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November 2, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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- AMiTIIKlf EXTRA NF.W WORI.P Will. BF puM died this morning containing a s|.|.ndid novel l>y Alexander llumas, om of the nui<t celebrated French air thoraof the <Ujr, translate! by a oi Virginia, for the New World. All lovera of romance will be delighted with this work, and the la.lies especially. *- I'...-r l.'j ccutk -- For salt- at the olhce, :t0 Ann street, lieai Nu.> au, and by all t'-e agents throughout the country. CUT-THE PARIS'AN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE.? For the u?i soft his invaluable medicine. ?ee au important Ivei usniient headed " Private Medical Notice." MOUSY MAItKET. Tueariny, Nov. 1?0 P. 91. There has been more activity at the Stock Board this morning. Sales were larger than usual, at fluctuating prices. New York State 8 per ccuts fell J; Ohio tf's, J; annum)'o i, ;; iiniiaiia ft s rose j; WlW Jtt?y Will lull 1 per cent; Mohawk rote j; Paterson, J; Harlem, J; Delawareti lludton, 2 |>ercent. Harlem labors heavily, 'l'he several brokers who are the large holders of the atork, sustain the market rate by purchasing the "time stock," an.I selling all they can for cash lit present rates. Their object is to "get clear" at the expense ot third parties. The particulars of the debt of the company are as follows:? Du, t?J dllion'd in Nov. IRII.zro'd on depot I2d ?t 137.102 Bead due " J ui 1312, " fr'ck of the road, 41,500 .UoiiiU " Nov.1813, " Hirlem bridae, 30.000 ' " ill all IK 12, " ou depot 42d St., 14,ti.'3 " " .May 1813, " " MauhalUuville. 0 (00 " " Nov.lSlt. " " bl ick ?7th St., 78,655 " " isi7-6,li>ail to E. Diddle, lr?u>(eirrd by Morris Usual to State of Indiana, 50,<100 Total debr, $300,080 Yrarly raternt il J*id. . 25,100 Avrraue receipts from tin basineM of the road f r 10 yeais, 58,8'0*in n IVr current ex|ieiise>, wear and tear, and inter >1 oucipitil $1,500,000, $33,800 Curreui ezileuses lor eight moulhs of 1841, ending StpUn.bei 1st, 85,COO This is the concern that talks of extending itself to A1 bany ! Why not to Vicksburg I The lion. Daniel Webster, in his recent great speech at Boston, expressed himself on the subject of repudiation as Tollows: " Some men aro indiscreet enough to spenk of repudiation ! To repudiate a debt ! Does repudiation pay u debt ? Does it discharge the debtor Does not the debt endure until paid or discharged by arrangement 1 Does it not continue binding in law and morals So men khould not thus deceive themselves. Repudiation does not do any thing but add a sort of disrepute to acknowledged disabiJity". i ,253 After this expieasion of sentiment, he must have been not a little surprised to have rcecived an invitation to a public dinner in New York, signed James Boorman and Daniel l.ord, Jr. This might be intended as an honor, or might be a mark of penitence in converts ; but it appears jt was of too ambiguous a nature to bo acceptable. You cannot touch pitch and not be defiled. In the present state of credit, public and private, the taint of repudiation blackeas, corrupts and disgraces all that practice it, advocate orcome in contact with it. The following is a comparative table of the banks of unto :? Bank* i>r Ohio, Skpt. 1812. ? . . . .Y. 4. Hi I It Hit. Specie. Cirr. Dtpi B*nk of Zinesviilc, $'22,100 5 joo 11 .?; ?( brio Bank of Sandusky, 171,401 4!4,oi7 165,740 31,026 Bank of OeaugH. 130.165 9.997 17,710 16,774 Bank of Muskingum, 118 838 2.7BI 7 771 17,163 Bank..! Wouater. 106,522 62,052 279,275 45.210 ';yn?rt?e Bk of Cincinnati, 875,073 53,421 32,030 39 242 Ohio Lifr Insurance and Tr. Comoai.v, . 147,?60 61,127 29H.89* 194,1ftfi r raiikliD Bk of Cincinnati, 917,271 122,211 20,890 219,851 Ooluin*i tuii Buik of New 11Li1,b"?V, ... 90,007 16,750 19,130 I7.R82 Bank of Musiill.m, 247,301 35,117 170,786 37,39i liaylonBank. 50,914 13,090 19.127 1.4H 11 nk of Mt. 1 iFMODt, 53,575 4,337 8,066 15,051 551'?toru Restive B ,uk, 170,511 30,332 20.151 12.210 C'lmmrrciil Bk of Scioto, 341,202 21.951 114,9i8 20,145 B,uk of Norwalk. 180,129 44,071 24,655 0 . 480 .Farmers an I Merh&utcs' Bk of Striitnnville 178.807 6 3 477 15,735 53,812 4 linton Bk >>r (,'iluinbiis, 438,8.56 58,865 210,165 43,917 Bsnkof Xetin, 133,570 29,131 62,310 4 2,262 llii'k of Ciicleville, 313,301 42.215 161.027 37,391 r ranklin Bk of Columbas, 152,102 68,822 110,617 57,681 Tola'. Si,291.181 795,622 1.774,535 1,036,044 August, 1812 5,405 015 828.063 1,620,188 1,045,236 * 5.006,819 777 435 1,227,0301,096 689 J?"*' . ? 825,010 1,314,633 ? *>??. ? 577,683 1,185,296 ? Api'l, ? 713,607 1,163,311 ? January, 1811, 9.878,328 1,052.767 3,581,341 1 938,682 '"l", 10,507,521 1,752 446 1,607,1272,017 , 60 1839, 10,153.846 1,616,814 8,157,871 2,680,601 8 369 744 2 924,906 9,675,644 6,125.914 This table presents clearly the remarkable revolution w hich has ovartuken banking in Ohio, and is a fair sumj)leo( the stitc of things in all the producing sections. '1 he recent elections in that State have resulted in favor >t the party opposed to the banking system, and w hich will decide the late of almost all the remain ing hanks, as their charters expire next year, and cannot be renewed. That is 1> say, the party now in jiow- | r have declare! opposition to the existing system, but the law passed list winter, commonly called Latham's law, prescribes conditions under which hanks may obtain charters. The practical operation of the l?w maybe best expressed in the following answer of the Ohio Life and Trust Company to the question whether it had applied for a recharter under that law. The President .made answer as tollows :? 1st?That neither he, nor the stockholders, would accept such a charter if they were trade individually liable. hi?That the trustees of the iustitu'ion only applied for a recharter in general tarms, without any reference to the banking Ihw. ami that that wus the only authorised memorial offered. 3d?That Mr. Williams, on hit own responsibility, finding that no charters would 1>? granted, proposed that the Oh io Life an I Trust Company shoul I lie included under this law, leaving its acceptance to he determined afterwards by the trustees and stockholders of this institution. The reason for this step was twofold? i First?The institution is peculiar in its organization. It has two departments?one called the hanking, the other known as the trust department. The latter, Mr. Williams considered as the stockholder of the former, and consequently that if lie accepted the charter under Latham's bill the stockholders of the trust company could not be individually liable. Second?Whether right or wrong in this view, the trustees could determine whether they would accept it, if they refused, no harm was done?if owing to this peculiar organization to which we have referred, they could have accepted, why something might be saved to the company. The material objection is the individual responsibility of the stockholders. This is the English joint stock principle, and is the only one hy which the public may be assured against loss. In the K.nglish banks, one stockholder has the |>o war to demand and compel a liquidation of the concern, as soon as he is satisfied that ib per cent of the capital is sunk or lost. This keeps all vigilant, and instead of the utter neglect with which the affairs of a bank in this country are treated by stockholders and mwi; vi iiiouiicvvui*, iiii-ieuj luruwiiig wie wooiB control iuts the hands of a few designing men, they all look alter the welfare of tho association, in order to protect their individual property. It appeari, however, that the Ohio itockho dcraMiave so little confidence in their managers, that they will not trust them beyond the amount of stock lubacribed. Why, therefore, should the public trust them ? The prospect, then, is that next year the board will be swept clear, and Ohio will, in regard to currency, be placed on a good foundation. The advocates of the piper system say that it is, necessary to develope the resources of the country, and to facilitate the forwarding ol produce to market. In H38, the circulation of the Ohio banks was near f 10,000,000 , the present year it has averaged but little over 1 ,<t00,0??0, or 10 per cent. lu |1K37, consequent U|>on the high currency ot 1*38, there were imported into the United States, 1,600,(KHJ bushels of wheat, valued at $1,000,0110, for which specie was M nt abroad. This year the export of Hour will reach $11,000,000, lor which specie is flowing into the country Canuot the farmer Bee in this simple operation of trade, which system operates most to develope the resources of the countrv 1 Is he that fnreivn wheat ii brought and sold at hi* own door at a profit, and Ilia proceed* in ipocie taken out of hii pocket and carried to O lessa in pay ment, while he in dreaming of lithographed cities, town lota, and liank dividend*? The preaenl movement of apecic from Europe to New York, and from New York throughout the South and Weat, ia enriching the country with a aound and copiou* circulating medium. The prices of produce are indeed very low; but Unit ia CQuatd by the abundance of the supply, the developing "of the resource* of the country," under the specie system. The drawing otf of that surplus, in eichange fur theapecie, will raise the value of the remainder more than Ci)ual to the whole value of the specie imported. The repletion of the currency will accelerate the risa ; but when specie shall no longer lie a profitable article of import, the export trudc, or the foreign vent for produce, must cease, unless foreign goods, at a lair revonue duty, are taken iu exchange. This can only be done by an amelioration of the present land, without which, all description of agricultural produce must become valueless. The late tariff" imposes a duty of near fit) per cent on loreigu woollens. The farmers ware told that this was to raise the value of their wool Let them turn to Boston prices Current, before and af'er the passage of the tariff, and thev will find the following result*:? .lug. fi. Oct 29. Fall T' line or H I v, washed, lb. 3' * ? American full bin <1 do It * -? It a XV 2 cen I i, (to ill! It a 3J 12 a 23 2 cub i, do d < in a 32 211 a 30 2 cents l4 and common do 21 a 2# 2i * 2* This certainly does not say much for any improvement of the condition of the .vool grower*, even in the very centre of the inanufactu'c* whom they have consented to pro tact Sales at the Block Exchange. tliOO Treasury notes, 1M)1,' M?h? NY Ou U, 9SSi 5000 NY State7*?, IM9, l?Ol, 18 Jo Uuc* It 8?chen R, lli 70 0 do 6'., Ilfc2, 89J, r> , . do. 'U-V? GiiOO Ohio 6'*, I8U1, </", 1 Jo Mohawk, 33'4 8000 Kmtuckv 6'?, 1S7I, 75.', 20 do NJeteev RR. to 2000 Iudionot's, 20>, 100 do Talentou RR, b90 18 2300 City Water i'?, 1858. ?1 150 }" , 18 31 aha* Merch Ex Bk. 89, '>0, ,, do b90 18', 10 do Dil a HuJ, t".*, 1110 do Harlem, lit 25 do *60 81' 100 do >80 111? 25 do *90 8'H 50 do b*l 13W i0 do >00 85 30 do |i?J 21hi do Enrmer*' l.ouu, 13 100 uo >3 jji 5 do Ohio LkT, 60 25 do >90 1|V 21 do N H In* Co, 102 Second lioard. 50 alias Harlem, *90 ll'4 50 aha* Hulrm, 113 15'.* Married. At New Hartford, Conn, on Monday, 31st till, by the Rev. Cyrus Yale, Lmnr L. Jonks, of New York, and A?n Maris, daughter of Roger Mills, E>i|. ol the former place. On Sunday evening, Oct 3l>th. nt St. Staphen'i Church, by the ltev. J. H. Price, Mr. William Beers:, to Miss Harriet Hatwaro, all of thii city. Be kind and faithful, fond and true ; Pull evenly the traces Of Hymen's car, else surely you Are both used up, gone cases ! Died, On Monday evening, 31st ult. suddenly, from the ellects of a fall, Herri 11 , son of Henry R. Dunham, in the 7th year of his age. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, from the house of his father, 197 Frank lin street. On Monday evening, 31st ult. Thomas Carvill, eldest son of Thomas and Elizabeth Whybrew, aged two yeBrs and nine months. Th relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, without further notice, from 31 King st. Passsngsrs Arrived. Live rpool?Parker shin New YorR?Benj unin Hart, Mrs Hait, Miss Hsrt. Sliss D Hart, Wm Suter, Mrs Siter, Miss Suit r, Mri Redpath, Miss Rednalh, Mr Ktdptth, of Montreal; Thomas Taylor. Mrs Taylor, Master Taylor, Miss Mary MrCauley, Philadelphia; Dr I, S J.aynes, Virginia; E B Mranes, South Carolina; Or W V V Uoser, R Collate, SCnlpare, New York; C Barnes, Boston; G J Cayley, F.nitland; Miss Campbell, Miss M A Campbell, Scotland?and !W isi the s'eerage. Passengers Railed. Loroor?Packet shin Philadelphia?J Smith Hawleiah, Miss Smith. Miss K Smith. Miss PiMmtr, of New York; Einile Petit. lady and child . Mr Pelit, Philadelphia; Win Kay and lady, Canul I; Sarah Nichols, Bath, Me; Atuuitns Alker, France; Jose Kscnllo#, Manuel Cordovet. Miiruel Cordove/, New Grenada; Miss E Ellis, Londou; William Paisloe, Thoinaa Noble Liverpool?Packet ship Oiford?' apt J K Proctor, Leonard J Wyeth, Mr Heselxrave, lady ?nd child, Mrs Sarah Edwards, Mrs Catharine Ryley, of New York; C .pt TH A McKindon, 68lh Rett British Armv, James Wallis and latlv, tieo B Hall, Canada; Richard Crowther, Miss Jeanette Crowther, Saml C Shaw. James Broadbeut, C J Sunt, Thomas Plait, Yoikshire; Wm Hall, Wm Davis, Henry Davidson, Richard Baker, J' Lloyd, Englaud; OC Tiffany, OC Tiffany Jr. Biliimnre; C B Mai ipiern, Spain; Ales Roulll Hnddersfirld, Eng. Havre?Packet shin Oueida?W Mi'hlleton, F C Boel, lady auci four children, F 1" Dorr, Kicharil Newall, New York; Mr Ferin and lady, Mr Carlo, Mad'lle Caroline, Lewia Perret, of Paris. Savarrah?Bria Sterliii*? Mr Jones, lady and two chihlren, Mrs Wood. Miss Campbell, Miss S Campbell, .Mrs and Miss Braisttil, Miss Lamb. Mrs Lane and chnd. Mr Dukes anil lady, Messrs Peck, Munson, Turner, Prioleau, Hurd, Petton, Kinitshurv. Wool, Randall, Titus, Hubbell, Sawyer, Putnam, ami \1nICintue Foreign Importation*. Liverpool?Shin Ntw York?I pkv A Van Nest?I KonorI <lv 8t A ay?3 J R Worrell & hod?1 Womll. Wood It Coatrs? 2 Richardson & Watson?2 Sh^rp, Lindsry 8t Hiinv*?16 pipes Hosted oil John 11 MuoSi novklsiM?20 do Brooklyn White Lead C ?'? pkgs Walkei & Brothers?13 Smifh, Thurgar !k co ?2 H Holden?3 D Oakey fit son?3 Butterfield 8t Fisher?2 Jno Watson?3 Jos Hudson?1 C H v dock 8tco?3 W T Chapman? r* Bird, Gillilan fctco?11 Sands, Fox 8t co?1 J W Frost?1 C Cartlidwr??I Molt Brothrs 8c co?4 D Ildddam 8c son?1 B Richards?2 F Tomfi 8c son?1 8 H Johustoue?30 R C Blackburn? 1 1212 bais 20 bdlsiroii Kearney 8c Bleecker?1 pkg O R Ives?2 D Orppiiwood?1 Jaines Faton 8c co?100 tons coal 3677 sacks salt C H Marshall?320 cakes copper 100 irou saddles 18 cs steel 791 bars iron sundry pkg* to order. MAR I T IM E ITERALD~ Suiting l)ny? of the Sltam Ships. FROM FSHI.ASD. FROM AMERICA Caledonia, Lott Oct. I!) Nov. 16 <1. Western, Hosken Oct. 22 Nov. 17 Acadia, H\ rie Nov. 4 Dec. 1 Columoia, Miller Nov. 19 Dec. 17 Brilauma, Hewitt Dec. 4 Jan. 1 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. FROM LIVERPOOL. FOR LIVF.RrOOL. New Yoik. Crofter, Oct.7 P Henry, Delano, Nov.7 Siddoni, Cobb, Oct. 13 Sheffield, Allen, Nov. 13 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. St. Jainei, Sebor, Oct. 20 Swiiierl'd, Chadwick, Nov. 10 from havrf.. H. Hudson, Morgan, Nov. 20 Silvie ile Orasae, Oct. 1 for Havre. Utica,, Oct. 16 Argo, Anthony, Nov. 8 To Ship Masters and Agents. We shall oste-m it a favor, il captains ol vessels will give to Commodore William A. Baaactt, of our news fleet, a report of the shipping left at the i>ort whencr they sailed, Ihe tewt'ls spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, end any foreigu newspapers they may have. He tvtii hoard them iuimediaielv on rheir arrival. Agents and eorresimndents at home or abroad, w ill aires confer a favor by sending lo this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information ol any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OF MOW YORK, NOV. 4, INl'i. 5L'!t 6 63 j SKW MOOS II 12 It's SETS 7 I HlliH " 8 29 Cleared. Sliip? Moslem. Kreticle Cap- of Good Hone and Calcutta, J Klwell St Co; Minerva, Brown, Marseilles, Saml Broom St Co; North Aincrlcs.Hall, Mobile, John Elwell It Co; James Edwa'd, Wi hslrr, New Orb ans, do do.?Baroura Condor. Ward, Valparaiao, Alsop St Cbaimcey: iOowper, Huffioffton, Mobile, 14 Bartlett.?Bri-rs William, Niekrrsoo, Havana, 8 W Dewey; Calaia, Dening, St Thomas, La Guayra and rorto C.liello, llreitlt Vose; George Hmrv, Pease, 8r Thomas, W W Pratt; John K Gardner, Neill, Richmond.?Sclirs Prion, Hatch. Jamaica. N. smith, Leeds It Co; Diad*m, Liseotnb, 8t Amusiine, A B CooleyStCo; M B Rsberasn, Pugh. Ne'vb-rn, NC; Albemarle. Long. Kliraheth City. NC. Barclay It Livingston: Intar,...... at/.I..,.......... VI' a n i1?i-.- ?. ? v, ~ - Bright, Bright, New Orlraus, <io do; Jolui Thompson, Godfrey, Williamsburg, Va. Arrived. Packet ship New York, Cropper, from I.irrrpool, Oct. 8, with mdae, 10 II. Marshall and Goodhue (k Co. 11th nit. lat 11. Ion 17 2>, ?i>ok:- packet shin Sheridan, I)r Peyster, hence for Liverpool; IGili, 1st K) 1, lou 21, |>assrd packet ship South America, Bailey, hence for Lireri>ool; 29th, off George's Bank, spoke brig Massachusetts, of Providence, fcr Newburyport; tnmc day.s|>oke packet slop Mommgahrla, from Liverpool for Philadelphia. Brig IK K. Martin, DarlinK, 12 days from Lubec, with 210 tons pint r.'* Schr Samuel, Nickerson, Cape Ann, full. Schr I*.lira Jane, Thomas, Vinalliaven, lisli. Schr Albion, Moore, Camden, lime. Schr Antillts, Stanley, Tt omaaton, lime. Schr Alexandr r, Newport, in ballast. Below. One ship, one barque, and a biig. Sailed. Tacket ahipi Otford, Rathbone, Lirer]>ool; Philadelphia. Hovey, Loudon; Oneida. Funck, Havre; Auhuin, Duifry, New Orleaus, and others. Wind WNW. Herald Marine Correspondence. Orricg or thk Rhode Ist-snora, Newport, Oct 31, 1812. Sid 28th, Annawan, Swasey, Wilmington, NC. Arr 30th, Mara Hill, McUtlvry, Providence for Georgetown, SC. Sid Cora, Wist Indies General Hecord. Bam Wucotvsttv,before reported diamaa'ed on her voyage hence for Sisal, was carried into New Orleans 22d nit. oy the mate and a portion of the crew of ship Lacy. Notice to Mariners. Cocttnt'sta Socvn, WrsTrsr Australia.? Msriners are hereby lul'onned, lhat the buoys and b. sr me which at various times have been pl?e?d between Garden and Carnae Islands, for the piaow of allowing ihr (IMIWI lot" ( ocaburn Sound, have disappeared; and that nutil they are replaced, the pilots have been directed not to attempt the iiassage. There is s perfectly sife entrance to the summer anchorage of Oage Roads, either to the northward of Rotteiirst lalatd, or near its southern end, and alto from Oige Roads to the winter retort of Owen anchorage, on spproachiug which, all teasels wi'l be boatded by a pilot. Hydrogrsphic Office, Admiralty, Sept. 26, 1812. A new Light House has been erected where the Beacon stood oti the site of the old French Light,on the Fast side of the entrance of the h.irb > of Louitburg, Cane Breton, in lat 41 it N, Ion 19 m W, and will eshihit a plain white light vuihle on the seaboard side, from Gabarecs Point westrrly to the 8F. extremity of C?|W Breton rasterly. The lantern is 11 (Vet above the sea lei el, is placed on a square building about 60 fathoms from the shore, i. painted white avph a perm ndirular black strii* on . ...I. .. I.. ... .11 :. t ..le-. i - . . ?... . , . . inmiuiliri Mi II ? U) nay, rtlltl r? nder it conspicuous in winter when the back laud is covered with snow. Spoken, John Naylor, 44 day* from Havana for Liverpool,?bort of |?rcvisiotia, Oct *26, 1st 41 10, Inn 28 5>I ? was supplied with bread. Junius, of Plyup urn, Ms. steering K, about Oct 25, lat 40 30, h ii V) K? ho, from Kingston, J on. for Philadelphia, O.-t 6, off Cape Mai f Ocforara, Smit.'a, from Philadelphia for Mobile, 7 days out, Oct K,no Uf.lic Aim Klill, for MirnciibOt Oct 26, off Cape lleury. KoicIkii Polls, Livtaroot., Oct 7?Ldtf Mono tut* he la, Turley, Philadelphia; Iho,? ' Sherman, NichoL, Charleston; Asia, llnitiah. Mobile: Qu. en of the 0:ean, Til'ry, do; Independence, M Capim., N Orh-ois; Sir < Campbell, Penlicost, do; Crusader, Johnson, Savannah; Wallace. Main, do. ( Shields, Oct I?Sid Obcrhn. N York; Claudius, Boston; II*<i?le. Am* ric . Orr Covk, Oct 5? Kufaw, Tbompson, N York. Padano, May 21?Arr Rom , Brown, Boston 127 dayi, aud slu HPn June for Bitavia. , n , _ . Yarmouth NS. Oct 21?Arr Yarmouth Packet, Took# r, N York; 20tli, Colonist, Darker, do: 10th. Zephyr, Hickman, do. .Halifax, NS. Oct 27?Sid Orleans, Noma. Aleimdrii; Fame. Crowefl, Philadelphia. ! St John, NH. Oct 24? Air Hindoo, Hughes, Caernarvon: Kyry, Allen fcasiport. Cld Retreat, Allen, Aberderu; PI Nevius, Stickney, B damme; Edw Preble, Prtiingill, Kuupuit, Zealous, Hairis, Yarmouth. _r H a van a, Oct P>? Sid Lapwing. Colby, New York. In port, Rapid, Ward, lor NYork, soon; Olive Chuuiberlaio, French, for Bnvou. uue; C*th?-ruie, Herman. do do. Arr 15th. Harriet Siatlk Smith. NYork; Water Witch, Key West; 16th, WmdIO,t to?' l'*h, Patsey B Blount, New York; Hellespont, do; !Jy? Mjaaisaipjpi,^Baih. Hid 16th, Fo?, Boston. Up on the >"*in. mr no?t?>n. _ , . St Jaoo i>r Ci ha, Oct 12?In port, Marion, ol Baltimore, Dearborn, fur N York, 3 day a. 8t Joiina. PR. t.o rUt? ?In port, Gtrdim r H Wright, Cutt?, from Norfolk far l'hil-di lohia, Him ; Kdint-ursr, from B llimorr, do; N?fwvild?, McF irl iutl, from New York for M*y?giielt dpi Wmer M i'ch, L'hrou, for Uiltinxirr, 9d*y?; Coii?'itutu?i?, lm Norfolk Mr Phil nb Iplm.?li-u?hid ?**p, rieiiced loovy w .itu*'? mi tlie out, I i*t deck loud of *t%v? n. A.-tr.riLi.a, O I 1?Hid Albion, Kenncy, uncrfun whetlici for N York or Yarmouth, NH, llomr Porta. Caitiif.. Oct 35?Sid Lochinvar, NOrloalia. Macflfal Port. Oct 20? Sid llagadthock, Gould, St Thonift* i | \ , i. do. Wru wiml JftlLh, H^nml', Cnlbith, -. BucmpoiiT, Oct II?8hl Florence, t u?hiii*r, for Rio de Janeiro. ^ , _ | N?.wm RvroBT, Oct20?Art Ihbur. Bra;, Ponce., Oct 30?Arr about 70 a.?i1 of c<MMt*r? hound K, put in 1 "iloAina, 0:i 30?Arr Otiliner, 0rad*treet,Cadiz; Chathum. 6ii ia, Havre de Grace. Md ; Morning Star, Hear*. Ht Jagr? lUCnhi; Shylocfc. Baker, Hililai; Mont mo, CroWtll, Alhunj; Fancy, Chaae, NewYork; Macdonough, Hmalley, do. Cld Plato. Chase, N Orleans; Wm Pitt, Baker. Philadelphia; Hard, Haters, Richmond. Arr 29th, ldt, Taylor, Plytnoulh, Mass; Paee, %'ickt raon. NYork. Edoartowji. Oct 27?Art Alabama, King*bury, B alt i mors f??r Bangor; Coral, Welslev, Alexandria for Thomaalon; Wairen. Pair. Georgetown for Boston; Gianville, Spear, and ('lare .don, Holmes, NYork fordo; Moruiug Star, Sears, St J ago de?.uha for do. Pn'>vidkn<*k, Oct 30?Arr Smith & Dai I not. Brown, and Radiant, Woolaey, Hondo*!; Emily, B*krr, Albany,Times, Oaks, and Provide n< e. Broken. NYork 811 Kit hd Rash. Nh Ili i id,1 Philadelphia; Flash L ke, do; Johu, Burrough, Alnany. Wan hi;*, Oct 20?Cld Po what tan, 8a under*, Charleston. < Budge* ?tei, B wi u, N Y rk Boitalo. Oct 29?Air Indiana. Phe ?tt, Chicago, Wisconsin, Randall, ?C-; New England, Brown, Detroit; Franklin. Apph*hy, d??; Gen Harrison. Alwood. Toledo- Perry, Wilkias? n.d?>, Kingman. Hand, Sandu*kv; Corwin. Case, Huron; Lumbertiimi, Wipclu II, Erie. Cld Waterloo, Jennings, ChinRochester, KoU# r, Detroit; Constitution, Titua, 'o; H Crooks. S'annard, ?*n; Missouri, Brown, do; Ligure,; M Ney. Anderson, Cleveland; Merchant, S?oth, do; Wing, Pease, do CLKn.uso, O.'t 27?Arr Mink, lligedom, Huron. Cld Uichino'id. Voire, Ogdentbnrg; Preble, Kickords, Chicago; Eclipse, Claik, Sandusky ; Farmer, Kr isner, Detroit; Erie it Ontario. Hum- Port Binfsll; Anwdo, McBrtde, Kiagiloij Amity, Thompson* do* Philapki.piiia, Nov 1?Arr Renown, Power, New Orleans; Emily, Beruadoii, Bt Jago de Cuba; Gen Warren, Ogle, Havana. Below, Washington, Bishop, 8t Kins; Evils, BttWIt-i West Indies. Cld Algonqu n, Chriitiaiuon, Mobile; John Baring, Michaels, Charleston- llowena, Dill, La Guayra; Violet, Viwlan^ B ubadoes; Robt Wain, Sears, Boston; Mary lit Susan, ..... ki,nr uuiU| oaunurra, namorn: iiimiaiu, UOllg, i>rW York. Arr in the Schuylkil', Radius. Pluminer. Fiotou, NS; TrcBmirh, Be?le, Boston; Metunora, French, do; J At VV Krnekton, Smith, do; James K? eler. Plainer. NYork; Fortitude, Homan, do; Ma?v Scutchbtirn, Ellis, do: Oregon, Wines, Long 1 Aland; Amity, EnglLh, Providence; Caledonia, Thompson, N rwicb, Cl. Smithvii lk, NC. Oct 24?lu quarantine, Echo, Messer, fm Havana. Charlf.stoiv. Oct 2ft?Arr California, (Br) Auld, Halifax; Harriet, Swift, Falmouth, Mast; Oournet, Barton, Newport; Conneeri-in, Qihts. New Bedford; 27th, Snenre, Wetherill, do. Old Medorm, Turner, for a port in the Mediterranean. Sava.ipuh, 0*1 27?Arr Osweg". Wood, NYork; Auinula, Sliervs I, ti.t, Hero of Acre, (Br) (viikiii, L i v? moot; Chatlcs Joseph, Mauraii, Providence; Ansel, Tattle, Hartford. Cld Aiirelius, Foster Havre. Sid Tartar, Smith, Liverponl. Mobile, Oct 23?Cld Cohansev, Moore, Philadelphia Arr Atalanta, Hart, NYork; Active, Beard, Baltimore; Southerner, ft iston; Vigilant, B lrhoiir. Kingston, I ?; Julnlee, Long tic Id, N York ; Wm & James, Shepherd* ptovldldtf. New Orli aii, Oct 22?Cld Claritaa Perkins, Perkins, Boston; Lion, SkoIfield.New York: Tatao, Moore. Havana. Arr Wood&ide, Welch, Boston; Walpole, Thomas, no; Arno, Lissrpool. Timenond, Loyi tt, <! ; M ary, My rick, B utimore; KmpVUMtrio, Collins* Havana; Wisconsin?i ieked ui> usci. dnmastvd and abandoned?brought in by the mats and part of the ?mmam??^ MwmmM FttANCIS* PATENT LIFE Bi MT, OFFICE No. 7 WALL STREET. ?2 isr dfcOK REWARD.?POCKET BOOK LOST?On Tits ?jP<?cJ day afternoon, (yesterday.) in lysine down Broadway, iri an omnibus, DftWfftt BlftOCSfV ami EkchftBg*, (lltS Giro 'i strict.) n poduK wallet, containing two * <o buls of the Mechanics' B uikiug Association, and a check signed by A. Lockiyood. on the oboru Butki Ibr flKi bsiiihi da to bobs .tune, if h believed, in June lest, tht ptyoiiBtof whichhas been stopped. There are sitme papers aad memorandums also in the pocket book of no value except to ?he owner. The owner pasted up Nassau street to Tamiuauy Hall, st or near which place the pocket book nifty Hits boon lost. The flndiTwill receive the above reward, an<l the thinks of the owner, by leaving it at the desk of this oAce. n2 St0n:e ' 'u inr, niLSS.-Wanted an inter# st as proprietor and 1- editor in a daily or weekly uews|?aper or magazine, |aiblishcd iu the lity of New York. A daily two cent paper would he proferred. A capital commensurate witli the wants of the # staMiihmrnt can be supplied. Address the uudersigned at 254 Pearl street. n2 lt?r JAMES ARLINGTON BEN NET. WANTED-To go to the South, a young man who can speak and writ** wel four languages, uid having travelled about in all |>arts of Europe, wishes to accompany a gentleman or family to the south or Europe, as servant, or for any kiud of business that might suit him. Und ubted evidence of character an*t abilities given at the hotel where he has been employed lor a year. Please direct a note to L. B. at this office. r2 2t*rc WANTED?$6000, $8000 and $10,000, on some of the most valuable and unincumbered property in the city of New York, on bond and mortgage,at 7 per cent. Apolv to CHARLES 8. BRONSON, o3l 3t* 121 Eii I ton street. New York. n^O FAMILIES, WANTED.?A young woman is in want * of a situation of dress in iker, or seamstress in a private family in this city. She h is no objection to become an attendant at the same time on the ladv of tlie house, and will give the best of references* to her ability, character, fcc. Please address a note to A. F. and leave it at this office. o27 lw?rc ] NKOKMATION WANTED -It this should meet the eye A of Henrv Greaves, a native of Manchester, who immigrated in 1821 to Montreal.Canada, and served his apprenticeship with Samuel Shaw, cutler, in Moiitieal, and who afterwards mo?ed to Tomato in lt3S,pygiriif Ma direction to the snhsciiher he will hear of something to hts adv -ntaue?or should any one know of the death o' the sai<) Henry Greaves, and can lot ward oehproo uto thaw whan im vhut hadiHi they will ba conferring a favor on the subscriber, ar.d any reasonable expense will be paid WILLIAM C. MAITLAND, * 1 3t#r 61 Broad street. "VTOTICE.?If Richard Delancy or his wife, who arrived JLv lo re fron? Li\?rp>ol ill the hitter end of the \ear 1810 Of baajnailtf of IJH 1. W'll call ?t th? fffioe the Suhscriher he will And aomathinc to hit attaint vr ii2 It r JOHN HERDM AN. Gl South st. AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN, who has had considerable experience in the hard ware business in PhiladtT pliln* is dcslfOM of obi lining i ritnation inaoma aatabliihntol in this city, or it there is any house desirous of establishing an aarancy inrhiiadalphia, ha wmMbaabli and willing to like ? large of it, t.? he has a ihomiijh ac?ju liutatice in tli.t city.? For further inform ition address M.M. box 631 up|>er post office, nl 3t?r BOARDING?A gentleman and bis wile or a few resiwctable single gentlemen, can be furnished with go >d board, and very pleasant rooms on reasonable terms, at 204 Fulton st. nz zwr T^OH 8ALK.? The Yacht ON-KA-IiY-K? She is94 feet long A ?HYlwt hof ind It ftit hold nt? cimm arc ntMh Mve and sit|>erbly fitted ui?. If not wauled tor a Yach*. the would i?? wall iiiptiil fori piekit Ntmi mm of the w tat Iudia Islands?to the China or any other *rade whrre ureal speed in an object. She it an admirable tea-boat, and would carry a larite cargo, combining more buoyancy with sharpness, lltlti any other vessel alloat. She it strong and stoutly built, and would be valuable as a dispatch vessel, or as a tender lo ?. fleet She would carry a very heavy armament on her t?ec.k from having pare of her ballast, (40 tons) in an iron keel, bj which her stability is scr atly inareaaed For commercial pur poses, sh? would require no other ballast. Her hull, sails, rigging, furnifure, Sic. fee. Ike., are in peifec oider. 8i.e can be sent to tea without a dollar's expense. 8h? msy be seen at the Dry Dock. For further turticu'ars inquir of Ira B is s, at the office of the C. ami A. R. K. Company, o to JOHN C. STEVKN8, u2 2wjgb South Am boy. P RAND CONCKRT.?Mr. Fred. Rakemaun respect full; i .forms his friends and the public that he wili give his lire Concert iu America, on Monday evening,November 7th, atih? Apollo, assisted by Madame Otto, Hignor Kapctti and Mr. L KakanuMM. ________ n3 3tis r I ABKADOK SALMON.?Fresh preserved Salmon, put u] J in the Labrador, by Hunt & Co. in 1, 2 and 4 pound cantna ters, hrrmetically ?edled and warranted ro keep in the hottes climates, for sale by HUNT fc BROCK, n2 3t?r 57 Broad street. "\7"KNlaON.?Franklin Coffee House, Rf, Maiden lane and 1; Y "Cedar street ?Some fine Saddles of Venison will be dress ed this day, and served op with current jelly, at SIM cents |?e plate. Readv at 12 o'clock. n2 It JOHN T. BROWN FRENCH ARTIFICIAL, FLOWERS, a materijl for flo lists?B nUNLAROSIERE fc COURT, auciesaora ol Brunla Koairre k Co haee jus! received by tlf.HsTr* I'acketi Baltimore and Ville de Lvon, it large assortment ol fashionabli lowers, of the ktett I'aitstan style. Mourning Flown, a I; Durhrtar D'Orleaos, Cord. ?nd Ta?aels, and a great variety o new faucy article, of toilet for parties and balls. The No. Ill Wiliatn street is the true slid only depot of tho?? superior ar tides from their manufactory Rue de Tracy, No. 6 a Patis. n2 lm*r T'HE WAVEHCY NOVELH. tiy Sir Walter"Hcott. reviT^ edition, i, lib the author, lalet corrertions. ami HMM a new issue, each number con'aiiiing a complete novel, and wil n* ( oroplrtiMl in r> wn kly nnmbrii.m K rrnli rich, or t') i pai.i in ?dv*nrr. No 1 cootaim Ifanlioe, with a likenm of th? author?i? n >w rr.idy. Snb.criptioiu 'rceitrd, and tha num hara daiirrrrd in any ptrt ofthia city and Brooklyn, and ?ia by mail to all parts of tha United it itea and the Caoadas, by nl3ti?*r ISK\KL POST, SI Bowery, Cjo nori such an opportunity ne\er Km b??n ofTvre* for investments. The business in con*e<|uenc< of the nature thereof cannot pay lets than 300 per cent o? thi capi al iuvested?$17,000 rn?y be required. All over the $?00< the Mrnrtiicr will furnish from his own pri ate capital. Not I?Mt i iiDtlcniB wn two comprehandja l|i iad docido In n t t. rs other ?lr> * ?..<1* *?.i ? ?.-!mue need answer tins ad vertiseiueut. Much importance will be attached to a good fe low, as wei at the capital, as the business may cause much intercourse aj well as mutual interest for many years A note addresssd V ''Canons" with real name, left at this office, will n eet atten* tu II. n > 1 w r CROTON WaTIlk BATuS AT flit MtKCHANTS EXCHANGE ?Tke subscriber respectfully informs^ hii friends aud thr public that his new a'?d complete Bath'ng Eita hliihment, for cold, warm, and shower Baths, at No. 41, in th< basement in the Merchants* Exchange. la now open; antranci in Wil'iam st , n ear the corner of Wall. The Central situation, couveuient aoce??, comp'ete arrangements for cleanliness and comfort, in connection with modrran charges and close attention, the lubicriher trust s will com mend his establishment to the public favor. Visit? r* m\y roll nience. o , PRICK. Single Baths 25cents. Tick, u ........ .$100 The subscriber invite* hit frie uU and the public to call am examine the arrangements of the bath*. n2 2fu*r L. J BKLLONI, Propci-tor. TO TUB KUlTOR OK TFFfHKKALJ).?My"at it-mini 1 ha* b,' n called to an article in vnur pa|>er of the 1st iust.ii which my turtle it mentioned, and in fthicti thvie arc acvera misstatements, to presented as to give a new and untrue coin ring to the few facta, which the ingenuity of the reporter o hi* informant hat used at the foundation on which to construe (hit fancy sketch?the girl Isabella, wh *e name is mentioned wan entered into my employment by her mother, who contract ed with me for her services, and the continued in my employ nieiit for nearly three years. A few months since I was otdig etl to discontinue the employment, having no further oceasioi for herservices. Until she an thus out of employ nv*nt, im difficulty had happened with her parents, who now cruelly abuse her, without any other f lundatioti In fa^! believe than that 'he girl i* unable to obtain employment and t arn mo nev for them Th?* mother of this girl, as well -?s two of he *i*t? rs, have been employed by w 'hiring That t rne, and wen wiping enourh to he so employed; but now when I am n.. long er able to assi-t them, they turn nhout and persecute me. I neei only add, ?hat the insinuation i? r?gard to I ?ve and nmslgama lion are without any the least, foundation, and are such a* eti only have originated in a pot tic mind, capable of turning f?c tion into reality, n2 l,#r CAMBRIDGE TROTTiNO COUft^K THE following Purses will be given to r imftrd for oi ^Wednesday. Njv. 9, and the two tollowing days! Wednesday, rnr*e $50. Free for horses that never won i purs- ov? r $J|S. M'le and r^iwst, under the .addle. Same day. Pu'ir f 100. for all horses that never won ? purse over Sl.Vl. \\ lie i.t ath. ?t ihr. < in in hantM*. 1 loir-day, Not. Id. Purse of itt Kree foi all (rolling horse i lhat never won 4 |iur?e over $100. Mile anil repent, in her iiess S one rley, I'aree $'00 Kree (or ?|| trotting horert that nerei won ? puree over $100. Two miles enil re,-wet nnrler the veil'lie. Kriday, Nov. II, Pn-ir of SWO. Kree for trotting hones, i miles anil repeat in harness. Kntr ?nce 10 |<er "ent. Entries 10 close Friday, Not. I, at Z B. PORTER'S Hotel Cambridge. To be governed bv the rules of llir Cvn'revilli tr.ek. hi 21 * . 'I'WINE??'00 bilea Urnlpiirt Seme, ll irimr ami (Jill Nrl l'win-t. from ')% to :v> lb,, Jii"t r-r-eier-d per 11-ml 11 r V lladtou, Troy, and other Ufa Irrirals. The greatest care hai b"c:i taien 111 the selection of the hi mp and 111 the inannUctur' i f iheve twites, which will he sold at eeTv low prices in lots ti out purchasers, by KDW1). K. COLLINS It CO. ?lr _____ 4? South street. VIED I. AX EXPKUIK.NCK?Many pi -sons itoenence ; e?A ,| lli'iiU I in findinga Burgeon practically acquainted wit' the tr?vt 111 lit of Stricture* and the inor-complicated cult forms of venereal disease. Or. IfLOVKR live devoted hii attention to these disease! for the last 14 fears in this city 11 h a regular graduate tn his rofetsion, and is not rerlrr.n. iinnnir 'he self r.?imd Doc 1 M and empirical pretender*. Hi is iu a tendance daily until h I -past R o'clntclt in the evening persons who h ?ve t ntfi red ir on the advertisements of | utfiiii hirlatan* and catch-penny n Irutn-sellers will do well to givi him a call, which will citable tin ni to form a inst opinion of hi medical acquirim -nlss, trapabiliue* and professional experi enee. Hit consulting offices are No. 2 Aun street, 3d ann Itl loots from the American Museum. n2 lt*t GRAHAM'S MAOAZINK.-Office U Bowery-Graham'. Lady'a a d Gentleman", Magazine. Rkoul** 1 o.irmnrToii. J. Fruminore Cnopn, Win. C. Bryanl, Heury W. Longfellow, Richard M Dana, and nuineroua oilier eminent author!. ( ifTEWTi or the Nor. No.?Vol II. The Soaniah Student?Bv Hi-nry W. Longfellow. The t'hild'a rrnyer?Bv Robert Morria. Dr. Ponlia, a Tale of llichelie t?By the author ol Heuri Qualre. My Mother, n Drram?Bv Mm Baltnanno. Baiuhridge?By J henniinote Cooper, fLaq, autlior of "The Spy,""The Pioneer,." Song, "1 eaw hero-ce"?Bv Richard II. Dana. Sonnet, The I nnttained? By Mra. Seha Smith. A Young Wife- By the author of "A Marriage of Convenience." The Pet Rvbhit, illuatrvted. The Reprimand, by Kpea S irynit, illuatialed.

The Li'e Voyage. A Bd all?By Francia 8. Osgood. Heater Ormeabv?Bv Mr?. RmmaC. I'.inbury, H\ mn for the Funeral ol a fluid ? By Jamet Aldrich. Malina Oray?By Ann 8. Htephrna. L'Amonr aana Ailea?By K. Hoffman. Speculation or i?rape|ta>a Cured? BvH. T. Tucket man. The Shepherd and the Brook, iimta'ed from the Oermau of "octhe?By Win. Falconer. Hirry Careodiah? By the author of "Cruiaiug iu the laat War." Muaic. Review of New Books. Editor's Table. Emrkllishmrists. The Reprimand, engraved for Graham's Magaaine by Gimbredr, from a painting b/ Destouchcs. The Pet K 'bhit. a beautiful Mezaoliut, by H 8. Sadd. from apic u'e by Fanny Corbeau. Fashions?The latest Paris Fashions, fur ladies and gentlemen. Musis?"Write to me love!" music by David Lee?words by Miss Pardoe. Terras, $3 per annum in advance, or 25 cents per single No. Pub plied monthly?del.vered in any luirt of ibis city and Brooklyn, and sent by mail to all inrts of the United States, and the Canadas, by p2 lt*r ISRAEL P08T. 88 Bowery. " i rri.u me pi hi. i s / / r. i > o.v we uses m y, SELF DEVOTION; OH, THK III ST Oil V or h'A THE RISK RANDOLPH. A NOVEL. Bv thk sdihoi or thi "Orst.r DsisHtra." PulCE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS A COPY Recently Publiehed at the sn me Price. R1F.NZ1?Bv F.. L. Bulwer. with a plate. LAST DAYS OF POMPEII?By the same Author, with a rwtr. THE CZARINA?A Roina ite of the Court of Russia, by Mrs. HoflLnd EUGENE kRAM?By K. L. Bulwer, witli a Plate PAI - CLIFFORD? By the same Author, with a Plate. DEVBREUX? Bj the same Author, with a Data. THE DISOWNED?By the nine Author, with a Plate. Pfcl HAM?By the same Author, wi'h a Plate. ?22ti,-r HARPER k liROTHERS, KI C!i? si. rplIE AMERF AN K.UITION OF THE FOREIGN 1 OUAR TERLY REVIEW, No. 59, for Oct.,will be published to-morrow. CONTENTS. 1. Fr nch Criticisms of English Writers. 2. Anselin of Canterbury, hy Franck. 3. Celebrated Crimes, t>y AfexauUer Dumas. 4. Riiter's Ancient Philosophy. 5. Rtmiger's Travels iu Egypt. C Travelling Romancta?M Dumas on the Rhine. 7. The Letters of Margaret of Navarre. 8. Naples and the Nea|x>litaiia. 9. Gervinus on German Literature. 18. The Idyls of Theocritus. u. memoirs in u urerr, i miueut oi me lonventiou. 12. Newspaper Literature of the U?t?ed States. Chronological Table of Literature?Russia. Short Revir ws of New Work*. Foreign CorrespondeU' e, Intelligence, Ac. JOSEPH MASON. Publisher, n2 It*r 102 Broadway, up stairs, DKl^SSK & BVOOKS. Paper Warehouse, No. CI Liberty 1 street, New York. Priuting I'ajier of any sixe or quality, made to order at short notice. u2 r THE COiMPLEXlON AND SKIN. ROWLAND'S KALYDOR. Ait Eoitcrn Botanical Discovery of Surprising Kfficacy. ASA CREATOR AND CONSERVATOR OF THAT most distinguished charm of female loveliness?a transparent fair skin, Rowland's Kalydor may be said to exert an almost magical power. Composed for the most part of Oriental balsamic exotics, to the utter exclusion of all mineral admixture, it is distinguished medicinally for it* extreme bland, purifying, and soothing action upon the skill ; and, by acting upon the |M>res and minute secretory vessels, expels all impurities from the surface, allays every tendency to inflammation, and, by this means alone, effectually dissipates all redness, tan, pimples, spots, freckles, sunburn, and other unsightly cutaneous visitations, so inimical to female beauty. Its constant application will change the most bilious complexion into one of radiant whiteness ; while to the neck, hand, and arm, it bestows a delicacy and fairness, which iu continued use happily protects, with every am>earanc? of youthful charm to the most advauceu periods of lile. It is iuvahiable as a renovating and refreshing wash, during travelling, or exposure to the sun, dust, or harsh winds, and the heated atmosphere of crowded assemblies. To gentlemen afflicted w ith a tenderness of the skin in shaving, the application of the Kalydor will be found to allay all cuticular irritation. Rowland'* Oclonto, or. Poor I Dentifrice* This is an efficient White Powder for the Teeth, solely prepared from Oriental Herbs of the most d? lightful odour, and of sovereign virtue for strengthening, preserving, and thoroughly cle Ml-Ull- tho T?. th. It eradicates tartar from the teeth removes spots of incipient decay,polishes and preserves the enamel?to which it gives a iwirhnke whin n< m; ind. tb nt ill, from its disinfecting proper* ties, gives sweetness to the breath. As an antiscorbutic, the gums also share in its transcendent f owers. Scurvy is eradicated frotn them, a healthy action an I redness are induced, that offer to the notice of tin* medical practitioner the inost indubitable signs of their healthful state. CAUTION.?On purchasing. Beware of Counterfeit!!!!? I See that a small label is affixed to each article, hearing the names of the subscribers?thus, "Messrs. DODGE, GUMMING Ik CO., Ac., Only Agents, New York," without which, none are genu inc. ?c7 Iteow I2wd( 1 )r SUGAR HOUSE MOLASSES and Amber Syrup of superior i] uality for unify QW. for MIC in hlids, (icKM and barrels, at the Americiu Sugar Refinery, No. 28 Leonard at, I t)>""2w?r TVLEE t MAPES. STRABISMUS . 1 COMMONLY CALLED SQ.INT1NO. ' nUREO in ? few seconds by Gucrin's celebrated plan, which O in free from pain or dauber. Cataracts removed be any of the operations practised here er 1 in Euro|ie. DR. WHEELER, Oculiat, ? 33 Greenwich street, New York, c N. B. Ileferencea can be given to 263 patients. ir Office hnura, from 8AM to I P. M. of ltnis'r THE EUItEKLA BLACKING^-~ .. 'PHI8 ii a new article of Blacking, possessing qualitie ( A greatly superior to all other kinda now in uee. r u aoftena and preaerveathe leather, im|>arting a brilliant poliah with half tin uaual labor required in the oa? of the common Blacking. requisite an long aonght for in the I' peculiarity of the compoaiiion never becoming hard dry, or * mouldy by age. 1 Dealers in Blacking are requested to call and receive a sample of the article gratia. Perfect satisfaction warranted in every case. Manufactured and for sale by : J.M.JOHNSON, r No. 4 Spruce atreet, near Nassau, New York. N B.?A auiierior article of Writing Ink is manufactured by J. M, J. and sold wholesale and retail. s21 lm*r REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Ac. fcc.-The sub1 D scriber continues to transmit money in sums large or small, ' to persons residing in any part of Ireland, in the same manner as lie, and his predeceaam in business, have done lor the last t thirty yeats, and more: alto, to any part of {England, or Scotland. ' Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the atihacriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person or larrsons in Irrlsnd, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to be sent, and nearest post town, will lie immediately transmit ted | and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the tender. | ?2S lui'r GEORGE McBRIDE. Jr.. OTCeda -street TERRAPIN LUNCH, UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM t COURMONDK1 QUI VIVE! THOUSANDS vY of our good cits, lovers of good fare, have been lor some weeks (mat suffering severe disappointment from the j closing of toe far-famed "Terrapin Lunch." The "fitful fevtr/* ia now. however, over, and again may ihcy "feed , well," for be it known that the John Adama, of Knickerboek,, er memory, "haugi hit hat" un at the Terrapin ; also the prop our ofthr finest litlle fellows in Christendom, y'clept W J Cart. Now. then, smack your lips yr cormorants in the x urnr soup siki ?ir*c line , in? mitniie oi nanny, nai lallrn ui'ou lohn, to ixrfeclinu, in K<?>d rating and drinking may be I again iruarautrrd at thr Terrapin. A .ingle look into the old , '"re Box," will appease the hunger of him with the short , purse, and a laatr of the genuine at half the old prices will tieklr the palate of the verirxt anchorite. p ine (ireeu Turtle served up this day, and every day during , the season. oil ln*n T 1 WILHK.LMS, No. 23t Broadway offers for sale Ins new imjiorteil stock ofgooda, wholesale and retail. 1.?Ol Embroidcrie., commenced and finished pieces of varir cm kinds; worsted, wool, stitching and knitting silk, beads, canvas, paiterns, lie. 2.?In small ami lace wares, all sorts of silk and worsted r strings, borders, trimmings, tassels, fringes, and every article ill this line, dont in the most fashionable taste. y 3.?The most copious an 1 splendid choice of artiflci il flowers, done in the neatest work and newest lasts, bouquets, diadems, iw. . . 4.?Articles of cas' iron of ihe most various descriptions, manufactured in the Hoya| Iron I*oiladary at Berliu 4.? Exquisite and ueat figures in bronxe. I f? ?A beautiful assortment of superfine basket wares. 7 ? A considerable and el ganl choice of pressed and painted paper, sheer* of letter paper. vint?ng cards, wafers, kc. H ? An elegant and gr?*t stoie ol the finest porcelain 1 1.?A splaodtd assortment of the lines! dressing articles,cases j and |?erfuisies. o38 lm*rc PUT M< >NEY IN THY PUlISE. r LIOW f Patrouue the City Cash Tailoring Establishment, * *1 20? Broadway. The ruinous rates which have been charged for fashionable ( Clot huar, has led the subscriber to adopt the cheap cast) system, | MM In Mwoffm to M mm gitliiMfl with tko ftOMt CioiIm, ni kde up with neatness. taste, and desiwtch, at the very lowest 1 remunerating prices, li-iviug made arrangements for the finest 1 English Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting* from first hands, he F il ttford them low. The most rx|*rleuced cutters are en i t <1 III.I lii I'lriUc? lilimrlt In Kit r rulirr aatialarlron. Strangers nailing the cily cnu Imve a fall suit made up at hort notice. Kali ami Winter (lothm* riady made ofevery variety, |n*l ily and style, of the lateat Uahiona ami warranted to fit.?filrangrni will d<i well In ca'l before pmchaaiug elaewhere. M lmi?*r KUWARI) KOX ONE PRICK OASH STORE. AT *1 Chatham atrest.wliere will be . >un<l clothing at the t. Mowing low prices:?Bvaver aad pilot cloth eoata. from t'< to S!6; vaiinett pants from $160 to $j; amble ami sit.ale breaatrVI r. ?l, from $1 10 to $2 V. The west alee ol Chatham ' 7m jin*r MKNKV COt.*WKI,L. OKUAK DIVAsN?3?6>? TTnudway ?J antra II. I)fI Vecchio O tv Co., rri|>rctfally inloim thrir numrrout frinida and the iMiblic, that ?lit-y l?off ilist o|M>n?*d thr Sfgar Divan. 3fl.'i>% Broadway, adjoining Pint*HUI'K ttaloou, whrrr will br found A largw ntaortmrut of the h?-st arg *r* in the city. All lcxart told r at this eslabliahtnciil are warranted unpolled JAMKS H. DKL VKCCHIO. ?o24 1m3tawi? KOBKHT A. JOHNHOiN. I ! DOCTOR ELLIOTT, OCULIST, AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, . Confines his Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. winrr o?i unnuway, corner oi ?rprr. *??imi?-r i to C<) (TNTKY M KUCHA NTs. KOB'T. L SMITH Ac HENDERSON, WHOLESALE DEAfjKKH IN FANCY SILKS AND STAPLE DRV GOODS, SHAWLS AN!) I.ACK.S OK ALL DESCRIPTIONS Straw. Leghorn awl Palm IahI Halt, NO. 17(? PEARL STREET. ill door itbnre Pine, New York. Konmr L. Smith. ) John C. H?ni? *?on, ( No deviation Irom the firat price named. nil i FOKTLMJKSE FEMALE PILL*. fMlRSIt fteftoie I and celebrated PIIU frnrn Portugal, are !> * m i?n:*i?a, t" h? obtaiiieo 10 itna eouB'.ry. So* aoteitue ownt ou me laat column * rail* AUCTION SALES BY THOMAH BfcKL. { Store t Not. 12 Ann nnd 115 f\Uton ttreti) "WEDNKH DAY. Ac I0M o'clock. in the tales room. Sale of elegant city ma* e Cabinet Furniture. THURSDAY. Ar l?M (Alack, iit Dm ? >l? ? n on. KMinIioi eieiPUt soles, aofi i?? ?u loeken ptrtgi cloiiii divioa, ptiolinsijiiino fortes, upholstery articles, furniture, he The spletidi I ^oihU of the above description will be dispoted of to the highest bidder, and comprise as under, by order of as siguees *i?i a receiver, viz?10 first rate solas, 10 tewing. nurse and roc knur chairs, 10 dozen Kreuch chairs, divans and couches, 15 best <iti<1 itV French bedstead*. 1 hnrh oomt do. inalLra**e* anil beds, 7 beautiful roar woo J ami inahogtuy piano fortes, by the bent mall* rs tn the world, *8 choice ancient and modern paintings, handsomely framed; a variety of upholstery goods, a quantity furniture, lamjw. ruitain*. Stc. Also, the remainder and most valuable portion of the Knglith invoice of chandeliers, lanthrrns, gas futures, curtain ornaments, tie. FRIDAY. At 10>g o'clock, in the salea room. hitensive sale of dry goods, lanry and pledged articles; 5 trunks excellent clothing; a large invoice of London Cloths, Cassimeres ami vestings, in remnants to suit purchasers. Also, hosieiy, gloves, muslins, sheetings, shirtings, guns, hardware cutlery, splendid jewelry. Ice. Also, a most superb lot of fashionable clothing, tnsde for a sjMcial puriNise, comprising 30 pair pantaloons, several coats and vests Sic. of (he b?st materials, good sizes, and got up in first ratest>le. SATURDAY. At 10^ o'clock, in the sale rooms. Valuable aud extensive sale of splendid Furniture?CompnMiig the effects in housekeeping of three I'a nilies rttnnviug, lie, Also, a inost su|>erior variety of warranted city made c binet furniture. BY R1KLL k ARCULAJUUS. wltUNfcSDAYT At I0>? o'clock, at the sales room. Tianos, Furniture, Upholsteis Trimmings, Oruameuis, G?raudoles, Ike.?Cons sting of a good assortment of uew aud second hand furniture; several supeiior new and second hand piano for'es, made by G. V. Briggs. Wake Ik Gh n. John Buiwinkle, Calver Randel. Baruiore, G. J. Boiler of Paris, Roseusenkr int/. of Dresdeu, Jos Doguer, of Krieberg. Also, upholsterers triinmuws aud ortiameulf, comprising brass ornaments for curtains, silk screen, |?aiuted velvet for sofa cushions, haircloth, fringe,silk damask, Stc. Also a few sets beautiful girandoles. Sneriff'sSale?At II o'clock, at tlie foot of Watts street, the sloops Wasp slid Lady Washington, of Troy, with their tackle and appirel. Also, splendid silver and gilt pii&udoles, in seta aud pairs. Also Scotch Goods?Consisting of worsted shawls, reticules, Sic. THURSDAY. At 10 o'cloch, at 496 Pearl sf. Sheriff Sale?Mahogany, lumber, Ike. advertised for the l*t inst. is |H>st|H)ued to the auovet'me and place. SATURDAY. At 10>? o'clock iu the sales room. New and secondhand furniture. cariH-iiug, pianos, See. MONDAY, At I0)? o'clock, in the sales r>om. Lirge sale of cloths, cassiuieres, hosiery, Sic. to which the attention of the trade is directed. At 10 o'clock At 77 Csthsrinn Sheriff's Sale?Lame anil fashionable assortment of dry iPxuls, consisting of prints, calicoes, mini in, clotha, ll tune Is, fcc kr. tuesday. At 10 o'clock, at 03 Elm street. An assortment of second liand furniture. At I0H o'clock, at tin- auctiou room. Liquors, Segars, kc.?A good assoitment of liquors and segars, among whirh are snine very superior Port Wine and Ha?aua Segars. The attention of public houses and families arc invited. Auction notice.-bv carter u co.. store No. 102 Broadway, between Pine and Wall, Wednesday, 2d November, at 10 o'clock, Furniture, (,'ar|>ets, fcr. Will be sold without reserve, the balance of the new English carets, consisting of about 1000 vards inttraiu aud three |>ly, in lots to suit housekeepers tailed runs, and oil cloths ol all widths, centre and card lulling uiy tables, with and without marble tops, elegant tufted and soring seal sofas, inaliottany chairs, dressing bureaus, plain Ishles. desks, kc.. handsome bl ue tea and dinner setts, pitchers and basins, ?ery eh gant white and cold < hina tea and coffee sells, window blinds, 30 IKK) quills, ill l atkrts " Anchor" Champagne, 8,lit)0 Principe S.gars, and II dozen very superior old Madeira aud Poit, from a private stuck. Dealcis and ston keepers will liud it to their interest to attend. nl St*r 171NK CAMELIAS, FRUIT TREES. kc.-A. LEVY U will sell on Wednesdav muriiiiiir. ai 10W o'clock, at 131 Brmdwav, a very rhoii > collection of CamellM in Mower and in hud, amongst which ate inanv new kinds. Can be relied on as described; also Apples, Pears,and other fruit Trees, of finest sorts, Grape Vines and Ornamental Shrub . Also one lirgr tase ol' Dutch Bulbous Hoois, from H.i irlrin. in Holland, wlni h were selected especially for a seedstorr in this city, and are p e best offered this season; also 101)0 of those celebrated Queen Victoria Htr tw berries, weiichiuit 16 to the pound nl 2t"in no RIBBONS AND BILKS.?J. T. REYNOLDS. ^rO~~ Division st. has just received the most elega'.u .ssml merit of fasliionable Bonnet Kibbous, Silks, Satin*, Velvet, Soke. to lie found in the city. Dealers, city and rounaty uii|l| I uers, will do well tu call before purchasing elsewhere 06 lmis*e rTR)?DANCING MASTERS?T;.e advertiser withes to A tiki-lessons III dacciuK (at th. rooms of the teacher) on 8 successive Wednesday ei citing, between the houre of 8 and 10 o'clock. Any one who will itive him a practical knowledge of dancing in that time will, by addressing D. C. at this office, and staling terms will meet with immediate attention. o31 3:*m _ _ _ GUNS AND PISTOLS. (O- EXCLUSIVELY.-GO i JOSEPH, It Maiden lane, up etairt, im|M>rtiZ( agen Ifor ? the aale of English. German and French double and tingle sarrel Fowling anil Duckinit Guns, from the lowest tu the finest onahties ; Fistnls of every description, (or this and other markets, embracing one hundred different kinds, all ol which he is now prepared to offer at the manufacturer's prices, he in It appointed agent for the I trgest houses in that line in Europe , which enables him to sell at extremely low prices. A lance assorted stock of the above always on hand. City aud country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases. jv27 3rn"r jsji^nuun LOOK AT THIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. Y) A8BENGR0 Forwarded, w ithout delay, to Y Vltica, $1,50 Cleivrland, Ohio, $5,25 Roc-heater, $j,00 Detroit, Mich., $1,75 LorliiMirt, *3,25 Porumouth. Ohio, $8,75 Buffalo, $3,50 Toronto and ,King?Wliitcliall, $1,75 tou, U. C. $5,00 Oawcgo, $2,50 AI?o, Kaiton, Pcnaiylvanu, by Railroad St Stage $2,50 Pittsburgh. $0,501 Union, Man, $2,50 And ail partaoi the YYe.ivru Country. ..... M. L. RAY, fc CO.. 141 Liberty atreet. near the Albany boata. New York. n2 4tr acMQ I K(m ALBANY, TROY, and IntrnnediCW ? J^itr Place,?The splendid low pressure steam* 3EaaaJLaC_bout SWALLOW, Cat'tain A. McLean, will leaee the loot of Cortlandt at, on Wednesday Afternoon, Nor. 2, at 5o'clock. The Swallow will leaee aa aboee on Saturday, 5th, at 5 o'cla. in?" The aboee ia a aubatautial B >at, fitted np with eleuaat State Rooma.and for accominodaiioa i> unrivalled on the Hudaon. nJr aw NKWAKK AND NEW YORK.?Fare & ?? [J*Only I2H centa.?The aplendid and commodi SE^JK^E.ous ateamer PASSAIC, Capt. John Uaffy, being completely sud elegantly retitUnl, commenced her reeusr trip* for the aeaaou on Thuraday, alarch 10?leaving aa followa ? Foot of Barclay at. New York, at 10)4 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at I o'clock, A. M. aud half paat 1 o'clock P. M. On Sundaya, the Paaaaic will leave New York at 10)4 A. M. and 4 P. M. Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and at 2 o'clock, P. M, OCT" Freight of every deacription carried at reduced pricea. ol 2m'r "AM- "PACKET FORHAVRE-Second~Line-The ahip WnfV BALTIMORE, Edward Kuuck, Slaaler.will sail on I JESfilna the lat of December. BOYD k HINCKEN, n$ r No.9 Tmi'iiir Buildings. wKCTV?The splendid faat sailing packet ahip 8WITZERJUbAEeLAND, Capt Cliadwick.will aail aa above.her regular day. For pa>aajte in cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage,hiving aplendid accommodaliona, apply on board foot of Maiden Lane, or to Joseph Mcmurkay. 100 Pine atreet. corner of South. P. 8.?Peraona wishing to aenil for their fricnda residing in the old country, can have them brought ot by tliia ahip, or any of the regular packeta, by applying aa above, if by letter poat paid. "?Rr FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LlNE-.Regular fcfOMPWPicktr of t6th November.?The Splendid Packet jflKflklfsShip R09C1U8, Capt. John Collins, of H00 tons, will positively tail as above, her regular dav. ror freight or pasnage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board. at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K.COLLINS It CO. 66 South street. Price of passage. $100. The Packet Ship Siddons, Captain Edw. B. Cobb, of 1000 tons, will succeed the Rose ins, and sail the 36th December, her regular day. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctually as advertised. ??26r UNIHtD LINK OE LI VS'.RPOOl. PACKETS WTjMPw ? k?*t .? J<1 Nm - The spit ndid I -Nf sailing |>a? ket J9JttBuu|ship HIBKRN1A, Capt. Bumiou, having three fo-nth* of nerc rgo eugaged, and going on board, will sail positively as above. Phis ship is to well known that it is needless to say her accommodation for cabin, aecond cibiu and steerage passengers are unsuiptssrd by any other packer The price of of passage being very low, persons wishing U) secure berths * oil hi no win i ? ? |*| > v rnri>. For freight of 500 hbla between decks, or pH*?Mp-, ?i?|?I>' on board or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 42 Perk slip, or j2 Sooth atreet, corner Jones' line. 3t ec iflb FOR NEW"ORLEANS?LonuMua umT ratw l^fygV York Lint?Regular Packet of 19th Novrmbe?^-The aniline copp, red and copper fastened corker ship MISSISSIPPI, C.apt Cheater Hillard, will positively tail as above, her regular oay. For freight or jwsange, having superior furnished accommodations, aprly ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to K. K COLLINS k CO. 56 South at. Shipper a may rely upon hiving their fcoodt correctly rneasured. ana that the slops of tint lint will sail punctually as advertised. Any guarantee to that effect will he given aud fulfilled that may be required. Agents in N. Orleans, Hnlltn St Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to ?he|f add teas. The packet ahip HUNTSVILLK, Caiit. O. R. Mumford, aucceed ?he Shakapeare. and aail the 20lh Nov, her regular (11. Ulr A?X- K()lt NEW OK I.KAN*. MOBILE AM. SA wJ*SrVVAN.NAII.?The followiuc picket* will .ail puuejfilMb'nallv .. ailvcrtiaeil: ? ^ForTvKW OHLk A N??Packet .hip PANTHEA, Captain Dr.iiii.oii, r.n the i'li Nov. For MIUlLE-rickrt iki|. NORTH AMERICA, C apuin Hall, Urmorrow. _ _ For SAVANNAH?Packet brig L BALDWIN,Cart Bulk le| , ou the Sii Nov. I ne above |>ackeU ire allofthefint rlaai copper faalennl, aixt will lake |uwien*rr, *t the v?iy lowest riitei if eerly application be m*ile to W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peek Blip, Dlr or 53 Booth at, rot Jonea' L?ne, for ntvorleans?(UiuUr packet, t*nii ^a^Von roth inet?The faat .ailing romiered anil copper Jifiltfaaieoed pack. t.hip AUBURN, Uapt Dnrfey, will pmitively Mil aa above, her o?v. Sue lie, ricellent .rrommo'l'tioni for cabin, second chin oi . iirrrur i.?>i'neerv. who will bo taken ai Maw rate*, for which a|rp|yon board at Murray *a whirf foot of Wall I at, or to JOHN HKHDMAN. I jofT r Houtli itrr? t Afffc KOU < IIAHI.KSTOV-K.Ml TLrguUr l uU.i aNHLBb JOSEPHINE.' Ciptilii Mittuon, will mil a. Tl?u hip'* acrommoditiont for I'aVin, 2nd Oibin md ateera|* P%*se?i|erv are not cqtnlhd by any ahip in the line, tint bertha ran br aemred on mod*T*t?' t?f?n?, by "pi>Uin< on board foot of Dovet afreet, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY. ' ! '00 Pin'- a?rt- t < i(ii< i S ? ' E0* iALK?The well Known, KTMV?nd coppered New York built ship BVPIuHIOB. jMMKnburtheper remitter 575 tona. Hhe ha? recently had very eitrnaive repaira. ta well lound and may be aenf to tea at a mixlerate einenae. If not aold prior to the IJ November, ?h? will then be offered at auction he W Damrnt For inventory and f eim. apply to BOYD k HI WD EE N, A|enu, oJ7r 9 Tontine BKiIdinga. A MI'S K M EN TS CHATHAM TIIKATKK. ^ .i V, , THE LA1)Y OV LYON- v",nfm~' . i ol JACK SHKPrARD. Jack Mr? Thorn A ^T~ P<K,rt H"JI n\*b Curtain will rise at'.uuic'v 1*11 7 o'clock precisely. 1 pMl Bci Office daily f,?m 9 to 5. wheio Ticket* may h (Hirchiu**d and plarrs ?iTurrd. PAHK Til K ATM It. ~~ mm fvvvivn .. ISRAKLftKs'iN luVHT" Moses, Mr Begum | Pharaoh, Mr Archer AmriiO|ihia, Ina liral ?i>|?*ar?ni:t iu America. Mr Shnral Otiudes, Mr Boulaid | laraelite, Mr Hoskius Aim, Mrs Begum Elin-w, Mra Bailey lloies $1?Pit .00 eta?Gallery 2) cauls. Doors open at 6)4 o'clock and the performance will eomermmencr at 7 precisely M1TCHKM/N OLYMPIC THICATKitl 414 Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING, Nor. I, will be presented After winch AM1L1E ! General Count Der Tnnier, Mr Kayvond Joei' Sperkhacher, Miaa Taylor After which, HOW TO PAY THE KENT. To conclude w ih HOUSE OK LADIES. IT7- The Doora will Ire opened at half-twit 6, and the par turnup.. commence at T, every leaning. AMPillTIIKA'I'KE OK T1IK KBPUBLIO, M7 Bowrry. N. B. HOWES, Proprietor. Inatitutrd for the advancement of retined and elegant amaaa mi ill. blended with inatru .liou, dedicated to genius, taate and pa riotiam. Thia claaaic and poimlar eatabliahment will open lor the aaw aoii on Monday, Nov. 7rh with the beat ri|ueatnan coinuaay thaicvrr appeared in liie United Sutra. The interim ol the Amphitheatre haa been eommodioaily aud luauiiautly fitted up dining the inirmir irreaa, having been newly painted, culirged and decorated in beautifaT style. Private boaea, for the accommodation of familiea, have been constructed immediately iu front of the dreaa circle, which ui iv b secured daily by ninety application. The Pil baa beru an enlarged aa to cncamscribe the entire arena, affording accommodation! to an immense multitude?' ami Dill* aif fhe- iitiawl mainiil'iPr ?? l?iaa?.'- -.f .?? ?? I rated iu lhi? country has been cugngc.l tm ulurn the entertainments ol tne evening. Prices. in conformity with (lie talent and tesi>ectabiliiy of th* company, vir:? Boar* S<i cents?Pnvste do for 6 persons $>? Second Tier J7>? tenls?Pit 24 cruts. A programme of performances will be fouud in (he bills of the ilav. u] AMKKICA1V THK ATKR?WAAjl UT-MT. PHIIsADKIsPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MI88 C. CU8HMAN, THIS EVENIMO. Nov 2, will be enacted. ? . . VIRGINIUH. Virginias, Mr for rest | Virginia, Misa 8 Cnshman To conclude with PRETTY GIRL8OK H I ILI.BERG. To-morrow, 4th night of Mr. Forrest's re-engagement. E. A. MARSHALL. Leasee AMERICAN MUMKUlll ANU UARDKN. DROADWAY, opposite St. Paul's Church, under the ma L? nagemeut of P. T. Bamuin. P. T BAH NUM. Manager. TREMENDOUS ATTRACTIONS. Last week of the inimitable and eccentric UK. VALENTINE, who will give all of his best Imitations, including his Leciara on PWenolory, and Ml celebrated Fourth of July Oration.? Also, exhibiting for one week. Niagara Falls with real Croton water, the most sublime exhibition of the age. T.I' Mysterious Uipav Girl?Miss II.hi.I, tb'noualar vocalut ?La P. tite Celeste, the admired dauseuse?Albino Lady? Grand Cosinoraiiia, the views change every Monday?Fancy Gl??- Blowing?and 400.000, and Signor Vivaldi's wonderful LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY. Consisting of eleven of the most extraordinary peifonners in the wo. Id. Wednesday next, Benefit of Miss llood. Afternoon performances Wednesday and Saturday at three o'clock. Ki veiling iierforiiiances commence at 1%. The Admittance to the whole, Museum, Gardeu and enter Miiiiuenta. tweiitv-l'ive cents?Children halt price o30 ATTRACTIONS! ?THON(IKH 8TII.L ! i NKW V(IKK MUSKl'M AND P1CTC UK GALLEIIY, Rrwitlwuy, ojtposil f I he lJark. Seven Performers to lie at-i n for one Shilling. Mr H. BENNETT. Manager, LI" AS the honor to mnounce Ihht he h>?s engaged lh? great lieg odancer Master Kr.iuk Diamond, and secured the servicei of Vlr. Alden, the much admired Ethiopian Melodiat and popular Banjo Player, alto Miss Koialo , illie charming song stress, is re-engaged; Mr. Collins, thr comic singer, and Mr. Del our, the mimic, will give their entertaining 'perlormaiicee. Glasa Blowing by Mr. Oweni. Admi?ion to the whole, including Museum. Curiosities, Picture Gallery, and Performance, ONK SHILLING. There will be a day |ierforinaiice on Wednesday and Saturday, at ] o'clock. The etiUrt limni'uts id the evening will begin at half-past 7. o? Im'ee TIVOLI SALOON. THK LARGEST and most splendid Saloon in the city for 1 Musical Soiiersl Concerts, Atseiiihlirs, Military Balls, Private and Public Dium r Parties, Political Meetings?without distinction of |>arty. Toe Proprietor, ever ansious to gain to himself and tins establishment a reputation ( independent of great profit) has leased from the owuer on such terms as will enable him to conna te with any olhct establishment, and ahall be most liappv to make arrangements (in accordance with thn times) willi all who may favor him with a call ; and asanrns them that no imius or expense will be spared to give entire satisfaction. WM. P. DENM AN. Proprietor. I'. S. Tuesday evenings of each week is set apart lor Invitation alia. ullm'r DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST8. FA. ARTAULT Ik CO.. ItiS^ Fulton street, opposite St. Panl's Church, resiiectfullv inform their friends and the public, that they liav just received by imckelship Argo, an iavoice of 1000 Daguerreotype Krench Dales A new supply of the best aud newest patterns apparatus 100 ounces bromine Ml ounces bromine of iodine 50 pounds hyprosulphale of soda 50 grammes ol chloride of gold 100 i>ouudi of tripoli of veiuse 50 ounces chlotide of iomue And the uew book eouuioiug the latest improvements iutl g Daguerreotype. o5 lni?r I Kit w II lilVLiIi IV, UtlUlilOl. TNFLAMED, DISEASED AND WEAK EVES-DR -I WHKELKR, Otuliil, J3 (iretnwich itrrrt, N. V. respectfully informs the public, thst in consequence oi his prsctics having become enlarged to so great sn rstent, he is compelled of ooafiue his office attendance strictly between the hours to I A. M, sou i r. M , alter wnicn ns risits nis oat door patients. Notwithstanding tnst among tne many hundreds of eases which Dr. W. nm attended, many nave ueen operated on by other professors witnout success, and pronounced by them in curable, yet ut. w.lias never tailed to eradicate the disease and elTrct a tierlect rurr, despite every disadvantage which tnay have presented itsell, and in many instances almost against hiqie. It ,s uiis uii|irccedeuted success in his treatment of the Wrious ( considered incurable) diseases of tiie eye that enables Willi contideuce ro refer the afflicted who may be unacquainted with him. aud hit mild mode of treating the disorders of thia organ?to numerous restored patients in the irst class of society, res|>ecting his professional abilities and shill as a scientific oculist. Chronic inflammation of the eyelid, or sore eyes, howevet standing, can he effectually and permanently cured, and films, specks, removed without surgical o|ierations. Terms to suit the circumstances of the patient nt linis*r P U P 4 P V T 4 TIFFANY, YOUNG & ELLIS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS In the various Fancy Manufactures of England, France, Germany, China, fee IT AVE received by lale arrivals, a great variety of beauufal Id novelties, which renders their stock more elegant and catenate than ever before. In it will be found a sapenor assort meat of? Roe-wood and Ebony Goods Chinese Fancy Articles Plain aud fancy Stationery Fancy Porcelain and Glass Cutlery Berlin Iron and Bronte Goods Perfumery Fans of all kinds Brashes aud Combs I'aptrr Mar he A Velvet Goods Indian Curiosities Umbrellas, Parasols A Shades Walking Causa, Suspenders,Gaines, Opera Glasses, French Jewelry, Riding Whips, Aecoidious, Music Boxes, Mantel Ornaments, Oil Paintings, " Bonn's" Gloves, and an innums ruble variety of Ekgant Artitle* at Tutte and Utility, itable for presents, all nf which they take pleasure in show Ml, lira win aril ni turn moor race prices u m?t De aanaiacto rr to all paichaarra. No. !459 Hroadwajr, II lmii*ee Directly opixiaite the City Hall. HAVANA rf E G A R S. 1JICABIA It MANZANK.DO, No. 49 Liberty atreet, near I Nasaan. ol?er for aale the following : mn.non LaNorma ai-gara, very ohl and superior ITO.txtfl Diana do do do 17^,000 Kaiaianza do ilo do KW.iWfl Regalia* of Norma, Diana, and Eaaero braada Ml. ana Ceaonea, 'frahneoe, and Bavoaetaa, various do Tlir whole entitled to debenture, and in lota to aait parclia arra. _ _ od lmie*r CENTKRVILLE COURSE. TROT 'I NO?A malrh lor tlonn, three mile heats. to lha saddle, between two trotting atallioiia of Suffolk Co., L. I . will cm. off on We,Inc.lai No, J,I .1 7 ..Vlorb P .Vtr Conalia n titirt *r. h. Eiuinr?(. W in Burr I14IMI-* rli. It. Nipolmin, Muir r>cr will coirc olf immedi it*-1 y iftrr. Mile hsats- ? Thure arr in- nl.cdy tru rittiiu. and it it ri|.?ctrd there wil a i.umbrr of morn t ntries. The following main are cnti led Black Hawk, Blue Dick, Huckvl Berry, Kuluon, John Bull, Ni,hl Hawk. Logker Head, Toby, Soldier I rah, B<>(. Adint??ion to any |?rt of the course or auada, M casta. nl 2t?r TRENTON RACES THE Second Fall Weefin* will commence orer the k.agW 1 Cour on Tin?In. .Vorember lit. and continue foar day a. KlrwDay?<4*eep?riki i. for 1 -ear oldi, two mile heats, auk $100, tionfirfeii, loclme (Joivh aatnr |)av?A oorae of #i00, inih; heuta. 'ecoudCai?gwremttkee, lor thiee year olda, mil* heats, aub MOo S i forfeit, to close a? above Sam. I)av ? A l>UM? oftain, two mile heats. Al?'?, ? pwrfof mile netta, entrance added. Thinl l??\?A r<"*? of *400. three mile he.tta. Fourth D?y?A puree of ?800. for inile beau. for further partacuUrt tee New Vork Spirit of the Timet. Iliriiif convcm <1 with the Southern Turfmen, I can aaa*re the i.uhlic tint the attblee of Col Win R Johnaon, Col Thump on. Mr O r Hare, Mr v'iUon, M?i Soawell. aad MfCandall, will he at the Course, a ad that Boston, Bine Dick, Tvlur, Cae?*ndra, Milton Brown, Register, Kaop, aad Poor will he *m<?ng the uumber, which in addition to ihe Northern H tables, will probably make the moat interesting meeting that has eeer take a place on tha Kaglr Coarse. _ _ . M _ , JAMfcftiBROWN. Proprietor. Trsatoa, N J, Wth, l$U. sWU?*t

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