Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1842 Page 3
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They anil many other* now stand realy to take hold o the work vigorously, and renew jtheir subacription, if the management is changed. With the wreck^of the American Life and Trust Comjuuiy, North American Trust and Hanking Company, the Varmors' Loan, and the United Status Bank before their eyes, will they trust their funds to men who bankrupted the company last year, and who wish to terminate the road at Piermont for private pur pjsrs? The stockholder* along thw line, the contractor* w ho hope'for their pay, cannot expect it. A thorough change in the management will bring all the enterprise of New York to its aid, bat no one will ruth on certain ruin. Truit no one with proxies. The present management have several agents out soliciting proxies. Trust them not, even though theyipretend to .be in.opposition to the present incumbents. Trust no itenerant editor. Trust no Buck?nor old ram. We have received the message of Govi rnor Pennington, ol New Jersey. It contains very little or interest, it putts the tariff, and praises the distribution ol the public lands as follows:? I 11 lcr the law of Congress, it became mv^duty to designate some suitable person on the part ol this State, to recuiv e its share of the revenues,arising from the sale of the public lands on the tiist of Julv. It was confidently expected that a payment would then have lioen made, ami 1 have reason to belivc that such was the expectation of the Secretary of the Treasurer, as I received a circular from that officer desiring the name ot the agent who should be designated. I accordingly named the Treasurer of the State; and he made a demand at the proper office in Washington, for the share belonging to New Jersey, but without success. Encouragement was given that the payment would be made, but it still remains due. Whether the want of funds or other reasons, have operated to prevent this small share ofjusticu to the States,I am unable to state. The act is now repealed, but nsthe repeal did not take place until after the first instalment becume due, the claims of the States remain good, and that instalment should nevertheless be paid. While I entertain the expectation that it will yet he paid, the amount it is understood will be small, and no calculations in reference to the finances of the State can or should be based upon it. lit is by no means so oertain that the States are entitled to .niv share of the lan-l revenues. The law nroviduil for thuir distribution, when the duties were not aliove 20 per cent. They were aliove that from January to July, and the distribution law was in operation hut six weeks, from 1st July up to the passage of the new tarilf; consequently the Status have no just claim. There is very little doing in domestic exchanges; the rates are falling very low, and bid lair, like those of New Orleans, to turn against New York as the produce goes forward, more es|>ecially as the tariff cuts off imports, the instrument hy which exchanges have heretofore been kept in favor of this city. Ct Katks ok Bank Notvs and DoMrinc Bills. /iaiiic Xutes. Exchange. Safety Fund-- iiaJi Security Banks-- I New Kngland- Sa3i Boston par . )> ft. S. Bank in aBO Pennsylvania- -. 'jaT'i Philadelphia- ?a J4 New Jersey Maryland .. *ia 5 Baltimore par a ? Virginia- .. IH> ( Richmond-..... Ik's Ihi North Carolina.- ?a il'u North Carolina- lV^a I'l Georgia ? a a Savannah I'ai Augusta I'ia 1)4 South Carolina.- 2)<* Charleston l.'aa l.N Florida ? a7fl Apalachicola .? a? Alahaina 15 alfi Mobile 15)4*13 Louisiana 3 a75 New Orlt ans l)Ba2 pm Kentucky ?a 3,4 Louisville D4a2dis T? nnessoc- f, a 7 Nashville 5 a 6 Mississippi .- -75 a90 Nalchti .-? a? Missouri 8 a 9 St. Loais 2)4* 3 Ohio 5 a 25 Cincinnati, 3 a 3'a Indiana .- ! a 6 3 a 3)4 Illinois ? afi5 ? 60 a65 Michigan...... G aid Detroit . - 2)4a 5 With the exception of Alabama and Nashville, where a faulty paper currency predominates, what a uniformity prevails in the rates of bills,showiDg the utmost facility of remittance to all and avery point. Such a steadiness and uniformity in the currency never prevailed even in the ut'Bi days ui me iaif duiik. specie is. man muting itself all over the Union, a.ul equalising the quantity as well as the totality of tho currency. The following table shows the sta^e of affairs at the leading points. Kates of Sterling Bills* Sight ok New York, ash Specie at tar leading cities. Sl'/ ttwr Bills. Siyht on Y. Sptcie. N. Orleans, Oct. 19, $4 JIM 10 or 1*3 ills JaCdis par Mobile, Oct. 19, ?ii III or I8i20 pm I5a20 pin 23-iJA|>m Chirl-ston, Oct.22, ?at 81 or?i9 ' ?al " par Suv.uiuah, Oct. 22, 4 71a?72or 5a6l4 " ?al " p?r This presents a general state of exchanges in favor of all jioints, and against foreign countries, with the exception of Alabama,a State struggling in the folds of tha monstrous paper system. She is vacillating between the dread of taxation on the one hand, and dependence upon bankrupt institutions, for whose bills specie is at a premium of 25 per cent, on the other. The people suiter the imposition of those fraudulent concerns loi.ip after those of all other sections have purged themselves of irredeemable currencies, because they are unwilling or unable to pay taxes surticient even to support their own State government independently of the interest due on the State stock issued us capitals to those broken banks. The sufferance of such a state of affairs is to all intents and purposes practical repudiation, and yet the advocates of the present disgraceful state of tniugs put on dignity, and gravely talk of State honor, aa if they were the most upright and praiseworthy citizens in existence. An instance of this occurs in the Alabama Tribune of the -20th inst. That paper had copied our remarks on the Alabama currency, und a correspondent of the Enquifer taking him to task for it, remarks as follows:? So that luxation would absorb no part of the currency jM-rmanentlv, although it would undoubtedly contribute slightly to its appreciation, through tho additional demand lor it thus created. But lor the State to refuse its own evi. deuces of debt in payment of taxes levied by itself, would lie a species of repudiation, which I trust none but the New York Herald will ever predict or anticipate. It is true that the rate of taxation will have to be higher or lower in proportion to the value of the medium in which it is collected. If it were collected in specie, tho Legislature would know precisely what amount of taxes to impose, but if in currency, the amount must be graduated to the probable depreciation which the currency will be at at the time provision has to be made for foreign payments. It will require no great sagacity from any one to predict or anticipate repudiation and dishouor, from a people who, for five long years, have been bank-ridden by insol. vent State institutions, whose utter discredit and ridiculous movemeuti have indicted upon them an average tax of JO per cent for the use of its irredeemable, faithless, and worthless promises, as a currency, when by a mere exercise of the will they could, years since, have freed themselves from the thraldom, and been in possession of a sound constitutional currency. Sales nt the Stock (exchange. ||(iii Tress notes. 1 pr ct Iiki1,' 1 Trust Fire las Co % MIM) N Y State, 6's, 1862 (Ml 3i Harb in KH li>4 iriiKi Ohio( '?, l:;?.o i;?>, no do ?3ds I.V., 11100 Kentucky 6's, 1871 71* V) rtu b3 li'4 IfMKl Indiana i's 20* 71 do li'4 4? I bemiesl Bk s3 8# .'>0 do s(M) li 3) Leather Mini Bk 87 ,'i0 <1 > aflfl II 7 Itu of Com full 82 III# Long Island . I#1, 38 K-lituckv Bk 4IJ? 210 do s30 19 V) 0>:eaii Ins Co 31 31 StonuiKton |J)f 20 Howard lus Co KMi Second Hoard 10 Long Island S30I 9 200 do 49is Provision Market. We have altered the priceaol' many articles in our table to-day. It ia to tie seen that all kinds of meats, all kinds of v egetables, are fast declining to a low point?*o a point seldom known in this market. The scarcity of money, and the abundance of provisions, are the cause of the cheap prices. Paicrs or Paovisioiss. Apples, bbl -$2110 a? Lima Beans, i|t---10 a 12 Beef, |*r lb- 6 a II Mutton 1 a 8 Beef, jer ?wl---HH a $r> Onions, per bush 30 a I# Beet*. iMiurh ? a 3 Feiclm, prr ball' ?a ? taper*. ill - I2t{ii ? I'eara, |*r batkrt,- b2,'i* ? t ape < od L.ilwtene A .. r, rear., b.i?hel, $l-On al?|-{ telbry, bunch (> i 125^ Parsnip*, perdet , 37J^a? Cruba, dm 13'ta ? Pnrtrr Hoiinr Stake* 12 a 13 < hiekeue 37S|.i 5*'? Pork, |kt lb 4 a ? Labbacca- i ? 4 Purk, |*r owl ?Oi* $# 1 " '' "*> -' > TT'i I'iki. moatrri - a ?l lluck. iwr pair -Klhn 7i Pickle*. 100 . 50 a 62>* Dried Apple*, bbl ?tl^ Pi?eoti?, dot....... ? a *1 !", ' * * ,n Potalnea, liuah IB^a 20 Ecu riaat* ? a 6 rotable*. Awt.hakt a 75 te'i 9 for-.-.*.-? a ItH Sirloin. In 12 a 13 Butter, lb I* a 20 Salmon, lb ? * I8'i E'rk!'\ " l4ie ?btogd Bass, lb 8 a 7 1- '-?!> < oil ? a ti'< Sea Baas B a 12 Kloundrra" ? a 5 Sni|?Mierd<jz ? a 78 Kowl# 32 a :I7 Siuaawei ? <*? ? ?<' " M>?* Turnip#, per bunch--1BV* 20 Honey, lb ? a IB 1 omatoa, baskrt- a ? Hickory Nutu ? a 3 Tri|>e, lb 4 , Halibut, " ? a 6 Turku 62tia R7ta ? Jowl. 2 a 3 Veal t ar. Lamb, tier lb 8 a 10 Woodcock, pair ?a 37?lf Mlate of Trade. A rule often* took place to-day, at n little better price*, aj follow! Term*? Notna at aix month*, payable in thia city, to be made laUifactory to aellcri. HT?OX. Cf. Cl?. M cheat! 55 343 do withdrawn '20 do 60 -26 l.llb lioxe* AO 41 do 41J 73# do withdrawn 3S do 40 Yousit lino*. 35 half cheat! *2 '25 half cheat* #3 10 do 7s 46 do 621 10 do 77 '21 cheat! 63 10 do 76 13 do 6|1 Id do 76 10 do 61 36 do 6S idhfdo and 10 chti 60J 20 do <17 33 cheat! Art 27 <lo rial J 75 liulf chcsta 40 '20 do lid 41 do 1,5 25 do 6AJ 31 do 14 107 do 65 5Hdo and 11 J do 1.3 It do 61 1673 III chta and HN8 chti 10 cheat* i)3J withdrawn Hraoi* Ski*. 19 cht! 1'2 kfdo 61 :id do and 164 chti with dn 17 balfcheata 43 Gusrownxa. 6 hi cheat! 1 26 30 do 66 6 '1? I -21 61 do 66 ? '1? 1 19 M do 634 do 1 97J 60 do 3-2 *1 Jo t .?9 30J do withdrawn . iMrUUL. 5 half chests >1 00 JO Jo 57 Id do 96 U4 do 66 1J do 76 Congou. 167 chests 35 Souchonh. 30 half chests 30 10 do 39 OH do 374 40 do 36$ 40 do withdrawu 40 do withdrawn POW I' HONG. SchestsMohea 44$ 14 do withdrawn 30 38lb boxes 48 63 do 36 30 do 38 30 do 34 100 do 36$ 357 do 33 30 do 36 384 do withdrawn 30 do 35$ Married. On the 39th instant, at Hudson, John W. Cobi.ies, ot this city, to 1'hkhit, daughter of late William (iruen, of Athens. Died, On Friday, 37th instant, Pktfb Parks, M. D., aged 43 years. His friends and relatives are requested to attend his funeral from the residence of his late father, No. 3 Forsyth street, this afternoon, at hall past 3 o'clock. On Wednesday, 36th inst., James, aged 4 years, and on Friday, Elenob, children of Jaiuesand Elouisa Orogan. Thylo/i ntlll 1^ k.-UI .W? .... U .11 . -V. ?U.I~ ?u?l o'clock- The Iriendtandacquaintance*of thetumily are invited to attend tho funeral, at the residence of the father, 158 Broome itreet. In one short week these parent* have lost, by death, their four interesting children. On Kriday morning,:28th iust., Nithisikl C. Hart, eldest brother of the present Sherilt, after a long and painful illness. The relatives and friends of the deceased are invited to attend his funeral, at his late residence, Tort Chester, Westchester county, on Sunday morning. On Kriday, J8th inst-, of consumption, Mrs. Catiiakisk, wife of Win. Hockett. Her funeral will take place on Sunday afternoon, be. tween three and fouro'clock, from her late residence, No. 67 Exchange Place. laatest Advice* RECEIVED AT THE XEW YOKE HKKAI.U OFFICE. Africa Sept. 6 Macao May 27 AuxCayex Sept. 26 Madras Apiil 3 Antigua July I Manilla; May 5 U.unlwty July 10 Montevideo July 26 Balavia Mav 31 Maranliain Sept. 1 Bermuda Sept. 20 Malauzas Sept. 20 Bonaire April 9 Mayaguex Sept. 26 Buenos Ayres July 28 Maracaibo Aug. 16 Baliia Sept. 1 Matamoras Sent. 27 Belize. Hond. Oct. 2 Neuvita* July 31 Barhadoes Sept. It Nassau, N. P. Sept. 22 Bogota May 1 Oaliu, S. I. June 13 Beruice Feb. 20 Paris Sept. 18 ('ape Haytien Sept. 21 Port au Prince Sept. 17 Cnracoa Oct. 1 Touce, P. K. Oct. 8 Cieiifuegns Sept. 26 Para Se|*. t Carthageiia Sept. 2 Peruambuco Sept. 20 Caraccas May 17 liiiiama ; Keb 20 Cliagres July 1 Hi > tie Janeiro Sept. 4 Callao May 29 Singapore Juue 8 Calcutta July 8 Sydney, N. 8. W.- Aug. 11 llcmarara Sept. 8 St. Helena Sept. 6 Kayal Sept. 19 St. Thomas Oct. 7 Gibraltar April 19 St. Barts Jan. 3 Guavanuil Keb. 13 St. Jngo de Cuba- Sept. 9 Gutyama, P. R. July 13 St. Johns, P. R. Sept. 27 tjonaives Aug. 1 St. Croia July 30 Galveston Oct. 10 St. Martha Aug. 14 Havre Oct. 1 St. John, N. B. Oct. 19 Havana Oct. 8 Surinam Sept. 7 Halifax Oct. 16 Tampico Sept. 23 Jereinie May 19 Aug. 8 Jaeinel Aug. 13 Turks Island Sept. 26 Kingston, Ja. Oct. 3 Trinidad de Cuba Oct. 1 Loudon Oct. 3 Vera Crai Oct. 6 Liverpool Oct. 4 Valparaiso June 27 u.i i>ua?rs wi. 4 i ucaran ocpt. u Lima March 20 Zanzibar June 23 PmMengera Arrived. Havre?Shiii Kensington?C C&voret, of Paris; Mr Boden, <>( Hayti, 8t Domingo; A Castillo, New Orleans; POilmour, Mobile?90 in the steer gc. HambuRo?B iniue Sir Isaac Newton?Miss F Limmer, H Hurtle, H O Peterson, M Helmanu?35 in the steerage. Carthaoewa?Brig Chaires?Mr Balufli, Archbishop of Cameriuo, late luteruuucio of His Holiness to New Grenada; Dr hswrence Valeuzi Auditor of the same Apostolic Mission; Thomas (Jaltuier, Private Secretary of do, and ;two servants; F F Avesseiie, late French Consul at Carthagena, mid servant; Justino Uoudot, lady and two children; Jose Calrada, Joseph Autiiisou, Johu Wallain, Bartolomo Morteo, H Beekrnan and servant. Foreign importations. Havre?Ship Kensington?21 pkgt C a Roberts?15 d u k D Haviland?2 Wm Pelil?1 Fabreijuette'a Fils It Morra? I F Boudanl?5 Hanidrn it co?1 John Hvrdorp?1 K M Byrue?I Professor Henry'?1 Dt Laroy?1 Edwd Lamli?1 De Peyster St Whilmarsh. IIamburo?Barque Sir Isaac Newton?21 pkgs F B Rhodes & ro? 1 W W De Forest St co?It M Werckmeister?I Nauniug. Koster St co?I Orlrichs t> Kruger?53 O F Oleisri?13 J Napier ?2cs in lihds vinegar Noltenius St Pavenstedt?1 pkg Bremer?2 W H Horatmann?1 8 O 9yz?20 T OruneBthal?2 Harndt n St ro?I Masters. Markoe kt co?5 F Lie?r?3 C Ahrenfeldt?I M Michaels?29 K Werburg?1 E Leppold?1 J Jacob?1 W llohb ?2 Meyer St Slacken?1 A Rolkee?2 D Appleton?3 Brustlein, Koup St ro?3 E Fiedler?22 A E Warburg?3 1) Frendelha?2 F w Schmidt St cr>?I O T Bassett?10 cs 6 eka let ches G A St H Witte?2 pkgs 8 A Faher?11 Schmidt St Balcheu? 1 J Blias ?2 Lefferillg?ij cks leeches 2 bales 22 cs to order. Carthaqewa? Brig Chaires?$3301 specie 3850 hides 13 balea arsaparilla 000 lbs tortoise shell 5 cer oris cocoa 33 demijohns balsam 128 ceroons hidrs 2 boars old ropper 75 tons fustic II cerooni tobacco 137 bat 109 hf do setrars 3 cases balsam Everett V Battellc?$112 A G Hisard?$1100 G Domiuguez?$820 Eugene Sassalsay?3127 hides J Atkinson?II boaes J Goadot?$96 F L Lawrence?$326 Murray St Lanman?$2000 Picahia St Manasuedo. Domestic Importations. Charleston?Brig George?17 tea rice Van Damme St co? 30 bales cotton J T Parish?13 do^ Boyd St Hinckeli?2 Imscs specie JEW inter?I box mdse F K Lynch?191 bales cotton to order. MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Dajra of the Steam 9 hi pa. from etvolalvd. from america Britannia, Hewitt Nov. 1 Caledonia, Lott Oct. 19 Nor. 16 U. Western, Hosken Oct. 23 Not. 17 Acadia, Ryrie Nor. 4 Dec. 1 ('alumina, Miller Nov. It Dec. 17 Britannia, Hewitt Dec 4 Jan. 1 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Hall? from liverpool. for liverpool. New York, Cropper, Oct. 7 Oxford, liaihbooe, Nov. 1 Suldoua, Cobli, Oct. 13 I'. Henry, Delano, Nov. 7 from portamouth. for portamouth. Westminster, Atwood, Oct 10 Philadelphia, Hovey, Nov I 8t.Jamei.Setx>:, Oct. 30 Swiixerl'd, Chadwick, Nov. 10 from Havre. H. Hudaon, Morgan, Nov. 20 Silvie de Oraaae, Oct. 1 for havrc, V. de Lvon, Stoddard, Oct. 8 Oneida, Kunck, Nov. I Utica, Hewitt, Oct. 16 Argo, Anthony, Nor. 8 To Ship Masters. We ihall eateera it a favor, if captains of veaacla arriving here, will give to Commodore W. A. llasselt, of our uewi licet, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they vailed, the vevaelv apoken on their passage, a lift of their cargo, aod any foreign newspaper* they may nave. Commodore Bassritwili hoard them immediately on tneir arrival. Wc will reciprocate the favor in any wav. To Correspondents. Oar corretimndenu in foreign ports are respectfully requested Co RMS by every vessel all the marine intelligence tlvey can oblaiu. Nautical information of auv kind, from any sue re tiding at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. rum- wr hhw ruiin, uut, '<?, IKtil, alts 6 48 I Moon atrr.a t 34 nn 5 12 i KtriH watch 4 39 Cleared. Ship Waverly. Sinw, Mobile, Cenlir h Co.?Barque Wm Joy. Young, Buckaville, SC. Badger 8c Peck.?Briga Portland, Clottgh, Dunkirk, Neamith, Leeds 9c Co; Alwina. (Bremen) Meyer, Brrmeti, B k T Popne; MwlirjwO, Proctor. Rio alt* Jdtieirri anil a market, J Foulke 9t Son: Helen Anna, (Britiah) Haichei, Ht Kitta, via Yarmouth. K9. Thoa Wiauiett; Kmma Louiaa, (Hamburg) Haealoop, Richmond, Va. N D Carlialr; J Peteraon, Oreen, Philadelphia, A B Cooley kCo.?Schra Cordova, Sherman, Digby, NS. Foaler k Nickeraon; Lion, Clifk, Apalachicola. Arrived. Ship Kenaington, Shumway, from Havre, Sept. 16, with mdac, to Rooert J. Walker. Sailed in co. with ahip 8u|?rior, of New York, bound South. I llh mat. lat 42, Ion 50, paaaed a ahip atanding Eaat. ahowiug red, white and blue aignal, with letter B. in the red. tlamnurg barque Sir laaac Newton, Wienholtx, from Hamburg, Sept. 27, with mdae, to Schmidt k Bah hen. Bug Cnairea. Chapman, 28 daya fiom Caithageha, with hidea, a|ieeie. kc. to Everett x Baltelle. Left Britiah arhr Horaefort, from Savanuilla for Campeachy, in ballaat. B ig George. Hull, 6 daya from Charleiton, with rotton, kc. to Geo. Bulklry. Bchr Osceola, Jeiikiin, (of Portsmouth, NH.) 20 daya fioin Altak ipai, with live oak, to W. Deal. Bchr Empire, Powell, from Norfolk, with tlour, to Sturgea k Clearinan. Schr Odell, Smiih, 1 daya from Brandy wine, Willi corn meal, to maater. Sclir Elite, Scont, 2 daya from Wilmiugton, Del.with brieka, to muter 9 hr Pioneer, Couraen, from Brandy wine, with corn meal, to inaater. Schr Meridian, Race, 6 daya from Lnbec, with plaater, to inaater. Schr Euterpriae, S daya from Harrington, Me. with apara, to maater. Schr Cohaaaet, Seaia, from Boitou, wuh augar, to A. R. k L. Stewart Sent Elita Williama, Cnlea, Iroin New Condon, with produce?bound to Pliiladelpnia. Schr Ninirod, Linnell, froin B aton, with mdac?bound to Albany. . . ... ., Schr Mail, Loring, Jdava Irom Boaton. with mdae, to L. D. Snrairne. Schr Mm.I urn Nirhola, fmm Boston. with mdse ? bound to Albany . , Schr Ft-roil, Nichols. 3 days from Philadelphia, with cost, to maater. Schr Knotty, Kilwards, 1 daya from Philadelphis, with coal, to muni. Schr Bounty Tultle, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to mauler. Schr Julia It Marllia, Pinkham, from Lnbec, with fish and Waaler, to master. Srhr Cora, IIillys r. from Portlaad, with atom?hound to Albany. Schr Prqnot, Kelly, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, to K. Lewis. Sloop Amelia, Johnson, from Portland, with stone?'round tc Albany. Sloop Jane Maria, Williams, from Portland, with stnnenonnd to Albany. Sloop Helen. 2 days from North Kincaton. HI. with prod are tomaairr. 1 Ac lew. One ship, unknown. llermld Marine Cnrresuoadenre. Orrica or ths Rhoiik Isl*isdkb,I Newport. Oct. 27, ia?. I Arr 2.1th. Columbia, Berry, and A Marshall, roarer, PbiU delpliia for Boston; htchanice, Kniaht, Baltimore lor Fall Ri lei; Union, T>illinaham, Nantucket for NYork. Arr 26'h, Htenti. Ourlee, Providence for NYork. Sid Wan k lico, Biltimore; Manner, Philadelphia: ll<niy Hinckley Baltimore; Kowena, Wilmington; Craven, New Or leans; War aaw, Haran ", Kaperimrnt, Oscar, Union, anil Koirmi, N York Hintrsss, Rlinheth City; Georgian, Charlraton. Chi Three Brotherr, Heath, NYork. Daily Or.oaaiata Opricr. i Sarannali. Oeo. Oct. 33, 1313?13 M.J Old Tartar Smith, Liverpool; Pandora, Tillnnthait, Prori denre. Arr Hyliauua Jenkiua, Hevmour, NYork; Ilarre, Cap la nter. Providence; Cotton riant, BoU a, Naw Bedfoid via Norfolk Wltalrmen, Hailed ftnm Kdgutowu 2Uh mat. Napoleon, Ki?lu r, Pacific Ocaau. Off Floret about Sept 12, Penobtcot, Carr, Nam. with 110 Ms aiun. At Mo wee April 6, Cherokee, Adam*. NB. 600 sp; Gratitude, Stetson do, 260. At Geottraphr Bay Feb 2fl, Gold Hunter, Wood, Fall River, w ith 100 wit and GO aptn?bad lott two anckora m a ^ale iu the Bay in th tof F md had replaced thcin from wrecked thi(it Sornl Wright and Gov Fudicott. Vpoken* Vistula, from New Orleans for Hull, Hug. Oct 16, 60 milet from 8W Paat. Home Porta. PoRTLAWD.Oet 16?Arr United State*. Keater, Philadelphia, Otia%Bakei NYork; Fame, Ro inaoa Miebiti wr, Niv York. Old laadon SpriMi uba Mary, Smith P ' iektburt Portsmouth, Oct 26?Arr below, Ruby, McKenzie, Belfast for Wilmimtfou, NC. Salkm, Oct 26? Cld Sra Mew, Harriiiicton, Afiioa. Bo#ton-, Oct 17?Ait kibillv, Johnson, Caluolta: Champion, Warren, Antwerp; Mauto, Lane, Palermo. Cid Dorchcster, Caldwell, Savannah; Gilbert, Given, A(mlarhicola; t'vno nre, Macloon, do; Father. Finery, Baltimore; Palm, Atkiua, j Philadelphia- Su.nau, Matthews, do; Mary Chilton, Port uu Prince. Arr 23d, France* Hallett, Crowell, Norfolk. New Bedford. Oct 20? Arr Win Peuu. NVork. Fall Hiver, Oct 20?Arr Ftcel, Duuuitn;, New York; 23d, | Mastaaoit, Brown, AIImiiv; Yantic, Stewart, New York; 24th, Lvdv Helen. Smith. Kimdnut-- \lormna Star HmwGm Tluv niAs; Mrridiau, Beuuett, NYork; ?6lh, Talleyrtud, Norton, Baltimore. Proviuknck, Oct #r?Arr AKriinri't, Audros, Cadi*; Oiuty, Crowell. Turks Island. Br low, Hmry, Sears, from Philadelphia. Sid Shamrock, Sriutli, Mobil**: T ine, Garrison, and i *ul Jones, Swell, Suffolk, Va; H Walker,Terry, Nanseinoud; Chraap*akr, Post, Baltimore. NawpoAT.Oct 24?Air MarinerScudder, Frankfort for Pin- j ladr'phi*. Cld Craven, Godfrey, k rauklm, La. Hartford, Oct 27?Arr Irons des, Marsliman, Philadelphia. j Cld Cabot, Stuart, New York; Christiana, Gaines, do; Tryall, Turney, do; Ho|k* St Susan, Smallv, do. Bi'pkai.o, Oct B-Air Sandusky. Floyd, Detroit; Chesapeake, Howe, Chicago; Fulton, Hart, Toledo; Rosa, B titer. 8t Joseph; R Crooks, Staunard, Detroit; M Oliver, Hiskins,?; Jenny, Prince, Cleveland; Huron, Shenpard, do; Warren, Biirelow,4o; skinin r, < s| o, Milan. Cld Waterloo, J onion, Chipiwwa; Clinton, mjuicrs, Chicago; Harrison, At wood, Toledo; Lexington, Jones, do; KuggleB, Mirliu, Cleveland; Joy, Lacy %do; Buck nor, D tv is. m, .|<> ; A tie I ode, Mi flu II, do; Biddie, Noiton, do. j Philadklfhia, Oct 2tt?Cld New Hanover, Carty, Savannah; Industry. Ciishmau. New Bedford; J Brick, Reeves, Al- I hanv; Hadassali, Knowltou, Boston; Ann Klizabtth. Smith. N | York; Albany, Nave, do. Arr in the Schuylkill, Victory. Brush, New York; Atlaa, Clifton, do; Liberty, Towntrnd, do; Danl Goodwin, B tvmore, New Haven. (imnui Towv, SC. Oct 20?Arr Juno, Li wii, NYork; Princess. Hliliih, do; Eveline, Bennett, Bo,ton. Morilk, Oct 18?I III Lincoln, Kiln, Baltimore. FOR Dlt. FEUCHTWANOKR'8 Price Current ofCopaTU, Capsules, Acids, Dyewoods, Lunar Caus;ic,l) aguerreotyp. Chemicals, Oermau Silver, Stc. 4tc. Ike. See fourth page. o!7 ec WANTED?A T?acher of Music on the Piano Forte, to in truct in an institution located in a rity. One who can one well would he preferred. Address W. T. at (In, office with real name and refe ence. o29 Jt * in IA7 ANTED.?A aitualiou by a respectable young woman, v one who uudt rttanda washing aud ironing aud housework. Also please to call at No. 66 Crosby street, where the beat of reference will be given. o28 2t*r WANTF.D-By two resectable Prott slant young women, '* a situation'o do plsiu rooking,washing and ironing ?( a private family, Iu<|ui>e at 72 lloosevelt street, where the best "I reference will be given- o28 2t*r MAN COOK WANTED.?A proficient in lite art, to act as Cooa to the mess of a British Regiment in Cauida.? To a suitable pennu liberal wages will be given. Apply IrKrr immediately, slating address, lefcreuees aud wages ei|>ecied, to A. T. W., Astor House. o29 It* FuTTnIsh ioTiioomsT rl,0 LKT, at No. 15 John street, over Thorburn's Seed A Slor,. o29 l*r ""PHE Rev. B. F. BARRETT, minister iti the New Jerttsa. leui Church, will deliver hn 2d discourse Irom the first chapter of Genesis, at the Lycrum of Natural Hiatory, No, 5G3 Broadway, ou Sabbath (to-morrow) evening. Services will commence at 7 o'clock. Subject?The First Day'a Work of Creation. _ ofc) lt*r VTOTICE?II a youth af the same of Samuel Baker who left aN England in 1811, and w as I.?r a lime on the Stouiugtuu Kail Koad. will rail at No. 85X New atrret, he will find a letter from nia father. o29 3t*m ACAKD.?A lady who. for a number of years past liaa heeu engaued iu a cilv of New EugUnd as a teacher, would be pleased to paaa the winter in New York, and lor a moderate cnmpeusaliou would engage as Aaaiataiit Teacher in a School, or wruld locate herself in a |IM situ ition, either to impart instruction to children m to make herself useful iu a family by an ingenious and ? quick use of the needle. She is acquainted with science of Music. The most satisfactory reference* can be given. If an interview is desired plraae leave a note addressed to "The Teacher,'' at the of re of ihr Herald. o?n 'It* re CONCERT OK THE HAINER8. rPHE MESSRS. KAINEUS resi ectfully announce to their A Iriends and the public that their Concert will take place on this evening. Oct. 29, at the Society Library, on which occasion they will be assiared by Mr. Dempster, who will introduce together with themselves, some entire new pieces. Tickets in cents, to be had at the usual places, and at the door. Concert to commence at quarter Iwfore S o'clock. o29 Hrc BOOKS FOR SALE AT HALF PRICE. rPHE Business of the.Store 445>i Broadway, br ing about to A Im discontinued, the entire stock of books, kc. kc. is offered for sale at retiil at half prices. liOO volumes of second hand books, principally novels, sre also offered at I2X, IB and 2iceu s nor volume. 41i)i Broadwav. between Howard and Grand st. o29 1t*m T ETTER Bags for Liverpool by the Royal Mail Btrausshitr '.-t BRITANNIA, lrom Boston,will close at Harudeu Ik Co's Foreign Letter Office, on Monday October 31, at quarter to 4, P. rW. ogl 3t r HAHNDEN k CO, 3 Wall street. rPHE Subscribers, cabin passengers in the excellent ship A Chester, from Liver|>ool to New York, feel themselves hound, thus publicly to express their high legard and esteem for Captain JOHN DOYLE, on account of his kind, generous and polite attention to tli-m, during a voyage of only thirty days from Liver|>ool to New York. His attention to the important dutirt of his'reapnnsible situation, was iiicessaul, whilst hit only happiness consisted in endeavoring to make us hsopy. The Cheater is the pro|>eriy of James D. Roche, Est).of Liverpool, anrl we need not say. that she is iu good hands when under the vigilant direction or so eiiwrienced acominauder aa Captain Doyle. As we sre now about to leave Captain Doyle for tlie rea|iec i'ikci m oiii uriinuuiiu, we unanimously renirn mm our sincere and lasting tlianka, through your pa|>er, hoping at the aame time tliat hi? returning voyage to Liverpool, will be as eipedilious and sucees?fnl, as the one now accomplished, dnr ilia which we ?o cheerfully t njoved his indite and iutereitimi aociety. P. MAHKR, JAMBS K. O'BIEKNE, MISS LENVARD, JOHN BOURKE, MISS KEuLY, T. TAYLOR. o? It*r MISS KIT/PATRICK. WILDRR'S PATENT SALEMANDEK SAFES.? * * These Safes have now been in use three venrs, and many times ev|M>sed to the most intense heat that can be brought to act upoll them by the burning of large store ou?es containing oil, candles, liquors and drugs, and the world is challenged to prove an instance where one has failed to preserve the contents The following committee state that the ti ial at the foot #f Wall street was a fair trial and a convincing proof of the superiority of Wilders Safe over all others, and have no hesitation in II) ing that tbt > consiih r ih? m real)] &N-proof, and recommend them to the public as fully entitled to coondence. Messrs. Wadsworth & Smith, "I Baldwin It Co., - Minturn % Co., ^Committee. Chss. H. Marshall, Kill J A general assortment on hind (or maun to order) for sale at the Iron Safe Warehouse of SILAS C. HERRING., iiB g> fc3t wv r No. 139 Water street. GKIKaKLE takes this means to infonn his friends aod the public that he has couvemrnt ly titled up and o|>eiied as the Kiesele House, No, III Liberty street, where his patrons may be sure to find pure Hainbunt and home brewed ale by the barrel or in iiuantities to suit puirhasers. He will serve real old fashioned Welch Rarebits, poached egg., sardines, various other ieli<hei| and cold cuts, pure French brandy and all kinds of wine and liijuors o>'the best .|ualuy and very cheap. Landlord always in attendance on his gu-sts. ol> H-T OTOVES worth seeing and hating.?Ladies and gentlemen k ' who please, can see in useful operation anv timv to-day, DOUGLAS' Patent Parlor and Cookioic Stoves,at 179, (near the North River Bank,) Greeuwirh street. At the great humhog fair, whieh has just cloaed, no exhibitor was permitted to have tire in his stove; yet those knavish or foolish judges hare again assnmed to decide for the public, which of the hundred kinda IS beet; ami t? nsual, have stuck their medals on the poorest of the lot. Thus do they enntinne to deceive and defraud those who are not informed in the m'tter. At the State Fair in Albany, Douglas' Stoves were put in operation with Mott's, which they hear four lold in baking, boiling, Ac , but consumed only about half as much fuel, therefere the judges very justly pronounced Douglas'Stoves he best, both cooking suit parlor, lor wood and for coal. A lew only are for selc, thia season, at the place above meutioned. Kiamiue them to-day. o? lt-r B. DOUGLAS, a a 1 rta-b . li R "l- I i-enuv en/i.urui t i? . ^ from 114 Allen to 127 Roosevelt street, second story of tore occupied by Mr. W. Prentiss, coffee and spicedealer, where he is prepared to furnish the article at short notice and liberal credit, put up in auy]stvle. Hotels ami tamilies supplied with an elegant article. Also, country mustard. o? 3f# r REPEAL! REPEAL7?SPECIAL CALL. 7? Hereditary bondsmen know ye not, who would he free Themselves must strike the mow / A meeting of the Young Men's Repeal Association will be held iu Concert Hall, 406 Broadway, on Saturday Evening 29th instant, to nominate officers to 611 vacancies crested by the resignation of J. T. D?yl?. E*.| , ft. A < '??s-rly, uti r. A Kean, and to thoroughly reorganize the Rei?eal movement in this city, bv uniting all honest re pollers ana to afford the innumerable ardett lovers of fatherland an opportunity of lesrifving their devotion to theireouncry and her cause, by subscribing ind forwarding the SIMWl OlWIf towivdi the inigluv MM 'I movement now carrying out by the f theiol his country, the grent and good O'CoDiiel). And further to give an opportunity to ihe officers and other members of the Asso< iation of disavowing their concurrence iu an unauthorised publication which appeared iu the " Freeman's Journal of Hatui'day the 22nd inst,," "argued Patrick A. K-an." THOMAS SCANLAN, Treasurer. Of the Young Men's Repeal Association of S .York. New York, October 2ill?, iR42. Of>MtC POST OFFK fc. New York, Oct 27, 1H42,-English Mail.? Letter bajjs for Oreat Britain, i?er Royal M?il Steamer Brittania, leav ing Boston on tbe 1st Nov, will close at the Upprifd Lower Poet Offices, at 70 minutes past 3 o'clock, on Monday me .list inniiiir. ?28 3ir JAMES LOHIM KH OH A HA M, P. M. PIANO FORTES. A FEW splendid rose wood and mahosranv Piano Fortea, of lh*- moatne tntiful workman hip, tone,ami ftai?h, with harp l?edala, nieUlir platea, and all ine modern imprevemenia, for ?*Je low to alrve a fmat, at h:< N tm m irert. ot3 3t*ec nAK * DEN It CO.'H Exnr^a* Lines to Boa ton, Providence, Hartford, New Haven. SpriiulIrM a ad Philadelphia, daily. HAKNDEN fc CO. o25 Imr 3 Wall at eet. "P\l VIDENI) --The Board of Directors of the Naiiuioj Fire I DMiirance Company in theriay of New York, hare thirdly declared a dividend of four per cent on the capital ?rock,payable ioth? atockholdera on and after the fin?t day of November neit, at the office of the Company, No. to W*ll ?treet. J. W. HAVAOE, Secretary N-w York, Oct. 2Mb, iMt. __ oft Iwr FAMILIES, W ANTED.?A youuf woman ia in want A of a siroatK>n ol dreaa maker,or aeamttreas in a private- fami ' lv iii thii city. Slie liu no objection Id become an attendant at rli* lunr time on the lady of in* house, ?nd will gia* the best o( reference a* to her ability. character, It*. Pleaar address a not* to A. F. and lrata it at this aim. o|> lw?rc OT0I.KN?Krom on hoard tli* schooner John S, v foot of Ooter atrert, dnrtnir th* night of the 14th iin'ani, a ijlft r double case English watch. No. Ml, no nam* on it, c*|it and,jewelled, with ou* pair pantaloons ami pocket hook containing ?otn? cliauye. PawnbrowkcM and others arr requested to aloti tli* watch i offered lor aal*, and pleaa* notify ai above. Kir* dollar* will br given lor th* rrtorn of the earn* on hoard or . by COOPER It HORION, uM |t*ec 198 South atrert. I NTHLI IIIKN 1rCXD!E8 alwaya read th* lie wapapers? * thy V tell the ladies where to buy bargains? to liny a good | bargain i< full rith to a loving hn?band, and to nltaio auch a Messing i? the ambition of every b auliful woman. Aa that ia deemed the acme of her earthly happiness, now, ladiea who ate willing to te?t their merits by inch a t'andard of eacellence, will pleaae look in at the following:? Black gaiters,*noi: ' *; light do <nd do 12a; morocco bnaknu, light and and black baton*; laaiher boota and buaka 7a to Da; leather buika lined am) hound for winter, 6*. bla k. (not elegant) slippers, 3a; chii'Iran a shoes, 2a to ia; bay* strong aboea. is; India Hubhera. lY*' baured, lined, bound, anted, re-*o!ed, not sold nt'T to be sold at any prtee to auit the ability of tfce buyer. AnH that *ccommodating, thof very' ., , ALBERT TUCK, ow it is *r II l.arintnv corner Beech man iue?t. BILLIARDS.?OUiFitldnnectlilly InvilnttM lovers lhi* amusement, to call at Bt?*fnrd'? Koouu, over the Cli in i* K ? i H "" . i.l I X'lii iU? l. * Im--f \ choice mey be had oi y .. 8lau, Marble, Iron, or Mah ?gauv, with in lu Rubbi r, (Toth oi Compoeitiou Cash ions, in combination with all the late Kuro|?*.tu improve menu Viaitor* will lind the bar, either Wa&hiugUmiau, or others ue n SUT twit their (Wy. U9 lmu9ec QI'OAR HOI) 8K MOiXiili and Amber Syrup of auperior ouality lor family uae. for tale iu hhda. tiercea and btrrtbi et the Ameri mim lb inn., No jb Leonard at, by oHM?r TVLEB h MAPKH VTOTICE.?The proprietors of the Saint George Hotel have li v t a lew single ro una tu ukai lor too winter. Alao one or two suites of room for ainall families. Gentlemen wiahiug . t.. ..w-r. ._Tll J II - i hem ' October 17'h. It43. o27 31 i?*r G Y M N A S'i U M , SPARRING SCHOOL v PISTOL GALLERY. MKSSRS. HUDSON ^ OTTIGNON respectfully inform the Hemic men of New York. (Lit theireiuuiive roomi at Accooim 1,1 BrMdwi um! ( mabttiitiwtt i??r Sparrm*,

OymiMiUci ana Pistol practice, <*re mow open for the nana Ninir^'.un IMftfOTIIMUl not id iuioQl hlVI been l(trl\ HMO# km the Oynia?Him, which will aoa t?? fonnd insvsr) respect ?nemlrle and ?'<iu il to iu> ottiei in th?- couutrv for athletic es I cwv Anarriuir taught on the inost approved principle!*. Gentle* men visiting the Put >1 Galh i, will be smpplked with Pistols of seperiorqwuuy. Terms moderate. Gentlemen are Invited t call it ant li m. du iug the day oil I in I T 1 V OLI SALO OS. qMIE LAIUiKST ami most splendid Saloon in the city for I Muiul Sniiec, Concert., Assemblies, Vliliury Ball., Private aud Public Uiuii r Partita, Political Meetings?wiihout distinction of party. The Proprietor, ever annum to gain to himself aud thi. establishment a rc|iutatiou ( iudr|ieiideiit of grent profit) has leased from the owner on audi term, aa will ruable bun to comiiete witb any other e.ubli.limrm, anil ahall be moat happy to make arrange menu (in accoidance with the time*) witfi all who may favor linn with a call ; and assures tlirin that no pain, or eapeuse will be .pared to give entire aatisfarlion. WM P. DENMAN, Proprietor. P. S. Tuesday evenings of each week is set apart lor Invitation all.. o8 Im *r qiO COUNTRY MKRCHANTS -Theanbacrtber would 1 call the attention of all who are in want of Looking and Picture frames, to hi. rxieuiive .lock, which for quality and workmauauip he llatiers Inmarlf cannot lie eicelled liy any manufacturer iu Ihi? city. The trade ill general would do well local! before purchasing elsewhere. II.?Conatantly on hand, a good assortment of fancy Wood* of every de.criptiou. HORACE V. S1ULER, No 31 Ann street aud 41 Hainmertley at. New Yoik. ol lm"r G'ROUND SPICKS AND COFFEE AT THE HOPE MILLS, II Mtrkelfield street, between Uroad and Whitehall, late 367 Elizabeth street, New York. Office 130 frontal. Conatantly mi baud, at the lowest market price, and in the nanal TlA.IV of packages. .37 Tm*m A RICH TONED EIGHT SILVER KKIVKU FLUTE. UKt 'OIND IiAi>U?a ran- and splendid instrument, will he sold cheap. Apply to T MONZAN1, o7 lm*m ii Ihnmimin street. DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS. FA. AKTAULT Si CO.. 168J< Kulmn street, opposite St. . Paul's Clinrcli, respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they have just received by packelship Anto, an inroice of 1000 Daguerreotyiw r rench Plates A new su|i|dv of the best and newest patterns apparatus 100 ounces bromine 10 ounces bromine of iodine 10 pounds hyprosulphate of soda K) itramtnea ol chloride of gold 100 turunda of tripoli of veiuse SO ounces chloude of iodine And the new bo"lt containing the latest improvemenu intf t Daguerreotype. ol 1 ni? r THE EUREKA BLACKING. fpHlS is a new article ol Blacking, possessing qualitie 1 greatly superior to all other kinds now in use. 4 softens and preserves the leather, imparting a brilliant polish with half the usual labor required in the use of the common Blacking. It further |M ssessea that requisite so long sought for in the peculiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, or mouldy by age. Dealers in Blackiug are requested to call and receive a sample of the article gratis. Perfect satisfaction warranted in every case. Manufactured and for sale by J. M JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce street, near Nassau, New York. N. B.?A superior article of Writing Ink is manufactured by J. M. J. and sold wholesale and retail. s28 1 in * r PA RSE L LS vV: AGATE, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS AND SUSPENDERS. LINEN DRAPERS.&c. THE 8UB8CK1BEK8, in addition to their former stock oi A fashionable poods, are constantly receiving by every new arrival from Paris aud London, a MW of the most rich and fashionable Scarfs and Cravats. Their assortment of fashions bie Stocks, Scarfs, Cravats, ri ady made Linen, Cloves, Suspenders, Hos irr>. and ill articles appertaining to a Keutleinan's wardrobe, are rich aud varied. They respectfully invite their old palrous and strangers visiting this city, to call at the old Establishment,so loin; and favorably known aud make their selections. l'AKSELLS It AGATE, Ml Broadway, betweeu Park place and Murray at. They would particularly recommend an Elastic Suspender, with the i..<i. nt buckle, el their own manufacture, which for durability arid cotnlort. cannot be surpass ml. The impro ved Minerva Brace., intended to brace the shoulders and expand the chest, are highly recommended by the medical faculty, and w ill be found indis|ieusible to persons who are inclined to beml forward; and in net to all individuals of sedentary habits. Patents and Guardians are iwrticularly requested to examine this article, as it w ill be found of immense advantage to childrenof cither sex who have acquired the habit of stooping. l'AKSELLS Ik AGATE continue the manufacture of their celebrated Russia Hiding Belt. ?2I lm*m GUNS AND PISTOLS, to- EXCLUSIVELY.-CO JOSEPH, II Maideu lane, np stairs, importing agen ifor the sale of English. German aud French double and single sarrel Fowling and Ducking Guns, fwm the lowest to the finssl nihilities ; Pistols of every description, for this and other markets, embracing one huudred different kinds, all ol which he is uow prepared to uffei at the manufacturer's prices, being appointed agent for the largest houses in that line in Europe , which enables him to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases. jy27 lin'r SELF-COCKING PISTOLS. BLUNT St 8yMS, Importers and Manufacturers, No. 4i Chatham street, hare on hand a large assortment of the Six Barrel 8- If Revolving Self Cocking Pocket Pistols. These pistols have the advantage overall others of the kind hy the im|>otsibility of losing (he caps, the nipples being placed in a horizontal direction,and there being no cock in the way to prevent taking as correct sight as wilh the ordinary pistol or gun. The above pistols can be furuishril lower tliau any other* in the market, at wholesale or retail. We have as great a variety of other kinds of Pistols as cau be found, with Rifles, U. S. Muskets, for shipping and military: Prize Muskets, do: Fowling Pieces, single and double; extra large size double aud single Guns for ducking, toother with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bags, Caps, Locks, Barrels, Ike., Sic., in large or small quantities. N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call and examine onr assortment before purchasing elsewhere. s? 2m*r NOTICE TO FIREMEN, AND all others desirous of keeping their Feet Dry and Warm the coming seasou. By calling at the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STOKE, No. 144 Chatham street, they cau be accomj modated, as the proprietor has on band a full asaortmrnt of his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. . Constantly on hand a full supply of all other kinds sf Boots at prices to suit the times. AJso?'hat invaluable article Kogers .vietali.- Elastic Meet Boot can lie obtained attlie Old Kiciusive Boot Store, No. 144 Chathamit. ?2? lin'r THE AMERICAN MACINTOSH. PREJUDICE, or habit, make ?ome to prrfer every thing ^ foreign. We aik such to make trial of oar water-proof coal* and v iper, and learn for once (no far at Iraatas our Macintoshes are concerued) that the only merit peculiar to the imported e ver the American. i> that they may have hung on a pea in Cheaimde until they became rusty and out ol laahion, then shipped to Amrrtca to he fold as "good enouith for the market." Price of the American Macintosh from ten dollars upwards. HORACE II. DAY. 45 Maiden Lane, s29 lra'r _ Successor to Koihurv India Rubber Co. SOUTHERN FUNDS WANTED at very improved ratesAlabama, New Orleans. Union, Florid i, So. Trust. Florida. N. SISTARE, 13 Wall street. $2040 Bank United States Notes for sale low. Alabama 5 and 6 per cent Stite Bonds wanted. o27 3t*r PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE?Medical Depar?menl C Filbert street above Eleventh, Philadelphia?Session of 1842 -'43.?The Lectures in this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday of November, and be continued until the first of March. FACULTY. Anatomy and Physiology?Samuel George Morton, M. D. Surgery?lienriri M'Clellan, M. D. Principles and Practice of Medicine?William Rush, M. D. Institutes of Medicine and Materia Medicia?Robert Montgomery Bird, M. D. Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children?Samuel M'Clellan, V. D. Chemistry and Natural Philosophy?Waltt r R.Johnson, A. M. Ekes?Matriculation, $3. Each Conrse, $13. Graduation, $30. Three years' study in the office of a respectable physician.ami an attendance on two full coarsea of Lectures, one of which must be in this Institution, are the re<|ujsite* which entitle the pupil to beromr a candidate for graduation. Tl* eiammatioti (or Degrees takes place early in March,and the Commencement is ht Id with as IttUe subsequent delay as possible. The Faculty have provided Dissecting Rooms,furnished with every rrunisite for Practical Anatomy, within ilie College Building*. Demonstrator, T. ROSS COLHOUN, M. I). Disserting Ticket, $10. The Dispensary of the College will he opened daily (Sundays escrptrd) during the months of September and f>ctoher,nu whieh occasions the Professors will give Practical Instruction in Surgery and Medicine, while the Pupils will be also admitted to the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Hospitals, on the same 44erm* with the Students of other Medical Institutions of litis city. SAMUEL GEORGE MORTON, Dean o4 die .'<4 e,ileal Faculty, a?23T4t8 tonorl't No 431 Arch street. PUT MONEY IN THY PURSE. HOW 1 Patronise the City Cash Tailoring Establishment, 202 Broadway. The ruinous rates which have been charged for faahionahla Clothing, has led the subscriber to adopt the cheap cash system, and he now offers to fit out gentlemen with the finest Cloths, made up with neatness, taste, and despatch, at the very lowest remunerating prices, flaring made arrangements for the finest Englis'i I loth*, Cassimrres and Vestings from first hands, he n afford (diem low. The most eiperlcnced cutters are en arerl and he pledge* himself to give entire satisfartron. Sir tngrrs visiting the city can have a full suit made up at short notice rail ami Winter nothing ready made of every variety, quality and ?tyle, of the latent fanhionn and warranter! to fit.?Stranger* wiil do wtll to call btf re porchaainf elMwhera 28 lm..?r KDWARD VOX TirE GERMAN SURGEON. UOLOMON MINE. M. D., No. J7 Keade atreet, Nrw York. ' ' In tcrolnla and chronic di?un no charge madr till the patient i> aatiafied?medicine delivered gtatie. All pennna deformed, under twenty-one yeara, ean have their hnnec ttraightened. References *lveil u to nnmeron* patients who hare Iwencuud in thu city. ofT Jm*r XAA FOR LONDON?Regular Packet ol the 1 nth No*! ijtlwW?The splendid fait sailing packet ship HWITZEK JUl&I.AND. Capt I hadwick.will tail a* above,her regular day. For |uua?ge in cahiu, accond rabin, and steerage, having splendid accommodations, apply on hoard fooiof Maiden Lane, or to Joseph Mcmurray, 100 Pine atreet, corner of South. P. S ? Persons wishing to aend for their Irienda reaiding in ihe old coantry, can have them brought nt hy tnia ahip, or any of the tegular |>ackel?, by applying aa above, if by letter poal paid. oSBr MT l-OH NEW OKI.EANS?Regular picket, In sail ,JWWnn 10th init ?The faat aailiug coptiered and copper jjUMlfafaali tied |Mckrt ahiii AUBURN, Ca|it Ourfey, will politicly tail aa above, her day. She haa eacrllent iccommod tiona for cabin, tecond cabia mo aiaeragr piatengera, who will be taken at very moderate ratet, jbr which apply on board at Murray'? wharf foot of Wall at.or tn JOHN HKRDMAN, r hi South atreet pOTCfl (rl fcrsh KKMAliK Pl!,l> 'PHliSE far fame I and celebrated Filla, from Portugal, are * we ira'fiva, to be obtained >u thie country. ftoadverUM uaei.i on me lafi column *" * ml if AUCTION SALES III I'llOMA* HKM. iSt irfM Sot. 72 .inn and II) f\Uon >lr?< ) Saturday! Al I0>% o'clock in tli? tale* room, Bale of ii>lru<li<i |>iano forle*. choice luintiu;, curtain*. u|>hoDtery *tock. Ate. AI?o, a lame additional lot of *U|ienor tccouil haiul furniture of all >lc*cri|iCiou*. At 1034 o'clock, at the auction room. Sale of Stoves?A slock of valuable stoves comprising the best descriptions of store, |>arlor, cliurch, and cooking stoves of the best patents aud of all sues. Housekeeper* will do well to atu ud this sale. TUESDAY, At 1 tlVu o'clock ill the sale rooms. E&teusivr vale of dry goods, lancy and pledged articles; 5 trunks excellent clothing; a lance luvoice of Loudon Cloths, Cassuuerts aud vetting*, in reinuants to suit purchaseni. Also, hosieiy, gloves, muslins, sheetings, shirtings, guns, hardware cutlery, splendid iewe|iy, he. WEDNESDAY. At 1034 o'clock, iu the sales room. Sale of elegant City mace Cabinet Furniture BY RIELL k ARCULAKIl SATURDAY. At 1034 o'clock, in the sales rooin. Elegant Kuruiture, riauos, kc MONDAY. Oct. 31st, At 1034 o'clock, at the auction room, Broadclollis, cassimeres, he.?XI pieces hroadclollis, beaver cloths, kc, in lots to suit purchasers. Also, line otter ea|is, muffs, aud two machines for cutting fun. At S before 7 o'clock, in the evening. A valuable colleetiou of |uiiritings with a ixirtfnlin of eugraviugs, belonging to the estate of the late Win Dunlup. TUESDAY. Nov 1st. At It) 1-2 o'clock at the sales room. Liquors, Ssgars, he.?A good assortment of liquors and iegars among which are soinc very aaiierior |>ort wine aud Havana segais?the attention of public houses and tarnilies arc invited. At Private Sale?Illinois l.audt?Several sections of from 160 to too acres located north east of Hagamon County, selected ill IKX> by Mr. Kuuk, State Survevor. Sagamou County is the richest and most populous County in the Bute, aud the Seat of Onvcrnment is established at Springfield, in the centre of the Counlv. The title is patent. M. WARD, Auctioneer. pi'RNITURE, Sheffield I'latr. Cutlery and Fancy Oooda? T A. C. HUMBERT k CO. will sell This Morning at is* o'clock, in thrir sales room 119 Broadway corner Liberty street full aud 3a mahogany French chairs, marble and mahogany top rudotel] ivaahstands. spring seat aud stuffed sofas, pier tables, dressing aud plain burets. card, dining and work tables, inshorain rockers, French aud high post bedsteads, office desks,foot benches, cane seal chairs, ingrain cupels, kc. Also?A quantity of second haud furniture, rrmaimug from former sales aud with which the sale will commence. Also?Silvered, ormolu and brotiie girandoles and aatral lamps, elegant gill ebony and alabaater m unci rlncks, vases and llowera, rich China dinner, tea aud toilet set, Sheffield plated candlesticks, balance handle table cutlery, (Jermau silver spoons, forks aud butter knives, kc. Splendid While and Gold China Service suitable for a boarding house or hotel, consisting of 203 pieces. Also?30 or 40 French turned copper saucepans, an ctcellent article. Also?15 elegant specimens of ornothology. Sile positive, f o29 It*in Auction NoncK.-saie of FuwOoid WATCHES^ WM.O. KKNT will sell this morning at 10 o'clock, at the store liti Broadway, a few doors south of Maiden lane, to repay advances, a large lot of finest quality (fold and Silver Watches, of all kiuds, among which are patent levers, lupines, anchors, and common vertical Watches. Also, 2 very superior double timed independent seconds. Tr ims?On all sums over $100, a credit of 90 days will be given for approved endarsrd notes. Also,tt II o'clock, a lot of old Watches, Fowling l'ieces and Diamonds. o29 lt*m AUCTION NOTICE?The sale of elegant furniture of nil (trsciiptioiit this day in the large rooms 32 Ann and 115 Fulton st, at nalf-iMtst lOo'clock, will he found deservingol |iarticular notice. Samr time two val table iron ssfca. Yo2tr _ THUS. BELL. Auct. \ UCTION NOTICE?Sale of Stoves?On Monday in the a a. tale room, 70 first rate itovei tunable for all purpotet.houte ton*, conking, kc. Sic. THUS DKLL, A act. ottl 2tr 32 Anil and 115 Fulton <ta. K. H. TIMPBON. Auctioneer. JACOB 8. FLATT, will aril thia day at II o'clock, at the " nor* No. 21 I'lattat, one ca?e C S mill tawt, under the inaprctioD of thewarden. of the port, lor ra h, damaged on the voyage of importation for account of underwriter!. o29 It*m AUCTION "NOTICE.-IK CARTER Si CO , .tore m aY Broawav,between Pine and Wall alt. Saturday ?t 10 o'clck. Furniture, Car|>eiiiig. Eirtlieiiwarc, China, Quill., tic.?A apleiidid a-inrtment of new and .econd hand furniture, including mahogany and marble top centre lablea, curd tablet, elegant tolai, French inahogtuy chaira, detlu, plain mahogany tablet, See Alto?Ingrain and three uly canieling, oil cloth., tufted rug. and table covert, tereral beautiful blue dinner tel., tea tett. bison and pitcher! ; eery elegant Ftench china tea ani coffee tel. Alio?A few dozen and demijohni of very choice Madeira, Port, Gin and Braieiv, lU.UOO priucipe aegart, 30,0*0 <|uilla, A pleiidid patent tofa hediteadt, jutt from the fair. Bale imtitive, and hontckee|ier. will nud it to their intereit to attend. JO.OOO iptilIt- _ o28 2t*r at^l FASHION AND BLUE DICK.?Per.on. wiihitig to witiieu the Great Kace to rome off JmH ou Saturday next, by llietc celebrated hortet at Camden, will be fiirnitlird with excurtiou ticket. tTgiiaiid return for Four Dollar., taking the evening train on Friday at V before 5 o'clock foot of Liberty itreel, or the morning boat Independence on Saturday at 7 o'clock, pier No. 2 North river, returning by the evening railroad line ou Saturday or morning lino ou Sunday from Camden. ?J7 3t*r - ? FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Stram.hlp BRITANNIA. y^fKW%jLm t. Hewelt, Commander, will leave Bo.tou lor the above |>orU on Tuetday, November I it Pmage to Liverpool $135. Pattage to Halifax M. Apply t> D. BRIOHAM, Jr., o25 8tr 3 Wall .treet, FOR ALBANY, TROY, ami IniermedilL?J*"k, 'm ujWate Place.?The iplendid low preuure .teamaL_JdJK-boat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean. will leave ihe loot of Cortlandt ?t, on Sunday Afternoon, Oct 30th. at 4 o'clock. Tlie Swallow will leave a* abore 011 Wedneaday, No*. 2d, atio'cloeg. [L/- Tlie abore i* a substantial Boat, fitted tip with elexant Slate Rooms, and for accommodation it unrivalled 011 the Hudaon. o29r aWJ mm NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Fare Only 12X cents.?The s|ilendid and commodi 3L__JK-jE-ou* steamer PASSAIC, Capt. John Gsffy, being completely and elegantly refitted, commenced her reguer trips for the season on Thursday, tlarch 10?learinit as follows ? Foot of Barclay st. New York, at lOH o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and half past 1 o'clock P. M. Ou Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at 10)^ A. M. and 4 P. M. Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and at 2o'clock, P. M, 11. V" Freight oferery description carried at rcdnced prices. ol 2m*r OA FALL AND WINTER ARKANUE~ MENT.?'The steamboat Hockland, will, on and after M unday, the 31st of October, run as follows: learinit Middletown Point (tide and weather tier tnittimc) at 9 o'clock, and Kcyiwrl at 10 o'clock, erery Monday, Wednesday and Friday. RetnrniuK. leave the foot of Robin son street. New York, e very Tuesday, Thundery and Saturday at 12 o'clock, noon, touchiuitat Seituiu's Dock each way. ofStages will be in readiness to convey Passengers to any part the country. All baggage at the risk of the owners. _____ "23 2tn*ec My My M- My "TAPsfjOTT'ffiENEKAL PASSAW. OFFIcT^Th? following packets will be desi*tched from this office as under? For LONDON-Packct ship PHILADELPHIA, Capta.11 Hovey. on the 1st Nov. For LI VERPOOL?Packelship OXFORD,Cant Ratbbone, on the 1st Nov. For NEW ORLEANS?Packet ship YAZOO, Capt Trask, on Monday the 3l?t Oct. For MOBILE?Packet ship NORTH AMERICA, Captain Hall , on the 1st Nov. For SAVANN AH-racket brig MADISON. Capt Bulkley, 31st Oct. For CHARLESTON-Packet ship SUTTON, Capt Galloway, this day. The above are all first claas packets, coppered and copper fastened, built in New York expressly for the trade; are Commanded by experienced and obliging captains, and aie fitted up expressly for the comfort of passengers, and will sail positively on the day advertised. Persons about to embark for any 'of the abore ports would do well to make early application, aa the price of passage is very low. For passage or other particulars, apply to W. it J. IVTAPSCOTt, 43 Peek Slip, o27cc or ,12 Booth st. cor Jones' Lane, 1?- FOB CHARLESTON?Firat Regular Packet with Dispatch?The splendid fast sailing packet shio jS&JUm " JOSEPHINE." Captain Mattison, will sail as above. This ship's accommodations for Cabin, 2nd Cabin and steerage passengers are not equal led by any ship in the line, and berths een he secured on moderate terms, bv applying on board fool of Dover street,or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, *19 r 100 Pine street comer of Bouth i?- PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Line-The ship ONEIDA, Jatnes Funck, Master, will sail on the 1st JXGI& of November. BOVD It HINCKEN, ??" 1 No. 0 Tontine Buildings. Aojf- FOR SALE?The well known, copper taatetied kjflM^auil cop|>rrcd New Vork built ship SUPERIOR. JWUnihurlhrii per reftister J7J tons. She lias recently had very eslensive repairs it well (ound and may be sent to sea at a moderate expense. If not sold prior to thsj IJ November, she will then be offered at auction by W. Oumcnt. For inventory and'rims apply to BOYD It HINCKEN, Airenta, _aF( _ 9 Tontine Buildings. AdbA*- FOR LONDON ?Regular packet o| the 1st ol ?y9^Novrmhtr?The splendid packet ship PH1LADKLJb?mEbPHIA. Captain Hovey, master, will positively sail as above, her reirnlarday. Having superb arrotnmodati >ns for cabin, second cabin and steerage passeutrers, those wisliinK to secure berths should make rsr.y applic ation to JUilfcm MCMUHHAI, 100 Tin* street, cniwr of Snath. P. S.?Peraont wiahing In tend for their friends residing in the nld rountiv. can havrthrm brought not bv the above sii|w rior ship. or an; of the regular packet* by applying a> above (if post paid.) ntt r jcAjar FOB LONDON.?Packet of the lat ol November *?XflrV ? The aidendid, well known |iacket ship PHILAJNlWibDKLI'fllA.I .1111. Hovey, will positively tail aa above, her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and a tee rave passengers, are unsurpassed by any ship afloat ; therefore, early application la required to be made on board the ship, foot of Pin* street, or of o2? ee ItlllN HF.RDMAN, r,l South st. OT.U BLAf'K BALL 1,1 NT, OF PACRtf* nffWhOH LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st November? jMsMBEgPhe well known favorite packet ship OXFORD, t 'a|4am John Ra'hbone, will be drvpatchrd a* above, her regular day. This splendid ship has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, sernnd rabin and ateerave tausenrrrs. Those wishing to secure berths will minire to make early application on board the ship, at the foot of Beei, man at. or to JOHN HF.KDMAN, 61 Sonth at. Also, the packet of the ftth October can yet tahe a few mora cabin, 2d cabin and steerage paaaengrrs N. B ? Persona sending for their (Viends ri aiding in Oreat Britain or Ireland, can have them brought out aa usual, by any of the shipa composing this line, and drafts for any amount ran be furnished, payable ih all the prineipal towns throughout the United Kingdom, on application ai above. oTTr dfMg srM'H -"NFi.VV OKLKANS Louisiana and rsew WTtT York Line?Poeitivels First Regular Packet?To "I 'hf Wh October?The faat tailing coppered and romiFi liulru#' HBrkBf ihin V A 70(1 far.*.... n i u 'r l will positively Mil at above, her regular day. for.freight Or iwstagr , having iu|irrior furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleani wharf, foot of Wall it. or to K. K COL1.IN8 k CO. '* Soaih at Positively no goods received after Saturday eveni g the ?tii iaviant. Shipperi will please send in their hills of lading this dir. Passe oar n will pleaaa tir on boa-d the steamboat Whitehall, on Monday morning at 12 o'clock, at which tim< the ship will Mil. Rhipiiers may rely upon having their goods correctly """J"'" ed. ana that the shi|ia of Uus line will sail punctually as ad ernsed. Any guarantee to that effect will he given and fnltillrd Agents jforTe'ans. Hnllin k Woodruff, who will prompt- | lyjorward all gooda to their address. ?... . ... The packet ship MISSISSIPPI. Car* ? H^l"d'",'ar Bh*iupt r?, tad mu! N<*v? | AMUSEMENTS. NIKLO'it UAHUKN. Benefit of ihr LtHin' Da< oaitory. LAST NIUHT BL'T ONE OF THK 9F.ASON. IMMENSE A TTRAC TION. The WomUrAil Havel Family In A NEW I'A.N'J'O.MI ME. rroeireil nightly with great a I'lautr, anil the gorgeous iierlaclr oimif Pantomime o THE NIGHT OWL. THIS EV'NO, Or! if9ili,*h? performance will commence al half peat ' o'clock, with AN OVUIiTlJkK After which ELLEN; or. Triali of Trae Lore. Admiral, Mum Dauvrrgne ( Muter of Asylum, J Kara! Officer*. (I W liter k A llivrl I Kn mi. Mnni Fe ria Oequiw Gabnel Havel ( Mxtmc, M me Jerome t.plain, Well. I Ellen, Mile I^ulreviTl# Mate, Leon Javrlli I Julia, Mia* Well* Indian Chief, Mr Price | To be followed by A Co mr tkeur by tlie Lapland Dwarf*. After which Kr.w on Havel'. A* oiii.Ioiik Contortion*. Succeeded by AN OVERTURE. Tocouolude Willi(41th turn (the inamitlicru(Comic I'taUiaisa MAUZUI.ME OH, THE NIGHT OWL. Mauiulin, the Night Owl, >lr Walla Chevaltrr Bariano, Jerome luval Kinilr; IJahriel Rare I Mac km, Amnio* llaral Uahaiuam, Man. Uauvargn Mariana, ipor Peaaaitt, M'tne J amine H*v*l Julie, Ilkr daughter, M'lle Jloulrevill* Zuliina, a Circaa.iau Slave, Mi*. Well* The (Jnrden o|*tu at half |*st *it -"Performance. Com Bene* hrlf i art aayen. Ticket.?it centa ^ Pit ItH cent.. Upper Tier 25 cent*. Kir?t Tier 50 cent*. THIS KVKN1NO, October 29th, will Uc performed P1ZAHKO. Holla, J It Scott I Oroaetnbo, Thoroa Conclude witli EUGENE ARAM. \Ty Door, will o|ieu alBS?Curtain will nae at quarter pa*I 7 o'clock preei.rly. Boa Office opeu daily from 9 to S, where Ticket* m*y b pttrchaaed and place, aecured. f?A??K TI1KATHK. In roaarquencr of the exteurire |ire|iaratiotts and the ueccaai ty of a toaht rehcarral of tlie I.rarlite. in Egypt , the lhaatr* will not he opened to the public thi* evening. Ou MONDAY EVENING, October 3l*t, will be preaented with new (Crura, iIpcomIioii* and coalume*, the (acred drama of the ISRAELITES IN EGYPT. Muuc, by Handel and Rotaini. Mmea, Mr Peguiu | Pharaoh, Mr Archer Ainennpht*, hia lirai appearance iu America, Mr Hhrival Oaisirtea, Mr Boulard I Israelite, Mr Hoakina Stuaide. Mrm Knight | Anai, Mra Seguin Elite, Mia Bailey The Orcht alr.i liaa been rncrea*ed to double it* uaual itregth and the ch..rtis will lar eaceed in numbera and atrenrrth any heretofore presented in this city. Boira $1?Pit JO eta?Oallr ry 2J rent*. Door* open at o'clock and the iierformance will comacamruce at 7 preciaelv MITCHBlala'S OLYMPIC THBATHB.' 444 Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING. Oct. 29th, will be preaenled MEET ME BY MOONLIGHT, After which AMIL1E! General Count Der Teimer, Mr Raymond Joae S|ieckbu'her, Mia* Taylor Conclude with, HOUSE OK LADIES. The Door* will he o|ieued at half-paat 6, and the per torina". e commence at 7, every evening. AMERICAN TIIKAT'ICK?WALU UT-ST. PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C. CUSHMAN, Mr Korre?t'a Benefit THIS EVENING Oct. 29th, will be enacted, . , KING LEAR. King Lear, Korreat I Cordilia, Miaa 8 Ctuhman To conclude with I'IZARKO E^AJlAK8HAUa?fi. ajikhican miiskt'n and uardkn. BROADWAY, oi?i?o?ii?J St. Paul's Church, under lh? m* uaccment of P. T. Bnrmiin. IMMENSE NOVELTIES?THUNDERS of APPLAUSE Day visitor, admitted tame evening free. DR. VALENTINE, the comic drlio ator of American peculiarities, whims and oil.lilies, will give liis short lecturer on the Benefit of Laugh hoi?Miss Tabitti Tipioiigiu . an inquisitive old meid of 40? Billy Jones, the man ruined by the March of Improvement? The Mleamhnat, with a description of the passengers?The Napoleon Debaters?The llv|>ochnndriac?Joab Squask, with the comic song of Suky Cinder?Burlesiiue Lecture on flirenelogy,?The Country School, lie. CHINESE FIREWORKS. These works of art were eshibited by the late Mr Maeliel. Their dazzling beauty and brilliancy are unapproachable. 81HNOR VIVALITB I GRAND MECHANICAL FIGURES, every movement of which re pre stilts life with a fidelity per fectly incredible. To* Mysterious Uipev Uirl?Miss Hood, thenooalar vocalist ?La Petite Celeste, the admired ilanteuse? Albino Lady? ( rand Cotmoraina, the views cliange every Monday?Fancy (4I... Blowiuc?and jOO.OOO Cnriosic>?? Aftrruoou performances Wednesday and Saturday at thrsse o'clock. Revelling performances commeuce at 7HThe Admittance to the whole. Museum, Harden and enter tainmeiits. twentv-f?e cents?Children half nriee. oliec ATTRACTIONS! STRONGER STILL'! new york muhkltftl and pictc r? OAI.I.RRV Broadway, ojrposite the Park. Mr H. BENNETT, Mauser. D ESFECTKULL V nuiiounrr* thai lie liiu raxaged the cele tv hralrd Mr. Nelles, th" wouder of the world, born without arm*, nature, in oue of her wayward freais having deprived him of those useful ppeudage). H>- can, however, accomplish many feats that those possessed ol hands unable to execute; lie wilt write: play upon a variety of musical instruments; cut out profiles: lire off a pistol: wind up a watch; bit a onaiter o( a dollar witn an arrow; and perform ma <y other wnuorrful ex ploits. Mr. Delarue will give imitations of Hen'y Clay, and ' introduce the peculiarities of New York auctioneers?Mr. Collins, the comic sinicer?Vlrs. riiillips, the much admired sougstiess?Mr. wrifh. , the lalsetto vocabst?and Master Young, the extraordinary wire volanle dancer?glass blowing by Mr. Owen. Admission to the wlude, includimc Museum. Curiosities, Picture Gallery, and Performance, ONE SHILLING. There will be a day |irrformancr on Wednesday and Saturday, st 3 o'clock. The entertainments in the evening will begin at half-past 7. ill Im PRESENTS. (TIFFANY, YOUNG, Ac ELLIS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS In the various Fancy Manufactures of England, France, Germany, China, Ire 11AVK received by late arrivals, s great variety ol bean til ul H novelties, which renders their stock more elegant and extensive than ever before. In it will be found a superior assort meot of? Koe<- wood and Ebony Goods Chinese Fancy Articles Plain and fancy Stationery Fancy Porcelain aod Glaaa Cutlery Berlin Iron and Bronxe Goods Perfumery Fans of all kinds Brushes and Combs Papier Mucin- It Velvet Goods Indian Curiosities Umbrellas, Parasols It Shades Walking Cause, Suspenders, Games, Opera Glasses, French Jewelry, Riding Whips, A'conliont. Music Boxes, Mantel Ornaments, Oil I'aiuiings, " Bou rn's" Gloves, tnd an innumerable variety of Elegant Artulrt or Taste and Utility,\ uitablr for presents, all of which thev take pleasure in show ing, aud will sell at such moderate prices as must be satilfacto rv to all puichasers. No. J3V Broadway, elf lmis*ec Directly opposite the City Half I)R WHEELER, OCULIST. INFLAMED. DISEASED AND WEAK EYES? DR * WHEELER, Oculist, 33 Greenwich street, N. Y. reapedfull) informs the imhlii', that in cousequeuce of his practice havniit become enlarged toao great an eateut, he ia con palled of nontiue liia office attrmUnce atrictlv between the noises to 8 A. M.nou i r. >i., alter wiucn tie visit* ma out door petienta. Notwithstanding mat among Uie mauv hundreds of eases which Dr. W. una attended, niniiv near been operated on Inr other profeiaora witnout success, anil pronounced bv them in curable, yet air. w. naa never lailed to eradicate the diaeaae and effect a perlect cure, despite every disadvantage which may hare prearnlrd itself, and in many inatancea aluioat against hope. It .a una unprecedented aucceaa in hia treatment of the various (h.tlierto couaidered incurable) diseases of the eye that rnablra ?,m with confidence ro refer the afflicted who may be iinaci|U tinted with him, and hia mild mode of treating the d is ordera of thia organ?to nuinrroua matured patients in the flrat claaa of society. respecting hia professional abiMes and skill aa a scientific oculisl. 'ihmnic inflammation ofthe eyelid, or aore eves, howevel I^nit standing, can be effectually and nrrmanriitly cured, and til r in. afiecka. removed without auritical operations. Terms to suit the circumalaiicea of the patient ol lmis*r DOCTOR ELLIOTT, OCULIST", AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, Confines hia Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Office 161 Broadway. corner of Warren street. ?W Imw'r TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. ROB'T. L. SMITH Ac HENDERSON, WHOLKaAI.K URaI.KKS in FANCY SILKS AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, SHAWLS AND LACES Of ALL DESCRIPTIONS Straw, Isghorn ami PnJm IjtaJ Halt, NO 17H l'EARL STREET. 3d door above Pine, New Fork. Robirt L. Smith. ) John C. Hivpraaorv, S No deviation from the lint price named. oH i mi* a PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTsT~ THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. HAVE prenared a tiamher of " Private Medicine Cheats, each containing an a|>propriate uuantity of the new French Medicines lor the rare of a peculiar class of diseases, which hare unfortunately ill too many instances fallen under the treatment of ignorant i|uacka, in ennsennenre of the extremrdelieacy which indents thu? afflicted eahihit in spotying for medical advice from iea|iectable physicians. In trie mode now ex plained, how , and effectual treatment will be rained by neh patients withont the necessity of malting any disclosure of their case. The " Medicine I heal" contains tncb a quart fly of apioopnate medicine as is guaranteed to effect a perfect enre, nnd ample directions in a plain ami familiar style accompany each chest. The remedies are applicable to all forms of the disease. The Chests, containing remedies for syphilitic diseases are sold for %i each?the chests with rrmrdies for .onorrhoea and gleet S3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent of the College. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College f7 Nassaa street. N. 0.?Cases forwarded to ill parts of the Union, the Canadaa and Writ Indira. - ? Persona pnrehaaing the Cheats can.hy addressing the College, gratuitously ohtsin whatever additional advice they sssv aesim during the progrrsa of tloir case *** Is T R A B I S M U S COMMONLY CALLED SOINTING. piTRED in a few arconds by (Menu's celebrated plan, which in<&?*r*"?"3 #r Europe. (jwrnWlrh street, New York. Sift,earssss N E W GOODS. rpio' undersigned sidi.-ls attention to a large assortment of | n'HK|s foriall and wintei wear, including beaver dome for surlosta, csssimeres in a great variety of stylea forpnn CHI >onn . ... . . llirh ?iill, Mtin, .iiid m?*rino vetting*, whir ;i will be made ap to onlrr usurI moderate charges, for ready mooeir. Heady made unrtouta,cloak*, fcc., constantly glijiaad. WM V ib'.N.NlMJH, Drar*r and Tailor, IS lmiaBw qi Brrmdwav. American H A V A N A SEGA K S" nABIA k MAN/.ANEDO. No in Liberty street, near assau. otfer for sale the following t LaNorma segars, very old and superior ,nno Diana do do do 173,MKI Espernnxa do do do 100.000 Regalias of Norma, Diana, and Esutero brands 1'jO.OOO Croats. TrtMifOt? auu dv.'omui, tanou* do ^Th? whol? entuM to fcbttfttff, %ii4 m km to imlj^rghe