Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 15, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 15, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VU1. Rv. ?0<? --VVuol* Mo. 3107. 'OR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKET0. m, titik. For (in* Or tier iccoiumoj^^^^mshipper^ it o despatch a ship fmui this port ou the 1st, 5th, roth, IJth, 10th, an 25 th ot each month, couitiu nciug the 10th Oc toiler olid coaiU*111. until May, when regular days will be ipporuled tail " monidec of the year, whereby great delays an^wlm. will tv prevented during the viiuinrr tnou'hs. lhetollo uir ships will commence this arrangement Snip YAZOO. Caiilam Ooruell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jacksou. I' Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Cai?ain Hunt. Ship SHAKSI'EAKE. Captain Miner Ship GASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Snip MEMPHIS, Captain Kuighl. ? Ship LOUISA, Ca|>t*iu Mulfoiw. These sluiis were all built m tha city of New York, eipiess for nackeU. are of light draft of water, hare recently been a wly eiauiered and put in splendid order.with accouiinodanoua 1 or passengers uneipralled (or comfort. They are commanded by esi-erlrnced masters, who will make every eiertien to give satisfaction. They will at all tunes be towed up and owu the Mississippi by steamboats. ble fur jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated wart', or for any letters, oarer I or package, wot by or put on board of them, unless regular billa of lading are taken for the tauie. and the value thereon expressed. Ver freight or passage, apply K. K. COLLINS & CO., 56 South St.. or HULLIN Ik WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orlesns, who will promptly forward all gooda to tlieir address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly ineasuied. int OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M ilfc. rPHE OL^XilNE of Packets lor Liverpool will hereafter be J- despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of staling falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, CJune 1 July 19 tit tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D.U.Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENOLAND, tJune 19 Aug 7 . 750 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. (Feb 19 April 7 * tie OXFORD, kJuly 1 Aug 19 * 860 tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 ** J. Hathbone, (March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, I July 19 Sept 7 (uu ions, -Cisov is -tan i E. G. Marshalf Mai 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, tAug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. < Dec I Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.( April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, < Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.r April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, t Sept 1 Oct 17 8)0 tens, < Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barstow.f May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, t Sept 19 No* 9 700 tons, < Jan 19 Mar 9 G.A.Cole. (May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, lor which ample stores of ever* description wi^l lie provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be lurnished by the stewards. GOODHUE k CO ,61 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, 30 Burliug-slip, N. Y. je24 lvh BARING BROTHERS t* CO.. L'pool. NEVr YORK AND~nVERPOOL REGULAR COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. M. M. M. m ULU ESTABLISHED I'ASSAGb. UP F1CE, 61 SOU Ih STREET. The subscriber in announcing his arrangements for the year 1812, appears befope his friends with sentiments ol sincere respec'. lor the able support he has received for inany years |iast.? tie likewise wishes to call the attention of those iuteiuhug to send for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that lliey can at all times be accommodated by this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and (mm Liverpool on the 1st, 7ih, 13th, 19th and 26 th of each mouth throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subscricer to hare the emigrants shown civility, and despatched without delay, and those who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligent atleution will be given by the Liverpool ageuu to those sent for,as well as all wlio may cinbark with them, and should any of those w hose passage has been naid not em rark, the mouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscriber feels a pleasure in making known the differ rut ships by which his passengers caine out during the last year, which has giv-'u general satislaction, and that he has coiuuuera ly extruded arid concluded hisarraugemeuts for lire year 1S42. The follow ing is a list ol ships :? Slops Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Fairfield, Wilson. I'rintice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, Siieare. L... RussellGlover, Howes. Wales, Watts. Hiberui.i, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. ^Jlred, Cheever. Osceola, Childs. 1 " Clifton, Iugersoll. St. Cloud, Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. Sobieskie, Emerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. 1'authea, Gooamanson. Robert Isaacs, Truemau. Virginia, Eaton. Europe, Balcheldor. S. Jenkins, Seymour. A frre passage from the different ports, of Ireland and Scot land, ran also be secured, and drafts fitrnmhed for ?iy amount, payable at the National and Provincial Brnks of Ireland and t heir respective branches, and also on Messrs. J. Ik W. Robinsou, Liverpool, which are paid free o~ any charge, throughout lie United Kingdom. For further particulars apply to JOHN HERDMAN, SI South stTeet. or J. k W. ROBINSON 16 Goree Piazzas,and aul6 No. 1 Neptune iL, Waterloo Dock. Liverpool. M ' M M. M. PACKETS FOl^AlARSEILLEa?I'hs underuieuuuiied ships will be regularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on the tslofeach month during the year, thus? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA,Capt Brown, Nov 1. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec f. Feb 1 COUKIfcK, Cant Dugsu, Jan t. Marl TKESCOTT, Cant Lawrence, febl. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Oapt Adams, Marl. May I CORlOLANUB.CaFjfaile, Apt 1. Jun I Thry aie all coMarnd And copper fastened,and hare excellent aci'dinmodatioiis Tor passengersTin price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of Wines Ddliuuors. Goods addressed to BOYD It HINCKEN, llie a gents, will be forwarded free of other chaiges than those actuilly paid. For freight or passage apply to G. BROOM It CO., or to o?r BOYD It HINCKEN. Agents NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To a'lfrom New York on the 26th and Liverpool on the 12th <tf each men/A. ?& m m at NkwToii^ Ship GAnRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain Jwhu Collins, 26th November. Ship SIDDONS. C?|u?ii. I). Cobb, 26lh December. Ship SHERIDAN, Caplaio F. A. Depeyster, 26th January. Knost Liverpool. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th Novem'r. Ship GAKlttCK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 12th December. Ship HOSCIUS. ( iptaiu John Collins, 131 h January. These ships are all ol the lirst class, upwards ?f Iikhi tons, built in the city of New York, with sach iniieoveineuls as combine great speed with mutual comfort for jwuseugers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The pace of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experit-nord masters, who will make every exertion to give general satiifacM Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for oi y letters, parcrls or ^packages seut by them, unless re gutar b ill ol lading are signed iherelor. For freight or passage, apply So ?. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South at., New York, or to WM. k JAS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letteri by the packet* will be charged 12S cents per tingle aheett SO cent! per ounce, and newipaperi I cent each. ol FOR LONDON?Pacaet ol JOth N-.-The kJS#?y.ipVncli.l fail sailing packet iliip UENDK1CH HUl)JHUHELib'O.N . Cant Morgan, will tail punctually a* above, her acgalar day, ami having accommodation* for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, luiieiior to any other packet thoie wishing 10 secure birth* ihoulil make early application to W.kJ. T. TAF8COTT, 41 Feck *hp, or j2 Sooth itreet, coiner June*' lane. i Persons wishing to send lor their friends can have them brought out in tin* ihip or any of the line, on reasonable trims, I and drafts for any amount payable ou demand without discount ' can a|so be ohtain. d on application at above. nUr fjg- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LlNE-.Kegular kjjfy Packet of 25t|- November. The Splendid Packet MBMbinii ROSCIU8, Capt. John Colliua, of POO tool, will |KTsilively sail as above, her regular dav. For freight or passage, having accommodations uueiualleil for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol" Wall street, or to E. R. COLLINS fc CO. 56 South street. Price of passage, $100. The Packet Ship Hiddons, Captain Edw. B. Cobb, ol 1000 tons, will succeed the Rose ins, and sail the 25th December, her regular day. Passengers may rely on the shipa of this line aailiug punrtu dIv as advertised. 1,1 r BLACK BALL, or Old Lino LIVERPOOL WWIJWPeekeU.?The only Regular Lluer that aai's on the iaUyft(^l9:h Not.?The remarkable fast sailing fivoiite packe^ihipNORTH AMKBICA, Captain Alfred B. Lowbrr, will tail positively on Saturday, the 19th of November, her tegulnrday. The accommodations ol thia line for cabin, 2d cabin and steerace passengers, are unsurprised by any other line or ship loading for the above port. Kor terms Of passage and to secure the best heiths, early application should be mad? on board, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE BROTHKRS fc CO.. nl r Ji Kulton at, next door tolh- I1 ulton Bank OLD 6Ca<k Bai l link or pacBkTb KOR LI VKHPOOL?Packet of the t9?h November. jtelHter?The very fast sailing (racket ship NORTH y^miT<;A, Capr. Low her, will be dispatched for Liverpool as ab"V.r, her regular day. , 1 l it first r'.ass packet ship has superior accommodation s for cabin, second cabin and a:?era?e passengers. desirous of securing bertha will require to make early aimlication to JOHN HE.RD.V1AN, 61 South street. N. B. Persona sending for their friends residing in Gnat Britain and Ireland c?u. as usual, secure their fraisagrs (via. Liverpool,) by any of the line of iwckets ; and drafta for any II,mint c .n also be i uichaaed. uavahle throughout the I lined KilfaMi MIHfllMlHtitlMT*, mil PACKET FOlt HA VKfc?Second ITine?TReahip wwjkjPW BALTIMORE, Edward Kuurk, Master,will Mil ou ?XU|fai (lie 1st of December. BOVD k HINTKF.N, nlr No. 9 Touulie Buildings. cUfcf FbDTflXRi'EILlXs?The si.ij> IIK N tTtV THOMPSON, Sylvester, master, will Mil on MUMta'ha lit Oeceteber. For freight or inuur app.y to ~BOYD * HINCKF.N, Aeeuta, i4r 9 Tontine Buildings. SJfJr- kOK NEW ORLEANS?To be dispatched on Ke.T^Vil'e I <th iiiit ?Tlie line ship EDMUND PERKINS, 4IhmA?i' <i" I"*' t?oU,m James' Sii|i. i J . I iiirueeil' a by the well known last sai'ing ship QUERN VI' TOillA, Captain Mallett, to be <! epalchrd on the 17th instant. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodation! in cabin, second cabin anil steerage, all af which will be taken at the lowest rates. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN, nllr 61 Booth stree'. a E NE NEW " SEW ^I^RAU-HaLD, AND TRANSNEW YORK AND NEWARK. ^ ^ >?re reduced to 45 cent*. k ruin t?e toot of Counlandt street, New York. (Every day?Sunday suit - |>ted.) Leave# New York Leaves Newark U > A M. At i P. M. At 1,'a A. M. At i>. I'. M I ' S do. 4 do. 8 do. 3H do. 13k du. 3 do. 6 do. .7 do. 11 6 do. 7 do IV do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Courtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. aud <% I'. M. At IK P. M. and 10 P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York. Leave Elisabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P. M. 8K A. :.i. 2V " 10H A. M. 4? P. M. 1H M. 6 " 3 P. M. 9\ " The trains for Westfield. Plaiufield, Bouudbrook, Soinerville, he., eonuert with the 9 A M, 2 and 4Jk P M trains Irom New York, daily, Sundays eice|ited. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Towu 21 cents. Fare between do and Soinerville, 71 cents. NEW YOKK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced. From the foot of Liberty atreet, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 5X A. M. 2& P. M. 7>? " 4<S " 1*X? " 9 r. M. On Holidays the 5X and 7% A.M. trips from New Brunswick md 2Ja P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Kaie between New York and New Brunswick, 7j cenis. Kahway, 50 cents The fare in the 5X and 7X A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 2% and Ijt i . M. train from New York, has been re duced. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Railway to 37X " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceivc a ferry ticket oralis. Tickets are received by the con doctor oulv on the day when PStlhlMlt anil 3m* ~NEW YORK AND BOSTON KAIL KOADLlNE. Via Norwich and ^ Worcester Railroads. The new and splendid steamboat NE *V HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will leave every Tuesdty, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'elock. The new and si Ieudid steamboat WORCESTER, Captain r h v.nj-.mis ?;n i as i... \?7 .j 1 ? ? -i - ... , ..... ..... C t.t.Jf 1.1U1IU.1). ?? rUIICBU.l) AllU Friday afternoon. at 4 o'clock. Passengers for Boston will be forwarded immediately ou the arrival of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed wilbout change ofcarsor baggage. For farther informaUon, enquire at the offi an the wharf, ou boj rd the boats, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, np stairs. All persons are forbid trusting any one oa account of the above boats or owners. o4 lm* WINTER AIIH/ NUE.WENT. NEW YORK AND l"l.*klmi*KaIlTuadTINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Bruutwick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden to is 11 and fturfingtnn. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A Maud 4* P.M. The morning Line proceeds 10 Bordeutown, from thunce by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Cainden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passeugers will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in rearlinrsss. willr baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, vithout being opened by the way. Each tram is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms ctpressly for the Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Chestnut strrrt by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and 4 o'clock, 1* M. The Cini's for R.ilr iniurp. 1, -vn Pl,il.,l.l..l.i. .. T A M ?a i P M, be in* a continuation of the Hues from S'ew York. ?28 3m?r RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. wQID. ^h?EIZZSC8E_SBLEij3HBL NEW HRUiNSWiCK. AMJNEVV TORIC. 'PHE NEW JERSEY Railroad anil Transportation CotnJ pauy hare established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to ran permanently. Leav.-ng New Brunswick at 5>* A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liber tyotreet. New York, at 2\ r. M. i'u country dealers and meiiiiauta lire above line is very deniable for the speedy and cneap conveyance ot merchandise of every descritition, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who can have lbo head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New Yolk, the same day .vheuever required. The rates for the traus|>ortalion of cattle, korses, mules, heep, hogs, tic. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent b/ this liue is not subject to any extra c ha rue in crossing the North River. The Com,vny Wave lilted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, idioimng the Railroad Depot, which will always eopen for the reception of ine chandise. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive terry tickets gratis. (ty*" Freight for Newark, Elizabelhtown, Railway, Westlield, 1'lainheld, Scotch Plains, Boundbrook and Somerville, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day wtieu received. sull3m* FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. ArKm AI la BOSTON, via STONlNGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following superior strainers, running in connection with the Stoningtou and Pn vide nee, and Boston aud Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS. Cantain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Captain Tlmyer. NAUKAOANSE'I T, Captain Woolsey. MOHECJAN, Capum VanderDilL On* of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays exeepted) from Pier No. 1, Nortli Rirer, Battery Place, at four 'clock, P. M. AaaariacMtirTi. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for rttomnyton. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, lor Stonuigton. Passenger* ou the arrival of the steamers at Stoninctou, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi dence and Boston. Freight taken at the MMm much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty |>ouiids or upwards to he cubic foot, at 13 50 per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per Dot To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per enbic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 B'oadwav. my31 6m?r FARE REDUCED. PERSONS GOING SOUTH. QT7" FAHE ttEDLCED on bath the routes from Baltimore to Charleston, by the Chesapeake Bay, Portsmouth, Weldon, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to Charleston, to $.'3, meals on the Bay boats included ; or via Washington city, Richmond, Petersburg, Weldon, Wilmington, N. C., and thence to Charleston, to $22, meals estra?making the fare on both routes the same. Every eiertion is made to keep the Kail mails ami Kfnamhrvar. cnnncstir " tlssiij. I'""" ? <?- 1 and expedite travel, and make passengers aa comfortable aa poa aible. By thia route you may be sure of reaching New Orleana mm New York seven or right daya aoouer than any other line, at an expense not exceeding (72. K. B. DUDLEY, 0l9 2wr President W. it R. M. K. Co. BRITISH AM) NORTH AMKUICAN ROYAL MAIL HTEAM SHIPS, Of I200.teu? and HO horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALF.DON'IA, K. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA. E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Boston, via Halifax. rnoH LivKKPool,. rnoM nnirorr. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct I Nov I i'aladonia, Lott, Oct 19 Not 16 Acadia, Ryrie, Nov 4 Dec 1 Columbia, Miller, Not 19 Dec 17 Britannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jan I Passage Money?Krom Boaton to Liverpool, (13i?Boston ta Halifax (26. Three ahipa carry experienced arrrecna. No Berths aacured until paid for. Notb.?Merchandise and Specie (except for personal ex penses) shipped under the name of Inigage will be charged as freignt, and liable to Custom House Regulations. Apply to o.y,- r D. BRIUHAM. JR.. No. 2 Wall-at. ja FALL AND WINTER ARKAM.Kfis?MENT.?The steamboat Rockland, will, on and after Monday, the Tit of October, run aa lollowa: leaving Middletown Point (tide and weather tier milling) at 9 o'clock, and Keyiiort at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wednesday and Kiiday. Returning, leave the foot of Robin son street, New Yoik,e?try Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11 o'clock, noon, touchiug at Seguin s Dock each way. Stages will be in readiness to convey passengers to any part of the country. All baggage at the riak of the owne-s. o23 2m*ee K4)R CHICAGO. LA?T TRIP OK ANY STEAMER FOR UPPER LAKES THIS SEASON. alalia >?ai OREAT WESTERN. Captaiu A. Walker, Tf*" taaa* will leave Buffalo for Chicago ouk riday.Nov ^I^^Mpiilltll, iinmedlately alter the arrival of the East s..*"i ,"rl ana the I'acketa , , The Ureal Weatem will touch at <11 the porta aceeaaibleion Lakea Erie anil Michigan, naually viriied by boata on the Upper Lake trade. Thia route will afford paearuRers gt > i ng aouth an opiior'uiiity of viewing ihe moat ioi|>orUiit nlacca en Lakci Erie, Detroit River Lake Saint Clair, Lake Huron, Slraita of Mackinaw and Lake Michigan, thence to Chicrko ? From tlience the traveller t.ikea pais ur in a tirat rale line Of four horae poat cnacbea to Lnekprrt, Juliett, O,tawa, and Peru; and by vteam boat to Peoria, Alton and Saint l.nnia. and from'h* tier to New Orlenna. The whole titer occupied in travelling front Buffalo to New Orleaua will not eaceed thirteen ilaya. For freight or pea sage ?pplv 'o trie captain on board, or to ngtoUr M KSSRS. UILSTO fcJVVANS, buffalo. S'lAl bit LSiaAiNLl KtiKKl. ^!f=S_^la Koot of Whitehall atreet. Tire atearn boati RTATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON Will leave New York and Slnteii laland aa follow,? NEW YORK. STATION ISLAND. 9 ?* 'In ' All goodaShipped are required to be particularly marked, and are at the nak of the ownera thereof. oi t ? VV TO T YORK, TUESDAY MOI SELLING OKI" AT WALKEK'tJ.-rd.O rrladies b f ncli gaiters, French ami aatin slippers ami buskius, IUU |>( tin* ciif stitched tools, S3 to S3 30 per pair, 300 pr Call and tine pegged boois, from $2 to 2 23 ami $2 30 per |>airt 200 |>r of boy's coarse ami fine boota, from $1 to $2 anil $2 30 i> - r pair, 330 pair children's do lioni 3s to 3s i*r |iair, 300 ;>r ladies and musrs bouts, shoes aud buskins, from 4s to 6s and Si |>er pr, SMI or of gent* Water proof brots, inoccasius, India rubbers in abundsnce, men's coarse and fine boots of all sorts and sizes, lroin$l 73 to S2, all wariauted. All the abose goods 30 |a*r CU the cneai>est iu tiie city. Call aud see lor yourselves, Canal st, corner ol llroadway, at <>24 lm*cc J. 8. WALKKB3. I LI\ TO C H K A I' Boot aud 8hoe Market. 309 Greenwich, corner Minora st. is the onlv nlacu witere C4ii be found tx>oU au 1 shoes to suit the times. Alt those who wear boots and shoes will <lo well to give a call. L idm*' aud m'sses buskins from 3, 4t 5, fc, 7 and 8 *hiljmv? per pair; MBdfMjn,' bo its from 12 sntliUUts to St p%t pivj boys' boots IrumH shillings t? $2->U i>er pair. All who wish to save 20 i?rr crut will give a call at the Cliuton Cheap Bool aud !>hee M uki t, 509 Greenwich corner Spring street. o25 lm*r LADIKS' BOOTS AND SI lo'KS?Lock wood. 391 Broad wav, keep* a tine assortment of ladies' auu children*' Doets aud shoes, of the latest American aud European fashions. Orders received by the dozen troin places ol fashionable resort. olbeod*r GYMNA8IU M. SPARKING SCHOOL & PISTOL GALLERY. MK8SUS. HUDSON Si OTTIUNON re-pectfully iafoiin the gentlemeuol New York, that their riteuvive looms at the corner of Broadway slid Clumber, street, tor 8|>orriug, Gymnastics aud 1'istol practice, are uow opeu for Lhe seasou. Numerous improvements aud addilious have been lately made lu the Gymua->ium, winch will now be found iu every respect evwDulete and equal to any oluer iu the couutrv for athletic el ear,. starring taught ou the most approved principles. Gentlemen visiting ttie I'istol Gallery will be supplied Willi I'istol s of a su|>erior quality. Terms moderate. Gentlemen are invited to call at any ume diriug i he da v. oH lin?r SELF-Cf?CRING PISTOLS BLUNT & 8 Y.MS, .mporters aud Manufacturers, No. 45 Chatham street, hare on hand a large assor'meuc of llie bit Barrel Slf lie vol vmg Bell Cocking i'ockci Pistols. These pistols have the advantage over all Ollieis of tile kind by llie impossibility of losing die caps, the nipples being placed iu a horizontal direction, auu there being uo cock iu the way to prevent lakiug as correct sight as with (lie ordinary pistol or gun. The above pistols can be furuishrd lower lluiu any others in the market, at wholesale or retail. We have as great a variety of oilier kinds of Pistols as can be found, with Kirtes, U. 8. iMilaltets. for shinniuir .nut l'n?- 11.1... l\..-i ing Piece*, single ainl double; extra large size double and si.ufle liuus for ducking, together with Powder, Shot, b'lasks, lings. Caps, Corks, Barrels, inc., lie., in 1 arge or sni ill quantities. N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call auu examine our lssorlmeiit bel'ore purchasing elsewhere. ?tt am * r DAKH'.RY, 40 Lis|ieiiird street.? 1'he subscriber nspecilully 1J inloiini his old friends and customers .hat he has resumed his old business ot baking, and will be thankful for their favors. liming taken the stand lormcrly occupied by l?. W. MILCH. H, 40 LispeuarJ street, so celebrated lor good cake, and the subscriber having carried on the business a number id years at the well known Knickerbocker Bakery, No. 19 William St., a favorite resort for good crackers and biscuits?he thinks he has not loigotleu how to please the taste of the public. JAMK3 TOMPSON. N.B.?Always on hand, fruit cake ol all kinds and prices? wedding cake of aU sixes?pound MM andspouge cake of all sizes?rusk, lea biscuit and bread every afternoon?biscuit and crackers Iresh every morning^ 0*0 lm*t WATCHK3 LOWEIl THAN KVKR.?In cousequeuce of the reduction ofr _ les by the late taritl , the suDscriber it selling his stock of O,.,. and silver Levers, Anchor ftscapemeut Lepine, and oilier Watches, ot new and splendid patterns, and Jewelry, at retail, at a considerable reduction from former prices, being much lower thau they can be bought for at any other place in the city. Uolil Watches as low as 20 to 21 dollars each. Watches and Jewell y i xchauged or bought. All Watches warrant d to keep good lime or the money returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the best mauuer and warranted,at much less thau the usual prices. CI. C. ALLKN, Importer of W itches and Jewelry, o!2 1 in*m Wiiolesale aud lletail, 20 Wall St., up stair* I F'RKXCH ARTlblClALFLO WkhRB, a material fur donsts?UnUNLAROSlKRL Ik COURT, US William st., successors of Bruula Rosiere Ot Co have just received E; ? Havre Packets Ualliinore anil Ville de Lyon, a large assortment ol fnshtonaulr (lowers, of the latest Paiisiau style. Mourning blowers a la Uucliesse D'Orltaus, Cords and Tu-te.s, and a great variety ol new laucy articles of toilet forpaities and balls. The No. lib Wi.liam street is the true sud only depot ol thos superior articles iroin their ui.niufai torv ll,i? ,l?c a P*iii. ui lm?r 1 'PO FAMILIK8 GOING SOUTH, to the West Indies or A Kuio|hs.?A respectable feuidic, 24 years of age. Wishes to obuni a permauent situation as seamstress, iu a genteel family. I 8 u would nuclei loini to ttvOpo, yet would accept ol i good oiler tOgO OOttth Of 10 the Weil indies. The Nat 01 relereuces given. Address A. A. A. but 7to, upper Post office, S. Vfork. siOr LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUDDER GOODS WHOLESALE AND KKl'AIL, No.l Wall street. Th subscriber has received arid offers for sale a large assortment ol imported India Rubber Water Proof Goods, viz: Coats aud Capes, ol suiwrior Lama, Cashmere Lama, fnisiau, Mi riuodiid Cotton, of all colors and sizes. Cloth?ludia Rubber, Water Troof, super Lama, Lama l'ersiau and Cotton, prepared lor t ilors. ludia Rubber Webbings lor suspenders, corsets, fcc. s2tf 6m* r CHAS. ABRAH A.VISON. FENCING SALOON & SHOOTING GALLERY. KM??S, 413 Broadway, entrance in Lis{>euard street. second door, lately from Ksvope, Professor of the art ol Fenciug, gives instructions in Fencing ; also in the use of the straight jSfOohed|and furtrith wfiwL hunting knife, musket and ba'youel, stall, and every species ol weapons. Geutlemeu, lovers of this art, military officers of the ariny, navy, fitc. are respectfully invited to call aud witness an exhibition of his skill in this use ml and important art. A spacious double Shooting Gallery, illuminated in the tvruuiK, will also be found with superior Swiss pistols?shoot ing at a distance ol *10 yards. ?16 3m*r OROTON WATER. UANSON, WILCOCK & HANSON, Plumbers, Br*.. J J- Founders, and Coppersmiths, next d,H)r to the Tabernacle, No 33* Broadway, New Ymk. Kmm long practical experience in basiavss in this' sod other cities iwiieumi Water Works, H H. hare confidence m thus assuring the public, that all o ders entrusted to them will be promptly executed, with a new to permanentaatisfactiou,in a woikiutulike style, and of the best matriials. Their charges will always be as moderate as can be reasonably att'orcd by any competeut and respectable concern. Water pipes of every approved description, for introducing the Crotou Water. Patent lead pipes, cast iron, coini.iailiou and liuned pi|ies. Brass cocks and water closets, of their own superior manufacture. Hydra ts of Carolina red cedar,batliiutt inns, bath on the beat rtiiltdelphia plan, and other articles in the foregoing branches of business. 0I8 lrn'r SEGAltS?SEGAR3. THE following choice Segars arc always on hind at HENRIGUES'8 HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEOAR STORK, wholesale and retail, basement 31 William ?l. Hmudis, in hall' and quarter bote* Do. No. hall' and quarter boxes Noriegas, in quarter and eighth do Para Regains, in qmrter do Regalias, ot a >Uf>eriorquality, iuK, % and I-lOtii botes Congresaa, in quarter boxes T rahucas, do do La Norma, do do La Esperanza, do do Tres Ainigos, in cartons or 20 each London Regalias, in cartons of 40 each La Pruela, in quarter boxes :*lisgan's s|iotted, in quarter boxes Panetilla's, do. of superior quality Yngcneudad, do Deinoyas, do Mateos, do rrincipes, of the Rendon, Cruz and Sans, all tat. to deb. Primaveraa, in quarter boxes Alranzas do Coustarilias, do Bustamentas, _ do Esmero Regalias, do Imperial do, inqnarte oxes. a superior article. N.B.?Hotels andgroceis plied ou reasonable terms. oil Imb ___ MAGAZINES St PERIODICALS FOR NOVEMBER^ 111 ^ Artist, tjodey's LadiesBook, Graham's Magazine, Ladies World ?f Fashion, Young Peoples'Book, Boston and Beutley's Miscellany, be. j Farm House of the XIX century, with more than 2000 engravings ; Biblical Journal and Christian Family Magazine, edited by >he Rev. H. Rood arid D. Newell ; Temirerauce and other Almanam : the Rainbow and Radient, anew humoron* and witty journal, well calculated to please the livejy and gay. All of which will be sold at wholesale ami retail, and those who buy to sell again at a lower rate than can be obtained elsewhere. N. B.?Fifty agents wanted to circulate magazines, pcriodi calx, See. A. J. SEXTON, Ne. l| Beekman, ni Inir corner Nassau. YtfELLINGTON A. CARTER, Wine and Commission *' Merchant, No. S New street, out door ftoin Wall street, has on h ind, and is daily receiving, choice arm ies, and offers them at moderate prices, for cash or city acceptaucea. He offers for sale 100 hhds and smaller packages of Lomeliue Madeira Wins 10 casks M tlmsey Vintage, of 1812, 23 casks Port, pore jnice, the best in the m irtet, 47 casks llrow n. Hold and other sun rinr Sherries. 21 ca-.ks Hrneasry, Peignette and Otard Biandy from London D .cks. l<l|>i|ws Holland, part Swan brand. K? fmed Loaf, Lump, and Crushed Hngars, from the best Refin?ri<a, for which W. A. Carter u a.i nl. lit) baskets Ohamimgne, Anchor, and other choice branda. W. A. Carter is alao peneral agent for the .mcient home of Lotnrline, of Madeira, and takes orders for their celebrated Wines, of every 'ge or qaalitir required. MAltBI.K TILES. STEEL. PEPPKR, CLOVES, lie. TOOO Italian Marble Tiles, while and blo?. 2u bag? Sumatra Pepper. 15 baga real Bottrbon Clores. 50 hrgs imported White Lead in Oil. 25 botes Milan Sterl in small btra. Also an assortment of Topes, Aqua Marine, and other precions Stones for lewellcia. nU |m*i PitKMII M HOSB FOR CROTON WATER?Made from canvass, covered with luck, being prepared in oai own superior manner, with India Hobtier; is iwrfeclly water fight under the great pressnie; is clear, and is the best India Itnbher Hose ettaal. Also lor sale, ihe newly invented Hemp Itose, on account of tud at the maun factum'a lowest prices, in quantities to suit. HORACE H. DAY, Snccrssorto Roibtiry India Rubber Compitiy, fleod *r <5 Maideb Lane. \f rsIAHD FACTORY.?J. COOS WELL has removed I'd. from 114 Allen to 127 Roosevelt street, second story of stole occupied by Mr. W. Prentiss, coffee and spite dealer, where he is prepared (o fumish the article at short notice and liberal credit, put up in any style. Hotels and lainilies supplied with an elegant article. Also, Coiiniry mustard. e>? Im* r ORDINARY T)AILlT'~Few "gentlemen in^ this city are awsrr thev can i biain a suhstsiiilsl Kneliah Hiiv ner, furnished willi the best the markets can afford, Boer included, for 22 cents. Dinner on table at 2 o'clock. (/hone aud Steaks a: aity hour. Cohl Cute, Itc. Bear in miud, CHKIsTIAISSON'S, (late Stoneall's,) ol4lm*r 29 Ann etrcrt. 'I'HK GLOBE HOT tli Uaihs supplie d wirh Croton Water. A K. Hlancard, proprietor of the Globe Hotel.and of the abo?e tlt'K nt and rorii'r odious bathe, re?|? CI fully informs hia Irianda and the pnblic Rfnernllv, that he has had them supplied with Croton Water, ,ia well as every other department ol his ee'a hli-hment. Bathers wilt fun) the moat polite and prnm|>t attention from the vni*riuteiuUuts; aud aa regards liueu, and ??ery other accommodation .hat can contribute to the romfoit and conveni en,.e of visiters, these baths wilt be found, in every respect, equal to the mod celebrated in any part of Euro) e. . The baths will beo i>en Irom 7 o'ciook A. M, until eleven at nigh'. Charge twenty five cents. Kntnnce on Broadway and frew at. nil lw*r '['Hit NEW YOHK Highland Guard will hold their Artt ? Annual Ball o* Monday Evening, Dec. 12 at the Apollo JOHN O. CLEMENT, Secretary, OAPT. JOSEPH CHA1U, Chairman. BlOeodJt#r iRK E tNING, NOVEMBER 15. : MUFFS! MUKKS! MUFFS' !?The auddcu chanties iu the wealtirr rende' it indispeuiibly, ueceasary that thr beauty ami fashion of our city should avail theniaelvea of the irreat iinluccineui otfered to ^uard auanul the approacluu* 10chuHlll action They are u?tv enabled to enjoy a limine utile ihninjr the coltlrit weather ry pmvidiu< themselves with a tint* tin* itorc of UAUNKTl' 6t 81MMONDH, 419 Ilroauway. \ II descriptions of Kura cleaned and repaired at reduced ratea nitt lui*in 1 ' KNK.KAL BKNNKTT8 MOK VION DlfeULOSUKKS 'T ?The subscribers will 1 11 h!i.h 111 in. 1 uone of the c.isuuw week," Morinoiiism E*po*ed; or, i 111? lory of Joe Siaitli und the Latter U ay Saints. by <? u. J. C. Bennett." Their highly iitlrrt ilnu and Mlnuudinx dr.tclojures rihtbit in Ihrir true colon the prolific, and wickedness ol the Mormon leulcr*. It will be issued iu *ood ?tyle. hi a 12ino. volume of upw rd* of 330 pates. Order* e*|?-cilully solicited. LELAN1) V WHITING. 0I6 Im'r BHAUUl'Ky. SOUEN h Co. 127 Na?ssu *t. MARTIN'S G ASH T~A I L U R 1 iN G . ESTABLI S H M EN f. 154 William Street, Corner of *1nn Street, IS decidedly the cheat e?t iu the city. There ia Mways 011 Iraud a select stock of seasonable stood*, puictiax d for cash, which will be ui vie up lo order iu ihe alyle of make, til, trimuiiiui, be-, that has tovru such grueial satisfaction duriuic the last four year*, and at a positive saviux ofiOper cent. Gentle men are requested to call and erainiue. Tiio?e who turn nil III ell own itood*, can have them MADE ANU THIMMED. Urea* Coats, made aud trnuined, -(7 AO to %t HO Krock Coat*, do do 00 to 9 J# Pants and Veil*, 1 75 to 2 00 _Over Coata. 9 00 lo 11 00 O" Terms? Cash on delivery. 016 1m*c MICHAEL E. MAKTIN It li M O V A L . PHILLIPS' GASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, Is removed from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Astor House ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S URESS. Garments of a most .leganl aud Kaahieuable kind at a saviuR of 50 per ceul for cash. 'IMIE advertiser d? an it unnecessary to resort tJ the heckA iieytd system of giving a list of uotninal prices, presuming that the length of time lie has been established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on turn, will prove a sum cieut voucher for his capabilities. INuses .nig the advantage ol being couuected with an extensive cloth establishment in hur spa lie confident) V assets that he can furuish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions of geullemen's dress. sl03in S. PHILLIPS, a Aslor House, Brsadwaj REffAUBANT PRANCAIS, No. 5 Nassau si, opposue the Custom House. J. BONN/iKD St P. DKLA.vlOTTK have the houor to inform their acquaintances ahd strangers generally, tlitl they have enlarged llttir Breakfast and Diuiug Saloons,and have besides arranged convenient rooms for private parties, and will pay particular attention to orders for Dinners and Suppers in private nouses, which they will furuish at very moderate prices. They constantly have on hand? Brandy Preserves of all kinds. Liiiuurs in great variety. Wines of all brands. Oil of Olives refined. Oruvere Cheese. New Chstel Cheese. TrulHvs and Mushrooms. Fat Liver Pies, tec.. Sic. o27 lm' t TO THK AMATEURS OF THE ACCORDION! SIGNOH L. MARTINI begs to inform the public that he has just published his Accordion instruction, which is divided in two parts?the first for the Accordious without semitouts?the second for those with seini-loues, both of ivlnch are amply furnished with selected inusic, aud exercises pro gresaivcly written, iuorderthat the amateur cane .ally have entire command over the msuuuitut. SIGNoR MARTINI begs also to state that he liaa a large collection of M83. music lor the Accvrdiou, which he intends tu publish shortly, and he arranges for that instrument any sort ot inusic he should be requireu. The Siguor will be thauklul to all those who will favor him at Ins residence, <JU Canal street, where he continues ^ogive Ins lessons. _ aul93m*r DWILHKLMS, No. 234 Broadway offers for sale ins new 1.?U1 Embroideries, commenced and finished pieces of various kiuds; worsted, wool, stitching and knitting silk, beads, canvas, fatterns, tic. 2.?In suiall and lice wares, all sorts of silk and worsted strings, borders, trimmiugs, Usscls, fringes, and every article in this fine, dout in the most fashionable taste. 3.?The most copious and splendid choice of artificial (lowers, done in the neatest work and nev: est taste, bouquets, diadeini, Ike. 4.?Articles of cast iron of the most various descriptions, manufactured in the Uo>a| Iron H'oundary at ilerlin 5.?Exquisite an l neat figures ill bronze. 6.?A beautiful assortment of superfine basket wares. 7.?A considerable and elegant choice of pressed and painted paper, shells of letter paper, visiting cards, wafers, Ac. 8.?An elegant and great store of the tinest porcelain. 9.?A splendid assortment of the finest dressing articles,case* and perfumes. o28 lin'rc IMI'OUTA.NT DISCOVERY in Cainphine and Chemical 1- Oil Lam|?, warranted to burn at one hall thy cspeuse of either oil or gas.?The difficulty which has heretofore enisled in trimming Ctmphiue Lnnpiis now entirely obviated, by means ol a Moveable Cap and other important improvements which, upoD inspection, will satisfylhe public that they cahuow obtaiu a I. imp superior to any now in use?will bam without smoke or sinell? produce an equal and steady light in all directions, auil regulated by a single screw movement. Also, an Improved Tailor's Lamp. Ctinphiur, Chemical Oil, and Spirits, inaaiufactuied upon an unproved system, wholesale and retail, tie In ered to any p ut of the city, from the Old Established Stand ol OEOKUE MICHELL, o'9 ltn*m a Catherine street. TOO u A m M l 11 wriaj* _ UNDER THEAM ERIC AN'MI/SEU M GOUKMONDE' QUI VIVE1. THOUSANDS or out koo<I ciU. lovers of good fare, have been lor cunt' weeks past suffering severe ilisa|i|coiutinen' from tlse | closing ol the far-lamed "Terrapin Lunch." The " filful fev?r, u now. however, over, and again may they "leed well," for be it known that tiu John Adams, of Kuicketbocker memory, "hangs his hat" up at the Terrapin ; also the proprietor. one of the finest little fellows in Christendom, y'cle|g W J Carr. Now, then, smack your lips ye cormorants in the Turtle Soup and steak line, the mantle of'Sandy,' has fallen upon Ijhu, to perfection, in good eating and driuking may be again guaranteed at the Terrapin. A single look into the old "Ire oox," will ap|iease the hunger of him with the short purse, and a taste of the genuine at half the old prices will tickie the palate, of the veriest anchorite. H ine tirecu Turtle served up this day, and every day during theseason. ol.f lm*in MILLINARY ARTICLES, CLOAKS. Ac.-VICTOKINE St CO., from Paris, respectfully inform the ladies of this city, that the.' will open on the 9lh inst., 39 i Broadway, between While cod Walker streets, a splendid assortment ol Hcita, Capotes, C oaks, Pelerines, Camaiis, fancy and street Dresses, Scarfs, Shawls, Veils, heathers, Marabouts, lie., ol the latest "arts lashion. Just received per ship Ville de Lyon from Havre. Dress and Cloak malting promptly executed. n^ lm*r yQUESTMAN ACADEMY.?The subscriber would reTh s|iectfully nifnrin thr Ladies and (fentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, lb it lie liss opened au Academy, (in that large *ud cuinmooious building formerly known as the Equestrian Etcliaiige or Cook's Circus, 408 Bowery, on Vauxhall (Jardsui for the instruction of ladies and geullemeu in (n it healthful and necessary accomplishment, the act of horsemanship in all its hrauches. The Acaurmy is luruished with dressing and sitting rooms, and every convenience for the comfort of pupils, alia the stryteet [?.' ? ! to respectability will be adhered to. Ss 0 iiu ma.le arrangements with Mr. W. J. Davis, one of #i* oldest professors from Europe, to take charge of the same, and llaUers himself that the enterprise will meet with lite approbation and eucoouragement of a liberal public. Terms and particulars may be ascertained on application aa above. The omnibus and cars pass every five minnles during the day. ol3 3m*rc W. I) DISBROW. Proi in lor. MR ff. 8EUKK3 would respectfully cafl the atteotion of tne trade generally, to his Axilla system of cutting gar menls, it being one that can ascertain points with that degree ol accuracy which he believes has never before been arrived at. The above system can he had of my agent, Mr. J. Dubois, 281 Broadway, where at all times, the system with instrnctiona will be Ifiven. I solicit a careful examination by the cumpent aMil impartial of the trade. _oJ2 1 in*m H. SKGER. pHEAP I-ASHIU.TaBLK TAILOKING, at 108 Beekman a-* street.?Where does the money come from that supports the ei|iensive Tailoring Establishments scattered over the city? Can it come Iroin any place but the pockets of their customers? At the above number it is Delievrd gentlemen can lind an esti blishment conducted on the stiictesi principles of economy,and garments made in a style of elegance and durability unsurpassed by any house in the city. 1 ne prices charged are? For Dress Coats, of the best West of England Clolhs. ?U te 22 Wool dyed West of England Cassimsre pants 5 to 8 Vests of cashmere, satin, silk or cloth, 2to J 8u|ierfine Beaver overcoats, (40 style, for in to 21 Dress Coats made and trimmed, 7 to 9 Pants and Vesta, ]% to 2 JOHN MOFFAT. nl lm*r PURE GROUND COFFEE AND SPICES. '"THOSE wishing to purchase pnre Koasled and Ground CofI fee, would find it to their advantage to call at 114 Fslton street, where ar- kept the above articles of the very best quali. ty in the city, at prices to suit the times. Coffee Hoasted every day Iresh, and sent to any part of this city and Brooklyn, free of expense. Coffee Hoasted and Ground lor Groceries, in a superior manner. EBll. WELCH, late firm of 012 lm#m Welch Ik Shearer. ______ RING'S VERBENA CREAM. ' I -iiia i, errnmieu oriaving i/uin[KJuu(i i* iww an mr rip, aa 1 well among tonsorian professors, as among thoie who | refer ta gstnerin their own diurnrl crop* The improvement recently mule in ita inaiuilacture plaees the Verbena Cream above competition. 'l lie anharnber having imrehaaed the copy right, preaema it to the public with an elegant new lab) I, an<l guarantee) that I or e*jr in iharina it can be equal l> d onl) by a Wall afreet broker, the Cream |>osse?sliig the advantage ol living better satisfaction to the party by. the operation, and thia speaking from rxr trtaBce. To prevent imr>oaitipn hy the spuiious artielea now ia the market, the direction* for use will have the written signature of the proprietor, none other being genuine. For sale wholesale and retail at 100 Nassau at, K. 3INCLAIK, Proprietor N. B.?Also for sale, Ring's hlitir of L,lfu, Nelson's Kt tract of Aaraapatilla, Ur. Browder'a Compound Syrup ol Indian Tnrnip. 10c. ol lin*m ONE PRICE CASH STORE. AT At Chatham street, where will be , lutul clothing at the following low prices:? Beaver and pilot cloih coats, from ti to $16; satiuett pant* from $1 SO to $i; 0 ruble and single urcuit-u test, iiuiii ei jo hi e* jv. i ne wen mi-c ui ^namam It? Noll. ?Mlm*r HKNKV OOUlWRI.L. N ETW S T U K K . /""KMITUOUY kNt'.Vl RH reinectfully invite their friend* ^ Mul tin- |>uhlic generally, to Rail it 341 Broadway, and eiamine their a?orUnent of LAMPS, (JANDKLABRA, OIRAN'DOLK8, Ac Silver, Plaleil arul Hr it annul Ware, Table Cutlery, and limine- Fwmithing Uooili, of erery description, which they have jmt opened, and now ofleron ?ale atpn e* that cannot fill to satisfy purchasers. EVayint ?ti|ierior advantage* in the selection and manufactore of iheir Lamps, (Jirandoles, Camh lahra, Sic., C. k N. are enabled to offer them in great variety of i atlern and fiuiah.imt- 1 able for churches, hotels, stores, dwellings and steam or sailing packet*. Those (ait are .a new and most desirable article, wed worthy the attention of ownera and shipmasters. , Attention la particularly invited to the Solar Lamp,ao jnatly ceiebiated for ita superior brilliancy and ec iiomy. This Lamp, ai teaied by accurate eiperimeuti, afforda twice the light of an Astra', while it burna lor an equal number of hoar* at half the etnenie. COUTHOUY k NKVKRH will keep ronatantly on hand a complete aaiortment of the article* above tiinmeraled, and hope by their endeavor* to meet the taate* and wiahea of the public, to merit a favorable ahirc of the patronise which ii now mlicitcd for their establishment. oil IwitWwoe'rc j IER A 1842. CIty Intelligence. Joh* C.Colt.?The Sheriff hus given directions that the irons placed on Colt shall be removed, and in place thereof has appointed two deputy sheriffs to guard hn cull until the hour of execution. His friends and relatives are to be allowed to see him, but to prevent any thing being given him for self-destruction, one of the deputies is to bo present, or within sight, during the interview. 1 [IUUIUI1UI VI U)>|'lll.UWUii? itsi D wvvu tuauu tu iim to witness the execution, but he ha* resolved on the only propel course, that is, to allow none to be present except those authorised by law, and a reasonable number of deputies to keep proper order, giving the city press one representative each, and those the regular acknowledged reporters. Several gentlemen who visited Colt yesterday state that his appearance and manner is much changed since the reception of the letter of Governor Seward, as he had placed great reliance upon a pardon or commutation ol lus sentence. He looked the very picture of wretchedness yesterday, and talked relative to his last approaching late in a manner not such as would eminate from one disposed to commit suicide. On bcyig questioned as to such an intention, when his penknife and razors weru taken fiom him, he suid that depriving him ot them would not prevent the accomplishment of such a deed, as he could open a vein with his teeth if he desired, und thus bleed hnnsell to death. New ArroiMTMENT.?A new otlice will be made by the Legislature us soon us they convene?that is, luspectorof Lard Oil. Who goes for this rich, fat and luscious place 1 Don't all speak at once. Muxdkk aisd Arsos.?A most horrible murder was committed in Sull'olk county last week, which was communicated to us last evening, by the Sheriff ol that coun ty. On Saturday morning, the houso of Alexander Small, oi Huntingdon, in that county, was destroyed by tiro, and tbo bjdirs of the old gentleman and Ins wile, were found burned to a crisp in the Haines. Upon examination, it was ascertained Hint they had been previously murdered, and the house then set on lire. Suspicion Tell upon a German, who hail been employed by Mr. Smith a lew days previous, uml who was missing the morning alter the house was destroyed. As his body was not found in the tlumcs, there is no doubt that he committed thu murder, and then escaped. The Sherilt has ottered a reward for his apprehension, and states that he was dressed in a small green cap, with green smock, coat, checked vest and green pants. His hair and complexion light. It is to be hoped that such a monster may be arrested, as his only object in thus destroying the lileol two aged citizens, and thou burning the dwelling to cover his urimt, could have been prompted by no other motive than that of plunder. Our polico were iulormed of the transaction last evening, aud we trust that every exertion will be made by those ot aJjlining towns uuu cities, to ferret out this monster iu human shape. Hoti.1. Uoahuek i.x i'aisox.?B few day s since a gentle, man named A. W. Watson, who had stopped ut Lotejoy's Hotel on his way south, hud a watch stolen lrom his room, aud sending tor an otticer of police,a young iiian who had also noaided at Lovejoy's numed U. W. Seymour, was selected as the 1 upon being arrested he gave up the watch but was dismissed, us Mr. Watson lett the city the nextduy. On Saturday, Mr. L.L. Murry,also ut that hotel, lost an overcoat and on sending for the same otticer, Seymour was again arrested and sent to the Tombs for examination. Steamboat Waiteb ix i he Tombs.?A black fellow, named William H. Williams, who had been lorinerly engbged us a waiter oil board ol the steamboat Columbus, plying between I'uughkeepsie and this city, was lodged in the Tombs yesterday, on the charge ol having stolen, in August last, a dress cost worth $26, and $31) in specie, the property of .Vir. S. Woolley, steward oi the boat. Tho coat was found in his trunk wlion he was arrested, on his passage to this city lrom up the river. Recooxized.?The body of the drowned man found at the loot ol Watt stieet, on Sunday, was recognised yesterday us that of Thomas Jackson, portrait painter, a native of England, aged 46 years, who had lelt his home on Monday of last week to sue a person in Nassau street, and was nut again seen until found drowned. There be ing no marks of Violence ou lue body, the coroner's jury returned a verdict of " found drowned." Common Council. llo.inn or Aldcimeh, Nov* 14.?Present, the President and a quorum. The minutes of the last meeting were read and ap. proved Message from his Honor the Mayor, expressing his approval ot sundry ordinances. Put on file. Petition* Rtferred?Of the New York Lying in Asy. lum, lor a donation , ot numerous persons, lor leave to remove the bodies of friends; ot John 11) an, to release from tax ; of llenry Johnson, lor payment as special mar shall attending meat market; some given to withdraw the petition?granted; of 174 cartraen, for a liydiant in First Ward ; of New York Law Institute, lor Corporation documents. Report!.?Of Committees on Public Odices and Repairs?adopted ; of Committees on Roads and Slips, in relation to working a road, 1.05th street, and constructing a dock?adopted; of the Joint Croton AqueductCommittee, in pursuance of the ordinance to regulate the accountability of executive officers?ordered on file ; report ot the committee to whom was referred the inquiry into the condition of Potter's Field, recommending that another location be found for it as soon as possible, and proposing to refer the selection of the same to a select committeeadopted. Aldermen Carman, Purdy and Crolius were appointed the committee. Report of Committee on Finance on payment of council fees to John Anthon, lor aervicei in arguing the case of Stuy vesant v?. the Cor|>oration, and resolution to pay for the same. Adopted. Of the same, on the petition of E.B. Kingalnnd, concurring with the Board ot Assistants. Adopted. Of the Committee on Arts and Sciences and Schools, on the application of Isaiah Hatt, for a free scholarship in the New York University. Adopted. Of the Committee on Police, Watch and Prisons, in fa vor of paying Doctors Stuart and Stevens for medical services. Adopted. Of Committee on Ordinances, in favor of adoption of ordinances recommended by City Inspector. AdoptedReport of Committee on Lamps and Gas, pursuant to ordinance providing for the accountability of committees. Adopted. Of Committee on Alms and Charity, in relation to the commanication of the Alms House Commissioner, and of Bridewell, in relation to the crowded state of the institutions, and as to the necessity of the extension of the Lu. natic Asylum, lie. Sec., requesting the commissioners to report a site and (projected arrangements, with estimated expenses. Resolutions were concurred in. Report of Committee on Finance, on petition of the Presidentof the Manhattan Company, for correction ol tax, and authorising the Comptroller to draw his w arrant for the amount. Concurred in. Communication Irom the Comptroller, in relation to the accounts of the city treasury. Ordered on file. Assessment for repairing Spring street from Broadway ?i-? rirountitipK Irani ami itnnnintin>r I.. Hntrors inaiH'tMnr Adopted. Paptri from Hoard of Jlniitmnli- Report of Htrett Committer, in favor ol? regulating 6th avenue between 28th afreet and did itreet. Concurred in. Of Committee on Public Ofticei a and Repair*, in relation to petion of Mechanic*' Inititute. Several other paper* were taken up and referred. Resolution lor the luperintendant of building* to exhibit all hi* books,bill*, Ac. to the Committee on Public Officer* and Repair*?from the Board of Anaiitant*. There wa* a good deal of debate on this resolution. Non concurred in. Report of the Joint Committee on Fire and Water, on the petition of the inhabitant* of the 12th ward, for engine on 8th avenue. Concurred in. Report and resolution to purchase lot 18 John street lor engine house?Concurred in. Rnoluhoni.?By Alderman Dsvirt?To authorise the clerk to put printed journals en the (llos for the use of the members. Adopted. By Alderman Carmax, to authorise an appropriation of $3.10, to put a paint?d picket fence around Markot Square, Harlem. Alderman Davirs proposed the amendment that $400 be appropriated for levelling and enclosing the square. The resolution w as adopted si amended. By Alderman Woodhi i-i.?To clear the mud from Fulton slip, and deepen the same, under the direction of the street commissioner. By Alderman WoooHfi.L?That the payment of premium* for the removal ot nuisances in the shape or dead animals, be discontinued, and that the City Inspector he immediately served with a copy of tho resolution. This resolution dee* not affect the duty of tho Inspector to re move nuisances. Adopted. fly Alderman Ln-Thatthc engineer of the water department bo ordered to lav pipe* immediately in the trenches dun in the 11th and 17tn wards. I Alderman HaTriRLD atated that great complaint* were now made every day from the inconvenience "tillered by the inhabitant* in getting in their wood and coal, Sic. Alderman Dasus stated In ?ome remark* that the trcn* che* were now dug at (300 per mile, which u*ed to coat aome $1J or 1600 per mile. The reaolution waa referred to the Croton Aqueduct Committee. By Alderntan Pii*ov?That all the officer* of the Corporation entrnated with the collection or expanditure of public moniea, be directed ta exhibit hi* document* and voucher* to the member* of the Common Council at all office hour*?Adopted. By Alderman Puanv?That it be referred to the Committee on Law*, Ac, to enquire into the expediency of applying to the Legislature for the passage of a law dividing the city into elective district*, *aid district* to contain an equal number of inhabitant* a* may be practicable , each rli.itrict to be entitlad to an equal repreaentatln in the city council. Thia resolution waa preceded by a long pream- } ble, and after some debate wa* referred. r Alderman Woodiicll called up document No. 3j in relation to interment*. c The Board then adjourned to Monday evening next at p t o'clock. f Boaxd or Assistant* Monday Evening, Nov. 14? v Petitions He/erred?.Of cltitena ofChapel atreet to have it lighted with gas. Of merchant* othara in the 4th c LD. Pries Two C?nU. and 7th xvardt, in relation to obitructjona of the tidewa'ka. Of Jamet Rogers to be appointed regulator of public clocks. Of Mr. N. M. Brown to tell a liiteneti of Washington, painted by Stuart, to the City Corporation. 01 George Gallagher to be paid for digging a well. Fa/Itr from Hoard of Mdtrmtn.?The resolution and ordinance > I'lulivr lu uie uepu*n ui urei aunuu, uHuei uie iuperintciiUijQce of Messrs. Colon and Cantell, was referred to the Committee on Art*, Science*, and School*. A resolution to pay Ueorge Hyatt the sum of $90 for injuries to hi* hor?e? and carriage Irom the opening of a ditch to lay water pipes, was referred to the Counsel of the Board tor hi* opinion. Thu report and resolution from the other Board, relative to a thorough repair of the City Halt clock, was referred. The paper* for the Counsel of the Board, relative to the suit ol H. O. Stuyvesant against the Corporation, was referred to the Committee on Caws. The ordinauce regulating the pay oi the lime of ssrv.ce of i'olice officers, was read, aud ordered to be pri nted. The ordinauce, compelling contractor* to place poles and light* around and over opening* in the public streets, w as concurred in. The committee on Lumps and (jus reported in favor of the acceptance of the pro|>o*iUoii of D. V A. Kliigsland, to supply the city with JO,not) gallon* of winter strained sperm 66 cents per gallon, in accordance with contract. The street committee to whom was referred the application of Uoorgc Hi ley, superintendent ol pavementa, for an additional salary of $J00, to supply himself w ith a horse, reported in favor, but the resolution was negatived by a vote of 11 to A. A communication was received bom the District Attorney in answer to a resolution of the Boaid, stating that the amount of lines, Sic. for which he had issued warrants for collection to the sheriff of the city and county of New York was $43,93? 60. 'Ph..ol..tin., 11.e Hoard of Aldermen to Dav Ma muel Steven", Ksq the turn of $t!9J At, lor expenses incurred by the Croton Aqueduct Committee on the introduction of the C'roton water, was concurred in. A resolution to sell a gore of loud at the cornor of 1st Avenue and Second street, to the Fireman's Insurance Company for $100, wus uccepted. A resolution calling U|Kiu the Sheriff to report what fines ha?e been paid to hnn due the city, und ulso what amount has been paid over to the proper authorities. As istant Alderman I'ettigrew olierud u resolution forbidding contractors to open trenches at a distance of over 000 leet, lrom the place where the pipes to lutrduce Croton water wore about to be lai (down, which w as referred to tin Croton Aqueduct Committee. The resolution to appropriate $-.1600 toward repairing roads, was non-concurred in. A resolution calling ujion ex-Sheriff Acker to inform the Board the amount of money colluded by him Ibr hues, Arc. while in otiice, was adopted. A resolution calling upon the Strest Commissioner to report a plan whereby the repairs of the roads in the 14th mid 10th w ards can be done by contracts, was adopted. The Board then adjourned to Monday next at 6 o'clock. Superior Court. Before Judge Tallmadge. Nov. 14.- Itaac S. Ultman vs. If'w C. Howell?This wus an action brought to recover the amount ot $11311 of the defendant on a note. The defence was, that a judgment had been obtained by attachment, and there was, therelore, a bar to the reewvery by the plaintiff. Sundry authorities were quoted pro and can, but the Jury tound a verdict for the piamtilt For defendant, Mr. Sears. For plaintiff, Mr. Oirard. Before a full Bench. Several motians were heard. W. C. H. Waddell vs. Meyer Leny.?On motion of C. O'Connor, of counsel lor defendant, it is ordered thai this motion stand over until uext Mon-' ?y. Circuit Court. Nov. 14.?Adjourned on account ol death in the family of one of the counsel in the case now before the Court. County Court. Adjourned to Tuesday, 2Jd November. Common Pleas, Vacation till next Monday. General Session*. Before Recorder Tullmadge, and Judge Lynch. Nov. 14.? Trial of Fawret for jiamng counterfeit money. ?The trial ol Oeorge Kawcet, shoemaker, lie., lor passing a (4 couuterteit note, of the Manufacturer's Bank ol Providence on Edward Story, corner of Bowery and (Jrandsta, on the 3d of Octolicr, wan continued. The defence proved that lie hail previously sustained a good character, and that he wan intoxicated at the time he parsed the note. The jury returned a verdict of guilty, but recommended him to the mercy ol the court, Mary O'Brien was then placed upon her trial for grand larceny 111 stealing (44 woith of female clothing from Amanda Smith on the luth of October. Before the case was opened she entered a plea of guilty, and was remanded for sentence. .drmenus Mc Gurley, a knotted headed negro, was tried lor stealing a gold watch from the jewellery store of Oco. <duelett, 33 Rosevelt street, on the 311th ol October, it being the property of Prosper Anselin. The value of the watch being estimated at only aliout (30, the jury returned a verdict of petit larceny, and he was sentenced to tix months in tne penitentiary. The court then adjourned to Tuesday morning at eleven o'clock. Court Calendar?Tills Day. Circuit Court. ?Nor. 286. 286, 13,14, 83, 73, 76, 186, 40, 177, 178, 190, 193, 194, 196, 190, 197, 200, 201, 203,207, 210 211,213,62, 63, 64,68. Superior Court?No?. 7, 11, 26, 13,14,16, 16,17, 18, , 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 , 26, 27, 28, 29, 30,31, 33, 34. rTHOMAS J0NK8, accountant, IS] Broadway, rrapectfully A announce! that lie luu < oinmenced lor the veaion to Rive evening mat ruction iu Book-keepiDR.Petiniaushipand Commercial Arithmetic. The many hundreaa of i,U former pupila who are now holdinit situations of llie highest responsibility aa clerks and bookkeepers m this city, afford the best possible teat for any enquiry is to the inarila of a ayatrm of instruction which naa drown onlof many yra'a ofe*|>eri- lice An adequate diligence under (he courae here pursued will aecuie to a atudelit nt ability to diaclmrue all ihe duuea ol the deak m a inaatelly manner, and Rite him a knowlrdRe of accoun ia auch aa la very rarely attained through yeara of ei|ierience. ( rrtilicatea of qualification ar? Riven when ilraerved. TO PARENTS?Certaius houra of the day are devoted to the inatiuction of a few younR Reutleineu who (leal re a thorouith preparation for business Publiahed and for aale by the anthor, " Jonea'a Principles and Practice of Book keepinR," 8vo., price Ilia. Thia ia the only American work on the subjeC' reprinted in England. Itiaalao adopted in the. lint Academic Institutions in thia city, ill 1 m r HOUHlETUKNIBHlNO WAREHOUSE.?WORAVTh HAUGHWOUT, 561 Broadway, Manufacturers, Agent* and Comuiissiou ^lerchanu, ha?e just recnved^and are now 111 u?l n urn iuu |iiciiuiu vauiimcui ui iiic louuwiug ull clfs. v?x Silvered, (Jilt and Bronx* (la Chaudalirrs, 6 to 20 lighis.' Do Candle do 1 to 24 " Do Candle Brackets, 1 to S " Bo Gas Brackets, III I " o Gas MAutel eights, I ( 1 " Do Giranuuies, 11* I " CarHiiehras, 4u>l> " Astral Camps, Hall J amps and Laateans, Heading Ct-ui|<a k(i A net* article ot Molar Lamp, a eery superior article. Also, a new article of Deflecter lor improving the liglit of the old iMitternof Astral Camp. Also, a new style of Florentine Bronxe, color immovable. Together with every variety of Camp* and Chandeliers, for churches, halls aud public Moldings. I'latxp Ware. Baskets, Castors, Trays,Toast Racks, Candlesticks, Napkin > Riul's, Butter Tabs, butter and Fruit Knives, Mnuffeis and Triys, Coffee and Tea Urns, lie. Fine Table Cutlery, in setts and doxens;Japanned Tea Trays, in great rarity of patterns and forms; fine cut glass Bowls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Dishes, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, he. he. W. h H. beg respectfully to infoim their friends, customers, and the public generally, that their arrangements with the manufacturers are such thai they can sell all articles in their line niiil irr thrir show'rooina which done i? sufficient to eompen ante for the tronbl* sjttSM*r D EFOBM YOLK STOVE BILLS ? Economy and utility Fv hi*init the order of the day, the subscriber has determined to sell Stoves at the lowrat possible remunerating price*; hi* Column Parlor Store, answering all the purposes of the grate, with half the trouble and ripe use, suitable for sitting rooms, offices, stores, or halls, is wi by the attention of persons wmIiiii < to purchase. His assortment of roolrin* Stovaare not surpassed in the city, for cheapness and superior style ol construction, combining all the requisitrs for kitchen use, and a great saving of fuel, which is an item many persons overlook in selecting stoves. He solicits housekeepers and others to rive him a call st the office of the Warren Furnace Comimny, No. 22 Fulton street, N. Y., before purchasing elsewhere. A? this company manufacture their stoves, pur chassis wilt not be subjected to a tai by buying from second hands. Their ssiortmciit consists of air-tight, cooking and parlor Slovas, Pumps. Iron Fhrnaccs, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, kc., wholesale and retail Orderm for castings soli cited. J. V. TUBETT8. 0I6 Im'ec 22 Fill ton street, N. Y . MONUMENTS, kC. DOBElTr K. LAUNIT/, (late it Lsnnitt) Sculptor ft and Artificer in Marble, No. SOI Broadway, New York Statues, Monuments, Busts, Fountains, Tombs, Head Stones. Vases, kr., eseruted oftha finest American and Italian Marblra, in a chaste and classic style. N. II. Croten water having heen introduced into the city, Mr. L. will be pleased to eaeente all orders forarecnu* fountains for gentlemen in their gardens, as he hu had many yeare rviwnence in Italy and tins country. The bt it 'v reference given. All orders by lettere, giving Now York <" tended to with punctuality and despatch. UENHY SCOTT, No. 217 Water sT, . ? J^SSl FF ly on hand a general oaortmcntofPjeWo'. >"je. ^ kc , Preserves, Jellies, Bran<' Vu kc.. wholeaeia and ro. *AII order* for Shipping and :et*allyat ded to 11 2m*r . p()i<pffratim V that a Bala ol IToperu io>' ........... .? imblir auction, at the Gjtf "*? '' of New York, on Monday, the Jthday of December, ^2, at II o clock, noon.and b? continued from day to .lay until the whole of aaid property hall beaold; ami that Ihe detailed atatemrnt of the laxea, and r>ro|ierty to be aold, la pobliahed in the New Kra, a uewapapar - (YAW, o-e?. Compirollcr'a Offier, Aug. 38, l?42. at I taw I4w r/Nf.ONOMV AN l) KKTRKNUHvUCNf. Cheaoeat Vj Caah Tailoruia P.atahliahmeot in the city at RUSSELL, 'ATHICK k. C(J.'S 3% Pearl afreet. Krock and Dreaa Coata n ole ro order, at froin $11 to Sib; bearer Orer.oata, in fixat ate atyle, $10 to $14; and erery other article of clothing equaly chaai. (ientleinen lindni( their ow i cloth can hare their leihea made up, and a good flt warranted, at the following rieea (erery article warranted); Ireaaand Frock Coata made and trimmed, from $4 M to $T 'ante, Ihto I reata, " " " I DO to $ N B?Naval and Military ontfita eheap and promptly aim uted. olt lm*ec

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