Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 5, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 5, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?No. SO? ? Whali No. 3157. f'OK SKW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA ANU NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS. ijsify 4^ Ko^h^bctter accoiiimouanoiw)! ?hlp|>er?, it U drtpatch a .hip from this port on the l?t. 5th, 10th, 15th, SOth, and 25th ot each mouth, commencing the 10th October aiid coutinuing "mil May, when regular day. will be appointed lor the reinaiuder ol' the year, wlieroby grvat delay, and d >*(>1K'1 will he prevented during the ^ummer inon'ha. The lollowiug ahip. will rommeuce thi. arrangement: Snip \ AZOO, Taiitam Cornell. Slop Ol ONEE, Captain Jachjou, Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard, fee Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt. Ship SHAK3PEARE. Captain Miner. Slop tiASTON. Captain Latham Ship Hl'NTSVlLLE. Captain Mnmford. Slop OCMUI.UEE, Caiaain Lravitt. Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Dickiuaun. Ship MEM THIS, Captain Knight. Slop LOUISA. Captain Mulfonl. These ships were all built in the city of New York, eipreiafor packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been , wly coppered nnd put in splendid oniervw ith accommodations lor i^asseiiKers unei|W.illed for comfort. They are commanded ?y experience!! nMurJ? **"" TJ"' u"?*c y.ery cicniau iu (lit Seneral satisfaction.. The) will at ail time* be towed up and own the Mississippi by attain boats. Neither lis** owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for ?ny Is tleri, parcel or isickage, sent by or put on board ol them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and die value thereon expressed. K?r freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS St CO., VS South St., or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to tlieir address. The snip* of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. m4 tftjjv PAH^AOhrVRONlAND REMrffikScE TOORCAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. THE subscribers continue to make arrangement to bring out luiseiik'i rs l oin the old country, by shi|is ol the lirsl class, all American, built,and commauded by meo long and favorably known in the trade. The vessels composing this line sail weekly from Liverpool, consequently all unnecessary delay to passengers is avoided. Persons ab< ui to make engagements for frienda to emigrate the ensuing teasou, will study their own interest, and the infiest and comfort of their friends,by making such engagements with the subscribers, as no expeiise or pains are spared to earn that preference which has for many years been extended to hem. As has al kvs been customary with this line, when the parties settle for decline coming out, the passage money is promptly re undjJ to those from whom it was received, with out deduction. A free passage |ier steamboat from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liveri>ool, can likewise be secured. For further paruculsrs apply to SAMTJEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Orfice, 273 Pearl St., Orto C. ORIMSHAW it UO. 10 Ooiee Piazzas, Liverjiool. Drafts and Exchange at sight, and lor any amount, are also furnished mi R. C. Glyu k Co., Bankers, London, C (Jriinshaw at Co., Cuerpoo'; the Northern Banking Co. nd National Bank of Ireland. National Bang ot Bcoti.iuu, payable at their NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Athlone, Duugarvcn, New Ron, Billiiia, Ennis, Roscommon Ballinasloe Enniscorthy Roi ret fielfut Fermoy Sligo Boyle Gtlawsy Tallow Carrick on-Suir Kilkenny Tliuries Casliel Kilrush Tipperary Castle ear Litnerick Tmlee Ca.llereigh Long'ord Tuam Charlevillc, Loughrea Watcrford Milchellslowu Wrsporl Cork Moute Wexford Dublin Nrnage NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY. Belfast Lurgen N T Limer&ry Derry Armagh Ballemena l)ow n patrifk Maghcrafrlt Clones Lisburn Coleraine NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND. EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwall Anstrnther Galagheds Langholm Andrie Glasgow Leith Baotf Grentown Lewick B ithgate Harwich Montrose Burutitland Inverness Nairn Castle Douglas Inveraryr Oban Dalkeith Inveakeithing Portree Dingwell Jebugh Perth Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee K Ison Stouaway Falkirk Kirk ably Stormueu Foirest Apply as above. ?9 1in*r OLL) LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. *jfjy T^HE OLI^LInE ofPackeUior Liverpool will Hereafter he A despatched ill the following order, excepting that when the dny of sailing falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, ( June 1 July IS 616 tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D.G.Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 7S0 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. (Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD. (July 1 Aug 19 900 tons, (Nov 1 Dec 19 J.Rathbone, (March 1 Apnl 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, ( Nov 19 Jan 7 K. G. Marshall/Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 SepC 19 618 tons. ( Dec 1 Jau 19 A. B. Lowber.r April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK. Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tone, Dec 19 Peb 7 T. B. Cropper.! Apnl 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE. (Sept 1 Oct 17 850 tens. \Jan 1 1? W. C Barstow.l May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS. ^Sept 19 &0? ! onA / Ian 10 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. | May 19 Ju|y 7 Punettiality, u legards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at Ooe Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores ofeverv description will he provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be lurnished by the stewards. GOODHUE fc CO., 61 South st., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Butling-slip, N. Y. jc24 lvh BARINO BROTHERS It COu Lf>ool. NEW VORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR-COM MERCIAL LINE OK PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. STREET. The subscriber in announcing his arrangements for the year 1842, ap|wars belb|>e his friends with sentiments of siucere resKict for the able support lie has received for many years |?st.? e likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to semi for their friends residing in England, Ireland. Scotland and Wales; that they ran at all times be accommodated by this line, h wrrkl> opportunities from LilHfodL as w ell as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and I com Liver|K>ol on the 1st, 7lh, 13th, lttlh and 2Jlh of each month throughout the year. It has always beeu the study of the suhscricer to have the emigrants shown ciuility, and despatched without di lay, and shose who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due anddiligetilatteution will be given by the Liverpool agents to those sent for,as well as all wno may embark with them, and should any of those whose passage has been paid not em>ark, the mouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscribe! feels a pleasure in making known the differ ent shies by, which his passengers came out during the last year, which has giv-'n general satisfaction, and that he baa conaideranly extended and concluded hiaarraugemruta for the year 1842 The following is a list ol ships Shifts Scotland. Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Fait field, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, Speare. Russell Onover, Howea. Wales, Watts. Hibernia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Cheever. Osceola, Child*. Clifton, lugersoll. St. Cloud. Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. Sobieskie.Emerson. Warsaw Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. I'anthea, Gooilmanson. Robert Isaacs, Tnieman. Viiyinia, Eaton. Europe, Balcheldor. S. Jenkins, Seymour. A free passage from the different ports of Ireland and Scot land can also be secured, and dralta furnished for any amount, payable at tire National and Provincial Brisks of Ireland and t heir rei|iective branches, and alio on Messrs. J. St W. Robinson, Liverpool, which are paid free o^ any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For further larticulars vpply to JOHN HERDMAN, tl Soulh atreet or J. St W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Piazzas,and au!6 _ No. I Neptune *u. Waterloo Duck. Liverpool. ^^^^^^RSEli^^^^^The undeiuisuttotied ahiiis ?ill be icgularly diaivatched Irom hence and from Mar- a eilles on the 1st of each mouth during the year, thos? , ^ n From New Yotk. Ma seilles. | i.i ?|n Drown, INOT I. Jan i H'MY TH0MpfcUN, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 COUKIkK, Capt Dugau, Jin 1. Marl TRESCOTT, Capt Lawieuce, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adama, Marl. May 1 CORIOLANuS, Cap Hailr, Apl 1. Jua I They a.e ail c irprre. and cop par fastened,and hare eacellent accommodations for passcngera. The price of cabin passage will be (100, exclusive of w.nea and liquor*. Good, addressed to BOYD Ic HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other t hai no than their actually paid. For or i>aaiage apply io O. BROOM h CO., or to nWr BuYD He HINCKEN. Agents NEW LINE OF 1.1 VF.RPOOL PACKET*. Ta New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the ljth uf socK manl*. M m & banal New Yoaa. Ship GARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. Ship Host IL'S, Captain John Collin*, 25th November. Ship SIDDONS Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Di|>ey?ter, 25th January. KnnM LivearnoL. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, lJth October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeytler, 13th Novem'r. Sjiup GAHIUCK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 13th December. Ship ROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, 13th January. Theae ships arc all ol die lirat claaa, npwarda of 1(100 ton*, bnilt in die city of New York, with atich iin|troremenu aa combine areat apecd with unuaual comfnit for passengers. Every care hai Itcen taken in the arrangement of their accommodation. The puce of passage hence la (100, for which ample stores w ill be provided. Tlieae sliipa are commanded by experienced maatera, who will make every etemnn to give general eatufar Neither tbo captaina or owner* of the ahipa will be reapanaikle for any Irttera, parcels or packages tent by them, unleaa regular b 'Is ol lading are aigned therefor. For freight or passage, apply *i E K. COI.LINS it CO., 56 South at., New York, or to WM. <t IAS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the paeketa will 1* cl arged I2S ceiita pet sincle sheet: f.O cent* |ier ounce, and iiew?|?tpera 1 Cent each. ul FOR NEW ORLEANS?Packet of the lilli Nolhe packri ?Sip HKLAH, C** ill be drRetched a* uboTO, her regular day. For |tu..g.',naving eacellent accommodations for cabin, second cahi.i ami ale.rage Apply on board th? ?hi>?t Murray^s wharf orto JOHN HKKOMAN, u3ee 61 South struct. E NE NEW H" TI.MKS.-Thf only reason lint A. KNOX at i O. c?n assign for selling >? msny boon sud shoes it the Clinton Boot anil Shoo Market, 2(M Canal street, oorthe-si corner of Hudtnu street?when almost every body complains of hard Umra, i?, that they keep irooda of tbr best quality, and sell tie in at prices to auit the timet, audit tei ma as il aluioat every body had found litis out. If auy who read tint thould uot Vet hare found out the ttore, the aooner they come aud try the tooiir ihey will reap the advau agi Almost auythiug thai is wanted lu the boot and tlioe line, ol any site, color or quality, can be found here cheap. Qd im'in A KNOX He CO. 204 Canal ttreet. Jkd DtlKss BOLTS?Latest ciench Style.?the tubscriber retyectlully luvilet Pur cilrxeus of New York, and a Iran* era ritiduk the call at 114 ration ttrret and examine a larite assortment ol Drets Boots, inade in llie latest fashion, and of the finest French citf-skin. Gentlemen can have boots made to order iu the best manuei at (0,00 per pair, warranted equal to auy made at $7,30, and at the undersigned laktt drawing af lie feet and kee|?t lasts for etch customer he can ensure an eatv vet handiome hi. Cousiuuuy onnanu, rasntouuuie Boots, ttc. at the following UUceu pii, as ? lori sore noois. from $7.00 to 1.00 Double aoie " water-pruol 4.1*1 to 7,40 Call. Srest " 2.30 to 0.00 be il " " 5,1* to 5,74 Half Boots, 3,00 to 3,40 Shoes, a 1,40 to 240 Dancing i'umps and Slippers, tic., proportionality low. Terms,cish on delivery. JOHN L. WATKINS, tZ7 l?n*m 1M Fulton at, between Nassau and Dutch SELLING OKk AT WALKER'S.?4i0 prladies French gaiters, French and satin slipper* and buskin., 100 pr line cslf stitched t ools, tJ to $3 40 per pair, 300 pr call' arid line pegged boors, from $2 to 2 24 asd $2 40 per |>air, '200 pr ol boy's cotrae and line bonis, iroin $1 to $2 anil $2 40 p r auti misses boon, shoes ai.U husWius, from 4* to 6? and $i per |?r, 800 i r of VIMproof b ?ots, aoiCillil, 1 Mil* IIM N in aburidnice, tnrii's coar*e and (in- boots ? f all sort* ami ?ites, from $1 75 to *2, >H warranted. All the above goods 50 t>< r cl. the c.ieapest iu In city. Call aud ace for yourselves, Canal at, comer . I B.oadway, at oil lm*?c J. 8. WALKERS. CLINTON CHEAP Boot aim Shoe Mai art. 509 4MrUrr?u?ich. corner Spring at, ia the only place wile re can bo found oooti aui shoes to auit the liaie*. All thoae who wear oooca and rhoea will do well to (ire a c til. Ladiea' and Hisses buakiua from 3, I, S, 6, 7 and 8 shillings i*r pair; gentle menu' bo ta I nnn 12 shilling! to B4 per pair; Do ya' boota from 8 .hillings to $2 Ml per pan. All who wiau to aare 2u per ceut will give a call at llie cliutou Cheap Boot and !?hoe Nl uket, Vrj Gieeiiwi h corner Bpiiug street. o25 fin*r LADIES' BOOTS AND SHOES?Lockwoofl. 391 Broadway, keep' a fine assortment of la,lies' and childreu?r boota and ahoea, of the laleat American and European faaluoua. Ordera received by lite dozen from piacea of faahinuable resort. ul6cod*r TrYMNASruin SPARRING SCHOOL & PISTOL GALLERY. ME8SK8. HUDSON at OTTIGNON re peccfully inform the gentlemen ol New York, that their extensive rooms at ike corner of Broadway and Cnainoer. Jlreel, lor Sparriug, Oyrnua?tics and Pistol practice, are now open for the season. Numerous improve.neuu aud additions have been lately made * the U> million in, which will now be found in every respect enraolete and equal to any ocner iu thu country for athletic el eiara. Slurring taught on the moat approved principles. Gentlemen via it my the Pistol Gallery will be supolied with Pistols of a superior quality. Terms moderate. Gentlemen are invited to call at any time d iriiig the day o!6 Im'r SELF-COCKING PISTOLS BLUNT Ik SY.'IS, Importers and Manufacturers, No. 45 Chatham atreet. have ou hand a large assortment of the Six Barrel 8- If Revolving Bell Cocking Pocket Pistols. These pistols have the advantage over all others of the kind by the Impossibility of losing the caps, Che nipples being placed in a horizontal direction,aud there being no cock iu the way to prevent taking as correct sight as with the ordinary pistol or gun. The above pistols can be furnished lower than any others iu the market, at wholesale or retail. We hare as great a variety of other kinds of Pistols as cau be found, with Rifles, U. 8. .Maskets, for shipping and military; Prize Muskets, do; Fowling Pieces, single anddouble; extra large size double and single Guns for ducking, together with Powder, 8!iol, Flasks, Bags, Cat's, Locks, Barrels, fcc., lie., in 1 arge or small quantities. N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call and examine onr assortment before purchasing elsewhere. sg2m*r THE AMERICAN MACINTOSH PREJUDICE, or habit, make tome to prefer every thing loir mil. We ask such to make trial of our water-proof coala anil capra, and learu for oucr (*o far at leaalaa our Macintoshes are Concerned) that the only merit peculiar to the imported ever the Americau, is that they may have hunt; on a pet' in Chea|isule until they became rusty and out ol laihion, then shipiied 10 America to be sold at "good enough lor the market." Price of 111* American .Ylaciuioeh Irom ten dollars upwarda. HOAACE H. DAY, U MaiJeu Lane, al9 lis'r Successor to Rozbuiv ludia Hubber Co. TVAUSTARD FACTORY.-J COGSWELL haa removed d'A from 114 Allen to 127 Roosevelt street, second story of stole occupied by Mr. W. Po uti>s. colTee and spice dealer, whaie he is preiwred to furnish the article at short notice and liberal credit, put up in any style. H tela and lamilies supplied with an elegant article. Also, country mustard. o29 ImJ^r NEWLY INVENTED TRANSPOSING PIANO FORTES. NO. 343 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. '"PHE subscribers lespeclfully inform their friends and the f public in geucral, they ha>e just liuished a newly invented instrument called the Transposing Piano Forte, which they now introduce to the musical cominuuity. This luslruuseui lo-ins a beautiful, rich and new elterior. both in shape and neatness, bes'des a tone full, brilliant, and melodious. The great advantage derived from this new inven tiou, is thai music may be transposed iuto any key ,ie si red to suit the vocalists, or lor an accompaniment of auy oilier instrument, and therefore worthy the attention of the amateur as well as the ariial. A large assortment of Tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood and mahogany, 6 and 6>? octaves, with Freucli grand action, are also constantly kept on hand, all of which we respectfully sub mit to professors, amateurs, and tlm trade in general, at our wareruoms and manufactory, as above. N. it.?t'rano fortes tailed and repaired on the shortest notice. L1NDKLL, WENNERSTHOM it CO. s 29 lm*c ^ No. 343 Broadway. OAKERY, 40 Liapentrd street.? The subscriber respectfully O lutorms hit old friends and customers .bat he liis returned his old busiuess ol baking, and will be thaukful for their lav ora. II it ing taken the stand formerly occupied by O. W. MILLER, 4b Liapenard street, to celebrated lor good cake, and the subscriber having carried on the business a number ol years at the well known Knickerbocker Bakery, No. 19 William at., a favorite retort lor good crackeri and biscuits?he thinks ha has not loigotteu how to please the taste ol the public. JAMES TOMPSON. N.B.?Always on hand, fruit cake of all kiuds and prices? wedding cake of all sizes?pound case and sponge cike of all sizes?rusk, tea biscuit and bread every afternoon?biscuit and crackers fresh every morning. osO I in r YJTATCHES LOWER THAN EVER.-In couae-iuence v v of the (eduction ofdulirt by the late tariff, the subscriber is selling his stock of Oold and silver Levers, Am hor Escapement Lepine, and other Watches, ol new aud splendid I'rom former prices, being much lower than they can be bought for at any other place in the city. Gold W itches as low aa 10 to21 dollars each. Watches and Jeweliy exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good time or the money returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the best manner and warranted,at much less than the usual prices. O.C. ALLEN, Importer of W itches and Jewelry, olt lm*m Wholesale and Retail, 30 Wall St., np stairs "ClilNA, GLASS, AND EARTHENWARK" 8 ASTOK HOUSE. GMIENCH Porcelain Dinner Services, 115 pieces, 125 00 " White Granite, do do 112 do 13 00 Freuchor English Porcelain Tea Sets, 32 do 4 00 Dinner Dates. French Porcelain, per sozrn, 1 94 Do do Granite, bine or white, do 100 Sonp, do French Porcelain, do 2 Ou Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 00 TeaCnps and Saucers, (24 pieces) French Porcelain, 1 50 Egg Cups, do do 37 Glass. Cut Wines, per dozen, from I 50 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 Table Cptlebt Of the finest descriptions, ins-eta or dozens, at the lowprice of $12 the set. Just opened , a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B ? Agent for the sale of Simiwon's Ear Cornets, for the reliefol deafness. oil Ini* m AYDEN'S STEEL QUILLS-The subscribers nave lor sale, rome receuily impiovrd modifications of these excellent and i opular Pent. The " Reauy Writer" is nnanimonsly voted the King of Pens ?combining eminently flexibility and per.uai.ence. The " Dickens" is considered the best pen for the price in the ma?keL The " Union" cannot fail to suit every body, affording at I2hi cents a card (a> wholesale) six different varieties of Pens. The " New York" every merchant will luive in his counting room who has tned them. Together with the famous Double Patent and Combination arrel Pens, with many others, for sale by -he agrnu. oil I m re JAP HA YIJKV. 5 Datt at GUNS AND PISTOLS. fif>- EXCLUSIVELY.-CO J JOSEPH. 14 Maiden lane, up stain, importing agen 'for O the sale of English. German and French double and single aarxel Fowling and Ducking Guns, from the lowest to the finsat onalnirs ; rislols of every deacriptiou, for this and other markets, embracing one hundred different kinds, all of which he is now prepared to offer at the manufacturer's prices, being appointed agent for the largest houses in that line in Europe , which enables lorn to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous in making their purchases. jy27 3tn*r MADAME C09TELLO.?Female Periodical Pills guaranteed luevery ease where the monthly peiiods have become irregular from colds or other causes. Their certainty of action has long been acknnwleugrd by the medical profession, and hundreds that have uselessly tiiid various boasted lemei'i's?indt ed, so sure are thesr Pills in then effec's, that care is s"inetim, s necessary to their use; though I lie- contain no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advise givem gra'is t<i all llio'e who u(r thr Pills, by Madame Coatrllo, M Li?prnard (t, where (he Pills are (old genuine. Tries* $1 per boi. n( Im't Remittances to Ireland, iu. he.?Tim .nt>termr continues to u i?mil mo?1 m mi* mp ?>r mmII, to persons residing in Any part of Irel tnd. in the *arne mauner M he, and his predecessoi in binines*, nave done for the last thirty yeau, and more : also, to any part of EngUed, or Bent I and. Monev iemitted by letter (post paid) to thr subscriber, or persons fl y dt^iosit-d with him, with the name of the j?erson or persons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom u is to be sent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmit fed and mid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the sender. s2g im#r UKORUK McBRIDE, Jr..ttCcda -street ,tv.JERRAPlN LUNCH. ? tT u IHE AMERICAN MUSEUM Q OURMONDK' qui VIVE! THOUSANDS "LZl' lf00. S'S' .'*"er* or good far*, hare been lor *?!", * (offering (evere disappointmen' from the fVrL* 'd * "?!?? Clinch." The "fitful I"i?,wL h???vr' ???'. ?n<T .igaiu may 'hsy "feed r,'i?k h"?r ,t,tn,h* Joh.n Adam., of Knieke,booker memory, -hangs hn hat" Oo ai the Trmpin : alio thr proone or, one of the-meat little fellow. i? Ch'ri.^ndom, y'ciep. -r \i IT' I \ "IT?' "* ?* * "' 'fa re cormorant, in the T -irtle !HjO|i and .teak line , the mantle of 'Sandy ' haa fallen upon luhut t? perfection, in e.tirn, *n.f drinking may be again vuaiaiittrd at ihe Terrapin. A single look into the old 'lee Boi,' will appeaae thr hunger of him with the a hart par?e, anrl a taatr of the genuine at half the old prieea will uckir the palate of the irriett anchorite. t me ttrrru Turtle aemed np thu day, and eeery day dunng thcacaaon. olUm'tn " HAR "DEN ft CO.'S Eii.reaa Linra to Boston, Providence Hartford, New Havan, Bpmigtirl-i ami 1'hiladelplna, daily' harnden ft co., ntj> Imr F fH ' ' TMONZA.NI, V> Thompaon (treat, gives inatnietiou on ..lbs Flat* ftiin? 11} per guartai. (? )tn*r W YO YORK, SATURDAY MO] FENCING SALOON 6c SHOOTING GALLB&Y. KMKKS, 413 Brn4i!w.iy, entrance in Lu;?ruaiJ alreet. second door, lately from Earoj**, Professor of the art ol Kencuiw, gives iiiatrurtton* it< k'euciiig ; also in (he use ol the straight, crooked, am] I'urkish sword, huoliug kuife, miuket Uld IIIU'I , *MfF, rtl.l t \ CI V S'Kt 11* ??I V% r* 41IOI1S. (Jeiifleinru, lover* of tin* art, military olncer* ol the army , uavy, bic.. are respectfully invited to call and witness au cxhf biliou of hia skill iu thia useful and important art. A spacious double Shooting Gallery, itlutnin iled iu tfie evening, will alto he found with superior Swiss piatol* ?ahoot ing at i distance ol 210 yard* *tft3m*r ARdTNahY daily?Kpw tr uilimru in this rny I Vy are ?w?iv they can b am > goosi substantial Kng'ish Dinner, furnished with (hp best tlip market* ctn afford, B'er included, for 23 ci-uis. Diuut r on ublc at 2 o'clock. Chop* ui I Steak* at any hour. Cold Cut*, Ac. Bear iu mind, CHRISTIAN SON'S, (late Btoneall'.,) oU lni?r M Ann ?tr?rt. MACiNOLIA LUNCH. ~ CORNKR BROADWAY A CHAMBERS STRKKTThe Proprietor* of thi* w p|| known rr>taurat <le?irp to inform their frieud* and tlia public generally, that the araaon for shell li?h having commenced, lliey have made ariangemriit* for a constant supply ol" the finest the market affords?Mill Pond, Shrewsbury and all kinds, which lliey will serve up in eveiy style, and at a moment's notice. Steaks and every delic icy ol the sei.on may always be found here in every style desired by the lovers ol good things. Supper parties nitertaiued, and Meals sereed up at all hours. Oeullcuiru dining down town will Mild (his a desirable resort being within two minutes wall, ol the City Hill. The proprietors return their thanks Tor inn liberal patronage bestowed, and hope by attention In business thvy will merit a share of custom. CHICK Kill NO A C.VRLI SLK. s 23 lm*r NOTICE TO FlKE.iEN, AND all others desirons ol? keeping their Keel Dry and Warm ihr coming s-ajou. By ailing al ihe OLD KXCI.lJSlVK BOOT STORK, No. 1st Chatham street, they can be accoin nodated, as (he prourirtor has nn hand a full assortment of his well known WATKR PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on l.aud a lull supply of all other kiuda *f Boot* al prices to snit the times. Also?that invaluable aiticle Rogers' Meta'i Klastic Heel Boot can be obtained at the Old Kiclu.ive Bool Store, No, Itt Chatham xt. *2* lm*r ohotoN water. HANSON. WILCOCK a HANSON, Plnmhers. Brass Knuiidrrs, and Coppersmiths, next door to the Tabernacle, Nr> 338 Broadway, New York From long practical experience in business in this and other cities possessing Water Works, H W. A H. have conNdence in tluu assuring the public, that all o ders entrusted to tl>rm will be promptly executed, with a view to permanent sati?faclion,iD a woiktnrulike style, and of the best matenals. Their chirges will always be as moderate as can be reasonably affored by any crmprteut anil respccuMe concern Water pipes of every approved description, for intrnducin,? the Crot >n Water. Patent lead r>i|ies, cast iron. cotn|>osiiion and tinned pipes. Brass corks and water closeu, of their own suirerior manufacture. Hydra Is of Carolina red tuba, bath b ilets on the best Philsdelphi t plan, and other articles in the foregoing branches of business. olg lm*r SEGARS? SEGARiv THK following choice Segars are always on hand at HF.NRIQUES'9 HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8EOAR STORE. wholesale and retail, basement 51 William at. Kmridas, in half and quarter boxes Do. No. -, half and quarter boxes Norirxas, in quarter and eighth do Para Kegalos, in quarter do Regalita, of a su|>erior quality, in Vt> V and 1- 10th boxes Cotigresas, in quarter boxes Trabucaa, do do l.a Norma, do do La Eaperanxa, do do Tres Amigoa. in cartons of 20 each London Keyalias, in cartons of 40 each La Pruela, in quarter boxes nnisgan's spotted, in qnarter boxes Paneiilln's, do. of su|>erior quality Yngroe'hddd, do Drmoyas, do Materia, do Princi|>rs, of llie Kendon, Crux and Bans, all rut. to deb. Primaveras, in quarter boxes Alrai.xaa do Coustantias, do Bustamentas, do Esmero Regalias, do Imperial uo, inquarte oxes, a superior article. N. B.?Hotels and grocets plied on reasonable terms. ol4 lmb NEW STORE. Z^IOUTHOUY It NtVl R8 respectfully inrite their friends L1 and ttie public generally, to c.dl at 341 Broadway, and examine their assortment of LAMPS, CANDELABRA. GIRANDOLE. Ac. Silver, Plated and Britannia I Pare, Table Cutlery, and House-Furnithing Goods, of everr description, which they have just opened, and now offer ?u sale at pri es that cannot fail to satisfy puiclusers. Enjoying superior advantages in th>- selection ai d manufacture of their Lamps, Girandoles, Candi labra, Ac., C- A N. are enabled to offer them in great variety of i at'era and finish.suitable for churches, hotels, stores, dwellings and ateain or sailing packets. These last are a new and most desirable article, well wonhy the attention of owners and shipmasters. Aitention is particularly invited to the Solar Lamp, so justly cedebiated for its superior brilliaucy and -c This Lamp, as tested by accurate experi -.cuts, affords twice the light of an Astra', while it burns lor an equal number of hours at half the expense. COUTHOUY A NEVEllS will keep constantly on hand a complete assortment of the articles shove enumerated, and ho|-e by ihvir endeavors to meet the tastes and wishes of the public, to merit a favorable ?h rr of the patron*ue which is I now s for their establishment. oil Iwinftttwot*rc CORSETS-CORSETS. TU9T RECEIVED, at the New York CORSET WARE w HOUSE No. 441)4 1'earl street, a Urge assortment of FRENCH AND ENGLISH CORSETS, which wilt be aold at gn-atly reduced "rice., IVhoktule and Retail. N B.?Dealer, in Coraeta are invited to call, aa the whole atock ia newly imparted. 443)4 Pearl atreet, New York. o'O lm*m ENCONO.ViY AND RETRENCHMENT.?-Che",i^it Cash Tailoring Establishment in tlie city at RUSSELL, PATRICK k CO.'S 396 Pearl atreet. Frock and Drea. Coata made to order, at from (11 to (16; beaver Ovyi oau, in R;at rate style, $lil to $14; slid eveiy other article orclothing rijnaly cheat. O-ntlemen finding their ow i cloth can have their clothes made up, and a good fit warranted, at the following once, (every article warranted); Dress and Frock Coata made atd trimmed, from $4 50 to $7 Pail's, 1 26 to 2 Vests, " 11 11 I 00 to 2 N B?Naval and Military outfits cheap, and promptly rxecu'ed. oH lm*ec C'TftANITE.?The Staten Island Granite Quarry bemg now vJ in full operation .will supply Orauite of any dimensions, either cut or rough. Building stones either for blocs of rouble woik, ashler, sills, and Itn'els, steps and platforms, will be delivered at shortest notice, Keutledge for ships, and shingle ballast or smaller atones will be delivered on board any vcs-el in N-?w York harbor at tne lowest isles. Vessels cau load with great dispatch at the wharf on Staten Island, where 14 feet depth of water ia had. The railroad being in good order, the ears are laden and brought abreast of the shipping. No danger from ice during the winter nrontha. For further information apply to LEWIS GIBSON. Agent, At the Granite Wharf, Slateu la'and, or to the Office of the Com|.uiy,10U Pine ?t,cor of South,up stairs o28 r S E. GLOVER, President. DAILY EXPRESS LINES FOR ALBANY, UTICA, L> BUFFALO. CHICAOO AND CANADA.?The subscribers having beeu eiigtged for the laal twelve months running the Albany aud Buffalo Lipr-?a, in connection wit., Hariiden k Co.'s New York and Albany Line, have recently eiteiided then Express Liue I rum Buffalo to Albany, tlirougb to this city ou their own account, will receive and forward DalLT, (Sundays excepted,) Specie, Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bundles, aud Cases of Goods, to and fiom the following places, vix. Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracnse, Auburn, Ithiea. Geneva, CanxniUigua, Rochester, Batavia, Lock|iort, Buffalo, CleveIan I, Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate places. Also, Uawago, Sacketta Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Canada. Will nromptly attend to the collection and payments ol hills, notes, drafts aud accnnui., purchase and sale ol goods and pioduce Dy sample, and such other tranacient business aa may be culrusted< to their care. Each Express will be accompanied by a competent messenger, together with responsible agents in the principal towns upon the route. Merchauls and others may be assured that returns will be in this mauutr received moic speedily than iu any other possible way. N. B.?Special Kipresses mn to any port of the country at hurt notice, and upon reasonable lerina. IS r POMfcHOY h CO. No. 2 Wall str?et U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pi "ST OFFICE, New York, 2Jtli July, IM2. LTOlTRSof Delivery rach day, (Sundays eicepted) at the ai Upper and Lower Pott Offices:? Letters deposited before Half-past I o'clock, A Ml II " " 3 " P M Will be tent oat for deAt all the Stations before livery ?t f A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. II " I " r M Letter! to be tent Free, matt hate "Free Stamp" affiled to them, otherwise three Cents will be col.ected of the party to whom th< letter is addressed. No money mu.t be enclosed in letters unless re istsred at t te principal offices. Lists nt the tiaiiont (at all of winch "free stamps" may be purchased at 12,5d per 100, and every information may he obtained on apItlicaiMin at the upper or lower post offices. Sum)* issued by the late CityDespnteh Post will be received. Il it indisputable | that the numlter of the n sideuce should be staled in ail lett- r? 2 set. i through this Post. The Tost M.ister solicits the earliest iniornutlnn should any irregularit'st occur. JOHN LOKI.vlER UHAHAM aa2( ly ec Post Master. E. W. NANCE, EXCHANGE BROKER, .23 Im't No 2 CAMP STREET. new ORLEANS. ACAKD.-I have often been informed by friends that some persons, as well in my line of holiness as out of it, jealont of the access I meet with,have directly and indirectly asserted that I was manufartnrim mv well known La Norma brand, as well as other Havana ami Principe Defso in this country, and making other similar hiutt, I herewith del I are such assertions mean fa sehoods, and sorli individuals worse than highway robber*. M. KAUKH. 4t i;halWam street New York. Hept. 2?. IIM2 sSR lm*? JTOUSK FtTKNlfcRTSM WARfcHflUwii.-tVuKAM k ^ IIAUGHVVOOt. Ail Broadw*yf mkmf^tnrtri, Aifenta and Commission .Merchants, ha*e just received and are now opening a new and splendid assortment of the fellow iog arti cits, Til Silvered, Gilt and Bronte Oa Chandaliers, 6 to 20 light*. Do Candle do 4 to 24 " Do CandU Bracket*, I to 5 *' Do Gas Brackets, f 3 M Do (iu rviatuel Lsif he*, J to 1 11 DO GiriUttUKI, J t* ' *' Canon-bras, i ivi' M .tii.Ai l. iinm Halt I ffiitii a mnA l.mntmrnm I kc. A new article ol Molar L>m(\ a very anrenor article. Alto a nr? article of Deflecler lor improving ihe light of the old pslternnf Aatral Lamp. Alto a new tlylr of Florentine B'oiiic, color immovable. Together wilhevery variety "f Lampe and Chandeliers, for churches, halls and public i/tiildingt. Was*. Batkels, Castors, Trays, Toast Kicks, Candlesticks. Napkin Kings, Boiler Teliv bullet and Kruil Knives, MuufTeia ami Triys, I'nffre and Tea Urns, kr. Kine Table Cutlery, in tells ami dote us; Japanned Tea Trays, in greet rarity of patterns aud fount; line cut gl ist Bowls, Pitchers, Tumblers. D.slies, Oohlels, Decanters, Water Bot lies, Sugars, he. Itc. W. It H. beg respectfully to infoim their friends, customers, sud the public (enerslly, that their arrangements wr.h the minufsctur rs are such that they can sell all articles in their line at remaikably low prices; and res|*ctfully invite them to call and see their show rooms which aione is sufficient te rompsii Me for ike trouble ? Jtnrt >RK I ftNING, NOVEMBER 5. 1 NEW STOVE. SHEPAttD'S PATENT REVERBEitATOR. THK subscribers offer tint ilay to the public, (tie office and |iarlorsir~ of tin? u. w tud spl 'udid imIoiI tlovi- We ask all in * ill uf stoves to call and examine it. It i? by fax, the most efficient aud tco. omiral stove offered for a number of Years, aud liaa the approve1 of all who have seen it, and bids fair to take the lead of all oihera. Larger aire* will be in readme** in the course af a lew days. In the mean time, the primeii le of the atove, can be aeeu fully developed in the lilt exhibited. SHE''AKD V CO. Notl'a Stove Warehouse, No Mi Water street. N. B.?A splendid astortineiit of Nott'a K idiator Stove, the only stove in the in irket suitable for w inning dwellings, churches, hotel*, |iublir bmldniKt, Ike. A two story house can l.'e warmed with three ton* of coal, less than ouc urate will consume. Drums for parlors and halls, in style aud variety unequalled in the city. Also the best w md cook stove ever offered *2"? |m"ec STOVE-!?S i'UVES. BACKUS' PATE ST HA RE FIE R, OR FRUGA I* HOKSEWARMER. rPUE Pioptietor, in ndVriiig this valuable stove to the public, 1 would briefly itate some of the advantages of heir improve uiciit, which consist chiefly in tlw following particulars, via:? 1?To obviate tin evil of im- J?To be cabbie ol affordoure noxious cas in the uig a mild or an intense heat, bnminc of anthracite coal. r,?To avoid alt inrnv#ni*nc? 2?To srurnte and diffuse (rum dim. a warm aud wholesome at- 7?To preserve the air of the tnoaphere lu places espoacd to apartment |>ure and wholeiauip aud cold. some. 1?To leaaou the ri?k of acci- 8?And to unite with all i nt lay fire. those excellent qualities. an ?To he quickly kindled elegant and durable article ol tm easily manured. luriiliure. . hu Hwe is conatructed of the Mil quality of Knssiasheet in] , ujHin tie- cylindrical plan?the furnace or lire-ihainbei oec i-y i uu a part ofthe coal re cylinder, to winch ia attached an | tun pherio II other U[?iii side, of a tubular form, and lined tnroruhout. The he,' that is created in the chainbei passe b -tweeu the limuu* of the two rare.irrs (or radiators as they e called] into the baae at the iM'toin, aud a current of air continually rishuut ihrouuh the tuoca, wmch are led open at eai h end for that i?jr|iose. carries a ureal arnouut of rarened or warm air iuta the apartment. The parity and sid'tneia of the air in a room heated by thia ?to?e are |>eculiar aud remarkable, the heat beliiu diffused (loin a urrat extern of surface moderately heated. The heated air, on S liter,u; ihe winiri or sldea of the store,descends aud spreads over the entire surface of the baae at ilia bottom, keeping ihe colder portion or the air next the lloor in constant circulation? iu the weantiui'' preserving it aiitirtly froui contamination, rcaderiuu tins Stove io-rfcclly safe and agreeable lor apartmcuts of invalids, sleeping rooms, 8tc. Manufac nred by J. St K. BACKUS, M Uowery, S. V. N. B. A new article of air liuht Uovn, wit.'i raribers ; also the now kitchen companion coiik stove, warranted equal to utiy id use iu this city. s?7 lin in NOTT'S 8 T O V E S DEPAIKI" 0 v KICIIAHD AYLIFFE, established nine TV years at 8t> I stliani street. New York. H A. has Nott's and other Store .which In- can sell at a very reduced price Stoves and pipe | u' up at tile ahoriest nonce. N. B.?'hi? uitly on liaod. slT lm*v fj EFOKM YOUH STOVE BILLS ?Economy ami utility IV being the order of tile day, ihe subscr-bcr Ins determined to sell St yes at the lowest possible ri-muneratinu prices; his Column Parlor Slove, answering all the purposes of the urate, with half the trouble aud exiientc, suitable for sitting rooms, offices, stores, or halls, is worthy Hie aiteutiou of persous wishiuu lo purchase. Ilia aasoriinent of cooking Stoves are not surpassed ill the city, for cheapness ,ud sujwrior style of co nrructieo, combining all the requisites for kitchen use, and a ureal saviuu of fuel, which is an item many persons overlook iu selecting stoves. He solicits housekeeper* and others to (ire him a call at the office of the Warren Furnace Company, No. 12 Fulton street, N. V., before purchasiuu elsewhere. As thiseompiuy inxnuficiure their stoves, purchasers will not be suujectrd to a tax by buying from second hands. Their xsiortment consists of air-tighC cooking and parlor Stoves, Pumps, Iron Furnarei, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet Irou Ware, 8tc., wholesale aud retail. Orders for castings solicited. J. V. TlBBEYTS. o!6 lin'ec 22 Fulton street, N. Y. ESl'Y'S PATENT COMICAL V ENT1LATOK. rTHIH cheap, simple and i llicit lit .lppsr.suit is adapte t to all I puriMMti of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, v..notches, Hospitals, Prisons, Mine*, Vaults, fcc. he. may b' ita applies tion be kept free from ell air and unwholesc me effluvia; it it alao an effectual cure for Smoky Ctumuice. The subscriber bavitiK purchased tho ri a hi far the City and County of New York, is prepared to aipply the public with Conea on demand. Metal Roottiug of all deacriptiona lurniahed in any part of the conutrv. Croton Water Pipes and Plamoera' Work in geueral. Also, Galvanized Iron and Tin Ware at wholesale. Stovepipes, bath tuba, coal hods, Uc at prices greatly reduced. All work warranted, ru 1 orders by letter attended to. P. SUMNER, s25 3m*m 1M Water street. STOVES?OVENS. rPHE largest aasortiueut of Stoves of any house lu New * York.?Their newly luveuted Parlor Stove needs but to be seen to be universally adopted. Its immense radiating surfs e eiceeds that ol anv other *to' e now 1.1 u?e?exhibits more lire, with the conaiim|<tiou of less luel, than any former iiivrntiou. It alao discharges its own ashes by a simple process, witliout soiling or lodgiug its dust ou tlic furuituie of the room in which it is used. It will be luuuo the clie ipeal and most economical Stove ever brought before the public. Ala , Cook St >ves, new, air ligh'. he. in all varieties, from three itollars upward i Every article w irraoted. HILEY'S PATENT BOlLEH AND IRON HEARTH is an admirable article?they can be titled la any stove now in , use, and of in,- pmlu ,1 value iu broiling steaks, toasliug bread, an i also in healing iron-, f-r ironing clothes. Riley ta the inventor and sole patentee. o>l Im'r RiLEY k MYERS. 11 Bowery. FISK'S PATENT NOVELTY COOK STOVE. 'PHIS Stove was pronounced last year, and is this, by all A who have it, to be uot oulv the best ever luvrupd, but the only ctlove they ever hid by which baking, boiling, and masting, could be done perfectly, and at the same time. This year the improvement lias been such, that doubl. the amount of cooking au be done, (and that too to perfection) than upon any other Stove of the same size; for proof of which, you havs oulv to call at Fisk's 8i.ove Establish Heal, 209 Water street, where any quantity of references will be given?and further, every; Stove warranted, or the money refunded. Kirk's Rfiulating Premium Drum for parlors, Hall Drums, and hall, psrlor, and office stoves, and all the ordinary cooking stovea. f r sale cheap FISK'S Stove Eslab'islimrut, 209 Water atrret. The above stove, and also the regulating drum, cau now be tern at the Fair ; but those d,airing stovea, are requested to call at the establishment, where they can ezamiue them to better advantage, 209 Water street. ol6 lin*ec L. WOOD'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HALL STOVES. i '"PHIS it one Of tM most valuablr invention* * ? offemi to ' the publ c in the stOTf int. an ? i? the mo?r perfect article extant, for the use of all k?n?fs of coa or VIM, in kalUMj I aiartme-itJ. It has no less th.i n four radiator* an?i two descend i uie llufs, *0 iffaMNl that ihe Md<??tor* air plicad bi tviei t w ) fires, ami cause all the heat generated t?- he distnbuied into tM 4}>ti\inem ; while in oine stoves a large nonion of the heat it carried off in the pipe. One peck f coal in stove will yield more than bushel in the best si.) now before the publtc ; while you have the advantage of an open fire ot apl?a* did grate at pleasure It i? allowed by all who have examined it to be the most per feet combination UtllitT UN maim-nt ever brought forward; hut to be fully appreciated, if needs only to he sen and etarnin* r<L and all in want of a uperior article for nratinf par |ora,hails offici i, nurseries, Ike. nre inv.ted to call. Prices are suited to the times. Also on hand I f ui? t "I aher ItOfll, suitable for all purposes, which will be so.d verv low. L. WOOD, 237 Water street, between o21 lm*r P?ck slip and B -rkinaii stn ?t. nrt~nrT"~rronr MANUFACTURED FROM LADIES' AND GENTLE MEN'S HAIR. OT lea# th.n two inchei long, iu one hundred different de* k* sign.?, Br.celrca, Watch guards, Ear-rings, Flowers, Runt.. Wig. ami Scalp*. A C BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. Still .land imr-.iniii.nt above *11 other.. Their peculiar light, gossamer, .nil irnuUtliig character, their being shaped el.ctly .. the natural h.ii grows; their e utieity .ml their .uperior tuateri.l *ud workman.hi ?, as well as their tlyle ol limit) md ar.1 range mi nt, all combine to form such perfect head, of hair, that they mutt be .cento be fully appreciated. fartie. having a piece of hair of a llriug or deceased friend, can get it fm nieil by him into any draign the tniud can conceive. In such a form It will he a keepsake invaluable. Giatuitoua advice given on all diseases counecteJ with the heir, at the Heir Cutting Knomi, 116 BROADWAY, cor of Liberty street, jyli tin' Up Slain. T OH O ! ! RING'S YERBENA CREAM. '"PHIS Celebrated Shaving Coiniiouud i. now all the rage, u 1 well amonv lonaorian omfea.or., as among (bote who pre* fer te gatorriu their own diurn I crop* The improvement recently m.dc in its inaunfacture place* the Verbena Cream above competition. The subscriber having purchased the copy right, prv.ent* It to the laiblie with an elegant new lain I, and guarantee* that for ease in .haviug it can he e<|ualli d onl) oy a Wall street broker, the Creain |viaaes>ing the advanugeol (iviug Inter M'i.laction to the |<arty by the oi>eralioii, and this speaking from experience. To liferent imposition by the tparintia article, now in t he market, the direction, for n.e will hare the written aignatnre of the pioprietor, none other being genuine. For .ale whole.sir and retail at too Nauan it. R. SINCLAIR. Proprietor N. B ? Also 'or tale, Riug'a Eluir of Life, Nelson's K* tract of Saraapanlla, Dr. Browder'a Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip. He. ol lm*m DA(J~CA"RPlCfr RAO CXRPFT AND LIST.?The rv olieaiw.t in ike rity?lino yaril. lor .lie, all nicely inixej and striped, wiih fait colon. Any penon in want of this ar uelr will do well to call and et.miue before they purcha.e, ai it will be told cheap for cash. Call at 216 Spring street, cornel of Orecnw icli. Also, tubs acd [ail., brooin., and all kind. of fnrniahing wan-, very low, tent to all parts ol the city free of charge, oil lm* ec J.JONES. A RICH TONED EIGHT SILVER kkiie " FLUTE. OECOND HAND?a rare and splendid inatrnment, will be " told cheap. Apply to T MONZANI, o7 lm*m V. i hompann street. T'O FAMILIES OOINU SOUTH, to~the West Inuiet or J Europe ?A respectable female, M yean of age, Wishes to obtain a perm.innt.ilnation a* .ram.trrta, in a genteel family. She would preler going to Europe, ^ct would areept of a good w.,v, |U uw.? ,, w ?.v lu,.,r., g in v (, 01 rcifreiicei gireo. Addicts A. A. A. boi 765, upper Pott oflicr, N. "oik. _ __ _ __ slfir TMPOHTA^T ANNOUNCEMENT.?Briggs k * bet 10 r?ll the attention of Die public ?o their improved method of water proofing by saturation. They render perfeerlv waterprcofall kindsof woollens, linens, co tons,calicoes,silks, fcc wiihout injury to either labric, color ot lustre. B. It P. having been awarded a diploma by the American Institute for their superior water proof article, ethibited at the fair have now commenced bo,ineaa under the firm of the New York Water Proof Establishment, 47 Christopher street. The anove style ia moch superior to any .Mackintosh ever yet offered to lha public, it being free from that unwholesome, unhealthy and uiaigrveable smell that every Mackintosh always h*s let II he got up in what arer style it may. No sooner does llie Mackintosh lose that injarieaa oder than it hero res a useless article. The above preparation does not am, II, and in al esses allows perspiration 10 evaporate frrelr. but still perfectly irnpeivinus to w.iter. S. k P. nsrli uUrly call the attention of the armv, navy, firemen, watchmen. Carmen, carriers, travellers, allots, and in short all who are rap sad to the Weather. B. u P. alto Water Pioof all kinds of nve r costs, pilot and beavor coita, pants, cloaks, or any kind of wearing apparel, wiihout injury (neither Instreor trimmings, howeser if'lirtte. If t|,e article has been a little wom water proofing completely morales th' ir fabrc, consequently ibis will be an act of tconomy and a great ta-ing to the wearer Any commumcallou or order forwarded to 47 Christopher stretr, N. V. will be punctually attended to. snd est ry article will be done wrtli tht> greatest care and facility. The only warranted place of the kind in the United States. otl?*r i IE It A 842. Hfau too. [Correspondence ot the Herald.] Crrv ok N*i;vo>, Oct. 22, 1842 Afairt uimi\{ the M>rmins ? T.f Prtphtt't Ciute ?llu Uiuppuraue?Euvm S.nitli?Diuiiieu? AmitMmi itts? Young f. i itrs ol ATiui'oo?Medi< iU. James Gordon Uen.neit, E.L.I) Hear 8ir The representatives of two great nations have effected a treaty?Lord Asliburton has returned to his dear old England?all is peace?all is harmony.? Trie comity of nations remains unviolated, and the text of Y'altel and PuHVndorf have, we hope, been strictly adherred to. 11, in doing honor to her Majesty's Ambuss idor, dishouor has been done to out President, we, of the far west, should regret it very much, if we could believe that the actors at the A ?(i ikiirtiisi ilniricr ir.ih mtAnitilMiljl 1)1 AilifritMII gentlemen, possessed ol American feeling. Ad it is, we can suppress our reseat.iieui and be sattslied With the explanation ot a wag, wao s 1 id, tlie rnuson ttie toast to Hie President WdsUranu silling jwns tiidt the couip uiy were not able to stand. Wlute the peace ot the uauoa remains undisturbed, there stm i. questions 01 a perplexing cuaracter art tug between lae estates. i'ae I 'ousUlu liou ol ilie United .Sidles declares tnal a person cuarged in any State wua felony or utaer crime, snail tlee trom justice and lie tuund m anmuer Std e snn.l, oil Ue.iidial o| ih.' incentive autaority ol lae owtc Iroui winch ne thd, oe delivered up. Tuts being u pardinouul law must be compiled with according to ttie inteul and spirit ot tlie law. in tile History ot our government there has been two cases to my knowledge where the demand ot one Executive was re I used by aiiotner?the controversy between Virginia and New York, and the one between Georgia and Maine. In tnose cases the ground ot relusal was, that the offence charged was not punishable by auy law ot the Shale ol wlucn the person charged was a resident. At does not icquire the wisdom ol a Coke or a Mansfield to couceive a case where ihe refusal should be made ou ouier aiid t itiereni grounds, i'ne . ramers ot ttie cousliiulu n could not have intended that auy cnarge, made by u.iy vagrant, tor auy motive, wou d be sulhcieiil to justify one executive to demand au 1 miotic r to delivirup. They could only tiave 1111 ttie charge should ue made by a rcspon nne person, that he BuoUid have good cause lor believing wtial he swore to, mat lucre should be circumstances corroborating and strengtheiiiug his allegations,and ihe tact notoriously known that the person charged Had Hed trom ju tice. Now,sir, Joseph Smith is demanded by the Governor of Missouri; dial demand is predicated upon un uliidavit made by hilhurn W. Hoggs, alleging that one f. O. Rockwell commuted upon htm an assault with intent to kilt, on the night ot tne sixth ot iVlny last,and that Joseph chnuh was accessary beiore the tact, and that he, Joseph fcmuh, hud lied the justice of said State. Now it is a fact well known to thousands that he was here at home at the time specified m the affidavit and that he hus not been to Missouri tor two yeats. lie therelore could not have committed any crime ugdinst Hie 1HW8 01 Missouri, uui hum ae is u>'?>auucu? a writ 18 issued by Gov. Carun ol Illinois tor his arrest, and he is now humed us ttie tiger hunts his prey. The question u i ked by some, " It he is innocent, why uui give inm-cll up 1" The reply to that is, " iliat it be \\ ere to be ialien to Missouri, nis lite would be in dauger Irotii vio euce, Mot tbai ihe law would coudeinii In in when there? but that his old bitter enemies would visit upon Ins head the vengeance due to their own crimes." ll is said also by sonic, " Let hitn sulier the airest, und sue out a writ ol habeas corpus, und have the writ legally tested." Well, sup|K>sc he does, Hie question then arises, " Can he go behind the affidavit, and prove beyond the possibility ol a doubt the taliucy ol the charge 1" The law says, " on a writ ol habeas corpus, me legality ol the writ omy can be inquired into,aud not the guilt or innocence ol the prisoner." Now these are stern rules, and it there are no exceptions to these rules, then our laws are no belter adapted to our circumstances ina.ii the uucieullaws of the Medea and i'ersiaiis would be Suppose, sir, that Cook Bennett should be rode out ot New York on a rail and kicked over the Alleganies, und he should land in the State of Illinois, he would surely waul to punish somebody ; he then should sit down and make an affidavit, solemuly declaring that Col. Webb oflhe regular army did, ou a cerium day, m the. county of Hancock, and Male of Illinois, witn malice prepense, without having the fear of Cod belore his eyes, kill, destroy, and tuke the hfe of one Maria Alonk, a particular friend of the ?aid Cook Bennett, and that the said Col. Webb has fled theJUi,tice ?f the State. The affidavit is put into the hands ot Gov. Carlin?he makes a demand upon Gov. Seward for the fugitive from justice?Gov. Seward issues his warrant?the Colonel ja arrested for the murder of Maria Monk?the Colonel is a little frightened?" But ah aays he, " I will have a writ ol habeas corpus?I will prove an alibi"?the writ is issued?the prisoner brought before Judge Kent?the Judge examines the papers, knits his brows, commands silence, and asks the prisoner what he proposes to do : " I propose," says the Colonel, " to prove an alibi," and calls on a witness. " Stop, stop j silence !" roars out the court; " you can't go behind the record"?the Colonel is on his beam's end?he savu 44 Whv wKv mnv it nliMian the Court, I can prove that on the very day mentioned in the affidavit I was in the State of Delaware. along Naeman's Creek, shooting at Tom Marshall; I?I?I was wounded in the leg"?the Court decides the writ is legal and executed according to law, and commands the prisoner removed. Now, Sir, the case is a hypothetical one, but perfectly aaalogous to the one of Joseph Smith, and I do say that the doctrine of persoDnl security is all a farce; it only exists in the imagination, as long as such persons as Cook Dennett, Maria Monk, and J. M. Botts, are credited, and the stern indexible rules of law adhered to in such cases. The Prophet is absent at present on account of the oppressive arm of Missouri held in terrorum over his head. Mrs. Kmma, the highly giitrd and ac complished wife of the Pioohef, has been verv ill, hut is now convalescent; her returning health is hailed with unspeakabje joy by a very large circle of warm and admiring friends, arid he who is in exile must receive the unwelcome tidings with that feeling which cun be felt only by a iund and dusting husband. The weather is delightful, the atmosphere^iure and bracing; the ladies, Lord bless them, are enjoying the fine southern breeze, some on horseback, others in carriages, laughing and chattering slnng the street with all the appearance of unqualified happiness. The two Miss I n's very gracefully on horseback, which all would expect who had seen their syl|?h-like forms srid sweet animated countenances. I am told one ol them plays elegantly on the piano. I could not do justice to | the merits of many of our young ladies il I were to ? attempt if The mentioning of the names of some I must suffice. The amiable Miss M s. Miss W? ?y. Miss S??s, the Miss R s, all beautiful, interesting, and intelligent, prospects fair for the cand'dates lor matrimony?very fair for a new country. The emigrants are still coming in, and improvements going on with rapid strides The season has been quite a healthy one. Fevers have been somewhat prevalent, but very few that have proved fatal ? We have a physician here, a graduate of Dart mouth College, who, to use his own phrase, always straightens them out whenever he is call'd. It has been maliciously intimated that h- most possess magic, which renders him so successful. as he is never known to have any other d < I medicine hut calomel and Dover's powd' r- ; but I expert that is a libel on his medicine cIp a. a gkntji.k. Boston. [CorreiponUence ol' the Herald.] Boston, Nov. S, 1812. Bntineu?Slru mere? IVrbttcr? Ibcatricali?D\<rr<\tna ? Mrrmaidg Certain?Expedition to rat'h /Ave Mermaidt. Dear Sir :? Having a leisure half hour, I employ it, agreeable to promise, in dropping you a line, saying how we wag on in this peculiar city of notions. Of business I can say hut little, as there is hut little of it?the wholesale dealers arc doing next to nothing, and the retailers even worse than that. The dry goods people probably tare considerably the worst, inasmuch as the prr specta for the winter heir g so bad, the U- J boring class do not wish to sp.*nd their money for ^ finery for the back, when they may need it t? pro cure timber for the belly. ' The arrival of the Caledonia this morning created, as do the general arrivals of the steamer-, some |, little stir in Siate street an 1 in the immediate vicinity of the Post Office. Their arrivals, have now, v however, become an old story to the ma*soltlie (l people, -o that probably not one in a hundred o| t thein know or care when they come or go either ? % ? g??11 ll_ ? LD. Price Two Cent*. They will know lens uext spring, when the Cunard line runs to N'ew York, you will say -} but in that the Yankee* ft ill not agree wi'h you, lor they nay that Mich a story D all tog, and that the turt that the Havre line of French steamers is to make their depot at Boston, is good proof of it. The great Daniel left yesterday afternoon by the Stoning ton line of steamers for your city an Washington. I understand he intends to define his position at full length, ao of course your people will g t another speech out of him. He looks remarkably well and much less care worn thin when he was here last His lale snortinir errwHifinn i<i vtunoi Held has done In in good. Ainuseni-uts with us seem to be doing much better than anywhere else. The Treinont, ever since it opened, has been doing a cracking business.? Jones must certainly have put down a tolerable good bag ot money to meet rainy days. If he continues as he has begun he will intke a great season of it, and from present appearances he certainly will ; for the |>eop|e ?eein determined to patronize and swallow anything that comes out there. To give you an instance?he produced on Monday night a most diabolical nautical piece, entitled " Baltic of l.ake Erie," with Yankee Hill as the feature, and the people crowded ihe house both then and on last evening. Pelby, at the National, has brought out Norman Leslie, dramatised by Rufns Blake, in grand style, urid is doing a lair business with it. The Eagle is closed at present to enable the mechanics to enlarge and otherwise improve the house. In the meanwhile, the company are at Providence, and as 1 learn, doi g a goo I business Lewellen opened a small theatre, c tiled (he Apollo Saloon, about a fortnight since 11? played one week to little or notning, and on Monday last closed w ith the hills out announcing Abbott to play Claude Melnotte. Rumor says that the city warned 300 dollars fo a license, but Lewellen thinking it would not pay to give it,declined uud shut up shop The most quiet money maker of them all, is Kiinbill, with his beautiful museum During tin* summer, he has had a small host of artists and mechanics at work upon a grand dioramt of the Battle of Bunker liill, which about four weeks since he produced in a iriost perfect and snleudid manner. It is probably, the most finished mechanical exhibition ever brought out in this country, and will have an immense run here, and every where else where there is American blood At any rate, ihe museum is making a mint ol money out of it. The Mermaid, that wonder ol all wonders, has just left here for your city. During its engagement, thousands on thousands witnessed its exhibition ; we have had nothing here since Elssler, that has created so innch talk and exeiteinent. That if was actually taken at the Feme Islands, I suppose therj cann >t be a doubt, as 1 learn that one of the membersofthe Exploring Exhibition, while the fleet was there, saw and so ike to it, before it dird. It spoke Fejee, mixed with some English words, and it was called Peperonleplapanhcxtster. So much was said about the possibility ol its being a deception, that 1 procured one of our best -urgeoos to examine it, who gave it as his deliberate opinion, notwithstanding his preconceived notions .'.gainst the exi-tence of Mermaids, thai the animal must have lived as it is ; that it was a female, and has had 'hree young ones. Tins surgeon has engaged a pas-age to the Fejees to get a family alive. He thinks they would make good Mormons. But hs you have probably seen it, there is no need of my boring you or your readers with my nonsense any longer Ralph. Concord. [ CorreipouUeucc of the Herat J.) Concord, N. H., Oct. 30, 1842. Great Religious Revival in Concord? Elder Knapp ?Voct. Kirk?The JJevil Getting hit JJcserta. Gkn. Bennett :? Dear Sir:? Our usually quiet town litis been in (treat excitement for the last eight weeks. Elder Knapp, the great " Evangelist," urrived here ahout the middle of September, and gave notice that he should hold forth ut ihe Bap'tst Church. At first but tew persons attended his discours s, but gradually they increased, and when he had been here a fortnight, not a seat could he obtained in the house ft is success was nstonishtnv, when we consider how he was attacked at first by many of those who afterwards became his most ardent admirers. Ahout one hundred and twenty five have been taken into the Baptist Church, and the Methodists have added large numbers to their church. The interest on the subject of religion hHN a wakened the slumbering churches of the town, and now the Unitarians, Methodists, Baptists and Congreg.itioiiHhsts are all holding protracted meetings. Hev Mr Kirk, of Boston, arrived here on Friday, and bids fair to outstrip E der Knapp in the number of his converts. Such an interest on the subject of rel gion has never been experienced in this town, and when it will stop no one can tell. There is no news of interest here now, except that the General Court will meet here this week, for the puri?ose of revising the laws and choosing a U. S. Senator in place of Mr. Wilcox. If any thing of importance should occur, while the "collected wisdom" of the slate are together, you will hear from me again. County Court. Judge lliahoetl'er in the Chair. Nor. 4.?The trial of Justice 1'arker waa resumed ? Much of the acaaion waa occupied in argument on to the admiaaibility ol evidence. '1 he principal teatjmony waa that of Mr. John Sparka, a clerk in the Police oltice, w ho Mated that he brought from Blackweli'a faland to the Polipt> ottirc a lial of nampa hotulwl him ho tinebiu ? * the d?|iuty keepers, with a wi?h that tie men should be discharged, the season having anivsd in which they could get work. Mr- Uaowiv, principal keeper, itated that the dischargee were not for political purposes. A man named Enwsan Wsan was also sworn. He ia nn aged man, walks with a ciutch, and has a plaster on the hack of his head. He at first stated that he was sent to Black well's island at the end of April, alter the election, hut afterwards remarked that he was confused, and went on to state that he left the island in a boat w ith twenty or twenty-flee others, shout 9 o'clock on the evening previous >o the election, waa landed, with eight or ten more, near Catherine market, and, with them, carried to a cel. lar in Front street, where they had supper, drink, and lodging tor the mght. In the morning (not liking his cornpan , nor wishing to tie interrogated at ihr polls) he left and went to see his friendHe was not told -t the Island the re is n of his discharge, hut he surmised what it was to Iroin the general movement an ong the prison- rs and the running to get their clothes. There were a nun-her ol others w ailing ta he transjorted when he left. While coming down a young man w ho w as in charge of the boat addressed the p.isoners. The w itness was slopped by counsel for defence, and long argument took place as to the admission of such evidence. Messrs Bator and Loan contended that nothing hed t-een shewn, so far. to connect Justice Parker with the discharge ol the prisoners, but the contrary,w hile Messrs. O'Coissaa and PtTrraso-s urged the ron'rai y. Judge* L i iH'-rrn a and IuuatH ?sx and the Msroa were opposed to the admission ol declaiations, w hile Judge lis c,i.u thought it necessary in a case such as this The declsration was not allowed to be given by a tie votv?lOlo 10. Home other questions were nsked the witness, hut nothing material elicited. They had been an, plied with b er and brandy, and some of them become intoxicated. The Court adj >urned to Thursday newt, at 19 o'c-ock. t?-Q 000 Hl CH an r>, p vlnuiiy MB -r In- b-ru ff. r-d qpOjV'V/vy, tor luvrsimrnis. The 1-u.uirs- in cui-equ- ucv 1,1 th- US'u e lie e-u cannot i-iy I is than 00 r e nt t- t rspi al-nsestei ?$ 7,10" in-y o- n-imre-l. All ou r rhe SHOO I die ad er i-e wil faruish from his own pii air capital, rsunv but a it- tiilemau wh j nn c jtnpt-hnid ju 'ge udd. cds io n tier? inner than dry goods ,--d escbaiuts u ed answer this sdVertlsr-inent. Much i-nportanee will he attach* d lo a good fs low, as vse.l tt ibr capital, a> tlie busin-ss mav cause much intcrconre as well s< iiiuIimI Hit- rest for msnv years A note addrrsssd to "I urioas' with resl name, left at this oIKcr, will - eel attention. _______ nl lw*r LEECHES '. LEECHES!?The -ntisrribr r hav ng received m fresh ill -1 I!' ill s-Iih -i-ir Ha, I - III -. Il .,r ?IM ly (ham, on r-.onable t. rm >. All nnl fa promt* V [, tidvd to. lu ri,mm living in th* Country in?y d|.iidU|Oi Iioiok thrm I u u - in a * ay u> be *ai.|t eo'.Teyrd. /" h,.iri in* nod oth. r , tai.hii.g to havr lerchr* *|>|>*i?-?l in any part ol tl r city, by leaving a i?-u*r in any nl the p?nnv poat l? <> *, in ty r>ly upon liiving their rci|ue>t att mini lowithuld lay. Ltup; lUK coutiuiird a* n.ual. Mr*. K dm aftriida to bm ilM J. H. KOHi, 18 Ainity atrc. I, 111 If r lit door ah-vr tlrrana. L'llKV II AH I IK 11 III. KumKHd.i matp'i I lor fior iuU?BuUNtAHOBIKHK ACOUhT. I ? William at, lue^r-aor* (f Brunla lto.or?*l" h ju.t rvr. itrd hy thll??ie I'acVcti Bali mort iuJ Villi- di l.)0 a l.rgr aaaor'inrti t ol' tl >v> r., ol tin- latrat Pa man atytr. Mourning blown. a I* l)u. hraar D't'rfran*. I'orda and li n'i, and a put ? ,rt. ty ol m ? fancy aiticb . of toilet lor partita and ball*. * Thr No. lit, Wi I lain a.rnl u the t/iie and only depotof tin,a. *Ui?-riot ailii-lealr ui their manufactory HurdeTiacy, No. ? a Pi' it. _ Hlw't I ; 11K / A B l.K HI.At K-t [I'l'll'S t'UHUKB.? I he auor arribera, being 'he *ole A*c 'U for the Manufacturer* of Conckliu'a Pa'enl Portable P org* and Bellow*, beg l.avr to rail fh< atleniiou of the nu ilic to the above article. That they Save been called for .md introduced in nearly ^11 pirti of 'he United ia, we believe a sufficient evidenee of their utility*** convenience; bating portable ?n?l connect. gires I it-ir i fir the preference over the common F n ge lor Shitipinc if e%ery de?cri|?l?onf Kill Kiwda, Cno<ili, Plantation*. Menu irtorief and ?ll purposes for which the ordinary Forge in Mil. Thost manufactured for the U. 3. Nsvy are Wrought roa. We would refer those wishing to purchase 'o some few who in ?ecommend ihem trow personal as well as general know* dge, vi* 4 t'lmri'xlore, Na?> Yard, Portunouth, M. H.; Messrs. irr, Keiin \ H/in<i. P liFolelphi?. Il -n (Jovcrnier Kembte, ^esl Point K'Oindi >i?l '^i N. Y. Messrs. 8. B. Altaus* It < . 4M II ? ! o i y, N. V mil our city blacksmiths nerallr <#A% A itlAULT, *21 lm*rc cornet of Old slip and Water st.

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