, seek tody me ! g^ 1 lay love uiusl mull repel! on We must part j tliy passion vanquish ; s. Absence soon a ill break Love's spell ! ' {The trumpet sounds again.) ' Inai. Hear st thou I "e Imtnoph. Distraction! til Inai. Karc well! co ? VI BONO OK KEAlt AND JOY. an Chohus. ty Zgyptiant. Oh, awlul darkuess Oh, fear'. Ill Abwhen will disappear Tnis veil that hides tue day 1 Imtnoph. Oh, punishment severe '. My heart is all dismay ! PAar. I Will ne'er again appear l' Stnaids. J The bun's all-cheering ray 1 ? Egyptians. Ob, Ojd of Israel, hear ; tl Let thine auger burst l? U|>on the hoad accurst d That made great Egypt'. Lord w f orswear his plighted word! a, JAar. These harsh and sore reprovings, fu Rending my breast, give over ! ; 'J oo late I now discover a The error we all deplore ! sa Imtnoph. t Ah ! what conllictiiig passions ni (aside) > Now are my besom tearing ! by <inatd?. Oi iuturejoy despairing, tu Will Egypt smile no more ! Iri .gyptiant {kneeling to Pharaoh)? ?a Thus, prostrate, King, we pray thee In error's path persist not ! The wonders dire resist nsl 1 Which H?-av'u doth on us pour ! I 'harooh (commandingly ) pt* Be Moses called ! (hi [Jittmdanli go to tummon Mo see.) ol 1 mtnoph. (atiiit ) ) Confusion ! ()e an at (if (am tie ) J Oh, joy ! g|( '.gyp/tan (aruioutly.) Moses, haste thee ! inaidt (lo Pharaoh ) At last art thou decided 1 'har. By reason 1 am guided. Imenoph. (aside.) it)' I love thee, Anai ; inaidt (aside ) Oh, delight ! on gyptiant. Hope from despnir awakes, ?,a And on our hearts beams bright! ImenopA. (aside ) ' Ail hope my heart forsakes : My soul feels double night ! Zgyplrant. Oh, Ood of Israel, hear! 'h That hence thy Chosen may go, Thy mercy, I'ow'rof Fear, Now deign to show ! vv ? th SINNERS OROANINO. di Ductt. <i( imenoph. ) In vain I try,?oh, torture I de (aside.) j To hi le these pa ins that overbear me ; th And y et the pangs that tear me Must in my breast remain ! . 'hor. Once more joy smiles o'er ail the land, So late my fears tormented, , And soon thy heart, by love contented, Will banish cv'ry pain ! in \menoph No ! Joy for ever fliei me ! mi har. What mean'st thou 7 Thy words surprise me! n<> mtnoph. Father ! Thou suspect'st not ?tv har. What say'at thou 7 rri mtnoph. No more! Oh, never may'at thou Learn what doth cause mv pain ! Aar. Wherefore such grief betrny'st thou ? Thy strange discourse explain ! mtnoph. (aside,) ~" nr i.? .t~ ? Thil heart mint hnpeleaa aigh ! DP The tierceat dangera daring, En To death from wo I'll fly Qr haraoh (Alidf.) oui Hia anguiah fully ahnring, With equal grief 1 aigh ! Whence riae theae paina unapairiug, tf| That thua hia peace deatroy 7 ^ REPENTANCE. ^ Aia. 'y ?iat. See me before thee bending! Let mercy. King, inspire thee ! of Though rage and vengeance Are thee, hia Oh, deign hia life to apare ! CHoaoa. _ Though rage and vengeance Are thee. Oh, deign hia life to apare 7 If mmojih. ) In vain doat thon deaire me the la Anot.) J My vengeance to forbear ! of ? mg SONO OF DESPAIR. Ion Aia. hid The peace my heart once taated tioi Will ne'er return to cheer me ! *nr All-gracioiia Heav'n, oh,! h'ar me ! Let thy mercy aoothe my cere ! 5. Of Hoi>e one brightening ray ' I deem'd waao'er me beaming Of Joy while fondly dreaming, rnl It turned to dark Deapair ! yel INVOCATION TO HEAVEN. tjT Aia taa Cxoaua. 1. PA e From thy bright starry throne, Lord ' rati imi, \ Array'd in light for e'er, y i isstmg 1 With mercy now look down, Lord ' r'o 'And hear thy Children'* pray'r '. Prl rathlti. With mercy now look down Lord ! P," And hear ihy Children's pray*r ! Vr Oh, heart Oh,hear! > CO'I itent ( In thee, dread Lord ! confiding, niiling. ( To seek thy aid we dare! \ Our wandiing footsteps guiding, "'Jr. nirlfctf.) \ Now save nsfrom deapai' ! P -eeltin- Our wand'ring footsteps guiding, G1 Now sera us Irani despair! FvllCnobvs. o1 ( From thy bright starry throne. Lord ! {Ml 1 Array'dln light for e'er, otiing.) ) With mercy now look down, Lord ' H' C And hoar thy Children's pra/T! * LD. ft lt? Two <;?ma New London. [Coirespoudvuce of the Herald.] Nkw London, (Conn ) Oct 24, 1842. rut H<hfiout Excitement?The Baptist Church? Theatre of tiostip?the Rev. Jabez D. Swan?itu World at it it?Free Discussion?Methodist and Universalist Chun tut, ijrc. " Pride still it mining at the blett'd abodes? Men wo aid be ungeU, augela would be gods ; Aspiring to be god*, it angt'lt fell, A-piling to be augels, men rebel." cuts Gordon Bknnktt, Lsy.:? The present seems traught with nil-absorbing teres! to the cotinnunity ot New London arid vinity?certain it is, the world is undergoing a won rlul transition?madness and infatuation have .ken the place ot reason, and man, proud man, becoming the willing dupe ol' humbug and su rstition. " Father in heaven look down 111 mercy ion us?we have sinned against heaven, and in iy sight." What can all this mean 1 Were we 3t firmly convinced that no human being could yinto the mysteries ol futurity, we should be led i suppose that some great and awful event was ?ar at hand, or that Miller had corue m possession tile keys of the unknown world, and had learned ie secret will ol heaven. The Baptism are " stavetng up" all other denomitiions ot christians, and converting to the true till liiousands of the human race?and the man tut is it a man !) that is doing such wom erlul lugs, is no more nor less a per.-onuge than Lider ibezLI. Swan, of New York, lie is the man, by aven designed, to chasten and save all human lid. First, to ctiasteu them, lie warns them, that, te a steam engine, tliey are coming up rignt smack [aiiist the depot ot hell! Second, lie deals out the irtt in all Us wonders. Third, he saves them jni their impending late by winning their conlilto be baptized, in the name ot all that's holy, eat and good. But let us tor a moment indulge iu his own lanlage: " My hearers," said he, " When God unigliiy pu'.o you on Hie tight track, go it?go it, 1 y. Laugh, will you I You will laugh in hell oiclly, out ot the other corner ol your niuuin. od Almighty thinks more ol Llder fewan than you ink he does. Repent, or take the pit There are j galleries in hell ; you have got to gel right into ie pit Did you ever know a tiddler convened 1 /lien God Almighty staves you up, you will kick ke a mule. Laugh, will you ! You will land in ell, tile whole lot ol you ! You cannot stop the hit lot wheels ; they will run over L). D.'s and evils. Wake uo. vou sleenv urolessors. and come l ot ihe Devil's commons. Do you want to bind ?ur own children, and (brow them into the lake of e, in the world to come 1 ll not, wake up, I say, id get them converted. And you, UmversalLts, lg die Devil's bell, and cut up your deviltry as uch as you please?bring out the devil's whole igade, and one peal ol the thunder ol Hod Alighty's wrath will stave you all up. You would I he in hell it Jenus Christ hud not stationed on iCh ol the lour corners of the earth an angel to ep buck wrath from destroying it?and all that ivethe house when the oell rings lor nine o'clock, ill lind 110 belts 111 hell to ring them out. Now 1 teas you are treed, old llosea!?Amen. Let us ay. Almighty God, stave up New Loudon? tve the devil out ol town?and tear the wainpuin hell oil of her ministers?assist us in gettin e devil out of our nudat, and slave up the icebergs true Christianity, which are within this polluted ty? Amen" Such are a lew ol the movetn -nts ol the age? ch are a tew of the doctrinal passages ot the tve v. vine above quoted?such are a lew ol tne prepis drawn tioin natuie, and from nulure'sGod 1 One of the principal leatures ot Swaiusm is to tve up all other denominations ot Christians?not ily Universalis!^, hut .Presbyterians, episcopalians, c. To the Univerealists, however, iie deals out s vials in prolusion?consigns them to the lowest pliis ot an unknown place ; and then pictures to e expiring world, the glaring spectacle Now it one to pass, that in the year ol our Lord and S>aour Jesus Christ, the one thousand eight hundred id forty-second, in the tenth month and the twen tirst day tliereol, when a reverend divine had ga 'it'll I('gnur i d MiuiiMuur. vwtiuu nil- wa.lB ui is sanctum tancturum, a 'Chriotless diubohan"* as displeased at ceiiam assertions which the holy ilea had previously made concerning turn, and lereupou claimed the privilege <<l speaking in his wn defence. Now, when the multitude bad heard ieae tilings, they aaid that the mail should be pro* icted, and mustered in their strength to resist un? ue usurpation ot power. It sohapiiened that there ere many "(Jhristleas diabolians" assembled there, id the prayers of the holy one could not extricate e Devil from among them, lor he had taken up hia >ode tliers, and lo! he was present, even in the nctuary?so that his .Satanic Majesty held domion there, unawed by preaching, and unchanged prayer. Alter all tilings pertaining to the sancary were disposed of, the ollenders under the docne of the holy one, were summoned before a leI tribunal, and there made lo sutler for the nn they d commuted. One hundred cents for this outge towards the holy ones, was demanded, and is enti.led them to a season ticket. It se hapned.tliat on the same day of the week of this trial, r newsspread round about the holy city, that one the accused diabolians had been most notorioul-y ceived by one ?| the Scribes or Pharisees ol the urch. And the people when they heard of this heme very wroth. Hut the Scribe nor the Pharisee eded it, nor gave ear to thai which once concerned em, hut under the new dispensation concerned em not. After all these things had come to pass, the holy t gathered around him, in the same week of the mr year ol the trial, all the Scribes and Pharisees. id made them know the article* of confederacy hich should henceforth be more rigidly enforced id adhered to. Whereupon many of them opened eir eyes and read on the wall belore them "3/ena rne, Trktl Upharrin " The Uuiversalisia, not i leased with the epithets hich Elder Swan, in his turn heaps U|H>n everv ing, himself only excepted, have commenced billing a new church, nnd before many months no >ubt. Elder Swan, can, if he wish, hear what he nominates the Devil's bell, reverberating through e city. The Methodists have also got divided, and they o are building a new church Thus stand the affairs of religion in New Lon>n. The old Haptist church seems to continue, d is the theatre of great excitement. God in ?rcy look down upon us. In conclusion we prose a few questions to the Church and to Elder van, and then leave the sub|ect Have you, Madtstoranf the church, sold vour birthright for a ?ss of pottage?" Does the ftev. Divine Elder Jaz D. Swan, Esq. personify the church ? horesti. Not in the v cabulary of the Kngliah language. To r???,i ... .n,U..I, UK.-n_i ? V...J ... " u;a>in inp glith word Diabolical?Uiabolut?Latin?ihafliiAAa? nek. A word used b> Stean, and applied to all who are .of the pale of the Baptmt Church. \hother Singular Death ?We never remember have heard of so many singular deaths as have ten place this season. Here is another:?Mr. ptimas Clarke, a respectable farmer in the vicini of Maysvijle, Kv., on the Oth instant, while enjed in sowing w heat, accideatly fell upon a stump hemp stalk, which entered his body and caused death in u few hours rerribt.k Castalttks in Okoroia.?The late rms have done an immense deal of mischief in South, particularly in Georgia. The light house Jiaat Pass was almost ruined 20 or 90 feet hav ; hc^n Dlown down. Ool. Maricock. the keeper, i his wife. Ilia house was curried away; and nself and a young daughter, after two days privana, were rescued hy the steamboat (Jen Harril, Capt H W Van Vechten. w!io volunteered to to their assistance. Mr. Johnson, a stevedore on George's Island, lost hie wife and 2 children, ats had gone in all directions tm assist <3t"''r lies, living on the various lalaude, wlio had not t been heard from. NCONOMY AND KK.THKN'.HMKNT?ChrsjYt Oa.h Tailoring Kiublnhme-it 10 th-ciiv at KU SHELL, TRICK k CO.'S WS r*arl?lrrat. brock and Orel. Coats da to nrier, at from *11 to *l?; O"'" Over oata, in ftrat >. it vie t'OloSM; slider*'J other article of clothing equil'hea. ' O .nth-men finding their o? i cloth can hare thair thet made tie. ">d " t00!,?1' w*"?nted, at the following rei /every article warranted): M> and Frock Coati marie and trimmed, from St .10 to $7 1 ' '* 1 SI to 2 " " " I 00 to 2 , n'_"y?Til and MiIitary ontfita cheap, and promptly eae d ___________ olf lm*ec ROPCXlfY t>AlL.T^ Few Kt'DtUmrn id this ''iiy arr ?w?rr thrv can b ^in n g<x*T ?uS?tRiitl?l Rag ??h DinfnmtthtH wuh ilu b??r th* market* cmn tfford, Beer inleal, for 2S rruf*. innrr on iiM* at 2 o'clock. K>ja ann it am* hour. >ld C?u, lie. Ben 10 inin<l. _ ... _ CHRISTIAN SON'S, (! ? StoD^ll't,) 4 1m?r y? Ann itml TEACHER OF THE FLUTEMONZAIVI.M Thomson ?rrMt, ?nr?? m?trueti"?? on tafiau Turn* ?1J 1*1 .

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