Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1842 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAfL PkllMtcl|>kU I Cunejpondeuce of lite Heiald.) Philadelphia, NOV. 17, 1842. The" row" goes bravely on The " outs" and the " ins" in the custom house are enacting quite tt family quarrel in this city. 1 again reixtat, much fun will grow out of all this. The "Times," friend T>u Lolle't spirited little sheet, is out in a powerful leader this morning, aSHinst that rotten and swindling concern, the " Lumber" Moyamensing Bunk. It has created considerable stir an ong the knowing ones, and certainly deals in nothing but sober truths To-morrow John Bays he will deal in startling tacts. The sale ot Pennsylvania Statu stocks will lake place on Wednesday next, ia this city, and in Ilarnsburg on Monday week The conditions on which the sale will be made in this city are as follows, viz ; all stock will be sold in shares not exceeding ten in number, to the highest bidder for the same, unless circumstances should transpire at the sale to render a change desirable. A credit will be given to purchasers to pay !?r the same in Slate stock, certifi cxteaof indebtedness entered upon the books of the Auditor tieneral, or csah, on or before the 24th day ot I tee.-miter next ; lit' piriiiJ'-mniun uiiuuuiucu security for the fulfillment of nis contract. The stock owned by the State in nil corporations which paid dividends lor 1841, can only he mid on the conditions mentioned in the act authorising the sale A list ot this and the amount paid will be published by the State Treasurer. The great clo'h case, to which I reterred yesterday, iih well as several others, have been detet mined in favor of the United States. The proceeds of the sales arising iheretrom will amount to a very handsome sum, the whole ot which goes into the pockets of Uncle Sam. The performance at the Walnut street theatre, last evening, was of the most delightful character. The house. Irom pit to dome, was literally a mnus of admiring beings. Never were the walls of the old "American" greeted with a more beautiful, fashionable, and delightful audience. The admirable comedy of " London Assurance" was exceedingly well cast, and from the repeated applause, met, no doubt, the hear'v approbation of all. MissG. Ca hman?the very life and soul of the place?was hailed with one of the most cordial receptions, as Lady tray Spanker, woman ever need covet, and wnicn she ever should feel piroud of. To-night, f >r the benefit of H. Placide, " London Assurance" is again announced, but with an entire different cast. Tomorrow evening, Mrs. Brougham takes a benefit. Mons. and Madame Lecompe are engaged, and will ahordy appear. At the Chesnut, Bootii isdrawing pretty good houses. He appears as Hamlet to-night, and to-morrow takesa benefit. The " Olympic" was one perfect jam last night, the occasion of John Smith's benefit. To-night, the wonderful Nathans takes his benefit, and if ever a meritorious equestrian deserved n bumper, this same Nathans certainly does. M'Farland, the vaulter of sixty sominersets, will repeat his extraordinary trial of skill. The Arch is closed until Monday. The "official" vote of Little Delaware is at length positively ascertained. Rodney's (whig) majority, is only nine votes! Afire occurred this morning, about twelve o'clock, in a starch factory, at Tenth and Poplar streets Damage but trifling. I One of the most desperate attempts at burglary and murder was committed on the person and dwelling oi Judge Jones, of the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Philadelphia, this morning, at two n.r?_ _l. ...i .1. . :j... O CIUCK, Iirai luaiitty'iim, wnnr iiic juu^c iruiuf s, by three desperate villains. They were arrested in their progress of plunder, bv the awakening of the Judge, who boldly encountered them, and in the melee received some severe, but not dangerous, wounds on the head and leg. "Another outrage on this community has been committed." Such is the first sentence of a virulent article in the Philadelphia Gazette of this alternoon, in announcing the fact of the very unpopular appointment of Dr. Joel B. Sutherland as Surveyor of this port, vice Alexander Ferguson, removed Comment is needless. Captain Tyler, what are you aboutl The difference in exchanges are variously estimated. Boston, i discount a $ premium; New York, $ discount a i premium : Baltimore, J dis. a i prem.; Richmond, a llj dis ; Charleston, 1.J a 2^ dis.; Augusta, 2 a 2J dis ; Nashville, 5 dis ; Louisville, 2? a 3 dis j New Orleans, par to 1 prem ; Mobile, 18 dis ; Cincinnati. 2 dis.; Treasury Notes, par, Exchange on England, a 6^ w>'h but little doing. There is also scarce any transactions on Paris and Amsterdam. In consequence of the disagreeable state of the weather, throughout the entire day, there was no salesa'the stock board. Indeed, complete stagna. tion of all business prevailed lin all classes of the community. Arpointmknt nv the Pkesident?Joel B. Sutherland. Naval Officer tor the district of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, vice A'exunder Ferguson. SHIPPINGS l.VTKM,l(JK.V( K. Philadelphia, Nov 17?Arr Oak, Ryder, Boston; Lmli, Bastrr, do; Pa.m, II til. do; Esther St Mizi, Hire, E :i?t|i'irl; Phlladelpnia, Barnard, Nantucket; Elizabeth, Bourn , do; Axawain, Rogers. New York. Clu Oenl Warien, Ogle, Hi'tiu; Illinois, Huuiesou, Cape Hayiiru, St Domingo; Aorora,Woodbury, Boston. Baltimore, No* 16?Arr Frances Jan -, Thompson, Tnrks Island. Cld Peru, Bailey, NOrleans. Sid Eliza H mil, Hand, Providence. Alexandria, Nov H?Sid Mozart, Reynolds. Boston. Oeoroetown, DC. Nov 1A?Arr Opensngo, Vose, East port. Sid Orn laiion. Sylvester, Boston. Norfolk. Nov 14?In Hativloii Roads, Alwilda, Tolinan, Waldohoro for NOrleaus: Olide, Prsy, aad Hollou, Godfrey, Havre de Grace for NYnrk. Mobile, Nov 9?Art Oregon, Ulidden. NYork via Cliatlraton; Loudon, Baker, Buh, Me; AfT-ibm, Blake, Liver|>oil; Fame, Prait, NYork; Equity, Povt, do. New Orleans, Nov H-^Arr Edwiun, West, NYork; Talma, Caynl Bordeaux; Columbiana. Rtrker, Hvvrr; E>|iiudoh, Baistow, Boston, WindsorCastle, do; Hiinilton, Johnson, Calcutta; J W Huntington. Kingsbury, Rio He Janeiro; Creole, Ddlaille, Maumoras. Cld Cneviller, Woocbury, Hsvr ; Suwatrow, Sleeper, N Superior Court. Before His Honor Judge Tallmadge. Nov. 17.?Several inquests wore token in the morning, and then the Court adjourned till 4 P.M. Judge Oakley having got through hit calendar, adjourned till Friday (to-day) 10 o'clock. There will be two Courts held Friday and Saturday. Jeremiah Pale vs. The North River Tire Insurance Com pa"y ?This case wan commenced Nov. 15th. Messrs. Millard and Sherwood, counsel for plaintiff'; Messrs. Slosaon and Schell, for defence. This was an action on a policy of insurance to recover $366 OS, effected by the plaintiff- in the office of the defendants on his, the plaintifTs,stock in trade and furniture. On the night of the ioih ami morning of the -J6:hof February last, a fire broke out in the plaintiff's premises, 'J43 Spring, by which a part of his stock in trade und furniture were alleged to be destroyeu, and the remainder considerably injured. The defence set up by the Insurance Company, was that there had been gross misrepresentation in relation to the uumoerand value of the articles claimod to have been deitroyed?that there ha ' been much false swearing ? that it was only a small grocery store of an inferior clasi?that all the articles of any value were taken out before the fire, put in eharge of a watchman, and replaced again after the fire. The counsel for the defence, stated that this is not a litigating Insurance Company, having only had live cases in some twenty or thirty years. Con siderahle evidence has heen introduced on both sides The case is not yet concluded. General Sessions, Before Recorder Tallmadgc and Judge Lynch. JiMrs It. Whitivo. Esq , District At'orney. Nov. 17.? Trial of J. IK. fr filing for Fahr Prtltncti This trial charging Welling with obtaining f669 worth ol clothes, Sic. from Blatchlord St Sampson whs resumed. Moses H. Nicholi wai called n>on the stand lor cross examination, but 110 new facta were elicited. The prosecu tion closed and the Court adjourned to Monday, when the evidence for defence will be presented to the jury. Arrival*. Airoa.?J K Himes, Boston ; T J Ontnd, Philadelphia N F Dixon, Westerly, R. I ; Thorn,11 M Uroimell, Baltimore; Daniel Thornton, Jr., New Bedford; NH Brown rhila lelph'*;M K Smith, do; Thomas M'Connel, Boston Wm H Dunbar, Ahington, Mass.; F M Weld, New Or leans; H Fsirtteld, Boston; F S Newball, Lynn, Mass,; Oer F Leitel, Syracuse; C P Ives and lady, Lansintmrgh; H Bald, Philudelphia;A Brooks, New York; Mr and Mrs W K Bhecker, Albany; M Gill, Philadelphia; C. Crolton Washington; A 8 llolitis, Philadelphia; John Campbell, Baltimore; John L Batzer, Washington; Mr and Mrs Hut ty, Philadelphia; L Seymour, Westchester. Any person who har not visited the American Mu seum within several months, would be astonished to wit ness the improvements and additions niado there. Wi hazard nothing iu saying that no Museum inthe world ii under such etticient management, as far as neatness, tasti of arrangement, and good order, aro concerned. The ea binet of curiosities is Ih'1 moit extensive in America, fillin( six spacious halls, each one one hundred feet long. Crotoi water is introduced throughout the building, and on ever; floor apparatus is arranged for visitors to help themselvei to this wholesome beverage. The scenery in the lecturi room, and all the stage appointments, are actually the mo* magnificent that we have ever seen in New York, and thi diveisity of entertainments is unequalled. Everything about the establishment goes like clock work, and nothiii) is ever seen there which can offend the most rt fined taste The Museum boasts the support ol the first families in N'en Yotk, and it is always fully attended. (HJF- The manager of the New York Museum, evir.c< the happy art of hitting off the humbugs ol the day will admirable fidelity. His Mermaid, manufacture, in opposition to the Eejee, is as exquisite a piece ol satire and as fine a bit of fun, a* it Is possible to conceive. Th< Hughes family, those admirable performers on the harp display abilities of the very highest order. Any eulo ' gium from us, will fall infinitely short of the pr.iise the] are entitled to. They execute with all the grace, bril liaiicy and flafsh of eminent professors. Diamond, Rosa lie, and Boyd, appear. KJ- NK.A' AMK.RH AS NOVEL ?"The Hunchback," a Tile of Ptuillvull, by Oentleman of Virgi niu. This admirable itory of the early settlers of Pennsylvania, give* a thiilling picture or scenes enacted during the Revolutionary war, wheu the Indians acre employed by euligliletied England to massacre American aettb-re, without regard to age, so* or coudltiau. The Tale i? to be published complete in " Brother Jonathan' of to-morrow, occupying the greater portion of that mammoth paper. Price a cent*. Office 16J Nassau tired " The Career of Puffer Hopkint," an original American Novel, bv C- Ms thews, Esq., will be published in an " Ea tin Double Brother Jonathan,"on Thursday next. Price 1 1 cents, or 10 copies for one dollar. The second edition of Dickens's " American Notet," illuttrated, it just published. Price 1 'JJ cents, or 10 copies lor one dollar. WILSON k CO., Publishers, 16-J Nassau street, N. Y. {JtT- B ALDNESS AND LOSS OK IIAIR-It caused by a want of healthy action of the vessels which throw off the perspiration from the head. When these vessels are weak or diseased, the perspiration is thick and calm my, and adheres to the mouths of the |>orei and clogs them up. and dries and forms scurf or dandruff. Less blood is then carried to the roots of the hair, and for want of which the hair has not sufficient nourishment, and consequently becomes dry and harsh, and begius insensibly to fall off, which, continuing to increase, eventually produces balduets. Restore the capillary vessels of the head iu uirir ujrmer nraimy cirvuiauuii, mm i imr, hair will make its appearance, which will increase in quantity and volume until the hair becomes thick aud healthy. JAYNE'8 Hair Tonic is the ouly preparation that has ever been known to produce new hair on bald heads, which it has done in innumerable instances, and will selJom fail, if properly and perseveringly used. Piepare l and sold by Dr. D. Jayne. JO South Third street Philadelphia. Sold in New York by A B it D. Sands, 7!) and 100 Kultnn street ; by A. B. Sands b Co., 373 Broadway corner Chamber street, and by D. Sands It Co, 77 East Broadway corner Market street. Price f 1. OlT-lN NUMEROUS CASES OTHER CO VIPLAINTS were supposed to exist, and the persons treated for fever, fee., but finally atrial of this Vermifuge discovered the true cause of the sicknesa, by bringing away almost an innumerable quantity of worms, large and small, and the persons recovered u ith great despatch. Instanaei of this kind mi?ht be cited to an immense extent, but it is useless, one trial for 3d cents, will show any one with astonishment the certain effects of this Vermifuge. Jean Pierrot, a Frenchman, had a small boy so aflected with worms, that hi* life was despaired of,as all mean* used bv the physicians to t radicate them were ineffectual , this Vermifuge was tried and near four hundred small worms w ere discharged, and one very large one. Caution.?Sever buy this article unless it have "Dr. Kolmstock's Vermifuge," handsomely engraved on the outside label, and the facsimile of Comstock A Co , thus : m COVISTOCK ICO., >y IWirsdir. l/iu^isih, iidiuni i.aur, iuik, *ic Hole agent* lor it?price -25 cent* per bottle. Ex'ract of a letter from our Agent at Charleston, 8. C. To Messis. J. Pease. k So.*, 45 Divisien st.? Gkxti.imen:? (fij- WE RENDER ABOVE STATMENT OF Account, by which there appear* $58 -JO in your favor; and we annex a draft for the balance the account, except the last assignment of $160 worth just received, but judging from present appearance*, it will not remain long, and you had better send by first vessel.say ?800 packages, at Is. $100; 600 do at 3s. $150; 200 do at 4s. $100; 15 do at 8s. $15?making $365. , Your invaluable Hoarbound Candy has performed a great many cure* here. To prevent the calamity of being without " Pease's Candy," you will attend to the order immediately, and oblige Yours truly, HAVILAND. HARRON it ALLEN. Charlestov, Nov. 8th, 184:1. Hariland, Reuse k Co. No.80 Maiden Lane, will corroborate the above statement, and this letter will let the publie see the demand for our candy, and also how it is esteemc I by the Charlostoniaus. J. PEASE it SON, 45 Division st. ftQK THE SARSAPARILLA PREPARED BY THE Collage of Medicine and Pharmacy, of the city of New York, is the only cdicient and safe preparation ofthatnamr now before the public. In single bottles 75 cents each, half dozen (in case) $3 50, dozen do. $6 W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, 07 Nassau street. (XJ- THE TONIC MIXTURE AN UNEQUALLED remedy in all dyspeptic cases. In large bottles $1, in ca ces of half a dozen bottles $5. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agcat. 97 Nassau street. 03- THE ANTIBILIOU9 PILL PREPARED UNDF.H thedirection of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, ii infinitely superior to the drastic purgations puffed off at universal panaceas. Sold in boxes at -25 cents each. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. 97 Nassau street. 03-THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE prepared under thedirection of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, of the city of New York, is guaranteed to cure all forms ol syphilitic diseaseses. 8eld in single bot ties at $1 each, and in cases of half a dozen bottles $5. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, a. i\assau street. (O-THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE for the cure of all discharges from the urethra?sold in bottl s, at il, and at 50 cents each. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, 97 Nassail street. CO?-DR. RUSH'S INFALLIBLE HEALTH PILL i the best medicine ever prepared for the cure of dyspepsii or indigestion, billions and liver complaints, headache heartburn, eruptions of the skin, piles, and are invaluabl in the numerous complaints to which women are subject This valuable medicine is the result of many years e careltil study and experiment, onthepartof the lateDi Benjamin Rush, of Philadelphia, one .of the most skilfu nhrsiciansof the age. These pills are exceedingly mill in their operation, giving no pain whatever; anil by i happy combination of medical agents they are enabled ti carry off all the vitiated and irritating secretions from th< alimentary canal and remove any inflammatory orothei derangement of the animal economy which may havi been induced, equalize the circulation, restore a health) action to all the secretory organs, and promote a more vi gorous performance of the organic functions. Sold wholesale and retail by II. O. Daggers, 30 Ann st New York. And retail by J. Kelly, -707 Broadway; J. Ax lord, 16;* Bowery; Dr. J. E. Scott, 151 Sixth avenue, cor ner of Twelfth street; Hart, corner of Chatham um Chambers streets, N.York; alsnby H. Green, at 09J Fultoi street. Brooklyn. Price 35 cents a liox, neatly put up in a wrapper en graved by Duranil St Co. on steel, with a fac simile of Di Rush's signature on each box. Sold in Philadelphia by Zielier; Baltimore, Dr. Raod corner of Gay and Saratoga streets; Boston, Redding ! Co.; Albany, 4 Stanwix Hall; Newark, 96 Market street <r?-"COME8T THOU TO BEARD ME IN DEN .uaKK r ? ujurauu s I'ouartu suutne is an caiy ami ex peditious means of freeing the akin from down which ii same cases become bo apparent as to be annoying marring the graces of youth, and giving to the who! features a masculine turn not especially desirable. I will be frequently found useful on the toilette either o ladies or gentlemen. For sale exclusively at 67 Walke street, one door from Broadway. Price $1 per bottle Had also at Boston. 2 Milk street , Philadelphia, 76 Ches nut; Baltimore, corner Pratt and Charles , New Haven Myers: Poughlieepaie, Gray; Providence, Dyer; Nev Bedford, Coggeshall. South Second street ; Newark Trippe ; Goshen, Elliott; Carleton, Lowell: Lancaster Heinsrhisch ; Harrisburgh, Robinson ; Washington, Sel by Parker ; Alexandria, Berry; Richmond, Mrs. Fiay ser ; Newport, Taylor ; Fall River, Burt; Salem, Ives Albany, 4 Maiden lane ; Hartford, Wells A Humphreys Norwich, Faulkner ; Cincinnati, Thomas, Main street Pittsburgh, Tuttln, medical agency, Ac. Ac. Ac. General Printing?Book*?Pamphlet*? Cants? Bills, Ac. To the Bnslness Public. Having now nearly completed one of the most splendh GENERAL PRINTING OFFICES, ever organized it this city, we ara ready to print books, pamphlets, cardi bills, and all kinds of useful and elegant printing, on thi most moderate terms, and for cash pay ments. This office we have fitted up at a great expense?it 'ypos, presses, and materials of all kinds. We have alrea f dy executed work to the amount of several thousands o dollars, end are still busy printing some of the most beau lilul article! ever issued from the prem. A Lady's Magi . zine,called the "Artist," ii printed in thii office, and it i acknowledged to be the moit beautifully printed magazin in the country. The beautiful typography of the Nai York Laiscct if well known. ! All applications for printing will be made to Ma. Joiari , Elliott, the Manager, at the office of the Herald?or tij i .tain in the printing office, entrance at 97 Nasiau street. I JAMES GORDON BENNETT, L Proprietor or tiie Herald General Pamneo Orrica North West Corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. New York, 10th Sept.. 184-1. 0(7" EVENING AMUSEMENTS.?The season ha now come tor evening amusements, and avery one is look ing about to know how and where he shall spend an hou or two the most for his pleasure and profit. Forourowi part we like avarietv. Sometimes we go and hear Di SmPhonGeology, and sometimes Dr. Nelson on Physio l logy, and sometimes to one and sometimes to another; bu th?re is nowhere we derive more real amusement, exer cise, and heal'h combined, than at our friend Bassford' Billiard Rooms, between Ann and Fulton streets, nea Broidway. We are always sure to find good company good tables, good cues, good liquors, and polite attend 1 mice. i mosey market. Thursday, Nov. 17?fl H. I?. t The operation* at the Board were to a fair extent thi morning, but price* generally gave way. Ohio 6'* fell J f Harlem, J; Mohawk, J; Storungton, j j Delaware an ( Hudson, 3 from the last tale. The result of the late election expresses the sentiments c j the people on the subject of repudiation, both public an private. Those merchants who repudiate a Just debt, an then pompously make donations for the benefit of the poc <t the approach of winter, must understand that the pe< 1 pie can distinguish between honesty and ostentatioi 1 charity. There has been a fair business doing in bills, but t< ' wards the close the rates rather gave way, and may b ' >|noted as follow* Hsvr.s or Koar.m* Bills in Nrw Yoaa. t .'Inr. 6. Srp. ta. Oct. IV ffov. i London, ijii f'V * 7 a7K 6! " h'rsnce, irUlJjJ 4 MaJJtJ? u Arruti rd'm 38/4* 39 ">39 <i 39 387ti38, 11 .tin burg, 342. 36 \K%k 36 34 *. 34 i Bremen, 76*t 76 76 *76* 75^1 76 7* 7i] I g i The demand for the packet* haa been scarcely equal to the iupply thus early in the season, and before anether team packet the aupply will have received a large ac ceaaion. The trade of the Booth and Weal i* growing healthily, and the circulation of real capital, not broken bank credit*, ia becoming daily mote free. The growing demand for capital in commercial purauita, will leaaen the demand for atock investment*, in all probability, and the beet deacriptfona?aay New York State and City Stock*, Ohio, and Kentucky?will ab'orb the floating capital aaeking that claaa of inveetmenta. Thi* demand haa greatly improved atnco the reault of the election*, and haa been followed by a corresponding improvement in price*. In our article of October 10, we mentioned the prevailing feari that were entertained lest the party in favor of running in debt should succeed to power, and the depressing effect those fear* had upon prices a* shown in a table of prices, which table we now republish, adding ths rates ol sales up ts this date, as follow* Pricks or New Yoaa State Stock. 5 per el. i per cl. jIukusI. IWJ-T liJO-M. iXittr ct. $ per ct. 7 per cl. 1s41. ii VI'. M a? 'II',1'J2 1*0 alSO'i none S.-Pt. 14, 01 >92 85 490 90 "Ml 99 >100 ? ' 04 . 90 *90 04 all 90 >903* 90 >100 ? Oct. I, 90 >90 04 UC 90 >09 90 >100 ? " 10, 09 >91 01 >06 ? >00 90 >100 ? Nov. (J, 09 >90 0lH?lV >0 >U^t 97*99 ? " 04 , 09 *90 0(1 *12 CO all 97 a99 ? Dec. 15. 85 *H7 00 Ul 02 *82* 90 a90 ? " 11, 81 a88 76 *77 76 *77 06 *87 ? Jan. 01, 8j *90 75 >77 75 *75* 00 >81 ? Feb. 28, 87 *90 70 >79 76 >70 82 >82 ? April I, 85 >90 77 >79 76 >78 SO >85 ? " 07, ? >91 82 *01 83 *85 90 *93 ? May 14 , 90 *91 82 *83 05 >85* 90 *91 ? July 30, 90*a#l (5 *88 82*>S4 91 *95 100>**I00H Auk. 10 . 87 *90 80 *82 83 >83* 87 *92 lOO'.alOO* Sept. 14 , 90 *90 80 *14 03 >83* 91 *92 U>I*>I0I* Oct. I. 90 *94 00 *82 03 83 * 90 *91 100 *101 " 15 , 84 *88 79 * 80 82*>S3 89 >90 100 >101* " 30 83 >81 01 >83 84**83 89**90 100* I'OO Nov. i7 . 88 *92 04 *87 06 *09 91 *96 101 alO*H Tho elections took place on the 7th instant. Daring the ten days which have since elapsed, all denomination of New York State stocks, it appears, hsve advanced ftom 3 to 8 per cent. The greatest advance has taken place in A pur cents, which was the last investment. They have now more than recovered the decline which the (ears of a wanton increase of debt had occasioned. The city stocks rank still higher. Notwithstanding this rise in New York and other sound stocks, the Federal gov-rnment has keen unable to obtain any money on its 6 per cent stock, and the Treasury notes have fallen 1 per cent. few weeks since they would command } a | premium, they will not bring } per ceut discount in any amount, although the amount outstanding is not greatly increased. The increased activity of capital has rendered them no longer a desirable temporary investment; for the banks and capitalists seeking permanent investment, having all foars in relation to the soundness of New York stocks removed, turn their money into that channel. Every day increases the discredit of the Federal government. The late tariff, which has very materially injured commerce, has ruined the revenues, and with constantly increasing arrearages, the department struggles on with the payments due on the bonds of former years. As long as Treasury notes were at a premium, the government received cash for those bonds. The rate of the Treasury notes now, makes it profitable to pay them into the Treasury instead, and thereby depiive it of all means. Congress very soon meets, when some newmeasures must be adopted. As matters now stand, the commerce and navigation, and the trade of the country, as well as the national taith, are all to be sacrificed to the idle phantom of protection, to a class of citizens who are to the whole population as one to -iO. The stockholders of the Erie Railroad met at the Broad street Hotel. There was present a vast assemblage of very large capitalists, both of this city and the southern tier. Croat enthusiasm was evinced for the prosecution of the work. The meeting was addressed by Saul Altey, Esq., of this city, J. P. Manaow, Esq., of Steuben county, 1 and several gentlemen from Rockland county, who sure acquainted with the nefarious transactions of a certain family thare. Aftar much coniultation, the following ticket wu i agreed upon i Fob Dirkctobi. < William B. Aator, N. York Charlea M. Leupp, N. York Poter Cooper, " T. g.Waterman, Broome co. rro?per M. Wetmore, " Jonathan PUtt, Tioga co. Saul Alley, " Wm. Max well, Chemung co. Charlei A. Davit, " Alex. 8.Diven, Allegany co. Sheppard Knapp, ' B.Chamberlain, Catiaraugua , Elibu Townaend, " county Stephen Allen, " Sam. Barret,Chautauque co. The New Yorker* on tLia ticket are undoubtedly the very itrongeat name* that could have been (elected. The i:Hi/tut who hang around the Pipe-layer*, and the editor of the Standard newipaper, met somewhere about ' 34 Wall atreet, and were addresaed by James Bowea, the preaent Preiident, Henry L. Piervon, the brother-in-law of Eleazer Lord,of Piermont, and leveral other relative* of ? the latter. It wa* agreed that tho following ticket would < be voted for by the l'ipa-luyeri' party and Mr. Lord'* ' friend*, viz.:? e James Bo wen. for President. Edward Pierson, brother-in ,f Henry L. Pierson, Mr. law ot it. L. Pierson, and Lord'* brother-in-law. now Cashier. | Jeremiah H. Pier?on, of Charlea Hoyt. j Rockland county, Mr. R. M. Biatchford. i Lord'* father-ln-law. E. H. Biatchford, preaent , George D. Wickham,of Oo- Attorney of the Company. f then, an old gentleman Hiram Oray, of Chemung r who aeldom move* out. county. B Eleazer Lord, of Rockland William G. Bucknor. , county. The balance of the aeventeen to be made up from the other ticket. The stockholder* must keep their eyes 1 open, or else thennitad interest of Lord and Bowea?the former holding about one thousand share*?may defeat | the great werk, and ruin the interest* of the shareholders, ami mc prupic ui iuo buuuiciu udi, anu vi iuh jtmi city. The annual election of the Erie Hailroad take* place I thu (lay at 34 Wall street, between 10 A. M. and I P. M. k We wish the itockholdon to bear in mind that all the tacts which have been published by us within a month, developing the utter imbecility and mismanagement ol the present family and clique in charge of the company, has called forth no denial or refutation?indeed, their ree ^illation we believe to be impossible j and while they have j. the hired columns ol a newspaper at their command, the r only answer that has been attempted by their employed i. editor was a remark, that we made too free a use of such '* fa ts as came into our possession. Now, we confidently y appeal to every honest man in the community whether it would have been just, or expedient, to permit that com' pany, and that great work to be sacrificed by remaining under the control of those who have thrown destruction, ; " frightful and general distress,n and pecuniary |embar> rassment along in their path ? We know the opinions oi ' our fellow-cilisens upo ? this subject, and if we have handled some individuals roughly, it was because they deitrrti it, and ten times more ; and let it be a long and lasting admonition to all others placed in similar positions to act honestly, and in accordance with the dictates ol II high moral principle and rectitude. Reckless creatures, 1 who gain possession of a corporation, often disregard all ' respect for the property of others, and sacrifice every tiling w lueir own inmviuuai piuuv. a uh wuuvk surely continue much longer. It ii the duty of the press 1 to ?rre?t it; and ao far aa we can, it (hall be arretted. Thousands now await the result of this day's action, at 34 f Wall street?let the stockholders bnt discharge their ' duty conscientiously, and that great work may yet be ' rescued and resuscitated. * This is to them as well as to the city, a matter e of the highest importance. The more so is the re* suit of the late State election has decided the questjon of lurter loans of State credit. The only hope * of the contractors now to get the 300,000 due them by the 1' Company or of the stockholders along the line to save any thing,is to retrieve the credit ot the road in the eyes of capitalists and the citizens of Now Yurk. This can be done only by purgingthe company of the pipe-layers and family clii/wi who control it. We will here repeat a list ol the directors which we published a short time since:? a Orrirras and Directors or the Erie Rtn. Road. 1. James Bowen, President. 9. R. M. Blatchford, r '1- H. L. PiersoD, Vice do. 10. Simeon Draper, Jr. i and Trtaturtr. 11. O. D- Wickham, 3. Edw. Pierson, Cathitr. 1J. Uould Hoyt, i. 4. J. H. Pierson. 13. John Haggerty, t 4. Eleazor Lord, 14. Wm. Kent, 6. David N. Lord, 13. Geo. Oriswold, 7. Elihu Townsend. 10. Freeman Campbell, r 3. W. II. Townsend, 17. Charles Hoyt. Nos 1,0 and 10 are the well known executive committee of pipe-laying memory. Nos. I, 3, 4, 0 and 6 bear to , each other the several relations, brothers, fathers-in-law and brothers-in-law. No. 10 is aon-in-law of No. 13? Here we have the cliques which control the undertaking ? which the State ia called on to pa/ vaat luma, in addition to the $3,000,000 already loat, and alao a aolution of the ,1 myaterioua tranafera o( office which have been periodically kept up between Noa. 1 and 5. It ia to be regretted that ,f the name* of a few worthy peraona are mised up with ,1 theae intereata?indeed we believe No. 14 ia not now a di,1 rector, and No. 13 recently paid the great debt of nature, ir We doubt whether Noa. 11,16 or 7 ever attend a meeting of director*. ? It it well known that a very large caah euhecriptlon from leading men in thio city haa been offered, providing theae cliqutt are put out from the management. The con ,e cern cannot now command one dollar. Logrolling and poetical pipe-laying will be henceforth of no avail in drawing money from the State. If anything farther ii 7 done to tha road it mnat be done by private enterpriae, and ill (hat anddenly, to aave the property from the hammer ol h the auctioneer, which ia hanging over it on State oc 2 count. SsUea at I tie Stock BirkM|?. 7100 N V Stale 7"s, I'M, in 1. Del|fc<Hud?ou iHm 9U ilKMl "* > 11<, I MM, *7 2* do ? Mm do i's, Ikll. Kii? V> do Wu> 9" MO do lilt. 81 Hi do HO ItWO Ohio ?' , I860, 71 >? 10 Hsilrlu U>? H"(Hi do do 71 41 Mohawk 31 1900 Indiana Bonda 20 10 do bloda 34 8 (lu Bank Com full >7 44 do 33V 70 di icrip 90\k 14 do bJO '\ 33 Del k Hudson 90 17 8tonin?tou I4H Second Board $1000 Kentucky 6'?, >3 ds 77 State of Trade. The markets exhibit no materiel change to day? i Freights?To Liverpool are lower for Cotton, the late enSagements have been made at S-ISd a jd per lb. To Lonon and Havre we have no change to no notice. Tobac. co?American Leaf ia very dull; St. Domingo aold at 14 cento ; by auction, merchantable Kentucky, 53 hhdi old , ciop (olit at d} a tf cents, average $d,t>4 ; and 44 do now crop J j a 4}c, average M.S4, cash. Whalebone?There , io again ?ery little olfering. Sugara?For Mtiscovadoes l Rico at 3 J a 6$ cent*, Cuba 5 a 6 ; SS St. Croix 6 a 6] ; white Braxil7k brown Havana 6J a 7, all 4 ra >?. By auction 36 hhd* Cuba sold at & a SJ cent*, 3 mo* , and 91 do damaged Porto Rico, 6| a &}, 3 and 4 mo*. Cotton Trade. This market continue* fairly active, without change in rate*. At the touih tfe market* continue to give wav. The prices at the lat<-*t date* were ar follows :? Pricks of Cottow. Ckarletton, Sainnnah, Mobile, X. Orlrani. Nut. 12. Xov. 9. A'oo. 9 Inferior, S?S)< ? 'V'S Ordinary, 5J4*6 b\,M> ? i?ll? Middling, 6A.61, 6 Ik ,7 iV<* ' fair, 63^a7 7*-7J? *V7 Fair, , V%*?x 7.7* 8.8* 7*3* Good fair, 8a8* 7**7^ ? Sl*>8* The transaction* at these port* have been a* follows for the week preceding date Stock. Salei. Prictt. Rrmarkt. Charleston, Nor. 12, ? 7,780 J.8* drcl. Sarannali, " 12, 21,979 3,638 i.7\ " Mobile. " 9, 17,706 2.900 6\a8* decimal*. N. Orleans, " 7, 73,829 16.000 I* i9>, fair. The Alabama rivers are so low a* to check the receipts in some degree, notwithstanding which, however, the stock is accumulating and will be very large. Corn Trade. We have no change to notice in this market. Supply, demand, and prices remain as betore. In several of the other markets, however, there has been a decline, as the following table shows :? Paicr.1 or a a Barkk.i.. N. York, Nov. 17, *4,31 Philadelphia, Nov. IS. $4,a? Mobile, 9, 6,63 savannah, " 11, 5,87 Cleveland, " 11, 3,00 Cincinnati, " 1), 3,53 We learn from Alton, Illinois, that wheat ha* been brought into that market in larger quantities The price paid haa been for prime quality, 371 centa ; for inferior, from 33 to 36 centa. There are ?evertl purchaaera in the market (brloreign account, beaidea the two milla, both of

which are in successful operation. The wheat trade alone givea quite an animated apiiearance to the buaineaa of that city. Accoant of flour and wheat arrived at tide water on the Erie canal to November 7th :? Flour, hbli. Wheal, 6uih. 1343 1,400,040 337,014 1841 1,364,611 644,616 Increase in 1343 35,637 183,493 Taking flour and wheat together, the excess in 1313 ia eq ual to 73,039 bbla flour. Aa an evidence of the magnitude of the operations in the Buffalo grain market, we would mention the lact.that of the inamenae amount ol wheat received within the three daya ending 11th inat., not over 40,000 remained unaold. Thia, for the operations of two daya, in the meat unfavorable weather, will probably challenge competition with the grain market of any other city in the Union, and per haps in the world. Thia indicate* that America w ill aoon he the! granery of the world. If it were not for tariffs we could now aupplv Europe with at least Ave millions barrels of fbur, worth twenty-flve millions ol dollars?one hundred andttlty per cent more than we ever exported. Will our farmers think of thia f Let them ponder well on protective tariffs. Brighton Cattle Market. Monday, Nov. 14.?At market, 3800 cattle, about 3000 of which were beef, and 800 stores, 4600 sheep, and 1636 Pricks?Beef Cattle?We reduce our quotation!. A few extra at 4 AO. First quality $4 a $4,36 ; second quality, $3,36 a 3,76; third quality $3,60 a 3. Barrelling Cattle?Prices reduced. Mess at 3.I3J ; No. 1, 3,374. Storet?Few sales only. Two year old at $7 to $ 13; three year old $14 to $30. Sheep?Dull. Lots were sold.from 03 to $1,76. Wethers from $1,76 to 3,76. Swine?Lots to peddle 3 cents lor sows, and 4 forbarrows. At retail 4 a 6c. Married, At Haverstraw, Rockland County, on Wednesday, the 16th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Hildreth, the Rev. Edward Hom-kr, of Greenville, to Miss Margarktta Wheeler, eldest daughter of Epenetus Wheeler, Esq., formerly of this city. At Baltimore, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Colgan, Daniel Gii maktis, merchant ot this city, to Miss Catherine Fitmieralp, of the fprmer place. * Died. On Wednesday afternoon, the 16th inst. John J. infant son o f Daniel and Mary Ann Walker, aged eighteen months. The relatives and frieuds ol the family ar" respectfully invited to attend the funeral this (Friday) afternoon, at 3 ' o'clock, from 44 West Fourteenth street. * suddenly on Wednesday atternoon, iota instant, johi Rkovield, in the 48th year ol hii ace Hia friends and acquaintance, ond thoie of the family, are invited to attend the funeral thi* (Friday) afternoon, at S o'clock, from ISA Second street. * Paaacngera Arrived. Havre?Packet ship Utica?Mrt Ms'yof the Angel', Mrs Caache, Mra Bullion, Miaa Aegine, of France; Mrs Mary of Reparation, Mra St Louis de Onnzaga. Italy; Mra St Joseph, Mrs Crsiche, Ireland; Vlrt 8t MarceTlua, Savoy; Mra Hardy, W Valentin.- M D, New York; Moore Kobinaon, M D, Philadelphia; O W Collet, St Louis; J I' SuUr, consul to Saco from Denmark. Malaoa?Brig Morea?Kliiah Cornell. Paiaengtra Sailed. Liverpool?Steam shin Great Western?Mr Rice and ladr, nurar autl lour children. .Sir Squire, W Van Rensselaer, Mr Oakey, Joseph E Rolpli, Thumaa Hill, Joseph Fisher, A II Finlay, Hector Morrison, of New York; L Smith, Boston; J Horsley Palmer and servant, London; Jainrs Buckley, F. II Bradbury. England; Manuiug Keuuard, riiilsdelphia; William Hartley. Val|wraiso. Liverpool Atrn Halieae?Siram shut Caledonia, from Boston?For Liverpool: .Mons Ualline and Udy, Mona Kel|ier, Mad'lle Celeste and female friend, John Coanteti. Mr Slierrard, Mr Huleliiuirt?8 ForHalifai: Hon Mr Roby, Udy and servant; Chas II Delevan, Consul to Nova Scalia; Mr Newueu, and lady, Mrs Redmont. K O Wisdom?IJ. Furalfn imporiattlotia. Havar?Ship Utica?I i>kg Bailey k Katcliem?I Tiffany, XT fl. PIC A HP II ft..... . C n fl V> V) llsnlanrl 1 b'aKrs.. queue's Fils?1 T llaudorf? 3 T Maillard?2 J R St Felii?2 Ltmoy Sc Hoardeatii?3 H Babad?3 C W Thomas?J E> (tier St Foler?I F Thorsnecken?I H Doocker?1 A Mtthey?2 F Cottenct?2 F Co'liard?1 C Pxyen It ro?I A Mel'ey?J 8 P Schutnpf?3 Boisreau St Rusch?S A Hurt?100 MaitUnd St co ?3 K Bostanie?2 C H Schneider St co?1042 F ' he baud?1 W Thomo?on?I Ltnney Fourd?2 ? Hen?6J H Dutlot?11 Gay Lusaac It Noel? | A Major?2 E Fielder?1 A Belmont?1 V Botchap?I Maleiiem, Gourd fc co?I A S Permit?I Lane, Limuin It co?1 Oppeiilu im St co?1 B Blauchard?I M Didier ?2 Wiley It Puluam?1 Fittn It co?1 F Cotienet?I F Schmidt It co?1 Ward, Sill It co?I 8 H It H Mahler?1 A J Stewart?1 W It 8 Phippa * co?I N O Carnea. Mtunt-Urut Morea?8450 bis 600 hf 600 qr do raiatna Filch A co?4030 hit 200 hf 426 qr do 119 clta raiaina 110 keg* gra|iea T Stalker?2100 boiea raiaina P Ht-monv?200 do JO kegs grapes 12 drama figs Cornell Brothera?19J7 bit 866 hi 20 qr do raiaina P A de Aqnire?J bn books Geo B Cheerer?49J boaea raiaina E D Hurl but It ro?12 qr bis do 6 keif* grape* J M Hicks. Belize, Hond?Brig bis old cop|>er E Coffin? ' 13000 s|>ecie 33 logs mahogany 20 do cadar II tons Ion wood 1JI hidta to captain. Domestic Importation*. New Orleans?Brig Canton?191 bhls wheat I boi mdse Strarham fc Scott?1132 aackacoru G T Trimble?20 bhla castor oil 2 bia 2 cka E Fiedler?>1 balea cotton Amory, Cnapin fc co ?2 bbls oil I boi mdse Brnatlein, Koop fc co?491 piga lead C H Rogers k co?14 bale* cotton C B Fosdick?300 pigs lead James Lee fc eo?13 bhla pork Duuham fc Dimon?69J sacks 19 bbls wheat A Arerill fcco?72 bbls flour to order. Poet Liois?Brig Sainton?279 balea cotton J Mel?62 Center St rn?30 do I do moaa Smith, Wiighl St co?4 do cotton I) 1'omeroy It co?34 noinrooB, Triton ? ci>? n at i ?mi?? 1 14 Van Aradale, Coawell k co?60 hide* S VV Ashby?J case* tobacco Perkins, Hopkins It White?6 boiea merchandise A E Mickey. CHaat-BiTon? Brig Emily?1 bf cuk 200 casks ncc Bovce It Adams?100 do 774 bilci cotton Smith. Mill> It co?50 do Poner Ereres?36 H S Leveri'h?22 H L Mulind It co?il beer hbls John R Tiylcr?I bin gold $3000 John O Winter?1 cue Thoi It Lynch?I McCready. Aldrich Ik Spencer?I DrK O Ludlow 1 ?I pig Pillot k Le Birbier?I Thomas Do Art*?i bbl I hf do M A III TIM E H E R A E I). To Ship Mwten and Agent*. ' We sisal I iiteein it I favor, if caption ul teiwlt will give I to Commodore William A. Baasett, of our nrwv Sect. report of the shipping left it tin port whence they mled, the reueli spoken on thiir passage, a list of their cargo, and any "oreign newspepers they may nave. He wiii hoard them immediately on their arrival Agent* and correspondents al home or abroad, will aim confer a fiver by sending to thn office all the marine intelligence they *an obtain. Nautical information ol any kind will be thankfnlly received. PORT OF NEW YORK, NOV. 18, 164!j7 tptTtriga 7 10 I rvLL Moon 10 33 vtvw ages- Ml man wsyta g 41 Cleared. Shin Newark, Mervin, Savannah, Dunham A Dimon ?Banjne India, Selby, Philadelphia John Ogden.? Brigs Porpoise, Lib by, Rio de Janeiro, D H Robertson ; Tyber, Ogdsn, Charles* too, 9C. ArrlTMl, U, 9. frigate Independence. Commander Stringham, 3 dava frora Boaton. The I. anchored at the SW. Spit laat ermine. racket ahip Utiea, Hewitt, from Harre.Oct 16, with mdae, to Boyd It Hincsen. No date, lat tl M, Ion M 31, exchanged aig'als with a Harre packet .hound East. Brig Morea, Edgar. from Malaga, and 40 daya from Gibraltar, with fruit, Ac. to E. D. Hnrlbut It Co. Veaaela left before reported. Brig Annawan. Ped'-raon, from Belige Honduras, and Port Royal, Jamaica, Ocl. II, with logwood, lie to H. W Lewis.? Left 8-lir.e 9ei>t. il, for Port Royal, with the officers and crew of H. B M. steamer Spitfire, lost ou the Coist of Honduras ll)th ^ept. Mailed from Port Koial in Co. with brig Huntreas, of Philadelphia. King, for New Orleans. Left at Kingston, briga Kspeleta, Ames, of Philadelphia, to sail shout 23d Oct. for Ml. J.ignde Cubs; Good Hope, mat srri?*d from Newport, HI British brig Britannia, Cann. II day- from Ml. Kitta, with 1100 hb'a aalt to J. H. Brain*. Left brig Harp, of and for St, John, NB.soon. Brig Samson, Sawyer, It daya from Port Leon, ria Key Weal 10 daya, with cotton, lie. to E. D. Hnrlbut snd J. Norton. Jr ? i tailed ill co. Iiom Key Wear with brig Tuacawilla. Morn II, for New York. Left briga timeline, and Republic, hence, juat ' arrived. | Brig Canton. Pettingill, (of Franklin) II day* from New Orleans, witheoiton, Itc. to Neamilh, Leeds A Co. ' Bng Emily, Sherwood, 7 d ya from Charleston, with cotton and rice, to Dunham k Dim>>n. Schr Eleanor, Cole, i daya from Baltimore, with mdae, to the master. Scnr Reeaide, Lang ley, 3 days from Boaton, with mdae. to J. Stevena. Schr John B, Oorham, 3 day* from Boaton, witli fish, &c. la nuter. RKTiftiiiD-Bo^u? India, which itiiid for PhiUrttli^^p and anchored in the North River. Below. Two ahnia, rr|iorted to be the Cambndge, Barstow, and Adirondack, HaeluuflT, from Liverpool. Alao, one ship, two brigs, unknown. Wind ?S?. Balled. Steam ship Great Western, Hoaken, Liverpool. General Record. LarifCHfO.?The thin Courier, 380 toua, owned by Andraw Foster a Bona, of New York, waa launched at Newburyport on Wednesday Thia ship hat been built m the abort apace of ninety daya from the day of contract, and la, probably, the sharpeat hint) ever built iu the State. From all appearances the cannot fail to give credit both to the ownera and builders. Whalemen. .Sailed from New Bedford )5th iiut. Nunrod.tuew) Miermau, Pacific Oce^ii nod %'\V Coaat. At Loin bock Julv 11, lluntreia, Taber, of N B. 11 moa out, 500 bbla oil, 150 ap; Canton P.irke', Shearman, do, 7 moa, 100 ap, to leave uritdav. Octa* la, Howland, NB. left 2 moa previous, with 650 wh and 125 ap. Paaaed July 15, lat 21 S, Ion 62 K, Elizabeth, probably of NB. ateerinrW. SpoktRi Or?ce Brown, from Baltimore for Savannah, No* 12, off Georgetown, Korrlgn Ports. HtJoh*, NB Nni 10?Arr Amethyst, Moon, Windsor; ri,|Uf, Landr., PK l-land. Cld New Zealand, Baniierman, Newry; Portland, Robinson, Live-pool; Piovtncialiat, Williams, I ondoudvrrv; Kooiulus, Beard, Greenock. Havana. No* I?In port, R'-trieve, of Newburvnort, from Mobile, just arrived; Norma, Birton, from and for New York, discharging; Kinporium, Rogers, lor Boston, finished leisn, to sail soon; York, Morrill, waiting freight; Hellespont, r'llis, lor New York, 7 days; Jacob S Wain, Matthews, from Boston, discharging; Windsor, Brewrr, from Boston, wailing Ireight; Volla, llatwood, from do, uncertain; Motto. Wins low, for lor Portland, disc; Kastern Star, Denuison, fm do, do; Cliar'es. do; Havana, Oilpaliick, from NYorlt, do; Alfred Hammond. Kcdger, f-otn Spanish Main To NYork, in 2 weeks; Hume, Allen, from Providence, disg; Plymouth, Thomas, for Boston, soon; Cvhele, Kdmuuds, for Bath, dug; Mississippi, Gutting, dodo; Elizabeth, Remington, from and for Philsdel |>hia, diss. M stanzas, Nov 6? In port, Neptune, poster, for Boston, 3 or 4 days. PaLKRMO, Oct 9?In port, Mohawk, Pierce, for New York, to commence idg in a few days; Lion, Peterson, for lrica, in a few days. Bstavia, June 14?In port, Cuba, Babsou, for Montevideo, in 10 days. Home Porta. Bavuos, Nov 12?Arr Declaration, Lowder, NYork. PoRTi.Atau, Nov 14?Arr Gnu Thomas, Doughty, Wilmington, NC; Help ijiout, Carle, 8t Pierio, Mart, for Boston. Cld Inde|ieiideiice, S'urdlvant. St ^Oinillgn. Owl's Hkad, Nov II?Arr Stirrer, Boston; Watchman, do. Sid 12tIs, Orion, Spear, do. Boston. Nov 16?Arr Rosabella, Howe, Palermo; Z<ide, Houdlette, Savannah; New England, Ba'es, Nickerie; Ceylod, Trott, Havana. TclegraiJied, Empress. and Alesandrr. Signal for a brie. Gld Caledonia (.1 Latr Lit er.alol : Aileli. Mall sou, Curicoii Berhn. (new, or this port, 613 tons) Crocker, N Orleans: Ocrdu, Eldridue, B tltimore: Compliance, Hpurow, ami Mail, Loriug, NYork. Arr I5ih, nun, Ryder. Baltimore New Bedford. Nov 15?Arr ?mi, Burt, NYork. Dsvid Cof fin, Tobey, Plul tdelphia; Tiger, Nye, A.bauy. 81u Southerner. Sissou, NOrlran*. Nantuceet, Nov II?Bid Klizabttli. Bourne, Philadelphia; Philadelphia, Barnard, do. Arr 13th, Cnappe 11, Sawyer, Wilmington, NC; 14th, Leader, Fit/.^eralu, N York; I5'li, Chain* piou, Drew, do; CUointra. Washington, NC. Bid 14th, Cin* dlllitti, Whitinore, Philadelphia. Edoartown, Nov 12? In port, Ruby, NYork for Machiat; v# tn, PmtulvMf for Bangor; Mcidian, Rom. New York for Boston; Gov Arnold, Salem, NJ. for do; Cardinal, Bridgeport for do. Hyannis, Nov 14?Iii port, Prompt, Baltimore for Boa'on; Martha,do do; Brnj Bigelow, Vict-r, Anaconda, and Win T King, NYork for do. Providence, Nov 15? Arr Voltaire, Savannah. Bid Highlander, Mayberry, NOrleans; Hairier, Vinson, Apalarhicola; Grand Turk, Loud. New|tor*, to go on the tailway. Philadelphia, No/ 17?Below, Oik. Ryder, from Boston; Lodi. Bauer, do* Kiiz ibeth, and Philadelphia, Na"tucker.? Cld Delaware, Fisher, Boston; Gleaner. Cu?n. do; Delaware, Waite, do; Brandvwine. To wo tend, NYork: Indians, Corson, do. Arr in the Schuylkill, Andrew Ring, Thurlow, Lubec; PAtndge, and Emeline. Delaware side. Feeder ic'Raih'RU, Nov It?Arr Gleaner, Fldridge, Boston; Abstract, do; Argo, New York; Volunteer, Condon, do. Cld Palestine, Bturdivant, Halifax; Emerald, Huow, Boston. Charleston, Nov 14?Air Calhoun, Myers, NYork; William, Baeou, Portland, and c'd for Apalachicola. In the rfling, Leland, from Boston Arr l Uh, Inez, Long, B tltimore: Hiberu..w..?, v...w. U.....L. Curri*. 'In; julia^ (Bremen) Dannaman, Bremen hhl Francis Ca-ad y, Smiih, St Thomas. SavAtsisAM, N'<v t:t?Arr Wallace, (Br) Main, Liverpool.? Francis Drpiu, Forbes, do; Havre, Carpenter, Bostou. Shi Wilson Fuller. Colb, NYork. AUCTION SALES THOMAS BKLt . Auctioneer. BY BKLL k HOWARD. iSloitt Nmt.tu.1ntt unit lib hiliMilrnl.1 FRIDAY. At 10>{ o'clock id the sales room Large sale of softs, parlor, rocking and cottage chairs; (he stuck ol an upholsteter, a superb consignment of piinlinGs, an entire invoice just received lroin Paris of silk and salin damask, chair, sofa, lounge, music and divan seat covert ; gill ornaments, Ike. Also, J superb rosewood piano fortes, lie. nllr SATURDAY. At IftW o'clock in the tale rooms. Splendid and eiteuiive sale of superb second hand and new fu'Diture of all descriptions. Alto, the entire furniture of a family, removed from Brooklyn lor convenience of tale. MONDAY. At 10X o'clock, at the auction room. Stoves?100 first rate conking and other stoves of all descriptions, the la<t of the stock. This sale will also include parlor, office, colu nu and Olinstead patents, all ui complete order Also. 2 steam tables, suitable tor refectories; a superb royal printing press, and a valuable copper plate do. Also, iii escellent billiard table aud apparatus, nofas. Chairs, French Bedsteads, (kr.?Also, the entire stock of a mfa anil mahogany chair m'nuiacl'irer, comprising 26 sofas equal to anv in the city; sofa beds, pallor and rocking chairs, couches, divans, ottomans, tkc Aiso, 12 superior |*?l shed French bedsteads, work tablet, card aud ditilu? do, and various olhtr articles?elegant furniture. Also, 1 splendid rosewmid premium piano forte. At 10X o'clock, in the sales room. Large sale of eiegant fashionable cl thing, London cloths am! . casaimerei, a fine stock of fancy aid t<plr dry goods, jrwMry , cutlery, dressing cases, watches, I splendid diamond pin, lie. I BY RJKLL SL ARCULARiUH, SATURDAY, Nov. 19. At lOhj o'c ock at their sales room. Furniture, Fianos, lie. Oil Paintings?A collection of about twenty oil paintings. MONDAY. At 10X o'clock, in the>ale rooms. A large auortmentof broadcloths, catsimeres, glove a, hosiery. lie. TUESDAY. A good assortment of liquors, solars, lie. K. H.TIMPSON, Auctioneer. IJARDWARE. CUTLERY, Ac-JACOB 8. TLATT TT wSIhIIimihIiII Ito'clock, tt he -tore, No. it PIau Ireel, 100 pnekagrs ami loU of Birmingham, 8 leffirld, Gelman. Frei eh aue Amcrictii li irdware and cutlery, heavy anil shell g'oils, Qermau silvei ware, ia|ianry, fancy goods, Ac., MttitUMM a piserai assortment, well worthy the am at on ol the tr up, and |>articularly the citv dealers. Catalovne* are ready, and the good* call be examined lu the liuur of tale. ul8 1t*r A CCOUNTA.NT?The lubacriber, for many yeaix a piac al lical book-keeper III tills rny. promises to adjust, write up. or hal*nce, any aetof book* of account that may be entrusted to him By merchants, assignees, executors, Ac., upon reasonable term?. N. 8. LUl'LUM, u 13 6t#m No. 66 Vesey st. OITUATION-vYAN'PeO?By a competent per on to art aXJ salesman iu a wholes ile or r tail establishment of Watches Jewelry Ac. Also understands bonk keeping and watch retviriuir Hat been in business for himself ten years and i peaks 'rencli Kor particulars and references address Box No. 712 Lowei Post Office. Gentlemen's H><rses taken ca - of during the winter st a very reasonable rate. Applv at66 Maiden Lane. nd lm*r ~\ PARKER'S DANCING ACADEMY?Tammany Hall " ' ?Mr. P. has the honor to announce to the public that Ini ojirniiig Ball will take place on Friday evening next, the Itth of Nov-mber. Dancing to commrnce-t I o'clock. Tickeia ol admission $1. Genllemtn are request) d to wait on their ladi I past the door-keeper, as no Indy will be admit,ed without a gentleman Mr. Brown's band is engaged for the season. Families and pupi i' assemblies will take i lace once e fortnight. u.L.-l j! i 1u..j j I a......I.,,. Tk. ocntwi ua>a ncuufu?i?-mu .......,? ... ? ? ? hu b.en newly puolt iltod lined up with every comfort n'(Itr DAHK TliEATRE?CARD?MRS. BAILEY respectful I ly informs her friends sml the public, thst her benefit will take place on Saturday evening, November 19th, on which occasion ihe sacred drama of the Israelites in Egy i[t will be per formed fur the Isst time. Seats may be secuied by applying at the box office. nil 2t*r BAR MAID WANTED?A genteel, respectable young woman, well n coininendeJ, is wauled to attend a saloon, at a fashioiuiole place of amusement. Address it. A. K., lining1'the post offics. nlH fi O M PL I ME NTAKY BALI. -The .,f Thomas v-* Far ler, desirous of public y testifying the high respect they entertain for his character, have determine!! to give him a Complimentary Ball, to take place at ihe Xhakspean Hotel, on Monday evening, Nov. 21?t. Ticketa $1, to be had ar the Shsksiieare Hotel, and at the door on the evening of .he hall, nil It OEO. W EVANS. Svc'y. NORMAN'S RAMBLES IN YUCATAN.-J. It H. ? LANOLEY have the pleasure pi announce, that the above nniMirr-ut and beautiful work on the atuia ndoua nd magnificent Ruins of Yucaiau, Chi-Chen Kabah, Zawa'd Uimal, ia now published, embellished wito numerous il lust rations, assented io a novel and effective style. The whole forming oue handsome and elcgauily printed octavo volume. oil Itr r|'HE CONDITION AND KATkTiV EVULANO-By E. E. Letter, author of Ihe "(Jlory aud Shainc of England," forming two elraantly printed voluanra, embellished by at iatsila illustrative designs after Chapmen, tbia day published This new and extraordinary work will b- fun ti l of int-naaaad lUrling interest. Early applies'ions are requested by the l.uh lahera. J. k H U LAVIIM V. [ Bll Hr '>7 Chatham ?lreri. Nf* Yoik. i DKMIT'I'AN( KM Id I It K LA N D, fcc., fc. -the I IV bar continuee to tranamit m<niry, in enine lance or email, to pereona reeiding in any |Mrl of Ireland, in thr- eame manun aa ha, and hie preueceeear in bnamaaa hart- dona lor thr laal thirty yeara, and more; alao, to any |>art of England or Scotland. Money remitted bv letter (poet paid) to the anbaerihar, or I pereona II v deiioaited witn h.m, with the name of the peraon or pereona m Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, to whom it ia lo he ten', and neareat poet town, will be immediately tranamitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or lor ( warded to the aender. In like manner money or claima on neraona in any pert o( Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, can be collected hy the eubecriher, for pereona reeiding in any part of the United Htatee, 01 Canada, and will be paid lo them accordingly, nil lm*r GKOROh McBRI DK, Jr., M Cedar at. VI ().> MOUTH BANK, N. J.-The note a of the above rank bought for a few daya by nl8 JAMES k CO.. 60 Wall at. I LLINOIB BANK notea wanted, at improved tales hy I n 8 r jAmKH b . () .. ?i Wall BROKEN BANKS?Toe higheet price will be paid for at broken and doubtful bank norea by n'flf JA MES ?c CO.. W Wall at. BLKAl HI.NO BoyTe'mnhT for hy PKllhHK It BROOKS. n'l Iff 61 Liber') a'rert. CMRK HHICK ?7000, Oovan pal nt. a v?ry ?m rriur *rti le r For aale by PF.KsSK k BROOKS, n*r 61 Liberty etreer rJ,KI" 8TE RAOl -fT F.TTF, F F H s brandeT For 6 aale in lota to aoitpnc eaera, by hl?r Pk.ReSE k BHOOKS, II Liberty at. L't.M TKI) MAUN r.TH 1'I.ATE S~ for rhrurnalnmv [" " a tone affrcnona, he., prepared nnder the direction of M-Lemanrmit, apothecary in Paria, general depot in New York, IS Franklin a .reat, at M. Nii.nard'a. Price 61 VI. Infallible cure for the moat aente and inveterate pain, anon la acme and chronic thenmattama, the rent, neura gy, vciaiic, tic dolorem, danae de waint Our, chill", rnegr'iu. cratnpa iu we at imach, aad.ahortly.fnr all nerroua aneetiona.cnieny diaeaaaa of women and young girla, aa green aickneaa, amenorrhea, ?uppreaaioua, vapora, nerroua attacka, kc. nil 1m r UHATHAM TIIKAlim, I'll tjrf ?nu. Uw*' Tier ? c-nu. Vint Twi 40 eeuta. THIS EV*^'N<?. N???. to -if". perform" THE SLAVE QUE K.N. After winch H?LL ON AK1H'. To fOt'C'u'l" Win THE HELD OK PORTY KOOTHTEPB. (T^- Doors will upeu ai?K?'1 oilAin wuhi* ? luailei patt 7 oVlock oreciaely. . , , . Boi Office o,?u <Uily from to S. where lickeu m? b? orrhaa-d and place* rciired. ___ PA ItK THEATRE. THIS EVENING. No*. 18 will He rw-ntrd. (I7lh f???e ?n Ainrrica,) the ?lr?ma of the ISltAKMI'KS IN KUVPr. M,>?? *, Mr H?gnu | Pharaoh, ?k ^,e'le, Oricide '"0Ph"' Mr Boulard I lararlile, Mr HoakniJ Anai Mrs Benin | Klixene, Mia Bailey Bote* $l?Pit M eta-Gallr ry Hi cent.. Douraopea at o'clock and Oie performance will commenc? at 7 nrerueiv _____ _ ?. Aii'i t liELL'A ffLlfRTic Theatric. 441 Broadway. New York. THIS EVENING. No* '8. will tic preaeiiieil a \4 11 IK After which GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. To conclude with OKM IN 1. T"^ The Doors will be opeued it half-pusi 6, had U>? i>?r ' 1 roaimnirt* ct! 7. "irtitng. AMPIIITIIKATIIK ok THE kkpvbLIC, !!7 Howti v N. A. HOWK8, Proprietor. FRIDAY EVENING, the_ iierfortn un'i will commeue 7 o'clock, with tin alleroncsilillustration entitled GRAND WA1.T/ AND GALLOrADE. Master James Hu We* will mir a display ol Ins single horss in'nship Still Vaulting by the whole Company Otto Molly wt I di it'?" hi i p-rfoin mr of the COURIER OF 8T. PETERSBURG. The Four Brother, of Wumw will *p|?e ' in a novel display of Grouping", Equilibrium*, ami Gvninutici. After inierniiiiiioii the DOUBLE TRAMPOLINE. Mr. Uaritner win appear a. tie American Tar. The evening', entertainments to couclutle with THE GLOBE. Boiea 59 cents?Private ilo for t> person. $5?Seccnd Tier 37>? cents?Pit 25 cents. DiMirsopen at half-past 6. Overture by the Band as a ipiarto Itefore 7. Horsemanship to commence ?t 7 o'clock precisely. " FRANKLIN T-?* ATHE. CHATHAM SUUAHE. WILL ojteu on Monday night November 14th, after having gone through llioioug repairs fiom pit to dome?with a series of enlertainineoU on au entire ue w lilan, by J M OK KIT CONCERT St OLIO COMPANY, of more than Twenty Ladies and Gentlemen, w ith an admis?r i.. ttw . . .11 ...... . .i._..~ a. .i however, will Re admixed te the Pint xer of botes at any price unless accompanied wiili a lady. Doota open at 6 o'clock, performance continences al 7. Kor programmes see small hilla. nit Im ia*r _*illC.K1C.W TllKA l'UK? VV ALAlii'-a'l." PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK Miss C. CUSHMAN. Re-engagement of H. I'lacide. THIS EVEVISti, Nov 18. will he euacted, J LONDON ASSURANCE. After which, 8HARKATAH. K. A. MARSHALL. Leaaee. anrkican ni'MKun, /"CORNER of Broadway and Ann street, opimsitr St. Paul's Church. T. T. BARNUM, Manager NEW AND EXTRA ATTRACTIONS. Day viaitora admitted Iree iu the evening. Eutire new scenery, drop curtains, deroraliuns and enlargemeut and cushioning of the Lecture Room Til- WOND-RKUL MERMAID, Taken near toe Fejee I,lands, w hich has bri II visited by fifty thousand (arsons in this city and Boston, and of th" grnutiic. ness of winch ail naturalists, and other |>erioua, aie Convinced upon beholding it, is en aged, at any extraordinary oxpensr, for ore week only. Many scientific gentlemen of ce'ebmy have staked their reputation that this rit'aordinary nym|diofthe tea is all she is lepresented. MR. O'CONNELL, THE TATTOOED MAN. Will a|ipear ill his celebrated Dances, and give an historical account ni ins lUlieriiiKt lor eleven J ears. while a prisoner Ml the hi mis of baibaious savaifru in the Nnrlli Pacific Ocean., T. ?. BOOTH. The comic sinyrr ami Ethionesti rxtr THE LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY, ConsistiDK ol ten performers; Miss Hood, the vocalist, Celeste, the danseuse, ht . THE NORTH KlVKK ON FIRE ! A new invention by which the bottoms of rivets, l.kts.ltc.. Uiaybe illuminated. This is the most curious, besutiful, sail valuable invention of the aye. D i< pcrfontiauccsevtry Wedui sday and Saturday afteruonu Admission to all 25 cents?Children half price. nlS UNPRECEDENTED COMBINATION. TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION ! SPLENDID PERFORMANCES. DEW VOKK MUSEUM AND PICTURE GALLERY, Ojiposite thr City HtiJt, liroadway, ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. MR. H. BENNETT Manager, h? ys leave 10 stale that iu accordance wi'li his announcrin. nl of last we? k, he has manufactured a FUD-GEE MERMAID, which lie willinalv lea?es to tlie public to piououuce w hether it is not iuflsitsly su|ierior to the one at pr sent eshibitii'it. It is formed of the of a moults y and the mil of a li-h, so skillfully couueeted and admirably uniied as to elude the elotcst scrutiny ol the most espeiiei.ced eye, and set i'isi ov, ry at deli nice. Asa inauaiti r of a place of amusement, lie couaulers he is bound to procure the passing U 'Ve.tiea ol the day. The rurreot of i uhlic opinion setting in favorably towards M nnaid , the tnaua Ker conceives it to be a lit piec * of Quis Hum on nia pari to attempt io atop it, but lie think* he may, at a trilling ex|ieiise, ' irect it inio a pro|>rr cianuel. If the public are diaiai ed to'be deceived he will huinrir them to the top of their_h-nt. or, iu plain lerms, ahriuld they desire to be hoaxed, he will scr umnlisli it in a superior style, and charge oulv half price. A senons The manager announces Willi pleasure that lie liaa engaged THE HUGHES KAMILY, The wonderful Welch Harpists! Consisting of the two Master Hughei and the sister. rheae children posses*a precocity of talent unparalleled?the a>.nal* of music never beiore po aenting *o singular an iiiktauce. They eaecnte with a style and finiah not lulerior to the moat eminent performer*. Also, Frank Diamond, E'tnooiin D*nce>; Mr B. Boyce, the celebrated Comic Sinner*, Mia* lloealie, tbe chaimiug Bongstresa. Kaucy aud miniatuie glass blowing, hv Mr Owen*. There will he a day iwrformanee on wrdneeday and Satur. day, at 3 o'clock. Ereuiuit |>erformauce to commence at half part seven. Almisn n to the Museum, Picture Galley, arid Performance ONE SHILLINO. _oM lm* BANKRUPTS ? To airrh of this cla*a of individual* as wj*h to avail themselves of the bankrupt nc', which la almost sure to be rerrjrealed at the next r-eftaion of Congress, valu hie information will be afTordrd. free of charge. on adtlrrasimr B, box 1246 B P. office, statu.g where an luterview can be had. titfi :?*r UAI.KET SHIP 8IDDONS KROM LIVERPOOL ? * Consignees will please send their |iermita on board, at Orleans wliai f, loot of Wall street AH goods not permitteil in live days will he sent to the public store. I7r FA UK REDUCED. PERSONS GOING SOUTH. (T7* FAltK KKUlitED on huh the routes from Baltimore to Charleston, by the Cncsapeake Bay, Portsmouth, Wrldon, Wilmington, n.C.. and thence to Charleston, to $23, meals on the Bay boats included : or via Washington city, Richmond, Petersburg, Weldou, Wilmington, N. ( .,and theoct toCharleston, ton, dm ifititnHMliiiii the fire on both routes the same. Kvery exertion is made to keep the Railroads aud Steamboats connecting these lines in good oider, and eipedite travel, and make passengers as comfortable as pos sible. By this route you may be sure of reaching New Orleans rorn New York seven or eight days sooner than any other line, at an expense not exceeding $72. K. B. DUULKY, nl7r ^President W tk R. K.R. Co. hkoular opposition to cats~ gw?'w KILL, and intermediate landings, without tow ^C^MaJ9BLJaELhartfet,-yR? gular days from Cattskill, Mon davi? Wednesdays and Frid*vs. F\tun New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Ba'urdays.?k are to or from Catlskill, 50 cents. ?Berths 25 cent-.?S'ipi?er 25 rent*. The new and f?*t steamer W AVK, Captain Vanderbilt. will le?ve Robinson at. pi-r Thursday Nov. 17th, at live o'clock. For further particulars inquire of tin* ca tain on bonrd. By 1 running on (he day a'ab >ve named, there will b* a daily cm munication between Catskill and New York ( tod intermediate places) ror freight ?nd |Nt*s*g it rtduced prices. r.flr FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINK?.Regular WcVffW Packet of 25tl November.?The Splendid Packet jBSflKHfeShip KOSClLo, Capt. John Collins, of ikk) tons, will jMisiiively sail as abofs. Iter regular dav. K*>r fi eight or passage, haviug ioiu unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply ou board, st Orb-am wharf, loot of Wall street, or to r- iv. vuLbins ? uu. *) aomn surei. Price of passage, S I0?. The Packet Hhip **iddons, Captain Kdw. B. Cobb, of 1000 tout, will aucceetl the Hoaciua, and sail the 20th December,Iter regular day. Passengers may rely on the shiiw of thia line ailing punctually a< advertised. n!7 r 'T'O PKI.NTEH8 A>D PUBLISHERS -A young man, a a practical printei. who ia thoroughly acquainted with hia boaiueaa in everv de|>artmetit and branch, ami who haa been employed in the capacity of reporter and anb-editor on several highly respectable joonia's, is desirons of obtaining a situation in the country, to take chtrge of, mid manage, a imall mwii aner concerns. A remunerating salary will only be expected. Address, by letter, (pott paid) X Y. / , at the Herald office. Hespcct-hli rrferri.cea giv* n and tequiri d. n17 jgb A COWRSkol sev.n lecmrr. on Oratory will h- deliv red A ill the society Library, Broadway, by Pro feaao- Calvert, A. M-. the first of winch will take place on Friday evening, 'he 18th November; ita subjecta?Tne use and imimrtince of I lie Art, and ita A rat element. Proiiuin iaiion, Kach lecture will commeiire at I o'clock. Ticket for the course tl Family ticket, admitting three, (6. Mingle ticket .00 cents. To be had (t^A'will'a music store, and at the Ladies i ompanion office, too Fulum it. ?!7tt*r 'I'O ihe widows ol the soldiers and sailors o the rrvolniinnX ary war, who were married nefore the la* of January. 17*1, and who can i.rove the services of their husbands, and the le..111. ?r .... t,. . ,1.1..,.. V. as u ... tlPpt, hpar of soniethi g 'o thrir ad anltge. Thos- net iblr to prnducr ih rrqu rpd rr deuee M'll uot apply. Pr iom if iding a a diatance, and who will adorns aa t1xi>r,(pniit pa ill will recaiae attention. those wanting my >rr?icea will do well to apply befor tS. I?t of Jann iry, aa I ha?e other boat neae, whirl, will call ma In Washington, during top present easton of Congress. A. F. CIIILD8. ?I7 lm*r V EW YOUR HACKKL) MUSIC SOCIh.TY.-Thi. 80riPly, in r.inf .rmily with the r. cent < hinge ill its bv-lawa. i> now a Prip?te Amatpnr Aaaoriaiion, and thp aalp of tickets at all ita perform .nces pro-ilbited. 'I hp , nanal number of pu'dic performances will be giaen during the matting apaaon. and apery piprtion will he made by 'lie Boanl of Managers and the mrnibpia of the 8 wiety.Prn" dace them in the moat hril.iau' and elteetire manner. The firat public Performance will take place at the Broedway Tahernacle, on Monday evening, Mth inai.. and will consist of Haydn's celeb-ate i descriptive oratorio ol the Sea?oua," beni* the firat time in thia eonntrr. . . . Terms of subscription 15. tntnli-* the subscriber to three ticketa of admiaainu to each public performance during the Subscriptions re ei'edatthr laaaic aM-aa of A Hnll. ' Franklin aqnare; J. L Hewitt * Co. ? Broadway; 8. C. Jollie 185 Broadway; Dier * Hi I. Its Canal alreei; and al the . rtlce of James A. Si-.ik.. Sicretary, Ill Naaaan atieet. nl7 It* ' DOARDlNO?A lew reapectabte young men can be arcom D modal d will good boar I ml pleasant rooms a- 4J Oey at. Perms moderate. Alio a few da; boarders can be ace. mmoda,d. _ Apply aaahqpp Br? \ HI>I>I< ? * ' rmii.n n ri.iure, J?i run inert, FK'iknn .Sijuarr?l.rpt byjaa. Fowler, from l.oudnu, b n* mil, permanent boa di r? ?J A per week, trnnarr. t "mardrra SO tgli ptrilty Familtee can b? accommodated with private mm "> reaaoi able term*. Winea anil apirita. J centaper claaa?home brew'd air 1 tt n't per pint?fine Wrlrh mrebita 4 rnl' Mth-eoU c?t? equally cheap. N, B. Hot coffee 3 cent* i<rr pint?ataki-a anil mu'ton chop* can be had ?i all homre. J. K. particularly reqiirata any our wh.. i? in want of a comortabie home Pi call awl import bia ratabliahment, and nailer for ihemsrlTea. Prraona travelling for Kngland wnulil ind it to their advantage to call. The homae brine coneenient to London and Liverpool ahipa. J F. hrine ap|<ointed agent, he can aire piaaactigerarvrry information. Ml w \ Oik and Old ( nnlr> p ij* ra MM in. ni Iw't DOARD?Familteaor atn?le gentlemen can be accommodate ted with board and pleaaant rooma at M Brrkman etreet. Terma moderate. nlllm'i