Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.-?Ho. 307 ? WlMl? 81?s. FOR SEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OR PACKETS. Po^h^Suer ?ccoinmotfali!?^or*LI2 despatch aship fro in this port on the l?t, Sth, fOih, IJth. Wli,?w 2Stli ot r?ch month, commencing the Idtli October and eouansin? until May, when regular days will be apMMM fer Ow re naiuiirrof the year, whereby great delay a and will b< prevented during the jammer cuou'hs. Tire following ahlp? Will commence thu arrangement : Snip YAZOO. Captain Cornell, i Ship WONEfc, Captain Jackaon. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. r 8iii?. LOUIS VILLfc, Captain Hrtnt. h Ship SHAKSPEAAt,.Captain Miner. I Ship GASTON. Captain Laihant Slop HUNTSViLLETCaptain Mnmford. Ship OCMULOEE. Capuiu Leavitt. . Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Diekuwon. ? Ship MEMPHIS, Ca|Cain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Ca|>tain Mulfoid. r Theae ihipa were all bault in the city of New York, express 1 for packrta, are of light draft of water, hare recently been r wly coppered and put in splendid order,with accommodations lor pnasriigere unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded by experienced mastrra, who will make every exertion to gire general saliefaction. They will at all timca be towed up and down the Miaaisaippi by steamboats. Neither the owuera or captains of theae ahipa will be rvaponwble fur jewelry, bnllion. precioua atoaea, ailver or plated ware, or for any Icllerx, parcel or package, aent by or put on board ol them, allien regular bills or lading are taken for the aame, and the value thereon e*j)re??ra. HULLIN ?WOODRUFF. A*rw in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all foods to tKeir address. The snips of this line axe warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly^ measured. m4 MM ^ M PASSAGEVrO^JCND REMITTANCE TOGREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. rPHE subscribers continue to nuke arrangement to bnng oat -L iwssengers fiom tlie old country, by ships ol [Ke first class, all American, built,and com mandril by in en lone and favorably known in the trade. The vcaacl* compound ihia line sail weekly from Liverjiool, consequently all unneceaaary delay to lassen* en is avoided. Persons alx at to make engagements for friends to emigrate the ensuing seaaou, will study their own interest, and the merest and comfort of their friends,by making such engagements with the subscribers, as no expense or pains are spared to earn that preference which has for many years been extended to hem. As has si ays been customary with this line, when the parties settle for decline coming oat, the passage money is promptly remanded to those from whom it was received, with ont deduction. A free passage per steamboat from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can likewise be secured. For farther particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 173 Pearl St., Orto C. ORIMBHAW at CO. 10 Ooiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Draits and Exchange at sight, and for any amount, are also Airnished ou R. C. Olyn It Co., Bankers, London, C Grimthaw it Co., Luerpoo'; the Northern Banking Oo. nd National Bank of Ireland. National Baua of bcotiauu, payable at their respective branches: as follows:? NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. iiM. Athlone, Duugarven, New Rots, i Ballina, Knnis, Roscommon (p-t Ballinaaloe Euniacorthy Rot res Belfast Kermoy Sligo jxrpie ujuiwiy i uio* Carrick on-Suir Kilkenny Thuriea Caahcl Kilruih Tipperary Castle oar Limerick T.alee Casllereagh Lou* Tor J Tuam Charleville, Loughrea Waterford Coumal Mitchellstown Weapon Cork Mo..te Wexford Lublin Ntnaue NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY. Belfast Lurgen N T Limerary Orrry Armagh Balleniena Dewnpatrick Magherafelt Clones Litburn Coleraine NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwall Anslruther Galagheds Langholm Andne Glasgow Leith Bsoff Urentown Lewick B ithgale Harwick Montrose Burntisland Inverness Nairn Caotle Douglas Inverary Oban Ealkeith Iuveakeithing Portree ingwell Jebngh Perth Dumfries Keith Stirling Lands s K'lsoa Sionaway Falkirk Kirkaldy Stormness Foirest Apply aaabove. ?9 lm?r OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. J&. ^ ^ TPHE OLD LINE of PackeU lur Liverpool will Hereafter be A despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of auiliag Calls on Sunday, tne ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 10 tons. Oct 1 Nov 19 D. d. Bailey, I Feb 1 Mai 19 The ENGLAND, June 19 Ang 7 7i0 tons, , Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waits, i Feb It April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 00 tons, 'No* 1 Dec 19 J. Kalhbone, i March 1 April It The EUROPE, ,July It Sept 7 It tons, Nov It Jan 7 E. G. Marshall i1 Mar It May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, Aug 1 Bept ? It tons. Dec 1 Jan It A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May It The NEW YORK. I Aug It Ott J 90t tons. ' Dec 19 Feb 7 TTb. Cropper. I April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, Sept 1 Oct 7 M tens, Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Bantow. May 1 June It The COLUMBUS, ^Sept It Nov 9 700 tons, , Jan II Mar t O.A.Cole. May It 7 Punctuality. as regards the day of sailing, will bsobeervedas heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollar*. Tor which ample store* of ever* description will be provided, with the esception of wine* and liquor*. Which will be lumiahed by the atewaids. GOODHUE It CO , 01 Sooth at., C. H. MARSHALL, JlBurling-mlip, N.Y. jt24 tvh BARING BROTHERS It CtJ^ L^pool. new fork anb Liverpool regular com MERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. ttailinir to and frnm IslYrnmol. Wi-pklv. m. m. m M Tjnny8TABLI9HEirPA8HAGE OFFICE, 61 SOUTH STREET. The subscriber in announcing hi* arr?ngrmmti for the year 1642, appeara befope hi* friends with *entiment* of (incere resKict for the able supiwrl he ha* received for many year* past.? e likewise wishei to call the attention of tho*e intending to end for their friend* residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*; that they can at all lime* be accommodated by this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, a* well a* by all the well known different line* of packet ships, tailing to and from Lirrrpool on the 1st, 7th, lltli, 19th and 25 th of each month throughout the year. It ha* always been the study of the subscricer to hare the emigrants shown civility, and despatched without delay, and shoae who tend for their friends may rest satisfied that every due aaddiligentattention will be given by the Liverpool agent* to those sent for,as well as all who may embark with them, and should any of those whose passage hat been |*id not srarsrk, the mouey will be refunded without any charge. The tubscribei feels s pleasure in making known the different ships by which hit passengers came out during the last year, which has givan geneisl satisfaction, and that he has considerasly extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1642 Tne following is * list ol shir* :? Ship* Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Fanlield, Wilson. Printinr, Hopkins. Frankfort, Rnsaell. Tyrone, 8i>eare. Russell Ulover, Howes. Wales, Watts. Hibernia. Wilson. Westchester Ferris. Alfred, Cheever. Osceola, Child*, f" Clifton, Ingrreoll. Sc. Cloud. Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. EU Sobieskie. Emerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. fcta, Talbot, Storey. N. Hamjahirr, Harding. PUlthea, Goonmanaou. Robert Isaacs. Trueman. Viirioia, Eaton. Europe, Batcneldor. f 8. Jenkins, Seymour. A free passage from the different ports of Ireland and Scot land, can also be secured, and drmlts furnished for any amount, payable at the National and Provincial links of Ireland and ( hair respective branches, and also on M- ssrs. J. k W. Robinson, Liverimol, which are paid free o* any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For farther particulars ?pply to JOHN HERDMAN. 61 Soulh street. or J. It W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Piaxxas.and * 16 No. 1 Neptuoe sl. Waterloo Dock. Liverpool. M M im M. jackets foi^m^rsei 1?H^^7ih' undeiiaeuttuned ships will be tegularly dispatched Irom hence and Irom Maraeiuea on the latofeach month during the year, thus? uissvmri ^ _ From New Yoik. .Marseille*. MINERVA, Capt Brown, Nor I. Jan 1 ^"P Sylvester, Dec I. Feb I CQUHIEK, Capt Dagan, Jul. Marl SREACOTT, Capt Lawrence, Frb 1. Ai>l I ELLESPONT, Cape Adams M?|. >liy (oKIOLANUs, Cap Halle, Apl l. jo" I They are ail c>p|w re. au<t copper fastened,and hirt eitelltnt arcomiwedaiioe# f..r passengersTht price of cabin passage will be SlMl, exclusive of woes Wl IhjUora. Oooua addressed to BOYD * HINCKEN. the a geDr?. will be forwaided free of other ,h.n tbaae actually paid. For freight or paaaage apply to O, BROOM t CO., or to ottr BiiVL) It H IN CHEN. Agents NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T? ailfrom New York on the ttch and Liverpool on the 1Mb a/ each Mali flhip OARRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, JMh October. Ship ROSCIl.'S, Captain Jehu Celliua, IStli November. Ship SIDDONS. Cental n E. B. Cobb, 33th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Deptyacer, XStn Jaanary. Fbom LtvaarooL. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyater, Uth Novem'r. Ship UAKUICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 13th December. Ship ROSCIUS, Ctj'Uin John Collins, 13th January Theae ships are all ol Chr first class, upwards of I MM tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine El ?|?eed Iwith unusual comfoit for paaaengr re. F.tery cars Iwen taken in the arrangement of thair accommodations, pnce of iweaage hence is $100, for which ample stores w ill be provided. These ships are r/immtnded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to five general satisfaction Neither the captains or owners of the shiie will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unleee regular b" Ha of lading are signed therefor. VO'ttcltfm South St.. New York, o, WM. It JAR. BROWN It CO., Li?erpool. Letters by the packets will be cl anted I2H cents per single sheet: 10 cents |>er ounce, aud newspapers I cent each. ol ~||y FUR NEW ORLEANS?Packet of the 10th NonrV^V. rember?1 he packet ship HELAH, ' apt Ha?,mond Malfaaill be des|>atched as above, her regular day. For .* |4UMg -, naving excallent accommoduiossa lor cabin, second ca? ana steevage. Apply 0nice * *1 South street. E NE NE\ | NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AxU TRANS~ PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. k ">rn tor loot ol Cenrtlandl street, New York. (Every day?Sunday >ia.< opted. I LftvtiNr* York Leaves Newark Vt ? A.M. All P.M. At 7* A. M. At lk P. M MR do. 4 do. ( do. JV? do. do. 9 do. 6 do. |7 do. II 6 do 7 do I* do ON SUNDAYS. From the Toot ol Coortlaadt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At t A. M. and IkP. M. At IMP. M. aud 10 P. M. . NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWIv. Leave New York. Leave Elisabeth Towa. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P.M. OH A.M. 2k " l?X A. M. P. M. IX M. ? " J P.M. The trains for Westfield. Plainfield. Bound brook, Somerville, kc., connect with the 9 A M, 2 and 4k P M trains Irom New Yoik, daily, Sundays evcepted. fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cents, are between do and Somerville, 75 ceuts. YEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leare New Bruuswiek. At 9 A. M. At 5k A. M. ? :: t P. M. On Sundays the 5k and 7k A.M. tripe from New Brunswick sad 2* P. M. train from New York, arr .mitred. Fair between New York and New Brunswick, 75 cents. Kahway, 5(1 cents The fare in the 5k and 7k A. M. train fmra New Brims snck, and 2'i and (Ik i'. M. (rain from New York, ha* been re dncea. New York and New Brunawick, to M cents. " and Rah way to 37X " Passenger* who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eeire a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are receitcd by the eon daetoronlv oil llie day wheu purchated. aull 3ii.* "NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL tfOAD LINK. Via Noswich *no Worceitir Railroads. asasmsmM From Pier No. 1 North River, Battery Place. The new and splendid jteamho. t NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustsn, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. The new aud *i lendid steamboat WORCESTER, Captain J. H. Vanderbi't, will Lave eveiy Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, at ( o'clock. Passengers for Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of tha above boats at Norwich, aud will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office on the wharf, on bond the boats, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, npatsirm. All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of the above boats or owners. o4 Im* WINTER ARR/NUEMENT. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA^KAILTTUAD 1.INE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and (V P M. The morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Paaaeugers will procure their tickets at the office foot o( Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness*. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, without being opeacd by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartment* and dressing rooms expressly for thp Ladies nse. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foet of C. iritnilt at r?> ft kv rail..,..I Iron, la- > B ">-l A VI 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines Tor Baltimore, lease Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4.P M, briiw a continuation of the lines from New York. sit Jm*r RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. NETT&'dttsWK ANlfftfKyff?Rk. ""PHE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation ComA pany hare established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to ran permanently. Leasing New Brunswick at 5X A.M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot oi Liber tyntreet. New York, at 2V r. M. To conntrv dealers and me.d.ants the abose line is very desirable for the speedy and eneap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who can have lM head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates fbr the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, theep, hogs, lie. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never eiceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent b/ this line is not subject to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Com pen y hare fitted np a large store bouse at New Branawick. adiounag the Railroad Depot, which will always eoprn for the reception of me chandise. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratia. _ (J7"F retcht for Newark, Elizabethtowu, Rah way. Westfield, Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Bound brook and Soraervllle, is conveyed by the above Hoes, and delivered the same day when received. saHSm* FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. ^EUULAR MAIL LfflE'FoR BOSTON, via STONiNGTON AND NEWPORT, oomposed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Stonington and Frr vidence, and Boston and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAOANBEtfT, Capta.n Woolsey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vanderoilt. One of which will leave New York daily, (Snndayt excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at four 'clock, P. M. AnnanexMxivTS. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for stonuuiton. Tne MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, lor Stonngton. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Slonuigton, may take the Railroad Cart and proceed immediately- Provi deuce ami Button. Freight taken at the following much reduced ratea To Button, ou goods weighing forty tiounda or upwarda to he cubic loot, at 62 50 par ton, and on meaiuremenl gooda 7 eetita per foot. To Providence, on meaiurement gooda 5 ccnta per cubic oot, and apecific articlea aa per tarif to be obtained at office 22 B-nadwav. mytl6e,i FARE REDUCED. PERSONS GOING SOUTH. , IT7* FAmK nbDntCl) on buth tne routea from Baltimore to Charleatou. by the Cneaaprake Bay, Portamouih, Weldon, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to I harle*ton, to 623, me?la on the Bay boait included ; or via Waahingtou city, Richmond, Petersburg, Wehlou, Wilmington, N. t.., and thence to Chaileston, to $22, meala extra?making the fare on both routea the tame. Eveiy exertion ia made t? keep the Railroads and Steamboats connecting theae tinea in good Older, and expedite travel, and make paaaeagera aa comfortable aa poa aihle. By thia route you may be anre of reaching New Orleans rom New York seven or eight days sooner than any other line, at an txrense not exceeding $72. ?. B DUDLEY, oU twr President W fc R. ft. R. Co. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200.tana and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lorda of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewiu, Commander. CALEDONIA, K. O. Lot*. do ACADIA, A. Kyne do _ COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do W ill sail from Boston, via Halifax. VUOtl LIVERPOOL. PROM iOSTOR. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 fxov l Caledonia, Lou. Oct 19 Nov 16 Acadia, Ryrte, Nov 4 Dec 1 Columbia, Miller, Nov 19 Dec 17 * Britannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jan I Passage Money?From Boston to Liverpool, 6132?Boston to Halifax 629. These ah'ps carry experienced anrgeona. No Berths aeenred until paid frr. Notr..?Merehandite and Specie (except for personal expenses) shipped under the name of luggage will be charged as traiant, aad liable to Custom House Regulations. Apply to olyr D. BHIOHAM. JR., No, 2 Wall-et. AMERICAN^^MWOMAT/Oy CO. GENERAL PAdtSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. T)A88ENOKd Forwarded, v. nhout delay, to ' Utica, 61,5*11 CleaveUni,Ohio, 62,25 Rochesler, 63.00 Detroit, Mich., f\7S Lockport, 6.1.25 I Poitamouth. Ohio, 6*.71 Baffalo, 61.Vi I Toronto and KingsWkil.k.ll Si II i .... It II tS ill .. ? Oawego, $2,60 ????ton, Penaaylranit, by K&ilrnad k Stage $2,60 Pituhnrch. $9,601 B >? on, Man, $1.60 And all partiol the Wealerti Country. M. L. RAY, k CO., . nj 4(r Liberty itreet, near the Albany boata, New York. ^ 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY Foot of Whitehall afreet. NEW YOKK. MTATEN ISLAND. ii 3 I All gooda unpped are reqaired to be pamenlarle me*k.H and ara at the nab of the n?V,i heieof. p""""u,l? , * ."" *"d fHrT M ' ?* fat of October, run aa lollowa : tearing Middletown Point (tide aud weather m. Witting) at 9 o'clock, and KerpOrt at 10 o'clock, erery Monday Wedorada* and Friday. Returning, leave the foot of Rohm' 1011 atteet. New York, eeery Taetday, Thunday and Hatordav at 12 o'clock noon, loathing at Heguin'a Dock each way. Stagee wM be in readiueaa to conray paaaeageri to any part I of the countrf. AH baggage at the riak of the owne-.. I <41 tm*oc W YO V YORK. SUNDAY MOR HARD TIMES.-The only reason Out A. k O. rta iwii for n llm? so iun> boots si ibe Clinton BkjI sua Shoe Market, 204 Caual street, oorthe st comer of street? when almost eeery body complains of hard tunes, it. thil they keep itnods of the best quality, and tail (hem si prices to suit the limes, sud it seems ss if almost every body lisil f mud his out. If suy who read this should not yel hsve fuuud out I he store, the toouet they come sod Cry the soonr ihey will resp the sdrsu s(e. Almost suythiait tu?t is wanted in the boot sud shoe line, ol any site, color or quality, csn lie f mud litre cheap. ot lui m A KNOX (k ?, O 204 I anal street._ SELLING OK* AT WALKER'S -H9 i rladles Trench sailers, Kreneh and satin slip|iers and, 100 ,.r line e<lf -tit.licd loots, *3 to $i V) pel pur, JIM pr cslf Slid hue iwss' U boo.t, Ir m $2 to 2 i)a?l (2 JOjer usu, 20k pr ol boy's coarse sod fine boots, ru u il to $2 uid fl i0 p i pair, M0 i.air cl ildreu'i do from 3a in it |? r pair, M0 pr ladies su.' misses boots, shoes snd buskins, fr .in t. to 6v sud $ |ier pr, MO pr of cents water proof b ots, inoccisins, India rubbers in abund nice, men's coarse and tin.- b.?u of all sorts and sizes, lioin $1 71 to $2, all warranted. All the above good* yd per cl. the c.ieaiiest lu l ie city. Call and ace for yourselvca, Canal at, corner..f Biuadway, it _o* lm*?c J 8. WALKERS. INTON CHEAP Boot and alios Market, Hit ( ' fi n v*. i? It, OOflMI 8|*ring st, in the ?>i?l >* place where c.ui b* found oooU tn 1 *!? >* ? f? *Uit the tinic*. All tnOt* win) we*r U nits and lllOit will fto tlil to ^Iv? a c ill. Ladie-.' aod Ki sses buskins from 3, I, i, t>, 7 atid 8 shillings pair; teen i ten** us' bo u f?oin It iMlllHl to ti pe. pur; boys' boom Ir nn8 hilliiu* to per inn. All who wish to save 2v Si c? lit Hill nire a call at the Clinton Che i|> Boot and !*hoe aiket, 509 Greenwich corner Opting street of* lm#r LADILS' BOOTS AND JSHOK^?Lock wood 48HHf J9I Brand WIT a Beep* ?fine .uuortinmr pf la. lies' aud Children* boots and shoes, of the litest American and Kuroi'c.lli frialllOIl*- (Irtlrr* Kw thn tlniwn trnm iilnrnw t\( fashion, hie resort. <>16 eoU*r GYMNA STTTiVl , SPARRING SCHOOL ic PISTOL GALLERY. MESSR9. HUDSON .v OTTIONO.N rr pec.luily inform the gen lie men of New York, that their eiu-iuive rooms at the conit r of Until way and CflMllfftrillVli 101 >j?airiot{ . Dvmrifetics and Pistol pru'iice, are now open for the season NmmOII improve ..euU aud addlUOut hav? u. en lately made sihr t.?> iiiiMoum, irtuch will u,?w l>e louud in every respect sfmouui and ttJOll to any otaer iu tlie country lor atiilrtic e? esars. Mnarriiui tduiflit ou the most approved principles. Gentle men visum* the Pistol Gallery Will be saptdled with Pistols ol a superior quilit y. Perms moderate. Gentlemen are invited to call ti any n.ue dajing the day* ol< lm*r SELF-COCKING PISTOLS DLUNT k SY.V1S, Importer* and Uruiiltctircn, No. U D Chatham Ireet, have ou hand a large *M<>rtmeut of the Six Barrels II Revolving Sell Cocking Pocket PLtoL. Thrie piitol* have the advantage over all other* of the kind by the impossibility of losing the cap*, the nipple* being placed iu a horixoulai direction,ana there being no cock in the way to prevent taking a* correct light a* with the ordinary piMol or gun. The above pitlol* can be furuuheil lower lluu auy othera in the market, at wholeaale or retail. We have u great a variety of other kind* ol Pistol* a* ran be found, wuh Rifles, U. 8. Muskets, for (hipping mid military, Prixe Mu?kel*, do: Fowling Piece*. *ingle and double; extra large aire double and tingle liun* lor duckiug, together with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bag*, Cap*. Lock*, Barrel*, kc., kc., in I arge or small quantities. S B.?Country dealer* are requested to call and exaraiue our i??ortn?ein before purchanng elsewhere. i8 tin * r NEWLY INVENTED TRANSFUSING F1ANO FORTES, NO. 343 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. THE >ut?cnber> respectfully inform their Irieud* and the public iu general, they have juii huiihed a newly invented instrument called the Piauo Forte, which they now introduce to the muiiul community. Thi* liutruoieut lo-ma a%eautilul, rich and new exterior, both id aliapc and neatness, beetle* a tone full, biilliant, ana melodiou*. The great advaauge derived Iron thu new inreu tiou, ia that muiic may be lrau*|>o*ed inui auy key Desired to suit the vocalists, or lor an accompaniment ol' auy other instrument, and therefore worthy the attention of the inuuor aa well a* the artist. A urge assortment 01 X ablet 1'uuo Kortes, miewood and mahogany, aud ??, octaves, with French grand action. are alio constantly kept on hand, all of which we resjiecuully subin it to piuicuuis, aunueurs, and lh? trade in general, at onr ware rooms and inanuiaciory, aa above. N. Piano fortes taucd and retailed on the shortest notice. L1NDELL, WENNERSTROM It CO. s ? lm*c No. 343 Broadway. D AKERY, 40 Liepenird street.?i'he saoscribci respeciiully C luiorins his old irieuda and custodiers .hit he liss resumed his old business ol baking, and will be thaukful for their favors. Having taken the stand lormerly occupied by O. W. MlLI. r K, tb Lupeuard street, so celebrated lor guud cake, and the subscriber liaviug carried on the business a number ot ysars at the well known Knickerbocker Bakery, No. lb William St., a favorite retort for good crackers and biscuit-?lie thinks he has not to.gotten how to please the taste ol the public. JAMEa TOMPSON. N.B.?Always 011 haud, fruit cake of all kinds and prices? wedding cske of all sizes?pound caae aim sponge c.keot all sixes?tusk, tea biscuit atid bread every alterueou?biscuit and cracaers Ircsh every morning. ad lin*t \J7ATCHES LOWER THAN EVEK.-ln conae<iuence * V ol the lednctiou ol dunes by the late Uritf, the suuscriber is selling his slock of 4iold and oilier Levers, An hor r-scapeiornt Lepine, awl other Watches, ol new and splendid paiu rus, and Jewelry, at retail, at a considerable redaction from former prices, being much lower than Uiev can be oougiil Ibr at any other place in iht city. (Joid Watches as low a? kU to ii dollars each. Watches and Jewel, y excliaugrd or bought. AH Watches warrant d to keep good ti ue or Che moucy returned. Watches aud Clocks repuued in the bast manner and warranted,at much lesa than the prices. O. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, ol2 lm*ui Wholesale and Retail, M Wall su, upstairs new gash tailoring KST AllLISHM liN 1", NO 93 CHURCH ST, 4 BE 1W KEN KEAJDE AND CHAMBERS STHEEi'S. GENTLEMEN lunnsa ng i heir own goods can have them VJ made up in the moat lashiouable Yrench style, cheapai than ever ottered before in this cay. Overcoats mad* aud trimmed $1 SO Krock coats " " " 1 JO Dress coats " " " 6 SO Veal and Pante |1 N is I M N. B.?Repairing dons in ths neatest manner. ol Im'm SAMUEL WYANT. VICTOR GIKOUD, W ATCH MAKER, No. 13 Centre street, in the city of New * v York, who obtained several gold and silver meuals ol the American and Mechanic Institutes of New Yora, in the years 1818, ! >. '40 and '41; and also Lelteis-psirut lor ihe invention ol a Chronometer Escapement aud for hia Magic Chronometer, haatne honor to thank the inhabitants of this uieiropuls lor Uie couhdeuce Uwy have heretofore reposed in h.m, slid a-sures them lliallie will continue to meet tneir patronage, by applying al. the esertious, punctuality aud abilities ol which he may be pns-essed in Ins art, to -he entire satisfaction of nu friends aun customers. He will continue to manufacture Duplex, Lepine aud Patent Lever E-capciueuu.aud iu general all kiuda ol piece* belonging to the art of Watch Making. He also repairs Chruuomelora and every son ol uiuc-pieCe*. He will also rep nr, |.ui in order and alter all kinds of me cnauicai L*aui|*, auu win wairaol nil wora.Wlitcb will be mule at incinerate prices, osuii Ihe limes. Mr. V U having just letuiuro I un a ?oyajre Co Euinpr, has brought Willi him a choice Oi articles suitable lo Una inaikel, wrncn iie invites hit n inula and latruiutu cKimiua. auu which he offers lur aaie at moderate pi ice*. They consist principally iu Clucks or feuiieluins, quite modern patterns. Mechanical Camp* tm.,, the bial patentee makers in Pans. Lauqi Glass Globes, both engrav.daud painted, a new atyle. .1 ii.< . articlea, auiuble lyr piesenls. Hytlropuamalic Apparatus lur making coffee, now almost the only oue generally adopted. Mr. V. U. having established a correspondence in France With tlie pat. litre ol the beat mechanical Lamps miuulaclurrd in Pain, will alwaya keep on timd a choice assortment ol th,a article. i.hi ?-k| I hi r Hud Qvaarui ok tm* .Martina Conra, Waihiugtou, ith October, /Ml OKPAKATK PROPOSALS will b? received ailheoocsof O the Quarterinaater of the Marine Corps, la thia city, until 10o'clock, A. M., on Tuesday, the Slh day of November next, for furuiahnig rationa to the United Sutra Marines at the following stations, lo the yrar U43 Po umouth, New Hainpahtre ; Charieatowu, Maaaachuanta ; Brooklyn, Long Island, ikew York ; Gosport. uear Norfolk, Virgiuia ; Priiaacola, Florida, and Waahingion, Diatri t of Colombia. The raimot to eonaiat of one poind and a quarter of fresh beef, or three quarter! of a nound ol meat pork ; eighteen ouncea of bread or ft . at r, at the option of I he Government, .nd at the rate of an pounds of good clean coffee, twelve pounds of good New Orleana sugar, eight quarts of beans, four quarts of vinegtr, two quarts of salt, four pounds of snap, slid one and a half pounds of good nipped candles to each hnndrcd rations. It is undt mood that the Asll side of beef (neck and shina excluded/ be delivered if required ; if such quantity be not required, that the lorn and hind quarters be delivered alternat. iv ; a-d the bread or flour shall be of superline quality. All the articles to be uuex. etxmuvblr.and to be issued to the troops without expense to the United Stales. No oiler will be entertaiued at this office unless accomoamrd by the names ol the sureties of the proposals to be endorsed "Proposals for ration, for IMJ." AUG. A NICHOLSON, Quartermaster Corps. The American Sentinel and Ptnnaylvaiuan, Philadelphia; 1 the Portsmouth Gazette, New H,mi?hire; the New York Keening Post, Ihe New York Herald, the New York Kw/ni-er, and the New York Union; the Baltimore ILpublicaa; the Norfolk Beacon; the Norfolk Herald; the Kiehmoud Koquirer arid Richmond Whig; the Alexandria Gazette, Alexandria, D C., and the Penaacoia Gaxette, will give the above three insertions each per week, and sCud one copy ol the advertisemerit to accompany the account when forwardod to this office for payment. oiewdrolN GUITARS." ~ VffARTIN fcCOUPA, Guitar Manufacturers, MS Broadway, ivi. up stairs, have cnuatautly on hand a large assortment of Guitars, ol French, Geimau, sod H/muish model. M. It C. would call the atieutiou of Solo players to their Terz Guitars, made after the model of Uieliaar, which in brilliancy and imiilyo! lone are superior, and very easy to tlie aseculion. The instruments are warranted perfect, and to stand any rhsnge ol clim.tle, and oil, be exchanged at any time ahoald th. y not prove satislaetory Strangers are invited to call and examine them. Prices from |d to SIM. Sold, wholesale and retail. 8. B. Coupa coutiuues to give Lessons ou the Guitar. slf km cod* THE TEETH. THB TKKTH?A redaction of M per cent?Upper and A lower seta of teeth inserted oa suction or atmospheric /treasure, so as to be worn with ease and lirmneas, from a single tooth to an entire set; all can bs sapplied with the best mineral teeth; toothache cured. For citrscimg tooth, M cenu. Children's, naif price. J. Buakey, Sniyrou Dentist, 77 Max ray street, next door to the church, west of Broadway. jylJ cod !? tfi?Q nnn SUcfi an opportunity neTrlTai been offered

iJJyJ,V/w. |or investments. Tlie business inconsequence of the nature thcreoi canuot pay l?sa than . M par cent oa tho capi al inteated?SiT.OOu may De required. All over the $MM ihe ise-will furnish from hu own pri ate canilal. None bal a gentleman wh inn comprrhcmland decde in m ltors other than dry foods .md efchanar need answer tins idTc rtitenient. Much importance will be ?uwh< d to i (nod fe l..w, as wail m ihe capital, a? the business may caase much lulercoiare aa wall aa matual interest lor aiau years. A note addressed u> "Curious" wnh real name, It ft at this office, will act attention. _ _ __ n? lw*r fRKNCH AH 1 II-1' IA L FLOW K.H3 a n.atci I noT iuu?BivliNLAHOSIKKh. k COUI<T, I 6 Willum?t. Be-eeors rf Bronls KoocrcfcCo hs?e jn?t rereimd if l'.r Harre Packau Baltimore and Ville de Lyo.., a larae aaMCinml ol faalnonablr flowers, ol the latest Pa man style. Moarnrnc Flowers a la Du. hesse U'Urlrans, Cords mid ra se s, aud a Kt Sarirty ol new lancy snides of toilet lor |>aities and balls. No. IIS Wi 11am s.reet is the tra* anil only depotol thus sane riot articles lr?m their tnanofactory Rue de Tracy, No. a Pails. _ nj lm*r ETw. NANCE, 1 EXCHANGE BROKER. it* In.*i N., | CAMf HTRluLT, NKW ORLfcANS RK I NING, NOVEMBER G. 18< NEW STOVE. I isHEPARO'a patent reverberator. enbacribers o(frt tins day I, the public, the office aud I parlors!!' of tlii n.w md spl mild nat-ut <??? Wr ask all ib w'lit of alovea lo call lud eiamiue it. It la by far, thr moat elfiriful and ?c > niiiical stove off, r<-d lor a iiuiubrr of years, aud ha* ilia approtal >1 all who lure area It, and bidi lair to lab?" the load of all iihrrs. Lar<er sizes will bo ia rrsdiuc?? in lb* coarse af a low days. In tlie moiu ti'Br, the prnucl. le of (lie store, can be seta I'ullv developed in tlie aire ish.hiled SHKARDStCO. Nolt'a Stove Warehouse, No 3tZ Water street. N. B.-A splendid assortment of Nntt's K abator Stove, the I only stove iu the inirkrt suitable for w irtaina dwrlliuas, churches, hotels, public buildia.'., lie. A two story li >use can lie wanned with thres tous of coal, less than one prate will consume Drains for |iarlors and halls, id style and variery unequalled id the city. Also the best w ,od cook store ever offered. s? tm?ec " ' S L'OVK -?S I'CH'ES. BACEVS' PATEST HA RE FIE It, OR FRUGAL. HUU.-EWAR.V1ER. rPH)? Proprietor, in olfenug this valuable stove lo tlie pabltc, 1 would hnerty ?uir ?innr jiiMtfr* of heir improve I ment^liich chiefly iu the folio wiuis i?rticalan, vi?:? 1? i o oovisie inr evil <ii im- J?To be capable of affordoare *. d uoiioua (u in the tog ? mild urea intense heat baraine of anthracite coil. 6?To avoid all tucovenieuce S?To generate and diffuse from dust, a warm and wholesome at- 7? Co preserve the air of the moaphere In plseea exposed to apartment para and wholedamp and cold. aoine. )?To lesson the risk of acei- g? And to unite with all d Bt by fire. those , icellent qualities. an ?To bt- quickly kiudled elegant and durable article ol ant eaaily managed. luramiie. hia 8tovc >? constructed of he c-t quality of Ruatiaaheet ho . ujon the cylindrical pit i?the lursnce or fire-chamber oec ipyfaca part of the centre c? mider, to which iaattached an itm <pheric Karetier upon eacn aide, ol a tubular form, and lined throughout. The beat tint ia created iu the chamber paaaet between the lining* of the two rarerteri (or radiator* a* they >* called] into the bate at the bettom. and a current of air coutiBtmlly rusliiug through the tubes, which arc left oueu at each ettfl for that |>ur|(o?e, carries e great amount of rarefied or warm air int i the ajMitmenf. The ^rity and wd'turas of the air iu a room heated by thia stove are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being dilfuacd from a greet exleul of surface modi raicly heated. The heated air, on entering the wiagl or sides of the stove,descends ami spreads over the entire surface of the base at the bottom, keeping th? colder portion of llir air nest the tloor iu constant circulation? in the meantime press rung it rutirely from contamination, rendering this Stove perfectly safe and agreeable for apartmuntt of invalids, sleeping rooms, ike. Man ul'ac lured by Jit E. BACKUS, 44 Bowery, Nf V. N. B. A new article of air tight stows, with rarifiers ; alto the new kitchen companion cook atovc, warranted equal to any in uae in thia eity. sS7 Im'm NOTT'S STOVES REPAIR* 0 v RICHARD AYL1FKE, established nine IV ycaraai M - I stliain street, New York. R A. has Nolt's and other Store , which he can sell at a very reduced price Stores aud pipe put up at the shortest notice. N B.?Fli*constantly on hind *J7 lm*t REFORM YOUR STOVE BILLS.?Economy ami utility I IV being the order of tnc day, the subscriber has determined to sell St'iyes at the lowest larsaible remunerating prices; his Columu Parlor Stove, auaweriug all the purposesof the grate, withluslfthe trouble and ri|M ute, suitib'c for sittiiu rooms, offices, stores, or halls, is worthy the attention of persona wishing to purchase. His asaortioaut of cooking Stoves are not surpassed in the city, for cheapness itid suiwriqr style ol construction, combiaall the requisites for kitchen use, and a great saving of , which it an item many persons overlook in selecting stoves. Ha solicits housekeepers aud others to give him a call at the office of the Warren Furnace Company, No. St Fulton street, N. Y., before purchasing elsewhere. As this company manufacture their stores, purchasers will not be subjected to a tax by buying from second hands. Their assortment consists of air-tight^ cooking audjiarlor Stoves, ,w,si,w, iiuii rmimniUUiiri Jlllll, IV-IUH, X1U ana OllVrl Iron Wan, kc., wholesale and retail Orders for castings solicited. j. v. tibbetts. 0l< lm*ec 22 Fulton street, N. Y. ESPY'S PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOR rPHIHehaap, simple and efficient apparatus ia adapte <1 to all A purposes of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, cnurchet, Hospitals, Priaoiu, Mines, Vaelu, kc. kc. may b< ita applies Uou be kept free from all foal air and nnwholeat ae effluvia; it is also ao effectual cure for Smoky Chimniea. TV aabaeriber hating purchased the right far the City and County of New York, ia prepared to aipply the public with Cones on demand. Metal Boo Ang of all descriptions I nmished in any port of the ?^SroO>n Water Pipes and Plamoera' Work in geueral. Also, Oaltanixed Iron and Tin W are at wholesale. Stora pipes, bath Labs, coal hods, kc ar prices greatly reduced. All work warranted, an 1 order* by letter attended to. P. SUMNER, sttkn'tn Kb Water Street. STOVES?OVENS. rPHK largest assortment of Stores of any liouse iu New A York.?Their newly invented Parlor Store needs bnt to be seen to be universally adopced. Its immense radiating surfa e exceeds that ol snv other slti' a now i Use?. xhibits inure tire, with the consumption ol less fuel, than any former iuventiou. It also discharges us own ashes hy a S'mple process, without soiling or lodging its dust on the furuituie ol the room in which it is uoed. It will be louno tin che ipest and moat economical Store erer biought before the public. Alas, Cook St res, new, airligb'. kc. in all rarieties, from three dollars nnwardj Erery article w "-ranted. RILEY'S PATENT BOILER AND IKON HEARTH is an admirable aiticlr?they can be fitted to any store now ia use, and of uuequal'ed raise in broiling steaks, toasting bread, an also in h? sting iron*, f, r ironing clothes. Riley is the inrentnt and sole patentee, oil lm*r RiLEY k MYERS, 23 Bowery. FI9K.'S PATENT NOVELTY OUOK. STOVE. '"PHIS Store was nionouuced last year, ami ia thia, by all A Who hare it, to be not oalv the beat erer inrrund, but the only Stove they erer had by which baking, boiling, and routing, could be done perfectly, and atthe same time. Thie year tbo improvement has bee* such, that double the smouut of cooking can b? done, (and that loo to perfection) than upon any other Store or the same aise : for proof of which, yoa hare oolr to call at Fiabls Store Establishment, 309 Water street, wise re any quantity of references will be gireD?aud fertiler, every Store warranted, or the money refunded. Fisk's Regulating Premium Drum for parlors. Hall Drums, and hall, pirlor, and office stores, and all the ordinary cooking storey f r vale cheap FISK'S Store Estab'iahmrnt, 209 Water street. The above store, and also the regulating drum, can now be seeu at the Pair t but those d, siring stores, are requested to c?u at uif riMDiiinrarui, wnrre use y can examine mrm U) bf tier advantage, 2C9 Water sixerl. 0I6 l. wood's NEWLY INVENTED parlor and hall stoves. npHIS it out of the nut valuable invention? ever offered to I the jiatil e in the stove line, am i? the m>iet perfect article extent, f>r the nee of all kinds of cu<; or ?rood, in heating apailine-ils. It has no let* then four radiators ao<i two descend ing tinea, ao arranged that the rad-.itors eie pieced b twern tie j Area,and cauar all ihe heat g-ueratcd te be diaitlbuted iulo the apartment; while in otne atotrea a large i>oru<>n uf the heat ia carried off uiihe |>i|ie. One peck f coal in ti.ia atove va ill yield more heat thau biiahel iu the bealaio a now before the public ; while yon hare the ad-auUge of an open Are e, aplendid grate at pli aaure It w allowed by all who have examined it to be the moat per feet combination of utility aud ornament ever brought forward, bat to be fully appreciated, it nreda only u> be a<en and examined, and all in want of a superior article for nesting par iora,halla omen, nurarnea. He. arc invited to call. Pricea are suited to the time*. Also on hand a variety of other Stotkx, suitable for all par poaea, which Will be aoid very low. l. WOOD, 117 Water street, between oil lm*r Peek slip and B?-kman street. artist in hair. MANUFACTURED FROM ladies' and gentlemen's hair. OT leas than two inchei long, in ona hundred different design.?Necklace?, Br c-lej, Watch guards, Ear-rings, Flowers, Ringt, Wigs and Scalps. a c barry's wigs and scalps. Still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light, gossamer, sod ventilating character, their being aha|ied exactly a the natural hair grows; their r aaticity .nd ihnr superior malarial and workmanship, as well as their style ol finish and ar airsugeiurnt, all combine to form such perfect heads of hair, that they must be seen to be fully appreciated. Parties having a piece of hair of a living or deceased friend, can get it fo-med by him into any design the mind can conceive In such a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. Oratuitons advice given on oil diseases connected with the hair, at the Hair Cutting Booms, IN BROADWAY, cor of Liberty street, jylltm* Up Stairs. to ho!!! ring's verbena cream. 'T'HIS Celebrated Sharing Compound is now all the rage, at -A well among tonaonan professors, as tmong those who prefer te galna r in their owu diuru I crops The improvement recently made in its mouafacturr pi res s the Verbena Cream above competition. The subscriber having purchased the copy right, presents it to the imblie with an elegant new lain I, and guarantees thai lei ease in ihariug it can be equalh d onl) by a Wall street broker the Cream posseeelug the advantage of rtvtug better satisfaction to the iwrty by the operation, and Una speaking from experience. To prevent imposition by the spurious articles now in the market, tke directions for use will have the written siguaiura of the proprietor, none other being genuine. For sale wholesale and retail at IIM Nassau at, R. SINCLAIR, Proprietor N. B?Also for sale, Ring's Eliiir of Life, Nelson's Kg tract of BaisapaitlU, Dr. Browder's Compound Syrup ol Indian | Turnip. Ike. _ ol 1 m in DAtl ('AlIPET. HAH (A if PET AM) I II _ I i IV ctveaprsl in tbe pity? IMO yarit* lor sale, *11 nicely misej ( and striped, with fat color*. Any persnu in went of this ar I 'Mk will do well to call anil eiamiue before they purchase, a> | it will be apld cheap for eaah. Call at USB Spring alreet, cornet of (ireenw ioh. Alao, inba art? | ails, brnoma, ami all kind* of fbrniahing > war?. rery low, MM to all part* of th* eity free of charge. , oil lm*cc J.JONEM. A BICH TONED EIUHT SILVER Uttu ' , FLUTE. CECOND HAND?a rare and splendid instrument, will be i ? sold cheap. Apply to T MONZANI, 1 o7_lm m jj ihompson ttreet. I rPO KAMILIE8 (JOI NO SOUTH, to the Weat Imiies 01 1 I Europe ?A respectable female, 14 year* of age, Wishes to obtain a lernam ntsiluatiouaa seamstress, in egantael lamily She would prelergoing to Europe, vet would accept <>! gooi' offer to go Moath or to the Weat Indiea. The treat ol ralor encea given. Addicaa A. A. A. bot 7?S, U|iper Poet office, X. Vork; alOr IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?Briggi It IVninau. I bee hi call the attention of the public to iheir improved method of water prooliug by laturatiun. They render |ie'fec Iv water prrof all kindaiff woollens, linen*, co ton*,calicoes,sitk*. kc wiibout nuniy to either tabric. color ot lustre. B. St P baring been awarded a diploma by the American Inrtitnie fm , their an|>erir?T water proof arilclei eihihited at the fair hare I now commenced buaiurra under the firm of the New Yoik Water Proof Krublithment, 47 Chriatopher itreet. The above s'yle ir much ruperior t.i any Mackintoah erer yet offered to | the public, It being free from that uawholeaome. unhealthy and uia<greeabte amell thrterery MackinPirh always lira let u I be got up in what ever rlyle n mat. No aooner doe* the Mackintosh lose thai injurious oder than it beio i e* a uaetear ar- 1 tirle. The above preparation dor* not am- iI. mil in al carer ,, allows pi rapiratkn'o evaporate freely, but still lerfectlv im- ' peivinur to wait r. S k P. inriieularfy call ihe atiention of the V arm-, nary, firemen, watchmen, carmen, carriers, travellers, railors, ind in sh wt all who arc > !,> ard Pi the w. alio r. B. h " P. also Waier Proof all kinds of imr coats, |>i lot and heaaor 4 covta, pants, elo-kt, or any kind of wtaring aopirrl, wiihotit injury torKhcr lutrre or trimmings, however d.lieate If iht 0 article baa been a little worn water proofing completely ren?- , rate* th- ir fabr c, couaeqat inly thu will be aa actef tcouomy and a great sating t i th# wrutt ? Any coinmuuicalion or order forwarded to 47 Christopher ll strear, N. Y. will be laanctually attend* d (o, and est rv article will W don' with the greatest care and facility. Tha only war ranted place of tha kind in the United Mutes. Oil *l L [ERA 12. Brie, Pa. [Corrr?|>oi]ileii<-*e of tli** Herald.] Eric, Pa., Oct. 20, 1HI2. TV Stmt Dtbt?lron Trade?Binks ? Politut? Fail Trait?Faskiont?Mirriasrr? l.oot and Hap/im?. James Gordon Be."(n kit, Esy:? Dear Sir:? Bui .ittle of importance his transpired with us since my last, except that times are still getting worse, currency more miserable, if possible, and prospects fading to a mere shadow. Some think the State government will, this winter, make a desperate effort?raise the meaiis e.iher by " hooit or by crook"?com >lrte the remaining 3fc iniles of our canal, a d render available the $3,IKK),001), already expended oa il._ Mr. J. M. Roberts, the effi" ciem an i talented engineer in charge, says he wiP agree to finish it, so a boat can pass through, for $250,001); others think it will be sold out to a chartered company, the dtate reserving the privilege of purchasing it back at some luiure period, <Stc.; or abandon u entirely. The lormer we tiave no objections to, as all we want is the use of the canal, no matter to whom ii belongs, so loug as they keep it ill good repair, aud are not extravagant in tolls. The taller we most imperatively protest against; lor, throwing local leeliug entirely aside, we h .ve dime pride enough to desire to see Pennsylvania u.. . .... .. I the worst come to ine worst, we have nature's canal (Lake Lrie) on one side, and can go to Mew Yum instead ot l'utludclphia,aud no ttlaukslo lite balance ol Pennsylvania. 1 am mucti pleased to see the extensive iron, woollen, Uniting, and other manufactories recently established here, driviug so tiue a business. Large quantities of manufactured articles have been shipped trom here tins season, and the deinaud sull continues to increase. Tins looks like "gelling out ol the woods," the lever sores ol 1836, ana hunk loans to the contrary notwithstanding Nothing new in the bauk way. 'lhe branch is in " statu quo," and Hie indefatigable (tale) cashier, Mr. ileus, n, is sii l pursuing an Honorable but energetic course in collecting me debts. Much uneasiness is tell by our farming community about the " Nicholson land claim, ' and tu (act they have had cause; tor the tirai intiuiaiion they had ot such a claim, was the s artliug lact ol their lands being advertised tor sale. However, as the whole proceedings are postponed until alter the meeting ol the Legislature,aud . a the Hen isiutavor of the atate, 1 presume clemency will be shown our worthy farmers, and they sutlered lo remain in peaceable puss, ssion ol lire land they have unsuspectingly. bought, paid for, and quietly cultivated lor the last 40 years. The fall seeding was done up early, in order, if possible, to avoid uie rust of next year. The corn crop is rather short, owing to the late spriug and early trost. Vegetables aud lruit are in abundance. We are inuch troubled of late with our harbor. Owing to the uilapidaied state of the piers, aud die general tall ot water in the lakes, there is but scant ucpih ot water for the admission ol the largest class ot steamers and vessels over die bar. However, the Ucueial Government are at last gettiug their ?yes open to the importance ot the lake harbors, und have made some small appropriations lor repaus. Twelve thousand dollars lias been allotted lo tilts place, aud this winter a much more liberal sunt may be expected. Also, eie long, we will see our beauulul bay what it is destined to be, the pride ot the lake. The rise and tall ol water in these lakes, is a moat singular Ireak ot iiairie Nature. It has never been saUtfaoordy accounted lor, and 1 should be much pleased to hear one ot our knowing ones uescout luily upon it. 'i ne much talked ol' iron steamer, is at last in progress ot construction at Bitisburg. 'Ihe work will oe lintshed there? temporarily setup, and when complete it will he taken uown iu sections, transported to tins place, and put together Mr. Hartt, tile naval constructor, w 110 is to superintend her budding, is at present oua visit to loronto, in Canada, to take a squint at an iron war steamer, the Colonial government are bunding there. So we are to have the iron s.earner and a naval station here at last! and ot' course soon may expect to see the " s..ah shouldered lieutenant," U?e " pert little middy," and " swaggering uian-a-wais man," dashing through our streets, as ui days ot yore, as while the gallant Perry was titling oat his fleet here, and when tney returned again alter the tight, crowned with victory and lau eiw. Our iali elections are over; and great was the " commotion, motion, motion;" such a concoction ol parties, splits, and necromancy, never was got up since the days ol anti-masonry. There was out and out Whigs, Bogus Wtngs, Patched Whigs, Workies, Abolition, and Locoloco. 'J he out and outers elected their msn by majorities sol toexceed 3UU, which is not much to hragot, when it is known ttie Whigs have had a clear majority ot over a 1000 in the coanty for this ten years. However, they like all other parties when long in the ascendency, have cot eorrupt. The whole atfmrs of the party have been managed for years by a knot or clique ot aspiring politicians, located mostly in town. The dissenters are those who are determined to break this up?to think and act for themselves. The Locos, 1 understand, did not intend to make any nominations ; however, there were a few restless chips, who appear to love cffice netter than principles, put themselves up as volunteers, and eome out as usual, "at the little end of the horn." The most unloriunate knight in the arena, a|>peared to be the Ho.i. Wm. M. Watts.? There being no Congressional election, he came out lor the Legislature, and was claimed by both the out and outers, and Bogus Whigs, but supported by neither; although,quite popular with the people. The w-ay this came about 'lis said of him, that when in Washington, he is a Tyler man, and a Clay man at home ; this, however, is all fudge; he is an out and out Clay man, and no mistake?success attend his principles. In the course of my correspondence, I have forgotten to make mention of our hotels; one of which, by the by, we are quite proud ot?The Reed House. It is got up after the fashion ol the Astor House in your city, and but little interior to it in anv particular. The host, C?l Rowley, is the very Prince of Landlords; a jolly, "laugh and be fat" man, of 5 feet 4, gentlemanly and courteous?mil of anecdote, and sure never to spoil a good one on account of the indelicacy of some of the incident connected therewith. There is one thing, Mr. Bennett, which I will beg leave to call your attention to; 'hat is. ludging the merits ol an hotel, by the appearance of (he host. Take a nice little plump fellow, with a ruddy, smiling countenance and with a rotundity of person (like Col. R.) and you arc sure to find tneir dinners like themselves, fat. Vice versa with a lean, lank Cassius looking genius In the .ashionable line, we are rather dull. We have, however, an occas'onal pick nick, and some times a "soiree a la mode" alias ea party in general, finite a fanrv wedding took nl ce the other day l'he accomplished Miss Mary Pierce, our reigning >e|l, has at la-t stepped out She was married to Mr. James C. Harrison of Buffalo, a nephew of the late Hon. Bates Cook of your State, and a toung gentleman of the right kind, and no mistake. It was t splendid affair, and you had better believe th* re was "a great commotion, motion" amongst ourgirls ind bovs about this particular time. Send along your < New Yorkers: you have already fleeced us of some ] of our most cfioice, but we have sundry pairs of , sparkling eyes left, and it would probably be well to bring it to your notice that there other competitors. ] A westerngent of the right kind, 'tis said, liana pe \ miliar inkling this way, and 'tis further said the < charming Miss M. K? is the magnet of attraction. ' Be this an it may, it would not he at all out of the | common course of things, to see, ere long, one of our most lovely flowers transplanted to, and blooming i lorth upon the banks of Lake Michigan. The gay, 1 pretty, blue-eyed MisaM. C?e, 'tis aaid, is a great J admirer ol navy buttons. Nough ced. Respectfully yours, &c., Sa* Wet.mck. " Anbnrn, i [I'orreipoudencc of the Herald.] Arsons, Nov 3d, 1S42 ! f'<Jit niil Excitement?Difficulty (tf reaching Truth? \ Party fArc ntioumeu?Bradith?Buvck?'Iheir Re- I epcctive Ailhercntt. My Dkae Bennett I have just dismissed a genuine regalia, and it's imnky spirit is twirling itself into a thousand fanaetic shapes over my head. I feel like a philosopher, ' ;ood peace with every body, and I have ust been thinking that the moral and political cogvheela of thia lower land of sin, are running on moothly and greasily. In file, 1 feel as you would, ' fier sucking the sonl through a " |iale nine," be ' iilined into a perfect complacency. The fact is, I m now a Plato, and following the bent of my |f<ent inclination, you must permit me to speculates ?, it tie upon inalterB. ,< We, or I mean they, that is the people, are girding ip their loins for a perfect rush on the Hih The i*>- *1 mcai ?{x.-ak<*r?, howevfr, w? it #<>??? ?u uc ? ' 1 LD. Price Two Cent*. earthquake, and from the style of their preaching, one would thii.k that they were bent upon cheating Miller out of six or seven months, uud bringing the world to a focue next Tuesday tu spite of projihecy. One thing, 1 think is certain, the elective franchise will blush prodigiously on that day. Hoth parties have been filliiiv up their naturaliaalu n lists with ait astonish nig I at; liny Why, citizenship is cheat*? the slock is low, and wlieu 1 heard some hard?ases yesterday talking ot liberty and good order, 1 thought I would r< pud.ate niy birthright, and alter election be born again. There is a portion of each ot the greut parties ot the day so decidedly row dyish and r -ckiess, that an honest man is obliged to take one or two campaigns again-t his conscience, betore be can easily subject u toihe level of a companionship with either. This language may appear unmannerly to the sensitive ears of the mere jiartizan; but it is, pevertheleas, the naked truth, and when I write a communication lor your blessed Herald, I know it will not be excluded oiiupiy because a does not sum up with a gross of falsehoods in invor ot tins parly or Hint Yes, truth is a bright and dear arlicle in this age, and, heaven he thanked, that there is one paper in the country, which will always give it a resting place ure.-peeuve of its hearings It an impartial man will hut take a walk through the streets, and listen to the blabbing of these brawling partizans but tor one hour, he cannot but deplore the blind prejudice and wiliul ignorance, under which so many of hist How-citizens labor. They work and strain not tor truth, but lor "my parly " From the first squad into winch you tall, you will learn that Kradieliis a continued aristocrat; bluish in lesle, teeliug, and opinion, bank-bouglii, woiktr-huitug, having no regaru lor uny iliiug r.aied or oivme, au i having ouiy-bos qualities which would in ke him an oba< quious " coon-adori r;" and thai bouck is the ub in all, the only man since the days ul Clinton, who lias had the good lortuue to know any thing?and in tine, that fie is a god upon earth, and lives in ihe county of -Schoharie, and \a addition to a I this, he was once c.nial commissioner. Well, the next company you fall into, you heara different tune. There Bradish rides trintrtphant, and he's the ge-tleman, the scholar, the statesman, dec., while Bouck is the fool, the rowdy, the canal pettiIfgK'f, Acc.iScc. 'flits istiut a simple illustration of the spirit which moves and conducts the uicouadeiable portion ol boih parties, lusleud o| examining dispassionately those liigti principles ol stale and national policy, winch should determine the Ireematrs choice, ihe true and noble American seems to have run mad, auu upon both sides ihe brawlers and demagogues, with lew exception-, are occupying (and trout appearance! will occupy) the sidie.-iiiaii'a chair, while political integrity ami high souied patrioiism, retires with its native modesty from the noisy and guggling, bar room, and shrinks nisiinc ively irom the malignant blackguardism ol party warlart*. By way ol changing the subject, to-morrow isthe day set apart by the agreement ot both |>ariies, not tor lasting and prayer, but for the dump war ot words between Metsrs. Kathburn and Morgan, candidates lor Congress. A chairman trom each parly is to be appointed tor the purpose, 1 suppose, of keeping each other 111 order, 'ilie whole atlair is to be dished out alter the truly southern style, and if 1 can spare time, 1 will luruteh you with an abstract ot the post modem examination, lor each party is confident thai the champion of the other will be annihilated. My idea is, that the two political warriors will retire like the Kilkenny cats. Bones. Baltimore. [Correspondence ol tlie Herald.] Balii.mukk, Nov. 3,1842. Fiuhionablt JtUcliigaut Alarriugtt?Fu lit ton in Lrcu? 'Iheatrual*?Broilur Alujfit and Fluqxunct, My Dear Mr. Bennktt? What has become ol ltodeiick 1 We see no Baltimore letter now in the most valuable of papers, the New York Herald. Do gel another correspondent. In the interim, 1 will give you a few items of the new cliques and associations getting up he e for the coming winter. O! what a g ottous winter this must be. Darties anu'lalls nightly, ol course. But most ot all, there is a number ot weddings to come oti. One, by the bye, hikes place this t.iglii.? Mr. H- L. L leads to the by menial altar Miss M. it., stepdaughter ot one ot the most opulent dry goods dealers in this monumental city. May heaven look down and bless this loving cou|4e. The girls say the iiieu must and shall propose._ They have gone so tar as to get up au a.-aociahou cal'vd *' Buds," lor the express purpo.-e ol?1 had almost said ol entrapping the nutvary. 'lake care, young iiieu. Improve your minds as well as your parses be I ore you enter that awtul noose. Tins marrying business, save a Crockett writer, is a verv htkliiui tiling. I agree with him. To-day hat hern hi auuful. The ladies turned out in aj?ertect style. New hats and cardinals were to he seen in all the shops and thoroughfares of this pigmy city. The taalnonB are much the same as last year. I suppose the Hal 11 more styles are quite out with you, as we always get your stale fashions.? The ladies' hais are positively shockiug?something so vulgar about them. Not one ot them loolu dutmgul. Oh, Baltimore ! where is thy taste t 1 see your correspondent from i'hiladelplua mentions something ut a quarrel between Celeste and tier relations 111 iialtiuiure. We liave heard nothing old. Baltimore tsquiie ignorant. We must all be sleeping. Wake up.O inhabitants ut this miniature New York! Wake up and hear what transpties in this, thy native city. Let not the I'htladelphiatis bteal from us our news as Redwood Fisher's letter wus stolen at Washington. 3hame on ye ! Can ye hold up your heads ? '1 lie theatre here is badly supported, and the piece they now play, that ol " Smieen String Jack," is a* great a mass ol nonsense a- any ass could accumulate in a given length of lime. Lectures and Matin are quite manias here. 1 don't like tVlaftii? lie admires the " dear creatures" loo much His eh.ikiug lue pietly girls' hands la too open. Lo slop tnat, biother Malta. r-xj wags tile world. Lvery thing aeems " stale, llat,aud unprofitable." D.i yet a correspondent ? Hoping tins ii.ay meet your approbaiion, J subrctibe my self Mom i.Xoaa ?CT. OKKTAIN CURE FOR DEAFNE^d MONS. .HAL! AN-tk>??J Maauiber*?IriViaitfle Votes Conductor* ? lo liable persona mete ally, X . 0 advanced ear, uid ut forty ami fifty I rare taiulius, ol rllienn dralueaa, and i.l those who are only sliirhlly doll of hearing, to join 10 general conversation, and t? catch the touud of a dismal low t|* alter at a |?ibl,c assembly They are the aiae ol a vary I mill gold teveu alnllm* piece : and when in tbe cavity of tha cart, they are not is the Iran perceptible, nor more unernnfor table than havinit a sin >11 piece of tine waot io ita iilacv. And allhousb tliey are vo eitreiuely email, yrt thoy enable those af rl t ied with tiuenv deafuysa to hear, id every rasped, equal 10 those of mos, acme tiea iu?. T? be had ol Mom VI ALLAN k SON. Sonreon Drstiata Sole Aaei.l* for thv pa lea lee, No. 2 P?rt Place, one door from Bnsnlwoy. The above iutentoii line been in oar in Eoroue for tome years and is strougly recommruded, being one ol (he k mates Si-Cttverie- nt tbe ace. Persona, son-roaideuta of New York city, ou ihe r.mittanc >l flft, rasher a |Hlir forwarded hv |.osf. JISlM?Sr KL3 OR lb i Tib till via \ HAIR DAkU HEADs AND OREV rlKAUl* READ T ,S? 0 Tlie hunt tu litir can be restored il |.roi*r and ar.MUti is* mrds. sar. spplird. Tbe proprietor of this assure* yon o his word, that en-ai uuinbersroine to his siorr whose hair thia has sutirely rrsiored. He requests you (o Kite Jones' Oil of Coral 1 irt axia one trial, iheu ju.lgi for wiuraelf. He pledges you bis wool it is ail K it represented. These are its qualities, il will saake the hair grow, (ou the h tid. fsco, bony, or aoy pert where nature lua uded hair lo frus ,) sUy IU fallins oni, care icurfordaiidriff, uid mat'.. Iicht.rr-tl,i>r cray crow dark from .be roots in lime. AmoiiK tor numbers wholiavr used il sod certify tills, is W. Hopkins. Kmc Xreet, N. V? J. Gilbert,Jew liter, Houdau street, N. V., and T. Power, grocer, Brooklyn. j | VV?* * >iiIti (lft-r liuislrptikiif tiUmrt if Mrs* shnas Is a* rery rrwm bit, <ud it <rvea th?- hail fhr iikmi delicto** dark Iilkv *p|.earaure. Pne- only I, 5 or I ahilliuga a bottle, three area : told hf T. Jour*. aign of ih? American tuh, U Citatum street, N. Y.: uci'ti, In Fultou street, Brooklyn, | State irreet (f I") 1 ?r r r-?- r PhlltdellJtisi. tgglm*r | stilUS lOtJl'M WASH?Prepared trosn die ongiiui reCr crpe at No. | -lold street, New Ymk?The Orria Tooth Wash .? purely a tegelable urrpuration, poaae*?roj| the proprr;ino is.ieaa.og the teethaud aioath restoring the gams to a letllhy *ttte, and pTeYenttua any atipleasant taitr or odour in he mouth, whether ansine from deaayod teeth 01 from a da '.Diced lLate of the etosaaen. It iadeiigued to he uaed with a Moth broah, and will be foand ? Miperaede the aecewiTT t !* I teller ,kr?| u-e the t??th ofeaa tnd preeetitine the * taring away ol u.t *.iia* tr .1) tur teeth. It iapartscnlany eaefalin eaeea of *|ianuy fumt. ieat<>nag them :o a healthy ttatr, and cauasnu them to con trait around the eeth. In painful affection. of the teeth tnd yam*, anting from itpqeure to cold, it will he found highly benefirial. ft la parocularly aerviceable to uae the Orrn Tooth Waah at night Jaat I f ire retiring to reit. Thi* method it rrryyweoJea ay amtmut dentist., a* by to doiic til prrticle* of food which aceuuulatr dnrinit the day are entirely remoter), and the mouth utit through the night iu a < lean, tweet, and ' Soaiad teetii and while teetn are tha- "not v'u.?!'?rtt<^ If |?or humanity; hot how n. n>WJ"0.?,? -.eaaary for their oremrratjoa, r.e..w^n..rro.nd?| the neaaa needed A oimia the to we I" T"?!! .r-T"_fft rial effectual than bbe Orwa/""'jjWaafe-it elaarmea a^ whl cut the Ueth.atr. Wll"'?^; I ereteua the breath We me. nrmend iu aaa to all, youag and ' Tfo Ornal oo^.'w'tah ia the beat detergani wr aeai aaed aa ?*/euauicl ?{ Boston Tranaeetpt. t "r ..Ie hr the riitcptl drmniwt* In the city m^r "" LKK' IIEH"! CEECHF.3 ! LEECHKS ! y AAA LtHiH HKaLTHY MWKDISH oEii' HEH ? Juai iieeireu |?| bails hit i*?t NeWioii, from l.u.iia'g. tor sale luaru ouaut ?*ry moderate p iaaa by U. A. It H. Wl 1'TK, ImpoiteraOf Leeche*. . jl |m g Itl *ill.amatfOet,_ THE GERMAN SURGEON. 'OLOMON III N K, M. D., Nn ? atieet. New York. ' lii *cr*bfuU tnA rhrotii dMN no rhdr^if i?f1? till lh? ititM ia iplireftd All prraoMo*irmr?J, uii<l?r i?r?,nt>-on* > can have then bone* straightltd. Reference* aiven * W niiilti"*< patieuta who htvt ten cure?f in lh? city. **1 VM*|