Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Ekim 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Ekim 1842 Page 3
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i (Uy?||\irORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT?The Collegeof Medicine end Pharmacy, established Tor the S+tippr-*i>iouof Huuckerv, l e.j to inform all persons desirous of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the mm of one dollar, with a statement of their cue, they will We supplied with one dollar's worth of appropriate medicine, and a le'.tn of a lvioe containing lull directions as to diet, v regimen, kc. All letters must be post paid. Addteas PrincipalottlceoftheCollege of Medicine and Pharmacy, 91 Nassau street, N. Y. The CoMii.iiMi I'm ?ii ias is daily in attendance at the private consulting rooms of tlie college. Hours from 10 tilltl o'clock * Stamen. Cases.?The Coelcoe have nl*o engaged the services ot one ot the most distinguished ojierative burgeons in New York, and are therefore prepared to receive and treat surgical cases. Squinting, cataract, and all diseases of the eye requiring an o|>eration, ?strictureol the urethra,?calculi ir. the bladder,?clubloot,? diseases of tne joints, and of the spine, will be particular!) attended to. The fees will be extremely moderate. Patients who so desire will be visited at .their own houses alter operation. By order of the College, W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal (anl only) ollice of the College ot Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau st. New York, K7- TO CHURCH, YOV SLEEPY HEADS, AND take some of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges to keep you awake and enable you to understand the sermon. There is nothing like Sherman's Lozenges lor all sorts of complaints, be they coughs, colds, palpitation, headache, or consumption. The dev. >ir. Aninony *?s >?vtn irom the consumptive's grave by them. Be sure to get the genuine Sherman's Lozenges, and you will not be sick long. Warehouse 106 Nassau street. Agents?llushton St Aspinwali, in all their stores; Samls, 273 Broadway and 77 East Broadway; Church's, IBS Bowery, 227 Hudson street, and 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn. " *{?7- FROM A DESCRIPTION OF THE FAIR A large number of medicinal preparations are exhibited for competition, several of which are from the well known establishment of Coinstock & Co., Druggists, 71 Maiden Lane We particularly notice two toilet articles?one is Oldridge's Balm ot Columbia, a preparation for the hair. The testimonials in favor oi this article are absolutely overpowering. No one need be troubled with dundiitf or go bald. If the hair should not he colored t suit, there is from the same establishment the East India Hair Dye, which changes the hair to brown, or to the most beautiful black, without tinging the skin?a preparation of such .sovereign virtue that more than one ]>oet has sung its nraises. Mr. Comstock has also the Oil of Tannin, n leather restorer, warranted to make old b ather new, and specimens ol that singular compound, Dalley's Magic Pain Extractor, the notices of which have caused so much astonishment. They may all he found at 71 Maiden Lane. 0&- REMARKABLE CURES?Among the numerous .'letters received by the Consulting Physician of the " New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy," the following are select- d, in the hope that the salutary lesson they convey may not be lost to those interested " Sir? , . . . ? Your Sarsaparillahas had most excellent effect. My general health is decidedly bettor. Mental improvenr rut considerable. Shall I take anothercaseof Sarsaparilla ? 1 have the greatest confidence in your advice, and wish you to answer this letter immediately. Very respectfully, yours, W. B." (This was a peculiarly distressing case, the result of a pernicious habit.) " Dkar Sir? * ' * * The pains in the bones have ceased. My throat is almost quite well. Send me another case of the ' Parisian Alterative Mixture.' J. H." " Sir?In reply to your kind inquiries, I am happy to state that my general health is almost as good as before my illness. My appetite is restored and digestion seems regular. L. S. W." (This was a case of dyspepsia in which the Tonic Mixture was used.) The Extract ol Sarsnparilla is sold in large bottles at 75 cents each. In cases containing half a dozen bottles $3 50, do. one dozen $6. " Parisian Alterative Mixture," $1 per bottle, in cases containing half a dozen $5. " Tonic Mixture," $1 per bottle, half dozen f>A. W S. RICHARDSON, Agent Principal Ofticeof the College, 97 Nassau st., N. Y. ?IOi\K Y M A RKKT. Saturday, Oct. 89?0 P. ill. The operations at the Board of brokers presented their usual limited amount, w ith generally a downward tendency in prices. Kentucky fell } ; Indiana J ; Harlem J ; Ohio 0's rose J. There is a little better demand for sterling bills, and sales have been made at 6} per cent, and for Canada Bank bills 6) is ask 1. There are some mails due from the South, wh. h has Kept the supply small ; hence the improved rati;. p -.i iuii of the v. i*. of New-York is peculiar, and wonderfully chang, since the opening ol'the Boston id Albany Railroad. That event has changed, if we <o express it. the physical boundaries ol'the State.? City oi New Vork and the Southern portion of the State are now become portions of another business section, or rather they ore separated Irom the sources of trade, and .Boston and Massachusetts have usurped their positions.? That immense work the Erie Canal, which lormerly poured out its wealth on the bosom of the Hudson, to be borne nnlv In Nsis Vnrlr nnu- n.I,. ?? prise ol New England, and to enrich Boston at the expense ol New York. The following table will illustrate the immensity of the trade done on the Erie Canal, and to secure which the Bostonians have made great exertions, while the citizens of New York have utterly neglected it :? comparative VlEW or the movement of extorts os the Ehik Canal, and Gross Exports of the whole United States, in -he Year 1841. Erie Canal. United States Export?. Tonnage, 1,512, ail Ain. entered, 1,631,9(19 Fiopucu of tile Forest, $11, fill, 103 6,261,852 " Agriculture, 111.353,850 8,977,816 Flour, 10,178,4)6 7,759,616 Tot.d of arlii I- s of domestic origin 92,202,929 82,569,389 This table shows the fact that the business of the Erie Canal is suptrior to that ol all the Union. While that vast volume of wealth poured into the lap of the city of New York, it was worth' wlale for her citizens to exert themselves towards extending it. But now it only lortrs an avenue from the western States in o Boston. Yet a large party in the State of New York, with blind folly, are * clamoring for the expenditure of an additional $10,900,000 upon that work, in order to swell the wealth ol Boston. And who are to pay this $10,000,000 7 Those who get the trade) No ! those who lose it. Impoverished, New York must be taxed to pay the iutercst on money expended to throw their trade into Boston. The party contending for power,while advocating repudiation,by repealing a tax, which necessary or not, is the basis -on the faith of which the State has borrowed $8,000,000?and to repeal the tax before the debt is paid,is to repudiate?wish to continue to borrow to complete those works which are to feed the enterprise of Boston. The debt stands as follows :? New York State Debt. Present State debt $27,4 lti.1 5-2 Interest on this at 7 |>er cent, is 1,019,130 " " 0per cent, is 1,641,969 The gross amount of tolls tor the year 1841, was $'1,034,88-2 9-2 Deduct expenses inciJent to the canals. . .. 5-21,4-25k72 $1,613,357 10 Add interest on deposites 137,908 34 $1,651,2-23 44 Deduct interest at 6 per cent 1,644,960 12 $0,254 3 2 Hera then, assuming the tolls at the highest point is the basis of whig loans to carry on internal improvements. Should the Statu be obliged to pay 7 per cent., then the account will stand thus :? Interest $1,010,130 Nett tolls and interest 1,644,969 Deficiency $274,161 The tolls this year, however, show a'heavy falling off, as follows . The amount of tolls received on all the ?anals of this State, for the 3rd week in Oct., and the total, to the -22nd Oct., in each of the years following. ? Third wrek in Oct. Total. 1835, $57,349 46 IJTUM 89 1836, .V?.?7?? Oil 1,342.973 47 >137, 59.563 88 1,(100 621 60 18.38, 75.379 34 1,288,782 18 1819, 73,308 71 1,322,553 16 1840 , 90,642 33 1,430,591 86 1841 , 95 812 39 1,677,823 78 1842 , 97,060 90 1,422,670 30 There ii an iucrenae this year of $1,344 51 for the third week in October,over the corresponding week in last year, while the total (ailing otf to the 33d Oct. is $256,153 43 If, then, a further debt is to be created to complete theie works, it can be discharged only by taxation, which muit mostly be paid by the citizens of New York city. iales tit ttie Stock Kicliange, $l(i(l() NY 9i ttr 3%*4,1851 83 50sha* Harlem, s3 14k 500 Ohio f.'?, 1870 , 09 k 50 do >1 118 1000 Kentucky R's, 1871, 73% KHi sites Long 1*1, b) 49% 5000 Indiana 5%, 20% 25 do New Jersey, 65 1000 dk lifiO 20% 50 do Peterson, 190 18 2fl sliu Mechanics' Hk, 57% $5 do Stoninxton, 15% 75 do Mohawk, 32% 50 do MO 15% 50 do Harlem, ?3 15 Mecond Hoard. 50 shas M uihattau Oss Co, 61 Slate of Trade. The markets ore exceedingly dull, particularly in the grocery line. Dealers feel sensibly the open avenue to Boston, which occasion* dealers, especially those ol this State, to buy much less now, depending upoll the open communication with Breton ail winter to get theiraupphes at pleasure. Cofftt ? Sulci 30(H) bags Brazil at 7 a 9C; Cuba 7 a %, Laguayra S a 9; Java 11); green do Sj; .Maracaibo 7, all 4 no,; at Domingo 6|c, cash; and lti(k) do lor export, on terms not ti anspiiedCopper?Salt * ol nil Ht 15c; 4000 lbs at 15), and 4000 at 15), nil cash. Cotton?There haabeen a better demand for evportation, and the sale* for the three (lavs foot up 3300 bales. Price* have not varied. The transaction* comprise 1350 bale* Upland, at 6j a 9], chiefly middling fair to fair at 8 a Of; 700 New Orleans ii a 9), mostly ordinary old crop at 6] a 6), and 350 Mobile 04 aft, making atotal tqp the week ol 3560 balea. Married. On Thursday evening, 27th ?? ' ky ^ev- Dr- A-n" thon, Mr. William H. Coli. to Mm Cakolins M, d(tighter of the lute Rev. Ralph Williaton, both of this ci?y- _ Died. On Saturday, 19th inat. Mr. Locis Kino, in the 43d year of hU age. , On Saturday morning, 19th instant, Marians*, eldest daughter of John K. Winterton, aged six months and three years. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 4j o'clock, from the resell nee ef her father, 260 Bowery, without further invitation. On Saturday morning, 29;h instant, at 3 o'clock, after a lingering illness, Mr. 11. B. Bulls, of Wetumpka, Alabama. His remains will be removed to Massachusetts for interment, on Monday at 2 o'clock. I'aaaengera Arrived. Lm LReooL?Sliin Alfred?Beaj C row tilt r, and 136 in tho steerage. Foreign importations. Liverpool?'Ship Clifton?30 pkgs iron Thoc Mason?10 hd* b* rr Woodhull At Minium?II crates 6 cks Briij A Mumford?3 bales Stone \ co?14 D.iiil O ?ke y 8i. s<>n?2I0 his tin G B Mor* wood Ikco?20 hhds porter Pinker ton Hart?HiO <ir t its Utn^s it co?26 crts S K VVillert?6 halt * Wood, Johiulou Burritt? 2(H) touscoal I water cask John Herdmaii?21 crts J M Shaw? 6 bales woollens T L Hunt?9ti8 sacks salt S Thompson?39 crts Bangs Ik co?1 logs mahogany **0 bills sheet iron 903 bars KH do 66 cs copper 1108 boxes tin 6 bales indse 1000 bdls sheet iron to order. Livkrpool?Ship Alfred?266 tons coal M Brown?100 do salt Win Whifloek, Jr?20 rks skins Wood, J >hnstnu & Burriit ?9 cks I crate H Norris r???2 cs J New bold?17 W Jessup? 8 bales Gihou co?I bj v J Oliver. MA ill TIME HERALD. To ship Masters and Vgent*. ... i r-,;r'm ir 'a iiior, ii captains : imicIi will fits i ommodore William a. Bassett, of oar news floot, re? I - .> the ihipi - left -t the port wbenc? they tailed, h vessels spoken on their passage, a li?r of their cargo, and any foieign uewspH|K.*rs they may have. He win toard them immediately on their a-rivsl Agents and correspondents at home or abroad, will alro confer a favor by sending to this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OK NKW YORK, OCT. 30. isu. IVIf HISKS 6 19 I MOOS RISKS 2 IB 1pn 6 111 hi?1h watkf 6 66 Clearest. Ship 8uttonr Galloway, Charleston, Geo Sutton.?Barqaes Maria, (Belgian) Brabiuder, Antwerp. Schmidt Bilchen; Sarth MarRs, (British) Lennox, St Stephens, NB. Cameron Ik Brand; Bevis Briugs, Charleston, 8 VV Lewis.?Brigs Morula Blinca. Eldiidge, Havana and Belize, H? nd. B Blanco; Henrietta, Wilson. Neuvitas. Brett it Vote; Trusty. (Br) Power, St Johns, NF. Dunscomh k Beck with; Clitns, Bums, St Marys, Ga. John Casilear; Wing, Barrow, Baltimore, W W De Forest Cot Deborah, Handy. Iseorgetown* M ?8chri [otnpd. Tilr<>n, Si jap do Cuba, doujihtonIt Snailart Greens bury Holt, Hut ten, Richmond, A B Cooley kCo; Win E Bird, Corson, do; Aim I), Bedell, Norfolk, Sturges Ik Clearmaii; President, Pen fie Id. Baltimore, Sturges fk Clearinaii; Emma. Cole, do; Julia, Shoemaker, Wilmington, NC, Nassau, Dearborn, Richmond. Allen it Paxsou; Atlantic, Robinson. Haiti <le Grasse via Norfolk. A BCoolay h Coi Dodga, Knapp, Alexandria, Sturges k Clearinan. Arrived. Ship Clifton, lugcrsoll, from Liverpool, Sept. 30, with indse, to Jos i Hi Macy k Son?177 stee rage passengers. Ship Allr- il, Myers, from Liverpool, Oct. 1, with mdso, to Wra. Whitlock, Jr. Bremen slop Westphalia, WnirU, 3a days from Bremen, with indse to O. K. lierding. Srlir Factor, Carey, 3 days from the Schuylkill, with coal, to master. Below. Sehr Rochelle, from 9'. J at; o de Cuba. Also, 1 ship, I biig. llrralil Marine Correspondence. OrrtcE or the Rhode Islander,) NeW|iort, Oct. 28, 1842. i Art 27th, Wallace, Berry, Sullivan for Providence; Vigilant, Heath, I'rorideuce for New York; Ymtic, Stewart, Kali River for do. General Kccord. Seamen's Wages.?Kollowiott is a list of the w ast s paid per in nith to seamen, with small stores thrown in:?To Europe, $12; Mediterranean, 10; West Indies and New Orleans, 12; Coasting, 12; East Indies, 10; South America, 10 Ship, at Boston from Calcutta, experienced tremendous weather ill the ttav of Bengal for nearly 50 days, split ali her sails badly, carried away main topsail yard and slings uf main yard, store bulwarks. See. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 27th iust. Laurel, Smith, Atlantic Ocean, with 270 bbls spin oil. Spoke Aug 1, lat 37, Ion 38, Agate, Cornell, NB. 30 labia; 3d, lat 36. Ion 35, Richd Henry, Mattapoisett, 800; Sept 14, lat 35, Ion 29, Willis, D iggelt, do, 200. Sailed from do 26lh, (Jidcou Howland, Cos, for the Pacific Ocean Sailed from Sippicau 26th inst. Solon, Brigblinan, South Atlantic Ocean. Spoken. Margaret Ann, Dudley, of and from New York for Berbice, 8 days out, Oct 14, lat 30, Ion 63 30. Foreign Ports. St Johns, NF. Oct 8?Sid Otbo, Hardy, Madeiri; 9th, Mary Ann, Wbittnore, Havana. St Jon*. NB. Oct 21?Arr P I Neviut, Slickuey. Baltimore; Black Hawk, Seavey, do; Ready Rhino, Curry, Jo; Industry, Mevens, Dublin. Qpehkc, Oct 23?Arr John Ridden, Beck, Liverpool; 24th, Bi nj Har', Douglas, do; Standard, Montgomery, Belfast; Economist, Smith, Newport; Cosmopolite, Webber, Plymouth; Dykes. Harrison, Sbgo. ("Id 24th, Recovery, Conway, Dublin; Marquis of NOflOillllJ. Strong, Sligo; Eagle, Edwards, Heath; Aristocrat, Thom|*son, Buenos Ayres; aiiu, Williamson, London, Montevideo, Aug 9?In port, Kalco, Carter, from Boat in for Buenos Ayres, same day. Zanzibar, July 11?No American vessels in port. Sid 6th, i\uwrii4, anmey, .viaaag ascar; June 21, cm rokee, Ch? ever, for do. Oahu, April 12?In port, Congress, Hayes, from NYork via Maiailan, arr March 17, for China, disg. Home Ports. Castine, Oct 24?Sid Lochinvar, Wescott. NOrleans. At anchor in the Wriitrn Bay, a shin supposed the Florence, of Boston, from Bueksport for Rio de Janeiro. Banoor. Oct 24?Arr Scioto, Thompson, NYork. Cld Lawrence, Griffin, New Haven. B\th, Oct 22?Arr Florence, Decker, Newcastle, Ki?tr; 2'>th, Phmia, Mad son, Cadiz. Old 21th, Caledonia, (new) Varney, NOrleans; Sheffield, Porter, do. ftld 20th, Wildes P Walker, Kdgecomb, Cuba. Portland, Oct 25?Cld Isidore, Springer, Havana; 26th, J tin Cadmus, Bianchard, Cuba. Sid Isidore, Homer, and Orb, for Cuba. Arr Margaret, York, Philadelphia; Columbia, Humble, NYork. NbwbuRTFOAT, Oct 27?Sid Wm Schroder, Bayley, Porto Rico. Gloucester, Oct 26?Arr Banner, Tarr, New York. Sid Grampus Foster. Surinam and a mkt; Sultan. Hatchings, from Boston, Washington, NC; Franklin, Keliar, lrom New York, Portsmouth; Maize. Perry, from ThoT?aston, NYork. Salem, Oct 28?Arr Rattler, LamWrt, Zanzibar; 25th, Martha Kinsman, Waite, Georgetown, DC; Independence, Dow, Baltimore; Post Boy, Gray, New York. Slu 26th, Fairfie'n, NYork. Boston. Oct 28?Arr Nile, Shaw, Malaga. Signal for one barque and two brigs. Cld Velasco, Choate, Havana; Amos Patten, Thompson Lafayette, La; Oinar. Kendall, Port an Prince; Fornai, Wilson. Mobile; Marbleheaa, Pitman, St Thomas and a mkt; Argo, Snow, Fredericksburg. New Bedford, Oct 27?Air Traveller, Montauk Point, with spars, sails, rigging, anchors, & . saved from barque I'lato. The oij and bone had been shipped to New York. Arr Corn* lia, Ricketson, NYork. Sid Sachem, Kirby, do; Rodtnan, Clifford, do; Index, Gibbs, Albany. Providence, Oct 27?Arr Henry, Sears, Philadelphia: Champion, Appleby, New York. Sid Amity, homers, Philadelphia; Advance, Nichols, Albany. Bu ffalo, Oct 26?Arr Richmond, Dorchester, Cleveland; Major Oliver, Kyle, St Joseph; Fffoit, Pope, Milan; Koop, Fisk, Huron, Old Waterloo, C hippewa; Wayne, Toledo; Cointellation, Detroit; Owannngah, Lexington, Huron, Amazon, Oregon, Minerva, Keiudeer, Constitution, Buckiinr, Havana, Mohawk, aod Liverpool, Cleveland. Arr 27th, Fulton, ilart, Toledo;Constitution, Titus; Vermillion, Brnndage; Rochester, Folder; Missouri, Brown; Camb'ia, St Bcrrriitrd. and Brewster, Wood, Detroit; President, Sheppard, Venice; Lodi, Tubds, Cleveland. Old Waterloo, Jennings, Chippewa; Ful ton, Harr, Toledo; Sandusky, Floyd, Detroit; Chicago, Ed, munds, do; Milwaukie, Whittle. Chicago; MFreme, Carr, do; CittMk, Davit, Cleveland; A'pe, LnnmLv BinroclK, do; Pennsylvania, Estes, do; Tipi>ecaiide, Fellows, uo; Atlas, Thayer, do. Clkvkland, Oct 21?Arr Eugene, Knapp, Sandusky; Warren, Bigelow, Buffalo; Oswego, Davis, Oswego; Hannah x Donaldson, Stanley. Old Jenny, Da Vinson, Buffalo; D Clinton, Reynolds, do; Eugene, Knapp, Sandusky; Columbus, Marsdon, Chicago; Vermont, Rust, Detroit. Philadelphia. On 2?>?Cld Charlotte Ann, (Br) Vroom. Granada; Freeman, Killman, Boston; Tangier, Park, do; H Wescoti, Vance, Jersey City; Liberty, Tow mend, New York; Planet, Green, NYork. Chari katon, Oct 21?Arr Brother!, Mayhew, NYork. In the ntfiug, Leonore, Graves, from Newburyport; also, a barque and schr. Cld Nile, Johnson, Havre; Aldrich. Biker, Philadelphia. Arr 26th, Dunon, Robinson, New York; Waccamaw, V iiceut, St Thoinas; Geo Washington, Miller, Newport, Rl. si.i |ybve,OgdeijNYofk. Savannah, Oct 23?Arr Triton, Wilson, Liverpool; American, Buret-**. NY'.irk; Virginia, Jurd in, To..Ill Vit?.ii Shi Elact, Johnson, NYork Jacksonville, FIa. Oci 20?ArrCnito, NYork. Meeting in rhe ukeat tent, it Ni m irk, N J Nov. 3.?Arrangements h ve l>een made for pitching the great tabernacle in the city of Newark, on the 3d of November. The met ting to contiuu* 8 or 10 days. Sir. Win. Miller, Rev. J. Litch, J. V. Hun s, and others, are expected to be present, and will show from the word of God, the manner and object ol Christ's Second Coming, together with the reasons for directing him in 18(3. The tent is to he pitched on the corner of Mulberry and < lip stree's, in the sou'li p * rr of the city. o30 34#rc DDWAKI) BARRY?Information i- wanted < mecniui Edward Barrv.who perished in ihe "steamship President, in March, 1811. II the friend who supplied him with the means of ?ii| |Mirt while i?> New York, or any one else who may have known him, will furnish proof of his having embarked in the "Pesideni," and of his being uuma*ried, he will be rewarded, and his expenses pa?d, together with 'he amount advanced to him bv communicating with MR. JOHN SCOT f. St. Antoine ?t Montreal. AC \ I(D ? A lady who. for a nun. her of years past has been ? nga ed in t city of New Eng Hid as a teacher, would be ph ased to pass the winter in New Yoik, and for a moderate or wt uiil locate herself in a good situ itipti, eilhei to impart instruction to children or to inak?' henelfuscful in a family by an ingenious and a quick use of the needle. She is acquainted with science Music. The most vtsfacfory references cin be given. If an interview is desired please b-ar* a note addressed to "The Te u In , it ft" < I ' lie II laid. V. m r? \y II.DKirs PATENT SALEMANDKK S \KK> These Safes have now b-en in use three years, and many times eiimaed to the most intense heat that can he brought to act upon then by the burning of large store ou^es containing oil, caudles, liquors and drugs, and the world is challenged to prove an instance wher* one h u failed to preserve tne contents I he following committee state that the trial at the foot of Wall street was a fair trial and a convincing proof of the superiority of Wilder* Sale over ail others, and have no hesitation in saying that they consider ihein really lire-proof, and recommend th m to the public as fully entitled to conhdenr e. Messrs. W*ds worth Ac Smith. i Baldwin Ic Co., ,, " Minium It Co.. > Committee. ( 'has. H. Marshall, Esq J A general assortment < u hind (or made to order) for sale at the Iron Safe Warehouse of . ? SILAS C. II Kit Id NO., ' *31 WV r Vl I Wat. I \ Kl< n rONkb KK ?H I SILVKU * e. , , . F LUTE CKt ONDHAMD-s nre and spieodid instrument. will be ? sold cheap Apply to T MONZANI, o7 I in* in i hoinpson street. OUOAK HOUSE VIOLAsSES and Amber Syrup of su O perior quality lor family use. for sale in hhds, tierce* and barrels, at the American Sugar Jit-finery, No. 28 Leonard st, h>..23i?T TYLKK In MAPK* \imCt?ft a jimth *(the Mm- of Hunurl Baker who pft KniiI mil ill lltl.aiiH w*? Cor a tiin. on the Htouinctnu Rail Road, will cull at No. Wi Nc ft alreet, he will lina a letter from hit father. oW 3t* m lmmt dm rMUCRTWAIVOSM*8 Mm cvnii otctp* I * **14, Capsules, Acuta, Dyr woods, Lunar Caus'.ic.D a<ucrrvotype Chemicals, Urrinau Silver, kc. kc. kc. b?e fourth W. o!7 ec | II/ANTKD?A T? acher of Music on the Piauo Forte, to iu ' " struct in an institution located in a western eity. One who can siiu: wtll would be i referred. Address VY. T. at this office ' with real name and ref? ence. o29 3t*m rPO FAMILIES, WAN PED.?A youuic woman is in want i * of a situation ol dress maker, or seamstress in a private (ami- I | w in this city. 8he has no objection to become an atten^ant at I the same time on the lady of the house, and will ?{ive the best of reference as to her atality,character, kc. Please address a uote to A. K. and leave it at ??i?_^^ce^ ^>27 I ! KlK*fc LK tikes this means to inform his friends and the vT . public that he lias conveniently fitted up ana opened ee the Kiesele House, No. 118 Liberty street, where his patrons m ty he sure to find pure H imbarg ami home brewed ale by the barrel or iu ouantities to suit purchasers He will serve real | old fashioned Welch K.irebis, poached effgs, sardines, various other relished and cold cuts, pure French brandy and all kinds of wine and liquors of the best quiliiy and very cheap. L nid1??*i! ilways in ittendanc* on his gneete. oil '.u* r Ml 8 r 1RD l* V' i OUY 1 < OOSWMLL has from 114 Allen to 127 Kooscvelt street, second story of toie occupied by Mr. W. Prentiss, coffee and spice dealer, w heir he is prepared to furnish the article at short notice and lit'? I tl credit, ; nt up IU auy style. ik icii mil umiiim supplied with anciegint articlo. Alio, miry mustard. o29 3t*r N O T^r ' S ST O V 15 S REPAIR* D y RICHARD AYLIKKE, established uine ytarn at 86 I ktham street, New York. H A. ha* N pit's and other Stove , which he cui tell at a vtry reduced price. Stoves dil l pipe put up dt the slioi.est notice. N. B.?Pii e constantly on h.uid. *27 lm*r DEFORM YOUR STOVE BILLS.?Ecouoasi umIituuy Av being the order of the day, the subscriber h is determined to sell St ?v?s at llie lowest possible remunerating prices; his Column Parlor Stove, iMWtnni ill the nurposes -t the p iti. with half the trouble aud exiwnse, suitable for sitting rooms, offices, stores, or hails, is worthy the attention of person* wishing to purchase. His assortment of cooking Stoves are not surpassed iu the city, for cheapness and superior style oi construction, combining til die reqiiiaitea foi kitchen nee, endagrmt saving #f fuel, which is aii item many jiersous overlook iu selecting stoves. He solicits housekvepeis and others to give him a call at the offi< ol the Wnrrvn FontMe Conspany, no* 22 Fulton street, I N. V., before purchasing elsewhere. As thiscompuiy manufacture their stores, purchasers will not be inbiacted to 11 ix b) mu ins Aon second h tads. The if | assortment consists of air-tight, cooking and parlor Stoves, Pumns. Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet 1 Iron Ware, &c., wholesale and retail Orders for canting* solicited. J. V. TlbBETTS. 0I6 lm*ec 22 Fulton street, N. V. FISK^S PATENT NOVELTY COOK STOVE. TMIIH Stove was pronounced List year, and is this, by all A who have it, tone not onh theb* st vei invented, bnl the only Stove they ever had by which baking, boiling, and roastinc. could be doue perfectly, and at the same time. 1 his year the improvement has been such, that doable the amount <?f cooking can be done, (and lh it too to perfection) than upon my other Stove ofdM name sise t for proof 01 which, yon have only to enit at FiskN Stove Establishment, 209 Water street, where any .quantily of references will be firm tndfnrtiwr. otcit Sieve warranted, or the moneyvo* funded. Flak's K gnlatmc Prenhun Dram ftwparlors.]Hall Drums,and hall, pirlor, and office stoves, and all the ordinary cooking stoves, f ?r sale cheap FISK'SStovs Eetablishment, M Water *trc?t. Tin ihovi - , \. Mid alio tin- regulating drum, t in now he seen at the Fair \ but those desiring stoves, are requested to call at the establishment, where they can examine them to better advantage, 269 Water street. 0I6 lm*ec L. WOOD'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HALL STOVES. 'PHIS it one of the most valuable inventions ever offered to A the publ c iu the stove line, and is the most perfect article iitmt, P if the cute of ib kinds of coat or wood, m heating apaitmerits. It lias no less than four radiators and two descend ing fines, so urmnged chat the radiators in plaosd In tween t wo fires, and cKuse sll the hsit general! d ft be distributed into the apartrnetir ; while luothe. stoves a large portion of the heat is carried off 1 n the pipe. One peck f coal iu this stove will yield more heat than . bushel 111 flu* best sto^e now before the public ; while you have the advantage of an open fire er splendid grate at pleasure. It 1* allowed by all who have examined it to be the most per feet combination of utility and ornament ever brought forward; but to be fully appreciated, it needs only to be s? en and examined, and all in want of a superior article for heating par lors,halls, nurseries, &c. are invited to call. Prices are suited to the times. Also 011 baud a variety of other Stovks, suitable for all purposes, which will be sold very low. L. WUUD, 237 Water street, between o21 Im*r _ I'wck slip and Beektnan street. STOVES?OVENS. rPHE largest assortment of Stoves of any house iu New J- York.?Their newly invented Parlor Stove needs but to be seen to l>e universally adopted. Iu immense radiating surfa' e exceeds that ol aavothei itove now io me xhibittmore 11 r? , w ith the consumption of less fuel, thau any former iuveution. It also discharges its own ashes by a simple process, without soiling or lodging its dust on the furuituie of the room in which it is used. It will be founo the cheaj>est and most economical Stove ever brought before the public. Als , Cook St ives, new, air tight, kc. in all varieties, from three dollars upward:; Everv article warranted. IU LEV'S PATENT BOILER AND IKON HKAKTH ii an admirable artich?they can b? Attstl to uij bCoti bow u use, and of unequalled value iu broiling steaks, toasting bread, an I also in heating irons Lr ironing clothes. Kiley is the inventor and sole pilentee. J!?1 Iro*r KiLEY Ik MYKKS,J3 Bowery. ~ COUGHS AND COLDS TJEMEMBER, No 54 North Sixth street, one door below Tv Arcli street, Philadelphia, the most certain and best Family Medicine, for Coughs* Colds, Spitting H!?>? ?<1, Thrott im Lung Disease, a rising sensation like chokiug, tickling, or unpleasant obstiuclions. For the above, Dr. SYvAYNE'S Com pound Syrup of Wild Cherry will be found the great remedy. Persons who have aoused themselves by the use of ardent spirits will findi? ?iii tii- iritmifth ?ndresolution much improved by leaving off the spirits, and taking a draught occasionally of the tb >v restorative. All prepanidoBS from tin-1 doable tree, em cept the above,may be considered spurious or counterfeit The real article mav be had of the following Agents, or at No. 54 North Sixth street, Piiildelphia? AGENTS Dr. W. H. MILNOIt, Druggist, No. 192 Broadway. MRS. M. HAYES, No. 139 Fulton st, Brooklyn. BENJ. OLDS, Newark, N.J. JOHN MASON. Patterron, N. J. >21 lm"r \UAT< liKS LOWER THAN EVER.?In consequence * * of the reduction of duties by the late tariff, the subscriber In Helium Ills stuck .if tii?Id and Jsilvei Levers, Anchor Eseapement Leptne, aad other WatONt ol iw and splendid \ att? riis, and Jewelry, at retail, at i considerable reduction I iYoin former prices, being much lower than thev can be bought for at any other place in the city. Gold Watches as low as 20 to 25 dollars each. Watches and Jew eh y exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to beep bom time <>r tin- meeej returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the best manner and w umnted,at moch less than the esnalnrieee. G. 0. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry? ol2 lm*m Wholesale and Retail, 90 Wall St., up stairs. PUKE^JROUND COFFEE AND 3PIOES. rPHUSK wishing topnrchase pare Roasted and Ground ( "otlee, would find it to their advantage to call at 111 F*?lton street, vi here are kept the aboi e articles of the very best quali in the city, at prices to sun the ttflaes. I offer Boasted every day fresh, and sent to any part of this city and Brooklyn, free of expense. Coffee Roasted and Ground lor Groceries, iua superior manner. EBR. WELCH, late firm of o 12 1 in9m Welch St Shearer. CROTON WATER. PERSONS who have not had pipes introduced into their houses, should lose no time in having it done before the cold and frosty weather. The subscribers have now on hand a stock of pure lead, coin nosmou nun 11ii "i in'1 leau |ii|irt wnicn iney art* pre|>areu to luruiOi iiid put up in the most expeditious ami irt rkinaulikt mauner, anu on tin- moil leasonable lruna. Bring practical pluinmers, th?v will warrant wo.k dour by llicin to be inferior to none in tue cily. All kinds of lead work and Hydraulics furunhrd and lixed on the inoii approved pnnciplr. DUKK V IVhlRS, No. 230 Water at, >28 I in* r Neit io the corner of Beekmnn ft. HARD Times.?The only reaaou that aT 44P^KN'IIX Si i O. can assign for selling ?o many boots and shoes at the Clinton Boot and Shoe Market, 204 Canal street, northe'sl corner of Hudson street?whru almost ertry body complains of hard tunes, is, that they keep goods of the best quality,and sell tl*in at prices to suit the times, and it seems as if almost every body had found this out. If any who read this should not vet hare found out the store, the sooner they come and try tlie soone' they will reap the advantage. Almost anything (hat is wanted in the boot and shoe line, ol any sire, color or quality, can be found here cheap. o4 lm*m A KNOX Ik CO. 204 Canal street. drkss IIOC'1'8?Latest rieuch Style.? Ihe ^^W'ubscriber respectlully invites (l>e citiceiis of New York, ami strangers viaitiug the city,to call at 114 Kultou street and examine a large assortment ul Dress Boots, inade in the iMekt fashion, and of the finest Kreneh c ilf-skiu, Gentlemen cau have boots made n> order in the heat manner at $6,00 per pair, warranted equal to any made at $7,10, and as tile undersigned takes drawing wf the feet ami keeps lasts for each customer he cau ensure an easy yet handsome lit. Constantly on nauu, 1" asninnaoir ooou, air. at Ihe following Uuceupiiea* ? v ols mite wools. Horn 27.00 to 1,00 Double tsoie " water-proof i.oo to 7,10 Caff, dress " 7.10 to (,(I0 heal " " 2,21 to 2,71 Half Boots, 3.00 to 3,10 Shoes, 1,10 to 210 Dancing Pumps and Slippers, he., proportionably low. Terms,eash on delivery. JOHN L. WATKIN8, s27 l.n*m 114 r'nlton st, between Nassau and Dutch I'AKIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO OKDKH, By E. SUSEK, 14f> Broadway, Near Liberty Street. E. bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an a^^BH^f"K.lve" ol cTerce of Paris, begs leave to inform his friends and all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "chaussure," that lie can now make, in New Yoik, with the best Kreneh map i ial>, all that is so perfectly made, in Paris, by his master the Celebrated bootmaker Clerce, Whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlautie, are respectfully invited lo tit SUSKft'S boots and lasts before they desoair of i ring "chant sesw iu New York, after the meet .latest Parish fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. s351m* m SELLING OF> AT WALICEK'S ? ?i o pr ladies French gaiteis, French and satiu slip|?er? and buskins, loo ,-r line calf *titched tools. $3 to $3 50 i**r pair, 300 pr calf and fine pegged boots, from $2 to 2 25 ami $2 50 i>ei pair, 200 pr ?f hoy's coarse and DM booll, lr??m SI to SI UMl |1 It pi IMttr, 530 pair children1* do Irom 3s to 5s i"-r i?air, 500 pr ladies an.I mix?e? hood ?hoe.? and hiiaWina. from 4s to 6? ami ft I I'O pr, hOfl i?r of Kent* wiicr proof b oots, moccasins, India rubbers in tbtmd trice, men's coarse and line boots of *11 soru and sizes, from $1 75 to $2, *11 warranted. All the above Itoods 50 per ct. ,. leanest I eity. ( i u m sea for yon miItm ( inl si, comer of Broadway, at o2i hit * J. 8. WALKKHB ( LuSTON < HKAP li M.r md 8hoe Market. 509 Uneiiwirh, corner Spring st, is the only place where can bv found Ooots and shoes to suit the times. All those Who wear boots and shoes will do well to itive a call. Ladies' and ?*aaaa biitlia ftron :i, I. 5,1,7 and I shillinns per pair; rent It* mens' bo is from 12 niiilliriKH to f-l |**r pair; boys' txiots from A ?hillini(* to $2 50 ntr oaii. All who wish to safe 20 per Otlit will ?ife * call at the Clinton Cheap Boot am! Mioe M iilit t, 509 Gret nw it h corni r flpri ig street o25 lm*r . TRENTON RACES. 'PlIK ItcwJ Kill Meatinn will commnce amlln Bn|l, I Course nn Tuesday, November lit, and continue four day . Kirst Day?Sweepstakes. lor 3 tear olila, two mile heata, tub $300, flofl forfeit, to c|o,e Oct 25th Same Day?A pnrse of $100, mile heata. Serouri C ly? Sweenstakes, lor three year olds, mile I c ita, nb $200. t'i forfeit, to clone aa above. Same L>at ? A purse irft2*>0, two mile heata. Alao, .< i>nr?e ol $->0, iniIheata, entrance added. Third Day?A i urse of $4(ki, three mile heals. (fourth D y?A purse ol MOO. lor mile heats. Kor further particular* aee New fork Spirit of the Times. Having conversed with the Southern Turfmen, I can assure (lie pnhlic that the stables of Col Win R Johns.or,I ol Thompson. Mr O P Hare, vlr > ilson, Vlti Bos wall. ami Mr Ke ml ill, will be at the Course, and that Boston, Bine Dick, Tyler, Caa aridra. Milton Brown, Hegisirr. Ksop,a?d Prior will be amonir 'Ire number, which in addition to the Northern Stables, will probably make the most interesting meeting that has ever taken plare on the Kagle Course. ? - , JAMtS BROWN, Proprietor. I rcuton, N J, 16th, 1612. 0*1141*2* THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, HA8 met Willi the must uu;>r?-i edruted success since its cuts me nccment, particularly t'rum the unfortunate yictuns ol utuiriucipled pretenders, who are Dow daily gaming strength \isl rigor uud. r tin- judicious In Uiiirut of the College. The following preparations h ut aln-idy oblaiurd a celebrity uu par&ielleu iu the annals of inediriae. EXTRACT OK SAK8APARILLA. Thia article has lieen prepared at great expense, according to the new process of the I'arisiau pharmaceutists, and is confidently denominate I the en/y really valuable preparation of Suisaparillu now ottered tor sale in this country. Together w ith the active jirinci|>le ol the Simlax ojficiea/n?the best a]>eciea of the root?the College hat e incuriKirate.l that peculiar modification of sugar, which has been termed elycurrbizin. In the "Extracts" of the uos trum-venders ami certain druggists, the common extiact ol liquorice is the chiel ingredient, and can readily be do tecteil. But it is proper to state that in most cases thi? extract of liquoricw is adulterated, and contains capper de rived trom the puns in which the decoction of the root is evajiorated. The ( allege wish thus particularly to guard the public ugainst the pernicious tendency of mixtures, containing large quantities ol this jioisoncd liquorice. The " Extract," prepared by the College, contains also an a(e propriute qunutity ol tile msculjar cry stalli/.ableprinciple, ummii"i num mm v;un;im.- Vi'IJi'UMi' lilltlT, hriltian, pio Uttiied Irom Uentun, King of lllyna, who tint iliicovMtxl its great virtues.) A small |>ortion of the active constituents ot the /?uru! Sassafras, another vegetable, w hose efficacy as an alterative and purifier of the blood it well known, has likewise been a<fde<l. These several articles have been incorporated, and their peculiar principles compounded in a highly concentrated form, and the resuit hns been the production of a vegetable alterative and tonic, unequalled for power and elttc j?y. The College merely add the following extract from the edition just publish, d of Brande's "Practical Dictionary of the .Materia Medica? " This article has been presort tied in chronic rheuma tism? in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent ulcers?in glandular attections?in diseases of the bones, attended by dull aching pains, tumors and nodes?wasting ol the tlesli?and W Aa? proved u valuable remedy, and has sometimes effected a cure where other alterative* have hern long administered in rain, and when the diseased stale of the system has hern of many years Juration. In the after treatment ot syphilis, and in cases where mercury has in/uriously affected the system, it possesses powers not hitherto observed in any other article of the Materia Medica ' Sold in sindlk Botti i s, at 76 cents each. " 1m Cssr.s OK MAI.P-.-DOZEN BoTTl.KS, $3 60. " " " OMK DOZEN " t> 00. Cases forwarded to all parts ?f the Union. N. B.?very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. THE UNKIVALLTKD TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure lor all forms of dysjiepsia, low spirits, loss o! sppstilB, IsMUsds,cnl?psos? erwpOotM, nnanl debility, pre dis|Misitioir to consumption, and all compl nuts arisuic iruin a disarrauiremeut of the uervious system. It may be also used with great success in eases of fever and airue, and as a preventative t? yellow fever. Sold in bottles nt it and $2 each. THK ANODYNE LINEMEN* For the cure of rheumatic paint, Colic, bruises, sprains, spiral jusiifii MTTfHii hiwlifhflt paint intra joints, aid immediate and permanent relict' *u ir mtu? d. Sold in bottles, 75 cti each. THK PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE For the cure ol all cases of a delicate disease, or for pains in I the bones, eruptions, sore throat, or auy other distressing syin|>I toins, produced hv in injudicious ON of mercury, ?r bv quackery. Sold in Dottles at Si and $2 each. THE AMERICAN ANTIB1LOUS CATHARTIC PILL Fortne cure of all derangement* of the liver, purifying tht blood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, and giving new vigor to the vital |>owers. This inediciue is entirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum * FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints peculiar to the female sex and to restore aud preserve the regular actiou of Che female organs, with lull directions and cautious as to use, and sold in boxes at $1, 50 cents, and 25 cents each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic rheums tisui, and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. tfHE HKENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to *ure gonorrheal, gleet. aud all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Sold in bottles at 50 ceuts and ?1 eack. The above preparations may also be had of the foliowm> sub-agents in this c ity:? CAUTION! The only places in the city of New York where the medicines of the College Are sold are? THE PRINCIPAL OFFICE. 97 Nassau street. BASSETT'S MEDICINE STORE, 641 Broadway. Ay order, ol W. ?. RICHARDSON. Agen* BILLIARDS.?Otis Field rc*|ccltully invites the lovers this amusement, to call at Bassford's Rooms, over the Cli max Eating House, 119 Fulton, ami D# Ann street, where a choice may be had of eight tables?cither Slate, Marble, Iron, or Mahogany v with India Rubber, Cloth or Composition Cush ions, in continuation with all the late European improvements Visitors will lind the bar, either Washiugtonian, or otherwise as mav suit their fancy. *29 I mis* or DIVIDEND ?The Board of Directors of the National Fire Insurance Company in the city of New York, have this day declared a dividend of four per cent on the capital stock .payable io the stockholders on anil after the lir?t day of * ovember next, at the office of the Company, No. 49 Wall street. J. W. SAVAGE, Secretary. Vow V.xvb (In* oa?i. IOIO i?. G YMNASIUIt* SPARRING SCHOOL & PISTOL GALLERY. MKSSRS. HUDSON' iit OTTIGNON r?- pert fully inform thr gentlemen of New York, that their extensive rooms at the corner of Bnudway and Chambers jtrcet, lor 8|>arring, Gym miotics and Pistol practice, are now oj*n for the season. Nwrnej->us improvements and additions have been lately inade iw the Gymnasium, which will now be found in every respect eMnlKl and cjuil t<> any ?r 111 the coun'rv for athletic #g eases. Hnarring taught OS the most approved principles, Gentlemen visiting the Pistol Gallery will be supplied with Pistol s of a superior quality. Terms moderate. Geutleinen are invited to call at any. time d iring the day. 0I6 Im r TO COUNTRY MKlU'HANTS ?Thesubscriber would * call the attention of all who are in want of Looking Glass and Picture Frames, to his extensive stock, which for ouality and workmauMtip he flatters himself cannot he excelled ny any manufacturer in this city. The trade iu general would do well to call before purchasing elsewhere. V P.?Constantly on hand, a good assortment of Fancy Wood* of every* description. HORACE V. 8IULER, No. 31 Ann street and 44 Hammersley st, New Yoik. ol lm*r (ilvOlJND spicks and coffee AT THE HOPE MILLS, H Marketfield itrcet, b.Iwr.u Broad mid Whitehall, l,te 267 Elizabeth street, New York. Office 120 Front st. Constantly on hand, at the lowest market price, anil in the usual varirrv of packages. s27 tm-m THE EUREKA BLACKING. 'I'llIS is a new article ol Blacking, possessing qualitie A greatlysuiarior t > 11 other kuuls now in use. It softens anil preserves the leather, imparting a brilliant poliah with half the usual labor required in the use of the common Blacking. It further i? ssesses that requisite so loug sought for in the peculiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, or mouldy by aite. Dealers in Blacking are requeued to call aud receive a sample of the article gratia. Perfect satulactiou warranted in every case. Manufactured aud for sale by J. M. JOHNSON. No. 4 Spruce street, near Nassau, Nrw York. N B.?A superior article of Writing Ink is manufactured by J. M. J. aud sold wholesale and retail. s28 lm*r PAltSELLS At AGATE, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS,tec. THK Sl.'BSCKIBF.HS, 111 a.ldiliou to their former .lock of A fashionable goods, are coustanlly receiving by every new arrival from Pans auil Loudon, a supply of the most rich and fashionable Scarfv aud Cravats Their assortment nl fashions ble Stacks, Scarfs, Cravats, ready made Linen, (Jloves, Suspendere, Hosiery, and all article' apiierlaimiig to a gentleman's wardrobe, are rich and varied. They rrs|iectl'ully invite their old patrons aud atrangeri visiting this city, to call at the old Establishment^) long and favorably known and make their selections. I'ARSELLS It AOATE, 241 Broadway, between Park place and Murray at. They wou'd particularly recommend an Elastic Suspender, with the |uien( buckle, of their own manufacture, which for durability and comlort, cannot be surpassed. The impro ved Minerva Brier, intended to brace the shoulders and eipand the chest, are highly recommended by the medical faculty, and will be found inJispciisiblc to persons who are inclined to bend forward; and in fact to all individuals of sedentary habits. Pan nts aud Ouardiaus are particularly requested to esamlue this article, as it will be fouud of immense advantage to children of eitherses who have acquired the habit of stooping. I'ARSELLS St AOATE continue the manufacture of their Celebrated Russia Riding Belt. s2l 1 in in GUNS AND PISTOLS"! EXCLUSIVELY.-CO JOSEPH, If Maiden lane, up stairs, importing agen Ifor O. die sale of English. German and Erench double and single sarrel Fowling and Ducking Uuns, fwim the lowest to the hurst qualities ; Pistols of every description, for this and other aiarkets, embracing one hundred different kinds, all of which lie is now prepared to offi r at the manufacturer's prices, being ippointed agent for the largest houses in that I ine in Europe , which enables linn to sell at estreinely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on band. City and country merchants are iwrticularly requested to eall, previons to making their purchases. jyZT Im*r (jENNSYLV A NIA COLLEGE?Medical IJepar'mcniJ Filbert street above Eleventh, Philadelphia?Session of 1812 - n ? I ne Lectures m wis institution win r>e resuineuoo me first Monday of Not ember, and je continued until the first of March. FACULTY. Anatomy and Physiology*?Samuel George Morton, M. D. Surgery?George M'Clellan, M. D. Principles and Practice of Medicine?William Rush, M D. Institute* of MediciHe and Materia Medicia? Robert Montgomery Bird, M. D. Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children?Samuel M'Clellan, M. D. Chemistry and Natural Philosophy?Walter R. Johnson, A. M. r- Frks?Matriculation, $5. Each Course, $15. Graduation, $30. Three years' study in the office of a respectable physician.and an attendance on two full courses of Lectures, one of which must he in this Institution, are the requisites which entitle the pupil to become a candidate for graduation. Th* examination lor Decrees takes place early in March,and the Commence incut is lit Id with as Tittle subsequent delay as possible. The Faculty have provided ample Dissecting Rooms,furnished with eveiy requisite lor Practical Anatomy, within the College Buildings. Demonstrator, T. ROSS COLHOUN, M. D. Disserting Ticket, $10. The Disi* nsary of the College will he onen^d daily (Sundays excepted) during the months ol September and October,on which occasions the Professors will g?ve Practical Instruction in Surgery and Medicine, while the Pupils will he also admitted to the Pennsylvania and Philud* Iphia Hospitals, on the same terms w ith the Students of other Medical Institutions of this city. SAMUEL On.OH'n MORTON, Dean of Mie .VI cdical Faculty, iii23TAS tnnnvl'r n( 431 Arch street. PUT MONEY IN THY PURSE. NOW I Patronise tlie City Caah Tailoring Establishment, 202 Broadway. The ruinous rates winch hare hern charged for fashionable Clothing, has led the snbacriber to adopt the cheap cash system, and he now offers to tit out gentlemen with the finest Cloths, made up with neatness, taste, and despatch, at the eery lowest remunerating Having made arrangements for the finest English Cloths, Cassimcret anrl Vesting! from first hands, he n afford thein low. The most elperlcnced cutters are en a ,'od and he pledges himself to give entire satisfactron. Strangers visiting the city can have a full suit made up at short notice. Kail and Winter Clothing ready made of every variety, rjusl ity and style, of the latest fashions and warranted to fit.?Stranger* wiil do well to call before purchasing elsewhere, s 2ft I oils r H PWAKP MIX TrfE GERMAN SURGE! >N. oOLOMON HINK. VI. P., No J7 Keade street, New York. 111 scrofula aud chronic di eases no charge made till the patient is satisfied? nedieme delivered gratis All pt rsons doibrmeil, under twenty-one years, can have their boner, straightened. References given as to numerous patients who have oeencorrd in this city. o27 3m#r FOKTLUl ESK FEMALE PILL.-., fHKr'E far-fame ! and c.alehraled Pills, from Portugal, art 1 we perceive, to be obtained in ihia country See auvrrtise usiit on ins laat column '' ' m ml is t AUCTION SALES BY THOMAS BKLL. (Stores Sot *2 anil 115 FSilton strut.} MONDAY. At 10^ o'clock, at the auction room. Sale of Stoves?A stock of valuable stoves comprising the best descriptions of store parlor, church, and cooking stoves of the best patents and of ail sixes. Housekeeper* will do w ell to attend this sale. TUESDAY, At 10V? o'clock in the sale rooms. Eitensivc sale of dry goods, laiiry and pledged articles; 5 trunks excellent clothing; a large invoice of London Cloths, A'so, hoaieiy, gloves, muslins, sheetings, shirtings, guns, htr dware cutlery, splendid leweliv, lie. Wednesday. At I0}? o'clock. in the sales room. 8al? of elegant cit> made Cabinet Furniture. BY KlKLL v AKi ULAKIUB. MONDAY. OcL3lit. At 10S o'clock, at the auction room, Broadcloths, cassirneres, lie.?30 pieces broadcloths, bearer cloths, Iu\ III lots r.? suit piirclMMIS. Also, hue otter caps, muffs, aud two machines for culling fur . At l4 before 7 o'clock, in the cveniug. A valuable collection of paintings with a portfolio of engravings, belonging to the estate of the late Win Duulap. TUESDAY. Nov Ut. At Id 1-2 o'clock at the sales room. Liquor*, Segars, ike.?A good assortment of li juori and icgars among which are some very saiwrior port wine and Havana segais?the attention of public houses and families an invited. At Private Sale?Illinois Lauds?Several sections ol from 160 to 400 acres located north east of Sigainon County, selected in IflM bj Mi. FiskiBttti|trfiYor? liaMBCouty is the richest an I most )n>puIous County in the State, aud the Seat of Government is established at Springfield, in the centre of the Countv. The title is patent. AUCTION NOTICE?Sale of Stoves?On Monday in tin sale romn, 70 first rate stoves suitnhM for all purposes.hoiue store, cooking, ike. ike. THuv BELL, Auct. oft) 2tr 32 Ann and 115 Fulton sts. r r-n , FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. Royal Mail Steamship BRITANNIA, Hewi tt, Commander, will leave Boston ^,r 'he above |x>rts on Tuesday, November ut. Passage to Liverpool $135. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., o258tr 3 W*.ll street. /H FOR ALBANY, TROY, and lutermcdiClm "??J^ate Places?The splendid low pressure steamSK^^MEjCLboat SWALLOW, Captain A. .McLean, w ill leave the toot of Cortlandt st, on Sunday Afternoon, Oct joih, vi , ?,\ |??ck. The Swallow will leave as above on Wednesday, Nov. 2d, at 5 u'cIock. CT73"* The above is a substantial Boat, fitted up with elegant State Rooms, and for accommodation is unrivalled ou the Hudson. o29r .Mn am NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Fare ^L.- Only 12^ cents.?The splendid and commodi WT W steamer PASSAIC, < apt. John Ci ttt \ , being completely and elegantly relitud. commenced her reguar trips for the seasou ou Thursday, klarch 10?leaving &s follows ? Foot of Barclay st. New York, at 10l4 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P M. Centre wharf, Newark, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and half past 1 o'clock P. M. On Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at 10^ A. M. and J P. M. LetVf Newark at 8 A. M. and at 2 o'clock, P. Ms CT7"" Freight of every description carried at reduced prices. a& FALL AND WINTER ARRANOEPr?ME NT.?The steamboat Rockland, will, XmSLZ. Oil and after Monday, the 3Ut of October, run as follows : having Middletown Point (tide and weather i>er mitdng) At9o'clock, And Ktyport At 10 o'doekf eTir) tdonoty, Wednesday and Friday. Returning, leave the foot of Robin ton street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12 o'clock, noon, touching at Seguiu's Dock each way. id'Stages will be in readiness l<> cniivry passengers to ,tny part the country. All DAggage at the rii?kol tot owners. o23 2in*ec *^^K;OTT'!^f^^KAL, OFFI<^^^^ following packets will be despatched froin this office as under? For LONDON-Packct ship PHILADELPHIA, Captain Hovey, on the 1st Nov. For LIVER POOL?Pack** t ship OXFOKD.Capt Rathbone, on the 1st Nov. For NEW ORLEANS-Packet ship YAZOO, Capt Trask, on Monday the 31st Oct. For MOBILE?Packet ship NORTH AMERICA, Captain Hall, on the 1st Nov. For SAVANNAH?Packet brig MADISON, Capt Bulkley, 31*t Oct. The above are all first class packets, coppe red and copper fastened, built in New York expressly for the trade; are commanded by eX|H*rienced and obliging captains, and are fitted up expressly for the comfort of passengers, and will sail positive ly on the day adveitised. Persons about to embark for any of the above jmrts would do well to mIm earlj application, as lbs ptiMof passage is very lo -v. For passigc or other particulars, apply to W. fit J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck Slip. o27ec or 52 South st, cor Jones' Lane, UNTHED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS WfJjMrW ? acket'ol 3d *Nov ?The splendid f?st sailing packet nls liiB 1 T H1BEK.NIA, t apr. B'litmg, having three fo it th? of here pan engaged, and going on board, will sail i?ositivi ly as above. This ship is so well known that it is needless to say her accommodation for cabin, secoud cabin and steerage (tasseugers are misurpused by any other pAcket. The price of of iiassage being very low, persons wishing to secure berths w< uhl 00 Well to Apply early. For freight of 500 bbls between decks, or passage, apply on board or to W. & J. T. TAPSCONT, 42 Peck slip, or j2 South street, corner Joues' lane. o3fl ec FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 10th N^7. V^3MfV~"Thc splendid fast sailing packet ship 8WITZERjyUhiLA.^l), Capt Chadwick.will sail as above,her regular For passage in cabin, second cabin, aud steerage, hiving splendid accommodations, apply on board foot of Maiden Lane, orto Joseph McMURRay, 100 Pine street, corner of South. P. S?Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the old country, chu have them brought ot by this ship, or any of _lhe regular packets, by applying AS abo\e, if by letter post paid. ow KOll nkw OKI.KANS-H-mul .r packet, t? tail t^MVon 3(itl? inst ? The fast sailing coppered ami copper JffiMhiffi^fasteiied packet ship AUBURN. Capt Durfev. w ill positively sail as alxive, her day. She liai excellent accommod'tioni for cabin, second cabia anu steerage paasengnrs, who will be taken al very moderate rates, for wliich apply onboard at Murray's wharf foot of Wall at. or to JOHN HEKDMAN, o?7 r SI South afreet. AJKP- FOR CHXKLKSTON?First Regular Packet H?V with Dispatch?Theaplendid faat sailing picket aluo jKJIfa " JOSEPHINE." Captain Mattison, will aail aa above. Tina ship's arcommodatioua for Cabin, 2nd Cabin and steerage passengers are not r<|ualled by any ship in the line, anil Iwrtfia can he aecnred on moderate terma, hv apply nig on board foot of Dovei atreet,orto JOSEPH McMURRAY, "29 r 100 Pine atreet cortwr of 8onth 12H?- PACKET FOH HAVKE-Second Line?The atnp nSat^V ONEIDA, Joint a Kuuck, Maaler, w ill sail on the lal AMMMof Novcuibe r, BOYD It HINCKEN, ol2 I No. 9 Tontine Buildings. lAar- KOK SALE?Tin well known, ropper laatelied bXTMpV *"d coppereil New York bnilt ship SUPERIOR. AlyUlliiiburtheii per register 57i tona. She haa recently had very extensive repairs, ia well lound and may he aent to aea at a moderate expense. If not sold prior to the 16 November, she will then be offered at auction by W. Dnini nt For inventory and trims apply to BOYD A HINCKEN, Audita, _ tiff 9 Tontine Buildings. ???- FOR LONDON ?Regular packet of the lat of November?The splendid ivicket ship PH1LADELJBaawlkPHIA.Captain Hovey, master, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having superb accomniodati na for cabiu, second cabin ami steerage passengers, those wishiug to secure berths should make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. P. S.?Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the old couuti v, can have them brought out by the above au|w nor ship, or any of the regular packeu by applying as above (if post paid.) o24 r JtAS- FOR LONDON.?Packet of the 1st of November bujMtV ?'fic splendid, well known iwcket ship PHILAJjMMbDKLPHIA.Capt. Hovey, will |>osiiively sad aa above, M r reguI iJ day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage l'A???-iiKf r?, ui?ur|.M?ru uy any nni|i nnoai ; mrrriurr. vnn y application it repaired to be made on board the ship, foot of Pine street, or of ott ec JOHN HKRDMAN, fil Si?uih o. OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKETS ufjKfVFOU LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st November? jtaffiSnThe well known favorite packet ship OXFORD, Captain John Ri'hboiu, will be despatched as above, lirr regular day. This splendid alnp haa unsurpassed for raliin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to secure berths will rniuire to make early application on board the ship, at the foot of Beekman st. or to JOHN HKRDMAN, 81 Sooth st. Also, the packet of the JSih October can yet ta!:e a few mora cabin, 2d cabin and steerige passengers N. B-?Persons sending for their friends residing in Ureat Britain or Ireland, cau have them brought out as usual, by any ol the ahi|>a composing this line, and drafts for any amount can be furnished, payable ill all the principal towns throughout the l.'nited Kingdom, on application as above. oiPr iAt FOIl NKW ORLEANS Louisiana and .->< w klj^yyork Line?Positively First Regular Packet?To jETCEllMsail the 30tb October?The fast sailing coppered and copper laatened packet ship YAZOO, Captain B J H Trask, will positively sail as aborevher regular day. For. freight or passage, having superior furnisheil accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wallst. or to E. K COLLINS Ik CO. % South st. Positively no goods received after Saturday eveui g the ?9th instant. Ship|>eri will please send in their bills of lading this day. Passengers will please he on board the slearnboat Htwculrs.aJ Whitehall, on Monday morning at 12 o'clock, at which time the ship will sail. Shippers inay rely npoti having their goods correctly measured, and that the shi|is of this line will sail punctually as advertised. Any gnaranter to that effect will be given aud fulfilled that may he rtijnir? r!. Agents iii N. Orleans, Hullin St Woodruff, who will promptly forward si! goods to their address. The packet snip MISSISSIPPI, Capt Chester Hillard. will succeed the Shakspeare. and sail the 10th Nov, her regular day. oS9v POST OFFICE, New York, Oct 27, Kit.?English Mail.? ' Letter hags for Ore?t Britain, |ier Royal M il Steamer Britunis, leaving Boston on the 1st Nov, will close at the Oliver and Lowe r Post Offices, at 30 minutes past 3 o'clock, on Monday the 31st instant. o2fi 3u JAMES OKAHAM, P M. I KTTER Bags for Liverpool by the Royal Mail Rtraasahin I J BRITANNIA, (torn Boston,will close at Hainden h Co's Foreign Letter Offi ce, on Monday October 31. at nuarter to 4, P. Iff. .v2l It r II ARNDEN Si CO . 3 Wall street. HAK v DEN AiCO.'S Etpress Lines to Brvston, Providence, Hartford, New Haven, Hpruigtield and Philadelphia, daily. HARNDEN St CO., o25 Imr 3 Wall street. SELF-COCKING PISTOLS. BLUNT fc 9YM8, Importers nod Manufacturers, No. 46 Chatham street have ou hand * large assortment of the Sn Barrel S. If Revolving Sell Cocking Pocket Pistols. Til cue pistols have tha advantage over all others of the kind by i he imi>oeaibtlity of losing .lie caps, the nipples being placed in a horizontal direction,and there being no cock in the stay to prevent taking at correct tight as with the ordinary pistol or gun. The above pistols can be furnished lower than any others in the market, at wholesale or retail. We hsve at great a variety of other kinds of Pistols as can he found, with Kitles, U. 8. Muskets, for shipping and military: Prite Muskets, do: Fowling Pieces, tingle and double; estra large sue double and single (hint for ducking, together with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bags, Ca(?, Locks, Barrels, kc., lie., in large or small onaiitiiiei S B.?Country deslers are requested to call and esamine our assortment before purchasing elsewhere. si ?ni*r THE AMERICAN MACINTOSH. PRF.JL'OICK, or hshll, make some to prefer every thing foreign. We ask such to inake trial of our wa Irr-proof c.rats and ca|<es, and learn for once (to far at leant as our Macintoshes are concerned) that the only merit |>eciiliar to ibe imported ever the American, is that they may have hung on a peg in Clieapside until they became rusty and out ol Uahion, then shipped to America to be aold as "good enough for the market. Price of the American Macintosh from ten dollar* I'Wards. HO RACK H. DAY. 46 MajiwLutu, 29 lm*r Successor to Rosburv India Kubbet Lo. ~"am\ts~rmknts. WIBLO'S UAIIUBII, * Benefit of Gabriel rI^Ti LAST NIGHT OK THE We began the Season Gloriously, earned it through UnlliantI>-, and mran to finish it Merrily. IMMENSE A TTRACTION. The Wonderful K?vel Family THIS EV'.N'G, Oct Mth.thc nerforoiance will commence at half i?ast' o'clock, with A.N OVKHTUkK After which M. DE( HA LUMBAL'. M. I.aronce, Leo* Javrlli I Ro-iainet, 'J Ra??l Jules, Anionic Kaiel I Kinof, Francois Rare! Japes, Clark [ M'm Olirier, M'me A. Rare 1 M L)relialuineau,Moiis. Ke'iu | M'llr Olivier, M'me J.Ravel During the Pantomime, a Gallop Villagois by the Corpe-da Ballet, Comic Its Stym u, by Gabriel Ravel and Mailrinoisellr DoutreVllle. To be followed by KEATS ON THE TIGHT ROPE, By the Ravel Family Charles Wiuthcre. AN OVERTURE. To conclude with OODEM8K1. Oixienski, Gabriel Ravel | Notary, Leon J*vaJM Grivntiehe, Mom Kerin I M'me Grivoticbe. M'ma Eara 1 Loveuski, Anionic Havel j Bet xi. Mid Walk Jules Loveuski' F Rate! | Luzi, M'ila Carolina Zinmoliuski, I'm dc Drux, tiy Mmis Ferm ?ud Mia* W*Ua. The B dirt |o conclude with GHAND SKATING SCENIC. Grind I'm dr Deux, Vim ami Mr H Walla The Garden <>|?uf at half |?*l in?Pertoriaauces COBBCBCI hrlf past seven. Tickets?iO cents CHATHAM THEATRE. I'll l?K rmu. Upper Tlrr 21 cents. First Tier M OCDM. MONDAY EVENING, October list, will oc perform ad MAN IN THE IRON MASK. D'Aubigue. Mr. Leniioi | Madame Landry, Mr? Judah Tii conrlude with Hit HLIEU Richelieu, Mr. J. 11. Srott I Julie Dr Mortimer, Mrs. Thorn* il f~ Doors will open at 6H?Curiam will rise at 'jaartei pas t 7 n clock precisely. Bos Office open daily from 9 to J, where Tickets may b purchased and places securi >1 niTCHELL'S OLYMPIC TIIKATHK. 444 Broadway, New York. MONDAY EVENING, Oct. 3lst, will be presented After which _ AMIL1E! General Count Der Teinter, Mr Raymond Jose Spcckbacher, Miss Taylor After which TliE TURNED HEAD. Dick, Mr. Mitchell. To be followed by a new Burlelta called JU1MTER JEALOUS. I lion Mrs. Timm. \rr The Doors will ba o|ieued at hall-past 6, and the per loruiait. c commence at 7, every eveuiug. AMERICAN THEATRE?WALKUT-BT, PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CUSHMAN. MONDAY EVENING. Oct. 31st, will be, JACK CADE. Aylmere, Mr Forrest | Mariamme, Miss C. Cushman To conclude with PRETTY GIRLS OF SI'ILLBERO. Tuesday, 2d mitht of Mr. Forrest's re-encasement. E. A. MARSHALL. Lessee. AMERICAN MUSEUM AND GARDEN. BROADWAY, opposite St. raul's Church, under the ma uagemeutof P. T. Barnuin. P. T BARNUM. Manager. TREMEXnOUS >1TTR~1? TlONS. Laat week of the inimitable and eccenuic DR. VALENTINE, who will give all of his beat Imitations,including hia Lecture oh Phrenology, and hit celebrated Fourth of July Oration.? Also, esliibitnig for one week, Niagara Falls with real Croton w ilcr, tlie most suliliine rihibitnm of the age. Til' Mysterious Gipav Girl?Miss Hood, Uienopadar vocalist ?La Petite Celeste, the admired dauseuae?Albino Lady? Grand Cosmoratna, the views change every Monday?Fancy OI?? Blowing?and 100,000 Curioaitic*, and Siguor Vivaldi's wonderful LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY. Consisting of eleven of the moat extraordinary petformera in Mr woiId. Wedueaday next, Benefitnf Mm Hood. Afternoon performances Wednesday! and Saturday at three o'clock. Eevrtiiug performance* commence at 7)f. The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Garden and enter tainmenu. tweniv-fn r cent*?Children half price. oX> ATTRACTIONS! 8TRONGER STILL'! DlliW YORK MUSEUM AND PICTC RK GALLERY, Broadway, njfioiUe the Park. Seren Performer* to be ecu for one Shilling. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager, HAS the honor to announce tliht he ha* engaged the great negio dancer Matter > rank Diamond, and aecured the Mrvice* of Mr. Alden, the much admired Ethiopian Melodiatand popular Banjo Player, alio Mr. Ryall, the celebrated comia dancer; Mi<? Hoialie, the charming ongtire**, i> re-engaged; Mr. Nelln. the wondei of the world, will atuiear, being hi* last week?hi* benefit take* place op Monday, Oct. 31*1, on which occaaion in addition to hi* extraordinary leat* he will *have any of the audience; Mr. Culliu*, the comic singer. and Mr. Delarue, the mimic, will give their entertaining performances. Gla?a Blowing by Mr. Owen*. Admiaiion to ilie whole, includiug Museum," Cutiiuitiea, Picture Gallery, and Performance, ONE SHILLINO. There will be a day |*rfortnauce on Wedneaday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. The entert >inmeuta in the eveuing will begin at hslf-|>asl7. o30 lm*ec TIVOLISALOON. THE LARGEST and inoataplendid Saloon ill the city for Muaical Soiieea, Concerts, Assemblies, Military Balls, Private and Public L)inn< r Parties, Political Meetings?without distinction of |uirty. Tlie Proprietor, ever anxious togaiu to himself and this establishment a reputation ( independent of great profit) lias leased from the owner on such terms aa will enable hint to c?in|>ete wilti any olhtr establishment, and ahall oe most happy to make arrangements (in accordance with the times) with all who may favor hi in with a call ; and aaaurea them that no pains or exiwuse will be spared to give entire satisfaction. WM. P. DENMAN, Proprietor. P. 8. Tuesday evening! of each week is set apart I or InviUr tiou alls. og lm*r DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS. FA. AIITAULT it CO., It>a)? Fulton street, opposite Rl. Paul's Church, re*|>ertfiillv inform their friends and lha public, that they havajusl received by packet ship Argo, an invoice of 1000 Daguerreotype French Plates A new sup|4v of the best and newest patterns apparatus 100 ounces bromine 60 ounce* bromine of iodine 60 |K>und* hyprosulphate of *o?la 60 gramme* ol chloride of gold 100 |Niuud* of tripoli of venue 50 ounce* i blonde of loillne And the new book containing the late*t improvement* intl Daguerreotype. 06 Im ?r I' 11 E 8 E N T S . TIFFANY. YOUNG, tic ELLIS, IMPORTERS ANl) DEALERS In the various Fancy Manufacture* of England. Franco. Germany, China, lie HAVE received by late arrivals, a great variety of beaotilal novelties, whirl; renders llirir stock more elegant and e?ten.ivr than rver before. In it will be found a auperior aaaort ment of? Hosewood and Ebony Gooda Cluneae Fancy Articlea Plain and fancy Stationery Kancy Porcelain aud Glass Cuilery Berlin Irou aud Bronze Gooda Perfumery Fans of all kinds Brushes and Comba Papier Mache k Velvet Gooda Indian Curiosities Umbrellas, Paraaolak Shades Walk iug $u?i*ii<ler?, Gaines, OjpeiR Qlaxsrs, French Jewelry, Ruling Whipx, Accoidioua, Music Boxes, Mantel OrnHments, Oil pAiniiuK"* " BomnV Gloves, and an innumerable rariffv of EUgant ArtieUt of Tcutt and Utility, suitable for presents, all of which thev take pleasure in show int. and will sell at such moderate prices aa muat be satisfaeto IT to all puichaaera. No. 400 Uroadwajr, oU Imia'ec Directly opposite the City Hall. UK. WHEELER. OCULIST. TNFLAMED. DISEASED AND WEAK EYES- DS 1 WHEELER, Oculist, 1] Greenwich street, N. Y, respectfully informs the public, that in conaei|nence ol his practice havuiK become enlarged to so great a i evtent, he is compelled ol e.infine Ida office attendance atrictlv between the hours to 8 A. M. sou i r. ?!., alter wiucn he vuita ma out door patients. Notwithstaiidinit mat amuuz me many hundreds of eaies which Dr W. naa artended, many nave iiern operated on by other professors wnnout success, sun pronounced uy them iu curable, yet aw. vv.haa never lailcil to eradicate the disease and elfcci a pcrlccr cure, despite every disadvantage which may have presented itself, and in many instances almost aatsins t hope. It . tins unprecedented success in his treatment of the various (h.therto considered incurable) diseases of the eye that enables ?.m with confidence ro refer the afflicted who may be uuac(]iunited with him, and his mild mode of treating the dieorders of this organ?to numerous restorrd patients in the first class of society, rrs|>ectiiig his professional sbi litres and skill as a scientific oculist. ''hronic intlammation of (he eyelid, or sore eyes, howeve i sung slaiiding. can he effectually and permanently cured, and films, sjierkv removed without surgical operations. Terms to him the circumstance* of the patieiil o8 lmis*r DOCTOR ELLIOTT. OCULIST, AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, Confines hi* Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Office Ml Broadway, corner of Warren street, iff Imu*r TO COUNTRY MERCHANTSROR'T. L. SMITH it HENDERSON, WHOJ.K8AI.K IN FANCY SILKS AND STAPLE I)KY GOODS, SHAWLS AND LACES OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS Strutr, fsghorn and Palm IjtaJ Hatt, NO. I7? PEARL STREET. 3d door above Pine, New York. Robert L. Smith, ) John C. HrratiioR,) No deviation I'rotn the Tint price named. jilll mia* private medicine chestsT^ THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY of the city of new york. HAVK preuared a number of " Private Medicine (-heats, each containing an appropriate quantity of the new French Medicine* lor th>- cure of a |?ecufiar clam* of diaeaae*. which have unfortunately in too many inatancea fallen under the treatment of ignorant quacks, in couaeonence of the eitremedelieacy which patients thus afflicted ethibit in applying for medical advice from leapectahle physicians. In the mode now et darned, however.aafe and effectual treatment will be yarned by such patient* without the necessity of making any disclosure of their caac. The " Medicine Chest coniaiiia such a quanllily of appropriate medicine as is guaranteed to cffi ct a perfect core, and ample directions in a plain and familiar style accompany each cheat. The remedies are applicable to all forma of the diaeaae. The Cheat*, containing remediea for ayphilitic diaeases arc aold for each?the cheats with remediea for ?onotnioe* and gleet $1 each, may uow be had of the Principal Agent o( the vonege. W. 8. RICHARDSON, A*ent. Principal Office of the College 07 Sum tract. N. B.?lim forwarded to all parta of the Union, thn Canndan and Writ Indiri. Peraona imrrhaaing iheChrata ran,by addreaaing tbr Collrfc, (ratnitonaly obtain whatrrer additional adrice th?y mav deaire during (he progeria oftlirir cane aM im ** STRABISMUS. COMMONLY CALLED SQINTING. CUHKI) in frw ?rondiby Ourrin'a celebrated plan, which i? fr< from |miii or daugrr. Cataract! rrmorrd by any of the o... rati.mi practiced hoi* ar in Europe. DR. WHEELER, Ocujiat, 33 Orrenwicli itrrrt. New Torn. N. B Referr ncra rati he givm to 263 patirnta. Offi* lionra, from 8 AM to I P. >1. of Imia'r H A V A N A 8 B OARS. rl ABIA It MANXANEDO. No. ?9 Liberty atreet, near N>?aau, olf? r lor tale the following t WW 00ft LaNorma aegara, ?*rv oId and aiiprnnr I'iH.ikki Diana do do do 171.000 Eaprmnra do do do 1(10,(100 Krga'iaa of Norma, Diana, and Kemero branda SO.OOO Ononae, 1'rabacoa, aiid Bavonrtaa, ratioua do The whole entitled to .debrntute, and in lou to tnit imrcha aera. 08 lmu*r

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