Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Ekim 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Ekim 1842 Page 3
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Ot?- DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT mmi persons relieved and cure I, in addition to these certifi ite. Mr. J. T. Town, Agmt on New Jersey H. R., wn tllgod to lravi' and conic to this city, and expected to die consumption. Ilis broth r directed bim to liave a tattle Dr. Taylor'i B tUam Liverwort, from 375 Bowery, mowing of tho vile counterfeit*). Before be had taken le bottle up, hi! cough which w as so bad as to keep him am sleeping, was greut deal better?he is now cured and agent 011 the Westchester Railroad, an 1 generously for e cause of humanity, permits us to reler any person to m. M is B , of a wealthy family in Albion Place, as giv< uup, and is well?her friends are willing to say Be carelul of the No. 375. There are sigus put up in \ ei part of B iwery to catch the unguarded. Dr. Leeds holesale druggist, 127 Maiden Lane, is sole wholesale lent down town, where the genuine is only kept. DIONKY MAKKKT. Thursday, Oct. 3J-J1 P.M. A little better business was done at the Stock Broad, in oint of sales, but prices were generally worse. Ohio 6 s U $ This stock seems to be giving way under the inuenco of the late election, the party in power being in i> or of the bill, funding fbOO.OOO of the debts <iuo the con actors in a in i., cmrt This is not a new debt.but icroas.-s the quantity of stock on the market, and therere lowers the price. New York State six per ceuts, kiJ, were sold at a decline of J ; Harlem Rail lload fell he prices of this stock are altogether nominal; its actual alue being nothing. In March last, it sold at per lare At that time Mr. Watt and a lew brokers went into e market and bought largely. Their purchases ii?ed the price, and it lias been hitherto sustained, bemsethey have not yet sold. Nothing has been done to iprove the condition of the road, which is in a most laentable state. The company are without means to go i with their estension, or even to repair that which is operation. They pay no interest on their outstanding Uigations, and the winter is approaching, when the relipts arc usually less than the expenses. The enormous ist and debt of the road is such that should the Albany ailroad ultimately succeed in constructing their work, ey will come into the city by a new route at an expense ss than the debt of the Harlem Company. It is to be reetted that so rickety a concern should stand tr. the way a work of real importance to the city. Our remarks about the Erie Railroad management, pears to have caused a postponement of the election for rectors four dnyi ahead, and instead of the 14th, they ive altere 1 it to Friday Hit eighteenth of November next, our small guu knocked them into the end of that week, ].?? ..ill mi. .... ... V.,? ..... il 1 U......LII. 1 the stockholders throughout the interior, and in this ty, stand firm, and go to the polls en matte on Friday,the ghteenth of November, and that great w ork may yet be su-cjtated We notice that the by-laws ofthe Company? 'gislutive llvport, page ;'>S3?says "The polls to be open ten o'clock in the forenoon, and to continue open till le o'clock in the afternoon," so that the effort of the pre. nt officers to confine the election to one hour (!) falls the ground. What of them " stones for the great ick r Our remarks have also had the effect of arousing the mest stockholders in this city ; ami we observe that ey have issued a circular, being a call for a meeting on e 17th, with hints to distant stockholders, in relation to [torn they tiust with their proxies, for the election of elHth. Trust no travelling editors?trust no Wall street ;eut?trust no pipe-laying director. Htrcules helpsthem ho help themselves. To progress with that great work, the stockholders re. tire men who are honest, caring more for the immediate impletiou of the work than the advancement of their irate interest, devoid ol political scheming, whose habits id business capacities enable them to manage their own isiness prudently, as well as that of a company, who ive no local objects to conflict with the interests of the areholders and the public. In many of these important quisites those who control the affairs at present are laentably deficient. Without these distinguishing traits character in its managers, not a dollar will be obtained | this city, on the lineof the road, or from the Legisla tv aiu ill tiviisirucilllg lUttl WOTK. We have recently, repeatedly remarked upon the pec ur condition of the exchanges between this country and eat Britain, and between this city?the centre of com. rcial operations?and New Orleans, the great head o^ : produce market. The immediate operating cause of low rate of bills, is undoubtedly the abundance of sup', and the absence of almost all demand. The direct and nedi.ite cause of the Utter circumstance is faulty legision, whereby the purchase of foreign goods is prohibitby nn iniquitous protective tariff, which has been advoed by the party papers almoBt without exception ; and v, with childish folly, they are surprised a*, the ruin y themselves have wrought out. Ship-building ceases he hands are discharged?i to 600 hardy seamen out of ploy, parade the streets to procure the pittance of $15 month. The hills drawn against the produce of the ners sold abroad, are sold at a heavy loss?that is to , good hills with city endorsement, drawn, say against rsold in Liverpool, and shipped here at the low price >4 36 per bid., will command but 6 per cent nominal mium, or $4 6t per X, being -21 cents per X sterling er par, being a loss of 4,3 per cent, or nearly '2*2 cts bbl. The value of flour shipped to England in 1840, $3,337,313, on which, at the present low rate of ex* nge, a loi-s of $166,867 would have been sustained. All loss and ruin, amounting in distress to the carmen, edores, seamen, shopkeepers, merchants, and the great [cultural interests to many millions, has been wrought by a few eastern manufacturing politicians, combi with a few parasite newspapers in this city. When e results became too apparent, the Courier and Enquiwith surprising naivete, expresses itaelf " puzzled when the simple practical operation of trade ia pointit to it, makes the following remarks :? lere is no demand for specie about it, though it will necessarily to the importation of specie, but the supif bills drawn against produce shipped to Europe, it let by a demand Jot bill?to pay debh or make purchabrvad. t what strikes us as singular, is that our Hankt and alitts bare allowed exchanges to fall so low?that they ot as soon as the rate fell so low, as that the dilferbetween the actual par aHd the current rate of exge, was more than enough to cover the coat and risk naporting specie, at once go into the bill market ; a profitable or safer investment could not have been That it has not been done in New Orleans, ia a ing proof of the absence of all capital, or the proatra)tall mercantile energy there. That it ia not now here, we presume arises from an apprehension of a demand for specie from the South, occurring before to meet it can be brought from Europe. onfesses that there is no demand to make purchases abroad. What Banks or what capitalists have it in power to check the flow of specie when a prohibitritf prevent a the import of goods in return for prosold abroad ! The difficulty of the market is too a supply of bills, ami the Courier imagines that ior eight broken banks in New Orleans, whose bills a discount of 6 to 69 per cent, can go into the marid purchase up '.he surplus. They have not the Ki of paying their own debts ; then what hava thay to or the bills under the auiiiuisitinn that it would he able to buy them tor the import of specie 7 The in this city have been o|>erating in the market ever July. Specie has been flowing hence to New Orauil a very large sum is now on the way, which, on aval there, will change somewhat the face of af111 this market bills have not yet been offered in nount so low as to make it profitable to buy them in to import apeci". It is not safe to give more than 5 nt premium for that purpose. They may fall so low i packet of the 1st proximo, as to create a demand it purpose. Many of the banks of this city having s abroad, have some time since ordered the amount in specie. Of this nature was the recent arrival of 00 in the Virginian, to the City Dank. This is a iperation of trade, and depends altogether upon the 01 the transaction. It is astonishing with what in on and inconsiderate (oily the idea of " regulating is adhered to by the advocatus ol banking monojio It arrises iron: nic larr tnai men huh associations m k ith h little capital, putted up with their own conIways tancy that thry have the power of stemming ntrolling the mighty movements of the commercial The United State* Bank wanted to control the market, and w.t* crushed like a child beneath the i of Juggernaut. In the spring of 183H, the Barings ir agent, J. mn U. King, Ls<| wished to control kue: movement in the United States, and made a import of $ I, MM),000 ol specie, which apeedily found hack whence it came, at great loss to the sugaperatora. The result of such movement* in their d that of many others in London, is seen in the reclaration of that house, that they had made no proiug the last three years. novement ol specie to this coantry has now just iced, and probably $3,000,000 is already in motion e point of sale, England, to the point ot purchase, rlentis According to our estimate of yesterday, bout one tenth of the probable import) by the time let ot the IP. proximo reaches England the amount louhled, and the Bank of Raglan 1 wi I doubtless alarm at the state of affair* ; each succeeding viU bring additional quantities of produce,the sale fli-i own moremenUsince January in increasing ency 3 |ht cent and reducing the ratio of int> rest > J,will greatly accelerate; not to tie paid for as she inticip ite.l in m inufactnres, but to create a direct upon the vaults for that specie which she has te years striving to accumulate, through the de: struction of the trade of England, the bankruptcy of her merchant*, and the starvation of her operatives. The question then is, will the exigencies of the Bank lead it in the face of political dilliculties to renew its restrictive measures, an l prevent the sule of that cotton without which the newly restored order in the n ?nufacturing districts cannot be maintained. In order to show the monthly increasing ratio of exports to England, we take the following table of the exports of cotton frotn New Orleans at the close of each month : ? EsrOHTS OK CoTTOX t'rom Nxw OrlEaxs _ 1,,a- 1811. 184?. gc'- *?.?1 2:t 2118 *7.Ml Nov. 243,1% 212.484 ? I've. 015,673 326,304 ? Jan. 454,650 <40 69 ? 1 ho exports this year are a little larger than last year, and if in the six weeks from October 15th to November 30th, as much goes lorward from New Orleans as last year, the supply otcotton hilts alone will be increased in that city $6,200,000 : an immense sunnlv u-hen we ennai. der that although $110,000 worth only had gone forward at our latest dates, hills were at 11 percent discount from the actual par. There is no probability ol an increase of demand. As the season progre-ses, the rapid accumulation of a demand for coin will undoubtedly produce same embarrassment in England Hole* at trie Mock Knhsngc. 7011(1 N V Sutr7's, 1S49 18(1% 10 Bk of Com fells' 90(10 do 6'?, 1862 b60 9(1 id LCI V Hudson bGO 83% WW do 89% 5 Mercht's las Co 80 3000 do i's 1895 81 It Utica (k Schen'df llt.% 3000 Ohio6's,18G0 09% 10 do 114% 5000 Kmtuclt) li'i, 187 1 75% 60 Paterson IlK b!W 18 20 M luhattan Ilk Gt 150 H irlrm KK >15 15% 15 Bk of America 78 150 do >10 15% 75 Greenwich Bk 38% 200 do s6ilios 15 20 National Bk 80 26Stouiu<ton 15% Second Board. 190 Long Island >30 19 10 Mohawk 12% 500 State 7'i 100% State of Trade. We cannot notice any increased movement in the saveral n>arkets. A Buffalo paper remarks as follows ' The wheat and llour dealers are active to-day, ami all the canal craft busy taking in cargoes. Sixty-live cents appaars to be the highest mark for wheat, although sales of inferior have been made at five shillings. Three dollars and a hall is about as high as llour will go The canal business for the 3d week in October was as lalluws: Tolls received, $19,179 87. Number of l>oats cleared 234. The exces- of tolls received this season over the corresponding week in 1841, is $6,077 09. .fjAes?About 100 bbls of pots have been taken at $."> 50. A few pearls a; $6 s;J. Cottnn?There is mnr? ilninir in enftnn Tim ulu amounted to about 1200 bales, principally for export. Flour?Canal is in good demand at $1 26. Domestic Markets. Macox, Oct. 18.?The cotton market ha* itill a downward tendency; there has been u further decline. Though a good deal has come in, and competition been brisk, the best qualities, in square bales, would hardly command over 8 Jc, and inferior qualities in proportion. For round bags the highest price has been 6J. Hamhchi;, Oct. 18.?Our cotton market has receded about Jc since last Tuesday's report. Prices range from 6 to 7}c, according to quality. Mobilk, Oct. 16?Cotton?The market has again become dull. Prices are without any material change, and the purchases confined exclusively to the Northern houses. The total receipts of cotton at this ]>ort since the 1st September, amount to 13,384 bales, and the sales in the sa i e time amount to 6,500 to 8,000 bales. Our quotations are now for middling to middling fair, 7 a 8c; lair to good, 8} a Sjc. Savan-cah, Oct. 18.?The sales of cotton for the week sum up 2530 bales at 51 a 8c. The rates are now from ? to Jc lower than at the close of our last review for all qualities,except Liverpool good fair,which maintains its former position, owing to its scarcity, and we have accordingly altered our figures to correspond with the actual sales. There has been a steady demand in rice throughout the week. The market remains firm at last week's prices. The sales amount to 288 casks viz: 12 at 1}, 11 at 2}, 50 at gj, and 213 at 2}, per 100 bbls. Acuusta, Oct 19?Cotton?The receipts of our staple continues to increase. Most of it sold as soon as reeeived. Prices have fallen but little on prime and choice cottons, while on middling and inferior the decline has been very heavy. The quality of the cottons has fallen off very much from that received in the early part of the season, and compels us to reduce our quotations for extremes. We quote 4 J a 7Jc as extremes af the market. Square bales always commanding } of a cent per lb over round. Colombia, Oct. 19?Our cotton market has been a little more brisk for the lust week, and a slight improvement has taken place. We quote now from 6 to7| for new; we understand, however, that 7} sv as offered lor a Petkrsburo, Oct. 17.?Rales of new cotton to a moderate extent at 8} to 8|, cash and time. The tendency is downward. Receipts since 1st September about 700 bales. None exported., Oct. 15.?Very little has been done in our cotton market this week, and prices have receded nearly a cent. What few sales now making are from 6 to 8c per lb. Brighton Cattle market. Mondat, Oct. it.?At market 5800 cattle, about 1500 of which were beef cattle, 600 sheep and 1000 swine. Prices?Beef Cattle?We quote to correspond with last wae.k. A few extra at $5 00. First quality, $4 26 a $4 60, second quality, $3 50 a SI 00; third quality, $2 50 a S3 60. Barrelling Cattle?The barrellers did not advance u|>on the prices offered last week, and purchases were made at those prices, viz : Mess, $3 35; No. I, $2 50. Stores?Prices for a like quality were hardly sustained, and large numbers remain unsold. We quote the same, viz : two yearoldat $7 00 a $13 00; three year old $14 00 a $30 00. " Sheep?Lots were sold from 75c to $1 75; Wethers from $1 75 to $3 75. Swine?A small advance was effected on small shoats, lots to peddle at from 3 to 3}c for sows, and ? a 44c for barrows. A lot of old hogs, from a distillery, at 3|. At retail, 4c for sows, and 6c for barrows. Married. On Wednesday, 26th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Phillips. Mr. Edward Coles, to Misa Hester B. Moulton, both of this city. Died, On Wednesday afternoon, 26th init., James Grooan, only son of James and Klouisa Grogan, aped 4 years. On Thursday, 27th inst., Rosa Sherman, aped 26 years. Her friends, and those of her aunt Bridget Tully, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from 61 Mariou st. Passtngeri Arrived. London?Packet sliis Toronto?a g Ralston, lady and servant, Mr Creason, Mr Coi, Philadelphia; Rev Chas Sherman, lady and child. New Haven; Mr Robinson, Pittsburgh; Mr Hilbrrt and son, New York; Miss Wiggiu. Master XViggin, Mr Kemp, Miss Brydon, Miss Snencer, London; MrPitqiot, Paris; Mr and Miss Scott, Montreal; Mr Rsynss, 23d Keyiincut, Oanada?60 lu the steerage. foreign Importation*. London?Ship Toronto?16 pkgi Lnesrhigk St Wlsendonck ?60 rks bortlcd Peer 8 Barstow & co?23 pkg* G C Tliorburu? 23 Wilson St Bmwn?2t Pott St Marin?16 O B More wood It co ?8 Hsngs It Co?9 O Krith?10 Allistou & Talbot?5 T < harller ?3 Parsons, Cnmmings fcco?5 Wiley It Putnam?IS W Sapla ? I Appleion It co?55 M H Korsey?U Baldwin It co?2 L I Cohen?3 J K Hrrrtck?12 Dodge, Gumming It co?t sheep A Rolker?180 logs 20(1 tons salt John Griswold?I pkg Mason Brothers?I J G Oibbs?I While It MhelheM?2 D C Golden?1 W Ludlow?1 Goodhue It co?1 H It D Golheal?I Mr Wood? 20 to order. Domestic Importation*. Savannah?Barque tris?338 bales cotton A G Miller?123do Dwight It Woodhury?280 do G Barstow It Pope?III do 1 b? J M I'rescott. MARITIME HERALD'' ? o NUp IHantrri. We snail esteem it a favor, if caiitaiu* of vessels arriving r.ere, will gi*c to Commodore W. A. Basset t, of our news Heel, * rt*i?ort of the shipping left at the port, whence they sailed, the vessel* spoken on their passage, a list of their canto, end aujr foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Bassetr wni board them immediately on tneir arrival. We will reciprocate ti e favor in anv way. To Correspondents. Out forres|H?mleiiU in foreign |xirts are respectfully re.jne.itee U) ?tml bv every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any km.I, from any >ue re idiUK at hoine or abroad, will he tliankfullv received. "p()KT Or NKW YORK, OCT. INti. ?OP stirs f> IMP MM 12 21 SITU MKTS 5 14 I HKJH WaTf.K 3 19 Cleared* Ships Martha Washington, Tyler, ApaUchicola, Houghton fc'Shailer; Floridian, Piatt, do, E D Hurlbut & Co; Mount Vernon, McManna, .Mobile, F O Thurston.?Baroue Reform, Tilvon. Mobile, Htimtea Ik Clearinan.?-Brig* Sterling. Pierce, Btrinmli, R 9 & R Tucker; Saratoga, Bedell, Savannah, John Ogden; Nimrod, Smith, Firalata via Jacksonvile, Fla. VV W Pratt.?Schrs Commerce, Krigg, Richmond, A B Cool.y a Co; Joseph Handy, Griffith, Baltimore, do do; Oscar, Baker, Bonton; Grecian, Chase, do. Arrived. Packet ship Toronto, Griiwold, from Condon and Port*month, Oct. 3, with indse, to John Oriawold. Bari|iie Iris, Merry man, 8 day* from Savannah, with cotton, to maniT. Schr Di) via Higbee, Higbee, from Philad-liihia, with coal, to master. Schr Lexington, Jones, from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Below. One brig, unknown. General Rerortl. Ship Lim-t and Brio Wi.coimi*-Thr Nentnn.. ? \r? Orleans, passed on the passage Iroui Havana, in |.?i 26 5, Inn H6 ihc Wiscotiiiu, ol Medgw I- k, dismasted?foar of tn? 'crew ,.f sliip Lucy on hoard, endeavoring to fetch tome port; required no assis'auce. The Chester, also at New Orleans, reportsSpoke 13th inst. lat 26 52, Ion flf> 12, ship Lucy, Little, from Boston for New Orleans, laying alon/side of brig Wisconsin, ami taking out her cargo, consisting of flour ai.d sundries. The L. found the brig dismasted, and abandoned?said h? should leave part of his crew oil bond, to tate her tonearest port. [ Brig Wisconsin, Capt. Ho| kins, sailed bonce about 16th ult. lor Sisal, and was cleared at tho Custom House by Messrs. Bouchaud Ik Thebaud. She was probably dismasted during the severe gales on tin 6fh or 7th inst.] Launch.?a line birqu* of 250 tons, cared th* M. U. Brett wa? launched M Marhia* 15ih inst She is to be commanded bv Cant James E. Avery, and is to run as a packet b tweun New York and N?-uvitas, Cuba. VV hair men* Cld at New London 22d .'list. Black Warrior, Siston, Indi in Ocean. OfT Maaaafuero April 25, Martha, Baiter, Nam. 40(1 sp, turn was heard from afterwards with a whale alongside. Spoken* Emporium, from New Orle ?ns f"r Liverpool, Oct 7?had been damaged iu'a severe gale on the 7th. Home Porta. Lubtc? Oct 21?Arr Andromeda, Rude, and Mel* ill, Kent, | NYork. Sid 20th, St Helena, Millikeu, and Magnet, Seaman. Philadelphia. Portland, Oct 23?Old Cardenas,Churchill, MaUnsaa; 24th, Henry, Camruet, Montevideo. PulTiMt'TH, Oct 21?< Id Shetland. Kro*t, St Thomas; 2tai. D>ver Packet, Gntt.ii. Mobile. Sid 22d. Glendnveer, Parsons, N Or leans; Nrw Hamjfehue. Chase, Mobile. NtwHURrroR i, Oct 23?Arr Vulture, Small. Philadelphia. Boston, 0:t 2t>?Air Couipiree, Doan*. Charleston; Ivanhoe. Post, Phihideliihi?. Cld Colombo. Kldridge, Savannah; Sultan, BurweII, Mobile; Leonida*, Chase, Swausboro, N1 Wave. Crowell, Philadelphia; Wolcotf, Hyder, NVork; Victor. Hallett. do; J<is|?er, Nickerson, do. Arr 23th, Van Utiren, and Ann, Thomas Nanirmoml; Mechanic, Packard, Philadelphia; Freeman, SimoiUon, NYork; 2Uth, Elliot, Biker, Philadelphia. N?:\v BvnroKP, Oct 23? Arr Win Brown, Googin, Philadelphia; Jane, Head, do; Uosetta. Smith, Naasetnond. Nantuckkt, Oct 22?Arr Emulous, Sin ill, NVork; Leader. do. Hyanivis, Oct 21?In |*>it, Mail, Loriug; IVjuot, Kel?y, and A M Hile, Chase, B ?aton for NYork; Mandarin, and Niinrod, do lor Albany. PaoviotNcr, Oct 26?Arr P*tmos, Clark, Philadelphia; Amelia Borden, do: Caroline, Spelman, Albany; Vigilant, Heath, NYork. Below. Aifenorla. Aiidma. from I limwv I'm well. Tuiks I-land; and a deep lops ill tchr. H ahtkiHD, Oct 26?Cld Mail, Crow ell, Baltimore; Sirah Matilda, Purdy, Albanv, Edw Crolius, Kearney, do; Wm Blair, CoaIm, do; 8|H*aker, Tilt ker, N York; Ware, Pelton, do. Nr.w London, Oct 22?Arr Juno, Belfm for NYork; North Carolina, \l iiue for ilo; Enterprise, dodo; Henry Clay, Machia-> lor do; Carat an, Deiim* for do; Ltdy Adams, Norwich for do; Mexico. Albany for Norw ich; Allda, do for do; Columbia, NYork for Portlaud; Klenora, K ink's ton for New York; Julia, Midolt'towii tor do: Brunette, NYoikfor Norwich; Majestic, hl(1 New Loudon, NYork. 1'milapi i.phia, Oct27?("Id Vandalier, Berry, Halifax, NS. V< sper, H ipkuift. Boston; Currency. Sharp, Baroadoea; Achsah p. DougLss, NYork; Angeline, Joliue, Albany; Powhattan, Claix, do; Win You nit, Laird, Providence Arr in the Schuylkill, Si. I II >s- \. Ir. II-uj mi i n, N Y'i K , Ou'ui., J.l.iuon, M; Stoueybrook, Scattergood, do. Norfolk, Oct 21?Arr Orleans, Smith, Richmond for NewOrleans, put iu to finish Idg, and eld same day; Pallas, Havens, Turks Island, Union, Paiue, Boston for Ricnmoud. Cld Empire, NYork. Charleston. Oct 22?Arr Qaz< lie, Glover, Bermuda: K.dw Frauklin, Weatnertfield, Coun. CM Nile. Johnson, Havre; Tybee, Ogden, NYork. Sid Oregon, Glifhlitig, for a Southern port; Mmco, Nichols, do; Isabella, Briggs, do: Col T Snr|?herd, Cooj>er, West ludies. Arr 23d, Vernou, Robo ns, Crousladt; Ann, Town: , Bostou. Sid Zephyr, Hoby, for West ludies Savannah, Oct 22?Arr Eli Whitney, Harding, Boston; Granada, Hammond, do; Larch, Abbott, oo; Aatoncan. Bar* gets. NYork; G B Lamar, Smnemann, do. Below, one shin.? Cld Pandora, Tillinghast, Boston. Arr 21st, La Grange, Porter, N York. Cld Exact, Johnson, do; Haidee, Flitner, Philadelphia; Voltaire, Sleeper, Providence. St Augustine, Oct 11?Arr Charlotte, NYork. Nkw Orleans. Oct 18?Cld Monsoon. Hallet, Antwerp; Don Juac, Soule. Liverpool. Arr Canton, Pettingill, Kingston Jv; Ju inota, (So) Slovideo. Havana: Neptune, (s) Rollins N Y?-rk. Below, Niagara, Cole,do. Arr; 17th, Columbus, Coffin, Boston; Chester, Vandyke, Philadelphia. DOR DM. FEUCHTWANGER'S Price Current .fCopv J- via, Capsules, Acid*, Dye woods, Lu nar (laus'.ic.D aguerreotypu Chemicals, German Silver, fctc. fkc. Ike. See fourth page. o!7 ec 117 ANTED.?A situation i?-. i f pro table young woman* * v one who understands washing and ironing and housework. Also please to call at No. 6ft Crosby street, where the be?t of reference will be given. o28 2t#r \17 ANTKD ? By t wo irsp.wt tLI? Prot? slant v ouug women, ** a situatiou o? do plain cooking,washing and ironing of a private family, Inquire at 72 Roosevelt street, where the best of refsranen will bo given- 1 ltt?f \fR DEMPSTER'S FAREWELL CONCERT. \i. uempsier re speriiuliy announces to lug friends and the public that his Farewell Concert will be given at the Society Library, this evening, Fridav 28th, on which occasion he will be assisted by the Messrs. Kaiuer, wlio will sing some of their best pieces. Paiticulars in small bills. Tickets 50 cents, to be had at Atwill's and Dubois's Music Stores, and at the door. Concert to commence at quarter before 8 o'clock. o28 Itrc \ CARD?NIBLO'S ?Tin- (' well known establishm lit, the New YorkLadies' Repository, have sincere pleasure in announcing to the public that Mr. Niblo has most liberally tendered the free use of liis Saloon, and the Messrs Ravels the gratuitous aid of their valuable services for a benefit, to assist its fun 's, will take place on Saturday, October 29, 1812. On the occasion a variety of entertainments will he given, in which the whole Ravel family, Cha* VVinther and Mr and Miss Wells will appear. o38 lt*r R EPEAL! R EPEAL!?SPECIAL CALL. Hereditary bondsmen know ye not. who would be free Themselves must strike the blow ? A meeting of the Young Men's Repeal Association will be held in Concert Hall, 4% Broadway, on Saturday Evening 29th instant to nominate officers to fill vacancies created by the resignation of J. T. Doyle, Esq , E. A Cass-rly, and P. A. Kean, and to thoroughly reorganize the Repeal movement in this city, by uniting all honest repealers and to afford the innumerable ardei t lovers of fatherland an opportunity of testifying their devotion to their country and her cause, by subscribing and forwarding the sinews of war towards the mighty moral movement now carrying out by the f ther of his country, the great ami good O'Counell. And further to give an opportunity to ihe officers and other members of the Asso. iation of disavowing their concurrence in an on authorised publication which appeared in the 11 Freeman's Journal of Saturday the 22nd inst,," "signed Patrick A. K- ?n." THOMAS SCANLAN, Treasurer. Of fhe Young Men's Repeal Association of N.York. New York, October 2.r>th, 812. ?>28 2t*rc \fEW YORK LEGAL OBSERVER.?Oo Saturday, the 29th of October, will lie publihed No. 4 of this journal, oc tavo fo in, 16 page*, with cover for advertisements, containing sketch of "Sir William Follett"?Judge Bett's Decision ei parte Coster with reference to the doctrine of lien where a creditor's hill his been tiled?Judge Tallmadge's Opinion in Post vs. Logan, kc. Ike.?A digest of the in-w English B"?krupt Act ? Review of new Books?List "f New Publications?Anecdotes of the Bench and the Bar?On dit <?f Westminister Hall, kc. kr. Published at 12 Ann st. by SAMUEL OWEN, Editor and Proprietor, at one shilling |?er copy or $*> in advance. The Repot Us in tins work are not to be found elsewhere and are published witri the sanction and approbation of the Judges. o?81i?r OWILHELMS, No. 234 Broadway offers for sale his new imported stock ofgoods, wholesale and retail. 1.?Ot Embmiderie?, commenced and finished pieces of various kiuds; worsted, wool, stitching and kmttiug silk, beads, canvas, patterns, fcc. 2.?In small and lace wares, all torts of silk and worsted string, borders, trimmings, tassels, fringes, and every article in this line, done in the most fashionable taste. 3.?The most-copious and splendid choice of artificial flowers, done in the neatest work and uewest ta*U, bouquets, diadems, kc. 4 ?Articles of cast iron of the most various descriptions, manufactured in the Koya| Iron Foundirv at Berlin 5.?Exquisite and neat figures in brouze. 6 ?A bstitifU assortment <>t uNffot basket w ?rc*. 7?A considerable and el-gaut choice of pressed and painted paper, sheets of letter paper, visiting cards, wafei*. kc. 8.?Au elegant and great store of tne finest porce lain. 9.?A splendid assortment of the finest dressing articles.cases lira perfuiXMs. Ib*n POST OK KM E, Nt-w V. , U, Oct 27, \v.r>.-English M vl.Letter bajfs for Great Britain, per lloval Mill Steamer Brittania, leav ing Boston on the 1st Nov, will close at the XJ\ i?rr and Lower Pott OAcea, at 30 minutes past 3 o'clock, on Monday the 31at instant. _o2H_3ir JAMES LOIUMEK GRAHAM, P. M. PJ.RANITE.?The Stateii Island Granite Quarrv being now CX in full operation will supply Grauite of any dimensions, either cut or rough. Building stoues either for block of rouble work, uhh r, sills, and lurelb,steps and pht forms, w ill be delivered at shortest notice, Kentledge for shi|>s, and shingle ballast or smaller stones will be delivered on board any vessel in N*wYork harbor at tne lowest rates. Vessels can load with great dispatch at the wharf on Staten Island, where 14 feet depth of water is had. The railroad being in go?d order, the cars are laden and brought abreast of the looping. No danger from ire dining the winter months. For further information apply to LEWIS GIBSON. Agent, At the Granite Wharf, Staten Island, or to the Office of the Company,100 Pine st,eor of South,upstairs o28 r S. E. GLOVKK, President. "piano fortes. A FEW splendid rose wood and mahogany Piano Fortes, of the most be titf iin 1 workmanship,tone,mm finish, with harp I*eda1s, metalic plates, and all the modern improvements, for sale low to clo?c a trust, at 13 Nassau street. ofiS '>t*cc HAK at DEN fkCO.'S Eipp'ss Lines to Boston, Providence, Hartford, New Haven, Springfield and Philadelphia, daily. HARNDEN & CO., 025 linr 3 Wall street. TMVIDEND ?The Board of Directors of the National Fire L' Insurance Com|>aiiy in thecily of New York, have this day declared a dividend of four per cent on the capital stock,payable iothe stockholders on and after the lir?t day of November neit, at the office of the Comj?any, No. 40 Wall street. J. W. SAVAGE, Secretary. New York. Oct. 25th. 181*. o2fi Iwr SVVEEDISH LEECHES?Just received, in line orde ? Swephate Quinine?2(KH) ounces, at manufacturers i rice? for sale by hUSHTON fc ASPIN WALL, 026 3t*ec 86 William st. r j^O FAMILIES, WANTED.?A young woman is in want A of a situation of dress maker,or seamstress io a private family in this city. She has no objection to become an attendant at the same tune on the lady of tne house, and will give the best of reference as to her ability, character, be. Please address a ?ot? to A. h and leave it at litis offiac. o27 1w#rc OTOLKiN?From on hoard the schooner JohnS K Y foot of Oliver street, during the night of the 21th instant, a silver double case English watch. No. 342, no name on it, capl andjewelled, with one nair pantaloons arid pocket hook containing some change. I awubrowkeis and otners are reouest**d to slop the watch i. of V red lor sale, and please notify above. Five dollars will be gi- en for the return of the tame on board or by COOPER & HORTON. <>28 2t*' < 199 South street. fPOOTH At HE Ct RED GRATIS?The eiibocnSii con A tinues to cure hundreds with his never-failing remedy. For curing or destroying the sensibility of the nerve,no charge made ? where the party has the tooth filled wi'h tin or gold foil,both curing aud tilling warranted; extracting, SO cents; incorruptible teeth set onstumpa, $2; all other rhanjes in proiw?rtion. A. WALKER, Surgeon Dentist, o27 2t is*ec 90 Chambers st, near Broadway. Sol 1 HERN FT NDS WANTED u very improved Alabama, New Orleans. Union, Floridi, So. Trust. Florida. N. S18TARE. 19 Wall street. $2000 Bank United States Notes for sale low. Alabama 5 and 0 per cent State Bonds wanted o27 3t*r ~ THE GER MAN SUR(iKON. QOLOMON MINE, M. D., No 57 Reade street, New York. * ' In scrofula and chronic dieaae* no charge made till the patient is satisfied?medicine delivered gratis. All persons deformed, under twenty-one years, can h ive their boner, straightened. References given as to numerous patient* who have been cured in this city. fm*l LEACHING POWDER 19$ Casks B* <Fs im\ Bit *?? 111u* i owds r, foi soli l>\ PL' UUUL' h. DU/\AVU ? rmnon ? Ull\ *v/l\ C?, " oflU No ; Libert itreet | IVERPOOlTi OAL?Now diacKuriini frvvn on board ibip tJ Kilwanl PrrkilM at loot of strrrt, and for sale in Iota I null purclitarri, ifrarly ap|>li<jttir>ti is m <1- on boird ahin or to JOHN HE RDM AN, i'^i i'r 61 Mouth street. , \-K* KOtt SA 1,K??'iii |r wat* r casks, about 120 I 'v gallons each, in Rood order, Tor sale low bv \V. &J T. TAIMCOTT. o28 r _ 41 Peek Slip.^ TNTfcLLIOENT LADIES always read th( newspapers? I they tell th ladies when t" bny larniin to bay a good bargain is full title to a loeimc hinband, and to attain *uch a m? i m .. unhttl nofeeervb rati fu I woman. Aa that is deemed the anne of her earthly happiness, now, ladies who are willing t<? te?t their merits hy surh a standard of excelleiice, will please look in at the following:?Black gaiters,eood !U*. light do 'tid do 12a; morocco buskins, liftht and and black, f?s to Rs; Uather boots and husks 7s to 8s; leather busks lined and boiin.l fir winter, 6.; t.l? l(. (nnt rlricmit) ?lii>|?r? 'it. C In. Irrn'n ?hn-?, 2? to ? ; h?y? ytrowr ?hnr?. 4?; llidu Ilubbrrt, plain, figureo. lined, bound, inlcd, not fold nuT to be old at any price to suit the aDility of the buyer. An'I that accom.o4.ti.nt, -hoi ?..y! ALBERT TUCK, iMtfo+r || Carmin** ? mer Beechman afreet. PUT M1 1NE\ IN THY PI R*E. HOW? Patronise the City Cash Tailoring Establishment, 202 Broadway. Thf niiamn rstci which have been charged for faahionahle Clothing, has led tlie subscriber to adopt the cheap rath system, indhe now offer* to tit out gentlemen with the finest ( lothe made up with neatness, taste, ami de*i*atrh, at the very lowest 1,1 ttiiig prtcet. Hiving made arrangements for the Aneai kuglis i chrths, Caa imeres ind Veatinga from firit hands, hi n lfrord Htein low. The most ui|K*rlenced cutters are en ImacK o give < istiafa Hrr mgers visiting the city can luve a full suit inade up at short notice. \ dfflflM winter ( lothing ready made of every variety, qua) ity and st> le, of the latest fashions and warranted to fit.?Strati gem will do Well to call be Ion pun h* iiik ? Isewhcn s 21 lmis#r EDWARD FOX. SHAKSPEA.RE, 11 PARK ROW AND 3 ANN STREET. tTMlK be'?'* to return hit best thanks to 1 Iiih numerous Iriends. tor the kind and liberal encourage incut they have given him since In- re-opened the above establishment; .he muru the in and the public in, ihut he will cimliuue to use every riertiou to meiit their pa tronage. The harder will be alwiys supplied with the choicest delirariea of the season, which will be aerved up iu t ?u;ierior manner. at prices iu accordance with the tiutea. The Bar will he atocked with wines, honors, draught and Scotch ale a, Loudon porter, and segars ; all of the very beat quality* Breakfasts, dinner*, teas, and supper*, at all reasonable hours. Hot dialiea, sou|ia, itr.,ou hand everyday, between the hour* of 1 and J I'. M. OYSTKI18?'ilie very beat that can be procured, in every .. .. . a , . suiiauit* notice otriiiK KiTeu, A.W DISH wliutever can l>c procured. Private rooms, for the accommodation of dinner rod supper parties. EDWAKD W1NDUST. 13 2(<iw is Iw r BILLIARDS.?Otis Field rrs|-ertf?||y inrltMthf lover* l his amusement, to call at Bait* ford's Rooms, over the Cli mis Eatiug House, 119 Fultou, and 1^% Aim street, where a choice may be h id of eight tables?jyther Slate, Marble, Iron, or Mahogany^ with India Rubber, Cloth or Composition Cush ions, in coinbiuation with all the lite Kuro|>c;iu improvements Visitors will find the bar, either Wtshiiigtouian, or otherwise as rnav suit their fancy. ?29 lmis#ec COCHINEAL.?3 ciroonsof Mexican Cochineal for sale by PKKS8E & BROOKS. ottt No bI Liberty st. OUOAR HOUSE MOLASSES and Amber Syrup of su0 peri or q ualify for family use. for sale in hhds, tierces and barrels, at the American Sugar Refinery, No. 28 Leonard st, by o23 2w?r TYLER U MAPEH NOTICE.?The proprietors of tlie Saint George Hotel have yet a lew single rooms not taken for tlie winter. Also one or tw o suites of rooms for small families. Grntleineu wishing desirable apartments on reasonable terms, w ill do well to secure them early. October 27'h, 1812. o27 3t is*r GLASS CUTTING ESTABLISHMENT.-^. Stouvoatl. glass cutter, No. 29 Gold street, Constantly on band and of fer to supply all dealers and others, at the lowest prices in this city, ami warranted the best of any other manufactory?such as beautiful ball lamps oft very si?.e, astral lamps ami shades, decanters, tumblers,champaign,wine glases,dishes, goblets, bowls, celeries, pwiAc. lie. Goons nil to my port of (he country by any quantity free of packages and cartage, all articles match to pattern. Retail store No. 35 John street, near Nassau st,

?I0 lm*r Daily express lines for albany, utica, BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The subscribers having been engaged for the last twelve months running the Albany and Buffalo Exnrets, in connection witn Harndeii St Co.'s New York and Albany Line, have recently extended their Express Line (ruin Buffalo to Albany, through to this city on their own account, will receive and forw ard daily, (Sundays excepted,) Specie, Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bundles, and Cases ui Goods, to and from the following places, vix.:? Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracuse, Auburn, Ithica. Geneva, Canaudaigua, Rochester, Balaria, Lockport, Buffalo, Cleve1 an 1. Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate places. ii.A U.-v... lt; . ... -..a 'i* v, .iniuui, itiiwuuu ?iiu 1iiiuuiu, Canada. Will promptly attend to the collectiifti and payments of hillt, notes, drafts and accounts, purchase and sale of good. and prix duce by sample, and such other transcieul business .is may be entrusted to their care. Eacb Express will be accompanied by a com|>etent messrnIter, together with responsible ageiits in the principal tow ns upou the route. Merchautsand others may be assured that returns will be in this mauner received more s|>eedily than in any other possible way. N. B.?Special Expresses run to any part of the country at short notice, and u|m>u reasonable terms. 15 r POME HOY 4t CO. No.2 Wall street E. W. HAND, EXCHANGE BROKER, 23 lin'r No. 2 CAMP STKEET, NEW OHLEANB. TOHN M, UAVIBS Si JONES inform their Iriends and " customers that they have received their winter fashions for Caps?a variety of new styles for youth and children. The Crac ivieuut Turbui now so much worn, is inauufactured by them. Also a new style of travailing cap, very coii>euieut for gcntlemru travelling o22lm*m l?6 WILLIAM ST. GYMNASIUM. SPARRING SCHOOL PISTOL GALLERY. Messrs. hudson & ottignon respectfully inform the gentlemen ol New York, that their extensive rooms at the corner of Broadway and Chambers atreet, lor Sparring , '*vrn nasties and Pistol practice, are now open for the season. Numerous improvements and additions have been lately mule in the Gymnasium, which will now be found in every respect MMwila aid eqnal to Any other iim coutrr ibf tftUlic w ewes. Anarring taught on the most approved principles. Gentlemen visiting the Pistol Gallery will be supplied with Pistols of a superior quality. Terms moderate. Gentlemen are luvited to call at^any time diring the day. 0I6 lin?r RAFFLE, RAFFLE, RAFFLE. GENTLEMEN'S CLOAKS rPO BE RAFFLED for jnuitively on the first of Novcm1 ber next, two splenpid blue cloth gentlemen's Spanish Circular Clouu. with eapas, handsomeli made ap with a velvet collar and facings, canes, lined with silks, and complete in every other respect. Tickets $2 rj0 each. As the raffle will positively take place on the above named eve. Tickets must he juid for, whether one or more, when the numbers are taken. As a number of Tickets are already sold, gentlemen wishing i chance would do well to apply etrly?is such a ch nice seI doui otiers?the highest and lowest numbers are to have a cloak < ieh For fWther particulars. rnply at No. 1 Murray street, corner Broadway, where the cloaks are to be seen. o3 tNovl*r T I V O LI SALOON. 'TMIE LARGEST and most splendid Saloon tti the city for a Soirees, Concerts, Assemblies, Military Balls, Private and Public Dian r Parties, Political Meetings?without distinction of party. The Proprietor, ever anxious to gaiu to himself and this establishment a reputation ( independent of great profit) has leased from the owner on such terms as will enable hiin to rnin|x*te with any other establishment, and shall ihj most hanpv to make arrangement* (111 accordance with the times) with all who may favor hun with a call ; and assures them that no pains or expense will be spared to give entire satisfaction. WM. P. DENMAN, Proprietor. P. 8. Tuesday eveuiugs ol each week is set apirl t or luvita 11" 11 Kufl) ot lm*r PURE GROUND COFFEE AND .SPICES 'T'HOSE wishing to purchase pure Hoisted and Ground Cof a fee, would hun it to their advantage to call at 1H F? 1 tor street, where an- kept the above articles of the very best quali ty in t he city, at Prices to suit (he times. Coffee Roasted every day fresh, and sent to any part of this city and Brooklyn, free of expense. CofTee Roasted and Ground for Groceries, in a superior maimer. EBR. WELCH, late firm of ol2 lm#m Welch fc Shearer. GROUND SPICES AND COFFEE AT THE HOPE MILLS, 14 Marketheld street, between Broad and Whitehall, late 367 Elizabeth street, New York. Office 121 Krontst. Constantly on baud, at the lowest market I rtci and in tks qui nritn of packai? t27 2m#m J. SHANKS, M. D. OCULIST, AND Professor of Ophthalmic Anatomy and Surgery, Diseases of the Eye and Ear, and Imperfections of Vision. Office 192 Broadway, corner John street, up stairs. #N. B.?Doctor Shanks Pegs to inform those affected with Diseases of the Eye or Ear, or Imperfections of Vision, that, on application at nis office, their cases will meet with that skill and ireatmeut which must necessarily follow a mast exte nsive practice, based 011 an accurate anatomical, physiological, and pathological knowledge of tha the human Eye and Ear, aud that part of Optics pertainig to Vision. Office hours, from 10, A. M. to 3, P. M. daily, Sundays exrented. References?The Medical Dtparfment.of the University of the City of New York. s2~ eod lin*r THE OPENING OK CLIRKH U G H f 8 NEW ESTABLISHMENT FOR HAIR CUT TING AND CURLING. WIGS, SCALPS, &c. ?10. 4UJ D rvAL/ W J\ I , /"^MKKHUUH ha*, in connection with hit preseut premise!, ^ opent*d a *uit of Room! confuting of a GRAND GALLERY OF FASHION, appropriated eiidrc y lot Gentlemen's hair rutting. Thii splendid room is filtrd up in the style of Louis XIV. of France. T' walls are in panucls |?l ilea after the manner of W o u u, P uchctt, he., aud in iaiitan ,11 of the far-famed Uobeli The show-cases, mirrors ibles, ottomans, kc., are inc style of ornament*^ alto r; ..vo, finished ill white ai Id, loriiMUi.' a tout enseinnie nev 1 . en in thia country, SU . not aur passed in Enrrpe. THE LADIES' ROOM is private, and devoted entirely . laemsel vrs.for hair-dressing, fitting on wigs, curls, kc., aud , >1 consultation on the arfowtn and health of the hair, aud is filte 1 t. with every regard to ac coinmod.itinn aud comfort. THE GENTLEMEN'S WIG ROOM is for those who wish to be private wo- .fitting 011 wigs and ?calpa. C. may here remark, that as 11 ^iery department ol his profession, the character of hisworku established for its superiority, so does he lutend to make ouly e very best wigs anil scalps, aud ask according to the times, t . - <ery lowest remunerating profit. Mr. C, w#l be found always ' at home " 11. will give his sole and undivided attention to all who wish toe -L e countenance under ths magic of his touch. ie22 r A KICH TONED EIGHT MILVKK KKVCIS F L U T E . UECOND HAND?a rare aud splendid instrument, will be 0 sold cheap. Apply to T MONZANI, o7 lin*m i hompson street I S. CITY DESPATCH POST Pt 1ST OFFICE, New York, 25lh July, 1812. nCM'HS of Delivery each day, (Sundays eicepted) at the UpprT and Low er Post Offices:? Letters iieimsited before Half-past 8 o'clock, AMI 12 " " I 3 " P M Will be sent out for ileAt all the Stations before > livery at 9 AM, and I 7 o'clock, A M I aud 4 o'clock, P M. II " " I 2 " P MJ Let ters to be sent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affiled to them, otherwise tlirw cents will be collected of the onrty to whom th* letter is addrrMcd. No money must be enclosed in letters unless re* utered at t ie principal offices. Lists ot the ( i! ill ,,f * !ik h 'lr' . f rn-v p'lrrln*. (1 ,it $2/jQ j?er 100. slid every inlormstion may be obtained on *|>plication at tne upper or lower iiost offices. Stamps issued by the Ute (Jity Despatch Post will bs received It is indisiH-iisable that the mi ruber of the rtsidence should be stated in ail letu rs sent through-this Tost. The Post Master solicits the earliest iniorns ition should any irregularities occnr. JOHN LOKIMKR (iKAHA.VI Oli-'. Post M lit I litjy ?lff? tlfeI Al HCOTT'^i^NKKAL I'A^MW. OKKIC^^The follnwiiiK iMi ki'K will he ile-latched frmn thin '-(fire a* undci? K..r LONDON?I'a* kci >hi|> I'll 11, t DKLPnlA, Captain II .... ,i... I. , v ... FortlVKRI'OOL?Packet ehip OXFORD,Cant Rathbone, on tin" i?t Noy. For NKW ORLEANS?Packet ship YA ZO, Capl Traak.on the Mill Ort. For MOBILE?Packrt ah'p NORTH AMERICA, Captain HhII, on the I at Nov For SAVANNAH?P cketahip STKRLINO.Capt Hamilton, sails this day. For CHARLESTON?Packet ship SI TTON, Capl Outlowny, on the 2 th Oct. The above ire all first claaa packets. coppered and copper faateDerl, built in New York expressly lor the trade; are commanded by experienced and obliging raplaioa. and aie filled up expressly for the comfort of passengers, and will aail positively on the day adveitiaed. Prrsons about to embark for any of the above porte Would do well to make early application, aa the price of passage ii very lo at. For passage or other iwrticnlara, apply to W. St J. T. TAPSCO J T, 43 Peek Slip. o2Vc or 52 South at, cor Jonea' Lane, iff- FOR BALE?The well known, corter I kTTjfVand copjiered New York built altip SUPERIOR. JwdMKBbiirthrn |>er r? uiater 175 tour. She hat recently bad ? !> eat" naive repairs, la well found and may be aent to ?ea at a moderate expense. If n- I sold prior to tbe 15 November, ahe will thru be offered at aiicion by W Hiiinmt. For inventory and rerma apply to UOYD St MINCKEN, Ag< nta, iiiti SToi tiiie Bnildinga. Klilt Nfcw fTR!EAN8?Regular packet, la aail ifffWon 30th mat ?Tbe faat sailing copitercd and copper JMMMfat stencil ticket sine AUBURN, Lapt Durfey, will pnaitively sail aa above, her nay. Sue baa excellent aeeommoil tioni for caoin, second cable anil steerage passengers, who will be taken at very moderate ratea, for which apptyon board at Murray"! wharf foot of Wall at, orto JOHN HERDMAN, oZJ i 61 South atraat. AUCTION SAI.KS BV 1'HOMAS BKU (mioses Sot 2? ~1nii ami 115 Fulton tlrtil) FHIDA I At 10^ o'clock, in the inles roo<n. Lamps, Oirondoles, Ch uidcliers, A*tr?l?, brnuzed and plated article*, ('lock*, ate?will be sold by catalogue, and without reserve, a large and valuable assortment of the above description of article*, which have been sometime here, subject to in* Orders have been received from Eugliud to close sales pari rively on the .lay How named o2l r Alio, a hue v triety of gas future* constru-ted on the moil approved principle?ill these splendid |{uod* are not to be eiceilctl III 411V country. The i h vinlc liei i will be hung up and proiwrly arranged. Alio. 3 line counter*, 4 counting home desk*. 5 marble top table*,ami a large assortment of furniture,by order of rhcShrrilf Alio a variety of eleg ul furniture from a I aim I y leaving the city. SATURDAY. At 10^ o'clock in the ?ale* room, Sale of (pleudid piauo forte*, choice paiutin;, curlaius, uplioUtery stock. ike. Also, alirite additionil lot of su|iertor second baud furuitme of all description*. MONDAY. At 10*^ o'clock, at the auction room. Sale of Stoves?A stock of valuable stoves cmnpris lug the best descriptioiu of store, ptrlor, church, and cooking stoves of the best patent* and of all sizes. Housekeepers will do well to attend this sale. TUESDAY. At 10)? o'clock in the sale room*. Eitemive tale of dry goods, tancy and pledged articles; 6 trunks excellent clothing; a large invoice of London Cloths, Caasiiiiercs and Vesting*, in remnant* to suit purchasers. Also, hosieiy, gloves, tnuslius, sheetings, shirtings, guns, hardware cutlery, splendid jewelry, Itc. BY RIELL A ARCULARJUS. K ill D A Y, OctobeTin. 10)i o'clock, in 12th street (north side) between 6th and 7th Aveutos, Household Furniture, consisting of Carpeting, Mahogany and Black Walnut Chair*, Sofa, Twenty-one day Clock, Beds, Beddiug. French Bedsteads, one superior 1'iano Forte, made by Stoddard, Worcester and Dunham, nearly new; also ail IVsortineut of Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. SATURDAY. At 10* o'clock, in the sates room. Elegant Furniture, 1'iano*. Ike. MONDAY. Oct, 31st, At 10>? o'clock, at the auction room, Broadcloths, cassnneres, fco.?3U pieces broadcloths, beaver cloths, ike, in lots to suit purchasers. At '4 before 7 o'clock, in the creuiug. A valuable collection of paintings with a portfolio of engravings, belougiiig t o the estate of the late Wm Dittilap. TUESDAY, Nov l.t. At Id 1-2 o'clock at the sale* room. L*i<|uor?, aegars, ate.?/\. good assortment oi liquors ami segars. among which are toiii very superior port wine ami Havana segais?the attention of public houses and families are in* * iti .1. At Private Sale?Illinois Lands?Several sections of from 160 to 400acres located north east of Sigtinou County, selected in IM3'? by Mi. Funk, State Surveyor. Sag.unon ( ounty i> tin richest an I most populous County in the State, and the Seat of Government is established el Springfield, in the efDtn of tin Countv. The title is patent. BY B. W. WILMS. Sales Room 371 Broadway. FlUDAV, October St, at 10o'clock, it the ipetfogwegtsu s? cond Felt Sale of new ind elegant runutture, being die best and largest assortment of furniture ever offered at public auction in t !?? i ity, consisting of sofas, sofa bedsteads, bare?ut wasbst inds,centre tables with and without marble tops,French half and lj French chairii cuncd maple, Grecian back and other emirs, ward rob s, secretary and hook cases, ouirtvtte tables, ottomans, divans, couches, music stools. Fieucn bedsteads hat trees, breakfast, tea and dining tables, anil every article in the furniture una. Catalogues will be ready on the day of saie. Goods can be examined any^day previous to aale. o27 2t+r AUCTION NOTICE?Tho Splendid sale of English lamps, girandoles, astral*, mantles, lustres, splendid furniture, wil ton carpets, rugs, oil cloth, lie. to take place this day ill the large rooms 32 Ann and 115 Fulton sts, is recommended to the i attentiou of the public. See auction head of THOS BELL, 32 Aun and 115 Fulton streets. <>28r now BELL ft HOWARD. A UCTION NOTICE.?By CARTER'S co . stors ltt * Y Broaw iv,between Pine tnd Well eta, Baturday it 10 o'clck, Furniture, Ctipttiofi Earthenware, China, Quills, **< .?A splendid eortment ol new tod second bend furniture, including mihogany end murble top centre I ibU < ird tab! is, 11<gam sofas, French inahngmy chairs, desks, plaiu inthogany tables, Otc Also?Ingrain and three nly carpeting, oil cloths, tufted rugs and table covers, several beautiful blue dinner sets, tea sets, basins and pitchers ; very elegant French china tea an I coffee sets Also?A few dozen and demijohns of very choice Madeira, Por', Gin and Brandv, 10,000 princip" segars, 30,000 quills, A splendid nateiit sofa bedsteads, just from the fair. 8 tie positive, and housekeepers wi'l rind it to their interest to attend. 30.000 quills. o28 tt*r JOSEPH J. P. DEL VECC IIO, Auciimieer. \ T AUCTION?On Friday the 28th inst, at lOLio'clock, A M, will be sold at 23 Washington st, tirar the Battery, the entire stock and fixtures of a tavern and boarding house, consisting of bur and Amines, liquors. ecwdmls.lti? beds ana !"d ding, kitchen, furniture, stores, fcc. Sale positive. Alsoal wheel cab and horse lod harness in complete order, wuirunted. Also, a lot of nrw ind s? r.<nd h md h its. o2?ll#r y [ RNITU RES A L K7-jrHE( 1KMAN " wih sell at aj|C ~ nun on r nuay, ucioner sscu, at 10 o'ciocg, A. M., at :\o. 324 Greenwich street, a gt-neral assortment of Household Furnimre, consisting of piano, roaches, divans, mahogany dining tables, pier glass, bronze and lacquered girandoles, barometer, mahoganychairs, brussels tnrce ply and ingrain carpets, mahogany French and patent curled maple bed deads, feather be ds, crockery, file. Sic. An exec}lent assortment of kitchen furniture, with which the sale will commence. o27 2t#ec RA< K BETWEEN FASHION AM) IUJ K DICK.?At the solicitation ol many geiitlemeti -aSFTlMB desirous of witnessing the contest between these Imiifi. the Cstnden and Ainboy Railroad Company Will tttrntsh an Kstra Train OH Saturday next, the 29th iost, leavint Tier No. 2 North River, at 7 A. M ., arrive at Camden at half-past 12 o'clock, where carriages will be in readintss to convey them to the course, a distance of three miles Tha Ru (knmmoff nti P. fit Faro foi tbsEientiioi. with the privilege of returning the same evening in tbe 5 o'cl ock line. or by the 9 o'clock line the next morning, $4. October 26, IB42. o27 2tia*r FASHION AND BLUK DICK.'?Peramn wishing to witness the Great Race to come off l ^h9Bh on Saturday next, by these celebrated horses at -"3KSEL Camden, will be furnished with excursion tickets togo and rrtuni for Four Dollars, taking the evening train on Fridxyat before 5 o'clock foot of Liberty street, or the moraine pool IftdepnuMpce on Bmufdnj ?t 7 o'clock, pinr Wo. 2 North river, returning by the evening railroad line on Saturday or morm ng line on Sunday from Camden. . o27 3t*r - FOR HALIFAX AND LIVKRPOOL. The Royal Mad Steamship BRITANNIA, J. Hew? tt. Cornmander. will leave Boston for the above ports on Tuesday, November JraBwiit. Passage to Liverpool $136. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., o258tr 3 Wall street. .Mfl' OA M)U A L BAN V, TK() \ and liiterii.edi?L-?r, ai*ate Places?The splendid low pressure steamjt^^JltjK-hoat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Cortlandt st, on Monday Afternoon, Oct 24th. at 5 o'clock. The Swallow will leave as above on Thursday, at 5 o'clock. The above is a substantial Boat, fitted up with elegant St itr Rooms, and for accommodation it unrivalled ou the Hudson. 0Q| jgm NEWARK AND NEW VORK.-Fare t jnOulv I2H cents.?The splendid and cominodi 3Emm9lJKLous steamer PASSAIC, Capt. John GafTy, being completely and elegantly refitted, commenced her regu*t trips for the season ou Thursday, * larch 1ft?leaving as follows *? Foot of Barclay ?t. New York, at 10)4 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and half past 1 o'clock P. M. On Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at 10)4 A. M. and 4 P. M. Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and at 2o'ciock, P. M Iol 2m*r gA \ LI. AM) W1 .NTKH AKKAN(?K fly?MENT.?The steamboat Rockland, will, IP aw -9 aY)(| aftrr Monday, the 31st of October, run a* follows: leaving Middletown Point (tide and weather iwr milling) at o'clock, and Keyj?orl at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Returning, leave the foot of Robin sou street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12 o'clock, noon, touching at Beguiii's Dock each way. ofStages will bn in MdiMH toconvaj in?mii to mj i Ml the country. All baggage at the risk or the owners. ot3 lm*ec t*g- KOK MtMUON-Ki-k'uUr "Park. I ..f the lOlh N-.? JMWW?Tlie splendid fast sailing fiarket ship SWITZERJ>tlfA?|L AN I), ( apt Chadwick.will sail as above,her regular For passage ill cabin, second cabin, and steerage, having splendid accommodations, apply on hoard foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMl/RRAY, 100 Pine street, comer of South. [ P. 8 ? Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the old country, caU have them brought ot by tins ship, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, if by letter post pud. otffr KOK LONDON ?Kr mi lar packet ..f the 1.1 .."i Norrmbcr?Hir *|ilrtidiJ packet thtp PH1I.ADKLSuKb^HIA, Captain Horry, matter, will iHiaitirely .ail ia ali ivr, her reytilar Jay, Harm, auperh accoininodati <na for cabin, arcmid cabin anj "tcrraicr paskt liftera, tlioac wi.Ihiik to arcure bertha nhnulil make ear;y application Ui JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pineitrri't, corner of South. P. S ? Prraona wuhiiiK to lend Tor their frirnda redding in the old couutiv, can have them brought out by the above .ulterior >hi|i. or any of the regular packet, by applyimr * above (if poat |iaiil.) o2t r KOH LO.N DON.?Packet of the lit of November MffV ?The splendid. well known packet hip PHILAjpRMtalO.l.i'lll A.< i|<t. Hovey, will poaitively m>I a* above, her regolai day. Her accommodation! for cabin, aecond cabin and peerage paat< ngera, are nnanrpaaaed by any ship afloat ; therefore, aarTy application la rennired* to be mole on hoard the ahip, loot of rine atreet, or of pM JOHN IIKUDMAN, 81 Snath at. OUJ BLACK KALI, LINK OK I'At KET* wHWfWFOK LI VEKt OOL?I'ackrt of the 1st November? JpCIiIiBkEb I well known favorite packet ship OXFORD, r.apuin John Rvhbone, will be despatch*d aa above, her reitular day. This splendid ship has uninrj^w'l rcnminodatloos for cabin, second cabin and steerage fwuscnfers. Those wishing to secure berths will ie<iuire *o m tke early application on board the ship, at the foot of B< enmiti st. or to JOHN HKHUMAN, ?l South st. Also, the packet of the 23th Or ober cm >et Uie a few mora cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers N. ft?Persons sending for then friends r? siding in Great Brit on or Ireland. can havr them brought out as usual, b. jinv of th?* ?hi|M composing tkaia linr.ftild nnfla for my amount ran hr furnished, i*yable ih all the principal u>wm ihrouichout the United KuiKdom p[?hran above. pfTr 4*^ FOIl I.I V Kft POOL? N K W I.l'NK-. It. iflgMfV P?<of tlMl N 'Vrmbfr.?The Splendid Pulltl jiaMKaShip KOSCMIS. Capt. John Collin*, of I IDA ion., will i l\ .all <? ?Ikivp, hrr regular daw K'>r freight or paasagc, having aecommodationa unequalled for splendor or comfort, Apply on hoard. ?t Orlotni wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. n. COLLINS k CO. % South street. Price of passage, film. The Packet Ship Siddona, Captain Kdw. B. Cobb, o| loon toua, will succeed the Koarina, and aail the Jilh December, her regular day. Passengers may rely on the ahipe of thia line sailing punrtn.illy aa advertised. njn , PA' KK.T HIH MAVKK?Second Ln,e-The atop KFlSy James f tinelr, Master, will aail on the lat JU1Mb of November. BOYD k HINCKEN, "'D No. ? Tontine Bmldinga. Nl'.VV ORLKANS Louisiana and >r? JffJjyYork Line?Positively Kirat Hegular Parket-To NUBiptil the 30rli October?1 he faar tailing coppered and copper listened packet ahio YAZOO, Cip'ain B J H Traak, Will positively sail aa ahore^ her regular day. For. freight or passage. having superior furniahed accommodations, applv nn board, at Orleans whaif, foot of Wall at or to _ , K. K COLLINS A t O. 'di South st Positively no go.ids received aft-r Saturday evelil g the 29th instant. Shippers may rely U|>on hiving their goods correctly measured, and that the shim of this line will sail punctually aa jd'ertiaeil. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may he required. Agent* in N. Oileana, Hullm A Woodruff, who will promptly forward alt goods to their address. The packet alnp MISSISSIPPI. Capt Cheater Htllard, will succeed the Shakspcari , and sail the 10th Nov, her regular day, o35r _ A MUSEMENTS. NIHLO'l fiAltllK.*. last vionT~iiTTr <>\? of tub sfasoj*. / ?/.?/>; vs r. a rrn a u no .v. Tile W in Irrful ltivi-1 Kwuilly lu A NF.VV PANTO HI Vf?. ivsJ ni^'iily with frait ? 11I4U if, ill 1 n < >! <* >m ? ! -lit?il(i c < n o P I'll j.nitnt o I'll-: vionr OMVL, THIS K V'.Vli, Oc! 2::li,,lu ueffjrm nice ?rill commenceat lull nut ' o'clock, witli a v ovKurJtte Al't-r winch KLLKV; ir, Tfitla of Trae Love. A'l niril, \I >ru D mverj i -1 VI1 iter of Aiylum J itirel UK-,. I I W . . \i I It... VI r.,.. I'. Ocuuiui G tbriel K irei | VI idiine? M'me J?roat CuiUiii. VVc llij It I leu. M'lle D^utrerilU NltU, Leon Javelli | Julia, Mui Weu* ludim Chief, Mr Price J To he followed by (Laud Pdi de Deui fm.ii L? SI i> Side, by Mr. H.atid Mltf Weill. Succeeded by AN OVFUTURE. To con tltide with (49th tnnv )tbe m ufiiificent Comic Pantomime MAUZULVIL. OK. THfi NIGHT OWL. Miuiulin, the Xujht Owl, Vlr Wellf Ch*r\lier Uiruuo, Jerotne Kit el Kuiile; U-brml Ravel M tclou, A ?eo?u? Aitvei Biht'ntin, r4 ?u? Oiaverxi Marian i, a poor IV naut, M'?ue Jerome lliv?l J ill'-, h Kl il 1 I-; I' Mile n HttnVUi* Z ilunt.d Circtnia i Slave, Mm Well* The (iarden opeiii at hilf past ?i*?Performance! eommeuci hrlf pa at seven. T i ckets?50 ceuta CHATHAM TliKAfKK. Pit II X ceina. Tier 25 cents. First Tier M oents. Benefit of tin- Ore it Western. THIS EVENIVd. October 28'h. will tx performed AUDEN THE KECK LESS. Aft-rwhicli JACK'S THE LAD. Followed b- LOAN Of A LOVER. Couclnile witli JACK ROBINSON k HIS MONKEY. [T7" Doors will open atG>i?Curtain will rise at quartet pas t 7 oVlock preci sely. Box Office open daily from 9 to 5, where Tickets may b purchased and places secured. I'AHK TI1KATHB, BENEFIT Of MR. AND MRS. BKOCUHAM. THIS EVENT NO. October 28th, will be performed ? LOVE'S SACRIFICE. After winch IRISH AMBASSADOR. first Th r 75 ceuts; 2d Tisr 50 cents; Pit 37X cents; Gallery tW ceuts. Doors open at 6% o'clock and the performance will com commence at 7 precisely ffll'IfllKLL'S OLVfflPlC THEATHK. 444 Broadway. New Tor?. THIS EVENING, Oct. 28th. will be presented MEET ME BV MOONLIGHT, After whicli AMILIE ! Gene ml Count DerTeimer, Mr Raymond Jose Sprckbacher, Miaa Taylor Conclude with, HOUSE OK LADIES. t/~ The Door* will be o|ieued at hall-past 6, and the per I to rma'M e commence at 7, every evening. AMERICAN TI1KATICK? WALNW-ST. I'll 11. A I)K l,l? III A . UNDER THE direction ok MISS C. CU8HMAN. THIS EVENING, Oct. 28th, will be, [T " No bill received. E. A MARSHALL. Leaaee. aMekican inimKiiin ani> uahukn. BROAD WAV, ojmosit- St. Mh Church, under the ma iiaitrinent of I'. 1 . Ilaruuiii, immense novelties-Thunders of aitlaub e Dny visitor* admitted same cvcnin* free. DR. VALENTINE, the comic delin alor of American peculiarities, whims and od lines, will *ive Ins short lecturer on the Benefit of Laugh in*? Miss Tabitla Tlptougue. an iu<|Ui?ilire old meid of 40? Billy Jones, the man ruined by the March of luiproreineul? The Steainnoat, with a description of the |>asaeu*ers?The Napoleon Debaters?The Hypochondriac?Joab Sguask, with the comic son* of Suky Cinder?Burlesque Lecture on Plirenelo*y,?The Couutry School, 4tc. CHINESE FIREWORKS. These works of art were eslnbiled by the late Mr Maelzel. Their dar.zlin* beauty ami brilliancy are uuapproaehable. SlGNOR VIVALI l*S GRAND MECHANICAL FIGURES, every movement of whicli represents life with a fidelity perfectly incredible. To- Mysterious Gipsy Girl?Miss Hood, tlo-poimlar vocalist ?La Petite Celeste, tlie admired danseuse?Albino Lady? (Jrand Coainoraina, the views clianye every Monday?Fancy 4 d' * - - BIowiii*?and MMI.IHKI Curios,i--? Afternoon p-rforinances Wednesday aud Saturday at three o'clock. Eeveiiiu* performances commence at 7)?. The Adinitlauce to the whole, Museum, Gardeuand enter laiumruts. twenty-live cents?(Children half price. o34ec ATTRACTIONS! STRONGER STILL KKW VOKK DIUNRCN AND P1CTL RK GALLERY, Broadway, ojwogite the Park. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager, D K8PECTFULLY aunounceathat he has eagaged the csleJ* bra led IV1 r. Nelles, the wonder of the world, born without arms, satnie, in ooe of her wayward frears having deprived htm of those useful Hp|it'iid<tues. He can, however, accomplish in my leafs tint tli?Mr possessed ??I 11111d.? a..d unable to eiecuU ; na will write: play apoo a rarietf of arasieal instrument*; cut ?>ut profiles, fire On s pistol: wind up a wttw; hie a ouarterof a dollar with an arrow; and perforin ma*?y other wonderful ei ploits* Mr Dalanta willgijc imitations of Hen y Ctar* iptvodaee the peculi ixitiss of New York nifMoi?ri lsi Ootlias, the comic singer?fin. Phillips, the nmrh'snmirtd aongstiess?Mr. Wroth. ^ the falsetto vocalist?aud .Master Young, the citraordin^ry wire vol ante dancer?glass blowing by Mr. Owen. Admission to the whole, including Museum, CuriosiPiplnr.. (IjlLrr Villi AMIs' UUlV.I IWH There will he a day performance on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. 'Die elitert nmneiiU in the evening will begin at half-past 7. s>4 1m PRESENTS. .TIFFANY, YOUN G , Ac ELLIS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS Id the various Fancy Manufactures of England, France, Germany, China, (Sc. IJAVE received by late arrivals, * Brest variety o( beautiful ' 1 novelties, which renders their stock more eleirant and ?itensive than ever before. In it will be found a superior assort meut of? Roar wood ami Ebony Goods Clonrse Faucy Articles Plain and fancy Stationery Fancy Porcelain and Glass Catlery Berlin Iron and Bronse Goods Perfumery Fans of all kinds Bruahes and Combs Papier Mache ft Velvet Good. Indian Curiosities Umbrella., Parasols It Shades Walkinu ('anas, Suspenders, Games, Opera Glasses, French Jewelry, Hiding Wlopa, Accoidmus, Music Boies, Mantel Ornaments, Oil I'aiiiliuKs, " BoiviuV Gloves, and an innumerable variety of EltffaiU Articlet or Tugte and Utility,^ Mutable for nresents, all of which they take pleasure in show inc. and will sell at such moderate prices as must be satisfaelo ry to all puichasers. No. 450 Broadway, oil Imis-ec Directly opposite the City Hall. DR WHEELER, OCULIST! INFLAMED, DISEASED AND WEAK EYES-DR I WHEELKK, Oculist, 33 Greenwich street, N. Y. respectfully informs the public, that in consequence ol his practice having become enlarged to so great a-? riteut, he is compelled of his office attendance strictly between the hours to 8 A. M, ftsiu i i. .>i., after wnicn ne visits ms out door patients. Notwithstanding mat among tne many hundreds of casus which Dr. W. nns attended, mnnv mvc neeu operated on by other professors wiinout success, ami pronounced t?y them in curable, yet ur. w. fins never railed to eradicate the disease and effect a perfect cure, despite every disadvantage which may hive presented itself, and in many instances almost against hope. It . uns unprecedented success in his treatment of the Wri?'us (h iherto considered incurable) diseases of the eye that * nahles with confidence ro refer the atllicted who may be unacqii .iiited with him, and his mild mode of treating the disorders of this organ?to numerous restored patients in the first class of wociety, resecting his professional abilities and skill ss a scientific oculist. 4'hronic inflammation of the eyelid, or sore eyes, however .ong standing, can he effectually and permanently cured, and films, specks, removed without surgical operations. Term. t/? suit the rirriim>t>n^? ??f ?h.. ...M-m ,.l DOCTOR ELLIOTT. OCULIST, AND OPTHALMIO SURGEON, Confirirt hi* Practice to DISEASES OK THE EYE Office 261 Uroadway, cottier of Warren ?treet. >M lmi**r to Country merchants. ROB'T. L SMITH A HENDERSON, WHOLKBALK DKAI.KKS IN FANCY SILKS AND STAPLE DRY (R)ODS, SHAWLS AND LACES OK ALL DESCRIPTIONS, Straw, Leghorn am/ Palm Ijcaj Haft, NO 176 PEARL STREET. 3d door above Pine, IVrw York. Robfiit L. Smith. > JOHN C. Hr.NDrmoN, j No deviation from the firat price named. <>13 1 m ii'm PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS. THE CO/.LEGE OF M E D I C I N K A NO PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. HAVE prroarrd a unmber of " Private MedicineChesta," each coiiLainiini an ap, roprtate quantity of the new Kreneh Medicine* for the cure of a peculiar claa* of diaeaae*.which have unfortunately in lo<i many iiittance* fallen under the treatment of ntnorant >|iiaek?, in eooaaqacnce of the eilremedelieacy wlnrh [milent, thn> afflicted eunbil in applynut for medical ailiice Irotn iri|*clablr phvaiciana. Id the mods Dow eg plained, however.aafe and effectual treatment will be gained by urli patient* without the necraaityof making any dtacloanre of their rur. Tlir "iVlrdicilw Chat ronlaina aoch a quaMIlly of appropriate medicine aa it guaranteed to rffi ct a prifect C?n, and ample direcliona in a plain and familiar atyle accompany ?rh cheat. Tin- remediaa are applicable to all forma o( the diaeaae. The Chrata, contaiuing reinediea for ayphintic diaeaaaa are aolil for f '< each?the cheau with remcihea for aoaorrboea and gleet $1 each, may now be hail of the Principal Agent of tha College. W B. RICHARDSON. Agent. Principal Office of (he College Tl h una atreet. N. B.?Caeca forwarded to ell parta of the Union, tne Caaadaa and Wi at Indiea. Peraonaiinrchaauig theCheala can,by addreeaing the College, gmliiitonaly ohlaiu wliatevei additional advice they may deaire oil ring the progieaa of their caae. <M lie ? " 9 T R A BT?WtTsr COMMONLY CALLED STINTING. CURED in ? few seconds by (iuenn'u celebmtrd plan, which it fn ? from pain or danger. Ustsracis removed b? any of the or*ration* practised here er in fcuroj*. DH WHEELKR.Ocu'ist, 33 Greenwich vtreet, New York. N. B. Reference* can be given to 261 pritieiiu. ()ffi< c hour*, from H A M to I P. M of Iww f rr?L NEW GOODS. I tolicU attention Jo a large Mion?f>i of i?. and winter wear, includn.ii bearer dome f'Mimfrpi in a nrr^i variety of stylea for pen Rich mlli, satin, ?nd merino Vf.tiiJits* which will be made np u' V *l " ?*l nnnlemte charfea, (Vit ready moiier. rveady made <iiitniil>,cliiak?, kc., constantly on haad. W M T ?K.\.\l\OS. Draper and Tailor, a". Imii'r id Broadway, American Moral. H A V A N A TE a A fnr ~~ piCABIA k MAVZA.VKDO, Liberty .treat, near C Nassau, ol?er for .ale Ihr following : Mti.ooti I,a,Norma aefars, rary old and iiuperier I.VI.uoo Diana do do do I7i.nnfl K.pcnnaa do do do 100i?>0 Kefa'iaa of Norma, Diana, and K.mero hranda 70.000 Ononas, Trabnena, and Bsyonetaa, rariona do The whole entitled to debenture, and in lou to amt pnreha $,'n^ 08 lmi*#r rift WIKKIOAN MA( l\T(?SH. nRKJI Dirk, or habit, mnke iomr fo prefer every thing foretf n- We a.k aecli to make trial of our wa tee-proof coals and ea|a*a, and learn for once (so far at leaai aa our Macintoshes an- concerned) that the only merit peculiar to the imported ever thr American, i? that thry may hare hmi? on a pea in hi apanle until iliey liecame maty and out ot laahinn, then lii|i|ied to America to be aold aa "food enonfh for rhe market." I rice ot the American Macinloali from ten dollars upwards ? , . HORACE H. DAY, <J Maiden (,ane, _a? ln?r Successor to R-nhnrv India Rubber Co. fGKTLGUESIS'KEMALE PILLds. THflt far-fame I and celebrated Pilla, from Portnrai, are we priceirt. to beohuinen in thia country 8ee afrertaee ment on Me Iwt eolnna (niiT