Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1842 Page 3
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rtrjh- NEW WORK BV BOZ?AMERICAN NOTES FOR GENERAL CIRCULATION Bjr Charle* Dickon*, Ex|.?The publishers of Brother Jonathan received per Groat Western la?t evening, thi* long looked for pnblj. cation. In order to gratify public ourioaity, we shall iaaue th? Firat Volume(wh;cn fires an account of Mr^Dichona' reroption in thi* nmi u y,) m an EXTRA BROTHBPl JONATHAN earlv thi* morning ? Price 6| cent*. The complete work will be publiihed in an Extra Double Sheet tltis afternoon. Price | cent*?or, aix cent* for each part. WILSON x CO., Publiahera, 1(W Naaaau atreet. New York. (HJ- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT?The Collegeof Medicine and Pharmacy, oatnhlished for the 8uppr*-?iin'of Quackery. beg to inform all peraona deairoua of obtaining medical a lyice, that on remitting the aum ol one dollar, with a abitement of their caae, they will be aupplied with one ilollar*! worth of appropriate medicine, and a letter of advice containing full direction* aa to diet, regimen, kc. All letter* muat l>e poat paid. Addieaa Principal office of the College of Medicine an.l Pharmacy, *7 Neaaau atreet, N- Y. The CoaacLTiyo PHraicua iajdaily in attendance at the private ronsultkig room* ol tlie college Hour* from 10 tilltl o'clock SpaoiCtL Caaxa The Collkok have alao engaged the aervtce* of one of the moat diatingnished operative Surgeon* in New York, and are therefore prepared to receive and treat aurgical caae*. Squinting, cataract, and all diaean a of the eye requiring an 0|>eration, -atrictureol the uiethra,? calculi ir. the bladder,?clubloot,? diaeaaea of tne jointa, and of the spine, will be particularly attended to. The fee* will be extremely moderate. Patient* who to deaire will bo viaited at their own houses after opsratlon. By oruer of the College, W. ft RJCHAHD80N, Agent. Principal (am! only) office of tho College of Metlieine nmllPharmacy, 97 Nassau at. New York, BIONK Y MAUKKT. Sunday, November IUO P.M. The llreat Western has again put us in possession ot a 1 ew ilaya later news. Nothing of interest had transpired in t he tim? in commercial matters.The papers, however, continue to discuss American affairs with much excitement. Mr. Webster's speech was freely commented upon in connection with bis former letter on State stocks,putdished in I ondonln the fall of 1839. Some uneasiness was beginning to manifest itself on the subject of the old United States Bank loans. One paper, nfter enumerating the stock pledged by Mr. Jaudon, and remarking that all the States that issued them have become defaulters, states a* t allows So far from the debentures being paid otf in April last, when at maturity, a correspondent states that on applying tor his half year's dividend, which was ?30, he received only ?19 13s 8d, which he was told wus the produce of the interest upon the Pennsylvania stock only. The question is, of course, to what quarter the holders ol tho debentures are to look in future for the payment of the interest and of the principal, A suggestion is made that Messrs. Denison Sc Co. should sell or divide, st the value of t he day, according to the amount for which the deben ture was granted, a pro|>ortion of each stock which they hold as security, among the holders of the debentures, and further give to them a certificate that they would use their best exertions to recover the deficiency in the value (ram the parties by whom the securities were deposited. A sale of these stocks to any extent is now out ot the qnestion, and the prospect a vary doubtful one of recovering any nssats from the wreck of tho United States Ituiik, so that a division of the securities among the holders of the debentuecs seems to he the only course open for consideration, and that to betaken us a final windi ng up of the affair. Tho exchanges on the continent were a little higher. Much excitement prevails at Mobile against tho Bank of M-jbile, and it is generally supposed, that it will explode. The Planters' Bank has issued the following not ice?it's post notes sold at 15 per cent discount:? Planters ani> Merchants' Bank ok Moiiii.e, ( Mobile, October 28, 1842. ) ai u niuL-iiug 01 iuf iHiuru 01 uirecion new mis morning, the following rc.solutious wore adopted and ordered to he published, to wit:? Resolved, That this Bank will not pay specie for its notes now in circulation. Resolved, That Certificates of Deposite bearing intor est at the rate of eight per cent p r ostium, or the notes of this Bank of a denomination of not less than one hundred dollars, shall bo issued to the depositors or holders of notes now in circulation, which certificates or notes shall be received ut any time in pajnjent of any debts to this Rank, whether due or running to maturity. Resolved, That the President and Directors of the Plan tors anil Merchants' Bank of Mobile deem it necessrry and expedient to cull a meeting of the stockholders, and that the Cashier be directed to advertise in all the newspapers ot this city, convening then at the banking house on the first Moeday in December next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., and further that he address a circular, (as far as practicable) to all the stockholders, rending them a copy of this resolution. Extract from the minutes. DAN'L. M. IllOGS, Cashier. The Erie Railroad management say that they had a balance on hand at tho 1st April last, but they do not tell us in their circular of -JOtli April, why, they permitted their acceptances to be protested as early as January latli, which we find upon reference to our files, was the day we announced thein protested. If they ure receiving $10,000 per month, from that portion of the road in operation, which they pledged to tho liist class creditors, where has the proceeds gone, and why have they not paid the collectors employed last spring to obtain subscriptions to their stock 1 That the election advertisement was |<ostponed, or altereJ with the concurrence of the requisite number of Directors, we doubt The more respectable Directors appear to kuow nothing at all about what is going on in the otficc, and we are inclined to think that the alterations and postponements of the election, are the expiring efforts of a few blundering mismanagers, to perpetuate tbeir power. How many more times that notice will be altered, no one can imagine. Let the Stockholders assemble, however, on t he |17t)i, and propare for the election on the 18tli Oj November. The people of the south counties have timidly permitted .their dearest interests to be sacrificed by a family and their political associates. Hail it not been for the harangues, speeches and efforts, of a political editor, whem they mistook for uu influential citj/.en, their eyes would have been opened much sooner to the tendi nr y of the management of the Erie Railroad. Incorporated companies are frequently taken possession of by cliques, but there is hardly a ease on record where the interests of such an immense population have been trampled upon and sacrificed for selfish purposes, as is illust rated in that company. It is useless for the contractors, ths stockholders, or the citizens along tho line, to[hope lor a prosecution of the road while it continues under its I resent control. No capitalists in this city will subscribe rne dollar until the management passes into the hands of men who are desirous rather of completing the road to the best advantage, than ol handling the funds of other people lor their own individual emolument, and that or their lrienji. It il of the utmost importance to this city, that rail t oail communication with the interior, should be had. Mercantile men already (eel severely the opposition ol Boaton. At an instance, we may state that an old Spanish bouse here recently received an importation of a cargo of g rapes and raisins, from Malaga, and for the first time in ;<A yeirs they failed to dispose of it at auction. On enipiii y into the cause among the accustomed purchasers, they stated that country dealers now no longer bought a six mouths stock in the fall. They bought small quantities I ecausn Boston is open to them all winter, and they can supply themselves at pleasure. The owners of real < state and other properly feel the intliionce of this state of all'airs, and would come promptly for* aril in aid ef the road if trustworthy men are placed at its head. A bill to authorise the hanks of Tennessee to issue s mall notes, as a measure of relief, passed the lower house ol that state, on its last reading, on the ddth ult. In a recent article, we mentioned that Oen. UuH' Green had, during his late visit to Kngland, ingratiated himseli with persons high in authority, with the view of bringing nbont a commercial intercourse of a mere reciprocal character between this country and kngland than has hitherto been done. The General returned by the Caledonia, is now in Washington (developing his budget to t he President, In order that he may favor tho scheme in his next message. It appears that Oen. Green, looking about him,and finding.that,itjwaa becoming the fashion to assume tesponsihility end ,take "the stump," on all occasions, and, emulating the glory of Gen. Cass, in his letters to the French people on the right of sr arch, took a boi ler flight, and constituting himselt ambassador general on hia "own hook,"startedtforKngland,where he gradnally crept up until he got Sir Robert Peel by the ear, into which willing organ, be speedily poured the glorious scheme with which he was buisting. It was to adopt a t which reciprocal tnd modified duties should be imposed in Kngland and France on American produce, on ronditic n that the manufactures of those countries should be admitted into the United States in exchange, at duties rorres|ionding with the rates charged abroad on United States produce. Sir Robert, of course, listened with all iluecivility and a good will, which was heightened by t he remembrance, that his own fortune and rise in the WOria, grew um m mv Iiirn^u ^iumihii lor juinn-n ruiton*; armed with this success, the General immediately departed for Pari*, and laid before the "eitiT.en king, Mho advantages to be derived from loitering the produce of the country ot hit exile, by exchanging therefor, on fair term*, the induatrlal product* of hi* now thriving ?ub. jecti. The swelling revenue* of France, and the growing wealth of it* people were favorablo to the project, and Louis rhillippe gave *uch |.- ncouragonient to the plan, that the General sped him hack to Liverpool, steamed over tha Atlantic, burst through New York, ami landed in Washington before he drew a " long breath j" he then looked warily over hi* shoulder*, lest the long nemd edjtora should have smelt his) scheme in advanre took the President by the hntton, and unfolded to hi* das tUd vition, the reeulti of a mtMlon, wboie aucceaa hu (hr utahone Mr. Kverett, entirely eclipaed General Cai a, Ijuur ahead of Daniel Webatcr, and made Lord Aahltur ton " aing small." They only made advanret in eome minor pointa of national interoouraa. The General, however, by ahold coup dr main, haa overturned the commercial |>oliry ai Rurope, annihilated their protective ayatem, and made a bridge ot pork and potatoea, over which ailk and champagne, brandy and burlapa, and wine and woollena, will flow over to cover the backa, and comfort the howela of an aatoniahed and gratelul people. | The returna of Treaaury nolea to the lat inatant, aa compared with former returna, arc aa folio wa Tar.aarav Nona Ot Tarawoino. Sept. |. Oct 1. Nov. I. lull" und.v act prior to Jan. 1843, 1, 896.338 3,863.933 3.833633 |..u. a of January, 18(2, 7.3117,110 7,794,031 7,800.321 llrdermrd of that luur, 3,711.669 3,798,7(13 2,808,973 l?ue? <>l act of August, 1812, 1,2*4,051 Grand totll oauumling, 8.771,999 8,863 070 10,039,036 Hence it appeara near a million and a quarter of the now Treaaury Note* have been iaaued, mostly by the war dr partment at the writ and aouth-weat. It ia atated that m?- iiunvniDie me secretary ol War, while advocating the iaauo of Treasury Notes to meet the necet-itic. of that department, op|waed the issue of the notes for an. ottier purpose; hence, although the notes still .comim nd a pre miiim, ami the department has upwards of $A,tMO,utO at its command, the government creditors are still without their pay. This state of affairs may arise from political dissensions, by which one officer is made the victim of the intrigues of the others, but the national character at this juncture sutlers by it. The following are comparative returns of two of the Virginia banks, to the 1st of October this year and last: B?va or Viuoiria ajid Ubakckks?Cosntsnn. Oct. I, 1812. Orf. 1, 1811. Inr'tr. lire's* Outstanding Debt, $1,491,177 $5,435,048 912,171 Foreign Bills of EirTniuje, 27,091 4,739 22,352 K. ilK.Ol. . 3.77,191 341,128 16.0.73 Stock., 719,14.7 696,013 23,132 Soecie. 862,136 831,505 30,631 Due from other account and notes, 206,730 470,222 263,492 Vitiations lu the books, 29,605 25,931 3,671 In transitu between hank anil branches, 2,680 2,680 Late Teller's deficiency, (now chanted to profit and lots, 535,521 535,521 $6,693,777 $8,312,805 $1,619,028 Capital Stock, $3,644,100 $3 644,100 I'rofi's, leucines deducted,) 57,815 526,375 168,560 Circulation, t 2,217,739 2,957,301 739,562 "Unh**" 211,527 271,189 58,662 Deposit*,. 541,823 911,838 400,015 In trmmitu brIwcru bauk ami branches, 16,771 16,771 $6,693,777 $8/342,805 $1,649,028 This Bank hiu reduced ill circulation 26 per cent only through yeura and it* depoiite* one hall. The Karmeis Bank presents the following result:? Kihhv.ii' B?mk ok Virginia. 184 1. 1841. Jnc'us. Drr'tt. Debt outHlandiilK, $1,372,088 $5,229,912 ? $857,854 SicrluiR bill*, 4.750 2,359 2,391 ? Stocks 118.471 112,215 6,.-56 ? Loan to th* 4'ninmouweallh of Virginia. 99,000 130,000 ? 31.0(H) Seerie, 805,515 728,327 77,188 ? Nolo of other bank*, 126,446 199,736 ? 26,710 lie tl Kslatc, 217,6.9 204,877 12,802 ? Bnnk notes stolen from office, 72,135 72,135 ? ? III Irausitn, 6,034 6,031 $5,822,120 $6,679,591 4'apital Stock, $2,668,3'.. $2,662,825 5,500 ? ^otas in circulation, 1,959 952 2,707,502 ? 747,540 Due to otkrr Banks, 149,357 13,148 136.209 ? Continuant fund, $39,901 New turpiu* " 202,529? 242,430 19.5,761 46,669 ? Profits of the initiiution, 62.830 85.810 ? 23,010 Iu.lividual depoaitrs. 739,273 942,360 ? 203,087 lu Transitu between Motile r bank and rauehes, ? 72,155 ? 72,155 $5,822,120 $6,679,593 Thi* table preient* a great decrease of business on the part of these two banks during the past year, while they have hut recently returned to specie payments. Married, At Guilford, Ct., on the 2d inst., by the Rev. Dr. Bennett, Mr. OnatiaM P. Taylob, of New York, to A*** S., eldest duughter of Joel Davis, K*q., of the former place. Oled, On Sunday morning, the 6th inst., suddenly, Ji'Licr W., wife ol Charles Sutton, aged 36 years and 7 months. The friends of the family, and those ol her mother Martha Wandell, and brothers Livingston nind Benjamin Coe Wandell, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this duy (Monday) at half paat 3 o'clock, from her late residence la Jane near Washington street. On Sunday morning, the 6th inst., alter a short illness, James MoDovoumi, aged 36 years. The friends and relatives of the family, and the members oft/apt. Fishur's watch, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late residence No. 7 Cannon st. Latest Advlcea RKCKIVKD AT THK NKW YORK HKRA0D OFFICII. Africa Sept. 6 Macao June 7 AusCayea Sept. 26 Madraa Aug. 6 Anliaii* July I Manilla May 5 Bombay Auk. 27 Montevideo Auk. 23 Rataim June 13 Maranliam Sept. I Bermuda S?|A. 20 Matanzas Oct. 14 Bonaire April 9 Mayagurx Sept. 26 Bivnoa Ayrea July 28 Maracaiho Auk. 16 Bahia Sept. 1 Matarnoru Sent. 27 Brliir. Hood. Oct. 2 Neuvitas July SI Barhauoes 8e|it. 20 Nassau, N. P. Sept. 22 Bogota May 1 Oaliu, 8. 1. June 11 Brrbice Feb. 20 Paria Oct. 20 Ca|* Haytien Sept. 24 Port au Prince Sept. 17 CmKM Oct. I Ponce, P. K. Oct. 8 Cirtifuegos Sept. 26 Para Oct. 4 Caithagrua Sept. 16 Pernambuco Sept. 20 ('iraccaa May 17 Liiiama---- Keb 20 t'b.iitrea July 1 Hi >ue Janeiro Sent. 12 C.allao May 29 Singapore July 16 Calcutta Aug. IS Sydney, N. 8. W. Auit. II lleinarara S?|?t. 8 St. Helena Sept. 10 Faval (let. 11 8t. Thomas Oct. 7 t Gibraltar Oct. 6 8t. Barta Jan. 3 tiiiayauuil Keb. IS 8l. Jago tie Cuba Oc\ 3 (iuavatna, P. R. July IS 8t. Johns, P. R. Sent. 27 Gonaivri Aug. 1 St. Croix July 30 tialresion Oct. 10 St. Martha Aug. 14 Havre Oct. 19 8t. John, N. B. Oct. 21 Havana Oct. 19 Surinam Sept. 7 Halifax Oct. 31 Tampico Sept. 26 Jerrmie May 19 Tobasco Aug. 8 Jacmel Aug. 13 Tiirlu Island Sept. 26 Kingston, Ja. Oct. 3 Trinidad tie Cuba- Oct. 1 London Oct. 22 Vera Cni Oct. 6 Livernool Oct. 21 Valparaiso June 27 La iiuavra Oct. 2 Yucatan Oct. 10 Lima Marcb20 Zanzibar July 14 Paasenftri Arrived. Bristol. Hug.?Steam ship O eat Western?Mr Maxey, Mrs Maxey, Mr auil Mrs Castin, Mr and Mrs Maiilaml, Mr Donaldson, Mr Spragg, W Hood, Miss Calhoun, Miss Livingston, Mr and Mrs Hallelt and child, Mr Drmcaux, Felix Colomb, Mr Kop|>erbeig. Matter W Faber, Miss Spragg. Mrs Cordes, servant and child, Mitt Cordes, Miss Lucaa. Mr and Mra Pagrol and servant and child, Mrs Haigh, Miss Trlfairt, MrsKiework, Mr and Mra Hodgaun, Mr and Mrs Raviaira, Mr and Mr* Springer. Mia Bolton, Miss Lonbat, Mr aud Mra Louhat, Mast Loubil, Mr Churchill, R ? F.vani, J N Catkie, J J Caskir, Mr Lock wood. Mr Smith, Mr and Mrs Coe, General Mercer, K S Gale, A Sarnpayo aud servant. Louis Borg, Mr and Mra Barivy. O Field, D Hypt. Major White aud ledy, Mr Griffin, Mr Boliard, Chaa Odier, Mr Cramayel aud servant, Mr Brvaut aud frond, M Kindall, Major Hirrett. Mr McGregor, W 8 Derrick, Mrs Winter and ihree children. W Heaih. Mr Holmes. Mr Nicholson, Mr McBiide, Mr and Mra Thomaa, Mrs ami Miss liomrr, Mr Woolf, Mr Homer. Mr and Mrs J P Hall, Mr Colboun, Mr Muir, Mr Holland, Mr Tatham, Professor Longfellow, Mi Burbank, Mr Deatouet, Dr Pise, L Smith, Mr Sherman, H Waller, Mr Bolton, Mr Dncaire, Mr Davournan?Mr llill-tl'a servant. Mis Bottou's do, Mr Maitland'a do, Mrs Maxey's do. Lr.riHoaia?Banine India?T M Kenuady, of Noilolk; A A Most, J H Carr, Philadelphia. foreign Importations. LcriHORis?Barque India?3 cases mdse 2 do pictnrrs 1 pkg Dunham k Moore?31 boars liquorice P A Brirthaupi k co?6 I'kga Goodhue k co?2 do Masteis, Markoe k Co?2 8 Ward?3 Peabodv, Kiggs k co?7 D Hidden k son?16 ca citron Victor fc Duckwiti?2 pkg* M G Lrtighi k co?1 box Davis, Brooks k eo ? I T Dennis?108 06 oil P Harmonv kco?73'pags straw liata Wm Vyse?2 trunk* W N Delalield?I pkg 3 chairs T Walker? 2 bx* S Brook.?I rase |asinliugsT Kennady?10 cases marble 2 his I hamper V A Sattori?2 phgi 8 F OKI?2 pkga 8 F Ohl?1 hi* A A Moan? 1 case marble T Birch jr, Philadelphia?3 bosea tu master?2113 bss soap 44 h.ocg* marble 20 pkga straw hata 6 do picturss 2 btt 4 pkga mdse 16 bales raga to o/iler. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Day* of the Steam Shlpe. moM enulind. from tMtnci (' .Icdonia, Loll Not. 16 II, Wrilcm, Hoskeu Nor. 17 Acadia, R>rie Not. 4 Dec. 1 1 olumbia, Miller Not. 19 Dec. 17 Britannia, Hewitt Dec. 4 Jan. I I'acheti to Arrive. Packet* to Sail* rinM I.ITKBrOOL. for litf.rpool.. Siddons, Cobb, Oct. 13 P. Henry. Delano, Not. 7 Cambridge, Hir.'nw, Oct 19 Sheffield, Allen, Not. 13 from rnRTSMOlTTH. for portsmouth. St. James, Srbor, Oct. 20 Switaerl'd, Chadwick, Not. 10 ? . ??*H?t?i. It. Hudson, Morgan, Nov. 20 it ii Oct. 1 FOR MJkTRK. Utica, Hewitt, Oct. 16 Ar?o. Anthony, Not. i To Nhtp Maatera and Agent*. i iij * '' ORptaina of Teaaela will bit* to Coinmmlore William A. tfaaaatt, ?f ?ur llrw, fleet, a re.-s?V home or ahmad, will alrnconfer a favor by aendinir to thia nllice <11 the marine intelligence they can obtain \l??t.r.l information ol any kind will be Ihankfally received POUT OF NKW YORK, NOvTr, 1S4?~ tun risks 6 ia i moor skts ,, una i ?Imihm wait* ( Arrived. Steam ship (Jreat Weaiern, Hoaken. from Briatol, Kng., Oct 22, with rndae, to H. i ft in. Left Kin*'a (toads Oct. It, Jr. m with a atmiu wrairrlv wind and dirty weather, which increaaed to a atront Rale and lasted two days. 3d inat. 9 a. M. evrhanged colors with British liarque Ida, standing to the eastward, lai 43 at, I in 36. 4th.* 36 a. M. 1st 44 IV Inn 61 30, esrhsnged colon Willi thr Royal Mail steam ship Britannia, from Halifai lor I,i?,-rpnnl?blowing Tery hard, Willi the wind abont NR. The (treat Western passed the Hook at li*lf-|?st 4 r. M. making the psassge a few hours or*r l.tdays, with strong westerly winds njrty all th?? war u> ihr Bsuks Btmur India, Janvier, (of Philsd* I phis) from Lrgli ?rn, Hei*C. IS, ind Gibraltar On. 7. with marble, fcc. to order. LaAM 1ship SpiMiK. Hamilton, for NYork, Idg; bsrijuc Louisa, Woodsi4r. of Portland, unc. U. H. vhip Columbus left Gibraltar 4th for Port Mahon. Th* Kairlteld wu at Mahou 4th Oct. and ins Congress at Toalou loth Sept. Vessels left at Oibraltar before renoited. Biitish bria Lady Huuhngtou, Stowe, SSdays from Anguill*, with 1140 bhit salt to ntder. British brig Albiou, Kennedy, for NY i 'k, mM S dn>*? befon, . I Brig Win. Oariiaou. Tomlin, J day. (ruin> Iphia, with coal?bound In Hlifiitn*. Sf'hi Ann Ornaian, Mown, 6 dava from Bermuda, Willi $4<m0 perir. to Middlutnii Ik Co. Li I'brigs Aldrbaron, for St. Ma tya, 2 Java; Star, Wilmington, do. Sehr Napoleon, York, ti day. from Calais, witli lath. he. to maitn. SchrJ.liW. Emckaon, Smith, 3 day, from Philadelidtia, with roal, to J. Tudale. Herald Marine Correspondence. Orrici or thi Huoor. Iiiiami, 1 Newport, No*. 5, 11142. } Sid tth, Poland, Havana; Candace. Albany; America. D.irien, Ga. General Hecord. Foncioie I.ittks Orricn.?The Patrirk Henry, for Liverpool, will aail to-day, and the Arfs, for Havre, to-morrow ? Their letter bag, are a' Uil|>in'a, in the Exchange. Latliec HKO ?Shin Paul Jonra. 700 tona, built for the China trade, at Meulord, Maaa. laal Saturday. Notice to Mariners. Beatiugt of a dmgrioua rock, off Sloki-lieatl. raatward of Mewatonr, near Pl> mouth at ascertained correctly lb. 11th ol October, 1812, by W. H. Miller, rommandrr Royal Charlotte revenue cruiser:?Maker Churrh, a handspike's lenetb within Kenny Point; the bluff part? of Stoke-heail NE. by N. t>00 yarda or one thiril of a mile; the comer of a wall, eaatward of ^toke head, on wiih a Urge rock about half way down the hill; the baar of the rock covert the anace of about a furlong; it baa only three feet water on the ahoaleat part at low water apring MM, with from eleven to ,even fathoma all round it, very oloar; deep water tr<>m the inner p>rt lo ft** fathoma rloae in with the ahore. Maker Church open of Rrnny Point will clear you to the ?outhwart!. Nrw Ln.HTHorar on tut OoaaT of Swrogtv.?The following haa been received at Lloyd'f fioin the Swediahand Norwegian general rnnanlair:?" 26, Croahy-aquare, Oct. I*.?Sir: I MN it in command ti> (MHniWI t4> yon the following tranilation of an ordinance iaaued by ihe Royal Naval Boaru at Stockholm under date of the 6th Se|it.' The Rov?l_Naval Board hereby maker known, for thr information and guidance of inartnera, that the revolving light at Hallon, aituated ahont a iiuarter of a mile SK. of Salo beacon, ill lat N. M. 2(1, 10, and l-mg :"i, 25, 45. raat of Ferro. or II dec 16 min. 45?er. raat of Greenwich, which waa announced by toe ordinance of Ihe lltli January laat. will bt eghibited on Ihe lat of November of the prevent year, and will after that time continue to he lighted at aurh prrioda of the dav and night aa ia appoiiited by law. Tlila light, the ftaine of which ia 116 leel above the level of the aea. will revolve, and ronaiaU of nine poliahed rertectori, an placed that during lhe|w-nod occupied by each revolution, which ia ail minutea, they will ahow nine llameaof atiort duration with dark intrrvala. Tina light cannot therefore lie inialaken for that at M liatrand, which ahowa only fout Itghta of longer duration during each revolution of eight minutea. Thr tower, being ol atone and colored white, ia 41 fret from the ground to the light, and la huilr iiikiii the aouth-eaatrm aide of Hallon. about the centre of ihe ialand, near the principal eutrauce to Kougahomu, by which inrana it will he pna?ihlr for vearcla which may have entered the dangrroui NE. bay, and during a lee wind find it difficult to keep clear of thr ahore, by the aaaiatanee of the light to aeek ahrltrr behind the heacou laud. Thr light will he triaible from the ara in every direction, racept when made KHK,. by the compaaa, when the aauir ia concralrd for aomr minutea of the circle by the Salo heacou. Towarda the laud it ia aern obacured between NK. by E. and BSE. from the light. (Signed) ' (.'hiiilii Tottik.'" Whalemen, At lale of France Juue 15, Elizabeth, Batra, of Mallapoiaett, 50(1 bbla. Sailed from Lord Hown'a Ialand March 25, Benezet, Parker, F H. 425 ap, on a cruiae; Hoogly, Warreu, 850 ap, do. Spoken. Dale, Liverpool lor NOrleaui, Oct 15. Alleghany, Philadelphia for Liveriaiol. Oct 12, lat 48, Ion 25. Kvailne, auppoaed for England, Oct 12, (at 48, lou 12. Foreign Porta. LtvKttrooL, Oct 21?Old Goliah, Slater, NOrleaiu. 2(lth? Arr Columbua, Cole, NYork. Ldg Alexander, Leeds, Balti m -rr ami V irgitna. IKli? Slil Cambridge, Baretow, NYork.? Ldg Kutnw, Tliomoton, do: Kokcw, Huttletnti, do. Off port 21st Sheridan, De Peyater, from New York, packet of 23th ult; South America, Bailey, lium do, |iacketof l?t init. London, Oct 18? Entered for big, Montreal, Tinker, for New York. Dkai., Oct IS?Came down and tailed, 9t Jamei, Sebor, for N?w York. Bkiitoi., Oct 21?Arr Tiber, Covill, Vintinia Qjk Halcomrk. Oct 18?Stepham, Flor, NYork. W*Traroai>, Oct 17?Arr Victory, Cadogan. Biltiinore. SwiNEMUNDg, Oct n?Arr Stirling, Coo|ier, NYork. IIelvoet, Oct 17?Sid D <mariacotta. Howea, N Or leant. Antwiip, Oct II?Ait Oeorgiana, Baker, NYork. Havre. Oct Ifi?Slil lliica. Hewitt, NYork. BoedeaOT, Oct 10?Sid Chateaubriand, Labondc, New Or leant. NapLEi, Oct 2?Arr Ignazio, Ki/.zo, NYork. Quebec, Oct :to?Arr Tanjore, Terry, Condon; Pomona, Hu'chiuton. St Tliomat, WI; Falcon, Day, Bridgewater; Nertnue, Law, Banff. CM 3ltt, Kglinlon, Dinning, Oreenock; St Lawrence, Tullock, Aberdeen; Anglicaiiia, Clark, Poole; F.leplianra, Rote, Liverpool; Doclrfour, VVakehant, Bristol; Margaret Wilkie, Miller, Glasgow; No* 1, Sarah it Marianne, Archi bald, Neath; Canada, Benton, Liverpool. Montrkai., Nov 2?Arr Indian Chief, Sumpton, Liver|k>ol. Cld 1st, Elizabeth, Price, do. Home Porta. Eastport. Oct 31?Cld Ionia, Wheeler, Wilmington, Del.? Sid 27th, Birkenhead, (Br) NOrleana. Bzlvast, Nov I?Ailv Alvano, Pace, for CUarleiton, with det patch. WltCAltET, Nov 2?Cld Othello, Allhee, Savannah. Sid Ontario, llolmet, NOrleana; Ottawa, McNear, Nattan. Porti ash, Nov 2?Cld Henrv Newell, Manin, Mobile; Pioneer, Smith, do. 8ld Dublin, Skolfield, and Aitraran, Web ter, NOrleana; Joteph, Oerti, St Tliomat; Freighter, Blanchard, Cuba; ttli, B-ujtmin, Luni, for a Southern port. PoKTtmouth, Nov 3?Sid Venus, Thoinpton, Mobile. N'rwRURVPOR r, Nov 4?Cld Euphrasia, (new, 488 tout) Buntin. NOrleana. Sid Pertia, Johnton, and Caravau, Bray, New Orl ant. Hai,km, Nov 4?Cld Vintage, Phipoa, Montevideo. BotTON, Nov 8?Old Leland, Kenorick, Charirtton; Tlioota, (of Ihit port, late of Marbh head) Lawsou, Aug Cayet; Ellsworth, llomer, Malanzaa: November, Ktlia, Jacmel; Choctaw, (of Ihit port, late of B .llimore) Miller, NOrlraut; Jot Balch, Davit, Baltimore; Page, Niekeraon, NVork Nrw Btoroau, Nov 4?Sid Eliza Nicholl, Baker, Baltimore. Enuartowis, Nov 2?Arr Elizabeth, Kingston, NY. supposed for Salrm; Otranto, Morgan, NYork for Button; Alert of Uxngor, bound Eatl. Ill (girl, the above, wtg wind, witn many more coming into the harbor. Providence, Nov 4?Arr Siam, Grant, ilondout; Van Bnren, Corwiu, do; Wm 8c Henrv, Brbee, NYork: Juliet, Fornhler, do; Hamlet, Tnttle. do. Hid Orray Tall, t .harlettou. Charleston, Nov 8?Wellington, (Br) Melntyre. tnd Lancattrr. Jefferson, from Liverpool; Leonore, Gravel, Newbnryl?ort; llndine. Ghent; Mounment, New York, are itill in the offing. Arr let. Sullivan, Brown, NYork. Cld Antie, Janklein, Havana; Anion, Harkintn. NYork. Sid Harriet V Jessie, Conner. Liverpool; Autnleon, Crowell, Boston, l'eizer,Crockett, Mobile. Savannah, Nov I?Cld La Orange, Porter, NYork. St MaRKf, Fla. Oct 23?Arr A O Brown, Perry, Charl*iton; St.itira, Babhidgr. NYork; Hillowell, Smith. Botiot; Megunticook. Irwin, Charleston; Mary- Hammouu, Norwood, Camden, Me. Mohile, Oct 29?Arr Viola, Jameton, Botlou; INonantum, do; Mobile, Williams, NYork. New ORi.r.iNt, Ort 27?Cld /otoff, Merrill. Liverpool; Kreeland, Smith, Cam|ieachy. Arr Franci* P Beck, Stack|>ole, Tliomat ton. ^HIHTY COMPOSITORS WANTED ihit morning, at J the New World Office, 30 Anil ttreet. Fi ll caaee aud ez'ra pay. nl IVf K. H NKLSON. will deliver Course of Lectures on Physiology, illustrated hy Diagiams and demonstrated by Eipc intents, at the Nrw York Lyceum, 411 Broadway, on Tuesdays, Thursdays. and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock in the even* in*. To commence by the Introductory (free) on Tnrsday evening, the gth imlant. n7 8t*r ifr^A HtWAKD-Loal, on Saturday momma laat, in going jpt-'v/ftoin Smith's Kschangr Office.comer of Wall and ?Villiam streets to B trtnu's Auction Rooms, in Water ilrtrl nun Maiden Lane, a black wallet containing betweenf2l)0 and (300. Thr above liberal rewaid will te paid on ita being returned to No. IM Fulton at. N. Y. n7 lt*r Exhibition ok the century"plant.?this rare pr duct ion (Agave Americana.) having reached thia city in |>erfe< t order, the aubacritiera, a Committee from the Orphan Asylum, Albany, aolicit the well known patroiuige of the citir< na of New Yora in aid of the Inatitution for whoae benefit Oeneral Van Reosarlarr haa kindly given the piaut.and Mr. George C. Thorburn the uae ol hia apaciouaaaloon. No, II John afreet near Broadway, wh> re it can be viewed nnder the moat favorable circumatancea. It will be exhibited from 8 A M to 9 P M?arrangement* having be* n made to have the room well ligh'ed in the .evening. It will he found well werthya viait on account of'iu great rarity and unt.|ue appearance; tne flower item ia twenty-two feet from the have of the plant, and thr foliag in fine order,with near one thouaand flowera?it will moreover aid an inati'n.ion of undoubtrd cl una on the benevolent, and whoae aole dependence ia on voluntary aid, and now with winter approaching. Tickrta of amiaaion 2.7 centa; Children half-price. One entrance admit! the vivitor during the aeaaon of bloom,whirh will probably be a fortnight to come, after ? h rh the plant iliea entirely. i . ANNF.8LKY, WM. VAM VLfcCK, Committee. P. 8.?A full deacription, with drawing, of tne plant, furniehed to viaiior gratia. n7 1 wr JgA ToTTlCT?'Till the lal May neat, on the most reaaon able lerma.?The choice of three auperior officea iu the J^alJLhuilding 192 Broadway, corner Jo.,u street, suitable for a Lawyer, Doctor, or man of business, being very central. Two of them are on the firat floor, up stairs,ana the beat in the huild ing, nd Trout both on Broadway and John atreeta, and are reached by rntraiicea from both rtreeta and lave every convrniene for Ml plug coala or wood, and other nrrangenienla to make them exceedingly epmfortable and pleasant. The hree efficea are |?rtitioned off into five aepatate rooma. For further iwrticulara apply to A JONK8, n7 31 r First room in said building, up aiaira. M BCHANICAL OH CARCKL LAMP8.?The auhacriber Ins jnat opened for the inaorction oflhe public, the richest assortment of iheae Lamiw and oiher articles in the I ever imported to this country, all of which hase been manufactured to order at Paris expressly for ihu market, and are an MB led in hcaaty and utility. These Lamps are now to generally used that no remarks re apecliug Hu m arc necessary, as they recommend themselves at the following placet that are lighted with them, Via:?Car I loo House, Astor House, Mansion House, Park Place House, New York society Lihraiy t-owing'a Broadway, oppoaiie Bond at, Siguor Ferrero'a, Howard street, and many other places where they can be ami at any time. Thr prices will hereafter (iu conaei|ue.nce of the great in crease of sale and improvement m their manufacture) place theiii within the reach of every one who studies economy as well as good taste, and the variety of styles and prices will be aurh as toauit all tastes, and adapted to all purposes were light ifc rrqmrrn. Alio, received by late arrival* and invoice of choice articlra fn in I'aria, conaiating of rich new atylr lailiea and gentlemen'# toilet bora, ladira work bolea, Liqueur, watch and icwrlry caara Prnnmety, a choice aaaortmrnt from one of lha inoai celebrated ueifnmera in Paria. K. D. SAXTON, Depot of Mechanical Lamoa, 20 John at. Agent at rnilaiMidna, A. BERNjtTT, 125 Chratnat at. Boitou, J. D. I!amn, 39 Tremont Row. n7 lw ia'ec A KIHEl ARISE! TONS or NE > YORK, ARTsE".The Membera of the Unioniat Aaaaciation are rerjueatel to aaaemhle at Monroe Hall, on Monday evening, November 7th. ath half-naat 6 o'clock, to meet the tjerrran Clay Club*. All neranna friendly to eauee are invited to attend By order S. CRICK KK1NO, Preaident. P. STAAT8, > C. PIERCE, < Hecratary a. n7 lt?ec LOST?A black wallet, containing one note on the Bank of Commerce ol finnn: two notea lor $100 eaeh of one of the city hanka, not recollected; one $20 of Weatern Bank of Kentucky, conntrifirt. and >undry amall city notea to tlie amount of $lno. Anv rwaon finding the aame ahall be anitably and liberally rewarded by leaving it at the office of ihe Aator Honae t"7 Itr _ LJ AIR OIL.?There la no oil in the woild that can do good if or bad 10 the hair. Every body knowa that when the han la burned It will grow agaiu aa good aa evet. All th? pnwdera lor dying the hair are nothing but a mi vture of lime and lithr ;ge and trie hrir ia not dy ed, but literally bnrned. LiqunL for dying the hair are comnoaiiiona of cauatic anil aiurita.lhat hurna in th< Ml way *v ihe |?i?din. MM dont dye ban, and the liar I will grow no mallei how in iiiy timea it ia burned; and ever) body knowa alao, that when the head ia full of dandruff, the han beitina to mm grey, and haldneaa followa. Krom au egperieno of twentv yeara, be lag hair culler, and having the opportunity of xamintng a great many hcada,[and olockheada] I have mail, myaelr a great rnmpoaition known aa " Paator'a Hair Oil. oi l.ompnnnu Kaacnlial Oil of Almnade," for deairoying dandruff, |?r*rnting the hair from coming out and filming grey. Thta in l unliable Hair Oil will make the hair grow well, no matter how mneh dandruff or aoreneaa ia on the head. h or rale. whnh-rale and retail, at A. PASTOR'S, Hair Cnt ter, I*.) Ortenwich atreet, New Aork. Price JO eenta a hotUa. 7 I in*a DR. JOSEPH W BRADSHAW, REMOVED KKOM LIBERTY T<> 46 WAKKEN. nl> lw*r NOTICE?AH agrnta mil dftUra III j?eriodicala of the citv of New York intl Brooklyn, are roiurilrd lo meet It Unci Pmi'i, r Bowery, on Monday K.eeniiuf. the 7th of No irmh-r. It 3 o'clock, n buainraa of importance will be brought before them. Puncluil attendance ol -ill persona iu <h? shore line i? rem?*tcd. n) BKW*I ToVHEHS I'l.Ak Elts-Tli- New York t hru Club meet at the Cheia Room, No. t Barclay itreet. Pemoua within* to joiu the Club. ran amil v to any of the member*, a lut of whom can be teen at the Club Room Allchesa players eitiima the citv are inaitrd to attend, the room hem* at all timet free to aoo-rrtideuta. u6 3t*ic !A. B. IDKSON. Secretary. GRAND VOCAt AND I NSTHtTMENTAL CONCERT. MR. V. RAKbMANN hat the honor of aunouncnw to hit friemlt aiul the public, that hit firtt Concert in America, will t "he place on Monday Evening, Nov. 7th, 1841, at the AimjIIo, auiated by the Ihllowiug talent:? M'me. OTTO. Sixnor RAPETTI, and Mr. L. RAKEMANN. Who will t>r. tide at the Piano Forte. PROGRAMME. P*ar I. I. Fantasia Dramatic for the piano forte, from "Lucia di Lammermoor," Mr F Rakemann Litrl J. Grand Aria, from the German Otiera "Oberon," >1 hne Otto C M Weher j. Kautaaia for the Violin, Hig Rinetti Rapetti 4. Caeatina. from "Robert le Diahle,"?" Rnbeit! toi que j'aime?" M'me Otto Meyerberr J. Heiameron?Grande* Variation" Brilliantea for ilie Piano, (mmpoied by Liart.Thalbent, Piiia. Her*, Caerny and Chopin) Mt F Rakemann Paht it. I. Aria f nm the "9'aliat Mater,"?"fujui animam," M'me Otto Uotaini 1. Two Songs?Mr F Rakemagii, tranal ited for the Piano Fo'te of Fran* Hchnberta, by Lla*t 3. Air Varie for the Vio in, Sig Kaiwtti Mayaeder 4. ?on?-"The Rapture Dwelling," M'me Otto Balfe j. Kautaaia for the Piano on the Prayer of "Moiie," Mr F Rakemann Tlialberg Tickets $1 each, 'o he had at the principal Mnair Stores. Doors ojien at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence at 8 preciaely uA 3t*r A"?L1CDY PRO W e 0 KOPETIT ui>erior a^dreai ami air- I pe.aranee, Willi " t > undertake the education of two little kiii-.. 111 in.i.ic, imitu rt'i civru itislrucuoa* vocally mid luilrumriiully, lite lint mitten; unders'andl the ruilimrnU of FnDch ami Italian?it an rice lleut seamstress, anil accustomed to good society. Would not obteel !o (o south - 'o superintend i null in r\, mblMMITi or eOWMtloMf? eatsblisnmenl. wheir tin- could hsve a nrst apartment, and be treated aa a lady. Kirelli-ut references at to character and capability. Address L. M. N. Pirk Post office. 116 3fr BO \KDlNO?Tltc original wil'on Montr, J26 Pearl atri-rt, Kraukliu Square?kept by Jar. Fowler, from Lomloii. Kng land, permanent boanlrra 82,5# per week, traiiairut t"n*r,lert 50 cent* t*r day. Families can b- accommoditlrd with private rootntou reatonahlr trim*. Wiura and apim*. 3 emit |wr kIa-s?home brrtv'd ale I ren'a iier pint?hue Welsh rarebits I cents each?cold cuts equally cheap. N. B. Hot coffee 3 cenll per pint?st ikes and imrioti. bnp> can lie hail at all lioun. J. K. particularly rn|ue*ts any one wh., ia in tvaut of a comfortable home to" call and import hit establishment, and judge for themselves. Persona traveilinit for England would llml it to their advantage to call. The house ht-ing convenient to London and Liverpool ships, J F. bring appointed agent, he can give ji sitae inters every information. New k ork and Old ( ountry pi|ieri taken ill. n5 3m*r IJOARDlNO.?A handsomely rurnitlird from room, with I' pantries, in the two story brick house lit! Mott street (neat to the corner of Broome) it at the ilitnmal of a gentleman and Ilia wife, or two tingle grntlrinrn. Breakfast and tea will be ftiruithrd to the gentlemen. Th-re are no other boarders ill the honte, and all the comfort* of a home may be secured for the wiuter. Terms to suit the timet. Apply at No. 12 Wall street, corner of Broad, or on the premises. n>3i*m BOAKDiNO?A gentleman and Ilia wile or a lew rea|ieciable singlegeullrmen,can bo luriiiahed with go^d board, and very pleaaant rooms on reasonihlc terms, at 204 Fulton st. nt 3wr WKT NURSE.?Wauled a situation, a young m irried woman perfectly hrahliy, to take charge of all infant in the house of ihe family, can givr the West of reference as to character. A line addressed to A. B. nog No. 531 Park post office, will be immediately attended to. n3 8tr U>OK SALE.?The Yacht ON-KA-HY-E?She is94 feet long P ?2IS feet hesiu, and IJ leet hold. Her cabins are estruaivr Slid Sii|>rrbly fitted up. If not wanted tors Yacht, she would be well adapted for a packet between some of the W est ludia Islands?to the Chilis or any olher trade where great speed is an object. She is an admirable sea-boat, and would carry a large cargo, combining more buoyancy witli sharpness, than any other vets?l aMoat. She is strong aud stoutly built, and would be valuable as a dispatch vessel, or as a tender to a tleet She would cany a very heavy armament on her deck, from having part of her ballast, (40 tonal in an iron keel, by which her stability is (fr ally iiiareased For commercial purposes, she would rrijinre no oilier liallaat. Her hull, sails, rigging, furniture, kr. kc. kc., are in perfect eider. 81,a can be sent to sea without a dollar's eipense. She may be seen at the Dry Dock. For further particulars impure of Ira Bliss, at the office of the C. and A. R. 14.4'ompanv, or to JOHN C. STEVENS, nJlwjgb South Amhoy. NOTICE.?Whereis Samuel Beniheiiner, of Syraiusc, has acted as the agent of 11. Bi rnlieimer fc Bnuhers, merchants in me env oi i-*rw iors.iu me collecting 01 <ienil ai syricuse, ami in other holiness, all persons are licrehv notified that his power aa auch agent haa been revoked, and all peranua ate heteby lorbidden to trauaart any buaineaa with him. aa auch meant ; and whereaa Samuel Bernheimrr and Jacob Bloch, oonatllutuiK the linn of S. Brinheimer (k Co.. of Hyrarnar, have thiaday assigned to H. Bornheimer k Brothera, of New York, all the goods, debli and deinanda of every deacription; therelore, all prraoua are hereby forbidden to pay any uebl- to aaid S. Bernheimer Ik Co. or either of aaid firm after thia date?and all payment* of aaid demand* may hereafter be made to Herrman Beruheimrr.Emaiiiiel Bernheimer or Sunon Bernheimer. being the firm of H Bernheimer It Brothera, one of whom will be found at Syracuse by any |ieraon wishing to make payment*; and on whom alt peraoua ind-bted are requested to call immediately ana arltlr their accounta and note*. Dated Syracuar, N. Y.. Nov, 2d. IM2. n7 Im'r II BEItNHKIMER ?t BROTHERS. MILLINAKY ARTICLES, CLOAKS, fcc.?VICTOKINK fit CO., from 1'itru, respectfully tuforin the latlira of this city, that thev will open on the 9lh iiuL. 39* Broadway. b*twwn White and Walker streets* a splendid assortment ol Mats, Ca|Mites. C'oaks, Pelerines. Cainatls, fancy and street Dresses, Hearts. Bhawla, Veils, f eathers, Marabouts, fce., ol the latest ' arts lashion. Just received per ship Ville de Lyon, from Havre. Dress and Cloak making promptly executed. _n* lm*r COAL, COAL?A cargo of best Bed Ash Peach Orchard, broken Coal, disrl^rging this dav from barge Peter, foot or Burger alreel, and will be delivered free of cartage at $.*,60 per Ordera received for the above quality of Coal for one week, at the following low prices: Broken, fi.iO f\M Nut fc.OO n6 6t*r OthOROE THOMPSON, * Hester ?t. BOOKKEEPING. rPHK COUNTING ROOMS OF C. C. MARSH, forth. A study of |u Bookkcryiing, and mercantile arithmetic are open from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. f'apili attend two or more hour, daily. Prospectuses with termi may be had at the room*, No. 88 Cedar at. C. C. Marsh's Wnrkt, which are hiithly recommended for tlieir simplicity, and the great amount of inatruclion they contain, are *n'd a* almve. Price, aa f llowa:? Double Entry Bookkeeping simplified. 10th edition, SI "0 Single do do improved, 3d edition, 73 These Books are well calculated for schoola and srlf-ioatructon. nt Siia*r ALL HEAD THIS. rj'HK undersignedhavuni made several heavy purehaaea of i flour of very superior brand*, will offer for sale on and after Monday next. 5 pcuuds baked Bread, for I shilling To those unacquainted with the article, he would stale that sixe has generally been a secondary consideration, it being his constant endeavor to gratify the taste rather than use inferior Hour to increase the weight. But now Hour bring so unusually cheap he feels satisfied, should the purchaser study either sixe or quality, lie cannot fail in being pleased alter giving it a trial N. B. Storekeepers wiilnng his bread can be supplied by calliug at his store, where term* wi I be made known. ROBT. MUMB Y, Ml Fulton at. or Atlantic St.. t doors above Henry. Butler and Sugar Crackers, manufactured by himself, af superior quality, fre.h every day. Brooklyn, Nov. 3*1, 1812. n3 Iw'ee MAGAZINES k PERIODICALS FOR NOVEMBER, tvl Artist. Uodcy'* Ladle*Book, Graham'* Magaxine, Ladies World .f Fashion, Young People*' Book, Boston anil Bentley's Miscellany, 8tc , Farm House of the XlX century, with more than 2000 rugraviuga ; Biblical Journal and Christian Family Magaxine, edited by ihe Rev. H. Rood arid D. Newell ; T*rniierance and other Almanac* : the Rainbow and Radient, a new humorous anil witty journal, well calculated to please the lively and gay. All of which will be sold si wholesale and retail, and those who buy to sell agaiu at a lower rate than ran he* nhliihpit rl?#? ?r b?-r?* N. B.?Fifty agents wanted to circulate magazines, periodi cal>. tic. A. J. SEXTON, No. II Beekinan, 11.I Imr corner Naaaan. DOK DK. FEIJCHTWANOER'S Price Current ofCopa " via, Capsules, Acnla, Dye woods, Lunar Caustic, Dagu er reoty|ie Chemicals. German Silver, lie. he. he. Bee fourth |iAKf. Ol7 PRE9E NTS. TIFFANY. YOUNG, Ac ELLIS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS In the various Fancy Manufactures of England, Fronrn, Germany, China, he LI AVE received by late arny.ili, a ureal variety ol beautiful IA noveltiea, which reuderi their slock more elegant and elteasive than ever before. In it will be found a superior aaaort meat of? Koet wood and Ebony Gooda Cliineae Fancy Article! rialn and fancy Stationery Fancy Porcelain and Ulaai Cutlery Berlin Iron and Bronte Gooda Perfumery Fani of all kinda Bruahe! and Combe Papier Mache It Velvet Gooda Indian Curioaitiea Umbrellas, Parasols h Shades Walking < anas, Suspenders, Games, Opera Glaaeea, French Jewelry, Hiding Whipe, Atcnidioiia, Muaic Botea, Mantel Oroamenu, Oil I'aiuuuga, " BoiviuV Glovea, and an innumerable variety of Elegant Art inlet of Taste and Utility, amiable for presents, all of which thev take pleaaure in ahow law, and will aell at auch mole rale pricee as most be satiafacto rv to all laurliasera. No. JN Broadway, nil lmie*ee Direetly opposite the City Hall. S T R A BTs M U S . COMMONLY CALLED SQINTTNG. CUKEt) in ? few aecondaby Uuerin'a celebrated plan, which is free from pain or danger. Cataracts removed by any of the operations practised here er in Europe. DR. WHEELER, Ocn'iat, n Of MB W ml I Street, New York. N. B. References ran he aivrn to iH'J patients. Office lionra, from I A M to I P. M. of lmia*r PRIVATE MEDICINE CirEsTsT THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. HAVE prenared a number of " Private Medicine (.heats, each coiilaininc an aiipropriate quantity of the new French IMmm I'm tli, cure of a peculiar class ofdiaeaara.whiuli have unfoitunately in loo many instances fallen under the treatment of ignorant qnacka, in Consequence of the eatremedelicacy winch Iiatients thus afflicted exhibit in applying for medical advice from iea|>ectable physicians. In the mode now ei plained, and effectual treatment will be gamed by inch patient* without the necessity of making any disclosure of their case. The "Medicine Chest* contains such aquanttily of ppropriate medicine as is guaranteed to effect a perfect enre, and ample directions in a plain ami familiar style accompany each cheat. The remedies are applicable to all forma of the disease. The Chests, containing remedies for syphilitic, diseases ire sold for II each?the chests with remedies for ?ouoirltoea mil gleet $3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agenf ol the College. uti'uittiiinN a Principal Office of the Cofir*rt7 Nnm itrret. N. B.-I.'m" forwarded lo Ul part# of the Union, th? Canada* mil Will Indict. . I'. toiii. Iiuri iM'int the( licit! can,by addreaaino the College, . ralaitonily obtain wintrier ailditinnal ailnce th?y nuv tlraire lariiK i he pom re ii of iheiroooo. lUnanr. l( A V A N A 8 E O A K 8 . |)|t \BI\h VIANZANKDO, No. 4? Liberty itrert, near t N-aaan, otter for iale the following : ton 1**1 l.aN.irma aeicara, lery old and anpenor 130,WW Diana do d? do 173,00# |Ci|ieran*a do do do )oo,l**i Regalia* of Norma, Diana, and Kamaro branda 30.000 CaWBM, 'rmhnroi, and Bayonet**, variona do The whoia entitled to.dabentuia, and in loU lo.anit taircha $919. O0 I lull* I AUCTION SALES h> tmomah bell. < Stmt ri Nos_22 art'/ III Hilton itritl ) monday. At lOWo'rlock. Stoves?Without rrwrtf? Will lie mid, the balance aud ntrnt valuablr pirl of the slock of a stove manufacturer, comprising about 1*8 stoves of all desertptioiis, ami the best patents for rooking. kr. 1'iano hoi trial II o'clock, in the Fulton strerl atom, immr iliatrly after the aalr ofatnvt a hi Auu street, will be sold withool leservr 18 superb piano fortra, by approved uiakrri , includnnr roar wood anil mahogany, nrwrat atylr. AUo, an invoi. of Loadof cloths aai rssslnserss, tieallaal clothing, lanry articln, 10 demijohns of wine, ami a rarist) or furniture by order of a mortgage. Alan, a < i uautt ly of dry goods, clotlia, clothing, hosiery, kr. TUESDAY At l?Vj o'clock in the aalr rooms. Katanaivr aalr of araaonablr clothing, valuable dry goods, a large consignment of Wrat of England t'luthv, I'assimeres. Vratiuga, hosiery, shirts, suspenders, gloves, haiikrrrlurfa, kr. kr. Also, Eugliah, French sail American jewelry, watches,guns, cutlery, kr. Also, same tune 2 caara pistols, an Electric Machine.t aluahlt books, prints, fee Also, 1 rases splendid clothing loeloae the business of a merchant tailor. Also, a valuable English hlarkhinl WEDNESDAY. At I0t{ o'clock, in the sales room. Large sale of elegant second hand and new furniture of all descriptions, from families removing, cabinet makers, kr. THUR8DA V. At lOVp o'clock, at the auction room. Positive sale of piano fortes splendid fu nilurr, an nitire invoice oft uly v.'hi ihle painliiiga, hooka, works of art, kr. At It o'clock in the sales room. An iavolce of English and French jewelry, diamond pins, rings, watches, French fancy goods, English chandeliers,astral and li ill lamps, glass ware. BY RIELL k ARCULARlUtf, MONDAY. At 10l{ o'clock, in the sales r"om. Large sale of cloths, caasimeret, hosiery, kc. to which the attcution of the trade ia directed. TUESDAY. At 10 o'clock, at 21 Elm street All aaaortrnent of.rcotid hind furniture. At 10K o'clock, at the auction room, Lijuora, Segtra, tc.?A good naaortmeut of linitora anil ?egara, among which arc some very aupcrmr I'ort Wine and Havaun Segara. The attention of public liouara and fainilivs art) invited Alan, 200,000 Hat ana argara put U|i exoreaaly fur London market, a very au|>vrior article, will Im mid in Iota to ami purchaaera. WEDNESDAY. At MM o'clock, at the aalca room. New and Hecoud hand Kuruiture, 1'iano, Hrfectory Tablea, Cliaira, fca. fct. NEW YORK TATTERSALL8. BLOOD HORSES AT AUCTION.-WiII beaol.l at Tattcraa'I'a, at auction, thia day. Monday, Nov 7th at 12 o'clock, wiliioul reaerve, the following ailperior full blooded atock. via:? A Orey Killy, two yeara old by iin|>orteil Emancipation out of a thorough bred mare by Red Rover, owned by Uovernor Wiiirht of Mary laud. A Bay Killey, thiee yeara aid, by Kuiancipation, out of an imported mare putchaacd at Tatteraall'a, Loudon, by Craig It Corbyn of Virginia. A Sorrel Colt, two yeara old, out of ? Henry Marc by Kmauciiwtiou. Rile poailive, without reaerve, aa the owner ia count aouth. n7 lt*ec r?!NB PARLOR I'LANTS?A. LEVYwifl.ell on Tuea' day inoriunr, Dili inataul, at I0H o'clock, at IM Broadway,a flue collecti u of I'lauta, couaiatiii^ofl aineliaa, Daplu.iea.Oleandrea, Tecomaa, I'ettiaporuuu, Cactua, and a line variety of Chineae Ckrvsauthainrrma, the inoat dea*rable llowera forpailora. contiiiui>ik in bloom from now until Chriataraa. Alan, 1000 t^ueeii Victoria Strawberriea, fruit wrinit each an ounce?a new aort. Il7 2t"< o lmuit treks and "ornamental shkius.-a r LEVY will sell mi Wcdnevl ly morning, Ml ['It, at I0>k o'clock, at HI Broadway, n choice collection of Kruit Treea of ino.t approved aorta, emulating of Apple*. Terra, I'luma Apricola, Nectarinea, Chrtriea.Raapberrica,Uooaebcrrira, Cuirallla, Ac . Willi ornamental Shrubbery ofvarioua kinda. ('utalogiica ready on Tueaday, when the 1 reea can be eiamiued. 1} 4t*r \4 H OlJKNKE, tailor, wlinae roidenre cannot be found, -1*1. i. requealed to call ou LKNTILI'ON k t'O. n5 31* r 37 Bread atreet. COUGHSAND COLDS I1EMEMBER, No 51 North Sixth atreet, one door below TV Arch atreet, Philadelphia, the inoat certain and heat Katnily Medicine, for Cnugha, Colda, Slotting Blood, Throat anil Luiik Diaeaae, a riainit aenaatiou like choking, tickling, or unpleaaant nhatiuclinoa. For the above, Dr. SWAYNE'S Coin pound Syrup of Wild Cherry will he found the ureal remedy, t'eraoua who have abuaed themaeltea by the uaeot ardeut apirita will fiudboth their atreiurth and reaolulion much improved by lawVUg oil the apirita, and taking a draught occaaionally of the above rcatorativc. All prepiraliona from thia valuable tiee, except the above,inay lie couaidered apurioua or couuterfeit The real article may be had of the following Agcnta, or at No. 51 North Sixth atreet, Phildelphia? AGENTS Dr. W. H. MILNOR. Dn.mriat, No. 192 Broadway. MRS. M. HAYES, No. 139 Kulton at, Brooklyu. BENJ. OLDS, Newark, N. J. JOHN MASON. Patlerrou, N.J. *21 lm*r FEMALE PHYSICIAN, 3 4 LISPENARD S T R E E T \f ADAME COSTKLLO, Female Phvaician, atill continue! i'l t<( treat, with aatouiahing auccea*, all diaeaaea peculiar to feraaiea. Suppression, irregularity. obstruction. kc, by whatever cause BV.uced. can be IMMNI by Madame C. in a very soit tunc, adame C.'s medical establishment having undergone thorough repairs mid altrralums for ilir better accommodation of lirr uuinermir |?liriit?, slie iufW prr|wrrd to receive ladies on the point of cinilinrment, orahoie who wish to be treated lor obstructyiu of their monthly period. Maibsine C. can be cotaullad at her residence No. M Lisiieu ard st, at all tlineataud with the strictrsl regard tosecresy. All communieatiousaud letters must he post-paid n3 I in* I I)A(*UERREOTYPK. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS. FA. AllTAULT it CO.. I6S}{ Fulton street, opposite At. Paul's Church, respectfully inform their friends aud the public, lliat they have just received by packctahip Aitto, an invoice of 1000 Daguerreotype French Plates A new sup|4v of the best and uewest patterns apparatus 100 ounces bromine 50 ounces bromine of iodine 50 pounds hyprosulphate of soda 50 grammes ol chloride of gold 100 tHinnda of tripoli of veinse 50 ounces chlonde of iodine And the new book containing the latest improvements intl e D'luerri ntvie oi M(| L " FOR "ALBANY. TROY, aud Intermedi' J?itr Places?The splendid low pressure steam3CsilCjLb<iat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Cortlaudt st, ou Tuesday Afternoon, Nov 7, at 5 o'clock. The Swallow will leave as above on Fiiday, lUh, at 5 u'clc. O" The above is a substantial B iat, fitted up with elegant Stale ltooms, and for accommiHlaiioa is unrivalled ou the Hudson. n7r aMQ ft* RKUULAR Line for CATT8KILL, wiihCU BWls', JSout low bsrees?The new It fist sailing stram3E^wJMEwZ_boat WAVK, Captain Vand-rbilt, will leave bie steainlioal pier foot of Kohiuvin at, on Mouday, Hie 7th inst. at 4 o'clock, P. M. for Cattskill, slopping at all the inter tnediale laiidiuga? Fare to Cadwell's, 37\ ceuts?to Cattskill, 50 cents?Berth IS Cents?Supoer 25 rents. Freight taken at reduced prices from the different landings. For iurihi r particulars impure of llir ra tain on boaul. Regular days from New York, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. nfi r ' NEWARK AND NICW YORK.?Fare ffl?WHl Is Only l?H cents?The splendid and commndi jE_JK3k_'>'" steamer PASSAIC, ('apt. John Oaffy, being completely and elegantly refitted, commenced her regusr trips for the season on Thursday, March 10?leaving as follows ? Foot of Barclay st. New York, at 10M o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and half past I o'clock P. M. On Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at 10l? A. M. and 4 P. M. Leave Newark at R A. M. and at 2 o'clock, P. M, (T7~ Freight of every description carried at reduced prices. ol 2m?r _____ XAjp- FOR SAVANNAH?Regular Packet of the loth nMM^^Nov.?The splendid fast sailing packrtship NK'HO?k?fltmLAS BIDDLK, Contain Truman, wi|l sail as above, i ~ Foi iMsrace in cabin, second or steerage, having superb ac- I .....n. K ??h.?JU?nrn?.?.i I JOSEPH McMlJRKAY, n7?c IM Pin? ?l, corner ol South. XJOr* Kllll NEW OIU.KANS-Kirst Regular Packet WCTfVwi.l, despatch?The very su|>erior packet ~hi|. MAkkLsA MUKL HICKS, Captain Bunker, will hnrr immediate drt|Nstch. Kor MMM in cabin, second cabin and steerage, having elegant accommodations, apply on hoard fool of 1 Juror at, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, n7tr 100 P ne street, corns rof South. MP- FOR"LON DON?Regular Packet of the 10th Nor. uHnPW?The spleudtd fast sailing packet ahip SWITZER?CffiO?l.AND, ('apt Chadwick,will aailaa abore.her regular day. For pasaage in rabin, aecond cabin, and steerage, baring splendid aceoinmodationa, apply on board f<K>tof Maiden Lane, orto JOSEPH McMURHAY, 100 Pine ilreet, corner of South. P. 8?Peranm wiihing to lend for their frirmli rending in the old country, can hare them brought ot by tliii ahip, or any of the regular packeta, by applying u above, if by letter |>o?t |>aid. o?flr Iff KOR LIVERPOOL?NKW LINK?.Regular rVvVW Packet ol 2,'itl November. The Splendid Packet jaPflfpHhip ROSCIUS. Capt. John Collins, of UOOtona, will iMiiilively sail aa abore.her regular dav. For freight or paaaage, having aeeommodalions unei|ualled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall itreet, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. J6 South itreet. Price of passage. $100. The Parget Ship Suldons, Captain Kdw. B. Cobb, ol 1000 toni, will mcceed the Roacius, and sail the 21th December, her rrgular day. Passengers may rely on the ihipa of thii line uiling punctnally as advertised. nt r MP- KOR LIVERPOOL?The splendid fast sailing and ffiHV favorite |iarket ship IIOTTINOUEK.t 1200 tons burjBBBb'hen) Cant. Ira Bnriley, is intended to be despatched on the lOtli November. This magnificent ship is one of the " New Line" recently established between th-s port and Liveiimd, and la decidedly one ol the most su|ierb packets in ilie trade. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steetage passriigera, cannot be surpassed and are seldom eipallrd. Tier belween decks for second cabin and steerage passeMgrrs, are very spacious, and filled up in such a superior manner, that those wishing to study then comfort and convenience, will not fail to select this conveyance in preference to any other. As a number of bet hs ore already engaged, those wishing to secure a passage should nol fail to apply early, to prevent dis appointment, the lerms being very low. Kor which apply on board, foot of Pine st. or to W. Ik J. T. TAPHCOTT, 41 Peck Slip. 1,1 ' r V Houth ' "mi i J I inc PACKET KOM MARSEILLES?Tl.e HEN. I^WWkV THOMPSON, Sylvester, master, will Mil on Ji^Mfathe lit December. Kor freight or passage app?y lo BOYD It IIINOKEN, Agetua, llr SToi.tine finihliniii. p?i'?ifT fhK HA V RE?Second Line?The ahTp BALTIMORE, Kdwnrd Kanck. Muter,will Mil on XBGftfa the lit of December. BOYD It HINCKEN, B| i No. "? Tontine Hmldinga. AdV- KOR NEW ORLEANS Louisiana and new MjVy York Line? Regular Packet of lilh November?The JMafehfast tailing romicred anil cornier luteneil packet >hi|> MISSISSIPPI, Capt (,heater Millard, will positively tail a> above, tier regular day. for freight or |?aaa?e, having inpertoi fnrniiheil accommodations, aptdy on hoard, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall at. or lo E. K COLLINS It CO. M South at. Positively no gnodi rerrived after Wednesday evening, tin nth nut. Shipper! may rely n|>on hiving their gnodi correctly meaaer ed. ami that the iliiie of thia hue will tail puti'tnallv u advertiaed. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fnlAllei1 that may be re<|nired. Agenti in N Orleana. Hnllin It Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all goods to their achlreu. The packet ship HUNTSV1LLE. Cast. Q. R. Mnmfonl, neceed the Hhakapeare. and sail the *ltl> Nov, het regula' ,la\ "tr SOOiH CARrtLlSA RICE CO 'S UNt ?nfV Kor Georgetown, B. C.. the last anting. < o|tpet fas JSKfiifatenid packet achr PO fOMAC, S. Duncan. master I wilt iKtanivaly Mil on the Itih initanr. rer fteiehli or laaaagi (having gitod accommodations) apply on hoar.', at the tool o Wall street, or at the New York Rir. Mill, .o.ner of JetTe,THOMAS BEILBY, Agent. 1. ...y . ... / A M US RM EN TS7~ IM H K TIIKATRK, ' THIS K.VKNINO No*. T. will h, IMKAKI.ltKS IN KUVPT. Motel, Mr Seruiu I Phtrmiih, Mr Arelwr gnienophit, lilt firtl tiipearatici id America, Mr Oritnlet, Mr Boulaiii I Itrarlite, Mrtlotkiaa Altai. Mi. "eruin | Klueoe, Mrt Btilev Bo let $1?Pit Mitt?Utile ry '/'> rruu Doort open at o'clock tiul tha performance will com eramriu r at furecitel* CHATHAM THKATKKPit ISH renit. tipper Tier li centt. k'irtl Tier M reutt MONDAY RVKNINU, No? 7, will tie ^rforntr the Mythological Drama iti three acta, called H-LL ON K.ARTII: Or, The Deril't Dana nun. Satan, alttaOld Nick, Kin* of the lufenanla, Mr Good?oow C* berua, hit Porter, a gentleman of a very dogged uature, |>??iriMtl tcoldiug wife and 1 heada, I. Mrfltiytf Fithrr Caueonn, L Mfitiyrr | Kobrrt, Lronai Von Sniirkroufg.winmucehouarii, L Meatuytt Father D.\in I, L MrttaVir I Ctpt ICugenre, Lennox Belr.ehuh, 1 ( Bernard brail on fun Stick*, i I Clark Zainiel, I Natan a I Andrraon B?>t(|r Imp, I w , I Blaike Young Nick, ! Nepliewa I Maaou !)? v11 among the Tailora, J \ Joliaon Kaihrr Antoine, Letnioi I Riguor Lor euro, Leuuox Peter Gudgeon, C Meat %yer | Soldier Kntrr, C Mcatayer Father Michael, C M stayer I I'ouut Bennett, C Meetnyer Mrphistophilea, W <lkiu? I Drummer, Smith Corporal, Jnnnl Tiger Miaa Clemetkco Demout, I in i t fee. Rataniel, Satan'* net, MraThore Uiavaltiir. Mrs Haiilonville Auguate.a Frenchman, Thome Mout Lr Mark, Hauionvill? Juliette, a Milliner, Thorue The Giissetto, Ilau ton villa La Sylphide, Thome t'arline, k1<?utonville German IVaaanl Girl, Thome A Young Rouldie'.Hauonv'l A Young Soldier, Thorne The Novive, Hautonville The Sjiamah Dancer, Thome Simnith Dancer, Hautonville The \ oung Novice, Thome S|wtniah Duriina.Hautoiiville The Old Dueiiua, Thome La Sylphide, llautonville Linotle, ) ( Mi*a Heber Pie Grieate. j Devil1* I Hildreth laiphone, > ^ Wilson Coruariiu, Daughters. I Bedford Alec to, J I Pray The Guardian Spirit to Robert, Mra Maradtu Mra Cerberua, a aad tormentor to Mr Cerberua, and a perfect < ream of TMiar, MrtJtolalt An Opera Daucer, Miaa ClarVton | A Milliner, Miaa Lodge Trumpeter, Mr* Judh | Or* y Penitent, Mra Judah To conclude w th JOHN ROCK Kavanah, J R Scott | Mary Grace, Mra MaraJen ir7* Doort will open at Curtain will riae at luariei paa 7 <vrloek nr?ria?*lv Box Oftier ojwu ilxily from 9 to J, where Ticket* may In ptirrhaaed and plarra aecurrd. MITCIIKIaL'M OLYMPIC THKATKK. 444 Broadway. New Tor*. MONDAY KVKNINO. Nov. 7 will be presented OIOVANM IN LONDON. After which. BOOTS AT THK SWAN. After winch LADIES AND LOL'OFOCOB. Al\'r which, HOW TO PAY RENT. (?7* The Doom will he o|ieucd at hall-taut 8, and the per toruiaio e commence al 7, rverv cveiiinn. AMi'lllTIIKA I'KK OF THK HKPUHL.IC. :17 liawrry. N. A. 1IOWKH, Proprietor. Illitituted for the advancement of rrfuied aud elegant annuo merit, hlrtidrd with iuitruction. Dedicated to annua, la?te and pa'iiotiam. FIRST NIGHT OF THK SEASON. MONDAY KVKNINO, Nov. 7th, I84i. the iieriornunce* Will commence precisely at 7 o'clock, with the DKKKNDK.RU OF POLAND. Maatcr Waller Aymar will uive a diaplav of lui tingle hone act, entitled The Olyin|iic Haro. The entire Troupe will then appear and eihilnt feat* of OHOUND AND LOFTY TUMBLING. Mr Liliinan will ihcn uive Ion fainou* foreit acme of the INDIAN HUNTER OF THK FAlt WKST. The lirat part of the oerforinauer will rnne'ude wuh BILLY BUTTON'S JOUHNKY TO BRENTFORD. Alter the inleriiiuainii Mr S B Howea will appear iu hie act ol THK CHANOKS OF PROTEUS The lamnui Oermaii Kijuratrian Jiiyyler, OTTO MOTTY, will exhibit liia nkill in Juukling and hia unrivalled feau with the Real ( aiiDoo Bella. The eveninaa eiitrrtainrneiit* to coneltule with ARABS OF THK DESERT. Boxra 10 centa?Private do for 6 penona $3?Second Tier 37 K Centa?Pit U eent*. Uoornopon at half-patt 6. Overture by the Band a? aijuarter before 7, Honeinanilii|> to commence at 7 o'clock precisely. AA1KHKAN THKA'PKK-WALK CT-ST. PHIIaADKlaPtllA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CU8HMAN, MONDAY EVENING. Nov. 7, will be enacted, KINO O'NIKI.L. After which, OHKEN EY ED MONSTER, After which, PRETTY GIRLS OF S 1'ILLBKRG. Mr H Placide will appear on Tueiday. K. A. MARSHALL. Le.tee AMERICAN MUMKCln, ROAD WAY Corne^ of .Ann irect. v I'. J' ISA rcrvUM, ]V1 niaitrr NEW AND KXTHA ATTRACTION. Day visitors admitted Irec in the writing. Entire nrw scenery, proscenium, drop curtains, decorations, Ikr., got tin at immeiiae ct peine and painted by 8IONOK ANGELO MO'tTE LILLA, from Venice. Tin* Drop Cur tain sepreseiils a aplendul view of Gallala urar Constantinople. Il rk scene anil wiugs. Interior of. i Grand Saloou iu the style or Louie XIV. Tin- whole ia arranged on au entire new plan, bv which the whole ia changed in a tnoinvnt to a large *iid Magnificent Salooo. Ou Tuesday, ill' 8th Novemlier, THE KKJEK MERMAID! Will arrive from Boston and lie rihibited ihr remainder of I be week without extra charge. Kmuieul Naturalists have ataked Innr retaliation upon the ifciiuiiicuras of tma wonderful am mal. DR. VALENTINE, Will spiwar in Hi* New f'oauc Charactera. VIVALDI'S LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY. Of ten performers. includiuit a new character called the Enchanted Turk, who will iranaforin Inineelf into six persons, furnishing a cotillion with hunaelf. La Pelitr Celeste, the admired^ danaeuae?Mias flood, the |w>tailar voealiai?tn- Mysterious Fortune Telling Ui|?v Girl? Albino Lady?fancy (sleet Blow nut? Grand Cosmorama, and Mgvooo Cnrinsiti#'. Dav perfonnanceaevery Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. Admiaaion twentv-fiv e crnta?Children half price. 116 GR EAT SUCCESS! TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION! U SPLENDID PERFORMANCES. NEW YORK MURK 1'Pl AND PICTC KK GALLERY, Ovponitt the City Halt, Broadway, ADMISSION ONE SHILLINO. Mr. H. BKNNK I T. Manager. J IAS pleasure in announcing that he h is etTectedan engagrD mrnl with Mr. C. I), Jenkins, the inimitable delineator of comic characters, popular vocalist, and uneouallrd bam o play er. Master Frank Diamond, the Kthiopran dancer, will ap Star?also Mr. B Boyce, the celebrated comic singer. Miss osalie, the charming tnngresi. Mr. Delaruc will give an im itatinu of ike Hon Daniel Webster, with extracts from hn speech, delivered ou Kridav lait? I so of Henry Clay. Mr. Wiight, the wonderfxl falsetto vi.calist. There will he a day performance on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clockEvening performance to commence at hall past seven. Admission hi the Museum, Picture Oallry, and Performance ONE SHILLINO. _ _ _oM lm?cc T t V OLI SA LGO X. THK LARGEST and mostsplendid Saloon in the city for J' Ma lira! (toilers, Concerts, Assemblies, Military Balls, Trfrare and Public Dium r Parties, Political Meetings?without ill itiiiction of party. The Prsprirlor, fver anxious to gain hi liiinst If and ihia establishment a reputation ( independent of great profit) has leased from the owner on such terms as will enable him to compete with any other establishment, snd shal I be most happy to make arrangements (in accordance with the times) with all who may favor him with a Call ; and assures them that no paina or expense will be spared to give entire sat isfaction. WM. P. DENMAN, Proprietor. P. 8. Tuesday evenings of each week ia set apart lor Invitation alia. ol lm*r FRANCIS* PATENT"LIFiTTlOAT\ OFFICE No. 7 WALL STREET. ? isr JOHN HODGSON, from Drighlingtou in Yorkshire, Kng " laud, has arrived ill this city, and wishes to meet with the eye of his parent, Joseph Rhodes Hodgson aud family. I am in lodgings at Mr. Beij. Woiswic.k, No. 2 Front street N. York, North America. nt lt*r TSkM WILDEK'H PATENT SALAMANDER SAFES.? These 8ales have now been in use three yean, and many limn i-K|i>arn in inr mini Illicitae lirm IIHU (mil (HI niougtu IO in u|niii them by the burning of large (lore * ouwa containing oil, candlea, Ihfiiora ami druga, an.l the woild la challenged to prove an inai.inrr whrra una li la failed to |iirarrn> lire rontanta The following committee atate that 'he trial at ihe foot mf Wall atreet wai a fair trial and a convincing proof of the auperiority of Wililera Hafe over all olliera, anil have no hraitatiou III aaying that thev conaider iheni rrally fire-proof, and recommend thetnto the public aa fully entitled to confidence. Mmrra. Wadaworth tt Smith, 1 " Baldwin It Co., 1 r ... Miuturn It Co., ) Committee. Cliaa. II. Marahall, Kan J A general aaanrtment on hand (of made to order) for aale at the lion Hafe Warehoute of 8ILAH C. HKKKINO., o!9 it kit wy r No. I3> Water atreet. IIANK OK K.Mil.AM) NOTKS, bought nd aold at 15 8. J. SYLVKHTKRH nit 23 Wall atreet and 130 Broadway. OK ~WHKKLEK. OCULlST TNKLAMKD. DI8KA8KD AND WKAK EYKH-DR 1 WHKKLKR, Oculist, 33 tlreenwich atreet, N. Y. rea|>ect fully tnforma the public, that in conae.|uence ol hie practice hiving become enlarged toao great an eatent, he la compelled el confine hia office attendance atrictlv between the houra to t A. M, ami i p. M., attet wnicn ne viaita ma out door patients. Notwithstanding mat among tne many hundreda of cetea which Dr. W. lias aitendeu. anmiv nave neen niwratrd on by other profeSaora wnnout auereaa. aim pronouncea by them in curable, yet nr. w. haa never failed te eradicate Ihe iliaeaae and effect a perfect cure, deatute every diaadvanlage which may have pieaeuled itaell, and ill many inaunrra alaioal againa t ho|H>. It .a una unprecedented auereaa in hia treatment of the Wrioua (h.llwrto conaidered incurable) diaraaea of the eye that enablea ?.m with confidence rn refer the afflicted who may be unanju.iiutrd with htm, and hia nttld mode ol treating the dw ordert of thia organ?to unmeroua realoreil oattenta in the first claaa of .ociety, reapecttng hia profeational anilitiea and akill aa a acieotific ocnlia'. t'hronie intlammation of the eyelid, or aore ever, howevat long atanding. ran tie effectually and permanently eared, and filma, apecka. irmovml withont anrgical operitiena. Termatoauii the circnmitancea ol the patient_ ol lmia*r PRIVATE MEDICAL NOTICE! TO A PARTICULAR CLASS OF INVALIDS. 'PHKRE ia one claaa of invalida who meiit tby warrant aym 1 paihy of all who deatre to alleviate the anfferinga of the af ft let.. .1 Tli.I .1... rnwld, ..I II...... ....I.. the rffrcW ol those visions indulgences into which erring and ttmnghllrsa youth are to often impelled by paeaton or (hr contagioni of rril ri mplr. What more pitiable a'ghl caa there be. ilian that lor instance, of the father of a firmly. who na? lotiy ince relented of hia youthful errnra, bat who bctia about with him in hit lyilt-m, and pcihapt transmits to hia innocent off apting, the cnuse<|urnrra of hia foimrr indiscretions ! Delicacy P'evrnta him from ipulying to a physician and hr not nnfrelU.iitly into thr hand, of uneducated prrtrndrra. Many young men, again, art drlrrrrd from entering into matrimonial t* ngagrmenta from thr frar or consciousness that diaraar ta lark inn in thrir ayatrm. . To all auch sufferers thr College of Medicine ami Pharmacy of thr city of Neat York, offer the moana of aeenrlty from seeondary diaraar, and foi the rrmoyal of it when apparent, iiilheir new and celebrated "Panrfan Altrratire Miatiirc," an t ltrnrifely nard by Mr. Ri< oan in the Venereal H.Mpital of Pane. Thia medicine la i in np in caae. containing half a doxen bottles with copiona directions foi u?r, and labela which ranaot etcile j tnv nnpleaaant remarks. These caaea ar* guarantr ed to contain a Milffcirnl qnanlttv of 'hia new remedy, to cure all typhiline mil mitiea of the blood. cutaneous eruptions. affrctiona of I liic ihroat and nose, nod. ?, ulc. r?, paina in the honea, Ac. PurI rhaaera cm at all lirnea correaiHmd with Ihe consulting Phyai| clau of the College. Prior of the caaea % > each Rafsly lor' warded In all parts of the Union, Canada and the Writ Indira. The caaea and medicine are ao put up that no coucealmcnt la ncceaaary. By order. W. 8. ItlCHARDRON, AgenC Prineiiwl offirr of the CnLi ruc, 97 Nassau .Irert, New York, oge In* rr >lj Rl M lit in 8 ami s|LK * ?J- T. RklVNOI.Uh. *AJ Diriaion at. hat jnst recrierd the moat eleteM .aa.nt meat of faihioiiahle Bonnet Hihhona, ftilhs, 8aiina,Ve!*.-t, A.Ac. to be found in Ihe rity. Dealers, e|ty and r.ninwy nn|li nets, will do wall te call before purchasing elsewhere n4 lmia*e I'OKTI til'KM. K K M A I.I'. I IPHf-Slt far-lame I aud celebrated Pilla, from f oungal, un ? We iwreetew, to he obtajtaM in this ronntnr. 8*> scirert>h*l ant >u tne laat eolema hi II t

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