Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Mo. 9VO ? Wltolo Mo. 3190. r OK SEW ORLEANS. _ LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OE PACK El 8. Kor tlic tifttrr accnmiiioJuS^oT shippent it o despatch a ship from tin. port on the lit, Mi, roth, * . iSlh ol each mouth, commtuciai the loth October and continuing until May, when regular days will be apm)in??d fur the tie miluih-r of the year, w hereby are it delaya and diiappomtmeuta will bt prevented during tiie summer months. Ilie loliowing ship, will commence tills arrangement : Snip YAZOO, Cajta iti Cornell. i Shin OCONEE, Captain Jackaon. E? Ship MISSISSIPPI, Capuui Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Sili.i SUA KSPHARE. Cauuiu Mrnei. si;;;; gaston diii Latham. 1 Shin HCNTSVlLLE. Captain Mumfonl. Ship OCMULUEE, Capuiu Lvawtt. Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Diokiussn. Ship MEMITHIS, Captain Kuiaht. Ship LOUISA, Caiman. MulturiL These shi|is were all huilt in lh? city or New York, expressfor |?ckrU, are of light draft of water, hare recently been . wly l upparud and put in splendid order^wilh accommodations lor passengers unequalled (or comfort. They are commanded by esperienced masters, who will make every exertiun to fire Svoeral aaMifaclion. They will at all tnaca be towed np and own the Miaaiaaippi by ateamboata. Neither the nwiierx or caplaiua of theae ships will be respouaible for jewelry', bulllou. precious stones, silver or plated ware, or fo'r any It tins, parcel or package, sent by oc nil on board ol tlieui, unless regular bills or lading are taken for the same, and tiie value thereou espresaed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO., 46 South St., or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent m New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to tlieir address. The slops of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad ertised, and great care will be taken lo have the goods correctly measured. ml tlfly PASSAGE FROM AND REMH^kScE TO OKEAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. 'I'MIE subscribers continue to make arrangement to bring ont J- lussengers liom the old country, by ships of tbefirsl class, all American, buili,aud commanded by uieu long and favorably known in the trade. The vessels com|M>inig tins line sail weekly Irvm Liverpool, consequently all unnecessary delay to passengers is avoided. Persons abent to make engagements for friends to emigrate the ensuing season, will study their own interest, and the int crest aud cotnfort of their friends,by making such engagements with the subscribers, as no expense or pains are spared to earn that preference which has for many years been extended to than As has al avs been customary with this line, when the l-arties settle for decline coming out, the passage money is promptly re unded lo those from whom it was received, with nut deduction. A free passage |?r steamboat from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can likewise be secured. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON, Old Established Passage Office, 273 Pearl St., Orto C. OKI M SHAW k CO. 10 lioier I'm// Liverpool. Drafts and Exchange at sight, and for any ainonnl, arc also furnished ou K. C. Glyti k Co., Bankers, Loudon, C (Jrimshaw k Co., l.uerpoo1; the Northern Banking Go. ud National Bank of Ireland. National ttaua ol bcotiauu, payable at their respective branches: as follows _,,NATIONAL^sJANK OF IRELAND^ JVIIIIOUe, L/llllgdrveil, inn Ballina, Kudu, K-scommon Ballinasloe Euniscorthy Ros rea Belfwl Fermoy Boyle Gtlaway Tallow Cairick on-Suir Kilkenny Thuriea Cashel Kilrush Iipnerary Castle >ar Limerick Tralee Cullereagk Loug.ord , Charleville, Loughrea Waterford ''oumal Milchellstown Wearmrt Cork Moule * Wexford Lublin NenagW NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY. Beirut Lurgen N T Limerary Uerry Armagh Balieniena Dowupatrick Magherafelt Clonca Luburn Coitraiiie NATIONAL BANK OK SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Eortwtlliam Kirkwall I Anil ru tiler Galaghedi Langholm Amine Glaigow Leith Baoff Greutown Lewick Bathgate Harwick Montrose I Bnrniisland luserneas Nairn Castle Douglas lneerary Oban Dalkeith lnveakeithing Portree Dingwell Jcbogb Perth Dumfries Keitli Stirling Dundee K-lion Stouaway Falkirk Kirkaldy Stormness Forrest . . < Apply asabovcv s9 Im*r OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m. M. '"PHE OLD LINE of Packets lor Liverpool will Hereafter be J- despatched in the following order, excepting that when the dny oi sailing falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, CJuue 1 July 19 616 tons, < Oct 1 Not 19 D. U. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mur 19 The ENGLAND. I June 19 Aug 7 760 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. { Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, < Not 1 Dec 19 J.Kathbone, f March 1- Apnl 19 The EUROPE, CJuly 19 Sept 7 610 tons, < Not 19 Jan 7 E.G. Marshallr Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper./April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ijSept 1 Oct 17 860 tens, 'Jan 1 17 W.C Barstow.i May 1 June 19 The COLUMBL8, I, Sept 19 Not 9 700 tons, \Jau 19 Mar 9 O.A.Cole. May .19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the day ol sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of inaiage outward is now filed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of everr description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, winch will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE 8t CO.. 61 South st.,, C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-slin, N. Y. jc?l lvh BARING BROTHERS fcCO.t LVoI. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MERC1AL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weakly. wlHy $Sb> jlffifrn^STABLrsHEin'ASSAfflrTFFICE, 6lSOuTO i STREET. ' The aubacriber in announcing his arrangement* for the year 1M2, appear! befope his friends with sentiments of sincere resK'ct for the able support he has received for many years past.? e likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to send for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all limes lie accommodated by this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool^ as well as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and lrom Liver|iool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 18th and 25th of each month throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subscricer to hare the emigrants shown civility, and despatched without delay, and shose w ho send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligent attention will be givsn by the Liverpool agents to those sent for, as well as all who may embark with them, and shouid any of those whose passage bam been paid not emiark, tlie money will be refunded without any charge. Tbe subscriber feels a pleasure in making known the differ eut ships by which his passengers came out during the last year, which nas givan general satisfaction, and that he has consideraiilv extended aniTconcluded his arrangements for the year 1S42 Tlie following is a list of ships ? siuiw Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Kaiilield, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, Speare. Russell Olover, Howes. Wales. Watts. Hihernia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Cheever, Osceola, Childs. Clifton, Ingersoll. St. Cloud, Emerson. Louisville, Allen. Wrw York^Niven. Kobteskie, &inerson. Warsaw, wrimm*. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire Jftrding. Panthea, Oooamanson. Robert Isaacs. Tnieman. Virginia, Eaton. Europe, Batcheldor. 8. Jenkins, Seymour. A free |>assage from the different ports of Ireland and Scot land, can also be secured, and drafts furnished for any amount, payable at tke National and Provincial Brnks of Ireland and their rrspec tiv? branches, and aU<> on M ssrs. J. & W. Kolnnaon, Liverpool, which are paid free o^ any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars apply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street. or J. It W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Piazzas,and >ul6 No. 1 Neptune St.. Waterloo Pack. Liverpool. jfjy ftS" k^^^M^RSEII^^^^^The ondeiuirutiuiied hip. will be regularly dispatched Irom hence and from Marr?MC> on the lit of each month during the vear, tliu.? From New York. Marieilles. MINERVA,Capt Brown, Noel. Jan 1 SmYijiOM',?ON, Up Sylreiter, Dec 1. Feb 1 COUHJVK. Capt Dngan, Jan 1. Marl TRfcwOOTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb I. Aid 1 flELLKSPONT, Capt Adam., Marl. .Mayi CI iKIOL,ANUS. Cap Haile, Apt 1. Jun T Tin y are ail c ipperea and copper raatened.and have excellent accommodation. for pusrugera. Thi i>rlce of cabin will be SIM, excln.ire of Winex and 11'iuora. ... Oood. addressed to BOYD A HINCKEN, the a gen'*, wtll b? forwarded free of other charge. ilian those actually paid. For freight or iwaaage apply to O, BROOM I CO- or to ?22r BOYD A HTNCRKN. Aaenu NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. * Ta Hfroai New York on the 26th and Liven**! ou the Uth qf each manth. M M M. M "^77* Nr.w Y0RR1 Shin OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiildy, 25th October. Ship ROBCIU8, Captain John Colliiu, 25th November. Ship SIDDONH Captain E. B. Cobb, 25lh December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyater, 2au. January. From LiTrRpooL. Ship SID PONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Di-neyatrr, nth Norem'r. Ship tJAI<MICK, Captain Wm. Hkiddy, Utb December. Ship R09CIUS, C ipuun John Colliat, Jauuary 'I'l..... .hi 1.4 an- all ol the tirat rlas*. ui war'M ! loOOh.m. built in tlif * 11v of NfW York, will, audi imicovemrrits a* citmbitir groat apeed wit) unusual comfort for naaaengrr*. Kvery rare tin hern taken in the arrangement of rtieir accommndationa. 'I'll* price of pataage heue* i> SIM, for which ample atorra a ill be provided. Tlieae ahip* are rjim mandril by experienced maatera, who will make every eterfion to five general aatiafaction Neither the caplaina or ownera of the ahipa will be rrapenaihie for any letter*, parcel* or package* ??nt by them, nnlaea regular b <la of lading are aigiiccf therefor. ?or freight im pasidge. apply ao K. K. COLLINS k CO., M Hoath *t., New York, or to WM. Si JAS. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* WIU be cl lrged I2S rent.* per single Peer.. 'n rent* per niinre, and nrw?pn|icra ]_reut each ot 6&S: MARSk.Il.LKS LINK bV fACKfc PS-To .ail fcff fV"n "it IjS Novtinb r?The packet *bip MI S KRVA, JpyUkkalltawn, tnaater, will aatl aa above her regular day ? Tut Ire.gni or iiassag*, having greed accommodation*, apply to BOVfi k HINCKKN, Agent*. No. Tontine Building*, ot to o?r B. BROOM It CO., IN front it. E NE NE\ I MARTTW'Si r> A O 1 I T? A T T nil I At /A I * 4 ^ v/ A O ri A A 1 L U II 1 ii u establishment. 144 William Street, Corner of jinn Street, TS decidedly the cheajwst iu the city. There is ?lways on hauil i **leci stock of seasonable goods, parcnaeed for cash, which will be mide up to order in the style of make, trim* luiog, flu*., that has given such geneial salisfactioe during the last four years, and at a positive saving of 39 per ceut. lientlcmeuare requested to call and examine. Those who furnish chTeir own goods, can have them . MADE AND TJUMMKD. Dress Co?(j, made md manned, - - '$7 00 !?> $8 50 * rock Coats, do do t DO to 9 SO Pauls sad vests, 1 7J to 2 00 Over Costs, 9 00 to It 00 ifT" Terms?Cash on delivery. sLlta'c MICHAEL K. MARTINnew cas h tailoring e s t a b l i s ii m e n t , NO 93 CHURCH ST. (BETWEEN READE AND CHAMBERS STREETS. GENTLEMEN furniurng their own goods can have them mad* up iu the most lashiouable Kreach style, cheaper thaa ever offered be lore in this city. Overcoats made aod trimmed $1 JO Frock coats " " " 7 50 Dress coats " " " 6 SO Vestaud Paots $1 JO to 1 75 N. B.?Kepairiug done in the neatest manner, ol lm'ui SAMUEL WTANT. one price stoltl.. rPHERE IS NO IMPOSITION practiced at this store by T asking d juble the price au ar jcic is wortn, ueitner any in terruptiouon the side walk. No uianlt onered it you don l purchase. Any pers in wishing to make a purchase can rely on being furnished with clothing at tha followiug prices : Coats SO a 12 Cloth Jackets 3 a 5 Cloth Panti 3 a IM Sal tine tt Pants IS a 2 in JACOB COOS WELL, of lm*r 133^ Chatham street, near Kosevelt at., N V. SHIRTS. OHIHTS made after the laiaat and most approved French O Pdlleiuis. Coats, i antaloous, vests, and all under garments, made to order at short notice and in the most I'ashiouanle style. Oentlamen's Furnuhiuit Store, 67 and k'i Maiden Lane, New York. s3 3m*r WM. COLLINS. j. soria, p n r vr u iv V ir t> 1 ib U 11 U It 1 / I I, *.V , 490 PEARL ST., Principal Office, rPHANKFUL for the patiouage heretofore bestow d, resA pectfully informs the public UiM he lias, for the accommodation ol hit customers iu ihe upt>rr part of the city, opened Two Office*, one *ituited 167 Blelcxek St., the other 362 ewtKT. for the recepiiou and delivery of Good*. AUkiudaof Silk, Cotton and Woollen Good* DYED. Merino and Camel'* Hur Shawl* cleaned in the Kreuch atyle, with neatneu and de?i*tcli. lijr" All kiudiof Weanug Aptwrel and Carpet* iconred. meichant* can have all kind* ol' good* dyed and put ap in their original lorm. Urooalyn Office, 49 Fulton *t. Brooklyn. oil lm*r THE aNTI aNGULAR SYSTEM OF WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. rnoM twkltk to tlx hollaus MK. BK1STOW ol Loudou, respectfully inform* the Ladier aud Genllriueuof New York and Brooklyn, that hi* cla**e* Day and Eveutng, have commented Jor the season, aud that he ha* xkduckd hu Term* one nail',?to Six Dollar*! Acadkmv No. 236 BaoDAwav, near Park Place. Geuilcuinu of all age* are positively taught in twelve lettona, a bold, free, expeditious and iiuished buiiiieu-like atyle ol Writing, no matter now bad, illegible still, or crami*dthe writing may be. See *peciineu* at u>e door, 236 Broadway. Ann the Ladiei A neat and handsome, delicate and latltionable Running Hand In Twelve East Lesion* ! ILt" VISITORS iu New York can lake a cenrae in Three Da^-s !?Mr. B. is to be *een from 9 to i A. M., or fiom 4 to t Evening Ctasaea Prom 7 to 9. Boo a-Keemno Tangh on a *up*rior method, by doable and single entry, cientiticaliy and practically. 1 I <N x I ^ sM C 1 c 1 STENOGRAPHY. A new system of the Art ot Writing Short-hand, for taking dowu Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Law, Ac. Ac., taught perfectly by Mr. Briatow in one course ot lessons ! at 236 Broadway. See a specimen. N.B.?A work ol' the euthor is presented to every pnpil for their permanent guide. olllm'r ITALIAN MUSIC?MR. MANNING, (twenty years re * sideutin Naples?Pupil ol Pac'ui aud CrescentiwJ gives iutlructiou, ou terms to suit tile uiues, in Italian, reach aud English Siuging, aud iu the most fushiouable style of Piano forte playing. Mr. >1. has permission to refer to the following genllemeu :? J. M. Waidwrtght,D. D. ; Messrs. Howiaud A Asptuwall ; J. K. Schroder, D. D. ; Mr. J. T. Brighain ; F. L. Hawkes, D. D; Mr. S. Ward. Mr.M. resides nt 230>? Hudson street, near Spring st. o I lm*r r.ori'a rAia-nx IU.IIOAL T LUl lb A 1 Ult. rpHlS cheap, mnpleaiiil efficient apparatus it adaptr o to all J- purpoaea of Ventilation. Ship*, Steamboats, cnurches, Hotnilalt, Prisons, Mines, Vaults, He. He. may b< its applica lioo be kept tree Irom oil loal an aud unwholesi me efflui it; it it alto an effectual cure for Smoky Chunnie*. The tubtcriber having |?rchaaeJ llie ri ght for the City and Couury ol New Votk, la prepared to srpply the public with Cooes on demand. Metal Koolhng of all descriptions tarnished in any part of the country. Crolou Water Pipes and Plumpers' Work in general. Also, Galvanized Iron aud Tin Ware at wholesale. Stove pipes, bath tubs, coal liods. He at prices greatly reduced. All work warranted, an 1 orders by letter atteiided to. P. SUMNER, s26 Sm*m 128 Water street. the shielded victoria shawl and Diaper pin ANEW and important article for use in the nursery, and asalastrniug to ladies shawls, cloaks, He. Patented in the United States and in Europe, t is rapidly gaining favor wherever introduced, aud has become au article which it will be to the advantage of dealers in tanry hardware. He. in the country, to supply themss Ires with. For sale to the trade, by most ol the wholesale dealers in such article! in the city of New York. Thread aud needle stores and dealers in fancy articles, supplied on liberal cerms, at the manulactoiy ol [he patentee, 146 Jav street. Brooklyn. s22 Im*rc LIAYDEN'S STEEL QUILLS.?The subscribers nave tor 11 sale, rome recently implored modifications of these excellent and i opular Pens. The " Resoy Writer" is nnsnimously voted the King of Pens ?combining eminently flexibility and permanence. The " Dickens" is considered the best pen fur the price in the ma' ket. The " Union" cannot fail to suit every body, affording at UK cents a card (at wholesale) six different varieties of Pens. The " New York" every merchant will have in his counting room who has tried litem. Together with the famous Double Patent and Combination trrcl Pens, with many others, for sale hy 'he agents, oil lm?rc J. H P HAYOEN. 5 Piatt st TO FAMILIES GOING SOUTH, to the West Indies or Europe ?A respectable female, 24 years of age, wishes to obtain a permanent situatian as seamstress, in a genteel family. She would prefer going to Europe, vet would accept of a good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The best o< references given. Address A. A. A. box 165, oner Post office, n. York. slOr A CARD.?I have often been informed by friends that some (wrsons, ss well in my line of business as out of it, jealous ef the, access I meet witii.have directly and indirectly asserted that I was manufacturing mr well known La Norma brand, as well as other Havana and Principe Segara in this countiy, and making other similar hints, 1 herewith declare such assertions mean falsehoods, and such individuals worse than highway robbers. M. KADEK, 46 Chatham street. _New York, Sept. HI. 1842. ?26 lin*r f'UNS, RIFLES, PISTOLS, and a general assortment Or G t ardware, cutlery, aud fancy goods; anvil*. Vices, hoe,' trace snd log chaini, shovels, spsdes. axes, locks, bolts, mi saws files,table rutlery, p >cket kuivgf, with a laige assor meat ofguus, rifles, muskets and pistols, f >r sale at low price* by A. W. SPIES H CO., a20 I m*rre 218 Pearl street. FLUTE AND GUITAR. M R. PHILIPS ERNBT, Professor of the Plate, Gaiter, an patent Concertina beg* to announce to hi* friend* and public that he ha* jn*t published hi* new "Koudo Militaire" far the Citer, which will be found well worthy the attention of the truer or amateur, from it* being well tuapted to that instrument and calculated not only to please hat to afford instruction. Thi* Rondo, with several other pleasing pieces of his composition "fur the guitar" are to he found at Mr. Rrnst't residence f>l Canal street, where he continues to give lessons on tne shove instruments. si Jm^r U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pi 18T OFFICE, New York, ttth July, lMt. XJOURSof Delivery each day, (Sundays eacepted) at the G Upper and Lower Post Offices:? Letters deposited before , Half-past t o'clock, AMI | IS " " 3 " PM Will be sent out for daAt all the Stations before livery at 9 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. II " S " P M Letters to be sent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affixed to them, otherwise three cents will be collected of the party to whom th - letter is addressed. No money mutt be enclosed in letters unless re. istered at t ,e principal offices. Lists ol the stations (si all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at $2,SO per 100, and every information may be obtained on application at the upper or lowrr post offices. Stamps issued by the late CityDespatch Post will be received. It is indispensable that the number of the residence should be stated in ail letb r* seiit thrnuglt-lhis Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest imormatinn should any irregulant'es occur. JOHN LOR1MER GRAHAM null ly ec Post Master. \TEW~YORK L.KOAL OBSERVER.?On *amnlay. the IN 2Kti ol October, will be publ.hed No. 4 of this journal, oc Uro fo in, l? pngr?, with cover for advertisement*, containing ketch of "Sir William FoUett**?Judge Betl's Decision ei parte Coster with reference to the doctrine ol lien where a creditor's bill has been hied?'Jnd^e Tslltnad^e'i Opinion in rovt ts. Logan, lie. lie.?A digevt of the uew English B yakrupt Act ? Review ol new Books?List "f New Pnblica1 ions?Anecdote# of the Bench aud the Bar?On dit of Westminister Hall, tr ie Publish*! at II Ann st, by SAMUEL OWEN, Ediend Proprietor, at one shilling per copy or $ > iu advance. The Reports in this work are not to he fonud elsewhere snd are pnblished wit.i the sanctioii and approbation of the Judges. h*r ________ NEWLY INVENTED TRANSPOSING PIANO FORTES, rvvitv _uL9 w?1 DROADWAY, NEW YORK. I , inform their friends and the Jl'l? a111 ST??'*!.* ***** in*t finished a newly invented 1 .u oanapoalng Piano Forte, which they now introduce In the mnaieal communiry. hor:: RSrSnSJEi k"u"-U-' h neweiteriot, > " "T 1?7"' ? iup? Iu11. orillianl, anil mc lodiotta. The treat advantage derived from thia new uiTen tioo, la that niuaic may be trenapoaed into any hey deaired to ami the eocaliata, or lor an accompaniment of any other iuairnmrnt, and therefore worthy the attention of the amateur aa well aa the ariiat. A large aaaortinent of Tablet Piano for tea, roan wood and mahoitmny, and octaeea, with French trand action, are alao rorutanlly kept on hand, all of which we reepaictfnlly anb mit to (Kofnaen, aamuenrm, and the trade in general, at onr warerooma and mannineiorv, aa aboee. N. M?t iauo porteataued and repaired on the ahorteat no LINLULI.L, WKNNK RHTROM It CO. a29lm*c _ No. Mi Broadway. ,)Q RIBBON* AND SILKS.?J. T. RLYNOI.Ub, Oiauion at. haa jnat received tne moat elegant men mentof faahionable Bonnet Ribbona, Hilka, Ration, Velvet, Br fcr. to be fonnd in the city. Dealera, city and riwtiWy milll nera, will do well td call before pnichaainn elaewhere 01 Imia'e W YO V YORK, SATURDAY MC ORRIS TOOTH WASH?Pre pun-d fri>m the original reel 1* at No. I \fc>td street, Nrw Yruk?The Orru Tooth f .s imrrly a tegt ublc preparation, ikkkmiiu the proi>ertiee o (tleiaiu* the teeth sad month restoring the genu lo t hr.?lthy state, and preventing any unpleasant taste or odour iu the mouth, whether arising from decayed teeth or fiota * de ranged stete of the stomach. It ia desigued to be need with a tooth brush, and will be louuil to supenede the uecuuitv j !t lewder innrii r??? ???rh rle?n uid preventing the wearing away of u.e taut L .n the teeth. It i* particularly useful iu cure of spungy gums, iwstortug them to a Healthy state, and causing thetu to contract Sfuuud the teeth. Iti |uuuful affectionsuf the teeth and gums, arising from exposure to cold, It will be found highly beneficial. It la |?r ticularly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wash at night just before retiring to rest. This method is recommended by euiiucul dentists, as by so doing all particles of lood which accumulate during the day are entuely removed, and the mouth Kept tli/uugh the night in a clean, sweet, and healthy stale. Sound teeth and while teem are the most valuable portions of poor humanity, but how many neglect the attention necessary lor llwir preservation, even wheu surrounded by all the means needed. Anionic these we know ol uone more pleasant and effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses sod whitens the teeth, strengthens the gums, purifies the month, and sweetens the breath. We recommend its use to all, young and old.?[Boston Morning Post. The Omi Tooth Wash is the best detergent we ever used on our euauiel.?[ Boston Transcript. PorjULle by the principal druggists in the city m4 r OROTON WATER. HANSON. W1LGOCK St HANSON, Plumbers, Brass Fouuders, aud Coppersmiths, next door to the Tabernacle, No. 338 Broadway, New Yo?k. From long piartiral experience in butinexs in this aud other cities iiosiessiug Water Works, H W.8t H. have confidence in thus assuring toe public, thai all o dera entrusted lothrin will be promptly executed, with a view to permanent satisfaction,in a wo,kmrnliae style, and of thr best inateitals. Thrirch trues will always bras moderate as can be reasonably allored by any competent and respectable concern Water pipes of every- appioved description, for introducing the Crot mi Water. 1*stent lead pipes, cast iron, composition and tinned Mg Bras, eoeks and water closets. Of their own suurrlur UUtU.facture. Hydra ts of Car litis led cedar.hatbiug fulls, bath b ulers on the best 1'hiUdelphii plan, aud Olht r articles in the forrg Mug branches o' business. 0I8 lin*r "ON THE CAJNAL STREET PLAN." THE Public are by this time satisfied that the cheap, clean and neat Oyster Shops are the best, and that they are as tllservedas elsewhere. The Subscriber has opened a new establishment at No. 109 Nassau street, a lew doors above Ann, where he holies, by strict attention to business, he will merit a share of custom. Being a new beginner, on his own account, but an old hand at the business Oysters stewed, fried, roasted or raw, served up on the shortest notice, aud the best th.ilcau be found in the Cltv. Supper parties will find this a pleasant resort lor an evening >19 Im'r ~ SEGARS-~SKOARS.' THE following choice Began are always on hand atHENKlUUES'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SKOAR I STORK,, wholesale ami retail, basement 91 William si. Kioudas, in half aud quarter boxes Do. No. , half aud quarter boxes Noriegas, in quarter slid eighth do rm xu-gaius, in quarter do Regains, ol a superior ijual ty, ia and 1-IOtii boxes Cungretas, lu quarter boica Trabncaa, do do La Norma, do do La E?i>eranza, do do Tres Amigos, iu cartoru of 20 each London lUgliu, m cartons of 40 each La Pruela, in i|uarter boxes ivtisgan's ipottcd, iu quarter holes Paueiilla'a, do. of superior quality Yug, ueml td, do Deinoyas, do Maicoa, do Principcs, of the Rendou, Crut and Sam, all ent. to deb. Primaveraa, ill quarter boxes Alnn.zas do CouaUntiaa, do BusuuieuLas, do Esinero Regalias, do Imperial do, iu quarter boxea, a *u|>erior article. N. B.?Hotels and gtucers aupphed on rcaaonab.e terms. ol< luib NEW STOKE. /"^OUTHOUY St Nn.VK.RS respectfully invite their frienda yy and the public generally, to c fl at 341 Broadway, and esainioc their assuiUm-nt of LAMPS, CANDELABRA, OIKAN'DOL ES, Sic. Silver, Plated and Britannia Ware, Table Cutlery, and Haute-Furmthing Goodt, of everv description, which ihey have mil o|?ened, and bow offer on sale at prl es that cannot tail to satisfy puichaseri. Enjoying su|>enur advantages in the selection s d inanufactare of their Lamps, Unandoles, Candelabra, Jtc., C. It N. are enabled to offer them in great vaiiety of , at ern and liuish.suitable for churches, hotels, stores, dwellings and sir im or sailing packets. These last are a new and sous! desirable article, well wor.hy the attention of owners and shipmasters. Attention is particularly invited to the Solar Lamp, so justly Caleb,ated lor its superior brilliancy sud ec ,uomy. This Lamp, as tested by accurate expert cuts, affords twice the light of an Astra', while it burns lor an equal number of hoars at half the expense. COU fHUUV k NEVKRS will keep constantly on hand a complete assortment of the articles shore enumerated, and hope by their endeavors to meet the tastes and wishes of the puolic, to merit a tavorable sli ru of the patronage winch is now a licited for their establishment. oil I wi?lk:)wos#rc D E NTISTRY. W1SHKS to be known by his work, not VV WORDS.?A. WALKER. Dentist, No. 90 < -lumbers street, seu iiniutiou incorruptible teclli on roots, which . a.mot ht- from om aatwl. lawrb the ?am? qulity of teeth on the principle of atmospheric piessure, from one lo a whole gel, Uelyiiiit detection, audi ausweriug the purposes o( the natural organs. Killiim or decayed in iu whether *.i?r nerve b? exposed or not. The toothache cured. Extraction without distracting the patient. These aim .ill operations Pertaining to ttie Dental burgeon, plrfWll II H l?? r cent Irss than the usual ch.trWS o2 hn*r POCKET KNIVES A T 182 Broadway, betweeu John street and Howards' Hotel, tt tJO d,ix pen, dirk and pocket knives, retailing at prices to sun tne times. Also, a large assortment of Scissors, Razors: Chainpaigne Cutters, Deutsl and Surgical Inatmuients, and every oUscrarticle usuallykept by cutlers. All kiuds ol cat lerymsde to order and repaired. Steel articles polished in the highest perfection of the art. s20 im'c J. D. CHEVAL1KR, 181 Broadway. CORSETS-CORSETS. TUST RECEIVED, at the New York CORSET WARE J HOUSE No. 411U .Ira.I FRENCH' AyD'ENGXldH'CORSETS, which will be told at greatly reduced pricet, IVholttalt and Retail N B.?Dealert in Corteu are invited to call, at the whole Hoc It it newly imported. 443.H T"'' ttreet, New York. o 0 ltn*m NO 45 MAIDEN LANE OLD E9TABLI9H MENT ?Perfumery, Cotmetict and fancy Soa|*. The following comprises a part of the variety of the maniiftirttira of Alexander Ramsay, successor to N. Smith Prentiu, ?i? The juttly celebrated saponaceoui, Naplet and chemical coametic comix uad for shaving, toilet snaps in great variety, cologne, lavendcg, and tlorida water*, eilracta of mutk, rotes orange, icssainiiie, tic. tic., milk of rotea, vegetable liearl powder, lor clewing the complexion, toilet or nnrtery powder, the purett article made, vegetable rouge, liquid do, cold cream, otto of ro*e lip salve, otto of rote* in gift bottles, Curling Buid. beat's oil, macassar oil, and the celebrated kephlia for the growth of the hair, hair dyes, Preston salts, court plaster, indelible ink, blara and blue writing inks, calcined charcoal, powder puffs and boxes, erasure powder for extracting grease gTease from >iik, aromatic vinegar, tic. tic. For sale at the manufactory and warehouse of ALEXANDER RAMSAY. Successor to N. Smith Prentiss, No. 45 Maiden lane, s22 lm*r Sign of the Golden Rose. ENCONOilY AND RETRENCHMENT. Cheeriest <U?h Tailoring Establishment in th-city at RUSSELL, PATRICK ti CO.'H 3U? Pearl street. Frock and Dress Coats made to order, at from $t I to (It; beaver Over, oats, in first rste style, th) to $14; and rve.y other article of clothing equally cheaf. G-ntleineu finding their ow i clotn can have their clothes made up, and a good fit warranted, at the following prices (every article warranted); Dress and Frock Coats ina.le and inmmed, from $4 50 to $7 Pants, " ' ' 1 23 to 2 Vests. " " " I 00 to 2 N B?Naval and Military outfits cheap, and promptly executed. olSltn?cc P RASlTE.?XheStateu Island Granite Quarry being now U in fnll operation, will supply Grsuite of any dimensions, either cut or rough. Building stones either for block of rouble work, ashler, tills, and lin'els, steps and platforms, will be delivered at shortest notice. Kentledge for ships, and ahingle ballast or smaller stones will be delivered on board any vessel in N?w York haibor it tne lowest islet. Vessels can load with great dispatch at the wharf on Statcn Island, where 14 fret depth of water it had. The railroad being n good order, the cars are laden and brought abieast of the shipping. No dauger from ice during the winter months. For further information apply to LEWIS GIBSON, Agent, At the Granite Wharf, Staten Is and, or to the Office of the Comiwny.iOO Pu.e ?t,eor of South,up stairs o2A r HE. GLOVER, Prmdent. f>LA8S CUTTING E 8T A BLI8HME NT.?j. Slouvafg^ glass culler, ?vo. ZD troia atrret, constantly on liaml and ot far U> supply all dealers am) otners, at the lowed price* in thia city, ana ws-ranted the beat ?.f any other manufactory?such as beautiful hall lamps oft very size, astral lamps and shades, decanters, ramblera.champaign, wine glases,dishes, goblets, bowls, ceierirt, glass,Ac. Ac. Uooas sent to any part of the country by any quantity free of packages and cartage, all articles match to pattern. Retail store No. Si John street, near Nassau it, sit) lm*r rtAILY EXPRESS LINES FOR ALBANY, UTICA, Lf BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The subscribers having been engaged for the last twelve months running the Albany and Buffalo Express, in connection wit,. ' llari.drn A Go 's New Vork and Albany Line, have recently extended their Express Line Iroin Buffalo to Albany, through to this city on their own account, will receive and forward nsn.T, (Sundays mnM,) S.*cie, Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bundles, and Cases of Goods, to and from the fob lowing pisi ,-s vie. Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracuse, Anhurn, Itliica. Oenevi, i Canandaigua, Rochester, Balavia, Lockport, Buffalo, Clevc- ' Ian I, Detroit, Chicago, and the inlermrdiate places. i Also, Oswego, Sacketts Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Canada. Will promptly attend to the collection and payments of hills, 1 notes, drafts and accounts, purchase and sale of goods slid pro- ' dure by sample, and inch other transrirnt business as may be < entrusted to their care. < Each Express will be accompanied by a competent metten- < ger, together with responsible agents in the principal towns ' upon the route. Merchants and others may be assured that re- i turns will he in this manner received more speedily than in any other possible way. N. Special Expresses run to any part of the country at short notice, and upon reasonable terms. ( ill I POM K.ROY St CO. No.?Wall street i E. W. HAND, j EXCHANGE HKOKEK. n Im'r No t CAMP STREET. NEW ORLEANS < TOHN iM, DAVIE8 A JONES inform their Iriends and * ' customer* list they nave received Iheir winter fashions lor Caps?a varittv of new stvlej for youth aud children. The J Crac viennt '('uibtn now so inuch worn, is manufactured by inem. A?r s nrw ?i)irui wnTfmiin *ciy tiiiifrmeui lor j gentlemen travelling of? Im'm 1?i WILMAM ST. 1 RAFFLE, RAFFLE, RAFFLE. t GENTLEMEN'S CLOAKS rPO BK RAFFLED for positively on the firat of Novem-* ber ncvt, two splenpid bine cloth gentlemen's Spanish Circular Cloaks, Willi capes, handsomely mule up with a Teh ?et collar atul lacings, caias, lined with silks, and complete in every other respect. Tii.ket* tt W each. A* the raffle will positively take place on the above named eve. Ticket* rami be |iau| for, wha her one or more, when the number* are taken. As a number of Ticket* are already mid, gentlemen wishing a chance would do well to apply early?a# ?uch a chance ael- a uom offers?the highest and lowest number* art to have a cloak | each, Jor further particular* apply at No. I Murray street, f '"S'lN "here the cloak* are to be aaan. iRK I )RNLNG, OCTOBER 29. 1 ERUPTIONS CURED AND THE COMPLEXION CLEARED A miracle to cure eruptions ok the SKIN?Sail rheum,t'recklra, wiitry. pimples, ermpelaj, blotches, inoi ph.-wun. If rrr.apois, bites of inserts, musuu cures, Sir ? to rhuiKr the color ol'dsrk, sunburnt, yellow, or Jts colortil skiu?(lie Italuu I linnical hoau it rral 1. the weuilor ol the Ke. Well might ' he Medical Society of Paris call it a blessing ami its inventor, M. fie^pnue, a philanthropist It is curing iti Hivuiiu all ovai 8ut?a uad Rntuii ponaiiiaBii It t-uuir ly eradicates every eruption or disfigurement of the tkio, imliarting to the luce, body, ueck or dims a beautiful healthful clearness. No misrepresentation is offered One Uial will sufhie to recommend it to alt. Among rlie niauv who nave beeu onred by tliu. are the lollowuu higuly respectable pe.soua;? Rev T 8 Lover, Newark, N I, (you are notified that tins is uo liiiftd nostrum, but a physician's luveutiou.) ?l Palmer,Brooklyn. Bold by T. JOXE8, *tgu of the American Eagle, L iiuthaiu at, New York, price >41 cents, Miss E Baker, Brook' ivn. Ag? ?U?U9 Kultou st, Brooklyn,! Stale &l, Boston. 87 Dock at, Philadelphia. stt im * r COUOH LOZfiNiilSS. PETERS'COUGH LOZE NGES are uow rapidly super sediiig all other preparations for the relief of coughs,colds, asthma, whoopiug cough, ti|l.Uiess ol the chest, bronchi lis, and similar pulmonary atfrc.lous. CONSUMPTION CANNOT BE CURED ! Those who say it can are impostors aud (juacks, Still it may be ureveuted o: its progress stayed, by using Dr. Peters' Cough Lozenges. Begiu in seasou. Do not neglect a slighi cough uetil cou*umi>tiou has commenced its ravage!. A delay oT a few days often proves fatal. Priee 20 centa per boi. Peters' Cougii Lozenges have performed soine of the most remarkable cares on record. One trial of the in is more satisfactory than a column of certilic trs. THE GREAT OBJECT GAINED! PETERS' MEDICATED LOZENGES are the most valuable discovery <>i the ikbesM ?ry rhtf ue entirely ple%* sant to the taste, and mors efficient than auy other medicine. These Lozenges .ire the r? ?u ' "l long ciuiliiiui <1 aud patient iuvestigalion and ex|>eriiiieut, conducted in concert by some of the most distinguished physicians in the Union, who, beheviug that some of the best known remedies might be prepared in a palm hit form, have directtd then labortto ihil end, nil QM| have produced preparations in th- popular form ol Lozenges lor ne&rlv every disease mciiLntto the human system. TO PA RENTS we say, i o not he without these Lozenges I at any tune?attend to these suggestions as you value the lives of your childreu. PETERS* PILLS. TO THE WHOLE WORLD ! It ^'admitted by all who have used them, (auu who has not) that Dr. Peters' Vegetable Pills are the most unriv died medicine ever discovered by the ingenuity of mau. They are a sovereign cure lor the following co nplaints? Yellow and billious fevers, fever and ague, dy?pei>sia, croup, liver complaint, sick headache, jaundice, nsihtna, dropsy, rheumatism, enlirgeineut of the epleeu,piles, colic, female contractions, heartburn, furred league, nausea, distension of lh* sunn ich and bowels, lucipteut diarrhoea, flatulency, habitual cosriveness, loss of appetite, blotched or sallow complexion, and all cases of torpor of the bowels, wtiere a cathartic or au aiieneni ia neeaeu. Tnev are exceedingly uti'd in their operation, producing neither uauaea, griping nor debility. Dr. J. G. Smith, of Woodstock, Va. says?" They are a better 1*111 than I can make.* He recomtneuds their use. Trie agent at St<asbu<gh, Va. says he supplies 1 unities for 30 miles around with Peters' Pills, aiid Uiey perform auch remarkable cures that they are preferred to every othei medicine. Mrs. E. Ward, of New York, wn troubled with dyspepsia and liver complaint for li years. By using these Tills a short time she was completely cured. .VIus (Mark was atQn-ied witft irregularities and obstruction, attended witb most distressing s>mpioius. She was cured by using Dr. Peters' Puis. Hon. E. D. Da? u was afflicted with rheumatism, so as to be unable to dress himself. Three boxes of Peters1 rills entirely Cured him. But why multiply testimonials ! We say to all, try Dr. Pe ters' Vegetable Pill, and we will guarantee that afterwards you will use tneui iu preference to all others. WUli.vl LOZbSGES. Dr. Peters'Worm Lozenges axe tue surest and safest Worm destroyer ever discovered. It is estimated that in the United States. CHILDREN DIE YEAKLY from the effect of Worm* alone. This vast mortality can be almost entirely prevented by the use ol Peters' celebrated Lozenges. Thousands aud u-us of thousiuds pine away and die wthout ?us|>eciiuz the real disease. The following ax- a few of the symptoms; Headache, pale lips, flushed cheeks, disturbed d'eains, feveruhuess, thurst, bad taste in the mouth, offensive breath, itching of the nostrils, pain in the stomach, nausea, unnatural appetite, swelled stomach or limbs, sense of semethingrising in the chest. Ike. i| Mrs. Can \riue Aim Briggs, Cherry st. Philade Iphia has a little daughter who had been iu a decline tor aetcral years.' At time a she would eat voraciously and sometimes eat nothing at all; and ?he was ast wasting away; her symptoms were so unusual and contradictory th it the doctors knew not what to do, hut do what thev would, she constantly grew worse, and reluctantly they declared she must die. At the nqsest Ol I friend, the mother at this stage procured a boz of Peters' Worm LoZenges. The fust il .se satisfied all that worms were the cause of all the child's sufferings, and two boxes effected a perfect Bus. Mr. J. W. Carpenter, merchant, Roosevelt st. N. Y., says Dr. Peters' Worm Lozenges possesses more merit than the .1... I...... I... ,1 II.. I,... ......I tk??. .? l.t.- success when eveiy other medicine failed. Wherever they have been used they are preferred to all other remedies. In fact Dr. 1'eters and his distinguished associates, possessing many receipts of great value, selected from each the most valuable pails, and they confidently say those lozenres cannot be improved. CORDIAL LOZENGES. Peters' Cordial Lozenges are a specific for the relief of nervous or sick headache, lowucss of spinu or uielaueholy, lau gunr and debility, either from previous disease or loo free liv tug, tremors, spasm off 'he ?tomacJi, irritability of the nerves, hysterical affection, drowsiness, cholera morbus, sense of fatigue, and palpitation of the he ?rt. From their efficacy in the relief of headache, they are called by many the Headache LoPETERS' VEGETABLE SHILLING STRENGTHENING BLASTER. I This is not only the cheai>eal, but the beat, lietteat, and most I comfortable plaster in exialence. Peters' Shilling Plaster ia an eaay and inoat effective remedy for |aun in Ihe breast, aide, or stomach?weakness or i>ain in the cheat, loins, or back?stiffness of the neck?affection, of ihe limbsor joints, whether produced by riem4iism or other cause.?habitual pain of the head or atomach?pile i, colda, coughs, livercoinpl,utile, weaknaaa of the apine?predisposition to break out in bilea and punplea, lialJeaaneaa oI the frame, and for gene ral debilitation. Let any |>eraon afflicted aa above try one of Peter.' Shilling Plaatera, and we W'll venture to aay that he cnnld not be prevailed on to diecard it attain, for ten, 01 moat probably for a Sundrrddollara. Price 12 1*2 cents. Principal Offices, 125 Kulton street, eorner of N'assan and 459 Broadway and 90 North Sixth street, Plultdelphia. .28 lin'r Remittances to Ireland, *< . Ac.?the"subscriber continue* to transmit money in amn. lartte or small, to persona residing in any part of Ireland, iu th? .aine manner a. he, and his predeceaaoi in business nave done lor the last thirty yeata, and more : also, to any )iarl of England, or Scotland. Money lemitted by letter (poet paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person or Iwraona in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it is lo be sent, and nearest pos. town, wUI be immediately tiansmit ted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the sender. s28 lm*r GEORGE McBRIDE, Jr.. 82Ceda -street terrapin Lunch, UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM P OURMONDR' QUI VIVE! THOUSANDS ^ ol our good cits, lovers of good fare, have been (or some weeks past suffering severe disaptiointroen' from the closing of the far-lamed "Terrapin Lunch." The "fitful feVir." it now. however, over, and again may they "feed well," (or he it itiiow" that the John Adam., of Knickerbocker memory, "hangs his hat" un at the Terrapin ; also the proprietor, one of the linrti little fellows in Christendom, y'clept W J Carr. Now, then, smack your lips ye cormorants in the Turtle Soup and .teak line, the mantle of 'Sandy,' lias fallen npou lohu, to perfection, iu good eating and drinking may be sgani guaranteed at the Terrapin. A single look into the old "lee Box," will appease the hunger of him with the short purse, and a taste of the genuine at half the old prices will tickle the palate of the wriest anchorite. P ine Greeu Turtle served up this day, and every day during the season. oil I in m NEW STOVE. SHEPARD'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. rPH& subscriber* "ffer this day t the public, Che office and a parlor size of this new auil splendid patent stove Weuk all iu wrntof stoves to call aud examine it. It i* by far, the moat efficient and economical stove offered (or a number of years, aud baa the approval of all who have aeen it, and bida lair to take the lead of all others. Larger sizes will be in readinc?i in the course af a few days. Li the mean lime, the prinicii le of the stove, can be seen fully develoiied in the size exhihited. 9HE"ARD St CO. Iffott's Stove Warehouse, No 112 Water street. N. B.?A apleudid assortment of Nott's Radiator Srove, the only stove in the market suitable for warming dwellings, churches, hotels, public buildings, fee. A two story house run t/e warmed with three tons of coal, less than one (rate Will consnme. Drums for parlors and halls, in style aud variety unequalled in the city. Also the best wood cook stovt ever offered. s2? Im'ec 8rovEs-srovE3. I BAC/TVS' PATENT RAREFIER, UR FRUGAL HOKSEVVARMER. THE Proprietor, in offering this valuable stove to the public, A would briefly state some of the advantages of heir improve ment.wiiich consist chiefly in the following iwrticulars, viz:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- 5?To be capable ol affordnnre ai d nosious gaa in the ing a mild or an intense heat, burning of anthracite coal. 6?To avoid all liieoveuicnee t? To generate and diffnse from dnst. a warm aud wliolssome at- 7? To preaerve the air of the rnoiphore In places exposed to apartment pure and wholedamp and cold. some. 3?To iraaon the risk of acei- (?And to unite with all 1 nt bv Are. tkoae excellent dualities, an ?To bp quickly kindled elegant aud durable article of ant caailv man teed. furniiure. i hia Sto?e constructed of the beat quality of Ruaaia chert iioi, U(>on the cylindrical |ilan?the furnace or fire-chamber occ pytug a part of the centre cvlindrr, to which is attached au rem pheric Raiefier upon each aide, of a tubular form, and lined throughout. The heat that ia created in the chamber paace bet wren the lininga of the two raretiera (or radiatora aa they ?ie called] into the baae at the bettum, and a enrrent of air continually rushing throagh the tubes, which are left oiieu at each end for that putqioae, carrica a great amonnt of rarefied or warm air inte the apartment. The purity aud aoftneaa of the air in a room healed by thie itoae arc peculiar and n inarkable, the heat brine: diffused from i it re at eitCCfl of uirfhce moderately heated. The heated air, m entering the winga or aiilea of the ato?e,deaeeude aud apreada rrer the entire aurface of the baae at the bottom, keeping the ;older oortion of the nir neat the floor in constant rirrulatinii? n the meantime preserving it entirely from contamination, enderini; tins Store perfectly safe anil agreeable lor apart- < nrnta ofinvalida, sleeping rooms, he. Manufac>ured by I J. m E. BACKUS, M Bowery, N\ Y. N. B. A new article of air light itorea, with rarifiers ; alao . lie new kitchen companion cook atore, warranted equal to any . n oae in this city. s27 Im'iti DWILHELM8, No. >34 Broadway offera for aale hia new ! imjKnieii stock ofyooda, wholesale 'lid retail. 1.?LH Einbroiderie , comin-nced and fii.i?hed piecea of rari- < ius kinds; worateil, wool, stitching and knittinit silk, beads, laueas, patteriw, he. < 2.?In amall and lace wares, all aorta of ailk and worateil , Irings, bcrdera, trimmings, tas? la, fringes, and erery article in , hia line, done in the mo t fashionable taste. 3.?The most copious and splendid choice of artiflci il flowers, 11 lone in the neatest work and newest lasts, bouquets, dude ins. * Sr. I 4.?Articles of cast iron of the most ranoni descriptions, f nannfai tmeil in the| Iron n'oiudary at Berlin (| 5.?Eiquisitr an I neat figures in hronae. . fi ?A bea-'tiful assortment of suiier'ine basket warss. 7?A considerable and el gaul choice of pressed an I painted taper, sheets of leper paper, visit use cards, wafers, he. 8 ? An elegoit an I greit arore ot the lines! |iorre,ain i 0.?A splendid assortment of the finest dressing arlic'es,cases f, mil perfumes. "W lm*rc p oNE PrIcE~oaSH store. A T 84 Chatham street, where will he ,nind clothing at the ft following low prices:?Bearer sail pilot clmh CoeU, from P IS lo SIS; satinet! junta from $1 SO to$.l; il .ehle and tingle ireaaiekl vest, from Sf Sd to $2 V*. The West aii.e ol Chatham t?No Hi *' Si l?n*V H1NKY COWbWELJL, M IER A 842. Ml. I. .ill. HI?aourl. l? orr?*|H)U(i.)in:?i ui uie itenia, j Sir Loci*, Mr^sottJ, Oct. 15th, 1S42. Description of Si /,o,m?Currency ? Trade?Reception of lVtbs'ci''s S,ici'ch ~ (l.itral Hamilton's Letter?Illinois?Re pari ut ion. Dhah. bkmnktt:? Having for a long time been a reader of your inimitable Herald, ami seeing in .t letters trom .til parts o| the world and from all the principal cities ol the Union, 1 confers 1 (unsurprised that tne splendid city of tit. Louis, the 44 beautiful eye" of ttie glorious West, shouid have escaped your notice, and that you have not a correspondent here, when such a place as Nauvoo is deemed worthy ot your uugust attention. You seem not to know there is such a place as St. Louis in existence. Well, then, my dear sir, I write this to undeceive you, and to inform you that St. Louis is the most splendid inlaud city in (he United States ; has more commerce, more steamers, more business and more wealth than any town on the Mississippi, save New Orleans; is growing into importance taster than any other city, and is destined to be the first city ot the West. It contains twenty- sight thousand inhabitants, has many tine dwellings; us public buildings are splendid, ot which tne luteal are Hie new Court llouse, ihe new Catnonc church, and the Pluuters' House, the hrsl hotel in the United Stales ; lias tne Pest table, the pest rooms, the best reading room, the best company, aiiioug whom may be louad Senators Linn and beutoii, ex-prcsident Van buren, Major tieueral Wiuh Id Scott (what a long name, and what a tall man)! that auy other hotel can boast ot. We have had hue luii here lately; tne races exceeding even the tamous Long Island sport; and to-day the treeniaaona uad a turnout. Yesterday the cioveraur reviewed the troops, the day betore yesterday calling out the ladies, ot whom St. Louis has nut a tew the most beautdul in the world, among wnuin are Mrs. M , Miss G., Miss G., Miss it.. Miss W., and a tiosi ot otners, and among tnein is Miss. P., a splendid tortune ot two hundred tnuusand dollars, besides there are inore lawyers, more ..octors, more loalers, olacaiegs, cut throats, pickpocaeis, brokers, stiarpers, swiudiuts, and desperadoes, not to mention the " cypllaus ' wilo congr. gate tierc, loan auy o'her place ot its size to be touud. Tue streets are welt paved aud McAdatntzed, and are regular. From tne levee the ground rises with a guuile acclivity, as high as Fourtu street, an t then is level. The race couise is tour miles out of town, on the road to St. Charles. This is St. Louts; but we are cursed with the worst currency in the Slates; we have uothuig but city scrip at from ten to titty per cent discount; lite city is largely tu debt, aud no way to get out; u little gold and silver. Tne bank ot Sc. Louts, speciepaying, is little better titan no bank ut all. 1 have never seen one ot its bills; they issue nothing less than tens, aud tew ot them. The *' better curreucy " promised by beutou, Jackson, &c., in silk purses, Hie yellow boys " ghiieriug thruugu me interstices," are rarely seen, aud truly may we say witn tne primmer, " tile eagle's tiight is out oi sight." The tide here is last turning tu luvor ot u national bauk, or national excheauer ol some kind, a he democrats now openly admit us absolute necessity. Mr. Webster's speech has caused a "great commodou" among the ultra* of ail parties here,usevery Where else. To-day we hud the news of another steamboat disaster. The steamer Eliza, bound lor New Orleans, was snagged, and immediately sunk in twenty-live leet water; lroin twenty to forty lives lost before assistance could reach them. Captain's wile and child lost. No insurance oil the hull; amount ol insurance on her cargo not known. 1 have just read t fen. Hamilton's letter to Mr. Calhoun, in winch lie recommends Stale taxation as a j means to pay the iu'<?rest on the State debts. Thut w.ii do in some cases,hut take iitnois tor instance and taxation isctii ol tne.question. The kuowing ones ill liial Slate openly Uoost that they neither can nor will pay the debt ol the State. 1 had a conversation with a Senator elect Lo the Senate ot that State, and he is the intimate friend of Governor Kord elect, and openly declared taxation out of the question, l'lut Stdlt is seventeen millions ot dollais iu debt - the population of the State less than live hundred thousand souls, tnd the number ot tax payers less than one hundred thousand. With these appalling facts staring men iu the lace, how can theyexjact them to pay the interest, when her public works are jntinisJied except forty nnles of ruilroaid lrom Springfield to Mcredosia, which is let to a company for ten thousand dollars per annum, which will never be paid. It is supposed the company will surrender at the end of the first quarter; the Umber ts all rotted, as Mr. Van Burnt saw, for he was obliged to walk five miles through hot sund, under a July sun in consequence of the badness of the road. Then the State has some iron ; has the Illinois canal, a splendid work with five locks, ihferior to none on the Erie canal, half finished ; has rich land; has forty millions bushels of Indian corn this year, with an immense quantity of wheat ; cattle, hogs, horses, oats, <fcc. but at the present low prices of her staples, including the lead mines, what can that State realise I Her State Bank is crippled ; its bills not received for State dues ; how can they pay I I again ask : I do not mean to impair her credit, hur flip truth should h#? Itnnwn tn urpvpnt hi*r (mm acting fraudulently again and imposing upon Eastern and foreign capitalistic as they have already done. Never has u State been so misgoverned ; never has such a lot ot weak, dishonest, wicked men crept into office as thaL State is cursed with.? They acted more like "children of a larger growth" than like men holding in their hands the destiny ot a fine young and growing State, and posterity will them as the present inhabitants do. In this view ot the cos*, what can be done! Shall the General Government assume the debt 1 All admit the credit and good faith of the States,as of the Nation,must be sustained, but in the case of Illinois how shall it be done 1 This is the question put by Gen. Hamilton and to solve which he invokes the aid of John C. Calhoun, and we invoke the aid of all the master minds of the Union to imitate the noble example of Daniel Webster, to lay aside party rancor and come up to the work. In no other way can we get out of the present difficulty and i regain our former proud position among the family of nations. I beseech you hereafter to bestow a thought upon St. Louis. V, N. District Court. Before Judge Delta. Oct. i9.?Is BsxxaurTcr ? Decisions?JootpK L. Joitph ?This csie is before a commissioner, aud the bankrupt refused to answer certain questions us being irrelevant. The Court remarked that great scope would be given in such cases, and that the B uikrupt should be compelled to answer all questions that would not criminate himself. The commissioner can judge as to how far it would be proper to allow parties to go. In the present instance the questions are important, and may be service, able as relates to the connection of Mr. Joseph with Mr. Levy, Ice. Ordered that the questions be answered. Samuel Y. Jewell.?This was a compulsory case, and it is contended that the bankrupt ciinuot be compelled to answer-questions before a commissioner, he not bring a petitioner for the benefit of the act. Objections overruled. Ordered, that the bankrupt anawer before the commissioner. i Jamet Ji. Berry.?Amendment allowed. David H Starr ?The petitioner applied for protection against the high charges ol a country a-signee, and an order was given,but he withdrew his application afterwards, asserting that liu had been in error. Ordered, that petitioner pay the costs thst have accrued. Leonard Paulion ? Application for priority of claim over othercrediiors, on the ground that he loaned money to petitioner to pay operatives. The Court stated that operatives to whom money wss dun for labor performed within six months of the bankruptcy have a prior claim, hut thn demand must come from tne operatives themselves. Motion denied. Barney Corn.?In this case application was made for a new trial. The application wss objected to on the ground that thn Court had not jurisdiction to grant such in bank ruptcy. Judge B decided that the Court had similar powers in relation to a trial in bankruptcy as any other, and that the application would tie considered. John (i. Smith.?The petitioner, although a pedlar, had a small store for the sale of lac.s, in 1'hiladi-iphin, and kept a clerk. He therefore comes under the denomination >f a dealer in merchandise. Yet he kept no bonks, and here were doubts as to concealing his goods. Decree of Usrharge denied. It\hn fvflin?r Smt'/A ? This a rnmnnlmrr ram an/1 >hj. ction h made that the petitioner di<{ not provp that he i wad $1,000, or that he ia now a merchant, he having reiredfroru the business. The petition a*ta forth certain imounts. II the bankrupt doea not own $1,000, he can how such to lie the case, and have the petition diamiaied. f the debt wan contrac'i d while the bankrupt was a merikant, ilia aulticjoot to Lning him within tho act Theae ire informalities, however, in the petition, which tha pariea have Miertv tc amend. Jmrpk Tweedy ?Motion denied, w ith costs. iV ilA i i S.?i r if ?Motion lor injunction on property in <ta??tsion o( a Court in Louisiana, the petitioner not yat im i"n t il rrr". Ma'ion denied is the Court will not in1-rferi prev inns to decree. Mark flanks ?Motionto pay ground rent denied. J. D Jt ?1 lAwrtncr (Biookt rrrditar.)?Motion denied; oata to ha aet oil. , JsstpA Miyler?Decree of bankruptcy to atand; proofs D he used previous to final discharge. Hiram ji FatHbana?Motion to amend allowed. t a W r LD. I'rlcm Two OcBU County Court. Oct.'JH This Court met pursuant to adjournment, is relation to the charge* against Justice* Matsell, Parker and Stevens. Mr. Price (one of the counsel lor accused) put in anaswers. The following i* a copy :? " The aniwer of Miln Parker, apecial ju?tioe for praserving the peace of (he city of New York, to the a-dicie* ol impeachment exhibited against him m the County Court of the city uud county ot New York, by Matthew C. Patterson, Ksq. " He, said Milne Parker, says that he i* not guilty of the charge made against him, or ol either ol ?uch charge* in manner and lorin, n? is alleged ugainit him in the said aitioie* ot impeachment, but, on tue contrary, it wholly inuocent, and declares that in all hi* acting* and doings in and about the matter* referred to ill the specifications of such c barges, be ha* honestly discharged hi* duty jccordingto law to the best of his (kilt and understanding. ' City and County of New York, a*.?The special Juttice, relei red to in the ansa er hereunto annexed, being duly .worn, doth depose and lay that the laid an*war, and the statements therein made, are true. MILN PARKIR. Sworn this 17th day of Oct., A. 1) 1841, lielore me, Jot. Pih*ton, Com'r of Deed*." Similar aitidavn* were preiented Irom Mesir*. Matsell ami Stevens, and the whole ordered to lie tiled. Judge Lynch was present, and claimed to s|>eak at a Judge of the Court, but was called to order by the .vltyor, and declared by the presiding Judge, agreeably to a recent resolution, not to be a member ol the County Court. The Court then adjourned to Wednesday next at 11 o'clock. Board of Supervisors. Alderman Ball* in the Chair. Oct. -18.?Several bill* against the county from judge*, marshals, and others, were presented and disposed ol. A long debate then look place in relatiou to the resolution of the Mayorto raise $118,000, (that being one twentieth ol one per cent on the valuation of city and county property, as required, he said, by law) for the common schools, instead of $AU,OOU, as proposed by the finance committee The Mayor contended that the law is directory on the point, positively requiring one-twentieth of one per ceut to be raised; besides which the larger amount will be necessary in order to provide building* lor scuools under the new law, which cannot have the benefit lllll. ...|i...l fn,,.l ,l?l,l .ll,.r ll,..? I, k..,. ...1^1, I.. I,-,I for nine mouths, lie. wiu supported by Aldermen Lee, Partly, siul others, on the democratic title, anil opposed by Alderinen Woodhull, Underwood, LKivios, and others of the whig members. The latter contend that ttw law does nut compel the city and county to raise one-twcn tiulhot one percent lor school money, but that it shall nut exceed that sum, and lliul the larger sum is not wanted, as rooms and buildings can be hired in tuu various wards to answer equally well as the erection ol new ones. The sum lecouimended by the committee was dually adopted, as was also the general amount el taxes for the various departments, being, with the water tax, a liltleover $1,000,Odd. The apportionment will bo as follows: - For City faxes 66 cents ou every >100; lor ftrat Stale fax, 10 cents do ; Id do. and county, and water 'JO cents do ; making the lax OA cents ou each $100 of read and personal property. Court of Common Pleas. Before Judge Ulsborlter. Oct. 18.?Mraham B. Davitt it ah vs. Elisabeth Smith, et at ?One of the plaintiffs in this case is ihe fate worthy Assistant Alderman of the 14th ward. Mr. Ahel Smith occupied a bakery at 76 Cherry street, and had extensive dealings for a number ol years, with Messrs. Davis, who aie flour merchants, South street. In 183B, Abel also established a soap factory tu James street, but bicame involved and tailed in 1B4I, owing to plaintiffs a note lor $1,100. Action is now brought against him in connection with his mother (Elisabeth Smith) and hit brother Samuel?it beiDg contended that they all resided at the bakery, 76 Cherry street, were partners, possess property which had grown out of the establishment, und were equally liable. >Abel, it appeared, became a gallant soldier, was colonel ol a New Vork Kegiinent, and went it to the strongest. His mother and brother worked hard, and deny that tliey were partners ol Ab 1. The trial continued two or three days. The Jury could not agree, and were discharged. For plaintiffs, Mr. Cowles and Mr. Wetmore. For defeudants, Mr. J. W. Webster and Mr. Brady. Before Judge Ingraham. Eraetus Whealon vs. fVilliam Woud, et at.?A dispute relative to the sale of some cattle. Verdict for plaintilf, $79. iloldcn and Thayer for plaintiff; Mr. Blunt for deiend. ant. Court Calendar?'Thla Day. Circuit Court Nos. 140,6, 'jb, .*>8, 106, 111, 146, 146}, 161, 166, 1, 7, 8, 91, 170, 1-2, 103, 136, 75,91. 93. BurcRioK Court?Nos. 81, 178, 37, 131. Rather Expensive.?The Queen's visit to Scotland cost the Marquis of Breadalbane $800,000. He lias a rent roll ol $22a,000 per annum. The Queen proposes to visit Scotland once a year. 11 she honors the Marquis with a call at every trip, he will be ruined in short order. Literary Notices. Thr Artist?A Monthly Lady's Book?No. 3, Nov. 1842. Published by F. Quarr?, New York, No. 64 Jleade street?#3 per annum. Printed at the Herald Printing Establishment, corner Nassau and Fulton streets. The first thing which strikes the eye on taking up this gorgeous periodical is the unequalled beauty, richness and delicacy of the pictorial and typographical execution. On turning the cover, the first embellishment which presents itself is a superb colored engraving of the Chelotu obliqua, a flower indigenous to this country; of which an elaborate description is found at the end of the number. Then follows an exquisitely pretty portrait of "a Lady," engraved in color. Next is a fashion plate, containing two figures; the first of an " Evening Dress," the second of a " Walking Dress," both engraved in color, and illustrating the latest Paris fashions. Then comes an " address to the ladies," ornamented with an engraved design, very tasty. Among the contents of this number, we notice "A Legend of Granada," by Epes Sargent; " Debby Wilder," by Seba Smith; Poetry, by Park Benjamin; and other articles by equally celebrated authors ; concluding with a piece of music, a ballad, " Give me that Wreath." If the future numbers of the Artist sustain this present representative of its character, it will prove a formidable rival to other periodicals of the same general character, yet who cannot compete with the Artist in the original style of its embellishments engraved in color. It must please the ladies. Rr tr-wenrin ??Tlipre are some irlonous articles in this number, on the History of France, European History. Schiller, Italy, tec., tec. World of Fashion.?Pout, Botrery.?A beautiful number. The fashions are suiierior to the general run, and the letter press is excellent. Lady's Book.?Pott, 88 Bowery ? The fashions here are not good, hut the two steel plates are charmingly engraved; that of the girl crossing the brook, ana the female head are excellent. Willis, Mrs Embury, Mrs. Sigourney, and Miss Leslie, are contributors. Brntlky for Octohf.r.?Mitan ?Well printed as usual " In praise of porter" ia a glorious ballad in the old style. The " Forged Wib," and the " Boar Hunt," are tullol interest; and the " Norfolk Tragedy," by Ingoldsby, is inimitable. TJarTRD States Rkvif.w.?Fatter 4- Co. 2fi7 Broadtmy?A verv respectable periodical, got up to counterbalance the Democratic Hevtpw The History ofMormonism," and "Oriental Literature," are good articles; but ihe work smucks of nn mutation of Carlvle's style. Wester* Captive ? Winchester, SO jinn St.?A capital tale of Mrs. Seba Smith's, for 2D cents. Graham's Magazine ? Pott, 88 Bowtry?A very excellent number. The " 1'et Rabbit" is from a ......... i.,.. unu ,1... ......i,u a u ter, ir well done. Cooper has a capital sketch in this number. LiKBro'd Agricultural Chkmistry ? IVinrhutt*, 30 Ann gtThi?admirable work i* reprinted for25 crnt*. Scottish Airs.? Al/en, 41S Orttwrirh %1.?One of the bent collections we have seen in some time, and most beautifully printed. Usitkd Statu* Almanac for \MA.?Butkr, Philarftlphia.?This is is a very valuable work by Downs, ol the Koundary Survey It contains the census, officers of Government, State debts, numerous statistics relative to commiree, agriculture, manufactures, and a multitude of other valuable matters, forming a work of 3I)<> pages. It is the best Almanac we Hrvc seen for 1K43 Young Gannrvea's Assistant? T. Bridfrmnn, - - ?- tl ?? Ntrrltmtin, IWd ?r'r' " .... for gardeners. It contains a complete catalogue of (TKrifrn and flower seeds, and practical directions for the cultivation ol vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, f rape vines, A'C. No farmer should be without one. i is a work ol over 400 pages, and received the premium at the American Institute. Florist's GtunK?T. Bridgeman, F/ornU and Oardentr, Nnr York?This is a neat volume, giving directions for the cultivation of all kinds of flowering plants. This book, and also the Gardener's Assistant, were awarded as premiums to various individuals who have exhibited fruits, tec at the American Institute

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