Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 31, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 31, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Ho. 3U1 ? WhoU Ho. 3154. r'OR NKW OBUANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE O* PACK El 8. M M. iife. Kui IIUS feller *1 COlUUlOtlall.'U Ol ship|*l?, it u despatch a ship ("ruin this |>ort on the 1st, Jth, loth, 15th. ioth,m 2Jlh ol each mouth, comm. ucuw the LKh Octoiler and Ct**un*" 1114 nihil May, when regular days will tie appointed for tlie Dial oiler ol' tire year, whereby great delays and itisappo will b? presented during the summer mvurhs. 1 he lollowtug ship. will coiuiileuce tins arraugeineut : L- Bhip \ A/OO. Cainaiti Cornell. Ship OCONEE. I iptain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Caplaiu Hilhard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captaiu Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEAKE, Captain Miner. Ship OASTO.N. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE, Captain Mnmford. Ship OC.MULUEE, Captain Lrasitt. Snip NASHVILLE. Captaiu Dickinaan. Shu. MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Shu. LOUISA. Captain Mullord. These ships ?'"? *11 Will lu Hi? ? " " ? ? -, for imckt-u, arc of light draft ol water, have recently been . wlv <-u?i<ered and put in ?|>leudid order,with accommodations ,'or passengers unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, wlm will make every eirrtisn to gist Suoeral sawrlactiou. They will at all limci be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captain* of lhe*e ship* will be res,K>ntible lor jewelry, bulltou. piectou* stones, silver or plalrd ware, or lor any It Iter*, parcel or iwckagr, tent by or put on board ol them, unlets regular bill* of lading are taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. K.r freight or,rKage,(,i,,illN8 & ^ ^ # HULLIN la WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all good* to their addre**. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the good* correct|y measured. __ _____ _ _ **4 m. ^ rfHv PA??Atih ANU RKMli iaaCE lu OkeAT BRITAIN ANU IKK LAN U WEEKLY. rpHE subscribers continue to make arrangrment to bring out 1 passengers Imm the old country, by shl|is ol the first class, all American, built,and commanded by men long and favorably kuown iu the trade. The vessels composing this line sail weekly froaa Liver,?>ol, consequently all unnecessary delay to passengers is avoided. Persons six ut to make engagements for friends to emigrate the en tuing season, will study their own interest, and the interest and comfort of their I' making such engagements wi'h "l?e subscribers, a* no e ape use or pains are spared to earn mat preference which has lor many years been extended to themAs has al ays been customary with this line, when the parties settle for decline coming out, the passage money is proiM*ly re unded to those from whom it was received, with out deduction. A frer passage per steamboat from the various ports of Ireland and tieertlaud, to Liver,axil, can likewise be secured, h'or IU rther particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Olfice. ?13 Pearl ah, Orto C. URIMSHAW at CO. 10 Ooiee I'la/.ras, Liverpool. Urrf* and Exchange at sight, and lor any ainouul, are alao furuixhed on It. C. tilyn St Co., Bankers, Loudon, C (iriinahaw sc Co., Clterpoo1; the Northcru Banking Co. nd Nation al Bank of Ireland. .National D in* ol scouoou, payanie at ineir rcapecuve branches: as follows NATIONAL BANK OK IRELAND. Alhlone, Dutigarveu, Newr Koss, Balliwa, Emits, K"icommou A; bahliii.uloe Euuiscorthy lios rea Belfast Kerrnny hligo Boyle Galaway Tallow Cai.-jek on-Suir Kilkeuuy Thuriea Cashed Kilrueh Tipperary a::- Casllenar Limerick T.alee Ciutleresgh Longford Tuam Charleville, Loughrea Wsterford Coomul Milchellstown Weapon Cork Moute Weiford Lublin Nenage NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY. Belfast Lurgeu N T Limerary Derry Armagh Ballemena Uownpktrick Magherafelt Clones Lisburu Coleraine NATIONAL BANK OK SCOTLAND. EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Kortwilliain Kirkwall Anslrnther Gvlaglirds Langholm Audrie Glasgow Lricli Bauljf Grentowu Lewick Bathgate Harwich Montrose Burntisland Inverness Nairn Castle Douglas lnverary Oban Dalkeith Inveakeilhuig Portree Diugwell Jtbugh Perth Dunil'rtes Keith Stirling Dundee K'lsoa Slouaway Falkirk Kirkaldy Stormuess Korrest Apply as above. t9 lm*r OLD L.lNE~TlVERPOOL PACKETS. Mo S& '[ 'HE ULI^TTnE of Paeuels n-r Liverpool win ncreafter be despatched iu the following order, excepting that when the liy o; s.aling falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. Kor New York. Kor Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, CJuus 1 July 19 616 tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. U. Bailey, ( Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND. I June 19 Aug 7 710 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L.Waite. ( Keb 19 April 7 The OXFORD. I July 1 Aug 19 800 lulu, {Not 1 lJec 1<J J.Rathbone, (March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, I July 19 Sept 7 <U0 tons. < Not 19 Jan 7 E. Q. Marshall r Mat 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Auk 1 Sept 19 618 tons. '.Dec 1 Jau 19 A B. Lowber.r April 1 May 19 Tho NEW YORK, < Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, ' Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.('April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ilSept 1 Oct 17 850 leu*, vJan 1 Feb 17 W.CBarstow.l May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS. I, Sept 19 Not 9 700 ions, ', Jau 19 Mar 9 O.A.Cole. (May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality. as legards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of iiassage out ward is now filed at Oue Honored Dollars. lor which ample stores of ever* description wi{l tie provided, v. ith the esceptiou of wines and liquors, which will be lurmthed by the stewards. GOODHUE (t CO., 61 South st., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-slip.N.Y. jet I Ivh BARING BROTHERS It CO., L'pool. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. <?& tife rfjfe JR Un^STABLlhHEin'ASSAaECjWlCE, 61SOUTlf ^ STREET. The subscriber in announcing his arrangements for the year 18(2. appears befope his friends with sentiments of sincere respert for the able support lie has received for many years past.? He likewise wishes to call the attention of those iutendinz to send for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times be accommodated hv this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known dilfereul lines of |>acket ships, sailing to and lrom Liverpool on the 1st, 7lh, 13th, 10th and 25th of each month throughout the year. It has always been the study of the snbscricer to have the emigrants shown ci%iity, and des|iatched without delay, and shote who send for tneir frirnds may rest satisfied that every due anddiligrntattention will he given by the Liverpool agents to those sent for,as well as all who may emhark with them, and shouid any of those whose passage has been paid not em?rk, the money will tie refunded without any charge. The subscriber feels a pleasure in making known the differ ent ships by which his iwssriigers came out during the last year, which has givan geueial satisfaction, and that he has consideraoly extended and concluded his arrangements for the yeaV 1812 The following is a list oi ships ;? Ships Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alahamian, Lane. Faiifield, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, Speare. Russell Glover, Howss. Wales, Watts. Hibernia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Cheever. Osceola, Childs. Clifton, lugersoll. St. Cloud, Emrrson. Louisv ille, Allen. New York, Niven. Sobieskie.Emerson. Warsaw Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Pauthea, Gnodmanson. Robert Isaacs. Trtieman. Virginia, Eatou. Europe, Batcheldor. 8. Jenkins, Seymour. A free passage from the different ports of Ireland and Scot I....I 1. I... I ,?,| I.k.a f?r .mniu.r pa>ahle it the National and Provincial Bruits of Ireland and their respective branches, and alvo on Moists. J. h W. Robinson, Liveriaml, which are paid free o* any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars pply to JOfrN HKRDMAN, 61 South street, or J. St W. ROBINSON. 16 Ooree Piazrai.and isl> No. 1 Neptuue it.. Waterloo Pack. Liverpool. "m m m m, 77mT* lO^MARSF-IU^^^lie under in, niit.tisd shim Mill be ocularly dispatched trom hence and (mm Marseilles ou the 1st of each month during the \ear, t'uia? From New York. Marseilles. MINKRV A, Capt Brown, Nor 1. Ian I H RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylrestcr, Dec t. Feb 1 COURIKR, Capt Uuuan, Jan I. Mar! TRF-SCOTT, Cap! Lawrence, Feb I. Ani l HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Marl. May 1 tliRIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl I. Jun I They are all cofiwrea and copper fastened,and hare escellent accommodation* lor puicnKen* Thr price of cabin i<uuir will be S100, eiclueive of w.nee and liquors. Ghawla addreeaed to BOYD it HINCKEN, the a genu, will be forwarded free of other chaigra ihan thoae actually raid For freight or paaaage apply to g. broom Ic co., or to o2lr Boyd k HI NT K k.n , Agenta NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKET*, aiifrom New York on the 25th and Lirerpool on the IJth of each month. Mh. M m. I* rom New Yokr. Ship OARR1CK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. Shin ROSClUS, Captain John Collint, 25th November. Ship SIDDONS. Cantaio K. B. Cobb, 2ilh Deeember. Shtp SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Drpeyater, 25th January. From LivvRrooL. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Drpeyater, 13th Novem'r. Ship OAKKICK, Captain Wm. Mkirlay, 13th December. Ship ROSCIU8. Captain John Collina. 13th Jannary Theae *hi|w are allot the lint elaaa, upward*of lutiOtona, limit inihecttyof New York, with anch ini|*oremenu aa rombine (ureal apeed with unuaual comfort for paaaengera. Every flare bar been taken in the arrangement of their accommodation#. The place of iwaaage hence ia $100, for which ample arorea w ill be provided. Tlieae ahip* are commanded by eirieru noed maatera, who will make every ciertion to five general aauafaetion Neither the captaina or ownera of the ahipe will be reapenaihie for any letteri, parcelt or package# aent by them, unlma regular b 'la of lading are aigtied therefor. For freight oi paaaage, apply n> E. K. COLLINS k CO., M Month at., New York, or to WM. & /AS. BROWN It CO.. Liverpool. Lettera by the |?acketa will be cl arged I2S ceuta per aingle fm: 50 cent* per ounce, and newepapere I cent each. ol MARSEILLES LI NE OF IACKEI S 1 vff TV"n the lit Noremb. r?Thr packet aliip MIN EH VA, jMMMblliDWn, maater, will aail aa above her regular day ? F..i Ireigni or i aaaagc, having go.d accommodationa, apply to BOYD A HINCKEN. Agenta, No. 9 Tontine Building*. or to o22r 9. BROOM k CO., Hi Front at. E NE NE MARTIN'S CASH TAILO RING ESTABLISHMENT. 164 IVilUam Street, Corner of .Inn Street, T8 JeciUrdly the rhe?ue?t id the city. There U *lwtr? on * hand a select stock of seasonable goods, purenosed for cash, which will be made up to order in the style of make, til, inmuuutf, lu-., that nu<nruiucii geueial sausfactioa during the last tour feon, and at a positive s.iviug of JO per cent. Gentlemen are requested to call and ciamine. Those who furnish u? eu own goods, can have thein ? MADE AND TK1MMKD. Uress Coats, made aud trimmed, ?$7 uO te $8 jO Pants aud Vesta, I 71 to I 00 Over Coats, 00 to 11 P0 djr- Terms?Cash ou delivery. a la lm* c MICHAEL E. MARTIN N'LW CASH TAlL.ORl.Mi ESTABLISH A EN T , NO 93 CHURCH ST. (BE T WEEN READE AND CHAMBERS STREETS. GENTLEMEN luruisirug their own goodscan have them in vile up iu the moat laahiuuable Kieucb style, cheaper tliau ever utlereil before iu this city. Overcoats inaile ami trimmed $0 JO Krock coats " " " 7 10 Dress coats " " " 6 10 Vest and Pants $1 10 to 1 71 N. B.?Repairing done in the neatest manner, jol Im'in SAMUEL WYANT. ~ ONE PRICE STOiti.. " 'T'HERE IS NO IMPOSITION practiced at this store hv A asking double the price an ar ,icie is worm, neiuier auv in terrniHiouou the side walk. No lusnlt ottered it yon oou I purcnase. Any |iersju wishing to make a purchase can rely ou beiug furnished witk clothing at the following prices : Coats $9 a 12 Cloth Jackets 3 a 1 Cloth Pants 3 a 4 10 Saitiuett Panta I 10 a 2 10 JACOB COGSWELL, Ollm*( 133X Chatham street, near Rose veil si., S V. SHIRTS. 0111KTS made after the latest and most approved French kJ patterns. t oats, , aulalooua, rests, aud all under garuieuu, made to order at snort uouce and iu the most lasluouable style Gentlemen's h nruuhiug Store, 17 and 19 Maiden Lane, New Voi a. .3 Jm'r WM. COLLINB. " J. SOKIA, FRENCH DYER, 490 PEARL ST., Principal Office, HMiANKFUL for the patiouage heretofore oestow u, resA pectfully informs the public mat he lias, for the accouiinodaliou ol hit cuslouieit iu the upper pari of the city, o|iened Two Offices, one situated 217 Hliaibek St., the other 312 OWEBT. lor the reception and delivery of Goods. All kiuds of Silk, *01100 and Woollen Gooda D V ED. Merino aud Camel's Hur Snawls cleaned in tJie French style, with neatness aud despatch. \l_/~ All kinds of Wearing Apparel anil Carpels scoured. Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyed and put up in their original lorin. Brooklyn Office, 49 Fulton si. Brooklyn. Oil lm*r THE ANTI ANGHLAR SYSTEM OF WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. must rwsLVS Iu sis dui.i.aRS ! MR. BR1STOW ol Loudon, respectfully lulormi the Ladief and Geulleineuof New Vork and Brooklyn, that Ins classes Day and Evening, have commenced Jor the season, and that he haa beduceli iu? Teiuu one nail,?to Sn Donors Oeulleuieu of all dura dr? positively uughliu twelve lessons, a bold, Jrtt, aci'tdiiioiu auil luushed business-like style ol Writing, uo matter now bad, illegible suit, or cramped the writing tnay be. See specimens at U>e door, 236 Broadway. Akd the Ladies A neat and handsome, delicate and laahionable Running Hand In Twelve Kur Lessons ! D7" VISITORS in New York can take a course in Three Days !?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 1 to g T. M. Cveuing Classes from 7 to 9. Boog-Kggrino Tangh on a superior inetliod, by doable and single entry, cieuiuicsl | y and practically. 1 I *s v C?i 8TENOURAPHY. A new system of the Art of VVriuug Short-hand, for taking dowu Lectures, Sermens, Trials ai Law, Ac. Ac., t tugnt perfectly by Mr. Bristow in one course ol lessons I at 236 Broadway. See a Si>ecimen. N.B.?A worn ol the author is presented to every pupil for then i-riuiaueul guide. o!3 lin?r ITALIAN MUSIC?MR. MANNING, (twenty years re I sideut in Naples?Pupil ol i'acui and Crvsceuliui,^ gives instruction, on terms to sun the limes, in Italian, k reach and English Singing, aud in the most fashionable style of Piauo lone playing. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the following gentlemen :? J. M. Waiawriglil, D. D. ; Messrs. Howland A Aspuiwall ; J. K. Schroder, D. D. ; Mr. J. T. Brigliam ; K. L. Hawkes, D. D; Mr. S. Ward. 6lr. M. resides nt 230>? Hudson street, near Spring st. o I lm"r ESPY'S PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOR. rPHlScheap, simple an I elhcitul apparauis is ada,.le i. to all I purposes of Veulilatiou. Slops, Steamboats, c. nurches, Hospitals, Prisons, .vliues, Vaults, Ac. Ac. may b' its ai>plica tiou be kepllrce Irons ell lonl air aud unwholesi me effluvia; it is also au elfectual cure for Smoky Lhimuics. The subscriber having purcnaaej the ri ght for the City and CouutyolNcw Vork, is prepared to sipply the public with Cones on demand. Metal Hooding of all descriptions lurnished in any part of the country. Croton Water Pipes and Plumoers' Work in general. Alio, Galvanized Iron aud Tin Ware at wholeiale. Stovepipes, batli tubs, coal hods, Ac at | rices greatly reuueed. All work warranted, an 1 orders by letter attended to. T. SUMNER, s26 3in*m 121) Water street. THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL AND DiAI'ER HIN ANEW and important article for use in the nursery, and as a laslrnlug to ladles shawls, cloaks, Ac. Pateuled in the United Stales and in Europe. c is rapidly gaining favor wherever introduced, aud has became an article winch it will be to the advantage of dealers in tanry hardware, Ac. in the country, to supply tlicmsi Ives with, kor sale to the trade, by most ol the wboleaale dealers in such articles m the city of -sew Vork. Thread and needle atorei and dealers in fancy articles, supplied on liberal terms, at the manulactoiy of the patentee, 146 Jsv street. Brooklyn. s22 lm*rc LJAYDEN'S STEEL QUILLS.?The subscribers nave lor Tk- salt, romc recently impioved modifications of these excellent and i opular Pens. The " Re.,uy Writer" is unanimously voted the King of Pens ?combining eminently tiexibility aud permSuence. The " Dickens" is considered the best pen fur the price in the maiket. The " Union" cannot fail to suit every body, affording at 12K cents a card (at wholesale) sis different varieties of Pens. The" New York" every merchant will have in his counting room who has tried them. Together with the lemons Double Patent and Combination arret Pens, with many others, for sale by 'he agents. Oil Jrn rc AH HA Y DEN. 6 Piatt st. rPO_FAMILIES OOINO SOUTH, to the West Indie, or T Europe?A respectable female, 24 years of age, wishes to obtain a permauentsituatten as seamstress, in a genteel family. She would prefer going to Europe, yet would accept of a good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The best ol refer euces given. Address A. A. A. boz 766, nyjier Post office, N. York. slOr A CARD.?I have often been informed by friends that some liersous, as well in my line of business as nut of it. lesions of the i access I inert with,have directly sad ludirectly asserted that 1 was manufacturing mv well known La Norma brand, as well as other Havana and Principe Segars in this cuuntiy, and making other similar hints, I herewith declare such assertions mean falsehoods, and such individuals worse than highway robbers. M. KAOEK, 4C Chatham street. New York, Sept. 2h. 1R42. s26 !m*r GUNS, RIFLES, PISTOLS, and a general assortment of t ardwarr, cutlery, aud fancy goods; anvils, vicrs, hoe, trace and log chainr, shovels, spades, axes, locks, bolts, mi saws hies,table cutlery, p >cket knives, with a large assor me'it of guns, rifles, muskets aud pi stole, for sale at low price, by A. W. SPIES It CO., a? lm*rrc . 218 Pearl street. FLUTE AND GUITAR. V| R PHILIPS ERNST, Profrssot of the Flute, Guitar, an i"I patent Coucertina begs to anuouas'e to his friruds and public that he has just published his new " Hondo Mtliuire" far the Gitar, which will br found well worthy the attention of the inter ot amateur, Irom its being well auapted to that instrument and calculated not only to please but to afford instruction. This Rondo, with several other pleasing pieces of his composition "for the guitar" are to be found at Mr. Ernst's residence til Canal street, where he continues to give lessons on U.e above instruments. al'jm'r U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pt 1ST OFFICE, New York, 2Jth July, 1112. TJOURSof Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the n Upper and Lower Post Offices:? Letters deposited before Half-past g o'clock, A Ml 12 : 3 " P M Will be sent ont for deAt all the Stations before livery at 9 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. II " 2 " P M Letters to he sent Free, mnst have "Free Btanjp'^ affixed to whom tti letter is addressed. No money must be enclosed id tellers unless re. istered at t .e principal offices. Lists ol the stations (at all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at S'J.M per 100. and every informaliou may be obtained on a|>plication at the upper or lower post offices. Stamps issued by the late CltyDe?|wfrh I "el will bs received. It is indispensable that the number of the rraideucs should be stated in ail letU rs sent through a his Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest inioriaation shonld any irregularities occur. JOHN LORIMLR GRAHAM ati20 ly ee Post Master. NEWLY INVENTED TRANSPOSING PIANO FORTES, NO. 343 BROADWAY.' NEW YORK. tyHE suhscnhr-rs respectfully infoim their friends and the A pnblic in general, they hare just finished a new ly invented instrument called the Transposing Piano Forte, which they now introduce to the musical community. This Instrument firms a beautiful, rich and new elterior. both in shaiie and neatness, bes-dee a lone full, brilliant, and melodious. The great advantage derived from this new inren Hon, is that music may be transposed into any key desired to suit the vocalists, or lor an accom|ianiment of any other instrument, aud therefore worthy the attention of the amauur as well as the ariist. A large assortment of Tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood and mahogany, a and octaves, with French grand action, are also constantly kept on hand, all of which we respectfully submit to professors, amateur*, and the trade in general, at our warerooini and manufactory, as above. jjJj' 'iano fortes tailed and repaired on lbs shortest no. M in rP UNDltLL, WENNER8TRON1 k CO. m . ? No. (4.1 Broadway. 28?m ,BBON!,uAND T. AfcYNGi.un. r Lf,V*,on Ttenvrd the most mentof iasluonable Bonnet Ribbon., Bilks, Ssnns Ve'v. t b. lie to be fonnd in the citsr. Dealers, city and Cin?y n'.-Hi ners, will do well ts call before pnrchaaiug elsewhere ng Imu'c THE GERMAN SURGEON OOLOMON HINK. M. D.. No J7 Reade Street New York k' III scrolula and chronic dieases no charge made till the patient is satisfied? medicine delivered gratis All persons deformed, under twenty-one years, can have their boner, straighten, d. Rt-lereiices given aa to nurueious patients who Irsve neen cured in this city. o27 sm?r i n rvi<ii i uiir.u JMitm "IbV Mt RMau FLUTE UECOND HAND?* r?r* and plenrfiri initrameiit, will be I ?old che*p. Apply to T.MONZANI, o7 lm*m M rhomp*?n ?tye*t. W V o ,W YORK, MONDAY MORI THE ISRAELITES IN EGYPT, OB, THE PASSAGE OF THE RED SEA: THE ria?T IAORI D DRAMA FRODl'CED IM AMERICA. CONSISTING OF SACRED MUSIC, SCENERY, AND PERSONATION. THE MI IIC COMrOAKO BV -1" HANDLE AND ROSSINI. THE DRAMA WRITTEN AND THE MCIIC ADAFTED RT , M. ROPHLNO LACY. Author of "Ci.<idereli.a," Ac., Ac. r.uuiuwiuii 111b m ri.UK IX l'HIS COUNTRY, AT THE 1'ARK THEATRE, NEW YORK, An ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1H42. ARGUMENT. And it came to pan* iu process of time, that the King ot Egypt died, anJ tuere arose up a new King over Kg) pi, who knew not Joseph. And ne laid unto tin people, Behold, tne people ol liie Children ot Urael are more anil *^n migntier tnau we: come now, let us deal wisely with them, lest ttiey multiply, aud it come to pass that when there lalleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and tight against us, aud so get tuein up out ot the land.? Therefore they did set over luem taskmasters to atflict them with their burdens, aud they made their lives bitter with hard bondage. Aud the Children ol Israel sighed by reason ol the bou.iage, and they cried, and their cry came up unto God, by reason ot their tondage. Auu God heard llieir gruauings, und God temembered hit Covenant with Abraham, wuu Isaac, aud with Jajoo. And Gad looked upon the Children ot Israel, and God had respect unto them. And the Cord spake uute Moses and Unto Aaron : Behold, the cry ol the Children ol Israel is come unto ma: and 1 have also seen the oppression wherewith th Egyptians oppress them, and 1 have remembered my Covenant. ^.j,. Come now, thereiore, aud 1 will send ye unto Pnaraoh, that ye may bring lorth my people, the Children ot Israel, out ol Egypt. Aud 1 urn sure tuat the King ot' Egypt Will not let you go out ot his land, no, uot by a mighty hand ; and 1 will stretch out my hand and smite Egypt with all jjri my wonders, which 1 will do in the midst thereof: and ^a, alter tutu ho will let you go. And ye shall know that 1 WL am the L nd your God, w no brmgcth you out lrorn under the burdeus ol the Eg) ptians. ^ And Israel saw that great work which the Lord did upon the Egyptians; aud the people leared the Lord, and believed tuo Lord and nis servant .vloses. Tut Second Book or Moras, c iiLtn Exodus. CHARACTERS REPRESENTED. Mates Mr. Sluuin Fharooli . Archru ac .imenvphis, (his Son) Ml rival Jiuron Pa arson Grinder (High Priest ol Isis) Bollard Mimbit DA.vmso.-I jtl Israelite Mrs. Hosatns Sinaide (Pnaraoh's Igueeu) Mrs. Kmioht ?&?! <" ?? *"'" >::::::: 13S K2S ? Israelites, Egyptians, 4 cTaaioD :?In tho 4th age of the World?Years before As Cunst, IMXl.?About BOD years alter the Deluge. . El THE ISRAELITES IN EGYPT, Sic. Itr. Past 1?Scenic 1. As Tht Encamp mini without the Walls of Memphis. The Tent of Mosas stands conspieuous. Chohui or Israelites. God ol Israel'. oh, deign to hear I Thy children's moan, their suppliant pray "r ! Grant, O Lord ! that thy chosen band May once more see their native land ! In bondage vile we toil and groan, 'Neath an impious tyrant's reign, Who bow'M to gods of senseless stone, Aud treats our law with lout disdain ' Chorus of Ishaelitish Women. A prey every day to new lean, j How, alas can we cease our tears t Almighty God 1 Wilt thou ne'er more th< Our husbands, our lathers, our children restore > Enter Mosat from the tent. < Mo tee (rebuking / Your impious complainings end, in. them) \ God and Moses still are nigh ! Midianites ! these murmurs high Youi jealous God o'ermuch otlend ! re' Chorus or Israelites. de Forgive to wretche I grief These tears, our sole relief ; J Think what ilia our hearts have borne ! Moses. Lo Killed with love towards God, e'er just, Hull let your hearts his mercy trust ; lie will make the impious mourn ; i The Lord ol Grace, from heaven's high sphere, The contrite heart will ever hear ; Led by his hand, his chosen band * Will see, ere long, their native land Chorus. i*1 God of love '. shall we then behold Our lathers, our husbands I Our children again enfold 1 Moses. O The Lord of Grace, from heaven's high sphere, The contrite heart will ever hear ; ! Led by his hand, his chosen baud It* Will see, ere long, fheir native land ! Israelites. God of Israel, oh ! deign to hear : ' Tny children's moan, their suppliant pray'r! Grant, O Lord ! that thy chosen baud May once more see their native land ! . Motet. 1 wait the return of my Brother, by me sent unto Pharaoh's Court.?lu my name Aaron will speak ? He'll demand of the King, whom all Egypt obeys, to ap- . pease thejust wrath of Heav'n, and to restore to liberty ba once more all the Hebrews now captive in the Land of the Oc Stranger'. Chobus or Israelites. Protecting God'. we shall then behold Our Fathers, our Husbands ! Our Children again enfold! Enter Anai and Elieeive. .Inai ) (beodingin > Olo_ t0 . Honor to Moaes ! Eli*, i ealutatton) ) 1 Motet. Can it be 7 Joyful sight! la it thou, Anal/? Thy Sister too 7 . Eli*. Kind Hoav'nlisth deign'd to end our woes : j dnoi. We rqjoin once again, our Protector, our Fa- , Motet. For this new mark of love, gratelul thanks to mj the Lord !?How came ye to escape your bonds, and to j quit the Court of the Tyrant whose iron heart no pity j sways! _ J ant. to ni* Queen ne the praise : ,,ei *'hiai. Sinaidc stool our friend. By her, Pharaoh' < proud heart to mercy haa been softeneu. Obedient to the I oath which bindi hia atubborn aoul, Freedom again is ours! " Motet- 'Tis the reward of faith in the Ood ye adore ! j Kht Alaa ! in Pharaoh'* Court one bitter toe is against my us it is the Prince, hia Son?the fiery, bold Amenophis ! * By thecharmaof my Sister?(pointing fo-inaij ?hi* proud jy,] heart overcome, he claims her as hia ilavc, and, from the fear of losing her forever, he doth counsel Pharaoh still to j oppose the Israelite's departure ! 0j,, Motei (indignantly) Anai as his slave !? His slave! tra ?The word ol Pharaoh is plighted !?Banish all fear ; the < arm of Ood will save the innocent; Remember how already his holy wrath has fallen on the F.gyptian land ! jr, Already the Lord, with eight appalling Plagues, hath the r Egyptian punished ! He turned their Waters into Blood ! Chorus. Israelitet. He gave them Hailstones for Rain ! Fire mingled with the hail, ran along the ground ! * Motet. Be sure then our foes will not prevail?for justice is ours, and Ood is on our aide ! j Enter Aaron. j Motet. Now, Aaron ! let thy lips quicklv tell, from ^ Pharaoh's harden'd heart what fate Is our'* to nope for. Aaron. The proud City of Memphis I have seen; where j for fifteen long years, our suffering Tribes groan'd in chains for the hour of their promised revenge !?Admitted to the King, I first recalled the remembrance of ?ur great ^ Prophet Jacob, and of Joseph his Son ; who whilst they -j lived their years of glory, were so revered and houored in j Memphis. " Pharaoh !" I exclaimed, " when the Power Supreme, by the veiceofhis servant Moses, Israel's Sons bids be free?on thee and on thy people be his cnrae if thou dare our freedom oppose !"?In vain the idolatrous Or.lrides, the infamous High-Priest of fsis, makes his false Oods to speak against the poor proscribed Hebrews?the Eternal hath moved in our favor the heart of Sinaide, stern Pharaoh's lovely Queen ; our faith she inclines to embrace Aiding the wrath of God, she threatens, she p implores, she upbraids?till his heart by her words with terror all disturbed, Pharaoh at last consents to set the Hebrews free ! Motet. Hebrews all now rejoice !? (a height Hainhow nn?tart in the rloudt)?See vo there in the skv von Rain bow so brightly shining I With Israel's people thus the jg? Lord on thii blent solemn day his sacred Covenant dath renew ! [Thf Hehrtwi rtvftntially proitrati thimitlvn on the Earth.] Chorus. p\, What fresh prodigy doth raise thus to bless ottr wond'. sin ring eyes. ^ Eg, Ql'SRTKTT avd chorus. Moots, .inm, Elittnt and citron. Lord of the Slues, whose power unending, Rules Heav'n and Carth with mighty sway, Our fronts to the ground lowly bending, pht Thus we swear thy laws to obey. Moitt [rising]. Upheld by assistance divine, our hearts are nerved to brave the worst. This day will end our hapless bondage ; at length we'll to the banks of the Nile jf?, bid farewell ; and soon, 'neatli other skies we'll see the (01

hallowed land where our Forefathers sleep ! g,n [Exsunt Moiti, Jlaron, F.liztne, and some of the Hthrtsci, into thi Ttnl ; tht rtsl dispirit, and disappear ] ,1nai (remaining alone). What mean these fears that in my bosom arise, ol evil to come ? Those dark threats which the Prince did utter Oh, Heaven! 'Tis he! Let me fly ! F.nttrjmrnophii, with a few Egyptian Guardi, who range pf,, themitltes at a distance. .1 menonh. Anai. stav. oh. star ! ,1nai. Wherefore, Prince, doit thou tbiia unrelentleaa q,. puraue me I Fear of Motel the wrath ! ? .Imennph. I)oat thou think that I fear thy proud Patn- * _ arch ?thy whole race ? Forget'at thou I am the Son of the Malter of the World 7 jlnai. That Maiter hath hit! F.ven our Ood ! pfxt Jlmtnoph (with impahtnce). Back to thy Prince that jim lovmthee, amwor?wilt thou return 7 Jlnai. By thy Father e.ufranchned fully, Anai, thy fl/fl lava ii no more. My duty command! me away. For ever we pert j 10, Prlnre, farewell' rDuitt. 1m ofaienoyiA. (Dttainint her.) ? Ah 1 if thou whom I adore RE I MING, OCTOBER 31, 18 Mutt forever leave me, Teace, alas ! will never more In tin) ho torn smile again ai Do UOt seek mv heart to move : Duty'* sacred voice command* me ! 1 may ne'er accept thy love,? Heav'n use It' doth >o ordain ! isitopA. Que kind smile to calm thin anguish, Anai, oh, why deny me I Uupriv'd of thee, to joy farewell ! mi. Cease, oh, cease ! In vain'* thy anguish ! Hapless youth, oh, seek to fly me ; 1 thy love must still repel! isnopA. Those in hopeless love who languish, Can alone my torments tell 1 mi. We must part ; thy passion vanquish ; Abseace soon will break Lore's spell. trumpet is heard.) mi. Hark! yonder sound calls Israel's children, And I must stay no longer near thee. lenoph. (seixing tier) ? Who snill darefrom me to tear thee I By this hand ne surely diet! mi. Ah', yet tremble itnoph. To fear a stranger mi. Oh ! for mercy ! unoph. Ev'ry danger I'll conlront, howe'er impending, Ev'ry terror brave, unbending mi. Dread the I'ow'rthou'rt now ortending I unoph. Ev'ry lear my soul dches ! itnoph. One kiud smile to calm my anguish, Anai, oh, why deny me ? Depnv'd of thee, to joy tare well: Those in hopeless love who languish. Can alone iny torments tell ! mi. Cease, oh, cease ! in vein's thy auguish ! Hapless youth, ah, seek to fly me 1 1 tuy love must still repel! We must part thy passion vanquish ; Absence soon will break Love's spell 1 (The trumpet totinde again.) aii. Hear'st thou I t enoph- Distraction 1 mi. Farewell! [ Exit ..inni.] imenoph. Must this race 1 detest, e'en these vile liesws, luumph over me thus I Their treedoin shall they ve in despite ol my power ? No ! Pharaoh, at my suit, II revoke his permission, and myself will to Mose* bear : Royal Decree. Even in despite ot Fate, Anai shall he ne ! [Exit, followed by hit Guards.) enter the Iraelites, joined by.lnai, aitembling to take their final departure. Chokcs. This happy day, Israel'. rejoice, io rl iav'u tuy grateful voice I fjfite' jiun tne icm, ?<zaruriufia r*nxent. iron. Ituier ador'd ol La, in and Okies, Who in each true heart obeys, Let unto luee all cheeriul riae Thy servant's gratelui praise ! aelitish t Boundless us space, omen. j Is, Lord, thy grace No more in chaius we'll mourn it. Thou'it heard thy children's pray 'r ! To freedom we return, Beneath tuy guiding care! iron. Let er'ry voice thy praise proclaim! .111. l ay praise proclaim! it. Be ever blest thy Holy .Name! All. Thy Holy Name! iron. Loud let the Timbrel sound! Bow each heart and beud each knee To llisi who doth our loos confound. And sets Ins Chosen free! During the above, Amenophis, attended by Mambre, returns and enters the Tent id Moses, j onuses coktihuiro. Fear and surprise, wonder and awe, Will nations yet unborn inspire, Who, iu the portents their Fathers saw, Thy sacred justice will admire! Let uv'ry voice thy praise proclaim! Be ever blest thy Holy name! Enter Mom, Ammuphit, and Mambre, from Iht Tent. Mists [trifA indignation to Amenophie.] What say'st iu7 Amenoph. The truth. Moses. Thou deceiv'st me. Thy words 1 place no faith Mam. [to Mom.] Too far thy daring ventures. Amenoph. By me thy King now speaks. The order is lulled that Ireed ye from captivitythe Hebrew Tribe's parture forbids great Egypt's King. Aaron. Uuheard-ol baseness ! rtratliltt. Oh, grief! Mom [to Amtnoph ] Perfidious! The mouth of the ru ham spoken it,?ins word will be lulfilled! E lit" 1 What presumption! Israelites. Blindness of heart! Anai [to Amenoph] Hear me, Prince, misled ! Amenoph. In vain are words. Anas. Vet tear insulted Heaven ! Muses. Ere long the wrath ot Ood offended over Egypt's id will burst! Mam. Dees threaten I Amtnoph. Vile Traitor!?Ho! Guards!?[ TAs Prince'i aardi advance]?Slay yon impostcr! .1nai. Oh, horror! in mercy stay! Israelites [advancing.] First shali destruction on oui tads be dean I Mam. Let him fall! Amtnoph. [to hit (ruardi.) Glut my vengeance! Aaron l Anai . [To the Israelites ] Protect his sacred life ! Elix. ) leraelitei [turrounding Motet. J Death we defy ! 1 nai [to the Egyptian Soldien.] Advance not! Enter Pharaoh, Sinaidr, Guardt and Follower!. Pliar. [to the told.ert J How now! Audacioul, fall ck! :T?tt.?Anai. Sinaide, Eli tent, Amenophit, Aaron, Mambre, Pharaoh and Motet By such daring amaz'd confounded, With | ragenow jmy haart beaU hi*h ' By destracting double surrounded, With the besetting cares contending, From the Fears my bosom rending, To escape I vainly try ! .Imenoph. Father! Motet. Great King! Imenoph This Traitor dared thy Decree Motet- Ne'er, mighty Pharaoh, believed I that thy prose thou would'st darn again to break. PAar. Slave ' my orders dispute not! Moses. Ha ! then 'tis true I Phar. Thv pride learn to conquer, or else my anginal [interceding]. Calm thee, calm thee, O King 1 dmtnoph. To die the Traitor deserves. inai [imploringly]. Shew mercy ! Phar. If e'er again thou brave me, I'll make thee feel wrath ! Motet Fear thou the wrath of Heaven ! Its thunderIt hangs o'er thee ; thy fault, whilst yet thou art able, n haste thee to repair. PAar. Slave ! Dare no further incense me ! Learn to '.y in silence ! Fall on thy knees before me, and proste, for mercy keg ! Motei. No! Wakeful, the Gsd of Judah his children I protects. Thus on their heads who offend him, his mdlul wrath he pours ! VIosks extends his hands towards Hoaven, when a fearful Tempest ensues. followed by a total darkness. The Thunder and Lightning are unceasing, and the destroying Fire falls from Heaven upon the distaat 'ty-; Chorus or Israelites a*d Eotftiajts. PiL II a I [iiorl n I 1',nst ? Sinat. How rockithe ground ! intnoph. Loud rolli the Thunder ! ^ Lightning* gleam round! 111. Earth if enveloped in darknea* profund ! IiraeUtu. Lwful in wrath thui the Lord doth defend m ! I'remhle, perfldiou* With vengeance trcmendoua, lehold, how our Uod doth hia foea confound ! Egyptian!. Ah ! fearful wonder ! See ! far, far from ceaaing, Horrora each moment around tia incrcaiing, With new terror our hearta aatouml! PART II. Seaae i. The Interior of I'haraoh'a Palace. HAnanii, givaina, Amcvorma M\M*ar,Prieata, Warriora, and the whole Court of Tharaoh, are diacovered diaperaed in Oroupa, bewailing the Plague of Darknnaa. The moat profound obacurity covera the Scene. CHoava. uphani. Oh, awful darkneea ! Oh, fear! Ah ! when will diaappear Thla veil that hidee the day I enop\. Oh, puniahment aevere ! Mv heart ia all diamay ! ir. > Will ne'er again appear aide. J The Sun'a all-cheering ray I i/ptiani. Oh, Ood of larael, hear ! I at thin. ln..r hllrtt Upon the hoad accurst That made great Egypt'a Lord Forswear hia plighted word ! ir. Theae harsh and aore reprovlngs, Rending my breaat, give o'er ! Too late I now diacover The error we all deplore ! enoph. > Ah ! what conflicting paaatona tide.) J Now are my hoaom tearing ! aide. Of future joy deapairing, Will Egypt amile no more! yptian (knteling to Pharaoh)? Thus, proatrate, King, we pray thee In error's path persist not I The wonders dire reafat not Which Ifeav'n doth on tia pour ! traoh (commandingly.) lie Moses called ! (Allondanlt go to maisns AfotSf) enoph- (audi.) ) Confusion ' uxia* (aride ) J Oh, Joy! yptiant (arurioutly.) Moaaa, haste thea ! aide (to Pharaoh.) At last art thou decided 1 r. By reason I am guided. enoph. (ati dt) I lose thee, Anai : aidt (arid* ) Oh, delight ' jphani Hop* from daapmr awakea, And on our hearts heama bright enoph "xtfiope my heart forsakes ! My soul feats double night' IERA 42. Egyptiant. Oh, God of Israel, hear That hence thy Chosen may go, I Thy mercy i How'rof Kear, Now deign to show ! a i ! Enter Motet, /allowed by *1ooron, *1nat, and Eli tent * Motet. ll> th.-e l am suuinoued.? 1 urn hereWhat I would'at thou hill I 11 Sana tilt (aaida). How austere are hit words ! Pbat. By the weight of its ills Egypt's laud sore opprest, thy aiding hand imp'.ores ! Jlmtnuph (aside). I tremhle with rage ! Motet. Still with deceillul oaths, pledged and broken 1 in a day,?the dupe ol thy High-Priest Oziridea, woulJ'st ' thou, unhappy King I presume to uioca the (iod whoso ' haud is on ihee f t jtiuuid I)jrina urrnirmli'., ' L Phor. Uy ill couuii.l mule.I, often (1 .lo confess it) I have revoked my word , but, confounded, overcouit , 1 plainly see my wrong. If tlty h ind will deliver us, uud the Uorror remove ol tins appalling darkness, I will let tbee depart, an.1 with thee all tUy people! Sanaide (aside). Welcome sounds ! Amenoph (amde): Words of tear. Moisi. Ol our sacred Creator the clemency once more 1 for thee will implore.?But rest thee sure that Clod doth read thy heart! Aaron. His just wrath then beware '. Musts. I'Uarauh, speak ! Art thou sincere 1 Pliar. Yes, I swear it ! Muses. Then wo, wo be upon thee, if thou, perjured and talae, should'sl dare again Phar. No '. trust my plighted laith ! Invocation. Muses. Eternal! E'erlasting ! Incomprehensible (Jod ! Oh, thou who waicheat ever over them who adore thee, anl who still thy lov'd People with every good dost bless! Oh, thou who, in equal balance, with linpailial hand, dost w eigh our works ! Thou who art still tne holy onej the just ono ! the strong one' whese wrath requites th? Oppressor of thy People ! now glorify thy name,?thy . clemency display,?and to Egypt despairing, deigu, O Lord! at my prayer, the light that disappeared, once again to restore ! (Toe lnht of day suddenly re-appears, in fullest brilliancy) Chorus. All (with ) Ha! wondrous hour ! Joyful sight ! ? rapture ) j We bless thee, welcome light! Skttett. Moses, Aaron, Anai, Elitene. Celestial Lord of Mercy s On earth exists that being, Who, theie thy woodqrs seeing, c Still doubts thy pow'r and love ' l Pharaoh, Sinaide, Anenophie. Surprise aud awe oppress me ! ' To see thy works stupendous, What huirt, oh, Pow'r tremeudous, > What heart can sceptic prove ! Aaron. Eg>ptiuus! ' Muses. Roy al Pharaoh ! Aaron. Let of this light the brightness serve to ilume ' your minds ! I Muses. The Eternal adore, and your false Oods abjure! I Phar. Enough ! Ere the day he ended, with all thy < Tribe* oi Hebrews, to reach the Desert haste thee ! Freely ye now inay all depart. Amenoph. ! atber, lieliiiuk thee r Sinaide llo Amenoph). My Son, fear the wrath divine ! Amenoph. Keasous of state remember. d Aaron. Must yield to the will ot Heaven! Sinaide- Longer, O Prince, opposw not! Phar. Freed is the Hebrew race! c Amenoph. Yet bethink thee Phar. Freed is the Hebrew race ! t Aaron (to Amenoph). Yield to the will of Heaven ! H Phar. (imperiously). Freed is the Hebrew race '. I Skptett and Chorus. Alt except Amenophte. I Let sounds ot joy around, Loud to the skies ascend Peace, ou us dawning bright, Now soothes each heart! Amenophie (aside). Oh ! racking torture ! Oh! thought of misery I I..U?.. 1??U I For e'er we part! Exit. (Exeunt Omnet except Pharaoh and ,1menophis.) Scenic II. ' Phar. Thou, my Sou, eveu now, hast heard thy Father'* will; from my lips now then learn thy Father k fondest hope. Tis lull time that of Hymen the soft hands should eat wine thee. The young Princes*, whose hand for thee I sought to gaiu,?the Daughter of the King of Assyria.?has consented to become thy bride. Freely her hand is given. Now of this wished for union between the crowns of Fgypt and Assyria, I must this day the happy tidings impart to the people of Memphis?(noticing his son's agitation) ? Whereiore so moved 1 What means this silence I My Hon, explain 7 Duett. Jlmenoph. ) In vain I try,?oh, torture ! (aside-) j To hi Je these pa ins that overbear me ; Aud yet the pangs that tear me Must in my breast remain Phar. Ouca more joy smiles o'er all the land, ' Ho late by fears tormented, f And soon thy heart, by love contented, Will banish ev'ry pain .hnenoph. No '. Joy for ever ftiej me ! Phar. What mean'st thou 7 Thy words surprise me' Jlmenoph. Father I Thou suspect'st not Phar. What say'st thou 7 jlmenoph. No more ! Oh, never may'st thou Leant what doth cause my pain Phar. Wherefore such grief betray 'St thou 7 Thy strange discourse explain .' 1 *imenoph. (aside-) Of ev'ry joy despairing, This heart must hopeless sigh ! ' The fiercest dangers daring, To death from wo I'll Ity ! Pharaoh (Jltidr.) " His anguish fully sharing, f With equal grief I sigh ! 11 Whence rise these pains unapairing, That thus his peace destroy * Enter Mamhre. Mam.(to the King ) My Hoy al Lord, your train is ready, and within the Temple of the High-Pnest Ozirides your coming waits, to thank the Oods of Kgypt. Phar. Mamhre, do thou prepare our Royal Decree ' Our word to Moses plighted must not again be broken ? Hee it done on the instant. Exit Mamhre. 1 (fttiiip \ Oririrlna mnv vr?t mv nuriHUf nsoisl Wimoul thee, Auai, life for me hath no charma. Phar. Let us on unto the Temple, where, for thy coming happiness to Egypt's < Jodi our vows we'll offer. n Exeunt. '' actsc in. * Thf. TF.Mrn or lata, with t he different Mola worshippetl by the Egyptians. 1 On the Altara before them,lights and tirea are blazing, and the High Priest Ozirides, with hia Aaaiatanta, ia diaCO- ' vered waiting the approach of the King, who entnra ' with hia Queen, and Lorda of hia Court, during a Pro- 1 cecaion and Chonia ol Egyptians, who advance bearing " various Offeriug* to their Gods. < Chorut. Queen of the Skiea, o'er Egypt's land Thy favors pour with boimteoua hand ! Bid nature amile at lliy command, And make of Nile the sacred source Spread o'er our vales ita fertile courae. * One idee. Let all around, With awe profound, ' Bend at the ahrine Of laia divine ! With sacred ardour your voices raise '. ' To Egypt's Oods hrea'he forth your praise ! Enter Motee, attended by . laron,*1nai, F.htene, and a few / Hebrewe. Motet to (Pharaoh.) I am now come to claim thy promise. Great Pharaoh forgets not, I truat, the word to Israel pledged, to repay witn full freedom, the services by Moses rendered. I am now come to claim thy promise. Phar. Pharaoh's words shall tie sacred. Into the Be- ^ aert go, with your flocks and your herds, your sacrifice to offer to the Ood who so loLg let your race wear tny chains. Oxiri (coming forward.) Stay ! Before thou permittest their departure, command, mighty King ! that they all, here on their knees, honor show to our Go Is. Let 1 them now pay their tardy homage ! ? Ve Hebrews, before great Isia bow your heads to the dust ! s Motet (filled with indignation.) Who1 We! The servants of the true God bow before senseless Idols 7 I'll ? dost thou yet know Moses, and his nation, and their ' faith. For ua there * but one God, one Master, and one I Law '. .dmenoyh (violently.) Royal Father no more with hia arrogance bear '. sl Mutt (to the Prinre.) For thy anger I care not, and I apeak to thy King. a| Oxiri. Tremble yet Imenoph. Let him die. Sinaide- Oh, Hire ! heed them not. Thy royal word ia pledged ! Motei O King ! ope yet thine eyes. Turn ere it he too late ! Egyptians your homage pay to the Ood we adore! n Ostri. Hear. Osiris ! ri Mont. Hear, Jehovah ! Moist and fltiridei together. Power all-eternal, whom th? Element* obey, thy terrible wrath now display, and bla*t with thy jnat anger thoac who dare thy power inan It ! s Motet (uplifting kit rod.) In the name of the living Ood: [A lond peal of Thunder bursts ; the fire* burning on the Altar* are suddenly extinguished, and flames asrending from the Earth consume the Idols, which sink to the ground with an appalling noise, while the ri sacred Bow, in dazxling splendour, arches the Sky.] f'typliant Wight of fear I Awful v onder Mntti. Israel's Ood, of now'r unbounded, Thus vindicates his Law Qt srtrtt isd Chorus. deal, ,1mtnopkn, Stnmidt and jieron. i?y arean lean aiircwinaea, Amax'd and confounded, My heart, ell-natonnded, 1? trembling with awe ! CHoavi. Our heart*, all aatnunded, Are trembling with awe ! Mout. rharaoh, aay ! Wilt thou keep thy prnraiae? *1m*noph- Puniah the Hebrew Magician! ? Mom. Mighty King ' keep thy promiae!? (VpUfhn/ ' hit rod)?In the name of the living OodPKar. Hold ! .Imtnoph. Vleld not, my father! the daring impoater ! defy! Let hia death end our fear* LI). Prtca Two C?nt* Phar. Thou doet counael aright, lor that doom well he nerita. Moitt. Oh ! blind infatuated King ! Thou art rec a ling tue wrath divine ujkiii thy head : angering that Clod truo hath already given thee such dread proola of hi? aiwer; Y ya_ and who, eveu now, tired ol o'erlong lorbeariuce, auspenda over thy paternal heart a terrible bio Mr, hat will rend it with angiliah. fiat Impoater 1 Thou? Hotn. Hear me, Phaiaoh, and tremble! Nike Plaguea iath (iiH Lot.4 < iiul nl fKa* ll.-iiruua uirtmriv hrmiarht noon -OP1. the U>l whereof was Dsrrncsj, even a darkness stuck might brli-lt' Ami il thou null refute to let hie 'eople go, that they dui serve him, ail the FiasTsoait hroughout the laud ol Kgypt shall die , from the Firsta?ru oi I'haraoh that sitteth upon his Throue, even unto he Kiist-horu of the Captive in the Dungeon ! i'har. Au lacious Traitor! The lips of him thoa hretleaest shall prouoiiuce thy doom ! ? (43pming to Imenophio)? Beloved son, e'en from this tiintr I share villi tnuu my regal power.? (Girin; him the Crown from hi own head)?Let this Crowu encircle thy brow, and eatod on thy throne, pronounce just sentence on the imlioas Moses t Amenoph (seating hi mielf on the Throne with the Crown <nhn head) Behold, vile Impostor my i ucr< aseil greetless'. Come, and doing instant homage to thy Sovereign, earn to lear me, and tremble! Motet. As thy servant, 1 obey thy command, and King! I bow belore th> e '.?But as a Minister ol tied, 1 raise my roice Willi direst threatening loud ! Loose Israel's leters, il thou would'st save thy tell ami Kgypt ! Still revise, and thy doom is pronounced. Thou tlunk'st thou'rt in a Throne, whilst tnou'rt bound a' the Altar. Amenoph. Thy threats I dtspise; theu wilt And they lave no power to move me. iky late is decided '. All hy arts I defy ! Yes, even to-day thou shall die! Jinai with (horror.) Die ! (Throwing herielf at hie feet.) Ala. .inai. Bee me before thee bending! Let mercy, King, inspire thee ! Though rage and vengeance Are thee, Oh, deign his life to spare ! Chorus. Though rage and vengeance tire thee Oh, deign his life to spare! imonoph. I In vain dost thou desire me (to ^inai.) y My vengeance to forbear! Anai (riling). To my prayer thou art deaf, thent Sinaide. (to Amenoph.) Bethink tliee, and yield to ranon's voice. Amenoph (furiously). To yield me to yon vile Magiilan I .No : By Heaven, 1 swear, base Traitor! thou By h.s hand shall die ! Siunide forcibly withholding him!) Insensate ! What vouid'stihou I i hy madness restrain ! Mutes. Tlunk'st thou 1 fear thee ' Pray for forgiveless ! Sinaide. Oh, beware, Prince, beware ! For mercy bo.van: Ins vengeance ! Amenoph (drawing hit sword and repulsing the Queen)? deuce 1 hence! You vile impostor ihus w ill 1 punish? Die, wretoh ! (As he is on the point of advancing towards Mosas, a huuderbolt tails on him, and strikes him dead at the foot >1 the Throne). All (horror struck.) Ha. Mom. Behold, how (iod destroyeth who darea hlf nig hi defy! Phar. (handing over the body). Oh, my aon! my eon' [ear beloved sou! in death he lies! All. Awful judgment! Afusax (to Pharaoh). And will thy heart, rash Monarch, :'eu still resist lliy Cod I Phar. (with anguish). Go get thee forth from among hy people! Go serve the Lord as thou haat said; go jet thee from tne, and soe my face no more, or that day hou shall die ! Moire. Well hast thou spoken; I will again aee thy ace no moro. Rejoice, Israel, thou art lroe! Chobus. Muses and the Ierailitii. To thedeseit, Israel lollow. Now your faith iu Heaven display! Pharaoh and the Egyptians. To the Desert your Leader lollow! Now your tailli iu your God display! Muses. Ne'er torget whate'er befalls us, 'Tia the voice ol God that calls as. And that voice we must all obey! iraelitee. Let's hence! away! To Fieadom we return! Upheld by Judah's Lord! Our hearts with ardour burn, And bless his sacred word! Kgyptiam Go hence! Away: Allho' your faith we spurn, Your freedom is res or'd. No longer here sojourn? Go hence, ye race ubhorr'd! (Exeunt Omnei.) PART III. i. A I lllHHIR IN I'll 4 s.nil's 1' Kuler Motet and JIaron. Motet. Haste thee, my Brother, haste then'. To depart ill prepare. 1 hero will wait lor the Royal Decree. Longer to Htuy us, l'haraoh now will not dare. JJamn May Heaven ({rant it; Yet in my hreait still lurk fear anil suspicion. Our Tribe* are ready ! see thou d. lay not thy coming. (Exit JIaron. Motet. Yes, now is the time arrived long loretold to our race?But aee,?the Queen approaches,?aorrowlul, yet resigned,?and in her hand our sua! of huppiues*. Enter the Quern. She bear* in her hand the Royal Decree permitting the departure ol the Israelites from Egypt.) Sinaide (la Motet ) Receive this puper. Alas ! its price is dear to Eg} pi and to us. Motes (taking ihepaper.) Unhappy Queen ! may yet the land of Heaven thy sorrows comfort, thy goodness ia full epay ! Still Israel's Sons will for thy wellare pray. (Exit Motet. Sinaide. Alas ! no hand but Heaven's alone can avar gain console me ! Thou, my sou, art no more ! for hap* nness I looked, but, robbed of hope itself, sorrow and nourning are now my sole companions. sir. "Angels ever bright and fair, Take, O take him to your rare." nerve n. Thv Bohdfrs er thv Urn 8ra. Enter Motet and the leraelilet. Motet. All our suffering-, at last, this happy day will iiid '. Under the guiding hund of Moses, the Hebrews will oon enter the long-promised land I .damn. The jMiwerof Pharaoh i.jw we may safely deny! Enter an Israelite in alarm. Iiraehte. We are lost! Pharaoh's self is descried with a lumerous host pursuing Surrounded in this spot by his srees, no refuge can now be left us but the depths 01 the lea'. ItraeUlti (with consternation ) Pharaoh's host our stops iursuing. Motes We his fury despise; Jehovah will protect us ! u Him then place your trust, and abide his holy will! follow the steps of your friend, of vour father, and f. ?r jn nought but of offending your Qod '. Over my soul defending, I tell ut this dread moment a strength that makes ne more than mortal. .4/1. In thy pow er conli ling, Moses ! we thee invoke! Motet. And .Vlosos invokath Israel's Ood Air ivd Chorus. s from thy bright starry thrane, Lord Hottt. 1 Array'd in light for e'er, netting. 1 With mercy now look down, Lord ! ' Anil heal thy Children's pray'r ! troth let- With mercy now look down. Lord! And hear thy Children's pray'r ! Oh, hear ! Oh, hoar ' 5littne. J In thee, dread Lord ! confiding, kneeling. ) To seek thy aid we dare ! l Our tfanrl'rincr (nntRt?*na crtiiriincr knitting.) ( Now nave uafrom despair! srarlitn. Our wand'rtng footsteps Raiding, Now save tis Irom despair ! Full Cnosus. r From thy bright atarry throne, Lord ! (-ffU S Array'd in light for e'er, nrtlmg ) ) With merry now look down, Lord ! ( And hear thy Children'a pray'r ! .Qnai (riling in alarm). Wtiat noise! Eli*. t>n. Heaven! Jlnai. Dearending from the mountain, armed men, preading wide, now rush into the plain ! Eli*. They are advancing' Jtnai. Death la our lot! Jiaron. Of flight no mean* appear! Israrlilm (!" Main uptraidingly). Haat thou brought s forth Irora Egypt into the Wilderness to die? Better :ill have served in Egypt than pertah in the Wilderneaa! Jlarnn. Ho w reaiat themt Eli*. Where fly ? Mom. Stand still, and fear ye not! Behold and aee the ilvation of the Lord,u hich hu will ahow to vou this day; ir the Egyptians whom yon now aee, ye shall see them gain no more for ever. (Advancing to the Sea, ha extends his Rod over the Waters, when the billows receding and curling up on each aide, divide, leaving a free passage hetween them! Moaea advances first, and Is followed In wonder by the Israelites.) IrraiHtri. Amazing' The Waters dividing, the Sea ow 1 erometh dry land. Lo! behold! on our left, on our ght, the waves unto ua aro a wall ! (I'hu Israelite* disappear, continuing their uninterruptod march through the midst of the Sea.) Enter Pharnah, Mamhri andtht Egyptians. Phar. Whareunto are they tied? Wnnin the roaring sa destruction have they sought? Mam No; through the parted waves yonder behold lorn malting their way! . Pkar. Let ua haste, and their footrtsp*pursue; and, our words dealing death, let ua destroy all their accursed '^Pharaoh and the Egyptian" enter the path among th# Billow* taken by ino n ??- --?1 the laraelite*, haf already gained the land, atretche* out hii hand over the ? ?. when the Water* furiohalr coming again together, the Egyptian holt ii drowned, while the Hebrew*, with a bright ceieatlal glory beaming on them, are decerned on the oppaait* bank, returning thank* to the Lord for their miracuiona pre nervation.) Fiwalk? Solo .4 net. Hound the loud timnrel o'er Egypt'* dark Sea, Jehovah hath triumphed, hi* people are free (llryeated in Chorus.) fii'?aT*TT?daai, Jtaron, Blum* and .Vet**, ng lor the praiae of the tyrant i* broken, it chariot*, hi* horaemen. all tplendld and brave; >w Tain was their boaating, the Lord hath but apoktt, id chariot and horaomen are mink in the wave (Repeated in Chorus.) Ht'A*T?:TT and FcLL CWOIBt. ?onnd the loud timbrel, he. Iir