Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 1, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 1, 1842 Page 2
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XE V YORK 1IKUAL1). \t-\ir York, Tiu-ailay, Novrmbrr 1, 1N4*4, Relation* ln-t\i tin ICii^IhiiiI ami tlx liilttil Mlntin?Nlrti^ulrof Ilie llank of Knglantl. The recent treaty between England and the nited States has settled their |>riiic*i|>rtI |>olitic*l ind territorial dillereneea?hut new movements art legmning to show themselves, which will lead to h ong and protracted struggle between interests ?>l he most original characters that ever took place between two countries. tTuis struggle will he for the tloating specie of the >m crcial world?and the two contending eleents will he tlir> I'.inlt lit KitvlanH on one -1 lit*. Mild tie new American commercial sysiem, founded on ash principles, on the other side. This is a war ol ommercial and monetary principles?and the consquences may be, in a few brief yean?, ilie tall of tie Hank of England, a revulsion in her ntanuicturiug system?an insurrection in her masses? nd a total revolution in lier government. The I'nited State- .ire now on the threshold ol a ew series of commercial, financial and political vents, that will shake the old world to the centre. I'Midon and Paris had better look out. Mexico ann Tkxas?We have had nothing new out this part of the world, since the arrival ol the lenrielia al Now Orleans, whose news to the Xth ol cto'ier we published a lew days since. The second general invasion of Texas by the Mrx:au army will be a very serious affair, before the l< xieans are again driven out of Texas. Already XI Texians have been killed, and about double that umber of Mexicans. Yet there has been no enigement between the hostile forces on this ticeaon that could he dignified with the name of a fight -nothing but skirmishes. They have had the efct, however, of keeping the Mexicans in check, ui when the remainder of the Mexican forces, mounting probably to 15,000 men, enter Texas in iree divisions, as they will do, and the powerful ?et of Mexico blockades and bombards the ports Texas, the " lone star" republic will have very nigh work of it. That she will ultimately triumj^i over the Mexi ms we do tint lor .t moment doubt; but to do this ie must have assistance, in some shape, from the nited States If not men, she certainly must have ovisiona, arms, and munitions ol war. We very ucli doubt whether there can he found lighting men lough now in Texas to beat back the large force Inch Mexico is about to bring against her. Ami e shameful manner in which the recent volunteers Dili the I'nited Slates have been treated by the ithorities in Texas, readers it very doubtful whethshe will have much more assistance in that way. rvertheless, if matters were to grow des|>erHte, (I the Texians were to he driven this side the 'azos, we think perhaps that numbers of gallant irits would rush in there from the Southern and rath Western Slates; in which event the Mexicans so Id be driven out of the country in three weeks, ith great slaughter. In the meantime our < 'overtirntnt has offered to ediate between the two countries, and we think teat Britain ought also to offer her services for e same object. Almonte, the Mexican AmbasJor, has been presented to the President. * From letters received from the western part ol rxas, it seems the late expedition of the Mexicans linst San Antonio, is not of the general character i,i Ned?a general invasion ? hut the work of John legume, the traitor, who, it appears, had m*rtjed his landed property near San Antonio, to Col. ;de i, lorm-rlv a in reliant of Bexar, as security about SIO.lMNf worth of merchandize purchased him SH.Miine, it will be remembered, on hisexfiiiontothe KioGr nde with his merchandize, is robbed I>v the Mexicans?returned to San Anno?i.iised a p irty, and, in retaliation, robbed a rty of Mexican traders, on the Texas side of the o Grande. The au.hoiities of Texas not sancnini this jobbery hv Seguine, he deserted the nntry with his followers from San Antonio, and ne.f Vasquez and his party. Now the court, lich was in m*s:jon at Bexar, when this last expeion ol ihe.Mexicins surprised them, would have tided a suit which Colnnel Ogden had instituted lin-t Seguine, and Seguine knowing this, was in iimentat in raising tins last expedition tor the |)n-e ol capturing and carrying off the archives I Bexar county, in which he succeeded, and has 0 taken Col. Ogden among the prisoners caped. There is little hope tor the lite of Col. Oj11 in the hands of this iruitor. Dr. Sim titers Hiid lerswhoin he hadsliot, are supposed to have been Loesses to the mortgage. "rom Canada.?There is still a very stubborn and 'lent discussion going on in Canada, about the reival of the seat of government. The people of Toito and Montreal want their towns to have the vilege ; whilst the people ot Quebec clamor louder in all the rest to have the seat of government lo:ed there. >Vith regard to Sir Charles Iiagot's administration 1 |K>pularity, < r want ot it, we shall hear more at next session of the Canadian Parliament. Some the papers state that their confidence in Impolicy w great that they feel sure, if a vote ol wan' of conrnce should he attempted, it would he negatived mediately by a large majority. On the other hand eral of the papers condemn his policy most veliently; and particularly his calling Lafontaine, Bald j, and otners. to t ike seats in the Executive Coun. The airangements of Sir Charles Bagot tor form h new ministry, have been tully completed, and | following is the result:? L B. Sullivan. Prcideiit of theCouncil; S. It. Harrison, Win 1 W; Robot Baldwin, Attorney General, W ; J. K Small, Solicitor General, C. W : Dy. Secret irv, C. E.; L. II. Latontaine, Attorney Gene. C. K ; -T. O. Aylwin, Solicitor General, C. E.; J. H pn, Receiver OenerahF. Hinrk?, ln?pector General; H. Kiilally, Pre*.Board?f?ki| A. N. Moris, Coaunisper Crown Land*. fhese el?ven are all men of ability, and very libem their politics. In the House of Assembly, coinled of eighty-four members, it is asserted, upon dfy pood anthority, that there are only thirteen ;idealy opposed to the ministry, and eleven of im doubtful; thus leaving them sixty firm support. Mr. Ihinscotnbe and Mr Parent, wi'l retire in Parliament, but their places will doubtless be ipliedbyMr. E.G. Wakefield, and Mr. A. N. Mo, of the same politics. fhe public works in Canada are already affecting I Erie Canal, if we may judge by the following m the Rochester Democrat:? Tut Wkllavd vs. thk Erik Canal.?We set it ?n as a conceded fact, a fact established hy ires, thai the business ot the Wetland canal is biasing. The tolls during the mouth of August, 2, exceed those of the same month in 1841, to the punt of about Vet. notwithstanding this rent, only a comparatively small portion of the duceof'the west passes through that channel.? r Clove In nd Herald says that produce of the ue of$3Sf> 93b'28 was shipped from that port durt'?e in >tith of September, and of that amount, y jfl V7.190 3?* went through tti" Welland Canal, tliat there i* yet. as they , iy m the west, '.i smart ItiC"' to have the I ma la 1' - d, a id ire ia no doubt but that it will h- inrirmd. unless ne edicieot tn-a i? ire promptly t aken to counter [ toe etleet which the improvement* now pragmas in Canada will liav upon Hie trade." kimkrhitiii Nkw -Mors or iukWkii \nd Cavai.. k schooner ctme into otir i>ort on Wednesday, m St. Joseph, on Lake Michigan, with .'i.tttlti ihels ot wheat tor Charles J. Mill Tins rveg is portant. We are assured, Wlgentleman aotinted with the forwarding business in all u? that it there was a good McAdam road Idto tic river, opposite Carthage, he could laad [eat at the milk m Rochester *1 from two IO five Its a bushel ehnffffhll if brought down the te Canal I.nle from Caracas. We have received by the Chairu from Caracas, ile of the Bogota ?M/.ettr, iroin which we make s following extracts relative to our Charge re ftiniVAt. 01 rimCharoc Mr. Huaciii-orh ar CarkS._"(?n Friday, the ^rh instml, the sloop o| r i 'almoin h. c 11,f-i i Mac'nto-li. , %1_, ira. bringing Mr. William Blaehlord, <'hnr>r? p. aires of tic- I'm1'd States, near tnr iiepnbl ..| w (iranada Mr. Blacliford, the captain,surgeon I pur">r, availed themselves of the opportunity to II I 'ar :c I-I I S Ittirtiay were | rcs. n.< ! I-. ' President, In.dt parties hejng highly satisfied ih the visit Te f a tti'.111h ielt on the -.itur i.u lowing tor Maraeaiho where Mr Bla.hforl t-to embark to pursue hi* journey to Bogota We e had occasion to see and converse with this gentleman. His aptiearanoe is respectable, and'we ln\'r? cur sister Kopublic ol \Vw i iranada will j besu'islied with Mr. Iflacliford, and on knowing him w,II confirm the opinion we have lormed ol ins merits." 1 1 It is to be hoped Mr Plachford will be more sue- 1 cessful in negotiating a treaty than his predecessor. 1 The increasing imi>ortance of the trade to New < Granada, now nil carried on in vessels of that na- 1 lion, or wearing their flag, seems to demand more attention than is usually given to our foreign rela- I tions, w lien the power treated with is of a second or third among nations. i New Granada, in geographical situation, has ad- ] van'uges not possc^Med by any country of America. 'I he Atl mtic and Pacific both lave her shores, and the Isthmus ol Pun.ima offers the readiest and most certain communication between those two mighty oceans, ller territory reaches from the isthmus t*> the head waters of the Amazon ; and if a canal ?r Railroad (surveys for which have been made long since) should unite the two oceans, what important results may not be anticipated in case of i war, where one nation might have the privilege of I transportation of troops and materials for her fleets ' in the Pacific, and the other compelled to make a I voyage of 11111* or ten thousand miles round the 1 CHjK-s, for 'h?* Maine purpose 1 But in time of peace 1 it is not less important that our relations I should be friendly; indeed, more than that, they ! should be intimate- Without such facilities for manufacturing as other countries possess she must e?- ] ebange Iter(oid and produoe with other nations. The ( question is simply, shall it he with us or some other , tuitions ' 1! we enter the field we can drive out all ( others, but if we let others take the lead and get in- ( to will be hard to oust them, or change | the current of popular taste. We lio|>e that these- ( lection made hi this instance, Iihh been dictated by , the fitness of the |?erson tor the office, rather than as ( a reward for political services at home. Too much , care could not be used in choosing a man to treat ( with this honest, high-minded and upright people ; j and if he does nothing, lie should he recalled and ] another sent out forthwith in his place. g The Bogota paiiers mention that scnrcely had t peace been concluded between Bolivia and Peru, when 'he Peruvian chiefs 'ell at loggerheads with 8 each other. It appears that the army of the Sou'h I was arranged in two grand divisions,?one under j command of Gen. Antonio (Jutierez de la Fuente, , and the other under Gen. San Roman. The former *' accuses the latter of seditious conduct, in having withdrawn from his command. Sin Roman bestows a similar epithet upon I-a Fuente, for having d disobeyed certain orders of the Supreme Govern- j ment. The morals of the army suffered greatly by this dir-sention. <ien. Torrico was in Lima with 1 about :tiSH) m>-n, almost all raw recruits. The New Grenadian refugee. Gen. Obando, was ^ still in Peru, and was every day becoming more odious. A* ourgovernment has recently concluded a coin- a ntercial and friendly treaty with the Republic of Ecuador, it is not without interest that we learn the prob ihility of a pacific adiusiment of the diflerencs n lierwcen Ecuador and Peru. It a- ems that both parlies are dwposed to recognize the existence and 9 validity ?f the treaty of Guayaquil of 1829, accord- a ing to which all differences were to be adjusted by p the arbitrament of a friendly power. It may he |j that the Uni ed States will he the friendly power appealed to on this occasion. Mr. .Tames ll.Cau- s' .-ten is now the acknowledged Consul lor Ecuador, resident hi Wushington. Later from Havana.?The schooner Laura Vir- () giuia, has arrived at New Orleans from Havana, with ^ dates to the 12ih inst. Two slight motions of earthquake were felt at Santiago de Cuba on the 22J ult. The danger was but ^ momentary, and no injury was sustained. It is in contemplation to construct a railroad from the town of Cobre to Punta de Sal, in the neighborhood of Santiago. d The medical review, recently established in Hava- si na, is highly spoken of by the newspapers. ol The Saint Cecilia Society continued to give its concerts of vocal and instrumental music. q. The Noticioso complains of the small support hi- ^ tlierto extended to the Italian Opera,and suggests that c| a joint stock company of amateurs should be form- ||| ed, for the purpose of patronising all artists of distinction who might honor the city with their prel sence. Private Coirespondence. Havana, Oct. 13. The Uncft* arrived yesterday morning, dismasted, hav- u ing experienced a heavy gale on the 4th inst, in which she lost her topmasts, the head ol her foremast and deck load. The cargo in the hold is also probably damaged. The Kmpresario arrived same day. Kmprrsario and Uncus discharging. On the 10th instant, the English pilot boat Francis Cockburn brought our mails of the 1st ultimo I Irom Nassau. (apt. Elliott, formerly of one of the coin- . I psny's steamers, has come out as special agent to break ,, ii|i the line, and we are no longer to he humbugged by steamers that are thirty-five days bringing us new s. He . ml Drills us that there will be but one steamer a month from Knglaml, which will go to St. Thomas, Turks 1-1 ind, Jamaica, Belize Honduras, Vera Cruz, Tamplco, ?l' Havana, Nassau, Bermuda, and thence home. So that r" you also are to have the beneflt of their absence. In the |*r. nine mouths that they have been running, I believe they yj have brought us the latest dates lrom England but once. "c The Medway, during her last trip down the gulf, was 'J* obliged to h ave her mail and mail officer at Tamplco, be- *,u cause he could not get oil during a norther, and the last c steamer, the Sol way, from there, not only could not get JJ" the mail and officer, but was obliged to leave her own, . together w ith the purser, because ol the same difficulty. Our market coutiuues in a very dull state, and litttlc 1,1 improvement is to he lookeil tor until our great staple, su- ? gar, begins to make its appearance. Of the old crop there m are now Irom 40 to 50,000 boxes on hand, generally of an inferior quality,but which will be pretty well taken olf before the news arrives. Trices range from 3}, 7| a 619 rs. per ?* ar-obe, an t there is a slightly increased activity in consequence ol favorable advice* from Europe and the action ca of the tariff with you. The prospect for the coming crop 00 was very good before the heavy gale of the 1st of Sept., which prostrated a great deal of cane, so that now a re- ' duction of 70 a SO,009 boxes is anticipated from the last t?v crop. Coffet.?The new crop is now jiouring in, but the 00 heavy rains have retarded the drying, and m tich has been |"e blown lrom the trees. The crop, how ever, is still lair, and 'al we quote prime green at $8 50 a $9; lair $7 a $7 75 per quintal. Flour.?The stock is very small, but the low prices nj! with you tend to keep rates down, and the last sales, per ? Uncus, were effected at $15 35. This morning $15 only , is offered. /.ai d.?The stock is also very small, but dealers keep loot,in anticipation of heavv arrivals. Last sales per brl, $10 35. That "per Uncas and others yet remains unsold. Uamt?$13 AO par quintal?but few in the market and but little demand. %> Kxchan?e has within a few days declined, London OA 11J a 13 per cent prem , lew takers. New York, 3J a 3 per *' liailt IH?I lloH New Orleans 1 ami per cent prem.? slight demand Freight/?Extremely dull, and few vessels in jiorL? The lust|operations were at C3 to I'owi s and a market, and ^ a small brig was taken yesterday at jE3 5 lor Genoa. U. States $1 tier brl. 1" dei Theatricals in the United States.?Braltam and his son are on their way to this city, after a ail most successful tour through Upper and Lower Ca- ov nad?. They will probably pass th? winter in the ),e Havana and the British West India Islands. tin Signors Nagel, Nourritt, and Eglnnch, are at Rocheater, giving concerts at the National Hotel.? j They seem to be as successf ul there- as they were in J'? Canada. by Mrs Gibbs gave her first concert in Toronto wj last Tuesday evening. del Several other singers are in this city Mr. and j?J Mrs. Seguin. Mrs. Railey, Mrs. Knight, fltc all a|>- ?|. |s-ar at the i'ark in the new musical dnma of " Mo- 00 ses in Kgvpt," accompanied hv nearly one hundred 0ri choristers Mr and Mrs lloskms and Billy Wil- re| lisms also aji|>ear in it The females are excluded j,0 from the third tier tw Niblo's Garden has closed. ne( The Chatham is still very successful, and always to bringing out new dramas ^ " Amilie," as brought out at the Olympic, has lov been very successful. Celeste has returned to the Bowery to play a fare- t,ii] w?-U engagement. Neither her sister or daughter "'ol will return to Europe with her; Celeste leaves this Unj city on the INthof Nov. for England, where she will or resume her engagement at the Haymarket. In Boston, Tones at the Tremont has hada very ?tt? successful season. Blake is doing a good business at the National ,lfi< In Philadelphia, Forrest is playing Jack Cade, for but docs not draw very well. {tickings, Mi* Ayres, Acc., are at the Chesnut ,? Hackrlt is doing nothing. Hill n lecturin , all over New England, and holds lorth somewhere 1 every nijht Mi'MitSiuiif??i v"' Oinnclord is dnin? well in Louisville. Kirby is tr? <i t'lK inn.iti (lenrge Vandenliofl i* lertunnif So t" , h Mi?- Hnrendnn ?nd Mrs Butler. None ?| ihc New Oil- .ins theatrea have betn ?a built up yet. \ Thie First Nmrr or nm Sacred Drama at the 1'ake Tiikatkr.?Lust evening was performed, for he lirst time, the splendid sacred drama of the " Israelites in Lgypt," at the l'ark Theatre. The house as well and respectably filled. The pit and dress circle were crowded?the second tier nearly full? and the third empty, the manager having, for the Bret time in New York, put forth a moral courage unheard-of, und exclu ted the usual frail women who frequent that quarter. It would he unfair to criticise the first night of such a drama with severity, hut 011 the whole, it went otl very well. We must enter into its merits hereafter. The stage manager has taken some liberties with the original score of die great composer, which musical p.'ople must not altogether like.? Why strike out a beautiful passage ol llossini's to I'ui in .iiiuiurr <u nuuuri s . The production of this drama is a new and enri ous event in American tli?* history?and the courage oi Sixipson, in purifying the third tier, is a step that must attract the uttention ot the moral and religious world. The Park Theatre, in propriety, decorum, refinement, and moral entertainment, is now a fit place for all the clergy and the most pious of their (locks to visit. We doubt, however, whether there is inor d courage enough in the pulpit to a|>i>rove the moral courage of the theatre. We will see. Caution to Housekeepers?Female Thieves and Burglars Afloat.? Families and housekeepers ought to he very cautious of admitting several strange women, who are in the hahit of going in souples, and of calling at houses, and making enluiries of a frivolous nature. They are believed to >e thieves in disguise, prowling after plunder. The r mode is to ittipiire for some lady of the house, and while showed into the parlor by the servant, to ap iropriate what tliey can lay their hands upon. Yeaerday, two women of this description took the round >! several houses in Chambers and other streets, and n one house they were suspected?became insoent, and were turned out of doors, when they hould have been sent to the Police office. One oj Itese women is dressed in a light-colored gown, a ilk cape and straw bonnet, and has a long face and ug mouth, rather vulgar in appearance?the other s an older woman, with a veil over her face. No loubt they are thieves in disguise. Next News from Europe.?The steamer Calelonia, from Liverixiol the 19th ult., is out thirteen lays this noon. She will probably arrive at Boson by Wednesday. The Great Western, front Bristol 22nd instant, vill arrive on Saturday or Sunday, if not before. In the meaatitne, however, the Siddons may irrive from Liverpool, with five days later news. Clinton Hall.?Mr. Buchanan lectured here last , ight on the " Nervous Fluid," and performed i ome remarkable experiments He paralyzed the ] rin of a strong man so liiat he could not lift a < ound weight, and then magnetized it till he ceuld | ft one hundred pounds at arm's length. It was a , trange exhibition. ' Tammany IIall.?The meeting at thisplace last < ight was poorly attended. Mr. Huchanan was not j resent, and the speeches were of the most common t lace character. ! New Work on England.?The Langleys have ' notber singular work in the presssby C. E. Lester, } J. S. Consul to Genoa, called the ' Condition and { 'ate of England." j Dr. Eldkidge, who was so often tried in Phi la- ? eiphia, for forgery, and so often acquitted, now redes in Gallowhill street, Philadelphia, and is one '! F the most active firemen in the city. ( ? (I Trenton Hacks commence this day, (Tuesday). ^ he proprietor informs us that the stables of Col " rm. If. Johnson, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Kendall, Satnu- c Laird, Mr. Conover, and Mr. Toms, are now at It ic course. ^ Arkansas Election.?The locofocos have cared it all their own way. Snow fell in New Hampshire on the 20th 1 9 It. c r Col. R. M. Johnson was at Owego last Tues?y * Common Council. p Hunn or Aldehmbn?Monday, October 31?Present Al- j' rmati Woo<lhull and all the members eicept Aldermen " aw art and Leonard. " Petitions presented?of T. J. Wood, to remove the liody ^ his niece tro.ii a vault in Sullivan street, to Long Island *' granted. Of 8. B. Haggles nmlothers, for privilege to n n court yards in front of buildings in Fourth Avenue? ferred to Alderman and Assistant of the Board with'pow- " Of John Jacob Astor, by his son, for reliuf from cer- " 11 taxes?referred. From wife of Jacob Van Voorhees, " ceased, for one quarter's salary ol husband for services Cl (Collector of Arrears of Assessments?referred. From dge Oakley to make pertain repairt in the Superior u mrt room?referred to Committee on Repairs, with now- d . From Henry Manslield, George Hope and William cl arris, a committee from the engineers, foremen and as- v itar.t foremen of the New York fire department, for the S traduction of the Croton w ater in the homes of n the fire apparatus?referred to Croton Aqueduct Com- n ittee. Report! of Committal.?The old eyc-svrc relative to Mr. ^ ige, late Superintendent of Streets, and the Mayor who |j perilled $6000 towards preserving the health of the city p st spring, when the Common Council were in a snarl, me up again The minority of the Kiuance Committee, insisting of Aldermen Underwood, sirnamed " the ChanUor" and Jones, presented a new report censuring Al- ^ rman Leonard, the minority memlier of the committee, *' r causing his minority report to be published in an '! ening paper before the Board had disposed of it, and ^ including with a resolution withdrawing the minority port from the file and adhering to those presented at the tl it meeting. w Aldermen rcaDv and Lkk oppose 1 the resolution, and b e former moved that it be laid on the table until the mi- si irity memlier was in his place, which was lost, by a vote F 7 to 6. tl Alderman Pchdt then moved the adoption of the reso- k tions presented by Alderman Leonard, in place of those ] fared by the majority, which was lost by a vote of 7 to < Alderman Carman voting in the affirmative. ci The resolutions of the majority were then presented and a< opted by a vote of 8 to 6, Alderman Carman being ab- in nt. II These resolutions direct the Comptroller to draw his K irrant in favor of \Vm. Gage for $>16360, for the balance his account as superintendent of streets, as rendered to j| b Comptroller, rejecting from sujd account the sum of n, ,000, alleged to have been received from the Mayor by .. m. Gage, and reserving for luture settlements the claims p the corporation for certain certificates and notes for ma- M, resold, amounting to $1,063, ami alleged to have been |>osited by said Gsge with Justice McNeil, of Long and, for collec ion 'r The Croton Aqueduct Committee reported in favor of owing Peter Quinn the extra com|am?ntion of $360 for m cavation ot ground between 1'Jth and Mtb'sta in Broad- I* ly, on a contract lor laying down Croton water pipes, ?l having met w ith extensive quick sands in the construe ar| n of his work. 1 >" " r ? U|'|IU3<-|| Hie Hpprujll ntin'll, iii-h was supported by Alderman Lee. Alderman ( ikmii moved to lay it on the table, a* the |0 foment at the corner of Thirteenth street wn badly t down by contractor Quiim. This motion prevailed rt' a vote ol 14 to 3. t]< The Croton A jueduct Committee presented a report th n resolution, instructing the counsel of the B >ard to w end the suits brought hy Hiram A. Norris, recent Cro- T i Aqueduct Commissioner, against th city, for a violanot li i s patent tor tapping th. Croton water pipes, and o authorising him to engage assistant counsel, if he |>< mm li re t it neee-sm v "p Vev P'lict /eim \. ierrrati'V..ooMt'i.i. railed up the finance amending rhantiu j- o-he revised ordinances, ltl (ulatingthe romperum hi o |aili eottirers. Thisordi- m lire a!lo a s each oth. cr at tile rate off J lor every twelve tirs' service during the day time, and $:t lor every elve hours at night, which passed hy a vote ol twelve three- Aldermen Purdy, Bouncll, and Martin, in the |j galive. Tha accounts ofottu-ers for time services, are he referred tothcKinanco Committees of both boards, iosc decision is to l,e linsl, and when passed, the Comp- es tier is to issue his warrant lor the compensation so al- R|, red. This last alteration w ill lie beneficial to the offi 'i, as thev can then obtain the money for their aei virea vt thout delay, which is not the case at present, as the pi Is are now referred to the Board of Supervisors for revi- t|] n. Any officer claiming any compensation lor aervices dered on time, during the day, it not to be entitled to r fees lor attendance upon either the C ourts of Ger.ei al tr Special Sessiona, or Oyer and Terminer, provided such ?r fsrnxuinr mini nnowm lor nis uiicnuRiire ourt.and whrnthtHne nhall fall thoit ofturh lees loi ndanrein extra compensation is to be allowed f.. t.When placed on duly by the mayoror alderman ol any ird, tbey are to receive their pay on obtaining the enr ' atoofthe Mayor or Alderman, and filing their affidavit i"1 such service. The officer, in making his affidavit for pi vices rendered, it lompelled to swear that the time ir:r?d hat been actually and necessarily employed in performance of the duty entrusted to him, and alto, the hat not received, and doet not expect to receive m r other reward or compensation for tucli service- cti "he ordinance wat pasted, Aldermen Martin and Purdy ,,r itig egainit it. I he ordinance. im|ioting a tine of $350 on public con- Hn rtori and huildera, lor neglecting to place a light on t?j if work while constructing vaults or tewera, or erect- ?j t building*, and alto compelling them to place a joll lence at each end of the material placed in the itreet, * then taken up and adopted. r. i I he Board then adjourned to Monday evening neat. tj1. ?.mwasBj City Intelligence. Psoi.arn ok AMtLfitMiTlO!i?The amalgamation of black anil white in thi? country is rapidly on the a'Cendant. Scarcely a week, passes that a black and white sheep are not couplod at the Police offices for their disgutting offences in the street* of our city, and little mullatto jokers are dropped about on the steps of the dwellings of our citizens, carefully wrapped in swaddling clothes and giving every evidence, from appeaanrces, of a full cross in the breed, resembling the ancient Egyptians or their brave an I heroic king, Sesostris.? The latest case, ei an open and avowed character, in which a dark Egyptian has given preference foralaly fair, and ?he to one ol Othello's caste ami tinge, transpired last week, and has cause 1 much excitement among those who cannot reconcils these things to their notions of color. The hero of the dark transaction is kuown by the name of \Vm. C. Smi h, ono of the swell of the fancy of the light hrnveti nf Onthum nnd orellliies u rlotheii Hrntirillt? anil mending establishment, at No. v! Barclay street, under the American Hotel. Ho is of exceedingly genteel appearance, and (ports n flowing pair of whisker* of the Colonel Monroe Edwards order, with other accompaniments equally attractive, and about lo years of age. The fair partner of his affections is one of the daughters of Thomas Jeltries, one of the Mayor's marshals, who resides at h'.i Vesey street,w ho hears the euphonious name o Isabella. She is young, handsome and genteel, and adheres to her first love with all the fervor o early affection. There is truly no accounting for taste in this world. Mr. Jeffries, her father, is n worthy man and n goad citizen, and has endeavored to bring bis children up with a father's affection and care, and in order that they should he kept in some degree of independence, has learned each a trade w hereby they could obtain a living Miss Isabella was taught the tailoring business, and some two years since Smith made his lirst Appearance at the house of Mr. Jeffries, with a request to have some coats repaired, which were finished according to order, and delivered on his premises in Barclay street by Isabella. This business continued, and now ana then when she would j visit th cellar of Smith, he hada little job of mending to 1 be done there for some gentleman, which she was induced to remain and repair. Things continued so until she often would remain absent lor whole days, and sometimes late in theeveiiing, to the wouderof her friends. Her father conceived it to b? his duty a few months since to interfere, not sup|>osiiig, however, for an instant, that there was any improper conduct between his daughter und Smith, but believing that he was the instrument through which some white villain was plotting her destruction. He accordingly forbid her going to his premises,and a fewdays after, she decamped, and remained absent for fire weeks, hut so explained the matter on her return, as to make her parents believe that she was not with Smith. On Thursday last, her father's suspicions of her attachment for Smith being fully confirmed,he closeted her,and with a whip indicted a most severe castigation, scoring her hack und limbs in a serious manner. This, it ap|>cars, instead of inducing an acquiescence to his wishes, settled her former purpose; and on Friday morning she left her father's house, and openly avowed he' determined intention to live with, stick by, and re|>osc on the tioiom of her colored Egyptian, and she now remains with him in every other capacity, except as his lawful wife. Her father has resorted to every means, under the circumstances, to induce her to return home, and leave Smith, but it is of n? avail, and to add the climax to the vvliola affair, through the advice of Smith and his legal counsel, a warrant w as issued yesterday by Justice Merrill, for the arrest of her father, for the assault and battery committed u|>on her, and on which he was held to bail in the sum of $300 ! ! ! j She being over Id years of age he has made himself liable under the law for the ofTence. This Smith is the same fellow who figured so largely 1 lome few-years since before our police, in a case of mm. < con. ami assault and battery, arising from the illicit intcr. I ? r L* ..Ill, I, * ..if.. I . I. .. w. -w .... ...... HI- >.i vw.w. ... nnr,muiiuc beating that the darky received from the han>l? of Smith )n being caught in that peculiar situation. A suit is now [Minding in the Court of Chancery between himself and ' wife, which is under the management of Oscar W. Stu tenant, the legal counsel ol this now notorious W. C. Smith, :lothes scourer, No. 2 Barclay street, in the basement. Death from Sudden TcMrtHiscc.?The Coroner was railed yesterday to hold an inquest on the body of Charles Matthews, of No. 7 Norfolk street, who had died suddenly he day previous from general congestion. The skin of he body presented a most singular appearance,having be ome nearly tdack in but a few hours after his decease, 'rom the evidence given, it appeared that deceased had teen of excessive intemperate habits for several years iast, and last week joined one of the numerous temjie'once societies of our city .and abstained from intoxicating Irinks entirely since. The sudden change of habit and ack of partial stimulus, produced disease, and he gradualy expired on Sunday morning. Here is a martyr to the ause of temperance, and his family are needy. There is in^opening for temperance charity. Fires.?At two o'clock yesterday morning, a fire was liscovered in the frame grocery store of Jacob Smith, at ho corner of 120th street and third avenue, which de- j troved the building and two adjoining two-story frame wellings. The progress of the flames were so rapid, that fr. Smith and his clerk had barely time to escape with lieir clothes, not being able to save either his books or ny portion of the stock. The adjoining building was oc- a unied below as a dry good store, by Mr. Folsom, who ist all his stock,and even the money in his drawer. Two f the buildings belonged to Mr. Ray nor, one of which / as insured. The insurance on the other expired but a h w days sinew. Messrs. Folsom and Smith were partially n iiurca. t, Another.?The alarm yesterday at 1 o'clock proceeded ] omthc firing of the roof of the school house, Nos. 7 and | F.UIridge street, occupied by O. Vanderhilt, that had aught from the stove pipe. It was extinguished without nuch injury. A Slt Darker.?A negro named Charles H. Atlley, ' rho has been in the employ of Frederick Bellows, livery f table keeper, 117 Laurens street, has been allowed the 'J rivilege of entering his bed room at an early hour and t iking the key of the stable from bis employer's panto- p ions pocket before he was up. Yesterday morning, r r'hile ia the art, his fingers accidentally came in contact ,j ritli the pocket wallet of Mr. Bellows,and lie could not re- j ist the temptation to draw it forth am. abstract in bank otes liom the $100 it contained. Mr. Bellows becoming tlddrnly awakened from the noise in the room, perceived le rogue in the act, with the pocket book in his hand, I' nd calling to him, he dropped the pocket book on the ? oor in fright. He was then taken to the Police and lully 0 ommitted. s a Stealino Gold.?A woman named Mary B. Silsbee, r rho has resided at No. 2 Carlisle street, in a nart of the p welling, was arrested yesterday by officer Relyea, on a s harge of stealing about $200 in gold and silver coin at arioustimus, from \Vm. Winterton.ol the sam building. p he bad entered bis apartments liy means of lalsv key s, {, ad when arrested owned up,but returned none ol the motl Tiieft o:s the Hook.?Catherine Breen and Amelia ti .iker, two ol th? travellers of " the llook," were sent to p mho yesterday for stealing bed clothing.Sic. from Surah ti ierce, of 19 Walnut street, valued at $100. Kully coin- litted. f Drowsed.? On Thursday last, a little boy named John '' lartin, aged 8 years, son of Samuel Martin of 29.'> Hudson , reet, left his home, and his body was found yesterday at te foot of Hamme sley street, North River. Verdict of oroner's Jury, " Accidental drowning." Cts?l Boit Csr.w is tiif Tomsi?On Saturday night a te stable of Rufus Story, grocer, 63 Lewis street, as entered by the lock being broken, and a dress coat, lack satin vest, a piece of muslin, two setts of harness, h iddle, bridle, and martingale, were stolen. Officer c ramc of the 13th Ward, succeeded on Sunday in tracing d te goods to the Canal boat Simon Bolivar, Iro-n ScliuyT- ] ill Haven, Pa.. and arrested two men, named Klias Stiles t] ad Richard Davis, as the burglars. They were fully H ammitted at the upper police, and the property stolen re- ,, jvered. They deny all knowledge of the burglary and ,, jsprt that the goods were brought to the boat by two h ien on Saturday night. The captain of the boat, named ), umprey Jones, has escaped. Shu lies at the foot of k ivington street, where her owners can find her. Hl Discharged.?John Curry, who was charged by Mr. o ay wood with burglariously entering his premises was it rested on Saturday by officer Welsh, was examined c esterday at the Upper Police and discharged, there aot n ing evidence to establish the nllegution made y gainst hint. c Anticipating a Suit The office1, of the U. S. Dis" ". ict Attorney was burglariously entered through a win : >w, (the fastenings of which were forced) on Saturday i gkt. and an attempt made, apparently, to get certain pairs, as some closets containing documents were pried sen. All the papers of importance, however, wen safe, . id the burglar hi couse.piuuce disappoints*! in obtaining 1 c object of his search. ~ u Chatham Theatre.?The " Shoemaker of Tou- t) ?*',"? highly intere.-ting mclo.drama. having bren hi vived by Thorne in his usual eplendid style ol jj linz such tllinffR. is to he renreuenteil ibia ouenlno ! itli Mr. J. K. Sco't in the principal character, hat inimitable senilis the "'Great Western," and <* [ewrs. Sandford and Whitlock, appear in their >pnlar Ethiopian Extravaganzas, Hreakdowns.Jcc. he drama of "The Man in the Iron Mask," hav- el g been received last evening with rounds ol well eriteil applause, is to be repeated to-night. rn w n That worthy lady anil qdendid aongatress, Mis* y ooil, takea her benefit at the American Museum on Wed- <* aday next, day and evening A rare veriety of new and ttra performance* will be given in the aftcrnn> i, and lotherin the evening. Several performer* of talent have ilunteered. The free vi*i(ori of Ihe Museum and th*- ()f ihlic generally will now have an opportunity of exhibi- be ig their liberality. It ia better to procure ticket* to day. ln prevent confusion at the door on Wednt ?<lny. The ataction* this week at the Museum are unusually rich nil id diversified. The eccentric Dr. Valentine appear* in 1 of hi* be*t cliaiacter*. Signer Vivaldi's Lilliputian '^y mily,numbering eleven performers,arc engaged, besides is* Hood,Celeste, th" accomplished dansuese, Niagara ill*, with real Croton water, the fortune telling Uipsuy j*' i*l. Albino lady, and &00,0on curiosilie*. s.i yj- The performance* it the N w Votk Mitretim nre >parallels! in the nnnalr of inhibition. For the rum of '' ic rhillmg you ?ee M ait or Frank Diamond, the great ne- i,j o dancer, Mr. Allien,the unrivalled F.lhiopian melodut !n (I ti.njo player, \!r. Nellir, the wonder of the world, "J in without arm*, Min Horalie, the lovely songrtresj. ,e r Delartie, the much admired mimic, and Mr. Collinr. m e ponular come' ringer, Mim iiiii, eiitioiitiea, plcturi ^ llery, ?ie. The public appreciate ruoh liberality on ((c b part oI the manager and patronise htm proportionately, ol Halt I more. [CorT<-i|K>u<leiic? of thf Herald.] Baltimore, Oct. 28, 1842. Brother Mafltt't lecture before the Mary hind Cadets ? The Baltimore Ladies?Oysters, and Business Dear Bennett,? The low? and much talked of lecture, or military orationby Brother Maflitt, came off this evening at tli ITniversalitit church, and never has th>s sacred edifice contained a more heavenly or lovely set of beings than on the present occasion. You, in your observations at Saratoga Springs, have witnessed many specimens of the Baltimore ladies, and you know they are not to be beat. Among the most lovely . : m miss < u. of .North Calvert tireet, and Miss Maria N , ol East Baltimore -treet, iniv be mentioned ; but ainid such a firmament o! feminine beauty, jierhaiw it would make somedi - itisfied to have others mentioned, and they neglected. The Cadets themselves turned out in all their force, iiiiil employed the Blues' band, who performed the" Crccovienne," audtiie " Wrecker's Daughter," to perfection Now for u word touching the great gnn of the evt ning, the man who at present is " the admired of all iidiiiirers, the observed of all observers," and the theme ot nil gossipje-rs, he who had drawn around tuin an audience of which any man under the sun might he pleased and (Uttered in addressing; on this occasion lie was remarkably brilliant, quite as much so as a piece of I dge's fireworks, or the " Herald" the day alier the explosion of a rotten bank. And well he might be, for be was laboring in the cause of Heaven; the proceeds are for the use or benefit of the jaior. Our city is at present doing a rushing business in tli" oyster line. Several new establishments have stalled wuhintlie Ih.-i week, and one in particular, on the cheap and dirty plan, by a few: but whether lie is any relation to your old friend, I have not ascertained. Business in general is rather flat; the wholesale und retail dry goods men perhii|>s have the largest share. Some of the retail ones advertise very strong in the papers, and you know the effect of advertising. Morton has been playing at the Front street this week to so-so houses; to-morrow night John Sel'ton joins them, arid opens in the Golden Farmer, and Burton will wind up with Jim Ba^s. An 'old schoolmaster by the name of Majwe "shuffled off this mortal coil" by shaving too deep, or cutting his throat with a razor. A lumber yard in the rear of the long dock was the scene of this self-murder. Literary Not teen. The Ladies' Companion fok November, illustrated with three steel plates?the " Mantilla"?the "Invalid"?and the "November fashions," four figures; and two pieces of music. The contents appear to he of the usual high order of this well known work. Campbell's Foreign Monthly Magazine, or Select Miscellany <>k the Periodical Situation of Great Britain.?Three numbers for September, October, and November, 1S42 This appears to be an entirely new work, just issued from the press, by Carroll fc Co. It is intended to furnish the choicest literary contents of the Reviews, Magazines, and Dther publications of Great Britain. The contents nf these three numbers are certainly very rich and interesting Music.?" The Prettv Flower Girl," by Eugene Roche, dedicated to Elizabeth C. Coles, and sung by Signor de Begnis. .Sold by Hewitt, 239 Broadway. Very pretty Renwick's Natural Philosophy.?Harpers, Bra. Iwrs.?This is one of the most valable books that tas ever been published in this city. Ir treats of rvery science connected with Natural Philosophy, ind is extensively illustrated with wood cuts. Dublin Practice of Midwifery ?Ia. Blanc, 377 Broadway.?A very useful and scientific work. Physician for Ships.?Lit tie,Butt on.?Every vessel should have one of these valuable books on board. New York Legal Observer.? Owen, 42 Ann itrret.?Very useful; it contains all the decisions in ruiinrupicy, rcviseu uy inejuugce, ana imenaea lor eference. Paradise of Fooi.s.?Great trash. Episcopal Family Monitor.?Istckwood, 5 John t.?A very excellent periodical, and valuable to all Episcopalian's. IJkk's Dictionary of Arts, See.?Appleton 4* Co. -No. 19 of this invaluable work is out. Young People's Hook.?Pott, 88 Bowery.?Cheap nd interesting, with aline steel engraving. Democratic Review for November.?Ijangleyt, Irothcrs, G7 Chatham si.?An unusually rich numer. The portrait of John Tyler is a tolerable likeess, but ilic practice of engraving from dagueroYI>ch is nbominnblo. There are two plates of ihe tuins in Yucatan, from Norman's new work.? Irownsnn and Everett have good articles in this lumber. The Artist.? Qitarre, fid Rcadt U.?The Novemicr number ol this beautilul work is out, with three ichly colored engravings?one the Chelone Obliqua. I'he portrait ol a Lady is very beautilul; and so is he plate of the Latest Parisian Fashions. The tyography is most admirable, and superior in this .-pect to anv other periodical in the country. It is one at the Herald Buildings. iOJ- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?The Col geof Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Supressionof Quackery, bog to inform all persons desirous f obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the sum of no dollar, with a statement of their cue, they will be upplied with one dollar's worth of appropriate medicine, nd a letter of advice containing lull directions as to diet, gimen, Ac. All letters must be post paid. Addiesg rincipal oilier ofthe College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 7 Nassau street, N. Y. The Consulting Physician is daily in attendance at the rivate consulting rooms of the college. Hours from 10 111 o'clock SckoiciL Casks.?The Collkoe have also rnguged id services of one of the most distinguished operate Surgeons in New York, and are therefore preared to receive and treat surgical cues. Squinting, cairact, and all diseases ot the eye requiring an operation, -strictureol the urethra,?calculi in the bladder,?club>nt,?diseases of the joints, and of the spiue, will he parcularly attended to. The fees will be extremely modeate. Patients who so desire will be visited at their own ouscs alter operation. Bv order of the College, W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal (and only) office of the College of Medicine nd Pharmacy, 97 Nassau st. New York, IW- HOW TRUE ARE THE WORDS OF THE itelligeiit Dr. Hervey when he says, " By what unaceuntalde perversity in our nature does it appear that we u nfi ouiiritn so inucn against anyming mat is new i a this enlightened age howrvsr, men begin to see that ley have already sacrificed too much of their comfort hy littering to dogge 1 old customs and rules. Lord Bacon -oposed to the world his new mode of reasoning by the iduction of facts. This as well as other philosophising as visibly benefitted science generally ; and a desire to ly the foundation of ex periment by the observation of lets seems to fix the attention of keen an I accurate obsrvers. The question then before us is, whether is an ily compound, or a spirituous extract, the most beneficial i restoring and preserving the hair ? Ask your phvsi- * inn, and if he is a candid man, he will answer that he had 1 ot as yet given liimsclt much trouble about it. Ask 1 our hair dresser,?he is the practical man. But, men of a ominon sense, ask your elves, and if you have not us yet " sed Oldridge's Dultn of Columbia, a Spirituous Extract, u le best aiticie of the kind ever offered to the public, try r . and reason with yourselves. See advertisement. At r I Maiden Line w here the Balm may lie had. 1_ o Oy- KEEP VOUIl TEETH CLEAN AND YOUR 1 reath sweet, which you can easily do, bv using Slier. c lan's Orris Tooth Paste. Whenever you notice any one I ith teeth remarkahly beautiful, ten to one Sherman's f riis Tooth Paste gets* the credit. We never used any " img like it. Like bherman's Medicated Lozenges for ' radaches, sea sickness, oonghs.Ac. Ac., it stands unriral- 0 d. 106 Nassau st., is the place to get the genuine?the r oetor's own oltice; Albany,4 Stanw u Hall; Philadelphia, Ledger Buildings. v B~f- CROTON WATER BATHS AT THE MER- 1 HANTS' EXt'HANOE?The subscriber respectfully a lormshis friends ax l the public that his new and com etc Bathing Establishment, for cold, warm, and shower ths, at No 41, on the basement in the Merchant's Ex- J' lange, is now open; entrance in William street, near le corner of Wall. The central situation, convenient access, complete aringem< nt for cleanliness and comfort, in connection v ith moderate cha> ges and close attention, the subscriber ( list w ill commend bis establishment to the public favor, j isitors may relj on the utmost care and attention to their ^ imfort and convanience. Price, single baths, 25 cents; re tickets, ft. The subscriber invites his friend* and the public to aall ^ hi c.x imine the arrangements of the baths. M frf- IT M AN OLD ADAGE THAT THE PROOK Jj the pud lioj; js in c iting it?Mil in no initifiot can this received with better grace tnan by those who | iv??" mudr use ot Dr. Covert"# Balm of Life. It/is in ality all that it is sai 1 to be, and this can be proved by one who have u*"<1 it, which proof we have already in 1 r possession in the form of certificates, which may tie ( t*n by calling on Dr. Covert, 13ft Nassau *t. This Me- w ine is a cure lor Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Dr. Covert** odioc for the aaleof Covert's B ilm of Life 01 :. Klemlng's Medicated, Worm, Diarhrra, Dinner and 01 ithnrtic Cundi"*; Humphrey's l*?le Ointment; I'helps' imntn Pill*; ?4ir Attley Cooper'* Corn Salve?135 Nus11 st, New York. tu (a^-DISBBOW'S RIDING ACADEMY, ONLAFAY- ct le pim ?, is siiuatid in one of the most healthy nod plea- ,p nt part* ol the city; the no ai.iof ai'CnM hem* numerous, '< railroad and stare', which pass every live minutes "l .... .i-h.i , in'I'Himon. iiiantini i in the tii'.-t manner, with ever; to the comlort af '? i|iil< I lur I'roi. s jr, Mi. W. J Uavia, ia an experienced ,a oli? r, having I.-vote I upward* of thirty yeara to the P1 ?t ruction of the ai t i.t hortemanahip in the rariou* eapi- af la ol K.uropi . .111,1 ih rom-eraaot in th? French, Italian. ,l: ..iiiiah, in I i. mm lingular. To thoae who are in j" lir.ilr hiallli, tvc would adviae to go and take a courie leaaona P' BY THEJiOUTHERN MAIL Philadelphia. [Corropouilcnceof the Herald.] Philadelphia, October 31,1812. The leader ol the Ledger this morning is devoted to an investigation of your qualities, Mr. Bennett, and to wishing you much luck abroad. The writer thinks you would be hrst rate in London, but are much out of place in New York ! Considering that the Ledger and New York can mess out of the same dish, the advice to you is quite disinterested. What will the Legislature do] The ^Governor I uiid a majority of both branches are of the same politics; and the financial question must be met. There are no banks now, no shinplasters, no temporary ex)>edient*, and the only State Bankrupt Court is repudiation. The mass of the people are honest, and I think a State tax will be laid sufficient to meet the interest at least, probably something more. The set who have charge of the Governor, and who manage the Pennsylvanian, are wondrous uneasy. A direct tax is a bad topic for coaxing voters with. I |terceive the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Mr. Parsons, is in town. Whether he is after the State interests and the coming I sale of stocks; or a leetle for the vacuncy in the Court of Session that will be caused by Judge Barton s resignation, 1 know not. The Sessions as at present constituted, will not last. On tiiat you may defend I err greatly, if there is not "une extraordinaire shindy" among the Judges when Barton resigns. The whole criminal business of this citv and county wants organization and cheapness. The Sessions have been a set of shambles, where everv thing is done by earwigging the bench by supposed influences existing between counsel and certain Judges. The taint ol suspicion, be it merited or not, is on the court, and it will vauisli, having served its end of political purposes In real estate, matters become daily worse. The city taxes are reduced, and the tendency of all parties is to economy- But where mottgages are taxed, stocks taxed, the gold watch in your pocket taxed, and yearly a set oi impudent inquiries into all your business transactions propounded, who can expect capital either to remain or be invested herel Some more removals in the Custom House. The Tyler party here, has its originals, in such a set, that it is no wonder they are only a corporal's guard ?seven more similar worthies it would be hard to find. The hardest laborthat Messrs. Smith and Tyson?who are both dexterous politicians?daily perform, is to keep their "rank and file" in order. The city vote at the last election was much affected by ..the Tyler men, but there can be no6ure party where ?fearing the time is short?all would he officers on full pay, and none are willing to volunteer for the ranks. Col. Richard M. Johnson makes his entry to-day with a military escort. As soon as I learn who his keepers are, I will advise you. The enthusiasm is verv small. The re-action of the last election is not over. Look out for counterfeit two dollar hills on tha Merchants' Bank of Baltimore. They were icsued here on Saturday. Knocking down is becoming as fashionable among rogues as with auctioneers. Several assaults UOYrurcil H trllliy IIIUUC 111 inr OUlDKirit Ol lite cny in this wav- The police have two of the rsgues. 'Valley Forge' has another promissory letter in this afternoon Journal. He writes as if he was honest, but his failure in keeping his challenge, has turned public opinion against him Celeste had a tremendous house on Saturday. The Brougham's commence to-night. I doubt their success against Forrest and Cusnman at the Walnut, where good houses still continue. _ The Iloffinaster and Van Kelt case is still before the criminal sessions. There is sotna mystery and tremendous perjury in this trial. You see what a miserable business is done in stocks by the sales. Recorder Vaux will, 1 learu, pay over to Monroe Edwards' prosecutors the cash in his hands, the District Court of this city having given judgment ugninst Edwards. Sales or Stocks TiiiiDat ?30 shares Schuylkill Navifation, 23 ; 10 sharps Wilmington Railroad, Of ; 16 shares antlers'and Mechanics' Bnnk.'JOf. Death of Senator Woodridqe.?The Cincinnati papers of the 25th of October announce (on the authority of letters " of very late date" from Detroit) the death of the Hon William Woodridge, one of the Senators of the United States from Michigan. His death is said to have occurred at his residence, in Detroit, after a very short illness. This is ill news, and, coining indirectly, we inny hope is not true; for we have no direct information ol the fact, and the Detroit Daily Advertiser of the 25th October, now lying before us, does not mention the fact, or make any allusion to it.?.Vol. Int. Oct. 31. SHIPPING 1NTKLLIGENCE, Philadelphia, Oct 31?Are Iniltprnderce, Birkctt, Malaga; Mariner, Kiildur. Frank fort; Forrester, Illusion, do; Thorn, P.lwell. Lubec; Globe, Irons, do; Pocaitut, T'uckrr, do; Sarah 8t Klizvbelh, J. nrs,do; Win A Caldwell, Horner, St Johns, PR; Atalauta, Nichols, New Ucdloid; David Cofliu, Krrnr.d >; H Tlimnaa, Wa'kcr, Nc wbiiry|iori; Plato, Prraay, Kastport; Vmm, Wilaon, aud Orb, Yaop, NYorL. Below, Renown, fin NOrlcana; Washington, Bmhop, St Kitts; Fault-, Steward. W Indira; Emily, or Emcliue, St Jago; Tecumarh, Mr (amor v.and Gen Warren. p.. n.. >.. ?.. v? iy.ii wabuwan, jai?--an .uuiiiriuma, lYVIiy. **10 UC Janeiro Sept7; TUB- Hon, Tryvf n, NYora; Al-iaiidnv, Lewis. do; E A Stevens, Biiggs, do. Below, Lad Kerry, fioin St (/' ??; O- n Washington. from Liver|.ool; Dover, Boston; Commerce, BUnchard, Areeiho. Cl>l Manchester, ( Br) Juhnso-, Eleutlu ra; Aretho-a, (Br) Koberta, do. Shi Orleans, Moetsvideo; Sally Ann, 81 Thoinaa. Richmond, Oct 28?Sid Select, West Indies. Foreign Porta. Rio pc Janeiro. Sept 7?l'i port, Lyriia, ilerron, fiom Montevideo, arr tin; Oaceola, Whipple, lor Philadelphia, in I day*; Rosa lbs, from Coast of Africa, men tain; Ulohe. Evln g, fm IVruatnbnco, ltl? for NYork; J W Huntington, from Naw York, for NOrleans, 2 tlsd Zaue, Crnuon, for Baltimore, soon; Ari' l, Gregg, ft r I'hil ulrlplna, next day; Roxlmry, McDonald, of Baltimore, front Alrica, hoc; Curtis, Moutevideo, do. Tho U S scln Enterprise was the only Americtn vesa l of war in port?officers and crew all *i It. Shi Baltlinar. . I'nlleti, lor Montevideo; 6'h Henry I'Sumner, Howlantl, of Baltimore, for NOrlrans. An American hanjue was in the ofhnit, supposed the Louisi, Hohsou, ol Baltimore, from Biemca?another account s lys the Madona or Jona. Q&- NO HIGHER RECOMMENDATION OK THE Genuine Extract of Sarsaparilla prepared by tho College jt Medicine and Pharmacy, can be given than thatcon:ainetl in the lollowing passage from Brande'a Dictionary )f the Materia Medica, recently published :? ' This article has been prescribed in chronic rheums* dam? in ohstinaU cutaneous eruptious?in indol. v t ilcers?in glandular affections?in diseases of the bones, attended by dull aching pains, tumors and nodes?wasting >f the flesh?and H has proved a valuable remedy, and hat wmetimes effected a cure where other alteratives hare been on/: administered in rain, and when the dieiated elate of he eyetem hat he en of many years dutalio is. In the at !er real men! ot syphilis, and in cases where mercury hat inju-iously affected the system, it />assesses powers not hitherto tbterred in any other at ticle of the Materia Medica " Sold in sinole Botties, at 75 cents each. " In Casks or h ale-a-dozen Bottles, $3 50. " " " OMR duzeif " b 00. ('aces tor warded to all parts of the Union. N. B.? t'cry liberal discount to wholesale purchasersBy order of the College, W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office oi the Col ege, 117 Nassau st. N. Y. 09- DR. RUSH'S INFALLIBLE HEALTH PILLS ire acknowledged by all who hate used them to ha tha rery best purgative ever known. A siuttlc dose taken at light willcurethe most violent headache?and tliey are in infalliblo remedy for indigestion, or costivcneas, bilious md liver complaints, heartburn, piles, lassitude, loss of ippetite, giddiness, calds?and ai a tamiiy aperient mediine, are worthy the reputation they have obtained in fenale complaints, debility, Sic. Dr. Rush, as is wall known, was a regular physician, f the most extensive practice and highest celebrity: his medicine was prepared br liim with great skill und ..i' I* mat with srrfut >ro|irirtj bo called the moil |>erfect remedy lor dyt|?psi i ver diicovereil. Try it, leaders, and convince jourelves. Of one thing re?t assured?after having given tush's Health Till" a lair trial,you will never resort to any titer medicine, fcr they enable yeu to keep a? well aa to egain health. Noinnnly should be without a ho* of Dr. Rnah'arilla, rhich can at all times be administered to children with *rfectaufety, as their operation ii gentle and without he leant pain, leaving the system elastic, the hea l clear, nd never tailing to remove the cause of ailment. Sold wholesale nnd retail nt the olfice 30 Ann street, by 1. O. PAOOF.RS, whose signature is U|>on the wrapper f each bo\. The wrapper is elegantly engraved on steel, y Durand k Co. and, larther to prevent coiinterleits. a fie iinile of Dr Rush's signature is upon the label of each ox. None other are genuine Ejch Imix is accompanied eith full directions for use Hold also hv J. Kelly, JH" Broadway; Hart, corner of :hatham and Chandlers stieets; Axford, Ids Bowery; Dr. . E. Scott. 151 Sixth Avenue; Dr. Gouraud. 87 Walker at; Ireon, 69} Kulon st, Brookly n. ft?" PAULINE, A TALK OF NORMANDY-By desandre Dimai The author of this deeply interesting ovel Alexandre Dumikft, is one o' lh?* moit popular and rilliant authors of the day. Taiilin*' is the production, lore than any other, calculated to diaplay the varioua Tver* of his imagination, aad the excellence of hia sty lu. [ ha*been admirably translated by an accomplished lady I Virginia ; the picturcaquencs* and lorce of theoiiginal ave been retained, and all idiomatic word* and phi axe* arefully avoided. We have not vet iuued a work in hich more true geniox i* displayed It will be published in an extra New World, (octavo,) n Wednesday morning, November -J, a' 1 Jj cent* sii gle, r per hundred. Agent* are requested to Inrward th- i r rder* with rash. It will be for xale by all the agent* iroughout the country. ftT- WE ARE REQUESTED TO GIVE NOTICE i persona residing at a distance from New York, who arc mtinually making application* to Dr. Wheeler, the c. brate I Oculist, concerning Opthnlmic ami other disorjrs of the eve, that they mint invariably pay postage, hei wise their communication* will not be attended to. In thu majority of ccaes, however as Dr. Wheeler in rm* us, it is impossible lor any really permanent relief > be alfonledto patients, unless the particular disorder be ropcrly examined, and thoroughly investigated, by the tual observation of the medical man who is to be eonilted ; and it is on this account tfcat Dr. Wheeler would, every instance, prefer seeing persons who apply to im for advica ; all the ptetenaiona and promises of aome -actitionera to the contrary notwithatanding.

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