Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 12, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 12, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol- Vfll.?Ho. 90S - -?V uti? W*> 3164. SELLING OFH AT WALKER'S.?MO irladtaa Fr-och gaiters, French ami satin slippers awl buskins, 101 ,r tiuc e < It' -til in J loot*, ti to $1 50i>ri fj". *"0 jir rail' arc line pegged iioo's, in m $2 to 1 31 a?d ?2 50 inO pr hi ti.n \ i mm niil tin- bo ils. Irom $1 t" %i "! /"J' ' pair, 130 P'ii children's do (font 3s to Is per |iair, 500 l'f lau'i'e u misses boots, shoes ?nJ buskins, from ts to 6- and ? per |>r, noo i t of gents ssaler proof b H>ts, moccasins, I ruuoers in abutul ittee. men's*e and tin- boots . f all 'i1**. froii. $1 71 to $2, all warrintrd. All Hie ab uomls ai per cL the c rai-mt In I city. Call and see lor yourselves, Canal at. C OW hn*?c'4d*',>' * _ J. 8. WALKEUS. - I I !Y VTn V'T ili. AP lioot ili'j Mlioe AUikft. !?09 Greenwich, comer Skiii* ?t, is the only place w tier* can b? found oools .in J shoe* to suit the li nes. All those w^o wear boots andshoes will do well to five a c ill. Lidie*' and ki'iki buskin* from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 shillings jut pur; Kru1 IfinrTi*' bo u i>um 12 shilling* to ll per pair; boys' Poou Ifiomft > hillings io $340P*r ]* * All who witn U> *a?e 2*J ?*? c? ut will k'vc a call at the i union Cheap Boot end *het* Siaiket, 509 Greenwich corner ftpiiug street otl Im'r LADlfH' BOOTS AND SHuEB-Lockwood. ^pPf 391 Bro?ulwar, keep" a tine assortment of lades* and children*' boots and snoei, of the litest American and Lump, au fashious. Orders received by the dozen from places of fashiouabJc resort o!6cod*r It Y M N A STtJ vi SPARRING SCHOOL & PISTOL GALLERY. MKS9RS. HUDSON X OTTIOX'ON re jvcifully inform the gentlemen ol New Vork, tint theireiieuaive rooini at the corner of Broadway and Cnauibera atreel, lor Sparring, 'lyniia.' .tie* and Piatul practice, are uow open Tor the aeaaou. Nwmeron* iinprnvenent* and additions hase b. eu lately made In the Utinuaaium, which will now be found in every retpect wMmolcte -inil equal lo any otner in the country for athletic ex nirt. Nnarring tanght ou the moat approved principle*. Gentleman tinting the Piatol Gallery will be ?upolied with Pit'ol t of a auiierun quality. Term, moderate. Geutlemen are invited to call at any time d irunr ilie day olfi lin"r SELF-COCKING PlSl'OLS DLUNT A SYM9, .mportera and Manufacturers, No. 45 O Chatham street, have ou hand a I rye uaorhneut of the Sis Barrel S If Revolving Self Cocking Pocket Piatols. These pistuls have the advantage over all other* ol trie kiud by the imiosaibility of losing the caps, the uipplea being placed iu a horizontal direction,and there being no cock iu the wav to pun. The above pistols can be furnished lower than any others in the uiarkei, *1 wholesale or retail. We have as ureal a variety of oilier kinds of Pi. tola as can be fonnd, with Ritles, U. 9. Muskets, for shipping <ud military; Prixe Muskets, do: Fowliuk 1'ieces. siuitlr and doable; extra larse size double aud simile Guns lor aiiekiua, toiieliiei with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Baas, Caps, Locks, Barrels, tec.. Sic., in larxe or small Quantities. .V B?Country dealers are rri|Uested to call and examine oni assortment be lore ; urch.klna elsi where. s8 !m*r V, 10 Lispeutrd street.? The suascriher respectfully lulorms his old friemla aud customers hit he li is reiuined his old business ol bakiuu, and will be thankful fir their favors. Having taken the stand by O. W. MILLi> It, 40 Lis|>eriard street, so celebrated lor guml cake, and the subscriber havim; carried on the business a number of years at the well known Ku-cUerbocker Bakery, No. II William St., a favorite r. sort for good crackers and biscuits?he thinks he has uotlo gotten how to (.lease the taste of the public. JAMES TOMPSON. N.B.?Always on hand, fruit cake of all kinds aud prices? wedding cake of all sizes?pound case and sponge Cike of all aires?rusk, to i biscuit and bread every afteinoou?biscuit and crackers Iresh every morning. o.O I in* r WATCHES LOWER THAN EVEK.-ln consequence ' * ol the .eduction ol duties by the late tariff, the subscriber is selling his stock of Gold aid silver Levers, An hor Escapement Lepiiir, aud other Watches, ol new and splendid patterns, and Jewelry, at, at a considerable reduction from former pricea, b. nut much lower than they can be nouitht for at any other place in the city. Gold W itches aa low as 2U to23 dollars each. Watches and Jewehy exchanged or bought. All Waiches warrant'd tn kerp pood tine or the money returned Watches aud Clocks repaired in the best meaner and w at rained at much less than the mu il nrlces. O C. ALLEN, lin|>ortrr of W*itches and Jewelry, o!2 1 in "hi Wholesale and Retail, 30 Wall it., uii?r.iir? NEW C ASH T A \ L 0 R I N G EST4I1LISHMEN T , NO 93 CHURCH ST, (BETWEEN READE AND CHAMBERS STREETS. GENTLEMEN lurnisipnK their own goods can hsve I he ill ndc up in the most l-uhi.liable French style, cheaper than ever offered before lu this city. Overcoats mule and Uiuimed {& 60 Fiock co-its " " " 7 40 Dress coats " " " 6 40 Vest and Tints $1 40 to 1 76 N. B.?Repairing done in the neatest manner. ol I in *m SAMUEL WYANT. COAL, COAL?A canto of best Red Ash Teach ti.chard, bn-kt n Coal, di<> h.irgiiu; this d,n iroin buge Titer, foot of Rutaer sired, and will be ddiTcird free ofcarlage at (6,43 per ton. Orders received for the above tjuality of Coal for one week, at the folluwiug low prices' Broken, $3,40 Kg*. $1.40 Nat $6,00 n4 6i"r OmOROE THOMPSON, Ulie.ter st. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOW ?1(8,8 mat cm I lor floilU-BuUNLAROSIERE Si COURT, 1 6W,lliainrt. ??c,e ion rf Briinla Ronrrc Si Co have just received by t!,Hayre Packets Baltimore and Ville de Lyo< , r large assorment ol faahiouatde tl i?m, of llielatistPa isiau style. Mourning FlcWrra a la Uuchi-sae D'Orleaiu, Cords Mid Ta se s, and a great ? iriely ol new fancy articles of toilet for pmties and bills. The No. 116 Wl liam airrtt is the tine and only depot of (hoa aunerior articles fr?ro their manufactory Rue de Tracy, No. 6 a Paiia. uj lm?r ALL READ THIS. T^HK undersigned having mide sereral heavy purchases of Hour of Very superior brands, mil olfer foi sale on aud after Mouday licit.) p uuda baked Bread, fur I shilling. To ihoae unacquainted with the article, he would state that size has generally hern a secondary consideration, it being his cna*laut endeavor to gratify th-tute rather than use inferior H ur to increase the Wt ight. But now (lour being so unusually cheap he feels satisfied, should the purchaser study either size cannot fail m being pie ued after givme it a trial N. B. Storekeepers wt hing Ins can bs supplied by calling at his store, wnere terms wi I he made knowu ROB'T. MUMBV, III Fulton st. or Atlantic St., 4 doors above Henry. Butter and Sngar Crackers, manufactured by himsell, of superior quality, Ire.h every day. Brooklyn, Nov. 3d, 1MI. n) lw*ec rfC) FAMILIES OOI.NO SOUTH, to the West Indies or a Europe?A respectable female, 21 years of age, wishes to obtain a permanent situation as seamstress, in a genteel lamily. She wonld prelergoing to Europe, vet would accept ol > good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The best ol reletences given. Address A. A. A. box 76), npper Post office, N. .York. slSr LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS KTHOLESALE AND RETAIL. No. t Wall street. Th ?* subscriber has-eceived and offers for sale a large assort* meut nl nni-oried India Rubber Water Proof Goods, viz: Coau and Capes, ofsuuerior Lama, Caslin ere Lama, Persian, Merino and Cottou, of all colors and sizes. . Cloth? India Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lama Persian and Cotton, pre |*red for t itors. India Rubber Webbing* lor suspenders, corsets, lie. ?28 6m*t CHAW. ABRAHAMSON. FENCING SALOON & SHOOTING GALLERY. K.MKK j, 413 Broadway, entrance lis Lispcnard street. second door, lately from Europe, Professor of the art ol Feneimt, lives instructions i' Fencing ; also in the nse of the Straight jcrookrd, and Turkish sword, hauling knife, musket aud rwybuet, stall, and every species of weapons. Geutleineu, lovers of this art, military officers of the army, navy, Ac. are respectfully invited to call and witness an exhibition of his skill in this useful aud important art. A spacious double Shooting Gallery, illuminated in the evening, will also be fouud with superior Swiss pistols?shoot ing al distance of 21(1 yar ls ill im'r NOTICE TO FIREv|EN, AND all othen desirous of keeping their Feet Dry and Wartn the coming season. By calliug al the OLD EXCLUSIVE I BOOT STORE, N >. lis Chatham street, they can he accom tn alaied, as the proprietor lias on hand a full assortment of his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on hand a full supply of all other kind* of Boots at prices to suit the times. Also?that invaluable article Rogers' Metalic Elastic Heel Boot can be obtained at the Old Exclusive Boot Store, No. 114 Chathamst. s2t lm*r GHOTON WATER. TJANSON. WILCOCK & HANSON, Plumber*. Brass T1 Founders, and Cop|iersmiths, next door to the Tabernacle, No 338 Broadway, New Yo>k From long practical etiwrirDce in boimru in tlm and other citic* pouesiiug Water Worka. H W. U H. have confidence in thna assuring the public, that all o den er.lruaied to them will be promptly eierutrd, with a Tiew to permanent satisfaction,in a wo, kin.'alike atyle, and of the beat matriials. Their charge* will always beaa moderate as can be reasonably atfor.d by any competent and respectable concern Water pipea of every approved deacription, for introducing the Croton Water. Pateut lead tii|?a, cart iron. comi>orition and tiuned |ii|>ea. Br.iia cocks and water cloaeu. of their owu superior manufacture. Hydra"ta of Carolina red cedar, bath ma tuba, bath b- ilvra on the beat Philadelphii plau, and other articlea iu the lurcg >iiik brvuehea o' business. olB lm*r SEGA RS?SEGA THK following choice Scgar* ara always on hand at HENIliqUES'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEOAR STORE, wholesale aud retail, basement il VVilliamit. Rioodat, in half and quarter boxet Do. No. , half and <|narter boxea Noriegas, in quarter and eighth do * Para Regains, iu quarter do Retain*, of a auperior quality, in X, X and l-l?th botea Contrra**, in quarter boxea Trabucaa, do do La Norma, do do La Eaperanxa, do do Tree Ainigns, in cartona of 20 each London Regalias, in cartona of 40 each La Prnela, in quarter boxea aiiagan'i spotted, in quarter boxea Panetilla'a, do. of superior quality Yngeneudad, do D< moyaa, do Maieoa, do Pnucipex, of the Hendon, Crnx and Manx, alt cat. to deb. Priinavrraa, in qaarter boxea Al rxi.xaa do Conataiiiiaa, do Busramenlaa, do Kamcro Regalia*, do Imperial do, inqnarte oxes, a aoperlor article. N. B.?Ilotela andgroceia plied on reaaonab e term*. ol4 lmb_ "POR SALE.? ?.he~Yaeht ON-KA-HV-E?She is94 leet long r ?2lX feel beam, and it (ret hold. Her cabins are men, sive and anperbly t ttcd nr. If not wanted lor a Yacht, ahr l*i K. ta. * 11 rail j i it < <4 hYr nirkcl hc'wrrn lump nf lK?? Weal India laianda?to thr China or any o.her trade where gnat apeeil ia an object. She la an admiiable eel-boat, and would carrv a large cargo, combining more buoyancy with aharpueia, than any other ?c???l afloat. When iirnng and atoutly built, and would be valuable aa a diapatch veairl, or aa a tender to a fleet She would carry a eery heavy-rmament on her deck, from having I >ic of her bellaat. (40 tonal in an iron kiel, by which tier atibiltty la gr ally -larraard For commercial purpoaea, the would rrquire no otner ballaat. Hvrhull, aaila. riguing, luiui-ure, lu: lie. lie., are in peifert ord. r. B. e can be ?> lit to tea without a dollar * etpenae. She may be aeen al the Dry Dock. For fnrther partirn ara inquire ol Ira BiiH,alth< office of the C.and A. R. It. Company, or to JOHm C. STCVENH. nttwjgb Month Amboy. VfAcJAZINES It PERIODICALS FOR NOVEMBER. 1*1 Artiat, tliHley'a LadieaBonk, (iranam'a Magazine, Lailiea World nf Kaahiou. Yoailg Peoplee' Book, and BriiiU-y*s Miacellauy. he : F trin llouae of the XIX cenfnry, with more than yflOfl i nvravingt ; Biblical Journal and Chnatian Family Magazine, edited by hr Rev. H. B'od a-vl D. Newell ; Temperance and other Almanaca : the Rainbow and Kadi, ut, a new hum >r na anil witty journal, well calculated to phaur the lively and gay. All of which will be eold at wholeaale and reuif, ami thoea who boy to aell again at a lower rata than can b* obtained aliewhrre. H. B.?Fifty agenta wanted to cirenlate magaJinee, periodi <ala. fee. A. J BEXTON, Nr. Ii Beekmau, dS Irrr comer Nataan. E NE NEW IMUFfrS! MUFFS! MUFFS 1 !?The sudden ch autre* id lie * valuer render it iti iiiiit^usibl v oeoessarv that the beauty atiu fashion of our ci y should % vail themselves of the i real unmet mviit offered t.i guard against the app'oachiug inclement se uon. They are now e nan led to enjoy a promemdt dttiiajK the coldest weather ?y providing lhemsel'?-? with a line Muff at U.e .tore of BARNET T k hi MMOND9, 149 tir-'a^Wrty. A'I descriptions of Furs cleaned and repaired at reduced rates o22 I in m QEMKRALTBT:NNKTT'3 MOR\lON DIM. LOsl'I<K8 J ?The tuoscribers will publoh ?n h- course of the euauin. week, " Momentum Ex|K>?ed; or, a History of J.?e Smith and the Latter Day Stint* hy G 11 J. C. Driinitt " Theai highly interesting and astoundi"g disclosures ethiht'in their true color, the prolligacy and wickedness of the Moimon leaders. It will be issued in good style In a 12?no. volume of upw rda of 320pagts. Orders espec lullv solicited. LKLAND k WHIJIN'O- _ 016 lm?r BHAc'BL'KVjSllUKN (So. 177 >?mih ?t. M A K T I N ' 5>~~0 A a 11 r A I L O K I JS G ESTABLISH MEN T. 144 William Street, Corner of Jinn Street, 18 decidedly the cheapest iu the city. There it Mways on hand a select stock ol seasonable goo Is, purchased for cash, which will be maile up to nnler iu the style of make, IU, trimmiuit, tec., that has given such gcneiul satisfaction daring the last lour years, and at a posit is e saving ol Ju |K-r cent. Gentleo'etiare requested to call ami ersunue. Those who fhruithth drown goods, can hate thrill MADE AND TRIMMED. Dress Coals, made and trimmed, -$7 04 ta $8 40 frock Coats, do do 8 00 to 9 40 Pants and Vests, I 7J to i 00 Oier Coats. 9 00 to II P0 IT" Terms?Cash ou delirery. sis lm* c MICHAEL K MA'ITIN THE AMERICAN MACINTOSH. PREJUDICE, or habit, make some to |irrfer etery thing foreign. We ask such to make trial of our water-proof coals and capes, and Ictrii for once (so fir at least as our Macintoshes are concerned) that the only merit peculiar to the imported ever the American, is that they inay have huuit on a lies iu Cheapsidu uutil they became rusty and out ol fashion, then .hipped lo America to be sold as "itood rnouith lor the m .rket." Price of lire American Macintosh from ren dollars upwards. HOflACE H. DAY, 44 .Mai leu Lane, s2<l lm*r Successor to It .ahurv ludia Rubber Co. ONE PRICE GTORlI rPHERE 19 NO IMPOSITION pracnceo st tins store he A askingdjubie the price au ar icie is wortn, neither anv interruiuionou the side walk. (No insult ottered il yon uou i purchase. _ Any person wishing to make a purchase can rely ou being furnished with clothing at the following i.rices : Coats $9 a 12 Cloth Jacket* 3 a 6 Cloth r.ints 3 a 4 SO Saitinett Pants I 60 a 2 60 JACOB COGSWELL, 041m*r 133X Chatham street, near Rote sell at., N Y. K E M O V A L . PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ME NT, la removed from 145 Broadway to No. T Aator House ECONOvlY IN GENTLEVIEN'S URESS. Garments of a moat .lejtant and Fashionable kind eta sarnie of 60 l>er cent for cash. "pHE advertiser d. tns it unnecessary to resort tJ the he.ckt neyrd system of giving a list of uomiual |>rices, presuming 'hat the length of time he has been established, together with the eitensivn patronage bestowed on mm, will prove a suin cu nt voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage el being connected with aa extensive cloth establishment in Kurip* le confidently assets that he can furkish clothes which, till com parisnn, will be found lower th.m any other house making Up the hest descriptions of gentlemen's dress, sll3m 9. PHILLIPS, 1 Astor House, Broadway J. SURlA, ~ FRENCH DYER, 490 PEAKL ST., Principal Office, tpHANKKUL for the patumage heretofore bestow d, resJ. |iectfully informs the puhlie lhar he lias, for the icoimim.. dition of his customers in the upper part of the city, opened Two Offices, one situated 267 Bt eeckes St., the other 362 nwKMV. lor the recep ion and delivery of Goods. Ah kinds of Silk.Cuttou -ml Woollen Goods DVED. Merino and Camel's H sir Sim wis cleaned in the French style, with neatness and despatch. TCP" All kindiof Wearing Apparel and Carpets scoured. Merchants can nave all kinds ol goods dyed and put up id their origin u loim. Brooklyu Office, 49 Fultou at. Brooklyn. oil lin*r RKs'l AUliANT KHaNCAIB. No. ) Nassau at. opposi e the Cuatom House. J. BONNjilli) U P. DKLA.viOPTl? have the honor to inform their acquaintance, aud strangers generally, thsl they have rular.ed their Breakfast and Dining Saloons,and have besides arrmged convenient rooma lor private parties, aud will pay paitnuiar attention to "rd<rs for Diunera and Suppers in priiate Houses, which they will furnish at very moderate prices. They constantly hare on hand? Brnudy I'reaervea of all kinds. I.iquors in great variety. Wines of >11 brands. Oil of Olives refined. Uruvere Cheese. New Chstel Cheese. Truffles and Mushrooms. Fat Liver I'iet, lite., &r. oZ7 lmr r TO THK AMAHSURS OF THb ACCORDION! SIGNOII L. MARTINI begs to inform the public that he has just published Ins Accordion luslruclion, which is divided io two parts?the iirst for the Accordions withem semitones?the aecimd for thin* with semi-nmra. haih of wIslet, are amply furnished Willi selected music, and etercisev pro gressnely wriuen, in order that the amateur c in* have rutin romntaiid over the iiutriiint ul. SION'Ott MARTINI begs also to slate that he has a large collection of MSS. music for the Accrdiou, which he intends to publish shortly, and he arranges for Hut instrument any sort ol music he should be required. The Signor will be thankiul to all those who will favor him at his residence, 90 Canal strut l, wheie he continues to give his lessons. au!9 3m*r T\ WILHKLMS, No. ill Broadway offers for sale his new J-?s unpolled stuck oi goods, wholesale end retail. 1.?U' Eiubroidcrie , eomm-ucedand finished pieces of various kinds; worsted, wool, stitching ami ku.ttiug ailk, beads, canvas, patterns, be. g.?Iu small and lace wares, all sorts or silk and worsted strings, borders, trimmings, caa<elt, fringes, and every article in this hue, doin in the ino.-t taste. 3.?The most copious and splendid choice of artifici U (lowers, done in ilie neatest work and newest taste, bouquets, diadems be. 4.?Articles of cast iron of the most various descriptions, manufactured in the Rota| Iron Coucdsrval Berlin 3.?Exquisite ami neat figures in bronxe. 6 ?A beautiful assortment of super'lne basket wares. 7 ? A considerable and el gam choice of pressed an i painted paper, sheets of let'er paper, cards, wafers, be. I.?An elegant and great store 01 the finest porceiain. 9.?A splendid aaaorimeut of the finest dressing articles,cases anil perfumes. oTS lrn*re I MTOK I'ANT DISIOVEKY iu Camphine and Chemical I Oil Lamps, warranted to burn at one hall the expense oi either oil < r gas.?The difficulty which has heretofore existed in trimming Cani|>iiiue Lamps is now euuiely obviated, by means of a Moveable Cap and other imporlaut improvements which, upon ius|>rctiou,will satisfy the public that they c-iu now obtain a Lamp sui>enor to any now in use?will barn withont smoke oi sinell?produce au equal and steady light in all direc ions, and regulated by a single screw inurement. Also, au Improved Tailor's Lamp. Camphin-, Chemical Oil, and Spirits, manufactured upon an improved system, wholesale and retail, de livered to any part of the city, from the Old Established Ma no of liEOHOE MICHLLL, o'9 !m"m 6 Catherine street. TEKKAP1N LUNCH" UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM G OUR.MONDE' QUI VIVE! THOUSANDS of our good cits, lovers ol good fare, have been toi some weeks past 'uttering severe disapiointmen from the closing ol the far-famed " Terrapin Lunch." The " litfai fev.r, is now. however, over, and again may they "feed well,'lor be it known tint the John Adams, of Knickeibuck.. "i...... i... i.i..'i' . ?i._ nrirtor. oue of ihe hnesi liule fellows in Christendom, y'clepi W J Carr. Now, then, smack your lips ye cormorants in the Turtle Soup and steak line, the mantle 01 'Handy,' has fallen npou lohu, to perfection, in itood eating and drinking may be again guaranteed at the Terrapin. A single look into the old "lee Boa," will appease t'ie hunger of him with the short parse, and a taste of the genuine at half the old prices will lickir the palate of the veriest anchorite. P ine Ureeu Turtle served up this day, and every day during the season. olllrn'm WORTHY ATTENTION 1 IOHT ! LIGHT !?Horn's patent solid bottom Glass Fonn* -Li tain Lamps for Chemical Oil?From tnc peculiar brsuty and elegance of these L imps, their neat construction and superior qu ility, they are destiueil to supersede all others now iu use. The total absence of smoke and smell, the iiuparalleleu brilliancy of the tlairie, is admitted to be uucquallr d. ,V B?Ai less cost than half a cent per hour. The proprietors assure the public that no lam|>s can be trim mcd and kept iu order with so little trouble, and with so much ?ase and facility, as those from their manufactory. J. O. Kay, sole agent for thi proprietors, at 126 Fulton street, 2d door from the New York Sun office. Also, Chemical Oil, Campliine, Globes, Wicks, kc. fcc. of sn enor quality, at the lowest incrket prices, wholesale and retail. >29 lm*ee FLUTE AND liUITAK. MR. PHILIPK ERNST, Proftnorof the Flntp, Gtrirar, in p.ileut Conrertiua begs to lummuf# lo In* Irieudi itod pub lie that be Km j tut published bit new 'Hondo Miliuire" forth* guitar, wmcn win no louiiti wen wormy tne attention ill tin learner 01 amateur, trom ill being well aoapled lu that iintra nn-iil aud calculated uol on'y topleaae but to afford uutructiou Thu Rondo, willi icvrrnl other pleaaiiqr pieces of hit composi lion "for ihe iruittr" are to be found at Mr. Kriut'i residence 61 Canal aireel, where he continues to rive leaaona on t..e aim*. inat rumrnia al ,6wi*r KLU.NG I O N A. CAitlfcH, Wine ntni Coinmiaaiui. Merchant, No. J New tweet, oje door from Wall atreer, hat on hind, and it daily receiring. choice arriclea, and olfera them at moderate pncea, for ca.n or ctt> acceptances. He offers for tale IPO lihda anil amaller packages of Lomelinc Madeira Wine 10 caakt M dinaey Vintage, of 1*11, 25 oaka Port, pare iaiee, the beat in the mirtet, 41 casks Dm an, Gold and other tap nor riiern*a, 21 Cfe-kv licueaaey, seignclle and Otard Dundy from London D icka, ? in 11pea Holland Gin, part Swan brand. Hi fined Loaf, Limp, and Crushed Bugar*, from tha beai Refinenea, for which W. A. Carter ta a.ent. OO haaketa Champagne. Vnclior, and other choica brands. W. A. Cart- r la aiao general agent for the micieut tionve ol Lomrline. of Madeira, and lakea ordera for their ealebrated Wmea, ofeeerv >ge or quality required. MARBLE TILK8, STEEL. PEPPER, CLOVES, kc. WOO Italian M.,rolr Tiles, whi e and bine. ? bagi Sumatra Pepper. 16 bags r**al Bourbon Cloves. 50 k.ica imported White Le.d in Oil. 25 hoses Milan Ste. I in amall but. Alaoan assortment of Topu, Aqua Marine, and other pre? ?vmif for ipiTfllfn. 1m*r PURE (tKUUNU COFFEE ANU aHct.3 THUBfc within* topnrchaae purr Rotated and Omund Cof- | lee, would lind it to their advantage to ceil el 114 F- Itoi at reel, where ?r kept the ?bo?e erticlet of the very belt quell ty in t Irf city, el poere to suit the tiniee. Colfe* Donated every day Ireeh, aud ecnt to any part of thi> Cliy end IfriHiklyn, free o( ri|ien>e. Coffee Rotated ami U round tor (Jrocenea, in a aupeiior manner. KB it. WELCH, late firm of 0l21in*m Welch > Shearer. PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS, IITAHKANTED to krepany lenttth of time in any climate VV vif Inbatcra, halibut, aliad, aalinou, oy.tere, ami clama beef, motion, veal, da k, chicken, turkey, beef aoap, rnutioi broth, rhickrn .onp, NX tail aont>, mock and *iern turtle xonp Vegetable eoup, grxrn near, inuahroome. carrora, inrinpa, par nun, tomatoea, nnlk,Vc. fcc., manufactured ind eold whole bv WILLIAM MUuhAoLi oTIm'm ?Vi Vnaaan .1 'jiHIt, NK^ YOKK Highland (jnird will tiold their flrat I Annnal Ball on Monday Evewn*. Dec. It at the Apollo I Rooma. JOHN O. CLEMENT, Becretary, ' CAPT. JOSEPH CKAKf.Chairman alOeod lt'r | w ro YORK, SATURDAY MOj Havana. [ConeipoDitruceof the Herald.] Havana, Oct. 26, 1^42. Mort about Law in Cub i?I $ IVorkingt. In con inuaiioD ol iny corfsiHindcnce 1 must nivc Villi 11 111 I N- more cltlOUI Ihia- 111 lIle^H u.? rt a unit lliu way thing:* are done here. A box on ilie ear to a school boy, calling a rascal by his right name, anything, in proper hands, is sufficient to bring up a thousand dollars costs before you are aware that you are threatened with serious proceedings, unlesin tune you beg the antagonists to accept two or three hundred. There is no remedy for this; for from the moment the lu w suit commences the costs increase in geometrical progression, and right or wrong, you must pay them; because the government won't, and the lawyers are too Slippery to t?e caugni. It you coinptaiu to tne Judge 01 (tie illegality of t le proc eduigs, winch through ig.iorauce,or a proliiable design ol winning at litem, lie lias uuillurised, tile Only answer is a volley 01 abuse, and a ciiaige ol contumacy. but a tew examples are more (u tlie point. A young woman,ol iloiuitul reputation,introduced herself into tne lodgings of a . reigner, mid an action of seduction being brought against bun, lie had topay$70U0 lu the mean nine, Hie gentle virgin lived witti auutner man! 1 wo youug loreigneis, who were living in the country,caugm a negro s rvmu in iheir house, stealing, and one ol them gave him half a dozen hloWs Willi a Cuwrude; mis negro, had been Irequeutly half killed by many persons lu tlie village lor similar misdemeanors. The magistrate ol the dlslri 1, tlie doclur, and some other wortliies, put their heads together;shut the negro up in me house ol one ol ihein, and wnile he was p.-rtoriiiuig the otiice otcook lotliese modern Daniels, deciuieU linn LD lie IN li.tfwnr <>t hu lit*' tr?un ihn u;1.?i...L uiUu.K thu y ung men had mtl.cted upon huu, apparently wiih caning luslrumens. These young men, wiinoui ever beiug ideiiutitd by the negro, were seued and thrown mto jail ten miles oft, and probably would Have reimuued there till now but tor the exertions ot lheir triends, although their liberty was otined them hy the head judge, liistaater, upon condition ot their paying 2d . unces ol gold?(about #240 ) During all the time they were in jail (tour weeks), al hough they reputedly ottered bail to any uinouui, and represented that as the negro had not a scratch upon mm, it the governor would only orier him to be prouueed, the wnole atiair wouid be cleared up, the negio was purpos ly kept out ot the way, ana the papers alone were in motion. Upon their torced liberation on ail, tuey repaired to the Capt.tienerul, (toriuudiely Tacon,) who ordered the papers to be produced and examined ; bui they were lost!! Another iriend ol mine was anuoyed by a boy who Was in the habit ol throwing stones into Ins house, und with a view ot putting a clop to ins tricks, lie Caught 111 til one day and gave him u blow or two with a whip. A lew days alterward-, two tascals appeared with a doc meut charging him on u criminal count ot cutting and manning the lad. As a very particular tavor, $otK) were accepted to hush up mi* business: Almost nil tuc creole families educate one or two sons lor lawyers to be prepared against dangers ; and tite city is iideated with tut incredible number ut hungry sharpers, to the detriment id industry ; and thus hundreds 1 young men who would he uaelul to their country, are devoted to a prot est ion which must eventually make iheni nun productive knaves. 1 have dwelt much upon this subject, because 1 am convinced that the venaiity ot the tribunals ot justice in this country is a great draw-back U|>oii its prosperity For instance, several acts ot extortion commuted by uvnncious individuals belonging to the direction ol public works here, and against which til" tribunals ol justice oiler no redrebs, have thrown ait odium oil all companies engaged in ust-iul enterprises, which may in<ike ti ditlicult tor them to re. hze necessary cout acts wuh ihe citizens ot the U. d., whose coundence must be alarmed by such experieuce. Let, liierelore, those youag citizens ot your happy republic, who look to this country as a land ot promise, not be deceived by the alacrity with which the inhabitants tiere receive iheni, and the air ot activity wmci reaches them on the wiuu* 01 tlie norm ; lei litem tecum cl thai a public wituoUi opinion and without the sateguurd ot justice? is little likely to be coustant ; and that what is gained here is much more easily lost. Wilmington, Del. [ConcsiHjudeuie ot the Herald.J Wilmington, Nov. 10, 1R42. Dear Bennett:? i write to intorm you that rumor says Rodney is selected in Delaware by 33 votes over Col. Jones ?that is, by throwing out 39 of Jones's votes, in Christiana Hundred, for not having on it the full middle name tor the Colonel; but that will be contested. Jones is entitled to it. That's going it trom 1,061 whig in 1810 to six democrat 1842 Clayton has now tuily drawn oil lor the Vice Presidency. great llare u|> has been between linn and R. ti. llavarii; neither of iliem I hoj?e will ever have anything to do in Delaware. By '44 the State will be skinned as clear as a coon. 8. Court of Common Pleas, B-lore Judge Inghs. Not. li-?Win. JlpplegaU v?. JUtlint Miller.?This it an action of SHiumji-it to recover the amount of a note oi $7A?, drawn by Mrs. Miller, payable to herself and by her endorsed On the part of the prosecution the execution of the note was admitted. The defendant was then thrown upon her defence. On the part of the defence the first witness was Uto Wilkts ? i'liu paper called the Kiash, was printed by Applega e, from August '41 to about the 1st D.cember last. Applei*ate was prosecuted for articles publish mi in iin* pujici, miiu iwu ui iiiirr nifiii i mi'iii* were louria hy the Grand Jury against the parties, Knelling, Wilkes, :ind Wuoldridge. Upon Applegate's being sued Le decline I printing it any longer. He then went with Wilkei to several printer*, in order to get them to print the paper: but not succeeding in doing thit, he suggested to Vilkes that the only way to succeed war for th> m to purchase a printing press belonging to him, and do their own printing. Mr. Applegate felt interested in the continuance of the paper. The printing press was purchased solely to print the Flash upon, and whs used for nothing lse, and af er the discontinuance of the paper it was re. conveyed to Applegate's office, wbeie it now is. After they went to Jersey City Applegate still continued to priut their show bills. Applegate's workm.u continued thereto work the press about iwo weeks alter the sale.? Applegate declined to print the paper because he incurrod a risk. The Court here adjourned to yesterday (Friday) morning On there-opening oftheCourt, Or.osnr. Wilkfs was recalled?Testified as follows:? The bill of sale was made out in Applegate's office, in the handwriting ol his clerk. The bill was made to Mr. Knelling from Applegate, the seller; the date 01 the note in question was Ore. 1, 1841; here several numbers of the Flash were shown to the witness, dated Dec. II and 18, and .Inn *>1 and QO lStl all mihliahed in l.-nii.v rii, . is> other two dated Oct. 81 and Nov. 0 wero bolh printed by VIr. A pplegate: the old Flash isdead; aspired in Jan. 134-J, ' witness retired in the early part of that month from the editorahip Crof-t re mined Ay Mr. Chase.? Some of thentimhenof the Flash were written in Brooklyn, ami some in Wmt Broadway ;they weiesot up at differ, ut placet, none atApplegate's; afier the form ivas locked up, it was sent round to Applcgnte's to be printed; Applegnte hail no ether connection with the papci than printing it; n? to the number! published at Jersey city alter the 1 at Dec., Applegate knew nothing about what the articl. were which we e inserted: Applegate finally refuaed eTen to print the paper in New York. Thia w-aa about the middle ol Nov. any; he declined on account of the ri?k aolely; he bad no moral acruplo on the subject which I know of; wilneaa told A pplegate nothing about the character of the paper which he wa* to publish: it would have bee i auperflttoua. Que?'ionrd by Crista.?What do you do? A ?Follow writing Q.?Who ia this defendant? ( Mr. Chase wished to discredit the witness ] A.? she is a woman; her name ia Adeline Miller; she resides in Rendostreet;have been there at h'r housc,moie than once; saw defendant there, tj.?What did yen go there fori A.?1 went there lor amusement. ?Did you get your amusement I A?Yes, I got my amusement; the fact that Snclling I ItQil ilitriu Isirv I r A t It VlilP familv us f hn wwaann swlisr . k.1 1 id what she did in the matter of the note, have had little or no business tranaactioni with the defendant, and that little subsequent to the purchase of the press ; it waa accidental. hhe conversed with me about the purchaseol the prosa ; ahn thought that she had been cheated in the purchase of the pres\ and I thought ao too. had had diaputua with Anplvgate ; he wanted the pay, and witneaa thought he would get it ; my memory ia trcacheroua ; my memory I think liaa been woran the last \ ear than ever belore ; I can recollect matter* concerning my aelfvery well ; Mra Miller'a converaation with me was immediately subsequent to the purchase of the preaa, at Mra. Miller'a home ; I saw young ladies there who were under her control and protection ; I don't think the presanawernd the pur|>o*e well ; it did not produce a good looking aheet ; it w aa in n col I place j the ink might hav? chilled , Mr Applegaie had no part of the profits of that pager ; the defendant was not a subscriber to the paper ; -he must have seen the paper ; see must have purchased It from the itreet j she mnr exercised any censorship relative to the paper. [ The counsellor the d-f*nc?had much d fliculty in g tdog such answers as he desired Itom the witness?which gave occasion to lodge tnglia to say that hp thought the Witne?a answered eery fairly?with a alight biaa, perhaps, against Applegate J Mr?. Miller had nothing at all to do with the conducting t iRK I RIMING, NOVEMBER 12. of the paper, no more than Mr. Applegate had. Mr. A lid uot interfere w^th the coudu ting ol the paper (the Kindi,) while here in the city ol New Ifork ; wuuem was lae prnici|>al writer ; ha I the control of me paper; I hare scarcely hear.! of Mr*. Miller lor the last tureoorlour month* Woi H. Sncli iio, recalled by Mr. Craft i?I am acquainte I with the paa.iUilt and deiendi ill in till* CaU?e ; ino note in my name a'n given lor a pi lining pi ?.*, pureU i-lte.l uy ivitnesaol >lr. Apple^ate ;iue pre?? iva? purcuaaed io print the paper calle i me Klaiu ; me paper ? a* pi in cd uy Ap pi g lit previous lo the piicllaic ol the pre**, lo kOaie iio.nh* before, aim at Ironi the coin.neuceiueiit of the paper ; tlr. Applegito must have known the character ol Lllli liiiLlt'l' 1 lll.llt LlItH.llI* h iiH ?u.un l.iltii.l d^nl-idl urfa<>la?w iu tile Flash, ihrou umu? before its pu dic i.ion, wa liacontinued iu New York Hr Apple^a.e wai seat lor, some article appedt lu,j iu the paper, to my ku iwlodge , tuero m m iiiucu couvcrMliuu [mhuI diiuut toe pu mcauou ul till* paper ; Air. Applegdle propol d selling Uiui lire pre**, in coiiseq lence ul A,pi. gato'? leiir to puousu llic paper iu lUocily , tlie propoutiou wan ma le lo soollliig lo purchase the pres* ; tlie price named lo w.mess ivi. ?.60, i knew uf no one wlu Would eudoi?u lor m.- to thai amount eicepliiig All" Miliar; I weui to Apptcgate eud asked linn n he would ijk il.r Mile.'* eu lor-euieut.(previous lo lliat I asked Nuliu I, Applega.e'a loreulau, it tua. was a lair p ice lor the pros* ; lie said it was 0 vlr. Applegaio'* reply v\ai, lual ho would like to sen halted idea more presses on the same security ; I then ankeil Mr?. Miller it sue Would ,nd irne the uoiu Iu tue place there iv is -uequosdon oi r Ouiij ilin money ; sue said she had uol IU'' money, lint wo iId lend tnui Iter note; I (jot the note auJ took it to Air. Applegate ; In objected lo illy name being on tno note?said Ho woiiul prelel All's Ailil. r'? note, made pay aide to unused'?aud sal i thai ho wouiu (jo dowu to lie. Ujiisc hi lie evening ami srruiOMlliu ii- . I.......... "I ...... I I I I with hi.n; Ins reu-ou tor not wanting any name ou tlie note *k, tbut it ve on 1.1 lie more uurkeiu It without it ; i hud sj>okeu to Mr. .Moluna about working the pros! uu ttie oilier mile el I tie Hirer?Mr. N. was to supermini the working ol the press ; Mr. Njuu i an 1 llie gii'is wuo ll j eii tue thee s, and NeJ all went over the liver Irom Ablegate'i ami uiil tile priming of too | a|i r; ifJ u one ol Applegate's ou) ; lot) continued tticre a loi tnigbi, pethups more ; lUe lame persons viiiteil tlie paper ou -lit oilier rude ol the river that had eJite t it before j tlie editois were myself and Mr. Wilke* ; no coutinucd Until Wilkes withdie.i iroin the ,i iper ; wo two were the parties who conducted the papei. [ I'll ere wai an expectation, out ol the proceed* of tne paper, to pay for tne pics* ]? it w a the understanding uil iountl, between Mrs. Mlfter, Appiegate, Wilkes, and myself, to make the paper pioliiatne and inn* pay lur tne press j in iny conversation with Appleguie, and we had man) , lie alw ays expressed uu interest in the (taper mat it might he successluiTlio Judge said it was perloctly clear mat Appiegate was to liui e none of the prohts ol iho paper. Cross exam ntdh>j Cma-k? There iva? never any type set in Mr. Applegale's oltice; all Applegute had to do was to priut the paper; Mr. SVitkes paid .Noiaud lor priuliug the paper; I never dreamed of Applegaie'* being a partnerot Ih -concern and sharing the proitls; alter paylug tne expenses I and Wilkes meant to di ide the pioliis. Ku sworn ?B) vlr.t'iisse?Mr.Wilkes and .Mr. Smiling employed me to put np a press at Jersey City ; I w as nut in any way in tlie employ ol Applegaie while 1 was there; I panl myscli out ol the sale ot tue paper; the reas n of my leaviug Applrgate to go over there was on account of the dullness ot Applcgile's busiiies ; hi that time 1 wad not respiusible to Appiegate for my time; Mr. Appli g ite is now publishing a snow b it 01 a paper Called Hie r ush. Mr. Fuknkr Mkxkiti?i had a conversation with Appi gate uboitt iho pi eta ; I called ou Appleguie a few doys belore this note hi came due, lo get Applegaie to settle the difficulty between the paities ; .Mr. Applegaie said he would tulte fSOil and tbe pruts ; be refused $11)0 and the press ; I off-red the press to Mr. HiChtirds lor $.100, and ne relused to give it. \i_ v... .-- - n ,i ii- ??i.i u: -lr ..,. i i.i. and then gavt the balance to Wilkra; the press is now stored wiui Applegate ; Mr. Applegalo had nothing to do with the pies* over there , the value of the press over there was ft or $000 ; cost $IUOO ; wat in good working order. Hk*kt Shl'liz? I know the press spsken of; its value when new was about $9oO ; its value when solu w as about $#00. [ l'he numbers of the Flash already bef re the Court were here given to the jury ; and the Court adjourned till to-day (Saturday) at 9 o'clock, A. M 1 U. ?. District Court. In Binkruptcy? Bulore Judge Bctts. Dccisiox?.? William L Month-?'1 he tiauk of St. Albans opi>o,eB a decree ot uis. hinge and certificate to the bankrupt on the ground that adcoiol $19,272 12 cents, due tne bank, is ant ht created by the bankrupt while acting iu a fiduciary cap icity in respect to this creditor the hankie pt aCletl, until I# 6, as agent ol the U-uk in redeeming its bills circulating in the City of N w York and Iran.nutting them tothe bank, an I a question is male in his In, ..a, ^a.n.ur ,h. i.oiissciiun w as not oue ul uiu.uaiciedit only uud nut of that trust character cenlenipiuled in the act of Congress. The Court, in giving it. upiuiou, stated that the exutencu ol a fiiuciaiy debt ne-'her disables the bankrupt from obtaining his cerulicat^ and discharge (unless the trust tuuds nave been up. lied to his use S'uco the passing of the act) nor reipmes Iroin toe Coo It any quaiificutioii or limitation us to the tei ms in which tho discharge is granted. Unas been decided ny he Circuit Coort ol >his district (case* of Woorgs. Drawn and Samuel K Drorks) a debtor wi, sot disabled fiom taking a dicreeof bankruptcy and dis barge, as a voluntary baiikiupt, because of owing iiJucir v nehts heo vesat thii tainu time debts clear ol such iruet c isructer. The 4th section of the act provides that every ba< $ upl (who shall observe certain pro-requisites and umi.i cir tsia exceptions nut in questioii in this esse) shall be entitled to a fall due ha rue I rum all his debts, to taj decreed and allowed by the Cnuit which A it declared him a bankrupt, anil a certificate thereoi granted to him hy such couil accordingly, ii|K>n his peiitiun tiled for sucu purpose"?"an.I such discharg.- and certificate, when duly granted, shall iu all courta of ju-ticn be dceme.i a full uud complete diacharsrpAl nil ? c.nnlrncts ami other enraifi-meiits of Ht'U bankrupt, which are provtablr wider thii act." Thedischargr is made subject to impeachment, and avoidance for fraud, or wilful concealment of property or rights of property, by the bankrupt 111 hii proceeding* under the act. Attei extended remark*, Judge B in relation to the law and the powers of the Court, decided that the discharge must be granted. Tnere wa* another consideration in thisca<c, as to whether the discharge .hnuld l>? absolute and full, or be qualified by excep-ions trom it* operation the trust and fiduciary deb s, it The Court cited a decision of Judge Story, of Ma**., which coincided with it*own opinion. The act empower* the Cmut to gisre no otnerthan a lull discharge, under the provisions which it hu* pointed out.? Decree of discharge ordered. Abraham M tthtll.?O'ijectlon* had been filed by Laurence, Myers It Co , against the petitioner obtaining a decree, on the giotind that he had not clearly set forth a debt title to them. It also objects to the omission in the schedule of a silver tea set, obtaine ! by the petitioner on a ralfie?of his household ftt-niture putchased by hia son ? ol property sent to New O'lean* in charge ol his Ron, or its proceed*, or the proceed* of other property sent to Cincinnati, and ol a lot of land In the state ol Arkansas. Also that he had not kept a pr per let ol books. The Ourt, in tendering its decision, stated that the tes- I timony showed Myers te lis on unlriendly terms with the petitioner, and laid he thitika he ret used to come to a settlemmt with him when applied to, as lie ho|icd to prevent Mitchell's diichii'ge under the bankrupt act. As regard! the statement ol debt, therefore, the Court does not consider the petitioner to blame. There appears to lie dauht on the other point, hut not sufficient to arrest a decree, though they might tic brought up on the application for final discliarge. Decree allowed. John Af. Quacktnboti?This is one of the most important decisions that has yet been rendered. Objections were presontrd on the part of several creditors, charging? Fi st, That the bankrupt, in contemplation of a bankrupt law, some time during the year 1840. by assignment, or otherwise, gave or secured a preference to one or more of hif creditors over others. 8ceonJ, That be has so done since the 1st day of June, 1941. Third, That since the passage of the art, the petitioner, in contemplation of bankruptcy, has given preferences, kc., bringing the case, by p oper allegations, within the terms of the tw o first clauses ol the second section of the act. Fourth, That the petiiioner gave preferences, kc., to creditors, since the 1st day of January, 1941, wi bout averring that it was done in contemplation of bankruptcy Fifth, That he bad wilfully concealed property in his possession at the time he filed his petition. Tho bankrupt, in his examination, testified that ilia house fgriggs, qoarlscnboat A Day.) failed In Nosrem' er, 1940, then owing about tinn.iHW, and that prefwrenct* were - - -- -? i .... ?r s.m mio They also conveyed to one of their larg-at creditors n homo an.I lot in Buffalo, and secured wmr further preferenoes prior to the 1 at of January 1841. To a question asked the bankrupt, whether he made these preiereeces in contemplation of the passage of a bankrupt law, hn ana wered tha' ho d'd not. The question and answer were excepted to. The Court stated that it waa not necessary now to discuss or decide the exception*, became it ia esUbliahed by proof that the bankrupt knew effort* were making toob'ain the paa-ageol a bankrupt law ; and he declared, in December, 1840, to Mr. Balionatall that hia houie w ould proceed to arrange their affairs, aril their atnck of goods at auction to protect tome confidential debta, then make an asaignmcrit, and await the paaaaga of a general bankrupt law. ttimilsr language waa used in November or December, 1840, to Mr. Bogardua, a clerk of one of the credltora.the bankrupt uaing aa a threat towards aome of hia creditora, who were pressing the house with suits, that next winter Congreta would doubtless paaa a ankrupt law, and they (lh" firm) could go in for that. In opposition fo this, evidence waa offered <>' repeated declarations by the hanknni' |in the'all of H40, h" did not believe a Bankrupt Bill would lie passed by Congreta, ol hia having a'gned a remonstrance against it at wet lime, and generally that he waa u|.|xxed to the measure?that in the fall previous to hia failure, when prevailed upon by Mr. Jewett to contribute to aid the passage of the law, he declared his op|>osition to the lull then proposed, because it w as not compulsory in its charai tei. The competency ofthese declarat ons, the Court stated, nee.l not lie debated now, brcautn they cannot weigh agind his more deliberate aaavr lions to his cnditors, accompanied by acta of proferenoe? and because, from tha construction of the statute (before indicated by the Court) preferences made with a general knowledge that a hanknipt law waa in progress through Congress, and the probability or possibility of its being a law being in view of IE11A 1842. the bankrupt, the preference mint be deemed to have line i mili; and given in couii-mplatioii of it* pu**age, mlhoiit egardto tii* private bullet onth?*u jeot. Alter the 1*1 ol J*u 1811, conveyance wan mutant a houie uud lot, oa t alto c ull paid to miiu<-credl or* iu lull ol their debt*, an I in Ke >rnary a lull n<*igiiuii-itt wa* aia lool the effect of the hou.e, A* to me la'ter, it i* i eprelented in the petition to Uuve liecii in iru-t lor all the creditor* ofihe fii in. and uriih >ut p etereuce* Such a?*ig 111 nit ii not interdicted by the act a el cannot artecl t .ec*?e, but the convey nice and payment* in pn ereuce, all b.-i, g aubaequeat to the lit ot January, I II di ecti) KIIUIII igsicuui III ||,C 001 .looming iu.1 I... shall not receive .1 il (Charge unless t ie ?unio neaaeiii.d to by a in in intern* j( those ut lu> croluor* w ho nave not beau no p eferre I." Auer extended remark* in r- lation to the variom ?tepa ot the bill in Congre>*, t'-r decision* of llti* ami other conati, sic., Judge Belt* remarked? The judgment of the Court ii now placed pecilically tt[kjii lbi?, tuat the bankrupt, in m> tar na lie bua inuilu preference* of payment in Dec ItMtl, in* le ih.-in in contemplation of the bankrupt i*\v, uu I that the preferences ma le after the l*t Jan l-tfl. bar hi* receiving a ceiuAcale whether ini tu m contemplation ot the passage ol the law or nut, there being no aiich aaaeiit of crelitor* aa will ?avu the disability. I actsortlinely reluse to decree a dischaige to tne peti'toner [ The course of Mr. Q will now be to apiwal to the Cir.uu or to a jtry vir. ti tsa-onol <1. il Qu .ckentio-s, Kmj , a flue young lettow, unJ rec litis uuurd in marriage (n a mosi excellent young lady, ?li-> .loft'ill histei ol Dr. il . who i* auu/ erectluf tile so ended e ilflce at the corner ol Antuony sin e, aud Uroad way J County Court. N'iv.1 \.- Trial of Juitice Parker,(rteumtil )-Pe crColliui nvgrn. I? a ut licia. il, #di dl.cua.god on Uiu night of (be lllb April ; lau 1 xl, >uluo Hers, a. ilia loot ol lloosevell strum, to Doy !?'*, v -ted in the tt.h wariij was in the hospital .it tuc nm i dischaiged- The hospital was thinned out hy Iluckles. I'trr.a tli'LM.HMi.s sworn?Was one ol those discharged. D i) 1c took w iinesa anil others to the 4tu wara pOii, Corner James and sVater streets ; vote was challenged, and ill I not go. n in. Saw others of tusse brought aowu vote. I'f.tir Auami sworn.?Was among those brought down; was us.iod pro lous to discharge n he voted the democratic ticket I answered, certainly, lhaL is the ticket 1 aiways voted , they askel me II 1 Was in lavor ol' the school Hindi 1 replied 1 did nut know mncn about the school iuiid, but 1 would I'd Iter go lb ewtiole ht?g without it. '1 liey tout me tlrny wante I men to vote lu the 4ih and 7lh watda, and told me i! 1 could get a certain number I -liotiid be discharged j they said to look round among the p.iwiucrs, b it not to bring loo many names at one , as it would took bad to send lor too many discharges at once to the polico onice j w eut round, with anuthei man, and got about 14, who agreed to vole it discharged ; was brought down, carried tu Doyle's, supplied Willi tickets ; looked aud saw Morris' name oil it j said that win do very weil. the man who gave me aud two others the tickets, did not s..y that We should or should not Vole. 1 saw ion.Doyleat the poll room ; when challenged I told litem Ilia. 1 lodged no* ii'. i out i oyi? s, tiuu mat toiinui iy i restuen 111 iinoi waid. They gtt?c me the bouk and 1 swore .hat I m?i citiz n, which nui true, us I was burn u citizen uud my la bur oeiore me. Haw u number ol other prisoners there. L)i I not vote any where else. 1 gave my vo.e to the man who i|uestioneil me, and suppose al'ltr uiaing meull those questions he would lie honest enuugu to put it in the bo*. On the island he was told to Lie cuieiui waai men thoy got lor tear they might ha Court tuot police) prisoners. Jacob t lxi.i:s test.lied that lie was uiscnaiged on the night ol the lltli. Previous to Coming away ho told Mr. Brown, the keeper, that he had no vote. Brown replied that he knew nothing about voting, and the prlsouer might go or stay , aa lie pleased. Jacob C. Koi.bas, a watch .nan of the 8th word watch, house, stated that lie saw several ol the prisoners at the watch h >Use that night. The watchmen, before starting out on the I o'clock beat, all weat up to tho desk to where the Captain was, which was uu unusual occuireuce ; he did not hear what was said. A strong debate here atose as to the admissibility of evideuce in relation to third parties. Judge Inglis, in his ismarks, stated that thus far he had seen uotiiiug to implicate the magistrates in the transaction, still lie wisuud Ibat all the tacts should be presented to the court. Toe Recorder, the Mayor, and other members made remaiki on the subject. Uu a vole being taken the court stood II tu II. Too Mayor oft-red a resolution that a tic vote on objections should exclude testimony. Aldermau vv o.iDttui-L contended that a tie vote did not carry an alhrmauvo. Tua court u ijauraed to this day at li o'clock. General Sesdoni. Dofore Recorder Tall.nadge hii l Judge Lynch. Nov. II. ?Chailti Stanton anas *1ndeiton, a mulatto, who s as couvicte i uu W eUuetday ol a i ass.iuu and battery with intent to kill a negro named Mark Uu inn o) mi.wing .urn on uie luicuedu win. a snarp inst 1 uineitl in a Ut ut jealousy, was sentenced to the mate prison lor two years, it being the lo a est term within the power ol the Court. He addressed the court previous to sentence ami stoutly denied any intent to take the It.a ol Quoon. Thoniai Butter, a cnair maker by trade, and a native of Sussex, Ktidiaud, who had entered a pleu of gud y to an indictm-nl t >r burglary in the third degree, lur breaking into the drug store ol llaviland, K-esc k Co., ol eO Maiden lane, oil the IJtli of September, and ale iing atjuuiitity of drugs. Was sentenced to the Staie prison lur two years. tlnmet Hger'on the pickpocket end burgier was called up lor sent' nee, hui owing <o au application by his counsel to ibe Governor lor paidon, he w us reinauded to prison. Caetof Wateh, Herrirk and Rnptt?The trial of these gentlemen lor libel was set oown lor Monday u<xt, but will not he tried on that day. William Haughty, convicted ol an aggravated assault and bat i iy uu uu mother in law Thillip tlcCluskey, was called for sentence but was among the missing. Mrs. Mary Lewie, the keeper of a hon-e of ??, in Churcli street, w ho was indicted lor the olfence, waa fined ?1.\ on her plea ol guilty. Jamtt IViltiame indicted for grand larceny in stealing twopiuCesol worsted trom the store of Messrs O. It \v Hastings, No. 1 Han iver square, on the 80th of October, entered a plsa oi guilty and was sentenced to the State prison lor two yeais. Foifti td Recogmzaneei?The diitim of the following persons having been called and not wpoearing, there recognizance* were declared forlelted :-Jam?H Hartinztnn and Julia Smith, as keepars of a b?wdy house at M Elm itreet, hailed by Franklin L Bragg. Sarnh Gile. a negro w nch, indicted far pelit larreny, in stealing clothing valued at $19. the property ol Eliza M1111 e 11, o t 15 Wai i en atroet, on the'jolh of Jnn- Inst, and bailed hv Richard Vonrhees, Esq whose lorleiied bail bond* amount to aome thonaan ll 01 dolljra. Jhsaulti and Ballm'tl-Ditiil Htwell, for striking Win. M Davey witb a loaded whip J mirs Campbell, for beating 'I homaa McCltisky 5 William Fori, alias BnfTdo, a coachman, for be a ing '"apt. Joseph J. Com?tock. Cap* tain of steamboat Stonmgton?hailed by John Finch; Tho* mat Siutchlield tor striking Ylichnai Home ? ill) an an I* iron ; Mich el Howe and his wife for beating S utchfi.-ld, Thomaa 11. Ferrif, for striking i*arah Rorahach ; John Friel, for beat ng Jane' oyle ; Alexander Van Wart and Lawrence Van Wart, for healing Henry V. Clearman ; St'pnen Jordan, for beating David Haig ; Peter Vandewater and Thomaa Maxwell, for beating Robert Mr Minn ; James Valentine, for Rebecca Farrington. .1 Firmer P izt Fight-?Heury Karron, William Blakely, Nicholas 11 itch, Thomaa McCoy, John Kinalry, indicted for a riot and a*s?ult nnd batlei y, for being engngad in n Prize Fight nearthe Bull's Head, on Sunday the 17th of September, between Karron and Biakely lot $5, in whicli Tom McCoy, deceased, and Nick Hatch were seconda. Patting Count erf lit Monty?The tri d of George Fawcett, stove maker, which wu* commenced yesterday afternoon was was proved by prosecution that prisoner, In addition to pas-ing a $6 count- r tell note ni inc MHiiiiinciiirrr* diiiii 111 rrovi<ii-nce,ei runward Story's bar, corner of UrunJ and Bo.i try on the S<] of October last, in company with a man named Wilton al?o oftereil a timilar one at Atten't porter house, and at Speight's tobacco More 7:t Bowery, which were refined They then went int? the li |uor?toreot Thot. Johnson, AS Bowery .where they succi-eded in passing a note ofthe tame deacription; Mr. Atten th? n gave information ol their previont conduct, when they were arrest d, and tho "boodle" of n ne counterfeit notes found on Wilson, and %lt> in good money on prisoner, among wh cb was a Ji:t note, which Mr. Story recognised as being among the change he gave pi Honer at the time he changed the counterfeit note. The Counsel for defence endeavored to prove on thcii crot* examination of witnetset for protecutlon. that prisoner was so drunk at the time he offered the bill that he did not krtow what he was about! ! and also that the bill gave to Story by prisoner was not a counterfeit. The clerk in the store ol Martin Kicken stated that prisoner passed a f>S counterfeit noteof the same bank upon him in payment for two glasses of root beer and received the chS'ge. The hour of three having arrived, and there being n? probability of the cause being finished during the day, , the Court adjourned over to Monday next. Han k nipt T. at. , SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. , John A. Schuyler, (late firm Schuyler It Swords} mer- i chant. N Y , Dec. 10. Geo. O. B irtlett (of late firm Charles Robinson A Co) ?..... V V Dee 10. ( Leonard Boatwick, N. V., merchant, (formerly of A?- | gu?ta, Oa? and lately of New Htrm, Ct.) < Henry Dnchweatl, merchant, N. Y. John Whitney, N. If , ahoemaker. < Samuel Heath, dry Rendu merchant, N. Y. Dec. 10. William D Bowerman, (late firm Wilaon k Bowarman, N. Y.) Dec. 10. laaac O. Pavil, N. Y., (formerly of Alhanv,) Dec- 10. J<me? B Van Arnnm, Stuyveaaiit, Columbia Co., (comptilaory ) T. H. Knrnlaa, (of late firm Orlando F.umei A StafWd, N Y,) Dec 10. Timothy T. Kiwam, crockery dealer, N Y., Dec 10. William H flockwood, (of lata firm* Rock wood fc Stevenaoii.and Milia k Rock wood.) N. Y , Dec. 18. r?ano"?rD.?Ahram Wayian, who waa convicted of I m-ndaughter, haa been pardoned hy the Oovemor.?( napoli Sinr. I Mri-avcHoi.T.?A letter to the editor of the Baltimore h Patriot, dated Benton, (Miamutl) Octnher J# 1941, ?at?? * "Mr. Jam** M. Pvaae,of thl? county, ioim* r y <>ne of the firm ol Wolfe, B ?hu|) k Co, of Ve York. ?a? killed ) at / terriav by Mr. Dihhrell. of Naahvilla, tha fath*r John B. Peaaa, about ten milaa aott'bof tbI". Vardict of ^ the Coronar'a Inqneit, manalanghtar. Mr D_ha? aurran- p dared hlmaelf for trial hafora tha aeemlnlnf Court to morrow." 1 ? ' * LD. Prio# Two CmU, City Intelligence. Simocli* piiTN or John DclMohico?Thit gentle mju, well known at the tenior of the Arm of Delmonico k Riotheri, of the celebrated eating estahliihnient iu South William ttreet, came to hi* d< alh io a tudden and peculiar m timer, while on a about ins exetir-ion on Long Inland, on Thuradi) ot thu week. In company with other*, he wa* engug d in hunting deer in Ihu vicinity ol Ipawich, and h id boon allotted for thu day, the poaition called " deer ridge." A peraon atuiioned at the nejt itand heard the report of 111* gun a? he thot at a deer that patted, which ho wounded and when the deer waa down he weut in punuit of Vlr D. whom he found Ivinn nnun ih, -.4 _uk Ills f.icit in a poud of water. One ut the barrels of hi* gun Uu l been fired, an I 11,1011 examination ol the tiody it w ascettained that lie had died from a|>ople*y. flu body wm brought to thi* city yesterday morning, in one of the Long Man i railroad car*, a <1 convej ed to hie remdence, where Dr Archer, the Coroner held an unguent last evening Mr Urlmooico w as a Sw et d, age I about 49ytais. Cue nr Ar>rL it ? A wo nan name I vValker who** h-st utm.'ivu iKnoan and who h t r-o-nrlv wo It I in* wo> 1 in tor 111 l*V >nt atm-t, wai ioit'id de d at ibO 1 berry street )e-tirlav iiijr.iing.'iiil fm nthagioi me ?*m * amination of Ihr i?i t, ill phjr irlan? decile.! turn her death w*< pro luced from d|>opl?xy, anting fiom recent habits ol intemperance Isssvriciot?I'his mime ia rapidly on the inrrea?e 111 thi* ci y, arising probably Irom the luct that in all the recent inula lor the o'l nice verdictsuf acquittal have hen i rendered. On I hur?dav an in ant wa* tom.d in ih of ttie house No 4irt B iwery, which wan ann wauls ascertain* I to have line 1 tltn birth 01 a siug e w oman nam id m iry Kennedy hIi.ii vIcD >nald, who had real led on llie premises She ha* been arrested and 1* now in charge of the Coroner. On Thursday evening another m* . waa presented to the t'oron- r, an I a sing, a worn in, Ellen Connell, recently arrive I in this country Irom I ? and and who hm since been iu the eni|doy of Patrick D uiovan, ol 0} Cherry street a* a servant, confessed the < rime to her emgiloyer and state I that she had atao thrown it in the sink. There ia no doubt that ill h ith crises the in ...... .1........a 1 v... ,w.. 1 1- -r ...t_ ... ?u w.o oauui VI IUW unnatural mu.htu Correction?Th<? aomplaint mads at thn police office by a Mr Bio Iget, of Ohio, against I row, the auctioneer, appear* t? have b uu im.irop-rly charge I, us the aale waa nut l? in a uiannwr tha reflected no improprie'y m the con duct of Cro w, it being a lair business irauaactiona, aiul ao settled by the complainant, Biodget. Ooino the Whiilk linoa?A rogue named John Wil. liama, wascaugb an I ciig d yesterday, on the charge of driving away four live nogr from the (arm ot Euretta H ilsey, of Wi-atcheater. IVestCUesier cuunty, Sod sailing th< ni in this city. From Nassao ?By lite Driver, we hava been favored with a file ot Nassau papers, from the 1st 10 the 2l'ih >ilt. Capt. Taylor info ma us that the markets at Nassau w re overstocked with ah kinds of American produce. Klnnr was sola in bond a tew days before ne let, at $5,37^. The p ip *rs notice the arrivals and departures of two or t.iree of the Royal Mail steamers, from which fact, we inter that they run more regularly since changing tli-ir route, than formerly.?Sauantujll HtpubHrn i, JVov 7. A HK'H TONKL) fclt.HT HII.VKU Kr.m> FLU 1 E CECONT 1IANO?? r re and splendid instrument, will bo ? sold cheap Apply to T m O.N ZAN I. n7 I m * in i hoinnson itreet. HKNKV SI O l' I , No. 1)7 Water St., N. If , sects constant ly ou baud a general assortment of Pickles, Catnaps,, Ste , Preserves, Jellies, Brandy Fruits, Ac., wholesale and r<v ail. All orders for Shipping and Families imuetasllr at ded to ?n tm'r Tl) TrlK i.OVKKS OK SUPERIOR BLACK 1'EA ? ii'i Millme?Tlua extremely delicitma tnd unpur silt Iri T' *, * > Itik i IV celeurate I in I IIiiim and KIIrope, nst itnjinned, it now for aale .t the Cautou IV* Company'* Oneral Tea Eatabliahmrui, 121 Chatham ?t. New Yoik?in Chinese packages Price* jo ecu'* and II ul2jlm*in SHIRTS. SHIRTS made after the laic at uirt inoat tpprorrd French uitn aia. Cnata, i atitalnnna, vetta, and all under garment*, made t<> order at anort uolice arid iu the inoit fashionable atria. Gentlemen's barnislinu Klort.fT "id W Maiden Lane, New Yora. .2 3m?- WM COI I.INS NEW STOKE. COUTHOUY k Np.V. RH reapectfiilly invite thert friend* aud tlie public generally, to r 11 at 241 Broadway, and exai.avip'scSTn' oihavdol* s. kc Silver, J'liilnl and Britannia Wart, I'ahie Cutlery, unit Houu-Furnmhmg (ioodt, of eaerv deacrmlion, winch ihey have iu?t <>i>cned, and now oflerou aale at pri ea that cannot fail to aatiify pu.chtseri. Enjoy imc *u|iemir adv*. tagea in the aelecuou a d inanufaclore of their Ltinpi, Girandoles, C ind. labia, kc.. C. It N are if.., I i...... ... ... r i i . . ........ ..., ?.? irwj wi lot rj - oiiu noun suitable for church**. hotels, store i, dwelling* and -team or saili'iur (>?rkets These last are a uew aud ?.?ost desirable article, well wnr by the atren'iou of owners and shipmasters. A-teurion is particularly invited to the Solar Lamptao justly celr b ated lor its sai?erior brilliancy ind -c rrnmy. This L*mp, as tested by accurate ei:?eri ? ruts, affords twice the li*ht of an Astra , while i; bums tor an equal number of hours at half the ? *,?? n e. COUTHOUT It NKVKRS will keep constantly on hand a covipirte assortment of the ar'ich* above enumerated. and hope by their endeavors to meet the tastes aud wishes of the . nolic, to merit a favorable sh re of the patronage which is n./w ? 11cited for their establishment. oil lwi?ii3wot*rc GROUNL) SPICKS AND COFFEE AT THE HOPE MILLS, U Markeifield street. He twees Broad aud Whitehall, late 26** E.iiabeih street, New York. Office 120 Kroutst. Constantly on hand, at the lowest market l.nrrs sn.l it. rhe nsnsl s .ri.-rv sTI Am .w Daily express links kor albany. utica. BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND CAN ADA.?Th* subscribers having been nu teed for the last twelve months runriiciK the Albany ami Buffalo Kinross, in connection wito Har den It Co.'? New Vors and Albany Line, havr recently eitetidrd their Evpress Li?e Irom Buffalo to Albany, throuah 10'hi* ei'y ou their own account, will receive an I forward daily, (Sundays excepted,) 9??ecie. Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bundles, and Cases of Goods, to and from die fob low iiiic places vii. Ah.aiiy, Troy. Urica, Syracuse, AaOuro Ithica. Genets, l!.ni.u C.rf..- UmHihOh. rt..,-.. I -L..rt r.U??. I nil I, t droit, Chica.-o, 4 ud th** iti'e mediate pi ice AI *' i lh?Hu, HscketU Harbor. Kiiikiiou mid Toronto, Canada. Will iirnmiitlv attend ru the collection mid (iny menr* nl bills, notes, drafts slid icc unit, purchase and tale nl <nud< mid |>! e luce by mnpie, mid .uch other traiiscirnt bniimu 41 mav be entrusted In their care. tacit Fiprets will hp accompanied by* competent inesaensar, touetnei wiih res|Kiu*ible agents in 'h? principal r um illKiu the route. Merehauu and inhere may he assured that re turn- will l)p in this inauurr receiTcd mme apeedily than in any liter possible way. N B ? Special Expresses ran to any pan of the country at <bort nonce, and upon reasonable icrms. lis I Pi >M e.llOV A CO. No J Wall .tr>ei U. S. CITY hUSHATCH HOST ri ;?T OFFILK, New York, 2Sth July, IM1 HOURS of Delivery each day, (Sunday* e ice pled) at the Upimr and Lower Poal Offices:? LetU r? Irons 1 led before Hait-paal ( o'clock, A Ml 1J 3 " P M Will he tent not for doAt all th# Stations before livery it 9 A M, and I T o'clock, A M aud 4 o'clock, P M. II " I " P M Letter* to he sent Free, musiliaee "Free Stamp" aflted to them, otherwise three cents will be col.ected of the party to whom fh. letter it addreised. No money mint be enclosed ia letter# unlets re isteri d at t ir pruiei|>al offices. Lists ol the station* (at all of wtnen "free ttamiis" miy b. purchased at fl.St per 100, ltid e?ery inlormatioo may be obtnined 03 application at the np|>er or lower poti offices. Stamp* issued by the late UityDespsich Post Will be received li it indisiieiisabla hat the nuinlier ol the r> sideuce should be stated in ail letfc rs tel.1 Post, The Poet M uter solicits the earlicp raiormahon thonld any irregularit ea occur. JOHN LORI.vlER GRAHAM ao2* ly cc Pott Master. CARH'S SUPERIOR NEW CAMPH1NC LAMPS. KAMI'S PUK DUUNINC* A It U. ALSO, A larac aaanrtmeut of plain inn Japiwunl Tin War*, Chatidaliere, Aatral and oth**i Lampa, altered 10 hum ramptiine ami cm mical oil. ?n HII unproved plan. Alao? Suerior Carmihiiie anil Chemie**! Oil at wholaale and retail, by II AC K I' *> ? BKOTH KH, I vi Kill tun at, N. Y. N B?Prraon* can hi* irftril wnh Cainphinr and Chemical at their reaidencea hy Ira rout their addiea aa ahoa*. 79 'm' H A V A N A SKOA R ? . PIC A BIA fc MANZANEDO, No. 49 Liberty alreet, mu N afwn.nner lor aale fhe foliowin* : JO" oon LaNorma aryara, Ttry old aud anperimr I V? irfvi Diana do do do 171000 fca|?*ranta do do do 100 oon Ke??'iaa ol Norma, D'ana, and Eamero branda Hi 11"" (>:i >nva, I'rabiicoa, and Bayonetaa, rariona do The whole ruiitl-d to debeutnre, aud in Iota to anil parch* Iff*. _ ??| pNCONOM Y ATo "ftETRRNi ll vfH^T IJ ? ,*?h l di|.?r*nr K?irih1iklifn?*iit in (h- ril V St RU8*ELL, fATHlt'K % t'O'H Pfftfl Krock ind Drew Coftti ndde in nrdrr, at from $i I to $16; betTrr Orrr< oats, in -ate style, $'0 to $14; and e?*.y other article of cl 'thinf ycheaf. 0*ntlemen finding thei? owi cloth can ha*"? their lnthes imde and a Kood ftt warranted, at the following inrp a t#v?*rv artirl# ? rrn ntmri I [>re?aaud (rock Cotta made and* trimmed, from $4 M to $7 Panta, - l?i? I Veau^ .. I 00 to ? N 8?Naval and Military ontHle ehear, and promptly ?ie silted. olO lm*e" pOKTXBtfc 8UCA9>1ltM^ TOT'CK'-The HO. 1 acrihera, being the tole Agenta for fh- .lauu: torero of Conekltn'a Patent Portable Korge aad Be Monro, bee leave to fill the attention of the i unite t" the above article. I iiat tliey have been oalle.' for and IntrOd icetl in nearly all porta of tha Culled Htalea, ia, we believe a aulncieiit evidence of (heir Utility and coneemerice; heme i*irtabte and compact, givee them lar the preference over the common K oge tor Shipping if every de? option, Kid Kovda, Cauala, Plantation# Mann factoriea and all pjir|?>aee fo' which the ordinary Ynrge ia oaed. Tlioar mannfactured fer the U. 8 Navy are Wrought We woold refer rhoae wiahing to pnrchaae ro tome few who can recommend them trom pergonal ia Well a? general knowa *'* ( Crane, Naey Yard, Portsmouth, V H.; Meeere. ?arr, Ketm It Hainea. Poilailelphia. Hon (1 ivernier Kemh e, Weat Point Yonudry, Cold Spring, N. Y. Mcavra. 8 B Altwinr h Co. 143 Broadway, N. Y., and ?r n'v h'?lnimfh? > uerallv. WAV h I KBAULT, ft tm#rr enrner of OM -lit' an ' w oee ?r HuVfc,. vtifr. 13 a\D blLKd MCs lVPka.b.-. Dr F??trhiw<uic*-rh^eoo?(iucM?u4pTwr4rMfor r*?tor f dim g*<) or spoil* d kid glo**?, tiik *rl*eU *nd silks to liktli n final condition, tod on fry rcaaonabU rtrms. Order* ?gl *,MU P"Kt"%lly riUCHTWANUtH, oil towlm*m 1 Wall meet

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