Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 3, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 3, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Ho. 304 WHoU Ho. JIM. NEW JER8EY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Front (or loot ol C?urtliunli?tret't, New I ork. (B??trd?T i?i*?' L . Ut>ctN?? Vt'ik .b'Y'vi ?mw P M At 9 A. M. At - r. M. At 1% A. M. At l? M PS do. 4 do. .? <1?- *> do<*t. .t d0- lS t 7 OP^UNDATS. At |T?'ij l\i f. M At IK p. M. Slid 10 P. M. NEW VOKk, ELIZABETH TO WW. Love N?w York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. \ A. M. V--- fctft <xv-? J* A. 9\ " The trams for Westfield. Plainfield. Bouadbrook, Bomerrille, Itr., connect with the 9 A M, t and F M tram* liooi New Yoik, daily, Suudays esceptrd. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Towu25 cenu. Far*- between do and Soinerville, 75 cents. NKW YOKK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK, k are teducrd. Krotn the foot of Liberty street, daily. Lease New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At J* A. M. A 9 P. M. On Sundays 'he JK and 7X A.M. tripe from New Brunswick and 2K P- M. train I rem New York, are ' muted. air between New Yoikauu New Brunswick, ">5 cents Railway, JO cents Ti e fare in the SX and 7X A. M. train from New Brunswick. and and t)t < . M. train from New Y'ork, has been re duced. New York and New Brunswiek, to JO eenta. " and Railway to 37X " Passengers who procure tneir cicketa at the ucket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor only ou the day when purchased. lull Jn. "NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL~H"OAt) LI NET" Via Nokwich skd Woacr.sTna KaiLRuans. From Pier No. I North Hirer, Baitery Place. The new ami splendid steaiabo* I NK W HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dn.stan. will l-ave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. The new aud ?i lendid steamboat WORCESTER, Captain J. H. TmtlW t, w ill leave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers for Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of thj above boats at Norvrieh, and will proceed wide out chaiuce of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office on the wharf, on bor id the boats, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peek slip, up stairs. All persons are forbid trusting .my one oa account of the above boats orouneis. o4 Ire* WINTEK ARR/NUEMENT. NEW VOIIK AND PHILADELPHIA KAILItUAf> ulNE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOUR8. Leave New York, Irom the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 AMands^PM. The moruuigLine proceed* to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (oppoeite Philadelphia) without change of ears. Paaseugers will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Liberty atrert, where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness*. Willi baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, Without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for thp Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Ciiestuui street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, being a cou.iuuatiou of the lines from New York. st8 3m"r ' iLAiLKUALl NOTICE. iMAiinb 1 AHU rALIUHI LIIXE. r' PfifJ was MI^JI l;r rPHE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Com a pany hare established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to ran permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at 5)6 A. M. daily. (Sunday* excepted) and the foot ol Liber fyutreet. New York, at 2% P. M. To country dealer* and mciCtiauti the above line a very deniable for the speedy and eneap conveyance ot merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealer* in Live Stock, who can have 150 head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rate* Ibr the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, hogs, lie. and all ether kinds of merchandise an very low, never exoeeding steamboat prices. I Merchandise. %?rt b/ this linn is mot subject to any extra charge in crossing two North River. The Com;v>ny hare fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always ro|>en lor the reception of me-chandiae. f Pius eager* purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive tetiv tickets gratia. 57"- Krentht for Newark, Eluabethtown, Railway, Westfield, Plainneld, Scotch Plains, Boundbrook and Somerville, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. salt Jm* FAKE AND FRJSIUHT REDUCED. "^EofftAR MAIL L'ljlft'ffill rRO*DENCfc~AND BOSTON, vie 8TOMNOTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following superur summers, running m conneotiou wMi the Stuuiugten end l't> vidence, and Boston and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Cornstock. I RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. ?* NARR-AOANSET^T, Captain Woolsey. ' MOHEUAN, Captain Vaadarah* One of Whsch will leave New Yark daily, (Sundays exceyed) frtuu Pier No. 1, North Rieer, Battary Place, at four Amtartocmtrri. f The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for Stoninaton. lhe MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, Thursday and S.itunUy, l?r Siimuiglon. i'asseuger* <?> die arrival of the steamers at Stonington, may lane me muru&u uui auis pruceen imincuiatciy w i ruvi dence and Boston. Freight raketi at the following mneh reduced ratei To Boston. on goods weighing forty pounds or ttpwarda to he cubic loot, a ki SO per ton, and on meaiorement goods 7 cciita per foot. To Providence, on meaiorement gooda 4 cents per enbie foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 B'oadvav. mytl ftailr FARE REDUCED. PERSONS GOING SOUTH. JQBBMAA GTr? F Alibi l*h.D El) on bujh trie routes from Baltimore to (JliarW^lon, by the CneaapeaJte Bay, Fortsmouth, Wcldou, Wilmington, N.C.. and thence to Charleston, to $>J, me'la on the Bay boats included ; or ria Washington city, Richmond, Piterslmre, Weloon. Wilmington, N. C... and thence to Chaileston, to t&, meala extra?making the fara on hoth roatrs the same. Creiy exertion ia made to keep the Railroads aud Me imhoats connecting dieae lines in good Older, and expedite iravtl, and make passeugenaa comfotlable as pot eihle. By thii route you may be sure of reaching New Orleans rum New York leven or eight days sooner than any other line, at an expense not eicerding $7E E. B DUDLEY, ol9 2wr President VV It K. K. R. Co. BRITISH AM) NORTH AMERICAN KOkAL 41A1L STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200.tout and 440 horae power eaeh. Under contract with the Lorda of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O Lott, do ACADIA. A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will aail from Boston, via Halifax. ranM LivgnrooL. from ?oitoi*. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nor 1 Caledonia, Lott, Oct 19 Nor 16 Acacia, Rrrte, Nor 4 Dec I Columbia, Miller, Nov 19 Dec 17 I Britannia, Hewm, Dec 4 Jan I Passage Money?From Boston to Liverpool, $1j4?Boston to Halilax S7A These th'ps carry exparienced aurgeona. No Bertha aeenred until paid fi r. Notk.?Merchandise and Specie (except for personal expenses) shipped under iha uims of luggage will be charged as rrrigut, aud liable to Custom House Regulations. Apply to o4y r D. BHIOHAM. JR.. No. 3 Wall-st. j LOOK AT THIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO GENERAL PASyAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVK ALBANY DAILY. DASSENOK9 Forwafd?<l, Mihoot delay, to a Uric*. fl.M Cleavelan t, Ohio, tflJi Roeheiter, $J.n# Detroit, Mich., $\7J Lockoorl, $3.2^ PoiUmouih, Ohio, M.7J Buffalo. 11,30 Toronto md Kimr>Whiteliall, Si,73 ten, U. C. $3,00 Oawego, I2.M Alia, F.aiton, Penaiyleanii, by Railroad k Sue* 12,Ml Pittaburth. $6,301 Bu m, Man, $1,30 Au.l all partial the Wetiim Country. M. L. nAY, k CO.. HI Liberty ulreet, near the Albany boat!. New York, n? Itr STATEN ISLAND 1^KKY7~ Foot of Whitehall itreet. Jltr .team boat* 8TATEN ISLANDER and MAM BON Will leave New York and Staten lilaud ai followi? NEW YORK. HTATE.N ISLAND, a a'a II 10 K i*J< ?k JH ? All Roodi ilnpped are to be particularly marked, and are at the rnk of the _ hereof. ol r i-? ~jt falL At*D WiNfEK^RRASoE1? MENT-?'1 he iteamhnat Rockland, will, on vi d after Mi inlay, the 3 it of October, run u I.ill,.a.: I iring Middletown Point (tide and weather iter .it 9 o'clock, and heyp?tt at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wi .luodai and Fiidiy. Katurunig. leave the loot of Robin Oiiiti -et, New York, every Tueeday, Thuriday and Setaiday at l? o'clock, noon, touching at Begeiu't Dock each way. Si met Will be in readineia to convey oaiseDger* to any part N of tile country. All bagg,ge at the mk of the owner*, oJJ Im*ee E NE NEW FENCING SAIXX >\ ft SHOOTIN ? GALLERY. [l MEE8, 413 UriMilway, aCmwe_ia Lu.nunl >Ue?t, 11 second uoor, late\y Irom fi.urojie, Professor ol the art ol | Fencing, gives instructions n. Frnetag i alio in the uu of tlx straight, crooked, and t'urkuli sword, burning knife, musket and tiayonet, stall, and every species of weapons. tientleineu, lovers of thu art, military oincers of the army, navy, lie. are respectfully invited to call and witness aunliibitinu of bu aktli in this uselulaad important art. A spacious douMe Shooting Gallery, illuminated in tfte evening, will alio be found with aupenor Swiss pistols?shoot lug at a distance ol "flu yards ilf im*t QRUIMAHV DAII.y.?ft:* gentlemen ill Ibis ciTy ^ are aware they can > b.ain a food substantial English Dinner, furnished with the beat the markets can alloul, Beer included, for 2b cents. Diimjci on table at I o'clock. Choja auii bleaks at anv hour. Colu Cuts, lu. Bear iu luiud, CUHlaTlA.N SON'S, (late Stoneall's.) old lm*r <9 Ann street. MAGNUfclA LUNC/il. pOUNER BKUAOWAV fc CHAMBEUS STEEETC Tim t'ropreutura of this w ell know u restaurs: desire to inform their fneuds and the public generally, that the season for shell fish harm; ccminenced.theyhave made artanvemrnn for I supply of the fnicst the m ukti atfords?Mill i'ond, Shrewsbury arid all kiutis, which they will serve up lu every si > le, sod el a tun incut's uoUce. Steaks and every dcllcicy ul the season may always be luuud hern in eteiy style desired by the lovers ol good mint's. Supiwr parties entertained, and Meals served up stall hours. tientleineu dining down town will liud this a desuable resort being witliiu two .uiiiutea wall, ol the City Hall. '1 lie irropriclurs latum limar thanks lor Uie liberal patronage bellowed, an J hope by altrmion to business thvy will merit a shun- ol custom. CHlCKEtlINO fit CARLISLE, a 23 I m ? e _______________________ NOTtGD IU Flrt.fc.Vlfc.iN, AND all others deairuus of keeping tlieir Keel Dry and Warm the coming Season. By raiting at ilie OLD EXCLUH1 VE BOO l' STOKE, Nj. Ill Cliaiiiani slreel, lliey can be sccogi inodated, as tne pronrielor has ou I rand a lull assortment ol hia welt known WATEIt PllOOK BOOTS. Constantly on haud a lull supply if all other kmds of Book at prices 10 tun the nines. Alto?that invaluable article Rogers' Mclali Elastic Heel Boot can he obtained at the Old e Boot Store, No. 144 Chatham si. >'4g lui'r UROTON WATER. OANBQN. WILCUCK St HANoO.N, l'luinbcrs. Brass a J. Foumlers, auu Coppersmiths, next door to Ills Tabernacle, Noi 334 Bioadway, New ko>k. Kromloug practical experience in baxinetx ill this and other eilies possessing Water Works, H W.Si 11. have confidence in thus assunug the public. Hut all o tiers eLtrusied to theur will be promptly executed, with a view to psimaueutsatisfaction,m a wo.kiiuuliue style, and of the best malt halt. Their charges will always beat moderate as can be reasonably altered by any ccwpeleut ami respectable coucrru Water pipes ol every appiovvd description, lor lutroducini llie Crotou Water, latent lead pipes, cast irou, composition ahd liuhed pipes. Btasscocka auu water closets, ol their owu superior manufacture. Hydrants ofCaroliua red cedar .bathing Subs, bath bailers on ilia best Bhiladrlphia plan, and other articles iu the toreg nug btauclies oi bushiest. ol8 lm*r ijECiARb?SECtARS. TMIE following choice Segars are always on hand at HENUlQUES'S HAVA.vA AND BKlNCil'K Sl.UAIt STUKr., wholesale and retail, basomeulol William st. llim.das, in hall and ,u trier buses Do. No. , hill and quarter hoses Noriegas, hi quarter and eighth do Bara Hegalos, lu quieter do ltegalias, ol a superioi quality, iu >4, it and 1-lOt'n boies Couaxesas, ill quarter busea Trabuas, do do La Norma, do do La Esperansa, do do 'i res Aungoa, in cartons of 20 etch Loudou He gal las, in cartons ut 411 each La I'rucla, iu <iuailer boxes Misgau's spotted, In quarter boxes Panenlla's, do. of xuporiot quality Yugeueodad, do D?ino> as, do bdaicos, do l'riuciiies, of the Reudou, Cruz and Sans, all cut. to deb. Bruuaveras, iu quarter boxes Alranxas do Cousonttias, do Bustametiiax, do Esmero Regalias, do Imperial do, iu quarter oxet, a superior article. N.B.?Hotels audgrocsis pUed ou icasouab.e terms. o!4 luib ^ w S i' U K hi. /"NOUTHOUY *t N c. Vt KB respectfully invite their frieuds C1 and the public generally, to Call at 311 Broadway, aud examine their aasoruneut of LAMBS, CANDELABRA, GIRANDOLES, Sic. Silver, Hated and Untannui Ware, 1 utile Cutlery, and House-Furnishing Goods, of every deacriptiuu, wmch they have just upeued, and now oiler oa sale atpn ex that cannot tail to xaiisly puichasers. Enjoy lug superior advantages iu the selection and manufacture ol then Lamps, GitauUoics, Candelabra, Stc-, C. St N. are enabled to otter Uiein eis great ra.tety ol j at era and nuish.suitable lor churcues, hotels, stores, dwellings and steam or sailiug packets. 1 hese last are a uc w and most desirable article, Well wor hy the alteutiou ol owucra and shipuiastcra. Atteulluu is fiariicutarly l->vited to the solar Lamp, so justly Ce4cb-ated lor its superior bitlliaucy and ec .uuuiy. 3 ins Lamp, as tested by accurate experiments, attords twice tlie light of an Astra , while it burns tor an equal number ol hoars at nail the cxneu.e. tOU l'Hul'V & NEVERB will keep constantly on hand a corn|>i?le assortment o< the articles above enumerated, and hoj? by their endeavors to meet the tastes and wishes of the public, to merit a lavorable sh .re ol the patronage W lch is Dow a Lotted for trietr establisiimcut. oil lw isles woe* rc OORSErS^CORsETS TUST RECEIVED, at the New VorhCURSET WARE ?* MUUsK, No. 4t:i)? Pearl street, a large assortment of FRENCH AiSlJ ENGLlali CORSETS, which Will be Willi at greatly reduced uiicm, WholuaU and Retail, N B.?Dealer* in Corsets are invueii to call, as the whole slock is newly imparted, lllh Pearl street, New York. _ o il Uu'ia PNUONOM? AN'U RETRENCHMENT. Cheapest " cash i'ailoring establishment in the city at HUssKLL, PATRICK <s to.'# Ma Pearl street. Frock ami Ureas Coats made to order, at irotn $11 to $16; Jbeawr liven oats, in test rate style, flu to fit; ami rve.y other article of clotniug erjiial,yclirn[. Gslitlemen liudiug their ow i clotn can have titcix Clothes made up, and a good hi warranted, at the loliowing prices (every article warranted): Ureu and Frock Coals made and trimmed, from $4 50 to $7 Pants, " " - l&lo 1 Vests, " " " I 00 to 2 Is B?Naval and Military outlus cheap, and promptly executed. olt Im'r; PRAMTE.?The Stateu Iiland Orinite Quarry being now vs iu lull operation, will supply Oramte of any dimensions, either cut or rough. Building stones either for block of rouble woik, aaiiler, sills, and lintels,steps and platforms, will be delivered at shurtesl notice, Kentledge for ships, and shingle ballast or smaller stones will be delivered on board any vessel in N'ewYork harbor at trie lowest tales. Vessels can load with great dispatch at the wharf on Staten Island, w here 14 feet depth of water is had. The railroad being in good order, the cars are laden and brought abirast of the shipping. No danger from ice during the w inter mouths. For further information apply to LEWIS GIBSON. Agent, At the Granite Wnarf, Staten ls'uid, orto the Office of the Company, 100 Pine ?t,:or of South.upatairs o?8 r S E. GLOVER, President. pLASS CUTTING ESTABLISHMENT.?J. StouveueL u glass cutter, No. 29 Gold street, constantly on hand and of fer to supply all dealers and otners, at the lowest prices in this city, aud wa-ranted the beat of any other manufactory?such as beautiful hall lam|M of every size, astral lamt>s and shades, decanters, tumblers,champaign,wineglases,dishes, goblets, bowls, celeries, glass,Itc. kc. Uooos sent to auy part of the country by any quantity tree ol package! and cartage, all article* match to |iauera. Retail *lore No. 34 John street, near Naasau u, *10 Im'r TIMkX EXPRESS LINES KOR ALBANY, UTICA, BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The substrikers having beeu engaged Tor the last twelve month* running the Albany and Buffalo Express, in connection witu Hsrnden k Co.'s New York and Albany Line, hare recently extended their Express Line from Buffalo to Albany, through to this city on their own account, will receive and forward DSILT, (Sundavs excepted,) Specie, Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bundles, and Cases at Goods, to and fiom the following places, vit. Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracuse, Auburn, Ithtca, Geneva, Canaudaigua, Rochester, Batavla, Lockport. Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and the tntormedtale places. Alto, Oswego, sacketts Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Canada. Will promptly attend to the collection and payments ol bills, notes, draffs and accounts, purchase and sale of goods and produce by sample, and such other trunecieiit busmees as may be tulrustid to their care. Each Expresa will be accompanied by a competent mease nger, together with responsible agents in the principal towns upon the rente. Merchants and others may tie assured that returns will be in this manner received more speedily than in any other possible way. N. B.?Special Expresses run to any part of the country at I short notice, and apon rewonablr terms, stt r POM&ROY fc CO. No. I Wall street 1 E. W. NANCE, EXCHANGE BROKER, .21 lm*r No 2 CAMP STREET. NEW ORLEANS. , <7. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. ' Pt iST OFFICE, New York, 2Sth July, 1(42. TJOURSof Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the tl Upper and Lower Poxt Offices:? Letters deposited before Hall-past I o'clock, A Ml 12 " 1 " P M Will be sent out for deAt all the Sutions before livery at ? A M, and I 7 o'clock, AM and 4 o'clock, r M. II 2 " P M Letters to be sent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affixed to them, otiierwiw three cents wiM be collected of (he party to whom th< letter is addressed. No money must be enclosed in lei ters unless re. istrrcd at t w prmci|>al offices. Lists nt rhe stations (at all of which "free .tamps" may be purchased at ti.S# per Mm), *n<l every information may ne onuinee (>0 application at the urpvr or lower imtt office*. Sump* titled by the lute CttyDespatCh Pout will be received, it I* indispensable that the anmber of the residence ahould be Mated iu ail letu m cut through thi* Pott. The Poet M.uter tolicitt the earliett intorraalloti thonld aar irregularities oecur. JOHN LOHIMER (iRAHAM tuJS Iyer Pott Muter. CURE OF CHRONIC DISEASES. r)R, F. PRUD'HOMMfc, from Parit, ditciple of the illustrioui Hahnemann, whote icience and doctnnet hare aatonithed ail Knrope, and aathered aronud him a crowd of eminent physicians, eager to receive hi? instruction", and to profit by hi* evuarience, announces to th? mm hi i r that he ha* alected New York aa the place of hi* labor*, and of In* permanrnt retidcuca. .*?.rp- hjj l?*en profaaaiinally and intimately conneetad " r?n< ! *!'" men, whose name* are honored aud reverenced !T ,i\ iPmL*1?! ',ur'nt?en year*' practice, he hte vitited many part* of the United State., aid of the Weil Indiet, with VVrw po'mM ?n aeienee, till then involied in much donbt and obteunty. P?"?. h. ha. been to commoni^ h?eh V i! . eh" a*Uon 10 lU? Oallic Society, of which he u * mmher, and now retorni or re u> diffuse the frmti of hi etperlrnte and the hleising* of h?>lth In the eoarte 01 hit travelt and practice.he hat k? the h-ln or h? method, loaodtd nSX wh'ch n*d re M d ?*rff uih?r Diode of tr??rmcutt mnrai ha wuhrt to brju'lged not trim word . bat Irom works Suffice ii to iy, that botidet ill maladies reputed up arable there ? no due lie ao drrsd.u' to invcrate, such at Lepra. Klrmu,,!... it. Cancer, Fi<tula of all kind., H'-rnphu'a, D opiy, nc tliai he cannot en'irely ektripate. By the t >me im tho.l, all diseases incident to female* and children are promptly and radically cured. Dr P may be contulted every day, from to A. M to IP M. at hit office T( Uuaue afreet, near Broadway. Consultations Kn in the Cnglith, French, German, Spanish and kalian ?**?? nl 3^a*i W YO YORK. THURSDAY MOl VIEW OF TRINITY CI AS IT WILL APPEAR i"W/ --?j . - r?s?iirZL ..'~ -. -jr.." ?_ : . . ? =#-' ? ?- *>!?? ^ jj j History and Description of Trinity Church. The splendid ed.tice called Trinity Church, now in the course of erection in Broadway, is so far ad j vanced, that the workmen have commenced putting | the rafters on for the roof, and the tower has progressed about 100 feet high. But before we enter into a descriptiou of this beautiful building *ve will give a slight history of the Corporation of Trinity Church, and their various edifices. In the early days of the Colony of New York,the members of the Protestant Episcopal Church (then known as the Church of England in America,) first held stated religious service in this city, iu a chapel attached to a fort which stood near the | resent Bat- 1 tery. In this place, under the Dutch administration, the service of the Church of Holland had been performed. On the surrender of the colony of New York to the British, in 16th, the service of the ! Church of England?it being a government establishment?was, of course, introduced. Toe congregation, however, increasing, Trinity Church was founded on the spot where the present church is building in 1696, in the reign ot William and Mary. The Hector, the Rev. William V'esey, afterwards, and for many years, the Ihshop of London's Commissary, first performed divine service m it, February 6,1697. It was originally a small, square edifice; and was enlarged at the east end in 1735, and again on the north and south sides in 1737. Its length was then, iucluding the tower and chancel, one hundred and forty-six feet, its width seventy-two feet, and the steeple one hundred and eighty feet high. The steeple w is struck by lightning in the summer of 1762 ; but little damage, however, was done. On the twenty-first of September, 1776, in the memorable fire which laid waste so great a portion oi the city, this venerable and majestic edifice was destroyed. it lay in ruins during the remainder of the Revolutionary war, and was replaced by the recent structure, which was consecrated by the Right Rev. Wish op Provost, in 1791. This building was inferior in size to the first one ; being one hundred and four feet long, and ? two wide. The steeple was about the same height as the old one ; but stood on the east instead ol the west end, as was the case with the former church, and is still the case with Saint Paul's Ohapel; this method having been adopted with the view of bringing the chancel, and the great altar-window, agreeably to ancient ideas of propriety, on the east end. The style of the building was plain Gothic. It had galleries on the two sides, and on the easi end, a part of the last of which formed the organ loft, in which was placed a fine organ, built in London soon after the church whs finished. The galleries were supported by rquare pannelled columns; directly over each of which rose a clustered Gothic j column of the roof. The ceiling consisted of three I arches over the nave, and one over each gallerv.? From the centre arch were suspended three large and elegant cut glare chandeliers, and four smaller ones under each gallery. The windows were long, finished at the top with the pointed Gothic arch, end glazed with very small panes. The Communion table was placed against the western wall of the church ; and above was one of the largest windows in the United States It was Gothic, with three coimartments, and contained one thousand and thirty-nine panes of glass. The desk and pulpit were directly in front of the chancel, without the rails. The church was ornamented with a number of handsome marble monuments, among which were one to the memory of General Alexander Hamilton, and one to that oi the late Jnrob Sherred, Esq., the munificent patron of the Episcopal Theological Seminary and the beautiful and chaste statue of Bishop Hobart. The cemetery in which the church was erected, is one of the most ancient in the city, having been the resiing place of successive generations for upwards of one hundred and thirty years. A few fine old trees on the .street nnn grounds near the church added to the beautiful and impressive appearance returning irom tne styie smu proportions of the building. The number of these trees has of late diminished, hy the decay of several of them from some unknown cause. Other'', how? ver. and more than an equal number, have been aorled, w.iichindue time may be expected to contribute their full effect. The front view of the b ildinr, from Wall rtreet, was very g-nerallv admired. The steeple contained a ring of eight fine bells at one time, which have been distributed to various churches throughout the country. Much is the history of the first two cdiurchescon necred with the parish of St. Trm'ty. The one built in 1H96-7, and destroyed in 177tj; the other built in 1790-1, and pulled down in 1KJ9. The fob lowing inscription is on a marble slab in the office ( of the architect, Mr. Upjohn taken out of the last >RK E

INING, NOVEMBER 3. II HURCH. NEW YORK. I 1 WHEN COMPLETED. church, and Rives a concise history ot the principal even s connected with both:? l? t). M. TIUWITY CHl'RCH, teas first founded m the yeur 1690, Enlarged and beautified hi 1737, and entirely de.-troyeo in the great Conflagration ot tlie Citv. Sent tuber 21. 1796 771 is Building wilt J Erected on the site of the f irmer Church, In Uir year 1788 Right Key. Sj.ortjeu Provosc, l>. D., Rector. .Tames Diune, E?q. and John Jay, Esqr., Churchwardens. This is the inscription on the tablet; and this brings down to the history of the parish and its rectors. Trinity church is the parish-church of the parish of dial name, which contains also St. Paul's chats*!, erected in 1766, and St. John's, erected in 18U7. St. George's church was also lortneily a chapel Trinity church is under the pastoral charge ol a Rector andtwo assistant ministers. The first of these pflices is held by the Rev. Win., D. D , and the last by the Rev II. V. Higbee and the Rev. J. M. VVninwright, I). D. Divine service is uniformly celebrated in Trinity Church and St. John's chapel, not only at the usual hours on Sunday, hut also on the morning of every Wednesday anil Friday, and of every festival and holiday, of the Protestant Episcopal Church. .Notwithstanding the antiquity of the parish, th present rector is oaly the eighth that has held tliut ollice. His predecessors are tile Rev. Win. Ves-v, from ld;H> to 17 Id; Rev. IJenrv Barclay, D. 1), 1746 to 1761; Rev. Samuel Auchmuty, 1). 1)., 1761 to 1777 , Rev. Charles Inglis, 1). D., (afterwards Bishop of Nova Scotia,) 1777to 1783; the Right Rev. Sam'l Provost, 1>. D., from 1783 to 1800; the Rev. B. Moore, IT D. (afterwards Bishop of iNew York,) from IHOO to 1816 ; Rrv. J. 11. llobart, D. D. (afterwards Bishop of New York,) from 1811 to 1830. Of the above, all except Mr. Vasey, Dr. Barclay and Bishop Provost, were previously assistant ministers In addition to whom, besides its present incumbents, the fol owing gentlemen at tunes have held that office :?Rev. John Ogelvie, D I); Rev. John Bowdcn, D. D ; Rev. Abraham Beach, D. D ; Rev. John Hissett, P. D : Rev. Cave Jones, I). D.; Rev. Thomas Y. How, D. P.; Rev. Thomas C. Brownell, I). D., T.T., D, (now Bishop of Connecticut;) the Rev. Henry Auiliou, 1). D.; Rev. J. F. Schroeder, I). D., and the |?resent Bishop of the Diocese, B. T. Ondcrdonk, I). D. Among the communion plate belonging to this pa-..,1, ...... ..........I irli/.|?..i iir?apnlrrl hv William u,..i Mary, and Queen Ann, and others with the initials G. R. There are also a few articles from private donors, and among tlies- two plates presented by a lady, on Christmas day, 17IH. We come now to the history and description of the church now building, and of which the abovp is a most admirable representation, from a drawing made by the talented artist Richard TT(ijohn, Ksq. h will be remembered by many that in 1838 and 1830great alarm was lelt about the durabili'yof Triuity Church?the roof was said to be lalling.and thecongreg ?tion deserted it In the spring cf 1830, it was decided to pull the old building down, and on examining, the bases of the wooden columns wete found so much decayed as to have given way three or four mi-lies and had the church not been tak-m down, it would have fallen shortly with a fearful crash. In October, 1839, the present beautiful editice was commenced; Hnd although it was hoped that five years would be sufficient to complete it, it is now almost cettntn that it will not he r- ndy for consecration mitil Mar or June, 1846 It is built ol old red sandstone, of a very tine tone arid color, and admirably adapted for the Gothic style of architecture. The sandstone is brought Iroin a new quarry, opened lor the purpose at Little Falls, New Jersey, out ot a great many specimens examined for the mirpose. The cost will be over $800,000. The follow! ig will he the precise dimensions ol the church when completed Ft. In. Length, out to out 101 ? l)o. inside 170 ? Do. of chanrel 33 8 Breadth, out to out 04 ? Do. inside, . 74 ? D?. of nave, 37 4 Height of nave 67 6 Hquarnof tower inside 19 ? Do outside, includinc walls ami butresse.s, 1ft 0 !! is?ht nf tower to pinnacle* 183 ? D > including spire, Ml ? Length inside, exclusive of chancel, 105 ? Whole length inside, exclusiveof tower,., 138 6 During its construction over 220 men have been employed upon it at the same time, and as many as 150 stone cutter?', all under lite able direction of that tale ited sculptor, Mr. Thorn, the executor of those capital statues, of Tarn O'Shanterand Souter Johnny notoriety. The style of architecture we have said is pure Gothic?not ol the Tudor style, with the depressed hree centre arch of Henry the seventh's time, but the pointed Gothic; the fir.-t instance on record of ._.L* L I rr L I I .1 .^L T i^A.Jaoluro winrn wp iinn in i aueninaii cnurcn, i-iun <uum.... , erected iibounhe year 1155. Nearly all the windows are equilateral* of tin; perpendicular Gothic order?the vpry perfection of this stvle of architec tnre. There is a cut moulding finish to the embrasure#, and the pinnacles, .is seen in the engrnving, are in .iccordance with the architecture of the same age. The eh incel window, which is the largest m the building, is 41 Icet high and ?8 feet wide ; it h is 14 eompi.rtmenu, which are to he filled with >tained glass, containing the twelve apsstles, the Virgin i and child. This glass, we regret to say, to the disI grace of the trustees, and to the dishonor nnd injury i of the N'-w York arti/.ans, is to be brought from < ?erj many, of an inferior quality, for the sake of saving a [ERA 342. few dollar* The church of the Ascension hud its* it.tined glass brought from Oerniatiy, and that is a disgrace to the ct y. There are thirty-four other pnnciiMl windows in the body ot the cliurcd, each with two liiulUoiis divided by a transom uear the cantre, and tracery in the upjier i>urt. All the trace nuu '"uniuiia an ??i uic sanjr i\iiiu ui oi?'.iv wo the body oi the building, ami the Iranus fi,r tli?glass will be ol metal. The interior is very beautiful, aud resembles the inside of Worcester Cathedral, in Kngland, only it is smaller, and has no transcript. The walls and pillars inside, ami irideeu the whole imerior, are uf , >innlu'd ilonf, the same aaouiside, which will iiave a magnificent eilect. The roo! is vaulted, and lined with stucco work, (it ought to have been ? s:one roof) with moulded rths and bosses. The appearance of the interior, when completed, will begin d indeed, troin the great length and heighth ot the nave. At the entrance from the tower to the nave, there is to he a stone screen, beautifully sculptured, on which will be placed the organ. The communion table, ol course, will be under the cnaucel window. The pulpit will he placed against one ot the large pillars, about half way down the nave, alter the fashion ot the old Ctiglish and French Cathedrals. The pews will be ol carved black walnut, and placed ni tne body ol the cht'tch. At present, it is decided to have no galleries, and no seats in the side aisles. The stone is said to he tolerably durable, and it bus been laid with a gteut deal ot judgment in the SHiue position as tt was found in lite natural beds, so that when it decay it inu-t be on the edges, and cannot Hake oil like veneering. Hut we think there arc twodelecu in the church. One is tin want td fl) lug buttresses, and the other is over the aicu ot the itia tit door; the defect is in the lines?the upper line following the line of the arch ; the lower line seems to uct wit., u lever power and destroys its appearance ol strength There ought to havebeeu a honzoutal line, almost immedia ely over die terminus of the urchol the door. We hope there wi I be a splendid mosaic pavement to the whole building. We-tind that lds.ptuKO teei ol the stone weighs a ton, and alter calculating the dimensions ol the build tng, we tind that lite lower weighs tlUdl tons, and th'- stone of the whole building wi.l Weigh over i 31,1X10 tons. To obtain this mere must be 60,(XX) , tous taken out ot the the quarry. Coin icon Co ti iti* 11 Joist Ballot.?Wednesday, November d.L?'J ho nume ol Henry o. Howard, appointed lit ill last jaiut nice.leg as one ol tins Inspector* ul election lor the lirst district, was stricken out, uiul thalot Henry liuwaui Corgill appointed in bis place. Ii appi hi a iiui ih. in in no ?ucu mm a. Henry <_. How aid in luc <11*11 id. t he ii'mgiidtioiiK ot the loilow ing persons ls Inspector* ol Lleciiuu, ?eiu received and accepted :?Loruehus Uuk ley, William A. Daniels, Hcnty It. Dunliain, Algernon a. Jarvis, John 11. Williams, Samuel Webster, Samuel 1). Winters, ilurt.y A. Weed, Augustus ScilelJ, John 11. S|)Vll Old, William K. l'lali, Ueoigc W. . vie I'll ei son, ami Heiuy l.Lloyil. I tie lollown.g person* wore appointed :? Eighth tkaiU.? Albert W. Snu.u, uoui tlio 4tli district; Jau.c. Webb, ol tne o.b , Jobn O. Leonaid, ol tliu 7lU ; Kobeit I*. Ot.tty , ol the Htli. J-nil Ward ? John biown, ul the Jd district. J- i/ittnlh H'aid.? tvlivaid Driggs, lium ihe 3d district; David ?. Jarvis, of the dd. Eleventh H ard?John I'ickford.ol the 2d. Seventh ffaid.?Zebrdee-Ring, ul thudlli ; Hiram Hind, ol the 3a ; Harrison Caunitt, ol ihe 1st. Minth Wati?Maiurui Red way, ol the "id, iu place ol Sauiuel 11. Ucuudict, wno does nut reside in llie district. tij.h It'aidDaniel Lee, ol the fllh. Tnirteenih Wo id.?Joseph 1'owell, iu placeo! Samuel D. Waliois, ul the lilt district. Seventeenth ll'oi d.?Charles Oukford, iu place of Henry S. Lloyd, ul III 1st district. i be board tiieii udjaurtxl to Monday next. UutHuuF AiuiTssi At-bLHSifca?Wednesday, Nov. a, Ibid.? J be ITesnlent (Assistant Alderman Antui) ill the ChairA petition was presented from J. Goodman and others, lor a Uose carl iu lull si. Relened. Reports of L'ommiitee* ?The Chairman of the Comniiuee ou Asseksinents I Assistant Atueiiiiau Waleruiau) pieseu.ed reports uuveise to Willi llie olncr coi reeling lax ul Joanna Beihune and Nelieiuiah Biown. Adopted. 1 be board tbeu proceeded to Joiut ballot, and on us return uujuurlicd le .Holiday next. County Court. Judgel_ilsho< Her, Kust Judge, in the Chair. Nov. d?tlldl ul .lillii I'aikei, one ol llie Special Justices accused ol illegally disCbaiguig prisoners ut blackw ell's l.lsiiu, and causing ilieui to be uioughi into the city to ioi? at the spilug eleeuun. Mr. 1'a i txasoN mad an ulhdavit Iroin James King,police olticer, showing tnat he huu served a sub; n-na upon James 11. Ruckles, taiu deputy Keeper 01 lire reuireiiuiti y. me said Ruckles has nut appeared i , couit, and Mr. 1'. made I uiotiou lor au attachment to be issued against Inni, winch was ordered. Mi. 1'iTTtmoN then roso and addressed tlie court at considerable length, stating the chaigei which have been made against the res]>oiiouii(, and tno circumstances by w hich he espocted to prove them. The charges are that Melu i'arker conspired with two other magistrate! (Messrs Matsell and htevetisj and other persons to discharge convicted vagrants, and to procure them W vote at the election, they not being legally entitled lo do so?that the dischaigrs given to the deputy keeper were not Idled up, and were aule-datcd. The material lacta, he said, w are these I'he magistrates discharged persons whom they were not legally authorized to discharge?that in the three weeks betw een the ftOih March and 11th April, 1^4'J, 71 persons were discharge 1 whose terms ol Sentence hu'l not expired, being about one-third of all that had been discharge,1 in the previous four years?they werc cot taken from the prison and landed, us usual, on the opposite side, but they were brought nway at night in sccresy, and carried in divisions and squads to the lower part of tbecity. When the boats could not accommodate any more an omnibus was hired, which took the remainder from the foot of 60th St., who were brought down town and deposited in one of the watch houses?from there to the residence of a Sunday otlicer?and thence to vote at the election. Tho others were quartered in the 4th, 7th und Hth Wards, were f?-,i, lodged, clothed, and received money? they were taken into those ward* w here the election w as closest, and employed to defeat the will of the voters of those wards, There was a selection of men mado at Blackwell's island?it was done at a particular time and immediately previous to the discharge -one of the men on the island went round the islam! with pen and paper taking down names-on the 11th April he w cut into the hospital and selected from there, lu or I'd tnsii? one of them (a man numed Lacy) fell down and died next day ?that one ol tho magistrates* was frequently on tho island immediately previous to these discharges taking place. It must be remembers**!, lie said,that these 71 men were not discharged at different times, hut, in fact, on the night of the I Ith April, und that they had been kept on the island till tiiat time?it would not have looked well that the documents of discharge should appear as if they had been discharged altogether. The dischargws were in different hand writing?they were not filled up by the magistrates nor by the clerks at tho Police oltice. The discharges were ante dated, and, in two Instances, by au oversight, dated on Sunday, when no such business n oonc hi ion route office except en very particular occasions. Persons sentencud to six months imprisonment were liberated after a few day" confinement, nti.I one of the 70, (a man named Jas.Deery) was so on a discharge dated even before hit conviction? aud the discbarges were indiscriminate in their character?th. se mou, taken from the hospital, or liberated in many cases, after a confinement of eight or ten days, were discharged and brought down, and the parties implicated would find difficulty in explaining It?many of them voted three or four times, as we shall show, and how msny more we do not know. A list had been sent to Mr. Parker ol seven or eight discharges, and he handed jt hack to themess.-nger with tha significant remark," this Is not lor political purposes " If these things can be shown, it will be iD|iossihle for the Court to get rid of the conclusion that there wasa conspiracy to dischage these Krisoners, aud cause them to he brought to New York il gally to votn. Mr. Patterson then made a strong appwal to tho court?in every other country, he said, each man is known when he comes to the polls, hut in this country, and in this Htata, in particular, the franchise is so extended that its purity should bo regarded with the most jealous care Tho charges against these magistrates arc severe, and tho punishment, on conviction, will he hard, depriving them of their offices; but it is not right, on the other hand, that their conduct should be allowed to sap the very foundation of onr elective privileges?the mi-mliers may have their personal feelings, but the firmness which they have hitherto displayed, will doubtless again * :n 1 iitafimtn nil n?r. rm escreiieo?iney win 71. .j - , ties, and say in their decision, if necssary, " not that they love Ciesar less, but that they love Home more"?all personal bias, of wnatcver character It might be, would be dismissed from the bosoms of the judges Appointed, said Mr. P., to perform the Juty assigned me, I seek only w hat is proper connected with the dictate* of firm and inflexible justice. Mr. PsiTi.ssovthen proceeded to call his witnesses. Hrvav Visdkvoost sworn?Is connected with the police; has searched forconvirtloni; have found a number; some of them art fen-ales, Mr. O' Coss. n then took the documents. Herewith* discharge of Peter Adams, committed by Justice M-Tritt, on the list of December, and released by Alderman Timpson. Mr. Lord here objected to th? acts of Alderman Timpson being produced In evidence agninst Miln Parker. He sai-lthn court had ordered the n-imesoftha four Aldei man to he struck out, ami he insisted that evidence in relation to them could not be admitted on the trial. Judge Ut-SHoarrca?The rule is that tha acts and declarations of conspirators may tie given in evidence after the conspiracy has been proved. Mr. O'Covfsra replied, in favor of the evidence being received. He thought if they could show that these seven, tv men were discharged by s? ven rilffeiaut Individuals that they were kept tea certain time?that they w <-re handed and brought at ogeth-r into the city, placed n pirticulur cellars, an 1 lurnished with meat and drink at the expense of those bringing them down?thai proof would bo exhibited ot a couspiracy--iumiosK tbey coald show these discharge! to be mite-dated, all <Jgned by one or other oi I thesi- seven, ami yet filled up In a different and unknow n I nandwri i i.J? suppose we show a leclira inn on the part I of Mr, I'arknr, that lie considered it perfeerly proper that I these poor me 1 (as he called them) shoul I be permitted to I Li D. Price Two Cents. be discharged ami t ot* at an election?is justice soblind tbat it cannot perccit < ib<so m< u to have si ted in violation of lawr ?because conspiracy bides us head and works only in darkness, is the law to be debuted? We show arts, and are we not to present the limit idn.ils that caused them I Mr O'Conner made farther remarks. He w as followed by Mr. I'utterson ou the same side. Mr-Ba*ov then rose, and in a speech ol considerable length, contended thut the acts ot the lour Aldermen could not be received in evidence on tlie trial. Mr. Loki> supplied Mr. I), in pointed and forcible remurk. Judge Ui.shoi rricR then gave liig view*, in which he thuiiglit evidence in telation to the Aldermen could not t>e received at thil stage ol the-trial. Judge lnnnudiffered from the opinion of Judge IT. lie thougnt tin- temimoiiy should be admitted. It not proving any tiling it could bo thrown out as irrclovcnt The M? to a supported the views ol Ju Jgc Uishoeffer. The coincided with Judge Inglis. The vote kh then taken by oy cs and nay ?, and decided in favor 01 admitting the testimony. J'wi Ive were in luvur, including the Kvcurdei und Judge Inglis, and 10 against, among whom was Judges I'lihu llci and Ingrahum. The Aldermen gave u stnet party vote. 'l lie names of persons ilischargt ii were then read, when the l ourl adjourned to Thursday atuiii(H>u (this day ) at 4 o'clock Circuit Coin I. lb lore Judge Kent. Nov. J.? (i a lit 11 11. blrykrr vs. '/Vmniuc Kc'/y ?An action lot I cut ol lout ocicsul land, with dwelling, Vc. in the neighborhood of Ninth Aveuue and Filtiulh rtieet The detendaut hired ol jiluiutitt, but eonu uda that he w as Minsci|Ueiitly notilietl hy .Mr. Uenign Lovett that lie (Lovett) hud bought the preperty ol the Corpuiution on a sale lor a?s< ssint tits, and that the rent must he paid to liiin. (Jen- Sir} ker contends (hat the CorjHiiution hud no right to take Ins laud, it had hem in possession ol his luiinty since the y ear lodd?the Cot pui alien, in assessing him, vulu d the piopeity us being wur.h nine thousand six hundred dollars per acre, yet they h.d sold the whoiu tour aires uud buildings to Mr. Lovett, or one thousand years, at a little aver $4000. Ho say i with tuis and other uasesstnt tils the Corpot aiiuti liail maJe him u beggar, tea. ing tioin him every loot ot his possessions. He denies thu validity ol the law. Alter aiguiuout ol Counsel und the pioducliou otlesuiuouy, the ( oust decided that the assessment wu> perfectly 4> gulut and could not be inquired into. A verdict was renderedlurdtleudant. Messrs. Wood, Hulidlord and Mutt appeared for the plsnitiir slid Messrs. J.W. (Jeiard and i'tlii Y\ ilson lor the dele nee. Court Culemlnr?'i lsia Day. Commo* 1?Nos. 69, 43, 12, 4t), 21, 11, 13, 34, SI, 91, 109,1(3,47,79, 77,113. Hart 2 ?Noh. 96, ?>2, 70, SO, 100, 109, 110, 114, 119,129. Circuit Cot ht.?No?. 103, 7s, 40, 169, 100 , 90, 4u7, 77, 133, 120, 127, 73, 76, 126, 100, 3, 4, 112, 176, 177, 179. NKW STOVE. SllEPARD'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. rPilK hUbscnbem ujfkrtins day l./ the public, tin* office and A parlor *14< o( ihi* utW'aud spliudnl patent slave. We &?k ill in w ill ol' stoves to Call ami exumoe if. It is by fur, the most efficient atid economical stove ottered lar a number of yc*??, and ho the approval of all who havo seen it, *ud bids fair to lake the lead of nil Cillers. Larger sizes will be 111 r* adiiu'ss iu lbs course af a lew days. I., the menu time, the pi nun* it* of the slow, can be seen lully ?le v?ioi> d in the size nkihitviL Hn? 'AftD I CO. Nott'i.Stove Warehouse, No 244 Water street. N. li.? A splendid tt.i4.ji tia ul .0 Noll's Kadi.tlor Stove, the only stove in the market suitable lor w rining dwelliugs, churches, hotels, public buildings, Ike. A two story house can oV wormed with three tons ol coal, less than one grate will co&*mne. Drums for parlors and halls, in style and variety unequallc d in the city. 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J?To lesson the risk of acci- 8?And to unite with all d ut by trie. tkose excellent qualities, an ?To be quickly kindled elegant aud durable article ol an easily indu lged. luruuore. . hu Mu>e i? constructed ol the best quality ol Hussiasheet i.o upou lire cylindrical pi ui?the furnace or lire-chamber occ pyiug a part ol the ceulre c\Under, to winch is attached an aim pfienc Hotelier ujh>u each side, of a tubular lorui, and liueo tnioughoul. The heat that is created iu the chamber iMiase b? tweeu the hiiiugs ol tin* two rareiiers (or radiators as tliey e called J into the o.tse at lite bottom, and a curie ul ol air coiiliu ally rusuiug through the tunes, winch are lelt opeu at each end lot that purpose, carries a great amount ol rarehed or WaiHi air llltw the apartment. The puriiy and soilness ol the air tu a room healed by thia stoic are peculiar aud remarkable, lire heal bciug dill Used Irom a great csicni ol surlace moderately heated. The heated air, on wittering the wings or sides of lite stove,desceuds diul spreads over Uu entire suilacc ol Lite uasu al the bottom, keeping the colder portion of lire air next lite Hour iu coiuunt circulation? in the meantime, preserving it e.ntiuly iroin conlainiualioti, rtudenug tins Stove perfectly sale and agreeable lor apartments ol invalids, sleeping looms, fee. Mariulac ured by J. si L. BACKUS, j\ bowery, N. Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rankers ; also the new Kitchen companion cook stove, warranted equal to any in use in this city. s?7 lm*n NOTT'S STOVES REPAIR." 0 y KICHAHD AYLIFFK, established nine years at 86 J ttham street, New k ork. li A. has Nmi's and oilier Stove , which he can sell at a very reduced prica. Stoves and pipe put up at the shortest notice. N. 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Their a* ortnicut consul* of air-tight. cooking and imrlor Btoves, i'tuni*. iron fe'urimcrs, Cotfva MtlU, K**ltlee, Tiu and 8brci Iron Ware, ike.. wl?oie?ale aud reU&ii Order* for castings solicited. J. V. TIbBEi T8. olC lin^cc 22 Fulton street, N. Y. JESPVa PATENT CONICAL VfcNTILATOK 'THUS cheap, simple and rmcia nt apparatus is adapte litoall A purposes of Ventilation. Ship., HteemhonU, ? nnrrhes, Hospitals, Prisons, Mion, Vault., tec. Ike. inay b' ita applies i-on be kept free from oil tool air anil nnwhniest tac elfluria; it it alao au effectual run- for Smoky Chi Mines. The nubacribrr haviqg purchased ili? ri ght for the City and CuuutyofNrw York, is prepared to ? tpply the public with Cones on demand. Metal Rootling of all desrriptiona 1 tarnished in any part of the eon utrv. Croton Water Pi|<ra and Plam.Mia' Work in general. Alao, O.ilraniraid Iron aud Tin Wart at wholesale. Store pipes, bath tubs, coal hods, Ike ar rrice. greatly reduced. All work warranted, an J orders by letter attended to, r. SfUMNKR, saim'n m Watnr street. rI,0 KA.MILIK8 UOINO SOUTH, to tl.e West Indies or A Kurnpr ?A res|iectaMe female, 21 fears of age, Wishes to obtain a pennant nt sir nation as seamstress, in a genteel family. She wonld prefer going to Knro|ie, yet wonld accept of a good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The best of refer encnsgireo. Address A. A. A. bos 7gJ, upper Post office, N. York. _ slOr A CARD.? I have olten hern informed by friends that some |iersous, <a well m in y line of husiuess ae out of it, Jealoua of the lUcccaa 1 meet svilh.have directly sntl mdirectiy asserted that I was manufacturing inv well known La Noims brand, as well aa other Havana ami I rincii?e Segars in this coantiy, snd making other simiLtr hints, I hen with declare such assertioua mean falsehoods, and such individuals worse than highway rohhrrn. M. RADKll, * Chatham street. New York. Sept. K. lata. s26 Im'r artist ix hair. MANUFACTURED FROM LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S HAIR. XOT lr>> Hi in i?.i ui'.li. i long, in one hundred dir. rent daaiiriu?Neckbcea. Bi .e. leia, Witch goarda, Kar-ringa, Flowera. Ilingv, wm?mnl Sc.ilpa. A C ISAKRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. Hull aland pre-eminent above all othera. Their peculiar light, goaaamer, and ventilating character, their being ahaped etactly aa the natural hair gmwa; their elasticity and their aupenor tnatriul and workinauahy, a? well aa their atyle ol Ihuah andnramtigement, all combine to form inch perfect hetilt of hair, that in y mnat he men to he fully appreciated. I'irtira having a niece of hair of a living or drcaaaed friend, can gel it formed liy him iutoany deaign the mind c?u conceive In audi a Inrm it will b? a keepaake invaluable. Gratui'.oua advice given on all diaeaaea connected with the hair, at the Hair Catting Hnnina. 116 BROADWAY, cor of Liberty atreet, jylJSin" Up Buira. TO HOI M RING'S YERI3ENA CREAM. TMHS Celebrated dliaviug Coini>ouiid ia now all the rage, at 1 well among tonaori.m prnfoaann, a? among thos. who prefer ta gat", r in i nr own diurn d crnpa The improvement recently mole in its inaunfacture placet the Veiln na Creain above competition. The aubacriber having purchaaed the copy right, premnta it to the public with an rleganl new lalf I, ana iruiranteea thai lot eaae in ihaving it can be arjualh d only by a Wall itrref broker, ihe Cream ihuii iiiiii the advantage ol itviug belter aariefaction to tlx party by llic operation, ami Una pa-akin* from eiperlmce. Toprerrnl imposition by the apurinu* article* now in lb* market, tin- direction* fur mi< will have the written *i*natur* of t he proprietor, ami* other twin? gemote, r or *alo wholesale and retail at 100 Neman at. H. giVtLAIH. IWrtcWr N. B.?Ala # for sale, Km*'- Mmr of C1 fr< Nel?on ? t* tract of Saraaparilla, Dr. Browihr'* Compound hympof Indian Tninip, lie. " Im m HKNKV SCOT r, No 117 Walirar.N. 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