Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 1, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 1, 1842 Page 1
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J" I ? TH Vol. VI11.?Ho. 304 Whole Nu. 31S3. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Kwin Wie loot of Ceurtlandt vtreet, Ptrw ion. (Every day?Sunday vtar e|*ed.) Luliri New York Leave; Newark At S A. M. At i P. M. At 7* A. M. At 1* P. M. 11H do. 4 do. i? do. 1* do. 4* do. 9 do. ? do. 7 do. 11 ,? 4? 7 dp 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Prom the foot ol Courtlandt .treet Uiu Nr? York, w Leave Newark. At ? A. M. and l? P. M. At 1* P. M. and110 P. M. NEW YORK. EL1AABE I*H TOWrj. Le*v? New York. Leave JLlii&betn Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. i* *V.M- PmM. 9* " The traina for Weatfield. Plainfield. Boundbrook, Soinrrvillr, kc., eonnect with the 9 A M, 2 and 4\ P M traiua Irom New Yoik, daily, Sunday* eicepted. Fare between New York and Eluabeth TowuU rent*. Fare between do aud Somerville. 7i ceula. NEW YORK. HAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty atreet, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 5K A. M. 2V P. M. 7? " 4X " 11H " 9 P. M. a I V... I.IS ..4 7L/ A VI inn. frnm v..w Rmniwinl ami 234 f- M" 'rain frcm New York, are mined. Kair between New York and New Brunswick, TJ cents. Railway, SO cents The lare in the JX and 7>f A. M. train from New Bruuswick, atid 2\ and tJk t". M. train from New York, has been re duced. New York and New Brunswick, to JO cents. " and Hallway to "K. " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con dnri >r only on the clay when purchased. Bull 3m* N.V. .. .'OHK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINK. Via Nouwich aisd Woictrts KsiLaoaus. Komi r Thenewaud splendid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will l?ave every Tuesd iy, Thursday and Saturday atlernoou, at 4 o'clock. The new and sj Iendid steamboat WORIiJE8TKR, Captain J. H. Vanderbi't, will Itaee eTcry Monday, Wednesday and Friday aftc rnooni, at 1 o'clock. Passengers for Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival ol tha above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office on the wharf, on bos rd the boats, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, up stairs. All persons are forbid trusting any one oa account of the above boats or owners. o4 lm* WINTER AllR/NOEMENT. DIRECT. v la .vawars, new Drunswica, rrinceton, irenton, Doraeu town and Burlington THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and P M. The morning Line Proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camdeu, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Pus*niters will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness*, Willi baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, Without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and i o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, snd 4 P M, beinr a con.iuuatiou of the lines from New York. s28 3m *r KAILllOAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. rPHE NEW JERSEY Railroad'and Transportation Company have established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they iutend to run permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at 5X A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot ol Liber tyiXreet. New York, at 2X > M. To country dealers and me,tn.ants the above line is very desirable for the speedy and enrapconveyance ol merchandise ui c?wy ui icrijiuiMi, anu morn (tarucuiariv 10 uruvrn uiq Deelrrs in Live Stock, who can have 150 head oC cattle conveyed between New Brnnawick and New York, the tame day Wit* never required. The ratea Tor the transportation of cattle, koraea, males, sheep, hogs, Ike. and all other kinda of merchandiae are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent b?* this line is not subject to any extra barge in crossing the North River. Ti?e Company have fitted np a large storehouse at New Bnmswick. adioimng the Railroad Depot, which will always eopeu for the reception of me chandise. T Paascnjkera purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will leceive ferry rickets gratis. (T/* Freight for Newark, Eliaabethtown, Rahway, Westfield, PUinneld, Scotch Plains, Boundbrook and Somerviile, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. aull 3m? "fare and freight reduced. BOSTON, via STO.NlNGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following saiwrur steamers, running in connection with the Stonington and l'i< vidence, and Boston and Providence Railroads? . , MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAUANSETT, Captain Woolsoy. MOHEOAN. Captain Vanderoilt. Our of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at fonr o'clock, P. M. ARRAtvaKMEtVTS. f The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday, Wednetday and Friday, lor ntominitnn. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, lor Ston-ugton. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to rrovi deuce and Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to he cubic loot, at $5 50 per tou, and on measurement goods 7 eenta per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods Scents per cubic foot, and ipecific articles as per tar if to be obtained at office 22 B'osdwav. mytl |s|Sf fare reduced. persons going south. -a*") "71 OA 1T7" FAllE KEDUfED on both the route* from Baltimore to Charleston, by the Chesa|>eake Bay, Portsmouth, Weldou, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to Charleston, to f 23, melt on the Bay boats included; or via Washington city. Richmond, Petersburg, Welclon, WilminKton, N.C..,aud thence to Charleston, to $22, meals extra?making the fare on both routes the >aine. Every exertion it maoe to keep the Railroads and Steamboat* connecting these lines in good Older, and expedite travel, and make passengers as comfortable as pot sible. By this route you may be sure of reaching New Orleans rom New York seven or eight days sooner than any other line, at an txpeuse not exceeding $72. E. B. DUDLEY, ol9 2wr President W. It R. K. R. Co. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of IJOO.tons aud 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. BHITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA. A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will a&ll from Boaton, ?n Halilu. moat LircarooL. mom ?o?toi?. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nov 1 Catatonia, Lott, Oct 19 Nov 16 Acadia, Kvrie, Nov 4 Dec 1 Columbia, Millar, Nov 19 Dec 17 Britaunia, Hewitt, D?c 4 Jan 1 P*??aue Money?From Boaton to Liverpool, $131?Boaton to Haliia* $20. These ?h>pa carry eipcriencad auryrona. No Bertha aecured until paid f< r. Now..?Merchandiae and Specie (eicrpt for pcraonal eiwnaea) ahipped under the name of Intyaye will be charted aa freiyot, ami liable loCuetoin Houae Herniation*. Apply to oiy r D. BHIOHAM. JR.. No. 3 Wall-at. Sl ATKNi 1SLANJJ FEKKY. Foot of Whitehall atreet. * The ateam boata STATKN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and Staten laland aa follow*'? NEW YORK. STATEN ISLAND. 9 I* 1) I* a* i3 i All fooda ahipped are to lie particularly markad, and are at the riak of the Miereof. ol r OfPOfeltlON LlNfc FOR ALBaNJ*vjaThe new and anleadid ateamhoat WAVK, Vanderbilt, will leave the steamboat wiiart loot ol Rohinion atreet, on Thursday, 13th mat. at five oVIoc- P. M. for Albany direct. 1'asaayr 'dice nU and bertha 10 ceuta. _ N. B ?Lml.t freight taken at ledueed prices. For further artn nlara enquire on h,.atd. ( Oil l$t t .MM 0m FUK ALBANY, TROY, and hill? * Lv?-R.n JSete Placea? I'ha anlendid low preaaure ateam?w -. SWALLOW. Captain A. McLean, wul leave 'lie <oot of Cortlandi at, on Sunday Afternoon, Oct, SOth. at) o'clock. The Swallow will leave at above on Wednetday, Nov. 9d, at) o'cloca. The abore i? a auhatantial Boar, fitted np with elegant Bute Room*, and for accommodaiion i. unrivalled oil the Hudeon. oiWf 0* FALL AND WINTKK ARKANOKM11NT.?'the itremhoai Kocaland, will, '-T on and after >1 onday, the 3<tt of October, run ?? loiioWa : oaring Middletown Point (tide and weather per ai 9o'clock, and Keyport at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wedoeaday and Friday. Returning, leave the loot of Rohm eon treat, New York,every Tneaday. Thuraday aud Saturday at I: o'clock, noon, touching at Seguin'a Dock each way. offltagea will he in teadineee to convey iwaaengera to any part the country All baggage at the riak of the ownera. <*) tm*ec 11 E NE NEW FENCING SALOON Jc SHOOTING GALLERY. KMEtS, ?U Broadway, entrance iu Llspeuard street. second door, lately from Eurojie, Professor of the art oI , hcnc.ULMive. instructions la ieaciu< ; al?o in the use of the sword, huutiujt knife, musket , and bay ouet, stair, aud every species of weanous. *.r?Mlh" *" officers ol Uie army, ! u* y, ?c. are respectfully liivited to c?ll auii witness au eilubitiou of his skill iui this useful ami important art. Ji0"^ r Sh^,t'"k Gallery, illuminated in the f^!,A1<! ,UP?n?r Swm pistols?shoot j HI ? III ?1U yiu'll. Iio jra-r qRuivaky DAIlY.?Kcw g eulleineu in this city I are aware tliey cau < b.aiu a good subatautial Eng 1 lah Dm- i uer, lurmshed wiili the bail the markets can afford, Bacr in- i eluded, for 21 cents. I Dinner on table at 2 o'clock. Cbo|w and Steaks at any hour. Colu Cnta, lie. Bear in mind, i CHRlaTlANBON'B, (late Btoneall'i,) oil lm*r 2V Ann >treet. magnolia lunch. CORNER BROADWAY K CHAMBERS STKEETThe t'ro|irielora of tins well knownrcalattral ileaire to lu i.n their friends and the {'italic generally, that the season for shell liah having cc minenced, they hare made ariarig etnenis for a constant supply of the huest tlie uarkei atfords?Mill I Pond, Shrewsbury and all kiuiD, which they will serve up in every style, aud at a moment's notice. Steaks and every delicacy ol the season may always be louud here in every style desired by the lovers ol good things. Supper parties eulertaiued, aud Meals served up at all hours. OcuUeinetidining down town will tiud this a desirable resort being wittuu two uiiuutes walk ol the City Hall. 1 The proprietors return their thanks lor the liberal patronage bestowed, and hope by alteutiou to busiuess they will merit a share of custom. CHICKEK1NU It CARLISLE, s 23 lin't 1 notice to firemen, AND all others desirous of keeping their Keel Dry and Warin the coining season. By calling at the OLD EXCLUSIVE i BOOT STORE, N j. in Clialuam street, they can lieaccom modated, as uie proprietor has on hand a full assortment ol his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on hand a full supply of all oilier kinds ef Boot* at < prices to suit tile tunes. Also?Dial invaluable article Rogers' Metalic Elastic Hael Bool can be obtaiued at the Old Eiclusive Boot Store, No. Iff i Chatham st. s2k lui?r j uroton water. HANSON. WlLCOCK St HANSON, numbers. Brass Founders, and Coppersmiths, nest door to the Tabernacle, No. 2d* Broadway, New York From loug piactical experience in buaiueaa in thia and other cities possessing Water Works. H W. Ik tl. have conRUence tu thus assuring the {inolic, that all o ders entrusted tolhein will be promptly executed, with a view to |>eiuiaiicutsatisfaction,in a wo.kui<.ulike style, aud of the best mateiials. Their charges will always be as moderate as cau be reasons bly adored by any ccmpeieut ami respectable couceru Water pipes of every appiovrd desciiplioii, for intrniiuciui; the Croon Water, litem lead pipes, cast iroo, composition and liuned pl|>ea. Brassi cocks aud water closets, of their own superior uiauuiacrure. li/dra >1* ol Carolina red cedar,bathing bubs, balii boilers on Hie best I'mladelphu plau, aud other articles in the loreg nug brauclies ol business. 0I8 lm*r SGGARb?SELTAK.^ HPHE following choice Si-gars are always on hand at HEN1 KiqUES'S HA V A.N A ANU PHINClf E SEUAK STORE, wholesale and re lad, basemeot 31 William St. Hiondas, in lialt aud quarter buses Do. No. , half and quarter boxes Noriegas, in quarter aud eighth do I'ara Hegalos, lu quarter do Regalias, ol a superior quality, in >*,and l-10th boxes Cougresas, in quarter boxes Trabucas, do do 1 La Nurina, do do La Kiqwrauza, do do Trea Aungos, in cartons of 20 each Loudon ttegalias, in cartons ul 40 each La fruela, in quarter boxes Misuari's spotted, m quarter boxes Pauelilla's, do. of suparior quality Yugeueudad, do Dcrnoyas, do Marcos, do 1'riucipes, of the ltendou, Crnz and 9airs, all snt. to deb. i'nuiaveras, in quarter boxes Alnrnxaa do Coustautiss, do Bualaaieutas, do Eainero 1 teg alias, do Imperial do, in quarter oxes, a superior article. N.b.?Hotels audgroceis plied ou reasouab.e terms. oil lmb NEW STOKE. pOUTHOUY St Nc.Vi RS respectfully invite their fnends 0 aud tin public generally, tu Call at 541 Broadway, and examine tlieir assortment of LAMfb, candelabra, girandoles, kc Silver, fluted and Britannia Ware, Table Cutlery, and Houu- Fumnhi ng Uood?, of every description, winch they have just opened, and now offer ou tale at *11 es mat cannot tail to saintly puichasers. LUjoyiug superior advantages in the selection aud waDufactnre ui their Lamps, Girandoles, Cauda labia, ike., C. fc N. are enabled to oiler the in iu great variety of * at* era aud uuuh .suitable tV)Tchurches, hotels, MOM*, dwelling* aud sleain or sailiug packets. I hese last are a DO w aud most desirable article, well wor hy the attention of owners aud shipmasters. Attention u particularly invited to the hoiar Lamp, to justly ceJeba&tcd for its superior biitliaucy tud ecououiy. This 1 mm fa as tested by accurite experi a. tuts, IMNt twice the light of au Aslia , while it burus tor an equal uumber of hours St half llie expert*. COU i'HUfj V k NLVLKS will keep coustantly on hand a complete assortment ot the articles aoove enumerated, aud liojt by their endeavors to meet the tastes aud wishes of the public, to merit a lavorable sh .re of the patrouage w..ich is uow s .licitcd lor their estaolishinent. oil lwntUwoi*rc DEN T I 3 TRY. W18HKS TO BL KNOWN BY HIS WOKK, NOT W OKDS.?A. WaLKLH, Dentist, No. 90 ? nambers street, sets luuialiou incorruptible teeth ou roots, which cauuoi be tfisUugMUhed irom the natural, lamtt the same quality of letlll Uu the lirinCinle of aLinosuheric ins-Rsure irom .?*??. ?n ? wliulr set, oelytug detection, aud answering llie purposes ol the natural organs. 1 illtug or Plugging decayed tee In whether the Ml** be exposed or not. The toothache cured. Eitractlug without dtstraciiug the patient. These anu all operations pertaining to the Dsulal Surge.m, performed at Si per ceul less Uiau the nsual charges. o3 la'i CORSETS?CORSETS. TU8T RECEIVED, at the New York CORSET WAKE ? HOUoE, No. 4t3H Pearl street, a large assortment of FRENCH AND ENOLlSii CORSETS, which wilt be sold at greatly reduced prices IVkoUtaU and Retail N B.?Dealers in Corsets are invited to call, at the whole stock is newly nnpjrted. 413H Pearl street, New York. oi0 1m*ra _____ NO. 45 MAIDEN JLANE" rjLD ESTABLISHMENT.?Perfumery, Cosmetics and fancy Soars. The following coimirises a |>art of the variety of the manuAtclurs of Alexander Ramsay, successor toN. Smith Prentiss, ?ix:? The inslly celebrated saponaceous. Naples and chemical cos metic compooai for shaving, toilet soaps in gTeat variety, eolocnr, lavendw, and Honda waters, eilracta or mask, rote* Wo gamut, orange, jessamine, lie. Itc., uiilk of roaei, vegetable pearl powder, for clearing the complexion, toilet or nnraery liowder, the ptirext article made, Trgetable rouge, liquid do, cold cream, otto of roae lip salve, otto of roaes in gilt bottles. Curling fluid, beat's oil, macassar oil, and the celebrated kephlia for the grow th of the hair, hair dves, Preston salts, court plaster, indelible ink, blaca and blue writing inks, calcined charcoal, powder puffs and boxes, erasure powaer for extracting grease grease Irom tiik, aromatic vinegar, lie. he. For sals at the manufactory and warehouse or ALEXANDER RAMSAY, Successor to N. Smith Prentiss, No. 4J Maiden Isne, ?22 lm*r Sign of the Golden Rose. NCONOMY ANO RETRENCHMENT. Cheapest Oath Tailoring Establishment in the city at RUSSELL, PATRICK It CO.'S 3<*S Pearl street. Frock and Dress Coats made to order, at from $11 to $16; heaver Over oats, in first rate style, $10 to $14; and eveiy other article of clothing equalv cheat. G'ntlemrri finding their ow i cloth can have their clothes made up, and a good fit warranted, at the following prices (every article warranted): Ureas and Frock Coats made and trimmed, from $4 JO to $7 Pauls, " " ' I 26 to 2 Vests, " " " I 00 to 2 N B?Naral and Military outfits cheap, and promptly executed. oil lm*ec plff!IlTE!-TSf Statau ldand Granite Quarry beiag now L7 in fall o|ierMion, will supply Grauite of any dimenaions, either cut or rough. Building stonea either for block of ronhle woik, ashler, sills, and lin'ela, atepa and platforms, will be delivered at shorieat notice, Kentledge for ships, and shingle ballast or smaller stones will he delivered on board any vessel in N*w York harbor at toe lowest tales. Vessels can load with great dispatch at the wharf on 8taten i Island, where 14 feet depth of water ia had. The railroad being i in good order, the csrs are laden and brought abreast of the shipping. No danger from ice during the winter months. For farther information apply to LEWIS GIBSON, Agent, At the Oranite Wharf, Staten Island, or to the Office of the Company, 100 Pme >t,:or of South, upstairs i o28 r 8 E. GLOVER, President. f>LA8S CUTTING ESTABLISHMENT.?J. Stouvenel, J glass cutter, No. 29 Gold street, constantly on hand and ol | fer to supply all dealers and olhsra, at the lowest prices in this city, autf warranted the best of any other manufactory?such as , beautiful hall larniu ofrvery sixe, astral lamps . canters, tnmblrra,champaign,wine (laaea.dishes, goblets, bowls, ' xai w III) |?|| III uie CUU017 by any <|uuitily free of package* and cnrtage, all article* match . to iiattera. KeUil ttore No. 33 John atreet, near Naaaau at. *10 lm*r 1 AILY EXPRESS LINES FOR ALBANY. HTICA, 1 BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The anb- t acribera having beeu engaged for the laat twelve month* running the Albany and Buffalo Exnreaa, in connection witn I Haruden k Co.'* New York ami Albany Line, have recently extended their Expreaa Line I mm Bnffalo to Albany, through to thin city 011 their own account, will receive and forward DaiLT, (Sunday* excepted,) Specie, Bank Note*, Parcela, Package*, Bnudlea, and Caaea of Good*, to and from the following place*, vix. :? Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracnae, Auhnm, llhica. Geneva, Canandaigua, Rivcheater, Batavia, Lockport, Buffalo, Clevelan 1, Detroit, Chicaco, and the intermediate place*. Alto, Oawego, Racket!* Harbor, Kingaton and Toronto, Canada. Will promptly attend to the collection and payment* of billa, note*. draft* and accnnnU, pnrrhaae and aale of good* and prodnee try aample, and inch other tranactent bnainesa aa may be c animated to their care. . Each Expreaa will be accompanied by a competent meaaen- | ger, together with re*pon*ible agents in the principal town* poe the route. Merchant* and othera may be aaaured that retorn* will be in thia manner received mot* apeedily than in any ? other possible way. N. B.?Special Expresses run to any part of the country at abort notice, and upon reaaonable term*. 1 ?'* r PO.MKHOY k CO. No. 2 Wall ?tr?et 1 E. W. HAND, i - EXCHANGE BROKER, 4 ... m-r Wo-1 ?:aMP htref.t. NEW ORLEANS. ? JOHN M, DAVIEg A JONK3 inform their trietiila nod ciiatnmera they nave reeeired their winter fashion* for Cars?? van*tr "/ ?"w .tvle. for youth and children. The Crac .Vienna rwrbui now so much worn, is manufactured by f onUrmen\?r??.1fm/n 0,tr","in? c,p> r"y cou"n"Ul ,or oM I in* in 10g WILLIAM 8T. ? raffle, Raffle, raffle. gentlemen's cloaks rpo BE RAFFLED for poeitirely on the firet of Noeem- j ,t her neit. two .pleniud Mae cloth gentlemen'. Circular Cloaks, with capes, handaomely made uo with a releel collar and facing., cane., lined with ailke, and complele 1 in every other re.,wcL Ticket, ft 50 each. a. the raflfi will l*iaili?el'. lake place on Ih. ah-iTe iMined ere. Ticket, mn.i he paid for, whe herone or more, when the number, are taken k A. a numb, r of Tickets are already sold, gentlemen wishing l a chance would do welt to apply early?aa auch a chanoe ?el- I dom offers?the highest and lowrit nnmhere are to hare a cloak I each. For further particular* apply at No. I Murray .treat a comer Broadway, where the cloake are to be aeen. oi tNoy|*r W YC YORK, TUESDAY MO NEW STOVE. SHE FARO'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. rpHK subacriben offer this day to the public, the ortice and A |<arloraize of this new aud aplendid pateul stove. We uk all iu want of stove* to call aud raainiue it. It is by far, the moat rtfieieut and economical atove offered for a number ol i t an, aud haa the approval of all who hare teen it, and onU lair to take the lead of all others. Lanier air.ea will be in rradine?? in the course af a few daya. In the meaii lime, the prime!, le of Ulc store, can be aecu fully developed iu the site eilnhiled. SHEt'AKD It CO. Pfott'a Store Warehouse, No 241 Water street. N. B.?A spleudid assortincut of Noll's Hadiator Stove, the only stoie iu the tnirkel suitable for w inning dwellings, churches, hotels, public buildings, ktc. A two story house can be wanned with three tons of coal, less than oue grate will consume. Drtiin? for parlors aud Walls, in style and variety unequalled iu the city. Also the best wood cook stove ever olTered. l?n*ec STOVES? STOVES. BACKVS' PATENT HAREF1ER, OK FRUGAL HUHSEWAKMEK. THE Proprietor, 111 ottering tins vnimble stove to the public, A woulJ MH| MM MMM Ot OHMTtMIII Of ihtir iapiofl meut, which consist chiefly in the following particulars. vis:? 1? To obviate the evil of im- J?To be ca|sl)lr ol attord* nuie ai.d noxious (as iu tbe iuif s wild or su luleuse heat, burning ol' snlliracile eoal. o? To avoid all lucuvenieuce a?To generate and diffuse (rum dust, s warm aud wholesome at- 7? To preserve the air of the mosyhere In places exposed to apartment pure and wholedainp and cufd. some. 3?To lesson the risk ofacci- (?And to uuite with all d lit by fire. tkose excellent qualities. an ?'1 o be quickly kindled ele(anl and durable article ol ant easily mauaffed. furunure. i ins Stove >s constructed of the best quality of Kussia sheet no . upon the cylindrical plau?the furnace or liie-t hsinbei dcc pyiuit a part of tlie centre cylinder, to which is attached au atm pheric Karefier upon each side, of a tubular form, and lined tnruughout. The heat that is created iu the chaiubei l>asac> hetwreu the linings of the two rareliers (or ladiutots as they *.e called] into the base at the bettom, aud a current of ail continually mining through tlie tubes, which ate left open al each end lor that purpose, carries a great amount of raielied oi warm air into the apartment. The purity and soilness of the air in a room heated by thu tore are peculiar aud remarkable, the heat being diffused fluid a great extern of surface moderately heated. The heated air, uu . nteriug the wiugs or sides of the stose.desceuds aud spreads user tht eutire surface of the oase at the bottom, keeping the colder |a>rtiou of the air uext the floor in coustant circulation? in tin meantime preserving it enurtly from contamination, rendering Una Stove perfectly safe and agreeable lor aiwrtmeuts 01 invalids, sleeping rooms, kc. Mauufac ured by J. at K. BACKUS, 54 Bowery, ,V. Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rariticrs ; also the new kitchen compauiou cook stove, warranted equal to any in use in ihis city. s27 lin*tn NOTT'S STOVKS DEI'AIKr L) y K1CHAKU AY LIFT'*:, established nins * *? ycaraainb I -inaui sireet, INew kork. K A. has Notl'i dud other Stove , winch he can tell at a vary ieduced price. Stoves &u t pipe put up at like thorce&t notice. N. B.?i'i, e coiiitamly ou baud. *27 lnr?*r REFORM YOUR STOVE BILLS ? Economy and utility ' heiin; the order of tlie day, the subscriber has determined to sell bt >v**s at the lowest possible remunerating lirices; hu Column Parlor Stove, au?wenug all the purpose* ol tlic crate, with half the trouole and ripeu*e, suilab'e lor MUmp rooms, odices, stores, or halls, is woruiy Hie atleutiou ol persona wishing to purchase. Hit assortment ol' cooking Stoves are not surpassed iu the city, for cheapness ?nd superior style of co.mructiau, coinbiin UK all the requisites for kitchen use, aud a a rest saving ol fuel, which is an item many persons overlook iu selecting stoves. He solicits housekoepeis and ot'.ers to give him a call at th? office ol the Warren Furnace Company, No. 22 Fulton street, N. Y., before purchasing else where. A* this company manufacture their stoves, purchasers will not be suujecied to 4 ui by btiving Irom second hands. Theii assortment consists of Air-tigfit, cooking and parlor Stoves, Pumps. Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tiu arid Sheet lrou VV.ire, Ike., wholesale aud retail. Orders for cutuugs soli* cited. J. V. Tib BE ITS, olb lm#ec 22 Fultou street, N. V. FISK'cs PATENT NOVELTY C00K~ST0VE. 'I'HIS Stove was pronounced last year, uitd is tills, by all -4. who have 11, to be uul only the best ever invented, but ths only oiove they ever had by which baking, boiling, and roast lug, could be Uoue perleciiy, and .tt tiia same lime. i'his year the impiov< meat has been such, that doubU the amount of cooking can he done, land that loo to perfection! liian upon auy oilier Stove ol the .ame site j for |>rouf ol which, you have only to call at h'lsk'a Stove Establishment, any Water unit, where any quantity of reference* will be given?and luriher, every Stove warranted, or the money re tundrd. Klsk's Regulating 1'ieiiiiuin Drum for parlors. Hall JJruins,aud ball, parlor, auU office stoves, and all the ordinary cooking stuVes, I r .ale cheap KISK'S stove Estab'islimeut, 209 Water street. The above_stuVe, and also the regulating druin.cau now be seeu at the h air ; but those d.siring stoves, are requested LI call at the rstanlisliineul, whtre tkey can exainiue them to better advantage, 2C9 Water sUeet. 0I6 lm*ec L. WOOD'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HAuL STOVES. 'T'HIS is one of tlie most valuable inveulious ever offered to 4 the pulrl c iu the stove nue. anu is the inosi perfect articli extant, for the use of all kinds of coa. or wood, iu healing Ipailine/its. It has no less Uijii lour radiators ano two descend ing llues, so arranged that the radiators aie placed brtweeu lw? tires, and cause all the heat generated te lie disinbuied luio the aparuncui ; while in utile, stoves s large poruou ul the heal n carncu on mine |ipt'. uue ptcg I coal in ILia auive will yield more Item lhau . bushel id me best sto e uowr bclore lh? public ; while you Have tue advantage of an o|>cu tire a, aplru did urate al pleasure It la allowed by all who hare examined it to be the moat per feci combination ol utility auduruainrnl ever brought forward but to be luliy appreciated, it needs oul> to be at eu and eaainiii ed, and all in want of a superior article for nesting par iors,hali omits, nurseries, ate. are inv.ied to call. Trices are suited 10 the times. Also on hand a vaiiety of other Stovks, suitable for all put poses, which will be so>d very low. L. WOOD, 237 Water street, between oil lm*r slip and Beekman street. STOVES?OVENS tpHE largest assortment of Stoves of any house in Nev a York.?Their newly invented Parlor Store needs but (o b seen to be unirersally adopted. Its immense radiating aurfa I exceeds that of anv other atore now in use?exhibits more tire with the cousumption of less fuel, than any former invention It alao discharges its own ashes by a simple process, withou soiling or lodging its dust on the furnituie of the room in whicl it is used. It will be founo the che ipest and moat economica Stove ever brought before the public. Ale , Cook St-ves. new, air tight, fee. in all varietiea, fron three dollars upwards livery article w-rranted. RILEY'S PATENT BOILER AND IRON HEARTH i* an admirable artich?they can be fitted ta any atove now it use, sndof unequalled value in broiling aleaka, toasting bread an > alao in heating irons f r ironing cTothea. Hiley is the in ventor und sole patentee. o2llm,r RiLEY It MYERS, 23 Bowery. O COUNTRY MERCHANTS?The sabscnber woult rail the attention of all who are in want of Looking Olaai and Picture Frames, to his extensive slock, which for quailt) and workmanamp he flatter* himself cannot be eicelled by sui manufacturer tu this city. The trade in general would dowel, to rail before purchasing el?e where. N.B.?Constantly on hand, a good assortment ef Fane) Wood* of every description. HORACE V. 8IGLER, No. 31 Ann strret and 44 Hammenley at. New Yotk. ol lm*r THE EUREKA BLACKING. rPHI8 is a new article of Blacking, possessing qnalitie -? greatly superior to all other kinds now in use. It softens and preservesthe leather, imparting a brilliant polish with half the usual labor required in the as* of the com Don Blacking. It further p< ssesses that requisite so long sought for in the peculiarity of the composition never becoming hard dry, 01 mouldy by age. Dealers in Blacking are requeued to call and receive a sample of the article gratis. Perfect satisfaction warranted in every ease. Manufactured and for sale by J. M JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce street, near Nassau, New York. N B.?A sn|ierior article of Writing Ink is inauufsctured by J. M, J. and sold wholesale aud retail. nitH Im'r Remittances to Ireland, Ac. iic.-The *ubsenber continues to transmit money in snms Urge or small, to persons residing in any part of Ireland, in the same manner as he, and his predecessoi in busiues-, have done for the last thirty yeats, and more : also, to any part of.England, or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (poet paid) to the subscriber, ot persorully dr|*>?ited with him, with the name of the person or l>er*ons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to be lent, aud nearest post town, will be immediately tianamil ted nd paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the sender. 28 Isi'r GEORGE McBRIDE, Jr., (2Ceda-street TER RAFIN-LUNCH, UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM GOURMONDE' QUI VIVE! THOUSANDS of our good cits, lovers of good fare, have been lor loine weeks past suffering severe disapi?intmen' from the dosing of the far-famed " Terrapin Lunch." The " fitful Tevir, ia now. however, over, aud again may they "feed well," for be it known that the John Adams, of Knickerbocker memory, "hangs hii hat" un at the Terrapin ; also the proprietor, one of the finest little fellows in Christendom, y'clept tir r a- . ? ,i? 1 i: - " * Vfli i. nuw, mm, imu i yuui mn If! curmiirinu in ine rurtlc Soup anil steak line, the mantle of 'Sandy' haa fallen pun I jhu, tu perfection, in good eating and drinking mar he igam euaiantrrd at the Terrapin. A single look into the old 'Ire Bos," will appease the hunger of him with the short arte, and a taste of the grnnine at half the old prices will ickle the palate of the veriest anchorite. P ins (Jreen Turtle served up this day, and everr day during he season. _ Pl.t lm*? GUNS AND PISTOLS. iX> EXCLUSIVELY.-CO J JOSEPH, M Maiden lane, np stain, importing agen ifor (? the tale of English. German and French double and single eirrel Fowling and Unci ma (June. from the lowest to the fin I qualities ; ristnls of every description, for this and other narliets,embracing one hundred different kinds, all ol which le is now preiwrrii to offer at the manafactarer's prices, being pnointed agent for the largest houses in that I ine in Europe, vhich enables him to ?rl| at cstremcly low prices. A large assorted stock of ihe above si ways on hand. City and country merchants sre particularly requested to all, previous to making their purchases. jyZT Jm'r DWILHELM9, No. 224 Broadway offers for sale hit new imported stock of good*, wholesale end retell. 1.?Of Embroiderie-, commenced ud fiui.hed pieces of renin kind.; woreted, wool, stitching end knitting (ilk, beadi, anvii, pattern*, Ac. 2.?In amell end leee warea, all aorta of ailk and worated trings, borders, trimming*, ta.irls, fringes, and every article in his hue, done in the mo.t fashionable teste. 3.?The most copion* and splendid choice of artifici i| flowers, oneiu the neatest work and newest last*, bouquets, diedeins, tc. i?Articles of cast iron of the most various descriptions, aaiiiifartureil iu the Ko\e| Iron boundary at Berlin 5.? Esquisitc and neat figures in brouze. r, ? A beautiful assortment of superfine baakrt wares. 7 ? A c miiderable and el gaut choice of pressed and painted per, sheets of letter |>aper, cards, wafers, Ac. 8.?All elegant and great store of the finest porcelain. 9?A splendid assortment of the finest dressing article a, cases nd perfumea. o22 lm*re "OlNE PRICE CASH STORE. " \ T It Chatham street, where will be . mnd clothing at the r\ i, ,lowing low prices:?Beaver sad pilot eloih coau, from Id to Sid; satinet! pants Irom tl dO toga; u ,nble and single ireasir'd vest, from SI d# to $2d". The west sice ol Chatham '^iuJfer Hk'.VHV rou?WKI,l. 2k.O\H DIVAN ?lOdhj Broad w sy ? James K. t)el V1. c. nio J Ss Co., leaped fully intortn their uumaroa. friends and the mbllc, that I he y hire just opened Uie Begar Divan, JOd)g Iroadway, adjoining Pmteaui'a Saloon, where will b? lounda srge ataorttneut of the beet aeger* in the city. All if gars sold t this establishment are warranted imported JAMES R. DEL VCCCHIO. <>24 Jmiiawr ROBERT A. JOHNSON I IRE I KNING, KOVEMBEii 1. 1 iiaivu 1i.vifc.S.?The only reasou that A. KNOX (k <>0. caii u?iku for selling ?o many boou and shoes at the Clinton Boot aud Shoe Market, 204 Caual 1 street, northeast corner of Hudson street?wheu a i most every body complains of hard times, is, that they keep goods of the . beat quality, aud sell the in at prices to suit the tunes, and it seems .is if almost every body had found this out. If any who 1 read this should not v et have found out the store, the sooner they come aud try the soouc they will reap the ad vail age. Almost anything thai is wanted in the boot and shoe line, ol any size, color or quality, can he found here cheap. o4 1 in *ni A. KNOX St CO. 204 t 'anal street. DKtSb BOl !'?>?Laiesl ciruch Style.? 1'he subscriber respectfully invites the ci lire us of New , V ois, and strangers visiting the city,to call at 114 Kultou street aud examtue a large assortment of Dress Boots, made in the latest fashion, and of the finest French i all skin, 1 Gentlemen can have boots made to order in the best manner at $6,00 per pair, warranted equal to any made at $7,20, and as the undersigned takes drawing of the leel and keeps lasts for each customer lie can ensure an easy vet handsome tit. oouscauuy on uanu, r asniouaoie noon, kc. at the following voia ooie noots, t>oin $7.00 lo 8,00 DoJbie bole ** water-proof to 7,20 Call, dress " t,yo to t>,u0 beal ** 2,^ to 2,72 Hall Boots, 3,00 to 3,20 Shoes, 1,20 to 220 Dancing Pumps and Slippers, lie., proportionality low. Terms,cash on delivery. JOHN L. WATKINS, U7 l.n+in H4 Kultou st, bet ween Nassau aud Dutch. i'AHlS BOOTS AND LA?T8 MAUL TO OKDfclK, By K. SUSER% 146 BrodUway, Near Liberty Street, i K. SUSLil. Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an sgl^BBiv"Live"ol lAerce of Paris, begs leave to inform his friends and all the amateur* of a geullemauly "chautsure," that he cau now make, lu New York, with Uie best Kreuch materials, all that is so perfectly made, iu Pans, by his master i the celebrated bootmaker Clerce, who si numerous customers [ on this side ol the Atlantic, are respectfully iiivucd to trt SU SLAVS boots aud lasts before they despair of i ring "chaus I ses" in New York, alter the uices .latest Parish fashion. AJso, lhe?euuiue Paris Jet Black Vamisit sold. s221m#m 8ELLINC? OJfk AT WALKfiit's ? fc oprladies r French gaiU'is, French aud saiiu slipper* aud buski.?s, imi , r hue ctlf Ut c bed toou, ?J to $i 2j pn pur, 300 pr i call and tine lagged boo s, from $2 to 2 22 aad $2 20 per pair, 1 200 pr ot boy's coarse and fine boots, irotn $1 to $2 ami Si 20 p r pair, 220 pair ci.itdren's do troiu is 10 2s per pair, 200 pr ladies k sun misses boot*, shoes and husWins, froin 4* to bs and $ 1 per 1 pr, 800 pr of gents water proof b K>ts, moccasins, India rubbers ' 111 abundance, men's coarse aud hue boots of all sorts and sizes, 1 !rorii$i 72 to $2, all w mailed. All the above goods 20 per ct. tlie cheapest iu tue city. Call and see for yourselves. Canal si. corner ??l broad way, at _u*4 lm*?c J. 8. WALKERS. CLINTON CTTEaP Bool au?l Shot- AUrRet, j09 Greenwich, corner Si-riug ?t, is ilie only place Muciccau be louud uools au.l slioes to suit Hie lime*. All those WHO boots tn?l?h n?s will Jo well to give a call. Lat dies' and Hi sses buskuis Irom 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 shiilnu* l**f i pair; geudemens'bo is horn 12 shilling* to $4 par pair; bo>s' boots IrodiB shillings to $2 JO pei pan. All who wish to safe 2u jh-'i c? ut will give a call at tne Cliuiou Cheap Bool aud s*hoe M.iiki t, .'xi'j Uiaenwkk comer jpiisg street o2r lin*r LADIES' BOOTS AMI) SlioCS? Lockwoou. 291 Broadway, keep* a hue assortineul of la ties' aud i cimujcu* boels aud stioes, ol" the latest Aurencau aud European lashious. Orders received by the OUMfl t rom places ol 1'oshioUitde resort. olbroil'r 1 " G'YMTA S31 U .vi , SPARRING SCHOOL ic PISTOL GALLERY. M&88KS. Hl'UsU \ oi OTTIONU.N re pcctluily tuiorin ihe gentlemen ol New iork, mil* rooui. at the corner of broadway auJ CuauiDer* street, lor Mparriug , Uymna?lic* and Tulol practice, are now open tor ilie huuu. I Name roil* improvement. aud addltioua nave been lately made , mute Uymuaaiuiu, wmeli will uow be louud in every rc?|>ecl mautlete aud equal lb auyohier tu the counuy lor autlelic ex I rati. marring taught on the moat approved principle*. Ueutlem?u visiting lite Tulol Gallery will be .upplied Willi i'latol of a *uperioi quality. Terms moderate. Ueutleiueu are luvited to call at auy note d triug ihe day. 0I6 lm?r SELF-COCRiNG PISTOLS BLUNT (k SUMS, limiorter* and Mauul.clurera, No. 4b Chatham *lreet, inn ou hand a large aaaortuieul ol I lite Mil barrel 8- II Kevulving Sell Cocking Tucket Tiatol*. > These putola have the advautage over all lln kiud by Lhe im|io..ibility ol losing the cap., the nipple* being placed in a horizontal direction,aud their being uo cock tu lUe way to i prevent taking a* correct aigtu a* with the ordutary ptautl or I guu. The ahuve pistols cau be furnished lower Uiau uuy other* f iu the market, at wholesale or rela,I. We have a* great a variety of oilier kiud* ol TutoU am can be louod, Willi Kllle*, U. 8. i .vlasket*, lor shipping ..uo military; I'rize .vluakt n, do; Kuwllug 1'ieces, siugl* and double; exua large sire double and single Uuu* lor ducktug, lomuier Willi fowder, Shot, b laaka, liaga, Cap*, Lock*, barrel*, tic., Sc., lu large or small quantities. N. b.?Couutt) dealer* aie rei|Ue*tcd 10 call and examiue our ia*orimeul beloie purchasing elsewhere. *8 tin* r [ THE AMERICAN MACINTOSH. PREJUDICE, or habit, make some to preler every thing lureigu. We ask such to make trial ol our waier-piuuf coat, aud cape*, and Icaru lor ouce (so lar at least a* our iViaciutoahe* are Concerned) that the only merit peculiar to the imported ever ilie American, is that they may have hung on a peg lu Che*,aide uutil Uiey became aud out ol luniuu, thru A,-...,... ... ..i .......Uh .... ,k- ?? , 1 rice ol llie American Aiaciuiosh Irom ten* up* rutin. HUAA( ? 11- DAIft .M.ti Jen L. tile, | s29!in*r Smci to H.iii.urv Iwdi.i itubbcr Co._ ILDLH'tt iAT?NT S ALKMA.NDKK Si* t>.~ Ttie?e Sales have uow b; en lu u-??; tl.rec > e.irs, dial many 1 times txpubed to llie moil intense heal that can be biuught (o act ' U))Ou the in by Hie burultig of larKO store ousts containing oil, f candle*, injunr* and Uiuxs, aud the wo.Id is <1 to prove an instance where one ti i* lai.ed to presert e lire coutenis '1 he loliowiug coiitUiillee stale that (he tilal at ihe foot of Wall stiret was .i lair and a convincing piool ol the supers . only ot Wilders Sale over ail others, and have no hesitation in a?> lux that they cousider iheui really tire-proof, aud ltcoinuiend * in* into the public as lull , entitled to conndea^e. Me?srs. Wads worth at Smith, ) 11 Baldwiu At Co., Ipa?.? .. MiulunkCo.; > ComaitUc. Uhaa. H. Marshall, Esq J Aitwrtlinortmi.t > n hand (or in.ue to order) for tale a llie Iron Bale Warehouse of SILAS C. HEHKINU., o? f fc3l wy i _ ^fo._U? WalerjireeL e DAkKLE, RAFFLE?Ueiillemen's Cloaks at Jl.Jfl each. t< B *V he rail) d for seiwrately, positively on the liili of Nov m t ber lien, two handsome t>fu- rlo'h Kentlrineu'. Spanish full circulai Cloaks, wiih capes and facings, aud rol'ar silk velvet t aud complete lu everv other respect. For further> 1 apt l>-at No. I Murray street, corner Broadway, hasemeM? | wheie the Cloaks are tube seen. Tickets ou.y $l,SO. Th" Cloaks ate worth $"0 each, Ileullemru wishing ticket, should I calle rly, at a number a-e already sold. At th? raffl> will po?aiuvely take place on the IJihof Novemher next, all, I whether one or more, must be pjid for when the number is tai ken previous to the above date. Secure j our tickets, as d. lays , are d'tigerout. Rattle to take place at the Rains Head, 118 Kulton sr., where one ol the Cloaks is to be seen. o3l tiyih?ec . iMFoKTA.sf ANNOUNCEMENT.?Brigy. It IVnman, I X beg lorall the attention ol the pnbiic to iheir unproved meI thod of water proofing by saturation. Tliey render perfectly r watet proof all kinds of w oollens, liuena. co tona,calicoea,si!ks, r fee without injury to either lahric. color oi lustre. B. It P. I having been awaided a diploma by the American Institute for their superior water proof article! eihibited at the fair have r now commenced business under the linn of the New York Water Proof Establishment, 47 Christopher street. The shore style is much superior to any Mackintosh ever yet offered to thupablie,it being free from that unwholesome, unhealthyem) disagreeable smell that every Mackintosh always has let it he got till in what ever style it may. No sooner does the Mackintosh lose that injurious oder than it becomes a useless ar1 ticlc. The above preparation does not smell, and in ah caaes allows |>erspiration in evaporate freely, but still perfectly impervious to water. S. it P. pari i ularfv call llie attention of the armv, navy, firemen, watchmen, carmen, carriers, travelers, ailora, and in .hurt all who are exp sad to the weather. B. it P. also Water Proof all kinds of over coals, pilot and heavor r coats, pants, clo-kt, or auy kind of wearing apparel, without iujury loeitlrer lustre or trimmings, however delicate. If ihn i article has been n little woin water proofing completely reno' valet their fabr>c, consequently this will be an act of economy and a great saving t-r the wearer Any communication or order forwarded to 47 Chrialophei treer, N. V. will be minclnally attend, d to and everv article will he done with the greatest rare and facility. The only warranted place of the kind in the United Slates. o3l 3.'t EOWAKL) BIKIIY?Information it wanted concerning E I warn Barrv.wlio peri.hed iu die "steamship President," in March, 1st 1. If the friend whe supplied hiin with the means of sneport while i r N? w York, or any one else who may have |,,m ?,llf.?....h .......l- .r I.I. I. -I..- !_ >i? "Peaident.''aiid of hia being untna-ried, he will be rewarded, and liiaexpenaea pa d, together with he anv-unt advinccd to him by communicating with MR JOHN SMiOTl', o30 n*r St. Antoine ?t. Mom real. P 0. JONES, proleaaor of the Violin, Uui'araod Dancing, I wi.Vi engagement to teach in achonla or families, or for priTate Leaaons, No. '.<26)4 Hudauu street, comer of Spring street. T. O. Jones Guitar, Violin, Bow, Case, and all amall musical aiticle manufacturer. Old Instruments bought, tl* changed, repaired. Ac. Omars made that cannot be eicelled in lone and durability. Suhacribara wanted to join an Amat'ur Society. oil lt*ee ___________ IVfUSTARI) FACTORY ?J COOSWKLL haa removed a'J. from 114 Allen to 127 Roosevelt atreet, aecond atory of atoia occupied by Mr. W. Pn ntisa. colfre and apice dealer, wlieie he ia prepared to furniah the article at ehort notice and liberal credit, put np in any- style. Hotela and families supplied with an elegant article. Alan, country muitard. o28 Im* r LEECHES!LEECHES! LEECHES! on onn large healthy Swedish leeches <L/<4r?v/V/V/ ? Jmt received ixrbaik Sir Ua* NfWlou, from HKinbiirK, lor sale inanv iitiantitv. at very moderate n-icea by 0. A. li H. VVITTE, Iraporifnof Leechea, oil lm*ec 111 ?% ill tam street, THK lit," KM AN SIJKOEON. UOI.OMON HI VE, M. D., No 57 Keade atreer, New York. 1 ' In acmlttla end chronic liirun no charge made till the patient i? aatiafled?-nedieiee delivered ?'?tn. All peraont derortned, under twenty-one yeara, can have their bonec airtightenrd. Referencea liven aa to nnmarona iwtienta who have trecn rnrrd in thta city. o37 Jm#r A RICH TONED EIOHT SILVER FLUTE. UECOVD HAND?a rare and apieodid irutrument, will be aold cheap. Apply to T MONZANI. o7 ltn*m K thompaan atreet. CHINA, GLASS, ANIJ EAK. THEN WAKE. 8 ASTOK HOUSE. (TRENCH Porcelain Dinner Servicee, 111 piecea, |t> no " White Orauile. do do III do 1J 00 Frenchnr Engliah Porcelain Tea Seta, 32 do 4 00 Dinner Platea. French Porcelain, per eoxen, 1 94 Do do Oraoite, bine or white, do 1 on Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 00 Do do Uranite, bine or white, do I 00 Tea Cnpa and Baocera, (24 piecea) French Porcelain, 1 90 Egg Cape, do do 37 OUH. Cat Wiaet. per dozen, from 1 50 Do Tamblera, do do 2 00 Lemonadea, handled, do 3 25 Tanta Ct'TLCnr Of the lineat deacnptiona, ina-eta or doaena, at the low price of $12 the act. Juat opened , a handaome aaeortment of Toilet Ware. R SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for the aale of Simpaon'a Ear Corneta, for the reliefn|deafneaa. o!2 lm* m LJAYDEN'S STEEL QUILLS?The aubacribrra nave lor IT aale, rnme recently improved modilleatioiia of theae eacellent and i opnlar Pena. ? The ' Reaoy W riler"ja nn'n'monaly voted the King of Pena ?commnm* eminently II'UU III) "? I"" ' vriisc. The " Dicken*" iacnnniderul the beat pen for the price in (he The " Union" car.not rail to ?uit eeery bodyt affording at ISK cam* a cud (ai wtioleaale) ill different vaneiiea ol Feua. Tho " New York"' erery merchant will have in hi* oounting room who ha# tried them. Together with the lamona Double Patent and Combination irrrel Pen*, with many other*, for ?ile by 'he utenu. i oil lin'rc J. * F. HAYDEN, J Flaw *1. b 3ERA 842. M A R T I M * 8 0 A 8 H TA1LO RTX U ESTAHLISHM K N T . 144 William Street, Corner of .Inn Street, J8 dicidfdlv the <-he*j i:?t iii the city Tlicre i> 'Iwiyi ou | - ii4ii(i ft seieci iioci ol seasouame tfoous, purcnasen u#r ?.??u, winch will b?- incde up to ooler in thr stylo ol' m tkr, li(, trimmuu. 8l? llui lt<u <ivru tucli Ki uiiil tAluUcUoa during tiir lasl lour years, and at a positive savin# of 30 |?er ceul. (ieutlc **teii are requested to caII tud eiainiue. Those who furuish th en own Roods, can U\w the in MAL)K AN 13 TKIMMKD. Dress Coats, iuad?- and trimmed,- >$7 00 U) $8 SO Kroca Coals, do do H 00 u> 9 50 Pauls and Vests, 1 7j to t uo Over Coats. 9 00 to 11 00 liy Terms?Cash ou delivery. MICHAEL K. MAKT1N N L VV C A S it TAIL O R I N G e n r, NO 93 CHUKCH sr. (BETWEEN ItEADE ANU CHAMBER* STREETS GENTLEMEN lurui.n tig their o?u gnud. c?ii have tin in Hidiie ui> 111 the ino.t U?ln..utble Krcuch ?lyle, cheat*)! lha.ti erer uttered before in thia city. Overcoat* made and trimmed ? M truck coats " " 7 iO Dre** coats " " " b 7b Vest anil Pauu SI j(l to 1 7b N. H.?Kepairiug iloue ill the neatest manner, ol 1 in*ui SAMUEL WVANT. ONE PRICE STORl.. rPHERE IS NO IMPOSITION pracuceu at uns storo Dv A asking double the price an article is worm, tieitrier any id terrui>iiou ou the side walk. .No insult oBeieil 11 you Uou t I'Urcn.ue. Any |irrsju wishing to make a purchase can rely ou beiug furnished with clothing at the following prices : Coals $'i a 12 Cloth Jacket* 3 a J Cloth Pants 3 a r Ml Satliuett Pants 1 JO a I M JACOB COU3 WELL, Ol Im'r 133Chatham street, near Kosevelt St., N Y. "REMOVAL; PHILLIPS- ('ASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, is .rtnm rd fr m 145 Broadway 10 No. 7 Asior Hmi?ECONO vlY IN GENTLE MEN'd DRESS. ifcvrint uts ol .1 most .legaui uid t .tsuiauaUle kind eta sarin* oi tk) per cent lor cash. 'PliE advertiser dt ins it unnecessary to resoil u the hacku?*>ed syst* in ol tfiviuualisl ol uounnai prices, prcsuinruM that the length ol tune lie has becu established, Uateliitir with (he esleiisive imtmuage bellowed ou mm, will provs a sum uibi voucht-i i?.i haeapakdiiiis. PoaMNliMthiMViaSt|s#1 being connected with a* t xieuaive cloth establishment iu h.ur upe lu OOMldaOlil MjMHIIIU ha c.Ui furnish clothes which, ou compairisou, will be louud lower than any other house uiakiug up die best descriptions ol geulleineu's dress. slU i a v PhlLLIl'8t 7 AstOl House, brand war SHIRTS. SHIRTS made alter the latest and most approved Kreuch iwitteuis. Co.sts, i antaloous, vests, and all under garments, made to order at short nonce and in the most l<>*?uouaulc siyie. Gentlemen's buiuulnux Store,67 and 6V Maiden Lane, New .3*1111 *r WM. CULL UN 3. J. SURIA, FRENCH D V E R, 4'30 I'tAIll, ST., Principal Oilier, rpilANKKUL for the pauouage heretofore bestow U, resi ,,ecltuil> iufuruis Uie public mat he ha., lur the uceomim dalloiiol hi. customers la the up|ier part of the city, opeued TwoOftices, one aituated 317 uluima St., the other 333 ' owtkf. lor the reception aud delivery of Good.. All kind, of Silk, ou,in and Woollen Goods DVLD. Merino aud Cainel'a Hot Shawl, cloaned in the Kreuch till, with neatness and despatch. \IJ~ All kind.of Wtariug Apparel and Carpeta scoured. iVieichaul* can liave all kinds ol goods dyed and put a pill their origin n lOMk ifrooalyu OBicr, 4'J Kultou ?t. Brooklyn. oil lui'r liSI'V'H rAltNT CONICAL VtiNTlLATOK. cheap, simple nu.1 etfacieut apparent* 1. tdapte o to all purposes of Veulilalion. ship,, Steainlioals, ^nurches, Hospitals, 1'ri.ous, Mines, Vaults, ate. tic. may b' us applies tiou be kept tree irom II Innl or ami uuvvnoies. me effluvia; It Is also an cure for Smoky Cluinuius. The subscriber having purchased the ri ght far the City aud County ol New Vork, is prepared to .apply the public with Cones on demand. Metal Hooltiug of all descriptions I uruiahed iu any part of the COUUllV. Chiton Water I'lpes and Pluinoeis' Work iu general. Also, Galvanized Iron aud Tlu Ware at wholesale. Stovepipes, bain tuba, coal hods, etc a. prices greatly ruUuccd. All work warranted, ail 1 orders by letter attended to. 1*. U.vlNLK, s25 3m#tn 1311 Waler street. THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL. AND DiAi'ER FIN ANEW aud important Article tor use iu the nursery, aud a* t laslt'iuiiK to 1 idles shawU, ciualu, fee. i'aiculed iu uic uuutu oiairtAuu iu r^urut'c. i is rapiuiy niuiui^ rnvor whcrtver imrotiucco, Hud has h? r;n?e an Article which it will be to the .lUVdiuatie of iKdlei* IU laiuy hardware, fee. iu the country, to supply tiiuau* Wt* witli. bor ante to the trade, uy (OOkt ol the wnuleaule dealer* iu such anicU s iu the city ol York. Thread and ueedle stores and dealers in fancy articl*?, sui? plicil on liberal crms, it l* o in tiiui.ictoiy ol tne patentee, 146 street, Brooklyn. >S<il lin*rc ' I KAM1L1LS UOiiNii SOU TH, 10 the West luuit* or T r.uropv.?A rexpectable It-male, 24 years ol age, Wishes to obtain a pc-ruiaiit in Stlualiou as seauulresN, lit a geuteel hiunly. She would prefer goiug to &uropc, yet would accept ol a good oiler to go South or lo the West Indies. Tlie best ol reler eucetgtveu. Address A. A. A. bos 76j, upper Post olhce, IN. York. HiOr At AKL).? 1 have olleu been inloruied by friends that some per sou*, *s Well ill iu> line ol busiuess .is out of It, jealous ol the i access l meet with,have directly aud ludireclly asserted lh l I NM msisBfaCtUrtnu in, well kooff 0 Ll Moi m I brand, as well as oth -r Havana aud I riucipc Scgats in this t ouuliy, and in.tkiit?( Ottttl SluUl inula, l her.-wnh ?l< ckare such assetlious ' BOM U.setiouds, aud such individuals worse |hlO highway roobers. M RAUfciU, 46 Chatham aire- I. >ew York, Bspt* 2H. IH4 2. *26 I in r ! fJ. U.N S, Kl ! LE4*, PISTOLS, and I KcUTal assortment of ? ^ tviivarsicutlery, mdluaej sooiii iifili. ftcm* mm*. fr?ce and log chain shovels, spades axes, locks, bo. u, mill I saws file..,iable cuiiary, p eker knives, with a assortme!u ol guru, rifles, muskets ?nd pistols, f ?r sale st lo * prices ' by A. W. 8PHC8 It GO., o?f> l?n?rrc 218 Pearl street. FLUTE AND GUITAR. ji/j K I'lULICK KKNST, Piofuwi of the Flute, (iuiUr, an l'l patent Concertina bc<a lo auuoum-r lo liu friends and nublie that he baa mat published hia new "Hondo Militaire" for the vuilar, which will he lound well worthy the attention ol'the learner oi amateur, Iroin its beinK well aoapted lo that inatruinent aud calculated not on y topless* but to afford inatruction. This Hondo, with several other pleasitut pieces of hia cem|a>sition "for the ituitar" are tu lie lound at Mr. Etuat'. residence W Canal street, where he contiauea lo <ive lessons on t..e above instrurnenta. a! 3m-r U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pt iST OFFICK, New York, lith July, IMS. HOUKSof Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the Upper and Lower Post Oflices:? Letters deposited before Hall-past I o'clock, A Ml IS " " I 3 " P .M Will be sent out for deAt all tke Stations before > livery at 9 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M I and i o'clock, P M. 'a " P Mj Letters to be aeut Free, must have "Free Stamp" affiled to them, otherwise three cents will he collected of the party to whom th-. letter is addressed. No money inu?t be enclosed in letters unless re. istered at t ie principal offices. Lists ol the stations (at all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at $2,30 per I00. and every information uiay be obtained on ate plication at the upper or lower poat office*. Slump* iaaued hy the late CityDeapatch Post will be received. It ia indiapenaable that the number of the residence ahould be atated in ail lelt* ra aei.t thrnuich-thia Pont. The Poat Maater aolicita the rarlieat innirraation ahould any irreitularitiea occur. JOHN LOKIMEK (JKAHA.M au28 ly #c Poat Maater. NEWLY INVENTED TRANSPOSING PIANO FORTES, NO. 343 BROADWAV, NEW YORK. fpHE aubaenber* rriperlfully inform their frienda and the I public in irrneral, they have jualfiniahed a newly invented inatrnmn.t called the Trana|>o?in? Piano Forte, which they now introduce to the muaical community. Thia Inurnment fo-ma a beautiful, rich and new eilerior. both in ahapr and neatneaa, bca'des a uuie full, bnlliaiil, and melodioua. The (treat advantage derived from thia new luven tinn, ia that muaic may be irauapuacd into any key deaired to auitthe vocaliata, or for an accompaniment of any other inalrument, and therefore worthy the attention of the amatmraa well aa the ariiat. A laree aaaortmeiit of Tablet Piano Fortea, roaeweod and mahoyany, 6 and SX ortavea, with French itraud action, are alao couatantly kept on hand, all of which we reapcctfully sub mil to piofeaaora, amateur*, and the trade in ye tier* I, at our wareroom* and manufactory, aa above. N. u ? Piano ! ortea tntied and repaired on the ahorteat notice. LINUELL, WENNBRBTROM k CO. B In'e No. 343 Broadway. IMRRIH TOOTH WASH?Prepared from lli? original re * ' tipcatNo.g <}nld street, New Yrok?The ((mi Tooth I Wash i? purely a vegetable preparation, |>naerasing the propertie? o leleening the teeth end month lettering ine gems toe healthy stAte, end preventing any nnplcaaant uete of odanr in the month, whether anting from decayed teeth or from a de . ranked Hate of the suimacn. It it designed lobe lined with afocth brush, and will he found I ' to auj-eraede the necessity 1 .'a [{Safer .keepn I tVe teeth rleen I and preventing the wearing away of tr.e gJL*a li .n the teeth. It la particular v useful in caaea of spungy sums. metering 'hem to a healthy sl.'Ue, Unl c - lie IIIU. :l?'ni I.I lire I ifiinil [he teeth. In |*inful affection* of the teeth and gums, analog fr--in eapoanre to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It la pwrticnlarly serviceable to me the Orn* Tooth Waah at night jnat before retiring to reat. Thia m-.thod la recommended by eminent dentiau, a* by ao doing all partielea of food which accumulate during the day are entuely removed, and the month kept through the night in a clean, aweet, and health* alate. Souu.l teeth and white teetn are ihe moai valuable pomona of poor humanity; bol how many neglect the attention necessary for their preservation, even when anrrounded by all the me ina needed. Among these we know of none more pleasant and effectual than the Orria Tooth Waah?it eleaneea sod whitens the teeth, strengthens ihe gums, purifies the month, and iweelens the breath. We recommend its use to all, yonng and Id ?(Boston Morning Post. The Orns Tooth Wash is ihe beet detergent we ever need on I Oar enamel.?{ Boston Trauarnpt. (] k'or aale by the principal druggists in the ritv nig r ? ~ MONIIMENTB, *C. OOBKHT E. LAUNITZ, (late Kraieek Launiti) Sculptor r IV and Artificer in Marble. So. SOI Btoadway, New York. "J S;aturs, Monuments, Buata, Fountains, Tomba, Head Stones, " Vaara, kc., eaeeuted of the finest American ami Italian Maxbh a, in a eh tale and classic style. ] N. B. Croten wairr having heen introdheed into tht cily, fc Mr. L. will be pleaved to esecnte all orders lor erecting fnun- , taiua for gentlemen in their garda 11s, aa he has had many yean , caiwnenre in Italy and this country. Tlw begt of city tererence given. t All orders by lettcn, giving New York city refereuces, at- > rended to with punctuality and despatch. s27)m*m | pESTAI'KANT ERANCAIS. Sfo.'i Nausea ?t ( Tt theCuatom Hou.e. f J. BONN.iRO k P. DELAmO f I r. !?", Hir m....... v*' .iini 4 1>|UHIII .aiiro. Klin VrilUT* generally, that ihcy ha?e 'tiUrnnl ih?ir Brraklaat and Dining rial.?>n?,and ha?e braidra arranged rotieenient room* tor nnea'e parti. ?, a id will pay particular attention in-id- r? for Dinn.rt ) and Sii|>|jaii 10 piirate nouaea, winch they will furulah ai raiy modrr.le piic-a. '1 hoy eotutantly ha?a oil handBrandy Preaarrea of all klrida Liqunn in great yoriaty. * Winta af ?Tl branda. Oil of Olifaa refined , Oravcre('kaaaa. r New Chalel Che*.. | I'rutfltaand Mil,In m< _ UK JLitw Pita, ko .au; 1 | LI). i?rtc* Two Caul*. Auburn. f Correrjwudmc* of th? Herald.] Auburn, October 29th, 1842. Arrival of H. ->/. Johnson?Hit Addrtss?Tht Ladus?Military? Pot! OJfue Kemoral a ml He -appointment. James Gordon brnne-rr, Esy.:? Dear Sir,? Col. Richard M. Johnson, Ux-Viee President of the United States, arrived in our village late on Thursday evening, and took up his lodiuga at th? American. The committee appointed to wait on hnn, was composed of gentlemen ot different political opinions, among whom, was L. Sherwood. Esil'iire, a distinguished member ol our bar. Col. Johiiaou, at two o'clock, 1'. M. yesterday, was escorted to tbe court house, by the committee, where he delivered an address to a very large concourse of people, who entertain ditlereut political creeds. Mr. suerwood, ulter touching briefly upon the character and nicideuts tu the lite ot Col. Johnson, presented the veteran soldier and statesman to his tellow-ciuzens. 'the court room was tilled 10 a jam- There were a lew ladies present, among whom I saw Mrs. I'. H. M***s, Mrs. L. and Mrs. H. K***#*n, and her daughter Helen. Col. Johnson avoided entering into politics in his address, hut amused Ilia hearers very much with some ot his eariy history, nud accounts ot Ins several changes through lile. The only thing political in Ins speech, was this, lie suid he " always uc ed, not exclusively for party, hut trom the purest motives, lor the good ol his country, and thought just as much ot awing, as he did ot a democrat, providing they had done linn or his country no injury, but at tbe same lime, would a little rather people would vote the democratic ticket." He mentioned our lameut'-d llnrrisou, as one ol the bravest men with whom he had ever met. Alter the meeting adjourned, our military company paid htm the honor due to his nteriis. Capt. Siegoine, in addre.-stng the Colonel, said?"We leel proud tu rendering honor to wtioui honor is due." Col. Johnson being naue fatigued from his jaunt the day belore, did not uelatn the company long He apdressed them Inst, and then shook hands with each individual member. Mr. Henry 11. bostwtck, who was in March last removed from his otfice us mail agent, between Auburn and Ut cu, bus been re-instated, in place ol Mr. Oscar llurgess, removed. Mr. Burgess was appointed on the removal ot Mr. bosiwica, but it seetns that lie couldn't stick. He received bis walking palmers, (us Col. Johnson sayc) and Mr Bosiwtck tits appointment this morning, to ihe no small gratification ol all parties. Hawx Hartfoid. (Cores poiulencr of the Herald.J Haktkouo, Oct. 28, 1842 IVuither?Trade?Agricultural Fair?Lad it* Fan ?Beautiful Marchant* (leg Mode*? U. S. Hotel James Gr. Bennett, Esq.:? The weather has been tor the last tour week*" all around my hat"; to-day as warm an June, to-morrow cold enough to make ice ; uud the next damp and foggy us the Mauiuee Valley. Consequently, it has been somewhat sickly here as well us elsewhere along the valley ot tjie Connecticut. But as cold weather sets in, we have fewer cases of sickneaa ; and business, which, owing to the unsettled state ot the weather, has been somewhat backward this tall, revives; and with it the spirits ot our worthy ci.izens, which, owing to causes jubl mentioned, have been tor a month or two past at low watermark. The Fair ot the Ilartford Coun'y Agricultural Society, accounts ot whicn you have probably ere tins received through the medium of the press, was well tilled with contributions from our citizens, und others, and visited by thousands who sremed pleased with the specimens ?>l genius,tuduatry, und ingenuity, here displayed. While on the subject ot Fairs, we will just muke mention ot another f air " got up" by the tair for the benefit ot the (Julian Asylum in iniscity. We believe that we never saw so many of uic in a riiu uciore. urruuuueu us we we;e by such h galaxy of beauty, it is out ol our power to describe all; we must ttierelore couteiii our elves with describing a lew ol tbese " Daughters of II auty." First, we notice Mary II?, and her lovely companion, (a stranger to us by name) who together had charge ol Hie P. Otfice debarment While looking at and thinking ol these two noble girls, we could not help wishing that the Postmaster General would place iiiem at the head ol his branch here, vice the present cross-grained, sour-laced incumbent. Sure are we that (judging Irom the manner in which lliev ucquitted themst Ives of their duty there) neither uncle Sam nor the public interest would sutler in their hands. Next we raw that ami able and good hearted girl Lydta H , who will make a tnost excellent companion lor some one, it there is any truth in the science ol phrenology ; and we believe our observations on the human tace divine don'' deceive us, and that the lace is surely an index to the mind and heart. As most of the othrrs were strangers to the writer of this, he will only mention two others who appeitred to htm so much suiterior to nine-tenihs ol w.imankind, that he cannot help noticing them. The lir.-t was a young, but not remarkably handsome girl, about twenty, with a lace beaming with such intelligence and good natui .nd such sparkling black eyes, and glorsy hair of the same hue, as to cause ?very one as they passed her stand on the eastern side of the hall, to exclaim, " who is that lovely stranger?" for such she was at least to most of us. The next and last ol whom we shall at present speak, was a young and decidedly beautiful girl of sweet sixteen, or thereabouts; her station was on the east side of, and next to the Fortune-teller's desk Her name we do not know, hut wish we did; a pleasant acquaintance she would be, we are sure. Our old friend, Captain David H , is still with us; and what with his everlasting good humored lace, and humorous stories, he is ever welcome. Should vou ever come this way, Bennett, on your" rotid to Boston," be sure to take the steamer Phmntt, ol wnicn captain n. is me comminarr, una 11 you don't get your money's worth, we'll agree to pay the hill. That Bull has gone to Poquonock: friends Green and Alford finding him rather a cosily hs well a* unruly boarder, have both oncluded lhat they wouid hereafter confine themselves to their legitimate business, and not speculate in bulls again. The " Bridge Company" are as regardless of the public interest and their own duty as ever. When shall we get from them a decent foot-poih? Sorry are we that friend Alford is about to retire from the management of the United States Hotel ; and sorry will be every titan, woman, and child, that ever soiourned a day with hint. O! his succeaHor we know nothing. This we do know, that neither he or any other man can do better than hia predecessor. Mav -uccess and prosperity ever attend both Eliaha S. A fiord and Ins amiable lady. SIOMA. Court of Common Pleat, Before Judge Inglis. Oct. 31.? Was B- Jacobut and Witt vs. Barlbnlamtw Blmnen ?To recover lor injuries received in consequence jf rubbish being left in front of defendant's house. Tha plaintiff and hi? wils ware passing through Dover street, in a light wagon, on Saturday evening, tat Oct., (tha leather being dark and rainy,) when the horse stumbled >ver a lot of br rk and rubhiaa in front of the defendant's ioiis* and (his 1111 i n 11 ft J ?a.<-r?s thrnurn mil flnu nf tWa irma of Mri, lacobna ?n broken, nn I ahe ?u much inured and alarmed For the defittce, it win contended that he rubhiah might have been eaaily avoided. It had been ilaced there by Mr. Sherridan, maaon, who wan employed o take down a kitchen oven, and ahould have carried it iway. Verdict thla morning. For plaintiffa, Burr It Bendict?for defendant, Mr. S. Sherwood and Mr. Vaa Colt. Circuit Ccmrt. Before Judue Kent Oct. 31?Thornm Uwil va Hubbard, Onjftn, *1 *1 ? krtion relative to a whaling voyage, to recover for elolling aupplied the whale ahip Waahmgtor, the defend nti refining to pay what had been turniabed lor the atop heat, contending that they had no right to do ao. Verdlot ur plaintiff, *140 S3. For plaintiff, Seeloy * .MJUa?lor lefeudanta, Mr. Oeo Miller. Eugene Ely, it. at , va. Ru/ui (/ilhrt. el at.--To recover HftO, the amount of a nolo. The defence ia that there lad been a wrong converaion of the note?it waa aent to L|. .... .1 " . I... .k. niirooae of taking hd ano her, hut tfie perton to whom it wm want. inatead of taking |> the old note, left thu at collateral lor iti renewal. VerI let Cor defendant*, tubfert to the opinion of the Court, for plaintiff Mr. O. W. Nile- -for defendant. M'Coun k Clark. ___ Court Calendar?Thla Dajr. Ctacoir Coo*T.?Not. 34, 34 30, 3*. 3II, 144 I4?l, 'i 41 <U 91. 101, l?t 101. 90, 107, 77, 1 1.1. 79, l?, 37 71. 76, 136, 100, 111, 3, 4, CoMU" Pl?:*v?Part I.?Not. 139, 11. 36 6<. I D, 46. 7. 31, 37 13, 116 Part J.?Noa. 74, 10, 136, ?4, JO, ?. 4, 64, ?, M, 3. J AR N DRN k f'O.'S Kit I - to 'tmr>n, Proeldaaae. ? Mtrtford V. w H : lad'lp'iia, duly. ri v.. .Da.> a <;o , Mi lmi 1 Wall aUttt.

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