Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?No.300 "'WlMlt Wo. 3161. NEW JERSEY HAIL It 0 AD AND TRANS POKTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWAKIC QSK) CSS& ;??& iW 4a? <5 rent v. From h'r Iowi of C*titUndl rtrtrl N; * Van (Every day?Sunday LwveiNew \oifi li1, ;'lI. '71 .o n Al 9 A. M. At - P. M. At 7l4 A- M. At IX P. M UX do. 4 do. .8 do. 3X <|o. tV do. 9 do. G do. ,7 do. 11 6 do. 7 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Courtlandt /.. ret. Leave New York, Le .tr Nev 'tk. At 9 A. M. and ?X P. M. At IX P. M. n.?i to p. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TU?.Leate New York. Leave Klix.ib.Tti Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. >1. 2 P. M. 8K A. :.l. IX " "IX A. M. P. M IX M. 6 M 3 P. M. 9% " The traini for Weslfield Plainftelil. Boumlbrook, Somerrillr. kc.. eonnect with tlie 9 A M, 2 .ltd 4X P AI " l'u> Irotn New Yoik, daily, Suudaya excepted. Fare be. wren New York and Elizabeth Town43 crura. Fare between do and Sojnerville. 7i ceuta. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEV$ BRUNSWICK Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty itreet, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. Uw, Al 9 A M. At JX A. M. .mr?\ P. M. 7X " 4X " I2X " _ 9 P. M. r>? u.nj.n ,k. tir ..j 11/ a m ...... V. ... I]........ .u and 2J< P. M. train from Nrw York, arc .mitted. Fair between New York and New Brunswick, ">t eetita. Railway, 60 cento The fare in the 4X and TJ$ A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 2% and tJa c. M. train from New York, has boon n duced. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Railway to 37>a " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the eon doctor only ou the day when purchased. null 3ii.* NKW YORK AND BOSTON KAIL ROAD I.INK. Via Norwich si*d Worcester Railrwsih. From Pier No. 1 North River, Battery Place. Th.: new and splrndid steamhoct NKW HAVEN, Captain J K I) rstan, will Dave every Tuesday, Thursday and Salurd \ aite 'iooii, at 4 o'clock. Then, v ands) lendid steamboat WORCESTER, Captain J. II. V.oiderbilt, will leave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday r iternoon. at 4 o'clock. Pas rise is lor B ston will lir forwarded immediately on the an v*l oi (In above boats at Norwich, and will proceed wilhr on i eh' l e of cars or baggage. h or i tlin information, ewju're at the office on the wharf, ou *ki* .d the boats, or to D. u. ALLEN, M Peck slip, up st irs. All ncrioni are foil. J trusting auy out on account of Jhe I abjk < bo its or o>? Men*. ? 4 I in* il l\ i' Is* a ADD / mi ? At L' MW I. I "If E DIRECT. Via Newark, Nr* Buiuwicl., Princeton, Trcolou, Borden town and Bnrliiut'<n. THROUUH IN SIV IIOl US. Leave New Yoik, uom the foot of Liberty atreet, daily, at 9 A M ?>l t?; ! M. 'J lie morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia The Evening Line proceeds direct to Omdcu, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of ears. Paaseugers will procure theii tickets at the ofPc? foot ol liberty atreet where a commodious aUaniuotl will be iu ream Betas, with baggage n tcs on board. Philadelphia bagpagr crates are conveyed fioin city to cit", Without being ope ed by ?lie way. Each train ia provided w ith a Ladies Car, in which are a| ailment* and dressing room* cipreaslv tor the Ladies use. Returning, the lines leate I">il <delphia from the font oi Cheatnut atreet by railroad lro:n Camden, at 9 o'clock A M,am! 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, being a cou.iuuation of the lines from New York. s29 Ira'r _ RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND ^KKEKiHT LI V1^ ^ rnt jbnse.1 nanr na mil iranii oiiiion i^omA pany have established a K. eight Line tetweeu New Brunswick and New York, which thry intend to run permanently. Leavng New Brunswick at 5V, A. M. daily. (Sundays escepted) and the foot ol Liber tvr.eet New Yoilr, at S'i P. M. _ To country dealers and me?cr.suis ' lie above liut la very desirable for the speedy and cneop conveyance ol iiierrhaudisi of every description, arid more pairu: '] trly ro Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who can have 150 head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick aud New York, tl t same day whenever reiiuired. The rates lor the transportation of cattle, ^or*uS, mr.'ts. sheep, hogs, 8tc. and all other kinds of merchandise are \ei> low, never csceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by thia line is not snbtect to any ri'ri charge iti crossing the North River. The Company have fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adioitnug the Railroad Depot, which will al w^ys eopen for the reception of me chandite. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket (.(tiers, will receive lenv ticket! gratia. (T/"- Kreuiht for Newark, Klizabethtown, llahway, WestGeld, Plaiuheld, Scotch Plains, Bonudbrook sc..I Somen llle, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered tl e same day when received. aul: tin* FARE AND FREIGHT RiiUlJ'hll REtil'LAR MAIL LINE FOR f'K'JV. JT. E AND BOSTON, via STONlNOTON AND N' M" OKT, composed of the following superior steamers, runairig in eotniec tiou with the Stouiugton and 1'ir vidence, and dSoston and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAtlANSETT Cantaiu Woolsev. MOHEUAN, Captain Vanderoilt. One of which will leave New Vork daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at four 'clock, P. M. ARRAirtlKMKRTS. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for atoiiiueton. Hie MASSACHUSETTS, on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday, lor Ston iigton. Passenger* ou the arrival of the steamers at Stonintrton, may takp the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi dence and Bi?ton. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates :? To Boston, on Roods weighing forty pounds or upwards to he cubic foot, at $6 Ml per tou, and ou measurement goods 7 Cents per foot To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 B'oadwsv. myll 6m*r FARE REDUCED. PERSONS GOING SOUTII. FAlkK tvKlK i r.U on b?th t ie route* ?rom Bu* 11more to Charleston, by the Cne*?i>eake BaV, Portsmouth, Wcldon, Wilmington, N.C.. and thence to < hatlect??n, in $>3, mclsonthr Bay boats included; or via Washington city, Richmond, P?iersburg, Welnon, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to Chailcston, to $?2, meats extra?in tking the fare ou both routes the same. Every fieriion it made to keep the Railroads and bteamboats connecting these lines in good o?der, and xpcdite travel, and make passenger* as computable as l?os si hie. Bv this route yon may be sure of reaching New Orleans roiu New York seven or eiiiht d tvs sooner than *nv other line. et eo i -ense uot eicrediug $72. E. B DUDLEY, ol'l2vr President W fc It. M. H. Co. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200.t*nia 'nd Mfl hone power each. L'ti ler contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA. J Ilea lit, Commander. j CALEDONIA. E. <i Lott, do I ACADIA, A. Itv lie do COL I .MB! \, K. Miller, R N do Will aail from IV atnn, via Halifai. ? ?<!* IIU ?FP-,L. FROM SOSTOS. Prlt' iina, IV hi t, Uci t iNov | a aleOoun, I, tt. Oct I") Nor :6 ACI'ha, KMI-, i\. t i Del C<i'Olul,:a, Mill r. Nor .9 D- c 17 B'MII 1*, Ilewill, Pee 4 Jail I V. m-,? I rom Boa too lo L'rerpnol, $:ji?lioa on to lUlilas $20. Th ac ali , i carry experienced surgeons. No E> nits secured unto pud V r. N01 f..?Merchaud'r.e 'nd Specie (ncrpt for personal tr tietises) shipped under the inmr of In in. .70 nil) be ehmaed ut IreUiit. and liable ooCustoin ll-tm H>*ulaii,iu An I, 10 oiyr D. BUIOHA.M IK. N... j iv _ STATKN ISlsAND FLKRY. ^ ^ Foot of Whitehall street, The strain boats B l A l l>n isuinvH eu-i Hill leave New York ial St'ten lei md at follows-? NEW YOKK. Is TAJ* EN INLAND, a ?'* II ID i? ! - ;? *3? 2X 53a <X All (oods ship|>ed arerrqnired to be particularly marked, and are at the rule of the owners hereof. rS r ' " FOR ChR5AGO. LAST TRIP OK ANY STEAMER FOR LITER LAKES THIS SEASON. -a OKEAT WESTERN, <;,iptain A. W.lker, v n* will learr boll' lo lor Lhicatt mik r-f >*.Nov r* T : i: - I y n.ter the arrie it ol thi Eastern 1 is mi ol Cars and the rackets. The Ureal Western will touch .? rl the tons accessible on Lsk-s anil Michiaa", u?uillv v ?t . r I > hosts <.ti the U||i r Lise trade. This rou e will do. I is , nt- r noma south an oii|?<i aiill? of Viewing i her n *1 i |i i a t pl l' i i"l. L ,ke E ie, D-trnit li ve', Like Sunt tin-. I II mm, B-i*it? < ' M .ck n-w aril Lake iehu a. lh-na. t . I hi - no?From thence the traveller takes palmar tea llr?t r. I in - If inr norar post C"ai hes to Locki'i rt, JuirC. O l*wa, ami Pern; and by steam boat to BtO'ls, Alton end 8 l ot L ti1 . niil tn n hue to vew Oilr ns. Tlie whole tie r o. i it ied lu tr selling from Butralo to New Orleans will not c*c?? il thirte-1. d V*. For Ire iglit or ihsurc pi'lv -o tie captain on ben a. n- to t Hloltr \|E>SRt UILSTO It EVANS It tfalo, .niwpi ?T? ItEtiULAU t*rtie I ri,A I I -sh I '_T,, *"!fi "^Hj^^jaont to* bar i s?Tin n-wkef-sta i ma el-- m-3E__jML_dL. "mi WAVE, Ear Lini Vand no c, will le v.i ne lea ...I i foot ol, ou S'ond'-/, t Tin I nil. .itoV iick, P. M. for Lattskill, atopnin* ar all th inter '* ii eiliue laiuliima? fare to Cailwell's, f7'? cents?to CatKlull, JO cents?Brr,h 2J ceiru?Supper ? cents. F.S iklit taken at reduced |irtcea from the different landinga. For fnriha r particulare inquire of the rsi tain on boaid. ..Regular days from New York, Monday', Weduaedaya and i J- ndaya. trt r 1 E N E' NEW y*.mjf StlLLI G ? \ : W vl .< r. . ? M rMbl * i?, Krt nc i u'i i ?i?;i r? ind bu?kru, h*i it hc if tn . d .?* , ?; to 51 &tWi |,,tr. *?i?r " .It 4t.d h.,#? ?MHn<' J b fr III ihoi > *3 ?*I 1*1*". <00 .. it .f \ r.M(,r I If] II |? I) . ?i%| iruiB $1 l>> $S ? i' $ V> 41 ' I'MT, ^-10 J'cli < I liru*. ?l (roil. JA lO 5< I ir, r "ilii* ?MJJ?, a.I ?? ? n.iJ ' I S 11 IS, If ' T " ? ' * I I 7 |T? I i?r, R i r of ?? nii water proof b ?ots, u???cc? i? , I ? * i?Vj?*r? j mi ?U."r? .nciucu'icmm and im- boot* 1 *lf '.?! tic, | ruin $1 75 to $2, *11 warranted. All ihr elm e ko'>J? .* r ct. | the c tfi'1 ?t i'i tie city. Call ami see fur youm ivm, 1." to J . comer of Broadway, at 024 lin#rc J S W^LK?li ? LINTON CHKA^ iootiuuVij*M?ri?L. M9 ( Greenwich, corner Sj.rinK at, is the paly place *lwre can be found boots and shoes to suit ihetl .ies. All lhos?-who wear b x>ts andilioes will do wr.t . *ive & c ill. Ladie*' aud ni sseft buakins from 3, 5,f,7 t < ' d shtljiuKS i*r iwir; ireiidftne n<?* bo i* from 13 shilling - *<> ?l in**- pair; boys boots IT inH billings to $2 50 per pur. all who Witia to safe 2U iwi ctut will aire a call at the Clinton Cheap Boot and Mioe al ukrt, 609 corner Spting street o?"> lm*r LADIES' BOOTS AND SHOES-- Lockwoou. 391 B>oadwar, keep* a line assortment of 1 amies'end ciidd/eiiv boels and sfioes, of the litest American and Enri|??au Idaliious. Orders received by the do ecu trom places ol ftsliiontb oH> eud#r ? v OTLSTUM. SPARUING SCHOOL A PISTOL GALLERY. nA SSSitS. UUDSO a ?.) r riONON re jH ttiuily in-orm '*1 the 11 uU m . bet their extensive rooms the com* r of Br ?idwiy an I Oft nabere street, lor Hparrintf, 44vuine?tics end Pii'ol f rv;:^ , r.* now oiwu for the season. r??us improve n*-ois and additions htve b< en lately made nine G>flDueditm, which will n>w be I'ouai in every respect wasoleic audcpid to any other in the country lor athletic ei men visitiug llitr Pistol Gallery 'ah! be sup lied with Pistols ol a *U|?erior <ju tlity. Terms moderate. Gentlemen are invited to call at ail ? UiM d iriug t lie day. 0I6 lin#r SLLF-CO'/KING PISTOLS BLUNT k 24 Y stJH, .mi?orters and Manufacturers, No. 45 Lh.itham street, have ou hind a large assortment of the * BarrtlS If Revolving Si ll Cocking Pocket Pistols. These pistols have the advantage over all others of the kind by the impossibility of losing the Caps, the uipple* being placed in ih rii int il ifi < ion um thoro b inj m inlm a to prevent taking as correct sight as w ith the ordinar> pistol or gun. The above pistols cau be furnished lower thiu any other* in the market, at wholesale or retail. We have as great a variety of oilier kinds ol Pistols as can be fquud. with Killes, U. S. Muskets, for shipping and military; Prize Musk* ts, do: Fowling Pieces, single and double; extra large size double and single (tuns for ducking, toother with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Lags, Caps, Locks, Barrels, Ike., &c., in large or small quantities. N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call and examine our issorttnetit before pun:basing el*? where. an 'Jin + r BAKERY, 40 Lispeuird street.?The subscriber re?|?ectlullv inlorins his old friends and customers h it he h is re .tuned his old business ol bnkiiu. and w ill be thankful for their favors. Having taken the stand ormerly occupied by G. W. MILLI K, 4o Lis|>euard street, so re!*-tinted lorgOod cake, and the subscriber having carried on the business a number ol years at the well known Knickerbocker B ik> ry, No. 1'J vViMiun si., a favorite resort for good crack rs a^d biscuit*?he thinks he lias uotlo.gotten how io ideas - i!i. t.uu oi in , o .die. JAvIla pompson. N.B.?Always on hand, fruit cake ol .til km. 1* and prices? WrdJiug c.<ke of all size*?p itu I w ise an i .p >nge Cike of all sizev?rusk, ic t biscuit and bread every aftem .on?biv-nit and Cfttcuer* Ireshevery uioruiug. o.u lin?l UJ A 1 CHICS LOWER TH AN EVEK.?1.) con e.jucnce oi ihr teductiou ui duties by tne late tariff, the *u i.^cnber is selling his stock of Gold aid ailver Levers, An hor fcrnrtpemeiii Lepiui, and oilier Watches, ol new splcudid partialis, a..U Jewelry, .p itUil, at a coosiJertbe reduction from loi uiei pi ices, b nig uucii lower than tliev cau be uo'ignt lor at an> oine. place in tin city. Gold W uchoi as l??w a* ZU to 2D dolors each. Watcher and Jewehy exchanged or bought. Ail Watches warrant d t? keep good time or the money returned Welches and Lineks repined in the bi*t joauuer and much lets than the tisu l prices. G L AlLK\. Iiiomi.i. of to* ti d J. ..Hre oil lm*in Wiiiih ?dir ami UeUil, 30 Wall il., uji lUin 2ft: w owb ii t A rubii rs o E S 1 A it L I s li rl E N 1', NO 03 CHUHlIll t?l". ill?.lVVi;KN i< CAOK AND t.ilA.MutlKo S'J ililtli S. LNTLK A1KN lurnianuy then ow u goods can have them vT in.tilt up hi llu' 1110*1 lulii/iiable Kreuch sl>le, cheapei than ever offered before iu tin* city. Overcoat* 111 ?de and trimmed $8 f?0 Kiock co?u M 44 ** 7 jJ Drfsj coal* " 14 44 t> 50 Vr?i ana i'luU $1 60 to i 74 N. H.?tlrpainuk doue iu the neatest manner. ol lm?m 5>A MuEL W Y AM T. VIUI UR UIKGUL), 17 ATCfl MAKER, No. 3M>utre?ticet, in the city of New * V V ork, who obtained *? ver-il gold aud ilver medals of the American iud Alecli&uic I .stilates ol New Vork, in the years lift I*, '"JU, '40 ami '41; and dso Leueu-paleut lor ihe invention ol a Clirobuuieltii L^cain uiei.1 ail 1 for hit Mi*ic Chronometer, inutile houoi titlidok .lie luhnoitdut* of this inetropol slor liie Cuiitideure they hate Heretofore repose-1 111 h m, aud assures them luat he will continue to uiee ' iur | itrona*c, by apply111* al the eteitioiiA, punctuality and abilities ol which he hi > be p..* ?u?ed iu liu art, to the entire salulacUou of ins tucud* *u?* ciuloineis He will continue to manufacture Duplex, Lepine aud Patent L' ver C-OaiKiiicnU, anil in general all kiuil* ol piece* belong1.1* to the srt of Waul* M??ing. He repair* Chrouomelors uu.i v? iv sort of lim pttc?.w H?t Mil Mao rep ??r, \ ut ?n order and a'f? r all kin 's of nieclnuicri Lamps, tnd w ni warrant hi* w^m, which will be made | u inofWite pries, nsui. the nines. Mi. V < in\111* just leifdieu hkd a * oya^e t* Euope, has brought wi n him n cno.c< o. articles suit u. .e to mi* inaiket, which In invites his Iri -nd* and patious to < v -m ir, which lie oil-1* lui ?a c at m-.? eisti pi ices. A'liey coj*?ut principally in ? i ckaoi tkiMili 1 o erupa utrum Mechanical L itipsf - th? u s* pal* 11 ?t inik* r? in Puis. Limp Gius.> limb , hoc It t :u'.u d and pnuiud, 1 new style. ,? at :> iriiokfe, kiiuilk tyi yitwuii* llj Jrojinuu ill*. Apptu 1 u? 101 makingcojTet\ now almost Uie OUlv oueif livl l'ly a l.i4.le l. Mr V\ ii. harm* established a correspond? net in Kra.,ct with tin- oatwii ee ol Cue nest uir chanicalL't up* in null a,, to red ?n Pari*, will <tiW4>? keep on h ind a choice a*?oriincut ol 1 li ? %r'iel?. .1 1 n* 1 Hkau Qcartkbiokthk AWairrurri, VVashiugioi), i h i/ct? 1* r, IG44 OEPARATE PROPOSALS will bciecciyed a: the oil .:? of i O the Quartermaster of the Marine Corps, in this ?ity 10 o'clock, A. Al., on Tuesday, the 8th day of November lint for furuisin 11* ratioiui to the United Stale* Aiuii**i? al the iul! -. ikM ? P?i U mouth, ftfew Hampshire ; Charies'owu, Massachusetts ; Biooklyu, Loug bland, New York ; Gosporl. iifixi Norfolk, Virginia; Petuacola, Florida, and Washington, Distri t of Columbia. The ration* to consist of one pound and a quarter of fresh beef, or three quarter* of a nound ul' inr^ |K>rk.; eighteen ou.iCe* ol bread or fGur, at the option of the Government, ?nd at Un? rate of *?x pound* of good clean eoffcft, twelve pounds of good New Orieaus sugar, tight quarts of bean*, four quart* of viueg tr, two quart* ul sat. four pound* of leap, and one aud a half pounds of good nipped caudles to each hundred ration*. It it uud* that thr full aid*' <?t beef (neck and shins tv eluded; be dclivt red it requited; if *uch quantity be not required, th\t the fore mid l.iml quarter* be delivered alternately ; a d the biead ?-r il. ur *h?lt he of *ui?erfine quality. AJI the articles to be u le* eiti"U iW-,sim1 to be issued to the troop* WlMiuUl t Xp? use to rlie Uiiitt d .states. No oiler will he entertained at this office unless accompanied by the s of the sureties of ihe pro|H>*als to be tuiloiscd ''Propos als for rwrmn* lor IMS*" ALti. A NICHOLSON, Quartt rroa*tcr Mar ne Corp*. The American Sentinel and P? nns> Ivauian, Philadelphia; the Portsmouth Gaittu. New H impahire; tr?e N?-w York Lveuing Post, the New York Herald, the New York ?nguirer, and the New York Union; the Baltimore He--publican; the Norfolk Beacon; the Norfolk Herald; the Richmond Knqiiner and Richmond Whig: ihe Alexandr a Gazelle. Alexandria, I) C.; *ud the Petisacoia GaSette, will give tlie above three in| sertious each per week, aud 'end one copy ol the advertise* I uient (o accompany the account when forwardod to tni* office f'l p I] m* ni. : I to 8N GUITARS. Vf ARTIN &COUPA, Guitar M iiiufacturrrs, 385 Broadway, I up stair*, have constantly on haiul a large assortment ol Guitars, oi French, Gei inau, aud Spauish model. M. fct C. would rail the attention of Solo players to their Terz Guitars, made \fter the model of G>ul ini, which in brails pcy md rmrity < i kom in ifistior, ind ruj isj 10 thr ! execution. The instruments are wamuted p? rfect. and to srand any change ol climate, and wil be exchanged at any [ time should thr y not prove s aistaciory Strangers are invited tocall aud eiauMue tfum. , Trice* from $15 to $100. Hold, wholesale ami retail. 8. 15. Con pa continue* to give Lessons ou the Guitar. si I 2m cod* COAL, COAL?A cargo of best Red A*h Peach Orchard, broken, du h.trging thisdtv from bvge Titer, foot of iturner siretl.anu will be d.ltrvted frtt ol l iiMkc at per ton. Ordfn r^cfiTtd for above qvilit) of Co il for one week, 6t th?* following low prices* Broken. $> 0 >?t oo n'?6 r G&OKGK THOMPSON,? He.terst. r-LuVKH, VKLVKT8 AND SILKS KESTORED.v* l)i hrn hi* w-r his conUrnrted an upper ru? lor res'oridy d kin ^e?l ?-r s, o t d knl *loves, ailk velvets aril ?.iIks to their oM.mal c Miilifion, and >.i very reasonable terms. OrJt rs rod l?:ct t ,'Uiie ui 11 j 4rfri'tr*l to by DIL . EVVIA FEUCHTWANQKR, ol! ?.vw lm*m I \V*H street. i fiL i i>,m VHK TEETH?A rcuuetbm of in per c?u!?Ujfcr And lower sets of teeth inserted on sprtion o nfmo* bene prrs?Hre, so as to top wots w*:!i rats and firmnes*. Ir mssittgle ooth to iii entire let, all can bo m? plied with th* heat win*ni tfitb; toolbar! ir cured Kui e tractuu '.ootii, r? ul* Children's, mlf prire. J. Btnk?y, .^arfri u I) '*?st, fl Mar fh> '.rent. neit d? or to the ehvek. wtuof Bmadwt). J>*2:? rod 3ip* * PtfcNCH Alt I'IVI 'I ,|, Kl.dvV - Hh mar* i ? tor fin- I ri. -BiUJNL \HOSIEKK Si COURT. 1 6 VV lli,m?t, MiCw*?s<-rt f Ur tnb Hov^reltO h *e ja?t rccrirrd b> il,llavre Pic! efr Haittin >rt and Villede L n lanrc asmrment oi fashionable llowr n*. of trie lausi P? i? ian Atyte. Widening Flow er* a la Uucht i?e D'd lr.i'n, Cfli .'i Mid Ta*se'?# nt> I a *reaf w.iri ft* nf new I'.inrv n? rir' 4o'n ile* fnnun'.i .ami bill*. I l*hc No. lift iVi'i<*aiiir? i i."i - ' only djr?t..l 0* ? ttuiclrt tr in tl??ir UMU?ifdti.>ry H-ie d? J *?< . 6 * I1 < it. i?2 lm*r IKM'KliEtPINl'. MMIK COUNTING lit KIM * OK C. I MARSH, forth. a of p ,nt 4 ^1 H .o!,k. t Tin and ir?rcautile arithmetic r - n f*,m 'i A. M. 10 ') I'. M. rapili attend tw?# or more liourt dapy. rrot|HCUite^ with tirma may b> had At the rooms, No. 88 <\ ciir *1. C (J. MsnVi W. rki, which are rcconrnetided for h'ir im li ity, h<* Kr*at Ain. n t of i junction they conm n, - re "l?l at it v?-. I'rir'-t at f llowt:? IJouMi 1. .lit Bookkeeping *imy)ified, lUfli edition, $1 ? . do nni^oYed. -jd t dition, 15 rh- .i n ok* ne v . II ct'rniatcd for t. li mit and If-inttruet _? 6 n*r ALL KE.\t> THIS. j 'PH6*. nnd*rii?r>ed li v u? m d* ?** , |,#,T> rut-hn'i i*f I " tl nir f?tc| ?l|K imr bni, i., %ii| olf^r fg, ,f,r n? A|. I , r >iuielu n?*!..?, u i ike?l Diftd, f>: 1 ?!i?IT-i,K. r<> )? ?r in.a jd 1'iKd *lthth?**r i 1r, hr iMif (Hal I i/. h is t!*" ? i-ll> ik er. c a ' try ' 'r.r, n i h. .... t - 'iiU.Hilt i M li l?.ir 10 . "tiiyt > III'. r.i(ii.f flm. fl. u l<> ioc'tuciht Wiif' . B't now II urh.i . ?mmi u.i ,11, cnr. p hi e*i?-at .Ik-mI .jiiM |, r ur >u?? r t'liilv rlrhiv *i*i tripM Ity, r r uni .l . J in *iii ji'c ,* ,1 itt ratrm- ( i tr> 'l N B .H??r k??-p- * I1I114 l.i. h on) < ,,u l> ?, l|. ,| by CaJIii i ai ui? aUkrv, W ?. r .i-r i< w. I m 'n< f ! r, ? u Kuli' r. Ml M U V, II. lul'^n |t. <*> Al'a i'ic?f I H u.y Butter Su<ir f*r?oli?i?, lit 1 uu...cturt?<l I>y himaoii, of ?u|?fi< 1 i|W?M'>, If. lir>Wl di,. UirOUjfi, v, v. 3J. I 12. njlw*?ic ? EXCHANGE BRyKfill. tu i*i*i No.a tAAjr srtut?r, Ntw UUC^NS w YO VOftK. WEDNESDAY M new sto\rk~ ~ silepapid's pathvt reverberator 'I'HK vu'unth 't "ffn tilts tl ty t. iti? |.uh!ir, thr ntfc nnd " i>?lnr ii;ul iln n * ..?! |>ti-uJil i? I. it , r>?.- Wr k I .!! iu v% ur oi ?(uie? U)imD tuJ pinnitir it. It i? b>* f r, tl-r tniHf ilfrinit AiiJ i'P' r??*i-t! iiovt o(r**i-il l'?r * mifiih?*rof ,ui,i til ail Who SaVc ?* u it, Am) bit!* :in i iu? i- iu 01 jii ocrifii. 1. r^r sues will be lu . .11 in.t course tS a lew Jay*. I . the in- 11 lime, the , illicit l?* of tiie tU)v?, can be seen fully developed in the liic exhibited. SHK AKDlt CO. Notl's Stove Warchousr, No 24 i VV.iter street. N. U.?A splendid assortment of Nott's K idiatnr Stove, the only store in the mtrket suitable lor w renins dwelluu", clt irehi hois Is, public buildings, mc. A two story n um q iu be warmed with three tons of coal, less than one irrate will consume. Dumb for parlors and halls, in style and vaiiefy unequalled iu the city. Also th- best wood cook stove ever ottered. *29 lm*ec SIOVK^?STOVES. DA (7iVW PA TK A T U A R EFIER, Oil FitUlvAL HOIJ^EVVARMKR. rTMTK Proprietor, in olferiutf this valuable stove to the public, tvouh briefly state some of the ad vantages of heir improve men. . ?.iiii ' coiuist elm lly iu the folio wing particulars. vix:? i i o into the evil of im- >? ' bi cspsbltoi Afford .rirc n-.d noxious t, \n in tne nig a mild or au intense heat, b'rin : of ui.'hracite coil. t??i o avoid all iticoveuiencr 2?'lii |* neixte and ditTuse from diut. ^ n .'in h;i-1 w hoi'some .it ?? i'o preserve tiie air of the mos,.hi r? in pl.ets exjH.we'i to apartineui pure aud wholedamp and cold. some. 1?To b-ssaii tlif risk of ar. i a-Aud to unite with all i stb| Cfli exotlluut asaiitMi. an ?'I'o be quickly kindled elegit and dunbie article ol si easily mulcted. f ..a nut. . hi* Stove i.\ coii. iructed of t . ?t ijiulity ol Kusm.i sheet r? il Ml tit li.c ." tiii.trieil In*i..n. .?r i ntg ii' it >' Lm e> .j r c IMwtto whithiiitlichiiil dr'ii *phcric Hirtfiir u|- M) i; irh side, ol a tubular form, And lined throughout. The liest th tl is created iu the chamber i is ?r* krvvt* pii the linings ol the iwn rare lien (or radiators a* tiny ? c ralh dl into the I- tie at the bottom, and a cunent of air continually rninimr through the mors, vhA an loftsmual ea<h -n l f Tthu! i ?r;?o*e. carries a kreat amouutof rarefied or war i air inf. the apartment. n | ;id is oi the air ia a room heated by this ort ,' allu it 1 r* markibhs, tin he tt beiudiffused (nuo h tit i laihce moderately heated* The heal ad ai r, r sides of U* stove,de ?end and spread# ( i r tin eutire ; e i the base ai the botteui, hrniflinf the col< r poru of th lix next the uoor iu eoostaiit circulatioo? in 'lie uteaiirim * prt serving it entirely from contamination, ud . ia th i Stove perfectly s*i?* aod agreeable for apartments ol*invalids, sleeping room*, fcc. .Manufaciired by J. M E. C ACKUB, N Bowery, N. Y. N. B. A urw article of air ii ;ht stoves, trith ran lie rs ; also the urw kitchen companion co ?k stove, warranted equal to any iu use in this city. im*m \ oTT in s 3 r o v E 3 REPAIRJ y RICHARD AYLIFFE. established nine years* 86 I kthain street. New York. H A. ha* >oil's and other Siovo , which he cau sell at a \ try reduced price Stove* and p |?e put up at the shor e^t notice. N. B.?Pi. e c?>nstanilv on h out. *27 lm#r n EKOIIM YOU H STOVE BILLS.?Economy aud utility aA ht'hg the order of the day, ihe subscriber has determined to sell St v-h tt the lowest posaibli rHNosrstiii pvie* ; in* Column Parlor Stove, answering all the purposes of the grate, { with half the trouble aud ?*peiue, suiub'e lor sitting rooms, j offices, stores, or halls, is worthy the attention ol persons wishing to purchase. His assortment of cooking. Stoves are not surpassed in the j city, for cheapness md superior style ol co isrructi*<i, comhi- I uiuz all the requisites for kitchen u*c, and a great saving of fuel, which is an item many |*r*Gni overlook iu selecting stoves. He solicits houm-kuene s and nt' er? fr? ?rivm him a mil at th* office of ih* Warmi Furnace Company, JSo. 22 Fultou street, N. V., beforepnrchtaioiIse\\ hero. I A* this comptuy inaiiuftctitre their stoves, purchasers will t dm ?>< mi 'jrrr ?i -.I . nx ii\ buying 11 ?mkcomhands. Their , as.ortm. nt consuls ol' air-tight. Cooking and p.trior Stoves, ' Pamrs. Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, K?*ttlea, Tin and Sheet Iron VVare, file., wholesale and retail Orders for c uiiugs soli* Cited. J. V. TIliBKl'TS, 016 lm*ec 22 Fulton street, N. Y. fcst'Y'S I'ATkiNT ( OMCAL VtM ILAl'UK THIS cheap, simple and etfii'uut apparatus it adapte < .to all purposes of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboat*, e-iiurehm, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vault., die. Sic. inay b' its apptica Hon be kept flue from 'II lonl air and unwhoiesi me effluvia; it is also *11 effectual cure for Smoky Chimnies. The snbscribi'r hallux pure lias-J the n eht for the City aud County ol'New York, is prepared to sipply the public *uii Cone* on demand. Hootting o( alt description* Iumishei in any part of the couutrv. Croton Water Pipes and Plnmoert' Work in kenrral. A'so, Galvanized Iron and Tiu Ware at wholesale. Store pipu*, bath tuhs, coal hods, Itc ar prices greatly reduced. All work warranted, an I orders by letter attended to. P. SC MN Kit, ?2j3m*in 120 Water ?'iv?f. Stoves-ovens rPHK largest assortment of Stoves of any house ri New t Vork.?Tncir newly inveuted Parlor Stove needs tut 10 he seen to be tiuiversally adopted. It. immense radiating ?'r'a e exceeds that ol aiiv other ato?e now i . u-e? xlubits m .re tire with the rou.umption of less fuel, tliau uny former iireTimi It also dischiritH* us own ashes by a simile process. up n; soiling or lodging its duat on the furuituie ol the loom iu which it is used. It will he louno the ehe i|iest and most economical Stove evn brought before the public. A... ,'took St vet, new, air liitht. Itc. in all varieties, from llirec i.oilar ii, vardi F.verv artie'. w muted. RM.fck 3 PAtl'N'T SijILLR aNU l.toN HKa 'T't II .ill .1UMIM .? Mill .i y Vtu 4.1 Ml, ?l"H i. U. use, sndoi uit , V ed v.i .c ' 111114 intiini, on 11, an al- in h il>n? iroun tor liomu* Cmihiii. Hiley u the luvt:iit<?r and sole ? t. o21 lm*r i:,| V V M VEK9, T\ E ^ -ry. FISK'S l'Al'ENT NOVKLTY uook MVV^f ' I HIS Sr ?vr wii uioQniiiic.d Io?i y ar, und u this, by ah * who have it, t.* Ik. not o ?iv tie- b 4 e*tr mvi iu< u, oui th>oly Stow ?N > t*vt l? ?i oy a hieh to .Hnig, boiling, iui?i roastinc. roulii be do* e perfect y, and t (Ik-?.?ine time. l h;i ? < ii the no ]??%- rviriif h?* teen <mch, that dnuoL (fit emouutof tookuu can tie dou*. (mini that too to perfection) tl> mi uj?"T? .my oth*r Store of "V awe aiie ; for proof >f u! j!i, ,oU luU cft!? tocal* at Blote Eatabluhmfli', WjXy Ur street, where any qutntily of references will b? rir further, every Stove w -minted, or the money irfanded. Flak's K ^ulunn; Premium Drum for parlors, Hall L'rum*, and lull, p .rlor, and office stoves, and all the ordinary cooking stores, f r ?ale cheap FISK'S Stove Estib'i?hment, 209 Water stmt. The above slwVe, an l also the rcgulati ig drum, can now br seen at the Fair ^ hut those d. s ring stoves, are requested I < call it th estaolishine.ti, wh< re they can esainiue them to better advantage, 2C9 Water street. 0I6 Irn^nc I. WOOD'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HAl.L STOVES. fT,HI9 is one of tin most valu ible iuveutions ever offered to . I the publ c in the stove line, an 1i? the most perfect article I ritao*. f??r the use of all k mJs of coa or wood, in heatiuc a;T?tm* ts. It hasno less Uhii four radiators and two descend iny llues so arr-uged that the rad ators aie placed between tw j lire*,? nd ?use all the heat generated te be distributed into the apt 1 tin *nr ; while in Otne stoves 4 large portion of the heat is | < arro u ??tf 111 the pipe. One perk f coal iu tl is stove * ill ' . 10.e heat than buthel in the beat sto e now before the 5 o ilir ; anil you have the ad%'auUge of an open Arc ?. sple.i- I did gr-jtr at p! as ore ft's t'l"Kcd bv all who have essmined it to be the must per fi el coinbiiiitiuu of utility and oniain-nl ever brought -o* ward, b?t t ? iie r?i? > aj'pr-. iali d, it need* Ohlv lobe a eu and eiatnin er .Mi'14'iin -viuiui n ui>rn"r truer iu, nenuH, |i?r rure,H4ii. oil ..14, DHwnn, fc<". nr. iDv.teJ to call. I'rieo m MiitrJ iu lllr 'imri. VNjoii li&'id ??,i? t','.>f 01' f SvoVKI, *ui:ah'e for all purP^-ei, wliicb will b* oid r?. I .?. L. WOOD, i>37 Water'tree!, between r,21 1ai*r _ I' ' * li|? aii't B kman alrret. A II T I * T IN H A 1 It. MANUKACTURKD FROM INDIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S HAIR. N'>1 It * th?" two inches loug, iu one hundred different de- i ? .(ne?W ckl-'ces, Bncele.s, W-.tch guards, Lar-rings, i Klowors, Kin?i, Wt;i end Seali?*. A C. B/KKY'3 WIGS ANI) SCALPS. Stillitntid rre^mim ut n'Hivc all othere. Their Peculiar light, K? Miinrr.4 i . iUii' r rturartrr, their beiiir vi4Ctly I a* tlit* natural h iir grows. their e asticuy und their sujicrior mate ri'I aud workmanship, a* well as their style of finish and ar- 1 a r < ngeinent, nil cmnhiu* to form such |H*rfect heads of hair, | that i hey in?i?: lie seen to b?* fu'ly appreciated. Parties having a piece of hair ol a living or deceased friend, can an it fo> men by him into .my design the mind cau conceive. In such a form it will b?* a keepsake invaluable. Gratuitous advice given oil all diseases connected with the hair, at tiie Hair Cnttinu Knom*. llti BiiOADWAY, cor of Liberty street, jy 12 fm* lip Stslra. T O H OT !! RING'S VERBENA CREAM. fT*HI$ Celebrated Shaving Co?ni?ouud is now all the rage, as * well among '<rof**s?or?, as among ihose who prefer ta g\tn? r in their oWn diurn I crops The improvement recently nude in its manufacture pieces lite Verbena Cream above competition. The subscriber having purchased ihe copy right, presents it to the public with an eicgaut new lab* I, atid guarantees thai for . ,in (having i can bo ^I? d out) or ? Wall street broker, the Croaifi possessing the advantage o( (tying hatter satisfaction j to the party by the o|**ratioti, and this speaking from et- * M riencr. . ] To prevent imposition by the spurious article* now in the miikct, f .? directions for use will have the wrilteu siguature ..I'tbr prnprirtor, ri'.ue ot'i.r brina irriimnp.'- wliolfutlc .inil retail at inu Nhih.ii at, H SlN< LAIil. Proprietor N. B ? \lao 'or tale, Hhk'? Eliiir nl L.ife, Nelaoo'a Ei rr.irt nl SnrM|iirilU, Dr. BmwJer'a Compound Syiup nl In >isari Tar nip. fee. ol life'm A RICH TONED EIuHT rtll.VER hair v FLU T E . qECOND HAND?* rare, and splendid instrument, will he ^ <?ld cheap Apply to T MONZANI, n7 lm*m . V, s hotninon strce?. ENKV SiUT I, No. 217 Water at., N. tkeeps ? on Iv on h?u?d aceucral assortment of I'ieklritCatiipn^ iuu*, 2kc , Preserves, Jellies, Brandy Fro its, kc., wholesale uuu ic ail. AP orders for Shipping and Vamities punctually at dnl to til 1w9r JMfOllTAisT AN NOUNCEMEb<T.--Brui/|? it P<n.7.W A hec to call th? attention of the pab.ic to'heir improved nnthod of water proofing by saturation. They render pmf r I water proof all kinds of woolen*, Kbcim, eo tona.celick*, kc without injoiy to cither labric, color 01 lustre. fi b I' having been awarded a diploma by the American ln?titu.? f >? their sti|>erior water prool articles exhibited at the fiir i.ase now commenced business under the firm of the N? w Yob Water Proof Establishment, 47 Christopher street. The ; o??' c style it much superior to any Mackintosh ever yet orte e?! to the public, it being free from that unwholesome, uiiltldd j ?ud Ui*-yr?eable sintll thuevtry Mackintosh always h t i? he got ui? in what ever style it mav. No sooner does 'he viae* kiiitOfeh ' so that, injurious oder than it hoco ea * m ' s? a to e. The above preparation docs not smell, and i'i *! ciaes oi >\ys p'r*pirauon fo evaporat* rrtriy, out kihi |i?rr'u m prrri' B* to w ?t*r. S. k. P. narti ularly call rhe s?r ? t"on of ?itr irm' ,n?fv. firfmrn, watchmen, r.*rm? n, carrier*, t<*t?ll*r?. ailors. mm 111 nil who are xi? *m1 to thewr*ri?? t F a* -1 j W it r Pioul a11 km s of t?v?r co ts, pilot a-,u i? <>wr co punt;, clo*k>, or any kind of u ri?ut ,ipp r I, v\i hor* * iio, ; 1 h r ! is'vr ?r lrV~.ti , . ! ?t hi '?? l! c?. ' -? l? a iiitU wdiii ?4trr coop'*' f? . *i v :f? tn i < f C' ..?f?qncntly tht\ v.. ! '?< uiclm o* n*i.\ ind ? itrt?! a< 'ii/ the v t?r r A i) i fii.nii Mv oh o, c" i*r f?? r^'lrd 17 Clr t pntrrer, N Y. v. 1 he v \ ml. m;: ??! '< ? r I v-\ a .i. ! *itt In 'i wu K ifi H (Sr fry, ? .> . wjrr - e?i j ! ?c of ?' j*' km' : ?!. I'.otnl ?r in *'f' u * r ? _ P?ii?JTI ; F'WablkTSEKT* A\L> YV A tin A N I fc.l? tii ,1 W 'i* m. ii tiaur hi ^n> i I jn < t , ?n Wtwlen, luMmi, ?.il i "ii, oy ti-r?, and i-l .ma, ' ?r iniitf ir,. ?fV. tin k rhi.han, *nrkrjr. li*af amip, mutioii 'Ii-ui, rhirkru aonp, ?t tail aoup. mock and *r*en lurtlit aoup, rr,rtnhU I'mp, jrun .41. moihrooma, carrota, luruipa, pirmOk, ke. U7iu?*m ?s iNmmv it i H K I OR NINO. NOVEMBER 9 fjUNH *:-? K*. :'i.: >1.8 .:i M IMH O I I t *r l-v?n-, "* r.,i.iCtl y ,r?v(i; aii'tl i, r c . 'if, | rr.ceaul! x c'.. ' i ??> ?. l-? !>* ?,} Cd>, bj l*. mi l I ?!?' fit* .'WW" *' t 'I, (> -o'i 1*' I * v***, M|lh i ii'Z** I nk*. ] Iilr'li ? i'u> nil I1J1, t uJ . ! < (< t" r I |ttl? pi .? I _ _ a. w. mm im-rrr V ,jl *1 MCFF r- r- - ' ) . U ' ? *4* > '!? c .t . *i ftr i i i i-<i) liiily nr.* t!i%t the Ik Hit' *14 f? " I > III . i , ?l? ni l ??r4|| lliCtaM-iv ? of the r''1l Ml '11' incur Tf rJ ( tf|| nil 1 * * !kl i'.lM ?p|,rU^CHilU '?clt III lit W it'll r ? V >?rr l'l'W I II I li d <0 rlljov 4 prOinrllRdl' -*'t i i- ihe c I lr : v u ' I'.nmrl s -*ilhd li ie Mil If n the t ?r< of D \ ItNE V I* k M MMOND9, 419 br"tuw*y. VI ileftcrip'.iouf of Kan cleaned a .d repaired at reduced rates Off I III *111 __________ p g \ KiCAL~UKVNf. TT'sTMOU ION* DlVcLOSUHES ' Y ?The -uuti-ril ml' |.utiiuli hi .li? count- of th* ensuing week, " Mmiito .i .it, E, ,, ? Hutory of Jo* Smith ami the Lut'i D tV u) (j u. J. C. 8*1111*11." Tlitja* highly iuWrt-ating rno oIoiiikIIdk tli<clokur*? cillihir in their true civ |or? 1I1* or iI .mc, mi l wickrduea* of ih* Mormon leedera. It will h. itkilt'ti ft good -tyl*. In a 12 no. volume of upw rds of XIU|Mg<*. Onl*r? *vp*c inlK solicited. LELAN I) Ac Will I I N(J. ol< Im'r B'IA"RlTltY, HOOKN Ik Co. 127 \w? ?t. STATE OK NEW YORK?!* ECUE I" Ml Y"S OKKK'E ? Al H?NV, Aug II. lilt.'. i ro THE SHERIFF of the Citi uni County of New York ? ? Sir? Notici i vh- L'tvru ihtt at the n*it Oruenl Election^ to be h*lil "u tli To vlty aucc -eviug the lir?t Monday of Novtinher u it tit* fo'h.wiiiz ollic. r> are to be elected, to wit : A Qovernor ami L'*ut. nan' Governor of tbit State. A Senator for llie tint Senatorial Uotrict, to auoplv the vacancy which will ac.'iue by ill* expiration of the term of aervice of Gabriel Kimnrn, on in* l*t Jav of December next. Also, the following tin > ami County Gibcer*, tj witThirteen Member* ~l An mbly, and a Ke.-iater in the plaie of J. Sherman Browmell, ral m* lerin 01 innco will expire on the laatday of D*ceinht r n**t. You-.p ..cfoHv. O. YOUNG, Secretaiy ef State. The above i* a tni? copy of a not f itinn received from the Secretary of Slate. VON iOU I'H B. HART. Sheriff of tlr* tlir . and County of New York. ShertlPi Office, New Yoik, S pi. 10, 1812. All the publre newxitaper* i the county will publiih the above once in arh week utinl the eleotiou. See Revised Statutes, vol. 1?I, chap, lilh, title 3J, article 3d, part l?t, [>age ltd. ol0t,N8r MARTIN'S CASH TAILORING E3TABL1S H M K N T . 154 William Street, Corner o/ nn Street, IS decidedly the chea.*st in the city. There is Mwaya on hand a arlect dock ol sea-unable goods, purchased for cash, which will be ins le up to order in the ?lyle of make, tit, trimming, fee., that tiaa given auch getiei il satisfaction during tin hut foui yeara, and at a positive -ivitig nt .18 |>er cent. Ueutle neuare requested to call and examine. Those win furuiah th eirnwn goods, can have them MA UK. AND TRIMMED. Dreaa Cnala, made and trimmed,. * -#7 00 tn $8 30 Erock Coats, do do 8 00 U> 9 30 Pants and Yeats, 1 75 to 2 00 Over Coats. 0 00 to 11 PQ iT7" Terms?Cash on delivery. la tm* c MICHAEL E. MARTINTills AMKRICAN MACINTOSH. PREJUDICE, or habit, make soine to prefer every thing foreign. We salt such to unite trial of our wa ler-oroof coals and capes, and learn for once (so far at least as our M icintoshes are concerned) that the only merit peculiar to the imported ever thr American, it that they may h ive hunz on a peg iu Cheapal le until ttiey became rusty .and out ol lashiou, than shipped to America to be told as "good enough for the m irkeL" Price of the Ainciicati Macintosh from teu dollars upwards. HORACE II. DAY, 4J Maiden Lane, a23lm*r Succeaaor to Roihurv ludia Kuhber Co. I 1 S I I i 1 C . . O I ( > II l?. 'I'HERfc IS NO IMPOM 1'IO.N ptavticsu at tint ttorc Bv I taking d tabic lb* pi ice an ai leic is worU, Bell ler any lUi cerrupiionon the side wais. ,>o lusuit oilereJ it you dou' po.char-e. Any pert m wishing to a pu-c>.s?r can rely on being furnished with ulottnug lite luilvsvink piiveu . Coats *7 a 12 Cloth Jarlt* Is 3 a i Cloth Paula 3 a 4 50 Sa'Uuett Pants I 50 a 2 3(1 JACOB COOS WELL. _o4 lm?r 173/a CtntliI.r. sire. \ i.-ar Roses . It si , S Y. R K M (.1 V A L . PHILLIPS' cash tailoring establish iMKNT, la removed fr-m M3 UioaJxav to No 7 5 vtor NousKGONOvlY M tLIs rLlivlCN'cd Hit ESS. ' rurtn. uts ol a moat Jrg.uit -ud r s lion .tele kind rt a tuvtug of 6 I p. t Ceut for ea-h. I'HF. nlvertisrr dt ttn it ::i.- c> ssary to tcsrot m the ,ck ueyrd syst-in ol fivinv t hst ol iniui nal prices, j csuraim hm the leugin of tunc he h m been c?; h-hcl toguther v. in hes'tui-o j-4tr'"lf,t I.'.:, .veu on tot:., sun pins- : vim i-lit vouch'i fit his cu, ilriiiliet. 1* --.e?,,..g ,i aliuurig. ol ueing csmiui ctrd svitli i.. kcueiir tluthr at i in .iiment iu Eur r4*. ue COUlideiltli i ^rle that lie c.m lU'l.Kh tioolts which, oil COIOuanson, will oe found losv?i thi > ay .thet house nuLiig up I the best descriptions ..." ..oiiMcute o's dra-u. IP3.ii ^ miLLi v 7 il >u;?, i S h I I< T iS . I ^JHIUT3 ?r*de tl'xi tl-.f Litest ainl mist -ti'i *vn'u Kfnr.! j i u? ?*. 1 ?*'>,; *nl??? ,.- ,f?ft. sud ftH cu'^ ' natlt to oiii**r short liOllCr and H U??- ????sL iir..>iotmbte *?>" ? GtbdamtaV. a; I f?'? vlaulcn Cue, inn iota. i ibi^ ** ' vt m: *t. J. ii* u? F K r: N C il L? / si, 4 *0 rK.-UlL ST., IMaciiH O.T.ce, 'PH.\VK?UL f* r lit* jjo: ou.\^c heretofore bestow d, * A .i'Cli*iU I.To.-nu : Jlf- ?:u' lis. IV.! h h S, f..T r? * * CU)'T> UK d.tioiiu: his cu* u ttff? i i lh* ?p,?r pu' ' n.ccii^u,.^ I ttoOficri, oil* ?i aiti'd 2j7 liimiULR St., the other &2 ewfc* t f??. fUe re- r|? i >u ?nd Url ?. r>* f Ovtda. XI kinds of Silk, Couoo .jta Woollen Crowds T)Y kD. Mt-in-' /tiU Came!'.* H u SrniwU clemed in the French stvle, v\ ;)t u-jrt.'ir'i .aid Ui *, Mien. 07? A?ltin<JM?f At?|ier*l ?a?l Carp?t? ir oared. Xrich^QU ca.i Kau tit kini?oi g.?oil# U>ed and ??ui ap in their oriuint form. tt"iv>..|>n (Kbce. 45 K'tlfon *t. Bronkty . oli Im^r I) St t ALiiA.N 1' Hl tM'dh .V?. > ?l. upiMtti e \?r?. Cji..ii: h ii e. J. BONflUtlD fit P. DLL A MOT* '1 fL ' ?w (lie iioivi i" i rWi'i f*n ir cju.imtaine ami strangers nrrVly, t ii' l'.fr l?v p ^niiirfJ llair BreaKlnst and Dining 3ul mn >,'!! * have be-id? * iri vrged convenient room* 'or priva'e \ *i , i .d will i>a , u titular tftcMkMi tu^rfiriifor Drawers and Su,?per* in tiit?c? houses, which they will furnish at very noutriit i 1 hi > con-' n I y litve on hand? il via) Preserve! of all kinds. Liquors in irrear variety. VY lues of <11 brands. Oil of Oiiws refined. liravere Cheese. New Cli?trl Cheese. Truffle* tiid Vluih'u mi. Fat Li fx firs, fit"., fcc. o?7 1mr r TO TklF iJV!.\ ii.i Ha UF THb aCOGUDlON! OIGNOH L. MaHTiNI bro to lut'orm the public that lie ^ lu.jiul |>ublnbe I hn Acooi4.un, which it ill* i'iili-d i twu jraiU?llw l.rsr lor ilit Accorilioiu withr.ui .clip iout>?the .ccuhO I'nr iw Mini-Iihic., bulh ul" whicti ire am, ly furnished with se'ecuJ music, and exercises |?ro /restively written, in order that the amateur can * .aily have vulirv command ?<vpi li e inst.umt ut. S1GNOR S\ AliTI Nl be** also to itite that he haa a largt collection of M8*. kiihk lor the Atc-idivii, which he intend* to publish shortly, ;uhI ho arranges f n tint instrument any sort Ot music he should be .fjoiieu. 1 be ^ gnor will be thankful to all those wliu will favor linn a; ins r *tdeuce,90 Canal street, where he continues tv give In* lesson *ui9 3m*r DWILHKLMi, No. *31 Bi ># Iway offers for sale his new unpolled stock of goods, a I *fe*a)e ? ud retail. 1.?0? Embroidene ,Comtite:, edand finished pieces of various kiuJ?; worsted, wool, sUlilutig and knitting silk, beads, canvas, patterns, (kc. 2.?In small aud lace wares, all sorts of silk and worsted alliums, b? rdcrs, trimmings, lasu Is, fringes, and every article in this hue, d >nr in the rno.t fashionable taste. 3.?Ti?e uiost copious an I splendid choice of artificial flowers, (1 ..? in ihe Mtffest ffOffc and MWeM U?l*, bouquets, dude ns, ate. 4 ?Artich s of cast iron of the most various descriptions, maniitai toted in the Ro? a| Iron Pt.ur.dary at Berlin 5.?fclxquuite an i mat figures in bronze. 6 ?A Dra^lilol assortment of ?uper"ue bask?t wsres. 7.?A comiderable and el gam choice of pressed an I pain*ed paper, sheets of later paper. visit tig Curds, wafers Ac. 8.?An elegant and great Store of the linest povceialu 9.?A splendid assortment of the finest dressing artic'es.cases and perfu.nn. o'?8 lm*rr WORTHY ATTENTION LIOHT ! LIGHT !?Horn's patent solid bottom Glass FounA tain Lamps for Chemcal Oil?r torn li?e pt culiar beauty <niil elegance of tnese Lamps, their neat construction and superior qudity, tney are destined to supersede all others uow in use. The total ahseace of smoke and smell, the unparalleled brilliancy of the flame, ia admitted to he uuiualled. N B ? Ai has cost than half a cent per hour. The proprietor* assure the public that no larn|tt can be trimmed anu kept in onlt-r w irh SO liltlt iroulilt. and with so much ntfN tml In llil|. as those from their manufactory. J. O. Fay, sole agent lor the proprietors,at 126 Fulton street, 2d door frotnthe New York Sun office. Also, Chemical Oil, Camphine, Globes, Wicks, fee. 8tc. of in erior quality, at the lowest market prices, wholesale aud retail. _____ *>29 lm*ec , FUJTK AND GUITAR. I AlU PHILH K KRNS I . l ioies^?. oft'.s kh:, Guitar, an ? ** i t* ui (.(HicriliiM kgi to diiiio<i|irc in t)M rricn^ mi<1 pub licih*. in\4tui , i (I hit p*w tt??r<lo ifliiit*trvr lor tli* /u^u, wliiUi will sound wolf worthy (lie dlteuiion of fk? 'tanifi oi titnum, l??nr? it* 1. ? wmI tu?|>Ur?l to H> : .o<in? 4 WH j cut I tilt Hnii-io, Wtfc Ifli nl CM,? I |rtedftirid , ire# # of hi4C lA)'0?i* 'ton tor rh- n tir"rtf( to lw it v|* KrnttV mMrurc oti c* ml .inn, wiicr* !.? cotamun (otpi? Ic?*-oiia?mii ?c abo* . ?,?; ?ut*i?*vi9t 1 <n\ U/ I O ^ ? A it I t* K VV111* nil J I lift l ?K 1j lUlt N i w. ? -I.n **', O I Hoot llO II \V?,| s|rf (, . not* iiiiia, niiii i? dully rcCttt .uk, ?m *1e?, and r>ITV.; . > , ., ?, ! ? n 't ?t\ <r<-r;'? .'t lit <i/Tw? % T Im.i t ' !* and nnvll.r ? ?cit u.ri of L jm-line Madeira Wine Iflniki.M df?.?? y . 181, ^,'i ca>li* !'?rf, f*!,-|u;f -. in- be** i>i th< rn rfttf, 4> cut* Dh?*h, Oobi end ?*hrr *n?t r "> r> emit, til c wk? llrm-Mpy, fcei^iuttt til Ut ltd iJ.VnJ, from LonJ?in I) ike. Hi | ij't'i II ill tnd O n, pert y wnn Hr t* Hi Itim I L"?l, I.itnii , a.i?i"<i tew., frwv U>e be.?i Cli ftn?fiiv?? for *h'di VV. A. C.u*n i? * .* i t t.V? 1,.1-lu t? Chnii|?ai(Mi, Anrl.or, diit vncrwioier brand t. \V \ I a t- . ? J?u i t r I -v ii' .>r f fin' r.r ... u of f'-m i in ?>r M til% ir?, ml i .'% r'Vr* for th r itito W.iie*, nl ru-rv Oi ii ? i'ii . i. i . A.A \HLK TIL1* S. ? A , f i'"n - II, CI, 'VKJ, *C. nwi it .ii-t >i nut i ii^s. i?n ? ui'i umii 2m o n Mint tr ?'?|? * f. I'vunl ii. ur ? <? ? l.?* i ?. '>i a, imiio'I u VVh.r. !#? .1 (111 tj . I {. V |U.? !"? ? I I M * I *. . vl t*. * <>t oi l'.ij Vju.. M.rnr, *i' u 1> ? * n ,i. !;.?'UNO t i\ r .. \N0 .- '! "I"111*v' . - K ?*n! ? ** < i .!>; ' 1 t, A i >1 i .. i> '' til %r In ' l .1 111 ' m If: i - , M it 4. It'i I ll?t \ r f '*? ?! I?l* *n, 0?*< 'iLvitl j it.:., ,. ?h?X?lS II ??>? '"II 'I ' ill'1 ??m I ' "ly ,'Mt ft! Ity ii.d hiO.KiJ". ji ? I i'.iii ? liMllli*.. u xj. Ur ,<iiil in O .ctciv* in in, ' r>r io*n:!( r. Kii.i. VV LLC II. !?f' li tr. f oil lm * i Wx'C' *> -U oiuTUMJ srjCt.i i\S it tJUKl Lit, AT THK HUI'C MILI s, IlM,i:,n, ,1 .t,f. 1.1 vr, ru broHil .mil WliiurwJI, Uto A" klliinbi ill itrert, Se\? York. Office IM Kioul *1. Coo?l.iiilly on hand,,? the loweit pi ice*, unci ui ili? tuuxl nmn of y.rk.rjefc *11 ?a?M r E R . . IS 12. LauKiiUtltfn 0?- Little Biddlk oti.h Ulsvlr Jacksonville and Ma- | lom. Bills. Wh it wo * '*rv? 'hiMgi -vro'L 't Oh, M ! Oli j.n>' What Wo i .0'ir ni'tiir* are these T OU, Malum- ! That cauaol poor ~c"\'Vo cry, Aud Ulster tha? to *' -(hus o diu ? On, Malone! When Jack onvtlle was sinking down, Beneath an injuied pu'dic'* frown, Poor Beach did cry?Oh, M.tIone ! Oh, Mulone t Now Ulster ((one, what ahall I do f Jacksonville hat followed, too, Poor Beach will mourn?Oh, Malone Oh, Malone ! New LiUll.iOII, t'OIIII. [Corres|>oiiiluiicr of Hie Herald.] Nkw Londom, Nov. 9, 1S4'J. Ehler Sunn anil the Fint Baptist Churrh.?Excitement Subtiding?The Met ho Jut Church?Mr. Thompton. " 1 will wring your heart? If it he made or penetrable; If damned custom have not bra* J it wj, That it he tiroof and bulwark airaniot koiise." " It in not maJnt'M, That 1 hare utter'd : bring me to the test, And 1 the nutter will re-word ; which madness Would gnmliol frum ' Fur I alniu*t can change the sta!ii|> of nature, And either curb lh>* devil, or throw him nut With wondrous potency S'io ksytart. J. O. Bennktt, Esq :? Elder Swan, the linn of the day, continues his ministerial labors in the First Baptist Chur-h in this city, but with decidedly poor success?very few have been converted, under his preaching h ;s,and the case stands hard ugainst him. Indeed In- has excited feelings of opposition nmong the great mass of the reasoning community, since he has ass.iltd men of respectable character, by pronouncing epithets against them, when there was no cauve to induce the HCt, save a mere difference of opin ion; which difference he has magnified to that I > cus< which rentiers it "diabolical" and" Christie as" in the eye ot his itecuhar camera, as also in the sight ot the church. lie says that he is right, for " God Almighty teds him and tells every one to repent and be baptised, orthey can neverreaeh the kingdom ol heaven *'? And this doctrine he holds forth against other deuumtnationsof Christians who do not baptise by immersion?as though this und this alone I ad coltpower to save Humbug ! absurdity ! Does E,tier Swho know what he preachrs I We opine not.? The whole drift of his discourses, aie " rejient and be baptised, or hell and damnation await you." Nothing said about committing sin afterwards. Now we ask in the name of all that's wonderful, if nil mankind do not commit sin, and if they arc proof against it after being baptised 1 Our own oborviiion convinces us to the contrary. Why, then, does not-he reverend divine attempt to reconcile all tr.e a throiuh good will to the truth of the ev^r lading gospel, instead of branding them with here ileal invectives 1 He says, " God Almighty lias ... ...I T ;??tr in Hwlivril UUl III J ti'Ui-r, nnu a, no *??? kidiiu.uv >? n. his Inn warn yon of liiti wrath, unless you iep<?ni nnd nre baptised. I shall attack deviltry id whatc vershape 1 fiad it?whether guiaed by the cloak of religion or not?and shall' wring' it up in its true colors." If arlvbes those who have taken :he trim- I hie to ropy Iron his sermons, to erect over their do 't' i -igu with >' following iiit-cripiitn ; " X? ws and Int Mi euci < Iffice for H -II ! !" But oon id-ring publicationliidt have sppe; red udiicii'i uc h';u a-' t-tui"!" re. , \\t ulil, or would in , i! ? en'piirer at the ol'ice Tet tl. il tired i t.>rtni 'in,: 1 \VV would 1'iote a h.w of'his r-tudiun, niiHginaav'T, enprta - on.., w< ri it i.-o lor the f cl iLut 'hey huve been so often rep. tie . t v hi.:: ?- 'o '> .ene - 1... .,nd no longer i'V.. i h re U . aid tint onr unticipi !p lis cooM i.ivo heen rer.hre.l, mid we h .'e i.e. a ahlc to ipiot.' eiKu ii .ito'ii ifolii him as ailuJeu to ..i our I ist. Alas I it is not in the uiaw. ,viw let u.i leav w 1 an, . nl refer to some'hi.i : ire re v' 11 y ' i cF*' em 'I'he Methodist chnieii, nnn-rtio an,* rvi-io e.a 'r Thompson, a naiiv" oi .'^l.uid, is a cuipplrt? pit.nliac when coiuoarea with til'* old li..p;i-.i eli'iii ii in this city, lie ' :vi unlike Swgn in every respect; very i t 1' - nt, | and a profound reasoner Uij name, th..oeh ro J known only ton limited extent it. thiscountry, will , noun shine form one of ihe brightest stars in fh firmament of religion. We have but mile m..rc to udd. Your readers will see by what has already l??cn written, that New London is now t' etucuiof a great religious excrement.uuu tnat though Sivait, with stentorian voice, shook the walls of his church, in making his staving updeclarations us ro what he would accomplish, as y t " drags his slow length along " May l?ure a >d undeliled leligtou prosper, both here and elsewhere, whether Swanisin does or not. Horesti. Mtcrnry Notice*. ThkClay Minstkki..?This purports to be the offspring of " that patriotism wliich catches its inspiration froin the immortal God" (Clay). It is one of the poetic agents to elevate Henry Clay to the Presidency ; ;<nd the following ure samples ihat w ill make Horace, Shaks|*'are and others tremble for their laurels. The following, for example, is very much in the vein of Shakspeare:? But our state cook* began to see, That the |ieople through this vast country, All wanted food as well os he, That loaled within the chair, That ioated within 'hechnir. That loifed within tlierhair, That loafed wilhin the chair. And ruled the nation'* rojst. So finding people g.o.Gng IhiiV . They cooked <li?li called tile Sin t Jinnk, And sent John Ti a aline, quite Iran?;, To taste w ithin IheChair, To taste wilhin the chair, To taste within the chair, And approve the people's di-h. ft m?,lj? TVs nnnlv stomach sick : He " threw it and sen it hack, baying, " the folks shan't have a dish ao crack," While I ait in ihe chair, While I sit in the chair, While I ait in the chair, I'll say what they shall eat. These verses forcibly remind one of the immortal Cowper:? This time we fell in with a Judas, A dotard both selfish ami vain ; And he's made our Whig R'fle burn priming, But we'll pick Hint and try it again. But we'll pick flint, kc. His ey ps have grown dim with the vapors, Abstractions have addict his brain ; And whatever he shoots at he misses? But we'll pick flint ami try ij again ; But we'll pick flint, kc. And now when a dastard and traitor ' Has causi >1 us to triumph in vuin, True Harry leads on to the rescue, Crying, " pick flint and try it again !" Crying, " pick flint,"kc. lis HUT Cl*? or RrisTUcar is our leader, Come, rally from mountain and plain ! Think no more ol the thing that betrayed us ; But pb'k flint and try it again. Tin" next might eaaily be mistaken for Horace B i\ his conns. 1 lasted not when I reigned, whin i lei/nul, . ?. ? I ~Im^I vrr i 101 u ;; > m r? - fli < c.pUIHi! I.ia'O'l not, for my vowi I noon forget, \nl ro v Ttvi* uniy tot aince l'?o reigned. Now, I mj?t li'-.'t rc'ri-at from the chair, from the chair, K..TTI the na ioii'j l>i?he?t ??nt to di ?|iair, Oti ( irn<t beat retreat to the rogue* march qeick end <1 < *. . All mj t'r'o i* in/ ?f? '?*'? hoatlru stare. Poetry Hot] , r.t;ioti*m certainly is riz, il not ; more. I hi: r.trw'tN alt ARiKi t.v J?kv*kw ?J.rrjth .\faj?o > l:t! .'J1"oir'wn/ -Octi.! ?:-. ISI2 ?'t cotitntimlj.* t.inicm* article cti wsji.pHt (ait tv.tun ot tiie 17nited lAtalt . t ?m Wi.x. .i. <srk.t Hcvi.v, fot Oc'pjber.? vjih M'i>: ' f't " vvUA'Ts'Mz WINK r :"T"-p 'tr r* ? f'pia it :UHcr em* ;n?'! ! tc 1 ' " \,lt. . , ci""..'' '* .a; r xt ; , >! *. j I V 1 > ' . > )tl\ Pl.t | J'|pp?.? ' ,| ,, | I'M to' * I J tv ?.! ; I .. j t',r ' ?' ' i' ' >?e\. it! i'i i . . I | ? o' ' I'. ' , h"" ' m n ' 1 i ,v I iUJaii 'id i Mil i on'.'lit -ii | i" i n/ ? ? 'hu pro-y inv u r v'i nev? r [urjinc Mr. loolv lor jiuUiintu 4 uiiiUMng rliHt it wt ha 1 the world into a r?-ar ol laughter, and some bl^kheads into aim.^.on Th* ijifb or wapitimito1*. n'o 4 ? Jnmrt Strm tr*r, 165 RrnnHway. ?Py Jarwi Smarts.?In fourteen I numbers. Li MJ. I'rlrc Two i'liK Wat nil M.? . for October, So. 4. ? r<\ lr,"i : . i.k ih.von?\ ? Lil.i.'v ,.| Scir t N\ ? b ?By ip *l> . r? /-tp* " l...i ? 11. i. i r.r oj cent*.?< A ,<?.' - ?.. to iiii j "Mr 'inr.:y Pai.I.I it Ta ... . ^-i.-AIa. oY.? II UI'hetltT, :n? iltmiU ?Prici one snini.'T Ivamu-p?Waverly vei.-, ??. ?Pt.ce 'Jo renin ?hratl Post, 88 /Imperii 1 'i SfnliV novels for Handy A.nhy, No. 10, October.? /* Afjdtlon, 200 Broadway Music?"When i he Moon on the Lake is bramin*"?hy Stephen C. Massctt.? IVm. DuLoit, 285 Broadway Also, "Manv Ion? years wits 1 parted from thee"?hy Henry C. Wnlson.? I I'm. Dubois 285 Broadway Nkw York Lchai. Ohsbhykr, No 5?This number a|>|>eHrs to he an improvement both in interest and utility, over its predecessors. Jfankntpt cases continue to lorm a large proportion rf itsconteiiU. Lawyer- 1 iok at it. Thk KsicKKKniCKKR? For Pfovernb'r ?The mnn amusing oaper in this number is a vivid description ol a piciure auction, isnrti i the h? ad of Life in New York. ifirv Vt?ivsiirvr?Wavibi v A ium i?1>^'.?? OK cents?No 2, convict- in 2"> weekly numbers. Israel Post, 88 Bowery, New York. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Nov. 1.? IVillium J. Biuret! vs. Lwius S. Commode ami Gurrftm J. ljetdt ?This was an action for libel and involved a mass of testimony, occupying the court for IS days. Til- hhel complained of was published in the Sun, and charged Burriit wuli exhibiting false documents to certain editors to make them believe lie was the agent for Taylor's Balsam of l.iverwnorf, &c. The defendants pleaded the general issue and attempted to justify. The plaintill had laid his damages at ten thousand dollars. Alter an able charge from the Judgcphe jury were about to make up a verdict without leaving tne court room.bnt at the suggestion of the Court went out, and were absent about five minutes, when they returned a verdict for defendants. The plaintiff's counsel had them polled when each one declared that to he his verdict. Mr. Mulock for plmniilV. Messrs. Jaudon and Chester tor defendants BY WILLIAM H. SEWAUD, Governor of the State of New York. A Praclnmntleti. Thursday, the eighth day of December next is hereby appointed to bo observed by the r'^loof this State a? a dev of Public l huiikagivtiig find I'rrr' i- !o Almightv O-.d, 'o: ih<- manifold blessings of t.'ir ye r. Wt have tilled the eir.h in safety, and ga'heic 1 plrn'ijti! bar ests ; relieved labor by inven'ion?of artnn new applications of science; brought to successful termiiia'ton works o physical improvein nt, be igne.l to prono h social intercourse and 10 guard up jinst sodden'* to burn in liu, aid augment its ni'>j m ii's ; rcieb ie! our sv ?t> in of intellectual and moral in-"truei inn eijual and elhcieot, oml acquired rempVeh11>' in; Liiowb dge el the iigricultura), lorest and mi ni Tnl re?,iiirpe.-i which providence has supplied within the termor. ?? H led lor our habitation. The siivrru w tiGie ? lilch so Iniiir prevailed on the southern lairder nl our coutitr), si'sreely less painful to humanity whether on >imi* wete victorious or were tuisucressful age n*t a rndo uo.t in. juie I people, has ceased. Commotions w hich threatened to involve a sister State, and even the w hole A ueriCNn family, in ihecalamities of civil war, and thui rcpree. the (?ii>wiug confidence of mankind in their clpaci ) 'or self-government, have peacelullv subsided, and our controversies with n i'i uvmished European nation have in u ud|nste by a treaty vi curing reciprocal advaninffps on ' di'ecting the vlhii t.'of nth States to the r.movn! of a i ii .. reproach ofCIi-i>ter 'om, hy the oxtirpe'ion of the,l,?v trn'e. Philanthropy , ns not nba'ed hervaal wuhin '?ui eorli rr while eater nina her visitations to dis. tvt r..1 * the jal>or?? v r I',ilo??| hy thinughi.i.t t if rlvi'i/i ('<vO" 1 hove Wii, < !<)? nod with diacoverita icm tirg >o nioli 'irtu int.iv.i .i'i . nil elevate the dignity of i ,an v ,cd. I it* R'TintU m.'itnort''m. then* and all the In i/t jvm i :ilo.,'' "?< ! Ii 'in b hum the nations id the 'a.nhaii' <; > i.' ' e it 'ci natipua, ami all hurtiin oi, lit . :i-o df! n.:d c itvolU ' with infinite n iajom and I'.erjy. Uiti Mt:nJ?>" > han l .t ill the |>rii itnio the State, at th cttytf Ailcn/ thin a* v. vh h? of Nov emI. 8. in hi jrirnl o;ii-t,o-.l c.i' ''.en tn ' eight hundred at i tnrty-lwi' ? . ..I the aixt/.t,' venth year ol Amei .'.in tnd m. u '< * \Vlt.LI AM il. S/1V AHD. 15;. tin tjovenor. li. nm Uani av Onv t ri.n'e t iry. [ r-'> ?' MILIKS UC.INO S'tt' V.t.t- thr W. i 'm if. ' Ml .M ?\l a,;. Itll lit ill ..njnf 1 yt, II. , t.i j il. uin i 'muni;nt ?i'i. Hi fit * ?mr 'rr-?, in t . ri ' 'ill 1 v i' ; r. fi'i roi' . i M t ft ...r". ' , 0 il int.' I d '.i Soul' r'i. lie W In.1'.!, Tim . >t r teliri enr. t gireii. AlJmiA. A. A ' -t "Aj, r|r,e? i'oat o dee, . 'i iirli- 11 Or LONDON AND M.\ VCHES'lTR INDIA RUBi.Kh r'ons wholesale AND ketaj , ? V i! .-met Tub ?" iiihicnher h?? eci ived au'l i'tt. . '?r m: n !.,rg t in. rtinrnl ol imiiirted IndU Kuliber W.if. r ' f G> .1 , vt.r: Oo.|Kiiort[?i, ofiti|eriiii Ltmt, ( ire! ?.ma, Per?i?u, Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, aup? r L .ma, Lanr a Persian ami Cotton, i?r? pared for t ilon. India Rubber Webbing* lor ansf* ndt rs, corset*. kr. CHA* ABR Art A MSQN. FENCING SALOON & SHOOTING GALLEKY. KMKK8, 4III Broadway, entrance in L'spennrd street. second door, lately from Knro|?e, Profra???r of the n* of Krrtcint, give* instructions i* Fencing ; at* in 'lie n?o of t;?e atrauthr^croohrd, nod Turkish sword, bunuiiK kuifr, fftusket and na\ onet, staff, and every specie* of We.* n?. G-ntletnen, lovers of this art, mill tare officer* ol the a-*ny, uavy, fcc. are rrM?ectfu!ly invited to ? <il and witness an etf.ibition of his skill in fins u*i ?uI and iinportarr art. A spinous dottMe rihovt lie fhJ'erv i animated tn the ev? ninif, willalso o** found wiln su; cr:?#r Hwi - i i?tol*?<shoot 'UK at ? dismnce ol 7\0 ear '* ?J6 3j?*i 0KDi.\Ak\V D AIL t ?Ft w H*-o*l?fnen at i bi " i are aware thev can tram a ffiod "Utiti ' lunc'ish Dinner, furnished wiin the hear the un*rV< u can nifoid, B.^r ineluded, for '46cents. Pinnt r on i*bL? at 2 o'clock Choi* ann Steaks at air. if. Colu Cuts, kc. Bfir in mod, CHHIoTlA> SON'S, (late Stom allV) oMItn^r 29 4t?n urert. NOTICE TO FIKE .1EN, \ND all others desirous of keeping their F**rtDn- and Warm rhecofninu season By allintc at th?OLD KaCLUSIVK BOOT STORK, N ?. 1 M Chatham street, they can be arcom (n?Mlated, is the proprietor Iras "U hand a full assortineut of hit well liuowu WATKR PROOF BOOTH. Cotr-faufl> on hand a lull ?v;>ply if all other kinds of Boot* t prie?*< fo soil the firnes. Also?'hal miv Ju'?h|e article R<?*? r?' Mrh'i K'ajti** H'el Boot can he obtained at fh# Old Ktclu ive B<?of Store. Vo. Hi OMjiaiiiat. .?# ln?fc c K<>T<>v wxtkhT"" HANSON, WIIX'OCK k HANSON, PlumVr Br*?i Founders. and Coppersmith*, next door to the Taberu ?clr No 131 B nwlwiiy, New Yo?k From loo* p lyrical eu*rirnce in business in tha mti'l other cities \*)*?? uint( W<i'rr Wotki. II W. Si H hive ?|0 ence in thu? assumix the public, thit all o t|rr? tuirntted fnfh*in will hr promptly e*- utrd, with ? vi? w to petir.'iiinitMti?fictioa,iQ a wo. kin nli-e *r) It, and of thr best mat* ml?. Their ?h r^cy w? I .?1 xxys Wm moderate u ran he rrwrnv blv \ffor. d >'? ? OGmpet# nr and rrnpefMhle ronrrrn W^ter p<i ?i v w*rv app-ov?d drftciipfion, lor ifitrev'urins hr ('rot hi NVdPr. P?tt of h 4<l pipe#, r?*t iron, com position anil riunt d pipe*. Bras* rt>ck>? mu wiirr c!n?eu. of their n -ii sniwrior mana^ieiurv. H> dra ta oMhr dint red **edar,b.t '.it < tub*. hath b il?rs on the b? at Phil d.-lpbn plan, atidptinr irticlel in th l"pr ?''* I" u.?he? ?>' h '?ine?a. nl8 1"*r SEGA MS- SrOAHS. rpHR followirw h ore S-mr* ?r# *lv n .on ha^d at HEN? RKjrKS'H HAVANA A%-fr> PRINCIPE HKUAli f PC Ml p.. wholesale and retail, I . M vVilliain ?t. i<?nnd?a,in hall au' 'tintrr Ute. Do No. , half ?od ?|H u? rh *?-j N'orl^gra, 111 <|uarter *ud t-ighln t'o IV-i lit *%' ?, i.t qutrtrr do H *ili ?. o* a oipniorqn 1 ty, b l4l up I 1-10'h boxes ('. > ,r?-, iu <|ii :rt? 1 hot a 'f li'M VM, do do I.a .N'o 1 Co do L ? ' n 1 ' , do d > I' . \ it*.. ? .".rt "n? ?>f 20 each I > ". lit x ' a. < itooa t?f 40 rarh i,* i'tiirk ! ' ?|lt o t? . l*,tf . ' i '* \ iu ?| t Soxes p . m. Ml >1..^..*. ;do P i-, do ? <1 ") ?. "lo |".>c ?i ? of l'o H' ndon. < rox oi.l S?n*, *11 rnt. to .ltb. I in <|il4iu-r bo* A > do lo>n*,Uij??, do R n. i la?, do U'.cn HntOin*, do lmi* do itiqutr# oil *, loporior irtirl*. >.l lo ?U Mid *ro?:?-;j ) dit I on reawn.ih.e term*. ?U 'o o N U W & T n R. . )'. li< *' \ Si ^CjV. 'I I?-C 'fully unite th'ir frirtnl* V' ?t> i '<? ob'ir ii b-mlly. to ; .* til Bowdw <y, and < *? o i" tfo 'f ?>*ort .loin ?/ m>, ?:\M>RLARnt S irrr, I'li'trd tPul Cntauntii i Vm , Tablt Cutlery, a.MI ifmt> Ci'Stii.'r ' ''exit, ,i, ... , . , . . ? Hi'i *nol, 'ml mw ofl-rn, ?*l-'it'll Mrt.,' I ?? ' ' r uiclimrr*. . >.i 4 J munuf.?. I. ii i i. <i 1 v ?* h. *? ?! Ilin.h ?n-tl? tvt l< 'ri????. '?*' *rr ,v -.i?l ?.V' i rt hni'p *r ir|?-,\%ell I., t'io ? "... r ? t: >*<> ,\.i i(< i ;?). '?*i " )'' '! s i ' ' *" ' | ' v to1 .? ' I V ?. . Tit ,t. I/O A"* . H.I. it u -II . ,,i?t . .I?J, I !' V I ? .n-r . , 4 I I f * "?' l'tl i fl -II ? , I- ti . 4 i ?? p> ! n . I . I > in*' i?* 'it n 1 infii ? ? * )*(* 1 I'* <1 ? I ? . ? '.l . .1 ? ' l!< ?.*.?? T: " S rusT .?* ?'viv .n. Vo..? 'Jit: f ; v. **i. ' HO .. i'. . *,>. ?vr, l'*?H 'n I " 1 ' > fKKNCll fcNuLfeU t JitoVlS, liich will b? no! 1 *r rfivril rrif,' , Wkfi'sfftit' *nrl IL tuU N B.?0 J-r i ft . ' invited '.ifjll, 9th* wholw ili'fk i. b> wfy imi I Vt rt .tfft, Sr?w York, o # I in* ui

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