Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 11, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 11, 1842 Page 1
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? . -J!" np III EL II i Vol. V111.?'Jlo. 301 ---Whole No. 3163. TYA1LY KXPRESS~LlNK8 FOR ALBANY, UTICA. L' BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The *ubscribera having been entued Tor die l**i twclia mouth* running the Albany and Buffalo Kilt-**, iu connection wiui Haruden fc Co.1* New York and Albany Line, lure recently mended their Evpreu Line (torn Buffalo to Albany, through to thi* citron vh*ir own account, will receive and forwaeo oaies, touuuay* eicrpiru,; wwro, Din i-?oir?, , ~v---, Fukifti, Buudles, and Cues of Ooods, I* aad from the (? Iowuk places, vii, ? Albany, Trov, Utica, Syracuse, Auburn, Ithica. Gyoert, Canaodaigua, Rochester, Balavia, Lockport, Buffalo, Clerelan i, Detroit, Chieajo, and the tatermrdiate places. Alio, Oswego, Backetts Harbor, Kuiplai and Toronto, 1 Canada. Will promptly attend to the collection and payments of bills, notes, drafts and acCounU, pnrchaae and sale of goods and pro. duce by sample, and such other transcienl business as may be entrusted to tlieircarr. Each Express will be accompanied by a competent messenger, together with responsible agents in the principal towns upon the route. Merchants and others may be assured that returns will be in this manner received mote speedily than in any other possible wsv. N. B.?Specie I Expresses ran to any part of the country at short uotice, and apou reasonable terms. aU r POM EROV k CO. No. t Wall street (J. 8. CITY DESPATCH POST. P< ?9T OFFICE, New York, 25th July, lft2. TJOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at Ilia o Upper and Lower Post Offices:? Letters deposited before Half-past I o'clock, A Ml .. ,2 i. . J " P M Will be sent out for deAt all tka Stations before livery at ? A M, and 1 7 o'clock, A>(M and 4 o'clock, P M. 2 " P M Letter* to be sent Free, must hare "Free Stamp" affixed to them, otherwise lliree cents will be col.ected of the party to whom th? letter is addressed. No money mast be enclosed in letters unless re. t te principal offices. Lisla ol die statious (at all of which "dree stamps" miiy be purchased at $2.50 per 100, and every iniormsuon may be obtained on application at the upper or lower post office*. Slaui|? issued by the late CltyDespatch Post will be received. It is indispensable that the number of the rtsideuce should be staled iu ail letb rs sent through-this Post. TL. n o ... uo^a i . , .. a in > un iii'wiri amicus uw rsnifi iDioraiiaoi snoma any irregularities oecnr. JOHN LOHIMKH GRAHAM au2k ly ac Pott Matter. CAKR'S SUPERIOR NEW CAM PHI NK LAMPS. LAMPS FOR BURNING LARD. VLSO, A large assortment of plain ano Jappaued Tin War*, Chandaliers, Astral and other Lamps, altered to burn ..due and chemical oil, on an unproved plan. Alao?Suertor Camphine and Oil, at wholsale aud retail, by BACKUS U BROTHER, ISO Pulton at. N. Y. M B.?Persons can be served with Camnhiue and Chemical at their residences by leaving their adores u above. M lm? HAVANA SUGARS. P1CABIA It MANZANEUO, No. 48 Liberty street, near -I N<ssan, oiler for sale the following : 300,000 LaNorma tegart, very old aud superior 160,000 Diana do do do 173.000 Esperanza do do do 100,000 Regalias of Norma, Diana, and Etmern brands 30.000 Caaones, Trabucos, and Bayonetas, various do The whole entitled to .debenture, and in lots to suit purcha sera. ngliviis*r PNCONOMY AND RETRENCHMENT. Che^rt Cash Tailoring Establishment in th'city at RUSSELL, PATRICK lit CQ.'S 336 Pearl street. Frock and Dress Coats made to order, at from $11 to $16; Bearer Over, oats, in first rate style, (10 to $14; sod eve,y other article of clothing equally cheaf. Gsnllemeu finding their ow i cloth call have their clothes made n^ and a good tit warranted, at the following Sices (every article warranted): resasnd Frock Coats made and trimmed, from $4 SO to $7 Vests, " " " J 00 to 2 N B?Naval and Military outfits cheap, and promptly executed. o|g lm?ec pOKTABLE. BLACKSMITH'S FORGES.?The inn~ scribera, being the aole AgciiG for the Manufactnrera of ,Pi * ' *.tent Portable Forge and Bellowa, beg leave to call the attention of the public to the above article. Thai they have been called for and introduced in nearly *11 parte of the Uuited State*, u, we believe a sufficient evidence of their utility and convenience; being portable and compact, girea them far the preference over the common Forge for Shipping of ever*/ deacription, Rail Roada, Canala, Plantations. Mauu factories and all porpoaea for which the ordinary Forge ia used. Thoae manufactured far the U. S. Nary are Wrought Iron. We would refer thoae wiahing to purchaae to aome few who can recommend them bam personal as well a* general knowledge, via Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Pommouth, N. H.; Mcssri. Carr, Krim ? flames, Philadelphia. Hon. Govemier Kembie, West Point Foundry, Geld Sprinv, N. Y. Messrs. S. B. Althanae k Co. 443 Broadway, N. *., and onr city blacksmiths generajly. GAYJ^EBAULT. ?21 tm'rf comer of Old anp miilWvter at. OR.. RIBBONh ANO SILKS.?J. T. KEV.NOI.Dr.'. **-> Division st. has just received the moat elegant .via orb mentor fashionable Bonnet Ribbons, Silka, Satiua, Velvet. be. to be foeud in the city. Dealer*, city and Country i?i 11 era, will do wellte call before purchasing elauwheru ofi lmta*r INCHES ! ! LtEClIE^"'~? 32 000 large healthy swedish beeches xi l r ~ 'U,t received i?rbuk Sir laa* Neaaton, fiom Hamburg, for sale many quantity, at very moderate p ices by O. A_ k H. VVITTE, Importers of Leeches, Oil Im'ec 1*1 A ill,am .tre.r jdk. joseph. w. bradshaw, REMOVED FROM LIBERTY to 46 warren. at lw*r A CARD.?1 have olirn been informed by friends (nit some *> persons, u w?M to my line of business a* on t of it, jealous of the laccui i meet with,have directly aud indirectly asserted thai I ?u ?... ?.li k*e~ well as otb*r Havana and Principe Srgar* in this country, and making other similar hints, I herewith declare each assertions mean falsehoods, and a nth individuals worse than highway robbers. M. RADEK, M Chatham street. New York. Sept. M. I?4?. s?t lai*r guitarsA/TART IN fcCOUPA, Guitar MtnuTactorera, Mi Broadway, iu np stairs, hare constantly on hand a I ante assortment of Gaitaia, of French, German, and Spnniah model. M. It C. would call the attention of Solo niayers to thair Ten Oeitars, made after the model of Graham, which in brilliancy and purity ol tone arc superior, and very easy to the execution. The instruments are warranted perfect, and to stand any change ol climate, and will he exchanged at say time ahoeld they not prove saDslactory Strangers are invited to call and examine them. Prices from |li to SIM. Sold, wholesale and retail. S. B. Coups connunes to give Lesson* on the Guitar. all ?m cou* _____ artist in hair. MANUFACTURED FROM ladies' and gentlemen's hair. 'M'OT lose than two inches long, iu one hundred different dei" signs?Necklaces, Bracelets, Watch guards. Ear-rings, Flowers, Rings, Wigs and Scalps. a c. barry's wigs and scalps. Still stand pre-eminen; above all other*. Their peculiar light, v/iaan mar a lift VHnfllftllM cK?r*fffi?r ihdtr Koimv a > mil .mmI? as the natural hair (row*; their elasticity &ad iiCeir superior material and workmanship, as well as their style ol finish and ararraugeineot, all combine to form snch perfect heads of hair, that they mast he seen to be faily appreciated. Parties haying a piece of hair of a hring or deceased friend, can get k formed hy him into any design the mind can eeaoeiee. In inch a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. Gratuitous advice riven on all diaeaaea connected with the hair, at the Hair Catting Rooms. 116 bAoADWAY, cor of JLiberty street, Jyltlm* Up Sum. TOHOIII RING'S VERBENA CREAM. rpHIS Celebrated Shaving Compound is now all the rase, as 1 well among toueorian nrofessor*, aa among those who prefer te gat?w r in their own dinrn-1 crops The improvement recently made m its matuiiaoiure places u,e Verbena Cream above competition. The subscriber having purchased the copy rirht, presents it I to the public with an elegant new Isle I, and guarantees that for erne in iharing it can be f|Uail, d only tiy a Wall street broker, the Creaiu possessing the advantageol firing better sarislactioH to the pnrty by the o|>eraUon, and tins speaking frosn ear perieuce. To prevent imposition by the spunous articles now in the market. Cue directions for nse will have the written signature of the pioprirtor, none other being genuine. For aale wholesale and retail at 100 Nassan st, K. SINi LAIH, Proprietor N. B.?Also for sale, Ring's fcditir ol' Irife, Nelson's K? tract ol'Bersaparilla, Dr. Breeder's Compound Myiapol Indian Turnip, lie. ol lm*m_ QtOAR blVA.N?Nib Broadway ?James H. Del Vecchio tJ k Co., respeetfally inform their numeroas friends and the Biblic, that (hey have mat opened the Begar Divan, 300)6 roadway, adioining Pinteaui's Saloon, where will be found a large assortment of the best segars in the city. All segars sold ? una cawwiiNinim mix warrumen im|ionni JAMES K. DEL VKCCHIO. oil *w3tawt? HOBEHT A. JOHNBQ.u. f> LOVES, VELVETS AND SILKS RESTORED.VT Dr. Eenchtwaocer hat constructed an apiwratus for reator- , iOf dam-fed or spoitid kid n lor as, silk relrcli aud silk* to their original Condition, sod on rery reasonable lerina. Orders and pared* panciaally ausnded to by Da LEWIS FEUCHTWANUKR, oil tawlm'm I Wall atrcct. THE TEETH. TUB TEETH?A redaction of M par eent?Uinwr and . i- lower acts of teeth inserted on auction or atmoe|>herie pressure, so as to be worm with ease and firmness, from a auntie tooth to an enure sett all can bo supplied with the best mineral teeth; toothache cured, tor ettracung tooth, M cents. Children's, naif price. J. Buabey, But term Dentist, TTMur ray stree^ neat door M the church, waat of Broadway. VIGIOK (ilKOUO, TITATCH MAKER, No. BCeutre street,in the city of New r V York, who obtained several (old and silver medals of the American and Msebauie Institutes of New York, in thuysart lilt, *39, 'to and *41; sad also Li-ueii-palcni lor ihe iureution ol a Chronometer Escapement anil for hia Magic Chronometer, hastne honor to thauk the inSabitanu of this ntetropol-afor the conlideuee the* hare heretofore reposed in b>m, and a?aarea them that lie anil coatinne ta meet their patronage, oy applyIDC al. the eiertiotM, panetsaliiy and abilitiasol' which ha may be poa.amad in hat art, to the entire a ilia faction of ku friends anu rnammera ^ , He will continue to manufacture Duplet, Lepine anil Patent Lerer Kafapt menu,aud iu (rneral all kiuda ol piece* belonging to the art of Watch Makhi*. H* also repairs Chronnmetnr. and every aort of timo-pteees. He will also repur, pail m order and alter ail kind* of mechanical Lanid, and will warrant In* work.wbich will be made at moderate prices, in anil the nine*. Mr. V Q. hating just returned (torn t ?oy*ge to Europe, baa brought wilh him a choice 01 articles auitahle to this market, which lie invite* hie friaul* and pntroaia to ertmine, ami which he offers facaale at moderate prices. They conaial principally in ClockrW Pendclnms, quite modern iwuerna. Mechanical Lampt from the best pateutce makers in Tirls. Lamp Ulasa (Jlobea, both engravt d.ind jiainied. a new style. ^ancy article*, suitable fyr presents. ydropnumalit: Apparaius for making coffee, now almost the only one genersllv adopted. Mr. Y. O. hating established a corres|iondence in Era nee e .u- 1 .--J I e? 1 ._ Paria, wilTalwai if?i>0D hand a choice aaaortinmt of fh a arU?lc. oM < ?l lm' r OORaETS-OORSETS. TUST BRCKIVED. alike New York CORSET WARE * HUU&E, No. 4l1!-4 Pearl itreet, a Urge aauirlmentof FRENCH AND ENGLISH COK3ET3, which will b? told at art-ally redn.eil rmcer, Wluilcttilt and RrtaU N H ? Dralrra id latMU an- inviird to call, aa the whole alock It newly imported. 443)4 Fa?fl alreet, (S?w York, u U I in in J? IKK BKK.K?TiflO Ooreriimnit, of superior quality fur aala T by PKKbSE k BROOKS. o*lf .No. *1 Li Unit) at. E NE NEV Intkkksting from Havana.?Wo have received by the Kapid, arrived yesterday from Havana, refilling there, winch we give below. The war steamer Missouri put r to Havana on the 29th ult. for coal We have seen a letter from the eon of a gentleman of this city, now a lirst class engineer's apprentice on board the Missouri. The following is an extract iherefrotn:? Havana, Oct. 29, 1842. We left Savannah on the 10th of this month, and sailed for Vera Cruz, with Mr. Carson, the bearer of despatches from the American government to that of Mexico. Not having a sntfieieney of fuel to take us there and buck, we put into Havana. We had a pleasant voyage until arriving oli'the Isle ol Cuba, when we were assaded by a heavy storm, so severe as to oblige us to send down our top-gallant masts. We arrived safe here on the following Thursday, the' officers and crew all welt. Tue Missouri proved herself a first rate steamer as well as sailing vessel. For the benefit of our friends tell thein to direct to us at Peneacola. The best segars are selling for one cent a piece; also oranges. We proceed on our voyage to Mexico on Monday next, and front that to Pensacola. V. T H. This is the letter of un apprentice in the United w->iaico ui luur vcdii auu rui?ru uy his own merits. It is u pity the apprenticeship systeruhas been repudiated by Congress. Annexed are from our correspondents;? [Cofreiimndrnce of the HernM.j Havana, Oct. 3D, 1842. Important to Merchants ami other*. Letters delivered at the Postottice by foreign vessels are charged land |>oeiage ; that is, 12} cents for a single letter, double, treble, and so on, in propor tion ; besides this, packages of newspapers are charged 124 cents for a small one, perhaps three or four papers, and25 cents for a larger one; but the ends ot the packages must be open, to show that the contents are papers, or they will be charged Ian i postage. By the Hellespont, arrived Irom New York on the ISth, many packages of pamphlets and paperswere received, closed, tied and scaled, which were charged 12, 17, and$21, and one package $57, which of course were refused by the parties to whom they were addressed. Their offers to open the packages in presence of the officers were not listened to. Merchants, &c. would do well, therefore, to be careful of the mode tn which they make up their packages for this city. Havana, Oct. 25. Our Xewspaperg?How Im'O is Served Out?Bud Success of the Hails oads?Progress of Civilization? Coolness uj the Habus eros?A New Governor General. Dear Bennett : ? You will see that our papere contain nothing but silly articles in abuse of each other, and in which they attain only one object, that of being equally heavy in style, incorrect in information, and venal in principles. One of them the other day, after stating that Spitzbergen and Greenland were one and the same country, and that a city in Africa (whirh does not exist) contained more inhabitants than London, came out with a piece of Intelligence equally new, viz : that it was an indisputable fact that English agents were scouring France engaging laborers tor the West Indies, to whom they promised every thing, and who, upon their arrival, were cheated out of their wage*, and compelled, under the lash to work like slaves! Pretty stitl a necdote, eh! And what do vou think ol translations ol scraps ol Dickens' works ap.earing in another paper a? originally written by Mons. chas. Dickens in French. Kather remarkably French name too, werry! Lord bless us! when will "le jeune editeur" be ready to have a finger in the pie ol dttorship! You must send him out as soon a* lie is ready 10 lend these fellows an idea. The Government House stares foreigners in the face, as 6<>on as they arrive in the public square, which adjoins the wh^rf. "En passant,"?you must kno-v that thissquare is a multuin in parv?'?it contains a small grass plot, which is intersected at right angles and surrounded by a broad flag pavement? the lounge of merchants' clerks, stray sailors, new comers, old stagers,quaint old ladies with six daughters in a double file; dandy storekeepers, and other non-descripts, who stroll round or seat themselves on the benches to listen to the music of the military i i ?k: ..u .0 .1 - stars': Hook al"ea c'/ioYhe'r" aKil the belles who attend in vol antes, three de p, (and who never think of descending from 'hem) enjoving their three chief delights, moonlight, music, ana the nail talk of their lovers. In the centre of the square if a statue of the old monster Ferdinand the 7th, holding in his hand a sceptre, in by no means a dig nilied position. The houses which surround the t-quare are in singular contrast?all the best coffee houses are there, jumbled together, interspersed vprith a sprinkle of soda water, cigar shops, groceijes, boarding houses, and three principal buildings; a Count's house, the intendente's and the Oovernnient, from which, by the bye, I will now only deviate to mention the chapels erected on the spot where the first ma-s was performed, which contains a trumpery bu?t of Columbus; contrasting rather derisively with the beforementtoned statue ot his unworthy competitor. But to return to the government house?if the yellow fever is the iScylla of these regions, this place is the Cfcrybdis of foreigners, and therefore it merits a pertinent description. The lower part islet Cut for shops and notary s offices, and the first floor, which is squeezed in under the principal rooms on the second story, is occupied by the government offices. Every day, except feast days, from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon, the large piazza, which forms part of the building on one side, is crowded with every possible camcature of human nature; every villainous looking face that the city can boast of, and they are not few. In this hell of Justice the competitors for the odds appear of every degree of wealth and squaliditv?of every hue ana shade, front the clear skinned foreigner, thbough ail the suspicious tinges, down to the undeniable mulatto; in every coat, from fine broadcloth to the ouUat-elbows striped ginghams, and the no-coat-at-all, or shirt and pantaloons of the countryman; jostling and rolling each other in all directions, or formed into knots, chattering like monkeys, lighting and twisting paper cigars, all bent on one pursuit?a law suit. So g?eut is the "glorious uncertainty of the law" here, that many make a business of buying up law suits; and it may be safely said that one thira of the population jive upon the law ruita in which they are enabled to entangle the other two thirds. Here, as in the gambling establishments, which are not dignified with the sounding name ?f tribunals ot justice, the noblest and the vilest, the cleanest and the dirtiest, smoke familiarly togfeiher, and the bitterest enemies bandy compliments. T have been frequently struck by the sinister expression which the habits of low cunning and debasing vice have stamped upon the laces of the cowardly rulfiaus of lawyers, who inlest this place in shoals, with bundles of stamped paper under their arms, (this stamped |>a|>er, hy the bye, in the source of an im mense income to the government ) Their offices are literally dens of thieves in appearance and in fact, for move gloomy, dirty holes, can hardly he imagined. They are very small, and filled with cupboards of old musty papers, and the only inlet for light and air is the doorway. Law proceedings in this country savor strongly of the inquisition, ana thus all who depend upon their labor for subsistence, and consequently the most useful, intelligent and honest part ol society, stand in awe oi the mysterious tribunal. It is true, that the old Spaniards stand in the heat light, but even they most knock un der if attacked by a regular buiit lawyer. Thus every prudent man, when threatened with a law suit, no matter how unjustly, seeks to buy off his persecutor at any price. The Havana andOuinea railroad does not pay, on account, it seems, of the exorbitant salaries ,.aid to the " chief cook and bottle washer," and others oj his t'rottffit, who are " sinecures," ami probably some time must elapBe before this abuse can be cured, for want of public opinion, which here has no voice; out elsewhere points out the abines ot all public enterprises, and indicated the remedy. The company who bought the railway for one ai.i a hull millions of dollars, are proceeding to exeru'e their contract of making the stipulated branches, and have chosen a very fit American engineer to conduct the work; undoubtedly the conclusion of these branches will give a new impulse to the traffic on the road. In the present, ana probably future depressed state of th- priced ol produce, tailroads alone will opt n new channels of Indus'ry, and by cheapening the produce generally, enable the planters to eumoete with other market* lint here all calculations ground' d on the stability of modem enterprize are fal'acious. In spite of the innumerable restrictions and impediments on every side, foreign ideas and foreign indusliy are making rapid progress here; and it these padlock# upon the public welware be ever removed, there will be a tine fiela for emigrant industry Meanwhile wo smoke and dance, and take things coolly, for this lemt vmue is certainly possessed by the llabancroa to up iqpredible extent In tact, L ' " """ 'lu W YG W:u' Writ .?01?. ill 1UIO I I fulfill ll!?l ? ' V t?| yn/ Y V YORK, FRIDAY MORN the whole studv of a Creole's life is coolness; coolness in his dress; coolness in his drink; eoolneas in his house; coolness in his actions, and eoolne s in bearing with ihoae of others; coolness in his looks; uud, in fact, one's only crupe and only mis- | luriunc iirrr, is 11 -i in a rep cool on ail occasions On drf, that we are to have a new Captun General forthwith Our actual Governor is too ptssionatcly attached to the juice of those 3ouni*li gtai>?*s, to " walk the deck" after d niter. But. Gorl bless me! 1 must come to a close?the Rapid walla,and the wind blow. Dominic. Havana, 26th October. IH42TTir Htralti in Cuba?First hnprnttiunr in Huvim'/hcon of Ohi?Gat mid Our YMotc Ftvtr?Morui/ nia It by Planttrt?Storms and Segar*. Df.ak BENNETT;? The arrival of a hatch of " Weekly Heralds," la the only event of interest, which checquero the monotony ol Havana dullness. Your racy "exposes" of the banking " clurali-rt d'indus'rit," have been a source of gratification lit particular to me, who teei a cordial sympathy in your pa|>er war, or war against paper. Strike home! The " politicians" are on their last legs : every new phillipic of yours rstabl'shes a nsw breach?of trust, and thanks to your wit, they'll soon have to trust to some more honest mode of living than that their wits utford them, which are already a whit the worse for wear, and last sinking under the blaze of light, which has heralded the golJen age of hard work aud hard money. So, passing over" tire impressions," such as the fortresses, aud the " bay," and the narrow streets, and prison likehou-es, and ihe " volantes" or hackn+?Vi4 with llioiv Innv aKulta un^ knffa uiltAalo anrl soiali horses, and the harlequin looking " ealeacroa," (a breed between postboys and coachmen) and the dressed for a-ball-ladies seated inside, ull thrown upon the diminutive auinial; aud the long strings ol pack horses, with sore bucks, which like the London donkeys, " arn't got no friends;" and the masses of " tnaloja," (green corn-straw) which one beholds moving along without apparent agency of any kind, and under which one finally discovers a horse's nose enclosed in a net bag, four hoofs, and some hairs of a tail. Leaving these preparatory chapters lor some future occasion, we will p iss at once to " Picture the 1st," " The Hacendudo, or Planter."?You are, doubtless aware, that bv the "laws of the Indies," by which this colony iagoverned, sugar estates, (" Ingenias") tire '* privi leged," and neither Utc estates nor the slaves on them can be sold for det?t. Well, our " financiers" used to get money at any interest, and generally on the condition, that the usurer who loaned the money, should supply the estate with provisions. Forthwith the land is purchased ; and since, on the term* the owner has borrowed the money, nothing can be made i:i a fair way, he, upon the strength of his " broad lands," gets over head Hnd ears in debt as fast as he can ; talking all the while of his " boxes," which are already bespoken, and then declares himself insolvent, by which he does a pretty good business, the creditors get ten cents to the dollar or so, and the Haocndado goes to work on another estate; but now the tables are turned. -The money venders have been bitten once too o ten, the planter's signature is suspicious; meanwhile, the n?aflrrn*?l2 tl/ll I oa t an/1 lliu nnn (nnn/lu/1 oa? >lnn xnrill 1 be paid in hard cash lor the jerked beef, which they have ail monopolized. Thus, without credit, there is no large house iu Havana, nor box in the theatre, nor means to maintain six cooks, fifty waiting maids, and fifty other idle fellows, to say nothing of the$<KM) dresses ot La Senora, and th lace trills and gold-headed canes of the Senoritos (the boys), and the silk stockings of the hlaca nurses and suo nurses; and the Don must go and rusticate for half a dozen years, and satisfy himself wi?h sau tiering over his cane tit-Ids, instead of rolling up and down in the endless ring of the " Pasco," and witn the "song of the negroes," instead of the soft voices oi the mis in the opera house. Mctr nut?it is the opinion of men of business that those planus a wiio cannot make over a thousand boxes, will not get overthe autumn, which is the "stepping up" time. Meanwhile, a gloom is cast over the lace of society, and peo|4* shake their heads; the opera house ta empty; but, on the other hand, the oinntbus and all other industrious movements are going ahead as.tasi as the financiers are going astern. Thus you see there is a striking resemb ance between the march of causes and effects with us and with you. Our sleepy Captain General, when he was not quite wideawake, the other day, or.iered a singular document to be published. It was n petttiou from Santander nravinr (p? ,h>? u|i?>??p| ? uru ni incompetence. Cool, this! The former Intendant is rusticating and consaling hiinsed by attributing all the ills of the times to the change made in the value of the currency. The new Pasco now is all I the raw >h* >.? T,.?.?-J- -* l. --0-, ...V vuv ? I1VUU UIIUC, ai 5v) I1IUUII C.VCUOC, is literally grass grown, and unfortunately his regulations are participating of a similar decay We have a robbery ana assassination now and then, and the gaming tables are reappearing on a small scale, but, upon the whole, we are as moral as the want of money can make us. They are making a great nrtise about the introduction of gas hy Messrs. Lepioe and Co. Are the Yankees asleep? The city will thus soon exchange its present " darkness visible" lor a flood of light, if the oitsellersdo not get up a lawsuit, as the upothecanesdid with the liurodnc^rs of aodij water. The vomit has not extended much this year, but few of those attacked have escaped. The storm did a great deal ot damage in a small way, but it has cleared the atinosph -re, and cool weather has set in. We shall probably have a hard winter in every sense of the word. UaltliMrc. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Baltimore, Nov. S, 1342. The American Lift and Trxul Company?Their Opemtiont?Paieg and Trotting Pmtrs? Offer of Sket'het refund. James G. Bkhnktt, Ksq. Sir? I noticed, a few days ago, an enquiry in the Herald respecting the American Life and Trust Company ot this place, but whose business was carried on, for the most part, in your own worthy, pious, and goodly city of Gotham,where finance flourishes and vice decays. Now, this is a concern really worthy the attention of a discerning and discriminating community, having only sunk about two and a halt millions of dollars in the short space of six years. The whole history of the men who have managed it here is well nnd accurately known to me, ax well as the speculations in which most of them have been engaged, in the promotion of thsir owa private interest, regard less, on the true "tauvf <pti pintt" principle, ot creditors, stockholder?, and all other fools, who had folly enough to |>lace confidence in them. The President is quite a character in his own way, and his oonnsel hoard generally not less remarkable. They are well worth trotting out, having fine pacers. New, aa i have observed for some time past, your | correspondent here, who, by the bve, is at best but a sl> eply sort of genius, of the order humbug, has couiriuuiru iiui nine 10 your columns, i wri unoertake to supply you with an account Mria/cm of the doinsrs and sayings of these honest, worthy, and most efficient financiers with a fall and particular account of their birth, character, and education, as the Old Dai ley criers of last speeches and confession* term it. And, moreover, you shall be initiated into a grneral knowledge of the great folks of this thriv'nsr village, aristocrats, democrats, upstarts, the pious and the ungodly, in a manner which will not fail to call forth the greatest pleasure and gratitude on the part of the exhibited, who, no doubt, are great lovers of truth; while your numerous readers, particulerly here, will, I flatter myself, derive no little entertainment from the exhibition. "Mai* rtvtnon* a not moiUont," I cannot afford the time and research, though better posted up now oa these snbjects than I believe any other person here to he, necessary for these details, without the mini wrn nuo. which, should vnn like the nlnn and matter, ' have no dnnbt von will not grudge in a handsome and gentleinanlikr manner,the snms to lie sent, in a manner to he indicated hereafter, on the receipt and publication of each article. 11 you like the matter* to be treated of, and will agree to the other terms specified, put a notice of this somewhere conspicuously! in the Herald of Friday, which I shall get in your weekly of Saturday, not taking your daily. Mcri tatou Movti.n. [In reply to our correspondent, we have only to say, that we know too much of the American Tnut Company, and wouid not give a fig to know anything more. The money has disapjieared, and let the managers go into lorgrtlulness with it.? Ed. litrald ] Gstscca.? Mr llobert 1'tfi mentioned in pirlnnuat that D9,Ouo of these animals perished in tike tale Allghan campaign ; and the Bombay Times attirmi that not lew than 10,000 would be required for the removal of the troop* from JaUnlatmd, whether in advaaca or retreat. Beside* the army baggage, the pacific animal oarries loads of rockets, shot, shells, and ammunition. H k f LNG, NOVEMBER 11. 18 Coaart of Commoti Pl?at. B.-toiv Juilgu luglia. Not. 10.?llrmry Grmtr v?. AUx Urtatt.?Thia woj an adtion for assault and battery, the damage* laid at $4000.? The p? <1' ? resides at No. 13j Wtiliaai ?irtvt, Bear h'nUou --thedefeii laut in the trout building, and the plaintiff in a building on the rear of the lot. They are German!, aud a misunderstanding ha 1 occurred lmtweuu, which exhibited Itself in open warfare on Sunday afternoon 17th July. A gentleman who tended at 130 William street, (nearly opposite) testlheil that while setting at bit win- | il'ivv h? heard the err 01 murder, and a acream, > of women. On running to the alley he perceived Grater, Green and a young mau who lias been witness here, clinched, anJ each trying lo gut the other down. Saw a woman with a large club, which sho took, up with Iwth hands, and tirtt hit Graser a severe blow over the head,and then truck U'eeuoii the back. I caught hold of her, said he, (o mike pbace, jtlst at the was waiting a good chance to trike Oreen again, and look the club a ami" Irom her.? One of the young m?? ran out an 1 brought another club, bat I stopped him, an I told him I would knock hnn down if ho attempted to use it. At thit moment Green screamed out that the) ware sticking him. 1 turned and aaw Grower with aaharp iron walking cane, with which he was jobUiug Greou. I took it uway from him. Greon sick lor some timo afterwards. Hit back and chest were much bruised, and ho complained of great soreness A smart little girl, (who stated that she kept in n thread and needle Store adjoining,) declared that ahe was looking oat of the window and saw Graser make the lirst attack, an.l try to throw Greeudown. It woaid seem, after all, that Mrs. Graser was the heroine of the combat, she caught up e mighty great club, with two nails iu it, and whether she lelt spite against her hunbaud, and took un accidental mode ol pa) leg him, or whether she really ma le a mistake is unknown, but certain it is, she raised the club with both hari Is and hit him a tremendous thump on the side of the head, and then, in turn, brought it ilown upon thu shoulders o( Green. This trial also exhibited a strung specimen of " human mtur." The little girl alluded to bad made acquaintance with Mrs Green, and hor family, aathey lived in the front house, but had never spoken to Mr. Graior, or my ol his family, for they lived in tho rear. So it is. The jury considered Graser and 111* wife as having already taken sufficient satisfaction, and fouud for plaintiff in tlio nominal damages of 6 cents. For plaintiff. Mr. F. N. Cady. For defendant, Mr. G. W. Nlfea. Before Jtnlge Ingraham. liilhboro f Bullock v*. Dadsrtck Struiz.? The defendant kept a grocery store, und in June, 13U, sold out to Vim Sorstin It Lawrence, The old sign war. suffered to remain, and no external alteration made in the establishment. The plaintiffs are extensive brewers, and for a long lime had supplied defendant with beer, and continued serving the store after he left. Ootho 5th August. |R|J, Strtthc received Jtafflin cash, and took the store and stock back again. During the time ha had been out, a bitl for beer ha J run up, and t lie present action is to recover the amount, The drayman one d-'jr called upon iitruiz, and slated that he was leaving Ueer in the old nlacn, to which defendant said it was all rignt, anil that it might go ou as before. The draym an also refused to trust Van dorstin t)nless tlie arrearages were paid up. The Jutge charged that ff the defend tut did not apprize the plaintiffs that he had sol font, and the ere lit was inteii Iwd as for him, he is liable. The jury found for pla null, $131 06. Mr. Haaitetl for piamtilf. Judge Morrill lor defendant. County Court. 'Judge Ulshoetfur, First Judge, in the chair. Nov. 10?Trial of Mi In Parker, Poise* Justice, continued?F<dw*iid Wkhb recalled.?Mr. O'Connor asked witness what was said by the young man who had charge of the boat which brought him and twenty-five other discharged vagrant* to the city. Mr. BbaDt objected. lie said the court hsJ decided, at the last meeting, that the testimony should not be admitted. Mr. O'CoKvoa and Mr. Pattissois replied? The rote at the last meeting, they said, was a divided one, and not $nal. |, Mr. Lord rejoined en the part of the defence. Judge Ucsuolu'cr remarked that the chair had decia...l t h m ri.,rim..n t, tnh? inn.lmtuiblu A debate hare occurred, in which several member* of the court, iuclu 'ing the Mayor, and Ju get In grub am and login took part. Aldermtn Davie* was not preaent at the la-tmee big, when th-t vote of ten to ten was taken, and Mr. Lord contended th t he, ia consequence, lo-t the right of sitting at a judge. Ha ottered a protest to mem iters who were absent hel'ig allowed to ait as future members of the court. The vote as to the testimony was reconsidered, and the testimony admitted. Wm resumed? Q ?vVnat was said to yon by the young man in charge of the neat which brought you to the city I A.?It was som time It fore we ian teii, while w* were near the Honk. He told us to lie orderly?that he would take us to where we would bo comfortable,have tome'lung to eat drink, and have n place t > sleep, lu the monititg U? would call for us. take us to the [mils, where we would vote. He would then give us some money and we might go where we liked. 1 believe he did not tell us what particular |ioll we were to vote at?there was talk about the 4th and other wards. The men were asked where they bad been in the habit oi voting. Justice Puaics, of the upper police, testified to having committed some of the prisoners discharged on the night tothc eleotl*"- He also stated that he had never due barged tf prisoner w u? ? ncun commiiu-u uj another magistrate. Mr. Fax, clerk of the upper police, testified to the convictl in or the man. Joskfh La Tou?kkttk, (a smart appearing but somewhat aged man) was then sworn, and ten.tied as follows Resides in New Jeraev ; was at Blick<vellbi Island ; have been detained since the 3l*t October at the Tombi as a witness ; was unfortunately ia the I'enitentiary t .e (lav before the spring election ; was t ommitted on the 12th October by the lower polios, and my time was out on the morning of the Aptil election. Left on the evening of the I lth, and was brouzht to the city in a four horse omnibus belonging to Kipp St Brown, with fifteen others, ami went to the Eighth Ward watch house; Air. Bogatt and Mr. Ruckles, two of the deputy keepers, were with ns ; it was about 11 o'clock whenl went to the office on the island near to the landing place ; we landed at the foot of 66th street, and the omnibus was there waiting for us ; about 9 o'clock the same evening then! were a number sent to the city in four boats ; Mr. Ruckles gave the order lor us to get into the coach ; he took us to within a hundred yards, or so, of the Eighth Ward watch bouse, when we got out and walked two and two te the watch house ; it was orderad that we must go aa <itut>Uy as wo could, which wa did; I told Mr Brown, keeper of the island, on the 11th fust my time would be out next day, and 1 should like to go down and vote, lie said I could uot go till the 12th. I told him 1 was very ant kins to get away, 1 that 1 had been keeper of a corporation hogpen, and I had done doty enough, lia said 1 had (Men one of the boat hog pen keepers they had. He observed that I could vote in the 12th ward. I thought we belonged to Losif Island, but he said "No, and I could vote in the 19th ward." Mr. Bogart said to me, after we hadgot to the watch house, that if my vole was challenged, to tell them I had resided in the 12th ward for the last six months; he said that to the whole of us. In the watch-house dimetions were given for nearly the whole of us to vote in the sth ward: there was an old gentleman who was called Capt. Hall, who wished to vote in the 4th ward, aa he hud a room there; Mr. Ruckles said, ' Oo and vote there; go wherever you can gat your voles in." There were two others besides him and myself that went down. We started before daylight; I apt. Hart could not walk ao fast as the other two, and they started off and left us. We went down to the house of Thomas Doyle, in Water street, near Roosevelt. They said they had been open all night, when we got there we saw a numui'r 01 our uiu crumbs, wiin u uourKerjicr, wuu wns there to prevent them coming out,Capt. Hart laid he would take a gin tiin<r, and I took tome brandy; there were 25 or 30 men there who left the island tbe evening previous, all there were ituch, except the doorkeeper and one other; we remained'ill the aun tosc, and Mr. Doyle took us to vote, at the ooll of the -th ward; Doyle wn a mailman in stature; he was up to Black well's Island the evening previous; 1 oflered my vote at the poll, but they questioned me pretty sharply; I said I hail resided in the 13th ward, and they mid I had better go there note; I saw a number vote; saw Htrt vote, and IS or 30 others of those that had come from the ialand; I got tired and wanted something to eat, so left; thme were savers! othora when 1 I came aw y who thought they could put in their votea; I left Mr. Doyle there; I was not there more tVan 20 mlnotes; we were the Unit that got into the poll room, which waa rmp'.y before we entered, Mr. Doyle told me to stick to it. and I must try to get the vote in; I soon gave it up, how -rer, as a had ion; the rote given to me to put in the box wm a democratic ticket: I do not know what the others voted; of those that came down, the times offl to 10 had been out before that night, but they were kept till then on tho inland. The men told me time* were out, and that they were detained. We alt tried to get into the boata, but they ware fall, and we could not. Doyle came to the island aboil* V o'clock, orders were givra on the island to keepthemen within doors after they were ready to start, so that they should not be seen. There were seventy or eighty men assembled in the Lnnae House, and all went down to the boats; they all seemed to know Torn Doyle; I did not know him; they said he was a great hand at electioneering. I had*conversation with Mr. Brown, at the hog-pen, but it it not necessary to mention it, as it was rather confidential. (A laugh ) There were about twelve Irishmen in the lot, but I did net known them; I did not associate with the Irish on the island. (Laugh ) I went to the hog-pen in the morning, hullt a fire, end stayed there. I was sent to the island by Mr. MmUcII. He said he would send me Lbere lor six months, and make a gentleman ot me, so I did not associate with all ofthem. (Laugh.) Don't know the names of many that went in the boats; Henry Lloyd and Jemmy Short were among them; I was keeper of the bog-pen on the island, and had two deputies, one that brought the swill and another that fed the pig*. On being cross-examined the witness at first ststed he did not know that he hail been to the island before, but on being pressed, explained that he meant be had not been there aa a prisoner. At my own request I went there in 1939. After coming out 1 went up the North Kiver, and joined the Shaking Quakers. 1 got to Lebanon ?n the 1st Nov. nnd b^ in the June folia" It g; 1 went among the Quakers fur the pnrimsr of leariib g the cooper's trade; they told me I must work on the f-rtn filr three yMr* lint; I told llirtn I could not work on ttularin, and if llit-y would not lot mo 1mm ? trade I would leave tbtm, I told them I had nothing, and wanted them to give me ?omi- money to jiay my -ttpeptea, lint they *?M I mint go a? I cam-? I happened to hire *1* vhillingt j I went to "Vm*. and a >oung man ol m> acquaintance there gave me *10 , afterthat t went to Canada, and began Keeping acbool ; loined the patTiotain IH34t, and wti with Makeur.ieon Na ay (aland , utter i left Canada, I do not know who got ay achool, I iMuaily had 30or 40 acbolara j I hare (wen recanUy keeping uchool in New Jeraey , in the fall ol '41 I came to aeo my old employer in Tearl atreet, with whom 1 "f j 1 E It A 42. had lieen clerk for live year* j ulao Mr. Lugueer, 104 I'earl street , I war brought up a merchant in thi* city ; Mr. Kira l.ewin, Mr. Jam** M. Well*, Mr. Lugueer, ?n<l other old ueigntior*, w ere kind to me alter 1 became reduced, mil u*cd lo give me areou 1-haad clothes ; the way 1 came to be rent to the penitentiary war thi* : I got pretty drunk, and in the rooming Justice NlaUellsaid ha would mind mo upti iDOiUhl, and he w ould make a gentleman ol ntf ; I did not wantlo g > to the lrland , the watchman took < me up while I wiu loaning ugaiust u lamp post before [ the uieu ware lent to thu hwal* they were usseui tiled at the i Luuao home, which if the building in which the lunatic* were confined previou* to the aiyium being built. They would not eat ikon- ninth, a* they saved their appetites, expecting to have a great leant in Now York. I know Tom Dot le. He it about half the sixeof * man, I win an oM elect loucerer iny self, but never bribed sny one to vote j wo got a good Uorn at the tavern before we started, Mr. Bogart knocking up the old woman to come ami got it lor us ; we told the woman wlioi we got to Doyle'*, that we had come out to\om i the young woman said there were eeveral thero now ; I kno v Webb ; he la a one-legged tailor ; he was no tin the room ; Doyle told us when w e weut to the poll* to suy we reluded in the lourth ward : he stated that we had slept at his house ; but few of the men were questioned ; 1 made a slip when I answered the Twellth ward ; we did not pay lor any thing wo drank, and might, had we pleased, got drunk as David's sow \ 1 took an opportunity, when Tom Doyle's back was turned, and gave him the slip. [The manner and language ol this v. itness throughout ultordedgreat amusement.] A man named Edward Gallagher, u native of Ireland testified to having been brought down that night, quarter, ed iu 1'elkani street, and voted in the ilh ward, tie did not know what liokel ho voted, tint it had the name ol Morris ou it. Joiim liaises, a young man, a native of England, testified to having beeu on llw i land, sent thero oli complaint of his wife, who he said is a g< eat drunkard. Hu was discharged ou the nigni of the lilh, tieloru his lime was out, nrouglit down, carried to i out Uoyic *, uiiil voleil iu me Fourth ward. There was a Scotchman in the boat who declared that he had no vote, and wan landed bach on the ' laud. He said when on board the boat, that he would vote as he liked. A man named Bartholomew Culbert, a native of Ireland, testified to having been brought down and voting in the Fourth ward. Tne Court then adjourned to thia alteruoou at four o'clook. Circuit Court. Delete JuJge Kent. Nov. 10.?Peltr McCarthy v*. Thomas II. Ltfgelt ?Iu 1815, the plaintiff bought ul duiendanl the house end lot No. 01 Beehman street, for $10,000, paying a certain suin iu cash, and giving a mortgage lor the uolaucu. The mortgage was foreclosed In 1837, an 1 Mr. Leggett bought the property oack at a Matters in Chancery's sale, lor $12,000, leaving $1,400 still due on the bond. Mr. McCarthy now sues on the warrantee deed, conteuding that the title had net vested in Mr. Leggett, when he sold the property It appeared on the trial that Mr. L. bought the property frcin the heirs of Valeutgiu Seaman, three o( whom were of age, and three others nut so- The elder heirs agreed that the younger should give title when they k... ni ,,r.. ivkinh Im.t nnl neenrre.l U'tl-n Mr I.. in lii the sali- to Mr. McCarthy, Out wu? perfected before the Commencement ol this suit. It appeare I also Uiat a Jentleman named Robinson agreed to give Mr. McCarthy IS,MO tor the property in 1S36, hut withdrew on finding that he could not give perfect title. Tnr cue it to go before the Under direction of the Court, the Jury gave a verdict for the plaintiff ol $7J9 50, being principal and interett of the $>So0 uxceu he oonld have obtained. For plaintiff, Mr. Wood and Mr. BrinrkerhofT. For defendant, Mr. Wet more and Mr. Oerard. ( eneral Session*. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Judge Lynch. Jamki It. Whitiko, Etij, Dittrict Attorney. Nov. 10? Brutal .Isiault and Buttery ?Wm. Heughey.the keeper of a grocery store, at tne oonier of Slat street and Third aveiiue, was tried tor an assault and battery, committ, d upon the person of i'hilip M'Clusky, his brother-inlaw, on ma 27 th ol Augnst lost. The complainant went to tu store of Hauguey to pay him the balance ol an account between them, when a dispute arose, aud Haughey kuockej htm do-in ami Inoke his jiw by jumping upon hum I'he complainant presented a Uistieoing appeor.iucr ?his laatuie. being entirely distoilod from th.- injuries theu received. The delence proved that M'Clusky commenced the assault, and that the injuries received by .be breaking of hi* jaw woru produced by his failing in the sculfi i upon a soap tiox X'bc jury relumed a verdict of g uuty, ami he was ordered to appuar on Friday for sentence. ilteaultint an Officer of I'nlic*?A cafbuncled faced, bullet eyed loatur, named Michael gollivaii, waatii ;d lor ussaultiiig William Carls, Sunday officer o the l'w. Inn ward, while preventing him from breaking into the shanty ol a woman who resided nasrllailum T-ejuiy found him guilty, ami the court sentenced him to the city prison lor three day*. Thtt sessions should never have beeu troubled with such a petty piece ol biisinass. Trial ?f William JC. Ho$t, of Hi New ilrnl?This noto indictments against him tor obtaining goods under lal?e T?rHl*'nr*?. This iudic.linont Itim wih o'*ialulug tliree cartoons of ribaud* from the liriu of J A Votain U Co., of 49 heaver street, on lire 6th of A must last, by lalse prixe ic?s. The prosecutioa called A. 11. Tbeviot, of the tirm ol Vol"in A Co., who stated that prisoner came to hia toi a on the Mh of August ami asked if they had any block riband for sale, which was shew n him ; arid upon stating that he bad an order from the country lor a small quantity, he selected three boxes, worth 646, and gave the name ol "Alexander Murray, dl New -street." The terms at sale were cash at live per cent discount and was to he paid on delivery. The goods were sent hy our porter, who was directed not to ieave them unless they were paul for. Contrary to sueh directions, however, they were left hy tie porter; and every attempt to obtain the money lor them afterwards was unsuccessful. John Murphy, who was a clerk with Hots at the time, and who h>s been conlined in the Tombs as a witness since, testified to uothing that would prove false pretences The prisoner was defended hy C. W. TethuiieandC. W. Carpenter, E-afs , and the Recuider charged that aa the sale w as madefor ca-h at three percent oil, and as the misrepresentation oi Kosa that he belonged to the firta of Murray It Co., of 81 New street, was not the inducement that prompted lha complainants to deliver the goods, there were tie false pretences practiced that would came under this statute. Also, that the promise that he would pay the cash on delivery, which was net complied with, was not such as brought the complaint within the statute, because, if the cash was not paid the gooda could have been claimed hy the complainants, as the contract had not been complied with.? Ilu saiil that if Unas hail obtained credit bv reDri'ientimr that he *Mont of th* firm ol Alexander Murray It Co. and it wmafterward* ascertained that such urn* not the would be within the statute; but the terms ol sale in this transaction, and the circtimstauoes attending it were such as appeared not to show evidence sufficient u> authorise conviction The Jury returned a verdictof not guilty, and the prisoner was remanded for trial en other indictments of a similar kind, as also out: lor grand larceny. The seven indictments against Boss were then set down for trial on Tuesday of next wwk, when all the witnesses against liim are requested to attend. Peter Reiereon, the Swede, is requested to call at the Police olftce at 10 o'clock this morning and save further tronMe to himself and aomoof his iriends. forfeited Rtcognitanrte?Nathan J. Davis, alias WiL lard Hiohards, jr. a clerk and a na ive of Portland, Maine, who waa indicted on a charge of grand larceny, for stealing hank bills of the value of fS4 from the pantaloons pocket of Thomas Campbell, of the Terrapin Lunch, on the night o( the 30th ol July, while sleeping in the same room with him, not appearing, hia recognizance made by Robert Donnull, was declared lor.eited. Henry 8. Baneker, a native ol New Jersey, and recently a collector^ at 81 North Moors street, indicted for grand larceny, in obtaining $ I SO from Mrs. Jane Williams of Ml Broome street, on pretence of placing it in the Chamber* street Savings Bank, nntl bailed by Uerard clared forfeited. Sltphf it Matt, indicted for riot, in entering the home of thnt pattern ol gentility Jrnny Wilbura*. o< tM Manhattan Place,and terrilying the placidity of her delicate nerve* by Ihreuaning to raiae a Sow, not appearing, hii recognizances, signed hy Charles Willatt, were forfeited. Michael O'Conner, of tho 1 at ward, who was indicted for stealing a quarterof a ton ol pig iionfrom W. Murdoch and L. Bullock, on the 7thof Septcm)>er last, hailed out by James Sullivan, not appearing, his recognizance was lorleiUsd. Janet Orr, for heating Daniel Keliher, of M Ana street, on the jft:h of September, baited by Wm. \V. Dougherty. P<u?ing Counterfeit Money -Oeorge Kawcett, shoe maker, waa tried lor lorgnry in the second degraa, ia having passed a counterfeit $6 note, purporting to be of the Manufacturers' Bank of Providence, K I , on Edward Story, keeper ofa porter house comer of (>rand and Bowery , on the 3d of Ootohvr last. It was proved by Mr. story that he received the hill from prisoner in payment tor two glasses of liquor, and gave him the change; he marked the note when at the police olticand also recognized Fiiwr. tt as the person who gave it to him. The hour of 3 o'clock having arrived, and the a Handance of the Recorder being necessary in the fount/ foUrt, the Court adjourned to II o'clork this morning. Troi/m-k in Cuba ?There appears lo be a good deal of excitement in certain parts of Cuba, in consequence of the movement of Davizl Tnrn'>.;ll, , lately English Consul at Havana. He recently appenreif nt frivara, and demanded the liberation, til not only tint English blacks at that port of tlie inland, but of all Africans introduced rince the treat/ oi ' 1821. He was immediately placed in charge oftwo Spanish officers, and permitted to go to Holgttin, at hi* own request. He reached there on the 17th ult., and on being rccogniied.Ithe Brigadier had httn arrested. II s protests for tn- violation of the la s, existing nmitv and treaty between the two governments, are qmte explicit and vigorous I he Hi ma-' dier, however, has concluded upon Uking h m to, the H.ivana. This Hep he ha* resisted with veri powerful langtiavP, nod prnnvws rtther thai; fco t" dm Havana, to re-embark and return inthesim>vesael to Nhsshii, hut the Bllgtd'.er Is mil Jtlbie Mr. Turnbull goes touch againtt fits will to v . once more the capital ot he Havana He is 'he English eon ul who caused somnch trouble in Havana a short time ago, und who only saved Ilia hie by flvini: lor protection on board of the English guard ship there, it* coin* qoence o< opinion* and acts expressed by lam, to the injury ot the planter* I * i - m i ,11 ifiutvoK <ui i t ?*-? Prlra Two Coota. City I n i?J I In* ?? >. 1'olict. ?No htnineic of iiwcial inteivit before tke Po lice. Samuel B and Lewis U. Wolfe, German Jowi who were charged with receiving stolen good* knowing them to he inch, were fully committed y esterday by Jur-tieo Gilbert, ami immediately alter admitted to bail b> Judge Lynch, undei the previous writ of habeas corpua, Uaued on Tuesday. Their store is uut at *7 Chatham strsst aa tilted en Tiiuraday, thoao premiaea are oosupred by Messrs. Morrison *. Levy, clothes dealer*. Thi il.vanwaba Raiittaiss.?Tiia following atorea have brim robbed of Hoe oe.tlery siucu last wiutar, and the good* have been *o.d principally to a well-known re. reiver, but on whom nothing inn, ho found :?Oioorno at Little, Deck man itreet, J. 11. Bugvrt. do , Van Wagnar \c ruokor, Ureeti wich urea , A. h 3 WiUeta, Paatl atraot; A. W Hpi'-sit t'O do t, way re k Lw. uo i Wilvon, llawk worth k Moll, Piatt surest. 1'. Blrti, do ; Jo iah Leveret, IVurl street; J. Wurdwu.l, Maidea lane 1'heie are some other* not knovVU; hut there is little doubt, that if per on* in tin count, y UiW'us would aid justice, rould so identify thi* " i ecu. er" or " iauca," a* to put him in snug quarters for some time to come. It la estimuted that fjd.OUO worth ot cutlery, *u>. ha* bean robbed from thu hurdw are stores during tnu summer, and the robliers have been at large until soma toward has been offered. Thomas Thomas, now in niison, i* one of tha movt notorious. Some others are also awaiting trial, hut thu receivera are worse than thu thieves, because they are outwardly respectable, and are responsible; and being general t ruder a, easily dispose ol the goods in this city lUitl neignnoring ion nv, principally aiming unu me keepers of stands anil imall stores, ami frequently barterill'X cuilury fur Jewellery or clothing. Wiikhk nut THtr J? What ha* become of lame* Smith alias Honeywell, who was arrested by officer Bowyar Hoinit time since on a charge of picking the pocket of Philemou Can fie LI Alto the two pickpockets named Joseph Antli waito and Wni. I'armeton, arrested by Stephens and MrOratli. Al<o Joseph W. Stent, arrested tor abandon, ment, but committed tor bigamy, and James T. Walker, alias Thomas, and Sam Williams alias Parker, arrest ad by officers A. M. C. Smith and Low, as the robbers of the store of Samuel Cochran of Philndeiphia. What has become of these men 1 Who can tell 1 Fuoitivc ttrussr.D. -Charles J. Steinicker, a (Jermau, who stands charged with stealing a trunk containing clothing and jewelry, valued at $-100. from Mr Roll, at tha Quarantine last spiing, was committed to the citT prison yesterday, having been brought trom Philadelphia on a requisition from the Governorof this State. He will be tried at the present term ot the Sessions. Naval.?The U. S. ship Marion, Com'r Wra. M. Armstrong has droned down to Hampton Roads, w hence site will sail immediately for Vera Crui? The following is a list of her officers :? Win, M. Armstrong, Com'r ; Lieut*. T. W. Brent. O. 8. Glisson. C 8. Bogg*. C. B. Poindexter; Surgeon, D. C. McLeod ; Aaaistant Surgeon, J. Wiathrop T.ylor j Purler, W. A. Christian j Acting Master, Wm. A. Wayne: Acting Profeaaor of Mnthrmatic*, W. De Daey ; Passed M.dshipinen, M. Hurt, E. L. Winder; Midshipme n, A T. Byrens, W. P. Buckner, Wm. 3. Cuiiunan, (J. M. Dibble, F. M Humphrey, J. P. Hall, P. H. Haywood. A W. J'-hnlon. R. 0. Minor, J. MeRolierta, J. Sewell Boatswain,O. Willmuth ; Ounner, R D. King; Carpenter, J Overman; Snilmnker, J Joins. FOR SALE.- lie yacht ON KA-HV-E?She is Mfcrtlnn* ?21^ feet lieam. nnJ 12 leet tinld. Her cabins are extensive and superbly I'lfrd no. If not wanted lor* Yachf,ahe wonld be well adarted 'or a |ia?kel between some of the West India Island'?to the Chin* or snv ivher trade wheye great speed is *n ohjeet. She is an admirable set-boat, aud wonld csrrv a larar cargo, r.oinhluuiK more buoyancy with aharnorsa, than any other ?'os??l afloat. Sh* is strong snd stonily hnilt, and wonld he vslitsble as a diaimtrh teisel, or aa a tender to a fleet Slir would car'V a very heavy rmimrul on her deck, from having mrc of her ballast (40 t..ns) in .in iron keel, by o-ireasej For c u.inercial i*trposes, ?hs wnnhl require n" ntner bellast. Her hu'l, sails ri*?iug. III . i pre-llc Vc. It"., are in iwrfcet oid-r. Si e can he se n to . - oOn' a dollar's ttpcille. She rn-v he seen at the D'-y liti. IV fsphrrjaitltiun imjnire ol'lra B'si, at the office of lh C. - H A R. (.Company or to JOHl* C. 8 T EVEN A, ti?gwii(h South Amboy. M~ AG AMINES St PEHI'tDlCALS FOR NOVEMBER. A Hit. OmlLndir?>B ???h. O aimm** Mammn*- Lucira W >rl<i wf b rssh*???. Y??uti? Propl**' Book Bogtnti and B'Uilt-y's NlS?cp) 'uy.?c ^ Fn o HAiitf (si il??? T1X cp'ifu-y, more flun rin rutin** ; Hi lica) I<v?rual aud* Family M'gar.iiif, cjiicfl h\* hr Hrv. H. R 'Oil ^ * id 0. Nrwell ; TtmiH-rniirV ?n<a o:h**r A lm*inr- ; ?h# K inHow and Radi nt, a rpw hints r it. and wi? lourinl. wrll caJi:?Uied 10 I'lraws ih? |,v I AM(1 tfiy. A''** which will be 10IS at whnltmtr niid retail, and tli?i> to ??ll <u;ai?i at a lower rat* than c*? bp nh? in?* 1 rlir where. V n L/.r... U S?|.,I fry n;,M.l.-a no.rali.'os nasrirJi ike. A. J SEXTON, No. I B^km^n, 9(5 I m f rnriu-r Ntus .?. urilA M'IS'S PATENT LI V K R^AT" Ms b-ralmnl " i|n.i four y* r> in kiu.l ttnic, *wl h) rs.ritmtat a, follows Maonrd ai il tbr w n fiom tbr dack o a tat while malar w*\ ; dnt|n?'l au-lwi?' fm the s era ot *74; fool. (1 t i|>? ii iiw .l wahiron -i d ?irrif?, wl'l-iht b >om >IMr Hi v'ururd by tnifr Uialiii: down 'l.ll rati-1 tug If. fforta of 15 mm In kea\i her ?o : u sal by lirr ii??' ngars <i d r c-i*inir rh-m again alio freeing bar-elr foin waier ; koimm >li>Vi> in liv lniilll. "u a rucky ah or mid I In n row. d out in at; lamll * in ? ?ur/. wlirn all o tier b t? iaam|ttd : |tl ing r?ere and iMMCimr. Irnm a wrack in a storm at sal, wilh 'ha b w -five in ami plug' out ; h aiding a ?r> ck with tlia bo t ?e b okan o|i? n ; lent init a -inking wreak full of pas-engr a, w lb lha r* brraknig from end to and ; making way across a coral rr- f to a frick 'ml bringing on 86 pas,angers. lairing tha ordinal y bensa tramiud ; ihruwn from iha dsu-k at a ship milwUe and ring 22 parsons ; sides and bows broken through and bnt'oin s'ora in and mw.-d in deep wafer, Ac. and finally blown up by a sutnniriue explosion, and than ag-ia in'iv td and ruWad as bamra. JOffRfH FRANCIS Office No. 7 Wall at, at Adams A Co,'s liprai Olkca. u( Imr DHIt. AD?f LPHIA DAlit'ER^K''TVPIS K8TABLHHr MENT, Axemen Baifllog Nna. 26 and *7.?Sidgl Porlr<its Usau, from br. its'pin i ixr to 8 iiicli-s in di in"' r. Rimilv it ou|h of frnm two in 15 persons on our plate. Tunc of sitting lUaiconds Cmia ?iit v on hand, unit fot sale, Tulra enta of the noir bind aa used in the e? aW?hmrut ; a'an aad 'I ?Ui?r u e?.il,. W. 8,, K. LANQKNHK1M. nlO lm?r rpHO VI A* JUSfcS, aeciraiitaht, 181 Broadway, r sit rtfufly 1 announces th>t he lm commenced lor (lie >ruun 10 >itt ivrnui* instruction in Book-keeping Penmanship and Commercial Arl'hmr.ic. The many hundreds of la former pupils who are ww holding situations of the highest reslmutihility aa clerks mid bookkeepers in hi i cilv; afford the beat possible teat for any enquiry at In th- menu of n litem of imtruetion which hmgrowu outol many yra-s ul'eipieii-nce An adequate ili'iyraee under the Cnnrie here pn>?nrd wilt secure to slndrnt the ability to UiscMrge all the duiie* ol tlie desk lu mallei!)' mann.-r, and give him a Jiniwlrdgr of accounts aitch aa la very r-irely attaineal thrnuth yvara ttfeipericnco. Certificates of inahficati m are given when deaerred. TO PaRK'nT*?TVrtaina hoars of the day are di voted to the niatiuciipnofa fvw ) oanq K< ntlemeu whodeair* a thorough preparation for business. Published and for aale by the author, " Jones's Principles and PriCtice of dunk keeping," g?o. ptire Its. Thla is the ooly Ainenean wn>k nn the aukjec reprinted in Ergland. 11 la aL 0 aiiopied in the first Acaueiuic Institutions in this city. nO tm*r _ w TVAILUN'ARV AKTIcCVCS, CLbAKV koe-V lCTO *1 lll.NK A. CO., from Paris. respectfully reform the ladiea of this City, that tn*v will open on the ?th iti?t. Jk> Broadway, between White and Walter streets a splendid aaaotunrot of M-"ta, Capotes. C oiks, re'erinr*. (smalls, fancy and street Dresses, Wcarfs. .Shawls, V.-iU, hoalhers, M r shouts, fee , ol the l.iteat "aria loaliion. Ju,t received per ship Ville da Lyon, rrotn Havre. Diesa and Cloak matin* |iromplly rsecuud. n 'i I tn * r D^WRl* ON FlfY.-IOUXTY. SI-VKRAL medical S'litlrmen desirous 01 attending Or. R. Seism.'? Lerino a on Physnlogv, h -villi intimated tn him that t'iree lecrutra a vt i-eli wr.ahl i.rerfere wiih tin ir profes siouaieiii Krmriits. he has onsr "ted to limit the number to woiwrek, to he delivered on TuesdsiN *i d Sstnulay 'a, at 7S o'v nek, in the svenisg, at ill* New York Lyreu-m all B.oidwav, over Mr. Roe l.ockwood'- Book Sto c, near Canal street. Prior for the Whole course ti, tnr tingle lecture^ ti vri'v* _ _ " ' HOUSK F11 K M H H (I"Vf A K~K H<)l J S fc.-W O K A M k HAUOHWOUT, 561 Broadway, Miinofacinrera, Aceuta and Coinrniaaion Merchant#, ha*e ju.*l received anil are now Ajwntncr a new and splendid assortment of the fallow in* arU Silvered, (lilt and Brottae Oa Chandeliers, i to *l light*. Do I'audle do ll"M " Do rimllr Bracket*, 1 to 3 * Do (l?? Bracket*. I'J 3 " Do ??-is tnamcl Li|hu, I to T *' Co Oujuuoiee, I to I t .iiuAtekra*. vvo t< " /vitrei Lamps, Hall I amps and Lantern*. Heading Limi t ho. . A new article ol Solar Minis * *ety anpertor article. Al*n. a new article of Defleetrr lot improving the light of the dd pvtUruofAsUal Lamp. Also * new ityle of Florentine Bronx*, color immovable. To?cthei with every variety of Lamps and Chaadrhere. for churches, kail* and public nuildimrt. Pt-sTCD W?a?. Bo km, Caalora, Traya. Tcssl Hack*. Cnpdle?tick*, Napkin Bailer Talia, butter and Font Kitifea, Snuffer* aad Tr n?, <-oAee snd Tv* Urns, he. Fine Tilde (.uili 15. in ?tt*and dozens; Ja|>anned Tea Traya, t . rr-n r n'tv of pattern* *iul forrns; liar cat al**? B?nnl*, I'licnnrt, Tmnhler*. Dishes, UoblrU, Ducantrra, Water Battie*. So, ir*. he. kc. W kH. be* reap rtfully to iufni m thou friends, cutUnnert, oid llie public generally, trial itirir arrauai menu with the minufactnr r* a*r ??ch that tney can sell all article* la their line it remarkably low prices; and reipertfiil y invite tbetn to call md *ee their show roonia which *lon? i* tn Acvam tn rnmiwa wrafurtbr IroabU .simb PxrnrejmmrPE: ? to the phoronn.ivhic artists. Ka. ahtault it co, cm urm>. ?? Pnl't CkiicK, rei|Kcliu iolortn ih*ir fro moth* liubTlc, thai !ln-> Hav jtltl rrceitid njr|>ackrttl;i|> AitT". ioicp- of l(KK) tJ*?u-rwttype Frmcli flute* A ii? ? ui'i'lv of the bwi ai.4 in ?*?t pattern* tOO ..once* bromine SO pimin * inomin* of iodise 1(1 pound* b* orionMiaU nfv'ila SO mmmri .A eMorwicnfroll tot iMiuudr of (ri^oli ol.vtjiu* SO ourn e? on' Hide of Iodine . And the new book oonuiniiuith* !**? < improvement* mil ? 11 viirm-otvi?. _ ' T77>OH,I vot K vrovK v bmmrrtia nnl-rnf inedW. 'h- ?nlw Her K? iH'trnmH o .til s7 ?M?>t / I mill, n mililrr.liut ; hi. Column P?Hor STo?r. #uW?nnf *11 t&# pairnotrsnf rb# ffrtte, witli fulfill* trviitdr *?J *:h-ii *, suiiib'e for ?aitn??c rooms, -ffi ,, .i^rvf, or h.ilt*. U wurly tUt *ru<it>on of ptrsont \i*1nng 10 f torch*** Hi cn .fim i' ofrookttiv Htovesare not tufn k'H in fh? .I. , for eh *|wi # ml t?|v?rior tyf*? of c<? h ru. ft* i, rom'oj,,. .ill ')>' rt-qii.nt** for lolchert n?r, * d 4 ^r* <t I'viri* of ihl, sif!>?*: ? ?U it#?1l Oil Of #.*r* ?|S iVt*f|rtt?k in eh??'tu?* r?H Hr .1 N. * ir ? ?|i.| ? vdH H?rr? r ll ?f illi r < i ih Warr n Kuro^o C<*nrit ?>, X.?, 22 i^aii^u v V. tuf uitht-iun Lrwixrt. A? co 1 (i .(iv mstiUf >?tur# ihitrsfo%is. |Mieh%s?.? ?i?l in>1 t>r oi jccimI to t;i% by buying |>oin second haoJs. Tlicir Consist* of str-thfbf. tvxtfjmc *ud i??rlo* 9tm??, Ifott ? urn^c.v-. Mill*. Tin and Sho?t w iff, Jk. wholcufr oid ft-Ull Old# r* for (Vtsurig* soli d?4. J J. lUIBTTl 0I6 liu*tc Zi fr ?ltoi4 stivet, N. Y. MUchkivJ atirff ni - mot wf * t *>Id #- |. f ' ?#* *f > wj 01 *..* m\ ui in* yvrff mH) ,vr?Wt?

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