Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.--Mo. 300 --Whole Ho. 3101. NEW JEKSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK caaca jgnji i|i|i m y? Kara r?lute<l to 4d From trie loot ol Ceurtlaudt etreet, New York. (Every day?Suuday at*.' eptkd.) Leavea N,? i oik .(""V"n l. iu p M At 9 A. M. At i P. M. At TM A. M. At 1* P. M. 1)H do. 4 do. I* <Jo. 3* do. .v do. 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. n ?j?7 do 11 doON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Courllandl street. I .11. New York. Leave Newark. A. 9 " M aod iVl'.'M A. IK R M. amiI. P. M. NEW VUHK, LLlAABEIli TOWrj. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A.M. i i> M. ?K A. i? " l?HA. M. JVm. 9\ " The trams Tor Westfield. Plaiuiield. Boundbrook, Somerville, Ac., connect with the 9 A M, 2 and <X P M trains Irom New Yoik, daily, Sundays escepled. Fare between New York and Ehrabeth Town 26 rents. Fare between do and Somerville.75 cents. NEW YOKK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced, i Tr" From the fool of Liberty street, daily. V- Leate New York. Leave New Brunswick. u At 9 A. M. At 5H A. M. - 2X P- m. T>2 " ra*4, *\ " i2X? " 9 P. M. On Snndays the 6H and 7>k A.M. trips from New Brunswick and 2J< P. M. train from New York, are emitted. Faie between New York and New Brunswick, 76 cents. Rahway, 60 cents The fate in the and 7J^ A. M. train from New Brunswick. and 2\ and t*. M. train from New York, has been re duced. - "*! New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. F MH and Rahway to S7){ " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceiie a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor only on the day when purchased. aoll 3n>* ~NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via NonwiCH Attn Wouccstkr Railroads. From Pier Tio. I North Hirer, Battery Place. The new and splendid steamboet NE fV HAVEN, Captain J. K. flu,tan. will have every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur dav afternoon, at 4 o'clock. The new and si lendid itramboat WOHCESTKIl, Captain J. H. Vauderbi t, will leave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers for Boalon will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of th_- above boata at Norwich, and will proceed will*. out change of can or baggage. Far further information, enquire at the office on the wharf, on boi id the boata, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck alip, npat?ir*. All persona are forbid trusting any one oa account of the above boata orownera. "4 Im* WINTER ARR/NOEMENT. NEW YORK AND PHTLAUELi-rtlA RAILROAD UNE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, Iroin the foot of Liberty alreet, daily, at 9 A M and I* P M. The momma Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by . steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Liue proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passeugers will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in readinesss, with bag.-age crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, Without being opejed by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for thy Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Ciieatuut alreet by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and i o'clock, P M. The Linea for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, briar a cou.inuatioa of the lines from New York. a?8 3m*r RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. fPH E NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Lom1 I'any hare established a Freight Line between New Brnnswick and New York, which they intend to run permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at 5X A.M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liber tyntreet, New York, at 2\ P. M. To country dealers and meit.1i*jtts the above line is very desirable for the speedy and cneap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live stock, who can have 1J0 head of cattle conveyed between New Brnnswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, hogs, lie. and all other kinus of mcrshaadue are very low, never eiceeding steamboat prices. iMercliandise sent b/ this lino is not subject to any extra charge in crossing t-he North River. The Company hare fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, idioining the Railroad Depot, which will always eopen for the reception of meichandise. f Pitssuugft purchasing their tickets at the ucket offices, will receive leny tickets gratis. (O*" Freight for Newark, Elirabethtovm, Rah way, Westfield, Plaiuheld, Scotch Plains, Bouudbrook and Somerville, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. suM3m* ~ FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. REGULAR MAIL LINE POR rRO VIDEM :E A.\D BOSTON, via STONlNOTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Stonington and IV ridence, and Bowon and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Cantaiu Thayer. NARRAOANSET'T, iapta.n Woolsey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vanderoilu One of wliich will leave New tork daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at four fclock, P. M. Aisarumixts. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for ntoniiistnn. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, lor Storing ton. Paaseugera on the arrival of the steamers at Stoninrton, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi deuce and Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates :? To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to he cubic loot, at $3 50 per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providrnce, on measurement goods Scents per cubic foot, ami specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 B'nsdwsv. myll 6m?r FARE R EDUCED. _ ri^ttauiNa auuin. wdm 4^TT" FARE REDUCED on both the routes from Baltimore to Charleston, by the Cnesapeake Bay, Portsmouth, Weldon, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to Charleston, to $23, me?U on the Bay dosu included ; or via Washington city, Richmond, Petersburg, Weldon, Wiln.ington, N. and thence to Chatleaton, to $22, meals extra?making the fare on both rontes the same. Every exertion is made to keep the Railroads aud Steamboats connecting these lines in good Older, and expedite travel, and make passengers as comfortable as pos sihle. By this route you may be snre of reselling New Orleans rom New York seven or eight dsys sooner than any other lioe, at an txpense not exceeding $72. E. B DUDLEY, ol#2wr President W*. fc It. H H. Co. I'loUl KSSEBSfiSH LOOK AT THIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. IjASHENORal Forwarded, v> nhout delay, to a Utica, $l,JO Cleavelanl, Ohio, $.5,25 Rochester, $3,00 Detroit, Mich., $5,75 Locknort, $3.25 Portsmouth. Ohio, $8,75 Buffalo, $3,50 Toronto and .KingsWhitehall, ?1,7} ten, U. C. $5,00 Oswego, $2,50 Also, Easton, Penasylvann, by Railroad k Stage $2.50 Pittsburth. ? $9,50 | B 'won, Mass, $4,50 And all partsol the Western Coantry. M. L. RAY, ?t CO.. 141 Liberty street, nearlhe Albany boats. New York. o20?f; _____ BRITISH AND ftOR'IH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of lltO.tena and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyne do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Boston, vis Halifax. raoM LIVERPOOL. PROM ROSTOR. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nov ] Caledonia, Lott, Oct l<> Nov Id Acs ia, Rule, Nov 4 DeC 1 Columbia, Miller, Nov 19 Dec 17 Britannia, Hewitt, Urc 4 Jan I Haaaage Money?From Boaiou to 1 Lirerpool, $13J? Boalon to Halifax (20. 1 h-ee ah |? carry experienced aorgeoni. No Bertha aeenred until paid f r. >01 r..?Merehandixe and Specie (except for peraonal expenaea) ahipeed under 'he iiimr of luggage will he charged a. freucit, and liable toCuatom Houar Reaulariona. Amdy to ojy r 1). BHiUHAM. JK . No. 3 Wail-at. STAT EN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall arreet. The .train boata 8TATEN ISLANDER audTTAMPoFI will loaee New Y ork and Staten laland a? follow.? NEW YORK. STATEN ISLAND. 9 8l* II 10 ig ft ?? , i All gooda ahipped are to he particularly marked, and are at the riak of the 'hereof. nl r 'a aA (>f'l'()S|tll)\ I.IN'L FOR ALBANY? ?r?L TJ? The new anil apleudid ateamboit WAV a , 3E__lB_Z-' a|.tain Vamlerbilt, will the ateamboat whirl lout ui liobinaon alreet, on Thnraday, IJih mat. at fire o'cloca I'. M. tor Albany direct. I'aaaage JO centa and bertha JO cenla. N. B.?Light freight taken at reduced prieea. For fnrthrr aiticulare enquire on b hard. oil M|er l E NE NI MARTIN'S CASH T A I L O R I N G~~ ESTABLISHMEN T . William Street, Corner oj .inn Street, 18 decidedly the ckeaiicit in (he city There it 'Iwayt ou a hand a select ttock of seasonable yH>.lt, purchased for cash, which will be nude up to order iu Uie tiyle of make, iii, lain uiiuk, kr., (hat has <iveu such grueia! tamfactioa aarin* the last lour yeirt, aud at a positive savinit olJO per ceuL Gentle meu are requeued u> call and eaamiue. Thote who ruruitli hi eir own goods, caii have them VIAUK A.N U TRIMMED. Dreta Coait, made and trimmed, $' 00 te (I 10 r'rock Coats, do do 8 00 (o a 50 Pants and Vests, 1 76 to t 00 Over Coats,- 0 00 to 11 t'O CO*' Terms?Cash ou delivery. ihlu'c MICHAEL K. MARTIN NEW CASH TAILU R l i\ U ESTABLIS 11 M E N i , NO 93 CHURCH ST, (BKl'WEEN READE AND CHAMBERS STREKl'S. GENTLEMEN lurnisung their owu goods can hare thein made up iu the most lasliluuable Trench ttyle, cheaper Lliau ever ottered before lu (hit city. Overcoats made atld trimmed ft8 60 Fiock coau " " " 7 60 Dress coau " " " 6 50 Vest and I'auts $1 60 lo 1 75 N. B.?Repairing done iu the neatest manner, ol lm*m SAvlUEL WYANT. ONE PRICE STORt.. rPHERE 19 NO IMPOSITION practiced at inis store bv A asking d jublc the price au ar dcie u worm, neuner anv id trrrupuouou the inle walk. Mo iiuuit ottered II yuu aou'l puittut, Any peruo wishing to make a purchase cau rely od being furnished with clothing at the following prices : Coals $9 a 12 doth JackcU 3 a 5 Cloth Pauu 3 a 4 50 Saitiuctt fan la 1 50 a 2 60 JACOB COGSWELL, o4 lm*r 133X Chatham atreet, near Hole veil at., Mi Y. ~S H i K T 8 , SHIRTS made after the laieal and most approved French pattcuu. Coau, i autalooua, vests, and all under gariueuta, made lo order at anorl uolice and iu the moil fashionanlc style. Oeutleineu's karmshiug Store, (7 and W Maiden Luue, New Yoik. 3 3m*r WM. COLLIN9. J. SORLA, FRENCH DtfER, 490 PEARL ST., FnncipaJ Office, rPHANKFUL for the patiouage heretofore beitow u, res* tiectfutly informs the public mat he has, for the accommodation ol his customers iu the upper part ol the city, opened Two OrfH'i s, oue siiuated 357 Ulcclki:* St., the other 332 oweht. for trie recepaou and delivery of Goods. Ah kinds of Silk, Wolton and Woollen Goudj U * ED. Merino and Camel's Hur Sua wIs cleaned in the French tyle, Willi neatut !.> and dispaltn. lL/" All kiudsol' Wearing Apparel and CarpcU scoured. Are.chants cau hale all kinds ol goods dyed audputnpiu their original lorm. Srooalyn Office, 49 Fulton st. Brooklyn. oil lm*r the anxi angular syste.m of WiUiii\G. GREAl' REDUCTION. rkoM TWunVK to sit oonnaas ! Vf H. BKI8TUW ol Loudou, re?pecilull> intorms the Ladies f'JL and Oeullemeuof New York and Brooklyn, that his classes Day and Evening, have commenced Jor the season, and thai he has annucnu lus 'l'eima one nail,?to six Dollars'. ACAUKMV NO. 236 Bhodawav, SUH I'AKK FLACE. Geutlcuieu of all agea are positively taught in twelve lessons, a bold, Jrte, ezpei/i'iou* and liuisheil busiuest-like style ol Trillins, uu matin now uau, inegiuie sun, ur crurnpt a uie writing may be. See specimens al u.e door, 230 Broadway. Ami thi Ladies A neat and handsome, delicate and lashionable Running Hand In i wllvk East Lessons ! J7" VISITORS in Mew fork can lake acaurse in Three Days '.?Mr. B. is to be seeu from 9 to 1 A. M-, or from 4 to ? p. M. Evenine Classes from 7 to 9. Boofc-KciriNQ Taugh on a superior method, by double and single entry, cientiucslly and practically. 1 I <N \ I ?N / 1 C T C 1 STENOGRAPHY. A new system of the Arlol Writing Short-hand, for taking down Lectures, Sermons, i'rials at Law, Ac. Ate., taught perlectly by Mr. Bristow in one course ol lessons ! at ado Broadway. See a specimen. N.B.?A worn of the author is presented to every pupil for their peruiaueutituide. old lia'r ITALIAN MUSIC? MR. MANNING, (twenty yearsTe A snleul in Naples?I'upil ol I'ac ul and Cresceutrm,) gives instruction, on terms to suit the limes, in Italian, rreuch and English Singing, and in the most fashionable style ol Piauo lone playing. Mr. M. lust permission to refer to tlie following gentlemen :? J. M. VVal.iwnght, D. D. ; Messrs. Howlaud At Aspinwall ; J. b Schroder, D. D. ; Mr. J. T. Brigliam ; K. L. Atawkes, D. 1); Mr. S. Ward. Mr. M. resides nt 230>? Hudson street, near Spring st. o I I in * r KSrY'S PATENT CONICAL VENT1LATUK. THIN cheap, simple aud etficn ul apparatus is adaple n to all purposes of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, cnurches, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vaults, etc. Ac. may b' its applies tiou loul sir and uu wholes, me etlluvia; it is also an eifeclual cure for Smoky Ciinnuics. The subscriber having purchased the ri ght for the City and County ot New Vork, prepared to sipply the public with Coues oil demand. Metal Knotting of alt descriptions Inroiahed in any part of the country. Cioiub Water Pipes and Plumoeis' Work in general. Also, Galvanised Irou aud Tin Ware at wholesale. Stove pi|ies, bath tubs, coal nods, Ate ai prices greatly reuueed. All work warranted, an I orders by letter attended to. P. SUMNER, s2i3rn*m 120 Water street. j. ri ij oiucijulu viuiuivui onawii A.MJ DiAPER FIN ANEW aud important article for use in the nursery, and as a fastening to I idles shawls, cloaJu, lie. Paieuted lu the United Stales and in Europe. t is rapidly gaining laror wherever introduced, aud lias become an article winch it will be to the advantage of dealers in taucy hardware, Ike. in the country, to supply themse Ives with, K or sale to the trade, by most ol the wholesale dealers in such articles in the city of New York. Thread and needle stores and dealers in fancy articles, supplied on libsr&l terms, at the uianulactoiy ol the pateutee, 146 Jav street. Brooklyn. s22 lm*rc LI AYDEN'S b 1'KEL QUILLS ?The subscribers nave lor 11 sale, rome receuily impioved modifications of these excellent and i opular I'ens. The " Re .toy Writer'' is unanimously voted the King of Pens ?combining eminently flexibility and pernai.eucc. The " Dickens" is considered the best |?n fur the price in the ma- ket. The " Union" cannot fail to suit every body, affording at 12h> cents a card (at wholesale) six different vaneiies of Pens. The " New York" every merchant will have in his counting room who has tried them. Together with the lauious Double Patent and Combination arrel Pens, with many others, for sale by he agents, oil lm*rc J. It P HAYDEV. S Piatt at. To KAM1LIKSUOI .no south, to the West Indies ot Kuroiw ?A respectable female, 24 years of age, wishes to obtain a permanent situation as seamstress, in ageuteel family. She would prefer going to Europe, vet would accept of a good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The best of refer ences given. Address A. A. A. box 765, upper Post office, N. York. slOv A CARD.?1 have olten been informed by friends that some persons, as well in my line of business as oat of it, jealous of the , uccess I meet with,have directly and indirectly asserted that I was manufacturing mv well known La Nonna brand, aa well aa other Havana and Princi|ie Segars in this countiy, and making other similar hints, I herewith declare such assertions mean fa.sehoods, and auch individuals worse than highway robberi. M. RADER, 46 Chatham street. New York. Sept. 26. 1842^ i28 Im'r GUNS, HIKLES, PISTOLS, and a general assoilmeut of t ardware, cutlery, aud fancy goods, auvjli. v.ces, hoe. trice and log chain i, shovels, spades, axes, locks, bolls, mi* saws files,table cutlrry, p cket knives, with a la ge astor mem of guns, rifles, masketj and pistols, f >r sal- at Tow price* by A. W. SPIES It CO , p20 1 in * rrc 211 Pearl itreet. FLUTE AND GUITAR. T\ff R PHILITE ERNST, Professor of the flute, Guitar, au patent Concertina begs to announce to hu friends and public that he lias just published his new " Hondo Mililaire" fot the guitar, which will be fouud well worthy the attention of the learner ot amitenr, from its being well anapted to tbat instrument and calculated not on'y to please but to afford instruction. This Hondo, with several other pleasing pieces of his com|>osiUon "for the guitar" are to be found at Mr. Ernst's residence lit Canal street, where he continues to give lesaoua on t..e above instruments. al Jm*r U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pi iST OKE1CE, New York, 21th July, 1142. HOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) al the Upper and Lower Post Offices:? Letters ilejiosiied before Half-past 8 o'clock, A Ml 12 " " 1 a p m I ur.ti k. ?. r.. a- I At all the Station* before > livery it 9 A M, nnd I 7 o'clock, A M ) mill 4 o'clock, P M. II " ? " P MJ Letters to be aent Free, mutt hnee "Free Stamp** affiled to them, otherwise throe cents will be col.ected of the party to whom til* letter la addressed. No money mint be enclosed in leitera nulema re. latereii at t ie principal office*. Lists of the latum* (at all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at $2,JO per 100, *Jtd esery inlormation may be obtained o.i application at the urper or lower post office*. Stamp* iatned by the late CityDe*|Mtch Poat will be reeeieed It ia in<lia|>eiMable that the nnmlier of the raaideuce ahould be stated in ail lath r* aei.i through-thia Poat. Th* Poat M.iater aolicita the earlieat information ahonld any irTegularit ea occur. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM an28lyer Poat Master. NEW YORK LEG A I. OBSERVER-Oo Samrday. the 2<th of October, will be puhl.hed No. 4 of thia journal, oc taro fo m, 16 page*, with enter fo' advertisements, con'aining ketch of "Sir William Follett"?Judge Batl'a Decision ei parte (boater with reference to the doctrine ol lieu whereacreditor'a bill ha* lieeu tiled?Judge T*tlm*d<e's Opinion iu Post ?a. Logan, fcc. Die.?A digest of the pew Entlish B'abrupt Act ? Review of new Book>?Liat f New Puhlica'ion*?Anecdote* of the Bench and tin- Bar?On dit of Weaiminiater Hall, lie kr. Puhl.shed at ti Ann .1 bv KA M U EI. O W EN. Kdl lor aud Proprietor, at oil* shilling per copy or t> in ^ J ' . The Reports in this work are not to be fomiii elsewhere and are published wita the auction and approbation ol the Judges. nag l 'r NEWLY INVENTED TRANSPOSING PIANO FORTES. NO. M3 BROADWAY, NKW YORK. THE tnbaciiben reapertfully inform their fnenda and the 1 public in general, they have jual finished a uewlv invented instrument called the Transposing Piano Forte, which they now introduce to the musical community. This Inslrument lo'ma a beautiful, rich and new ulterior, both in shape and neatness, bes<ilea a tone full, bnlliant, and inelodions. The great advantage derived from this new inven tion, la thai mnstc m?y be transposed into any key desired to anil the vocalists, or lor an accompaniment of any other instmment,and therefore worthy the attention of the amatcnr as well as the artist. A lanre assortment of Tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood and mahouany, A and 9X octaves, with French grand action, are also constantly kept on hind, all of which we respectfully snb mil to piofe.sors, aimnriir*. aud the trade in general, at our warernums and maniilHccnrv. as above. N.b?liauo fortes tuned and repaired on ilia shortest notice. LINDr.l.L, WENNEH8TKOM A CO. s 39 lm#r No. M3 Broadway. i)Q RIBBONS AND MILKS.-J. 1'. REYNOl.oe., /CO" Division St. hss just recriveil tIM most elegant assart men!of fsalwnouble Bonnet Ribbons, Silks, Matins, Veivi t, Ac Ac. to be found in the city. Dealers, city snd eounwy nulli nere, will do well ta call before pnrchaaing elsewhere o* lmit*e W YC :w YORK. SUNDAY MO FENCING SALOON & SHOOT^G"GALLE11Y 413 tiroadway, entrance in Lispeuaid street. secoud door, lately from Kuro|>e, Professor of the art ol Kenciug, gtv?s instructions in Ifeucing ; aUo ui the use ol the straight, crooked, .tud i'urkish sword, huuiiurf knife, musket and bayonet, ?utl, and every species ot weanous. Ucuth-tnen, lovers of this art, military other rt of the army, navy, kx. are resix-cifully invited to call and witness an exhibition ol his skill 111 this uselulaud nnportaut art. A spacious double Shooting tiallrry, illuminated iu tne evtuiug, will also be found with superior Swiss pistols?shoot iug at a distance ol 210 yar Is. sl6 3in?r AUhi ViUV h* iTTJ ?? - - ~ I | 1 uaiui?pew KclUlulllrU 111 tills tUy ^ are aware they can b am <t good substantial Cugish Dm* uer, furnished wiih ate best the markets can afford, B^cr in eluded, lor ij ccuU. Diuut r ou table dt 2 o'clock. Chops auo Bleaks at any hour. Cold Cms, Ike. bear iu mind, CHK1 aTl A NSON(late Stoueall'a.) oH lin*r 29 Auu street. iVl AO .NULLA. LUNCH. COKNKH BHOAOWAV ?. (.HAMULUS 8THKKTTil? Propnetora of lina well kuowurcstaural desire to inlorin their fneuds <tud tiie public generally, that the aeaaou lor ahell hsli haviug commenced, ihey have .untie ariaugvnielil* lord coualaul supply of the huest the intrkei atlords ?-Mill I'oud, Shrewsbury aud all Kind*, winch Uiey will aerve up iu every style, aud at a tnoineul's notice. Bleak* aud every delicacy ol (he season may always be louud here iu every style desired by the lovers oi good things. Bupiwr parties entertained, aud Me \ls served up at all hours. lieulleineu dining do wu town will liud tins a desirable reaort being witniu two miuutes wall, ol the City li til. The proprietors retai n their thauks for uie liberal patronage bestowed, and hope by attention to business they w ill merit a share id custom. CHiCK.lblU.Nii U CAKLlSLK. a 23 im?r NO not: IU Fltthi.viibN, AND all others desirous of keepiug tneir Feet Dry and Warm the comma seasou. by talhug at the OLD KACLU8I Vft? bOO 1' STUJtiK, Mj. 114 Chauidui street, tliey can be ac CO in uioddted, as Lne proprietor has on hand a full assortment ol his weii kuowu WATKR PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on baud a luU supply *jf all oiher kinds of Boot* at piicus to suit the times. Ai?o?'hat invaluable article Rogers' Metalic Elastic Heel Boot can be obtained at the Old Kaclusive boot Store, No. 144 Chatham si. s'ik lm"r CROTUN WaTLK. HANSON. WlLCUCK fc HANaON, Plumbers, Brass Founders, and Coppersmiths, next door to the Tabernacle, .No S3! iS toad way, New ko'k From loug piactical experience in busiuats in litis and other cities possessing Water Works, H W.k U. nave confluence iu thus assuuug the public, that all o ders entrusted to them will be promptly executed, with a view to permanent satisfaction,tn a wo.kiiiciiliKe style, aud ol the best iiialelials. Their charges will always be as moderate as can be reasona' bly adored by any ccmpeleut and respectable concern. 1 vVater pipes oi every appiovrd desciiptiou, lor introducing the Crotou Water. Patent lead pipes, cast iron, composition and tinned pipes. BmI4 COS** alftd water ClOMU. tf! UlSl! owu superior oiauuiactiire. H,dra >ts ol Ctr^liua red cedar,batning subs, bath b .ileia on luc best Puiiadeiphl x plan, aud Other articles in the lurcg >mg brauches oi busmeas. ol8 ltu#r 6i!iCrAliO?bbGAliO. rPHE following choice oegars are ai w *> s ou hand at HKN1 liil^ULd'S H.iVA.vA AMD i'Kl.MCliL smOAll BTOKc., wnolesaic and retail, u^seineui j1 William si. Do. No. , hail and quarter boxes Noriegas, lu quarter and eighui do I'ara Ktgalos, iu qu trier do Regalias, ol a superior quality, in %, }% ami 1-iOth boxes Cougresas, iu quarter boats Trabucas, do do La Norma, do do La Esperaiua, do do Tres Anugos, iu cartons of 20 tach Loudon ivcgaiias, iu carious oi 40 each La fruela, iu quarter bolts ivnsgau's scrolled, iu quaiitr botes rautiiliddo. of superior quality Yugcueudtd, do Dtuioyas, do Matt os, do 1'riucipes, of the Rendou, Lruz and Hans, all enl. to deb. Bnmaveras, iu quarter Doits Aliduias do LouaUutias, do Busuuiieutas, do Rsuiero Regalias, do llBpMIAl do, oxts, a superior article. N. i>.?Hotels audgroceij plied ou rcasouab.e terms. oli liub NEW bfOKE. COUTHOUY it NlV? RS respectfully invite their friends aiid tiiu public neutrally, to C..U at ill Broadway, aud examine their assortment of LA.>1 I'd, CANDELABRA, GIRANDOL K8, AC. SUvtr, rUitol md JintaiMMS hVan?, lm>U Cutlery, and Houu-Fwrnulwng (JwkIb, of every description, winch they have just opened, aud now ofItr 00 sale atpfl ea that ciuuoi tut t?? sat is Iy puichasers. Ei^oying superior advantages in the selection aud manufacture ol ilmrfi<fii|U| IfmnikilWi 1 tsmlrhhn, Ac i < . GtN.are enabled to otter Ihein iu va.iety of j atieru and huuh.suitable lor churches, hotels, store*, dwellings and steam or sailing packets. 1 h?:se last are a lie w aud i.?o>i desirable article, W ell wor hy the attculiou ol owners aud shipmasters. Attention isjumctlirty ihviunI to ins dour Luip,so justly cuicb.atcd lor its superior b,illianc> tnd CO uouiy. 1 hi* Lamp, as tested by accurate expert ..cuts, attords twice the light of au Astra , while it burns lor an equal number ot hours at halt the cxpen-e. COU I HuU f A NEVERS will keep constantly on hand a complete assortment Oi the ardCies I0OV9 enumerated, and hope by tiieir endeavors to meet the tastes aud wishes of the puoiic, to merit a iavorabie sh re ol the patronage w. ich is UuW ? helled lot liteii cslantishmeut. < I I I w ,iv\ .>h#ic l) E N T t 8T &Y. WISHES TO BE KNOWN BY 111S WORK, NOT W UKD3.-A. WALKER, Dentist, No. bo * numbers street, seLa uuitaliou incoirupnuii leti ? Ofl rools, whirn .i UMI be distinguished irum Ui? ittH the NflM quality Of mil on lilt piiuciple ot UfOtphOflC pi* v*uie, Iron one to a a hob Ml, detection, aud ausWi ring the puiposes ol the imuuiai oiyaiat* vdliug or i'iu?giug tiscsyed (sstil wftetnet tlie nerve be ? spoani or not. Tin (OUthsdM cured. KltlMUll)| williout distracting the patient. These anu ail operation* pertaining to tiie Deutai eurgeon, perlorined at U per cent less tnan trie usual charges. o2 lis'r COKSETA?CORSETS. fUHT RECEIVED, at Die New York CORSET WAKE Hoi, sK, No. 4t3>k i'earl meet, a large assortment of FRENCH AND ENuLlSli CORSKTri, which will he tolii at greatly reduced prices, IV'txoWtale and Retail N B.?Dealera iu Oor.tts are imurd to call, at the whole lock is uewly Iu>(>>ried. 44 j>* Pearl street, New York, o Uim*m NO- 45 VIAIDEN LANE. f~)LD E9TABLISH vt ENT.?Perfumery, Cosmetics and ^ fancy 8 >ai?. The following comprises a part of the variety of the manufacture of Alexander Ramsay, successor le N. Smith Prentiss, > is The justly celebrated aajwnareons, Naples and chemical cosmetic compi uwd for shaving, toilet soaps in groat variety, co- I logne, Lvenilef and Honda waters, ettricts of musk, roses ber- I gamot, orange, lessamine, Ac. Sic., milk of roses, vegetable J I pearl powder, for clearing the complexion, toilet or nursery powder, the purest article made, vegetable rouge, liquid do, cold cream, otto of rose lip salve, otto of roses in gilt bottles, Curling fluid, beat's oil, macassar oil, and if e celebrated kephlia for the growth of the hair, hair dvea, Preston salts, court plaster, iudelible ink, blac.a aud blue wntinjr inks, calcined charcoal, powder puffs and boxes, erasure powder for extracting grease grease from snk, aromatic vinegar, ike. Ac. For sale at the manufactory and warehontr of ALEXANDER RAMSAY, Successor to N. Smith Premiss, No. 4) Maiden lane, It lm*r Sign of the Golden Hose. NCONOMY AND RETRENCHMENT. Cheaiwst lash Tailoring Establishment in the eiiv at KUSSELL, PATRICK A CO.'9 396 I'earl street. Frocli and Dreas Coats made to order, at froin $11 to $16; Deaver Over oats, in rate style, $10 to $14; aud eve y other article of clothing equalychea|. O ntlemeii finding their ow i cloth can have their clothes made uand a good fit warranted, at the following prices (every article warranted); Dress and Frock Coats made ai.d trimmed, from $4 Ml to $7 Pants, " ' 1 25 to 2 Vests. " " " I 0(1 to 2 N B?Naval and Military outfiu cheap, and promptly rieruted. ol$ lm*ee /" RANITE.?The Staieu Oranite Quarry teiag now CX in full o|wr?tion, will supply Orauite of any dimensions, either cot or rough. Building stones either for blocs of ronhle woik ashler, sills, aud lio'els,ste|>a and platforms, will be delivered at shoriest notice. Kentledge for ships, and ahingle ballast or smaller stones will be delivered on board any vessel in N*w York haibor at tie lOWegt iates. Vessels can load with great dispatch at the wharf on 9taten Island, where 14 feet depin of water is had. The railroad being in goad order, the cars are laden and brought sb i aat cf the shipping. No danger from ice during ihe winter n ontiia. For further information apply to I.EWI9 GIB90N, Agent, At the Gran'te Wnarf, Hlalen Is and, or to the Office of the Company,100 Pine-t, cor of .-South, upstairs o28 r 9 E. GLOVER, Prttideul. GLA99 CUTTING ESTABU9HMENT.?J. 8touveuel. glass cutler, No. 29 Gojd street, constantly on hand andjsf city, aun wa*ranted the beat ?f any other manufactory?inch aa beautiful hall lamp* ofevery tile, aatril lampa and ahade*, deeantrra, lumbtera,champaign, wine glair*,diahra, goblet*, bowla, celeriea, glaai.Jtc. fcc. Lroou* aeut to any part of the country by any quantity fire of pacltairea and cartage, all articlea match to pattern, Retail atore No. JS John atreet, near N.uaan at, alO Im'r nAII.Y EXPRESS LINES FOR ALBANY, LTICA, l L* BL'FKALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA.-The anb- I acriber* having been tngigtd lor tlie laat twrlre inonllia run- I ning the Albany and BuimIo Ex pre**, in connection Wlto Harndrn It Co.'a New York and Albany Line, bare recently extended their Elpreta Line Irom Buffalo to Albany, through tothiaciryon their own account, will rrceire and forward oatLT, (Sundaya excepted,) Suecie, Bank Note*, Parcel*. Package*, Bundle*, and Caae* of Uooda, to and fiotn the following placet, tix. :? Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracnae, Anbnrn, Ithica. Geneva, Canandaigna, Rocheater, Banna. Lockport, Buffalo, Clevelan I, Detroit, Chicaxo, and the luiermnliate placet. AI*o, Oatargo, Sackrtt* Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Canada. Will Promptly attend to the collection and payment* of bills, nntee, draft* and account*, pnrchaae and tale of good* and produce by aample, and such other tranacient buainca* ae may be entruated to their care. Each Kiprraa will be accompanied by a competent meaaenger, together with reapuusible agent* in the princi|>al town* apon the route. Merchant* and nthera may be aaiured that returna will be in thia manner received more a|ieedily than iu any other ooaaible way. N B.?Special Expreaaea run to any part of the country at abort notice, and upon rraaonable term*. 15 r POMEKOY Ik CO. No.i Wall atr-et E. W. HAND, EXCHANGE BROKER, *21 Im'r No 2 i'A VIP STREET. NEW ORLEANS. TOIIN M, DAVIES & JONES inform their tri-ndi anil " cnafoniora If ?I they i.nre received their wiuter fashions lor Cipa?a raritl* of new st< let for youth ami children. The Crac riennt Tuibati now ?o much worn, la manufactured by Ihein. Alar a ne ? ati le nl travelling cap, very Conn-incut for gentlemen travelling oMJm'm IW WILLIAM ST. " RAFFLE, RAFFLE, RAFFLE. GENTLEMEN'S CLOAKS rpO BE RAFFLED for positively on the firat of Novrm1 her nnt, two splenpid hlne cloth gentlemen's Spanish Circular Cloiha, with Cvp*a, handsomely initleup with a velvet collar and lacing), canes, lined with ailka, and complete in every other reatWCL. 'I 1 hct* If ^1 each. A, the ralfle will positively ak> place oil th abof. name I eve. Tiraeta mutt he p.hI for. whe heron* or m ire, when the number, are taken Aa a number of Tickets are already told, gentlemen wishing a chance would do well to apply early?aa aueh a chance aefdom offers? the highest and lowest nnmhera are to hava a cloak each. For further iwriiculagv apply at No. I Marray atreet, corner Broadway, whert the cloaks are to be aeen. oi tNoTl*r j IRK I RNLNG, OCTOBER 30. 16 ERUPTIONS CURED AND THE COMP LEX ION CLEARED A MIRACLE I'u CUKE ERUPTIONS OK THE HMN ?bill rheum, freckles, scurvy, pimples, crmpeUs, blotches, morpia wun,li'>er,spoU,oiteaoilusecu,mosque toes, Sic ?to ctiHU)(t the color of dark, sunourot, yellow, or discolor* edskm?the Italian Chemical 8oap is really the woudrr ol'lhe ?Kt*. It ell iniKht ?he Medical bociciy of i art* call it a blessing oiiO its invcutor, M. Urapriue, a philanthropist It d> curing luoiuouiii all over the butes m l British poucsaious. it cuUre ly eradicate* every eruption or diMoturt mou oi u?e skin, nnlKiitui4'to Uie idcu, bod>, ueck or .inns a beautiful healthful clearuMr. No imnrrpieseuMtioii is ottered One will suf no* to recommend it to ah. Among the many wno nave bceu oiucd l?V lm.i are the loilo wing hlgtllY re?lnsCiaoi? persous.? K?:? T 6 liomr, Newdr*, N J, <y??u are notified that tins is ou d nostrum, but a ph> stciau's iuvcuuou,! *l rulmcr ,&iooalyn. ttol.l by i'. J?) s p.S, n^u of the American Eagle, 92 Chatham til, New York, price >0 coils, Miss E Batter, Uioukivn. AgtnU? li9 H'ultou at, Brooklyn, 8 tftale it, Boituu. 87 Dock St. Pluladelphl i. aig m#r CUUUH LoZ EN <J?jO PETERS' COUGH LOZ"NGES are uow rapidly super sediug all Other preparations lor the relict' of coughs,colds, asthma, whooptug cough, tigl.tuess ol the cheat, breach ills,and similar pulinou.try Altec ions. CONSUMPTION CANNOT BE CURED ! Those who say it can ire impostor* and quacks. Still it may be pie vented o: lis progress stayed, by using Or. Peters' Cough Lozenges. Begin in seasou. Do uot neglect a slight cough until cousuuiptiou has commenced its ravages. A delay ol a lew days olteo proves fatal. Price 2j cents per boa. Pelvis' Cough Lozenges have performed some o" the most remarkable cuies ou record. Oue trial ol them is more satisfactory than a column ol certihc tes. Tilt: GREAT OBJECT GAINED! rETEKsT MEDICATED LOZENUKs are the most valuable discovery ol the 19 nceut jry. They are entire!) pleasant to the taste, and more efficient than uuy other medicine. These Loseoges ure tin result ol long continued and patioul investigation and cxi>eriuieiit, conducted in concert by some of the uiosl ills ting u is ued physicians in the Uniou, who, belie viug that s.uiie ol tin best nuowu leinedies might be prepared ill a p.dliable lorm, have directed their labors to that cud, till they have produced preparations iu the popular lorn* ol Lozeuges lor near?> t?trv disease incideuiio the human system. lO PAHE.nTS we ?ay, cO not be wiiliout these Lozenges at any time?attend to these suggeslious as you value the lives of your children. PETE US' PILLS. TO THE WHOLE WORLD! It is admitted by all who have used them, (auu who has uot) that Dr. Peters' Vegetable Pills are ihe most uuriv died medicine ever discovered by the ingenuity oi wain They an a sovereign curs lor the following CO plaints?Yellow and biliious levers, lever and ague, dyspepsia, croup, liter complaint, sick headache, jaundice, asthma, diopsy, rheumatism, enUrgeinehl ol the rpfeeti, piles, colic, female destructions, heariburu, lurred tongue, nause-a, uistehsiou of tlw stoinicli and bowels, uicipicut diarrhoea, llttuleucy, habitual cotiivenets, loss ol appetite,blotched or sallow complelion, aud all cases ol torpoi ol lue bowels, wneie a cathartic or an aperient is needed. The * are exceedingly mi'd ui their operation, producing neither uausea, griping nor debility. Dr. J. G. Smith. ol Woodstock, Va. says?" They are a bet ier i III uii cull maze. 11c recoutiiieuds their use. The agent at ?t, Va. says he supplies I .tnilies for 30 miles around Willi ftlcfa' Piiis, and luey periurm such remarkable curt* that they are preferred to every other medicine. Mra. E. Ward, of New York, waj troubled with dyspepsia and iifer complaint lor 16 years. By using these PilU a short tune she was completely cured. Miss Clark Was aitlicied witit irregularities aud obstruction, attended with uiost distressing symptoms. She was cured by usiug Dr. liters' Puis. Hon. E. D. Da is was atllicied with rheumatism, so as to be amble to dress himself. Three boxes ol Peters' i'llls .entirely Cured hiin. Dut why multiply testimonials 7 We say to all, try Dr. Pe ters' Vegetable IMl, and we will guarantee that afterwards you will use Int-unn prelcreuce to ail others. WUKM LOZlNGES. Dr. Peters' Worm Lozenges are tue surest and safest Worm destroyer ever discovered. It is estimated thai in (he United States. CHILDUKN DIE YEARLY from the etteciol Worm* aioue. 1 his vast mortality can be almost entirely prevented by the use ol Peter*'celebrated Lozenges. Thousands and tens ol thousands pine away and die without suspecting the real disease. The lollowiug are a lew of the sympiom*; Headache, pale lips, llu*hcd etieeas, disturbed dreams, IcVerishuess, thursl, bad taste iu the mouth, otteusive brealii, itching of the nostrils, pain in the siotiiacu, nausea, unnatural appetite, swelled slouiacn or iunbs, sense of something rising iu the chest, &c. jL/* Mrs. Can trine Aim Briggs, Cherry st. Phit&de Iphia ha* a little daughter who had been in a decline lor several years.? At times site would eat voraciously and sometimes eat uoihing at all, aud ?he was ast wasting away; her symptoms were so auusual and contradictory thul the doctors knew not what to do, but d j what thev would, she constantly grew worse, and reluctantly they declared she must die. At (lie request ol a I tie tid, the mother at this stage procured a box ol Peteis' Worm LoZe uges. l ite lirsl d^ae satisfied all tnat worms were the cause of all the child's sullen tigs, and two boxes effected a perfect i inc. Mr. J. W. Carpenter, merchant, Koosevelt st. N. Y., says Dr.fttcH1 won Lmmmm poas?cs omnti mane thaiiitoe doctor claims lot them. He lias used them in his family with success when evtty other niediciue tailed. Wherever they have been used they ate preferred to all other remedies. Iu fact Dr. Peter* and nis distinguish* d a*s<n.iates, possessing many receipts of great value, selected lrom eucn the ino?t valuable parts, and ihey coiiddeiitly say those lozenges cannot be unproved. CORDIAL LOZENGES. Peters' Cordial Lozenge* are a specihc lor the relief of nervous or sick headache, lo wness of spirits or inel sue holy, por and debility, either from prtviou dnaaavof lootras 11 > ing, tremors. s,.a*ui of the stomach, irrit ibilily of the nerves, h> aterical allccliou, drowsiness, cholera morbus, sense ol la* tigue, and palpitation of the heart. From their elticacy in the re lie I of headache, they are called by many the Headache LoI'ti'KHS' VEGETABLE SHILLING STRfcXNUTHENiNG I'Uol EH. This ts not only the che^n-at, out tiic best, neatest, and most comfortable plaster in existence. Peters' Smiling Plaster is an easy and most effective remedy for paiu in the breast, side, or stomach? weakucss or i?uiu in the rh^n Imi.s ?.r h ,r U ? i ft ,!? ?* ol' ll>.. i.wk ? . M.-.m ....f t>. lunbx or joiius, whether produced by ri >miti*in or other cansex?habitual pain of the head or sionuch?pile i, colds, cough*, liver complaints, weakness ol the spine?predisposition to brisk out in biles and pimples, llsllessnes* ol the Iraine, and lor gene ral debellation. Let any pers n afflicted as above try one of Peters' Shilling Plasters, and we wll venture to say that lit* could not be prevailed on to discard it again, for ten, 01 most probably for a hundred dollars. Price 12 1-2 cent*. Principal Offices, 121 Kulton street, corner of .Nassau and 119 Broadway ami 90 North Suth street, Philadelphia. *22 lin'r Remittances to Ireland, Sc. kc.-Tue sut>scnber coutjuiie* to transmit inouey in sums laige or small, to persons residing iu any put of Ireland, iu the same manner as ne, and his predecesso. in husines-, have done lor the last thirty ye at*. and more : also, to auy part of EnglanJ, or Scotland. Money lemittrd by lettvr (|>ost paid) to the subscriber, or personally debited with him. with the name of the person or liersons in Ireland, England, or Scofjand, to wh on it is >o he sent, tud uesrest post town, will be immediately tiansmit ted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that etfect given, or forwarded to ine sender. s2? lm'r GEORGE McBRIDE. Jr., MCeda -street TERRAPIN LUNCH, UNDER THE AV1ERIOAN MUSEUM G OUR MONDE' QUI VIVE' THOUSANDS of our good cits, lovers of good fare, have beru tor some weeks past vqlfenug severe disap|iointmru' froin the closing of the far-fained " Terrapin Lunch." The " fitful fev r." is now. however, over, and again may "hey "feed well," lor be it know that tha John Adams, of Koickeibocker memory, "haugs his hat" u? at the Terrapin ; also the proprietor, oue of the lines! little fellows in Christendom, y'clept W 1 Cart. Now, then, smack your li|is ye cormorants in the Turtle Soup and steak line, the mantle of'Sanoy,' haa fallen upon lohu, to perfection, in good eating and drinking mav be again guaranteed at the Terrapin. A single look into the old "lee Bos," will appease the hunger of him with the short purse, .and a taste of the genuine at half the old prices will tickle the palate of the veriest anchorite. ! ine Oreeu Turtle served up this day, aud every day during these ason. olllm'm new stove: SHEPARD'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. rUHE subscribers offer this day to the public, the office and J. parlor-iz-of till- n- w old splendid patent stove We ask all iu w mt of stoves to ca|l and esamine it. It is by far, the most efficient and vco..omieal stove offered for a number of yrars, and has the approval of all who have seen it, and bills lair to take the lead of all others. Larger sizes will he in readiness in the course af a few days. lithe mean time, the prinicit le of the stovg, can be seen fully developed in the size eihihited. 8HE"ARD ?t CO. Nolt's Stove Warehouse, No 242 Water street. N. B.?A splendid assortmeui of Nott's R uliator S'ove, the only stove in the rnirkrt suitable for wrming dwellings, churches, hotels, public buildings, Jtc. A two story house can l.'e w irined with three tons of coal, lets than one grate will consume Drums for parlors and halls, in style ami varie'y unequalled in the city. Alto the best wood cook stove ev?r offered. *29 |m?ec rtlOVK? STOVES. JiACKVS' PATENT HAHEFIER, OR FRUGAL HOWSE WARMER. r|'HK Proprietor, ill offering this raluahle stove to the public, 1 would brielly state some of the advantages of heir improve men:, winch cousist chiefly in the following |>articulars, sir:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- 1?To he capableof affnrdoore aid notions gas in the ing a in if d or an intense heat, burning of anthracite coal. 6?Toavoid all incovenience 2?To generate anil diffuse Irom dust. a warm and wholesome at- 7? To preserve the air of the inoayhere ni places exposed to apartment pnre and wholedamp and cold. mme. 3?To lesson the risk of aeei- 8?And to unite with nil ti nt by fire. tk m < irrllent qualities. an 1? he qnickly kindled elegant and durable article oi ani easily managed. furnunre. i iiia 9to?e it constructed of the heat quality of Knaaiaaheet IiO', upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or fire-chamber occ ipynig a part of the centre cylinder, to which ia attached an atm* spheric Harefier upon each aide, of a lobular form, and lined throughout. The heat that is created in the chamber pnase* between the linings of the two rareliere (or radiatoriaa they ?*e railed] into the haae at the bottom, and a current of air continually rushing through the tubes, which are left open at each end (or thai parjioae, carries a great amount of rarefied or warm air iuta the apartment. The purity and aoftneaa of the air in a room heared by thia atore are pernliar and remarkable, the heat being diffmrd from a great eitent of snrfher moderately heated. The heated atr, on entering the wings or aidea of the atove.desrendi and spreads oyer the entire surface of the liame at the bottom, keeping the colder portion of the air next the lloor in constant circulation? in the meantime preserving it entirely from contamination, rendering tins Store perfectly safe and agreeable for apartmeuta of invalids, sleeping rooms, kc. Mauufacnred by J/k ?. BACKUS, it Bowery, X. Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rarifiers ; also the new kitchen companion coolt atore, warranted equal to any in nie in this city. %V Im'm DWILHKUM9, No. 834 Broadway offers for tale h.a new imjHii ted stock of goods, wholesale >nd retail, i?ijl Kmhroidrrip . commenced and li ,i?hed nieces of van out kind*; worried, wool, atitching Ami knitting (ilk, beads, cant**, pattern*, kc. 2.?In small ami tare ware*, all aorta of ailk and worried string*. border*, trimming*, Man It, fringe*, and every artielc in thia Tine, done tnthomo t faahionable taatc. J.?The moil coplOBi an 1 tplendid ( h1 rice of artifiri il rtowem, ilone ill the neatest work and neweat taata, bouquet*, diideina. Ike. 4.?Article* of caat iron of the moat rarioua deaentitiona, mannfv tnreci in the Ro\a| Iron f ounders at Berlin J.?F.tqnirite an I neat fignrea in broute. 6?A bea'Uiful aaaortment of aiiperhne btskrt ware*. 7 _A considerable ami el gant choice of preaaerl an I painted paper, thee it of let er paper, tuit tig cirda, e rft-ra. lie. 8 ?An elegant emigre*! afore of the finettinirce tin g?A ti lendid aaaoriment of ih< lineat dr .tmg articVa.eaiga and perfn>n? t. Iflk*fC (INk PH II I. ( .<-11 5 I i IK r. AT 1M Chatham tireet, <*hare will b* uud clotrnug at the following low and pilot cloh coau, from $1 to ID) aafinelt pant* from $ I JO to f J; o nble me] tingle breaaiehl vert, from tl M to tS Vi The writ air.e ol Chatham HENHY COUIWELL, ka I ERA 542. iucvolatio.vary relics, Bkincj the Private and Confidential Letters written to governor cu.ntun, by ala. the dis tinoiiimikd iiekors and statesmen of the american Revolution?and now for iuk first time tiihmniikd jo the world, by the consent ok Vlls. l>El.KdAN, OK lifPUS IM.AN1), 1H? OKANUHON of Govern oil Clinton. The Woeki.ngmen at Fishkill to Col. Hay. Ttiry autre to work for Ifrl J jter day and a giU aj Hum -the rap.d depreciation of the continental Jluntij?Condition of the ft orktngmen at th e pott. Kishrill, Nor. 3, 1771). Sir :? Tue men employed by tUe day, are come to this propo ual, und agreed to woixutls dollars p?i cay and a gin ol ruin per eiay , and lo receive then two months wages at the term ol ten day H tor their.amiIlea, and the Wages to tuiae in proportion to lUoac accessaries ol htu, heel, lloor and pork, and lUcil w ages to tie paid monthly. Tue money depreciates so lust that by ille time tm-y receive it, mat It is nolo! liall the Value inut it was when tney earut it. They mink it Very hard that nn.iieer* coming Loin uilleitiii places do receive such great wages, while the uuchanicks a. tins post have uiw <ys been kept lower lhau at other posts; tney having theuiicrcst ot tueir couuliy at neart, desire no more at this time than what will reasonably suppoil them, and tliey would be very sorry mat the luleudud operation ol the army suouls be sloped or hi.idled on then accounts. VVc caiuly the above by desire ol u.i tuc Day Men at this post. JUti.S I'AiisbbL,, CoI.Hf.hry itsv, D.ti. M. Col. Hay (Cnclosinu the foregoing Letter) to GoV. CldNTON. Detirtr (Joc. CUnton'e opinion, and at the tame tunc expicture hu awn, upon the nature oj the demand f or >11 per day and giug? J'he tendency of tuth comtnnahone? JJepi Ccalee each jartKisit Kill, Uth Nov. 177V. 8ik :? As 1 already understand you have been upplyed to on the subject ol the Wages demanded by the aiuliccis employed ut this pest, I uui inclined to hope y oui KkCellrUcy win loigive tne trouble I now give you on the same occasion. That their demand is unreasonable us lar as it arises liom an luciiuaiiou ol being putt on an equality With llie snip caipeuieis lately liom reuusy ivauia, needs no i el illation; us tliey have lured out upon an emergency , and W ill, 1 uill pelsW adt-d, be no lutigei detained in service lliuu lUat eiuergeucy exists; wual I wouiu mere lure wisu In navx your LxCcireucy 'a opinion ou is, now lar then demand ui l w eive dollars per day is t easouubtc in prupor.iou io ide present pi ice ol tne ueeessary sol tile, icquesuug at same liuieyuu will -axe llie U oUOle oy home piupei means ul comiiiuuicalnig to ineui ine evil leuacuey mat llluSl ualuiany aiiso hum combinations ?ucu us tuey uave endeavored to lurm, and tUe expcoleucy el at wurxlur some certain uiue ut iUe wages piultered tuem, botu us ?. duly they ewe their country , and Uieir own private character*. You are loo well acquainted with tne system ol' the Department, not lo know mat ueillier the tgi. M, General noi my sell can lie gainers by keeping tlleir w ugus low er man they really ouaut to be; a knowledae ot w men wilicei tuiiily convince them we do 1101 intentionally wiong lac in. VuuruMittaucu in having this mailer nettled lua way thai will la luiuie prevent ?a?n jars, will Ue adding alioUiei ljTur lo the many already cunleried uu the Departmeat ihiuugh Hie channel! ul Vour fcxceilenciua mosi ohedlenl and huiulne ne. vaal, 11 fc Ml V UAY. lioVICRXOH CLINTONGov. Clinton to Col. Hay, (in Answer to ihe t'ORKQOlNQ.) Ljcprtttts hit Opinion* upon the Pointt Dturtd. Kuhxill, Nov. S, 177U. llctK hit I have received your letter ot equal date enclo>ing one Hum me mechauicka at llna post 'u you. 1'ri viuas lu lam, noma ol their pilucmuls had upply'd to me repie*entlug ihe cuu.e ol ine present dispu.c.? ihey suy thai la coilsequeace ol a aumoer ol ar.iheera liaviag been employed and brought irom oilier Male*, to woik at linn post at wragea live time* higher than theirs; ihe puce* ul the tuuai essential necessary ol li.e in mis pai l ol ihe country nave been raueu al least bo peril.? which laid them uudcr the neeeuity ol deiiiaaaia^u proporuouatu augiiienlalioa ul pay?i hat, us Upon lueir loiuier wage* Ihey could but aarely support tueiimeive* ; the increase ol pay which ihey now demand, being but equal 10 the advanced puce* ol pra visions, leave* Ulcm exactly in their luuiier situation. ll thia lepreaentalioii is Hue which you a* ca. puuieol deleimining a* me, their pie*ent demand would aul appear unreasonable. It I* tiue, thai ainhce * employed upon pellicular emergencies will always expect extraordinary wage*, but h m equally true thai where no great discrimination* are made, tuey w ill al a ay a occasion contusion, eleale how emergencies, and equally warraiil preleiiaioaa lor raising price*, as well us paying, 'ihe iruih ot this observation is luily illusiialed lu ihe present instance. How tar it may tie piupei vo comply wuu thcli pi eseiit deiuunds 1 caiiuol take upon iny*ed poinndlyto delermiiie?hut ll may be leasouuuly su, |>o-eu,uial unless luvj. paj < .Uiiiv-itm w UJ/UIU u n"/yuiiuuic lu llli III ana tllcll' Irfililly*, tin: public Will (ltliVU but Mill: benatil from their s?r vices?neither can it be expected that my inttuence would bo poweilul enouga to induce them to continue. Col. Hay to Gov. Clinton. Situation ojIht Jinny with reepect to l-'orage?Dismal conetyuoncte? Influence of Gov. C. aturtd. PouoHKicrsix, ID Deer. 1760. Sin I now do my fell'the Honour to wait on your Excellency on purpose to lay belureyou our pie-i nt situation with reap ct to Koiagc, and tne dmnall consequences thut mint arise to the public, il we do not through your means obtain a lurther supply . You will see by Geneial Heath's letter the dependsnce putt Uj?n your influence, and have not a doubt ol y our exercisiug it to the utmost in extricating us trom oui present impending danger, Any method you propose shall be strictly adnered to, and laiihluily executed us far as hut in the power of. Your Excellencies most ruspectiully obedt laud very humide servant HENRY HAY OoTKRNOa Clinton Gov. Clinton to Col. Hay?(in answeh to the FOREGOING.) Giving hit rt'eu'S retpecting the dijjicultiee labored under for want ot a proper supply of forage ?The Depreciation of the Money ? Duties of Congreee, 4"C. d>c. roxExriie, Dec. 10,1770. Sir? I have this moment received your letter of equal date, respecting the difficulties you labor under for a want of a proper nipply ol forage lor the army,and covering a copy of Gen Heath's letterot the 0th to you on the same subject. I should be happy if by any inter|iosition oi mine you might be relieved Irom y our pre-ent embarrassment, but Iroai your owrn as tvell as Gen. Heath's letter it appears that the cause of it arises from the want of cash in yoar department, to make the necessary purchases. I know of no effectual way of serving you but by my advanceof cash equal to the present issue. This is not in ray jiower to make you. When we consider tho continued rapid depreciation of our paper money, which does not bear any hied standard of value for more than one is not to bo wondered at, thut the farm r refuses to part 1 with his forage at a price to he now lixed and to be paid 1 at a future day, as In all probability be will on the day I of payment not receive more than one lourth of the | value, tbo he is paid the full nominal sum agreed upon , It is to this that your present ditliculties is to be attribu- | ted, and not to any rtluctince on the farmers to supply ^ the army without ready cash ; or 1 am persuaded you <io not want credit in your departments. You will readily 1 perceive therefore that an attempt to excuse any influence ' I may be possessed ol in the present case, woud be but to ? amend without reudiing the public any real advantage, a for it can no# be supposed that the larmers, fiom any per- s sonal consi juration, woud submit to the payment ol so > heavy and partial n lax as that w hicli woud arise from the | depreciation of the money Tom the time of purchase of the articles he may lurnish you with, till the time ol pay meat. 4 I cannot doubt but you will be able to procure lorageon credit, if in agreeing on the price with the larmer, you ( engage to allow him lor the depreciation of the money ( till pay merit, and this seems but reasonable, but as it may ( be att. ndeil with difficulties and bad consequences, that I d do not lorsee, I will not venture to advise the measure, v though it appear* to me, wnnoiit .nr. many couni an ( vancr, to be the only method you can tall upon to prevent the enhancing of pricea. In ahort, if t:ongre*a expecte the army to be hep together, they mnat apeeriily f lurniah money to the different department*, to aupply v them with proviaion.i and other neceaaartea. Without thia h all other expedient* will tail, and the wor?t of oonae- i queiice* ia to be dreaded. n I am,lie., OEO. CLINTON, }, CoL Ha*. f Mr. E. L'Hommkdikl to Gov. Clinton. ion oj Vermont into the Union?The Propntiliont of a Vermont?Heioluttone Thereupon? Krpectation of (A* j, French Squadron on the Coaet ? The new Continental State Money .ippreciatee. ^ PntLADtLrHia, Auguat 91, 1781. Dr.aa 9m? Since w riting to you by thelaat Poa\ Ira Allen, Kay and Wnn.1 w-nrit frum Vermont h ,i-r arrive,I ht.rt* uiwf-i.n* f into Congress their Commission a? Delegates Irom the I1 Jttsb of Vermont, (a* they term it;) and also their power* f to treat on term* ot admission iutu the Federal Union. The t Committee wt>o were appointed in pursuance of the rew?- c lotion of the 7th ot this instant, (a copy ot which we had t the Hanour ot transmitting to your Kscellenc) ,) were in. (] strutted to cooler with them on the subject ol their Com. mission, and to report thereon. A Conference ensued, and ' the Committee reported that the Agants from Vermont , made their proposals in writing, which were : thatasthey ' had no authority to relinqtii-h any part of their present jurisdiction, they requested to l>a admitted into tt|e Union, 1 and the Independence ol Vermont acknowlelged ; after I'1 u hich they would settle any dispute u ith Ne? Y ork or pe New Hampshire, according to the articles of Unnleder* u lion. Hume (gentlemen (il I may soojll them) would '"JV pr gladly accepted of theii proposal*. Alter a consumable {t| time spent io Debate, the Inclosed reaolution ? ** B1*"" ^ to; but that there will be sufficient Amine** to adbar*to tha same, I should much doubt, ware It not for New K mp. shire being in similar circn instances with New yj raepect to Vermont'* extended Jurisdiction. ?o engaged Li IX Prlw Two Otntl are the Eastern State*, and many others, to favor thia claim of Independence, that all other business give w ay to that, w hu ll i* the reason that the Dispute between the Quaitcr .Master General and Colo. Hay, altbo' it ha* been the order ol thu day lor a considerable time, is not yet decided. I liuat 11 will tie deteimuitd aa soon as Mr. Alien and Ins associates ui e gone out of tow n, w hich 1 hope will li today. The expectation of the sudden arriv 1 ol the Frenc h Squadron, iroin the West Indies, on our Coast, the various Conjectures ol the pai tic ular place ol their destination, and the prohahle Events which may take place in Consequence thei eut, has engrossed a great part of the Conversation ol all companies for two days past. The New Continental State .Money has appreciated here irom the Exchange ol live lor one to Uu and a halt lor one, and yesterday it was said it would pass to-day at two lor one. 1 have nut omitted writing to you every week since 1 have been here, hut fear something has prevented your receiving my letters, as 1 have not had the Pleasure ol receiving a single line Irom your Excellency. 1 am, Sir, with the greatest respect and esteem, Your Excellencies mstoh'd serv't, EZRA L'HOMMEDIKU. His Excellency Governor Clinton. P. 9.?The resolution referred to, you will hare in an otticial letter. Col. Hay to Gov. Clinton. /Gyuestt a tetter al imprest warrant for teams, 4-r., (seAieA was planted for thirty days ] Fisnsill. Mil Deo. 1779. Sir :? The very cri'ical situation in which w e are in at present respecting a supply ol tloui for the army, makes me to rsqucst your Excellency will be pleased to giant me a general impress warrant, lor such lime as you judgs necessary, by w Inch 1 can obtain the aid of the ccuuliy occasionally in a more concise way than the law dtiacu. 1 have the honor to be, with the utmost lespect, Your Excellency's .Most obedient and Very humblu servant, HENRY HAY To Gov. Clinton. Berlin. I ( orm|?>o<lrnce of the ileraJd] o?. ... i in last 1', AU?. IV, IU InthmtiiaJ Movetnenti in Pruuio?THt K\*g?Lib* rul Opmiont JA.MtS4ti(jR?ON lfE.NNi.TT, Sin:? In reference to iny communication of June 14th, wlucti watt lor warded by the packet Washing ion, Iroin Hamburgh, i uuw coniinue my report ot po lineal and domestic concerns ot this quarter ot lbs world. Tnere has been a stirring lime in this city, occa sioued by the great annual wool tair, which gena rally lasts three days, and attracts pur. h i* s troni England, France, Belgium anu all part >ennan> The quantity of wool brought to mark keeps in creasing every yeur, and n w mounts to about 80,(WO cwt. It consists i 'ep <u lambs' wool ot vai qualities, the prices ot wii .1 vary lroni ^'2 10 per cwt 'lhese wool tairs take place lu 11 e cities of< itnnany during the mouths of June ai I illy, and form one ot the principal teal urea in ill. 1 llllllel 1 ial I nt t' rnlliilrv 'I'll* hrt-mil ui sheep hub been regularly proved lor a number ot years by ibe impoi I .--pauiBh merinoa, and Clossiug Uicin Willi li itr? i1 ; Una boa produced lue tine SaXun w employed in England and Hie Ni ... it.uiaciure ol ibe (meet broad cloin. .er, lue demand haa laiien oil coiisidti .giauu, in consequence ol Ibe large quuiiliiu ol wool imported mere Iroiu New ftouili VValeu. 'Ibe King started on liia journey to Sit. Petersburgh on Hie 27th J une, and proceeded lirat to his Eastern pruvinuea. lie made Hie longest aiay at Poaen, Hie capital ot the duiciiy ol tile tame name, tonlieily belonging to Poland, and uUUed to Ibe Piuasian dominions by the treaty ot Vienna, He was received with great rejoicings, illuminations, ?Xcc. ; aiid in order to conciliate me Polish nobles, who suppoii the ioreigu joke witu impatience, he distributed a go dty uuinoer ot orders among them, and attended at several balls and teles given linn by the iiiliabttauls. lie made hiiuseil particularly popular by cuiiierring the order ot me tied bugle 011 bouni Gzaiuetzki, ttie Nestor ol the Polnh nohility, a veteran ot ninety, who was formerly one ot the principal ollict r? ot the Court ot fc antslas Augustus. At Danizic, a Russian Government sieainer Wis wailing loieceive me King, in cotiqmiiy Willi the Btuuiu ingale Kainscbatska ; lite latter was an object ol mucli curioMiy as a specimen ol the height to which the art ol ship molding has attained in America. iou will recollect that the Kaiiiechalska was hunt lust year a. Brook/) n, by Amencau shipwrights and engineers, at the tApause ol the Lmpeior ol Kusaia. ibe King embarked on the 2?th June, and was landed at Peleihu! (near St. Petersburgh) on the 1st July, alter a rougli pussage, dunng wntch His Majesty and his whole suite sutlered exceedingly iruui sea-aickuese. li uppearsthe Ocean is aa great a democrat as it was in the time ol Canute and cares neither lor king or kessar. The heir apparent ol Prussia had arrived at St. Petersburgh beiore the King, as well as several ot the Emperor's relatives with their suites, and Amhassadorsexlr,lordu'i,ry lto'n th? principal courts of Europe, anil the festival of the "Silver Wedding" was celebrated with great splendor. Marches and manoeuvres ol the troops, and evolutions of the lleet, formed the principal part of the spectacle ; but owing to the habitual reserve of the Russian newspapers, very lew particulars have transpired- It was currently reported that the t . r intended abdicating the throne in tavor ol his eldest a<n, the Grand Duke Alexander, in consequence of the opposition he met with among the Russian nobility to his plana for emancipating the serfs: and the anniversary of his wedding w'ns fixed as trie ei>och of this important event?but it has passed without any thing ol the kind occurring. On the 15thult., the King took his departure from St. Fetersbnrgh on hoard ol the same 6teamer, and landed at Meniel on the 18th. From thence he proceeded to Silesia, where he was joined by the Queen, (who had been on a visit to her sister, the Queen oi ffaxony, at Dresden,) and they both re turned to this citv on the5:h inst. They have now taken up iheir residence at their palace of Sanssouci, at Potsdam, (about 18 miles from here) and will leave again in a few weeks for the Rhine, where a grand review is to take place early in September, the splendor of which will be unprecedented in ihe annals ol this military monarchy. The accounts of the untimely death of the Duke of Orleans, c eated a great sensation h?re in all clasrea of society. It is looked upon as Hn event of immenae importance for the p-ace of Europe. Louis Phiippe, with all ltis abilities, is scarcely able to retrain the warlike propensities of the French nation; lis life cannot be protracted tor many years, and a veak government, during a long minority, will irobablygive rise to a new series ol troubles and 'evolutions. The legitimists look upon thia event l- a judgment, but tr e majority ol ihe people cannot ivoid lamenting the fate of a young prince, who la wallowed up by the earth, ns it were, in the very iride of health and vigor, which promised him a ong career of uninterrupted prosperity. The march ol intellect is progressing in this country. although us strides are r>y no means go rapid as >11 your side of ihe Atlantic The censorship of the iress lias been relaxed by the p-esent King, and in onsequence of th- greater latitude allowed in the liscusaion ??f municipal affairs,the newspapers teem vith proposals tor improvements in every branch >f administration The corporation of thia city coa ists ol burgomasters, councillors and deputies, lected by billot, by the Burghers of the different yards or districts. Their deliberations took place itherto with closed doors, and the public was not rilormed of their results, unl- ss it was thought fit to tib'ish them. But at a late election a voter brought orward amotion requiring publicity to be given tn uturetoall such transactions. Trie president or omuussary who receives the votes thought this too mportant a matter to be decided on immediately, nd referred it to the higher authorities (the Minisrrol the interior). It will now dejiend upon them or ather upon the King's fiat,whether the pennon will ie granted. . ... Many people think the present Sovereign too Itbral, and talk of "heading" him. Among other hanges a great alteration is contemplated in the iiHii'ihI nrooeedmir- nl thi" country. At present he law, civil and criminal, ia (I'Jrriinistereo entirely n writing, in a in inner somewhat analogous to that if the English r""rl "i Chancery?no viva voce videnre in public court, no public pleadings or trial iy jury being admitted in the Russian Code. The rocecditigs are carried on in writingby the lawyers fboth parties, the testimony ol witnesses i* taken own privately by a counsellor, appointed by Goernmenl, and the report being made by him to the unerior Judge, the latter gives judgment according ' bis view of the case. The general voice of the ople calls for the o|>en administration of justice, id a reform is eonfi lenily exjiected The Kheni*h ovinces n| this kingdom already enpiy the advangesof trial by jury Hnd public administration of t law,having been annexed to France during tba volutionary war, and being still governed by e Code Napoleon I remain sir, Youra, respectfully, A. B.

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