Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 13, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 13, 1842 Page 1
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TH VI1J.?Mo. 304 ?WhoU la. 3165. LOUISIANA A&D^iEWMPO RECLINE Of PACKETS. m J3k Ml M. ML F^^^Stter accominotBS^oTsiuppeny K despatch a ship from tikis port on tike 1st, 5th. 10th, 15th. VUi, mao S5tli ol each month, cotnmeticiiu the 10th October and coyPI' in* until May, when regular days will be Sfftitted for the reZTTi^i __r. if* L _ i ' ,k?l-..- -.w? .ii&ADiNiluLllkt IkLS uiwuurr ui lite yi-?r, wnciruy |icai wi?j? i y, _ will b? prevented during the ^mnwf moo'bi. lh? foliowiau ship* will commence this arrangement : Snip YAZOO. Captain Cornell. MPShip OCONEE. Captain Jackson, i Ship MISSISSIPPI. Cspuin Hilliard. Ship LOUlSVlLLfc.Cautmn Hunt. I Ship SHAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Slop HUNTS^lLL^Csj?inMu.mforf. HIShip OCMULOEE, Captain Lwrott. " Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS. CuiKsin HuighL t" Ship LOUISA. Cupauii Mulford. These shi[? were all built in the city of New York, express1 for packet*, are of li|(lil draft of water, hare recently been i wly coppered end put in splendid order jrith accommodations lor passenger! unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to gire Seneral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owuert or captains of these ship* will be responsible fpr jewelry, bullion, precions stones, silver or plated ware, or fih any letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board ot them, unless regular bills orlading are taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. Vor freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO., % South it., or HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to thVir address. The ships of this line are warranted to tail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods qorrect|y measured. i?4 6TH> sm eTS> PAsSAOErVRoSnCND REMITTANCE TOOREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. rpHE subscribers continue to make arrangement to bring out A liassengers fiom the old country, by snips of the first class, all American, built.and commander! by men long and favorably known in the trade. The vessels comioaing this line tail weekly from Liverjiool, consequently all unnecessary delay to passengers is avoided. Persons abtul to make engagements for friends to emigrate the ensuing seuou, will study their own interest, and the iuerest and comfort of their friends,by making such engagements with the subscribers, as no expense or pains are spared to earn that preference which has for many years been extended to hem. As has al ays been customary with this line, when the parties settle for decline coming out, the passage money is promptly refunded to those from whom it was received, with out deduction. A free passage per steamboat from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can likewise be secured. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office,273 Pearl St., Orto C. OR1MSHAW k CO. 10 Ooiee Piazzas, Liverpool. T)m!os anr! VsakAiva at aivkt iw! Iap n nv smAiint a re ft I in funiiitted on R. cTbi^T 3o., Banker*' London,C Grim- I hew h Co., Liverpoo1; the Northern Banking Co. nd National Bank of Ireland. National Hum of Scotland, payable at their respecuee branches: as follows NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Athlone, Dungarven, New Ross, Balliaa, Emus, Roscommon Ballinasloe Enniscorthy Ros< rea Belfast Fermoy hliro Boyle Galaway Tallow Carrick on-Snir Kilkenny Thuries Cashel Kilrush Tipperary Castlehar Limerick T ralee Casllereagh Longford Tuam Charleville, Longhrea Wsterford Conmal Mitcnellstown Wesport Cork Monte Wexford Dublin Nenage NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY. Belfast Lnrgen N T Limerary Deny Armagh Ballemena Dewnpatrick Magherafelt Clones Lisbnm Coferaine N kTIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwall Anslruther Galagheds Langholm Amine Glasgow Lrith BaofT Grentown Lewick Bathgate Harwick Montrose Burntisland Inverness Nairn Castle Douglas Inverary Oban Dalkeith Inveakeilhing Portree Dingwell Jebugh Perth Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee K Isoa Stonaway Falkirk Kirkaldy Stormness Forrest Apply as above. s9 lm*r LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T deipttched in the f< ft ^ 'Wipo^n^^eglWr b? Th' 80U?wHu4MEK,c^ors^?e Yo?- roitir??i, TheENOLA0^;8*"'" E j Sg If S-V ?, j Oct i? fe 7 IVOXFORS;? Wwto- Lr.r,by ? April ^ * tOIM, , ' NoJ . *"? ? Tfce EUROPE, t*,bon,? <M?eh 1 April ? U,,Hi M Ki ife?' U fe' 7 jg ? fa i .i i f Th. columbu^ '"^;: ? ' u? , O. A. Cole. $ May 19 July 7 Punctuality, a* regard* the day or sailing, will be obeeryed as heretofore. The price of passage outward it now fixed at One Hundred Dollar*. Tor which ample store* of ever* description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be tarnished by the stewards. GOODHUE It CO., 91 South st., C. H. MARSHALL, 39 durling-slip.N.Y. jeil lyh BAR1NO BROTHERS It CO-^pool. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. m M M m oLD Established passage ufkice, ?i south STREET. The subscriber in announcing lus arrangements for the year 1(41, aj>|>ears befope his friends with sentiments of sincere resEct for the able support he has iweeived for many years past.? ! likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to send for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times be accommodated by this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and I mm Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and ttlh of each month throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subscricer to have the emigrants shown ciwity.aud desiwlched without delay, and shose who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligent attention will be given by the Liverpool agents to those sent for, as well as all who may embark with them, and should any of those whose, passage has been paid not em jark, the money will be refunded without any charge. The aubacribei feels a pleasure in making known the differ ent shins by which his fiaasengeri came out during the last year, which has given general satisfaction, and that he has conaideraaly extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1M2, The following is a list oi ships :? Ships Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Faiitield, Wilson. Printioe, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, S|>eare. Russell Olover, Howes. Wales. Watts. Hiberuia, Wilsou. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Cheever. Osceola, Cliilds. Clifton, Ingersoll. St. Cloud. Emerson. Louiswlle, Allen. New York, Niven. Sobieskie, Emerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego. Wood. Ocean. Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Panthea, Gooamanson. Robert Isaacs. Trueman. Virainia, Eatou. Europe, Batcheldor. 8. Jenkins, Seymour. A free passage from the different ports, of Ireland and Scot land, can also be secured, and drafts furnished for any amount, payable at the National and Provincial BrtJu of Ireland and t heir respective branches, and also on Messrs. J. It W. Robinsou. Liverpool, which are field free o* any charge, throughout he United Kingdom, for farther particulars apply to JOHN HERD MAN, 61 Souih street, or J. fc W. ROBINSON, 16 Qoree Piazzas,and an16 No. 1 Neptune at., Waterloo Dock. Liverpool. A&S. JL&L MtmSi Mifa ayr syr ^^^^M^RSElfl^^^^Phe udfrmtiiiii'Md ihim will be tegularl, diapatehrd trom hence and from Mar eillea on the Iat of each month derma the year, Ihna? ? _ From New York. Maraeillea. MINERVA, Capt Brown, Noel. Jan 1 C?" ?*!? *?. Peel. Feb I Doaan, Jan 1. Mar 1 TRESCOTT, Capl Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Cau Adama, Marl. Mi, 1 COKIOLANUh, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Juo I They are all conperea and copper faBtcned,aad have excellent aeeommodationa for paasengera. The price of cabin pomace will be SIM, exelaaive of wmea and Ikjnor*. Oooda addreased to BOYD It 11INCKEN, the a tenia, will be forwarded free of other chaigea than there actually paid. For freight or Parnate apply to O. BROOM k CO., or to oBr BoYD It H1NCKK.N, Aeeeu NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T? aiKrone New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the lMh iff each manth. tlfiv hliljy j(& ^TaS! NewToBaT* Ship GARKICK, Captain Win. Skiddy. 26th October. Shin ROSC1C9, Captain John Collina, 25th November. HA.... dllWlMVU r..d,i., L* R Pohh OAf h IWamKar Ship 8HKRIDAN, Captain A. Drpryster, 2Mh January. Know Livcbfooi.. Ship 8IDDON8, Captain K. B. Cobb, ISth October. Skip SHERIDAN, Cap n F. A. Drpeystcr, 11th Novem'r. Ship OAKUICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 13th December. Sliip RO8CIU8. Captain John Coltina, llth January The an ships arc all ol the first class, upwards of looo tons, hnilt in ihs city of New York, with snch improvements as combine rest ?|ieed with unnsual comfort for jnssengrra. Erery care has been taken in the ammgrment of their accommodations. The prsce of iwasage iience is SI00, for Which ample stores ?ill be provided. These ships are qimmandrd by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to five general satisfac"Heither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for st y letters, parcels ,.r packages sent by them, nuleaa re ular b 'la ol lading are signed therefor, for eight 01 passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS It CO., M South at., New York, or to WM. fc JAS. Grown k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will* be ci anted Its cents per single Sheet t 'A cents per nonce, slid newspapers I ceui etch. ol SHIRTS. OHIRT9 made after the latest and moat approvrd French bj pitiertia. Coato, lantaloona, veau, sad all under garments, made to order at abort notice and in the moat faahiooabls style. Gentlemen's t arnishing Store, 17 and M Maiden Lane, New York. *tm?i WM. COLLINS. E NE NEV JWSLLINO OFf AT WALKKR'S.-JCO wlTlle. jnacfe immi. frtieh aud mm ahaptn ind bu?um, 100 pfiBm calf liteliM roota, fj to $3 5# per pilr. M pv eall aud fine lagged boors, M ft to 2 *5 a*d ft iOjier pair, *00 prol DO| leptlM hi,.I kj boots, irom f | to 32 and $2 60 |>y . l'1 ^roJTT^ 3s t'.? 5s^prr 600 |?r Udies ?" ? ? IIK'CI tuu uuikiiu, iruin ?s iu v? AIIU ' IT. nr of k?qu witfr proof bioti, inocca?int, Iudu rtibbrrt u abundance. men's course and lin- boots of all sorts and sixes, Iroui $1 7) to $2, all warranted. All the above goods 50 tier ct. the Cheapest iu the city. Call and see for yonrseIves, Canal at, corner of Broadway, at _o34 lm'ec _ J. 8. WALKERS. CLlNTOSTIfilAF-BoUnnd-ain^Ma7Mr5M Greenwich, corner Soring at, is the only place where can be found ooots and shoes to suit the times. All those who wear boots aadthoea will do well to give a call. Ladies' and m-sses buskins Irom 3, 4, J, 6, 7 and t shillings per pair; gemleoieus' bo us from It shillings to $4 per pair; boys' boots from 8 shillings to $3 30 per pair. All who wisn to save 30 per cent will give a call at the Clintou Cheap Bool and f?hee Maiket, 509 Greenwich corner Spring street o?5 lm*r LADILV~600TS AND SHuES-Lockwoou. ?g|^BV39l Broadway, keeps a line assortment of ladies'and childreus boots and shoes, of the latest American and Eurnpeau fashions. Orders received by the do sen from places ol fashionable resort. olt eod'r GYMNASIUM, SPARRING SCHOOL it PISTOL GALLERY. Messrs. hudson & ottignon respectfully inform the gentlemen ol .New York, that their extensive rooms at the corner of Broadway and Cnambera street, tor Sparring, gymnastics aud Pistol practice, are now opcu for the season. Numerous improveuit-uls aud addilious have beeu lately made hi the Oj muasium, which will now be fonnd in every respect mwtoleie and ojual to any otner in the country for athletic ex ernes. Snarriug taught on the moat approved principles. Gentlemvn visiting the Pistol Gallery will be supplied with Pistol s of a lopenoi quality. Tenna moderate. Gentlemen are invited to call at any tune d iring i lie day old Im'r SELF-COCKING PISTOLS. BLUNT It SYMS, .Oiporters am. Manufacturers, No. 46 Chatham street, have on hand a large assortment of rhe Six Barrel S- If Revolving Self Cocking Pocket Pistols. a i?r?c i'lunni iiatv uic iuTAuuiKf over aii uuivriui ?nc tmu uy the impossibility of lot ins die cape, the nipples being placed in a horizontal direction,and there burnt uo cock iu the way to prevent taking aa correct light ai with the ordinary pistol or gun. The above ptatola can be furuiihrd lower than any othrra in the market, at wboieaale or retail. We have as great a variety of other kinds of Piztols aa can be found, with Rittes, U. S. Muskets, for shipping and military; Prize Muskets, do; Fowling Pieces, single and doable; extra large size double and single Guns for ducking, together with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bags, Caps, Locks, Bar rels, Ike., Ike., in large or small quantities. N. B?Country dealers are requested to call and examine our assortment before purchasing elsewhere. s? tm*r D AKERY, 40 Lispenird street.? The subscriber respectfully D informs his old friends and customers that he has resumed his old busiuess of baking, and will be thankful for thtir favors. Having taken the stand formerly occupied by G. W. MILLkR, 40 Lispenard street, so celebrated lor good cake, and the subscriber having carried on the business a number of years at the well known Knickerbocker Bakery, No. 19 William St., a favorite resort lor good crackers and biscuits?he thinks lie has not foigotten how to please the taste of the public. JAMES TOMPBON. N.B.?Always on hand, fruit cake of ail kinds and prices? wedding cake of all sizes?pound case and sponge cake of all sizes?rusk, le i biscuit and bread every afternoon?biscuit and crackers fresh every morning. oaO Im'r WATCHES LOWER THAN EVER.?In consequence U telling hit stock of Gold and Silver Leven, Aii'hor KtcaiH-mrui Lepine, and other Watches, ol new and splendid patterns, and Jewelry, at reUil, at a considerable reduction from former prices, beintr much lower than they can be bought for at any other place ill the city. Gold Watches as low as M to 25 dollars each. Watches and Jewell yexchanged or bought. All Watches warrantrd to keep good time or the money returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the best manner and warranted, at much less than the usual prices. G.C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, ol2 lm*m Wholesale and Retail, 30 Wall st., up staire NEW CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. M CHURCH 8T, (BETWEEN REAJJE AND CHAMBERS BTREET8. f^ENTLEMEN fumistrne their own goods can have them VI made up in the most fashionable French style, cheaper than ever offered before in this city. Overcoats made and trimmed $ SO Frock coats " " " 7 50 Dress coats " " " 6 50 Vest and Pants $1 50 to 1 75 N. B.?Repairing done in the neatest manner, ol lm?m SAMUEL WYANT. URENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS.a materi,| for flor nsts?B nUNLAROSlERE A COURT, 116 William st? successors of Bruula RosierclkCo have just received by ;LHayre Packets Baltimore and Ville de Lyo , a large assortment of fashionable flowers, of the latest Pa'isian style. Mourning Flowers a la Duchesse D'Orleans, Cords and's, and a great variety ol ne w fancy articles of toilet for parties and balls. The No. 116 William street is the true sod oulv depot of thus superior articles from their manufactory Rue de Tracy, No. 6 a Paiii. n2 lm*r TO FAMILIES GOING SOUTH, to the West 1 dies or Europe.?A respectable female, 24 years of age, wines to obtain a permanent situation as seamstress, in a genteel family. She would prelergoiug to Euroiie, yet would accepted good ..IV-. u v. -- ... .t. ixr 1.5: ti... - -. . _ ences given. Address A. A. A. box 765, npper Poet office, N. York. slOr LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUB. BER GOODS '1X7 HOLES ALB AND RETAIL. No. t Wall street. Th subscriber ha* -eceived and offers for sale a large assortment ol imported India Robber Water Proof Goods, via: Coats and Capes, of snperior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian. Menno and Cotton, of all colors and sixes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, snper Lama, Lama Persian and Cotton, prepared for t ilors. India Rabbor Webbings lor suspenders, corsets. Ac. stttm'r CHAW. ABRAHAMSON. FENCING SALOON & SHOOTING GALLERY. KMEES, 413 Broadway, entrance to Lispenard street, second door, lately from Europe, Professor of the art of Fencing, gives instructions in Fencing ; also in the use of the straight jerooked, and Turkish sword, hunting knife, musket and ba'y ouet, staff, and every species ol weapons. Gentlemen, lovers of this art, military officers of the army, nary, Itc. are respectfully invited to call and witness an exhibition of his skill in this useful and important art. A spacious douMe Shooting Gallery, illuminated in the evening, will also be found with superior Swiss pistols?shoot ing at a distance of 210 yards sl6 3m*r NOTICE TO FIREMEN, AND all others desirous of keeping their Feet Dry and Warm the coming seasou. By railing at the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STORE, No. 144 Chatham street, they can be accom mods ted, as the proprietor has on hand a full assortment of his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on hand a full supply of all other kinds ef Boots at prices to suit the times. Also?that invaluable article Rogers' Metalic Elastic Heel Boot can be obtained at the Old Exclusive Boot Store, No. 144 Chatham sc. sgg lm*r CROTON WATER. LIANSON, W1LCOCK k HANSON, Plumbers. Brass II Founders, and Coppersmiths, next door to the Tabernacle, No. 331 Broadway, New York. From long practical experience in busiasas in this 'and other cities possessing water vy orgs, n v*. at it. nave confidence la thus assuring the public, that all orders entrusted to them will b? promptly executed, with a view to permanent a woikmtulike style, and of the bestmateiials. Their charges will always be as moderate as can be reasonably adored by any competent and respectable concern Water pipes of every approved description, for introducing the Croton Water. Patent lead pipes, cast iron, comiaisitioo and tinned pipes. Brass coeks and water closets, of their owu superior manufacture. Hydra ts of CiMlina red cedar,bathing tubs, bath b lilcrs on the best Philadel|>hia plan, aud other articles in the lorerung branches of business. olg lm*r SEGAR3?SEGARS! THE following choice Segars are always on hand at HEN1 RIQUES'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8EOAR STORE, wholesale and retail, basement il William st. Kionuas, iu half and quarter boxes Do. No. half aud quarter boxes Noriegas, in quarter and eighth do Para Regalos, in quarter do Regalias, of a superiorquality, in Xi K and l-10th boxes Congresas, in quarter boxes Trabueas, do do La Norma, do do La Esperanxa, do do Ties Amigos. in cartons of tt each Loodou Regalias, in cartons of 4g each La Pruela, in quarter boxes htisgan'a spotted, in quarter boxes Panetilla's, do. of superior qnality Tngenendad, do Demoyas, do Male os, do Principes, of the Reudou, Crux and Sans, all snt. to deb. Prima verms, in quarter boxes Alranxas do Constant its, de BustameuUs, do Esmero Regalias, do Imperial do, inqnaite oxea, a superior article. N. B.?Hotels and groceis plied on reasonable terms. ot4 Imh "POK BALE.? JUie Yacht ON-KA-HY-E?She is91 leetloug A ?2IW feet beam, ami <2 feet hold. Her cabins are eiten live and superbly ?ttcd an. If not wanted lor a Yacht, she would be well adapted lor a packet between lome of ihe West > ludia Islands?to the Cliiua or any oiher trade where great peed ii an object. She i* an admirable aea-boat, and would carry a large cargo, combining more buoyancy with sharpness, than any other *esael afloat. 8h- ie etrong and stoutly built, aud would be valuable as a dispatch vessel, or as a leuder to a fleet She would cartY a very heavy armament on her deck, from having pare of her ballast. (4k tons) in sn iron keel, by which tier stability is ft ally . aareased For commercial purposes, she wnnld require no otner ballait. Her hall, sails, rigging, furniture, Itc. Itc. kc., are in perfvet order. Si e can be sent lo sea without a dollar's eipense. She may be seeu ai the Dry Dock. For fnrtherjiarticn ars inquire of Ira Biiaa, at the office of the C. and A. It. It. Company, or to JOH/s C. STEVENS, nttwjgb South Am boy. MAOA2INKS It PERIODICALS FOR NOVEMBER. Artist. Oodey's LtdirsBook, (Iruham's Magaune, Ladies World ef Fssluou.Young Peoples' Book, Boslou and Beutley's Miscellany. Itc. ^ Farm House of the XIX century, with more than MM me ravings ; Biblical Journal and Christian Family Magaaine, edited by he Rev. H. Rood and D. Newell ; Tern Crrance and other Almanac* : the Rainbow and Kadirnt, a Dew nmorou and winy journal, wall calculated to I'lcaae the lieely and gay. All or which will be aold at wholeaalr and retail, and thoaa who buy to aell again at a lower rate than ran be obtained aUewhere. N. B.?Fifty agenta wanted to circulate magazine*. periodi cala. fce. A. j. SEXTON, N*. II Brrkman, nJ Imr _______ corner Naaaan. lirELLINOTON A. CARfEll, Wine and Commission Merchant, No. 5 New street, one door from Wa!l street, has ou hand, and is daily receiving, choice arncles. aii.i offer* them at moderate prices, for ca?h or city acceptance*. H? offers f??r sale IM hhda and auMllerjiaekagea of Loading Madeira Wist in caeka Malmeey Vintage. of lilt, 25 caaka Port, pore juice, the beat in the m<r*et, 41 caaka Brown. Gold and other .np-rmi Sharneg, 21 ea.ka Heneaaey, beignelte and Otard Biaudy from London U 'ck?. 10 pipes Holland Gin, part Swan brand. Kt fined Loaf, Lump, and Cruahed Sugar*, from the bual Hetineru-a, for which W. A. Carter u arrnl. ?baakrU Champagne, Anchor, and oiher choice brand*. , A. Carter la al?o general agent for the acirni hour of Louiehuu, of Madeira, and lake. ordera for their celebrated Wine*, of every <ge or iiaailty required. MARBLE TILES .STEEL. PEPPER, CLOVES, lie. 3000 Italian Marble Titea, while and bin*. 20 bag* Sumatra Pepper. 12 bags real Bourbon Cloeeg. 20 kega imported While Lead iu Oil. 22 botee Milan Steel in tinall bin. Also a* aarortment of Topaa, Aqua Marine, and other necione Stone* for jtweiltt*. 0M lm*l W YO V YORK. SUNDAY MORI I \fUFK8! MUFFS! MUFFS' !-The .uddea chaoses iu a~A the weather reader it iudi*|>eii*ibly neceeearv (list the beauty and faaluou ?f our city should ai.ul themselves of the rreat induce meut offered to guard arainat the approaching inclement aeaaon. They are new enabled to enjoy a proinruade ilunua- the eoldeat weather 'V providing themaeleea with a fine Muff at die atore of BARNETT It SI MMONDS, <49 broaoway. Ml descriptions of Furi cleaned and repaired at reduced ralea oJJ ltn*m p E N r. RA L B K N N ETT'8 M OR MO N OlbCLOSU ME8 ' ?The subscribers will publiah in h? eouree of the ensuing week," Mormouiam Espoaed; or, a Hialory of Joe Smith and the Laltri Day Saints, by O- ti J. C. Bennett." These highly interesting and astounding disclosures ethihir in their true rrv lors the profligacy and wickedness of the Mormon leaders. It will be issued tu Rood style., Id a I2m?. volume of upw rda of S20 pagrs. Order* rsprcilully solicited. LELAND It WHITINO. 0I6 lm?r BKAI>BL'KV, 8QDEN Ik Co. 127 Nassau it. MAR TIN'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 144 William Street, Corner of Jinn Street, IS decidedly the cheai-est iu the city. There is Murky* ou hand a select stock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash, which will be made up lo order in the style of make. (R, trim Dime, fce., that has Risen such gcnt-ntl satisfactioa during the last four years, and at* i>ositive sarins of JO per cent. Gentlemen arc requested lo call and eramiue. Those who furiuahlii eir own goods, can hare them MADE AND TRIMMED. Dress Coats, made aud trimmed,. $? 00 ts II M Erock Coats, do do t 00 lo 9 44 rants aud V ests, I 74 to 200 Orer Coats, . 9 00 to 11 CO (T7~ Terms?Cash ou delivery. sla ltn* e MICHAEL E. MA Iff IN REMOVAL.' PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, la removed from 144 Broadway to No. 7 Astor Hous* ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .legaot and fashionable kind rl a saving of fin ll#f rail for ...k 'PHE advertiser d< oi it uunranuiy to resort to the hack1 ueyed system of giving a list of uominal prices, presuming that Uie length of time he Ml .beco established. together with the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, will prove a lUDi eieul voucher for hie capabilities. Possessing the advantage at being counected with an extensive cloth establishment in Eur?|* he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, ou comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. _slOjlm 8. PHILLIPS, 7 As tor House. Braadwsy J. SORlA, FRENCH DYER, 490 PEAHL ST., Principal Office, rPHANKFUL for the patiouage heretofore bestow d, resa. pectfully luforms the public that he has, for the accommodation of his customers in the upiwr |?rt of the city, opeued TwoOfficra, one situated 117 Bi r.acaca St., the other 312 owkiy. for the recep ion and delivery of G<k>ds. All kindaof Silk,Cotton -nil Woollen Goods DYED. Merino and Camel's Hiir Shawls cleaned in the French style, with neatness slid despatch. IT/' All luudsof Wearing Apparel and Carpets scoured. Merchants can have all kinds of gooda dyed and put ap in their original form. Brooklyn Office, 49 Fulton st. Brooklyn. oil tm*r RESTAURANT FRANCAIS. No. 1 Nassau si. opposite the Custom House. J. BONNwRD h P. DELAMOTTE have the honor to inform their acquaintances aud straugers generally, that they have enlaraed their Breakfast and Diuing Saloons,and have besides arranged convenient rooms lor private parties, aud will |?y particular atlenliou toordera for Dinners sud 8u|>pers in private nouses, which they will furnish at very moderate prices. They constantly have on hand? Brauily Preserves of all kinds. Liquors in great variety. Wines of sll brands. Oil of Olives refined. Gruvere Cheese. New Chalel Cheese. Truffles and Mushrooms. Fat Liver Pies, he., he. o!7 lin'r TO THE AMATEURS OF THE ACCORDION! OIGNOR L. MARTINI begs to iuform the public that he C has just published his Accordiou instruction, which is divided ii. L?n narts? the first for llu* arrrt, wt,K?..r ..mL tones?the second for thu?c with semi-tones, both uf which ut amply furnished with (elected music, and esercisea pro gressisely written, inorderthat the amateur can t^aily hart aulire eommand ever the instruuu ut. SIONOR .MARTINI begs also to ttate that he haa a large collection ol' M8S. music lor the Accerdiun, which he inleuda to publish shortly, and he arrauges I'or that iuttrumeut any tort ol music he should be required. The Siguor will be thank tut to all tlioac who will faeur Inui at liia residence,* Canal street, where he coutluurs to give his lessons. aul? Jni'r DWILHELMS, No. 234 Broadway offers for sale his new unpoi led stock of goods, whole.ale nd letail. 1.?Ul Eiiibruidtrie , cumin- need and li.ished pieri s of various kiuds; worsten, wool, stitching and kuiltiua silk, beads, canvas, patterns, kc. 2.?lu small and lace wares, all sorts of silk and worsted slriugs, bi rders, trimmings, tassels, fringes, and every article in this line, d in< in the ino-t fashiouaulr taste. 3.?The most copious and siileudid choice ofartifici >1 (lowers, done in the ueatest woik suu newest taste, bouquets, diadems, kc. 4 ?Articles of cast iron of the most various descriptions, mauofa' tared to the Rossi Iron boundary at Berlin 3.? Kxquuile and neat figures in brouxe. > ?A beautiful assortment of superfine basket wares. 7.?A considerable aud el gaul choice of pressed and painted paper, slieela of letter paper, visit ng cards, wafers, kc. k?An elegant anil great atoieol the lilsast posce*aiu. 2.?A splendid assortment of the (Sue si dressing article a.cases and prrfumea. <itt lm*rc IMPORTANT DISl.OV EKY in Cainplnne aud Chemical 1 Oil Lamps, warranted to burn at one hail thp esiienae ol either oil > r gas.?The difficulty which haa heretofore rxiated in trimming Camidiiue Lamps it now eutirely obviated, by means ol a Moveable Cap sod other important improvements which, upon luapectlou, will satisfy the public that they cauuow obtain a Lamp superior to any now in use?will burn without ainoke or smell?produce au equal aud steady light Ml all direc'ious, aud regulated by a single acrew movement. Alio, an Improved Tailor'e Lamp. Camphiuc. Chemical Oil, and Spirits, manufactured upon an improved system, wholesale and retail, de livercil to any part of the city, from the Old Established Bland of UEOHOE M1CHELL, ol* lm*m > Catherine street. TERRAPIN LUNCH, UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM G OUR MONDE' QUI VIVE! THOUSANDS of our good cits, lovers of good fare, have been lor some weeks past suffering severe disappointment from the ciosiuc 01 uie iar-iaineu aerrmpin Liuucn." 1 he " litlol feTtr/* is now. however, over, and again may they "feed well, lor be it konwb that the John Adams, of Knickerbocker memory, "haugs hie hat" uti at the Terrapin ; also the proprietor, one of the linen little fellows in Christendom, y'elept W J Carr. Now, then, smack your lips ye cormorants in the Turtle Soap and steak line, the mantle of 'Sanily,' has fallen upon lohu, to perfection, in good eating and drinking may be again guaranteed at the Terrapin. A single look into the old '^re Box," will appease the hanger of him with the short purse, and a taste of the genuine at half the old prices will tickle the palate of the eeriest anchorite. p ine Green Turtle served up this day, and erery day during the season. ol3im*m WORTHY ATTENTION. 1 IGHT ! LIGHT'.?Horn'spatent solid bottom Glass Fonn1J tain Lamps for Chemical Oil?From tne peculiar beauty and elegance of these Lamps, their neat construction and superior qu ility, they are destined to supersede all others now in use. The total abseace of smoke and suiell, the unparalleled brilliancy of the flame, is admitted to be uun|ualled. N. B.?At l?ss cost than half a cent per hour. The proprietors assure the public that no lam|ia can be trim med ana kept in order with so little Irouble, and wnh so much .ase and facility, as those from their manufactory. J. O. Fay, sole agent for the proprietors, at 136 Fulton street, 3d door from the New York Bun office. Also, Chemical Oil, Camphine, Globes, Wicks, Itc. he. of su, enor quality, at the lowest market prices, wholesale and retail. ?M lm*ea FLUTE AND GUITAK. \|R PHILIPE ERNST, Professor of the Flute, Guitar, an patent Concertina begs to annoanre to hu friends and public that he hu jnat published hia new "Hondo Mililaire" for (he guitar, which will be found well worthy As attention of the learner or amateur, Irom iu being well uilpied to that instrument and calculated oot only to please but to afford instruction. This Rondo, with several other pleasing pieces of his composition "for the guitar" are to be found at Mr. Ernst's residence M Canal street, where he eoutinues to give lessons on tr.e above instruments a11m*r HEAP KA8HIO I ABLE TAILORING, a: IM Beeaman street.?Where does the money come from that supports the expensive Tailoring Establishm-uts scattered over the city f Can it come from any place but the pockets of their customers7 At the above number it is nelievrd gentlemen can lind an eats blislunent conducted on tnr snidest principles of economy .and garms nts made in a style of tlegance and durability unsurpassed by any house in the ciiy. Tnepriees charged are? For Dress Coats, of tka beat West of England Cloths. $14 tu 17 Wool dyed West of England Caasimere punts y to I Vesta ol cuhmere, utio, silk or cloth, l)k to 1 Superfine Beavar overcoats, $40 style, for II to ts Dress Coatamade and trimmed, 7 to 0 Pains and Vesta, ])i to I JOHN MOFl'AT. nl |m?r U8TARD FACTORV.?J COG8WKLL has irmoved from I It Allen to 117 Hoosevelt street, second atory of ' note occupied by Mr. W. Prmtis*. coffee and spice dialer. where he is pre|*red to famuli the article at ahort uotice and liberal credit, pat op in any aiyle. Hotels and Umilies supplied with an elegant article. Alio,

MMtHrv mustard. o3> Ira* r rtHO^AKY DAILY?few senile men in ibis rity ' ' are aware they can b ain a good tobaiautial Eng'ish Dinner. fnruuhed with tlie beat the markets can afford, Beer included, for 16 cents. Diuner on table at 3 o'clock. Choi* am* Bleaks st any hoo r. Cold Cots, he. Bear in mind, CHRIaTIAN SON'S, (late Stoneall's.) oil lm*r W *no street.^ ("His. (jLoBk. HO I Kl. Bath* soppiieo with Ciotoo Ws'er. 3 ?. Klaucard, proprietor of the lilooe H .'t l .?nd ol the sbove elre nt aud com i odions h.ths, re?|n-c folly informs hislriei.ds and the public generally, that he has had them supplied with Cr?ton Water, aa well as tTeiy other department ol his ests MMmmm. Bathers will 6nd the most polite and prompt sttsntion from the upcrntenrlants; and ss regards linen, and erery other aeCOmusoSatiou that can rontiibnie 10 the comfort and convent euce of visiters, these baths will he foiind. in erery respect, ei|iisl to the inort celebrated in any put of Kiiioi e. i'he baths will be .1 pen from 7 o'ciork A. M, until eleven at uighr. Charge twenty-fire easts. Kntrsacu on Broadway and New at. nil lw*r T?0~MK.nCHANts" rom the Son h?A large (]oantily of Kan*. butterfly pattern, ami of various other descriptions. suited to uie i?r? ilrli ans a <1 southern market*. the devices beintt of an elegant mid new description,are for sale st (4 Resde street, urn Broadwise, New Turk. Also, s I irirc usi r'mrnt of small sized fancy botes for Chris mat a?d New Years Oifis, and suitable for confections. til 13t?r TO PERKUMER3 and Soap Manufacturers?A number ol ' co. |>er plates, enarared with ttie newest an ' most fathiourble designs tor labels of hoses, | erfnm-rv ottles.itc. a.ay be obtained at No. 64 Keadc at, Leal Broadway, New York. nil 3ir HJKIS ?iK<>UNI) COFFKK A>fD SPICKS 'PHOSE wishing to purchase pure Roasted and Ground Cof. * fee, would find it lo their advantage to call at 114 Kslton street, where ar kept the abore articles of the very best <piah ty in t l,e city, at price* to auit the times. .Coffer Routed evary day Iri sh, and sent to any part of this ?l4y and Brooklyn, free of ripeuse. Coffee Routed and Ground tor (irooanes, in a superior manner. EBR- WELCH, late firm of oil lis'm Welch tt Shearer. T^J6 NEW YORK Highland Guard will hold their first A Annual Ball oa Monday Evenin*, Dec. 11 at the Apollo I "TTp-r i?HN O. CLEMENT, Secretary, CAPT. JOSEPH CMAIO,Chairman. alOeodlt*r * RK I NING, NOVEMBER 13. IS I "yHANClS'S PATENT Llf>'E BOAT" Itas been laated " the past four yc?t? in actual uinoi, *ud by riptriarut I at follow* Manned and thrown from the deck ?' a steamboat while uuilar way; dropped endwise from the stem of a 71; loaded to the suuwsl-with iron and stones, with the bottom I in i turned bv r., r, .I. ..,.1 ...,i... . If..,r. i of 15 men to keep her eo - u.wet by her murn(Fi< and r. ceiling ih?in a(*iii uuid. mil tiering ncreelr from water : bottom iliirr in by lending on a rockv ahorc and then rowed oat to am; lauding in a surl. when all oilier boita swamprd ; taking craw and piaaeogers from a wreck in a atorin at sea. With tha bow atovr iu and pluga out ; b arding a wreck Willi the bo'.t an broken open ; lea> ing a ciukiug wreck full of pasarugets, With the ea breaking Iroiu end to end , uiakiug way acroaa a coral reel to a wreck aud bringing nffM iwaaengera, leaving the ordinaiy boa a awami* d ; thrown from the deck of a ahip eudwiaa and airing <1 permona ; aide i and bowa broken through and bottom atore in and rowed in deep water, lie. and finally blown up by a submarine explosion, and then again maimed and rowed aa **forr- ? ... JOSEPH FHANCIS. Office No. 7 Wall at, at Adams It Co.'a Express Office. n? ltnr_ Philadelphia daouekheotypk kstablhhV MBNT, Exchange BuuMlng Noa. 16 and 77.?Sidglr Portrait! taken, from breaaipin sixe to S inchra iu diameter. Vain ilv g onpa of from two to 15 peraoua on one plate. Tima of lilting lOacconda. Cournat y on hand, and for aale, Initio -ents of the aame bind aa used in the ea abli.binent ; a'au p'atea and all other utruails. W. A F. LANOENHEIM. all lm*r '11HO.VI AS JONES, acc ount tut, 18J Broadway, rripectlully X aunotanCea that lie lias counneuced lor the seaaon to girt aa Pullinu instruction ill RnnL.ltMiniinir P- nman.hinanJ fV?aanwv. cial Arithmetic. .The many hundred* of > is former pupils wlio are now holding situation* of the higheit responsibility aa clerks and bookkeepers in this city, afford the best possible test for any riujuiry as to the merits of a system of instruction which has grown out ol many yea's of ex|>eri'nca An adequate di'ieence under the course here puisued will secure to a atudeut the ability to discharge all the duties of the desk in a masterly inauujr, and give him a kuuwh dge of accouu is such as is very rarely attained through ytars of ei|>eriruce. Certificates of -tua'iticati-iu are given when deserved. TO PaRKnTS?4'i rtaius hours of the day are devoted to the iustructiou of a 't? young gentlemen who desire a thorough prepanlion for Lunuers, Published and for sale by the author, "Jones's Principles and Practice of Book keeping," 8*0. price t2s. This is the only American work on ihe subjec* reprinted 111 Oglaud. It is alto adopted in the first Academic Iiuliiutioiis in this city, ti9 lm*r TCClLCINAftV ARTICLE. CLOAKS. fcc.-V 1CTO i'l RINK Ik CO , I rout Paris, res|iectfully inform the ladies of this city, that they will open ou the 9tli iust.. jSI'i Broadway, between White and Walker streets, a splendid assortment ol Hats, Capotes, C oaks, Pelerines, Camails, fancy and street Dresses, Scarfs, Shawls, Veils, heathers, Marabouts, Ike., ol the latest paris laahion. Just received per ship Ville de Lyon, from Havre. Dress and Cloak making promptly executed. n7 lm*r LECTUKE ON PHYSIOLOGY SKVKRAL medical gentlemen desirous ol attending Dr. R Nelson's Lectures ou Physiology, liaviug intimated to him that t iree lectures a week would interfere with ihtir proles sioual eng gements. he has -ousrnted 10 limit the number to iwoswrrk, to he delivered on Tuesday's did Saturday'1, at 7k u'c ock, in the evening, at the New York Lyceum, 411 Broadway, over Mr. Roe Lockwood's Book Store, near Caual street. Price for the whole course (7, lor single lectures, 'ii cents. n76<*r aOUSK KURNlSHINU WAKKHOUSK-?WOHAM k HAUtlHWOlJT. Ml Broadwav. Manufacturers. Agents and Commission Merchants, ha?e juat received and are now opening a new and splendid assortment of the following arti rles, via :? Silvered, (Jilt and Bronze Oa Chandaliera, < to to lights. Do Caudle do 4 to 34 " Do Candle Bracket*, 1 to J " Do Gas Bracket*. lit I " Do tin Mantel Lights, 1 to I " Do Gsruisuotes, 111 S " Casuuebras. ?to i r " Astral Lamps, Mall i amps and Lantern*, Heading Lean pa He. A new article ot Solar Lamp, a very superior article. Alto, a new article of Df fleeter lor improving the light of the old patternmf Astral Lamp. Also. a now Jyle of Florentine Bronxe, color immovable. Together win every variety of Lamp* and Chandelier*, for churches, liall* and public nuildingt. Plated IVtii. Baiket*.Canon, Trays,Toast Rick*, Candlestick*, Napkin King*, Butter Tabs, butter and Fruit Knives, Snuffers and Triys, Coffee and Tea Urn*. He. Fine Table Cutlery, in sett* and dozens; Japanned Tea Trays, in great rarity of patterns and forms; fine cat glass Bowls, Pitchers, Tumblers. Dishes, Uoblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, lie. lie. W. A ri. beg resp-clfullr to infoim their friends, customers, and the public generally, that their arrangement* with the mauafactor ;r? are such that they can sell all articles in their line 41 rciil4lR4Uiy low initn, aiiu n?|irtuui.) iu?ur uiim 10 coir 4iuJ tee iheif thuw roouu which aloue u sufficient l? comiwu itte for thv trouble <22 im*i D \TtUEKKEO TYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS FA. AHTAUL r Al CO . I62)k Fitlioti itrrrt, opiWiilc Si Paul'? Church respectfully inform their friends and th> public, thai the. hav* ju.t received bypacaetatup Aitfo, au invoice of 1000 Dtgu-r cotyi* French Plates A new supplt of the best and ueweet patterns apparatui 100 tuiices bromine 10 utucri brounue of iodine M |ionud> hypro ulphate of ydi 10 grammes ol c .lortde of sold IOO pounds of trip til of irmir 10 ounces chlo.ide of louiue And the new boob containing the latest improvements iutl t Daguerreotype. of I .1 .r LlbtPORSi louK OTtlVfc BILLS ? fccouomy and urtlity lv l>eiua the order of tne day, 'Tie subscr-bei has determined to sell St jns at the lowest possible remuneration prices; his Column FBrlor Stove, answering all the pur|>oses of the grate, with half the troubl* and?xpen*e, suitable for sittiiip rooms, offices, stores, or halls, is worthy the atleutiou of persons wiehiag to purchase. Hu assortment of cookiug Stoves are not surpassed in the city, for cheapness tnd eupvrior style of cousrnacritsn, combining all the requisites for kitchen use, and a great saving of fuel, which is an item many persons overlook in selecting stoves. He solicits hnustkeepr S snd others to give him s call at the office of the Warren Furnace Company, No. 22 ifulton street, N. Y., belorr purchasing elsewhere. As this company manufacture their stoves, purchaser* will nol be subjected to a tax by buying froin second hands. Their astortment consists of air-tight, cooking and parlor Stoves, Pumps, Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin anil Sheet Iron Ware, Ac., wholesale and retail Orders for c tsmigs soli cited. J. v7 TIBBETTS. ol6 lm#ec _ 22 Fulton ttrei-f. N. Y. artist in hair. MtKlflCTUlID FROM ladies' anu gentlemen's hair. INIift hundred different designs, necklaces, bracelets, watch 1 guards, ear-rings, flowers, rings, wigs, scalps, fcc. fcc. Ladia or gentlemen having hair uf a living or deceased frieud, cau ge> it formed by him into any design the mind can conceive?iL such a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. A. C. BARRY, 146 Broadway, cor of Liberty street, up stairs. N. B,?Individuals resident in the country or living at an inconvenient distance from the city, can have all such orders promptly eiecuted, by forwarding through the medium of the post ofltce the hair to De fashioned, with a drawn an 1 specified design of the workinanshin, and enclosing from five totweuty dollar*, according to which sum the superiority of manufacture and style of mounting in gold will depend. All such connnuuicatiime to be post t>aid. A C. B. ol Im'r MONUMENTS, AC. DOBKRT E. LAUNITZ, (late Frazee It Lannitz) Sculptor rv >?.! A.lir.e.., ,n Ma,hie HI R,n,,l?? M.uf V.?b Statues, Mono menu, Buiti, Fountains, Tombs, Head Stones, Vases, fcc., executedof the tiuest American and Italian Marbli s, in a ebasie and clastic style. N. B. Croteu water hiring heen introduced into the city, Mr. L. will be pleased to execute all orders for erecting fountains for gentlemen in their gardens, as he has had manj years sxnerieuoe in Italy and this country. The best of city reference given. All orders by letters, giving Nsw York city references, attended to with punctuality and despatch. si7 lm*m UN hi PRICE CaSH STOREAT 14 Chatham street, where will be . aind clothing apthe iollowing low prices:?Braver and pilot eloili costs, I'roin (6 to $13; satiuett pants from $130 to $j; u .able and single breasted vest, from $1 30 to t>M. The west sn_e ol Chatham It? No $4, Mlm?r HRVHV f(W"Wm,L DAG CARPET, HAG CARPET AMD LIsT.-lhe 1*- cheapest in ike city?1300 yards tor sale, all nicely miseJ and striped, wiih fast colors. Any person in wsnl of this article will do well to call and eiamtue before they purchase, at it will be sold chesp lor cash. Call at M Spring street, cornel of Orecnw ich. Also, tubs ard pails, brooms, aud all kinds of famishing ware, rery low, seut to all parts of the city free of charge. oil lm?rc _ J. JONES. ARTIST IN HAIR. MANUFACTURED FROM LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S HAIR. ATOT less than two inches long, in one hundred different de j J>' sign*?Necklace*, Braceleca, Witch guard*, Ear-ring*, * Flower*, Ring*, Wig* *nd Scalp*. I A C BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. Still *und (ire-eminent above all other*. Their necnliar light, goaaamer,M ventilating character, their being *rit|ie<l exactly the'natural hail grow*; their e'aaticity ..oil their *u(ienor material and wnrlimati?hy, a* well a* their *tyla of fiiilah and *r airangvirient, all combine to form *uch (wrfect head* of hair, thai they muit he MMto be fuMy UMMM. Partie* having a niece of hair of a living or deceaied Iriend. can get it limned byhim into any deaign the mind cau conceive In *uch a form it will be a krepaake invaluable. Gratoitou* advice given on all diaeaae* connected with Hit hair, at the Hair Cutting Kunm*. IM BROADWAY, cor of Liberty *treet, lip Stain. T O H 0 ! !! RING'S VERBENA CREAM. THIS Celebrated Shaving Compound ia uow all the rage, aa well among tonaonan nroflasaort, a* among thoae who prefer te g*tn?r in tneir own diom I crop* The nnprovernetit reeeiitlv ronl- In it* inanufaetare niece* the Verbena Cream above compeliUou. 1 he subscriber having pairchased the copy right, presents 11 to the public with an elegant new lata 1, and guarantee! thai loi hit in ihavmg it can be e>|ualh d ?nl> By a Wall street broker, the Cream possessing the advantagen| fivmg better aarialaction to the party by the operation, and thii speaking from e?perirnce. To prevent itnpoaition by the apnriona artielev now in tha market, the dirrctioua for uae will have the written aignainre of the proprietor, none other being genuine. For sale wholeaale and retail at 100 Nassau at, K. SINCLAIR, Piorrietor. N. B.?Alao for aale, Ring'a Lllsir of Life, Nelson's Ev tract of Saraaparilla, Dr. Browder'a Comiaiuiid Syrnpol Indian Tnrnip, Ite. ot lm*m teeth* 'T'HK TEETH?A redaction of 10 per cent?Upper and A lower acta of teeth inserted on anctinu or atmospheric pressure, so as to be worn with ease and firmness, from a single tooth to an entire act; all can be supplied with the beat mineral teeth; toothache cured. For attracting tooth, JO cents Children's, naif once. J. Bnskev. Surgeon Dentist, 21 Mm ray street. neii door to the ehnreh, "<|[of" Bmtd?'r. )y23 "<>d A RICH TONKD EltiHT HII.vKh k&ww F L U T E SECOND HAND?* rirr and splendid instrument, will ht "old cheap AppJvto T MONZANI, o7 lm*m i l'"rit|.?oo ?TnKY"?CUTT. No. an Water M N. Y,keeus - iii > ly on hand * general ..asortment of Pickles, Catsups, ?aures. !te , rrrwnci, Jellies, Brand/ Knits, kc., wholesale -and u ail. All order* for Shipping and k amiliet punctually at ded p. 11 1m?r TK) THE LOVK.HH OK SUPERIOR BLACK TEA ? I Hnwqiia's Miitare?Thu extremely delicious and unperrajleled Tea, in highly celebrated io China and Europe, ust imim-led, ia now for sale at the Canton Tea I'ompaay'i General Tea Establishment, 111 Chatham it, New York?an Chinese packages. Prices M cent* tad tl. ol?lin* m IE R A S42. Lioulavllle. (('orrutpondeace of the Herald.) Lomsviu.*, Nor. 6, 1H42 Maeqntrailt t in the IVttt?Mannrre ot' Sew Or lea 11 < travelling up the Mituitmp/n. DEAR SIK :? Your correspondent for some time past has neglected to give you regular advices of the things going on in our good city, and 1 confess I rather wonder at it, for certainly our fashionables never cut a "greater stiff" than they are doing at present; not content with "happening ins"'aleach others houses, by which they avoid the troublesome cerimonial of invitations to common folks; they have laterly taken it into their heads to imitate the actions of rather a suspicious portion of God's creation, i. e. the New Orleans Creoles, and give masquerade balls, the last touch of fashion and ot elegance. A few otthe "chosen spirits" assembled about a week since at John Thompson's, where, to their infinite satisfaction, they privately rendered themselves quite poetic : this, however, was but a pious prelude to what has followed. The affair at Hob Short's, last night "came oft" with great eclat.? Never in my life did 1 see such a group assembled. The masks were well chosen and fitly did they show forth on the exterior what was in the interior ot the wearer's heads. Monkeys were seen chattering away at eacli other, evidently iileased at thvir own eloquence: sheen b'ating forth their own philosophy: dogs talking Italian at their misiresse'sheels: goats openly avowing their passion: calves ba-a-ding for nourishment: and hogo crying out in French, out, out. at the evident elegance of the coiiqiatiy. Mere might be seen the elegant whiskered dandy ? Peter Alexander, as he pompously declaimed, with a nonchalance air, peculiar to himself?hat in hand upon thegailiesof a winter in Copenhagen and the agreeable manners ol the European princes.? There the handsome Karl Sampson, disguised as a young fat calf! (happy choice !) traced out his pedi?ree. to the tall Miss Emerald Green, who was eviently interested in the recital, and fully did he convince her that his stock was ancient and himself "thorou-h bred." The lordly Hugenot, and the legitimate descendant ol Die Vernon, shone lorlh resplendant among the ari-tocracy of the land. The fascinating "ladv in black" eloquently expaiated to young Diamond upon the evils of' fortune hunting" and boys turning out so soon. The little coquette, Miss Excellence, once so brilliant, but now so changed, frequently spoke ol bank officers. The well-feathered Miss Peacock, the Missouri belle, was witty, sarcastic and agreeable. Mr. Cowslip, the flatterer, was heard to congratulate Mrs. Daisy u|ion her "interesting situation," and to condemn Miss Rosebud for making such a bustle. While cir culating round many a " double entendre" was heard, enough to call blushes to even the most pious cheek. Ana often did I think that these certainly were the latter days. Y. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Nov 9,1842. The End of the World Pottpontd?-Great Row among the Laicyert? Unrehearted Stage Effect*? Tragi-Comedy?D. P. Be own and m. Rawfc ?Exciting Sctne?Judge Barton ami Doran?Boz U ,L.;. u vwnrMUicc vv mf ifturia ?? incrf liunui, . SlH:? The end of the world ia not nigh yet (Parson Miller to the contrary notwithstanding ) We cannot yet realise the happy time when "the lion and the lamb ah ill lie down t ??ether '* liorses will atop kicking?cats scratching, and lawyers quarrelling, before that blissful day arrives It is certain that the happy epoch ' as been postponed at least half a century, by the rich and glorious scene which took place last evening at the office of Alderman Oris coin, in this city. The occasion was a proceeding against John W. Simes, who is accused of tampering with a Juror, on the McEwen and Shee case, and the actors were David Paul Hrown, Esq and William Rawle, E?q , as principal comedians.whilst the audience were composed of the lawyer*, < itiz-nsand loalers, who crowded the office Atier William L. Hirst, E?q of counsel for .VIcEwrn, had finished his address to the Alderman, lie addressed by William White, Esq of counsr I for Mr. Simes. Mr. White commenced by alluding to the case on the defence of McEwen and Sliee (one of the counsel on which side was Mr Kawle) and spoke of "the disiepuable tricks that had been resorted to to bring about an acquittal of the defendants." Mr. Rawle?That's personal (to the Alderman.) I insist sir that no personalities he allowed. Alderman (.triscom?Personalities between counsel must he avoided. Mr. White?(to the Alderman)?To you, sir, no personalities shall be addressed, but to and of Mr. Rawle I'll speak as I please Mr. Rawle?(Throwing himself back in the chair and frettiug like a bottle of ginger pop with ine corn ura nown>? 1 ms is wiibi i gei ior coming into theCrimtpal Court, to be insulted by a puppy, nothing but the moat foul mouthed and beastly per sonalities. Mr. Brown?-(To the Alderman)?There, sir, what do you say to that?Let personalities be restrained. Mr. Rawlk?Well, by g?d, sir, if I have been personal, its you that have forced it out of me by your continued falsehoods during the whole course of this case. Mr. Brown (as cool as a pound of butter surrounded with ice)?The man that imputes falsehood to me lies. Mr. Rawlk?I have called you a liar,and nowyou shall take the blow with i., (seizing a piece of paper, crushing it into a roll and reaching over to strike Mr. Brown, but in consequence of rotundity in the belt and want of extensibility in his legs, not being able to reach him, but waving the roll in the air in front of Mr Brown's face, and about a foot and a half from the end of his nose)?"There, sir. you have taken a lie and a blow, and you may add that to your other accomplishments. Mr. Brown, (who during the whole course of this ludicrous scene remained as calm as a summer's morning, and looked as amiable as a dish of ice cream with a snoon in ill?Bnt I have not been struck no blow touched me. Mr. Rawle?Well, if I did not strike you I intended it?Consider, sir, that I called you a liar and struck you. Mr. Brown?Consider I've beenstruckll may as well consider t*at you have been shot. Alderman (waking up)?Gentlemen, this conduct mus' not be allowed?I must bind you over to keep the peace. Rawlk-Yea, bind me over, bind me over for the assault and battery. Brown?No assault has been committed. Rawlk?II I did not strike I intended it?bind m" over for the assault and battery. Brown, (to the Alderm in)?I should be sorry, sir, i! I bojnd him over for an intention. Rawlk?(Who ap|>earrd to he as anxious to be bound over lor the assault as Dogberry was to be written down an ass)?But I intended it, nnd the wind blew in his face from the attempt?bind me over for the assault and battery. Alderman? You must be bound over to keep the peace. Rawi.e?Sir, I'll have nothing more to do with this case, to be continually insulted by twn puppies, (throwing down his books and walking out of the office hke an offended turkey cock ) Thus ended the first act, and the curtitn Ml, to the disappoint -L .. r' 11 .. A J -1: ?u. _ A ... J.i i i a :ncm of n iuii Hiin ut-iigmru auunury, wnu wisiicu to wr the fun continued. During the whole cou se of this remarkable display Mr. Kawle wjmpetulant, angry, and ready to "eat his own head"?whilst Mr Brown was calm, cool, placid and smiling, without the least appear ance or symptom of a blood thirsty state of mind Act the second took place the same evening ?If was a private representation, to which the public were not invited. It is understood that new actors appeared on the scene, to wit?Josiah Randall, K it. and Eli J. Price, Esq., who obligingly oflrred their "mediation." which was accepted by the contending parties, by means of which a reconciliation wax effected, and the warriors mutuary retired upon their laurels. The whole affair was got up in first rate style, with good scenery and appointments, and the actor played their parts with a truthfulness and ene g\ worthy of a better cause. In matters and things th'-re is not much stirrin; nere ol importance, (its Honor Judge Barton hoi his last session of the Criminal Court th s term- i He declined giving a charge to the jury at ilie con inencement of the term, but sig ified In- intend" of giving them some of his views in relation '< criminal justice at its close It is rumored that h intends to give his colleague and quondam ff''"" Judge Doran (a second edition of your Judg> Lynch) a stab under the fifth rib,in the forthcoming document. The "Notes," by Boz, were looked for considerable interest. The gentlemen "who had the) - Pries Two Cant*. heart* in their handa" have had them in their mouth* for sometime, but now that they have escaped the flagellation they expected, their fears have subsided. I aaw Colonel Thonia* B Florence, 'he leader of this hand of |>atriota, to day, and he I [miked mute natural Am rintir. Smug. Newark. New ask, Nov 10, 1842 Opitting of Out Smt?n?Sfth tuiid Fnthtonaltit Movtmmtt in Newark. Dear Bennett? Permit me to give you a short notice of a party, the first of the season, that came ofi" last evening, which 1 think will be quite interesting to your numerous readers in this city. The party was given by a Mr. A n, a retired Philadelphia jeweller, who has just moved into a new and splendid house, situated in the lower part of Broad street Mr. A. and his accomplished lady have the honor of " leading ofi in the fashionable season." Mrs. A. did the honors in a very quiet and agreeable manner. She was very genteelly dress ed, in a rich light silk. Mr. A. a easy and gentlemanly manner* were observed by all, and highly appreciated. There were about two hundred present, very many from your city. Amongst them 1 observed the tall and majestic figure of Miss A. niece of our host; also' her beautiful sister, Mrs. R both dressed in black, with bright black eyes, and hair Whoie gloiay black to ihame might bring The plumage of the raven'? wing. Miss N., ol White street, was by many considered the bt'le of the party. She was dressed in white, with her hair very neatly adjusted, and ornamented with a beautiful silver wreath, and was very fortunate in taking captive the heart of Mr. R., which pleasure Mr. R. would not have had but for the circumstance of a certain Mr, who shall be nameless, having been detained in New York, by sickness. Miss F., of New York, crested quite r sensation amongst the Newark btiiux. She wore u white skirt with a black bodice, and such ringlets as the god of love might choose for bowstrings, and they felldown on a neck of such faultless whiteness as might create jealousy in a bust of Venus, done in Parian 1.1_ l<1 : a u.. w_ r r rnuruic. one rrtrivru ine aiiniiiuas ui inr. J. ox Broad street, to whom rumor has given the very amiable character of being fond of his ma. He sometimes has an outbreak of patriotism, and talks much of serving his country in the capacity ot a midshipman. But his filial love is in all cases sufficiently strong to induce him to stay with his ma. His long hair and elegant manners reminded me of Bums'address to A polio:? O, wad some power the giftie gie us To see ourselves as others see us, It wad from monie a blunder free us. Miss J. and Miss C. of New York, were very much admired bv all present. Mr. G. of Washington street, New York, was there with his bride, who is remarkable for her neat style of dressing. Miss W. of New street, was never seen to b- tter a vantage. She is quite celebrated for her talents and accomplishments, and is a reputed heiress. She w?s very neatly dressed in white, without any tinsel. She received much attention from Mr. G of New York, who has the modesty to fancy h;meelf a saint. He has a courtenance that is remarkable for the lambent piety ard holy liiiell gence in its expression He once rebid> d in this cuy, and left to occupy a wider held Mrs. K of New 6ireet, graced the pan v with her presence When single she was the bt!le of the town. Her rch Quaker dress was in he tier tasie than any tiling else iiiihr rooms. M-r hnir w.i? finclv braided, and done uo behind in til- ric.iesl Parisian style. Her interesting liu-band was also present Miss W. of Odhr strre1 w??, as she had Kood reason to be. happy, receiving as she did, the constant and undivided attention of ayuun^ and prosiKTiiu-* merchant of B street His attentions to to Mii-tt W. were envied by every lad v pre Hint K umor says that he has broken ntoie hearts than any other man in Newark. VMial a rail thing lob a handsome man, with hone) en words! By ilie wat( lie is Maid to h?ve linif'ied liis at ailentical course, and aridnated witn dis'in^ut-hed honors, and With the derided approbation of the entire tac nitv Miss W. has a very pleading countm-nce, a d K) in that send Kit m*gir to the soul? Cheek* tou.hel witn tha deep cornelian dye Lin* more haautirtil from word* that roll Forth sweat translation* from her star-lit eye. The Misses S. of N street, have strong claims to the title of btlle of the evening The eldest was dressed in black, with short sleeves, and long white gloves She is a aplendid girl, and made many a hourt unKo un ultp Paul urniin/l Iter olannud f*/vn, (UA kissing witchery of her bright black eyea. She is as amiable asshe is pretty. None knew her but to love her? None name her but to praise. The younger, as gentle as the timid fawn, with a face as bright aaa vision in a fairy's dream, where a thousand little graces disport themselves, was happily well provided for through the attentions of Mr. S. of B. street, a young man quite celebrated for his strong attachment to children, which, of course, makes him quite popular wiih the married ladies, and the aforesaid Mr. G. with whose attentions she was apparently much pleased, much to the annoyance of Mr. S. who seems to occupy the first place in her aflectious, at least wishes to. In short, she is a perfect sylph:? " Her lace in like the lilly, That veila the ve?tal planet'i hue ; Her eye? two beamleti from the moon, Bet ftoati g in the welkin blue." She and her sister are not much celebrated in fashionable circles, but they are destined to a brilliant career. The Elizabethtown ladies fully sustained the reputation of their delightful village. Miss R , of Park di..?? ?,i.f?. i e i x iawr, rwnm iiihuii auiiiucu iui iici owcn IOUC tflJU quirt unobtrusive manners. She had the honour of i?ir. H 'a arm. I was introduced 'o a Mrs. S. who has the reputation ol making poetry occasionally. She has some genius I should think; at least, the eccentricities ot a genius. The dancing commenced rather late, but was kept up with spirit until the company dispersed. Although an old man, my head trosied by nearly seventy winiers, I am constrained to acknowledge that woman! whatever our age?our disposition thy beauty is the charm that hinds man to thv will, ' is in vain to wrestle with this conqueror, for it the impulse of nature. If agreeable, I will keep an eye on fashionable movements in this place, and keep you informed from time to time. Spectator, More Land from the Indians.?The Detroit Advertiser announces the return of Mr. Stuart, the Su|<erintendant of Indian Attars, who left that city two months sinie to hold n treaty with the Chinpewa Indians ol Lake Superior fie succeeded in consummating a treaty with them, by which the United States obtain a large accession to the public domain. All the Indian lands within the boundaries of the State ol Michigan are now ceded to the L tied Slates The Advertiser says:? By this treaty,about 15,0110,000 of acres are ceded, about 8.000,000 of which lie in Michigan, and?,000 OK) in Wisconsin.?There will now be opened up to the entrrprize of our citizen*, the extensive and va luabie nun ral region on Lake Superior, containing the purest copper ore anywhere known, and besides, in the Vieux Deserts district, where mineral* were not supposed to exist, silver ore baa been discovered ; but as no thorough examination haabeen made aa to its quality or abundance, we are authorized only to say that the indications are thought favorable. The inexhiiusttble fish- riea of Lake .Superior will now also be within the control of our people ; and we hazard little in saying that a vat*' and liicrative business will soon be established both i* mining and in fisheries, between ua and that hitherto but partially known region of country- It is said that much of the noil between Lake Superior and t?reen Hay, is of excellent quality?that it is ah J*11!.''wat": ed. and its lakes and rivers abound wt h hsh. All th? ......k-.......n t .uke Superior and the Missis sippi. for Home dis'twce above fort Snelling, in now purchased by the United St*''*, except a small and valuable district yet owned bv the Menomomea, bevveen (?reen Bay and Fort Winnebago. It is said hat by this treaty, some provision- have been made 'or ameliorating the condi ion of the Indiat s; and it - gratitviug. also, that those wre'ched people begin ? appreciate the value of civilization, and in .n.fest de-ire to have their children educated ; and from e known benevolence of the ''resident and Seerer> ot War, and the head ol fie In'limh re. 01, have > no! good reason to hone that thei i-flort.- t this d, shall no be wauling ' We ow th-poor Indian ueti in very respect, and it i? gratifying to witness l it vciy many ol our moat respec rd tellow cltiz us wciu resolved to redeem the obligation. Doubtful Ssccsitt.?Looking ?t a mad bull through a telescope inverted, lor 'he pnrpote of keeping the animal at a r??n?ctahle dutaucc.