Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1842 Page 1
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TH rrj, VIM.?Ho. 303 ? U'tiol* Ho. 31?4. .LOUISIANA ANDKNEWMYORK'U'NE OF PACKETS. M> &. Mb For iIk iwtter tccominoff^n^Tahlppeny it is iirfaiNWd W despatch a ship fn>m tins |a>rt on tin- lat, 3Ui, 10th, Olh. JOlh, au 2Sth ol each month, comm. UCU14 the loth October aud ro* ' " 1114 in.til May, when regular days will lie ippoiutrd lor the ' ' inaind.-rof the year, whereby great delays and tl JMPPO'J' '. J* will b? prevented during the summer mouths. The following ship* will commence this arraugeineul : Snip YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Csptaiu Hilhard. T* Ship LOU IS VILLF., Caiaain Hani Ship SHAKSI'EARE, Captain Miner. *" Ship OA8TON, Captain Latham Ship HUNTSWLLE. Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULtiEE. Captain L'seitt. Snip NASHVILLF.. Captain Diakmsau. Snip MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. _Ship LO0i8A.^ _Mulford. rf jj?w v<wh for tickets, ur of liKhl drift of water, have recently been ? wly rigipcred and put m ydendid orderjrith accommodations ioi hwpiufii iino|Mtllrtl lot oomfort. I hry are commanded by experienced mailers, who will make retry exertivu to give Seneral iAHifaction. They will at all lirnci be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neitlier the owuera or captains ol these ?hipa will be rcsponsible for jewelry, bullion, precioua stoat., silver or plated ware, or for any l< iters, parcel or |>ackage, vent by or put on board ol inein, uulesa regular bill* of lading are takeu for the same, and the Value thereon expressed. For freight or paaaagr, apply F.. K. COLLINS k CO., X South at., or HULL1N k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who wilj promptly forward all good* to llieir address. The iliipv of tliis line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken So have tlie goods correctly measured. rat " ^ PAIsAUEvROMAND REMtfrvNCE TOOKeAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. THE subscribers continue to make arraugemeul to bring out d- passeugers fiom tlie old country, by ships of tl-e first class, all American, built,aud commanded by men long and favorably known in the trsde. The vessels com|iosiug this line sail weekly from Liverjmol, consequently all unnecesaary delay to passengers is avoided. Persons ab< at to make engagement# for frienda to emigrate the ensuing ssaaou, will study their own interest, aud the interest and comfort of their friends,by making such engagements evjth the subscribers, as no expense or ptius are spared to earn 'tft poy'fereuce which has for many years been extended to OK m. As has al ays been customary with this liue, when the parlies settle for decline coming out, the passage money ia rromptly re undid to thoae from whom 11 was received, with out deduction. A free passage per steamboat from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can likewise be secured. For lurther particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Olfice. 373 Pearl St., Orto C. URIMSHAW k CO. 10 Ooiee Piazxas, Liverpool. Drafts and Exchange at sight, and for any amount, are_ alio haw at Co., Litarpoo1; the Northern Banking Co. nd National Bank of Ireland. National nana ot bcotiauu, payable at their reipec.iT* branches: as follows 09 NATIONAL sIANK OF IRELAND. Athlone, Dnngarven, New Koss, Usllina, Lnnis, Roscommon *i: Ballinasloe Knniscorthy Ros rea Belfast Fermoy fcligo Boyle Gtlaway Tallow 1 Carrick on-Suir Kilkenny Thuriea Cashel Kilrush Tipperary Castle nar Limerick T<alee Coallereagh Longford Tuam CharleviUe, Loughrea Waterford Coumal Mitchellstown Weapon tr; Cork Mo..te Wealord Dublin Nenage NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY. Belfast Lurgen N T Limerary Derry Armagh Ballemena Iinwnpa trick Magherafelt Clones Lisburn Coleraine NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, ED1NJUROH. t*-*! Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwall Analrnther Oalagheds Langholm Audrie Glasgow Leitn Baoflf Greutowu Lewick Bithgate Harwich Montrose .... , Burntisland Inverness Nairn Castle Douglas Inverary Oban Dalkeith Inveakeithing Portree Dingwell Jebugh Perth t. . Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee K-lson Slonaway Falkirk Kirkaldy Stormness F Oireat Apply as above. s9 lm*r OLD LLNE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m. M.' H^HE OLDLTNE of Packets lor Liverpool will Hereafter be despatched in the following order, esceptiug that when the tiny of ?aling falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, I lune 1 Joly 19 616 tona. < Oct 1 Nov 19 n G Bailee / k'eh 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, tjune 19 Aug 7 740 tons. < (Jet 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. I Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I Jul; 1 Aug 19 900 tons, ' Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Kathbone, f March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, {July 19 Sept 7 ClOlons, . < No* 19 Jaa 7 E. (J. Marshall Mai 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. ' Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber. April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 ton,, '.Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper- April 19 Jane 7 The CAMBRIDGE, [Sept 1 Oct 17 >40 tens, Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barstow.r May 1 Jnne 19 The COLUMBLS, Sept 19 No* 9 700 tons, v Jan 19 Mar 9 G.A.Cole. 'May J9 Jn|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heseiofore. The price of passage outward is now filed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of ererv description wi'J lie provided, with the eicrption of wines and liquors, which will be lurnished by the stewards. GOODHUE It CO . 61 South st., C. H. MARSHALL, 39 Burlingilir.N.Y. jc?4 lyh BARING BROTHERS It CO^LYool. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MERC1AL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. das. mTjnffi8TABLISHEin,A8SAaT^JFVlCE, 6|'SOUTH STREET. The subscriber in announcing his arrvngements for the year 1842, appears befope his frteuds with sentiments of sincere rrsBict for the able support he has received for many year* [>ast.? e likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to send for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times be accommodated by this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and lrom Liverpool on the 1st, 7ih, 13lh, 19th and 24lh of each mouth throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subscricer to have the emigrants shown cimlity, and despatched without delay, and shos? who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every dne and diligent attention will begivsn by the Liverpool agents to those sent for,as well as all who may embark with them, and should any of those whose |?asage has been paid not tin ark, the mouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscribe! feels a pleasure ill making known the different .hips by which his passeugen came out during the last year, which baa givun general satisfaction, and that he has consideranly extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1942. Tbe following it a list ol ship* :? Ships Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alahamisn, Lane. FaiiArld, Wilson. Priutice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, Speara. Russell Glover, Howes. Wales, Watts. Hlbemia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Cheever. Osceola, Child*. Clifton, Ingeraoll. St. Cloud. Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. Sobieskie, Emerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hamiislurr, Harding. Fauthea, Goodmanson. Robert Isaacs. Trueman. Virginia, Eaton. Europe, Batcneldor. I S. Jenkins. Seymour, A frer paaaacrfrom the different port* of Ireland and Scot land, ran alto tie teemed, and dralta furnished for any amount, payable at the National and Provincial Berk* of Ireland and I hrir retpeetire branches, and alto on M.'tara. J. St W. Kohin>uii, Liverjiool, winch are paid free o^ any charge, throughout the United Kiuadom. For further particular* ?pply to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 Sonlh itreet. or J. h W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Piaazar.and an 16 No. I Neptune it., Waterloo Pack. Liverpool. i;. & M m. PACKETS FOR MARSEILLES? 1 he undermentioned hips will be leitularly diapatrltrd Iroin hence and Irom Mai eillea on the 1st of each month during the year, thus? From New York. Maraeilles. MINERV A,Capt Brown, Nor I. Jan I H'BY THOMPSON, Cap Byleeater, Reel. Feb I CflURIiR, (.apt Daaan, Jan I. Marl TRESCOTT, Capt Liwience, Feb I. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adam*, Marl. Mayl CtiRIOLANUS.Lap Haile, Apl 1. Jun I Th.y ara ail conperea and copper fa*tcned,and have excellent accommodation* for piaeairnThe price of cabin paauge will be tlOO, eicluaire of* id liquor*. Oooda addreaaed to BOYD St HINCKEN, the a Rent*. will be forwarded free of other cha.Re* than thore ariu illy paid. For freight or peaiace apply to O. BROOM It CO., or to o22r IIUYL) It HINCKEN, Aaenta oetir i ice no i IVL'IIPMIH pnvvr* To uifrum New York on the 23 th and Liverpool on the ljth itf tack men/*. ^ Np-w \ line. Ship OARHICK, Captain Wm. Skidily. 25th October. Shin R09CIC8, Captain John Collina, 25th November. Ship HIDDON8. Cantain K. B. Cobb, 15th December. Ship BHKRIDAN, Ca|>uin F. A. Depeyater, till, Jannary. From Liverpool. Ship SjDDONS, Captain t.^B.^Cobb, llth October Shin HHEniPAil,l4|>UU U'IT).in, in*, .. Ship OAKIUCK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 13th Drremher. Ship HOSCIUS. CijHain John Collins, l]lb Jsuusry. Thr?e .lot* are all nl the firit claaa, upwards <>l luOAtooa, built iu t!>? city 01' Nrw York, with inch imiwovemeuts u combine mil Specif Willi awn?I coinfoit for passengers. Eirryctre liar hern rnkrn in the arrangement or their accommodations. The pise' of passage hence is tltO, for which ample itoret * ill he provided. Theee ships are commanded by etperii nerd mailer*, who will make every election to give general sausfaclinn Neither the espuini or OWMn of the ships will be rrsponsifor 4iiv liters, iwrrels or psrks^ ?f?ut bv them, unless re 11 'I of t idin* *re signet fhrr. SfCb?* Snnth at.. New York, or to WM. Jt J AS. BROWN h CO., Liverpool. LrUrre by the packet* will bedimed I2S cents prrsingl, ?he.-r; ,1 rente per ounce, end ni wi|w|.er? I rent ench. o| j,*?- MAKSkIcLES LINE OK PACKETS?To nail A*5^. .|i the i.t N ivi mh. r-The packet ship Ml \ KIIVA, JM?IbBrown, irnilr r. will sail * above her regular dey ? lot r.e.e.K or yaatage. bavi ,? gocd . re.nmodstioiia, apply to BOYD It HINCKIlN, Agenu, No. (Tontine Buildings. or to vM, ?. BROOM k CO., IN Front it. E NE NEW V ARTIST I N Id AIR. f AC TURBO FROM utiui&a iiuis ur,i>i l Lit. vifcN'S HAIR. NOT lew th in two inches long, in one hundred different de- | sigiis? Necklace*, Br<tcrl?i*, Watch guards, ?dr-rings, Flowers, Kings, W^i *u<l Scaliw. A C BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. Still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light, gossamer, aud veiinUting character, their beiog sna|>ed exactly as the ualural hair grows; their e asticuy *mi their suiwrtor material aud workmanship, as well as their style of liuish and arairangeinent, all coiubiue to form such perfect heads of hair, that they must Oe seen to be fully appreciated. Parties having a niece of hair of a living or deceased friend, can get u fo? mrd by bun into any design the iniud c*u conceive. In such t form it will be a keepsake invaluable. Gratuitous advice given on all diseases conneoteJ with the hair, at the Hair Cutting itnoms. 146 BKOADWAY, cor of Liberty street, jyll 6m* Up Stairs. J. shanks, .viTITOCULIST, AND Professor ol Oph.halmic Aiulomv and Surgery, DIsmim of Ilie Eye and Ear, and Imperfections of Villon. Office 192 Broadway, comer John street, up miri. N. B.?Doctor> negs lu inform tno.e affected with Diseases of the Eye or Ear, or linperfectiona of Via ion, that, on application at Ilia office, their cases will meet with that akdl and treatment wnicti uiu.t neceaaarily follow a inut eaunsive practice, baaed ou an accurate anatomical, physiological, and pathological knowledge ol' tlit the human Eye and Ear, and that part ol'Optica pertamig to Viaioo. Office lioura, from 10, A. M. to 3, 1*. M. daily, Suudaya eaCented. Helereoces?The Medical Department.of the University of theCityofNew York. ag* eod lin*r V1CLUR GlllOUrV ~ VITATCH MAKER, Centre alreet, in the city of New 'V V'ork. who obtained several gold aud silver inruals of the American and Mechanic Institutes of New Vork, in the years 18J9, 'J9, '10 and '41, aud also Lelteis-palcut lor die invention ol a Cnruuoineter Escapement aud for his Magic Chioiiouirter, has toe honor to thank me inhabitants of this ineiropnl a for tne confidence they have heretofore reposed in h m, and assures them that he will continue to meet tueir patronage, oy apply lug al. the eiertions, punctuality and abilities ol which he may be |iosseeaed in Ilia art, to the entire satulacliou of tna fiienda aue rustoinera. He will continue to manufacture Duplet, Lepine and Patent Lever E.capeinetits,and iu general all kiuda ol pieces belonging lo the art of Watch Making. He also repairs Chronomclors mid every sort ol time-pieces. He will also rep tir, put iu order and alter all kinds of mechanical Lamps, and will warrant his worn,which will be made at moderate prices, <osuii the uines. Mr. V G having just returned Pom a voyage to Huiope, has brought with him a choice 01 articles suitable to this maiket, which hi invites Ins Irieuils and patrons to eitmiuc, aim which he otfcrs lor sale at moderate puces. They consist principally in Clocks or t'endeluins, quite modem |*ilerna. Mechanical Lamps 1'rOd, the best |>aleniee makers ID I'aus. Lamp Ulass Globes, both cngrav. daud painted, a new style. iaucy articles, suitable I'yr pieeents. Hydropnumaiie Apparatus lor making coffee, now almost the oulv one generally adopted. Mr. V. O. having established a correspondeoce in France with tile pal-utee ol the best uiechaulcalLamps mauulaetured in fans, will always keep on tiaud a choice assortment ol ili.sartiele. "CO eod Ksn* r Head ItusHTinor the Marine Coars, Wa.hiugton, 4ih October, 1842 SK PA RAT in PROPOSALS will be received at the omce of the Quartermaster of the Marine Corps, in this city, uulil 10 u'clocu, A. M., on Tuesday, the 8th day of November neat, for furnishing rations to the United Stales Marines at the following stations, lo. the year 1843 Portsmouth, New Hampshire ; Charleilowu, Massachusetts ; Brooklyn, Loug Island, New York ; Uosport, near Norfolk. Virginia ; 1'eusAcola, Florida, and Waalungtou, Distil I of Columbia. The rations lo consul of oue pound and a quarter of fresh beef, or Ihree quarters of a pouud of inesd pork ; eighteen ounces of bread or tlour, at the optiou of the Government, and at the rate of six pounds of good clean coffee, twelve pouuds of good New Orleans sugar, eight quarts of beaiu, four quarts of vinegar, two quarts ol salt, lour pouuds of soap, and out and a half pounds of good uipped candles to each hundred rations. It is understood that the full side of beef (neck and shins excluded) be delivered if required ; if such quantity be not re?uircd, that the fore aud hind quarters be delivered alterualt y ; Si d the bread or flour shall be of auperhue quality. All the atticlea lo be uuexcetginusble.aud to be issued to the troops without expense to the United Stales. No oner will be entertained at this office unless accompanied by the names of the sureties of the proposals to be endorsed "Proposals for rations for 1843." AUG. A NICHOLSON, Quartermaster Marine Corps. The American Sentinel and Peuniylvanian, Philadelphia; the Portsmouth Gazette, New Hnniwhire; the New York k.veiling Post, the New York Herald, the New York Foqui'cr, and the New York Union; the Baltimore Kepublicau; the Norfolk Beacon; the Norfolk Herald; the Kichmuud fcnquirer and Richmond Wing; the Alexandria Gazette, Alexauilria, D C.; aud the Pensacola (Jaxelte, will give the above three insertions each per week, and teud one copy ol the advertisement to accompany me account when forwardud to tniaolhce for i?> meut. 08 eod to IN GUITARS. V/f All'l'IN kCOUPA, Ouitar M tuufacturera, 386 Broadway, dvA up atairt, have constantly on hand a large assortment ol (Juilars, ol French, Ueimau, and S|uuiah model. M. 81 C. would call the mention of Solo players to their Trrz Uuitan, made after the model of Uiuliani, which in brilliancy and purity ol tone are auporior, and very eaay to the cieculion. The luatrumenta are warranted perfect, and to stand any change 01 climate, and will be exchanged at any time should ths y not prove salulactory Strangers are intitril to call and exarwne them. Prices from (18 to (100. Sold, wholesale and retail. 8. U. Coupe couunucs to give Leaaona on the Uuitar. II 2in eoU* THE TEETH. rPHE TEETH?A reuuctiou of 20 per cent?Upper and A lower aela of teeth inaerted on auction or almoapherrc pressure, so as to be worn with ease and firuneaa, from a single tooth to an entire set; all can be supplied with the best mineral teeth: toothache cured. For extracting tooth, 60 cents. Children's, naif price. J. Boakey, Surgeon Dentist, 27 Mar ray street, next door to the church, west of Broadway. jy2J eod 3n?*" MAGAZINES AND PERIODICALS FOB OCTOBER, i'l Artist, UoUcy's Ladle sBook, Uraiiam'* Magaziuc, Lauies World ef Fashion, Vouug Peoples' Book. Boston and Beutley's Miscehauy, kc ; Farm House of the XIX crntuiy, with more than 2000 eugravingi ; Biulicsl Jourual and Christian Family Magazine, edited by he Rev. H. K >od and D. Newell ; TemBranee and other Almanac* ; the Ksinbow and RadirUl, a new nnorous and witty journal, well calculated to please the lively and gay. All of which will be sold at wholesale and retail, and those who buy to sell again at 1 lower rate than can be obtained elsewhere. N. B.?Fifty agents wanted 11 circulate magazines, periodi cala. kc. A. J. SEXTON, No. II Beekman, s29eodlm*r corner Nassau. T O H O !!! RING'S YERBENA CREAM. '"PHIS Celebrated Shaving Compound is now all the rage, as A well among tonsorian professors, as among those who prefer te gatr>*rin their own diurn.I crops The improvement recently made 111 its manufacture placet the Verbena Cream above competition. The (ubscriber having purchased the copy right, presents it to the public with an elegant new labvl, and guarantee* that for ease in ihaving it can be ?iuall*donl) by a Wall street broker, the Cream possessing the advantage ol (iving better satisfaction to the party by the operation, and this t|ieakiug from experience. To prevent imposition by the sporioui articles now in thn market, the directions for use will have the written signature of the proprietor, none other being genuine. For sale wholesale and retail at ino Nassau it. K. SINcLAlK, Proprietor N. B.?Also lor sale, Ring's Eliair ol Life, Nelsou's El tract ol" Snrsapaiilia, Ur. Browder's Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip, kc. ol lm*m UK.NRV SCOTT. .No. 217 Water ?t., N. Y , keeps (mutant fl ly on hand a general assortment of Pickles, Catsups, Doners, fcc , Preserves, Jellies, Brandy Fruits, Ilc., wholesale ami retail. All orders for Shipping and Families punctually at ded to s 13 2m*r pAO CAftPET, Rao CARPET AND List?the TV cheapest in the city?IMO yards lor sale, all nicely miaeJ and striped, wiih fast colors. Any person in want of this artielc will do well to call and examiue before they purchase, si it will be sold cheap lor Cash. Call at 286 Spring street, cornei of Orecnw ich. Also, tubs acd rails, brooms, and alt kinds of furnishing ware, eery low, sent to all parts of the city free of charge. _o 13 lia'ec J. JONES. PORTABLE BLACKSMITH'S FORGES.?The sub's scribers, being the sole Agents for Hie Manufacturers of Courkliii's Patent Portable Forge and Bellows, beg leave to call the attention of the punlic to the above article. Thar they have been called for and introduced in nearly ail parts of the United States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of their utility and convenience; being portable aud compact, gives them far the preference over the common Forge for Shipping of every description, Rail Roads, Canals, Plantations, Manu factories and all purposes for which the ordinary Forge is used. Those manufactured for the U. 8. Navy are Wrought Iron. ( We would refer those wishing to purchase to some few who can recommend thein trem personal as well as general knowledge, vil :? Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Messrs. Carr, Keim (a Haines, Philadelphia. Hon. Govrrnier Kemble, West Point Foundry, Culd Spring, N. Y. Messrs. S. B. Allhause k Co. 443 Broadway, N. Y., and our city blacksmiths generally. GAY k TEBAULT, s21 3m*rc nontax of Old slip and Water at. WORTHY ATTENTION. LIGHT ! LIGHT !?Morn's patent solid bottom Glass Fountain Laini* for Che-nieal Oil?From tne peculiar beauty and elegance of these Lamps, their neat construction and superior qii ill ty, Die y are destined to supersede sll others now in use. The total absence of ssnoke snd smell, the nuyieralleled brilliancy of the Name, is sdmilted to be unequalled. N. B?At l?s? cost than half s cent per hour. The proprietors assure the public that no lamps can he trim med ami kent in order with so little trouble, and with so much ?ase and facility, as those from their manufactory. J. O. Fay, sole agent for the Sroprictors, at 126 Fulton streel, 2d door from the New York un office. Also, Chemical Oil, Camphine, Globes. Wicks, fcr. Itc. of sui enor quality, at the lowest market prices, wholesale and retail. __ ?? Im'w CURE OF CHRONIC DISEASES. DK. F. PRUD'HOMMK, from Parii, di?<-?| lr of the illoatriom Hahnemann, whote acience and doetrinea haw I ail r.u n|..- and itathered around liim a rrowd of eminent phyuciana, eager to receive hit niatnirtiona, and to profit by ma experience, announces to the public that he haa .elected V...L. .1 1 t k.. 1.1 ....I ?r hi. ..... manr rr residence. . Dr K P. h is been professi mally and intimately connected in France with men, whose name* are honored and reeeteneco in ifct* country; and duringt*n year*' practice, he h*s flitted manv parta of the United ftfaim, and of the West Indies, with a new to elucidate aeteru points in science, till theu iurolvtd in much doubt aud obscurity. He lust a?nee? from Paris, where he hat been to communicate he result of his observation* to the Gallic Society, of tthich be is a member, and now returns or re to diffuse the fruits of hi eiperience and the olesstugs of he-lth. In the course 01 hia travels and practice,he has performed,by the help oT his method, loutided 011 the laws of Specifics, cures wh'ch had rc i-t-d every other mode of treatment*, moreover, he wish to be judged not Ir^m word ? hut from works Suffice it to ny, that besides 'II miladies reputed incurable, there is no d'se^ae so dreadiu' so invetaie, such as Lepra, Klephanliasis. Cancer, Fi .tula ol all kinds. S'-rophu'a, Dropsy, ktc-, thai h* cannot tn'irely eitripate. By the s*m? m, ihoJ,all dweases incident to females and children arc piompcly and radically cUred. Dr P mar ho eoiuultfd e?fry thy, from 10 A. M to ? P M ?r h:? otW 78 Dumb itrret, n?r* Broadway. Cou.iilt.iion, mill. fcu.hth, Kr?tich, U.imm, Mpanith and lulian lanRuag?s. B! ?f IJAKTDtNliCO.'S" i hpmn Lino. to Iwlim, Proridi new, n Hartford, Nrw H?van, ?pnn*ft? Id ?ad^Phitohl M|< o?lmr I Wall ?ti?*t. W Yd 'ORK, WEDNESDAY Mi HARD TIMES.?The ouly reason that A. 4|^^KN'IIV tc O. out assign for selling so tnaty boots MiuTh", > st the Clinton Boot aud Shoe Market, lot Canal street, north*-si corner of Hudsou street?when almost every body roinplsiua of hard times, la, thai they keep goods of the best quality,aud sell them at prices to suit the tunes, and it set ma as if ilm oil every liody had found this ont. If any who re ad Uus should not l et have found out the store, the sooner they come and try the soone they will reap the advan age. Almost anything that is wanted iu the boot and shoe uue, ul auy sue, color or quality, cau be fouud here cheap. o4 I m * Ul A KNOX at CO Mi Canal street. ? ? nui'a. Hi la ee? *? subscriber respecttully mules ce ciuieus ol" Nr* V oiu, UJ strangers nailing the city,to call al 114 Kultou street iu?l examine a large assortment al Ureal ttools, uidile 111 th? latest I ohiuu, aud ol" lh? Iiutat Kreuch c nl-sklu, ijrnllriueu can have boo La iiutlc to order lu lire beat uiauuer at Sb.lM) per puir, warranted e jual to any made al $7,60, and aa the uudcrsigued lakea drawing of fro Irel and kee|>? lasta (or each customer he can eu.ure ail eaav vet haudaunie bt. Vousksuuy on it iuu, r aaioou iuie ituoia, Mc. at the following (luceu pro aa ? Vol a ooie noots, bom (7.90 to I.DO (Suable note " waier-prool a un to 7,60 Cull, ureal " 2,60 to 6.U0 heat " " 2,J?' to a,71 Hall Boots, S,<M to 3,60 Shoes, l,io to 260 Dancing Fuini>s and Slippers, fce., proportionably low. Tcruu,cash on delivery. JOHN L. WATKINS, s27 I.n*in 114 Kulton at. between Nassau and DutchFAKIb bOOl'S AND LASTS MAUL TO OKDEh, By E. SUSEII, lib Broadway, Near Liberty Stieet. E. SUSlK. bootmaker, and maker of Live" ol C!erce of Faria, begs lease to lulurm lus frieuits and all the amateurs ol' a gentlemanly "cliauasure," that he ciu now make, la New York, with the best Kreuch materials, all that is so perfectly made, iu Fans, by his master the Celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whoa* numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, are respectluily invited to 111 SLSLK'S boots ami lasu belore lliey despair of i cimg "cliaus sea" iu New York, alter the uices .latest Faiiah lasitiou. Also, the.einiiue Ports Jet black Varnis.i sold. ?261in-m SELLING Of b AT WALKElfS , rlsdiei Kreucn gaiters, Kreuch ami satin slip|iers and nuski.,s, iuu ,.r line c.lf -uiciitd I oou, ai to $3 In in pair, 300 pr cull and hue peaked boois, fr?in ?2 to 4 u asd $2 60 1*1 pair, 200 pr ol boy "a coarse ami line boots, . roui $1 to %t ano %t 10 p r pair, 630 mil cnililreu's do Irom 3s to 6s i* r pair, 600 pr ladies ano misses boots, shoes and buskins, from 4s to 6 aud $< per pr, boo pr of genu water proof boots, moccasins, ludia rubbers in abiihdtucc, men's coarse and line boots of all soils and sixes, Iroui kl 76 to $2, all warranted. All the above goods 19 per cv the cheapen iu t ue city. Call and see for yourselves, Canal st, corner of llioadway, ul _o?4 la*ec __ J. 8. WAI.KLHa. CLINTON lTTlaF boot auu Shoe .tlaiael. 609 Greenwich, corner Bering at, is tile only place bd lOUlid OOOl* <111 1 SltOeS t > Slid the Unit'*. All those w no wear boots ami shoes will do well 10 *i?u a ctil. Ladle..' a lid Misses buskiu* Irom J, 4, t>, 7 and 8 ,*hil jiurfs i?er Ifc&ii; ueadcuirus* bo unoin 12 slillllUK* to >1 per I'aii; bo > ?' lkhk* IraiiiH >luilliias to Sw' JO |?ei pan. Alt who wiiit lo aaVtf 2u iH-i c4 ut will jiive a call al toe Ciiuiou Clieap Bool .mil ?hoe Mailrt, UiMQwiih cofiwt ^piiug itntst o'di i?n#i LADttS' BOOTS AMD slHoL2>? Lock wood. Ml Broadway, keep* a hue assorlineut ol ia.iics1 and Ciuiuivuj boots aud iiiot*.s, ol' tile Jslest American aud Luropcaii lashioas. Orders received by the duseu Ironi places of fashiouable resorL_ _ olb cud*r GYMNASIUM, orAittUAU StJHUUL & I'lriTUL GALLERY. MC.SSKs HUDSO N &. OTflOMO^N re (H-cUuily luiuroi l)ie Keulleuieii ol .New \ ofk, in.I tlicir exieiuive room. *1 iiir " "in. r ul lirotUwdy MM CoUIMnllrielt lor 8|Mrna|, Oyuinm?llc* dull t'uiul practice, are uow opcu lor Die .cruou. Numerwu* nniirove jieuts au'l .idtliliou. nave tic eu lately made m? the Ok mudaiuin, winch will uow be louud iu every re.pect mmulce and e<ju?J to auy utuer id tile country lor dlnlelic ex run. Mnarriux tauiflit uu the moil approved priuciplea. Oeiitlcmeu VUUIIIK the i'lilol Udllery wm be ?up,died with I'leiol a of a auperioi quality. Teruu moderate. Ueuliemeu are invited to Call at auy ti.ue d iriurf the day oil) 1111 ? r JSELF-COUK1 SO PloiOU* BLUNT Ik htf.vlh, Importers and Manufacturers, No. i'j Chatham street, have uu hauil a large assortment ol the hix II Revolving Sell CodLlftg fOdM Tislola. These pistols have the advantage over all otheisol the kiud by the impossibility of losing the caps, the nipples being placed in a hurrauutai direction,ana ihete being no coca in the way to prevent taking as coirect sight as with the or dinar) pistol or gun. The above pistols can be 1'uruished lower thsu auy others in the market, at wholesale or reta.l. We have as great a variety ol'other kinds Oi fislola as can be louud, with Utiles, U. 8. aViuskets, lor shipping .?uu military; Trize Muskets, do; Fowling Tieces, single anil double, < xut large ..ire double aud single liuus lor ducking, luge liter with t'owder, Shot, f lasks, Bags, L aps, Locks, iiairels, Ate., Ike., iu kfft or >lBfH qUOUUN. b.?Country dealers are requested to call and examine oar assortment be I ore purchasing elsewhere. ?8 Zui* r TH T- AMLKiCAN~MACiN TUMI. ~~ PREJUDICE, or liabit, make some to prefer every thing toreigu. We ask such to make trial ol our waier-prool coats and ca|?es, and learn lor once (so lar at least as our Msciutoshes are couceiued) that the ouly merit peculiar to the imported e ver the Aiucrrcau, is that they may have hung ou a i>eg iu Cheapside until they became rusty and out 01 lasinou, men shipped to America to be sold as "good enough lor the ln.trktl." Trice ol Uie Amencau Macintosh lroui leu dollars upwards. 11 OA AC in H. UAL O Manleu Cane, *29 Ira* r huccrwoi lo K.iIdu.v Ii.Oii KuuU. i I 'd. WiLDER'8 i ATL.N'T SALKMANUKK &AI-K?.iuese hales have now bceu iu Use twee years, ai.d many times exposed u> the most intense heat thai ea? be brought lo act upou them by the burning of large store ouses containing oil, candles, liquor* aud diugs, and the wo.Id is challenged to prove &u luslauce wher? one liu laiied to preserve tire con leu is. 1 he following couimulee stale that the tiiat at the foot of Wall stieet was a lair trial and a convincing p. > ?f of the su|ieri* only ol Wildcrs hate over ail Others, and have uo hesitation iu Say lug that they consider them ivaily firt-nroof. aud recommend Ukiiiio the puo.ic as rill, entitled to couudcuie. Mgiiu. Wad* wroth x stniUi, 1 " Baldwin* Co., ' Minium at t-o., /Committee, tliaa. li. .Vlarsnall, Kstjj A general assortment u hand (or mane to order) for sale at the Iron Sale Warehouse of SILAS C. HERRING., 0>9<i fc3t wy I No. llj Water street. DAFFLE, RAFFLE?Genii emeu's Cloaks at SI .50 each, to AX be ralfl il lor separately, positively on the lJth ol Nov mber urit, two handsome blu cloih gentlemen's Spanish full circulai Cloaks, with capes and lacings, and col'ar silk velvet, and complete lu every other respect. For further particulars aptly at No. 1 Murray street, coiner Broadway, basement? wheie the Cloaks are to be seen. Tickets on.y ft.JO. i'hCloaks air worlu f 0 each. Ueullemen wishing tickets should call e rly, as a number a e alreauy sold. As the tatfle will posaiuvely take place on the IJtli of November nest, all tickets, whether one or more, must be paid for wnen the number is laken previous to the above dale. Secure your tickets, as delays are dangerous. Ralfl. to take place at the Rams Hesd, lit Fulton s'., where one ol the Cloaks is to he seen. o31 tlyth*ec IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?Brigg. It l'enman, A bee to rail the attention of the pubic to'heir improved method of water proofing by saturation. They render pe'fectlv water proof all kinds of woollens, liuens, co tons,celicoca, silks, kc without mjuiy to either labric, color Ol lustre. B. It P. having been awaidcd a diploma by the American Institute for their superior water proof articles eshibited st the fair have now commenced business under the firm of the New York Water Proof Establishment, 17 Christopher street. The above style is much superior to any Mackintosh ever yet offered to ths public, it being free from thai unwholesome, unhealthy and uisagreeablr smell thatevery Mackintoshalwaya has let it he got an in what ever style it may. No sooner does the Mackintosh lose that injurious oder than it becomes a useless article. The above preparation does not smell, and iu al1 cases allows perspiiaiion to evaporate freely, but still perfectly impervious to water. S. k P. parti ularfy call the atientiou of the arinv, uavy, firemen, watchmen, carmen, carriers, travellers, ailors, snd in short all who are tip tsd in the weather. B. It P. *lto Water Proof all kinds of over coats, pilot and lieavor coats, iwnts, clocks, or any kind of wearing apparel, wiihout iujury to either luti re or trunmingt, however dt licale. If the article has been a little woiu water proofing completely renovates th'ir fahr'C, co.nequ. utly this will be an act of tconomy and a great saving t < the wear-r Any communication or order forwarded to 17 Chrislophet streer, N. Y. will be punctually attend, d to, and everv article will he done with ine greatest care and facility. The only warranted place of the kind iu th* United Stiles. oil 6 ?r EDWARD BARRY?Information is wanted concerning Edwaril B irrv.whn peri.bed in die "steamship President," in March, 1st I. If the frteud whs supplied him with the means of support while i I Nsw York, or any elve who may have known him, will furnish proof of hish ving einbstked in the "Pesident." and of hit being uuma-ried, he will be rewarded. and Mi c?|>eiiari pa d. together with he am lint adainced to him by communicating with MK JOHN SCOT!', 010 ti'r St. AnO'iue at. Moo.real. O. JONES, prwiwat n .1' the Violin, (Jui'ir and Dancing, wi.h. ?ii(i|rin>0'i to teach in achnola or farniliet, or lor private Leaiona, No. KM Si Huiia?u atrret, corner of Spring atrrct. P. O. Jonea Guitar, Violin, Bow, Caae, and all amall musicalaiticlr muiuficturer. Old luitruineuta bought, each-nerd, repaired, fcc. Onitara made thai cannot be excelled in tone and durability. Subicribera wanted to join an Amateur Society. 011 Jt'ec VflJHTAKD b A1 TOKV'.-J COOSWKLL V*. removed a" from 114 Alien to 117 Kooaeeelt alreet, aecond atory of itoie occopied h\ Mr, W. Pr-ntiaa. coffee and eplce dealer, wlieie be ia preimred to furniah the article at abort notice and liberal credit, pnt np in any arvlc. H tela and lamilic* inpplird with an elegant articlr. Alan, comi'ry mnstard. ogg lm* r LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! 09 OOO I-AlitJK HhALTHV SWK.DIbH i.KK'HKS llar.y'yjyj ?Jual leceived |ierbaik Sir laaa Neiaton, from Hamburg, for aale in anv quantity. at aery moderate p-irea by U.A. It II. WITTl, Irnponeraol l.eechra, oil lra*ec 131 A illiam atreet, THE GER MAN SURGEON. SOLOMON III MK, M. D., No J7 Keade atreel, New York, ai In 1, roltila and BnlOjUl dieaaea no charge made till ibe Btient ia aatitfied?medicine deljrrred g'atii. All peraoni dermed, under twenty-ooe yeara, ran have their bonec noughtrned. Relerencra aiaen aa to unmernua iratirnia who have

Been cured in tbia city. o27 Jm?r A RICH TOMKD EIGHT MII.VKH K?nv P L U T K CECOND HANI)?a rare and ep',endid inatrnment, will be ?*old cheap. Apply to T MON/AN I. o7 lm#m V. I homiwmi atreet. "CHINA, GLASS, ANU~EARIHENWARE-" 8 ASTOR HOUSE. L'HKNI H Porcelain Dinner Semeea, 111 pteeea, |U M " White Granite, do do 111 do 110# Frenchor Kiutliah Porcelain Tea Beta. 31 do I 00 Dinuer Plntea. French Porcelain, per doieo, 1 It Do do Granite, hlne or white, do I OA Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 On Do do Granite, blue or white, do I 00 Tea Cnpe and Hnurera, (21 oirrea) French Porcelain, I 10 F.iti:''npa, oo do 17 Ul.aii. Cat Winea. per doien, from 1 50 Do Tomblera, do do 2 0# Letnonadra, handled, do 2 23 TtlLI Ct'TLBRV Of the tineat deacriptiona. maoria or doaena, at the lowprice ofSI2theaet Juit opened . a handaoma aaaortment or Toilet Ware. R- 8IMP0ON. N. R?A?enl for the aale of Rinipeon'i Ear Corneu, for the reliefoldeatneM. oil lm* m AYDEN'H Hl'F.EI. (JHILLS?The aubaenbera naee#nr aal?, romr recemly impioerd inodificatiotia of theee eaceilent and opular Pent. The " He iuy W ritcr" it nnairmonaly yoted thi Kin* of Pent ?combining eminently Meaib litv and |?er i.n.enee. The " Diekena" it onaideied the heat pen for the price in the ma Itet. . ? . . _ The " Unioh" cannot fail to tuit eeery body, affording at I2K cei.u a card (ai whoieaaie) tn different raneuea of Pent. The " New York"1 e*err merchant will haee in hia counting room who haa tried them. _ Together with the famnne Double Parent and (.omhination arrel Pene, with many othera, lor aale by the amenta. oil Ua*rc J. k P. HAYDEN. 1 Piatt at. IRK I ORNIJNG, NOVEMBER I Ml PTTV^ r*ACIII TATT r\UIKtn iu iv iv x * i.' ' - u a o a i a i u v/ a i vi E 8 T A B LISHME N V . 164 William Street, Corntr oj .inn Street, IS decidedly the cheat* tt in ihe city. There is Iwayi on htnd * ?elcct stock of sruunab.r goods, purchased for cash, which will tie made up to order in the elyle of m.ike. Ii(, trim luiust, 6te., that has n11?u ?uch gene l al saiul'scilou during tilt Issl lour yeare, sud ai a poaiti.e saving of JO i>er cent. Oolitic neuare requested to call autl einniue. Thoae who (uruisli th eirowu goods, cau b?ve them NLA.UK A.N U HUMMED. l)reu Coata, math- and tnui in til, ' (1 0(1 ta $0 H Kroca Coata, do do 0 00 to 9 00 Haul* and Wala, 1 7J lo 100 Over Coata, y 00 to 11 CO T7" Terms?Cash ou delivery. la lm# c MICHAKL K. MAKTIV NEW CASH TAlL.OB.lNli ESTABLISH VI EN T , NO 91 CHUHCH ST. (BKtWEKN UK AUK AND CHAMIItHS STHKKl'S. pENTLKME.V luruun ug their owu goods csu hsve thein vT made up in the inosi taahiouable Trench atyle, cheaper than ever ottered before in this city. Overcoat* made and trimmed SO 50 Trock coals " " " 7 J? Ureaa coata " " " 6 JO Vest and Hants $1 JO to 1 74 N. B.?llciiainud done in the ueatcit maimer. ol lm'in SAvtUfcl. WYANT. ONE PRICE STORi.. 'IM1EHK 13 NO IMHOblltO.N pracuceu at inn itoro hv A asking double tin price au ar acte is woiui, neiuicr anv iO| trrrni'tionou the vide wain. iNo niauit ottered It yon uou' purchase. Any | arson wishing to make a purchase can rely on being furnished Willi elotlnng at the lolluwiui price* : Coaia So a 12 Cloth Jacket* J a J Cloth Haul* 3 a 4 JO Sattiuml Hauls 1 JO a 2 JO JACOB COOS WELL, ol lin't 133X Chatham street, ueai Hoaevelt SL, iN V. R E MOVAL . PiliLLlRS* iAlLUtUNG ESTABLISH MEAT. Is removed fr un II) Broadway to No. 7 Aslor Hons*. ECONO ?fY IN GEN I'LE vlEN'6 DKESS. Iforuieuis 01 <1 mull .Imam and r osiiioualilc kind rl a sav lug ol ou |>ur ccul lor cash. 'IM1E advertiser d< ins it unnecessary to resoil tj the hackA ucycd system ol giving a lul ol nominal prices, picsiumiug that the length of time lie lias bceu cauuil tailed, together with the eilensive patronage bestowed ou mm, win proas a ?uui mrul voucher lor hia capabilities, Possessing the advantage ol being cuuuecied Willi a*eileosiveclolh eslablishuieut iu r.uripe ne couadeutly assets thai he cau lutuish clothes which, ou comparison, wilt be lound lower than ujy other house up die best descriptions ol geutleuieu's dress. ?1> 3 in 3. I'hlim'll, 7 As tor House, Broadway SHI K T S . OHIKT8 inaUe altcx Liie lauti <uiu uioii Approved Kreuct O puUeais. U04U, i aulaioou*, vusu, ami ail uiiuei tfdfiuuui* ui<ule Lo order at luurl uouce oud iu Uic uio?l loa.uou.ujic ?i>ic iveutletneu'a 9 tuuiiiiiu^ bloic, 07 uud 6'i Matucu uoiie, He# k'oia. >3 41n*r WM. CULLIIMa. J. 8URIA, FRENCH DYER, (P0 I'CaKL ST., Principal Office, rPHANKKUL Tor the |>ai,uiiagc heretofore bestow d, rss1 peclfully informs the public mat he lias, lor the accomincdatiou ol his customers iu the upi>er part of the city, opeued TwoOtfices, uue situated K07 ULkkckca St., the other 3M uwtar. lor tne recepaou aud dshvery ol Qoods. All kinds ol Sllk.kollou aud vV.iolleu lioods D*U>. Merino aud Camel's liar Suawls cleaned iu the French style, with uealucsa aud despatcn. \l_f~ All kiudsof Weariurt Aptwrel aud Carpets scoured, luerchauls can have all kinds ol goods dyed aud put spin their original hum. urooaiyu OUue, 49 Fulton st. Brooklyn. oil lui'r ESPF'S PATENT CONICAL VENT1LATOK. Till o cheap, simple an I eltlcicul apparatus is adapt r u to all purpoaes of Veulilaliou. Ships, Sleauiboals, --nurches, Hospitals, Prisons, Mules, Vsuit., sic. tic. ussy b its applies liou be kept tree Irom .-II loul air sua uuwnolc*. me rltluv ta; It is also su < cure for smoky Cniuiuics. The subscriber having purrn.neJ tbe r> ght for the City aud County ol New Kork, Is prepared lo sjpply the public With Cones ou demand. Metal KooUing of all descriptions lurmshed ui any part of the country. Crolou Water Pipes ami Plumpers' Work iu grueral. Also, Galvanized Iron aud Tin Ware at wholesale. Stove pipes, oatu tubs, coal hods, ttc a. prices greatly reouced. All work warrauted, au 1 orders by letter attended lo. P. ?U M.N til, i20 3m*m 190 Water street. THE SHIELDED VICTORIA OrtAwL AND DiAPER FIN auu important article lur use in tnc nursery, iuu as ? lasleinug to I.Uirs tin w Is, Cloaks, Sic. Patented in ihe United States and iu Kurope. t rapidly gaming lavor whtriVcr introduced, aud lias become au article wiucii it will be to the .dvautage o| dialers IU laucy bard ware, lie. in tile couutry, lu supply tlum.. Ives with. For said lu tile trade, oy most 01 liic wmiiesale dealers in such articles id tlie city ol .sew Kura. Tureail and needle stores aud dealers iu fancy articles, supplied uu liuaral ienna, d tte uinuuiactoiy ol trie patentee, Uo Jay street, Mruuklyn. .22 lui'rc ' I 'U F A.V11LILS uUI NO SUb I'M, to the West ludies or J- F.urope .?A respectable leuiale, 21 years ol age, Wisrics lu ouiain a permanent situation as seamstress, lu a genteel lauiily. She would prelergoiug to Lurope, yet would accept ol a good urter to go auulu 01 to tlte Weil Indus. The Oesl ol leler ruccs given. Address A. A. A. Doi 761, upyier Post office, M, VoiK. siOr A lAKll.-l liate olteu becu inlorined by Irieuds mat some *t persons, as well iu my line ol business as out ol it, jealous ol lite access I meet wiui,ha*ddircclly aud ludireclty asaerted Uiat I was manufacturing my well guowu La .Nount braud, as well as oil), r Havana and rruicipe Segan lu Una couuny, and mai'.iug oilier similar inuls, 1 iiere with declare sucn asseillous mean 11 stno ,iL, and sucli ludividuala worse tbau highway rubbers. M. HAD Kit, 16 Chatham street. _New Fork. Hept. 26. 1142. sgg iui?r f' U .N8, Kl I" LICS, PISTOLS, and a general assortment of n* i ardwsre, eutLry, aud lane, goods, an'ils, e.ces. hoe., trace and log churl., shovels, spades axes, locus, bo .Is, mill saws tiles,table cutlery, p ckef knives , with a assortment ol guns, rules, muskets mid pistols, f >r sale at loar prices by A. W. SPllr.S St CO., w?0 lin'rrc 2ig I'.aft street. FLUTfc AND CiUlTAK~ jll H PHII.II'K CRN ST, rrulessor of the F'lutc, Ooitsr, an IVI patent Concertina begs to announce to his Irieuds and public that he has rust published his uew ' Hondo Milnaire" lor the Gitar, which will be louud well worthy the attention ol the irner oi amateur, Irom its beiug w ell .tuaplcd to that instrument aud calculated not on' y to pleas* but to afford instruction. This Hondo, with several oilier pleasing pieces ol his cem|SMition "for the guitsr" are to be louud at Mr. t.rnst'. residence 66 Canal street, where he contiaues to give lessons on t-.e sbove instruments. sl3m#r (/. 8. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pi 1ST OFFICIO, New York, 2Jth July, 1842. HOl'RS of Delivery esch day, (Sundays excepted) at the Upper and Lower Post Offices:? Letters deposited before Half-past 8 o'clock, AMI 18 " " J " P M Will ba sent out for deAt all the Stations before livery at 9 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M aud 4 o'clock, P M. It " " I " P M. Letters tob* seut Free, must have "Free Stamp" affixed to them, oiherwue three cents will be col.ecled of the party to whom th. letter it addressed. No money mu-t be enclosed id letters unless re. istereu at t ie principal nmcei. L.11U oi rne stations (at all of which "free stamps" may bp ptirchaapd at S2.M |?r 100. and every information may he obtained on application at ine upper or lower post offices. Stamps issued by the late CilyDespatch Tost will be received. It is indis|>ciisable that the number of the residence should be stated in ail leturs sent through-this Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest inmrtaation shonld any irregularities occur. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM au2S ly ec Post Master. tYEbTXTTkANT rRANCAIS. No. J Nassau st. opposite IV ihe Custom House. J. BONN.iRU It P. DELAMOTTK have the honor to inform (heir acquaintance* and strangers generally, Cist they ha>e enlareed thsir Break!est nod Duong Mtloous.tnd have besides arranged convenient rooms (or nriva'e parties, will pay particular attention to orders for Dinners and Suppers in private houses, which they will fnrnish at very moderate prices. They constantly have on handBrandy Preserves of all kinds. Liquors in great variety. Wines of II brands. Gil of Olives refined. Oruvrre Cheese. New Chatel Cheese. TroftDs and Muahio 'ms. Fat Liver I'ies. kc^, kcJ ?2T Im'r UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, late 129 Chatham $treet9 New York. WHOLESALE AsND RETAIL. rpHE CANTON TEA COviPANV continue to offer for 1 salt- new and fragrant Tea? of every variety and style.? Their assortment aiieciaily include* the moat delicious and powerful grades of Green and Black, Every package bears the ?fami> of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are ao i dMroachty MWfid iron light and air thatt&err quality and powar will nmn uHibinM in toy climtts Their system of frrminiyrngfrtwinittwrtfhtyi mwil?to bo okcImvi It ia i mmh d ui oo the ntnoii regard to the ngfita of the c.ustcmcr, especially with re*|wct lo weight aud nuality, and uurivalle<; cbe^poraa. All purchasers are called upon to return any | ?? '< ? 'trli f?il ?n uivsr fKs>m thai ftlll?ct asllalip I will. MfKnn the imuiev will be cheerfully and promntiy refunded. Country 1 inercpsnu, pnblic establishments, head > of inmilies, and ship uira will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves Irom Una establishment, toffee roasted every day. Orders Irom all par'a of the Uniteo States executed with MMMI end despatch. , r- The only warehonae in America for the aale af Mouina'a celebrated Black Tea. .10 Im* r CR VCK ERA?Parr's cheap Cracker B tkery, 71 Molt street, near Walker street.?Constantly am hand, Soda, Milk and Wine Biscuit; inarhine and ha"d made Butter, Sugar and Boaton Crackers, tie.; Pilot and Nary Bread, all at low prices. Shipping and country ordeia nut ap in barrels, kegs and boxes. A liberal diareunt allowed, and delivered callage free. N. B.?Passe inters to Earope or NewOrleans supplied cheap. 2* lm? TO THK AMATEUR8 OFTHL ACCORDION ! CIONOR L. MARTINI begs to inform the public that he Cr htsjtist published his Accordion instruction, which is dirided ii. two parts?the first lor the Accordioua without semitouss?the second for those with semi-loues, both of which are amply furnished with selected music, and eiercises pro gressnaly written, inorderthat the amateur cant >tily hare entire command over the instrument. 8IONOK MARTINI begs also to state that he has a large collection of MSA music tor the Accerdion, which he intends to publish shortly, and he arranges lor that instrument any sort ol music he should be required. The Signor will be thauklul to all ihuae who will faeor him at his residence, 90 Canal street, where he continues togivehis lessons. aul9Jm*r PQUESTRTAN ACADEMY".?The subscriber would resprcifally inform meL? ji*? *u 1 (j<Q(l*nen of N?w York and brokl.n, that he Insoiwncd an Academy, (?n that large and rotnm h i'hi ? building formerly known aa the Kqaeetrien fetch inge or Cook's Ciic?a, to* Bowery, on VauahaU (iarden) for the instruction of Udie? and geiirlenvu in tn?t heaJthml and necessary accomplishment, the act 01 horsctnenship hi all its branches. The Acaiemy is'uniuhed with dre?aing in ' sittun: fKHiia. and eveiy convenience 'or the ioflil(irt 01 | ?* , ?t I *, anil lb* atrtcteat regard 10 r-?i#r sbtlnv will be adhere ?to Mr. U. ha* m?de arrangements with Mr. >V. J. Daeia, one of the oldest prole*acr? from Kemp# to takt charge ol the seine, aud I list, rs himself' tnsr tne eiuvrprue wiiJ meet with the approbation and encoouragement of a liberal public. Term* and particulars may be ascertained on application aa above. The omnibus and cars pasa ejery five jninntea ?daring the day o%)m9rt W. V. D1BMROW, Proprietor. IERA 1842. Lexington. ( (Correapoudence of the Herald.) 1 Lkxington. Oct. 24. 1842 I * Hon. Tom Marthall at Home?Hit unpopularity? Preparation* for a grand Barbecue?Grand Fancy Ball?A Church Breaking Up?Beautiful Women in Lexington ?'Hit plait to get a IVtft. Dear Bennett :? Waal American is there who has a soul uninfluenced by the prejudices of party spirit can gtauce > at the present political stale of Kentucky, especially that Congressional district of which the lion- 11. Clay is a resident I Tuere is an entire prostration of ihat independence of character lor which her chivalrous sous have heretofore been distinguished. 1'hls sycophantic aud cowaidly spirit lias never betore been so clearly developed as 111 tne case of lhonias F. Marshall, our representative in Congress. Mo true whig who has closely markeU his course white eugaged in the councils ol the nation, can possibly hiiu any cause lor Uissalislactiou. Nevertheless, since lits return,there apjiears to have been a general crusade against him throughout the whole district. Aud what do you suppose is the cause ot all this hostility towards huu ! Why, simply, because his (earless aud independent soul would not allow him to yield obedience to all the requisitions ot the great dictator ot the whig |>ariy, and his lailure at limes lo eulogize him to lUe >eiy heavens, and render huu honor almost divine What other cause can be assigned for tne estrangement ot the affection ot his constituents t lias he not always supported every favorite measure of his party?save that of refusing lo Co-oiierate with a few luiidticai wmgs in tne distribution ot the proceeds ot the public lands, aud in mutilating the Constitution prepared by men infinitely their superior in every respect, and which shou.d be held as sacred as the Christian's Bible ? The scenes of lfilO are evidently about to be acted over agaiu. Oil Wednesday next a tremendous couvocai 1011 of the Clay party is expected at Franktort. From the preparations 111 progress, it will doubtless be the largest meeting ever held in the ."state, aud f ull ol luterest, which will be greatly enhanced by the vast number ot ladies who are expected to be present, Whose enthusiasm tu the great cause is beginning is exceed that o. the other sex. h.very whig lady in Lexington, who can procure a conveyance, is expected to 0e mere, indeed, 1 hud it almost impossiole to find one who wm due..uroe ou any other subject, save that ol a grand masquerade ball, which has recently come otf in our city. 1 he excitemeut which tins iruiy novel attair has created, especially among the pious members ol the Lpiscopal church, beggars description, arising from the tact of it having been held at the house of a church member, a iu nearly all those present, who participated in the frolic, being members o! the church. it is a great j>ity thai these innocent amusements should be carrier'to extremes. It is no uncommon thing now lo see persons oi high standing, in the street at night en niuKjut, singing the same old coon songs, mucii to the annoyance ot tlie ({met and peaceable citizens. A triend has jjsi stepped into nty otiice, and informed me that the bail alluded lo is likely to be attended with very serious consequences?probably the ruin ot the hpiscopal Church, lite pious matrons and sisters in the church have resolved upon puuislung the otlending members, or withdrawing themselves Iroin all connection with bo uulioiy a class. The blatter is daily discussed with much ability by both parties ; one contending lhat it is absolu.ely wrong, the other that it is a religious celemony?instancing the conduct ol King David, when he dauced before the Ark?the oilier party contend (hat this is no argument, as David's conduct was not always pro|>er, as was the case in his intrigues with liaihsheoa. llow the mailer is to end, 1 cannot couiecture. The Rev. Mr. b. and other leading men are in favurol loliowitig your advice lo Oov.reward with regard to tile Stale Prisons. Wipe out and hegin again. Others preler a peaceable separation 01 Hie parties uiid I lie erection ol a new church?the money lo be raised by tne sale of indulgences which could easily he procured in six or eight months. 'I he liev Mr. W. has declined au opinion, in consequence ol having uccepied a call lo the pastoral care ot a very urge churcli in Cincimuu, wuere his taleuts, j piety, and able lectures on the Millenium, will lie duly appreciated Hire he has been very uusuccesstut in promulgating the doctrines ol Dr. Miller, hav ing made bu. one cuuveri, W.O. who spends a large portion of lime, day and night, looking up at the Heavens, thinking the Second Advent may occur previous lo 18+1. Watch and be ready. K. Chtnn, bsq has, through our city prints, oftrr ed a very handsome apology lo Ales rs. U. and U lor the publication of a lale dream 111 the Louisville Journal, giving an account ol a race between these i wo worihies. The former id perfectly natisti-'d now, though the latter ih in a great rage and talks about bringing suit against (Jbiun lor me recovery o| ninety cents which he lost in t ie calculation ol' interest on 175, which he generously loaned an unfortunate triend tor one year at the rate ol two and a halt per cent a month, money being actually worth it per cent, a month. Allow me ugain to urge the young men of your city, desirous of marrying, to come to Lexington. Our city belles will die in their virginity rather than fail to secure a stranger. To insure success, all that is wanting is a good suit ot clothes, Urge whiskers, slippery tongue, and devilish eye. Since my return from Arkansas 1 had numerous offers, but as already intimated in a former letter, the dear creatures will never suit my country. hscTOR. (fcueen City, Ohio. fCflrftpoiidence of tlie Herald.] ciirkn City*, Ohio, Oct. 26, 1842. Remit of the Election?Lerturet and lecturing?Rejoicingt. Grnkrai. Bennett :? Sm The election is now over, the locofocos are done crowing, and our city has resumed its accustomed quiet, compared with the uproar before the election. Doubtless you have the returns, and know the result, that the whigs are raostcompletely beaten; whether on account ot the increase of trie demo- 1 crats, or the inactivity and apathy of the whiffs, you can best determine. The election, to be sure, was ' all over the State, but the beat of the battle was in 1 this county. Hamilton county has heretofore been J regarded as uncertain, and being the county that determines the complexion of the Legislature, accord- i ing to all stump speakera, of course both parties bent all their efforts to carry it. Hereafter the locos will t claim it, as they have earned it by n majority far ' beyond their greatest expectations. But let them ? not be too secure of the victory. Exclusive of the " ' Dutch, the two great parties are nearly equally tfi- l vided in this county, and they claim that they poll c ! fourteen thousand votes, a maiorily of which are locofocos. Now it is remarkable that they, more than any other set of men, hang together like the [ Saints in Illinois, and follow wheresoever a few designing and influential men among them choose to lead. This being the case, what lollowal Even this Fall, with half their present number, they at- , tempted to dictate to the democratic party; next . Fall toey will do it outright. In thai rase there * [ will he trouble in the wigwam. For any aet of men * ' to dictate to a party is bad enough, but for a set of men that can't read the ticket they vote, unless * printed in Dutch, to doit, is deepi cable in the ex- * treme. i> a ...,.?i in nuiiirpluaiion. About a thou- * sand were naturalized just before the election, du- fi ring the then term of the Court of Common Pleas ?, I Now for the manner A man that can neither r speak nor read a word of Knglmh, goes uj> and is 0 I sworn. The oath is administered in English, and hispapers are printed in the same ; all he is made to p understand is, that he has so much to pay for them If he should break that oa h, would it he perjury 1 Thoog h naturalization is right and just, is that way of domf it up, right I An extra session of the College of Teachers clos- ? ed last Saturday afternoon, the regular having been ? held at Lonisville. The introductory lecto-e, on " the education of girls, was delivered by J. H. Per- [ kins, of ihis city?it is said to have been most ex- ii cedent. M. T. C. Gould, the celebrated stenogra- * pher, was there and took ltdown verbatim, although , it has not yet a|ipeared in any oi the city papers, and very likely will not, as our papers are too spirit less to report a lecture or speech, no myter how in- 1 teresting. The fact is, we have not a single literary 5 paj>er here?all are either political or religious. Mr. Gould proposes revolutionising a portion of our press. > and induce ihem to adopt the plan of having reporters. It is to be hpped that he will succeed?it he j does, a new em will dawn on our newspaper pre??. \ If a portion ot our editor and publishers had one- ' hull ihe energy and enterprize ot Mr. Gould, they \ would derive no disadvantage therefrom Tn-dav the Oasette published in an extra the great speech of Hcnnr Clay at Dayton, reported by Mr Gould j Last Thursday evening, Professor Mitchell, r' r Cincinnati Callege, Heliv-r-d nn introductory ler I ? lure on astronomy, in the College Hall? he propose* I i? i '4 i a i i i i r~rr Ll), Brio* Two Coots. IrlivrrniK a course of lectures on the Mime subject de will draw crowded audiences, for he is very loqueut and very instructive, and a favorite wkq he ladles Daring his lecture, he announced the act that they would certainly have an observatory; hat the association had already funds sufficient o purchase one ol the hesl telescopes extant,out that my wmuc'i up i iiM1 ciniii^ii iiiuukiiii iiir- very oesl; ic tell confident thai ihey would raise the required urn; thai niey w uld have u? great, probably me reatest observatory tu (he world. Captain .Mitchell les'-rves the thanks ol the city tor wiiut h has steady doue in this cause?tie touuded the assoctaton, and Iras been the lite and aoul ot it ever sine* t started. '* lie is a live tush, that can swim up treain," and no mistake. The first accident happened on our young railroad ist falurday Ttiey ran over a deal matt and cru?hd hi in to death, because he would not hear the >etl! The train and inan were both going ttio aine direction?the engineer rang the bell repeatdly, but neglected to stop till tne tram came so tear him, it was out ot his power to stop in time, ind thus through stieer toliy a lite was sacrificed, liie drmocram nave had a barbecue up in hulton, or ttie purpose ot rejoicing over the election?an ox ens roasted whole, and when on the point ot maati sating it, to! it stunk'. Good?it served them just ight?they were intruding on whig rights. Poh ' The Ohio river is very low, but on the rise Bucksvs. Court ol Coutinon Picas. iiciore Judge Inghs. Nov. 1.? H'm B. Jacubut and wt/t v*. Bartholomrw Hfunco Action l? lo yesterday J lor damages iu icing thrown out ol awugun owing lo a pits ol rubbish vuicu ns.t us 11 lilt in trout ot dtimiuaut. bouse. Mil. lUiico si in liad not been biukrn, tu lueuUonsU, although ler lacs w as burl, and she remained insensible lor bvo or is Uuu:s alter being thrown uui, and was sick lor soins lay* altarwkids. 1 no Court charged that householder sus liable w Iibii ohstiuctions were mrown trom his bouea ntu the sti ot, no nnitWr whether placed there by person* vol king lor him on contract or otherwise. '1 he piaiuinf. ir. the oiun haud,i, bound to show that he exercised pre>erdiligence and precaution in avoiding the injury. 1 he ury gavo a verdict lor j.iaintut ot $ti>. Buir and Benedict lor plaiutid . .Mr. Anthoc lor dclenlant. Jubn Niton y?.Sam'IMurri$on ?Thie wii an action to re overaix uiuiulis wages, abaci led tu be due. Thei.cieiul.uit piuurieiur untie celebrated large care aim colovvui hoiaee bat ??ru employed to diaw tut block* ol maritu Uved 111 tut building ul the cuaiuin buuae. He baa bo mum w eel.liy , and uw ua. uuu ng the leal, atilitialiu uu uuug lalaud. tie had employed tile plaiulilt tu wulk lor 11u1, but tor,ol tut couttuaud "ua da)a auell thou iucoi," at., aud vv tailed ilit Ueienaaul to gather uppiea uu the sabbath, winch the latter reluaad tu do, ana the plainug lucliarged lum. Ho ulio reiuaed to pay the wegtadualo tutu, and deuiti owing au) tiling to plawuif. Verdict llu& lureuuou. Koi j'Uiiitiit, Mr. Cook aud Mr. Clark) lor deteudaut Mr. II. M. k. atioug. before Judge lugiahem. Julius Oianmv, el. at., v?. JacuO S Piatt?Action growiigouiol a large couaigmueiit ul toys, unicu Lad bean ileJged. The plalutdi i? a uicTcuau. Ill Liermauy, aud eht lu thia city, uu cuuaigumeut, 62 caaea of iuya. Not letug bauafied w lib the procecdinga ul Ilia conaignee, he [uvt ordera to anultiar Uouee tu receive tba remainder u 1 uu gooua, and a auu lu chancery between the rival ageuta sua the cuuu t|ueuce. finally, an order waa given to bird lunula, wtiu luuud part ul Ilia property in tbe pokeeeuuu ol deleiidanl, w bo claimed tu bave made adt ancea on liem to the cuiiaigueu The law will not permit con'igneea lu pledge the guudaul their principal* m ihi? way, tud Mr. 1'iail had beeu pruviuuaiy uulibeu that be would nuke the ad valines uu hia pein. 1 he preaeut actiou uf replevin H iherelore biought. Alio, the icsiiniuuy ol a pnucipal wilueaa had been given, the cave waa ended by he Court urdeilug ayurur tu be withdrawn. for plainllf, Mr. Sleiuler. for deleudaut, Mr. tdwaids. jane Whilechurck va. Hiehard S Green, it. al.?HepleVn in lelatlou lu huuaebulu Inrniluie. Mia. W. reaioed at lb fe-hzauelh atreet, where she kept boardera. Among her iinnttea waa her aon iu-law, ftlr. i hoi burn, and nia w ife pldiiiillt'a daughter) and their aeveh Child rah. A purtiuu >i her luiuiiuiu waa nvied upuu under an ikuculiun igamat i hoi hum, be having toruieily ow ned it, end, the .eiundUHta contending, doing ao bull, 'the juiy gave a '.rdici lor plahililt. Kor piaiuliif, eauoiuru at .vieiaalia, 'ordeiulidaui, bell At t oe. Stephen S Chamberlain va. IVilliam Wtbbsr.? Actiou 0 levuver a balance due un block. 1 he deletnianl la a lulchel, and lot a Ion time bought huga, aneep, and ither bin all stuck I rum plainut), w Uu was connected with 1 uleanibuat, plying un the river. 1 he whule account >u> }>Jbuu, un winch a balance, aa aveiied by plaint.It, ru noina unpaid. 1 lie deteiidaut dames owing auy thing. Verdict lot deleudaut. Fur plauuulf, Mr. Clift. For defendant, Mr. lommiou. Circuit Ceurt. Belole Judge Kent Nov. 1.? Clinton bank, N Y. v?. ft. Roberteon. Sheriff of Genersee Co.? t bu pniulill placed in inn iiiuiii ol Ue leuuatil mreu executions lor >8J ouch, 10 which be dnt not make Miaaonatne reiuru, and the present action u brought agiuii.-l Mm to recover the amount. It appeared that be bad been remix on only one ol tbe writs, and the Jury lound lor plaiutiM in the sum o $9J Mr aayreioi plaintiff Air Chandler for d> fend ant. Wm. J.. *iiwaicr vt. William Lake and Edward Flana. fan.?Mr. K. ieit in the nauu* oi Mr. Jcssup, biuk-r, Uius.l way, a note lor $4o6, on which bo received but $300, nidguve lor tbia latter ainouut nitmoiauouui chucks, >aid o be intended merely a* reeeipia Neither the note or :hecks were to be pi. ced in circulation, yet they wero rai.aleire<l to Mr. fc M. Morgan, wbo, in tuin, banded hem to plain till Action i? now bi ought lor tba lull tinouni ol thu note, and the memoiauuum checks have >een ailed for in tue Superior Court. Atwatar it ilerk in the Kxchange bulk, and It la contended, vasawareol the note not having been Intended lorcirtulation, and of value not having been given lor lc It vas stated in evidence, that Kdward M. Morgan got hie noney Irom Atwatar, and J> seup received his supplies rom Morgan. The Court charged, that if the jury beievetl At water lobe cognizant ol the proceeding, they vould find lor plaintilt ui the s.i . which haJ been paid in the note; otherwise lor the lull amount. The Jury ound against the maker in the amount ol the note, and igainst the defendant Flanagan lor $300, and lntures . 'or plaintiff, Mr. K. Terry. F or defendant, Mr. b tgau. Horace Greeley ve. Moire V. Brack.? I his was an action intered lor alleged libel, growing out ol the excitement ind effort in obtaining late intelligence during the Moo<l trial. The lawyeriwere ready, the Court in lull txpectation, but adalaytook place in obtaining Jurors. While waiting for s c i to come in, the parties thought lest to settle the matter wnbout the aid ol s jury. A compromise took place, (the defendant agreeing to the costs thus tar accrued,) and thu Court announced the result- The lawyers bandit d their books up, and left the court) thus terminating this much talked of trouble. Co art Calendar?This Day. Commo* 1?Nos.06, 4k, 13, 44, 91, 11, 19, 14, At, 81, 01, 169, 133. Part 9 ?No?. 3, 8, 33, 84, 74, 78, 04, 08, 09. 100. cibcltit Cocax?Nos. 103, 7.1,44, 149, 100, 04. 107, 77, 133 190, 137, 73 . 74 134, 104, I, 4, 113, 174, 177, 179. NSK'S PATENT NOVELTY COOK STOVE. I^HIM Stove was pronounced last year, arid is this, by all who have ii, to be not only the best ever luyeetrd, but tha isly Stove they ever hid by which baking, boiling, eud roasSng, could be done perfectly, and at the same time. This year the iinpruvt meui has been such, that donbl- the mount of cooking ego be done, (and Ihat too to perfection! hati U|tou auv other Store of the -nine site ; for proof of ?hich, you hare only to c*l at Fisk's 8'ore'., KH Water itrert, where any qaantity of references will b* [iren?and forthr>, erery St ive wirranted, or the mc er reuutled. Fisk's Recti Utiuc Premium Drum for perlort, Hail Jruins.snd hall, p trior, and office stores, and all the ordinary looking store*. I r tale chea. HSK'S Store Ksfib'ishment, 2W Water street. Tlu: abore store, and also the regulating dmtn.can note be en at the Fair ^ but those d< siring stores, are requested fci all It the establishment, whtre they can eiamiue them to letter advantage, 201) Water street. Oil lm*ec rrwnoT73 NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR ANL> HAI.L ?T0VES (^IIIS is one of tin* most valit lble invention* ever offered to the pnbl c in the. stove line. an?i i* the moa* perfect article itant, fir the use of all km<li of coa or wood, in h^atinq partme-ita. It hu no less than foar radiator* an I iwo descend rut flu? n, to arranged that the radiator* art* placed b tween lw) ire*, and cause all the heat k *uerated te be distributed into the partmenr ; while in otne stove* a (ante portion of the heat it arried off 111 the pip*. One j?eck f coal in stove will fid more h*-at than bushel in the best sto e now before the ubltc ; while you liava the adjutage of <ui open fire #r apleuid Krate at pleasure It tsallowed by all who have examined it to be the moat per ct combination of utility and ornament ever brought forward; ?' fs. K- I., I It, amtnii' iatn.j| .? I. ?t..K in Km .. mnxA g..M.n. A, and all id want of a ?n|ierior article for nnatioc |*r ior?,h*lle In. ea, niirtrrin, fcr. arc tnv.led to coll. Pncea are auited to the limn. Alao on hand a eariet. of other Htotci, amiable for all p?roaea, which will he ?o.d very low. I.. WOOD, TV Watar .treet, between wl In f rack alip and B'ekman nrwt. STOVES?OVENS rHJ! lanraat aeeortmenr of Rtnrea of any hon.e in ,Vaw 1 York.?Their newly invented Parlor Hlove reada hut to be een to be anivtreally aoopted. It? inmienae ridntin* aorfa a ireedathatof anvother nto* * now i i u.e?cihibita more fire, lib the <oiianmiition of leaa fuel, than any former invention. I tlao diachargea ila own aahea hy a a'tnrwe proceaa. without "limit or loditiiic ita dust on the furniture of the tooin in which i u mi d It will be ham the cheipeet and moet economical Itove rver brought nelote the pnhlic. , Ala . Cook St yen, new, air tifh* all vanetiea, from hree tiollara onward. Rverv article w r,"In''Ys, w, . HILKV'rt PATKNT BOILKK AND IRON HbARTH a an admirable article?they can be fitted I* any atoec now in lae, and of unequal cd ealtte in bodlina aleaka, toa.tin* bread, ?' alao in betting iroaa f-r it""""* clothna. Riley ta the in"'iMmV*01' RiLEY* MVCRMl Bowery. Tuj < OU v I'M Y Mk-Rt HANTS ?The aubncriher w .ind I callt he attention of all who are in want of l,ooktrut Olaaa ,iid Picture Frame., to hM eitentiee alock , whieh for onailfy md worfcmin.nip be nailer, hunt. If cannot be eicelled hy any nanufarriirrr in hi. city. Th tra.le in general would ilo waO ocall belorr p.irr.haaing alaewhere. \. ft.?Con.iantiy on hand, a (nod aaaortmeut el raacy of every diacripuon. HORArr V HIOLER, No. Jl Aimarreet ami U Hairneereley at. New Yotk. ol it,'. __ poH l)H. FK.frit V .tfreiM ofCof* ' TIU. , n*?*n rfviia (,. v, 1?y . .ma j*r. mith KfV. wlTM