Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 10, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 10, 1842 Page 3
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my-Ol R SUBSCRIBERS WHO ARF. TROUBLED jth any eruption or had skin, should really try the famous I ilun Chemical Soap. Several assure us it rur?i pimile?, lreckles, and changes dark, sunburnt or yellow skin ii a line healthv clearnes. It ii'sold h) Jones, Sign of h> American Eaglu.Si Chatham stor the Agents. yj- THE. ELECTION IS OVER, AND THE RETT H N s wiU soon come in, which will determine the reiiIt of the ele .1 throughout the State: which side w ill i.-at it is not ii possible to tell, but it n fully settled in he mndsofall those who have used Dr. J. Covert's Balm if Life, that it 11 the most certain remedy for coughs, olds, consumptions, dyspepsia, costiveness, asthma, ironchitis, croop, whooping cough, kc. ever introduced .. the world. To he satisfied of this, w request all those itflicted with any of the above nam-d diseases to call and i amine certificates from medical men of the highest re fi'it ttion, clergymen and others, who have used this Jnvduahle medicine. Dr. Covert's other, for the sale of overt's Balm of Life, Humphries' Pile Ointment. Phelps' l'omr?to Pills, Flemings Medicated Worm, Diarhoea, Dinner, and Cathartic Candies, Sir Aatley Cooler's celebrated Porn Salve, is 1S5 Nassau street, N. Y. ft?- ITS MARCH IS ONWARD? New Yore, March 28, 1S42. Gentlemen? I was last fall slllirted with a very severe coiil, insomuch that I could not rest at night, and the phlegm was continually rising in my throat. I had been trouble 1 with this cough at times more severe than others. 1 had tried all kinds of medicine that are used for such complaints, but with little success. I was at length induced to purchase a small cpiantity of your Hoarhound Candy, and I am happv to say its effects upon me were much better than I could anticipate, fori was completely relieved, and I hare no hesitation in recommending it to the public. I am yours, truly, JOHN S. THOMPSON,70 Oliver street. To Messrs. J. Pease 8s Son, 45 Division St. P 8. If there is any one who doubts the efficacy of Pease's Hoarhound Candy, let them call on me. Agents?isuch Mrrei, i nuaueipnia; L.yon, Nashville, Tennessee; Robinson, 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Dexter, 57 State street Albany, Watson, Memoirs Tennessee, Dubois Si Co., Mobile, Alabama; Ziehor, is. Co., WashingtonCitv; Frank Taylor and Wm. Fisher, <lo; Woods Si Waters, Troy; Mrs. Hays, 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 0(7* SHERMAN'S LOZENGES CAN'T SAVE THE whigs. They cure headaches, coughs, colds and consumption sooner than any thing wc know of ; but they cannot save the whigs from a complete ov-rthrow. But Sherman's Camphor Lozenges may <)iiiet .he nervous disappointed politicians. There is nothing like them for mental anguish or oppression. 106 Nassau street is the Doctor's warehouse. Agents in Albany, 4 Stanwix Hall; Philadelphia, 3 Ledger Buildings. 3(7- GREAT NEWS FOR THE SICK?Dr. Rush's Infallible Health Pills are purchased and used hy hundreds of the afflicted every day, with unfailing success.? This medicine was invented by the celebrated Dr. Benjamin Rush, of Philadelphia, well known as the most learned and skillful physicians ot this country, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and the public m9y rely upon the genuine article, without humbug or deception. In the cure of indigestion, billions affections, headache, nausea, or sourness of the stomach, liver complaints, piles, female complaints, Ac. Ruth's ealth Pills should be purchased and kept in every family. A dose of them administered in season may save a long doctor's bill. A dozen boxes can he purchased mr ic?s money man many uoctors c.nargo lor a single TV ait. They may be taken freely without the leaat apprehension. ' When used for indigestion they never cause costiveness. but leave the alimentary canal in a healthy state. Their effect is to purify the blood, to clear the head, and to inspire vivacity and good spirits,* Sold wholesale ard retail, at the warehouse, No. 30 Ann street, by H. O. Daggers, whose signature is upon the wrapper of each box. The wrapper is elegantly engraved on steel by Durand 8c Co., and further to prevent counterfeits, a fac simile of Dr. Rush's signature is upon the label of each box. None others are genuine. Each box is accompanied with directions for use. Sold also at 267 Broadway, 169 Bowery, Hart's Engraving and News Office, corner of Chambers and Chatham streets, Green, 69* Fulton st. Brooklyn. <H?- CLIREHUGH'9 NEW SYSTEM OF CUTTING Gentlemen's Hair, is a desideratum liy which its luxury ence and beauty is rendered truly '.rnamental. The de. sign and execution differ entirely from the usuul practice of Hair Cutting adopted here, as also the expedition and gentleness with which the operation is performed. The first artists in London and Paris have acknowledged its utility, aad adopt it intheir practice By the beau monde it lias been denominated a scientific art, and whether for the pulpit, the bar, the Senate, or the stage, its elegant nnd classical arrangements will add dignity and grace to the whole contour of la let* Humaint. Clirehugh has now made such arrangements as will enable him at all times to be " at home" from 8 in the morning till 9 eveninr. so that there will he no disannoint. I ment to those who wish to be operated upon by himself. Grand Gallery of Fashion 205 Broadway, up stairs MONKV MARKET, Wednesday, Nov. 0?0 P. M. We notico no "new feature at the stock board this morning. Sales were to a fair exten, at better prices Ohio 6's rose ^ per cent; Stonington |; Mohawk J ; Long Island fell J. There were no transactions in Harlem, mostly for want of buyers. The holders tell to gnping listeners,wonderful stories oi the success of the road. They assert that the company has received $5,000 within the last month, which with distinguished foresight and praiseworthy economy, has been expended lor oats to feod the 106 horses now employed on the road. It is well to keep the cattle in high order because they may be in demand, to facilitate the escape ol the financiers of the day, in case of any unexpected discovery. More especially as the locomotives are beyond the power of oats to keep them in a running condition. Sales of treasury notes were iliade to day at par, and State Stocks generally are firm. The unfortunate stockholders of the American Life and I rust tomptDj are miwinga siron^ movement to oring those tojustice through whose instrumentality the money has been squandered. The honest stockholders who invested the money were made the victims of unprincipled men of "high standing" who never paid| a dollar into the concern. They should be active before the remains of the money is spent feteing foreign fund mongers. We recently made some remarks on the ruin which has overtaken the shipping interest of the United States in consequence of the prohibitive tariff passed at the late session. Those remarks were called forth by the proposition for a convention of the shipping interest at Boston, to take into consideration the state of allairs. This is an object which is deserving of the highest attention and the most prompt action, but we perceive the convention is got up in Boston oddly enough by manufacturers. The call is signed and its object set lorth by Abbott Lawrence,Esq., one of the largest manufacturers of Boston, and to whose exertions the late onerous tariff mainly owes its passage. Why is it that this gentleman is so anxious for the shipping interest after having exerted himselfto destroy it by procuring the passage of a tariff as fatal as the embargo of 1809? Is it that by giving the inquiries about to be intituted into the course ofthe present stagnation a false direction, ho may divert attention irom tbe true cause, viz, the prohibitive tariff? Abbott Lawrence, Esq., is one of the happy few in this country who constitute its aristocracy .that is to say, he owes his fortune anil his standing to the operation of law, which in 18-JS, through the protective tariff of that year, legislated a large fortune into his pocket at the expense ot the consuming trasses. A similar result will be produced by the new tariff, and it is but natural that he should use the wealth and influence thus acquired to perpetuate the means by which they were obtained. These things should carefully be kept in view, as also the remark of Daniel Webster Esq. in his great speech at Boston, when turning round and looking Mr. Lawrence, who was one of the whig convention, full in the face, he said:? Who the honorable gentlemen were that drew up this resolution, I do not know. I dare say they were respectable. I doubt whether they had much meaning in it, or perceived that little. (Shouts of laughter and cheers.) They were angry?they were resentful. Bearing these things in mind, we we will tako a few extracts Irom the bulletin of Mr. Lawrence, as follows. After stating that the American ahipping had suffered great- | ly for want of piotection, he remarks :? This interest in our country, in comparison with that in other commercial countries, is hardly second to that of ??rcat Britain, three timet larger than that of France, and msfny more times larger than that of any ether country. Thus, notwithstanding our imports and export! have increased nearly 100 per cent in the ten years subsequent to 1830, our registered tonnage has increased only 16 per cent ; whereas to have kept pace with the increase of our imports and exports, it should have increased nearly 100 percent. ?? ? The trade which formerly passed direct from the United Mates to ihe British West India Islands, being now forced through the North Americsn provinces. The cireuitons - i ii.... i ~li ii-. is-iil-s- 1 . limit! IIIUI |M.I UllllCtl, tti IK" " lilt; Ul lllfll > l-Mfl 10 pttXH (IIppctly Irom any part of the British tlominioni to any part of the Unitod States, anil there take in a cargo, cither direct fur the West Indies, or by way o( the Province!. Tha local effecl of thia, in Britith North America, ii manifested by the rapid increase in their shipping, the coat ol which is loss than it is in the United States, owing, in a great measure, to thrir relief from the heavy Juliet paid Ay the . hneritan thip'owner on almost all the materials imported Jar his ship. These (acta contribute with others to enable British vessel* to compete with oun to our disadvantage in eurown ports, as is very apparent from the every day reports of arrivals and departures at our commercial cities ? our vessels lieing absolutely precluded from competing with them on equal terms in the ports of the British colonies. fSigned] ABBOTT LAWRENCE, President of the Boston Chnmber of Commerce. This is the call for the meeting to be held on the 9th instant. In the first paragraph he says tha shipping interest is now as large as that of (ireat Britain, who he alleges, has protected hers to such an extent, and three times ns large as that of France?how much,then,can that interest hare suffered hitherto 1 The next statement is entirely erroneous. We showed from official table* in a recent article that the employment of American vessels is A00 per ct. greater than thnt of foreign vessels. The statement t>>at the trade with the British West Indies ha* fallen into the hands of British vessels to the damage of American in terests, is not founded in truth and Justice. The following table from official documents, giving the trade with the Bhtiih possessions in 16S4 and in 1B40, will show how much ha? been done in American vcneli and how much in foreign vessels at each period:? laroiTi >KnM tmi: Biitiih 1'o?si:#sios? is Itll kin 1110. tan _ into. In.In. iVfi'ti For. I>? .la. I'ritrlt. For i'f*. F.nalsn.l, 42 231.988 3.134,157 29.tl6.t.26 3,991 .Ml? Bmt F..Indies, 2,193.012 nont. 1,901,306 43.355 Homt..r?>. '*.4" 53,088 83.I6I 75 I93 " Writ Indies, HI8.2-5 255.23I 704.662 343.6I3 " Ani.Coloniea 1,1*3.956 414,777 1,431,264 576,503 " Guisus, 23,001 8.123 10,973 none. Total. 46,656.615 4,095,729 33,253,782 5,038.070 EiroaTt iton U. Statfi to Hhit*sh Pom iiiom. biUf'aoil. for. kooHi, 1.316,717 1,637.979 2.735,004 2,361.178 Am " 28.320.676 10 353,018 41.904 *9 10.046,809 B IC. Indie', for.good,, 8IK.94I fiimr. 351,791 mme. * " Am - 199,688 " 280 401 Honduras, fir. " JT.9IS 11.463 4 3 1 59 1 5,212 .. , j- " 471mt 8.304 1041,974 31.121 W.Indies, for. " 21 )26 40,113 21,017 36,983 ' Am, " 1,192.709 339,311 2.511.067 376 M7 Am. 4 olo. lor. " I6.6hl 40.904, 67,492 136,54 1 " Am, 2,367.156 1,110 253 4,184. '57 1,771,809 Total, 33,750,909 13,631.317 68.1IAI.014 14,776.872 The table of the import* ?how? that nearly the whole is done in American vessels from all the British |>oaieaaiona, and the decreaic arise* only from a revulsion or high tariff, which prevents large imports, and of course dimim i8he? the trade of the vesaeU. The table of export! is that w-hich bears upon the statement in question. It appear* that the export of foreign goods to England in 1810 was greater In American vessels than in foreign vessels, whilo in 1834 the reverse was thecaae. The exports of domestic goods to England in foreign bottoms, decrease in thes.ime period, while those in American vessel* increased nearly 50 per cent! To British East Indies the whole trade is done in American bottoms. To Honduras the proportion done by American vessels largely increased. To British West Indies, the point in question, the exports in American vessels increased 120 per cent! While that of foreign vessels increased 10 per cent only ! To British American colonies, the increaso in United State* vessels was 80 per cent, and in British vessels 60 per cent only. The total shows an increase of business in American bottoms of 67 per cent! and in foreign vessels of about 7 per cent only ! With these facts and figures beforu him, the President of the Boston Chamber of Commerce hesitated not to assert that the present stagnation in business was owing to the ODeration of treaties of former veers whirh threw our trade into the Britiah bottoms. Vet, at the same time, ho has the hardihood to give an a reaaon for the ability of the Provincial ship owner* to compete with tho?e of the United State*, the fact that the latter at e exposed to a ruinous tarifTon the materials for shipbuilding, and those duties were the result of his own exertions for the benefit of his manufacturing friends. We will examine this item. Kor a ship of about 000 tons the following iron and cordage will be required :? Hemp?Tarred and untarred cordage, lbs. 29,300 >'lax?Square yards of canvass. .134 Iron?Cables, lbs. 22,612 Iron?Anchors, lbs. 6,200 Iron, hull and spars, tons. IS The duties on these at the compromise rate of 20 percent would amount to about $2 per ton. Under Mr. Lawrence's new tariff they amount to near $7 per ton, which on the enrolled and registered tonnage, built in the year 1940, and amounting to 118,309 tons, make a difference of $591,545. Here is an annual tax of near $600,000 imposed directly upon the shipping business by the tariff of the late session, at the very moment that that tariff deprives them of their trade, by prohibiting them to import goods into the country. When arouseu by the injustice and the ruin which it causes, Mr. Abbott Lawrence, the author of the tariff, tells them it is owing to treaties made ; ten years ago, and under which, until this moment, they have been eminently prosperous. White oak and new hemp cannot stand such a yarn as that. Kales at the Stock Ktcliange, 3000 Treasury Notes, 100 30 nhas Bk Kentucky 41 3700 NiY 7'?, 1848. lot 50 Mohawk R It blO 35 3000 Ohio 6'?. 1800, 70 25 do do slO 35 3000 do do 69'* 5 do do 34 V 4000 City 7'?, 1852, 101 125 Long; Island R R 48)4 6#fl Water Loan 5's 1870 83'a 50 Stonmgton R R bfiO )0 20 shas N. Hirer Bk 72 75 do do 15V 10 National Bk, 804 50 do do t>G0 10V 20 Bk of Com., full, 82 50 do do s30 15)i 25 Del & Hud., sl2mos 85 Second Board 25 sha* Mohawk K R 34 V 26 shu Mohawk K R 31*4 25 do do 34)2 State of Trade. We have but little change to notice in the several markets. ?dvAei.?Pots in good request at $4,50 ; sales of Pearls at $6,87 J a 5,94, improvement of6| cents. Cutton.?The daily sales since our last average but 500 bale??in prices a trifle lower; for fairBJaHj cents ; sales of Upland at 5J a8j cents, fair7| a 8; Mobile. 0} a 8j, fair 8J; and New Orleans, 6 all, fair8J a 9j. Oi/i?Linseed, best American at 88 cents, F.nglish at 90 a 91 cash. Crude Sperm is at 63 cts. Olive 76 ccnta, four mm* anil Iflfl haalrnia o* n an v. Married, On the 8th init. by the Re*. J. C. Orecn, in Church, Oliykr LiDDto, (laughter of Thomas Carter, Esq , all of this city. Died, On Tuesday evening, the 8th inst., at helf past 9 o'clock, William McCosmic*, in the'21th year of his age. His friends, and those of his brothers, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this afternoon, (Thursday I at 3 o'clock, from 69 Courtlandt street, without furtner notice. On Tuesday, 8th inst., Mrs. Julie Fayre, wife of Mr. Julirn Favre, aged 38 years. Passengers Arrived. Neuvitas?8chr Charles L Vose?Geo Ditson, of Boston; Cant Win Uundrev, New York; Seuora Angelica Gnerra and daughter, Cuba; Mrs Jane Keller Mayhew, Mm Klir.i Ann Keller, Machiss. Porslgn Importations. Neuyitas?Schr Chaa L Vose?5 es segars It hhds molisses 85 bUs Adgar Mathews A ro?116 tons copper orr Geo Ditson, Boston?30 hhds mol >sies 9 tons fus ic J cases Middleton A co? 3 do se.'ars Holt A Owen?I do I bbl tortoise shell Brett A Vose ?I trunk J 8 Shaw. BaRacoa?HchrCod Hook?218 bales tobacco 9 cks coffee 18 bbls honey 18.000 cocoa nuts Aymar Aco?8000 oranges 500shad dork* to master. M A III T I M E H E R A L D. To Shlp'Nuter* and Agent*. We shall esteem it favor, if upuiu ol fentli will gi?e to Commodore William A. Rassett, of oar nrwa Rent, a report of the ihippimt left >t the port whinee they Miled, the vessels apolteo oo Llit-ir passage, a lit' of their cargo, noil ?ny foreimi newtpapers they may have. He wijl howa tnein immediately on 'heir arrival Agents and correiinodrnli at home or abroad, will alrn confer a favor by lending to thia office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. "port OP NEW YORK, NOV. 10, im. itm aiir.r 7 2 I noon 12 0 ?n? 4 58 i HtoH waTEP I 33 Cleared. Sliij* Mississippi, Hillard, New Orleana, K K Collina Ik Co. Robert Parker Dwighl, do. 8 H Site; (leneral Parkhill. Hoyt Savannah, 8 W Slocam; Florida, Decreet, do, O K Herding ? Hnrqar Menev, Taekrr, Charleaton, Taylor It Merrill.?B in Selma, Smith, Mobile, Sturges It Clrtrman; Honduras, Meant, 8t Maryt, Us. Neamith, LeedaltCo; Maria J Ktlell, Uonld, Nrwbern, NC ?Hchra Tioga, Tyler, Wilmington, NC; Agawan, llogera, Philadelphia; Cambridge, Hall, Bottnn. Arrived. Brig Hyder Ali, Derrick, 30 hourt from Brandywina, with corn meal, to Alaop Ik Chauncey. Sehr Charier L. Votr, Mayliew, 2-idiv. from Neuvitat.Cubt, with eoprer ore, Sic. to Brett It Vote. 7lh intt. lat Id, Ion 71 M, spoke brig Augnaia, 3d das t from Jamaira?thort of proviaiooa, captain and crew tick. 8th, passed 8 or 10 achra aahore between the Woodlandt and the Hook. Srhr Cod Hook, Clay, 14 daya from Bara-oa, with tobaeco, kr. to matter Left no American vettelt tkh lint, lat 37 17, Ion 74 12, tpokr achr Rienzi, from Baltimore for Poilland. 8ehr Select, John ton, from Newbern, NC. with naral atorra, to Mitchell k Co. Schr f.etington, J net. from Philadelphia, withcoal. 7th, in * trpi.dl lost mainsail, jib and part of for-tail. Schr Km, (luffing, 4 ilaya Iroin Wilmington. NC. with naval torea, to M. Piatt. Sailed in co. with achra Select, Johuaou. anil Southerner. Conklm. for NYork. S? hr Savoy, Moore, from Georgetown. DC. witli (lour, to \v. K lil , Hiicha ci So if <1 into, with sciu Trifii. York. 8<hr H T. H*vrn*. Tnrner, 4 da>s from Fully Landing, with i otto. 10 H P Havens. Sn.r Merchant, Hickman, 4 days from roily Lauding, corn ?nd ost?, to H. P. Haven,. Scht Oregon, Coarsen, from Richmond, and 3 days from the ClMi, fill r 8chr Sally Augusta, Pellon, 2 day* from Virgioia.with wood, to matter. ' . St hr Jatnci h Samuel, Senll, from Richmond, with coal, to Mr. (Jess. . . , 8ohr Mary Jane, Collins, from Virginia, with wood, to matter. On Tuesday off tlx W Elands, shipped ? sea which awrpt part of the deck load of wood. Schr Ragle, Fitzhue, from Virginia. In the gtle, lost.deck load of oodL Schr Dresden, Sterns, from Havre de Grace, and 3 day* from the Capes, with coal. , . S.-hr Jamea T. Hatfield, Ingersoll, 3diys from Philadelphia, with coal, to matter. Bchr Mary Ik Caroline, 3 days from Richmond, with coal, to master. Schr Liberty, Townaend, fiom Phil idelphia, with call, to master Sloop hiyjl. Borden, Brown, 2 days from Fall Hirer, with nails, iron, Tisdale It Borden. \ . Below. from New Orleans, with cot Ship ciialoii, Hartley, 14 days from Now Orleans, wilh eat ton, hc. t?? onlrr. Stun Mary Frances, Mill,bard, 20 days fr?,n Mobil*-, with cotton, to HturirrMi & ( lrartn*n. 8hi|> Anson, Bark.nan,6 days from Charleston, with cotton and rice, to Oeo. Sntton. Ship Boathpott.Herbed, ? days from Charleston, with rice and Cotton, toO. Bnlkley. llriif Brlle, Mvrra, 6 daya from Wilmington, NC. with naval tore*, to Powell It Mills. Brig Peter Detnill. British hrig Colonist. Alan, two ships, ail brigs?one herm. brig diimaated. General Kccord. Fnaaitirr LaTTF.R Orricg ?The lefer baga of tha packet ahipa Argo, for Havre, and Switzerland, for London, will eloae at Oilpin'a thia morning. Thf Lata 0*t.s.?The vessels which arrived aince Teeaday from the Souih, luve nearly all received damage by the recent gale. It blew very nolen ly, and had it continued mnrh long"er, tic deatmclon among the shipping won Id hafe been very 5real, f'apt. Derri.k, of the Hyder Ali, reimrta that onTueaay afternoon, he aaw eight fore and alt schooners aahore between the Woodlands and Tavern Homes; they had all been driven on in Uic morning, in the gale; aarne time aaw leige | ijuantiliei of boarda, apart, wood, kc.; aaw a fore and aft achr ia> ing at anchor about two miles from the beach, the sea making a complete breach ever her. Capt. Ingeraoll, of thn James T. Hatfield, states that he had some of his sail* split ?n the gal* ; after it ab tied, he saw five fore and aft schrs ashore on the U ach between Sqaim and the Tavern Houses, with their sails all lying lo ?k< and a number of tnei? on the beach; <>ff Sou am, saw < chr with loss of miiim ?ii tad iib I ; I Rt i 1 \ Ramus I, reports thai ho passed off Uu HitcHl ntls, i |S? itit) of lumber. wood, spars, and s boat full of wuer. LAUKCHID*At P r. Id ii??f. i firs: rate havt|t 2 - tons. called the T to be cominand-d by ('apt Samuel Curtis. W lialemrn. v Fa) i An. Augusta,Divii N? buMluraitf ith and proceeded on lier savage to the Pacific Ocean. Bi "k? 0, Oct IK, In X 44. Ion ?7 6, Hudson, ol and from lifl Harbor. Hpoken. fltsphen. from Halifrv for Mobile, 4th inst. off Cape Mtv.^ 81 u I fl ftc John, NB. I Hit -ff EfK Harbor. Phoenii, from Wiscasset for Wilmington, 5th inst. off Cape M i jr Success, from Saghirbor for Balfim re. 'eh nut. off Barm K*r. Peter Wilkins, from Kastport f. i Charleston, Mb inst. off B^megat. Anaconda, from Charleston for ll.tlifai, 7th inst. off Fife Island. _ none, iroin A|>alachtcola i"i Portland, 71h iu>t. < it rm Isl?nd. Gentleman, from New Orleans for FoMMllii ttk insl M miles Ssndy Hook. Foreign Ports. Havana, Oct 22? In jiort, limpid. Ward, for New York, next week; Kmponnm, Rogers, Boston, do; York, Morris, freight or charter: Helles|mtif. Kills. Iu?; Windsor. Brewer, do; Nac*>? leon. Robinson, do; Motto. Win*low,d ?; Arnolds, Am*-*, do; Ka?tern Star, Demount), do; Charles, Sylvester, do; John C Calhoun, Htilleii, for Charleston; Havana, Gilpalrirk, NYork; Alfred, Folger, rem?; Kxcliangr. Le?vitf, for Mobile, soon; Plymouth, Thorns*. Boston, do: Cytale, Kdmunds, disg; Du* ftp. Gordon, for Mm. I SSd; Mississippi, Cutting, diss; Sr Lawrence, ( Br) Geach. Halifax; Hsvannab, Shanks.disg; Minerva, Bowers, disg; Vinrinia. Burroughs, do; Cahallem, Water, frt or charter. Old 20fh, Superb. ( Br) McMillan. Mobile; Catharine. Harman, Boston; J9th, Me'chant. Leslie M.tai/as; 17th, Kmeline, Monroe, for Bristol. Rl; Olive Chamtarb in, F*r<*h. Boston; 15th, Partridge, Merryman, Philadelphia; CayIon. Trott, Cardenas. Mat a a/, as, (let p>?Arr Washington, Robinson, Portland; Susan, Jeweit, Boston. Pout ai* Prince, Oct 12?In port, Cadmus. Tucker, of Mar- i blehead, wtg cargo: Caroline. Bowen. Philadelphia, do; Maria, Stetson, do, disg; k airfield, Welles, New York, do; Sea Ragle, | Boston, do. Homo Porta, 1 Salkm, Nov ft? Arr Oa/.elle, Hooiwr, Port an Prince. j Portland, Nov 7?No irriv..Is. Cld 5th, /ebra, (new. 200 j tons, of North Yarmouth) Thomas, Hivana; Franklin, Goodin?, Porto Rico; David Pntt, Curtis,Philadelphia. ! Boston Nov ft?Arr Washington, Adams, Havana; J W Paige, Tavlor, Baltimore; Mentor, Barter,>h?a for Newhnrvport; Lincoln. Wooster, New York; Oriana. Parker, Fayal 1st ntt; Ceres, Churchill, Baltimore; Jane Gilchrist, Philadelphia; Fort Hill, Lnffmiu, Wilmington, Del; Marv x*uu, nrurr, riiieiw in, nirinu'% 'mi wirnniu, mniKtin, dont: Compliance, Sparrow; J Cooley Ik. Co, KMridge; Rubicon, Doane; John B. Gorham; Lexington, Crowell; Forest, Gilchrist; Mary Maria. Ulner: Increase,Verrill; Mail, Lorioir; Hero, Nickeraon. and China, Wheeler, N**w York; Richmond, Holhroox. NYorx for Portland. Telegraphed, Chusan. Cu*hiriR, from Smyrna. Signal for 2 brigs. Cld Chatham. Murphy, New Orleans; Trenton, Snow, Savannah: Griffon,; Pleiades, Higgins. Palermo. Arr7ih, Sarah Jane,(new) of and from Uraimree; Stranger, L?** is, and Louisa, Otis, Albany; Grrrian, Clnse, NYork; Old Huudred, Mitchell, do for Portland; Oscar, Baker; Renown, LoveII, and Ueesidu, Langley, NYork. Nr.w Bedford,. Nov 7?Arr Sachem, Kirby, NYork. Sid Wm Brown, Googin, Philadelphia. Providence, Nov 7?Air Despatch, Nickerson, New York; Trader, Nickerson, do; Yankee, Chase, do; Providence, Allen, Albany. Hartford, Nov6?Arr Mary Klizaheih. Smith, New York; Merchant, Mills, do; Superb, Vail, do. Cld Tritou, Francis, NYork. Arr7th, Corene, Brooks, Albany. Philadelphia, Nov 9?Arr Grandee, Gilchrist. Lubec, Me; Acorn, Howes, Boston; Nile. Cash, do; Linnet, Bartlett, Plymonth; Passaic, Hirkman, NYork. Below. Kmrlinr, St Jago de Cuba; Hazard. Woodman, Port I and. Cld Geo Wheaton, Adams, \ York; Factor. Carey, do; Pinladelj>hia, De Hart, do; Iodine, Blew, Newark, NJ. LECTURE ON PHYSIC >L< K?Y. SKVKRAL medical gentlemen desirous of attending Dr. II. Nelson's Lectures on Physiology, having intimated to him that three lectures a week would .interfere with the ir professional engigements. he has consented to limit the number to two a week, to be delivered ??u Tuesday's and Saturday's, at o'clock, in the evening, at the New York Lyceum, ill Broadway, over Mr. Roe Lockwood'* Book ftto.c, near Canal street. Price for the whole course $5, for single lectures, 2i cents. n7 6t*r THEMAINZERIAN SYSTEM. VOCAL INSTRUCTION. SINGING FOR THE MILLION. QIGNORDK BliONIS belts ino?t retpretfnlly to inform ^5 tf c public, that alter having attentively examined the above new system, he has found that Manizrr's method contain, a succinct treatise on the elementary principle* of Manic, to which is added a series of rumples rcmirltahly simple, ap. propriate and easy of attainment, Iradinit the j upil fioin the expression of the simplest sound, to those sufficiently difficult fur the purpose iutetided, and which ifstudird with moderate attentiou, will lead a verv humble capacity to the attainment of Considerable knowledge in Music. Impressed with the uudotihxl merit this system possesses, Sig. l)r Begins has assented to the wishes of Mad Mecovino Malum-, to join her iu giving instruction in classes, which will commence on Monday Eve nine 21st instant, in the private rem lit Broadway,*' 'he house of P. Dickie. Esg. N. B.?S'guor De Begins will continue to give private liinshing lemons on his ti-uil plan, and U ruu, and shortly open. also, a private class which is now forming. For further particulars and rules, see circular in the Music Stores. n 10 end if is re rPHK NEW YORK Hurhlaud Guard will hold their first ' Annual B til on Monday Evening. Dec. 12 at the Apollo Rooms JOHN G. CLEMENT, Secretary. CAPT JQSErH CHA1G. Chairman. ullleod ?*r OFFICE of ihe "New York Bank Note List" published by Charles, Mclntyrelt Co, No. 51 Wall street. Subscribers are requeued to observe that since the issue of the lair pamphlet the following I changes have taken place in the roles of discount Northumberland Bank, Pa. 10 to 12l< pr ct dis Merchants St Planters Bank, Mobile, Ala 25 to 35 " Bank of Mobile, 15 " Farmers St Planters B ink, Baltimore, X " New Orleans Municipality N'ts, Nos. I St2, 20 " Do do do No. 3, fc2l? " CIIAltLES, McINTYRE St CO., 51 Wall street, hasement. American and foreign gold on aaie. Money exchanged at the lowest rales. nip lt*r CPHE Managers of the Ladies' Depository tender their heartA felt thanks to Mr. Niblo, in connexion with the Messieurs Kay I, ami Mr, and Miss Wells, f< r their 111 ralif on the incasioo of the la e benefit given by them in behalf of that institution The Managers feel highly gratified in being able to state, that they have realized more than sufficient to relieve them from the pecuniary emiiairsssmeut under which they Were suffering at the time the offer was so kindly inade through Mra. Niblo. alO lt*rc EWEflT IMPROVEMENT ON DAQIEKHEOTYPE APPARATUS?The undersigned, partner ??f the Philadelphia Digoerreotypa Establishment, Exchange Building, No. 2T, and 27, has arrived'to-day, with a few sells of Daguerreotnie Lenses, of the latest and most improved construction, and offers two of them for sale. Artists and amateurs of Photographic, are invited to examine speciin us of what ran he done by these lenses by calling at ths Globe Hotel. No. 72, where the undersigned will be in attendance to-day from 'J A. M. until 4>,'P. M Any order (post paid) will be promptly attended to. ni" it*r r. LANOENHEIM. Liverpool coal aflOt-ioo ton-, b.iiauceoiship Clifton; cargo best uuality carefully lowered in hold, for s?lebv JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South street. N. B.?1^ v*?r?l 500 chaldroni superior quality, winch will he di*i>o?fd of at the ma krt price. nIO ec the rattlesnake (jives warning before he strikes. THE most disastioui of all disease! to which mm it liable, because the most tare and certain in it. resold, is CONSUMPTION! Bnt, like the p litonout rattlesnake, it gives warning before its final appioach. Is not tint true? What are COUGHS AND COLDS in their incipient stile, but the first notices of an intended attack? Dots not tbe milieidn >1 who goes about the street coughing and complaining?withlhis throat sore?his voice husky and scarcely heard a svhisixr, m the first s'ages of consumption? Are not his LUNGS INFLAMED? Is he not warnen f lie is?a moment's rejection will convince him of the fa-t Then a rcmed" is at han I. PEASE In SON'S CLARIFIED ESSENCE OF HOARHOUND CANDY will arrest the complaint?soften the lings, and gradually recover the patient. But it must be taken IN TIME Here liea the grand secret?a secret which cannot be stated too oftra to to the aHlirt.-d. The common saying th it thia or that |ier??ii car not recover, because their father or mother died of the afflicting complaint, CONSUMPTION, h's its fonndation in error. They may he more liable, bnt let them he more watchful of ita approach?in this lies THE OB AND SECRET. If they do not eg|tose themselves, unnecessarily expose themselves, ami guard every attack Watchfully, they are as safe in this climate as elsewhere. Many p-ople cannot alforu to go to a warmer climate and pasa the winter?llo v then (m laqsife Home protection here. At tint first colli or so,euess of the lungs, USE PEASE'S HOARHOUND CANDY, and the complaint will he removed. Try it in time. So!d wholesale and retail, by J. I'EASE It SON. 45 Division street. A VOICE FROM TENNESSEE., Oct. ii, 1842. Orsi s I enclose yon a draft for $3u0; yon will please semi me the amount in your valuable Clarified Essence of Hoarhound Candy. I wish you to .end me a certificate of agency. I ha ve been peraon, anil I will d tape I tlieir double, J. r. M. Agenta Ruahton St Aarinwall, 10 Aator Home, 110 Broadway. anil H6 William atreet I Charch'a Diapenaary, IWl Bowery; JW Stone, comer of llmlmn and Montgomery at, Jerae> City; Smith, 272 Greenwich at; Dewer, ror of Chnrrh and Iharnbeff ala; Badean. 2fifl Bowery; Dr. Bun*-II. 210 Chatham it. and coiner of Ktdridgr and Grand atreeta; Kleale.l,520 IIroadway. Handa.70 Fnlton at, corner of Chamber and Broadway, anil 77 Kaat Broadway. Agi nU our oflhe ciiy.?Weed it Watera. Troy ; Zieber, 17 Poetafreet, Philadelphia, Pa.; Knbinaon, No. 110 Baliiinore ?t, Baltimore, Mil; Baaicr, 47 Hlatl Albany, N V. nIOr MCDH AL-DOI T'OH CILOV EH haa discovered i tri new remertie* which are rery ffectnal it, curii g mercurial rlimmau.m, atifTurai of the joinla and pain in the honeIle ia practically auiuaiufed witli the Ir-atment and core ol itricturea and the more complicated fortm of thoae maeaaea tr w> i?li he devotea hia attention. He h-a heen ?ery anecraafo' in tlw rare of diaeaaea anaing from eimaiitntlonal weaknean Me. Dr. (J. la a regular graduate in hia profration, and ia noi reckoned among the aelf-nained doefnra and i mpitieal preteii dera. Hia rnninliing oflirra are No. t Ann atraet, 7d and 4lh doora from the iMuatum, until 10 o'clock in the evening. nl0H*r SITUATION WANTED-By a comix-trot p*r>oa toact *? u'^ipui iu wholrt.le or t?il establlthmeiit of Watehe. Jew.lrj fc<~. Alao iin-l. ra'aiuia book k.epiu* and watch reiWlritu: Ilia hceu iu hualt'taa for nimaeif leu yean audipeaka Fiwoch For particular* and lererencca idditat Boi No. 712 Lower Po*l Office. _ (iriilliimrii'i Il> r?e. take n . i > '.| tlaniia* the winler ?l * ? rv re rat.'. Applv f . \I ... i, I ,,'ilui'r Grand vooai snd instrumental t onoert ? Sicnor Kapetli reaiiertfnlly it.forma hi* fnriid* and the public tha' he will ki?? a Concert on Tarnllf ucat, November IJtli, at th. Apollo, aiaiatrd by tin' principal talt lit uow in the e tr. n*It tr REWARD?Sio'en.ii 'ik~n in inxiaka, fritnRwWw P'f tern Hotel, Cnurllandt at, on the morning of thr I*. inat, araliM conUinnw ptomitaorr notri drawn In Win Gould inc. iwypent of which ia Itonin-il. Alio tome children'* Trna* Springs and linen article* The above rew ird will lie paid on deiiarry at Hnll'a Trnaa Company, I Vcacy at. na at'tc ryo MAVlTVACTVHI Mi jEWF.LLClis^WTnt7d-a ! 1 situation bv a vouiia; iiuu who it a first rate chain maker. Apply al 1M Church at, u8 3fec HOARDING ?A lew reapertable ynuitir inuu can he accom uiodnt d with trooii boarti -nil plea* ml rooms at 42 Dfly si. Terms moderate. Also a lew da> in .trders can be accommodated. Apply *bove, n8 lm?rc HOARDING.?A jjenflrimn *M(1 Ins wiie tir i lew reapedable niiijcle gentlemen, can he furnished with go*d board, and very pleasant rooms on reasonible ti rma, at 204 Kultnn st. at twr HO \ 111)1 NO.?'The oriKinsi W.ilum House, 326 Pearl street, I Franklin Square?kept hyJt*. K?>wler, from London. ?nttUnd, permanaiil boa-dera >2,'-0 per week, truuicut ' o.ui!' r? SO < aula i" 1 PaijuliM Qan om lodged with prit to r*N)ins on reasonable terms. Win* and spirits, 3 cent - per uL.?Unu. brt-urM al.. I r?..f . ... \ir_l ?. . cent* tach?CoM cuts equally cfteap. N. B. ft t coffee H cents per j'inf?At ikes snimu ton < l?o| at iu be bail u oil Im uis. J. F. particularly requests auy one who in iu waul of a com* foiubli bonM call ?ud in?i ct his establishment, and jadtai for UuiiiMlvts, Persons travelling foi Ki .i ma M isld AoTit to tbtvidviiiU|o to call, Thi 1 b nr anient toj#ondonwwLi^erpi 1 1 IF .... ippoinu I igent,no can git New York and Old Country pq?ers taken in. n5 2m*r PREMIUM* IIOSH FOB < RO'PON WATKIt?M idle from canvass, covered with dock, being pre im red in on i own superior manner, with India Rubber; is perfbcil? water tight o -d? r th - i at I is clear, and it th< be I I idia Rubber Hose evtaar, Also for sale, ihe newly invented Hemp it le, on account ol ind it thi manul u tai r*a lowi si i let , n qu mtities to stlt HO RACK II. DAY, Successor to Koibnry India Rubber Company, i 8rod *r Maiden Lane. DOCTOR BELL Continues t* be consulted daily, until 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY On all delicate disea es. at his private offices, I COUltTLAXDT SLRKKT. SECOND Door from Broadway, with the utmost confidence iu all c ?*es of a delicate nature, requiring prompt and safe treatment. Ruing a Regular Practitioner, patients may rely upon receiving a'l the attention their cases may demand, with an ntsu'nuce 01 a successful issue, based upon the experience of mauv years professional duties. Dr. Bell does not advertise a Specific Drop or pill for the cure of certain diseases?hut guariutcex all that Anatomical, Medical, ami Chemical knowledge can suggest iu each case. Separate offices. Attendance till 10 P M daily. nolo lt*ec RED HOUSE TROTTING COURSE. ASWF.EPSTAKK Cor 711 ilnllnrs, t>> roine off 111ia d*y, ThurxUy, at 3 o'clock?mile he.ti, belt tliiee in live. C. Carl, b in Betty Baker. W. VVbeelau, b h Calo. A. Coukliu, ii? Laily Cliutun. O. Ro en, IT I' Hull in Boy. If I lie wcn'hrr |iroiri uut.a c.r.ibl-r. llie trot will be |io?t| oucil 'till Tueiday pelt, niO It*ec TKMI'K RANCH. PUEHKNTATION Or Me.I)ALS.-Thrre gol.l in.-. ?!? will he pri-.rnt.-il on Ttiurait.iy en aing uett. Not. loth ui.t , *t Concert Hill, -tlXi Bro'utway, by the ladir. of the Mar.liall Total Abituitncc Hrlj.l Society. One to be prr enteil to the Hon. Thomin K. Mar>hall, by proxy, the oilier two to gcutlemi-u .quails w rthy. Tho medals to he prei.-oted h\ n Vocsl ana iu.trum. lit il mu.ic ui -V he expected from the most popular iwrlnrmer. in the city. Ticki l? at one shilling each, to be at the d. or ( Q lie . .. niai 01 the ptw entation anil at the follow in - places Mr. ^hortland, 132 Liberty ?t. Mr. Shepherd, 501 Hester, at. Mr Coachmon. it Riviugt-su orI8 Aon ?t. By order of the Committee of ArraiiirenirnU. Mrs. 8HKP1IKRD. f'O VCHMON ud SHORTLAND. N. n. The regular weekly meeting will not uike place. nl 3t*r PHILADELPHIA DA(fI'KRR K??T YPK K.s I ABI.fSHMKNT, ExchiDSe Building No*. 26 and 27.?Sidgle Por- | trait* taken, from breastpin size to 8 inches in diameter. Family group* of from two to 13 persons on one plate. Time of fitting iii h, eoMU Constantly on hand, and for sale, Internment* of the same kind as uted in the e*?ablishment ; a1 so p'ate? and *11 other utensils. W. V K. LANOKNHKIM. nin lm*r THOMAS JONLS, accountant, 181 Broadway, rispectfully announces that he ha* commenced for the season to give j evening instruction in Book-keeping, Penmanship and Commercial Arithmetic. The many hundred* of. is former pupils who are now holding situation* of the highest responsibility as cleik* aud bookkeepers in this city, afford the be*t possible test for any enquiry a* to the merits of a system of instruction which has growu out of many yea** of experience An adequate dilitrcnce under the course here pu isued * ill secure to a student the ability to discharge allMhe duties of the desk in a masterly manner, and give him a knowledge of accounts such as is very rarely attained through years of experience. Certificates of Qualification are given when deserved. TO PARK NT 8?Certains hours of the day are devoted to the instruction of a few young gentlemen who desire a thorough preparation for business. Published and for sale by the author, " Jones's Principles and Prictice of Book keeping," 8vo. price 12*. This is the only American work on the tuhjec* reprinted in fcigland. It is also adopred in the first Academic Institution* iu this city. nO lin#r MKCHANictAL OR OAR<:KL "i.A >iF?;-T?.r".,rb*a: her Ins inst opened for the insoection of the public. rh<? rich' st assortment or these Lumps and other articles in the line ever i in ported to this country, all of which have been mannfic'urcn to order at P-iri* expressly for this market, and are uncqua'led in beauty and utility. These Limps are now so generally used that no remarks re snectiug thein are necessary, as they recommend themselves at the following placet that are lighted with them, vhi-firltmi fionhf. Astor ll'iiue, vunn?n rarlt rltec Home, INew York Society Library Cowuif'i Broad way, opposite Bond st, Signor Ferreto'i, Howard street, and many other place* where they c.ui beset n at any time. The prices will hereafter (in consequence of the great in crease of sale and improvement hi their manufacture) place them within the reach of every one who studies ecouoinvas well a? good taste, anil the variety of styles and prices will he such as to suit all tastes, and adapted to all piarnoses were light is required. Also, received by late arrivals and invoice of choice articles firm Paris, consisting of rich new style ladies and gentlemen's toilet boi? s. (adits work boxes, Liqueur, watch and jewelry j eases. Perfumery, a choice assortment from one of the inost celebrated peiTurners in Paris. E I). SAXTON, Depct of Mechanic tl Lami ?, 20 John st. Agent at Philadelphia, A. BENNETT, 125 Chestnut st. Boston, J. D. Coffin, T) Tremont Row. n7 lw is*rc D O 0 T () R K L Ll6t T~. TTcf U LIST, AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, Confines his Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Office 2C1 Broadway, r ?ri,?-r ?<i Warren ?lr<-e(. i)2 licr FOK SALK.-j \ ehr 11N KA-11 Y*E?She is94 feet long A ?21H feet beam, and 12 leet hold. Her rahins are extensive and superbly fitted w?. If not wanted lor a Yacht, the would be well adapted for a packet between some of the West India Islands?to the China or anr oiher trade where great speed is an object. She is an admirable sea-boar, and would carry a large cargo, combining more bnoyancy with sharpness, than any other vessel afloat. She is strong and stoutly built, and would be valuable as a dispatch vessel, or as a tender to a fleet She would earn iwi hi it iroMMni "it bei dick, from having iw?rc of her ballast. (40 tons) in an iron keel, by which her stthilify is gr atlv nareased. For commercial our sha would reqnire Do otner ballast. Her hull, m>l>, rigging, furniture, Ike. hr. 4c., ire in perfect oidrr. Si.e can be suit to in wilhout a dollar's etprnsf. She may be lecn at the Dry Dock. For farther particulars inquire of Ira Bliss, at the office of the C. and A. 11. It. C uripniiy, or to JOHN C. 8TKVKNS, Ii2 2wjift> South Am hoy. OQ _ KIBBONlTAND"SiLKS.?J. T. RKYNOLUS, Division st. has just received the most e let sin iseort mentof fashionable Bonnet Itihhons, Silks, Satin*, Velvet, be. fcc. to bf foam! in th* ritv. Denier*, city *n?l ruanirr m?lh I Ben, will <lo well f call before tmrdUtta* el*r where ttfi Imu#r ]\/f AtiAZINKS 4 PERIODICALS FOR NOVLMBKlT. MM- Artist, (iodey's LadiciBook, fli iham's Magazine, Ladies World af Fashion .Young Peoples' Book, Boston and B-nth y's Miscellany. Sic ; Farm House of the XIX century, with more than ?OflO envraviiigs ; Bildieal Journal and Christian Family Maica/ine, edited hv ilir Ke?. II. Rood arid D. ,Newell ; Terniterance and other Almanacs : the Kainhow and Kadieiit, a new liumorous and witty journal, well calculated to please the lively and gay. All ol which will be sold at wholesale and retail, and those who buy to sell attain at a lower rate than CM be ohtsmed elsewhere. N. B.?Fifty aitents wantrd to eirculate irwua/iues. periodi call. Sic. A. J. SEXTON. No. II Beekman, li liar corner Nassau. F"~OKTABLE IIl,A< kSMITITM KIIKIKS.-The subscribers, lienor the sole Acents for the Manufacturers of Conc.khli's Patent Portable Force and Bellows, lieu leave to call the attrnnon of the public to the above article. That they hase lieru called for and introduced hi nearly all parts of the United Stati s, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of their utility and convenience; twins portable and compact, gives them far the preference over the comueoa Forge for Shipping of every description, Kail Roads, Canals, Plantations. Maun factories and all pnr|>osea for which the ordinary Forge lf used. Tliose manufactured fur the U.S. Navy are Wrought Iron. We wonld refer those wishing to purchase to some few who can recommend them from personal as well as general know aikcu lor K acvera' timea, not having onr aci.t in the lirnt not I got of you 1 have omitted advert mug, but a? noon a* I receive tlie amount I here ordered,! will invert the fitat adve rtiivnieQI you lent m< ; your Candy i* of great demand. 1 think I can ell about ftonfl worth thiayear; many hare lived it and apeak highly of it. Vou will nleaac ?end me a* many of your large how bill* a? von can give for the above a mount of Candy. I ent your preieiit to General Jackaon, by lua AC, Colonel Armstrong. There ia no douht but he will recommend yonr valuable Hoarhonnd to hia friendi. Pleaaeacknowledge the receipt of thia, and oblige y our*, ALPHF.U8 LYON. To VIeaara. J. Peaaek Son, ti Diriaion at. N. Y. The ahore letter will give the publican idea of the amount of Candy void iu a year by the Meaara. Praae. DONT FAIL TO HEAD THE FOLLOWING CERTICATE Naw York, Sept, 10, 1812. Grjvti:? I am a marhiniat by trade, and the dutiea of my trade, repure that I ahonld at tiinea riert inyaelf to aneh au eateiit thai the ayatem become* emirrly relaxed, and the body ao overcome witb heat that il ia with great difficulty I can avoid contracting revere rough* and cold*. I roniracied a cold from thia cauae about two month* ago. I aubaeipienlly fell into the midat ofaomeaf my machinery, whim aeriou dy injured my breaat produced a aevere hacking cough.and waa, aa I coiiaulerrd.faai approaching in untimely death. I waa attended by two jih aiCiant, who conaldered m. caac I opelraa. I however determined, a* a laat reaort, to try aome of your Clarified Eaaence of Hotlhoand Candy ; and, after uamg a amall i|iiantit>, I found nlmoat immediate relief,and am now entirely reatored to health. My phyaiciana alao attribute the eaute of my recovery to the uae of your Hoarhonnd Candy. JOHN P. MATHEWS, No. 1 Orchard atrect. To Mraara. Peaac 8t Son, <5 Diviiinnat. V il A II ... .c.i.l ic.I will . .1.. .... e , 11 I .......... ... I Iliaaiidiin Crane, Navy Yard, PorUraouth, N. H.; Vtcuri. Carr, Krim N. Haioea. Philadelphia. Hon. (Jorornier Knnhlr, Wmt Point Koumlry, CeM Hprinsr, N. Y. Mi?*r?. 8. B. Althauae fc Co. 443 Broadway, N. Y., anil our city blarkitnillia freurraily. <>AY fc TEBAULT, *21 1in*ro rnrvpr of Old ahp and Water ?t. DR. J08KFiT~wr~BH.Al)SHAW, KKMOVKD KKOM LIBERTY TU 4H WARREN. nt 1 w*r to count I! Y MERCHANTS. rob't. l. smith ar. henderson, WHOMWAI.K nKar.F.RS IN FANCY SILKS AND STAPLE dry ooods, HHAWI.S AND LACE8 OK ALL DKRf'.RIPTIONS Straw, Istfhnrn atul Palm Ijeaf Hat*, NO. 170 PEA RE STREET. 3d door above Pine, [New York. Homert L. Smith. ) John r.Hr.HDKR?p!t, I ? , No deviation from the fir?t r,r*r^ named. ol3 1mi?* Tekches ' Leech i s leeches '*9 nnn LA HUE HEALTHY SWEDISH LEECHEB J?>.\j\j\j ?Jim termed |p*rl*ik Sir laaa. N'-wtoii, from Hammira, for aale in anv <iii itiliir. af aery moderate pricca by (J. A. St II. VVITTK, Importer*of Leechn, nil lm*re 131 Wrilliam alrert, MIliTiNAKV mi I II LKS, ' I.OAKS St< V It foKINK St CO., from Pari*, re?|>ertftilly reform flie Indira tfthit riry, that th-v will oprn on thr mb in?t. :r?y Broadway, n-tWrrn While nod Walker alrrrta, * apleodid aaaorrment of l?t?, Capoten, Coakn, Pelerine^ t.'amaila, fancy and atrrrt Drraaea, Scarf*, Shawl*, Vrila, heather*, Marahonrt, lie, of he latent "aria laalnou. Juat received |>er ahip Ville de Lyon, rom Havre, lire** and Clock making promptly rircnted. nV lair i 11. I I ' l i. *;. FEMALE PILLo. far-faine I ami celebrated Pilla, from Portugal, ai? n? parceira, to Pa humeri ill thia country. See artariiia* mat ou in# laat eolanaa ' ' a ml M AUCTION SALES ! I ?\ < Afot. ??* awl 115 FSilhm T!tUH8DA\\ At 10^ o'clock, at fhr auction room. Potitivp salt' of pituo botes. ?i?l?rittlitl firriiiure, an Mitt re in* voir# oft uly v iluable paintings, books, works of ?rt, flu At^li oVIork in tbr. room. An invoice of English and French jew# Irv, liiainond pins, ring*, w itches, French fancy goods, Kiiglbh ? Uiiiul? li? r>.,.??.ir.\l and b ill Uintw, glass ware. FRlaDAY. At Wtf o'clock in tin* air rooms. Kxt? nsivt- sab- ot :? asonabb clotluin,', valuable d? v la. * mw consignment <?' West of Kngbtud Cloth*, C <?simrr?-- . V??hhb< , hosiery, shirts, sutjH-inleis, gloves, baukerchieft, ktc, Stc. Also, English, breach .iml American jewelry, watches .guns, cutlery, lie. Also, snine lone 2 cast s pi?ioL,*ii Electric NUclune.ulutblfl books, priu's, &c Also. j< rues splendid clothing to dost- the business of a merchant tailor. Abo, a valuable* English bl.u-Ubird BY RIEL1 t ARi I I SATURDAY,At lO1^ o'clock in the sales mom A good assorfmeiit of I'm iiiture, pianos, lu*, lie. MONDAY. Nov. 14. At l(H% o'clock nt the sales room. Cloths, cassiineres. satfinetg, hosiery, lie. TUESDAY. Nov. 14. At 10X o'clock, at the auction room, A ipod assortment of wine .. regara. Itc. If. M. W \ HI), Auct "iir. r. 1 MPORTED Liquors, Wines. Segar*. Itc.?A. C. Humbert A It 1 o. will si II this 111 ?rmme ?t 1(D{ o'clock, it. their sab room, 119 Broulwav corner Libe rty sr.Ou'd, Dujey and Chsin(iamie brandies, Holland and swan Kin, Jamaica ruin, ah* rr\ and Madeira, i-ort and claret wines in druiijohns of 4 gallons each. Also, 20 case* Harris St Jones madeira, At Julian, Chateau Maw iiy and La Hi tic, Havana and Principe % e.ara, :.0 bo*es sardines, Mi cases brandy chces, anchovies, olives, ike, itc. Hale post live. 11IU H*ec *1 H. TIMfBON, Auctioneer. HARDWARE HALE?Jacob g. Piatt will ?< U this day, at2l Phut ai at, 1 < ik c md lota hare if 1 entli rj jspanery, &c Also, heavy goods, viz : trace ?nd coil chains, swi,id? l s, jadirons, C irolina hoes, hooks and hinges, fr*iu* .. wi*h an exteuaive ea?ortmetit of shelf good*, Cttihry, viz : 8h?flb hl ?nd Americ*n manufactured CA table and d scrt knives and forks and carviutf, pen and |M>chet knives, sritso s, n? d line cutlery on cards. Al?o, < wo cases very line violitH, 100 reams hardware am1 wr ppimr paper. *0 cases woo1 anil horse mnli. '>n i?.up? ??!??..? mill* ...i...-i he.ul*. Also, ] Hr' of a letailijie haidwnre slock, the whole of which is worthy the attention of the retail and ceutit ry as wr'l as city dealers. A f.o. 1 ca'c peirusiion guns. Also, Ht 12 o'clock, 1 riiff 200 gold finder riot (er account of o former pinchase for cash ntO lt*er <?p \M I ?S PS i EN r L1VK BOAT" Im* been T the past four >? . i* in actual slkvick, and by experiment a*; follows :?Maimed ami thrown from the deck oi a attain boat while under way ; dropped endwise from the stern of a 74 ; loaded to the gunwale with irou and stones, with the bottom stove in ; turned bv farce upside down and resisting the efforts of 15 men to keep her so ; upset by her pSH*rugcrs and receiving them again inside and freeing nersell from water ; holiom stove in by landing on a rocky shore and then rowed out to sea; landing hi a surf, when all oilier boats sw imped ; taking crew and passengers from a wreck in a storm at sea. with the bow stove in and plugs out ; b ardillg a wreck Wltli the bottom broken open ; le*\ mg a sinking wreck full of passengers, with the se.i breaking from end to end ; making way across a coral reef to a wreck ami bringing off 2t? passengers, leaving the ordinary boa s swamped ; thrown from the deck of a ship endwise and s iving 22 persons ; sides and bows broken through and bottom stove in and rowed in deep water, &c. and titially blown tip by a submarine explosion, and then again in mm d and rowed as I befor. JOSEPH FKANCIS Office No. 7 Wall st., at Adams Hl Co.'s Express Office. il Inr r FOK HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL /fflSSBfto Tin Hayal Mail SteamshipCALKDONIA. /K. G. Lott, Esq , Mil., will leave Boston for the above ports on Wednesday,November Passage to Liverpool $135. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIUHAM, Jr., otfl l C 3 W II Street. fOHN 55. DA VIES i JONES inform their friends and ' customers tl at they t.ave received their winter fashions for ipa ? van'ttf of new -*t lea for youth and childrttu. The Crac'vienne Turban now so much worn, is manufactured by the in. Also i new sty le o( travelling cap, fury convenient fo ge Utie finu travelling ( o22 I in* in 106 WILLIAM ST ^ \KWAltk AMI NKW VI)Ulf.-h'aT, oUy-r * ^3* Only I ? ?i lit ? The splendid aud cominodi Iy?7-y steamer PASSAIC, Capt. John Oaffy, being.complet ly ind elegarods refitted. coromenoed kei regitjt trips for the u< asou on Thursday, Shirt ;h lu? leaving as tollows ? Foot of B relay at. New York, at loV o'clock. A. M.. and 4 o'clu. k, r. M. ('uiltre wIitiir, Newark, at 8 o'clock, A. M. nu.l half past 1 o'cloc k P. M. On Suiiil ay*, the Passaic will leavu New York at 103^ A. M. loa i I'- Wo mav? Niw.trk.itH A. S o'clock, I'. Mi [?7"* Freight of*very description cviied at reduced prices. oT 2m* r FALL AM) WINTER AKKANtiKfllli ME NT.?The steamboat Hock laud, will, fiv' 'J .... amj af[(.r >1 oiiday, the 3'st of October, run u follows: leaving Middletnwn Point (tide and weather per mini -) at !?o'clock, and Keyport at I#o'clock,??wy Mono*?, Wednesday end Friday. Returning, leave the foot of Rohm son str??t, New York,? wry Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday ,o 11 ijc clock* noon, loach meat Bcgalin I \ ick each way. Stag* i will In m i .nillies* fn roiivt-y i ii. .r. t.. mv part of the country. All ha,g ?ure at tin- risk of the own* '.. o23 tm*ec F<?K LI V EllPOOL?The eh gaiit packrt slop LlkTjKjfV BERT Y. Captain Norton, will be despatched for the fivirkr, port on the 10th iust. This ship hat moat desirable. conveyance for cabin, second cabin end stecage passengers. Her between decks are lofty, and will be comforUblv fitteil no for p.iiien^ers, which w ill h? at the lowest rites. Apply on board the ship, at foot of Dover tl,or to JOHN HEKDMAN, fil f9outh street. N. R.?Passage from (lr?*.ar Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, call at usual be i iiy^i d by a y of the packets, sailing from Liverpool w* ekly, and Drafts fuinitbed for any amount, payable without discount throughout the United Kingdom. Apply i ova. n r jLA a- FOR LlV&KPOOL-^Rcatalti Packet of iUsl^h MHMP^Novemher?The spl-nuid. last sailing packet ship t lsiw"L'L 'IL 1 " C.ipt All i it, will sail as above, her regular day. For passage iu cabin, second cabin, aud steerage. having splendid accommodations, apply on board foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South slreef. Persons wishing to send for their friends, residing in the Old Country, can have thern brought out by litis ship, or rny of the tegular packets, by applying as above. nil t AA'a-- FOR NEW ( Hil.E A \ ^? Hir it Uldoiily it.*.i.i Packet, in all this week?The splrnuid packet ship tJ'VVi II" I' "l"l'l ' ?Pt. C., will .ail |?<ltiTrly *?u Thursday, Nov. 10th, her regular day or passage free, slid has aecofitvnodatiods for cabin, second caofo. aadateeragp jas sciu'ers stim-rior to any other ship now^ loading for the above !>or , Htiil ti'r price ni |<ass.,c<. i. irin-trk thly low. r r which apply on Uo-tni fool of W.ill .rn-ct, at OrhHw Pier, or to W. & J T. TAI'UCOTT, 43 P?ck nl r or it South sired, corner Joins'. Um> DLACK BALL., or (.lid Line' LiVKKI'OOL jffy3fVPi kcts.?Tin- only Uivul.r Liner that >ai'> on the ^|M^aba'9'li Nov.?The ri tnark.iblc fust sailing fivoiitr packetidiii^NORTI! AMERICA, Captain Alfred B. Lowber, will H ill positively on 8atiml.iv, the 19th of Normnbcr, tier rci;ular day. Thi accommodatioua ol tlii* line for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage isi.nrugt ra, are unaurp'ueil by any other line or ship leading tor the above port. Forterrnaof pas* n;c aud tn secure the beat berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekinau street, or to the lubscribers, KOCHE BROTHERS & CO., nil r jj Knit..11 ?i. n \: .1 ..o t Ku11 .1, B ink AA*- FOR 8 AV ANN All?Regular Packet of the I Oth Nov.?The sple ndid faat sailing packet ship N1CHOJfUUlfaBCAS UIUD1.K, Cuotain Tinman, wi|l sail as above. Kill passaiie in Cabin, second or steerage, having superb accommodations, apply ou board foot of Dover st. or to JOSEPH McMCRRAY, tl7w m Pine st, corner ot Mouth. &&?~ FOR NEW ORLEANS?First Regular Pack.! WRraV""11 despItch?The very superior picket ship JMssssikuSAMKEL 11ICKS, Captain Bunker, will hare immediate despatch. For pas-aae in cabin, second cabin and steerage, havina elegant accotnmoda'ions, apply on board foot of Dover sr. or to JOSEPH McMUKRAV, n7?<- I0(t street, corn'rof South. I,nSl)()N-|{ rack, t ..I the 10th Nov. ?The splendid fast sailing packet ship SWITZLK( apt Ch oi wick,w ill sail as above,her regular Kor phpsakc in cabin, second cabin, and steerage, Iiavitiic splendid accommodation*, apply on hoard font of M udeu Lane, orto JOHhlPH McMUllKAV, 100 fine street, corner of South. P. S ? Persons wishing to send for their friends residing iu the old country, can have th^ra brought ot by tliis ship, or any of iw ri pillar lAckell, by ai^ilying a* above, if by Icrttt-r post paid. oi?r S 4**^ HMt i.l V Eltl'tX II -NEW I.I.N f.?.Regular infjrJfW Packet of 25tf November. The Splendid Packet JSMbKLship ItOSCHS, (apt. John Colli us. of I KM) tons, will positively sail as above, her regular d.iv. por freight or passage, having accommodations un<t|uall<d for splendor or comfort, apply on hoard, it Orleans wharf, foot of YvhII street, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO. 56 South street. Price o| passage, $100. The Picket Slop Snldnns, Captain Kdw. B. Cobb, nl 1000 ton?, will succeed the Koscius, and sail the 25th December, her regular day. Passengers maf rely on the nr?i|*? of this line tailing punctually n t.i v i . d. u4 r H>|{ LIVKHPOOL?Tbe?|?lei ig Kfcjf ay favorite packet ship IIOTTI N<H' K I(,t 1200 tons burJ&WMalto'b' 'i) ^ *?i?f. Ira Bursley, it intended to he despatched on the 19th November. This m igmtirevit ship is one of the " New Line** recently established between th * port hiii! Livcrnoil. and is decidedly one of the most superb packet* in the trade. Her accommodations for cshin. second cabin and steeiage p issc rurrs, cannot be surpassed and .ire seldom equalled. Tier between decks for second cabin and steerage p?tsteiig? is, ate very spacious, and fitted up in turh that thoaa w iihiai to atsdy then comfort and convenience, will not fail to select this conveyance in pit fer < i to * ) othir. As \ number of her lis are already engaged. those wishing to ecur? a passage should not fail to apply early, to mveot dia appointment, the terms being very low. For which apply on hoard, foot of Pine st. or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 13 Peck Slip i. I S < !. st. i ' in* i . I J oo ?' I i i**- PACKKT K>K MAIt^KlLl.KH Th. hi HK.NMfVW H Y THOMPSON, Mvlve.trr, m,?trr, will nail on JattjUlfaThe I't Detewber. For "eight or manure .|>iny to UOYD k HINCKKN,, i fir ______ 0 Trunin* Bnililmg*. ik*. PA< KKT KOIt It A V KE?S. I Lm. -Th. .hip JrJf^V BAL.TI MORK, K.lward Fuuck. Muter,will .ail on iaLlJlfaa Bit' Ul of Ueceiiib. r BOYD k HTNOKEN, n2 r No. 'I Trunin Bull.line,. Sdi: k()lt ftfTTV lour? Positively Firnt Regular Packet?To receive grVfrfc' "II '2. A. M. .111.1 u.l <t 2 P. M. rill, I)?y?Thr lut nailing packet wlrtfr MISSIBSIPPj, Oupt Cheater Millard, will poaitivelv aail *, above, her regular day. For freight or pass nn?fn* iinnmomr lanranrn ncrwnmociiuMUlii, apply OP board. at Orlaan. win if, foot of Wall at. or to K. K COLLINS tk CO. ? South at. Shiift* will plaaae aend in thrir hill, of ladlnf early this (lav. Shippar* may r?ly U|a?n having thair foods corractly msasurad, anil thai tha ahi|>a of this hue will aail punaiuslly as advartiard. Any fuarantaa to that affart will ha fivan and fulfilled thai may ha required. Agents in N. Orleans. Hnllin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward al' goods to ihair addraaa. The packet ?hip IIUNTSVILLK, Csou O. K. Mumford, anrrrad tha Ahakapcarv. and sail tha 'J0th Nov, har rrgula dsy. nIr A**. rollNKW OflLKANS?fo h, l.s, i,had uff tTwihr IJihin.t.-Thr fma ship RDMUND (V.KKIVS BijMlEii' 'I'1 IftfrffoH, at Jninrs' Slip. I ? i sucoerded by the well known runt sai'inr ship (Jl 'KEN VK'TOHlA, Captain Mallelt, to be d*. patched on the 13th instant. For frrikht or pottage* ha\ mu eir?llrnt accomm'?d*i*t>n? r.ilnn, second can in and steer*#**, .ill of wlih h v iif t*km at the lowest rates. Apply to JOHN H F. ROMAN, n% r. I Roufh?to*e?. 4*v. FTTR NKW oftLh t ns T-ch.t ?'* " lfl,h N" *TtJV?tmbar-'I h. i?clu-i star IIBLAh. < apt Ha-ionrttid , H Vir - " b? da?|?atailed ? ab.,?a, he regular da>. Vn, paaasg . having airallant acciimmnd .ttnti. ! ah,a anu ttesrage. Appl> - ^^N7 turn ' *<>uth ?tml- <' AMUSEMENTS. CHATHAM THKATKB. Til T?4i. eenn Ti<*r 15 rt-nli. Kinit Tier M <?nu THIS KVKNIN14 ,N"?. 10, ?? ' ne perlnnuci H-LL ON KAHTH: To roncJxl** > THE srv. [JT* Ui'ora .will "I*" * 6*4?< art Kin willriie ?( quarter i>?i 7 nVluelt |treri?el?. B<>, Oflirt- open daily from 0 lo 5, where Tiekeu '? > onrrliftw-il tnd itlace,,t-ftired- t park tiikatkk.. THIS KVKN'INO, Nov. 10, will he I'reieoted, ISRAEt.l+ES IN KflYPT. Motes, Mr Frfnio I Pharaoh, Mr Archer Atnenophit, Mr ShnvHt Oii/idr*. Mr Boiiltnt | Israelite, Mr flrskl Aiui, Mm Kvuuiu j Klireiie, Mrs Bailey Boies S1 ? Pit eta?Guile ry 26 tenia. Doors i?|h?-ri At i;Vj o'clock tnd the performance will coinconnn? DCf at f precisely nrraiiKi.ii's of.i'MPic tiikathk. 444 Broadway, New Torn. THIS EVEMNO. Nov 10, will he iirrirDtril GlOV ANN I IN I.IINIION. Af-er which, MOOTS A l THK SWAN. Alter win. h HOUSE OK LADIES. After whirh, HAPPY MAN. r?7* The Door* will l>? opened at half-i.ul 6, and tne p-f I top no qci every <v< pipe, AMPIUTHKATHK OK THK HKPIIHLIC . :57 Bowery. N. A. HOWK.S, Proprietor. THIS EVENING, I ho perlorm-neee will commence preCiirlr at 7 o'clock. with the DEFENDERS OK POLAND.. Muster Walter Ay inar will give * display of hia aingle hnrae art,entitled The Olympic Hero. Still Vanllinit by tin whole Company. Otto Vntt\ wi I ili'tilav his net of HERCULES ON' HORSEBACK. Mr I.'Pin hi will ihen irive lot famous forrat acene of the INDIAN HUNTER OK THK KAK WKST. The lir,t part ofthe nei humance will cone.'uda with BILLY.BUTTON'S JOCItNKY TO BUENTKORD. Alter the intermiaamn Mi S It Hnwea will appear in hia actol THE CHANGES OK PROTEUS The arraiiHi enn rininmenu to ronrluile wttli COLONEL TILTON. Bon a AO cetita? Private do lor 6 |eiaona tl? Second Tier cents?Pit 25 cents. Dooraopen at half-past 6. Overture by the Bind as aipiarte before 7, Horsernaiislep m conimenee at 7 o'rloek |>reritely._ ~~A.v| |: Kit A N Til K ATH E?WAX. IV I'T-ST. PHILAOKIsPtllA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C. CU8HMAN. MONDAY EVEnI NO. Nov. in, will be enacted. WEST END. Sir Win Daventry, II Pln ide | Lady Daventy, 8 Citahmaii After whieh. AOREEABI.E SURPRISE. Mr H Placide will ap|>ear on Kriday. I".. A. M \ KSHAI.L. Leasee. AMKU1CA V'MUSKfSi, BROADWAY Cnmt r of Ann street. I'. T BARNUM, Manager. NEW AND EXTRA ATTRACTION. Day viailmi admitted free in the evening. r?niire new scenery. proscenium, drop curtains, decorations, kc., got on at immense ex|>en?e and painted by 8IGNOR ANGELO MONTH LILLA, from Veuice. The Drop Cur taiu Hcproients a splendid view of Gallala near Constantinople. B ckscene and wings. Interior of a Grand Saloon in the style of Louis XIV. The whole is arranged ou an entire uew plau. hv w hich the whole is changed in a moment to a large Bud Magnificent Salooo. l)u Tuesday, th* 8th November, THE KEJEE MKHMAID! Will arrive from Bostou and be exhibited the remainder of the week without extra charge. Kiniu* til Naluralistn have staked (tieir reputation upou the geuuiueness of lots wonderful am inal. DR. VALKVTINE, Will appear ?n Six New Comic Characters. VIVALDI'S LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY. Of ten i??rformrrt, including a uew character called the Enchanted Turk, who will transform himself into six persons, furnishing a cotillion with himself. La Petite Celeste, (ho admired da use use? Miss Hood, the popular vocalist?to* Mysterious Fortune Telling Gi|?v GirlAlbino Lady? KancyUlin Blow lug?Grand Coainorama, aud 600.000 Curiosities, Dav performances every Wednesday aud Saturday afternoon Ad in i .sop tWSStt 'IK * C6f>t< Children half price. W4 (Treat success ! TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION !!! SPLENDID PERFORMANCES. NEW YORK MIIHEPM A1VO PICTC KK GALLERY, Ov/iosite thc City Hull, Ihoailway, ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. Mr. H. BENNETT, Mauser, HAS pleasure in announcing that he has effected an engagem# lit with Mr. C. D. Jenkins, the inimitable delineator o f comic characters, popular vocalist, and uueiiualltd banio play, er. Master Frank Diamond, the Kdiio|ieau dancer, wifl ?p near?also Mr. B. Boyce, die. celebrated comic MHgcr. Miss Rosalie, the charming songstress. Mr. Wiight, the wonderful falsetto vocalist. There will be a day performance on Wednesday and Saturday,' at 3 o'clock. Evening performance to commence At half naat seven. A liuusi >n to (tie Museum, I'icture Galley, and Performance ONE SHILLING. __ o? lm*ec T 1 V O L I 8 A L O O N . rPHE LARGEST and most splendid Salonu in the city for Mimical Sonets, Concerts, Assernblies, Military Balls, Private :inl Public. Dium r Parties, Political Meetings?withnut distinction of party. /I'l.c Proprietor, ever animus to vain U) himself and this establishment a reputation ( independent of great profit) lias leased from the owner on such terms as will enable him to compete with any otht r establishment, and shal 1 be most hanpv to make arrangements (in accordance with tho times) with all who may favor him with a call ; and assures them that no pains or expense will be spared to give eutire satisfaction. WM. P. DKNMAN, Proprietor. P. 8. Tuesday evenings ol each wet k is set apart I or luvitotioii alls. ?8 lw*r francis* pate nt li f e boat, I UiTHr.E No. 7 WALL STREET. ?2 isr tnc wheeler, oculist. INFLAMED, DISEASED AND WEAK EYES?DR r WHEELER, Oculist, 3J Greenwich street, N.Y. respect fully informs the public, th it in consequence oi his practice having become enlarged to so great an extent, he is cotn|?elle?i of r mline his office attendance strictly between tho hours td 0 A. M. tutu i r. at., aiicr wmcn He visits ins out door tieuts. Notwithstanding mat among tne many hundreds of catee which Dr. W. mts attended, euaov nave liecn operated on bv other professors witnout success, auu i iron, macro try them in en ruble, yet vr. W. has never tailed to eradicate the disease and effect peitMt Mrs, despite every disadvantage which iiy h ire pieeented itself, and in maoj inetaaeeealmost against hope. It.? tins unprecedented success in his treatment of the variofis (h?Uwito Dnnadi red incurable) diaaaft a of*dm aya that I enablesmri with confab uce ro refer dm ifflicted who may be unacquainted with liirn, and his mild mode ol treating the disorder* of this organ?to numerous restored nitients in the first class of ociety, resecting his professional abilities and skill aa a scientific oculist. Chronic inflammation of the eyelid. or sore eyes, howe*ei standing, can be effectually and permanently cared, and films, stacks, removed w itlioiif surgical operations. Term* to suit the circuinsUuces of tin* patient ofl tmisOv DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS. If A. AIITAULT St CO.. Fulton street, opposite 8t. Rail's Church, respectfully inform their friends and the public, thai the) hiv* just received by packet ship Airo, an invoice of IDOO Dagtt* rrtotype French Plates A new supply of tlie best and newest patterns apparatus J 'Hi ounces bromine 50 ounces bromine of iodine 50 pounds hyprosulpliate of soda 50 grammes ol chloride of gold J00 pounds of tripoli of veins* 50 ouuees cldoude of iodine Arid the new book containing the latest improvements iutl e D-iguerreotype. o6 1ni?r ~ ~P RESENTS. TIFFANY, YOUNG, Ac ELLIS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS Iri the various Fancy Manufactures of England, Franca, Germany, China, lie HAVE received by l ite arrivals, a great variety ol beautiful novelties, which renders their stock more elegant and et ten ?vc th in ever before, in it will be found a superior assort meutof? wood and Kbony Goods Chinese Fancy Articles Plain and fancy Stationery Fancy Porcelaiu aud Glees Cutlery iferhti Iron and Broun Good* Perfumery Fans of all kinds Brushes and Coinbs Papier Mache k Velvet Goods Indian Curiosities Umbrellas, Parasols It Shades Walking Canea, Suspenders, Gam* s, Ojiera Glasses, French l?W~trv IIs 1 - W-.:. ? , n "i....'ii-., .?iu*i? DOKI| mane | Oru imeut*, Oil rami" Boivin,aw Gloves, aud au innumerable variety ?>f EUt;titU Art it!ci of Turtle and Utility, aaitablc for utimtt, all of which thrv tak pleaanre in ahow inn, and will ir 11 at audi moderate price* iu moat be vatiafacto it to all |<aichascr?. Mo. 2BU Uroailway, til lM|h? Dire, llv opi-oaite llic l.'itT Hall. sT RABISMU8. COMMONLY CALLED SQ1NTING. CURED in a few aeromlaby Ouerm'a celebrated plan, which ia fri v from pain or danger. Cataract* removed by any of the Operation* practiaed here ar in Europe. DR. WHEKLKR. OcaUat, SI Greenwich "Ireet, New York. ,V B. Referrncea can !>? given to 2bl patieuta. Office hour", from B A vl to I P M of lmi?*r I'IIIYaTE medicine chests. THE COLLEGE OF m e d i 0 i n e and pharmacy of the city of new york. o IJAVK pre oared a nnmber of " Privatr Medicine (heata, ?1 each containing an appropriate quantity of the new French Medicine" lor the cure of a peruPiar claaa of diaeaaea.which ..... ..ti j iih""(ihii| n siirn iiHurr wr [ml* went of Ignorant <|uacki, in couseqnmre of the eitremedelicacy which |>ati?-ii(a (hu? afflicted exhibit in applying for medical urite from injectable phynriani. In the mode now ei phoned, hove ever ,iafe will effectual treatment will be gamed by jch patients without the nvceiaity of making any diacloanre of their cur. The "Medicine Chest*' contains such aqnamtity of ipprnpriatl oiedicinv as n guaraiiti ? ?l to rffi ct a perfect enre, mil ample directions in a plain anil familiar style accompany ach cheat. The rrmnliea are applicabh to all forma of the dia aae. The Chests.containing rcrnedira for ayphilitic diaeaaea ire fold for %i earn?the rheita with remeiliea for gonorrhoea ml glu t S3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent ol the 'Allege. W. 8. Hit HARD80N. Agent. Principal Other of the t rnllege 87 Saaaaa street. N. B.?Cases forw arded to all parts of the Union, the Canadaa mil West Indies. Persona purchasing tlie< 'heats can,by aditreasinc the College, gratuitously obi am whatever additional advice they mav desire 111.! 11K the progress of their case. sHin"" Itil SK H'KMHHIM, WAll KHOI SI'.-WOHAM h il HAUOHWOUT, *1 Broadway. Manufacturers, Agents mil I 'mmiasion Merchants, ha'e just received and are now pciiing a new anil splendid laaOftineut of the fellowing am Ic*. vi?... . H.leered, Otlt and Bronrc (la Cliandaliera. # to JO lights. I)o Candle d.? < ?*< .. Do CaiHlle Brackets, ' J , Do (fas Brackets, '* 1 Do Uas mantel Lights. J ? Do O.r.aanlee, J .. cTmps, Hall I ??l? ?"< Lsnte?s. Heading Leaps */i new article n! Wolar Lamp. a rery superior article. Also, a new article of Delfecter lor improving the light of In old pattern of Astral Lamp. Alio a new it vie of ffloreiiline Bronte, color immovable, "wether Withen-ry variety of Lamps and ChandeHen, for hu relies, halls and public buildings. Pi.atvo Wang. II liken. I "allots, Trays, Toast Hocks, Candlesticks. Napkin Kino, BaWer 1 uha, butter unit Fruit Kmvea, Hnnflrn iuid rnvi, Coffee mill Teil'mi, he. Fine Tahle I '.ntlery, in aeita mid rfncena; Japanned Tea Trap, i treat runty <>f patterns mill forma; flue rut ijlaaa Bowla, 'itrhera, Tiinihlt ri, Diahea, Gnbleta, Decnatera, Water Botie?. Sumri, he. Itc. W St 11. Inn rnprrtfiilly to infoim their friemla, cuatumaa, ml the public generally, that their arraiutemenU with the nainfactnr ra are auch that they ran ?ell all articlea iu thair hue t rein I. kalily low pricea: auil riaprctfully iuvite them to call ml aee I III-II aliow nmma which alone it anfficient to rnmneu niefor (he troiihle aJ2 Jm?r for dh.fkm htwangeits Prim < arraM of4 ' via, tapanlea, Arula, Dycwooila, Lunar Camuc,Dago rr ntypc Cliemicala, ttermaii Silver, he. he. he. He# lourtb age. 017

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